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The Mail Herald 1907-07-20

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Tlie Mail-Heralcf
Vol. 13.-No 56
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. JULY 20 1907
$2.5G Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We have any amount nf all kinds of (Mass
Jars nnd other Preserve Jan. Crown Self
Sealing Glass Jam
Pint Si/.es at per dozen  $1.18
Quart Sizes at per dozen tl.40
Ilnll'(lalloii.Size.il per dozen tl.75
An extra line line of Canvas Shoes, White
Heels, Laco Sides, Turn Soles, Cool and
Comfortable, at $3.00
A Beautiful White Canvas Shoe, with
Embroidered Toe, liluchor cut, McKay
sewn soles, all sizes at $3.00
A shipment of elegant White Blouses, new
designs, handsome embroidery fronts, some-
newer than has been shown here this season
—to Retail at $2.75
A lovely line of Wash Linen Belts, some nil
white, others button trimmed, others t. binned
with color, Jusl the thing to wear with
white drosses.   To sell lit  ISC
Great assortment of Fancy Collars in tho
New Ribbon Collar, others in Fancy Chiffon,
others in the new Wash Collars. They are
all lines that soil at 75c., $1,110, $1.25, Now
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
\ .Vi A A. A. At A. ■♦» »♦. A it. e_*» e^i ■♦. At At .♦« At At .T. .•t. .ti A. At ■*!'. A,
Jl ITT tri irl V11* i i*l l*i ill i^i 'X" ™ 1+*'+ *+ '+' '+1,+''+''+' T4>* '+1 "X* TJ.* 1+l " ™
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich Higli
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely.
**        Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
S Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing aud Tinsmithing.
.Te -*-  ■*• -*- -*- -*■ -*• A* At. At At eti .fre »♦■ ■♦■ ete At A, t'i'. efrt At tTe At ■♦. i*Ti
•fi IH l|l 1,1,1 lit IJJ IJi 1^1 IJI ij,i l^i i^i ij,i iji 1^,1 i^i ij,i i^i ij,i ij,i ij,i ij^i iji i^i 14,1
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots SiJ x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $050, terms on balance. PRICE $2,450
Two-Storey Dwelling, plastoied and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on Second Street.     Cash $050 and terms on balance.
Two-Storey Dwelling, plastered, Lots 66x100, within 120 foot
of   Mackenzie  Avenue.    Cash $050 and tonus on balance.
PRICE  $2,650
Would   You  Rather
Live  in Your  Own
House than Pay Rent ?     Look at the  Bargains
2SW H.N.Coursier
Tubin, Italy, July 111.—Despatches
Iron, the Italian colony ol Erythrea,
in Africa, state that it is [eared that
King Henelik ol Ahysinla is preparing
to mako war on Italy, lle is organising an army ol 10,000 ostensibly lor
tho purpose of restoring order in that
part ol Abysinia close to the Italian
border, but is hit Instalment   ol
$2,000,000 to the king for the care of
the Italian prisonon of the last war
bad been paid, Menelik hai now nothing to expect Irom Italy and tl.e pacificatory expedition is regarded as tl.e
merest pretext.
Carpet   i.|..arei,   rugi,  mats and
lii...lou ms at Howson's.
Mosquito cures, all kinds, at the
Canada Drug Store,
Emperor Abdicates - Captive
Still-Bribery Charge-Rain
Needed—Wholesale Murder
-New Station.
Seihii., July 20.—Emperor Yi Hy-
ung formerly abdicated the throne at
11 u'clock this morning. There arc
three candidates for the throne. Tbe
imbecile Crown Prince Iiiib tl.e strongest backing, while bis dissolute younger brother is not without support.
The elovon-year-old-brotber has a
strong following, and it is not known
which of tlie men will succeed in getting the position. Thc change in
rulers has tightened the hold of Ihe
Mikado on tbe affairs uf Korea.
Tangier, July 20. — Tlie report
brought in here by couriers lhat Sir
Harry Maclean had succeeded in escaping from the bunds of the bandit
ItaisBtli appears to he untrue. The
latest letter received from the general
is dated July 13. It says among
other things that a deep ditch hns
beeu dug around his tent in order lo
prevent his escape.
San Francisco, July SO.-Charges
that efforts were made to bribe two
members ol the jury which tried and
convicted Mayor Schmitz on tbe
charge ol extoriion, were laid before
tbe grand jury at a special session
convened for the purpose of hearing
the evidence.
Winnipeg, July 20.—The C. P. R.
Company's report Ior tlie week ending
July 17th shows.a favorable state ol
affairs to be prevailing throughout the
weet. The most satisfactory part ol
the report is that many districts
which had been suffering for want of
rain, have been visited by shower!.
Many sections, however, still report
a lack of rainfall and for that rea!in
light crops are forecasted iu these.
Chicago, July 20.—Herman Billik
last night was found guilty oi killing
with poison Adolph Vrzal and five of
Vrzal's children. The jury fixed the
penalty at death.
Toronto, July 20.—Libel suits to
the amount of $280,000 have been
entered against twenty-eight newe
papers which published accounts of
the trial of Matlie Perkins which were
diBtastelul to her. Twenty-eight
writs were entored at Osgoode Hill
Ottawa, July 20—Plans for the
new Grand Trunk station and million
dollar hotel have been tiled with the
railway committee of the privy council.
The plans contemplate a terminal
station on the site of the present
station to cost about one-quarter ol a
United States Secures Strong
Support in Convention.
The Hague, July 19.—The vote on
the principle ol the American proposition regarding the inviolability of
private property at sea was taken today by the committee ol tlie conference dealing with tbe Geneva convention. Twenty-one delegates voted
favorably, eleven were ugniiiBt the
measure, and there was one absentee.
Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan,
Spain and Portugal were in opposition
while the triple alliance, although
Germany made a reservation, wae
among the majority.
Belgium presented a compromise
proposal, but Joseph H. Choale, ol the
American delegation, refused to accept
it, saying that inasmuch as the major
ity admitted the principle of tbe
immunity he could not consent to tl.e
limitation ol this idea, especially aB
Great Britain and Russia already had
deciared they would not accept it iu
any form, This made unanimity
Professor De Martens, RuiBia, who
presided at the meeting, called attention to tho (act that although the
American proposition was supported
by a majority ol tlie votes passed, tlie
populations of the countries voting
against the principle waB numerically
largely in exccsB ol thoBe favoring it.
Hedley, July 18.—Messrs, Louis
\V. Hill, president, and N.P. Ilagland,
chiel engineer ol the Great Northern
Railway, visited Hedley and the
Similkameen yesterday, coining into
Keren...os on a special t.ain and
travelling to Hedley by automobile in
tbe alternoon.  A trip was made to
Princeton, returning to Hedley at
night. To day, alio, going through
the cyanide and stamp mills, a trip
was made over the scenic railway ol
tba Daly Reduction Co., ol the .Nickel
Plate and other mines ol tbe Yale
Mining Co., which wiib a revelation to
Mr. Hill. This is one ol the low gold
properties that is worked by means ..I
a glory hole. Mr. Hill expressed
himsell as highly satisfied with the
conditions and prospects generally in
the Similkameen. The visit is considered as highly indicative ol early
construction ol tlie section of railroad
(rom Keicn.eos through Hedley lo
Princeton, as it is loss tli.iu a week
since thc mils were laid lo Keremeos.
Empress of Britain Crosses in
Five Days and Three Days.
Montreal, July 111.—The Canadian
Pacific Railway company's R, M. S.
Empress ol Britain landed her mails
at Rintouski at noon today, thereby
completing tl.e fastest mail passage
not only on tbe Canadian mule but
between European and American mail
ports, This steamer lelt Liverpool at
5 p.m. on the 12th ol July, which is
equal to a departure Iron. Movillo,
the northern Irish mail port, at 2
p.m. Saturday, 13th, and landing her
mails at Rimouski at noon on the
18th, makes ber mail time live days
three hours, alter making tbe necessary .illowance for difference In lime.
The best time evor made on the
New York route was live days eight
hours, hy the Lucania Irom Queens-
town to New York,
Closes at Calgary and Will
Meet Next at Vernon.
Calgary, July 20.-The First Western Irrigation Convention was brought
to a close Thursday night. The next
conclave will be held in Vernon, B.C.,
the date to be arranged by the organization committee.
On the return Irom the head gates
of the C. I'. R. irrigation canal at 4
o'clock a resolution was unanimously
passed calling (or permanent organization. The resolution was worded as
Whereas, irrigation development in
Western Canada has during recent
years made enormous strides, until
the area uow under irrigation and covered by schemes actually under construction in magnitude equals one-
quarter uf tl.e total irrigated area of
the whole of the United States; and,
Whereas, as the interests arc now
bound up in the irrigation development ol Western Canada, requiring
intelligent and public appreciation
and broad gauge legislation and administration; and,
Whereas, the tendency on the part
Tho regular meeting of the Cily
Council was held lust night, J. Abrahamson, acting mayor and Aldermen
Sawyer, Woodland and Howson being
present. Tbo minutes of the last
regular and special meetings were
read and adopted.
Fron. Fred Terry, acting chief ol
police, reporting (iro alarms 0. IC
Fylod. From thc Dominion Wood
Pipe Co, re shipment of 2011 foot
piping, In connection with this was
read a communication Irom C, Q,
Wheeler nl tlie oity public works staff,
reporting on tlio leaking ol pipes on
Douglas street nnd tbe necessity ol
taking stops to prevent tl.o water Iron.
Hooding tlie itreet. A resolution was
passed to pliice the order with the
Dominion Wood Pipe Co. (or 2,1)00
lent ol pipe Ior laying on Douglas
street. From (.1. Liuorme complaining
tbat bis cow, while in charge of tbe
city poundkeoper bad been badly cut
iuul disfigured and bnd fallen off* in
milk, and otherwise been badly
handled wli ilo in pound, Aid. Stone
said that thc cow had certainly been
abused and badly cut. Hi! Worship
snid that foreman Wheelers gang
working on Douglas street, had driven
the cow away to the pound, but could
not say how she sustained ber injuries.
He said that the pound wan too small
(or the purpose and that witii the
number of animals impounded lately,
it was likely that they would got
mixed up and damage themselves. It
was evident that the cow had been
injured either ou the way to or in the
pound. Aid. Sawyer said that tbe
poundkeoper bnd too much work to
do since he wns special constable, as
well as collector of dog tuxes, and if
the pound work was to be carried out
well, an extra man was needed. A
resolution waB passed to the effect
that the matter should be thoroughly
investigated by the By-law and
Health committee.
From F. B. Busteed, saying that
tbe rate for power and light offered by
the city to the C.I'.R. would be re-
[erred to Winnipeg.—Filed.
From C.P.R., Calgary, regarding
the road to tho dumping ground and
requesting that if the work on new
road .wis on the compory's property
construction must cease pending an
arrangement. The city clerk was
instructed to reply to the effect that
the Provincial Government had taken
the matter up. A letter from F
Fraser, Government Agent, stated
that the question had been referred to
From C. J. South, Children's'Aid
aud Protection Society, Vancouver,
stating that tbo city n.u-t supply $12
per month to go towards the maintenance ol the three children ol Mrs,
Home of Revolstoke, which children
wore neglected.    'I ho police lirst took
of the public and public men in the
past has been not to detach due im- the matter up and Mr. South arrang-
portance to Ihe subject of irrigation in ed for the children to enter tho homo.
Western Canada; and j   Two petitions were received requeil
Whereas, in broad principles, it is ing the laying of sidewalks ou certain
desirable and iu thc interest ol West- (streets.
em agricultural development than an j   The Grade by-law was introduced
organization should be created which j and passed  its tliree readings unani-
can become the mouthpiece of irrigation interests:
Therefore be it resolved—That this
convention be perpetuated as an annual institution, and tlmt a constitution, by-laws and other machinery bo
provided, having in view permanent
The meeting place for tbo next convention was keenly contested between
Kamloops and Vernon. An amendment was made to tlio resolution that
Kamloops be chosen, but it was lost,
although by a very clou, margin,
Two Thousand Five Hundred
Overcome During Parade.
Philadelphia, July It).—Tlie parade
ol the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks yesterday was marked by
the prostration from boat of many
persons, estimated by tlie polico nnd
hospital authorities at 2,500, Never
has there been such a wholesale overcoming of peoplo in this city. F'or iix
hours the police, ambulance, surgeons
and Red Cros! nurses were kept on
thc run looking altor persons who
collapsed under tlie combined effect
ol tlie sun and humidity, and largely
becauso of their excellent servico, but
one case resulted [..tally, .lames Rowley, aged 4-1 years, ol this city, who
died in a hospital alter king stricken
in the street. Tbe other prostrated
persons are said to lie in good condition, with no prospect ol lata! results,
The cemetery road was discussed
ami Ihe railway crossing which needed
grading. P. Bums A Co. had offered
to help in tlio grading to tho crossing,
which at the present time was dangerous, Tho gov,run.ent have also promised to Iix thu road outside the limits
if the city will do their share. The
public wurks department was instructed to commence tho work at once and
also to send a man tu cut thu grass
and wends iu thc cemetery.
Tlie accounts werc passed and the
meeting adjourned
Bodies of Men, Women and
Children Scattered in Streets
WARSAW, Russia, July li).—Hundreds of .lows  woro  massacred  bore
yesterday.  The bodies ol men, wo i
aud children wore strewn about tlio
streits, and tlie gutters aro lillod witii
human blood.
Thin morning hundreds ol peasants
armed with swords and knives mi.rebel
into tho oity and proceeded to tho
Ghetto, Thoro thoy were joined by
Jew-baiters, and the work ol slaughter
No mercy was shown. Evory Jew
Unit came in tho path of tho bloodthirsty peasants either was slain or
horribly mutilated,
Tho outrage is thc result ol the dissatisfaction over the distribution ol
land and other alleged mistreatiiii-.il
ol the poiuo.nl!.
Revelstoke General Agencies, LM.
Dwelling for Sale
Value $1650 00
Sale Price. $1300 00
Tlie above is a Six-It....meil House in good locality
with Fifty feot frontage, Good Fencing, Sheds, etc.
The owner does nol  live  in  Revelsloke and consequently needs money.
The actual cash value is .is stated aliove and   S.'iJ0
cannot bo made easier than by buying this properly.
Wo will loan you money to assist in the purchase,
We have for sale IU) acres of choice   land on  Ci-an-
berry Creek,  rear Arrowhead,  Bi.ltable  for Fruit and
Horticulture,   A mnn of enl...-prise can make a line home
and a splendid Independence for himself and family on
tliis properly.
«    I
Pi-ice—SHO per acre on good terms,
Revelstoke (ml Agencies, ltd-
Offices :—Molsons Hank Building.     Telephone 31.
*-                                        --     ^
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first 1 Op. Union Iei
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office Toronto, Ontario.
Braoobsi i» iim l'rii»lnc8-i..l UtDltobe, Alberts, Bukatebewtn,
llriti*!. Colombia, Onu-.rio, (^ijaboc.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
1), ll, Wii.kik, President!
•     $4,700,000.00
Hon. II. Jakfi.ay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parte of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given :.. Coll..eli..us,
Savings Department
Deposits rocolvod and Intoresi allowed ot currentmte from dale
..I' opening occouuLjind compounded four tunes a year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Ladies' black patent, brown, and See that pretty Carriage in How-
black kid, Oxfords, midsummer styles son's Furniture Store window—it is a
juit arrived—C. B. Hume A Co., Ltd. j beauty. Zbc flfoatl4)eralb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Olliee Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas, Mubphy,      Haroiji Fisher
I. ir .'.;.   * ;
beveui-tokb ,-.:■ mon lake i; c,
,,.,.. I     I      I M ■ II
I.ASK    ll. UK,    IlKVKl.-
OmCB! :   Im >-...:*.i.
M -  I
Offl ■•   :■•
BEO.S, Md .i"..,...
*,. M.  I'.NMl.lM.
I. .1 .-. fee II. I-.
'st.jki:. Il.C,
liujke, B.C.: i mm    -. B i*.
J. A, BittVBY,
("ranrook II. ('.
J. M •   I. f l.l'
W. I. Brims.
Barboters, Solicitors, Et.
M.iNKV Tn Loan*
First Street.
socialism of Canada " that ovi ry monl
and u.ni...i. bus a chance, nnd ii they
bad the ability to rise tbey could do
so. Whatever lystem is adopted, and
the question is an extremely delicate
one, let the statu! ol the domestic help
be established .... a right minded ond
businesslike principal, Those who do
enter the field of household life will
have lho knowledgo that tbey are
alleviating perhaps the greatest
menace to the building up and
lengthening ol the nation. Let it
never be said that the Canadian
Nation ha? been endangered through
is ....I (...-th ning, it uill  result   in
still more rigid scrutiny liy lm..litis
nnd money lenders and the weeding
out ol anything ol a doiibtlul character, and possibly tho increased
capitalization tt the larger monetary
institutions I.r ns matters stand at
the present time, owing to the continued rapid growth nnd developmenl
in the country, credits have been
largely absorbed. The late tine weather
ami great improvement that is shown
io growing cops ol all kinds have
ojusid a better leeling, and wc have
every reason to believe will bring out
lhe laxity ..ml disinterestedness ol ber { moneys that possibly have been withdrawn  Irom  the investment field in
[ear ol a shrinkage iu   values     With
the present outlook, Ibe groal .......b. r
ol new settlers coining into the country
nnd the vast amount of publio money
being expe.alcd in construction woik
on tl.e different railways, nnd the
knowledgo that Canada and 11 C. iu
particul.il* forms a inlo and profitable
field f..r investment, which (not is
being almost daily demonstrated, it i-
likely thai an easier money market
mav be created at an early date,
fur Molsons Hank
Revelstoke, B.C.
AtuysoUll Ore.   Sam] :•• by rnall or express
receive prompt attention.
Term. Moderate.
,. : : f....       -       -      ■      l)oX .32 K.I*:.'., II. C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
;Mine Su.voying
JcKenzie Avenue,
Bus 100, Kevelstoke,
(Membei American Institute of
Mining Engi. rs).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, li. C,
Mine Management, Examinations
an.l Reports,
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints... Land, Timber Limits, .Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospectiveinvestors
or purchasers.
Cbc fl&aMfctalb
"1 wouid . . . earnestly advise thorn lor
their good to order :l.i* paper to be pnncluatl}-
.-vrvi*.; i;p,.ind to U-looked upon lis u partol
the tea equipage."—Addison.
One oi tbe most serrus problems nl
the present day and oue which will
effect and even now is vitally affecting
social and domestic lile throughout
the Dominion, is lhat ol devising ways
and means to procure household help.
On every side are demonstrated the
difficulties ol surrounding domestic
lile in Canada, and the impossibility
ol procuring women to help in house
keeping, causiug thereby a situation
that threatens to entirely annihilate
our homes and to destroy all semblance o! that old world peaceful home-
lile which has been the mainstay of
England, and the knitting and welding together oi her sons and daughters.
We nolice with regret in our large
cities in Canada today the falling
:'. ..:' ... :;..- ai.tl the decided increase
o! ilats and tenement buildings with
another deplorable calamity, that ol
the decrease  in  the bringing up of I measure of success in
families.   Few women, however, much abused,    On lhe oilier hand take tl.e
sons .....I daughters in coming forward
to solve the greatest problem of tbe
The success ol a community is constituted by tl.e nn.mint u( true moral
religious and neighborly leeling thnt
exist- among the units thai go to lorm
that community and this is especially
noticeable   ill   the  growing  chit-sol
British Columbia, and   perhaps  the
whole ..I Canada,    Win n n city nnd
co......u..i;)-is in   course  ol  develop-
[ ment,  almost .very   action   lias ils
results, directly or indirectly ....  tl.e
tabrio as a whole, uud when tlie seeds
oi discml...i, ol undesirable  rivalry
and sectarian discord nre sown, the
Iruit is bom in increased quantities,
allowed !o ripen and itself again goto
seed  to  keep up thc same spirit of
what is in every way damaging to the
stability o( the community.    An inordinate greed bu-gold does not necessarily imply sue-.'.*-, nor doe! the fnct
ot living up to ...ul  perhaps beyond
the income!   The success of n city
.I-l cn.I* largely on the conditions ol
life in which Ihe citizens  live,  move
and have their being.    Religious leeling sh mid be Hie principal object and
that in co-operation with harmonious
friendship will clear the wny f r many
deedi that tend lo [ortily  and  build
up the mora s und   unity  of  it  city
What c nstitutei  success  in  lile?
Answers will vary nnd will be as many
sided. From a pessimists point ul view
and  one who hn! tailed lo grasp his
opportunities the question comes,   Is
it the piling up ol wealth without tlie
taking into account, the  acquisition '.'
Thnt   would   constitute  success  to
many.   U it the occupying exalted
public position regardless ol methods
of attainment ?   Tbe world may nod
affirmatively.    To so many the end
justifies the means.   The frontier ...ill
man who robs the public domain and
amasses a fortune  is called  shrewd.
Tl.e promotor ol n lake stock concern
who grows rich on the earnings ol the
guileless poor is called  clever.    The
politician who climbs into position by
doiibtlul means und in violation ol la .
is not called a criminal but a email
[ellow,  The clergyman who panders
to public opinion, however wrong, in
o-.dcr lo smooth the way to preferment,
climbing thus into tbe best pulpits, is
called eminent.    Tbe lawyer who advises his client into litigation which
lie cannot afford on false grounds and
reaps a big fee, is called brilliant. And
thus through society  and  the 1- .ly
politic tho doctrine   tuns.     Capture
the public eye, get wealth and position
never mind bow, und lile is a bui ss.
But will the ethics ol the street hold
in the quiet home corner. We see
that through a pessimiitic idea the
iie has been
Incorporated by Acl a Parliament, 1855,
Wm. M.H.S..N Maci'iikiison, Pics. S. II. Ewixn, Viee-P.es,
Jajikb Ei.li.it, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches In Canada and Agencies in all purls of the
Interest credited four times a year nt, current rules on Savings
liank deposits, until further notico.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Ladies' white duck Oxlords, side
Inc.-, If.i- new thing, at C. 11. llunie &
Co.'s Ltd,
Kill them all,
No dead fllee
lying about
when ueed ae
— SOLD ev —
too. per paeket, erf paekete fer Ilo.
win laet a whole
Bring Your Purse
Alons With You
to our Slore if you want lo purchase
a Ni\. nrpet, Fine Oriental or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum and see
bow lunch iini I.e.- ils contents will
lnke yoo in piircluislng thnli il will ill
nny oil..1. Blurt, in the oity, Our
Spring slyli-s are ready for your
Local Rcvclwtokc
Socialist Party of Canada
nl We.l.u's.1.1}-'... ll.o
ail's, nl s ...iu. Suliji
ii-nl i.l I'iitiif.il.*...."
i-t l.n
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp. No. 229.
M.'i-o Second un.l fourth Wednesday, in
each montli, in Solklrk Hail.   Vi.-iiii.is Wood
...ifli cordially iiivileiltoiilloi.il.
w. I). ARMSTRONG, Con. Corn,
11. w. KDWAUDS, Clork.
. AER'.E No. 432.
0. E.
Tbo regular .....otiin*'* are li.-lil in tin. Selkirk
Hull ovory find nnl Itli T.....-'liiy evoaiiii! nt*
o'cloc. Visiting brothren are cordially iuvi.od.
II. A. BROWN. 1'au.inusT.
w. b, Mclaughlin, 8bobbta»i.
KooUnnv Lodxo No. 15 AF.&A.M.
Tlio ri-Kiilftr meet
ink- ar.: hold in tin
Masonic Temple,
j.1,1 Follows Il.lll.ni
tin third Moudajli
-fi.-h month at r
pan. Vleltinghroth-
i-t'ii   cordially   wel
r. .v. HKUCUNIER, Skckktakv.
SE-.KIRK L0DUE NO 10 I. 0. 0. F,
Meets. .-.-) Iii
I-*.. THIMBLE, "-'.li.
n.ng in Selkirk
Hall nl i o'olook.
VI ■ ns bn thren cordially Invited to attend
1, MA1HIE Sac
Import direct from Country of origin.
* P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
HRADOfFIOK. Cai.oa.iv, Ai.iikiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
hi*. I'fii-li-jrs.m.i Ueuli'i-   In Live 8tock,   Markets In all tl.o principal  Cities ami
urns nf Aliii.i-.fi. lirii i.,1. ....nnnliifi and tl.o Vukini.  I'.u-ki-is... tin. .-el.fl.i.il.o.1 llraml
. ..-  nr" lh iHfinl f.i.'ifi.ii.lSliai..'..':. I'.ruifl, l.if.il li.r.l. jt
* V^ V& V*^**-V*'%.**'tA'V%^V*%%%-**VV»'Vt*'* V»
% ■VV*%^'**«^%V»*V%.tkVt*V**^%VV%^% ^*W*4-'»'% v»
Fur Agricultural Implements, Carriages, Wagons**) Eto., John
Douro Ploughs, Mnliue Wagous, Canada Carriage Company*!
Buggies, Planot jr., Garden Sunders nud Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Wnrk attended to. Horse Shooing a
Central Hotel
a_,    RFVR STI-IKF B. C.
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modern convenience
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sume management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rat'js $i a day.   Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     STOlSrE     PROP.
lile that is given us to lead, in the
right way, und exercise a friendly and
charitable leeling to all, We in
Western Canada, and in Revelatoke
perhaps, should endeavor to work together in the spirit oi fraternity lor
the good ol our oity and the upbuild-
ments ol lile, wblob are so essential to I ing ol moral standard. By united
health and happiness, without io effort let the interests ol our city take
much as a murmur! We are glad to; tirst place in our lives nnd devote
see that ibe National Council ol more time to her welfare and l.e less
Women   now   in convention at Van- relfllh  and   petty   spirited  and the;
embued with maternal instinct will
devote the best year- of their lives to
drudgery and domestic toil, the whole
work of perhaps a large household
devolving on their hands, and is it to
be expected that our women should so
give up the many pleasures and enjoy-
Cold Ranje lodge, K. of  P..
No. 26, Revelstoke, 0. C.
:   -
■      -    -   ii
it   8
■      ' I .nvlted
BBAD3HAW, t' -
8. II. H110.K. K   ..!  K   1 -
H. 1, BBOWN, II. of F
eens ftotel
it   the
prem .-.--         ..   e Ling
Five '. . Block    i    and intend   openin
Chines..- Sl
Arrowhead, I ine 13th, 1907,
Iiest brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, -        ■        Proprietor
Ilo              j
//•               ll
/•                ll
i                V^
An ordinary due aller is month*, weer.
Foot-rites are as tough and stubborn a! mules. They'll resist as
much strenuous, arduous wear and tear as a mule; keep on steadily
resisting them and come up smiling every lime. Why? Well, shoei
are about the worst adulterated thing! on lhe market and the Foot-
rite's not adulterated. It'i a simple why.
Instead of newfandangle, brittle, iieve-!ike, made-over-night hemlock
tanned sole leather, cut from the shoulders, neck and poorest places
in the hide, Foot-rile soles are made of tough, clow-grained, wear-
lighting, water-shedding, old-fashioned oak tanned cowhide, cut
from the "butt" or finest part of lhe skin.
Instead of uppers from among the thousand varieties of cheap and
imitation calf that looks good, but don't wear, Foot-rites are made
of "Normal-Calf," a new and exclusively Fool-rite leather almost
as soft and supple as the hve calf s skin, and as vnwearoutable as a
pine knot.
Instead of cloth trimmings, Foot-rites have lather; instead of scrap
insoles, which won't hold stitches, Foot-rites are oak tanned stock.
Instead of weak wood arch supports that don't support, Foot-ritei
have steel; instead of cloth and paste box-toes, Foot-rite Un-
collapsable Box-Toes are made of stout, rebounding leather; instead
of cotton thread, silk is used in Foot-rites; and instead of saving
75 cents per pair on cheap labor, Foot-rites are made by lhe most
expensive and skilled artisans obtainable,
Then there are a lot of special devices about Foot-rite construction
that help their stubborn wearability, meh as Tough HeeKWrinkle-
less and Crackles! Vamps. Unwaipable Soles, etc
Not hard to understand why Foot-rites axe the Longest Lived
shoes, is it) '    .
If you want $4.00 or $5.00 worth of sound, intrinsic ihoe value
for $4.00 or $5.00 of your hard-gotten gold, call on the Foot-rite
retailer in your town. His name's below. You'D find him as honeft
and sincere ss his shoe, and always obliging. His door swings
inward but never outward lo find a more welcome store. * ■•-. >•)
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$4,00 and
$5.00.  Every Pair Goodyear Welted.
THE Foot-rite'SHOE
Boston   THE Foot-rite SHOE CO., MAKERS   MeNTMM.
i \
A Foot-rite idee t*x monlln' wear.
McKinnon & Sutherland's^fflSSfl
Bo    -'
couver. are taking Up this queition,
and il is to be hoped will arrive at
lome solution ol the difficulty.
Higbei education, the laot thai -
man) worn, n li -.re to have a com-
I. rn i
*   |l        I  ....    A.,1
"Financial condition! through, il
Canada, at the pr. ii nl tin - present
profession and this absurd I some phenomenal features," say- the
:' the: :•.. ol wearing the' cup manage! i f ne I -.ur leading lin ineial
ol  servitude "   have   been
responsible   today   lur  this
mainly; Institutions of the west trade in
ierioui general being good in ipite ol the
menace to the lile ot tbe nation What sovorewinter and late spring, and
sutistitd our lorelatl.ors is not good large amount! of money nre being
enough to those ...I these enlightened expended on the oonitructlon work'.:
days. Since women, today, wiih lot a
definite profession, it is not impossible
to take Btopi to place" home making"
in the (oremost rank, but belore thai
can be done, it is necessary  to  solve
tin- different linei of railways, Not-
f..-;.-:.inding il.i-. lender! ifi money
an- finding a difficulty in meeting
legitimate demands made upon them,
,ii,: bv. rything ol a ipeculative nature
the domestio difficulty of raising the lia rigidly discouraged." Thecauie'ol
"status" ol maidservants, Maidier- tiiii unusual state ol thing! ii not
vanti have been put on a professional difficult to locate when the abnormal
standing in Toronto, but the ladies ol growth and development that has
tbat city, complained that by this taken place in the oountrj the Inst
their households were demornliz.il lew yean ii comidered, Tlio remedy
That was because the idea had been lor the stringency  i- cauiing much
i: ... ' rown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
S. ap Factory vest nl vv,.,.,.
il ol. ff.iug  and
its help
,\nd the       -1   iving ii the
Premium System
et tells 'lui' ..." give for
Royal Crov n Wrap] ers --1.1
for it—Free—Alio try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Under   New   Management)
B,   C.
First-olas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, anil
RATES   $1   AND   Sl 50   PER   DAY
misrepresented. In England a system
has been instituted whereby girls ol
gentle birth cute-red domestic lite
under the title ol "domestic dames,"
Buch a scheme could be organized in
Canada, whicli would raise tbe position
ol tlie maidservsntl. Training homes
not schools or institution! could bc
started nnd whicli would, we feel,
receive the warm support from mistresses all  over the country,    The
tiinug'.i, since many i nterprl - ■ are
sufforlng (or want ol capital, and Investment! that ordinarily are good,
ure now being discouragod, It is
surmised that the marketing ol tho
lnrge amount of grain held over by
farmers during last winter, in many
case! in anticipation ol enhanced
prices, will somewhat ease the Situation
but the question ol the sufflolonoy to
obtain tliis end is doubtful,    II rolicl
To Buy Property in and Around
Novor Again will it bo so low
I have loi idle lhe following:
. i.n- Collage, corner i hm Im* and
Douglas Sl,   SK...., can) 1.
Two Houses, Third Sl,    5i
One llm.*!-, ...iini King anil
Fronl St*.   $1,700.
Ono llniis.-i.il DouglasSl,   $800,
Kighl Acres p.si outside lhe 1 ily
l.iiniis, suitable for frail .Sinn per
fiirc. Together will, larger lots
of l-'n.ii Lands near Ibo City,
Also one .'i fool lm suitable foi
Itlisilless silc nil l-'nsl   Slli-i-l,  clone
to Mi-K.-ii/n- Ave.
For foil particulars apply loi
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Halcyon Hot Springs
-,f of
:       ,    .hi., ish,     oilman   House
I ind,
'pill-: MF.DII \l. WATERS ol Hal
I ..  .im,-i curative In the
world,   A perfect, natn.al remedy foi
,    md Mu cula.   Uses -
■  :•; .Ini     ind Bt. nweb ailment!
ind Met*       ■'        ng.  A
for "Thai  Tired  Keeling."    Special
■    1 .I* and trains    I »
11. nl- airlve .....I di ait every day,
Telegrn 1. ci mmun alion with ail
marts of  i ■■ -     I
TflRMfl   S12 ■-. |18 per week,   Fo.
further pai li il 11    ipply to
Halcyon Hot Spring. 1
Arrotu Lake. B. C
All kinds of (irccn Vegetables ready for ihe Market,
Fresh local grown Strawberries $,5.25 and $,1.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries 10c,
Per Lb,
Front Street, Revelstoke
I';:'' ynur mtlora fi
flampMR., 'hind tiiiiki
and Kni'v titmthur flood
Vdll I'
No Seedless Plums; No Pitless
Apples; No Cobless Corn,—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices,
Fertilizers, lice Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery ou the
mainland i.l B.C.  Catalogue tree.
I'.S—It your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct.
Wo prepay liity packets, assorted
varieties ol garden seeds in Co. papers
(tested stock), to your nearest post
office lor $1.(10, twenty packets Ior 50c,
(rial collection.
James tvans FIRST street
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game In
Season, Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
I have many enquiries (or
Fruit Lnnds Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto,nnd Vancouvor, Persons desiring to dispose ol
iheir holding!, large or small,
will do will I., list (hem with
me. Correspondence solicited,
Jas. I. Woodrow.
MiiuiifHctnrod for all olasaeslof ■miUdim:-*
All k-iudsof building and plastering
undei taken.
Strawberries S
For Sale by the Crate    Sjj
({$$2.75 and $3.00 A CRATE f
-APPLY TO-       jjjj
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Full line nl (Iroccries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest pricei.
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Dear IM, Animal.., Ilinl., Fl.li, |KU\,
Animal Hug. Mounted.
V 0. Hex 81,
Studio: Corner of Flnt Ht. and Boyle Are.
Kevelstoke, B.C.
J * C.P.R. FREItiH I
Intimation from Headquarters
Confirmed-Advance will not
be General.
Vancouvkr, July 20.—It has been
intimated Irom Calgary that an advance in freight rates on certain commodities will be mado thia summer by
lho Canadian Pacific Railway. Jusl
when the new schedule will go into
effi otis unknown, but the revision ol
tho classifications is now in progress.
Partial confirmation ol the impending changes was mado by Mr. B. W.
Greer, assistant general freight agent
of tlie company. Mr. Greer has just
returned from Field, where hc conferred with Mr. F. W. Peters, general
western freight n anager, Winnipeg,
in regard to freights on the r.icilic
Tho question of a change in certain
of the rates w..b discii-sid No Immediate alterations in the tariff will lie
made, I.ul certain advances on various
kinds ot freight are inevitable io view
..I tho heavy increase iu op rating
. xpenses.
British Government Says Expense Too Heavy.
London, July 19,—It is understood
on good authority that lhe British
government has decided against an
"All Red" transportation line to encircle the globe, on the ground that
Ilic exdenie would be too heavy. It is
stated that tbe governmcntconimiltee
comprising David Lloyd George, president of tbe board of trade; Sydney
Buxton, posIinater-gener.il; Arnold
Runcini.in, financial secretary of the
treasury,and Winston Spencer Churchill, under secretary of tbe colonies, has
r. jeeted the scheme, and that the decision ol this committee is certain to
I-e endorsed by Ihe cabinet, though no
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to any railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Britisli Columbia.
Write for our latest Prioe list, It is
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle the'best goods money
can buy, only jfootls of besl mills, manufacturers a.ul packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Coods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
ll is a duly to You, lo Your Family an.l
lo your Pocket book to Investigate our
We do nol belong m lho Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References:    Any Hank, Railway or
..press Company ill llie Cily, or the
names of twenty thousand satisfied cus.
tonicrs in the lour provinces.
Write for Our Price list To-day.
30 ...id 26. Stanley Slreel
Furniture, Pianos, or Merclmn-
dise,storetl in dry-well-built ware
house in convenient locution.
Ileal Estate uud Insurance Agent
Revelsloke, B.C.
olliciul  statement
bus  as yet been
Hill's new Freight Transcontin
ental will Fight with Rigor
Winnipeg, July 10—A low grade,
low cost, modern Ireight railroad Irom
Winnipeg to Vancouver is the aim ol
J. J*. Hill's Csnadiau West operations,
Such is the recent statement ol some
ot tl.e most intimate associates ol that
gentleman, According to the lame
authorities the new line will be no
slouch of a railroad. It will be equip
ped as no other road to light the rigors
ot the Canadian winter, and the new
Hill freight transcontinental will he
given all the benelit of Hill's great
experience in the norlh western railway lield,
Ottawa, July 19,—legislation may
bo brought at the next session ol Parliament to make it a punishable
offence to send letters or dispatches to
tbe press of other countries wilfully
libelling Canada.
Complaint has been made by the
immigration department of exaggerated statements fr.quently appearing
in British papers from disgruntled
immigrants in Canada
Beli.kville, July 19. — William
Merton and family and Ivan Clancy
and family, eight in all, residing in
the township ol Rawdon, were suddenly taker, ill alter partaking ol supper.
All weie poisoned by eating canned
salmon, and only tbe fact that medical
aid was near at hand saved their lives.
Clancy lies in a dangerous condition,
but the remainder are doing well,
Invitations are Out for Wedding
of Very Old Couple
St. 1,0ms, Mo., July 19—Invitations
to the wedding of John B. Bundren,
101 years old, and Miss Rose McGuire,
100 years old, in Tate Springs, Tonn.,
on Aug. 26, have been issued by J. B.
Bundren, jr., ot 3,430 Eads avenue,
Louie, a nephew ol the prospective
bridegroom. The elder Mr. Bundren
is ..ow journeying to England to claim
bis bride to be, and they aie expected
to return the latter part of July.
Cai/UUV, July 19.—In the Supremo
Court yesterday the case against the
Canadian Pacific Railway tor violation
ol the Lord's Day Act was dismissed.
Thc court held that a letter Irom the
Deputy Attorney-General was not
eullicicut grounds on which to base
an action.
Try Bows' mosquito lotion—proven-
tilive and poison antidote—26 cents a
Revelstoke Laml District.
District of Went Kootonay.
'Luke notice that Charles B, Held, nf Cran-
brook, B.C., occupation Druggist, Intends to apply
for special lleonscs over tne following described
1, Coihmenclng at a poat planted about ioo
ebains north from the mouth ot Big Creek an I
alumi gn chaina weat of Comaplix und marked
'Charles K.  Raid's S.K, corner post,1' thenoe 80
haina weat, thenoe su cliains north, tlience hi
'haina east, thonce 80 chains smitli to point nf
commencement- and containing tHO acres more nr
■_. Commencing at a postmarked''Charles fi
lleid's N. K. corner post," planted about 100
chains north from tlie nimtlli of Rig Creek ami
about Sl' cliiiins weat of Comaplix. tlience 80
chains weat, tiience 81' chains south, thence SU
cliains eaat, thonce 80 chains north to point of
commencement, ami containing (HO acres more or
'A, Coinmeneing at a post marked ''Charles IC
Keiil's S.W. ciit-nri' post," planted about 100 chains
nnrth from the mouth of Big Creek and about 80
cliains weat of Comaplix, tiience 80 chains imrtli,
thence 80 chains eait, tiience 60 chains aouth,
tlience 80 chains west to point of ci mi meneement,
aud containing (HO acres more orless.
1. Commencing at a post marked "Charles K.
Beitl's N. VV. corner poat,'' planted about 100
chains nortli from the moulh of Big Creek find
about 80 chains west of Comaplix, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chaina. thence nortli 80
chaina. thence west 80 chalna to point of commencement, ami containing 840 acres more or leaa.
Dated July 18th, 1907.
aat Jly 20 Nicholas Powers. Agent,
Rovchtoke Land District,
District, of West Kooicnay,
lake notico that C, A. Freeman of Kaslo, H.
0„ occupation Miner, intends to apply for
special timber licences over the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on tho
north sido of Drift Creok, about 1 miles from
the Lardeau Itiver, thenco west 10 chains,
thence north 100 chaini, thenceeast lOchains,
thence south HW cliains-
2. Commeuelng at a post planted on the
nortli side of Drift Creek, about 3 miles from
the Lardeau River, theuce north 10 chains,
thenceeast 160 chuina, thence soulh 10 chains,
theuce wesl ltkl chains.
3 CommeiiciiiK at a post planted on the
north side of Drift Creek, aboul 2] mi.es from
the Lardeau Itiver. thence west 10 chains,
thence nortb 100 chains, thonce caat lOchains,
thenee south 100 chains.
Dated June loth, 11H.-7,
sat jly 13 C. A. KBEKMAN.
Notice is liereliy given that CO daya after date wo
intend tr apply tn the Himurable Chief Commissioner of Landa and Worka fnr permission to pnrcliaso the follnwiug described laiuls in west
Knotenay diatrict:
Conimenciug at n post planted ou the 8. E.
cornerof Thompson pro-emptiou iil)5, mnrked
"Evans & Ogilvie a N. W. coruer post," theuce
40 chains east, 40 ehuins south, 40 chains west,
40 chains north to point of commencement, con*
taiuiug 100 acres more or less,
Dated May 26th. IW.
aat my 2a KVANS &. OQILVIE
Revelatoke Und District
Distriot uf Wost Kootenay,
Take notice lhat Henry Amoroso Morris, of
Uovel-toke, H.C wwtiuiUon ™ Minor, in
tends in auplv for special timber licences ovei
the folio witii: described lands:—
i. Commencing at a post planted i'-j miles
from the mouth ot the soutn fnrk nf Downie
Creek, marked "Henry Ambrose .Morris's. K. corner poat." thence west 1*80 chains, thenee north 4"
chains, iln-iieo east loi clialus, thence suuth 40
chains to point nf commencement, containing 840
acres mote or less.
2, Commenci ig at a poat planled If., milea
frnm the mmilli nf the BOUtb fork ot Dowuie
Creek, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris'S K. turner post," tbence west 100 chaini, tlu-nce snutli 40
chains, tlience east ltio chains, theuce north 40
cliains to pnint nf commencement, containing 840
acres more or less.
3. Commencing at a post planted t\i miles from
the mouth nf the suuth fnrk nf Downie Creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K. comer post,"
thence we«t 180 chains, theme north lOchains,
thence east 160 chains, tlu-nce smith 40 chains tu
puint nf commencemont,contalnlng mo acres more
or less.
i. Coinnieiiciiigataunstplanteila!ainilesfinm
the mouth of the south fork of Downie Creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morrls'N.B.comer noat,"
thence west 180 chains, tlitlue snutli 40 chains,
thenee east 100 ebains, them-e uortli lu chalna to
point of commencement, containing two acres
mure nr less.
5. Commencing at a post plantotl 8H miles up
finiu tlie moulh of the suulh fork of Downie creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris* S.K.corner poat,"
Llienee west 160 eliains, thence nnrth 40 chains,
tlionco ea-i 160 eliains, tlienee smith 40 chains In
pnint of commencement, containing uiu acres more
or less.
Dated June 21st, IP'7.
fl, Com nenolug ot a post planted 8K miles up
from the mouth ol the -oath turk of Downlo oreok
marked' Henry Ambrose Morris' N-tt.onrnernoat,'
tbtiiii'o wesi. Itin clmins, tiience smith 40chains,
thence east ion chains.thence north 40 chains to
pnint of commencement, containing fllO acres mure
ur less.
7. Commeiioine al a post phnted on the soutli
f,,rk of Downie Creek almnt 4J miles from the
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.E coiner nnst," Ihencu west ]tii) clmins, thence north 40
ihalns, thence east urn chains, theuco aouth 40
■hains to pnint of commencement, containing 010
acres more nr less,
8. Commonclng at a post planted on the soulh
fink nf Downio Creek about 41 miles frnm the
ninntli, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' -N.lv cor-
ner post," tlience west 100 chains, tlienee smith lu
cliains. tlienee east HiO chains, thence imrth 40
chains to point nf commencement, containing Uo
acres mure or leas.
li. Commencing at a post, planted on the soulh
fork of Downie Cr-ek, about 0 miles from tlie
mouth,marked "Honrj Ambrose Munis' s.l*;. corner post," thunce west HO ehniiis, them-e north 80
chains, thence east 8U chains, thence smitli sl)
chains to point of commencement, contaiuiug 048
acres more or lesa.
id. Commencing at a pnst planted on the Bouth
fore: of Downio Creok about six milos trom the
moutb. marked "Henry Ambrose Morris1 N.B.
tier post,' tlience west 40 chains, thence smitli lliu
ehnins, thenee east W chains, tlienco north 100
cliains to point of commencement, containing oto
acres more or less.
Dated June 22nd, 1807.
By-Law No.
Rovelstoko Land District,
District of West Kuotcnuy,
Take notice that Tom Sundt of Revelstoke,
occupation Timber Cruiser, intends to apply for
a special limber licence over the following
described lands:
1. Commenolng at a post planted IJ miles
soutb of the muuth of Smith Creek, and 160
clmins wesl ot the Columbia Riverand marked
"T. Sundl's S, E. corner," thenco 8n chains
west, thence 8n chains north, thence 80 chains
cast, lhcnco 80 chains smith to pointof commoncomont, containing Olo acres more or less,
2. Commencing at apost planted I'i iniles
south of the mouth of Smith Creek, and 80
chains west of Columbia Hi ver and niarked
'T, Sundt's N.E. corner," Ihence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west, thenco 80 chains
north, theuce I'U chains easl to point of commencement, continuing Olo acres more or less.
3. Com me neing at a poet planted al miles
soutli of the mouth of Smith Creek, and 120
chains west of tlie Columbia Riverand marked
"T. Sundt'a S. E corner," thence west ltio
chains, thunce north 40 chains, thence east Iff!
clialns, thence south lOchains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
4. Commencing at a post planted fi) miles
south of lhe month of Smith Creek and 120
ehuins west of the Columbia River and marked
"T. Sundt'a N. E. cornei*|" tho.ice south 40
chains, thenee west 1(W ohains, thenco north 40
chains, thence east KM chains to pointof commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a nost planted tl1; miles
south of the mouth of Smith Creek, and M
miles west of Columbia River, andmarked
"T. Sundt's 8. E, corner," theuce west ICo
chains, thence north 40 clmins, thence east 160
chains, thence south 40 chains to point of com*
mencenient, containing Olo acres more or less.
6. Commencing ata post plantedtt*Hmiles
.south of the mouth of Smith Creek and 2 miles
weat of Columbia River, and marked "T.
Sundt's N. E. corner," thence aoulh lOchains.
Ihenco west Hin chain-, Ihence north 40 chains,
east IliO clmins lo pointof commencement,
containing 610 acres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted 7 miles
south of the mouth of Smith Creek, and 21
milea weat of Columbia Itiver, and inarked
"T. Sundt'a N. E. comer." Iheuce west 80
cbnins, thence south SO chains, ihence east80
chains, thenco norlli 80 chainslo pointof commencement, containing 840 acres more or less.
Dated June loth, 19j7.
sal jly 6 TOM iSt'NUT^
Hi- v.fl.-t oke Land District.
District of West Kootonay.
Take notice that Karl Simons of Howaor,
11. C, occupation Lumberman, intends tn apply
(or special timber licences over tl.e following
described lands:
1. Commenolng ot a post planted on the
north sido nf luifi Croek, about. lour miles
Irom the Lardeau lllver; thonco east 10 chains,
thet.co nortl. 100 chains, Ihenee wost 10 chains,
ihonce soutl. 1110 ohaius.
■I Con.inenci.iK at a post planted on the
north side ol Drill Creek, about 31. miles Irom
the Lardeau River, thenco norlh HI chains,
thence east l.i.. chains, theuce south 10 chains,
thenco wost HKI ehuins.
Dated Juno 15th, 1907,
sat jly 13 HAUL 8TBVKNH.
Notice is heroby given that 60 days from date
1 iutend to apply to the Honourable the Cuiel
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for per-
mlaalon to purchase tbe following described
lands, situated at Ualeua Bay, in West Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post marked "W, K. Keid's
south-east corner post," aud planted 40 chains
aouth from tho north-west corner of C. Book's
Lot 7013, theuce west 20 ehains, thenee north
4u chains, thenee east 20 chains.thence south
■to clialus to point of commencement, and con-
-talning 8U acres more or less.
Datod May 22nd, 1907.
salmy.5 W. R. REID
Notice Ih hereby given that 00 days after date I
iiteinl to apply to the Chief Commisaiuner of
Landsaud Works fur permission to purchase the
following doacribed lauds, situate In Weat Kootenay District;
Commencing at a poat planleil 40 chains
north o( south eaat corner of T, L. 71)10, and
marked "11.('.Morris's north-esst corner post,"
thencosouth an chains, weat 80chalna, north
80 chains, eaat 80 chains to point of commence-
Dated June Oth, 1007,
ffodjunli H.C. MORRIS.
Notice ia hereby given thnt (10 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable, the Chief jCoui-
mlsaloiior uf bands and Worts for permiu-don to
purchase the following described lunils, situated
un Upper Arrow Lako, District ol West Knntenay;
Commencing at a post planted at the H E.
cornerof Ralph Btmpflon'sapplication, thenco
106 clialna norlheoslcrlv following lhe Uke
shorn in (laletia Ray; tlienee norlli 20 chains;
thonoo southwesterly IM chains paralleling
Ukoahore; thenco south fllchains (o point of
commencement, and containing 11; acres, more
or Ichh.
Dated Arrowhead, II. C, Juno I, l»>7.
jun Beat a, w. Dickinson,
Agont for Unib-Watson Lumber Co, Ltd,
Kevelstoke Land District.
Dislrict ol West Kooteuay.
Take notice that uus tiprlam Hedfttrom ui
Kevelstoke, B, ('., occupation Cruiser, Intends
to apidy lor a special license ovei the lollowing
described lands:
1, Commeueiug ot a post plantotl about one
mile up the north-east lork m Klvo Mile Creek
and abuut two ehains west ol the trail, rive
Mile Creek being live miles above Carnes
Creek, and marked -Uus Epnaiu Hedsirom's
S. E. corner," theuce norlh 8u chains, theuce
weat 8u chains, iheuce south 80 chaiua, thence
euat 8o chains to polut of coninieiieeusut, containing 040 acres more ur less.
Commencing at B ll(,st planted aboul one
mile up the north-east torkul Five Mile l reek
and about two chaius weat uf the trail, Five
Mile Creek being live milea above uamea
Creek, and marked -'(JUB Kprlam Hedstrom's
a. W. corner," thence nortn an chain , llienee
east 80 chains, theme aouth 8u chains, theuce
west 80 chaina io poiut ol commeucemeut, and
containing tStu acres more or less.
8. Commencingat a pott planted about oue
mile up the north-east lork ol Five Mile creek
and about two ehuiua westof tbe trail. Five
Mile Creek being live miles above carnes
('reek, aud marked "<iua Kprlam Hedstrum'
N. W. corner," theuce south 80 chaiua, thenc
eaat 80 chains, theuce north mi cbaius, thenci
weat 80 chains to polut ol commencement, and
containing 640 acres more or less,
4. Commeueiug at a post planted about one
mile up the north-east furk ol Hve Mile Creek
ami about two chains west uf tlie irail, Five
Mile Creek b.-iiig live mile*, above Carnes
Cieek.and marked "Uus Kprlam Hedatrom'a
N.E. corner," tbeuce aoulh &u chaina, thence
weal jin chains, thunce north bu chains, theuce
east80chains to pointol cuminencemcut.and
containing 640 acres more or leas.
Dated June 13th. IttjT.
wedjly lo     cts El'ltlAM HBDSTROM,
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ol West KooUway,
Take notice that Charles E. Reid of Cranbrook,
Il.C., occupation Druggist, intends lu apply for a
special timber license over the following described
Cummencing at a post marked "Charles E.
Keld'a S.W, eorner post," plauted about 30 chains
north of a post maiked "W,P, 1887. D. Orr preemption," and almul !• miles imrtli of Camborne.
I). C, theuce north 80 chains, thenee easl 80
chains, thenee south 8o chaina, thence west 80
chaina to point uf commencement, and containing
Q40 acres more or leaa.
Dated July 16th, mt
aat jly 20 Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that 60 days after date I
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Unds and Worn for permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands, situate in West KootO'
nay district:
Commencing at a post planted 40 chaiua
north of southeast comer ol T.I, 7oi6and
marked "J. K. Johnson's norlh-west corner
post," thence easiso chains, soulli SOohains,
west 80 chains, nurth So chains to point ol
Haled June titb, 1907.
wed Jun 12 J. E. JOHNSON.
OTH'K I* horebr given Ihnl im day* ntTcr
date 1 Intend to apply to ll.o Hon. Ll.e
iei CommifflODor of 1a.h1- and Works for
permission In pi.reh.w ll.e lollowlng described
rnnds, sllua.cil l.i .Vcsl Kooicnay:
Commoni-lns al a poll planted 211 chains
woe. ol Blind Bar, market D, H. Hoe's imrth-
out........ ]...,.." theneesouth 8f chains, west
SO chain.. .....Hi -i chain., cut so chainslo
potn.nl commencement.
Ueled June lib, IM.     WJU     1). M. UAL,
WHEREAS itis deemed necessary
nnd expedient in tlio Interest of the
L'ity of Revelstoke Unit the present
elentrical plant of ll.o City should be
improvedund extended l.y the addition
..f .in eieotiic power dynamo and
equipment Including necessary auxiliary plunl:
AND WHEREAS to defray the cost
thereof ii will be necessary to borrow
the sum of Thirty thousand (ip,000.00)
Dollars which the Oounoll proposes to
raise l.y the issue ..f debentures secured
upon tne i-.ili- and ohargei which are
chargeable and enforceable fot' the
us...- of «-,-ii iu- and electric light under
the "Water and islectvio Light Regulation By-Law 10U3, ..ml tho Municipal
Clauses Acl :'*
AND WHEREAS the oslimated
amount nf the said rates and charges
chargeable and enforceable for il...
vear in which this By-Law is passed
is $32,000.00;
AXD WHEREAS no amount of
money is now charged upon the suid
rates and charges.
AND WHEREAS the debt hereby
created is on the socutlty nf the s.ii.l
water and electric light rates and
charges and is i'lii-ilici- guaranteed by
lhc Municipality at largos
AND WHEREAS for tho payment
of the said principal nionoy and inter-
st during tho ci.iTr.ncy of tho said
debentures ib Is necessary to sol aside
and withdraw from the annual current
revenue derived from sai.l water anil
I'lei-ti io light .•atesandchai'gosaiinually
the sum of S2:i22..s(; the spirillc annual
sn... required for the payment of Interest being S1500.00 and for the paymont
of llie debt tbo sum of $822.81;
AND WHEREAS the estimated
deficiency in the s.ii.l i-.itesauil charges
ii.|i..ri'il to make up the amount of the
."iniir.il interest and sinking fund upon
the debt hereby created is nil;
Be il therefore enacted by the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the
Oity of Revelstoke as follows:
1. The sum of $30,000,0(1 shall lie
expended in Improving und extending
the electrical plant of the City as
aforesaid and it shall be lawful for the
Mayor of the Corporation of tho l'ity
of Revelst..ke to borrow on tho credit
and security of the said rates and
obiu-ges by way of debentures hereinafter mentioned from any person or
pel-sons, body or bodies corporate who
may be willing to advance the same, u
sum not exceeding in llie whole the
sum of Thirty thousand dollars and to
cause all such sums so raised and
received to bo paid into the hands of
the Treasurer of thc said City for the
purposes and with the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said
Mayor to cause any number of debentures to be made, executed nnd issued
for such sum or sums as may be
required for the purposes an.I objects
aforementioned not exceeding bow-
ever the sum ..f $30,UKI.IKI, each of said
debentures being of the denomination
of One thousand dollars and all such
debentures shall he scaled .villi the
seal of the Corporation of the City of
Revelst ..ke and signed l.y the Mayor
and Olerk thereof,
3. Tho said debentures shall bear
date the First dayof August, 1007, and
shall be made payable in T.venty-flve
years from the said dnte In lawful
money ol'C.mad.i ul the olilco of tl.e
Molsons Bank at Revelstoke aforesaid,
which place of payment shall be designated l.y sai.l debentures and shall
have alt..clu-d to then, coupons for the
payment of Interest and the signature
tothe coupons may l.e eilher written,
printed, stamped ov lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of Five (5) per
centum per annum frnm the date
thereof which interest shall be payable
semi-annually at the olilco of the
Molsons Bank al Revolstoke aforesaid
in lawful money of Canada on tho
First day of February and the First
day of August respectively in each and
every year during the currency thereof
and it shall bo expressed in sai.l debentures and coupons lo be. so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the said
Mayor to negotiate and sell the said
debentures or any of them for less
than par hut In no case shall the
debentures or any of theni he sold for
loss than ninety-five per centum of
their face value including tho cost of
negotiating an.l sale, brokerage and
other necessary expenses.
(I. For the payment, of I bo said debt
there shall be set a-ide and withdrawn
each year dining the currenoy of said
debentures from tho annual current
revenue ..f the municipality us derived
from tho said water and electrio light
rales and charges the si f  $822.81
und such sum shnll he transferred from
lhe annual eui-i-enl revenue account
and paid into a speeiul account to form
a sinking fond for tho purpose mentioned herein.
7. For tho pui-piiso of paying the
interest upon the said debenture! as
same becomes due and payable there
shall l.e set aside and withdrawn eaeh
year from lhe annual current revenue
of the municipality as derived from
said water and electric light rales and
charges lhc sum of $1600.00which huh.
shall be transferred from lho annual
current revenue account and paid into
a speoial account for such purpose and
to bo disbursed as and ivhoiilho Instalments of interest become doe.
8. Dining the currency of said
debentures thc said rales and charges
to the extent aforesaid Khali not. form
part of thc annual revenue of the
0. Itsliallbelawf.il for the Municipal Council from liine to time to
repurchase any of tho saltl delientures
at such price or prices as may he
mutually agreed upon nnd all debenture! so repurchased shall forthwith
be cancelled and no re-Issue of any
such debenture or dobontlll'08 shall be
made in Consequence of such repurchase.
10. As additional security the credit
nf the Municipality al largo is boreby
pledged for the payment of lhe annual
interest and sinking fund required for
Municipality hereby guarantees payment of the sf.in...
11. This By-law shall come Inlo
force and tako elfect on the Thirtieth
day of July, 11HI7.
12. This By-Law may l.e cited for
all purposes as the "Waler and Electrio Light Hates Loan By-Law 10U7."
Read a first time the 8th day of
July, 1007.
Read a second time the 8th day of
July, 1007.
Read a third time and passed the 8th
day of July. 1007, with lhe unanimous
consent of tbe Council.
Received the assent of the electors
thc day of , 11107.
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted l.y tlie Council the day
of "        , 1007.
MA Villi
'ARE NOTICE that the above is a
.|.y of  lhe  proposed   By-Law
in which the vote ot tho Municipal-
will he taken al ilu-Cily Hull, enrol' McKenzie Avenue an.l .Seen...I
eat, Revelstoke, II, ('.. nn Tuesday,
v 23, 1007, between the bonis ..fll
ock a. m. and 7 ..'clock, p. oi.
dork of ll.e Municipal Council,
Cariboo Laml Districl.
District of Caribno, U. 0.
Take nolice that I, W.T. tike, of Revolsloko,
II, C, occupation Minor, Intend to apply fnr
special timher licences over the following described lands:
I, Commencing at a post plantotl ahoul 8S
miles from Llio moulh of Canoo Rivor and ahoul .:
mill's smitli of Cranberry Lako, and marked' W.
T, Oke's nurtli-oast corner." llienco south 80 chains,
thence west HO ehnins, tlience north 80 elinins,
t hence oast 8o clui in*> to place of coinmencement,
containIiijj 618 acres moro or less.
8, Commencing at a poat planted aboul 2 mUos
auuth of MciiCniittii lliver and joining No. I limit,
ami markoil "W. T, Oke's north-east corner,"
thenre south 80 chains, tlience went su chains,
tlienco north Hi chains, theuce east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 810 acres more
'A. Commencing at a post planted aboul 2 mi *
from McLennan Biver and joining No. 2 limit and
marked "W. T. Oke's north-west cornor,', tbence
cast IliO chains, them-e soiilb 40 cliaim, thence
west-100 chains, thence norlli to chains lu place nl
commencemeiit, containing fllO acres more or less,
i. Commencing al a post planted about 2 miles
from McLennan lllver nnd joining Nu. 2 and No. ','•
limits ami marked "W.T.-juo's north-east corner,"
thenee suuth SO cliains, thence west 80 chains,
theuce norlh 80 chains, thetice east ISO chains lo
point of commencement, coiitnlnlin£640 acres more
ui* leas
5, Commencing at a post planted nbuut 3 miles
suuth of Cranberry Lake and joining No, 1 limit
mi the soiilb antl marked "W. T. Oke's north-east
comer," tlience south tu chnius, thence west 60
chain", tlienee nnrlh 80 chaiua, tbence east 80
chains to place of commencement, containing 040
acres, more or less.
fl. Commencing al a post planted about I miles
soulh of Cranberry Lake anil jolninK No. ,-i limit
nn the west, and markud "W. I'. Oke's suntb-enst
coiner," thenee west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence aouth
chains to point of commenoement, containing Olo
acres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted about 4 miles
auuth uf Cranberry Lake and joining No. 0 limit
outbe nnrth-eaatantl marked "W. T. Oke's southeast enrner," thenoe west 80 eliains, theuco north
Ml cbaina, theueo east 80 chains, tlience smith 80
ehuina.tu point of commencement, containing oio
acres mure or less.
Dated June 7th, 1007.
8. Commencing at a post planted ahnnt ■- miles
south of McLennan lliver and joining Nu 7 limil,
ami marked "W. T. Oke's Miiuth-east comer,"
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
theuce soulb 80 ebains, theuce eaat 80 chains tu
point of commencement, cuntaining Olo acres
more ur Imn,
0. Commencing at a post planted about 2 miles
aouth of McLennan River and joining No. 8 limit,
and maiked 'W. T. Oke's north-east comer,"
tiience suuth 80 chains.thence west 8ij chains,
thence nortli 80 chains.thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing OlOaeres more
oi leaa.
10. i ommeiieing at a pust planted about 2 mllea
south of McLennan Hirer and joining No. Ollmlt.
ami marked l,W. T. Oke's south-east corner,"
thenee west 100 chains, thence north 40 chains,
theuce eaat 100 chains, thence auuth 10 chaina tn
puiut of com meneement! containing 040 acres more
or leaa.
II. Commencing at a pust planted abuul l milu
bouUi of McLennan Hlver and joining No. lo limit
and maiked "W, T. oke's north-east corner,"
tlience south 80 ehnins, tbeuce west 80 chains,
ihonce north 80 chaina, thenco east 80 chains to
place of commencement, containing 040 acres more
ur leaa.
Dated June luth, 1007.
12, Commencing nt a post planted about :i
milea frmn Canoe lliver and about 8ii miles
from mouth nf river and marked "IV. T. Oke's
south-east eorner," thonce west 80 chains, tbence
nortb 80 chains, Ihence eaal Ni chains, tlionco
smith mi chains in poini of commoncement, con*
tabling Olo acres more or lesa.
18. Commencing at a post planlrd ibout 2 miles
west of Canoe Itiver aud Joining No 18 limit ■uui
marked *'W. T. Oko's south-east, curlier," thenco
west E0 chains, thenco imrth 8o chains, thenco east
■io chains, thenco south 80 chains tn place of commencement, containing o-iu acres nn ro ur leas.
Commencing at a post planted almut l milt*
wost of Canoe Itiver ami joining No, 18 limit and
marked "W. T. Oko's soutli-woat cumer," theni
Itorth 80 chains,  then:e east B0 chains, them
south 80 chains, thenee west 80 chains to point uf
commencement, containing oto acres -*■ or less,
Dated-i une llth, 1007,
wed jly 3 WILLIAM T. OKB.
District of Cariboo.
Take notico thai 30 days aftor dateB.Corning
of Itovolatoko, occuputiou hotol muu, Intends
to apply for u special liirbor license over the
fallowing deacribed land-:
I. Commonclng nl a post planted two miles
wost nf Canon river ami ain nil B5 miles from
mouth, near Cr.-nhorry lake, uml markod 'E.
Coming's northonil corner post No I, thouce
south 80 chains, thence wost so chains, tbence
north 80 chain.-, thonco onst 80 ehains to Btart*
im: point, containing W0 ucros more or loss,
Dated Tth of Juno, 1007.
-_, Commencing ut a post planled on wast
liank of Cauoo river, 85 miles from mouth,and
niarked "II, Coming's northwest eurner post
No. 2," thonce east 80 chains tbeuce south 8o
chains, thenco wost 8'J chains, tbeuce nurth W
cliains in starting point, containing 040 acres
inure or loss.
Dated Uth June, limi.
8, Commencing at a post pluutod throe miles
wo-t uf Cancel river, 88 miles from mouth aud
markod "K. Coming's northwest comer post
So..)," tlience east 8<t chains, thenco south Ml
cbnins, thonce west 8ii chains, thence north 80
chaius tu starting pnint, containing (HO acres
mure or loss,
Dutod 7th Juuo, 1007,
-I. Commeucing at a post planted on we-t
bank of Cuuoe river, about 85 miles from mouth
and marked HB. Coming's northeast comer post
No, 4," thonco south 80 chains, thenco west mi
chains, thonce north 80 chains, tbence oast 80
chains tu Btarting puiut, containing BWacres
iinirotir loss.
Dated-ith Juno, 1007.
B, Commonolug al a post plautod west uf
Cauoo   rivor aud 87 milos from month, marked
"Ii. Coming's northeast 'timer po-t No. 5,"
thenco suuth hi) chains, thonco wti-l Ml chain-,
tlionco utirtii 8ti chains, thence oast 80chains t<
Btarting point,coul iluhig010acres murom len
Datud 5th Juno, 1907.
il. Coniiuouciuir nt a post planted west of
Canoe rivor, 85 miles fnnn mouth, and marked
"E Coining's nort oast corner post No. 6,"
Ihenco suuth Hil chains, thi-ucn WOflt Hi chaiu.-,
thouco mirth 80 chains, ibeuce oast SO ohains to
starling puim, containing 'iio icres muru or
Dated 7lh Juno, 1007.
7, Commeueiug ut a post plantcil westof
Cnnoe, rivor ami h"i milos rrom mouth, ami
marked "H. Coming's northeast eoruer post
No. 7," thouco south 80 chains, thouco wost r"
ehains, thoncu mirth SOohains,thenceeast 80
chains to starting puiui, containing MQuores
iiiorenr less.
Dated ith Juno, 11)07,
8. Commonolug at a post plant <l livo milos
west uf Canoo river aud about83 tnlloe from
moulh uud marked "ii. Coming's southwest
curuer pusl No. 8," llieueo uorth 80 chains,
Iheuce east 80 ebains, thouco souih 80 chains,
thoncu wost w cbaius to sturtiug point, cou-
tabling 04D acres m,,ro nr loss,
Datod 7th Juuo, 1900,
0, Cominouoing at a oust planted wost ot
Canoe rivor and 8i miles from mouth, and
markud "E. Coming's southwest cornor post
No, 9," thonco uorth 1U0 chains, thouce east 40
chains, tbonco suulh USO chains, thonco wosltO
cbaius to starting point, coutalniug 010 acres
or less.
Dated 7th June 1907.
10. Commouciug at u post plunted ou wost
bank of CnnoO river and aliout .18 miles from
month ami inarkod "B, Coming's southwest
coruor Nu. 10," tbonco north 80 chains, theuce
oust 80 chains, tbonco south hi) chains, thouce
west ho chains to starting point, containing 640
acres mnroor loss
Dated Juuo 7th, 1007,
II. Coinmeneing at a post planled wost of
Canoo Itiver and about S'i miles front moulh
and marked "K, Coming's south-east corner
post No. 11," thonco west si chains, thonce
north 80 cbaius, theuce eaat 80 chains, thOHOO
soulh 80 chains to sinning poim, oontatug Olo
acres more or less.
Dated J une 8th, 1007.
12. Commencing at a post planled westof
Canoe Hi ver about o utiles, about 85 miles from
mouth, marked "10. Coming's nurih easl corner
post No. 12," Ibeuce soulb 80 chains, tbence
west 80 chains, thence norlh 80 chains, thenci:
cast 80 chains to starling point, containing OIO
acres more or less,
13, Coinmeneing at n post planted west of
Canoe Kiver and tu miles from mouth, inarked
"10. Coming's north-cust conier post No. 13,'
theuco soulli 80 chaius, thenee west 80 ehains,
thence north 80 cbaius, thonce east 80 chains to
starling poinl, containingBIQacres moro ur loss.
11. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planlcd 1 mile
west of Canoe Kiver and about85 miles from
mouth, und marked "K. Coming's north-west
corner pust No, 11." tbence east 80 chains,
thencesouth 80 clmiiis, theuce west 80 chains,
thence uorlh SO chains to starting point, con-
tainlng 010 acres mure or loss.
Dated June Uth, 1007.
wod jly 3 KD. COHNING.
Kevelstoke Land District.
DHtrlotol Weal Knutenav.
Tako notice that A. M.SymonH.of St. I.cuii,
II C, occupation M.ncr, Intends tunpiilylnr
special Umber licenses over tbe lollowing
described lauds:
1, Commencing al a mis planted at tho N,
W. corner of Lot 8170 and aboul 'ill chains weat
of lhe middle fork ol Koslhall Creek, wesl of
Upper Arruw Lako, and marked "A. M.Hy-
moils' S.E. corner," tlience norlh 80 chains,
Iheuce west 80 ohalna, Iheuce soulh 80 chains,
thence easl 80 ohalna lo place of commencement, and containing 010 acres more or less
2, Commencing ni a noat planted at t'e N.
\V. cornerol Lot 8176 ami aboul 'Hi chains West
of the middle fork of Koslhall Creek, west of
Upper Arrow lake, and inarked "A. M, Hy.
muus' S.W. corner," tlience north 80 chains,
ihence easl 80 chains, thenre suuth 80 chains,
tbence west 80 rhalns to place of ruinmeiii'C-
mcut, ii nd ciHiiiiiniiii- (iln aerea more or leas
Daled June l5th,iWW.
8. Commencing al a post planlcd one mile
north and 10 chnlns wesi ol the N.W. corner of
Lot 817a und on tbe ensl hank ol lhu middle
fork ol Fosthall Crook, west ot Upper Arrow
Lake, nnd marked 'A.M.Synions'S K. corner,"
lhenceuorti 80ehnins, tbence west80 chains,
thencu aoulti M> clmins, thence cast KO ehuins
to place ol commencement, and cuntaining
Olo acres more ur less,
4, .'onimviiclng at a posl plauted one milu
uorlh and 10 chain.- west of Lhu N W, corner ol
Lot B175and on the east hank <d the middle
forkol Kostball Creek, weat of Upper Arrow
Lake, and marked "A,M. Symuus rt.W,corner."
ihenco north 80 chain*, thenee easl bO chnlns,
llienee S'liitli ko chnlns, tbeuce west no cbaius
lo place rd commencement, and containing
Oiu acrus more ur less.
b, Ccmiiii'iiciiii; at apiiHt planti-il'iiif mile
north and 7(1 chains eusl of LntBI".'i and uuu
mile enst ul tbo Oast bankof lho middle foik of
Koatball Creek, wustol Upper Arrow - akc* nnd
marked "A. M. BymotlB1 H, W. corner," thence
north 80 chains, llienee enst 80 chain**', thence
soulli 80chains, thence weal Michnins in plnce
of cummeucement, and containing 010 acfQS
more or less.
Dated June 171b, 1007,
6, Commencing at a pnsl planled nl the o.
W. cornerol i, J. 7880, and ulmut 00 chuina
woal ol the nurih fork of Pont ball Croek, 8
miles Irom the moulh oi thu north fork, west
of the Upper Arruw lnke, and markud "A. I,
Hymona' N.K, cortiei," tbence south 80 ohnins,
thonee west80 chaina, Ihenee uorlh 80 ch s,
Ihouco  eail  80 chains to place of commei < c-
meiit, containing Oil) acres more or leaa,
7, Coinmeneing al a pust planted at th'-s,
W. eurner of T.L. 7840. and HHi chalna west nf
tbe north lurk of Koslhall Crock, and about 8
miles from thu muulli ol tbe north fork, wist
ol Upper Arrow lake, ami marked "A. M. By
iiiuiis' U.K. corner," theme north 80 chains,
thence weal 80 chains, tlienco south 80 chums,
Ihence east 80 chains to placoof commencemeiil, and containing OIO acres muru or less.
8, Commencing nt a pusl planted at the S
W. corner T. L lm, about 40 ehalna west ot tbe
north lurk of Kustliall Creek, abuul 4 tulles
from the moutb of the north fork, woit of
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A.M Symons'
H, K, corner," tlienco weal 80 chains, thence
norlh 80 chalna, theuce casi 80 Hiatus tbeuce
nmi b 80 chnlns to place ul cum men com cut,
and containing Oto aerea more or lesa.
Dated June 18th, 1007,
4ved jlv 10    AISDKEW MILES BYMO.U
Revolstoke Lund District,
Dislrict of Wesl KocUenay,
Take nolice lhat G, R. Norlhey of
Camborne, B, C, occupation Logger,
intends lo upply for a special timber licence over thi' following described landsi
i, Commencing at ;t post planled on
the casi bunk oi' Hoyd ereek, aboul 5
chains from creek and aboul ,*) miles from
ils moulh, marked "G. R. Norlhey's
north-east corner post," theuce west So
chains, tlience south So chains, thence
easl 80 chains, thence north Ho chains to
poinl of com iie.Hvmeiilr
i. Commencing al a posl planted 011
the wesl bank ol Hoyd Creek, about 4
miles from ils moui.li, marked "li. R.
Norlhey's norlh-eastcorner posi," thenee
west 80 chains, tbence south 80 chains,
Uience east 80 chains, thence norlh So
chains 10 point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted on
the oasl bank of Hoyd creek, about 60
chains from creek and about 5 miles Irom
ils nioulli, marked "G, R, Nort bey
soulh-east corner posl,' tbence north bo
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenci
soulh Ss chains, llienee easl 80 cliains to
poinl of comniencemont,
4. Commencing al a post planted on
the east bank ol Boyd creek, about 60
chains from creek and alwut 5 miles Irom
its mouth, marked "G. R. Norlhey's
soulh-wesl comer post,'' Uience north So
chains, tbence easl So chains, thence
south So ebains, thence wesl 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated June 29th, 1907.
5. Commencing at a post planted on
the east bank ol" Hoyd creek, aboul 30
chains Irom creek and about 6 miles from
ils mouth, marked "G. R. Noil bey's
norlh-easl corner posl," thetice west 40
eliains, thenee soulb 160 chains, thence
easl 40 ebains, llionce north 160 chains to
poini of commencement,
6. Commencing at a post planted on
the east bank of Hoyd creek, about 30
ebains from creek and about Gl4 miles
from ils moutb, marked "G. R. Norlhey's
liorth-west cottier post." Ibeuce cast 40
chains, thenco south 160 chains, Ihence
west 40 ebains, tbeuce norlh Uio ebains to
point ol commencement,
,   Commencing al a post planted on
the  easl   hank ol   Hoyd creek about 30
liains from creek and about S miles from
ils  moulh,   marked  "G,   R,   Norlhey's
north-west   eorner post,'  thenee easl So
chains, thenee   south   80   elinins,  thenee
wesl 80 chains, llienei' nortb So chains to
pnint of commencement.
Dated bib July, 1907,
wed jly 17     Per A, Mclnnes, agent,
Notice is horobj given tint the undents t Imt
applied tu His llmi'nir tin- Lleutenant'Ooveraor
' --niun II untior tint previsions nf tbe Hirers and
'am* Act, to dear ainl remote obstructions
from PrlBhyCreek In the Dlstrictof tt'esl Koote-
iay, British Columhia, from a pmiil where it
implies Into ihe Columbia Biver to a point on
said creek aliout 4 miles frmn tlm 1 iolutnhut lllvei
ami to construct and maintain boODI at ur almut
the mouth of said creek uml iu the Columhia
itiver adjacent thereto, and t'i attach Dooms to
thu sl-oro of l-'risby Cieek and said Columbia
lllver at said points, for holding, sorting and do*
llrering Iott* and timl-mr brought don 11 vti'1 creek.
l'ho rands to he oilctted by the said work are
Grown lands and tin-lulls ibat are proposed lulu-
'harged are such as may lie Ixedby a Judge ol
tha County Court uf Wost Kootenay.
Dated this ii-th <lav of June, l«u7.
widjiieioood II. DONNELLY,
Nutlco Le heraby given thnt BO dare afterdate 1
Intend to .i|>|.iy to the lion, tbe ri.it-1 Commle-
iloner ..1 [Amu iuul Work* i..r Miwluion u. tiur
t-l.uiti! tlu> f'.llnwiiiR iii..i'riii".l fill.I-., iltuated on
(iiiluim Bay, .Vuht K....t.-.i.> district:
Commencing at a poat planted 'in chaini ,o..il.
Irom the S. W7 Corner ol Lot 0,1411. an.1 mark.*!
"(leo. T. Kewman'i S. E. Cortwr J'<>hi," Uieon.
iiii.lli.,) oliali.H. Uii-iice west .i'i chaini, tht-nc,-
Buutj. In chains, il...n.-u west 10 chains, thenc
outh mi chains, thenc, eaet 10 chains to iplece ..I
lommonoemont, containing im. ..ere- mme ui le,..
(I. *l*. NBWMAN,
Uated ul arrowhead, June lit, 19-7.      »e.l j I
Diutrlcl of Ml -i. •
T.ik.- notice tlmt Al.-Jif.ii'l.-i McC.oe
of Revelstoke, B.O., Prospector, lu-
tends to H|iply for :i special timber
lii-i-..*H .m-i ii... following described
1. Commencing nl .-. posl planted
rn. ih.. .fi.si I...nk ui the south fork of
Seymour river aboul I;. miles south of
lhe same and about Sii) miles up from
Shuswap lake and marked "'Alexander
McCrae's N.W. corner," thence east 10
chains, thence north 80 chains, tbence
east 10chains, thencesouth ISO chains,
thence wesl SO chains, Ihenco north lu
.-liains to point <»f commencement tuni
containing840acres iu..ie..i less.
'1.  Commencing .it a post planted
ontheeast bank of the southfnrkof
Seymour river about - miles south ..f
il... sn........ul about 22,'miles up from
Shuswap lakeland niarked "Alexander
.Mcl'.a,.'- N. W. corner," thence -"iitli
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, th.nce
north sn chains, thenco west SO chains
to point of commencement, and containing iii" acres more or U-sf*.
3. Commencing al n posl planted
011 il..- easl bank of tbe south fork of
Seymour river aliout SI miles south of
the same an.l ahoul 'Sl miles up from
Shuswup lake and inarked "Alexander
SlcCraes N. E, corner," thence south
80 chains, tlience west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence ensl ni .-hains
ti. point of commencement, nml containing (HO acres more or h--s.
-I. Commencing al a p..st plant.'.1
about A mile east of the Bouth fork of
Seymour river, alx.ui ii miles s.iuih nf
the sain., an.l ahout 28 miles up from
Shuswap lak.- and mark...I "Alexander
McOi-i.os N.W. corner," thenceeast
liki ..-liains, thence south 10 chains,
Ihence west HHI clmins, thence ninth
111.liiiiti- to puint uf commencement
uml containing W0 .-.'-i-.-s more or k-*s.
DatodJunc 20th, 1007,
.',. Commencing at a post planted!
...il.. west of the west bank uf Seymour
river, almnt '12 miles up from Shuswap
lak.-,an.l mnrked "Alexander McCrae's
N.W. corner," tiience suuth lOchains,
thence oasl um chains, thence north
in chains, thence w.-sl 100 chains to
point .if commencement, containing
.11(1 acres more or less.
li. Commoncing al a post planted i
mile ivest ..I tl..-west hank of Seymour
river, about ±1 miles up from Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander McOraes
S. \V. corner," thenee north 10 chains,
thence east UK) eliains, thence suuth
111 chnlns, thence west IDI ehains to
puint of commencement and containing (ilu acres more or less.
7. Commencing at u post planted J
...iie west of lhe west bank Of Seymour
liver, about 'il miles up from Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander McOrae s
S. 15. corner," tlienee north 4U chains,
thence west 10) chains, thence south
IU chains, thence east 101 chains to
pnint of commencement, and containing (IIU ncres more or less.
8, Commencing at .1 post planted
about J mile east nf a second nortb
fork of Seymour river, about i£2J niilea
above Shuswap lake and almut 21
miles up the said fork and marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. \V. corner,"
tlu-nce north 100 chains, thence east
III chains, thence suuth 10) ehains,
thence west W chains 1.1 pnint of commencement, and containing 010 acres
more or less.
i). Commonclug at a post planted
about l mile enst uf a second noith
fork uf Seymour river, about —j miles
aliove Shuswap lake and about 2J
miles up the said fork and marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. E. corner,"
thence nnrlh 10) chains.thence west
ID chains, thence sunlit 101 ehuins,
thence east 4D chains lu pnint of commencement, and containing 010 acres
unite or less.
Dated June 27th, 1907.
10. Commencing at n post plunted
on the eu.-t hunk of u second nurth
fork of Seym..111- rivei-, ahout 2IJ miles
up from Shuswup lake and ulmut 4J
mill's up the suid fork andmarked
"Alexander McCrae's S. W. corner,"
thence north UIO chains, thence east 40
.-liain*. thence south 11)0 chains, ihence
west 40 ehnins to poinl of commence-
n.enl, und containing WO acres more
in- less.
Dated July 1st, 1007.
11. Commencing at a posl planted
1| miles north of the Seymour river,
..ml aboul 11 miles above Shuswap
lake and n.ni-Kc.l "Alexander McCrae s
S. W. corner," tlience noith 80 chuius,
tbence east Ml eliains, thenc.. suuth SO
chains, iheuce west 80 chains to puint
of commencement, nnd containing
WO ncres more or less:
Dated July 0th, 10)7.
wedjly 17  ALEXANDER McOBAE.
Certificate of Improvements,
Richmond Minimi Claim, situato In lho Itev
eMoko Mining Division of West Kootenay
Win-re located:—At Standaid Basin, Bouth
Fork of Downie Creek.
Take notice that I. It. Smith, F.M.C. No.
B8S71S, actiiiB as agent for W, II. Willcox,
Free Minor's CcrUncato No. B88-580. intend,
sixty davs from dale hereof, to apply to lho
Mining lU-corder for a Cirlitleate of Itupiove-
mints, for the purpose of obtaining a Grown
Grant of the above claim.
And further lake notice that action, under
section 'XI.  must  be coin mei iced  before  tbo
Issuance ol auch OorUfloate of Improvements.
Date! this S8rd day of Muy, A.D. \M.
wod my S3 R. SMITH.
Rovelstoko Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Uke nolice tiist 1,0, N. Dickenson of Kev
elstoke, occupation Farmer, inteud toapply
lor permission to pu return- the followiugile*
icrloed Und;
Commencloi at a pent plnnted st the S.K,
corner L 7BI9.U, 1. tbfiDOO WWt hi chains,
thfiice Muii ih MicliHin*-*-, thetice easi tu ebains,
tbeuce north BO chains Lo-.-ointol'-ummcnce'
in-Mil and i-ninaiulnjj 830 acres more or lens.
Dated May lcih, hw7.
wed ).•!.!  iiKu*l'.K NtiKWd.Ui DICKIS.-uN,
Iti'veluttike Land District
District of Wesl Knoteuay.
Take notice lhat 1, Anton llsustu ol Poplar.
ii.t, occupation Miner. Inteud to «pi>ly for
permission lo purchase Uiu following dvscribed
Commenolng al a post planted on the notth
-iile uf tbe Lardo liner, opposite thvtounol
Poplar, inarked ",\. Hansen's N.w. corner/'
tbence east 40 chains, tbence soutb io chains,
tbence west w ciiains. thenoo north 10 ohaius
io point ol commencement, and containing tu
acres, more or lens.
Dated Jud July, 1907,
wddjlj lo ANTON IUNSBN,
Certificate of Improvements.
Mascot Mineral Claim, *it....u- In tbo Revel1
-l.ik.. M.i.iiiK llivi.ioi. of WWl Kuolcnay
lll.it rlet.
Where located: ai tl.o l.e.i.1 of tho Middle
Soutl. Fork o( Downlo Creok wljolllleg
the Chlol ol ll.o Hills Mineral claim
Tnke notice that I. II. Smith, Y.W.I'. No,
lif.<il'l, actiiiK ii* iVKo.ii lor A. M. (lark, Ki-oo
Miner*. Ccrtilluilc No. 114*091, Intend, sixly
-If.)-. Iron, dnte hereof, lo apply to Ll.o M.niiiH
Id corner for n Certillcalc of Iinprovoiiio.it/,
... lho purpose of ebtaliiii.K a Crown Oru.it ol
l.e hIwvc .flail...
And further take notice that action, under
.....ftloi. :.T. mu.*t bo  commenced boforo tho
i*-iiiiiii-i-ul -iiiii I'erlitlci'.onf Improvements.
Hand H.i* ilrd duy of Mny, ,\,U„ 1907.
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Field—At    Revelstoke,   July   L9tli,
1907, to  Mr. and MrB. C. M. Field,
Saturday, July 20, for '2-1 hours-
Unsettled and possibly stormy; cloudy
with moderate to gusty westerly winds
Temp., max. "6 dcg., min. 55 deg,
Local and General.
It. II. Trueman will be at his studio
Until Tuesday evening, July "23rd.
Don't forget the dale; July 23, Tuesday, Ladie: ol the Maccabees social.
The Kevelstoke Tennis Club are
getting busy ior a tournament with
tut Golden team.
The cricket match, C. P, li. v. a
selected team Iron, the club is being
played this alternoon on the Gun
Club grounds,
Come aud hear the independent
Baud playing ut the Ladies ol the
Maccabees lawn social, Tuesday, July
23, 8 p. tn.
I:...- Hume-Lawrence baseball team
won a victory over the city tea... by 9
t 5, 'li.e game waa very exciting,
although short, consisting ot three innings only.
James A. Dale, who murdered Peter
(lurdereau aud Joseph Cell at Carmi
neal Greenwood, last October wus
hanged at Kamloops jaii last Thursday
A meeting -1 the Lab r Day Celebration Sports Committee will be held
iu tl.e band room ...u Monday evening
to discuss arrangements ior coming
Labor Day.
Tbe new gate valve at lhe power
] isi in b. ing placed in poBiti. a in
readiness Ior the winter, By tl.e in
--.i..-".. :. ol thia valve much ui
truublt caused by slush and anchor
ice in tl.e flunteand wheel case will I ••
avoid. .
J. Ij. Sibbald lei*, this week lor Vancouver in company with Dr, Curtis,
where he will enter the hospital there
and have the injuries, caused by Irost
to hil leel during last winter up the
liig Bend, attended to, the purpose
being the grading on - i new flesh.
H. A. Bi wn ia taking an active
part ;:■ tiie shoot at the meeting ol
the Alberta P. vincial Rifle Asi da-
lion. 1.. tl ■ Citj : Calgary match
Mr. iir ■•.: scored 82 *.. • bighi -*. X ■
being '■" in tin Iberta m itoh loi the
Jacks* ii Iro] hy be - red 55, highest
i.l. and in thi '■■- ciati in M.iici. 30
o || :., possible 35, It is Interesting
to nott tbat Mr, B. .-■:. -.lathe few competitors outside ol Alberta
taking patt in the sbi )l anl as ...cl,
hu made a very creditable showing
Mr. Hrown will return to Kevelstoke
lor lire inspection l.y Col. Holmes on
July 23, ol llie luenl oompany, R.M.R,
The daily bill at the police court.
yesterday was somewhat nlmve the
average, fourteen being held in tlio
cells or disposed of.
A pleasant evening will be spent nt
llie lawn social to be held nt Mrs.
I.ee's residence, Fourth street, Tuesday, July 23,    Band in attendance,
There are such men as think themselves religious, but behold no mnn
knoweth how religious he really is until he gut-lb (orth alone to ensnare lhe
linny tribes, nnd lhe mOBquito gettetn
busy with much fierceness,
Jnines A, Brewster of Banff, Alta.,
the well known C.P.K. guide of the
Canadian National Park, fins dispo-e.l
of all his interests in the popular summer result oi tlie mountains und will
take up his residence iu Victoria.
An oider-in-council at Ottawa has
been passed changing the homestead
regulations iu tire west su as to allow
ui homestead entries being mnde by
proxy by the fatl.er, mother, broil.er,
sister, sou or daughter ol tl.e intending homesteader,
Tin- McKenzie Hive, Ladies ot the
Maccabees will give a lawn social on
Tuesday next, July 23, at 8*p. u.., at
lhe residence ol Mrs. W. ,1. Ue on
Fourth Btreet. The Kevelstoke Independent Band will be in attendance.
Adiuissiun 10 cents.
A. McNicel, 1st vice president C.P.
li., made a brief slay in town yester.
day, and visited the Y.M.C.A., expressing his satisfaction ut the work dune
i.. Revelstoke and the benefits the
railroads derived irum tl.e institution.
Mr. MoNicul is en route for the west.
The lilty-secunil convention ni the
Masonic Grand Lodge of Canada o| i
ed at Ottawa on Wednesday with an
attendance ui one thousand members.
The organization .shows a net increase
ol 2000 in membership during tbe
year, bringing the total to 10,000
The order wus reported in a good financial position, tire capital account
t'jjj standing at $115,000.
The junior lacrosse club which has
been organised ior several yearsand
never had the opp. rtunity ol playing
outside teams is making arrangements to get in a team this summer,
preferably on Labor Day, The juni. rs
ol today wilt be the seniors ol tomorrow and ii in tlie duty : our citizens
I-, support the b- ys in their ip. .and
give then, the financial help which
will enable them to keep up the prestige ol li- velstoke..- a sporting oity,
IV. ia- in receipt o! a ; ! thi
pr .gramme and premium list -i the
provincial exhibition al New West-
minster, Ootobi r 1-5, ITwpi i wil
be more liberal uml extensive than
us ial, over 160,000 being -1-   .ted *
Buy a House
Rent a
To Buy Nice Building I.ots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kind & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
Si. Peter's Ladies Guild Entertain Their Friends.
The Ladies Guild ol St. Peter's
church held a Sinn rt und picturesque
garden party un Wednesday night ou
Mrs. Porter's pretty lawn, McKenzie
Avenue. Strings ol electric lamps
and Chinese and Tuscan lantorne were
lestooned from tree to tree und en
twined among I lie branches and foliage
making a oharming effect ol color
contrast will, the emerald green of the
gmss ..nil tho .... ro sombre si.adi. g ol
the trees. The lawn was dotted here
and there with tables at which ico
cream aud uther refresh.!..-..is were
served, the ladie? in dainty shimmering white, Iresh .iml chic, lullilling
tbeir duties in a manner which even
the  most   hardened  and  ■ ed
.      ■ uld .. i   n iist.    A   large
and  liberal ga tiering ■  iwn
■   :
forgottei    - -  -   - ;   Aunt £
ml ting    inge had
provided by W. 11. I! imphreys   wh
man  in  *      town,  and
crowd round that end
i Im
The tnd. pend ed a
-    iwn, and
though evidentlj ' -   m -
' ■ ii
very much
Public Opinion Will be Voiced
on July 23rd.
On Tuesday, July 23, the people will
be called upon tu give thoir opiuion as
to whether lhe by-law shall pass
authorizing the pledging of the waler
and light rates and also I lie cr.dit of
tlie municipality at large, us security
for t'ue sale uf the muuloipaldebentures
tor lhe purpose ot raising money lor
thc installation ol an auxiliary power
and light plant. Public opinion will
l.e shown by thc result of the poll
unless Borne, disgruntled members of
the community wish to upset this
important movement ol municipal
improvement, As is well known, the
0, P. ft, nre willing to become uur
customers at the rates nl "2.1 cenls for
puwer and 5 cents lur light, and that
custom will gn a long way to defray
the cost nf operation.
If ll.e by-law is passed by tlio citizens
on Tuesday the parties who are purchasing our debentures will have the
security assured by the |enplc nnd
have already signified their intention
ul concluding the transaction. The
insiallfilinn ol the new plant will
follow uiul tlie people will have their
light rates lowered. Cheap power will
l.e available nnd as such will be the
greatest advertisement that Kevelstoke
bus ever hnd, and Industries will surely
follow. The profits Irom the new
plant will bo small nt tl.e offset but
will increase us the products ure cousin..ed, Thus it now lies with the
people to turn down or puss tlie bylaw, by doing the former, wc injure
lurselves, by the latter, we aid materially to the :iiy's development, popn-
l'ity and inilustrinl progress, und by
working in co-oporation will, llie C.
P. li., Kevelstoke will do hersell far
mure guud than by antagonistic op
position. It is therelure the duty nl
Revelstoke to co-oporate in this movement, and get out on Tuesday, poll a
una..in.ous vole, ond shnw that she
has tl.e right spirit of patriotism and
There has just passed away in tlie
person uf W. Elliot, a popular and
well known citizen. The deceased,
who succumbed to Ihe effects ol meningitis, nt the local hospital, wus lore-
man ol the planing mills at the Big
Eddy and a general favorite with the
men, Everything possible was done
for him by the mill superintendent,
R. J. Stewart, and tho Big Eddy employees, Tlie funeral service was held
in Howson's undertaking parlors and
the remains shipped to his friends at
Monoa Road, Ont.
J. M. Morrison, of the linn nf Cress-
nun 4 Morrison, who left for the ei.Bt
two weeks ago ou a buying trip, will
visit the leading American and Canadian lashiona centres in search ol new
id.-a* in dress lor men and women and
.: .* safe '-. predict that autumn styles
...   II. sl own   here at  Cressman  it
. • simultaneously with their
eastern  public.
Morrison will open in a
■ mm-.-   ..-■ ol  the  swellest  Indies
tailoring departments iron, const to
• ♦ -
Cathoi.ii —li ■ Father K. Pecoul,
O.M.I. nasi      -      - levery Sunday
: i .... High Mass
2 ; -. Baptisms; 1 -V'
: ::"|..... Rosary,
We have always had the Best line of Art Goods in Town, and the New Lines
received this week puts us ahead of all previous lines. We would like you
lo call and sec how cheap ihey sell. We control many of the designs and
they cannot be procured elsewhere.
M       ,--
ausic during th.        ing    1       gbtjlnsl    -* -     I oti n
is id iir evenl   ind
lh a      incia
andsocia juccesa     -    ■ •
given to C, Nortl - -    ol  the
Lawrenco Hard ■•■• -        ■   ■ so  generously lent hi) ier' ices and  ini
■■'■:. I
New Cushion Tops
Including thc New Souvenir " Four
Canadian Beauties." You should have a
look at our latest patterns in TINTED
CENTRES, in Roses, Poppies, Tulips,
Violets, Chrysanthemums, cic. We have
thc New Lace fringe for finishing them.
Cushion Frills
Cushion Frills and Cords in all the shades
required, many withdraw string in the frills
ready to put on Cushions. We have a nice
lot ol Pincushion Forms, in round, square
and long ones or dressers from 9 inch tc 36
inches long.
Art Silks
Wc are Agents for the celel rated Belding
& Paul Art Silks, in Patent holders—nothing
better ma e. We woul.' like to have yon sec
our New Pillow Shams and Dresser Covers
in a beautiful sheer Swiss Muslin, with
ruffled frill and with beautifully appliqued
designs.    They sell from 75c. to $ 1.5.1 each.
A Few Clearing Lines
75c. and 90c. per pair
Sizes ti'i to io,
Two Fair for 25c.
form $5.00 to $8 oo,
We are now selling at
25 Per Cent. Off.
30c. and 35c. Grade.     Selling Now at
25c. Per Pair.
Marriage Licenses Issued
Pre.     ri  ".-. — Itev.
w   '*. Calder i iii r   Berv.ces al II
, .,,., 7 i'.'i p.m,   Bunday School and
Past. 1 - I* -1.  I ua- 'ir' |. in    Morn-
if;,... "Lo-d'i Boppei      Binning sub- snd little profit in theni.
>.-:    1 m- i- . ...        mg ij,,. itiaritime  provinces
Ties have Increased in Price
500 per cent.
\V. ].. Tennunt, a lumberman ot
William, who has undertaken to supply various railroads with wooden ties,
passed through yesterday morning,
lle is on his way to Vancouver to
arrange lor the supply ot 5,000,000
spruce ties to be used on tho new
transcontinental road. Mr. Tennant
declares that the rate ties had been
consumed by the various roada during
the past two years was lesponsible tor
the price  rising nearly MO per cent.
"It was not so very long ago," said
be, "that ties could bc gutten in any
number for ten cents apiece, now contractors will not take orders for fifty
cents each."
Mr. Tennunt had greal. difficulty in
getting lumbermen to take orders in
Ontario. They didn't like tie orders
saying that there is too much work
A visit tu
Nkxt to Imperial Hank
Improperly fitted glasses nre worse limn
no glasses and neglected eyes oflen means
Our Optical Department is in charge, o
Mr. M. S. Hastings, Rcf. D„ and positively guarantee satisfaction.
ll has bee. proven Ihal 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and il does not follow thnt because you
have good eyesight thai your eyes arc nol
Have your eyes altemlcd to now and
save (rouble and expense.
1, 1 0tb« attractions,  ipeoin St. Andrew's Ladies hold Open -
care is being taken to mako th. ih - Air Festival
The   U.1 lea    Vid  ol  -1   '
Church, held  »   very
- ■ i -'-.. rry  snd  .        1
- cinl on Tin.r-day night, 11-   m
v.. .,,1 *  meetii ■   M nday   -
Prayer  meeting  Wednatoay   I  p m
Choir prao Ice and 1 woberi' meeting
- p in.
K'-,.m   Pri ..v.—J   B   H ib.
' bun that ...utters were even wnrsc
there. He il now going to Vancouver
»s a last teiort ni.d he will make a big
attempt to g'-t his ordori placed there.
"II wo don'l gel lies very soon," ho
-.. d    ■ 1,.   ., T I".   may   have to .piit
above the average.   The return tare I
the Sew Westminster exhibition from
Kevelsti ki t ,.1 be |12.36,   Entrii - I
■ xhibits close on Baturday September
2:80 p.m
,| -      l.y Iir   I
.; --■ 1. i-.-r  -l M .  -    ll
;  tion  Anthem,
Bow  Dot     I Ear,    fl
. I.. ,. time, At present thousands
ire being ooniumed dally nnd
Baby's Drug Store N. d   are
upplled ..1 Bows'.
\\. bare spocial Btocks ..I
ileum Powders. Nipples, Sooth.
-. l-'eedi i*. and Foods, such as
liri -.
First Quality and Absolute
Freshness nrcdlstliictivefeatures
ot Bews' Baby ll I*.
Druggist am
Phm. B.
Mall Orders promptly alto
1 al 'I"'- Si .re.
Social and Personal
lhc eity . 1. 'I hureday,
K. A, Haggen has n turne! In
isini - trip to the aouth,
11. C. Haekiug, C, I*. It. tourist
agent «fi- in town ycBlorday,
Dr, M, 8, Wade, pr .printer ol the
Kami opi Bentlni I is in town today.
Dr. ..nil .Mrs, Morrison Bpoi.l a few
dayi  ihis  week  in Arrowhead on a I
business visit.
Mrs. H. Gordon lell on Thursday
night f..r Notch Hill, on .1 visit to her
sisler Mrs. Davis,
Borgt. J. Donald, Co, 15, K.M.I!.,
leaves tonight lor VBtlCOUvei l.lf.k"
part ill the annual shout ul the B. C
Kille Association.
■mi- beautifully 1 1 n id fine ind tliei coma a . ■■ »H
lity  inn,..I  oul   ill   large an ,i    .. 1:..-    i.   (V    11,1
l'ho  Manae  grounda  were de. 1 it. I paator, «s at 1 ek a
Bible   1   ■•- .1
111 Quasi   1        '    '" ""■"""■ "'"''y*    fho supply
...   Land  will  not  last  very much
..-1 bul 1 hope to get nil 1 want in
1 olumbia, no matter what tl.e
  with H iga bunting, electrio lamps ai
Wil'kie,|of Trout Uke m in Chinese lanterns were roped aero.
lawn making a very pretty effect, Th.
n Independent  Band were again called
int.. requisition and generously lent
i 11-..- service , discoursing soleotions -1
music during  the evening,    Many
dainties in ice cream, strawberries,
1. a, .-tc, wen. provided, the younger
oplc fulfilling thoir task as ladles in
waiting   in   a   brisk   niul   charming
manner,   The whole soene wan very
pretty enhanced greatly by tho moon
which  wns   brighl,  and   clear.   Tin-
mosquitoes, a« usual, wore prosont...
myriads, enjoying their little smacks
011 Die sido,
i- ,-., r meeting m 1
ted for lummci
Wednesday at 1 1-  ...
Morning   mbjei      Ood'a   0. ndil  ...
and prun . - In reference to
pi .pie.'     Evening lubjeot, * \
Religion ..f Principle."   Alt welcome
-*..    l*.....- -  inglican -   1 rlnity
VIII,   Holy Communion at H a.m.
Matlna al 11 i.m.   Evensong at 7 :io
p.m   Sunday Bohool at 2:30 p.m,
. ^.
A nice line ol Carpetl at-   Howson's
Furniture Store to ohoose Irom.
II.....I.p.:.iters I...-souvenir goods nnd
view books—Canada Drug .Sture.
Ladies' white duck Oxfords, em.
I.roidorcd tun, price Ifi'l, at C. B. 11 nine
A OVl Ltd,
Colt will
, -..... Inly 10.—"Canada is
bound loget ten times more iinmi-
..-1 ,-- than "luitralla," laid Premier
Bent '.. lay. Tl..- distance to this
country and the United Htutes and
and Europe was against Australia, 80
.a gr.-utly Impressed with tbo trade
possibilities holween the twooomnion*
wealths ol the  Empire,  which he
pro...1 "I In st......Into 1.1.  bis  return.
I in- pn in iei is tailing to-morrow on
the M..aim,
Afforded Enthusiastic Reception
QOEllBO, July 19.—Although the
Empress uf Britain made a record trip
and tl.e Premier arrived many hour'
befuro he was expected, there wus an
Immense crowd on the wharf nt 10:30
o'cluck last night to welcome Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and he was accorded a
reception that put ln the shade all
previous demonstrations to welcome a
reluming premier. Sir Wilfrid appeared milling and happy, browned by
the Atlantic breezes and evidently lull
ul hcalty energy; indeed, not lor yearB
has he looked so well.
Tho Ladies Guild ol St. Peter's
church wish to thank the Independent
Band and all those who assisted in
making their lawn social on WedneB-
duy last, such a success.
Tenders wanted lor finishing tlie
top room at thc Public Fohool, Sped-
libations, etc., may be stcn at my
Tendon to reach the undersigned
by noon, Wednesday, July 24th, 1907,
td Secretary.
Take notice that I. John Wallll Sltorwht, of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Intann lo apply fora
Hprelal timlior licenco for tl.o following (10-
nci-ibo.1 lnnds:
Conunondni ut .1 post planted at thc South
Wesl corner l" L 8683, .narked ".I.W.8., northeast cori.01," running west SO ohains. Ihonoe
south HI chains, thenco oast 80 chains, an.l
tiionoo nortl. SO ohains to the point ol commencement.
Dated July 10th, Mi.
sat Jly 20 J. WALI.1S SIIKItWIN.
Business Locals
Florida water sold at Canada Drug
Nothing better than Our "Speoial.
Any new books you may want you
can get at tl.e Canada Drug Store.
Patronize Home Industry. Imoke
Revelitoke Cigars.
Fly papers and tanglefoot at Bews'
drug sture.
Revelitoke Cigars Union. Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead ol all otheri.
All kinds of Green Vegetables ready lor the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 anil $3.50 Per
Kipc Gooseberries 10c.
I'er Lb.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Bunks on gardening at the Oamds
Drug Htor...
Insect Powder lor mosquito smudge
ut Bows' Drug Store.
The Lest lli-i.-k In the Province.
Well burnt Brick in luige or
sm,ill quantities nt Reasonable
Notice is hereby glvon that SU days alter
date we intend to apply to tl.o Hon. the Cli of
Commissioner of Unds and Works, lor special
licence Ui cut and cam- away timber from tl.e
following described lands:
Coinmeneing at a post planted al tho northeast corner of Robert Olendlnnlng * pre-emption No, 811, West Kootenay restrict, and
marked. "Big Bond Lumber Company a southeast corner post," lhcnco norlh III cli.iins,lhe.ico
wesl. llll ohains, thonce south .11 chains, thenco
cast 180 chains lo point of commencement.
Arrowhead, B.Ci, July 8th, 1«M.
Bat jly «(       Hm Bind Lumiikii Co., Ivtd.
Apply Victoria Hotel.
TTI"H SALE- The entire lurnilu.e
X belonging In Mn. Guthrie, First
Street West, will be on sale tor the
remainder of ibis week. Alsu one new
piano for tylA nnd one new Singer
drop hend sewing machine $'10. Apply
ut residence.
j) wishing to leave Revelstoke as
soon as possible will sell entile stock
at cost-Miss A. Muslim, opposite
Knox Church, Second Street.	
F~OR 8ALE-C1.ul oil Cook Stove,
three belt! burner, for sale cheap,
Applv Mrs. McKitrick, Union Restaurant.. 	
TOOR HALE-A Remington Type-
Y writer, cost $12H. Will sell for
$10. Apply Lawrence Hardware-Ce,
OR~SALE Good work horsesifron.
1400 to 1500 lbs., and a few general purpose horses, well broken, that
would mnke good delivery teams,
Please let me know ynur requirements
-E. A. Haggen, Revelstoke, B. C.
IOST—Ladies' Gold   Bracelet, be-
j  tween Ihe Station and Second St,
Finder please leave at this ntllct'.
WANTED - Evoryone having a
house to sell or rent to list it
with me, I am flooded with enquiries
fur house properties. Phone, call, or
drop me a curd with full desciption
and purchase price, or rent required.—
E. A. Haggen, Real Estate and InBun
unce Agent, ReyeJBtuke, B, C.	
ANTED-A Waitress, apply al
Hotel Revelstoke.
WANTED-A   dining room girl.
Leland Hotel, Nakusp, $80 per


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