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The Mail Herald Jul 22, 1914

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Array «►♦♦ -f-f-f ♦♦♦ *♦♦ "f-f-f
If ♦
♦                BEVBLSTOKB ♦
■f                           ♦
-f Chief     lumbering,     railway, ♦
4- mining,      agricultural      and >
tf nayiegation    centre    between +
-f Calgary and the Paclilc ocean -f
♦ ♦♦ -f ■
•f-f-f ♦ ♦♦ ♦♦♦
The Mail-Herald
+ Published     twice     weekly —
4r Read by everyone—The recog-
•♦■ nized  advertising  medium for
♦ the city and  district.
-f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f ♦ ♦■
■   J, A	
•f-f-f     > +   +     +   +  +     "f-f-f     -f-f-f
Vol. 20-No 5;
$2.50 Per Year
River Bank to bv
Protected ihis Fall
Member for Kootenay Secures Speedy Action From
Dominion Government—Surveys Being Made for
Arrowhead Wharf—R. F. Green With Member for
Kaslo makes Tour of lardeau
"Work will be started as soon as
lhe water drops this lall on extensive
mattress work for the protection ol
the hank ot the Columbia river south
of the Revelstoke wharf," announced
j. p. Forde, Dominion govermrfent
engineer, who arrived in the city yesterday.
When R, K. Green, M. P., was In
Kevelstoke last week he drove witb
A. E. Kincaid. president of the Revelstoke Conservative association, T.
Kilpatrick, president of the board of
trade, T. .1. Wadman, Dominion
lands agent and others, to inspect
the point where the water of the Columbia river is eating Into the bank,
and he was asked to secure from tbe
government the undertaking of the
work of providing protection for the
bank. Mr. Forde's visit and his announcement that the work will he
done this fall is the result of action
which Mr. Green immediately took.
In company with Mr. Korde, Neil
K. MacKay, M.P.P., and H.D.Thomson, M.P.l'., Mr. Green at rived yesterday at Arrowhead after a tour of
the Lardeau country via Gerrard,
Trout Lake and Beaton. Mr. Thomson came to Revelstoke witb Mr.
Forde anil left yesterday for Victoria
while Mr. Green and Mrs. MacKay returned south, Mr. Green intending to
visit Grand Forks before returning to
the coast. While in Arrowhead Mr.
Forde. at Mr. Green's request, left au
engineer to make surveys for the
wharf, for which $15,000 was voted
last session at the solicitation of Mr.
Green, and he announces that tenders
for the work will be Invited in tbe
near future
Mr. Forde immediately on his arrival in the city yesterday drove with
T. J. Wadman, Dominion lands agent, to tbe site of the proposed work
on the bank of the Columbia. He
returned to Nelson this morning.
J. B. Cressman and Miles Cus- Shelves in J. G.Barber's Cabinet
tard are New Proprietors— I     Give Way—Contents are
Four Thousand Dollars Price Shattered
J. B. CrMsraan and Miles Custard
of Revelstoke, em Monday purchased
the Hear Creek hotel irom Raymond
and Evans the former proprietors.
The price was SI.O00 of which s'J.nim
was paid in cash  on  Monday.
The hotel, which is situated at tbo
east end of tbe lug tunnel, was taken
over hy the new proprietors yester •
day. Mr. rustar>l, who is an experienced hotelraan, will be in charge ol
the hotel and ul the restaurant In
Expected   to Arrive  Today
Fifty Men Will be
Two hundred and fifty dollars worth
of cut  glass  and china  wns shattered
when on Saturday a glass shelf In the
wall show case >ef J. Guy Barber col
The broken shelf um! its contents of
■-•lass and china fell upon a shelf below which also collapsed and the debris fell upon more china and glass
displayed upon tbe lowest shelf of
the cabinet. Practically nothing escaped. Cut glass decanters, cream
Jugs, tumblers, cups and saucers and
other valuable articles lay a heap of
i ulna.
Machinery nnd equipment for laying
thc bitulithic pavement on First
street and McKenzie avenue left Victoria Frid.iv and is expected to arrive in Revelstoke today, says John
H. Bhewrv, representative of the Warren Construction company, who is In
the city. The work of laying the
pavement   ttil!   start   at   the  upper end
of McKenzie avenue as soon as the
equipment is received. About .'0 men
will he employed.
The contract foi laying the cement
curbing in connection with the pavement has been let to A I'ladollni and
the work has already commenced at
the uppri  end  ■>(  McKenzie avenue.
J.E.Bland Elected to Arrowhead
School Board- Winter's Fuel
is Purchased
Arrowhead, B.C., July 21—The Arrowhead annual school meeting was
I '.eld on the 15th inst In Harry John-
tton's  (tore,  ami  was well attended.
The secretary called tbe meeting to
order and W. R. Reid was appointed
chairman. The financial report of
the past  year     was then laid before
j the   ratepayers  and   was  accepted    as
i illows
'{ate's    collected   during year...$-9.*). 11
i tlance   imount  still owing ...   79.'14
Good Progress Being
Made With Road
Amount  owing 15 July,  I913...$203.9ll
Supplement teachers salary for
18   months     541.4',
Repairs and incidental expenses
including cost of next winter's fuel   328.04
The good progress being made with
the road in the national park ou
Mount Revelstoke can be plainly seen
from McKenzie iivenur. Seventy men
are at present employed and thc rock
work, which is one of the most diffl
CUlt features of the road has been
11 m . ■ ■ ■mm idiiii
N1 ■
q ■
|«l    He r windows for partim      ia]
:■'    lain ot     our     Free   Trip to    (B
la'     VanCOUVSI    nnd    Hold   Watch      a'
m    Competition, a.
I.        ** THE SUGAR BOWL "       B
a ■
-, -  -  -  a  a  a*"a ;■ r a a  afa >a  a
W. R. Reid was appointed auditor
for the ensuing year; and the vacancy
mi  the      AhoO]  board,  caused  by thc
retirement ■■( H. Cook was filled by
the election of J.E. Bland for a term
of  three  years.
Fight hundred and fifty dollars was
voted to meet tlie expenses of the
coming year. The trustees (or the en-
euing viai are J. Fyfe. W. Gilchrist
md .1. K   Bland
Much satisfaction is felt with tbe
financial condition ol the school. Net
only has the debt nceii reduced by
I1M.02 but oordwood for next winter
I as been bought nnd the teachers sal-
.ii >   is paid one month in advance.
Minto and Kootenay.forJBusiness Men's Picnic to St.
Leon—Two Bands
Two steamers, the Minto and
Kootenay, have been secured for the
Merchants picnic on July 29 and a
few tickets are still available for
what is expected to be thc event of
the season. Two hands, the Revelstoke and the tl. Verdi band, will accompany the picnic.
The excursions will leave the Revelstoke wharf at     7:!!0 next Wednesday
morning and will voyage to St. Leon
hot  springs where the picnic will
Revelstoke School Second
Highest in Province
Mabel A. Simmons is Winner of Governor General's Bronze
Medal Oscar Lundell Wins Silver Medal for High
Average and Gold Medal Presented by DrHamiltonfor
Highest Standing in Arithmetic—Silver Medal Presented by Principal Won by Marion Lawrence
Twenty  out of   Twenty   Two
Pupils in Revelstoke Pass
The results of the June examinations held in the high schools of the
province are announced hy the department   of   education.  The   percent-
The results of the High School Kn-   two     were successful    Three'of    Mr
trance examinations, which were held   Patterson's     pupils   passed at other'age of successful  candidates  ll  unus-
on June 22, 2'.\ and 24, at 71  different   centres,  which  would  raise  the    per- i uall>  high, a number of schools show-
centres  throughout the province have   centage of Revelstoke passes to > 1.14. j iug not a single failure.
just been announced     by the depart-   the highest in the proviuce. In   the   preliminary   course,     junior
ment of education. Thc total num- | Oscar Lundell having made the ^'rude, Henry Cross, of the Victoria
ber of candidates was 3124, out of highest average in Mr. Patterson's high school, stands ttrst, with a total
which 20(13 succeeded in passing. entrance  class  is  the  winner  of    the   Of S60 marks out of   1,011ft. In the ed-
he '    In   percentage  of  passes  Revelstoke   silver  medal  presented  b>   Dr.   Suth-
I ie< second highest in the province, the  erland.   He is also the winner of the
gold  medal  presented by  Dr.  Htmiil-
The trip down the fciver and lake to percentage  being  8:l.:',3  as   compared
St.  Leon is one of the most delight- with an  average  percentage  of  (>(*>.03
Jul   in   the  province and at  St.  Leon throughout  the  province,      In  R.  D
everything is now at its best and   a C'olpitts' class     '22 out of    23 pupils  possible  100.   Marion Lawrence, who
jolly   day  is promised    by    the  mer- passed and in R. A. Patterson's cluss   missed winning the Governor Gener -
chants to all who join their picnic. 13 out of  Ul wore successful.     In ad-   al's medal     by one   murk,    and who
Mayor McKinnon  will proclaim the dition three pupils from outside cen-
duy n public holiday. tres wrote in     Revelstoke of    whom
Minced course, junior uiade, tbe candidate winning highest honors is
Clitlord A.   Woodworth of ChiUlwack
Latest News Today
from Over the Wires
ton for the highest standing  in ari-1''"?11 school, who has made 796 marks
thmetic, his mark being 99 out of   a   0,lt uf ',	
The list published hereunder docs
not contain the names of those required to write only on the paper on
education of the senior academic
The following le thi   result in     the
Vancouver, B.C., July 21.—Just he-
fore 7 o'clock this evening the Hindus
through their committee, agreed to
accept the terms of the government,
and (will tonight allow peaceable pos-
Edmonton,  July 21.—The report of
Mr.  Justice Scott, as a result of the
police investigation was submitted to
the     city     council tonight.   It is    a
made the second highest standing in
arithmetic ivith a mark of 94, is thc
winner of a silver medal presented by
the principal of Central school.
Miss Dorothy  Hlukey  of  the  Henry   Revelstoke centre:
Hudson school, Vancouver, who secur-      Revelstoke   High
ed 930 marks out of a possible 1100,
has the honor of securing first place.
The ten bronze medals which are
donated annually by His Royal Highness the G( veraor-General, and distributed
the head pupils of the ten cities having the greatest number of passes to
their credit, were won hy the following candidates:    Ethel A.  Davis. Arm-
""l™ °L   ,e,.._0m!S,a-t!  ^U.r.U.,J Pr.°,"   SU'°"!_a'T"igmnent  °f thC  PO"Ce °d"   Bt™*>   Jennie  Thomson.   ChiUlwack;
George  E.  Fletcher,  Kelowna;    Olive
.isions are     being taken aboard and   ministration.
rot a moment is being lost to prevent '
the possibility of a hitch.   Capt.  Ya-
mameto has    again   taken command '
and  tbe     engineers    and  stokers al'e '
'Milking  overtime  to  take  the vessel
away at the earliest possible moment
Paris, July 21.—Joseph Calllaur.
held the court for two intense hours
today testifying in the defence of his
wife, who sat in the prisoner's en - I
closure charged with the murder of
Caston Cttlmette, editor of tbe Figar
Bockville, Out., July 21.—Fire today destroyed the beautiful summer
home of W.H. Nichol of New York on
the north side of Henry island. The
loss Including contents is placed a';
Bt. Louis 1,  Boston 1, called, rain.
Cleveland   I,  Philadelphia 2;  second
raine,  Philadelphia 7,  Cleveland ."if
Detroit  5,  New York 7.
New   York  t'.,  Cincinnati  Ti.
Huston li,  Pittsburg 0,
Philadelphia   S,  Chicago 4.
Brooklyn   I, St. Louis 5.
Newark 4, Providence 4.
Rochester G,  buffalo   1.
Rochester 2,'Buffalo 0, second game
Toronto .">, Montreal 7.
Jersey City   1, Baltimore 7.
No Federal  games on Tuesday.
School—Preltmln -
ary course, junior grade; maximum
murks, 1,000. Number of candidates,
12; passed, 12 Joseph a. Parent,
7'.M, George E. McKinnon, 70S; Win -
nifred R. Smythe 701; Olga E. M.
by tbe department among  Coursier, t-'-'i. Kind I.. Bradshaw, 677;
James     P. Campbell. 849;    Alice    L.
Munro, Ull;  Walter J. McRae,
Veroni   i     J. Bell.  60>;    Fruucis H.
Bourne, Ml;   |ohn i'.   A. Laing,  "■  I
Margaret Mai?..
Advanced      Course        |U1 lor    -rr.i'l,.;
maximum   marks,   l.i"1'.  Number    of
Fisher, John candidates._j, passed, '    Kathb
Westminster;  field, 69S; Myrtle V. Brock, >.". Lily
B. Lawrence, Nanaimo; Ruth M.Carl
son,   Nelson;   Lacey    J.
Robson  school,     New
Mabel a.  Simmons,  Revelstoke; Dorothy  Blakey,  Henry  Hudson    school.
'Vancouver;     /..   Mary      R.     C.arnett,
Rldgewaj   -i I,     North  Vancouver;
Dudley     F.     Pegrum   Boys'  Central
school,  Victoria
1   The following   summary, with
local lists given  In  full,  Bhows
results ol  this examination  at
various centres in Ins] ■ :toi ite
lu, cue Revelstoke district
Candidates Passed
Arrowhead    1
Comaplix    1
New  York,  July    21. —Battling
vinsky of New York, outfought Perky
Flynn of Boston in a Jn round bout
here tonight. It was a hard battle,
I.evinsky had the better of seven
Brussells, July 21.—Mine. Cayat de
Castella was dashed to deatli tonight
Irom a height of lono feet. A new
parachute which she was testing from
a biplane failed to work and thous -
units of spectators, including her hus-
iiiml.  saw her drop.
MARKET STAGNANT. 0      HaU'8 Undlng     l
Montreal, July 21.-Trading of local      Tr"llt   '"'ke     '!
stocks  reached  low  ebb  today    when A niAL'MKI{ CENTRE-
the days transactions totalled only p.      A'tll,lll,"'r   J
few shares over 12,000 C.P.R. was the     Iinsco   2
strong feature of the day, ufter open-'     Qalena   l
big  with a decline of 3-4 to 184 1-2 it Q°LDBN CENTRE-
recovercd during the morning tollfl.V      Galena 	
3-4.    The   first   sale   in   the   afternoon      <-'",|<1''"  • l-
wus recorded at      186-1-2.    The   high      Horse Creek   1
price of the day, and the closing sale GRAND F0RKS CENTRE-
was only -l-l  lower     at 186-1-4-.     It      Grand  Porka   *
closed with a net advance on  the day      ( als""          -
of 7-7 at 186 bid. I   P1,e   l
i Ireenwood     9
W.   Abrahamsoi        "■••'■      Artl
■   V. McCarth     556.
Full i    irse, junto)   .: i li ; mai
:'iarks.   1,200    N in bei   ol
,   M    'i  ill   - I    ■
Intermediate jrade; maximum marks
the  1,111    ■*■       "r   'f candidates,  I; pass-
the ed. 2.   Charles  \   Field, 091; Lucy A.
the  i rock, 552.   Charlie Field passed with
ffo,   142 marks above ; issing mark, which
was "e    out of a possible l"1 •'. Flor-
ence Lawrence, who was second ::
class all  through  the year,  an
times tirst. failed by a Bmal) margin.
Golden     High    School—Preli-
course, junior grade; maximum -
1,000.      Nun.I.er      of
passed,  I;  Ralph Vi. Spencer.  -
Private   Study—Full  course.
grade;  m xln tm  marks. 1,200.  N
bei    • lates,.]   passed, I; Ethel
'E. O'Bannon, 72!
Of the 219£ candidates who prusent-
i! themselves 1733 pass.-.i. The numbers at the -• ••■:. ' cenl aj
i i-i.t: •
Agassiz   ...
No.  ' "ai didatei    P >s-.-'i
Ottawa,  July 21.—Sir Wilfrid'.Liiur-
ii-r leader of the opposition will visit   the   west   (luring   the early  autumn
New   York,   July    21.    For  the  liist
time  in  upwards  of a      week  a  fairly
general advance in stocks was witnessed today.   The movement which was
made largely at tbe expense of a formidable bear-taction, embracing all
the potential leaders us well as many
minor stocks and other issues which
recently      were under  heavy   pressure.
Canadian  Pacific Issues rallied to 186
.1 I anil closed at ISO or B net gain
7 « .the day.
CANADA   second
Bislej   Camp,    Bhy,   July   21.—Ml.k-
Ing a total aggregate for thc three
ranges of 776, the eight representing
Australia carried of! the Kolapore
challenge cup, Canada secured second
place two points behind, and the mother country third.
London,  July 21.—The stock  mark
( Continued on Page Four.)
Ottawa, July 21.—The Duke uud
Duchess of Connaught with Princiss
Patricia and the royal suite, returned
to Ottawa tbis morning after a visit
to Newfoundland, on the royal train
provided by the Canadian Pacilic railway. The party leaves on Thursday
t.ei   the west.
Belmot *
Bi Idgeport
■   •
Cumbi ■
Grand    K i i
Hi III |
Kasl ■ ..
Ki I..'. :
•; ■
Ludner H
Scenes from Revelstoke Park
to be Shown in Moving
Phoenix      6
Anaconda        i
Ingram   Mountain   ... '2
Midway     |
Edgew I    2
Nakusp    .".
Div. 1 Central  23
Div. ■>., Central    !'.>
Albert  Canyon    l
Malakwa      |
Three Valley 	
Rossland    24
Trail  , \: g
Castlegar k \
Robson      1 i
Revelstoke   Number of   [Candidates,
23;  passed.  22;    Mabel  A.   Sin:
771!,   Marion   E.   Lawrence,   772;   Leslie
Campbell  704;   Reginald  J.  Calder 675   New   \S   it
Ernie    w.   Donaldson, 666;     Mae Q,  i sachland
Whittakei,   i',t;.V   Henrj   J.   Hack.  '.>:<.; Pentict.
Elvira S.  Johnson. Bfilj     Arvid Lnn- point   Orej
dell, 010;   Isabel!   Dun:,.;,,   fljg;   Glen Prince Rupert
R. eUrquhart, 683; Annie E. MacLean, Queans!
moving picture 631; Drina E. Fraser, •*>_".»;     Thomas Revalatoke
Morris, 62H;    Hila A.  Tomlinson, Rossland
Arthur B, Fraser, '»";  William Salmon  \rn.
9.*!; Garry L. Tomlinson *o9; Sidney  	
Maple     Ridge
Mat- Jell    . ...
.Merritt   ..  .
The    company    of
photographers which is producing the W.
B,  C.  weekly, a series of Dims giving t>24
views,       and       reproducing      events Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. E Haiihrery of Re-
I'ina, were amOOg the guests at the
King   Edward   yesterday.
Washington, July 21.—The long continued  effort to     untangle the     New throughout the province   of     British Sylvia  Gallicano,   584;   Doris   U,  Mc-  Summerland
Haven railroad     without   litigution, Columbiu,    will    ln the    near future Carter, "84;  Sophie Turk,  M0;   Stan- Trail
lame  to an end  tonight when I'rcsi - take a series of pictures of thc Revel- ley A. Manning, 672,                                  Vancouver                          -0 '
dent   Wilson   ina  letter to  attorney- stoke   National park.   These pictures Revelstoke,  Div.  2— Number of can-  Vancouver.   \                    ||
general   McReynolds directed the    in- will be given     wide distribution and didates,  l'i; passed, 13; Oscar F. Lun-  Vancouver    s                  l»i
Ititution Of    a  Sherman  law suit to will be  a   valuable  advertisement    of dell, 741;  William  J.  Smith,  660;  H.   Vtrnoo                                 Qfi
dissolve .the system  and  ordered thut the attractiveness of the park.   They Graham Rruce, l'i32; Stanley T. Skene  Victoria
the  criminal  aspects of thi   case "be will be Heen at the     Empress theatre     — .
laid before a grand Jury." in the near future, (Continued on Pa?e    Four.)
21 It
17:'.:*- PAGE TWO
WEDNESDAY,  JULY 22,  191*.
CAMPERS' SUPPLIES- Tents, Stoves, etc.
LAWN GOODS -Hose, Reels, Mowers.
PORCH REQUISITES—Hammocks, Netting.
HOUSE NEEDS—Screen Doors and Windows.
PASTIME WANTS-Fishing Supplies, Rifles, etc.
KITCHEN NECESSARIES-Refrigerators, Freezers.
DRIVING COMFORTS—Lap Robes and Dusters.
All to be had at
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing      Tinsmithinj*      Electric Supplies
destroyed the old Trueman  Studio bul not
our ability  and  willingness  to  serve  you.
.May we have the pleasure of taking your photograph? Or
that of your family? We shall be pleased to arrange a sitting and guarantee satisfaction in style, quality, permanence
and price.
We hold a stock of Victor and Edison Machines and
Records, Discs and Cylinders and make a special point of
obtaining shipments every few days and with all possible
speed. Why send orders out of town? We supply at lowest
Note  New Address
A. Douglas Tourner, First Street
P. 0. Box 441
Revelstoke, B. C.
The World's Greatest Invention
The Wew  Edison Phonograph
No Needle Required
Disc Records    ■
No Horn      -   ■
■  Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
HoWSOn Sr CO.     ::   Sole Local Agency
From Maker to Wearer
0.ir six years' experience measuring, coupled with our
large number of satisfied customers, is surely a testimony worthy of your favorable consideration. We
.:• ran tee a fit. The largest assortment of samples in
the city to select from.    Inspection invited.
John Mclntyre C& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailor:ng Company. Toronto.
Dominion Security Co., Limited
We . ghly in touch wi' fa I he Re i
i. the Intei ioi and   :an fui Dial
-    i oine
First S
Drawer N
A. McRae.
T.  Kilpatrick.
Prei    • '
IL la
It's no use wailing about
quality of the Lumber
after the building is up.
Buy your Lumber where
you £et quality from
General Blacksmith
Light and heavy Wagon',. Ii^ht and heavy
Sleight, Buggies, Cutter*. Plows. Harrow*
■•'arm Implement*   "««•"« madaan* r«o«ir.rt
Agant for John Dears and Company and International Harvoator Co
Farm Implements
Every ten cent packet will
kill more flies than $8.00
worth of anysticky fly killer.
Refuse substitutes, which are
most unsatisfactory.
That I, J. 0. Klrkpatrick, of Arrowhead, B.C., intend to apply Lo
the Thief Commissioner of Lnnds of
the Province of British Columbia for
i\ license to prospect for petroleum
nnd gas on the following described
lands in the West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post marked > J.
K. north east corner post) nnd planted on the west bank of Cranberry
creek close to Government bridge following bank of said creek south fc>0
Chains, thence west SO chains, thence
north ^0 chains, thence east SO chnins
to point of commencement. Containing (MO acres more or less.
Dated this 23rd day of May, 1914.
J. C. Kirkpatrick, Locator,
J1.J-',p.     Per John E. Bland,  A.-cit.
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate ol
Title to Lots  1,2,4 and 5, Block :i,
Town nt Nakusp, Province of British
i Columbia, Map 494,
Notice is hereby given that it is my
, intention to issue  at the  expiration
i of one month after the first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certifi-
cate "f Title to thc above mentioned
land  in  the name of Kllen  MacDoug-
ald,    which    Certificate of   Title    Is
dated   I'tli   May,   1897  and numbered
Nelson,  B.C.,  llth  June, 1914.
J.l'i.St.       Deput}    District   Registrar.
Tenders will be received by the Bee-
.  e,f the School Board up to and
including     July 24, 6 p.m., for   the
cleaning,  levelling,  top dressing with
?e ,rt>   loads  .if  black
tnd     seeding    In  clover of  the
School   grounds.
for  the  removal   of the  pres-
moving   desks,  laying
•   loorlng
on the
(H *        schi
- entral
at floor
Redistribution For
British Columbia
The provincial government has appointed Mr. Justice Macdonald and
Mr. Justice Morrison of the Supreme
court bench a royal commission to
' report on the basis of a redistribu -
tion measure to be presented to the
legislature at  the  next session.
Sir Richard McBride explained that
I the scope ot the commission was very
broad—to study the whole province
in respect to areas of population and
new settlements, work out a basis of
equitable representation and report
their findings to the legislature.
It. has been the custom of most legislative bodies in Canada to place
the arranging of a measure of redistribution in tlie hands of a committee
of tin' bouse, on whlcb would sit
members representative of both sides.
In   this  province  the  composition of
tlie  legislature at  the  present      time
precludes  any   arrangement   of      that
sort.   The  last  redistribution  mens
are in British Columbia was in l'JH-'.
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Remember me when I am gone away,
(lone faraway  into the silent land;
When you can  no more hold me by
the hand.
Nor 1 half turn to go, yet turning stay
Remember me  when   no more  day   by i
Vou tell me ,>f the future that you '
Only  remember me;  you understand!
It will be late to counsel then or pray j
Yct if you should forget me for awhile
And   afterwards   remember,   do   not
For if the darkness and corruption
A vestige of the thoughts that once !
I  bad.
Better   liy  far  you  should   forget  and
Than  that you     should  remember
and  be sad.
— Christina Georgina Rossettl.
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on the face of the housekeeper
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Our Clothes
II.     Vi.   Dyson,  formerly      assistant j
comptroller (or the British Columbia
Electric railway company,     has been j
promoted  to  he comptroller  in  place j
of George Kidd,  now general manag- ;
er.    Mr. Dyson has just returned from
a   visit eif  nearly  four  months  in  tlie
old country.
A number of mountain climbers
scale! the heights of Martin mountain last Friday. l'.W. I'ober, acting
.is guide, piloted the party and at
night a large camp l:re announced
I heir   presence  on   the   mountain   top.
'I lie party returned to Prltchard   the!
loll..iiini-  day  Without  mishaps.
Mrs.  McNaughton-Manson, the tirst
lad]  author to write u book in British   Columbia,   and   vice-president    of
tlie Woman's Press club of Vancouver, isa visitor to l.illooet this week
.uni is the guest of her old friends I
Mr. and Mrs. W Adams. The book is
••nt [tied "i iver Land to Cariboo" and
gives .: genuine description of the
pioneers travel from Fort Gary to tho
'iiiiboee mines,
Mr. Km'-Sh vou were at the Bwel-
ton's ". o'clock tea. What did you
bave '
Mrs     Exe    A   good   appetite  when     I
,jot in.in.'    my dear.   Boston   Transcript.
are   made to fit
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tHH   tell,e-.t   In    fnr   Iowa,   try   ,.'„■
matt, wmtrttrr nam to mv.
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Wrlta aa ati, tfcaal four pleamMa* an.l
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534 Herald I
WW is Doing in the Province
W. D. I.one, of Fernie, who wus In
the city jail awaiting trial on a
charge of wife beating, made his
escape from that institution.
The exceptionally hot weather since
the beginning of July has raiBed the
level of the lake at Halcyon and it is
now within two feet of last year's
high mark.
The annual Knutsford stock show
was held on Dominion Day at Knutsford ranch, south of Kamloops. This
show proved to be a big success aud
an eye-opener for Kamloops.
Among the grants for Kootenay riding secured by R.F. Green, M.P., at
the recent Besslon of parliament, was
one for $lfi0,U00 for dredging the Columbia river, particularly the narrow
channel between the upper and lower
Arrow lakes.
The body of the woman who committed suicide a couple of weeks ago
by drowning in Thompson river near
Ashcroft was found at Ruby creek in
the Fraser. The remains were shipped to Seattle.
A maintenance grant of Sldllfl has
been made to the Vernon Jubilee hos-
pitul by the city council. This grant
is in lieu of any claims thc hospital
may have this year for the Care of
indigent patients.
It. F. Tolmie, deputy minister of
mines, is making a tour of the mining sections in the southern interior
of the province, with the idea of getting personally in touch with the various camps, where remarkable developments nre in progress,
For some short while past some of
the larger farmers of Knderby and
immediate district, have been talking
Of the necessity of a creamery ln the
northern end of the valley, and with
this object in view, have decided to
go in for cattle on a much larger
Ball has been fixed liy Justice Murphy in the sum of $10,001) in each
(use for William King, Arthur Quinii,
Larry Green, Thomas Sullivan and
Thomas Chrlstien, who are awaiting
trial at Kamloops for the murder of
Berryman, who was found by the
roadside dead on the way to Lumby
some weeks ago.
C. A. Biggar, of Ottawa, assistant
superintendent of the geodetic survey
branch of the federal government, is
in Victoria. Mr. Biggar will spend
some time in this vicinity doing tri-
angulatlon work. While there he conferred with Dr, W.F. King, chief astronomer,  on departmental  matters.
What might iiave been a severe con-
I fiagration was caused by some children throwing tire crackers into the
luisb behind Henry Hawkins' ranch
near Armstrong. The fire burned for
two days, but was watched by the
lire warden, who stayed at Mr. Hawkins' house until the danger was
Several parties are down the valley
from Elko, staking for oil on both
sides of the boundary line. A party
of Eureka business men have staked
a big stretch of country around Flagstone. Cranbrook and Elko people
have staked the Scott ranch at Roos-
ville and the Roosville valley from
the boundary line to Fruitlands farm
Acting on instructions of the board
of  works the     municipal engineering
department commenced the oiling   of ;
the main macadamized thoroughfares '
throughout  Point Grey    this     week.
Three  hundred  barrels    of    oil have j
been purchased,   and this it   is esti- |
mated,  will    he    sufficient  to oil between six and seven    miles of    road-
is a y.
W. A. Newton, the new assistant
soil and crop commissioner, who will
assist J.C. Ready at the department
e.f agriculture, is expected in tlie
province this month. Mr. Newton,
graduated at the Macdonald college,
in the province of Quebec, and has
been acting as a district representative  in  that  province.
Another presage of early construction work on the Kamloops-Okanagan
branch of the Canadian Northern railway, is tlie presence in Vernon of S.
!!. Sykes, of Vancouver, assistant
chief engineer ot the Canadian Northern railway. Mr. S\k,s is contorting witli a special committee ol the
city council concerning crossings,
bridges and the route through the
i ity  park.
A parcel of stationery, the first
direct shipment from Montreal to
Vancouver over the G.T.P. rail and
steamship lines, arrived at Vancouver
Wednesday for ihe offices of the company. Until such time as the railway
commission officially approves ot the
line no freight can l.e charged for and
I., tarifl will be Issued for sometime
A bold attempt was made on Monday night te. burn a wood shed in
tlie rear of the Cross Keys hotel nt
Cranbrook. Some paper had been
placed through some large cracks, in
In rt contact with tin' wood and set
on tire. The dames were seen hy a
person passim: down tlie alley and an
alarm given. It took about a dozen
I ails of  water  to  extinguish  the tire.
ni. Friday, Horace Quince, a lad
employed :.t the Elk Lumber company
of Fernie, as water boy, met with an
accident which proved fatal ina few'
hours, The hoy was playing during
i n intermission around some machinery when bis coat became tangled ar-
ee'iii'l a shaft and lu: was drawn in
and thrown around, breaking his leg
; ml inflicting interna! injuries which
I exulted   in  his  death.
The death took place at 11 •■ Nicola
Vallej general hospital on Saturday
of Nurse     Esther I.inner, caused    by
la-mi rrhage  Ot  the    stomach Miss
Linner had been a  muse  m lhe  Nicola
Valley general hospital lor over two
years and bad she lived would have
graduated next spring. The deceased
lady had been suffering fm some time
with the complaint which carried her
. •' and !"i     winch she was operated
upon  previous  to  her death.
one making the trip to Oroville
cannot have failed to notice the wide
area "( vacant and uncleared land..
throughout   the    Valley   traversed    by
ti.,- railway.   There isa large acreage
.-till waiting for the hand of mull to
bring into subjection and production
\t Oroville a broad expanse of land
is still in its primitive state, producing only sage brush and an occasional orchard. The possibilities both
north and south of tlie boundary line
are immense.
Forest tires cause un immense property Iosb in Canada every year, and
tins losa ix all too frequently accom-
I iin.eil I.y Imi of life. The great majority of the lires which leave such
awful destruction in their wake are
preventable, They are due to foolish-
"r as It might lie still more
truly expressed, to criminal negligence. They originate largely from the
burning over of cleared land in dry
weather, from lires left unextinguished by campers and from cigar nnd
i cigarette  butts and mutches    thrown
(down alight.
1 I
Kelly lake, near Ashcroft, has been
dispensing its favors right royally in
the trout line during the last few
days, \ large number ot fine catches
have been made. Messrs. Hob Fraser,
Eddie Boll and Harry Horan being the
most favored'of the anglers. During
one of their trips they pulled out iu
one day nearl) two hundred trout.
.11 ranging from one to thr<M pounds
Kelly  lake has  not  done such a thing
for many a year.
Tom  Hudson, "I Cellsta knows how
it feels to have a grimly bear bearing
down on him, and no friendly tree at
hand. A party who have mining
claims up the Beymour river were on
then way up from Seymour Arm to
il'e the assessment work on their
claims when tbey met a big tllvei tip
Mr. Hudson formed the advance guard
.if  the  party    and   walking    unarmed
...as some distance ahead ol the
others. Fortunately Frank Munger,
• ef Duck Range, was not fur In the
real carrying a rule and ammunition
It  is owing to his coolness and marks
manship that bruin's hide now adorne
thi ivnll of Grant .■<• Ballard's butchei
shop Instead ol being wrapped around
Hudson somewhere among tbe .Seymour Ann mountains.
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Montreal, Canada.
It's good policy to think of the future.
It's still better policy toprot Ide i
the misfortunes it may have iii store
foi you.   The surest way of protecting
yourself uud family is a
LIFE inmi.ani E POLICY
with a reliabl mpauy.   The high
Qnnnclal standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
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Youi time mav !»' neat at hand
lion i delay.   Take out a policy now,
A. I'..  EClNCAID,  Manager.
.   i A\l\l\ I     COMMISSION  ACENT
MART: Mckenzie Ave.   Phone 36(1
Every Wednesdny and (Saturday
a I  '.' p, Ml. of
STOVES, etc.
S|n  lal   TROCKERY   Bah
from . till *'■'■<<' o'i luck positively
S 10.000.00
The Fort Qeorge Oltisens' Water
company, limited, is applying to tha
i omptrollor "t water rights for a
license to take, store and use 200,000
gallons per day ol the water of the
Kcchaco river, to be diverted at    a
point   two  mllei   and   one hull  west of
the Junction ol the Necbaco and Eraser river nnd to he used for waterworks purposes, The wuter will be
sold within the townsltes 01 Fort
Qeorge, Prince Qeorge and South
Port Qeorge,  The reservoir which  in
to be created will have a rapacity of
half a  million  gallons  and   will    flood
about, titty i>\ one hundred and twenty leet ol land.   The Vanderboof Pow«
it Co., Ltd . of Victoria, seeks power to take one hundred cnbir feet of
water per second from Hinkut river,
and the same    quantity from     Stony
creek, both   >f    which How into the
Nerhneo   river   near   Vnndrrhoof,       ln
the Port Fraser district.
Baggage Terauefei red
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture an.l   Piano-moving  a
Phone 10  276.   Nlghl PhoneHW
.1. II. (I RTUJ
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
-WORK   shop
ught   Avt.    .    R«v«latok«
Coal mining rights of the Domini, d
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
lerta, tbe Yukon Territory, the
North-west Terril i in a por
tion of the Province ol   i ; .•.sh   Co-
lumbla, may be Iss ted loi   i ten
twenty ..I,,- year* at an annual   rent-
i.l of     >1 an acre.   Not  more    than
2,500 acres will I     me lip-
\; ■       ■ • ist be I
|,y thi     | • •    In pel    a to    the
I in which tin rlghl . ed tor an
The le .-■ « 111 Incl ide thi  i oul inin-
i e pei nitted ti
I avallal
ildered • lor the **e'tkuu   ot
the raili at thi rate ol IW.OO aa
In surveyi I territory I I must
te   descrlbi i   or   legal
sub divisions  ol ind  in  uu-
surveyed territorj the t: ici applied
for shall be staked o it t.>■ the ap-
1 licant himself.
Kach appli<catlon n list bi
led bj a fee of 85 which will be refunded if the rights implied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchant .Me output of the mine nt tbe
rate  Ol Ave cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined nnd pny the
loyalty thereon If the coal mining,
rights are not being operated, such
leturns should be furnished at least
rnre n year.
For lull inlormation application
should be ninde to the Serretnry of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or tn the Agent or Pub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
WEDNESDAY,  JULY 22,  191*.
Zbc flftail-lberalb
Local Rending Notices and Business
Locals 10 cents per line each insertion
.Minimum local nd charges 25 cents.
Display advertisements 26 cents per
inch each insertion, single column
al public, place in position nny signs
that might be advisable for giving information to visitors and generally
add to the attractiveness of the road
Hy so doing it would deserve the gru-
titudc of the city and would efficiently serve the interests of its members
Y.M.G.A. to Have
New Steel lockers
Fly poisons and paper, insect powtf-*
ers, at Macdonald's drug store.
The readiness of Mr. R.F. Green to
'—  "-- ""-'    V ,       serve the interests of his constituents   ion  have stood
Legal advertising of any form, also       ...      .,„. biooo ^^	
Government and Municipal Notices 12 ; """ 'HS    abUlty to secure fr°">     the   Public  opinion,   which  has  not  failed
<ents     per line first insertion   and S ' Borden government the granting     of ^ to recognize     the   brilliancy of Lord
cents  per   line  subsequent  insertions  •*«"» re««nn«hl0 ,-»„„„.,* i... >.    Mersey's  achievement
i Rowing  10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses SS.
Applications for Transfer of Liquor
Licenses ST.50,
Oil  prospecting notices $7.."0.
Land Purchase Notices. $7.
Water   Application  Notices,    up   to ^^^    „    „uv„ til.
|l)0   words,  87.50,   over   100  words  in   gpected  by  the  Dominion  government
proportion. engineer and the announcement made
any reasonable request has been once Mersey'8 achievement,  can  best     do
him honor hv  insisting that  tho r»
more demonstrated.    It was only last ■'*< """-'"fe  ™ar, the rec-
only """* ommendations now put forward with
week  that     Mr.  Green  was asked  to his endorsntion are carried into eflcct
present to the government thc desir- —Montreal Mail,
ability of protecting the bank of the
where entrance     pupils are    sent up'Hilda  Snndberg, 612.
from the second division. MALAKWA.
Number of candidates,  1; passed, 1;
Edith G. Somerville, 564.
THREE  VALLEY. I      -.—.,    •.uunui u      ,     t      ,    „
.,.,....,              ,        ' Look    at    Howson's    window     tor
Number of candidates,  1; passed, 0.;   ,       ....
nrvrnwu raemni, 'remnant  sale  of  Linoleums,  Carpets.
GOLDEN ( KNTRE) | Tho monthIy  meetjng  q( ^ ^ D ,
Too much cannot  bc said  in com-1    O*1"^"""" °l    candidates,    1;   of directors of     the  Y.M.C.A..    was
mendation    of     the manner in which   P"B„'    ' . ,      hcld  y^terday evening.   Those  pres-
this enquiry  has  been  carried  on  by '«-Ku™tar °«  c«""'d"tes,    17;   ent were R.  Howson,  J.  Goble,      W
Lord Mersey.    Erom first to last   his   ^StaJlA"SiSJSf'ft.   WU    JJTEJ   ''J^0"'   ''  **'  ™> I    ™   *nlt»n      *™«*    "*»"*•
unerring Judgment and prompt decis-   J^A    Hanborn   ^     ne     E   W ^TZ !"  f  "t?-*   ''  P-—° ^ *■• at Howson's.
out in sharp relief.    .  , .....   .       .    '        ,   „ ,,'   "'   Ms ""d the secretary Mr.  Thomson.
Johnson, 562; Leonie M.  O.  Yolland,      The  treasurer's,  statistical,  physi - j    Gct Bpecial Prices on Rattan chair.
„ cali    general    secretary's and    house   und Jap matting at Howson's.
Horse Greek-Number of candidates,   committee reports  were read i    r    m,
1; passed,   I. Violet M. Hudson, 576.   ,    Fire extine „i«her= l !      "Btl'C 80HP'  Wg bar ,or 25 cent*"
ARROWHEAD CENTRE ! at, Z ST^X^^   " Ma°d0nflld'B «" ^
1     «!T °f  CnmUdateB'   in the ""cnroom. ,    Smythe's  Employment Office, hold-
passe.      • i    Membership to date is 429.   The one   inE     Government License, can supply
.IT,    ^!^ero°f^an,diiftt!B:.1;   man 0lub for "curing members is do-   *" "ndB of help for farmers, railwa,
Columbia river near the wharf from
the depredations of the current, and
already    the    situation has    been in-
llMlKlie.l        I-     Pern,,    C       U     al.       , J     .», . °™U"«B    IlieillOerS   IB   dO-     '■"   ■""«-   "'    »""P    I"'    UU-IUBJB,    I'll 11 Wily
NO NEED TO WORRY. ir       ,?,_„' tag its,work.   The easy payments   of   constructors,     logging     camps   land
da"etts1',l-InassedVNUmber  °'    CM(ii"  82'5° PC'' m°nth for «Mr^55i".i clearcrs-     9awmillH'     *»*   odd job.
™    ', ',    '"  '     ' , , meeting the needs of the men and as-   erol"id the city.    Send  your applica-
3; passed 0 candidates,  sisting the association  financially.      | tion« to Roy Smythe. Revelltoke.
The man who has a couple of weeks
wages In oil and cannot get his sleep
because there  is no  strike every few     _^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^_.	
days, should not be allowed to invest     The percentage ol    passes  for    the   before The     board    the need
in speculative enterprises. There is no   "n'vi"1'1' as a whole  is 66.03, for In-   cleaning before the winter season. Th!
sisting the  association  financially.
The house committee report brought I    ,     ,
f.„.„ *i,„     , ,    .. . 6 l     Look     at     HowBOns    window for
remnant  sale  of  Linoleums,  Carpets,
"Ulterior  ipUbliSbtnfl   COIIipaiffi imagined.   Mr,  Green  has been dub-
LIMITED ,     ,  ,,,.
Led     Kootenay'S   Best   Friend."   It   is
E,  G.   ROOKE,  Manager and  Editor,
that  the mattress work required will   need  ^^^S^^rSlVi  Bpectatorate"No"io ^"^Z ^Z^TlVTol^ZtT^
be undertaken as soon as lower wat-   until three of four of thc drillers  be-   (''s"'i''''  with centres as above), 66.66 the  lobbv  to     i ,       ,  !   P
ad  for  Hevclstoke Citv    83 33 oiled    ..„hm      u     i *** fl°°r8  »»» » juuc vnnnp.
laminations    were inducted     at T^ ^ &"%$£ Z £ "  M"C(1°mU,1'H "* ^
steel  lockers  secured   and   rented   The
Number steel lockers  may      he secured  under
members subscribe 85 each and secure
i partner,  which will reduce his    am
ir makes the work possible. A more
speedy or more satisfactory compliance with a  request could  hardly    be
fore another strike is made, go down
iver 4,000 feet without getting anything. And that will mean that they
drilled at the wrong spots.—Calgary
141 I.
the following centres
Abbotsford         ;i-j
Agassiz         15
Alberni    3]
  ,    Today's   issue  of     the      Kamloops   Alert  Bay        5
™„ „..,„„ Standard is published under new con-  Armstrong   u
=    GERMANY S WAR PREPARATIONS    tro1-    A  company of  business men  of   Arrowhead          1
well known ctmAI,,.. o,  tr . ..
ind  Draperies. t.f.
Purest drugs used in your prcscrip—
Go to     Howson's for your  carpet
squares,  draperies  and curtains.     It
;.  title that he has done, much to deserve.
in    proportion   to   population the
ier of automobiles in the city of
Revelstoke is large, and now that the
roads radiating from the city are extensive and increasing and are noted
for their excellence of condition the
rumher of machines in the city and
vicinity may be expected to increase.
The formation of an automobile
club for Revelstoke might now be
worth consideration. In other cities
flubs .f thle kind have proved their
usefulness not only to those who
make     automobiling a hobby but to
those,   also,   who   have   not  the     good
fortune to possess ., motor car. The
clubs have proved a protection to
the public    as well as a champion of
well known standing in Kamloops has   Afihcroft        6
Heedless of the cries of the disarm-   assumed the management of the news-   Athlamer           I
ment advocates,  and  ignoring those   paper and  they  are  making  arrange-   Bella Coola    6
who assert that  armaments are only   me«»ts to incorporate the printing and   Belmont
publishing business under the name of   Bridgeport
Kamloops    Press Ltd.   It iB  17  Burnaby  .
years ago since the Kamloops Stand-   ChiUlwack
nn incentive to war, Germany     proceeds  calmly and      steadily     in  the
building Up     of ber navy and army, ard issued its tirst number and in thu Cloverdale
Two  recent     despatches  from Berlin intervening    years     it     has    passed Cortes    Island        ."
deal  in  a striking  manner with    the tllr""sh many  vicissitudes.    The poi- Cranbrook         2.1
icy of the paper in the past will not Creston        1-^
persistent     plodding of     the Ucrmun , ,    ' , .    ,      , .,,
I'ndergo any  material  change and  on Cumberland       4.1
authorities in  their seeking of an ar- the „rond question8 of Dominion and Duncan ...
mair.ent  that    no  rival  of    Germany provincial   nolitics  the   Standard will Hnderby   .
dare challenge.  The  tirst  is that  the support  the  policies  of      Sir  Robert Esquimalt
German    government  is   endeavoring Bord(,n Awi  ^ir Richard McBride. - Essington
, ... . , Kamloops Standard. Fernie   ...
to perfect    plans for mobilizing     the
Fatherland's finances in the event of
war. It is urgilig the banks to agree
voluntarily to keep 10 per cent, of
their deposits and other assets ou
land  in  actual  money.     The govern-
tne punnc    as wen  as a  cnaiupiou oi — — — >..o ,r<   ui-iug Kamlonr.n
ment hints at  possible   legislation  to   Mealed   with   regard   to   country   life ™™l00pB     5
the mot.'lists*  interests and the work   . ,      , , T,,„  _   .. , ""UJ   llIe' Kaslo    o
force the   hankers   to do   this  if  they    'm   "''tion  as a     whole,   in   fact       is ,r ,   "
tin.t thev     have   accomplished       else- ,, ,.iri,,,. •..__*, . ' Kelcwna  ■>
iFort  George   	
Grand  Forks  	
As a   result  partly  of  the  widening   Grcenwood      2C
Influenze of our agricultural colleges,   H„z(.|ton 1
and partly of numerous   co-operating   Hedlev 19
agencies, a new set of ideals is   l,e,n<»   .- -j
i new set of ideals is   being   Kllmloops'
iHi.t they bave accomplished elsewhere might be performed with equal
advantage In Revelstoke.
A Revelstoke automobile club would
Lea useful advertisement for the city,
li would call ittention t.e the excel
lent road Bystem <.f the district, to
the prosperity il the city and t.. 'ts
advantages as a tourist centre. The
service that it might perform for tbe
members of the club would be aim. st
unlimited.     It   could   give  attention to
■■  rouds, suggesting to those In authority necessary repairs ,.r desirable
■ >•■ nsli ■ -.   ind would create a meth'
ti.rists might c.e oper-
•tr for their mutual advantage    \   i
■   '... ild     benefit  if the club
■    '..■ :• ulate rules sbleb       its
ii einai f obsei ■'
,  tendency I
nsidei   te driving.
'A    n the i     d to tl
.. . .. ,   ...,.;
'■   for  usefulness.      The
;     Ii    il     the road Is compai I
-■    ind so fat     -  :    ■
- •  ■ • -   ire
■  •• ■ f thi
••   -■    ■
•  • might
•    -.
that si ■ in the
*••-*-'       torisl •      eenei
are not obedient. The other reveals
•be fa.i thai a third squadron has
been suddenl) formed, and before the
i nd of the summer there will be
ireat increase In the striking power
of the German navy, Within a few
weeks,    or at    most  a  few    months.
making a re-estimation  of rural life.
With  the coming of dear lands,    city i_,adner
people have awakened to a new inter- Ladvsmith
. st in country   affairs and a   new    re- jvinpic   Ridge
spect   for  country   inhabitants.  Thcre ]yiaBsett
is before us in the United States the Matsqui
opportunity  to  develop  perhaps    the Merritt
finest  type of rural  civilisation   that Mission
^^^^^^ the world has ever known.     The ow- Nakusp     <      7
[uadrons  ■'•ill   be in full com    nership -if land  In past ages has at- Nanaimo    siii
three   ^^^^^^^
mission at  Kiel,   tnd the addition of   w«ys i i     most honorable, but the «|
!"'•""'  men,    contemplated    by     the   working of it has been regarded gen- \-(,w Db""	
Naval act  of Ml:,   will   be  made    as   "'"lly   1S  ^grading.  The  actual  far- Vew    Westminster     "
quickly as ; -"""   «"«■   "'-  Poor,  pit x„th  BenQ
lable instruments   and condemned to n»k    r.v     	
•■  s o. the  lev,   fo.   armj    lnceas.ng and ...heartening toll have ;!:;rks^Ue 	
evelopment    pu.posi serfs,  heathens   oaeana •■'    .,   \	
k»b«"ib, heachland   	
the governmeni  exacted i.t  the  '""'-   peasants    But today the   use   nnn.- .
3     i enticton
I ni      facilities     for
year will be about ::"  '"■"   "icuicies     tor  p0|nt Grey
P°88ibl«  for    Port ciqultlam
 .,  tiller   of   ,
tins .   . *    I '.well   EUver   ...
Vtlantlc   Prlnce    Rupert
AT    THE   THEATRES Revelstoke  	
"UM    '
■ ■
-' ilmon  Arm
*    Sidney
' '* I    limpson
■   eatre will   Sooke  	
- even     - tewart  	
ent,   .,    .,
m^^^MMMMmmMMMMUUmmmmu^ I rail   ....
the following conditions.   Twenty-five ' Wi" Pay y°U t0 l00k °ver their IarKe
men.hern c.il,^..i...  v.-.   . _L stock.
    ---,    Fifty suits,      your    choice made to
umtito J2.50, payable in advance, .order in our own work rooms. Julv
The present locker system is not sat- i sale price $28 and 830 a suit, regular
isfactory and a number of the mem- 838 and 840. Now is your chance to
bers have willingly consented to the ' have your suit made to fit you.-
above plm, so as to'equip the associ- Cressman & Co., Limited. J1.29.n p
ation with the best lockers. The as- :
sociation will not receive any reve,,,,,.
from the lockers this year, as the
main object is to place the lockers ln I i „„n r , ,
the building free of debt    tU0    >, Lookl-yes  you  can   if  you
are /desirous  of,   „f T\"   , W °   get tho8e ^'asses fitted   at  J.     Guy
hi /oesirous of a  steel  locker should  Barber's
leave their name at the otliee as ear-
Kodak   tilms  and chemicals,  paper.
etc., at Macdonald's drug store.
ly as possible.
Committees are now  being organiz
ed to plan for the fall and  winter.
Gait coal is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
To keep your hair from fulling out
try pur.tonic -SI a bottle at Macdon~<
aid's drug store.
' The disappearance of Thomas A.
Mclntyre, the hardware merchant of
Grand Forks, is still a mystery and
search for him has heen for the present (abandoned. The hard straw hat ■ —--
found has not been positively identi- lst' for tnp su"l''-v of four cor,j8 **'
fled as his. There seems to be no clew "irch' nn(I one ("*rd ^ cedar' cut*t0
existing that would lead to a cause l,; i,lcl,,,B' ,,ml df'livt,'t,d ,lt school-
for his .absence.   Many  rumors     and   nollBe-
surmises are in circulation but noth- A'""*  Secretary Board
ing definite e,ir, be gathered. JIAU*.*. of Trustees. B
Tenders will be received up to Aii*.
Purses!       Purses!
Best Quality at Half Price
For   One   Week   Only"
J, Guy Barber, Mckenzie avenue
Rough Dry
.1 Ri mgh I>i 5 Department will
Im- i<sady for huslnees Jul) I'll b,
Rough Dry consists of trashing,
nisrching an I diving with the
fl it work Icountei panes, iheel -.
etc. ii oneil and all starch wi i k
-: irehed and ready for Ironing,
Everything Coes Through
for Three Cents a   Pleco
By tin-Rough Dry msthod you
can   lia\e   yonr   wiiKbing   done
cheaper, ami it does away with
tne wash   tuh  and   the   work,
worry and steam of a «a^b day,
tut flown your fuel bill hj tuna
ing vi ui washing to i he
llent   Vancouver
•.'•< HI VT
•■■  -            ll
^^^^^^   North    Tfl
iver,     South   ... i;;j
Vernon   p,
;  |
. Ilml-
Will be
IJ   of   "ar),
ers    In    the
latest News Today
'   • sd from rage One.)
Here's a New Book
Scientific   Management
Everyone invited to Inspect our
' hool    l
l,   published In to
lav's issue, must bi
•'.]  in  tbe educational
; rogi"i   'e'  Ri  •■   •   - •     Mr   Onlpltts
■. ith ;• pass list    ' it of his   en
tire clai   nl  KI pupils, sustains   and
enhances bis reputation as an unus ■
"ally  efficient   teachei   and   principal      «   peafl gtncay, 62«; Rufui A
while Mr. h.a. Patterson of Division    Itone,  B21; Prank .Num.   I   :.   Orace
n.   is to I," congratulated .,n ggcut     '"    Jackson,    198;  Bverett <:.  •
Ing 13 passes oot ofn list of 10 pup **■""     '       *"      fi   ,'"*11"   *».
Laughton,  '■■ I;     John P   Robertson
lis  sent  up  for main nation,  a  result    .. ,    , ,,,       ,     .„
' i/4;   It via Olough,   .72
that    compares   more   than    favorably ALBBRT OANVON
I  depressed again   to
i Lm •, v   liquldal Ion   was  In    evi-
thi   oi    on ness    of in-
ntesl  li ihI. political
i' ■■ . onfei ence    called
y  Kin.- ts taken as an     evl-
e Ingly serious sltua-
 ..J      DH1IUUI    hl'llll
' '.risols closed  3 H  lower   both
a,..  i,...   . ,   , .. .       . .
The Day of Daj
Revelstoke School Second
1 Ontinu<Sd   from   .
ith those secured by other lohools,     Numbei ol candidates, i, passed,
ind  the   ..... mt  al  7.VI
!  r* 9 •"• respecl   elj     leUlng from
* ss    was   largely    re-
"''•"   • rem ne6 dei line in Cs
idian  P ii Iflc  and  tbe  rest  of     the
■"     market    with    which the
'**'k   ; •    * Pacific was
tmmered down to Ufl bul recovered
to 190 before the close.
' hlcago, July 21.   Black mat dam-
ige increasing and reports thnt, fen
tral ItiiHMia was face to face with
laniinc-conditions carried the wheat
"iHilo't  today (on higher level. Then.
vas a  steady clone at   ', s  t,,  1  |  ,,p.
/^\R, to be more specific,     ^^ **-
a book dealing with that
important phase of Scientific Man- ^^^^^
agement which has to do with the economy of floor space in the factory, store, warehouse,
garage, hotel or printing plant.
I hi? Book tells a story of how these failures might hare
vital interest to every progres- been turned into successes.
sive business man.    It f>oints If it is the incur of help-
the way to increased profits ing  you  solve   some   knotty
through greater efficiency.   It problem  m your own'busi-
lays bare the cause? of many n«s, we will feel that it has
businew   failures  and  shows accomplished its objeect.
Fill in and mail this
coupon TO-DAY. Do
not put it off until another time. Better feear
rt off and mail NOW.
while the thought is fresh
in your mind.
COUPON "N.66."
Please send me your Bock
Addres.	 ■WEDNESDAY,   JULY 22,  1914.
page itvb
New Baseball Schedule
Repudiated By Kamloops
Wants to Continue Former Schedule Although Kelowna One of Best Games of Season
Team is  Disbanded—Came at Kamloops Today-
Return Match to be Played in Revelstoke Tomorrow
The B. C. Interior league schedule
is again up in the air, Kamloops yesterday wiring that it would not recognize the new schedule arranged ut
Vernon on July 18 and that it proposed to continue the league on the
original schedule, which, owing to
Kelowna having dropped out of the
league, is obviously Impossible. The
Kevelstoke team will play Kamloops
today at Kamloops and tomorrow
•the Kamloops team will play Revel-
*1oke here but after these two games
nothing is decided as to future fixtures. 6
Yesterday the following telegram
was sent by L.A. Howson, president
of the Revelstoke Baseball association
to the president of the Kamloops association:
Our representative at Vernon meeting cannot assure us whether or not
you were agreeable and willing to
continue league under new schedule
Tormed at Vernon meeting on July 15
Answer ny wire my expense your intentions in this regard.
In reply the following message was
received bv  Mr.  Howson, from J.  A.
Gill,  president of the Kamloops    association.
Our association consider we are not
bound by new schedule. Propose to
continue league on original schedule
as agreed to and to claim deposits
us forfeited if other members of league fail to carry same out. Writing.
James A.  Gill.
ln consequence of Kelowna retiring
from the league three meetings have
already been held to rearrange the
schedule of game* The tirst, called
hy Dr. K.C. McDonald, wus held at
\ernon on July '.). To this meeting
Kamloops sent no delegate although
notified ot the meeting. A second
meeting was held at Salmon Arm ou
July 12 and ut this meeting, although Kamloops was represented the
Kamloops delegate declared that he
hud no ;>ower to act. The third meeting wns held at Vernon on July 15.
At this conference Vernon whb represented by M. Eastman, Kamloops by
B. Wells and Revelstoke by R. Dudley. A new schedule was drawn up,
the Kamloops delegute being eecre-
of the meeting. Now this schedule is
repudiated hy Kamloops which demands adherence to the former fixtures so far as possible.
The status of a business house \$
reflected in its stationery. It Po-.
to have tho best that's going. We
sire you thf highest quality &t it-*
lowest price.   Free estimates.
We offer you expert service. Print
Mail-Herald js mir business and our h )bby  too.
■"s^i£?*,*B To the best selection Of paper snd
Electric Press \   type we mid originality and smart*
ness of design iiiui rapid delivery.
is Played Last Monday
One of the closest games of the
season was played on Monduy evening. The railroaders had a strong ug-
gregation und kept hitting thc ball
till 20:30. The Baby Giants were still
mere confident and kept the men of
steel busily employed. From a spectators standpoint the game was thor- j
oughly enjoyed throughout, the only
icgrettable feature was the decision ,
given at the close of thc game, when
a bull wus hit and came over the
roadway, the Baby (Hunts protesting
Cassidy, O.P.R. pitcher, struck out
seven men. Lee, Baby Giants pitcher
struck out six men.
Baby Qlants — 0 0 0 0 1—1.
0. P. R. - 0 0 1 0 1-2.
The line up was as follows:
C. P. R.—Trendler, catcher; Cas6idy
pitcher; Nlchol, 1st baBe; D. Gray,
•.-nd base; Webster, 3rd base; J. Wilson, short stop; J. Gallicano, right
field; Abbott, centre field; Gallispie, !
left field.
Baby Giants—H. Goodwin, catcher;
T. Lee, pitcher; A. Pagdin, 1st bane; !
G. Corcorache, 2nd base; D. Madolo-
ni, 3rd base; F. Daniels, short stop;
L. Goodwin, right field; T. Gallicano,
centre tield; M. Goodwin, left tield.
All American Girls
to Play Revelstoke
There will be a basebnll game in
Revelstoke on Wednesday, July 29 at
-1 p.m. between the All American
Girls team of St. Louis and the local
team. The visitors have been touring
the country and have the reputation
of playing good ball.
Macdonell and Sturdy
Divide Shoot Honors
That . .
"Pays . .
Pays you
Your business status is often judged by
the style and quality of your Printing. A
poor circular hasn't half the convincing
and business-bringing power of the better
one. A cheap and common-looking letterhead lowers your credit with the wholesaler.
Vays Ms
You are delighted with MAIL-HERALD
Printing tor we do our utmost to please
you. We have the Staff, stock and equipment to deliver the goods so we get your
next order, sure. Then your satisfaction
results in recommendation and so our
business grows.
A.   J.   McDonell  and  W.  A.   Sturdy!
divided the honor of high gun ut the
Saturday shoot of the Revelstoke gun
club each breaking 68 birds.
No report was received of the telegraph shoot, as the targets only arrived from the coast on Saturday
From now on each practice will he
held for the Herculese medal, aB W'?ll
ns the telegraph shoot. This will be
a handicap on birds, the contestants
winning it the most number of times
between now nnd September I, to become the owner
The  scores on   Saturday  were
Name Shot at
McDonell   7fi
Sturdy   "5
Foote     ...50
Barber     50
Twelve pairs doubles:—
McDonell  20
Sturdy     17
A sum of v-'"' is thc prize for whlcn
Penticton and I'eachland arc striving
at present, the contest now standing
a tie, one gan " more to be played on
the Penticton ground, on the 27. The
teams seem to be pretty evenly matched, as each hus a game won hy only one run to its credit. Mrn. A.
Town gave the home team a present
■ if |5 for (Tinning ths laHt game.
Next year the school trustees will
award a gold medal to the best hoy
In the Armstrong public school. All
nund proficiency and manly conduct
both iii schoi.l and public will form
the basis upon which points will be
i Miniated.
Dominion Surveyor Johnson urriv-
id at Chase last week with a lurge
survey party, lie will Incite in that
Vicinity tor some time. Tlie tirst work
he will take up Is the laying out of
the purk reserve on Chase creek thut
wus petitioned for a year ago by the
board of trade. When that work is
completed he will proceed witb the
survey of the diBtrict lying along
Chase creek and east of it.
Thc department of agriculture will
again donute prizes thle year for apple parking contests at fall fairs in
! order to stimulate a greuter interest
in high class appll packing. Hiinllar
ContMtS wire held at mar.y fiilrs in
1012 und 1913 and usually proved
most attractive features, in gome cases the most Interesting event of the
lair.    Every lair in the fruit growing
sections should endeavor to bave one
ul these contests.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
Boys' Wash Suits on Sale in Dry Goods Dep't
We have a hundred Boy's WASH SUITS, all new this season's goods, this week at special
price at   90c, 1.35 ond $i.qo
Ladies' WASH  DRKSSKS    Good sensible stvles and all the desirable colors.    Just about
an even hundred to choose from at    i.go, 3.90 and 5.75
A Good  WASH   PETTICOAT in amoskeoo, good wash ginghams.    Just the   thing for
house wear, several colors, each       75c
We want to call  your attention to our CLEARANCE SALE of
As a special inducement for laying  your own Linoleums and Carpets we are allowing
a discount of 20 per cent off these goods.
We can give you a fine $45 Wilton Rug, |, We. have others at prices equally as low.
size oft. x 12 ft. for.
Also a $30 Brussels Rug, size 9ft. x 10 ft.
These goods are all tirst-class and worth
the regular prices but we want to clear
them out.
Come in, let us show you the stock and
for   $24 i; we know you will be satisfied,
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dept.
Mid-Summer Bargains in White Shoes
All our White Shoes must go.     We must not have them on our shelves after Aug. 1.
A glance at these values will convince you of the sincerity of our intentions.
Women's White Button Boots—Buckskin, welt sole, J. & T. Bell make.     Reg. $0, now $4
Women's White Oxfords and Pumps—Genuine Buckskin, welt sole, medium heel.     Reg.
$4.50, now    $3.35
Women's White Canvas Boots    Button, welt sole, medium heel.     Reg. $4. now.... $2.7-,
Women's White Canvas Boots—Button, low heel, McCay sewn.   Reg. 2.75 and $3, now $2
Women's Canvas Pumps    Low heels and high Cuban  heels, new  lasts, turn soles.     Keg.
1.25 and 2.50 values, now    1.75
Children's Canvas Pumps    Ankle straps.    Reg. 1.75 and t.50 values.      Now, a pair. .1.15
Children's Strap Pumps   -Buckskin, Classic make, sizes to 10}.    Reg. 1.75 and |a, now 1.40
Children's Button Boots  -Buckskin, Classic make, sizes to 7'.    Reg. 1.65 and i.cjo, now t.35
A REGULAR SN'AP in Women's Canvas Shoes    odd lines, difierent lasts and colors.
Price 95c a pair
Men's Canvas Shoes—A big bunch of oJd ones, high and low Shoes.    All mzcs.
Price $150 a pair
Friday and Saturday Only
for  Preserving
Fresh Prom the Ranch
All sizes in GEM Fruit Jars, also ECONOMY
Patent Top Jars.
Best Prices     Best Quality    Best Service in Town PAOH SIX
WEDNESDAY,  JULV  22,   1911.
^/Iltvayf the   Best
"ShamrocK." Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms- Single  en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Rates $1.00 a Day and Up Phone 1629
Furnished Rooms by the Day. Week or Month
Mrs. 11. •'. 11 \n;:i Ri.   -     Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.      Housekeeping Suites.
Corner View
■nd Douglas StreiTs
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Kevelstoke. B. C.
Good Accommodation,       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hole!
Abrahamson Bros.
All Modern it.-
Special Weekly Rates
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines. Liquors and
Cijfars.    Rate3 $1 a day.    Monthly rates
More heifers and leas veal are needed  in Canada,
Try and keep the forest lire dem-
iin on the water wagon.
The peach crop In the Okanagan is
not as heavy us last year.
Republic is to have a new school
building at a cost of $80,000.
A telephone line is being built from
Skeena  Crossing  to Hazelton.
The Herald says that poker chips
pass for currency  in  Merritt.
Fred Munroe is taking over the
Golden Gate hotel at Fairview.
Bight Chinks were recently arrested in Cumberland for smoking opium
Jim Cronln is again working his
silver-lead mine in .the iiabine mountains.
At Canyon City, Kast Kootenay,
4000 tomato plants were set out this
\V. Vi. Wycott who recently died In
Chilcoten came to British Columbia
In  L85S.
E. L. Kepner bas a dynamo, and
will light his hotel in Quesnel with
A right whale valued at $20,000
was recently caught at Naden Harbor station.
C. S. Ferris, of Vancouver, is now
manager of the Central hotel, in Keremeos Centre. i
An inch eef smiw fell in Fernie on
June 21. That town is iu the freak
belt of America.
Paddy Creagb is In the hospital at
Hazelton, recovering from a dynamite  explosion.
David Miller was seriously hurt
while driving his stage between Old
and  New Hazelton.
The old Court House in Hope was
torn down hist month. It was built
over tin years ago.
Near Hazelton, Ben Peterson and
Sperry Clime have bonded their galena property to Vi.V. Brewer.
Kelowna has stopped all city work
That is noi absolutely necessary until the receipt .>f taxes in September.
on Hive-, creek in tbe Cariboo, ;e
\;iii,-. .aver company is putting in a
hydraulic plant, for the recovery of
Dan Keefe was given 10 days in
Jail,  bei would not  pay     for
a  !"'• il that be ordered  in a  i•   I
■  Hope,
■   [i ii   bei ter     tire
ting •   ■• • he I inks
.i. M.  Th igan   Falls
Until recently basket, willow cultivation Iuih been a declining industry.
Serious injury was done to the trade
both in America und in Europe when
rattan and other substitutes began to
I be introduced, The demutid for willow is again increasing. Considerable
success has attended its culture lu
Northern New York and some places
in Ontario and British Columbia. It
grows best on deep, rich, humus soil
with a moderate amount of sand
which retains the required amount of
soil moisture. Although there are 05
different strains considered valuable
commercially, the varieties most in
use in America are the purple willow,
the American green willow, the Lem-
U-y willow and the Patent Lemley
willow. Of these the purple willow
is by far the best variety for American conditions, although many prefer
the American green willow.
• In New York state, willow plantations are owned by fanners who cultivate and harvest their own crop.
Cuttings are planted early in March,
These are from eight to ten inches
long, and are planted from nine to
twelve inches apart in the row, ami
two and a half feet between the rows.
Harvesting the rods begins about the
middle of January before the sap be-
uius to rise. The rods are tied iu
bundles and stood in a pit of running
water four to six inches deep. Tbey
are left in the pit until the sap rises
when the bark is easily removed.
\fter grading the rods into proper
height and quality classes, they are
bundled  .ip and  prepared for market.
An elderly suburbanite who prides
himself upon his methodical habits,
wus showing to an over-night guest
a particularly handsome chiming
clock. It was 10:30 o'clock, and the
host proceeded to wind up the timepiece.
"For thirty-live years," he said,'"I
huve never missed a night winding
up this clock at 10:.10 o'clock."
The guest, who happened to be a
jeweler, examined the clock closely,
nnd a quizzical smile cverspread hiB
" What's funny ?" inquired tbe
"Why," suid the visitor, "I was trying to llgtire out how much time you
have wasted. This is an eight-day
S.   .1.   Allen  arrived  at  New  Hazel-
ten  last week after an eight hundred
i mile trip through the interior.       He
would  be on that  trip yet  had      not
someone     stolen     most of his outfit
^iml left him with but very little food
.and no means of securing  any.      He
bad  to  beat  it     buck to civilization.
Sam  bas      been prospecting in      that
.country   for  the   past  fourteen   years,
,and  he  believes  he  bas  secured  something good a   few  miles out,  from Decker  lake.    His  ore  carries   big  silver
I values,   and     he  has    a   strong     vein
which he has traced several  thousand
feet  on  the surface.    He   is  awaiting
instructions from his partner in Vancouver.
She—What   would   ymi   do if   I   were
to die ?
The Brute—Open a  banking account
London .Mail.
H. Bowden, clerk, treasurer and
collector of Salmon Arm, has tendered his written resignation, to take effect in one month if possible. The
communication stated that, the work
was more than he could satisfactorily
Did you ever pick up a paper published ut a Strange town and see a
large showy advertisement without
thinking! yourself or saying to
your neighbor. "That man must be
doing an immense business," or
forming a resolution to visit thut firm
at your tirst opportunity.
Poultry and poultry products have
a marked influence on the meat supply hut less attention is paid by
farmers to the breeding of farm poultry and their care than to nny of the
other animals. With ensy possibilities for rapid Improvement by tha
use of pure bred males our farm
docks still remain as a cluss decidedly underbred. Almost every section
of the country can produce chickens,
Every farm could maintain a larger
end a  better tlock
A   Rnai   Lovar  simulation
a .::iti.:i)'i ■! .■ .ii i notroeiii
offer (rom nn Aiitii1iM«tH>il
(Inii. Wo urn kIvink nway
WfttcllM to ihiHiwirttli n[
peopla nil ofer thn
world ni » luiito
ftilvortlrtomimt. \ow
ll your rhttnci' to
obtain one,     Write
now,    .'ii -I i,-    ng
emits for unit of   our
fiiHhlmmhlo   bridles'
G rl'
Ill     !><•
nU,     Or
MberU,   sunt
imlil to wear
<')i. wh
on   i'ii*
KiiunihtiVil iho vcnrsl,
ihonl.l j on uko ad.
vantAtfo uf mir infirv.il.
loim ofler. Wo expect v.m to toll ymir fiii-inU
uboiit um nnd flhow thorn Mm honniilnl ntili-li
Don't think thin olTor too Rood to lm tru», hot wild
25 cent* today nnd ualn a Kn'-> Watrh Von
will !»• im^ei' WILLIAMS X l.I.OVl., W>inVltla
JmwmIIow tHoi't.UT 1, HU, GornWAllli Itwxl, Umuuii N
for garden and farm are beat
for BC soil. See Catalogue for
solid guarantee of purity
and germination.
Send now for Copy free
Sutton SSens.Tho Kind's Soedmon
R • o cl i n£ I', njg 1 « i, il
A. J. Wo tdward
Victoria      &       Vancouver
667 Granvillo Sr-.
All Changes of advertisements must positively be
handed into this otliee by
Monday evening in order tbat
the Change shall appear in
Wednesday's issue, and any
Changes intended for Saturday's issue must be handed in
not later than Thursday
evening of each  week.
5 Tort St.
son AttNTi ran en
Come and look at our Triangle Sad
Irons   guaranteeed for ever.
PRICE;   b LB. IRON. $3.90
Estimates (riven free
Filiating Pill for Women.. $"» a box or three tot
$10. 8old ai ti11 Drug Store*, nr inniled to mr.
addresaon receipt ol price. Tut Bcobili. 1>iu»
Co ,St, Catharines, Ontario.
Vitality;for Nervo ■"■nil Brain; Increases "j roy
matter ; a Tonic -will build jrou up. f.i n t>o\, or
two for $5, at drug ni ires, or hy maHon rocoii
of pri       rua BcoDm.L Paco Co, St Catharines,
Iff (§ iff i * * ,« IE [g; W [if * (11 jf i
The   family   remedy   for   Concha   nnd Colds.
"Shiloh costs  so   little   and docs   so much1"
Union  Hotel
a   r. UBVB8QUB, Proprittor
Ml*; A I.  I ICKETS $6.oo
'   ' e
-    '
In a
i um
During the      I  •' chinch
mad a dai he  *'n
it.ed State! te. the extent ■
000, TIiIh hug bai alrend, .,.;.•■ \t*A
hi one oounl v In Ontario, and gome
partH of Nova Sootla Parmer* can
net free, of charge, Information ab
out It by writing t.i. tin- Department
of Agriculture, Ottawa,
Is Your Printer
Responsible 1
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
From hiring a clerk to building a house responsibility
is considered even before cost. It is even more
important in your printing.
A job entrusted to the Mail-Herald is not only in the
hands of capable workmen, but its excellence is
practically underwritten by a responsible firm. You
are guaranteed attention, care and service.
The price will be just a: reasonable as any given
by an irresponsible firm.
The Mail Herald stands behind the product of its job
The Mail Herald Job Rooms WEDNESDAY,   JULY  22,   1911.
"Twelve Suirirs of Solid Comfort"
In tlir centre of things—llifntrt-fl
anil slims on l«elli sides.   BiiililinR
abolutcly fireproof--concrete,steel
and marble,
With Baths—&2 per day up
B. C. Land Surveyor
Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Blcck
REVELSTOKE,  B.C.      J.31p
H.    W.    EDWARDS.
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held In
New Masonic Hall en the Fourth
Monday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.    GORDON,    Secretary.
C. Vi. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
H.    W.  EDWARDS, Clerk.
COURT    MT.    BEGBIE NO.  3461
OF I. 0. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
in  month.      Visiting  brethren are
cordially  welcomed.
H.  V. MORGAN. C. R.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
I. O. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at  8 o'clock.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. G. DUCK, N.  I**,.
JAMES MATHIE, Secretary.
Meets    every     Wednesday
evening at Sk.,  in  Selkirk
Hall.       Visiting   brothers
cordially invited.
McKENZIE   1372
Court  Meets in    Foresters    Hall,
over   Smythe's  Pool  Room  First
and    Third   Wednesdays   at    8:30
G. D.  SHAW, C.  R.
A.   H.  MARCHANT,  Rec.-Sec.
— ——.— i
Revelotoke Lod<g<e
Nu. ms.-,
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in tin- Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren ate cordially Invited.
Dr. McLEAN, Die.   H.I.. HAIii. Ser.
An unprecedented number of suicides and attempted suicides bave taken
place since the fall of the Huerta government, ln the last two days four
suicides and three attempts have been
reported. Such attempts are usually
tare here.
Hopes for a satisfactory adjustment
of the wage dispute between tbe en-
ginemen of the western railroads and
their employers took definite shape
today with tho assembly of the Federal Board of Mediation, who good
offices have been accepted by     both
! tides.
Premier Asqutth at the opening ol
the House ol Commons announced
that King George, "ln view of the
grave political situation, has considered it right to summon a conference
of the representatives of the political
| parties, both British and Irish. to
discuss the outstanding points of the
problem of Irish government." Tbe
premier added thai Right Hon. Jam-
is Lowther, speaker of the House of
Commons, would at His Majesty's reddest  preside over the conference.
The British Home Fleet, composed
of more thun -JOfl fighting ships aud
an equal number ol auxiliaries, in-
cluding submarines, torpedo boat de-
ttroyers and sou planes, was led out
to sea by King George today. His
Majesty was on board the royal
yacht, accompanied by the Prince of
Wales, Winston Spencer Churchill and
the other Lords of tbe Admiralty.
A cloudburst Saturday morning
during the most disastrous storm in
the memory of residents of Apohaqul
caused damage estimated ut ?:UK),0ou
: nd will result in the closing ol the
Jones Brothers mill at Apohaqui owing to the loss of one million logs,
.-.ml the wrecking of the structure by
the might; flood In the mill stream.
Roads and bridges were swept away
by the torrential rainfalls nnd flood,
and crops are ruined in the Mill-
btream valley. Barns owned by A.E.
Calpets and James O'Neill were struck
by lightning and burned, and four
dwelling bouses were damaged by
ju.re economically mined elsewhere to-
|duy. Then there ure coal deposits
at Slmrt's creek, on the west side
of the lake, and these are believed
by engineers to be co-related to the
Nicola tield. At White Lake there
is also a deposit of coul where some
mining has been done. Tin und
platinum have been reported from
Osoyoos lake though of doubtful economic vulue.
Lieutenant-Colonel    A'/.unza,      commanding  the federals at the gap,  announces that a     proclamation     has
i been      issued at    Mexico  City  by tbe
minister  of   war  granting   all  persons
i belonging to the so-called revolution.
1 ury forces permission to pass through
the federal lines and proceed to what-
i ver point they wished, either individually or collectively.   The only condition imposed is thnt they shall     not
carry      arms.    Colonel      Azunza  said
that the new administration does not
. recognize the existence of a     revolution,  and considers all  Mexicans    on
I equal  footing as citizens.
Meliodorus, the former abbot of
Tsaritsyn, who was banished from St.
Petersburg because of his opposition
to Gregory Rasputin, the mystic lay
monk and advisor ,•( tbe emperor of
RusBla, has mysteriously disappeared
from Marginsky, near Rostov, where
be resided, under police surveillance.
The reports ire that Meliodorus was
kidnapped or that he tied to., avoid
being implicated in the recent attack
on Rasputin's home tewn, Petrovsky,
province <ef Tobolsk. According to
the newspapers, the assault on Rasputin will be hushed up owing to his
all) feed immoral life.
Notes from the oMines
A rich strike at the Reco mine at
Sandon is reported. The vein is IS
inches wide.
According to tbe Portland Canal
Miner, the Clothier Bros, have taken
a lease on the Silver Cup, und they
bave organized a leasing company
composed mostly ol New Hazelton
land Prince Rupert people. This will
make another mine operating the year
—Dealer in
(Prettiest Designs)
DRES8MAKINC:    Kit  Guaranteed
Front Street Lower Town
It will pay you to
make a call at
T.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying youi outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make •
ipecialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
teuiiirrd invnurhnaineii.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
A  petition signed by mining     men
; and  business     people of  Hope     and
! others directly interested in the progress ,.f Summit camp, has been forwarded    to the     minister of     public
I works, asking that the truil from the
|Coquhalla river to Summit camp be
re-opened as early as possible.
Seven thousand six hundred and
twnety-two tons of ore from the
mines .,f the Kootenay and Boundary
were   treated    at   the  smelter  of    the
.Consolidated      Milling    and   Smelting
company   at   Trail      during      the past
I week, making the total tonnage treated for the vear to date  173,801 tons.
Trail   Newsf
The Omlneca Herald says that
Frank A. Brown has teturned to
Hazelton      with  the  report  of a new
! copper-gold strike made near Mc -
Donald's saw mill above Telkv,-., this
siiring. Mr. Hrown says that recently another group ol claims was stnk-
| ed in the same locality by J, Draven-
Istott and associates. The latter saw
samples of     the ore and  says It     is
' strong iu copper.
Alex. Smith, manager ol the Surprise mine at Sandon. and who recently  returned     after    spending  the
'winter in Ontario, was In town on
Friday lust, says u recent issue of
the Slocan Record. Mr. Smith stated
that the Surprise people would build
B concentrator this season. The new
cable for the aerial tram is being
strung. Mr. Smith said nothing ln
reference to the    mine, but the fact
i that regular shipments of high grade
ore ure being made, und that a mill
ip to be built is evidence that the ore
reserve  are  satisfactory.
Roy McCrimmon and Ernest Stewart have made another strike on the
Silv?r Standard property which will
mean a considerable profit to themselves. The bovs, as was announced
a couple of weeks ago, have a lease
on the several claims on the south
Bide .ef Glen mountain, and soon after they started work they uncovered
some tine ore on the Black Prince.
Th,s they huve been working by drifting and already the. are sorting and
lacking ore. The past week McCrimmon started to prospect a little on
the Canadian ijueen claim. On tbis
vein their is a shaft, but it is full
of wuter, and rattier than pump it
out he started about twenty live feet
further up the bill and within two
feel ,.f the surface uncovered six or
i Ight inches ol tbe highest grade of
Ore, It is as good as any ib.it has
yet been taken from the north side of
the mountain. Some more work will
be done on this vein before any demote   development   is   decided     upon.
McCrimmon   St 3tewarl are getting
a lot of work done and in a short
time they Will he In shape to put
more men on at the property and
gel  read]   to make their  tust  ship -
incut.   Hazelton  Herald.
A revival In interest in mining is
reported in the Okanagan valley.
Some fine specimens 'f gold bearing
quarts, found near Vernon, huve been
trough! to the Vancouver Chamber
• if mines There are occurrences lode
gold in rthwwt of Vernon, aiiel near
Okanagan Landing to the south, also
:t points .ib'iiL' the east shore of the
I ike between there and Kelowna. Kelowna men are quietly developing a
gold property on Mission ireck, having sent In I small mill. At Penticton is a mine that has not been worked for some years. Then are promising    lode     deposits at     Okanagan
Falls.    The   old   Fairview   rump   in the
Simllkameen    district     has     merit,
though shut down for some years and
M>mt day modern mining will lake
hold of some of these abandoned
nines and successfully operate tbem.
While the values are low the ore bodies .ne  large,  and  ores of less value
T. Hesp has arrived from Burker-
••. ille with news of a gold strike of
some importance in the neighborhood
ol Quesnel. He brought a sample of
placer gold worth $8,75, which hud
been washed from three pans of dirt.
The proposition is one for hydrant -
Icklng on a fairly large scale, he declares.
As the result, of the recent rebuilding and enlarging of one of the copper furnaces at tb.' Trail smelter, the
company's mines in Rossland will
likely he called upon for an increased
shipment of ore. Four copper furn -
aeis are now running nt the smelter.
Heretofore the mines have sent down
fri.in GOO to Tim tons per day. The
lour furnaces will now accommodate
800 tons additional per day, and this
ore must come from the mines in
Chester F. Lee, mining engineer
from Seattle, recently arrived in
Princeton und went up to inspect the
work on tl. > Roaney hydraulics on the
Tulameen river, between Princeton
and Coalmont, where tbe company
has 20 men employed getting the ditches and pipe line in shape for hy-
draulicing. Several gold and platinum specimens have been taken from
these pincers. The leases are located
on the old south channel of Granite
creek and rich returns are expected
when the bedrock is cleaned up,—Simllkameen Star.
By Fire Brigade No. 2
"Don'ts" whi.h every citizen would
do well to remember and thus s'ave loss
to themselves and expense to the city.
DON'T pile kindling wood between th
back of the stove and the wall, you
will have a fire some day il you
LOST have your heating stove sitting
too close to the wall, you will go
out some day and leave the ilratti
on nnJ when you come back your
house will be on fire.
DON'T lcn\e a heating stove aloae
with drafts open more than 1 minute at a time it is as treacherous ai
a wild beast.
DON'T have ihe wall paper come to
close io the stove pipe hole in tht
chimney cut it ba> k two inches and
-P'?nd 25c. for a tin collar an 1 you
may be hundreds of dollars ahead.
DON'T l"ave nn oil stove burning alone but a few minutes. The Brig -
ade have put out many lires eaused
by e arelc-sne-s with these beaten.
DON'T forget to look at the brick chimney where it goes through the gat
iei   md  roof.   Sometimes there     is .
aleie.ie, which will eventually cause
DON'T forget to have the stove pipes
and chimneys cleaned when you
know  they are dirty.
DON'T forget to have a little insuran.
ce; this li useful il you should
neglect nny of thc above.
Four  out   of  the  six  bylaws,   voted
upon    by Pentlcton   on   Wednesday
were ratified,    while the   street improvement     bylaw,  authorizing    the,
expenditure   of   (5,000,   und   the   bathing house bylaw for $2,000,  were    de- :
fented   by a  considerable   majority.
Let "Sunlight" do the Camp Washing
THERE  is  only  one  soap  that will make
your  big  heavy   shirts   and   underwear
as clean and sweet and soft as you like
them—that's "Sunlight"
Strong enough to move the worst of camp
dirt—gentle enough not to hurt a single fabric.
Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure—
it's the best all round general purpose
soap there is.
Sold bv all Grocers.
Sunlight Soap
A very large     number of eggs    are
spoiled   by   careless   treatment,     quite
apart from the matter of temperature
and the chief cause of deterioration
Undoubtedly arises from the common
habit of allowing the i's^s to remain
upon their sides. Tbe result of this
practice is that the yolk, which is
heavier than the "whites," presses
against the shell—an unnatural state
ed affairs altogether. The shell is unable to resist the action of the yolk
upon its tissues, air is admitted, mid
decomposition Immediately sets in. If
egga are to he preserved without the
aid of any artificial media, such as
"water-glass" or other lime solutions
they must either be turned over every
day or stood upon their ends. So long
as the yolk is kept suspended among
the "white" the egg remains good for
any reasonabh period, whether its ultimate object be to furnish food or to
produce a chick. If this fundamental
principle wen properly understood,
w'le egi: whicl * istes misty, or is obviously "good .:.  parts" would appear
tur less oftei mi 'T-akfast tahlea
Treated tl us . ; kept ill a cool place
from first t.- last, new laid eggs will
remain e|Uite unimpaired for thc beat
part of a month, and the lower tbe
temperatun ' ti.. place of storage
tin long<er thej will keep If coateed
with a greasy • r glutinous substance,
the effect of which is to stop * hr
pores in the shell from opening and
admitting thf .or. eggs can be kept in
a fr-'Sh state foi  months on end.
"Cad   ofl yi ur  dog. for     goodness
"No use.  t, s di,.!."—Le Rire.
"1 would not say thut there will be
a boom—which no one wants to see
anywny—hut there will be a great increase in the legitimate mining development of the Siiniikameen during
the next few years, says  L.  Vi.  Shat-
I ford, M.P.P., who has recently concluded ii tour of inspect on of that
constituency. Mining profpecta in
Hint section     are exceedingly  bright.
, Several properties are being bonded,
end consiilcrnble outside capital will
be introduced this seisin. Tbe old
Fairview camp, which contains a i
large amount of low grade ore, is
showing unmistakable signs of renew- i
id  aettftty,   and   tins    same  develop
ment applies to other seeUoni ol the |
; district."
Joseph MarMn, an old timer well
known throughout the length and
breadth ol the upper country, went to
the old men's home at Kamloops last
week. Mr. Martin who hud attained
a ripe old age, was a very familiar
ligiirc in Clinton, and it wns with
genuine regret that friends saw bim
go from their midst.
Two Vernon men, Messrs. Robert
Conn and O.H. Shultz, have invented
'a new process for making brick, after
live years' work and experiment. A
patent has been Obtained in Canada,
und patents arc pending In the United
States and other foreign countries.
The new material has been named
"Conotollte." No cement lime or clay
Is used, and the bricks can he made
any rolored drslred. The ingredient*
consist of sand nnd contain chemicals
which are not costly, and It Is stated
that the finished product can be sold
I for less  tbun good facing  brick.
Between the unshaven   —
Safety Razor
Shaving with the GILLETTE is so quick and
easy that there is no temptation to neglect it—
and so smooth and comfortable that an after
dressing of soothing lotions is n-ot neceas-ary.
The GILLETTE shave is the choice of clean-cut,
self-reliant men the world over. The GILLETTE
face is a winner.
Standard Gillette Sell cost 15.0ft Ha^ Pocket
Edition* $5.00 to $6.00—L.uxurKmt C'omWatron
Seta bom $6.50 upward*. At Dnag, iereeeAry aod
Hardware Slorae. B I        n        It       ■
Gillette Safety Razor Co. oi Canada
The New Gillette Building        - Montreal
^Gillette* rAQB EIGHT
n. ——
WEDNESDAY,  JULY  22,   1911.
Gus  Erickson  of  Cranbrook.  was at
the Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday.
Mr .ami Mrs. E, I'. Ross ot Ross-
laud, spent Sunday in the city guests
at the King Edward,
,T. Williams of Three Valley, canio
to the city on Monday and registered   a  the  King Edward.
Among the guests at the Hotel
Revelstoke on Sunday were, -Mr. aud
Mrs. J. Gordon ami J.S. McKay of
Notice  is given  ia  the current  issue
ofthe B.C. Gazette that the Guardian
Trust Company has made registration under the provisions ol the Trust
Companies act,
This week's issue of the B.C. Gazette has., notice tee tin' effect that
tii'- Port Mann board m trade has
bee . Incorporated under the Benevolent Societies act.
Misses Goldle, Margaret and Kathleen Froraey arrived in Revelstoke on
•Saturday from St. Annea academy,
win:'' they have been pursuing their
studies leer the past seven yearsf
Tbey will spend their holidays in
Mrs.  T.   .1.   Wadman  and  Miss  Mur-
raj   'f RevelBtoke arrived in the city
on Sunday afternoon on :i holiday
-trip through tbe valley. They went
to Pentlcton Tuesday and expect to
return  !••      Kelowna to     spend some
time in i day or two.—Kelowna Record
".' J. Wadman, Dominion laud agent, came in from Revelstoke on Wednesday on business in connection witb
lie department. While here he Inspected the strip of land lying between the Dominion and Alexander
ior?.sites, that the boar.; il trade
are askinir to be set aside I u park
purposes.   -Golden  Star i
Tlie following tourists were reins
it the l leitel Revelstok ■ >n Sunday:—Frank 0. Wallace, Dubois Idaho; Mr. mil Mrs. A.S. Bolton, Sydney, Australia; M.S. Houghton, Ick-
lesham. Kng., Mr. and Mrs c. W.
Dike, San Francisco; Mrs *;* v.* ilaz-
elett, San Barnndo, Cal.; lames
Dri.l ly. Hew York;  Mrs ■    New
York. I
W. Vi. Foster, M P P .   •>■
:     r        'eel Ri
'turned   tee   tow ••   '.*•' dnesday,
•  the foil"-.:!: - da i tour
• >f the Columbia   v »i ' ester
wili !'•■ the guest of ah   Ma     irthy
near Wilmer, for a fe«   I lys    md will
1 iter attend tl of thc Al
pine cluii. winch meets I iar   in
. i  v.ihe- v iiiej   m   I   >  jl.—
Golden Star.
The m ii   ••■in.''         - evelstoke
Agricultural   tssociation particularly
request  the  ! in     the
sue ■ rra ■
ing comi                          . *       lend
spe>            rl towards ths
preserved fruits and tion an
unusual success this yeai ["he exhibits - rli • this section ar" to be fe.-. ex-
bibii          •   '•    • Vi si
m:-- ti»
the .• ...-.,
in this particular
'• •  n in I
of the B.i     Gazetl    •
*    • rra nted
River*! •
Vi,: • Ige Pitl
In:; 11,2
... .
Prince  Rupert
A Delicious Luncheon
Hut Chocolate with
Whipped Cream
served with the most
driii ious
Chicken Sandwiches
Batchelor's Delight
A fi esti fruit Sundae
Daisy Sundae
C. S. Oraddock of Nelsou, was in
the  city  on  Sunday.
I., t'. Kigg of Snwtille, California,
is at the King Edward.
.1. H. Shewry of Victoria, was at
the King  Edward on  Sunday.
.1. II. tllass of Penticton, was a
guest at the Hotel Revelstoke on
T. Kilpatrick left on .Sunday for a
visit to Sheep creek. He will probably  be away for two weeks."
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Bland and Mrs.
Jackson of Arrowhead, registered at
the King Edward on Sunday.
R. Christie came in from the Dig
Rend on Sunday, where he is surveying big timber leases, and registered
at the King Edward.
!•'. G. GrIfHth deputy minister of
public works, was in the city on Saturday and left on Sunday for Victoria. He bail been attending the Chall-
ko  Mika  celobration at  Nelson.
The Portland, Vancouver and Vic -
toria crews passed through the city
on Sunday mi their return to the
coast from attending the Chahko
Mika celebration at Nelson. The Portland crew won the senior four event.
Among the pioneers of Kootenay
who were in Mel son for the Chahko
Mika celebration, were W. 11. Skinner
Ferguson 1885; Dominic Gallicano,
Revelstoke ISS"; R. F. Green, Victoria 18S4; E. Corning, Kevelstoke, I8S5;
Jacob Fleshmann, Oolden. 1883; R.D.
McTavish, Golden, 1891; Edward Ma
thews, Golden.  IS97.
Vi. F. hammers, manager of the Adams River Lumber company. Chase. I
11. C. came up from Nelson Sunday
afternoon and left for the prairie the
same night. Mr. hammers states
ihat the company at present has
..limit .•In" men working at the Chase
mill. He expects a revival in the de-
mand  for  lumber this fall.
The present spell nf hot weather
which is being felt in most districts
ul the province, is giving officials of
tin- Forest branch of the provincial!
government some concern. As yet
ne- Berious outbreaks have been re-
forted by the rangers scattered oper
wide portions of territory.     The fact.
that  'a inj  i p' ■ bavi   got i    nto 1 he
Flathead country, prospecting for oil,
:•■■, t        \i     II.    D.   M icMillan,
chief forestei   th il there is great •'. in
flres oceun Ing In thi '   listrii t.
J. ll. Swanson, a colored man, ii>-
''■'!.ii i Police Magistrate Ham
llton yesterday mi rning, Charged
with stealing .i ride on i Can idian
Pacific railway tra n He ..
pected     if     -     •   . had
revolver      when  ordei
I been trai
.    . -: i   . to Mis-
sie.n   an.l   br
• idenl the
brakem ti       Hi
der  the  Vagrancv   let     V    M.r
was ill e Melland
George McD I ..--
r.e le.-.-.■
ing  that  i
ter  ui
been  rea
I   ,
Liu >n of this point a ting
•   |
A    H    fe-
loops        !	
" n 1 y ti
tion ol
•   .       i i - .  •..
H.   I
i st   bra if the provincial  govern -
ment, bas     bit upon a  novel
■ if making moving plctui • shows   do
propaganda     work     throughout the
province In connection with the cam
puign  to  protect  the  timbered
fn,in the ravages of flri     ife has had
prepar ■'! foui   lets ol beautiful slides
'which are   lenl  gratis to the proprie-
'    some    200   meiving picture
shows  throughout   British   Columbia,
The   majority  Of  such   shows  are   ]r, -
cated at frontier point-!, with timbered areas closely adjacent. The idea
is to get. the lesson taught by the
hIhIch before t.hoHe who frequent for-
ested areas. The slides are colored
views intended to be shown on the
screen while the moving picture operator is changing dims. The views
show scenes in the timber, and contain such admonitions uh "Don't forget to put out thc fire "
H. R. Ella is in the city.
11. IR. Ilsley of Armstrong,
the King Edward yesterday.
wus   at
Mrs. W. Hill of Rogers Tass, was
at the King Edward on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Martlet of Calgary
were guests at the Hotel RevclBtoko
Harry Ella of Victoria, is spending
a few days in the city, a guest at the
lintel Revelstoke.
Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Smith of Leth-
bridge, were among the guests at t\ie
King  Edward on  Sunday.
Rev. H. Jarvls of Vancouver, arrived in the city yesterday and tegis-
t.ered at the King Edward.
Excavation has been made on First
street from the lane at the side of
the Empress theatre to McKenzie
avenue for relaying the cement sewer
The new cement sidewalks on Third
street are now being laid. Nearly half
of the stretch Irom the court house
to McKenzie avenue has been completed.
D. D. England, superintendent of
provincial grounds arrived ln the
city on Sunday from Victorin and is
superintending the laying out of the
grounds surrounding the court house.
The loyal order of Moose are hold
. ing a  picnic  to     Albert  Canyon    on   interests.
! Sunday,   August  9,      The picnic will
| leave at S:15 a.m., returning at 5 p.
in.    A large number of     tickets have
been sold.
uty minister of publiCworkB, was lu
town last week. Mrs. Griffith is visiting friends nt Windermere.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Campbell and baby
left on Monday to spend two weeks
at Salmon Arm.
Paul Samson returned on Tuesday
from Albert Canyon where he hus
been holidaying.
Miss Warrington left ou TuOBday to
spend a few days with her aunt, Mrs.
liongard, at Chase, R.C.
Mr. F. N. Reid of the Bauk of
Oommerce staff, Kamloops, was u
visitor in town on Sunday.
Ed, Corning, proprietor of the Climax hotel, spent lust week lu Nelsou
renewing  old uctiuaintances.
Lillian Dettipiece returned from
Golden  last week,  where she has beeu
visiting Miss Bertha Evans.
Sam Sutherland returned on Monday from St. Leon, where he bas
been  having u short vacution.
Miss Christina und Margaret Wil -
son left on Tuesday for Three Valley
to visit their mother for a week.
Mr. und Mrs. Aduir uud fumlly of
Vancouver, are visitors of Mr. ainA
Mrs. Bert Keegan of Fifth street,
Mr. T. Kilpatrick uud son ure iu
Nelson for a few duys. Mr. Kilputrick
is on business concerning his mining
Two Big Events
The Merchants' Picnic
Everyone will be well dressed and well shod that takes
advantage ol the oreat bargains we are offering
$40 Suits $27.50
$25 Suits      17.50
$18   Suits      12.75
$6 Men's Oxfords, all leathers. . 3.95
Mr. und Mrs. Harry Bews, Miss Eva
Thompson and Mr. Reginuld Duterson
are spending a few weeks ut St. Leon
hot springs.
The following tourists were registered at the Hotel Revelstoke on
Monday W.H. Duncan, Tbelnia Duncan and Mary Duncan, Regina; Miss
I1,. Sibbald, Mrs. and Miss Dchlunk,
IS.t.  Paul;  Hugo Schlunk,  Cloquet.
J. O'Leary, who hud luid a charge
of criminal libel against W. iH. Uo-
hannan in connection with an item
published in the Review, this morning
with the permission of Police Magistrate Hamilton, withdrew the charge.
H.G. Garner, who advertised in tho
Mall-Herald that he had for sale Blng
and Royal Ann cherries grown on his
ranch on Grecly creek road, sold S00
lbs. of the cherries in Revelstoke. It
puys to advertise in the Mail Herald.
Vi. R, Calloway, general passenger
agent [pr tlie Boo line and considered
the greatest advertiser on the continent, passed through the city on Sat-
lirday.    He   was   met   at   the   train   by
J.M.   McKay,  T.   Kilpatrick,  A.   Mc-
ee'      md     A        J.     Mel   11.
Donald H.   Granl   and   John Hill
appeared      before'      Police  Magistrate
Hamilton this morning charged under
igrancj act and were each given
10 'minutes t.e. leave town,     Pat Cun-
• i     who appeared on a similar
and   haei  evidently   been   drmk-
ivily,    was remanded  feer femr
la rs.
irists i egistered   at
the Hotel  Revelstoke yesterday were
A     Douglas,   Frank   J.     White,
trud Island;     Mr.
Mrs   i'.K    Ear
M. Mr.  and   Mrs   l leor ;e
.■     Mi.   and   Mrs.
fork;   Mr.   and     Mrs.
Hutch:- !g;   Mr,
■!.   Mr. and
I).   l\,wer
fiardner. I:
Edited  I      '•' Lawrence
lone I
>^i^Hi^B| spent
'   'I .
Mr.-      P.   Kilp
lay for
... bol
'.1 r  i       i        . |
l lece 'ne    spending
e It.'*
Mrs,  J.w.  Madden of Third street
anil  little  girl  are on a  month's  visit
to 'lie coast.
Mr,   Ul.  McKay and Mi   Alex  Me
Dae are 'it Golden anil Splllime
■ in a short trip.
Mr. J. Purvis ims almost recovered
from   hill   recent   accident   and   lias   re
turned to work.
Mr.   .I.E.  Griffith,  formerly  „f Ool
den,   now  chief engineer  for  the  prov-
llnclal  government,  Victoria,  and  dep
Pete Levesiiue, an old timer here, is
wearing a broad smile these days.
The cause is a nine-pound hoy, boru
on Friday lust.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lummers, of
('base, were in RevelBtoke on Sunday
returning from the Chahko Mika celebration at Nelson.
The hostesses at the luwn tennis
court on Suturduy afternoou were
Mrs.  R.H.  Urnuhurt,  Misb  Uriiuluirt
and Miss Procunier.
Capt. Robertson of the steamer
Bonnlngton, brought the record number of passengers for the season up
the lake on Sunday.
Mrs. Hanbiiry and daughter of Victoria, formerly residents of Revelstoke, arrived in town on Sunday on
i'  visit to Mrs.  It. Laughton.
Mrs. Purvis and daughters left ou
Tuesday for the coast to visit Mrs.
Purvis' sister, Mis. Solowuy for tbo
remainder of the school vucution.
Miss Mary Paget is visiting her sister Mrs. Griihh at Golden. Her friend
.Vliss Jenkino, who has beeu visiting
tor a month returned to Calgary.
Mr. Miller, public school inspector,
returned on Sunday night from Vancouver, where he has been helping in
ihe marking of the entrance examinations,
Rev. and Mrs. J.W. Stevenson ure
at Penticton for two weeks, visiting
Mrs. Stevenson's people. From 'there
they journey to Vuncouver for a
' ouple id weeks.
Mr.  >i.  R.  Lawrence was the guest
I    Mr.   and      Mis.   .).    A.  Bertois on
Thursday   at their    beautiful  summer
t'.ii.'"   .it       Christina   lake      in   the
Grand Forks district.
Mrs.  X    I!.   Brown   returned   on Sun-
.      M-eee,      ,,      V | -  ! t     f,,     N. I ■ | S , 111 ,     wlll'l'l'   Sill'
IW   the      Chahko     Mika   celebration.
es   much      impressed     with  the
nt  roses, trim lawns and well
• irdens "f Nelson.
■ "ti .in old Revelstoke boy
was in the city un  Sunday  with    the
"V7" 1 j^CT*   it  looks  as if everyone was to get a pair .if
-■- J—'VJ  Oxford;-  or  Pumps   at   this   Sale   but   there
are  plenty   of yood ones left if you don't wait too long.
forranins Mid=Summer Sale B7raall
Phone Your Orders to No. 28
Prompt Delive y
A. H. 0. Seltzer   for a big head or
Five Big Rexall Talcums at. each
sick stomach.. .25c, 50c ami $1.25
Rexall Liver Salts   a delightful and
healthful effervescent, 35c, 80c *l
Kno's Fruit Suit   Foi hot weather.
Dawn Linen NoteHuper, a box 25c
2 boxes lor 30c
A Face Chamois given FREE with
stock about exhausted.
each Talcum purchase.
The %&*odlJL Sic
.1.11.A.A. rowing club of which he is beautifully arranged; the booths were
row a member. Mr. Simpson was i rtlstically decorated and the whole
formerly of the Canadian Pacific rail- thing was a brilliant success. The
way engineering staff here. i total receipts     Were    $'J5,  thirty-five
! dollars alone being made at the tlow-
Mrs. C. II. Paget will not receive on Lr booth.   This Bower booth was     a
Friday the 2 Ith  nor again until Sep-  m08t beautiful sight.   Two baskets of
Mrs. Hurray Hume will not. receive
on Thursday the 23rd nor again until
Mrs. CF. Llndmark returns today
from Albert Canyon win re she has
been spending a few weeks, guest of
Mrs.   Carlson.
Mrs. Coultbard of
Rowers, sweet peas and angels breath
made by Mrs. UN. Coursier, and
picked from hei own garden, were
works ot art and were very much admired. Th" Pierrots contributed
largely to the enjoyment of the eveu-
ing with their solos and choruses.
There were eight of them dressed
"niftily" in true plerrot fashion
namely the Misses Parker, Urquhart
ixth street, bas   Procunier  and   McCarter  and  Messrs
Empress  Theatre
11,e' \l    ni    L, up ii i| Lady"
in i v.       *       Second  "f  the
Lady Rafflfs Series
••'lii'  Kidnapped Pugilist
"lll.H    I .1 .   •■!       i  i . .'.I    III-     Mel bei
Last night  e.i ii,.- famous  Vnl-
iriiire- Comedians. Tl "I t be
■•       tcl        si    II III < ll v
■Win iii tin ee big pni im. By
the Oreatesi Plctun I 'ompany
in ib.- World, Inl Bison win,
employ Thousand* of Indians,
Hem i . mid Flowers     eii ams
"Sketched from Life   My M.imi
"Leo i be Indian'
"The vVreokei 'et Lives   :: pai I ■
"Slim beiKiiie-. a Detective'
Pathe  Weekly
M. <*-   Weekly,   nil   Hi,    news   of
Hi it Isb Coin in bia.
Vaisn vh. O'Leary,   Friday m-xi
Vancouver Pageant
Revelstoke National Park Auto
id,.ni in plotures.
Cleopatra in N reels
Sir   I'ieee  I Irchestrn.
as  visitor ber  two  sisters  the  Misses
Myrtle nml run Trethewey of Vancouver. They are students at Brue-
niar college for girls at Vancouver,
ind     will spend   the remainder of the
holidays m Revelstoke. i
The   Misses   Colilie,   Margaret       and
Kathleen Fromey, daughters of E.G.
Fromey, returned home on Saturday*'
from Ne» Westminster, where they
bave been attending St.. Anns ncade-
my. Thev were visiting friends at
New Westminster leaving the convent
mil al Vancouver en route. i
Mrs. ii Ralph Lawrence entertuin-
i d about 30 girls at a birthday party
given in bonor of her daughter, Mar-
mil. Oarr.es on the lawn were played
until the suppei hour, when the "real
party" started, all sitting down to
small tallies spread with good things
on the wide verandahs. After supper
p.ames and dancing were Indulged lu
t'i Hie  music  of  the  Victrola. j
Allwood.  Hawker,     Allan   and   Boyle
HELP WANTED—Agents wanted to
sell our fruit tree stock. Apply Roy-
al Nurseries, Ltd., 207 Hastings
street  W.,   Vancouver,   B.C.      2t.np
WANTED—Clean cotton rags, 5c, per
lb. paid at Mail-Herald Office.
FOR    RENT— Rooms   to rent   with .
board.   Near    post otfice,   excellent
cook,    moderate     terms.        Apply
S. Gale, Rokeby avenue.        t.f.n.p.
FOUND—A bunch of keys was picked
up this week near the school. Information as to finder can be obtained by applying to Mail-Herald,
office and paying for this advertisement.
FOR SALE—New four-hole cooking
stove with reservoir. Western Green
Apply S. Gale,   Rokebv Av.    t.f.n.p.
bred laying chickens, price $1 each.
Write P.O.  Bo*  1<>'.>. J.29.np.
The     ciiinmitt.ee     in charge ol tbe '      ^_^^^_^^_^_^^^_^^^^_^
Bower booth  al   the summer   estival  ' K(JR   gALBWr~ do~ n^om^'pure
nt   St.   I'eter's   church,   wish   to   thank
Mi   Pottrufl and Mr. Haley for  their |
I. iiiibiieiiie     donations of flowers, and        ^_^i^i^_^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^—
all those     who sent Howers, some of   LOHT-On Saturday. One Black Kit-
the    donors literally stripping    their (    ten-     Reward If returned to      Dr.
gardens,   Tl nmmlttee     in    charge
were the same as advertised with the ,
exception of the    candy     cotnmittee,
Mrs.     Middleton     serving instead of ,
Mrs.  Morris, who was unable to   at- -
1 beg to thank the members of the
various     committees,  the Band,  the
' ladies who bad charge of the booths
owing to the unsettled weather, the   end all those who helped to make tbe
garden party of     St. Peter's churcb   St. Peters church summer festival on
was     turned into a summer festival    Monday such a success.
end held  in the opera house.       The 0. A. PROCUNIER,
committee In     charge hud everything Rector.


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