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The Mail Herald Aug 14, 1909

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Further Particulars of Tuesday's
Fatal Fire-Archie Hickling's
Heroism-Julius Fuerst's Awful Death-Probing Mystery
The following details of tbe Okanagan hotel lire last Tuesday are taken
from tbe Vernon News:
No more appalling disaster bas ever
been recorded in the annals ol this
province than tbecatastropbe of Tues
day morning, when tne Okanagan
Hotel was destroyed by tire aud eleven
helpless victims perished in the Haines.
A sickening pall ol gloom rests over
the city, and nothing that can confront tbe eye from the printed page
will convey any adequate conception
of the horror and agony which has
been caused by thia terrific calamity.
I ^About a quarter to two o'clock the
lire bell pealed out its alarm and
those citizens wbo rushed to tbeir
windows saw by the rellection on the
sky that a big blaze had sprung up on
Baroard Avenue. lu a few minutes
the lire brigHde was on the scene, but
from the start it was apparent, that
nothing whatever could be done towards saving the building, and the
etfoits of the fire lighters would bave
to be confined to preventing the lire
from spreading.
The Okanagan Hotel, owned by Al-
bers it Sigalet, was a large brick-
veneered building situated on the corner of Barnard avenue and Vance
street, with stables aud outbuildings
cxteuding back in the reai to Troiim-n
street. Fortunately it bad no neighboring buildings to tbe west, several
viicant lots intervening between it and
tbe posl ollice. Ooubly fortunate also
was it that the night was calm, for
had a brisk breeze been blowing it
would bave beeu a matter of extreme
difficulty to prevent the lire from
spreading. As it was, the embers and
tlakes of burning shingles fioated off
in the air to incredible distances, some
being even found at Long Lake over
two miles away Irom tbe sceue of tbe
conflagration. A row of big shade
trees, wbicb surrounded tlie hotel on
tw. sides, further served to keep back
tbe beat from the buildings across the
street, their heavy foliage acting as a
very effective screen for a time during
tbe hottest part of the fire.
The orieiu of the blaze iB aB yet
unknown, all sorts ol theories being
advanced to account for it. According
tu tbe story of Constable Bailey, be
was standing in front of the Majestic
Cafe along witb the night manager,
Mr. King, who drew tbe policeman's
attention to a dicker of llame down
the Btreet. The constable ran down
to the hotel wheae he says he found a
blaze in the front hall ol tbe building,
already blazing and the Names were
shooting up Irom the roof. More
light on tbis point will no doubt be
given at the inquest later.
Constable Bailey furl Imi Hays that
at eleven o'clock he found a drunken
man on the sidewalk in front of the
hotel, and put him intu the hall (not
the one where thu lire was discovered;;
be looked in about hall an hour later
aud found him still asleep on the
lluor. It iH considered possible that
tbis mail may have started tbe lire,
and it is likely that his body is the
one that still remains unidentified.
If this ia the case, he would be alive
today bad be been taken to the police
When the liiemen arrived on the
scene prompt measures were taken Ht
once to rescue tbe inmates of the
blazing building. The stairs and hulls
were roaring alleys ol llame, but the
broad verandahs which ran along the
front afforded a means ol egreHs to the
occupants ol the rooms. There were
upwards ol Bixty people in the hotel
that uight, and in the contusion and
tumult it was impossible to know if
had escaped; but a rumor soon
circulated among the crowd ol citizeua
who lined the etreet that young Julius
Fueret, a step-son of Mr. Sigalet, one
ol the proprietors, waa still in Unbuilding. A few iiiiuiieiiiH later be
appeared at the window ol hia room in
the rear, and with a sen-am jumped
through the llanieH to the ground. He
appeared to light od bis heels, and
with mother screech ol agony, mink
backwards   into   the bbi/.e which was
shooting out lor many led boyotid the I wilh aii spaces Hulled wilh sawdust,
the contour of the bead being iu this
case fairly intact. A peculiarity in
the jaw alsu made it possible to identify tbe remains ol Jaa. Anderson, a
young man known and esteemed by
many Iriends under the familiar name
of " Scotty," who drove J. W. Olover's
baker wagon.
As lar as known the victims were
all unmarried men and several ol
them were strangers iiijthe city. Gannett and McKay wero young Englishmen who had arrived the previous day
(rom Calgary to work on the Roman
Catholic Church. I'hey had occupied
the same lied and their remains were
found together 011 the charred unit
troHB, they having evidently been
smothered in their sleep. Wilbur
Smith, .las. Anderson and (ieo. Belt-
gaHi were well known here, and  wm.
Cook wiih hiiltbi'i'i'd who had pitw-
peoted and winked for the ranchers
liere for many years.
In the llospiiul are .seven mit.'ci'i-i's
whoHe names an* as folloWHt Patrick
11 il Tl me, Thos, Hall. SlUUIlul Seal, Thos.
Abbot, Robert Eoathers, Michael
Stiiubir, .ind Win. Nichol Is,
Me. NIoIioIIb, ol Nloholla A Oro/.ter.
plumbers, jumped from tlm third
storey ami sustained Internal Injuries
In addition to severe burns; M. 9l_.ru-
dai' also jumped nml injured his spine;
ibe others arc more or less Heveeely
burned, but. it. is not. 1 bought that any
of Ihem is in sei ions danger, ami all at
present doing as well  as could he
1)1'. Morris, lhe coroner, Iiiin Hiini-
iiioiied a jury and Is holding jlii Investigation. Premier MoBiide has
telegraphed to Prioe Ellison, M.P.P.,
his expression of sympathy in tho
great disaster,
The theory is advanced thai   many
of the victims were rendered unconscious  in   Iheir lieds  liy  tlm  iioxiiiUK
gases arising from the burning of tho
11 n<ili-iti 11 mi lhi' Knot's and 1 lie oilcloth
with whioh tho walls were covered,
Tin OKiiuagan hotel seems io havo
been a fairly good Ibe trap as the brlok
veneer encased a  wooden   framework
building. It was impossible to gel
near I im, ami in a few moments the
wall fell, covering him with burning
Before   tbis,   however, yeoman service bad   been   done by A. C. WiUon
and others; who  pushed ladderB thru'
the (lames, and  rushed into the upper
storey getting out the waiter girls and
the   Sigalet   family.     Mra.     Sigalet
fainted on   the verandah and was got
down with   great   difficulty  by H. H.
Deane   of   the   "Dreamland" moving
picture   company.     Kvery member of
tbe fire brigade exerted  himself to the
utmost, and C. 0. Mcltae, of the Royal
Bank, waB prominent among the citizens who lent   their   assistance in the
work of rescue.     But the hero ol  the
nigbt waa Archie Hickling, one of the
hoarders, who gave   his life in the service of   humanity.      He had all thru'
tbe first terrible acenes of the fire been
among the moat  active in the woik of
rescue, and with Mr. Sigalet bad made
two trips   into   the burning building,
each time bringing out a child. When
he came out   on the aecond  occasion
bis shirt was blazing ou bis hack, and
he was evidently suffering from tevere
burns;   just   then   oue of   tbe waiter
girls appeared screaming at an upper
window.     "I'll get ber or I'll die," he
exclaimed.     Darting into the hellish
cauldron ol llame, smoke and noxious
gaees, he reached  the girl and got her
out through  the  window, whence she
was speedily rescued; but heroic Hickling sank   back   into tbe pit of   death
and was seen no   more   alive.    Honor
to his   memory!     He waa an obscure
laboring   man   here;   hut    who   can
measure tbe greatness of hia character,
or estimate tbe glory ot the reward to
which he haa passed?
In the meantime four streams ol
wiiler were kept plying on the Royal
Hank on the oppo8ite coruer, and on
the wooden buildings across the street
wbicli were smoking and sizzling in
the heat and threatened at any moment to burat into tlaineB Within a
few minutes, however, the outer wall
and roof of the hoi el fell in with a
craab, and the heat of the fire was
then considerably mitigated. In less
than an hour it was all over, and
nothing remained but smouldering
Nothing approachiug to a realization of tbe full gravity of tbe catastrophe had as yet, however, dawned
upon tbe crowd, and the citizens
sought their homes saddened indeed
by the thought that young Fuerst
had periBhed, but utterly unprepared tor theappaling discovery wbicb
was revealed next moron g when a
gang of men was put at work by the
city removing the ruins. Within a
few minutes after they started raking
over tbe ashes a horribly gruesome
eight waa revealed as body alter body
waa diacovered until the charred and
blackened remains of eleven victiniB
were brought to light. Theee bodies
were in an undescribable condition,
nearly all of them bearing little real tbe foot of ibe stairs, and at once semblance to human remains. LegB
turned in the alarm. !and  arms   were   burnt   ofr   and  the
In contradiction to this statement blackened trunks presented a horrible
several people say that they heard and ghastly appearance. The body of
screams and shouts several minuteB FuerBt wttB easily identified from its
befure   the   alarm   sounded, and that 'position, while that of Wilbur  Smith
....   1, .«._. __.   ij- tbe carpenter foreman for W. E. Cry-
wben the   bell rang   the building was , . ' '       ," , .   , . "r    ., '
,     , ° derman, was recognized by his brother,
City Council Grants $200—Repairs to the Flume to Start
Immediately—-No Complaints
at Court ot Revision
Some special business was taken up
at the meeting ot the city council
called aa a court of revision on the
cement sidewalk by-law on Wednesday
evening. Une item waa a grant ol
$200 to the Trades and Labor Council
towards the Lahor Day celebration.
Another was a resolution to repair
the Hume tu tbe power house that
waB waahed uut laat tpring.
The mayor and all the aldermen
were present except Aid. Stone.
MesBra. Kempster and Mathie appeared ae a delegation from the trades
and lahor council tuwarda the Labor
Day celebration.
Aid. Kimberley moved that a grant
of $200 be given.
The mayor said that the members
ol the tradeH and labor council were
moBtly rateyayera and ahould go into
tbe matter with their eyeB open. The
hasia on which they went laat year
was that every thousand dollars taken
out of the city treasury meant an
extra mill in taxation, ao that this
amount would mean two-tenths of a
Aid. Pradolini seconded Aid. Kim-
berley'a motion for a if-iOO grant, and
it carried unanimously.
The mayor reminded the delegates
that tbe agricultural show would he
held on the Oth and tenth of September aoon after labor day. They had
been well treated hy the council, and
be hoped they wouid turn in and help
tbe lair.
Mr. Kempster promised that they
would do what tbey could to assist it.
He thanked the council for tlieir
kiudnesB, and promised that tbe
money would he wil used.
Robert Tapping, who waa present,
said he had Sent in a letter that be
would like to have dealt with.
The mayor said tbey were only
dealing with special business and the
letter would hav; to be held over till
the regular meeting.
Mr. Tapping uttered bia thatika,
put on his bat, and walked out.
Tenders were opened for the building of the uew aeptic tank aa follows:
T. F. Sinclair, $5,880; W. A. Foote,
$5,750; C. B. Fromey, $5,3110.
The tenders were left for further
consideration at the regular meeting
ol tbe council tu he held next Friday
The mayor brought up the question
ol the ity Biipplying house connections to the sewerage wilh 4 inch pipe.
The city haa already let the contract
for 7,000 feet of 1 inch pipe to go to
the end uf the lots.
It was resolved to leave the matter
tu the I'ublic Wurks committee to
bring iu a recommendation to the next
meeting of tbe council.
Aid. Kimberley complained about
tbe manner in which nonet, of the Vs
were being put in for house connec
tion. Some nf them were out of line
with tbe plumbing in the bouses al
together, and would cause great inconvenience and expense to the property
The mayur said that while the
engineer had a fixed plan for laying
the Ya, tbey had been varying tbem
all the time to suit the convenience uf
Summer Cooking
We have a few Gasoline and Coal Oil Cook
Stoves left with ovens for same if desired. These are
wry nice to use in the hot weather, as they save luel
and do not heat up tho house.
Aid. Kimbe-rley said he bad heard
that the engineer bad actually rcfuaed
to allow the Vs to be placed where
they were moat convenient. If the
engineer did that kind of thing it was
time they gol someone else.
The mayor next called attention to
the Hume at the power house. He
pointed oui lhat aa lhe water waa
gelling low il was touiid that thu temporary llunie did not npply Hiillicient
power, and they had been compelled
lo use the gus engine at nights of late.
They should put in the DO leet washed
oui and repair the old Hume, and save
that expense. Hy pulling ou six or
seven men liny could rush it through
in a couple of days.
On motion of Aid. Macdonald and
Kimberley it wiih resolved that the
chairman of lhe water and light coin-
mitlee be authorised to  proceed    witb
the construction ol the So (net ol Qumt
washed out.
The mayor miid lhal while at the
cnant he had taken up lhe matter of
tlie insurance of the power plant with
the underwriters They had raised
it Irom $| 00 to $2.1)0 a thousand on
aooounl ol the HHM engine. He had
pointed mil to Ihem thai il was absurd
as   llie   K'is   engine    was only like -o
much cold iron.    Thuy bad promised
lo look inIn the mailer with a view
to itH udjiistinenl.
The ('"Hit ol Revision wiih duly
sworn and called. Oity Olerk Lawson
siiid that though it, had been advertised and the plans hail been on exhibition for three weeks, there had
not been a single complaint written
or verbal.
Ah there was nothing to deal with
tho oourt adjourned
Fire Chiefs Convention
The convention ol lire chiefs ol
liriliHh Oolumbia is to be held this
year iu Revelstoke ou Kept. 1 and 2.
VV, A. Finite, tho local lire cbiel, ami
ciinimiit.ee am busy noikiug arrangements, and It is their wish to send the
visitors away with u good Impression
of   Revelsloke   hospitality,      It is expected that about forty lire chiefs from j
all parts ol tbe province will be bore.
Remember we  are  agents  for   McClary's  Stoves
including the Saskalta, Pandora and Kootenay Ranges.
These stoves .-ire in   use  in  the  best homes  in
proving   that   good people
You will mike  a
appreciate ;i   good thing.
C             I      ' .1	
,'■   - ,--, ...... gw*.        J  -\..^J ,. V. ,,|>|>l_.ll.,L._.       IX ^ V." V.'..I      Ll 1 I I Ifo .
You will in ike a mistake if you do not purchase ;i
range ol us when you need one, as there is nothing
to equal them.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc.,
rents, Camp Equipment, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle and a full line of Groceries and Fruits,
S Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
The Picture tells a Story
Now its a Two Piece Suit Sale.     Just the left-overs
or our own choice stock
per een
KST___BI_JMIP.Il   18(11
b. k. walkir, Prudent Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
iiXIAHDEE LA1KD, General Manager     Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Tbe uew Traveller*,  Cheques re ■ ■■       uued bj '-Ins Rank are * most t-onvenieat
way in which lo carry money whei     -      ii p<    I he) are issued In dgpoariaaiic— oi
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
aad tba exart amount payable Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France,
Gcrmuy, Great Britain, Holland, Italy. Norway, Kussia, .Sweden
and Switzerland la stated . • lhe U. e of etch cheque, while in other countries
Ittmj a_ra payable at i-un-eni rtXmt
Tbo cteqaM aad ail information rrj;nnli!iK lliem mAy be obtained al  every
at Iho  Bank. '"'
.unl good • oi-. \ ■ • in inl ii ii'iiiiini
n phone ordei - ns pel -in il ones -
Dry-picked  Poultry,
Iiiiiii quality, i-l'-.ini-i surroundings
mil lower prices than elBuwhoie.
Por all-round goodness your 8 ••_* !> $
will wm k h.iiil for you hero,
Hausiifftu    .unl    (looked    Mi-.u     .i
I"" i.iliv.     Hours  crushed   tor yuur
chicken- daily.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
An i-iiili .i vnr wun inmle to have I Westminster. An one of the objects
thein come ben'tlie week of the Agri- ,,( ihe convention is to discuss im*
cultural Fair, but that week had been d        ^     ,  ,, ,„,     liri, tll(;
Bet wide for a general  inciting of lire, °      fe      '
Oblefaol the I'.icilic uniist iit Se.ittle, obi*>' ls » very worthy one, und it IS
to thut the data hud to lie ohanged., boped tbat tlm Oouncil may encourage
The convention   met laat year In New] tha convention by some aid, TH E-MAIL -HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc fll>ail=1bcvalb.
satobday at
revelstoke. b. c.
interior publisbing Company
Subscription   Rates
Including postage to England, United States
ami Canada.
Bt tbe vear (through postoffloo].
Hair  ' ;;
Quarter "
.   1.1(0
J >B   RINTIXG promptly executed at reason'
able rate?-.
IKSMrf—t'a.-h.   Subscriptions payable in ad
Legal noticeb 10cents pit line tlr.it Insertion,
S cents per line each subsequent Insertion
Measurement* Sonpariel iri lines make one
inch]. Store and general bUSlnosH announcements $2.50 per Inch per month.
Preferred positions, 25 per cent, ad*
dithc&L Birth-. Marriages and Deaths,
fiOc,   eacb  Insertion,
Land notices $7.50 All advertisements
subject ttithe approval of the management.
Wanted and Condensed Advertisements;
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted, sit na tiun- Vacant, Teachers
Wanted, Mechanic* Wanted, 1" words or
less 25c., each additional line io cents,
i banges in standing advertisement* must
belnoyS EL m. lliesday and Friday of
o*ch week to weure good display.
i IRRESPOXDKNCK Invited on matters of
public Interest, Communications to Kdi*
tor mu-t be Accompanied liy name ol
writer, not iiwr.-.arily fo publication, but
a- evidence of good Faith, Correspondence
should be brief.
be had at a bargain.
Fruit  Land one and a half
miles Irom   Revelstoke, to
OfTlCES :   Imikhiai. Hank Hi li.niMi lUvm.-
Money io loan.
Officer-: KuvcUwku, II i      Cranbrook, II, C,
lino, ri. Mi.H'AllTKll
\.  M.   I'INKIIAM J. A.  llAllVKY,
Revelatoko, Cranbrook, li. t'.
Solicitor, ile.
Solicitor fon-
Thk Canadian Bank on Commerce,
The Molsons Bank, Etc.
1,l)U!'.KT SMITH
I'loviin i.ii I.nnd Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 100, Revelstuke
C.  W.  O   W
Mountain View Camp, No. 119
Moots  Second mul   Fourth  Wcdnm-daya In
each mould, in Selkirk Hull.   Vi-il in   woodmen oordlally Invlled io intend.
JulIN UAHI.SON, Con, Coin.
J. MtlKTVKE, Clork.
F. O. E.
Tbe r*k'iilar meetings are held in tbo Selkirk
Hall ewjry -ud aud ito   Tuesday  uvquiuk   at li
o'clock ■   Visiting brethren oordlally invited.
T. J. walsh. President.
Kootonay Lodge, No. 16, A. F. & A. M.
A.1M   __
Tbo regular iiwnt-
UlgS are hold iu tbe
U i r.'ii'.u    H ,  ■   ..ii
Hie third Monday iu
earli mouth at f
p.m. Visitiug breth
reu cordially wel
SELKIRK LODUK 12, 1.0,0. F.
Meets flfory Tiiurs-
day  evening  iu   Set-
kkirk Uallai 8 o'clock
  _   PVisiting brethreu are
cordially iurlted to atteud.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, D. C.
except lmrd Wednesday o
each mouth, iu •■ 'ddfeUows1
Hall at a i'cl ick. Visiting
Knigbts arc c trdially   nvltud.
SMITH, 0. C.
G. H. BROi K. K   of R. A S.
J   B. SCOTT, il. ol F.
Zbc nDaiUll^evalb
QA APRPQ Parl'y improved, two miles
OU nl/rlLO from Revelstoke. Will sell
live stock and implements.
2ApppQ   with    river   frontage;    good
"vllLO  land, partly cleared and close
to the city.
It would peem  at   this period as
il the Becond and permanent growth
uf mining in British Columbia had
Ht   last   really   begun.     In  most
countries   tbe   history   of mining
■ ■ me  to I"' analag ius to tbat ol
new i itiee. They Btart with a In om
they f»ii to realise exaggerated ex-
. •  • itioni an I fall ''.it.    They lie
i .in mt  I ii   i   : imbet ol   ye in
and '.'.'!   '  ■ i   real    ind   natural
l ibilitiec   an    wci rtained    and
the -i" ond lealthtul  ^r. •-.-. I h
:.-.   'Ilu-   v.;i-   the  lii-tor   of
Winnipeg an i '■ .ii ivi i  no- «.i ■
the history ol [arming in the
prairie provini es, and wi belii b
i.-" that it will prove io be the
history ,,f ihe raining industry in
British Columbia, I he recklessness with w In- I. ii "iiey v.ii- poured
into mining projects in thi_- province in the early years wiII he well
reiiieiiil'i'i'iil. The iir wan full of
plunging and wildcnlting and dis-
aster and depression inevitably
followed, A- a result main minet
that  with careful  working might
Htill   be   lu.oh'   lu   pay,   have   lain
dormant for year*.
But we now -eeiii to have almut
reached (he renascent period, The
new mine- at Sheep (reek have
more Hum made good, lhe Le Ilii
is lo he deepened and further de-
vetoped   Ibe t inenwood sraeltoi i-
WOrking   again     tin;   Mueller-    ill
Trail and Grftnbj hnve heen on-
larged and are running full b'ast.
All iiiin, too, at n time when metals
are at about the lowest ligure on
record. W. II. Aldrich, managing
director of tbe Consolidated Mining
nml Smelting Company, commenting on the situation, says that one
of the most satisfactory signB of
the times is the wny that money is
coming in lo open up old properties about tin- richness of which
there has never heen any dispute,
but which have for various reasons
lain idle for the past few years.
The fact that. United IStntes capitalists are coming in to take over
these properties, not to use them
as a basis of stuck jobbing operation.'-:, but to operate them, shows
that they realize their value. Ks-
pecially is this so in regard to
silver lead mines.
This second growth of mining
seems as yet pretty well confined
to the Kootenay and Boundary
country, bill it is sure to spread to
other pur..- of the province. With
a rise in the price of metals which
is sure to come, it would spread
rapidly, and Kevelstoke as the first
gateway and outlet from the Kootenays to the north, must be the lirst
place to feel the effects of that
prosperous overflow. Already there
are signs of an awakening here,
i'rospeclors have been busier than
usual in the Big Bend country this
year and only lately a gang of men
was taken up to develop the mica
mines in that district. One of the
men who returned last week eaid
that the richness of these mines
had surprised him. It seems indeed to be only a question of getting in supplies and getting out
tbe product satisfactorily. Once let
the mining activity get a good beginning and it will spread. The
development of one mine will
blaze thu roads and clear the way
for the opening of others. This
time operations will not he of the
spasmodic and speculative character they were before. They will he
carried on by practical men who
have guaged the possibilities and
will see to it that something more
than a dollar is returned for every
dollar expended, hike the renascence of farming in the Northwest
in the first years of the century,
the second growth of mining in
British Columbia will bring with
it belter men and more capita.,
and they will come
...____.__. .:~J»m-~
WHEN    VOU    l-UV    8.DAI
Samuel (tampers   ol   the Ame
can Federation of Labor, who has
just returned from a visit to the
old country, makes some interesting observations on the tipping
system so prevalent there and on
the transatlantic steamers. He is
authority for the rather startling
statement thai the stewards on the
big liners are not allowed to keep
their tips, but have to hand the
money over to the company that
employs them. He tells ol one
passenger who refused to give the
usual tip, but said to the steward,
"If you will start a movement to
abolish the tipping system, and
make the company pay you decent
wages instead, 1 will give $25 towards it at once." It reminds us
of another American in London
who us he stepped out of a hansom
was greeted by a small boy who
hold out his hand for u tip after he
had paid lhe cabman. "Why,
what have you done?" asked lhe
visitor. "Please sir," replied the
urchin, "I saw you get into the
cab." This was the gentleman
| who as he was sailing away yelled
to the crowd on the dock. "If there
is a man. woman or child in this
country that I haven't tipped, let
them speak now. It is their last
The tipping evil is. however, by
no means confined to the old country. It is a tribute too often levied
from travellers in this country.
In sleeping cirs, in diners, in hotels
and on steamboats the system
prevails, and the man who can
give the biggest tip generally gets
the best service. It is a system
that works out with no equity and
is based on no business principle.
When a man buys his ticket and
pays for his accommodation he
should be entitled to service as
good as that of anyone else who I
travels o'i the road; but under the
tipping sy.-l.'m the man who can I
afford to scattei i.irgess among the :
employee- is apt to be fawned on ,
to the neglect of others, lt is unfair to the uien. It promotes competition ior places where tips can
lie ol'tained. and leads to lower
wages, which the employee willingly accepts in the   bo] • he i in
ercome a    lei    "-   I     the bribes
he may receive for favor- rendered.
It   can   be   Been   that tbe rewards
under such a  system cannot
all in   accordance   with the merits
.  .■    ■    ■ ent man
thai   the berths
The mnRt Frequent disappointment
in buying smlns is in finding them flat
in taste nml old in appearance. You
never find that in Foley's Sodas.
We make 1'nley'* > i lm thu dnv lli ■>• ure sliippoil. No shipping from
pileil-up olil sini-k  -.ill ir.'-i  -mul.-llie day I hoy go nut.
Wi-  ship  only   in   in ii-i.ur,--pi-,i.if.  dint-proof,   nlr-prool tin palls.
Foley's midas  reu-li  ynur linm- ill  exactly  lie--mn.  pirloot,   trcsh,
swei-'t. palatable ('»i litin-i i i iv lifili i'i -v leave IH i lui-ttiry.
Folt'vs are well-flavored, vvoll-mado and properly packed fresh sodas.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
are kept clean and sweet, and that
everything is convenient for the
table service, but whose modesty
withholds him from putting forth
his hand, will be worse paid than
the less efficient man, who bustles
around the millionaire, and who
jingles the silver bits in his pocket
as a reminder to him before he
rises from the table. I'ruler such
a system plausible cheek grows
rich, wbile modest merit pines in a
shady background.
The remedy seems to lie in transportation companies paying their
employees wages that will render
them independent of tips, and
posting up notices to the effect that
any servant found taking a tip
shall be discharged. This is a
system adoplod in some of the
large American hotels, and it has
been found to work to the satisfaction of the customers. If adopted
by the transportation companies
it would enable the tiaveller to
adjust his finances to his trip, confident that he would receive exactly the same attention as everyone else.
There seems to be a great deal of
apathy among the ratepayers of
Revelstoke in regard to their civic
affairs. At tbe Court of Revision
on cement sidewalks held on Wednesday night not one turned up,
A year hence they may be complaining about the taxation for the
walks, but if there is any kicking
to be done it should he done in
time. Perhaps all are so well
satisfied that they are willing to
let it go anyhow, but tbere certainly seems to be generally a
deplorable indifference among ratepayers as to the conduct of civic
affairs. Perhaps they spend all
their energy in shouting at election
time, but if it were distributed in
the preservation of a vigilant attitude throughout the year the town
would be none the worse for it.
fruit Inspector Here
Tbomaa    I'nnninglnwii,     provincial
Iruil   uapector, ol  Vancouver,  arrived
ity yesterday morning and left
lelson    tiun    morning.      Before
coining here Mr. Cunningham spent
several days in Kamloops and inspected 118 orchards in that, district. He
found ihciii mostly in good condition
While in Kootenay Mr. Cunningham inlenilH to appoint several more
Iruit inspectors, as he finds that the
American Iruit is coining in this year
in a worse condition than ever before,
Ollicers will lie appointed at Fernie,
Gateway, Kingnte, Moyie and Cranbrook. He finds that the fruit now
coining from Spokane is about, lhe
worst of all, as it seems to be made lhe
dumping ground for Washington and
Royal Standard
I Better Flour
lt goes further because it i.i
a better flour; it makes better
bread because it is made from
carefully selected wheat by
special machinery, ensuring the
very highest quality it is possible
to make. A trial of ROYAL
convince you of its merits.
And remember—in each 4<j
pound sack of Hour you secure a
coupon which entitles you to a
chance to win a Ioy piece dinner
set. Watch the paper for the
winning numbers each month.
What the woman who has
visited the Christie Factory
says to her friends —
I NEVER realized .ill that
the   'Christie    brand on
biftuits   meant   until   I
went through the bit; factory
in Toronto
"The cleanliness of the whole
place amazed me I don't
mean lhat it is i lean as judged
byfactorystandards, bul • leai
according to nny Btandard
MWe women control the purse
strings when it comes iii buy
ing biscuits, nnd it'■• iiii won
der Christie, Brown & Co nrr
glad to huve us inspect their
factory.   To iny mind it is the
jdvert i •
un ui theycould ha' i
I  Ur surprised
, ee the staff that is
11   in und day oui
all i he    ■ u   ound    i leaning,
leaning ■ leaning
■.;, li. ■     floors, w di
1 rilings, machinerj. eti      ill
,p< .ik volume i for the sanitary
conditions undi r whii h Chris
Ri i nits are made
It's a pii ture to see the
'Christie 'oris over three
hundred ol them in spotle
white Kin li girl is supplii d
with iwo complete uniforms
a week from lhe firm's pri
vnh' laundry
"At every turn I found fresh
I e unusual    ire
taken   to   pre •
■   lined lo mi  how
' •■ ni raw raati rial
is ti ind huw   at  f.n li
itep i hroughout   the pr- .■ ess
of nu ting, bakingand pai king,
the     '     tie   quality is r*l
.  -led
lip.      ini ed ' hat if every
•ii.ada i OUld  '. isi!
the ( hri i ie fai tory at I did,
thej  would not think of us
. .   but ( hristie'fl Biscuits
in future "
The best Orocen everywhere
in I in.id,i have (.'bristle's Bis
i uii -.Id  m hulk, by the
pound, ur in nun iturc und
dust prufif packages.
Christie,   Brown   &   Co.,  Limited
M AMI. Ai  I l-IIKI)   HV
Vancouver Milling &
Grain Co., Lid.
First eluss Work   Guaranteed.
Mail OrdiTK Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Streel and Robson Ave.
To Trappers
Raw Fur8 Bought
Oaah Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
diiiniink, with friinii- hat ars in every
conceivable design, an ■ um<i to weiir
indefinitely. We i,w .ninj new and
beautiful parlor self and odd i icces for
beautifying the home that >re taste
lui, effective and iliOA|ionsive, and will
show your rooms In the beBt advantage.
in C. P. It. contract for faiing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on bund. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest material for a substantial
bouse. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
__■ •■
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pni-k Packers and Dealers in Live Stock, Markets In all the piinei*
pal Cities and Towns of Alhei-la, British Columbia and Ihu Yukon.
Packers of thu (leleliiateil Brand " Inipuratoi" Hams and Bacon,
and " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard,
4/%.%%^«-VV'%%^%*«'%'%/%*/%%'%'V%^%%%i%%'%<%% *r4
Import direct from country ot origin.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEBT     ST03_STE      PROP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
arc   disposing  of  tbeir entire   Stock   it a
small  advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut Glass,  Silverware,   Watches-
Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford lo use ike best buy
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour that is Different
II  yuu  du   you  will   find   that   the cost of
ROBIN  HOOD is smallest after all.
The   bigger  loaf is  one  difference.
Kasier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter flavor is a third dilicicncc.
There nre other points  of  difference.    Any
mc iif them worth the extra cost.
ills (0., ltd.
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
l"l H E All-purpose  Flour, and
*    superior   for   every   purpose.
Highest  grade  in the world.     Purity
label guarantees success, or your
money back.
"More bread and better bread."
\¥ FL'OU
"Water Act, 1900."
Attention is culled to section 102 of
the ' Water Act, 1909," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has lieen planted, pursuant
to the "Rivers and Streams Act," to
surrender such aolhoiity within one
yeai- of the passage of said "Water
Act," and receive a licence for same
Chief Commissioner of Lands.
Lac's Department,
Victoria, lOih July, 1UWI.   jy23 lm
Kevelsloke Lund llistriet.
District of Wesi Kootenay.
Take mil ine thai Robert It. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., oecupathiu Merchant,
intends to apply foi pel mission to purohase the following described lands:
Oommencinc at a post planted aliout
Ave miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of Revelstoke
on the Columbia Hiver, thenee SO
chains north along the Columbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thenee SO chains
south, tlience 20 chains east to point of
Robert It. Caldwell,
Per John W. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th June. 1909. jun 'AD (Kid
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Koolenny.
Take notice that John W. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply for permission to pur-
chose the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
five miles north of Downie Creek on
the Columbia Kiver and aliout fiftv
miles north of Kevelstoke, theuce 80
chains south along Oolumbia river,
thence 20 chains west, theuce SO chains
north, tlience 20 chains east to point of
John W. Falls.
Dated 17th June, 1HO0. jun 30 OOd
Revelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
C|inton, Iowa, U. S. A., occupation
Millowner, Intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S. E. corner of Lit 7843, then north 20
chains, then east 20 chains, Ihence
south 20 chains more or less to lake
shore, thence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more or less to point of commencement.
E. McGaohban,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June 3rd, 1908. jun 28
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that L. A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, intends to apply
for permission to purchase lhe following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of Upper Arrow Ijaltp, about
one and a half miles south of Bannock
Point, thenee west 2(1 chains, thenee
norlh 20 ihains, Ihence west 20 iluiins,
Iheuee norlh IKI chains to the K. & S.
line, thence following the K. A 8, line
east 20 ehains. south 20 ehains, east 20
chains, south 20 chains to lake shore,
tlience following the lake shore to
point uf commencement.
Agenl for L. A. Dewar,
Dated July 21), 11X10. aug 7
Kevelstoke Lind District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
about half a mile from lhe north-east
corner of Lot 7(Xlj, tlience south III
chains, thence easl 10 chains, thenee
norih SO chains to lake shore, thenee
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 20, 1909. aug 7
Kevelsloke Land District.
Dislricl of WestCKoolenay.
Take nolice that Barney I'liimton of
Arrowhead, occupation Holelkeeper,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tlie
north-west corner of Lot 7686, thence
soulh 4u chains to T.L, 12150, thence
wesi 20 chains, to the corner of T.L.
12150, thenee south 10 chains along the
western boundary of same, thence
west 10 chains, thence north 10 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to poinl of commencement.
Agenl lor Barney Pluinton.
Dated July 20, 1009. aug 7
rake notice Unit I intend to apply to
ihe Superintendent of Provincial
Police, aftei thirty days from t he date
of the lirst publication of this notice,
for a transfer of lhe hotel licence held
hy me tor the Kootenay Hotel at Burton, B.C., to Stephen Podliielancik.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., Oth of August, 11X10.
William Lovatt,
By his Solicitor Edward A. Crease,
aug 11—sep 11
Revelstoke Navigation Co., Ltd.
Steamer Hevelstoke leaves Landing
at the head of Canyon eveiy Tuesday
and Friday at II a. in. (water permitting) and arrives at Downie Creek
about 2 p.m., returning same day. T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Landing.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with the steamer. The number
is B215. All Information as to rates
and other business may he obtained
at ofiice on hoard t he steamer from
F SWANSON, Purser.
will come back to you if you spend it
at home. It is gone for ever if you
send it to the Mail Order House, A
glance through our advertising columns will give you an idea where it
will buy the most.
FIVE ROOM HOUSE located on 0.
P, It. grounds near station, wilh
20 year lease on gionnil. This house is
in good repair with Hue garden and
fruit trees. Will sell at a bargain if
sold ai once. Apply for further particulars toE, J. Bourne, First sireet.
ININti ROOM GIRL   wanted ap
ply at the Oriental Hotel,
FOR SALE—Potatoes per lUOIbs. $2,
(looselieiries 7c. per III.    Applv lo
John Mat/.. P. (), Box  163, Kevelstoke.
aug 7 14
Sunshine  grates  have
maximum   strength
Sunshine Furnace hai
four triangular grate bam,
each having three distinct sides. In the
single-piece and two-piece grate no such-like
provision is made for expansion or contraction,
and a waste of coal always follows a shaking]
On the lefl- and right-hand sides are cotter pins, which when
loosened permit the grates to slide out. These lour grate bars
are made of heavy cast iron, and are finished up wilh bulldog
teeth.     The teeth will grind up lhe toughest clinker ; and
re made ill sections, not only can nothing but dust an
ml alli-i each shaking a different side ,„ii be pi,-sentr.
because the grates
ashes pass through
to ihe lire,      Also, wiih ilu'   Sunshine  grate  iln-re is no  back-breaking
Movements allni hrd to ihe shaking.     By grmly rocking tin- Irvei, li. si on the
left and then un Ilic righl, lhe ashes ale released on both sides,and fall through
inlo the pan.
, n
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
A. J. McMillan has returned to
Rossland from London where he completed financial arrangements for
deepening tbe Le Roi mine a thousand
'eet below the present 1650 loot level.
The work will be ol an exploratory
character and no attempt will be made
to ship ore from the new borings at
A meeting of the Canadian Forestry
Association is to be held at Kegina on
Sept 3 and 4 to discuss the subject ol
forestry on the prairies. Single fares
have beeu secured lor delegates and on
closing day an excursion will be made
to Indian Head to see the progress
made in propagating trees in the
forest nursery tbere.
L.C Uillman, epeaking for the Great
Northern railway, has invited the
Canadian Northern and the tlrand
Trunk I'acilic to co-operate with them
in securing terminal! in Vancouver
The Great Northern and Nortln-i n
Pacific companies have a great deal of
of property around False Creek and
on Burrard Inlet already, and Mr.
Gillman says there is ample room for
all the companies desiring to reach
the city around the False Creek waterfront, and he favors joint action in the
S. L. Prenter, C.I'.R trainmaster at
Vancouver, bas resigned to take tbe
position of assistant to F. R. Glover,
cbiel assistant manager of the B.C.
Electric Railway Co.
J. H. and Duncan Gillis, the crack
athletic policeman of Vancouver, will
pass through Revelstoke on Saturday
on tlieir return trip to the coast,
where a reception is being arranged
lor tbem. J. H. Gillis won the amateur athletic championship ol Canada
in the meets at Ottawa, Toronto and
Premier McBride and Hon. Dr.
Young left for the uorth on Thursday.
They will be followed by Sir Charles
Rivers Wilson, CM. Hays and E.J-
Chamberlain ot the Graud Trunk
I'acilic. Tbey will meet in Prince
Rupert and the Premier will confer
with them regarding progress in tbe
northern townsite and plans for its
future development.
As Miss Crew, cashier of the Nanaimo skating rink, was walking home
last Saturday evening with a purse
containing $70 in her hand, a man
brushed past her, snatched it Irom
ber and disappeared along the railway
The Western Canada Irrigation
Convention came to a close iu Lethbridge last week, it will he held in
Kamloops next year. Lieut.-Govemor
Buiisuiuir was elected hon. president;
Hon. J. Fulton, president: J. S. Dennis, lirst vice-president; C. W. Halla-
moor, ol Kamloops, treasurer. A
motion was pasted favoring the appointment ol a permanent secretary.
By means ol a photograph and a
clnthes brush bearing a Longhead),
Cal., trade mark, the train robber slut
hy Const. Decker has been recognized
us Charles Haney, a California out
law. It is stated thai he and his
brothel William held up the C. P. K.
train for the purpose of securing
money to lift a mortgage oil' their
home. Wiliiam Haney is thought tu
be in Los Angeles, but bis relatives
there say they know nothing ol his
The Alpine club at Lake li'llara,
about eight miles from Hector, this
year numbers lSOclinibcrs. The best
climb yet made was an ascent ol
Mount Huber at an clevatiun of
11,080 leet by a party ol live led by
Quids K ain.
The Grand Trunk I'acilic railwuy
company is now considering tenders
lor the second ecciiun east of Prince
Rupert, 130 miles in length and going
as lar as Aldermerc. There is a great
ileal ol rough country and the contracts sre likely to run anywhere
bttweeu 16,000,000 and 1)10,000,000.
Foley, Welsh and Stewart,  whu  built
the first, hnndrul miles are among the
tenderers, but twn or three other big
linns have also put in bids The lirst
100 milts cost $8,000,000, but was
nearly all rockwork and is cmisidond
tile heaviest piece ol work on the
whole hue. The country gets easier
as the railway reaches further east.
All records iu salmon catching on
tbe coast were beaten on Tuesday last
when the Frazer river fishermen and
the gill nettors and purse seiners on
I'uget Sound were forced to abandon
work because the canneries, though
running 24 houiB without a stop were
unable to dispose of the catoh and
thousands ol lish were going to waste.
There was the enormous total ol
2,234,000 Bockeyes in the Fraser river,
Llaine, Bellingham and Anacortes
The Revelstoke Catholic Club
The above is the latest cluh tu be
called into existence in the city:
The need uf au orgaui/.ation ol this
kind haB loug been felt by the Cuth
olica and it remained tor Mr. D.
Dennehy, ol Vaucouver, to make it
an established lact. Through his instrumentality a meeting was called on
August lOih at the house ol Mr. D.
Jackson, the result being the enroll
ment of more than twenty enthusi
astic members.
Immediately the club wbh formed
the new organization elected ollicers
as follows:—
Pretident, Mr. Stortz; vice pres.,
Mrs. F. Frazer; recording-secretary,
Mrs Hutchison; linancial-eecretary,
Miss Lucy McCarthy; treasurer, Miss
Olive Bell; chaplain, Rev. Father
Cocola;. marshall, Mr. L. Osborne;
guard, Mr. Connolly; musician, Mr.
Veith; church UBhers,—early mass
Mr. Wire; church UBhers—late mass,
Messrs. Robbins A Connolly; ladies
church committee, early mass, Mrs.
Bell: ladies' church committee, late
mass, lo be appointed; executive com-
miltie, Mr. Hobson, Mr. Jackson,
Miss Fleming, Mrs. Bell, Mr. S. Robins; entertainment committee, the
same as tbe executive committee.
Other important committee! have
yet to be appointed, but the meeting
considered that these had better be
left to a later meeting when many
others would join the club.
The object ot the club is to promote
the social unity of tbe congregation
to entertain transient Catholic visitors to the city, who have hitherto been
left to shift for themselves and to be a
general social and improvement society for its members, lt will at all
times be an unorgauized body to act
when needed for the church.
Mr. WilBon, ol Vaucouver, gave a
short address showing how much had
been accomplished iu one year iu a
material way, and all had enjoyed
themselves during that period. The
only trouble was to keep pace with
the rapidly growing organization in
lhe matter of increased accommodation.
The club decided to hold its meetings on tbe second and fourtii Wednesdays   of   eacb   month,   the    next
eeting to take place on August '-"nli
at 8 p.m., at Mr. 1) Jackson's house
on First street east.
Permanent quarters will be rccured
as soon as the general enrollment is
Ail who wish to avail themselves of
the many advantages of tbis society
will kindly attend the next meeting
or hand in tbeir names to any of the
ollicers or members of tbe club.
As soou as the business of the
meetiug had been disposed uf Ibe
social side received ils due and all
made merry until about midnight,
when the newly-elect departed feeling
well pleased with the foiclaste uf the
good things in store for the members
of this promising society.
Kr..III Uur Own I'iirri)s|iiiiiiliml„
One of the olihsl timers in Arrowhead, Geo. T. Newman, .1.1', is moving
with his family tu Vancouver in the
course ol a lew days. Arrowhead will
loose a inun iu lhe person
ol Mr. Newman, who feared nnl lung
when principle and justice was at
stake. As lhu oldest justice of the
peace in the town he sal in his ollicial
chair in thu police court many a time
to defend the ends ol justice. Mr.
Newman lor the last lew yoars was
manager in Messrs. C. B. Hume iV Co's
store here. We will miss him and
his family Irom our midst.
Some big lircs mu burning around
the Arrow Lakes bul nothing is in
■lunger so lur, ns lhu lircs arc in lhe
old slashing.
The government is milking BI tensive Improvements in Galena Buy in
the line ol a road to open up the (arm
lands ol that suction.
Garry Flood is hale and hearty and
still setter in the Arrow Lakes mill.
William Hooper, uotituclioner, ol
Ladysmitb, bus sold to J. Lowdoii.
0. P, Swain, tobacco dealer, Prince
IJupeii. has sold to G, C. Mile.
Revelstoke Defeats Armstrong at Baseball by
a Score of 11 to 6
The Revelstoke baseball team playid
in Armstrong on Wednesday and returned with the first win tbey haie
had this season. The game was a
first-class exhibition of ball for the
Revelstoke team, except iu the second
innings when Bli.ndhaiu, the Big
Eddy pitcher who was on tbe slab fur
Revelstoke, twisted his arm and could
not locate the plate thus letting in 5
runs with only two out. Burridge
was called in from the out Held to do
the pitching while Mcluerney relieved
Johnston behind the bat. This change
certainly stopped the run getting of
tbe Armstrong buys for the next man
up was got in easy Btyle, thus retiring
the side. Armstrong only got one
run alter the battery was changed,
while Kevelstoke was getting thcni
until the seventh innings, when they
could not get uext to the bull, Lung
wbb certainly getting them around
short stop, for out uf eleven chances
he got ten, getting eight assists and
two put outs. Haug wbo played lelt
field was getting all the long ones although it was hard travelling iu the
long weeds. Ferguson was on the
firing line lor the Armstrong team, but
our boys hud a butting streak on anil
nothing could stop them. The game
ended 11 (i, and the boys had to make
a grand rush to get to tbe train. They
report tbat tbey were used splendidly
and Armstrong is to be thanked for
the liue style in which tlie game was
arranged and played. Elliott umpired
to the satisfaction of all. The teams
lined up as follows:
Revelstoke—Mcluerney c; VV, Calder 3b: Lang ss; Blondhaim p and rf;
M. Calder 2b; Haug if; McEachern lb;
Johnston cl aud c;  Burrid.e p and rf.
Armstrong—Watt c; Thompson lb;
Murray 2b; R, Ferguson 3b; J. Ferguson p; Fisher cf; Morgan rf; Holtby
11; Ives sh.
On Tuesday night the Scuta Grays
play the Rovers iu a league game.
This should be a first-class game aa
the boys are putt :ng iu a lot of practise these days.
Next Wednesday night the North
Stars play the Beavers in a junior
league game.
Brackman-Ker Elevators
A hig deal has been closed out between the Alberta Grain Co. and the
Brackman-Ker Milling Co., of Victoria
and Vancouver, whereby the former
takes over all the elevators of the milling company throughout Alberta,
with the exception of those located at
pointa where the Brackman-Ker have
mills. The deal is to take effect Aug.
1(1. It will give the Alberta Grain Co.
nine additional elevators in that
The New Edition of tho
Vol. X"III   issued M;iy, 1909, contains 1500!
pages,   with   nearly   50   per  rent, more!
matter than the preceding edition.     The
chapters   with   nine descriptions and on
siat ist ies have been carefully revised  and
the bulk of lhe matter therein is
There nre 25 chapters,
Covering Copper History, Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting, Refining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, States, Countries and Continents) Minus in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, elc
Tho Copper 1 landbook is concedcdlv
The Copper Haubook contains, In Hns
tii'iv ami greatly enlarged edition, almut
50 pur cenl. moro matter than   ilu-   Bible
iliniigli not necessarily a better book
because ol its greater bulk. Il is Riled
wilh FACTS 01 iiini Importance lo
Price Is $5 in buckram with gill lop, or
$7,511 in genuine lull library morocco,
Terms are lho most liberal. Scud no
money, bul ordor llie hook senl you, all
carriage charges prepaid on one week's
approval, lo bo relumed il iiiisallslnclory,
01 paid for ii ii suiis. Oan you iifTord mu
in see ilu- book -ind judgi for youi .ell ol
its value Io you'
Write now lo lho editor and publisher,
(e J. Stevens
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 3D        Ultinii    MoKonzIo Auu
GZ\c. per acre cash
and 6Z'2c. once each
year for seven thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EASY
TERMS from
Canadian    Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature.
Assistant to 2nd Vice President
It..v 1317, • Calgary, Alberta
Please send ine all facts petainiug
to your lands in H. I'.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Home grown Imii nml ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part ul
tin- American oonl Ineot not in-
lested with Ibe  San   Jose  scale—
Garden, Field and Flower seedi
Tested stock from the besi growers in the world —Wire fencing
and Gates—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, lice Supples, Out (llowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only—New l.">7 psgi Catalogue free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses .ind Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Brunch Nursery      •      South Vancouver
Palace Restaurant
McKcnuc   Avenue
Fruit, i '.iiiiiii ■-. I 'igara, fobacco.
Men is .;."> Cl ol-
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
M h mi Furl n red fur all oltSSfl   ol   Imildinm
for sale in liir«a or small qnftuttttM
nt the lowest prices for cash.
All ktndi of building and plastering
*-W      Kf-'o™,5' oL~7L"°?.vi'
for "sm:e   by
Moving Pictures To-night.
K. H. Trueman will bu at the studio
unlil Wednesday 18tb.
A. W. McDonald has the contract
Ii r plastering tbe Molsons lunik build-
in g.
Patrick .1. l,"l.iell, of Vanoouver,
has been appointed a Dominion llsh-
ery officer,
Benjamin Prince, ol UaUlctoril, has
heen appointed Senator lor Saskatchewan in place of lhe late Senator
liigger crowds have ascended Mount
Kevelstoke this year than ever before.
The number thst went up the trail
last Sunday broke all previous records.
The Calgary cricket team, who are
goinli through to the tournament to
in' held iu Vancouver next week,
arrived here this morning and are
playing a match with the local team
to day.
SV, t>. Scott, Dominion superintendent of immigration, estimates
that about 180,000 American limners
will make their homes on the Canadian prairies this year, an increase ol
fully BO per cent, over last year.
It was 80 in tbe shade on Thursday
alternoon aud people said it was
warm. But bow doeB that compare
with New York's 93, and the crowds
sleeping ou roofs and sidewalks. Here
at least  the night's   are  delightfully
■Judge Forin held County Court
here yesterday morning. There waB
three judgment summonses anil oue
civil case of Mclueruy against llutch-
isou. Iu the latter case judgment was
given iu favor cf the plaintiff for $1H,
one week's wages.
The report ol the census and statistical office at Ottawa estimates the
yield ol grain in the prairie provinces
this year at 157,464,000, an excess ol
00,UUU,0U0 bushels over last year.
liamage by hail is estimated at about
one per cent, ol the whole crop.
The sixth aunual convention ol the
Alberta and Eastern ti. C. Press Association will be held this year in Kd-
montuu on September Uth and 10th
J. S. Wiiisou. formerly editor of tbe
Toronto Globe, will he in the country
about that time aud efforts are to be
made to bavi by h him aud Hon.
Fraiil. Oliver address ihe   convention
Tuonuas McBae won one of the tive
il.iiar prizes in tin recent dot contest
in the Vancouver World, buck seems
to run iu the family as Sandy Mcltae,
jr., won the |76 prize In a former contest. In the latest contest Mr- >!. \X.
Hdwaril-, and Mrs. Ague- Thomas,
Revels! ke w n one dollar prizes,
while Bruce Lawson and H. J Bews
^ -ii sui tcripti ■:. pri • -
A Japanese workman named Kata.
mura, srhosi baok wai recently bri ken
by being run rei "'ti. » handcar at
Etugi r- lar- wai ii nt on to Vancouver by bii (riendi m Thursday. He
■in- kepi lii tie hospital lor some time
. _■• bul ii ii ease seemed I
incurabh bii triei Isan going to try
;   -■ i..i i,,in I u i. l   la]   i.
It pr mm - to be i busy time in
ttevelst kr dining in- i.i 11 weeks
in September, t in the Ut, aod 2nd
tbe provinolal lire chiel'i convention
v| . is- beld Inn    on Monday  the   Bl I.
then- will l-e tin- Labor Day celebration on the -t li Uth und loth lhe
Agricultural Fair, and on tbe loth
and 1 Ith the siiiing- I the Forestry
inl * Brand New Idea
Hinged lop Talcum Can
Willi,mi-     New
Talc  Package
Tho hinged top
prevents leaking
ticking    I Ine   'I al
c    stunning Perfumes
Carnal ion und  Vlolcl
Ool  a pacKiigu while it's
new   I'im k ii'i Cunts,
M Hume Block    'Phone lo. 28
when groceries are yceded from our
choice slock of cereiils, teas, etc.,
ami ynu are always sure of Kr' • i'1^
only pure and adulterated fresh
goods in any line. Our service [s
prom pi and our prices are lower
than what you will pay for inferior
goods elsewhere   Telephone II.
In ihi-- line we pride ourselves
in i In- quality of our goods. If not
already a customer give us a trial
and judge for yourself, Our bakery
is the most up-to-date in the province and our stall' of workmen one
the most competent lo lie hat).
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Moving Pictures To-night.
A line delivery rig for Bourne Bros,
has just been built  by 8. McMahon.
A meeting of the baseball club executive will be held Monday alternoon
at the City Hall at 4:.lO. A lull attendance is requested.
There was a large crowd out on
Thursday nigbt at the open-air concert given by thr Independent band.
It was an ideal evening alter the heat
ol the day, and everyone enjoyed the
H Stevens, steward of s.s. "Kooteuay," has gone to St. Joseph'! hospital
at Victoria, for treatment and was
very successfully operated on by Dr.
Jones for abscess ol stomach and is
now "ii.i fair way toward- recovery
The    Kevelst   ke    P mil   I'm
Stock Association has  been   orga:
with W   A. Foote as  president,   H. K
McKinuon, vice-president, and   F. W,
Laing, secretary treasurer.     Full particulars will be given in ;.
i in    Krulai     i .-i il o .1
drugstore  thero gisti
lu the ibade wbile the one at the Hi••■
elstoke II te  ri gisten d B6      [I  vas i
case ol temperature raising wil
imii. boi   in   any   case   it   wai
against   Waldo Mat
the   Vanoouver   lai
wa- charged with li
l'i-. le referee   in :
match   bel ween      ini   ivei   in
\\ est in.n-'o'     nt nil led
Vancouver |
I bi    EU ii   Robert ioi
turned   to  towi     i   i    ■ tend ng
.  camp ol   the  \ Ipini I
i u,ol i near  Hei tor, ind wil
II n.i- iii l\ no\   I hiii-i'h '
 11 i»      He laj s   i he lamp thii
• i- i i-i i, ..very way.
■ ... ■
uii'iii nl 11 i Lord i luppei -.ill be
<:■ ni'l m ti il iii i he Mol li id isi i Ihurcli
on rt ii in I.i y morning at 11 o'olook A
cordial invitation is oxtendad to any
strangers who may be in the citj i-
well as all who .ire member! ol the
bast   nigbt,   I,Ic    Busincssmoii   di
feated the .-not- i Ireyn in a  very  on,
sided ball game,   Hootl pitched  good
ball, Imi   liis   team   gave   him   pom
support nod piled np the errors,    I ho
Businessmen   have   s   lol   of   heavy
hitlers  on   their   'nam   now  ami   can
pm up ii good   game.   Hooro ended
16 6,
O, Hansen, a StoneOUttOr, working
on the new MoIhoiis Hank building,
met. with a serious accident about a
week ago. A pintle of stone struck
linn in the eye injuring it. ho badly !
lhat Is thought the eyeball will have I
i i be taken out,     Ha is to bo sent lo
Vancouver lor   treat ment   liy   an   eye J
specialist, '
I he case
i, tain   ol
team, who
ing     I'e
Remember tbe date,  Aug. llltli  ai
! Mrs. Woodland's auction.
The finance committee of the Agri-
1 cultural  society  met on Wednesday
alternoon  and    completed   arrangements lor raising funds  for the extii-
j bition.     Tbey   will   erect a   poultry
house and a place lor outside exhibits.
j ao that the main building can be used
entirely (or ladies work and exhibits of
borne  manufactures.     Arrangements
for tbe show are well under way, and
.t promised to be a good one.
is an unprecedented rush ol
travel through this town at the pres-
lent time. No. 97 has to be split in
two sections every alternoon, and the
Average roi - •■ eight passenger trains
i :.-. Eve ■■ ■ ." ■ • ■ i-- ire very
much C    B Foster   .--.-;
mt   puseng      '-••■:.•  i -•  . net thai
Canadian    I icific   Bailway Com-
j four I   nes I tn  ntim-
; late igen lid
ints ins.
Auctii i.   I Mrs, H   ■ llaod -   turni-
|g   . "l, al   1 30
'•--," sidenl
. s    Pacific   Kailway
d   ...     itei iiew   in Beat! e   de
.   transoontinents
. bed   ami   working   by
. II i      anil     i hal    ihey
i •    have trains  running  into
v.-r a branch   line   '
. i  will la- -il soiii" inl
.      . o|  iii velatnki   '
.1  routs the   proposed   bi i
., ,.    '. uii'oiiver
,.      ,.■..       oil      I-  I  I   I   ■
  ■   ni  iuiio d
;      ad Mrs. W  M   l,i
■    .■   . - ,   .1   I    wis spent        1 hi
noca«ion ■ w il 11 lied  as ,i    Ian
to     M i"     f   iota. Who     leaves   Wit ll  ,,.
■oot her veek    I i     ' li
■ here i In a ill reside M In I « i
.lis highl ' ■ " > d by i he mem t« ri
.( i hi eh.or md >. ill lie greatly missed
During   thi    ■   ening   Mi ii F
made   i he   n cipicnt   ol  » bandi	
i-i -light toki ti
in winch ibe is held.
lo me,,,I he  dale     \ ng     I '
M rs  Wi oil land i auotion
i   It   Hiilliok, C P R  ei,i, f o	
ill   \ .lli'oio.' i     .mil   .1      I 11'  It    del.
"n   ii, lhe oity Ilo- week       They are
-iill ■,!    k ng .o   the inioks train
.  »nd ii ni ■ iih them a photograph
of U iiliuin ll.iiu-y, the mui ■ bo is
now said lo have killed Constable
Decker, and the  brother ol Mm robber
who wis sh   I  by   Decker llilliey Iiiih
n lativns   In   Dos   Angeles, but so far
tlll-y haVC    been   Unable tO locate bim
.oil perilous who saw the photo
graph ilei-hirc that lliny saw Haney in
Iti .elstoke   iii    llie   early part, of   Mc
siunmor,     The   likeness Is that of n
lliiekaiil iiiiiii, Willi a hroiid luce,
Hi|iuirejaw, and hard N   inoiitb.
Roal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Olfa on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
Mountain Supply Conpany. Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we arc
selling at ridiculously low figures all onr Stock of
Hoots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    Must clear our stock to make room for new goods
\emmmm*tmmemmmmitmmttmtmm. aMM____i_____B_M_M__i «_•_____•!
Pat Hums passed through to the
Coast a few days ago. Tlie Calgary
mi at king says thai, he funis that if
the farmers continue to drive out
cattle witli wheat as they have been
doing of late, tha time is not far distant when the province of Alberta
instead of heing tlie largest, meat
exporter in tbe west, will have to
import tor its own use.
About 7 o'clock this morning a man
giving the name til Harry Byuou was
found rummaging through the drawers
in Hugh Steed's bouse near the railway track. Tlie innialea were all
away at tlie time, but Bynnii was seen
to enter tlie bouse by Tom Corley and
John Stett'ens, the switchmen. They
followed him in and un finding him
rummaging the drawers, they caught
bold ol him and gave hi.11 a pounding
and let bim go. They reported to the
police and shortly afterwards Sergt.
Sturdy captured tbe man along the
railway track down hy the Lower
town. He will be up [or trial Monday
At the National Irrigation Congress
held in Spokane last week (lilloid
Pinchot, chiel of tlie 11. H Forestry
Bureau, create! a sensation by a
sharp attack on Secretary ol State
llallinger, whom he accused ol banding over to private corporations tlie
moBt valuable water powers in Montana. He praised Roosevelt for bis
policy in that reBpect. Gov. Hay, ol
Washington, strongly opposed the
admission tn the United States ol
lumber free of duty.
W. T. Dalton, the Vancouver architect passed through bere a lew days
ago on his return from the quarters of
the Alpine Club at Hector. He says
the success of tbe club is almost ton
great. There are 180 persons in camp
there now, and it is not an easy matter to pack provisions in over the
seven miles trail (rom Hector. He
thinks it may be necessary to establish
two eamps another year. Among
those present tbis year is Edward
Whymper, the veteran Knglisl mountaineer.
Pert Lawrence has returned from a
trip to the Coast,
Joe McKinnon lias lefl lor a visit to
the Seattle Fair.
Mr. McLaurin has taken A. Anderson's house on Fifth St.
Miss Mmgie l.pwis is home Irom
8 iskal  on    n a visit to tier parents.
Kenneth    Mcltae     returned     this
.   from   a   trip to the Beatl le
hi r
Mrs. Mclntyre ol St. Marys, Ont ,
ii on a via to .Mrs K, Daviei of the
Big Eddy.
Mr-     11 .tam-    Manning  lias left for
m   ao   extended   visit   to
(ia     iliy.
M.--   Creighton,   the   well   known
has returni d   Irom   Ihi
. 0 -   ii is  i.'ii i, i- \\ innipeg
-  old   posh ion   with tlm
iri nerii railway
1.    Mo Lean ol   I.i luy Bai i*v -
•   will leave In 1 few da\s
1      .'.,, trip to Bl  Mary - 1 inl
'. B| Ill-loll!       C.P.B      l.oill,  IS
1 1 1 days, his ] ao* mean
,,- taken by Mr   a hi
Mn P    Me I.-1 nan wil   return
., 1 in   1 .-., 1 ..    hui Miss
'•I   ; . .mmi will rem.no    111   1   ' 11     in I
Mr    McMillan   Presbyterian
'.■r  of   Nn*bii'     J ■ 1      passed
1   .No.  07  ..I,   iVednesday
, .1  wl! 1.0 llie I.oust
iir. a,--   .1 Morris  Manitoba, waaa
be uiiy  on  Thursday     He
»to|i|s .1   iff   on    hit    rctlll"    from    1 bi
1   pom nm I-, ri.ii in- 1 oiisiii,
1    I he    ioe .1    posl.olliee
Mr  lli,.. k, aooouuiaiit nl 1 he Im
perilll   II lllll    i|     in     leave   •hurl ly  ou a
■ 1 ii|, 11 1 in- return Mr Mo
• llnnegbaii, the manager, will aim take
1 holiday A relieving ulllosi Irom
Hamilton will till the vsoanoles
I      I)     I!.logs   and VV    II    Malkow,
H 1 1 1 mg 1  v 1 iniiiu ,(.. Co, return
' 'I 1 1   V\, iin mliiy    loiin a Irip ol
inspection ol their branohes In Koolenny, 'I'hey I e por I lllll llll 1 lo he good,
bill nay lhe linn lloBI not cnnl.iimple'c
any radical changes 111 the coiiiliiel ol
its bullous in the provinoe nt, present.
I. .1. Dougan, a well known member
ol the Vancouver school hoard, and
sceretiiry nf the Trustees'convention
when it met here last year, passed
through on Wednesday aliernooii to
the const, returning from a business
trip to the prairie province..
A. E. Miller, recently sppninted inspector of public schools in Kootenay
antl Vale dislricts, will shortly takuup
bis residence here, in tlie house he
owns at the comer ol MoArthur Ave.
and Fourth St.
W, P. Clnbli, chairman of the Vancouver school lioiiid, and a member ol
the drygoods house of Clubb <S Stewart, passed through on Nu, 1)3 on
Thursday on a combined Imsiness and
pleasure trip tn Montreal.
James Wilson of Vancouver, superintendent ol C P It. telegraphs, went
through on Thursday to Field, where
he will meet Mr. Kent the general
superintendent of telegrapliB and
otber prominent officials, whu are
coming through on a lourof inspection,
Mr. Albert E. Miller, inspector of
schools for this district, and Miss Eva
M. Hartley were married on Aug. llth
at   St..   Andrew's Oburob, Vancouver.
They will  be  at   home to Iriendsiu
Kevelstoke at   Iheir   residence "Ingle-
wood," after October 1st.
Capt. W. ti. McLennan and his son
.Norman ol Liverpool, Eng , were here
on Thursday on a visit to Captain
McLeunan's brother, J. P. McLennan
of this city. It was the first time Mr.
McLennan had seen his brother in 10
years. Capt. McLennan is a native cf
Nova Scotia, but for the past '20 years
or over has lived in Liverpool, a port
11c finds more congenial to bis profession as master of a sailing ship.
The captain left on No. 07 Thursday
afternoon for Vancouver to visit his
brother, R.P. McLennan of the wholesale hardware firm ol McLennan, Me.
Feely, whom he has not seen for ill
Auction of Mrs. Woodland a trmi-
ture, Aug. 19th,at 1:80.
HE SURE to order early and gel
what you waul—Coursier's coal is the
Tlio best value for your money in
underwear is at tlie Mountain Supply
Company, Ltd.
FOUND—A luel that is ipiick to
light, clean to handle, hot lo burn,
economical to buy—Coursier'n coal in
any size.
Have you tried the Mountain Supply Company lor boots. They have
tlie lineal hoots I have seen and are
selling tliem Ior only $8.50,
Trades and Labor Council Makes Further
\ well attended meeting of the
Trades .nul Labor Council was hold
1.1 -i evening, when preparations lot'
tho celebration of Lahor Day wore
pushed a good slop further. Vice-
Pie i'leiii Kempster presided.
Tin- Fin.nn i' committee reported
i' 10 soliciting showing that
Hiiiui but been collected and moru was
pi oilll led,
ll   .oi     derided  lli.il   lhe lll'sl. I-Vl-Ilt of
1 he day should be ibe parade,  which
Ui 'ni at 0 u'olook sharp.
11.. Bports committee wm Instructed
 1111 n gitines, mn- nl baseball
.nul one of laorosso.
Phil, Parker, sonretni-y, reported
lhal In- Iiud Interviewed 1 be Indu
pendent Hand and tho charges fur the
day beginning with lhe 11,1 r,,,l,> in llie
lufiiniug 'ind closing wiib ihe dance al.
nigbl   Would  be IfHtlloi lhe |H members.
II eieliliv      ll.ls     Illntl'llCUllI       In
engage 1 lie band on 1 In terms,
li    n.i     decided   I gage   tC.    T.
K 01, li . ol Vancouver, as one of lhu
pi .ii in oi 1 lie evening, A second
•pe.ikei   lenl   yet  10 be  chosen,  Mr,
1 on 1.   ol   Winnipeg,   having    1 11
< ouiiiiiiiiii'iiled with lot   Unit   purpose,
1 ie- following committees wore then
r 11.ule Me 1 Mathie, Brock,
Kincaid, Alnslle, Kennedy, Jamieson
nnl   Neeilbiim.
(irottndl        Messrs,   (li-eeii,    Finite,
iinywiu'ii, ,1, Scot 1, Hector McKinnon
anil J. 1 'ai■inlsiiii.
Transportation   Messrs.  .1.   Calliu,
Lyons, lliiiil-ihiitv. Ilmoki-t mid Sling-
Parade Judge- Messrs T. Kilpatrick, H. J.  Watson, A  11. All J,
Morton and Mayor landmark.
August Prices
Lots of Lines of Summer Goods must be cleared out,
even if the priee his to be eut in two. We elear out all lines
at the end of each respective season, so that ean offer you fresh
goods each season as they come.     Look at these prices:
Ladies' and Children's Sailor Hats, all HEp nnnh
this seasons goods "***>   uQUl
Wash Collars and Belts,   in   many  pretty  designs    Qflp
regular 25c. to 35c, now fclllli
Children's and Misses Dresses, all sizes, all (Jl flf] nnnh
colors, all materials *P 1 ■ UU   GuLII
All short ends of Prints, Muslins, Dress Goods,
Flannelettes, Etc., are on sale at ,1 fraction of their
former priee.
McLennan & Co,
_^___o ,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents |
■•tfifif*"BWfflff ^P
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Mr. Moodie Tells of Prospects In the Big
Bend—Splendid Showings
.1. P. Moodie came down yesterday
on the Steamer Kevelstoke from the
mica mines ho Is working "al the bead
of follow creek, in tlie liij; Bend. Mr.
Moodla baa aliout twenty men working there and considers the pi'ospeels
excellent. The Bbowitlgs are good and
he says it would be unite possible In
ship out two carloads of mica this
.season, but be baa nu wish lo do so,
" I could gopher out a piece for
shipment, all light," ho remarked, "but
that Is nut mining, I want, to gel Hit-
shafts and tunnels well in Brat and bu
in good shape to go right ahead with
it. Those things ean'l be done in a
day. I have heen willing on Ihis tiling
for throe yeilVS and I want to carry il
lo assured success."
Ml'. iMoodie is lather  hampered   for
transportation at pitiBunt, He look
up a gasoline launch to navigate above
lie.uii [taplds, hut ilu- machinery got
out. of in del'and he is waiting for all
export to come and lis il.     At present
he has to make a, three days' Journey
wilh pack In uses down lo dig Mouth
creek which is as far as lhe sli-auiei'
ascends. Hv cutting a trail right
across tlie Hig Band peninsula from
ihi- Hig Mouth to Yellow Creek, a distance nf forty mllos in Ilu- piti'khorse
journey  uiighi   he   saved,  and  Mr,
Moodie lias good hopes Dint the government agenl   will ioe  tlmt ibis is
done Yellow ('reek is a lil I In pasl Hie
noi I beily I urn of llie Columbia on tlie
east Hide ul I In- bend,
Once thu mica oan ho got out there
will ho no difficulty In finding a market as ii is a substance largely used (or
insulation purposes in Hie iniinufac-
luro iif electrical guilds. Tho Canadian
(li-ni-rnl USlealrlo Co, used over $100,.
MKI worth lust year, and ean take all
Uial Mi. Moodie can linn out. Thu
iieuuly of ibis mica Is that It Is free
from Iron which inukus it Hu- moro
valuable Inr electrical work.   It bus
sl 1 ii pressure lesl.nl' 115,000 volls,
Dates for forestry Commission
I he provincial   [orcslry commission
consisting ul Ilon. K. .1. Ku I ton i A, ,S.
Oondeve, Ml'., autl A. (!. Klumnrfelt
will   hold   sittings  iu  Kevelstoke oo
September 1(1 ami II
Tlie cominiKsiuii will bold meetings
aa billows Victoria, Aug, Hi, 17 and
IH; Na11iii11111, Aug III; Vancouver,
Aug 23, 24, 2.,, and 2li; New Westminster, Aug. 21 aiid '2H; KsraloopS, Aug.
III. Vernon, Hept. K and i); Kevelstoke,
Sept. ID and 11, Nelson, Hept. HI;
Cranbrook, Hept, 16; (irand Forks,
Sepi.   ih     Announcements  will be
made later il it should he decided to
lie necessary or stlviuahlc lo hold
meetings al other place*.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
MilAii OPl'IOU!  (11-115 Adelaide Ht. east
for half year ending 80th June, I'.HSI
By (Icuss Premiums   Income
.Ian. 80th   -    tAl'A IIIIH III
Less rebate and
return premium   .'tu IOI no
$182 998 20
Less reinsurance   68 :fl>» 45$120 598 HI
Hy Interest 0 :m on
Q18S H1I7 71
Timet losses pitlil$02 Iill 17
To net losses under adjustment i I si«i 71
(tin', fees,   taxes,
and   all   other
charges      -       17 211 118
Balanced', profit
ami loss     -        II II2H Ho
(ien, Man
IJI185 :«»7 71
Wi  H.  HlllUCIITHlIN,
We will pay I|I100 Jrewurd lur tlm
arrest and conviction ul any oue who
has defaced ur obliterated log marks
un uur lugs on tbo Columbia Kiver or
Arrow Lakes. Uur registered marks
aie loiter "L" and letter "8."
ting II lm Kevelstoke, 13. C.
The annual meeting ul the board ol
directors ol tbn Kevelstoke Hospital
Society will be bold at the City Hall
on Tuesday, August 17th, 1909, at H
p.m, A lull attendance ii requested.
Un and alter September 1st, 11)00,
CUAL and WOOD ordorH will i|fily be
delivered when settlement bus previously been made at the oflicc.
K. W. B, Pagbt,
H. N. Coi.ii ,ii.ii,


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