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The Mail Herald 1907-09-25

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^     SEP 281907
Vol. 13.   No 75
Gv^$2.50 Per Year
Mir nre tlie depot Inr Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen?. The siile ol
these woolens have advanced recently with giant stride*, till we now
hear the demand tor them on ovcry siile. Wc carry a complete stock
here ..ml cnu procure any .irticle that might In sold uut in a lew days,
Heai.iif.il, Solti Pure Woolen I'liilevwont-—absolutely l'ure,
Undyed Woul," lasblbi.ud to the figure, in scpnritlo garments of nil
kinila in (1 Combination Suits. The prieo iB no more tlinn for the
ordinary kinds.
Night Gown's and Sleoping Suits, l'nrc Wool, porous a-(1 soft
light weight ilnd warm.
Dressing Gowns,.Kimonas and Jackets
Fleecy, Soft Materials, undyed, Camel Hair Cloths, Fancy Delaines, etc., Light uml Warm,
Pure Wool Underwear, hest protection ugninst chills, made in all
qualities and weight*, in white nnd natural colors, extra full size. The
prioe is no higher than Ior ordinary Btuff, so why not hnvo the best.
Ask lor Dr, Jaeger's.
WaistooaU knitted, witlin-.t sleeves,» very comfortable garment
lor these cold days and wi.itt-r weir.    Price,—if-1.50 to $0.50.
Sweaters, in plain nnd lanoy colors, all sizes nud styles, pure wooli
at $2, ?3 nml $4,
Smoking Jackets, pure wool, in new and lancy patterns, lovely
good-..   Any man would appreciate one ..f these for house wear.
Dressing (low.is—What more comfortable.. garment cm be purchased' lor a hian'aboutholuolu tlio tveniug than it nice Dressing
Gown.   Scell.eseatlflOtoif.16.
Pure Wool Underwear in the natural white and natural grey,
pine, soft wools in any kind of garment. For the baby, pretty little
creations in stocking*, booties, mittens, etc.
CB. Hume&Co, Ltd
Fall Coeds Arriving Dally,   Drassm rtlng and'Millinery Rooms, 2nd Floor
4 l&aXl .Tl I'll 1*1*11_" !*_ L_ —11*1-1 l*tl 1*1*1 _*1 i'l. -f > .1*1 til. iTr (Tl I'll I'll it'i ilo _*l i'i
If jou want to g.'L the best ty
tee o ii- stock. ty
(ivi.i-r.0 tteuilng stoves to ty
select lioin ainl over 2.". Cook t
Sli'Ves to hinko il cb.tic.' I'i...... 9
We ha>eove.' two ciirluiuls 9
of Stoves and Furnaces un ty
oul' Flo...' ..ml in uui' wine- i
We buy the host and cm. 9
t^ivf you the udVi.tUi.go of our ty
extensive buying. 1
We only buy from lhe best ^j,
Stove ihiikers in Canada:. ty
We are showing Airtight .1+
Heaters rr.ni. ij»:t5U up.   Hee
our lino before purchasing,
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Minors', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., l'lumbiug and Tinsmithing.
.t. .1-. .t. .t, .-r, ,1*. .t. it, .1:. ,11, .t. .1*. ,T. .'t, 11'. .I*. ,t. .t, .^.. .*r. ."t. .-r. .-i*. .t. .4-. .-r.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots H7J x UH), on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered—Cash$050, tecum on balance.    PRICE  $2,450
Two-Slorey   Dwelling,   pl.tsleieil  an.l stone bllSOinoi.t,  Lots
Vi x UK) on Second fittest.      Cash $060 and terms on balance.
PRICE   $2,950
Dne-Slorey Dwelling, Lot oOxlOO, near Cowan Hlock
PRICE  $850
At (I. M, Bproat'i Fnrwell Estate Ofllos,
Yellow Peril—Japs Influx—
Marconi Wireless— Tiunk
Mystery —Twelve Cents a
Loaf in the East.
Montreal,   Sept.   26,—Rev.   Dr,
Young preaching on the " Yellow
Peril," declared his liel'el that the day
ise.fining when the Japanese, Chinese
and Canadians will bow the knee at
the same shrine, join in the same
hymn of praise in mutual worship ul
a common God.
Seattle, Sept. 25.—The body of a
young wo...an lound in a trunk, off
Alki Point, near Seattle, has been
positively identified ub that ot Mrs.
Agnes Covington, of Vernon, B. C,
and the police are searching lur the
dead girl's husband, who is thou.lit to
he implicated in the crime.
Ottawa, Sept. 25.—The price ol
bread in Ottawa rose yesterday to 12
cents a loaf, the highest in eight
ROSSUND, Sept. 25.—Mr, J, A. Mac-
donald, leader of the opposition in the
provincial legislature, addressed the
mass meeting of citizens held in
Rossland Inst week to consider the
question ol lhe influx of Japanese and
signified bit agreement with the efforts
of the poop'e here to have them excluded.
Sydney, N. S, Sept. 25.—Signor
Marconi arrived here Saturday and
left later in the day for Glace Bay,
Before leaving, be madi a statement
to the effect that his company will be
able lo send commercial messages as
s....ii as the Sydney station is open, in
about tliree weeks The first commercial work would be sending press
dispatches to big English papers.
('1'if.i.EC, Sept. 23.—Thc Commissioners inquiring into the ljuebec
bridgo disaster, visited the wreck and
inspected the material yesterday.
Speciul attention wns paid to the chord
It has been frequently referred, to as
having been damaged hy the fall at
the storage yards. This, chord wns
subsequently repaired, and lt was sup
posed to have been weakened. The
Commissioners, howevir, found that
the end ot the chord was in a perfect
condltiou, even nfter the disaster, and
the repaired plate was lound to tie all
right. This practically clears up all
tbo delects referred to, and the question row .'-.mains as to whether the
defects which resulted in the collapse
Of the structure may not have heen in
the de*igu of the bridge.
Aha, Idaho, Sept, 24—Because
Amos Clark, ag.-d ill, a farmer living
on the Leiustui. reservation, '111 miles
iouth of here, openly defied the Lord,
he was struck dead ill llis front yard
last night. Clark had been known as
an atheist lur years, and last night in
the presence of his family and several
neighbors eaid, ''There is no God."
He then defied the Supreme Being to
punish him. No sooner hud the words
left his lips than he was stricken and
died a few minutes later. His family
is composed of Christian boys nnd
girls who have been secretly trained
and instructed by the mother.
The  following  is the result up till
noon  today  of  the  Library Voting
Public School ■,, 2037
V. M.C. A  1714
Masonic Lodge      880
Locomotive Engineers  620
F. o. E  020
LO. F  530
St. Peter's Church  610
Hospital   500
l.O. 0. F  430
Catholic Church  400
K.i.tP  380
Machinists  340
Methodist Church  310
Fire Hall No. 2   200
Knox Church  262
Brakemen  250
Bapiist Church  200
Firt men C, P. II  100
Returns will be hereafter published
every Saturday.
R. Gordon Receives Gift from
Civic Employees
A very pleasing event touk place on
Saturday night at the City Hall the
occasion being the presentation of a
handsome oak caeeol solid silver spoons
and forks tu Robt, Gordon by the city
employees on his leaving the city service,    Aid, R. Howson took the chair.
Every member of the oivic .tail with
few exceptieuB were present, a mark of
the general esteem felt for the retiring member.   Mr. Howson in addressing  the  meeting laid  lhat  it had]
befallen him to carry out a very pleasant duly   in  presenting Mr. Gordon
with a gift on behalf ol all the city
employees     He had known Mr. Gordon Ior many years, as a good, faithful servant, uselul both to the city in
hit ability, and Io the community at
large in that he wns always ready to
give his services when required.   Mr.
Gordon in his associations with Rev.
elstoke had  always acted in   .. conscientious  and upright manner, and
whatever  he did was always iu hit
heart  for the interests of  the city.
He  had  helped in. the development
and betterment ofjtbe community and
had always been popular with every
one.   His career as a city employee
had beeu to the advantage of tl.e city
and he had given his honest and best
work to aid in tlie furthering of city
work  and  improvement.    He would
leave the service ol the city regretted
by all  and  he (Howson) felt assured
that his fellow employees could testily
as to his abidty and conscientiousness
and that all would regret the lact that
he was leaving the city staff.  A good
master and a good servant wns the
unanimous opiuion of all and the
sincerest .,isl.es for his prosperity in
his new field of usefulness from all his
fellows  would accompany him.   Mr.
Howson  on  behalf   of  Revelstoke's
civic staff, congratulated Mr. Gordon
on his new appointment, and said that
liis career  as a city employee would
always be a  pleasant remembrance.
He likened his period while a servant
of Revelstoke to a rose, expanding and
growing until it reached ths height ol
ils magnificence.
Aid. Sawyer said Mr. Gordon was in
every way a credit to the city and that
he lelt' his leaving the staff very
keenly, lie had been Hon. Pres. ol
the Independent Band Ior many years
and was always welcome in the Band
room whore he was extremely popular,
Every member of the civic staff testified tu Mr. Gordon's conscientious
work tot city interests and congratulated him ou his uew appointment at
ihe Fame time expressing regret at his
leaving them, although ho would still
remain a citizen ol Revelstoke. L.^  ^  Nortllorn  pao;n,. >pi.)ng
Mr. Howson then made the prescn-; everywhere the easiest roule n..d lhe
tation which was applauded by loud quickest construction.
t.|leefa, j    The  Standard  Oil outfit, although
Mr. Gordon, who lelt much  over-''"f °'oro.  ™« «»»«*» Id
, the lumber busi.ies,-, is now preparing
come by this spontaneous murk of to become the largest o.v..»roI timber
general esteem, rose to reply. He said lands in the country. Perhaps it is
that it was a hard matter to speak on already the largest. At any rate in
an occasion like this and to lully ac-
Two Immense American Syndicates After Supremacy of
British Columbia Forests.
Seattle, Sept. 24,—It is now believed that the extensive purchases of
timber lands on Vancouver Island
within the past two or tliree months
were made hy agents of two groups ol
capitalists who are struggling for
supremacy in timber holdings. One
of the hands of capitalists is headed
by J. P. Morgan, and with him are
found James J. Hill und Frederick
Weyerhauser. The latter is said to
be even richer than Rockefeller. Ths
other party ie John I) Rockefeller.
Sales of enormous areas ot timber
lands on Vancouver Island have been
numerous of late, and the heavy purchases are believed to have been made
by the agents ol either ol the two
bands of capitalists. It is said that
the Standard Oil company recently
purchased 50,060 acres on Vancouver
Island, on which there are not less
than 8,000,000,000 Ieet ol fir and
other woods. A Michigan syndicate
recently closed a deal Ior 50,000 aores
of timber land on the same island,
and it is supposed it is connected with
the money kings. Anothor party of
men hailing from Iowa and supposed
to be merely Standard Oil agents,
have bought 210 square miles of timber lands on Vancouver Island and on
the mainland. Additional purchases
have been mado iu tl.e province, and
it Ib the understanding that many of
them are in the interest of the Standard Oil and the Hill-Morgan-Weyerhauser combine.
Tho United States government's investigation into the question, if there
is a lumber combine, has developed
the startling fact that the two groups
of captains of finance are en ,ed in a
competitive race for the acquisition ol
all remaining sources of timber supply
not included in the national forest
reserve. Not only are 'hey buying up
all the timber land that they can put
tbeir hands on in British Columbia
but in every section ol thj United
Statei they aro buying every acre ol
timber land they can get. That it is
their intention to acquire a complete
monopoly ol the lumber business in
the United Stales is easily seen.
One feature of the giant contes is
the railroad which the Standard Oil
company is building across tin. continent in record time. That it is a railroad to servo the Standard Oil purposes
alone, and not intended to develop
any new country, is shown by the fact
that lor a large share of the way
across the country it runs side by side
the state of Montana it hulds title to
, ,,.,,•,, .• .... more acres of timber than any one
knowledge the kindly sentiments of all   , '
present. He was pleased that the TheHil|.Murgu...Weyerhausergroup
occasion had happened because he lelt 0u the other li.u.d, through control ol
that he had olten been misjudged by! the Burling... i, the Great Northern
hii lellowe.   He lelt too, that he hod,ftPd  Northern  I'aoi.ic, have at thh.
tune exclusive access to a great area
The annual meeting ot the Ladios'
Hospital Guild was held yesterday
alternoon. The chiel order ol business was the election ol officers, the
lollowing ladies being appointed;
.  Hon. Pres.—Mrs A. E. Phipps.
President—Mrs. W. Elson.
1st Vice Pres.—Mrs. G M. Clark.
2nd   "    "   -Mrs. W 1. Briggs.
Treasurer—Mrs. J. M. Doyle.
Secretary—Mist McLennan.
The annual report will be submitted
at an early date.
As retiring president and secretary,
Mrs. B. A. Lawson and Mrs. J.M.
Scott, deserve the highest commends
tion in the carrying on of the hospital
business and thc institution has made
great strides in improvements all
round under their able administration
lor io many yens.
not always done things right and that
he now saw that his misgivings had
heen mostly his own fault. In his five
years ot city employment he said that
all the city employees had worked well
together, and all had lived in harmony. He had taken offence sometimes, but he was glad that his fellow
employees had overlooked his faults,
He pointed out that there was too
much estrangement between the aldermen and employees and now that l.o
was no longer an employee ho could
speak out. Tl.e aldermen were not in
close touch with tho employees and
they should brush up against them
more and take porsonal interest in
them and be more intimate with tho
actual city work, Hc complained ol
the lack ul genuine interest taken in
the employees and urged that tl.e
aldermen should take personal interest and pay personal attention to all
the city work and in those who are
doing it. A better feeling should exist between them and much material
good would be tho result. He had
olten called the attention uf tl.e
mayor to the hiirtnunious leeling
among the employees, and said that
he had never worked among a bettor
or finer body of men. He felt tho
kindness of them in their handsome
gift to him and waB deeply sensible ol
their appreciation ol his best efforts
and congratulations and wishes lor
success in his new vocation.
of the remaining timber country ot
the Northwest. And also they have
acquired titles to thousands upon
thousands of acres of the choicest
timber lands in this part ol tho country, It is this group that bought the
timber lands of the Northern Pacilic
for $1,000,000 when they obtained
control of thai road, and the same
lands are now worth (126,000,000.
They also own practically all of the
timber lands of Northern Idaho,
At the ure chiefs' convention at
Nelson last Thundaj Um lollowing
ollicers were eh cl: \' sident, Chief
J. H, Watson, \\i ir Westminster; vice-
president, Cl .,1 E. A. Savage, Grand
Forks; treasurer, Chief J, P. Fink,
Cranbrook; hecretary, Chief T. Deasy,
Nelson; executive committer, Chiefs
Knight, Chilliwack; Foote, Revelst..ke and McKay, Kamloops; transportation cum..mice, Chiefs J, Martin,
J. W, Niinn, D. P, Kane. Finance
cummitteo, Chiefs D. McDougall, A.
Jeffs and E, Latham,
A report ot the proceedings and
other matters ol local firs brigade
interest will bo published at an em ly
lust opened up, the latest in lancy
china at C. B. Humo A Co's,
Tho lollowing are tho lioot.ee lees as
prescribed by the Cab and Licence
Regulation Bylaw now adopted by tho
city council:
For every cab licenco %li per annum,
"    "   dray    "    $6  "      "
"    "omribut"    %h   "      "
"    " livery stable licence $26 per a,
"    "  salo, load or exchange licence
|26 per annum,
Don't Take
Your Groceries
with you, let us send
them home. It's just
as easy for us, and far
more convenient for
you. Or we will call
for the order and deliver the things, just as
if you  selected them
yourself. We have everything worth keeping. Our reputation for fair dealing is second to none and we can satisfy
you in every way.
Of Stoves, Ranges and Heaters. These have just arrived; they are not
old stock, kept over, but NEW with all tbe latest improvement! and
they arc McCLARY'S.
We have a lull line of Fishing Rods, Baits, Lines, Hooks, etc.  Shotguns, Rilles, Revolvers, and all kinds ol ammunition.
Bourne Bros. J
•», -—_——————_—_—_—_—_—,————————.-__—_—_—_—_—■_■_j
For domestic purposes it is the most suitable
Coal and the
Cheapest on the Market
It lights easily, holds a hot fire for many hours
and leaves only a small quantity of light ash.
Offices i—Molsons Bank Building.     Telephone 31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
tit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
t.tad OtYlc* Toronto, Ontario.
Ilnnelits lu thl Pr.nlnct, o( Manitoba, AlbtrU, Stakauhtwii,
British I "Inmbli, Ontario, Ombto.
Oapltal Authorised
Oapltal Paid Up
Rsssrvs Fund
•   M,»3o,ooo.o-o
D. R, Wii.kik, President; Hon. It. Jafkrat, Vice-President
A General Banking Builneu Traneaoted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United Statas and
Europe.   Spccin. attention giren to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager. Gbe n^aiUlberalb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mcrpht.       Haroui Fisher
Barril.trlJ Solicit"", Eto.
ltKVELftTUKI UD TRun I.AKE.Il!. 0.
C.K.0.1US. . C. Ki,i.ioTr,
quiet and trom investigation in many
quarters we find that many undesirable resident! hnve lelt our midst to
look for "fields and pastures new,"
convinced that Revelstoke will no
longer be a happy hunting ground.
Besides moral reform there are many
things that require looking into, which
have direct bearing on civic interest
and the ratepayers will now have an
opportunity of discussing all such
matters and per chance grievance-
that need adjusting. Popular interest
should be encouraged and all citizens
whether clergy, business men, hotel
men and others can work together, il
they will only allow themselves to
do so.
Orncu:  IM'SHUI timn .moot,  Ksysl-
0**'f'lttToliuike, B.C.I Cranbrook, B. C.
Oio. S. McC'AHTia, ,  .  _
4. M   I'lSKBK. J. A. HARVIY.
Ktvtlatoke, a C.       (rtl,rook, 11.  .
J. M Scott I.L.D W. I BrlRRS.
Barribterb, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
aiiij ol all Ore-, HimplM by mill or eipreii
receive prompt attention.
Termi Moderate.
Adphii     •     •    •    Box .32 Kaslo, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKknzik Avenue.
Box 106, Revelstoke.
Norm Pome, Etc.
Hjone2     NEW DENVER, B.C      I'.O.Bol 10
(Menilier American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospectiveinvestors
or purchasers.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and Cniversity Examinations.
TCDIO-At  Mn. 3. C.  Hntcbison'i Con
laght A.anot.	
Cbe ADaiUlberalb
" 1 would . . . eatni'itlr adviae them lor
their good ti order this paper to be punctually
aenul up, and to be looked upon u • part ol
Ui tea equipage."-Addison.
Citizens at a whole will have an
opportunity ot meeting in a body on
Tuesday, October 1st., that occaiion
being a convention of the Citizens'
League, at which several important
lubjects will be up for discussion.
The public ihould remember, however,
tbat the league ii not per lorce antagonistic to any individual section ol
the community, nor was it formed as
a meant of attacking any particular
perion or personi, or indeed of adopting an agretsive stand upon any
tubject. Erroneoui ideas have been
formulated ti to the real object! ol the
league snd allusions have been made
in other directioni is to the material
benefit or even results that will accrue
from the league. Ai there are to be
found peuimiils in every community,
io will there be lure to be 10ms who
will never allow themselvet to think
thst any good can come of bodiel who
tre trying to imtituts reform. The
Ciliiens* League although formed ai
tbe outcome ol certain condition! tou
well knuwn lo the public tu bear repe.
lition nuw. is a power which il judicium!)'and tactiully, yet al the lame
time firmly, handled will have direct
benefit un tl.e ...oral soil civil condition of uur community. The league
it there to take up every queition ol
interest and importance to the city
and not only as some tuppoi-e to keep
lym eyes on hotel doors at sll houn
tnd worry titer the police tnd iseing
that they do their duty. Granted that
civic morals will take a prominent
plies in the work ol the league, and it
ii only right thtt the public ihould be
protected tnd tint no undue licence
ii permitted in certain tectiont which
will bs detrimental to the peace and
reputation ol tbe city. The lesgue
will have to use prudence and tact in
all its dealing! and not rush blindly
into anything that it may take up,
even il emergency calls, but by carefully and with a level head and firmness, looking into all matters, its
weight will be lelt far more and its
importance be acknowledged, Although tbe letgue has not been id
vertited, it is nererthelesi doing its
work and when occasion arises, will be
all there,   Ths town ol late hai been
A local newspaper is absolutely
necessary to any community. His
tl.e home paper that keeps the people
o! the community in touoli with each
other by giving them all tl.e news of
their own neighborhood and district,
For that alone they are ol value and
worth (ar more than the small subscription price. They keep up the
local pride and progressive spilit
aroused and in various wayi are worth
lar more to a community than a community ever spends on them. In
Wi stern Canada where development
is going on and capital required to
cause such developments the home
paper circulated Iar and wide gives
publicity to its home town and helps
in many other ways to better the
community for whose interests it is
working, __________
First Cup Match Won by New
The many citizens interested and
enthusiastic over cricket welcomed
heartily the bright warm weather on
Saturday, and at 2 o'clock were in
force assembled on the Big Bend road
ground, to witneti the first match for
the Enterprise Brewing Co.'s Challenge Cup, and more especially for the
honor ol being the best cricketers for
the year, to be played between the old
generation and the new, or, as advertised, between "Pioneers" and "New
Anticipation ot a good game was
fully realised, for in the opinion of
many old timers, no such play hid
ever been watohed in Revelitoke, and
although T. E. L. Taylor, Wallace Le-
Leaux, J. M. Goble, and Non-it were
prevented from taking part, yet each
lide bad a good cricketer in every man
It was a batsman's wioket, as one
oould see on inspecting the pitch, and
(rom the umpire's frequent signal ol a
boundary hit, which mightily pleased
the onlookers and encouraged the
batsmen. Ao in previous matches,
good fielding was conspicuous, and in
this repect both sides were equal.
Entwijtle, captain ol the "New
Chums" was the tall hitter lor his
side and totalled hii biggest score this
lesson. His 40 included three 4's and
eleven 2's, He was well supported by
Darbyshire, Davie and Goring, who
each reached double HgureB. Maley,
Bourne and Brier bowled, and Maley
had most success with the ball. His
analysis reading 15 overs, 5 maidens,
46 runs, 7 wickets. An average ol
just over 6 rum per wicket. The
Innings closed Iur the good score ol
The "Pioneers'* were nothing daunted by that total and settled down to
good work at once, Atkins, one of the
bestol Revelstoke'sold time cricketersi
whom we are all glad to welcome back
among local players, and Frank
Bourne, starting the aide's effort.
Much was expected of Frank, but it
wai not hii day with the bat, and alter
making 8 made way lor Brier. Walter
Brier juit showed how easy the dillicult bowling IMRied, Ior in his brilliant inning! of ii'.l were 6 lours, 2
threes and l> twos, l'lie hopes ol tlie
Pioneers were high, and frequeut applause and encouragement punctuated
each hit right through tbe inning!,
but when Albert Arman and Eddie
Edwardi retired without scoring an.l
the .talwsrt Tom Hkioner was run out
with nothing to his credit, a finish of
the inningi lor 91 was the remit, and
against the excellent bowling by Entwistle, that icore wis remarkably
good. Entwistle la and has been the
best bowler throughout the season
snd hia average ol less than live runs
per wicket on Saturday Inrther enhanced his reputation iu tbat respect,
his analysis reading 13 overs, 2 maidens, .IH runs, 8 wickets. The scoring
bouk readi ai Inl lows
Darbyshire, b Maley     17
Davis, b Bourne     12
Itrooker, b Maley       (I
Coring, b Maley    11
Hall, b Maley       5
Entwistle, b Maley    40
Gale, c Atkins, b Bourne      0
Sissons, c Atkini 1, Maley      6
Le Feaux, c Foltcr, b Brier      2
Black-look, b Maley      2
Juliet, not out      2
Htlliwell, c Field, b Brior     4
Byei 2, leg byoi B, widen 1    11
Total  112
Bourns, b Darbyshire  8
Atki.it, b Entwistle  3
Brier, b Entwistle  53
Foster, b Entwist.e  3
Maley, b Entwistle  7
Field, c Entwisile, h Blncklock... li
Arman. I. Entwistle  I)
Annan, b Entwistle  5
Smith, not out  2
Edwards, b Entwistle  0
Skinner, run out  0
Watson, b Entwistle  1
llyes 2, leg bjes4  6
Total    94
The next match on Saturday, Sept.
28th, is expected to produce even
better cricket, and the Pioneers say
they intend to win.
Basis for Final Settlement on
Western Lines Agreed to.
' Winnipeo, Sept. 24—The basis for
the final settlement of the proposed
new schedule between tl.e C. P. lt,
western lines and machinists was arrived at late Saturday afternoon.
Though the i.l.ole schedule has nut
yet been drawn up, the most important items—huiirs ul work and wages-
have been decided upon.
It calls for a nine hour day, and
wages are divided into three chines,
according to location.
lu the shops between Fort William
and east of Broadview the wages will
be 42J c; from Broadview to east of
Kamloops, 46c; aud from Kamloops tu
Vancouver, both included, the wages
will be 43Jc. an hour.
Caloary, Sept. 24.—W. A. Galliher,
M. P. for Kootenay, stated last night
in an interview tbat outside of politics
and spoaking os a citizou of British
Columbia, he would rather see the
province retarded iu growth, losing
trade with Japan, than to have the
province overrun with Asiatic people.
Mr. Galliher has just, returned from
Ottawa, where he conversed with Sir
Wilfrid Laurier on the Japanese invasion. He stated that the secret
treaty between Japan and Canada,
whereby Japan only permits 500 to
enter Canada yearly, would again be
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meet* First .....I Third Wednesday In the month
in Selkirk Hill, upatalra, it g p.m. subject for
.liai'iis-ii.n-"Arinin-.tnciit ... .'ftplUlimn. All
Intereeted are welcome.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meet. Second and Fourth ffednosdayi 1;.
each month, in Selkirk Hall. Visiting Wood
nu... cordially Invited to attend.
W. I). A.tMSTRONG, Con. Com.
.). McINTYHB, Clerk.
Patronize Home Industry.
Revelstoke Clears.
lying- akoirt
— MUST —
—Ill tut • -Ml* Mliaa.
Corporation   of the City   of
The City Council rrquirea the services ol a Power House Superintendent to take charge of the Hydro-
Electric Plant. Ihe plant will shortly
be augmented by the addition ol »
dynamo lor the supply ol Power, and
an auxiliary gas producer plant
Salary $125 per month. Applications,
stating experience nnd accompanied
by relerences, to reach the un ler-
signed by Friday, Sept. 20th, 1007.
CltV Clerk.
Revelstoke, B. C, 8spt, 5th, 1907,
Mtmoofi '>( iioih lexw wi'h to n«
chuDK* (.iMi. Hend IS etna mjftin tti'l
receive IB fiin.-y. ii*air]<<<mf, imjiorM
pMl i rU'In uii'l your nnme entered a i
llnl kii 14 lm
IO Haddon Bidg., Vancouver.
James Zvans
Dealer! in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and (lame in
Seaion. Orderi promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Rilles, Shotguns. Revolvers,
Fishing Tackle, Tdtltt. Hunting and Outing Suits, Canoes,
Boats, Typewriters and (Wire
Desk, Field an.I Opera Glasses,
All  at less  lhnn   half price,
Write at.once for big Hit,
Ni..*i»«»,ai.k, N, li,, Canada,
F. O. E.
The regular meetings nre held In the,Selkirk
Hall every 2nd antUth Tuesday evening .at I
o'clock. Visiting brethren nro cordially mvited.
H. A. BROWN. Pkesident.
W. K. McLAl'l'HLIN, 8ecbet*bv.
First-Class Clover antl Timothy Hay for sale. Also all
kinds of Garden Produce.
Koote nnv Lodge No. 15 A.F,*:A.M.
Tho regular meeting, arc held ln the
Masonic Temple,
..Id Fellowa Hall.on
the third Monday ln
■fuel, month at 8
p.m. Visilingbreth
ren cordially wel
SELKIRK LODGE, NO li, 1.0.0. t.
Meeta everyThuredaj
evening in Selkirk
.Hall at 8 o'olook.
|VI»Itlng brothren cordially Invited to attend
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washingareeasy with its help.
And the money saving is lhe
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
tor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Cold Range ledge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Ilevelstoke, B. C.
, except Third Wednesday ol
eich ninnih, In the Oddlellowa'
Hall   It   8  o'clock.    Visiting
Knights arc cordially invited,
Q. H. BROCK, K. of R. * S.
H. A. BROWN. M. ol F
Deer Heads, Animals, Minis, Kish, ,KU'„
Mill.NT El)
Animal lings Mounted
P 0. Bnx31,
Studio. Corner nf First St. and Boyle Ate.
U.iv,il,.nke. 1). .).
The best Brick in the Province.
Well burnt Brick in large or
small quantities at Reasonable
Manufactured for all clusseslof buildings
All kinds of .building and plastering
Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices,
FIRST STREET, • city smtawia.it
Place your orders for yonr
Harness..—land-make Boots
and Fancy Leather Goods. . .
To Buy Property In and Around
Never Again will It be so Low
I have lor sale the following:—
One Cot.sge, corner Charles and
Douglas Sl.-SSoo, easy terms.
Two Houses. Third Sl.—$1,500
One House, corner King and
Front Sis.— $1,700.
One [louse on Douglas St.—$800.
Kighi Acres just outside the City
Limits, suitable for fr..'..—$100 per
acre. Toge.her with larger lots
of Fruit Lands near the City.
Also one 25 foot lot  suitable for
business site on First Street,  close
10 McKenzie Ave,
For full particulars apply to:—
Revelstoke, B. C,
telephone 29.
Front Street,    Revklstoke
f, mines,
fi I*
. I have ninny enquiries for
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose of
their holdings, large or small,
will do well to list them with
me. Correspondence solicited,
■las. I. Woodrow.
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices. I
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Hpray Pumps
Hpraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on Die
mainland ol B.O,   Catalogue Iree.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new imHiaflSinent "'
Hauiiy       iN.oHH,     offm r.   House
I cyo.i fi." ll.e mosl, curative iu ll.e
world. A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney mul Stomach ailments
nn.1 Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Hpeclnl
rates on all boats and trains. Two
malls arrive and di ait every day.
Telegia Ii   eotnuiun  fttlofl   with   all
marts of the world.
Trhmh   $11! to *1H per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lak: 8, C
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to any railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberia and British Columbia.
Writs for our Latest Prlos List, ii is
mailed free on request.
We only handle thc best goods money
can buy, only goods of best mills, manufacturers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
Ws absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Cooda Cuaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is a duty to You, to Your Family and
lo your Pocket Book to investigate our
We do nol belong lo .he Jobbers' or
Retailers' Board or Associalion or any
References I Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in lhc Cily, or the
names of twenty thousand satisfied customers in llie lour provinces,
Writs for Our Prlos list To-day.
Northwestern  Supply  House
iyj .....I 1(11 Stanley Slreet
In onler lo secure one of our
In the centre of the Southern-
most and VV an nesi valley in
H.C., West. Kootenay, for
$|ll down   niul  $111  per
month for in floras,
to ii*y ill root ifMniM nn*! rofunil
If...... land nnd  whole proposition
is nut exactly na We represent it.
You ..'in make from $VH l" 1100
per acre a1.111n.lly growing fruits
and marks! gardening. Every tract,
is,oilier level or gently slunlni'.
'llie soil is loam will, clay subsoil.
Free from rock. Ample rainfall.
Pins healthy climate, Ooollntum>
me.-, /..io weather In winter prafl-
iic.illy unknown.    No sally or lato
frost danger, Plenty of timher on
each tracl for buildings, fences and
fuel.   Each tract f run I a on a road,
and every tract within h.ilf-.nllc of
muili line of ll.lt. Title Is perfect,
We own one llflb uf the guud land
In tho whole Kootenay nnd make
theae terms so that, ynu will !»• able
lo use your surplus [iiiiiIh Improving
your land. We refer to linen of the
strongest Dauks in Cnnada. Write
quick for maps, etc, uud Icstiinnn-
lals of settlers at Fruit vale.
Nelson, I, 0.
BELOW will be found the names of some of ihe prugr -si e firms in
Revelstoke who make this most popular and liberal offer; 'Ilii* pli-gri.it
library and handsome case will be given by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstoke securing the largest number ol toics in
the lollowing manner: The business men listed below will give .villi
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
9th and ends Feb, 9th, 191)8. A ballot box has been plaued in ll.e Canada
Drug A Book Store where the votes are to he deposited. At the close ol
tbe contest tbe church, school, society or lodge having the largest number ol votes will be awarded tl.e library. Current accounts when promptly paid will be entitled to votes. Remember, votes eau only he secur d by
trading with the merchants listed below. Each week the .Mail-Herald
will announce the standing ol the contestant.
The library and case are now on exhibition in tho show window ol
C. li. Hume A Co,
Groceries,   Drygoods,   Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
House Furnishings.
Meats, Elc.
Fine Confectionery, Ice Cream, Etc.
Co..pont given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, elc.
Printers and Publishers.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-clase in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with thc choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rale.
Queens ftotel
Best brands ot Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,        -        -       Proprietor
Under  New  Management)
First-clas accommodation (or travellers.
Rest brands ol Wines, Spirits, and
RATES  $1  AND   $1.60  PER  DAY
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Uash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Take notion .hit I, Georgo T. Newman, of
Ar.nwhead, 11. 0., occupation Clerk, Intond to
npply for permlsilon to purchaso tlm following
described lands:
Commencing- it a post planted atthe N.K.
corner ol Clara McQuirrlei Lot Slot, thence
north 6.1 chains, tlienco weat M ohnlna, thonco
aouth 20 chains, thenco cast 10 chnlns, thenre
wrath III chnlns, lhcuce caat 10 rhalns to point
ol oonimenocmont.
Dated Hopt. Uth, 1007.
Hp31 aat        IIKOROK 'I*. NKWMAN.
In the matter of Archibald Squall',
In lhc mil ter nf the "Official Administrator's Acl."
TAKE NOTICK by order of His
lloi.o. J, A Forin, made lhe 15th day
nf August, 10(17, I was nppuliited
administrator of lhu estate of said
Archibald lliechln Squall', deceased,
and all parlies having claims against
lhu said estale are hereby lequili'd lo
furnish same properly vended lo me
ou or before the 1st. day of October,
11107. And all parties indebted to said
estate are required lo pay the ninnntil
of I lit-ia ....lel.leil..ess lo  Illll fill I tiwilh.
Official A.lmii.islra.or,
Dated ll.e27th dny of August,1007.
lt.vrl«t..ke Und District,
Diatrict ol Woat Kootonajr,      .    „
■like notice that Hownmn Lumber Compiny,
LOl, of Rsvtlstoks, II. tt, nocuootlon Lumber
lactnrora, Intends lo apply '"	
 r licence ovor tho loll.
Mnn'ulwtnrora, Inten.'la Ui apply fora special
llmlwr licence ovor tho following described
lommenclnsiti|osl planted on the soulh
aide nl northeait im. Uppor Arrow Uke and
marked "Ikiwmin Lumbor Company a N. h.
eorner pott," Ihonce cast* chalna.thcnco aouth
80 chaini. Ihonoe weal 80 ohtlm, thonco north
80 ctmlns to point of commtnooincnt, nnd .:.,..
Ifllnlt.K IHU acres, more or leas.
I.....-.I July .11, mn.
wig;   By tilth Agent, John 0, McCarthy,
Weat Kootonay Lan.l District. Diatrict ol Ito.-
elatoke, H.C. Tike notice that Rupert William
Haggen, ol Revolstoke, B,C, occupation Insurance Agont, intends to apply lor permission to
purchaie the following dtacrlbed land: Com-
ineiicinii at a (> mt planted on tin. western aliort o(
Upper Arrow Lake, at Bannork Point, tnd markod "H. W. llnggen'a ioutt..eiat corner poat,"
situate aliout HO cliains from the aouthern extremity el Bannock Point, thence north 10 clialna to
the aouthern boundary of George lloyd's pre-emption, thenct weat 10 cntinato the eastern lH.un.l-
try ol Lot 811, thence aoutl. 80 chalna to the ihore
of Upper Arrow Lake, thence eiat following the
short... Upper Arrow Lake to place ol commencement, running in irei o. .60 aerea, more or leaa.
Ilat.fi. July Mb, 1(07.  Rupert Williams Uaggen,
Cariboo Land Districl.
Districl of Caribou.
Take notice that Donald Mclnlosli of
Revelstoke, B. C, pros|«clor, intends lo
apply for permission lo purchase llie following described land i
Commencing at a posl planlcd about a)
iniles above Blue River, marked "D, Mcintosh's S, K. corner," Ihence north no
chains, Ihence wesl 40 chains, Ihence
soulh 110 chains, thence eas. 40 chains .0
poinl of commencemeni, containing 460
acres more or less.
Dated July .list, 1907.
wed aug 21 D. McINTOSH.
In the matter of William Thnn.at,
In the matter of the Official Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that hy order of
Hia Honor J. A. Forin made the 16th
day nf August, 1007, I was appointed
administrator nf the estate uf said
William Thomas, deceased, and all
parlies having claims against the eaid
estate are hereby required to furnish
siiinepioperiy verified tn ...e on or
before the 1st. dav of October, WW.
And all parlies indebted to said estate
are required Ui pay tbe amount of
their Indebtedness to me forthwith.
Official Admlnist.ator.
Iliileiltl... 27th day of Aug, 1007.
Any perion or ptrioni lound rutting or ctr*
rylng awnv timher ..ft the C'oinipllx tuwnal.e,
wilhoul pernilasioii Irom the owner Hon.
Ilcultt l..,ai,...k, or hla iseui Chlel Young,
will bo piuaeculed according to la*.
Dt.ed (bit loth diy ol Angus, 1107.
A special mei ting ol the city council
was held on Monday night with a lu I
attendance. Minutes ol last, special
meeting weie adopted as read.
A communication Irom Messrs.
Scott it Brigi.8, city solicitors, regarding the impounding of P. Burns A
Co'6. shetp on Sept. 9th, wss read but
was laid over until that firm had se< n
Wheeler and Shardlow, who had impounded their sheep.
A communication was received (rom
G. Lenibke, requesting to be paid at
rates accoiding to the work entailed
last year when taking shifts at the
power house and promised him by the
previous council. This matter was
referred tc the Fire, Water A Light
A deputation from Ihe school board
waited on the council for the purpose
ol staling tbeir case in asking lor an
appropriation to send delegates to the
Westminster convention. H, N.
Coursier in stating the facts ol the
case said that the aldermen did not
realize these facts and said that edu
cation was one ol the chiel questions
vitally affecting the province and the
whole of Canada. Tl.e schools have
cost a lot ol money, he granted, but
all money spent in Revel-tuke on the
schools was no more than a necessity.
He reviewed the educational system
and read a lew oi the ealient resolutions to be discussed at the convention,
many of which tended to lessen the
cost of-education. He touched on
reciprocity ol the provinces in the
matter ol ttnehers and pointed out the
importance ol universal text books.
New books were a very expensive item
and tbe time had come when the
government ihould own the copyright and sell at slightly orer cost of
production. Continual cbanget in
books were not creditable and the cost
was high as compared with the price
ol novels, The question ol school surroundings wonld be discussed and he
pointed out that Revelstoke schools
had made almost a record in tbe laying out of grounds and tbe city had
every reason to be proud of the schools
snd surroundings. He urged that
oivic teaching should be carried out
in schools and Revelitoke ihould not
be behind the timet; this would also
be taken up at the convention, He
said that tbe trustees had given their
time aud work to tne interests of the
children and the city should aid then,
since it was nol lair for the trutteet
to pty their own expenses atthe
convention. School topics would engage the attention ol the whole province and delegstet Irom every point
ihould attend to decide on all these
in.portaut questions, lie said tbat
very lew dollars had gone astray in
school work tnd tbat tint class
teachers had alwtyt been engtged.
The minimum in Nelson was $70 snd
in Revelstoke 9*60, snd the Board may
have to raise all salaries. He said
that he would take up the question of
technical schools sl the convention
tince they were a saving ol expense
and necessary to B. C. and the influence and assistance of the Dominiou
Government had beeu asked.
The Mayor eaid that one convention
had already been held at Nelson at
public expen.e tbis year and tbe expense of another was too heavy.
Mr. Coursier laid that the datet of
the convention! had been changed
and would always be held in the lall.
Aid. Abrahamson said that money
was pressed from the council on all
H. Floyd said that the principles of
the programme were good.
Aid. Howson said that he didn't
want to out down legitimate expenses,
but the council had paid out much
money this year but be would be in
favor ol movii g lhat $5(1 be appropriated to send delegates to the convention.
H. Manning said that tl.e sum wai
not sufficient and one delegate was no
use, pointing out that undue economy
in education was no good but weight
of numbers in important quettiont
would lell.
Mr. Courtier aaid that Revelitoke
would have the convention next year;
the wai well thought of, more over
one delegate at thii oonvention wai
very poor lor in important place like
Kevelstoke, $40 at leatt wit necessary
(or one delegate tnd two il not more
ought to go.
Aid. Sawyer laid It wai but to tend
two delegates snd make a good job ol
it or none st sll.
Aid. Woodlsnd seconded Aid. How
ton't motion lor $60, the motion being csrried,
The deputation retired after thanking the council tor tbeir oontideration,
The Tax Levy by-law lor 1907 wai
introduced and pasted iti three read
ing. Ai shown by the by-law the
actual value of city property, etc, ii
$1,221,820, the improvements which
are exempt in part Irom taxation being
11174,888. Thin 21 mills on tbe dollar
aro levied to oover all general expenses
Ior health, schools, eto., a reduction ol
one-sixteenth allowed if paid belore
November27;and 12) mills on the
dollar to cover debenture interest, etc.,
making a total lax rate ol 33) mills,
Tbe Cab Licence and Regulation
by law was linally read and adopted,
Forty-live application! (or position
ss power house luperintendent were
received snd resd, letters coming Iron.
all parts ol the Dominion, Alter careful selection and discussion, that ol
Christopher Ilolden ol Winnipeg, was
accepted. Mr. Holden has excellent
references and testimonials having 14
yean praotiotl experience in hydro,
electrical, gaB produce aud electr.oal
work, tnd ihould prove an excellent
man lor Ihe position.
Tht oounoil adjouroed at 11,16 p.m.
For AU Men
Fit-Reform it for all men--the young
business and professional men—the
middle aged men—the elderly men
Fit-Reform appeals to men who want
the most radical styles that good
taste sanctions—and to men whose
ideas of fashion lie in conservative
Tall men, short men, stout men, slender men—all can get
perfectly filling garments in Fit-Reform.
The new (all and winter stylet await your inspection.
Suits and Overcoats—) 15 up. 213
Revelstoke, B.C.
Steel Range ^f
If you purchase a Kootenay
without the reservoir and
decide later that the
reservoir is a real
necessity, why, just fqy-
order it and attach it (. f °.
yourself. It's easily
•done. Merely
remove the screws
and take off the plate marked
"REMOVE FOR RESERVOIR" (see top illustration),
which provides an opening
for the hot air to come
through and circulate
under the reservoir. Then attach,
by means of
screws, the
reservoir and
the flue box
shown in lower illustration.
A screwdriver
is the only
IV tool required^
R-v.-lslol.,. Llllll l).--i|iil.
Dull-id ol W.--. K enny.
T.ke   Nolice   llm    I,  Uh tries  I..
Hyde, ol frvelalukv, B I)........p..l.....
Timber Cruise.-, intends tin.pply fur «
ptci.il licence In cui.  tlillbei   .... tl.e
fulluwing described Inmi:
1 Commencing al post planted abuul
3 ...iles up ihe noiili-e.isl folk of (I..I.I
stream, mai k..I >• Ohus L. Hyde's
N. W,Ciirner Posl," Ihenee so.ub 80
chains, Ihence east 80 chains, Ihenee
ui.illi 80chains, Iheuce west 80 cliains
to pointof commencement, mul eon-
taming610 acres, more or less,
Dateil August 8lh, 1907.
2. Commencing at it post planleil
almut 3 miles up the north-east fork of
Quldstreain, mid marked "Chas, L.
Hyde's N. E. Uorner Posl," thence
south 80 chains, Ihence west 80 chnius,
'In-nee oo.II. SO cuius, thence east 80
chains to point of commencemeni, and
containing OKI... res more or leas.
Dated August 8th. 11W7.
3. Commencing at a post planted
3 and a half miles up I he noith fork of
Goldstream, and 1 mile west of the
norlli fork, maiked "Chas, L. Hyde's
N. W. Uorner Post," thence east 80
chains, thetice south 80 chains, theuce
wesl 80 chains, (heme north 80 chains
tn point of commencement! and cou
raining MO aces, more nr less.
Dated August Olh. 11X17.
4. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 and a half miles up lhe noith
forkof Giildstreain and about 1 mile
westof the north fork, marked "Chas,
L. Hyde's Norlh-easl Cornel Post,'
thencesouth lOOchains, lbence ivest
10 chains, thence north 100 chains,
thence east 40 chains tn point of commencement, and ('untuining OtO acres,
mure or less.
Dated August Uth, 1907.
5. Commencing ul a post planted
abuut 3 and a half miles up the north
fork of GiildslreH.ii and about 1 mile
wesl of the north fork marked "Chas.
L. Hyde'sS E. Uorner Poal," Ihence
north lOOchains, theuce weat 40chains,
theuce south 180 chains theuce east 40
chains to point of commencement, nnd
containing (HO acres, more or less,
Dated August Oth, 1907.
6. Commencing at a pust planted
about 1 mile up Camp Creek ami almut
half a mile easl of creek, Camp Creek
bi-inu a tributary of Golilslream,
marked "Chas. L. Hyde's 8. W.
Corner," thence ninth 80 chains,
thenceeast 80 cha ins, thence smith 80
chains, thence west 80 chains tu the
poinl of commencement, and containing 010 acres, more or less.
Dated Augusl 12lh. 1907.
7 Commencing al a post planted about
half a mile from Columbia Kiver and
about 10 chains suulh of Dowuie
Creek, marked " Chas. L, Hyde's
S. W. Corner," thence north 00 cliains,
thence east 40 chains, tlience north 40
chains, Ihence east 40 chains, thence
aoulh lOOchains, tbence west 80 chains
tn point nf commencement, and containing (UO acres mole or less.
Dated Augusl 13th. 1907.
wcilaiig3l Chas, L. Hyde.
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vanoouver, SL John, HamlltM
Free Kootenay booklet on request
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
In the matter nf James Crawfo.d,
In the matter of the "Official Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that hy order of
Hli Honor J. A. Forin, made on Ihe
15th day of August, 1907, I was appointed adniiiilatralm nf the estate of
said James Urawfn.d, deceased, and
all parlies having claims against the
said estate are hereby required to
furnish same properly verified to mt'
on or before the 1st. day of October,
1907. Au.l all parties indebted to said
.•state nre hereby required to pay the
amount of their indebtedness to me
Official Administrator.
Dated the 27th day of August, 1907
Darihiio Land Dislricl.
District of Cariboo.
Take Nolice that II. McMahon, of
Revelstoke, II. C„ Intends to apply for
a special limber license ovei tlie following described land '
20. Coniiuencing al a post planled
at lho Forks uf Albreda River, Norlli
Thnu.pann, marked "11. McMahon's
S W, Curuer," thence cast 80 cbnins,
theiieo south 80 chains, thence wesl 80
chaini)tlience north HO chains to point
uf commencement, cuntaining MO
aires ...ure or less.
Dated April UIU., 1907.
H. McMahon,
In the Milter ol Duncan McEtchrtn
TAKE NOTICE thtt by order of
His Honor J. A. Forin, made on the
26th day ol August, 1907, I wss appointed Administrator ol tbe estate
ol said Duncan McEachren, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
the said estate are hereby required to
lurnish same properly verified to me
on or before the 1st. day ol October,
And tl   parties indebted to taid
estate are required to pay the amount
ot their indebtedneai to me lortbwith.
Official Administrator.
Dated thit Slit day ol Aug., 1907.
In the matter of an application for the
Issue uf a duplicate of the certificate
of title for Lot 12, Block 18, In the
town of Revelstoke.
NOTICE is hereby given that it is
my intention to Issue at the expiration
of one month from the llrsl. publication
hereof, a duplicate nf the certificate of
title for the aliove lot in the name of
Bonn Bailegaard, which certificate Is
dated the Ulh day of January 1H0I,
and miiLltercd 4030k. and 4031k.
Und Registry Olilco, Nelson, 11. C,
9th September, 1007.
II. F, MacLeod,
District Registrar.
Revelstoke Land Distriot.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take e tnat Andrew Kitson, of
Revelstone, B. C„ miner, intends to
apply fur a special timber license over
the lollowing described lands :
1. Cummencing at it post planted
one quarlei mile above the north fork
of Flat Creek, on lhe north hank, and
marked "Andrew Kitson's S. E, Cor
ner," thence north 40 chains, thence
west. lOOchains. thence soulh 40 chains,
thence easl 160 chains lo point of
commencement, and containing 610
acres more or less,
Dated August 20.h, 1907.
2. Comineucing ata post planted
one quarter mile above the norlh fork
of Flat Creek on the north bank and
maiked "Andrew Kitson's 8. W. Corner," thence north 80 chains, ihence
easl 80 chains; thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, to point of
cummencement and containing M0
aces more or less.
Dated August 20tb, 1907.
3. Cummencing at a post planted
about nue mile and three-quarters
beluw the north furk of Flat Creek, on
the uorlh bank, and marked "Andrew
Kitson's S.W. Corner," thence noi-.h
80chains; thence east 40 chains, theuce
suulh 40 chains, Iheuce east 40 chains,
Ihence south 80chains, thence west 40
chains, tbeuce nnrlh 40chains, thence
west 40 chains to point of ;ouiiuence-
ment and containing 610 acres mure ur
Dated August 20th, 1007.
Ankhew Kitson.
Revelstoke Land Dislricl,
District uf WeBt Kootenny,
Take notice that I, Robert Sim, of
Revelstoke, B. C, occupation, Lumberman, in.ends lo apply for a spocial
limber iicence over the I'ullowi. i described lands:
Commencing nl a post planted annul
20 chaina from thu southwest corner of
Timber Limit 1082 and 10127, and about
2chainswest of the wesl boundary
and niarked "Robert Sim's N. E. Corner Pust," running west 80 chains,
theuce hii.u Ii SO chains, thence easl 80
chains, thence mirth 80 ciniins tu place
of beginning, containing OtO acrei
nmre or less.
Dated this 8th day ot August 1907.
In tbe matte,  of  William J.  Elliot,
In the matter of the "Ollicial Administrator's Act,"
TAKE NOTICK that by onlei of
His Honor J, A. Forin, made or, the
15th day of August, 1907, I was appointed administrator ol the estate of
said Willi in. J. Elliott, deceased, and
all parties having claims against lhe
said estate are hereby required to
furnish same properly verilied to me
on or before the 1st. day uf October,
1907. And all parties indebted tu said
estate are hereby required lo pay the
amount of (heir indebtedness to me
Ollicial Administrator.
Dated the 27th day of August, 1907.
Rovelstoke Und District.
Illstriclof WentKooUin&y.   „. .     .     ,
TBke notico tlmt wo. Lamb-Watson Lumber
Co., Ltd., of Arrowhead, occupation Mlllown-
on, Intend to apply for permission to purchano
the following described land: ,..__,
Commencing at a post plantod at tins H. K
corner of ltalph 81mp«on's application, Oalena
kay, thence north Sl chaini., thonoo cant 10
chaina, thenoo north 20 ehains, thonco mul 2n
chains, thence uouth 20 ohains more or lets to
Ualoua Bay, thence southwcstorly along north
htiuroof Ualcnu Hay Lo pointof commencement,
Datod ttri Ju.-f.IM7.
Lajis-Watbon LumhkiiCo,. Ltd.,
wed aug 7 O.&N, Wilkie. Agent.
11 \J L L\J1'A
rnrilH.ii'-m.i nisirict.
|ii-iri« t ul* iirlbm
Take notl-'c ihnt WalterSteinhoff,of UoMpii,
II. I!„ n enpnlimi, cruiser, Intend", tn apply fur
m cpen nl Umber license over the following
dew rl bud Ihii>1h :
1. Commencing ni u post phntod ou right
bunk nf Utile Smoky Hlver, nbout 2f0 varrin
inun Its inmiili, mnrked ''Walter Steinhoff's
H E lornrr font," Uience west ko clmins,
ihence north 80 chain*, ihence enst so chains,
ihenc''nm I h M-chains to pnint ot commencement, containing 640 arret! moreor less.
2. Commencing at a post plntileil on the
right bunk of the south fork of the Vi&ttt
ri»er,»limit yA mile from thc mouth of the
Little Smoky River, marked "WalterStelnhoff'B
8. W. Corner Post," thence north 80 chains,
lbence earn 80 cliains, thencesouth 80 die ins,
thence west 80 chains to the point of commencement, and contaiuiug oio acres more or
3. Commencing at a post planted on the
lelt hank of the south fork of the Kraster river,
about half a mile above the mouth of tbe
Little Smoky river, marked "WalterSteinhoff's
s k. Corner Post." thence north 40 chains,
tbenee west 160cnains, tbeuce south lOchains,
thenee east 160 chains to tbe point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more or
4. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of the soutn fori of tbe Fraser Kiver.
about half a mile above tbe moutb of the
Utt'eSmoky river, marked "Waller Steinhoff's
North-east corner post," thence south 40 chains,
tlience wont lOOchains, tbence north40chains,
tbence east 160 chains, to the poiut ol com*
meneement,andcoutalnlnglMO acres moreor
5. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of the south fork of tht Fraser
river, about 11 mllen above the mouth of the
Llltle Smoky Itiver, marked "Walter Steinhoff'a N.W. Corner Pont" Ihence soulh 160
chains, thence eaBt 40chains, tbence north 160
chains, theuce went 40 chains, to tbe point of
commencement and containing 640 acres more
or less.
6 Commencingat a post planted on the
right bank of the south fork of the Fraser
river, about \\,i miles above the mouth of (he
Little Smoky Hlver, marked "Walter steinhoff's
8 W. Corner i'oat" tbence east 80 chains,
tbence nortb 80 ebains, tlienco wesl 80 chains'
tbence south 80 chainB to polut of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
Dated August 2nd. 1907,
7 Commoncing at a port planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky Hivor, about ono
milo from Its mouth, marked "Walter Stein
hofTtj 8 K corner post," theuco west 160 chains,
tbeuce north 10 chains, thence east 160 chains,
thonce south 40 chains to pointof commencement and oontaining 610 acres, more or less,
8 Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of the Littlo Smoky Kiver, about one
mile above its mouth, marked "Walter Steinhoff's 8 W corner post," thence east 160 chains
thonce north 40 chains, thence wen'- 160 chains,
thence south 10 ohains to point of commencement, and containing 610 acres, more or less,
9 Coinmeneing at a post nlanted on tho right
bank of tho Littlo Smoky Hlver, about one and
one-half miles above its moutb marked "Walter
SteinhofTs S E corner post," thenco west 160
chains, thence north 10 chains, thence east ltio
chains, thence south 40 chains to point of commencement and containing 610 acres, more or
1 88.
10 Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of tho Littlo Smoky River, about one and
one half mile.-, above its mouth, mnrkod"Walter
Steinhoff's S W corner post," thenco east 160
chains, ihonce north 10 chains, thence west 160
ohains, theuce south 10 chains to poiut of commencement and containing 610 acres moro or
11 Commencing at a post plantod on tho left
bankof the Little Smoky River, about two
miles from ils mouth, marked "Walter Stein-
lion's S W corner post," thonce east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 ebains,
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 610 acres, more orless.
12 Commencing at a post planted on the left
bankof tho Little Smoky Kiver, about two
miles from its moutb. marked "Walter SteinhofTs S K corner post, thence west 80 ehains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 610 acres, more or less.
13 Commencing at a post plantod on the left
bankof the Little Smoky River, about three
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter SteinhofTs 8 W corner post," thence cost 160 chains,
thence north 10 cnains, thence wost 160 chains,
thence soutb 10 chains to point of commencement and containing 610 aores, more or less.
14 Commencing at a post planted on tho right
bank of the Little Smoky River, about three
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter Stein-
huffs H E corner post, thence west 160 ebains,
thenco north 10 chains, theuce east 160 chains,
thence soutb lo chains to point of commencement and containiug 610 acres, more or leas.
16 Commenolng at a post planted on tbe left
bank of the Little Smoky River, about three
and one-half miles from its mouth, marked
"Walter SteinhofTs S W corner post," ihence
east 160 chains, thenco north 10 chains, thenoe
weet 160 chains, thence south 10 chains to poinl
of commencement and containing 610 acres,
more or loss.
Datod August 6th, 1W7.
Iti. Commencing at a post planted on Ihe
rlgbtbankof the Little Smoky Kiver, about
3J, miles fiom its mouth, marked "Walter
Sielnhoff'B S, £. Corner Post," thence west 160
cbaius, tbence north lOchains, tbence east 160
chaini, tbence soutb lOchains tothe point of
commencement and containing 640 acres more
or less.
17 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky Kiver. about four
miles from its moutb, marked "Waiter Stein-
huff's S. £. Coruer Post," tbence west 80 chains
theace north 80 cbaius, |thence east 80 chains,
theuce south so chains to the point of commencement and containiug 6lo .acres moreor
18 Commencing At a post planted nu the le.t
bankof ttie Little smoky River, ubn,-.*) mi len
above Its moutb, marked "Walter .-uunnoff'B
S.K.Corner Post," tbenee north bu clmins
thence west 80 chains, thence south an chains,
thence east 80 chains io the point of commencement and coutalnlug OW acres moreor
19, Commencing al a post plauted on the
left bauk of the Little Smoky Kiver, about 5
mle.H irom its momb, marked "Walter Stein*
huff's SW coruer post." theuce north 80 chains,
theuce east HO chains, theiincMiuih 80 chains,
tbence west 80 chains to tbe polut ot com
meneement and containiug 640 acrei more or
20, Commencing at a pobI planted on the
left bank of the Little Smoky Kiver, about6
luilcB from Its mouth, marked "Wallet Stein'
huff's S.W. comer Pont," tbeuce south 80
chains, theuce east 80 ohains, thunce north go
chains, tbence west 80 chains tu the pointof
commencement aud containing 040acres more
or lens.
21, Commencing at a post planted on the
left bank ol the Jlltie-moky Kiver, abuut six
miles from its mouth, marked " Walter steinhoff 'h s W Coruer Pust," t leuee nortb 80 chaius,
Ihence east 80 chains, thencu soutb 80 chains
theuoe west 80 chains to point of cummeucement, aud contaiuiug 640 acres more or less.
Dated August 8lb, 1907.
ft!, Commenoingat a post planled on the right
bank of the Littlo Smoky river, about? miles from
its moutli, marked "Walter Htuinhofl's N W
cornur post," thence south 80 chaln**,thenco east 80
liains, thence nurth 80 chains, thetice west 80
cbaius to the point uf commencement and con
taming 010 acres, mure or luss,
ta, Commencing at a post planted on the right
Imnk of tht Little Nm ok y river, aliout 7 m lies frum
IU muuth, marked " Walter HUlnhoff's S W
corner post." thenes nurth 80 chains, thence east
60 chains, thenee south 80 chains, tlience west 80
chains tu thu puint of cumiueneeiuent and containing 640 acrus, more ur less.
24. Commonclng at a post planted un ths right
bank of the Llttln Smuky river, abuut tl miles frum
Its mouth, marked "Walter Htelnhoifi N W
coruer post." thence suulh 80 chains, thenco east
80 chains, tlienco imrtli 80 ehalm, theuce west bO
chains to thu point of commencement and ecu
lain ing UIO acres, more ur Ions.
16, Commencing at a post planted on the rignt
bank of the Litllti smuky river, abuut 8 miles from
Its mouth, uiarked 'Walter Hlelnholfs S.W
corner post,'1 thunce north BG chains, thence east
80 chains, tbance ■outli 80 cliains, thonoo went go
clialns tu tha point of coniiuenueuent and containing 040 acres, mure or less.
Datud August Oth, 1907:
28. Commencing at a pust planted un the right
bank of the Little Smuky river, aliout tf miles frum
Its mouth, marked " Walter HtofnhuiTs N W
corner post," thonce south 80 chains, thenct vast
SOohains, thonce north 80 cliaim, thenoe west 80
chains to the point uf commencement and eon*
talning 640 acres, more or lesi.
i'l Commencing at a pust planted on the right
bank of the Little Hmoky rivor, aliout 0 miles from
its mouth, marked " Walter SteinhofTs H W
oorner post," thenco north 80 chains, thenoe eait
80 chains, tlionco iouth 80 clialns, llionce weit 80
chains tu the point of coinmoncemeiit and oon
talning 640 acres, more ur less,
18. Commencing at a pust planted uu the right
bank of thu east furk nf the Little ntnoky river,
alwut one-eighth mllo above the forks, marked
" Walter Ht emboli s N W corner post," thencu nouth
80 chains, thence oast 80 chains, thunn nurth 80
chains, thenoe went 80 chains tu the point of com-
ineiiovinont and containing 610 acres, more or lew,
Id. Commencing at a posl plantod on the right
bank of the oast fork of tho Little Hmoky river
itbi'iil hud eight mile abovo thu lurks, markeil
Walter Ntomlmirs H W oorner oust," thencu
nnrth 8ii chains, thonce east 80 chains, thenco
suuth 80 cliains, thence wust 80 chains to the point
of comuioncotoont and containing 610 acres, moro
ur less,
90. Commencing at a post plantwl on the right
hank of the east fnrk of the Little Hmoky river,
alwut nne and one-eighth miles from thu forks,
marked "Walter Btelnliotfi N W corner post,'
the point of commencement and containing Ho
acres, more or lens.
81. Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
hank of the east fork of the Little hmoky riyei
about oue ami miceixht nnli-n frmn iu fork*,
m irke-l 'Walter Htolnhnfls H W conior punt,"
Uience north wi chains, Uience eait SOchains,
thencesouth 80 chains, tbenee west gu cliaim lo
the point of commencement ami containing OIU
acres, moro ur loss.
32. Commencing at a poBt planted on tlw right
bank of the enst fork of the Lillle Smoky river
about 9 miles from its forks, marked "Walter
Steinholfs N W eornor pont," ihence soulh 10
chains, thence east 160 chains, theuce north 40
chains, thence west lib chains to the point of
cummencement and containing tilu acres, more or
83. Commencing at a pont planted on the right
bankof the east fork of the Littlo Smokv river
about 2miles from itn forks, marked "Walter
Steinholf'n S VV corner post," tlience north 40
chains, thence east 160 chains, thence south 10
chains, thonco west 160 chains to tho puiut of
commencement aud containing 640 acres, more
ur lens.
Dated August 10th, 1007.
31. Commencing at a punt planted on the right
I. ink <>l iln.- im-i fnrk ot the Little Smoky river
abuul IU miles from its furks, marked 'Walter
Sleinliuff'd N W eurner punt," thence nouth 160
ch tins, thonco oasl 4H cliains, tbence uortb 100
ch j ini, ibenco west 40 chains to tbo point of commencement and containing 040 acres, moie or lens.
85, Commoncing st a pont planted on tbe right
bank of the eust fork uf thu Little Suiu.y rite!
about 4U miles from iti furks, mnrkod "Walter
Steiuhulfn S W corner pont," thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 cbainn, theme south80
chains, thonco went 80 chains tu the pomt of .*. ra
nieiicemeiit and cuntaining Olu acros, mure or less.
36, Commoncing at a post planted mi the right
bank of the east fork of the Littlo smuky river
(-.hunt 4',t miles above Its furkn, marked "Waller
Steinhoff's N K corner post," thonco south 160
chains, thonce west 40 cliains, thenco north llkl
chains, thence east 10 chaini to tlie point of commencement and containing 610 acros, more or less.
87, Commencing at a post planted un the right
bank nftho east fork uf the Little Smuky river
ahout:,', miles frum ils furks, marked "Walter
Hteinholf'n S W corner pust'" thence north ttu
chains, tlionco east 80 chains, thenco smitli ttu
chains, thence west 80 chains tu the point of commencement and containing 610 acres, more ur lens.
Commencing at a post planted od the right
bank of the east fork of the Little Smoky river
about *v,-t miles frmn itn forks, marked "Waiter
Stf-inliult's N W corner post," tlienci east 80
chains, thonco south so chahin, thence went 80
ch tins, thence north 80 chaius to tho point of com-
meneement and containing 640 acies, more or less.
Dated August 12tli, 19u7.
39. Cummencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork of the Little Smoky river
about HH miles from its furks, markod 'Walter
Stuinhufl's S W coruer post," thence nurth 80
cliains, thence east SOchains, thence south SO
chnlns, thonce west 80 chains tc the point of cam-
me nee me ut and containing 640 acros, more or lens.
40. Commencing at a pont planted un the right
b.iuk uf the east tork of the Little Smoky river
about ilj miles fnnn its forks, marked 'Walter
Steinholfs N W rorner post," theuce east 80
chains, thonce soutn SO chains, thence west 80
cliains Ihence north SO chains io tho point of commencement and containing 6JU acres more or loss.
Dated August 16th, 1007.
41. Commencing at a post planted on the right
liank of the east fork of the Little Smoky river
about ll/t miles from its forks, marked "Waller
steiniii.il s N W corner poat," thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
eh i ins, thence north SO chains to the point of commencement and containing 610 acres, moro or less,
ii. Cummencing at a post planted on the right
bunk of the easl furk of the Little Smoky river
about 71-2 iniles from Its forks, marked "Walter
Steinholfs S W corner post," theuce north 80
chains, thenco east SO chains, thence south 80
chains, thenco v, est 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or less,
Dated August Uth, 1007,
43. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bauk of the east fork ol the Little
Smoky ttlver, about l% miles from Its forks,
marked "Walter Steiuuoff's a W Corner Post,"
llieuce eut SO chains, tbeuce south 80 cbaina,
thence weit 80 chains, thence uorth su euaius,
lo thc point of commeacemeut and containing
Olo acres more or less,
41, Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of tbe east fork oi the Little Smoky
River, about 8ft miles above Its forks, marked
" Walter steinhoff's S W Corner Post," tbence
nortb 80 ohalni, tbence east 80 chains, theuce
soutb 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to tbe
polut ot commeucemeut aud containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated August 1Mb, 1907,
16. Commeueiug at a poet planted on tbe
right bank of tbe east fork of (be Llltle Smoky
River, about 9^ miles above Its forks, markod
" Walter Steinboft'i N W Corner Post," tbence
east 8o chains, tbence aouth go cbalni, thence
west 80 chains, theuce north 80 cbalni to the
point of commenoement, and containing 610
acres more or leas.
46, Commenolng at a poit planted on the
right bank of ibe eut fork of tne Utile Hmoky
Hiver, about nine and a half milei from Iu
forks, marked "Walter Steinhoff's s W corner
Pusl," thence nortb go chains, tbence eut 80
cbaius, lbence south so ohaini, tbeuce weit 90
cbaius to the polut of commencement and
containing 610 acres more or leas,
uated August 16th, 1907.
47. Commencingat a poit planled on the
right bauk of the east fork of the Little Smoky
Kiver, about ten and a hall miles from its
lorks, markod"WallerSteiuhoff'i NW Corner
Post," theueu eut 8u chains, thence south 80
chains, tbeuce westSO chains, ihence norm w
chaius lo the pulut of commeucemeut aud
coutalnlug 610 acres more or less.
IS, Commeuelng at a puit planted on the
right bank of tbe eul fork of tbe Little Smoky
Kiver, abuut teu aud a hill miles above iu
forks, marked-Walter Steinbofl'i SW Coruer
Post," theuce north 80 chains, thence eut 80
uluins, tbence south SOchaius, thenco wentsu
chains, to the puiut of commeucemeut aud
coutaiuiug 040 acres wore or loss,
49. Commencingat a post planted ou tbe
right bank of the eut fork ol the Little Smoky
Kiver, about eleven and a half miles from lu
lorks,marked 'Walter Meinbofl's sW Corner
Post," thence uorth 80 cbaius, tbence eui do
i-iiMinn. tbence soutb 80 chaius, Iheuce went so
i-lmins tu thu pointof commencement and containing 14u ncres more or less.
Dated Augimt I7t.li, 1V07.
60. Commencing at a post planted on tbe
right bank uf tint enst fork uf the Little Smoky
Kivur, abuut eleveu and a half iniles from lu
forks, marked " a alter Sieiuhuff'i H W Corner
t\»«i," thencecasl tw chains, thence south 80
uhaius, theuce west 80 cbaius, thenee nortn 80
chains io the polut of commencement and con-
taluLm iii' .icrcs more or less.
61 0..1I.„i neing at a post planlcd on thc
right bauk m toe cant fork ol tue Little r-muk*
Kiver about uelvu miles aud a half from Hi
forks, marked"HalterSlilnboff'i SW Curuer
Pont," tnence eut so chainB, tbence south so
chuius, theuce wost 80 chains, thence north 80
ohaius to puint of commeueement and containing 610 acres mure ur lets.
iti. Commencing at a post planted on the
right buuk of the onst fork of lhe Utile Smoky
lliver, nbout twelve and ii half miles from its
forks, marked "Walter Steinhoff's 8 W Corner
Post," thonco north 80 chains, Ihonoe east 80
chains, ihence suuth 80 chains, Ihence west 80
uhaius to tho point of commence ment, con-
talning (MO acres moreor less,
Datud August 19th, 1907.
fii Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of the cast fork uf the Llltle Smuky
itiver, aboul thirteen and a half miles from
the forks, "marked Waller SlcltihofTs N w
('oritur Post," theuco east 80 chaini, theuoe
..uiilh 80 ohains, ihonoe west 80 chains, thouce
norlh SOchains to the point of commencement
and cuntaining 610 acres more or less.
•A. Commencing at a post planted on the
right liank of tho oast fork of tho Utile
Hmoky River, about thirteen and oue half
iniles from lu forks, marked "Walter
SiclnhofTs 8 W Cornur J'ust," thence nortb 80
chains, thouce oast 60 chains, thouoe south 80
chains, thenco west 80 chains lu the poinl of
coiiiuiiiiicfiinonl and containing _4.-> acrei, more
ur loss.
Uated August 20th, 1907.
6.1. Commencing at a puit planted on the right
liank of the eut fork of the Little Hmoky rlvtr
about IIh miles from the forks, marked "Waller
Sloliilinirs N W corner post," llionce tut 80
chains, thenco south 80 chains, Uience went 80
t liains, thence north 80 chaiu to the point of com<
meneement and containing 010 acres, muro or lets,
66. Commencing at a poet planled sn the right
bank of the eut fork of the Little Smoky river
ulmut 14^ miles from the forks, markod "Walter
Htehihog'aH W corner post," thunce north %
chains, thenco eut 80 cnains, thence nouth BU
chains, thence west 60 chaini to the point of col
meneement and containing 640 acres, more min
Dated August 2M, 11)07.
67 Commencingat a post planted on the
right bank of the north fork of the Utile
Smoky River, about one mile from the forks,
marked "Walter SteinhofTs 8 K corner post,
thonce north 160 chains, thonce west 10 chains,
thonco south ltW chains, thence easl 10 ehalm
Lo polul uf commencement and containing 640
acres, more or luss.
68 Coinnieiiciiig at a poet planted oo the
right bank of the north fork of the Utile
Smoky River, about one mile from the forks,
marked "Walter Stcliihoirn 8 W cornor oost,"
thunce north ltio chains, thence out 10 cnains,
thenco soulh 160 chains, thence west 10 chains
to point of commencemeni and containing 640
aores, moru or less.
Dated August 23th, 1917
59 Commonclng at a post plantod ou the left
bankof lho north fork of the Liula Smoky
River, about Ihrue milos from the forks, inarkod
"Walter StelnhoiTs 8 W corner post," thence
north 80 chains, thenca oast 80 chains, tbence
south 80 chains, tbenoe went 80 chains topoint
of commencement and containing 610 acres
moro or less.
60 Commonolng ot a post planted on tho left
c-isl 160 chains, thence norlh 40 chains, thenre
west lOichaitiN, thence sonth 1*9chains io point
of commencement and lunuinuig 610 acres,
moru or i'---
Sl Commencing at a post planted on the left
bink of the nurth fork uf the Little Smoky
Itiver, aboul four miles from the fork*, marked
"Walter Btoinboffl N W corner por.t" I hem c
cunt 16i cha,ng, thence *onth 10 chains, tbence
west Itt) bain-, thence north 40 chains to point
of commencement and containing 610 acr«.s,
more or ;■ ss.
Dated Augustiuii..9»7.
sat sep 21 Agent.
Lillooet Land Diitriit.
District of Lillooet.
Take notice thst Andrew Kitsnn, of
Revelstoke, B. C, Miner, intends to
applv for a special timher license ovsr
the follotvinK described lands;
1. Coiiiiiiencinf? at a post planted
:n the east hank of the north fork of
Seymour Biver, about IJ miles above
I he fnrk of the same and about 31
miles up from Shuswap Lake, and
marked "Andrew Kitson's 8. W. Corner," thence north 160 chsins, thence
east40chains, thencesouth 160chai.is,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 840 acres
more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1007.
2. C............. in., at a post planted
on theeast hank of Ihe north forkof
Seymour Kiver about lj miles above
the fork of the same and about 31
miles up ft uui Shuswap Lake and
marked "An.l.ew Kilson's 8. E. Corner," tlu-nce north 180 chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence south 180
chains, thenceeast 40 chains to point
of commencement and containing WO
acres mote i.r less.
Dated July 31st, 1907,
3. Cummencing at a pnst planted
the east hank ot the north fork of
Seymour River, about 4J miles above
ihe fork ot Ibe same and about 34
miles above Shuswap Lake, and
inarked "Audiew Kitson's N.W. Coruer," thence south 80 chains, tlience
east 80 chains, thence nurth 80 chains,
tlience west 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 610 arris
more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907.
4. Commencing at * post plauted
on the east liank uf the north fork of
Seymour River, nboul 4J miles above
the forks of the Mine and about 34
iniles up from Shuswap Lake, and
marked "Andrew Kilson's S.W. Corner, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chaini)
thence west 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 640 acres
mors or less.
Dated July 31st, 1807.
5. Commencing at a post planted
on theeast bank of the north fork nf
Seymour River, about one half mile
below the fork of the same, and aliout
29 miles np from Shuswap Lake and
marked "Andrew Kitson t S. E, Corner," thence uorlh 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, ihence soulh 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement and conlaining 640 acres
more or less,
Dated August 3rd, 1907.
6. Commencing at a posl planted on
the east bank of the nnrth fork of Seymour Uiver, about onu half mile below
the fork of the same and aliout 29
miles above Shuswap Lake, and
marked "Andrew Kitson's N. E. Corner," Ihence south 40 chains, tnence
west 180chains, tbenct north 40 chaini,
theoce east 160 chains lo point of commencement and containing 640 acres
inoreor less.
Daled August 3rd. 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted
on the wesl hank of the north fork of
Seymour River, about three milei
lielow the fork of the same and about
at!) iniles above Shuswap Lake and
marked 'Andrew Kitson e 8, E. Corner," thence north 80 chains, lbence
west80 chains, Iheuce south SOchains,
thence east 80 chains, lo point of commencement and containing 640 acres
mure or less.
Daled August 3rd, 1908.
8. Commencing al a post planted
on the west bankof the norlh fork of
Seymour River, about 24 and a ball
iniled almve Shuswap Lake, and
...... ked "Andrew Ki son's S. E, Oorner," Ihence north 80 chains, Ihence
west 80 chains, lbence soulh 80 chains,
iheuce easl 80 chains, It. poiul of com-
uieiiceiiiciii and cuntaiuing 640 acres
more orless.
Dated August 3rd, 1907.
9. Cou.K.encing at a post planted
about one mile easl of the north fork
of Seymour River, on a tiibulary uf
the same about 21 miles up from
Shuswap Lake and uiarked "Audiew
Kilson's S.W. Corner." thence north
10 chains, .hence easl 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west
180 chains to poinl of commencement,
and conlaining 640 acres mire or less.
Dated August Olh, 1907.
10. Commencing at a posl pliinte.1
about one mile easl of the north fork
if Seymour River, on a tributary of
the same, about 21 miles up from
Shuswap Lake, aud marked "Andrew
Kilson's N.W. Corner," Ihence south
40 chsins, ihence east 100 chaini,
ihence north 40 chains, thence west
lOOchains topoint of commencement,
and containing (U0 acres more ur less,
Dated August Ulh, 1807.
w.'.laug.'ii Andrew Kitson.
In the matter of Lewis Eyra Sleeves,
In the mailer of lhe "Official Admin*
islralor's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
llis Aonor J. A. Km in. mads the 16th
day uf August, 1907, I was appointed
Administrator uf Lewis Eyra Sleeves,
dei eased, and all unities having claims
against the said estate are hereby
required to furnish name properly reri-
llrd.u ue un or before the 1st. day of
October, 1907. And all parlies indebted
tostid estate art required lo pay ths
amount of indebtedness to me forthwith.
Official Administrator,
Dsted the 27th dsy of August, 1907.
Cariboo Land Dislricl.
Dislricl of Cariboo,
Tske notice thai Harry Sawyer of Revelsloke, B.C., millnun, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the lollowing
described landsi
Commencing at a post planted about
one mile above Blue River, and niarked
"H. Sawyer't N. W. corner,' Ihence easl
Ho chains, ihence iouth 8o chains, Ihence
wesl So chains, tbence north 8o chains lo
poinl ol commencemeni, containing 640
acrei more or less.
Dated July ..olh, 1907.
bank VSt" north" lotT'ol tnsQtSl Snisij I wed ag ii   Per Donald Mclnlojb, Agent. The Stylish Fall Hats will be on display in our
Millinery Department to-day both afternoon and evening
and following days.
We are showing important Pattern Hats and Hats
made up in our Millinery Department.
We ask you to come and see them.
Reid & Young
*tt tti A. .♦, At A, A. A, i*K At At iT« A
ii* "A* "X" *X" *X" "X* '■*-* "X' "X 'X "X* "X' *•
$     WHY?       I
7 Ymi should leave your Pre*   \
V scription with us ^
f    BECAUSE    *.
ty We use the Purest of Drugs ^
iu.il Chemicals
* Every Prescription is checked
9 before it noes out
Our prices are re
asonable and
Swe will deliver youi- prescription if you wish it.
ty Canada Drug & Book Co,
At At A, Ai A, At itt tii At At A, A. A.
fp tjf tp *$ *^t ty tji ijr t^t tji tjj t|t tjp
Wednesday, Sept. 25, for !I4 hours-
Cloudy, generally lair, cold nights,
probable showers. Temp. max. 67;
min. 43.
Local and General.
Attend the races at the Opera
House Thursday night.
A dance will he held under the
auspices ol the Halcyon Club on Fri
day night, Sept. 27, in tbe Selkirk
hall at 8.30. Gentlemen $1.00. Laities
tre free.
See the automobile hold-up nnd
wanted a husband, at the Opera
House Thursday night. The best
chase pictures ever shown in your
Work has been recommenced on the
construction of the new C.I'.K. bridge
across the Columbia. A big gang of
men is now employed on tbo piers
thia side ol the river.
A meeting of the Revelstoke Citizens' League will he held on Tuesday,
Oct. 1, in the City Hall at S p.m. Tlie
subject*- for discussion will be the
'•Sunday closing ol hotel bars," and
"tbe advisability of moving the sporting houses Irom Front street." A
fall attends nee is requested* as the
meeting i= an important one.
A curious looking craft is now in
the station yard, ln appearance it
somewhat resembles the toy N'oah's
arks, familiar to all, lut as it bears a
descriptive title painted upon the hull
it ii apparently used lor a more practical purpose. The description runs,
"Alligator Warping Tug," aud the
vessel is intended to navigate shallow
and rapid waterways. It is equipped
with very powerful machinery and has
twin propellers. The propeller shalts
outside the (lulling hox are fitted
with a swivel joint and by a special
mechanism handled from the deck the
propelleri ctn be raised completely
OUt ol the waler and beyond the reach
of injury in passing over shallow anil
rocky rapids, Forward arrangements
are made lor the handling of a cable
by meant of which the tug ctn be
warped along wherever the conditions
render tl.e propellers ol little avail.
The vessel it n lippi-d, in short, lor
work on deep or iballow water, 8o
powerful ii tl.e machinery that should
water not he available it would lie
slmost po.slble to crawl up a mountain side should such a lest l« deemed
necessary. It ll understood the vessel
is to I* used by tl.e Shuswap Lumber
Co. and will navigate Adams river and
lake.—Inland Sentinel.
J     Only n glance at our stock     ,
of Groceries will encourage
you to try them.
A trial  will  convince vou
•    they are the purest and best J
J     on the market.   Try  our ,'
I Hobson & Bell j
, Grocers, Bakers A Confectioners *
15C. to $1
^^^      Phm-B.
Druggist and Stationer.
Nexl Hume Hlock.
Summertime Sue will hand you a
bunch of lesson- at the Opera Houae
Thursday night.
W. Sim and J. Lavery have taken
over the livery stables ot W. Fleming,
opposite McKenzie Avenue, and will
conduct the livery business in double
and single rigs, saddle horses, etc.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A.F. A A.M
and the ilevelstoke Chapter of Itoyal
Arch Mason, G II. C, will attend
Divine service at St. Peter's church on
Sunday evening next. Special Mmonic
services will be read and and Rev. C.
A. Proeunier will deliver a sermon
appropriate for the occasion.
Fire Brigade No. 2 received a call at
about, three o'clock yesterday morning
the alarm being turned in at No. 2
Fire Hall. Responding smarlly to
thc call, the boys were directed by
Charles TurnrosB, who gave the alarm,
to the Union Hotel Restaurant, where
the kitchen was found to be in llames.
On entering the building thc firemen
quickly got at the cause ol the trouble
which proved to be a tin of grease
which inld caught fire ou the range,
the llames enveloping that end of the
kitchen. The blaze was quickly extinguished without turning on the
hose.   No damage resulted.
The Instest time ever recorded by a
passenger train on western lines of
the C.I'.R. was made bv the Overseas
eastbound last week. The run from
Broadview to Brandon a distance of
131 milea was made in two hours and
eleven minutes. It required 14 nun
utes to cover the lirst 8 miles out ol
Broadview where there is a hard grade.
The six minutes lost were made up
later when the train at times attained
a speed of almost 70 miles an hour,
99 consecutive miles being covered in
97 minutes.
Social and Personal
R. Taggart has returned Irum a
visit to the east.
■V. Bews left yesterday lor a short
bunting trip.
G. R. Norlhey, ot Camborne, spent
Monday in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bison lelt on Sunday lor an extended tour of the eaat.
Capt. Annie Lloyd, ol the Vernon
.Salvation Army stall', is visiting in the
.1. J. Savage, of Vancouver, made t
brief stay in tl.e city this week en
route to tl.e Cast,
Cbiel ol Police Long, ol Rossland,
made a visit on Monday to the city
while cn route to the Coast,
K. A. Bradley lelt this morning on
a month's business trip to the Eastern
American cities.
Mrs. E. A. Bradley lelt on Monday
evening lor Seattle, where she will l.e
the guest ol her sister tor a month.
A social time was held at the. home
ol Mr. and Mrs. T. Kd wards, near the
Court Houte, Tuesday evening. The
evening's amusement was taken up
with dancing, songs and cards, which
was heartily enjoyed l.y all present.
Rev. Charles l.a.lner, so long known
in the city as a former pastor of thu
Methodist Church, is visiting lor a
few days at the home ol Mr, and Mrs,
Crawford on Third Street. Mr. Lad-
ner will preach the evening sermon in
the Methodist Church on Sunday.
Thomas Moro, late chief train despatcher at the C.I'.R. local olliees, and
Miss Elizabeth Riddel, lormerly ol the
Reid i Young store stall here, were
united in marriago at St. Thomas,
Ontario, on Wednesday, Sept. llth,
Mr, and Mrs. More will be at home
after Nov. 1st., at Vancouver.
To Buy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts,
Mrs, Miller, Mrs. II. .1. Bourne Jantl
Mr. A. Miller, arrived in the city on
Sunday from Alberta, en route to
California, where they will reside for
tl.e winter.
A quiet wedding took place on
Saturday at St. Peter's church, between F. Barnard, ol Notch Hill, and
Miss J. Simpson, ol Sudbtny, Kng.
Rev. C. A. Proeunier olliciated. A
lunch was given alter the ceremony at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham Morris, on Third street, wesl.
W. A. Galliher, member for the
Kootenays in the Dominion House,
and Mrs, Galliher were in the citv this
morning en route to Nelson. They
were met at tbe station here by a
number of Iriends who extend...I their
hourly congratulations to Mr. and
Mrs Galliher, who were marrie.1 in
the east this spring.
G. M- Kinl'leiloo. Grand Master i I
British Columbia ol the Independent
Order ol Oddfellows, visited the city
on Monday fur the purpose ol instituting a Rei sees I Ig. he 1.0 i I.F
The movement has been afoot lor
some time and hai been very p ; ulai
among the ladies ;' Revelstoke. It is
generally acknowledged that a sister's
lodge auxiliary to a Iratern il
done much good and ia very highly
advocated   by  all   me :' - .
o-ders. Thmtbe new lodge, known
at Naomi Lodge No. 21 starts under tbe
most auspicious oircnmttan :e« I he
institution took place in the afternoon the lodge room in Selkirk Hsll
being well tilled Grand Master Em-
ble.lonassi8te.il.)' Brothers J. Callin,
,1. Palmer and ' Palmer performed
the ceremony the lollowing officers
being elected am! installed:—
V i, —Mrs I   I Agnew.
V .;._Mrs W. J Armstrong,
Warden—Mis .1. Callin.
Cnnduclor—Mill \  B. rger,
Rso.-Bec — Mi" Bain,
Finance Seo.—W, E MoLsughlln,
Trass.—Mitt Patrick,
.1. p. ii —Mrs McLaughlin,
Chaplin—Mn i rquhsri
I. G,—Min A. Palmer.
0, ii.—C. l'liliner
it, s. n ii-w w [ .iter
1, b, \- i.-mjhs I rquharl
It, 8, V. G,-Mn, K Trimble,
l„ g, MJ',.—Mrs. || ,
At the evening tetsion ol Selkirk
Lodge D2 Oddfellows were Initiated
into the Naomi Lodge t-l.e occasion
heing celebrated with addr.mei tnd
speeches. At tl.n cl ite ..I the ceremonials, supper was lerved, niter
which tho brother! and listen spent
several hours in dancing.
Hlll-l.llt.l_ll I      V,   kit...WW,
C. B. Hume & Co., and Reid &:
Young show Fall Creations
The ».in.nu r which has been ..11 Ion
short ia last fading and mice m ro llm
sear nnd yellow Imve tin1 ler find ft t
one by one to lhc ground, sure situ-
of .he appi'Dncliing winter. It i-enns
only ycslorduy no were looking for-
.v..r.l t,o spring .1.relics aud sun.tin r
creations, and now we are once mmo
unking round for full cusHinics, lull
hats, and fall millinery ol every da- j
-...iption, Messrs. (!. 11. llunie A Co.,
and Messrs. Reid & Young have both |
made the most eh.In.rale preparations
lor their Fall Millinery openings and
to he up will) the times, and they have'
gone tn almost unlimited trouble nnd
care in .(.curing the very latest designs
in all millinery goods.
Miss James, of G. li. Hume & Co.,
has returned from Seattle, and the
const afler attending tl.e millinery
openings there ..ml has come to Ilevelstoke ..gain l.m.le.l up wilh ideas
dainty nud new [or lull crealions Ior
our ladies. Some ot the designs and
styles are extremely pretty and we
have every reason to believe that Revelatoke fashion will he one of tits host
ever seen.
licit! it Young too have ninde nil
provision lorn busy season. Miss Mc-
Kenney has a wide experience in both
eastern and wrstern modes and fashions and has taken in the openings in
Seattle, Portland nnd the coast, and
hns returned here with all the latest
dainties in all styles nf millinery
which will delight nnd satisfy ull
hearts nnd all purses. The lull season
in these two firms commences this
afternoon and evening and judging by
the crowds of the fair sex .vending
their way past our olli'e window,
while we are going to press, iu the
direction o! these two firm?, it is evident that the millinery stuff of both
will have an extremely busy time.
These firms arc up-to-date nnd progressive in every respect and this yenr
has seen .them even more so, with
many new and origin..', idens which
the Indies ol Revelstoke should not
[nil to take stock of.
This is the first year that the C.P.
It. has teen assessed according to the
act, by the city corporation, the figures
are thus:
Operating department        $13,850.01)
Beal estate nnd lands 25.024.00
Buildings and improvements
assessed at half 30,308,00
Tot ii I
Don't do  a
.ou BOO dourly
liy aid of
UUU     I    whal," boat 1.)
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
nn health, disease, love, marriage nnd parentage
Tells what you'd asl; a doctor, but don't like...
21.1 pages, Illustrated, 25 cenls; but totntr-orluco
it wo send ono only to nny adult for riostngc,
10 cents.
129 East 28th Street, NEW YORK.
Beveistoke Hospital Society,
The adjourned   General    Annual
Meeting of the subscribers to the Revelstoke Hospital Society will be held
at the City Hall, Revelstoke, B. 0„
on  Tuesday, October 16, 1007, nt, 8
o'clock ]......
Sept. 25, 1907.      t.l        Secielary.
Anyone wishing fancy work for
Christmas should le.n: their orders
..iw. Battenburg tea cloths, embroidered centre pieces, cushions of all
kinds, drawn thread work, lianlanger,
. tc.   All work g.mra..teed.
Anyone wishing tn see samples of
work can call at residence.
Mi.s. K, A. DPPER
Notice of Change in Sailings.
ng tl remainder of the season
ol 1907 lhe steamer ' Revelitoke"
will make trip- to Dowoie and return
twice per week, leaving Revelstoke on
Tuesdayi and Kndavs at tl a.m., reaching Downie at ■'. p.m. an.l leaving
Downie :. vVednesdayt and Saturdays
at 8 a.m. reaching Revelitoke at 11
a.in. I'arlie, desiring to make this
trip over tbi ftneil icanic route in the
Interior will find good accomtn idation
on board. RVducsd ratei to parties of
lo or more.
S&ijsti-S-:**-"-?■ *.   M'i-vkK^iifi&siM
Como in and let us lit you to a now Hat, and wc have them to fitall faces.    We are
agents for tlie celebrated
the best value at .$3,00 that you have seen in Stiff Hats.   We also have ihe woild-fanud
One of thc best wearing hats ever made, the kind you can pack in your valise and not spoil
the shape. Besides these we have the besl makes, such as Woodrow, Waring, Slanln , etc.
in soft and stiff hats in all thc best shapes.
Wc have an immense stock in all qualities. Working Trousers al $1.50, $1.75 and
$2.00 and $2.25, made of goods that will stand the hardest kind of wear. If vou want a
better quality we have them in all thc best patterns from $2,50 to $6.00,
Our stock is large and wc have them in plain colors as well as a very  fine assortment of
'ancy Sweaters.
We arc proud of our showing in these lines.    Wc carry proper clothes made by  Copp-
lev, Noyes and Randall, Ltd.    We can  recommend them and guarantee every  garment.    J
We have Suits of every quality,   but  all  good.   Overcoats and  Rain Coats in  lhe  Fall
Cuts at prices that will make you buy.
Mclennan s
Marriage Licenses Issued
Restaur;.n'. ami FuinUhed Rooms
Meals from 25o. Up.
Second Street, - East End
WANTED KNOWN- Money toluan
'' in sums nf $500 und upwards on
approved seeuriiy.—Apply to K. A.
ifuggell. R....I Eslnle Age..I, Revel-
stoke, B.C. 2l,
hargiti..' Ihnl. lhe buyer will nppre-
einle llif.l knows n go-t.l lliing when
fer frT-ii
lb.■)• see it.    You will Hnd ninny
v5J^*"**m!   \V,i *_£_,. ki\m
lillle trinkets lhat   lire  unique in
^Sw'X Ki
design and inexpensive at nitrstute.
U£\ 1    ul
Kings,  pins, mul   anything   Ihnl
make pretty l.i.ihd.ny nr wedding
-^/rf§tk^\ f'""  ''
offerings are here in giant variety
■It iL.  _rVJk£^e,'^~
for your choosing..
^H ^1_
Bring Your Purse
Ate With You
to our Store if you wnnl. to purchase
a New Carpel, pine Oriental or Wilton rug, limiting or linoleum ..ml seo
how rnncli further ils contents will
take ymi In pu.thnalng lhnn it will at
any othei store in the city, Our
Spring styles nre ready for your
Business Locals
Nothing: bettsr than Our "Upeolnl
The preserving season will Boon be
over. Procure your fruit from ns
I'eachea, pears, pi.nnl, grape,, mil.
apples, ripe and green ton.nines am,
ing daily at C, B, Hume A (Jo's.
Patronize Horns Industry, Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars,
McLaren's cheese In all lines, Oatl<
ada cream cheese in tinfoil al LV.,,
and peanut butter iu 25o, nml 'I'm
bottles at C. II. Hume A. Go's.
Wo have just received one hundred
boxes of ll.e fatuous Mackintosh Had
apples. Leave your order curly in
order to procure.—G, B Hume it Co,
 v   'I '"'I  fl   ,!
1,11'" motion! find  iilu U ''"'I
Kotigfl hei ween oach net.
«w»^-^s»»»i_t»MPIil ■     nsl
Free Dance After Show.
Seals on Sale at the Camilla
Drug A Hunk 0 pany
WANTED—Man  with experience to
trim and grade lumber, olpo several
experienced inilliiien, [or Ilevelstoke
.uill.   11..ivi...... Lumber Company.
Limited. sep'-.*» 2w
WANTED   Position nsh I hunse.
'' keeper. Thoroughly experienced
In fill hotel u.nk. Address replies to
Mail Herald OHIce
UWN I I'l. Por .1 client. $1,000 on
'' |l. I class freehold security,
Interi 1 ID por cent. Apply In E. A.
Ilnggon, Revelstoke.
riv.v.. 11 ilu ■.' r..f.iinisheil Rooms to
!     let,    Apply   al   New   House on
Siill. Street.
i NV INFORMATION concerning
;\ ll.niy Phipps Williams. Insl
heard ul in Arrowhead, thankfully
.-, Ivcd hj Bister Botsle. Post Offlce,
ItuvelsUikn, D. It,
\\.> IN 1 KI)   Api ...m for Dress-
VV making and .Millinery. Apply
■ I,- A. .M.I. ... l-'.l -I Sf.eel.' Oppiili.e
II....ax II  lei,
I '.ill BALK H.-vcil teams of good
! logging hi I'SI'S, illllilhllJ fn.' nny
kind 1 1 lining. Vpply to llini.wm
Davis, Hevelsluke Sawmill .'.,., Ltd.
mo RENT     Im. rn ih ml ...   1.nl'iir
ii    im I., fl house, in.... Ibo Rustem
Hemni hore, 011 C, I'. II,    Apply tn .1
Bertie -.. ih.. aliove ri sldelico.
WANTKD nirl .vault work hy
the diy, Housework. OBIce
1 Iwmlng, Washing etc, Applv I'. O,
Bui   1(12,  Ret .Istnkr-, II. C,
WELtl I-.I >I <  \ I lOl)  . i|...I.|m Ifnly
requires position lis  inollie.
help,.. ipful companion or housekeeper,
roi.l.l tench.   Apply Mail IlKHALD,
WANTKD   I',.mI...I.Io   proposition
open Ior reliable ...........|.n.i..t-
, i-.i among fn...   growers and  with j
f.i.il'.iv i.s sf.ie-u,....   Full... pari time,
J Slfile ..ge, i-.,|ii..i!..n-i. .....I   n-fi'i-i-1..-...,
I/in,, Brown's Nnrioijes, (int.
Incorporated hy Act c( Prtrllofint, 1853.
Wm. MOLBON MAOPHERSON, Pres, S. II, Ewin.i, Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, Cjener.il Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two bronchos in  Gonads and  Agencies In all parts of the
Interest credited four times n yearn l, current rules on Savings
liank deposits, until fin ther nritjiv,
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -        Ukvelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
' P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
IIKADIIKKICK:   .'AI...AHV,   Al.l.K.m.
Wholesale and Rotail Meat Merchants
I'.irk Puckora ami Uu.iler   in Livo Stock.  Markets in all tl.u principal  Ultlos .....I
Towns'.(,.ll...rtii. Urlllili mil.In nml lln. Vukon.  Pacltiiia... tl.e Cslsbrattll Brnn.l
A   "llll cr  ..r" II ...Hfi.iil lla....... ni.l Hl.ii...rf.i.lt llrfii.il, L.fil l.ar.1. A
iv %• ttvw* wvtvwvww* vww* wv*w vi
*ts% -V V* WVa- W%WV WWW WVW%' VWWe, Vt
Por Agricultural liiiiil.ni.onts, Carrtniras, Wstfoas   Ktu..'£<Ii.l.n
iJo-fro I'l..it«l.s. Moli.io Wagons, I'auada U&rrllojD Ciiniintiiy's
Buggies. Plntiol Jr, (lardon Bocfsra .....1 ('nliirninn., Wheelwright sot! Blacksmith Work iiil.ii.tlo.1 to,   Hirse Skotlug a l^_
Hi.cfii.liy. t)
S    VVV%*VVVVVV*%%**W.%VVt*>/*t^*WV»V*V% •?*-»)
11 young nimi ns .. porter In Hnlel
o.iinv ki.nl oi ivo.k, Mn, (1. Mann,
Ilevelstoke Pusl Offlce,
H/ANTKD-A genii.'.....n i.f good
\V fninily nnd «ilb Cniveisily
niiallllealluns desires pupils for tbe
winter M'sslon, Modern languages,
iniisie, English and inalbeiiiotlrt
taught. Fees moderate. Highest
references uud testimonials,
\\r.\\TKD-Thii'd ur "fourth Class
\\ Engineer, Apply In John
Kkuvaiiiian, Salmon Ann, H. C.
TTTANTED - Dining Room Hiil.
>V Wages 880 per month. Apply
lloi.-l (jniiid, Nakusp, li, O. Sep 7 lm


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