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The Mail Herald Oct 30, 1915

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tJhlef 'timbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary,
and i the Pacilic ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published I via weekly—Read
by everyone—The rfirnnnllH
advertising     medium   lor   the
city and district,
Vol. 22-No. 87
$2.50 Per Year
David Orr Tells of l,
in Trenches
Are Light
Ratio.   <i7
The lollowing Interesting Letter him
'Leen reoeivod liy Mr. and Mrs. 0. Orr1
(rom their son David, who in with
tlm    29th    battalion, somewhere in
JVly dear father and mother :
1 uni writing this in my dugout, or
ue the parody bus it, "my little wet
home in the trench." This in our
lourth dny in anil wc ezpeot to be
relieved about the day alter tomor
row and go back to reserve. Four of
im good fellows occupy tins one, and
au H|iitr ot many hardships and in-
convenlences we are the muddiost,
dirtiest, yet happiest quartette you
could wish to meet, Thin old battlefield ot Waterloo is a brickyard as
-well as graveyard the formation being clay from the grassroots clear
■down througb to Australia, 1 guess.
The weather has been favorable Ior
the 39th,  which  means rain all     the
time;     slipping	
down continually, wet throu
hide    and    numerous other troubles,
censored, will probably give you     a
little idea just how dirty we    really
are.   However, we smile through    it
%    * be Sealed Before Entering   Park — Regulations
Be Strictly Enforced, Says Superintendent
but     Not   Allowed  Within   Park — Hunting  Not
'"I see that Mr. a. Bryan Williams,
the provincial gam i warden says tbat
bunting within the  Revelstoke   park
is not illegal, thai the park wardens
huve no right to tell anyone they
may not hunt in lhe park ami that
tlie prosecution for bunt ing In tbe
park would most certainly not lead
to a conviction," said I'M B. Maunder
superintendent "t the Revelstoke park
"1 Would not advise anyone tO
shoot game iu the park on the
Btrength of Mr. Williams' statement,"
,,r tbe interior, shall bave authority
t.e enter upon ami Bearch the premie
es ot any person or persons whom bo
.ei   they  bave  reason to suspect     "t
having   tisb   or   game   In   tbeir   posse.-.
■ion contrary te, any of the provl
sions of these regulations, and if such
person or persons shall be found   to
be  in  possession  of  game or tisb  eon
11 .ii > t,, t be pro\ isa,iis ,,1 these regulations, Buch Bsb "t game may bu
"Any person who violates any "f
the provisions i■ J anj ot these regulations,    sball,    except, as hereinafter
n continued, "there is noi. only a specially provided, be liable on buiii-
regulation forbidding the limiting of mary conviction to a penalty not cx-
uuy wild animal or bint within   the   ceeding flfty dollars and costs, und in
  Dominion  parks  but   there  is a      law.
sliding and falling forbidding the carrying of firearms
li to tha within the limits of the parks and i
may say that tbe park officials intend to strictly enforce the law in
this respect. Even if the contention
of Mr. Williams that the He,minion
authorities have not power to    pass
ull.     wiia-b is better thun grousing.
"We hive all had hairbreadth escapes  regulations forbidding bunting is cor
whu'' 1        cannot        relate     here.   leet,   this  argument   does  not
default, of payment thereof, to Imprisonment    for ., period not exceed-
- three months."
"The uuthority for making and rn-
feircing these regulations is contained
in thc Forest Reserves & Park act,
which says
'"The     governor     in council     may
make regulation.- fm- the preservation
apply   of game,  birds,  fish  and  other aiiitu-
of   tlie   btisi-
wbat   we hired
Anyhow its part.
Iiess ami practically]
out  fe.r, so why worry?
In     a     way 1 have no kick coming
against this dugout,  dirty as it  is as
to the regulation forbidding the    use  als    and the ,i,■sir,a ti,,,, 0f noxious,
of firearms in a National park, and dangerous and destructivi animals.'
in thnt case the hunting would have "This law al-o provides that 'any
to be done with a seal- forest oflicer may on view without
ed gun. No firearm may be warrant or legal process arrest and
I've come into it. many a time tired, taken into the purk unless it hus bring belore a just ce ol the peuce to
wei a'.I dirty and I've thought it the first been sealed by an officer of tbe be dealt with according to law, or
,!,. |t     homi '   i  ever bad. While at a   park     and     uo     dog     is permitted  muy     on    view    arrest   and remove
imp I slept In a piggery so you
see the dugoul 1ms a chance. You aro
not allowed i tell "f your whereabouts, but 1 think ti at last paragraph  will get  l'ast  o.k.   The tour "f
uo     dog     is permitted   may      on    view
to        run ut large      in     the   from    any   reserve  any person  found
park.   Severe  penalties  ure  jirovided   violating and provision of the Forest
for     any     Violation of  these regula
"On June 21,1909,  the  administrat
us    were e at on a dangerous fatigue
last     night  and Ted didn't get hack
or in eeitmcil established  regulations
to     apidy      't"    all of  the  national
until un hour afti  the rest of us; ho parks.1
makes a great picture this a.m., with      "un  April  28,   1914,   the  Revelstoke
two sand bags for a pair of    punts National park was established by or-
and     a towel  about   Ins waist.      His der in council,     and these regulations
clothes bang around   i little lire and consequently now apply     within
be     is     trying to create s  Bame  by limits of the Hevclstoke park.
blowing     bis breatb upon it.     Sonui
job.    To date  our  casualties  ale   very        	
light.   Tbat   blol   Ls  res,:lt of     shell      "No  person  shall   h'lnt,   take,  kill,   sion of this act, or of any rcgulntl
pretty close,   I   lumped—n  of     us wound,     injure oi destroy, or pursue  made thereunder, a:nl when so sei-' d
have a h'irror of bell g wounded   and with such intent, any wild animal or
we are becoming used t.e Bnipers' bul- bird within the parks.''
Reserves & I'arks net or any regulu-
ti..ii made thereunder.'
"•Anj forest offlwr may seize*, whether within a reserve or elsewhere,
all timber cut or removed, all mineral removed, all animals, birds nnd
ptured or killed, and within a
reserve may seize all firearms, ammunition, explosives, spears, trajis,
the nets, rods, lines, tackle and appliances used or found in the possession
"Some  of the  provisions of the or-  "f uny person without lawful author-
der-in-council are as follows: "V or in contravention of any provi-
■••'l|! be deall   with according to
lets ami coal be,vs. ihe former urn
-very numerous. Mast night 1 stood
on a crossroad fur two hours whilo
the rain u it i oured down. Qi rman
star shells and dares kept me interest,,!. Right now 1 haven't a dry
stitch to my name, "ur method of
cooking would amuse you. Today all
we had—duo to a mistake—wus potatoes—we hnd French fried all day.
Truly as you
you'll  be glad to eat anything.'
The use of star shells or fireworks
us we call tbem, give me the impression that tbe Huns are scured of attack, as tbey Bhoot tbem over by the
hundred. Une will light up a mile of
Snil"rs are tbe curse of this wnr.
We ar,- dead nuts on them,   It is not
"No person residing in or visiting
or travelling through the parks except
a duly authorised game guardian,
shull hnve In bis |iosscssion or carry
any rille, shot gun or other firearm,
unless such rille, shotgun or other
lire arm shall have been BOaled by the
superintendent or other officer authorized by  the superintendent; and     no       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
such seul shall be broken within   the   <nnfiscation shull  not relieve the
'"For the purpose of searching for
i nytblng mention td in subsection 2
.,f this section, nny forest officer
may. without warrant or legal process, enter and search any house,
dwelling, structure
or camp within a
reserve,     or within ten miles of
boundary of a reserve.
'"An  arrest,  remov
used to say 'some   day   limits of the parks except as herein-   fender     from  nny other penalty
utter provided."
"Aetiy unsealed title, shot urun
other firearm found within nny of
the parks may be coiitiscated by the
superintendent, ranger, guardian or
other officer."
"No dog shall he allowed to run ut
large in anv townsttes ,.r other portions of the parks.   Any dog bo   run*
j which  he  mny  be  liable under
or   set or otherwise.
Trafalgar Day in
Arrowhead and District
pleasant to pet  bullets past  your ear   ning at large may be Impounded and:
from a direction that you are not tig-   .-ball only be released on payment    ol
not     less  than     tw.i     dollars     and
uring  on.
Sept. 2'.l, 1916—Last night three of
the boys were out on a fatigue, 1
was left alone in the dugout. I had
no sooner blown out the precious bit
ol candle than a thousand eyes were
peering at inc. The place is full of
knats.  Tin- ceiling  is,  of Course,  only
three feet high,   The staw and     mud
roof is all mildewed.   The rain drips pensation.
On my ear all night long. "No     person   ^^^^^^^
Pre-historlo or cave men is correct, catch or kill, from or in any of
1 Special to thi  Mail Herald 1
ViRROWHEAD,  IM  c. Oct, :;"■   The
costs. If uot claimed and charges BUm "f 547-*:' u'-'s ' '1|"''"-1 on Traf-
pald within forty-eight hours tho slgar lay in Arrowhead and vicinity-
dug mav Me destroyed. follows: Arrowhead, -.'.ms:,; Beaton
"Anj do pounded a second HO.26; Halcyon $7.50; Hall's Land-
lime may be destroyed without the [ngi jg.ag. This sum bas been dep.es
option of a tin". Tbe owner of nny :t(.,i in ,)„, ],,,,.,.M,,i Bank t(, the ere*
dog destroyed under these regula- ,jjt ,,• the Lieutenant Governor, ami
tions     shall  have no claim lor com- has   hl,en   (ill|y  acknowledged   by    tho
I provincial secretary .
shall fish for, take, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
City  Will  Sue   for   Taxes-
Business  Condition Debated by Council
It. was well past tbe ' w it.rhiui' li'iiu
lm I   Sight   when  tin   city .council      ad-
j ned after a session 111 which     a
variety "i subjects bad been discuss
id,   Ibe   debate   at    ti ■   being   almee;-!
as stormy as the wealbei outside I lie
1 ity  ball.
Ordei ■■ v.' i 1 i, ■ ' 1 he 1 it y clerk
m cut oil tbe light  'rom a number of
consumers   wbo   had   tailed   te,   reduce
then- arrears due to ibe city, as   re-
qllll i'ii   by   ..   r. 'e'   ,1     ,, a, 1011   of    the
council, ami tbe clerk was also Instructed to enter suit against those
wbo bave failed t'i pay their taxes
lor 1913.
A spirited discussion took place regarding tbe business condition of the
city and tne lower town representatives urged Btrongly  that something
be done lo alleviate conditions. Due
proposal   was   that   tlie  police    Bhould
ne Instructed noi te 0 further toward Lower town than the brewery.
The mayor said it would be neces
sary for the council to pass a resolution   before   anj     'hah: e   of   policy   was
put Into force bj 'he police commissioners, liming ibe discussion it was
noved that tbe police force be reduced by two men hut the motion,
although discus ied, was not - econded,
A telegram was received from the
Canadian Westinghouse c pany asking   what   mice  the  city   Would      take
fm-    its 260 kilowatt generator.     C.
North, electrical superintendent, -..il
that he proposed to use the generator in connection with the gas engine. The engine required a new producer. It was decided not to sill the
generator,      but      to oiler lhe smaller
160 k, w. generator for sale.
Mr. North made recommendations
tothe    council regarding the     light
and heati'i" rates charged by tlie
city. He suggested that the heating
late Bhould be two cents per kilowatt instead of three cents, with a
discount of 2>> per cent. He proposed
a minimum monthly rate tor light of
fifty cents or une dollar when a porch
light is installed. Sonic consumers, he
suid, used so little light thut it did
not pay to collect the accounts and
be thought, a minimum charge should
he enforced. His recommendations
will be discussed when the water and
light bylaws are under consideration.
A resolution was passed providing
that new consumers of light must, put
Up a deposit suit,1 ii 111. to cover tbe
first month's account before light
connection is mude, instead of only
four dollars as at. present required.
The recent main toward the Ski
club's carnival was discussed. The
mayor explained that some members
of the club had given a note for this
amount to a hunk when financing the'
construction of the in w jump and the
city grant wns required to tuke up
this note. It wns decided to postpone final decision as to whether   the
grant    shall he rescinded until     the
nexl     meeting.   Th,, decision will  be
I Influenced by tbe Freedom with which
taxes are paid.
The council decided  to supply water
to Mrs. it. Tapping's property     pro-
\ bled  tliat   the I pipe  Were installed    at
t he owner's expense.
\ resolution was jiassci notifying
;'.   I'M Lindmark that  in" ibe building
owned   by lum and used as a  poolroO a
were    not connected with the   Bewor
within ten days it would be dosed bv
the health authorities.
It was decided to apply to the |ir,i-
vineial government for water rights
M. the extent of :ir,il.M::n gallons a day
The Cost   will be $36 a year.
Vi.    Fleming    has received a letter
iii'oin   bis   son Thomas,   whe.   lefl     bei t
'Aitb the di aft  from the 64tb battalion under l.ieut, McLean, dated   b ia
i Mil",      Ocl I'M       tu   which   he
!• i an,  a, ,t   wry  long      ago.
The     went hi i Is gi ttlng cold     and
damp  Me   . hut   1  have  l,,ts      of
Wal III ' ■ .
guns ■  • t he   ti,i  da;.
'Pool obi Kelly :->>t   erlou Ij
there,    i onet    about
: fed long. I would id.e t,, have    it
int" one e.f the <lei i ini    1 be ' Ith
draft       will all   leave   for   the      (pint.
toget li tr,   i ■      ■• i e i . ■ i.  -,< hen
It   W iM   be  but   ;t   •...-. n't   ];'   long."
i il a ie,up!, .,   ,,.    11,   wns  in
that  im'   advance. A follow by    the
name ,,t paddy Shi an got kllli >l   and
.iii'eiin.i  rellow  ilunnln ;ham is In   tbe
I ospll 'I   I-     I ond en.    M'be'y   all   I
ill     iii Revelsti l.e Jnd left  bee     for
Will Announce Whether Arrow
Lakes Service Will be Resumed in Summer
The    question of the reduction    ot
the     Arrow  Lakes  service   was  placed
I'-ieer   i'   l-M Trautman, a. nisi  tit   t
Grant Hull, vice president and general i.   a iger of the C.P.R., at a special meeting .,t the S'elsoc board    of
trade    on     Saturdaj. Mr. Tra i
■Stated  that   be   would  place  the  mat
tei before Mr. Hall from tlie standpoint of tb. delegation aim Mo ev-
ery thing in his power to mu«( the
\ [ci president see I be lm] ortani
the ei vi,',' tu t he ranchers, He further promised that u definite answer
regarding tbe continuance of thetrl-
weekly boat service after the winter
we,uld be given within L<1 days.
in urging 'be case tor the ranchers
F. G. Fauquier stated tbat it     was
iy for ' in- ranchers ■i,u have-   a
definite    answer     '.rom tb
within   JO   days,   :1s   to   ■'■'iii'the r      I ••■
triweekly was to be permanent    or
'.Intie i the 'buly sei vice would he
resumed in the spring In order that,
should the company decide to continue the one boat service, they might
leave tune m which t'e plow in tb 1:
strawberries and other small fruits
and plant other things instead.     He
.-aid th ll ia 01 lei I e' make it pussij'lc
for the ranchers to ship their small
fruits ■ daily service would have to
be res in eel not later than the last
day of May; otherwise, he said, the
money invested in tins industry
would b>' lost ami tb ■ mi lority
the ranchers ruined as a result.
He     claimed     that     a regular tr.
weekly service would greatly bi
the newly develop d activities in the
district  iii mixed farming.   Many   of
the new comers  te. the district,     he
place     tie     peopli   back ' bi re I bej
t I    ■  • j-,..  • •:.  tat-
ed tl   t thi ix i f  iei th        ito I
I vould ; ediately c
that tbose who could would be compelled t" leave whlli
would ie utterly mil I .nclud-
ing be- said "The growth of tho
Arrow I.alas district is materially
due te. ' ■ • cl i ei t m i. isa daily
': - the curt illment     of
which    woi; e It, pi rbaps for-
ever.    The  futuri    -f   these    " it,'' wa>:!
■ in    :.•   .. ii '     ; the ce'in-
Two More Recruits fnr
Fifty-fgui th Battalion
TWO     ll-"I'
talion     have     ei listed aid  hit  tins
morning for Ven >■ are:
David i.e...   ...,      , born New
en    Tyne,     next     oi km J. H. Low,
Houghton   I.   ;■:....  England, broth*
cr.   .Mr.  Lot en  C.P.B.     din-
.t. in Revel-
1     -....:, le   -
centlj I to Vancouver.
Aul.:  j   -banks, agt -'.       i .  Windsor, NM .-.. next e ■: ..;n ,j. M. Shanks,
Windsor,     NM    .-.; cook.   Mr. Bl
for     thc past  > en St
on .Superintendent J. M.   McKay1   private cur.
Mud Sticks Fast
io belpn Trenches
A. l-M Davey, formerlj  employed by
Bourne Bros., Lti .   now in the trenches    in     Belgim       writ s to H. J.
,[   i'arker an interesting letter in which
he i tbat 1 lart Munro is     in
hospital      but  that  other  Kevelstoke
(fell.       He    .-..V.-,
"It     looks a little more promising
.hi  guess
we will  get  a . ■ loi    it   is
said, were laying out their farms Kor  thn • there does    not
this pin j   believing that a   daily   appear to be any  lack ol sMe is. the
service  was  an   assured   thing.     The   same  as  th.: we
Dominion government, be said,     wu.-  nti   .. le to judgt •     are
doing all in in; power te, toster tbis   'i'"t' their ..wn    with
branch of agriculture in the district   i"': w&tcli
as li,- a,an a.,.md much   line     .       Ing   a i-'h at
land  was  t.i   be  bad  in  tbe  lake      dis     : to get      a
trict and tbu   ad.ance    nade ;    to
tiic help oi  ihe government warrant- «• '                                          ■• never
ed tlie    et ni >n    of a dairy for tbe' invented,   v..
i urpose    of ut Using the pr e! ict of in t                               •                  ns
the farms.   The reduction .if tb.  boat the lii                              we
service, be clal .!, would make sue .
such     a      ■   . nt    to
mean     the boiling of p. ri
until it. would be unfit  Ior use. He    '■                                              te    of
then called  'ip' n Cai   . Goi    to con
firm ins statement tba'  there v
steady    Increa ■•   in frel Mt abi] eni
ovei       the    Ml,..   Is   ■       " He-      Tbl
the captain  did
I ..,, . .,  . of out here.    We have a shot of rum
So     also     is thut artists picture ol   waters "f the larks any fish that  lu-
this  battlefield wherein he depicts   a   habit such waters, or attempt to do
country     scene.      with    not a living   BO,  with  any  kind of  net,  seine     or
thing in sight.   There is noise enough   fnare,  rack,  trap or weir,  or     night
to make up for it though.   The rum-   Une. or set line, or in any other way
tie—like     the   roll of a drum—never   than by hook and line.                     ^l _^^^^^^^^^^^^_.
ceases,   lt puzzles me that they can      "The  outfits  of  all  persons   found The following is the honor roll  tor
make   ammunition     faster than they   ln'nting     or trapping, or fishing ille- October of the Central school:
(an      shoot   it.   The  issue of  rations   gaily,      or  having  in their poscesion Div.     I:     Doris    Cartwright,  Alan
ior today is a little short; we had to   *ame or fi*h killed within  the parks Granstrom,  Mary  Bell, Amy  Smythe,
resort   to  hardtack,   with  the    result   in contravention of clauses 61, 61,  K Stella Sbuttlewood, Charles Davis.
or 66 of tbes>  rB| llatii ns;  also such Div.     II: Dorothy Bunnell,     Wenty
game or Bsb taken or had in posses- Smythe,     Eva Jollille, William lnk-
Mi'iii      by such  persons,  shall  be sub- Ster, Agnes Cressman, Pat Cowan.
|ecl  to leisure and confiscation; but Div. in. Intermediate Sr, u : stcw-
sucb seizure and a.ntisratlon     shall art Burridge, Laddie Cressman,     Al-
not     relieve     such  pcrpons from  tbe fred     Abrahamson,     Doiiglns South-
penalties     provided for  an infraction worth. George Morgan, Harry Davis.
awful    state, its not mud hut soup, j "f these regulations." Intermediate    Jr.    A.: Jack Oart-
siime, slurry, oh I ran'i find a name     "The    Illegal     possession of every wrlght,     Not,, Fleming, Ethel Abra-
flt.ting.   This    a.m. l nrnde two trips  bead of game shall be n separate of- bamson,    Raltd'   Moins     Margaret
through tbc trenches.    I prefer      day-1 fence." Mirkclson, liny McMuhon.
that one of my front teeth broke off.
An air flght look idnce overhead today , We had to run for cover. How
that Herman escaped beats me. He
sailed througb a sea of shells, but
I'll bet hei felt a little worried. After
lhe heavy ram the trenches aro   in an i
rant   a  daily  BerviCe at   any  time    the
local    fruit    shipments had been increasing      ste.i.lily   year   i,y   year      IU
spite of bad business conditions.
II. .1. LaBrasb ol Ma.... p al-.. urged upon  the company the  vital
lity  of  a  daily   boat   sei i Ice  i u      the
lakes,    lie   claimed   tbat   tie'    p
tion was greatly on tbe Increase   and
Ihat  the people bad taken up land on
the distinct  understanding with     the
Johnson,   Aileen  Roberts,   May    Hob
erts,     Frank  Robinson, lions  Ahra
humson, Krnest Field. I	
First Reader: Jean Fleming, Donald be maiut lined.    He  contended  that  if
Jamieson,(Malcolm McFadyen, Jean the trl weekly service became perman-
Archlbald, Helen Roussel, Tom Kel mt tbe entne district would he ruin-
wards, id  bat    m  tbe  otber  band,   le   dl I
■   ■ '      wet
your whistle ei to I  |   a  ything
about it.
"I  bavi   not      ■     Boy]    ■■:    Young
seen Warn u ye
undersl around in     tbis
gone     to
M  Bertelson,  Bill
Mclnerny, Harry Maxwell and one or
two more are sti and look"
Div. VI, Bnd Primer; Orlce Higgs,
Dorothy Moffat, Laura White, Rvi»
Fleming,   Willmott    Steed,    George
company  that  .-.  daily service   would   1,;- aa "''' '    '"'(lt'r the cir-
cua eme of the
48th freim B,  <'. I ating to re-
Inforci   ■ talioi .-   might
' .■   i     f. w r.cBt them.
The Meeii fine nnd dry
iple of days, so wc     aro
drying out and scraping off some
tks like an
old friend."
light. Half Way down I rested,
just  ovor the parapet stood an
■< ■
(Continued on  Page Three)
'The superintendent of nny of   the
old   pnrks.   or  in  hit"  absence  uny  nernon
 11 occupying tint  position, or any came
guardian     appointed  hy the Minister
Div. TV. Mari" TJ.lv. Charlie Johnaon. Elmer Btone, Marjorie Cleland,
Arthur Johnson, Willie Hornsey.
td     that in his  opinion,  if the daily
service was continued the Arrow lakes     district   would  in  less  thin     10
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      years     outdo the    , H   v-rc.l
1st     Primer;      Mnry     Davis,  Fred   tnral development   ...   s  going  foi
Stump,    Gwendolyn tipper,   Dorothy  bo rapidly he declared, that the com-
Towse, Libera Truzsi, Bertie Morris,  pany    would    more than renp    any
Div.  VII.;  Grace Carlson and Thai'   flight     loss it mi.-ht  Incur by assist-
I'nppiiH,   eeii'il,   Jackie.  Sherman,   output. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
inn,.thy   Flcfthnm, Florence Stump,     To Instal a trl        1     ervice   that      fn    • small
Winnie    Parker, Hon irable mention     would     be     perm ment, he declared,  crop of buo>kle>berrles in said to be re-
Jeanne    Levesque, (Robert T.nmrhfon  would be to set hack the bands    of  sponsible fot
■ ' rents   B
e; on 8 tturday.
Div. V., Jr. Second Reader:   Victor j and Dnrrah Smythe),  Juck Wing. the clock 20 years in tbc district and   this scofoii. PAGE TWO
Zbc flfcatl-lberalb
RKVELBTOKK.   ll.  c
cJVl lii-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
&   G. ROOKE, Manager and Editoi
■   |  , ..in. i
[))!N(, ITS DUTY
: ■lib
■ i   cSt-nui   I    .1
DXpCCl      llj    111
, ,    ,  • ■
thi     front oi    •   training ii   Cut ndi .
....   .nr   i he
:  ,    i   t intend to     i
■ iho   pn pni ■  ■
The 1                            Inl   men   i-      ;■'!
to the 1 le of th
■■    , pi      ,,,',
. •  i      British Dominions  beyond   the
i      II      i      i stirring   appi al,     ii
i   i ■     realization     I hat
re ai     ' need i nd   I
will  meet   with readj   response,     Rs-
ighoul   Canada  Is     pri ■
■■ idily and il ei e ii   no i eu
i       •    teei   ''e\  lack ol men In     thi
the i      ng ol   w b '-.
■    [ment..
mi e to •■ el an
thin u  but the p    rb ' Ism   ol
■   ; i \ iti   ■■-. Id I lice.
. ].. rn]
:    noi    .      •:,:■.   the lam
■ a     . f    i    ■ ■   ii    Kootenay
•  ei   bnttal   n   , ovei
ed      and
I " ten it     full
Fen   towns  In  tie.  ii
endtd rei ird of Rev 1
:   •      ed   l • ■   ne n st iii ,
■  ■   i •       ,    .    i ■,
,me.   Cat ada will bring   •'
I.   .
.   ti .,'   del
tion     will     be     felt    m win ri
i     the    officials    ol the company' in     the    evening    at    7.30.   Sunday'    The management ot tbe smelter
t.ualion  of   scl 1  and  Bible clnsses ut 2.30.      Y.   Trail  promises  to  "take  a hand
t lie dailj sorvii 	
sake of developing n territory which'
nnd   the hotel business" if tho town hotels
; be,Ubl    decide    I I,;,I      |)|   ■     I'.'St
ice is warranted for the | P'  S- "" TueBaa* :,t   s °'clo0k
prayer meeting on Wednesday at the  i use their rates to boarders.
practice on Thurs-'    ■  _ _
I .,        "l'"al     |), ,. sib,lit li :     ;. ,1    p   OViding
ii-eigbt, Revelstoke and the other districts c 'ii 'eni "i tt ill bave much
i aiise  for  sat isf id ion.
i ii i .na Join uai The truth is, we
u u., ...- 'iii aeiiiin ii . that our Interest in tins war borders a little
.... na ea ,,i tin' bid,, oi the intellec-
, ual,   We  i'i ob iblj   do  uol   adequate-
-  I'eall; '  di feat  loi   the British
Umpire      wo    I  nu Uld,      apart
from     a few i    I       r vai ioits funds,
and  a little extrn i    ■      ba ■ 'e
not   fell   even ■ t am.   \Se
talk Inti        to the posal
. '  '.   eci   ■ or Bul-
■    ll   il       and
, > ii. to i Ink ■ hnl t hey al ist bo 'I
the balance, ll does n ' Beem eo
iln: a  i pi ■    a-   i hnl   I lanadn   bas     a
ul t .-it y  p)] greatt r
I Man    either    ol tbe Balkan nal I m
i nd     Is     more thai   theii  equal     In
Mime   hour,
day at 8.
Revelstoke's favourite,  Lillian Gish
is at the Hex on Monday and Tuesday   ill   a   four   reel   Mast erpiet lire The
Lost I louse,   Also other big features,
A   special  cbihlrens'   matinee   will      be
given Monday at  4.15' p.m,
M iday     at     the    Empress theatre
; i  ite ird is feat tiring    In     The
R  nav ay  Wife, a Bplendld  Broadway;
in attire iii   I  parts,  with The Skippc I
■ n'n    Daughtoi. s cood marine
j  and a Sterling Juvonlle com-
edj     Playmates,     i m Monday     Thn
'      |      Box  with I Iei ben   Rawllnson
and Anna Little, Tuesday, The Qirl
ol     the   tMiblen West, .less 1,. Laaky I
'i     In 5 parts. leaturing    Tbeo
rb': production is one     of
finest     ntel ur.'s ever oroduced,
Wednesday    thc much talked ol British Columbia game picture    showing
'Man,da's Wild life' and 1 ie' game of
Bl et ■ '. Columbia. The 11. c. Qazel te
will also be shown.
Do you^ want to earn
" a week or more
in your own home ?
Reliable i>crnnns will be furnished with
profitable, nll-Ycar-rounil employment
on Auto-Knltttns
Machines, SlO per
week readily earned. VC'e teach you
at linine. distance
is r.o hindrance.
w'rite lor particulars, rates of pay,
send ac, stamp.
Ilepl. 367 College St   -   Toronto
i I-. ....( I.i-it..vi.f. Ii„t,l,inti!
18       It lllans lefl   Trail  on  Thursday
last fm- Qghting In Europe,
I' "   their year just   ended  Kaslo Red
Cross shipped 2>s2 shu-ts,  '.122     pair
SOX,   and   made  up  SM  yards  of   material  Into various articles.
i lolden St ar: P la like   ' be
measles, wl pin   co        chiel cn pos
nnd    othi r kindred ills of 0 11  5 outh.
■lust about so ofti jetB In
to t he      tei ■ ■    thcre unt 11
ome person froi Imi um   district
-    aloi " with a panacea,
•   t   ,' most  so"   t ■ .: ig.  blight •
it " 1 iue Itinl ini iuity tht t
■  ty Is the pre
■ e ■ ol     the e an wb    cro  i<es     the
treet 1    '  ■ •   I untry     has
.. bow-wows and
i worsi   the fam-
■   ■     ,. kittei
'):'.       itht
wl \ friend asked me to try Vtnol and it
,.>._:     tl       to      dn   brought  the reliel* which 1  craved, so
"Yields To Delicious Vinol
Philadelphia, Pa.—"Last Fall I was
troubled with a very severe  bronchial
hud on that very morning| cold, headaches, backache, and sick to
my stomach. 1 was so bad I became
alarme I an I trie 1 Beveral medicines,
also a doctor, but did ii"t get any relief.
'    »1^HI
now 1 am enjoying perfect health."—
ordeals -te h teetl        We guarantee Vinol, our delicious cod
tl Btill  hurt      liver   and   Iron   tonic   Without   oil.   for
:  . d that 1    v
-jro ; chronic coughs, colds and bronchitis.
Walter   Hews.   Druggist,   Kevelstoke
IM  0.
■ •
.Send lot the 181W Edition ol our
Toroi to    Globe: 1 I
t pij     STYLE  BOOK
'    ol  t he  i
It's good policy totliink of lhe fui ure
It'sst ill better policy to provide sgalnBl
'he iiiisfoitunes it may have in store
for you. The surest way of protecting
row self ami family is a
with  a  reliabl impnny.   The high
Bnunclal standing and long business
career   of   ihe    Kootenuy   Agencies
makes it absolutely tl'tlsl won h\
Your time innv be near nl baud
Don'l delay.    Takeout a policy now
A. K. Kincaid. Manager
31 pages, illustrated, orbcnuttful fur sets
and lm- garments ior mon, women and
ehtldron    iT IS  THEE.   Address:
Room ISS, K.-ill.ini BuildinK - TORONTO
<Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving s
Phone Ki—270.   Night Phone 346
E.  Hay. Gkncral Manaqkr
HcsfRvr Fund $7,000,000
THF. Imperial Bank of Canada invites
the casual business ol those having need
■ali as n bank exists to provid
the  |i ol   remittance   drafts, money
..rilir i_. ment  of letters of credit,
1 dl ctlon   Irafts.   the   discounting  ol com-
mercl etc.    Our usual courtesy and
1    , lions of this nature.
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hopes—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected-approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms   Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
f\ D I p M     'A I Suitably furnished with the
\_/ l\ I L. I M    !  /"»lm. choicest the market affords.
I   I f*\   ipi Best   Wines,    Liquors   and
llvy   I   L-l— Cigars.    Rates  $1 a   day.
d. Albert Stone, Proprietor Monthly rate8-
Union Hotel
A. P. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
When added to your grocery bill. The old proverb
"Look after Ihe rents nnd the dollars will look utter
themselves,"   is   being realised      by      the  customers  who
regularly buy Hobson's money saving values in groceries.   Bring n trial or ier—it    may    be your flrst but it
won't   he  yonr  Inst.
Remember HohsonV own   baked  bread  is a pleasure to
■ .it.
Phone 11
Box 734
Electric Lights
Edison, Mazda
Wood Heaters
>m $2.25 Up
t' ■      i,  ■ .
■ t nt
A()fnts for Magna Cream Separators
.    Each
Wire Dish Strainers
Now \rtc
Sturdy Hardware Co.
Hear Hugs Mounted. Kurs cleaned
und DrcBsed.
H  Second St..  Kevelstoke, B. 0.
C. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We ipei laliae in
Motttllio Codings, Corrugatod Roofing, Furnaoo Work and up-
to-dato Plumbing
Wot •. H "ep   Uonnaughl Ave.
Meets  every    Wednesday  even'ng
at    8  o'clock,    la Selkirk Hall.
Visiting    brothers    cordially  Invited.
R. GORDON, 0. O.
It will pay jrou to make
i call al
Kur Buyer and Exporter
I II.le   I OWN Hi V I I STOKB,   B.O,
.1  outfit
toi   tlie
I make ■ apepclall y
1. igging Show,  Pants,
Box, Shirts, Hi knkets, and
, ) thing required in yonr
HevcKloki' Lodge
NM,. 10S8
OF U008B
Meets every seoond
iiiui Fourth Tuesday
in   the Selkirk  Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially Invited.      ALLAN K. I'VKK, Die.
I. 0. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening la
Selkirk   Hall  at  8 o'clock. Visiting bretbern cordially Invited.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are bsld ta
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday ln each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
■■•)    THRHtt
Miss Bunnell Winner    Hundred Horsepower
of Raffled Doilies Plant at Monarch Mine
Dog Key to Mystery
of Hotel Fire
The regular meeting ol Hie Red
Cross society uus held on Wednesday
at Lhe Y.M.C.A., Mrs, Kilpatrick pre-
■ Iding,
Tbe proceeds from Bale ot tickets
on two dollies donated by Miss Joliil'u
was turned tn and amounted to the
iiandsome sum di H2.ni. Tne drawing took place on Saturday and Miss
Bunnell  Was the  luckj   winner  of    1st
prize nnd Mrs.   romlinson the second
The proceeds from Mi's. McCarter's
.md Mrs, Holten's**tea glw on Sat-
urday for Christmas cheer Ior     the
loldiers    a unted to $46.<W.     Mrs.
Fleming's nn nl hly donai Ion otf J1.00
and Miss Ev« Fleming a donation ol
2Bc, were received, and a hearty vote
,,[ thanks passed tot all that helped
to raise 'Me' above jMmds. The com
null,'" In ' harm' ot the I uttlng ol
garments reported there was plenty
ut sewing on hand m w tor all    that
IVOUld     dO     M I  "''     I   '  '  '!     IS     -I''  Ut fl,.
this work and many volunteers are
hoped (or.
\ general It vital Ion li exti nded all
members ol the Red Cross to attend
Mhe annual meeting which will be
held    111 the '> .m.i .A. on Wednesday
next, N,,v. :., at ■ p.i.'., when ollicers
will be elected Ior the coming yeur.
It Is Important M r membi rs to
know  that according to the Interpre
IB!   '"'■       "'       till fill. !B      t   I    . tMl'      I'M
giblllty eei ■ it     .   ti   and hold
office, is laid down bj tbe headquarters at Toronto, only life and acl Ive
sal scriptions huve
been paid are i ntit led to v,,te nml
bold oilice for I  yeai
A Bbipmet t coi if 120    pair
~,,cks. | ■ mvali si nt shoes, 13
suits pj jar as, - khak shirts and I
pair wnstlct- was sent to headquarters "ii Wednesday and 1 doz. surgical k.ts , j in,;. bat dages, 21 :u
inch ba i Inch bandages, lm;
pair ' • ■. icent si -. 35 personal
properl • ed     on
Tues,lay.     Work   ree Ived     was     as
follows      Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. K. Tap-
Mrs   ■ M Ktt berly,  Mrs. McCul-
IcK Mrs    .1.  T B,
Doris Cartwright, Mrs. J. Morgan,
rhree Valley, Mrs Dickey, Mrs. Vi.
A.   Sturdy,   Mrs.   Ke iward,   Mrs Fat
hart, Mn Mrs. H. Cook,
Mrs. (I.  i. !   I er, Mi I -.  Mrs.
M s   T •• e,
Mrs. D.     K. N'oble, Arrowhead, Mrs.
\.      Mel locks i   Cl ;  Mrs
id,  i  pair socks ;
Miss        • convalea
Mrs   IM  Vai  11.une,     2
i ' A    I  ■  old under
ll   the in-
scent shi es.
FIELD, B. CM, Oct. 29—As soon as
the steam plant Is completed at the
Monari h mine '■' tons of o e will be
ireai nl daily. This plant will buvo
LM horse power, and takes the plaoe
of hydro power used heretofore,
It, is hoped with tins Improvement
to be able t,, ship high grade concentrates regularly, and work is progressing with a view t'i opening new
ore bodies and keeping a -'ieed reserve blocked oul. The mine and mill
employs a force , f about 25 men antl
tiiis number will soon be   added to,
The Monarch has been worked with
Indifferent s iei ■ fi ,r a nun ber ol
S cn md ■"> in now to be coming
mi,, its own.
The region In « hi M the n Ine is   lo
i .tt i-i!     :ie        pro i  developing
eei hei    '' tl pi opertl   . li c udi d     am
ong which  Is that  of W, T. i il ■■   li
i ated three quarters of a mile
the KIc'fil        one river,  Th s i r p
,,",,  ' tunnel      , il  t ■< < , •  . ■ I
t he hill, which has disclosed Bome
high grade ore Pii .ed samples trom
the dm ip run 70 per cent. In lead ai A
20 per cent. In zinc t. the t in. The
■ laterial is n goo 1 concentrating
mek, and ay be pul through thi
,■ .i\- ■ pi e •■ >g , j •!,,, Moi arch Wilfley
tables and Huntington mills.
Mr. < Ike has not | ro tecuted work
ns he lestred, owing to hortage of
vol    ■ ■■ capital.
■   g ,,f the    Slocan
joclatlon was
n.eld .   last week.   S.     J.
il Sandon was elected ;tcs-
Ident ai A 3. W. Tlnllng, secretary.
The , meeting will     ho
The -M       .1.
rowgo       - pn sldenl.   !..
i. Edv v nd rice pre-
A.   S.   "•' Silverton ;
retary-l rer,     J. W. M.    Tln
llng, Silver! committee,
\.     E. Balgh,  - tries Gill,
~e.lvert.ee    t'i   \v   E   Q Sandon;
F,  G, Needles.  L.  S.  Mnr-
.'  eeeeel,     H.     I.       I'M '■   .     S 1. >C !\ n .
Perhaps Your
' »the
,    .  i il l S ,,. on,., md taka
K ., mi itism, s- lati n, Lumbago,
pain in the M.u k, groin ." hip
point l
■ityTi r us PII i S.
i ghl In
gold l'i
1 .i
treatmtnl II you «I
National Drug & Chemical
Co.,  of  Canada,   Limited
Toronto      •      Ont. 1
Blackhead Fatal
Qiseese for Turkeys
Two bulletins ol premier Importance have i ■ a nl s ieen i is - Irom
the Health of Animals branch ei the
Federal department of agriculture at
Ottawa, of which Dr. Torrance the
vel n. i■-. lircctoi nei al. B 'th car.
be had free on application to the
(iiibllcal loi s branch if the depart
The    first,     numbi r 17, Is entitled
■ i-Mit. i or Black-bea I     in
; urkej -." ' 'has. H. Hlggins, B.S., D.
V.S.,       • lab,     tory   is
the author.   While the disease     has
novo   to a ei :es     of
ind    fatal form In tur-
i eys.   Dr.    Tl eobald     3i ol the
Unite 1 Stat mei    ■r agricul-
• ■ ■ ition in Rho le
d   LS93,  but     it
t  until 190? that thi
tion     was : ,, ,   the i xpi ri
ll ada.     It
lias    sue''
i epot t .1  upon  lr   the  bio!
oratories     iti
Dr. Hi
tl e     disease    havi
which sup] lies excellent
tent of tl.e se lo
"is     well  Ind e facl
two dei 'a single   small     is
land (1 e Rhode Is
1 i   e
I      in
rrent that
Ontarli 'f   to
he had
leiilt   to   mpply  • iads.     The
Iven for tl ng ofl     in
 I ' ■
ti'.' ."   Thi ■   •
' •       bulle-
tin. which ti
'        ■
'i he    s,.e md    bullet
Is."   Dr. Higgit and
• • p.itli-
I-    .s
a    disease   t
ted by don    tic pel wh"
Hon.   Del
ventl ii   • rem-
rn boi hteeA
.  -.
< I cal T.Mi-
old statis-
cex.ia.   >he
A     the
bad ""■ • -"peak
il 1811,
ami M  rtn
■ ase.
The mystery surrounding the burn-:
Ing uf the Hotel Edgewater ou Monday,   Oat.   IS,   may   be  solved  through
watchdog owned by Mr. Albert
Cameron, Who has had charge of tho
hotel for some time as custodian,
Circumstances surrounding the
movements ot the dog em Sunday ev-
Miiia- and the time Intervening between    the hour ol burning, 5 a.m.—
and the hour ut which the dog returned ne the ii..use' at •"■.■iu p. m.,
Monday, may lead to Interesting revelations, a what the provincial police
are     working    on proves to be    as
Btrong   B  clue as  it   HOW  appears.
Mr.      i ameron      has     kept   a  large
'. lUnd toi ot it Ime and this dog
has     been     referred to often as the
atl r polil eiiian  o\\ nn:   to  Ilis al-
ertm ss.   li   was his wont    t ,     sleep
near   •      hi   el  at   nlghl   and  anyone
•'iii-     would   tilt!  him   nady   to
[ll e   the alarm.
On Sunday night the dug dlsap-
: and did not reappear until
o'clock Monday evening. When
be did return he bore evidence ot
having been In the woods and swamp
and M iving travelled some distance,
It was iu.I his habit to aie; Mt himself, and the conclusion is reached
that someone lured the dog away
while the building was fired witb incendiary intent.   To have done     this
it   was    necessary  that  eoiu ie with
full knowledge ol the dog's i>re.-;cnce
and on good terms with the animal
lure him away.
Mr. II. McKenzie, Insurance adjuster, was up the valley oi Monday and
i assed through Golden on his way
in Revelste ke « here a planing mill
orted te, have burned, Mr. Mc-
stated that th Hotel Edge-
water carried f? COO Insurai ce and
that every circumstance poi td t ■
He     said that  It  was not  possible
Mer the blaze to have started by spon-
1  m bustion as there were no
oil? or rags in thc building,
lng   Mien   cleaned  thoroughly  by
Mr. Cai   roi    and no del ris was left
-   were    fastened
and the doors padlocked.
It     i- confectured that the in"ei-'-
iary managed to cot n window   open
thi   dog had been innd aw  •
nd  - ii   tlvity.     TM.'
remainde     •   i  i isy.—Oolden  Star.
Rumble of Cons
iCunliuueu  Horn iMi^e Ui.u.j
lann  bouse riddled  with  shut     aud
shell.   . Btrictly
against orders   clii bed   i]   and luok-
, ,i around foi  shell noses u.~ souven*'
lUt      was    iut   of  luck.    1  don t
think in all t oi the country
In,use intact.  Every-
if war.
■   aothj
is    foui     feet high.   Th<  hedges ari
thic* with s   ind when     1
_,,     fur     water I  have Si
prett]  ' I ] havi  n
, en irs.
. lump.   It weighs auout  thirty
ring  It     ■■ne   as
. b  now.
tew wl
\  ten   ,,i ■   quite
nt    1 ir letter 1
.  ■ ■.  me.    Many think... It's
■   ■ under
-  believi   n ■
•   my sleep last uight
me.   1 OU can understand that
:    lots
.,■  .'.ill have'
Btandard      w hi n    tlie
I   if sunflowers by our fanners
• ng uf    thc
■ ■[ trade Of tbi tnj    "f
eln    pi i
the . >• it.'  ii    who Intro-
■ i
tendei    tl
■ anced In al! sli
.-till  -   • nl Un
lit  reliable
Information to be had on the
•■■■■   nit, the r<  ding ol
■ A      In
■    have
, ,,, the sunfli
a nuisance but toler-
■  m,-   af.
fords.   We never looked upon It, as a
le     -■ 'iree     ,,f profit. Vie find,
that 11     ■ ed is worth   two
■ il or $41.0(1 jeer ton ;
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Family Shoe
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
Wb aim to »flvo mar'n.m
wear At minmum pr«M
JMrSo McoMichel will Demonstrate
and Sell GOSSARD
CORSETS in the
Monday  and Tuesday,
Nov. i <s- '2
i or.el,
at prices that you cant aflord to
jmss up. They aie ull perfectly tailored and only by purchasing before
the raise can these prices be duplicated. AT. are the famouq 20th Century brand. The clothes today cannot be procured under almost double
the money. While they last we are
jiuttinp; tl.es coats on sale at the
remarkably low price of
Wiu lens     hiiusi dresses, mostly
■ >. de ol b'ood giug-
ham, others ol flannelette, all ara
v 1 darl : i un-
tne I—at   S 1.00
t\ '.ea ns nderclotl lag—
' a   i, ll  ll  il
and white ■     fleecy fli    tied
high m'ck,  buttoned
front   al i nt, 35c. oi   3
for   $1.00
BE] rs, ■
An assortment ol collars, belts,
beads, etc, ,.: long them some
vei., nice roll ind Ltlj c liars and
Bome g ii ■! quality kid and silk
belts and e real jet  and
an ■' r beads In g l long sti mrs
—anything in the lot '■; .2 5c
Lace, for fancy work ti rtons and
coarse vals, all white, several
widths, 12 yards tu a piece. I'er
Piece 25c
Sister Sc-i.' and everyone else
arc knitting -■ \ : loldiers. We
have the pro] er yarn; it you will
be good enough to knit nre will
supply the yarn at per pound
All our Ulsters and Reefers on
sale. Ulsters run In sizes from 28 to
34. Vou can't go wrong ..n them.
Made from ■ istic tweed and all
beautifully finished. Reefers in Blue's
.md gray fi
that'the yield vanes from i 'on to
two ton.-, per acre, That its method
of culture is about the same as that
oi corn, with this difference, that it
requires much less moisture, ripens
earlier, needs little handling in harvesting, is easily threshed, yields
well under almo r con
tions, brings good price and on thn
whole a \ Bive    crop    to
i .'i-1.   Then   ie i i esl ion hut   our
• A climate  are admiral ly adapted    to the raising of this product,!
and with a market assured we believe
this branch of farming would enhance
the prosperity ol  oui  farmers.     The [
i.ti Ity of any p of be
ing used and value nstitu-
ent ol stuck food ual     foods,
paints and varnish as In the sunflower cannot bi b other than
:, commercial product. W hope our
will tal • this question
and Investigate Its po sibilities tbor-
oui hly.   The Stat eerfully
as in all Oth< r C h may t"nd
ie. advi ■ ce  the agricultural inti
ol this vicinity.
I,. A. Campbell   M.P.P., who repi•■-
irovincial    o   tttuency   of
ind ii the legislature, a rionoer
Ol   till •! ■     ' ' la
ll ol the Wesl  Kootenay Poww   and
eached on
Tuesdaj   •■
e   ,,t the Emi i
Mr.  Campbell   I st   optimis
tic repoi t ■ about  coi n    hia
:"itu,n    The  mining   Indt itry
ly, Is thri'. 'ir tl e old
established ie   tl    famous
md camp on ., \ ay
n -    b isis    and    workii    full crews
While Rossland itsc'f hns leen
sb'irn      Of      nluieist  everything which
! i f the "boom dav-, ' tbe
town is now on b solid and substantial basis.   The volun i   >f c immerclal,
1 . i to he
Made Strong By Delicious Vinol
Lakeport, NM ll.-"0ur little girl 8
yean of ago was in a debilitated, nin-
down condition nml had a StU ibo>rn
enugh so she was weak and ailing all
the time. Nothing helped her until
we tried Vinol. Then hi r appettta
Increased and she Ii str ig and well, and
1 wish cither parents ol weak, 'idicate
children  would  try   Vinol." -GEO. A.
This is because Vinol contains the
building, strengthening co<3 liver
elemenl and the tonic iro whlchaweak
and run-down system needs,
Waltei Bews, Druggist, Revelstoke,
B. 0. I
Mrrr Tmppen and FurCollrcton
send thrir Raw Fur* lo u» th»n to
any- other five houses in Canada.
Bi    ■■ ■«■ they know wi
,r   I   •■■
Une ~i i"i'i»<i*     ■       :■■ u« to«i»y *U4
deal vith a Ral
Tret -.u   ..r » rom   I *::• I I
\n m*l   Ba       Btaoap*   mi*   Iwlita
tpAti.ni!   t     kit  and P|
!owMt   T..,. . \     0 t.WZ
■« ■ Trir<^ Penoki
"Trapper** Guide"
•     ntt     r      -. t    h
* •        KntsjsL
l«W »■ 1 w|,e>rs
to trap an I other
t-ttoable    fnfirKat.on
tar   Inpfar :      alw
"Trapper'i and
Sportumen''Sup ,iy
Catalotc""K<w Fur
Price List." and
"Fur Styl.
book ol 'x-nutt-
'   .  '        it    tur
i I ' b... 1     . • (nllf
.»!*',   .i I    k.nl
• os i.. )tnur.
302 Hallam Building       TOROINTO
in the halcyon days, but the popula-  tendent :ial lJolic.- [< i     reB-
tior  Is permanently established   and   new ell   li-
with n payroll which cn be depended   quor by retail in the hotel known as
upon    not t" tl", tu ite v,i". .
i here is  a Sense  ol  security  in      the
community whiel   makes for pri
7 Hot       - ■ Ar
il;: ltiuh
"Rough on Rata"clears oul
Mice. etc. I li l-M ! lie In I Ix Hi i   ■■■ !■"■>
11 a I :!."«■ al Drug and Country Stores.
>en,< n   12
Secti  '    12
on tho
lirst     daj     [ D
tion    will    be i iperln-
I. ndenl of Pi e Joi     tl a
tent wai    ol a licenci
',   the
e  ,ina ff
i feet , city ol
Dated     tl of i ictober,
LTD., At.a
'■'  !.at'er.
iron \'T I
n tha
tion    will     be made to t:
.   •
.1   li-
1 ■-:,    us
the   li • ton,
Id the province of Brit 'la.
Mer 14th
•    n  12
Section 42
Notice Is hei        girei   »hat on the
i     •   M 1-,   of   Deci '    er  next,   ap;>llca-
■'. alt    bill nil mt  Of   ''teu , f ■:   r.-
eif the hi tei Hi ense to sell liquor by retnil in the heitel known as
i hi  Glacier 11 i I    te at Ol
in : ii- province ol Bi It   :   i   lumbia.
Dated   Oct..Mer   14th,   191B.
.1. M. TOUNa
liven that on the
Prst duv of D cei Mer nut. ai';.licn-
tion "'HI be made tn tht Superintendent ' ; -.cial Police for renewal of I ' cense t ceii lt-
ijuor by retail in the hotel knewn ns
the Dnlon Hotel, sll    te    I   \rmw-
■'   Itisl     'M,l-
bei •■"   1915.
.—-  i,  ^
"LIQUOR ATT 191  "
n  12
"I.TQCOR ACT 1910"
(Section 12.)
Notice is hereby given that, on the
first    dnv ot December next, application    will     be made to thc Superln-
<e ... hereby    \""n 'hm on tha
first day of Dmi •   n;mllca«
•.-, -1-    =upertn-«
t of Pi for rem
net to    -• 'l 11-
' n   aa
the Hal<cy -, TT  • ' enltfT'm.i
situate    a* Vt-^r m. In the pr.-ivince
Dated October 14th, UU.
Mrs.   \, K   ''.im ■ id 'a l) iecelve   «.'U
W. M. l-aur-iic,' returned from a
trip to Trail i      fhu    nay.
Vi. N. Rolfe of Nicola wag at tht
Hotel  Revelstoke yesterday.
Mrs. .1. \i..:i ..ii, oi ft Innipeg is the
•'a,   •  of her daughter Mrs. E. Root.
v,. i.. Glendinning ol Nelson iwas a
guest at. the Hotel Revelstoke Friday.
Capt. MM T Petai of Kami.a pa registered at tl Edwi,rd hotel
on  Th  i :daj
M,   K    Mi     ar f  Revelstoke   is
in : toda;    ui business.   Katn-
looi indard.
!•'. i' ,' tford ol Revelatoke is vis-
It uu   i i,.e    eii j am! i - reglstei ed      il
tin    SI ' .ell: '   ' a,   Ni WS.
i . I'M Lindmai M • ■. n ayor nf Revel il e. ..■ '.;i in il,' city yesl erday i m
bu   • Kuml ind.
Th.'  I.an,. .        the     Methodist
church    will hold a bean Bupper     In
the church parlors from 5.30     to
i.mm ick  tin.- afternoon.
V.M A a.nst ir lefl tor England on
Thursday.   Mrs.    Vnstle accompanied
him      as    lar a I  \\ Innipeg  wnei e sho
will visit until Mi.   Vnstte's return.
The branch e,f the Imperial Bank oi
Canada at Vrrowhead will be open
two 'lays a week only, commencing
November 1. The stafl from Arrow- .
head will be transferred to the Hevel-
stoke blanch.
A letter bis been received ft a mi the
Minister of Just li •■ saying ll wo ild
be Impossible to retain the alien intern':'" t c imp in Revelstoke during
the winter nnd giving the reasons
whicl   have caused thc decision.
11. ii. Barber, who bus hi en recent
Iy engaged on the Roger's Pass tunnel on i be main line "f the Canadian '
Pacific railway, has been appointed
as district engineer at Nc! .en te, ,-e-
plnce H. II. Walkem, who has gone
tn \ ancouver
inday afternoon the regular
afternoon service held  in the  Y.M.C.
A. ... k   will   take  the form   I'i
a ■ Ice,    'c. .ci y  man  in      the
com: unit \      Is  lm Iti li  to spend     a
ph '   on  Sunday   at   this
rice.   A  good program has been   ar-
t.i e A     ci c    it i' lollowing '•
Ih criptun   reading,  or-
Belection, hymn, Y.M.C \.
. . rtette, . Me, ai.-u, Thomson, hymn
sacred readinc by J. I. 11..v. orches-
i ectioi ■ .   l-M     Paulding,
hymn, prayer.
Coi poi al  Bri.,; ..  ol tin- 54th
Battalion was recently  operated     on
non for appendicitis and     was
■ a few days leave In order to
recuperate bofore sailin
a  .ail',   next   .■
Hi   reached Salmon   - donday
ind is Btaying with ins Mr.
is      on  the      >' ■<■ loc ll
ol Bank  of
ial \xm   Obse
l-M iday    et - t
v.'   Hornell
each pare
' -
- . •   ■ ■
!e to \   '
of tho
n.  Mary 1
C. J. Q., Selkirk hoti r. C
.    ■■  it
.liter,'   mnr-
DAY- 'The    Black  BOX,"       '.vith
Herbert     Rawllmon and Anna Little.
TDESDAY—By apodal  request    "Tho
Girl of the Oolden West." s   rartfl.:
L. La       I    tun Ttieo
WFDN'KSnAM--"n.    '.      I'lctur-
es." Most wonderful pictures of
■"aanda's wild life and big /amo of
British Columbia Bhowlng b innts
of tbo mon*e. mountain cont, cnrl-
boo, grizzly bear, beaver nnd other
animals nnd birds. "Tlie Life of tho
Can •  ' in     Canada's northern
wilds.   There     will     bIro Mo shown
tht      "P.    C, Onssette." First clnss
-  1 v the famous Empress   orchestra.
Ser^t M W Wood, "hi. battalion,
is visit lng  the city
Mis. T. II. Tayl'et ,,f Sixth street,
v ill i <■■■>■ l\ !■ on Tuesday.
\. Anderson • >f Canoe was ut tho
Kins Kdward hotel on Thursday.
T. M, Lewis e.f Enderby registered
,i  i' .   I fotel Revelstoke on Friday.
Mrs. Vi. BccIcb "i .'Mew Denver was
a guest at Hie Hotel Kevelstoke yesterday.
The     I.allies       \nl   i.f   the   Mei .In ulist
church w 111 bold Its annual bazaar em
Saturdaj. Deceml er is
Mr. and Mrs, K. tM Smith ol Vancouver \\eiv guests .i the Hotel Revelstoki  Thursday.
G. M. I [ut* Inn: a ol Portage la
Iran le was a guest al t he K ing Edward b.eicl nn Thursday.
Aiinong the guests at the Hotel Revelstoke een fridaj .•.. : e l-M W, SI Irl-
Ing, Canadian Pacific railway district
freight agent at Nelson and V7. J.
Gerbracht, Canadian i'acitic railway
auditor,  also of  .Nelson.
So      mild      is     tbe     seuSou     that
iuses, petunias, carnations, geraniums, hollyhocks and pansies are
i-till blooming in the gardens ol the
rend d'Oreille valley south of Nelson
while many of the wild flowers and
plants ace blooming a sec,uni time,
Dr. J, Ai. Urquhart who recently
1 assed his final examination at Mc-
i.Mll and also the Dominion Medical
Council examination is in Kevelstoke
on a visit, to his parents Mr. nnd
Mrs. lt. ii. Urquhart. Dr. Urquhart
accepted a position in the Van-
couver General hospital and will
leave for t he coast  In a few days.
Extra attract Ion < i   provided by
high scbniel st ii he Empress
theatre "a Thursdaj evening when i
pi i cent i ■ ' ' - ' i an toward    the    .   .11 hi Bl '    Ol    till     ill   M
chool pian ,.   Ml i ,ean   .'ave    a
much appreciated sob,. A chorus ol
boys and girls ea. e "Soldiers "f
the King," and ngs '.'.ith lo
cal hit-- were ejiven by choruses "f
boys       I     iri     •.    ately.
I'M      i Ian idiat a I .vay has
i te, iast ituti    .    •  tern uf badges    for     the purpose uf  in I
lengl h ••( Bervice   il i mpb ij i
serv Ice rei i >rds
gold bar on the left arm of their uniform with an extra bar for eacl
• -i and ol b i
t.i    et
rs will     be
entitled t
.0 -.
w. raiiy returned last night   from
a trip to Trail.
Mrs.  M.  L. Tucker of I'lirrsboio,  N.
S., was a guest  at the Hotel RevelBtoke on Friday.
\i:,.i:r   I he   gliesl > at   the   King    Bd"
orland hotel on Friday was r,. Sutherland of Kamloops.
.1. Wilson, im Standridge, J. Archibald and 0, IM Davis are on a fish-
iin; excursion up Silver (Meek.
p. Standridge, formerly pitcher for
the     Chicago   Nationals   is visiting
ill.   md Mis.  ,1. Carlson, Sixth St.
im Hickey of the Dominion Express
companj Is in Revelstoke today and
will leavo Mer Vancouver tomorrow.
Thi     St. John's Ladles Aid     will
produce      a      play      "The   Minister's
Bride," In the opera house on     Monday, November --.
ment     of 0. B. Hume &. Co.'s storo
Monday  aud Tuesday, Nov. 1 & 2.
Mr, Lefeaux now Intends to ro out
after business for lhe Crown Tailoring
Company ol Toronto and can nssuro
his manj cusl irs that the Fall'and
Winter samples nre tbe hest yet.
Three Giant Stockings
filled tor Soldiers
Halloween, when mischievous boys
are apt to commit pranks which
Bomeliii.es ,,,erpass the limits "f fun
and become wilfully destructive will
be celebrated this evening although
this year the festival falls mi Sunday
nigbt. in view .a the damage thai is
often done the police have been in
structed i" arrest anyone lound com
mitting wilful damage to property.
As     far us can uow be ascertained
the     Central Mobilization Camp,      in
which     over      Uk'.O men have been in
training since early     iii      dune,  will
soon be deserted for the winter.  Hall
of     the 47th     battalion huve already
left for New Westminster and the   remainder     will     soon join them. The
62nd have also received marching orders, ami will he quartered at   Vancouver.   The     llth  C.M.R.  will  also
move to Victoria while tbe 51th   will
go direct from here to the front.   Up
till     this week it wns expected that
the nth would be split up Into three
[ Bquadrons one of which would go   to
I Victoria,      another to Nanaimo,  and
i tho third remain here; but this     nr-
■ rangement    appears    to be changed,
, id it is now stated that the whole
regiment will po to Victoria. Tho regulations of tho censor prohibits any-
thine     more definite being said      re-
1 garding    the    movements of    these
troops at present.—-Vernon News.
The Christ in.is stocking tea held
(en Thursday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. \s. M. Lawrence, under the
auspices ol the Won,ens' Canadian
club     was without doubt one of the
,, i .,,,■ issful affairs of the kind
ever held m Kevelstoke. Crowds
thronged tbe spacious rooms of    tho
I ,n ,\ i ence   resilience   h'.iui   -1   until       7
o'cloc..   The     recepl Ion     committee
( ill tee      were      Mis.   W.   M.   Lnw
ri'in'i . Mrs, II. \. Coursier, Mis. S.
li. R Ms.ms, Miss McKay, Mrs, I'M
W,  I. ling and  Mrs.  W.   I'.ews.
Each visitor brought a gift {or thi
soldiers until the giant stockings
which bad been placed In the living
room, were filled to overflowing with
handkerchiefs, chocolates, playing
cards, soap, toothpov e , camphorice
vaseline, writing paper, tobacco, cigarettes, pipes, etc.
These comforts will he sent away iii
t ime t,, reach the Imys at the front
by     Christmas.   The committee     in
Un     M lay      evening  the  Womens'
Canadian club sent a telegram to the
Marchioness o Aberdeen ami Temair
expressing to her how d   tbey
WOUld  Me  if she COUld Btop .etl and ad-
I tal mn while passing
h Revelstoke.   The Marchioness
that ,,n a-
ents it would
er to d.e so, but     it
would ■ to meet the W u ens
■   tl      tation.   Ac-
tation e.f the club
■   the Mn-
een ar-
a  viro pres.eh-it
ch       were      received   with
ik, Sho
tb      Tho
U li' JWt
M.inini-  his   I    I
area.     .
mny be
ly of    hun'i
■   '»,„       Ia   t
:   ' I      \
bis f        and al irton of  a
pump run, something °j-e contrail
to    the (jame inwp,   ~ ,- i-m
"Ion   n   fine 1    malt
tho      total   •' '   "      'i       Tn
sjioiktnr upon th" eo tt ' H i placed upon tho wcrd "eo " \Tr
Avery explained for tl o 'onoflt of
hunters that this             upon   lands
•u'   th«   'I't'fTer     e<( , i    •
which   the  hunter  lives     T*1 n     if      n
former occupied the centre of n   see
ttnn     ho could hunt on every adjoin
ine quarter Roottor,.
'The   ItOtt
Prii   ■ al.
11 ,i,i,-  ■ .    '      ■          d.,,.e .   Ortlm
HI",    i KDAR,
i OR  - \U
Nkxi    i'i    fn i    tn i a i
charge eif the Btocking were Mrs.
Stevenson, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. (M>rn-
Ing, Miss Creelman, Mrs. Aman and
Mrs. Bell.
The dining room which was tuste-
: fully decorated with carnations was
ill  Charge  nf   Mrs.   Moth,   Mrs.   C.   R,
j Macdonald, Mrs. Purvis, Mrs. c.   B.
Hume and Mrs. Coulthard. Those who
poured tea wore Mrs. McLean, Mrs.
Urquhart,     Mrs.  Robbins and     Mis.
Lawson. The ladies who helped serve
were Miss McCarty, Miss Hyatt, Miss
Raymond, Miss Lewis. Miss Eaton,
Miss Urquhart.
The program which largely contrib-
• ted to the success of the afternoon
was in char: f Mrs. E. 11. S. McLean and Mrs. A. Mclntyre. Those
who took part iu the program were
Mrs. I,. Hows.ui, Mrs. Fleetham, Mrs.
F. Bews, Miss Bordi n, Mr.-. Dent,
Miss IM,;, lull I. Mrs. V.. Hews, Miss
McKa;.. Mi it linn, Mi. Brean, Mr.
Paulding, Miss Lawson, Dr. Taylor,
Mrs. McVity and A. Thomson, to all
' of whom thanks are   inc.
Tin donors were as follows: Mrs.
iM li. 1 laun. Mrs. W. ll. Sutherland,
i [elen Sutherland, rj .ails rland,
Miss Ginn, Mrs. ,J. Lyons, Mis. W.
Bews, Mrs. Purvis, Mrs. Will.-, Mis.
Atkins,   Mrs.   Pratt,   Mrs.   (Dr.)      Mc
\ Lean, Mrs. Robt, Urquhart, Mrs, A.
Mclntyre, Mrs. Corning, Mis. T. Gib-
,-,,n, J. J). McArthur, .Mrs. W. C. (Milder, Mis. Maxon, Mrs. Teller, Mrs.
Southworth, Vi. Hornell, Mrs. (Dr.)
Taylor, Mis. Hansen, Mr.-. Webster,
Marjorie Garnett, Hilda Garnett,
Mrs. I).'lit, Irene Trimble, Mrs. II.
Hews, Mr. Brean, Mrs. lbilines, Mrs.
M,mil,lark, Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. George
lull,  Mrs. i'has.  Aman,  Mrs,   M.'.aiuy.
i     dacdonald,  Miss   Baton,
Mis. Downs, Mrs. .1.  Knox,  Mrs. Hn-
Mrs.    .1.   p.  Sutherland, Mrs.
as,      Mrs.  !■'.  I-, ,,. .      Mrs.
Miss     Urquhart, Mrs.     Roy
ie      in, Mrs.  McVity,
lei eg lan    Mrs.  Dickie,  Mrs.
M       Woodland,     M ss
Mrs    Keegan,   Mrs.      M.
i     I      Hume,   Miss   Mc
in,   Mis.  Coulth-
a  Robbins,  Mr.-.   \.  McLean
a       \       McCrae,  Mr.
Mr    W   \   Bell,   Mrs.
on,     Mrs.
'■e III
 H Mi. Tbo
lng, I      i      •'..
'. '   .  Mi si
I. D.  Sibil        \.      Grant,
len, Mrs.
'■ti     !■' eetbam,
B,   Van
Mrs,     [•     Gordon, Mi
Urquhart, Mi • tei    Mis.
ir.'    Mrs    fri 'I   Hev -    Mi S
Mrs     ri.     v. Davis   Mn.
Mr-   c,    Ralph  Lawrence,
M m   Lundell   Mi     k   Paulding,
'.    Hi      Garrett, Mrs,
I' ''I        , \T,
Ti-   T    Inl    Di   n lUtrlas,  Mr   ;
Mr      vTcCnv.     Mrs,    H.
Vt    yf  rn. mmlng,    mi*..-
r   \   wood-
I '       pr 11
'    I ir  MoKfnnnn,   Alan  Tt   m
\ttt,   W.   M.   T.aw-ence,
I ing,   D'.rofbr Linr.  Wre  W.
■T   i awrenre,    nr. Urqnhart,    Mr<».
I''      Inp    Mrs    Root,  Mrs.  Audrlnn
(1 fie  i- !.  0|nr-
i' ■.   Manning
fr-e Prean    \  report ts onrron' thnt
McNafi lumhor Intorosts are     on-
dfiivorlnr      tn      pnreheise   tho  Fomie
•r  cnmjinny  limits.
Welter Hardman fo
be Warrant Officer
lu a letter to II. -I. Darker, dated
Oct. 10 and written,at ShornclilTe,
Lieut. H. ll. D. Abbott, formerly,ol
Revelstoke, mentions several others
from Kevelstoke who are now an ICue;-
land. He says:
•M got your letter about six weeks
or so ago. I was iu tbe hospitnl at
the time. I hud one of tho hest
tallies there Hint I. have hud since 1
took ui' soldiering. 1 was some sick
patient I can tell you, putting in
most of my nights joy riding over
thc country—of course that wus during the period termed convalescence,
Miss Hamilton hus returned here froul
London but 1 huve not as yet seeu
her. She called on me during my operation when she was here fur (ho
day hut. I was not able tu receive
her. Last night 1 saw Giddy and
Jimmy Lawrence down town anil had
a pow wow with tbem. They are
i„itii in the tirdnance ami having
quite a snap by comparison -yith privatum; it in the ,111th.
"I   have  seen   pretty   well   all      tho
Revelstoke boys at une time ur aunt her. .link is becoming quite a soldier—he is in the sienal section now.
Walter Hardman seems tn be making
mil splendidly and already is a ser-
geant, It is expected that he will
be appointed Q.M.S. and mude a
warrant officer. Tt does him great
credit having risen uji like this and
he spems well favored of the powers
Hint be. After my operation f banned a "ice little two weeks' sick
leave during which I had one whale
of a time over in Ireland.
I '''f am at present in a three months
course nf instruction out of which
we are tn gel our Field Officer's cor-
tificates and much in the way nf pro-
tferment in getting over tn Prance
with drnfts. What with hospital,
leave .and this course,   1  have been  in
dependent ot the battalion now for
over two months nml won't he finished  the course till  Christinas."
The police have beeu instructed tc.
prosecute anyone found breaking fentj-
es, taking away cates.or doing dam-
ago of any kind to property.
W. A. FOOTl'l,Mayor.
I-'OR SALIC—16 in. Millwood; also
Kindling in bunches; each $2.75 per
load delivered. Phoues 42 and 81.
.1.  P.   Sutherland,
Love, 408 Fourth St., Bast, Calgary, Alta. For shipping tags and,
price list of hides, calfskins, wool,
sheepskins, hoi'sehides, horsehair,
etc.   Prompt returns. Nov. 3<lp
FOR RKNT—Seven roomed lurnishefl
house, nice huge basement, 304
First, street, west. Apply Mrs. O.
Lidy, Oity Hostnurant. Nov Cp
Piano, practically new. Cost $(',50.,
A|)|>ly Mail-Herald. Nov. 13 p.
li U J. IS s
Hyacinths,  Daffodils,
and Tulips
Harry Stewart, shift hoss in the
C.P.R. tunnel at Heat Creek, appeared before Stipendiary Ma<gistrate
Bradlej at Golden Tuesday morning,
to answi c to a complaint tiled by
Sam Blanco, a Servian, charging us-
1 sault.
II. C Lockwood, barrister. .api'C.ar
[ id lor the plaintifl, and F. II. Hill
li i  the delendant.
Mr, Lockwood asked and was granted leave t.i withdraw the criminal
proceedings, so as not to bur a propose 1 civil proceedings for damages.
Mr, Hill made no objection to tho
proceedings being withdrawn.
The alleged assault is said to have
taken place at S a.m., on October 15,
two miles in thc tunnel.
Among the allegations made by thc
plaintifl is tbat the defendant (lid
him groat bodily harm, and Upon
this basis tho civil suit is said to
have been substituted for criminal
This is the second case of Its kind
to have come to Golden within the
i ast two weeks,
LEAVE        MH'lt        ORDERS
I'MUil.Y        FOR PRI\ \Tl'>
N'o.     2     Autographic Folding
Brownie    $6.CO
N'o.  I Autographic Junior with
it. it. Lens  $10.50
No. 1 A     Autographic    Junior
with K. R. Lens   $ 13.00
The Rexall Store
Leave your crder during this month.
We stock material  for
making these.
We    Supply   EVERYTHING   in   Building   Material
Dainty Evening Pumps
Satin Evening Pumps
For Rubbers, Ovcrshoos nnd Loggings
BEANS,  White,  for fow days, 4 pounds for 25c
CLEANSER, White Swan, same price, 2 for 26c
B.C MILK, Baby size,   1 tins for       25c
SYRUP,  Imperial Sugar Drips. 2-lb. tin^for  25c


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