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'• __.._icure" Typewriter
1- 'i cse ot operation a'nl pertee.i inn
in r.-u.is produced, t' i- mil,shine
is uusiiipii-M'd.    IVicc, ifttll00 Cash
1 iterior Publishing Gq_   •    Agents
Vol. 14.-No 68
The Mail-Herald
For ensi* of operation and perfection
in results produced, thin Machine
is unsiirpissed —Price: SG0 00 -ash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Per Year
 P_o.inc.al  Library
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stor.v- ut Air_.--.acd ah I Reveletoke.
A lot of children school  wash  dresses,
to fit children from five to   io years  of age,
in good heavy wash materials.     Sailor  and
French dresses, these were $2.50 and $3, the    -i   Q A
lot will be on sale while they last at per dress    I ,\J\J
3oys' wash suits and Girls' wash dresses
to fit children up to six years, in good   wash
materials, fine for  starting   the  children to    QCp
school.    They are going at a bargain VtJWj.
Ladies',  Misses'  and  children's  White   -J   r A
Duck Shoes, at prices up to $3, now I .OM
Children's Tarn o' Shanters   and   hats
some are nice cream wool serges, some wash
materials, they sell at various  prices up   as    Af\e%
high as $ 1, now tUI/i
Boys' and Girl's  school   boots   in good
strong leather,  made by   standard   makers,
such as Williams,   and   the   Amherst   Shoe   l\ ("A
Co. These will wear if any shoes will, $2 and   t.UU
C. 13. HUME  & CO.,  LIMITED
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
We hsvp as usual g.'t one of the hest sssorted slocks of
Sporting (roods in B. C. |n t.ie email "Arms"we lime
si he 22-calibrc rilles mid. by the Winchester, Savage,
8 ..ens aud Hamilton Arms Co, In lhe military and
iivrtlng sinus we have the Boss Bifle, Savage 3011, Winchester 303, 30 W.B., 112 Spec, 30-30, 38 56, and all the
um-1 popular arms made.
Shotguus, sjugT. sin! double luirclled—Parker, Ithicii,
Winchester aid Stevens makes. Loaded shot shells in
all the best nr.ikes. Military cartridges iu Canadian,
English ami A 1 erican niakeB.
.ShnitingC.nl- mul Vests. Uags aud Cartiidge Belts.
Tents in all sino .    Knock-down Camp Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
. Head Office—Toronto, Ontario*.
Until further notice this Bank will be
open C. P. R. Pay Night and following night
each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Open every Saturday evening from
7 to 9. p. m.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Trimmed and Cut rimmed
A Opposite Climax Hotel, First Street.
An Unqualified Success—Compleie List of Prize Winners-
Magnificent Exhibits in all Classes—First Class Horse
Racing-Labor Day Sports—Amusements Galore.
This last week haB marked a
great epoch in the history of Revelstoke, an epoch that will be re
nieniliereil and looked back upon
with pride by the present generation who in years to come will see
Revelstoke the great metropolis of
the Interior of B. C.
The First Annual Revelstoke
Fall Fair has come and gone and
all we have is lhe memory to dream
over and contemplate the benefits
that we hope to derive from a
movement of this description. Revelstoko reached the conclusion last
year or early this year that tho
time had come when the disirict,
with its agricultural possibilities,
would be benefitted by the inauguration of a Fair and from that
time no ptones were left unturned
to insure the success of this now
undertaking. Realizing the magnitude of such a work as this the
various departments were divided
up into as many committees as
could be reasonably expected to
work, and their efforts have cer-
tuioly surpassed all expectations.
From the day that the officers
were appninted-everybody began to
get down to business and the first
detailsof the Fair put in motion.
As the date of the opening day
came round, exhibits in all classes
came pouring in and the management was run off its legs in the
endeavor to accommodate the multitude of things thet came in day
by day. The first agricultural hall
was completed and fitted in ample
time to allow of the different exhibits to be placed and it was not
till then tbat one could realize
what a Fair means.
On one side were chickens cackling, dogs' barking, cocks crowing,
while loads of vegetables and fruit
kept pouringin. On the other side
the ladies were hard at work surrounded by piles of dainty fancy-
work, samples of art in all its
branches, dray loads of bread and
preserves kept arriving till the
building resembled a market place.
And yet, through it all, there could-
he seen no undue excitement, confusion or disturbance and through
systematic work the mass of variegated exhibits seemed to melt away
until the bare woodwork of the hall
became transfigured and transformed into artistic order and a
wonderful sight presented itself.
Could this aggregation of riches be
the product of Revelstoke brains,
Rovelstoke hands and Revelstoke
soil, was it possible that such a
magnificent display of fruit, vegetables and produce came from Kevelstoke land? Those who have said
that fruit, etc., will not grow here,
will now change their mind and
sing a different tune.
A stroll round the building convinced one that the people have,
up till now, been blind and totally
ignorant of what Revelstoke can do
in the way of Boil productions.
Here we see a wonderful display of
vegetables of all species, in first
class condition, some from outside
points but mostly local,while there
were temptingly displayed plates
of luscious fruits of all kinds, such
as bave not been hitherto displayed
to the public gaze. A mass of gorgeous flowers meet tbe eye and one
cannot but stop to admire the
many lovely blossoms and foliage
of plants and bouquets. Continuing on one sees the wealth of B. C.
ostentatiously displayed in the
form of mineral samples, a fine collection and worthy of highest merit.
Samples of local made Venetian
blinds adorn the west wall while
sheaves of grain and field produce
are tastefully arranged between the
panels of the structure.
Next we come to the fine art
booth wherein are arranged in lavish profusion the products of pen,
pencil and brush. Art in all its
forms is displayed and s closer inspection shows eome excellent work
—a credit to the city. Next in
order comes the home baking and
preserves, and here is where Revel-
stokes ladies come to the front.
Here could be seen samples of all
manner of delicacies of the culinery
art, a display that would tempt
any epicure and showing by the
quantities of good things tempting
ly exhibited tbat this branch, and
a very important one, was well
looked after. The fancy work section was indeed a triumph and
though tbe articles were displayed
as advantageously as possible as
far aa space would allow, there was
enough material to fill a room
three times the size.
Space will not permit of extolling the virtue* of each exhibit here
but suffice it to say that Revelstoke
in all round accomplishments car
hold her own with any city in Canada. Every inch of lhe building
wasadviiniiigeously occupied.
The il".' nnd poultry pens drew
large ami iterested crowds, some
good stock icing shown. All round
the show grounds were skill games,
and other attractions which served
to amuse certain sections of the
crowd. Particular mention must
be made of the exhibit of lumber in
the form of a .beautifully finished
model of a log cabin and a modern
lumber cottage, both the work of
the Revelstoke Saw Mill Co. This
exhibit was shown at the recent
Dominion Fair at Calgary and attracted universal attention.
ThuB, we nan go on ad infinitum
with the descriprion of the first
Revelstoke Fair, but suffice it to
say in brief that by the united
effort and the untiring energy from
the president dc iwards, the success of Revel-to**. Fairs are now
assured for future years and that
this first attempt will be a great
encouragement to work even harder
next year and every year, for (be
success of the Fair means the success of our citv.
Monday was the great opening duy
of the Fair, and from the earliest
hours streams nt judges, committee
ladies and men were wending their
way to the fair ground* to put the tin
ishing touches onto the various exhibits in the agricultural hall. Judging
took place Tuetday forenoon, which
occupied considerable time, owing to
the general excellence in all classes of
exhibits. The we.ither, which hsd
been threatening all the morning,
broke at noon aud rain fell in torrents
for an hour or two. Old Sol, however,
did his best to get into the open, and
gradually dispersed tbe rain clouds
and mists and brightened things up
by the time the horse racing commenced. A large and good humored
crowd filled the grand stand while the
track rails were lined with enthusiastic
spectators. The rain c insidcrably
mil-red the afternoon, making everything wel and unpleasant, but fortunately the showers held oil while act
ual racing was going on. Such an
aggregation of first class horses has
never been Been before in Revelstoke.
irrangementa tor the accomm lditim
and stabling of the burses bad been
admirably carried out, ten new stalls
having beeu built. Large crowds vis
ited the stables prior to the races and
admired the gracelul animals. The
track was in gi od condition, the raiu
making the surface hard and firm
though a little cuppy in places. The
first event waB a num ad trot and pace,
three entering. After a little delay
the trotters got away and put up a
pretty race, although the winner was
soon spotted:
Named race, trot and pace, 1 mile,
purse, $200—1st heat, Glcndor, King,
1st; I/.ora K, Matheson, 2ud; Little
Jap, Armstrong, 3rd    Time 2:36.
Second and third heats the order
remained unchanged, the time being
2 32 and 2:34 respectively.
Six fine animals drew up to the
starting wire for the next race. The
starting machine operated by Mr. W,
Falahee of Calgary and whioh has
been used throughout the many race
meets in Western Canada, was used
here for the first time on Tuesday.
The machine is an Australian patent
and gavo a perfeot start in every case.
Running half mile dash, purse 1126
—Main, 0 C. Enunett, Riddle up, 1st;
La Taranta, Owl Stables, Raker City,
Or., Pierce up, 2nd; Rosalia, A. E.
Lyon, Small up, 3rd  Time 52 seconds.
The running half mile heats for
local horses caused considerable enthusiasm and excitement, although
from a spectator's point of view the
race lacked true fight. Little can be
said except tbat Fly ran well and
Spider could have done better. Buckskin ran a good race hut was not in a
condition to really run a hard race.
Running halt mile, local horses,
purse $85—1st heat, Fly, Caley Bros.,
Williams up, 1st; Spider, W. Fleming,
Riddle up, 2nd; Buckskin, E. Coursier
Coursier up, 3rd.   Time 1 minute.
Second heat—Fly, 1st; Spider, 2nd;
Buckskin, 3rd.   Time 1-1.
Tbe three-quarter mile dash made a
good race aud was well contested.
Three-quarter mile dash purse 1200
—Marvel P, C. C. Emmett, Small up,
1st; Balmade.C. Earle, Parker up,2nd;
Kttie Bell, C. H. Cottle, Williams up,
3rd.   Time I 111.
Tbo last race on Tuesday was tho
seven-eights mile and proved exoiting
and a pretty race.   The entries were
considerably reduced by several horses
being scratched and only three went
under the wire.
Seven eighths mile, purse $150—
Lady Huron, N. K. Moody, Mathe-on
up, 1st; Col. BrotiBtnn. C. C. Emmett,
Ridd e up, 2nd; Adirondack, Ranoocas
stables, Hoppe up, 3rd.    Time 1:33
The racing wai carried through without a hitch and tho committee hau-
dled all arrangements with perfection.
Rain fell unceasingly on Wednesday and the Fair Committee decided
to make a p istponemont of the second
day of the Fair until Thursday.
Thursday morning broke cloudy but
towards noon the olnuds dispersed and
the afternoon turned out gloriously
line. A large crowd of people attended on the grounds and all were enthusiastic over the prospects of a good
afternoon's amusement. The agricul
tural hall and other buildings were
full of sightseers while many wandered along to tbo stables to admire
the horses. The scene was lively and
gay, an air of holiday making pervading the entire throng. Judging for
live stock, etc., took place at 1.30 and
caused considerable interest, and at
the close of thia a general parade of
all live stock prize winners and thoroughbred horses took place on the
track before the grind stand and a
fine exhibition of first class animals
was Been. Racing commenced immediately afterwards:
Half Mile Pony Race—Purse $125.
1st Heat—1 Tiger Jim, 2 Fancy Free,
3 Dolly, Time 54J -c. 2nd Heat—1
Fancy Free, 2 'I ycr Jim, 3 Dolly.
Time 52 sec. 3rd Heat—1 Tiger Jim,
2 Fancy Free, 3 Dolly.   Time 51 sec.
The Free-for-all Trot and Pace was
not as interesting as it should have
been, considerable difficulty being ex
perienced in getting goial starts. As
an exhibition race there was much to
be desired.    Purse $250.
1 Lady S , Matheson; belts, 112 1
2nd Glendnr. Kine; 2 2 12.' Time
2.39; 2 35; 2.43; 2.32.
Quarter Mile Dash—Local ponies,
and riders. Purse $20. 1 Ada, Skybo;
2 Buckskin, Coursier; 3 Nellie, McMahon
This race created much excitement,
ihe embryo jockeys making a good
Running 5-8 Mile Dash. Purse
$150. 1 Marvel P; 2 Main; 3 Bali-
nada.   Time, 1 min., 6 n"0.
The quarter mile pony race was declared off. Every entry hut one being
Running 1 mile dash. Purse $250.
1 La Taranta, Holt, I'.rker up. 2
Col. lironston; Emmett, Riddle up. 3
Katie Bell, Cottle,Williams up.    Time
1 min., 50 sec.
This race was one ot the most interesting in the whole meet and a popular win.
There were four entries in the consolation race: Princess Louise, Ro-
aalta,   Lustig,   Cameletta.     1 Lustig.
2 Rus.lta, 3  Princess Louise.      Time
1 min., 21 sec.
Considerable satist.iotion is felt over
the success ot the races, and burse
owners as well as spectators hail no
complaints to make. Some of tha
best horses in Canada wero competing
and some excellent racing was witnessed. The olhcials ot the truck
were: Judge, A. J. MeDonell; Starter,
W. Falahee; Chairman, A McRae;
Secy , H. Cunningham Morris; Timer,
J. Guy Bather.
The hurt-emeu all speak in high
terms ot praise of their treatment in
Revelstoko and declare the meet here
as good as any iu the Dominion. The
track was in splendid condition, firm
and solid and tbe racing from a spectators point ot view was all that could
be desired.
Yon Will Wait
in Vain
If you w?it with the expectation or hope of finding better grades of Teas
and Coffees than we are
now offering to our customers.
Both are chosen on account of their select quality and both give
the greatest satisfaction t<  those who are used to the best.
Prize List.
The exhibits of fruit demonstrated
that locally great interest has been
taken in orcharding. The Summerland
Fall varieties gave evidence of keen
competition in the number of exhibits
in these sorts. But only in about six
instances did this competition seem
apparent in the wintor sorts.
Mr. I.awes, of Enderby, displayed a
magnificent collection of pears. Quite
a showing of tho different varieties ot
crabs and plums, well colored, attracted atldlil o i.
Mr. Bell's box ot apples was n
praiseworthy exhibit of what interest
and care will produce, deserving woll
the place in competition.
The display of Iruit from thiijChilli-
wsck valley, winning tbo Fruit Exchange Cup, won much attention lor
the method of packing is seldom seen
in a commercial pack. Fruit from
this Association won a deserved demand last season for their pack.
Geo. R. Lawes, of Enderby, is another competitor winning a cup
offered by the Fruit Echange for the
best exhibit of teu varieties of apples,
Oonlliitifld on l*-i<e Two
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily
Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Apples, Plums, Pears, Peaches,
Green Corn, Tomatoes, Celery. Cauliflower, Cabbage. Cucumbers, etc.
Hardware, Stoves, Paints, Etc.
We have a line of Fishing Tackle, Guns,  Ammunition and
Camping equipment—tbe best Stoves imp Ranges on the
market.    Sherwin-Williams Paints,  Oils,  Varnishes and   ■
dry colors.
Bourne  Bros.
Incorporated b) Special Act of Parliament of
tbe Dominion of Canada
Head Office, - Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL : $2,000,000   In 20,000 Shares of .1100 each with $10 Premium
The Bank of Vancouver is being!organised to meet in part tbe increased blinking
accommodation required by the natural and steady expansion of business coincident with
the great development o the country and especially of British Columbia, and while
organizing to conduct a general banking business, will give special consideration to the
industries aud commerce of the Province, and is being established primarily for this
Surpese, and through its connections in Great Britain, Eastern Canada and the United
tates, it will be able to greatly facilitate the investment of outside capital In the various
enterprises of the Province.
It is the intention toopeu branch offices at various points from time to time at opportunity arises.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
hare lieen appointed Fiscal Agent, fur the Rank at Berelstoke.   Application form-, and
terms of Stock Subscription may be obtained from them.
A. L. DEWAR, 8ocre*t__ry.
They fit welt on
IKe shoulder
and around
ike neck
Did you ever have a Suit or Overcoat to ride
your neck? Our clothes are especially tailored for
us by the best makers and fit as well as Cloth and
Style is looked after in Our Store.
Bring your wife  with  you.    She  knows more
about clothes than you do anyway.
We like to have good judges look at our clothes
and know our reasonable prices.
We also have a full line of FOOT-RITE,
McKinnon Cb% Sutherland
At 8 Per Cent.
Cbe _T&a.U1b:ra.fc.
Barristers, Solicitor*-    Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliament uv,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
lll.l.AN b ELLIOTT
Birriiinr-, ^Solicitors, Etc.
_.   GlU-l* J. 0. Kl.l.lOI'l
.,-cis t> :    iM-tRHl.    Hank.    Ul.oc_.    Hivki
•TOK K.  H. 0,
Money io lo_u.
Office". RovelHtoke. B i      Cranbrook, H C,
UlO. 3. MrX'AKTEB,
A.   M    l'lNKUAM. J. A.   HAHVKY,
Rerelitoke, ti r.     Cranbrook, B.C,
J. M. Hcott IX W, I, BrlKRi.
Uarrihtkrs, Solicitors, Ktc
Money to Loan
Kirst Street. Reveldloke, U.l'
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sm vey-i.r
linx lot), t-EVELSTO-E
tss m, i-;. (■..[.[';iitox
Oeiti Heated Teuchei .•!
Piano,    Vocal Tlieor\
Musical   Kindergarten
Classes tor young "hii
sli'  I,-
Studio  :.-,>!
M, _: VV.  A    WHITJO1NGT0N
Stkaihco.na, Ai.Ta   A:
VELSTOKE,     -     H  l'.
Memberi   llieria ._-, .ii-iatiou nf irr-hltecu.
H.  M    WllllsrilNGTON
Slr.itl., <>!iei. Alia.
W. A. Wiiiiiiiisui..i
Itovel-.toke, H.r.
Cbe flfca.Ulbcralo
TLur.,   . ..., uit.csti liail in lhu imst ol lis
A- 1 mi UlUCli  .-'I lu Um Worst ol u-.
Tl._: .; hardly Is^Iiihjvis- titty of us
Ts, idlk annus U.e re.t ill aa.
SATURDAY, SEPT, 12, 1.08
Tht- first annml Kevelstoke Pall
F;tir ha? p«sseil into history ai.d
the people will now have am- le
time liefore next year rolls round,
to read, mark, learn, inwardly digest ami draw conclusions from the
lesson-1 thai this great undertaking
na- taught us. Thai the Fair was
■luccef-ful caunot he gainsaid '.n
spite oi the inclement wi-iitlKr.
The maguitudi of an event such as
thi-. nnd the direct influence thnt
the Fair will nave on Revelstoke,
can Ins easily seen, and its effects
will Lie far reaching. This, the lirst
fair, uiark_ an epoch in the history
oi Revelstoke and 1- a turning
point, or rather Bhould be in the
commercial and industrial career
■ if the city. In the last few years
Revelstoke has only realized that
she is a city of gr--al and huiind-
.e.-s- possibilities in tha commercial
world and that her people are not
dependent entirely on llie railroad
and it.- accompanying issues, We
have wallowed along ni the groove
far enough. said tbe time ha.- conn
when the old order of things must
change anil tho old givi place to
the new The First Fair has, suh-
ttaiitially and unquestionably demonstrated whsil Revelstoke can do
along agricultural lines and show
us where wc have allowed opportunities lo slip b) while we bave
liven asleep and putting unboundod
faith in our suite.-.- ai a railroad
city. Hevelstoke does not for one
minute say ot boast lhat she cam
do without a railroad for that
would be bravado, sic., acknowledges l''e powei and value ol thai
great transportation company, snd
prides herself on being one of 1 lu-
chief ci tie.- on tbs main transoon*
linental highway ami a junction
and entrepot for the Interior. Ijie
C.l'-li. lias made our city in 11
sense, but  there is  no reason why
we should consequently shut our
eyes to other possibilities every bit
as profitable, and pin our faith
blindly to what has gone before.
llevelsloke must progress, aud new
innovations mean progression. The
fair and its successful issue shows
that the better feelings nf our people have come to tin-surface and
thai they now all realize that ns a
commercial, industrial and agricultural district Revelstoke's new era
has dawned. The exhibits in all
classes at the Fair were true sain
pies of what can he produced here
and no better encouragement can
be given lo our people to sli 11 fur
ther excel and persist in the (level
opmenl of our resources woich will
give ample reward for our pains
It is gratifying to sec that our
people as a whole have evinced
keen interest in this Fair and al
though there were many details
that could have been perfected to
advantage, still every allowance
must be made for mistakes, over
■sights :ind other deficiencies lhat
must of necessity arise in a first
al tempi at a scheme of such mag
nitude, Our experienced gained
this year will stand us in gooi
stead next year, and (lie success of
the first Fair will give every encouragement to still more effort for
1909, to make Revelstoke a central
commercial point No better advertisement can he had than an
annual Fair and if the same interest, enthusiasm and untiring effort
on the part of all as was evinced
ibis year, is to be seen next, year
there can be no doubt as to the ultimate excellence and success of
our Agri :ull_ral Society. Nothing
succeeds like success and now that
we have started lhe ball rolling il
is up to each and all of us to put
onr shoulder behind it and by united effort keep it going. Co-operation in tliis scheme will ensure its
ultimate success and it will be our
pleasure as well as nnr duty to do
our share and work in harmony 111
order tn put the Fair on a secure
and sound basis. We cannot hut
congratulate Hevelstoke as a whole I*,"1]1" V*H*'t>'"1  G B  1'awe"' 2 '•
Hoi oi Prunes—1 F A P Exchange,
Heat collection—1 K A P Exchange
Continued from Page Ouu.
only hy what hn. taken yearn ol cure
und attention to tiring to such perfection such fruit aa exhibited by this
well known orohardist.
Yellow Transparent—1 J.  O. dam
eron, *> 11.  V.   Hay,  11   R. VV.    liriihn,
highly commended, E. Eriktiou.
Any other  Summer  variety—Thnt.
Wealthy—1   VV.   .1.   Kenton,   2   I).
Mcintosh, 1! 0. Ericksou.
Gravensteiii—I  I).   Mcintosh,  _ T
Lux. Beaton.
Duchess—1 J. Ledgerwood, 2 H. F
Hay, li II. N. Coursier.
Alexander—1 II. F Hay,  2   J,   l'u-
chato, 8 0, Erickson.
St. Lawrence—1 This   Steed.
Heiteghcinier—1 Mrs. A. C. Lee.
Any other Pall variety—1 T. Steed.
Snow—H. N. CourBier.
Baldwin—1   E.   Erikson,   2  Q, R.
Ontario—1 R. W. Hruhn, 2 F. A V.
Northern Spy—1 F. A P. Exchange
R. I. Greening—1 M P Exchange.
Wagner—1 T. Steed.
Jonathan—-1 Ft. W. Bruhn.
Rome Beauty—1 Fruit and Produce
Roa Russet—1 A. Rabonchere.
King nl Tomkins—IT. Steed,   2   .1.
Ben Davis—I   l(. VV    Bruhn,   2   (".
T. S'Aoet—1 II. N. Coursier,
I'i waukee—1 T. Steed.
Woll River—1  W. Chung,  2  G. R.
Lawes, .'1 T. Steed.
Any   other   Winter     variety—1 C,
Erikson  2 G. W. Bell, 3 C. Field.
Box nf Apples—1 G. W. Bell.
Best collection of Apples—F. A. P.
11. Favoiit.— 1 A. R. Lawes.
Duchess—1 <l. 11  Lanes.
II. Clairgean—1 ll R Lawes.
Louis B. de J —1 C. R Law-.-*
Sheldon—I (i R Lawes.
Barllett—1 (I R Lawes
Idaho—1 T Steed.
Ihuil-hi   —I     F   llnike,   2    It   VV
P. Seedling—I CI R Lawes.
0, S. limp —1 T Steed.
I ."inl.iiiil—1 ll. It. Lawes.
Washington—1 II S Coursier.
Yellow Egg—1 li  R Lawes, 2   11   N
1'11111.on—t Q R Lawes
German Prune—G R Lawes.
Columbia—1 R R Copeland, t H N
Grand Duke-   1 VV J Armstrong,
on this enterprise and tbe people
who have realized that "wbat is
worth doing at all, is worth doing
The Labor Day demonstration, if
it can be called such, on Monday,
fell rather flat us samples and floats
typical of labor in all its branches
were conspicuous by their absence.
Hevelstoke has bad several Labor
Day celebrations and parades all
with successful results, but this
year there seemed to have been
taken little or no interest in lhe
day even by lhe labor organizations
themselves. Last year the labor
iiuions refused to lake any part unless they cmild run the affair tliem-
Traiisoeudants—1   H    V   Hay,
Erikson, 3 C Erikson,
Montreal—1   •   Chung,
Hyslop—1 0. Field.
Silierian—1 R VV Bruhn.
Black berries—1 Unknown.
Light   Brahma,   cock   and   hen—I
Fleetham.    Same, cockerel and pullet
1 Fleetham.
Orphingtou, cock and hen—I H.
Siuyhe.    Same, cockerel   and   pullet,
2 II. Smythe.
Bull Plymouth Rock, cockerel and
pullet—2 II. E. R. Smythe.
Silver-Luc d Wyandotte, cock and
Inn—1 VV A. Foote, 2 M, Fleetham.
Same, cockerel and pullet, 1 W. A.
Foote, 2 Rev. VV C. Calder.
White Wyandotte, cook'and hen—
1 J. Shaw.
Blank Minorca, cock and ben—1
Fleetham. Same, cockerel and pullet
Rev. W. C. Calder.
Brown Leghorn, cock and hen—1
J. Morgan, 2. 11, Hay.
Bantani.enck and hen—2 E. Smith.
Same, cockerel and pullet, 1 Pat Skene
Pair Brown Turkeys—1 H. E, R
Pair Geese—1 P. Corson, 2 H. E. R.
Pair Geese bred in lflOG—1 name
not ascertained, 2 ti   Hay.
Four best, develops I Chickens, any
breed—1 W. A. Poole, 2 name not ascertained.
VV. A. Foote won  the   special   gold
medal for the best utility hen.
sec N.—nous
Cooker Spaniels—1' Hindoo Rijih,'
J. Devine; 2 "Fred,    C. P. Lindmark;
3 " Babe,"  J.   Devine;    Highly  coin-
mended, .1. Leslie.
Collies- 1 Fred. Altley; 2 " Fly,"
tl. Ashton, (Micbiaa-i)
Smooth Fox Terrier—1 W. McMahon 2 Mrs. Penipi.ee.
Goidon Setter—1 "Dick," A. McRae.
Coach Dog—1 (i. Bell,
Blue Bedlingtou Terrier—1 "Jerry"
li. Ashton (Michigan).
Thisroughbr, d S alliou—1 C. E111-
mett; 2 N  K. Moody.
Best Thorougliineil, Group 111—
C. Etiiine t
Best Tboroouhhr .1 .Man—1 l\
Emmett, 2 H. Cottle.
Best Standard  lit•-.!   Animal—1  G.
IW. King (Regius) 2 \U.I_eson, (High
Heavy Draught IVani—I A.Davidson,
2 P. Burns A Co.
Carri.go Team (bitched) — 1 P.
Burns & Ou , 2 It. Howson (i Co,
Ladies' Rider—1  .1  0. Brien.
Gent's Saddle Hurm—1  Oaley Bros.
Gent's. Turin ui I — I J M. Doyle, 2
0. F. Lindmark.
General Purpose Horse—I A. J.
MacdoViell, 2 M. G, Friiby
Best Milk Cow—1 and 2 A. Carlson.
Best Jersey Cow—1 A. Carlson, 2
H. Hay
Best Pole-Angus Cow—1 H. Smythe
1 H. H -v-iiiie.. rot „ kill.watt
The' mineral exhibits, though too
crowded together in the building at-
tiui'ted much iilli-nji.m and was a flue
VV. Smythe   showed   tine samples of
silver bul   me   (nun   l.atorme  Creek,
s ..t.luui.-J .ui I'.i.si Three.
CiiniK l-'iist el t.-s, white workman,
wiitits. to change. Uual ant ees
siii-l',11 ti.,11. No 1 li-ip mu tli cuti-
sideied. Jas. Hi.-.i.i.-, Cultoliwooil,
li. ('.
■ kTNlNG-ROO.VI GIRL wanted im-
I / mediately fur tbe Onion Hnlel,
Iriowheatl,    Apply lu VV,  J.  Light-
li'ii-iit'. A1 row lu'ii'l.
,i|iH SALE    l\i,1 gnoil   Milk  Cows
MaihUnii   A   Ctowe,
Best   District   E-iJiiliit—Chilliwack
Farmers Exchange, 1 cup.
Ten Apple Special—1 G R I.awes,—
Early Rose Potato—1 Wing Chung,
Carmen   Potalues—E. VV. Erickson,
Malakwa, 2 Wing Chung.
Beauty ol Hebron  Putatues—VV. K.
Smith. '
Largest sized Potato—1 Gcn-ge La  i J.     Apply   1
lor  - E, VV  Erickson. Smith Track.
selves, and consequently   the citi-      Prolidc Potatoes—Tom Liu Beaton!
, 1   11 , Purple   T..p   Swede   Tin   ip—Torn  T?<>R SALE- CHEAP  -Nine In
zens turned all arrangements over  , ux   ■ y    , 1,,. 1 >.,., y t•,,«■-.  Apply tn It
to  tbem   for all time.    One would      Shorthorn Carroll—Mrs J. Bunyai
naturally   think   that   Labor Day     Carrotts, any other variety—J  l_*i
, 1    ,' 111-1 i   gerwoiid   2 G   W . Hell
would   be   a   popular holiday, and       Pargnlpg_,   ,,    Ji(i;„.,,;     ,   Wjng  .„„, ,„,.,„,. ,,., ,|„-,„,, i,,.
that   ii   demonstration   of     labor Chung. J Mm-y, TnudSti t.
would  be the chief  attraction  but      Cabbage—  1   Wing   Chung,   Wat.   .,.AN||.|,   Up_falr« wnrk nr din-
the  affair   this-   vear   resulted in a      p.niJL«,    ,1-   ..     ,i_,  ,.,„„ VV   imrr liy experiencwlwoman.
Cabbage. \\. \\.— \V_i, 1 bung Apply ut once lo M. Abel. Gulden
mere   pretense   at   a   parade and      Savoy—Mrs. J  Bunyan
nothing more.     We think, that, is      Cauliflower-1 Wing Chans 2 Wsb RANTED   A good g-neral M-rvanl
7. fining. ,*'   .'"',',''''!',"[v.'    .     'V'p'-v u;
iini.siis, white— Wing Chung.
nuions, yellow—H. F   Hay
lliiinns. rf,\—II   F   Hay
Pickling Onions—Wing Chung. I    O    F
Vellow   Beans—I  J. Fletcher,   2 II
F, Hay. Court Mount B_gbi«, rt,    . isi, me-si-i Sudani]
,, ,   ,, ,,-     ,     . Oil  .M.'ii'ini - ill Inl.
Ureen pod  Beans—\V     I   Ariiietritii).
9IS, Arniwhend.
Sut i_i:iiiii
i,yi»I'NIi   Gnld   Wiilch,   owner can
i      hnve same hy  proving  piopcrly
Apply E.
Labor Day was held in conjunction
with the lirsi Revelstoke Fair and
that libera] funds were disbursed
for the carrying out of u Labor
lay demonstration, those who bad
tbe management of details failed
to rise to tbe occasion. The parade
was really not a parade at all. and
labor unions not represented, and
rui ii being the case 'he public cannot be blamed if the;.- take nn interest in years lo come in these
proceedings, which evidently create
-uch small enthusiasm among labor
i:l.l EI-nTOXl    . R    11: il- I 11.
this |stpnlar match attracted a
Inge Dumber ol spectator! anil resulted in sn easy win for lhe home
eleven. Armstrong went, to the
wicket first anil wen- .ill out (or III
Revelstoke mads » line game and ran
tip a total scon- of 180 It. wa» do-
ciibil to draw stumps ut 6:80, anil to
iill time Armstrong went m again
antl made 59
Tbs chief leriisn im the Revolstoke
eleven were    Muley,   89j Jaokson, 2u;
Norris, !'.»; Field, M
Mt-    A.    II.   Mill gliuii,    Impi
Bank ii-siili-iii s-.
lor ths lss_o of a Siivlloals Otrtlrloata nf litis,
inl.tii |u|-7. Oritiiti ouu, liiKtuoi of Kootonay,
" I tut-li..uut" Mitwiiiil Claim loxneptlng an
iitulivlili'tl ono-tWOlflh itili-rtsKl lltiirriliii.
notice if iisiiKiiv (HVRNthat It i- my
inlooilon Ui Issus at ths m.pirniiriti uf one
iiirintii aftei- tin- -ii--1 iiittiiiiiiiiiiiii hereof u
iltipllciit.e of this Csrtlfloats uf Title for I i,l
1097, Uroup One, Dlstriot of Kootonn; "Tmo
KlH.uris" mineral olaim (niceiilltiKan iintllvlili'tl
one .twelfth ItttereHl Ihereltit in Lite nnrii-s uf
11111111.1. Ilownn, whltih uerttnOAtS li ilal.tsil this
17th of   '.sss-li   lhf)7, mul nu in nis 1 rsl l_S.1i;.
II. K. m.vcXkod,
HimIiii I. II .Ki.l.rsi.
I.-sni HegielrT Mime, NelMn, B. 0.
■eiiteniber 10th, IMS.
Corn, six ears—1 1! W Bruhn, 2
Wing Choog.
Meets, lung—I. Johnson.
Turnips—i J.  Johnson, 2 T sti-ad
Lettuce—Geo,  Bell.
Squash, Hubbard—1 W. a. Foots,
2 Wing Chung
Squash, any ..ther variety—I J
Fletcher, '2 W   E   Smith
Squash, heavy—J   Fletcher
Pumpkin — I Mm. Iliiiiyan 2 Wing
I lining.
Vegetable Marrow—1 I Fletcher, 2
W  G, Smith.
Tomatoes—1 I alonxo, - Wing
(Incumbers—I I Alonxo 2 I F.et
Pickling Ououmbars—Wah Chung,
Watermelons—I J. H, rohnsnn, 2 J
A I ill/.>
Musk Melons—1 J   11    lobi son, 9
.1   ,vi ,,,/.„.
Citron—1 W. E, Smith   2 ,VI Veidn
Red Peppers—Wing Ohung,
Sheaf   Wheat—I   J.   Alonzo, ;' M.
Wheal Hats—1 li Mcintosh
turnip, Swede—I   O. It  Skene, 2 I.
Siigur Beets—I .1, Ledgerwood,
Mangold   W111ty.pl—I   F.   W   Erickson, 2 .1. A lonzo.
CarrntH, white- -I Wah 01 1
Potatoes,   A.O V—1   0    R. Skene, 2
Wall Ohung,
ilarrofs, red- I VV F, Smith.
In Section — I Rev C A Pincuiiie.r, 2
H. Smythe.
Strained—I II Smythe, 2 Wah
Dairy butter— 1st, Mrs II K Hay;
2nd, Mra E W Krioksou, Malakwa
Houn «..,ii.i Beabie
lilt Honda) lu Oddfellowi Mall.neit lii I.pern
H'.'is^, Vi-i-iu< isrethreu cnrditilly ui.ited Is,
J W  (J.m.ANii, ( u
c. w. o w
Mountain   View Camp   No.  US
M'-..'> Baoood ifl K's'inii Wadmadura In
>.nrli tiiiiiit.ts. in Selkirk Hall. VimIiiu Wm_i
man oor___n*f ihvumI to attend.
W, It  4KMSTR0N0, Ooi i.
J   Mi-INTYHK, i 'it-rk
Ti.-".... .- naatluea ara bald In tha Salklrk
.1 id   Is-I  T-.^  <t*J .<f ssnrl.  ll.s.l.il,    '   [.    .
it brethren ara enrdlallr lurttad
.1   LRHMK   Pawiiitsi
'.'.   S Mri.ll'" HI.IN Rat UKI s«,
Kimlists.) Lodge   No   ill '• »  M
te,     -of-.T Ths re-tola/ meei-
" ' nu, nre ls-,1'1 ii, tlm
11 l.-K'Nii TKMI'I.K
Oddfallin. i IMi 'si,
the third Hond y lu
estl-l. sn'ilitl. .1 H
p tn V i .iiiiii lsr.lt,
ret,    Iftrdlalll     "i
I .   A.  I'H1S'I.N1S;II,  slKCHVrAIIV.
sr.i.k irk    oie.r. No. li. I. o. o. r.
Meet* nv-iryTlssir-.l»i
itvenltiK In rtelklrlt
Hell eli ' o-nlneh'
VleltlliK Iirnlhruti isor
dlellr it.-.-li.sd lo at
I  MA'IHIS:. su.
II    II    K NIUHT   N.ll.
Cold Range lorlgn, K. of  P.,
No. IS, Reveistohe, I. C.
MKKTH     i'UIV    I    liNK-l'AV,
.-is,.|,l   I  .    il  'A...»|||..,I   )•   .
tinclt        ttt.    ' .ilillt'll".
Hull     al     s     .'.-. ill!       Vlillin
Kitltilttai s. r sr.ll.illy   u.lli.l,
(I   II   ill'" K   K   uf K. ASI
J   M. SiOTT  M   uf r.
This Trademark Guarantees
that Fit-Reform Suits and
Overcoats are always in perfect
style and taste—that they will
give excellent service—that they
are the best values, for the
money, in Canada.
This trademark guarantees that every garment
bearing it, must give complete and lasting
satisfaction or your money back.
Behind this trademark i. the, Fit-Reform
Company, founders in Canada of hand-tailored
Fall styles are ready.    $15 up.
Revel-toke,  B. C
Why have an oven
sufficient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pies and other
cooking? The more
b ikiDg space you have
—the less fuel you use the lees work you da
Fuel and work a^e just about the main items
of expense i-i th*? kitchen. "Sask-alta"
Range saves both  lor you.
; i V'-..        • *:
asm «asT.    -■•s-j.js' ,,-.■--, aj
Luu...;. I..mile,M.i.trcdl Winiiliic*., Vancouver, St. John,Hsmll_tn,CsU_m.
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branohca.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Notice of Sale
Notice i>hereby jflven Ilinl iin- -fooda I'ursunnl lo the Ordn of Hi. County
.mil chmiela distrained for renl on Ihe Court of Weal Kootonay, holiten at Rev.
_8thdnyol Augual, moK, by Prank H. ] olsloke, miidc In lhu action of Bin Bend
Bourne   ihe landlord ol tin- premises of Lumber Comiiniiy, Limited, \. Columbia
Clem  lonea, the tenant, will be eold by Uml Koolensy  Railway  and  Nnvfgallon
public auction al ihr raid  premises, Iiciiik   Compail) uin'l llinrles IS, Kirk ami   W. I.
thn Bakery Slon   McKensie  Avenue, I Kane, I hero will bo offered   fer sale  wiih
..ti I'ueaday, ibe Hth ol Sept.. mog, al li*,„ npprolwllon of VV. E, McLauchlin,
eleven o'clock a.m. Saul (fooda and Kni|„ tfopuly Registrar of said Court at
, iiitin-is niiisisi uf pictures, chain, slock 11 ■,- Couri House, In ihe Cily of Revelstoke
ol . andlea, beila, bedding, eli.   Complete ; ,„, Wcdncaday, ili-r |othdayol SorJiember,
"   irycanbe  aeen on application  l» | 1908, nil nud aiii_rular that certain  parcel
" I«r»lll I ui in,, 1 .it I.m.l iiud premises  situate,    ly-
■ •'■   '--I" . lil_r and bcliiK in lhe Town ol Arrowheail,
Slierlff.      B.C., und   buinu   cumiioaed   ol   I.m No.
" 'I •" Rnvelsinke, II, 1 .. beptcniliei | |.-„„, (.-, W{n k Nl,. s.-ven (7).
• '''■ "3°"' On liiu lands la said to be u two   alory
POMTPONKI)     Tl..-  ..i.m- *alu lu\rnT, '"h'K «x'0 wilh wven rooms.
hui.wltli    post, , 11   Monday,       ""■ P'"l"-n.   will lie  offci-od   for sale
,,.,    '    .,    •  1     , 1 sni. ci I te .1 rcsi'i vc   11,1,
Si pi      III h.   Ill  .1 ill lull    I.III. , '    ,, ,.      , 1        ,      ,     ,.
11-    1   1  -. us   ui    ,:.r riinlii't  11.11 ii, ul.it .   iu.i\   lie  I1.1.I   Irom
W, ,1, LAW, HI,,-1 ill.     I ,, ....    .     _   ,,. ,-, .. ,. .,
|.Hnrvey, MCCartei iV ruiKlium, Soluilors,
liiipiiiiil Miiuk III111I1,   RevelatokCi   H- C,
ui from
It laloku Lnnil Mistiiti. «'. B, .Mi I.mi 111.in,
lii'puiv Reglatraral Keveltiioke.
Daled  ut  Revelatoko Uiis .pli day of
Si'plt-uilii'i, niuH,
lii.it ui ',1 Wesi Kootonay.
Take liotloe thiil John Michael Doyle
..I Hevelatokp, il'.. Mium_(er, Intenda
to apply loi pei iius inu in put 1'11 nM" 1 In-
follow mi/ iloaorlltcd landi
Ciiiiiiiicii'IiiI'  ul   11   pnsl   planted on IMTIPE
tl iiuieiiv   im nk   nl  ilu- Columbia nUlluC
River nl the uorth-west corner of l<u !   iSixiy  ilnv   _fter dale I intend to
_77l UlllUp I, Ki'iitiiuiy. uml inaiki-il apply 10 llie Chief I'liiiiinlHsiiilier of
".Iniiii   M,   liuyli''n snulli west  i-oi ni'r   L-intl-. ami   Works for peittnlsston to
pust, llieiti-e ciml IU I'lluiliu; tlll'llle |illli|iusi' ills- lulli hi irij.; described
uui III 10 i-li.iiiin; tlience west 4<l cliniiiM I liiiids:
untie  01   leas lo llie I'iiNlerly liank of      uVgliinln_| al   .1 1 1   plauted at the
tin-I'itliiniliin rivci-; tbeitfe hi nit li.-i-l y I stuttli-eust citintr of Lot No. 8000 pill*.
along thn Ivink of wild river'10 ohaina cluiscil Ity .luliiis 11.m^n 1. l-iinning
inon. in lu-. in ihe polntof commence*. wesi ti obulnsi ihence south '2>i chatnai
inenl, 1 ont.lining UKI ticres inoie 01*, Ihence SHSt 90 cliiiitis: Ibence Inu til _M
loss, ' clmltis In point of coiiiinenceiiient.
JOHN MICHAEL DOYLE. Dated June 84th, 1908,
Ity his agent, Geo, s. McCarter, | Kuward Wour, Applicant.
Daled June _S»it li. 1UU.. i_7 OOd        jly 4 D. Dewar, Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
Skookiiin, Driiniltiniinnii und Buck-
horn fraction Milieinl Claims, situate in Hevelstoke M in iuk Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located: On the north side of
Take notice that I, William I.Biigga
of Revelstoke, B. O., Solicitor, tree
Miner's Certificate No. BIHH_8, acling
as agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Kdwaril VII, in the Right
of the Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.BHI287, intend sixty
days from date hereof lo apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Giiinte of the above
And further lake notice that action
under section 37 must   be commenced
before Ihe issuance of such Oertificatea
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of July, 1008.
jlv 4  W. 1. gwioog.
Certificate cf Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2
Vivian Luck No. 1), Vivian  Luck
No, I, Vivian Luck No.  5, Vivian
Luck No. 0 and .Silver Crown min
oral claims, sit un ted in the Lurdeau
Mining Division of Weat Kootenay
Wbete    located:    AI   Head  of   Kidil
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKK NOTICK that  I,   O.  B. N.
Wilkie, acting   as   agent   for   Hector
l'oii'ier,   l.M.0.   H7.8I.   and   Georg.
Johnson, P.M.C. BII6051, intend,  sixty
days from diite hereof, lo apply to Die
Mining   Iticiiidei'  for a Cert ideate of
Improvements, for lhe purpose of obtaining a frown Grant; of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 'AT, must be commenced
before Ihe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Daled this 28th day of May, A. D.
0. B   N.  WILKIh. D.C.L.S.
w uiy37 Trout bike, B. C_
lliivel-toke I,imi I list iiul.
Dish id. of West Ku'iletiiiy.
Tuke »stl ice lhat ttcorge iMct'ai tec,
Sr., of Kevelsinke, B.C., Agent, intends lo apply for permission tu purchase Ihe lollowing ilescrilicd lumls;
Coiniiienciiig at a posl planted on
ihe wesi bunk of Ibe Columbia Kiver
at the soul h-east eorner of Lot HJIlo,
Uroup I, Kootenay, and marked
"George M-Oiit'ter,or., tioi-ilt-e.ist. cni-
uei pobl," Uience west 111 cliains;
I hence south 211 chuins; Ihence eust till
chains more or less to the west hank
of the Columbia river; thunce northerly along 1 he west hunk of Ibe Columbia river lo lhe point of commence
inenl. coniaiuing _."i acres more or lesa.
QEORGK McCAltTP.lt, Sr.,
Bv his agent, Gen. S. McCaitet.
Dated June 20t-i. 11)08. ] 27 l«kl
Nolice is hereby given Mint Hastings, Doyle A Allum, Limited, will,
three months aftei* date, apply to the
Lieiitenniii -Govei-noV in Council for an
Ordei'-in-Ciiiincil chungiiiM- lhe Company's name to "Doyle A Allum, Limited."
Dated Ihe 29thday of June, 1908.
Hahvey, McCahter A Pinkham,
Nolicitors   for  Haslinga,   Doyle & Al
in tn. Limited jly 4 8m iv
VV'usT Koiitknav Lanh District
Tnke Nolice thai (Kl days after ilnle
I Arthur K. Kvaiii,, of Beaton, H. C .
mi upatilnn, pi'iispeclol-, intend to
apply for perniissliin lo puichiise lhe
folhiiviiig desciilied lands situated on
Kish River, iu VVi'Sl Kootenay dis-
Commencing al the noiili-eisl cor-
ini of A. D, Miickiiy'spi«-i-m|ill m No.
7.803, and marked "A. K. Evans,
Niirtli-ivi.sl. Ciu-iii-i- Pusi." tlience 8
chuins to weal line of McKunion's
pie-emplion; 1 hence 50 chains south,
thence 8 chains west lo MacKny's,
Iheuee uortb 501 hains lo point ol t'lUU-
mencement, containing 40 acres umre
or less.
Located Augusl Hid, 1808.
A. 15. EVANS, Locator.
Certificate  of  Improvements
Mini- It. miii-Tiil claim, Mituala iu tint Trout Lak«
Mining DiviHimi of Went Kootenay DiHtrirt.
Where lotHteil:   At the head ol Goat Croek Basin
cuLjoiiinK tho Kt.lr.01n miner il claim, Lot  4AH7,
Group 1.
Take notice that I, H Smith, F.M.C. 1S20BB.
actiiiK om agent (or .1. ... Mackenzie, F.M.C No.
Iii)_V!..i>, interna, nixt> ilayn from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Ileronler tor a Certificate of
Impro vemeutH, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the aiiuve claim.
Ami further take   notice  that  action,   nmler
Si.rt.ion 37, mu .t be cumtnonee<l before the innu
ance of eucli Curtltloate of Improvements.
Dated this l!,.th day of June. A.D., 1008.
sn     _? B. HM1TH.
Revelstoke l_and District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that G. Brink, uf Halcyon, B. C, Cruiser,  intends to a]
for permission to mirchoae the following descrilied lands.
Commencing at a post planted on
the east side of Upper Arrow Lake, at
the soul h-enst corner of Loi 2451, and
marked • .J. K. Brink's North-West
Collier Post"; thence east 20 chains;
thunce south 20 chains; Ihence west
20 cbains lo lhe lake shore; thence
northerly along the lake shore 20
chains more or less to the point of
commencement, containing IO acies
more ur less.
Duted August 5tll,  1008.
District of Whbt Kuotkna.
TAKK NOTICK Unit I, Hatninl
.Inlues Ilmlitw, ul Nuku-p, B. C, tin u
pillion, funnel', intends lo npply fnr
pi'i-missiou io piii-i hiisc ilu- fiilluMfti g
descrilied land •
Couimeiicllie ai. a post planted at a
point twenty (20) chains east uf a poinl
eighty chaina south nf the siniih«i-t
cm ini-ol Lot No. 8,149; lbeuce south
40 chuins, Iheuee east 40chains, Iheuee
norlh 40 chain.-, theuce west 40 chains,
in pnim of i iiinuieiicenieiit and con-
liiininx one hundred and sixty (US')
acies mure or less.
(Ngd) Sami'KI, .Iamkh IIaiu.iht
Daled July 11, BIOS.
Notice is hereby  given   thai the undersigned will, at the expiration ofja-e
month, »pplv in Ihe Superintend i,i
I Provincial Police for alrnnsfei   o
I'oroiiiitliui Hotel Company, Lliultnl,
of the hotel license now held by me in
respect  of   the   Coronation   Hotel nt
Camborne, B. 0,
Daled this Hnl day of August; 190*..
aug 6 lm       Coby Mjemupick.
■ rn i-■ i
ICniltillUOd from Phuo Two!
and Mr. iMcK.uiicy several diamond
t'rill ci r s fr.siii the Mother Lode at
Green wood.
The Board .st Trade exhibit of minerals whioh nl.tr icted sn.-h attention
at the Dominion V..'» at Calgary waa
shown and containcl excellent speci-
niena of gold, silver, copper,  ead, etc,
Cory Menhennick's collection of
gold ore was a magnificent exhibit.
Gold Ores—1 (Jury Menliennick,
Camborne; 2 K, A. H ig.en.
Silver-Lead—1   R   A     Hag en     J
M    Kellie   and   fl,   Mi-nhennick also
showed good samples in tins class.
(1 'pper—.1. M  Kellie, 2 E.A Haggen.
Y,i,\o— 1 E. A. Haggen.
klobal ui:i>Anr.ME.\-r.
Asters—1 A. E. Miller, 2 name not
Dahlias—1 J, L. Smith. 2 E. A.
Cactus Dahlias—1 10  A   liaggrn.
Gladioli—1 K. II. Haggen, 2 Mrs.
VV. Oobghlln.
Petunias—1 A   E, Miller.
Phlox I) iiiiiinondi—I E.A. II .ggen
Phii-.ii-.— 1 Mrs VVIiiteh.sii-e, 2 E.
A. I legem.
Roses—I Mrs. I! N. Coursier. 2
VV. CO.gillie
Swcei P'a—1 Mrs John Bnnyan,
2 VV  K Smith
Stocks—.Mrs \V  Congliliu.
Hydra- g-a Pauiculuta—1 and 2 E.
A. li ggeu
Hand Bouquet— 1 uu award, 2 Miss
K  McPlniil
Table B qnot—1 Mrs. VV. Elson, 2
Mrs. II   N   Coursier.
Bouquet ol Sweet Pens—Speciuljprize
Iy Mr. I.*in.ilritli, Bosu lluggen.
I'.eguniii— I J Sh.'.v, 2 Mrs VV.F.eiU-
Tul'i r ui
II. N,I'm,
C. 1, ell
11  .i" li
Coll, cl i.
Ihliiii Commended List—Aolei-
Mrs  II   N   Cmrsier and C.   M  Field
-   Rooted  Begonia—1   M s
u of House Plnrite—.1 E A.
'i  of  Cut Flowers—1 E. A
Dili.i.s. E  A. Haggen and C M. Field   i_;livl
lints in-, Mrs. W. Couglilin.    Hydrangea in il"!. J, Shaw.
Hume made wine—1st, Mrs. Willis
Armstrong, 2nd, Mra H F Hay
Black durante, hot preserved—1st,
Mrs C M Field; 2ud, Mrs W A Sturdy
Strawla-rrirs, not preserved—1st,
Mrs \V A Sturdy
K isplifii i, s, black, not preserved—
1st, Mia C M Field; 2nd, Mrs W A
Raspberries, red, not preserved—
1st, Mrs 0 VI Field
Jelly, collection of tour—1st, Mrs
.1 C H ilchi- u
Black en: rants, preserved — 1st,
Mss J C  llucliison
Raspberries, preserved—Mrs J C
Strawberries, preserved—Mrs J ('
It.isplterry vinegar—1st, M a E \V
Eri' ksi.n, M  lakiva;   2nd, VV E Smith
Home m.utii sweet p;ckles—1st, Mrs
J  A Stone
Home inailc s.uir pickle-—1st, Mrs
HC Qameron: 2nd, James Fletcher
Huni" made catnip—1st, Mra J C
Pickled white onions—1st, Mrs II
C Cameron
of their own) it is u nice problem for
t' e judges to work out uud something
which the crdinivy observer cannot
Bee. There was n rt a great deal ot
material to do anything with, hut for
the first year we consider it most
creditable throughout, for while the
Fair had been talked _f Ior some time,
it really was put on very suddenly at
the last and no one seemed to have
time to get anything ready alter the
prize lists ivure printed. We trust all
this will be arranged earlier another
year so as to give intending competitors ii chance to prepare something
up in.late and worthy of exhibit.
Special mention must be made of the
I _t:i and ink sketch sent in by A. 0.
Waiuw rigbt, alBO work by R. R. Cope-
land. There was feminine merit in
their work and thia is the class that
will bring the Fine Arte up to a
higher standard. There is material
in RevelBtoke for a first-chise competition and we trust everyone will do
tlieir best in their own class, (whether
it be original or copy in either oil*,
water color, pencil, crayon, or pen nud
ink) for tho exhibition nf 1909; Do not
leave it oil until the last neck or two
—get to work now, Kevclstiike need
not take a pl.ee second In i.ono in
B. 0,
The committed wish lu thai k everyone who either loaned pictines or
entered their work tor compeli'iou or
in any way In I pel tu make it the
success it undoubtedly was.
The judges deserve great praise f. r
tlieir services. They had no knowledge of Ilic i.v'il'its and simply
awardid the prizes on lho imrit ,.' the
work ottered,
,\li-. Itsli, Mi. II li Ukm- .nd
Mr \V'i ilifwi-re tin- j il-es.. I in fni
lowing is the prise Ils::
Oil Paint ing (Ui igiiui )—I Air , K. \.
Hsgg.-n,2 It. It. Cope mu.
U I'li.py 1 M..-s ]■'.. ne,2 Mr . IJ. -,.
Wuiii   Color   (original)      I   VV >>.
Willl-l'Color copy —I Ms [■' ule, 2
Miss F. Dent, ^-.
Pencil l'opy-1 VV. 11. VV-.-e. 2 ll
E. Buriidge.
I    Crayon—1   Miss   Kuoie,   2   Miss  T.
Hn hiuilsiiii.
Pen jintl Ink (original)-- 1 R, It.
Pen and Ink Copy—1 A. O. Waiit-
wi'ight, ....    A'.'
China Painting-1 Mrs. VV. Elson, 2
Mrs. Holten. .Highly Commended -
Mis. B. Lawson.
Monochrome Copy—1 Mrs. 11. Cunningham Morris.
Pyiugraphy (III Wood-1 Mrs. Holten.
Pyroginpliy nn Velvet— 1 Mrs. Aylmer.
Collect Ion of Amateur Photographs-
Mrs, McKinney.
Pencil Original (under III) -1 Frances Lawson.
Pencil Copy (under )l!)-l L--.ui
Coursier, 2 Norman McLeod, 11 F. Mc
Pencil Copy under 12-1 Voile Ton..
Urisoll, 2 E. Pii.iii-d. Spet al pr ze
awarded, to Ttingres G ilhcsino.
Map in Colors- 1 Mav Field, 2 Ch.is.
Specimen Penmanship— 1 Dmighis
A. VV'iighi. aged 12 years. Asht-i-nfi,
JO. Hulc.ii..m.
Bread, whi e—1st, Miss Mcl'hai:;
2nd, Mra H F Hay
Bread, brown—K, Mrs VV Foote;
2nd, Mrs C I   Lindmark
Dinner or bread rolle—1st, Mrs T
Steed; 2nd, Mrs J C Hutchison
Plain biscuits—1st Mrs H Creelman;
2nd Mrs G M Clark
Scotch shortbread—1st, Mrs G M
Clark; 2nd, Mra VV A Sturdy
Cookies—Is , >|iss McPhnil, 2nd,
Mrs. G. M. 1 I irk.
Cake, pound—1st, Mrs. J. O. Hutchison.
Cuke, layer—1st, Mrs. II. K tlav,
2nd, Mrs. J. C. Hutch son.
Cake, spot ge—1st, Mrs. VV. Elson
2nd, Mrs. H. F. Hay.
Cake, fruit— 1st, Mrs. J.C. Hutchison
2nd, Mis. H. F. Hay.
Cake, chocolate — 1st, Mi~. J. C.
Plum pudding — 1st, Mra. J. 0.
Frail, pie 1st, Mrs. G. M. Clark, 2nd
Mrs. W. A. Sturdy.
Sweet pickles 1st, Mis. II. C.
Assorted pickles 1st. Mrs. II. C.
Assorted jellies 1st, Mrs. lt. VV.
Bruhn, Malakwa.
Assorted canned and bottled fruit
1st, Mra, T. Steed.
In tbo F'ine Arts the committee had
probably the moat iliHienlt department to deal with, fur when it comes
to grouping landscapes, flowers and
still life (which really all have a class
Mis, Hoi,I.s, 2.id, Mra, M. Anderson
Eyelet collar and cuffs: 1st, Mi-. R.
McDonald, 2nd, Mis. Hutchison
Embroidery in Fl-udangei: 1st, Mr-
M. Anrt.-t-i.i.. 2 id, Mrs. s. Ojnlsnu
Best uld ladies' work, done by Indies
over 60 years: 1st, Mrs. O. Finite, 2nd
Mrs   H. McDonald, .
Embroidered moiiagrain or initial;
1st, Mrs, Anderson, 2nd, -Mrs. McKinuon
Patch work i-oltiiii quill: 1st, Mrs.
Jiiuiii-si'ii, 2 nl, Mrs. Conk.
Bouquet uf paper flo,vers: Ut, .Miss
J. Ogg
Best collection embroidery work:
1st, Mrs. Mi Kinnon, 2nd. Mrs. Telfer
A special prize for crochet work wus
made by the association: 1st, Miss
Johnson, Albeit Canyon, 2nd, Mrs.
Other special prizes were kindly
donated by Mrs, C. Molten, Mrs. G. S
McCarter, Messrs F. B. Lewis, A.
McRae, C. F. Liiidm.itk, A. Johnson,
for the following iirtii Ies:
Best silk quill:   1st, Mrs Tlios Curr,
2nd, Mrs Jamieson, highly commended
Knitted   cotton quilt:    1st,  Mrs Hall,
Best silk embroidery: 1st, Madam
Paul Jones, 2nd, Mrs 0 Foote
Hand loom work; 1st, Mis Oiulson,
Albert Canyon, 2nd, Mrs S Carlson
Loom work liy ludy of 76 yens: Mrs
Carlson, Albert' Canyon
Bi'sl sofu cushion: 1st, Mrs A Stone.
2nd, MrsF B Wells
llnir work: Mrs Hanson
lllll dii-ii's depart ment.
Embroidery mi I lien: I ,1, Bell-i
Cti'i bel woi-l : I-i Mi s Cill'lsoii,
.VI ni rt Cinyon, 2 ..;, M.ss A Cm tun.
Allu I'I (' inynii
S I'n t usbiiiii, iLiii ini_: l-t. Mingilt'ile
Jiiniiesnn, 2nd, Bella Laiighlon
Hemsl itt-heil h.uidki-n-lni-l : Isi,
Gl .djs l'ii|iili ,i  , 2 il,  Muriel   I'urlti
11 s| i ol i»i ; mo posing" stumps: Ul,
SmIiii'V Ftoliblns
"Bs-st    I   'Ih-Cl on     posl      curds:       I-i,
G l.ulys Uiqnhiiii, 2 tl. Dm is Mt-Uurii i
uacik  niiins
Pair of Canaries • 1 and 2 P Skene:
II.ut.. , Lliit-k. old bud, 1 P *■-'•' i ■ -
.1 Mui-g.ii .
Homer, lien, uld bird, 1 P Sk.iu.-SiJ
Mm-g.u .
II ,., k, v Mini lout. 1 P Skene.
2C. Kit-Id.
lin t. hen, M g iiiil. I .1   Mm gin
2C   Field.
The transportation o ninriiee oar
riB'l I'Ol   ill    il   :lf|-.ll._l lllellts iill   tUl.lli 1
nud with a Is'.-' n i-.lei of rig- ami
luissi s, handled the crowds witl.eir
any coiiiiision, in spins of nnns'deruhle
opposition mi the part of oilier persons wlio went buck   on tlieir word to
people. Ttie Revelstoke citizens have
it ty their credit that lew fairs, big or
small, can boast of such good feeling
and satisfaction among all parlies,
residents and visitors uli'ie.
H. Manning and the Ladies' Guild
of St. Peter's provided the refreshments on the gr.muds which were
much appreciated,
Best \'e_ctulsle Exhibit for Di-trict
awarded Revelstoke Fruit Growers Association; cup awarded by Northern
Crown Bank.
Best District Exhibit of Fruit
awarded to Revelstoke: cup given by
Fruit & Produce Exchange.
Alex. Reid, of Tappen, had a spleu-
did collection of fruit on exhibition,
which unfortunately arrived here too
ite for tin  judging
Special cup given by Association to
Camboney District Exhibit Vegetables
Special prize to J Maley for assorted
general fruit and vegetable exhibit.
A river i xonrsion haB been arranged
(or Saturil \ r'ternoon, Sept. Itlth, on
the 86 Revi I-I ike, under the auspices
of St. Peter's church.
Mabel Day in "The Toymaker."
Pi.ii,i li.n-.-l, Mr
2nd, Miss McKiinion.
Iliiniton late 1st, .Mrs. Keiueiiy.
lilei il.es.-.act.
But lending line 1st. Mis. W. M.
Lawrence, 2nd, Mr- dike, Mis.
Kennedy, hUhly commended,
Te tier. ITe hue 1-1, Miss Hulihs, 2nd,
Mrs. J. C. Hutchison.
Oucbesse line Is.; Mrs. Cu <ke, 2t d,
Mrs. Kennedy.
Lace handkerchief—-1st, Mrs. Mc-
Kinnnu, 2nd. Mrs. 0, Buttle,
Shawl in wool —1st, Mrs. Mi Kinutin,
2nd, Mrs. M. Jiiniiesnn,
Knitted stockings—1st, Mrs. Robert
Laiighlon, 2nd, Mrs. J. Palmer.
Eyelet embroidered shirt waist—1st,
MisuN G. Smith, Vancouver, 2nd
Miss McKinuon, Miss Ruchnel Mr
Dnnald, highly commended.
Fatting—1st, Mas. McKinnon.
Drawn work—1st, Mrs.Thos. Si only,
2nd, Mrs, McKinnon.
Netting—1st. Mra. J. Palmer.
Embroidery in mount nielllck—1st,
Mrs. Haggen, 2nd, Mrs. Hutchison.
Wnlliichhin—MisB N. G. Smith, Van-
cuiiver, highly commended.
Embroidery table clothe, 8 o'clock-
1st, Miss McKinnon, 2nd, Mis. M. 0.
Hall. Toronto,
Embroidery tea cosy — 1st, Mrs.
Telfer, 2nd, Mrs. (i. Edwards.
Embroidery eyelet—Ut, Mrs. Kennedy, 2nd, Mrs, Hutchison,
Embroidered sofa cushion, other
than linen -1st. Mrs. S. Carlson. 2nd,
Miss J. Ogg
Pincushion—1st, Mrs. F. B. Wells
Handkerchief case- 1st, Miss M.
Ui-qiihai't, 2nd, Mrs, Haggen
Best six button holes: 1st, Mrs.
Morris Anderson, 2ml, Mrs, Hutchison
Hand made apron: Isi, Mrs, C.
Foote, 2nd, Mrs. Conk
Darning   sox   nnd   Blockings!      1-1,
p il cast are equally well known. The
chorus is teported to he a paiticularly
good looking and talented lot of singers. They havo been selected for their
voices as well as- their figures and
graceful dancing.
The cumpitny presented "Olivette"
for a matinee, aud "The Toymaker" at
night fur their engagement in Revelstoke today. Both these operas ure
highly commended by the Victoria
and Vancouver papers, where they
have recently played.
Revelstoke has always shown great
appreciation for good attractions,
especially in the operatic line, and it
is to be hoped good patronage will be
accorded the San Francisco opera company on this tbeir first visit bo that
others may be encouraged to stop oft'
at our city.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High .VaHs
ind Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:ilu
p.m. Sunday School; 7:80p.m. Rosary,
instruction and Benediction.
St Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Sept L'I
Services 11 a.m., 7:11(1 p.m., Sunday
.School a,id I .i-l.ii'_ I'.ihlc Class, 2.80
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice ami teachers' meeting, l-riday 8 pm.
Mkthuiiist—Rev I'.VV, Hall, pastor.
Services on Sundny ns follows :—
Morning sen ion al 11 o'clock. Sun
duy School and Bihlu CliiHd st 2:80 p.
in. Eveui-g service al 7;.'ll) p.m.
Morning sitliject, Baptism with Fir*.
Evening,lls'Hs.ns why wo should accept
Gud'- in vi utuin nf i-lern.il salvation.
•A ciliii-tulay evening si'iuc**, 8 o'cl ck
\ i uiiiini invitation is t..tended tu all
Knox I'I'.icsuvtkkian—.1. R. Hubert-
sou, 11.D., minister. Sunday services
at .1 am. and 7.'Ill p, m. Sunda
•ci.in.I ui d t'.i.-toi's liihlo Class at 2-80
p.m. Morning snbjooi, "The Royal
Spuit. of a .Visit " Evening, "The
I.'- Iv. I.sal Con ciet.ee ol Mankind."
Good Mu-ic. All iv, iconic and si ran
gera specially invited.
Baptist—Itcv. VV. P. Freeman, B.A
past..!-. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m.   Sundny school and Bible class at
The regular monthly meeting of
thn Ladies' Qfui d will he he'd at the
Rectory on Monday. Sept. 14th at 4
p m.
MrB. E A ll'U'gun aailul on Friday
on the It M S Manuka from Vancouver for a visit to her home in Napier,
New Zealand.
The deferred Bremen's races in connection with the Labor Day celebration will be held on Monday eveuir
at 18 o'clock,  on   McKenzie  avenue
VV. J. Curtis, Piano Tuner, will visit
RevelBtoke in October. Orders led
with Mr. R. Howson or LewiBBioB.
will receive prompt attention.
A car repairer while at work on a
car coupling of a freight train tbis
i oruiiig was struck violently acros.
the head and face with an air pipe
which swung round while he was
stooping beneath the car. The blow
broke his collar bone and jawbone
besides fracturing the skull Tbe
injured man was conveyed to the
hospital in the ambulance.
A Methodist congregational reunion
will be held on Tuesday evening in the
church under the direction of tbe
Ladies' Aid. No admission will be
charged. A hearty invitation is extended to all members of the congestion to come to the church from 8 to
9:110 o'clock and unj v u happy tinu
together. Tho refresnnunlB will be
served ty the Ladies' Aid. Prayer
meeting on Wednofday evening at 8
TENDERS are requested for the
purchase of Lots 12 and 18, Block 57,
iciate on Eighth Street near McKenzie Avenue, in the City of Revel
stoke. These line building lots belong
o the McDoialil Estate, nnd will be
-old nt a sacrifice to close up the
• --tate. The highest or any tender
not necesBiirily accepted. Forward
t.i ndera on or before 1st ,.i October,
1908, to the undersigned,
Barristers, Vancouver,
ltw, 4ws.
Scene from "The Toymaker," Matinee and Night, Saturday, Sept. 12.
provide busses, etc. and then ran - an
opposition Bervice. Great credit is
due the judges in their work and
general satisfastion is expressed. The
decoration committee carried out their
part well, while the race committee
has this to their credit that the racing
this year surpassed any previous
years, and that the general arrangements and sport put up showed that
the preliminary work must have bein
heavy. Mr. Brandrith, Secretary of
the B. C. Fruit Growers' Association
very kindly opened the Fair and expressed himself well pleased with the
exhibits. To the ladies is due a large
sharge of credit for their work and to
tbe President, Mayor Lindmark, for
his untiring efforts. Mention must
be made of ths oulerly behaviour of
the crowd generally on the grounds,
there being no brawling or other
disturbance to mar Ibe pleasure ot the
Present "The Toymaker" at the
Opera House To-night
Perhap. tbe largest and most elaborately equipped operatic organization
that ever toured western Canada is tbe
San Francisco opera company, billed
to give two performances in the opera
house today.
Theio are thirty-seven with the
company, mostly all well known artists in comic opera. Teddy Webb,
tho well known comedian who made
such a pronounced hit in -'The Alaskan" lust season, and who was for six
years the favorite of "The Tivoli" in
San Francisca, is the principu) comedian. Maine Day the prima donna,
is also an artist who has won much
distinction in many of tho latest successes      Other members ol the princi-
2.30 p. m. B. Y. P. U. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p m. All are invited to tin-Be services
Morning subject, "All Things Work
Together for Good." Evening, "The
Knocker, Guest and Host."
St. Peter's (Anglican)—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, to.A , Rector. Services on
Sunday ns follows: 8 a.m. Holy Communion. 11 a.m. Matins, Litany and
Sermon. 7 30 p.m. Evensong. 2 30
p m.    Sunday School.
Local and General.
The prizes won by exhibitora at the
Fair will not be available until Monday next, September 21st.
A horse racing matinee ia being
held on tho Agricultural Society's
grounds this afternoon. Several
horses who are remaining here till
the Vernon  meeting  next week and
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that the first
sitting of the Court of Revision, to revise the assessment roll for the year
1008, will he held in tbe Council Chamber, City Hall, Revelstoke, B. C, on
Monday, Sepl: 21st, 101)8, at 7 o'clock
August 10th, 1003.
City Clerk.
By-Law No.
local horses
ponies   are
Whereas under and by virtue of by-law
ol lhe Corporation of the City of Revelstoke, numbereil lot. it was deemed
necessary and expedient in lhe interest ol
the City of Kevelstoke that Ihe electrical
plant of the cily should be unproved and
extended by the addition of an electric
power dynamo and equipment including
necessary auxiliary plant.
And Whereas lo defray the cost thereof
it was deemed necessary io borrow the
sum of Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000)
and there was grained to the Municipal
Council of the Corporation ol* the City of
Revelstoke tiuderand by virtue of said by
law No. 101 the power and authority io
raise the said sum of Thirty Thousand
Dollars as set forth and provided in said
by-law hy the issuance of debentures secured upon the rates and charges which
are chargeable and enforceable tor the
use of watcrand electric tight under the
"Water and Electric Light Regulation
By-law 190,.," and the "Municipal Clauses
And Whereas the said sum of Thirty
Thousand Dollars as so authorised to be
raised lias been tcittid to be insufficient to
make and complete all tht- additions and
auxiliary plant us so authorized to be
And Whereas the estimated amount oi
the said rales and charges chargeable and
eniorceable for the year in which this by
law is passed is $35,000.00.
Some ol the Members of the San Francisco Opera Company who will present "Olivette" in the Afternoon and "The Toymaker" at Night, Saturday, Sept. 12,
And wherras there is now charged on
the said rates ;ind cb&rgps the buhi of
And Whereas the debt hereby created
ia on the security of th* said water antl
electric light rales and charges and is
further guaranteed by the Municipality at
And Whereas for ihe payment ol ihe
said principal money and interest during
lhe currency of the debentures to be issued
it is necessmry lo set aside and withdraw
irom the annual currenl revenue derived
Irom the said water and electric light
rates aud charges annually the sum of
$774; the specific annual sum required for
the piymeni of interest being $500 and for
the payment of the debt the sum of $274.
AndfcWhereas tbe estimated deficiency
in lhe said rates and charges required to
make up the amount of the annual interest
and sinking fund upon the debt hereby
created is nil;
And Whereas it is necessary to raise a
further sum of $10,000 by the issue ot
debentures secured upon the rales and
charges aforesaid and guaranteed by the
credit of the Municipality at large;
Now Therefore lhe Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the City ol Revelstoke
in open meeting assembled enacts as
The sum of Ten Thousand Dollars
or so much thereof as shall be necessary-
shall be expended in completing the improvements authorized to lie made and
done under and by virtue of the said Ry-
Law No. IOI, and it shall be lawful lor the
Mayor of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to borrow on the credit and
security of the said rales and charges bv
way of debentures hereinafter mentioned
Irom any person or persons, bodv or
bodies corporate who may be willing l
advance the same, a sum noexe-iding in °
the whole lhe stun of ten thousand dollars
and to cause all such sums so raised to be
paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said cily for lhe purposes and with the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. Il shall be lawful lor lhe said Mayor
to cause any number ol debentures to be
made, executed and issued for such sum
or sums as may be required lor lhe purposes and objects aforesaid not exceeding
however the sum ol Ten Thousand Dollars
(Sto.ooo), each of said debentures being
of the denomination of $1,000, aud all
such debentures shall be sealed with the
seal of the Corporation of lhe City of
Revelstoke and signed by the Mayor and
Clerk thereof.
3. The said debenlures shall bear date
lhe 23rd day of September, 1908, and shall
be made payable in twenty-five years
from Ihe slid dale in lawful money of
Canada al lhe office of Ibe Molsons Rank
at Revelsluke atoresaid, which place of
payment shall be designated by said debentures, and shall have attached to Ibem
coupons for Ihe payment of interest and
the signature to the coupons may be either
writien or printed, or stamped or litho-
4. The said debentures shall bear interest at the rale oT five per centum per
annum from the date thereof which interest shall be payable semi-annually at the
office of the Molsons Bank at Revelstoke
in lawful money of Canada on the twenty-
third day of March and the twenty-third
.lay of September, respectively in each
and every year during the currency thereof and it shall be expressed in said' debentures and coupons 10 be so payable.
Il shall be lawful for the Mayor to
negotiate and sell the said debentures or
any of them for less than par bul in no case
hall the debentures or any of them be
sold for less than 92'_ per centum of their
face value including  lhe costs of negotia-
'ng and sale, brokerage and other necessary expenses.
6. Kor lhe payment of the said debt
there shall be set aside and withdrawn
each year during the currency ol Ihe said
.debentures from the annual current revenue of Ihe Municipality as derived Irom
the said water and electric light rates and
barges the sum of $274.00, and such sum
1 hall lie iransferrcd from the annual current revenue  account    and    paid  into  a
pccial account to form a sinking fund for
the purpose mentioned herein.
7. Kor the purpose of paying the inter-
est on the said debenlures as same becomes due and payable there shall be set
aside and withdrawn each year from the
annual currenl revenue of Ihe Municipality
as derived from said water and electric
light rales and charges Ihe sum of $500
which sum shall be transferred from the
tnnual currenl revenue account and paid
into r special account for such purpose
and lo be disbursed when and as the instalments of interest lieconie due.
8. During ihe currency of said de-
neiiiuiTS tbe said vates and charges lo
llie extent aforesaid shall noi form
part of the annual revenue of the Municipality.
!). It sball be lawful for the Municipal Council from time to time to re-
purcha-se any of said debentures -tt
such price or prices as may be mutually
agreed npon and all debentures »o repurchased t-hall be cancelled and no
reissue of any such debenture or de-
hentuies shall Iw made iu consequence
of such re-purchase.
10. As additional security the credit
of the municipality at huge is pledged
for the payment ot the annual interest
and sinking fund required foi lhe
"the del
extinguishment of 1
this   Hy-law   and    lhe     municipality
hereby guarantees
the samp,
bt created by
he   payment  nf
11. This hy-law shall come into
fori e and take effect on the 23rd dav of
Sept. 1008,
12. This by.law may lie cited for all
purposes aa thil " Electric Light
laian by-law, 11*08."
18, This bv-law shall In-fore lhe
final passing theieof receive lhe assent
of Ilu-ratepayers of the Ciiiportitioii
iiciiuiliog in the provisions of, and In
scribed by the Municipal
m-iiim-r prei
Glauses Act.
tteafl ft first   lime  this (tb  day of
Sept. A. I).,   100K.
Rend 11 second time this Ith day of
Sepl,, A. Il„ litis.
Read ft third time this 4th day of
September, A. I)., IlioH, mul pusaed
with tbe   un nullum-   consent  nf   tlie
Received the assent of the electors
the day of
Re-considered, adopted and finally
passed lhe Council the day
of A. D„ lid*:
City Clerk.
TAKE NOTICE thnt Die nbove ia a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of the Municipalitv will
be iskett nt ihe (lily Clerk's Cfflce,
OltJ Hall, curlier of Second Street and
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, R. On
on Monday. September 21st, IlioH, be-
twi -in the hours of Nine o'clock a.m.
and Seven o'clock p.m.
Clerk of tbe Municipal Council THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, P.O.
■ tt iti .Tn iTi iT, iti *T> iti it. it. at a iti «'
»^< *^* ti' <j,i <ii iii ii' 'A   ■*■   —•    X "_L* .
Tan and
jP Uet a Bottle of our Elder
*P Flower Cream. Just what
*£t you are looking for.
4$» SOLI) AT
Revei.stoki., B. C.
.t.  at.   .ts  itn   it.  ati  .t.  .ta  .ts  iti  ita  iTl  a'
wi iii ii1 *+* "X' '-I*" "X* 'X" "X1 'X   X   ♦   ■
Alum—At Revelstoke, B. C , on Hun-
day, Sept. 6th, James IleeveB, infant
non o! Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Allum,
ageil 13 months.
Local and General.
C. W.  Hallamau,  manager oi the
bank o! Commerce, Kamloops, was iu
the city this week arranging for the
opening ot the local branch on Mac-
Kenzie avenue.
Mr. MoLeod of Calgary was chosen
from Alberta for a place on the Olympic Lacrosse team fur England, Messrs.
P Dunne .MacDounell and Sewell were
the other nominees.
A large crowd attended the Ruller
Skatiug Rink and skated to the music
o( the Independent Rand The door
waa in splendid condition. Every body
enjoyed skating.
E T. Kingssl.y, editor of the  Western   Clarion   and    organizer   of   the I
.■Socialist party, is expected here about.
Saturday,      He   will   speak   in    tlie!
opera   house.    Definite   date  will be
announced later.
The following ia the report Ior the
month of August by Supt. Duck of the
power house: Light plant ran 372
hours, generating 20,977 kilowat hour.
power plant ran 522 hours, generating
1.588 kilowat hours,
Ao Italian, name not ascertained,
employed at the Bowman Lumber Co's
mill here while unloading a car of logs
uu Tuesday had his leg broken by s
log slipping and rolling down on it.
He was at once conveyed to the hospital
All persons interested in the organ*
izatioii of a lodge ot the Independent
Order of Good Templars are invited to
meet Rev. C. M. Tate, provincial
organizer, on Saturday evening in the
s.S. room of the Baptist church at 8
Thumae A. Edison, tlie distinguished
inventor and  scientist, Mrs.  Edison,
and  their   son   and   daughter,   wen-
guests on  Sunday   last at the  Hotel
Kevelrtuke, en route trom Spokane foi
a tiip through Canada.    Mr. Edison
stated that what he had  seen  of  ttie
city     much     impressed     him    and
affirmed tbat  in   his   opinion   Kevelstoke had « great future.    He was delighted with tbe wonderful scenery and I
complimented   the   people   on   tIieii i
enterpriae along  municipal  improve
menu. Tbe party left  on   Monday tor
Makes people healthy and
strong,—that is the kind we
bake. Nothing but the best
Hour used. Let us convince
yuu nf Ihe purity anil quality of on- goods hy a supply
of bread, cakes, rolls pies,
etc, lhat will make yon
one of our heat customers1.
Social and Personal
Which is to your liking ?
Perhaps you like both—one
for breakfa.-t and dinner;
ihe other for luncheon or
supper. In either disc we
are bound to suit ynu because there's no better tea
ur coffee in town at the
prices wensk. All we ask is
a trial.
Karn is King
The right Piano it the right price.
Call and fee up before you buy om
Kincaid and Anderson
Real [state, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
No Bogus Sale
Having vacated my premises opposite the Union Hotel to
the Northern Crown Bank, it necessitates me to clear away a
very large and complete Block including some BOO pair of
hand made and store alines, harness, saddlery, trunks, valises
and fancy leather goods at cost.
Hugh Cri" Imaii has
enter on his duties sn
to I lucks
il teachei
Mrs. ,1. V. N ittrass of G
a few ihiya in tlie city this
her sister M a. DM. Rue.
Miss McKeuey haa returned from a
visit to her home i . Ontario. VVliil,
there she attended the Full millinery
openings at Toronto,
VV. A. Robertson and bride will
arrive to-night trom Winnipeg on
their wedding trip and will spend a
few days in the city visiting his
brother, Rev J. R. Robertson.
Rev J. S. Henderson of ."t Andrew's
Church, New Westminster, spent a
day with Rev. J. R. Robertson this
week on hiB wiiy to Toronto where be
will attend a meeting of the Moral and
Snciiil R -fiirni Committee, and also a
meeting of tbe Foreign Mission Committee of the Presbyterian Chinch in
Rev. J M. Miller, uf Nuniiiino, mod
erator of the Synod of B. 0. spent a
few hours in the city on Wednesday
culling on Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Lewis.
Mr. Miller was returning from a visit
to Fernie, where he. was looking into
conditions there with r- ference to Rev
H. U. Grant nnd the congregation
whose losses were so grent at the recent lire.
Successful Production by Revelstoke Amateurs
llie production ut this popular
Irish draniu by the \rnateur Dramatic Club on Monday evening was
an exceedingly good one. The
piece was a very heavy undertaking but the lniuiiiei in which it was
put on shows' there i.; good tuleni
in the club, The principal characters wers played hy VV. J.VV. Brown
as Captain Molin.ux; VV. A.Stunly,
Robert Ffollioti; VV. M. Lawrence,
Father Dolan; D. M. Rao, Corry
Kiiii'lielu-*-. II Cunningham Morris,
Harvey Duff; 11 II. Sawyer, Conn,
"The Shaughratin"- Mrs. J). M,
Rae, Arte O'.Nfitli-; Mrs. VV. M.
Lawrence, Claire Ffolliott; Mrs. VV.
Bews, Mrs. O'Kelly; Miss AI. Buck,
| Moya.
ll. R. Copeland   acted   as   stage
manager and deserves great credil
1 for lho splendid  manner in which
I the play wis staged
Boot   and   Harness   Manufacturer
Temporary Premises, Ideal Furniture Store
Opposite the Windsor Hotel. - FIRST STREET
The scenery
for the piece.
were changed
1  hand played
The drugstores have a few tick.tl for
the 'Appy 'Ome trip to Halcyon on
Sunday. Fare, tor round trip 'fl 26
Anyone who has not taken this trip
down the river should not miss this
opportunity Only a limited number
of tickets cun be sold   und   those  who
"How Much?"
bat   "how  good" is the (question
that every one ahould ask in buying
The old saying that " a man Is
t'udged by the candy he -rives"
olds good todsy same as always.
Buy the best—don't take the " juit
as good " kind.
Nothing quite equals
*'   famous Bon-Bons and Chocolates.
They  are  in a tli iti actively exclusive class to themselves.
* • Orders receive prompt and cart.
I. fulattention. —    -
; wish
on' e.
.1   C
r ot tl:
emp.   Provi  nil   Com
1, d'u s of Hi.- Maeiihees,
tunic  in   Iiul.    Vaneoiivet   Thursday
morning.    Mrs  Ki mp is on in • r   .   -
izitiot] tour through t he imi-i i
The 'Appy 'Ome have chartered the
s.s. Hevelstoke for u trip to Halcyon
on Sunday next. Tickets, -fl 25'eaoh,
can lie uh.ained from any of the
members. Ilnal leave wharf al 7
o'clock sharp Dinner will be served
at Halcyon at 50c. each.
Tin re   ia   .i     •■  inenl on      ul   to
atari n quadrille club in this city.
Arr.itiBemenls are well under way tn
accomplish ibis end and we expect to
^iv ii m re delinile statement in ..ur
next i-sue. As the |>n.j. en.r- ol this
,... Id lie i .-ti ■/■ ns um! well k' own,
«■  11 usi  I In-'. '■•■ th
of iill iii   111 • ■ 11   ' id. iuir<    t.
-. un. ii , u»ement to i nliven
i.-r pvi - r 1111 _r -      1 ■ i  n in I    ol
chin i- t i ne I hi  Re ■ -:- ki
| wus niiiile especially
; llie  sixteen   scenes
I without wails.     'I In
; between lhe acts,
Ou   Tuesday   evening   the play
i was pul nn by special request, as a
benelit for the Agricultural Society
I ami was played to :i hig house.
After the play n dunce look place
and was kepi up until 2 a.m
Tlie production reflects grout
i-i-i ilii un our amateur Thespians us
"The Shaughraun" is u heavy,
ilillicull phi*.. lu'll ol varied feeling
uml ever j net or rose lo the occasion ailii succeeded in putting on a
work which few amateurs would
even dream uf tackling.
Business Locals
Successful Shoot by E Co.. R.
M. R. on Labor Day
The lird annual prize shooting competition of E Co., R M.R., RevelBtoke,
took place on Labor Day, Monday,
Sept. 7th. It was ideal sbootini*
weather, interrupted only by one
aturm, and some good scores were
registered, especially by tbe visiting
competitors. Sergt. Woods of Kiun-
loops R.M.R., headed tbe list with
four 1st prizes, one 2nd and one _th|
Mr. Wolfeuden of the Armstrong Rille
Association, carried off three 2nd
prizes, one lird and one 1: li.
Tbe shooting commenced shnrtly
after 8 a.m at the 200 yds. range and
continued all day, iihuut 25 men com
peting. Tbe following ranges being
used: Running man target, 200yds.,
seven shuts; disappearing target, 2UU
ydB., seven snots; 2l)0 yds.; 500 yds.
and (iill) yds., prune tiring, eight shots,
one sighting shot; 1st, 2nd and lird
A very complete prize list waB
competed for, numbering in all some
fifty one prizeB, the merchants and
townspeople of Revelstoke coming
handsomely to tbe front with sub
BCiiptions. The prizes have been
exhibited the pust week in R. M.
Smyi he's window, including the cup
which lhe RevelBtoke team won at
Kamloops on Dominion Day. Capt.
Smith was range officer, and Sergt.
Garner acted as scurer, 1). R. A. rules
governing the shoot.
Following is a complete list of the
prise winners:
Running mini large!—1st. Capt.
Lewis; 2nd; VV. VV. Wolfendeu; 3rd,
Pte. Hall; 4th, Segt. Wood: 5th, Mc-
ICenzio; Uth, Dunind.
Disappearing     largel — 1st,    Sergt.
I*p '
1.. win-
he n-i*
i ni  1 ;.--'! iv a pari
Up   Ml     We'    I    '
apecial met line ul I he local   hive   will
he hel'l on Mi nday iu  Hi    (l Idfe I «
Hall nt _:10 p in    -Imp     A    (nl
tendance of  men la rs   is   pari icnhirly
l'i.tier   the   inline! f   liquor
plied . hem  by Ales    D-ipw.it and   1-
MacKenny "f Shuswap,several Biwaeh
Indians of that villa m got   into a wild
i.rgy ivhis'li   eBulted in   Hilly Jules bt
ing shot hy Martin Audrp-a uml kil ed
The si.ui. however, not killing his - ie
• im   i mrigl '.   Andiew   fin shed
i,nk   by   crushing in Jules'foiehead
i. il, ., I, .  - une     Coroner Olai k
in inquest  ui the b sty. a  verdic
mind, v   being   returi ed.     Constable
Fernie brought the whole ptrty e< n- -i '•
cemed and lodged them   In Kamloops The party I homi i
iiii. Be" '-'' rith their
., V uung's add     Rig It
M e  Held
'ui d .-:i s-
A e! i. ei  Iii i i.f liiu.Ii urns antl   ll.'iir
dl clotl - ai i   1' Hume .v  in ,  Ltd.
ey, hy buying ymir
A Young's Re'iinil Salt .
Wood;   2nd,    Sergt    Shard
Uurtinil;   4th,   VV.     Wolfeuden;
Pte. Eberle; (iih, Pie Briegel.
2IKI yards—1st, Capt, Lewis;
Sergt. Wm d; Hid, dipt. Smith;
Seigl, Shiiiillow.
Scctinil Class—-1-1, Pie, lli-ulley;
2nd, Sergt. Garner; 3rd, Capt. Duff.
Third Class—1st, I'm. Briegel; 2nd,
Cpl. Hgl. Moffat; 3rd, Pie Jaeksini.
500 yards, first class—1st, Sergt.
Wood; 2nd, VV. Wolfeuden; 3rd, Pie,
Bennison; -lib, Pie. Hall
2nd class—1st, Capt. Dill)'; 2nd,
Pte. Bradley; Inl, Pte. Allan.
3rd i-hist— l-t. Pte. Rriegel; -2nd,
Cpl. Bgl. Mortal: 3 d, Pie. l-'riahy.
HUH yards, 1.1 elm- — 1st, Sergt.
Wood; 2nd, Capt. Smith; 3rd, VV,
Wolfendeu: Ith, Pte  Hall.
2nd class—1st, Capt. Dull'; 2nd,
Pte, Allan; 3rd, Pte.  Bradley.
3rd class—1st, Cpl. Bgl. Mortal; 2nd,
Pte. Frisby; 3rd, Pte. Briegel.
Non Coin's match, sggiegate at 500
and 600 yards—1st, Oapt. Duff; 2nd
Sergt. Sliardluw; 3rd, S.-rgt. Donald.
Aggregate nt 200, 500 and (iOU yds—
1st, Sergt Wood; 2nd, VV. Wolfeuden;
3rd,Oapt. Smith; 4th, Pie. Bennison;
5th, Cpl. Dull; 8th, Cpl. Lewis,
Hig savings on ynur dollar, at Reid
A   Voting's Refund  .-'uii-.
Window shades Wall paper, plain
>si>il decorative burlaps it O. B. Hume
A Co's
A dollar saved i* a dollar made at
lloid it y,mug's Hi fund Sub'.
Carpels, carpel sijii o's uud small
rugs, a choice line at C, 11. Hume iV
| Co, Ltd
Now the cool weal bei isheie yuu
will want warm garmenls for bulb
night and day. Wc carry a lull
line in al I sizes fin- Indies nud children hi
Out-line of Staple Flannelettes Is very complete. We have the
Plain Colors in White, Cream, Grey. Pink, and Blue, and some
splendid line of English striped Flannelette.
The fancy patterns for Blouses, Wrappers, Dressing Jackets, etc.
are very pretty and the material and dye of the best.
We are certain to please you In quality, price and design.
V\' have just received our  first   lot  of the  New  Style
Suits for early Kail.
Tlu-sc Suits came from tlie Famous C. N. & K. Tailors
anil for beauty of lorm, fineness of materials and perfection
of ill, ilii'v occupy lhe front rank.
Prices:    From $10  to $30.00
Entirely Under New Management
Having taken over lho entire stock andpreuiises of the
Citv Bakery, which will in future be run on nn up-to-
date system. I appeal to the patrons for their esteemed
support in the future ns in the past.
Northern Ci
tern t. rown Bank
How los
da .it lo
\ -   M
V Smith,  Mrs   lues.'    M met  Smil ■
. ■- Dicki.
■   ■
Mr  V.-i • •
ih,ni '.' , - ■ • -
■ -     rn       Mr    Me
• .   itrlr.
-•        . ■   ■     IHll      I      M„,-|.i. .,|  0|
W         ■   ;.< U   ii li i. le r,   ii t-i du
ir   'i  '•■  l lie f"llmv
■     I    |llItIItfft  H i  ' 1)1'   ' ll-
■t .     I                                                                  Q l|              i'v
■■■■■;     ', rtt n|     m'.
.   - .       .              ArkPtl \
I ■     'i      '■■■■ - ■    '"
SO ii   :»«.   in   r» Ml   i.*.*.
%U '   i
Ki I
Mv i .tin ...
I will sell by PUBLIC AUCTION
on KRIDAV, SEPT. 18 b, al 10
o'clock, the entire furuishiugs of Mis.
Clark's residence, ii!n ost, uppuaite
Knox church.
Tho hist opportunity ever offered in
this City to got the very best in iurni-
ture nt ymir uwu price
Everything inuai go, Don't forget
the date, September 18tb.
Capit. - (authorized)      $6,000,000
"        paid up 2,200,000
Rest, arid undivided profits       225,ooo
Picsideiu    Sir D. H. McMillan, K.C.M.li.   Vice Presidents- lid ward Cur.
my nnl Capt. Wm. Robinson,   lien. Man.   J. W. de C. O'tinulv.
Special attention paid to Savings  Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date of deposit and credited ipiai'teily.
Open overy C P. R.  Pay Night, also Saturday Evenings from T to 9 p. m.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted
The smallest account receives  iVum us the sumo careful attention
ii-- I be l.iri<esl  one.
Office   Corner First St. and Connaught Ave.
A.  F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Bevelstoke  Branch
Change of Business Sale
Our Great Refund Sale
To make this change we must
reduce our stock to fully one half.
To reduoe our stook quickly means
reducing our prices.
We propose to offer our entire,
stock from 25 to 50 per cent,
gains in every Department.
This will make your dollar go
farther—buy more goods than
ever known before in the history of
first day of our re I Ladies' Costumes       I Ladies' Blouses
MD     SALE     STARTS     ON ,,
SEPT. 8th.
Dress Goods
Wp   are   offering .1   ^,-s   pei
discoum on all  DRESS GOODS.
111 .11 i|si-, unci plain, j-, per cent,
discount   on   ilii-.  splendid  line
Ol   (-ninl-,
1    nit 'in .11
Corsets >
\\f ;ll'( ir     • • it    ^01 .
per V- m   in       - ired  ol
.1 (rood   bai gain   .i   -vi plai e on
ipir 1 ounter 1   0 <.<\<\ pair 1
Blankets, Comforters
■-.   ;iti    cenl disi '"mi.       All
Wool   Blanke 1 in   fire)    and
V\ nn    iii"i'.'iii iiiiii 1  if un one
"I ilu be .1 mills < >nl) in  mock
1  li'W il.lS .
white Lawn Blouses, sn per.
cent. Discount
Cotton and Sheetings
Made of the ln*st material on
ilu market, An exceptional
bargain at 20 per cent, discount.
Men's Furnishings
I ies, collars, shirts, underclothes
.uui .ill lines at 20 per cenl off,
Men's I.lai k Serge suits, just
{mi in stock, regular $16.50 now
$1 1,5a     Boys suits Irom $2,511.
's Odd Pants
lou Pair put in stock this day,
good, heavy Tweed Pants at $1.35
per pair. Heavy and dark grey
tweed, double and twisted wool,
the kind that regularly sells at $3.
Now Sale Price $2.25.
Boots and Shoes
In ihi-. department we have several
cases of new goods. Ladies' meri's
and children's shoes all offering at
20 per   cent,   reduction.
No goods taken hack after leaving the
Prices all marked in plain figures. Call
and see what we will do for your money.
This means a money saving investment
1 1 yon.
Mackenzie  Avenue
Revelstoke,  B. G.


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