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The Mail Herald 1906-10-31

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 «-««■,/•».»     i
j   ine Mail-
Empire Typewriter
Vol. 12,-No. 124
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
We have the Ladies' Home Journal Patterns. At present the
stock is lull.
FOR SATURDAY we have about 10 or 12 Coats that would be
nice lor school girls. The prico runs from f5 to $10. You can buy
them Ior $1.95
A Few Ideas on What to Buy and Where to Boy Them II
A carload of Coldstream Apples just in. Some good for eating
and others fnr cooking: Such as Northern Spys, Kings, Fewaukees,
Greetings and Russets.
Five carloadB of Aslicroft Potatoes ordered, three carloads ol which
are now in. As these are the best potatoes for family use, housekeepers should see that they get no other.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelitoke.
Boots and Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Rubber Goods
We have a fine supply
of the Famous
without a doubt the most reliable
rubber goods manufactured anywhere
in the world.
We recommend aad guarantee them
Fountain Syringes   Breast Pumps
Hot Water Bottles   Atomizers
Bulb Syringes      Rubber Hippies
Try a pair ol
Red Cross Drug Store
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate,  clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length,
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Draying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
able Rates.
Office Next P. Burnt'
Msat  Market.
TELEPHONE      •       •       73.
Plumbing Work—Estimates Given.
Tinsmith Work.—Estimates Given.
Repair Work a Spcoialty.
Electric Wiring ler Houses.
Electric Bell Fitting.
Electric Supplies, Shades and Globes
We carry a complete stock ol Tilden-Gurney Btoves'md Ranges
We invite you lo look at our beautilul selection ol China,
Including Coalport China and Limoges China.
Dealer! in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
•        and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmlthing.
Labor Convention Captured by
Socialists—British Cabinet
in Tight Place—St. Petersburg Treasury Robbed.
Vaxcodveb, Oct. 31.—The labor
convention came to an untimely end
yesterday, when the straight labor
men, after a vote which was tanta
mount to a defeat ol the proposal to
form a new party, left the room in
which the convention was sitting, and
proceeded to hold a meeting in another part of the building. Aid. Williams also left tl.e chair, and the
secretary resigned. New ollieials,
sound in the socialist laitb, were appointed, and the convention proceeded
to pass the resolution which the minority had found so utterly unpalatable.
They passed one or two other resolutions of minor importance, among
these a resolution to adjourn.
Toronto, Oot. 31.—It is now stated
officially that the Ontario Bank shareholders will get 25c, and possibly 50c.
on the dollar.
London, Oct. 31.—The lall ol the
British cabinet is threatened as a
result ol the government's naval programme. Though carefully .worded
so as to give the impression that the
home Beet will be strengthened, the
fact is that sweeping economics are
St. Petersburg,, Oot. 31.—The
plunder Irom the amazing robbery
committed in this city, Saturday,
when a number of highwaymen got
away with $193,000, Irom a wagon
which was conveying tho cash Irom
tl.e customs department to the state
treasury has been Btowed away apparently beyond danger ol recapture.
Fernie, Oct. 26.—John Erickson
committed suicide near Sentinel, a
station on the C P. R. between Crow's
NeBt and Coleman, by throwing himself in front ol an eastbound freight
train, which was going at lull speed.
Thc whole train passed over his body.
On his body was a letter informing
the public that he intended killing
himself either by blowing himsell to
pieces or by some other violent means,
and that be wanted to be buried on
his ranch near Stettler, Alta. Erickson was a young man who formerly
tended bar at Blairmore. He had
been despondent for some time.
The appearance of the Jessie Mc,
Lachlsn Concert Company will be
hailed by music lovers with delight.
Miss McLachlan has returned to us
with additional honors and is surrounded by one of the best cump nies
thai has ever travelled through
Canada. Mr. Douglas Young, the
lyric tenor with this company has a
voice of excellent range and clearness,
and the duets iu which Miss McLachlan joins with him are a delight
to audiences everywhere. The 'cellist,
Mr. John McLinden, adds much to
the delightful programme, and the
critics everywhere have given him
the highest praise. The instrument
used by Mr. McLinden is a rare old
Stradivarius, valued at $30,000. These
instruments, few in number as they
are, have been rare and costly. Miss
McLachlan's voice is a rich, full I
soprano, vibrant with feeling and
dramatic power, that rouses her!
audiences to the enthusiasm that has'
been felt wherever she has been heard, j
This company will be heard in Revelitoke on Thursday, Nov. 8th,
Everbody likes pictures — specially
pictures of live interest. And it has
been unfortunate that (or such pictures
Canadians have up till now had to depend on the high-priced publications
from Britain and the United States,
which contain a largo proportion of
pictures and other matter ol little or
no interest to Canadians. But we are
glad to see that Canada's need in this
respect is to be most worthily filled by
the "Canadian Pictorial" which is evidently going to excel, il possible, the
high standard set by such publications
ss the "Illustrated London News,"
tbe "Graphic," "Frank Leslie's," or
"Collier's." And yet it will be very
much cheaper than any of these, for
it has its name and (sme yet to make.
And though oheaper, an issue of the
"Canadian Pictorial" will contain
about a thousand inches ol pictures,
some ol them full-page pictures fit for
framing, many ol tbem of international interest, and none of them but will
be of live interest to Canadians. It is
indeed being edited entirely from the
Canadian point ol view, but with a
wide horizon, embracing the great
world wide interests, the management
having secured connections wilh the
leading photographers in all foreign
countries, the telegraph and cable being used to secure the photographs at
the earliest possible moment. Aa its
name suggests; the "Canadian Pictorial*' will consist largely ol pictures-
pictures of the leading features ol the
world's news; piotures ol world-famous
people, ln which series Canadian men
and women will take their rightful
places; pictures ol Canadian events
and scenes! pictures ol Canadian enterprise; pictures ol fashions and patterns; pictures of children, etc., eto.
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Graham, Opera House, Mon*
day, Nov. 5,  Popular Prioes.
Sixty-Six People Meet Death
Like Rats in a Trap—Train
Plunges at Full Speed Into
River—Sickening Details.
Atlantic City, N, J., Oct. 29.—
Three electric oars on the Pennsylvania
railroad electric line Irom Camden to
this city leaped from the bridge span
ning the "Thoroughfare," the body of
wator separating Atlantic City Irom
tbe mainland, just west ol the city,
yesterday alternoon. Tbe cars were
submerged in thirty leet ol water. All
who were in the lirst two can were
drowned. Some of those in the third
car escaped, but just how many has
not been established. The number ol
dead will not be definitely known until tho submerged cars are raised and
the bodies taken out,
The wreck occurred at the drawbridge which spans "The Thoroughfare," a small waterway about one
mile outside ol this city, just on the
eastern edge of the meadows, and wns
directly duo to the failure of the bridge
to close properly. The fishing schooner Sinbad bad just passed through.
As she was entering the draw an
electric train ol three cars came in
sight, across the meadows in tho direction ol Pleasantvillc, and, belore the
bridge had swung back into position,
the train, runuing at a high speed,
dashed upon the trestle. With a lurch
the forward car left thc rails and
dashed into the guard rail, the other
cars following. At the point where
the cars jumped the track the trestle
is nearly 20 feet high. Had the cars
been open it is donblful if many of
the passengers would have escaped
becuuse they must have been .tunned
by the drop Irom the trestle. The
first two cars were instantly sub
merged, but tho third car caught on
sn abutment and remained suspended.
From this car nearly all of the injured escaped,
There were 91 persons on the train
15 passes and 76 lares. Twenty-live
ol this number have been accounted
for, which, with the bodies recovered,
brings the total to 73. This leaves
18 persons not accounted for, who aro
supposed to be drowned.
The Roscian Opera Oompany received the following notice in the
"It is a treat to witness and a pleasure to record tl.e excellent work of
the "Roscian Comic Opera Company
at the Spokane Theatre. Tl.e promise
of brilliant achievement, ns (oreshnd
owed in the opening selection 'Tbo
Mikado' is in every way lived up to in
the production oi 'Martha.' In spite
ol bad weather, crowded houses and
delighted patrons have been thc rule.
Thc action of tho piece is bright and
lively; the music rich and sonorous,
and (leliirhtfully rendered; the closing
chorus ol tho third act proving an
artistic triumph and well equal to the
best traditions of this time honored
opera. Tbe principals are thoroughly
equal to the roles allotted and havo
excellent support in the chorus which
includes one or two voices ol great
r nge and sweetness and high power.
Miss Lucia Nola makes a charming
Lady Harriet, figuring a* Martha at
the Fair, and her easy, graceful singing ol 'The Last Rose of Summer,' has
been productive of encores nightly.
Blessed wilh a particularly sweet
soprano voice, and an attractive stage
manner, she is rapidly bee a
favorite locally. Miss Winifred Crowley, sprightly in her ways, equipped
with a strong, well-trained voice and a
May Irwin spirit of comedy in her
stage manner, finds many admirers as
Nancy. Mr. F. W. Walters makes a
natural and excellent Lionel. He is
possessed ol a tenor voice ol rich, indeed almost rare, quality, and acquits
himself in his solos and part songs in
a measure sufficiently excellent to
satisfy even the most hypercritical
among the audience, Hilliard Campbell, as Plunkett, is also well oast for
the work, among others, his song 'So
Brown s Beer'gives great pleasure
and his stage work is also agreeable,
Carl Hoffman is in tine voice as Lord
Tristan of Mickletord, and Jack Dewey
fully equal to his part ss the Sheriff,
both being good singers and fully
equal to the calls made on then Ior
well developed humor. The piece is
nicely eet, the chorus capable and attractive and the whole production
musical, artistic and deserving ol
oredit to all concerned."
This opera wiU be presented on
Friday night next, at Tapping's Opera
A strange and at tbe same time
serious accident occurred on Monday
alternoon at the freight shed platform.
The horses attached to a dray belonging to J, 0, Hutohison Incoming rest-
leas, started up, and tho driver, F,
Van, in jumping oft* the platform to
stop thorn, fell heavily and broke his
right leg. Tl.e unfortunate man was
conveyed to tho hospital where an
anaesthetio was administered and the
fracture, whioh was a compound one,
set by Dr, Sutherland. The patient
is progressing very lavorably,
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Graham, Opera House, Monday, Nov. 5. Popular Prioes.
Two Prisoners Confined in
Cells at Chilliwack Court
House Meet Agonising Death
by Fire.
New Westminster, Oct. 30.—The
prison cell of the Chilliwack court
iiouse became the funeral pyre of Dan
McKenzie, proprietor of the Dominion
Hotel and K. C. Cousins, a painter,
both of Chilliwack, on Saturday last.
The Btory is a horrible one and will
long be told with bated breath by tbe
people ol that district. The two men
in question had been on tbe booze.
McKenzie had been drunk Ior several
days and according to reports had
undertaken to beat and otherwise ill-
treat his wifo and make himself a
terror to his neighbors generally. Tl.e
other man, Cousins, was quiet and
inoffensive and was a man of high
education. His drawbaok was a craving for dring, On Saturday both men
were very drunk and were placed in
the detention cells under the court
house. A commercial traveller who
was passing later saw a red glow (rom
the section where the cells were located and as he drew near to see what
was the cause an agonized voice cried
out, "For God's sake come and let us
out! The court house is on fire and
we shall be burned to death". The
traveller had no means ol releasing
tl.e victims and raced as fast as be
could to the village to give tlie fire
alarm. The brigade responded nobly,
hut when they arrived at tl.e court
house flames were pouring out ol the
cell windows and tbe whole lower
portion of the building was a fiery
mass of seething flames, and Bave for
t;ie roar of the burning timber all was
silent as the grave. The inebriate,
who was supposed to havo bud matches
concealed on his person, bad in liis
drunken frenzy paid tbe penalty ot his
folly with bis life, and liis companion
had fallen a victim to his drunken
freak. Tho building was totally destroyed and when tho bodies wore able
to l.e got at they were almost beyond
recognition, charred and burned to
The Young People's Guild ol Knox
Church have that happy knack of
making any undertaking on which
they enter, a success, and the proceedings of Monday night werc, in every
sense ol the word, novel and amusing.
Hallowe'en has, Irom time immemorial, been kept up with tl.e customary revels, aud Knox Church parlors
were a scene of up-to-date witshcraft
and revelry.
Sconei A hall lit by blood red
lamps, tlio walls covered with weird
and uncanny creatures, cuts, devils,
owls and all those things so dear lo
witch extraction. A huge cauldron
boiling and seething away over a large
lire with tl.e supreme witch making
hideous incantations over it, all tl.e
while mixing the potion that present-
\ will be served out drop by drop to
tbo assembled throng of mortals,
drawn there by the magic spell ol the
witch trust." Soon is the mystic
circle formed, the concourse of witches
in sheeny dresses, star-spangled and
crossed, ouch one wearing a steeple-
crowned bat, seizo into their toils unsuspecting mortals and to the slow
dirge of tl.e witch at the oauldron:
*'Around,h.,,.111,1 inul Around they go,
Heel to heel and toe to toe;
l*riincB anil caper, curve, anil wheel,
Tie to toe, inul heel to heel,"
The potions nre then distributed
and late ol those assembled is made
know... The lights are turned on and
as Ingoldsby Legends read:
"A. Ihey sat lit thut old anil haunted room,
In each oiia'it hand wiih a hla hitch broom;
On eaell one', head waa ti Bteople-crotvned hut,
On each one*, knee wah ueoul black cat:
Kach hud a klrtle of Lincoln green,
It wm, I trow, u feanoiue icene."
Only in this case it waa reversed, a
bevy of charming, dainty witches,
hovered about, reading their spells and
infusing into tho room a senso ol
pleasure, brightness and fun that only
the fair sex ol Revelstoke know how to
The room was well filled and the
gathering waB a thoroughly light-
hearted one, having put aside the cares
ol life lor the moment. Tbe benedicts
nunibored only two, although they too
entered into the whirl of tho spell sot
by thoso oharming specimens ol witchery, The male section ot tbe gathering then turned "ouplds," and many
many times did the cruel dart (?)
pierce tho heart and brought a blushing fairy to its skilful marksman. A
novel guessing competition and musical programme brought the evening to
a olose.
The suocess of
was mainly due to Miss Grant and
Miss Nellie Grant who were the chiof
organisers ol the revels, and instrumental in successfully carrying out
what was a most unique form of social
amusement in Revelstoke. Tbe dainty
witches too, who looked so oharming
in their becoming costumes, deserve a
word ol praise, and witchcraft will
nover die out while it has suoh champions aB these. '
The Kevelstoke public will be glad
to learn that alter all it has been possible to secure tbe Opera House lor
the Jarvis Graham entertainment on
Monday, Nov. 5. Popular prioes will
prevail. Tl.e tickets that were Issued
lurSt. Andrew's Church can be exchanged lor reserved seat tickets (ree
ol oharge, Reaeive your seals curly at
Cauada Drug and Book Store,
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Hard and Dry.
A large supply ol this wood has been receiveo at our
yards and is now ready for delivery at
The best and cheapest coal for all purposes. It is free
rom duflt and decs not clinkar. We guarantee satisfaction
or will relund money.   Leave your orders Ior luel at our office
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
We have for sale a double corner lot on Sixth 8treet
for a short time only at •
There are no other corners on the market north of
Eighth Street. II you intend building at any time you
should secure this choice location at onco.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches In tha Province, at Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
llritol, ('olnmbla, Onturio, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed -       .       •       •6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   M,2So,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       •4,280,000.00
D. 11. Wilkie, President; Hox. R. Jaffiiay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Nayi.m.h Department—Deposits received and Interest allowed
nl highestourront rale from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C, A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Incorporated by Aot ol Parliament, ISM.
Wm. Molson Macphkiison, Pre., 8. H. Ewing, Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, General Manager. |
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates |on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -        Rivhjtok, B. C.
For the best situated RESIDENTIAL and VILLA Lots
in the City or on its borders, and for choice FRUIT
LAHDS, Call and see 6. M. SPROAT Soon.
Farwell Estate Office,  •  Cowan Block I'LHUSHK.I  WKUNHHDAl AM. S.V.LK-
ll.W AT
Bani*t*-rs. Solicitor., Klc.
BEVELSTOKE im. TKiil'l I.AKK, 11 ('.
I". E. QIIU*. F- <'■ EM.IOTT.
umcjai iM.-tK.u Bun Block, Rsvnt
Money lo loan.
Offices: Rsretotoke, B. (.; Fori Steele, B. 0,
Uio. S. MoOabtkb,
A. M. Pinkham.
Revelstoke. B. C.
J. A. Hakvbv,
For. Steele, B. C.
J. M. Scott 1.L.H W, I. Brlggs,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money t,. Loan
solicitors for molsons bank
Firs! Slreet. Revelsloke, B.O.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
McKenzie Avenue,
Mining Enoinreb,
tMern. American Institute Mining Engineers)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Kkvkutukk. B.C.
Examination of and report* on Mineral Pro
perties a Specialty,
Bankers & Brokers,
Dividend paying, mining, oil and Industrial
,  UiglKsi Bpeoulfttlve prollts com
bint-d with   bunk   security; 6.1HK)   dividem'
cheque* mailed every month lo client
on me or write for particulars.
E. A. HACGKN.     ■     RBVKLSTOKB, B.C.
Agent fur Kootenav.
Gbe ilteiUftcralb
"I would . . . cu. ustly nth .se them Ior
their Ktx 1 ti order this patter to be punctually
served up. am! lo be looked upon ns ti pari of
the Ifi equipage."—Ani.isoN.
WEDNESDAY, OCT. 31, 1906
A very weighty proposition is now
under discussion both by the city
council and the C. P. R. The out
come of this proposition may mean a
great deal to 1,0th parties, and siuco
the pockets ot both are greatly concerned, it is only the natural course ol
events that each party should try and
secure the terms that would suit them
respectively. The C. P, R. desire to
buy light and power and are willing
to buy it from tbe city, hut at such a
rate as will be most suitable to themselves. That is as it Bhould be. On
the other baud tbe council will sell
light and power to the C. P. It., but at
a rate that will bring a good profit to
themselves and the city. That is, also,
as it should be. Unfortunately their
respective rates do not tally with each
other's views. What is to be done?
The C. P. R., as stated by their deputation to the council, have funds
already appropriated lor the purpose
of installing a new plantain the sbopB,
lor light and power nnd in the event
ot an agreement not being arrived at,
will, no doubt, act accordingly.
Again, it is to the interests ol the
C. P. R. to work with tho city, hence
their proposition. As regards the city
council, by allowing Ihe deal to [all
ihrough, they would probably lose the
revenue derived Irom the C. P, R. for
lights amounting to over $3,000 per
annum, which i- a great consideration.
It is up to the council now to lully
realize and understand as to what
basis they are founding their calculations upon in reckoning out the rate
they will offer to tbe C. P. R, and at
the same time with a reasonable profit
to themselves. A deal is a deal and
to ask too high a rate would be foolish
as also would too low a rate. Let the
council get to work and thoroughly
thrash out what rate they could offer
which would reasonably pay them;
submit that to the C. P. R. and ii
accepted, put it before the ratepayers
and if accepted well and good, if not
simply let the railway company know
the feelings of the people and try and
bring about Eon.e agreement which
would suit all parties. On Ml. sides
thera must be give and take, and
surely an amicable decision can be
arrived at, especially when both parties
will benefit by it. An auxiliary power
plant is necessary now,and il installed
will I*, beside- a valuable asset to the
city and insuring us light all the year
round, n great inceniive for other industries which will materially lienetit
Revelstoke and put ber still further in
the fore front of the rising cities of the
\l mm toe „,,„- mm ij   ,,,    ......    .......     	
soul together and these men would
gladly give their right hands to get
hack home. Such men probably
would! They would very probably be
mighty glad to rid themselves ol oven
the tangible presence of their right
bands to rid themselves ol even an
opportunity to work, With the demand Ior varied work suitable to any
but tbe incompetent or shiftless on
every hand it is almost unbelievable
that letters such as the one referred
to above can be written except by tbe
vicious and malicious, and those who
are "born tired."
B. C. Mills Overtaxed to Meet
Market Requirements.
Speaking ol tho lumber industry in
the mountains, Geo. P. Wells, secretary
of the Mountain Lumbermen's association, Bays that at the present time a
large amount uf capital, especially
American, is looking for investment
towards British Columbia. In many
ol tlie districts on the other side the
timber resources are becoming exhausted and those who have made
their fortunes in this way are now
looking to British Columbia as ono of
the lew remaining countries which
presents opportunities.
"While there are still," Baid Mr.
Wells, "good areas ot timber to be acquired there is not, perhaps the vast
area of standing timber popularly
credited, and with the requirements
ol the country which is opening up at
our very doors in the Northwest there
is certainly none too much. I do not
mean to intimate that tho resources of
thli province in timber are to be early
exhausted, nu matter if tbe number of
mills in operation were largely increased, yet what I do Bay is that the
market iu tlie Northwest is increasing
so rapidly and bo insistent arc its demands that it will take many more
mills in operation before tbe market
can bo caught up with. Taking the
present season for example, with every
mill operating to its fullest capacity,
there is not as much lumber on hand
at the present moment as there was
at tl.e beginning of tl.e sawing season.
This means that more than the Out
put hns been co.i8un.ed during the
beBt period ol production. Now that
thc winter is coming on many ol the
mills will have to close and tho reserve
stock must undoubtedly be almost
completely depleted belore the spring.
As the early spring demand is generally large and in view ol the good conditions obtaining in tbe Northwest
and in Manitoba this year, that demand should be larger thai, ever in
the early mouths of 1907. Each yonr
this delicicncy in lumber will surely
become more marked and tbe keen
perceptions ol our Ame.ican cousins
arc .esponaihlu for the activity in
standing timber traiiBiiotions which is
very noticeable at prcBcnt."
All Kootenay
Steel Range
wearing parts
are made extra
London-ToronTo- Montreal
Wi nnipeg-Vancou ver~St,JohnN,B
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
In small or large Lots,from 100
. lbs. to a CarloAd.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Front Street, Revelstoke
COMPANY ol Canada
Head Office—46 King St. West, Toronto, Ont.
Revelstoke Office—Molsons* Bank Building
Capital Subscribed, $1,000,000.00  Paid Up Capital, $200,000.00
Government Deposit,    100,000.00 Reserve Fund,       50,000.00
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kndsof Vegetables
Notice ib iicreDvgiven uint.,Uiii\yn inter uan*
we Intend in apply in Mm Hon Chief Cnmmls-
Bloner of f anils and Works (or a special license
to cut and curry away timber from tbe following described lnnds, Minute in West Kootenay
1. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west corner ol K. A
H. Block SCO mid murked "Hig Hend Lumber
Company's Niuth-ea t corner pout." thenee
north 80 rlinins,tlience west 80chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains t-? point
of commencement.
2. Coinmeneing at a post planted about one
mile north from the north-west corner of K &
s, Hlock Wit, unit marked "Big Bend Lumber
Company's north-east corner post," thence
west 80 clialns, thence south 80 chainB, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 clialns to point
of commencement,
Dated Oct. 18th, Iww.
oot20       BKi BEND LUMBER CO., LTD.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture.
General Draying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. gftSra
Off loo Phono No. 7t     Home Phone No, 7.
Deer Huads, Animals, Birds, Fish,  Etc.,
Animal  Hugs Mounted,
P. 0. Box 31,
Htuilin:  OPPOSITE P. O.
Rovelstoke. 11. 0.
for .  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Special attention paid to Accident and Sickness
Insurance for railway men. Policies being issued on
the most approved plans and at low Premium Rates.
Investigate the following Policy Benefits: Payments
for loss of life, limb or sight; weekly Indemnities for
total and partial disablement) Optional Indemnities)
Medical l'Vcs; Travel Indemnities) Sickness Indemnities; Hospital Indemnities and face value of policy
for Total Permanent Disablement.
Sec our Special Combination Policy for Select and
Preferred Risks, covering $2,000 Accident Insurance,
$1,1X10 Health Insurance, Weekly indemnities for any
Accident, or any Illness.-Costs $1.00 per month,
Bonds issued for Dominion and Provincial Employees, Municipal Corporations, Banks, Loan,
Financial and Commercial Institutions, Fraternal
Societies, Administrators and on all parties occupying positions of Trust. Absolute security and Low
The basic principle ii|«.n which is
founded Western Canadian optimism
ib the simple though very sign i dean I
fact that any Industrious intelligent,
healthy man or woman lms ample
opportunity to earn a con. tor tabic
livelihood al any ninl nil times of tin-
year.  The industrial .iml agricultural
lite ot the west has become SO diversified nnd extensive thai any man ol
reasonable physical
mental capacity may
ilrenglh   and
  ...      .   readily provide
the necessaries and many ol the luxuries ol life by ordinary industry ami
reasonable good conduct, fir himself,
or lor himself and bil (ninily. The
echo ol the cry ol the farmers ol the
west, for more help lor the harvest,
has hardly died away and still there
may l* beard throughout the western
centres ol population an urgent demand for laborers and workmen for
railway companies and lumber mills.
So great is Ihe demand for labor tor
railway construction in Western
Canada, that it has been seriously
feared that enterprise and development would be, to some extent,
retarded for the want of workmen. In
lhe face of those (acts it is surprising
to read excerpts from the screed ol a
correspondent in an English journal
of much repute, stating that the high-
American Capital is Attracted
to Revelstoke.
McBBrs. E. A. Lanimers and A. J.
Lammers, ol Stillwater, Minnesota,
anil W. .Ins I). McCormick, n lumber?
man from Itusb Lake, Minnesota,
spent a few days last week in the city,
and have left for the Adams River
country in company with J. A. Mtigce
to examine some extensive timber
limits owned by them in that vicinity.
Messrs. Lanimers liros., together with
Mr. J. P. McUoldrick, of Spokane, are
largely interested iu timher lands in
this province, including hinds on
Duncan River, Adams River and on
the Columbia River in tlie Rig llend
district. They are linn believers in
tbe great value of British Culumbia
timber and arc steadily increasing
their holdings.
The timber areas of this locality are
rapidly passing into thc hands of our
American cousins who seem to be
more ready than our own Eastern
people to realize the value of these
holdings. Our local men will, il they
but bold on for a time, reap a rich
return on the investment which they
made some years ago, at a time when
the present buyers could see no value
in it and would not spend a dollar in
lhe country. They Bee things in a
different light now and those who
assisted in drawing attention to the
timber values here deserve to get good
returns for their foresight and energy
in getting tl.e laws so amended and
improved ns to make it possible for
these capitalists to come here and
invest their money with safety.
United States  Troops   Alter
Rebellious Red Skins.
Sun x City, Ta., Oot, 20.—United
States troops have been hurriedly
started Iron. Fort Meade, S, I... to ie-
Inloroe the soldiers at Kort Robinson,
wl... I.nve surrounded the rebellious
l.'te Indians, in Wyotn ng, but cannot ink-.- them A telegram to headquarters says, live cowboys have been
killed .....1 big heel herds raided Six
iro ipt of the biih Cavalry have lelt
Kort Meade and will go Kb1", miles to
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, (it; Agents
H. F. McKinnon. Special Railway Agent,
E. H. Lewis, General Agent.
Notice Is lie ruby given that 30 ds j s after date
we Intend toapply lo the Hon I'liU-f Commissioner of l.nnds uml Works for a special license
to eut and carry away timber from Ihe following described laud--, situate In West Kootenay
1. commencing at a post planted aboul two
mllea west from Bannock I'oiiiton Lpper Arrow Lake and uuu ked "li. B L, Co's south-east
comer post," theuce north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, theuce south 80 chains, thence
cast 80 chains tu pniutof commencement
2, Commencing al a post planted about
three miles west from Bannock Point on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "B. H, L. t'o.'s
south-east corner post." tlience north 81)
chains, thencu west 80 chains, Ihence south sn
chains, thence -east 80 chains to point of commencement,
Dated Oct. 18th, 190(1.
jddl'VIIuK-H Ilall.on
th.- third Monday!..
miu-Ii month at 8
.p.m. VlsitinffbreUi-
ren cordial.; wel
U. A. PKUCUNIKR, Skckktaiiv.
Moot* every Thursda'
evening InOddFellowa
Hall at S o'clock
I Visiting; brethren cor
dially Invltod to et
CoM Rings Lodge, K. if P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
In Oddlellows' Hall at 8
o'clock Visiting Knights are
cordially invited.
A. J. HOWE, (I.C.
Q. H. BROCK, K. o! R, 4 8.
H. A. BROWN, M. ol F
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new manngoment nf
Harry McIntobh,  Hoffman  House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon ate tbe most curative in the
world. A perfect, nntuial remedy for
all Nervous und Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all bouts and trains, Twu
mails airive and depait every day.
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
TERMS-$12 to $18 per week,   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroui Lake, B, C
VT OTICK is licruhy glvun that 30 days after date
IN 1 intend tn apuly to thu liun. The Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a Special
License tu eut and carry away timbor from the
following descrilied lauds In West Koutunay District:
1. Commencing at u post marked "E. It.
Sehoonmaker's nortk-west corner post," planted IM miles south of Goidstroam, uud about I1/*.
miles nnst of Dig Heud trail, thenco east 100
chains, south U) chains, west 160 chains, north
-10 chuius tu point of cumniencement.
2. Commencing ut a post mnrked ''E. K.
Scliooumaker's north-east corner inst," pluuted 2} miles uouth of Uoldstrenm. und ubout I'i
miles oust of Bii; llend trail, tlience west 160
ehuins, south 40 chuius, east 160 chuius, north
40 chain . lo point of commencement..
3. Com mei icing ut n post marked "K. B.
Schoolimuker's uorlli-west corner post," planted 3} miles south of Uoldstrenm, aud about lj
mile:; eubt of Big Bund trail, thenco eust 160
chains, south -10 clmins, wost 160 chains, uorth
40 cliains to iwint of commoncement.
4. Co in me neing at u post marked "E. K,
Schoon milker's uorth-eust eoruer post," plauted
about 3-j iniles south of Goldstream, and about
11 miles east of Big Bond trail, thouce west 160
chuius, south 40 chains, east 160 chains, uorth 40
chafns to point of commoncement.
Dated October 12th, 1900.
5. Coinmeneing nt n post marked "E. It.
School) ma ker's north-west cornor mst," plunted about af-a miles south of Goldstream, und
about 3} miles east of Hig Hond trail, thence
east 160 chains, soutli 40 chuius, wost 160 ehuins,
north 40 chains to point of commencement.
6. CommeiiciiiK at ti post marked *E, H.
Si'tioonninkor's north-east corner post," planted
about 'AVt miles south of Uoldstrenm, and about
.i'i miles east of Hig llend trail, thonco west 160
elinins, south 40 chains, east 160 chains, uorth
40 chains to point of commencement.
1. Commencing at a post marked "E. R.
Rchooniuuker's uorth-wost corner inst," planted about i miles south of Goldstream, and
about lj miles eust of Big Heud trail, tbenee
ou!*t 160chuius, south -Id chains, wost 160chains,
north 40 chains to pointof commoncement.
Dated October Mh, 1900.
8. Commencing ut u post marked "K. It.
Schooumnkor's sout h-e ist cot ner [tost," plauted
about 1 mile soutli of 13-mile tree, at the southwest coruer of U. A. Lund's Timber Limit No. 1,
theuce wost 40 ehuins, north 160 ohains, oust 40
ehuins, south 160 ehuins to point of commence*
Duted October Dili, 1906.
F. O. E.
The regular meetings nre held In tlio Selkirk
Hall on the 2nd. antl lth Tuesdays ol the month
at 8 it. nt. Visiting brethren are cordially
K. (1. I1URHI11HK, President.
The Revelstoke Hospital Society
A special general meeting of the
Revelstoke Hospital Society will be
held at the City Hall, Revelstoke, on
the '21st day ol November, 1*906, at 8
p.m., Ior tbo purpoBo of electing directors and receiving and considering
the financial s'ntcm.-nt for the year
ending 31st July, 190ft, and lor the
transaction ol such other business as
is usually transacted at tho annual
general meeting.
Dated Oot. 17th, 1906.
I have clients who wish to
obtain housos, rooms and Iota
Ior building purposes, and shall
be glad if parties having inob
will advise me ol same.
Real Estate ami Insurance Agsnl.
BeTolstoke, 11. C.
Notice Is hereby glvou that thirty days ifter
date I Inteud to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
it you are looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" lur Souvenirs, wc have Ihem here,
J.   GUY   BARBER, -    SKi&Hl
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant!
Pork Packer! nnd Dealer in Live Stoek. Market** in nil the principal Cities and
Towns of Alberta. British ^.iiirohi*-. and tlm Yukon. Pickers of the Celebrated Brand
'•" Hams ind Bacon, Uld 8b&mroek Brand, Leaf l.ird. "a
VTOTICE Is hereby given that 80 days
TN after date I inteud to apply to tho Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special liconso to out and carry
away timber from tbe following described
lauds in Eust Kooteuay District:
1. Commouciug at a post murked "Otto
Lachmund's north-east coruer post," planted
on the right bauk of Windy Kiver at need of
Kinbasket Luke, uud Z% miles from lake,
thence south 160 chuius, west 40 chains, north
160 chaius, east 40 chains to place of commeucemeut,
2. Commeueiug ut a post marked "Otto
Lachmund's north-west coruer post," planted
ou the right bauk of Windy River, at field of
Kiubaskot Lake, and 1% miles from Lake,
theuce south 160 chuius, east 40 chuius, north
100 chains, west 40 chuius to place of commencement,
Duted Sept. 15th, 1906.
3. Commeueiug ut u post marked "Otto
Luchmuud's south-west coruer post," plauted
ou the right bank of Windy Biver, "i% miles
frum Kinbasket Lake, theuce north 80 ohains,
east 80 chaius, south 80 chains, west 80 ehalus
to place of commeucemeut.
i. Commencingt at a post marked "Otto
Lachmund's north-west corner post," planted
ou right side of Wiudy River, VA miles from
Kiubusket Luke and half a mile weet from.
rivor, thenco south SO chains, east 80 chains,
north Wleliniiis, west 80 chains to place of com*
5. Commeueiug at a poBt marked "Otto
Lachmund's south-east corner post," plauted
ou the right bank of Windy Biver, 2 miles from
head of Kinbasket Lake, tbenee uorth 80
chains, west «0 chains, south 80 chains, east 80
chains to place of commencement.
Dated Sept, Mh, 1906.
That's Itoyal Crow.) kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Snap Factory west of Winnipeg.     House   cleaning   and
washing areeasy with its help.
And the int..icy saving i» the
Premium System
Booklet tells what, we give for
Roval Crown VV rappers. Hend
for   it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Under   New   Management)
FirBt-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
6,  Commencing at a   post marked "Otto
Lachmund's south-west corner post.	
ajatJUuluuuan,u,H„w. ™.MW. „.,., planted
on north bank of Kiubaskot Lake and 1 mile
from foot of lake, thence north 80 chains, east
80 chains, south 80 ehains, west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 12th, 1006.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-clans in every reaped.     All modern convenience*-
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same managemeol
Queens ftotel
Iiest brands Ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
suitably furnished with the choicest thc
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Notico is hi-rety glvon that 30 days aftor dato
I Intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
Iiinds and works for a speciul licenso to cub
and earry away timher from the following dc
scribed lands, situate on the oast side of Uppor
Arrow Lake, West Kootenay district :—
l: Commencing uta post niarked "Harry Mc-
Intnsb'H soutlMveit corner post," about 8 mllea
east of Nakusp, on a small creek tributary to Nil-
kii.-.p'T'-'-k. and almnt 40 chains west from the
dprih-east enrner post of timher limit No. 736*!,
them'.' nortli 16'i ■ Iniin, thenee enst 40 chains,
ihcii.'i' -.iiiiiii Hi'i ['Iinins to above named corner
post uf timber limit Ni. ;:t!.n, tlience west 40 chains
on tin* line of timber No, 7<<f>0 to point of coin-
2. Ciimmeni-iiiK nt a post marked "Harry Mc
Iiituslr-. Houth'Wost oorner post," 40 clialns west
from pout No. I, and mi the north line of timlt-nr
limit No. imi, thence north IflO chiiiim. thenco
enst in i'IiiUim, tlience soutli |tn> ehuins to north
Hue nf timber limit No, 7880, tlience west 40
ehalm on the lit f timher linnl Nn, ,.xi.I<i
point of riimitii'iii'ument.
3. Co nnsncllig at ft post marked "Marry Mr-
[ntoih'i Montli wimi, oorner pnst," 40 chains west
[rotDpnsI N», 8, mitt on the north line of timber
limit N". 78M, thenca north I0u .hains, thence east
iO.'hiiiim, tlience soutli iH'uhaiiiM, Uience m-st-m
i-lmins mill f timber Hmll No. iliMMo pnint of
4. Co mclnj at a post marked "Harry Mc-
!iil"sh'i Mini li v,f-\ oornor post,1 40 elm-ins west
from post Mo.I. iml mi the nuiili line of limber
limit N'o 7860 Uience imrlli lMc-h/iliis, tlioiii-u to t-hrfirm, ih-.w-c snitli   tun rliiim*. in Un*
north iim- of  nbor TS50,thonce
veil |0 clialns on ths line ol timlier limit n., ;-:i*,i-
to point of commencement,
!i. Commencing at » post marked "Hurry Me*
jnt'-nii's ftfiuiii ■■-•-.I corner post/ lo chains west
Irom Un- rio-Ul''lint  comer \io>\   of Inn l.n limit
No 73BI. thenoo nortli ico clmins, 11 1 nut f()
chiiiim, Uii-iiii- snutli IMI chains lo nortll'OUt ror'
nerpost of limner limit No- 786I, tlience w«st4(i
rliafmniMliiii'df timber limit No, 7:1.11 to point of
11. Commencing(U a pout mnrked "Hairy Mr*
Int-'uli'i* MMiUi-wi-i-t comer post," III clialns nei-t
from pout No. (1. Hid "ii 1 in- in,ril. Ilnn of timher
limit No. 78S1,1 nonce north 11)0 chains, llii-nce raxl
10 clmiiis, tfiencu south ItVi chains to the uortli
line of 'in.'.-1 limit No ri'.i, thence west 40
chains "ti thn north lino of Umber limit No, rm
t'i point of cniiinicri'i-mHiit,
7. Com men'* liii* at, a pout marked "Harry Mc-
l i.i.r. ■ ' iioiilh'WAst corner post," and en th« north
llm- of timlior limit N". 7,'IM, tlience north 180
chaliM. then"* cast 40 chains, tlience Nontli 100
chaini l.-i the north line uf timlier limit No, 7.1M,
thencu *<■«! on (lie north line of timber limit No.
7,(M, (nclmtiiM to point- of commencement,
8. Commencing ftt a pout marked "Harry .Me-
lutosh'n south-na-* t corner post," about 30 chains
north of pnst No. 7, thenoe west 'IQrhain*, thence
north 20 rhains, thenco west M chains, thence
north Tn <lialns Uience vest E0chains, thence
north 20 chains, thenco wost 20 chains, thence -'ii chains, thenco west 2B chains, thence
north /:. chains, thenco east 106 chains, tlienre
south I"'1 chains to point of ro amonrement,
Dated October iM.h, 1000.
ocl!7 DyhlsagentG. K-Brink.
Notice iB hereby given that SO days
alter date I intend to apply to tl.e
lion. Chief Commissioner of Landa
and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber Irom the following described lands situated in
West Kootenay distriot.
I. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-west corner post,"
about J mile up north fork of Gold-
stream, thence nortl. 40 chains, east
100 chains, south 40 chains, west 160
chains to point ot commencement.
3. Commencing at a post marked
'Gus Lund's south-west corner post,"
about J mile below the mouth ol the
north lork ol Goldstream, thence
north 40 chains, east 160 chains,
south 40 chains, west 160 chaina to
point of commencment.
II. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-west corner post,*'
planted about 0 miles below the north
fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chains, east SOcbains, south 80 ohains,
west 80 chaina to point of commenoement.
13. Commencing atapostmarked
"Gus Lund's north-west corner post,"
planted aliout 9 miles below tl.e north
fork of Goldstream, thence south 80
chains, east 80 chains, north 80
chains, west 80 ohains to the point oi
oorn meneement.
24. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-east corner post,"
planted about 2} miles up Camp
creek, thence west 160 chains, north
40 chains, east 160 chains, south 40
chains to the pointof commencement.
Dated June 12th, 1906.
oct 17 Gns Ldnd,
llceiiHG to out tiiiil carry away tl tn ber Irom the
lollowlng (leiorloed land, fa the Wei. "
nay .llstrlct,
1, Coaimeuf-lni- at a pout planl oil about!!
utile-, .out), ol P. It. 58 and about U nillm. west
ol the Upper Arrow Lako, markod ".!, Skin-
nor'rt north-went corner." thencu auuth SO
chain., thenoo eaal 80 ohalna, thenco north 80
cliiiliw, thonco weat 80 ohnlna to plnce of com
2. Commencing; at a poet planted about 1
mile." south ol P. It, 48 and 11 mllea weit of the
Upper Arrow Lake, mnrked "C. Bkinner'a
north-cant oorner poet," thence uouth SB chalna,
thence west 80 ohnlna, thenoe north 80 ohalna,
thence eait 80 chaina to placo ol commoncement.
8, Commencing at a poat plan ted 1 mile
uouth of No. 1 ana mnrked "C. Skinner's northwest oorner post," thenoe south 80 ohnlns,
thence east 80 chnlns, thenoe north 80 chnlns,
thence west. 80 ohnlns to place of commencement.
Dated October 17th, 1900.
A. M.Symoni, Agent.
I. Commonolng at a poit planled 1) mllea
orth of T. L. iMI nnd 1 mllo weat of Upper
Arrow Uke, marked "A. M. Syntoua' north-
onst corner poat," thenco west Wl chnlni, thenco
aouth Su chain., thonce east 80 ohnlna, thence
nortl. 80 chains lo plnoo ol commencement,
Dnted October mh, WW,
oct 21 A. M. SYMONS.
OTICK Is hereby given that SO days nfter
. date I intend to apply to the Hon. the
ilii CommMnnor of Lands and Works for
r jrmisalon to purchase the following described
lands, Kituntc.1 in West Kootenny, on the enst
almre of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commeneing at n post adjoining T, L. 1780 on
tho north side ana mnrked "L. A. Dewnr*.
north-west corner," thenoe east 80 chains
then™ south $0 chains, thence west 80 chains
more or leal to the east shore of Uppor Arrow
Lake, thenco north following the shore ol said
lake 80 ohains to tho point of commencement.
Dnted Oct., IMS.
oct 21 I.. A, IlKWAIt.
Notice Is horony kI von that- 80 days after date
I intend toapply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence to out
and carry away timbor from tho following
described lands In tlio Hig Hend district of
West Kootenay:
1, Ci'tiiim-ncingfil. a post planted on the south
side of eystouu trail at Half-way Creek and
marked",!, H. White's south-west corner post,'
and running north80 chains, thenee eust 80 chains,
tlienco himtii 80 elinins, thence west 811 ehalus to
place of commoncemuni.
.. Commencing at a post planled ou tho south
side of Kuystmiu trail, j uille cast uf Hulf-wny
Creek uud marked ",l. II White's north-west corner post." and running south 100 ehuins, thencu
eust 40 chains, theuce north 160 cliains, thencu
west 40 chains tn place of commencement,
I, Commencing at a post planted on the south
sideof Keystone trull, I mile eustof Half-way
Creek ami marked "J. ll. White's uortli-west corner post," and running south 160 chains, thence
east 4U chains, thenco north 160 clialns, thenee
wost 40 chain* to place uf commencement.
Duted October 1st, IMM).
oct 14 J. II. WIMTK.
good potatoes, onions, carrots,
miucrkrnut, homo made pickles,
jam, etc., chicken or eggs, or
If there is anything wrong
About Your House
that wants Axing, Iron, opening your safe to cleaning your
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Nptlce U hereby given that SO dnys after date
I inteud to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lauds situate iu West Kooteuay district:
Com mend ok nt a post marked "L, H. Friser's
north-west corner" aud planted about 8H miles
north uf Cape Home on tho east side of Upper
Arrow Lake, about one half mile from the
shore; thence east 40 chains, thenoe south 160
chains, thonoe west 40 chains, thenee uorth 180
chains to the point of commencement.
Datod this Uth day of October, lftlrt.
oet20| L. H. KBA8BR-
Henry's Nurseries
Extra large Importation of
Rill RQ   t(1 lirrivo 'rum Holland, France
DUL09  and Japan lu September
For Fall Planting
Thnusuuds of Fruit aud Ornamental
Trees, Rhododendrons, Roses and hardy
ulauts now growing ou our own grounds for
future planting,
Niiospi'iiso, loss or delay of fumigation,
inspection nor customs duties to pay. Headquarters for Pacilic ('oast grown und itn
porled Gurden, Flold uud Flower Seeds.
Visitors are always welcome to Inspect
our stock.
r Greenhouse Plante.
Cut Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilisers
Hoe Hives und -Supplies, Spray Pumps uud
SprnviiiK material.
No ageuts—thorn fore you hnve no commission to pay. Our o-ttulogui) tolls you
almut It. Lot me price your list before
placing yonr order.
We do business on our own cmui-ds uo
rout to pay, and are prepared to moot nil
competition, Eastern prices or less. White
labor. Catalogues Freo.
j.«....houses: — SOW  Westminster   Road.
Itrauoh Nurseries: South Vancouver,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Business will Im oonduotsd on
a 0AIH BAM alter Oot 11th.
Criat Rsduotlon In Prion sttsr
thli dato.
Orosn Promptly Attondsd to,
W. Fleming
" The Roscian Opera Company"
Mr. Frank W. Walters, Tenor.
Miss Lucia Nola, Prima Donna, Soprano.
Mr. Hilliard Campbell. Baritone.
Miss Winnifred Crowley, Contralto.
Mr. John A. Dewey, Basso.
Miss Carrie Godfray, Mezzo,
Mr. Carl Hoffman, 2nd. Baritone.
Miss Irene Palmer, 2nd. Soprano.
Mr. Eddie Flavell, 1st. Comedian.
Miss Evelyne Horton, 2nd. Contralto.
Mr. Carl Von. Negern, Musical Director.
Friday Night   SgfSSfi? "MARTHA "
Saturday    onSS^SSSSw "Gifofle^Girofla'
26 Artists, and a Carload of Beautiful Scenery.   Sixty-Four
Trunks full of Elegant Wardrobe.
The Biggest and Grandest Organization that ever  Toured
Western Canada.
Notice Is hereby given that DO days alter date
I Intend lo apply ,o thc Chlel Commissioner o!
Unds and Worka lor a apeclal llconsp lo cut
and carry away limber irom the following
described lands situnto In the Yale Diatrict:
1. Commencing at a post planted a*, the nnrth-
eaat corner of tiiutt-r license No 8280, un Cherry
Creek and marks,. "II. Woolsey's north-west
corner post,' thence south ISO chains, tlience eaat
Ul chains, thence north 180 chaina, weat IU
chain, to point ot cututiiencemsnt.
Located 29th September, WIS.
1. Commencing at a poat planted at the south-
west corner o! 'timber license No. 8*71, on .uiiiii
Cherry Creek and marked " 11. Wot.lsey'a auuth-
east corner," theace north Sll chains, thence west
80 chaini. tlience aoutl. 80 chaina, theuce caat Su
chain, tothe point of commencement.
Located lit October, 1S0S.
S. Commencing at a post planted at tlio north-
we.t corner uf timber license No. 8S87 and marked
"I). Wooliey'a south-west corner," tlience not th
ISO chain., thence east ,0 chains, tlience south
160 chains, thence west 40 chains to. the point of
Located 2nd tl-ty of Orto.ier, 1U06.
1 Commencing al a post planted al Ihe
north-west corner ol limber license No. 8.87
and marked "It. Woolsey's south-east corner
post," thenee nortb 160 chain., Ihenee west 10
chains, thence south 1(0 chains, (hence eai. lo
chains to (be j-olnlol commencement.
Located 2nd October, IMS.
J. Commencing at a post planted abont 1',
mllea norlb-east ol tha south-east corner ol
timber license No. 8278 and marked " D, Wool-
aiy'snorili-wcs. corner poit," thence eut 80
chains, Uience wn tb 80 chains, tbince west 80
chiton, thence nortb 80 chains le thl point ol
Located llth October, IMS.
& Commencing at a post planted at tbo
south-east corner of timber license No. 8278
aad marked "D. Woolsey's south-west corner
poet, thenoe east 10 chains thence north 80
chalna, Uience east 10 chains, thence north 10
oka na, thenoe west SO chains, thenoe aouth 120
chalna to the potnt of commencement.
tootled Uth October, 1906.
Dated this tSth October, N06.
Oct 21 D. WOOLSEY.
Notice li hereby given that 60 daya afler date
I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landi and Works for pcruiiaaion to purchase
the following described lands ln West Kootenay, on tbe east shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a poet adjoining T, L 5108
on the south-west comer and marked "D,
Hewer's north-west corner post," thenceeast
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence weat
SS chains more or less to the shore of said lake,
thence north along the cast shore of said lake
80 chains to thc point of commencement.
Dated Oct. 16lh, >W6.
oct 21 D. DEWAR.
NOTICE ik hereof riven that, SO days after
data, I intend lo apply to the Chief Commissioner of Landsaud Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands
situated in West Kootenay diatrict:
Commencing at t pint planted on the Uke
shore about M chalna Irom the north-west enrner
of Lot llll and marked "Jas. McOuarrie's south-
east comer post," tbenee northsochains, tothe
north-west corner el Ut IIU, tbenee west so
chains, thence south to Uke shore, thence along
tbe lake shore to place of commencement, and
containing 10 acrei more or less.
Dated thli loth day ol September, 1008,
•ep 15 J. X. Taylor, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 days after date
I Iutond to aunty fx> tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud works [or a speoial license to cut
§pd cam away timber mm the following de*
scribed lands iu Big fiend distriot, of West
I, Commencing at a post planted about \ *i mile
Km east bank uf Columbia river, ubout 1% miles
low Rocky Point, marked "0, f, Mndmark's
south-west corner post," thence east ion chains,
imrth 40 chains, west fflO chains, south 40 cliains
to point of coinmencement.
i Commenolng at a "post planted alwut \ mile
frum east hank of Columbia river, and about Hi
mites below itocky Point, niarked "C. K. Unit-
mark's nortli-west eurner post," tlience east 100
I j ttii*s, soutli 40 chains, west 160 clialns, north jo
chains to point uf i-uiuiuoiiceiuutit,
Dated Oct, 0th, 1900.
8. Cummeiiceiiigat» post planted alwut \ mile
from east Imnk of Columbia rivor, und almut1,
mile below Itocky Point, "niarM "C. P. Lind
merk's south-west comer post." tlienc*. north 100
chains, east 40 elialm-, soutli IfiO chains, west 4(1
chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted almut l mile
(rem east bank oj Columbia river, and alwut U
mile below Itocky Poiut, marked "C. p, Lindmurk's smith-west corner post," tlience north nm
chains, east 40 chains, south 100 chains, west 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Oct. Mb, tvoti.
A, Commencing at a pest planted about 1U
miles from east hank of Columbia river, aud alwut
% mile lielow Rocky Point, marked "(J, V, Liudmark's south-went corner post," tlience nurth 100
chains, east 40 chains; south 100 ohains, west -to
chains to point of commencement,
fl. Commencing at a post planted alwut IE miles
from east Inini*. of Columbia river nlnnit J mile
below Rocky Point, marked "C. P. Mndmark's
south-west corner post," thence north 160 ohains,
east 40 chains, soutli 16u chains, west 40 clialns tu
point of commencement,
7. Commencing at a pent planted about 2\\
miles from east Innk of Columbia river and alwut
H mile below Rooky Point, marked "C. p. Liudmark's soutb-west comer post," tnence north 100
ohains, east |o chains, south 100 chains, west m
cliains to point of commencement,
I. Commencing al a post planted about 8
miles from east bank of Columbia river and
about K mile below Rocky Point, marked -c.
lv Lludinark's south-west corner post," thenee
north 160 chains, east 40 ebains, south 160
chslns, went 40 chains to pointof coramcuo-
9. Commeuelng its imst planted about:!1;
milos from east bank of Columbia river, and
about | mile bolow Rocky Point, marked "C,
F. Mndmark's south-west oorner post," thunce
norlh 100 chains, tast 40 ohains, south 160
chains, west 40 chains to pointof commencement. I
Daled (let, Otli. lWtt.
NOTICK la hereby given that thirty days
after dato I intend to uunly to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for special
license to cut uud curry away timber from the
following descrilied lands situated In Wost
Knntenay district, B.C.:
I, Commeuelng at a post marked "Ous
' und's south cast corner imst," about six
miles up French Creek, thence north SOchalns,
west 80 chains, south 80 chains, east 80 chains
to point ol commencement.
'1 Commenolng at a post marked "Ous
Lund's soutli west corner post," about six
miles up French Creek, thenee nortn 80 chains,
easi 80 chains, south 80 chains, wesl 80 chains
to poinl of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post marked "(ins
Lund's north-west coruer post," about six
miles up Preuch Creek, theuce east -40 chains,
smith 160 chains, west 40 chains, uorth 1(30
chains lo point of commencement.
4, Coinineneilig at a post marked "Gus
Lund's norlh-easl corner post," about six
mites up French Creek, thence west 40 chains,
south 100 chains, east 4u chains, north 160
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Kept, I6tli, 1906.
f>. commencing at a post marked "Cub
Lund's north-west comer post," about (our
miles upFreuch Creek, tbenee east 40 chains,
soutli iui ohains, west 40 chains, uorth 160
chains to point ol commencement.
0 Commenolng at a post marked "Gus
Lund'a south-east corner post." about one
mile up Uoldstream Irom mouth of French
Creek, thence north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
south 80 ebains, east 80 chaius to point of commencement
7. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south-west corner pust," about one
mile up Goldstream from mouth of French
Creek, ihence north 40 chains, east 160 chaius,
■outh 40 chains, west 160 ohains to point ol
9. Commencing at a post marked "Ous
Lund's south-west corner post," planted at the
north-west oorner of Timber Limit 7&50, thence
north 40 chains, eut 160 chains, south 40
chains, west 100 chains to pointol commencement.
10. Commencing at a post marked "v. us
Lund's south-west corner post," about one
mile from mouth of renob Creek, thence
north 80 chains, east 80 chains, south 80 chains,
west 80 chaius to point of commoncement.
Lated Sept. 18th, 1906.
II, Commeneing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west cornor post," about 10
eiialiis north (rom north-east corner of Timber
Limit 7556, thence south 8) ohains, east 80
chains, uorth 80 chains, west 80 chains to
pointof commencement,
Daled sept. 19th, 1906.
15. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west oorner post." planted at the
north-east cornerof Timber Limi' 7673, th-nce
souih 80 chains, east to chains, north 80 chains,
westso chains to point of commencement.
13. commenolng at a post marked "Uus
Lund's north-west comer post," planled at the
south-west corner of Timber Limit 020K, thence
south 80 chains, eastDOehalns, north Suehalns,
weat 80 chains to poiut of commencement.
14. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's north-west corner post," planled at the
south-west corner of Timber Limit flaw, thence
south 80 chains, east so chains, nortb go ch .Ins,
west 80 ohains to point of commencement.
16 Commeneing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post" planted at tbe
south-west corner of Timber Limit 7546, thence
south 80 chains, east 80 chains, north SOchainn,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. aotb, 1906.
16. Commencing at a post marked "Gua
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
seuth-west co ner of Timber Limit 7647. thence
south 80 chaius, east 80 chains, nortb 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
17. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
south-west corner of Timber Limit 7Mi, thence
soutli 80 chains, east SOohains, north 80 chains,
west 80 ohains to point ol commencement.
18 Commenolng at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west oorner post." planted at the
north-east eorner of Timber Limit 7661, theuce
south 80 chains, oastsochains, north 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 91at. 1908,
19, Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
south-west corner of Timber Limit 7673, thence
suuth 80 chains, east 80 ohains, north80chains,
west 80 cha[ns to point of commencement,
20. Commencing at a pout marked "Uus
Lund's north-west corner post," plauted at tho
south-east corner of Timber Limit 7673, thence
south (lOchains, eul SOohains, north 80 chains,
wost 80 clialns to point of commencement,
'Jl. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's nonh west corner post," at the southwest comer of No. IS, thenceeast 80ehaiiis,
south 80 chains, westSOebalus, north 80 chains
to pointol coinmencement,
Datod Sept. WnOt 1900.
'il. Commencing at a post marked 'Gus
Lund's north-wesl coruer post," planted at lhe
Koutb-uust enmor of No. 14, thence east 80
chaius, south Ko chains, west 80 clialna, north
80 chains to point of commencement,
23, commencing at a post inarked "Uus
Lund's north-wesl corner post," planted at the
south-west corner ol No, Id. Ihence east go
chaius, south 80 chains, west 80 chains, north
80 chains to poiut ol commencement,
2\. Commonolng at a post marked "Uus
Lund's norlh-west corner post," at tho southwest corner ol No. 16, thence cast 80 chains,
suuth 80 chains, west 80 chains, nurth 80 chain I
to point of commenoement,
26, Commonolng at a post marked "Uus
Lund's norlh-easl corner post," at the northwest corner of Timber Limit 7073, thence soutn
80 chains, woit 80 ebains, north 80 chains, oast
80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sopt. '23rd, 1906.
oot 10
Notice Is hereby given that thirty daya alter
date 1 Intend to apply to lhe Chlel Commls.
•lonor ol Unds and worka Inr a special license
tc cut and carry away timber Irom the follow-
Ing described lands In Weil Kootenay Oniric:
.. Commencing at a post planted alatut two
miles south of Cape Horn, on east sideof Upper
Arrow Lake aud marked "Philip King', north,
west conier," thence 80 chains easl. thence 80
chain, snutli. thence 80 chains weat thence 80
chains north tn pnint nf ceininencvinent,
I. Commencing at Philip King's smitli west
comer, one mile from the Lake, thence SO chain,
north, thence So chains east, thence 80 chains
ninth, thenee SO chalna west tn point nl' commencement.
Dated October 6Ui, .108
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter dale I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works Ior a s| eoial license tn cut
and carry awsy timber Iron, the following described lauds situate on tl.e
east side of Upper Arrow Lake, West
K'Kitcnay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted
nbuut 1 mile east ot Arrow Lake on
the bank of a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lako about 2 milo north
of tl.e mouth ol McDonald Creek and
niarked "J. MoClay'B north-west corner," thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
tlienci north 80 chains to the point ol
2. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 miles east ol Arrow Lake on
the bank ot a small creek emptying
inly Arrow Lake, about lj miles uortli
of the. mouth ot McDonald Creek, and
marked "J. McClay's north-nest corner post," thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
the point ol commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 miles east ol Arrow Lake on
the bank ol a small creek emptying
inlo Arrow Lake, about 11 miles north
of the mouth ol McDonald Creek and
marked "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence east 80 chains,
Ihence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 ohains to the
point ol commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted
about 2 miles east ol Arrow Lake on
the hank of a small oreek emptying
into Arrow Lake, about lj miles north
of the mouth of McDonald Creek and
marked "J. McClay's south-west oorner post," thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chaina, thence west 80
chains, Ihence south 80 chains to the
point of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post planted
oo the east bank of the nortb lork of
McDo-iald Creek, about lj miles above
tbe mouth ol said north fork and
marked "J. McClay's north-west eorner post," thence east 160 chainB,
tbenee south 10 chains, thence west
160 chains, thence north 40 chains to
the point of commencement.
6. Commencing at a post planted
on the west side of the north fork of
McDonald Creek, about 2J miles above
the mouth of said nortb fork and
marked "J. McClay's north-west corner post," thence east 80 ohains,
thenoe south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
the point ol commencement.
. 7. Commencing at a post plantod
one mile eaat Irom a point on the
north fork of McDonald Creek, about
2J miles above the mouth of said
north fork and marked "J. McClay's
north-west coiner post," thenceeast
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
tbenee west 80 chains, thence north
80 chainB to the point ol commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
one mile eaat Irom a point on the
north fork of McDonald Creek situate
about 2J miles above the mouth of
said nonh fork and marked "J. McClay's south-west enrner poBt," thenco
e„st 80 chains, thence nortl. 80 chains,
thonce west 80 chains, thence south
80 chains to the pointol commence-
9. Commencing at a post planted
on tl.e east side o( tho north fork ot
McDonald Creek, about 3J miles above
mouth of said north fork and marked
"J.McClay'a north-west corner/'theuce
east 80 chains, thence aouth 80 chains,
tlience west 80 ohains, thence nortl.
80 chains lo the point ol commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
on the wc»t side ol the north fork of
McDonald Creek about 2J miles above
the mouth ol said nortl. fork and
marked "J. McClay'a south-east cor-
ner," thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of
11. Commencing at a post planted
on the east side of tho north fork of
McDonald Creek, about 3J miles above
the mouth ol said north fork and
niarked "J. McClay'a south-west corner post," thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
the point ol commencement.
Looated September 26th, 1006.
Dated this 8th day ol October, 1906,
oot 14 J. MoOLAY.
Notice fs hereby given that 60 dars after duto
I Intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works for permission to
purchase the following described land situate
In the Wosl Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner T. C. 7683, and marked "Clara McOuarrie's south-west corner," tlience uortli an
cliains, thence east 40 chains.thence south20
chains, thence west 40 chains to place of commencement, and cintainlng m acres more or less,
n relocation of Songster's preemption.
Dated this 10th day of September, 1906.
sep 13 M It. McQuarrie, Agent.
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission
to purchase the following desciibed lands In the
West Kootenay district, on west side uf the Columbia river, about three miles from Arrowhead:
Commencing (it a post planted at William Urug-
son's north-west corner, ihenee west 40 chains to
T. i urtis' north-east corner, tlience suuth 40
chains to Wyne's north-west corner, thence east
40 chains to Day's south-west corner, theuce
north 40 chains to point of commencement, and
containing 160 ncres mure uf less.
Located -Sept. 4th, 1908.
sep 8 By his Agent, S. J. Harlow.
Notice ia hereby given that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands
Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated in
West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north side of Downie Creek, about
one-fourth of a mile south of the
Downie oreek trait, near the 21 mile
post and marked "Ernest McBean's
south-west corner," thence north 40
chains, thence east (10 chains, thence
soulh 40 chains, thence west 00 chains
to pointof commencement, contain
ing 210 acres more or less.
Dated this llth day of Sept., 1000.
sep 20       '   ERNEST MeBEAN,
Certificate of Improvements.
Silver Bell and Laurel Mineral Claims, situate
iu the Illecillewaet Alining Division of Kootenny District.
Where located;-Three-quarters of a mile eaat
of Illecillewaet
Take notice that I, J, A. Kirk, acting as agent
for John Newell, Free Miner's Certificate No.
R. 88504; O. Robort Dalit, Froe Minor's Certificate No. B. 88.VJ6; and George W. Jells, Free
Minor's Certificate No. B. 88395. inteud, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that aotlon, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 80th day of September, A.D., 1906
oot 30 J. A. KIRK.
Notice is hereby glvou that .'Hi dnys after date
I Intend to n-pply to the Chiof Commissioner of
Lands and works for a speoial licenso to cut
and carry awny timber from the following described lands on Uppor Arrow Lakes, MoKon
zle Creok, Galena Hay district, West Kootonay:
Commencing at a post planted at the north
oast corner or Timber Limit No. OUS, marked
"II. II, Banks' north-west conmr post," running south 80 chains, thenco oast 80 chaius,
thenoe north 80 clialns, thenoo woat 80 chains
to point of eommoucemont.
Dated this 18th day of October, UKM,
oct 24 II. H. BANKS,
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date 1
Intend In apply tu the lloiimiritble the Cbiel Commissioner oi Lauds and Works for permission lo
mircliumi the following described lauds in the district of West Kootcuu), Itevelstoku division;-"
Commencing at a post plauted on the wust bank
uf lhe Columbia River opposite Ill-Mile Kuphls
and marked "K. C. McCarter's south-east corner
pust," thence went 1*0 chains, thencu north mi
chiiiim, thenee east *.«) clialns inure or less to the
west liiink of the Columbia Itiver, thencu south
following the wust bunk of llie Columbia River \'.o
chains more or less to the pointof eonimeucuiueiit.
Dated Octulter 19th, 100(1.
NOTICK 18 HKKKHY UIVKN that sixty days
after date I Intend to upply tu thu Hon, Chief
Cutmiiissluiier uf Lands ami Works fur permission
to im rd nue the following described lands situate
in the Wost Kootenay district.
Commencing at a post plunted at thu north-east
comer of Lot 2447 ami marked "J. Paxton's northwest corner." thonce oust 40 chains, thence soutli
80 chains, thencu wust 40 chains, tlienco nurth 80
chains to place uf commuiicemoiit and cnntuhilng
tHUucnts more or less.
Dated this lOtli day of Huplenilwr, 1900.
Wm, Toye, Agont,
sep 16
Notice Is hereby given Hint SO days after dato I
Intend to apply to the Honourable .he Chlel Com.
missioner ol Lands am! Worki for psrmlsslon lo
purchase the Inllnwltlg ileserllieil laiuls In the ills,
trlct ul West Koiitcnny, Ilevelstoke .I1v1h1i.ii:--
Ctiiiimiiiii'liig at a pust planted on the weit bank
ol the Ilivor almut hall a mllo lielow
Prleit Hapltls and marked "W, 11. Sutherland's
niirth'weat corner post," tlience aoutl. so chains,
thence eaat 10 chalna mure or lean tn the weat bank
ol the Columbia Biver; thenco In a nurUfwcsterly
direction and following the west bank of the (!..f.
umbla Itiver to thu point of commencement.
Dated this ISih day of October, 1008.
Notice is hereby given lhat application
will be made to lhe Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia at the
nexl session, for an Act, incorporating a
Company tu build, equip, maintain and
operate a line or lines ol' railway of standard or other guage, with any kind of
motive [rawer from a poinl on Upper Arrow
Lake, West Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thence following the Columbia Kiver
northerly on either side to a point at or
near the confluence of Canoe River with
the Columbia River and tlience following
along Canoe River on eilher side, to a
point at or near Tete Jaune Cache, on
Fraser River, wilh power lo construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from lhe main
line of railway; and with power to construct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and to
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith; and lo construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph aud telephone lines along the routes of the said
railway aud its branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages lor
commercial purposes; to generate electricity and supply light, heat and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
(he necessary buildings and works, and to
generate any kind of power for the purposes aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
tor reward; and to acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance in aid of the
construction of the Company's undertaking; and to connect with and enter inlo
traffic or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, and to
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of thc " Water Clauses
Consolidation Act"; and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to the premises, and for other
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 1906.
Solicitors for the Applicants-
NOTICK fs hereby given that 60 days after date
I Intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described landi tnthe
West Kootenay District, on the east side of Upper
Arrow Lake, alwut 6 miles north of Nakusp:—
Commencing at a post planted near the Lake,
thunce north 40 chains, tnence west 20 chains,
thence nurth 20 chaini, thencu west 20 chains,
thencu south 60 chains, more or less, io the Arrow
Lake, thence tast 60 chains along the lake to
point uf commencement, containing 100 acres
more or luss.
Dated this 17th day of Sept., 1906.
sep20 L J. KDWARDH, Locator.
Notice Is heroby given that sixty days alter
dato I Intend to apply to the Chief Com*
missioner of Lauds and Works for permission
to purchase tbe following described lands Id
the dlstrictof West Koolenay:
Commenolng at a post marked "Herbert Rod-
fern's uorth-wost corner itost," and planted ou
ihe east hank of the Columbia river, about four
miles soulh of Nakusp; thouco oast 40chains,
thenco south 40 chains, thouce west 40 ehalus,
thonce uorth 40 chillis to point of commeucemeut, containing 160 ucros moro or less.
Dated the 20th Septemlwr, A.D., 19(10.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days from date 1
intend to upply to the Honorable the Chief Com
missioner of Uinls and Works for permission to
pun-huso the following descrllwd lands lu the
Wust Kootenay Dislricl:
Cummencing at a poll marked "L F. Mo*
Pmiguld's south-west eorner," planted on tbo
east sldeol Upper Arrow Lake, fl miles north of
Nakusp, II,<:„ theuce norlh 20 chains, Ihuneu
cast 40 chains, thence north liU ohains, theuce
cast 4u chains, thencu south 60 chains, more or
less, to Arrow Lake, thence westward w chains
more or loss, along the Arrow Lake to Hut ul
commencement, containing 200 acres more or
Datod this loth day of October, lvui.
oot 14 L. F. McDOUOALD
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply to the chief Coiiimhvdonor of
Lands and Works fnr permission to purchasutlie
following described land In West Kootunny, two
iniles simtuuf Nakusp:
Commencing at a post marked M, It. ,l.'s north-
wust corner,'1 thouco 80 chains east, 40rtialns
soulh, ho chains west, 40 chains north to place of
commencement., containing Wacres more or less
Located Sent, Mtli, 1900
sup 19 J. R, JAMIKHON.
days after dato 1 Intond lo apply lo the
ihlcf Commissioner of Land* and Work" for a
spocial license to cut and curry away timber
from lho following doscribod lands In Wost
Kootonay distriot:
Commonolng atn post marked "II. H. Banks'
north-west oorner," and planted at the southwest corner of Timbor Limit No, 0148. at Galena Bar, running south 40 chains or to post
No, 7043, thenco west 90 ohains or to post No.
7043, thonco south 40 chains, thonco east 80
ohains, thence north 80 chaius, thenco wost 00
chains to place of commencement,
Dated this 19lh October, 1900.
Oot 24 IL IL BANKS).
Notice is hereby given that 3d days alter date
I Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner
of Lauds and works (or a special llceuse to cut
and carry away timber from the following
descrilied lands 111 the district of West Kooicnay, Revelstoke Division:
Commencingat a post planted on the east
sideof the Columbia river, and about 2 miles
from river on the north sideof a small creek,
uud about 2 miles above Carnes Creek, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 ehalus, thence
south 80 chains, tiience west 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Datod 22nd day of September, 1906.
octll A. F. JOHNSON,
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date
wo intend to apply to the Hou. Chief Commissioner uf Lands aud Works for permission to
Surchnse tho following doscribed lands iu the
istrlct of West Kootenay:
Commenoing ut a post planted 20 chains west
from the north-east corner of Lot 4,949, nud
marked "Big Bend Lumber Company's southwest corner post," theuce uortli 60 chains;
theuce eust 40 chains; theuce youth 65 chaius,
moro or less, to tho lake shore; theuce west
alongshore to south-east comer of Lot 4,949:
thence nortli 1 chaius to uorth-eust cornerof
Lot 4,1)49; thenco wost 20 ehuins to poiut of
Dated October 2nd, 1906.
oct 6 Bio Bend Lumber Co,, Ltd.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works to purchase tbe following
described lands situatod 111 the district uf West
Commencing at a pust pluced at thu north-west
corner of Lut L44l«, marked '-J. R, Mackenzie's
south-east comer," thence west 40 cliains, thence
north 40 chains, thence east 40 chains to shore of
Lake, thencu following shore uf Uke to starting
point.  Containing 100 acres.
Dated the 15th day of Sept. 1900.
sep 10 By J. A. Magee, his agent.
Notice Ib hereby given that 60 daya alter date
(intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase thc following described Itnds
in West Kootenay District:
Resinning ata post marked "Margaret Hammond's south-west corner." and planted on
the east shore ol Upper Arrow Lake, about one
mile south of Cape Horn; them-e north b0
cliains, thence west 40 |cualiis, more or less, to
the shore ol Arrow Lake, thence following the
lake sbore In a general southerly and easterly
dlreulion 80 chains, more or less, to Hnt of
commencement; containing 820 acres, more or
Dated Oils 1st day of October, 1906.
oct 10       MAUUAKET HAMMOND,
By F. L, Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days from date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. thu Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, In the West
Monteiiay district, wust shore of Upper Anow
"Commencing at & post marked ",). L, Hirsch's
sontli west comer" atthe south «aat comer of
Lut 4670: and about lj miles south uf Fosthall
Creek; llnmee north 80 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence souih 80 chains, thence west 40
chains to puint of commencement, containing MO
acres nmre or less.
Dated this tlst day uf May, 1906.
net 18 Per Ralph Hlye, Agent.
KT OTICK Is hereby given that 60 days aftor
ll date I intend to apply lo the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of landsaud Works
fur permission topurohaou thu following described laiulH in tho \Vtjyl Kootenay district,
(ialeiiii Hay. cost ulde of Upper Arrow Uike;
Commencing nl a poet planted at P, MaherV
wiulh-east corner and marked "Hruc-u A. Law*
miu'h north-east cornor --out," theuce south *■■
chains, theuco west 40 chains, thence nurth 20
ohnins, thenee uut 20 chains, thence north 20
chain-, thence m-i *Ji chains to place of com
nieiici'in.'iii aiiil containing 1&* acres more or
Dated Oaleiia Hay, this loth duy uf s pi. 1906
sep 16 BBUOK A. LA WHON.
Noll.-e Is hereby given thai 10days slier dale
I Inli'iid It, at,ply It. Il.u l-.n-l.'on..iii-t„ti,.r ul
Land, ami Wurk. lor a special llceuse to cut
nnil .any away timbor Imm the fullowlng lauds all..ale ll. ll.e Valu district:
I, ..'...iiittuiiclng ala iiosi marked "H.ltlir.
north-easl curuer .,-,»(,'• planleil about ouo
mil,-i.,i*l ul lln- Hliuswa.. river, about 0ui!les
nur.I. ul Cherry Creek, au chains,
llienee west ao cltalns, theuce uorlh ni clislui,
iiiuiicc cast so ci.aina .,> point of oomnenw-
Dated Sep.. lull., 1100.
■1. Commencing at a ik,«. marked "8, Hill's
miiiiii en-t cornor |«at,'' planted on ihu west
hank ul lhe shuswap river, about 1 mllea soulb
ul Sugar hake, theuco west SO chaius,.Iicucc
nnrth 80 chalna, tliuuco eaal an chains, thunce
snutli su clialns lo point ol commeucemenl.
II, ..ommenclng a. a .an. marked "». ..Ill's
suulh east comer post,'' planted oo the west
hn nk nliln. Hit uswap river, aboul fi miles south
olHugsr Lake, Ihence west ao chains, uorlh «u
ohalna, cast Kd clialna, them-t- south suehalns
to imiut ol commencement,
., a. amis, marked "S. Hill's
tiiirilii-iMt eurner posi,"' planleil ou the west
bank ol the Hlmswap itiver ain... .'.miles lou.h
ol Sugar Lake, .hence west SO chains, .hence
.milli su chaini, thonco caat 80 chaini, thence
north at. ebal... to point ol commencement.
... ilon.met.cln, at a poat marked "H. Illll'.
north east corner poa!,'' planted un Ihe wwt
hank nl the Shuswap Kivor, abuut r, mllea
south ol Sugar Lake, thenco west to chains,
Ihence soulb ICO chains, tlience cast to chains,
Ihence north ISO chains to point ol comm.nce-
Dated Sep., lllli, 11W»,
(Mil i. M"i
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Landa
and Works Ior a special licence to cut
and carry away timber Irom the following desciibed lands situated ia
West Kootenay district, Ii. li,
1. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-east corner poat,"
planted ubout IK) chains north ol Boyd
creek, and about 2\ miles Irom Fish
creek, niiii.ii.g south 80 ehnins, thence
west 80 chaius, thence north 80 chaina,
thence east 80 chaina to tbe poiut of
2. Commencing at a p st marked
' J. M. Kellie's north-west coruer post,"
planted about 60 chains north ol Boyd
creek and about 2\ miles Irom Fish
ereek, running uouth 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to point oi
Dated 12th October, lKOti.   '
J. M. Kellie, Locator,
By his agent George Edge.
3. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-east comer post,"
planted about 60 chains north of Boyd
creek and about 4, miles Irom Fish
creek, running west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to the point ol
4. Commencing at a post marked
"J.M. Kollia's north-west corner post,"
planted about 60 chains nortb oi Boyd
creek and about 4J miles from Fish
creek, running eaat 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point oi
5. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie'b north-west corner post,"
planted about 25 chains north of Boyd
creek and about 6} miles irom Fish
creek, running east 160 chaini, thenoe
south 40 chains, thenoe west 160
chains, thence north 40 chains to
point ol commencement.
Dated 12th October, 1906.
J. M. Kellie, Locator,
oct 17    By his agent J. B. McKeune,
Notice is hereby given that 30 daya
..Iter date I intend to apply lo the
Hon. Cbiel Commissioner oi Lands
and Works lor a special license to out
aud carry away timber irom the following described lands situated in
West Kootenay distriot, B. C.
Coinnieiiciiig al a poat marked "A.
1'ayne's south-west corner post,"
planted on tbe north-east oorner oi
Berth 711*, on the Big Bend trail,
theuce north 40 chains, east 160
chains, south 40 obaina, west 160
chains to point ol commencement.
Dated October 10th, 1006.
oct 14
Notice is hereby given that within
30 day. Iron, date we intend to apply
to] the Hou. the Cbiel Commissioner
of,Lands ii Works for a speoial license
to cut and carry away timber Irom
the following described landa, situated
in Weat Kootenay distriot:
Coinmeneing at a post planted at
the north-east corner ot Lot S6V4,
about 10 ohains nortl. ol tbe Trout
Lake wagon road, marked "Bowman
Lumber Company's south-east oorner
limi," thence north 80 chaina, west
IW) chaina, south HO ohains, east 80
chains,aouth 2llc!iaii.a, east 60obaina,
south 40 ohains, eaat 30 obaina to
point ol oom.nei.cen.ent,
Dated this 10th dayol October, 1906,
oct 13      Bowman Limam Co.
Certificate of Improvements.
Adventurer, Iron Duke., OutlooiTSSi
Sunshine mineral claims, situate lu tbe Arrow
Uke Mining Division of Weat KiMtMU.1 Oto-
«li.-i» liMii-l; i.n the north tide ol Phunton
Cn-ek, a..mi 5 miles wost ol Arrow Uke."
Take iiiitk-etliall, John Urumiaund Anderaon
t.UL u! Trail, B. C, agent lor Tli.utM Abriel
F.M.C Nu. lit™,, Ulchard -imitb, F.M.C. No
liam aid Klluls-th Snllt. F.M.C. No. MoM,
ntmd slny dayilromtbe -late htm .1, toapply
to the M.ning Kecurtler (or Csrtlkate.of lmprcv.
menu, tho purpine u! "Raining Crowa (Irani.
Ol the above t-Ulna
And further Uke nuticu that action, nailer ae..
lion 117, mu.t he commenced belore tbe Issuance ol
turn Certificate, nf Ituprnvem.aU.
Dal.-, thia lath .lay o! June, UM.
Our Hange ol Itlmikets never as good as now. Nice, soft, all-wool, tinslirinkablo blankets
Belling at $3.50, fS.00, -$6.50, $8.00 and $10.00. These Blankets wcro taught from the best
n ills in Canada before the rise in price, milking the value and prices lower than any in the
at the present time.
COMFORTERS—We have Comforters—all the Best kinds-Prices milling Irom $1.75, $2.50
$3 00 end $4.50,   Down Comforters at $8.50, $10 nnd $12.
FLANNELETTE SIIEETS-White and Grey,   A lull assortment In stock.
PII.LOWS-Good Feather and Down   Pillows.    Prices, 75c, $1.25, $2..r)0i anil $3,00e«oh,
FURS !   FURS I!   At prices that will save yon money.
that never    REID    &    YOUNG  that never
disappoints   ili-1*^    **»     ■ ^ w ■ M *"  disappoints
■ti .T. .♦. .T. »T. .♦. .**rt .-Pi .♦. .T. .T« .T. .'
iii ix" "X' 'A" "X1 "X" "X* "X* *X* 'X' *X" 'X1 *.
A Tonic!
If you want an excellent
Tonic and easy to Uke. get a
$1.00 bottle of our Port Wine
—bottled especially for ourselves.       	
T Canada Drug & Book
S    Company, Limited.
.♦. .♦■**■ .♦. A A A .Ta sTi A ."P. .»
+    T    W    "   T    4>    +    *    +    * *■
Wednesday, Oct. 31.—For 24 hours.
—Light winds, foggy nnd cloudy,
possible rain, but indications of fine
Wednesday, Oct.  31,  Bean  Supper,
Y. M. C. A.
Friday, Nov.  2,   " Martha," Opera
House, RoBciau Opera Compairy.
Saturday, Nov. 3,  " GiroHe-Girolla,"
Opera Houae, Roscian Opera Co.
Monday,   Nov.
Harold  Jurvis,
tenor, and Wallace Gratia-
Tliur-day, Nov. 8, Jessie McLacblan
Concert Co., Opera Houbc
Wednesday, Nov. 14,  Hospital Ball,
Opera House.
Local and General.
Bon't forget there is tonight
The Y. M. C. A's. big bean fight.
D. Woolsey has returned Irom a
timber cruising trip.
Mi. and Mrs. C. B. Hume returned
on Monday evening from their visit
to New Brunswick.
The Rev. James Turner will take
the Bervicen ou Sunday next iu the
Methodist Churcll.
H. J. Parliam is visiting Mr. and
Mrs. T, E. L. Taylor for a lew days,
en route fur Fuirview.
Snow fell yesterday for the lirst
time, on the flat, but was uut in
sufficient quantity to lay.
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Graham, Opera House, Monday, Nov 5.  Popular Prices.
Tl.e Forget-me-not Club will hold
their danee in Selkirk Hall on Wednesday evening. Mr. Mitchell will be
B-a.tttut floor manager,
Swedish Methodist and not Swedish
Lutheran, is the title which should
have- been given in tl.e article referring
to tl.e -ale ol work in our last issue.
The meat market carried on by W.
Fleming hat been purchased by
Messrs. J. Evans and J I, Woodrow,
who will now carry un the business.
W. Simpson, ugc-.l 29, who has been
ii. th. h ispital lor many months with
an Injured spin.-, died yesterday. The
liinern, I - k place this alternoon Ir.i.i
Knox church,
Mr, J. A. Bermlng, home western
Secretary ,,f ll.e Brotherhood of 8'.
Andrews, will be in the city on Friday
Nov, 2nd, and will meet lhe local
council .il th- rectory in the evening
at eight o'clock.
Ramsay's chocolate., QanODg'l milk
ehocdlale aud Cowin'l cream bars,
0, B. Hume i Co.
Why do you bake your own bread
when we can deliver it to you fresh
from the oven every day. There is
none better, il any as good.
Cakes and Pastry
A large assortment of Cakes and
Pastry on hand.
Quality and workmanship A 1.
We have some ol the very
newest things in writing papers.
They mult surely interest
people who are particular as lo
their correspondence.
All the latest weights, shapes
and textures.—Prices low.
SEE OUR B0 cent pound
package ol  LINEN   PAPER.
Drufffflst snd Stationer,
Mit lb. Iiom. block,
Hm! Rwslte Prompt Attm.lon.
Thousands of pampalets have been
secretly printed in Zurich and Geneva
ollering $25,000 for the life of tlie
Czar, and half that sum for his son.
The pamphlets have been smuggled
across the line into Russia.
The bodies ol six ot the crew of the
French submarine boat Luten, have
lieen recovered. All the bodies were
in a horrible condition owing to the
action oi acids. They were identified
by means ol objects found on them.
J. R. Anderson, deputy minister of
agriculture, passed through here yesterday from Nelson, en route for
Calgary, where he will represent
British Columbia at a conlerence on
the cattle trade. The conference opens
Thc police magistrate has been busy
this week dealing out the sentences ol
the law to careless owners ol cattle,
who have allowed their cattle to stray
promiscuously about the city. No
less than six cases and some old
offenders have been dealt with.
Sir George Drummond, who has
returned from England, suys that if
tbe Dominion would give running
powers to the Grand Trunk and C. P.
R. Irom Montreal over the 1, C. R.
to Halifax, the problem of the four
days Atlantic voyage would be solved.
The work on the survey of the city
streets preparatory to tlie laying down
of sewers is progressing rapidly, the
whole of tho uppor town being practically finished. L. H. Buck will take
two days this week to make his calculations and thon will commence nn
the lower town.
A good sign of the times iB the
buoyant feeling prevalent in local
business circles for an incrensool prosperity.    No boom is looked Iur, lint u
steady and permanent improvement,
which is much bettor. All merchants
report a big increase of business over
.lie curesponding period of lasl year
and are gre tly enlarging their stocks.
The Liberals ol Kamloops are getting ready for the next provincial
election and notices are out calling a
convention for November 2li, to nominate a oandidate to oppose Hon. F J.
Fulton. Dr. M, S. Wade, editor of the
Inland Soutinel, will very probably
receive the support ui the convention
us a likely man to place in lhe field.
The French loreign office has
authorized the Associated Preii at
Paiis to deny the reports circulated
uf the existence ut a military eunven-!
tiun between Great Britain. France
and Italy, or between France and
Great Britain, or that diplomatic
ueg'itiations fur sueh a convention
have been 0|>eiied.
We have received a copy of Ibe
Hod an-l Gun, nnd .Motor Sports ...
Canada," for November. Aa usuii!
this maga/inc teems with articles
relating to Inn.ling and sport, every
brand, being represented, " Twin
Butte,' an excellent little article from
the pen -J a Ri-ielstiike citizen, Mr.
B. it. Atkins, Ii full uf  Interest,
AntOmobillng, the sport of kings, has
a large scr.tiuii to its credit, and the
Alpine Club camp is well described,
This is certainly a magazine that
ih'iiiiil l« found iu every Rome
Just tin- season ol the your for
Johnston's Fluid  Beef   and  Bovrll,
fur sale in  any  quantities   at   C. B,
Ilinul-A Cu.'s.
Hot water and Fountain
syringes, we havo opened a beautilul
line, very best material. — Canada
Drug Store.
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Business Locals.
Wall paper at Howson's Furniture
Oranges, lemons and bananas arrive
fresh daily.   C. B. Hume & Co.
Ring up 'Phone 22 for a nice tender
steak or roast.
Carpet squares at Howson's Furniture Store.
Swoet potatoes, celery and cabbage,
in first-class condition. C. B, Hume
4 Co.
Lamp shade papers and Frames,
Tinfoil, Flower wire, Celluloid in sheets
—all sold at the Canada Drug Store.
Ostermoor are what you
want fnr comfort. R. Howson has
Fresh Chocolates, In fancy boxes
only Liiivney, Webbs or McConkeys,
at tl.e Canada Dnig Store.
lt you want any scientific bunks ou
Mining,    Milling,    Lumbering,  and
Mechanics of any   kind,  go   to  the
Canada Drug Store for it.
* *» •
New Westminster, Oot,  B0.—A
young man named Hay bus liecn
brought into town from Mission
Junction with a badly crushed loot.
Hc was taken to the Royal Columbian
hospital, where it was lound ne,*, ssary
In amputate the injured member, and
he is now doing as well as euuld lie
expected. The young fellow, who is a
native ol Revelstoke, where his father
owns a ranch, was In charge ol a car
load of stock coming (rom tin- cut,
and had gut oil at Mission t" get a
drink of water. !(>• attempted t-
board the tral as it waa moving, but
missed bis iisiting. li was only by
the greatest good luck be was not
killed at once by tbe moving train.
His lather, H. F. Hay, has arrived
hen- from Kevelstoke.
K ll. Lewie, Ksij,
General Ag nt,
Imperial Guarantee & Accident Co.
Deal Sir: Please accept my thanks and satisfactory nny
ment of my sickness claim under
policy No. 10006
1 was taken ill before tho receipt ot
my pulicy and was agreeably surprised
to learn thnt although tl.e policy was
not in my possession, 1 was none the
less insured, and received a cheque in
payment on Sept. 13. It will lie a
pleasure lo mc to always say a good
word for'your com puny and the
prompt way you adopt in s ttlement
ol claims.
You.s very truly,
M. S. Hastings.
. ,«-,-»	
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Graham, Opera House, Monday, Nov. 5.  Popular Prices.
I. C. S.
Samples and Methods of In
struciion by Mail,
Oneol thc finest methods ol learning and one which has produced such
beneficial results iB that adopted by
the International Correspondence
Schools at Scrantoii, Pa, These schools
have a world renowned system of
teaching by mail and from the large
number of branches all over the world,
and from the records of successes
attained by those who have taken up
various courses of instruction, one can
judge of how thorough and at the
same time easy is tl.e method used by
the correspondence system oi teaching.
A very comprehensive and instructive
exhibition may be seen in the window
oi J. G. Macdouald's store on First
Street, where samples ol work done by
pupils, specimens of the various subjects thst oan be taken up, articles oi
home and self teaching, instruments
and books of different kinds. Languages are easily taught, a phonograph
being used to give the correct pronunciation, and almost every subject is
dealt with. These schools are particularly beneficial to those who are
unablo to attend special colleges and
schools, and moreover the fees charged
by the I. C. S. are far more reasonable.
The window exhibit is well displayed
and gives a good idea ol what work
can be done by correspondence. J.
W. Bennett, the representative of this
part ol Canada, with headquarters in
Nelson, can testify to the fact that
many successes ol a high description
have been attained by using the
methods ol the correspondence schools
at Scrantoii, Pa.
Pleases every Smoker -the " Maroa
Of Concrete. Hollow Blocks, Stone, Brick or
Frame Buildings. DEALER In Cement, Lime,
Concrete Hollow Blocks, and other building material*.  All labor and naterlals flrst-class.
Plastering and Plastering Supplies a Specialty.
VfOTlVE IS HKUKRY (IIVEN tha. thirty
. l days ufler daht I intond to apply to I h:.
Chief I 'ntmnlssloner of Lands nnd Works for &
special lice'ipc to rut and earry awny timlier
from the faitowlni/described lands situated
in (In; districl of \\ o.4 Kootenai*:
i. Comiuenolnf at a post marked "Alex. Mo-
Rao's north-west cornor," planted on the Hammill
Creek Ira'l, about li miles from Argenta, running
caat itin clialns, thence smith in i'liains thenca
ait ifj-ji'lmm-., thence north 40chains to place< f
■mm,* nee menl.
2. ('umuiencii)fral n ['u-1 murked "Alex. Me-
Raii * north-wast corner," planted on the Hani-
mil Creek trail. About 10 miles from Artfcnt-n,
'•uniiifin cu-*! iu> chains, tbenee south Hi eliains,
theuce wesl imi chains, thence north 10 chains
lo point of cummeiiueiuent.
3. Cum llienei nn at n posl marked "Alex.
MoRae* north*eael cornor," planted on ihu
Ilummil CiiiL-k trail, ubout 10 miles from Ar-
Ken t.t. i imiiinK west I GO chains, thenoe south 40
chains, thenoe caat l«"» ohalni, thence north 10
ohalni in point of commencement.
Dated October 18th. 1000.
oct 31 A. McltAE.
Notice is hereby Riven that BO dayi afterdate
i Intend to applv to the Cblei Commissioner of
Landa and Work" lor a i leclel license to ent
and carry timber from the following; described
land* "imeted in West Kootenay dfrtrlot!
I, i onimeiicin-* at a poet marked "'ius
Lund'i wuth*WW corner poit," planted at the
iiortli-wMt corner ef Tfmln*r Limit'Wil, thonee
nortb 40 c bul tin. eaii  IM chillis, south 40
chain*, west iiw chains to point of commence1
Dated *■«[.!, lwth.lWfi,
•&. OommeaatDf *t * poet marked 'Uus
Lund'-- norib-eMt corner poit," at the north'
well enrnir ol Tlm If r Limit 6306, tlience south
hi chains, we*t 40 chain**, south la chains, went
*i obi as, nortb *i chains, .-Kit 10 ebal Ql, north
4Vchains, cant 40 chains to pointol commence-
-■ii Bird, i*Jtr.
Ml   1 Ol I WHU.
Tin- new home of the Maii.-Hkium*
ii now in course 'if erection and will
be completed by tbe end oi tbe jptw
The prftHfint proralMi ar** totally in-
adequate for tho work which the Inini-
neu entails and the wftol ol a \tuwt
building hart Iwn felt for tbffll tiun-
Tho lite of the now horn**- is on Mc-
Kenzle avenue, woat, ride, soutli ol
Second street, and when completed
will be i notable addition to tbe city's
buildings    A  new and   up*to*date
plant will he installed  and   many  In*
novations fnr thecarryingon of atirst-1 fj      lOi     D 111
oImi printing and book binding buii* TIPST 01.  n6V6IStOK6
nesi will iw Introduced, inaklna it om.
ol the best equipped printing nllicea in
the province   With new and Improved
machinery, and   better   facilities   lor
handling the over Increasing work, .t
will not DC very long   before   a   daily
paper is running in Ituvi-lstiki-.
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Meet, Pork, Mutton,
Poullry, Fish and Game in
Season Orders promptly attended In.
EMMA «[R Wiil
F. c. brown's (j^ar Store 1
For Sale or Rent
f'ontainlmr UOaer™, about tlirt-w 'iiiadon* io*»d-
«d with Timothy. HultAbl* tot fruit growing
il<.-in' and .nilbafldlfigs in rood --ondltlon. Hltnau.
at <'ralielhvlile.a few m'i- .*. n*. of ll*f nUtokc,
Apply ui K TAPPIM, Jt-afelitok*.
lluys one of the most roomy,
romfnrlJ.lile and convr.nicnt residences in the city, wilh two lots,
corner sile, in first-class location,
Terms may he arranged. I'ar-
thulars on application to
Real Estate & Insurance Affenti
I   UJI    UUU     TT1UIV1      IICllO
We are showing a large line ol Winter Hats in all the best
colors and newest shapes. Out ol the lot we have selected a number
thnt sell up to |3.50 and have put them on salo at $2 50 each.
Children's Felt Sailors
Iu Black, Brown, Navy and Cardinal—just the style Ior the
little ones. We have selected a lot of these also and put them on sale
at $100 each.
We always have Ihe beat stock in town and in many lines
have exclusive patterns that you cannot get elsewhere. We hnve
Doylies from 6 x 6 to 18 x 18, Tray Cloths, Table Covers, Pillow Sham,
S:deboard Scarfs, and lots of little odd pieces at prices to tempt you.
We would like to show them to you.
Walking Skirts
The styles and materials are equal to anything ever shown in the
town, but the prices nre much lower. Fine Venetians, Mohairs, Tweeds, ■
Serges and Homespuns, in carefully selected colore and styles—made in
the best manner, and we can give you a perfect lit. Prices run from
13.00 to $12.00 each.
Have you tried Klostersilk lor Farcy Work? It works easier,
looks as well and about ball the price ol embroidery silk.
molen :n".a:n"S
Notice la hereby given that 30 days alter data
we In tend to apply totl(cCl.letCoiii...lsaio..erot
Lands nnd Works lor permission to cat and
carry away timber from the lollowlng described lands situate In West Kootenay district:
C iiiiiiit'i'i-iiig ut a .mst planted 20 chains nortli
at tlie nnrth-eost enrner i.i hot 75U7 am! marked
"Lamh-Wntson Lumhur Co.'s north-west corner,"
tlnmi-e 80 chains snutli, thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains nnrth, lln-m-.- to chnlns weat tu
pnlnt u! commencement.
Located October 17th, moo.
Arrowhead, B. C, Oi't.SHItlt, 1000. '      oct 81
Notice Is heroby given that thirty days after
dato I Intend to apply to tile Honorablo Chief
Comnilatlonor ol Lands and Works for aapeclnl
license to out and carry away timbor from the
following describes lands in West Kootenay
Cninmenclni at a post planled 8 miles up lllg
Creek, on north .Itle ol (reek, and marked "Robert Armstrong's south-west corner," theuce wast 80
clialns, thenee north 80 clialna, thence west DC
chains, thence south 80 chains lo point ..I com
Date.) Sept. 10th, 1900.
Noilce Is hereby given thai 80 day. alter data
I Intend to apply to the Chlel .loomluloner
ol bands and works lor a .pedal llcenae to cui
and carry away timber Irom the lollowlng
described landi Blunted .bo... a ball mile
west of the Upper Arrow lake, and across the
lake fro... Naauap, HC, In tho district ol
Weat Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post murked "Kii
Lcgussy's south-east corner poat." running
west 811 elinins, thence nortli 80 cbnins, theuco
oust 80chnlns, thence south 80 chains to point
of commencement.
.. Cominonclng at n post planted nt tho
south-east corner of No. I timber limit and
marked "Kll U'gnssy'a north-west, corner post,"
running oaat 80 chains, thonce south 80 elinlns,
tlionco west 80 clmins, norlh 80 chains
to point of commencement.
3. Commencing nt n post planted nt the
north-west corner of timber limit No. 2nnd
mnrked "Kii Ijegnssy'a sottth-wcat coruor poat,"
running north 80 chalna, Ihence enst 80 cluilna,
thonce south 80 chains, thenoo west 80 ehnins
in point of commencement.
Located Sep.. 29th, NM.
oci. 31 V. Proi-ost, Agont.
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil ol' Dr. A. S. Vogl, ot
Toronto University)]
is prepared to take pupils In Piano
Instruction.   Residence—Fourth St
The Olothlng and Qanttemen'H Furni.sbiiiK
Ullnouof J. (I. Maedonald of Rerelstoke, B,
I, Mr Mrii-ilnnal.l bus awsitfiind but tlio liuni
ness is still in-ill*; curried on. Stock amounts
in nld iui *5l. I'm.mi and li now nnd In flrnt-olasB
condition. Kail stoek In on order and ((renter
part now in Itevolstoko rendy for delivery.
Purebaier buying nt onco can .secure fall trade.
Tnndnrs nre asked nnd will be received hy the
lUtltKOi A. Y, AtidorHon, Itevehtnke, II. ('.- up
to the lit N'oviimbor, IMM. For further par
ticiilarn apply ui tho Aitilgnee or Burns A
WnliiHin, - for Kit-ate, Vancouver, 11.0,
Mm. tl. .1, Ha J bury, ManagreM.
First-Class Table,
Private Dining Boxes.
I. Hifii OiniiiKrooin for
Huii'luoU Hii|i|inrs, etc,
Furnished Rooms To Let
Mnuufactiirwl for all claiHeit of hulldhi-'H
All klndwif i.uildiiii! ninl plttHtorlnff
under! a ii an.
Notice Is hereby Kl *.*<■ n (tint W day--, alter dale
weliitcnd I'.ii-,- U '.. ti.-t ln-H oi "■nnii-riil
Landi aud Wnrk" fur an-nn-lnl ll'-nur-n lo cut
md **arry away ilml-pr frnm the fnlluffing
iH'.irllH'd land-,  in W«»f Knoli-nay diilrb i:
Cor0menotfi| at a |m,t planted aln.ui ono
iinulni nf ii atilc ,*.c| (,f ihi, f,.rk i.f Fo-Hiiiill
fWnk nnd mnrknd "lllg llend Ijtimlmrt'om*
[inny's m-iiMi ivi < cornor ih. t," tlienco wost imi
■ahnfna. tlinnrn north I'l elintiiH, thnnco m< !■''■
rlmlni, llinnrn ninth loclialnii to pnlnt of emu
DaM Unlolwr Hud, IMM.
oct 27 llio III.M! Li mbkh O
Carries the best Line of poods to be had from
Fresh Groceries     Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Dairy and Creamery Butter
First Corner Eait
of Imperial Bank
Houses and Lots
fvw/%, "%%-V-s^%%%^%-V-s^'%%%-V%%%%%%%%'V-Mk%%% VI
For Atfrlcnltnriil Implements. Carrlagea, Waunns Etc., John
Deer. Plouuha, Mtillno Wannns, Canada Carriage lHnminii*/'.
Humlta, riiinet Jr., Garden Howlers and Cultliators, Wheel-
wrls-lit and Blacksmith Work (alU.u.le.1 to. Hora. fih.iel.iB a
tV% %»%«U%*l«%%**%i%%%«%«*-M«M«%«-s-V%V I
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and houae furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
WANTED-Dresamakltig   by the
day at ladles' homes by expert-
,'....'.1 .l.-i'SH.imk.'r^ Apply thin offlce.
I ONT-Yesterday on the Big Bend
1.1  ri.iiil, lii'liviioi. city and cemetery,
a Iiii.kI bag containing a small purse.
In whirl, wits an amount nf .......ey nnd
i. calling card, Finder will pleaue return In the office nf the Maii.-Hkuai.ii,
WANTED-Young Lnd't.. do light
work. Apply at Y, M. C. A.
Notloo Ih hereby kIvoii that iKidftj-H after dato
I Int''inl l«i niijih to tin- I'bliif ('uinmlmdniH-rof
UiiiIh nnd Worka for a «■.«'*•'Inl llcetieo to out
and carry away timber frmn tlm following do*
northed IniidH idtuntod In the 111k Mend dlr-triet
of Weill Kootenny:'-
Comninin'liiM it n |ni-t marked Mnmn- An-
'ler im' - north-want eorner poit, placed along*
nldn II Donnelly'* iiort!n«v-t eoruer -rot on
the we«t aide w Frlt-by freak, running .-ninth
l'ii rli-ilmi, thnnco eant wi rhuin■., t honco north
norh-ilnn, thooce Wfwt 40 chain., ihmicinorth
io i iniin-., thane*- woit 40 ohnins to place of
i-11 in tn i. ii rem mi t
I>ntnd Hept. 2*.iI.. \m,
Certificate of Improvements
Hllrer IMI Mineral Claim, alluata In th. R.T-
tlatoke MI.iIub Dhlalnn ol West Kootenai.
Where locates! i  Kny.tono Mountain.
lake ni.llce lhat I, Jam.a I. Wmitlrnw, F.H.I1.
Nn. IffiSaill, a».nt Inr Aloi. W. Mclntoah. Jl.M.-
.!. SUtllli Oao. Johnson, F.M.I!. 11181?., and MoMahon, F.M.C. No. BISSll,Intend,
.lily ilny* Iron, the data hereof, to' to th.
MI..1..K Itecorder for a Corllflcato of Impro...
ments, lor the parpos. of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice thai action, under
section Sl, mnsl be commenced before the Ism-
ance of such Cerllflonte of ImproT.monta,
Dated this 26th .lay of October, 1,1).. IMS.
oct Ifl JAB. I. WOODROW,
Rooky Mountain Rangoro Oo.
Number Flvo.
A .pedal drill dusa for recruits will he held In
Um. Iirlll Hall.... Th.nday, No., Slh, <
II. A. IIHOWN,... C.
Mmsh svsry emoksr the " Mann


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