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The Mail Herald 1908-01-18

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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA  WATER
For family use lliere is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Provincial Library
Vol 13. -No  1(
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
-     Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
d Fruits!!
Persons having to   buy   Preserves   would   do
well to  secure one particular   Brand, known   as
They are put up in Glass Jars and are as near
to HOME-MADE as Preserves could be.
The following are a few of the different kinds:
We also have Jellies in the same Brand
such as Black Currant, Red Currant and Crab
Apple Jelly. Now, whether you intend purchasing or not, you should not fail to see these Fruits
as they are very tempting and worth anybody's
while to see the perfection that can be obtained.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fall Oeode An-M-iS OaHy.    D-wr-maklnc and MHUnary Rooms, ind floor
(Sreat Cut in tenamelefc Wave
For this week we are offering some great bargains in Stranksy Ware
and in some of our Best Lines of Blue Ware.
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 0, $2 00 Sale Price $1 25
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 8 $1.75 Sale Price $1 15
"       SlopgPails, $2.50   Sale Price $1 90
Preserve Kettles $1.25    Sale Price     OOC
Preserve Kettles $1.00 Sale Price     80c
Dippers 40c Sale Price     30c
Kwers, 75c     Sale Price     00c
Ewers, $175  Sale Price $1 30
Pie Plates, 35c . Sale Price
Pudding Pans, 45c	
Pudding Pans, 50c	
Lipped Sauce Pans, $1 25	
Lipped Sauce   Pans; 70e	
Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1,00.
Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1.25
.. Sale Price
. .Sale Pries
.. Sale Price
.. Sale Pi-ice
. .Sale Price
..Sale Price
Quite a number look advantage of our Sale of Nickle-Plated Ware
last week and are watching for our next Sale.
See Our South Window for These Bargains.
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 50 x 100 feet.     —I 650
Corner on Third Street, 126 x 100 feet. - —11400
Double Corner, Fifth Street, 60 x 100 leet. -       —   350
Two-Acre Hlocki, suitable lor Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre ... . $100 and 1150
If you are, Ihe question of cost is
no doubt an Important consideration.   Benign  next.
Only selection of ..Cut Ohms in town
Irish Regalia Mystery
London. January 17.—The Tribune
hears Irom a souroe which it regards
as trustworthy that the miaaing Irish
regalia is held intact lor a large ransom and a guarantee ol immunity
from punishment. It says that the
mystery of the disappearance can,
however, only be solved by a public
inquiry, which would reveal amazing
and romantic features.
Forest Preservation
Ottawa, January 17.—It is under
■tool that after the present session nf
P rliament a committee will h« appointed to investigate the question i f
forest preservation throughout Cansda,
•n I tbe desirability of either trohihit-
Ing altogether or imposing an export
duty ou the shipment of pulp wood
from Canada tu tbe United States.
*»j rvar -.aTTW
it*!*     **3*a*,  **-**»,.        _
^dative Ass*...
J A IN  *^v'   '•-'!■" Por OHSc ol operation and perfection
result-  ptoduoeii, (hi*  Machine
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
'wo rT:«»-.;
JANov.ii.nY is, im
-S2.50 Par 1 ear
C. F. Lindmark Elected Mayor
by Narrow Majority—Record Polling -Close Contest
in Every Ward.
Tbe most interesting and hardest
fought tight in municip 1 polities in
the history of Bevelstoke took place
on Thursday, election day, when I lie
electors polled a record vote ol 579 for
The city hall presented an animated
scene all day, the candidates and their
workers being in evideuce rustling up
their supporters and reminding s'rs.v
elietore ul their duty ard obligations
as citizens. The voters came up well,
and intense suppressed excitement
pr. vailed towards the close of the
polls. A characteristic feature of the
election was the orderly and smooth
manner in which all arrangements
were carried out, there bung no demonstrations of friction or ill-fei ling,
and a large, good-natured and enthusiastic crowd gathered round the city
hall between 7 and 8 o'clock to await
the result of the polling. The election
has created the extremest interest in
the city and haB been the most keenly
contested of anv yet, il being recognized that the mayoral contest would
he close and warm, and so it proved,
C F. Lindmark securing the election
by a narrcw majority of five votes. A
second count was taken but did not
affect the issue. The contests were
close in every ward. In Ward One
P. Hooley and J. J. Wood'and tied ut
105, the returning officer casting in
favor of Mr. Woodland. The results
of the election are as follows.
C. F. Lindmark 263
Ed. Trimble 258
R. Tapping 42
Spoiled ballots 16
Ballots cast 579
Majority lor Lindmark 6
wabd I.
W. A. Foote 115
J. J. Woodland •■ 106
P. Hooley 105
Spoiled ballot*. 17
Ballots cast 249
G 8. McCarter 117
R. H. Sawyer 87
W.M.Lawrence 82
Spoiled ballots 1
Ballots cast 202
W. W. Lefeaux 62
J. A. Stone 51
H. E. R. Smythe 49
J  Abrahameon 46
Spoiled ballots 4
Ballots cast 125
T. W. Bradsbaw
J. J. Porter
A. E. Kincaid
Spoiled ballots
Ballots cart
As the results of the elections were
made known the large crowds outsid.t
the city hall gave vent to much en-, the din at times becoming
deafening. The newly elected mayor
was escorted round the city by the
Independent Bund and a big torch
light procession, visiting the different
wards and was enthusiastically cheered
along the route.
0. J. Amaii, returning officer, declared the followiug elec'ed-
Mayor—C F. Lindmark.
Ward 1.—-W. A. Foote, and J. J.
Ward 2.—G. S. McCarter, and E. H.
Ward 3 —W. W, Lefeaux and J. A.
School Trustees—T. W. Brad'haw
and j. J. Porter.
The new council 'ill m et lor
business on Monday next.
Hazeltonto Have Trains in 1910
Hasbelton, B C, Jan. 16.—" Trains
will be running to Haileton in two
years," said a well known O.T.P.
engineer, who was in Essington last
week. The survey partiea at present
woiking between Kitselas Canyon and
Hole in-the Wall, of which there are
three, are making ready to move
camp to New Kilzeyuela, above the
canyon, and befireFeb. 1,1908, arrives
the section between Kitselas and
Rupert, a distance of 100 ml lei will he
olear of surveyors. The final location
no es and dais pertaining to this
section of the main line will then Is
in the hands of tho main line will
then lie in the hand) ol the head
otnoiaU at Montreal,
Competitions Commence Monday—List of Rinks Entered
Curling is being renewed this winter
with increased vigor and a large number of enthusiast* are to be found
daily in the rink putting in p: act ice
names. Skips are busy drilling the
"greens," and exciting contests are
anticipated in the coni;ei
tions that Mre annually held in the
city. Tne following are the diffeient
rinks, oaeii rink showing the order of
J Probyn, H. loyal, H. N Coursier,
J. Donald, skip.
A. O Brnoktr, G, Knight, 11. Smith,
E. Edwards, skip.
M. Stortz, Rev. J. R. Ki.bcrtson, C.
B. Hume, J. G. Barber, skip.
D. Smythe, C F. Lindnisrlr, W. M.
L:i vretice, W. A. Sturdy, skip.
E. W B. Paget, S, Hi her, J. T
Pollock, C. R. Maodonald, skip.
Dr. Hamilton, J. J. Define, J. P.
McLennan, F. II  Yinine, skip.
Dr. J. C. Morrison, V Bourne, C.
M. Field, A. E  Rcse, skip
F. U. Lewis, F B. Wells, Dr. Sutherland, A. M   Pinkhan., skip.
C. H. Peterson, E. H. Lewis, A. Y.
Anderson, W. A. Foote, skip.
T. Smith, A. J. Howe, J. Haner, H.
A. Brown, skip.
W. Smythe, V. Woodland, F. C.
Elliot, J. H. Jackson, skip.
W. Campbell, R. Squarebrigge, J. P.
Hume, G. H. Brock, skip.
D. H. MacLean, J. Ringer, J. G.
MacLean, D. M. Rae, skip.
The games posted for Monday night
are as follows, the competition being
for the Calgary Brewing and Malting
Co.'s cup :
7:30—Rose v Brock, No. 2 ice!
"       McDonald v Edwards, 1 ice.
0:15—Jackson v Rae, No. 2 ice.
"       Foote v Barber, No. 1 ice.
Players must be on tbe ice sharp on
time, the   party   who   ie   late will be
fined one point for every ten minutes
after schedule time.
Basket Ball.
The basket ball game on Wednesday night was one ol the most exciting
of tbe season. The contest «as i e-
tween the C.P R. road and Gym teams.
Both were confident of winning aid
some brilliant plays were made although the game was rather rough
occasionally. Tbe C.P.R. road men
finally won by a score of 16 to 10. 'ror
tbe winners Green and Calder weie
the star performers; for tbe losers
Burridge was noticeable for his quick
clean style of play, and Roller played
a strong fast game. The line-up was
as follows:
Gym. team—Burridge, Cameron,
Watson, Mull jlland, Roller.
C. P 1' Road*-—Lyons, Nuwsome,
Rn" -.   a.
O.P.K 61i.,p-Ollices
Gym. Team
Next Weducsilny
crustero play the C.P R, Shops-Offices.
The first game of tne intermedin e
league played between Pnbliit Sclm. 1
and School wis lipid last i"gl",
the result lieiog 14—7 in favor of ttie
High School. The Publio School boys
put up a splendid light The next
game will take place un Friday night
as follows:
t the U
B. R. T. Dance.
The annual dance of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen was hold
last night in the opera bouse. Over
three hundred guests attended, conn.
posed of railroad men and their friends
including ten Irom Kamloops and
thirty In m Field, Roger.! Pass, etc.
The hall was nicely decorated, a large
sign hearing Ihe words B R. T. and
Welcome having a prominent position
on the stage 11 Gordon aetrd as
master nl ceremonies. An excellent
supper was provided and the affairs
was voted a great success, the II R T.
being excellent hosts The Independent Band   in ni-lied   first class music.
Bible Society Meeting.
The annual meeting ol the Bible
Society will bo held Tuesday evening,
Jan. 21st at H o'clook in St. Andrew's
Church. The following addresses will
occupy tbo evening:
Introductory address, Rev. W. O.
Ca'der, chairman.
Address—Rev. T, W. Hall—"Origin
of the Bible Society, it's Development
and Growth."
AddrosK—Rev. J.B,Robertson—"The
Supreme Place ol the Bible."
Address—Rev. W. P.Freeman—"Ths
Intrinsic Power nl the Bible."
(loud congregational singing. A
collection will be taken in aid of ths
House Opened Thursday With
the Usual Brilliant Ceremonies.—Text of the Speech
from the Throne.
Victoria, Jan. 18—The House
opened Thursday with the usual brilliant cernionies. Tbe only unusual
incident was fur .isheil by Hawthorn-
thwaite and Mclnnis, socialists, who
remained seatetl during the presence
of the lieutenant-governor.
Attorney-General Bowser was formally introduced to the Speaker by the
Premier and Minister of Finance and
was received with applause Irom both
sides. Bowser's first official act was
to introduce an amendment to the
Supreme Court act pr. viding for con
tuitions sittings of the Supreme Court
in Vancouver, except during the
vacation t n I on holidays.
Bowser has also given notice that
he will introduce the Natal Act on
Monday. It is Ihe intention of the
Government il the measure is passed
to put it into operation till disallowed. The Speech from the Throne
is as follows :—
Mr. Speaker   and   Gentlemen of   tbe
Legislative Assembly:
In meeting you again at the opening of another Session, it is my privilege to be able to congratulate you on
tbe prosperity which, during the past
year, has prevailed in nearly all lines
of trade and industry.
The Commission on Irrigation, has
entered on its duties, and its report
and recommendations will be submitted to you. In accordance with those
recommendations, legislation will be
introduced to secure a more equitable
and efficient system of distribution ol
water for irrigation purposes.
The large increase in immigration,
with tbe consequent demand for land
under pre-emption, warrants my Government in asking you to place a
larger sum in the estimates lor an
extension of the Provin ial surveys.
A measure will be laid before you
with a view to the restriction nl the
immigration of undesirable persona
With the aim ol encouraging and
expediting railway contraction, it is
pro-iosed to exempt from taxatioo, for
a p riod of ten years from time of
completion, certain railways already
authorised. To do thiB you will be
asked to pass an Act empowering the
Government to grant such exemption.
In accordance with your recommendation that a representative of t e
Government should be sent to London I
to lay before tbe Imperial Government
the fact that of tbe refusal of the
Federal Government to entertain
British Columbia's claim for more
adi quate and equitable treatment in
the matter of Provincial subsidies, the I
Honourable the First Minister was
assigned to undertake the duty, and
bin report of his mission and its results wiil be Lid before you.
In order to secure a mors efficient
service in the conduct of tbo public
business, it his buett thongiit desirable
to regu ate he civil service, and a
measure for aft' Ctlng that am' c.i»ating
a superaunii iti. n fund will be eu'i-
mitied lor your approval.
An Act to esiablish a Provincial
University will be introduced during
the Session.
For the more convenient prosecution of public works under appropriations hy the Legislature, it is deemed
advisable to chmge tbe commencement of the financial year from July
to April.
The finances ol the Province are in
an excellent condition. This lias
enabled my Government to effect a
large reduction in the public debt.
Measures will bs stibu itted to you
designed to secure to the Province the
full beni lits that should accrue to tie
Treasury from the utilization ol its
The Public Accounts for the past
financial year, and the estimates for
tbe ensuing similar period, will be Is id
before you. The Estimates have be n
framed with due regard to econon y
while providing foi the outlay neci >-
sary to meet the requirements of tie
public service in a Province the Meito
of important industrial  development.
Our aconunt of the  increase  in  (In-
niaiida lor public works and huildiiie \
and the development taking  place
the northern par.s ol the
We Stand By
What We Sell
New Stock arriving dailv
to fill in depletions caused
by our heavy Xmas trade.
Bourne   Bros.
The dependant sort that
is worth buying. Pails,
Shovels, Coal Scuttles and
everything for the kitchen.
All the newest and most
durable Ironware, Potterv
and Tinware. We have ail
sorts of tools and a fine line
of etitiery.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $9.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feeders and
open grates.
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
will.flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St op, (Jill w ^
imperial Bank cf Canada
H«»ad Office)   ". oronto, Ontario.
lllO P.. ..i'.,r
€5»,.i*.ai   "u'Sor ;«.d
Our'jital Paid Uu
Reserve Fund
D. K. WlLKlE. P-- •!.:.
rfsriiehs. A'hfr's  h-'.. Idtclisiran.
v On. .r'-i, VJtt'.'flO.
How. R. Jakkkay,
$o,86o ooo.oo
V 'ce-PresiiUerit,
A General Banking B-.-dno*.; T-*"!-««wte'1.
Drafts sold availnl.Ii. In all  uartsof I iri-.a, United and
Surope.   Special attention given to Collect ops.
Savings Bank Department
Interest  allowed nn deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—H. T. Jaffray. Manager
Catholic.—Kev. Father R. Pecoul
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sunday
St the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High A ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Hunday School; 7:80p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
8t Aniikkw'b Phlhhytkkian—Rev.
VV. C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Jau. 19
Sorvices 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Morning service, Communion.
Evening subject, "The Life That Ib "
Young People's meeting Monday at 8
p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Choir practice and teachers'
meeting Friday 8 p.m.
8t, Pktek's Anglican—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M A., rector 2nd Sunday
alter Epiphany. Following is a list ol
a rvices; 8 a.m. Holy Communion,
11 a.m. Matins and Ante-Communion.
7.30 p.m., Evensong. Sunday School
2:30 p ni.    Tbe  Hector will preach at
Water  cross  arrives   fresb twice r.   botn »«mc«-'
week,  only   5c.   per   bunch  at C. II,      Methodist— Rev T.W. Hall, pastor,
Hume & Oo'a, Services on Sunday aa loilowil    Olasa
Province, it
is deemed advisable to create the ollice
ol Minister of Public Work., and yon
will be asked to approve of an amendment to tbe Constitution Act to efYict
meeting at 10:30 a.m. Publio service
at 11 a. in. Sunday school and Bible
class at 2 30. Evening aervioe at 7:30.
Morning subject, "In Christ's parabls
why did not all the ground bring forth
good Iruit." Evening, "Leaders iu
Reformation Needed." Tne Epworth
League of C. E. on Monday evening
at 8 o'clock. Instead ol tbe prayer
meeting on Wednesday there will be
an important congregational rally and
social. A hearty invitation is extended to all.
Knox Pklsbytkhian—J. R, Robert-
eon, B, I)., minister. Sunday servicea
at 11 am and 7:30 p m. Sunday
school at 2:30. Everbody welcome.
Young People's Society on Monday night at 8 o'clock. Prayer meeting on Wednesday, and Choir practice
on Friday night. K cordial we.oome
is given to all tbe services.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services are held in the Mission Hall, First street Preaching al
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday ecnoo,
She nr>ail-=H3etal*>*
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent OiTice Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mbrfhy.        Harold Fisher
Barristers,! Bolicilon, Etc
C. E. GILUl.v. J   tt. KI.I.I01T
Orricxs :   lis 'XB1AI   Hank   H1.0CK,   Ukvki.
•btokb. H. (-'.
Money Ui loan. ,       ,    _  _
OfBees: Revelstoke, B.C.; Cranbrook,,H. O.
A.   M     I'lMttUM, J. A.  HaHVKY.
HevoliUiki. R c.       Cranbrook,B. C.
J. M. Scott l.L.D W. 1. BriKKs-
Barristers, SOLlorroRS, Etc.;
Money to Loan
Revelstoke, B.C.
First Street.
Aw;   o! All Orel.   Samples by mill or express
receive prompt attention.
Terms Moderate.
AllDUSS -       •        BOX 4*2 Kjsi.ii,   B. C.
Provincial Land .Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue.
Box 108, Kb ,-elstoke.
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and university Examinations.
8TCDIO-At   Mrs.   J.   C,   Hutchison's   Con-
naught A.enne.
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Kinan-
cial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
Chtwlng Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
The big black plug.
Cbe flDaiUlbevalb
There is 50 much bad in the best of us.
And 10 much flood in the worst nf us,
That it hirilly behooves any of us.
To :»:.' about the rest of us.
The civil elections held on Thursday were a subject ol greater interest than ever before in Kevelstoke.
with the result that the personnel
of the new council is practically
entirely changed. Of the old board
only two will occupy seats at the
table this year, while two of the
newly tlt-cted aldermen have sat in
the council a lew years ago. As
mayor, Mr. Lindmark will, being a
man prominent in public life and
energetically inclined, have the
very be-', interests of the city
at heart. It is to be hoped
that reasonableness and avoidance
of disputations over details ol u
per-onal nulure rather than matter
of public interest will mark tbe
course of the council throughout
the year. The taxpayers will watch
very closely the manner in which
financial matters will be bandied
thi- being generally acknowledged that the system of financing
which has bden in use in previous
years ie wrongly based, and every
circumstance of tin- fact that extensive municipal improvements have
been mapped out for 1908 demands
the most rigid economy in the manner in which expenditures are
made, so that the public may receive good value for every dollar
disbursed. If methods of any successful commercial corporation are
studied it will be found that the
funds necessary for any expenditure are arranged for before that
expenditure is made. Hitherto, in
most cases in regard to city business
and financing the reverse methods
have Ik-oi) adopted, which iitibnsi-
ness like procedure might easily
bave resulted in serious difficulties,
The outlook for the your shows
many important issues at stake,
nnd it is to he hoped thnt these will
receive tho closest attention of the
council. The electors have put the
men in whom they feel will work
for their interests and secure for
them good, sound legislation and
privileges ns citizens. Firmness,
economic and impartial judgment
are essential in a civic administration, and the new council should
look to it that they make "citizen-
ship" in Revelstoke a pleasure and
an honor to he proud of instead of
a burden and cause for complaining
The Railway Commission is to
be commended for having just
issued a series of order to the railways of the Dominion which tire
calculated to afford a greater protection to the travelling public.
The question of the safe operation
of trains is so vitally important to
all of us that we may for the moment bury party differences and
applaud the commission for taking
a firm hand in respect to the framing of drastic, regulations.—Colonist.
F. W. Peters to Become General Traffic Manager.
Winnipeg, Jan. 17. — Important
changes are on the tapis in Canadian
Pacillc circles, and will be put into
effect as soon as possible. Fred W.
Peters, freight traffic manager, will be
promoted to a position such as that of
fourth Vice President IJosworth. and
will take charge ol all western freight
traffic and passenger traffic, with
quarters at Winnipe. This is a new
position and will probably be designated as general traffic manager.
W. P. Lanigau, general freight
agent, will succeed Mr. Peters. A
large number ol other changes will b"
necessary, but no announcement is
made yet.
The change in the position held by
Mr. Peters will have a large inlluence
in the commercial life of the West,
owing to the fact that under the proposed new arrangement the couoec-
tion heretofore eiisting between Winnipeg and Montreal with reference to
freight matters will cease. All questions in reference to the disposition ol
freight which relate solely to Western
lines will in future be dealt with
Interesting Decision.
Toronto, Jan. 17.—When a man
leaves his seat iu a railway car temporarily he does not necessarily forfeit tbe right to it, even if no baggage
or apparel is left to indicate occupancy
is the decision 0! Justice Riddel!, in a
suit brought by Albert Bratelan,
prospector of Van Kleek Hill, against
tbe C. P. R., as the result of his Doing
forced out of a seat by Conductor
Alexander Bannolan, Dec 0. 1906. A
party of men occupied seats in the
smoker. One left temporarily. Ursze-
lan entered the car at fit. Eugene and
took the seat in spite of tbe protests
ol other gentlemeu in tbe party. He
refused to get up even though other
seats were   vacant  and  the conductor
bv application   of   a   little  in oscular
11 ^
energy forced him to do 30. Brazelan
sued fur $1,000 damages for the ait I
tbe conductor.
Judge Riddell said the company is
not obliged to furnish smoking ....
modation any more than accommodation lur curling hair, bridge playing or
shaving. He cunfess.d, however, to a
secret admiration for those who, by
making themselves disagreeable on
such occasions, assist in bringing
about great reforms.
Commissioner Offers  Suggestions to British Manufacturers.
Montreal, Jan. 17.—A special London cable diva: Commissioner Ripbard
Griggs' report on Canadian trade, addressed to Mr. Lloyd George, president
ol the board of trade, will be published
tomorrow. It is generally sympathetic
and must do good in further advertising Canada. The feature whicb
perhaps will attract most attention is
a [rank avowal ol the value of the
Canadian preference in the assistance
of llritish trade. He strongly supports every measure to quicken the
transit of goods between England and
Canada, to offset the nearness of the
United States. He also urges tl e
cheapening of cablegrams. Tbe British manufacturer must more often
visit Canada himself, and give Canadians what they know they want
rather than what he thinks they ought
to want. He must adopt American
Standards with which Canadian engineers and architects arc familiar, and
alao Canadian currency. They must
provide fuller aud better catalogues oi
goods and also grunt more elastic
terms ol credit. Mr. Griggs doeB urt
favor imitation by Great Britain of
the United States consular system in
Canada, but recommends a system ol
British commercial correspondents in
the leading Canadian centers.
Grip and Password.
J»0. V.
Lasi Monday evening Court Mount
Begbie, Nu. 3,461 held the installation
ceremonies for the present year (1908),
Bro. J. B. Scott, who although suffering from a bad cold, yet attended as
installing officer to confer the office
upon those elected. There was a huge
attendance and the proceedings were
ol a properly impressive and dignilied
Alter the work the Court sat down
to a banquet provided hy the entertainment committee and which was
followed by a good programme :
Worthy Treasurer Bro. W. Bews in
his remarks congratulated the Courts
upon its excellent financial condition,
Bro. R. Gordon spoke of the value
of social entertainment as a feature in
kdge success.
Chief Ranger Bro. Wm. Garland
urged all to continue tu co-operate
and to make 1908 a banner year for
Forestry in Revelstoke.
Retiring H. C. Deputy Bro. E. M.
Cook also spoke entertainingly as did
Bros. Haggen, Scott, JolirTe, Austin
and others.
During the evening Bro. F. H
FreU was appointed Court  organizer.
C. W. O, W.
Mountain  View Camp, No.   ' "■'•
]    Meet.   Socond  and   Fourth  Wedue days in
] umli month, in Solktrk Hull.   Visiting Woodman oordlally inviti-it m attend.
»'. li. AKMSTHOMG, Con. Join,
.1   MolNTYUK, Clork.
Library Voting Contest.
By the number of  votes  lately  it is
evident that interest has not declined.
The Contest   will  clone  tiext* month.
The  following  are the   returns  up
till midnight, Friday :   jj
Fire Hall No. 2    208407
Y. M. C. A.  160871
Knox Church 1011:16
Catholic, Church  1S038
St. Peter's Church    104S6
Hospital        7n",!t
Methodist Church         2991
Public School     2882
K.ol P  1234
Spoiled votes—75
F. O. E.
Tim regular meetings nre held in llw Balklrli
Hall every Tuesday evening nt Bocloott. \ Isit*
lug brethren are oordlally Invited.
J.  LESLIK, 1'i.Fsinr.NT.
W. K, MoLAUOHLIN,Sboubtabv.
Kootenay Lod«o No. 15 a.p.a a.m.
The regular   mod
iiilt- an; held in tin
Masonic Temple,
iiiil Follows HnK.on
t.hi- third Mondnyit,
'iuih inoiiLl) at 1
,1.111. VUltiiiBbretb
ron cordially wol
U. A. I'Kui'UNlKH, Skckktahy.
SELKIRK LOI).iK NO  12, I. O. O. F.
MoptH every Thursday
evonlng in Selkirk
Hall nt 8 o'clock.
visiilin, brethren cor-
ilially invited U) i.l-
G. I.EMBKK, N.ii. J. MA'I H1K, Sue
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Revelstoko, D. C.
exoBpl Third Wednesday of
each in.nitli. In il»' Oddfellows'
Hull iu 8 O'clock. Vlsilina
Knights are oordlally invited.
J. MATHIE, 0. 0.
0. H. IIRUl'K, K. ol HAS.
H. A. BROWN, M. o( F
To the Revelstoke Public
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke's FIRST
Xiood work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
.1. 0. HUTCHISON, Prop.
That's Royal Crown kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what wo give for
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also a
kinds of Garden Produce.
telephone 29.
Front Street,     Revelstoke
W A N T E I)
v MTED Tu   LET   Five n omed
si i M()\V A- JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Special attention   given   to
- ipper  Parties it banquets
Meals, 25c. Meal Tickets, £5.50
i.i:t   THE HABIT
OPPOSITE   V.  M.   0.   A.
month    ml n nbbed  oi .<ij ,
-ntTANTED TO i.KI    l. _•
\Y     house    i M  Kenzie    \ i ■
$20 pet month       tpplj
Ais'-t" i -   1. n sxl   I   P K. Ti le-
jra|      "'
Restauran* and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25o. Up.
Second Street, - East End
Meals at  all  Hours
Kv.ryl liitig Up to- Date
Stewart McDonald, - Ito
1          »Vfc>
j—I aa»*—■
Climax Restaurant
White Help Only
J. HARRIS, Manager.
Manufactured for all classes of buildings
for -uli) hi lar4-m or small quantities
at tho lowest prices for cosh.
All kuuls of building uud plu*.tor[u*-
Revelstoke Land District..
District of Wost Kootenay.
Take notice that 1. It. K. Rcamy, of Poplar
Creek, B. C, occupation Prospector, Intends tu
apply for a speolal llcenoo to rut aud carry
away Umber from the following described
l. Commencing at a post planted about 200
foul on this north side of I'oplar Crock, marked
"li. K. tlearoy'a north-east, cori.orpoat, adjoining the west boundary of Timber Limit No.
11402, about one mile west of the lirst south
fork of Poplar Creek, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 ohalns, thenoe oast 80 ohalns,
thence north so chains to point of commence*
ment, containing WO apres more ur less.
•2. Commencing at a post, planted about SOO
feet on the north side of Poplar Creek, marked
"H. K. Kearny'.* south-cast corner post."adjoining the west boundary of Timber Limit No
11402, about one mile west of the lirst south
fork of Poplar Creek, thence west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thenco south 80 chains to point of commence
ment, containing WO acres more or less.
3. Commencing at a post planted on the east
bank of the second south fork of Poplar Creek,
about one ndle up markod "B. r\ Rcamy'*
north-east corner post," thence west 40 chains,
thence south 1*30 chains, thenco east-in chains,
thence north 1G0 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acre*} mure or less,
4 Commencing at a post planted about i%
miles westerly from the lirst south fork of Poplar Creek, marked 'B. K. Heamy's north-weHt
corner post." thenoe east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less,
5. Commencing at a post planted about 4J.J,
miles westerly from the first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked 'B. Y- Iteamy's north-east
corner post." thenco west 40 chains, thence
couth 160 chains, thenoe east 40 chaino, thonoo
north 160 chains to point of commencement,
containing WO acres mure or less
G. Commencing at a post planted about live
miles westerly from the first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked "B. K, Heamy's south-west
corner poot," thenco oast 100 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thenoe west 100 chains, thenoe
south 40 chains to point ot commencement- containing 010 acres more or less.
Located nth December, 10o7.
wedjan 15 ____• KKAMY, Locator.
Prayers for the Press.
The   following   irom    the    \ ictoria
Tunes shows an  interesting siile light
on the relationship between the pub-
lie and tbe press     The .Montreal Wit-
oe**! in wishing it* readers   . happy
New Year, asks for their cii-operi.iinii
and lhat suppott, whnii if real, Is
worth more, their prayers. The Wit.
nets points out the people prey
lot the King, fur Parliament, lor their
ii'lativrn, and for the enininunities tu
which they live, hut how many of
them count it a primary duty to pray
for the press, arid sspeolally for their
own newspaper' Yet there is i.n
power that means inure for good or ill
than the press, and there i. no agency
that, seems to need piayitig for more.
Nothlnir better than Our "Speolal.
nERVANT   WANTED   A    gpneral
i1 ii ' -.1 inted in •( small run Iv
■ igea $20 Apply to Mail IIkii • i.i
office, |0ii
I'li-si uis   ..i  i    G.   II.     (ii	
residence, Fourth  StreeL,  by Mih I
I.I- lllill.M.
TO LET   Room or room and  board
for "i r i ivi gen I lemen.    All  i on
eniences,   telephone,  etc.     tpply Iu
Mail-Herald office.
rTTANTED   Men    md   Worneii   in
V V     I'-.'n ii barber tradi •
• •'1   wliii.'   learning, .- li. ■■
\\ i i.'   Holer Hn fier   i   illege,   t*\ ( ,,
i iii Hi.. v'.iinmil■■!   B, '
WANTED Dressmaking hy the
day, hy a ri inpotenl Dress
maker fn m the East \ pply tn P n
Bos 914, mi rlei 7
mn. nf i he beet snaps to be had
in City hotiseproperty from us. Two
houses .uui inn ft.. fiontMge Lo Main Si.
all for |2,IVX)of which only (1000 cash
i requh.-il mil balance run remain on
mortgage Apply at once to (Johimbln
Agencies, Limited,
I    have   choice
upland pr.iiric hay
and I imothy, also
i/, it,, wheat and
feed to 'itlt-r in car
load lots.
I )elivered prii t i
.   on  request.
CALQARY,   Alto.
t£L Myj& she>s an odd cirl
who ''im eat, Manning's OSndlei
without, having Home little feel
ingot gratitude lur the donor.
Of course you've gut. to light your
own I   vi- battles, young mini.  but.
our confections you'll find to be
a Strong ally in your wonmg
Mannings Cindy Palace
ft,   ,     ...    u      U «rlcl
,' Wi -■ Kooti
Xaki '■■''■' that i ' . <> woodrov oi Poplar
I!   '      ,'' iMtlon Protpeetoi intend loappTj
f',r ;i *[.' ■ i" no*! IO tot ftfMJ • n.rry away tun-
vr from I he folic      *f ■- ■* i ■|-'''! lai.d-
CommmolAg ai a pott.  piHtit.*yi about i <jt *
■M.l-      -   r !■■     ,     '.   ■,'■     'In   r -ii,..     v..ifi ',i, 'Iii;
i ci. railroad idjolnlna rimbei UmJt llfM
,i. .'.■■! boundarr, tfnd ihfl 'onttt boundary of
Timber Until S3B, io*rkM < '* -Voodrow'i
norl h :i ■' oi n. i ,-'>-' theno. wi ' ■'< shaloi,
thenoe ottth '', 'ihatrtH thenee eaetflo ohalttPi
i hem - noi 80 cnalnn ta point of oonmeooe
mem ■ m I ■ ■ li ■/ MO ftore* mow of leee.
Located IMh i" ■   MW.
ffod [an ifl ' . ■». WOttVHOW, f/)Catoi
Certificate   of Improvements
Kevelstoke Land District,
District of Wost Kootenay,
Take notice thai I. B. Y. Reamy of Poplar,
B.O., occupation Prospector, intend to apply for
it special licence to out and curry away timber
irom the following described lands:
1. Commencing nt a post planted on (he
wast hunk of ttusty Creek, markod "H K
Iteamy's sou b*eaat corner post-," about ■- miles
southerly from tho Lardo river, between Itanld
Croek und Tenderfoot Crook, adjoining Timber
Limit U2fiO running west* thonco wu**t ici
chains, thence north in chains, thence < oat Hlo
chain", theuce south Jo chain*. >o -tuint of i-oiu-
mencement, oontiiniug (Mil acres more or less,
2. Commencing al a post planted on tbo west
bank of Hasty Croek, marked "B. IT. Iteamy's
j north east corner nost,' about'(miles, southerlv
11roni the Lardo river between Rapid Creek and
I Tenderfoot Creek, thence wost Mi chains.
: BOUth -to cliuin-, thence east Itiu ohalns,
i hence north tu chains to point of conimaucu*
I ment, containing UI0 acres more or less.
3. Commencing at u post, plantod on the
west bank of rlusty Crook, marked "B. Y.
Iteamy's north*wesi oorner post," about S miles
i, ii 11 ci! > from tho Lardo rlvor, hd woen Rapid
i reek and Tendorfoot Creek, thence ciiHtHu
ohalns, thenco south B0 olinlns, thenoe west so
i iiitiiH. thonoo north 80 ohalns to point of coin
menooinont. coniaiiiinK 010acres more orlotw,
Looated loth Docombor, 1007.
ed [an 111  ll. F. BKAMY, Locator.
Kovelstoke Land District,
Dlstrlet "f Wosl Kootenay,
i ,,h«- notice that we, c. o Woodward and B.
k Uaamy,of I'oplai Crook, it.'., oooupatlon
Prosportors, Intend to npply for a speolal II-
. m i to ■ rn md rarrj away tlmb. i fiom Lite
following di ncrlbod land-;
I, ( '.inn ■ tu iuk i.i ii 00*11 plan 11 d on the wost
bank or Pupiai • reoh about S tnllos up. mark
ni'    o. v. lro« md  ll, K. Ituamy'ssoulh
 i oust,   iniiiiiiiM along C  I'.  Re veil's
<..'!   - .i«ry of  No,  i Timber Limit 11180,
■ i i At-i 90 ohalns, thonoo north S) chains,
■ in i,..ii .i ii vi ohalns, Lit. nr.- south 8Uchains t«i
i.-.m' <>\ mc in 'in' ni. oon tain Ing OiO aore«
,i ,.-
i. Commenotng nt ■ po«i plantod on the
■,1-hi i,itnh <>f Poplai' reek, ebout v, mllos up.
marked ' O Woodrow nnd It. r. Beamy i
north oast oorner post, thenoe wost 80 chaftiM
along O, K I to vol l'i No, 8 Timber Utnlt 19180
• •(,11, boundary, thenoe south *J» ohalns. thonco
east 80 chaius, thence north 80 clialni Lopolni
<,\ oommanoement, con tain I ok mn ures more or
Looated 18th Deoembef, 1007.
wed laolfl       <;. <t. wootntow.
it. k. iti;\.\tv, Looaton.
Nf JTJ.CJ.1'1
ItiK Kopo I
the Tn	
fill    Mtiicritl ' laioi,  "II inilc in
vilnhig hi ■ i Ion '>f Kootenay
Idstrlot,   Win n   ■" ftletl    I' wtai ' rook,
Tnko notice thni l.f'harl.i John Allan Nev
tor, padloy, -r ,\'. i on, it' n i.- Minor's t;nrt.
il ni, ,\i. iflddOll,  mtpml, sixty diy   from dm
lisroof, to appl    i" tho Mining Hi 'der for i
i i iiiiii ate nf Imp u i lie nh   for ilm ptirpoi f
oh im oin/ a i-niH n Uraltl of the ihnvo claim,
Ami  rtirthi r  lake  m   Ind   n Lion, und*,
i < t    17,   mm i   i oitiinj in' il   before the
liiu iuk >■ ul   iioh ' nrtlftt ttti of Improvements,
Dnied no- '' li 'i iy of J tnuu-y, A D, IWB,
WW Jsn li
U, J, A. N. PAliLI'.V,
Revelstoke i-sn-t IHstrlot
Dlstrli i "f •.("" KnoleBai
ink" notice tii«i i. J ii, VouiiK.of i otnaplli,
hotel ptoiifieiof. Intend to apply to tbeCblel
Coumlsiioner ol Laodi and works (oraipe
, ,-ii tin be i llcenne to coi smi curry away
tlmbti frmu tn-' lot lowing d<-M rtbtd labdai
i ( iiiiitn.ii'.iu '■* > potl plaotad nnd H'i-
pilnlnglbe nortn>eail oornerol Lotll48.and
marked "' n ypung'i sooth east norncr post,"
kiiiI situated about j-i mile nortb*oastoi too
\i-»-\ ut tho it n ol Attn* iakOj theuoo wool ■*)
• bain*), tnenee uortb so ohalns, ibeni e east N
ohoitiSi ibenoo sooth no ebslm to point o
.-, iin ii,-miqoiiiont< oontalolng 840 ooroo more ■•-
i.  Uommenolng  at o post planted «n-i m\-
i Ing tho nortn-oasi oornef nl U>l iH8and
markod I ti young's tooth-oast corner,1 Mid
iltuatod sboul ' i iniiii ii'Ttti-PRHt of iho head
..i th" pit in of Arrow lake, tboooo north«
ohalns, thonoo oast mi ohalns, thonoo MutbM
ohalnsi thence wosl ho ohaini to point --r qom-
meneomentt oontalolng 840 si rei more or lose.
Dated Deoi mbot »rd, IW7,
sotjHii ii J, Hi Yyt'.No,
cori-rtiss ,    l-s^'
Our jewelry reiireBenls the most
artistic rxiires-inn nt the rjoldsinitb's
critfi, each ni'tii'le nu enlirely new
dilation, I'lisliioiiiililc t" ll.i' iiiirlnst
degree, that will npneal In youi'
inierest the inonienl you \ im  it.  Otre
lli.'lllli I'. .1111 'iii , I'I i'iiiii I il.' i nl-
ti i.s .-.nil hold 10 .nu ni pleasing
prices for gems of -nrli quality mid
iieauty, Pleased 1.0 have you see them
III Mill' i luio.
Hastings, Doyle 4 Allp
Art and Beauty
nre ('(imbined in our new designs in carpets, Our shirk is
oemplefe, and the eolora rich
ami effective, thuileslgns tutis-
lii', .-uui tlie •• tout enserablo "
is: striking .iiiil heiititiful. We
have never shown such 11 wide
variety uf patterns, and wo
linv.'   never pluccd   Bitch  low
prices  upon    s in-li   high
quality before,
/J.  HOWSOM  fr CO.'Y.
■.-.   ..jj.'.   _»-.   .-J»    srjj,-
looorporatod by Act if t'lirli.-i.nout, 18.V,.
Wm. Molson Macimikiisiin, Pres. s. n. Hwisti, Vice-Pres,
Jambs Elliot, General Mnnnger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches  in  Canada und  Agencies  in  all  pints of the
interest credited four times n  yeacat current  rates on Ravings
Hank deposits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
llKVK'.PTOKK,   B.   C.
l^*4'*V%'%**-**»*&-*k-*>***-4^'%'*V%**^ «
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Motion Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Pip not jr.. Garden Sooilors and Cultivators, Wheel*
wright and Blacksmith Work attended to; Hur**o Shooing a
8» Bpeoialtyp f
Central Hotel
Meivly Imii .     First-class in every respect."   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBBBT     ST03STE      PEOP.
Queens J4otel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find exeellent accommodation at this
Revelstoke t*and District.
District of Wool Kootenay.
T.ikc notice tlm- i, Aii-.\. M'-it'ic.postmaster,
iti'vcl-iokc. It c. Intend, :-*! days tutor dato, to
apply io the Cnlol Co Issloner ol Lauds nnd
works for permission tu cut andcarryaway
timber from the following do rrlbod lauds:
). Commencing nt a posl plantod at the N
W. corner of Lj-'OlioU IT. 1'ownship llhg Kcmi
Dlstrlot, marked "Ahx McRac's norUi-woat
oornor, and covering lands formerly held omler
Timber Llceuse No tt.^t, thonue eoulh 8Uchains,
Lbeneeeast so chains, thenoe north hi' chains,
thence wost80 chains to point of commouoo'
ment, containing 64U acres moro or Ickh.
2,  Commencing ut a post planted at tin. s.
W, oornor of Section .-". Township I, Gig Mend
district, marked "Alex. McKae'i south*west
corner, and covoring lands formerly held under Tlmbor Ltconso No 0781, Lbenoe north w>
chaino, thenco oast >-" chains, thenoe south 8U
chains, thoncu  WOOL 80 chains to point of coin-
menocmont, containing Wo acres more or Io-m.
8, Commencing nt a post planted at the S.K
corner of Section IU, Township I, Hik Bend
Dmtrict, marked "Alex, atollou'l BOUth-uaol
uprnor, and covering lands formerly bold under
Tun tier Licence No, DTeA thence north 80
Ohalns thonoo WOSt Mi chains, I hence hiuIIimi
ohnlns, thonoo ('tint hi ohalns to point of com-
liieneeliieut, CuiuaililllH i.i" acrOS more ur loM,
i Commencing at a post planted at the8.B.
oornor of section 19 Towushlp I, Dig Uond
DUtrloL markod "Ah-x Moitoo's •ouih qosI
oornor,1 and covering land*, ronneiiy held un
dor Timber Llounco No D7gg(tnunue norihKn
uhulus. Lhonoewosl w ohaiiis, thonoo siminnn
chains, ilienee oasl ho chain-* to point uf cum*
ineiM'elut'Ul, conl'iMilOK 'il" aorOO Uloln Of iMOi
8, Commencing al b pool planted at the N.K.
nn net ui net iiun I-, township i, Hi* Uond
Diit rlol. imii ked " a h-\ UcHao's non h east
'omei, UiuuousouLlt ni ohalus, thuaoe woot8U
ohalns, thonoo north *> oualm, tnenoo east 80
t liitiu-i to polnl   of   couniiouceiuuut, OOntuiUlng
niu it-1 en inure or lose.
Dated November 12th, UK/Ti
wii| dee I I'er N. Ti BdWatdO, AKt'lit.
Uiivolstolto Lmiil Dlntrlot.
Ui-irii-l nf West K ■ liiniiy.
lakonotioetbatl, B. M Smythe, merohant
ililuy.s iillin niiiu iinuM'i n. in.lily ni il,i,i liiof
"iiiiuis mn,-iiui Lands ninl Wink-, i.,r por-
iii-siun in purchase iho fotluwlug ilesori od
CommonoluK nl o imst pliiuted w ohaln,
■ uui nrilm snuth.oal ourtior ol timber limit
11110 and markod "R, Si Smythe', north-wort
i.iriior iiisi," ilioii'ii i..ii su chain,, iiiuui-u
■iniiii 60 chains, thence west 8ii ohalns, t. oimo
iiirtli b.i i-lniiiiH ui point "I coinmoacumout,
iiiiiiiiiniii.-iilii acres mnroor less,
Datoil Oct., i|«i",
Por W. A. Smyilio, ^«out.
Revelstoke Lund Hi.I net.
In-trn't of Wost Ku'-tmuiy.
Take notice that i. J, Bauuderoou, miner, ihi
day« niter date Intend to apply to the Cnlof
'<ni uionoi ol Lands and Work-4 for per-
mission to purchase Ho foUowlng dosoribod
C-onimouelug nt a posl planted 80 oho (lis wost
• d lllind    llii>    mid   tn-irk ed   "J.   BaundOfBOn's
.niir.i toornor post, thoncesouth80ohahis
■ boui <• wl- i mi , i,;,in., tbeuco north  BO ohalns
LhonoeoastBO clonus u« point of eommenoo*
miMit  ooutalalnii 840 oofoi morn ur loss.
Dnin'l Uet, Ktltn, lif)7.
Pol W. A. bmylho AkuijI .
Don llnn.l., Ainiii'il-. IlinU,  l-lnli, |8tC„
Mill N I  l.ll
Aiilrniil   Hull. M ''''!.
f O  I1.H31,
Ntadlo;   CorniT ol Kind St. ami B<>yl« \m.
):• ■■ .i".i.    U. U
Berolstoke Laud District.
Dlstrlotof Wet Kuotouay.
Take uotloe that 1, W. .1, u„i,v.. locomptlvo
hruinaii, 00 days after data intend to apply to
ilm i i.ioi i omtnliudunerol Laud and Workafor
permissluu in pi'rohasu the tollowluy described
Uommouolug at a po.l planted about 1 rolle
uortb or the sputli-eaiit cpruor ,.i tlmbor limit
.mil ninl marked "W, ,\ Beavo. .outleoajt
coruor post" thence uorth an ohalus, theuOe
wost 80 chaius, lliouce south mi chains, thenoe
011..U.1 oil nn- tu p.nut nl ciiiniiimiiioiiioiil, cua-
tannin, iilii acres umro or loss.
Diilm! Uot. -''ill. 11.17.
„.    W.    . BEAVO,
l'or w A Sinyitio. Ajient.
BovoUluko i.iiiii lii.siii, t.
iii-niii „r w.-i ifoo ,iiiiy.
Takeuiitlcethai w . in,, Lsmb-WiUonLum.
Inn i .uui.,ii.)    I.iniin,ii, oi  Arrownoad, 11. (',
nccupatiui]   Lumiiuri  Inteud   to apply fur
uormlsslou in Imm n,„ foiiowiua dosoribod
iiiiii.liiiro, iioum pun nf ii,,, foresboreof Qalena
ll.iy, lur liiaainu PQrpolMi
, i' (mourn ui ,i postsorlbwl"Lamb.Watson
.milium ,i. pinnioii at tbs s. w. corner ol
l,iiiHOT, iliimi'o suulbwesteriy fpllawlususb-
water mink, n iihik llOonairis.
Dated this eOtb day.nfOctabor, lliol.
l.AMIlW,\|suN  Lt'MlllMi Co, Ltd.,
•In" WO* Hy O, Ii. N, Wllkle, Agent.
D nil'T MAnnv, DOCTOR lull 11 N I "i"!'"11' " Don't do a
11 II 11 I "HIM ' till you ioo cloarly
"WH     ■ Winn s host by uui of
"I'lashliglits on Human Nature"
nn health, disease, lovo, biarrlnica ami pArontasQ
Tolls nlml you'd nsk a ilm'loi'. lull don't liko to
IHO pages, illustrated. *) oontsi but toluiroduoo
ll we sella one only lo any ailiilt for Dostoire
in oont*. " '
I7'J Eil'lt 711(1, lilroot, NEW  YORK
Gray's Blood Mixture
Sine iiirc Cur Itheuinittlsm,
Lutubago nnd (loiicml De-
liililv.    Only  Llif  obotcest
In I lis llsi'll.
■/..' -    r    .   .    . i 'aspe^R
'..   :.'
1  h&     fjll^/'fik •~i'J0f*5*f"lT I
$5.00     Board By Week    $5.
Mackenzie ftaenne.
**EaX'a»*^t*aa*£a*.•■auairiu' iaca..-ai: err
■■ •■•-._•
IT you httvi $ii nr ¥."1.11111! tu invest vve citn tlntl you bigh-olass
urn iiii.niiiins which will lirjug you from flve.fier cent, to 20 per cer»t.
pur aununi nn your money.
Oily Lots, ID ns. >,  business Blocks,  I'niii   Farms,  Itiinil Lauds,
llntiis,   Slntx'a,   iiiisjni'sk  Opportunities,   Timber,   .Mini's,   Oity  ant)
|  Corporal inn Hun.;'. I.i- .s.uu.
Money to loan on approved secut'ltlss.
Accounts riillcctnl and Adjusted.
ll" you are Interested sent! for our circular.
Import direct from Country of origin.
#^^a*tWX,V^.^"»'«t-»8>',sS,^ %^%^%%^%^%%t%t^%f%r% %/% uv>%^VV
*   P.   BURNS    &   COiV.PAftY,   LIMITED. \
HEAD OKJflCK:   Calgary,   Alukkta.
Whoesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers, ,in [ Dealer    In   Live Stuck.   Markets in ill tbe principal   Chics and
Towns     Alberta, British  .ujuioma .nut tbe YUfenn.   Packers of the Celebrated  Bran
" Uains ti Bacon, and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf I ard
Announcement From Ottawa of
Revision in Scale of Remuneration.
A   circular   has been pent out by
the post o   ci di partment ivliich   will
bring joy to t hi   .■ irts of m    j post-
is rni   throughout   tho   D
ii" ..   oui ci   •• nt is In n gartl  o i
on  ie in     in uneration   li .   th i s
i-': asters    whose   -;.: irlei  . i ba -
I thi rev. uui' ol their otfic ■.    rben
s an t.-oui in.bin ui'  rural   postmssti  s
■ihu !. ive been  battling lor su nu tin
i ir n oba ige i i the   wt thod      remu
nerating poet nasters and other modi-
licatiims    At tbs head of   this association is In Strati m, « i i baa trove cd
from niir end of  tin  I1 to ihe
tlicr aud who hi.i- rib;' il .. I in
aged a postmaster's j urual advocating
the objeots of tlie association. He
•■en tireless in lii.s efforts towards
bringing about a readjustment ol
P iinl affairs, particularly in regard to
a remuneration fur postmasters in i
measure pi upon innate to the ^f'en
iirduoiis and thankless tacks unicli
tiiey perform day by day and week by
week. He will be gratified to know
tnat his efforts have not bci'n without
The new scnle of remuneration us
announced applies to those offices
where tbe nilaries are based on ihe
revenues. The general revision will be
made ns so n ns possible, but ns theie
are over 12000 ollice- to lie considered
it will take some time to complete the
u in k.
Salaries henceforth will he based on
the following scale: Fifty per cent on
the first $1,000 of revenue, 30 per cent
on all over if 1,000 und up to !fl0,0u0;
anil 20 per cent on all over $10,000 of
revenue, the minimum salary to be $35
An allowance, moreover, will be paid
lor night duty. In the case of allowance for forward duty, th ■ ra e f remuneration will be'12} per cent on
the revenue of the orlices for which
diiect or indirect forward duty is performed.
The allowance for rent, light and
fuel bus als.i licet, considered anil is to
he increased by 26 per cent. Then*,
fore il .i post na-tei is n«.w ri ceiving
ifltiti undi i-1! is he '1 be will receiva
1*125 i.i der tin new sc ile,
-artier Rep-
\ ani '    .:.;.. in,   L7.     ii snl i !nc-
i 'ii with the council of th1? Co <\    oi
..', ioiiiti ■    md   Surgeon i nl   llritisli
Joluinbia, widespread imcing medical
praotitioners of the province, at 1 1st
inioug those nf die mainland, has
e,i\eii  rise to a movement lor a great
ihauge   in   the   composition of  tint
nidy at tne nexi e eoi ion,
The physicians of Va oouver and
interior   u lint     h ive roi t and talked
n   in., i r .ii i'   md   I   vc gone s< iar
is to chouse I boir Candida ies for the
. in cil on " ! .-' i-.' openly iu
oide ; in. t >■ | 11- hi iiii-iii.'.r- i.i tbe
i'.in cil nii.lii b Idl y . gu /. un uf
w tun wa- guing nil
Jt in declared that the meeting,
which v...6 held in V"ib*ajuver tiiio
week, wa decidedly he.i od in spoi.o,
the local practitip'ners not having Hesitated tu voice their opinions with re
speet to the sotiong cf tne council
regarding the affairs of the profession
One uf the great causes of hiiilt find
ing in respeot to the oounoil is that
the interior of the province is absolutely without representation, And has
been for years,aid I he Columhi t liiver
and Kootenay districts ire demanding
representation. The Vancouver men
will go to ballot at the next election
for positions on the council representing the lower mainland, The interior
will he represented by Dr. W H. Sutherland of Kevelstoke and Dr. Arthur
of Nelson.
Naturally some of the oldest practitioners arc on the defensive against
this intrusion of radicalism, but it is
declared thnt they will be swamped
when tbe ballots at the    o
ire counted
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made—Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars
Supplies   in   Northern  British
Columbia Read) High Figure.
Appropos of the timber reserve question, unci the loss which may be imposed upon parties now in the field by
'hn action of the government, a page
I'inrii a cruiser's notebook bus been ex-
i hit.(1 to the Victoria Times,showin,
: hi . ol conducting a intei pi
liiti ■ from Fort (.'<■■ ,r e. It oontaim
the folio, ing schedule of oharges:
I) ig le.'.ni, $1 per day for each uni-
mal. (The ordinary team consists of
six iiirnials.) Tnlaiggan, 50 cents per
day; driver, $2 -0 per day; helper,$2 50
ii»r day! dud for animals and men.
Tiie ordinary outfit embraces four
men—two cruisers, a driver and a
hel," r—and the expedition must be
furnished to extend over three months
at least.
Asa precaution against accident
ami tu further ths ends of the expedition, it is oUBtomary to have two cruisers attached to the party. There is
the element or danger and hardship
in exploring the (uresis of remote and
mountainoUB regions. A man may
break a leg or col lapse from one caure
or another in the woods Misfortunes
of this kind have occurred. Therefore
the presence of two cruisers leads to
an assurance against tbe failure of tbe
work aB well as being a provision
against provisional misfortune.
To provision one of these parties is
no trilling matter. For instance, an
old cruiser quotes the following prices
aB obtaining at Fort George:
Bacon, per pound, 42 cents; flour,
per 100 poundB $13; beans, per pound,
22 cents; tea, from $2 50 to $7 per
These figures cover the commodities
which may be regarded as the most
isvelstoke Board of Trade
N'oiice is hereby given that the
annul meeting of th" Bevelstoke Board
■ if Trade will In h I I at the City Hull
on Tuesday, J nun 21, 1908, at 8
p. m.
il. Floyd,
^-V*e> * % *»-*»V*eV*eV% V V*eV*sV*sV%.-«V "*. «»'*'»*ar-*tt.*e, % -tv^.-ft'-*,,-* «
North Vancouver Water Front
Will prove a desirable field for in-
Values of this property »ill be determined hv the snipping, vrtilrond and
general development of Western
We have secured for quick sale a
tew choice properties and will ghtdly
furnish full particulars.   Call or wiite.
McKenzie Avi nue.
Certitlcateof improvements
Fidelity, We Two, Annie h.. Spokane,Nlpis*
sing and Bosun Mineral t'lalma situate in j
the Trout  Lako Mining Division ol  Wost i
Ki>- '' naj District,
Where located—Al hood of Horsed] Creek.
Take noticed u IJ laro Uraee Wi -nail, ad-1 an lx of tin Kstate ol John H - I lej
\\ ifall, dt can i I, Fii - Mi er'n ■ ertlfli i <■.
No I: ©299 Intend, sixtyt •■ I ■ ni 1 ito I" rcof
t . ippij in ■ be Miulnt! Itcoo loi foi •■: ■ ilii att-e
ol tuipii renn ntn, for the pu > ■ ol obtulolng .
( i nu i, Grow - t>l ■ In ab . e     ■
And  further lako  notice 1 in, under :
hi otion 87, niunl    be  i omm    ltc!   • foi
lahuam b of such ; . i tificare        Imp   i ■ nu a -
Dated thi- 41st day of October, i L>, l!ln7.
fi b I CL.UU Gl A' l'i 31 b'A! i*
B..S..  F1V,  .l.'l „ I ail   \ y    FVncll in! Mill.-iiil !
('tame, aitll lid   IU   til     I'ri hi    ..'k" Mining
Dili inn • I «is| KiHili-iuiy lli-l'iei.
VV li'lr ll.ali.l.   At I ! "I   II   I-  111  I  11'i'k.
i'ak.. am ice ilio I, KrclC Klli.m. Kiv Mm i
CI - C(.|.|lll|.;il(. Nn   li >..'!_'.   iCtitiR-ns ine-lll I'll'I
('lain iii'iiri' Wostfull,and Hi" soil i turn ariuju |
W.-hIkII niliiiilii-lr.nix "1 Hi" K.-nil' ..I .Iniiii |
Wi'-icy u'l-sUiii. iiniisid. Free Miner's t'ertl
float* No. ll BSSOtl, liii.-iiil. sixty ilm> li-nn data
lii-nuf, to apply in tho Milling Recorder for
('(niiii'iiii's of liii|, for tho pnrposo
ut obtaining a Crown OranU of the sbova
And further take notice thai action, under
Boctlon 87, must bo I'oniini'ii'ml before, tlni Lssu-
aniteotmich Oertldratfl nf improvements.
Dated tbls 21at day of Octobsr, A.U., 1 117,
fib I |-|(i:il. C,   KI.I.IIIIl'.
Rovototoko Land Dlitrld
Uii-iriot nr V\*e#t Kootenay,
Take notice thai l, c. o vv ic-drow of Poplar
Crc-'ic, I-«'., iv flip tii'in I't-onpeotor. Intend to
apply fur .1 Bpeoial lloenoo to out and unrrj
away timber from Lbo IoIUiwhik donor I bod
1.  Ootnmenolng at a pool  plantod about 1
in lie up tin- IliM   -mil h fork ut' I'd) lai Crook un
•nit bunk adjoining Timber Limn So I5dl, on
Iho went boundary, marked "f   u. \\ Irow'n
norlll-t'ti"! luilicr |k<k1 ."t licmc -mitl. HVii-liiifi -n,
thonoo woul l'i ohaliiKi 1 in-nee north Iflu chalnn,
thi imii omI lOolialnoto polut uf oomiuouoo1
tnent, containing Siuacroi mure orle***.
j, t'niuiii"ii''iius: at a posl planted on the
wobI hank of tne dul ouLli fork «»r I'oplar
(reek, ith« hi I ;t mlloo up, adjoining Tlmbor
Limit No. iiiiM.) on tho umitli boundary mar od
■*i'. 0, Woodi'ow'o north*wo»I ooruer poet,"
tbenoo Oftnl wi ohnlns, thenoe noutb 80 ehaui-,
tbonco wokI 80 oba I im, ihondo north BOrlmlflH in
1 miit uf cumtiionoomont, containing Bio norcu
Ilinl''  nr If-.
Located iHth Doeombor, 1907,
tvodjanlfi        0. 0. WOOljUOVVtl<ooatbr.
ll.'Vrisliih.i ballll llish'l, I.
DIhIiIiI nf IIH  Knot I)'.
Tali 11.-ii Unit, a ti, .IiiIiiihIiiii nl Poplar
t'i'i'i-k, ooounntlon Morofiant, Intends tn u|i|ih
for asu -ii I ili'i ti'-i' in mil ami carry awuy ilm
im ii Ilm following doscrlted lauds!
' iinntii'ii. im; ui   11  |msi   ulsnbeil   nliniit  C|
lull,.-. ll|.   l'n|ilnr   IV..1 I, h mi I'oiilu- town
'IllllIK   fur   lllll   l-olllll I'tlsl    rul'iinl    of I Iniiii r
l.lllllt llttlD,   'A     i!   .1   llll toil' Ill
Vll-M   ml nnI I insl." Il,i'Ilii' 1 11 .1    l'i ill-. I Im11.i'
north 80 'li 1, thin  wiisl in ohalns, I rumen
south   HI!   ollllllls   III   polllt Ol   •'"liillii'liii'-lll'-li1.
'''111I11I11111K 111(1 ni'i'iiH in,n't, or ItlHM.
I.iiriili'll 1811]  Moo., IKI'.'.
A. (I. J0UN8TON,
wid Jan Ij 11. 1. [loamy, Agoul
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John oAllllldo   Liverpool
Jan.   4 Lake Cliamplain
Jan. 10 Empress Britain
Jan. 24        Corsican       Jan. 10
Feb.   I       Lake Erie      Jan. 15
Feb.   7 Empress Ireland" Jan. 24
First-Class, $55 and up
Second-Class, $40 and up
Third-Ciass, 27.50 and up
0 \
British Canadian Wood
Pulp and Paper Co.
Cheap rales to*Atlnutic Seaboard
points  in connection with steam- I
ship tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Swedi n. Antwerp, Hamburg and
all "i nr continental ports,
I'm further information apply to
T. W. Bradsliaw,    E. J. Coyle,
■ hi .\ O.P.A.
I ii'iv Woke. Vancouver.
313 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
We have established the townsite of Port Mellon on Howe Sound, 25 miles from Vancouver
itntl secured the water rights ol Rainy River, which is capable of developing from 2,000 to 5,000
horse-power, for the location of our mammoth plant for the manufacture of newspaper, building
paper, wrapping paper, etc., the plant to have a capacity of 450 tons of finished paper per week;
the company hope to have tbe pulp plant in operation by November 1, 1908.
We now offer for subscription the balance of the first allotment of
Preferred Stock in blocks of 100 at $1.00 per share; each 100 Shares
entitled to a bonus of 25 Shares of Preferred.
SPECIAL,   notice:
Iii Lie- event of Lie first niEoimcmic is ovar-subscribed the Company
reserves the right to reduce any or a.t subscription to an amount
satisfactory to themselves.
Imperial  Development     $450 00
Bank of British Olumbla    1 In on
N'l'-ol i ('uui ami Coke    pin on
Columbia Pi ult and Land    it ni on
Hott III   .Mines      0  INI
Itoviil Collieries  _
Charles Dickens       ini_,
Great Went Loan.
Above subject to confirmation.
Prospectuses and particular! eon
earning any of those. Oompanlei on
McKenzie Avenue, Kevelstoke.
From France, Holland and
reliable viiiielio.i at   re..-..ill,.Iil»   price.
I'Vrtilir.or.s, Bee Supplies, Bpray Pump
Spraying Material, Cul   l'l.«. r-. , t
Oldest   i-inihsii, il   nursery  ou    th
mniulii'id ol H.C.   Catalogue free,
The preferred stock is enii led to a dividend ot 7 per cent, commencing November 1, 1908.
The 7 per cent, dividend is due mil pay a ile before ny dividend in paid upon the common stock.
After 7 per cent, has been paid upon preferred both stock" thereafter participate equally, There
i- no pood reason why the preferred ihould not pay from 25 to 50 per cent, dividends.
The bonks of tbe corporation are open al any tunc for lliii inspection of the general public.
There is no watered stuck, no inflated values, no ground-floor plan, or huge promoters' projects
iu the enterprise. I'nlike most corporations, instead of allowing 15 to 25 percent, for advertising, ani! sale of stuck, the entire commission, literature, newspaper advertising, brokerage, ollice
expenses, etc., is limited to 10 per cent
The public are cordially invited to visit our demonstrating plant, 818 Cordova street, and
witness the manufacture of pulp and pap' r Irom refuse material, suob us slabs, discarded shingle
bolts, etc., lhat is now being burnt at the local mills.
CAPTAIN li. A. MELLON, J, 1'., American Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. II. B.C0LLI8TBR, Manager Albion Iron
Works, Vancouver.
FRANCIS .1.1'. GIBSON, British Columbia
Trust Corporation.
.1. ('. W. STANLEY, formerly den. Manager
West London Paper Mills,  London,  ICng.
COL. T. II. TRACY, M. 0., Hoc, C. K., I'.L.S.,
D.L.S., Con., ling., former City Engineer
of Vancouver.
FRED, SMITH, member Smith, Wright .t
Davidson, Wholesale Paper Co., Vancouver, B, C.
If. M. BURRITT, Western Manager OorticelU
Silk Co., Vancouver, B, ('.
EUSTACE H. JENNS, Barristers, etc,, Vancouver, B. 0,
GEO. E. GATES, Cates Shipbuilding Co.,
Vancouver, B. 0,
CRICELV KOLTS, formorly General Manager
Pacific Const Sotlit Co.
■jm m
Tbi Oity I
*vj*;i' i- u nf
il*tsitci:i.Qd tl
.or .Mid i oil
required, a
gned by .J
Heve!>inLu Land Dietriot,
Ln&.rici "I W- it Koi.ieijiti.
Take Duties that I. John Kenneth McL'-an. *>f
HuveiMoke. H i . lumbermao.lateod tuaitpiy
Bora .-i*o> ml iiceuce to cut timber fnuii tlie
ii>IluwiuK(le-*cribt>d limds:
UommeocUu ut a post planted adjolniu
timber limited 14U, .,,.,1 mnrked "J- KennuLu
Uolioac'e nortt.«9ast corner,'' situate about
two miles uj Half-way Croek on tha
west tide uf Arrow Lake, ibeuce west &0
cliaiu.-, ttiuiji t- bOJ.h UJ chains, theuce OOlt Wl
Obuna, theuce nor.h sdchuius 10 point of com*
ineucjmoi.t outitdlliioy "■'' iitTM'' mure or ioaa.
IJuted Doe. I "li. W07,
Huulec 1*.      JoHNKKNNKTH  McLKAN.
miicil liirlte-t aDplieatien   for the      , ,   .
Oit, CJerk. wiB whlfih will bo     SS^i^jSS&
■ iSHF.   • Hptair. mtandtj appiy lor pnroiirtK'uiu pur-
obaoe tiie following ■--■ .1 ni.yj i<t.uas:
Comtneneina at a po»i pidutodai. the N. VV.
oorner ol Lot No, iiH. iuuu...^, .-,.<uiu jj unaius,
tOtioe wett 'X ohniua, bbauco  uurtu -ucnama,
teuoti *iiot HUcLauu to^...... o. cuuiuiuuceineut.
Dated fe '■ i»ko, iyoi.
jitu *.>-.!t U   iJ-jwar, Agent.
n'l   forward   ro'Hrencfj-   with their
,  which  nhould   roach tint under*
uuaey 801b, iynti.
u. B.C., 1 60.21st, 1907.
H. F1 OYD,
City t'lerk.
D raying
All Kinds of tight and  H iavy
Hauling Undertaken
Uea      in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phoue 71. House Phone 7
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Kevelstoke Land District
District of Wis: ivo,,, nay.
Take notice thai Nels Thomas Edwards of
Revefrtoke. H C, Cruiior, Intend* to apply f »r
special license.*, over the following deouribed
1. Commonolnti at a post planted about two
miles distant and in an easterly direction from
tho south-west corner of -section 1, la Township
3, Revelstoke Iaw\ District, and marked "Neb
ThomOb Rd Wards' south west corner," thence
north b0 chains, thence eawt bU chains thenoe
south 80 chains, theuce weot fsO ch-iins to the
point of commencement-, containing (540 acre*
more or less, and being Section 2 in Township 3,
2. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile distant and in an easterly direction fro<
the SOUth-east corner of Section 16, Township 3,
Kevelstoke Lund District, and marked "Vii-
Thomas Kdwardo1 north-west corner," thence
east SO chains, thence SOUth 80 chaius, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to I la-
point of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less and being section 11 lowimhip 3.
3- Commencing at a post planted about "lie
mile dlstaut aud in an easterly direction from
tho south-east corner of Section 16 in Township
3. Kevelstoke Land Dinirict, aud marked ''Nels
Thomas ltd wards' south-west corner." thenoe
noi th 80 chains, thenoe east 80 chain-, thenoe
south BU chains, thence west t>< chains to point
of commencement, comaming 64' ewes more
or Ions and being Section 14 in Tom nahip 3,
1. Commencing at a punt planted about one
mile distant and in an easterly direction from
the south-east corner of -Section to, tu Tuwutthip
3, Kovoletoke Land Distri t and marked ' Nub.
Thomas Edwards' north west cor.ier," thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
wcat ao chains, thence north 80 chains to the
point of commencement, containing 64b acres
more- or less, and being Section 0, in Township
„o. Commencing at a poat planted about one
mile distant aud In an easterly direction from
the south-east corner of Section 28. in Township
3, Kevelstoke Land District, aud marked "Neb)
Thomas Edwards south-west earner," thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
thence south 8o chains, thence we«t 80 chaanr-
to the point of commencement, and containing
64 j acres moie or less, aud being Section 26 oi
Township 3.
0. Commencing at a post planted one mile
dii-taut and in au easterly direction from the
northeast corner of Section 33, in Township 3,
Kevelstoke Land District, and marked "Nels
Thomas Kdwards' north-west corner," thence
east W) chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chaius, thence north Ki chaius to tbe
point of commencement, and containing C4u
acres more or leas, and being Section '66 in
Towiif-hip 3.
7. Commencing at a post planted one mile
distant and in an wwterjy direction from the
south ea-t corner of Section 4, Township 4,
Kevelstoke Land District, and marked "Nels
Thomas Kdwards' iouth*weat corn, r," thence
north so chain-., theuce east so chains, tbem:--
SOUth 80 chains thence Went 80 chains to poinv
of commencement, ami containing 64u acres
more or less and uuing Section 2. in Township
'Dated Dec. 4th, 1K07
sat dec 7     SEIS THOMAS EDWABDS.
Pt veuloke Land i',-ri'i.
Dletrlot ol West Koetenay.
lake notice that I, K O. -trauss, of NaklUp.
Free Minor, Intend tea ply for special licences to cut timber from the ftdlowiug deccrlb-rd
1, i "iiimi'ttciii,; at a i-ost plauted at- - it loo
yards Irom post cf T, ... IA2*S and runnlcg
south 160 oh aim, thenoo ue«t 4i>cn»ins, theuce
north lOUUhaini, theuce 4c chains to poiut
of commeucement.
2, ' 'nuNH-iit 111h at a poit planted on the
north-west corner of Limn No. 1 and running
west -•<' cbilns, ttieuce uortb -u chains, thence
east 80 chains, thCDCfl south 80 chains to point
oi commeucement,
;i. Oommonclng at a post planted on or uear
the 8. W. ooruer of r, 1. No. 7410, and running
lOUtfa 80 chains thence east ■ 1 bams thuuee
north 80 chaius, theuce WOSl 8u cnama to point
oi commencement.
Kated Dec. 14. 1907,
4. Coiniii.iniiii' at a post planted on or near
the S K pomer oil L So \o,ii:, and running
easl 100 ibaiuR. tbenoi uorib 40 clialni, 11, rue*
WOSt I'-" chHliln, theuce Houth 40 clialua to
point ol L'Oinineuc-jineut,
6, Oomnonolng at a pOtl planted on or near
tho W B, comer oi T. I. o iu.212 and rut,-
UlUg mi ii th 40 < bin jin, IhODM t a*t 100 chaiuk
Lbonce north leobains, thonoo wool too cnaiui
to point oi oommonceinont,
'j. OOUUnonolni at s patl plantcl ou or ucar
the rt. K. corner ol Timber Limit Ko. lOW, and
runniuK north 40obslnsttbeni eeasl Kkichalni,
Mi.-iji'.' •mail 4u clialua theuce wt»t 1W cbaiut
lO  pOillt Ol  riMlllJH  ,'!' .'(Hi   III
lotted Llec 18, IV*J7.
7, (Jommeiicliig at a poat planted on or near
in.'*- K. corner of Timber Limit No 10,246
and running   north   Su cUalos,   theuce eaat So
ohalns, thence south *-yohalns  tbence ■..,-i ■*
ohalns io point ol cuiam«ncim«iut.
Dated Dec it*, ivu7.
sat ]mi is f  it, BTrfAOflB,
;,.i I,stnl
liislrlclul lli-.l 1. iiiitviiftv.
Nonce in herd)  given  that  thirty
days from the date hereof I intend to
ripply to the Chief OommWiooer of
i.iiiiIhHini Wmks for permission to
cut and carry away timber from the
following described land:
Commencing at « poet ohmied on
1 lie mil til Niilr  nf   ihe   ,\. )■'., Ann   of
Upper Arrow Luke at tbe M. E. C. L,
sail, (i.i.,  ninl marked R, Umlib's
-.   Iv C.,"    'rtlelie,'   i.tst   ball   'I   null',
! I.i'iiee   noi 111  une   wile,   llieiiee cum
  hull mile,   mine   ur   le-n,   to   Like
shore, tllence ttluug l.ilv .sii.M.  lopulut
nt loiniiieiit'eliieiit.
PerU. U, Hall. Agent.
Dated Dec, lWlb, 11KJ7,
Kevelstoke Land uistrict,
DtStriot oi rt est Kootenay.
l«ut hi.,a. .„ui (. ijuric*. McMcholls, of 811-
.*tUinp*i.L.„uit',i'.;UK.ii, timber cruiser, intends
to appiy fur  apeciai timber accuses over the
following dcs-mbcd lauds :
1, Lommenciug at a post planted on the
east branch ot Haley Creek about M miles
irom the ion>&. marked "0. iicMcuuila' aouin*
vtest   corner post,"   ibeuce   60   t i-»in-,   in,1 in,
thence so oh tuna <i.--i, tueuce eu uhalni south,
iiicuitotiuiaiii' we>t  lo   plaee 01   LOsiiaieuce-
mrut,,, omj acres mure or less.
i'1-..f.. tain Uecembar, iuu7.
2, Lommencin*j m a pusi plauted 2^ miles
upc'au>on 1.1 (*■.-■. ou *o»i. side margea "O- Me*
Mcbuiis' soutu-pesi coruer ,■• ni " tueuce itw
cuaiuseasi, IhettOO 4o ctmiuauorih, iheuce l&i
Ohalns Meat, tueuce 4u cuaiua aouih to place of
coicmeucemeui, couiaiuiug (*4u acres more or
less.   Locktea Peuember 1. m, lyu7.
LliAKL   » ilL.SicliOLL-S.
Dale Dec. 26ih, 1*j7.
sat dec 28
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In   the   matter  of   tha Winding L'p Act, being
cuapter   144   of   toe   Uaviswu    cilstuttts   ot
In the uituter of The hi -vood Tin Workers tiuld
Mining Company ol Lardt-au, British col-
umuia, Limile4j, Nou-per»ouul LiaOiiity.
Notice ia bereby given mat upou tne pviitioa
of t urn iv.   Lewis  ul urdor   «a.   u-aue b) the
KuoouraUJe  Mr. Justice c lOmattt iu tne SbOVO)
u-auer, uateu tne 27iu uc u,innir, 1AJ7, wburdbjr
it ■ .t.-. 1..joifj wj-u tue .iU.v.,-ij-iun-u oumpau**
bo wouuu up uuuer tne pruTisious uf tne v\ md*
lug Lp Act aud that Johu t. Joues, ol 1 am*
borue, D.C., war, appoiuLej Provisional Liqui"
da tor.
iruriher take uotue that iu and by-.aid order
Tuesday tbe 21st day of January, ltfUS, at tbe
nour 01 lu:Ju o ciocm iu the ior«nt»ou at tbe
court bouse, Vaucourer, B.C., was Used as tbe
time auu pia e lor tbe app-untmsut of an
omcial liijujoaior of tbe above named company
ol wmen an parties concerned are requested to
Dated un-. .iotb December, lyu7.
(irauriiieUtreet, Vancouver, B.C.,
boiioitors lur tne i/eiitiouer.
jau 4 4l
Ruvt'Isloko, illsUUK,
ui-iricL 01 v. est Koouiuajss*"^
Tans mnico that I, o. Ussrar, of Arrowhosd,
tru.^sr. mtouu 10 «pp,, iur ssptetaJ uoibsr
iicuuno uver tlie loliuwiu« unknot*! UmcUj
i ..111,- at 111. st coruer nl l..,i ,\„
1* rUuUlUK uonu k, u.iu., .u.uco east KjU
sUailis, n,ci..u aouin .u d.alu», lusuue »o-i loO
s-uiuii u> poiui ot cuumjuucnuetit
.M.oj uuc .a,, mil.
"".Jin l»  D. DEWAR.
llevelsloke Lsuu ^.i>	
Uiairic; 01 „M, BUU,LuaJ,
'•'■ "i'i"  '"»i   mm.. Aimstroni, «l Ar-
.ovioeaU,    -    ■
ui.   iu,.ud.
«  OVci   lu.
.0 •pp.; lor asptvia,  ..„o.
loliowiua OttOcLovu .a^u.
s.',luu,...Us'llJ| a, a evsi (HaUll'd .OoQl  llKllSs.
uur.u u. v.". iu.ia,si .s. .,   _,^ ..j m.,.,,,1
ivoocrl ..»„.ui, .0 ...w.un i«jsC'U.oUsS
n.o.aiu- u  rio.«,.a.,uet.»i,,   ,„alus»oulu,
OO noalua »esl IO pe.ui.., ^oulu.,uvSSSUI.
Oaleu lul. 4U,U u*. o. ..oV.. .Mil.
saluova suual   .»J(olM.O.»0.
Iterclauikf 1j.uu lluiutou
iiuu-ict or Kooi«iim>.
iiuio notice uoti j. jolin Albert Kirk, of Iter-
ulsloae. u.l. ou.-upa.Uou  B. C. Lsuid bUTresu
luleua to «ppl> tor peruiissioa to DUrulWM luc
luiiuvsitig acocnoou
LoiuuicnciuK al a post plaulod aaout fort J
Uvc |UJ cnaius nurtli ot the uonu e&al oornor uf
LKil Uvo tuuuaiiud luur nuudi ul auo luurleen
,i>.i,l. Uruup oue il,; tbt-nce west aio toU,
..iiaiiiii; ibi-uu! Boutli tortyllve |»i) cuaiu-.
1 icuce east sixtj (oui chains, tbeuoe north forty-
nvet.ol 1.1,11.1,- Lo poiut ol culiiuiciiccuitiit.
Llated -i-A li November, 1IIU7.
wuldeo, Joa.V ALBERT KIRK,
Bevelstoke Land District.
LiHtrictuf West Kootsuay.
Take notice that I, Y. H. (iuffey, mine man-
ager, 00 days afterdate ioi«ud to apply to tbs
thief Uommlsoionef 0/ Laudt aou Wurlu tot
permia-iion to purchase tbs lollowioif d#»erib«*d
commencing at a post planted 40 chaius
uortb oi tne south-east corner uf timber limit
...1'ii.iui marked "Y. H. Ouliey » uorth*eaat
Ourner poat," tueuce souib so cuain-1, tbeuce
*t!-.>'i:i.,i.i..- ibeioe uortn SO cha.u», theuce
oa=t eu ohalns to point uf commencement, con*
taming (HO acres more or lees.
Dated Oct. 24th, 1W7.
»    w  F.H.OUFJWY,
Per W. A. Bmythe, Agent.
Iu tbe County Court of West Kooteoey, huldeo
at KeveisUike,
Iu the matter of Joseph Dolan, deceased,
*»nd •,
in the mutter of the Adimuistrstora' Act,
TAKr. .N'UTICK, that by su Order of Bis
H-'i.-jr J, A J-'oriu. made tue l.i.b dayot Ooto*
ot*r, i;«u,, 1 wa.- appoiuieu AdmiUiStratorof
J.jsepn Dula.., 'iecea-e<i, aud all parties having
1 .ani..- ugaiuel tne said hntu-ie are nereby rs-
ijiured to 1 jrui-,1, same properly vsrined 10 me,
ou or uelwre tne -',i»\, day ui January, lsUe.
All parties ludeoted to the said s>s.ste are
required to pay ibe amuuut uf ludebteduava to
ice before the iUt of January, JkA.
Dec   11th, IW7.
dec 14 U Admiaistrater,
Ke.eUtoke Land District.
Uistrictof West Kootsuay.
laksuotice tbat 1, W. A. ttmlth, ageut, 60
i.t1--itfier date iuteud to apply to tbs Chief
1 •.ii.iuiM.n.iior of Lands and ttorks for per-
■niMiiou I., purchase tbe following described
I Hilda:
< otnmeuciiig at a pOHt plauted about '% mils
mirth ol Mjutu-aaat coruer of timber limit 7016.
and marked "W A. Bmytbs'sS W. coruer post,
UiSu •» uurin Su cbaius, tbeu-s east SO cualtta
■■fni-n .-111 ii, so cnaius, tueuce w-«»t so cbaius to
1- of > iiiiiuisu* -td-eui, 1. ou .a,uiiig *Mo acres
.11 -r-» or less.
Dated oct. Mth. iwn.
West K"oleu«r Und Ontilct.
Ui-trii-l of Weal knuUua)'
Take nollce lhat Junes Adam. Bleu-en, of
liulutli, 1*100., USA, oocupatiun Timber
iHaler, Intends to apply lor a .pccial 'niibor
lii-.-iK-e "V,m Hie fullowluK i|.,. [,-„ ,] lanJM;
1 'imii • ink al a pusi   planted at the N. VV.
i-oiinr i«i-i ul f. L Nu ,J74on USB wesi »ld« uf
Hie I'pper Arrow Lake aud uiaised ' r. 0.
i*"V.nia. S K. ouiiici," lliei.c west !(*' iianis,
;,i ii. e - uui *» cli.ui.s, tne , c ,,.. 11,1 iiAim,
u.t-Uve liurth ii uballis lo puiul uf oumiu«Bc«-
iii. nl.
g.aaMt Nor. Ith, l» 7
ii. r. uowabd.
Aiiunt lot J ami* Adam, Ktet.on.
Ul   7„.l   1(1 „ W0(1 j^jj
Dated Dec  .ml. 11*17.
Ki'i-elstoke Und District,
lli-tn.'t of lint Koulciuiy,
TAKE  NOTKK that  Ocoriie acl'srUr, of
ll'-.ei.loke. II I . AksiiI, lnl,i|.l. to spply for
l-riiii-miui io pureiia.-* tba followiug dsaerib*d
i ie ds :
i " i 'ii'-uriiiK ulii ,,..•:'Imnnl at tbe nurtli-
r i.i . uru^r ul Ian HM. in Oruiip One, k.iutsoa;
Dis.rleii Hi not west ll uiw chuiUM Uieucs
.•■ri!, :.'rim in.; tliennewasl III chains; lltsncs
i .." li.+'i l.iiins, Ibeure east'21.lll!l clisius Ulure
nr lass to tbs west bank of the Columbia Hirer:
tlieie'efclluwiuv tbe west bank of tbe Colum*
tun RiTor snutliiirly to ib. puiut of cnmeieuce-
meul, roulaiuiuK HI aces, mure or leas.
Dst*l Noremlwr 1st , lmrt. NOT, a MIR MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
.♦. ■**•». __t s^s _tk __j __% __* _T_ iti _tt iTt
ITl IVI 111 I fl IVI ITT IX* 'X1 '+ -4* •*■ +
<f FOR
^ Pure Drugs
<£• Careful Compounding <
Prompt Delivery *:
Canada Drug &■ Book Co. Ltd. ij<
RsTVEUVrOKB, B. c. fjb
X.     Mail Orders Promptly Filled     i
[•Weather Forecast!
f-aturday. Jan. 18, fur 21 hours-
Cloudy, with Bnow, and colder. Temp,
max. 30 degrees, min. 25 degrees.
Local and General.
J, T. Kobinson 1ms been elected
mayor of Kamloops.
TO LET—New huu-e, or part of
house; every convenience. Apply to Otlice. Jan. 15 3t
The general annual meeting of the
Hoard of Trade will be held in the
City Hall un Tuesday. Jan. 21et at 8
p. m.
Preparations are proceeding apace
lor the tirEt annual ball of Fire Brigade No. 2, on Friday Feb. 21st. in tbe
opera house.
A new restaurant called tbe "Revelstoke baa been started  in the building
recently   occupied   by Hector McKinuon, on   McKenzie Avenue.    A Chin
ese syndicate is behind it.
It is requested that all those who
lent dishes, etc., to the Hospital Refreshment Committee will call and
claim their property which i9 nuw at
the residence uf B. R. Atkins.
A special meeting of the Church
•ommittee of St. Peter's, will be held
on Monday morning at 11 o'clock in
tne office of E. W. B. Paget, McKenzie
avenue. A full attendance ia requested.
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's
Church are holding an afternoon tea
on Wednesday, Jan. 22, at tlie residence of Mrs. H. Cunningham Morris,
Third Street west. Admission a silver
At Winnipeg, Man., tbe continuance of mild weather has resulted in
another Blump in fuel prices. The
market is overstocked with wood, and
the best quality is now Belling at $5
per cord.
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's
Church invite all their friends to the
afternoon tea on Wednesday, Jan. 22,
st the residence of Mrs. H. Cunningham Morris, Third street west. Silver
coin admission.
The general annual meeting ol the
Bevelstoke cricket club will be h Id in
the band room on Wednesday next,
Jan. 22 at 8 p.m. A full attendance
is requested. Election of officers and
general important business.
in slieii' line. They aim to have
all the products of our ovens us
dainty and attractive looking as
they are delicious tasting. From
the simple morning rolls to the
richest cakes our baking is done
in the must perfect and cleanly
uniniier. A mere look al our
iniiitei's will give you an npj
Aii Appetizing Breakfast
is v\ bill i" most Impoi'tnul and
most difficult tu provide, tun
buckwheat Hour, i-eieals, and
oilier 'lui'i'i ies will help ynii
make the meal all thai it should
lie.     ('nine mill ll'l   ns supply vim
w ii li the things thai tempi ol bei'
women's husbands to eul in 'I"'
morning. Give youis Ihe sitinn
treatment tint) Hud inn. much
readier he «ill paj for i bill new
hat or dress.
-.,  ';■  -i,'   * *   m - *
of    •,(>• JByis ■   ■     	
That's a fair quest inn.
After tiie doctor has prescribed for you, then who
makes the medicine': Our
business is making good
medicine   to    the     doctor's
Druggist &   Stationer
Accident;    MONEY TO LOAN
bV I R S T  S T R E 1«: T -,
«s   na i      ii   ti*m*mm^mmmmm^m~*m< nine N   m   a—ea—mmmms       iSTi
in^! ii partial concession to tbe dc
in tils of their conipotiturs by tin'
griiuitng of a different is I rate ol ten
.hillings un second and third class
lues bv the Lusltiinia and Maura-
niniii. An tiHit'iul ni the company
'i is stated iluit a $U) rate to Europe
will si un be inaugurated.
We have received tho following Irom
tin Dominion Pivsa Clipping Agency
of Toronto! I'rof. Edmund Burke of
the Col lego uf 11. o City nf New York
received   i letter from n pres'-olippin^
ge ey, Tbo letter iuforined the I'm
lessor that his patiouage was desired,
ii d that ns a sample of the work he
would linil enclosed a clipping from a
speech   by    1'i'c.niileiit   Roosevelt,   in
viiii'i, he bud (ltn.tcd the Professor's
words Professor Burke read tbe clip
ping nearly through before he realized
ihat the I'retidcut was quoling from
Edmund Burke's speed) mi'Cnneili
nit ni with tbo American Qnlonies,"
delivered about 100 years before Prof.
Burke was born,
Social and Personal
The I.OO.F. have decided that they
will only illuminate their new eleetiic
three link sign on nights when the
lodge is in session or when the Rebeccas are sitting.
A branch of the B. C. Timber and
Forestry Chamber of Commerce has
been organized in Rossland with J. 0.
Deschamps, president; J. D, Anderson,
(Trail) vice-president, and VV. K. Erl-
ing, secretary-Treasurer.
Tomorrow, Sunday, has been set
apart by tbe Kootenay Diocese as
Missionary Sunday when every parish
is asked to contribute towards this
fund. The offertory at St. Peter's
tomorrow will be appropriated to
A branch of the Canadian Institute
of Mining Engineers was organized at
Nelson on Wednesday for British Columbia and the West. A. B. W. Hodges of the Granby smelter was eleetad
president, and E. Jacobs of tbe Victoria Mining Record, secretary.
The Young Men's Christian Association in Tnkio, Japan has had 660
students studying English. They
were bo eager to learn English that
when all the desks and stools were
tilled they begged for Btanding room
admission to the classes.
The drought which has prevailed in
India fur the past six months has
been broken by copious rains throughout the Punjaub, and the threatened
repetition ol an acute state uf (amine
which has caused such terrible ninr-
tality in recent years has thus been
A union meeting of tha K. i f P s
and Pythian Sisters took place Monday evening in the Orange hall. There
was a large gathering to meet Mr.
Geoffrey Hammer, of Grand Furl;-,
who is Grand Chancellor of Grand
Domain   of   B,   C.    There  were al-u
present Mr. H. Brown, of Revelstoke,
Gran I Vice-Chancellor and Mrs. H.
Brown, ot Bevelstoke, organizer uf the
Pythian Sis era. A pleasant hour was
passed with snugs and speeches and
the usual aupper. The meeting closed
shortly after midnight.— Vernon
The Empress, the new C PR. hotel
in Victoria, which has been erected at
a cost of a million dollars, will be formally opened next Monday. There
will be no ball, fuss or feathers when
the hospitality of the big inn which
overlooks James bay is extended to
the public.
Chas. Hackenschmidt, of Iowa, defeated Ali Manogoff, the "terrible
Turk,'1 in two straight falls before a
large crowd, at the Olympic Athletic
club, Grand Rapids, Mich. Hackenschmidt secured tbe first fall in 13
minutes, and the second in 27 niins.
Both were the result of crotch hold
and half Nelson.
J. D. Bibbald has sonic line specimens of placer gold just brought in
Irom the Kevelstoke it McCullough
Creek Hydraulic Mining Co., Big
Bend. There are over 34. (iincea of
gold in small and large nuggets, the
largest weighing over 17 dwt. Tlie
whole is valued at if'iOO ami is tlie
result of two men's work in less than
a month.
The South Vane uver School Board
have passed a resolution expressing
surpiise that the Council ol Publio
Education have no intention ol taking
any notice of the resolution of t ie
School Trustees of li C. to have the
Canadian ensign over the schools uf
the province and protesting against
any other Bag being used fur tlie
The Atlantic passenger war rate assumed a new .,..!-■ lesterday tbr .. .
the Cnoard SteamshipCi mpany mak-
E. A. li adley leaves for the easi
t morrow on a h isiness trip
A. E. ' M'pa, I in i e ill Bink Inspector, hu returned iu tin city.
Mias Wait has r l rn-d from Van-
coavei, where stie una been spending
bur holidays,
C.P.R. engineer W. Tomllnson stationed at Notch Hill, paid a visit to
the oity this week.
The Rev. 0. A. Prucuiiier has returned (rum intending the executive
meeting uf tlie Diocuse at Nelson,
Mrs, G. S. Flindt, ol Glacier House,
returned b. me this morning from a
visit with Mrs. il. S. McCarter
Mr. and Mrj. K. 0. Elliott of Trout
Lake City have taken a residence on
3rd street west and will reside ill Revelstoke.
Mrs. S, G. Robbins gave a very enjoyable progressive euchre party on
Thursday afternoon to a large number
of friends, Mrs. G. S. McCarter winning lirst prize, Mrs. J. M. Duyle
second, aud Mrs. J.  Sutherland third.
We understand thai the engagement been announced of
Miss Jessie L. Benson, youngest
d.iiighter of His Honor Judge Benson
of Port Hope, Out , to 11. T. J affray,
manager ot the Imperial Bank at
Kevelstoke, B. 0.
E. Hunter, nf Revelstoke has been
spending the holidays with Mr. and
Mrs. Collins nf Fir Tree Farm, Wapta,
near Golden, and reports a pleasant
time among the farmers of that district, lie says he was shown a turnip
weighing 5') lbs. and that the soil is
richly prolific. He intends taking a
farm there this spring.
ECilitor rIaiL'Ubualo,
Sin i My attention has been called
to the letter of G S. MoCaitor wbicl
appeared in your lust issue making
curtain reflections upon myself n«
g.irilin.'. wat.i p'jios when be nlleg s
in have been repel ed at. my burn b\
oity oflleials. 1 wi h to s'nte Hath
thai 1 never ol'dei'ud Mr. Wheeler tn
.my oiliei' oity official to make anj
repairs whatever tu the pipes at mj
burn Mr Win e'er . I 11 rep ir the
water tup >t my birn, lint 1 did hot
have knowledge uf nunc until after
Ida dismissal from the city service. I
have since ascert lined Unit my teams-
tut' aakid Wheeler tn inakcBoinc small
repairs to the watir t ipuiid it Wh eler
had dune Ills duly hu Wi uld have
reported the work to the City
Clerk and account would have been
rendered mo in the usual way and
would have teen paid 1 am not in
the habit ul having work dune and
not paying for it.
f have also uulicid a "dndgtr '
strewn around the city and signul by
Mr. Wheeler. The Statement, that I
requested Wheeler to make the rcpiiiie
therein mentioned ia absolutely falsi.'
I never had llll) Conversation whatever
with Mr. Wheeler or any (f tbe
workers regarding the work previous
to tne time the work i'na d ne and
after Wheeler's tlisiiii.(.ji when|I heard
ol the matter'in tt.i in i time I look
him to task Ir U' t having same
charged to our firm if lie had done.the
Yours truly,
John Aukahamron.
Dear Sik,—We understand that
some idle gossi;s are cir minting a
story in town about a diffeience which
ibey say took place between us re
We wish  to nail this   story   as  a
malicious lie.    We have never had the
slightest   difference   during   our   ac
qtiaintance extending over 20 years.
Yours truly,
W. Cowan,
A. E. Kincaid.
Our bargains this week in glassware
close today, so don't wait too long as
they are selling at a great reduction—
C. 11. Hun-e A Co.
Kippered herring, finnan haddie,
halibut aud all other smoked fish
daily at C. B. Hume & Co.
Dinner seta all the latest designs
and all different prices on show in the
window—C. B. Hume & Co.
Sunday From 4- to 5.
This is the hour of special interest
at the Y.M.CA. tomorrow afternoon.
C. B. Sissona is to make the address,
it will be worth a man's while to hear
it. This is all tbe invitation any
man needs to have the opportunity.
The singing is usually a happy feature of the gathering.
Cards of Thanks
i To the Electors of   Ward Two, City of
Revelstoke :
Ladies  and Gentlemen,—I have to
thank   you   for   your   support, at the
I polls 00 Thursday, and can assure you
that I will do everything in my power
to further the interests of the city.
Yours respectfully,
To the ElectorB of the City  of Revelstoke :
I.adies   and   Gentlemen,—I have to
thank you for your strong  support  at
the pells nn   Thursday   last   and   can
a-sure you that I   will   do  all   in   my
power 10 merit your confidence in   me
a- mayor and to further  the   progress
and interests nf the city.
Vuiiis respectfully,
Special Attraction
A series of First Class Entertainments of moving pictures
will be given by
of New York, consisting of Two
and a half hours Fun. Continuous amusement without any
Intervals or waits.
Dress Goods
We. and 60c, Tweed tor 26c.   7.V. ami 85c, Tweed
fnl 50C,     SI.."*) Tweed fill  $1.00
Comforts, Blankets
We -in- im iv • iv.-1 ing al Oui Januar* Sale Price.
1 Mens Odd Pants
Heavy Tweed at $1.25,   Extra Heavy Tweed, Reg.
Pi Ice $3.00, now $2.26,
Ladies Skirts S"ostumcs
One Lot of Ladles'Skirts, Prices   ranging from  $4
io $n.   Now just half i bi'ii regulai  prl
Voiles, Panama and   Venetlai   Skirts.   These are
new     Just to hand  in 1 he Is it   10 d i.       We are
ottering them  now   al   greatlj   reduced   prices to
clear i hem out.
One only Ladies' Costume, liswSG      Regular Price
$7.50,   now $15;   Reg dai Pi Ice $22 50,  now $1 1 '
Regular P $18, no \ s-
All Wool Venetians
Regulai Price $1.25, now 90 .
Men's Suits
Extra   good value, $12,   now $0,00)   Bine  Black
* i b    $16 00, now $10 .Mi
Broad Cloth
(Imported)   Regular Price $2.25, now $1,75.
Boys Norfolk Suits
it. ."ilii Price, $S.00i nuw $8.00,   Boys Odd Pants
Dress Patterns
*'£> values now $12.50.
Misses Underwear
In Grey only.    Extra yt,<><'<\ wiluei   i>  35c    each
s tie Price 20c,    ;ill nW^t
.ii G0i   pi i  pah
Heavy Sox for Men
Furs! Furs!
Men's Overcoats
Regular Price $12, now $8.00; Regulai   Prio $8.00,
now $5 IK).
Boys' Overcoats
Roys Overcoats and Reofei i al  Half Pi li s
All    Wool      Kive    Pan-    for    $1,110.     Men's   III lie
i ash mere Sox   tl pair* f"i $1,00,
Ono only, Isabella Fur SeU     Regular Price $75.00
Now $40.00
One only Canadian Mink Una.    Regular Price $10,
now iWi.UO,
Russian Mink Boas and Stoles, oneonlv. Una, $15,
now $30; one only bun, 825, nuw $15; nrli Ij hoa,
•SIS, now $10| oneonlv, Stole,    $20, now  $12;   ntie
only, Stole,  Sin, now $0,
Men's Underwear
\fi n i H"iivy I'b .-'I'd Lined Underwear at 60 Cents
,i       i i mi'lil .
Hen      K-.H'ii   Heavy   All   Wool   I'liilci-wciir.    Mule
l'i ii .■ 7.v. Pei 'im ment,
This Is a Clearing Sale All Over tho Store. No Reserve. Goods at Your Own Price.
& y (n i n ci w
hammering AWAV AT
> «»»»• ISITIS •••mi
You cannot afford to overlook this opportunity for
economy. There is a good deal of winter left yet and everything in the line of Winter goods has had a deep cut in price—
in some cases half the former price has been chopped off—
while every article in the Store, except Rubbers, Overalls and
Thread,  if not already  reduced still   lower  is  subject   to  a
Twenty Per Cent Discount
Money may be scarce, but it will buy more in this Store
than in any other Store in the City. We can only give you a
few " samples" of our prices, and would ask you to come in
and see for yourself. You need not buy if you are not satisfied.
Boys' Suits
We have decided to give
up this line and to close out
our stock, offer you boys'
suits at HALF MARKED
PRICE. Every suit we offer
came in during September and
are all fresh and new stock
and good value at regular
You want to look at the lot
of warm house slippers we are
offering. They are regular
$1.25 and $1.50 lines and you
will find every size among
them—only 75c. per pair.
Cushion Tops
65c Instead ef $1.25
A lot of those handsome
Japanese Cushion Tops, hand
painted on Velvet, at the absurdly low price of 65c. Tapestry Cushion Tops. Regular
50c, 75c. and $1.00. Now
all half price.
Dress Tweeds
We have half a dozen dress
lengths of the celebrated Hew-
son Tweeds. Nothing was
ever made that wears better
and few tweeds look as well.
We are offering them at one-
third off.
We have a few nice neck
pieces left' ranging from $2.50
to $25.00 each. The cheaper
ones are fine for children's
school wear, while the better
ones will be found good and
stylish. There are Mink, Marmot, Sable, Fitch, Ermine,
Guy Squirrel, etc. Now all
Tea Cloths
We have a line ol Tea
Cloths in Irish Damask Linen
aud Japanese Drawn Linens.
They are splendid values and
new, in all sizes. This is
something no housekeeper
has too many of, and this is
an opportunity to replenish
your stock at a genuine reduction.
Boys Wear
Boyn' Sweater*.- Reg. 75c lo H0c.
now 50c.
Boy«' Caps- -Reg. 25c to 40c, now
Boys' Wool Underwear—$1.26 t«
$1 50 per Suit. Now 90c.
Boys' School Boot8~-$2 to $11.50,
Now $1.50.
Three-Buckle Overshoes - $2 «),
now $1.50.
Boy»' Reefers — Regular $2 25,
now $1.75.
Stanfleld's Underwear—Regular
$4 Suit, now $2.85. Regular $K,50,
now $2.40.
Penman's Heavy Black-Regular
$11, nuw $2.20.
Penman's Heavy Rihbud. Regular
$2.50, now $1 75.
Don't Fail to Share in the Bargains in Wash Goods, Flannelettes, Embroideries and Laces.
You can save money in everything you need in Dry Goods or
Clothing by buying at this store.


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