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-MEWa **«&    MT *ft
The Mai
Vol. 13.-No 59
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. JULY 81 190?
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We hnve any amount of all kinds of Glass
Jars and other Preserve Jars, Crown Hell
Sealing Gloss Jarsi
Plllt SisseS al per dozen  •1.15
Quart Sizes at per dozen •■•*<!
Hull'Gallon Size,-ll per dozen *l.75
An extra Hue line of Canvas Shoes', White
Heels, Lace Sides, Turn Soles, Cool nnd
Comfortable, at »3.00
A Beautiful White Canvas Shoe, with
Embroidered Toe, Blucher cut, McKay
sewn soles, all sizes at $3.00
A shipment of elegant White Blouses, new
designs, handsome embroidery fronts, some-
newer than bus been shown here Ibis season
-toRetailat »2.75
A lovely line of Wash Linen Belts, some ull
white, others button trimmed, others trimmed
will* color. Just the thing to wear with
white dresses.   To sell at  25c
Great assortment of Fancy Dollars in the
New Ribbon Collar, others in Fancy Chiffon,
othei* in the new Wash Collars, They are
all lines that sell at 75c., $1.00, $1.25. Now
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
9 I'll 9 l|l •$ ill ill $ fll l|l ■$. ill *$ if' tytytyty ty if 'I' $ it' 't' 't' <
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc.   Stanley's and Starrett's y
Mechanics' Tools.   Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely,
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's *W
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.        ty
tytytytytytytytyty fr fr if -fr $$»»$ 't1 fl' ■$ '£■ ft "t1 'I1 't v
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 87| x KKI, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $1)50, terms on balance.    PRICE~$2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling,  plastered nnil stone basement, Ixits
75 x 100 on Second Strict.     Cash $1)50 und terms on buhince.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Blnck
PRICE  $850
Would You Rather
Live in Your Own
House than Pay Rent ? Look at the Bargains
Offered by Real   II    il    |1j_ ■■_•_•» lin ■_
i   Agem na Na uoursier
Montreal, July 30—The lirat party
ol Icelanders tn Immigrate to Canada
this year are now woll on their way,
having sailed Irum Glasgow on Saturday on the Allan line steamship Inn
ia.i. Thero nro fitly all told In the
party, and thoy havo come by tlie
usual roundabout route—Irom the
southern  part ot Iceland  to Copen
hagen, thence to l.eith on the east
coast ol Scotland, ncrosi tho island to
Glasgow by rail and on to Quebec
Then, are now several hundreds ..I
these hardy and industrious people
settled in tlie country places in the
vicinity ol Winnipeg. They started
to immigrate nlnnit twenty years ago
and have lieen coming in greater or
Ies numbers every year since, It is
expected that another party, a couple
of hundred strong, will shortly be ou
the way,
Martin vs. Bowser—Dangerous
Insects — Coal Discovery-
Foes now Allies—Criminal
Court of Appeal.
Vanoouver, July 31.—In local
political ci.'cles t -day it is reported,
and tlie story is given considerable
credence, that August 2, nomination
day, will find Mr. Joseph Marlin,
K. C, declaring his intention lo
oppose Hon. W. .1 Bowser in the
coming by-election Mr. Martin's
friends declare that he is coming out
unsupported by any association—that
he is to run strictly as an independent.
St. Catherines, Out,, July 31.—A
young Syrian hid, who worked in an
Indian fruit store, was bitten by a
tarantula Saturday alternoon and lies
in au iiiio.nscii.i.a state at bis In.me
with a number of doctors working on
Pentioton, B. C, July 31.—G. E,
Winkler nnd A. 10. Thomas, of I'en-
tict-ii, have discovered large seams ol
coal on Lake Oknnngan between
l'eaehlai.d and Kclowna The analysis ol the coal shows forty-six per cent
carbon. It is particularly suited lo
oke lor smelters. The property will
be developed immediately.
St. Petersburg;, July 31.---Yesterday treaties ol commerce, navigation
and lislie.itfs were signed between
Russia and Japan. The publication
ol thia political esla'e iB expected
New York, July 31.—The Times
today says the syndicate of New York
and Canadian capitalists, including
Sir William Van Home and William
Lan...an Ball, which lor some time
has been engaged in traction and harbor improvement undertakings in
Brazil, have laid plans, it was reported
yesterday, to extend operations to
steam railway undertakings.
London, July 31. —The house oi
commons at 6:35 yesterday morning,
alter an all-night sitting, passed the
third reading of the bill establishing a
court of criminal appeal, providing,
for the right ol appeal against convictions for crime, similar to that now
existing in civil cases.
Verdict in Remarkable Case-
Prisoner Congratulated.
Boise, Idaho, July 31).—lot., the.
bright sunlight uf a beautilul Sabbath
morning, William D. Haywood, secretary-treasurer ol lhe Western Federation ol Miners, walked, u [ree man,
acquitted of the murder ol former
Governor Frank Stcuiieiil.org.
The verdict of the jury was rendered
al 7:58 a.m., after an all night session
Tl.e lirat intimation that the verdict
hud been reached came shortly nfter
7 o'clock, and word wus immediately
sent to the attorneys nnd lhe newspaper correspondents lhat tlie jury
was about to come in.
Judge Wood was the first to reach
the court room, and lie was followed
quickly by the atturueyB.
At 7:45 a.m. Haywood was brought
in and took liis Beat by tlie side nf his
counsel. A minute later the jury
filed in aud a lew minutes later the
verdict was rendered.
It was announced that nn the lirst
ballot after the jury retired the vote
Blood eight lor acquittal and four lor
guilty of some degree ot murder. The
members ol the minority were won
over one by one belore daylight on
Tlie court proceeding! were very
In iei. After he bad taken his Beal on
the bench, .1 idge Wood sai.l:
Gentlemen of tbe jury, have you
agreed on a verdict?"
'We have," Baid Thomas ll. (less,
juror No. 1, wbn had been selected
foreman, lie banded an envelope to
the judge, who handed it to the clerk,
who read:
"State ol Idaho ngninst William I),
Haywood: We the jury in the above
entitled esse find the deteudaut, William f). Haywood, not guilty."
Tears welled in tlie cyeB ol the man
who during the 80 days ol his trial
sat with fltolid indifference written on
his every feature. At inst, the Belt-
control that he has assumed with the
first day ol jury selection bad given
Haywood's attorneys were fairly lift
ed from tbe seats by the verdict, and I
Judge Wood made no effort to restrain
them ib they surrounded him to shake
his hands and shout their oongratula
Doctor Shot in the   Neck
Assassin Arrested.
Winnipeg, July 211.—Evidently the
vici im of a false friend's treachery. Dr.
Clyn Smith, ol St. Louis, Mo , lies in
the general hospital with a bullet
wound in his neck, while lhe police
are in search of the man who escaped
being a murderer by the merest
Dr. Smith, who ia 35 years ol age, is
a retired practitioner of St. Louis. On
Wednesday he arrived in tl.e city from
Vancouver und registered nt lhe
Slralhcoua hotel. At the hotel,
through the medium of Ibe O.id
Fellows' sign, hc met u genial young
lellow who introduced I.in.sell ns u
railway man from I'eiiiislyvaiinin.
While the doctor wus ut dinner last
evening, this chance friend drove up
with a horse and buggy, saying be hml
borrowed the outfit fron. a friend, nnd
invited Dr. Smith to go for a drive.
They drove to a point beyond the
Kildounu church, when they turned
to return to the city. Suddenly the
doctor It-It cold steel pressed against
Ilia temple, and at tlie same time lii-.ud
the click ot u hammer on a useless
cartridge. Turning iu amazement, the
doctor heard his companion make
some remark about a blank cartridge.
and the next instant there was a Hash,
and he lelt tbe penetration of a bullet
in his neck.
With the horse gull.ping at full
sp... .1 the two men engaged in a deadly struggle and despite liis wound Dr.
Smith succeeded in wresting tlio weapon trom his assailant. At ihis he became very penitent, begged the doctor's forgiveneas, claiming he must
have been crazy aud remarking that
be had been suffering from stomach
trouble and must have goue insane.
Fearing that he might be overcome l.y
tbe wound, the doctor tlnew the revolver into a pool hy the roadside, refused the offer of his companion to
drive him to a farm house in the op
poaite direction to the city, and got
out of the buggy. At this the assassin
turned and whipping up his horse
galloped off in tlie direction of Selkirk.
The doctor, after lodging a complaint of attempted murder against
the unknown man, was taken to the
hospital, where the bullet wus removed
and lound to be a 32 calibre.
It is believed murder un.l robbery
were intended. The doctor is in Mie
habit ol carrying a large sum of money
with him,
The fugitive was arrested nt midnight the lollowing day on Hip (arm
of a man named Morion, wi.o is alleged
to l.e a relative of Quigley's, The
firrest win made hy Const ible Bradley,
of Hartney Tho prisoner w is lodged
in poal ami was brought to Winnipeg,
When urrested he refused to give u
name, the arrest having b. en made ....
tho description sent out, He hnd
gone dirrctly Irom llie city to Hartney
C P. R. Men Risk Their Lives
Save Chinese in Blazing Cars
WINNIPEG, Man., July 30.—That
nnolher wreck dill not occur on the
C.l'.it yesterdny morning is due to
the gent bravery of two of the
company's employees who risked their
lives in order to save a trainload of
Chinamen going through to New
York on a special tram. Engineer
McA.lnm, who was on the engine
drawing tlie Chinese special, was
approaching Hideout river at great
Bpe. .1, wh.-n, glancing ahead, he
noticed that the hig bridge was
total nn us of Haines, lie throw on
the emergency brake and called lo
the fireman to jump, which both men
succeeded in doing without an injury
When thc engineer gathered himsell
t.getl.er he noticed the train had run
right int.. the midst of tlie burning
bridge and thai already somo ol tlie
conches were on lire. He immediately
climbed aboard and ran forward to
the engine through the cars. The
rngine was right in the centre of the
Humes, but the engineer pulled open
the I brot tie and ran lhe train across
the bridge. When salely across it
was discovered that six coaches wire
still on ll.e hri Ige the coupling having
broken loose when tbe brakes were
applied. Another train w.w due in a
tew minutes and there was grave
danger of running into tlio rea." of
tl.e conches. With this serious outlook belore ll.e..., Brakeman Wilson
swum across the river, climbed upon
the hunk and ran down the truck and
flagged the approaching train. Thin
the engine wiib booh uncoupled nnd
threo of the oars wore pulled awny to
safety. Three others werc, however,
totally consumed by the flames, lut
tho occupants all escaped. Ten
sections of the bridge were destroyed
and trsllic was tied up for over 17
Headquarters for Tetley's  Teas
Toronto, Out., July SO,—The
arrival ot two employing plumbers
and lour strike-breakers Irom Windsor
caused a small liot at South I'ark-
dale yesterday morning. The strikers
got wind ol it, and u deputation was
on hand. Twelve employers were also
there with autos. A scullle took
place for possession of tlie strikebreakers and police bad to be culled.
Afler considerable difficulty thc
employers succeeded in getting three
out of four, whom they conveyed down
town ill nutos.
ers of the Prince Mining und Development Company, Big Bend.
Sunday Shooting.
Editor MAii.-Ui.itAi.il.
Sin,—Kindly permit   mo a small
space in your esteemed columns, lor n
I lew  words in regard  to  "Amloi'.s"
where he secreted himsell. \ letters re Sunday target shooting.
Dr Smilli was it. Kevelstoke recent-1 1st. lie says that "it is not ap-
ly attending the mooting of sharehuld- provea* „, uy tWi gml ranjority o( our
citizens."    lu tlie recent conflict over
Sunday observance legislation, British
MllvJI-S PUANrp  HAND'S        Cliinihia was canvassed l.y both sides
of  tlie  question for petitioners, .villi
-      , .   ,    „ ,   _     ._ the resu't, that   there were twelve to
Trout Lake Property Bond Runs (mo ih tftVOr,,, n0 gunday |egi9,lltioDi
Into Five  Figures. land Revelstoke decided'In the same
A deal has juat been made at Trout j »">?. '^ ll,e mm mh- ' <l0"'1 b°-
Lake whereby E. A, Haggen, of this, lieve lhe majority ol our citizens
city, lias secured cuntrol of the fain-1 think anything about it, either for or
met and Hecla mining properties on L ,„,. a|)d j bcliovo , »„, r|ght in
Rapid Creek, on behalf ol American j n° ,_ _ |, _( mm foi
capitalists.    The  prico of thc bond """   """
runs into five figures.    The  present
owners are,I. Simpson, Capt. Fitzim
mons, W. E, Mullin, Jack Chism uud
J. Slnubor.
The property has had considerable
work done on it, consisting ol open
cuts, shaft and tunnel. There is a big
gold showing ou tliu surface us well ub
in tbo shall. Tin. tunnel driven to
tup the lend n.t depth will he continued
by Mr. Haggen at once, and be hopes
belore u months expires to havo it
opened up. J. Chism, a well known
prospector and miner, has the co..Inn-l,
A special train conveying a large
number of Arrowhead citizens came
in yesterday afternoon. It was thc
occasion of the funeral ul tl.e lute
Duncan McEachruii who has been in
the Revelstoke Hospital lor the lust
live dnys suffering Irom pneumonia
mul lever uud died Sunday last, McEachruii wus a unlive ol Nova Scotia,
and had only been in British Columbia since last August, and up tu tho
time ol liis illness had been working
lor thc Lunib-WiitBou Lumber Co, at
Arrowhead. A short funeral service
wus held ut Howson's undertaking
purlers by the Itev. T. W. Hull, tho
re...ui.is being accompanied to the
cemetery by tlie many friends and
associates ol ll.e deceased at the
Arrowhead mill, including members ol
the K. ol P, and I. O, E. Tbe Lamb-
Watson mill was closed down yesterday to enable tl.o hands to attend the
luneral, who returned by speoial train
tbe same night,
Baying that very few do.
2nd. "Amicus" claims to be a very
sin.-ere Christian. Now il he is lie
will not bo disturbed by any little
petty uniioyuuce such as this. I
would hope to sec him rise above such
childish selfishness, be a iunu ...id put
uwuy childish things, lle cannot ex
poet tbe worldly, to conior... to llis
spi.ilual ideas, tberelore be should be
above being unduly disturbed. His
not Chiisl mn. Neither is it Christian
lor him lu insist on Others nil over the
Oommunity, to Bit down nnd he quiet
ull dny to give him u clinncc lo do his
Worshipping. "Amicus" ought to remember that each one bus equal
rights with another, .u.d let us regard
one anuthoi's rights ull round.
3rd. Ho Intimates that target shooting on Sunday is very wrong. Now
ibis touches the religious side of the
question. If "Amicus" will sbiiw ub
wherein it iB wrin g, I can ttsui.ro him,
thut I lor one will Immediately cense,
and 1 think I cnu speak ll.e same lor
the rest of the young men wliu resort
But I nm sure that il lie would give
tlio Sunday obucrvunce question a
thorough uuhiused examination hu,
(il he care, aught for bis Creator and
Redeemer) would no more be disturbed by Sunday target Bliouting. However, it he will not. do this latter, it
lius in his own power to stop the Sunday shooting, by proving to us that it
is wrong. Thanking you, Mr. Editor,
for the space, I am,
Yours Respectfully,
J, A. Davhison,
July 29th, 1907.
A full I
ihi-.  The Finest Enamel Wai
Hindu It ..in IXXX Charcoal Ptn.li
that it won't nisi under any .......li.i..i
theso goods.   A*k io see them.
We have
good V
Will.   Improved   II
guaranteed mil to leak
Holders   and   lliu.
es,   [linger
..1 .....I...-ial,
.-  :.ilull iely .
well made.
Headquarters  for Tetley's Teas
Dwelling for Sale
Sale Price
$1650 OO
$1300 00
The aliove is a Six-Roomed House In good locality
with Fifty feet frontage, Good Fencing, Sheds, etc.
The owner does not live in Revelstoke nnd consequently needs money.
The actual cosh value is ns stated above ami $350
cannot be mnde easier lhnn by buying this property.
We will loan you money to assist in the purchase.
MMo have for sale 00 acres of choice lund on ('run-
bi'i-ry Creek, rem- Arrow head, suitable for Fruit and
Horticulture. A man of enterprise can make a fn... home
un.l a spie...li.i independence for himself and family on
Ibis properly.
Price—$30 per acre on good terms.
Offices :—Molsons IL\nk Building,
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G li N T  F 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first 1 Op.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
H.niii-lio* in the Prov-locsi ol Mai.ii,,!.... Alberts,Bulrntobewaa,
Britisli .'i.lun.l.i.., O.ili.riu, IJuolxw.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
11. It. Wh.kik, Presidenti Hon
-    S4,700,000.00
J.uTiuY, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold-avallahle in all parte ol Canada, United Stales I
Europe.  Special attention glvon lc
Savings Department
Deposits received mul Intoivsl allowed al currei
of upenitiK ucrniint, mul compound©
Revelstoke Branch, B. C
Peaches, plums, pears, musk melons, i    Crosse A Black wills chicken brcaBls,
raspberries, and all othor fresh fruits, chicken, tongue,  veal  and  ham in
daily at C, B, Hume Co's.
glass jars, at C. B. Hume A Co. Coc i1DaiU1bemlb.ibl ° ' ""v
Bakristeks, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mnii'HV.       HAROLn Fishek
, ll.l.AN & ELLIOTT.
i, f-.-•■-;- i  * *- i;'
i'.i;vt.l.-loi:. m-I' i'i -*-M, '
C i. rj  ....-■ ' '
_     [,   |     .,     HVK   BlOCK,   Kkvki-
'slum., li.c.
II. Cm ...'.iiI.i.-m'm PC
.       -;-
fi.....,-. i.->-.-■- ki
B, i, ^ McCabtbr,
K. V.   PlKKBAM,
Kevelstoke, B, ',
J. A, IlAi.vi-.v.
I j-i-iireok .1. i-
J M -   :: I.L.D
- nil'   AND
vv. I. UrlgK".
M.inkv to Loan
solicitors I'.'i: Molsons Hank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.O.
assaykr"* chemist
A«~01.110.       -.*... M-f; fM.il"! "incss
receive prumpt at.ealion,
Terra. Moderate.
Bui .3- K.isi.0. 11- C.
.':: besi
think more o
their own ward than ol ..nv other, is
in accordance with human nature.
An alderman who will do well Ior his
ward, is the idej* that the average
elector has ivherl he goes to drop liis
ballot in ihe box. Unfair appropriation of money to special wards has
.jot oftener occurred because the
lighting strength has heen pretty
equally distributed. Tlie ward system.
in some guise or other, will always
c mtinue, und it is perhaps better to
have it open and above-board than
working mole-like nnd incognito.
"The wanl system sometimes produces nn alderman or two, who having
fought well for iheir wards, get their
eyes open to tlie faot that llie ward is
only u part of the cily,und then realize
that the wards are a federation, and
that there are certain thjngs in which
the federation must lie Bolid. Tliis realization is a step in municipal statesmanship, and how they act In tlie
[ ceul such things is a lest of their
fitness as representatives."
MIT 11
Provincial Land Surveyor,
'JUxw Suiveying
McKknzik Avenue.
Box imi,  ltKVKI.S-r.lKK.
(Membei American Institute of
Mining Engineers). >
Member Canadian Mluing Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C,
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports. , _,
Keporis compiled, Plans and Blue
P. im* of Und, Timber Limits, Mines,
Miii* and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers.
Che flbaU-1bcralb
"1 would . ■ . earnestly advise them tur
their mod to ordor H.i- paper to bo panel null)
served uv. anil to be looked upon ns a part ol
the ton equipage."—Addison.
On going to press no definite report
bus been received of the escaped
prisoner Lawrence, who so unobtrusively broke jail recently and has so far
succeeded iu eluding the minions of
the law, We have learned that the
man was at Golden on Friday last and
that he was forcibly ejected from that
town, afterwards trekking through ths
Windermere country. If this be correct, there should be no difficulty in
recapturing the prisoner since
laco and appearance are known;
a, tbe country is dotted with ranches
surely some one would succeed in
landing tbe fugitive. On the other
hand there is a feeling in town thai
the wanted man is still in the vicinity
oi the city and should this be the case
no opportunity should be missed in
securing ways and means of effecting
a capture. The feeling has been, so
we understand, substantiated to a
certain extent, and thus being so
it should not be a liilicult matter to
bring lhe man to justice.
The missing man Murphy is still
being sought, but the question is yet
open aa to what happened to him after
leaving tl.e Union hotel. This most
serioui ease should be sifted to the
bolt m and no opportunity missed in
taking steps to bring to light
whole terrible business, That
tempted murder and r hbery in -.or
city should go unpunished, sh u i a *
be permitted and the people leel that
concerted aftloo should be ad. cated
Tbe ease lo a certain extent has been
ibrouded in mystery, which canm t
! revei h li tbe true [acts.
Where public rkl - a city are
c acerned and tbe distribution ol tbe
same in different wards giving ever)
section a lair proportion,.. cerlain
amount ol Irlctii n is bound to accrue
The following excerpt from the Vancouver Pn vince as touching the |
tion mny prove interesting:
"There ii a gooJ deal to be said lor
the ward system from a theoretics
point ol view, Beginning with tho
household or lamily as ths unit, thi
ward is the next stop in older towarda
democratic government, li is in th.
true line of descent Irom the systems
on which Anglo-Saxon nations were
built, From lhe household to tbo
w.r.l, Iron, lhe ward to the township
or city, from the township or ciiy to
She electoral division, from the electoral division to the parliament; there
you have a sullicient sketch-map ol
popular government suiiublc to the
genius ol ..ur people, which likcB to
"broaden slowly down Iron, precedent
to precedent *'
"That aldermen—except those ol the
ideal sort whicli wo may read about in
ll seems to he tilt' enst. in of the
average citizen to think, that alter le
has worked, it may be very haul, to
help put liis choice of an alderman on
the civic board, to represent liii portion ..f the city, he lias done his duty
citizen and that ho may now sit
hack at liis ea-e and leave all the city
management to the mayor and aldermen, and tben,prol)a'.!y along with
others will at once kick and complain st
the doings and sayings ol that body. In
imagining tbat be hns nothing to do
in city ...attors and that lhe alder-
manic council by being put into that
office, have sl.ou!d"rcd entire responsibility ol all civic iill'.iirB, he has failed
signally in the first duty and obligations ol citizenship. It is liurdly right
to saddle the city council with every
burden which the conduct of r city
must necessarily impose since the
alderman gives up his time gratis to
looking alter nnd carrying on ciiy
husiness, and devotes to the good ..I
tlie community ut large perhaps hours
whicli may mean much to him in liis
own private business. The duties
assigned to aldermen nre many nnd
varied und no matter how energetic
and conscientious they may he, there
will be some at least, among the people who will find .lis satisfaction in
their actions. In conducting a oily
every citizen no matter who he is or
who ever she may be, Iihb a duly to
perform towards the con inunity, a
duty no less import int than that
imposed on an alderman, and in neglecting to shoulder such resp.iii8il.ili>
ties, he or she is every bit as much to
blame as an alderman who bus been
callous in his legitimate work us..
city represent.it ive. There is much
in the management ol a city tlmt the
ordinary citizen cm undertake, nnd
l.y doing so he will to a considerable
extent relieve the council i-i duties
which lhat body cannot very well
make a speciality of. Publio work,
public improvements and such like
are matters which a civic board can
and must handle and administer, but
in questions where city morals, standard ol living nud mode of life are concerned it is the duty of the city to .I..
his share and in doing so he should
secure the oc-operation of bis f. II iws,
What Kevelstoke needs at the present
time is something alter the styli ol a
ratepayers' association or citizens'
league, whicli can discuss and if necessary act up..n all questions affecting j
tbe morals and moral stnnd'u
community at large. Were some
such organization instituted in this
citp much material good would result.
We have every reason to be i.
many, if not all ol our prominent citi-
.. :,- 11 uld supp -IT this m. -
since the Held that could be -
it.. ext. -. then need Ie
gesti. n ■ I nny antagonism to the
council i ni the league could i.r..,g its
w.-ight to bear whenever necessary
and act In e - operati. u with thai
and the board ol I uie when any important matter was up lor | ul lie
The i rimarj object would be ti i n
ierve a huh itandard ol morality ...
the cily and to bring aboul the - Iinil-
noi n ol the tougher element in onr
midst which does so muoh mater al
bum, Citizens have a duty to per-
liuni tn the com...unity and i.s -inii
-:: uld bo roady to take up the question relative to their position, nnd ..s
ratepayer! should look to it that by
selling tl.e example ami working lot
the common cause the better nature
a.nl el.-inent  io  tin: com......illy will
dominate. By the organization .-I
such an assooiation the ratepayers
will havo every opportunity ul Improving their position nml milking their
Influence felt in tin- decision ..I ..II i.n
portent questions affecting Ilev.-'sink.',
uud moreover ol bringing up tl.e stun-
d.ird ol citizenship to .. higher lovol.
The thirty-fourth annii 1 shoot ol
the 1). C. Kille A-fs.i-i.iion at Vancouver came to a close on Saturday
alternoon aft rn uny successful meet.
The shoot was .....rked hy a large
attendance Irom .. any parts of the
province and mn- iy hi;h scores were
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meets Viral nn.lTI.lril Wodiwlaj. In the ninntli
... Selkirk Uall, npstalrs, ats p.m. Subject for
ilisnof-i. n—"Arra.li.mnoui ..I I'.iDitiiliain." All
Interested:..-.- welcome.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Sleets Socn.i.l and fourth Wodnosdavs In
     Visiting Wood-
Con. Com.
eiloli ........I., ill Selkirk  II:
men cordially Invited to attend,
W. I). AllMSTItONl
. AERIE No. 432.
0. E.
The regular meetings nro hold in llio Selkirk
Hull overv -ml uiul 4th Tuesday ov-mitm itt S
o'clocit. Visiting brethren urn cordially invited.
W. E. M<:L.U'('lll(lN,Si:ritKTAitY.
Koot* nnv Lod«e No. 15 A.F.&SA.M,
Tho regular meet
lugs aro ln-ld in tin
"-,-. MV~ -,       .lis- tiro lield HI Hn
• *J/ <->''\ ****1  Masonic     Temple,
*■   •-'     ; •/   jdd Follows Bolton
'     -V'm j. u" "1'ni ll""ll"l"'
--.Kill month   al.
pan. Visitiiighi'i.-tli-
cordially  wol
i'. .-v. HHUL'USIKR, SnoniSTAItr,
SELKIRK LODGE. NO  12, I. 0. 0. F.
Meet* every Tlu.rs.lBj
evening in Selkirk
Hull nt 8 o'olook.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to alien.!
Cold Range Lodge, K.
No. 26, Revelstoke,
of P.,
3. C.
e.vvp. Third Wednesday nl
each ....mlli, iu ilie Oddlellows'
Hull Hi s o'clock, Vlsillng
Knlgbtsare cordially invited,
U. H. BROCK, K. ot 11. A S.
H. A. BROWN. M. of F
Incorporated by Act cl I'arlin nont, 1855.
Wm. Molbon Maopiierson, Pres. s. H. Ewin.i, Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, Gener.-.! Mi.ni.ger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Agencies in nil pints of thc
■ft rates on Savings
Sixty-two  branches in  Canada
Interest credited four limes a yenrut curt-
Bunk deposits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revemtoke, 11. C.
Bring Your Purse
Aion- With You
to our Since if you want to purchase
a New Carpet, Fine Oriental or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum and see
how much further Its contents will
take you in pili-chuslhg lhnn it will al
any othei hi.iiii in lhe city, Our
Spring styles nre ready for your
Apply Victoria Hotel.
T7-0R HALE AT OOST-The owner
Jj wishing to leave Revelstoke us
soon ns possible will sell entile stuck
at cost—Miss A. Muslen, opposite
Knox Church, Second Street.
17.0R  SALE-A Reininglon Type-
}   wi iter, cost $123.   Will sell for
$40.   Apply Lawrence Bard warn Or,
OH SALE Good work horses from
14C.) to 1600 lhs., and a few general purpose horses, well broken, lhat
would mnke good delivery tenuis.
Pleuse let nu* know your requirements
-E. A. Uuggen, Revelstoke, B. C.
liOl-ND- Gent's  Hold   Watch  und
]_'    Fob.   Same can lie 1.nd l.y apply
ing at Mail-Herald Office or Queen's
Hotol.-.M. A. Darlinu,
1' Ho, and cold bath, etc. Apply
to MRS. Fl.KKTUA.M, 1st. Street, West.
mO RENT—A few nicely furnished
1    rooms .... First Street, everything
new.  Apply Mail-Herald Office,
WANTED - Eve.v...... having u
house to sell or renl to lis! II
with me. 1 am Hooded with enquiries
forhouse proper, ies. Phone, call, or
drop men curd with full descilpllon
ml purchase price, or rent requli rd.—
!, A. Haggen, Heal Estate .....I Insui-
fine.. Agent. Revelstoke, li. I .
\ Waitress, apply   ■'
\\       llo.elK-
\TTANTED A dining room girl,
\\ I.el.ni.l Hoiel, Nakusp, 830 pei
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Id. O.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Purl; Packers ami Healer   in Live Stock,   Markets in nil tl.o principal  Ultles nnil
i-ovvus ot Alberta. British ..u.unihiu and the Yukon.  Packers of the Celebrated llraml
A   .'....-.-  nr" ll.ii.H and Bacon, and Shamrock Itrau.l, Leal lard. d
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagou3'|.Kto,,r*JohQ
Deere IMiiiikIi*., Moliue Widj-ous, Canada CarriiiKO Company's
Rupees, PlHnot jr., Garden Seeders nnd Cultivators, Wheel-
wrlght and Blacksmith Wnrk attended to. Horso Bhoaltig a
To Buy Property In and Around
Never Again will it be so Low
I have lor sale the following.—
One Cottage] corner Charles and
Douglas Sl,—$8oo( easy terms.
Two Houses, Third St.—$1,500
One House, corner King and
Fronl Sts.—$1,700.
One House on Douglas St.—$800.
Eight Acres just outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit—$100 per
acre. Together with larger lots
o\' Fruit Lands near the City.
Also one 25 foot lot suitable for
business site 011 First Sheet, close
lo McKenzie Ave,
For full particulars apply to;—
Revelstoke, B. C.
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reas.inal.le prices.
Fertilizers, Hoc Supplies, Sprny I'umps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery oil tl.e
mainland of B.O,   Catalogue tree.
Notlro iahiTiliy Riven Mini th
•mst* to Incorporate a c.-iui>.
aat jly 27 Wfl
fi Lands
1 hnve ..iiiiiiy enquiries Ior
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Turonto.ai.d Vancouver. Persons desiring lo dispose ol
their holding', large or small,
will do well to li-t ihem with
me. Correspon lence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
, -->{   "JSSglk
.*   - - 1    'yl~\
- •.. 'ft* •*•-«"? i-i
' *.\. ■ i rs and Opticians
Next to Imperial Hank
Improperly fitted glasses are worse than
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Optical Department is in charge 0
Mr. M. S, Hastings, Ref. D., and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It has been proven Hint 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and it does not follow lhat because you
have good eyesight thai your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended to now and
save trouble and expense.
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same mana-jemi-nt
Full line ot OrocerieB and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
loweBt prices.
Deer Howl., Anln.nl.. llinls, Fish, jKlr.,
Animal H.iiih Mounted.
P 0. Box 81.
stu.lio: Corner ol First St. nnil Boylo Ave.
lU'VHl.tnke. . :.
Manufactured for all clnsseslof buildings
All kinds of buildtnitiuid plastering
Wo learn on good authnriiy ilmni itruoiion work on tho A, il K.raili
vny will l.e co.......fi.ce.l l.y ll.e 11.1' l!.
at an early dale      Thia will  mean ..
treat deal to Rovolatoke, ulnco l.y thia
l.r.nicli tlm city will bo in direct c rn-
....miction    wilh  tlie  Crow's  Nnst
CITY OF REVELSTOKE suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
  market affords,    Best Wines, Liquors and
Court of Revision. prs,    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Hi' ,y_
'-.   .  mo.-nt  Roll
■ -   imn,
..vili!,,. held ul the ' I'hai
i ity II..11. I*- lil    -f Wed
.,....il.iv.  Seplomliel   liii.   I'.iiT, ..i 101
- .1 H. FLOYD
.. lerk,
Queens ftotel
|      : Wines, LlqUO
!: ih LrceK will lind exec
sand Cigars.   Travellers to
lent accommodation at this
....   V .liii.   H dldiiiK, i  «rlnn.li l:
0.," .nil bi -. il
i 111, |l)0*i
il natructio.1..... I'ul.lic H
i I..-.I....i. i: i
1' Ill     M Ml   i.f  *.-.-..
.mil frirtna of leniloi  ohtulned ..i this
I..-li.-..- i  I on upplirul
I'i,*-.....Ml.-.- at Cumberland
r.l oi... tendei Ini Hed Ihal
lendors will nol I n iiiii red unless
,,i trio mm the printed form npplled,
.mil signed -.villi 11,--. ■>•:
I;.. I. tnndnr inn il  bo  i.p.inled
l.y fn ..<■'-.-|.I' .1 cheque on -
liiink, made paynhle tn the ordei   of
.I..- I ifii.oi. r.ii.l.'. the Minister nl Public
Worka, equal In ten per nenl (10 p. .- i
ol tl..-  ..I the tendor, n l	
..ill ho forfeited if the party lendei In*.
dcollue i" enter Into.. contra.'  i. hen
.fulled   .l|.'.l.   lo do .-.'>,  or if be fi.il lo
complete the work cor.tracted for. II
il... tender hu mil accepted Lho cheque
will bo roturncd,
Tl.e Dopnrtmnnl doos nol hind Itself
io accept the lowest nr any tender,
Mv Order,
l-'KKIi. l.KLI.NAS,
Depai'liiionl ol I'ubllo Works,
iiiiihv.i, July III, Llio?.
Moivapupors Inserting 11iLs nilvi-i-tis.-
.......I.   «'ll l.o.II    llllllll.lily    I'li.ll.   Hie
Depiii-linenl will not be, puld fur il.
'Under   New   Management)
pirit-clft! a. c'.inii.'.'Liiioii (or travellers,
Beat brands of Which, .Spirita, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
James Evans
Dealers in Heel, I'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fill] nnd Ham" In
Sens..... Orders promptly al>
tended to,
First St. Revelstoke
All kinds uf Green Vegetables ready fur the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 .-inil $3,50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries mc.
Per Lb.
Front Street,
I  Strawberries
X    For Sale by the Crate    X
•^ $2.75 and $3.00 A CRATE J*J
J|       -APPLY TO-
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feci,
I'hone 71. House Phone
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new miinuROmeilt nf
llAi.uv MoIntosh,    oilman House
1 ry.... are thn most curative in the
world. A perfect, n.il.iun! remedy for
nil Nomina nnd Mnsi.ulnr discuses,
Liver, Kidney nnd St..much ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rules on iill boats and trains. Two
malls ni rive nnil .1. nit every day.
Tel.'Km ll cnn.niun ntion with all
marts of the world.
TKBM8-$12 In $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. B. C
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughb
Cash Prices Paici
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
,  -,   iHn'*" ',"
the "C.iluml.i ■ lliv.'i    r.inmny ..... l""l\ I-"" '■
nl," nn.l,-rllw Tr....n> y Cninpai.) lm-nrpnrni-.ni
Art ami A...e...liiif Ails. »lll poaer Intnl.!,
maintain ..ml .'|.rr..le ;.   in.1.1.. or>lnplrVnn
r..il»:.y ..r lri.....f.y  «III, Ihi IIHMWlMiIy ITO'.'II
line, ■.i-li.-lrii.k*. '».-.:ii..*, n.i......t», |...le«,». .",
i-..ii,lf.'.Uf....l ...|.la...-..- .:...-.., nlnnn i.r oi-.....iy
Inula nituiite In Ilul pari ,*t lllB Plflllot ol II,ft
K......-..f.v In ll.  I'ri.vi.i.:-. ..1 Brivl... Cnl.n.fi.ia
i'...iip.i*.-'.l,,.tl.i...I..I ..-ilf.il. ..reawl.l.n. b mill.."
nl Am iu|ies Irom Uralli ll»plil« In Um DWru-i nl
We«i Kuuteiiay, to nrry pnisragen "nd In-sl t
an.l l....se ...rl. inntlvu |...-.'i ' .....y be u.-.-n.. a
A.lv.sf.l.lu .mil f..l...li|., >,.|| ,.* ..
Tl.eient-ral rmite dl sniil prnposuil rail.'..)'"r
trninwiiy U as InllnwH.  UegltmlnR at.. pnlnt <>n
tlm Innk ol tl.e Colun.l.la Biver near the (not ol
Priest Rspl.il in Wert Kootenay lllnrict, tn nro
in a ui.rtll.-rly illrri-liun nl.u.s the vulley nl Uie
. ul....il.ij. Kiver Ui.. pnint a. nr near ll.e U......I. »t
Fif.ni.re Cret'!-.
iiiiu-ii Un* si.ii .in. ..i.i..ii. mn.
V. M.-.-ABTV,
M, h  M.-OAlOKIl
.NO 111 I'l
Kev'el-.oli.. Lnl.d Ulsiriet,
Districl ol Wes: lCimlei.iiy, ,
Take notice .hul we, John Occnor
and 0,0. Wuudrovv, ul Poplar On ek,
11. 0., ncci.patli.li Lnuilieiiiien, Inienu
lo apply tin- siiecinl Heel.cms to cut timber over the fiillnvviim described lnnds:
1. ('.....in-...-ifiK nl .. post plnuled
ou the i-fi.tl buuk nboul. on. mile up on
lln* Hist south fork of Poplar Creek,
thenee suuth 100 chains, tlience west
40 chains, ihence north 100 chuina,
theuce ensl lo uliains to point of emu
•1.   .'... neing ul a post plui.i.il
on the wenl hunk of lie llrnt soulh
fork of Poplar Creek. » iniles up,
.hence ensl HO ehuins, lhi-l.ee south KO
chains, tbence wesi 80 chains, thence
norlh Kll chains tu point of coiiimeiico-
8. Oomini'nclng al a post plunled
on thc wesl Imnk nboul. t miles up Ihe
ft.'Ht soutl. fo. k of Poplar Creek, tlience
West SO .-hnins, tlienc.. south 80 elinins,
Ihence eusl 80 chains, thencu north 80
clialns ... ,'oii.t of coniineucei.ii.nl.
Dnted June 15th, 11)07
0, 0. WOODROW,
4. OoiiiinenelnK at a pust plunled
nn the w.st hunk of Popli.r Oli'O-,
.j 1-2 miles up, running west 80 chuius
along 0. E. Revell's No. 2 Limit, soulh
boundary, thence soutli 80 chains,
llienee ei.st. 80 chains, ll.ei.ee north 80
chains to pninl of commencement.
5. Couinie.icing ut a posl plunled
on the wesl, bunk of Poplar Creek,
nbout, .1 imles up ni.d running lilting
ll. E. K.-vell's norlh boundary of N...
2 limit, thence west 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, Ihenee en.-l 80clmins
Iheuce south80 ehnins to point of cimi-
Located June loth, 11107.
0. 0. WOODROW,
• Locators.
0. Coinmeneing at it post plunled
8000 feet from C.P.R. track opposite
the 27 mile hoard, ubout one mile west
of R.i|.id Creek, Ihence wesl 80 chains,
thence south 80 clmins, thence ensl 80
chains, thence north 80 ehnins to poll t
of co.ninonccnie.it,
Duted June 27th, 11107.
0, 0. WOODROW,
wed jly 81   ,1. 0. RADY, Locators, _
Revelstoke Land Dislricl.
Dislrict of West Koolenny.
Take notice that Henry Ambrose
Morris of Revelstoke, occupation Free
Miner, intends to npplv for special
timber licences over the following
described limns:
1. Commencing at apost plant ed 2
miles up the uorth-east forkof Five
Mile Oreek, Rig Rend, and marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris'8,E. corner,"
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chuius, thence south 80 chains, thence
ensl 80 ehnins to point of commencement, and containing 040 ncres mme
or less.
2. Commencing ntn post plnuled 2
miles up the north-cust folk of Five
Mile .Creek, Dig llend, nnd mnrked
"Henry Ambrose Morris' S.W.corner,"
thence north 80 chains, thence [east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, theuce
west 80 ehnins lo pointof commencement nnd containing (140 ncres more
or less.
Duted July 8th, 1907,
3. Coinnieiiciiig at a post plnnted
abuut one-half mile south of Iho southwest corner of No. 1 on the north-west
fork of Five Mile Creek, and marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris'N.E.corner,"
thence south 80 chains, thence wesl 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, tbence
east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more nr
4. Coinmeneing at n post planted at
the north-east corner of No. 8 on the
north-west fork of Five Mile Creek,
ninl marked "Henry Ainlnose Morris1
S.E. corner," thence north 80 chainB.
thence wes! 80 elinins, thence suulh 80
iialns, tlienco enst 80 clmins to point
of coinmencement, containing 040
acres more or less.
5. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
about one-quarter nf a mile nnrth of
the north-weat corner of No. 8, marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E. corner."
tlience soutli 80 chains, thencu west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chaliiB to poinl of commencement, cuntaining IMII acres more or
0. Connnonolntr nti. p"st planted nt
lhe north-east em ner of Nn, ii, markeil
"Henry Ambrose Moi-ri.' S |{, corner,"
thence north 80 rh'.ilnu, thence west 80
ciiains, thenc- south 80 chains, thence
ensl Kll chains to pointof commence-
menl, containing UIO acres more or
Dated July Olh, 10(17.
7. Coinmeneing at a post planted
about 80 chains north of I he north-east
corner of Timber Limit No. 10507, and
uiniked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E.
oorner," tlience south 80 ehains, thencu
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chnlns,
iheiiceeastso chains to poinl of commencement, containing (110 acres more
or li'^s.
8, Commencing nt a. post planted
at the north-east corner of No. 7, and
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K.
corner,' tlience west 100 chains.thence
north 40 cliuliiH, thence east 100 chnlns,
thence south 40 chains so point of commencement, containing DID acres more
or less.
Hated July lllth, 1007.
0. Conimenclng nl..t post plnnted at
the south-east coiner of Timber Limit
No. 10507, and marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.W. corner," thencu
uortb 80 ehuins, thence east 80 chains,
llienco south 80 chains, thence west Ml)
chains to point of commencement,
containing (Mil aores more or less,
10. Commencing ut u post planted
at the south-east cornerof Mcintosh
P. It. half mile east of Boyd's, and
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.
W. corner," Ihence cast 60 chains,
Ihence south 40 chnlns, thence eust 40
ehains, thenct* nurth 00 chnlns, thenco
west 20 ehuins, thencu north 4(1 chnlns,
thenee west 80 chains, thence soulh 00
chains to pnint of commencement,
containing 010 acres more or less,
Dated July llth, 1007.
sat jly 27  Hknhy Amiiiiusk Muiuuu,
1 A
A speciul meeting ol the city council
was held on Monday night, all members being present.
Communications were received Irom
F. F Busteed, general superintendent
PacilicDivisioii.C.P.R.stating that lhe
railway company could not enter into
any arrangement with the city for
power and light at 2}c. and 5e. respectively, lor reasons that Ihe plant cannot be installed thia season, and since
the extra boilers are now ready to fulfil
nil present requirements the company
could not accept the city's offer. As
there was nothing to show that this
was final and thit the railway company had probably arranged lor the
winter this comii.unication was tiled,
From C. Ooddard, engineer, re the
widening and enlarging of the pnwer
hoiiBe lor lhe new machinery.—Filed.
From the Government Executive
Committee, Victoria, re the order in
oounoil assenting to the amendments
ot the power by-law.—Fll.d.
From Harvey, McCarter it Pinkham
in connection with lho claims uf 0.
Taylor for loss sustained through the
quarantining nl the house during the
recent diphtheria case and the additional expense ol looking alter the
putient A writ was also served on
the city lor the amount claimed, $269
and charges. The council had pre-
vioosly had Ihis ...aller under consideration and held that the claim was a
ridiculous one. It was resolved to
reler the mailer to the city solicitor.
The assessment roll was then discussed, the year showing a substantial
increase in the amount and value of
a.sesenl.le properly. A resolution was
passed fixing the date ot the first sitting ul the Court of Revision for
Wednesday, September 4th, at 7.30
p, m.   The meeting then terminated.
Substantial   Increase   Since
The assessment roll Ior 1907 has
just been compiled and lhe figures,
although subject to revision, are
sufficiently correct to show the large
increase of land values and improve
ments, oyer the proceeding year. By
tho figures to hand the increase of
land and improvements iu the city
amount to $152,040. This year the
C. P, R. right ol way has been taxed
for the first time, sub section A of
section 118 ol the act, which excludes
railway corporations Irom taxation
ie cities incorporated alter 1895, having been repealed at the last sitting ol
parliament. The amounts ol taxes
due Irom the C. P. R. are not to hand,
Tbe lollowing are the figures, subject
to revi.ion,
1806        1R0T     Increase
ln.pr.ven.ent ...
-.fli.™   .<;.
6.1,570       76,080
Total.  Wi,lW  ftWMN    <158.ll.ll
School assessment $97,090.
It is interesting to note that this is
the liis! time that lhe figures on the
aase'Bment roll have ever reached the
million dollar mark, wnich is a demonstration ut the growtli ol lhe cily.
The first court ot revision will be
held on Wednesday, September 4rd.
C.P.R. Employees Perfect all
Arrangements for Picnic.
The first annual picnic held by the
C. P. R. employees will take place at
Albert Canyon on Saturday, August
3rd. Special fares, $1 adults and 50c.
children, lor the rouud trip have been
arranged. The excuriion will leave
Revelstoke at 0 a.m. and return about
6 p.m. An elaborate programme ot
sports and other amusements has
be;., arranged and will be in charge ol
an able committee. The prize list is
a handsome one and dims the management great credit.
The outing promises to be most
popular and Revelstoke should patronize the movement liberally. A day
in the mountains will do as much
good as tonic A good time in store
for all. Refreshments, suit drinks,
etc., can be obtained on tl.e ground.
All Divorces Since 1857 May
be Illegal.
Vancouvkb, July 80.-Haa the supreme oourt ol British Columbia any
powers in matters ol divorce? It has
remained lor Mr. Justice Clement to
raise this question, stnitllng the liar,
and .ven tho Bench, his brother
judges, and sending divers tremors
and loars in the veins of scores whom
British Columbia Inm divorood since,
in 1857, tl.e then colony adopted this
law ul the motherland.
In effect Mr. Justice Clement asks:
" Was lhat law, exercised lor It
years belore Britisli Culumbia joined
conlrderatiun, taken away by the I),
N. A, Aot, whioh includes ' Marriage
and Divorce' among tho 'inclusive
prerogatives' ul tho Dominion l'urlisj
It. raising this question the conr'
has had to include Nov,. Boutin, the
ouly oilier provi. ce of llie Dominion
whicli had this Knglisli law belore
conlederntion, and which, like British
Columbia, has since continued to exercise it.
The point has been raised in Mary
Watts' petition against Rueben Walls.
That case has now been directed to
stand aside until October. Meanwhile
Justice Clement has requested argument upon the two-told question:
Has one judge or have three judges
power to grant divorces; nnd second,
if one judge has that power, can he
grant a decree nisi, usually returnable
in six months, or must he not grunt a
lirst and final decree absolute.
Upon Ihe argument the Attorney-
General and the Minister of Justice
will l-e asked to take part with J. A
Russell, K C, and C. M. Woudworth,
counsel Ior and agai.iBt the Watts
"There would not, ol course, be >.
revolution in matters ol divorce, even
though it sliould be decidul, here or
befoie the Judicial Committee nl the
Privy Council, where the question will
ultimately g1, that the province has
not the power it hns so long been exercising," said a K. C. today.
"The divorces lhat have been
granted would not be Bwepl away. Ottawa would have lo make them legal,
and wuuld, ol course, with an enabling
act, which would also apply to Nova
But he did not think it would he
decided that the Britidi North America Aot made any such change.
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Revelstoke Ijind Districl.
Districl of West Kootenny.
Tnke, notice lhat Arthur G, Johnston
I* Poplar, Britisli Columhia, occupation, merchant, intends to apply for a
speciul timber license over the following described hinds, situated un Poplar
Creek I.i the West Kootenay Diatrict.
Oommonolng at a poat planted aboul
miles from the town... Poplar, B.C.
on  the east, side of  Poplar Creek,
niaiked "A. II. Johnston's south-west
corner pnsl," tlience east no chains,
thenco nurth 80chains, then :e west 811
halns, thenci: suuth 80 chuius I.. point
of commencement, and contalnlpgMO
ncres more or less,
ls.."uli..l.liin«. 21lnl, 11107.
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Revetstntte Laml District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tlmt CIuiiIcm B, Held, ol Cran-
linrnk, B.C., occupation Druggist, intends Lo npfily
fur special licenses over tlie following descrilied
1. Commencing at a post planted nlnnit nm
cliiiins north from the mouth nf Big Creeii and
almnt 8u cliains west of Comaplix and market)
"Cliarlea R. Reld'fl S.K, corner post," tlience 811
cliains west, tlience SU cliains nortli, tlience 80
chains east, tlience sn clmins smitli to point of
commencement, uml containing WU acres more or
t. CommeiiciiiK at a post murked 'diaries E
Keid's N. E. corner post," planted about I0CI
cliains north from the montli uf Hig Creek nml
■ilmni 8<i chains west of Comaplix, thence BO
chains west, tlience 81' clmins sontli, tlience su
chains east, thence 80 chains north tn point of
commencement, and containing tun acres more or
8, Coinmeneing at a post murked 'Ch'irles K
Keid's S-W, corner post," planted about 100 chains
north from the mouth of Dig Creek and alwut Hn
chains west of Comaplix, thence 80 chains norlli,
Ihence 80 cliains eait, tlience bo chains south
tlience 80 chains west to point of commencement
ami contaiuiug 640 acres more ur leas.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Charles E.
Held'i N. W. corner post,"* planted about IIM
chains north from the mouth of Dig Creek and
about 80 chains west ot Comaplix, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, tbence north 811
chains, thence west 80 chains to point of commencement, and nmtuitiing Mi acres more or less.
Dated July 18th, 19.17.
sat jly 20 Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Revel-stoke l-aml District.
District uf West Kooicnay,
Tako notice that C, A. Freeman of Kaslo, R.
0.) occupation Miner, intends to apply for
special timber licences over the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
north side of Drift Creek, about 1 miles from
thc Lardeau Hlver, thence west iO chains,
thence north 160 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence south 160 ohains.
2. Commencing at a post planted on the
north side of Drift Creek, about 3 miles from
the Lardeau River, thence north 40 chains,
thenceeast 160 chainB, thence south 40 chains,
tbence west 160 chains.
3 Commencing at a post plnnted on thc
north side of Drift Creek, about i\ ini.es from
the Lunlciin Itiver, thence wesl 40 chains,
thence norlh 16o cbnins, thence east 40 chains,
thencesouth 160 chains.
Dated June loth, 19u".
sat jly 13 O, A. FRKKMAN.
Notice is liereliy given that todays after date we
intend u apply to the Horn rattle Chief Commissioner of lands antl Works for permission to purchase tlie following descrilied lauds in West
Kootenay district;
Commeueiug at a post planted on the S. E.
comer of Thompson pre-emuiiuu iiuS, marked
"Evitus Si Ogilvie's N. W. corner post) theuce
40 chaius east, 40 chaius south, 40 chains wost,
40 chaius north to poiut of cumniencement, containing 160 BOtes more Ot less.
Dated May 2,'itb, 1907
sat my 25 EVANS & OGILVIE
Kevelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Earl Stevens of Howscr,
_.. C, occupation Lumberman, intends to apply
fur special Umber licence*, over the following
described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on thc
north side of Drift Creek, about four miles
from the Lardeau Kiver; thence east 40 chainB,
thonce north 160 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence south 160 chaius.
'I Commencing nt a posl planted on the
north side uf Drift Creek, about Wi miles from
thu Lardeau River, thence north 4(1 chains,
thence cost 160 ehuins, thencesouth lOchains,
Ihenco west 160 chains.
Dated June 15th, IM.
sat Jly 13
Revrlstoke Und Distriot.
Districl uf West Kootenay.
Take ii.-iici-i.mt Henry Ambrose Miu-iis. nf
RevcMoke, H.C, occupation Kr**o Mlnur, in-
bends i,i applv for speciul limber licences over
the full-twin if described lunds:-
l. Commencing «t a posi planted l% miles
tmm   the moutli  of the  south fork ol llowtlle
freek. marked 'Henry Ambrose Morris' H. K corner n.-si,"thetre west 160chains, thenee north lu
chains, thence east Id clialus, thuuee BfiullHO
chains to point of commencement, containing tii'i
acres more or less.
1 Commend-g at a posi planted IW miles
from tlu' mouth of lhc Bouth folk of Dutvulu
Creek, markeil "Henry Ambrose Morrls'N E.
ner post," thence west too chain i, ihence soutli 40
Hiatus, llienee eusl luo < Imins theuce north 41
.liains to point of eoinnienecmcut, containing 040
acres nmre or less.
8, Coinmeneing at a post planted t% miles from
the mouth of the south fork of Doivute Creek,
unit ked "Henry Ambrose Morris' 8.K. corner unst,
liii'iiecwest 130 clmins, theme north 40 cnains,
tlience east 160 chains, theuce south 40 chains tc
point of cummeiicementlcan*Uiinlng U'li acres mure
or less.
4. Comment-nig nt a post plant ud '.'-' -, miles f nuii
llie moutli of the smith fork of Dowuie Cruek,
muked -'lleiirj Ambrose MorrH'N.K.coiiifi ii.i>t,'
ihence west 100 eliains, tlu-n.-e smitli 40 elinins,
Llienee east ii.n clmins, thence uortli 4u chains to
point of commencement, cuntaining U40 acres
more or less.
6. Commencing at apost planted 814 miles up
from the Uliilllll of tlm south fork of Dowiilo creek,
maiked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S K.cnnior post,"
tlienee west IUI clmins, theuce north 40 cliains,
thonce cart 160 clmins. them-e south i" uhalns to
point of coinmencement, containing olo acres more
or less.
Dated June Slat, 1907,
ft. Com 'lenolng at a p"*i planted :t'i iniles up
fmm ihe mm.uih of the touth folk of Duwnie creek
uiarked* Henry Ambrose Mol*ri.-,'NE.i'.iim'i*|nisl,'
llienee ivesl  Bill rhtiins, Iheuce snulli 40 clmins.
tlience east ioo chains, thuuee north 40 chains tn
point of commencement, containing uio acrcB moru
or less.
7. Commencing at a post phnted on the soutli
fork nf Dowuie Creek about i\ miles from the
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.B coiner post," thence west 1IHI chains, tlience north 40
chains, thence east 100 chains, theuce south 40
chains to point of commencement, containing oto
acres more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted on the south
fork of Downie Creok about 41 miles from the
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E corner post," thence west 100 chains, tlience south 40
chains, thence esst 100 chains, thenoe north 40
chains to pointof commencement, containing 010
acres move or less,
9. Commencing at a post, pluntail on Hie soutli
fork of Downie Creek, about 0 miles from Hie
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Mmris' S,E. corner post," thence west 80 chains, thencu north 80
chains, thence east 80 cliains, thence south 80
chains to point of commencemeiil, cuntaining 040
acres more or less.
10. Cummencing al a post planted on the south
fors of Downie (Veek about six miles from the
month, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E.
ner post," thence west 40 clmins, tlience south 100
chains, theuce east 40 clmins, tiience north 100
chains to point of commencement, containing 1)411
acres more or le*is.
Dated June E2lltl, 1007.
Kevelstoke Lund District,
District of West Kootenay,
Tu!,i-notice that Tom Hundt of Kevelstoke,
occupation Timber Cruiser, intends to apply tor
a spcfinl timber licence over the following
deser iml lands;
1. Commencing at ■ n post planted 4) miles
south of thc moulh of Smith Creek, and IOO
chains wet of the ('olumbia Kiver and niarked
"T. Sundt's S, E. corner," thenco 80 chains
west, thunce 80 chains north, thence80 chains
cast, thence SO ehuins south to pointof commencement, cuntaining 610 acres more or less.
2. Coinineneilig at a post planted I1: miles
south of the mouth of Smith Creek, and 80
chains west, of Columbia Riverand markod
"T, Sundt's N. E. corner," thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains west, thonce SOohains
north, thence 80 chains cast to puint of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
3. Commencing at a po-t planted 5J iniles
south of the mouth of Smith Creek, and 120
chains west of the Columbia Riverand marked
"T. Sundt's S. K corner," thunce wesl, 160
chains, thence north 40 chains, theuce east 160
chaius, thence suut li 40 chains tu point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
4. Commencing at a post planted 5J miles
south uf the mouth uf Smilli Creek aud 120
ehuins westof thc Columbia Hi ver and marked
"T. Sundt's N, E. corner," the ice south 40
chains, thence west 160 chains, thuuee nortb 40
chains, theuce east ltW chains to point of commencement, containing 010 acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a post planted li13 miles
south of the mouth of Smith Creek, aud 2%
miles west of Columbia River, and marked
"T, Sundt's S. E, corner," thence we-t 160
chains, thence north 40 chains, thonce east 160
chains, thencesouth 40chains to pointof com
mencomunt, containing 640 acres more or less.
6. Commencing ata pust planted6kjmiles
soutli of (he mouth of Smith Creok and 2 miles
west of Columbia River, and marked "T.
Sundt's N. E, comer," thence south lOchains,
theuce west 160chains, thence norlh lOchains,
enst 160 ehnins to point uf commencement,
containing 610 acres mure or less,
7. Commencing at a po-i planted 7 miles
south of the muulh of Smith Creek,and;*!!
miles west uf Culumbia Kiver, and marked
"T, Sundt's N. K. corner." theuce west 80
chains, thence suulh 80 1 liains, ihence cast 80
chains, theuce uurth 80 chains to puint uf commencement, containing 646 acres mure ur less.
Dated June loth, 1907.
sat jly (i TOM HUNUT,
.:,... nl Kev.
..-..-I l» ii|'.
ly I.i
Notice is hereby glveu thai 00 days Irom date
1 Intend to apply tu the Honourable the CLlef
Commissioner uf lauds and Wurks for per-
mis-dun tu purchase the following described
Inula, situated al lialena Bay, in West Route-
nay district:
Commeueiug at a post marked "W, R, Keid's
suuth-eaot corner post," aud planted 40 chaius
Buutli Irum thd uurth-westcorueruf C. Beck's
Ul 7"i:i, thence went-Ai chains, thenee north
41 chains, thenceeast 20 chainB,thuuee south
ii cii.un- lo point uf eemmuneemcut, and con*
taining 80 acres more or less.
Dated Uay 22nd, 1907,
iat my A W, B. REID
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi after data I
uteml to apply to lhe Chief Commissioner of
Lands Ami Worki for perm Ism ion to purchase thu
following deectlbed lands, situate In West Koote-
nay District:
Commeneing al a pest planled 40 chains
north of iouth east corner of T, L. 7oi6, aud
marked "11.c.Morris's nurth-uasl corner poat,"
thencesouth Bo chalna, went hu chains, uorth
80 chaini, east HO chaius to point ol commence-
Daled June Otb, 190",
wed Jun 1.1 II. C. MORRIS.
Notice is hereby glveu that 00 days after date I
intend to apply lo the Honorable, the Chief JCom*
missioner of Lands anil Works for permission to
purchase the lollowing described lends, situated
on Upper Arrow Like, District of West Kootenay:
Coinineneilig at a pust plantod at the S. E,
cornerof Kalph Simpson's application, theuce
!"■"» chains northeasterly following the bike
shure in Galena Bay; theuce north 20 chains;
Iheuce suuthwesterly 105 chains paralleling
Lake shore; theuce soulh 2(> chaini- to point of
commencement, and containing Hi acres, more
or lew,
Dnted Arrowhead, H. C, June I. 1907.
Jun 22 sat A, W. DICKINSON,
Agent for Lamb-Watson Lumber Co, Ltd.
Revelaloke Laud DMrlcl.
Diatrict uf West Koutenay,
Take notice lhat I, Anton Hanson of Poplar.
H.C, occupation Miner. Intend lo apply for
permission (0 purchaie tho following described
Commencing at a poet planted ou the north
nlde of the Lirdo River, opposite lhe town of
Poplar, marked "A. Hansen'** N,W. eorner,"
thencr earn 4U chains, thrnce suuth 10 chains,
(hence west 40 chains, thenee north lu chains
(0 point of commencement, and containing 40
acres, more or lew.
Dated 2nd July, 1907,
wed Jly l« ANTON .HANSEN,
Revelstoke Land Districl,
District ol West Kooteuay,
Take notice that Gub kprlam Hodstrom uf
Hevelslokc. B, ('., occupation Cruiser, intends
tu apply for a special llceuse over the following
described lauds:
1. Commeueiug at a post planted abuut une
mile up the nurth-east furk ol Five Mile Creek
and about twu chains westof the trail. Five
Mile Creek being live miles above Carnes
Creek, and marked ''Uuu Kprlam Hedsirom's
B, E, comer." tbence nurih 80 chaius, tlience
ivest 80 chains, ihence suuth 80 chains, thencu
east 80 chains lo pulnl of cnniincuecL.ciii, contaiuiug 1.tu acres muru ur less.
Commencing at a post planted ahout ouu
mile up the north-enst lurkol Klw* Mile Creek
and bIhjuI two eliains west ul the irail, Flvo
Mile Creuk being live miles above (lames
Creek, and niaiked 'UUS hpriniii Hedstrom's
K.W corner," iheuce north 80 cliain , thunce
east 80 chaius, them u tonih 80 chains, theuce
west 80 chains 10 poiul uf commencement, and
cuntaining 040acres more ur less.
8, Commonolng at a pusl planted about une
mile up the nurtb-eusiiurk uf Five Mile i ruck
ami abuut two chains west of the trail. l'lu*
Mile Creuk being live miles above Carnes
(reek, and markud "<ins Kprlam Hedsirom's
N, W, comer," thuuee south 80 chains, ihence
east so chains, tlience north 80 chains, thence
west80chains tu pointof c.oniuieuecmciit, and
containing t>40 acres inure or less.
4. Commencing ala pust planted about unc
mile up the nurlh-east furk uf Hve Mile Creek
aud about twu chains west uf lhu irail, Five
Mile Creok b.'iug lliu miles above Carnes
Cii-ek, ini'i marked "Olll Kprlam Hudsirum's
N.E. curuer," thence south ho chaius, ihenee
west 80 chains, ihencu norlh 80chains, thunce
east 80chains lu pulnl of comiiiutK'CUiciiMiul
cuntaining tilu acres mure or less,
Dated June 12th, 1907,
wedjly lo     CIS KI'RIAM HJ.D8TR0U.
Cariliou Ian I Districl.
Di-uriei of Cariboo li.'
'lako nonce that I, \V
B. O., occupation Minei
sp." i il timber Been esov
ud lands:
I, Commenci 11 n at fl   pnsl   planled aboul &
miles frum tho mouth of ( ai Itiver ami nboul "
miles south of Cranberry hake, and marked "W.
T. Oke's liortll-casi oorner.' Ibeuce south B0 ehains.
thenc* Must Hi chuius, thencu north oi) chains,
thence east 8" chains to place of commencement,
cuntaining Olo acres more or less.
8, Coiiniicti' iug al a pnsl planted about 2 miles
smith of Sic Unman lliver ami |ulning No. 1 limit.
and marked "W. T. (ike's north cast corner,"
thence soulh so chains, tbenco west 80 chains,
Iheuce nortli so cliains, Ihence east80 chains to
point of commencement, containing Olo acres more
or less.
'A. Commencing at a post planted about *.: milei
from McLennan River ami joining No. 2 limit and
marked "\V. T. Oke's nortli-west corner,', tlu-nce
cast 160 chains, tlience south 40 chains thence
wesl ion chains, thence nort h 40 chains to place of
commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
4, Commencing at a pnsl planled almut 2 miles
from McLennan River ami joining No. 2 und No. :t
limits ami marked "W.T.-jfie's nurth-east corner,"
tliouce smilli SO chains, thence west 80 chains,
thunce imrtli so ohaius, tbence oast 80 chains to
point of uummencoineut, containing 646 acres more
or less
j. Commencing at a post planted about ,'I miles
soulh oi Cranberry Lake and joining No, I limit
011 the south uud marked "W, T. Okoa north .cast
coiner," tlience soulh til chains, thencu west 80
ehains, theuce north 811 clmins, tlienee eust 80
chains to place of commencement, cuntaining 040
acres, nmre or less.
0. GomiUOIicllig al a post planted about 4 miles
south of Cranberry Luke ami lolnln. No. fl limit
on tin* nesi, ami murked "W. i. uke's south-easl
eonifl*," tbeuce west Rn cli,in*. Ihence m-rlh 80
eliains.  thuilCD easl tin chains, thencu south 80
chain-, tn point of commencement, containing olo
acres more or luss.
7 Commencing ut a post planted about 4 miles
south ol Cranberry Uku ami joining No. fl limit
oil Lhe north-easl ami marked "W. T. Oke's south'
oustcotlior," thenoo west 80 clmins, thenee north
80 clialns, tbence east mi chains, tliouce soutb 80
clmins (o point of couiuifiit'cmcnl, containing 610
Dated Juno 7th,'1007.
8. Commencing at a post planted about :t miles
south of McLennan Itiver and joining No 7 limil,
and marked "W. T. Oke's southeast coruer,"
thenee north 80 chains, thencu weat 80 clmins,
theuce south 80 chains, thunce east 80 chains tu
point of commeucemeut, containing 640 acres
mure ur lu«s,
0, Commencing at a post planted about 2 miles
south of McLennan River ami joining No. 8 limit,
and maiked *'W T. Oko's norlh-eust comer,"
theuce south bii clmins, theuce west 80 chains,
llienee north 80 chains, llnmee east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 040 acres more
01 less.
10. ommeiieing at a post plantcil about 2 miles
south of McLennan River and joining No. 9limit,
and marked "W. T. Oke's south-easl, corner,"
tlience west 160 chains, thunce north 40 chains,
tlience east lOOchains, thence soutli 40 chains to
point of couiuiencement, containing 640 acres more
or less.
II. Cummencing at a post planted almul 1 mile
Bouth of McLennan Itiver and joining No hi limil
and maiked "\V. T. Oke's north-east corner,"
ihence south 80 chains, thuuee west 80 clmins,
thencu north 80 chains, thenou east 80 chainslo
place of commencement containing UIO acres more
or luss.
Datud .Iunu 10th, 1007.
12. Coinmeneing ut, a pnst planted abuut ::
miles fnnn Canoe River ami about 8a iniles
Irom moulh of river ami marked "W. T. Ok
south-east corner," tlience west 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, thunce east 80 chains, thence
souih 80 chaina to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
i:i. Commencing ata post-planted about Smiles
west of Canoe Kiver ami joining Nu. 12 limit ami
murked "W. T. oko's south-oast cornor," tlience
went -ii chains, thencu north 80 chains, tbence east
80 chains, thence south HO clmins to place of oolil*
meneement, containing urn acres iiuiru oi- less.
M. Commencing at a post plum .ed about 1 mile
west of Canoe River ami joining No. l.'i limit and
marked "W, T> Oke's south-west corner," thonce
north 80 chains, theu.'u east 80 chains, theuce
south mi chains, thence west 80 chains to pnint of
commencement, containing 040 acres more or less,
Uuieil   line llth, 1907.
wed jly 3 WILLIAM T. OKB.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice Hint Charles K. Reid ol Craiihr. ok
B.C., occupation Druggist, Intends to apply for a
special timber license over lhe following duscribud
Oommonolng at a post marked "Charles E.
Hei.I'i N.W. cornur post," plunted about :m clmins
north of a post markeil -w.l'. i;W, D. Orr preemption," and nboul 1} miles north of Cumboriie,
B. C, thencu north 80 chains, theuce uasl 80
chains, thunce south 8U chaius, thunce west 80
chains to point of eommeticumuul, ami containing
oio acres moru or less.
Dated July Hub, 1907.
sat jly 20 Nicholas Cowers, Agent.
Notice l» hereby given tlmt on any. niter ilnle I
Intenil to npply to ll.e Wilel iioiin..l»»in..i-.-..I
I.11...I, nn.1 Work. I«r porrabilon t..pureluue ll.o
lollowlng ilusi-rilie.l Iii.i.Ih, .Ituute in West Konle*
nny illHtriii:
Commencing et n l«i«l plnntcl wobslni
north ol MUlti-eut corner ol T.t, "7(110 en.l
marked ".1. K. .I..I.i.h...i'h north-wc.t cornor
...ml," llienee ensl w ohalni, soulh 80eh..ln>,
wea. Wl chain., north til chain, to pulnl ul
if.......].■>.- f. m-i. t.
i.......j jun.. n.i., i't.;.
wed Jun 1*1 J. K. Johnson.
NOTICK Is hereby given that 80days after
date I intend tu apply in tho Hon. tho
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for
permission tu purchase tho following desurlbed
lands, situated in West Kootenay:
Commend im at a post planted 2U chains
westof Blind Hay, inarked D, M. Hae's north-
out comer pust/' thence south 8J chains, west
80 chains, north 80 chains, oast 80 chains tu
point of commencement,
Dated J uno 6th, 1907.     wjU    li, M, KAE.
Revelatoke Land District-
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thai A. M. Symons,ol St. Leon,
B C, occupation M ner, intends tn apply for
special timher licenses over de following
described Isnds;
1, commeueiug at a uos planted at the N.
W corner of Lot 817o and alum iti chains wust
of the middle furk of Foslhall Creek, west of
Cpper Arrow Lake, and marked "A. M. Symons' S.E. curuer," thunce north 80chains,
iheuce west Bo chainB, thence south 80 chains,
thencu east BO chiius tu place nf commencemeni, aud containing 610 ncres mure ur less
i. Commencing at a post planted at C e N.
W. corner uf Lot 8175 ami about 20 chains west
of the middle furk of Fosthall Creek, west of
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A.M.Symons1 8, Vi, corner," thunce north 80 chaius,
ihenee east 80 cliains, Ihence south 80 chains,
iheuce wear 80 chains to place uf commence
menl, and containing 040 acres more ur less
Hated June lotli, 1907.
8. Communcing at a post plumed unc mile
north anil lOchains west of the N.W. cumer uf
Lot 8I7.J aud on thc esst hank ol the middle
fork of Fosthall Crook, west of Uppir Arrow
Lake, and marked 'A,M.Symons' S K, corner,"
ihence nort i go clmins, thenee wesl 80 chains,
thence soulh 80 chains, iheuce easl 80 chains
lu place ul coniineueement, and containing
«4n acres more or less.
4. .omuiciie,iug at a post planted one mile
north and lu chains wust ol the N W. corner ol
Lut 817"* nnil o:i the easi bank of the middle
forkof Fosthall Creek, woslol i'pper Arrow
Lake, and markod "A.M.Bym-'iis .-. corner."
Uience north ho ehuins, lb-cue i «s| 80 clialus,
thence south 80 chains, then e .e>l80 chains
to lace of com uuccnicui, aud containing
Olo acres more or less.
t'i. C'lmineiicini* si a lost plnuled one -iiila
nurih and 70 ehuins east uf U)t6175aml on
mile cast ol theeast hank of the middle fuik ul
Fosthall Creek, west nl Upper Arrow uke and
markud "A, M. Symons' S, \\. corner," ihence
uurth 80 chains, iheuce east 80 chains, theuce
soul ii 80 c.iauis, thence west 80 uhnins lo placu
uf ei'inineiici menl, and cuutBillillg 010 -ut'k
more or less.
Dated ,luuel7th, 1907,
0. Commeuelng. at a post planlcd at the ».
W, eurner of ..'. 7886, and about 60 ehuins
wust ul thu north fork ol Koslhall Creek, 8
miles (ruin (he mouth in the norlh fork, west
of the I'pner Arruw Luke, Hint murked "A. M.
.Symons' N.E, corner," thenco souih 80 chums,
thence west hii chaius, thunce north 80 ehuins,
tlionco cast so chains lo place ol commencement, cuntaining Old acres more or less.
7 Communcing st a pust planlcd uf the 8.
IV, comer ol T.L. 7;tI0,aud luu chain* iie-t oi
the north lork uf Foslhall creek, and about 9
iniles from the moulh ul thc north lork, west
ul I'pper Arruw I ake, and marked "A. M. Sy*
minis' H, E, comer," Iheuce norlh 80 chains,
Uience west 80chains, thenee -until -u chain*-,
iheneeeast 80 chains to place of commencement, and contaiuiug 040 acres more ur less
8. Communcing at a po-t plumed ut iiu->
W. corner T, I, 7::,i\ about 40 chains wesl ol thc
norlh furk ol -Fosthnll Creek, aboul 4 miles
frum the mouth uf lhe north lork.wo'lol
Upper Arrow Luke, and marked "A.M symons1
S. E, corner," iheuce wesl 80 ehalus, ihence
north 80 chains, theuce easi so chains, (huuee
South 80 chains lo place ol eommeiieemeiil
and contaiuiug (Ito acres more ur luss.
Daled June IHlh, 1907,
wed Jlv 10      ANDREW MII.KH SYMONS.
Cariboo Laml District.
D.strict of dnl, ti,
Take milieu Cm 3»dti) i aflor datu V. Corning
or Revcl.t ik'', omt|i:iH'iti hotel man, luteiulu
tu apply fnr a spocial timber li ease over tbe
following described laud t:
1. CoinmouciiiK at a posl planted two miles
wo-t. uf Cunoo rn*''. and about ft iniles (rum
month,uoar Cruiihorry lake, cud marked 'E.
''urninif's uorthousl curuer post N" I, thonco
-outh 80chain-, Ihence we.-l Ml chain-, thence
uorth Mi chains, thunce nasi SO'-haiiia tostart>
iug point, containing 640 acres mure or less,
Dated 7th of .Iiinn. lft/I.
2, Commencing ut n |hi>l pluutod un wost
hunk uf Cauoo rivor. 8.1 milu- frum mouth, und
marked "E. Coming's northwest comei* i*u-t
No. 2," theuce oast IW chains  thence south 80
eliains   theuco wosl Hil cbaius. I honco north 80
ehuiua tu starting point, containing Oil) acre*
moro or less.
Dated Jth June, 1007.
3, Commeueiug at a post planted threo miles
wust ..I' Cauocl rivor, Si miles Trom month and
mnrkod "E. Cuming's northwest corner wist
No. :*{," thouco east 80 ohains, theuco soutn 80
ehuins, thouco west 80 cliains, theuce nurth 8n
ohaius to starting point, containing 610 acres
mure ur loss.
Dntod 7th Juuo, 11107.
4. Commonclng at n post plnuled uu west
bank of Canoe river, nlsmt So milos from mouth
ami marked "B. Coming's northeast corner post
No. I," theuco soutb 80 cliain-, theuco west Ml
chains, llniiieu norlh 80 chains, Ihenco mist M
ohaius to Btarting point, containing tHQecroi
moro or luss.
Dulod 5th Juno, 1907,
.'). Commeiiolug at u po-t plantod west of
Cnnoe river and 87 mile- from muuth. marked
"15. Corning'- uortbonst ■ orner post No. :..'■
tliouce south su ohaius, thence wost80chains,
thouco north Ml ehuins, (honco eusl Mlelmin-1
sini ting point,containing 640acres more or lei
Dulod ."ith June, 1907.
0. Connnouriiift nt a [mat planted we-t o
Canoo rivor, Vi milo- from m.mlh, an.l marked
E  Coining's nuri east corner posl  V1   <'•■
thouoe south 80 cbaius, thoncu we-t Ni chain:
thouco north 80 chains, thunce east 80 chains to
Starting puint, cuntaining iilu icres more or
Dated 7th June, 1901.
7, Commencing ut a post plauted wo-t of
Canoo, rivor aun 85 milos from muuth, uud
markod "E. Coming's northeast cumer post
No, 7," thouco south 80 chains, theuco west to
cliiiins, thoncu nurth 80 chirps, thonco e.i-t MI
ehains to sturtiug puim, containing tHOaorei
more or loss.
Dated 7th Juno, 1007.
8, Commeueiug at a post plant <l livo miles
wust of Cunoo rivor and about 83 miles fro
month and marked "E. Coming's southwest
comer pusl No, 8," iheuce nurth BO chains,
tbonco unst 80 chains, tbenco south 80 chains
tliuuco wosl Mi ehuins to starting pnint, cuu
tuluiug 010 acres morour loss,
Dntod ith Juno, litOO.
9, Commonclng at a post planted wost uf
I'linoe rivor und i'i miles Irum mouth, und
markod '*E. Coming's southwest corner post
No. 9," thonco uorlh IM) clmiiis, thonc" oust 40
chains, thuncu south ItiO ehuins, thoii'-e wo.-t 40
bains to starting point, aouiuinlng 040 ac
ur loss.
Duted 7th June 1907.
1(1. Commonolug at a post plnntod ou west
bunk of Cunoo river uud aboul 88 mile- from
mouth and markud "E. Coming's Bouthwost
curuor No. HI," tlienco north Ml chaius, tliuuco
oust 80 chains, (.heme south 80 chains, theuce
west 80 chalna tu starting point, cuntaining 640
acres moro or less
Dulod Juno itli, 1907.
11. Cominonoing at a post planted west of
Cunoo Itiver antl abuul 8-5 miles from mouth
and marked "IC, Corning^ south-oast corner
post No. II," theuco west Mi chains, Ihence
nurlb 80 clmins, thenee cast 80chains, thonco
south 80 chains Lo siarting point, cunlaing 610
acres more ur less.
Daled J unc Sth, 1007-
12. Commonclng ul a post planted west uf
Canoo Hivur uboui j miles, aboul 83 miles from
mouth, niaiked "K,Coming's north-easl cumer
pust, Nu. 12," ihenco suuth 80 chains, tbonco
west 80 chains, tbeuce nurih HJ) chains, theuce
cast80chainslo sturtiug point, containing010
acres more or loss,
LI, Commencing at a noat planlcd west uf
Caiiue Kiver and 8.1 miles frum mouth, marked
"K. Cuming's north-east cunier pust No. 18,'
thenco -imiii 80cbaii.s, theuce west Mi chaius,
theuco nortli KOuhaiim, ihence oust MJ chains tu
starting point, containingOlOacics more uric-.-.
li Commencing at a pust planted I mile
west uf Cunoo Hivor and about 85 miles frum
mouth, and marked "K. Coming's north-wost
corner nust No. 11." theuce cost 80 chains,
l hence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thunce uurth 80 chains lu starting point, containing 010 acres inure ur less.
Dated June Mlh, 1907.
wed jly 3 ED. COBNING.
Ihal, I, Juhn Wullls Hhurwin, of
tilfoha, intend tu apply for a
licence fur llio following dc
Tnke notta
Winnipeg, .Muiillobu, intend tu apply for u
special tlnihui
scribed lauds:
Commencing at n pust planled al. lhe Koiilh
West eurner'I'L 808.1, markeil "J.W'.H,, norlli-
cast cnnmi," running west Ml cliain-. Uionoo
suuth 80 chains, tlionco east 80 chains, uud
thencu north 80 chains to thu pulnl of coin-
Dated July 161 h, 1907.
saljlyfl) J. WAIjMB 8HKRW1N.
Nollco l» hereby kIvi.ii Unit ■HI il.iy» niter
date we intend lo apply to lho lion ll.o lllilet
Coiii.niHHloncr of LiiihIh ...id Work.., fur Bpoolal
licence lo cui uud carry away timber frum llie
following doicrltod lunik
I'uininonoliiK nl a post iiliinted nl Uie-norU.-
cast ooruur of Ihihorl lllolidlnnlnK's prc-o.up-
tion Nu, 1)11, Wenl Kooleuay Uliti-lct, anil
marked "lib. Hcn.l Lumber (on....ii.y'nM.i.ll.-
e.i«t eornur post," tlience nurlb 10 cb.iin»,lbcn.f0
wo-. Uill el.nl.iH, tbenco soul I. Ill chalnx, ll.e...'..
...ml ItHJ ohalna to point nf c...nn.on.:...ue..t.
Arrowhead, Il.C, July mli, lllli.
«u Jly 20        Hi.i HUND Li'miikii Co., I.to.
Itcvclitlukc Land l.l.lrict.
UiMtrlct of West Kootonay.
inko in.li.-.- that Itli'liard Olivia, AumiI, nl
EtevolBtoke, 11. (',., ..cuupali...., -.... null it.iin.ii.or,
inlend. to apply for a **,,»■--1:11 timber li.-cm-e ..ror
tl.u follou-hiR deHcrlbud I.ui.Im:
Commonolng at a p<.ni marked "nortlnwiiil
corner post." tdtnnto.I about a .|..t.rler ..la ...Ilu
hi'l.iw 1'lve Mllc.Jrcok, iillthe west bank ol the
Ooluuibln Hive.-, running nut eighty ,-lialne,
thenoe -.until nighty clialna, tbeuce we.l eighty
chain., tlience ....rtl. eighty chain, lu ll.e [...bit i.l
Rovelstoke Land Dislricl.
Distriot of Wesi Kootenay,
Take nolice lhat G. R, Norlhey of
Camborne, B, C, occupation Logger,
Intends lo apply for a special limber licence over lhe following described lands:
i. Commencing al a post planted on
llio easl bank of Hoyd creek, abuut 5
chains from creek and .-.bout 3 miles from
ils mouth, marked "C«. R. Norlhey's
norllicast corner posl," theuce west So
cliains, Ihence soulli 80 ciiains, Ihence
east (io chains, thence north So chains lo
poinl of comnienieuii'iilr
2. Coinineneilig at a posl planled on
lhe wesl bank ot Hoyd Creek, about 4
miles from ils mouth, marked "C>. R.
Norlhey's north-i-aslconier post," thence
wesl 80 elinins, theuce south 80 chains,
llienee easl 80 chains, Ihence norlh So
chains lo poini ol commencemeni,
3. Commencing al a post planted on
the east bank nt \l,iyi\ creek, about Oo
elinins fron. ereek and about 5 miles troni
iis moulh, inarked "G. R. Norlbey's
soulh-east corner post,' ihence norlli So
chains, tbeuce wesl 80 chains, Ihence
south So chains, thence easl So ciiains 10
poiul ol cou.ii.i-iii-t-m.int.
4. Commencing al a posi planted on
ll.e east bank ol Hoyd creek, aboul 00
chains fro... creek ami about 5 milo Iron.
-is moulh, niarked '-ll. R, Norlhey's
soulh-vvesl corner post," Ihence nuiii. So
chain*, llienee easl So chains, thence
soutb Sochains, thence wesi So chains to
poinl of con....ence...cnl,
Daled June .'olll, HJO7.
5. Coinnieiiciiig nt a post planted .'i.
lhe easl bank of Hoyd creek, aboul 30
chains Irom creek and about (1 miles Iron,
iis moulh, mnrked "O. R. Norlhey's
north-easl comer post," (henco wesl 40
chains, ihence soulb  160 chains, thence
-ist 40 chains, thence north ilti cli.ins lo
point of commencemeni,
... Commencing al a post planled on
ll.e easl bank of Boyd creek, about 30
halns from creek anil aliout I,', miles
from iis moulh, marked "O. R. Norlhey's
nijilb-w.-sl corner post." thence easl 40
cbaius, Iheilce soulli ...o chains, lil.-i.i.-
w.-sl 40 chains, llienee norlli 160 chains 10
poini ol commencemeni,
7, Commencing at .-. post planted on
the easl bank ol Boyd ci.-ek aboul ,111
chains from creek au.l aboul B miles 11
iis moulh, marked "O, R. Nortlte
norlh-vvcsi coiner post," llienco easl Bo
chains, llionce soulb so chains, ihenc.
wesi So .-!.;.i..*, thenco norlh s.. chains 1.
poii.t of commencement,
Da.e.lo.l. July. 1.)..;.
wed jly 17     Per A. Mclnnes, agent
Lillooel I/....I Dislrict.
Districl <.l I..11.>..ei.
Take notice tlmt Alexnndci McCi-ac
nf Hi-v.-lsi.ik.., Il.C, l'ii..-|.i.l..i. in-
tends tn Hpply for a special lii.ilH.-i-
license ovei ti..- followiug .i.-*--.-il.e.l
1. Oi neu .ing ai n posl planleil
...1 tin- east bank ol  the soutb fork of
S.-VU.....1- river about 1; iniles si.ulh uf
ili.. *:.. ne; i.ul al,..... *ilj iiiiles up from
Shuswan lake .....1...... k..l "Alexander
.McCraes N.W. corner," tiience easl IU
chains, thence north SO chaina, tnence
east lOchains, ihencosuulli 120cbnins,
lh.-nee in-st si. chains, tlu-nce north JU
ehnins to point of commencement and
containing uio acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted
0111I11. cast bank ..I Ibe Eouth fork of
Seymour river about 2 miles soulb ol
il... saii.e and about 22 miles up from
Shuswap lakeland mai ked "Alexander
.McC. ae's N. VV. ci'iin-i-," tbence south
SU chains, thence east 80 chains, tbence
north 80 ebains, tbence west Stfchains
i" poini of commencement, and containing ('.Hi a.-i.-* more or less.
ii. Commencing at .. posl planted
..i.the easi bankof the Bouth fork o(
Seymour river aliout 8 miles south of
the si..... and aboul 23 miles up from
Shuswap lake and marked "Alexander
McCraes N. E, corner," tbence soutb
80 chains, tbence west 80 chains, thenco
uorth 80 chains, thence easl 8U cbaina
1.. point ol commencement, .iml containing (UO acres more or less.
■I. Commencing at a post planted
about J ...il.-.-..si of the south fork ..f
Seymour riv.-.-. aboul ii miles soutb of
the .*..!...■ and ahout 23 miles up from
Shuswap lak.- and marked "Alexander
McCraea N.W. curuer," tbence cast
Uiu chains, thence sn.iil. lu chains,
tbence west KK. chains, llienee norib
10chains to pointof commencement
and containing OIU acres more or less.
Dated June 211th. 1007.
5. Commencing at a post planted 1
mile wesi of tl.e w.-si bank of Seymour
rivor, about il miles up from Shuswap
I.-.ke,.-.inI marked "AlexanderMcCrae's
N.W. corner," tbence south JO chainB,
thonce east luu cliains, tbence north
IU chains, thoi.ee west 100 eliains to
poini ..I' commencement, containing
(ilii acres inure in- less,
li. Commencing al .. post planled 1
mile westof ihe west hank of Seymour
river, about il miles up from Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander McCraes
S. \V, corner," ihenc.. north JO ehains,
thenceeast bin ebains, tbence south
HI elinins, thence west HKI eliains to
point of commencement and containing 6JU acres i.e.re or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted J
mile w.-si of the west bank of Seymour
liver, aboul il miles up from SI...swap
lake and marked "AlexanderMcCraes
S. li. corner," tbence north in chains,
thence west HKI chains, thenee soulh
Id eliains, ll.ence east HKI chains lo
point of commencement, and contain'
iug iilu acres moro or less.
S. (ommenclng al n post planted
about J mile east ..f a second north
fork ..I Sey.nou. river, about ii; miles
abovo Shuswap lake and almnt %
illiles up the said fork and marked
"Alexander .McCrae's S. W. corner,"
tlience norlli UUI chains, ihence east
HI cliains, Ihence south 100 chains,
ihence west lo eliains to pnint nf commencement, and containing Olo acres
mure or less.
II. Commencing at a p..st planted
about J mile east of a second nortb
fork of Seym.nu- rivei-. about i£i} miles
aliove Shuswap lake and about 2\
miles up tl.e sai.l furk and marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. li.. corner,"
thence north 101 chains.thence west
ll) chains, tbence south 10) cliains,
Ihence east IO.-l.ains to point of cum-
...enceuii.nl, an.l containing 1110 acres
more or l.-s*.
Dated June 27th, 1807.
10. Commeneing at a post planted
nn th.- east bank of a second nurlb
fork of Seymour rive.-, about 21 j miles
up from Shuswap lake an.) ah...it JJ
miles ..p Uie said furk and marked
"Alexander McCrae's s. W. corner,"
tl..-.ne north 180 chains, thenceeast JO
chains, thence smith IliO chains, ihence
west JO chains to pniui of commencement, and containing 610 acres more
ul- l.-s*.
Dated July 1st, 1007.
11. Commencing at a post planted
lj miles nn.il. of the Seymour river,
and aboul 11 miles above Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander McCrae's
S. \V. coi ner." then.-e nnill. .SO clmins,
Iheuce e.ist .Si) ehains. tbence snulli SO
chains, tbence wesl 80 chains to pnint
of commencement, and containing
0J0nc.es more or less:
Dated July 0th, 11107.
we.l jly 17   ALEXANDER McCHAE.
Certificate of Improvements.
lUohinond Minimi Claim, situate In the Hev
el»toke Mini uk Division of Wc-l Kuolcnay
When- located. At Standaid Bailn, Bouth
lurk ul huw nic Creek.
Tiikt; notice thai I, It, Smith, F.M.C. No.
B88712, acting a_ wjout fur w, II Willeox,
Free Miner- Certificate No. 1188580, intend,
tiS 'lav*- frum datu hereof, to npply lu lhu
Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol Impiuve-
nuiii-. fur the purpoae of obtaining a Crown
Grant of tho above maim,
And further lake notice thai action, under
-I'clitui A',, inii-! in* ''oimiiciici-d Itufore thu
iwuancooi iui b Cortlfloato uf improvement*.
Dated (hi>< SBrd day uf May, A.I). Iim;.
wod my ffl it. SMITH.
ap i
... U..I.I
i* lli'li'll. giv.-.l lll.il lie-
lie. if ur Ilia *
.11 .....li.r til
Act, to Oil
Irom i-imI.. i i.-.-k...
n.i), llntif.li Col	
if.upti... inl.. ll.e .'.
■aid cruek ahoul i.
...ul t.. coiutrucl in
tin. ...iuiiii ..( sm
Itiver a.ljfii-i-iii tb
fi.l.-r.iKii.-.l I.f.
■ v.....
tl.i' .Imr.. "I  l-'rislij
lllver at wnl poind, I.
llYorlni log*.....I Limb.
'l'ho huul, lo Is. all.
hi. lauds and il..-..
.1 il..- li
remote ..i.-.m. (..,..*
I.Mill-1 mI   «... K.K.1*
.1.1... I.-...ii .i p.....l trtion il
'.iiiinl.l,, Iti,,-r i" f, point....
il.-, I...... Un- (.'..luiuiii.! no...
I ...uui...... booms at or aboa.
crook no.l in .1..- Columbia
I i.. ..luel. li
hook ....I -..
Ii.il.iinii, son
lirouj.li. ilon
tod I iy .1... >
'  that ir.. nr
.1 .-..lu nil.!.,
in; amide
, uld orook
,iil ».irk .ir,
.-.I I..
Iiargod a... ....I. a, may bo Hxod by I Jurijo ol
ll.e County Curl 1.1 w..-.t Kootonay.
lui.-.i ii... i .in .in uf .inm., mi.
»-i..iJnc IIMII.I II. linNMil.l.V.
Notice is hiri'i.j nlv.'ii tlmt N dan after date I
Intond to u|ij)i) to the Uon. the Chief Commie-
i.oiiei of Liuni-, uml Woik> for nennlntoii to pur
uhoao tlie toUowl»R ileecHbed laniU, iltuated on
Galena Hay, Weel Kootenay dislrict:
Commencing at a post planted W chain." south
from ihoS. \V7Corner oi Lot B,M0, ami marked
dflo.T. Newman's 8. K, uoraer I'oat," thenee
inntli ijtii-iuiiN, tbenee west W chalne, thenct
ninth io obaina, thuncu went n chaini, thenee
oiiih 2u chalnH, i hi'ti'-i- caul in chaini io »place of
(iinmeiicuiucnt, containing 100acrei moru or bus.
Dated at Arrowhead, Juno 1st, 1W7.      wed J 8
Rerolstoki Land Diitrlot,
Diatrict ol w.-t Kooleoar,
Tike notice that i.a, K. Dlokensou of Rer«
elstoke,occupation rertner, intend (oupjiiy
for permlnlon to purehiu the following d*
ier I bed landi
Commencing i>t a *,-i j mi. :■ i at the 8, B,
eorner L TsiB, a, l. tnenoe uretl to chains
tlienee south 90chains, in."ine eaat nobalns.
tbence notth 80 cbalm tui-uiut ofniiuuieua*
iiK-nt met euiiiRiuiiiK 83B loroi mure ur 1cm,
Dated May ifiib.iuu?.
sin uk.
Weel Kooteuay Lm.l District,  DWtlct ol Uer<
elstoke, H.C.   Take notice iiuu Rupert William
[laggan  ol Kenlatoke, It.c. occupation Insur
a ki m, Intends
purchaie tin* followh
meuclni et u pnl plat
1'iitn-t Arrow Lake, al
ad ' it   W. Maj
i)i|ily ior permlulon to
i   described   lund: C -
led on the western shore of
Bannock Polut, uml murk'
cruet pout,"
ituate aboul sorh.un> (rem the southern extrcm-
iu uf Bannock Point, thence north *o cbalni to
the southern boundary <>( Oeorge Boyd's pre etnp<
tion, iiom e aast VI cnains to tin- eastern bound*
try of Lot 811, thence south 80 chains to Un* shore
ol Upper Arrow Lake, tbence east following the
shore of Upper Ami Uke to place of commence1
menl, contains an nr*'* ol IO' acres, mon' or less.
Daled Jul) Wtb, IW7,  Bupert Williams Haggen.
Certificate of Improvements.
MaMOt Mineral Claim, situate in the Itevcl*
■toko Mining iihUiun ui West Kootenny
Where located:   At lhe heud uf the Middle
tjunth r'ork of Duwnie Creek   ml joining
thc Chief uf thc Hill* Mineral Claim,
Take nultce that I, IL Smith. K.M.I'. Nu,
liftjTlZ. acting ao agonl for A.M. Clark, Kreo
Miners CerufloatQ WO, B88001, intend, <ixty
daya from data hereof, lu apply to the Mining
Iteoorder fur a Ccrlillcato uf linpruvcinont-s.
ur lite purpoHOuf obtaining a Crown Grant ut
he above claim.
And further Uke nutlco lhat action, under
section ST. muM be   commenced before the
i--uanccuf such Ccrtilluv.eof Improvements.
Dated ilii- Z3rd day uf May, A.I)., 1007.
wed my W ll. SMITH, Sfjsi'saa
This is the Season.of the year that wc take an inventory of our stick. We mean hy
so doing that no odd lines in Our Summer Stock shall up pear on Our Stock List, Our
prions are always the lowesl an I this Sale means a still further reduction in Prices, Snaps
for good carelul buyers.    Look at the lollowing list :
Ladies' Lawn Skirt.-,
Ladies' White Lawn au.l  P, K.   Skirls
at halt regular price
Ladies' Under Skirts
Regular $i.25 and $1.75 Skins,  now*
Dress Goods Remnants
Remnants of Dress Goods and all Rem-
■ u *   it pri.f- to clear,
Now 10c. Per Yard
Muslin,   Prints,   Linens,    Chambrays,
etc.    Regular 15c. .'11111 25c, goods.
Ladies' Tweed Skirts
Only a few left at $3.00 each     Regular
$5.00 and $6.00 Skirts.     All  this Season's
Prints! Prints!
A full line of patterns at 6c.  per yard,
Ladies' Costumes
These arc one ol thc newest lines 011 the
market this season, You can buy anv of
these at jusl half the regular price.
Ladies' Canvas Shoes
UiHus* While Canvas Oxfords nl $1.00 per pnli'
Straw 11 its niul Linen il.-n*.    Sale   Hull* I'.i,-.
IBS i-i—***i.ytfi MM——
*Hl M** <$*»$•> i-frtH.^ <$*# $•
I     WHY?
*;   \ 011 should leave youi1 Pre-
*$*■ - ription wil h us
ty Weuse ihe Purest of Drugs
mj f.o.l Chemicals
X Every PreM-ription Uchecked
*J+ hefor** it Roes out
*Ji Om pvi ■«
/k we will tl
i.l' (!.-<
lire I-.-fl-..t.fll.le flllli
ivi-i- yum prescription ii vol. wish it,
ueries .vil]
IIV I Ill-Ill.
To 1-
A  1
they nre the purest nml besl
in. the iiifii-ki-t. Ti v our
.'lit it  llnlise.
liuil'liim Li
Canada Drug k Book to,
1 Hobson & Bellj
Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners  ,
#:4####f ——
Wednesday, July 31, lor 2-1 hou
—Fine, sultry weather, light, variable
breezes, hazy, with prulmblc wave of
higher temperature,   Temp,, max
min. JO.
Local and General.
T. W.
li. Campbell, ol An nvli u .
town Ihis wick.
A, Johns m  Bpeut
week ill 1 -
visit to tl - .- 1.
In the recent provincial High
School examinations, Miss Jean Hya.t
waa Buccesslul in passing, obtaining
908 mark!
A.J. Howe, of tbo local staff ol P.
Bums 4 Co., has gone lo Banff where
i.. .rill take charge of the company's
brnnch business,
We have leceived information that
two nights ago two prominent citizens
were hi Id up - • u the sel I by uu
known partiei   nd ri lieved ol sums
inting I   ?B0
. ij. ... ■ etiug oi the Kevelstoke
F, ,-.':',:. Club will be held tomorrow
evening, at tbe V.M.i.' A . ..t s o'clock
.1:1....-::.'■ ers an requested in attend
as important business wi'. b discussed
VV,  B   Trotter,  organiser lor the
Trad. -.-. . I Lab .1 Congress ol C in -;
will a.i In -- f- 1 ibiic meeting tonight
at lhe  Selkirk   Hall c -in neing ill
s o'cl .ck,    All are cordially ivelcomi
Ur. VV, li. - itberland, U. D., ol
Revelst .ke, and li.i*. Arthur, M. A .
>.. D., I N- Is :-. ..re the candidates
of tbe B C. Medical Association foi
membership on thi pi ivincial m dii
.    .
Tht C. I'. B. have just fiuished tb
-    struction ol iwo institution build-
:: 59, - ue .: Schn il :. I inl . and t .
other   -   Chapleau, I int. which they
:, .:■ ■ ,-:.. :     •: I   thl V. M  0  A, to
■  .--, I r that work.
Ti.e first newspapei in Prince Rupert I..,- ...-:• r- ap|. .f.i:..-.- in, I. r
lhe title of the ' Empire. John
II ius! 1  ki I ki ier Ca ..--.. 11
a clev.r man in ; urnalisti
th.- propriel *.    lin papi r I.   -   . -
uu, newsy  Bnd  1 right, beinj
advertising medium in thai gi  ...
ild   1    ■     I gr.-al
benelil ilit; in the new i- *
-■ .,.I thai the C. I', I:.
■:     .     Mr, VV 1.1   VV :..i.   2nd vice
president        1    :..- ■: *   i| pi priati
11.   -        I f luo |iei month i  the
'■'.       '        - - - -; - ii-.-*.
Revelatoke v.    -    ■    . ■ ■■     -   ■ ■        -: 1    in tin
re Iwaj company for tin licenl
gilt whicl 10 mal
.; •:,. ring the.    client work 1
and ■■■  pi 1 .....   aim   .   all
.Miss L. Mamie Smith, a very clever.
elooutionist, ...I Toronto, will give an
1 ntertaiiiinent in St. Andrew's church
on the evening ..fTuo.-.lny, August tii li.
She will be insisted by locus* talent
and the entertainmeut will he .-nc
that no person can afford to miss.
Tickets 50c, and Uk.
The medical men of ll.o interior districts ..f the province have formed an
association for mutual protection and
co operation, and incidentally to-secure representation uf tho interior districts on the medical council ol the
province, Dr. B.O.Arthur,ol Nelson,
is president, and Dr, VV, 11. Sutherland, ol IlevelBtuke,secretary.
Steps sliould be taken to remove
and destroy all grass growing in tbe
streets 111 business sections. Crass as
ii grows there in patchesaiid lulls has
an untidy appearance and is m.t ..1 all
it. accordance with whal a lively busy
street Bh.iulil be, moreover we do nut
iviint outsiders to think thai Revel-
Istokers "let grass grow under their
To Buy Nic.
close in,
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts,
Social and Personal
willing to niter their dates ol the circuit meet, in Revolstoke Irom Sept. 12,
111, 11 to Labor Day and the following
days, shuuld tha spurts committee
wish to co-operate, This matter called
lorlh much discussion, sume of iln
members ol tbe meeting signifying
their willingness to amalgamate,
ot-hera holding oul that the sports
management could do without tiiem.
I'f.- chairman pointed out that tlie
horse raoiiig waa tbe chief attraction
and by amalgamating there ivould b.
more chance of successful .lays sport,
than l.y having two distinct occasions
Labor Day and a race meeting ....
Sept. 12,13, II. He said ih - n
interesled ... iln- horse racii 1 1. m d
.i-i n lil rally il the 1 -.-.-■ wen
held in conjuuctii n with the spurt.
A motion .vas made to the ell cl
thi meeting « '■ e toamalgsmiti
:: turf 1 ub ..11 Lator Day. Dim
motion was lust, those dessentii 1
,     .   ' MH.   the   I Uli  0  llll    I:.Ml     -• If'
ro|   lentative  to  this  meeting
■    . 1  -     -. m mm that it bi
fjener migen
im   .     U    .
1 rat has 0 toi     ' rtl .:.: - .   -.- ,
liti.in 1
.ports. - * ■ ■     re La   r Da;
Mi*-s  Myrl th. I    '
Bain bus returued fr
lew da; -
coast un 1M01 day
Mi-, i*. C, Brown boa returned ir.
1 visit to lhe Coast.
Mr. .. id  lira, r. Ci
■.ii a visil to -ii
F. C. Campbell, ol Trout Lake City
was in t. .vn on M nday,
VV. A i.i iliameoi
ia ipendii. .1 tew daya in *
Mr. .111.', M..-, W. ll ::.   -
:    ■■ ,-,..:■
J.   B.   Mcll.tgl
Mrs   VV    I,  Devitl
ll - I.  II
M,*.* M. I- .rial -       1...
.-i .If returm d 1 ning
Mr-.   1
1   u
:   I.* v.  -
l| -
ll.iliy'- Drug Stole Need	
-... ..fully supplied ni  Bows',
Wo I.f.v.. special stocks of
Talcum Powders, Nipples, Sooth-
- -, Peedei -. and I'o ds, such a*
ibj 1. .quires.
First Quality and Absolute
Freshness .1redlBtl11clivnfc.il..ten
ol Bews' liil.vi. I*.
W. BEWS. p,„ b.
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail Orders promptly attended
... al ibis Slore,
Mr, Hood, ol the Hood Lumber ' 0
1   ". 1,    .us  in   t.  .I:
ite lor 1    • '. II.
Mi.*-. Oi rlrudo Di nl and VI
■ -
■ ■   . .   ■    .
.    • *■• . 1
.. .
ask •        ■
.r, their delegaU
is ibi     ■ .
,\ .  ■ ...     b stated
that La
ly out mi tl      inda .1
1 ioi
ecoiin.      ■ he m u iii lata J d nl
ll-- -f. -I
.rg m.i
; liked
t would lu
ii    ...'   COI.lll.itt.
mi   kn--..
f    ...
I..     .1    ! .
rk   Hn
where rail meets keel.
First Pacific Port Reached
by Grand Trunk Pacific
RE you one of the many who have been looking to
tin: Pacific Coast for iiivesinn ni along the line of
thc Grand Trunk Pacilic? Are youf miliar with Prince
Rupert and the Skeen 1 River? ll so ynu will appreciate
the unique position of
and thc famous Bulkley
will  be the distributing point
for all the Skeena River points
Valley Coal Fields.
)   Because ii is the head of navigation for
coasting vessels, and the point where
river and coasting vessels meet.
Skeena Gity
will be the Sawmill Centre of the
Forests  of   the   Skeena    River
y  Because logs from these immense forests
1   can be delivered at Skeena  City  with
little expense and without exposure to ocean gales.
Skeena Gity
lisnments ol
will contain
Fish Curinj
the best Salmon and I
all thc Canneries and
* and Packing estab-
lalibut waters of the
caught to-d ty, and all these products can be loaded direct
Because it is being located  where the
the best Salmon of the world are being
from these establishments into the cars of the (
Skeena Gity
is so located  that the G.
must pass through it.
Because there is less than half a mile
of level ground between the. Skeena
River and a high mountain, and this ground is Sk.
Ciiy, and over it the Grand  Trunk* Pacific
surveyed to-day.
THE FUTURE,. "I" Skeena City is already
assured. Skeena City will be a flourishing City.
Skeena will make thousands for investors. To-day
*' opportunity " knocks at your door, but remember
the shrewd investors are first to admit her and
therefore get her best and choicest offerings.
CERTAIN tn make big returns on their investments,
as we give the following guarantee with every sale
under Corporation Seal of the Syndicate :—
vian   MoKinw)   lelt   in Mou.l iy to July ill, to deci.l
-, end 1 a ii| le ul wei ka nl 0 ilden,      commitl	
.lias Stevenson lell lor Vancouver
Wc hereby guarantee to evory party who buys lots In
Skeena City to return! them their money if the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railroad does not touch "SKEENA CITY" when it
builds to Prince Rupert or Port Simpson, B, C, and further
that wo .v-rrc.! to erect a Sawmill at Skeena City.
'.'.. rhe prices obtaining in any ol our new cities, then con-
Its whioh will accrue Irom an investment here, as nearly nil
irvoyed will be business property, and ibis Syndicate owns
00,0001 uber which hns to besnwn in 8keena City,
Our Representative MR. R. N. DAVY,
will be at the office of KINCAID & ANDERSON for One
Week Only.
inePrince Rupert Development Syndicate, ltd.
on  Monday, where  she will join thi
.1 ,.■!.,. - all   I tlm gi ni i.n hospil il,
Labor  Organizations    Disinclined to Co-Operate.
A public mooting  ina hold I    - he
I'.. .1 room Insi nighi to discuss  a.
ran ;o its  iur  Labor  Day celcbm
iim...   A. McRao took the chair,
,\ commuiiioati... was received frnm
iln- RovoUtoko Amateur Drnmntir
Club, stating tbeii terms I ir lho production ol 11 play i.f. ll.e eve..ing ol
Labor Day The torni>> proving satis,
laotnry n roiolution was pn ■-. .1 accept
ing ihe condition ..! tl.o club, Tin
I,tier (ruin lho Turf Club was ..gain
read, the club stating ll.nt they  wore
tnothor n
Baud  Room tomo     -   I   1   ..
8 p tn.
Business Locals
i-i ol July
following it tlie icon
- -    -    fetal
i-fi..!, 11 A Ilnn. 11
I'll-.    K    It-Ill, Ml...
-■• ii;l.11,i'.i Wlwdll
• '
..Wirt. II. Ml.i.nl ■-
I'f.-  II  ..Inili .m-i.
I'm, I-  \. Pan
.   -.'.
I'lM   \\ III.   Ml  1 Ml MM
-i-.-.-i. ,1, .v. nn. ni n.u
I'to, W.Navldont
I'i... w Mood .
I'll,   IM-Ili.lf
In-sl. today—Ripe  tomatoes, cantaloupes, watormcloiiH, apples, ptian,
|..-..:..In, plums and peaches.— Ilu..rne
.1  i.ifl Ily  ptperi   .'   i:- !
,. -f,. Mill- new i--f..im. -..'
" ,-ir.i': Bros,
VI - 1 ..., piMi.n-., cushions and
cushion lun.is, al, 0, B, Hun"   t Co'l
Patronlio Home Industry. 8moko
flevolitoko CiKars.
Vi.- have .-x.-epti.iiinl values in nd I
lots ..I wall paper,—0 B. Hume & Co
Keep cool by taking fruit Haiti mil
Citi mi- Magnesia, (of sale al Red
Cross Drug Store,
Nf.ih.nK hotter than Our "Speoial
A choice line ..I carpels, linoleums
snd floor oil cloth*, at 0, II. Hume &
II   :
... »—l.(j..vy, le. 111 und ilrivi..),,
...fl p.icli saddles, etc— lit.lime
'm oilier shipment ..I cups nml
saucefi suitable Inr every day use, nt
C. Is Humo A O.'s
Try .1 (..ney Madras curtain nn your
bed ........ ...- dining run. II the rage
Sume dainty piocos at (!. B, llnine A-
11-J..1 - t.iko CiKars Union Made Our
'-...-.'...ti. Tho Union, and Maroa Vuelta
nro ahead ol all others.
It-.il/ Man/.an ill.. Olives and
Tomato Chiitnoy in snifill bullies, at
C. II Iiiiiiiii A- Co's,
Muiqulto pondoi, the best smudge,!
burns while you sleep, at the Red |
Gross Drug Sture.
ill 11
LS IN FULL SWING and people are saving money all
over the Store. You should come soon and get the
advantage of thc Low Prices. Our stock is well assorted,
our values are good and regular prices low and now wc
give you advantage of a good, large reduction, running from
20 to 50 per cent, discount. We will not carry Summer
goods over and this is your opportunity to get good goods
for little money.
Corticelli Embroidery Silks
We are closing these out.    Have a full  range of
shades in Filo and Reman at 45c.
Boys' Shirt Waists
Just the article for hot weather.    All sizes from 12 to
14, at 75c. each
Canvas Shoes
Ladies' Oxfords
$2 00
Misses' Oxfords
$1 10
Men's Oxfords and Bals    -
$2 00
Muslin Underwear
We can show you a splendid assortment
of Underwear that has heen selling at
wonderfully low prices, but now, with
the discount, you cannot afford to overlook these goods. For ladies we have
Gowns, Corset Covers, Skirts and Drawers, and for Misses and Children wc
have Gowns, Petticoats and Drawers.
20 Per Cent. Off Marked Prices
See our list of Summer Corsets, good, strong
make, in a nice cut,—all sizes, and a lot of odd lines.
Regular value 75c. to $1.00 Only 50c. Per Pair
Lawn and Silk Blouses
You know the beautiful lines we have teen selling
this season—nothing like them in town as wc handle only
exclusives. We hive all sizes and all prices from 00c. to
$6.00 at
Twenty Per Cent. Discount
LADIES' BLAOK COTTON HOSE, good quality, all sizes, HJ
to 10.  Two paii n for 25o.
Boys'Heavy  Ribbed (Jutton Muse. -Just the goods to stand
hard wear,   Regular ilde. to Ilic. per pair,   Now 25c. per pair.
Children's Luce Socks, Cream and Tun, slues IJ to (l.  Regular
2.").:.   Now H pairs for nOc.
Women's Casllinoi'0 Hose, nil sizes 2SO. Per Pair
Men's Summer Shirts
See  lhe  lines we ale  Mi...vine, with or witi.....I  Collars, ill
OambrloB nnil Nol ONE  DOLLAR   EACH
Men's Summer Hats
FELT HATS-Htm* and Soft.   Regular $1.50 to $8.60,  Now-
Men's Straw and Linen Hnls alumni HALF  PRICE
Boys' Balbriggan Underwear
All sizes, r.1111. 21) In •ill.
Men's Trousers, Suits, Coats and Collars
Men's Flannel Trousers..
Men's Alpaccn Coats	
Men's Tiii.-I'iecu Suits .,,
L'ooko's Linen (a.lints....
NOW   ONLY   S3.00
TWO   FOR   25C,
Midsummer Sale


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