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«.&«* ,3.
to io a.*. ,:«<*•.
The Mail-Hepaicr
■J 3.» u... 7i>£|     fi
Vol 12.-No 142
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume & Co.
"ft (I
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment ot these Famous Biscuits juit "armed; here
are a lew specials .-Philippines, Brasil, Kieh Tea, Cntino
Rural, Msdiers, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska W&Iert, Ice
Cream, Chocolate and Coooanut Creams, also other vari-
diet, which we would be pleas d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preservei and Pickles :—
Heinte't Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heinte't Preserved Cherries,
Heinto's Apple Butter. '
Heinle's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Mandalay Sauce
and Tomato Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
8tom at Arrowhead and R*-ml»tthe.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Hon. R. G. Tatlow Installed
as Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works—Manson
Gets Provincial Secretaryship
His Honor, James Dunsmuir, Lieut.
Governor cl British Columbia, formerly
installed on Moudsy, William Manson,
candidate in the Liberal-Contervative
interests in Alberni. who also occu
pied a seat in the legislature during
the last session, as provincial secretary. Mr. Manson arrived from Nanaimo shortly after 12 o'clock and
immediately went to the parliament
buildings where he was sworn in, at
once taking over the responsibilities
and duties of office.
Hon. K. G. Tatlow, minister ot finance and agriculture, also waB sworn
in as chief commissioner of lands and
works. This he will occupy temporarily, it being understood that he will
be relieved when the cabinet is reconstructed alter the return ol the government al the forthcoming elections.
There are now no vacant portfolios.
Premier McBride goes to the country
with hiB government complete in
every detail cl its organization. Hon,
F. J. Fulton, who haa been occupying
the dual position ol attorney-general
and provincial secretary, since the
retirement ol Charlet Wilson, ICC,
on the conclusion if the last session,
retains the former olliee.
D. Nairn
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory  Domestic Coal,
foe Cook Stove,  Heater or
Grate, elean and free fron.
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay,  Outs..   Wheat   and
Express and  Draying   to
anv part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Iteson-
able Rates.
Try Nairn's Black Cherry
Cough Balsam.    It cures
when all others fail.   It's a
most reliable remedy for a
cough of any kind.
Office, MeKenxie Ave.
Next Burns' New Block
TELEPHONE       -       -       73.
D. Nairn
Red Croat Drug Store
■**K .V. ■■*>» >T. .T. .T. .♦■ iT. .Ti iT. Jft j¥t Ji A Jf. .♦. Jj. J. ■♦> .♦. |T| fl*. .Tt .T. .T. .' j.
"X" "X' *lr 'X   ♦    *    V  V  V  V  V  ♦    ♦    *    +    +    +    V  w    ♦    *▼    ♦    ▼  *¥ "♦"  < '
One of the cleverest and most amusing pieces teen in Revelstoke was produced on Thursday night in "Said
Pasha" and Irum start to finish Ihe
audience we:e highly amused. The
plct was well laid ami wits fu'l ol wit
nnd humour nt the same time allowing the leading roles to show some
Ane acting and singing.
Frank Walters as usual created
much enthusiasm and well deserved
applause, while Miss Lucia Nola, the
charming print - domin, sustained her
part with grace aud perfection tlwt
has mads tor so popular in Revelstoke, Her tong "Oh come to me my
love" wat certainly worthy of highest
praise and received a well merited applause. Mi's Winnllred Crowley and
Miss Irene Palmer made a charming
couple. Ed Flavelle and John Dewey
took the audience by storm being
comedians (.1 the first water. The
other leading purls were well sustained
and the chorus wai excellent in every
The Bohemian Girl was produced
last night and brought out a huge
number ol people in spite ol the blizzard that was raging. The staging
cottuniet and general effect of the
piece were excellent and the audience
thoroughly appreciated the rendering.
As Arline, Miss Nolu is charming and
Winnilred Crnw'ey as the Queen ol
the Gyptiea carried out a very powerful part. Balle'a well known ballade
so pathetic and touching were hcauii-
lully sung by Miss Nola, F. WalterB
and C. Hoffman. By special request
Said Pasha will again be presented
tonight and will bc tbe farewell visit
o! this popular company iu Revelstoke
(or two years.
A very pretty event took place on
Thursday  nftcrnoon at Knox Church
when  James Tait Teller and Maud
Hallid-iy Grant, daughter ol the lute
W. Grant,of Winnipeg, were united in
marriage.    The ceremony  wiib performed  by the Itev. J. It. RobertBon,
B.D., the church being beautifully
decorated  with  greenery and llowers
Iron*: J.  Malay's ranch.  The bride
who  looked  very  charming, wore a
gown ol white brocaded silk with a
bertha ol Brussels lace nnd trimmed
with silk braid und oliirTon, mid wore
ti veil and wreath ot range blossoms
.mil carried a shower bouquet ol white
carnations with maidenhair loins ami
smilax.    The bride was attended by
her sister .Miss Nellie Grant, who wore
a  handsome gown ol cre.im silk and
nlso by Miss Eileen Lawrence as maid
ot honor, looking very dainty in pink
silk and carrying a basket ol white
hyacinths.   The bridegroom was supported by C, 11.  Maedonald as best
man  and- W.  M. Lawrence gave Ihe
bride away.    The church was filled
with tho many friends ol tli5 happy
couple and H. Floyd gave a   ne rendering ol    Mendelssohn's   Wedding
March as the bride entered the ohuroh,
The gilts Irom   the bridegroom tn the
bridesmaids w- re   gold  and    pearl
brooches.    Alter  the ceremony a reception  was held at I l.e resilience of
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, and the happy
couple  left the snme evening on No.
1)7 lur Victoria wl ore the honeymoon
will  be spent.    Mr. nml Mrs. Teller
Russian Assassination-County
Court Judgeship — Severe
Weather—Light Fingers in
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Etc.
Election Notice!
0 See Our Prices on China, Etc., Etc.
o .      	
<■ 1 Dealers In Hardware, Btoves tnd Tieware, Miners', Lumbermen's { )
i ** snd Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing tnd Tlnsmlthlng. *i t
ir 9
♦ ♦
To the Ratepayers of the City
of Revelstoke:
Lames' and Gentlemen:--At the
request of a large number of citizens,
I htvc decided to offer mysell as a
candidate lor Mayor at the election.
I have to thank you Ior tlie many
expressions ol appreciation ol my
effort! on your behalf, when 1 hud the
honor of representing you before in
thit office, and insure you, il you
should again honor ins, I will give tlie
same care and attention to your
There are several matters ol vital
importance to the city's welfare now
pending, which 1 hope to have the
opportunity of discussing with you in
public before the election.
Respectlully yours,
For blank bookt, any ruling, also
filet, binding case., inks, daily journals and calendar puds Iur 1007, all
sold at Canada Drug Store.
Try a bottle ol Nairn's Cream of
Violets lor chapped skin or sure lips,
uill make their home in Revelsloke,
The presents were handsome and
numerous, Tin Man. Herald joins
in wishing them every happiness and
British Columbia holds her own
in Mining Operations of 1906
Roughly estimated, two and a quarter milliun dollars in excess ol the
returns shown by last year's recti; d
will he realized [nun the total output
ot the mines of British Coluinbin this
year. This statement was made the
other day by Provincial Mineralogist
Robertson, lle stated tint there uus
a mu h improved condition evident
throughout all the milling camps,
The rise in the price ol me had
wrought a change fm the belter. T.ie
majority ol the propoKii'8 were operating tu their fullest capacity. While
the.ndvance in ore values hnd stimulated the industry lo n marked extent
ils Illll .fleet Inul ...it y.-t been lelt.l
L-irge numbers ni prop"r!ie.i whicli
formerly hud been deemed unprofitable were being taken up m d exploited, Capital inin being invested
iu larger amounts tlinn ever before.
Outsiders were becoming interested
and the piospicts were thnt in the
course of one or two yen is tho out put
would lie largely iiicmisiiil, It wis
hardly reasonable to expect thnt these
claims shuulil have any influence upon
the records at such an early stage in
! St. Petersburg, Jan. 6.—Major-
(leneritl von der Launitz, Prefect ol
Police of St. 1'ctersburgli, wa-- sliotnnd
killed by a young n an at the Institute
ul Experiments this forenoon,
Ottawa, Out,, Jan. 6.—P, Calder,
of Aslicroft, has been appointed
County Court Judge Ior Cariboo, in
succession to Judge Cornwall. J. R,
Brown, ex-M. P. P. Ior Greenwood,
succeeds Mr. Clement in Grnnd Forks
Vancouver, Jan. 6.—The Conserve
tive candidates chosen here last night
aro Tatlow, Macgowun, Garden, Dr.
McGuire and W. Bowser.
Vancouver, Jan. 6,—Owing to the
cold weather the machinists employed
at the local O. P, R. shops were forced
to slop work. The faet oi the men
quitting gave rise to tlie report thnt
they hail gone ou. on strike. This
was denied hy C. P, R. officials today,
and the above explanation given as to
why the men had not been at work,
Prince Ai.hert, Sask., Jan. 6.—
Mure snoiv has iallen in the woods
this winter than at any time in lhe
recollection of men who Imve spent
lilty years in the Northwest. In some replaces it is nine to ten leet deep on
the level. From reunite regions come
similar reports nnd stories of serious
interference with timlier cutting.
Toronto, Jan. 5.—A paokngo containing !f2,000 iii bills has been
mysteriously lost at the local office of
Ihe Traders' bnnk. The parcel was
despatched frum St, Mary's by express
n few days ago and received, but bus
since disappeared.
The Literal Association held a convention in the committee J-doms„Ofl4r4-
Wednesday night lor the pn'rppse*;ofi
nominating a candidate to represeut
the riding in the forthcoming pro
vineial elections. Delegates from all
parts ol tl.e riding were 'present.-,, the
convention being unanimous in' llieir
election of R. Caley of this city. At
the close ol the convention a banquet
ivns held in the Windsor hotel.
Two Ricks, ttove tize   W 75
Three Rickt, ttove tizs W W
Furnace and Stove Coal $9 00
Nut  Size, suitable (or  Sell  Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 60
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
We, tin: undersigned, beg lo
express our heartfelt thanks and
appreciation to the members of the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen anil Engineers fur Ijie kindness and sympathy shown us in
niir s:ul bereavement caused by the
dentb of our son nnd brother.
Miis, liAiuiAiiA Bell' and Family
Social and Personal
Have made lll-'st ol their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
wnuld not be unwise.lor the irran "haying inniley at low rate ol interett
to follow their lend by investing in the best buy on the market which
we have selected ns our Speeiul Simp lor the coming week.
LISTEN ! lirniiil new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable for stable and in [net everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Price $2,380. Terms SBOO Down, Balfance on Time..
'■'ll,'.-"!':.-!.1     BS   ..    '"""—
I m perial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Ilmict.es, in the Provinces ol Manitoba. Alberta, Saakatchewin.
**■■    BrKiil. (■olnn.bin.QuU.no.'.liiiibeii.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid-Up
Reserve Fund     ■
D. It. \Vii.it *'•'•:, i'resiileiit-
-     •4,280,000.00
Hon. lt. .Iaifuay, Vice-President.
J.  E. Taylor  is  spending
a few
their development.    It would take 12 months in England.
months, or more, betoro the majority
would be ready to make regular shipments. Once the prolln inarles were
overcome and they were added to the
ranks of lhc active mines o! the Province a difference in the cutput would
be noted. Ho looked for this, as he
hnd previously slated, in thc very
near future. Provided the general
conditions OO tinned lis at present
nd assuming that the market maintained llie prices now quoted, ho
luoked for a lung continuance ol prosperous times. And, he added, there
appeared to he a very slight possibility
ol any important change, The mines
in operation would increase their outputs to meet tlio'dcninnds, new mines
would continue to show a disposition
to assist in the. development ol tlie
Immense mineral resources whicli
British Columbia is known to possess
Eight Thousand Loss in Fire
at Vernon.
Vernon, Jan, 4.—Ono of the most
serious liret that hat evor occurred in
the history ol Vernon happened on
Wednesday night last. Tlie Odd
Fellows hall was gutted. Tho loss,
including tho building, lodgcmcn's
regalia, etc., was $8,000. McKwan
the hypnotist was to have performed
in tho hall and somo of his apparatus
wns bin n.id. Tlio wniiiBcotting caught
from nn overheated Hue and the fire
spread to tho whole building.
Miss M, Corby leaves tonight for a
short visit to tlie coast.
G. H, Midler, mayor of Vernon,
spent a tow days in town tliis week,
A. J. Taylor, of tlie Pacific Loan Co.,
Vancouver, is spending a week in tbe
Miss Mary Edwards left Thursday
for Toronto to attend the Havorgnl
Miss Creigliton, irum Calgary, has
liecn engaged by the Methodist church
as organist and choir lender.
Miss Field, public school teacher nl
Field, who bus been the guest o! hei
mint, Mrs. 1). Mcl'liiidden, of this city,
during the holidays, leaves Ior Field
on We.lnesdny.
Business Locals!
Nothing better thu our" Speoial.
School bookB aud sohool supplies, n
complete line at Nairn's.
Patronise Horn* Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigar*.
Canes, good heavy onos with ice
prods in end ol theni, for salo at the
Canada Drug Store,
Advertise your home City, lend your
friend a box ot Revelstoke Cigars for
a Xmas Present.
Wo have oponcd up some beautilul
olinnii.it and ll.iniiel vests and chest
ptuti'ctors, you can get any size you
wish at tho Canada Drug Store.
Nairn's  Fresh   Emulsion  ol  Cod
Liver Oil, useful  iu  all pulmonary
I trouble,    It's  fresh,    .Nairn's Red
CroBS Store,
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Savixus Dki'.u.tmknt - -Deposits received and Interest allowed
ni cm-cent int.' fnnn dale "fi opening account, and com-
pounded bnlf-yeni-ly.
Drafts wild available in nil parts of Canada, I'niled States and
K.ni.p.'.' Speoiiilattention giyen to Collections.
A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A lew* good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
6. M .SPROAT, Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
Krom Our Own I'ot-re-uoi.ilH.t.
A hookey club has boon formed in
town With the following officers
elected. T.i Ludgate, Pres.; Ed. Mc-
(laghrfhi, vice-pros.: W, J. Lightburne,
hoii.-pret.; W. R. Held, him. vice-
pret.; Harry Johnsoii, treat.; F.
Kirk, see. Managing Committee—
G. T. Chapman, H. B. Findlay, Chas.
Clarke, E.F.Tucker. H. Kirk.
- At a mooting of the Arrowhead
Lilierala the following were elected
delegates to attend the convention at
Revelitoke. Mettri. Theo. Ludgate,
,Ed. McGaghran, Duncan Cameron,
Capt. W.J. Kane.
A meeting ol the young liberals will
beheld on Jan. 4th, In K. oil', hall,
to elect their officert for the ensuing
The bachelott hall it announced lor
thc llth ol January.
Catiiui.ii:.—Rev. Father R. Pecoul
O.M.I,, pastor. Services every Sundy,
at the following hours; B a.m. Communion Mass; 10:110 tun. High M**M
and Sermon! 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7.30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction,
St. Andubw'b (Presbyterisn.) Rev.
\V. 0, Calder, pastor. Sunday, Jan,
Oth, 1907. Services 11 a,m. snd 7.80
p.m. Morning subject, "A World out
ot Nothing." Evening, "Some New
Year Thoughts" Ordinance ol Baptism will be a.iininii.ered st morning
,.-n i.-e. Sunday school and Pastor's
Bible data at 2.30 p.m. Bible reading
We.li.esilayatbp.ni. Choir practice
Thursday at 7.30 p.m. Teachers
meeting Friday at S p.m.
St. Peter s—Rev. C. A, Proeooier,
rector, Epiphany Sunday. Holy
Communion at 8 and after morning
prayer at 11 a.m. Evening prayer at
7.30 p.m, Sunday school at 2,20 p.m.
Knox Pbeshyterun—J. R. Robert*
ion, B.D., minister. Tbe usual services at 11 a.m., and 7:30 p.m, At
tl.e morning service the Baerament o
the Lord's Supper will be observed at
which the members in communion
are specially requested to be present.
At the evening servioe the pastor will
preacli on the subject, "The Gravel oi
1906." The Sunday School meet* at
2:30 pm. The Young People's Bo
ciety on Monday night at 8 o'clock,
and the choir practice on Friday night.
Tlie annual meeting ol the congregation will lie held next Wednesday
night, llth inst. at 8 o'clock, Civ  ilhni's'livv:*!^ 1":"'i,"!,l"*i",",it' """'
•vi.'t.   uumi-iutami'. ....v,,,,,,,^,.,,- *i*i,0ou,i
1'  ll.l-II!-*!. WEDNKSnAY ANIi ri.lTlK
: . v . ■;
r.rvE' stoke, -"..c.
!i. "  ! - Unit. I -i-i- -
IM    Mm-    ' M
I! ll
learn ol tbe in'enti.ms ol tl-"  British J
hav ly 'i'-  in'-!   kii
ioivnrds tin I" felli n Bi.hj.ct; in I
i  [or the Hin In i- ever qu'n l< I
■ i n kii il - n ! :i* well
mu' nnl 1 ivi oil ii'.t bi nl
ii-      ii,g   l.-r   them
Chris**; nat*. F"rnii ..'3
..IW     I
i-i   :  i ■' ■ own In.i-i wilh evil im.iI   i |v rl el
-,.   mi*. : !".i, y..-, dm  wi    -   |i Itisl.   subjects   iu   Cn - il -       Tin
'    '   - .i-i.. i-. i., ...; i..    ,,,.   ,.,.'
■- '■ i-  ■ .   ,   -   .        i - | yablo .a ml   Hindus   'I -   » I h' •" "■'"
'■    ■ i-rgiinizalioiis md ivh'lo tie n
-■':..i ■  UNI   XI I       *•■: nn mm in   if ,,     .- Imii'red will make no I
-   -m      . , Kill-  " '"-" ""li-icu win.i ,i      ^   ,
-;       "";"' "'  lur dill'ei'cnec to anvniiC i: ll
■            .      .-      Inil    '
.        -.       ..i om--. lone  ruilly l.irgc mfl(tx, the  resull
- - * ' . ■ ,   .        ...
Ii-  very  uti'ntn-f.-icl. ry  tn  all
ADVERTISING  r.ATEs. cornet!.
ent* No.      i'l |1    tics .....ki-1
i— ....
;i   i |i.-r mn..'!
Preferred po-lt. ...,:-
!   ' '■    ' ■      I    \    Martin ml I,  Ibe   i-r-''- mem
i*.. Howson & Co.
- -s^-.-.i..-.ij-,i-'jPi.vi-u-*j^... Ji ^-JStrtCJiMflCC-^il
Lv.il :
...  I, ,--,''1.1 111
,       ',       .. Ml,,.   I I
Sll i.iitio,,
.    '. .. ii i     j....' ■ i-
-.. ii inl, I - mint* in-
.! 1  l-i   cents,
i .- , m .: - :■.■:■ lent* inns.
,   a...! 11 i.i..\ ul
,    i ii   l;-;,liiy.
POLITICAL NOTES, W   «jgk   ,■, -., ,.-1 - ,ki .- ro,"Su„,e,i,i„K „■■•. in spoons aaid
t  &$>     "i •''••'.    BSUT   BUOKLE8,    WATOH58,   " BL'NW
speoial" ui. *onv. :«, ,.-:-.- -'-ni'
j. G; u v -'. i  ; r. .i, *
O. i'.   ?.   i\ ',(.!   L.-JS3   -XTfR.
0 I   I A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Pi dice before Railway
*. mmission.
Chas Merphv       Haroi.h Fisueii
i ., Solicitors, Etc.
..... niun lake,u.i.\
I    :    "11.UM Im I . KI.I.10TT,
1 I AN!) l'lNKUAM,
.i. -:    -
1.    !1 M.,,    IlLUCK,    111.). !.
U...1 a^.;.i.*-...i.i.*:,:.MrM.'.:iMi. ii..-'.-"   .*•■■• ;.-..-
ii,m: Inuli . nun. up fmni lhe soutl
;-' nig' -  nml  went  wesl this in ruing.
A nun In r nf electors nl tho i-iding
hu-.- requested C. F. I.hidnmrk to
tiller himsell is it oandi.late in lhe
lorthc i: --: i-lielioo.
W, W. I.i'iniu*. will likely ben cnu
didntc in lhe interests of tho Social-
sis. Mr. 1 efenttx bus been strongly
iiivul by bis [.ico.Is in i'u- Socialist
V. VV. li. Melniie*, Dunciui Rosa
md I*. .1. Ill-mil', three stainarl liber-
.la iv. re i .i  No  97 lod.iv . n route to
the coast   to  enter the light-for their]   p-C*<>O<KK)--0-CK><KK> <KK>O<K><KK>O-0-0""9
Both the Conservative and Liberal
comini lees have settled down to work
nnl from now until election day lho
la | limber will be carefully scrutinized iui* votcis.
II,,;,-. l;. v. Green pn scd On* ugh
iln-ci v mi  Wedi.u-d.iy for the south.
Import direct frnm Country of origin,
I •■-■—IZ ^MWOWW*  '-' " *'" '■$   ' "TV-li
Money l
rttucii.ciu i-
;::   imlitic.ll li i* UU 1 j
U:!i- -: I;.-. ■!-...!.'-.!:. I-.; Korl Steele, 11.1".   L;||   iI0l c IT.-r  bin.sell  fur IC-elilClioii
j A mini-.-        I i'1 bia old riding ol Kaslo.
Oko. V M. i .,:.....-.
'.. M    l'lNKUAM,
i: ■   ■■ m  l;.c. i-
J. M. Scon I.1..1. IV. I. llr
"■''■j    llmi.  Richard Mcl'.iidc, Premier ol
liuii.-li   Coluinbin, will  arrive in thei
if Wall I FaeS WaIII
li WW6811 reS'i 811*818
lln nm enjoy tlmi well diessed feeling? We'll know whal
il feels like to In- liol, lo hn culd, or to ht* tired, and il is
jiisi ,-.s I.-im that wc nil kunw lilm! il IVels like In l.o ivc'l
ili,-**,-.!. I feels good, niul it's gnnd lo feel guud. Ynu will
never be well dressed if your clothe* lire nol niiuli'by the
right linker.
Gul liikumvtvi-hiindl.'thi'SUMI-HKADY GARMENTS
,-unl vmi will inul Willi! n iil.'ii nue nud satisfaction il is to lie
Suits lind Overcoats   335, SI8, and SX.
Blue and Black Suits, ihe best inr.'.!:;, 620, & 825
UAnnisTEHs, Solicitous, Etc.
I .Mi,m-.\ Ti. Loan
city . o Thursday morning next imi-
will likely address the eltctors in the
i   A        r.ifjiil OvercoraU, up-to-date   Prices: »".:3u..ti 520
' Speoial Trousers $5 and $0.
Tailoring i- iiur business,   Wc mnkn a mini look well
id lie knows it.
-•-'Mi iTiii:.-,,!-.-i: xni.-ii.v-- Rank     ! J. 1!
FirstStreet. Revelstoke, B.O,|'ron
•■"'.'   -"-      - .llllllll'   M.(lll*ll.
, House.    It is probable thnt W. 0
wsor.one ot the tepresei.tiuives j ..chessman  and Morrison..
the cily ul Vnu'couver in the Ins*. - Q
Icgishiture    .till     accompany    H
<)<)<> Q-:;<:\rtr<}y^
I'i- imii. i il I. in.I Surveyor,
Mine Sm vet ing
Iii . in -...^
•'    Cl      ■      VVENl*
Box iod REVKI.STOKE. j Compulsory investigation ln-j|
• ■     /,.   , .-•.     it= troduced.
Hbc ilDatUibevalb  .m.imi,«:.-ki *■,)■. w» ,
m ,  ,1 .-I I,-   miI-,.,:...i-,   .his  si- ion  j
Ml        ■   I    I     ■  , -	
:     *    . m mm ■■  i i.   .      ii,..,,,, i,ii,Mj   .1, .,.j, . v.ii.. lo. ........ -.Mli ■■■ -■    Ibe
... n(.oi        i pari ol
.i, ■•'       ,..-    iiM.i5 mi.in. oj   many   members  mi   uutli|
- ■  .-.m!,; ■ l tht lloiue i'- fa. .rable to com-1
■3    URDAY, JAN. o, l',ni7      *,„,!i,.-i ..bit.a,ion. lui; ,i i- im  the
TO STOP STRIKES -  * m en ^ bib ibs.si
-e y&rij^li   Wool
pill,.  *) .'..I'lllll,.nil, "Ui il  is
im ..ii i.i i.i tho g.vin iii'-ui logo that
fnr .t present,   The proposed mi-asun
TRADE      ..   MARK
mY.> :*^m.
..-iiiiii   win  handles  tl.e  local will likely take the form ol a provision
department  of   n  newspaper  learns-jor   oonipulsory   iiivestigntion   into
lui   tx'perie c    u t  to expect matters in dispute, pending whicli il
■■ n iriefly express, d thauks fr  n wili be unlawful to declare a strike nr
c   um       ;-  santly said tilings, but ., j,„.^.,,u(.   *i*|„. assumption is thai
iveib as suicly as  cometh  the jn nlAIIV ,.„*,> the nitre fact that an
er l   it n   singli   line  iu   which
tll'-l    :-  II     ,.:•!,: .ii   "', M -' lllllll cause s mc nne io be heard
il irom a house t p,    And ive
.    ..■■      ■'.  he  has  made
|,i.    mt i 999 ti lies  vi some
]■*-.* r person, pi iei i : tiling, but
i :. ■ tii l-ui dtll tillli : ..- to do so,
he must i t expect tu i lorg tten,
i. ■-   :.      /   Mini-  been  per
.....':•:■: .:.-..    :: mt  even
an   ■ ir. lack  f ki  wkdg..    lt mai
ters not, th  sini|
be will I   judged  y I   il
investigation mu t be held will laciii-
tule settlements, as nuiii i side ti n
dispute ivould welcome an ii veil * i-
tion unless the e se is thoroughlj iv.
founded nnd in tlm. event public opinion biisi .1 upon otlicinlly nsci rtaineil
(nets would ordinarily pn vetil I -
' - .'CAP
i    ■
',--. -*-e Mo 15AF.&A.IV!     I MflTIPF
'Tin- i-i-culnr moot-     Notice is beieby given thnl "0.lay
 '-•-' In p-i   ■
- on . i ...i-i   . .iuiiii
nlnjiii   Wuiks im- ii special license lo cut and
X ';:- "-'l*''l'-|.,l;„n!fl"11''1* 'bite   I Intend to apply to the
,        ll.-H.ll 1.111)11.       , ,,   ■     0       , , .        ■ tl        1 1 1
1   niiiii-i; ■■■*ili.ll.oii I luel   I ..iiniussiii'ii'i- of   Linos  ..n.l
,', "'' <'"
.■',■■."' '. ,';!■ .',■•''  »• ,,** i c-ii.v nway llnibei' from Uu- foil.. wing
Hi,; -m mi     . i.ll.iiM'i.-ttl.M  ,      • ..       I       i        ,      .    •     ,,.    ,  ,.     .
■•d&agllj i-.-.. -.-,,!iii;i,  i.-.-l ides.:..!-.-., lunils silimlcIn West Kii'.'t-
.-'- jj?r^.    ''"in- eillll :
* ^ ' 1,   Cnuimeiieiiig nl   a posl plnuled
''■■'■ I'l'.ucL'xr*!,- •I,-,...,-.,,, -'I uiileano-.lh of Timher Limit 7581
—   - ' anil 2 niilea westof Upper Arrow Lake,
ELK y        DGL, !>0 is,l.o.0.F, imii   inarked   "A. M. Symons' ninth
,- "TI. va>r-i.     ■•1".i-"-mt; !Ii. r-luy unsl   U.U-nel-,"   lli.-iic- w.-sl Sll elinins,
/   ft     Bf^vu'i'i'''*. ''!   *-.''l,lii,' Ihence soulh 80 ehnins, thenee oast80
' Svf'uin^rotl,™^- chains, Iheuce norlh SO ehnins to plan*
<!i. ill   invin-il  ii. at- o! ("iini.ni'l'.-emcut.
'". ! i   2,   Commencing nt u pnst planted
'.' .flllli-, sic 20 chains smith of ll.e nn.-il.-w.-sl cur-
j*px Cold Hange Lodge, K. of p.,|'"'''"!' N"*,' "ml, lni"kl''.1. ,",A* M's>';
raBm 'No- «* Rwelstcw, B. 0.    »'"»" ,!"1*tl,*"( n"'1';, t1'1;1"*'* «'-
r«»iH ehnins,  Ihence soulh Ml chains,
SMpil J M'';l':'''* '■■'.''■'• v wei.xesuay. ' Ihenee wist 80 ehnins, thence north 80
%3jM »' <-. ti I liiul Wi-.lii.Mliiy ..l|,.|,,ii„H I,, |,1„ ,( ,. n-i-nceiuei.l.
fffil  ri VoVilJik ''vilitlnB     :;-   OninineueiiiK nl  n oust planted
K t, 1;-111 iui' n rliiilly ..vll(-'l. I nl lie- liinlll-ellst eol'llel'III Nu. 2 1111(1
ii iii-ked "A. M. Sy.n.ms' suuth-easl
eol'llel'," tlience west HI! chains, llienee
norlh 80 ehnins, thencu ciibI Sll elinins,
thenee south sn chnlns lo place of
Dated November 20th, IlKKI.
I. Ooniiiieiiiiliig ni a posl planted I
nilln ninlh of the Mioth-ivesi corner of
Loi sun .ind inarked "A. M. Symons'
snulli riial eurner," thenee w.-*i in
uhnins, l hence norl I. lOOchains, thence
east loclinlns In the north-west corner
of I.ul 8110, thenco snulli Illll rlinins to
place of coiniiii'iici'iiu'iil.
Ilnieil Nuvuii.be. Bird, llllll..
dec IS snt A. M. SYMONS,
l. J. HOWE, CC.
(1. II. IUIOOK, li. nl  II. ,1 S.
I1..A. IIHOWN, ,11. ot I-
F. 0. E.
Tlm ru-.-i.lnr mooLinyx nro In-I.l in llio Selkirk
I lull every Tuoailay nvn-iii.-- ..1.1 o'olnoit. Villi-
i in lirolliri.n hi- i-diiillv liirlla.1.
li. ll. Iii KiillnlE, I'l.miunsT.
II. IIIDK. Sm Illll.mv.
C. W. 0, w.
Mountain View Camp. No. 229.
Mei-., Si'L-innl um! ii'.iin.ii IVcilnrailnvs i.
aol. month, in Selkirk IUI. Visiting Wood
ion cordially Invited loattoail.
IV, I.. AllMSTItONII.Con.Com.
II. IV. KUWAIlllS, clul:.
Stock, Share
and Financial Broker.
Mi. ing  llmi K-mli-. Push*™ Urol;
nrnge, liisiirniH-c ai il Gem r.il
Comniissinn Ae.-ni.
,'-,   ,r«--  r  ■ •■  FAR con        <'".z:  ,,-?-,   :",,
ACal N y    !rJWiii.
London Mutual l-'iie Instir n :e
!'■ mi any nl • ai.inln.
( liiiv.n l-'ii-e liisur i 'I l'o.
Moiitioal-Caniiiln   Fnc    li.-m-
imcc Company.
Ti, ilcis' rbe lii.-in. iii Co.
Hudson Ilny lin. I.i.iiriiiicel'ii
A: gh'-j\nii-iicii:i V i   lusi.iunci;
Kiptify Fin- Inniriiiii e Co.
Colonial Fire li sumiice Co.
|i -.iiinion Imii- Insuinncc Co,
Dominion   I'l -ie  li it.-s  lnsur-
mice Co.
Pioneer  Live Stuck Iiisur.ineb
North American Life Insurance
I,- iiiliiiiGiininnlce mil Ac iilci.t
Insuranon Co,
Employers; Liability Insurance
General Accident Insurance Co.
of Canada.
Dominion Trust Co.
Canadian Loan nnd Securities
Crow's Nost Pass 0 ill Co., Lid.
li.C Agi ney Corp iruiiuii. Ltd,
A. L. WlSNl'.l! & CO.,-;
I'.iiiki-is antl Brokers, New York,
*'_• ;.
.'• -I
ll .uses of from imn-in ll
. oBaaMSHnatDBaMaaKaMMBM i
■ -■   "■*■'■ Reported thai Mr. Marpole goes
simple facts reman, and      '
to Winnipeg,
MOSTREAI,   Jn::.    I.—ll    18
THK HINDI I'UESTION, | is   here  that und    the |
;■        _ mm.    .      .....    ,.,.,! 0| rc-armngeinent -1  '
at. :•-    ing tin    n 11*: of Hindus responsibility, im|  rtiu
...   .     , ...   tll,  Bitutition '"   mi'de  anion    tin    ■'■■ i
....  ... ....   ,. ; west.    It isrumond mat li,
hence tl      ctivi    tepe taken to p.e- the present gem ..1 superint.
-.. ,- th    ■   the.   iiieroiisi   ol  inimi- wil ' '"     will  be  pn     * the
.i nti      l.i ■ fi   .1   being
-..-.,    , .--   nsuil
new push   n i I
'. 1 ■ :
- -   ,'.     T   '
;";:V:;'      ,
"'00       |
Resen .
,  .
kV-Kwr-s'ii*"***^-. • ■sy*twtM*mmmmt* -*»'.r-J*"-*-i*i' •.
i .r ■ r-r-rtm m-rmm   ■
i ity Lots, House', Knrm Lands
Timber Lin ils, M i end I l.ii.ns
Hotels, Livery St.ibli , Go ernl
-.i ri s, ifacltsmith Shop, Rt-sUu-
ai • , Bur or Shops, Bakeries,
Hardware Store?, Butcher Simp*,
lies, Gent's Furnishings,
lloniding Houses, in all parts of
I. ' -I. Col tit,bin ainl Northwest.
'■miiQY to Loan
Cobalt,   Nevadrt,   and    British
: ,   mbia Mining tiiocks
for Sale
-i-.i   ii'ii'-ilm - I.*  only    re on
■ il  :     i-'i-'ni".
Nolii'O Is liiii-i'liv glvon Ilinl in. Wii.lnosila.r
Um li'ili ilny n! .l.iini.iry, 11107, at 8:80 p.m. nl
lm roRislorod ...linn nf llio Rovolstoko & Mr-
I'..Ilniu,-.. .'.--.il, llyilriuilic Mining Co., Limited,
Rovolstoko, II. I!., 1 will nil'.).- Im- -uiu I'i Public Auction In llio llinlnibt liii.lnr r.il-Cniili, :«ICII
*linris, ctirlilicntiis iiiiiilioroil:
Ciirtiiic.ilo Nu. .11   li'iO   in iiri-iiius 5'j.il
" 411 IIKI
"11. HM
"115 IIM
"llll llll
" i-l -.-.-ill
" 111 2M
" 153 1C.I
"112 a I
" 123 100
Municipal Elections 1907.
nnd comprising llio slinros I3S1101I by thu said
.'mill in.v in lho ..Imii; iiiiiiilii-ii'il i'i-ri'lir,ili)i
mul ilinl iiirl. siiln i*iii!ii'i'lii>il liy nnl. .nl'. li
Hoard  nl "liiii-.-liii-,  In  ri'ii.Miii.f-niil sliiim*
- pint-oil. ..ii..-.i'.ooacl.ccrtilli-
in>ii. ini'i,-   iln'y .mi.- .Id'im...:! ..I 1
li.itod nlltovolstolic, Do. .li-n- llili, 10011.
wed dee 111 Socy.-Troai
Architectural Competition for Departmental nml JiiHlice Building/.
1 .OMI'ETITIVU ilrawlnga aro Invited for
t, D01.nrl.ncnt.il nml Justice Uulldhigs in lm
ii'i'i'iiil fo.- tlio l>.in.iii...n Uovoriin.eiit nl
nl Olltitva, lint.
■| 1,1 ,11.11,01- ol .In- besl design will bo award-
ail a im niiiiin ..f ?-.n.ji', lln- ,-i-i-iniil lji-*i fi.imi,
.In- .1..n! I..'*. M-.iMMmil iiii, 1,1111.1, Iir,1 ;l,	
Iirnwiaga will bo rocolvod not l.in-i-tli.in
■■ |..'ll l.'nb, liin;. mul hit In bo ni.illT.-is.nl LO 11,0
Secretary ot tho Depart..lent at Public Worki,
'I'lii* competition Is open in Canadian Arcbl
toots who navo boon rcflldonl in Oniindii Ior
inn- yenr or moro.
Conditions of competition ttnting rcqutro-
m. ...* ol Inuli!Iiibs anil liiiips sliiuviiig slin, 8tn,
may bo bin! on itjijiliii.tlimt to llio iinilcrsignci!.
Uy order,
Kit!-!!). OEUNAS,
Dopnrl me... of Public Works,
Ott.iwn, Dcccabw 12,1900.
Newspapers will not bo paid for this ndvor-
tlsnmonl if l"uy Insert it without ....ll.ority
from tills Department. 	
i >UHL1C NOTICK Is hereby given to
1 ihu Kl.-.-'.i.s of tho Municipality
of llevelsiokt*, Iinil I require tlie presence nl lho snid I'.leofora ut tho Oily
rl,-ill's Olliee. Ciiy Hall, McKenzie
Avenue. Reveislnke, Il.C, on Mm.duy
tin- Koniie.-i.il. duy ..I* January, 1007,
nl I'l u'clock. noon, I'm- lhe purpose uf
eluding persons to lenrcseni thun. in
ibe Mi.uiuipni Council as Mayor and
Aldermen; and nlso for lhe election of
Threo p.-r. nns to represent then, on the
llni.ul of Tinsices of ll.e Revelstoke
Public School,
Tl.e ninde uf nomination of e.indl-
.lulcs shnll he ns I'ulluws;-
The candidates sltia.ll ho noininiileil
lu writ lug: lhu willing shell he sub-
-i.-i-ilu' I by livo v.ileis..1' ll.e Mm.iii-
palily ns piopiisec uud seconder, and
shall be ilelivcled In the Helllinillg
Olllcernl tiny lime between chu .lulu
uf (he notice .mil 2 p.m. of lhu d.-.y of
(he iiiiiiiinnlinii, mu] it. Hie event uf a
pull being necessary, such poll will ho
opened on Thin -dnv thu Sevenlecutli
day of January, 1907, (from 0 o'clock
a,in, lu 7 o'clock p.m.) ul ll.e Cilv
Clerk's ulllcc, Oity Mull, McKenzie
Avenue, llovelsloke, li. l\, of which
every poi-son is hoi-tdiy l-eipiin-il to
take notico nnd govern himself accordingly.
The persons cjiinliHutl tn hcuotiibitit-
ed fm niul elected us Mimic shall be
such pel suns nsiire mule liritish subjects uf the full age of tweiity-iuie
years, and ni-e not disipi.-illied under
any iuw, nnd have been for the
six .nI.nibs next preceding the dny of
nnmtn.it.on tlio registered qivnerin
the Lund Registry Olliee, of lund or
real property in tin-cily of the assessed value, oi] lhe lust niuuicipul nssess-
iiient. ml:, of one lliiiiis.iiul'ilMlnrs or
...•i-i- over .-mil nliiiii- nny registered
Revelstoke Licencing District,
Notice is lioroby given Unit I bnvo rei-olvcil
nppliention for n rotltll liquor llcoiioo from
lirntlk J llllllll lor Ilu- Kiinipe Ilolel, sllll.lte.1
near tho eity ol Uovclatoko.
Anil fiu-l Inn- lake nol im- Ilinl a apccinl nice,
ii.g i>. Uu- liui.-il nf l.ii-c.iT Conmilnlonera ol
lln- Uevolstoko blcoiuilng Distriot will bo hold
In tlio Provincial Pollet Qllliie,: Itovclotoko, on
Tuesday, Jan. lailinoxl, IM.
in order,
Chief Inspector,
Rovolstoko, Il.C. Doo, 21. IIM,
Notice i.* hereby given thai CO days aftor date
I Intend lo nin.lv in tin- ttpn. t luof roininis-
„lo..or of Lands ...ul Wnrks for pormlssl..|. to
pnrchnae lho followiug described lands:
.'.iiinn, n Ing nt tho N. li!, oornur of T. L. No.
;i :.i I... tl.osl.oio of liiiinl Ilny, Upper Arroiv
lj », thence aoiilli in ohains, thouco east 80
i-linin*. thonco north abontflO chnlns, tlionco
ui'Mii'l)' following lho souther., shore ot HI.ml
Bty In luiliit nt i-iiinini-lH-i-nenl, coo1nil.ing
iiiir ini'iiti-cil mul eighty ii'ii-.s moro or less,
Dulcd lids ISth dny of Dcooinbi'i', llWO.
snt due B .1. P. KliNNKDY,
,      ,i,'dvs .   - ' mil --I  laboi       "   ' 1'be prnh:.
..... It has I •" n
I        il   .-    ; .   in-
nil i   . ■ i    i-   tnken  ij
lift In - -.- in ill !■' ' Iii '-k in.-
n.igu:. i, • inii . iinlry This i-
ib..-"i.i pi |     - tu  adopt   in
dealing   ■ ■    mallei li   n in
v. iv.,:':, .;.i. •.. I.i ilali din eted
against tin Hindu! .bethel . .it d
by tin. Domini i or Provincial, -. ild
have c.-f it-'l n vi ry bad impression in
India und whill I 10 - I fore, men! ol
the usual restrictions against immigrants could not reus nably in- objected I the effect would be unfavor-
al I. || . *;. gi -: .1 i idi ii "i Ilu
,, '.-. j pulati :. -1 India, who can
not be e.tpectiil to understand the
im lid.!.  :.   • . sting '
m. inn nis havo been raised thai
the Hind it are Britiih subjects, bul
thai fad I-** nothing to do with the
,!„,*; ,. and ----- ii ii'- been proved
bow totally unlit tbe Hindu.- are lor
living nml laboring In Canada, ll i
m , right tbat this be plainly pointed
out to them, As tho Maii.-Hjji.u.I'
readers will remember, thit papei bus
urged all along that the stream ol
undesirable   immigrant,   should  bo
i coked si itt source; a
nd it is there.
-   . -,[    -,-
; i V.incuti
- .  ',,.-■   .   '        truusp    it ion .it
Wonni■.-.-  -iii-i'i i lit..   Mr   !' : '
tl.esi  illicials will In
authority nmlui tin din rli. n "1 Wm.
Comparison   Between  B. C.
and Ontario.
British C I mbi i h is an idenl rnin-
ing law, - lyt .i I i.iii,, ,,iiii mi'. j.-.
It contrasts our Ian with that oi
Ontari ng   thai    whereas   in
Ontario the Is..-- m li ivo to settle
cvury iiiining title, and whether one i
linally obtained or n i is a ■> no ol
(jovornmcnl policy In Brltlsl
Coluinbin the minor (loot hit owi
Btnking and advertising, ai i oi lj thi
courts have n ri 'lit to tny whether or
I. .i hi*, claim is valid. Our mining
laws havo lung bei u reoognlsod in sl
least u.- go 'il«-. uny in the world and
,. greal deal b. iter thn . most, 1 he)
wiic framed by practical mon,
j-*pv--'*i-rmr,»-r,.-w»*wir-ii»wvr..»-v»> * IVMBM
Nexi c, P. R, Tolegraph Office
I'KII i ■- -
I!,,".   '  ■',.'. i.    '  ■    ,
coal will be knp
II       -,- ion
E. A. HAGGEN; AGT     Hevelatok     B.C.
M wmmli,. i" H ".'
•    i* R, i
v^!+'|i**i|**'M'!     '    b99$$%        -'frfy
Vl'iinpl    .1 y.uing l.nli' - ivllli. g lo
ii ■   i    ii, imii  pnu uro
i-.l ....I  .  iiMn.i.ilil" bulging wilh
innii  family ou  Mi-Ki i.zin A v. nne,
Apply Mail IIkiiai.ii OlUri*.
filil'NIi    V lfl.1      |i    isnl n-i I'l.-al
Oi iy Iiiivi' mm.'
.1   thl   advei'tl  -ni .....I
r..|i.-i-tj     II   A, I'lTiit.
'   -,   '            .   ,.        ill-,       Im    1m.II      ...III
I   lb." plii.lt
.     II    *       lllii.ieliu.il   Si I.
\ 1,1.1 ,11,11,
'iiu ItHS'J    I.-;,-- i Mini lion I io
j    i n : .      m il limine fur
Oppusile Hi   cl  ' I, Apply
\A   *    I. wi I'll' ■■.* I li   (,: I  Lu     ... . il   liouac
\\ lainll)* nf ll.rei",
- . i     . i. l.n If-ah-i Airow
llouolftoke Cigars   Onion  l.it.Uc   Om
Spncinl, Tho Onion, and Krircii Vuolto
fort with niiieli -nilisliictiuii   that  w  | arc ahead ol all othors.
V  Cornox and  New  Woliin^ton Goal  f
I Hcmiock   Wood   Hay, Oral i,   ■ Bd ,-
W' \ n' 11 li   IVniin   . .I  - ii ry
, [1,1     ',* - "    s:;n pel ninntli,
,,,-' ij-"'.      I " I.
II, (I,
WAN I l-.l.   iml lm general li"ii-i-
tvnik,     i i. 'I   .mi,  -   puld lo
il   |       .    Ai'pl;   in Mi i.   I*. I!.
I.I-1W I *,   .1'' I". .-. ■ li -.
. . •  ,,n i i-il.   A   I*. -I.ul I -'■ in
W rent. Apply ImK A. Ibiggeii.
iii..I I,.i,iie mul Insurance Agent,
Notico ia lii-iTin- given tint! SO days aflor dato
I Intend luni'i'l) lo tho Chlol Col Isslonofof
Lands uiul IVorlis for a special lleouco lo eul
nnd carry nwoy timbor from tl.e following
dcsorlhed Inm:*;
I.   M  Iliiiluii'sS I'-.l'iii'iii-r 1'ost.  iiiiii-iii-.
ing ..in imst iilniui i,iiilliiiiiiiliiii Ki-lli Creek
i-iiil ', liun in*[ ui I'isli Crock, thonce nuiili hln
Chilian, lli-*l   in i-:n,i:;.. mi .ill uli. Ilailla, Cii
io iliiiin* in i ninl uf ciiiniiH'i ment,
2   M I,",!,,ii'ss. W.iuriici' I'usl, ciiiiniu'in
I,   it.,   .nl ulmut1, ...il.. imrtli u! l.t-lli fi'i-ck
,i ..nli-1 >i.*l in l-isll Ci'.-i-li, Uu e llOrill
ii. Minis, ,-n-l Ml i-luiln;,, nuiili :,n I llllllis, in-sl
Ml i 1.lliil- In I'Mllll ". . HI. 10 lll-IU Tlll'lll.
I,,   M, : i .i.un's N. IV, Corner Pust, ci on
Inn ni n peal .0 1 three niilea ii|i Hoyd creok,
intomlloctial "i Dominion lino,thonce,outh
.-..li'luiills, i-il-l Slli'lnilll* I'll.   Sl'l'llilills, ll.-sl
Ml i'IiiiOIs In |iii|lll "I il'liililillii-llli'lil.
1. M, liiiiliui's N, W, Ci-lior l'nsl, i-iiniiiit'iii-
iniriiiilis ui. Hoyd Creel.
.rail tun null's....... [.in....iiim Ion-, thonc.
sin.ill Sni-llliil.s, III*. ,*.li Iu.il.*, ...ill.. S.lil!l..ln:
net stj chain, to pulnl..I oouunem-cinciil.
m M. Iii-uiim'ss ..'.Corner Post,eoinmonn
in.uiu |.o.l about threo mile, lip Hoyd Urcok
um ...ilu ci*.... liiin.!..!.... Ion-, il.'.-..co cast sn
chains, >.<>nl> sn .•jiii!i.il.voitsoflbBJ..t,tou!li
... I'linins l.i noli I nl I'l'inliii'lii'i'tiliinl,
ni   Jl. l-'iii      rtl nov .1       M. IIKATDN.
land Notice.
Nolice la linmlij glvon thai Outlays allorilidol
Intun.l I" .un.l) lo ll... .'hint Cmmulsslonor ol
i.iiinh .uui iiiiii..*I...iii'iiinssi'iii in nurehnaoll.e
i.lliuiins doner I lnmls lm ....I. Ilatilct:
. iiniinoiii'lng nl apual in.tiko.1 "W, ll.Ullve'i
.-.,nib imii r.'imi iiii.i,' nliuiteil nn trail I inm
ir.mm North  li.'H'i'.' i Ilivor to Voll.m-l.,i.i.l I'aaa
nml ni i .I mli' mn   '"ii'H'il. dlroelii.ilIr	
11.1.in ni I..l.i- rnmilng nortl ihnhia, tln-nco
IU--I inl i .iiii-n i * a nl chains, ihoneo cist
lu i-iin rn- In in.!..! ol co.niuencon.onl,
I.ii.i-iI liilnl,.) "I .Nil.-' ml ,-r, limil.
novtl w. II. UblVli, Locator,
N..TI.-I-; la horoby given Unit SO ilny, niter date
 ml .iii.|.|.ly i-i ilm llmi. lln- i-l.!..!
 ml,   .mi I'll.iiini I Worka Ior n S| Inl
l.l."..-'-1  i il i- lis .hi '!  Ii.-r Iuin. tlio
lolliiiin.g.l... ...i'i i* in tti-sl Iiim. I, nny |..«.
11 i ''iui: ni n post mnrkod -T.liiljtiii-
rick's lliin-l i-nr ini-l," j.I,ml is Ion nurth
on    it im 11 |i|n-r.iniw  iiai-, uiiiii. -J ehuiua
.1    ..I ,m     i    \. 11 i  j,„t Nu.60.1,
- n ■ cl.....   ..". so chains, north SO
cl. i    . i'. i ■ I. - ■"   to ."imi ul eonimont'omou!.
ii.n.ii Nuv l-t. IIU,
mu Jl I. hll.l'ATillili.
Tin- |i-i--iiiis .]..,-.li!i.nl In he no.nin-
.il.-il for nnil elected ns Aldermen shall
be su.-li pni-suns-'.ts nre uitile liritish
subjects id* iho full ago of twenty-..nu
y.ill's, und nt-.' .ml. ili-qiinliliid under
nny Inw, nud huve been foe ihe six
months next, preceding the day of
niiioiiiiiiioi. tl.e registered owner, in
the iiiiiul Registry Ol'llce, uf land or
re,-.I property In the city of the assessed value, uu lhu Ins! municipal assess-
nienl roll, uf live hundred dollars ...-
more, over uud ahnvo any registered
j.i.lgmenl or ch-irge, i.nd who arc
ul he. wise    q.lillillc.l    us     ...unlcipal
Tl.e pel-sous (|iiulifieil In be ......liuni.-.1 for und elc.-le.l ns School Trustees
shall be any person being .-. hiiuso-
linlder in Ihe City School District, nnd
being i. British subject uf Ihe full nge.
..I i wi-iil y-.iin- yen .-a, and ..the.wise
Ij.li.lilled lo tu!.' at nn clucll.i'i of
School Trustees in the suid School
Given under mv band ..I. Revels! ke,
B.C., lln-111*1 hd'iy of. Inniiiiry, llKiV.
oj.uiilt Returning Offlci *.'.
\' * i ■  .....    i   )• *,   Ul-if.l1 -I'i 'lip III    i .iU*; I
Inteml L« : i*   i" 'I.' Uuu. iln.' (/Iiluf (.'omuiifwWn
ItHtlil U'i     ■ ; .      ]i."'ii; ii tilHIi l it'll!
md ''.in. bui ij Uinli i Irmii til i ftillowin-g ilu
icrllw.l UiuU in Wi il Kontei ij -li-lrict:
Cuinuii'iH'Ing iti n im * i'l ml 11" chnlni! w< -' ul
tlio uniilli-wi tl - uiu roi 'I ItiilHH l.iuiit 000*1 nii'l
mwkixl "C. Hklnndr'H iinrtli-eanl ciirnoril/ihiinci*
fllt'lmln ■ n b I1* I'lialii - i t.'tliMi'- i';i'
■ mi.- BtirUi, III ii*-* 10 iiinn- wi .i I.. [jIui'doI
I,*..  -.. i] li-.-11Im-i i*i, i   -,
doc lj ml
.\. MiSjiiiiiiih. .\|(L'iit.
Notloo Is li-aruby given i at 80 daya nfter !U«
woiiiieiHltonpplyioUioCliiofCommiH'iloii rof
Untl.s mid Works lur ah -tn-iiil license In nitt
nnd curry tnibiT fnnn tins Folio wind dutici i iod
lands situatud In Lillooet dlrtrlct,
1. Oouimelicing nt n poat milked "llrltluli
Cnliiiiiliiii Tlmbura Ltd., iiortlt-oitN cornel pnat.
No. l Limit," plnnted ftitlieHoiitli-wosI coin mi
timbor Limit No. Mi, tlience woat8'clnina,
thonco soutli 20 elntina, thonco woat 80 chu Ins,
thenoo aoiltli 40 i'linins, Lbetico east 8(1 clallia,
thonce nortli 20 i'linins, thonce eaatJOcliaiiiB,
tlienco north -io cliniiia tn point uf eoiiim.'iico'
2. Uonimonclng at a post nmrkcil "Jhltlah
Oolmnlila Tlmbura Lid, north-weal pornerpost.
No." Limil," plantod on aouth boumlavy of Nu. i
Limil about 1 milo rromonsl oml, tlionco smith Fn
i'liains, thonco owl 60 chains, tlionco nnrtli 80
cliains, tlienco weat ni ohalna to point uf commencement.
Dated Hint Dueumlwr, 10-.0.
8. (lummoiiciiiB at a pusl, nmrkcil ' Id'itiali
Coliitnhla Tlmbera Ltd., nortli-wuiit corner post,
.Nn. 8Limit, idinti'd i.i. (In; aoutlHvoalcornoro|
No. 2 Limit, tlionco south 80 chains, thouco caat
8tl cliatns, tlienco nuiili 80 chains, tiionoo west bO
rlriiii"1 in j tofcitmmejicometit,
D.ll.'sl Dec''llll, nmij.
-i. Umnmcnclng al n poat marked "HritUh
(-olumbia 'llmbora Ltd., nurth-oaet corneri)o*t,
Nn, .i Limit," planton ai the aouth west cornor oj
Timber Limit No. r.iid, thoncu nontli 80 chains,
tlienco weat 80 elinlns thonco north 80 clmtna,
tlience oa .1 so chaiua to puint of cummoncoiuont,
5, Cnmtnenclng nl tt. post maiked "Jlritlah
Columbia Tlmhors Ltd., north-west coruer post,
N.i. r> Limit," planted nl the aiiiith-weat uorner of
Timber Limil Nn. Min, thenco aouth SO clialna,
tlience cast mi i'linins, ll :o north hi rhnius,
tlieiicu weatsn cliains to pninl ofeimntioiiceniont,
Dated Doo, 2(Jtli, IfHIU
ajfl      lllllTlSlI ( OLIMir.lA TIMUKIIS, LID.
Nolice Is hereby given lLal BUdaja after dnte
i"inii'ini toi'pply lot'joClilelCommlBBionciol
lutlds nnd Wirks fnr a apodal Hnomo tu cut
a id carry away timber from the foiioiviug
ilo>crlboil lamlc lu Wost Kootonay dlitrlcti
l. Clotninoiifllna at a post planted nbnut l
unit' n..nli [huh tlio north-wost oornor of tiie
K. & A liliiek BOjl, mul Hi ur ked "I'.i*- llend
Lumber Company's Booth-easi enrner post,"
then o uuiih ffl olinlus, thenci: woat 80 clmins,
•hiMu-i' sninii mi i Iinins, theuce cnsl 80 chains
io point uf (oniint'iicemcnt.
2 Coinmeneing at a post plnnted nbout 1
mil'' uortli I rom llie north-w.'sl eurner ol K. ,fc
i, liliiek tCO, and mnrkeil "Big Bend Lumber
Uompuny'e norili-onHt curuer pust," thonto
WQ8l60otifttns, thence no lllli BO obelus, theuco
t'RSt tJ.)eli'ti|is,.theiu*o iiurili 80 Cb ft 11)8 tu point
<>! tuiniiielK'L'tnci.t.
ii Gommoi)olng nt a post planted nboul 2
miles nesi from initinoek I'tilni, OU I'pper Ar-
row Lnke. nml markod "JMl.L, Op/* rou'Ii-gimi
corner poBt," thonco nurth sn chains, tlienco
wosl811 nltalns, ihenco aouth80chains, thenee
ou»t80 oltnlna to point of eoinmouoomont
I, Oommoneing at a pust planlcd abuut;)
mllea west irom iuinui"'k I'uint, uu Ujipcr Ar*
nnv Lake, nnd mnrked "II.IM .Co/a 'uiitli-onst
corner post," thonco nurth hu chains, thenco
wesl hi chains, thencu suuth HO ehnins, tliuuco
ensl M ('huiii- in point of commencement.
Dated DooemborlBthi 1000,
That's Royal Crown kind—
inntli' in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory went of Winnipeg, House clean ing nnd
vvimhingii re onsy with itn help,
And the money wiving in the
Premium System
Booklet tells vvli.it wt- give fur
RoV.il Crown Wrappers, Hend
lor il — Free—Also try tho
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
7* A NT I-l I) - Young   man  wants
room in- room sou h.iard in city,
••heap.  Apply Mail-Hkbald ofllce, \t
l-.i.-.-ilii'iinllv liusy Km mei-iiiiiI l-'nils. Hiug has pl.iceil
ni. mu hnnds a huge iuunl r uf sei'iinil-hiinil plimos nnil
I'.i'io. Ins,ii ill iiiiiiiii i- nu new styles of MASON «
RlSlJHiiud PIANOLA i'l tNOS. Our "I'ppei- Country"
win .'homes in Nelson in .1 ltevclttoko are nnw comfort-
..lily crowded- tve'v. winter sldpiuents on way from
fncioi-y. ton. Those it; -I goods must ho sold, wo wish
llieni to move rapidly. You'll appreciate these uniisnl
Director Gere;
Nadeau of
J?    XIX    %
B reform
Sninii Uprinbl "I.ul! ■'. Si
plan.', I'lngllali ni'.ku.. ii.-.;.
n.ilin.1 i '
: $ 20
"Climb's Olivia*'l'|.rl|d.l i'l	
7 .»-i.iv..*, I ll :. i... in Iwlglii,  "i  flfl
.'Vi-.i.-l. walnut li-taii, scroll (r.n.1   *  ^u
•'Doll" Organ, li ft. high, »*nb
llll. ciui', .'i iK-tiii-i-, 'J', *i-t-i "I   I-.   AC.
rcoila s sli.|is, in BiHiil tune. ..    W *»»
"Avili.i Swart''Upright I'litnn
7nititvi*.4fi. r, in. lildli, full
inm fiiiiiii-. excellent mlite nl
Stun iiiins fm-	
"Nugent" I'.....". Ni-n Vint. 7
"Hell" I'ii.n... Clnolph, 71 no.
Ini-l-*. iniilnliiin 1'rencli iinliiiit
.-:.*.'. veneer partially otf nne onil  tt»i nn
ai.ltnl.le Ior ludl or lodge    UWU
■■ Mason* *lti*'-li '* 1'l.ll.n. 71
octave,, lit..'.in. high, (ll.lsl.ml
It. sun Pointiigo inaiwgAt.)-,
slightly ..ami Mil llii'iil ii- I" »    jtjIjjQ
JV.M S375
wn* Si'ii'D Iml mnv Bulling nt.
■•Mn*iiii ,i- Itlsrh" I'inii". lurgo
1'prlght in-.'ii'l. beautiful ..in-
|i.,Siii.y i-ii-i . 11. liin In-ill.ci.*"
,i uli.lv iuiiii',!. .ill.i-rii.3i- Ilnn
cmilitiini aploniliil Uno. Wn
Biililfor-JW, tnkolt Ior.
"Mn*i>i... lilac!." I'i;'..". Upright (lrand l.i Art llnlalioil liurl
walnut en*-, practically now,
v. i. uiiii.., i'M,.,i imi.- i/inri
Wn. .*-..,... .-.triiiiiilniiii-yviiliii- nl  WtUU
" llonilnli..." Organ, walnut
ciae.tlt Iilgli, t i.i-lnv"*. -J';,
avUol rceila,; atona, Vox Ilu-
iiiiiiiii, Urent, tinil Ui-nn.1 urgtti.  dj  QQ
"Hell" ..run... inanlvo wall. I
cam, icroli iront, 8 iott olroeila,
11.   ,<tll|W,    liiilll   a.u-lls.     VOU'l
..lit llHI- 111. llli*.lt	
"Uulierty" Organ, lilnck walnut ci*n with iii-vi-lli-il French
plate- mirror, fiootavoa, B aula nf
r li, ttlalot.1, lm.** niul ti'-lili-
couplont nnilknoo awolla, apian- J JJQ
ilii! vnliiii at llll* llpil
We've also a number of others. Full list sent upon
request. You may turn In any one of these Instruments
nt full value, ns partial payment on a new MASON iV
RIStill PIANO, within two years after purchase.
P. 0. BOX
Fut Agricultural Implements. Uarrhtgos, Wagons Etc., John
Deeto Ploughs, Muliuo Wagons, .'.matin Cnrrlago Company's
Buggies, Plunol jr., llnnlen Sooilcr* un.l Cultivators, Wliool-
Wright and nii.ckM.iitl. Work attoudod to,   U..r*o Shooing a
HEAD OKl'lCE: Caloauv, Al.llKUT.1. f
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants ?
l-,.rk Packers and Uealor In Live Stock.  Markets In all tho principal l!llles nml   f
Ton ns ..I Alberta. British ....miiiinn anil the Vnkon.  Packers ol tlio ("olchrnle.1 llminl    fl
i   i.|,n entor" llama and Bacon, and Shnmtock llraml, teal I nnl. *
4% V%-%%*%%*» *-^ •*■-*%%•^%%^^V*-*^V^,>/'^*''v*"'', **
Assurance Company of Canada.
li. It. WlUtin, I-', ij. Vlcc-I'resl.lc.t.
Cms. CocKSIIlTr, K*ci., Preahlont.
Associated tilth Oeneral Accident, Fire ami Life Assurance t'or|.orntlon,
Limited, Pertli, Scotlailtl, whose Assets Exceed Five Million Dollars.
E, A. HAGGEN, Agent lor Revelstoke and District.
•till*.    Ol.l.l'WlX.i OLASSKS OF INSURANCE .till-! TRANSACTED
IVracnia! Accident. Rinploj-eis' l.iiil.ilily. Iloallh
Public anil Ui-r.i-i.il Liability,    lmlnatiiiil, jVceiile.it nml lleltlth Monthly I'aj'mcntt
Klevator and Theatre.     Vessels Teams nml Contingent..     Workman'! Collootli'e.
Aiitiiiiiiiliilt- nml .Miiliir limit.      „    ■        „ —, .,.. i
Oi Furniture, Real  Rstnte,
l.iie   St,.ck   nud    Uenernl
Halcyon Hot Springj
Under the new niiiiingeui.'nl of
ll.Mtl.Y   MClSTOSlI,    Ul.ITlI.llU    li-'U*"
'ml IK .Ml'.DI.'AI. WATEI19 of Hal-
I eyon an' lb" most curative in ll"-
world.' A perfect; tfiitnial rt'iiit'dy I"'
nil Ne.vons and Muscular diseases.
Liver, Kidney ninl Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sureeurp
for "Tlmt Tiled Feeling." Speciul
rules on all boats and Irani-. Two
mulls itirive and depntl every dnv.
Teh-gin I. communication wiih all
marts of llm wmlil.
Ti--.ii.ms- Sl*; In Sls per week,   Foi
further pnrtlfiilors apply tn
Halcyon Hoi Springs
Arrclu take, "B. C
(Innii, sou, il. No. !l Apples nt
85o. perl.-.-.  !*...!-. Vernon.
J I.  WEBSTER, VERNOtl, /?. C.
Henry's Nurseries
Headquarter, for Pacilic Coiti) Brown
am! iiii|«i'loil tin rile., l-'iol.l li...I flower
Tl.nuinnila nf Fruit and Ornaniouti.!
Trooti itliiiil'iiliiailrna-. Rotoi ...nl  hard)!
i.liint- now growing on nur own nr, il* for
Ittturo planting. ,,...,.
Nn aspon.0,1'"*"'delay "f fnmlgntinii,
iii*iio.-.i.i..mire..-.niii-ilati".nitmy. llninl-
iinurtor. I"' Pnelllc Conll ianu nud on
ported Ui.nl..... Field null Kluwor Boot!.,
Visitur* arc iilivny* wolcinno In iti*lincl
uur Itook.
Qrconhouao Plants.
(■|ltFlii!v..r*iiiiilFli>ral Dollglll, PartlllU'nl
llou Ulvas I Suppllaii 8pm) Pump, nnd
Siiruyiiin iiiitteri.il.    .
Nu inn....* Il...ri.liini ymi hnvo i... cum-
million to pay. Uur .-..inlugno I.ul* yon
about it. I.ul ino lirico yi.or l.*l linln'i.
.ilnciliK yimr nrili-r.
Wo iln businesa.... nnr own ground!-no
roi.t to par, ...nl n'o prepared to moot all
pon.potftlun. Eastern prlcosor loss Wl.ito
latiiir.  l'..li.l..«..o* Free.	
P.O. A.l.lro*»...i.lO'c.'.il..n.H..*i lllllllWiul-
n.lnsicr Road. Ilrni.pl, Nuraorloa. Bouth
In small or Inrge Lots,from UM
lb*. In n Cai'iiiiil.    For price
L. E. GillFFlTiiS, - Ka!a!iiw.
wass Giimm
liii! ii go. il stock of Groceries and
a line assortment of Japanese China.
Ag.-nt for Rovelstoke Farming
('o.i.piiiiy, growers nl nil kinds ft!
Fnini ProdllM, llnv nml Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
lien I i:r» iu Heel, I'm I:, Mutton,
I'oulliy, Fish und (liinio iu
Seas..... Orders promptly ut-
tended to,
First St. Revelstoke
\Viu<f Chunk's newly im
jjortcd stock of Chines,
mul Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
Imiclctl in Revelstoke of
useful nnd ornamental
Ton aorvlcua Flower Pols
I'latca t'lnurclln KUinds
llniili.il* Lunch IlasketK
.'.inn .'halt-, Smoking Jackets
IIil.l.lku.-i:lll|.f* SllkUoisl*.
U01,U fish
Iflnoit ttook ol candles mul fult* In town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Cash Prices Paici
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Miiinif.ii h-rml for till oln lostof bui'dlnga
All blmU'.if ImililiiiiMiiHl pl-UUring
Alaska-Vukc. PacificExposi
tion at Oitawa to Present
Official Invitation.
Seattle, Jan. ■"..—lm A, N.ulc.i.
direotor-geiici'iil of tin- Aluska-Yukou-
l'.ieilic Exposition, which is to held nt
Se.itilein 1009, In.*, gone to Ottawa,
in tin' interests ol the coming loir
Mr, Naili'.'ii ! ik with him nn engraved invitation, f rnuilly requesting
the participation hy lho Dominion
Government in tho exposition. Ju
Oltuivii he was grunted mi audience by
Sir Wilircil Laurier, the premier, to
whom he presents the invitation,
The exposition management con-
sidors it essential to the lull success ol
the next Western World's Fair th.il
the Dominion ol C.i.uih. be represented
by n comprehensive display, housed
in u suiinlile building, nnd hns every
euiiliilciiceii.nl  Mr   Nadeau's efforts
Ottawa will be successful. As ll.e
nn.no implies, the Alaska-Yukon-
Pacific .Exposition is to be held to ex
ploit ihe resources ol Alaska, the
Viik-.n, which ia Canadian country.
und the countries which border the
Pacific ocean,
That Canada will sic the advantage
ol participation in such nn enterprise
tl.ere is littlo reus in to doubt. The
benefits which will accrue to Alaska
and the Pacific northwest from the
holding ol the fair will accrue in like
measure to the Yukon torritory nnd
the Dominion of Canada.
Was Generous Benefactor of
Anglican Church in B. C.
l.oxiioN, Jan. 2.—Baroness Buidett-
Coutts died nt her residence here on
Sunday alter a brief illness. The
dceii'Seil lady, who uus burn in April,
1814, wns through nil most of her
long life known us un extremely liberal
philanthropist, many individuals and
institutions benelit ine Ir in her genet .sily. Sho e.nl".icif scvcril colonial
bishoprics, including I lint ol British
Columbia, In London ehc erected
Ibe Columbia market, Shortditeh, St.
Stephen's church, Westminster, and
other ins itiitluns. In IKM the bin-
ones* married W. L. Ashmend-Rart-
lelt, whonssumed the additional nnme
ol Burdett-Coutts. The baroness wns
presented nitli the freedom ol the
ciiy of London inn gold ensket in
187*2 ou aecuuut ol her philanthropic
notions. Thu Anglican ohuroh of
Briti-h Columbia owes a dent of gratitude lo ihe lale B.io.iess Blirdett-
Culltls, In 1M9 she mule po-sible
the foundation ol the diocese of Columbia, by endowing it will, the nuiili-
cent sum ol 615,000, This diocese
embraced both thc cnh.nies of Van
ouuver Island uud lliilisb Ciil.mbiii,
hut uus nftorwards subdivided into
three, tho dioceses ol Columbin, Caledonia nnl Neu Westminster, The
binoness aiso endowed two archdeaconries, one lor Vancouver Island and ll.e
utlicr for the mainland,
The .iec.'ii ed lady, who Inul been iii
for icii nil dais, wis conscious up In
the time o! her decense, being able lo
receive and icply to a message ol sympathy Iron. Queen Alexandra, Amoi g
tho*c whom death has olaimed during
the yenr thai 'ins just passed, none
lived a aire useful life, belle, discharged hor responsibilities or died in
the enjoyment of gr at esteem thau
the Buronoss Burdett-Coutts
Tens of   Thousands. Utterly
Destitute, Wander Over
Pekisu, Jno. 3.—Owing tn excessive
rains .mil consequent failure ol tl.e
crop*, the fun.ine in the norlli of An-
hul province. In the eust of Uouan
and the whole north ol KiaugGii, is
worse than nt any time during the
past forty years.
Ii is oitlmatO'l tlmt (our million
persons nre starving. Tens of thousands are utlorly destitute and wondering over the ootiutry, The .Linger
is iiietcnsrd  by  the  iielivily   u[  the
secret societies, ni lhe wanderers uro
gladly joining thorn In order to obtain
About fifty thunsnii I refugees have
reached the vicinity of Nanking in a
pitiable condition, The authorities
ure unable to cope with tho situation.
Towns and Durnan Matched
to Row.
Svi.nkv, X.S.W., Jan. ili-d,—tlcurge
Towns, the Australian sculler, nnd
Eddie If tin ion Durnan, of Toronto,
hate Bigned nitlclea lo r iv on the
Ncpean river Maroh 2nd, for the soul-
ling championship ol the world und
f2,600 a side, Towns, in July last,
recaptured the world's championship
lor sculling, defeating James Stiiiib.iry
twenty lengths on the Paramatta
riv..- 'I'ii,. oontost promitot to l.e a..
oven ono, both men having been under
careful training.
Hand Tailored Garments, Completely Finished.
John E. Wood's Furnilure Slor
Tight fitting Body Coat
The aristocrat of
winter styles. The
personification of
grace and elegance.
In rich gray
mixtures and black
McKinnon I Sutherland
Gowns Fit Perfectly
over Knit-to-Fit Underwear. Every suit is knit nli in
one piece from neck to ankle—fits like a glove—won't
wrinkle at the waist or bulge over the hips—and holds
ils shape without stretching or shrinking.
Combination Suits
: -.vl'.liant doubt the beet made—and tbe most sntls-
tory — undergarments for women's winter wear.
):ir trademark o:i each garment. Made in nny si/.e
!..'.;ic.   S.-iul for catalogits if your dealer cannot
mm' you.
P. 0..BOX 233!), MOfimEAU
*": z?%3&?: ■xmmssiSxX. * ;* susssssmm
The Highest Attainment in Milling
Has Been Achieved in
"BEST" is thc result of years of
study, experimenting nnd experience. It is
milled by the most modern process known,
from Western Hard Wheat grown on virgin
soil, and for nutriment has outclassed, by
actual test, every other Hour on the market
to-day. ,
Kor sale by reliable grocers everywhere.
Say-'MOFFET'S HRST" to your dealer.
iim rag iii io., lw.
Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
Plrst-oliiB nceoniiiititliition for travellers,
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
z==»^flEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.    Flrst-claas In overy respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day Spocial Weekly Ralos.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens Hotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars, Travellers to
Fish Creclc will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        - -        Proprietot
Mrs. H. J. Ilii.ibtiry. M.ttiagress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
I.nrh'.. Dtniiigroom Ior
!iniuiuiit>. Buppan, otc
Furnished Rooms To Let
Dei t Heads, Animals, BinU, b'iili, Etc.,
Animal Hut;* Mounted,
P.O. Box81,
Studio:  Cornor of First Mt. and Bnyle Ave.
Kevelstoke. B. 0.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, 8afes and Furniture.
Ceneral Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave. JfiySTE
Oflloe Phom No. 71     Houn Phina Ko. 7.
Notlt'e in hereby glvon that 80 daya after date
Wfiiniuli'i luiipplv Uitlii-<.'tiit;li'uii)iiii.s«jii!ier n(
Land*, uud Works fnr mpuoUl ilcenteto cut
nud carry away timher frum the following
deacrihed lnmls situated in Went Kuuteiiay
CouiDienelug nt a \mi '{danted 4 mile uorlh
of tin1 suulh eastcorner of Lot 7947 and marked
"L. W.L.CO.'fl N.W. conier," thence 160 ehalm
east, thencu 40 chain- mhh h, thence lEo chains
went, theuce in chains nortli to place of com*
me 11 cc ment.
baled December Stat, 1900,
Xi.tiee is hereby given that thirty
d.tys after dnte I intend to apply to
the Honorable Cliief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for u special license
to cot and carry awny timber Irom
the following described bind situated
tbe West Kootenny District.
Ootnmencini at a post planted } of
.1 mile east of Boulder Creek and about
three-quarters of a mils norlh of
Downie Creek and marked E. McBean's south-east eurner, thence north
SU elinins, tbenee west 80 chains.thence
soutb SU ebains, thenceeast 80 chains
to the pointof ooiinuenceiueut,
Dated the 18th day of December, 1900
wj2. B. MeBEAN.
Notice in hereby givm lh*. 6o days
from dale I intend lo apply lo the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works a.
Victoria, B.C., lor purchase of lollowing
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a post planted about
two and a hall miles from be»d of Adami
Lake on wesl side of river, marked "J. A.
Knox's south-wesl corner," running 8o
chains east, 40 chains north, 80 chains
west, 40 chains soulh, containing ibout
320 acres.
Dated Nov. uill, 1906.
nov 14 J, A, KNOX,
Notico is hureby glveu that 30 days nfter date
we intond to npiily tuiho Chief Commlsslonor uf
Lauds and Wurks fur a -itiecial license Ui cut
and carry uway timher frum tha following described  lands in district tif West Kootenay:
Commenci uk at a pust [danted J mile west
from north-east, corner tit Lot Nu.iiUOMid
murktd "),. W. L, Cu.'s s, \\ corner pint,"
llienee nurih llio chains, ilni.vi*ii--t i-ch'iln-,
thence sum h Illll chaius, theuco west I'l chillis
i place ot com inft nee mont.
Hn led liecemher'J'llli, WUfl
Tenders Wanted.
To Miners—Sealed Tetulei'a will be
received up to January 10th, 11)1)7, by
the undersigned* for driving a tunnel
:.t)i) feet long In the cual seams nf the
Enderby Goal Mines. Specifications
of the work and all particulars will Ih*
funishetl un application.
Endbrby, H. 0.
NOTICK IH BKUKBY UlVHH that sixty days
after date I intend tu apply to the liun. chief
Commissioner uf Lamia and Works for permission
to purchase the following desciihed liiuls in the
West Koutenuy district:
Oommeiicliig at a post planted un the we^tslde
of nurth-eust arm ot Arrowhead Uke, J of a mile
from Hock Blurt', maiked "R, E.McK.I south-east
corner post," tlience 20 chains nortli, tlience 8*0
chains west, thence 20 chains south, thence 80
cliains east along lake shure tu puint uf com
uience i n en 1.
Dated Nuv. luth, 1006.
nuv 14 MRS. It.    . McKITIUCK.
Notice Id heroby ifi ven lout 30 days after date
1 intond toapply <o the Chief Coinniisbiuucrof
Lands uud Works fur a special license to cut
uud carry away limber Irum lhe following
do-scribed lauds situato in Lhu Vale District:
1. Cauiuieiii'iug at a post plauted at the
noi'lh-ea»t cunier of Timber Limit Wi and
marked "A. AI. Symons1 south-west curuer,
tht'iicc north lu chains, thence east Mi cluum
Llienco soulli W chains, llienco west MJchaiu
to placoof commencement.
'J, Commonolng at a post planted at thc
north-cast cunier of "J.Barry's No,Sandal
Uie month of the south fork of the cast branch
or the Shuswup Itiver and marked "A. M,
SynionH1 BOUtli'W'csl coruer," thence north 10
chains, thenco cast lOOchains, thenco suuth Ri
clinlw*, tlienco wesl bin ohnlns to placo o( com
If. Cutiuuencing al a post planlcd about ;'J
miles smith uf the north wt^l curlier uf l/it
-2818 and marked "A, M. Symons norUi-eut
corner," thence west 100 chaius, thenceSOUtb
Io chains, thouce west io chains, thonoe south
(Ml chains, tlleliCC east li<) cliaiun more ur Ies** tu
boundary of Lot -518. theuco northerly along
said boundary im chains inure or lera to place
of cummenccincnt.
Dated Novtmiln rSOLh 1906
A. M, SYMON8. Itowiior,
sat due 11 I'. QlbbeaUj Agent
illlrr   il .tt'    1   llilfliu   iu   n\i\>i) m iu.
Chiel t'i'iiitiiif»-i"iit'i of l-iii n and
\V..ik*> fniji'iiiiis-iiiii in pm-cbase lhe
following descrilied Und stunted in
West Ki uteimy di-iiic :
Coiuuicncing at u post planled on
the north .side of Downie Greek alwut
i of a milt* south uf the "2-i mile post
mi ilu- Downie Caeek Trail nnd mark*
ed "K. McBean's south-west corner,"
thence north 48 chaius, thence east 09
chains, thenoe suuth 40 chains, thence
west 60 chains to puint of commencement, containing 240 acres more or less.
Dated December 19th, 1880.
wed jan I K. MeBEAN.
Nolice is hereby given .hat 60 days
I.0.11 dale I intend .0 apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, H. C, for purchase of followinif
described lands in Lillooel district:
Commencing at a poll planted near
„ou.h side of Oiler Creek, 3 miles nortb of
Adams Lake niarked "W. S. Burton'i
south-wesl corner." running 80 chains
ensl, 40 chains north, 80 chaini weit, 40
chains soulh, containing about 320 acres.
Dated Nov. mh, iijob.
„ov 14 W. S. RCRTON._
Notice is hereby given ilia. 00 days
from dale 1 inlend 10 npplv 10 Ibe Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works a.
Victoria, B.C., tor purchaie of lollowing
described lands in Lillooel dislrict:
Commencing al a posl planted near
south side of Olit-f Creek, 3 miles norlh
ol Adams Lake, marked "A, McConnell'l
north-weit corner," running 40 clinini
south, 80 cliains east, 40 chains north, 80
chains west containing, about 320 acres.
Dated Nov. lath, .906.
nov 14 A. McCONNELL,
No.ice i* hereby given ihal 60 days
from dale 1 inlend lo apply lo lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooel dislricl:
Commencing al a post marked "T. Kilpntrick's north-west corner," situated
about 1 mile from west bank ol Upper
Adams river and Iwo and a half milts from
bead ol Adams lake, running 40 chaini
soulh, 80 chains easl, 40 chaini north, 80
chains wesi, containing 320 acres more or
Haled Nov. 12th, 190C.
nov 14 T. KILl'ATRICK,
Notico is hereby -**iveu that80days afterdate
I intend touiiply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works fnr a special licence lo cut
nnd curry away timber from tho following described birds:
Commcncinr al a post planted at lhe norlh-
west corner oi t he soul ii n est oiiaru-r of Section
ts, Township .'ii, marked "W.H.Holliugnworth's
Houlhwcsl comer -post," thencecasl w chains.
Ihence north ti) chains, thenco west 8bchaina,
thence south .SO chains to place uf commencement,
Tlie above location is the norlh half of Section 23riiiI the south half uf BflCtlotlW, Township JW.
Dated November Mnd, 1906.
sat dec lo    w. II. HOLLINQ8WORTH.
Notice In hereby (drttl that 00 dap- after datu I
Intend to apply to the llonoiiralile tin* Chief Cum-
miHsiuner of Umts ami Wurks fur permhilun tu
piuchaie the f.dlun Ing described land* in the district of West Kootenay, Retelitoke dlHiloot-
Cuiniiii'iii'iu*- .it a pott planted mi the vest btmk
of tin' ('uliitiil-ia Kiter iiltout Imlf a uith'bfluH
Pm"!   UupldHiilidumrM  "W,  If   Siitlierlaiid'o
north-west corner p««t," ti.-u. .*■...,iti.'.,ii coiin--,
theme oast 40 rliattu mort orlua to thi «<-at bank
u( th*1 Columbia Rlier; tbenee in a uurtti*w*-*<tfrl>
■ In-■■■■» .ui.I ("lli.iun-, tht went hank ol the Culumbia Hivor tu Un* |niiiil nf ui."ti' <*ni**iii
iMnlllil- llllll .l.i) -!   Hi l-.tM-r. IIM).
ocl-H w. li. 8UTBBRUND.
Notice Is hereby glveu lhat 60 days after date
I Intend to maku amiltt-atioii lo the Chlel Com*
mlSHloner of Lands \ Works for i-ermission to
wlug described land if
in   aril*.... distriet, H.C.
purchaie Lhe followiug described land situate
commencing ai a post marked "J, M, Kellie's
smith-west corner pusi," planted on thc ionth
bank nf I'raser lllver near Tete Jauue Cache,
running north tii chains, ihence easl N chaim,
thciine south Ko chalnn, thence wait N chaius
lo point ol comuiencement.
Hated this loth day ol November, l!>»i.
nov 17 J. M. KKI lit, Ucator.
I, William Hamilton, hereby give notice that
It Is my intention to apply lo the Board of License CommUnionors for the district of Keveb
stoke, for a transfer of my honor licenso for the
Motel Lftrdeau at Comaplix, to Uuxsell M.
Comaplix, ll.l'., Di:c. I.'M,, I!»«i.
NOTICK 18 HKHKIi. UIVKN .bit lr.in.liiS
iituir tl.ia .lute ami until Iu.tl.or notice, ill
iii'i-iiil.il-i.ni! mil ill rimili-rli-ili with mr hotel
Iiiimiio-* m ' i,ir,i|ilu. urn... ba iia.i! ti. I.H.
i M.i.:n,i-, nl,.mi 1 l.r.t-0 &ppoiu.od m.nagir
-I'inii^ mi nli inn-l'. ini-l nil aceuu.it. ..vimrbf
imi will Iji imiii by hint.
Dnted lln-mnli"- J'.HIi. I'-"
.1. H. VOl'NU.
I'luliriHtiir *lni.".i ■ Hole!.
Notice is hereby given .hai bodaj-i
from dale 1 inlend lo apply lo the duel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooel dislricl:
Commencing at a post marked "J. P,
Shaw's north-wesl corner," planted on
wesl side of Upper Adams river, aboul 2
miles from head of Adams lake, running
So cliains soulh, 80 chains eail, 80 chains
norlli, 80 cliains wesl, containing about
O40 acres,
Dated Nov, uth, 10,06.
nov 14 J. P. SHAW.
V OTICE in lif icb) h'i.      thai. SO ilar- niter
l\   ilm.. 1   in 11 tn tliM'hi.f Com-
n.i*-iii.i.r of I..011 Worka lor permission
to purchase t'. - wiuj described ludl
situated iu diatrict. B 0,1
. 1..1...in.. a post marked "Alexiader
llil unii', iiiiMim-i corner poai," i»l.nt.d
Ibout SO cbilm west ol trill running ibrouKh
stun .nun Flala In a aoiillierly direction (rom
Tote Jaune Cache, riim.lne: north SOibllni,
ih .-in- neat eo chaina, thence aouth 80 chain.,
tbenee cut su chain, to point ol commeBce-
Dated thia 9ib ilsyot .Novcmr-er. lsut.
nov IT        A1.KXANDKR Je'ABKN,
Loci tor,
NOTICE IS IIKitKBV UIVEN ihi. ili.j.dan
af-.i-nl.il-1 inle.ul tn apply to th. linn. Chief
Ciinin.iaaini.er nf Laii-lii anil Work. t..r parmla.ini
(ji imp In,*.- tlie (nl!.iwini{ deacribed landa ait.tt.
In .'arlboii district. B. C:
('iiinineuclni a. . poit mirked "George H.
Hi**...', iiortfi-.-a-i corner poit," iilanled
».miii 'Hi chain, wc.l ol irail running through
sinrvai.nu Kin. iu • ..iii.l.i-rly direction Iron
I i-i,- Jaune Cache, running we.t SO chain.,
them-e anuih so chain., thence eaat tt chain.,
thence norlh to rhalna lo polol ol commencement.
listed Slh diy nl November, I'M.
_   ■"»*"    i.liiHilK II. IUSSKTT, ixicitor.
Certificate of Improvements.
Kiver Eden Mineral I'l.il..., altuiUj in the Hie-
i-lllewact Mining Diil-lnn olKcotenirdli-
Whi-rt' located:--Kiah Creek.
Take nolice thai I. Jul... Albert Kirk of thl
town ol It.-v.'l.tok.'. H.C, Mtuf ai agent lor
J.:- 0.1'ra.i-r, K-»,.. true Ml..era Cerlilkate
No. !i;.i7,i. .mil Mnigan-I A. KlMii.Kree Miner*,
r.-.t.llcale No. U\h.W. Inlend, iSitj day*from
ll.e date hereol, to apply to lhe Mining He
conier lor a t'ertlltunie of Iuiproviiiienti, for
tlie purpo... ol ubtalnli.g a Crown (leant ol the
almvo claim.
And further take nolice thai action, under
aecllou 'I!. un... la) co.nn.uucud 1.,-fore tbo luu*
an.e of .uch Ce. Iiflcate of Improvements,
1 intnl Ihi. 2lih day ol September, A.D., ISOS.
novll J, A. KUK.
SOTICK Is hereby (fl ven that V) days after
date I Intend to apply to the Honourable
Chief Commissioner of 1 Amis and Worka
for permission topurchaao the following de*
Mcrlticd lands in Cariboo distriot, H.C:
Commencing at a post market) "William Kel*
lie's nurtli-wfm corner poit," planted about SO
i-liain* west uf trail ruunluj* through Blarva*
lion l-'lati In a southerly direction from Tete
Jaune cache, running eut ho chains, tlenea
iouth 8" chains, ihence west 80 chains, thance
north so chains to point ol nimmencemem.
Dated 9(h day Of November. 1006.
nov 17        WILLIAM KkLLIE. Locator.
Nolle, la liereliy glt.n llnl to day. liter dale I
intend ... apply tc the Hun, l 'Met Cnnialtfinner
ol I.oi'l- am! Wn.ii. to purehla. tbe (oll.wing
deai-rlbei) laml, .Itil.teil In .'.ril-.n dl.trlrt, B.C.:
i Hi.iiieiii Ina i. • iKia. mirkid "U. A, lirbe.'
.iii.i.ii>.-i comer po.1," plinUtd ibout K
ehiin. wealol trill running through Slim-
lion lla.i In i Hi.ith.-tly dim-.Ion lioaTot.
Jaune Cichc, running uorlh St> chain, taiao.
tut 10 clialna, thenct aoutb BO t'balai, tkinee
w.it SO rhaln. lo point ol vommenctm.it.
Until til. diy ol Niiielnbtr, IM.
nov 17 ti. A. rOHBBS, LociKr, THE MAIL-HERALD JlMJELB'l'Uius Ji u
ii— "•"•'" ""•
Wish all their many patrons ana friends
0i^0mwmmmmimmmmw^mmmmmmm^mm*mm*mmmmim0*i*mmtmm*m*+t4im mtmmmmmmtmmmmtmmmmmtm
After the rush we will once more get down to regular business and find certain lines that we will mark to
sell regardless of cost, to clean up odds and ends.
C/earing-up Sale of Millinery. We are selling it at
Half Price.
avoid an acoidont. C.P.B. ,Hb-iils
express the opinion that Vntk j.r.ib-
ably let tie train je: away Iron, him
anil .'iii- nnaide tn regain oont.,.1.
Canada Drug and Book Co.. Ltd. |
We take this opportunity of wishing
our many friends and patrons
Cdnsds Dru§ & Book Co., Ld., Revelstoke, B C. ^
jHftifrifriftMfr'H^'t1 'S' 'I' 't' ft't' fl $■ **H#I
Foote—.Vt Ficton, N. 8., on Dec 17,
lilOd, David \V. Foote, nge 74 years,
only surviving son ol the late Capt.
Geo. Foete, of Kattaree, Scotland.
Saturday, Jan. 5ih, for 24 hours.
Moderate westerly winds; squally with
heavy gustt; colder with mow. After
transit ol cold nave a probable spell
of milder weather. Temp. Max 10
decrees.   Min.— 5degree.
Never before has our stock
been so complete in Fancy
Groceries, including New
NutB, London Layer Raisins, Figs, Dates, Oranges,
Bananas, C r a n berries,.
Lettuce, Xmas Stockings,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe and Holly.
To Buy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in,
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Lands. -
Kind & Anderson
Local and General.
,T A. McDonald, leader-of thh Op
position was nominated lor Hossland
rid'ngat the party convention on
Premier McBride will be in the oity
on Thursday, Jan. 10th and a public
meeting will be held the same
Premier Scott ol Saskatchewan has
passed tbe last few dayi very comfortably and there is now every hope
of hit ultimate recovery.
The plan of the reterve teats for the
Polmaiier Sisters Concert and tickets
are now ready at the Canada Drug &
Book Store, remember the date, January llth.
At the Contervalive conventions
held at Athcrolt and Grand Forks
tbit weak, C. A. Semlin wat nomin
ated lor Athcroft and Ernett Miller
lor Grand Forkt.
The  Udiet  Auxiliary to the B, of
B. T. intend holding a.. At Home on
Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, in the Opera
Houte. Ticket per couple, |2and
extra Udy 76 cents.
Great interest has been arouted at
Dawton by the retignation ol W. W.
B. Mclnnet Irom the governorship ol
Yukon. Already thshametol poiti-
hie tuccesiori are being canvassed.
Among those which have been most
discussed  ire J. H. Senkler, K.C., J.
C. Brown and others.
io ana Anaerson
Rial Estate and Insuranoe Agts.
Don't forget the 1'olniatier Bitters
Concert in the Opera Houte on Friday, January llth,-under the sutpicet
nf the I. 0. F. The greatest musical
treat ot the season.
The interior lumber cut for the
year is placed at 3M,OO0,09O, an increase of Illty million Ieet over 1905.
The cut for 1907 is estimated at Irom
376,000,000 to 400,000,000 Iset.
Both the Liberal and Conservative
parties in the riding have nominated
their representatives and what with
the Socialist candidate coming out, we
may look for a hard and tierce  light.
A seer up in Nelson prophesies
tires, earthquakes, assassinations and
financial troubles in 1907, and tbe end
of the world next year. He does'nt
say anything about tbe election in
February I
The Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic
Society have arranged to give a performance shortly and have a first rate
piece under consideration. Whatever
it is we may be certain that they will
do il lull justice.
From moral relorm sources at Ottawa,  it  is  learned  that  Hon. A. B. Mt until  lat«r-
Ayletworth intendt during the pretent; '«* ^ "ie   Maii.-Hkiuu. wi
tettion to introduce legitiation increai-1iu Pl,nt  pmp"ly   installed  and  a
ing the penalties lor electoral enrrup-1 mnch   lar«er  pep" will be issued in
tion and   providing   lor  compulsory! '"e 'uture
voting, I     Barney   Mum.,    ol   Spokane,   and
Gold Hangs Lodge, .So, 2(1, Knightt; R,,,l«r' Trimble, ol Revelitoke, will
of Pylhias, will hold the installation j mee'in * »'» .r0UI"' l,olinK exhibition
olorticertlor the ensuing term on in lhe °P«rt Hou»e <"> Wednesday,
Wednesday, Jan. 9th. All membert !;»n- 9th- J- n- MeLennan and ,t..
ire particularly requeued to attend,■ unknown athlete will engage in a
ai the Arrowhead Lodge hit signified , "ettling match. Two preliminaries,
its intention ol tending up a |,ig lour rounds each, the seme night.
representative nuinler tn assist in the Qffloiall nl tbe immigration bureau
Ceremonies. ul Ottawa expect that hi  tbe preiet.t
A ditattroui fire broke out last Mon-1 year, lully a quarter ol a million new
day in North Bay, Ont.. dettro»lng!lettlers will l.vste in Canada. While
teveral large ttoret and rendering a|| the different sgenoles will be maltt-
many people homeless, some barely tained with accustomed vigor, ipeclal
eicapiug with their lives and forced! attention ie to be devoted to emigre-
to  Hand   scantily   attired   with the| tion   propaganda   in   the   old   land.
mercury abt.iit 12 degrees below sero, Twenty-five Northwest (armerB will
The damage ii etti.i.ite.l al over iupplim«n*i,tbe work ol the resident
|.I3,000. iagenla  in   delivering   addresses   and
new and popular mutic. Relre-h.
ments will be served by the ladies.
The rink will he thrown open Ior
nkating after 9 o'clock.
A meeting oi the Young Conserve;
tiveClub will be held in Selkirk Hall
on Tuesday evening next. .Ejection
oi ollicers.
Mrs. J, MoLcod has just received
the sad news, of the death of her father
A. McLean of Kamloops, and left for
that city this morning. Mayor McLeod will go to Kamloops tomorrow.
Bev. 11. Whithington, D. 1)., will
preach in the Methodist church tomorrow morning and evening. At
the evening servicj there will be
tpecial .....sic and singing.
A very enjoyable watch party was
given at Three Valley, in houor of
Miss Kyle, of Columbia College, who
hat been visiting her mother. Gaines
und dancing were carried on until the
early hours of morn.
"Turnover a .Sew Leaf "will be the
theme ol Mr. A. E, Miller's talk to
men in the Y.M.C.A. sund-y at 3.30
p.m, Thit it a gathering ol men and
there it to bi some good tinging during the hour. Every man is made
Owing to pressure on our space we
nre obliged to held over corretpon-
dence and other newt ol general inter-
In thecourte ol a
Nuiice is hereby .given thnt 60 thvs
alter tittle I iiiton.I lo apply lo thtt Chief
Coniiiiissiont.T of Lainls and Works lor
permission lo purchase six hundred ttnd
forty ncres of huul lying in thu* Fosthall
Valley on tho wesl ride of Upper At row
Lake, described as follows:
Commcunutf at a posl mnrked "Russell Nifhol's souih-oast corner posl,'
planted at the north-yvest corner 01 Lot
862, Group 1, Kootenay. thence north 80
chains, thence west So chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains lo
the place of commencement, containing
640 acre*, more or less.
Daled this 23rd day of November, 1906.
nov 28 wed      Per T. S. MePherson.
Ntitiee i- hereby (ijveil lllnlflO lluys
after .bile I blond tu apply to the
Ohief ('.....mini.mer of Landa ..lid
Works fm- ..ermlsslon to purchase six
hundred antl forty acres of laud lying
in the Fosthall Valley hn the west side
of Upper Arrow Luke, described ns
Commencing nt a poat marked "William H.iilow's north-east corner post,"
planted 1411 chains west uf Lot 4570,
Ornup 1, Kooleuayi Ihence west 80
ehains, thence south 80 chains, thenee
east 80 chains, theuce north 80 chains
tothe place of commencement, containing 640 acres, mere or less,
Dated Ihis 24th day of Nove.nlier,
nov 28 wetl   Per T. S. MePherson
Notice is hereby giveit lhat 60 days
after date I intend lo Hpply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission to purchase three hundred and
twenty acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing at a posl marked "Robert
Abbie's north-easl corner posl," planled
at the nonh-west corner of Lot 862,
Group 1, Koolenay; Ihence 80 chains
wesl, thence 40 chains south, ihence 80
chains eait, theuce 40 chains north to the
point of commencement, containing 320
acres, more or less.*'■
Dated the 23rd day of November, 1906,
nov 28 wed        Per T. S, McPerson.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after dato I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner uf Lauds ti
Wolks for i.eitiiissio.i to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
in the Fosthall Valley on the nest
side of Upper Arrtiw Lake, descrihed
aa follows:
Commencing at ft post niarked "H.
Harlow s north-east corner post,"
planted 140 chains west of Lot 4570,
Group 1, Kootenay; thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to'the place of commencement, containing MO acres, mure nr less.
'Dated this 24ttk'dayof November,
1908. :
nov 28 wed  PerT. 8: 'McPhersou.
The tiucialiili have placed the lint
complete ticket in the Vancouver Aeld
by nominating E, E. Kingsley, K. P.
Pettipiece, A, A. Htel.hi.igi, K. H. Mc-
Vety and J. E. Dubberly. The convention bound itt candidate.! to allegiance to the "unequivocally revolutionary attitude" of the party and
enjoined obedience to the leadership
ol Hawthornthwaite and Parker.
A grind carnival will be held in the
skating .ink under the auspice*of
tbe Ladies Auxiliary ol Knox church,
on Tuesday, Jan. 8 No effort or paint
have been spared to make the affair a
tiicctis and handsome prfzes will be
given for the best lady's gentleman's,
children's and best comic costume.
Tbe Band will lie in ittendjujcn with
narrating their experiences nt points
where they ure well known.
An inquest was held at Trail on
Tuesday, as to tl.e cause of engineer
Alfred Wade's untimely death in the
smash-up nt the Crown Point switch
on Sunday last. From tbe evidence
it appears that the air brake pump on
engine 312, hid shortly before the
accident been fixed and tested, failed
to set on the downgrade and the train
getting out of control, thundered
ahead snd rolled off tl.e track at the
switch. The jury brought in a verdict
that there was no evidence to show
what canted the accident, or how do-
ceased came to hit death, but expressed their opinion thtt the trsin
crew bid duut everything pottible to
Notice Is hereby, given that 80 days
afterdate I intenil ttr make application to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands uud Works for a special license
to cut and carry away timber from
the following desciibed lands situate
in West Kootenliy'DiStriot:
1. Commencing.'it a post planted nt
the iiortli-weat cOiiiei- of Timber Liurit
7534 and marked1;'"A. M. Symoiis'
north-east corner* thence south 80
ehuins. thence west 80 chains, thence
norlh 80 chains, thence east 80elinins
to place of commetit/ement.
2. Commencing al a post planted
at the south-ivest corner of Timber
Lio.it 7.kt4, and uiarked "A. M. Sy-
iiioiis' north-West, corner," thence
sot., h 80 chains, tbenee east 80 chains,
thenee nurth 80 eliains, thence west 80
ehnins to pj.ici'of poininencement.
11. Co...mencing at a pnst planted
nt the norlb-eaat eurner of Timber
Limit WWi nnd mnfked "A. M. Sy-
mofis* smith-east cotffeiv" thence west
I0U chains, thenci. north 4(1 chains,
thenee east 161) chains, thence south
VI chains to place of couiuiencement.
Dec. 14th, 1906. '
-"*-. Commencing ni ft post planted
on ll.e lake Shore, three miles north
of Nakusp, on il.c west side of Upper
Arrow Lake and (parked "A, M. Symons' north-east corner,'* thenee west
10 chuius, tlience soulh Illll clmiiis,
thna east tu ctfalns, thence nortb
JO. chaius to place of commencement.
5. L'oiiiii»e..eing. .tt tt post planted
nn the west side of Upper Arrow Lake
and one mile north of the north-east
corner ol No, I And uiarked "A. M.
Syinnns* north east coiner,'* thence
west Wl cbaina, thence soutb SO chuius,
thenoe eaal sn chains, tbenee north 80
cbnins to place of commencement.
Dec. I.'.tb, HUM.
iv,-djun2 A, M, SYMONS,
This week we begin stock-taking and we have a number of lines that wc want to clear
out before we make our inventory. To accomplish this we arc going to offer liberal discounts
on many lines that are good values at the prices they are now niarked. Here are a few
samples to choose from :—
20 per cent. off.
$1.50 Per Pair
OVERSHOES for Ladies and Misses.
Ladies and Children.
25 per cent, off
JACKETS for Ladies  and  Children.
Everyone of them new this Fall.
331-3 per cent off
NECK FURS, in all the Fall Styles,
that sold from $2.50 to $20.
331-3 per cent off
Hoods and Coats.
25 per cent, off
LADIES' WRAPPERS,    Flannelette
and Cotton.
Now 25 Cents
CUSHION  TOPS that sold at  35c
40c. and 50c. each.
Lots of Odd Lines
We have lots of odd lines—too small to
advertise on which we are making very low
prices to get them out of the way.
If you want bargains come in and pick
them out for yourselves,   They are here for
your choosing.
20 per cent, off
FELT  SLIPPERS  for  Women and
McLennan & Company
Notice isbeiebyKivt-n lhat .'Hi dnys
after date I  intend to apply lo lhe
Chief Commissioner <>f   i-auds ...ul
iV'.rkb for a special licence to cut.,t.<J
cii-i-y iiwni timber from the following
described lands:
I.   ('.........-...-ing al  a posl planted
in. the nortli rntiik of Snow Oreek
ut.mn elghl miles e.tsl at H...I01.1'i.i.
thence west su chains, il.en<-« south 80
chains, thence eist. 80 chains tlience
north 80 - halns tn puim of commence-
1.   1 n.enclflg al   n post planted
three ohains north of no, I post,
thence .-us! 80 chains, thence iouth su
i-liains, tbenee west sn chains, tnence
nurth 80 chains 10 point nf commence,
:f. Commeneing at a post.planted
so chains .uud of No. 2 post, thence
eusi [00 chains, ihence soutl. lOchains,
thence wm!   100 chains, thencu north
40 cbnins i... poiut of commencement,
Dated December" 20th, inofi.
w...l jar. 2 J. B, JAMIESON, Locator,
I wish to notily the public that I
will not he responsible for any debts
contracted  by  my  wile, Mn, L. M.
wod dec 12 lm        L. M. Ouimet.
Notice ts hereby given thai 60 days alter 'Inn-
I Intend to apply ti. tl.e Ilonorai.lotnt. Chief
Commlasloner ol Lands and Worka I >r j.er.i.is
sion 10 purchase the tollotvini il.-s.-ril.eil iun.li
iu Osoyoos division ol Yalo Distrl.it:
1 I'oniiiienciiiK .t a po*t plantod about US)
(set from north-wist end ut KoiflVi Ijitkr,
markttt "W.H. Holllngswortli's S. ll*. uo.-i.or,"
thooct north .0 chains, enst IP chains, south 'lu
ohains, cast 120 chains, south IU cht.ins, west
120 ohalni, north 20 ohalna, west 10 chains tu
place ol cuninieiiccuicnt.
% Commencing at a post marked "W, H.
Ilollingaworth's south-east comer." thonco
wtst 20 chains, north 20 chains, west Ho chnlns,
north 10 ohains, east UOchalns, south !Hi chains,
eaat 20 chains south 10 chains to place of commencement.
5 Commonolng at a post planted about .5
yard* aouth Irom the wtst end of Kcilfcr Land,
marked "W. H, Holllngswortli's northwest
cornor," thence cast So chains, aouth tu clialns,
wtst SO chalna, north 80 chains to plaoo of on...
Datod Oot. tl, 1906,
I Commencing at a. poat planted, about Vi a
mile north of the mouth of Pooler Crock where
it runs Intu llarnei Creek,. and mnrked "Wl H
Holllngswortli's north-east corner,' thence
south 10 ebains, wesi 100 ohains, norlh .0
chains, east-160 ohains to point ot commencement,
61 Commencing at a post planted about '4 a
mite-north Irom the mouth ol 1'oolor Crock
where It runs into lla.nos Creek, and marked
"W,- H. Hotlingsworth's soulh-oail corner,
thenct north 10 chains, wost 160 chains, south
10 ebains, tast 160 ohalm to place ot coin-
Dated Oct. 261 li, 1906.
6 Commencing at a post planted about 1 of
a mile south-east of east end of Marsh Lake,
marked "W, H. Holllngswortli's north-east
ctrutr," thenoe south. 10 chains, west 160
chains, north 10 ohains, east 160 chains to place
of commencement.
7 commenolng ul a post planted about 1 ol a
milo tout of west end nnd near soutl. side of
Harsh Lake, marked "W. H, Hollingsworth'i
north-east coruer," ihence south 10 chains, west
160 ..hains, north 10 chaius, east ICO ohains to
place of commencement,,
Ustcd Oct. 27th, 1906.
S I ouimcucbig at a pust planted about 200
yui.ls (rum ll.e auutli side mul abuul ball-war
uf Keilliir Lake, niarked "W.lt.Hollingsworlhu
north-west eoruer," thenoe soutl. ll. ehuins,
east 60 chains, north 60 chains, eust 21) chains,
north 20 chains, west 60 ohains, north 60 chains,
wost 20 chains to point of commencement.
9 Conimenclng nt a poat plauttd about200
yards aouth and aboul hallway uf KcilTer lako
anu marked "W. H. Hollingaworlh's nortli-iast
comer." tlience south 160 ohnins, west 10
oh.ins, norlh 160 chains, east 10 chains to placo
of commencement.
10 Commencing al a post planted on tho
beach about % mile cast of wesl end of Kcllfer
Uko, marked "W, H. Hulllngswurth a north-
cast eurner," ihenco noulli ltio ohains, west 10
cliains, .ii..'ii. 160 ohalna. thence east 10 ohains
to point of commencement.
II Commencing at a post plantod about 1
...Ue aoutl. of Kettle River, about 2 miles west
"' Kollfer Ijiko, marked "tV.H Hollingaworlh's
■th west cornor," thencu eaat 10 chafns, suulh
Ol  Furniture,. Heal
Live   "Stuck   and
E. JOHN C0DDARD, n«S»\m,
20 Chains; east W clminn, .suuth til clmins, went
M clmiiiH, north 20 clminn, west 4u di-iiii-*,
inul h tf j i-inti-is lo poinl of coniDionuemenl,
iMtud (Jul, 'JUtli, I'JOli.
12 CoiiwienciiiK al n pout plnnted aboul 1
mil.! i*:mt. nl   ktaifi-  River, abuut t of u mllo
illllll. Ui  1 Dl-Clljiillil  l Li't'K, lll.tl Luu 'ftti il. Hoi-
HnKiWorth'H north-eaut corner," thenoe went lOli
clmins, uuiith 40 clmins, cant Wi clmins, north
iu chains to nolnt of commencement,
lil Com mend uk at a poHt planted about U
m.ii*Ni*uit of Kuiiie Kiver on Trap Crtaek, antl
marked *'W H. HoIHukhworth'* H K tiorner,"
: lieu, o north ilu chains, wu»l tii i*lmins,MiuUi U0
'■hmiiH. i.*;l-.i Ht) chains to point of cuimnonco*
14 CdinniencinK at a pout plwitoil nbout 50
j iir 11.** almve the icrkit on lhe norlh fork of Trap
'Jrt-ek, about) mile uast uf Kettlo Hivur, niark-
eif "W BtHoillngSWorlh'8 S.W, cornor," Ihence
north Ho chain-,-A' c-i ») clialim, BOUth oflchains,
i;a«t Wi uhauiH, lo (joint of commencement.
Duted Ortober WLli. 19U0-
16 ' ..iniin Minn lit n |in-l iili.ii i'*l alum;- 1
him --Milli of the lorks of Trap < reck and aoout
ilMiyanlr- went ot I he crock, marked "■**.. II. llul-
llnK-iwurili's iiorlli-wi-Kt corner," I hence uouth
■in chaini, east80 chains, nonh 8U chains, wu.it
enchain-, w point of eoiiiiueiieuiiiuut.
Hi < 'jihii.i ticinK ai a punt planted ab.jiil 100
yards Ly iln* itiiith of Kasl Creek ahout \i mile
emit of Kciiii* Kivor, marked "W ll Uhihukv
worth's nortli'wos oorner/1 thencu Miiith 40
filial ii-, sail Kiln iniin-, uoriii iu ohains, west luu
halm to foiiit ut oouiuiencomeLi
llalHlO.i  UlSt, l!*'i
17 ( '.iuin' tiring in a |iohI planlcd almul M
unN westof Kill In IU ver abuut W mile Inluw
*orouplne Ureelti murkiti ".v fi Mi.iihik-.
wort IH, houiIi wr-l nirncr," thunce noith IU
chains, eait ho chains, south iui vhuliiH, went
Hi chains, nortli hu chains,  ■muii lui'liain-i tu
id i" of ooRimouoeiiioui
M < ommcih'iiiK nl a |iosl nhiilctl mi the
wjulh liniikuf Mi'iwHydam I'M'i'k aboutHmllv
up from Keltic Itiver, markod "W-lMloflliiKH
worth'n south west turner," thunce uui UKi
chains, north io chains, went iim chains, south
loclidins io plaoo of ■ >. n<. ui.-i.r
11) i.fiiiiiiicticliiK at a [>osl planted on Huulh
hunk uf il-jjiwiydarii Crenk, about V, mllo from
Kettle River, markod "». II. iloUuitctworiti'-s
■su'iilicaHi, corner," thenoe uortli tit chiiiim,
wr-stHUi'liiiliM, uouth Wl dial mm, uiwtHU chain*
to point uf < Miiim in > im in
'tti CMiimendug at a ponl olantod on lho
suuth bank or fle[w«ydain Crude iihunt', mile
from Ketllu Itiver, markod "W JI. IIoiIImkm*
worth's north wenl cornor," thonco oail »0
chaliiH, Mouth nu riii-iniH, wdhI HU chains, north
■'ti ri.ami l.o place of comineucomoiit.
21 CoiiiuiRiioln-i at a post planlwl on the
south bank of Uopneydam Crook about | mile
from Kettle Hivor, marked "W. il Hofllngs-
worth's SOUtlveait corner," thonce wont 4't
r.h«tins. north 2i) chains, west I" chains, north w
elialm, west N chains, north 40 chains OUtSO
cnains, south W chains, oast 10 chains, south 20
chains, oasl 4U chains to point uf commonce-
in out-
ItoUxl Nov. Ist, |000, nit< ,
wed dee ll»      W. Hi HOI-LINOSWoltTH.
belter consult us. You may need
a pair ol glasses or spectacles. We
know. II you don't need any we
will tell you so. But do not neglect your oyes—they may neglect
you later on. A reminder " an
ounce ol prevention" and what
follows. Everything optical here;
but spectacles to order a specialty.
. A .t. gTa iT» iTa A ■♦■ ifc .*fr. A A Ji ti'i A tti iTi iTi ili iTi iTi tf 11X1 iTi iT'
ri»i i^i hi m'U' 'I* "I* *1" w w "l' "-P T'B. "I + > +  + 4> ™ w ™"+'
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
k first 1 Op. Union iei A
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .     ,     ,
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .
Dwelling nud Lota, Third Street ....
Dwelling aud Lota, (eornei-) Fifth Street
D.i.il.le 11...ner, Second Street, near Y.M.CA.
Lots on Second St., eaat of McKenzie Ave., each
Lota on Third St., eaat of McKenzie Ave., each   .
Lola on Puui'lh Sl„ e.ist, of McKen/.ie Ave., each
Lois on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave, each
.   200
.   IfiO
Rsvslstoka Cigars Union Mads Our
Speoial, The Onion, and Marca Vuelta
ara ahead of all ethtrt.
Having jutt received a large shipment ot Pipes, Imported
Cigars, conleciionery, stationery and Tobacco, we nre now pro-
pared to HII your orders with tl.e highest grade goods at tho lowest
pricos in the City.
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