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The Mail Herald Nov 3, 1909

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How the Names Go On Voter's
List—J. M. Kellie Goes After
Police Magistrate Foster At
the Court of Revision
When the review of the main vuters
list waa concluded belore the Court of
Revision on Monday, J. M. Kellie asked Ior information about new
names that had been placed ou the
roll alter the time fnr tiling objections
Mr. Edwards—You can't do anything with them.
Mr. Kellie—Theu how are we to get
at tbem?
Mr. Edwards—There is no provision
for objecting to such.
Mr. BriicgB—Well we are going to
lind out about it tight uow.
Mr. Kellie—Who took the affidavit
of William Johnson, of Beaton?
Mr. Edwards—Eli Edge, J. P.
Mr. Kellie—On wbat date?
Mr. Edwards—On Sept.  20th. 1909.
Mr. Kellie—And he .ily applied
(or naturalization on the 18th Sept.
Mr. Edwards—I don't know about
Mr. Kellie—Have you the files of
naturalization papers?
Mr. Edwards—Xo.
Mr. Kellie—Who has tbem?
Mr. Edwaids—Mr. McLaughlin,
clerk of the county court.
Mr. Kellie—Well, who took Mr.
Hess'B application?
Mr. Edwards—VV. W. Foster.
Mr Kellie—Wheu?
Mr  Edward*—27th Sept.
Mr. Kellie—On tbe 27th Sept., and
i.n the 29th he made application for
Mr. Edwards—Mr. Hess spoke to
me and told ine he did not want to go
Mr. Kellie—I should think not.
Mr. Foster—Mr. Edwards has a letter I went over to Mr. HesB myself,
aud told him be had uot been naturalised.
Mr Kellie—Did you tell him it
didn't make any difference?
Mr. Foster—No, 1 told bim he had
not beeu naturalised.
Mr. Kellie—Now there is a man
named K. '/.. Crawford.
Mr. Edwards—I bave a letter from
Mr. Uess since asking not to be put
Mr. Kellie—Mr. Edwards you have
been perfectly fair, and I have nothing
to complain of so far as you are concerned.
Mr. Edwards—1 could do nothing
else at tbe time. This man swears be
is a British subject,
Mr. Kellie—Crawford takes a false
affidavit. When was bis application
Mr. Edwards—Sept  30th.
Mr. Gillan—1 object to any discussion ol this kind betweeu Mr Kellie
and Mr. FoBter.
Mr. Foster—1 will give Mr. Kellie
any information lie desires.
Mr. Kellie—You can't take up ob-
jeotiona to these new applications
then Mr. Edwards:-
Mr. Edwards—No. 1 niUBt have
thirty days notice of ohj ctions.
Mr. Kedie—Do yuu mean to say
that though this is a court of revision
we cannot take up these applications
Let me see the affidavits ol Johnson
and Crawford will you? It is a
marvellous thing
citizens can be run
Mr. Foster—Mr.
here Bonie years.
Mr. Kellie—Here
a man  applies    to
voters list on the
only   applied    for
the 27th.
Mr. FoBter—A judge wae Biipposed
to sit here on the 24th or i.'uh.
Mr. Stewart—These applications
are supposed to hu hung up in the
court so long.
Mr. Edwards—Three- weeks.
Mr. Kellie—Then there aro over
100 applications sent in that this
court cannot deal with.
Mr. Stewart—111) applications,
Mr. FoBter—That it the weak point
ol the thing; that you can put in
applications alter the time lor tiling
objections have been closed.
Mr. Kellie—Well, il we can't settle
this thing here we shall settle it
Mr. Foster here    rote and lelt tbe  uotice   it
court room and did not return.
Mr. Kellie—I wieli to make a protest right here. There are 140
names put in at the last minute,
alter the closing ol the time (or
Some ol these are
put nn Ihe roll,
should    not allow
sec bow 1
tiling objections
not entitled to be
and I think   you
Mr. Edwards— I don't
can deal with them.
Mr. Kellie—If there is a loop-hole
in the Act 1 think you shuuld assume the authority of dealing with
them even if it is not strictly according
to law
Mr. Edwards—II a man makes an
allidavit thai he is a British Bubject
I munt accept it.
Mr. Kellie—Vou know that men are
applying to he put on this list who
within a day or two uf making the
application had also applied for naturalisation papers. I have no complaint against you. Vou have acted
(airly, but we want a square deal-
Mr. Wadman—How many were put
on tbe list Saturday'.'
Mr.   Kellie—When   were   the  W
names put on ?
Mr. Edwards—On Saturday.
Mr. Kellie—After tbe tune for 111 ik
iog objections ?
Mr. Briggs—Then this is tbe time
they should be put in. That is uur
objection now and we want to test it
These names are not on the voters'
list now and we obj«ct to them going
Mr. Edwards—How do you arrive at
that ?
Mr. Briggs—We don't care what
goes on here. We want tn place our
selves in a position where.we can
Mr. Edwards quoted the Act.
Mr. Briggs—It is ridiculous that
11 lot of niimi-s can he run in at the
laBt moment, after the time for objections bus closed, and be put on 1 lie-
list- without any opportunity lo review
Mr. Kellie—1 think in auy case; we
should have accese tu these affidavits
of naturalisation aud these applications and in the meantime you can
wire the attorney-general for advice as
to how far your authority goes.
Mr. Edwards—You see the position
1 am in.
Mr. Kellie—I must sny you have
been fair, but I want to know whether
we iu this riding are to be swamped
hy a trick of this kind by these men
who are not British subjects.
Mr. Gillan—OI course if a man swears
he iB a British subject and iB not, he
is liable to proBecuiion.
Mr. Stewart—I know of cases where
the law was misrepresented to them
and where they were persuaded to put
in their applications under such misrepresentation.
Mr Kellie—The Court of Revisiun
is a farce if we can't deal with these
ut j ctions.
Mr. Gillan—There should be some
provision to i bject lo names going on
at the lust minute.
The Oourt then adjourned till Tuesday ni 11 o'clock, Mr. Kellie asking
that Mr. McLaughlin, cleik of court,
should attend feir examination as to
these naturalisation papers.
Tuesday's sittimo
On the Conn uf Revision meeting
again un Tuesday. J. M. Kellie asked
that Mr. McLaughlin, clerk of tbe
county court, be asked tu attend and
bring all court records and books witb
The respective parties were represented as on the previous day with the
exception that Mr. Fester, police
magistrate, did not again attend, and
G, McLean replaced him in the representatives of the Conservative party.
On the Court being constituted.
Mr. Kellie—Isu't tbere provision in
tbe criminal code where a man procuring the Bwearing of a false statement is liable to three years imprisonment?
Mr. Briggs—Yes, in the case of a
man who makes a false affidavit.
Mr. Kellie—In this case the party is
instrumental in getting another man
to swear a false affidavit.
W. E. McLaughlin was then Bivorn
and examined by Mr. Kellie.
Mr. Kellie—Will you produce the
papers tiled in connection with Mr.
Hesb's application  for naturalisation?
Mr. McLiughliu—I have not got
Mr. Kellie—To whom did ynu give
Mr. McLaughlin—To the party who
asked for them.
Mr. Kellie—Who was that?
Mr. McLaughlin—I decline to an
swer that question.
Mr. Kellie—1 insist on au answer.
Mr. McLaughlin, (appealing to Mr.
Edwards). Am I to answer tbat ques
Mr. Kellie—What is the name of the
man wl o tiled tbe papers in Court and
afterwards withdrew them?
Mr. McLaughlin—1 won't answer.
Mr. Kellie—What was wrong about
I tbis matter tbat   tbere Bhould  be so
is   a case where . much secrecy about it?    It was  li led
be   put    on thei in the Court as a public document and
29th although he! I aB a citizen  have a right  to know
naturalization on   what haB become ul it.     We are coming tu it  nice state of things  in thiB
country when the  business of public
institutions and of the courts uf justice is being cunducted in this way?
Mr. Edwards—Answer that question
Mr. McLaughlin.
Mr. McLaughlin—Well, Mr. Foster
was the man.
Mr. Kellie—Who was the mau who
certilied to this application.
Mr. McLaughlin—1 don't know.
Mr. Kellie—Have ynu any book in
which yuu enter tnis information?
Witness—No. 1 never put these in
a book.
Mr. Kellie—You havo no recollection?
Mr. McLaughlin—No, I did not
I never read these till
awhile belore the Court. I did not
notice tbe application waB wrong til)
awhile befure the Court. Then I
noticed tbe time was twu and a half
instead of three years.
Mr. Kellie—Is ynur niemury so
detective tbat hs a public official you
cannot remember who swore this allidavit? What excuse did FoBter give
lur wanting these: papi-rs back?
Mr. McLaughlin—That thoy were
filled in lur two and a half years when
the term Bhould have read three years.
Mr. Kellie—Where is Mr. FoBter
this morning"
McLaughlin—I don't know.
Kellie—What induced Foster to ask
you to return theao pipers to bim?
Gillan—You cannot ask bim that.
He docs not know what was in Foster's mind.
Kellie—I don't propose to be bull
dozed by you Mr. Gillan.
McLaughlin—The term should have
been three years.
Kellie—And Foster should have
known tbat?
Kellie—Have  you  au  application
that    American
in the last day.
Hess    has    been
Polling Stations for Revelstoke
The following are the polling stations IWed for Revelstoko tiding in tin
coining election!
(Jump 8, Wigwam, Arrowbead,
Beaton, Oomapllx, Oambnrno, Adams
Hunch, lliilcion, Si, Loon, Hull's
Landing, (lalenit May. Pingston Oroek,
Albert Canyoni IlloollIowael.BIg Eddy,
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Creek, Siinilsliilc, Olinou River.
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Admission lu the rink 'gi wuVu
from Crawford for naturalisation
McLaughlin—Yes.     (pruduced  it).
If I could  remember   these  names 1
I would require a head as long as yours.
Kellie—There   is   no   occasion  for
insulting remarks from you.
Gillan— We have nothing to do
with naturalisation papers.
Edwards—VeB, this Court has to do
with anything bearing on the revision
ol tbe roll.
KM lie—I am not going to hide my
reasons for the course 1 am taking.
Here we lind a man holding a prominent ollicial position in the town, in
fact the police magistrate of the city,
taking eieclarations from men to be
placed on the voters' listB when he had
taken tbe applications for naturaliaa-
tinn from these same men only two or
three days belore and knew tbey could
not be British subjects although he
took tbeir affidavits that they were.
Mr. Edwarda—I have received application* to withdraw the naineB of
both Crawford and Hess.
The letter asking that the name of
Crawford he withdrawn was in the
handwriting of and signed by Mr.
Foster and was as follows: "I Iiud lt.
'A. Crawlord's application to gn on the
voters'list was made under a misapprehension, it being understood his
application for naturali (.alii n ha
already been approved, instead of
which it waB approved subsequently.
Therefore please withdraw the application for a vote.
lt. Z. Crawford
Per W. W.Foster.
Gillan—You can see  these   papers
at the Court office.
Mr. Kellie—You may be surprised
to learn that some of these papers
have been taken out of this ullice.
Mr. Briggs—A man cau witlidraw
if he wants to but the documents
should certainly be retained on the
Hies of the court.
Mr. Kellie—What do you think of
a man holding a high position in
the courts ol justice here, in fact
police magistrate of this city, going
to an American citizen to have his
name on tbe roll and telling bim
only one year's residence was required to get ou the list and tbat it
would be all right?
Mr. Gillan—1 would say he had
not read the Act.
Mr. Kellie—Well, what would you
think of that same party if be told
the other that tbe law had been
Mr. Gillan—1 would say the same
Mr. Kellie 'hen read the following
affidavit, duly   attested,   bearing on
the above remarks!
I, Hans Farvoliliii.ol Big Eddy,British Columbia, treasurer of Rovelstoke
Sawmill Company, Ltd., do solemnly
"1 was present during a conversation between W. W. Foster and F.
W. Hess, at tbe ollice ol the Hevel
stoke Sawmill Company, Limited,
Big Eddy, regarding the registration
of the .-uid Hess. In discussing the
matter ifess said he understood three
years residence was required, when
Foster told him all that was required was a year's residence. I then entered in the conversation anil said
in that event I myself could become
naturalized, aB 1 had been hero a
year, whereupon Hess said I had
better take out my papers too.
And I make this solemn declara
tion, etc.
HANS   H'AUVlll.lllX
Stewart—Oo you mean to Bay
these men are entitled to have their
papers taken od tbe court-file?
Elwards—Certainly not.
Kellie—Foster is a man we have
known belore. He is the police magistrate of this town. He withdrew
these papers as scon as he (ound we
were investigating these matters.
Edwards—He found he had made
au error and this waB the only thing
he could do to rectify it.
Stewart—Foster went to the Big
Eddy mill and told Hess wc wero
objecting lo his name being on the
list, which was nut su.
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Another historic fight
the Lords anil Commons
land is being preoipitated, The
Lords ameuitle'd the Irish land bill
nnd Premier Asquith refused to
accept the amendments, The I'ar-
liament will adjourn till a late
late this month when Premier
Asquith will no doubt, take steps to
appeal to the country and put the
issue Pi|iuuely before the people
whose votes will decide the issue
letween the two houses.
Kootonay Lodge   No.
IG, A   F. & A. M.
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it was a plain, business-like presentation of the Liberal side of the present Provincial political case that Mr.
loin- Oliver, Leader of the Opposition,
nave at North Vancouver last night.
He eluoidated his policy, particularly
.iith regard to the railway question,
without "frills," fancies or personalities, and wbile he did not go deeply
into the situation, by means of his
omnipresent map, he sketched the
rough outlines tf a plan that was
to the audience of Lihi rals present a
conclusive and constructive substitute
for the policy that Premier McBride
has laid down.
Air. Oliver claimed that the Premier
had refused to make public the contract which he had entered into with
the C. N. R., and had thus betrayed a
weakness in his position, The Government's railway policy he characterized as one merely Ior eleotion,
purposes, and even at that, he said,
it was not a goud one, loi it pledged
the credit ol the Province for $21,000,-
0011 for Mil) miles ol line, nnly 200
miles ol wbicli run through anew
country. Then be further advanoed
the argument lhat the Provincial Gov-
verninent wns refusing to develop
those lilies which the Dominion Government hnd voted subsidies for, and
thus was militating against tbe beat
interests of the Province, tor political
purposes. In the policy wbicli lie bint
sell would put in force, it placed in
power, Mr. Oliver contended tbat tbere
would he a greater length "I line
through a newer cuuntry in so lar as
present rail .ay facilities were concerned, and at a It sn , \;
Conrt of Revision for Revelstoke
The Oourt of Revision of the Voters'
List for Revelstoke Riding waa held at
lhe Courl House on Monday. B, Edwards, collector of votes, presided,
Messrs. O. 10. Gillan, T. J. Wad man,
,1.1'., II. .1. McSorley, and Police Magistrate l-'oster appeared for the Conservatives; and Messrs. R. J. Slew-art.,
,1. M. Kellie, nnd \V. I. Briggs for the
Liberals; and II. N. Ooursiur for the
Referring to lhe lirst objection
against Garland T. Allan, engineer, of
Arrowhead, Messrs. Gillan nud Wad-
man suid he had been here Iwo weeks
Mr. Gillan contended it wns for the
objectors to prove he was uunv.
Mr. IM wards i tiled against Mr.Gillan.
Mr. Gillan said be would call Mr.
Wadman to prove he was here two
Wei-k.s ago.
Mr. Wadman said he could not
swear to it, as he did not know the
man personalty.
The ease was laid over.
On objection being taken to F. T.
Balib, Mr, Gillan said his family was
al Arrowheail.
Mr. Kellie -Do you take that stand
iu all cases?
Mr. Gillan I am not going to he led
into any trap Ml-. Kellie.
Mr. Kellie What do you mean by
thai insinuation: If there is any man
aboul you, you will withdraw it.
Mr. Edwards - I think you should
withdraw the word "trap."
Mr. (iillan   I wont.
The ease was laid over.
William Barber Mr. Gillan said
this man had not heen away six
Mr. Edwards said he knew he had
been working for the government, so
the name remained,
It. Bii^s Police Magistrate Foster
said he only lefl P. Burns it Co. in
July, so had not beengoneslx months,
Stooil over in K''t date from P.
Burns aud Uo.
.1. A. Campbell's name wns lefl on
us In- bad since returned to Gamp s-
o. B. Campbell Mi- i iillan put iu
an affidavit from Campbell that he was
II resident nt  I!   ( '.
Mi. Stewarl pointed oui tin-inun
hail iiiiiiiii his family ami furniture to
\\ Yi i -i. iii iii uver six months ago.
Mi Coui'siet Oan n man who is mu
ul i he province hi t he service of u B.i I,
Lumber Co., and nos ln-i i-.t.-ii'ii
ally, gel his name on i he list!
Mr. Gillan    No.
Mi. Couraiei Y.-t his name cannot
he taken off if it is oni
Mt. Gillan    No.
Mr. Coursier contended thai wa.*
rather a one-sided way "I look i
Mi. Hi iggi    I Ie   tl    not  Bay in his
affidavit    he   intends   tu  return here,
It'   he   'lui   thai   there migl
ground to ask tl lefl oi
... ,,     ,,       Mr.   Edwards    II
In at, interview in Winnipeg Mr  D   .,„ the li8t,     H(,   establish,
Mann  said     Government   assistance   lence
Ior   transcontinental      M:   ~
I .uld not g
oapital   oould oon-       ..   ,,    ,ri    -,
struct tbe branoh   lines,   hut the vast   could.
Mr. Ki
leal: this t
11 l \ \   M I \- \ .
was   necessary
lines, and private
in appear for lhese men?
Mr, Wadman    I have.
Mr. Kelli. Por .1. Lade nnd Vinco
l,n.li. both?
Mr. Wadman:    Eor I. Lade.
|. Lade l.-lt on, V. Lade taken off.
.1. T. MoLellan Mr. Gillan objected
lo ti-is name being taken oil' us he was
at Field.
Mr. Kellie Thai is the same old
story we heard lasl revision.
Mr. Stewarl He has lieen away
two yea rs.
Mr, Wadman lie wants his name
left on here.
Mr, Edwniil. II,-is not entitled to
huve his uame left nn, -Struck oil'.
Police Magistrate Foster, who hud
been out fora few raiuules, now returned, mul submitted tbis name
should be retained. McLennan ui igh I
return lr. Kevelsloke any day.
Mr, Kellie Thai story should be
played nut. We bad the sume story
six months ago.
Police Magistrate Foster He is al
Rogers Pass.
Mr. Kellie Thai is in the Golden
riding. What, is the use of passing
this luw if it is mil In be lived up to?
Mr. Stewarl Wo objected tnlbis
name last revision and you told us
then you were ^oiiiK to have him back
iii two months,   He is mil back yet.
Police Magistrate Poster I don'l
mean to sny he is in this dislricl ■
Mr. Kellie   VVhal is the law?
Mr. Edwards- If absent sis months
he should be struck off, so I musl
strike him oil'.
Mr: MoSorley Thai is bald on railway men.
Ml. Kellie -Wo did mil frame Ibe
Robt. Parker -In Ihis ease Parker
appeared in pel-son nml saiil he hail
been a resident here for live years, bo
name was lefl on.
A. A. Potoi'son Mr. Slew-art snid
Ibis inun wus si ill al Arrowhead nnd
was a planer man.    Left on.
W. A. S.iiiilliaiii Not away six
months uml left on.
.1. J. Woodland   Struck off.
M. B. Wright- -Retained on Mr.
Stewart's representation.
Charles Deutschman complained his
name had been sli uek off the roll.
Mr, Kellie You were out nu a
homestead in the Cherry Creek country, weren't you?
Ml". Deutschman    Yes.
Mr. Kellie   I think that is enough.
Mr. Deutschman I am not n homesteader there.
Mr. Kellie Didn't you apply for a
homestead there?
Mr. Deutschman  -No.
Mr. Kellie   lr yon were residing on
Cherry Creek yon should In the roll
there. You told tne yon were going
back there lo live a year ago--1 hat you
ivei-e going to that country tn homestead.
Mr. Deutschman No, 1 am in the
Provincial belt and you don't get
homesteads there.
Where are you living now ?
Mr, Deutschman—At Glacier. I have
not been at Cherry Creek for Hve and
a half months,
Mr. Edwards -Your name waa taken
off at last Revision with the consent of
both parties mi condition vou lie allowed to transfer your name to the
Okanagan roll.
Mr. Kellie Have you not a place al
Cherry Creek.
Mr. Deutschman I haven pre-emption.
Mr. Kellie Well, what is the difference between a pre-emption and a
homestead ?
Mr. Edwards I cannot interfere in
this matter now.
Mr. Fosier ll i.s in older for you to
ascertain whet hei his name was struck
tiff on wrong informal Ion.
Mr.   Edwards    lie , hi   have  bad
.i transfer to the Riding in which he
\\ as In tug.
Mr. Krllie We don'l u ish to strike
off any man who i- en lil led to n vole.
Hun lung did yon slay at Cherry
creek • Six monl'lis?
Mi I leutschin hi Yes.
Mr. Edwards I cuuld noi pul him
"ii.ig im if I wanted to.
Mt. Deutschman    Vmi knocked  mc
Mr. Stewarl    It's simply a case of a
min  attending to i he transfer of
in- \. le.
1 in 11". i "ini  resuming Tiieselav  ii
1.1- siij gested by Mr. dill in Lhat Mr.
Edwards ublaiu lhe ruling of lhe
Attornej i"ii.-i,,l as to what constituted "residencu" within tho  aning
of the Vet, and Lhi.- suggestion being
agreeal !•■ to all pal i u-s lhe Com I was
luljotu I in .illini this in be done.
T.-iKi- noli..- tint ltd lays after dale I
intend to apply Io the Superintendent
of Provincial Police I'm' a renewal of
the retail liquor lieense for ihe Reception Hotel iii Camborne, H.C. for Hie
half-year from Decembei Dial, IHffl, lo
June 80th, lulu.
Dated Or "her 18th, I'M).
oc 'ill lm Cmtv Mkxiiknuk.
j  H
il   K   A .-
Bl OTT. 11. ol t.
Cbc nr>ail=1bcvai;>
If   j   ■     ■• lie .'■   .:.    Re
b KMt Ri '■-.-'     •
American! :ip-1 ting inxio igh
forward to tin i oming session ol
the Dominion parfi&ment, I'hi
know their new tariff, with ita discrimination! against I anada,
would justify tin Dominion in
waging a tarifl war in which the
United States would be the loeer
.unl tin-y are tearful that someBucl
action will be taken n hen Pa
ment meets at i Ittawa,
Walker's Weekly recognises the
secret of civic progress when it
" i onditions in Knderby'n advance ar' now too important to
breed petty jealousies, There ie
now allie.l wiih the desire loi gain
the desire fur progress, improved
methods, a cleaner, saner broader
development, and pride of success
in tliese important matters i- upper
most it; the heart of every good
tracts of unsettled country
bt    spanned   by   I hi     umi anieB
Wbi n we ii ok back a li w j i .to ovei
the political life   f the   ,
recall to mind   the  chaotic condition
in which it waa when tbe Hoi
ird McBride wa«    died   ipi ri
i j ivernment   we cann it bul   ad
tbe m in foi
Regardless il alfl liatiom
he iiiu-t n at ..-ni"-   i be   I id -   n
are      Six   yeai     i "    pri »ince
.i,- .n .i depli rable   eondition  | ■
Hybrid cos il
trnd aiel ri t I'leil,   unl ■ id the
credit "( the pn.-. ince torn tt ib 'ed ■
We were   tbe   laui  .■■.      ■. i
Canada, and an appea
world was answered  by   tbe merry ha
,,.i     II hi    Richard   McBride and
o illeaguea went   at   the   t-i-k   I ■
tbem   n-   businessmen,   and   oui
chaos they brought order      We bi
beard   nothing   worthy  of oredenoe
uttered against   the McBride government.   The premier comes befon tbe
electorate for   its  endonation   of bit
re.cord ami the record of his colleagues
Ile gives the  gubltance   ol   a railway
pulicy which he   Intends  tu pursue il
his government is returned lo power.
The only criticism ol this policy by
the Opposition papers thus far is, or
has been,  that    it    is   a    vote-getting
pulicy.   After the  years  of excellent
service that the Hun. Mr. Mo Bride
haa rendered lu the province, we eer
If i   K
Mr. • live-
ie ■
• man in Van
Mi mv
' am pi
Mi   iidial     I . .ii.
I :,. -. bt t a i
' tarda   Wil
Mi ■  ■
\   i   "
VV.   a    i ii uui.--I -    A   memo,
tiinly shuuld regret   very much to tec
intu come   belore  the  people wiih a
railway policy that wus not a vote
gesting policy. A vole getting poln-y
musl be a pretty good pulicy.
i 'i.i iimn Snpi   Kilpii rick, ttatlng hi
left Ruvelstoke April 18th.
Mi,   i,iiim   objected   to   his   name
lieing struck "il i        ■ i    oming hai k
M:     Ivl-i ird    decided the nan."   ■
(truck off.
li 11 i imk   Police Maglslrate '
ter   lalel   l lark   had heen working on
iin- i .imi. lull imi was baok .i".n'i
Laid over,
K. Em h i il li!   Police Magistrate K
tei   aid In   • i ■ here In summer.
Mr.   Wadman   laid he had s home
stenii inn-    ! mi over.
A     R,     limn-  "II      1'ull'e     Ma gl-'l I H' "
Foster wild I hh name should fie kept
mi 'le- Hal ii T. I Graham was kepi
un, nlih.nigh he thought neither of
Ihem should be left on, but tbis njan
came l" Ifi'velsioke occaalunally,
A.   Kenwarel   There   were   two nn
roll of   -.une   n uui', and 11 bjectll H
Was lnnil" In gel line off lllll   I lie Wl-uli:-
mi. ii i. - mi. "i,|ii ted to, so nam" lefl mi
.1. Lade and V. Lade Police Magla
hale Poster said these men still mail"
iheir home ni Camborne and should
be i, ii on.
Lhe   position   of
, let     ui'! Ma.
i he "Steam Boilers In
- ill lie   hehl al  Ibe
■       ', [cl "i ill, "ulil-
lllln-l   -' h.  I'«''.'        Apple
.  • i",i    foi I,       .:   be
ition to I he ini'lei   gni-il
■ uieei musl lie - '■' timed,
il   i    noi   I it- i  than No
aid      - ,i ,, .   U110.00 per
l"IIN   I'IM  K.
: i   if Machinery,
'..ll   H .--tiniii itei    B.I
pel tit
.-   ;-    . i   l.
.-    .i   .. ed .it
inl    .'..i'i. -.i.i   cornel   "I
■    I'       ,        I.       ' :i. I.. «■
..' I,, li- "      i    '    I'I ■ I. .   ,
i" - i,..iii. to l he poinl "t
 uui   * "nt,unu./   Ifin
Ith, IHOfJ
l EH I-   ' ONI' \KK.
i.iii.i ii. .iiit i.
,  iv,  i Kocitena
'l'i 11    ..." ihni  Vnnle  Loiil in Co
Ian,   ol n-"-.-. ii  I'.-i'i'  ■
.  i married  woman, In
tend        apply for p'-inn-iilon i" pm
nl      'flowing described landi
' rig al   a   poal planted al
ii,. .i  corner  of   Lol   71)00;
In .        ui i,   io .hui,.. thenoe east :.!'>
■ Iiiiii     i Ien. '   smith  20 eliaili-; l hem e
easl I" chain tbenee north I" chnlni i
ih. ii. , ,,. • '." chains lo the i olnl of
coinmeneemenl and oontalning 200
aores inoret or less.
Date, Sepleinher :ivih, 1000,
When you  visit   the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at   the
Reasonable Rates
Splen did uisine
*8a31 Delightful Scenery
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie "Avenue
MFruit, CandieS|]CigarB,TobaocoJ|
2 Meals 35 oents.|       iffff
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Itepairs of all  kinds neatly  carried  ou
Bicycle and Oun work a specially
Estimates gfven on any class
of work.
Front     Street.
But half a luat of bread manufactured by tbe City Bakery
goes further and is mure saiis
tying than awhrile loaf of ordinary bread. There ie a reason,
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tbe American continent not infested with the .San Jose scale—
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rested atook from tbe beat grow-
in   lhe   world—Wire    fencing
mil Gates—Spray pumps, Fertiliser* Bi a Huppl i a, Out dinners,
.-praying materials, eto,—While
labor only.—New I.'i7 page dalii-
I igUB Inu
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VANCOUVER,   It. <'.
Brand)  Nursery      •       South Vancouver
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for -tnl* It) lnrurt nr tmiill i|iintitHUi
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Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
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At all Branches     interest allowed at highest current rate.
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bottle. There arc many brands trading on the
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St,   Boniface College, which   i-  situated across llie river from Winnipeg, 1 si. Boniface, is directed by the Jesuit  Fathers.     It has
-  -.---...;.1-.  1 Course in  Arts (four year), leading to B,As
.   _      in the University cf Manitoba! ., Grammar Course (three
.   .: - .               g for Matriculation, medical entrance, law entrance exam-
Commercial Course (two years), leading to 11 diplo-
iccountant, and a Preparatory Course (two years), lor Ihe
wh   .ne not sufficiently prepared tor the Grammar Course
ie Commercial Course,     Tho Commercial  Course  is conducted in
Eng             i in all lhe other departments there  are   tuo  parallel courses
;    _   »h  -.n.i one in l'r,-lull.
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boarders,   da
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Nr* Fdl
mie ipiJ,
Sole Agenti in Revelstoke.
Advertise in the MdiJ nerald for Results
Take notice that I, H. J. La Brash,
of Nakuap, intend applying to the
superintendent of Provincial Police at
the expiration uf one month from date
hereof for a renewal of my hotel
license for the premises known as the
Hotel Grand at Nakusp.
Dated Oct. llth, 1909.
H. J. La Buasii.
Take notice that 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
1'rovincial Police Ior a transfer of retail liquor license of the Lardeau Hotel, Comaplix, uow held by me to R.
M. Evans.
Dated Sept. 29th, 1909.
Jos. Dumont.
Take notice that one month afler
date we intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police l'or permission to transfer licence now held
by us for the Lakeview Hotel, Arrowhead, 10 Chapman & Irwin.
Dated Oct. 1st, 1009.
oct2lm       I'l.i'.M'iiiN ,v Chapman.
Take Nolice thai I   intend   lo  make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police I'm- a renewal of my
retail liquor lieense for the premises
known as lhe St. Leon Hotel, St, Leon
Hot Springs, B. 0., for the hall' year
from December 81st, 1909.
M. liUADY.
October IHth, 11)01).
W. R. Hull Visits the City of
Mr. W. K. Hull, one of Calgary's
most successful citizens,{was on a visit
to Hevelstoke on Thursday, Mr. Hull
is one of the pioneers of the west who
has made good in everything he has
undertaken. He and his brother, Mr.
J. K. Hull, Kamloops, settled at Kamloops 37 years ago. They were residents of Revelstoke in ISS5 and 1SS6.
They hail the contracts for the C.P.R.
meat supply for the division from
Guillen to Sicamous dining construction, and drove theii- live stock
through the Crow's Nest Pass to
Robson,    whence    their    meat    was
1 shipped to Revelstoke fur distribution,
' -Mr. W. It. Hull was the pioneer
dairyman of Revelstoke and our farm
ei'S of to-elay might profitably lake a
hint from his enterprise of tlmse days,
In INNti be ran 11 dairy nl 50 cows in
Kevelstoke, aud ran it successfully.
Fin-seeing the great future before the
prairie he moved to Oalgary, where he
buill up one of the largest meat supply businesses in the west, and about
four years ago sold out this business in
P. Burns & Oo., Lid. lie acquired
from the Dominion Government (he
Bow River experimental farm, one of
the Bhow places in Oalgary. He has
been one of the builders of Calgary
and is proud of the work thai has been
. done there und in which  he has taken
; so active a part.
Like all progressive westerners, Mr,
Ilull has bis eye on llriiisli Columbia,
: whose day of development has dawned,
He was agreeably sui prised at the
growth and good snowing that Revelstoke is making.
Take Notice that we intend to nialce
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of our
retail liquoi' license for the premises
known as the Leland Hotel, Nakusp,
ti. I',, for the half vear from December 81st, 1909.
October Kith, 1009.
Take notice that AD days after date I
intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liquor license for the Onion
Hotel, Arrowhead, B.C., for the half-
year from December81st, 1009, to.Iune
30th, HUH.
Dated October 18th, 19011.
oe 2U lin AV. J. LlUUTHUHNR.
Take notice that no days afterdate
we in lend in apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal
of lhe retail liquor license for the Lake-
view Hutel, Arrowbead, B.O., for the
half-yeai fiom December 31st, 1909, to
June 80th, 1910.
Duted October 18th  1900.
ue is im Chapman & Irwin.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Superintendent of the Provincial Police lor a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, B.C.. for the huh' venr from December nisi, liKiii, to June 30th] 1910.
Dated October IStti. 1009,
oc20 lm .1. II. Yoi-sii.
Take notice that I intend in apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the Kootenay Hotel. Burton
City, U.C., for the h ilf-year from December 31st, imiii, to June 30th, 1910.
Dated October ISth, 1909.
rn- 2u lm Wm. Lovatt.
Take notice that I intend to make
application In the Superintendent of
Provincial Police foi a renewal ol the
retail liquor lieen-- for the City I lot.-!,
it Arrowhead, li '.. for the h ilf-vcu-
from Dc • mber 31 --. 1909, toJ ine
lint, ,1 ti tobei ISth, 1900.
"■ 'J' I in John C ilev,
Tak.- mil 0 days iftei   .
inti .1" Snpeiinl
of  Provh Police I      1      lew
the rei iii li |Uoi Iii ense fi rtbe Hal
Hot Spi tigs H  ■■■    Hn        1.   B.I
the  half-yew   froi
Int. •      -
11. M -
Taki that -i
of   Pi • ■   '
the .il
ii... it H
.    .... UIO, to J 108
H"li. 1910
fake 11        laj     if ter date I
-1 ntendenl
-(:'■'.'. ul  of
11   'lu- Eva
1       :  '  the half
"'       hn ■•
lm  .1 1000,
loH.f A. Thi
I ... . ■ tei   I,in- I
Intend '" ipply tn he - ipei endenl
.,1 Prni in, ..il Polici 1 .. • enewal of
t he retail Ihj ior license foi l he Lardeau
Hotel 1 nmapllx, I: 1 foi the half
year from I let '-mi.'.1 II 1900, to 1 mi
30th, I9ID
Dated 11 tolie   18th, 1900.
," 20 lm B, M   K\ \N".
1 .ik'- ici Ice thai ',n days aftei date
aI- Intend to npply to 'le- Superlnten
denl of Provincial Police for h renewal
.,1 the 1 Btall liquor license foi I he ha If
vein from December Blit, inon, to
lune :.fit.h. min.
Dated October 18th, 1009
oc20 lm 0. P. Hv. Oo.
Take noi Ice that 30 days after date 1
intend to apply to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for a renewal of
the retail liepior license for that rlterlon
Hnlel nt    I ninliiii'lie,    II.C, I'm- the half
year from December 81st, inun, to June
80th, into.
Dated Octobei |8th, HUM.
oc 20 lm I'. T. Aiiiikv,
Dominion Expenditures
The Dominion public works statement Ior last year shows that $32,083
was spent ou the dam at Kevelstoke,
$4,422 on river improvement above
Golden, and $2,384,10 paid the Big
Bend Luniiier Co. Ltd., at Arrowhead
by way ol compensation. $2,568 was
spent in improving the Duncan river;
$4,021 on improving the Okanagan
river channel between Okanagan and
Dog lakes; $1,433 on wharf at. Salmon
Arm; $2,2(i(i ou improvements of Sp.l-
lumcbeen river at Enderby; $12,363
on improvement of Thompson river
north of Kamlope, and $4,936 in opening channel between Wood and Long
Lakes, Okanagan Valley.
$2,077 waB spent un the Gnlden-
Windeniiere tele( hone line; $7,175 on
the Kamloops Okanagan system, and
$1,687 on the line north of Kamloops.
The British estimates show a falling
off from the original estimates of
$10,7110,000 of which four millions
may be accounted for by the decreased revenue ou spirits since the
new and higher taxes were levied on
them. To offset these decreases there
are estimated increases of $9,250,000
included in which are unexpected
windfalls in rlip shape nf rlouth duties
totalling $6,506,000 mure than was
originally expected and thus saving
the chancellor from the necessity of
facing a serious deficit. To meet a
shortage of $1,250,000 Mr Lloyd-
George proposes to take $2,500,000 out
of the sinking fund.
\V. H, Rowley, manager of the
Eddy works at Hull, Que., was elected vice-pre.-ident ol tbe Manufacturers' Association at its recent annual gath.riug. The Calgary News
remarks that Mr Rowley, wb"8e
brother, 0. W., u manager of the
Canadian Bauk of Commerce, Calgary. WH- in this city in February
last .. :id 1 personally kn iwn to many
rei dents. The fullowing refer
ence 10 irs eleciimi by the Canadian
Cou ..-r 1 11 prove of interest Perhaps the ii.v surprise was the election ol Mr. IV. H Etowlev,ol Ottawa,
.- tl vice-president, Vel hi" election -ie 1. il not be a surprise, be-
ciii" as 1 anager of the Eddy match
and pipe ' - at Hull, he is en-
tn * place ir. the front rank
Nevertheless Mr. K-w'cy's taking
• • ' is a sui prise      Strong, dar
ing,    idiv  lualie abrupt in
icea   Mr, Rowley has .. ver
sought 1 -   irom  his I  1   iwi
Kr. 1.. tht  • awung over   from
tbe    -I.-.    .     igi - -     'I   " to a desk
bin tbe late   Mr    H   B.
Edit,     M      R iw ley    lin-   plowed    a
1 ■    '  ,      '"1   i|   hard    New
in- - iddei - 1 imbs and oonsents
to   |i -     Mr.    Rowley    ia
o»p    e      .- ublio terviee      He
men   who are
■ei   ind ' ■'!'■     A  tin-
Brit i-i. r iwn I - ezplaii 1 * me
thing    ' -   • aoding  physique
and '. loin peri mi   ' iri 1
I be • • ifanufai 1 ire - tsu
ciati in ha      lont   i»ell   I 1 enlist   ma
,.if      When  Mr
\\ii. .   ial met minis-
ter inl r and  layi donn the
law  1 1      ...ng    11. ISI   DI ■ ll
gn'   way
.  •     I ,    Rev,-'-"'lie   last'
wi- ter '•!-   R  - ley its' tsken p ri
His sli etion to
tbe . Roe in the Cai ad ian
si, -.. elation ii ' here-
fire a matter ! rn ,re limn |n»sing
note . thin city f if »hl ih he cm
do n id - new position, espeoi
ally  in  the   "iy    ol    prom' ting    new
industriei 11 Revelatoke, recommending tin- ,. 1   point   for wholesaler!
and   •.  ■  j I. I    -eenrini'
fav irahle Ire stht raies and other
benefit! to   vblch  w« look forward as
a r"«nit ,1 ",,- prominent position
in the industrial world at which Mr
Rowley im- arrived.
Good Use for Crown Lands
Bdltftf Uaii  if 1 1, ,1 .,
Sni : Premiei McBride staled lusi
need, " iii... 11 Crown bind surveys we
are reserving 11 pari l'or iihe endow
ment of 1 ft I in\ "i'ul v, mid 1 pal I for
pre-emption, Tbis is satisfactory tu
tar as It goes, hui In addition we have
asked for a certain small portion to be
set aside for the purpose of forming
the nucleus of 11 fund for old age
pensions and for the education and
training and treatment of the blind.
I will not again enter into full de
tails of these matters, but it is a sad
thing to know that at least one-third
of the cases of tilinel persons in the
United States might be prevented if
properly treated at the time of birth.
It is equally the duty of the State to
provide medical skill to prevent disease as it is to provide for its treatment when it is 11 concrete fact. If
anything lends to the general welfare
then it Is the duty of the State to
make it practical and as the Crown
lands belong to the people represented
by lhe Crown, than a portion should
be reserved for future demands for old
age pensions and for the blind.
All civilised countries are dealing
with these questions and now, while
the Province is young, is the best time
to provide for what all may need.
The electors should, therefore, ask
their candidates to vote for these
measures. A very small per eientiige
of tbe lands, forests and mines would
form an ample fund hy the time it is
required. Let your watchword be
" Lands for Blind and Aged."
i-'uANK Richards,
P. I. A. S., J. P.
Vancouver. B.O,, Oct. 27th, 1909.
The annual report ol the Molsons
Bank shows that the net profits for tbe
past year were $493,479. Adding these
to profit and loss balance of a year
ago, there was obtained a total of
$647,164 for distribution, which was
appropriated as follows: Dividends at
rate ot 10 per cent, per annum, $350,-
000; branch premises, $11,952; business taxes, $17,443; ollicers' pension
(und, $10,000; leaving $257,769 at
credit of profit and loss as compared
with $153,681 a year ago.
The financial statement submitted
to tlie shareholders by the General
Manager, Mr James Elliott, shows
assets of $28,556,337, tbe bink being
particularly strong in liquid aseels
which amount to $12,950,342. Liabilities, other than on shareholders'
account, amount to $31,119,291.
What Does   Premier
Winnipeg, Oct. 28.—Writing to
Toronto Conservatives 011 October
23rd in response to an invitation tu
speak there,   Premier Roblin replied:
"At present there are reasons
which prevent me from speaking on
political questions outBide of my own
province. I hope that my fears and
forebodings may be unwarranted, but
just at this moment I see something
larger than a man's hand on the
Conservative horizon of Canada in
the way of a cloud. I shall hope,
however, that it will scatter before
anything more serious than a danger signal eventuates."
In view of the Winnipeg banquet
to Hon. G. E. Poster, local politicians figure out that Roblin must be
in the "know" and smells another
"nest of traitors," having lor its
object the deposition of R. L Borden.
For a ligure somewhere in the
neighborhood of a million dollars the
Brooke Scanlon Lumber Company
purchased irom 0. P, Pretty 230
square miles of pulp leases on the
Mainland and East Coast of Vancouver Island, and 3,000 acres on either
side of the Powell river, Orown-
granted land, and a power right on
the river.
Mr. R. H. Campbell. Dominion
Superintendent of Forestry, in his
annual report speaks in high praise
ol the forest service of the United
States and points out that "although
the extent of Canada is   not  less than
that of the United States, the forest
service ol the latter baa an appropriation cf $4,640,000 aud a permanent
star)' of over 2,000, while the Canadian
foreit service has an appropriation of
$100,000 aod permanent staff of about
40. II Canadian people wish a service
equally eftioient with that of the
I'nited States; they must be prepared
to deal much more eenerously with it
than they now do "
A. E. Watts is again the owner of
the sawmill at Proctor.
A Town Where Credit is Unknown
Joe Morgan tells us the most prosperous town be shuck on his trip
through the north-western states was
North Yakiiti 1. This is the town of
the fruit-growing district and has a
population of 18,000 people.      The sur-
1 rounding country is subdivided into
. fruit and poultry farms of from five to
1 twenty aeres.    Ile heard  of as muoh
as IS5,IHHI   being   cleared   this   season
; from 20 acres of hops or a profit   of
$2.">0   an  acre.    The   most   interesting
feature   of  North   Yakima,   and the.
secret of its prosperity  and success   is
the fact that business here is done on
an   absolutely strict   cash    basis —no
eredil   what ever.
WANTED—Lady as mother's help
nut under 25, English piefeired
Apply stating particulars to 1312 Hiiro
Stieet, Vancouver. nov 3 2t
1710R SALE 2S8 acres facing Eagle
' Kiver, Sicamous, line timber and
Bull, price $26 per acre cash. Applv E.
A, I Lu ris, Foil St., Victoria.   nov3 8t
Cheese! cheese! cheese! all kinds of
cheese, plain cheese, Stilton cheese,
Mel.aien's oheese and Limberger
cheese. J usi new in this week. C. B.
llunie and Co.
Premier of B. C.
Hon. W. Bowser
Hon. Thos. Taylor
Will Address the Electorate
Wed., Nov. 3rd
Revelstoke Opera House
A Cordial Invitation Extended
to Everybody. Special Accommodation for the Ladies. THE xUAIL-HEKALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
V   N
School Shoes for
boya anil girls must be
made of solid leather -
sham won't do wliore
Btrength is essential.
Then, ton, they must be
com Portable, foot-conforming, wi'ar-ri sist-
ing, weather-defying
shoes, for the healthy,
hearty school boy or
girl steps on something
besides carpet floors,
and therefore needs not
the finest, but the best
fitting and thebest, and
year in and year out you
will find th's in the
Ames-Holden School
Shoes-Shoes built for
hard service.
Import direct from country of origin.
Northern Okanagan Poultry
Dec, 8th, 9th, 10th
Lots of Competition. Lots of Specials. Lots of the Glad
Hand to Strangers. We want to Meet you and will
Extend you Every Courtesy.     Send  for  Prize  Lists.
President. Secretary, Asst. Secretary,
Government Sale of
Acreage at Point Grey
At Vancouver, B. C.  Nov. 15th
Point Grey is Vancouver's future "West End''
and this is the chance to buy from a responsible party
(the Provincial Government) and on Easy Terms, a site
for your future home.
The Acreage will bring at auction. I expect.
Three Thousand to Five Thousand per acre for very
choice locations, the sizes of blocks can be seen by
referring to the Government Maps, which 1 will send
to those desiring' them. The price may seem high,
but when one studies tlie location and remembers that
Five Thousand Dollars will not buy a sixty-six loot
lot in Vancouver's present "West End," it is obvious
that by purchasing now from the Government, on easy
terms, and at a low rate of interest, the investment is
of  the   very  best.      Remember   the:   terms   -Quarter
Cash, and the balance in three equal payments in one.
tWO and three years, with interest on   unpaid  balance
at the rate of six per cent.
I shall be pleased to purchas:: for those who
cannot attend the sale, charging as my commission,
Five per cent on purchase price. Remember the time
is short and any who wish to get in on ihe ground
Moor must write me al once, arranging the amount of
acreage they require and the mode of remitting purchase price. You have three years in which to pay,
and by that lime Point Grey will be the desirable place
10 nve,
Write at once to:
P. 0. Box 137, Vancouver. B. C.
Address of 800 Hastings Street. West, Vancouver, B.C.
Special Attention Kivcn lu (-iiiiiiiii-11 int
inon iuul tourists. ITIrit-ulwH tain pie
ruiiina. jrlnest Hoenery In British Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W« J- Lightburne, Prop.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Premier McBride Hands Them Up
to the Public
Hun. McBride has  at  laet  acceded
to the widespread demand ol the elec
torate and hae given the government
press an outline ol the arrangements
The statement as handed out reads
as follows:
Memorandum to form a basis ol a
contract between the Government of
the Province of British Columbia and
the Canadian Northern Railway Company to be auhtorised by a bill to be
introduced and passed at the next
session of the Provincial Legislature.
The Canadian Northern Kailway
Company agrees as follows:
1. To build a line of railway to
connect witb the main line of the
Canadian Northern Railway through
tbe province from the Yellowhead pass
to the city ol Vancouver via the North
Thompson river to a point at or near
Kamloops, theuce down the South
Thompson and Fraser rivers, through
the city of Vancouver and to E iglish
Bluff, south of the Fraser river, the
distance not to exceed 600 miles.
2. To establish a tirst-class, modern
passenger, mail, express and car ferry
service between English Bluff and the
city ol Victoria and Vancouver Island.
3. To construct a Hue ol railway
from tlie cilyol Victoria to a point on
Iiarkley Sound; on the Ulaud of Vancouver, a distance of 100 miles or
4. The line of railway to be constructed under Buch contract bhall be
equal in every respect to the standard
of the Canadian main line between
Winnipeg and Edmonton and shall be
first-class iu every respect.
5. To fully equip such line ol railway and tu make the sleeping cars,
dining cars and day coaches thereon
the equal of those in use on the first-
class railway systems of America.
6. To employ no Asistics on tbe
construction of said line of railway,
and to insert in such contract a fair
wage clause providing that the wages
paid on such line shall he equal to
those paid upon similar classesof work
iu the province.
7. To continue aud complete the
surveys of such line, ai d commence
tbe actual construction work within
three mouths after the bill autboriz
ing such contract has been passed by
tbe Provincial Legislature and received the assent ol His Honor the
Lieutenant-Governor, and to complete
aud put in operation the whole work
within four years alter the date of
the passing nl each bill.
The government of tbe province of
British Columbia agrees as (ollows:
1. To guarantee tbe bonds of tbe
railway company to the extent uf
$35,000 per mile of the said Hue built
within this province, together with
interest thereon at the rate of four per
cent, per annum payable half yearly.
2 To exempt the railway from
taxation during the construction and
for a periud of ten years after the
cumpletion thereof.
3. To give the railway company
tree right-of-way over provincial lands
and to allow them the usual privileges
ol taking timber and gravel where
necessary Ior the construction of the
railway Iroiu lands owned by the government.
Should the government of the province be called upon to pay • ny money
under said guarantee, tbe Canadian
Northern Railway company agrees to
indemnify the province Irom and
against all such pa) menu and tu make
such payment:- a charge upuu the
whole system of the Cauadiau Northern Railway Co. the intention ol
both parties hereto being that such
railway line shall be built without any
cost or expense whatsoever to the
province ol British Colombia.
Dated at Victoria, B.C, October!),
The Canadian Northern Kailway
(Signed; IJ. 1). Mann,
Witness; (Signed; Lawrence Mac
Agreement made this 20th day of
October, 1909, between His Majesty
the King, in the right ol his Province
ol British Columbia, herein represented and acting hy the Hon. Richard
McBride, premier ol fiesaid province,
hereinafter referred to ai the province
ol the first part, and the Kettle River
Valley railway, hereinafter called the
railway ol the seoond part.
Whereas it i* in the interest nf the
province nf British Columbia thai a
iine of railway he built connecting the
boundary district with the roast citioB
by a more direct route than at pre-sent;
And whereas, the railway ha- uttered
to build a line Irom atur near Midway
to Penticton without any aid Inun the
province, il the province will sut'-idize
au extension ol this line Irntn Penticton to a junction with the Nicola,
Kamlnops and Similkameen railway,
at nr near Nicola, not to exceed, however, 160 miles.
Now this agreement witneesoth that
in consideration nl the agreements
hereinafter contained on the part ol
the railway, the province agreea with
the railway, suhject tn ratification
by the legislature of the province:
(a; To grant a subsidy In the railway mi lhe portion ol lhe mail between
Penticton and the jun timi above
mentioned, ol |6,000 per mile, payable
in cash, or in the 3 per cent in»cribod
Block nl the province, at the option ol
the province, as follows: The said
extension to be divided into ten mile
sections, payment ol the subsidy in
respect of the lirst ten mile section to
be made when the first ad second
section* havo boon completed to the
satisfaction ol the minister ul public
work-, payment lor the second section
to !« made when third section is com-
pie ted i and so iiii until the whole extension ii oompleted, when tbe mileage
herein mentioned shall be paid lor at
the above rate ol 16,000 per mile, not
exceeding in all une hundred and fifty
(li)   The lines  of the   railway constructed or to   be  oonetructed   (ruin
I Penticton to Midway, and from Urand
| Forks to at or near  Franklin camp to
be exempt frum   the   assessment nnd
I tax imposed by section li of the "Rail
way Assessment   Act,   11107,"   for the
period ol ten years from and afler the
completion of the   line   from Midway
to Nicola.
(c) The railway,   with tlie consent
of the   chief commissioner   of   lands,
may take frnm any   public   lauds adjacent to or   near   its   line all stone,
timber, gravel and other material
which may be necessary for the construction of tho railway.
(d) The railway shall bave a free
rigbt of way through any provincial
lands for its lines herein referred to,
such right ol way to be to the satisfaction of tbe lieutenant-governor in
And this agreement further witnes-
seth that in consideration ot the
above agreements ou the part, ul the
province the railway oovenaota and
agreee with the province:
(a) To begin construction nf the
lines of railway herein referred to
within four months from the ratification of this agreement by tlie legisla
ture o( the province, and to proceed
cuntinuously and with reasonable expedition with the const ruction of
said lines, the whole to be oompleted
within lour years from the ratification
ol this agreement by the legislature.
(b) To build and construct the
following lines of railway:
1. A line from Grand Forks up
North Fork uf Kettle River,
not less than 30 miles.
2 A line from Midway to Penticton.
3 A line from Penticton to a
junction with the Nicola, Kam
loops & Similkameen railway,
near Nicola.
The said lines to be standard guag*".
and to be built according to sin li
specifications as to make them practically unilorm in construction with
the lines of the Great Northern eu
Canadian Pacific railways, when uri-
pinally constructed,
.('•) To give a bond satisfactory tn
the guvernment uf the Province of
British Columbia that following con-
struct ion the said lines will be opera
ted cuntinuously aud throughout the
whole length thereuf.
('I) Tbat uu Chinese or Japanese
per.iuu shall be employed iu the construction of the above liueB under a
penalty of $5 per day for eacb and
every Chinese or Japanese person e-n
ployed iu contravention beieol, which
penalty may be recuvered upon conviction of any peiBon, under the provisions of lhe "Summary Cunvicti-ms
(e) The railway agrees tu purchase
all material and supplies required fur
the coustructiuu of its railway through
the province of British Columbia Irom
manufacturers, merchants and dealers
within the proviut e, wheu such material and supplies cau be purchased
in desirable quantities of equal quality
suitable for the purposes for which
they are required and upon terms
equally favorable as those procurable
(f) The workmen, laborers, and
servants employed in or about tbe
construction of the said railway shall
be paid such rates of wages as may be
currently payable to workmen, laborers, ur servants engaged in similar
occupations in tbe elistrict in which
the said railway is constructed
lu witness whereof the parties have
executed tliese presents.
Signed, sealed and delivered in tie
presence of:
RICHARD Mi'liKIDK, Premier.
XV. J. BOWSER, Attorney General-
The Kettle River Valley Railway,
Notice is hereby given that, in compliance with Section 7 ol Chapter 1 15, Revised Statutes of Oanada, 1006, plans and
j description o( a proposed bridge over the
Columbia River al Revelstoke in Ihe Province of British Columbia, have heen forwarded lor deposit with the Miuister ol
Public Works and a duplicate thereof has
been deposited iu the office nl the Registrar of Deeds at Nelson, and that at tlie
expiration of one month from this date the
Minister of Public Works for the Province
ol llriiisli Columbia will make application
to   the   Governor   General   for  approval
I thereof.
Daled al Victoria, 21 at October, 1909.
l-\ C, GAMBLE,
j    oc -7) Public Works Engineer.
A Hall Safe
An Oak Standing Office Desk
A Roll-Top Desk
A Long-Carriage Empire
RevelBtoke Land District,
Dlstriot of West Koolenay.
Take notiee Unit I, Al. li. Lawson,
ol Kevelstoke,oecupat ton housekeeper,
Intend to apply foi permission to purohase the Hollowing described lands:
Commenolng  .-it   a  post planted al
the southeast coiner of   Lm   8008 and
marked   "Al.   ______ Law-son's northwesl
corner post," thence 40 ohains south;
thence 10chains west; tbenco20chains
norlh; thence _in ehains east; tbenee 20
chains north to line of Loi sous; thence
along said line to place of commencement.
Dated Sept, 7th, 1909. sep 8
Union Hotel
I neler New Management
Stewart Macdonald
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of West, Kootenay,
Take notice that, Nels 'Bodine, of
Trout Luke, B (!., occupation .Miner,
intends lo apply for permission to purohase the following described lund:
Commencing at a pust planted on
the north shore- of Trout Luke between
Hiiskins und American points and
about four miles from the foot of the
Lake and marked the s. K, corner
peist, thenee '20 chains north, thenoe
20 chains west or to Lake .shore, thence
following the Lake shore to poiut of
Located Ihis 2."ilh day of August, 11X111.
sep 8 OOd      NliLS BODINE, Locator
JjulU_.UL.iY J
wear well
■ind they Keep you
dry while you are
wearing them
.•_--'',■..,.'..  ^ fotoCTQ Cjjl
r I"'I IIS Collar Bag is truly remark*
i      able value ot this price.
It is nude in beautiful ton leather,
lined with silk, and holds IS collars.
Delivered post-paid, for $1.00, to
any add rest in (^tinuda    except the
^ ukon—Order by the number    657.
Our handfomel) illustrated  H< raite cau*
lojtie oi Diamond*. Jewelry, Silverware,
leather. Arts Goodl and Nuvclliee, free
upon request.
RYRIE BROS., Limited
134-138 Yon«o Sireet
Notice is hereby given thai une month
alter dale I intend to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of my hotel license to sell intoxicating
liquor under the provisions of lhe Statutes
in ihai behalf in the premises known and
described as the Kuuienay Hulel, situated
at Burton, D.C, tor the half-year from
December 31st,  1909, to June 30th, lyio.
Dated Oct. 23rd,  1909.
oc ..3 1111        Stephen Podbielancik.
A lew nf your space dollars oil winter
Underwear, Clotliiug and Boots and
Slines at Jnhn Bull's Snle. Most of the
summer goods have been cleaned oui,
and the new fall and winter goods ordered six and ciRht lniiiitlis from the
manufacturers are just coming iu, all t"
lie sold fm- cash at wholesale prices.
Sueh well known goods as Sanford's
clothing, Stanfield's underwear, Hell'-.
Mcpherson's and other makes of first
class shoes; all of which must be cleaned
out by the lirst of the new year. Are
you interested in saving money ? We
have lived up to what we advertised at
the start and will continue to do so until the stuck is disposed of.
Revelstoke, B. C.
F. Company. R.M.R.
Special   Attention,      N. 0. O's and
men will attend   drill   00   Thursday
evening; 4th, at 8 o'clock.    All emp
ties to be returned,    tlrgeut.
Hy ortler.
Oai-i. 11 Smith, o.c.
Man Wants But Little. Here Below.
But Wants That Little—Clean :
He Likes Things Neat—
Bright—Fresh and Sweet:
And Here's a Tip—Irene,
To Keep Things Looking Spick and Span
With Little Work—and Please the Man,
Golden West Washing Powder:
It Cleanses—■Purifies-—Beautifies :
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and   Furnace  Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Seven and a half (7J) acres of good
land ai Malakwa, p.C, Terms cash
$850. Five acres of good fruit land
and 7J acres first-class vegetable land.
One hundred fruit trees: balance of
land easily cleared.
Apply for particulars to
.1. H. Woolsey,
.Malakwa..H. C
Kl.il IB AORES.—Ground ali cleared, leuced aud iu crop: land ou
either side; city water aud light up
to property. Suitable fur urcbard,
strawberry growing, poultry ranch
ur factory site Area ll) X 1 chains.
Price .fSUO.    Apply to
Revelstoke Land District.
District oi West Kootenay.
'lake nulii-e tlint Roderick William
Lindsay, of Ferguson, B.C.,occupation
merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase ibe following
described land;
Commencing at a post planted on
east boundary line ui Lot "6O0 abuut
1" chains north of south-east corner of
said lot, Ihence easl 20 cliains, tlience
north -u chains, tiiei.ee wesi 20 chaius,
tbenee south 20 ehains to point of
'-■uiiinu-n cement.
Dated Oct. lib, 1809.
Alexander McKay,
oc '-i Agent for l(. W. Lindsay.
WAN 11.11 A num In milk two
.-..-. As p lyillQIlt I :• lhi-
woi k .iin nisiied mom', ligh and
water will be given It'---. II'-' >ni • ■
re i.i. 1.    Apj ,. K   1   M  1. 11      d.
L1IS1— A   -in,lli.  I'll, k,   l,nil-lull...
puppy, IWO flOIlt leel  lun ,i)iin-it
Finder will receive reward uu applying t" J. A. Campbell, Seventh Si,
WANTED—At City  Hoti I, two ex-
perienced   waitresses,     Wages
$30 per mouth.
Mil;   s \l.l-.   1 in,-  iiu-g"   iiik  Side-
j board, and one medium sized coal
stove, in good condition, Applv ai
Mail lh raid office.
ANTED—A  stenographer, apply
Imperial Bank ul Canada.
l/uill   SALE    lun Horses   Cheap-
_F    Applv in Bowman  Lumber Co.,
■ ■:
■ r
Auction Sale Nov. 17th
Commencing at 10 a.m.
Location-On Bench north of main line of
C.P.R. and overlooking city.
Advantage-Free from North and West
winds in winter, clear of snow in spring before
the rest of the city. Terms 1-3 cash, balance 4
payments, 3, 6, 9, and 12. Plans and other information can be had from
How to get
a pure white
^ i.._
~T~HE ohicct of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this obicct is attained
by the use of
Pm ity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
Wonm C.n»d» Flour Mill, Co, Lid.
r   Wimt.,   M«m„.b» J THE MAIL HERALD, HEVELSTOKE B. 0.
BLANKETS.-white and grey-Pure Wool
This is the 3rd shipment this season direct from one of the best
eastern mills, They are noted for their soft finish and being
pure wool.   Prices $2.25 to $9.00 per Pair
UNDERWEAR.-for Men. Women and Children
Warm and comfortable Underwear with a reputation for good
wearing and guaranteed unshrinkable.
NEW FURS:    All this season Furs, and a few very  nice M'ts.
One   Mink   Set,   $90,00, Persian   Lamb  S1-1,   $75.00, Isabella   Fox,   $'15.00
Isabella Fox Set at $35.00,      Marmot Sets from $12,00 to $25.00,
Separate Stoles, Muffs, I'.n.     Ladies Coats and Skirts.
Millinery  arrives by  express  every   few  days,   keeping our stock new and  bright.
Armstro.no - Cakkoll — At Salmon
Arm, B C, Wednesday, Octnber 27,
.lame? H. Armstrong cl Kevelstoke,
h C . tu Myrtle A. Carroll, of Salmon Arm.
The V.M.O.A. campaign at  Calgary
cloie.1 with $50,101
The murder u! the Ita ian, Andrea,
at Victoria, is now supposed to have
been a black-hand outrage.
Gentlemen there will be a song
eenice iur your pleaoure uexi Bun-
day allerno'on at 3 45 in the Y. M,
C. A.
Mt. McKenzie Hive, L.O.T.M., have
posipoued then dance, which was to
have taken  place  uu tin- Will instant,
lllll   finitely.
O.J. Wigen sold this year $4,000
iiuim ni i_ii..wUeirie8 Irum ilut-t ac^
Ou lil- mucb near Crestuu. He estimate; i.i.- profit nt $88'J an acre.
The Ladies Guild of St. Peter's
Church are having a lea at Mrs. Sib-
bald's un >,iiuiilu.v the Oth Instant.
Everyone Is cordially invited to attend,
from'3 to 6:30 p.m.
An investigation shows the shocking lacl lhal 50 personB uot atllicted
with leprosy were condemned tu the
leper colony oi Mulukai.
The annua! repi rt ol the postmaBter
__, ■ eral   shows  that   111,000,000 inun
etters were carried th.s year than lasl
year.    Over $800,000 excess  is  sliuwn
io the balance shirt.
The automatic washing machines
imported by the Lawreuce Hardware
Co. Ltd . art having a great sale.
Witb th. httii water motoi attached
l the kitchen water tap the machine
d es lhi laraily wishing quickly and
with link- manual Ubur involved.
\\ ith a view   i"   fiuthei developing
, Ui _ Bi   mil ii \ the I'.IMt.
will build i -i it from Hartford Junction to the Athelstan and Jackpot
mines ul the Wellington camp. The
,-,,nti u I foi this -'■' i"'ti "I hue wus
.■a i.i.-.l by tl"- r.l'.l.'- yi-i.nl.ii to
\V. P. Tierriey and company.
\ remarkable departure in fruit-
growing has lieen adopted in Grand
Valley, C< loroa -. where open-ail
orchard beating has been successfully
appl ed l ward II Jack Frost. Hi'
tin- means the temperature wa- raised
i etween .-i^'lit ami nine degrees ovei
__7mi.es ni ten Itory.
The lact that Hallowe'en came on
Sunday afforded no protection anainet
uu-pranks cl the youth oi the city,
lm- removal of gait.- was the lavorite
pastime, lh ugh some "ther tricks
involving much ingenuity and trouble
ou tin part "f Hi' pi .'i."I' rs ni' als
I   ■    iggi -t army ol the   w-uritl lias
:    t, :t- beginning In tine fast awaken-
I -. of China     it already numbers   150 000  traini I   - Idien     1 *
-...,:- It, ii. :. ft   it   will   have   40 OOD
iritbin twenty-tivi ;-• an it it goes
, ts I liki thai I 'pin. ii will u - ••
, i...;i».   ,   . ting ind 10,-
'■IJ '««' io till,.  - iay i Hedet      :
| ... -t  ki    • '   will    >   large gang ol
i. tbe -'.• '               ....   the
Fort ' let 'i"   r inyon  where   tbe   I io-
inn,'. I. g \. ii,iiii-iii  are clearing  tbe
■ jtructi di   ' tbi   '■ my. i1 and in is
mg   it  mors easily navigated   by  the
steamboats    N'o very large amount "I
work can be di di i -  better tbe  present state "I tbe  oanyon  ami only a
email appr priatioo bas been made.
for House and Garden Culture
Bulb- ; in the
Pal , bl   ■■   ; < He    n ■';.  Spring
UK   HA\ I.  '■  \ iriclics  "t Large
s   ■   .-',     II '•     ,.   -
,.ti, . ol |) ib .- K, in.ui Hi.ii mill...
I ■ ,. ..,, etie.i ol Nan Issus. Also
Tulips,  Crocus  and  Snowdrops,
ui many vai	
Plain   carl)   and   reap  joj   and
pleasure m-xi Spi i
Bews' Drug&Stationery Store
M-.XT   lit  Ml.   HI."' K
different public servants as lived
tbeieiii has been adopted In the
.-.. sea where Hilvin cue are g anted ihey
mil u  der   i' t   lake   i Iteoi   fr-in
Ami I I isi hi ,1 lhe eb i|ii s f i- llie
amounts due   aiu   at  present   being
It   is   not   improbable   that   Lord
Morley will be the choice ol  tbe gov
•riiiiipiit for the puHiiion of governor-
general ol Canada when  the term of
Karl lirey expires.
Owing to the dealh ol his infant
son, I'n irrier Mi-Uiide wits nnahle to
attend the meeting at Kamloops on
Monday, and Gulden un Tuesday, al
which be was advertised to speak !
Huns. Bowser and Taylor were lhe
ministerial speakers.
The meeting at the Opera Hones
tonight will be the first, at which
Premier McBride speaks. Huns W
Bowser, Attorney-General and minis
ler nl liniince, and Thos Taylor,
minister ol public works, will aiso
mlilnss the meeting.
The Revelttoke Tradei and Labor
Cuuncil meet Siilniday nigbt lu consider tbe action taken by Ihem in the
present pulilical contest.
Lecture Tomorrow Night
Hr. James Samson, lecturer in cbiel
ol the Government annuities, will address the citizens] ol Revelstoke in the
City Hall on Thursday evening, Nov.
4th, and an invitation is extended to
every nee. This gentleman who is
making a tour acroBS tlie cont ncot
from Sydney to Victoria, has the reputation of being oneol tbe most popular
speakers in Oanada, and a splendid
address may be expected.
Owing tu the increasing demands ot our BAKE
HOUSE PRODUCTS we have greatly improved the
ijuality uf our goods by procuring one ol the beet
Bakers in the Provinoe in the person of Mr. X.
Boyle, (late of Vancouver; who makes a specialty of
high class goods, and in order to prove our statements we invite our friends to try some ol our
Almond aud Cucnauut Cakes, Marguerites, Kisses,
Russian Cakes, German Tarts, Cream Pull's, Rolls,
etc., also am- Fancy Goods to order, A Till A L
Your Insurance
Is   one of   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this brunch of ytmr business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Arthur   I',
took plai
The funeral of the lati
brother or Mr. J. \ . Perk
Sun,lui ,nul was well attended, iiutiierou
ivreallis being sent. At the gravi Rev. C
A. Procunier read the lu-.tuiilul burial service of ilu Cliui'i li ol Kngland,
The Hudson's Bay Co. shipped
twenty thousand pounds of -uipnlies to
be delivered to Tete .hume Cache, and
will be carried as lar ns the tiratul
Canyon by the Bteamer S'eohaco
Fn in Fort i leorge the freight will be
in chariic of Win. Cook, wbo will take
ii from Qrand Canyon to Tete I euni
Cact e by canoes if possible. It is
understood this ireighl is for tht
Canadian  Northern Hulw-sy.
Messrs.   Slattery and Buruhani are I
arranging    fur   a    permanent    8ti ck
tonipany lor Revelstoke.  rheir intentions are to present   high class con
edtei at popular prices     They
tu open   about Wednesday, Nov. 10,
Mr.  Tapping   is installing new stairs
in the opera   bouse  and   •   pects ti
bave tbe house warm at all times.
A paper read before the academy ol
science this week stated tbat liy ex-
•:!- witb an instrument called
a eteller barometer, Mr. S'orman baa
discovered that our auu is by no means
tbe warmest   member i
system.   The bi at  il the   iun
:. B00 degrees, aud i lu- heal ol I be Poll
-t ir is '.i i'i11   degrees    snd i lie beat • I
Aldebaran, in tl e      oatt 11
I; ,       . 	
\ii.. ii , ,
Mrs. VV, A  Mm ir   wil
Sal mil.ii ■ he Bl hi. i tan I.
Arthur Lewis, ul this nt, and Mis-
Margaret E, McDonald, niece of Mr
and Mrs. Geo. Barnes, ol Chase, were
married at Chase on Tuesday last,
Kev. Gilbert E. Kecbnie tying the
nuptial knot. The wedding, which
took place nt tbe residence ol Mr. and
Mrs. Barnee,   was   a   very   quiet   One,
owing to the recent death ol tbe
lattcr'e mother, After the ceremony
refreshments were served ami the
happy couple left Ior a wedding trip
lu ShUSWap lake points and upon
tlieir return they will reside in this
city, The bride, who was the recipient
ol many valuable presents, was attired
fur the wedding iu a cream mohair
skirt and net waist over silk, ber
going away drriHH being a navy blue
paiiama suit anil white velvet bat Willi
large ostrich plumes.—Btandard,
Ladies Purses, Chatelaines, Calling
Cases, the very best at Maodonald's
Drug Store.
II. C. Brewster will again run fur
Uberni in ihe Liberal interesl
John Humphreys, I oil list, won
the three-cornered fight in tbe* English bye electi' ti witb a plurality ol
[187, overcoming tbe  Liberal   in a  irity
I 1 '" ,"   llll •      i be   i  te   was    is
follows     Dumpbreys, Unionist   t'J7--
Hughes   I ib    i    I 291     tit  A   -
-■ en.i-t   1 135
A, K   Mel';.       -   sagain n  minated
- . itive candidate for tbe Islands.
I. Mackenzie ••     p\ ose  Ji hn   ' diver
Harry Hi       •_■-    t -.- -
ll     Harry     I ,      -'    .    .
Speaki -
■ .     ..-■ .....
ited - d   li r  tn-
■ - til
l'r       ..,■ .   i        ,     mil
;•    are tbi
- ees for Carihm
■ .     pi in  in  - ■ in  ■
Rt ■'■ -'■ ke this .   ■   ■ ■   Pn miei
McBridi     II  n     \     i    I;   •    r    Pro-
. ' "'ii
i. Ta Hi ,!-'■
fill s      ■; Iress  tbe
test   in
aeed bs   '      cspeal
.        ludionri
. j  voter wh,. possibly can should
linn..!   ,ii,il   beai
' ■ i'i lint 'I from tbe  govern
ment point - I flew
It is  reported  Sir  Willrid   Lmn.
will retire Sir I-    Borden   is  Min
ol Militia and  appoint  in  his  stead
Hon,  ll.   Lemieux,    Premier  Murray
of Nova Scotia will i iin the Dominion
cabinet   and  become postmaster-gen
J, Schofield will be opposed f"r
Ymir by a Sooialist candidate
A     Victoria    telegram     says.       Mr
Mann made the statement that tbe
railway company would not build to
tbe coast unless the support asked fur
wns pledged by the province. Tbe
premier la in receipt of messages frum
practically every seotion in tlm prov
inne.   All the messages congratulate
him Upon bis railway pulicy anil
pledge liim support. Nnl unly are Ibe
letter and  telegrams frum  f onserva
lives, bul, many bave been forwarded
by lifelong Liberals.'1
The report nf the civil sorvico oom.
mission has been received by tbe
government and  the grueling of  tho
The kuu. knr is being plnc.nl in his
proper pusi .un un the door nl Revel*
stake's proi.ierity. That is on the
Just reci iveil a carload of feed 0,11s
wheat, sb, its, bran, chops, ard
cracked cum. We buy right and cun
therefore siil right. 0. II. Hume &
W'antkh—Lady cook for hutel Apply Alex. Miller, Alexandra Hotel,
Salmon Aim, ll C.
Try a lUiii.h Laminated Cotton
lluvn   Baby    Comfort    on  your baby
carriage or crib.   Sold hy C.B.Hume
A Co
Winter Cabbage—$25 por ton, $2.50
per orate ol abuui I75 pounds. Celery, Sc. per pound. Other vegetables.
VV, A. Banks, Babt.horpe Fruit Farm,
Salmon Arm, B.C.
Afler yuu shave, if yuu are not
careful your face gets elm fed and
sure Tu prevent this get a bottle
if uur special mixture, 25c. and Itlj,
at Macdonald's Ding Sture.
Don't forget the Uuijn Restaurant
serves the best meal in town, good
service, a while ciok. Patronize
home industry. Meal tickets $(i 00
H5c per meal.   Transient meals 50c.
Look uut Ior our cheap sale uu
Barley Flakes on Friday and Saturday only Three-pound packages for
only 10c   a package     C. B, Hume &
Unloading today 2 carloads of apples, one thousand boxes all of the
nest variety Let ub Bhow you onr
stock and quote you a price. C. B.
Hume ik Co.
The Mo disk figure
You Can Have It Too
The Coneolidated Mining and Smel- j
ting Co. will increase its capital stock
Irom $5,500,(101) to $7,5(10,0110.
The Granby mines at Phoenix have
entered on a new era ol Iract.urinp
paBt records in the tonnage of ore
ehipped to the company's smelter
This week's output amounted to 27,
573 tons, and not only exceeded thai
ol the previous week by 6,H00 tuns but
is tbe largest se-v n day's tiun ge on
The Richmond-Eureka, at Sandon.
not. only made an excellent, record for
the year, but lias 50 per cent, mure
tonnage in sight than a year ago.
M. Keller, R. Alexander and the
Toye brothers have bonded a gruup of
claims on the Beaver river, 60 miles
from Tete Jaune Cache, to a Minnea
polis syndicate for $210,000. The ra |
is aold and some of it runs $88 to the
A big diamond drill is tn bo used to
prospect the mountain "f marble
e'glit miles from Lardo and nuw own
id by tbe Canadian Marble Oo It is
believed tn be one of the richest nimble
properties in the world. About $160,- .
000 hss been expended in plant this
summer and seventy men are now
employed quarrying and finishing tie
OUgb marble.
Tbe output ol the Kaslo Slocan dis
rict in all grades   of   ore for the year
■xceeil- 1(1,000 tuns     A   year  agu the
combined output'of nil  grades of ores '
mounted to 9786   tons,   this year so
far the tonnage is   10.552,   a very big
Begin with the Corset not the
gown. Build the foundation of the
low bust, the long hip and back, the
altogether slender eflect of the present
mode.    Ask for the celebrated
D, & A. Corset
You have never known the possibili-
tise of your figure until you have
worn these perfect garments. The
new models are especially smart, nipping in just enough at the waist to
give the proper curve.
Winter Underskirts
Tenders will be received between November 7th and i.stb by the Cily of Kevelsloke for ilu- following described works: -
1130 feel wooden pipe continuous stave
in place. Concrete dam, and gate house,
containing aboul 5000 yards; lour openings,
For Specifications, pl.ui- antl form ol
tender, apply between above dales at the
ollices of the undersigned al Calgin and
Vancouver, and to the office of Ilic City
Clerk ni Revelstoke.
Bills will be received al once for supply
of 4000 barrels uf Portland cement lor illinium- work: prices 10 be I-'. O. B. Revelstoke. The lowest bid or tender nol necessarily accepted.
Winch Building, Vancouver. B. C,
E. Edward-, assessor, held a sale ol
liiu-ral claims fur taxes at the court
..iiiise mi Monday. The Pedro and
Mint ie F. claims wire knocked down
o C. E. Gillan, tbe Free Coinage to
■'. H Hen .1 I, gruup F. A. Olson,
l.e Edinburgh group to Walter Scott,
ml tb- Alice group to C. A. Lett, jr,
i Vancouver
A   N  1',  Treadgnld has bought  an
ii. us   mining   prupeny    in   the
Kl like   I ir   Ihe   Rothschilds.    His
1 irehases su Isr aggregated, a  million
ind 1 liaif,       I hey include 26 milcB nf
- I) iiiiiniou   Creek,  the   11 bole of
bei nnl creek  diggings on
1.1st 1    " ■ ■■■ I   ' ek    ii" "f the  richest
dm    ■ • irly days mul three
■   creek.    It is proposed
n -. In dings  by mi mis of
d eli ctric lifts
lhe Greatest Dramatic Sensation ol the
year. C. A. Ouiulnr.l submits 11 nil ruse
Nielson, America's Grealcsl Emotional
Actress, supported by Nerval MacGregor,
tin- world renowned Slmkesperian actor,
and her famous New York compani in
lli'inik Ibsen's masterpiece,
After a run of over .1   year ul  lhe  gri-al
Bijou Theatre, N. V. Cily.
The same gre.-U nisi and production
which packed Davidson Theatre, Milwaukee, and Siuileliiikfis, Chicago, .ill List
I In- in ih, play which bus created such
widespread sensation wherever produced,
ami h.is left the audiences lo decide '-Is
marriage ., failure?' Come, see lhe pi. 11
and iin,- your opinion.
Special  Prices—$1.00,   7GC,   500, 250.
I You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
,!   Real    Estate   Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
.,!■ the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd, Agents
Good Groceries
A General Supply of the   Best Groceries
on   hand.     All   Orders   Promptly
Filled   and Attended to.
Mountain Supply Company.Limited
Just to hand, a lot of the
nicest lines in Sateen and
Moreen- comfortable, serviceable garments—at very moderate prices,
Silk Underskirts
In Black,Navy,Brown, Green,
Cream, Pi-nk, Blue, i le., etc.,
made ol" line wearing taffeta,
prettily tucked and ruffled.
These are well worth looking
at.    Come in and see them.
t»   CD   O
C   Q   tJ   O   i.
This does not mean ' Skidoo" as I am
here to stay, but my Telephone Number.
Ring me up, and your Orders will receive
Prompt Attention.
G . W. B E L Ij
Grocer and Provision Merchant
A choice assortment of Ladies and Children's Fashionable Furs at reasonable
prices. Come in and look them over and
get first choice.     Only  a   limited  stock.
MRS.   A.   Ci.  CRICK
First   Stroot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoael Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
lb inches or Agents at all principal point! in Canada.
Agents In (ireui Britain and United States—-London, England,
I.I,.yds llnnk, Limited.    Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank,   Heattie—Seal tie National Bank,  San Fr
i isi ■•  -Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank,    Spokane—Exchange
N.it t uial Hank,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits nl' %l and upward,   received, and  interest allowed at
current rale from dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Kevelstoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
See uur new lot nf Velvet Hugs,
■hiiice colors and design. 0, 11. Hume
k Oo.
|| yuu leave yuur orders now you
can get your Dame printed ein yuur
m-ii  private  Ninas,    cards,    at C. K
Maodonald's Htug store.
Take borne a pound o! our cheese
wafers for lunch. I'hey are new,
fresh, and cheaii. Try some and be
convinced that thoy are 0, K.
Finest writing papers and envelopes.
All the new styles at C. Jt. Macdonald'a.
Buy one oi our Cocoa Mate lor
the muddy weather; prices lower than
ever before in Kevelstoke. 0. D.
Hume A Cu.
Sound sleep in cold fresh air hii vis
more lives than science. Maish
Comfurts make suoh Bleep possible,
Sold at C. B. Hume & Co,


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