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The Mail Herald Dec 15, 1909

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"J P.
Wol Ll,
"iEmpire " Typewrite
Kor eiiae ol operation and perfection
iu results produced, this machine
je unpurposed.   Prioe—ifOO Cash.
Interior Publihing Co.,     -    Agents
The Mail-Hepald
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Maundrell Meat Market
Phone 261.    P. 0. Box 181.    Kevelstoke, B. C.
Hon. Thos. Taylor Promises Consideration of Local Needs
On Monday Hon. Thos, Taylor met
tho following gentlemen nnd dlBCUSBod
with lhom tho requirements ol the Uis-
triot: Thos. Kilpatrick, (Cbairmau),
W,   W,   Poster,   (Secretary,  elected    by
mooting), It. liowaon, I-'. Bourno, 11.
Manning, 11. McSorley, A. MoCleno •
ghnn, 0. Galllcano, XX. Koote, W.
Cowan, I". Voting, J, Hull, S. Sutherland, A. .1. MeDonell, It. Maodonald,
S. il. Hobbies, It. Sniylhe. X\. Sulber-
lt.jv.v__i, I. llainili'in, II. Mc-
S. Sutherland,  i'. Corson, J.
required work within tho city limits.
Mr. Kilpatrick explained the position
of the railway company in the matter
of the crossing, stating tho railway
commissioners had refused to grant a
level crossing at Ilougids street, but
h,;d suggested an overlie,id bridgo nenr
the sand pit,
Tho necessity  ol  a  new  bridge      on
Coldstream wus bn
was   resolved
u^lit up,
Hay,  It
Gordon, T.
A.  Stone
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Of»'«co   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at nil principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United Slates -London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Gum hx-
change National Hank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
cisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits nf *1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
Barren! vale from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
'The Choicest Cifts
Can be Secured for Your Friends,   and at  the
same time Save Money,   by making your  selections of Christmas Gifts from us.
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Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
I Manning's
f  The Little Folk's Store
A Store Full of Toys from 5c. to $20
Each and every article ut a very reasonable price.
4 Nice Place to Shop; everything on the
Ground Floor.
Remember  Manning's  lor   Fresh Candy
They are made To-day.
Manning's |
Tbo  other
_>♦$"$» ift^^iH*********^******
laud,   W
lloylc,  J,     I
Bradshaw, t
('. Gillan.
Tho first question Introduced was
that of n now courthouse for this city.
After discussion it wns moved by Mr.
Howson, and seconded by Mr. 11. McSorley, that in tho opinion of this
mooting a new courl house is needed
in Kevelstoke, which in size and appointments should be second i" none
iu the interior of tho province, and
that tho member for tbis district, the
Minister of Public Works, be asked to
u.-e his influence to have thi- request
acceded to .
XX. Poole next brought up the question of n Lund Registry Ollice, point -
ini_; out the necessity oi one for Revelstoke. After discussion it was moved
by Mr. Foote. seconded by Mr. H.
McKinnon, lhat "The Minister's attention should be drawn to the pressing
need of a Land Registry Ollice for this
district, to be situated at Revelstoke,'
H. McKinnon directed attention to
the need of i county gaol at Revel -
stoke, und moved, seconded by Mr.
Foole, ihat the member for this district be asked to lake up the matter
with the nttorney-goneral nnd point
"Ut to him the advisability of subdividing or redividing the districts in
Kootonay, iu order to establish tho
headquarters of one county at R?vel-
stoke, and the necessity of meeting a
gaol at ilevolctoke for the accomodation of prisoners.
Supplementing the discussion with
the previous resolution Mr. Kilpatrick
directed attention to the fact that tho
Northern portion of the Kootenays
was without a resident nidge, three
being stationed in the south, two of
lhom at Nelson, and pointed out th»»
advantage that would accrue culd
one be located in Revelstoke for the
Northern portion.
It was then moved by  F. Young aud
seconded   by   S,   Sutherland,   lhal   at -
tention of  the Departmenl  of Justice
be directed through our representative
ii  the  fact   lhat  the  norihern portion
( the  Kootenays is entirely without a
Qsident   judgo,   whereas   three   are stationed south,  and  that  it  would be In
the interests ol justice, and    of  groat
convenience to all concerned   to   havo
n judge stationed at   Revolstoko,    tho
centre of tin- northern portion.
Mr. Manning brought up the question ut the po-sibility of the school ac
commodation being increased this year
and (Hated that although tin- govern -
ment had offered generous assistance
last year, the trustees hud been unable to avail themselves of it, und asked the Minister of Public Works to
do his best to have the priinl re -
awarded this year il" possible in case
ii  should be needed.
A. Stone then drew attention to the
encroachment of the Columbia river
above the railway bridge, and moved,
seconded by Mr. McSorley thai tho
Hon. Minister of Public Works be ro-
quested to do hi- best to arrange this
winter for the mattrassing necessary
iu this locality lo prevent the further
encroachment upon valuable lands by
the action of the river, and (under
that a copy of this resolution be sent
I., the Dominion Government with a
request to take action thereon.
Mr. Uannlng drew ai iei,unu tn the
advisability of getting the farming
districts -outh, towards Arrowhead,
and west n. Malakwa, opened up bv
new roarls.
In regard t.. th.- lormoi Messrs. Kilpatrick, McSorley and others pointed
out that it was not reasonable or advisable io incur any expense at tho
present time, aud spoke upon the advisability of •oniinini/ ilw oxpendlturo
to quarter- where it wns actually war-
runted at present.
It wn- finally moved und carried,
' 'hut the member for the distriel bo
u-ked lo have the trunk road running
south extended, and branch road-
b'lilt from it. lo open up the farm
lands, ami expedite settlement, as fast
.t- conditions would allow
l discussion ni-o arose in conneotioii
Wiih   the  i ondition   of   the   l.pploncll   to
tl..-  Big   Hem I  road,   and   Mr.  Gordon
ited  ihi'
a'  any time t.. Improve  their portion,'thoughtful
but,  th.' city would  not  ,-u far do the
ask the tiovoiiiniiiii
to appropriate by special warrant the
sum of S-JStHJ to 83000 in order to
provide for the erection of a bridge
this winter, in order that communication with the north might be maintained. Mr. Youtlg moved, nnd
Hull  seconded  this  motion.
All  motions put before the  n
were curried unanimously,
Till-:  MINISTER'S  HU'1.1.
Mr. Taylor being culled upou, stated
he hud listened with much interest lo
ihe different proposals, and with all
tbul would be for thu upbuilding and
benefit of Revelstoke Hiding he was in
hearty sympathy, and his i-o-oporation
could  always  be  relied  upon.
As fur as the court bouse was con-
corned,  the proposal  had his entire eu-
Amateur Dramatic Club Play to
Well Filled House
.1  well  tilled  house  witnessed  thepef-
forman f -the- great English comedy
success "Our Hoys," on Monday night
by the Revolstoko Amateur Dramatic
Club, Many and varied have been the
plays produced by our local Thespians
but few hnve lieen as difficult lo curry
i.ut in (he stylo with which il wus intended, us "Our Hoys" which has been
pronounced one of the hardest plays
written, for actors generally to Iill.
Although the Aniiiteiirs could not bu
expected to put on this play in the
Mime style as those who played in
London lor 1.1UU nights, yet the severest critic would huve no particular
fault lo find with lhe piece as a whole
A pleasing feature of "Our Hoys" on
Monday was iho absence ol awkward
singe pauses, and prompting, demonstrating the [act ihul our amntcui-H
are getting more professional  iu   their
methods und   li
dorsation,      nnd     very    shortly plans memoiis ann   less  sell   conscious.   I lu-y
would  be  submitted  for  a  building ,,f  appearnd quite ,-u   home on  the stage
the  nature  asked for.   He
gested that   the question i
building     for the    Domoiiion Govern- /'''"'  previous unions been  piii-lieul-
I he only real fault to
• company  as a whole
: 1||H i seemeci rumor listless iu  thoir     work,
also sag-'and did iheir wurk quietly and deli
f a suit able'borutcly the link of which hus, on S0V-
oii Govern- 'crnl previous
on  tin-   Ho-  arly uoticoabl
lind was   that   tl	
seemed rather listlo
which should
ment  officials  be  urged   upon   11
minion  i Iovernment,
In  regard   lo rider protection,
had     always      been  u  dcbutiibli
with the Dominion Government
claimed the right  to com ml all navi
gable   waters.      and
where,   in  order   to  preserve  property,
tho Provincial Government hud    dono
mattrassing work,  a  refund  hud    been
allowed.    However     he   conceded      lhe
work to be ol the greatest importance
und  would  gladly  faoilitato  some  ac -
tion being taken if possible, but would
suggest communicating with Mr. Good- jj"* '°PPi"h son,
member al Ottawa, iiiimedintch     j mi •»« character well, being quite   as
ollice, a fire   proof|pleased and enjoyed over his acting as
i be the case, for     if
who  the act"i's  havo not   their whole heart
in iheir   noting  tho audience   will get
in  one instance j " wrong impression of the pluy, which
wus rather the .-use on  Monday nighi.
To    purliculurizo;  .1.   Iln.i     as     Sir
Geoffrey  Chumpnoys,  carried   oui    hi.-,
purl   well,   if   ;i   little   stiffly,   but   his
make-up and general deportmonl  wore
XX. A. XX, Brown, us lalbot, the rat-
showed  that  he stud-
lding was absolutely necessary, and  '"'' ""'lien
■e   were.
thai was why he did not favor inolud
iug such offices under the same roof as
the new court house, bul, all that bad
been presented iu support of the request would be fully considered.
Very  generous  appropriotion    would
lie made for roads, and in this respect j »m*} Kt'"    faithful  in hi- work,  and
.curried out  with considerable care     a
(part  that was undoubtedly not inten-
would ('<!l' 'or  ''''"■    ^'r-   "llu '",s  before do
ff, A. Sturdy, us Middlcwick, there
tired rich buttorman, has seldom been
seen lo bucIi excellent advantage before, the part being well sustained all
D. M.  Kue, us    Charles,  hi- -on,   as
points   iiii-n'ioni
bo fully taken up upon his return monstraled  bis ability aud  talont   in
promises could be mude regarding several of them, he would certainly do
all thai could be done to further those
requests which were reasonable and
would be to the ultimate advantage of
the district.
A hearty vote of thanks to Ml
lor terminated  the proceedings.
.  lav-
To the Editor,
Sir,—Is it lo be taken seriously that
one man and one or two others met
on Monday night last al the Club and
with their usual open handed honesl
motives kindly selected for the citizens
of Revelstoke a full fledged mayor and
council?   ll,    is  so    whispered  around,
laud that the occupations of the new
city daddies to be as follows;—A doctor, druggist, coal vender, hotel proprietor,  billiard   hall  proprietor,  gov-
jcrnmeut foreman uud u telephone pro-
' prietor.
j Pills are always much more tempt -
ing when sugar coated, and the colored bitter contents hidden from view
und protected from taste in the swallowing, but nevertheless with the drug
constituents present. Later, however,
when once lodged iu the pit of the
stomach and the pleasant and unoffending coverings are absorbed, geiping
pains sel in, followed by varying eon-
sequences well known to everyone.
Such is the appearance, und us assuredly ivdl be the results, to Revelstoke's
cily system, if we accept in a gulp
this municipal concoctiou compounded
-o carefully in a hole and corner tig
Revelstoke bus not yet rouovured
from physic administered to ii by
similar prescribe! 's. lhe high taxes
we liru now called upon lo pay are
largely incidental to contracts and
purchases negotiated loug since by
some behind  tbe prosonl   scheme.
I am doubtiid if Hevelstoke will accept the dose ready made in advance
withoul its citizens being even present nt  tin- diagnosis.
Honest   intentions  need   not   be   hal
cited in  the dark of otic uight.
To the Editor,
Sir,—Please permit  iue  to     eorroot
the misleading statement lhat nppuur
ed in last Saturday's paper, when it
slated that I would run for mayor. I
now wish to say thut several of our
citizens have asked me, und I have
not yet consented lo accept uomitiii -
lion. As for my movements iu lhe
.oming civic contest I have not yet
decided upon then, and have not informed anyone. I consider il a \ ,>r\
ninieiit  were prepared Important mutter and worth)   of our
arnest   consideration.
'tho volt* of il young imiu  was   a   new
' deportiire.
In <_*. \V. Gordon in tho dual role of
Kt'inpstiT and Poddlesj servant and
butler, no fault could bo found.
.Mrs. I). Melntyro, aa Violet MelroBO,
tin? hcireMs, looked particularly charming and winsome, this being Inu- lirst
appearance beforo a Kevelstoke audience, tn her acting no fault could lie
found, and if she goes on in the same
manner as this, her debut, her success
is assured. The Club arc fortunate iu
securing her services.
Miss White, as Mary Melroso, the
poor cousin, with her customary vivacious and excellent acting has scored
another success, being possessed of
rare talent, Miss White is quite at
home on lhe stage, and on Monday
played her part with delightful vigor
and dnintyness, her appearance being
particularly   pleasing.
Mrs. \i. M. Rae, as Clarissa Champ-
neySj had mastered a most dillicult
part, the very knowledge that site was
perfectly at home in iier work, enabling Iter to pay careful attention to
hor acting, which left nothing to be
Mrs. \V- A. Sturdy, as ileliudu, the
slavey, acted a star part, her portrayal of tlio life in a dingy London lodging house being true to liiu. Mrs.
Sturdy in whatever part she appears,
studies it carefully, und puts iuto it
all there should be.
It. H. L'opulund as usual looked at -
ter tho staging and general production
aud il is to him that the Club owes
so much of its present popularity and
high standard of SUCUOSS.
Thu chief fault with thu whole \sas
tho uuuecessary waits between iho aotu
and had it not been for iho excellent
and ever ready playing of iliss A'lini-
ees Lawson on lhe piano, which was
much appreciated by all, these deadly
pausoM would have beeu dangerously
tedious. I'he fault should if possible,
be remedied  in  future.
Dancing after tho conclusion of the
performance was kept up for several
Tlio Dramatic (Tub have oneo more
guined a success aud over a dillicult
piece. Their next play, we understand
h to be a big drama, aud Kevelstoke
will look forward to their next production.
There was a large audience at the
Kdison I'arlor Theatre last nighi to
witness Ulder (laggard's "She" as
staged liy Thomas A. lidison: The
staging of this production is superb,
and was fully appreciated last even
ini;.    [he balance     of the programme
Wns good and the uOlUOtHos were
laugh producers. Tonight the same
programme will be repented. Friday
nrnl Saturday there will be an entirely
new program,   Watch for jt.
Xmas Groceries
Tin- Plum Pudding or Fruit Cake will bo O.K. if the
ingredients purchased here, especially if cooked by a
Kootenay or Saskalta Range, which will happen to a
greal many in Revelstoke.
Our .stock is complete with, New Season's Goods,
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Limoges' ware, Fancy China Vases, Cake Plates, Bon
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Knives, Forks, Spoons, etc., in all sizes at prices to suit
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
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your shadow
make &cjood
You can't east a shadow in the dark, and you
can't stand the light unless you are dressed well.
We can dress you well let us coat you over
with one of our Blue, Black, or Grey Beaver overcoats, li will please you. We satisfy om customers. We say "customers'' because when a man
once lets us clothe him he becomes a customer for
A clearing sale ol Boys' and Youths' Overcoats
and Pea Jackets, si/es from :2 to 35-  $1.85 to $6.75
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed under  which the
of this Bank aie able to Issue Drafts on tho principal points
in the following countries:
Austria-Hungary    Finland
Faroe UUnJi
Fr'cta Cochin-China
Great Britain
South Africa
Strain Settle
Men ieo
Phi   r ne Island
Weat hid»«e
Rou mania
.in.i eUe*
Xmas Presents
TOYS "l  every description    Dolls, Doll's Oartg, Hand Sleds,
Rooking llui's,'^, ,'t,'.
FANCY  DRESSING CASES, Manicure Pieces, Military
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XMAS CARDS   Thousands to choose fron..
BOOKS by Hundreds   the I'oHh,   ill  beautifully bound In
Leather and the Newesl Books In t'lotli.
C. R. Macdonald's Drug Store THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Cbc flDail-lbcralb.l
UATDB1)A\    Al
interior publlsbina Compang.
Subscription   Rates
lins I---' mc I    l.i..-: ind, United States
Incln ling i--' me '■    Kng
. i  .1.
Iv   bi ■   il Ithro igh i~.'.-i"ill" I
g ...  -
.   1.1KJ
j jii iiiMlMi promptlyexeouwdatreason-
..li.t. :.,:.;. ,,    ,
1 kkMb-I ii-ii. Subsenptlona imjublu In iw
. snoe.
I  ul oot! — I  oents pi r lm'' first Insertion,
, Cl ,.-, | , : Um   i ,. 1.    ubsl    '"ir.   insertion
Measurement* Nonpai id U- linos make one
inctiL    Store   snd   general  businoss " '>
nounc in.ml     -    -    per Inch   i» r  inonin,
1'referred  positions.   25    per   cent.    i«i-
,.;.i. -.ii.   Births   Marrlsges  snd  Dentin,,
vc   e ich  .'■-
L»nd   i iti •     -'.'-     All  ndvortlaoinonUi
-uli;. ■' ■" i'.'_ 'i,' "i the luanageuioiiu
H.ur,..i snd ' onilcn   IdvorlUuinuntsi
irenw Wauled  Help Wanted, Situations
wanlod     Bltuai -    Vacant,    loaonors
Wanted. Mechanics Wanted, in wools or
;.... ,. . , ,. i, additional ime I" cenls,
i i...!,», - ii, sunding advertlseaionw mint
dc in t.j 9 n. hi. luesday mul rrlaay ol
e«.-ri wlwii 10 secure «ooii display.
I'jHilLtl'u.M'KSl'K Invited on matters ol
iiuolic Interest, Communications i" wi-
tor   musl   be Lixoiniiniiieit   hy   name, oi
Eight Roomed House on Second Sireet, clow in to
centre of Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
Six Roomed House on Fifth Struct; ull modern pxcopt
funnier: exceptionally warm for winter, ut $25 PER
Seven Roomed House on Third Sireet; plumbing complete, at $25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House on leaded land for sale at $200
Four-Roomed House on Fifty Foot Lot, for Balu ut
Ki:\l    ESTATE,   LIFE,   I IKI    AND   VCCIDENT   1 N'SI'KA.M T.
jit as u .whip tn defeat tin- aims of llie   her Bussen Ht ited il nnlj  awaits rn
Libera)  parly.   Vn»   ilu-  British  l.ihe-  way dovelopmun,     to make tin- I'euce
nils    have     cl kmutod      thai   move,   rivur valley a groat  iigrk-ulturul ooun-
thoiigh  it   i- probable  Ihul   ill i-| try.    Its  possibilities  l'"'  wheal   grow-
jii'lti-a  which  siill  c\ist~  in   lli"   inin-1 -   Ing  are imtnense,  liu -talcs, owing   to
i"l    many   ICnglishmnii     iigaiiisl   tiniiin  the     luct Ihul    Ihoro aro no summer
rulu in curtain in ..ii ii  ii  ii   iv  :frosts  iis  iii   Manitoba.   I"  fai-l   some
lenl. ! of      tho     valleys    w-heru      lhe   warm
li .- i-lciir ilmi ii I here is io lie , Chluook winds from lho I'a.iii. a,',,
humo rule for Ireland, so there niusl fell no snow is ever seen on the
bo home rulu for Scotland ami Wales, I ground.
und     this     view    lends   color .1 I liu I    The Peace river,  Father Unseen   bo-
thought   thai  Sir Wilfrid Laurier   »n» I liovos, will buuoiue the great  highway
Irighl  when ho suid  tho adoption     ol   to the north     when   railway development  run,'hus    up to    it.   It is a won
tor urn i'i be
writer, not nt
h* evidence ot
i-houid tx' brief.
writer, not neoeawuny fo  pubuoauon. bui
BTldenofl of kiakI tAiih.   Correspondence
Orriau .   iMi'i.itiAi. . amvIU n.i'iMi ItsvBt
81 OKI-, U. 0.
Ollices: Kevel.-ioke, II I
liso. 8. McOabteb
!V.  M.   1'l.VKHAM
Hovels to (te.
Cranbroolii n> I'.
J, A. IliHVKV,
1 ranbrook, n, 0.
Solicitor, elc.
Solicitor for:—
The Canadian Bank ob Commbrok,
The Molsonh Bank, Ktc.
■*• Provincial Laud Surveyoi,
Mining Sin veyor
,„,N   100,   llKX K1.HT"KK
WE   HAVE   A   CAR   OF
Christmas Poultry
Turkeys, Ducks
Geese, Chickens
. Burns fi Co., Ltd,
thu federal method <»f Canada wus llie
only solution for local government in
liritain. With provincial legislatures
for Kngland, Scotland, WaloB and Ireland, the mothei' ol parliaments would
liu free t" give its whole attention to
the groat issues of iho Empire, instead
of us at present having it-i timo luUen
up discussing some potty locnl road
or parish work one day, and upending
another "n lho weighty issues thul
'.-ill forth all ihat is best in liritish
sl ntesmtiuship,
I.in-ill self-government is laud m lho
linnu of the Uritish nubjeet and its
adoption ol long ugn ai Home would
huve Huvod thu liritish peoplo tho liiu.
money, timo, pcrsouul and nnCionul
bitterness engondorcd by lho Irish
ipieetion. lb,inu rule, whether by a
proviuciul governmenl or otherwise,
ii lho only Bohition ol the problem,
whieh is iiuuussnry to the unification
nud mutual loyalty of the units forming lho Uiiilnil Kingdom of Groat H'ri-
t.iiu nud h'olnud.
A Suffragette in New Vorh Gives
ALinN .v   liYELElOU,
mu iiiti:>"r-
V VMCOI VKH   \NU   RK' ' ■'■'
_,KK.    II.   C.
., uiuiunii-ulioiis addressed lo 1'ost
, Bice,  Revelsloke, will have prouipt
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain  View C.-imp   No. 119
-.   .    <nl.,,„) nnd   K."irili  Wednesdays In
&&~momSr£ BSSSrkfuffi.  Ylsltln   Wood-  in  « diabolical  murde,
men eeiJiallj' invited to attend. 	
J. MelNlVKl-.  Clerk.
in-lit  to aiiiiiiil  tho Criminal Code   u  duul fr loin  und unless   "«!• win our
ns tn prevent   lhe Buh- of  ru-e-iirius  to   industrial   libert>   wu  i*nnnol   keep our
mi   person     withoul   lhe  cerlilieuto  i I .pulitieal   libuiiy."    Afler  replying      lo
i    inagisli'iite.   Tho     in"\,'   is   in tho   other questions relating ti. the method
right  ilireetion  so  lonjj   ns   ihere     ure   of protecting     water     powers and e.\
so  main   fools   and  criminals  nround, mrossing   the  opinion  thai   li"tli  unvi
und  with such a provision  in  lhu luw   gable     und      noii-iiuvignble     streams
tho man \Vnsnn,     who attempted     J"   •■ Id I"' included,  ^Ir, I'inchol  cloaes
■ hunt I'hillips in N-'Isuu on Friday, '"■ reinarking thai "conservation is u
would have been iimiblc t" earn out moral issue, because ii involve the
uu   ncl   thul   narrowly  escaped  ending   rights  and  duii,'-' of our people—their
i ights lo property nnd huppinoss and
their duties to themselves, lo their des-
' uiidunl und lo lhu « Imi.' future pro
gross  ami welfare nf this  tuition
dorflll rivur hi' dui'liiius, nnd nuvigulilu
for almost   HKin miles.
In minerals the country abounds in
coal, mica, and gold, bill littlo work
hiiB been dono owing to transportation   'lifTn-ultiu-.'.
nys   Collier's   Meekly:-    "i .ml moils-
urus   inunonsurable,   but   prices   higher
REVELSTOKE AERIE No. 423      ,hiul w)l0|t, coal dooB nol L,niU .,, a„
p, O.  E> kelson,    il.  C.     l-  ouly   two  hundred
                                  miles frnm ono of the greatest  coal re- Tl
.ths.rsg^r-BMtfsnsrsl^iuth. BsUMi   ^ion8   ;„  Americ„     Dolnestic  ,oal      „, ,„.|„,M,i ,
.Velsi ste "iLrlu dollars a  ton deliv M    .1
,'r'"1'   The     .'"al    companion  say  ihey with  Sow   Vork  capitalists   i    probab-   Hiiid,  "I
-   are uot  making  miy   money,  nnd  thai I    „   ,1,.,     ,,      ilmt ...   „r.   Spokane   -on   i-  I land iu Kngland and .remain
no. is, a f.* a.m.     the miners get too big pay.   The coal  operator,      respondents   all   'hero for a month.   I will Ije glml   to
companies blame  tho  railroads,      uud advise him      ihut   mining investments   -eive.    Vt leasl    ninety     other women
io railroads  blame  the  coal  compnu    will  have  the   iltnost   exclusive cull on        I   go   ilso     \ f us  will   siihmil
until   wu   arc
And How the Government Was
An investigation ol shipping recoipls
shows thai tlm trust paid froighl upon
2(1,000,000 tons of sugar. Duly wus
paid on 10,000,000 ions, and tho I Sf
aovi'ininenl waa thoroforo defrauded ol
duty on 1,000,000 tons. On the 16,000-
000 tons that duty wus paid on thoro
waa ulmosl equally serious swindling,
l'ulse roporta wore mude us to lho
grade of the sugar, for the tarill' im-
poses dift'urunt duties on diti'ciciit
grades, Sugar is graded according to
lho amount of saccharino material,
and i< classified by a Rcioiilific iustru.
nii'iu .iilh'.l a poloriscopo, which ouly
a trained ehumist i- capable of opera-
With this deck of marked raid, in
ils hands the sugar trust bas played
its game uith tho l.'uilcd Stules tlov-
ernincnt.    In  the  lirsi  ph ,  In   means
of crooked senlei il ehoaled the governmonl out of duty ranging from .00
| i" I.!',', uenls foi ovory p..uml. At the
llowest estimate this fraud amounted
■ to $80,000,000, ami ui lho highesl ii
would I.. 8180,000,000, Thou lho falso
grading of sugar pul another 880,000,-
i   for 1000 in tho coffers of tho trust
I he Sugar Trust i. easily lho   most
villuinoUB in     tho  history .>f corporu-
lious.   As     long us II. 0, Uavemoyer
winning converts io il uiise of worn    lived, tho Nc«    York Slock Exchange
an.                                                             would not permit his stock to bo list-
Si ailed forth a perfect  storm   of ''''     '' '"' ,1"-'I"H of lhe trust dared
upplause aud ch -a wheu sho explain- i "ol  f"r''     ''"' oxamlnation  tbe Stock
ed why ahs does not caro very   much ] J3xohan8°     would     demaud   before it
how lawyers decided the lost eases ro- wouW 8lve tl"" Publio the opportunity
What Will You Give Her for Christmas :
The Neat Little-Sweet Little Thing,
A Big Saucy Diamond—A Stylish Seal Coat,
An Auto-go-Mobile—a Gasoline Boat,
A Necklace—a Bracelet—a Ring?
Well, Whatever You Do Will Delight Hor, You Bet.
Just Because It's From You   and You Didn't Forget
It's a Per-plexing Question -But Here's a Suggestion
For Making a Happy Selection :
Send a Nice Box
Royal Crown Witch Hazel Soap:
An Elegant Present—and Fit for The Pope :
'Tis a Dainty--Efficient-Toilet Expedient
And Produces a Beautiful Complexion.
Suu Vmk, Dou, .", Mrs. Kiuineliiu'
I'ankhursl told lho story of the English KiiiTrugettos tonight ul Coopor
I'niun i" the in.i-i enthusiastic audience she \v,,< addressed iii America,
lh" applause, which greeted hor nppoar
''tec "ii ilu' platform wns so tuiniil-
tous that 1'n'f Dewey, "f Columbia
t'nivoi-Bity, who was presiding, hud to I
unit iiuiirh iun minutes before he in
troducod lier and Mr*. I'ankhursl was
not able I,. make her ull henrd I'm
more thnn live minutes.
\ half hour beiore the tini'
ilm meeting all the eiitrunces to lhe
building wore closed, and a Inrgi
crowd, nine-tenths ol which wore women,   tried in vain  to got  ill
Ml   this  timo  Mrs,   Pankhiii-st      ivin
oeioes    '■•'"u-,  WALSH, Pbbsidbni.
nu. \ii\i\i, hia i\ ai.
-.. interested in mining can   uow -'aiding women to petition parliuinu
I mi ii a revival i- ni  hunl ami (he ministers,
Sweeney,    whose couiieetiun       'If it  is decided  against  us,"     sh
'upitalistt  i    probab- i iid, "I will have in __.<> to prison n
,ut   of   trading  in   lhe stock,   nnd   withou
Kootonay Uodgo
TLy  rOhUlar motjl-
iiro tield in the
.''£ < V     m  Sad^ffiiaU,m \K'*     ri>e only sure tiling is thai     .he   ,,,.,,„„  ,„ y  within  the  next      few    l-     prison      regulations
r      P '"^r'      iC,,h0hhiroifthll<at''8  ,"K'1'1"  ''"'  h"u'v    Srmmii     Vancouver  mouths,  and ■ Id  properties    will   ovenvheb I In   force
f* aWft"™' ^''xhrotle   Island coal  i-  sold cheapei   in Seattle  be mo ,„•,,.        ,,      , ,      .
»2 — WMp*^- «sUta«brsth-   KU1"" ""'"  <~   ~"M cheaper ii
7f^^H_Ss"m.c"    r ""'' '_""',,own "'" A,""; ' ';,: ': '
-..Sir<_S*r'rT:'*** ;-   '"   Vancouver." u    .    ,, ■,,■ , .
n.   l.  nillini
rhe  NeUon  \..w.s  is uiu.-h  hurl   over
the fact   tlmt   the  C.   I'    K    hn     ■• i
' ■   vei ninuni   rest -  on  11 onsenl "I
-■ ■.'•.!. ami we women «ill   no  .
I.'ligu    1,1,,1'ks
>>.   i,   "illini .....        gei        isenl   I     Iw  governed  unless
(the the b illot.   When «■• are
■ •pinion thai      n inii _;>•:, . •.,    s„i,mi( ,,, ,|„.
- evo-y Thin       ""'   "" '   "'"'   ""'   i-      i      '•    : ' we   will   go   mi       a
•".;■  eveuiug ii,  Sel- ed Balfour a- th,. -ii" foi   iis new  h,,-   '   'bimbiii   th,
 ^Viaiting b«th°eu arc   ''''  insteud  oi  N'elsou     Bnlfou
oorcuuy lnrtted to attond. ,,f  the most  beautiful  sconii   spot       ■ '
ALBKRT AKMAN. s..i.     JAS. MATHIB.Sbc. ijiritish Oolumbia aad    is convi
"."". "          ,   "    ~    ~    -"■u"t»'<-l  not  onlv for  the  ' i   ••    S'esl
Cold Rango todge, K. of Pi     , ,, , ,,..,    ; , ,t    .
li A. PttUUUNIEl
:i?k Uoii st 8 o'clock
No.  26,   Revolstoke. B. C.
ihis investigation ho could nol get his
stock listed. In IS9I lhe truBl wns
implicnled in a scandal, for in that
year the House of Representatives
passed u lull unfavorable to it. Sugar
stock, which had heen selling al 1051
dropped quickly i,, 755-9. Then when
lhe Senate began working on tho bill,
it nisu again.   Rumor leaked imi  ihul
lho   Senat"   had   been   "lived." a,i.l   that
"wrul of ii- members wero buying
f sugiir siiick. A wost-
.in senator domanded nn investigation: Senator Gorman, who wns then
"boss" of the Senat,.. refused it, but
''"""" ""'"i"1""1' '""I finally „   com-
lins,  the gov-   "",,"; W"S "Pl"""""'  '" '""k intDthe
■ •  Liberal
•heir hands.
aud  i loluinbin and We '• i . but
for the i ravel over the   Vrn iwhead
MEBls -..-.SY   >\EUN£.sn,M,
exa I Wednesd-i)        Kootenay radwa
;u-  '...    -  \  . cs;d<UVl£tin    '"    ""'l''-''"' and which will make,
Knightsi     -       ..,._.•  dtiujO.      nl the heaviest  route*  oi  trn
I   P.  SMITH. C.i'. Itritish  Co hi        , ■     ■      |
G. H. t'.Kul'K    k   .-■-'   ti   ,\ - .   •[,,,,   ,',,,.   t1,
J   B. SfOTT.   l.ofK, ' + ,""/■"
"•'  the  future,
- dded  '"    thai
osidei   tl ,
•   for the put | .   .
For Hiimanitys Sake
Che ADaiMberalb
CAl'OflT men HANDED,
:  Senator was "caught with   the
- Is on him" to the oxlent of 1„'>ihi
■ en ily bought    shines.   II,. admittod
lllc I ordering 1,000 shares,    but snid   that
\, .,     "     ',!l'"'  ■"'"" had been purchased   by
•" rotarj   through u misuuderstnud
Against     several other senators
ll " moral    ovidenre was strong,     but
il  nugh  H„. local,v of „ Washington
"• «'"' «    to ind lather     ,han
'   '   "I"""'.     thej    uaenped , ensure.
•   ligation «ns blocked,
s"«_-'_'. i
1 OXSi l;\ \ i n,\   ui
'• I I I0NA1    Hi -nl i
WEDNESDAY, DEO. 15, 1909
Mi.  Pinehot,    th,      ..
 —  .   "■*■-    American     !
Hol   A   B   A. ...        ■ .      titud, '■'     U8<       ■^••~'
uld  in ike   i ■     ,
■   • mi ■
111'      holll ' .;.,
'•"    ■     i-rva ,,_        .    .   ,     ,.
iy continue to ol ...
i-  l- slut- •■  ■ he preset I   la'    deb        thu m enp. ,,,-
i.   .■■■-   ■
il     •  v..naL •      ith  ll t principlei
ol Libei slum    •• elect
i.^.i  thi   righl   : himself u
. .; li late     for    psrli imentai y  lioi
rith   .'  i" ing pe for i mi
I.   •  responsibility     '      .     •
*.■ .   ■  oi the -' a*-'
:'•   ■
women  from  servino   a>   ; hool      "   ■     '   '-''   powi i ,
■ "
-.■c«-.   If bo it ihould W-   smei ded Ids, must decide nt  thi
Hii'.    -i     i      rls in quit' imj - ■        onl field
ont as -hat    "f boys,      and uone ownershi| ,
band;.-    the     i"i .   itionul    interesl I    '"'■   '■'■"'   ':'-'-    ■ ■   me . roll.
,-ir;-  bet tel   lhan   thi   thinking,
reg inl   to  lho  iuten
gressiv,        i en ol  thi   provii  •• a     'usiiiner, oi  ivhether Ilu
. . be .'..-pie ed oi     ;   b.   i I     I   ''•'"  l"1- ■'•
• )l  ' n_uitf"M.
rolled  in   the   lopnlj  ,i
Ihen   .
.   r hoi
IHlVI    It! IK
.  bl rr cl   againfl   Lhe      n
tins  ol     '..•    •   .nt    Vow Zealand h
K*-i rah •".      ■.■   lhi    . ■ w  immigi   li
,jci.   Ii   &.t : tii     to p ... ing a poll '
$S'i0,   ' liinut  novi   t-j  undergo  a  t.
■ A theii  knowledge ol the English lm
guagc    jr.-i   -inee   n.e  lew-  act      can
into oper.iti'.n no Chineso have an
..•J    to     attempt     to lalisfy it-' pi
A bill ii b<'f"!'
Domii ■■   i' ii
ll   '       "I   liiu      lii'il   import! .,   ■ . i'!    '
!' 'inl    out,     '..    pnivtiui   ...„i.a  |„m„|
"'im   i"i  ling   ii,'..  prlvali      enei-sl
'    the;    in.' .■  hoen  doin      ,..   ....
ifeutosi    , .■ i,| ,,.,,.,,  ,v„ | ,„,,     ,       n„„   «„        . , , ,    _|1(J> 	
falling wator.   Il is, he goo   mi  of lho grnatesl     of Uritish    tn,
the only groat unfailing  loin i ,„,,. w-ut down . up ihi
or, aud if n fow mon nvei    ,.. |,.,| ,, i , ■      i    , ,, ,,,
";""""'11^  'I'" »our I powei   ll Im-lnrnlion  foi    ■  ,-uli     rim   Oon
■(ili eventunlly control all indu tn    ,  pari}   undei   Hon   III       Bal
well,   Tin- country,  ho clro-lares,     lm four, U, pod  .,, , iu,  ,|„
""iii'.'.cl political freedom   whal     lhu 'I"   Liberal   ,,, the | lodlon   b
[>eopli   nr« righting for now  i   iuilivi heading oil thu Irish  »    I   i I
■ "  '    \""i,ii.,n given lo commercial
" il   mu i-i ...    f-1, -st ,'i;i-   sample
1     "' "''lery in liritish Col 11 m-
■ 'lo. kim- llppur Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
U'ami u   TO   HUNT   I,,  three
oi' i.'i -  • I in.hii. d house Inun
'     "•   "ii't'i.      Apply   a.    Mail-
I!   i.ihI . ,11  .■
W\ ■ I EIJ    i   pi-ii |,er
^ all" ■  I nsi H . woi k
ippi     \i   ii .x •&
i    Ihis
■ !"   n
Ilii P
■ • ■■£_■' --A■ ■   'A
'■      .   _. Mt^r.
Your 'Xmas Gift
For a Suitable, Sensible nnd
Pleasing Present for Father,
Mother, Brother, Sister or
Friend, there is nothing to
compare wiih a Handsome
Pieoe of Furniture. Wc have a
New Stock.
Cume nnd choose your Xiuiis
R. Howson & Co.
J   The Vernon fire showed the need
{ ef our
The besi safe-guard in which ynu cun invest. Kvery hotel should
lie fitted with these us a mutter of safety^ to occupants, Kvery house
should have one on its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.   Sample on view here.
Revelstoke, B. C.
"H' N \l.l-.   Midi'
""I Ki oi  in. rl in. ,.,.
it   land
ml mil.
Another land of Promise
I'l'iini i   i    ' in   |'i nee ri  nl
■"'li'i'i    III     I   la,
lhi  de. lm uioi    i
'■'"'     ' lllsseli,  a   n.in.11,
Oblnti    ■ lm lm     pent tl
Iriet o|     n J', ,,,   ,,,,.,
if ll it       .—    I il
■' ' ' >>'   l'i".    IL. K nr ih,ii,
••'"    vi>riy'" i' i.ii.ani. ii, v
.-I 'I k-.
I,'"!' SAI.I-,     I-. |   ||,.,,,,.   \\',.,.k
I      I' "i ■  .  ii ■■ a II ding anil In,  Ing
vl if     •  "' i i. .,  inill.   IliM |
kn Vi-i null , .'.. |,i,i
MOH s.\l.l liy , miv.i,. iiJii
I' Household I in,., ihlngs, , D
n«irl ' ii .1. in,', hh St ri . i. ni'iii
Mi Wlhur Ave, Rvi i \ilnug musl bu
bj   I.- ISth Inst,
/ ,I,I.AMM, ii.I \-,....,uu. Hepnlrlng
" nul   I'v g   ninl   Plain   s, wing
\|.|i'v ii.  .Mis.   Cii.k,   | ,| pinR   BliK-C,
lip  'hi.
I.ii ill  III'l.V I      I' iii i ifieii Rontiis  liu
Light  Hiuisekeeping,    Applv -,i I
M.,.1 Herald Offl,.. !"
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 05 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos     Intorest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.'
i o
Scotch   Whisky
Choose Your Brand Carefully.
A Scotch address on the label does not
always mean genuine Scotch Whisky in the
bottle. I here are many brands trading on the
reputation of Scotland s Highlands as a whisky
producing country beyond compare— brands put
up under fictitious names, and wbicli, though
bearing Scotch addresses, never saw Scotland
at all, much Jess the Highlands.
Choose as t/our beverage, a brand with a
reputation back of it.
Watson s Scotch Whtsk-y has been distilled
in tbe Highlands of Scotland since the year
1.815. It is not only a pure, and genuine
Scotch : it ti- a Whisky exceedingly agreeable
lo the palate. Ibis is due primarily to the
fact that wo distil by the old-fashioned Pot
Still method-    slowly, carefully, skilfully-
Moreover, w'e age our Whisky in Sherry
wood ago it for years, until it is thoroughly
matured and mellow to the taste.
Insist     o n
"THREE STAR"    A n.tlJ. iborougbly imtur.J Scotcb
"NO. 10"- -A fulUoJifJ, richly ll.vored Scotck.
JAMBS WATSON & CO., limited  -  Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, May,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate,
T.    ^l._L33E_R,T     ST03ST_E      PEOF.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are   disposing  of   their  entire   Stock   st a
small advance on cost.     It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on    Diamonds
jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Mayoralty and Council
19 10
For  Mayor
dr. j. h. hamilton
Fc >r   Aldermen
maud ont:
walter bews
f.  Mccarty
A.    J.   STONE
Committee Rooms-Selkirk Hall—Open Dally
To the Electorate of Revelstoke
A very large number ol the representative citizens of Revelstoke having requested mc to become a
candidate lor the position of Mayor of Revelstoke, I consented upon the understanding that gentlemen in whom
lhe electors would also have confidence would undertake
to run as Aldermanic candidates, in order to ensure the
election of a Council competent to deal with the serious
situation confronting the City of Revelsloke.
Briefly the object of myself and associates, if
elected, will be :—
lo face the financial situation by obtaining a
complete grasp of the City's finances, and take the citizens
into our confidence by issuing an absolutely correct and
plain statement so that the position will be clear to all,
and then take the necessary steps to restore the credit of
the city.
By the practice of the strictest economy endeavor
to reduce a rate of taxation which is not only becoming a
menace to our own citizen.-, but, which because of ils
most unfavorable comparison with the rale prevailing in
other cities where the assessment is no higher, and where
water, light, and power are al.-o municipally owned, and
other advantages of sewerage, cement sidewalks, etc,
prevail, as in Revelstoke, is at the present time prohibiting the investment of outside capital, despite the fact that
Revelstoke has natural advantages far in excess of those
of other cities. A fairer method of valuation is also a
To give a good, clean, progressive administration which shall command respect throughout the city,
and by restoring confidence on the outside, lay the foundation for that development and prosperity which this'city
has the right to enjoy.
Finally, 1 would add that having been promised
the co-operation of lhe best and most practical men in this
city whose one object is the welfare of Revelstoke regardless of every other consideration, you mav he assured
that the council you are asked to elect are prepared to
give you the administration which the crisis we have
reached demands, and on thai ground the support of
their fellow citizens is solicited.
Faithfully yours,
Central Hole/
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
ICiilniged Mllil luipluVOil,     l-irsl-ClitHs in every rc.i|ii'C.     All lunilcri, wuivctil.-iici _.
Largo Nam pie Koouih.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, H.C.
Christmas Shopping
'oi  iii.' in -i  'im-', -".v - 'I corrospon-
ut (mm  St.  Paul, since tin-     moron
re established at tin- henil     "f   tl"-
Civic Elections
Ai a nicotine held nt tlio t'luli
Monday nighi It was decided tn
up tin.- following candidates for
roming     municipal   olecti
Mississippi there will be no Christmas Dr-  Hamilton;   tldonnon,:  No.1   Ward
.     ,   ,.    ,-    v,    ,..,„,    ,    ' Messrs.   15,  Trimble nml   II,McKinnon
I   !','     Ill-.ll     11,      l,!C     >UL_     >t.      I   .'HI,     -.lU'-'-
There will In- no exhausted clerks   lo
■■Hind ,i •■! ii'-- holiday iv ■; vaiti ,-i
foi |    I,,     :i, , nillllllll.'        -IH'IIL'th    .IL'»ill>l
(he roming weeks work ICverj store
clerk "ill spond Christmas as other
peoplo 'I" nml there will ')'- li" Imii -
,i,i trade :ifter the close "i tlje after-
n»on boforc Christmas. Tho early
i hrlstnias closing movement lm- been
organised nl St, I'anl, li came from
tl,,- people "f ih,- .'iiv ,i- n whole and
,i„' i,mer- nf tie- bii; ime- have Inl-
Iwn in line w,tbo.it argument,
Nu. 2 Ward, Messrs. I-. McCarty and
IV, Hows; N". :i Ward, Messrs, XX. Cow-
an  and  \V.   Ahrnhauisoii.
Requirements of District Discussed with Hon. T. Taylor
The monthly meeting \\;is held at
tin- City Hull <>n Monday Mr. W. M.
Lawrence, president, in the chair,
Vancouver Hoard of Trade enclosing
rirHolution urging government to provide in their agreement witli Canadian
Northern railway that ratea shall not
exceed 5 per cent of the rates charged
by tho company on any other portion
of their system in Canada, and auk -
Ing Hoard's endorsation of sumo.
Itenolvod, on motion nf .Mr. Morris,
seconded by Mr. Alien, that the resolution of the Vancouver Board be endorsed and copy of resolution be sent
to  the Premier.
A. ,1. Milwurd, Brockville, Om.. asking information re fruit lands at
Kovoltitoke. Information to be supplied
j W. II. I.unigun, C, P. K. freight tie-
partniont, advising Mr. Bowes, freight
ageut at Vancouver, would meet board
'and go into question of rato«. Rosol*
ved on motion of Mr. Lindmark, seconded by Mr. Slbbald, that Ulegt' on
be acknowledged, thut Mr. Howes b«
advised the Board will be glad to
meet  him  on matter mentioned by Mr
! Lailigan, nnd thnt Mr. A. II. Allen,
managor of Hank of Commerce, he fully accredited by the Hoard to "i.or
view and arrange with eastern wunlc •
sale houses and C P. R. officials re
matters that, have been uuder negotia-
1 tion with  tho. board.
VeL-on Board of Trade re eonferonce
on zinc problem. Resolved on motion
of Mr. landmark, seconded by Mr.
Morris, that tie' imitation be acknowledged and that the objects of the
conference have the support of thu
| G. A. Muller, German Con <il nt
Montreal, requesting support of '• ird
in promoting trade bewteen Canada
and Germany, Resolved on motion of
Mr. Allen, seconded by Mr, Sibbald, t-
roph thai mattei does nol con-.-jm
this Hoard.
i Desbarats Advertising Agency it
booklot thej are issuing. On motion
of Mr. Hagar, seconded b> Mr. Lind *
mark,   Resolved   to   contribute   850.00
towards cost nf ,~, » copies to be *tj-
plied in conjunction with  loe.il   u' U'
I'I lil.•■ ' . Y . - Ml
Mr. Allen handed in uluquu for &5jU
collected on account of publicity fund.
Resolved on motion of Mr. Hagar, seconded by Mr. landmark, That amount
be paid to eredil of trust account for
purpose for which it was raised, with
Canadian Hank of Commerce, • ':d that
11. Cunningham Morris be appointed
to look afler balance of contribution,
lind in uonjuuulion with Publicity
Committee, to arrange for publication of proposed illustrated booklet
advertising eity and district.
Mr. Lindmark brought up tho matter of oncroaohmont of tbo Columbia
river at Wing Chung's place north of
the C. P. 1*. bridge, and it was resolved, ou motion of Mr. Lindmark, seconded by Mr. Allen, Tliat tho Hoard
communicate with tho provincial Gov-
vernment pointing out the damage
done last summer and the necessity of
steps being taken to protect the river
bank against further encrouchmont before the road is  washed away.
Hon. T. Taylor, Minister of Public
Works, then waited on tbe Hoard, accompanied by  K. Gordon, Government
'Agent, to discuss with them the public requirements of the distiict; and
the mutters of road from head of navigation to Goldstream in Big Bond, tho
Greely Creek  road, a  now  court house
'building und  registry  ollice  for   Revel-
'stoke, nud protection of river bank
north of C. P. H. bridge, were dis -
cussed with him.
Hon. Mr. Taylor suid he had not
received advice ol this matter till it
was too late to send an engineer over
the ground to report on the cost.
Mr. .Sibbuld said a good deal of the
work could be done for $1000 a mile.
Mr. Taylor said the distauce was 1^
miles. That meant $18,000, and if it
would cost, us some estimated, 9*2000
u mile that was a very lurge sum to
ask the Government for in connection
with Other works, mid thoy could not
take thom ull Up. He thought it was
up to the mine owners and holders of
timber licenses in   the  Hig  Bond  to put
up u considerable amount of the cost
of  thut   work,      as   they   would  derive
the benelit  from   il.    it   wus   n      que-.
lion whether il was not  belter to have
the  money  spent  in  opeiiing  up        the
territory immediately adjacent to Revolstoke by loads instead of undertaking   sueh   works   iu   the   Big   Bond       at
It was poi tiled onl the opening np
of tho country to the north would bo
of great   value  to  Revelstoke and home
toaA^ about Reveh*teta and to the
south, it would !«• impossible to take
up  all   these  works  at   the  sume time.
It   was   »   question        whieh      were        the
niont important work- to !*■ undertaken and carry thoso out.
Regarding tie- protection of the riv -
er liank, thut was a tnetter in which
the Dominion 'Iovernment should assist, and ns to tho roud above Downie
Creek if the Dominion Government put
in the tramway which had been proposed and which il was their duty to
provide, he understood tliat would
solve the difficulties of transportation
into  that section of country.
As  regarded  the  lutul  registry  ofllce,
Synopsis of Canediin Homestead Regulations
ANV a ■ ,i ..ii..!* J h .iniiii.'t. l..i . -■ wit h.ii tbn
Railway Hell ta British Columbia, mar
lAi i.i'u.f-.. ti'i^'l hy aii? per»oQ who it the nolo
head of h family, or aoy male ot«t Jl yoarsof
age, to lho eiteut'if iine-Mimrt^r section of 160
acres more or Ien.
Eutrj mutt l^e made persotmii] at the local
land otlice for the di-tnci in which the land U
sittiHte: Entry by proxy may. however, be
made ou certain rood It ions by the father,
Sother. sou. daughter, brother or litter Of au
iDtendiOK homc.-teader.
Tlie Uome-teader U required io perform tbr
condition- connected therewith under one of
the followiug plans ■
tl;   At .'-«•: mi moothe' residence Q)>on tod
that depended      on     the  arrangements   cultivation of the laud io each year for three
which would be made by tbe attorney-
The secretary handed Mr. I'ay lor the
correspondence from the premier and
attorney-general on tliese points, and
the minister said he was already aware
of what had been done in  the matter.
Ou motion of Mr, Haggen. seconded
by Mr. Allen, a vote of thanks was
accorded Mr, Taylor for his courtesy
iu meeting tho Board in connection
with   these matters.
.2; If the father .or mother, ,f the f.«tl.,-r..
deceased) of the .'.o___asi.-a.ier i-v-ldea apon a
fiirm in the vicinity ut the .ai,,i euti-red for, lhe
requirement- M tu relidenca nmy I-,- .^atL-f'.eo
by ^ich !_er-on reridin« with tho father nr
Ill If the saltier bu his i.v, n.,,:.».i,'. residence
upon farming land owned by him in the viciu-
it) uf bis :..._,.,.■:.-..,1 the requirements a* u>
rMldenOQ may be -Hlisfit-d b> residence upon
the said land.
Sis months Dotlca lu writing should be aiien
u, tho ' ,.rnii, ; . : ... of ... u. I..,,;, Land;, at
' Hi <i. of intentiua t" apply Col patent,
L'oiy.. Coal minin.' right, may ■■■• leased for
a periu.l of tweittj one year, at au annual
rental of, $1 par acre. Nol more than 2 'aa
acres shall be leased to oue tudi,ideal or
rompauy. A royalty at the rate uf fire .,».„,.
14, ton .hal) be i'..l;ertod on tha marchanlabla
ooal mined.
w, tt. com,
I.'oputy uf tl.o ai,in.t.i of the Inter...
N M, I nanlnor.zed publualion of this ad
TBrtiEament will not bo oaid fur.
Tho mioimily uf stoudily i-iniug tlt-pu-
nitH, togothi-r with the very native
inifiiniwH, still continues mid bankers
us muoh an any ouu else lire pu/ztal
hy tho unparalleled Ktu^1-1^ 'n these
savings. The piling up of money, of
course, proves the wealth ol the country nt the present time but to n considerable extent thoy nre the expres -
sion of ilm country's credit or its ability to attruct capital. At no time
has there been -.,_. much money brought
into this country as at present. That
is possibly tin- grea,  reason why funds   north, theuce 2t) cbains  east; theuce
Revelstoke Land Dislriot,
Distiict ol West Kootenay,
Take Nolice lhat I, M. K. UtWSon,
of Kevelslnke, housekeeper, inl«nd lo
apply lui pel mission lu purchase the
followiug described lands:
Commencing at a pom planted at tbe
smith east coiner ol l.ul N.tjbS, and
marked "M. K. Lawsou's North-west
Corner I'osi' : Uience IU chaina soutb;
tlience -to chains wesi. tbenee 'Al chaina
are piling up in lhe bauks in hpite of
the heavy absorption of capital by
commercial enterprises, lhe other con
tributing factor has been the fact that
as yet those who have been the savers
have not been oni'ried away by ,i sp.-. -
illative mania.
An eastern paper remarks: "It is
stated that Sterling & Compuny, the
London Bankers, who aro largely iu-
tereated in Cauadiau securities, have
purchased Molsons buuk stock to the
'-xtont of ovor  a  million  dollars "   As
throwiug light ou this investment, Mr.
I'.dg.ir, of ilm Sterling banking house,
ot Londou, Lnglaud, told an eastern
paper: "The Britisher," said Mr. Edgar, who huH been accustomed 'o
place his available funds in Uritish securities, has come to see that while
ihese are solid enough, there is no
great future for them. Ile has uIko
come to seo thul lii.s money invested
in Canadian securities brings bim a
good return with the additional prospect uf nu increase, owing to thu
phenomenal growth of Canada. That
is what is taking place, and it wus
bound   to come.   'Ihere is  no      doubt
20chains north to line of Lot 8,tXft_:
thence along said line to place of commencement
Dated Uutobel 18th, i'MV.
.Nov. 17 tf.    MINNlfc K. LAWSON.
Revelstoke Land Dial tic i
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice that Roderick WlUlaiii
Lindsay, ot Ferguson, B.O,,occupation
merchant, intends io apply for permission to puiehase the following
described land;
Commeuciug at a post planted on
east boundary hue oi I ,.t .'M> abuut
lo chains norlli uf aoulli-easl cornet- ot
said Inl, lbeuce east 20 chains, theme
north 20 cbaius. ihence west 20 chaina,
Ihence south 'A' chains lo point ol
Dated Oct. lib,  IU0O.
Alexander M, Kay,
oc Su Agent for it. VV. Lindsay,
Hevclsiuke l^ml District.
District uf West Kootenay.
Take nulice Uial Walter 1'. t onlarr,
oi Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
( printer, intends lo apply lor permis-
that all good Canadian securities are ; Bion to pin-chase the following describ-
hound to greatly rise in value. ed land:
.    , Uommencing   at   a   post planted at
"A good illustration of this u     lur-   th(.   reentrant   suulii-webt   rorner ol
nished," .ontiuued Mr.   Ldgar,    "in lhe   Lot 707U; ihence west l,J chains; Ihence
demtiud in Kimland for Canadian bank south 40 chains; tbeuce eaat 40 chains:
■* I ,_,___.__.   .._-..., 1.    _ll, ntialn.   ,.,    ,1,,.   ....,.,,   .,,
shares.   We    vendors  of Canada s  se -
curities have iH-en constantly assuring
th- British capitalist of
ue of your     bank
solid val-
tocks. Before 1
cume to Canada a number of jobbers
signified their anxiety to securv u
block of shares from some Canadian
bunk. 1 presented their case to Molsons ou arrival, and told them that 1
could dispose of a block of live thoiis-
I null shares, valued roughly al a mil -
linn dollars, if they could provide it.
I'he directors look kindly upon tbe
proposition, and the matter will ooun
come befoie the shareholders   <.i     ihe
theuce north lu cbains to lh,- poiut ol
commencement, and containing 180
acres, more or less.
Date Sept. 27tb, UM'.
ocSu      U Ai.TKIt I'. CO.M'AltR.
llevelsloke Laud  District,
Dislricl of West Kooteuay.
Take notice tbat Annie Louisa Ooju
Ian, of Union town, Pennsylvania, I".
s.a., occupation mai lied woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following desorlbed haul:
Commencing  at   a  post piaut.il at
the   BOUtU-west   coiner   of   Lot   7W;
thence south 20 chains; tbenoe east itO
l .it of tho Britisher to secure control   chains: tlience south 20 cliains: tbenoe
, ., .    ,      ,      ,,        u     I i  .i      ,    li,     east 10 chains: Ibence uoith 10 chains;
of this bank.   Bui should  the stock be   lhencl. „ea   ,„, chaJDS   ,„ tht. ,H)illl ,„
issued-the result will be that a million   commencement   and    containing   -J0O
dollars  of   new  capital  will   have come   acres more ol less,
into  lhe cuuntry.
liank.   There    is    no attempt uu      the
.Molsons  Bank shares  have shown    a
sharp   rise,   making   the remarkable
gain ot 15 points, but whether it is
due io this uew Investment of British
cupilal ill the slock of the buuk or to
other cungratulary cir< umslouces tu
w hich the public are uol wise we are
unable to suy.
The   Cuuudian     Bank  ol     Lununt-rce
uuuuul statement to 30th November is
Date. September ^'7th, 1000.
Hit,     and
For people who use milk it is Vi'iy
important that they should iusist upon having a certificate fromauunlifletl
veterinarian that the cows which pin-
dine il are free from Tuberculosis and
net prouia ior  the all other disease genus
year, after providing for all  bud and .                    ...
'          r         m |( ti calculated that over 50 p.c. "I
doubtful debts, nt   91,610,695.86. lhe the cows In B. O. are more or less , f.
deposits are )120t4b6l07b,0tj,  and the fueled with Tuberculosis, and a family
assets total no le-- than |14ti,9V8,482-
tio, showing the bank to be iu a Very
flourishing condition,
New Buildings
iu coveied   bottles.     bpecial   milk   in
hall pint Isiltles for babiea.
T. Lewis   City Sanitary Dairy
Prospector Murdered
Toronto, De,-. II. News reached here
..f a murder near Rnglahai't, The victim was Percy Parkinson, nf Ex I or,
Kngland,  aged 20,  who was allot      by
Walter Ross nf Somersetshire, Kngland. The two and a third pany wen-
interested in a milling claim und quart-oiled over the story ilm, Parkinson
ami lho third   pain  wer inspiring
to freeze out   Hoss.
stops ought in be taken to secure
transportation between Tele .laune
Cache nud Cutioo river so thai llevelsloke being lh.' nearest puinl mi th.
main lino uf the C. I'. li. In Ilu-,.
works, shuuld gel its due share nf
tin- benelit derived frum the Irudc
which would be dovoloped in coniiee-
lion with  these  works.
Mr. Taylor said he had just been
engaged thnl afternoon with „ mooting of .ili/cii- regarding the works
lli.it should be .iiiilertiiki'ii. nml if they
weie in have a 1100,000 oourVhotiso,
.ud (30,000 to $40,000 expended     on
which Is now in lowu lost one of I hen
children through milk fiom « .,.«
affected with tuberculosis.    But  por-
hap- the wurst feature nf these germs
is tbat tiny remain in the human system foi at least la years and then, under favorable citciiiusfances. dervlnp
disease and ilea' I,
Hue of  tho     new  btlilduigs in   town       Our OOWS «W «U Certlfled to   be   free
Uiis year  is  tho     Une big cigar  store   fiinn all disease.    We sell  olsan  milk
creeled  on   1st  street   by  Buy   .-smythe,
the building measures 60 ft. by 24   ft.
lhe gruuud     tluui      room being  1'^ fl.
high   and   the  upper   sluroy   lU  It.     I he
stnre itnolf is ui ample proportions,
containing counters, shelving, show
cases etc., and three pool and billiard
tables. The interior is lined with high
grade native clem cedar. Two lurg,,
plate glass wiudows give excellent display for ilocorativo dressing, lhe up •
per storey will bo fitted up as a library  and  reading room. An sXCSllont
stock of first-olass tobaccos,     cigars,
cigarettes, pipes ,md -ranker'- supplies, iis well a- candies, is always
Mr   Smythe    reports     si. excellent
year's business and belore long intends
Ui make some further improvements tn
the building.
Mannfactnred for all ela.se, uf   hmMim,
fur »«lt in Ur«t"nr a_m_all guauiititt
ni tht ..>»•.: prlcM fnr ttn.
ill 1I1M1 of bail'Jin* «ud pit it ID D|
trails and bridges were nocessary   all Robinson    proposed     "The Dominion
over the province, bul  although      the Parliament     and    Provincial Logisla-
treatment  accorded  the different      dis- tin,.."  and  in  In-  remarks   Mr.      Itoh-
Iricti   would be generous it  would   be iimon loroshudowed  lhu possible change
uily fair.    "The worki   tiro   del   Wo ,,i  Promier  McBride's  sphere  ol nctivi-
..   ih. y, and  we propose  to tun from  the provincial   to  lhe ledoral
Itio them."    "We will npptoprialo more urenn,
'ii >   lor  development   purposes      in |n  |v|i|.    [.,.,.„,;,,,   M,-}'., i,I,,    who  was
, HUU  than  in  any oilier three year-   in p.1Vi,iv(,1|   'witll   ,|,..,f,.„i„L.   applause,   ill-
the  history nl  the  prnvin.-e." L^   |n   _h|i greal   „,,,.,.   ,,,„„,  bj   Sl|.
Aiier expressing his belief in  ''"'.""" ' ,],,|„,   \    Miicdoiuiltl.    lie  paid   tribute
'   K     ''     'V   tice rn' the province's claim for  better tQ .,_,, ,,,,„   ,,   s   ||,.|„„.|,,.„, „(    Vic-
\    A    ■ .   .   Kui       ips,   Friday  morn     ,,.,-,„..  .,,„|  thoir  righ,   lo logisluto   on ^..^   ,,,„. ,,,■  ,|M. [utljern "f i-oiifedcra-
.-.  thi                     being    lhe .inn.ml   ihe matter of Asiatic labor, tho prom- |inn    |je ,,.1V1. (llM. ,,,.,,,|'|t  ,,, ,|„, ,..,[,,.,.
lh,    British  Columbia   i«     :'^'"1   ""''-v     l"lV0 "" '""   ,'1" bilitins  uf  Sir Wilfrid   Laurier.   Uofoi-
■    Wsoeiation. -""" libe7" ;Mcd, "S "" Jf0.^  ii«U  >" ■'■ mil policy ol lhe domin-
rnments of Natal and Australia have. |.nn      vorl|monl  ,„, lip|n.OVed of the un-
Iddress by the Premier-Election ot Officers
Inland Sel    i el i.
.■  i .
-    :: e
nvei '
M    w   idworth,  the      presideu,
far lli
d nf Cumula
' j\Ve  inu-i      face  the  task ol educating i lU)n  l|lk(]n  ......  1,,„.,,.kc„|   ,■„.,,. sp0HU-
■•■ proceeding     bj      appointing   ,,„, ,..,.„.,., liticians to the fact that j.^ (o|, „10 pl.ovil)(,0 o[ Bi-itisli Colin
immittees on  credentials  and   resoiu
both    I whicl       inmenceil     their
labors   i,  ■
.llir.'.r   l; .bio llll I'iul   'I"
i an I  : fev    veil chosen   vortl
■.: - -j . : • ■ loleg ;■■ - to Kuinl " I- ■
'Th, kcyi 'I the i ity were lu i lo' p
„g ..■ .. .id, bui " - .' gi' •■ -■ '"i
those of thi    •'■ ■"   h ."'1 all   tho
Tie    ;I >i     I      -.   faj lor,  miuistei   ul
ihe     Asiatic     question  is no,
,„„..    h   is   a   national   one.   We    no.-.   ^ l.l,„l.l,n„,,|j  ,,,,
have a while province, n whilo     Can-   ,„,„.),;•  „  sonti„u.|,t   thai   elicited hoar-
adii, a while umpire." ,v :,,,,,,, ,v.-l 1.   The premiei   made many
Hie premier's  address was attentive- L.^,.^,,.^   , -, ^ ;M. i:,l  ulTuirs,      pasl
ly  listened  to throughoiil   antl created   .,.._,...,..,  ,,,„,    ,-,,t,,,-,..    and gave uttor •
ii  gruul   impression  on   the convention |ttMc   _m  m.M      .,„,„„„,„,.  t|m(   highly
Viler the adoption "I tl"' secretary s
■ ,rks,  wns  then introduced and  after  somowhal   lengthy   reporl   the  remain-
i der nf the  ••■-. ion wus occupied     with
e\pressinc hie  pleasure  in  seeing     -<.'
1 b tho election ol ollicers with tbe follow-
many representative men oi the     pro- !. ,
_-. ■ i ,      iug  resllll-
vince   present   as   Conservative       dole-      ,,
,,,,,.        Prosi,
ami he was  the recipient ol I vn I   plo(lget] |lils Blu|jellce.   One ol ihese was
.,.  he resumed hi- sen, wjt]) regj ,    ,,,   ,|„, p|.0j-i0Hccl provin-
lh..   treasurer's   and   secretary's    re- l,iu]     ttnivoraity.   Tbe commission   tho
ports  were submitted and  adopted.         .,„„,„„„,„,   had   promisod   to  appoint
ELECTION or nlTUKKS. |(i ^     _. bU(,   w„u|c|   __  ,„.     ,_,
^aies went on
to thank  them lor their
at the recent elections.    "Hud it      not
leni-H.  I'. Croon, Victoria.
Firs,     vice-president -W.    Vi,   FoBtOf,
been for the Dominion Government pa- j,,
i    Second vice-president-'I.  Williamson,
troiiBge used so effectively in Esqui
m&lt aDd Alberni there would not have
been a Liberal member in the house."
This was the way Mr. Taylor oxploiu-
eil the loss of these two Beatti.
Jus, i:- thia »tatemei ' '-' ' made lhe
Pn »-...• entered tin hall md for a few
mir.-j-.--' thi itioj he received wns
deafening. The minister of works
-i ound ii] ■ irk.- I.y inviting the
delegates in Bevelstoke, where. ho
promised lo in luce to un independent   -andidate.
rhe Premiei was then called upon to
addre     I hi    oi ■ enti in and wa'      re ■
"l".-i  wi ■ h  musi         I •   cl r-  and
, tigei He stated that Ihe reception
he received « . Mil; .in form of approval of the polie- which hud carried tlie ('onsen al ive pai ly 1
two ivi •..- if il. onsidered that il
■ • .-  •-.  ' .. •  i       membei      of  the
government I ittend onveutions as
il a ; : it' ■: he k upon the free
::■   issioi   ol  "    (ten   upon  « Inch    the
ibine,   invited   i-rilii ism     lie  cxpr	
ed his    I ■ u tfel,      tlmiiki   foi   the help
given  him      by   the  different   loeul   oi
_ iui atious  duriiii    lhe eli ctions,    aud
ift, •     givinii    l\ in    op.,   i    ii   industrial  and commercial  centre   n      j I
word said he thought uo othei part ui
th, : i ■■ ii ... . iid benelit -., materially trom the resull ol the railway pol-
icy. "The well I cine of the province
'■'• is      lin      ucentivi      lo work  whii h
Troasurer—H. I Edmonds, New
LxecutiveCommitt,.,'.—Vale • Cariboo
—T. Swoeuey; Vancouver, J. J Mil ■
ler; Victoria. E. Lensou: Nanaimo. E,
A. l'luiita; Skeena, If. Doyle; Kooteuav, H'. Irving; New Westminster, XX.
N   ''arty.
lin- morning the delegates ns-
sembletl nl ten o'clock and the resolutions committee handed in theii report, which wns considered and adopted, among them being the usual one
expressing confidence in the leadership
of U I.. Borden and Ilon. IL McBride,
tho latter resolution congratulating
the premiei' on (he reccn, victory; one
advocating imperial defence; others on
better  lerius,  government  ownership of
telephones,  exclu: i I   Asiatic  labor,
etc    i in,. ..i  Hie in.,-I   priielieal  ul   the
several  resolutions offered was submitted   b\    Mayor   li..bin-.ai   and   vignroi!
li   -c..nded  by   IC.   A    Pliintn  of  Nun- ;    Mn
.in.",  urging  the go\-oriunen1  '-•     im-jaiioi
work and tho govcrumont would .--iv..
to this pioi ine ii university, with
such an ellicieut staff, that il "ill nol
tuke second pluce to cither McGill or
Toronto, and whoso degrees would
huve world-wide acknowledgement. In
happy vein 'he premier acknowledged
the warm welcome given him and other visitors in Kamloops unr'. wns
greeted with another outburst ol enthusiasm  as he resumed his seal.
Hon. Tbo.-. Taylor also replied lo
the toast.
A. Sullivan, who i- gifted with a
magnificent voice, smig n couple of
sea -o,in- in oxeollcul style an.I mightily pleased everybody.
The i.i.i-i ol "British Columbia Conservative Association" was given by
P. Conway in an appropriate speech,
C,  M. \X Iworih replying.
Mi. Monin, and F. S'ewsum contributed songs, autl the lus, toast, "Our
Ctllosts," liy the chairman, was responded   i"   In    |{.    F.   fir i   and       11.
Helmcken. More songs by Messrs.
I'en/.'i, Macbeth and linuan. all being
encored vociferously, brotigh, a very
ple.'tsanl fe-li\'i.\ ... nn end about
half pas,   one,
Music Hath Charms
persons   having  musical   inclin-
nd ha\ Jul'  purchased „ cerlaiu
medintelj   eslablish  n   hospital   foi the Iclass of stringed iuslriimenl  a-  well us
are of advanced eases of liiberciilosis. In course of  HI lessons [rn  n -mall -nn.
\fter a keoi ulesi, Nelson  was de-  are  now   bewailini!   iheir  fate  and   are
eled upon as il eM  pla.e of     lhe Iwiiitiiiu fm  the lessons Hint «ill never
miuiil coiivoiilion. |„,  tniigh,     Mr   and   Mrs,   Silver,  who
THK   UAXQl II ■  ive been      doinu  a   thriving  business
Never before has  there been  such    u  recently  in musical  instruments among
largely  attended  banquet  held  in    ihis  a i-retlulou    Bevelstoke publie, blowing
city a- that which drew togethei      in [in from     Kamloops. and    offering    a
the  Is. \l    .v      \.       \.  Imll  over  Ihreojgrenl   >',. _■....    in   i,,-,.   ,„„ j  ,',„,,
hundred     men     from all  part-  of t he j lesson*   on      puiehiise  of   theii   instru •
province       till  lhe visiting     delegates  meats,  have  disappeared  wiil i   fu] .
"     "■'   "  '"'■>'■   |«nd  several  well   known   Liberals    and |lillin«   lliei,    „'•„'.■,*     „„l   ,,,-e      „,,»
1 '        ;••     -nd party next   Conservatives were the guests    ..f   ,he 'w.-ll .„,  ,h, v ,„ „ ',„,,.,
wa, the Conservauve watchword."        k.cal Conservatives, and as hosts  the   luintiii, ,,„      .,,' ..
He      though,      that  with   lho  party    latter  fulfilled   iheir  duties  with   imi..-   teach  the publi.  "
strength      ,-  i,    w. -  thi   government   ite credit  to ihcmselves, h ,
■"■'■■ ■'     ' '"  mor,      rueful thnn      II..- mombe.-elec,  fm   Ka
they would  if th, y hud        mallei  ma
irity but      . ...    ,■  the thirty
eight  C      ■ was a guarai ■■ ■
'he'-  good govi ■■ .        could bt
"'• d,     ;   - ■ ■ .     ■ ....-     H,.  ,,,,,
mised    ,.':- ..       .,   .,,,,      _ |
1,w-    ind   sub ' vntial   development.
The ;',:• mier tin        ent an to uutliue
" '   : ' '-': "       '        ' miiiL    ession
The  railw i;      __ .„   ,;,_,
I   ' eady 1 -   ,.-.,..,      -,,,...
thl   '      '        ■   ' '   " of "The   Kini      bein'g'prol
fmloops,    .1    .,„.   u,,,,.  |-mw| m   ..,,, (,ostH  , lU
1     M'^'    ■ '   !h"  '',ini''   "^   ''"      f'U         . he  ci,      Iv   '...
""■'■' M.'Bnd.. hnd  lhe sea,  ol Imnoi at   \„ ■ \, .
hi.-  right.     Vmnng   I lie  othei the
■■ ft    .''  the   luiirman  wen   Hun     i
1 ] ""'•'•> "eimcke,,, Insurance frauds
Vmple justice wa    .... ....     !,,.     ||    | |„.„,
before ilie bunq, i
itmosplieie      wel "■'"'■,l
-moki .   .,..1   Lr|ii    i,!'. I
the  toas,   I,-.   wa    entered  u . .
me bel . chairman,
1   -"'     !;" Coinpanii     Vet was      , ... :. kiug    ... _   h     ',    I',
amended     and ■     i        . ,j     and   ll,.. .    thusiusti   ■
,:;""' :'     ' '"hi ll,     ;.'..',-..    t|„,    ,„,,„,,     ,|m,
" '     ■-        '        'rplu   "; s.V       ■  'i,     '       .   .   .
iwVl and    ...  "•      timi    th.   house me,    ,..,! Mr.  IVn/e,
•    'Id   havi    i", "..ii ......      . the ...
Th:-  fa. ■   wo dd   nu ■'        rp idius, -	
of -h.   revenue lawi
Steamer Wrecked
Publi.   worka   in     he
In  a      ... ,'i '.I
The logger'   work in 8lr«nuoiiH   mijrhl    ttri'i i
class of  ,vor!.   .vliertt utrenKth  is rwiuirctl   n      m       As a
shoo breaki   'I lho A,-:ik,'.-i  point, a good Iokkom'shoo inusl
bo strong thi  - "Iniiii.    ll is no use to make it   < <'■■.   olid tolo
antl wc ik  .. |i  •   go ..I lt,athnr i   ■ leio i with pom'
ship, ami fro      nd to nnd, from Lho lit" I pep lo
ihoro musl \<     horoughnoss in  Iho mako-up ol ..
hoot. The /. .ies-Holden hggors' boots aro lui . i (his
way no tliiv' no fluke, They are mad,- for lho man who
wants aervic i*or tho man who bucks tho line hard for lho
man   >\'ho do       hings   in fncl ihey were made for you.
If you n-     a logger's boot, ask for the AMES-HOLDEN.
mt} ..■' J ■■ a ■   ^a.    vi    •    SwjSf »,-»«
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock §f printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cJTWenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cXccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms -  Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
Christmas Gift Suggestions
The useful is combined with the ornamental in the splendid array of Holiday-
merchandise which we are showing for the Christmas trade. Useful gifts are
always the most appreciated by your friends. We have "Just the things"
you want. Now is the time to select your gifts when lines are complete.
Come in and examine our stock. We can suit you both in price and quality.
Look over this list, it will help you when you come to do your shopping.
OILVERWARE that's the
nearest thing to soli J
•ilvcr—wear, fur years, is
rich in design - thai s Standard Silverware. You II
know it by this trade-mark.
Its wearing  qualities  are
absolutely guaranteed.
Yon II   like  it  as soon   as   you sec   it,  (or  the   design, are
It's the kind of plate tbat wears well and the kind of design
you never tire of.
We ve  just  received  some   of   the  latest   Standard   Silver
designs and we would like to show tbem to you.
Will  you  call  in?
Round Trays $2, 3.25, $5, $6
Oblong Trays. $10, 12.50 j
Man's Besi Friend A Safety Razor
All the new Gillette Models in Gun Metal. Silver and Gold Cases
The Autostrap and Arnold's Fountain Safety at $5.   Clauss Safety in
leatherette cases at $2 50: The Ever Ready $1: Christy Hoe Razor $1
Shavewell Safety Razor 35c: and The Marvel at 25c.
A Christmas Gift
of Silverware
We would like you to sec our Christmas diaplay of
silverware. We bave sonic very handsome pieces and
sets in the very newest designs—and tbey are plated to
last  lor  years.
See tins display now. We
are sure it will help you
set lie the Christmas gift
This handsome set with tray
Fish Sefc
In   Leatherette chips, Bilk-lined; silver-plated blades and
pearl handles,   Makes u handsome  present, at
$7.50 a case.
Children's Knife, Fork and Spoon Sets 50c.
In Leatherette
Cases, plated
Pearl Handles
'UB,■■'... '"•"j!1/
M«_^_^____J**iifitfc \ «(i
fti*\W^^<, ,^Pf^P7?'5^^^^r * - - -    11
•|lfa«^»i '-"r'"1" ' i 'Z^'^x/'^HI
In Leatherette
Cases,   plated
Pearl Handles
Skates !    Skates!
A very acceptable present ul tbis season
is a handsome pair of skates. We keep
them in all makes, shapes and sizes. We
cun lit the child of 7 to the man with
tbe larae feet.
Snow Sh
A good present at tbis seaBUii. We have
tbe heavy Rooky Mountain pattern at $5
Men's Club Shoe at $1, and tho Ladies
Club Shoe at $3.50. No barm to look
tbem over.
Carving Sets
We have three-piece .-etc, in   Buekhorii or Bone Handle.
guaranteed finest  quality   steel, in   handsome plush-lined
cases.    An appropriate and seasonable gift ai
$4.50, 5.00, 6.00, 6.50,  7.00 to 15.00
Boys' Tool Chests
We bave the sets in a small box for the
very small boy and we bave better sets for
the larger boys, antl we have sets that every
household Bhould have wilh good tools in
them from 35 cents to $(>
Ladies'   Companions
We have a small assortment of this line
that we got from a traveller's samples, got
them at cost. Selling at #1 26, 1.60, 2.50, $4
Electric Goods
If you want to please the Old Folks give
them a nice portable Electric Lamp or a
new Chandelier for the sitting room. Come
and make a selection. We have some
beauties with silk shades at $•"> and $3.50:
some with fancy domes from $1.50 to 13.50
Burnished Brass Chandeliers in 2, 3, and
-I light at from $8 to $15, oompiete with
ehades and lamps.
THERE'S nothing so acceptable lor a wedding
gift as a piece of silverware.
Of course, you must be sure
that it will wear well. The
absolute certainty of long
wear i. assured when
you see this
trade mark.
That means tbe best silverware made. Rich in design,
perfect in workmanship, and
plated  to  last  a  lifetime.
Call in and we'll show
you .ome ol the latest designs in Standard Silver.
Berry Dishes
$4.oo to $7.oo each
Rich, Sparkling Cut Glass
There is nothing you can give a lady that will
please her moro than a handsome piece of cul
glass. We offer you Ibis season the best selections of the world's markets, in beautiful designs
Rifles     Rifles
What will please the buy belter than a '22
Rille'.' Ask him ! We have them in various
styles and makes at    $3, tl. $'4.66, $8.50,$12.50
Glass L
To your friends on the Farm a Lamp is very
acceptable, and we can give   yon  a   beauty   for
si, $1.^5, 91.50, $2.00, $2.60, $3.25
This Handsome Water Carafe Only $6.50
Here we give another illustration of one of our
numerous cut glass dishes. Note the exquisite
design. Therein something superior about our
cut glass—a distinctiveness which fascinales.
"i® &■■■ '-:/#MK>,fi*8_ i'-J
WMM r % V'-feW/'
Look at this gem. only $4.50
Glass Water Sets
The   popularity   ol   this   line  last  season
induced us to offer them again this year.
Colored   Pitchers   and   Six   Tumblers  at
prices ranging from $1 '25 to $2 Per Set
Covered Glass Cheese   Dishes,  New and
Handsome "5c
Four-Piece Table Set, comprising 1 Sugar,
('ream, Butter aud Simon Dish at
S1.00 and $1.50 Per Set
Vinegar   Bottles.    Ketchup   Bottles    and
I'ickle .lars at      '-'5c eaeh
Flat Ware
Here is where we shine. We certaiuly can
show yuu a stock to select from that will
astonish you. Knives. Forks and Spoons
in all tbe best makes. Rogers' 1S47, Wallace 18155, Roger Bros.. Meriden and English goods. Oueida. 25 years' guarantee.
Fruit Knives in Cases. Pearl and Ivory
Handled. Butter Knives in Tearl, Ivor
ami Stag Handles, Sugar Shells in silver
and gold. Pickle Forks, Nut Cracks and
Picks.    Pie Knives.    Berry Spoons, Cadlej.
Nice Chmaware
There is nothing mon- suitable, more highly
appreciated nnd more of,en shown to fri,-nils
than a good piece of China.
We have a selection here that is second to
none in the province. We are Bhowing tbe verj
latest designs In Crown Derby, Coalport, Royal
Worcester, Copeland's    I   Aynslcy.   nnd   in  a
Royal I),mlton W6 have all tbe favorite piece-.
Clinching Scenes. Biiyeaux Tape-try. Knight!
in Armor antl many oilu-is In Wedgwood we
are showing an entirely new line, just tbe tine
when you want a sinule plate for your plate
rack.    Prices ranging from 60c up
Laivrence Hardware Company
Do Your Christmas Shopping Early. Do It Here. Do It Now
We have a beautiful Assortment of the
Famous LIBBEV Cut
Class. Salt Dishes. Bon
Bons, Salads. Nappies..
Candlesticks, Water Sets,
Knife Rests, Sherry Seta,
Cream and Sug-ais. Cake
Plates, Celery Disha,
Whiskey Sets.   Vase*.
Water Bottles, etc. TIIE MAIL-HERALD REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Miner Tries to Kill Socialist
Dominion Parliament
Nelson tie 10 liecausi ;"" uar,
ridge, in . • missed Ure, Frank
Phillip. 1= ,.livl- today, aud Josopli
H'uou 1= in iho police cells awaiting
his uml for attempted murder, instead i-i tho gravest crime on tho .-ul
gun  to  Phillipi
i    Ottawa,  Dec.   10.   Mr   Vorville's  bill      Pittsbura
Ito enforce un eight-hour day     on   ull   "IT by a -t
kind, of    governmenl  work and sup-  llowed Iron
pliee .aim' up tor Becond reading,   lie  men were burned i
[mude u strong plea  to  il«' minis
iii"i  to support the bill,
II..n.   __lelion-.ua Kim;  hoped   the bill
would nol go to tin- cemetery ami   to
avoid   thai   lull'   SUggOStod   llllil   il     bo
referred  to u select  committee.
, . A. Miigratli supported the bill on i
.the groundi, ol  lieulth  and  the help i' I
i.,. .i    would give toward,  duing  away    witli I
Burned to Death
II.     I luu   ,-,a|ie , .it
of molten   tiir   that
ul   thai  collupscd,      'A
nli today ill a
M-iiiiii'il the plutil of ilie
Kl'liiiinjl Coiiipuiiy.
..ti.- ..\ii from ilu- burtiing
- blocked. A- tho mon
thi- the steaming blai-k
ma.s.s burnt  fi'""'  'I"' superheutocl   val
ami   forced   them   lo  retreat.
of   tire  that
Ml Imi
ON   OWfcLUhviS
\\ hy l'ay Kent \\ hon you    I
.-mi   < lien   v, t-i-   I I..ire ?
Maniac at Large
Dwellings,    Buil
.,i,d pulled ii.. trigger twice, ineffectual clicks being the result. Next mo-
... I Phillips had '.i.- man on ihe
ground   ivhile     '■    Johoson,    Phillips'
,mpan   " rested   the  rovolvei   irom
rt a-oi.
Frank  Phil i| a  ia   •  well  known bo-
iali.t, iM-iug -.li.- ohairman ol th.'   So
lolist  pany  in   Nelson,  and  owner  oi
., ran '■   ■■'   B, i»lej     Joseph Wuboii ii
a miner,   Wii-on claimed  thai   Phillips
.wed him b sum "f money and would
not pay it    Arriving from  Cranbrook
-"■Dare  bt  waa  employed  el   tho   Nelh
•jrb>- mine, Wason aftenvard won,     t"
•he Miners' I'nion Hall, where ho found
I'brilip-      and      asked  him  '"  make  a
settlement.   Phillipe  denied  tlm,   Was-
a had auy clsitu on him.
Wason then went   to the i-toto oi the
Wood^'eliau'-..'  Company  sud  purchat-
.id  a  H'_f-c*libm revolver   and   a box of
orUTlg«*    li"  then   u-turned    to    tbe
«•■«>     end     of town  and commou.»xJ
--v»t-:J_uDg ior  bis man.
About an hour uilerwardo Phillip,
is company with U- JoluuKiu oame mi
•■hv strict. Wa&on mel them, raised
the revolvd aud levcuiug the w\»i|wu
at Phiiiip»' u-xki pulled iho trigger
■.■■■1,+. An examination of tho rovolvei  iu  li.e ;...: I a' ion disclosed    lho
fact  that  nil  live chambers  ""''   I n
,,,,,,,  ....,      • |],        _i|... ol two ol  lho
.. IU        lent,  each from   'Iw im-
:n. •-  of " - tiring pin.
unemployment. |   M.^.^.in,.^  |.,.,„,,., n,„
Uulph    Smith     would  suppor,   uuy I j.   p0ssod oi    un  insiini
principle for an oight-hour day.   Trade   p;,.,.,.,.  nouvicr,  a  weullh.i   "in
ml    hlHl,
Business  l-Vopert)
chant, today -li"> and killed hi;-   wife
unci  mother,  butelu'red  hi-   iwo   small ,
ilailL-hlel's   ami   a   -on   «i,h   a   razor nml
mn..us  had  done   more  for   tho   roduo
.nm ..( hour- than anything ol.o
.,.  ii. i ,.wan,.nf Vancouver,     usked    .
\|,.   Vorvillu    lo  .hiill.'llge   lho    .'oui age   shot   and   killed   an   older  llllllglltor llllil
ol members b) forcing lho joeoiid read    the chief i-lot-li  in  hi- couuling house.
ing of hi- bill '" a vote. llie ended the blood)
,...1   ihe  lull.
K   I    Borden  -md  I lui mo i  imparl
an, measure ovor passed in the inter
lists oi lali..ling lm',i in , una.In wu
ptiHsivl by Sir John A. Macdonald.
Hut fm hi- lau men who wen, ou
strike would be criminals in ,h" oyos
of tho law. rim Government of the
day wus acting directly tho rovorso
from what it did in 1007. He had asked at Unit timo that all mullein of
a  Imii..i   into  hi
ni\ al   In   sen
vu brain.
More Coast Weather
mle, li."
Ilu' worxl  -mmi
is raging off Cape Flattery,
sailing  vessels  aro  in  'lis -
II Miner Killed
'jrwuwuou, Ui- 10.—William limn,
wus kil'.«d ii. -i." Mothei Lode >> 1 «•
in While going back lo his machine
nu hour utter a I'I"-' hnd boon -•■' off
,, large rock ." lied ovei lain and kuoc
Ken him down an ineliue for 30 feet.
He died in a shorl time. II" leaves n
•i if.   uud one child.
in yeiir-
iiiid   inn
1'ln' Hi'' saving  mg Snohomish   and
lho tug  I'l.nie.'i'    ore  today soarchiug
for the barquoiitino Bonieia, which wus
reported bv the schooner Ethol Zane,
i arriving at Clallam Buy al noon yos-
Imputes between employers uud ( -    (q ^    u_   ^^ ,-0 mil„;i
urupfo.-wa bhould be ruferrod to u com- j ^^ q[ (.       [.-,,.,, ,„,.„.
mittee for it was only lair that   both,   w.(h ^ ^  rlgg.      ^ .
sides should have beeu board before le- |        ^ ^ ^.^ d Q, ^     it„
gislation should  have ben deal,    w,th .• ^  of  ^..^  ^^  ^  ^
by parliament, 'ginning tr, arriv, aflnr having     boeu
lhu bill wus givun ,,. seoond reading tempest-toeaed for the pus, ten days
uud on mo,ion of Mr Vervillo tho foi- jby ,1,,, p,,,.,.,, ga|oa ,|mt |mvf, prevail-
lowing committee was appointotl to ,,{i iiir (.M|I)1 |.-|„||,..',\ ;l„,| il„. Oregon
tulin evidence . Coast.   Musters     of    vossels  in-riving
Mossrs,   McKenzie     Kiug,   X    (.'■.   Mac     here  today  report   r ml   storms       a-
donoll, IV. II. Staples, Marshall Ralph iho fiorcost experiences on ihis eoaa,
Smith, l'rowse and Vorvillo. in  many yoars,
Mi. Mi'igheii asked     th"   ministor ," '■
state whothor    hu or the government , Shnpllilin  Rflflt flPfillPnt
approved  of  the bill, or  of  the prinoi- | W\M\\.\\   DMl   HUIUGIU
pie of any oigbt-hour day bill. '.    Rainier,,  Or.,   IV"'.   13.    Four   young
Mi Kiug roplied if anv membei inlro- persons were drowned and three others
lUuced an) measure which would make narrowly "-.aped death in ihe icy wu
Iposslblo ..„ oigln-bour dav ho     would   tors of  ,1"'     Columbia  river Sunday,
when a launch in which  they were  ml   !
FOH l',\HTI,"l'l,.\lis APPLY 'I'd
First ttreet
E.    G.    BURRiDGE
Tinamiihiin, Kcpuirs,   Hot   Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
CcnnaugHt Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Fruil, Candies, l'i /an- .Tobacco.
Men Is Ah Cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Fi rp
King Leopold Dying
telj   to lho n
...  release   hi
I'm   awfully
_\h    Macdonell'       hill   lo  amend  the ]'"«
olectiou   a.,   win,  taken   up.    Tho      bill jluS
Iproposod  io  abolish   lho SiOO dopo8il
Ircuuired  of  u  candidalo  and   lo  make
gcnoral election day a publi.- holiday
lion. A.  B,  Ayleswortli movod     the
six  mouths'    hoist   which  was  carried
' without motion,
Brussels,     Belgium,    Dec    13,   King KAILWAYS.
Leopold  ii   dying     It   was stated  lhal '■    \,   ,\M     railway commitico al      lhe
the end  .     ipproaching  rapidly,      and   house  of commons  wa-   authorized  an;'""   -"inu   '
lhat  the  aged monarch's death  i-  bu, lacl  to incorporate the Pine Pas.  Hail  |bat-k  into
ittei of a few  hour". w-ay Company,
 I    .Martin  Burrel's bill   lo oxteud      i...
I   A' i_l   ndnrnli '*ve   v,'llls   the   time   ior   tin ii-tru.
inQian     mlirOeiBO ii.u     olthat    poi-UonofthoNicola,
IKamloon.  "mi    Similkameen  railway.
'-'    ' seen   t, ... . , ■       ,  . -   ,
between   Nicola   and  I.rand   I'Ol'KS,   wot
■reported   withoul   opposition.
Mr.  Burroll's bill  t" extend th.- lime
ioi construction of the Kamloops     &
Yellowhead   Pass   railway   lint-  was  al-
. ivported.
There   wu-   noun-   discussion   ou   Ml
..oodeve's bill  io extend the timo for
•I."    '-instruction  oi  certain  lim-       ..*.
'ihe    Columbia  a      Western  company,
Nicaragua.1 Rebellion
ned   turtle   at   Burtons   Land
ad   ar.'   Miss   Sclmil   lli'iidri.k   |
-on, agi'd  17;  Anna   llendrickson,  aged |
I'.r Grace    Waud,    aged  10; and     Lee
Barber, agod 2"
For   a   while  all   s.-vi'ti  i
The lirsi
• Barber
il "and I
,,  slipped
'  ■:,,  I'-     i '   -A  v
ed la-'.     :..f'..'   ";■   J       I    Black, chief
constable of  the proviuciai police
.Velson, stating :1m;  au Indian mimed
Matthew. ...;  "-;.■.   Indiuu police force at
liout^uay  Lunduig,   hud gone  to  lion-
iwi's Jr'eny,    nenl   the Colvillo village, I
4uii had lieeu kille<l by anothei  Indian !
wlio wa- captured at  Sandpoiul,
irtiiriiod boat.
hold      wa-   I,,
leepc."    he   -ll
leep "   II"  th
chilly  waters   and      did
not rise.
The nexl  i" give up was Miss Sebuu
llendrickson, who held  on perhaps  for
i iwo   hour-      Soot,   afterward   hei'   -i-ti-i
IAnna  gave  up ami disappeared      inl"
ihe   waler     _SllO   was  soon   followed   to
i watery gravo by Grace Wuud.
lhe  8Ui-vivors   .'lung   to   lhe  boat till
;.. I". rodrafted.
Ue     i i  -Ac ording  to ■    \   i.   Lancaster'-, iui.  to linii
""■■'''■  »d  .•     received  bere Zelaya'   '.,„„_, ,,„■  ,|,„  tuking of appeal
inn)    ••.•;        era    hundred recruits, is j,he railway     hoard    to thi        ipremc
advancing ou Bluelields und the   -itiz   Courl and ■.. prevent  th	
-i-.- have      •.;-■. I i tb,    tmerkiii     outraetiuj   I isel i li
men-of-war  to land  marines.   The Pre ' fu,  damage '•■ _. i    iu  transit
lei ' '  ■•;' victory ,:, ,h.. .u^,. Uon - ; the mil i tei     of
Bluefields, !'• \ reign "f     ter-   railwa)    .ind 'n-   ■ u,  of  Mi     I  n
lined ii   Mai ■. ■ - I     ■:-•. .    . i. ... -  ■., u    ...    ,„... ......
•erci tho^ &a' persons identified     with
1 olilics  arc  .: the \
SIK wil FRID 1  \l lill'.K
\.  3    Ueighen, "i  I', irtag.   Is  Prairie
\     aholi^ sociei        :    irdered  moved   in    umendinei	
v   ■ .:.., sending food ,.. the prisoners, I statu, uf Sir Wilfrid  Luuriei        ■■   n
and  these     maj     larve to death,   ■ ■    ...   .,f i|„. bous,      tli 10th Ot
thej   .:<      ... Mr-.   -1.!;.   - cent,  i daj    uiwa  and  ytiobec   Ea -     D
foi  food irporal  punishment     i-  lowed tvitl   • •    ■
..... -.-i out -laily   lo various alleged   il-ltaen, ■■■■ ■■ defeated I
boden I. \ 11 WA.   I MP1
Zelaya, lo    reau   ir impreasioi   - tl       ,.  Is.       ' .•    XI     '■■
■■■■'  p^iple ol Managua, i- bostil, ■        bill  io   imen
-Vmeii-u an.   imi ind re-   which pi I, li)l„
i?Lt;;,     rdered ■    I i pro ruilway. do i
inineu: Liberal brother of thi       ist rep
revolution!-; ,^:-;, rgal le     ...u.- i ol all tlieir .-n.;
woT-sirauoD   sgaiii'.-   the   I oited Ht ■.», .
'«! a    -I   I
►'•-, f /•   ...., - I ■ rould   ap|
'-/•ti entn ■   •      •    ,,.. ■.....      \,...,    ,...,..
-..■•ri_>«» (rom i s.-. ..•   ...',.-.
r,'..   C«_.ru3'.. ■
Outrage By Negroes
Sa> auuub,  IK'     i 1     A   ti iplo tuurdei
of white W(imeu by  negroes has arouts
.-(.I  ilii> whole .onnir;   mui  |)ossea  witli
 dbom fin,!      the
trail   "I    'ii''   ;•'.','■■■:   t'li      ■ ;   ' !.•■     : lint
r ii*r «omen  were    ' • ■       uniJ
then  their li vi       ■
ixes     N"< arli      -'"       ■       ■
arretft   on thi tin
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
1-11mil'grown fruit and ornniiientiil
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in tbn only psrt ot
the American continent not infested with the San Jose scale—
Garden, Field and Flower seeds—
Te-Ud stock from the beet growers in tbe world.—Win* fencing
nnd 'mle—'I ray pumps, Fertilizers, Lee Supplies, Cut flluwcrs,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only.—Ne* 157 page Catalogue free
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
VA.N'C, H'VICR,    lt.  ('.
..   .  ..
A bos o* chocolate ib the
Mlwayft-nccnptnlilc gift <o ll.rl*
of nil ngm. The youngest love
them and no mnn should ovor
think hie Wife is pant tho chocu-
lata •Isii-.r.
Bui the girls nl no ug, "ill
■ ntutiil for " poor chocolates.
Thev waul lhe best and Ilic besi
is  Foley's    I'n linn   Girl"—the
rich, exquisitely-flavored real-
chocolatc chocolates.
Made of purest ingredients,
liuvored wilh (lie natural grated
fmit. ihey nre iii every wny the
most delicious eonfootions sold
Foley's "Canadian Girl" ,'horo-
Intrs are tho bcsl for tho girls of
die West. Buy n box nnd fee
[or yourself.
In Dainty Boxes wherever good
Candy is Sold
Foley Bros, Larson & Co.
WINNIPEG        vuiMimr
Itepaii-H of nil kind- ucall)  carried on
Bicycle und Gun work a specialty
Ksliniulcs given on nny class
of work.
Front     Street.
New and Different
There is never anything
commonplace about Fit-Reform
Suits and Overcoats.
We create styles — we select
patterns at the mills—we show
effects that are confined exclusively to Fit-Reform.
Honest value for
Suili am!
your money,  is
the Fit-Reform
Solo Ays-Mils in Revelstoke.
Import direct from country
ol origin.
Id.  O.
in nl \i   PATRONS haviug     hoard
ilmi  u rui    k being circulated thai
other partiea, other than tho owners,
havo lho mauagemont <>t' the Opern
House, wo wish to assure our patrons
and the public thnt tho statement w
not correct. All dates required by our
local patrons, or the travelling shows
will be held uud protected by the undersigned. Thanking tlie local patrons
for their liberal use of the opern house
wo remain,
Vourti  truly,
tirancn nursery
South Vancoiivtr
Narrow Escape
Lieut.-Gov. Peterson
'   ■:.■■      I ll-"        I.I,,. I
ouver,   li>-    ...    \n - "• ''"'	
„.. .  -.     ■.:   ,. uirdaj    "   look   '°« ^  Bodolpha  Boudreau,  ol ',".,
ifl  IM    .on:   11 i   lagged  lh, I    I "■  ' u'rk "' I"'
-,d» (,:' Ki .,        ,:■ ■:..!   ...   ''■"">' "''-     "'-" " ■    Otbai
(.-  Lau (oon I   . :  ,,!  '"'" " '     ' '   '   ''
ihi*,   .a in-.' , .-■  ■ pi  vi .     •.    b<   ■'""''•■  II".'"'    U       Jam
rni in.ui and II   J   Muakett, privati
i.'-nr-.   tO   tl ,'„...
Killed in Theatre Panic
' leveland       !'•    18     I hree
vm cnnhed <■• death iu « panii  f..I
' ...uin,,    "   1 •     of fir,   at th,   Mnjesti
•li.'iiti.   lui  1 ighl     l"n  worn, 1      nnd
' children war* badl)  injured
The iiy «-a- n inl." alarm
Buried Under Snow and Flour
N.j--.-iwi.,  Saak, l>«c.  li —A '-nb lai
•«iw     i nu 1      . ' i 1       lit •■ gill   "i
*-l   ^*»l#, I Ll   'i->H/i   mun   witli
pumot,. ,t»rt»d  (roa  town     In
'-•vmiii  j,     X.    nti)   'itvn  dunking  bed'
ilj     rhe   ilalgh  up-"'-    J'- .'.,-."1      -'■
into ,0.   in " .  » nick of llour fall
ou his n*k and ucvhexing Lim
■puisi-  ... ..t ,,i Vli
1 it ..nc .., die beal - ill
I    , -      r  .      •
I     rh.-n-    . onl "" tin.   I  r,
I   .I,..,   .,■     .'. ,ed   "   1   ...
m-.r... .■" leather
Sent poae-peid I
'1   lk ■ , •
I  14,
■ .
I, ... t  •■     -..'
'P'   ' 	
Ryk . Bros., i.imi^d
LIM   1 '- .   V- n,'-   Slr^^l
Whal    .ar
Means to You
11 con-
Fatal Kailway Accident
CiuiB^o,  l)o^   13—A   hioketi rail
'bA .Vnthweiteri. lit," penetrated
'.loor ol  a     paiii*ii((er      hi   nnd ki!
iwg p^opl" before 'Lro«ii.^ il"     In
Itvw   •!"'  'i»'-k-    I'-iiir "IIihi   ...
idlj  Injure,
Local Option
V'__.ncouver,Dec      Jl.-lti      Mpen ,-r,
M-nd of ths L-M'ttl Option Movomeni,
»tat«B thn,  lull  return., eliow   17 rou
tituenciee favorable on the plebi   .'..
R I.lie infill   ' uii"!   ni...iin  1   iin    propoi
nl      Kelurni from olhei  iii irk-i    uio
..'11    a. ..ni|.|..ii
Union Hotel
1 mlcr \. ■'  Management
Stewart Macdonald
</  hrffff
r Bread"
■ I    Utl'
, .    .,■■ k"
*     I   ''I
<\ NOI'BIS   OF   Ji.li:Gi;U\TlUNS   (Jo\
A LICENSE to uut timber cun bu ao
tiiiiixd unl} iiL public competition. A
ientai of $j pw square milv: ia charged
for nit timbur bertha except iiiuac situ-
11 (.-il weat ot Vaig for winch Hie rental Is
ti Uio rate ul i cuius per aore per annum.
In addition lo the leiital, dues al tbe
following rates ture obarge**;—
Sawn lumber, Ut cents per thousand
feet  li.M.
Kailway ties, eight and nine feet long.
1 1-2 and 1 a-4 cents eaeh.
iSblngle bolts, :& cents a cord.
All  other producis,   i pur  cent  on   the
A license Is issued so .soon  as a berth
;  ni.mted,   but iii surveyed territory  no
ilmber can   lw» rut on a   berth  until  lho
usee has madu a survey thereof.
Permits to cut limher aro aUo granted
tt public cumuetition, excejit iu the case
'i' actual set iters, who require  the Urn-
1  tor their own use.
del tiers   and   others   may   also   obtain
permits to CUI up to luu cord» of wood for
sale    without    competition.
The   dues  payabli-   under  a  permit art
.   ■   thousand feet B.M., for sijunre
timber   nnd   auwiogh   of   any   wood   ex
cnpl oak; from l-'i to 1 1-2 cents per lineal
■ K>t  for  building logs,  trom  .2 1 -2 to lio
per cord for wood; ] cent for fence
-   hi.-,   ■,  • • ms  for  runway   ties,   and  50
nts per cord tot shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes are Issued
for  a   terra   of   twenty-one   years,   at   a
rental ol  two oonta pur acre per annum.
.-.! .J.-   may   be   purchased   at   fl<>
for d<<fi  coal and  L'i for .mlnm
ot   more  tnau &!jj aorea  may   be
1 one individual or company.
I   ►yaltj  -it  th*: rale of lu cenls per tun
' >     >>!<•" !• <l   on   tho  groat-
. ttpul
ind   (01   Hgiicultural   pur
> 1   /•  mads pi raonally at the to
.. 1    wl.  •    for   tna   district   In   which
"  be  taken  up la situutt-d, 01
1 aedei   desires   he mny, on
in  ■■<> H»   NL '   of the inl. r ui
tawa   ■■■•■ (''•iniiiisiloiH r of fminlgta
Ll   (VlnnlpOf, or the local agent  for
-'     'l'i.   within   which   the   land   J»
..' d,   r«-, «ive authority   for some on*
u maki  tnti> r«<i him.
a fe« of li" is <'.h«igefj foj  homeitead
• n 1,.
v wtUei  whu bu reoefved un entry foi
aad   la  letiulird  to perform  iin
na     D nee tad tlnst..wltn under ont
foUowlflf plana:—
it moniiiH   reeldanca upon
1  'I    uiUvatlon of the land In each  >»ei
i iring thi  term of thn-.a reera.
[| m tt.*- praoUot or the U'purttnenl Iv
, . •■• il M'ttler   tn htliiH l!i acres  undei
Ion, bii1 if hu prexera he nmy aub
ii - k; and '&. nesj or oattle, to b»
1     mlly  t.ls own property,  with Imthllnf*
foi    lien aooommodatlOD, win her*fj.jlr?d
,  I    Of    fi'JlllVHtlon.
UJ fr the  father  'or  mothei,   if  th.- fa
i'i daoeeeed) of sny pern>n  who i»
•le lo 11.-lk'' h bomeetead enirj undPi
provlilona of tim Act,  reeidoa upm.
"     1  lho  vicinity or th.-  is mi en
i foi bi "u-it paraon n« s nomcaiead
aulremtnti of th.   a t 1. to reel
i' n  •-   prior   to  obtaining   pirvnt   m ty   b<
lutl^nrri hy s.too pori»r> reeKlitifi vitt. th*
»r  mother,
(fl    \r     ihfi    Udtltf-r     bBI     bl-t     p. 1 innnTl'
'.-■I lem fl upon farming lumi owned b>
him In tha vicinity of hu hnrn<*atend, toi
rflqu] mtntfl nf the Aft ap to remldenet
mil li*) lAtlafled by n^ldenej upon th*
mid   land.
Applloatjon for pal an I ahould bu mad*
it tho end of ihrer wt» lirfure ihe loos
ment, Riib-Rganl or a inrnn'teed inapoc
Boforfl  miihing apiilloition  for n  pufnt
•in iotilflr mual give six mon tht' notir*
In wrllln* lo the rnmrnlsalnnrr uf l>
minion   LAndfl  at   OUawn,  of  his  inten
Inn    lo   dO   ■"
Deputy  Minister of the Interior
Corner Third 5T& Campbell Ave,
HatsE'Slmeliig & larnaye Work a Specialty
I You Don't Have To j
fc      Go outside of Revelstoke to make      j
£      your  Real   Estate   Investments.      :
£      The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
E      have the best bargains in the City.
E      Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd, Agents
vlivewvefffffff ^
the Grand Trunk Pacific Branch
s Company Will applv lo tllC Parliament of Canada, al ii«» pi*csenl scission,
lor an Act luiilu-i ainofiulng tbe Aci In-
L'orporntlng the Company, Chanter <)«» o-
the Statutes of 1906, m amended bj Chap«
ter 86 ol Iho Statutes of 10091 ''>' Ruthor-
izlng ihe conatruction ol lho following
additional lines of railway:
it) Krom n point on lho Western Di«
v talon ol the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
between the easl limit ot Range 12 and
lho wegl limit of Range 17, west ol Iho
third meiitli.in, ihence in 11 souihweateriy
nntl wcateriy direction to -i point
ui 1 he vicinity of Cftlgaryi Mborta(
01 ti. ,i polnl on lhe line which
the Coinpaii) is authorized, undoi para*
graph 11 "i clause 11 of aaid Chaplei 99.
'.). onatmcl \o Calgary:
' 1) Prom .1 polnl on ih. proposed lim?
hicii'i.iio , 1 in paragraph (11 betwoen lhe
easi hum of Range 10 and lhe weal hunt
i-i Range 281 vvoal ol the third meridian,
thence in nu eaaterl)  ami aoutbeaaterlj
tlire. ti. 11 to Reglnn 01   to   a   point   in   the
vicinitj l hor col 1
I {l I 10111 a point on the proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (a) between ibe
.'. 1 I"- 1 cl Rango 'i and ibe wesi limit
ol Rang 1 i7,wcst ofthc second muridiniii
l.iu, 01 to a point m tin-  \ 1, InltV
anil Tete Jaune (-ache, Ibence through
(lie drainagp ol the Clearwater Kiver,
Bonaparte River, Solon nnd Anderson
Lakes and Ilic Mltoet River 01 the Squn-
niish Kiver, or between the Inst two
Rivera 1 10 Vancouver] British ('olumbia;
authorising an issue ol bonds lo thcexleni
i*l $,io.ooo, a milo of the saiil lines of
rail way 1 numbered (1110(5) inclusive ami
comprising lho said Hues within whal arc
defined by the said Aci as llie "Manitoba,
Saskatchewan ami Alberta Intensions";
authorizing an issue of bonds to ihocKtcni
ol $50,000.00 a mile of lho s*ul line of
railway numbered lb) anil comprising llie
said line wltlllll whal is defined by the s.imI
Act as the "British Columbia Ivxiension •;
and alao amending paragraph nol clause
11 ot the said Aet, as regards the aouthcrti
terroinui ol iiic line thereby nuthorixcdi
Dated al Montreal this 39th day ol Nov
ember, 1909.
Solicit01 foi Applicant*.
At Canoe River
.  I.
.,. I,,
I .'f lllll
1 puinl ■ 'ii lhu \V,'..i. in li.,...
, -1 mil   lunik   P it'itn    Iv.i.lu.iv
I), i.'.'.n  \nl,unl mul Whu,wi,;hl,   , Iii-iii t-
III .111   i.ts,l-|l\  llllil   s,,iillii.;,sl,'l ll   ,|i||.| liml
if , |i,'int fi iho ilm' which iin- Compmiy
is Htithorlxcd, undei pnra|(rapli ij ol'
11,him 11 .-I Mini Chaplcr <n, io he i-on-
slim inl 10   lll|,,!i.'liilll,
ft) 1'i.nii Ui-i,'in.i, ,w ., (Klllit ill lho
vii mil)' tlion-ol, iticiu'c in .i MUthwsiltffly
.1111I wrsh'ily iljii'i'tu'ii lo I.i',hi,1 kl^,-.   0,
to ,1 poiiii In tbi vlcloliv of I. iiii.t i..|_;.- on
the   lim-   which   'In-   I i-inpaiiy  is,    undtl
parsgrnph 14 bl cIaum 11 "i *.,. i,i Chapter
i>'i, ,1'itlioii'i .1 to Construct  him.   C.ilgHrv
lo the ''iniiliriii liounilarv ol lhe Province
ol Alberta », .-i niAi 1 ouiik.
\t,   Ki om tt point 011 thi- 111,1111 line ol
'Iir Wettem Doision li.ini-rn Mrpsf I.1U5
w ill.Hl'.As the aWh il.i.v ,.f Nov.,
I'.ml', imii Mxiil lis ihe 'lay loi holillnu
the Pull al t'liiio" Hivoi- In Ibe Rtm-r
. 1 • k ■ ■ lili ri'nnl Dili rial, nnd, wIh-iciih.
du- polling place ul Ohduu Uivei 1 loultl
a noil
ni tin- _i'iiii duv ot November, lOtiw,
, tue iH'iiii
I not In- ri-
.iilii'il in imii' tu  hold
iiiilii'i' is liiii'liy glvetl ,1ml 11 pull  Inii-
lii'iii Kinnli'il nml " ill lip held at OttOOe
Hivei-on tlm jiiih day nf December,
.1. D. MoDOUClALL,
Hi'llll IlillK OHir.il
II11 vi- yuu mi n Xuckei'anpecifll olt> r
anil prize, given (rom Nov. loth unlil
DeO.81, ll 1,- worth your while to
rilll hi* »,uilii.. II, '
Come mid see the
Kirft Passenger KIp-
vator in a retail
store between Winnipeg anil the coast.
Saturday   Dec.  11
Saturday Dec. 11
Awake ! Spirit of Yule Tide. Christmas that joyful season is
upon us when even the most pessimistic of us make a mental list
of our friends.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders.
Telegraph Orders.
Send the children.
Come yourself.
Have our traveller
rail fur orders.
Christmas Gifts
for Men and Boys
Don't Worry ' Jusi read thi-, list and you will surely
find that one acceptable gift which you have been
trvinii so hard tu locate.
Silk  in   plain   and  fancy borders,
'40c, 50, 00, 75, and fl each
Silk, initialed,  60c, and 75::. each
Exelda,   plain,   white   and  fancy
borders, 3 for 50 cents.
Linen, from 15c to 35c. each.
Handkerchiefs in fancy boxes, 6 to
box, $ 1 to $3 per box
Put tip  in   a fancy box, 75c. to 13
String iii-, 36c. each nr 3 for $1
Four -in-hand, new nnd nohhv, 60o,
75e , $1, nnd $125ea"h"
Accot Ties, 75c. and ifl
Gold handled, $4, 5,15.50, 8.50 each
Clothes brushes, leather bucked,
sterling mounts, 1.50, 1.75,
2.50 and $8.
Meerschaum Pipes $3 to S7.50
Companion  Smokers' Sets $6, 7.50
and $9.
Tobacco Ponches, 75c. to $2 50
Cigar  and   Cigarette holdtrs from
50 centB to $2.76.
Cigar Cases, all sizes. Sl to $3
In fancy boxes, 35c. to $1.25
Put up in separate fancy
boxes of neat and a I tractive
designs; just righl for mailing.    All colors.    Prices:
75c. $1. 1.25. 1.50. $2
Suspender Sets
A most suitable, gift for a
man, the Ik sl nf emhroid, r-
ed silk suspenders in diff, r-
ent shades uf bine, green,
brown and red, with hoje
supports and armlets to
match. In neat fancy
boxes at
$1.25, and $2 per set
Suit Cases $2.50 to »18
Travelling Bags $2 to $7.50
One to a box, any size, $5 each
Jaeger pure wool $4.50 to 8.60
Jaeger pure wool $4.59 to 7.00
Jaeger pure wool from $S to $15
Jaeger Fell, $1.75 and S2
Leather, $2.75 per pair
Pullman, $2.50, $2.75 and $3 a pair
Men's, $3.50 aid $4.   Hoys'$3
! Lion Brand from $4.50 to $!_) a suit
Put up in fancy boxes 50c. to'$1.75
per pair
Gloves for Xmas
A specialty with us for the
Xmas trade—the best of Old
Country and Domestic makes,
Fowne's silk-lilted Mocha, in
dark and light brown, The
neatest and dressiest glove on
tbe market
Price $2.50
Our     special     Fleece-lined
Mocha,   made   by one of   our
best Canadian firms, light and
dark  shades
Price $1.50
See our display of
large Parlor and Dining room lamps, fancy
china cups and saucers
biscuit jars, tobacco
jars, cake plates, shaving mugs,vases, mocha
sets, cream and sugar
sets, sugar siflers.salad
howls, chocolate  jugs.
gljgThe |.lateBtJ newest
and host designs in
Dinner and Tea Sets
jusl in. We will offer
a big reduction on
those sels lo anyone
luiying between now
and New Year's Day
Call and ask to tee
them   and   get   prices.
Everybody will appreciate a nice piece of Cut
Glass for a Xmas Gifl.
See our display of elegant
Cut Glass, the riceest and
best on tbe market. Our
prices are right, too.
Wine sets at l?27 and
S20: Berry Sets at $20 for
7 pieces.
Bowls at $12, $10, $7
and $5.25; Water Botiles
at $6.
Water Sets. 7 pieces,
Creuius iuul Sugars at
$12, $7, $6.
Vases at .-511 and s-5.
Nappies at .fl, S3 75,
and $3.
Fun Pols :it $9.
Photos iu >2.
Butter Dishes at s-l.
Salt Dishes at 35c and
8 Cans for $1
On Monday and Tuesday of next week wo will
give our customers a bargain in Tomatoes—8 Cans
for only Sl. Don't forget
the date, Monday and
Tuesday onlv, Dec. 13 and
Milk and C
We have this week
made a big reduction mi
the price of Aylmer, Canada First Milk and Cream
and are now in a position
to offer the same at the
following prices;—
Canada First Milk, S
Cans for $1.
Canada Fir-t Cream—
Family size,10 cans for $1;
Long cans,    7    " "
Hotel size     5   "        "
This milk and Cream
stands as one of the highest
government tests of any on
the market.
Anolher ear of Choice
Fancy Groceries for our
Xmas trade just unloaded,
made up of Extracts, Candy, Nuts, Gelatine, Spice-,
Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Mince Meat in 121
lb. pails, 14 lb. pails, 2 lb.
Jars and 1 lb. packages,
Dried Fruits in Peaches,
Pears, Apricote, Prunes,
Raisins,Sultanas, Currants
Figs, Dates, Table Raisins
aud Candied Peels. Our
Confectionery Department
is lil led to overflowing with
the gio.l tilings for the
little folks. Bring them in
nnd lot them see for themselves.
Furs'. What better'
and your chance the best
this season. All the Furs
we have in stock we are
going to  I1'--  on   to  you at
a big reduotion this week.
If you know the state of
the F'ur market—every
piece going sky want.
Vou    will   appreciate
these prices'
$25 Stole for 1750
$36 Neck piece for
$15 Muffs for $10
Saint- reduction on any
fur in slock.
Christmas Gifts
Ladies and Children
Here we have a good assortment nf useful holiday
gifts for the Ladies and Children. .No trouble to
choose a oift here.
Fancy   Neckwear from 50c. to S."
Fancy Belts from 50c. to S5
Fancy Muslin Blouse $1.75 to 5.00
Fancy Net Waists A 5(1 to $15
Waist Length $1 to 5.00;
Cuff Buttons, 50c to $3
Bracelets $1 lo $5
Corst Cover 75c. to $3
Motor Scarf, $1  to 7 50
Fancy Linens, 25c. lo $7.50
Dress Length, $:: to 20.00
Gloves, 50c. to 3.50
Dressing Gowns 2.75 to 10.00
Fancy Box Frilling- 25c. to $1
Fancy Hair Combs 25c. to S5
Fancy Barretts 25c. to S3
Silk ilose$l to 5.00
Needle Cases, $1 to $■'!
Toilet Sotts $1 to $5
Manicure Sets 2.50 to 10.00
Purses 50c. to $5
silk Skirts 4.50 to 9.50
Ladies' Christinas Slippers
~T*","^ii_HHwai't8^W'W»T^mMP.« ■ _»*--■
Ladies Colored Poplin Slippers $3.50 per pair
"       Patent Slippers 3.50 and $4 per pair
"        Patent Boots 85 per pair
Felt JulietteB .?1.&0 to 2.25
Jaeger Slippers 1.75 per pair
Infants fancy soft soled shoes, 35c. to sOc.
Children's Boots and Slippers $1,25 to $2.75 per pair
Children's Felt Slippers, 45c. and 75c. per pair
Silk Umbrellas
A priced gift, a Silk
I'mbrella. Some swell
1 lirectoire au Moyen
age style stalks on
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ these  new   umbrellas
for Ltd ies the stalks  are  in  Old Silver in the grey finish and
Holland   famed  Oak   Mission  style  at   prices    ranging   from
$4.50 to 10.00
A Hand Bag for Her
The pleasure that oue of these
Hand Bags would give her cannot
be estimated in Kilowat*, They
come iii tht modist little leather
bag at 50c. up, to the elaborate
and  pretentious (diamond   close,
pateni   leather  reticule bag wl ich    H	
the -woll dressers on Broadway are carrying al the pre.-ent time
For The Darling Baby
Wool Jackets 50c. to $2
Cashmere Dresses 1.60 to $3
Fancy Bibs 25c. to $1
Bootees 25c to $1
Toilet >etu- Sl to 2,txi
Rubber Dolls 25c to 2.0u
Cashmere Kimona* $2 to &\
Wool Gaiters 50c. to $2
Pretty Wool Shoes50o. to $1.60    Wool overalls 50c. to 1.50
Bear  Coats   and   Robes  $2 50     Wool Mltta 25c. to $1
to $'., ' Barrow Coats 75c. to 3.00
Anything yuu may wish
to select we will store lor you
till you wish  it sent home.
A Carpet Sweeper
Can you imagine a mote
suitable gilt Ior your
Moteer, Wife or Frit nd.
thau one ol BesBell's Cyco
Ball Bearing Carpet
Sweepers. We have them
In   all   the latest  lini-lies
Prom $300
Baby Toilet Set       Military Brushes
Could a more charming
gilt he thought ol. Could
anything be enter—Bone
ring, bone powder box,
Comb, Brush and Rattle,
and other articles all in a
1 little hamper, for
Men's Fine Military hair
brushes, 3 sets ol I'louoh-
ard's French Brushes,
extra long, lirst quality
bristles, solid Kbony back,
hall marked, put up In
holly box wilh twice this
price the pair
Ladies* Fancy Belts
Fancy Belts put up in
Fancy Holly Boxes, that
add holiday attractiveness
to the every day worth ol
the goods. The new Jet
trimmed  Belts.    One of
then, would he sure to
please the lady.
$3, $2, $1
Visit "Toy Land " on
Hi, second Moor Bring the
children and make tbem
Useful and Pleasing Christmas Gifts
Pane) Neckwear, doll' Coats, Lined and Unlined Kid
('/loves. Dressing Jackets, Dressing Ciowns, Christinas
L'mbrellas, a beautiful range of Silk Waists in assorted
colors, Fancy Net Waists, Silk I nderskirts, Puncy Hose,
Fur Sett—Separate Stole. Separate Mull, Table Cover,
Table Linen and Napkins, Hand Bags, Xmas Handkerchiefs. Eiderdown Comforters. Children's doll" Coats,
Sweater-,. Windsor Ties, Tarns, Toques, Men's Xmas
11,iif I lose Xmas Ties in Fancy Boxes, Mocha Lined
Gloves, Sui, Cases, etc.
Warm Winter ("outs lor Ladies and Children, Latest Stales.
Buy Your Xmas Hat   Now    while  you   have   an   opportunity  to  take  advantage   ol the   greatly   reduced  prices,
SWE ™ve made ioooD | Christmas Linens
Ibe di_,plaj oi the Johason-Kolcbol
fight at the Edison Theatre is pox,
[toned  iill  further uotice
Thi-  Pythian  Sister     ire  milking  •"■ - ;
wry effort  to     make   tin      N,~"    v""'"
Vy. ,]<■■■    ■    " i"1  auccesB
u„ leg!"-   to  noti-  ,he dyulk  ut Now
Westminster, oi Mrs   Peck, wifo ol tlio J
i_hi«f Boiltr Inspector.
ff. IJ. Pratt, uiuutig-i "l the Mol
iOM Hunk stales that tho uow premis-
os will bo ready for occupation by
Feb. lai., if not before
lhu ladies   ol     tho Romau Cutholic
hurch will bold u tea tho lirt' Thurs
day of tbe N'ew Year at  tie- hon f
Mrs. Kennedy, ind, street
iiui Crawford, ' I'. U Kutfiiieer,
1,us announced his intention of offering himself a- a candidate for aldi c -
'uudi    lionoi s   .'   iviinil". ips.
The two prisoners under sentence of
li .iu. ai Kamloops, and sentenced to
1.   hanged  on   17th,   tnext   Snturduy,)
...   i,,.. a repi ieved until Feb.  luth,
\.   Kam 01 .ps  ! isi   week  deputation
waited  "li      Premier   McBride   to  urge
lhe I un !■: ai   Northern railway should
be  compelled   '.■.  come within  the  citj
units rhe Premiei replied he could
not hold a pistol at the head of tli"
.    .\    H., but km     .'   «si   inteuded n>
.,•..   theii    n..j.   at Kamloops.
\ oieetiuK ol tin Snow Shoe Club
will be held in the city hull on Thursday, December lfitli al B p. m, Tbe
lueeting is called ior the purpose of
,rr\.'..'ii... rinii! details for the season,
the payment if subscriptions aud the
uomina, ; _ I ;_■ '■■■ 11 - mber- A good
.■ ■..:.   . '•..   ired.    Sm iw   shoei, .:
1 iiui      outdoor winter
18,   ■'.• -...I-. •:, ■■   . ■ ill    ladies
' ■'• ...    iin liort 1   imps
Christmas Groceries
Mann I,
'   is   now   grow mi.;
in.i\    lind   sotliotlii
Ici Uhnstiiias^Gi oct:i ivs .
oui line lhal "ill inU t»"»i
im hidiujj Kuisins, Currants and I Vols, all choice: fresh fruiis; N'uK
Tabic Kaisins, Kigs, Dates, Chrystalized Kruils, Oriinj*f»s ami
Bananas.    Tomatoes and Lettuce io order.
Our own make* guaranteed superioi to ain others on the marjeet.
But with otu Now Bakery we arc ;,blc to do still
bolter. I.y tlio HOME MADE BREAD, it beats
all that is made in B. C. Try a Loaf and you will
eat no other.
Prepare in pood time for Xmas. We have a
lull line of Choice Groceries and can supply you with
all your requirnients.    Order early.
■mum. an G.    "\V.    _BELT__i      '•■<>■ »°x 20H
Grocer   and  Baker
6 0-000000-00 ooooooooooooooo<
^ _ ^
Ladies Fine Shoes
The Atues Hidden shoes arc made for t'otiiforl
and Service Irom specially selected material by
competent workmen. A complete clock always
mi band in LftdieB iuul Children's sines, and Hi
reasonable pricee. A pair of shoes make 11 sensible and appropriate Ohlistiuae (jilt.
MRS.   A
First   Street
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Christmas Toys
Now on View
Mountain Supply Company
General Merchandise
mtm BM —t. MSSmm maummamm <
Telephone 24 8
I'.in      ,,.,1,1,   lj,
Winter   Coals
Your Insurance
Is  um- ut   the   most   important   items
in your Imsiness
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
heave you, nrdoi fm- dr> Iir -Uove
wood with  II.  X. Coursier.
\-l,  to so 11   two spei-itih  in piece
carpet* for Xnuis Week
In n Uigsell* L'nrpet Sweeper vou
solve tho holiday uiil problem, t'hoieo
asBortmcnt  ai  *     1*,.  Hume's
1 inly tour of '.ur Winter Suit* left.
'i..ii '-an l-i', ili.iii ill very low prices
it  Mcl.ennnn's.
four ui'i\ |.i,-i
i" ehooso From
Ladies and
heavy felt  liuini
-    a,    Ilnu   oil's   H,
ni.     Ilocke.i   Boi
al   .Mi'l.i'iiniiii's
iur  special  pi-ie
iin.'.    I'.  U.  Mm
KIIUs.   i.\.'i'|i
&  Co
Vew   sill,   and  net   Bloiwos  and    Mull
iveil today at  Mel.ennnn'a.
esses   I'ei'i
Candles,  llriiiiini'
ate the Christmas     Ire,
iortment al 'i   IV. Hell's.
Fancy  TiHsuo  Pupors  for docofntiny
ni  Mm. iloiiiilil's Drug St..r.'_
1 inl. r youi Xmas, Pudding .md
Cakes early to avoid disappointment
Uur linker is very busy so do not delay, the hesl only obtainable al li,
XX.  Hell's.
XX     K    Bell,   sscnge,   of  the      Mol
It ink,    has      resumed dm ■   afti
rn     reeen
Mi.   mil  Mi -      i    I.    I'hipp
i isi,   to   K, ' ■ ■ tin -  ..1   M
Christmas Goods!
Holiday Buying Should be
Done Now
Our lork - < mplete We
invite yuu .- our store where
y -i nwy bave an unlimited supply . f hairy ' • ,.a1- Books etc.
frum which to - ko' i;ilt__.
We an t ways pleas,d to put
aside g C'd; (elected early, und
dt_Ii\er ibtiuai any time.
j Bews" Orug&StationeryStor.
Moving  I'lriurea   l o-uigln
A iin.- mav iull sized kaiglish Billiard
luble lias been installed in the Smythe
Cigar Store, lie- table which in ol
il..- latest type, is manufactured bi
the Samuel Ma\  Co., ol   I..;   i
Sinj in..'- 1 igar Store « ill    0111m, an       Mi        	
'ii.'ii   aiiiiMul  drawing   lomorrov     1'" to  tho    it;     ••
I'iih.   (li.'i   .''.""  pi ,.■■■■  will bi '       ist night fi
ed  an.I   thoso  will  be   no   b
pii I ".'i'i. dr
Iriggs   ...
Mi,. IV.   I
I'li'l 1
II..1,.     In.,.     I   ,.,!..,     lei
lor Vi. toriu
Miv. .11'   Mil.,
I i.I ,■ .,.'\.
Mi- A    H    Mi...
There is no gift more acceptable to any honse-
keepcr than Nice Linen. Every lady appreciates good
tripory and takes great pride in the appearance of her
[f table.I [If you arc puzzling over the question "What
Shall I (.live Her,"decide on some one beautiful grass
bleached Belfast linens, and you will find the question
satisfactorily settled.
Wo have a laryo choice in Table Linen, by tho
yard, from 500. per yard, and Table Napkins from
$1.00 per dozen, and some splendid values in
Table Cloths and Napkins
to Match
We show, by till odds, the largest and most complete
assortment in the town, uf
Fancy Linens
''in DrawiiijEmbroidcrcd and Hemstitched, in Doylies,
j£Lunch land Tea Cloths, Sideboard, Dresser and Tray
BtCloths, Shams, etc., and prices'are astonishingly low.
Wc  would   like  you   lo sec mir display  of
Plauen Lace Pieces
in Sizes from (i to 21 inches, in both round and sqliarc.
See Our Window Display
\| ■ ■   .   tt     M
... . ,
I )"ii 1  Wail
I  ul   < .1.1
1 ome ai • ine,'
I ll   ,1     III      I ' iH 11
Silverware, Sterling Silver
' ■      ■  ■    ;
1      ll     il.
I ■      _
._. .-        .-.
.1   . 1
alurdfi ible       ol
llriH^,,      I    .
'     '
Jr..   I)   R    11 .1,      1     1
iu"     An   unj on, ludixl
Christmas Gift Buying
Made Easy for the Ladies
A vi.-,ii to <uir store will re- tlily con vice you
nl this fact. We have ibis season the most
elaborate and varied stock of Men's and
Buys' wearing apparel ever shewn in Revelsloke. These goods have been carefully
selected from the best wholesale houses of
tht; Kast, The most appreciated present is
tin- Useful Present.' Our goods all make
I'selul Presents, and they appeal par icularly
lo the Ladies. We have something here
lor father, husband, brother, lover, or gentle
man friend, and at   prices to suit all purses.
Look over This List of Holiday Presents for
Men and Boys.   Call and Examine Bur Stock
P  II ,' .,       Puf   ' :
' ■ erything in
es   11.nnl l',.,i;
leweln   Line,
J. Guy Barber
'II,'!,,,, U.
Ill     Morning
11 ai.niiin',1 ,.111,le
..  i!   ■ Ii.' 1 ie   prin, big
pi ..t'..i rod       ui
.    hn ■■ Lion ol man
Hooki,     phi '      and I..mli.-i   binding .
I'oy  Book ■  foi  ' hildren  at  Macdor,
.il into Mucdonald'i Drag    I	
An Boooptablo Christina   gift, rod or
uin' k  cookiu  spaninl pup,  Iron,      l»   I
I,   in  An,,.11, 11      •,.,.    1      1    I),,., in,.
I I",  i. um hi-    1.,nml,,,. 1   u 11 hnd  11,   K«
lonno, B, '     .nn im |„,„ 11,,.,1  ,1 ,,„,
dmo; nlghl f ,„. dollar, al fi, Boll'
I    'mii, I'ookol Hnu  foi   cun ni Mn.
g  donald'    Drug Store
~ in
glfl    '
...      i'
■     -'..    .   1 ,.i. ■.   Sill,  Ni-i-l
.       !       I .,
, - I '.    ' ' .   111  ' 1 I I
inn         11
i"   Iall]       long   ..
I'I,1  11     -ill.     11 il   h i, li
.1 ....
i.i   h null    .   h        . fm Ml
■    IiInIi   lim n	
1   -I
.   111 ti h mdki 1. Ih.'I    I ..  11. l'i'
V II pul up in I.m. i  I... •
1  ""'I'", 'I'I'        I       dl'l-HH,       ,1
|il''ll'l|.l   VIM,   ' 1
!'    Il '   'Ik lu,i.,i;«l  , s■!.,„
U ""I I .1 si lu $i  ,11
Kid,   li I   in    unllniid   ri-nm
-i'i.   1 ■ j,
W|   In  l""1   maki'N, pu,   ui. hi
i"   ' 'I fm   \iiiii'. ,1
1 ' ''"I 'imi .i|'|n.ipiiiiie gil'i
Ini  11.. 1,  ,1,.I hoy       ,,.|,,   ,,, jfu
1    'li'  l        '   'illllilll.illi.il        S,.|
1  I'  u'l'-i   .   Aiml. ,..   nml   (,,,,
''■'   '" "II1 I.n shaduH. 1.ui un
111 holldaj  bun        m| („ (ic.vi
^   1'ii'K1    '    'rl    in   plain
"',| I "•'  .     "I"'  1,  pm    up   III ,,' .1,
l'""'«       Sn|ii(.t,h|iig   1 ve1 y nmn
11, ■ 'I .    I'. Inr    '„■  in S''..Vi
Alivayi iii good  laiie,   .Miik.- Bradley full fuhlonsd utiUlur
,1 haiiiisiiiiii'pn nenl    Wu carry     Ht-  tight  arouud  iin- 1 k, n
a   iplimliil   line   iii     up.Ii, dale great m-IIi'I lit "iV.
piUtei in from *a,6U to HHJ.OO, L'buoufx Muffler in nil colum
\  I.    io    .-'0    0111    American nl 7oe.
Tim ni une'  Vert, MMii.-iiiing Neokecarfa in fanoy silks and
nen and ii"bby tj,,pi.,*_,t
lu I Ilu- 1 lung   lol   li.iini'ivear,
IA 1 'i-i   nmn appreciates otiuof
'  lln-hi        Some   lenl   nwi'll iiiii-k,
I'n.'.   *l BOtulfllU,
I ni „n ynur Boj like 11 Kunlle
mini.     We  have  lhu Kuodsul
nn uui,lib- prieim.      I'll   Iiiiii mil
Willi lllll-    "I    "HI   lllllllll   -.lllll. lm
I 'Illinium-.,     tlala,   1'iipt- hootii
ill"!'■, ihlrtH, iloekillK', iiii.pi ||.
del", iii-i'ktiiiH, gluven, mills, i'lr,
I'.'veiytliiiiK yolir buy iiui'iIk.
t'.itne ill and ice our Btoolt.
popliiiN, n dainty {Ifl, $1 to*6>S!.7G
Pull Drew Bcai-ft $9,60 tn *:i.7.'i
llli|iul led |;iiin|.,. Soiiii.Illini;
in 11 y iiiiiii-.liuulil hay,'. IViies
Hll.iVlto %'M
When you ,ak<- your Xinns
hiilidnyx you Heed a iiuud BUltolUU
Wr have Jie-l whal mu, inun,
I', ices $2,60 lu 016.60,
Solid Lealhur Suliuawi lined
with Moire "ilii, and .lilted with
toilet arlloles, ••!• 1-1 in>r silver
mounting!.   I'rloe Wl7.5,i.
McRae Mercantile Co. Ltd.
The Home of Good Clothing


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