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"Empire" Typewriter
For case of ope'at ion and perfection
i:i rcatilta produced, thi" machine
is unsurpassed    Price, $0000 CubIi
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail
For.Vtiv of operation snd perfection
in Results proimiJali tips] Macliine
a unsurpassed —1'iilCK: $00 00 cash.
>    K...	
Interior Pi.^ns^kg Co, AgentsJ
____ . — ' —i -- ■ -i—-•"" __P
Provincial Library
Vol 14.-No 59
$2.50 Per Year
Stor__ at Art. .-head c A Revelstoke.
M M tt
We are clearing out our Men's Straw Hats
at HALF PRICE. Come here early to get good
All our Children's Linen Pique, Serge, etc.,
Summer Tarns going at HALF PRICE a lovely
lot going at 40c.
Stores at Kevelstoke and Arrowhead.
We are still keeping the knife
going and cutting down our
stock. We have too many Refrigerators. You want one. Here
ia your chance.
A First Claea Family Size,
made to give satisfaction, ti Foud
Preserver and au Ice Saver
No. 1 Labrador 3 8.50
o. 2 Labrador   10.00
Other sizes cut to <■■
miss thia chance.
$ .'.in
'•       "        .... 2 00
Unman with kettle .75
•  150
Ulaas  Bottom  1.25
.... 1.50
1 Burner, Cast Bottom
2 "
3 "
A chance of a life time to
make a Good Bargain. Don't
miss it.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Branohsa ib tha PruvlnoM uf Manitoba, Alberta, BaskaU-hawaii,
Britith Colombia, Ontario, Qoolsxs.
Oapital Authorised ...        •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    •4,025,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        •4,92S,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkir, President; Hon. R. Jakpray, Vice-President.
A General Banking Buelneee Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all  parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed «n deposits from date of deposit and credited
Beveletoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Ladies' Silk .and Lustre Blouses
Just received a shipment
of Ladies' Silk and lustre
Blouses, latest styles.
Summer goods ;iud millinery still at cost.
A full line of Infants'
Clothing, long and short.
Come in and see this
line before purchasing
for the little tots.
opposite Climax  Hotel, First Struct.
At Fernie—In a Week Business
Will be Resumed—Most Per
feet Organization for Relief
—Insurance Claims.
Fkknik, Aug, 7—The work of relieving diatress ia woll organized. As
carloads of supplies arrive they are
takeu to the new kitchen and reliel
quarters no the school grounds and
are lieing diatrihuted only aB required.
There ia the moat perfect organization
for relief, the maintenance of order and
the disposal ol cash.
Only one case of sickness wsb reported today. Thia ia of typhoid fever
a patient in the St. Eugene Hospital,
What are supposed to be the remains of three men were brought in
today in a bucket. A skeleton was
found near the Elk Lumber Company's
mill and waa immediately taken to
she cemetery and buried.
The work of rebuilding the town has
already started. Fifteen carloads of
lumber arrived today and every man
wbo could drive a nail ia at work Tbe
new 0.1'.R. station was started yes
terday morning and is almost ready
for occupation.
P, Burns, of Calgary, is here sizing
Up the situation, and let the contract
for a new shop, to be built in mediately.
The .Bank ol Commerce will start
tomorrow in a temporary building pt
the rear of its lot. It will have an
architect examine the foundation of
tlie burned building to ace if it ia safe
to build on. ,
Other small buildings arc being
rushed up, and in leas than a week
business in many lines will lie resumed.
A safe expert today opened 15 safes.
and the contents of twelve were found
all right. None nf the bank sates
have yet been opened, or in the principal business houses, as they are too
hot yet.
As far us can be ascertained in conversation with business men, nearly
all will rebuild and resume business
as soon as the insurance is adjusted.
Exaggerated reports ate being sent
out in rig ud to the lire at Coal Creek
The men were called out. but. only as
a precaution iigiiinst tire, which was
coming up the hill. President Lind
aey leports that the mines arc not in
danger. Mr Sherman, of the Miners'
Union, also states that there is no
danger and all the members sre being
wr-H provided Ior.
ti. Stanley Rees arrived Ibis alter
noon wilh a carload of supplies from
Calgary, just what was required in the
way nf clothing, bedding, etc.
A persistent report lias been current
aince the beginning of the Elk Valley
contlagration that the major number
of insurance companies are protected
from paying the claims of the fire
sufferer- by a buah fire clause in the
policies. It ii gratifying to learn that
all companies 10 the B. C. Mainland
Underwriters' association, who are
thus protected, bave agretd to overlook thia clause and, furthermore, will
waive all the usual technicalities.
A number of local officeB have been
burning the midnight juice in the
preparation of the "proolB of loss," and
are intent on allowing a typically
western spirit by paying the clainiB
with aa much despatch aB a due
amount of caution will allow.
Whether outside ofiices will refuse
to overlook the buah fire clause, which
exempts certain companies from reimbursing fire aulTorers who loae their
effects aa a direct or indirect result of
a buah fire, remains to be seen.
Sides   Firm - Orientals
Are Employed
WINNIPEG, August 7.—Tho second
day of the C.P.R. mechanics' strike
openrd without incident here and
during the forenoon nothing startling
developed, though indications arc that
picket cordons will bo more tightly
drawn by the strikers hett.rc sundown,
as a rumor is current that   the   Cana-
tbe highest credit on Mr Floyd.—Filed.
From ,1. It. W. Rodgers requesting
that lhe taxes on his house, which waa
only completed last year when the
assessment was taken, be refunded.—
Tbe council agreed that the claim was
justifiable antl resolved to refund the
A resolution was passed that the
wnrk on the covered drains on Camp*
bell Ave. be done by day labor, tho ri-
paiis to the street to be Included.
Under   new   business   11   resolution
dian Pacific  will endeavor to-day  to | was passed   that   the council request
Revelstoke Pupils Make Excellent Showing
The results of the recent high school
exatninatioiiB for Revelstoke centre
are aa follows
Junior Uradc—Maximum marks,
1500. Number ol candidates, G; passed
6. Maud N. Beck, !I53; Mary E. Bell,
1140; Claribel J. J. Crawford, 042; Oliie
A. Bell, 882; Blanche E. Davis, 847;
Edward A. Hyatt, 843.
Preliminary courBe, .Junior grade,
maximum marks, 1100.—Number of
candidates Ll, parsed 111. Charles A.
I'rocunier, 855; Kdna M. Bruce, 823;
Charles W. Cordon, 812; Eric C. Coursier, 778; Kathleen B. Frasor, 750;
Frsnell W, Daniels, 744; Eva M.
Thompson, 744; Frank Tapping, 738;
Bllubetb 11. Hooley, 724; Ethel
Blsckberg, 70..; Agnes Blackbcrg, 702;
Sidney Bobbins, 700; Robert U Lawrence, 557.
bring a   number   of   men   from  the
The company has made no effort bo
far to operate the big local shops, and
as practically every machinist ia a
union man and loyally responded to
the call to strike, it must be Borne
days before the company can got together any temporary force.
Reports received from various western divisional centres show tbat all
union men obeyed the headquarters
call without question.
At Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Medi-
cinejHat. Reveletoke and other west-
ei'n points the company has endeavored to keep the shops open. They
are bringing in gangs of Japanese
from off sect ion work, but there ia not
enough skilled labor to leaven the
Both sidca are atanding pat, each
apparently waitinc* for the other to
make a move before allowing their
The hope of the men lies iu tlie prospect of trainmen, including engineers,
firemen and conductors joining them,
and these are expected by the strikers
to inform the company in the course
of a few days that they cannot con
tinue to operate trains which have not
beeu properly inspected. Much there,
fore depends on the trainmen, but
even without their assistance the
strikers themselves expresa confidence
of winning.
Locally mattera are progressing
quietly and there has been nothing in
the way of a disturbance of any sort.
The strikers are determined that
out-idere Bhall uot be brought in to
work in the shops here and are using
all their influence to prevent those
that have come in from remaining.
Meetings are lieing held daily in
Selkirk hall, but as yet there has
been no demonstration of any description.
The C,P.R. is said to have already
had assurance of all it needs in the
Old Country and the United Stales to
man its shops. There is nothing in
the Statute books to prevent importing all the men it requires Irom the
Old Country. The Alien Labor Law
would prevent tho engagement ol
men under contract io the United
States, but thia ia easily got round
and unless the company's expectations miscany, it will have nn trouble
in filling the strikers' places.
Lawn Sprinkling Restrictions-
Campbell Ave. Improvements
-The regular meeting of the city
council was held last night, with
Mayor Lindmark and Aldermen
Foqte, Stone, Sawyer, Lefeaux, and
Woodland, present.
Minutes of the previous meetings
were read and adopted.
From F. W. Terry, acting chief of
police, reporting fire alarms O.K., but
aeveral house boxes lieing out of order
and subsequently repaired.—Filed.
From the acting chief of police reporting on the alarms of fire at the
C.l' R. section house near the shops,
and at the Molsons Bank.—Filed.
From the superintendent of the
power house reporting on the operation of the light and power plant for
July. The report stated that tbe
plant had been working satisfactorily,
and that both light and power dynamos were O. K. The load was increas
ing on the power dynamo, which was
now about 10 k.w. The lighting
plant ran a total of 325 hours, generating 17.320 k.w.—Filed.
From T F. Sinclair in connection
with the bond for the contract for the
sewerage construction. Mr. Sinclair
stilted that in hia opinion tho bond
was correct. The city claim that they
ire not liable for the premiums for
more than $2,000, which bond was to
bind Mr. Sinclair to enter upon the
contract if the aowerage doboTrlures
are Bold, and not on the full amount
when the work was dune. A reply to
that effect will be sent to Mr. Sinclair.
From J. H. Jackaon, city auditor,
reporting on tbe accounts and books
of tho city ollice to the end of July
and stating that the accounts wero in
excellent shape and order and rellected
Supt. T. Kilpatrick to havo the 0 1\R.
right-of-way Irom the main line, along
the Smeller apur on Campbell Ave. to
2nd Street, cleared and all ubatrin -
tioiiB and unsightly objects removed.
The bv-law authorizing the borrow-
ing of the sum uf $13,000 Irom the
Molsona Bank to meet the current
legal expenditure of the city for 1908,
before the reveuuo from the taxpayers
becomes due, was read the third timo
and passed with the unanimous consent of the council.
The mayor said that owing to the
fact that the city ollice work waB a
long way behind, he had asked Mr.
Floyd to remain a month to assist, iu
the work until it wa. caught up with.
A resolution to this effect was p-iased
by the council.
Aid. Foote said that there waB too
much water being used on gardens
and lawns, and that the city tanks
were nearly empty which was a serious!
condition in case .if lire, this dry
weather. He urged lhat the people
be informed that all sprinkling must
atop except between 7 aud 9 p.m. The
council recognising tbat a shortage of
water now would be a dangerous con.
tingency in case of lire, resolved that
measures be taken to stop unnecessary
The council also agreed that the
superintendent of the water works be
instructed to keep a check on the
man who sprinkles tho streets and to
see that no more water iB used than
neceasaty and that, such sprinkling ia
to be stopped it deemed advisable. A
deputation from residents outside the
city limits, near the south track,
waited on the Council to kgow what
waa to he done regarding tbe water
pipe in their vicinity. The mayor
said that au inch pipe weuid le put in
from Swan Carlson's house to the city
limits. The question of scavenging
was brought up and a settlement with
W. Fleming arranged for.
Tbe accounts were passed and the
meeting terminated.
If you are going fishing we have all kinds of
hooks, flies, fly books,
leaders, trolls, rods, lines,
automatic reels, landing
nets, sinkers, baskets,
mosquito hats, etc.
Hunting Supplies
We also carry a large stock of Guns, Rifles, Carbines
Revolvers, Ammunition, Hunting Knives, Tents, Camp
Stoves ?nd suitable Hardware, while for provisions we have
been outlining parties here for the last 22 years and can give
you the best goods put up in first class style.
Agents for McClary's Stoves, Ranges, Etc
Bourne  Bros.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services aie held on the First.
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High tl'.ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, paBtor. Sunday, Aug. 9
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p iu.
Methodist—Rev T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
At 7-30 p.m., evening aei\ ice; 2 30. p.
in., Sunday school and Bible class;
Evening subject, " The third temptation of our Lord, and its lessons Ior
us." Prayer meeting on Wednesday
at 8 o'clock. There will be no morning service in this church, but the
congregation will worship with Knox
Presbyterian people in that church.
The union choir promises to give extra
good music. The church haa been
made practically mosquito proof and a
cordial invitation ia extended to all.
Knox Presbyterian—J. R. Robertson, B. 1)., minister. Service at 11
o'clock. Subject: "Annaniss and
Happhira, tbe lirst dark blot on the
early Christian church." Sunday
aduitd at 2:30 p m. Tbere will he no
evening service in this church, but
lhe congregation will worship in tbe
Methodist church with that congregation. Rev. T. W. Hall will preach
the sermon and conduct tho service.
A hearty invitation ia given to all.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor.   Services at 11 a.m.  and  7:30
p.m.   Sunday school and Bible class at
" "  p. m.   B. Y. P. U.  Monday at 8
Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
All are invited to these services
Incorporated hy Special Act of Parliament of
the Dominion of Canac-a
Head Office, • Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL! $2,000,000   In 20,000 Shares of $100 each with $10 Premium
Tho Hunk ot Vancouver is beiugjorg-iuized to meet iu part the increased banking
accommodation required by the natural and steady expansion of business coincident with
the great development o the country aud especially uf British Columbia, and while
organizing tocouduct a general banking business, will give special cons .aeration to the
industries and commerce of tbe-'roviu.e. and ia being established primarily for tbis
purpose, and through its connections in Ureat Britain, Ka.taro Cauada and the United
States, it will be able to greatly facilitate the investment of outside capital in the various
enterprises of the Proviuce.
It is tho intention toopeu brauch offices at various points from time to time as oppor-
tuiiiiy arises*
The Revelstoke General Agencies,  Limited
bave beeu appoluted Fiscal Agents for the Bank at Bevelstoke.   Application forms aad
terms of Stock Subscription may bo obtained from them.
A. L. DEWAR, Secretary.
The " Carter "
p tn.
It. E. Walker, the South African
sprinter, who won the final of ths
100 metre diish at the Olympic games,
has just beaten the world's record for
a 100 yards, his time being 0 2 6
seconds or 1-6 of a second faster than
the record of Dan Kelly at Spokane
in WOO.
The New Westminster lacrosse team1!
winners of the Minto Cup, tho blue
ribbon of the lacrosse field left for
home on Thursday.
In the gentlemen's doubles Tennia
tournament on Wednesday T. E. L.
Taylor won from A. Y. Andorson,—
6-3; 6 3; 6-4.
Scots OreyB won from the Rovers
on Wednesday by 8 to 2.
The City and  Y.M.C.A.  moot   at I
lacrosse on Monday, |
A man who is particular about his hat
will find every satisfaction in wearing a
" CARTER." For this reason it is universally known as "the hat ior particular men."
Made from a light, flexible, yet durable felt,
it possesses that admirable quality which the
majority of hats lack—lightness in weight.
In addition to this the hat has a new leather
attachment which makes it most comfortable
and easy fitting. The "CARTER" is also
a leader in style, and the shape shown here
is one of the most popular in the fashionable
world of to-day.
A new hat would smarten you up for
'the rest of the season. Choose it here.
Choosing is easy when you see yourself in
the mirror with a "CARTER." Call at our
store and satisfy yourself that in this hat
you have Style, Comfort, and Service, making it the biggest value for the price
McKinnon C& Sutherland
First Street, Revelstoke.
At 8 Per Cent.
Barristers, Solicitor-    Ei
0 TT A W A
Parliaineo' ii _■,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Ohjls. Mriti'iiY.        1Iauoi.1i PlBHBB
1'. itr.-s.-i- Sultrttor., Ko'-
RI VKLsTUKE on I mil'I I.AKK, 1'. ('.
'     ■ J  i'. Ki.i.nui
l.lt'l'I'iiltsJ, RTO,
ilAIU'lst'l li
.-•■'iii.-     Imi i.itiAi.   Hank   Hi.oi'K
stiikk. It. 0,
-.toil. > '.. lam.
. . . -. Itevalftako, M. t'.; i ranUriiuk, 11
*-.', B, Mi Camtcb,
\   M, 1'INKIUM. J. A. Haiivkv,
Ltev_ittoke, It. i       Cranbrook, It.t
J. M. Scott l.L
"iCOTT   ._    BRIGGS
W, I. Brings,
Hahuistkus, Solicitors, Etc,
Mi'nky to Loam
■milii .tors ki nt Molsons Hank
'irst Street, Kevelstoke, B.C.
I'liivineial Land Surveyor,
.Mining Sut veyoi'
McKknzib Avbnuk,
StbATIH una. Alia. .*v
kevelstokk,   -   b.c..
Men ber? Alberta Association nf Ariliiuicl-.
H   M. WlMDDlMIl
Slrallicnna, Alia
VV. A. Wllllil.iMil.'S.
Huvulstiiku, M.l'.
Furnished House in Good Locality $2,100
Real Estate investment in the City paying 12
per cent, clear profit     $2,500
Modern Residence tin Fifth Street  $3,200
Rooming House on First Street  $2,000
Residence mi McKenzie Avenue  $1,950
Forty .Acres til' Fruit Land, close in  $75.00
l'or Aero
Building Lots in All   Parts til" the City,
Revelstoke Genera" Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. «.fl
Cbc n&aiUlbevalfc
There is SO much bad in tlio liesl i'f Us,
Arid ..1 much .nod in the wi.rst nt U-.
Thai il hardly bohoovea any sif us,
T ■ :.:.■ .Ui, tut lhe re-t uf us.
1 onsiderable interest is being
evinced over the striking ol the
tux rate and in what measure the
city has fulfilled its first intention
of cutting out all municipal work,
except where urgent cull.- make
such work necessary. Although
the public express objection nt the
expenditure of their bard-earned
money without any real tangible
result, yet it ir a very ilillictilt
matter to determine ui the beginning ot the financial year that
no .-treet or other work will
he done, and thut expenditure generally will he cut down. Ar the
year advances, little side issuer
:• j. ';;s which must In- done ind
•.... i ouncil are between two ob-
•■■ vi fires; their resolution noi to
givi ini i • ■-1 ry request fur public
work mi their  duty  towards an
■ ver-gr iwing city Tin' public
bave t ,-ery right tn object against
iheii money Wing used for anything that will not he ii permanent
v. irk and in be   taxed   foi   some-
■ og ..f which nothing will he left
in .1 few years. We believe th.it
tht i' ;i,. i. bave Borne humane
traits oi character a- to realize lhat
our citizens bave other <-:i 1 Is- on
their pockets besides those which
emanate from the city treasurer.
The public un- looking ior a reduction in their taxes and trusting lo
the Council that by the keeping
down of civic expenditure this year
this will he an accomplished fact.
We are glad to see that u start liar
been made with the water antl that
that burden on tbe city has heen
materially reduced. On the other
hand a growing city necessitates a
large expenditure, hut the asuesi)-
ment of ratable property which is
increasing year by year should
counterbalance much expenditure
antl in a measure leave a free opening for the people to enjoy a little
easy living, at the same time giving tlie rising antl coming generation an opportunity to share in
tlie beautifying of the city. Permanent public works Bhould he the
aim of tlie Council.
It is gratifying to see that the
city council, in their endeavors to
benelit the citizens and the living,
hnve not forgotten the respect duo
to tlie dead, in tbat they have been
taking active steps to clean up the
cemetery uml make, it us neat and
tidy as a place of thai description
ahould be. A grave yard is a depressing spot al lhe best of tinier,
hul doubly so when the grass grows
lung ami rank, the paths by long
neglcol become covered in weeds,
the very lomb .-toner that, mail;
llie lasl resting place of those dear
to ies, allowed lo fall over anil
decay. The loasl we can do ir to
make our cemetery neat antl clean
ami show lhat we respect the dead.
The motive in Ihir respect should
he mure apparent among our people, ilu- sentiment which lingers
toward the departed may he made
even a pleasure ii we take pains to
refresh the environment where they
are sleeping their long sleep. Now
that the city council hnve sel tbe
example, the people too should follow it up and make our cemetery a
spot whore our care and respect for
the dead can be seen, a spot which
should he typical nf neatness and
not a mournful decaying wilderness.
Elsewhere in ihir isrite will be
seen an announcement of the Na-
lionnl Apple Show at Spokane.
Wash . on December 7th to 12lh.
Tbe exhibition will practically
eclipse every previous one In reason of the fact that the prizes
offered are the highest on record,
This ir perhaps the greatest exhibition of its class on the continent,
and fruit growing an an industry
will he demonstrated to such ex-
lent   as  to   include even  section  ,'"
here.    A
the working class «ith a consciousness ol their victimization hy capiul
because of its niituiiil concentration hy
the form of production—labor nature.
The discovery and application ot these
forces have lieen the menus hy which
labor is robbed of its product through n
competitive system, which pits laborer
against laborer, and while the workers
scramble tor the jobs offered by capital, the capitalists swipe, the product.
I want particularly to call your atten
tion to the word natural as used here.
Hundreds of ninnies arc extant, gi.-
ing analyses of the origin anil develop
nieiu ul capitalist production; the
revolutionary period that ushered it
in by tlie iiverllitow of Feudalism
which in lurn o.>k the place of production by ancient chattel slavery.
Now h knowledge of these social processes is essential to an understanding
of the inevitable outcome of tlie pret-
f nt social conditions
Tbey Icive already caused a somewhat dirtni'iied slate Of affairs as we
observe. Bul the Socialist, instead ol
punching the inoffensive atmosphere
full of holes in protest against the
great capitalists, us do the squeezed
out middle clatsS, go about calmly
giving a scientific analysis of capitalist produotion of the impossibility of
its existence under much greater
concentration of its inability of meeting social needs of its enslavement of
the Inmiau race ami call upon the
working class to take control of
production to the end that the producers of wealth may appropriate th ir
product I in possible ! My dear Sir!
You don't know the law ol necessity
of au intelligent working elnsr. Yon
ask ior detail.: We reply tbat if the
workera are intelligent enough to vote
themselves into |« 111i,-ai power with
the principles of International -..cial-
ism for a platform, we can safely leave
the details in their bands. Head tie
platform ol the S< cialist part) of
Canada i iraell ind reader, may
benefit _ • al Ij by reading the fi w
i excellent   scientific   •» rks   i o
- cialisoi in the    . i   -    , ilists ;:hraiy
I,   O,   F-
is.iui M,.iiiii llcghlt-, Nn. 84(11, meat* '2ml and
llh M.unlay, in i ijdfnlliiw. llall.iiiixt Ui Opera
H.'IImI Visiting liritlhr.tii oorillull. invited In
J.W, u-.iu.AKii, O.R.
II. Vi. Uiiw.viuis, U.S
c. w. o. w
Mountain View Camp. No. 220
Meets Sooond and Fourth Wodnosdars tn
niusli nuiiiili. iii Bolktrk Hull.   Vlsliin   Worst-
iiiiiii cordially invited to attend.
W, ll. ARMSTKONG, Con, Com.
J. MoINTYlim, Olork.
F. O. E.
Tho regular meetings urn hold lit tho Sulk irk
Hull 1st mul .nl Tuesday of eaoh mouth. 8 p.m.
Visiting biathlon urn cordially itivitoil.
,)     LKKLIK.   iMttir-IIlKNT.
vv. k. Mclaughlin, sborbtaby,
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. M
Thu runnier ineot-
InBH urn held in the
ll.l.llell.tu . Hull, un
the thud Monday lu
each inutiUi at S
p ni. V i*tttlliy lireth-
nui   oordlally   wel-
11, A, rittit'UNIKIt. Skckkt.vhv.
Meet h overyTliuniday
eveiiiiiK tu Selkirk
Hall    at   8   o'olook
VIhIUiiit brethren cor
.   in
dially  inviiisd to al
ii. II   KNM1I1T. N.tl.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
Ho. 26, Revelstoke, B. c.
except Third Wednesday ot
eiieliiuunili, In the Oddfellows'
Hall al 8 o'clock. Visiting
KniirlHK are oordlally invited.
ti. il. it not K, K. nf.it. __:!_.
J. ii. scott, m. of f.
We have the largest line   of GOLD-HEADED
"   UMBRELLAS and CANES in the City :
Hastings,  Doyle & Allum, Ltd
JEWELLERS        «       AND       . OPTICIANS
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new tie-
signs in carpets. Our stock is
complete, and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic and the "tout ensemble"
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety nf patterns, and we
have never, placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
Jt HOWSOjY fr CO.'Y.
Now is the time to order your mill
Five loads and over, $1.76 per.load,
delivered at any point between the
mill and Knotenuy Sheet,
Kiln Dried Kindling, $2.50 per load.
Order al office of
..poly s    the -s. iter    If you do
.,0th in the! nitedbtatesandl m- tbj8 ,,    .
Ju'       ""    ftPPle   *■•*    enin Mr.  Couraier*.   ..iter a  lew week.
every variety   ami   condition   ind ,, .,,.,. ..        .     riaoagl  . Soeia
•he   vi-tturr   iu  ihi-  Bhow will be iat,   u                 ■   ■,..-   ,-.-..
ible   to   study   the fruit of   ever\ stirring up  ae opposing camp«
part   of   the   continent   and drawl morally dead and dying aod the   m
iheir   comparisons,      I'.   '     as a »nli more life,
whole   Bhould   prepare an exhibit I am sure the Bevelatokt  people are
which will hold  its ow,, « th an *™
:i ii11 the better our exhibit '■ im more
likelihood of booming onr apple
industry ami substantiating our
■ laiin- to unequalled perfection
Here is an opportunity whit h
should ho readily neized h- iur
... : . iwers W'hai i- there
'.) prevent an exhibit "f Revelstoke
apples from being lenl i" the ihovi '
We In vi* definitely proved that
uur small fruits are as fine as can
l.e gnu ii elsewhere, and no belter
demonstration of our orchard possibilities can he made, or the truth
told quicker than by an exhibit of
local fruit at, the National Show
when comparisons will Bhow where
we fail or gain. This is a matter
which should he brought, home to
our local orohardists ami deserves
Editor Mmi, IIi.iiami.
Silt : V'otir editorial of a few weeks
ago re "They have nut, told Ul,"
seems to be an Invitation to tbe local
Socialists to make, an effort to do so in
the columns of ynur paper.
That which the Socialists recognize
iB the development of society by natural material processes and their
propaganda is carried on  to   inculcate.
problems,   All  I In    Socialist! and, I
think, many    .(    ..ur    opponent!    will
jrsteful    for   any     (pace   kindly
giv'.ii in their diecoaaion
Yours truly,
1:  P. O a Y_t a a
Bevelstoke, Aug. 7tb, 1908
Religion by Inches
M uch amusemem   hai  '.< en -'ao-i <l
in tbe dominiona ■!  I he < Irand Duke
of ileus,., by a   -imi. regulation limiting tbe ir inlser . - the . 'I '
.1 new School    ls"sk   are I., give |,   rtll
Kioiis.  matters      It   ir  icorTid  .11 .•«
religious instruction by tin: inch I'm-
history of tbe Creation basis'
doc.otl from 66 lines in 1.1ns old imuk to
iill. Adam and Eve in Eden from 74
lines to 68. (lain and Abel from I '■ to
211, and the Deluge from 7;t | ,.,
Moses and Aaron before I'baroab suffered severely, being reduced from 128
linos to 711, and the history of Israel
in the desert bas only s miserable six
linos instead of the original sixteen.
I'astors crying out, against, this cur
.ailment arc told that tho Old Testament history is not gooil lor modern
children, and that oven with these
reductions the Hessian Children get
lar more of tbe Old Testament than
the rabbis in the .Inwish sclumls de
vote tu it.
For Sale
liry cellar   cortl   wood—Hevelstoke
General Agencies. Ltd,
Dray ing
Stora? e
All Kinds of Light and  H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Ooal and Feed.
Plume 71. House Phone 7
Certificate of  Improvements
Min.i it mineralH mi, nituata in the.TroutI-Ako
Mining liivisi.iv   ( West Knnlenay Dintrict.
Where looatii.1:  At tu*- howl ->f Uoat Greek Basin
Buljontng the F t.-ii.m miner-1 claim, LotA&ti?-
(;ruii)i l.
L';\ke notice that 1. it Smith, F.M.C. 1S808B,
acting aa agent for J, B. Mackenzie, F.M.C. No,
HiHi'iU, tntenil, ilxtj ilays Irom the date hereof, to
appl> to the Mining Keconler ior a Certificate of
UnproYemettts, i»t the purno*e nf obtaining a
Crown iirmt nf tlie above Haim.
Ami further   take   notice   thai   notion,   untler
Section 87, must I ommenced before the issu*
ance of sncli Certificate -.f improvements.
Dated this __.tli .!a> of June A.D., 1908.
■atJ*! it. SMITH.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
REVELSTOKE'   ___.. O.
*  P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HKAD OKK1CK :   (Imjiauv,   Ai.iikkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork fuckers mul Dealers in Uve Stock.   Markets til all the pi-im-l
Iiul I'.ili.'S and Towns of Albertu, llritisli Oolutnbi i nnd lhe Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " Imp. int. r" Hunts nnil Biieon,
j   nnl "Shamrock" Brand Loaf Lnnil,
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wugona Ktc, John
Deere Ploughs, Mul iue Wagous, Canada Carriage CompBuy'a
Buggies, Plt»not jr., Garden Saeiinrs ami Cultivators, Wheel'
wri.-rlit nud Blaoksmith Wurk ntt'eudod tn. Unr>e Slmoiiis' a
Central Hotel
________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built       First-class in every respect.     All modem convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same maniixem ni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. liest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBERT      STONE      PROP.
I lie Municipal t .nnh il uf Ui" Oorpora-
lion of the City of  KevelHtuke Intends
In undertake i he con tn n of CON-
i ItE'l li    H1DEW \I.KS   on     rmlniii
M Kenzle   \ renue aud First
Street „in I hi     lid t il v. vi/..:    On
ol   Mi Kenzie Avenue from
Is -I'I.    Of VictOl I.I   It'.ilil lo Ibe
Nui i Ii Hide -• . t  1   -n ,..,■!, ,,,iil ,,u
I      •   81 reel   n  ibe
We»l       le     'i ii '..i   Avenue  to the
1 i unpin ii \ venue, accord
[..   .ti. .• Im •  i iniate   pre
|. in 'I Irj    he City Knu i   ippolnled
Im t li-'   |i i,, i        i   .      t he i-v
' ipon    I be I.lllll oi
ii'.il |iii,|k 11 •• abutting "ii tbe purl • of
. -   thuve inenl loned .mil
to i.'   li m Btted  ilmii'liv; and thai .,
i ■   land or  ninl
iblff to pay I he *MfH_iiin,enl
.1..I . lie names .1 i he ownt t ■
1 he i.   -    so   i -  i hey can lie a_cei
iniiii.'].   logether   \-.iib  i In-    ipeclflcn
d est i mates of I he lit y  I.n
sel ' In-  proponed        i    o,. nl
and repot i Ihet eon  of i he Oity Clerk
tn on til.- in Hi-   -itli ■ of tne ('ity
Clerk and open for Inspection by all
.im mg ■ .nil" hours.
The estimated coat of the worki-.
S ,,"i« IO, of which it '. Intended thai
the s iiy .ii large ihall bear ths whole
of the cost 'if the work nn street
tromilnga, nnd necessary retaining
walla, iiei oins third of the coal of the
concrete sidewalks, the property owners bearing two-thirds of thn coat of
i he  aid ildewalka,
Tbe total estimated amount to lie
borne by the property-owners being
, l.!!.l.l.",, uml by the Oity nt large
Any objection to tho proposed un'
delinking nnd assessment therefor
shall In. miule by petition   to   Ibe City
Oouncil within PIFTEKN (15) days
iroui ihe dale hereof, tne persons entitled to petition being Ibe owners of
ilm lands iiU'eiied thereby,
City Clerk.
Dated Ibis 6th day of August, llHJS,
attg 11) ci
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
The nieinbeisnf ECompany, lt.M.lt.
ire hereby notified to attend for company drill every Thursday at 8 p.m.
until furl her orders,
By   Order,
O. 0.
IS   THE   MATTKIt  tlK   TltK   "WlSllISII
l'i' Aot " anu
In    Ibe   Matter   of   the   Elwoud   Till
Workers Cold Mining Company
of I'irilcnn,   British  Ooltunhla,
Limited, Non-personal Liability.
NoTiCK la hereby given that an
application will be inado lo this  Honourable  Court   ol   the  Court   House,
Vancouver, II. C, on tho Twelfth day
of August, I'.mih. nt  the hunt' of IO18O
o'clock in l be forenoon un behalf of
the Official  Liquidator herein for an
order confirming Ihe conditional agi -
ment for sale uf the properly ami
assets of the snid Company for the
-min of ..:-:u min on made by ibe Official
Liijuldator to one Dllllon Marsh.
li I   nl   Itevelalokn,   11.   C,   tbis
IMtb July, I1HIM.
BOOTT .*< IlllltitiS
Hollcllom for John Is, Ji a,
Offlcliil Lltpildi '.
Certificate of Improvements
Notice of
Seizure and Sale!!
Hii vm. i fiwti mineral olaim, ittuate in tho i.ar-
ii-..u M •   DItIs-Iou   .*r   Wei   K'Mit'Miity
Where looatedi   At the bead of Uohawli crook
and idjofnlng tho 1'nyno u nil  < hum
Taktn-otloe  that  I, ll  rtmith  KM.c No. li
i;f_.(H. urtii.if ii . »««fit   for   Kvh  ditrurd, K. M.C
Mo, mi.f>\, intend, ilitydayi frum date he roof,
"• M*i'; - '" '-''" Mn.in.- Roooraei fot b Certlfl-
eoteiof Impfotement* fnr  tho tiurpoie of ub-
Inloga ' ruwH 'Inint iif tlw oifivo claim.
Ami Farther take notiee Mist action* under
■«o«'ti'tii _n, maat i>* commeneed before the istu
snot of roeh Certlflcet* <>t tmprnremeotJi
Dated this 4th day of June, A l.   i\*m.
-ntlfl 8  HMITM
Certificate   of Improvements
Ititr ll'ipo Praotlon Miuoral claim So 1.
Hitmito in thn Tr .-it I.n i, n MiniiiK Dm .ioii'iiT
tli"» Kootenay i>i«trirt.    Locuitea on Poplar
TAKK NOTICK thnt I, C. J A. ti. I'ndley,
Krnn Minor-. Cortillou to No. B Will,  intond M
days frotn the date bereM to apply to thn Min-
inu Recorder for a Gerttfieate of unproyemente
for the purpoie of pbtainlna i Crown Urant of
the aooteoTaltn    And further tako notice that
BOtiOQ   i i'l"i   Hortinn .17  most ho c-nmi.ifl.ic_..
hofiiro   tlio   i .HiiHTice  of ..uch Certificate  of
Dated thin 1th day nf April. 1908.
uncle.*and '»y virim* offluee wrlLs of
lii'i-i t'aci;ts issued out of ll<t* Supicnie
Oout'l of lliiiisli Oolmithiiti tievt-iBtoke
Registry in Ihvua Heveittl rtollotia
whut'nin ii us. E, Aiulri-un, |. K.
Ainsdrn and John l». MIHIgan. respeo-
tiv-tdy are platnlHTH uml Lhe Smith
Oreelc Mining nnd Development Company are dofendanta und to mi' diteut-
ed again si Mir goods uml chattele of
mi iii defendants, I have seized uml
taken in execution nil the Interests of
(he said Company in those certain
mining leases Issued by the Province
of Itiiiisli Columbia through tin*
pronee officer In thai behalf and situated i»n HmtthCreek, in the Revelstoke
Mining Division of West Kootenay
District known and recorded it* the
offlce of the Mining Recorder at Bevelstoke* IJ. U, as the "Sunrise." "Revelstoke," "Carlisle," " Blue Jay,"
' Highflyer," "Gertrude," "Anne,"
'Margaret," and "draoe" minlnc
leases or claims and the unrxpiiiMl
term of said leases respectively, also a
quantity of goods consisting of machinery, lumber, Bupplies, Bulldiugs,
livi- stook, feed, provisions, dynamite,
(«■ i*vyt cshleandi theratiachments.
flume arid attachments antl Improvements und personal property of all
kinds situate upon or about Uu* Nnid
mlnlngloases or any of them, an in-
ventory of all wbioh may be obtained
on application to the undersigned.
Ami I give notice that I will offer
for sale ax public auction at the door
of the Oourt House, Kevelstoke, B. C«,
on Friday, the seventh duy of August,
1808, at IU o'clock, noon, all the Interest of the said defendants in the prop
erty above mentioned.
Dated at ReveUtoke
B*0,i July 28,
Sheriff of North Kootenay.
NOTICK is horohy civon that tho bnuudartes
uf tlio Noi...in, Kevelstoke and SUiuuii
Lund Recording Divisums of Wost Kootonay
District, mu\ the Similkainoeti Land KocoriliiiK
Division of Vnlr District, havo boon nltorod,
and thnt on nud after September tho lnt, 1908,
tho boundartesof tho said Laud Recording Dl<
visiouM will bo ns follows:—
(lOmmouelug at auoluton the lutornational
lloiiiulary whoro it is intersocted by tho western
Isouiidary of Bet'tlon 8, Township 10a, KootOUaj
District; being also the wostorn laiuutltiry of iho
Nolsnn ._ Kurl Shnpimrd Railway Land Grant:
llu'iico due north almut H1, milo_ to southern
hoiindary of Lot 5,816, Uroup 1, Kooteuuy;
thence duo wost to the eastern boundary of the
right-of-way of the Columbia A Western Railway, which forms tho iMiiiiidary ofLot2,_t08.
Uroup l, Osoyoos Division of Yale District (now
Simiikamoou : thouco oastorly nnd northerly,
fi>llowing said oitstui n boundary of said right*
tif-wuy, to the north-east corner of Lot 2,898;
thonce due wost along the northern bouudary
of Lot 2,688 to the divide between tho waters
running into tho Columbia River aud Arrow
Lakes from those llowiug to the west; theuce
uorthorly, following tbe summit of the mountains ton point 66 miles due uorth of the International Boundary, which is also the north-east
coruer of the Similknmecu Division of Yale
District; thence due eust tn a point due south
of tho south-west corner of Township 09, Kooteuuy : thonoo duo north to the north-oust corner
of Township _->, Osoyoos Division of Yale;
thouco north-westerly to the summit of the divido separating tho waters .loviiii. iuto the Columbia Kiver aud Arrow Lukes from the waters
flowing to the wost; theuce followiug the summit of the mountains, in a northerly direction,
to a .sunt duo went of tho north-wost comer of
Lot 898, Group 1, Kooteuay, whioh point is the
uorth-west corner of the Nolson Laud Recording Division ; thoui'u duo east to the summit of
the water shod dividing tho wuters (lowing iuto
the Arrow Lakos from the waters flowing iuto
Slocan Lake, which is the north-east corner of
Nolson Land Recording Division; thence southerly along lho divide between the waters llowiug into tho Arrow Lakes and tho wuters flowing into Blocau Rivor uml Slocan Lake to a
point near tho headwaters of Pass ('rook;
tbenco following tho height or hind to the
mouth of Little Slocau Kiver; thence crossing
tho Slocan Kiver and followiug the divide separating the waters flowing into the Slocnu
Kiver and Kooteuay Luko from the wuters
llowiug into Kt-oU'iiay Kivor and West Arm of
Kootonay Lako to tlie uorth-wost coruer of Loi
T,_.23, Uroup 1, Kootenay ; thenco duo eust along
the north boundaries of Lots 7,628 uud 4 961, to
the west shore of Kootenay Lake; theuce
southerly uud easterly to Pilot Point; thence
northerly to the north-west corner of Lot 1,489,
Uroup 1, Kooteuuy; thenco easterly, following
the height of laud separating the waters flowing into Crawford Croek from tho waters flowing iuto Uiey's Crook, to the eastern boundary
of West Kootonay District, near tho headwaters
of Baker t'reek; thonco southerly following tho
divide sopuratiug the wuters flowing iuto
Kooteuay Lake and Kooteuay Kiver from the
wators flowing into St. Mary's Creek aud the
Moyie Hiver, to the International Boundary:
theuce westerly aloug the International Boundary to the poini of commencement,
Commencing at the north-west corner of tho
Nelson Laud Rocordiug Division; theuce
northerly, following tbo summit of the mouutains dividing tho waters flowing Iuto the Columbia River Irom those flowing to the weat, to
the height of laud between Foster ('reek nuil
Kelloy Creek, to the iutorsectiou of Cauoe River; theuce southerly down the centre of Canoe
River to the'Columbia River; thence in a
soutli-oti-torly direction to the dividing ridge of
tbe Selkirk range of mountains: thence following tho said dividing ridgo iu a south-easterly
direction to tho summit of Rogers Pass: theuce
iu a south-easterly direclioii, followiug the
water-shed uearest the Upper Crlumbia River,
toils Intersection with the southern boundary
of the Dominion Kailway Belt; theuce southwesterly, following the southern bouudary of
the Kailway Kelt, Ut its iuterseetiuu with the
divide botweou thu wuters (towing into Duncan
Hiver aud Fish Hiver, near the headwaters of
Teotzel Creek; thenee southerly following the
height of laud dividing Lhe waters flowing into
Duncan River from Lhe wuters llowiug iuto
Arrow Lake and Trout Luke, lo a poiut opposite the uorth eud of Bowser Lake; thouce
westerly, following the southern water-shed of
Lake Creek, to ii point on the Lardo River opposite the height of laud between Cascaue
('reek aud Poplar Creek; thouce followiug that
height of land aud thu witter-sheU dividiug the
waters of Wilsou t'reok from tho waters llowiug
into Lardo River aud KooshkauaX Creek to the
uorth-east coruor of the Nolson Laud Rocordiug
Division, being thu south-east coruer of thn
Revelstoke Laud Recording Divisiou; theuce
following tlie mn i horn boundary of thu Nelson
l.i.iid Recording Divisiou due west to tho point
uf couiinoucoinouL.
Commencing at tho north-east corues of the
Nelsou Luud Recording Division, which is also
the south-oust coruer ot the Revelstoke Land
Rocordiug Divisiou; theuce followiug the eastern bouudury of the Rovelstoke Laud Rocordiug Division, iu a general easterly aud uorthorly direction, to ils iutorsectiou Willi the south
bouudury uf tlm Dominion Hallway Holt,
thence northerly and easterly, fid lowing the
Dominion Kail.my Bull, to its intersection
with the eastern boundary of Wust Kooteuay
Distriut; thence in a south-uusturly directiuu,
followiug tho wnioi-shed uearust the Upper
Columbia Kiver, to the 80th parallel of north
latitude: thouce in k southerly direction, following tho divide soparutiug the waters flowing
iuto Kooteuay Lake from the waters flowing
into St. Mury's Creek to it_ iuterseetiuu with
the easterly bouudarv uf thu Nelson Luud Recording Divisiou sit Um headwaters of Urey's
(■reek ; thonce followiug the easterly bouudury
of the Nelson Lautt Recording Divisiou Ut the
puiut of commencement.
Commencing an. point 00 the lnteruatiounl
Bouudary wl ore it is Intersected by Puyu.-tou
Creek, which Is also the south-oust curuer of
-mln Lund Hocoruiug Di&lriui; theuce followiug northerly uhu,g the said creek aud the
houth Fork of tho Himilkameeu River to its
junction with the Tulauiuou River; theuce
westerly along the Tulumeen River to tha
mouth ill 1 it-Ins Creek, theuce imrtherly
aluug (hum Creek to lu iuterHO-tiou wilh
the soulh boundary of Lot \M, Uroup 1. Kmii-
loops Divisiou of Yule District; thenue due east
to the eastern bunk ol Ukaii.ig_.ti River; theuce
in uu uorthorly direction, following the eat-teru
shorn of Okuuagiii. River and Okiiiiagau Luke
to a point distant M miles due uorth of the
Internal loiiai Bouudnry ; thenco due east to the
western bouudary uf the Nelsou Laud Recording Division of Kooiuuuy District; thorn e
Southerly, following the said wusteru boundtiry
of Kooteuuy District, to tho 49th parallel;
theuce west along tlie 49th parallel to thu
place of coiniiittucoinent.
Deputy -Juinmiss-ouor of Lauds aud Works,
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., JuneWth, 1908.      jly ir, 4t
Notice in hereby given that Hii8-
tiiigs, Doyle A Allum, Limited, will,
three montliH after date, apply to tlie
Ueiiteiiiiiit-Uoveinor in Council for an
Uidei'-in-C'oiincil chan-j-itu; the Company's name to,"Doyle A Allum, Limited.''
Dated the aithday of June, 1!K)8.
Hahvky, McCaktku. A Pinkham,
Solicitors   for  IIiihUiikh,  Doyle & Allum, Limited jly \ am «
nnil'T !,*"RV.   DOCTOR   or
HUM      I ilimimii'.     " Don't do   a
Ll 11 II       1 *h,n|t" till yim "iinliiu Iy
U \J B 1      I what1, bom, by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, _lM_M, lovo, innrtliiui) ami pareiilaio
TellH what you'd auk u iliictor, hut don't Ilka To
«n pimim, lllilHtriitod, 2.. oontn: Inu tolntrodueo
It «o nana ono only to any adult (or pOHtauo,
ltl contH. r   ^
129 last _Sth «t. Mt, NSW YORK
Heading off a Risk
Gas is liable to puff out
of the front door of any
furnace   unprovided   for
gas escape.
fr "Sunshine" Furnace haa
Automatic Gas Damper
directly connected with
smoke-pipe. Gas pressure
sways damper sufficiently
for it to escape up chimney
p IV— (see illustration), but heat
:   '•}<   doesn't escape.
What do.-. "Sunshine"
Gas Damper mean to
"Sunshine" Furnace?
Moans protection to the
furnace parts against evil
effects of $.as.
What does "Sunshine"
Gas Damper  moan to
"Sunshine"   householder?
*■     Means    furnace    can   be
— operated without fear as to
m "puffing" cpas ; furnace can
be left without doubt :ts to
whereabouts of yas.
What does "Sunshine" Gas Damper mean to "Sunshine" coal account ?
It means, instead of owner with "ordinary furnace" fear having to keep
check-draft indefinitely closed to "let off" gas -when there's two-thirds
pails of heat-energy to one part of ^as passing1 up chimney—draft can with
all safety be opened, and coal saved lor another day's duty.
. |
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Rest Fund -
Has 65 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all the
Principal Cities In the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease ol operation and
perfection in the results produced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER   li   umar-
The "EMPIRE* embodiw
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, mnrginal facilities,
automatic convenience**, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needn lew-
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are pari, of the machine.
Thu C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE     Typewriter     in
1H.I5, continued to add to the
number, und now have in
constant use more tlimi 700
of th-'He machine*-'.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merohants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
Louisiana  Adopts   a Law   to
Save Them.
Providence Journal : The statement lins been nimle anil not contradicted, that in past winters ns many
ns a million robins have been killed
in Enuisuuii alone, partly fur food,
partly in order to protect growing
fruit. Tbere was obviously need of a
law for tbeir protection; and through
the unwearying efforts of the Aububon
society such a law has at last been
enacted hy the Louisania legislature.
Hereafter this warfare upon one of the
most ti-iefii! as well «s most attractive
songbirds must cease. Had it gone
unchecked, its victims might in time
have become ns rare as tlie bobolinks
now are. For in the case of migrating
birds it is nut enough that they should
be protected in their breeding haunts;
irreparable damage may be done during the periods of migration nr when
they are in winter quarters.
Few birds deserve better treatment
of the human race than tbe thrushes,
to which family our misnamed robin
belongs, Tbo accusation, that they
eat small fruits is, of course, true.
But the amount of destruction thus
wrought is easily exaggerated, and
what there is may bo largely averted
by a few simple precautions. On the
other hand, the robin is probably
more valuable to the farmer than
almost any other single bird. It is a
constant forager for insects which the
farmer finds it most difficult to control
and it destroys obnoxious caterpillars
in great abundance. Moreover, there
is reason to believe that the robin
prefers wild fruits to cultivated; if
these be reasonably abundant, it will
let the gardens alone. Its diligence
in hunting its insect, food is a matter
of common observation; note how it
runs across the lawn or gaiden digging up and eating pestiferous cutworm. A careful scientific examination
of its diet justifies the conclusion that
it should be protected by law.
There are other southern stateB
where leeislation like that secured in
Louisiana is needed. The north has
not been guiltless in its treatment of
the songbirds, but an enlightened
public sentiment has aecomplished
much for their protection. The shooting of robins in this state, for examp'e
has lieen practically suppressed by the
imposition ol heavy fines upon offenders. The word should go forward
vigorously so long as there are
wretches who destroy the feathered
friends of man.
For Sale
One ad one-half aores oleired lanil
fifteen mi'iutes waN frun the sohool
house, suitable fur strawberry growing
nr market garden; six-roomed house,
I- w house, ohiokeo house at d wood
■hsd; city water laid on; electric light
up to p'opettv; price $1,000 cash. Apply 1'. 0. Box 718, Bevelstoke, li. C.
First   Class   Work
Out of town orders promptly
attended to
National Apple Show.
The premium list of the coming
National Apple Show, to he held in
Spokane, Wash., U. S. A., December
7th to 12th, inclusive, will be issued
shortly, and will contain a list of prizes
such as have never been offered before
by a show devoted exclusively to any
one fruit.
In the aggregate, the amount of
prizes, iu cash, orchard tracts, cups,
agricultural implements, and other
articles, will be $35,000 and individual
premiums of $2,500 in value will be
offeied. Cash prizes ranging up to
one of $1,500 will appear in the list.
Tbe Chamber of Commerce of Spokane has given $15,000 in cash, land
OOmpanies have donated valuable acreage, some carrying perpetual water
rights, nnl individuals, commercial
bodies and manufacturers have contributed cups, of large value, farming
and urclui'd implements, and in.my
other articles adapted to the orchard-
isi's use.
I'p to line, applications for space
for exhibits have been received from
all apple growing sections of the
United States and Canada and, in
many instances, states bave decided to
make collective displays, holding in
cold storage all their prize winning
apples until time to ship to the National Apple Show.
Copies of the premium list can be
had by addressing the secretary of the
National Apple Show, 223 221 Huttun
Building, Spokane, Wash.
Chinese Receive $25,990 from
Dominion Government
Vas.'oi-vkh,  Aug  7.—Payment of
claims for loBses sustained by Chinese
residents during the historic September riots was commenced this after
noon by A. E. McEvoy, who acted as
counsel for the claimants at the sittings of the commission held here last
June by W, L, Mackenzie King, deputy minister of lalior. Mr. McEvoy received yesterday from Mr. King, Ottawa, a cheque for 126,990. All afternoon bis ullice was tilled with delighted Chinamen.
Of the award made by Mr. King
$3185 was on account of damage to
property, |S669 on account of losses
incurred by the Chinese board ol
trade, and $20.23(1 on account of loiMl
i-on»ei|ueiit upon the suspension ol
business. Iu all there 227 claims presented, 125 being fur ucttial and 102
for resultant damages. They totalled
$20,217. At the ollicial imjuiry 112
witnesses were examined.
A. H. SINO, Proprietor
Board by week       $5.00
Single   meals   -   -   26 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
ManuXaotQred for all classes of buildings
for side in Inruo or snmll Quantities
at tho lowest prices fur cosh.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
To John Knnt'st., or Lo whomsoever he
may have t I'tinsfeticd Ms interests:
Take notice Unit I, the uuderMgned,
co-owner with you in the Following
mineral claim, viz.: Gold Fly mineral
claim, situated on Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of West
Kooteuav Dlstriot, of the Province of
British Columbia, have done the required work on the above mentioned
mineral claim for the year ending 11)07,
in order to hold the same under S, u-
tion 21 uf the Mineral Act.
And further take noLicethat if within IK) days from the first publication of
this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of this
advertisement, your Interest in ths
said mineral claim will become the
property of the undersigned, under
Semion 25 B of the Mineral Act.
Dated at Camborne, li. 0., this 14th
day of May 1008.
sat my 10 OOd J. A. Lewis,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm,  Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Sprayin. Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Olile ' car shed nursery on the
mainliin l of B.C.   Catalogue free.
(ire nhouscs aud Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -      -      -     B. C.
Rbvelstokk Lanh District
Distiuct o» West Kootenay
TAK Is} NOTICE that I, Samuel
James Harlow, of Nakusp, B. C, occupation, farmer, Intends to apply l'or
permission tu purchase the following
described laud i
Commencing at a post planted at a
point twenty (20) chains eas,t of a point
eighty ehains south of the southwest
corner of Lot No. 8,141); thence south
40 cliains, tlience east 40 chains, thenc*
north 40 chains, tlience west 40 chains,
to point of commencement and containing one hundred and sixty (100)
acres more or less.
(Sgd) Samuel James Harlow.
Dated July 11, 1008.
Certificate of Improvements
Skookum, Drumliimnion and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Kevelstoke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located: On the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that I, William I. Briggs
of Kevelstoke, B. 0., Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B04288, acting
as agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VII, in the Right
of the Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.!'.!14287, intend sixty
days from date hou'iif to apply to the
Mining Recorder lor Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37 must  be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of July, 1908.
jly 4 W. I. Briuub.
The Sleamer leaveB Five Mile
Landing   (during   stage   of high
water) at 6 a.m. on  Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie Creek nnd way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of llevelstnke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaveB for the Boat Land! ig at 5:30
p.m on Monday and Thursday aud
co-meets with the steamer on arrival
back in tlie evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
mealB on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B189, Dates of
sailings! may be changed without
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat.Aug. I    Lake Erie
Fri.   "    7 Emp. Britain
Sat.  "   15 Lk. Manitoba, Wed. .11.20
I'Vi.   "  21 Emp. Ireland Fri. Aug.7
Sat.   "   211 Lk.Champlain Wed." 12
Summer Season from Montreal
and Quebec
Int. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. (.'lass
$911 OO   $48 75        ' $.H 75
1st. Class and, Class 3rd. Class
$80 no       $42 ,sn       $27 50
Other Lake BOATS—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$.|.S 00      $27 50
Cheap ratea to Atlantic Seaboard
points  in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked   to  Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp,  Hamburg and
all other ciintine lal ports.
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradsha w,    E. J. Coyle,
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2,
Vivian Luck No. 3, Vivian Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No. 5, Vivian
Luck Nn. 0 and Silver Crown mineral claims, sit Uttted in the Lardeau
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Wheie located:—At Head of Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek,
TAKE NOTICE that I, O. B. N.
Wilkie, acting as agent for Hector
Poiiier, F.M.C. B7480. and George
Johnson, F.M.C. B95051, intend, sixty
days froin date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under Bectiou 37. must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 2St„ day of May, A. D.
w iny27 Trout Lake, li. C.
Hevelstoke Ijmd District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John Michael Doyle
of Hevelstoke, B.C., Manager, intends
tn apply for permission to purchase the
following described land:—
CommencinK at a post planted on
the easterly liank of tbe Columbia
Kiver nt the north-West Corner of   Lot
2771, Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Doyle's snub-wist corner
posl," thence east 40 chains; thenee
north 40 ehains; tlience west 40 chains
more or less lo the easterly bank of
the Columbia river; then a southerly
along the hank of said river It) chains
more or less lo lhe point of commencement, containing 100 acres ino.ie or
By his agent, Geo. S. McCarter.
Dated June 20th, 1008. j27 OOd
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George McCarter,
Sr., of Revelstoke, B.C., Agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands;
Oommonolng at a post planted oil
the west bank of the Columbia River
at tbe south-east corner of I^it 8205.
(iroup I, Kootonay, and marked
"(ieoige Met'alter, Sr., north-cast cornel post," thenoe west II) chains;
Ihence i.niiih 20 chains; Ibence east 20
chains more or less to the west bank
of the Columbia river; thence nort belly along Ibe west bank of the Columbia river to the point of OOtntnonoe
llieiif. oontalning 2-~> acres more or less.
Bv his agent, (Ieo. S. McCarter.
Dated June 20th, 1008, j 27 <Vld
Notice is hereby   given   lhat the undersigned will, at II xpiintioii of one
month, apply to the Superintendent
of I'roviiicial Police for 11 transfer to
Coronation Hotel Company, Limited,
of the hotel license now held by tne in
respect   of   the   Con mat ion   Hotel at,
Camborne, B. c.
Dated tills 3rd day of August; 1(108.
augli lin Coitv MlSMllNlt'K.
Sixty   days  after dale  I  iutend lo
apply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Lands, and Works for permission to
purchase   the   following   described
Beginning at 11 post planted at the
south-east corner of l/iil No, 8500 purchased by Julius Doiigiil, running
west 20 chains; tlience south 21) chains;
Ihence east 20 cliains; thunce north 20
cbains to point of commencement.
Dated June 24th, loos,
EliWAltn Woi.k, Applicant.
jly 4 D, Dewar, Agent,
Of Agricultural Society
Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday,
Sept. 7. 8 and 9
Independent Band in Attendance
$3,500 Prizes
Athletic Sports
Horse Racing
District Exhibits
Labor Day, Mon. Sep. 7
$1000 in Prizes
Athletic Sports. Lacrosse. Baseball,
Football, Tug-of-war. Etc.
Trades and Labor Parade
Under auspices of Labor Organizations
Tuesday and Wednesday
Sept. 8th and 9th
Horse Racing. Judging of District Exhibits
of Fruit, Vegetables, Poultry, Live Stock.
Manufactures, Ladies' Work, Eto.
$2,500 in Purses and Prizes
Opera House, Monday Evening, Sep. 7
The Three Act Irish Drama
"The Shaughraun"
Staged by Revelstoke Dramatic Society
Por full particulars, and for Prize Lists of
Exhibits, and Programmes of Athletic Sports
and Horse Racing see small bills or write to:
G. F. LINDMARK, Pres. 0. B. MACDONALD, Secy.
Ladies' Summer Vests, price only  150.
Ladies' Blouses selling' for 50c. up.
Ladies' Lisle Thread  Vests  with   Crochet
Men's Summer  Underwear selling  at   $1
per Suit.
Men's Negligee Shirts without collar, lieg.
Children's Bleached Cotton Vests toe. each
$1.00.  Now 75c. each.
Boys' Soft  Shirts   with  collars,   selling at
Ladies'   Cotton Corset Covers, trimmed
60c. each.
with lace and embroiders-.      Reg.   40c.
Men's Black  Cashmere  Socks—five   pair
and 45c.    Now 250.
for $1.
Men's Colored  Working Shirts selling at
Ladies' Wash Skirts,    Reg. $2.50.     Now
50c each.
$ 1.50.
Men's Congress Boots.    Reg. $3.50.   Now
$2.50.    This is a  heavy hoot  made to
Ladies'   House   Dresses,    Regular $2.50.
stand hard wear.
Now Si,50.
Men's Congress Boot, light weight, selling
at ji2.o ),
Ladies' Summer Skirts in  Navy,   Blue and
Men's Box Calf  Lace   Hoot.     Regular  ^4
Black Lustre for $2.50.      Tweed Skirts,
now S3.00.
Summer weight, $3.00,
Millinery at Half l'iice.
...... 1
**. .'*'. .**. .'♦'. .fr. .•£* .fri sfo tfrl ll*! I*_fI tt*l _'
■TTl t^t tj. *^l *_JTTJT TJT TJT rj.t TJT TJT TjpT
it     for
1 Sunburn
I Tan and
1    Freckles    f
T tiet a Buttle ol "nr Elder Y
■w Flower Cream. J net what *$*
ft,   v in are looking f*»t-
t|    C. R. MCDONALD'S
& Revki.btoke, k. t:.
i »t' et' 'I' 'I1 > fr4"$"$"$"$»fr+j»
Ms 1 mush—At Banff, Alberta, on
Au:u-i 2nd, to Mr. and Mra. Harry
Mcintosh, nl H„lc*,cn Hoi Springs
Arrow Lake, B. C . a daughter.
WiNi.   Chuko—Al   RevelBtoke,  Wed-
in -11., Aug.  5th, tn   Mr. and Mi-.
Wing Chung, n win
Weather Forecast
Saturday, Aug. H—Fair generally,
cloudy and sultry. Temp.,max, 90° :
niii    "iO - .
Local and General.
."t. Leon lint Sptings llmcl ih now
lin- 24th annual session ol the
trades and Labor Congress ol Canada
»iil cmivene at Halifax, N. H,, on Sep
,1 W, Bennett il t hie oity waa n.
Fernie when tho fire was, at its height,
inu fortunately escaped, losing all ills'
1 •'• eu
A number ■! Kernii refugees eaini
up :: 1111 the smith on Thursday after-
noon en route foi the eoast and Okan-
agan points.
Charlie Procuniei secured third
highest place in the Province in tho
recent junior preliminary High School
Scientists claim that it is only the
lema'.ss mosquito tbat qitea, It that
lie true Kevelstoke must indeed be an
Adamless Eden,
1 bi - ile ni tercenb 11U nary p -t.i_.
■tamps isi reached .1 to al ol 1211,000,
100 unl the post ollice di pari inenl
ban :■••    |&09,000
LOST—Between the City Hall ami
ibe Ei terprise Brewery, .1 piece ol
. ■-!.   tiuootb   road,    Finder will lie
■ a .: I   I   in ri l ini Ol the same.
11.       csl   I 'Ice- nl   Free Masons
K:r^:,\-   ol   Pythias, and Oddfellows
-.i'.'   - nl down  liberal assistance ti
tbi     unl rtunate brethren hi Fernie
luflfen'I in the tire.
lis n.-y P, Brown, of I  •    mmi   1 ■-.
11. wss elected Supreme Cbanoellorol
■ ■■ Knigbti    I  Pythias on 'I ii'irs'la-.
irltbi nt     i'i" -ii . 11      The    sli
■ ,« j. ,1 •    it  ill" ciiivi ul   n il 1. -
B, lis-, - 1 ild Ing H ie » it re
'ii I-i street oppoaiti McKinn
new cigar it< re I i» ocoupiod by A.
K Spring, mIiu ii vacating in- promt-
tea : ii.' branch ol 1 hi Northern
Cr iwn Bank
The city council have done considerable work in tbe cemetery and ita
approach, by cutting the grass, weeding and making tin place SI mat anil
Kitr.ictive aa possible. City main
-1 rsn t- in 11 pie ise
protection agalnsl Hn'-e
pests,. Ii nut only proves
nauseom to the m<>--•_ 11 i 1 <>
hut   also   1 trallr.oi  the
polslon from the stlngi . . .
IB cenl and 60 conl Hottli-
NKXT   IHMK   BLOCK        .
Vtf __-_. —^
Baker's Bread
1 hut will make ynur iiiiiulh
water by its ilelieiniis flavor
before you taste its superior
quality we are serving fresh
every day to our patrons.
Rye. gluten, graham, as well
as whole wheat and French
inlls wo bake every day in
gmid weiphl loaves and nf
pure and wholesome quality.
We will serve yon fresh
every day by leaving ynur
Two Cups of Tea
in One
i^ w hill ynu will have ii ynu use
I In1 usual quantify nl' nnr ten
when vim iniike it. Tho strength
nf onr 1 im Is such thai ynu need
only ball lhe usual quantity In
order In make lea of line 11,i nor
inl fragrance, 'Phis is nn ao-
coiinl nl llie pin it y ,in,l quality
if the lea. Try 11 pound! you'll
like  iin-   llavoi   uml   also    the
illnlllV nf Using il .
ber Fair, in which ha is
Don't forget in vole Ior the By-laws
In (nre 7 p iu at the City Hall.
Everyone who has the best interests
■ if the country ut heart will earnestly
ho e that the trouble between tlio
C.P.It. and its mechanical etatv will be
'it brief duration. It occurs at a most
inopportune time, in view of the fact
that for some weeks the transporta-
ion facilities of the coiintiy will lie
laxed to their Ut.ilOSt to move the
wheat crop—Viclnria Colonist.
Two men have been arrested at Vernon on a charge ot attempted burglary at the jewelry Btore ot F. 15.
Jacques nf that city. The burglars
were interrupted in the act and lied to
the bush. The men arrested are
strmigly suspected by the Vermin
police us being the culprits. On them
were fuund a quantity ot nicki Is
amounting to almut $10, and it ia
thought thai these are the men who
robbed the Queen's Hulel in Rovol-
slnke last week.
7l   ! W E   HAVE!   i*
HOUSfiH  Tli   Ll".
FARM   I.S Mis
l'i Iti;   INSURANCE
S 1'   s
i' i. !•: !•:
.IllOllg    tlie   hsl  of   tllOSe   si llO Mils.'
been granted teachers certificates hy
un' educational department Inr thia
yeai, are found the following fti vel
atnko names:    2nd Class certilicatei
Miss Maud llyuii   Misa Frai I Pagel
Tlie railway lliaai ie    isued
an   order   to   all   railwaya cal   ng
proti ction   "f   treat •■-   by a itclnnan,
and   lire   alarm   devices h mi M ij lo
October, inclusive     Ilu- ia one month
longer  than   waa   provided   f"r In the
• igiual i nli r
i,n-  \ udei son, whu   haa
Smith   Craek  Big   Bend, or I he paei
.1 y. ar- ..inl   i  In ,. same   into Ri ■•
stoke yeaterday lot   the Ural time dm
nn, i hal   peril d      Mr. Ander.on will
ipend i sli irl   hoi ile y at the Halt
Hot Springs before returning nurth
A i. exhibition    i f   inn'.
including loenes from  the greal  Sari
Francisco earthquake   ami
geneial aubjeota was given bj  si irav
ailing ■■ mpanj In I;"- opera i ao nn
1 hui -st.i>   nighi     \   porl li n  ol i he
proceeda ,m  bo dimeter!  kiwi
Fernie ft r.    si 11   mid     I ■
I sir attendance
A meeting ol  tho  Lai	
mitti e wi    be held  in N    -
imnglii ai H 30 o'cli nk   ■    si range ' he
,     ne    ■(   aporl -   ' i   4epl  7th
\   number   !  enquirli a I d*
ts  n '■' i- d fr mi, itslde points regarding gamea snd iporta :.ml ths
I . iipccta 'ir»' brighl f"r s go* id day's
sport, All members of ihi committee
are requested to stti nd
An iilarin nl lire  w,ih turned in i"
No.   2   lire   hall   aboul  midnight on
Thursday i>y special constable  Hen
iiisnn, whu Im some little while pre
viniis bad noticed amoko Issuing from
the   Molaona   Hank   building    After
making an Investigation "f the building and being  unable to detect any
flames, although  the  smoko waa cir
chug   in  clouds   round  tho < ioi uml
being unable to reach the rool mul sen,
in judged  it advisable  to   ring In an
alarm,     Before the lire bell h nl atop-
pod ringing lhe liny" nf   Nn :'. were on
tlm sput and promptly arrived at the
hank with the apparatus, A thorough
Investigation was made by tlie brigade
but lire was  nnl   found and water wan
not turned on, Although the Alarm
proved   in  be without oauie, yet, nn
such occasions where a possible OUt
break is lUlpeOted, it. is better In he
sure than run any risks nf tbo destruction ol a Whole hlnck, which
would be the result if a lire started in
that business section.
i Iwing i" I lie pai il in^ and repaii n g
ol si    peter -  church  noi    yel   being
...' ted : here   will   be   no  servicea
held to-muri   «
rhe first Chineai bal v I i in Rei
ilsi.sk'   i in   Wi dnesday ai the
home ' VI nd Mr- Wing Chun.'
The new comer ia i
A record i  n- made i n
vVedm - ...     thnM   ndj Uimbei i '• -
-.t   Three  Valley   by   loufa i
Clll  Isalul ihi*   the tot* i iss r   if f. , i
(7,264 fi
Besidi -    his   II i'^x i lathi i
in ■"' turned nul 11   I
day     l    -  - i   aenrd   ill  ul
I he final o I ■■■■    il   I hi   Fa r
will be through with ib ir laisnr-  tl  -
ind ' in a  pi ail ion to
tlie general  committee <- I
ippi iprial i n- : i ",n :    ectioi   if the
'-      I hese  comi   tteei   ihould
then gel Uigethet Hint draw  up tbeir
,.-ii. ri ivejdetaila an that s   pi isi   lift
i'nn li' published
We in     rqileal   tn   •    thai
Mm   I   vt    Bennett ia    • .  bun
i Im        •■ ,n,.,, . md obildren - cloth
mi hi nf   i in      , '  ■       I, i hi
K    Bn       I h i  clothing   will l_
• oiiiiu 'I ! «    s.   \t     Bennetl   ii Fi i
ms- where he will ie tl tbi .■
i        liatribnled   p   pi
> in ,irr willing is. conl rib ita cli I
tn i he people   if Fernie an
in leave all parcels al tbe residei
\l r-   Benni 11
II" I mi!   lip   Mi    '.  ' -I"!   i    will    he
oompleted tonight, The wmk hss
1,1',-ti well oarried I ind while thi
distance from the oitj '    Qrasa  Lako
is    about   live    mill's., i ns-    Kraih's   are
moslly wiay In <|iii" 'I tbe olimb I
iiiniit. ii,ikiii fin' views obtained from
the different altitudes nre superb, md
residents ai  well   ss   visitors   ihould
"hit the trail" if they w,int. nu ideal
tflp Miss White nnd Mi«s Foote
were the lirsl, livn ladies In ^n over till
i rail tn the summit.
W. .1. Brandrith, seoretary ol th B,
t). Fruitgrowers nisooiation came up
from Nelson on Thursday sn route for
Ladner, Mr Brandrith stated that he
bad been forced to cancel tbe remain-
mg   lectures nl   his  Itinerary in the
Interior owing to sickness in nil family and tlie fail lhat Mr. Kipp of Chilli wnek could not aocompany him, Mr.
Kipp haa just lost, Ins eldest daughter,
Mrs Miin/.ioa, and under the conditions hu ia now unable tu Booompeny
Mr. Brandrith,      The genial secretary
will lie in Bevelstoke for tbe Beptem-
Social and Personal
II, Floyd left on No. 1 this morning
tor Vancouver.
J. Kennedy ot Trout Lake was in
town on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. VV. A. Sturdy left on a
visit to Albert Canyon.
Dr. J. V. Morrison returned on
Wednesday Irom a visit to Nakusp.
Hand Uibbons, of the (iibbons Lumber Co , I'iiigstnii Creek, Arrow Lakes,
was in the city on Thursday.
List of  Exhibit. Classes and
The preliminary details of the first
Annual Fall Fair tu be held on Sept
7lh, Slli and 9lh, have been arranged,
and the committees to handle every
seel inn ut the exhibition have been
Appointed und assigned their respective work, liy splitting up the various
duties which go to make up the (air
upon many shoulders, lhe actual work
of each will he small. In tbe append
ed list it will be Been that the exhibit
department is lieing well looked utter.
The following committees have been
appointed :—
Pooi.tky—A .1. Macdonell (Chairman), .1. Morgan, E, Corning,
I'Ttun—II Smythe, (Chairman), L
Hagar, ,1. Muley, II. Hay, G. Ball, .1.
Sbaw, (Galena Buy)
Veqktam.es—H Hull, (Chairman)
It, Tapping, il Laforme, J.Reighley,
0, Ericson, T. Lux, Wing Cluing,
Flokai.—J. Maley, (Chairman), A.
E. Miller,.I Shaw.
liuiAii anu Presehves—Mrs M.
Pettipiece, (Chaini an), Mrs. Lindmark, Mrs. Hutchison, Mrs. Rae, Mrs
Howson, Mrs. Cunningham Morris,
Mrs  Bongard, Mrs  |{ N. Doyle.
Fine Akts—Mrs. Coursier, (Chair'
mun), M s. Lawson, Mrs .1. M Dn>le,
Mrs C, Molten, Mrs. Elson, Mrs.
11m,vb, Mrs. Mi Lennan, Mrs Kilpat-
Fancy Work—Mrs. Urqubart,Ohair-
iniiiil. Mrs. Foote, (Sr.), Mrs. W
Lawrence, Mm A. McKue, Mrs. S
Needhani, Mrs. ti s. McCarter, Mrs
Decoration Committee—VV. Horned, (Chairman), K. McRae, J. A.
Iiullas, F". Twecdale.
Transportation— H. N, Coursier,
(i ftairmun), II. C. Morris, W. VV. Li
Pea ij x, VV. VV. Foster,  T. Bradsliaw.
Pristino inii Advertising—E. ;A
Haggen, (Chairman), II. C. Morris.
Jooues—J. H Leamy, Timber, etc.,
VV. J. Brandrith, fruit, vegetables, eto.
M ..-.iin i URiNii—R. Sawyer, (chairman), 1 K. Sine, II. Manning, S.
Norman, I Walker, A. Urant, A.
Mr. n: n F.B. Lewis, (chairman) —
I-.. A. Bradley .1 D, Bibbald. A.John-
soi i. >. Mc( arter, C. .VI. Field, VV.
\   Smythe.
l.i.i Stock — F. Fraser, (Chairman)
a I -M icdonnell, G, Bell, A. E. Kin-
■ ■ i '!. 1   l.i wis,  Sr;.. VV. Watson.
I in.—J, Divine—(Chairman), A.
Mi Rae C. R Skene, T. E, L. Taylor.
- isn A i in.i i ii s—Luhor Day
' lommittee
lil  II HIM.      i.NII      lillul  Ms- — VV.   A.
I-, ite    i ha an),   ,1    Abrahamson,
C. Holten  If. I    Morris
i—t; ll Hume, (Chairman),
'A vi Lawrence, It. Howson,J.P Mc-1
Lennan, F. Sfoung, vv  itews.
Attraotiom ol all sorts, smusernenti
uut hi rse nn ing ure all being looked
after ft is I be hoped I bal tbe citi-
iem ii.'i i.tin r- will do all iu tbeir
powei ti swell the entry list in every
eUss ami then ' ■ i'1'i to  the  Interest
,1 till   r lil
Banqoet   and Presentation  to
H. Floyd.
A genial, good-natured   anil   hearty
gathering of Bevelstoke citizens  met
nigh', st tbe Central hotel to take
p.irt, in the banquet and send-off to II.
Floyd, retiring city olerk, An excel*
lent repast bed been prepared, and tbe
party, their appetites sharpened by
i lie walk ui   tin    night    Kir,   did    full
justice to the viands laid before then
Mayor   Lindmark    tis.k   tins   chair,
and after the toast of the King, started
upon a long toast list, 'lhe I '.min
ion and   the   Province   wuro  ably   n-
iponded to by A. McRae and   Robt.
Gordon. A series Of interesting remarks   (rum   the   aldermen   and   ix
aldermen on tbe Oity of Revelstoke,
brought nut some isllnut features of
the progress of tlm oity.
.1, Abrahamson reviewed the water
und light plant, as u great asset, to the
city as   well   aa  a   revenue   producer.
The various city olli ills prusmil
spoke at. more or leas length on city
development ami all teaiilying their
appreciation ol the gisid work that
Mr  Fluyd had done and how valuable
bis services bud lieen to Kevelstoke
and how the citizens gener • Ily regrei
his departure
Mr. F,eld, as eily assessor, said thai
there wus un increase this yiar in
valuation of $600,000.
Aid. Foote read a letter from F. II.
Lewis expressing regret at not being
able to attend the banquet, but on
behalf of the Hoard of Trade he
expressed regret at Mr. Floyd's departure and wished him all future
F\ 11. Guft'ey on being called upon
to tell something about the Rig Bend,
said that there was a great future
before it, in timber, lands and minerals. He urged that transportation
be secured there and pointed out that
the development would bo enormous if
that were done. He vehemently
claimed that height rates up the Bend
were practically prohibitive and were
retarding commerce, and there was
urgent necessity fur cheaper trans-
imitation, firstly round Death and
Priest Rapids and then oo the upper
Columbia. The development of the
llend would materially benelit Revelstoke and make it a big rich city.
The country was rich and Revelatoko
was its natural headquarters and
must ol necessity develop as well.
C. R. Macdonald responded to the
toast of the Agricultural  Asaociation.
The Board of Trade, Press and
ither city toasts were all ably responded to, thu sentiment uf Mr. II
Floyd's di pai I lire and his Unqualified
value to the city during his term ot
city clerk being the main theme in
each case.
11 Floyd said that be felt leaving
Kevelstoke deeply and hud done all he
could to make the city progress. He
thanked the citizens generally for
their kindness and testified to his
courteous treatment by the various
mayors and aldermen. He would always keep a warm place in his heart
Ior Revelstoke and pointed out tbat he
hoped that his successor would receive
the same courtesy from the city gen
orally as he had.
The Mayor reviewed in brief the
chief features of lhe city's work touching on its progress and municipal improvements. On behalf of the citizens
lie. presented Mr. Floyd with a purse
o( $100 as a mark of their esteem for
bis valuable sei vices.
Mr. Floyd replied feelingly, expressing his appreciation ol such a hand
some gift.
A general good humored talk interspersed with a few excellent comic
songs by Aid. K. II. Sawyer, and the
gathering broke up, utter a pleasant,
sociable entertainment,
A Challenge
1 hereby challenge VV. (I. Astle to
a i 00 yards footrace, to I* mn on
First Street, on August 17th. Hoping
lhat suitable arrangements cm be
made for the above date.
Ci.ii'i'onn Cohson
The Selkirk Hull will I e opened on
the 20th August next by thu B. 0.
Moving Picture Co. Nolhiig but the
best pictures thai money can purchase
will he exhibit! d The company will
run a dance once a week, orchestra in
Edison Parlor Theatre
The Edison Parlor Theatre will
open for a continuous season about
August 15, in the building nuw occn
pied by Mc.Kini.on's cigar store ou
McKenzie Ave. When tie theatre is
opined to the public, it will be one ol
tbe. best, and tidiest little buildings in
the province. The whole structure
will be   remodelled   ami   refitted  and
made absolutely lire proof and will be
in every way adapted to the comfort
and convenience of its patrons.
The public are hereby notified that
tbe use of City water for sprinkling
liiwns and gardens must bo confined
lo the hours permitted by lho by-law,
viz , from 7 to '.I p.m.
By Order,
Meals, 15c.
MEAL TICKETS.   -  $5.00
All    kinds   of   new
Hi alers in
Wall Chung, - Front St.
P. 0, Box, 200. PHOM 20
We can give you a large
varioty to choose from.
All tho new fashionable
shades. All kinds of
meshes aa well aa Chiffon in White, Black,
Navy, Brown, Grey, etc.
We give particular attention to our stock of Ready-
to-Wesr garments, and our New Skirts aro sonic
of the best yet shown. Tin y come in Voile, Panawa,
Wool, Taffeta, Sicilians, Broadcloths, etc., in all
colorB, and far below the cost of any made-to-order
Skirts.   The atyle and finish is much better.
McKenzie Avenue.
Fancy Wash Vests from $1.25 to $00(1.
White Flannel Trousers $2.50,
Fancy Lisle and Silk Half Hose—25c. to $1.00.
Balbriggan Mesh Underwear, muile of Finest Balbriggan,—!IOc.
Negligee Sliirls, with or without co'lars, in iiiniiy
pretty patterns—$1,00 to $3 50,
While Canvas Shoes—$2.00
better not say a word Iill you have
drank the amla we serve you. Then
you'll only wish it hud been bigger
and that you could hold more. For
if there is a perfectly satisfying, delicious drink nn the earth it is a glass
of our famous soda. Stop and have
at least one. If your capacity were
equal to your desire you would want
a dozen.
P  Mannings Candy Pilate
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"       paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, and undivided profits       225,ooo
President—Sir D. II. McMillan, K.C.M.G.  Vice Presidents -Edward Gur-
ney and dipt. Win. Robinson,   Gen. Man.—,1. W. deC. O'Grady.
Special attention paid to Savings Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from dale uf deposit and credited quarterly.
A General Banking Business Transacted
The smallest, account receives from  iih the same careful attention
iih the largest one.
Office   Corner First 8t. and Con naught Ave.
A.  F. D. LAC ,   Manager    evelstoke  Branoh
LADY wants si fun tion n- house
keefari. or iin Useful belplu house,
llloiiiiighlv iliiine-lii iil.ed in i H urn for
boiiiil fiir bi'iself und > lllld, ('. \V, 11.
Post. Olllcl', Revelstoke.
j  Hatnrdiiy morning,   July 2i>,   a
('oikei   Spaniel,   black, curly, slum
tall, answers to Ibe inline ol "Dinky"
alinlll   7   in.uilh'.  old.     Lust   si-ell  at
ihe Wine and Spirit Uninpnuy's office.
Reward wiil be paid on i el inn of siime
in T. II. Muffin, RovcUfok. VV'iiu'A
Hpii il, Company.
I*T    ll..hi Iiiiiiiii, set wilh pearls
i    Hid diamonds, between   1st,  and
:itil. SiruetSi east, Return in Mrs,
Mm ry, Hid. Street, ami received $.1.1111
n  1
girl wauled fnr light, housework.
Vpplv lo Mkh. F, llnill.KV, Fourth
HI reel.	
Modern   residence on
Street,  $2fi per  th—
Apply Revelstoke General Agencies,
mo   HUNT-
1     Sixth
WANTED Fur HiIhio school, a
female I curlier holding I bird
iTtillcutc- $.10 per month. For full
miliriiliirs apply to R, TAPPING, ot
llevelstnke. II, C,  also to Trustee II.
Atchison, Brlaco, H, 0,
Revelstoke Hospital Society
Annual General Meeting
The adjourned annual general meet-
ig ol the members of tho above
iciety will lie hold at tho Gity Hall
11   Monday,  the  24th   instant,  at 8
B. R.
Atkins,     T. Kilpatriok,
Secretary, President.
Revelsluke Land District.
District of Wost Kootenny.
Take notice that G, Brink, of llal-
eyon, B, C., Cruiser, Intends to apply
for permission to piirebusi- tho following described lands,
('oinnienciiig at a post plantod on
the east Hide of Upper Arrow l^ike, ul
the soul li-ennt eurner of Loi 21.11, and
marked •'(). K. Drink's North-Wesi
Cn.inei* Post": Ihence east 20 chains;
thence south 21) chains- thenee wosl
20 chaina to the lake shores tinmen
northerly along the lake shore 20
chains more or lesa to the point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more Or lesa.
(i. K. BRINK.
Dated August 5th, 1UU8.


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