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Chiel lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and I tho Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognised
advertising medium lor the
city and district.
Vol. 22-No 54
$2.50 Per Year
Sev \Remain With Sixty-second Sixteen Leave for
v \>n Tomorrow Others Will Join Battalion on
Mo ^v—Three Hundred and Fifty Men Still Needed
■three   %.
"been enlisted in
intention of joint
lion this morning <.
54th battalion, Lieut,
•came in (rom Vernon last night and
niter addressing the men secured their
election to Join the .vith. Seven ol
the 40 recruits declared their     pre-
recruits who hud      William Wills, age 30,    next of kiu
istoke with   the  James Wills, Preston, England., Bin-
•e I'iiml hattu-
to join tho
J,  McLean
Wilcox and O'Brien Missing-
West and Lebeau Wounded   Robbins III
tile,   horn  Barrow,  England.
John Henry Eyre, age 22, next ol
luu Arthur Q, Eyre, Soisqua, single,
horn London, England,
Steel Hull for New Revelstoke Excursion on Monday to Vernon   Special Train Leaves
Will be in Operation at Seven O'clock—Revelstoke Platoon Has Applied
Next Year for Leave   Camp Open to Inspection
Mrs. B,  (1.  Robblns received     yes-
terday u letter   [rom     her son trie
Rabbins in which be graphically    de- ! the wharf there on April 1,
gcrlbes fierce Bghting through which | year will be rebuilt,
The steamer  Kevelstoke which  was      On Monday  next,   July  12,  an    6X-   account  of thc war it will be    of     a
burned at  Comaplix   while tied     to  curslon   will     leave     RevelBtoke My   patriotic Instead uf an Orange char-
be bad just passed and reports thai
be ia now  In     hospital In Scotland,
Norris  SykcH,  age   10,  next ol
Mrs. Betsy Dywn,   Yorkshire,
I be letter also
Eng.,   hoya wounded or missing, it   iB
single, born Yorkshl/fe. England, follows:
!•;. A, McConnell, age 35, next     ol
thiB special   train    tor   Vernon, to give
citizens uf   Revelstoke  a   chance     to
An eastern flrm Iiuh been asked t"  upend a last day with the Revelstoke
tender tor the construction    ol     a  volunteers before they leave   for the
tells nf Revelstoke t.tee] hull ,f Hi" same model us that, front  nexl   week and also tei Inspect
firence for  'he 62nd battalion     and kin Murray McConnell, Spokane, mar
will join that corps. The total num- rled.iborn Toronto,
ber ol recruits is    now 10. Yesterday Unsipjie  Marriott, a.,-e  -o,  next    o;
afternoon  1* urn came front    Arrow- kin      I'eter Marriott,    Baugi,  single,
head and presented   themselves    for horn Bangl,
enlistment. Air will be accepted     as     i'ercy Fruman
noon ns they have juissed the medical  none,  Bingle
examination,  It is said that there   is j   J.  W. Dougan, ape 21, next of   kin
luft in  Arrowhead today    only     one  BUBan Dougan,  Belfast, Ireland,  sin-
btomach  trouble,   It is nu  way   serious  and  1 am  unite     contented      as
everything  here is tine.  The diet will
age SO, next of kin   be milk till I can eat more.     1   just
horn London, England,    escaped the big fight at La Bassee.
Well to go back to our tirst    days
under are 1 will now  be able tu give
\ iu aii account of our introduction.
Thursday, May 20,. A few days pie-
vloufl  tn this we had heen   iu   a   re-
serve trench and it did not Beem ton
hud,  getting     shelled     occasionally.
About   'MM'  p.m,  Thursday  we mov-
N'lckle, II. Carnduff, John Curran, J.  id up to   mate     thiB     charge. The
Cahill, J, McLeod and Edward Kerr,   trench was about  three-quarters of a
In addressing   the     recruits     tbis  mile up and about bOO yards further
morning,  Lieut.  McLean     said    that   was a sand  bag trench;  we just     got
thc ,"i4th battalion had received     the  to it when the Germans opened on us
us  oi the lormer   steamer and arrange-
ments have heen made to obtain ma-
My  Hear  .Mother,—Well here    I   am   chinery from one of the Eraser   river
in   bonnle   Scotland,    laid   ap   with   boats,
gastritis, -.vhich in other words     La j   Construction   will    begin this fall
and the boat will he ready for opera-   at 7  p.m
tion next spring.  It Will be construe-   ,1   p.m.
.■ue of the greatest military camps
ever established in Canada. The special (rain will leave Revelstoke st
7 a.in. will arrive in Vernon at ll
a.m. Returning It will leave Vernon
arriving in
The     train
ted and operated     by the Revelstoko  stops between Revelstoke and Vernon
Navigation company, the owners   of   with the exception     of the unavoid-
the burned boat, and its route    will  able stop at Sicamous,
he up the  Columbia river into     the [    The excursion     will    he under    the
gle, horn Belfast, Ireland.
William Evans, ane 21, next of kin
Drina Evans, Glouchestershire, single
born Glouchestershire,
Those who remain with tbe &2nd
battalion are:  Richard Collins, David
Big Bend country.
auspices of I,.0.1.. No. 1658,, but    on
ncter. Any Bpeeches that maybe de-
livered .u Vern n will be entirely
I al riot ie' li hi lr tenor und the
music will not ;„elude the usual
Orange tunes.
Irrang tnenti ire being made with
Col, Dufl sm v11 to throw the camp
. pen for Inspi ci. n on the day and
i b    Revelsto e recruits have applle i
tor leaves, that that they may he
Revelstoke 't aide to spend the day with the visit-
will make no .is. A civic holldaj will be probably.
declared In Vernon und other excursions from other points in the ; is-
trict are expected.
The return fare on Monday will be
less  than  the u ual  simile  fare.
unmarried  man  of military age..
Those who came from Arrowhead
jestenlay and have heen accepted for
service are:
G. T. Chapman, R.C. Smith, r.E.
Wallts, B.C, Traftord, W. Evans, P.
Freeman, J. W, Dugan, H. B. Kirk,
Jack Davidson, William Profit.
Lieut. McLean will leave tomorrow
for Vernon and will take with him
16 ol the recruits. The remainder are
having dental work performed and highest praise, lt would retain its with Jack Johnsons, Coal Boys and
will probably leave for Vernon on
Monday. Those who will leave tomorrow are:
Henry Blackstock Kirk, age '29,
next of kin .1. Kirk, Arrowhead, single,  horn  Trenton,  Ont.
John Davis, age lu. next of kin
Margaret Davis, Arrowhead, single,
born Schropshire.
name and number after reaching shrapnel, They put about 75 shells
Shornclifle, He invited the recruits right on us and all in about ten minto join the battalion In which were ites. It was fierce, but no one was
so many Revelstoke  volunteers.    Any hit. Then we went running    up     the
In a letter from the front Leo Mc-   tired. The hardest part of the wh .le
Kinnon tells ol casualties among the  thing to my mind was the tact   that
British Columbia    volunteers.     Con-
tinulng he says:
1  was on fatigue eine. morning,  the
we did not know just where we were
going and every farm house we came
io or old di s rted building you could
see the line edging in to that Bide  il
promise  that he had made    to     the   road to another  trench and through  jay we left there aud contiug hack 1   the road and when the major   would
^loys,  he suid,  he had carried out  to a field about  'in yards, and along the
the best of his ability. old German communication     trench.
Mayor  WM   A.   Foote  thought    that 'I here  w- stopped  and 1 dropped ina
,the men would do    well  to join      the hole With eight    others.      NMi sooner
Alhert Chas. Traftord,  age .17. next  54th, as the people ol  RevelBtoke hud
of kin Anna M, Traftord, Port Jetler-
son, N.Y.,  born Florida.
George Thomaa Chapman, age il
next of kin Robert Ross Chapman,
Butte, Mont., born Prlaville.
Ernest Edward Wallis, age 21, next
of kin A. Wallace, Yorkshire, single,
l>orn  Dorchester,  England.
R. B. Smith, use 32, next of     kin
thc welfare ot the battalion at heart.
lf they went with the 54th, Revelstoke would be able to follow their
fortunes, but if the> remained with
the 62nd, they would become scattered.
I Lieut. Grant, recreating officer,
said that the boys could join which
battalion they pleased. He would not
Annie  Francis  Smith,    Chester N.S.,   ullow   any   men   to leave Revelstoke
single,   born Chester.  N.S. 'until  their dental    work was     com-
D. Osborne,    age 34,      next  of kin  pleted.
Jane     Osborne,     New    Westminster, j   Three  hundred  and  fifty men     nre
married,   born  Cornwall, England.        still  required  for  the  54th  battalion
Russel F. Wilson, age 25, next of siys Lieut. McLean and recruiting
kin John Wilson, Revelstoke, single, for the battalion will continue in
born  Huron City, Out. |Revelstoke.
Tells of Conditions in Russia—Russian Artist Devoted
to Subjects of Native Land Part Played by
Women in Public Life- Revelstoke's Tourist Advantages Require Advertising
Tbc members of the Women's Cau-  which the motherland is passing.
adiau dub  and their nuestB hud   the      Belore entering     upon    her subject
pleasure on  Monday evening ol list-  Mrs. Thompson declared the delight  nParl>' all our platoon was wiped out
was this done than a Bhell burst,
killing twe. and wounding five. I
stayed here because they bad our
range and opened fire onus Irom
three sides with machine guns, rifle
t.re and shrapnel. Words cannot ex-
press how hot it was. We dare not
move; men were getting it right and
lift; then the fire died a bit and I
made a dive fot a hole in a trench,
and made it finding the trench half
full. We were partly exposed and a
machine nun waa playing on us, but
just too high, I lay as flat as 1
could. Then we were ordered to get
ii adv. I was left to guard a hole In
the trench with 10 others to keep the
Huns from coming down nnd cutting
us off. Then we retired to another
trench, came back and walked along
in the shadow of the communication
trench. Th>y were Bending up flash
lights, then a volley. We retired
again and I got in a dug-out and lay
among dead Germans, the stench was
awful. I had lost all my rations, the
shells were bursting all over us. They
sent out u party f..t rations 15 men;
only seven men returned to the
trenches. Then we advunced and took
command of the German communication trench and fixed it up. We held
it till Saturday night. At roll call
we had 40 men     left in our company
inn Into   Hart   Munro   and a couple ride past you could just leel a bi
more of thc fellows from our    cum- despondent move go along the
pany who you would uot know.   One way and they  would just wiggle past
e.i  them was killed that night     after like a heavy train in the Selkirks. We   En j
1 lett there, l'oor old Frank be wus
expecting bis commission in another
couple of days.
Hart     had     a     great     lot      to
tell      me      and      i        ^..L      all      tlie
news of what happened to the boys.
He has been ruptured himself carrying ammunition across a trench.
Lebeau was ■ uuded, also West and
Cecil Brown.  Jack O'Brien and     Art
bad 'mt bad time to get suppei
fore we left an 1 hud been    bo
thr,t day that we had had dry ratloi -
all  day.   We  stopped  about  half     a
mill   from here and p.nt of the
remained  there. They had the   camp
kitchens  there and  they  gave     us   a
feed 'J stew and    some hot tea.     It
was great.
One other night that we were in a
to be right aga n when «!■ hiked out.
I would just like t'i be able to walk
Into the - ore right now, walk
around the counter, get a cigar and
take- one big long satisfying pull.
■'nay issue- us cigarettes now and
then, hut they are b irdly tirst quality and we have bem out ol even
tbi for son e days. 1 Mav heen roll-
ing mine out e.f "Two Flakes" and
thi y are rotten th ink you!
They pay us thirty trance a month
out here ..r six dollars, [bad Borne
money as I t ■ ■ 1 <l you and 1 have a
go -j ;. irt of it yet and have not
drawn any since I left, but I am not
taking any     chan need
squandering tt ae a fi mi| bt     be
d and if be w is sent back   to
Id not do to be broke.
Wilcox    from      Salmon   Arm   are all  pretty  warm  corner     was the
mlBSlne.  Blnce the scrap occurred   in   we due the trench in front of our own
one     of our communicating trenches lines and within ahout fifty yards ■ i
.■nd   is they have had plenty of time  the German trench. Suy talk     about
to acquaint the fellows with     their   dirt flying and yet quietly, that ditch
where abouts were they alive, I   am  just happened.  It was   not and then
afraid poor    fellows   they   are   gone,  it was.  Just an hour und a half     it
Harold,  the lad  who has been with  look us and we got lack  without   a
me all the time was into town     thc single     mishap.     On our way
other duy and   be saw   Maxwell      and   though they gave us a good time   for
all the rest of the bunch. They too'.;   they shelled the road along  which we  have borrowed
our places when we came out   ot the  were passing right into our   billets.  mjie or two
trenches, but somehow we never seem  By tbe way the night alter we     left
t i  be aide to  meet up with them.   I  those billets they shelled the stuffing
out of them and got some     ol     the
fellows who had taken our places.
I have been keeping a diary of tbe
i might '-•■! the whole way and lose it
of course I      anyhi w thi  Bpending .ef
d 11 no go id to me then would
Things t.. be pretty
by all  rep rts,     but    I  guess    tbat
everyone everywhere is findiug it that
way  and 'ine  is      lucky t ,   he  fei
regularly.  Hope that    when this     is
settled I will be get     right
home in a hurry for I Imagine     that
there will le   s imetl Ing      lolng     Ln
Canada     with'.n  a  few   months
the war..
Tell Charlie that 1 will write him
as soon as I can find the time. I do
tot like writing a short letl
I have so many tu write tbat it
keeps me fairly busy. Tell Louie I
wished the other mcht that I could
bis     old bike Ior a
filing to a distinguished speaker     in of Mr. Thompson and herself in   the
the person of Mrs. Thompson of New beautiful scenery of Revelstoke     and
Vork. Mrs, Thompson is an American surrounding country, she said it was
authoress of World    wide lame     who unsurpassed in any of     the countries
will be recognised   by   her nom    de she had Visited and thut tach :
plume ot Ruth Kedrie Wood. bad characteristics all its own    that
Mrs. Thompson     with her husband prove attractive    to each one     wbo
has toured the     world several times sees them. Hut the tourist only hears
and alter a complete journey through of these through     some one who hus
Russia,was    persuaded     by her pub- Stumbled  an  them      hy accident      or
Ushers to write a book on the tour- Stumbles on them himself,  ■:
istB [lossibilities of Russia.     Thc re- ;.nd Iti :• ssihilities   are not exploit-
suit was the publication     ot     "The ed to the travelling public and   con-
\it  Wilcox is still  missing, alBO Jack
O'Brien. West was wounded In     tbe
Johnny Lebeau    In    shoulder.
Since then we have been    going     In
lend  OUt,  but  have not   attacked.   Tbe
place we charged waa Festujbert, then
we went to Glvlnchy near l.a Bassee.
I had |ust taken sick when the
Whole line was tei advance and it was
a terrible   fight.    The 1st battalion
had   only   121   left  out   of SOO   m      the
Bgbt Tuesday night.     I  guess    our
boyi will have been in that.    I   am
am going to try and get into town
this afternoon and see the hunch for
they are billeted just on the other
side of the town.
This life in the billets is pretty eld and another ol the boys from my
easy, you get about an hour and a old company asked me if I would
half drill in the morning and the thare it with them, That is they
lest of the time you huve pretty want a record ol what went on sent
much to yourself. Of Course it is home for them if anything should
much the same as barrack life. Vou happen and in case there should i.e
must be clean shaved and keep your- anything occur to put me out of the
self as clean and neat as is possible, tunning they will try and get it ou
and you also have t.e keep yourquar-'of my haversack and will Bend ..
t'ls in something like decent shape, copy
Roll Call is ,t 8.3 : .ii the morning
and you nre usually    in bed at nine.
"in   ol the hoys who has hid      jiretty
m ii a plenty ot the Bbelling was
lying down here tonight and be
remarked, "Gosh, but ain't this
fine,  I could stay here all the rest  ol
The report that I was killed seems
to have gained considerable audience,
as I hear it from every first batch of
fellows I meet. Whether it got   homo
1  cannot  say.   but if   it has  it      will
tilings that have happened and Har-  give     , ldea  of hoW careful
you have got to be and do not take
any notlci I   ng that is
evi ryone.
Standard Bcsln Group
Bought by if. Absrnetiiy
Tourists'   Russia."   This proved such  sequently  the citv  is      losing  tourist   toin*  '",1"  '">'   ''"-'   to Be<   int0  the
a popular edition tbat it was follow-  trade each year that would come tbis
ed by "The Tourists' Spain and Por-  way If Illy kni     what   it had
tugal," and later by "Tbe TouristB' to offer. Bhe urged on the Canadian
California" and still more recently club as a Modv and on each individual
"The Tourists' Maritime Provinces." ; member the duty of farming into a
MtB. Thompson Ib now engaged   tn  publicity bureau and in so far as lies
M   'A In n   I go  hack,   I mean to
i.'" straight there u poietlble, t win
lit y.,u know, Weil i am m good condition excej't the stomach. Will try
(to see grandnu ther for a week. Tbis
is a new hospital     and   it is  lovely.
the preparation ol a fifth book     for  in our power,  giving the beauties ol   ''•v,r>'thiiu- !■ «0 nice and clean     and
the    tourist    to   be   "The Tourists'  Revelstoke proper advertiiing.
Northwest and Alaska." i    Mrs. Thompson  gave    the    club    a
These books are not merely guide little travel talk on Russia, and that
books. They are written in a man- hitherto considered bleak, unintoreet-
ticr interesting and fascinating to : ine and Nihilistic country assumed
all and are brimful of interesting jn new place ln the minds of her
lact.8 for the intending traveller. The  1 carers nnd proved  one of the    most
beBt to be seen in each country Is set j interesting  and  fascinating  c. 'lntries  '"" ' waJ l''"ving ramp and    it
forth, the choicest    routes   mapped one could d-sire to know. Putin the ambulance form".
everybody ia very good, The sisters
are very kind and jolly and it makes
a Mil- difference, I got a big parcel
irom London with cake, blBCuits,
cigarettes and chocolates so it will
be quite nice when lam allowed to
cat something.  I lusl  got the   parcel
cut and the assets  of each  exploited     The  speaker dealt  with  the princ-   !ovc to a"-
in a way that provei  Infections     to  P*I  titlM,  describing  their building!
the reader. ind icenery,  She described the    peo-
InvitationS had been sent by tbe pie of Russia, their characteristic
Canadian club to t.ho mayor and | nnd mode of life. She declared con-
eouncil and the hoard of trade to be dltloni In Rus"ia to be incon-
preient at Mrs. Thompson's address,   , irivnblr worse than th'-iso existing in
Thc president, Mrs. Coursier or- Germany at the outbreak of the wnr.
■ruined the chiilr find before IntrodttC Her inMdota of people and rxperi-
1m: t.he speaker very clearly set forth !enrcs alio hnd met with while In tbc
the object  of     'heclnh and the ntti-   country were most  amusing  and    In-
'ihey are inclined te, think that I
! ive not sufficiently appi eciati i me
of the warm Bpi ts we have seen, but
e utside .ef that ll   ie a pretty     fair Abernrthy    for tbe
and complete record of all tbat    has  Standard I m lot-
been going  on.      We do  not   have the      Prince  Mining
great knowledge of    what la taking  and Devi
■iy lite." Just  shows you that ideas IInCP in other places,  In fact  I fully   accepted b)  the Cl     Thi     claims
of comfort arc necessarily >■ unpaia    believe that  you folks at home     are   which are Bituated   10 miles north   of
tive. better acquainted   with the progress  Revelstoke are crown    granted     and
The worst   CUMe of  the whole thing   ol the   war than are we  '■'•       are right   had  revert..!   to  tbl   Cn   •:. tor     neiu-
to  me  is  Ihe ever present, vermin.      1   ,iere.
have managed   to keep pretty clean1   That tbe Germana are playing the
pe. far, by carrying an extra    shirt  holding game now   though is appar-
and underwear, hut you just have to cnt for one rarely bean of an attack
keep changing constantly and boiling ,!l our lines and wen counter attacks  reported I i rritory
the ones you take off. It makes extra Beem  to be goti        it ol  'Ute     with  t.i tbe south ind I it  strike, o
weight to carry too at a time   when  'hem.  Apparently we have far super-   the   Montgoi in the   Big
every pound counts. for gunners f.er '.vhen we do shell we  Bend Is attracting much attention to
This letter will read sort of hither P,,em to be dropping them somewhere that district.
and von,  but  that   reminds mc of an-  Their's appear to be dropping every-
other thing and thnt wns the     trip inhere. One of the     old artillery men
was  telling  me that there  is a      vast
difference between their gunnery  i
and   at   the      lirst  ofthe  war and  be
gave it as his opinion thnt the     old
artillery  they had is gone,  killed   ofl
r.nd  wounded.  The  day I  wub  telling
Mini::; in I rtct is showing
i igns of n ■■• ■ d sctivit]   Four   cap-
tits    are
in here. Ab I told you in the three
rights previous I had a little over
four hours Bleep nnd most of the
boys were no better off. We left the
front line expecting to go back to
the reserves that night to sleep,  but
Boy Scouts to Attend
Theatre This Evening
Eight Special Trains
on Saturday Afternoon
.when we got   there we hnd orders to  y""    &oout     before,
ret the packs we left on our way in, I helled so     heavily.
when wc were
I was heartily
gunners  that
tilde taken hy all Canadian clubs     In
tbo pi-rut  and terrible rrlBls through
(Ci ntinned on V igs Thre-
and nhout 7.:>,n we started.  All    the  -1'"1  '*  was not     our
roads  through here  are more or less w,,,(' doing thc job.
dangerous ns they     shell  them every I    ' fUI1  feeling first rate and I   hnve
once in awhile,   jtiflt I suppose,     to ''oon n,''e to stand up under tbe miir-
BettwWB   July   rand   July 11, eleven   keep  evfry  one  respectful,  so  We did filing nnd packing a treat deal better
ipwlal trains   of   Shriners  will    j.ass   not  tarry  along    tbe road.  However than  I expected.  Strange to say    my
through Revelstoke on their wny   to   <'"' boyi were so dead beat thnt they Jpet have kept In excellent shnpe tbe
the Sun  FrandSCO fnlr, Weht "f the  Pimply could not  get  swinging,    nnd only trouble T have had so far     was
trains will  pass     through on Bntur-  *e were on the go that night    until "ie blister nnd we   stayed     in     the
day afternoon.                                           obont midnight. Relieve me wo   were trenches just long
Roy g n ml - v. tl] parade in ui
at their headquarters this evening at
1 •'' to attend a performance at the
Rex theatre to which they have revived a specisl invitation. B
pictures showing the R.iy Scouts
ind wai
Two auto-Mis lines are now opei   '
ing bet-.'.'.:, Coleman    an.l Bellevue,
r.nd one can     travel     between these
enough  for that .points almost any hour of the day. PAGE TWO
Zhc flDail-lberalb
cJ7VIail-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
E.  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
WEDNESDAY,  JULY 7,  1915.
Siberia is one ol the great  fur-producing  areas  of the world,  The    Uus
- an Sili erian fairs are fur marts that
Laie an extreme Impi rtance to the
London fui   t rade, i Ine thud or   one-
foill I h   at  I  ast   of   the liner   kinds      of
jurB come [rom Russia, The order ol
Ma' Russian government prohibiting
the export e.i tura hus come, there
i ire, as a 'listIncl Bhock to the Lon-
di n auci Ion houses.
The Russian government is   appar-
- itlj fig ii Ing on having to equip
millions of troops for another severe
wint 'i c ni paign, Its turs are to be
retained at home for that purpose.
Incidentally, the action ol the Russian government will bring consider
able relief to the Indians and fur-
trappers    of   our   north-wtst,     who
.', .1 e almost starving last year De-
cause   thej    had   no market   for      their
catch.     The Hudson's Ray company,
•■ of ' he lai. e de ilers in fui pelts,
was  unabli   to dispose  of  the  northwest production because ot the upset
etate ol  the London  market,   Indeed,
ilie upset iii the     fur business caased
.   the war extended from the     purchasing public right through     to the
hardy   trapper.      The great London
auctions  that  determine the fur prices of tha world ai.'held in January,
March,  J une, I ictol ei   and  Di cember.
Thi   Iat er is the    annual   s"al sale.
e March b .le is much     the     ni is!
important. By the time the   Russian
yen mi nt   i eleasi s  turs  foi   i xporl.
which will not be in any event   until
: ext   b] i ng,  Russia  will have
cut off from the outside world, see far
s fins an cimcerned,  bn   a I
and  a  b llf.     The finani ' ! ions
ced by thi   ;ai   nay work ag    ast
ich improvi ment  in the pul lie   de
nd f. i  fuis For tin    ime 1
ivar :.- causing a sin   I ige    d the
pn luctioi   foi
di r or latei
ta tore,
lit   r«     T " ■ in
g in    Ines foi
■ -      ■
'      - :
-    I
n Fi .
er nei
■ -.■  ■      the r -s
... ■ •■ . .
charity could never cover upas mis
takes, but thin is the time that the
lung   anil   country   needs   every   ussist
aiiee available to fight a common
enemy, Mr, Cook's eloquence might
be hei tei employed just now in talking of the great need of more men at
the front and ol more munitions.
When tins war is over, when the British empire is victorious, when we in
Canada will know positively that we
are Canadians !and citizens of the
British empire, instead of vaBsals of
a Prussian militarism, then wc   will
gel down to do domestic politics and
II  there are investigations to be done,
the public will join with Mr, Cook in
lining a good job, Mr, Cook    is     a
strong    advocate      of      any  cnuse  he
espouses, We would like to see htm
urging greater unity of purpose     In
this   time  of  universal   distress,      We
would prefer to see such men   devote
their   talents   to   the   reul     crisis      at
this  time,   a crisis   that   means  every
thing,   not   only   to civilization,     but
to   I 'hrist ianit y   ns well.
The piogram at the Empress theatre tonight is one oi the pest and includes Mr, Carlson from Arizona In
two partB, showing tue race between
auto and Santa Fe express '.runs,
The Mysterious Beauty, the Vindication, a good Biograpb picture, Sophie's Legucy, and tlie best of music
by the KmpreBS orchestra. tin
iiii.rsday. Maclyn Arbucsle appears
In It's No Laughing Maiter, tn five
parts with a great ci medy an.l a
line Paramount feature, On /'nd iy
the Broadway stars. On Saturday
and matinee, Hearst Sellg weeklies,
dramas and comedies. On Moaday
The Master Key. On Tuesday, aristocracy in five parts und Famous
I layers with Throne Power.
High School Winner
of Keen Game
ime ol the moBt Interesting baseball games of the season was played
Tuesday     night      em the    Y.M.O.A,
grounds hei ween the Pirates and the
kigh School. The Pirates were deflated by a score of 2 to 1. The line
ups were -is follows:
pirates, (position i H.  S.
Bruce, (catcher) Young
Burridge, (pitcher) Lee
McLeod, list   base I McLeod
Maunders, (2nd  base) Goodwin
Mulholland, (s.s.) Donaldson
Haug, (c, f. i Flemmlng
'.Him. ir. f.) Henderson
Squarebriggs,      (1, f.i Bruce
Beazley, (3rd base) McOarty
Make a Corner
Collect thc Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every (ll)iclet Package
Tl - first episode of the now world-
famous dramatized novel "The Diamond from the Sky" was sin wn t,,
over bou people at the 'Rex' yesterday, accompanied by a Bpecial
program ot appropriate and high
i lass music. Though the flrst episode
is comparatively only an introduction, it gives promise of a wonderful
story, and /ave every satisfaction.
Lottie Pickford does not appear until the nexl instalment, playing tbe
pari ft he girl child, horn In e| ■
ne,   ifter a  lap •   of Beveral   yeai -
The same applies  to Irving Cumi   >>,"-
in  re; pect  of the i oy.
famous Belgian Lecturer
Speaks on Friday
ment  columns,  a not
•  e   Belgi in ai le Mart
will glvi ture
lethodist ' evi
ing. Tl
Canadian Newspaper
Directory is Now Issued
It  Is now ne ii ly a quarter ol     a
century Blnce V. ViWiin. who established the lirst Independent advertls
ing agency in this country, completed the rather ambitious tusk of publish.ng the first directory of Cana
dian publications. The nine successive editions of this va'uahle work
provide the most c implete and detailed record available of the growth
ol Canadian periodicals,
The' 1 'I'e edita.u shows that the'
great war has not seriously allected
the newspapers of Canada. While the
birth-rate of new publications has received a check, nnd the death-rate ,.|
the wi a\ ones has perhaps Increased
;>. trifle, most of the hailing papers
show very healthy increases in circulation. Three metropolitan dailies
hr.e i ached or passed the hundred
thous end  in irk.
A census of the papers listed and
described tn the 1916 directory shows
pearly lr>0 dailies, 7 tri-weeklies, 45
semi-weeklies, over 1065 weeklies,
nhout i' bi-weeklies or semi-monthlies. 250 monthlies, 3 bi-monthlies
and Is quarterlies, a total e.f over
1375 publications.
Tins means approximately one
daily to every in,! 'i' families, nnd
une  weekly  \,,    every   1,500    families.
im om 'ins one would inter thai for
n comparatively new country. Canada is well-red.
per Directory
with   Its    I gold stamp id
■■■■   cover     has become   a familiar
sight on the desks     of   advertisers,
..,    every-
■   ■ -    .• hi Btei sted In Canada,
wotili POLIO}
It's good policy o think of the future
It's si ill belter policy to pro vide against
the misfortunes it may bave in store
fui'you. The surest way of protecting
yourself ami family is a
with a reliable conipiny,   The high
linancial Standing and I--n^ business
career of the Kootenay Agencies
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Your time iiiav be near at. baud.
Don't delay,    Taki-out a policy now.
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E. G. Burridge & Son
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We specialize In
Metallio Ceilings, Corrug.itcd Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Oonuaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE      -      -    BC.
Baggage Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
ure ai o   Piario-uioving a
S|i • iility
Phone Ul- 276.   Ni^lii Phoiie*M3
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'.A REt^
Standing of Teems
in IfesEua:!
'I he I
lo the Y.M C.A, i".: ue to date in
l-'.'iM i
pirates,     ■ n,   :  '
High   Ichool, won
C, P.  I!., won '■'. loit S,
The schedule foi   I ek has heen
somewhat changed, the   gnmei     fur
ihe re I 'if the week  will  l,p-
July 7,   High school vh federals.
I July 8,   Pirates vh High Bchooi.
I July 9.   C, P, It. v>. Federals
obred <'•< vern
Clydesdale Stallion
Ne,      i
fl\     llnpni  '•'!    lil     '••, II    ->|e     I l'i
ITII|ieH Ll      I M ll-    ll.'ll'e.    Will
for serv e■<• for 1915 »i Macdon
i<ll i Ham li    'I' ■ ri. ■ $\tl iii iIme
nf service, w II li i el m n pi I* Hoges
■ 'i
■   1915.
to thi
■    i    In
.'.  • ler    nt
to   thi
nth i
ol     A iter Rights Pari I
Rulldln ' la.     B. C, •
A ive   iftei thi  i.: -' appi
.,f this
The date of the Brit publleatl
Huh notice i". June W, 1918,
].M'\elstoke Lodge
N.i. ms.")
'/£l Meem every second
nml Fourth Tuesday
in  tin* Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially in-
ll. L. HAUG.Seo.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held ln
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in euch month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.  GORDON,  Secretary
!•: ar IMil'b Mounted. Furs cleaned
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inil St., RevelBtoke, B. 0.
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Pack Straps, Whips,
Armstrong & Co.
The Leather Goods Store
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads WEDNESDAY, JULY 7, 1915.
(Minister of Lands Gives  Out
line of Government's
The energetic campaign lur the extension 'if the lumber export trade ol
uritish Columbia baa directed renewed attention tothe timber resources
ol the province, their present de-
vi lopmenl and pn ip icts. In an Interview, the Hon. W.R. Ross, minister   of   lands,       Whose   work tor   wider
markets for British Columbia timber
in likely tn have far-reaching results
upon the (uture ol the lumbering In-
iustry. Bays
"Many vague estimates ol tl x-
Unl of British Columbia's f rests
have been pul I rward in past years,
Because we need reliable Information
m order to manage our f irests Intelligently I began a survey in 191:2.
•\ very considerable area has already
leen covered by the cruisers In this
survey. The figures obtained give us
something definite to go upon, Besides the eight and i ne-thlrd i
acres under timber license, a million
icres under old timber leases, a million acres of d led timlierland, three
imirters of a million acres held un-
;'er railway grants—besides these
.-lienttions, we find tbat the Crown
' Imber resi rve c eated In 1907, is
. i-i y considerable, For instance in
entering the results of various forest
Burveys on the maps lust year there
vere one million acres of reserve
: imti ir Mud dealt with, apart from
very large ai ias containing lesser
stands of timber and pulpwood.
- fence, thc ' stin 0 billion feet
d merchantable timlber now awaiting
tutting in the province ia being call-
ed into question, as ir becomes more
-.nd more probable that  the effective
etai will reach  100 billion.
The Cent Forests
"Take the coast fi.rests—say a
solid third Is D igl ls fir. winch, tak-
.n ill round, is the finest all-round
v.ee.ii in the world, over one-fifth is
.edar—British Columbia is pre-eminently tbe cedai : igion of America,
banks to the coast rainfall. Then
think of our immense stand ol West-
rn hemlock. Th'- n irld is tww beginning tei realize what western hem-
ock is.     Our    pulp and paper mills
ive done great things with it already, but the bii- usi B ol this Weioil
ire only just beginning. Western hemlock is destined t i take the place of
astern wh I ■ nt lm- very many purposes and at uo distant date. Then
fake out • oe Inl I ir f resets. Seven
thousand out of 1 >■ a ;tiare miles
•f timber licences are east of thc
Cascade mountal is, -;.i you see our
interior countrj Ls pretty strongly
epresented In th* timber asset."
Describins the main features of thc
parlous    tenures    the minister   Baid:
"Crown erant timber, of course is
nst deeded timber—there is nothing
to explain  al >ut  that. Then the old
.eases  nre simple  enough— rentals   of
"i" or 11 cents    per acre   per annum
<nd a royalty on Cut 1  gs of " -cents,
are the term? Inmost cases up     to
lie' nars 1921  to 1985,  during   which
period the bulk ea    will
-ime uji for    renewal     for 21   years
ahead, obtaining whatever rates    of
11 nt nl and royalty are then provided
by statute. The timber licence tenure
I is rather more complicated, however,
a Compile ited Probli	
j   "The original    pi ee: te     waa e ct i
! inely complicated; In fact. eomi     i I
the hardest of my official experience!
arose from the   knotted complexities
■ ef license tenure, But we've straight
i mil all that out   ii' n, and 1 believe
that 1 may claim  that   the result is a
thoroughly sound    piece of conatruc-
tive legislation, it was like this: An
immense timber resource waa Idle and
unproductive, contributing    next   to
nothing   to     the development of the
province. \Ve needed revenue,  but   «
were firmly determined not   to
i ce one |ol i r    tittle i f the people's
heritage, Bo we   permitted the Btak
irg of timber   lands—anyone    could
stake outtlng rights over a     Bquare
mile of timber bj paying %U0 a year
rental and p ■■ Ini   e certain etui ip ig ■
(we call it royallyi on euch loga   as
be might actually cut    11 al     waa
good proposition for the lumberma
who wantc ! timber foi a mill and d
not  wan!   to sink     c iplti I  In  I uy:n.
stumpage  ahe id.     But    t he re    wei
t.11 Ings t" tbis coni i ssion,     In     th
public interest.     Neither the   am.a. I
tental     (which     is a Bort eef Intel ■ -■
charge) nor the royalty on cut   logs
was fixed, They ci uld be changed   b
.- ny time  to meet    any rise In  tlm! e
valm ■- thnt mis bt • ccui. Si   th   pul
lie was well protected. On the   other
hand,  it was left    to     the changing
opinion of successive legislatures   t
decide what rental . : royalty   Bhould
be charged. That uncertainty     gave
British Columbia timber licenses     a
weak Standing as securities, ain! made
the financing e.f the lun i'e'! I siness
difficult  In consequence.
"For a time n« solution ol this
problem could be found. In the end
with the c i-operatl r . f tbi partli
alT'i'ied, a basis principle was worked out, .ind then we passed the
ber Royalty Act of 1914. That gave
Becurlty of tenure to the licensee-
fixed a rental for forty-five years
. bi ad and a royalty on a slldini:
scale. If the wholesale selling price
of lumber through' ut the province
toes up above a certain figure the
royalty goea up. If it goes below
that figure then- is ., definite royalty
charge to correspond. The people of
this province and the Lumbering
dustry are. therefore, partners in the
timber. The terms ol the partnership
■ ■;■■   -' i n  I 11}   del : ed.   There   is   ro
more r    for ui ci rtainty, ae is the
' .-■ with timber or timber lands in
the westein states, for 'sample,
where taxation may lncreast   Beveral
d per cent in a few short years.
The timber license of British C
bia Is be: e.f rth    an absolute     safe
t y.
A  Matter >ef T
"The development   of   the   lumber
ness is lust a matter of trai
tation. The pr.ee. • develop?.! p
tine system ••!  railway transportation
inland; ao far we have not done    tne
geawards. There has beer, chro-
■   ■   i.L'estion at the ce'ast a lack of
seagoing tonnage I s been stifl
ing ouf export lumber trade. Remove
that .'.nd the rest follows—expansion
In the    iiimi ering
' B,   activity   In   I "• I >"   fi n f
"Tlm   old r   est
brokerage fin -   and the shipping or-
r.ini'ai •     •   deal  ir.  lumber      a«
well as carrying it fr. m the western
Btates have r, ntrolled tonnaze?"
"Yes," siid Mr. Rosa, "tbey have
been doing bo—have been, But per
i al s you noticed that order for ten
million fett of lumber for tho British admiralty secured for British Columbia recently. The admiralty provided Bhlpping for that, and through
the action taken by the government
bidding .vas confined to British Columbia mills. Moreover, we have
gained the further jaunt that our
mills will Me no longer forced to bid
on • British government orders.
through San Francisco, for this British Dominion will Bupply the lint ish
government direct, And then we are
trying to do away, once Ior all, with
the Inability e.f our export mills to
get shipping, The Americans have no
grievance—there is plenty of room
for us nil in th° world markets, Only 1 make it plain that British Columbia must  have her share.
"\ few figurea will show the present stage e,f the lumbering Industry
In the province, \ mill capacity ol
two and one-half billion feet—we
shall soon lncrense that when we
I ave ocean transportation t.. take up
M' ! isinesfl offerings from all over
the world that we are obliged to
turn down today,  An actual output,
ill   these   hard  war   titms,  valued     at
$29,000,000, a thousand million shingles shipped to market in the year;
the new pulp and paper Industry producing -;,;' iu>i',ii a year already;
some ' f the largest plants in the
world feet saw and paper mills—these
are a few points that show our lumbermen.?' activity. Let ub once secure
.lean transportation and there will
be an impetus riven the lumbering
business and a rise in the value of
British Columbia stumpage. Wc intend  doing  our  level rest  to      secure
prosperity    through     a   prosperous
lumbering Industry based on a wealth
of timber resources."
Lumber Bargains
Shingles at almost       Cost   Drop Siding at...     $20.00
Shelving at     $25.00   Dimension. 2x6. at $12 00
Globe lumber Co, Ltd.
has secured from one of the largest Eastern
daily papers part of its Premium consignment, which consists of a combination punch
bowl and fruit dish and a dozen punch cups.
To all old and new subscribers of this paper
upon payment of their subscription, will be
given, free, one of these fine sets. Now on
view at McRae Shoe Store.
UCsr* Remember: Jill that is necessary-
pay your subscription and charges on
the set.
Koted Writer Speaks
(Continued  from  Page Oue.)
terestimr. Mrs. Thompson is an     ex-
cellent   raconteur  and not a point in
any story was i. ■■■ . s e described tbe
church life of the country, the gorge-
lusness    f the churches    nnd     their
vestments and fittings.    She touched
cn the civic life of Russia and sbow-
tel  'lv part  played by tbe women be-
1 mging t'e the upper classes in     the
pi iitics of the government. In     no
try in the world is the advice of
the women asked     for and   so often
followed by the  men who form     the
..it.: ant  .ef all  the Russians.
She touch d on     the army briefly.
The t'ossacks are a body 3000 strong
—all men    f great    strength, willing
to do or die -it the Czar'a ■   mmand.
Th'V act  as -i unit      at   his slightest
ind when one hears     of     the
frightful  deeds committed  by     these
ne i remi mber they     are
only f llowing out the commands   of
b     ins government—
they have no will but to obey.
In  sp   iking "f the children     Mrs.
Tl.-: pgon described the two   plendid
Ing Institutions In Russia   and
remarked that  the foundlings in Rus-
■ better c -.red f..r     than
the majority       f    peasants children
botl       rents  are alive,     Being comtoi tal ly I. used    and
•In      y , rs  ol   infancy I . |d     is
if   BOmi      s  ;t      and
week     the   government    sets
a        certain        sum       per
child     In     one        ef      the     estab-
that when the boy or
' ll   i eti'.:      aci "Stab-
ee    ot
>m as-
■   i.
•    ies    . f    th it country
•   • • ■ ■' the largest
and ii lid     c dlectli     of the
• • rid. The ttuest
randt ia I
' the art galleries of Moscow
Russian  artist  is  that he never    paints
anything I ul   i: and
-■    ';.   ..f  tb se    galleries      will
ve  idea
Of  the life of thl ':   ni  infancy
to lateat years, showing the     maay
cen i   an bo much     to
"ns   people   and   OCCUpj   se'   i. ueli      of
their life..
V!   n I     - pi al ncluded her
ddreas her bearers came lack to the
realization that they had only been
cn a minds Journey. Fr"m start to
finish she had i ' eacb listener
with her through the beauties of
nd lefl  with i ach a scute of
iting   (act!   about    the   ei.untry,
hitherto  unlearned.
At the conclusion Mrs. Walter Hews
sany very  jirettily  and  effectively one
• ,f the new war songs recently     pub-
■ I A  entitled "Knitting."
\   lOCial  hour  was    later     enjoyed
I. ling,      Moth     nnd   W,
F>cws being the    hostesses     f,,r     the
i vening.
nterfelt  25c.  pieces   are ln circulation at Rossland.
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Wear at a Minimum Price
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Bulk Soda Biscuits, per lb., 10c.    Wheat Flakes, per pkg., 15c.   Powdered Blue, per btl., 10c
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Bomaby Chutner' per bottle, 20c. Mangol Chutney, per bottle, 20c. PAGE FOUR
Mr. and Mih. HaU lefl on Mondaj
lm   England
,1, n. Caverhill ol Kelson Is al the
Hotel Revelstoke,
ii   i-M Johns il oi tawa    was ai
thu Hotel Revelstoke yesterday.
k. Lawrence jr., J. Bourne and (1.
Tomlinson aro camping at Taft.
it. G Bretl ol Banfl registered »t
the He.tcl  Revelstoke on Sunday.
Chas Riddel] 'it AnniH was a guest
ai the King Edward hotel on Monday.
Frank   Mason  of   Chicago      WBB      a
guesl at  the H itei Revelstoke    yesterday
The Farmers Institute will meei in
Smythe's hall "M Saturday evening
at 8 o'clock.
May er Foote spent the week end
i,shim; in Sliver Creek, A basket ol
nr. fish were caught  My two rods.
C, A. Procunier ol the 54th battalion, Vernon, ih visiting his parents,  Rev. and Mrs. C.A. Procunier.
Ani'eld Mel'art .er and Miss Doris
McCarter returned from college on
Sunday and will spend the holidays
Mr. and Mrs. J, Knox of Revelatoke arrived ln tbe city yesterday
and ire guests at tbe Hume.—Nelson
Mrs. T. McPherson left on Friday
morning for Revelstoke where she is
spending a few days with her mother
Mis.  M.   Hyatt.—Salmon Arm Observer
John Edwards charged with vagrancy appeared before Mayor W.A.
Foote 'en Monday. He was sentenced
to six months in jail. Sentence was
Among the guests at tbe Hotel Revelstoke y'sterday were, Mrs. K.
Filden, Miss C, Fllden, Blanch Allison and Emma W. Ostrander ol
Washington, D.C
The tickets for the picture donated
by Mrs. Coursier to the Red Cross
fund, have all been disposed of, and
lhe drawing fe.r the winning number
will ho made tomorrow at Hume's
■store at  I o'clock,
A.   C.   McCullough  of      Revelstoke i
was in the city Wednesday. Mr.   Mc
Cullough has accepted     a     position
with the Canadian NMirthern railway
and will remove his family Mack   to
the city     in    September.—Kami
A mom; the tourists at the King
Edward hotel on Sin.day were Marge] I Ki ind Dai lei Kennedy of
Hutchinson, Minn., Mary E, Doyl
sm Paul, Badie Sw
v. liter Price and Mrs. CA. Robert-
h •   of Ne* irk, NM   J. and Miss     F.
• of Portland.
Maxon and    Mrs.  I.. Howsot.
have as 'heir guests for two    ws<
'.'   -       ■'■ ..iret
i    aston i
..-    ■   tbrei      months     '...ur and after
v sit  the San Fl
-   ■ fair.
-:.■ ■■    e I   Ot     1
i tl.e east I :   the  i
shells in Vancouver     have     ar:
Tw > cai loads
toria, whei
mediately by the Victoria Machinery
Dep it. A i
• ire i    nin ; i       last
thei which
The hay crop at the recreation
grounds wan mowed yesterday.
Mrs. Searle of  Bankhead  wan     at
the  lleetel   Revelstoke  yesterday.
A. Kennedy of Winnipeg was at the
King Edward hotel on Monday.
,J. A. Kirk uf Arrowhead wan at
i lie King Edward hotel un Sunday.
II. lie Mala .>f Calgary registered
al the King Edward hotel on Sunday.
The Red Cross society wishes to
thank Miss Qeiger for ber donation
.ef is roller bandages.
Robl   Sutherland, editor of the Nel
seen   Dally   Mews   passed   through    Re-
i 'M;i i ei i     Saturday ein his  way
Mr. and Mrs. T.E.L, Tayl.a- and
family left for Vernon yesterday. Mr,
I'aylor has a commission in the 54th
hal lalion.
Messrs. im Herod and D.J. Mi Donald "f this iill s accompanied by Alex
McRae, 'ef Revelstoke spent Wednesday at rani Lake.—Kamloops Standard.
Miss  .May   Field,     who      has      been
teaching school ai Rogers Pass left
yesterday afternoon for San Francisco where she will spend the vacation.
Sir Th. .mas Shaughnessy on arrival in New York from Englaud announced that practically all of tbe
Canadian Pacific    sleeps   would     be j
turned Into ammunition factories.
ii. im Walkem,   divisional engineer
for the Canadian Pacific railway    at
Nelson,  paBBed through the city     on
Sunday,  on his way home     after     a '
two-months' holiday in California.
Among the  guests at   the     Hotel j
Revelstoke on  Monday  were  Mr.  and \
Mrs. F.W. Emmery of Spokane, Miss !
B.R, Le veils of Woodbury, N.J., and
Miss .M.I.. Whitehall   of Washington,
u. c.
Edward Stuart, of the "4th battalion wishes to thank, tbe ladies
and gentlemen eef Trout Lake, and
Ferguson, f"r tlie .lance ami refresh-
nents which they gave in his behalf,
July ;; il Troul i. ike, also for tbe
many presents which be expects will
come in handy for him wh
way to Berlin.
.\,   11 verted
,- t Ti i                       • M nday    of
last w.. resence     of
mind and bravei . .
of     tbe     Canadian
Litt •■ En
1 was on tho point ^'.
Among the guests nt the King
Kdward hotel on Monday wast!.
Sutherland of Arrowhead.
Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Lawson of Bear
Creek were among tbe guests at the
Hotel Kevelstoke on Monday.
The annual strawberry festival given liy the ladies of St. Francis
church will he held tonight on the
church grounds.
Mr, and Mrs,  D.A.  McCannell,     of
Kevelstoke are spending a few days
in the city, the guests "1 Mr. and
Mrs. A. C, Baumau.—Kamloops
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gibson of NM'lson
passed through the city on Sunday
in their return home after a honeymoon tour, Mr, Gibson is postmaster at Nelson,
Lasl Saturday afternoon the tennis
courts were well patronised hy a
large number 'ef players and visitors,
A   deliCiOUS    tea   was served   by      Mrs.
( .  11.   Macd ltd     and   Miss   Silihahl
and   the   weather   being   excellent,   one
ee' the must pleasant afternoons was
enjoyed  by all.
Notice "f the following appointments is given in the current issue
of the British Columbia Gazette:
William Allan Reid, of Corbin, to be
a justice of the peace; Charles B.
Daniel! tee be police magistrate in and
for the city of l'rince Oeorge, and to
have jurisdiction under the Small
Debts Court Act within the territorial limits of the city; Thomas D.
Verner, of the city of North Vancouver, M.D,, (MM., to be a coroner
for the province; John J. Smith, of
Chinook ('..ve, to be a notary public;
William Rae, inspector of tramways.
to be inspector of rolling stock,
equipment, and safety appliances Of
railways operating under tbe Railway Act; Alexander B. Shannon, of
Willow Point, to be an inspector under the Noxious Weeds Act; Katharine Austin, of tho city of Victorin,
to be a stenographer in the legislative library, in the place of Dorothy
McLean, resigned.
J. M, Wurdle of Ottawa registered
at the Hotel Revelstoke een Monday.
There are .::!l aliens interned at
Fernie. Many of them are busy on
city work, ,
T. Kilpatrick, president of the
board of trade, yesterday sent a telegram to R, F, Green, M.P,, as follows: 'Citizens hero very anxious to
Know what, success you are having
with gett ing the interned camp here."
\ Red CroBS society has just been
organized ai Grand Forks. The depot
[or receiving and giving out work will
be open six  days a week.
GALT COAL burns nil night.     Ro
velstoke General  Agencies.   Limited.
I..>st   gold  cufl   link.
to Mail-Herald.
I'lease  rctt
FOR RENT,—House, 7 rooms.     Furniture  for    sale.    Apply 35  Second
street, E., JlOp.
TO LET.—4 front rooms for light
housekeeping over Bews' drug store
Wood and water Included. $10.00
jier month. Apply Box IM, City.
These rates are good for one
year. Jy.-30
FOR SALE.—Newcombe piano, walnut
finish, c.est $J50.00. Good as new.
Pari cash balance $10.00 a month,
can be seen at No. 'i Sixth street
West,   Apply Box 705, Revelstoke.
to mention.
People furnishing homes, should not
miss this chance of practically new
goods at their own prices. No reserve remember!
Goods can be viewed anytime     be
fore the sale. Terms cash to $25.00
over $25.00 notes of responsible parties accepted.
Auctioneer nnd Commission Agent.
PHONR 868. BOX 3lfl
TO LET.—5 Furnished Rooms, for
light housekeeping, bath, hot nnd
cold water; water paid and wood
furnished. $13.00 per month. Apply
box 104, City. Jy.-30
Methodist Church
One Niqht Only
Friday, July 9th
At 8:15 p.m.
ir De Martin
Belgium Before and During
ihe War
■ ■
•.ces,     nnd
in   !'.•■-
of    Household  Fur-
Fourtb  Strei t  Kast.
1   .  ate     Sale
nishinL'S  nt 7a
consisting of:
1   Happy Thought    Puck's cast steel
1 Oil Heater.
1   Sideboard.
i   Extension Tahle,  quarter cut oak.
1 Lounge,
' Parlor chairs.
2 Ileus.    Springs,      Mattresses     and
2 Bedroom Sets.
Rtair Lineolum,    Pictures,    Curtains
and a large assortment  of Kitchen
These goods can Me seen at any time
and must be sold ns owner is leaving
the city.
PONIGHn    R ui ling In
Mr. larlson Fr. m Ariz.ena, 2
parts, showing the race be-
tween auto and Santa Ke ex-
pres Tl Mysterious Beauty,
farce comedy, The '■• indication
BiOft • b     Legacy,
Essany c.m'dy. Empress Orchestra.
THURSDAY.—Macly      A
ln    It's No Laughing Matter.
5 parts.  Great,  comedy and A
fine Paramount feature.
FRTDAV-Br "adwiiy Star Features.
SATURDAY.—Uaiverfal Weeklies
and Hearst Weeklies, showing
all the latest war news. Matinee 5.30.
lis,  '   i.r The re
el        i     offlcetri
ond me
Bergts,   \ R.   J. H
H   Edw ere' f. H.
. w r.   Waters,
nson,     McKay     Loftus, Pye,
lulnls      ■ I
n loch, ft.
im  Kin ;swell,    3   B r'e.iiins,
B.J    Let   fl".  B-cwe -       un   Thomns,
R. D.    McTnvlsb.     Wilkinson    ftcott;
T.  W. Broil -Mor.  B J    M'.ri-
non. w. Bwannell, TT..T Dnehemay, a
Taylorion,   N   MeTvor, It   Batl,    F.
Litigate   Wnf.oof.,   Meir |n    Pitapat-
tlrk. WP   Darling   WOT   Rr'.wn.  T.
P. Field, B.O. Rjrall; rten. Oolllnge,
Corsin. Rrybcrtn nnd Rlnck.
On SATURDAY. JULY 17, 1915
At Residence, 36 Second St. East
Haping been favoured witb instructions by Mr. Ross, late principal   of
Selkirk scbool, who is leaving for the
coast.  Goods    comprise    as follows:
Iron and brass beds complete, dressers and   tat ds; solid oak arm chairs,
rockers, parlour   and kitchen tables,
cot,     Axminster  and Brusscl
carpets valued (45.00 each; linoleums
food as new, bed linen,
d h< Bt    "f     other   useful
■ :Teet8 t< o    numer. ius     to
itrlctly cash, positively without     reserve as Mr. Ross
Sunday, July Is.
A y i eef ore sale.
Mtiiission A cent t
BOX 311
-•ar  rait.
-   S   'ui •■Zis* ion.
' The Diamond from the Sky'
at thf   REX   ivrrf Tuttday
There   .re Int'i ,,f .,thnr  good
pictures  but    nothing ever  t"
re with  this.
.      i \n I BTRBBT WH IT
and 20, 1915
i•    \, ■   L0 a in.  i ntii   \2
From  Q Id.
ten    t      o' d   with     In-
• j   Ml.   L.W.   Wood,      who
with'        « his    •.')/ boms    "f
eltaost   new,   Qoodl     C'tn-
lollows' Lovely 'v5.00    Mc-
v      its rnni-e,     Early   Enellnh
teln't. mnSBiv.' solid brass I
Led       in ine    «niot.iry hair  Mattress.
i v F.n - ist 1) e Dg Hillte I
complete, value #100.0'i. massive solid ,
,,nk   ISStbn   P!nf»v   Chens,   lovely   P|r-
' .«>ii •'  mlnut  nt.d ''nk Dresam, new |
WMt,,n Bqo irst, "plrmlld rreen plush
eerrnnIonal  Chain,   Roekesrs.      mahog- '
nny Chairs, Llnolsums, Pile Ru<gs,
Slrt ' Cutlery. T.lnen of every des-
erlp Ion StHir nnd other Cantets;
K'trl.-n Furniture, nnd hunt, of other
natal  h'visphMd effects to numerous |
A Recruiting Office for the enrollment of Men for Overseas Service
is open at REVELSTOKE.
From date of enrollment men will
receive pay at the rate of $1.10 per
diem and subsistence allowance at
75 cents per diem.
Men must be physically fit between
the ages of 18 and 45 years. Mini-
mum height, 5 feet, 3 inches; minimum chest measurement, 33* inches
Wm. Mahlon Davis,
O. C. 54th Batt. C  E. F.
W   Apply to LIEUT. ALEX GRANT     r],
The undersigned will pay the sum of Five Hundred
Dollars to anyone who will furnish to the Provincial
authorities evidence that will lead to the apprehension
and conviction of the person or persons who set out
the fire at Comaplix on April 4th. 1915, which destroyed the " S.S. Revelstoke."
I       Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
The undersigned will, p^y the sum of One Thousand
Dollars to any person who will furnish to the Provincial authorities evidence that will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who
set fire to our property at Ccmaplix on April 4, 1915.
Forest Mills ofjBritish Columbia, Ltd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Summer Footwear
Children's  Barefoot   Tan   Sandals,   $1.15
to  $1.40
Children's   Strap  Slippers   in   white;,  black
and  tan 50c to $2.40
For Sandals, Canvas and Tennis Shoes
Having been advised that a standing reward has been offered
for information which will lead to the conviction of the party
or parties who set fire to the Forest Mills of British Columbia
at Comaplix, B.C., on the night of April 4th, 1915.
Any person or persons having information bear-
ling upon this fire should communicate .with
Mr. R. F. Johnston
; Special Agent of the Wm. J. Burns International
tt,, Detective Agency
at the King Edward Hotel, Revelstoke, B. C, he
being the duly authorized Special Agent of the
, [(Signed)   JAMES H. de VEUVE, President
The James H. de Yeuve Insurance Co.


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