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"Empire" TypewPromc.a]Li
For ease of operation and  perfection   -
in  results  produced, thia   machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $60 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Heral
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty-
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol. 15.—No 56
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
$2.50 Per Year
Friday and Saturday
Ladies'   Hlack Cashmere   Hose,   regular  40c,
at 25c. per pair.
Children's White Cashmere Hose, regular  40c.
and 50c. values at 25c. per pair.
The   remainder   of   our stock of Ladies' Wash
Suits at half price.
Twenty-five "Lion Brand" Suits, Hewson and
Oxford Tweeds, in gray patterns. The coats are
made with padded shoulders, braced collars and
lapels, fancy cuffs and pockets. The knickers are
cither plain or bloomer style, made with the regulation Lion Brand double seats and knees. Regular
$7.00 and SS 00 values, to be sold at
$5.25 per Suit
One Big Special for Friday and Saturday
only. A pint bottle of Mixed Pickles, a standard
line to be sold at the bargain, price of
20c. per Bottle
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Store* at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
Big Cut in Sporting Goods
BASEBALL   GLOVES       regular   $   75   now   $   50
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..                   i.
tl 50     '
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$   (HI
.1                     1.
75     '
Association Balls "
*1 75     •
$1 25
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,$   85
,,                       ..
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1 10
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85     "
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lIHIt!   TENNIS    HALLS       regular     50c.     now     860.
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Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches tn- Agents at all principal point* injCanada.
Agents in Great liritain and United States--London, England,
Lloyds Bunk, Limited, Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Kx-
change National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Fran-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of till and inward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revolstoke Branch—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Ladies' Net Blouses
and Fancy Collars
ist received a new shipment from the   Last.      The late
styles and prices reasonable.
MRS.   A.   Ci.  CRICK
First   Streot               Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
A Possibility That He Was, But
Probabilities Against—John
J. Nelson Disappeared from
Macleod Early in July
There ia a possible solution ol the
mystery surrounding the unknown
man who committed suicide bere in 11
local hotel on July 7th, in the following extract, which appeared iu the
Winnipeg Telegram of August 7th,
uuder the heading: "Winnipeg police
look lor Toronto man through west."
Tho article reads :—
"A puzzling case ol mysterious disappearance iu interesting the Winnipeg police as well as tbe provincial
authorities all over the west. John J.
Nelson, of 73 Euclid avenue, Toronto,
ia the man involved and he is well
known in Winnipeg as he travelled
over thiaeeetion several yeara representing the Methodist Book concern.
He resigned his connection with the
publishing company in January and
came west to take up a homestead.
He was accompanied by \V. J. Reid,
of Orangeville, who resides near
Macleod, Alta.
Nelson remained with the Reid's
until July 10.
That morning he bade them goodbye at Macleod stating that he had
had a bad dream the night before and
announcing that be would return to
his home. Mrs. Reid, according to
letters she has Bince written, then
asked him to till a prescription for In r
at the T. Eaton Co store in Winuii eg.
Later on Mra. Reid received the raedi-
cide showing that Nelson was at the
point on schedule time. A black
valise containing all victim's toilet
articles waa received by his family in
Toronto, July 14. It waa checked
from Winnipeg via the C. P. R. on a
ticket good from Winnipeg to Toronto.
That is the last tangible evidence the
police of Winnipeg have been able to
secure of the missing man. He was
writing his wife regularly up to July
4th from Macleod.
As time passed and no bit of knowledge came to the family tending to
dissipate the mystery, the fear that
some harm had come to the
traveller, forced itself upon the family,
lt chanced that one of the Nelsons
picked up a newspaper which contained the record ol a man who under
tbe assumed name of McGinty, bad
banged hiin-eif in a hotel iu one of
the western towns or cities The item
did not state where. On tbe possible
chance that this might have some
connection with the disappearance of
Nelson, telegrams were sent out to
various western places asking the
police to describe the appearance ot
the suicide, but the location of the
tragedy was not discovered."
Another thought, tbat after purchasing his ticket (or Toronto, that
Mr. Nelson may have become ill or
disabled in Winnipeg, has depressed
the wile and family, and Mrs. Nelson
has communicated witb friends here,
and with tbe chief ol police. Application was made there alsu a week
ago or more to the Toronto police,
with the result, the family says, that
the Toronto force said the matter was
not one that could concern them,
advising recourse to the Deputy Attorney-General's department.
Kecollectiug that in the person of
William McLellan at Winnipeg was a
man whu was eome time ago Nelson's
foreman in tlie Methodist Bo k Room,
Mrs. Nelson wrote there thiuking her
husband might bave stayed uver to
call on his old friend. But Mr. McLellan replied that he had seen nothing of him. He untitled tbe Winnipeg
police and a search of the hospitals
disclosed no trace of the Toronto man.
The Nelson family then had recourse
in the effort to pierce tbe mystery, to
the C.P.K. which carried the ba_(.
They were told that the valise had
been checked on a ticket good Ior
passage from Winnipeg to Toronto,
and that the consigner had paid at
the time Ior cairiage to Toronto and
lor the delivery ol the article to the
F.uclid avenue house, this city.
A search ol the contents of the
black valine showed that the key was
placed in the pocket ol the smock. In
the bag was a letter liearing tbe
Kuclid avenue addreaa. The lock was
broken otl and several ol the articles
The Toronto polios, the Winnipeg
force and lastly lhe provincial detectives had I"' 11 appealed lo iii tlie effort
to solve the pttSflt as to why this
black valine should reach Toronto and I
by the Canadian Bnggnge Transfer Co
while the owner seems to have van-
isheil at eome point on the 2,000 mile
stretch between Macleod, Alberta and
Toronto, hie home town.
There is the possibility, and to this
the family and friends are striving to
pin tlieir hope that Nelson  may   have
forwarded the valise to ite destination,
and have struck out   Irom   Winnipeg
iu a new direction to take up land.and
may now be safe and sound away Irom
communication   facilities.    But   that
the husband and father  knowing  the
valise containing the ell'ects  he  took
away  from  home in   the   lirst  p'ace
would arrive  there to   herald   his   return and would maintain blank silence
as tbe days and weeks roll on without
his following his effects, eeems  almost
unbelievable to she lamily and friends.
The last letter written by   Mr.  Nel-
eon to hia wife and family  was dated
July 4th.    In  thia he eaid nothing of
a change.    From  that  time   to  this
there is no trace.     To add to the suspense Mrs. Neleon's family ascertained
that the valise had been checked (rom
Macleod to  Winnipeg and there re-
checked   to Torouto on a  passenger
ticket   over   the   C.P.R. to  Toronto,
which disposes of the idea that,  planning a long jump to another section,
Mr   NelBou sent bis effects  on  home
ahead.     When the valise arrived here
it contained a Btiit of light clothes, a
8 nock, shoes, box, collars and Nelson's
r.1/,01 laid in  the  bottom—-such  arti
cles as a man carries  with  him when
he 1 ravels."
In face of all this it does not seem
probable tbat the man who committed
suciilu here on July 7th under the
name of McGinty was Nelson. If
Nels .11 lnid tone to Winnipeg and
there checked his valise he would not
bave lind time to get back here even
admitting that lie left Macleod on
July 4th instead ol the 10th. Moreover, the man who committed suicide
had a hat bearing the name of I >.
Spencer Co., Vancouver, and it does
not seem tbat Nelson went so far
weat. The local police have done
what they could in the matter. They
have written a description of the
man to Winnipeg and have alio aent
his photograph; but it is quite evident
that only a combination of circum
stances such as mistaken ditea or
movements could render it possible
that the unknown suicide wae J. J
Explosion of a Moving Picture Machine—
The Flames Spread Rapidly
Toronto, Aug. 11,—Hanlan's amusement park nnd the Eastern League
baseball grounds were swept by lire
late yesterday afternoon. The Hie
started through an explosion in lhe
Gem theatre moving picture concern
about 3:4r> p.m. and there is not a
building left standing on the entire
grounds. So rapidly did the Are
spread that live minutes after the outburst the whole park was 11 roaring
mass of flames, Miss A. English, the
cashier in the theatre was surrounded
by the Haines and was so terribly
burned that she died shortly after
being rescued. At 'MB the Haines
reached Hanlan's hotel, a five storey
frame building which stands upon the
banks of the lagoon separating the
building Iiiiiii the lake. The Inmates
were taken out on bouts Inun the
rear of the building.
Colorado Spawns, Oel„ August in.
Itnbl. Woiuai'k, famous as the discoverer of Cripple Crock,  died   to-day
aged 00.   Womaok never profited by
hia discovery.
fail fair Preparations
There remains scarcely a month
till the opening of the Revelstoke Kail
Pair. In view of this all who are in-
tcrested should get busy. Jl the Fair
is to be the success that it should be
things ought not to be lelt to the Inst
moment. Set to work now, and the
preparation- will he more easily and
efficiently made. With the experience of last year to guide tbem, there
seems to be 110 reason why the show
this year ahould not be more successful than it was last. As 1111 incentive
tojlocal production, it should bo encouraged and patronised  by all.
Calgary Cricketers Coming
The Calgary Cricket Club will play
au all-day match with the Revidslokn
Cricket Club on Saturday, commencing at 0:30 o'clock. The Calgary
cricketers are on their way to Vancouver lo take part in the cricket
tournament being held there next
The Merchants Hank ol Canada has
jpeued a branch ut Sidney,
Auction ot Mrs. Woodland's   llirni-
tu lie delivered at the home of Nelsou | ure, Aug. I'Jth at 1.80,
Okanagan Hotel Burned to the
Ground Yesterday Morning
With ratal Results - Eleven
Men Burned to Death
Vernon, Aug. 10.—(Special   to  the
Mail Herald).—Eleven men are dead
and Bix others in  the hospital as the
result of  a lire   which destroyed  tlie
Okanagan hotel at an early hour this
morning.   The lire was lirst observed
about 2 a.m., and within a  few minutes   afterwards  the   whole   building
was wrapped   in  a   sheet of   llames.
Everyone was asleep in   the  hotel at
the time,  and sixty inmates rushing
out  in   their   night   clothes  escaped
with   great dilliculty.    A.   Hickling,
one of the lirst men aroused, proved
himself a  hero.   After rescuing several children be rushed into the llamea
again to save a little girl.  She escaped
through the wiudow a moment  later,
but Hickling never came out again.
Tbe Okanagan hotel was a hrick-
veuecred buiiding and was owned by
Messrs. Sigalet and Albers. The loss
isestimatd at $25,000 with .$12,000
insurance. An inquest will be held
to-morrow (Wednesday).
A list of the dead and injured is
given as follows:—
Dead—Wilbur Smith, carpenter; J.
Funatoii, laborer; J. Anderson, baker;
Julius Fuerat, bartender; Mr. Char-
abel, laborer; George Settgaat, painter;
A. Hickling, laborer; Wm. Clarke,
miner; George McKay, bricklayer;
George Gannett, bricklayer; and one
unidentilied man.
In the hospital suffering Irom injuries, none of which will probably
prove lata!: W. Sturgatt, XV. Hall,
H. FcatherB, E. XV. Nicholls, Seale,
One Revelstoke man who was in the
Are was W. E. Wilber, a timber
cruiser, who makes his headquarters
at the City Hotel here. Mr. Wilber
returned last night ind gave an inter-
esting account of his own experience,
He said:
"The lirst thing I heard was the
hell tolling outside. I lay quiet and
did not tnke much notice of it al first,
but in another minute I heard someone holloaing outside and I thought
fiom the noise that perhaps some
Chinamen wen- lighting. I smelt nothing of tbe lire in my loom, which was
up on the second storey, but I thought
I would dress and no outside to see
what tho excitement was. 1 turned
on the light and looked at my wttch.
It wns then Hve minutes to two. No
sooner did I open the room thnn I fell
back for a moment blinded with the
smoke nnd beat that rushed iu. I
caught myself together nnd ran along
the passage Io the top of the stairs,
By this time people seemed to be running in nil directions and some were
shouting and screaming. I gol to the
landiiiK half-way down the stairs and
jumped the rest of the distance. In
the passage aliout a yard Irum the
door I saw a woman lying on her face
as If unconscious. I pulled her out in
the street and she proved to he the
wife of one of the proprietors,"
Mr. Wilber snid thnt by this lime a
crowd of people bad gathorcd and the
firemen were on hand. They did their
best, but their pressure was insufficient to do much as Uio place was just
one big blaze. Fortunately there wns
jusi sufficient wind Lo carry away the
smoke and nothing more so lhat the
lire did noi spre.id, though the heat
wns so ureal that it scorched the
fronts of other buildings'across the
street, and cracked tbe plate glasa
windows. 11 burned up everything
oonneoted with the Okanagan  hotel,
slobles and all, and il wns said thai
two horses perished,
lu addition to the eleven men whose
names have been already given Mr,
Wilber sunt ihnl ii was believed there
was a twelfth man for whom they
were hunting yesterday, Mr. Wilber
Hays be believes that this twelfth man
was a young Scotchman whom be had
formerly mel al ihe City hotel iu Rev.
elsloko." lie had been speaking to bim
ihe, nigbl beforo the lire and the
Btranger remarked that tbey bad seen
each other before at the City hotel.
Mr. Wilber saw nothing of him next
day and has coiiie 1.0 tho conclusion
tbat he musl have been among tho
Victims, lie describes him as a man
of about 21 or 2fi, of medium size,
broad ahouldered ami wearing a light
iimsUicho, Mr. Caley, proprietor of
tin-('ity hotel, waa unable to remember him as he was probably a translont
It was fortunate that all the women
and children weie saved, lhe youngoat
person to perish being a youth of 18 nr
20, a son of one of the proprietors.
Mr.   Wilber s.iys   il.   uns   11   dreary
Bight iii Vernon the day after the lire.
Hodins charred  and   unrecognizable
were dun out of the Bllioklug ashes,
and the sninll of burnt Heeh in the air
was   oppressive   and   elokenlng,      No
cause for the lire is known. IC might
have been oauaod by 11 burning claar
Ninl, thrown mi thu lloor nnd Igniting
some papers or any sueh triflingcauao,
I'he mistake seems In have been in not
having a night watchmen on guard.
ummer Cooking
Wc    have
ie have a few Gasoline and Coal Oil Cook
btoves left with ovens for same if desired. These are
very nice to use in the hot weather, as they save fuel
and do not heat up the house.
Remember we are agents for McClary's Stoves
including the Saskalta, Pandora and Kootenay Ranges.
rhese stoves are in use in the best homes'in town,
proving that good people appreciate a good thing.
YOU Will make a mistake if you do not purchase a
range of us when you need one, as there is nothing
to equal them.
Slierwin Williams 1'.tints,
Tents, Camp Equipment, Guns
Tackle and a full line oi Cuoc
Oils,   Varnishes, etc.,
Ammunition, Fishing
eries and Fruits.
McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Groceries    Hardware
tie's a Qoodr
of the right ^
to wear,
Mr Swell Dresser.
Broken lines in mir Shoe Department
of Oxford, Bal, Bleucher and Congress,
from $4.00 to 1.5.50 for $2.00
Another lot of Oxford
lar $1.25 to $3.50, at
and Romeo,
and Linen Hats at 50 per cent off
Fit Reform Clothing
B. B. WALKKK, President
ALKIAIf DKK LAIKD, General Manager
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000
The new Travellers" Cheques rei enll) issued by this Rank are a most 1
way in which to carry money when travelling.   They are issued m Hmnmrratkra ot
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
and Um  ___%______! amouni payable in   Austria,   Belgium,   Ileum ark. Franca,
Germany, Great liritain,  Holland, Italy, Norway,   Ku.s.sia, Sweden
aad Switzerland  in stated on the Ime of each  cheque,  while in o-.her
tiny mrm payable at current ratr.v
Th* cheques and all information regarditig tbeni may he obtained al
at tha Bank. Uu
nnd g,
em-.    A- careful attention
ordera  aa  personal  onea -
•11 Poultry,
itler 'lu.ility, cleaner aiirroiindlnga
.unl lower prices thnn elsewhere.
Km all-round goodness your $ $ $ |
will work luud for you here.
Sausages and Oouked Meats a
apeelaltyi     It 1  crushed   for your
iliuki-ns daily.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
mt nn nr more people
hotel  .a   the  time.
Irooma anil in meny
■ were deeping in one
ibown bj   ihe f.i.-t
lhat some ol the burnt hodies were
taken   out lying   aide   hy   side.   Mr.
ns t here were ah
eleuping In tbe
Tbere were 18 be
eilses I wn 111 1 lire'
rooiii.    Tills   was
Wllbor thinks that tin- fumes from
ihe tin paper may hnve imd ,1 deadening effect on some of lhe sleepers,
.md ihis, with the suddenness of the
lire, may hnve heen uin-uf ihe leiison-
why si, many were burned In their
beat. THE1MAILHMALD, revelstoke, b. C.
Zbc fl&alMfoctalb.
-ATI'KI'.lY   AT
Jntertor publishing Compang,
Money to loan. .
Offlci*: Reveirloke, B ( .
Ueo. =. McC'aktkk
m.  U    I'lNKRAM
I'raLbronk, B, t'.
J. A. Hahvkv,
I'mnbrook, B. C.
Solicitor, etc.
S ilicitorjfor:—-
The Canadian Bank ok Commerce,
The Molsons Bank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
MoKenzie Avkni-k,
linx lm), Revelstoke
c.  w.  O   w
Mountain   View Camp, No. 119,
Moou Second  nml  Fourth  Wednesdays In
each month, in Selkirk Hull.   Vlaltiu   woodmen eorilitilly Invited to aueud.
J. MilNTYKK, Clerk.
be had at a bargain.
Fruit   Land one and a half
miles from   Revelstoke, lo
OH AODCQ partly improved, two miles
OU Hl/llLO from Revelsloke. Will sell
live stock and implements.
to the city.
with   river   frontage:   5200c!
kind, partly cleared and close
Hicham MoDriilp
nf Uritish Columhla,
F. O. E.
The reffnlm nioelioi?^ nm halil in tl,a Selkirk
Hall every Snd aU'i lli,   Tiie.-ilay evening   at H
o'clock.   Viaiiiuu brethren cordially inviied.
T. J. WALSH, PaamuKNT,
Kootenay Lodge, No. 16, A. F. & A. M.
Tim rtiinilur ninot-
lues urn Imiii '" Um
Oddfellows Mull. •"'
tliu third Meiiiliiy in
ain-li inmilli ul H
li ni. Visiting linilli-
ren    cunlially   wel-
SELKIRK LODGE 12, 1.0,0. E.
Maol.-< nvory Tli nrs-
    Ivisitiin; brethren me
cordially Invited tn atiend.
AtllKKT AK.M.IN. N.G,      JAS. MATHIE;8S0.
cl ick,     Vtsltilfg
cordially .nvited.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
each inmilli. in
Hall    al
Knights .ir
'_. h. brock; K. of H. St S.
J.  B. SCOTT, M. of P.
^be flfcaiUlfoevalb
There was wisdom horn of ripe
experience in the advice given by
Mr. Robson, advertising agent of
the C.P.R., to the Board of Trade
last Friday evening. "The trouble
with a great deal of publicity work
in towns like this.'' he said, "is
that it is apt to be too spasmodic.
Jt ir steady, continued and systematized effort that tells. Our company has been at this work for 25
years and it is only of late years
that we have begun to reap the
fruits of it.'' What Mr. Robson
said of advertising place is applicable to all kinds of advertising. It
is the steady and continued effort
that tells in the long run. If during every tourist season at least
the advantages of Revelstoke were
kepi carefully and sedulously before the public, we should have a
much larger .-hare of the tuurist
trallic than we have at present
and everyone would benefit,
The establishment of a publicity
building at the C.P.R. depot would
.-••en, tu be .i move in the right di-
lection, if unly a soiid and permanent structure is i rei led, It would
-'...I.; lie .'• Irom ear t" yer.r, nml
if in an) ri'ii-iui ,t wore nn abandoned look, it would silnph In- :i
standing reproach to tin- citizens of
Revelstoke lor their inactivity.
While Kevelstoke has much to
offer ii. lhe wa) f bi enery we believe Unit th-' strongest card to
piny ir tin- exploitation of it.- hunting and fishing, Mountain scenery abounds in a greater or lesser
degree in ever) portion nf Uritish
Columbia, unl it does not tnke tlm
average human being long tu get
nil he want- ..f it but hunting appeals to th'- primitive instincts of
man. and there nre plenty who
would spend four -Iny- chasing a
hear im whom ii four-minute look
at Mount Begbie would uuflice.
Then.' is many an angler who
would Bit patiently for an hour on
a rock with the s:un blistering hi.-
nose while he waits for a lish to
bite, whom the murmur of tin-
same stream would not charm for
a minute. Hunting and fishing
therefore   1ms   the   advantage   of
greater permanence than sight see-]
ing—it would hold the tourist
longer among us. What is wanted
then is some systematic manner of
directing travellers to the hunting
grounds, and the streams and lakes
where fish abound. ll would perhaps pay the town to have a man
to do this until the trails become
known, and the hunter of one year
would return with his friends the
next antl be Iheir self-constituted
Next to hunting   we might place,
mountain climbing   among the attractions of the district.    To those
who prefer  the easier   ascent there
is   Mount Revelstoke with its trail
already marked; and for the ardent
mountaineer  there arc such towering heights   as   Mount, lieghie and
Mount   Mackenzie.      From a materialistic standpoint mountaineering would be  a great advantage to
the   city,   because   the   mountain
climbers   would   need lo purchase
supplies for three or four days or a
week's   time.      Guides would also
probably    I"'   needed.      A famous
mountaineer one described Uritish
Columbia as   "a thou anil Switzer-
lands   rolled   into  one," and with
the rapid growth of   population on
the American  continent it is unite
conceivable that   the people in the
cities on the  plains  and to the far
east will Ily more and more to the
mountains as   their Bummer playground.     Revelstoke   should prepare itself to take advantage of this
tendency, and   strive   to become a
western   Clnmounix   with Mount
Begbie as its Mount Blanc.    While
the proposal to build   a scenic railway up   Mount   Revelstoke would
do away   with   that   height as an
exercise   ground   for   thu    sturdy
mountaineer, it  would add greatly
to   its   charms   for   twenty other
people, and   convert   the  park on
the   summit into   a  white city of
campers every summer.    A worthy
beginning   has   been   made by the
local   mountaineering   club in the
erection of a chr.let, and it is hoped
that the good work will be followed
uin      When    Mr.    Robson returns
citizens should   certainly  see to it,
tbat he is  shown   Victoria park in
the   pleasantest  possible   manner,
because no man can be  in a better
position to spread its fame abroad.
Get a crowd walking up every summer, and the scenic   railway would!
soon   follow   ar  a business enter*
Kor a combination of possibilities
in  hunting,  fishing, mountaineering and  aight-Beeing   it   would   ■••
hard to   imagine   any  place   ■
situated   than   Revelstoke.    North
south, east   ami    weat   the vain-  •
and  mountain   passes hnu.
and east, west   .unl  -outh the
way   may   lie  used fur convenient
distances,    li  should therefore   •
i nine ;i distributing - entre for lion
ter, mountaineer  .md   fight-seeing
tourist, It. has can)ons   unl watei
fall- within - onvenienl diatom a .1-
snowclad peaks all around
tu 1 harm 1 he   artist   or the person
of   aesthetic   taste,     Ali th 1
i antages    need    lull    :,,  hi
atically   advertised   irom     ...r  .,
year   ind the   Iream of  touri ta at
lirrt thin   nnd    1 attereil will '.tow
larger until  it   becomes a pei 1n.n1
mil  annual  force, fiom   who h all
citizen- -Iiiiiiiii  reap Home lii'iielil.
The Maii.-I1eiiai.ii has received
from 0. Hrskine Shaw, formerly
city clerk of Revelstoke, but now
of the Westminster city hall, London, Kng., a brochure on the subj
ject of spraying streets with tar to
prevent dust. In the letter accompanying it Mr. Shaw says: "In
my time the main road between the
upper and lower town was very
dusty in Summer and muddy in
the Autumn, a condition of affairs
which we tried to remedy by
draining. Perhaps the corporation
of Revelstoke would treat a sliurt
length of the main road with tar
as an experiment."
Residents uf - Revelstoke who
have been annoyed by lhe clouds
of dust that have swept along the
streets on windy days this Summer
would be willing to welcome any
measure that would bring relief.
. he system of watering the streets
in the business section with a hose
in the morning, can at the best
be little more than a partial remedy.
Like a shower that makes the
street muddy at lirst, it dries in a
few hours in the hot sun. On the
other hand the topography of lhe
town with its two divisions and its
long main road between, would
make sprinkling with a cart very
expensive and very dillicult. As
an alternative remedy spraying
with tar might at least be tried as
an experiment on a short length of
street, and if found successful it
could be extended.
The brochure that Mr. Shaw
sends contains reports sent to the
metropolitan paving committee
from most of the boroughs of London. The chairman of the committee tinds that the engineers who
<ITIip flour and lard used in any sodas may lie good, hut thnt is not all
that is wanted in a satisfying biscuit—it is not nil that Foley's Sodas
jjjCiood flavor Is essential. In securing the good flavor <>f Foley's
Sodns we rccogniza the importance of a perfectly-operating yeast.
We take no chances with our yctwt. We could buy il from outside
makers at less cost, hut we do noi il<> su -all I hi' yeast used in Foley's
Sodas is math' in our own Factory and hy securing perfect working of
that yeast, ue get tlie delightful flavor for which Foley's Sodas are
Never sour,   never  flat   or  pasty—always  sweet, crisp   and   good
all the way through.
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
greatly minimized. The application
of the tar by hand as against
machine spraying is mostly favored. The cost varies from one
cent to three cents per superficial
yard according to method of treatment.
The Borough Surveyor, of Croydon, who goes into the subject
very thoroughly, my.- thai, after
some experience with a tar spraying machine he finds the best and
most, lasting results are obtained
by hand labor, with a horse-drawn
vehicle to convey the tar, and men
with squeegees with which the
boiling tar is rubbed into the surface thoroughly. The surface is
afterwards coated with very coarse
ehippings, and in busy thoroughfares tbis is quickly faced up by
the passing trallic, though in residential streets a light petrol driven
roller is used for the purpose.
While it is rather late in the
present season to do much with
the streets in Revelstoke, the City
Council might well inquire into
this method of street trestment
with a view to utilizing it in an
experimental way at least next
year. To auyone landing here
after being used to the paved streets
of a metropolitan city, the contrast
at present is not too pleasant, and
if any measure could be taken to
improve the streets in the business
section  without unduly taxing the
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our initidscme parlor sets,
upholstered in Ineh grade silk, or
iliiiiiask, with franus tlmt are in every
conceivable design, mm made to wear
indefinitely. We have ; lany new and
beautiful parlor mir and odd pieces (or
beautifying the homo I hat are taste
ful, effective and inexpensive, and will
show your minim to the beet advantage.
<TOS5*       ]i HOWSON Sr CO.'Y.
Royal Standard
I Better Flour
citizens, it should be done. First
have experimented with tar spray- j impressions are valuable, and tie
ing are practically unanimous in ! newcomer who steps down from
favor of this method of treating 'he station to neat and well kept
gravel and macadam roads. The streets, is far more apt to become a
advantages claimed are that the permanent citizen than one whose
road surface is preserved, disin- welcome is a shower of dust in his
tegration  is reduced, and  tbe dust e_>'e,i-
The Prince Rupert' Iplimi il 1 nm
plain- of the slowness with which
the lirst hundred miles- on the 1..
T. I', east of Prince Rupert 1 being
constructed, but. admits Unit limn:
is 110 graft or favoritism, mid
thinks that no one is making much
money mil, of il. Wn wonder
whether the sume thing could be
said of the government section of
the road cant of Winnipeg. That
portion Heiiins to have the r.lowing"
of tbe western portion, mul lhuL in
about all.
The Best of
All Breakfast Foods
There's a reason behind all fads and fancies.
We required lijjht breakfast food* and the
market was flooded with health foods (so-called. I
But the beat breakfa.it f<*vl in the world is
"Zephyr Cream" Soda Biscuits crushed in cream
or fresh, sweet milk.
Zephyr Cream" Sodas
have more original goodness than all other sodas
manufactured on this continent. More than that,
the oriffinaJ goodness of Christie's Biscuits i*
la.st.ing.   The flavor diies not vary.
All big biscuit makers buy a jfood brand of
flour. We buy all good brands. Then we blend the
best brands, sift and test the blend until we find
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Expensive! Yes but we know no other way
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Every ingredient entering into our "bakes"
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Our " Zephyr Cream " Sodas crushed in
cream, or fresh milk, certainly do make an excellent light breakfast.    You tern them.
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ll goes further because it i.s
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bread because it is made from
carefully selected wheat by
special machinery, ensuring the
very highest quality it is possible
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pound sack of flour you secure a
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set. Watch the paper for the
winning numbers each month.
Vancouver Milling &
Grain Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER,      -      B.C.
For Rent
House on First Street, .fillO per month.
Four Rooms on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per month
For  Sale
(illllll   lillllilll.g   I.IltH.
Two   bouses  suitably   located on Mc«
Kenzie Avenue
Acreage for Markot Hardening.
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
in C. P. It. contract for facing Revelsloke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far tbe cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about hale ymir insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
Christie, Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
Pint i-Iiikh
Woik   Guaranteed,
Mail   (Irilc
h Promptly Pilled,
R. Z.
Corner 3rd Sireet and Robson Ave.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
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Exporter of Purs.
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Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stock.   Markets in all the ptiticij
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r r—i
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Robin Hood Flour
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II  you   do   vou   will   find    that   the cost  of
KOIHN  HOOD is smallest after all.
The bigger loaf i.s one difference.
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The sweeter flavor is a third dillcicncc.
There are oilier points   of   difference.     Any
one of them worth the extra cost.
me Saskatchewan flour Mills (o., lm.
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does not prove entirely
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returns, not only on account of Purity's ability to produce more, but because
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You can buy as little
as a 7 pound cotton bag
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pound sacks. Also in
barrels and half-barrels
Purity may cost a little
more than sonic flours
but you'll find its more
than worth the difference. To be genuine,
must bear the Purity
trade mark.
Office, Winnipeg, Man. Mills at St. Boniface, Godcrich, Brandon
Calgary Man Elopes With a New Vork Society
New Yokk, Aug. 4.—it became
known to-day that ou Saturday Mies
Dorothy Lebrmann of Montcloir, N.J.,
and Harry E. Marten, of Calgary,
Alberta, were married by Rev. Dr.
Houghton of tbe "Little Church
Around the Corner."
Tbe fact of their elopement was
made known by a letter received here
to-day by her sister. Mrs. Henry J.
Lehrmann. The bride wrote the tacts
en route to ber Canadian home.
The bride is an heireee, having
inherited considerable money from her
father's estate. Mr. Marten owns a
large wbeat farm near Calgary and is
also known tc society in Toronto. The
bride is well connected, pretty and a
skilled musician.
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that a sitting
of the Oourt of Revision to hear and
determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tax proposed to tie levied and
imposed on the lands or real property
atfected under the provision.-, of Bylaw No. 14,'l, being known as (he "Local Improvement Sidewalk By-law
No. 143, llXHI," providing for the construction of concrete sidewalks (a) on
the north side of First Street from the
corner of Campbell Avenue to the
corner of Boyle Avenue and (b) ou the
north side of Second Street from the
corner of Pearson Street to the corner
of Forde Street and (c)on tbe we6t side
of Front Street from the corner of
King Street to the corner of Victoria
Koad, will be held in the City Hall at
the City of Revelstoke on the llth day
of August. 11W0, at the hour of eight
o'clock iu the afternoon.
A statement showing Ihe lands or
real property liable to and proposed to
be specially assessed for tiie said Improvements and the names of the owners thereof as far as same can lie ascertained from the last revised assessment
roll and otherwise is now on Ule in the
otlice of lhe City Clerk and is open for
inspection during ollice hours.
All notiiies of appeal shall he served
on the Clerk of tne Municipal Council
al lemst eight days prior to such Court
of Hi-vision.
Dated this 21st day of .luly, 1000,
jly 217t City Clerk.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
Clinton,   Iowa,   U. S. A., occupation
Millowner,   intends   to apply for pei-
following described land:
In Escaped Convict
Some trainmen bave reported to tbe
local police that one day last week
tbey saw a man along the track east
ol bere with the chain ol a handcuff
dandling Irom each wrist. The man
appeared to be trying to hide a handcuff under each ol his coat sleeves. He
was rather shabbily dressed and
t ra in [lie h looking and appeared to be
walking in a hurry.
A prisoner escaped from the jail at
Brandon, Man , on AugUBt 4th, and it
is thought possible tbat this may have
lieen the man. He might have arrived
bere at the time he was seen il he
could only have beaten his way on a
freight car part of tbe distance. It
was some time alter the man waB seen
that it was reported to the police bere
and it was too late for them to do
anything towards rounding him up.
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
mission to  purchase the I
Commencing at a post planted at the
S. B, corner of Lot 711 III, then north 21)
chuins, then east 21) chains, thence
south 20 chains more or less to lake
shore, tlience westerly along lake shore
20 chuins more or less to point of commencement.
Agent for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June 3rd, 1808. jun 23
"Waikii Ait,  IHOII.''
Attention is called to section 192 of
the 'Water Act, 1000," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has lieen granted, pursuant
to the "Rivers   and   Streams Act," to
Bui-render such aethorlty within one
year of lhe passage of said "Water
Act," and receive a licence for same
Chief Commissioner of Lands,
Lauds Department,
Victoria, 10th July, 1009.   jy2."i lm
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert R. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
Hve miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of Revelstoke
on the Columbia River, thence 80
chains north along tbe Columbia river,
thence 20 cliains west, thenee 80 chains
south, thence 20 ehains east to point of
com mencement.
Robert r. Calowkll,
Per John W. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th June, 1901), iun 30 OOd
Bevelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John XV. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
live miles north of Downie Creek on
the Columbia River and about fi ft v
miles north of Kevelstoke, thence 80
chains south along Oolumbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
north, thence 21) chains east to point of
John W. Falls.
Dated 171 h June, 1000. jun 'AD OOd
Revelstoke Navigation Co., Ltd.
Steamer Bevelstoke leaves Lauding
at the head of Canyon eveiy Tuesday
and Friday at (I a. m. (water permitting) and arrives at Downie Creek
about 2 p.m., returning same day, T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Landing.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with the steamer. The number
is B2I5. All Information as to rates
and other business may be obtained
at ollice on board the steamer from
F Swanbon, Purser,
will come bank lo you if you sfend it
at home. It is gone for ever if you
send it to the Mail Oilier House. A
glance through our advertising columns will give you uu idea where it
will buy the most.
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in your
An old-fashioned,
ill-working furnace is a non-
It consumes the coal, but through leaks and
cracks wastes the heat.
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home comforts.
As soon as you let the contract for your house decide
on your furnace. The "Sunshine" man will be
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the smallest consumption of coal.
If  you  want  to experiment  with the question don't
specify "Sunshine."
If you want to settle the question specify " Sunshine."
MXlarYs   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Fire Alarm System
Now that the new Gamewell tire
alarm system has been installed, the
following instructions as to the Iocm
tion of lire alarm boxes, their numb.fr
and system of signalling may prove ol
District   indications  for Fire
Alarm  Boxes.
Box No. 14.—Corner First Street
and McKenzie Avenue, C. B. Hume
& Co.
Box No. 15.—Cor. First Street and
Rokeby Avenue, (Post otlice).
Box No. 16.—Corner Second street
and Government Road (opera bourn')
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumbar
Box  No.   18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 24.—Corner Filth street
and McKenzie ave. (Catholic church).
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton avenue, (\V. A. Foote).
Box No. 26.—Corner Fourth street
and McArthur avenue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth street
and Townley Btreet (over south track).
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
and Robaon avenue (Mrs. Baker).
Box  No.  34.—Fire Hall No. 2
Box No. 35.—Hospital,
Box  No. 36.—School.
Signal for practise—not less than
six (6) slow strokes.
One (1) stroke indicates line broken
or fire out.
Signals are given thus: 2 strokes—
interval 6 seconds—4 Btrokes; equals
Box 24. No. ol box will also be ahown
on indicator at Fire Hall.
Take nolice that I intend Lo apply tn
the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, aftei thirty days Trom the date
ol Hie lirst publication of this notice,
fora transfer nf lhe hotel licence held
by me lor tlie Kootenay Hotel nt Burton, B.C., to Stephen Poiiliii-liiiuik.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., Oth of August, 11)00.
Wili ia.m Lovatt,
Hy his Solicitor Edward A. Crease.
aug 11—sep 11
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney I'lnintou of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
intends lo apply for permission lo purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post plumed at the
north-west corner of Lot 7685, thenee
south to chains to T.L, 12166, thence
west 20 cbains, to the corner of T.L.
12166, thenoe south 40 chains along the
western boundary of same, thenee
west 10 chains, thence north 10 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Hiirnev I'liiinton.
Dated July 26, UKX). aug 7
Rovelstoke Land District,
Dlstriot of West Kootenay.
Take notloe that L, A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, Intends to apply
lor permission to putohaso the follow-
ing described hinds:
Commencing at a post planted on tbe
west side of Upper Allow Like, about,
one and ii half miles -oulh of Kauiiot'k
Puint,  thence  west 20 ohalns, tbenoe
north 20 ihains, I hence west 20 chains,
Ibence nonb 00 chains to lhe K. AS.
line, Ihence following the K, ilk S. line
east 20 chains, soulh 20chains, east, 20
chains, sonth 20 chains In lake shore,
tlience   following   tin-   lake   shore  to
point of commencement,
Agent for L. A. Dewar,
Dated July 21), 1000. aug 7
Revelstoke Land District.
Dlstriot of West Kootenay.
Tako in it ice that i'lon-nci- Newman,
oooupatlon Housekeeper, Intends to
apply fm permission to purohase the
following described III nils;
Commencing at a post planted on
tbr hike shore at the north-oust corner
nf A. W. Dickenson's applieation and
about half a mile from  the noi-th-easf
oorner of  l/it. 7066, thenoe south 40
chains, Ihence east III ohalns, thence
north MO chuins to lake shore, thence
along lake shore lo point uf coin-
ii,. ir liiu'iit.
Agent lm Florence Newman,
Dated July 11
20, 11WII.
aug i
While the aockeye came rather late
there was a heavy run into British
Columbia waters at the end ol last
month. It was estimated that three
miles of lish passed into the straits
from the open sea in oue day. It was
reported that 10,000 sockeyes were
taken from the traps of J. H. Todd A
Sons in tbe first day's catch. While
the traps have caught heavily, Fraser
river fishermen claim that they have
not done as well as they should have
done in the big run, and they blame it
on the fish traps for depleting the supply which should have gone up the
river. The catch of spring salmon has
been heavy, one tug taking in ten
t.ms to the curing plants, and others
nine and eight.
The C.I'.R. car shops at Nelson
were destroyed by fireal an early hour
laBt Saturday morning. The loss iB
$10,000 cause of lire unknown. The
alarm wsb given about 2 a.m. and
when the firemen arrived the buildings
were all ablaze. A number of freight
cars, Borne loaded with shiugles, were
in the shops at the time, and caught
fire. An engine was backed in and
shunted tbem out, but most of tbem
were ruined by the heat and Eome
fell to pieces from the softened iron
Some clothes belonging tu a carpenter named Samuel Thomas were found
on the C.P.R. wharf in Vancouver
last Friday morning, and it was generally thought that tbe man had
committed suicide. He bad been
despondent from ill health and was a
heavy drinker. He left a note thanking the carpenters union for having
as-istcd him last winter, but not a
cent was found in his pockets.
The Creston Board of Trade has
appointed C. O. Rodgers to represant
them at the irrigation congress now
being held in Spokane.
The highest wedding ever celebrated
in Vancouver was held there last
Satuiday evening when Edward Lan-
gor aud Miss Iona Fuller were wedded
in the cupola ol the new Dominion
Trust skyscraper at the corner of
Hastings and Cambie streets. The
ceremony took place at a height of 165
feet from the ground. Miss Fuller ia
the daughter of Edward Fuller the
foreman carpenter on the building,
and Mr. Langdon is one of the carpenters employed on the work. The
name of tho pastor who climbed the
giddy heights to tie the knot is not
given, but it must certainly have been
a high church ceremony.
Annie BeBant, the theosophiat,
priesteaa and philosopher of worldwide lame, is coming from India to be
present at the congress of tlicoaophists
to be held in Chicago at the end of
this month. Incidentally she will
viBit, Canada. She will be in Vancouver on Aug. 24, but is not likely to
lecture at any other poiut in British
Columbia at this time.
Grand Forks got a bad scorching
last Saturday morning when Haver|y's
hoarding house, the Queen's notel and
the Columbia meat market were completely destroyed. The total loss is
$9,000. Tbe Queen's and the meat
market were partly insured, but Hav-
erly's loss is complete. The origin ol
the lire is unknown.
Kelowna waa visited by fire laat
Sunday week, when the old Raymer
building used by T. Lawson A Co. as
a warehouse un tbo waterfront, and
two adjoining cottages belonging to
Harvey Small and Arthur Raymer
were destroyed. Small lost all bin
furniture, but mnst of Raymur's was
A aad accident occurred at Trail, on
Monday evening, resulting iu the
death of Richard, tho six year-old son
ol Mr. and Mm. Percy Duukerley. Tbo
child,J with some other children,
bad been playing "bear" in the loose
sand against a lunik, and bad excavated a hole Isrge enough lor them to
crawl into. In some way Kichuiil
went into lhe bole after the other
children hud lelt and was uut missed
The sand caved in aud the little cluip
was Hiiiolhernd. Hu was apparently
under the sand for 16 or 30 minutes,
and when found, life waa extinct.
P. I, O'farrell's Brilliant Description of
Their Beaut)
P. A. O'Farell, who viaited Revelstoke recently, came up by way ol the
Arrow lakes, and his description ol the
lakus and the country around thorn ia
intensely interesting.    He aayB:—
Twenty years ago, when I first sailed
over the lonely waters ol tho Arrow
Lakes, there was uut a house or a hut
or a log cabin on either shore lor its
whole 150 miles. Nut a hut or a
hunter along ita 300 miles ol abore
line; all was strange, weird, wild
lascinating beauty. Wo did pan* ono
canoe in which we recogni/.od Homo
Kooteuay. Indians because ol the
uncanny and  most  melancholy chant
thnt fell upon our enrs. A Corsican
priest lived among them and taught
them Ihis chant, and this was tlieir
weird interpretation of it. But save
theee few wandering savages the Arrow
lakes were as lonely twenty years ago
as in the dawn of the world's existence.
Some of the old voya eura had seen
them, and Borne intrepid hunters had
climbed tbe passes of the mountains
above tbe lakes and bad looked down
in wonder, akin to that which filled
the soul of Pizarro at the first sight of
the Pacific, when all his men looked
at each other with "a wild surmise,
silent upon a peak in Darien."
And I have seen the wilderness
transformed into fields of golden grain
and orchards, and llowers, and gardens, antl lawns, where happy children
played and sung, and have seen men
and women gruw young aod happy
being sharers in the creation ot a new
world ol altars and ol happy homes.
Only yesterday I Bailed over these
wonderful lakes again, hut this time
it was nut in a skiff, as twenty years
ago. Already along the shores on
either side the pioneer has done his
work, and tbe meadow and the orchard aud the garden have displaced the
wood. The pear tree, the cherry, the
apple and the peach tree have supplanted tbo pine, the fir, the timaiack
and the cedar. Girt on every side by
mighty mountains, neither the typhoons that lash the Pacific to fury
nor the toruadooB that scourge the
plaine can touch these shores. Storms
and tempesla are utterly unknown,
aud as equally unknown are the extremes ot heat and cold. Picture
Killarney on a vast and far more
beautiful scale, free from tempests,
mists and rain, and you begin to
realize the Arrow Lakes, with their
beauty, grandeur and attractiveness.
You are right iu directing tbe attention of your readers to British
Columbia. The picturesque heauty of
its lakes and rivers, and the sublime
grandeur of its mountain scenery lind
no parallel upou tbis globe of ours.
Its climate aud Boil are all that is
desirable for meu or women who love
open air life and bracing mountain
air, and an occasional bunt for cariboo
and elk. The apples grown on theBe
shores are the finest I bave ever
tasted, liner even than those 1 bave
sampled from Lord Aberdeen's wonderful orchards about 50 miles further
weBt. There is something in the sun,
in the soil, in the serene atmosphere,
iu the ozone of theae pure woods, and
in the absence of strong winds that
permit the growth aud blossom and
bloom ol the apple in this country aa
nowhere elae ou earth. One rancher
told me be realized $800 oil' one Hereof fruit.
Sometimes I think of building a
chalet over there on the othor side of
the lake where slopes the Halcyon
mountain. There you can now Bee
the dark woods rising one plateau
above another. I could have a thous
and acres cleared away for llowers and
fruit and meadow aud lawn, and could
have trails cut through the nestles up
yonder in the boaom of those mountains. Just think what a place this
would Ue to escape from the apecies ol
tiger hunt that prevails in Wall
Btreet. It iB only tour miles across the
lake from those wonderlul mineral
springs of Halcyon.—P. A. O'Farrell.
CZ\c.  per
and 6Z'c.
The New Edition of the
Vol. VIII issued May, 1909, conloins 1500
pages, with nearly 50 per cunt, more
matter than the preceding edition. The
chapters   with   nine descriptions and on
statistics have been carefully revised and
the hulk of the matter therein is
There are 25 chapters,
Covering Copper History, Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelling, Refining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, Slates, Countries and Ootitin-
mils; Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, elc
The Copper Handbook Isconcodcdlv
1 he 1.
opper IIn
greatly •
.lil i.'
iliooli c
50 per ceni, more matter than   lho   Blbl
though   noi   necessarily .1 boiler hou
because of its greater bulk,     li   is   fllle
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I'ut'i'iiigi' charges prupuld on ono week
approval, lobo rolurnod it unsallsln
01 neld lm il ii suns,     ('.ui yon .ilio
in sou ihe book oui |iidgo l'or  yotirsoll
ils value iu you?
W'rilr ni'M  lo Oil' odllor nuil pnlili.l
(c J. Stevens
il no
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iilTON, MICH., I', s.
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Summer Supply of
Phone 30       Oflloe   MoKun/lo Avo
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secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EASY
TERMS from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application   Forms,   Regula
tions and Literature.
Assistant to 2nd Nice President
Box 1317, • Calgary, Alberta
Please send iue all facts petainiog
l<» your lands in li. ('.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
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A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Home grown Iron nod ornsmeuta
tri'es, gruwii mi upland toil without Irrigation In tin ly part ul
tlm American oootinenl not Infested witb the  Sun   Jou  "I'iilt—
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Teited stuck Irom tbe beet Krmv-
ith in tin- world—Wire  lending
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These are just what you want for these cool evenings and
mountaineering trips
R. H. Trueman wi'l bo in the studio
from tlif llt'i to 17th inclusive. Will
you kindly make your appointments
Iv. Conk, contractor, ol Vanoouver,
wn- ii, tbe city on Monday and Tuesday Buperinlei ding Ltie inetallatioii of
tbe in'" loi- Kin- rn elevator in C. li.
Hume A l'i. « rime.
Tbe regular review ol Mt.Mackenzie
Hive. 1.0'I'M., will take place in tbe
Masonic Hall, Second Street, at 3 p
in. on Thursday. All members are
requested to attend.
S. Miller, iorniely in the drygoods
Imsiiiei:!- iii Oalgary, bus started in
biisiueei. bere in E. A. Haggen's oid
ollice on Mackenzie Avenue with a
line ol gents' furnishing.
A purse Containing a small sum ol
money wa.- found iu the Kdison I'arlur
theatre and is now lying at the MAIL-
Herald office. The owner oan have
it on calling and describing it.
Charlie Palmer, lievelstoke's long
distance runner, did good work in
Vancouver last week, when be made
live miles in 27 minutes and IS seconds, proving an easy winner.
Tbe Fall Assizes will be held in
Kevelstoke on October 19. So far the
principal criminal eate to come belore
it appears to be that ol Frauk Sheldo
and Romeo, charged with stabbing
with intent to kill Fred Ureetti.
Kevelstoke baseball team will play
Armstrong on tbe sports ground here
nezt Wednesday, the Uth iuet. A
tirst-class game is expected, our lineup being well strengthened. Game
Commences 2 p.m. sharp.—Armstrong
Mr. Walketn, assistant divisional
engineer "f the C.I'.R., was a visitor to
tbe ciiy on Monday last. He Btates
that the roadbed is keeping in good
shape under Ibe heavy trallic of the
season, and so long as the weather
keeps dry there should he no difficulty
with it.
The latest number ol the Cranbrook
Herald ..peaks in high terms of XV. ll,
Kos=, M.l'.l'.. for Fernie. It says that
Mr. Ko-s has developed during the
past few years into one of ibe best
speakers in the province, and bus
brought in a lol oi  money tor internal
Mr. and Mrs. Matheson, ol the
Matheson _*c Crowe lancb, south uf the
town, have received the snd news of
the death of their «"ii in Neva Scotia.
He wss the only one ol the family
who lived away from home, The
Mui-Hi hai i' extends its heartfelt
sympathy for Mr. and Mr". Matheson
m their bereavement,
I. H. Hang; and W. Malkow, of St.
i'aul, representing tbe Swift Packing
Co , arrived here on Sunday on a tuurl
ol iuF|iecti"ii "I tin- c itnpaniee agon-
cies in British Ot lumbii, They left
oo Monday f..r Kelson where tin-
oompauj Is building au addition tt its
plant, liny will return to Revelsti *,■
thii alternoon,
1 in •' irn nt nu nbei I tbe Home
J .urn*.; contain- a very appreciative
review ol "Opinions ol Mary.' a book
recently published by William Bnggs
f I .root., and written bj Mrs, 0, li
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Hum- Journal di scribes the story an »
i anlsbi r ol the blues, It certain.)
shows that the west ir not deficient in
literary talent. Tin Home Journal
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Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
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Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
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Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
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new   I'n ii i  21 Ci NTs,
mtam^Bttm* em. ..S... r —      t^tt
»eit Hume Block"'Phone Ho." 21
,1. I>. Sibbald has received a reply
from Premier McBride to his lelier
setting fortli the need for a land registry office at this point. The Premier
said that he had scanned tlie letter
thoroughly and felt the force of tbe
arguments it contained. He would
submit it to the department of the
Attorney General, under whose immediate supervision it came, and the
government would carefully consider it.
How are the mighty fallen' Once
the name of Ceasar Bbook tbe world;
hut on Sunday be was lodged ill the
Kevelstoke police cell and none so
poor as did him reverence. The Ceasar in this case wss Thomas Ceasnr. a
lumbei nick fmni Arrowhead, who
after coming here and spending all
his money, became a nuisance to uther
people.    He   was   brought   up .
charge "I vagrancy belore Magistrate
Foster on Monday morning anil given
till si.v o'clock that evening t< leave
the town,
Kev. Hr. Allen oi Brooklyn, N N
preached in tin- Baptist oburch here
last Sunday evening, He stopped •'
on his way through t. the Cnast and
delighted the congregati a with an
eloquent sermon. I >r. Allen is an
entiiii-iastic hunter He is delighted
with tlie teenery here and may spend
-win. time aiming the mountains, He
expressed himself as delighted with
tbe oordlally with which be had been
received wherever be had travelled   in
tbi   Dominion   and  (ails   to   recognise
my essential difference between tbe
A mi i loan and I lanadian people,
I hree young tin-1. i im ' be city wh.,
went "ii .i tithing trip to Allien
Ciinyu last Sunday met with a bard
experience After fishing in i itream
bigb up io the mount ilni ill ilternoon
ami ■■ itobiog little they got down
'. ' be irsck iii time U niss Mo, :t7.
They vaited around for soma time in
h |.. : catching t freight a bioh ihey
hail beard was coming along, but ii
did not turn up unl aiu.ui ton o olook
at nigbt they itruok out (ur town
Tbey reached bore about three o'clock
"ii M Iaj morning footsore and tired
with their hard walk nl twenty miles
or moro in darkness and over the
ut,.'. ■ ■ 11 ties.
A young cub bear bolunging tu Aid,
Meliiiiiiilil played havoc with a tree ai
the oorner ol First Streel ind Boyle
Avenue on Monday aftoruoon, I bi
hear had been allowed out ol   Its oage
nnil i-liml'i'd "lie of the maple shade
tries un the   ground.      Tlie chain nl.
Inched to tin- collar on its neck became   entangled   around the  boughs
and in tugging at it several ol the
more tinder braOObes toward the top
"f the tree were broken nil'. Alter
many etlorts the chain wiih disco
tangled nuil the bear slipped to the
ground, bill the tree Inoked iih if 11
hint piiHHCil Uniiiigh a dOStfUOlivO
The city council will sit as n Conn
of Revision on the cement sidewalk
bylaw at M o'clock this evening.
The Independent Hand will give an
open air coucert from the MoKenzie
avenue stand to-morrow evening.
A meeting of the hospital buard
waa held on Munday evening, when
arrangements were made fur the annual directors' meeting winch is to he
held in the city hall on Aug. 17th.
The death occurred here laat week
"i Mabel, the eleven-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Swan Nelson of Notch
Hill. The child was a sufferer from
tuberculosis and the parents brought
ber here for treatment. The funeral
-. |   i .        - inday afternoon.
Tbe C.P.R.  yard  engine got   fl the
track on tbe 9] .   oi ir tbe  Bevi.-■   ki
-      ■   Company - w ireh use
: lead        ifternonn.    '1 lie mishap
waa due t    thi   iprea      . ne rail-.
A jacg        i       I ■- got together, and
in  as:. • ij   . iated tbe en-
ick and     • ra
V-1 W est".   iti ii..! Vanoou-
-il unlay liy .', to I
\,.w Westminster   has   now won Ave
gamei so tbat if   Van-
• •   game of   tbe
leriee it could bi   no mora than a tie
.ii    - u .ulay   was a rmiKli
th'-    Vanoouver   captain and the
referee coming to blows in the last ten
i  decision of   tlie lath r
in pen i i   - ii. en over man
i   _» ft bugle   iiaml io ooonection
eky   Miiiiiitain Bangor*
i • irted In tbe elty under tin
- .1  - iwyer    it consists
in  m   pieces   in   all,  oamelj
. igli ■ two ki-tt ie iiiuins and
i       ■ I... ii ,   linn      There la already   I
mpll "■'■' '   A   boys ranging frum
i, ...    .   eig  .i- ■■'.   ."'iri   in age I rn<-
, • a-i. been beld, ami tbi
new combination promises to prove s
valuable ad I he looal mill) l«
I he ,\l in-Ill! i i.i li is reoeived ir,,,,
the i.uhhI.unl Mmer press, acopj »l
ih" in mual nl i he B ' I Cnrllng \ u
oiation fur 1907 08, It ih made up in
finely designed volume ol Pi" mid
pages 'oi the outer cover Is a splen
■ ini ilored frontispiece representing i
typical old Scotch curler about to
i in i v ' ho sl i nc      I he whole volume
ih    luiily    illiislraleil    with   niiini iuih
outi if lending provinolal oorlers, nun
ourling  scenes, ami   it breathes with
the i try ol the grand old game.   In
addition to this It contains the rules
and tlm names of officials of the van
ous clubs io British Colombia, so thai,
it. "hoiiiii prove iiot.li Interesting and
Instructive to every lover of "the
roiirin  game."
PM Nli A Ini I Hull is 'luink lo
light   clean    In   I die,    but to horn.
ooonomioal tu buy—Coursier's ooal In
any hi/.c.
Mrs. K. H. Urquliart will not receive this alternoon.
A. E. Kincaid lelt for a business
trip to Field this morning.
H. G. Parson, M.P.P. of Golden iB
in town on business today.
J. Guy Barber went eaBt lor a trip
as far aa F'ield ou Tuesday.
Kev. J. K. Robertson, pastor ol Knox
Church, is now in ; amp with tbe Alpine club.
Mr. and Mrs. II. McKinnon have
returned (rom Seattle where they
visited the A.V P.
Miss MoKenny, employed with Keid
it Young, is away on a vacation trip
to the Pacilic Coast.
George Knapp and bride returned
on Sunday nigl t Irom Vancouver
where tbey were recently married,
Mrs. Horace Manning and family
lelt a week ago for Coldwater, Ont.,
wle re they visit lor six weeks or two
Mrs. R. H. llnpihart, Mrs .1. J. Porter and their lam lies returned home
on Monday (rom camping at Albert
j iMrs. A. 11. McCleneghan and children have returned from Portage la
Prairie where they have been viaiting
for the past mouth.
Pete LeOBOh and Joe Howson lelt on
Monday for a trip to the Seattle exposition and they will visit the other
coast citiea before returning.
\V. T. Dalton of Vancouver, architect of the new hospital addition is in
town today. He stopped oil' on bis
journey back trom the Alpine club's
camp at Hector.
Mr. and Mra. Robt. Howson left on
Monday afternoon for Victoria. Mr.
Ho.,son will return next week, but
MrB. Howson, who haa beeu ailing for
some time, will remain in the hospital
at \ ictoria for treatment.
Among the guests registered at the
Hotel Revelstoke during the past
week were General Jas. A. Buchanan
aud 8. \V. Maddox of Washington,
U.C. Tbey stopped off for a day on
their journey westward to the Seattle
A. J. MacDounell, manager uf tbe
Kevelstoke Hotel, and W. A Sturdy
returned ou Saturday from tbe shoot
uf the Gun Club tournament in Nelson. They were very successful, Mr
McDonnell bringing back witb him
tue silver cup.
Charlie Palmer Wins the Five Mile Race at the
Caledonian Sports, Vancouver
Palmer ran the live miles in '27
minutes, 18 and three -liftha seconds,
C ti K»ine, of Vancouver, waa the
only other man to finish and he was
one-aeventh of a mile behind Palmer.
The Vancouver runner had a grueling experienoe and a surpriac when
uur fellow townsman won the live
mile race un Saturday at the Caledonian sports at Vancouver. At the
start Palmer broke away and waa not
besrbd during the race. Carl Paine,
of the Vancouver y.M.C.A., made the
• il .rt ' it lacked the speed. Johnson
of the  V A C , was run  rff hia feet at
" ie uther  four men   were
lost. There were a number of Kevelsloke friends present to ace bim
breast tbe tape io 27. 18 J 6tbe, some
800 yards In the lead, then the Vanoouver athletes took notice and
Charlie : nli imp handsome oup donated bj Mayor Douglas... Charlie
bas entered lor the live mile raoe al
Seattle   Friday   and
in   will U'   hi   the fastest
kind     i      mptoy    J. H    Lyons   is
a writes that be ih In  the
on •-"  we  bope be wi lj
be in ih. lr no Hgain, I ut  hurrah  lor
> n     Tin  I V M C.A,
i.      ii .I.:
rhe nu      .- ul Char lb  in  ibi   (Ive
milt       e at I bi   Caledonian ipt rts in
anct Saturday l«<i evidently
warmi ri I hi  heart ol tbe n porter  "I
> >'. .rill      Commenting
I ie beal man in ilu   li id events
Ma I've got llll 8 inn   ihere were
gnnd    iod   ■''.' rs not u g""d,  but they
all wer   better than vhat nen see any
du/    And   the   running of  Charles
Palmer ol Kevelstokr In thnt live mile
race was i -ughi to make hearts glad
There  were .even started, bul  when
the run was  finished   we saw  that live
iif ii em lind liiuahetl too—but earlier."
Remember the date   Any;   IIH.li  at
Mrs. Woodland's auction
t-iit.ii Howson h (ur latest, sly Ien ul
parlor and dlnlngroom lurnitiiru.
Pushes Forward Pkeliminary Arrangaments for
Celebration of Labor Day
The adjourned regular meeting of
the Trades and Labor Council was
beld in Selkirk Hall on Monday evening, vioe-presideot Kempster in the
The Sports and Finance committees
reported pr gresa. lt was decided
that the secretary be instructed to
wiie President Mitchell in Winnipeg
to try and secure the services of Mr.
Carter, president of the B of L. F. A
E. to apeak here on Labor Day; also
to write all local organizationa and
merchants n questing tbem to put
limits iii the Labor Day parade; and to
write tlie Vernon, Enderby and Armstrong bands asking terms for their
services, and to engage the local band
for that, day.
It was decided to hold a dance in
Hie opera house, after the speedier
and distribution ol priz.es. A committee was appointed to make arrnngi-
mentis for ihe opera house and the
earniing programme, consisting of
Delegates Callin, Sbaw, Parker, It
Gordon and Roy McDonald.
On million the office nl Treasurer
was declared vacant and Delegate Callin, B. of L. E., waa eleoted hy acclamation to till tlie vacancy, It was
decided that tbe Treasurer handle all
funds in connection with Labor Day
The nisetiug adjourned at 22 60k.
till Friday, Aug. 18th, when all preliminary arrangements will be concluded.
August Prices
Summer Goods must go  and   wc  arc   making prices
that  ounht  to start them
Wash Dresses
In Lawn and Chainbray for   ladies  and   in   Linen
and Duck for children from five to sixteen years of age.
All at  the  one  price  of $i.oo  each.
Children's Parasols
Regular 75c. and $1.00,  new selling at  <;oc.
See our window of   Embroidery,   Edging Snapping and Insertions.    The price will please you.
McLennan & Co,
A. J, MacDooell Wins 8, C. Amateur Cup at
Kelson Tournament
A. J. MacDonell, manager of the
Revelstoke Hotel, and W. A. Sturdy-
returned on Saturday from the gun
shooting tournament at Nelson, bringing with them a handsomely engraved
silver cup which proclaimed Mr. Mac
Donell the champion amateur shooter
ol B C. at the tournament.
The Nelson News ol Saturday last
Tho 190(1 annual shoot of the Nelson
Gun club was brought to a close last
evening, concluding what was acknowledged to be the most successful event
of its kind ever held in this city.
While tbe visitors carried oil' all the
trophies and quite a large amount of
the cash the local men have no regrets
for they have had two good days'
seorts and have provided the guests
with the same and a good time in
The highest average for the two
days went to Frank 0, Riebl of Taco-
111*, a professional shot, who made 282
out of ADD, shooting along with com
petitora in the 18 money events of the
tourney. Lee K. Barclay of Seattle,
was next, juat one behind. Mr. Riebl
gets the Nelson Gun club medal for
the best average score made by a professional. For the highest score
among tho amateur shots, IS, J Chin
gren of Spokane and It. H. Miller of
Seattle were tied wftb 266 each. G. P.
Wells led tho local marksmen with a
lotal of 246, while Archie Bishop whs
one behind bim. The Ink A. Ward
cup lor tue highest average inuiii by
an amateur, open only to British
Columbia shots, was won In A.J. MeDonell of Revelstoke, with 240, Tie
George P. Wells medal lor tbe amateur
making the highest oonseoutive score
in the money everts, was won hy K.
ii. Robinson ol Calgary, with A2 birds.
The total amount  of   money oom*
peted lor   10 the two ilayH was $689 80
nl which $818 10 wan distributed yei"
terday and $826.-10  tbe   previous day,
lin   Miln in nun olub contributed $160
iu added money each day, lhe balance
lining sweeps,
The total Hcuren ol the professionals
foi tbe iwn days were; F. C. Uieh1,
282; Leo It, Barolay, 281; II. K I'osten,
266 u i. Robertson, 248; ft Qrubb,
180; W. A. Robertson, Ili7 The Inst
nainnil dropped OUt yesterday ou hc
(.mint, of lllneH after lour events.
The amateurs' total   scores for both
days were: E. .1. Ohlngreo, 262, K,
II     Miller, 21)2, A. J. MaoHunell, 249;
K ii Robinson, 246; O. P. Wells, 2461
A Bishop, 246 i 0. D, Black wood, 212;
u. II. Burden, 289; C. ll Ink. 287; A.
I. Willson, 284; W. A. Sturdy, 2.18]
C. A. Union, 211, G, 0, Tivruoy, 211
" You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
W   A  Ward, 1118; O. E De mond,188
W. F. Mawdsley, 181.
The total won by each on the two
days combined wss: It. H. Miller.
$10165; E. J. Chiugren, $11120; A. J.
MacDoueP, $73 15; A. Bishop, $68.90;
R. G. Robinson, $48 80; C. 1). Blackwood, $47.10; G P. Wells, $36 50; W.
A. Sturdy, $29.50; C. H. Ink, $26,00;
O. H. Burden, $24.60; A. Watson,
$20.05; C. A. Larson, $16.65; Q. O-
Tierney, $16; W. F, Mawdsley, $15 60;
O. E. Desmond, $14 75; W. A. Ward,
I'Viilll Our Own lliirnis|iiuiiloiil..
Herman It. Kbort, manager lor the
,1. V. Grilliu Co,, Kevelstoke, was in
town making arrangements to start a
meat store.
K. Upper and Capt. Foreland recently made a trip to St. Leon to notiliy
Mr. Pratt, manager ol the Molsons
Bank, ltebelstoke, that be was required
at the Haggen trial, which did not
come oil'.
Wadds Brothers, photographers of
Vancouver, were here on business and
pleasure for a lew days.
Several tires have started in this
vicinity lately, but were soon got un-
ddr control.
Mias Findlay ol Ontario was viaiting
her brother A.G. Findlay, socrelary ol
Ihe Arrow Likes Lumber Go.
Mr. ami Mrs. J, Hutchison are on a
two weeks' trip to roust citiea.
T. .1. Wiilab, of llie Windsor Hotel,
Iliivelsinke, pan.ed through here on a
holiday trip to ths Halcyon Hot
B. Plumptoii of the Lakeview II. lei
in on a holiday trip   to   Halcyon Hot
Neil Mi'Kacherii ol Kevelstoke spent
a day here on bin way home Irom a
trip on the Arrow Lakes
People who take their holidays on
the shores ol tbn Arrow Lakos complain of the llsbing (ailing behind
what it was in other years.
If the (Hiaervei took up the sawdust
question with lhe Lee Lumber Co. at
Wigwam the sawdust might not bo
piled on the river bank for high water
iu the coining spring as in the past
Mr, Observer will roast him if he once
s aria.
Auction of Mrs. Woodl mil's furniture, Aug. 19th, at 1:30.
Remember tbe date, Aug 19th at
Mrs. Woodland's auction.
BE SURE to order i-Hilynndget
what you want—Coursiei \ coal is the
See Howson's for diningroom chairs,
buffets and latest styles of parlor
furniture. Large consignment juBt
Wireless telephones fm- talking
without wires (long or short distance)
are the latest great invention of Ibe
age. Agents wanted to sell stock.
References required. Por particulars
address Imi'Kiual Pinanch Co., "B"
Department, Pender Street, Vanoouver, B. 0. July 17-1 in
The annual meeting ol the board ul
directors of the Revelstoke Hospital
Society will be beld at tbe City Hall
on Tuesday, August 17th, 1009, at H
p.m.   A lull attendance is requested.
W. D. Aiimkihonu,
On and after September 1st, 1009,
COAL and WOOD orders will only be
delivered whon settlement haa previously been niade as the ofiice.
F. MiiCakiy,
E. W. B. Pauk'I',
aug II   llll II    N. COUIIHIKR.
S.-1IVK ItOO.M  HOUSE  locHiedonC.
r    P, It. grounds near station, with
26 year lease on gi mind. This house iH
in good repair wilh tine garden anil
fruit trees. Will sell at a bargain if
sold al once. Anply for further par-
iMtibiiH to E, J. Bourne, First street.
ININd ROOM GIRL  wauled apply at llie Oriental Hotel,
IjlOR SALE-Potatoes per lim|l,H. $2.
i     OiioHebei'i'ies 7c. per lb.    Apply In
John Mill/.. P. O. Hox l.>J, Kcvclnloke.
aug 7 11


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