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The Mail Herald Jul 31, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For ense of operation and perfect ion
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed,   Price, .$11(1 (HI Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers ai.d Publishers
Vol. 15.—No 53
.^Provincial Library
REVELSTOKE. B. C. JULY:!!. 190!>
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C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Here is chance to buy Fine Shoes
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High Grade Shoes, tans and blacks, sizes
from 6 to to, hardly two pair alike. They
are our regular $5.00 and $5.50 shoes.
Selling on Friday and Saturday at  per  pair
Fifty High Class Waists and Blouses,
including Lawns, Nets, Silk, Etc., ihey are
$5.00 to $7.50 Waists. All selling at one
price in our store on   Friday and Saturday
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Have you seen our "WHITE FROST" line of
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Large size, for large family or restaurant, regular
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COOKERS-at $5.00 each.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offico   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
llriinchi'H nr Agents al all principal [mints injCanada.
Agents in Ureal Britain and United States -London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Hank, Coin Exchange National liank. Seattle—Seattle National Hunk, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Hunk, Spokane-Exchunge
National Bunk.
Savings Bank Department
Ili-posita of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Dress Trimmings
A large* variety of dainty Laces and
Embroideries for your (Summer Dress
Trimmings. Some very pretty patterns to choose from.
MRS.   A.   ii.   CRICK
First   Streot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Alfonso Hissed and Hooted by
Angry Crowds at Madrid-
Government is in Desperate
Madiuii, July 28—Early to-day a
mob was formed and ni»rched to the
palace where a mighty Bhoutol "Down
with the King" struck terror to tbe
heart of the young monarch. Believing that his appearance would appease the wrath ol the people,
Alfonso appeared on the balcony and
attempted to addreSB tbem. He was
greeted with hisses, boots and jeers
and finally driven back into tbe
Tbe Spanish government is in a
desperate situation. While the rioting
waa confined to the province of Catalonia, there was hope tbat it might be
put down before it attained revolutionary proportions. With its spread
to-day to Madrid, the danger of a civil
war seems imminent.
Reports from Barcelona to-day indicate that the situation there is worBe
than desperate and drastic action on
the part of the government is anticipated.
Many companies ol troops at Barcelona aud other cities in Catalonia
have deserted the Hag and joined tbe
rioting strikers in tbe destruction of
property and shedding of blood Scores
were killed to-day when the rioting
was renewed and tbe few remaining
loyal troopB are powerless to cope with
the situation. They have taken refuge
iu tlieir barracks aud are being besieged hy the rioters. Reinlorcements
bave been ordered to the scene.
GlBBALTAit, July 29.—Official advices Irom Melilla to-day Bhow that
the Spanish troops were overwhelmingly defeated by the Moors in battle
and bave been forced to abandon all
of their outposts.
After hours of fighting the Spaniards
were compelled to retreat to the forts
under the guns of the Spanish warship- in the harbor and the Moors
took possession of the posts previously
occupied hy tbe army of defence.
A Spanish gunboat today captured
a blockade runner containing 130
Kohyle tribesmen.
Confirmation of the Spaniards heavy
hisses iii the engagement with the
Moors at Melilla was contained iu a
despatch sent here today hy General
Mariana, commanding the troops in
Morrooo.   The despatch reads:
" On July 27 the Moora destroyed
our communication with tlie outpost*.
We shelled the Moors with batteries
but had to abandon our advanced
" In Tuesday's engagement we lost
General Mintoa, one colonel, live
captains, two lieutenants, many petty
officers and 1.000 enlisted men. Tbe
wounded number at leaBt 2500, including many officers, among them
two generals who cannot live. The
hippodrome is filled with wounded."
Ignorance of Moorish methods of
warfare caused tbe heavy losses, the
general's despatch explained. He
said that he believed the Moors lost
fully 5,000 men.
Mahrid, via Frontier, July 29 —
Indications that the government believes the danger ol a civil war in tbe
province ol Catalonia is more grave
tbau slaughter of Spanish troops at
Melilla were given today when strong
forces of troops aud a number of warships were ordered lo proceed at once
to Barcelona.
Tbe third and fourth army corps,
two brigsdeB ol cavalry, two cruisers
and three torpedo destroyers were
dispatched to the sceue of internal
ro.vvt.Ni (,'AI-Tt Kl.11, iiii mil BUSHED
Hkndaye, France, July 29.—Reports received here this afternoon Bay
that the Barcelona rioters have captured the convent and burned tbe
church of St. I'aul.
Steamer Strikes Monster Iceberg
QeBBEO, July HO.—With lillecn to
twenty leet ul the port side of her bow
stove in, bs the result ol a collision
with a monster iceberg off Newfoundland Banks, the Canadian I'acilic
steamer Montrose, arrived last night.
The accident occurred during a kg bo
thick that as a passenger stated,
"Yon OOQidn't see ymir Im in I in front
of you.' Tbe Montrose was running
al slow speed thus minimizing tbe
■ imi.'v . Repairs will he mede with-
.mt Booking, < ine nan, a lireman,
was slightly injured almut the head
by tbo shuck ul ihe cullisuu.
Brakeman Ardell May Have Been Murdered
-May Have Met With Foul Play
North Bay, July HO.—The finding
of C. A. Ardell, a C. P. K. brakeman
near Markatay, on July 1, and the
circumstances sun outidiug the tragedy
occasioned considerable suspicion at
tbe lime that bis death was not the
result of an accident. An inquest waB
held, and the body buried without
Ardell's train was held up hy a
wreck ahead, and he took advantage
ol the wait to visit a farmhouse about
a mile away, where a dance was in
progress, but the inmates deny that
he ever reached there. Hia body was
found next morning near the railway
tracks iu a mangled condition. In
Markstay, the impression is general
tbat Ardell met witb loul play, and
was layed upou the railroad tracks.
Coroner's Jury Blames Him for Death of Two
Men in Winnipeg Sunday
Winnipeg, July 29.—The coroner's
jury at the inquest on Enoch Reese
and Finest Ollettc, who were crushed
between the street cars at the coiner
of Logan and Main strceta Sundny
laat, blamed Motornian Taylor for
moving the car when the other car
was already on the curve and declaring him grossly incompetent. They
censured the street railway for employing incompetent niotornien aud
for not having au examination standard. Both Taylor and tbe other
motornian, Herbert, have Leeu detained hy the police and in tbe
ordinary course of events will appear
belore tbe magistrate ou   Wednesday.
Great Damage will Result from Outbreak on
American Side Unless Speedily Checked
Spokane, Wash., July 30.—The
Northern Pacilic railroad iB sending
as large a force of firefighters as can be
spared to Bonners Ferry today to
fight a forest fire which ie Baid to be
threatening the Kooteuay forests.
The reports received at the forestry
headquarters at Missoula, Mont., say
that the Haines have assumed alarming
proportions aud that great damage
will result if they are not checked
quickly. Fires are also reported along
Clark'B Fork and Hold Creek, acrOBB
the Idaho mountain line. The Idaho
forestry department haa asked for aid
from the Moutana side aud men are
being sent.
Locomotive firemen and Enginemen to Meet in
Winnipeg Next Week
One of the largest conventions ever
held in Winnipeg—il not the largest—
will open uext Tuesday, when tho
Canadian union meeting of tlie Broth-
hood ol Looomotive Firemen and En-
ginemen will npen. It is expected
that there will be some 5,000 delegates
present from Canada and . he United
The local executive committee, composed of tbe following members bave
now completed arrangements lor the
entertainment of tbe visitors (or the
week: C. A. Boyd, chairman; John
MacLacblan, vice chairman; ,1. W.
McCrea, convener; \V. F. Metcalfe,
treasurer; Q F.Callings, Paul Eloombe,
J. W. Duran.
On Tuesday evening, Aug 8, a big
reception will he held in the Walker
theatre. E. A. Bell ol Ilrantlord, Ont.,
Becond vice-president, will ho cluir-
man, There will he addrcBBes by Hun
il. P, Roblin, Mayor W. 8. Hanlord
Evans, W. S. Carter, international
president, Peoria, 111.; Wm. Whyte
and John F. McNumee, editor ol B. 1.
F. ite E. Magazine.
fatal Accident at Okanagan
A distressing accident occurred last
Thursday afternoon    near    launhy,
whereby IS. II. Moi'linicr, Familiarly
known to a large circle of frlonds ami
acquaintances us "Teddy," mul with
an untimely and sudden end. Tlio
unfortunate man was working for C.
Quesnell iu Ilm hay Held, nml hud just
Started to work after the noon houi'
driving a mower, when be wan seen to
full fiom the machine.  Other workers
iu the Held hastened to llie spot und
Iiiiiiiii him lying lo Hn- left of the pole
with the ninraan rod across his nook,
He gaspiiii om i'wiii-ni iiiiseii ami Immediately expired, HU Ihruul and
chin were badly lacerated by tin- rod;
hut Mr, Quesnell is of the opinion thu
The Streets are Littered With
Corpses-Women and Children Among Slain - Queen
Victoria Seeking Safety
Lisbon, July so.—Barcelona to-day
is 11 city of the dead, Plazas are
Uttered with corpses, public buildings
wore converted into hospitals, and
streets are red with blood,     Bodies of
women and children lie with those of
the men, Buildings have lieen shattered by musket and cannon lire, und
many beautiful columns ure splintered
liy shot.
The troops ure today burying the
dead, the government fearing that
unless instant precautions are taken
disease will break out.
LONDON, July 30. Despite the strict
censorship enforced by the Spanish
government, a despatch wus received
loduy from San Sebastian saying that
Queen Victoria and the queen's mothei
have .safely crossed the French frontier in an automobile and are now
awaiting events.
Spain this morning is rent by two
fears the fate of the army in Morocco
and the situation in the Mediterranean
provinces of Catalonia.
On tin- outskirts of Melilla Spanish
arms have suffered a serious check.
Three thousand soldiers have either
been slain or wounded and the Moorish hordes ure lighting ut the very
Walls ol" the city itself,
Gibraltar, July 31,—Melilla ail-
vices declare that the Spanish soldiers
tindei Gen. Marina are now lighting
for their lives. Surrounded on every
side by 30,000 fanatical Moors, the dons
are with their bucks to the wall. The
Moors are constantly heing reinforced
bv natives from Ctietu to Molmugu.
A proclamation declaring a holy
wui against the Spaniards was Issued
today at Cuetu and wus transmitted
to Mouaya, the teuder of the Kaliyle
With the holy war on and the
Moors occupying the positions they
now hold, the Spanish army in the
field stands In danger of annihilation.
Youngest Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Coursier
the Victim
The entire community received a
Bevere shock ou Wednesday eveuiug
when it was learned that Lancelot,
lamiliarly known as "Deoley," the six
year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H. N,
Coursier had been drowned in the
Columbia river.
lt app ars that the lad with a companion, Roy Law, was playing on the
scow at the old buat landing when
Dooley tripped over a rope and fell
iuto the water. Roy got a stick and
held it out to Dooley who grabbed it
hut was unable to retain hia hold
Roy tben rushed up the hank shouting for help, but before help ai rived
poor Dooley was nowhere to be seen.
Hunts were immediately got out and a
search made for the hotly hut without
The accident having occurred below
the wing dam, it waa thought that the
hotly would likely remain iu the hack
water and not he carried out into tbe
main channel, and considerahlo dyna
mite was used in au effort to raise llie
hotly, but to no purpose,
Mrs. Coursier was al the time one
ol the party who were on a visit to
Mt. Revelstoko and Mr. Coursier It fi
the same evening to break the sad
news to her. Mucb sympathy ia ex
pressed lor Mr. and Mra. Coursier in
tlieir sad bereavement.
Tlie unfortunate lad was one of the
brightest in tlie town, full ol promise
and a general favorite. Further efforts
arc being made to recover the Imdy
anil it is understood that arrangements
are under way to bring a diver to the
city to assist in the search.
British Mine Workers Vote for Sympathetic
Strike in Support of Scottish Colliers
London, July SO.—Upon the deoii
ion to he reached at a meeting held
to-day between British miners and
WiiiBlon Spencer Churchill depends
the question whether or not the mine
workers will declare a strike in sympathy with the .Scottish miners.
A vote on the question of sympathetic Btrikt-B resulted in .rilN,.)lil men
declaring in favor ul it, and !i:i,980
against sympathetic action. Littlo
hope ol a  compromise   lioing  reached
Summer Cooking
We have a few Gasoline and Coal Oil Cook
Stoves left with ovens for same if desired. These are
very nice to use in the hot weather, as they save luel
and do not heat up the house.
Remember we are agents for McClary's [Stoves
including the Saskalta, Pandora and Kooteuav Ranges.
These stoves are in use in the best homes in town,
proving that good people appreciate a good thing.
You will make a mistake if you do not purchase a
range of us when you need one, as there is nothing
to equal them.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc.,
rents, Camp Equipment, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle and a full line of Groceries and Fruits.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
He's a goodr~\ judoe
of the right 4-^V things
to wear,        M£
Mr Swell Dresser, ,f
\b- &Tf*'4
Broken lines in mir Shoe Department
ol Oxford. Bal, Bleucher and Congress,
from $4.00 to (is.50 lor $2.00
Another lot o! Oxford and Romeo, ret
lar $.25 to $3.50, at $1.25
Straw and Linen
Fit Reform Clothing
b. t. waixik, prenidtnt I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ILIXAHDKH LAIJiD.Gtn.rallliniger    Reserve Fund,    -     6.000,000
ies receiulj i*>ued by thin Hai.k
■V   utirn ira.i Wtag,    Tbst  mie MM
arc * most i
J in denotmnationa ot
The oew Traveling   Cb<
way Id wtih li to carry BtODej wbefl
$10,  $20.  $50,  $100 and $200
and tb* exact amount payable m An- na. Rclgiuni. Denmark, France,
Germany, Great liritain. Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
mmi Switzerland is Mated en tin- fare of each clw-que. while m other
t_b__ry mrm parable al current ra'.ev
The cfcsqOSS and ali information rri-ardinj them may be obtained al tfterrj tt
at tha Rank. <SU
U'hi'n «e oiler the publio a complete In f
liiiry Beef, render Lamb, Corn I'ed
Pork, and Smoked Meats, in sanitary
surroundings,   al  prions that  please,
w in olaim that Mfcci-'ss has been
won.    \mn  opinion,    t'oiiii. in and
it to-da).
'.I .1        I'hM
Jual  ariiv
of Poultry.
Iii| ml
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
think 11  general   industrial   upheaval , the employers to agree to the miners
id not  lar  away.   The  unmistakable  terms render work of mediators most
iletiTiiiiiiiiliiin nl the men to support
thoir hcnti colleague* ami
; difficult
but Mr. Quesnell is or tne opinion thai    . i,,j.v>. oonferenoe li entertained tbeir Boots oolleaguee and the epper-     ,.        .,        ~~~~	
he died nf heart trouble ns ii seemed M l" my   t""Mn""-'       1 uiuriHincu s 1 Oet * white man's rosrtsbk at V
ovident that he fell forward in a faint,  by a big majority ul the wurkori. Tbey outly  equally determined  rclusal "'i Burns'moat market TIIR MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flftatUlfoc calb,
r; BUSHED \\ Kos k.-ha 1   IND
111' i 1' i \   A I
interior BMibUsblno Company,
Limit rtl
Orricas:   Imii mo   Hank Ul'ilding Rkvbl-
BTUKK,  H. 0.
Mi.no) '.oleum. .,,__,„
...  ,-: Rovelstoke, li C,   i ranbrook, a t.
Uio. 8, MoCabtbb
\. M.   PINKHAM .1.  A.   llOIVK.V
Rerelstoke, > nuibrooa, li. I
So licit, 'i, etc,
g .   itorjfort
I'hk Molsonb Hank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
HiiX   106,   KlAKl.SlilKK
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp. No. 229
Meet.  Second  and   Fourth  Wodnewlan in
e.7b iniiini.. in fWklrk Hall.. •»•«'"   "<*»'■
nan oordlally invited to attend.
J.'.MiINTVHK,  Clerk.
F. O. E.
The lesnlar msstlnti are bold in the Sell rl
HallBVBry-Ju-1 hu-I lib   I <>aj  "<>nln0   ll S
./click    Visiting brethreu oordlally luvlted.
W. E. SlcLAl'l HLIN.Sti KtTABV.
Kootenay Lodge. No. 15, A F. * A. M.
i*. 431
Tlio ri'-inl-ir nmot-
itif- are I.hIiI in the
Oddtellews lliill.i'ii
tlm ttiinl Mninliiy in
each month al 8
p.m, Visiting brethren oordlally welcome.
Meets ovory Thursday ovoiiilii,- in Sol-
ikirli Hull iitBo'i'l'icli
 PVtoltlag brothren ere
cordially invited tn attend.
W. A. KUUTE, N.ti.
Cold Range lodgo, K  of Pi
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
except i .i ii w edneBday oi
each month, In -■ iddtellowa'
Hall al s i-elook, Vialting
Knlgblsare oordlally invited.
T. P.   SMITH. C. I.
li. H. BHOCK, K. ,,(   K. .1 S.
J. B. BCOTT, M. nt F.
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed   House  at   $20.00   per   month
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing, 280 fruit trees, livestock
and farm implements,    At a bargain,
10 Acres at Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation, 650 fruit trees.
Good buy.
800 Acres at Galena Bay, 65 acros cleared,
500 fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
farm implements,    Desirable properly to subdivide into
5 and m acre lots.    Only $32.00 per acre,
vacation   spent   right here milling yet appreciated.
the woods ami mountains, would
often prove more beneficial to
health and spirits, than journeys
to worlds' lairs, or trips to crowded
centres where the hot, tlusly streets
roar all day witb the nerve-racking
noise ot metropolitan cities. The
folly of tbe conl beaver who would
turn to a tug of war to rest bis
weary muscles is no worse than
that of the crowd-weary townsman,
who turns to other crowds for relief and rest. We believe that in
the future more and more men
will turn to mother nature for
their medicines and repose, and
will realise the truth of the poet's
advice when he said:
If thou art worn anil hard beset
With sorrows thai thou wouldst forget;
If  thou  wouldst  learn   a   lesson that
will keep
Thy heart from fainting and thy soul
from sleep,
(lo to the bills ami from their speech
Learn the great lesson Unit they tench.
Zbc fll>ail=1bcvalb
SATURDAY, JULY 31   1908
The tinu- oi vacation is still witb
us and   tin-   mountains witb their
i »bitt   peaks   and inviting re
■ --• - are all around us,     It  mav
■ isked what connection there is
between the two. Well, the summer vacation i- a time of beat, and
of desirt to take siestas or tiiul re-
vigoration in cool places, ami herein lies an opportunity inr RevelBtoke that deserves to be cultivated.
In Europe they Hj to Switzerland
in summer. In India they seek
the hills. In America they ought
to i-eek the mountain ranges on the
Pacific -in]-', and in all th ->•
range- there is no place tbat offers
mon invitii _.- : rospi i •_- for the
•i.'. otaineei   thai    this   town   ol
Reveletoke.     For   tl  wbo wish
to cl ■ e the ti  ■■■'   ■   ■
Begbii   ind Mi Ken-
e shout d _••   for
■     '•' ; tful i ID
;   '   ■• here  tl bigh and
sweet then toria I       smug*
.'•• i   m immit ol
M   ml Ri ■•■ -
l be local M ml tineei ing I . b
is I ■ : gratulated on .' deter-
min ilion   to erect then
bi ler lot traveller* Ever)
-.:. .-ement will bavi a tendency to
draw travel in that direction, and
every ' limber makes a better beaten
trail and calls to others to follow
him There wbere the spring
flower- bloom in midsummer and
there i- a t oolnem ami reel and
shade, they may Bhake off the dual
n.iiil heat iif the season ami become
rejuvenated with tbe odors of May.
Such possessions ,- these are well
worth cultivating, If we oould win
fur our mountains here -uch tour
ttt patronage BS i- given to Switzerland it would mean that a great
deal of money would be -pent here
every season, ami all our trades
men and citizens WOUld hem-lit.
Even for   tin- people of our own
towns, W8   can well imagine tLi<U n
Beyond this huge district we
have in liritish Columbia its glorious valleys and its sea-girt islands,
another West, the occupants of
which will gather in tbe riches of
the soil and live in comfort, if not
in opulence. The striking point
about Canada is the marvelous
manner in which new and splendid
fields for enterprise and industry
open up as v,e journey on. Seventy
years have given us an Empire. A
few more years and we shall have
the development of this magnificent
area well under way.
That the growth and prospects
of Western Canada are everywhere
recognized, is shown in a recent
article in the Mail and Empire,
under the above heading the
Toronto paper says:
''Seventy years ugn Western
Canada wns that portion of the
present province of Ontario lying
beyond Hamilton and lhe east of
Luke Huron. Here the Canada
Company was settling its lands.
To this Kl Dorado the colonists
were moving ilong muddy roads,
and amitlst great difficulties. Alter
weeks of travel the pioneer reached
his allotment in tbe forest primeval
and proceeded to carve out a home.
Faith,   enterprise    and    industry
must have been lhe qualities which
(sustained the fathers of Canada in
these early days,
Forty year- ago Western Canada
was that portion of   the  Dominion
of which Kurt Garry,   now   Wintii-
pi'Lr, was the centre    Some    tiiant
souls   bail   already   reached   this
promised land,     Certain  of them
had arrived by way of the Hudson
Hay; others had journeyed  thither
nver the prairies or by  the   water
route from Lake Superior.   To the
people of   the   Kast   and   di -
fields iliil   not   look   green
mean -   of   rem hing them wen
■ trenu ius   I bt | esi   I
once ihey wen- invn
heen    established        ', • enty - five
eai    ago   H es nada   was
that part of thi V\ est surroun
the new prairie capital, il- j
thus i..in.' mor oi the  lneen
but formerly Bpoken of   as   P
Bones.      Here the more darin
•_,.. ■■:.'. iomes
Fifteen '•■■ irs ag egan toIbii
astern > ina la  is thai   sei
nf the country ol whb b Edmoi
te "f the   nhl   llini   ■
For' was the prim ipal town.     Al
laat    ■ " bed   the end of
Can t'l.i. the jumping-ofl plai e the
I   inl   ;-' ond   whu h    there
ling,    l-i-il.i■   \\ estern Canada
lies weal ind north  ol   Ed mon
To the weal there ;- a   large   and
promising co.in try furtile, temper-
li and lull oi latent wealth. To
the north is an area oi vast extent.
Five hundred miles above Edmon
ton i- i nrl Vermillion, and here
huge wheat-growing operation are
curried on. The new Weal I mi-i '-
of the Peace River district and the
i.ri.it Mackenzie Basin.     Here an
area of 316,000 -'plan' mil"- i • llif
able fur wheal. No less than 107,-
000 quare miles nan grow barley,
056,000 square miles will produce
potatoes.    The   rivers   are   full   of
fish; the lands unsuitable for cultivation or for pasturage are saiil to
be auriferous.    Altogether the. new
witt is ii gigantic country, the
capabilities ol which w« have not
The death at Shuswap of an
Indian from injuries received during a drunken spree once more
draws attention to the facility with
which Indians are able to procure
all the liquor they wish. Where
do tbey get it from?
It is a manifest duty of the
authorities to find out and when
they obtain lhat information to
punish the offenders with utmost
rigor. 11 is true that the law is
faulty in that it does not lay down
adequate punishment for this kind
of offender; but the law can be
amended. To secure the much
needed amendment to this legislation there must be brought to bear
the pressure of public opinion.
There has been much said nnd
done respecting local option, prohibition and other movements in
the cause of temperance, but there
tines not appear to have been any
thought worthy the name given to
the securing of legislation providing for the severe punishment of
those miserable beings who trade
upon the weakness of ihe Indian.
The native is not like the white
man in many respects ami the
drinking of whisky or other intoxicant effects him more strongly.
While umler its inlluence he lo.-es
all self control   and   what  he will
then do has heen demonstrated
over anil over again in this llislrict
uml elsewhere. It is only n Bhort
time since n tragedy was enaoted
nt ShllBwap ns the result of n spree,
the killing of l.et'iiiiip, the drowning of his brothel' the other day
uml tho still more re. ent affair al
Shuswap nre four within the current year uf violent deaths locally
resulting from drink. Hail then-
been adequate safeguards to discourage the illicit trnllic in liquor
among Indians those four deaths
niigbl have been prevented. But
we must ileal with conditions as
tbey are. The law is insufficient
and it is the duty of the people ns
well ns the law makers to see thnt
prompt measures nre taken to till
the need.— Kamloops Sentinel.
Rev. A. O. MoRae, Principal of
the Western Canada College, Calgary, while in Nelson the other
day, gave the Nelson News his
opinion on the administration of
tlie public schools in Canada. He
"That is the greatest weakness
in tbo public BchoolB of Canada
today—the preponderance of lady
teachers. I do not, of course, mean
that they are less ellicient than
men but it seems to me one of the
most important principles of education for boys that they should
be taught by men directly they
have reached the age of 13. I consider that some effort should be
made to build up a profession of
male teachers, instead of letting
the work, as it is at present, be
merely a stepping stone to other
employments. In Germany, for
instance, the aristocracy of intellect is to be found among the
school teachers, und thia is due to
tlie fact that the teachers in that
country are comparatively well
paid, after they have proved
themselves tu lie suited
work, become eligible for a
frum the government."
to   the
Efforts to Dislodge Unwelcome Visitor on
Nose, Ends in Disaster
Sa\ Fkamiscu, Cal., July 29.—One
Binall Ily on the tip of Roby Rofin's
noae cunt bim three lingers of bis right
Knliii wa« at work in a mill yesterday wheu the aggravating insect,
alighted. The man shook Ins head
impatiently, but tailed to dislodge the
unwelcome visitor. Then he made a
slap at the offender, and the next
instant three of hiH lingers lay on the
The blow directed at the Ily had so
much force that Rolin'a band went
beyond the objective point and struck
a rapidly whirling buzz-saw.
The Best of
All Breakfast Foods
There's a reason behind all fads and fancies.
We required lifjht breakfast foods and the
market was flooded with health foods (so-called.)
But the best breakfast food in the world is
"Zephyr Cream" Soda Bi.scuiu crushed in cream
or fresh, sweet milk.
Zephyr Cream" Sodas
have more original tfoodm-as than all other sodas
manufactured on thia continent More than that,
the oriffinal goodness of Christie's Biaajits t»
lasting.    The flavor dries not vary.
All big biscuit makers buy a '/s*A brand of
flour. We buy all good brands Then we blend the
best brands, sift and tent the blend until we fmd
a dough that will sustain the Christie reputation.
Expensive! Yes—bot we know no other wiry
of starting to make biscuits up to our own bisrh
Every ingredient entering into oar "bakea"
ifl the purest and best wn can buy.
Our " Zephyr Cream " Sodas crushed in
cre.am, or fresh milk, certainly ilo make an eicel-
lent light breakfast.    Ynu test them.
Sold in imlli, or la unall  family lin.  damp (nd
Christie, Brown A Co., Ltd., Toronto
Royal Standard
And Why It is a Better Flour
We use selected wheat from the
best wheat producing regions of the
Canadian West, where the sunshine is lung, where the soil is
rich, giving to the wheat that
quality of gluten which makes tho
very linest Hour. This is factor
No. 1.
Scientific milling which follows
the wheat step by step, selecting
only the lii.Bt ami purest portions
of tbe wheat grain and making it
into the most perfect flour. This
is factor No. 2.
Cure exercised in storage and
marketing so that there is no possibility of deterioration from the
time the Hour leaves our hands
until it reacheB you. This iB fac
tor No. II.
Now isn't there a reason why
you should ask for Royal Standard Flour. And besides, in every
•I'Jlb. sack there is a numbered
coupon entitling you to a chance
to win one of ten beautiful dinner
sets given away each month.
Vancouver Milling 8*
Grain Co., Lid.
VANCOUVER,       -      B.C.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month
FourRooniB on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per mouth
For  Sale
timid Building Lots.
Two  bouses  mutably  located on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage for Market Uardeniug.
Money Loaned for Building Purposes
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees do
not have to be fumigattd.
They are grown in the inly
part ol the continent not
infi-Hteil with the San Jose
157 l'age Catalogue Free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
liriiig in ymir Plana and Specifications
and  we will  limine on Ihein.
The Ureal Wosl PermHniint Loan
First Streot, Revelatoko, B. C.
Palace Restaurant
McKonxio   Avonue
fruit, Candies, Cigara/Tobacoo.
Meals 36 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
MniMifRritir««1 fnr nil olBMM of   boMdtllgl
fur hhU in largB <>r nmnll quutltlfll
nt th« Inwmt [iricfw fnr cash.
aii kitnin ol».:   ii-..- and pluterlng
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our liaiutacmo parlor aeta,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, witb frames Hint are in every
conceivable design, me made to wear
indefinitely. Wo hnve , mny new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the home thnt are taste
fill, effective and iiiOApensive, and will
bIiow your rooms lu the best advantage.
in C. P. R. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By lar the cheapest m.-tterial for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa_.ni in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about hafe your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
*  P.    BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
HKAD OKK1CK :   Hai.iiauy,   Aliikkta.
Wholesale and Rotail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers ami Dealers In Live Stock. Markets In all the iirlnri*
pal Cities nnd Towns of Alberta, Hi-ii.ish OolutubU and the Yukon.
Puckers i.f the Celebrated Brand " Imporator" Hams and Bacon,
ami "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard, j
4^%.%^^^^%.'V%^%^%.-%%^%^«^^%%^%.'%^%%|%% %ri
Import direct from country ol origin.
BEVELSTOKE    1=1.  O.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBEET     ST03STE      PROP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford io use (ke besi buy
Room Hood Flour
The Flour ihai is Different
II  you  do   you   will   lind   that   the cost  of
ROBIN HOOD is smallest after all.
The  bigger  loaf is  one  difference.
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter llavor is a third diffeiencc.
There arc other points   of   difference.     Any
one of them worth the extra cost.
me Saskatchewan Flour Mills Ol m
Moose Jaw, Sask.
A Healthy
A Happy Home
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia
and Kootenay and Columbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. Farm
Lands  eminently suited for  the  raising of
Fruit,  Grain  or  Stock
may be purchased in these Grants at low
figures for cash, or on Easy Terms, from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Good Shipping Facilities. Easy Transportation
For Maps, Application Forms, Regulations
and Literature apply to
Asst. to 2nd Vice President,
Box 1317, Calgary, Alta.
Town Lots For Sale in Revelstoke and Arrowhead
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby Riven that a sitting
of the Court of Revision to bear and
determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tax proposed to be levied and
imposed on the lands or real property
affected under tbe provisions of Bylaw No. 143, being known as the "Local Improvement Sidewalk By-law
No. IW, 1909," providing for the construction of concrete sidewalks (al on
the north side of First Street from the
corner of Campbell Avenue to the
coiner of Boyle Avenue and (b) on the
nort b side of Second Street from the
coiner of Pearson Street to the corner
of Forde Street and (don the west side
of Front Street from the corner of
King Street to the corner of Victoria
Road, will he beld in the City Hall at
the City of Hevelstoke on the llth day
of August, 1909, at the hour of eight
o'clock iu the afternoon.
A statement showing the lands or
real property liable to and proposed to
lie specially assessed for tin- said improvements and the names of tbe owners thereof as far as same can lie ascertained from the bust revised assessment
roll and otherwise is now on Hie in the
otlice of the City Clerk anil is open for
inspection during ofllce hours.
All notices of appeal sbalt be served
on the Clerk of the Municipal Council
at least eight days prior to such Court
of Revision.
Dated this -.'1st day of July, 1909.
jly 21 7t City Clerk.
"Water Act, 1909."
Attention is called to section 192 of
the ' Water Act, 19011," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has lieen granted, pursuant
to the "Rivers and Streams Act," to
surrender such aethority within one
year of the passage of said "Water
Act," and receive a licence for same
Chief Commissioner of Lands.
Ijinds Department,
Victoria, luth .inly, 1909.   jy35 lm
Revelstoke Land liistrict.
Dlstriot of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that Robert 11. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
five miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of Revelstoke
on the Columbia River, thence 80
chains north along tbe Columbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence 20 chains east to poind of
Robert R. Cai.hwki.l,
Per John AV. Kails, Agent.
Dated 17th June, 1009. iun 30 Odd
Firatclass  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street1 and Robson Ave.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phono 39       Office   McKenzie Ave
Revelstuke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat John W. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., oooupatlon Miner, intends m apply for permission to purchase tbe following ili'seiilied lands;
Commencing at a post planted aliout
live miles north   of   Don nit-  Creek on
the Columbia River and aboul tli'tv
miles norlli of Revelstuke, Ibence 80
chains south along Columbia river,
thence 211 chains west, tlience 80 chains
north, tlience 20 chains east to point of
oom mencement.
John W. Falls.
Dated 17th June, 1909. jun 30 OOd
Revelsloke ljmd District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Limb, of
Clinton, Iowa, Cf, H. A., occupation
Millowner, intends to apply for permission to purohase the following described land:
Commencing at a posl plan led at Die
S. B. corner of U,l 7648, then north 20
chains, then east 20 chains, ihence
Boulh 20 cbains more or Ii-hs to lake
shore, Ihence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more or less to point of commencement.
B, McGaouran,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb,
Dated June 3rd, 1908. jun 23
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd,
Steamer Revelstoke leaves Landing
at the head of Canyon every Tuesday
and Friday at 0 a. m. (water permitting) and arrives at Downie Creek
about 2 p.m., returning same day, T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Landing.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with the steamer. The number
is B216, All Information ns to rates
and other business may lie obtained
at ofllce on board the steamer froin
F  Swansun, Purser.
will come back lo you if you spend it
at home. It i.s gone for ever if yon
send il to the Mail Order House. A
glance through our advertising columns will give vou nn idea where it
will buy the most,
At New York to Bind Match with Johnson—
Latter Keen to Cover It
New York, July 28,—Actual steps
looking to a ligbt lietween .lames J
Jetl'ries ond Jack Johnson, for the
heavyweight championship nf the world
were taken today, when Jellries, on
his arrival (rom the WeBt, posted
$5,000 as a forfeit to bind a match
with the negro pugilist, for a tight ol
anywhere Irom 20 to 100 rounds. The
one-time boilermaker insists tbat tbe
fight shall be held belore the club
ottering the largest purse, and tbat
when articles are signed, an additional forfeit of $5,000shall lie poBted. The
whole sum ol $20,000 is to go to the
Jetl'ries will leave for a short trip in
a few days. He will visit tbe Springs
at Carlsbad, in Bohemia, and will do a
little preliminary training tbere. He
plans tu be ready to tight within live
"Tbere is absolutely nothing tbe
matter with me in any way," Baid
Jeffries, alter posting the lorleit, and
added tbat he hoped the light wuuld
be in America. On posting his forfeit, Jeffries issued tbe lollowing statement:
"After decisively convincing myself
tbat it is easily possible for me to
defend my title aB Champion of tbe
World, aB I am in as good condition
as ever before in my life, I am today
posting my forfeit to meet the claimant of the title, Jack Johnson. In
reference to those wbo bave been sceptical about my intention of meeting
Johnson, 1 wish to say that when lirst
called from retirement, 1 said 1 would
never oppose anyone in the prize ring,
until I was certain 1 could attain my
former physical condition. After being
absolutely satisfied as to tbe same, I
s.ated that I would post my forfeit at
the expiration of my theatrical contract. My theatrical contract having
expired, I am posting my money, sincerely hoping that Johnson is as
anxious lor tbe match as he has made
it appear, and that be will be as ready
to live up to his public statements as
1 am."
Jackson, Mich., July 28.—"I'll leave
Chhagu on Monday nigbt Ior New
York, and cover that forfeit," said
Jack Johnson, the colored champion
pugilist of the world thiB evening,
when shown a despatch to tbe effect
that Jeffries bad posted a forfeit at
New York of $5 000, to tight Johnson,
and again place the honor of championship among the white race.
Johnson said he was not surprised
to hear that Jeffries bad posted tbe
"I will be ready to light almost any
time. I think I am in condition now
to clean Jeffries out within 15 rounds."
Johnson said be preferred to meet
Jeffries at San Francisco.
"That is the best place in the coun
try," be eaid.
Johnson reached this city by automobile late this afternoon.
Dynamite Manager's House
SvnxEY, N.S., July 29.—At two
o'clock Tuesday morning a charge of
excelcite, a high power explosive, was
set off underneath the porch of Underground Manager Simpson's bouse
near Dominion No. 10. The occupants
of tbe bouse escaped injury, but the
front of tbe dwelling was demolished
and all tbe windows were blown out.
Tbere are no clues to the perpetrators.
The general situation is unchanged.
Fire Harm System
Now that tbe new Gamewell lire
alarm system has been installed, the
following instructions as to the location of lire alarm boxes, their number
and system of signalling may prove of
Di-trict  indication*  fnr Fire
Mar-i    R")to«
box Nu 11.—(..inn i K mi S'reel
nnd Vi Ive zie Avenue, (' B. tin, e
& Co
Box No. 15.—Cor. First Street snd
It ikeby Avenue, (Post otlice),
Box No. 16.—Curuer Second sireet
and Government Road (opera home)
Box No. 17.—Corner Third street
and Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumber
Box  No.  18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 24.—Comer Fifth Btreet
and McKenzie ave. (Catholic church)
Box No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
and Orton a ven ue, (W. A. Foote).
Box No. 26 —Corner Fourth street
and MoArtbur avenue.
Box No. 27.—Corner Fourth street
and Town ley street (over Bouth track)
Box No. 28.—Corner Second street
nnd Robson avenue (Mrs. Baker).
Box   No.  3L—Fire Hall No. 2
Box   No.  35.—Hospital.
Box   No.  36—School.
Signal lor practise—not lens than
six (6) slow strokes.
One (1) stroke indicates line broken
or tire out.
Signals arc given thin: 2 strokes—
interval fi seconds—4 strokes; ei|UaIs
Box 24. No. ol box will alsu bo shown
on indicator at Fire Hall,
five Prominent Members of the Italian Society Receive Demands for $200
MlOHEL, B. C, July 28—Great
excitement prevailed here Wednesday
upon the din-Insures tbat live prominent members of the local Italian
society have been threatened witb
instant death by the black hand unless
they pay $200 to be placed at various
places designated by tbem, one ol
which was a largo rock at the rear of
tbe Catholic churcl.
Four of the letters wore reooived
Sunday, and wero turned over to tbe
provincial constables, Stephenson and
Mulger, who at once took charge of
the case. The timo set lor the deposit
of the money was between 10 p.m. and
2 a.m.
Under orders from tho police, several men were posted at each designated place, and lake parcels placed
in the hiding places by the recipients
of the letters, but no attempt was
made by the black hand gang to claim
the booty. Not a member of tlio Italian socioty is working to-day. Everyone is armed, and a determined effort
is being made in assisting the police
in protecting the lives of their leaders.
A meeting was held Wednesday
afternoon by tbo Italian society with
about 350 members present. The
local force of provincial police will be
doubled. Reinforcements are to arrive
bere. Several Italians are under suspicions, but though secret efforts have
been made, tbere is not the slightest
proof against them, but they are being
closely watched, and any attempt to
leave camp will result in tbeir immediate arrest.
$10,000,00010 CHARITY
Large Amount Thrown to Beggars During
funeral In Bombay
Bomiiay. July 29.—One hundred
thousand dollars were distributed to
the beggars uf this city during the
funeral today ol Naoroji Wadai, the
last ol the old Indiau navy ship
Wadai was very wealthy, and left
nearly $10,000,000 to charity, including a large fund to aBBist poor girls to
Honest Officials
In these days ol graft, boodle and
rake-offs, it is pleasant tu realize tbat
tbere are some honest men lelt in the
laud wbo can spurn the temptations
set before tbem, says tbe Prince Rupert Empire: A case in point, and
one which should not be allowed to
pass unnoticed, was that which
cropped up in Prince Rupert's police
court last week, wbere it was shown
an attempt bad been made to silence
Chief Constable Vickers in the proper
discbarge of his duties by offering bim
a bait of fifty dollars. Had our chief
been ol tbe calibre of the ex-chief of
Simcoe, Ont., who iB now in the penitentiary, he would have fallen, and
the wheels ol justice would bave been
thwarted. With so many law-breakers
holding out the olive branch to our
officials, is there any wonder bo many
fall ? It is indeed pleasant to think
that Prinoe Rupert bas a chief which
cannot be tampered witb, and we only
hope he will always maintain that
integrity In the meantime, all bonor
to him, and the same may be said of
Magistrate Williams in bis condemning tbe attempt to bribe. Billy
Vickers is well known here hy the old
timers, he having been provincial con
stable ol this district in the early
In the last twenty years Germany
has spent $150,000,000 on her waterways and now has 827S miles of
navigable rivers and canals.
$3,784 Worth of Precious Stones in famous
Ottawa Robbery found
Ottawa, July 29 — The Ottawa
police Wednesday reoovered 94 ol the
115 rings stolen last week in a daring
daylight rubbery Irom McMillan's
jewelry store on Sparks strtot. Woods
and Conrad, the two men arrested in
the Ottawa hotel, Renfrew, on Thursday, ou suspicion ol being members of
tho ipiartette of strangers who lifted
tbe two trays uf rings from the store,
confessed this morning to Chief De
La Rodtle and told where tho stolen
rings were hidden, With a dotective
Woods went to the Renfrow to-day
and in the hotel where tbe arrest had
boon made all but one of tho stolen
rings were reoovered underneath a
strip ol wood in the bal broom. The
prisoners had wrapped tbem in a roll
ol tape, and removing a panel in tbe
room, had concealed them pending au
opportunity to return and safely dispose of them. The tags on thu rings
showed that the total value was $3,874
—the price ranging from $7 to $174.| |
Howard, the third man under
arrest for the crime has uut admitted
hia guilt and the fourth mom bar of tbe
gang haB not yet been apprehended.
It ib said by tbe police the gang are
New York orookB, who were working
their way through Canada to the
Alaska-Yukon exposition. From Ottawa they intended to go to the
Kingston Old Boys reunion. Their
Kingston trip will, however, probably
be made under government auspices a
little later.
Logger Shot Dead by Angry Rancher
EvEBETT, July 20.—Foreman Perry
P. Prescott, of tbe Star Logging Co.,
near Granite Falls, was shot yesterday
by S. G. Smith,a rancher, and instantly killed. Smith walked to Hartford
following tbe shooting, caught a train,
and came to Everett, giving himself
into the custody ol the sheriff.
The shooting was the culmination
of a long standing di.pute between
the logging company and Smith over
a logging road over Smith's land.
PrcBCott, with a number of workmen,
was replacing a rail on tlie logging
road that Smith had removed yesterday and was shot by Smith aftor being
warned oil' the place.
Johu Doubt, the C.P.R. Watchman, Dies at
Edmonton, Alta., July 23.—The
badly decomposed body of John Doubt,
an old man wbo bad been missing
from the city for nearly a year, was
found on tbe Grand Trunk Pacilic
grade by track layers ou Tuesday,
three miles west of tbe city. Tbe
body was almost a skeleton, but the
gold watch and gold nugget carried on
the chain were intact. Tbe man was
an old employee of the C.P.R. at RevelBtoke and bad ccme to tbis city last
year to spend the summer.
II Popular Old Timer
John M. F.gan, head ol the Pennsylvania system uf railways, is coming
west over tbe C.P.R. en route to
Alaska. Mr. Egan was the lirst superintendent ol the C.P.R. in the west.
He lelt the services ol the C.P.R. in
1883 and accepted a position on the
Northern Pacilic at St. Paul aud bus
been closely connected with railway
enterprises ol the west for nearly 30
years. John M. Egan bas long been
considered among the brightest minds
in the railway service of this conti
iient. When be resigned from the
C.I'.R. in 1883, the employees from
the track men to the highest paid
help on the road showed their appreciation of his ability and kindess hy
subscribing a handsome present ol
$10,000 in gold, which was presented
to ti im mi bis leaving the company's
service at Winnipeg.
Baking   triumphs   are   every-
day   occurrences   with  Purity
Highest  grade  in the world.
Home-made bread
awarded first prize
at  the   National
Exhibition. Toronto,  was
made from   Purity   flour.
Westers Canada Flour Mills Co., Lrn.
Mills «i Si. Boniface.
Goderich, Brandon.
Offict. Winnipeg Msnitobs
More bread and better bread
Iuto one of Foley's Graham Wan  s
then   taste   one   from   any   .-the-
faetory.    We  are  willing  to  ac-pt
your Judgment as to which is best.
That Is the standard wc have set
for ourselves In makitii Foley's
Orahatn Wafers they must be Mm
best, or we won't ship Uu-m Uuuil
will not satisfy us They must hs
In eaUng Foley's Graham Wafe. s
you wUl note the dellclously rich
"full flavor" and THE SAME FKF.sh-
Shipped the day marti-. In airliuht
boxes and tins never taken from
made-up stock. Just as d-lightfully
flavored when placed on your table
as when they leave the fat lory.
Do you know tho exceptionally
—iheir highly nutritious value a*
family to eai than Foley's Oatmeal
Nu fancy bi.cults could be more
pleaalDI i.lher to the taste or Id
ippearanee than Foley's "Fit Newton     ., id     sultana  Frull"  biscuits.
Thau bis.cits have established a
demand fo: thi- -selves in thousands
of Western Canadian homes and
there are thousands of other homes
where they will be equally popular
lust a: , iun r.s th-y are onoe tried.
Next time you buy fancy biscuits,
tell yuur dealer lo send you either
Fig Newions" or "Sultana Frulta."
You will nnd them richly flavored
and unusually pleasing and satisfying
tu the taste.
pleasing features of theup water*
i  food?   Nothing healthier for the
Foley  Bros.  Larson 8k Co.
Sunshine Furnace ib the triumph of sixty
one years' experience-  growth from a small m IB M M
tinshop to ibyx a> res ol floor spat r, from a half dozen H H H Q
artisans to 1,500,from an annual wage sheet of $4,000 Ci «■ ■■*
to one of $670,000, from a capital of energy to one of M M fl fl
$3,000,000, trom obscurity to recognition ai  Largest ma H B
Makers of Furnaces in the British Empire. ™ "■
was placed on the market the first furnace  to  Is* wholly aid
solely designed by a Canadian Company. 0  m
We employ a consulting staff of furnace eiperts, wh. are *T
continually experimenting with new ideas ia order that Suashiae _
Furnace bhall net have to travel on iti past reputatie. far ^\
We buy materials in such large quantities that Its quality Is
guaranteed to us. We have our own testing rooms, se that supervision of construction it exercised down to tho finest detail.
MXlaryfc   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
New Goods By Express
Ladies' Knitted Golf Coats in all
the new styles. Misses' Knitted
Norfolk Goats in Navy, Cardinal
and Greys.    Buster Knitted Coats
These are just what you want for these cool evenings and
mountaineering trips
Moving pictures tonight.
Tlie date eet Inr the holding of tin
Hevelstoke in Oct.
Supi'i ni" Court in
12 th.
temple    is   being
ii   a   cost   of  Ifl.'i,-
An   Oddfellows
built in Winnipeg
Another hot wave iH punning over
tbe eastern cities uml causing many
Attorney-Geueral Bowser has arrived at Montreal en route b e after
an extended tuiir ol Europe.
D. MoCarthj commenced this week
the construction ol a ootlage on Second Streel for Brakeman Perry,
Calgary districts send in an unanimous report as to tba prospects for a
bumper crops for the coming harveiit.
II. C. Alllick, I1 'minion land snr-
veyur, leaves by tbes. b. Revelstoko on
Tuesday lor tbe Hig Heud district to
survey Dominion timber berths,
I; tiert Green was lined $-r>0 and tbe
r Bts oi the court by Magistrate Foster
on Thursday morning lor having assaulted B. Bickerton.
John Oliver, M.l'.l'., ol Delta, will
address a public meeting in the inter-
est of the Liberal party, at the opera
bouse on Tuesday evening next.
H. J. In Brash, proprietor ol tlull, iti I'Mii.l Nakusp, was up belore
: ,. ... igistrati at Nelson charged
witb assaulting engineer J. Oadden.
A special meeting ol tbe oity council will be held uu Monday nigbt to
consider tbe tenders lor tbe building
ol the concrete sidewalks and other
Tiie Manitoba government has authorized u grant ol $250,000 to lhe
Selkirk Centennial oouimittes to be
used in connection with tlieir World's
Fair in 1912.
Mr. Heard, brother ol Or. Heard
lias arrive! in the city and taken up
his residence on McKenzie avenue.
Mr. Heard is employed at the Kevelstoke Lumber Company's ullice. Big
W 11 ru' II leaves tomorrow on a
business trip to the east. Mr. Horuell
will visit Chicag". New Vork. Montreal. Toronto and oilier points in the
interests of the drygoods department
ol C. ti. Hume i Co.
Sir John Dryden, minister ol agriculture in three successive government
I .-ir Oliver Mo*at nnd Hon. Mr.
Hoes, died Thursday eveuiug at Toronto. The oause I his death was
i. .       -   i   ..   a   close   seasou for
....   luly 15th I   Bi ptember 1st, ami
toey mu«t Dot be trapped south ol lhe
main Ilm    I tbi   C.P R.   In i ast
jer li       ' •   animals anyone is
..-.■      in k      ' .   till      ai   .: y time.
;„ -.   i -. t. i.c - eh irged
came U|
iVedni -da;..     The
protecuti i     pi '• " -
■i • d   until in xt
;       ....    ,-. 1" DO    ol ■■!(       Mr  11 lg<
_...:  n,. ri ■ !-• ■    i bii    i" reoognit*
and .ii 1600.
-,,t  -1._,   ,--., tit   W   11   tjotti
. rui     -.. ."■'■---   i    '■' ' artb;
Bat I • i and H. Hows' n    I  Ri ■ ■ sl  ••■
md ie A. Mayl ••    ' Comapli     wen
l„ [i,.. ci(,y.    I be)   are   K .;.«.  Arch
••:,. ds ol Bevi -t ki. aod wbili bi ri
were admitted t i K issland Precepb ry
Knigbts Templars.—Roesland Miner.
G A R JJ 1 <1 N   SEEDS
Call and inspect our stock of Onion Sets and Garden Seeds of all kinds
None but new seeds kept in stock
Wo carry n complete lino of
staple and fancy groceries,  nntl
r.in nlVer you I he hest ^uoils at
the sumo price as yuu pay for
inferior lines.
Out-bread, onko and pastry l rude
is rapidly increasing, n trial
order for any one of the above
will explain why. Our iiini is to
keep only the hest.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  mu' ill   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this brancli of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
A Brand New Idea
Hinged lop Talcum Can
U    ...tin Wh
Talcum Pnckago
The hinged Inp
pi e\ ents leaking
Icking    line   T.i I
eiun    Stunning Port B
Carnation i Vlolel
Get  a pacKago while It's
mn     I'im i   St I tKNTH,
Next Hume Block     Phone No, h
Good comedies at the Kdison Parlor
Theatre tonight,
An agreement has beeu reached between the 100 striking carpenters and
the builders ol Edmonton whereby a
compromise bus heen effected lur ii
minimum wage ol $3.40 per day, to
take effect next year. Until then the
town remains open and the builders
have the option ol employing union
men or non-union men with wages tt
the discretion ol tbe employers,
!■'. Keefer, chief mining engineer of
tlie H.C Copper Company, who lias
been engaged fur tiie past week io
Kinking over -"ine of the ICamli ips
mining properties, left ior Ureenwo il
on Saturday night.     While F, Keefer
I had nothing to say us to the resuit-
bis   examinations   ol  the    prospects
I visited,   it   is   understood    that   the.
question   on winch  will depend   thi
action ol tbis company in  this camp:
is tbe anal- - -
Mayor Lindmark haa received an in-
vitatiuii   lr testimonial
ii ittee  at   3i i attend and
I ..    part  in   the   ceremonies in
nectiuu wil ling
in honor   I James I   Bill, in  ap-.
i    i ui    •
Northwest.     The   statue      -
i • ted i.n tlie oampus ol tbe <
-ity of W.isliingti .n within tin- gl
..I tin- A  V  P, bj position and •
: '. ivernor   lohnson
Minnesi t.i    n    1 nesday    \  _   il
Lieut, ' ■   ern      i 'unsmulr of
Columl  i, Governor Ha]   I Was
ton and othi nguiibed     sn vi
in. press
A number ol   distinguished vis
spent   i  lm . •   in
ing      lh-'   pariy   consisted
rs   ol   leading   ■
i lanadian noluding     Mayor
■ hisholm .:' Halifax Mayor Hopewell
il Ottawa i rn- mayor ol Sherbrooke
snd i her- wbo nud i.i" il
tending the convention of municipalities held this week at Medicine Hal
W . ile here the party , aid their respect! to Mayor landmark who drove
tlicin around the. e.ity, showing them
tbe cbiel points of interest, visiting
the V.M C A. and hospital, They ex-
pressed themselves aa exceedingly well
pleased with tbe location, surroundings, anil the progressive anil prosper
o- appearance   ol   Revelstoko.    The
parly loft the same evening on their
way west Iti visit, the Heattie l-.ur and
,..,;i-l cities,
Mrs A Blaokberg and son are visit
ing Irieiiils iii I-mill, II.(1.
Mayoi   Landmark   returned   ye. I.nr-
day luim ii villi lo the Coast cities.
Mrs. J, H. Pettipiece and son are
visiting relatives in Vancouver.
Hon. K. W Aylmer and Mrs. Aylmer are spending a holiday at St.
Leon Hut springs.
Mr. nml Mrs. II. McKinnon left on
Wednesday evening un a visit to the
Coast cities and the Seattle Fair.
Alex. McGregor, Mrs. McGregor and
family returned un Thursday night
fr in a holiday spent at St. Leon.
Mrs. Kultrt H Lewis ol Edmonton
arrived in thi- city tbis morning and
isthegueel ner   aunt, Mrs. Thcs.
■ -
iid - B Mac : a iid returned tbis
na       .-: Ir ■,. Vict  ria I'ark. wber
baa bi past w I -,g in
fa    lalel
Mr-     A,    H iba r.    sod    Mrs.   k. P.
ng a few weeks camp-
my i.       !   '■;.- bavi  ,-
their guest fora  few  dayB Mrs. K. H.
a ton,
A - odl nun   who is leaving lur
wil     Irs    Inderson   on  the
nth   tu   take up their
■    . i-  , n tented i.y tbe
•   I lob on Tbura-
' •■    • a gold beaded  i
; ilriek  made tie   pn -
\ : 111-       Meet ng ...
..   ,   ;  tiers   Part ■■ will be
.. i ipei i House   n   I
,'  - j. in       A.hi" -    -
M.    P     P      ii..!
■. ited
Secy,   Liberal   A". I   I
business' locals
Leave    , ,nr   urder    for     Keigliley s
vegetablet at I'  Burn's meat market
Get your vegetables at P. Burns'
Irish every morning, Prioes right for
everbody's table
I'riviito sale uf household lurniture
of   Mrs.   Ii   W.   Foote, Third   street
Same  may he seen  hetween  the  heirs
of II a.m. and \ p.m  any day.    I7t,f
Wireless telephones for talking
without wiiei Hung ui' shuii distance|
me iIn-In,est great Invention of Ihe
age, Agents wanted to sell stuck,
Reforenooa required.   For particulars
address I MI'KIM.W. I''|N ts'l I'.    (III.,    "I-."
Departmenl, Pnndm-Htrent,  Vancnit
ver, H. 0, July IV lm
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Rknts Coi.i.ectkii. Loans Notary Public
$15,000 -STOCK-$15,000
Wc arc giving up Imsiness and selling  out  our  entire  Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and will  be continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
On TufBilay evening tbe Hovers
played the Scots Greys a game of
baseball which resulted in a win lor
the latter by a Bcore of 7 to 6 after a
bard live-innings game. This places
the Scots GreyB and the Intermediates
teams ties for first place in the
On Tuesday night the intermediates
will play the Business men.
The following iB the standing of the
teims up to date:—
G rey s      6
Intermediates.,.     n
Hovers...      4
Businessmen .. .     0
The reoreation ground track is being
put iu fair shape anil all local nth kites
should get out and take some preliminary training ns Labor day will
soon he here and if the locals wish to
keep the Relay cup here this year they
will have to hurry as Kamloops have
a last crowd of runners and will tiy
hard to hold the cup for anolher year.
The physical director of the V. M.
C. A. wishes all association athletes to
start into training next, week, (Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings
at the McKenzie avenue recreation
grounds, starting at 7 o'clock.
On Thursday night two Borub teams
bad a very exciting game; one team
was made up mostly ol lacrosse buys
while the other was composed ol baseball buys Irom all the teams. The
lacrosse hoys won by a score of 0-4.
Knight pitched for the winners while
Budge handed up the shooter (or the
It was reported not long ami that
the Happy Home wanted toplay some
team a game of baseball, but tbey
seem to have given up the idea since
the Willows came into the lield. 11
this game cannot be arranged the
Willows would like to meet the Hig
Eddv team if trey still think they can
play tall.
Next Wednesday night the  Beavers
will    play   lhe    Norlh    Stars    in   lhe
Junior   league.    The standing of   the
league up to date —
.-.tar-.    .... fi
Beavers      2
.Moving pictures tonight,
Wedding Bells
ineouver World   ol   Wednesday    his   the   following     interesting
■  , 'lit
'   Last night a marriage took  place
at 21211 Pine street, Fairview, between
Brenaoombe and Mr. George
Knapp, ii- tb ol Revelatoke.   Tbe Rev.
M r   8t»p elord   of  the   Bial h  avenue
oburob,  officiated   at   the
Mr   anil Mrs. K napp  left
-. ittle, arbare * I ey will spend
•i,,-  • - iore returning via  Killaruey,
. lo rolstoke,  wbi re  i bey will
n.ak' tbeir (atari borne
M Mr-    Knapp  wiii     I delve
- l iheir
ft Ii in-re in which ' be Wah
- nuoh i ■ i-i". ,i, join log,
(rifsted for Roooery
.;     -     ft    c     , ■ !      .in      wa«
', eili i --I -y     v:i   charged
mg stolen a  -uin   ol   ii.one;,
\   iiek. a    li .m.i.i iii    land
at the   Lily   hotel        W hill
1 -   <      i waiaalwp In hi'   room  it
.It   M   III   Rl   le. ll llie   ruulii
id   the   podkl II    Ol    the    Cum
. . ml !:.,.'■■ vi ro notified ol
the robbery »rd soon alterwsrdi
I'.-ii'i the aoouied Thii morning
Mills was up before Magistrate Postal
-.1. I ic iharge,
I   •• sail   against    Mills lur ruhlairy
idjourni A   I di    Monday to
allow   ine  aoouied   tu   prooure le^al
ni ...
. «_► •
fo i"|ni at the Edison fliaetre
The urogram uf motion  plctiit-osat
hi i ii   hi Parlor Theatre laal  night
wax appreciated by a orowded  bouse,
Tlie    euineilie,      A    !'■       '    nil,    especially
I he "I'nlii email's I lle.ini      .Mill  "S.ilnly
Mi ihni   hi  Flailing,'    The lin    i une
IU      • I I   llll-     lll'IIVci.| ll.     ,1     v.  ly
1 -.' it Ing .md Interesting picture,   Tl
nine  program   will   lie   repeated   I
nigh! ul. (WO pi-i fui in.inci's,
Gun Club Shoot
The lollowing scores were made at
the regular weekly shoot on Wednesday  last :—
Notil,... TROPHY (fiO birds)
Mi.lhollaiid gets 12, broke 30    12
MeDonell scratch "      44   44
Brown gctB IH "      12   30
Barber Bcratoh "     34   34
Sturdy scratch '-     30   30
Cooke gets 12 "     28  40
MeDonell won the weekly button
and the trophy. Tbe program is being
arranged for the big annual shoot
which will be held the day before the
Fall Fair, probably Sept. Oth. Good
pri/.eB will be given and a big crowd iB
The Value of Irrigation
When tlie world waayo mg, says the
Winnipeg Telegram, the value ul
irrigation us uu adjunct to agriculture
was widely recognized. Kvery reli- ol
lust civilizations discovered to-day
reveal evidences of this fact. The first
extensive plan of this character
recorded iu ihe west was Unit adopted
by Brighiim .Tilling when he led the
Mormons into I lull and  undertook lo
utilize the valley ol the Great Salt
Lake. There was grumbling among
the sturdy characters In bis party
because their leader rejected the rich
bottom lands surrounded by heavy
fore-its and insisted on cultivating a
plain baked hard as a bone by ages of
torrid, dry weather. Then it was that
the genius astonished his people liy
turning the mountain st renin, which
he named ihe Jordan, onto tlie plain.
The irrigation methods were crude,
but tbe basin ol ibe Great Sail  Lake
he.'nine famiius throughout the world
ill a lew years lor the quantity and
excellence of ils fruit and delicate
Today irrigation has reached a
magnitude in Western Canada and
tbe States that suggests a revolution
in agricultural methods, Fur instance,
Arthur Hooker, secretary ol the hoard
ol control of the National Irrigat'on
Congress, will present a resolution for
approval by that organization at its
seventeenth Bessinn in Spokane, Aug.
'.I to 14, memorializing congress to
issue 3 per ceut. gold bonds, running
100 years, to the amount of $5,000,000,-
000, nr as much thereof aB may bo
necessary for the followiug specific
purposes :
One billion dollars for drainnge of
overflowed and swamp lands, thus
reclaiming bii area equal to 100,000
square miles.
One billion dollars for the reclamation by irrigation ol 40,000,000 acrt'B
of arid and semi-arid lands, now
partly or wholly waste.
One billion dollars to construct and
improve deep waterways, to develop
tlinii-ands of miles of territory now
without adequate triinspintation facilities.
iiue billion dollars fur g mil roads
ami national highways, fur the lack nf
which the luss tu tbe farm area of the
i nited States is approximately |600,-
000,000 annually,
One billion dollars for forest protection, reforestation and conservation
nl the forest resources, Hum insuring
limber and lumber supplies lur centuries tu onme.
Five billion dollars is all enorinous
sum and yet it is lii-ignilicant. in
ciiinparisun wi|h the amount ol virgin
suil in he hruiight   under  cultivation.
Western Oanada (tbe prairie provinces;
is not iu thi dry belt und ilonH not
require Irrigation on the scale demanded ly lhe Western  Stales.
Public Reception
A public reception  will bo oxtonded
tu Hon. I , I Fullon nnd Mrs. Fulton
in lin- K M, a\ A A. hall on Tuesday
evening next when the oitltoni ol
Kamloops generally will join in doing
honor tO thi local esteemed representative and his bride The OOOIllOD
will he marked by lhe presmitatinn of
a i.i iniifn and mstly cabinet uf silver
which is being donated by the prominent   oltllOOl    Hid    business   men of
that city.   Pram lei   MoBrldi  will In
Ipresent    and    participate   iu the lenti-
Three Specials for Saturday
and Following Week
Hose, three pairs for 50c.—Ladies' line
black cotton hose, stainless dyes. Sizes X'/£ to
10.    Bargain price, three pairs for 50c.
Hose, 50c. per pair—Ladies' Lisle Hose,
plain or lace, in black, navy blue, tan and white,
all sizes.    Special price 50c. per pair.
Cushion Tops, ,30c. eacli—A nice assortment
to choose from, all good designs. Special
Sale Price 30c. each.
Twenty per cent discount on our entire stuck
of Whitcware.
McLennan & Co.
You Don't Have To f
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Rovelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents I
W f iff ffWfflf Wfff iff Iff fff tffif ffff Iff WflifV«W«**fff WWf f w
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
States Tariff Bill Considered By the
House To-Day
Washington, 1). ('.. .luly .ui.-Ak a
llnnl net of tho titiilT conferees, they
assembled eaily  this  morning   .-md
reviewed their work. They desired to
make cert uin Hint in ihe confusion
attending the last few days' sessions,
mistakes lutil not crept into the report. Ii will go to the house to-day
and be voted on by that body on
Saturday, The Senate on Monday
ttill begin consideration of the important measure
Halted by the mandate of Ihe President, the tariff conferees wen- compelled to turn back and revise lln-ir
rules on lumber anil gloves. Hides
will he fiee and tbe rates on shoes nnd
oilier leather products 'were reduced,
The president hud his own ideas of
what tlie rates should lie, ami he
expressed them forcibly in a letter,
(In lumber some concessions were
made, in   spite  ol'   the   fact   Hint   the
Prosident'i Instructions were compiled
with to th6 letter. Rough lumber wan
made dutiable with 91.2a pec thousand
finished on one side, ttil.T."} liuislied on
Iwo  sides,    of   one   side   planed  nnd
uml tongue-and-grooved planed S-.l'i;
finished  mi   three sides   $2.'>2,   ami
finished on four sides $_!,IHI; lhu iiui-
feiees' and Ihe senate rnte of .ill cenls a
ihousiinil on shlnglei Instead of the
hnuse rate of 211 cents,
Wrights and Bleirot Ire Offered a Twenty-Five
Thonsand Dollar Prize
P.UUH, July HO, Louis Bleirot, the
I'Velich aviator who successfully Mew
in loss   lhe   Hngllsll   channel   in    his
monoplane lust Sunday appealed
Kreatly pleased when Informed thai
tbo iilliiials ill the Alaska-Yukon
Pacific exposition hail offered ,1 purse
ul 825,000 fm- uu aeroplane race be*
tweon him and tha Wright Brothers,
He suid thut it ths Wrights challenge
under the Heattie conditions he should
immediately accept,
Wasiiimhos, U.O., July 80.—Wilbur and 1 irville Wright, holders of the
world's records as navigators of tne
air, when shown the cable aniioiiiiciliK
Blelrot'l willingneN to accept acbal-
lenge lr,>m the Wrights to contest at
the Seattle exposition, were lor a
moment puttied lor a reply.
"Will you issue a eliallmigR lor a
contest, with M. bleirot Ior the Seattle
prittf" Wilbur Wright was asked.
"Well, that's 1 uttinn it rather
Straight,* bo answered. "Wc have
never issued t obkllODgl nnd 1 hardly
Ihink we will. Dur |silicy is not along
these lines. We have many such pro-
potitiom undor ooniidoratlou, but
havo uot yet decided what wc will du."
The N'ew Edition ul Ihe
Vol. \ III  issued May, )<)n<j
pact's,   wilh   nearly   co  i
hi la
ms 1500
'cui. more
matter than lhe preceding edition. The
chapters with nine descriptions ami on
statistics have been carefully revised and
the bulk of the matter therein is
There are 25 chapters,
Covering Copper History( Geologyt
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting, Refining
Brands, tirades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, States, Countries and Continents) Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption) Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, etc.
The Copper Handbook is eoncededly
The Copper Hanbook contains, in this
now and greatly enlarged edition, aboul
50 per cent, more matter than  the   Hihit-
lhou£h   noi    necessarily  a better book
because of its greater bulk,     It   i*   Riled
with PACTS Ol vital importance to
Price Is >, in buckram with k1'1 lop( or
$7-5° '" genuine full library morocco.
Terms   aie   the   most    liberal.    Send  no
money, bul order tlie   book   seul   you,   all
carriage charges prepaid on one week's
approval, lobe relumed it unsatisfactory,
or paid for if it suits. Can you all'ord noi
tO see tbe book and judge for yourself of
its value io you 'f
Write now lo (be editor aud publisher,
Horace J. Stevens
rjlIVBROOM II0U8K looatedonO.
I' P, Bi grounds near station, with
20 year lease on gionnd. This house is
in unu,1 icpaii with flue garden ninl
fruit, trees. Will sell at a bargain If
■old at once. Apply for further particular! trfE, Jl Bourne, Flflt street.
— 1 ~^-
DININIi ROOM GIRL   wanted apply at the Oriental Hotel.
WANTED—Board ami  room  Inn
lespeclalile luinilv iu return fur
work    Hillside   ol   school    hours, Ily   a
yoiinK glt-l attend,nn Efaveliloke Ifinh
si hoot. Address Urand View Farm,
Malakwa, ti. V, jly 28 ;%


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