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The Mail Herald 1908-09-19

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"Empire" Typewriter
Fur ease ot operation nnil perfection
in results produced, thi-t machine
is Unsurpassed.    Price, fOl)00 Cash
Interior Publishing Co.,   ■   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Fnr fuse of operation unit perfection
in results produced, this Machine
is unsurpassed —PaiaB'fSOOOeaeh,
Interior Publishing Co , Agents
Vol. 14.-No  70
Provincial L:b
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stor_._ ut Air-'Ahead and Revelstoke.
The Three-Piece
Double-Breasted Saek
Double seat, double knees in
the trousers ; lined with a most
serviceable lining.
The above style is the correct
thing for this season, and we
have them in the newest patterns.
The " Lion Brand," and fully
C. 13. HUME tt CO.,  LIMITED
Stores at Kevelstoke and Arrowhead.  .
We hsve ss usual got one nf tlie best assorted stocks of
Spurting Ooods in B. C. In t.le small "Arms" we have
all '.he 22-calibrc rifles mid" hy the Winchester, Savage,
Stevens and Hamilton Arms Co. In the military and
spurting wc have the Ross KiHe, Savage 303, Winchester 303, 30 w.s., 32 Spec, 30 30, 38 55, and all tbe
most popular arms made.
Shotguns, sinel» and double lurrelled—rarker, Ithica,
Winchester ai d Stevens makes. Loaded shot shells in
all the be»t makes, Military cartridges in Canadian,
English anil American makes.
8hootingC"nt» and Vests. Bags and Cartiidge Belts.
Tents in all size-.    Knock-down Camp Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Until further notice this Bank will be
open C. P. R. Pay Night and following night
each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Open every Saturday evening from
7 to 9. p. m.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed un deposits from date of deposit and credited
Reveletoke Branoh, B.C.   A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
I Intend sending my order for  Kui-h at   lhe end  uf
Anyone wishing lo order any special Pur oan can
see OaUlogUU and get, prices al lhu Htnre before then.
Oppoeite Olimai  Hotel, First Street.
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. SEPT. 19 1908
$2.50 Per Year
Local Brethren Institute Lodge
at Salmon Arm
T-esday, Sept. 15, 1908, will ever be
remembered in the history of Salmon
Arm, fur on that day a lodge of the
I 0.0.P. was duly instituted by W. W.
Foster, L) D.Q.M., who was accompanied by the Degree Team and several veterans uf Selkirk Lodge, No. 12.
The new luilge is called 611. Ida Lodge.
I'pon their arrival, the visiting
bretheni were received in a most cordial milliner and having dined they
proceded to Eureka Hall where the I).
D.U.M., assisled by several Past
Uriinil-, with due solemnity instituted
the new luilge and installed the following ollicers:—Bro. Oibbard, N.O.;
Bro. Carrol, VU; Bro. Ruth, Sec*
Bro. Eckland, Tress., and Bro. Bonis,
Progress having been made thus far,
the newly installed N. O. invited all
to attend him to the banqueting ball.
Here a most pleasant hour was spent
and good-fellowship reigned supreme,
while the delicacies so tastefully prepared weie enjoyed to tbe utmost.
But as work was not yet finished festivities were soon set aside.
Retiring to the lodge ruom thu Revelstoke. members took charge, and the
Degree Team, in that characteristic
manner which has wun so favorable a
name for Selkirk Lodge, conferred tbe
several degrees to ten new members.
The manner in which the work was
put on will undoubtedly leave a lasting inipie=eiiui with those who Baw it
for the first time and also have a beneficial   ffect on the new lodge.
While day was dawning, the young
lodge held its first business meeting
and the despatch and intelligence
shown was most creditable. At the
close of the meeting D.D.G.M. Poster
gave a furceable and eloquent address
well suited ti the occasion. The visiting bretheni returned on tbe morning
train, physically weary, but conscious
ol having performed a pleasant duty.
Laborer has Both Legs Severed
by Train.
Charlie Francians, foreman of a
working gang st the 12th crossing
bridge on the C.P.R., was run over by
No. 2 early this week, while walking
on the track. It appears that Fran
cians was on his wiy to the cars of the
construction train, when the passenger
train overtook him, and before he
could get clear of the metals the engine struck bim, knocking him down
and crushing him beneath the wheels,
both his legs being cut off. The en-
gineer. when the accident was imminent, put nn the emergency brakes and
brought his train to a standstill in a
few feet.
The injured man was conveyed as
quickly as possible to lllecillewaet,
where an engine was procured and he
was taken to the Revelstoke hospital
where he died later from the severe
shuck and loss of blood.
An inquest was held by Coroner
Hamilton, and a verdict returned of
accidental death, blame being attached
to no one. It is supposed lhat the
man, who at the time uf the accident
was on the outside edge of the ties
was under ihe inlluence uf liquor and
failed to note the trains approach.
The regular meeting of the city
council was held last night with Mayor
Lindmark aud Aldermen Foote, Woodland, Sawyer and Lefeaux present.
Minutes of the previous regular anil
special meetings were read and
Froin Hilel of Police, reporting fi e
alarms l' Iv —Filed.
From Iih secretary of Nu. 2 Fire
Brigade, i | testing su appropriation
from the cntincil tn send a delegate to
the Fire Chietb' convention at New
Westminster nt the end ol the month.
A resolution was paused that as Aid
Foote was tin ibe executive committee
he should represent the Kevelstoke
fire department at the convention.
The council will also Bend do*n by
Mr. Fnoteati Invitation to the chiefs
to hold their convention next year at
From B. A. Lawson, oity clerk, re
porting on the results nf the recent
tax sale.   The report was adopted.
From O. M. Sproat including payment of $750 fur taxes on the Realty
Co's land, and asking for a reply to
previous quest i -ns —Filed.
A discussion wus then held over
the power rales, the mutter being
eventually turned -ver to the Fire,
Water m.d Li)jlit committee tn decide
A resolution was passed tu hnve the
interim- uf the council chamber in the
cily nail painted,
A resolution wus pissed whereby
the ouucil agree that all the out
standing light, mid witter accounts
must be paid and that the city clerk
be instructed to take steps at once to
collect the same.
A resolution was passed to the effcot
that water for power purposes in the
ciiy shall be stopped and tbat the
water be turned off from all those
motors after "111 diiys, owing to the fact
of there being electrio power available.
The accounts were passed and the
meeting terminated.
Fruit for England
R. M. Palmer, deputy minister ot
agriculture, leaves for England in a
few days to take charge of the British
Columbia fruit exhibit which will be
sent again this year .to tbe principal
autumn shows in the old country.
The exhibit will consist of different
varieties of apples and pears. If it
arrives in time, it is hoped to display
the exhibit at the Franco-British exhibition and also at the Koyal Horticultural shows at London, Edinburg,
Liverpool and other important centres.
Valuable Mineral Claims
Gus Hedstrum returned on Thursday night from Queen Charlotte Island
on the Pacific coast where he has been
locating mineral properties. On being
asked as to his opinion on the value
of the oae properties at Tasoo Harbor,
which properties are owned by Messrs.
A. (.lowing of Trout Lake, T. Taylor,
M.P.P., and P. C. Elliott, both of this
city, he informed tbe Maii.-IIkkalu
that this property, in his opinion wai
one of tbe best things in the west and
one of the most promising locations
yet made. Prom samples seen he
stated that these showed $32 in gold
and $30 copper, and he eaid moreover
that the ore was being worked and
■hipped to the Ladysmith smelter fur
$1.75 a ton. There were other valuable properties on the islands all of
which showed promising results. Mr.
Hedstrum returnB in a few days tu
arrange tor further opening up of tbe
valuable ore bodies on these islands.
Trainmen Support Strikers
Ottawa, Sept. 18.—The striking
machinists yesterday were addrcsred
by Bell Hardy, wbo optimistically reviewed the past and present phases of
the strike, predicting a benefit whet lu-i
they lost ur won, from tbe movement
for the betterment of the working
classes. Chsirman Rigby, ot the Superior division strike committee, was
also optimistic. He said over $11,000
had been voluntarily subscribed by the
trainmen welt of Winnipeg. Strike
pay ii being issued here.
Timber Men all Look to B. C.
For Timber.
Vancouver, Sept. 18.—"Within two
years every New Yo-k capitalist interested in timber will have a finger
in the British Columbia pie and will,
sb manv wideawake American capitalists are doing now, wre-it from the
loose g nsp of British Columbians the
multifuld opportunities with which
this province abounds.
"Why dn not Briiish Columbians
wake up and realize lhe value of tlieir
own timber before American capitalists
reap benefits iu advance of those who
have lived the maj ir portion of their
lives in this province '!"—Haywood
Brown, New York capitalist.
"British Columbia 1. the American
continent's last m.nrt for timber.
Michigan, ol course, is a back number
so far as timber is concerned, and the
timber of Washington, California and
Oregon iB practically gone. Now the
eyes of American capitalists are looking
towards British Columbia and should
this province in time be unable to
yield more, then An e icans must
build themselves mud huusesor invent
some substitute fur lumber."—W. A.
Kappler, Cleveland, Ohio, promoter of
inter-urban railroads, n nv retired.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Suudajs in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Com
amnion Mass; 10:30 tt.m. High .\ ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benedict ion.
St. Andrew's Presdytkrian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Sept 20
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday-
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 pm,
Knox Presbyterian—J. K. Robert*
son, B.D., minister. Sunday services
at ll am. and 7.30p.m. Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class at 2-30
p.m. Morning subject, "The Message
ul the First Bunk ol Samuel. At tin-
evening service the Continental Bible
Study Sunday will be observed hy a
sermon on the subject. "The duty ot the
Canadian citizen tu know the Bible."
Good Music. All welcome and strati
gars specially invited.
Mktiioihkt—Kev.T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services ou Sunday as follows :—
Morning servic at 11 o'clock. Sun
day School aud Bible Class tit 2:110 p
in. Evening service at 7:110 p.m.
Morning subject, "The proper attitude
of young people towards wrung
doing." Evening subject: "The Mockery of Wine for ono Week "
Wednesday evening service, 8 o'cl ick
A cordial invitation is extended to all
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. m. B. Y. P. II. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p in. All aro invited to these services
Morning subject, "Physical Sscritice
and its Motive. In the evening the
women of tlie Lodge of Kebekahs will
attend divine service.
St PbtEK'8 (Anglican)—Kev. C.A.
Procunier, M.A., Hector. Servioes on
Sunday us follows: 8 a.m. Holy Communion. At 11 a.m. Matins, and
Sermon. 7.30 p.m. Evensong. 2 30
p m.   Sunday School.
The city police have very effectively
rid tbo town of most of tho undesirable
visitors that landed here about Pair
timo. If ull reports aro true tbe
bunch of "doiibtfuls" that drifted in,
some to all intents and purposes lo
remain here, was about as bad as could
be and the pulico bavo had thoit
hands full in clearing the city uf the
scum of the oountry.
You Will Wait
in Vain
If you w?it with the expectation or hope of finding better grades of Teas
and Coffees than we are
now offering to our customers.
Both nre chosen on account of tlieir select quality and both give
the greatest satisfaction ti tlmse who are used to the best.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily
Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Apples, Plums, Pears, Peaches,
Green Corn, Tomatoes, Celery. Cauliflower, Cabbage. Cucumbers, etc.
Hardware, Stoves, Paints, Etc.
We have a line of Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition and
Camping equipment—the best Stoves anp Ranges on the
market. Sherwin-Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes and
dry colors.
Bourne  Bros.
Fixed for October 26th, Nominations Oct. 19th.
Ottawa, Sept. 18 —The die is cast.
The edict has gone forth. The general elections will be held on October
26th. Upon his return this morning
from Niagara Falls Sir Wilfrid Laurier
obtained Lord Grey's ennsent to the
dissolution of t hu Tenth Parliament
of Canada.
A meagrely attended meeting ot the
Cabinet Oouncil convened at 3 o'clock
and it was then decided that the appeal tu the country should be made on
the date mentioned, namely, Monday,
October 26th, with nominations on
October 19th.
Mr. D'Arcy Scutt, mayor ot Ottawa,
was appointed assistant chairman of
the Board of Railway Commissioners
at a salary of $0,000, and Mr. Thomas
Greenway aud Mr. J. S. McLean,
M. A., Professor of Ecouomics in Toronto University, were appointed
members of the Hoard.
The position of C. P R. solicitor at
Ottawa, vacated by Mr. D'Arcy Scott,
will be tilled by Mr. J. S. Ewart, K. C.
There wns a general impression in
political circles that one of the Kailway Commissi'inershipa would have
gone to eitber Mr. Ralph Smith, M.P.,
or Mr. William Galliher, M. P.
American Paper Manufacturer
Wants Duty Removed
ArPLETON, Wis, September 18 —
" Because raw material is much
cheaper in Cun idu, an.I labur is considerably cheaper we would have to
go out of bus.nets if tbe tariff on
wood pulp were to he cut off, unless
we would obtain higher prices for our
sulphite than wo are icceiviiigat the
present time," said Mr, N. M. Jones,
of Uangor, Maine, inunuger of the
Kalalidin Pulp and Paper Company,
al Lincoln, Mu., before tho Congrcss-
innul Investigation Committee.
Continuing Mr. Junes Baid: "Unless
we can get nut material as cheaply as
the Canadian mills do we would have
to quit business, for we could not
ooinpete with them."
The chairman ul   the   Investigation
' in 111 i-i- naked Mr. Jones   if   in   bis
opinion the wm ul pulp supply is amply
sufficient Ior un indefinite period.
Mr Jones replied hy saying that in
Maine tlm supply is perhaps practically inexhaustible, but in the Middle
West, especially iu Wisconsin, Mich.,
and Minnesota, where the most ot the
paper mills are located, the maiiii-
tiicturers will sunn be compelled to
secure tho p lip wood frntii Camilla.
" Tho only thing I sec to do," said
Mr. Jones, "is In make a treaty with
(luinula, n it as a tariff, not as a Republican Party today and a Democratic party tomorrow, but a treaty
Whereby lho tariff on wood-pulp
would be uut off and our mills be
allowed to purchaso wood-pulp in
Camilla at tho samo figures that
Canadian mills will do, but I would
also increase tho duty on Europear.
pulp 100 per cont. Europe is our
greatest competitor, not Canada. The
market of the United States and Canada is Urge onough to ubb all the
pulp wood, sulphite and paper manufactured in this country and Canada,
il the treaty wcro made and tbe duty
on Fin "pi an goods increased."
Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament of ~~"
the Dominion of Canada
Head Office, • Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL: $2,000,000   In 20,000 Shares of $100 each with $10 Premium
The Bank of Vancouver is bemglorgauited to meet in part tha increased banking
accommodation required by the natural aud steady oipausion of business coincident with
the groM development o the country and especially of British Columbia, and while
orgamrang to conduct a general bauking business, will give special consiaeretion to the
industries and commerce of tbe Proiince, and is being established primarily for this
gurpese, and through its connections in Great Britain, Eastern Canada and the United
states, it will be able to greatly facilitate the investment of outside capital in the various
enterprises of ths Province.
It is the inteutiou to open branch offices at various points from time to time as oppor-
tuuity arises.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
have beon appointed Fiscal Agents for the Bank at Bevelstoke.   Application forms and
terms of Stock Subscription may be obtained from them.
>. L. DEWAR, Secretary.
Proper clothes for little
Swell Dressers.
^^ Copy rl j-.-1,   l9o^
9?    fy ^/To~7_7-_/^:
When you send your little men to   school  you
wish them to have oil good clothes, don't you ?
To wear good clothes is a good habit.    Is it not
well to begin good habits young?
Your little mau will study his  lessons  better if
he has a bran new suit.
We can give you a good   two-piece  rough  and
tumble boys' suit.
Good for every day and Sunday too.
Headquarters for clothes for little men is at
McKinnon CSt, Sutherland
At 8 Per Cent.
Che n&aiUlfocralb,
HCBUSHKll   WKUNl -!ia\   IN      8ATUR.
I'M   Al
MURPHY __ 1-1SI"-.'
Barristers, Soucitor>    Eic.
A \\   A
Parliamei- • ■ ■.    Departmental
.:,d Patent Office Agents
pr. :tice before Railway
Chas. Mubphv.
IIahoi.h Fishbr
III. _N ,- Kl.l
tl . i UsTdKG *>n
i um r
11. c,
wn I'lM
iv II AM
.    lllll     . s -
m u iti
mi. KTr.
>i i
KM        I.i
Hank   II
II. c.
. .H i..
... ■    ;
'  ;■
k, I! V,
■mi u.
■ ■■ Ml! AM.
J. A
i 'rai
11 MIR
i brook
It i
U   1.
iit a  mm
H i IRIS n lis, SnuciTiiKS, ETC.
Musisv to Loan
sni .i iToaa pun M'u.siinsi Hvsk
nt Street. Revelstoke, H.C.
Provinei il 1. md Surveyor,
Mining Suiveym
Kugiiieet ing
McKeszie Avenue,
li.'X  100,  ItEVI-LSTOKE
, ',, t Hcui ml Teacher "f
1' mn Vocal H>- "I v.
-.1 x.. il ICindevgiiiien
, | ... ■ Im . hil-
Slildiii over
BEWS'  IHU <i t
. \  IV.  A.   WlllDDINOTOiN
[I   ISA, Al
■     -Tl IKK,     -
-     II C
ion ■■: An'li -Mf
\\    A   WlUDI-INU'l
RoveUtiike. II. I
Remarkable for
flavor.   The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
Banff Hard Coal
ire now receiving a full supply of the
the  best  do
dilTiTcnl sizes of this Coal,
mestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be
torily attended to
promptly and satistac
Try some BRIQUETTES in youi
Open   l il .lie.
tnge or
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
nuking the people to again pledge
the city's credit for iheir own pake*,
nor ilu they want lo push tho
hlame of ilohig bo upon (heir predecessors who, we lake it, endeavored lo make us good n deal for the
■iiv as they could, hul the plant
will have to be paid lor and llie
best way to ilu lhat is- by what
has lieen adopted, of raising the
money on debentures for which
authority lhe council have nailed
t'.n the vote iif the elector, on
Monday, Failing lhat—then Ihe
only u lie'native is In lake ihis
ain'iut.i. and hy no means n small
- Iiei . oui ui tlm currenl reserve,
which will inin ii increased luxes
and we are tjuito certain lhat the
eiii/.eiii iin imi w.uii that. It is
now left lo ilu- Revelstoke people
to decide what they wish, nnd since
the money has ^m lo he raised
somehow, the ratepayers cannot do
better than poll a unanimous vote
for the by-law on Monday and put
an end to the matter. In taking
this stand we do not of necessity
endorse the action of the city council or lake up tlie cudgels for them
on any question, but we think that
in calling for the vote of lhe people
to raise this money by debentures,
they have adopted lhe only feasible
and satisfactory methods.
There IrRsi siiorll l.Hil ii, tlie best .si I'-.
A id so in loh e '-'s1 ia ■-'■" worst ol us.
Tl at  ■ nardl* *■■■ novo" iny nfns.
'.' i talk nis'iiu Uii* rr-t s.i us.
The Cauadiau public needs to
wake up to the necessity of saving
the valuable forests at a comparatively .small expenditure, instead
of losing millions by the burning
of tlieir timber and having to go to
comparatively larne expense to
plant uj. are     thu?  denuded.
I'.-..  :. - .   [o   forest   planting  is
iftei     und   rightly,  urged.     But
then .   an thei  aspect ol forestry
that claims a place even in advance
ol this. viz., that of  protecting the
iorest h om tire.
Planting   a n re ol ground  with
t tree   i o_ts, a< cording  to
.. ,.-n   by   M r    E. J. Za\
Foresti r lo I he < intario 1 lep trtn
il Agriculture, lo to H11   per
I he former  was   I he   figure  when
•i.-v. for the amount to purchase  labor could be had at   a   low
the   Barnes   with   .ill  trees could be  provided  at a   low
Alter    thai   i\a.
r> tin    .:..-    oum il tgn ed   I hat
■■• t    i|   ■       .      tie    it   lirst
■ ■'. ■- noi     if! -■ ■:.' and
ti  -.   more
Iiini        v'hen I lie new
to    lice they
Ity  right    ag   rial
.-a i I'RinY, SEPT lu. 10; S
. the puoii    in   iw re   $10,000
s still   .anted I      miple.e 11:    iu> -
power and lig n     and
_   '!,   ■ he     b_i -...v..   v ■
•   com       authoi'
-... raising ot t>_ch •       Iv   di bei -
-    Mondo -■
sept. 2 ■ •■   ■■■_     til
■■:.:■.■   .ion will
I .  .
o       '. '-••:  iheir  c ill ill  -
in  - ngiui   ■ :   150  liOrss
price and other circumstances were
I ivorable     I' tking even this B
ni easily In- calculated that i ne
tin Wednesday evening next there
will he n basket I.n.)t gsiino si the Y.M.
C.A. This will open lhe gymnasium
Im the season   1908-U9.    On   Oct. 1st
nil c.l.issi. n a i'i -I .it .l till I bone whu an
h'Jiiiiu.   on   inking   up   ^yiunasiuiu
work llus   \e-r   Wiiuld   ,k. nell '" |;i
lined u|i iu ooe of l In- i in sen at once.
Sonic oi th ■ I. eui uth lei: a nre guiiij.
l.-i K si ii i h i ns In compote in ihe simps
their on the 24.-25. Charlie I'liline i-
going to try and put actinip in tin r
l'i e   (list unci    record, and  Astle «i.i
in.ike-ot f   their sprinters travel h
1,-w Crowe will most, likely lake cart
of the pole vault uml high jump It
possible a relay team will be sent, inu
fur financial tea-uns quite u li uui ber
uf men will he unable tu compete. It
ia tu he Imped that next Benson Bevel-
stoke will have n tr.ick team lit to
compete in the very best uf company,
as the material is nil here. All that
is nccCBsnry tu make il u BlicceBB is :i
good running track and public interest enough to send representatives to
the different athletic meets. Then
before long RevelBtoke will turn uut
some of the fastest runners in B. 0.
The baseball team will go tu Kam-
Inups on the 23rd It is hoped the
buys will be as successful there as the
Kamloops team were here. Captain
Scott figures on taking down a strong
nine and the hoys will certainly du
their best to uphold the honor ul uur
A meeting will lie held uu Monday
night at the Y.M C.A. to discues the
advisability of forming a city bowling
league. Ml intereftad should attend,
at 7:30 o'clock, and help to get things
sUrtei! right.
Thanksgiving   Hay  will de the day
when the  long  iliitince  races wi I he
6f all  through Canada.      Ilevel-
stoke will not be   behind tht   noes in
any way a- the physical direr   ,r - I the
Y M.C \   ifl   i. ranging to lu. ■   a road
race on   tbat    lute emblematic ol the
championship   f   tbs   Revi stoke dia-
I   cl     The race in front Mos-
lish in Iron!
issi cial ling     It wi
a    nanl   gr  i        g  race es|   . I   y the
-■ ■    — mih -   in  the coursi
-   - ■ -. hilly      v     i thinking
running    would    do    wel!    •    gt I
training al    nci        11   I ■      ■    . -   ■
oi-   _ ivi :     md   - il   —  a   i i.. takei
Irum providing
the man  ent< tn aniateu
-i ii. ling • •   . •   i .-   il
iliii -     e  pert
wislps-.g to promote sp it i        put up n
cosl ol pi ml i.   ii] quare mile  ., rpe( ,. _,.,,  . ,.,_.
is 13,200.00, for planting 10 square j annual eveni
,|,,. cosl will I'- .32,000, tnd      tht, Revelstok
-,, ,,.,,.•   a   ■ : .le    township   six
mil piare would require nn  ex-
them of a plain costing more than I pemliture of 1116.300.
ppropriated for by their I    Instead of waiting  fur
-   Besides several minor
iU   thai   i."-■   in connection
vv -h lhe act .a. bu; ing il  I he  ma-
ind   .i-   installation  and
the ■ "-t thereby entailed, the   pres-
::' il have I,,,- s hanged  Irom
■. ■    contracts   and    arrangements
made hy  the  1907   idniinisl ration
in any degree nor could they do -u
without expense and probable legal
i Hii ultiei     They have carried out
I he work commenced  befure  their
and novi find that In complete
lhe work nlong  the original  liri.-s
-: iO   muBt   ho procured.   The
preei nl administration cannot help
hemselvcs and lin   hesl   way  out
of   llie   difficulty   i.-   In   raise Unit
:. .-in! by debentures, making the
.i-i • "na   easier  on   lhe present
■   ition and giving the one lo
lome a chance of doing tln-ir share
• -.-. ,;i- the municipal development
..; the city.   The whole  thing is
■ leal and plain, the council are nut
     an.I   al
low ing forest ■ tn hum down i ind
the tremen Iouh i to the ior.--i
from tin- i- little appreciated hy
any _ ho have noi -itidied tin- itih-
ject), it is far cheaper and easier to
guard existing (uresis ffom fire
The r it ging ol lhe railway bell in
British Columbia, an area of a
little over 10 million acres, during
the laat li cal year, (April 1, 1.107,
tu March 31, 1908), cosl the Do
minimi iiovernmont 111,111 '.I
something less lhan 11 mills per
acre, or aboul OOcents per square
mile, No serious fires were rc-
ported during tlm year. Tin- railway bolt is exceptionally well
patrolled, hul even with lhe cost
several limes what ilia, I In-expense
isi well worth while, considering
the value of tin- mature limber
and young growth thus saved.
will _" -.,  . rmel      j ■ pi   'J-lm lo
take | ■■-....
s   .;  i     '
.... • .      i s   I ei
is mstalned   ■ .f   lifting l he champ i -
May Poslponp.  Thanksgiving
Otta,-i i Sepl 13 rhe m • 61
i Ictober 19 ss he dal I rninal n
for the general elections -iiii involve
a ehauge in the dati it Thanksgiving
Day, which the government had in
tended to proclaim for thai 'I ite
It in now prnhahle that I hanks-
giving Ii.iy will I'1- postponed nntil
Monday, November II
Molsons' Officials Visit City-
New Bank Premises
Mr, Molson Mnc.phi rsnn, president
of the Molsons Rank; Mr, James Elliot
general manager, and Mr. 11. Mark-
land Molson, a director, were visitors
to the city on Wednesday. Tbe party
am making a return trip Irom the
una-.ttlir.iugh the Kootenays and are
lonkiiig mil suitable locations for
br uches.
On being asked l'or n statement as
to Iheir trip wept Mr. Macpherson
said that they were mnkitig their annua! tour through the ol ties where
their i'i'*-i"lii... wm established.
"Ahhough many reports wei'o circulated a. to where we intend opening
Up in w business, we can give no definite informal o i," he snid Mr Mao- i - ii ■ il moreover thai it was Ihe
ii t"iii'oii of the Molsons Hank to erect
a new bui'dii ■• on tbeir pnsent site In
thin cit" a nl this work would be cnni-
m inenl "• snuii as the buildlne now in
u ■•■ i ii, l e leuiovnl.   The hankers suid
little il i lie progress; of Revelstoke
h i m rr -'en eil In see Hint business
wa s ..i'i nu ing '
Yv A N T R I)
/ (lil.K    l-"ii-l el is, " I,ile wi rl.iiuin.
^,    wimls   io   il'iou'--.     Ii"' i'«'<'>
-aiisfaclioii. N.i ebei ' "Hill' <'""-
idereil. JAS. I'.isiun- moil,
II. c
11 Ifl
I; i. no.
I',- V   I'm
'.       \H   I
(llill, wniiiil   im
||,e     I*.   lllll    II     t     I.
to  W    .1    l.ielii
F,milh Street.
A,is, I
. v\ .(ire. n.
U'UNIKHUD MillISl'l lu Keiii    Ap
ply In (' iliiniliia Agencies 1.1,1,
l(|l(   s \l,
I      .,„• Sab
\pply I"  ll.
II c.
!,|    IllUgSlllI-'
N-iei nber I.
I.'ll .NOV   IN    A'l'iwll -nl.
sep Hi li
i-Vl'l SAI.K-Twn it
|<      V t,, ■ I y   lu   Mill III
S .tub Track.
.,,1   Milk   ('
on   &     Ciowe.
til IS,
SA I.i: l-IIl.AP — Nine rlr»l:
i^, I) icy Cows. Apply In Box
,.,,,,„.„!. Sat 12 Bud
.OI'Nll   Hold   Wiilell,   iiwiiei-  can
I,ne   .une by proving property
I --iivii I. I'm' 'bis nolice
' , ThiidSl.i'i'i-1,
Apply E
.1  M
■iM M.l. FURNlsHlSD HOUSE or
l> fiiinislii d moms wanted for light
boils keeping.   Appy at Mnil-Heeuld,
>OOMI_I_S WANTBD in   eniiifiiiU-
nl   house next dunr In Y.M ('.A.
work  ur din-
> V    ingi-iiu-n liy expi
Apply at mice In _il. Anel. Gulden
The crowdod bbuve
haven't yoa often "v
for more space'?
', ah -
\:rA\r   ^jK^^J)^'
vTi.6-i for more top
-raco. Grantor:—
"Sask-alta" Range.
Granted: — The
cutting in half of
wash day. Grantor:
"Sask-alta" Range.
Granted:- The use
of a top space sufficient to prepare
a meal all at one
time. Grantor:—
"Sask-alta" Range.
"Sask-alta" piping
h-This pipe-hole may be
used if preferred but—.	
I this pipe-arrangement leaves    adjustment   is
the top of range free for pots,    ea8y> but y°u Will
oans, etc not   flnd lt on
■^^ any   other  range.
MS Claiys
|>tndM, Toronto, Montreal, Wlnnlpct, Vancouver, St John, Hamilton, Calgary
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
TTTANTBD—A good geneial servant
V\ f. i* a family of two. Apply to
Mrs A. II. McUleneghan, Impeiial
Bank resi  ence.
WANTED  TO   LET-14    roomed
Louse    partly   furnished,   $25,
6 ro ed   lioitse $12 -Apply Columbia
Agencies, Limited.
I.   O.   F.
Court M.sirit Heirhie, \i .. |61, nieetc .inland
llh Muuduy. ii. ilstdfellnws HhII, iinxt tu Opera
House Visiting hretliren oordtall. invited to
J.W. Qaelasd, C.B.
H. W. Edwards. B.S.
C.   W.   O   W
Mountain  View Camp. No. 229
Mut-u  Second and  1'i-urtli  Wednesdays in
ssach month, in Selkirk Hall.   Visitin   Wood-
men cordlnlly inviied to attend.
w, li. aitMSTRONO.Con.Com.
.1   Mi-lN'IVIlK. Clerk.
F. O   E.
iMttng-- iro iielil in ttie rfolkirL
i I,   Tuesday of earth month. 8 p.m.
.        -- q _,.. enrdially inviied.
A   B, M,-I,AI'i'HLIN.Ski-ui..tabv.
,n-_    LOdKO   No.  15. 4   T. 8.  A. M.
Tho rn ..ilnr meet-
. ■     I'- I "!''_l..i.n_tll*_
v IUK. ars I.el.I In IliP
fen M.SONII   rt;>l 1-i.K
I/ Oddfalliiw. Hnll.on
/ .no thiol Moii'liiy ill
.tdi   month    it
n,   Visit di breth-
,,      I'liOllllllj      MOl-
U. I. O. O. T.
vt..... . .-v rj I hnruilaj
I   In     Uolktrli
Ball     it   i   oclock'
'.'.-.lIiik '.'i'Uirt-ii cor
,    i.iltisl   lo  at,
^^^^^T      I   a ' I MU-
'.om   Rang.  .imH.ii.  K. of    P.,
No. ?r, ffavelstoke, B. C.
vr.KV  ■>   o-.f.-1'AV,
., I   A .■'liii'.'l. y ni
.MlellliW   '
,  . « l-lllli
.        ,-    ■, VI led.
CSNINOH IM y-iWHIs i    '
.,   a   ,.K n K   K  ol  H   Ji_a
j  n sv (irr ii.
,f K
Queens Jtotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week       S5.0O
Single   meals   -   -   26 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.   -  $5.00
Other coal in   the  Maine  color,   hut
the difference in quality ih what counts
in Coursier's Coal.
n stormy days
by wearing  a
O.n    Uqlit
Low in Price
Boarding   School    for    Qirls
t hildren ol   all   Dcnnminnlion.   ad.
i. o. Complete Preparaltir] Sliulic-i.
lli-li   School I     Mum, :      I'l.ino,
In ',-.ui' "' i,     Put   '.-ini ii  .>i11,-i
|,,o lii ill,us appl)  ' .    Se. I I |. Si i-i hi. ,11
OPENING     SEPT      1st       lOOB
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
(Jash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Kevuliloke l.-oei Instriit.
Ill   ■ lot nl IVed K imj
ism. uui... itisit i. \,,r iiihii T Mai l.t-.i.l a
t..iooin.i.i'. Alia ,„rii|i»iii>n Broker, intend.
io applv I... ,.i-i no.-i..a io t-ur.amis' tue follow
nu; den ol.. .1 land.:
i iilioiivlieiiir at i  poal  |.laiilril at the siiiillll
.s.-i corner ot i nt mu >u imtbuli \'•He.
about iu iiiiii-i Mail nl tlio . oil abore ol Ar
o..s i.all- ami marked "N I', Mao . M. W
' nrn.-r " ibenne m i-iutiii. snniii. tlienceSI
.■Imiii- im.i. ll.i'in^ In obninl  norlli. I lionet- il
. ii.oi- im-s,,, pooialniug io u.riis, more or lent
liiti- .-.'i.t i, igog,
Mil UM kN 'I   Mai    hun,
>,|, IJIUHI II, John K, Taylor, his amin
r. nil MATTKH hi V. ai-I'I.Ii- TION
fnr tin- i—iif. of ii duplicate ii-itiileiiti' n( Title
tol.ul i".., llmup ono, nialrlol of Kool i>.
' 11ne n--iiii. Mineral i luim lexoeptlngan
 lUi'ied um. t wei'iii Intareel iheroln).
mi-i I'K. m IIKKKII. (Ill IA that   ii  i   in,
Inl.'-lil mn In I..-OI- nl tin' ei|iil'iil Inn nl lini-
n.nnil.   i,ru-r   the   llr-l    publication   horoo* ii nf the  Corllllnn (   title   fill'  lot
low, ilruuj ■•.  Dlatrlcl of   Kooteuay '"Inn
isk-nr " mineral - luim fiiiooptluKaniindlvlileil
iiiii-I »..Kill Inlet'-..I I henil.I in lhe Inoiir ot
llnilli;!- DoWlla, Wnloll I sllili.ile ladaUwl the
I7lh of     nrrh, I"tl7,.iinl iiiiiiiii,.red |M(1.
II. V   M    II. Mill
nisirici Rogtotrar.
I.iiml ' iKi.ll-) ~- tli. i -, Nsl.oli. II. 0,
Nrptember 10 h, IHO!
deepalr. "Don't do ■
thln|r" till yon sue eli'iirly
whut ii host hy slid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on hi'ftlt-i, iii'-'',-.-" l0V0, iii'*i i tf-Ki. ai)'. p.i' iht.'igc
ToIIh what, you'll ii-n1 H ilnr tor, but don*. I.k-to
.'in icik<'-'. Uliif-i it-ti'tl. ^,'M'i'ni-s. bul lolntrxtuce
It wo frODQ ono only lo any adult for iKjwta^c,
Ul renin.
IIS Iiul -Uth itre.t, NIW YORK
the Municipal Council of the C'oi-poi'.'i-
lion of the Oity of Revelstoke Intends
to undertake the construction of
Boulevards on certain streets within
the Cily of Revelstoke, lo wit: McKenzie Avenue on both sides from the
north Hide of Third .Street to lhe north
side of BiRhth Street! and on both
sides of Third Street, Fourth Street,
Fifth Streetand Sixth Street, from the
eaat. side of McKenzie Avenue to the
west side of Vernon Avenue, and on
bulb sides of Douglas Street from
King west lo O.P.R. right of way,
according in speciilcittrons and estimates prepared by the City Engineer
appointed I'm- lhe purpose, uud to
assess the expense or cost thereof upon
the land or real properly abutting on
the parts of such streets,-!.; tibove itieu-
liiilleil and lo be benefitted llii-ieliy;
nud thai a statement showing the luud
or real property liable to pay the
aasessinenl therefor, and the nauiesof
the owners thereof, us far as l bev can
he ascertained, together with the «pecl-
lleiilioiis uml estimules of lhe City Engineer, jind ihe pi-opiis-ed assessment
.i tnl 11| it nt thereon of the Oity Clerk
nio non on llie in lhe ollice of llie City
Clerk mul  open   for Inspection  hy till
pet-suns during oiiice hours.
The estimated coil of the work ih
$11211.04, to im lioriie by lhe owners of
such ni'iipei i ies as iiliui nn the purls
of such st i-i'i'ts us a In ive ment toned.
Any oiij.-.-iion to the proposed un-
dei'tuklnp  uml    assessnicnt theiofor
shull bo miiile  hy  prlilioti   In the City
Ciinneii within FIFTEEN (16) days
from the duie hereof, the persoOB entitled to petition being (heownersof
the lands affected thereby.
lllll CK A.  LAW .ON,
Oily Clerk.
Il.ileillhis Willi ilnyol September, IIHIg.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Gat-don Lawn
or Oontftrvatory
Reliable   varieties  at   reasonable prices,     No  borers,   Scale
or fumigation to tlamnge stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct und get trees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies.Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of B. (\    Catalogue free.
Green Houses and Seed Houses
Canadian Pacific
A.laniic  Sieamsliip
fe SffijJKS u^L
at. Sep.lill LkiManltnba
Fri  (lei. 2 Kmp. Hut.iin
Sat.   "   lllliM.Cb.iinplaii l-ri. Scp.-.'il
Fii.   " 16 Emp. Iii'innil Eel.  Oct. 2
Sut.     " L'I l.ik     Kl-le      Wed.     -    1
Fi'.     "   4 i-'iii"   Ih imii. Fri.    " 10
In.erme_ia!e Seas n from Mon' eal
•'tnd  Quebec
l»t. Class and. Class,3rd. Class
$011 eu   $r« ;. $28 75
1 si, Cluss 2111!. Class jrd. Class
$72 ,. 1       $42 ..0     ' $27  .0
Otiikr I.n vis- -
2nd. Class 31'd. Class
$45 00       !i*?7 50
Chi-up mies I'n A1 In mil- Sen In ni eil
polnls    n coimes-tuui  «il,b steamship t icsels
Piissengei* hi,uked In Ni rwav,
Sweden, AntwiM-p, Hamburg and
all oilier ennline  tnl porls,
Fin fin liter ilil'01111-it inn  npplv to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.d.l'.A.
Hevelslnke. Villicnuvei'.
NI5L,SON, R 0.
4 DAYS    -    4 DAYS
September, 23, 24, 25, 26
Larger snd Better than Ever
Free  Entertainments  Daily
Eagles' Day, - Thursday, Sept. _-th
Children's Day, •  Friday, Sept. _6th
For further information or
Prize List, write to
D. 0. McMoppis, - Secretary
BOX 95, NEtSON, B. Ci
V i
D raying
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
ItKVKLHTOKM I .ami IIihtkht
District „v Wust Kootknay
TAKE NOTICK Hint I, .Samuel
Jam***- Hnilnvi. nl Nakusp. II, C., oeeii
putioii. liii'tiier, itileitds Io apply lot
permission In purehiise the following
tlpst i iln-il lnnil ■
Ciiiiilnelieil.L'.il ii pust planted ul n
polnl I weiil.y (_<l) chains east nf a point
eight!  CllutllB -.until   nl   llie   MillllliM-sl
cornel ol Lot. X". 8,1401 thence suuth
In eh.iin.-. Ibence easl lUi-hatns, ihHiic
nnilh Ul chiiin-, llis'in e west 411 chains,
to point of i inutileiii-fincul ami con-
talnlng one hundred and sixty U'Hb
ai ies mure nr b-fs.
iSgd) Sa.MCK.I. jA.MKh HAKLllW.
Dated July 11. 1008.
Dealer in Wood,  Ooal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
TENDERS are requested lor the
purchase of Lots 12 and 13, Block 57,
situate on Eighth Street near MoKenzie Avenue, in the City of Revelstoke. These line building lots belong
to the McDonald Estate, snd will he
sold at a micrilic.e to close up the
estate. The highest or sny tender
not necessarily accepted. Forward
tenders on or belore 1st of October,
I litis, to the undersigned.
Barristers, Vancouver,
ltw, 4ws.
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Cnminissinner of
Lnoils and Works for permission to
pin-chase Ihe following described
lli-giniiin*. nl a post planted at the
smith-east cottier of I_ot No. 8509 purchased hy Julius   Dougal,  running
west 20 cbains; thence south 20 chains;
thence east 20 chains; thence north 20
chains to point of commencement.
Dated June 211 li. IIIUS.
EiiivAim Wiilk, Applicant.
jly 4 D. Dewar, Agent,
______n _..*». -.«-. ___*_■._.-. ^^|
.     ^-Ol   _--^^4____i^^-*^v^^w    |, *
_9h  / \     \    (•>*V_W_S__-^»!-a ^y^^H^^efl
>i'v \*     .'-^ i&^ii-M __i sSl-Miil'.;!_!§!%.I
, ^SMitsTW mm
___v\_^___. v TuH-ki/ / */ ?JT* i-a
_ M
It is worth your consideration— the perfection nf tit, style and
finish at the minimum of cost. l'or years past we have made
tailoring our special study, until to-day ii is im exaggeration to say
that our House boasts the iim-st equipment and organisation in
the Tailoring World. We have specialised in the art of fitting
clients residing over-seas, and, moreover, not only in fitting, but also
in producing the real American fashions. There is no need to pay
exorbitant prices for your tailoring requirements. Tlie merit of our
tailoring is backed by our unreserved guarantee to refund every cent of
our clients' money where we fail to give absolute satisfaction. No other.Tailoring
louse on either side of the Atlantic dare offer such an unqualified guarantee. Whether
you desire your clothes tailored in latest New York style or latest London fashions,
we guarantee absolute satisfaction. The process is simple. Merely till in a postcard,
and address same to us as below, asking for our latest assortment of patterns, together
with latest fashion-plates, instructions for accurate self-measurement, tape measure, all free
and carriage paid. We dispatch your order within seven days from receipt, and if you do not
approve, return the goods, and we will refund your money.
SUITS and OVERCOATS to measure from
#5.14 to #20.
The World's
Measure Tailors,
(DcpfM).   SO/62   CITY   ROAD,   LONDON,   ENGLAND.
Addresses  fop   Patterns i
Por Toronto and Eaat Oanada t
CUR-1.  BR03., OO MIGHT DIRECTORIES. LTD. (Dis|it. «M  1. T4/7S Church Street, TORONTO, ONTARIO.
For Wlnnlperi and the Wost i
CURZON BR33.I o o HENDERSON BROS.   Dept "«■">   I, 279 Carry Street, WINNIPEG.
^ Please lllertllon this paper.   _.
5_5*~"*i    f.™ • ' • i
General   Committee    Meeting
Ends in Social Time
A general meeting ot members ol
the various committees ol the Agricultural Society was held on Thursday
night, iu the city hall. Although the
attendance was by no means large,
nevertheless those who were interested
enough to be present got through a
g.iod deal ot work in connection with
winding up the business end of tlie
Fair. Reports from the various committees were read and approved, tlie
secietary, 0. R. Macdonald, reading
the financial Statement which proved
iu every way Satisfactory, Many val
liable suggestions were made and dis
cussed which would be of benelit next
year, and    it    was   agreed   that, wink
Bhould   In nmciiccd   earlier iu tbe
year so a- in give everybody ample
time to de .to to the many details Fair must necessarily entail. The many Indies present all
testified tn the nieces* ol ilie under
taking and avowed fheii intuition ol
getting (o ivnrk n .\i year In good
Mayor I. nd . ai k, i- president nl the
society and who i i-cnpied the chair,
in a few well chosen uml upptoprlate
remarks, expri s*i il I i - i ntire -ali-f in
tion at the r sill's of the Fair, o n
gralnlati'.: a'l th se who had by loyal
and unti'ing etl it- eh d in es-
tabij-liing the Agiiciiltunil Sm-i ty
lirnily .01 it- Ims.- . .1 math ■_ 'he lirst
lteiehiok ■ K.ii t n sue s n u t-
duiillid'v • ,i . Hi., it mil ,,l he I ,i\..*
fur Ilu  i v ib nb ■  It. ip ni ! . \j i. .-i's| a
h pi    'Im   iIn    l'.)"'.I   F    i i'<> ss Bii'-cissfi nud far lea.'hii g
in its . tl,- t .• il, n ol 11108 Ile
tnoM'.l ii v« ie f 'hi 1.- 'ot he secretary ft 'i ei" tge! ie meI, and -.-iiii
thai i' wi'sohi Ily dm to lie see ■ t t'y
C. II M • .1 na d. b I the n 'i-> ' nil
rallie.l t ui-d tin can e .i it t'livi -uch
until i  ..- and i-abi'i'ile • t rvtc s
A E Milli r mo,i tl a vote o sin iks
and appreciation ul his services, to Hie
president, which was heartily respond
e,l to.
A neat little compliment to toe
laities was then brought up in the
form of tea and cake which thoughtful
and acceptable action by the worthy
president was greatly appreciated by
all ptesent. A sociable nnd genial
meeting gathered round Ibe council
table aud over their tea and cake both
sexes enjoytd a pleasant hour.
Mrs. H. N. Coursier moved a vole of
thanks to Mayor Lindmark for bis
hospitality and the meeting terminated.
Certificate of Improvements
Skookinu. Ilruiiilmiiiuiin and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Revelstoke Mining Division of
West Kooti nay District,
Where located: On tbe north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take nolice that I, William I. Brings
of Revelstoke, B. C. Soilcttor, Flee
Miner's Cciulicate No. I10I2M8. acting
us agent for aud on behalf of His Majesty King li. I ward VII, in the Right
of the Dominion of Oanada Free Miner's Cei'lille in- No.B94287, intend sixty
days from dice hereof lo apply to the
Mining Rec-ider for Certificates of
Iii-.pi-oveinenis for the purpose of
turning Ciown Grants of tlu-al
And further take notice that net ion
under section 117 must   he commenced
before the issuance of stieh Ceil ideates
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of July, 1008.
jly 4 W. I. HmuiiS.
lllll ve
Notice of Sale
Pursuant to the Order of the County
Court oi West Kootenay, bolden at Revelstoke, made In the action of Gig  Bend
Lumber Company, Limited, v. Columbia
and Kootenay Kailway and Navigation
Company and Charles B< Kirk and \V. J.
Kane, there will be offered for sale with
the approbation oi W. E. McLauchlin,
Esq., Deputy Registrar of said Court at
the Court House, in the City oi Revelstoke
on Wednesday, the 30th day ot September,
1908, ull and singular that certain parcel
or tract of laud and premises situate, lying and being in the Town of Arrowhead,
B. C, and being composed of Lot No.
Four (4), Block No. Seven (7).
On the lauds is said to be a two story
frame building 20x26 with seven rooms.
The property will be offered  for sale
subjeet to a reserve bid.
Further particulars may be had from
Harvey, McCarter _t Pinkham, Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Block, Revelstoke, It. C._
or from
\V. E. McLauchlin,
Deputy Registrar at Revelstoke.
Dated   at  Revelstoke this  41.1 day oi
September, 19081
Notice is hereby given that the goods
and chattels distrained for rent 011 the
28th day of August, 1908, by Frank 11.
Bourne the landlord oi the premises ol
Clement Jones, the tenant, will be sold by
public auction at the said premises, being
the Bakery Store un McKenzie Avenue,
on Tuesday, the 8th of Sept., 1908, at
eleven o'clock a.m. Said goods and
chattels consist oi pictures, chairs, stock
of candies, beds, bedding, etc. Complete
inventory can be seen ou application lo
tbe undersigned,
W. J.  LAW,
Dated at Kevelstoke, B. C, September
4th, 1908.
POSTPONED -The above sale is
herewith postponed until Monday,
Sept. lith, ft! 8 o'olook p.m.
\V. J. LAW, Sheriff.
■-, !
Kevelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that George McCiit-li t,
Sr., of llevelsloke, R.C., Agent, intends to apply for pel-mission In purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the west hank of the Columbia Rivor
at the south-east coiner of Lot 8295,
(■coup 1, Kootenay, and marked
"George McOurler, Br., north-east cm-
nei post," tlience west 10 chuins;
thence south 20 chains; Ihence east 20
chains more or less to the west hank
of the Columbia river; thenee noil belly along lhe west hank of tba Columbia   liver   lo the point of commence
ment. containing 25 acres more nr less.
Hy bis agent, Geo, *■*. McOarter.
Dated June 2111 h. IIUS. j 27 UOd
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that the first
sitting of the Court of Revision, to revise the assessment roll for the year
11X18, will be held in lhe Council Chamber, City Hall, Hevelstoke, H. C, on
Monday, Sept! 21st, 11KJS, at 7 o'clock
August lllth, 11*18.
City Clerk.
Revelstoke Land Dlstriot,
District of West Kootenay.
Take uutice I hal .lolui Michael Doyle
of Revelstoke, B.C., Maiia/er, intends
l.n apply for permission to purchase the
follow 'inn ilesei-ihed land:
Commencing a! a post planted nn
the easterly bank of ibe Columbia
RtVer at the north-west comer of l.u
2771 Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Doyle's soiilh-west corner
pust,'' theuce east 40 chains* thence
Itartn 40 chains; thence weat 411 chains
moro or less to the easterly bank of
Ibe Columbia rivet; Ihence southerly
tilting lhe hank ol saiil   rivet* III chains
more or less to the point of commencement, containing UKI acres mom or
By his agent, (Ieo, Bi McCarter.
Dated June ail h, 1(108, J27 Wkl
West Kootbha. Lanh District
Tnke Notice thai HU days after dnte
I Ail tun K. Evans, of Beaton, B. C .
occupation, prospector, intend tn
apply for permission to piirihii.-.e the
following described lands siiuated nn
Kish  River,   iu   Wesi    Knolenay  dis-
Commencing at the iinrlh-easl corner of A. 1). Mackay'« pre-empt I m No.
7,808, and marked "A. K. Evans,
North-west Corner   Post." thenee 8
chains to west line of McKiiinon's
pre-empiinti; theuce Till chains south,
thence 8 cliains west to Mat Kiiy's,
Ihence ninth 501 hains lo point nl coin-
iiieiiieinen', containing 10 acies more
or less,
Located August Hnl, 1808.
A. E. EVANS, Locator,
Revelstoke Land Dlatrict,
District of West Kootenay.
Take uutice that (1. Brink, of Halcyon, II. C, Cruiser,   inlemls ttmppl)
for permission to purchase the follow.
mi! described lands,
Commencing at a post planted on
the eaat side of Upper Arrow Lake, at
tbe south-east comer of Lot 2151, ami
marked  "G. K. Brink's North-Weal
Coinec I'ust "; thence east 20 chains;
theuce suuth 20 chains; thenee wesi
2i) chains to the lake shine; thence
northerly along the lake shore 20
chains m ue or less to the point of
commencement, containing lo acres
more or less.
<i. K. BRINK,
Dated August 5th,  IWI8.
, 3t.M_.-fl if i^F
reputatio't is a potent tsotor to be con-
siden il ns it. is synonymous v.iiti tin
quality, merit and puces ol the goods
sold. Ii miii deal at Hustings, ll.yle i_
AHum's you will know you will he
treated fairly, no n utter how you may
bs lucking in technical knowledge of the
value and quality of j'wels of any kind.
We keep only the best and choicest.
Where gold is used it is marked with tl"
curat stamp, with silver it is sterling, i
gems and precious stones theii quality i
fully guaranteed,
Hastings. Doyle & Allum, Limited
A New Carpet
froin our choice ami lmidsome
stock of Axminstei-, \\ ihims. etc.,
will give you tint li pleasure and
satisfaction when you see the rich
and beautiful i fVucts nl the colors
and patterns i .ul   the  durability
of the fabrics Onr c.a pets are
made by the best manufactures,
and ate made to weat well, aa well
as to I, ok well.
'.-^.?£%''-S?s ____-^?:>__. _*-_"'-
_3§>S__?_J-5_«£?_S >2_-<r
■••><■->-.. ■ :.--c ,".-'-■-■ '..'AA--
Imporl direct from country of origin.
'--%- V%*%^H> vis^- -v_v-*'%'__/V%^%^'%*^%'%^ -*%'%'*i>%%tkl
\   P.   BUR^_3    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED, j
I                                                      ilK.V'il IIKKICK'.    CAI.UAKV,    Al.HKKTA. \
I                   Wholoiale and Retail Meat Merchants ,
'    I'.i-. I'.ii-k-r-   -, I De.ilers iu Live Slock.   Markets in all the prim-i (
I    tnl Cities unl L'oi-iisof Alberta, Britisb Oolunihii and the Viikiui. i
I    Packers of ihe Celebrated  Brand " Imperator" Hams and Bacnr, d
I •• Hliniiii-n, k" Brand L -.if Lir.l. .
%. *%^-»--I. %^_Vt«%%%_%«%%_*V%_t'_^-V%t I
For ( Implements. (!arria«es, Wagons Etc., John
De<-re Ploughs, Moliue Wagouri, Oanada Carriage Company's Plnuet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse hoeing a
Central Hotel
Notice is hbraby given thai Hustings, Doyle A Allum, Limited, will,
three months after date, apply to the
Lieutenant-Governor In Council for nn
Oi'dci'-in-Cniuicil chnngim- the Company's name to "Doyle .V Allum, Limited."
Daled the _8th day of June, lixis.
li.uivKY, McCahtbr-i Pinkham,
Solicitors   for  Hastings,   Doyle A AI
him, Limited jly 4 8iu n
Notice is hereby given that lhe undersigned will, al the expiration of one
month, apply to the Superintendent
of Provincial Police for a transfer lo
Coronation Hotel Company, Limited,
of the hnlel license now held by lue iu
respect  of the Coronation  Hotel at
Camborne, B. 0.
Dated this Brd day uf August; lt)08.
align I nt        Cory Mkniiinuk.
Certificate of  Improvements
Minn It  miln Maim, nituati* in Ilu    I unit ]_akt*
Mining DlTiitnnof W«ri Kootaou District,
Wh.-ru I- ,.!.--t   At ilu- in-...i i.f Ooal Oath Dula
nljiininj. tht- Poison mlticril   rlaim. Lot 151.7.
Uroup 1.
1 tk.   ii.air.   tlmt  I,   i:   Mtnlli. IM.r   i:t-Aiill
urting hn  ast'tit fat J. It. Mnikcn .ie, y M.C. Nn,
i h'.ui'.w. in*" ■' i slit) lUysfrmn weul. hereof, te
1 npply ti> ttie Mining Iteconlor ior n Uertlflest*Ol
luipt" milffUU.   foi llif nipo** ol   <-l>t.lining   ii
I'r    »i. QrMl  of llll' lll>*.M- t'laiill.
And  further   Uk<-   noUos  that   lotion,   iiintci
-..'■.:, mu-t     Ih.    ■ iillillli-lirml    1 .if,,-.      (.,-.. jHHtl.
nrf" of aiiich OrltHoate of Itupi'i. enn -n '■■.
H,t.-1 ii,i   : Hi Ih> uf Jim.   A.I)., itf"-
M     X7 H   N.M1TH.
J. A. Macdonell Fought Bear for
Possession of Child
James A. Macdonell, head of the ei •
gineering firm of Macdonell, Gzotvski
4 Company, ie the hero of the hour in
the Rocky Mountain rogiuua ttday;
Like David of old he fought single-
handed with a bear, and though be did
nut kill tbe beast he saved the life of
a child.
Last Friday evening Mr Macdonell
was* standing on the platform nt Field,
where he is superintending the regrade
of the Big Hill. On the 0 P.K. hotel
grounds near hy, a black pet heir was
moving out to tb. end of its tether
and then hack towards the dug-out in
which it lived. Near the bear the
eight-year-old son of William Lynea,
a C.P 11. conductor, formerly of Revel
stoke, was playing. Suddenly the
bear pounced on the lad, and ran back
with him into his den.
Mr. Macdonell ran to the opening
and, grasping the bear's chain, began
to pull the bear out. He is a hig,
athletic mun, and, in spite of the
bear's resistance, drew it steadily
towards the opening, Finally the enraged beast shot through the hole and
attacked Mr. Macdonell. The latter
in his turn, f slight for possession of
Ihe child ami having secured it, got
clear ot the bear,
The animal was stibsiquently shut,
hut Mr, Maodonell will carry the mark
of the beast's claws on his arm and
bauds for mam a long day.
Transcontinental   Pedestrians
Plan Return Canoe Trip
It is the intention of Charles King,
who has juit completed bis transcon
I inenl al walk from Montreal to Vancouver lor a wager of If 1000, within
lfill days, and his partner lloyd, to
makes return canoe trip from Vancouver to Montreal. The plan of the
daring adventurers is to go by way of
the Fraser River to the junction ot the
Thompson, up tho Thompson to tho
Upper Columbia and then "portage"
over the Great Divide to the Bow
River. Prom there lo the Buskat
cbewan, then to Ncpigon and on to
Lake Wii.nipcg by the |Nepigun River
snd through the (Irent. Lukes to Montreal or over the Hudson's Hay trail
to Tuiiiiiginui i i il Lake Tiiniskamiiig.
or by way uf Sault Rivor, Garden Hiver, MessisKga River, by Wanapita
nnd Lake Nippissing, H uth River,
Magnetawsn River, Muskoka LakcB,
k'awartha Lakes, down tbe Trent
River and the Ht. Lawrence to Montreal.
Newly built.       Kirst-i ass in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Ratea.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
suitably lurnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBEET      STOZtsriE      PEOP.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing ( dining static of high
water) at 6 a.m. on Tuesday and
Friday, for Downie On - k and   way
points, returning Satin 'l.y.
Freight must he ready for delivery ti te mis nf Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ld., on .Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves [or the Boat Landing at 5:110
p.m un Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steamer on arrival
hack in the evening, and makes
special I rips, when required, on
'I'm nl.iy and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable bertha and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer antl local
exchange—No.   1113'J.      Dates  ol
sailings may  be   changed    without
All   kinds   of  new
I). tilers in
Wah Chang, - Front St.
P.O. Box, 208, Phone 26
Miinnfnctiirod fnr       clH.ises or lmi|i|m«.
fur Shift jn l'irj.1) nr  -mull <|ii'_nl it in-.
nt tlm hiwent prices for catdi.
All Itlndl ol buildina aud p.Atitcriug
Certificate (f Improvements.
Vivian Luck No, 1, Vivian Luck No. 2
Vivian Luck No. .'i, Vivian Luck
No. I, Vivian Link No. j, Vivian
Luck No, li ami Silver Crown mineral claims, .situated lu the Lardeau
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Wheie located:—At Head of Kiilil
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKK NOTICE lhat I, O. B. N.
Wilkie, acting as agent for Hecloi
Poirler, F.M.C. B7480, and George
Johnson, F.M.C. B06051, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of ob-
taining a Croivn Grant of tlie above
And further lake initiei- that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
beforo the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated thia 28th day nf May, A. I).
w mj-27 Trout Like, H. ('
By-Law No.
Whereas under and by virtue of by-la*
ol lh< Corporation ot tHe Oity of Revel*
Bloke* nuiiil-prrd ioi. it v/a« deemed
neceiutary and expedient in tho Interest -.d
the Oity of Revelstoke that the electrical
plant of the city should In* Improved and
extended by the addition ol an electric
power dynamo and equipment including
necessary auxiliary plant.
And Whereas to defray the cost thereol
it was deemed necessar) to borrow tbe
sum of Thirty Thousand Dollars ($301000)
and there was granted to the Municipal
Oouncil of the Corporation of the Oity ot
Revelstoke under and by virtue of said by-
taw No, 101  the power and authority to
raise the said sum of Thirty Thousand
Dollars a* sel tort'; and provided in saiil
bydaw by the Issuance of debentures secured upon the rales and charges which
are chargeable and enforceable lot the
use  of water and   electric litfht undei the
"Water  and   Electric   Ught Regulation
Mydaw i<>03," and the "Municipal Clauses
And Whereas the said sum of Thirty
Thousand Dollars as so authorised to DC
raised has been lound to be Insufficient lo
make and complete all the additions and
nu .ciliary plftpl ;ts s(1 authorised to be
And Whereas the estimated amount ol
Ibe said rates and charges chargeable and
enforceable for the year In wbicli this by
law !•_ pa&ted Is $35,000.00.
And whereas there is  now  charged on
Iih.- said  rates and charges  the  stun ol
And Whereas the debt here bj treated
is on the security ol the said water and
electric light rates and charges and is
further guaranteed b) tbe Municipality at
large! '
And Whereas for the payment ol the
said principal money and interest during
the currency ol the debentures to be Issued
it is necessary to set aside and withdraw
rom the annual revenue derived
trom the said water and electric light
rates and charges annually the sum of
i;74; the specific annual sum required for
Ibe payment of interest being $500 and for
the payment of the debt the sum of $^74.
And Whereas the estimated deficiency
in the said tates and charges required lo
make up the amount of the annual interest
and   linking   fund   u[K>n   tlie   debt hereby
created is nil;
And Whereas il is necessary to raise a
further sum ol Sic,000 by the issue ot
debentures secured upon the rates and
charges aforesaid and guaranteed by the
credit of the Municipality at large;
Now Therefore Ihe Municipal Oouncil o\'
the Corpora tion oi the Oiti ol Revelstoke
ui open meeting assembled enacts as
1. The sum ol    Ten   Thousand Dollars
or so much thereol as shall be necessary
thai! be expended in completing the Im*
prove menu authorized to be made and
done under and bj virlueof the said By-
Law No, toil and it Bhall be lawful tor the
Mayor of lhe Corporation of the Oity of
Revelstoke to borrow on the credit and
secutiu ol the said rates and charges by
way ol debentures hereinafter mentioned
from any person or persons, body 01
bodies corporate who may be willing!
advance the same, a sum noexeeding in n
the whole the sum ol ten thousand dollais
and to cause all such sums so raised tO he
paid into the bands oi the Treasurer of the
s;tid city for the purposes and with the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful tor the said Mayor
to cause any number o) debentures to be
made, executed and issued for such sum
or sums as mav be required lor the purposes and objects aforesaid not exceeding
however tbe sum ol Ten Thousand Dollars
($10,000), each oi said debenlures being
of tbe denomination of Si,000, and all
such debentures shall be sealed wilh the
seal oi the Corporation oi ihe City of
Revelstoke und signed by tlie Mayor nnd
Clerk thereof,
3. The said debentures shall bear date
the 23rd day of September, 1908, and shall
be made payable in twenty-five years
from the s nd date in lawful money ot
Canada at the office of the Molsons Hank
at Revelstoke aloresaid, which place o(
payment shall be designated by said debenlures, and shall have attached to them
coupons for the payment Ol interest and
the signature to the coupons may he either
written or printed, or stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debenlures shall bear interest at the rate of five per centum per
annum from the date thereof which interest shall be payable semi-annually at the
office oi the Molsons Hank at Revelstoke
in lawful money of Canada on the twenty-
third day oi March and the twenty-third
ii^y oi September, respectively in each
and every year during the currency thereof and it shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor to
negotiate and sell the said debentures or
any of them for less than par but in no case
shall the debentures or any of them be
sold for less than 92.5 per centum oi their
face value including the costs of negotiating and sale, brokerage and other necessary expenses.
6. For the payment of the said debt
there shall be set aside and withdrawn
each year during the currency ol the saiil
debentures from the annual current revenue of the Municipality as derived from
the said water and electric light rates and
charges the sum of $274,001 and such sum
ball be transferred Irom the annual current revenue account and paid into a
special account to form a sinking fund for
the purpose mentioned herein,
7. For the purpose ol paying- the interest on the said debentures as same becomes due and payable there .shall be set
aside and withdrawn each year from the
annual currenl revenue oi the Municipality
as derived from said water and electric
light rales and charge- the sum oi $500
which sum shall be transferred from the
annual currenl revenue account and paid
into a account for such purpose
and to be disbursed when and as the instalments oi interest Income due.
8. During the currfincy of snid de-
iietiturea the Baid tales and charges to
he extent afoioaid shall not form
pari of the annual revenue of the Municipality.
!t. It shall be lawful for the Municipal Cuuucil from time to time to re*
purchase any of said debentures 'it
-in h prlceor prices as may be mutually
agreed upon and all debentures ro le*
purchased .hall lu* cancelled and no
reissue of ;iny kucIi debenture or de-
ben Hues shall be made in consequence
of such re-pun ha-e.
10. As additional security the credit
of lhe municipality Ht latgp is pledged
for the payment ot the annual interest
and sin king fund required for the
extinguishment of the debt created by
this By-law ami the municipality
hereby guarantees the payment of
the panic,
11. This by-law iholl come into
force and take effect od tin* 23rd day of
Sept. l.*»H.
IJ. This may be cited for all
puipo-es as the " Klectric Light
Linn hy-law. IOoS."
i:.. This l.ydaw Bhall before the
final pausing thereof receive the assent
of lh« ratepayers of the Cotporution
According to the provisions ot, and in
manner prescribed hy the Municipal
Clauses Act.
Head a lirst   time   this  4th   day of
Sepl. A. D., 1WK
Read asecoftdtime this 4th day of
Sept.. A. D„   UK'S.
Read a third time this 4th day of
September, A. D., ID08, and paused
with the unanimous consent of the
Received the assent of the electors
1 be day of
Re-considered, adopted and Hnally
passed the Council the day
of A. 1)., IO06.
City Clerk.
TAKK NOTICK that the above in a
true copy of the proposed by-law upon
which the voteof the Municipality will
be taken at the City Clerk's Office,
Citv Hall, corner of Second Street and
McKensie Avenue, Kevelstoke, B. C,
on Monday. September 21st, 10o8f be*
tween the hours of Nine o'clock a.m.
antl Seven o'clock p.m.
Clerk of the Municipal Council rtlE MAIL-HERALD, HEVELSTOKE, B.C.
l|-l«|«^t|»*|»-_^-_t|-_^ M.+^+|«j*
| Sunburn |
Tan and g
Freckles    §
tlli-t a Boltlp u( i,nr Klilct T
Flower Cteain. Just what *ip
you art' looking tor, ■&
Kl VI l Mill   !.   B. l\ 4$-
■*r. .*. A A i'i*, _fe .Ti iSt_ _Jg_ A A A ijfa
't* y.''i1 'J.' 'X' '+■ '*''■*•■ 't* '•.' 'V ■•.' 't'
Weather Forecast
Saturday,   Sept.   I9tli — Light   to
moderate winds, generally fair,cloudy.
l't in),    max. 05 ; . min IU '-.
Local and General.
R, li. Trueman, photographer, ia in
the oity  nud  will  remain   until   tlie
The Ladies' Guild ol St. Peter-
church will li.'Jil an alteruooti leu ut
the reaidenoe nf Mrs, T. tiiunly, Third
•tiiL-t, on Thursday,Sept, 24th,
1 >r. Thomas lias returned to tin.* city
after an extended visit to tbe coast,
We understand Unit he intends opening a veterin ry surgery on 1st street
at an early date.
The young people nf Knox Ohurolt
with their friends ate invited to spend
a social evening on Monday night,
Sept, -1st. at the hums of Mr. and
Mrs. Jas, Telfer, Mackenzie Ave.
A lot of Canadians, says a Const
contemporary returning from Europe,
complained that they were trcateil ns
" immigrants." It is hard for tins
puriit in see where the kick comes.
Messrs. Bcid it Voting will hold
i heir annual Fall millinery opening on
Thursday, Sept 24th, afternoon ami
• veiling. lhe public nre cordially
invited to attend and inspect the latesi
-Mi. tiio.'KB it tnl parly Ititvt* returned
[rom a hunting trip among the iiioun
lains north ol Albert Canyon, having
had very successful sport, their hag
consisting of live caribou, four g„ut«
and one bear.
There .iill he a meeting uf the Conservative Association on Wednesday,
Sept. -Hid, at IS p.m., in the rooms
over tlie new Burns block, nl the lu
lersectiou of McKenzie avenue and
first slreei.
Messrs. C. B. Hume _: Co. will hold
their annual Fall millinery opening
..ii Thursday, sept. I!-1th, afternoon
aud evening. The public are cordially
invited to aileud and inspect the
iatest creations.
The meeting arranged hy the Socialist party for last night, has been postponed owing to Mr. t_. T, Kingsley
being delayed ai Kaslo. The meeting
will be held m the Opera House tomorrow (Sunday | ..iJUo'clock.
One ol the most interesting exhibits
at the recent fair in this city was a
young collie bitch, nursing two kittens. The collie and her family were
the property ol Frank Abey, of Cam
borne aud oisUtiued prize in the
coiiie ciass. Hev uaims was "Camborne I
Bessie.'' The ■ ilie nag only a puppy,
a year old, an-l had never had puppies,
but owing io her fondness fur the
Kittens !•• i milk came auu she wis
able lo nourish then..
l'i cull .tnd mi ii -I I'm' a long
tinu' in ihe bread box. Thai
is |f ii is allowed tn Rtny
there. Generally, however,
people like il so well IhcV
iloti'i give ii a chance to see
huw long il will keep. Try
a lew loaves and join rain
Ily will al onee become hig
lll'eud outers. What do you
lilvi- hi'M ': Vienna, twist,
long, tomul, I'Yeiieh ni
Siplllle ':
that we believe is. oven a
shade bettor than usual; ami
i hose who buy tea here know
bow good il is. Tea is the
Bltuidai'd by which many
people judge a grocery store.
Wc are perfectly willing, yes
a n K im is, tn be judged hy Uml
standard, Try the tea nnd
we know you will hnve n
high opinion of ihi'i grocery.
HOVSOff    f®.   BELL
Karn is King
The right Piano nt the right prioe.
(.'nil and sec us before ynu buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.    Money to Loan.
Eaton   Hurlbut
and Crane's
Note  Papers
Pnues on Eulk Goods
...   '..' - ..-.   a quire
' ' '■ ■ '■: ''-   "     lo 7:''- pkg
Spei ial [uvi     - ;■ t_k_g
Special.Vedding V ,': n ,
1 NL.sT HUME   hLOCK ■
At the annual intetiug on October
7th, the shareholders of the 0 P. It. |
will he asked to authorise au increase
in. the cumin,in stuck of H.6U,00U,000,
which will tiling the company's
authorized capital up lo !f200,0l)0,000.
A mass meeting will be held In
Knox Church on Thursday night of
next week which will be addressed by
Dr. T. A. Moore, general secretary of
the I.ord's Day Alliance of Oanada,
No one should miss hearing Dr.Moore,
who can poBBibly be present.
A. E, Kincaid left for Calgary on
Sundny night, where he had been
called owing to the sudden accidental
death of ids brother, Win. Kincaid.
The Maii.-11kuai.ii joins wilh the
many friends of Mr Kincaid in messages of sympathy nt bis bereavement.
The Northern Crown Bank have installed their line new safe manufactured by the Diebold .Safe Co. of Canton, Ohio, U.S.A., and forwarded to
Kevelstoke by the Winnipeg Safe Distributing Co. The safe is a handsome
piece of work, absolutely lire and burglar proof aud contains, besides the
usual conibinatiou lock, an intricate
lime lock. The safe is a vault in
miniature and a Splendid piece of
The members of the Socialist Party
ol Canada in the riding at Medicine
Hat, Alberta, have requested 11. Parm
Pettipiece to accept the nomination
as a candidate to run on the Socialist
platform in the approaching Dominion elections. Mr. Pettipiece, has. we
understand, accepted the nomination,
I promising that he would be ready to
take part iu the contest when lie
returned from the Trades Congress at
B, N. l.uxtuii, the well known curio
ami souvenir dealer at BtittlV. intends
operating a large pleasure yacht on
Lake Louise next season The erail
has just been launched and completed
bj Bobertson Brothers, ol Hamilton,
and is a Une craft. Her dimensions
are "ill feet by UJ and litle.l with a four
cycle. 30-borse power Thi rnycraft
engine. The hull is roomy and com
foi table, containing two capacious
cabins, capable of accommodating at
least 50 people The craft's fittings
are modern and handsome ami the
boat should be a great acquis . .
tourists ami sportsmen
A general tne'ling of all   interested
in the election of   the    Liberal candi
date  for Kontoray  will be beld nt Undid Salvation Army Hall, First street,
on Monday, Sept. 2bt, nt fi p in.
A large number of people took advantage of the excursion un the t.i
Hevelstoke this afternoon under thi
auspices of St. Peter's church, to
Riverside Park, a few miles down the
Columbia river.
II. ll, Stonex, who has just oompleted bis two kilowatt compound wound
dynamo, wbicli was on exhibition at
the recent fair, has installed the dynamo in his work shop on Front street
nnd has fitted (he premises with electric lamps.
The annual general meeting of the
Ladies Auxiliary to the hospital will
be beld in the city hall on Tuesday,
Sept. 29th, at 11:30 p..u. All interested
in hospital work are particularly requested to attend. Election of officers
will take place. td
Wc are in receipt this morning of a
letter from Dr. J. C. Morrison of this
city, written from the William's Lake
Industrial School, 150 Mile House,
Cariboo, B 0. The Dr, and Mrs
Morrison arc making a combined
business and pleasure trip up the Car
iboo country with buggy and pair, and
report conditions prosperous among
the settlers anil fanner .
The    Maii,    through    the
courtesy of 11.   Mcpherson,   of   Trout
Lake City  was   treated   yesterday   to
samples nl    live   different    varieties oi
apples grown in the   orchard   of   Mr.
Olie Lermo, at Trout Lake City.   The
samples, which were much appreciated I
were in Splendid C'liiditi'ii. th    results j
of  the careful ami  skilful   cultivation
by Mr.  Lermo,   who   is   the   pioneerIsister Mi
Iruit mon nf the   Lardeau,   t id   wer*-'
grown   ni   his ranch at an ...litude i f
,,v,..    L000   leet   higher   than that  it
lli *.!,_  light    1 stai ■■•   pens       -■
tratii i. teats will pr ve interesting  t ■  , t..
readers in ra:I]   id _        -      Red light'
• .r     • ■    pi is ed  to   ■ -   risible  t-   .-i
greater  :--.••.  i        green. In roe- nl
■■ ,_'.'    -   .
. _•     ■ | s ■ ■ I
■ •       ■     tin three
...               - i-   _   •          lo candle
DOC dar at   Ir. ■
miles                        • clear
nig      a  wbit<        bl     ;    ri .
power o mid be distinguished at three
miles; 17 2 caiidle-po'u i at live miles.
Stiiiih Curtis, the liberal nominee
for Kuoionuy in the approaching l)u-
uiiiioii elections, will arrive iu the
.•Ity un Wednesday, Sept, 2Jrd, and
will hold a meeting that evening nt
I lie opera llliuse. Mr. Curtis will also
address meetings mxt week at, the foi
lowing places: Arrowhead on Thins
day, Sept. 2Ith; Beaton, Friday alter
noon, Sept. 26th, ami Camborne the
Ban e evening; Comaplix on Saturday
evening, Sept. 2(3ll.
We note that the Revelstoke correspondent to i be Kiiinloopa Sentinel has
evidently taken very much to heart
lhe few objection! we made in last,
issue to his account of lho Kevelstoke
Fair. As regards our editor neglecting
bis duly, tha( i" another matter, and
such nu attack, under cover of the
cniicp,.mlnu's privilege of his name
leing withheld from publication, is by
110 menus a square deal. If all lievel
siule tun lis. wen- told in print, there
WOllld no end to the trouble I
I'ev. T Albert Moore, the genual
ii'cieiiirv ol the Lord's Day Alllanoc
of Canada, is louring Ibe west at pres-
enl nn.1 on Thursday nuxt, Sept. 21,
will address n mass meeting o( the
people ol Kevelstoke in Knox Church
it m tin-   special desire of   Mr  Moore
i luu all firuanlzntlmisoonnectedwltli
labor should be well tcpreseiiled at the
iiies'iing, and a cordial invitation is
heiehy extended tn the members of
all lhe nniina in the cily to be present at lhe meeting.
An aisrni of lire was turned in to
No. 2 firo hull frum the box nn lho
south Hack, near I he Bowman Lumber
Co's. mill, shortly Ivforo 11 o'clock
last night. When lhe lire lull went,
rumor got round that the C.I'.II.simps
were ablar.i', but Ibis proved tube
i ri uii'lli s<. On lhe arrival of the
brigade nl the null it was found thnt
mmn logs on tbo Hack beyond the
mill were on fire, the hliuo wasquickly
extinguished, lho firemen's services
pot being uied.
\ st log for the by-law authorizing
I lie burrowing ot $10,0110 on debentures
[ni ibn put'i use of providing for (he
1 al nee . i Iho new power plant instnl-
l.itio, , takes plaee on Monday, Sept
2Isi. from tl n in In 7 p in., at, the
Citv Hall. It must bo remembered
lhat ibis money has to he raised somehow and if the by-law is turned down
lhe money will have tu he raised out
of current revenue, which will mean
increased 1 ixes. lt is therefore, nb
vious, under the circumstances, which
way tlie voting must go.
The local telephone service is being
rapidly put into working order again,
niter the recent lire at the exchange in
lhe Cowan Mock. A large number of
lines are now connected up and it will
only be a matter nf a few days, eo Mr.
Cowan informs us, before tbe complete
service is available. How valuable a
convenience a telephone ie to a city
Ins ouly been realised since the fire
put the service out of business, and
the public are greatly indebted to Mr.
Cowan tor his energy and enterprise
in putting in the complete service
Revelstoke now enjoys. Tbe work of
shifting i in lines from one central exchange In another lins been extremely
heavy and in spite uf the set back,
Mr Cowan h.ia ally riseu to the
occasion and made the change in a
remarkably sbni" time.
H|Mr. nud Mrs. B. Morris, of Rogers
Pass are spending a few day. at the
Canyon House, Albert Canyon.
Fred ForreBt of Albert Canyon wiib
iu the city on Wednesday and hroughi
the Maii.-Hkiiai.ii -nuno choice cuts of
caribou meat.
A. M. l'inkhani is expected back
this evening Irum Golden, where lie
has charge of the branch law ullice of
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
Mr. and Mrs, L. T. Morris ol Notch
Hill, who have been the guesta of Mr
and Mrs. H. Cunningham MorriB tor
the past week, returned home yesterday morning.
Mrs. li. II. Urquliart gave the lirst
progressive whist party of the season
on Thursday afternoon. About forty
guests sat down In cards, the ptize
winners being Miss (Irani and Mrs. A
V. Anderson. Dainty refreshments
were served at lhe close of  the  game.
Coursier's Coal is all Ooal,
Fishing taekk' at Bews' drug store.
Nn smoke—no aunt—un dirt—in
Cuursier'n Coal.
I Iny ler'. elu ic.olates—fresh—at Bews
dill..', sluri',
| |Uo nan hyacinths, 110 cents a dozen
.1 Bews' drug store.
l.iliinin Caiididiiio bulbs, 111 cents
i ach at Bews' drug store.
Mamma is baking Exhibition bread
aillt Coursier's Ooal, sn it must be the
,litsl received—a shipment uf Misses
Dress Skirts, 28 to 'IS inches long.—
Miss A. Masloii, opposite Climax hotel
W. J.Curtis, PiannTuner, will visit
Revelstoke in Oo totter. Orders left
with Mr. R. Howson ur Lewis Bros .
will reorivo prompt attention.
Social and Personal
Mrs  .1. Purvis   will   not receive on
Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.
Mr, and Mrs.  H   F. Hay   leave this
evtniiig fur u visit to the coast.
Miss   u'Donoghue   is   visiting   her
IV   II   Sutherland.
_   lion.    F. W. Aylmer   left  on
..lav [nr New Westminster.
si.Kin-    returned   on Thur-day
fs   to ,i visit to prairie points.
I'  ,.j   i g  has  returned from an
di-.l tr p up the North Thompson
Mr« \V   M. Lawrence   left on Wed-
I   iu   g foi a month's visit to
li.   COS  t
i Pag t   and    MlM   Mary
d ot    I lin rid ...   trom an
'     h
(■    Lindmark si eu   » I •#
lay* this    veel        ■   •     .... .si  the
_■ I   ■   I     11 r.     i       I     ■      ■   .1.
I .III VATK NURSE open for engiige-
I ini'tils. Mntet'tiity cases, a spi-cl-
.iii v. Ill .ho-t qualifications, Address
II. IL, Um 4.Vi. Revelstoke, B. 0,
for the BRIDE
If you wish to make
a really useful and pleasing
(lift to the Bride, sic our
assortment of
Cut Glass
Watches, Clocks
and Jewelry
Official Issuer of Marriage
Powerful ear, seals (Iw, for blre by
the day or at  reasonable terms.
Regulai street Hips all day.
Stands—Onion Hotel, PhnneU..
Oriental lintel, Phone 18.
C. TURNROM, Proprietor. Phone *l
The Liberal Candidate
for   Kootenay
will address the- Electors?
at the
Opera House
Revelstoke on
Wednesday, Sept. 23rd.
.it 8 p. m.
All are Invited
Seats Are Reserved for Ladies
We have a number of^pieces of Dress goods lhat wo
wish to clear out In make mum for tho New Kail Goods and to
ibi so we have put I hem   on  sale at   prices   that should   move
them quickly.   They comprise Serges, Lustres, Cheviots.
Fancy" Mixes, Etc., in All Colors.
The selling price ranged from IHIc. lo ,$_..('<) per yard and
We are selling them now froin 25c. to line. This is a splendid
chance to gel good warm dresses for the children.
Cretonnes at Special Prices
Wn have tun many cretonnes at present and if yuu
want n bargain see what We have put out, nnl the prices wo
iiU'eiiheiii at 12Jo. to HOc, per yard.
Cushion Tops
Fine Tilpeslry designs   Keg. $1 00   Now ."iOc.
Japanese Paintings on Velvet  Reg. $1 25  Now 70c.
Japanese Silk embroidered nn Matin Reg. $1 75   Now OOc
Revelsluke Souvenir. 60o
If iMiiild go intr ,i .Kimc nnil niiiiiinocc that yon iMIUll'd lo
buy I weiily pans of .-Mine-, you'd gel special ullcnlioii, wouldn't
lively mini « Im con H v into our Si on- looks I o us like a _H-pnii
cnsiiiimr. He is. We'll sell him lhe first pair, mul the lil. comfort
ami m-ai be gels out, ol'them will be pretty apt lo lake cure of
I be iiittct.i-i'ti -alts...
We itoii't nuike enough pi-ntit (in nue pair nf slides tn lie indilT-
eietil as to i\ heie y,,,, |,uV ||l(. n, X| pair, sn we do tilings I hal make
vu i want In luiv tin lit ntV us.
SI h   %'2'.i\      $<! (JO
Entirely Under New Management
Just arrived—a large r-onslymment of fiiat-olatscohfectioutry.
A splendid assortment uf Bread and Cakes delivered daily.
Wedding aud Birthday C ikes a specialty. Special terms to
parlies and banquets.    Afternoon Teas,    Lunches put np.
J. _L. Headhick,
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
11       paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, ar.d undivided profits        225,ooo
President—Sir I). H. McMillan, K..1.M.G.   Vice Presidents—Edward Gur-
ncy and Capt. Wm. Robinson,   den. Man.—J. W. deC. O'Grady.
Special attention paid to Savings Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
Open every C P. R. Pay Night, also Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 p. m.
A General Banking Business Transacted
The smallest account receives  from  ns  the  same careful attention
as the largest one.
Office-Corner First St. and Connaught Ave.
A.  F. D. LACE,   Manager  Revelstoke  Branoh
Fall Millinery Opening
We extend .i must cordial invitation
to you  to visit   Our  Millinery   I iqiarl  and   vii.w  the   exclusive   models
gathered there.
The Second Week of Our
Sale establishes new records for
Great Bargains and Values
Dress Goods
We   are   offering a   25  per cent,
discount on all   DRESS GOODS.
Ladies' Costumes
1 .. .'mt   'in al
per   . ent.
iu stripes and plain, 25 per cent,
discount   on   this splendid line
'il   'mods.
I.*    uliir
per  pair
and $3.50 al
1       ire   ' • Hired  'if
1   bargain   a i we place on
our counter, 50 odd pairs
Blankets, Comforters
io per cent 'li •( ount, All our
Wool Blankets in tircy and
White, bought 'lir''' I from une
ol the best mills (Inly in '.lock
1 few 'l.ivs.
Ladies' Blouses
White   I.awn  Hlouscs.   50 per,
cent   Discount
Clothing Department
l hlil Pants at S^.j^ per pair.
Worsted Suits at .Si 1,50,      Regular
Hoys' Suits selling from $2.50 up.
Men's Overcoats.    Reg. $ia      Now
Men's    Hest   Overcoats  with   Satin
Lapels,     Ke>,r. $16.    Now Si 1.
Men's Odd Pants
100 I'air put in stock this day,
good, heavy Tweed Pants at $1.35
per pair. Heavy and dark grey
tweed, double and twisted wool,
the kind that regularly sells at $3.
Now Sale Price $2.25.
Boys' School Boots
The good Wearing   kind  at 20  per
cent, discount.
Men's Boots
Regular $3.00.    Now $2.25.
Ladies' Boots
A job line.    Keg. $2.50 and $4.00.
Now at Si.50 a pair.
Mackenzie  Avenue
REID     &    VOTTNa        Be.elslt.kf>, J. P.


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