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The Mail Herald 1907-08-11

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Vol. 13.-No 63
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Crosse & Blackwell's Jellies
Jams and Condiments
All Fruits, Raspberry, Slruwhcrry, Pencil, Plum, Apri-
c.l, etc., Cross.' & ltln.-kiiell's linesi- ll.e n.imu is .1 guarantee of quality,   Pul up in I lb, tins. 61 Cents
M.i.l.. of Finest Seville Oi-fingcs, (.'.rase A Blackwell's
goods. Purity is ussn.e.1. These people turn out the
II.i.-m ti. be lif.'tl.   Put up ii. 7 lb. tins ut One Dollar
('. A H. Best Malt Vlnogai'. This is something you
shuulil look for purity In. Put up in quart bottles to sell
at 35 Centa
Oi* Olive Oil for Salad Drossingietc Perfuctly pure
Italian Oil, pul up by Crosse A Blackwell iu HI ounce
bottles. 58 Cents
English Sour Pickle. Put up by Cross.. A Blilokm.ll,
We huvo a fine assortment in Glass Bullies in linest malt
vinegar. ..II si/.-.s. Finest Italian Olives, Heal olives) no,.lion .'heap goods, bul Ibe real thing put up by
Closse & lllnekivell in all size hottlts,
We have any amount :.f nli kinds of Glass
Jars nn.1 oilier Preserve Jura. Crown Self
Sealing Glass Jars:
Pint ul per dnzen  $1.15
Quart Sizes at per dozen $1.40
Half Gallon Size at per dozen $1.75
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
tiVi *li it1* tti <*_*_ iTi itt iTi iti iti rfi ti'i ifo iTi rTi tTi
Wyvv'+'W "' '*' w w w V * >'
9 wmsmmm
S       Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc.   Stanley's and Starrett's
.Medianil's'Tools.   Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
ty Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely,
**       Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
9        Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments  in
9 connection. **
$        Estimates given.   Job Work Done. 9
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention 9
9        Convenient Olliees for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots H7j x UK), on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered- Cash (050, terms on balance,    PRICE   $2,450
Two-Storey  Dwelling, plasteied nnd stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 nil Second Street.      Cash $050 un.l terms on balance.
One-Stoiey Dwelling, Lot 60x100, nenr Cowan Blnck
PRICE  $850
iu the hot weather il you please, but dun't overlook
tbe Snaps in well located LOTS, FURNISHED AND
Jiijjjtisji J-P^mjli ji iiwi-i iim mi i fJ.1 imm rrnm i **^i*^<aiiwwPjjiBBMWB>.
At ll. M. Sprout's  Furwell  Estate Office.
COWAN BLOCK.       -       -      -       THIRD STREET
$10,000 TO
Hon, Frank Oliver, Minister of
Interior, Visits Wing Dam-
Will lay City's Request Bequest Before Government,
The unlit.i-he.1 stale of the wing
dam in the Culumbia has been uf
much concern of late to Rovelstoke ub
a whole, and the likelihood that the
work in its present condition wnuld
nut withstand another leasou ba. presented itself. The unfurtiinatec OBing
down ol the works lust winter at a
critical time bus had a detrimental
effect, nud work which was entered
upon previous to that with the understanding that lhe construction was to
be carried on to completion, would
never have been commenced. A
special grant ol $10,000 had been
promised over and above the appropriation and with this in view, the
work which would not otherwise hnve
been done was entered upon. About
$21,000 has been spent on the dam
con-trujtiun, material and appliances
and n.oie inuney is nece.-sary tu put
the work ou permanent basis.
Taking advantage uf the fact that
the Hon. Frank Oliver, minister ul
thc interior, was visiting British Culumbia, tlie board ol trade arranged to
wail on him when coining through
Revelstoke und lay before him the
situation. The Navigation company
had placed the s.s. Revelstoke at the
disposal ol the board on Monday
alternoon, and a trip waB taken up
the river as fnr as the entrance of the
canyon. Mr. Oliver and a number ol
the executiieof the board of trade
occupied seats in the wheel houBe,
whero a good view uf the surroundings
were obtaintd. When circling the
dam, Mr. Aylmer, Dominion government engiueer, explained tbe nature
ol the work that had been done and
the results that bad been accomplished. He pointed out the breach
in the dam and explained how the
damage was done. In showing how
tho fact of doling down in January
bad given tlie works such a set back,
he said that the dam in its present
state was not in a condition to safely
withstand another season, since it waB
only half loaded with ruck and that
unleBs more work waB done on it the
next low waler, the salety of the whole
work would be jeopardised. On being
asked what sum would be required to
finish the dam, Mr. Aylmer Baid that
with $10,000 he c. uld make a reasonably permanent construction and that
he could start iu as soon as he got the
Mr. Oliver asked it the $10,000 Ibat
was previously spoken of was ever
Mr. Aylmer said tbat this sum had
been definitely promised. On being
asked whether he could do anything
in the matter ol getting this appropriation, Mr. Oliver said lhat he could
not dictate to the public works department, but tbat if Mr. Aylmer would
explain to him in writing, the whole
case and what waB required, he would
see that it woujd go before the public
works department. " I can see," he
said," that your case is urgent and
tbat the work already done and money
already spent is in danj er of being
wasted for want of more money Id
carry on the construction to perman-y,
but 1 can make no promise ol anything, except that I will represent the
matter to the department."
During the trip up tbe river, the
minister took keen interest in all he
saw tnd asked many questions regarding the timber and mineral resources
oi the district and also as to what
agricultural work was done here.
mation possible on the Buhject so ibat
suiuhle changes may be ninde, if pes
bible, to suit the conditions.
A number of ditl'erent views were
expressed by the members of the
b aril, but the general impression was
that 1(10 acres in the fruit growing
district is too much hind for one homestead, and that smaller lots should bo
available to the settler:.
It was also thought advisable that
an improvement clause should be put
in tbe regulations- Also that land
should be open to purohase on condi
tions that a certain iiin.iiint be put in
improvements each year.
The subject was thoroughly discuss
cussed and several changes..(vital importance wero reccoiiimeiided, all of
which wero noted by Mr Oliver.
In discussing (natters alter the in
ten-iew, Mr. Oliver expressed himself
as very much surprised and grieved at
the reports which have been circulated
regarding the feeling of lhe dominion
government towards this province.
He emphatically denied that the federal government had any desiru whatever to antagonize lhc interests of this
or any other province, because it rr-
cngnizes tlie fact that the advancement of eaoh portion is the advancement of tbe whole country, and this
has been and still is the object ol tl.e
present administration.
In referring to the labor question,
Mr, Oliver cited part of a ennversntbn
be had with one ol iritisb Columbia's
prominent men, while on bis journey
Q. • Why does the government keep
out tha Chinese ? There is not
enough domestic help in the country.
A. By Mr. Oliver. Why did you
ask Ior thn head tax to be raised.
IJ. By Mr. Oliver. I! the government put the same head tax on
Hindus and Japs, would you favor
bringing in white laborers from Great
Britain, Norway and Sweden ?
A.   No.
Q. By Mr. Oliver. What kind of
labor do you want?
No answer.
How true this is most ol ub know.
We do not know what we want. Just
as soon as we do know and all work
Ior that object, Mr. Oliver assures us
the government will endeaver to grant
our request.
It looks as if it was up to us in the
province anJ it is to be hoped we all
tnke.a tumble oi. this question and
get the opinion of tlie whole country.
Mr. Oliver, before leaving for the
west on No. 97 last evening said
that he bad spent a very pleasant
time in Revelstoke and would bear in
mind what he had promised to do.
Trunk Murder Mystery—Munificent Donation—Telegraph
ers Strike Hits Toronto-
Belfast Strike Riots.
Mahukh.i.kb, Aug. 1-1.—Sir Vere St.
Ledger G .uld confessed here today
that be was the murderer of Emma
Levin, a wealthy Swedish woman,
whoso body was found iu thc trunk of
Gould on his arrival hero on August
Olh, Irom Monte Carlo.
Ki-iNOKA, Aug. 14.—The Canadian
Pacific Railway has donated $110,000
to the Young Men's Christian Association, with which sum an excellent
structure will be put up here.
Tokonto, Oct., Aug. 14.—The strike
ol Western Union Telegraphers has
bit Toronto, and this morning the
Great North Western line is, to all
intents nud purposes tied up.
Spokank, Wash., Aug. 14.—A committee ol Telegraphers appeared belore
the officials of the Great Northern and
Northern Pacific officials at St. Paul,
with a list ol grievances, but were
turned down. It is believed that this
treatment will cause a -trike of tbe
railway telegraphers.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 14.—It is
expected that the lirst train of harvesters frnm the east to look after
western crops, will arrive in Winnipeg on Aug. 25th.
London, Aug. 14.—The Irish strike
was discussed in the Houbo of Commons yesterdny afternoon. The Irish
members of parliament wanted tbe
truops wil nil in un liuni Belfast and
olheis urged the necessity for a full
inquiry, Hou. Mr, Birrel, secretary
for Ireland, said: "The government
is fully alive tu tbe urgency ol the
matter and is doing all it can to secure
a settlement ol this most unfortunate
Rioting in Belfast still continues
aud in last night's trouble a woman
and two men were killed.
Preparations for Next Season's
Winnu'eu, Aug. 13.—The Alpine
Club ol Canada has just sent out a
l.allut containing tin names ol forty
candidates Ior membership. There is
one associate, G. 8. Flindt, ol Glacier,
B. C. Twenty-nine actives have
climbed the necessary ten thousand
leet above sea level, including one from
Melbourne, Australia, Amu icons from
the States ranging Irum New Vnrk
In the States—Years  Ol Waste to California and Canadians Irom Ni-n
and Carelessness       iBrun8wick, tu ,Briti8h Co,1T1"b'"''
Among the graduating candidates,
San Francisco, Aug. 13—Years of perhaps the best known name is Ihal
waste, careless methods aud a short- 0f Winthrop E Stone, the president
sighted policy in order to gain imme- of Purdue University, Luyfayctte, 1 .1.
diate profits, has brought tbe United Plans ure already leing discussed Instates to the eve ul a lumber Limine, the cHb house to be erected at Banff
was tho declaration made by Secretsry next season. Tl.e lot is a line one,
ot Agriculture James Wilson, who and nieinberB will bo allowed to camp
arrived here yesterday Irom the North., 0n it at any timo during the summer
weat. Although the Federal Govern- until the whole lot is required for the
meut is doing all in its power to ward club house,
off* the poril, having set aside 150,000,-1 •*»-.	
Later in the alternoon at the conclusion ot the river trip, an inlormal meot-
ing was held in tbe club, when many
business men were present, the chief
subject ol discussiun being the best
metl....Is to li,; adopted for the settling
of tho Dominion lands in the railway
Mr. Oliver Btsted that he had come
to Revelstoke for information. One of
the principal matters which he wished
to discuss was the land question in
the railway belt. As explained by
him this question hai only recently
become an important one. British
Columhia in the past has been famous
(or its timlier and mineral and not
until these became valuable was the
laud considered oi much worth,
Nuw that it has ken demonstrated
thoroughly that the present land regulations an* impracticable to the conditions in British Columbia, his object
in coming here is lo get all the inlor-
000 acres ol forest resrrve lands, the
prospective famine, according to the
Hecretary Wilson, can be prevented
only by the individual holders of
forest lands or by state laws.
"The waste ha, been incalculable,"
said. Secretary Wilson, "and the increased cost of lumber at present heralds an impending famine. The loss
by forest lires alone amounts to hundreds uf thousands ol dollars every
In reply to a question as to the
probability of the Federal Government
taking some action for perpetuating
the forests by replanting. Secretary
Wilson said:
"It will have tn come to that in
time, but the checking ol the present
peril rests with the stale and through
state laws. Tlie greater part ol lhe
Eastern and Middle West country
now looks to the Pacific coast for its
lumber, and if the coast states wish
to maintain this profitable industry
in the future tbey will have to pass
and enforce suitable laws governing
Owing to tho unsettled Btntc ol thc
weather, the big tont has been closed,
aud meetings wili be hold in the
Baptist Mission Hall, First street.
Remember,   meetings   evory  night.
Toronto Man Issues Challenge
to Webb, who Beat Towns,
Tokonto, Aug. 12.—Edward Dm-
man, the Canadian sculling champion
will cballengo W. Webb, ol Now Zealand, the new holder ol tho world's
honors. He will give Webb a liberal
allowance Ior expenses to come to this
country, or will take a thousand dollars and go to New Zealand, Tho New
Zealand climate is nut nearly so enervating as that ol Australia, which
is practically prohibitory ol a visitor
showing liis best physical ability, This
is an important factor in Durman's
determination again to attempt to
capture the championship ol the
Tragedy Occurred After Tramp
Was Ordered off a Train.
London, Out., Aug. 13.—On Saturday morning an Italian healing his
way nu a C. P. It. train noar Chapleau
on being ordered off by the conductor
drew a knife and stubbed thc ollicial,
Tho latter then shot the Italian
through the heart, causing instant
deatli.   Tho tragedy occurred on the
Evorybody welcome.    Come and boo I westbound train whon it was running
what the Lord has done, | between Chapleau and Cartier,
Headquarters for  Tetley'
And   you   will be perfectly
satisfied.     Your   neighbor
won't have better edibles
or get any lower prices
on the same quality
Come in  and
of   Fine   Goods
uch   as
our   stock
Olives, Salads    Dressings,    Sauces  and
Extracts, Theyare as good as can be obtained
Headquarters  for Tetley's Teas
$500 CASH
Buys New House finished with all modern
conveniences and ready for occupancy.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building".     Telephone 31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Hrmiclioa iu thsPmvtlUMo( aaniUiba. Allwrta. Saakatehawin.
lirili-l, (*<.l.inil.iii. 0.ili.riii, gunlnc.
Oapltal AuthOrlied
Oapltal Paid Up
Roaorvc Fund
D, It. WlLKlB, President:
Hun, It. Jaffhay,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all pads of Canada, United .States and
Europe,   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
.•'bat shipment tailor-made skirts to Call aud see our display ol Huntley
hand now open lor inspection—latest I A- Palmer's biscuits—tho vory best
styles.   CresBman A Morrison. I money can buy—at C. 6. Hume A Co'i, tlbc nfoatl*1beialb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Harold Fisher
Btn',l.r..' Solicitor., EK-.
C, t onux. p-c- >:u"in*
will lie jeopardised it lelt another
ipason. Although not being able lo
make any definite promise Mr Oliver
will represent our cuss to the publi.
works department at Ottawa aud it is
to be hoped that body uill recogni6C
how urgent is necessity lor actiun
and that immediate steps will be
taken tu make the work permanent.
Otticm: Ih'MUI. BiNi Bloc*. IUvil-
'ITOK, a c.
Offlce.: n«rel«tok«, B. 0.1 Cranbrook, B. C.
Oio. S. McC.BTSa,
4, M. PlNKUiM.
Refeliloke, B. C.
J. A. HiKVEt.
Cranrook, B.
J. M. Scott I.I..D
W. I. Brlm.8.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Amis ol all Ore.. Sample, by mall or exprt-ii
r.celv« prompt attention.
Term i Moderate.
*DD»»!        •       •      ■      BOX 132 K.ILO, B. C,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Su.veying
McKenzie Avenue.
Box 108, Revelstoke.
Paoviscui Asj.Tin A,
Notist fi'iuc, Etc.
Pbo»e2     NEW I.EKVKR, B.C.      P,0 Box 10
(Member American ^Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Und, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospectiveinvestors
or purchasers.
Gbe flfoaiMberalb
"1 would . . . earnestly ail.Le lhe... for
their good lo order ihl« paper to be punctually
terved op. and to be looked upon u > partol
the tea tqulpate/'-ADDisos.
Public opinion has been    airing
itself with considerable freedom of late
in connection  with the events that
have taken place in the city during
the last lew weeks, and although popular sentiment is apt, at times, to be
led away by circumstances still there
has been some excuse Ior Iree discussion and perhaps censure on the part
of the people.    The tough element iB
to be found in every oity and town on
the continent and Revelstoke has got
her sufficiency.  The series ol startling
events  ol  the  past  lew  weeks has
roused  popular  indignation  and hy
means  of   the  Citizens'  League the
people have hoped to be able to assist
the authorities in the discharge ol
their duties in an effort to suppress
tbe evil that has been only too apparent to every one.    We  are informed
that the Police Commissioners will
draw the tightest rein on the city and
will adopt drastic measures to secure
immunity from the menacing inllu
ence ol these classes ol people who
drift among us and disturb the peace.
While we agree that strong measures
should be practised, yet the police com
tuissioners should use discretion and
good sound judgment as to what plans
they will adopt in coping with this
evil.  The hotel men will realize that
it is to their own advantage that this
element should be pushed out of town
and that tbe action of the police commissioners  is  not  directed against
them and to their detriment.    We do
not think that only extreme measures
will have the effect, but rather a tactful, careful and discrete plan ol action
will have just as good and beneficUl
results as a policy that will at once
cause friction and diasention among
us. In drawing a tighter rein throughout the city  the hotel men must see
that they will benelit in tl.e long run
and that tbe police commissioners are
only acting up to the law and what is
in accordance with moral and civic
rights     Once rid of this tough element, who must be made to see that
they cannot live here, and the town
will be fully protected.
Western Accommodation Taxed
to Provide for the Wayfarers.
EDMONTON, \ug. 13.—It is said that
there are over J,000 people residing in
tents. The reports which have been
issued by tlie Canadian Pacilic officials indicate that the tourist travel
which has been recorded this season
has been up to date greater than that
of any othcr year. So great, indeed,
has this been increased that the passenger receipts of the road are said to
be augmented by at least Irom filteen
to twenty per cent. In the early portion ol the season it was expected
that the travel would be somewhat
smaller than usual, as, with a season
at least two or three weeks behind
that ol other years, it was felt that
the travel through the summer would
be somewhat curtailed. This expectation has been, however, cast away,
as tbe figures which are already to
hand not only show that there has
been no falling off, but that there has
been one of the most substantial in-
creasis in the history of the road.
The western resorts on tlie 0. P. R.
particularly in tbe mountains, have
boasted ol a larger quota of visitors
than any other season. The difficulty
of finding accommodation has been
the one problem of the hotels, and
even with the extia accommodation
which is afforded at Banff, Lake
Louise and the other hotels, it was
found that the crowding was even
greater than ever, and not always was
it that guests could be accommodated.
Many ot the tourists are now travel
ing eastward, alter a holiday trip in
the mountains, but the number that
are going westward are equally great,
so there is not the slightest diminution
in the number of travellers.
Popular Sentiment Favors the
Vancouver, Aug. 13.—From the
time, lost Thursday ofternoon, when
Bill Miner and his three companions
slipped under the prison wall and
jauntily trotted across the little
bridge that leads to the tall timber,
the earth of the Fraser River appears
to have swallowed them up. Officials
ol the penitentiary announced thit
before 21 ho urs had passed over the
The city has taken the opportunity
ol  once   more  presenting her claims
belore  tbe   Dominion authorities for
the completion ol the work which has
been done in diverting the current of
tbe Celumbia and uf ihe necessity of
some immediate acliun being taken to
eliminate  lhe  danger  which is now
preienting itsell, ol the possibility ol
the work already doue being irreparably damaged.    Last year when Hon.
W. Templeman visited Revelsloke the
Board  ol  Trade  waited on him and
took him over tbe work then in progress  and  pointtd   out  that more
effective measures be taken to complete  in  a  permanent  manner the
work  being done  before tho coming
high water.    Tbe undertaking of deflecting a current ol such magnitude
and velocity, was an arduous one, but
the work   so  lar  has had the desired
effect of forming anutber channel and
bringing the bulk ol the water over to
the opposite Bide.    About t'24,101 haa
been apeut by the  Dominion Oovernment who made tbe sei bui mistake ol
ihutting down at an inopportune time,
thereby delaying the operations being
carried out to a finish at a period when
il ahould least have been dine.   When
starting up again s month later much
money was  spent  in  getting up to
where work waa dropped and when sll
operations finally ceased and no more
money available the dam waa in inch
a condition  tbat unless work was
recommenced al next low water and
carried  to completion    the  results
might be disastrous.     What has been
done is good, and under the conditions
and taking into consideration thtt the
whole dam, although built to ite hill
lengtb was but in a small way shored
up with rock, it il hardly to lie won
dered at that that portion give way
under  thc terrific weight ol floe ice,
Opportunity wis taken, on the viiit ol
tbe Minister ol tbe Interior on Mon
diy to point out  to him ths facts ol
the ease and that an im mediate appropriation ol more money was necosaary
Wt understand that a sum ol 110,000
was promised by the Dominion Gov
erument to nnieh this work, boforo the
summer, which grant was never made,
and this promise has to a gnat extent
affected the nature of the work that
was done.    The  Dominion engineer
bu stated that he can finish the dam
permanently lor 110,000 but that con-
atruction must be commenced as ear y
at possible, otherwise tbe whole work
head of Miner he would again lea
caged bird, but up to date be is a free
man. Tl.e burglar, the thief, and the
forger who went with him are also
slill enjoying their liberty, although
they must be more amateurs at the
game ol eluding the police compared
tu Hill Miner himsell.
Tlie only certainty regarding Bill's
movements is that he decided to be a
luuo bandit shot tly alter he lelt tbe
prison. After the party had covered a
mile and a, quarter Bill Miner eepar
ated himsell Irom his companions;
that is, il the identification ol his
tracks, leading off in a new direction,
il to be depended upon. Tl.e train
robber wore a special kind ol boot for
bis alleged sore Ieet.
Not tl.e least remarkable feature ol
lhe escape is the sympathy being ex.
tended to the aged robber leader by the
general public. Five out of six people
you meet on the street openly express
the h pe that Rill will get away, and
are nut afraid ol injuring the feelings
of nny une when they declare the sin.
cere wish that he will remain a free
man for the rest of his life. But the
theory that Bill is being protected by
Iriends in the vicinity of Vancouver
or New Westminster is the favored
inclination of the wise ones. He is
credited with having had fifteen or
twenty thousand dollars cached away
for just such an emergency as overtook hin. when he was given a clean
shave and told to stay in one pluce
for the rest ol his life. One guess is
just as good as another when it comes
to figuring cut how the details ol
assistance to him arc being carried out
at tbe present time.
lDcorporated by Act it 1'n.llnfnent, 18V.,
Wm. Molwin MacPHEIIBON, Pies, S. H., Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capiat paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000   m
SUty-two branches in Canada and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four times a curreat rates on Savings
Bank deposits, until further nm ier.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. O.
Peer llrail,, Anliiml., Bin!., lish, Kl<-,
Animi.1   U.'l'f *l"Hn.ed.
P ... II.IX 31.
Ktuill..:  ('nriHT f Flint fi... niul ll"Yle A.ft.
til-VolRt.llJft.      .11.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
tooiii"|Sloie if you want to purchase
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any othet stove in the cily. Our
Spring styles are ready for youi-
J. IVcinUE & SCN
Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Elc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices,
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made—Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Mllad a taaahal
— eoieet —
.•a. Mr »*<,.<«, arSpaoa-rtafarlla
Local Ravalatok* Party ef Canada
Meet. First and We.lnesdny In the mntith
in Selkirk Hall, upstair., at 8 p.m. Subieet lor
.ll.fUB«lnn-"Arraini.meut ..I Canllallira. All
lnterci!**!l are welcome.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain Vic* Camp. No. J59.
Meet* Second nnd F"..rth Wednesdays In
each month, In Selkirk Hull. Visiting Woodmen cordially infill..! to attend.
IV, li. AIIM3TKONO, Con. Com.
II. w. EDWAUDS, Olerk.
Import direct from Country ol origin.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant* \
Fork Packer, and Dealer   In Live Stock.  Market, in ail the principal Cities and M
Toivna nf Alberta. British ....nimbi* and the Yukon.  Packers of the Celebrated Brand M
'Im er nr " Hams nnd Bacnn, and Shamrock llr.ia.l, Leaf Lard- d
For Aitnciiltumt ItnplnmeDts, (-Arrinitfn,  Waumis'i Eto.,(John \
Deere Ploughs, Holme Wagons, Canada (Vrlage Company's \
HugKiBH, Planet ir., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wlieol- T
wright and Blacksmith Work attended to.   Borao Shoeing a V
Place yum- nidi'ia fur your
Harness..—ilinul make Hools
and |.'..u..y Lcail..-. (iiiods. . .
Manufactured forallclnssealof buildimis
All UiidsM building and plnstertoff
To Buy Property In and Around
Haver Again will It be so Low
I have lor sale the following:—
One Collage, corner Charles and
Douglas St.—$8oo, easy terms,
Two Houses, Third Sl.— $1,500
One House, corner King and
Front Sis.—$1,700.
One House on Douglas Sl.—$800.
Eight Acres just outside lhe Cily
Limits, suitable for fruit—$100 per
acre. Together with larger lots
of Fruit Lands near lhe City.
Also one 25 foot lot suitable for
business site on First Street, close
to McKenzie Ave.
Fur full particulars apply lo.—
Revelatoke, B, 0.
F. 0. E.
Tho roL-nlur meeting*! nro hold in the Selkirk
Hf.ll ovory 2nd snd Ith Tuesday evei.lns .its
o'cl.a... Vtilttus brethren nro cordially united.
W. E. McLAUOHLIN,Ssobbtakt,
Koot.;tinv Lorae No. 15 A F.&'A.iW
*ir,;\ The riarular  nic.
va-s -> lum-arc hold In Hi.
MiihiiiIc Toilltilf,
j.1.1 Irellnw. Hall.'"
tht ll.ird Monday I.
each month nl '
p.m. Visitltiirhrelh
r.'i.   cordially   wel
. . A. I'K". VN1KR, rtKCRKT.nV.
"UKI UK LOD ,E, NO  12. I. 0. 0. F.
Mpt'i.. DveryThursdfi]
evening In Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'cl.a....
visiting brethren co. -
'I.H..J- iiiMip.1 Ui a;
I-, ri-iMitiK ***."
In our last issue we spoke ol the Gen. It. Howard Company, which opens
tomorrow night at the Opera Hon e. In order that onr readers may judge
(or themselves the rrerita of this excellent company, we will reprint the
criticism of the company in Bellingham, Wash,, where they have just closed
a run ol eight wet-ka. This criticism is taken frnm the Bellingham Herald,
the leading paper ol that thriving city and is given in lull. Alter reading
this be lure and see thn play:
" The Howard-Dorset Company, which made ita initial appearance it the
Beck last right, in "Christopher Jr.," in which Maud Adams and .lohn Drew
starred a short time ago, have made good Irom tbe Hart. Mr. Howard, the
leading man, is undoubtedly the star, and bis interpretation ol Christopher
Jr. was a thoroughly artistic and finished hit nt comedy George It. Howard
ia in many waya similar to Nat C. Goodwin, especially so in appearance and
ability, and be has bien oltcn credited with interpreting such roles as "The
Nominee," "Chriatropher Jr.," "Other People's Money," and plays ol like
nature, even with moro individual merit than Goodwin himself. The entire
company ia well chosen, md is entirely devoid nl thc crudities ol tbe average
stock company. On no occasion in last night'a production was a charoctei
overdrawn. From the leading man to the most minor part tbe comedy line.
were well given, and the pioduction had the llncness nl much higher
priced plays.
" Ranking well with Mr, Howard was Maldon MarqtUm, who appeared n«
Dora Hedway. Miss Moro,uam has decided charm ol manner, anil showed a
strong emotional ability. She is seen at her beat, however, in some ol the
Other plays which are billed lor this week. Betty Jonson is is dainty and
vivacious a soubrette is will l>e lound. As Nollie Colt, last evening, sho won
the sympathy ol tho ontlro audience. Among others to whom credit is duo
tor the successful production laat night, aro dny Hitner, Katharine B u.d, the
character woman; Edmund Murphy, who phys a stellar part; James Norton,
who appeared to advantage as Job rtmith. Tho entire production ii well
worth the usual prices ul tho higb-olass companies, and muoh surprise hns
been expressed that mob a company may tie seen (or so much less, The
evening they are to preient the same play—"Chriitopber Jr,"
Com Range Lodge, K. ol P.,
No. ti, Revelatoke, B. C.
»< iy! Third Wednesday ol
..on r, nl.lh, in lhe Oddfellows'
ll.ll    al    s   o'clock.    Vl.ltln*, are cordially ;nvlto.l.
iimi'smw . .-
.1   II   HIKS K. K   ol It  * K.
H. A. BROWN  M   i.f r
JKWE..ERS ani) Opticians
Next to Imperial Hank
Improperly fitted glasses are worse than
no glasses and neglected eyei often means
blind nesi,
Our Optical Department is in charge o
Mr. M. S. Hastings, Kef. P., and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It has heen proven that go per cent, of
headaches are caused hy defective eyes
and it dues nol follow that because jou
have good eyesight thai your eyes arc not
Have your eyes attended lo now and
save trouble ami expense.
All Kinds oi Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Deiler in Wood, Coal ond Feed,
Phone 71. House Phone
Central Hotel
Newly built,    First-class in every respect.   All motion, convenience.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same mana^rmuni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rat:s$iaday.   Monthly rate,
The !».»( Il.i.-k in the Province.
Well I.U...I   It.irk  ill laige   or
K.....II quantities at Reasonable
Mtntwri of (Kith i-sxw #Uh to *i-
rhmiK'*' *tU >*«ii<1 Jfi rent* to Join snd
nji'dlYi* |A Unr/. h»n<l*^m«, IBported
PmI Ctnli ind p'lroami* eniervl on
lint. nu M lm
Haddon   Bldg.
Thai's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Hoap Factory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and arenasy with its help
And the money saving Is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give l.n
lloval Crown Wrappers. Hend
Inr it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
Queen's jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        -        •        Proprietor
Court of Revision.
Noi.iee i« hereby given that the Hist
sitting of tin* Court of Revision In revise and co.Ti'ct the Assessment Roll
as prepared liy the Assessor fur Ihe
City of Revelstoke for the year linn,
wili bo held at the Council Chamber,
Citv Hall, Hevelslokc, B.C., on Wednesday, September Ith, 1007, nl. 7;I«)
til II. FLOYD,
Cilv Olerk.
Under  New  Management)
B,   C.
Firsi-cltiH accommodation lor travellers.
Iiest brands ol Wines, Spirits, and
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Hpray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, eto.
Oldest established .....aery on the
mainland of Il.C.   Catalogue tree,
oaiiHHOUlia and it(OHOUiii VAnaauvi(,l,e.
James Evans
Dealers in Roof, Pork, Mutton,
I'niiltry, Fish and Game In
Hsason. Orders promptly attended to.
FirstSt. Revelstoke
All kinds of Green Vegetables ready lor the Market.
l-'resh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries 10c.
Per Lb.
Front Street, Revelsloke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Hariiy MoIntobh,     oflman  House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the most curative In tbe
world. A perfect, remedy for
ali Neivous and Museular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling," Special
rates on all boats and trains, Two
malls ai rive and d. a.t every day,
Telegra h common ation with all
marts of thp world.
Tkrms- f 12 to $18 ner week,   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrets, LaK*. 8. C
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
dash Prioes Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
-N, *
United States Roads Put Old
Men on Fast Runs—Lots ol
Engineer A. J. Ingle, ot Baltimore
who is in charge ol the engine draw
ing tlie passenger train between thai
city and Winchester, Va., entered IiIb
75*. b year last January, says the New
Y.i.k Sun. Hc is a good illustration
of the contention that locon otive
engineers as a class are a Hat contra
diction to tlie cry that modern methods are pushing old men to tlie rear.
Scores ol the lest and most reliable
engineers all over the Unitep Stales
are (rom .111 to 6(1 years of age. Many
have reached 65, while theie are still
others who have reached the 70 mark
and are still at the throttle on the
speediest trains.
A lew days ago a big lucomotive
coupled ou tu one ol the last trains of
the Pennsylvania, Slowly making his
way out of the cramped cab came a
man with bent shoulders aud wrinkled
lace. With aged hands ou which the
veins stood out strong he shoved bis
long spouted oil can into tbe depths
ot the great machine, at times un
steadily climbing up on une u! the big
siderods connecting tl.e driving wheels
that he might be better able to get
the oil to the right spit, With short
steps he made his way around the
locomotive, peering in this place and
that, examining bolts and ruuning
gear with eyes from which nothing
escaped. Assured that all parts were
in perlect working order, he climbed
unsteadily back into tbe cab. Tnen
the signal Iir the start sounded, and
soon the train was flying on its journey. Uut th. re was nothing unsteady
about the running of the train. It
was now in the complete mastery of a
trained mind, backed with years of
experience that embraced everything
that ould possibly arise under any
circumstances. Everything was done
with Ihe certainty and regularity ol
clockwork. Tlie old engineer had done
this one thing so long that it had be
come a second nature to him.
Several times the railroads have
thought there ought to be some age
limil, but each aud every time have
beeu forced to abandon it—that is, as
far as the engineers are concerned.
"On our road,' said Travelling Engineer Dellert, ol the New Haven, "the
age ol our engineer cuts uo figure so
loin as he can pass his examination.
We've got men running who are
pretty close to 70, and they not only
can do their wora well but are among
the best engineers on the road. Nearly
all of our best engineers, in fact, are
men well along in life. Instead
ol seeking lo lay them off on account
ul their ycais we hate to see them go
and uu to them as long as no can.
"Nearly all ol the last runs on the
Central ore in charge ol the oldest
men," said Travelling Engineer Patterson, "and they make guud too.
Once iu a while a young r man might
make a better single run, but day in
and day uut the old man will boat
him. If anything goes iviong the uld
engineer is right on tl.e job. He
doesn't get rattled, and go up into the
air. Hie long exyerience has included
something like it at some time or
other, and he goes to work to get
things straight where a younger man
would lose his head.
"And aa lor nerve—why, one ol the
fastest .miners on the road is Bony
Thompson, and he is more than 70
years old, Ho will run as last as any
body wants to travel along rails, and
always handles hi, eugine with rare
"Then there's Billy Raymond. He
isn't sny younger than Thompson. If
lie doesn't run fast enough to make
time with the Empire State express
we haven't heard anything about it.
"Martin Ryan is another. His age
is between 65 and 68, and yet he handles one o( the big Atlantics tbat pull
the Twentieth Century, Ryan is independently rich, and he just railroads
(or fun. Live wouldn't be worth living Inr him oil the road, and the road
is glad lo have him. Denny Cashin
is in the sixties, and he runs nothing
slower than the Lake Shore Limited.
"We wouldn't know how to go about
placing an age limit, lor some men
are old at 40, and others are young at
NEL80N,  B C.
18, 19, 20, 1907
Larger and Better
Than Ever
Something Doing
Every Minute
Cheap Excursion Rates
On All Transportation
For   Information   or
Prize List, Write
P. 0. Box 95,
C. W. BUSK,   President
25c. to 50c. on the AS
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to anv railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
Write for our latest Price list, it Is
mailed tree ou request,
We only handle thejbesl goods money
can buy, only goods ot* best mills, manufacturers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Cooda Guaranteed or Money Re-
ll is a duty to You, 10 Your Family and
to your Pocket Book to investigate our
We do'not belong lo lhc Jobbers' »r
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References: Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in tbe City, or the
names of twenty thousand satisfied customers in the tour provinces.
Writ* for Our Prioe Hit To-day.
Northwestern Supply  House
239 and 161 Stanley Street
Bnvflstokc Und District.
District of Wnst Knot-may.
Take nulico tlmt Hugh M<*Lean, of
Revel-toko, II. C. ik ciipatlou PrtMpeotur, i-.*
tuiidsto applv fur -in*-' i il timber llceucca over
Hit; folio wil.k ii.s.Ti!n'ii lands.—
I. Communcing nt a posl planted at tlie
north-wesl corner of i'.l. MW, marked "llugh
McLean.*, south-west comer,' tbence eaat ifli
(bains, thunce north 80 chains, thence west '»■
clmins, theuce west S" elialm tu point nl coin*
meneement, containing uiu acres nmre nr loss.
i. t'nniiiieiH'i ik at a post planleil 6 cliains
east "f north-east corner »t T. I. v6io, marked
■'llutjli McLeatrs sonth-west corner," tbence
nnrtli &i chains, tbeuce ea-t SO cliains, tlitn.'e
soutli S'i cli iii.s tnence west iii chains tn pnint of
commencement, containing UlOftcres uiuie or lean
'A. t'diinnenciii-fat a post planted 2 miles north
»f Mien Creek and t miles east of Columbia river.
marked "Hugh McLean's soutb-west turner,"
tbence imrth 80 cliains, tbence east 80 chains,
then smith 60 chains tbenee west [SO cliains to
pniutof commencement, cmitainiin! W«acres nmre
or less.
4. Commencing ftt a poBt planted I inllea nortli
of Mica Creek, anil 3 miles east nf Columbia
River, marked ''Hugh McLean's n<iuth-*esi enrner," tbence nortli 80 chains, theuce ensl so
chains, tbence soulh SO cliaim. tbence west SO
chain*- to point nf commencement, containing olo
fi. Commencing at a post planted 8 miles
uorth of tlie north fork of Mica Creek and * milea
east of Columbia Uiver, markeil "Hugh MuLean's
north-west corner," thence south IW cbians, thenoe
east bil ebains, thence nnrth 80 chains, thenoe
west 80 clialus to poiut of commencement, containing wo acres more or less.
8. Cmu -lencing at a post planleil 2 mil"-
mirth nf the math fork of Mica Creek and 4 miles
east of Columbia Uiver, marked ' liuirli McLean's
south-went enrner,' tbence north 80 chains, tlience
east 80 chains, iheuce houiIi 80 chains, theuce
wust 80 chains to pniutof eoiuiiieiu-etueiit, run-
tabling WU aerea more or less.
7. Commencing at a post pi in ted3 miles north
of Mica Creok and ~;; uileseastof Columbia
Itiver, marked "llngli McLean's soutb-west corner," thence north 80 chains, thence east so
chains, thence snutli 80 elinins, thence west bO
cliains tn point of commeiieument, containing tiJO
acres more or less.
8. Commeueiug at a post plantcil .1 miles
nortb of Mka Creek and 8* miles eaat of Columbia Itiver. marked "Hugh McLean's south-west
corner," tlience north oU cliiiins, tbence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, tbenee west SU
bains to point of commencement, cuntaining (MO
acrus inure or less.
9. Commencing at a punt planted 2% iniles
north of tbe north fork of Mica Creek and 4^
mileseast of Columbia Uiver, mnrkeil "Hugh Mc
bean's suulh- west enrner," thence north 80 chains,
tbeuce east 811 chains, thence soutb 8U chains
tbence west 80 chains to point of coinmencement,
containing 040 acres more ur less,
10. Commonclng at a post planted 2 miles ea it
of the Columbia Ttlver uud 4 miles north of Mica
Creek marked "Hugh McLean's south-west corner," tbeuce north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 cha.ns, tbeuce west 80
liains to point of commencement, containing 810
acres mure or less,
II, Commencing at a post plauted on the south
bank of potlntch reek, 2 miles from the mouth,
marked 'Hugh Mt Lean's uorth-west comer,"
tben-e somh 80 eli.uii.-i, thence east 80chains,
tbence nortb 80 chains, tbenee west 80 chains to
poiut of commencement, containing Slo ncr-js
more or less.
iM.l.s K. Ucid, „f ciun-
i Druggist, lutoiiiU to apply
,*ir ine fulluwing described
Kevelstoke Liu I
Di.-irict of ,\i,l ]i
lake notice tlm
brouk, B.C., uecupn
for special licenses
l. Communcing at a pust planted almut inn
ciniins norib from the month of lllg Uree-t ami
about 8o chaiua westof i-outuplix and marked
"Charles LC Heid'a m.K. comei-post," thonee80
di tins west, theuce 80 chains north, theuco 80
i'liains oaat, tbence w cnains uouth to polut of
commencement, and containing 0411 acres more or
'<!. Commencing nt a post marked ''Charles K
Keid's N. K, corner po-,1," planted almut ion
haius north fnnn the mouth of Big Creek and
ibout 80 chains wesl of Comaplix, thuuee so
• liains west, tbence *' ehains south, tlienco su
-halns east, tbence so chains north to point of
commencement, ami cuntaining WO acres more ur
3. Commencing at a post markeil 'Charles K
Keid's S.W. corner pnst," planted about lou clialns
north from the mouth i>f Hig Creek ami alwut 80
elmins wes* uf Comaplix, theuce 80 chains uorlh,
tbence 8o chnius east, thence 80 cliiiins suuth,
thence 8U chains west to puint of commencement
ami containing wo acres more or less.
i. Commencing at a pusl marked "Charles J5.
Kei Is N. VV, corner pust,'' planted nliout inn
chains nortli from the mouth of Big Creek anil
about fj(>chaina west ol Comaplix, tlience south 80
chains, tbence eaat 80 cbnins, thence nnrlh 80
chains, (hence west 8U cbaius to point of commencement, ami containing W0 acre-, more or less.
Hated July Wli, l.m;.
sat jly 20 Nicholas Powers, Agent,
Kevelstnke Land District.
Distriet of West Kuotenay.
Take notice that Charles K. Hold of Cranbrook,
B.C., occupation Druggist, intends to apply fora
special timlier license over the following described
Commencing at a post marked "Charles K.
Keid's S.W. cornur post," plnnted alumi ;m chains
north of a post mnrkeil "VV.P. 1887, J). Orr preemption." ami ahoul i j miles north of Camborne,
II. (J,, thencu north 80 chains, thence east Sn
cliains, theuce .soutb 80 chains, thuncu west So
ebains to point of coinmencement, ami containing
WUa res more or less.
Daled July 16th, 11*07.
sat jly'JO Nicholas Powers, Agent.
Take notice that I, John Wallls Shorwln, of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, intoml to apply for a
special timber licence for the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at Lhc South
Wost corner T. L 8683, markca "J.VV.8,, northeast cornet," running west 80 chains, thoneo
south 80 chains, tbence east 80 chains, uud
thence north 80 chains to (he point, of commencement
Uated July 16th, 1CJ7.
eat jly 20 J. WALLIS BHERWIN.
Nolice. is hereby Kivcn that .1.1 days ulier
dato we Intend to apply lo the Hon theOhiel
12   Commencing at a po,t planted 2 mile»easl Commissioner of l,» and Work.., Ior speoial
ol Unlumhia lllver and lj miles south ol Potl.iti-1. licence to out and carry nway timber Iro... ll.o
Hides, Shotguns. Revolvers,
Fishing Tackle, Tents, Hunting and Outing Suits, Canoes,
Bouts, Typewriters and Olliee
Desk, Field and Opera Glasses,
All nt less than half price,
Write at once fur big list,
Nauwigcwfttik, N. B., Canada.
The lawn tenia tournament has
been considerably hampered by rain,
yet enthusiasm has not in tl.e leset
degree diminished. The lollowing
games have been played:
Mils Hardie and A. V. Anderson
won Iron. Mrs. H, Cunningham Morris and Kev. J. It. Robertson, 6-1,8-1).
Miss Hardie snd A. Y, Anderson
won Irom Miss Spurling snd W, W,
Foster, 0-2, 8-0.
Mrs. McLennan tnd I). Nairn won
Irom Mrs, Elson snd Rev. J. it. Ilob-
trtsoD, 6-2,6-2.
I have ...any enquiries for
Fruit Lands trom Winnipeg,
Toronto.and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose o!
their biddings, large or small,
will do well lo list with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Creek, marked -'Hugh McLean's north-east cor-
" theme west nu ehaiiiH, tlience soutli 8U
i, tbenco ea-t 80 chains, theuce nortli 80
chains to point of commencement, containing W0
acres more or less.
18. Commencing at a post planted 80 ehalm
east of southeast cornerof '1. L. W58, marked
Hugh McLean's south-east corner," thence weat
I) chains, tbenee north 80 chains, thence easlbO
chaini, thence south 80 chains tu puint of com
meucemeut, contaiuiug 640 acres mure or less.
11. Commencing at a post planted 80 chains
east of south-east coruer of T. L, DtiaS, maiked
Hugh McLean's   south-west   corner," them
uorth 80 ehnins, theuce east 80 chains, thence
soutb 80 chains, tlience west 80 chains to poiul of
commencement, containing 610 acres moru or less
15. Commencing at a post planted 80 chains
east of north-ease coiner of T. L. 7548, marked
"Hugh Mcl.e ni s south-east comer," thence north
a0 chains, Uience east 40 chains, thenee north 40
chains, tbeuce west 80 chains, theuce south 80
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence suuth 40
cliains, tbenee east 80 chains to poiut of com
mencenient, containing 640 acres more of less.
Dated July Wnl, MOT.
wed aug 14   , HUGH MeBEAN.
Revelstoke Laud District.
Distriet of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Warren Androws of
Revolstoke, occupation Prospector, intends
to upply fora-spocial timber license over the
following described lands:—
1, Commencing at a post planted 80 chains
west of Columbia River and 11 niilea north of
8-Mile Creek, marked "Warren Andrews'southwest corner," tlience north 80 chains, thenee east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, Ihence west 80
chaius to point of commencement, containing Wu
acres more or les».
2. Commencing at a post planted 1 mile west
of Columbia Kiver and Ij-ijiudeinorth of 8-Mile
Creek, marked' Warren Andrews' south-east corner,' thence north 80 chains, tbence west 80
chains, tbenee smith So chains, thence east 8U
i bains to point of commencement, containing 64U
acres more orless
'A. Commenoingat a post planted 8 miles west
of Columbia River ami 1 mile uurth of 8-Mile
Creek, maiked ".Narien Andrews' smith-west
corner," tbeuce north 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains, theuce smith 50 chains thence west oil
cnains to point < f coiemenceuteut,.coutalniiig wo
acres more or less.
4   Commencing at a post planted 8 miles west M_,!!F^
following described land;
Coinmeneing at a post planted al thc north
ftvt corner of Robert lilm idi lining's pre-emption No, 611, West Kootenay District, and
marked "Big Bend Lumber Company's southeast corner post," tbence north 10 chains.thence
west 160 chains* ihmice south JO chains, tbence
east 160 chains to point of commencement.
Arrowhead, B.C., July 8th, 1907.
sat jly'20        Bio Hend Lumkkk Co., Ltd.
Nolice is hereby given that 60 days after date 1
intend to apply to tlie Honombln, tbe Chief 'Commissioner nf i.amls and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands, situated
on Upper Arrow Lake, Diatrict of West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at the S- E.
cornerof itnlph Simpson's application, theuce
Inj chains northeasterly following thu Lake
shore in Galena Bay; thence north .ochiiiut-;
thence southwesterly 105 chains paralleling
Lake shore; iheuce south 20 chaiut-: to point of
commencement, and containing 117 acres, more
or loss.
Duted Arrowhead, H. C„ June 1, 1007.
jun 22 sat A, ff, DICKINSON,
Agent for Lamb-Watson Lumber Co, Ud.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date 1
nteml to apply io the Chief Commissionerof
Landsaud Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands, situate in WeBt Kooteuav District:
Commencing at a pest planted 40 chains
Qorin of -ouih east corner of T, I, 7016, and
marked "H,C.Morris's north-east corner post,"
thenee soutb 80 chaius, we-t 80 cnains, north
80chains, eas*. 80chains to pointol commencement.
Datod June 6tb, 1907,
wed juit 12 H. C. MOKKIS,
Persons having timber for
sale kindlv write, stating full
particulars, to
W. J. Robido, 601 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, N. Y.
Lillooel Land Dl.trl...,
nislrlo. ol ..lllonet,
Tike notice lhat Andrew Kits.... ol
lli.vol-.tok.., II. ('., occupation Miner, line...I,
to apply lor a apodal license over Ihe lollowlng
described land.:
1. Ci.)« at a pint planled about two
mile, uorth ol Smoky House ("reek near Hi -
nor.h.wes. eorner ol T, I.. BIOS and marked
"Andrew Kitson's N. E. oorner," thence run.
..I..K soulh Sll chain., thenoe weal 80 chains,
thence nnrlh SIJ chains, tl.e.  ex. suehalns
lo point ol commencement and containing. 640
acre, more or Ies.
'1. Commencing at i post plantcil about two
miles north ol the mouth ol Smoky Home
tircek, near the nor.l.-we» corner ol T. I,, sue.
and marked ..Andrew Kitson's H. ¥., corner."
thence running nonh SO chains, thenee wes.
SD ohains, thenoe south so chains, thence east
SU ehains lo point ol oominenoemcnt and containing-1<0 acre, more or less.
Daled July III., 1W7.
wed aug 14 ANI11IB.V I* 11 sun.
Any person or perm 111 foiiud cutting or carrying awav Umber off tbe Comaplix townsite,
without permission from the owner Hon,
Hewitt linstock, or his agent chief Youug,
will bo proseouied acr-ordiug to Ian,
Dated this 10th day of Angus, 1907.
wed iug li 2m Ef Win BQ8T0C-K-
of Columbia Uiver ami 40 clmins nortb of 8-Mile
Creek marked "Warren Andrews'south-east corner," tbeuce north 10U cnains, thence west 10
chains, thence south llio clmins, t lit nee east ilti
chains to poim of commencement, containing om
acres more or lew.
,1. Commencing at a post planted il miles west
of Columbia River, ami 2 miles north of 8-Mile
Creek, marked "Warren Audreys' south-east curlier,-' tbenee north 80 chains, thencu west 80
chains, tbence south 80 chains, thmicc east 80
ehains to point nf :om men cement, containing 610
acres more or less,
6 Commeueiug at a post planted 1 mile smith
of 8 Mile Creek and Mi miles westof Columbia
Itiver, marked "Warren Andrews' north-east corner," theme smith Si cliain*, ihence west mi
chains, thence north 80 cliains, thence cast8u
chains to poiut uf commencement, containing 640
acres more ni less.
Dated July 25th, 1007,
7 Commencing at a post planted 2 miles south
of 8-Mile Creek, and 2% miles west of Columbia
Kiver, marked "Warren Andrews'northeast corner," thence went 80 chains, thence smith M>
chains.thence east mi cliiiins, thence nortb 80
chains to point uf cummencement, containing no
acres more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted 24 miles
west of Coluinliia Itiver and 2 miles south of
b-Mile Creek, marked "Warren Andrews' south'
east comer," thence north 80 chains, thence west
SO chains, theme south 8uehains. tbeuce cast 8U
chains to point of commencemeiit, containing 040
acres nmre or less.
0. Commencing at a post planted on tho south
bankof 8-Mile Creek, li'i miles west of Columbia
Uiver, marked "Warren Andrews'u»rth-ea*t corner," thence south 80 chains, thence west bl)
chains, tiience rn rtli 80 chains thenee east 80
chains to point of commencement, containing ttio
acres more or le»i.
10. Commencing at a post plnnted ', mile
south of south fork of 8-Mile Creek and it'i
miles wesl of Columbia Kiver, niarked "Warren Andrews' north-cunt corner," tbence huh Ii
80 chains, thenee west 811 chains, tbonco nortli
80 clmins, tbence enst 80 chains tu point uf commencement, containing llio acres more or less,
11. Commencingal a pu-i planled l!jmiles
soulh of 8-Mile Creek and Sj miles west of Columbia River, marked "Warren Andrews'
north-east corner." thence south 80 cliains,
tbence west 80 chains.thence norlh 80 chains,
thenceeast 80 chains to point of commence-
nicnt, conlaining olo acres more or less.
12. Coinmeneing at a post planted ou
the south bauk of the south fork
of 8-Mlle Creek, 41 miles won of thu Columbia
River, marked "Warren Andrews' north-east
coruer," thence south 80 chains, thetice west 80
chains, thunce norlh ni chains, tbence easl 80
chains to point of commencement, containing
M0 acres more orless,
13. Commencing ut a post planted 1 mile
south of the south fork of 8-Mile Creek, 41
miles west of Columbia Klvcr, marked "Warren Andrews' northeast corner." llienco soutb
80 chains, theuce west 80 chnius, thenoe nurth
89chains, ihence cant 80 chains to pointof
commencement, containing (Mu ncrus more or
It. Commencing at a post plant---] ) mile
south of south fork of 8-Mile Creek, ,tj iniles
wost of Columbia Kiver, marked "Warren Andrews' south-east uorner," thenco north 80
chains, thunce west 8» chains, thence south 80
chains, tbence east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less,
Datod July 26th, WW.
wtdaugH        WARKKN ANDREWS,
Ilevelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Bowmau Lumber Company,
Ltd , of Kevelstoke, 11. C, occupation Lumber
Manufacturers, intends toapnly ior a special
Limber licence over the following described
Commencing ata post planted ou the south
ide ot northeast arm upper Arrow Like and
marked "Bowman Lumbor Company's N. K.
80 chains, tbence wesi sn chains, tlienco north
fcOclniins tO pointof commencement, and con
Mailing OP) acres, 111 .re or less.
Duted July 81, IM.
wag"    By Llieir Agent. JjIui G. McCarthy,
Notice Is hereby slten .hat un .lays alter .late I
...l.-.i-l to apply (.. ili.-rlii.-. i i,iiiiiii.*i,,i,„r „l
Uml, ami.. <>rk. Inl permisslna to purchaso tl.e ilesi-rilwil I..ti,l*. -flaitt,. In We.l K<......
nay ill.lrlcl:
(.ommenclng a! a post planleil 40 chain,
north ol Muuh-ea.. corner ol T.I, 7ul0 and
marked "J. li'. norlh.weal corner
po.1," thence ca»tso chain.. ...u.I. so chains,
wel So . lue in-, in.tih su chain, lo ,-u.iit ol
I..I.-I Iiuu-Mil, i.'-.
w.d|unU J. h. JullNSUN.
Kevelstoke Lund llistriel.
District of Wel Kouu-niiy.
Tnke notice Uml we. Lainh-WiilHon Lumber
t.'o.. Lid , of Arrowhead, occupation Alillowu-
..-.■*. In Lend to apply for permission to pun-lnisc
tl.e li.lluwii.K .l.-*.iil.'-'l
ConuncuuniK .11 a ...i-l. plunted al ll.o 3. K.
cornerof Hulph si.»p*:o»'i< application, (lalena
i.a)', lhcnco nortl. ts. otiulns, thonoo .mm. 1.1
ohaius, 11.'fm- - 111" 11' Us cliain-, thonce enetlio
chums, theiieo ..uuth 'ill ohnins muro or loss 10
Unli-iiti lluy, Ihonoe *i).illiwc*li'ily along north
shored U.Ueiiii lli.yto puinlof coi.u.icuuomcul.
Datod IM July, 1807,
LAHB.WAT80N l.f.MIU-ill Co., 1.TI...
wod uuu; ... H. N. W.lkio, Aai'l.l,
K.'i'olsiukc Land Oislriut.
District of Wosl K.u.l.. f.-.y.
Take notice that Uenty Ambrose
Morris of Uevelstoke, occupation Free
Minei', intends ... applv fur sp.-ci.i
timber licences over tbe following
1. Otiniiiionoiiig at a post planted 2
iniics up the nmili-i'.-isi f.n-k ol* Five
Mile Greek, Hig lied, uml marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris' iS, K. corner,"
tbenco north Wl chuius, tlience west Sll
chains, thenco south HU cbnins, tbenee
oast 80 chains to fpoiut of commencement mid coutaiuiug UKi acres nunc
or less.
2. Ciuniticiiciiig at a post plauted 2
miles up the north-enst I'm k of Five
Milu Creek, Big Bend, and marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris' S.W.coi'nor,"
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 8(1 cbnins, thence
west 80 chains to poinl of commencement and containing illll acres more
or less.
Dated July 8th, 11)07,
li. Commencing ut ,-t post planted
abuut une-half mile south of tlm southwest cornei' of No. 1 on the north-west
fork of Five Mile Creek, and .narked
"Hi'in-y Ambrose Morris' N.K.corner,"
thenci. south XII elinins, ihence wosl 80
chuius, then.'.! nurlb Sll chains, thence
eust so ohaina to point of commencement, containing OH) acres more or
4. Commencing ut .1 post planted nt
tin. noi-tli-eust corner uf No. 8 oil the
north-west fork of Five Milo Greek, marked "Henry Amhiose Morris'
S.K. cornel-," tlience north 80 chains,
tlienci. lies; SO chuius, Ihence soulh Sll
cbnins, llienei! east SO ebains to point
of coumienci'iiieot, containing (till
acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a post planted
about one-quarter of a mite 11.ulh of
the ii.ii-th-ivest corner of No. 8, marked
"Henry Ambrose .Morris' N.U. cornei-."
Ihence'suuth 80 clmins, thence west 8(1
ehuins, llienee north 80 chains, thence
oust SO eliains to point of commence-
ment, containing IHO ucrus more or
(I. Commencing ata post plunted at
the north-east corner of No. 5, marked
"Henry AmbroseMorri,' S.K. corner."
thenco north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
east SO ehuins to point of commencement, containing 010 acres more or
Dated July Olh, 1007.
7. Coinmeneing at a post planted
ubout 80 chains north of the north-enst
corner of Timlier Limit No. 10507, und
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris'N.B.
cornel-," thence south 80 chains, Ihence
west 80 ciniins, tlience north 80 chains,
thenceeast 80 chuius to point of commencement, containing 010 ucrus more
or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of No. 7, and
niarked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K.
corner,' thence west 100 chains.thence
north 10 ehuins, tbence east 100 chains,
tbence south 40 chains so point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
Dated July 10th, 1007.
I). Coinineneilig at a post planted at
the south-east oorner of Timber Limit
No. 10507, and marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.W. corner," tlience
nortb 80 chains, theoce east 80 chains,
tlience south 80 chuius, thence wesl 80
chains to point of commencement,
coutnining 040 ncres more.or less.
10. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east cornerof Mcintosh
P. K. one-half mile east of Boyd's, and
marked "'Henry Ambrose Morris' S.
\V. corner," theuce east 80 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence east40
clmins, tbence north 00 chains, thence
west 20 chains, theoce north 40 chains,
Iheuce west 80 chains, thence south 00
clmins to point of commencement,
containing Oil) aces more or less.
Dated July llth, 1007.
sat jly 27   IIknuy Amokosu Moiiuis.
Revelstoke Land Dislricl.
Dislrict ot West Kootenay.
Take notice G. It. Neiili.-y of
Camborne, H C, occupation Logger,
inleiids lu apply for ft special timlier licence over lhe following described land:
1, Commencing at ;i p»'^t planted ...i
ilic east l.iiiik lu lloyil creek, about
chains from creek and aliout 3 miles from
ils mouth, inarked "G, K. Norlhey's
nuiili east corner posi,'* thence west So
chains, Ihence smitli Ho cliains, thence
east 80 clmins, thence nortli So chains to
point of commencementr
2. Coinnieiiciiig ut a post plunled on
lhe wesl bunk ol Hoyd Creek, about 4
miles from ils mouth, marked "G. R.
Norlhey's north-eastcorner pobt,'* thence
wesl 80 chains, Ihence south So chains,
tlience east 80 chains, thenee north 80
cliains 10 point ol commencement,
,-|. Commencing at a pusl planted on
lite easl bank ot Hoyd creek, about 60
clmiiis from creek and aboul 5 miles trom
its mouth, uiarked "G. R. Norlhey's
south-east corner post,' thence norlh So
chains, theuce wesl 80 chains, Ihence
south So chains, tlience eusl 80 chains to
point of cointiieni'|.|ii.inl,
4. Coinineneilig al 11 post planted on
the east bunk ol Hoyd creek, about 60
cliains from creek and aliout 5 miles Irom
ils moutli, marked "G. R. Norlhey's
SOUlh-west corner posl," thence norlh 80
clmins, eusl 80 chains, theuce
snulli So clmins, wesl 80 chainslo
pointof commencement.
Daled June j.jlh, 1907.
5. Commencing at a post planted on
the eust bank of Hoyd creek, about 30
cliains lion, creek and aliout 6 miles Irom
its moutli, marked "G, R. Norlhey's
norlh-easl corner posl,'* thence west 40
chains, llienee soulh 160 chains, llienee
east 40 elinins, thence north tbo chains to
point of eoniiiieiieemeiit.
6. Commencing at a posl planted on
the eust bank of Hoyd creek, about 30
cliains from creek and ubout 6;^' illiles
Irom ils mouth, marked "G, R. Norlhey's
norlh-west corner posl." theuce east 40
chains, thence south 160 clmins, ihence
west 40 chains, tlienee north 160 chains lo
point of commencement,
7. Commencing at u post planled on
the cast bank oi Hoyd creek aboul 30
chains from creek and about 8 miles from
its moulh, marked "G. R. Norlhey's
norlh-west comer post," thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west So chains, tlience north 80 chains to
point of commencemeiil.
Dated 6th July, 1907.
wed jly 17      Per A. Mclnnes, agent,
Nntice is hereby given llmi Mm iiuderslened pro
pone to inciirpnraie a Company, to be known aa
■ iii> ■ I'-ilumi-i, Kiver Tramway Company, Limited," under thu Tramway Company Incorporation
Act and Atuundiut; Ael*, wiih puwur to build,
maintain and operate a double nr ulngm track
railway or tramway with the necessary branch
lines side-tracks, switchc-*, turnouts, poles,wii*i«s,
conduits and upplmiices upon, along orovutany
lauds situate In Unit part of the DUtiiot of West
Kooleuay hi the Province of Itrl'.isb Columbia
comprised within that certain area within a radius
of five in iie.-, frum Death Itapids In the District uf
West Kootenay, tu curry piisneu|p>rs and freight
uud in use -inch motive puHeras may be deemed
advisable and for other purposes,
'lln* jo'iii'ial  route of mud proposed railway ur
tramway  Is as followm   l'.it: ny. nt a puiut on
the bunk of ihu Columbia lliver nuar the foot of
Priest Kapids In West Kootenay Dislrict, thencu
in a northerly diructlun alotiK Uio valley of lhe
Columbia Itiver lo a point at or near thu mouth uf
t'lsniiru Cruek.
Dated Ibis 84th day of July, IW7.
satjlyiiVBOd R MoOAtttfY,
0, H, McCAttlrCI,.
West Kuotenay Land Distriet. Dislrict of lttiv-
elltoke, ll.C. Take imtk-e that import William
Hug-tun, of Kevelstoke, B.C.. occupation Insurance Afii'iit, intends to apply for permission to
purchase tbe following described landi-Com-
meiicinjt at a p ml planted ou the western shore nf
Upper Arrow Lake, at Bannock, and iimik
nl 'It- W. Ha-Kipm's lentil-east eurner pusl,"
iltuate about 8U chains from the southern extremity of Bannuck Point, thence north-in" eliains to
the southurn boundary ol tiuorue lloyd's pro-cinp-
tiiui, thunce west ill chains to lhe eastern buiiuil-
Biy ol Lot 811, thenco hoiiiIi 'All chains to the slmru
of (.'pper Arrow Lake, llienco easl following ihu
shore of Upper Arrow Lako In place of commencement, ('"inainn an area nl 100 acrus, more or less,
Ditcu July Mb, 1007.  Unpen Williams Ha^eii.
Kevelstoke Land District.
Iiiiiilct uf Wes. Kootenay.
Take no.l.e that llichsrit I .avis of Itcvelsloke
H.C occupation Saw lllor, Intends to apply fur
a special timber license over the IuIIowiiik
described lands:
Commonolng al a post plantcil ahout one
mile below Hook Point, an.l about Sochains
from Ihe easl bank ol ll.o columhia Itiver, and
marked "Klckard Uavl»' south-oast ..orner
post," Ihence uorlh IGilchains, thenco west 411
chains, theuce soulh 11X1 chains, thenoo east 4u
chains to ll.o point of coinmencement, an.l
containing Mi. acres mure or less,
Hated August 3rd, 1IN7,
wed lug 11 IllCUAUD DAVIS.
Itcvelsloke L.ind District.
District of Wesl Kootenay.
Take notice that we, John Oooonor
and C. O. Woodrow, of Poplar Greek,
B. 0„ occupation Lumbermen, Intend
lo apply for speciul licences to cui timber over tin- following described lands.
1. Oomuienoliig at a pusl plunted
on the enst bunk about om mil.' up on
thi. lirst .south forkof I'liplnrGreek,
llienee south 100 chains, i...-111:0 wesl
HI clmins, thence ninth ltd) chnlns,
thenceeast 40 chains to pulut of cnn
2. Commencing at a pust planted
on the west, bank of toe lirst souih
fork of Poi.liU" Creuk, 3 miles up,
Ihence eusl SO chains, thence south SD
clmins, Ihenc.. wesl SO ehuins, theuce
norlh SO chains to point of coinmenn-
3. Commencing at a post planted
on tin. west bunk abuut I miles up Ihe
Hrst soutli I'm k of Poplar Creek, tlience
west 80 chains, tlience south80 chains,
thence eusl 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains lo point of com.iietioon.ent.
Dated .Iunu 15th, 1007.
I. Commencing at 11 post plnnted
on tl.u west bnnk of Poplar Oreo
5 1-2 miles up, riiiiiiing west SI) chains
along (I. K. Itavoll's No, 2 Limit, sontli
boundary, thenco south 80 clmins,
Ihencu eust SO chains, thuncu north SO
chains to point of ciiiiiiiicuci'incnt.
5, Communcing ut a post plantod
on tho wost bank of Poplar Creek,
aboul. 5 iniles up and running along
(i.  K,  ltevell's norlli liouiuluiy of No.
2 limit, thenoe wust no ohains, thonoo
inntli 80 ohains, I honoo east so clmins,
thonce soutn so ciniins to point of coin-
Located June loth, 11X17.
0, O. WOOIlltOW,
0, Oommonolng at a post plnntod
0000 feel fl...1. track opposite
llie 27 milu hoard, about ono milu wesl
of Itapid Croek, thenco wust 80 ehuins,
Ihencu soulh 80 chuius, tllOIICO enst 811
ohnlns. thunce noith SO chains to point
of commoncomont.
Datod June 27th, 1007.
wed jly lil J. C. ItADY, Locators,
Ilevelstoke bind Districl.
District of Wesl, Kootenay.
Take notice that Arthur (1. J..bust..11
of Poplar, British Columbia, occupation, nii'i-cliiint, Intends to imply for 11
special timber license over tlie following (Inscribed binds, situated on Poplar
Croek in the West Kootenay Distriot.
Oommonolng at u post planted ahoul
51 miles from thu town of Poplar, B.C,
on the oast side of Poplar Cruek,
iniit'kod,"A, 11, Johnston's south-west
corner post," thenoe east SO chains,
thencu norlli 80 o!ialns,thcn ju west SI)
chains, thuncu south 80 chains to point
of coniinoiicumunt, and containing 010
acres more or Iuhh,
Located June 28rd, 1007.
C. 0. VVOODKOW, Agt,
Ilevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Hugh McLean of Revel*
sloke, B. C , occupation Prospector, intends to
apply for special timber licences over the foi*
lowing described lands:
1. Commencing ata post planted 20 chains
north of Potlaich creek, 2W miles east of Colum
hia Uiver, marked ''Hugh McLean's south-west
corner," Llionce norlh 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains, thence south SO chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement, containing
IHO acres more or less,
2. Commencing al a post planted H miles
north of PoLlateh Creek. %% miles east of Columbia River, marked "Hugh McLeau's southwest corner," thence north 80 chains, thence
cast .S'l chaiiiP, Llienco south 80 chains, tbence
west 80 chains to point of commencement, containing Ol" acres more or less.
3. Commencing at a post planted 1 mile
nnrlh of Potlaich Creek. 3!jJ miles east of (.tol*
umbia Itiver, inarked "Hugh Mclean's northwest corner," tlience south HJclnuns,thence east
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, theuce west
80 chnlns to point of commencement, containing iilu acres more or less.
4. Commenolng at a post planlcd Vi mile
north of i.urlli fork of Mica <-reck, 2'/t miles
from the forks, uiarked "Hugh McLean's southwest corner," thence north 80 chains, thence
enst 80 chains, Lhcuce south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to poinl of commencement, containing Olo ncres more or lose,
h Commencing al u post planted 1 miles
north of north fork of Mica Creek, 21 miles
from forks, mnrked "Hugh McLean's southwest corner," thence nnrlh 80 chains, tbence
cast 80 chains, thence south SO chains, thence
west 80 chains to poiut of commencemeiil, containing (HC acres moro or less,
0 Commencing at a post planted on the
north bank of thc north fork of Mica Creuk,
it miles frum forks, marked "Hugh Mclean's
south-wesl corner," tlienco north 8*) chains,
Ihenco east sn chain's, thence south SO chain*}.
thence west so chains to point of commenoement, containing 1)10 acre more or less.
I, Commonolng at a pn-t plantcil ou the
north fork of .vUcaGrueMmtles from the forks,
maikcd •'Hugh McLean's north west enrner,'
tbence soiMh 80 clmins. Ihencu ea-it mi chains,
thencu norlh "*0 clmins, ihence weit Sochains
to point oi commencement, containing o'lu
acres more or less.
8, Commencing at a post planted on tbe
snutli fork of Mica Croek, three iniles from the
forks, markeil ''Hugh McLean's south-weal
curnor," tbence north Ml chains, iheuce out80
uhalns, thonee south S'l ohains, thence west80
cluiliiH to point of comiuciicuiiient, cantaining
(ilo uoro* more or less.
!*). i otiiiiicncing at a post planted on tho
soulb folk uf Mini Creok.8 miles from (be
fork*-, marked "Hugh MoLean's nortlvwesi
corner," tlionco Ninth so chains, thenco eaat 81
chains, tbonco north so chains, thencu west so
ebains to point of commenc. incut, containing
(110 acres more or loss,
Commencing ni a post planted at a point
u mile south of soutli fork o' Mica Creek, and
2 mil- lentil forks, marked "Hugh McLean's
uorth*west cornor,' tbence south ao ebains,
thence oust tfi chains, thenco norlh S" chains,
thonce west 60 chains to point of commencement, nmi ainiug Olo acres mure or less.
II. Cummencing nl a post plnulud V, mile
south of south fork of Mica Creek and Hi
miles from forks, marked "Hugh McUan's
north-west coriioo," thencu south 160 chains,
thonee um,l 10 (-haius, thenco north 100 chains,
thencu west lo chains lo point of commence*
mont, conlaining 010 acrus more or luss.
Dated July 28lh,W07,
wed aug ll HIGH McLKAN,
Hevelsluke Land District.
District ol Wesl Kuotcnsy.
Take notice tbat I, Anton Hanson ot Poplar.
II,i:,, occupation Miuer. Inlend lo apply fur
permission tu purchase the following described
C'umincucliig at a po*<t planted on the north
side ol the lardo Kiver. opposite tocluuiiof
Poplar, marked "\, lUmen'-, N.W. corner,"
tbence cast-Hi chains, th* nee suuth 10 ch-uun,
theuce west 40 cbalni, Ihenc* north lu rhnius
to point of commencement, and .<hiuii.hi,: *.•
acres, mors or less,
Dated-ml July, \W.
wed Jly 10 ANTON HANSEN.
Itevclstuke Land Dlllrlot,
iii-itid ul West Kootenay.
Take  notice   thai  Kich.inl   Dttvll,   Agi-nl,   of
itcvelsloke, B. c>, occupation, iavi null manager,
intends to apply for a ipeclal Uuilar licence over
ihe foiiowiiiK described landsi
Commonclng at a post marked "north*west
comet poit." situated about a quartet ol.. mile
bolow Five Mllo Creek, on tbe west bank uf the
Columbia Kiver, ruunlni* cast i*i|*hty chains,
thunce soutli eighty ciniins, thunce west eluhty
chains, tliuuce mirth eighty chains to the point of
Dated July 17.1807,
Kevelstoke Laud Dislrict.
District!,I Wesl Kootenay.
Take notice that I, U. N. Dlckenxon ot Kev*
elstoke, occupation Farmer, Intend toapply
fur permission to purchaso the following described land:
Commeiioing at a post planted at thcH. B,
corner L 78it), (1, 1, tbence west 40 chilni,
thence south 80 cbalni, tbence esst 4iictialm
theuce nnrlh 80 chains to pointol commencement nud containing 8ft acre* inure or leu.
Dnled May Itith, 1V07,
wedjulj  ii KU in i K N11 It WOOD DICKINSON,
N0TI0B l- horoby given that en dav, niter
.I....-1 Intend 1«. nupl)' to Uu. liun. lhu
uljiol (!oiniiils«luuur ol, an.l Works for
in-i-ii..**iini lu ni.rct.asti tlio f.'li.i.M.irf 'I--ftit-f-.l
[.....Is, *ilimi.-.l ll. .Vest K.iMli-u,):
, - ji,-i..-irn: at a |ki.1 plautuil Ul) cbaina
wuatul IIIIikI Hay, iiinrkc-*! U, 11. Km", norlh-
call cornor |>0Ht, thence auuth Hi chain., weal
so chain., north SU chain., cast Stl ehalus to
OOllltO. .-"llllll.-i tu.-lit,
Datuil Jiiuuiith, ljn7.     wju     ll. M. IUK,
Lillooet b.nd District.
Ili*. I irl I.f Lillooel.
Take nolice that Alexsndei McCnu1
of Hevelsluke, H.C, Prospect.,.-. intends to apply for a special thnbul*
licenso ovei the following described
1. Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of thu souih link of
Seymour river about 1) miles south uf
ihe su..../ and abuut 211 miles up from
Sbuswap Like and marked "Alexander
McCraes N.W. corner," thence east 10
chains, thenee north c-l chains, Uience
eust 40 chains, tbenee soulh 120 chains,
ihence ivesl SU eliuiiis, ihence north 40
ehuins to point of commencement and
containing WO acres more or less,
2. (.'(iminencing at a posl planted
on the eusl bunk of Ihe south folk of
Seymour river about 2 miles south of
tl.e sume uud about il miles up from
Shuswap lakeland marked "Alexander
Mel*.ue's X. W, corner," thencesouth
SO chains, thenceeast SO chains, thence
11..1U1 Sll chains, Ihence west 80 chains
to point of commencement, and con-
talnlng 010 acres more or less.
8. Communcing at a post planted
on the east hunk of the south fork of
Seymour river about 8 miles south of
the same an.I about '13 miles up from
Shuswap lake and marked "Alexander
McCraes X. E, corner," thence south
80 chaius, thence west 80chaini, ihencu chains, theace east 80 cbaina
to poini of commencement, and containing iilu notes more or less.
4. Commencing at a post planted
about J mile east of the south furk of river, about 8 miles south ot
the sum.- und about il miles up from
Sbuswap lake and marked "Alexander
McOraes X. W. corner," thenceeast
Iim chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence west ltW chains, thence north
10 chnlns to point of commencement
and containing 040 notes more or less,
Dated June 20th, 1907.
6. Con.mencing at u post planted |
mile west of the west bank of Seymour
liver, about 22 illiles up Irom Shuswap
lake.and niarked "Alexander McCrae's
X.W. cornet-," thence soulb lOchains,
llienee east 100 chains, tlience north
40 clmins, thence west 100 chains to
point of commencement, conlaining
OtO acres mine or less.
0. Commencing at a post' planted \
mile westof the west bank of Seymour
i-ivur, aliout 22 miles up from Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander McCrae's
.S. W. corner," thence north 40 chains,
thence east 100 chains, thence soutli
40 chains, theuce west 100 chaini to
point of commencement and containing 010 acres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted ,
mile wesl of lhe west bank of Seymour
river, about 22 miles up from Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander McCrae's
S. E. corner," thence north 40 chains,
Ihence west 100 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east 180 chains to
point of commencement, and containing 040 aores more or less.
8. Oommenclng at a post planted
about j mile east of a second north
fork of Seymour river, about 22} milts
above Shuswap lake and about 2\
miles up the said fork and marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. W, corner,'*
thence north 100 chains, thence east
40 chains, thence suuth 1(10 chains,
tlience west 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 040 acres
more or less.
0. Coinmeneing at a post planted
about i mile east of a second north
fork of Seymour river, about 22) miles
above Shuswap lake and about 2J
miles up the said fork and marked
"Alexander McCrae's 8. E. corner,"
thence north 100 chains, thence west
40 cliains, thence south 100 chains,
thunce east 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 040 acres
mine or less.
Dated June 27th, 1907.
10. Coinmeneing at a post planted
ou thu east bank of a second nurth
fork of Seymour river, about 24) iniles
up from Shuswap lake and about 4)
miles up the said   furk  and marked
Alexander McOrae's S. W. corner,"
tlu-nce north 100 cbnins, thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 100 chains, ihence
west 40 ebains to point of commencement, and containing 040 acres more
or less.
Dated July 1st, 1907.
11. Count.encing at a post planted
li miles noith of the Seymour river,
uml aboii. 14 iniles above Shuswup
lake and maiked "Alexander McCrae's
S. \V. corner," Ihence ninth 80 chains,
thence east SU chains, tlience south 80
cbnins, thence west 80 chains to point
of couiuiencement, and containing
(HO aores more or less:
Dated July 8th, 1007,
wed jly 17  ALEXANDER McCHAE.
Revelstoke Laud District.
I llstrlct nf West K.votenay.
Take notice that Warreu Andrews of Ravel-
stoke. B C. occupation Prospector, intends tu
npply for special timber liceuses over lb* foi-
lowiuK do»cribed lauds:
1, Commencing nt a post plante<) 2'i milei
WOSt Of Columbia Kiver and f*J mile nnrth ut
8im|h Creek, marked "Warreu AudreWi' uortb-
eastooruer. tbeuce south t» chains theuco
ft■■ -i 801■lmIn*. theuce mirth 80 i haius, theurn
•>,i-i vi chains to poiut of commeucemeut, con*
talnlng HO acres more nr leu.
2. Cnnimouciutf at a post pliuted 3, miles
Wdst of UieColuinbia Kiver, 20ehuius uortb uf
Soda Creek, marked 'Warreu Andrews' north*
cual corner,'' thonce wiutb 10 chum**, tbeuce
wci U.ji-I,.i;ii tii.Miir nurlb SO cha inn, tbance
oast SO chains to point nl commeucemeut, cnu*
talnlng '-i" sores mure or *«-s
3. ('011111101101111* it a post plsuted tj milei
West of Colombia Kiver ou the uortb bank of
s,-i,i i (.",>-.. i*ii,!i .«*.i "Warreu Audrews' north-
east oorner, tbence south So chaius, tbeuce
weetRohitns, theuce aurtblt) chains, tbence
east SJclnius tu i»»int of commandment, cou*
i a.i,uiu- 'iiu ncro- more or less.
4, Commencing at a p"**i planted!) miles
wont of i'oiumbia Kiv»r, and oue mile soutb of
Si-iu i rruk, marked "Warren Andrews'north*
oa-t enrner." tbenee south SO chaius thence
went 80 chains, iheuce nnrth 80 chaius, thenc*
east 80 ohalni to point <if commencement, wm-
talnlngMQ acrei more or less.
Commem-iug nt a pust plauted ftf mile*
wont of Columbia Itiver mid 00 chains -until of
Soda Creek, marked "Warren Andrews' nnrlh-
eatt coruer," tbeuce soutb BO chaius, thouce
wost Kj chains, thouce north 80 chnitiK, tbence
easl HO chain-, to point of cumniencement, con*
taiuitiK M" acre* more or leas.
6. Commencing at a poit planted |M miles
Wist ot Columbia Kiver and S mile smith of
Sods Greek, marked "Warren Andrews'northeast corner." tbeuce west tf chains theuce
south 8u chains, nonce east 80 chains tbence
north B0 chaius to poiul of commencement,
contniniiiM 040 acres more or less.
Dated Jul) ll'th. 1'.«I7.
wed aun 14
Notice is herab; given that the undersigned Iiu
applitKlto IIU Honour tha Lieutenant-liuwnor
In Council uniler the previsions of the Ki ven and
vi.'.uii- Art, to clxAr and remove obstruction!
from Frlih) Creek in the Dlntrlct of Weit Knote*
nay, British Columbia, from a point where it
empties Into tin Columbia KDer to % point on
»atd creek aNml 4 mil" frnm the Columbia River,
and Ui construct and maintain Itonm-i at or about
the muuth of said CrMk and In the Columbia
Itiver ivlj i" m thereto, and to attach boomi to
tbe short) uf Frisby Cieak and said Columbia
Kim at vinl point*, for holding, sorting and de-
liverlni W« and timber brought down nald creek.
The land* to l« affect*) by tbe laid work are
Cr. -wu lands and tbe tolls tbat are proposed to be
charted are luch an maybe fixed by a Judge ol
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated this lMh day of June, 1907-
wedjneUHW U. DUNNIiLU, 25 Per Cent. Off All Oxfords In Our Store
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A* _fa A, A. A. A, A. ."t'i JS At its A% At I
Wednesday, Aug. llth for 24 hours.
Light, variable winds, cloudy, with
intermittent rain. Temp., max, CO;
min., 4!idegrees.
Local and General.
Judge Forin will bold a Comity
Court aee.ion at the Cou t House tomorrow morning.
The a. s. Revelstoke is now down
below the bridge and will continue
running semi-weekly Irom the town
Tke Independent Band will give a
concert from the Mackenzie avenue
stand on Friday evening, weather permitting.
Thomas Archibald was lined $50 and
costs on Monday by Police Magistrate
Pipkham for furious driving and
cruelty to animals.
A party of ten left the city on Saturday night to visit the
Cave, at Koss Peak. Tbe t.ip proved
interesting aud enjoyable.
LOST—On .Sunday, August 4th,
between Im; erial bank aud Columbia
river canyon, a dark grey overcoat.
Finder will be handsomely rewarded
by returning same to this odice.
W.J. Devitt, chief of the interior
provincial police, is in town on ollicial
busines. in connection with the recent
hold-up case and tbe events that have
followed after it.
Tbe new tank just erected and completed lor the city water supply, was
connected up last nighl and tbe city
hai now an additional reserve of water
lor all emergencies.
The lour men anested on .. charge
ol robbing "Captain Kid" on Friday
night have been remanded lor speedy
trial at tl.e County Court to be held
at the court bouse tomorrow.
Tbe direotura ol the provincial inhibition at New Weatminiter buvedecid
ed to cut all racing out ol their pro-
grsmros, eicept lor a few events lor
larmers md other amateurs.
C, B. Maedonald, ol the Canada
I.rug £ Book Co his kindly presented
tl.e public icbuol museum with a
number ol interesting   specimens   ol
reptiles, larva,-, etc,   preserved  In
A resolution was pissed in the City
Council session last night, authorizing thc appropriation ol 1700 lor the
couslructioi. ol the r..a.l  lo tin-  lm-
lation Hofpital, tl.e Provincial Oovernment bearing part ol the whole
Om reason  why  wc sell so
much pei-fti  is   because wo
carefully watch our trade and
mak.-ii'u point t.. always have
..n band the particular perf a
which are populat in this lo.
Sen Teur Dot Prairlei
Phm. B.
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail Orders promptly attended
lo a. this Store.
We arc informed by thc provincial
police that anyone giving information
leading tu the conviction of any perron or persons found shooting grouse
and oilier giimc during the close season will receive hull ol thc line
Gits Perkins, an employee ot the Hig
Eddy mill, died on Friday in tlie
hospital Irom heart failure uud was
buried on Sunday, tlie mill hands
taking over the funeral arrangements
The Itev. C. A. Proeunier conducted
the burial services.
The Fruit Growers' Association will
meet in the Opera House to-morrow
night, at 8 p.m. sharp previouB to the
Howard Dorset performance. It is
tlie intention ol the local fruit growers
to organize a "flout" in the Labor
Day parade this year.
Local lawn tennis enthusiasts have
arranged to send a representative
team ol Indies and gentle...en to (lolden, tor a series of games with the club
of that city, on Aug. 11120. ll is
hoped the Golden tennis players will
visit Revelstoke ou Labor Day.
We have received information that
Charles Turnross, ol this cily, has
been arrested at Vancouver on a warrant sent down to that oity by the
local police on suspicion of his being
implicated in the recent hold-up case
hero. Constable Terry lelt last night
to bring the prisoner bask lor .. preliminary trial.
l'lie Ilevelstoke Turl Club are arranging lor a meet next month, and
have let n contract to VV, Fleming for
|700, to clear, clean, plough and level
the giotinil in tbeoentrool tho race
truck. The ground will be si edi I
down with grass this Fall and by next
year will be in perfect condition. Tbe
grand stands anil ulher work will bo
Completed at au early date.
The Gibbons Lumber Co. has teen
organised with registered office al the
olliee ol Harvey, McCarter & Piukham,
Revelsloke. W, VV, Fraser, late ol the
Arrowhead Lumber Co, is president
A. J. McDonell, uice-pro.ident, and
ltfiud Qibtom, secretary .in.l manager
The oompany haa secured valuable
limits on Arrow Luke*.
One ol the lint Institutions thai the
Hon. Frank Oliver   minister ol the
Interior, visited on M.unlay waa  - In
M.iii.-llt.k.iin   office.      Mr   Olivel
himsell« newspaper man nl 11
perlenoe and ability in the weit, •
pre*.i-il inin*.-if much pleased with the
plant and the general in ingi menl
laying  out  oi  the   machinery  and
apparatus, saying that tbe building
.<«» as well fitted up ii* any ol a similar nature In the province
Nelson will hold ber tilth annual
(uir on Sept. 18, IB, 20, and everything
point) to a l.i...tier »liuw. Exhibits nl
sll kinds, horse raoing, Iree entertain
ments, beside, a host..( other attractions, The prize li-t la eiceptionallj
large and includes many trophies.
Cheap excursions and transportation
mi nil line* has been  arranged.     We
have received a copy ..I the prize list,
and programme, printed by the Daily
S. ws presses, .. rory attractive and
well gut up booklet.
We have been informed thnt Thus.
Taylor, M. P, P . obtained for ....
appropriation Irom tlio provincial
government for the opening and eon-
siruclii.n ol llm Canne lliver ami
lhat the work will bo oommencod almost at once Wi. also understand
that tenders will shortly bo called lor
the erection ol a new provincial lookup to be erected on tin. Court House
grounds. These two works will be
welcomed by tlm Revelstoko people.
With tin. couitruction ol Canoe River
trail a large valuable agricultural,
mineral and forest area will booponod
up, which will mean much for litis
Tu lluy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
Social and Personal
11. Floyd returned on Monday from
Thus. Taylor, M.P.P., .eturncd on
Mo day trom tbe const.
T. VV. Bain, chief of police, lias
returned from hi* holidays,
E, Edwards, of tho provincial land
office has left on a visil tn the coast.
Mrs. VV. Morris and Mi-s McLean
have returned Irom n holiday visit t
the coast.
Mrs. II. A. Brown returned on Sat.
imlny fro... a t..ur ol
organising work.
A'.-x. Lucas, provincial government
,.......,-   was in tl.o city yesti  lay
ami lefl for il..Lien tbil m      t :
Mrs I-'. IV Aylmer has lefl for Van.
conver  to  attend  the
tournament  t ow  being held
J. A  Bi -.   :■        - -   -     irsvi
ling Bei ■ I   ■      the
St.Andrew's '    lay for tin
Crow's **--:
A man ..   . I -
Sal     liy nighl
ol Ilia  belonging
severely mauled oi
I. li   - •
invalid sine
about igsin,
in left I
e Mei  i   li-.
dnu.lie mining prop, iterdiy
Mi. in..    Uiu . .     . . ..
dead ind .ovei I is tl -
j ci
- ..,   -].■ kane  Flyei
here at 5 o'clo.
Promising Outlook   Big Bunch
ol Horses on Circuit.
A. I",.' priipa rat ions ...e ... iv being
made  lor  tl.u  Fall rue  meet 11 be
.-i-l. I'l
it every
thing turns mt' ..f* ff ti-i|..'..'l thero
will be -. me intonating lacing The
circuit lias been oi-gani-.d at Iio lollowing dates have been uppor io .eil:
Golden (not decided).
Revelstoke—Sopt ll 13.
Vernon—Sept. 16, IT, is.
Kami, ops-Sept, 111, "20,21.
Victoria—Sept. 26, 20,27,28.
Westminster—Oct. 1,2,3,4,6,
A large bunch ol horses is expected
in Kevelstoke on this occasion from
Spokane, Calgary, tlolden, Okati'lgiin,
Kootenay, Kiiniluopa .md,
and tl.e meet promises to ho largely
patronised by outsiile points, The
Revelstoko Turl Club will do everything in llieir power to nuike the nicel
n siici-es* anil look for support (run.
the citizens, The race track oenlie i*
being l< iclled ainl piepiu.d, the
grand-sl..tids and pudd ok ate being
completed and ten new additional
stables nre being constructed. Ab ...I
$2000 will lm spent on the ground hit-
proicniotils this year and when com
pk-te will compare well with thut of
any city in tin- province, livery cun-
veniouco f..r vi.-itors wil! he put in ami
il the meet is success u thit jour, the
formation of a district association will
be a certainty. Ou this occasion tlie
prizes will be huiidsoiiK and uill wiir-
I'aut ibe iippeirance i (the best horses,
Abrahamson Bros. Lose Valuable Mare.
Ah.ui 7 o'clock this morning while
the Central llutoi rig was at thu
steiiiiibint I tiding preparing tu tako
the baggage ul Mr. Wi kiu und 1. s
party who had ojme down the nighl
before in the steamer Irom lhe B.g
Bend, to the depot,a runaway occurred
resulting in ibo loss of a valuable
black mure, the property of Abraham-
son Bros, lt appear, lhat the rig
was backing up to the landing and on
turning ibe horses started violently
ahead breaking tl.e draw bar. The
animals ut once became frightened
and d.islu-.l oil duwn Front St.. and
when turning near the Victoria Hotel,
came into violent collisi in with a
post, tbe black mare breaking her legs
and the other hurse sustaining more
or less injuries. The unfortunate
beast, whosi legs were broken, had
to be shot. It is a miracle
that no one was hurt as there were
several people in the rig when the
draw bar broke
Sportsmen's Resort to be Built
in Adams Lake Country
[n lu...;   by   tlie many attractions
for tho sportsman   whioh  the great
itr. tcb   I  virgin   wilds almut Adams
Lake iffoids, D. I. Smith,ol Chicago,
is building a   hotel  fit  the moulh ol
Moinich  Creek   in  the easl sideol
Adam, Lake an .   will  c induct there
.    ■ nan's rcsirt.
Tl... ... ire 1 by Mr Smith
for Caribou  I.  *.     -■- *     r- -"it ba«
• .-■   f  I i miles up the
, ieation will be main-
bj means ul
.. . I riverand a
m tretoh i.e-
rat. r
bi - il --- mm-
.   i lry to wliici.
..,,.    icoess, and tho
■-, ■      • nuing through-
provim *.
that whi.
.i Ibis, till
f*~Kf? MT «■.-.....'..-*—.-.» ^-.- " '
'  M
ytltlng d    md
lln in. -. -.<■ .-■ killed   i hi
mm ped l
ger«  n- ri mil
Tho  I..con      o, leu
inlo niatohn -«l     I in i ■.-   wil i   i
lurch it plunged into thn ditch at thi  LARGE  GRANT   FOR  ALL-RED
fool ol the ombankii - —
i. lho  first   baggage oar,     I        i |3,_Cinada ii
with   whioh  it  landed  In
...u*t alono have bei .. suil
atun the unfortunate men in tin    i
Iml io ...l.l  to the horror Iho b ulei
burst,  nml  escaping  steam lluiihoil
tliu work.
RomuND, ii. C, Aug. 13.—John
Cavallo was Instantly killed ... the
White Bear shaft, at 4 o'clock yctor
day alternoon. He waa riding in the
,kip and aooldently lell oul whon near
tho lbr(!(!-l.! .1 loot level and wont
hurtling down  the llialt to the ll	
sand-foot Intel, striking agalnsl the
•nild on tl.o way. Ilia bead was
severed Irom I... .....I l.e was bad
ly mangled, Ho was a native ol Italy,
aged twenty-lour years, and bus lived
in tlio cniiip for the paat eight years.
..'[.-.■'■'■ M
ted   i    -
.....  . .   CH|   .
ii ..   jiibiid*y i i  '.- "    0
lor ihe pi four-day s.
i-.i |land .....I I'nifi'li
] f I'll. Can ul .'fi .!'ii'i'.rii.ii..f.t, Ihrough
Sir Wilfrid Laurli r, haa promise I to
pay hall ol thia amount, *i MO 1)0
leaving ilu- Imperial Qovori n out,
Australia uud Now Zealand to pay tbo
othor Imii. That arrangements will
linally be affeoled among the Ititer-
8.toll p-.i'liea I... lhe agreement looking
Iii tin. real./..In... ..I ll.e enlerpri*..   i*
confidently oxpeotod by tho Premier.
/*JT**    -■■"-*.   /"■     I
We hive just opened the first shipment of our Ne-v Dnss Goods.
The demand this Season will be Plain Goods in dark shades .*"' It plaids
an I checks in quiet tones. In plain shades the colors mosl wuin will be
black, navy, brown, dark wine and myrtle green in ihe order we »ivc. Phis
i.s the forecast from the leading buyers in Canada and the United S:;.tes,
and the styles that have been shown in Ready-made garments bear tliis
out. We always have the most up-to-date goods and will be pleased to
.show you onr assortment which comprises Serges in Cream, Black, Navy,
Royal, Brown, Green, Cardinal Claret and Cream.
Panamas in Black, Navy, Cream, Brown and Myrtle Lustres, in all thc Shades.
Clan Tartans are greatly used for Skirls and for Children's wear.     We have a nice line
of these in tlie leading patterns, such ."is Stewart, Royal Stewart, McKenzie, Gordon, etc.
We are opening our first shipment of the newest and
most stylish Coats we have yet shown from lhe foremost
factories in the East, who sell to no other store in town,
giving us exclusive designs in style and material. They
come in loose back or semi-fitted, either of which styles are
equally popular. Most of them hue the wide Gil son
shoulder, trimmed with straps, braids or velvets. All the
trimmings and buttons match the material and the workmanship all through i.s the very best.    Sizes ,52 to 42.
All onr Patterns have been bought in separate Costume
Lengths—no two alike -giving each purchaser an exclusive
,.   ininwwiwi.w.w "■
B -a**-*-*** »b— ■ wiww—bw iw3vc3w.Tr* s.fjB^.vsoMjvux-i 0mB**mmmwmm*m ■■*«^t^«_r_sMink**«cw«
, 11—a, jgb
Ontario Town Blown up by
Detroit, Aug. 13,—Two men were
killed, three more probably fatally
injured, and seres ot people slightly
hurt by lhe explosion »I hall a car uf
nitro-glyceriiieal-the Michigan Central Railway station itt Essex Centre,
Out., seventeen miles inland Irom tin-
Detroit Rivor, tuday. Practically
every building in the little town of
lifteen hundred people wa. damaged,
some ot them being blown to pieces.
The shock ol the explosion was plainly
felt lor twenty miles around,
The car cunt iiiing the nitroglycerine was on a sidetrack near the
Ireiglitshed. Brakeman McNary dis-
ooveied that tbe nitrn-glycerine was
leaking and started lo open the our,
when without warniug the explosion
occurred, The shock, which was felt
for twenty miles, tore the new stone
depot t.. iioyed thc freight
sheds and nearby cottages, levelling
Green's elevator beside the tracks and
snii.shed the mill kindling wood,
Tin- engine and lender ol the train
with the other cars woro reduced to
scrap iron, and when thoy stood there
was only a hole twenty feet deep and
fifty feet across.
McNary'.* mangled body was Found
two hundred feet uway from the tracks
in a Held and that ol Brakeman Con-
lin was dug from under a coal car.
I'.r.-...a.. Munagan lay near the ruins
of bis engine and tlie other two member! of the train crew and tho station
agent wero dug Irom the wrecked
station badly hurt. The llnal losa
will probably be abuul $300,000.
Ai ii o'clock ihi' it was
rep rted that eiglil moro bodice had
been discovered and removed from tlio
eokago of 1.nil.lings in the v.e.inity
of the ll li m
IJ  1  Own  ' ..ri'i-liiili-l.-llt.
[iibion and family, ul Arrow
m -  in     iting al -ban a ranch.
.   .il I it. course ol construction  l.y the L, VV. L, Co,   1    being
rj m rapidly,    .\ largo quantity
itei 1 .s.l- havo I n  lainle I  bore
..ill.1.1   the  pail   low  dayi  and the
m- 1      I    inc.     haa been pi oca
;,. i - -, if.i.-k     li   is Imped that
tin   ine »ill i-.- In readineia early tbe
00 ig vi ti
I-,.i| ti ition are hi ing mado lor the
if tin  now .-el I house at
nlng ol   the lorm,    Tho
1,. .. 11 expected  to arrive
In» Ies days
'.' li 1 ' mil thai with ti i"' ■
In ...I il.-- letionl .in, an opportunity
mm, -'.,1   hi I'lmg
..rvi-.-  lei  lie-  dircotion  ol  the
Anglican and I'rojbyterlin mlnlalcri,
I hia step will be nmoli appreciated In
the siiil'-iiii-iii.
I ii.- 11 itive small fruits in.- ier)
plontllul Un- aoai m, raipberrlea being
oipeolally forward.
.1. Nelson's sl.-a... launch is a.'.111 in
service, alter undergoing alterations.
Business Locals
For window shades, plain and decor-
alive HorlapB, go ... C. I), llunie A
Nothing bettor than Our "Speciul.
Cocoa mats ami matting at C. B.
Uiimi' <5 Co's.
Fishing taoklo, guns and ammunition.   Bourne Bros.
Special bargains in odd lots ol wall
p.per, at. 0. II Hume Co's.
Patronize Homo Industry. Smoke
Revolstoke Cigars.
A full stock of new umbrellas and
ruin coals for men at, C. li. llunie it
Lace and Tapestry curtains, curtain
poles and lixtures, at 0 11. Hume it.
Don't forgot that wo dispense your
prescriptions us your duclur iv.uls it,
and deliver it pro...ptly.—Bed Cress
Drug Sioie.
Iu order to receivo the best of iire-
serviug plo ns leave your orders no ,
at C. 11. llunie ill Co's.
Har...-—heavy, team and driving,
riding anil pack saddles, eio. Bum tie
Take a look at our bargain hat
window. Your choice $1.00, C, B
llunie iv. Co.
Cream jug* in sov.ial different designs at C. B, llunie it Co's,
Kevelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Spocial, Tho Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are nliouil of nil others.
Blaekborriea, oranges, lemons, bananas, apples and plums at C. II. IInine
it Co's.
A COOL REQUEST—Como ia nnd
offer us 20 per cent off our
tors, tve havo a few left and don't want
to sturo them and if vn cm boo a
bargain iu this we will stand the loss.
—Lawrence Hardware Cu, Ltd,
See onr men's shirt bargains. lt--g-
ulitr values ia negligees, $160, $1,76
and $2 Oil, now O60 each. 0. B, llunie
it Co.
A iiieeliiig ol llm Cilixens' League
will be I "Id In tl.o City llnh tomorrow
night at 8:80, All n.e c.oulially invited und it is hoped the ultoildaiico
will I... as good ot' ifVt-ii belter limn on
ib.- prcvluui..ecsi"i).
Marriage Licenses Issued
Revelstok 3 Hospital Society
NOTICE is hereby given that Ibe
Annual Genera! M-i-ting of tho Soeiely will be he'd nl thn Council room,
Ciiv Hull, llovelsliiko, ll 0., on Tuesday, August 20th, 1007, .-.I Sp. m.
11. FLOYD,
W A i\ T E D
I MM 1 Id iiim   llllll, WANTED
Apply Hotel,'ltMSIIKH   ROOMS TO I.LT
I'     II..1 .....I m hi I...tb, i-lf.   Apply
I.. Mhh. |.', 1st, Street, Wesi.
WANTKD Everyone having u I., sell oi- ..-ni
will. mr. I ..m Hooded will, imquiriei
for bouse propel lea. Phone, call,...
drop o.e 1. ...lil with lull d.-seiipiioi.
...i.l p....base price, or rent required.—
K. A. C.Kgeii. Heal Estate and Insui-
uiiii- Agi-in. Itcvelsloke, ll. 0.
ANTED   A Wain-ess, apply   I
Hotel Hevelsluke,
WVNTED  Forty Blvei Dilve.-i-
Apply Bowman Lumber Oorn-
pany'a Uuiiip, Creek,       ug 17
W'ANTKH A di.-ing room gill.
VV Leb.n.1 lintel, Nuku-p, pi pel
oioiil h.
TENDERS will bo received by tho
undersigned  up till noon,  Tuesday,
August 20th, for catering for refreshments on the grounds on Labor Day.
Labor lluy Sports Committee.
The Celt-.bnited Comedian
Supported by sin Excellent
Company, in High Class
Plays,   Beginning
m m
Thur. —" Christopher   Jr."
Friday—" The   Nominee."
Sat.   Matinee — " Wanted
a Family,"
Sat. Night-"Other Peoples
PRIOES: 50c. & 75c.
Children 25c.
Don't, fail to see this Company
ub every play is guaranteed,
Change of Bill at Every
..I horses suitable for farm Weight, about 1100lbs. each,
Apply slating price to E. A. Haggen,
Kevelstoke, 11, C. tag 1-1
I,tOU SALE AT COST-Tbe owner
r wishing lo leave Ilevelstoke nn
soon as possible will -ell entile stock
nt cost—Miss, A. Maiden, opposite
Knox Church, Second Street.


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