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I -"■■■" -j • »-- —
Drink Halcyon Llthia !,ifint>n Sour.
Made from pure carbonated Halcyon
Lill.ia Water,   When you ask for Halcyon
be sure you got it.    Hold al all lioiels
and cafes.
ii unsurpassed—Peioi :Mn*l)rjsli.
nterior Publishing Co, \k('<S
I w
Vol. 13. -No 88
$2.50 Per YearY:,     '*■■
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Tons of
Get your winter's supply. Don't take
our word for it, but look at the prices
for the past year—this alone will
advise vou to lay in your stocks of
Ashcroft Potatoes
Turnips,  Parsnips
Carrots, Cabbage
Onions, Etc.
POTATOES=We need not say a word
about these. You know the superior quality
of Ashcroft Potatoes.
TURNIPS—We have sent samples of
these turnips to a number of citizens. They
are pronounced the finest ever sold in town.
Guaranteed not to be stringy or woody.
This has been a special good year for
vegetables in B. C. and we can assure you
that these vegetables are all of a superior
Come in and get our special prices on
Ton, Cwt., or Sack lots.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fall Coods Arriving Dally.    Dressmaking and Millinery Rooms, ind Floor
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j trt Wl 111 W W *p tp *p tp tp tp *p tp i^i ip ij,i tp i,ji ip ij,i »j,i tp ij;i tp rt
If yuu want to got the besl
see our slock.
Over oil Heating Stoves to
seli-et from nnd over 2i> Cook
Stoves lo make a choice from.
Vie have over t wo carloads
ot* Stoves nml Furnaces nu
oni- Floor und in nur warehouse,
We buy the best and can
give yon lhe advantage of our
extensive buying.
Wo only buy from Ihe best
Stove makers in Canada.
We are showing Airtight
Heaters from $3 oO up. See
nur line before purchasing.
Dealers in Hardware, Btoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
lil Lift!
Residential Lots, 50 x 140 Feet, West
of Hospital.
4-Acre City Lots; Best Fruit Land.
City Houses for Sale.
W. H. HUMPHREYS '   7°4
Sf.k or
White       "■  tu  "VilirnnviW   Revelstoke
AtU. M. Spront'i Karwoll Batata Olilco, Oowan Block, Third St.
True Bill—Discount Raised-
Cox Retires—Foul Murder-
Financial Situation — First
Winnipeg, Nov. II.—The grand jury
this alternoon brought in a true bill
against Detective Smith, who ebot
and killed Oscar Gans on October 15,
while escaping from arrest. The
charge is manslaughter.
LONDON, Nov. 9—The directors ol
the Bank of England have put up the
minimum discount rate from six to
seven per sent.
Tokonto, Nov. !).—Tho long expressed wish of tho Hon, George A,
Cox to retire from the presidency ol
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co, Ltd.,
which he has held lor nine years, wns
with great regret given effect to t
yesterday's meeting of the board . f
that company. Mr. Cox's desire to
lessen the burdens of too many responsibilities had to be yielded lo.
Kamloops, Nov.—Robert Williams,
owner of half a dozen trading posts in
Cariboo was murdered in cold blood
on Tuesday afterm-u:. at the crossing
of the North River, sixty miles north
of Kamloops. Walter Stout did the
killing, five Indians witnessing thc
Ottawa, Ont., Nov. 9.—Fielding in
an interview yesterday on the financial
situation said no doubt there were
special circumstances which increased
the monetary Btriugency in some
quarters but the general foundation of
the difficulty was to be found in the
fact that the business ol the country
expanded more rapidly than the
available capital, The difficaiby was
one of the penalties of prosperity.-
Watektowx, N. Y,| Nov. 9.—A
heavy snowstorm, the hrst of tlie season, ia prevailing in Nortli New York.
It began at an early hour thia morning and continued until 8 o'clock.
Several incites of snow fell.
Everything Afloat on the Lakes
Being Made Ready.
Nelson, Nov. 8.—While no word
has yet been received by the local
authorities, which heretofore has been
started early in Novombor, everything
is in readiness for the alternation ot
the time table and route. Captain
Gore reports that on Slocan lake the
steamers and barges are ready to take
up the extra work whenever culled
upou. Upon tbe Arrow lakes the
Kosshtiul is slill undergoing repairs,
her hull and machinery being completely overhauled, As soon us tbis
vessel is once more iu commission the
Kootenay will also he looked after in
a similar way, but it is probable that
the winter schedule will lie in effect
before that timo. The Arrow lake
baiges are all ready and Captain Gore
is now looking after tl.e ice breakers.
Every effort will be made this winter
to keep tbe channel open below
Nakusp to Deer Park in order that
the ranchers on Lower Arrow lake
shall not be cut off from the outside
world which happened last winter owing to the unprecedented conditions.
On Kootonay lake tl.e barges are
now all in order and there is a sullicient number ol boats to take care ol
the trallic.
Laborer Loses His Life From
Columbia River Bridge.
Ed Rice, one of the bridge pang it
der J. Fraser, while under tbe inf!
ence nf liquor, on Thursday morn
fell oil' the lootway when crossing the
Columbia bridge in to the river below
..nd was drowned.   Itappe rsth.it the
unfortunate man was on his way ..cross
t> lhe west  side  Thursday  rrmniii
with about as much liquor as be ecu
carry and bad (al en  on the  track
bridge.    Some  men   while   passing
helped him up on to the footway,when
he evidently lell down again, for I
wae seen by several school children
littlo later.   From that moment all
trace of the man has been lost.   C
enquiries being mnde we learn that
boy employed iu the Revelstoke saw
mill saw what he thought waB a man
in the act ol rolling off the edge of the
footway.   As no oue has seen Race
since it must be concluded that under
the influence of drink he lost his balance and pitched over the rail into the
river below.
U. S. Government Forester be*
lieves Supply will Fail,
Washington, Nov. 8.—In twenty
yean the timher supply in the United
Statei, on government reserves and
private holdings, at tl.e present rate
of cutting, will be exhausted, although
it is possible that the growth ol that
period might extend tl.e arrival of
this time another live years.
This announcement was made today
by Gifford I'inchot, tho government
forester, who has just returned from a
six months' inspection trip on which
be travelled 10,000 milei. In sounding his warning, Mr. I'inchot urged
that the danger of the situation should
not be underestimated. He said that
tbe United Statei usee more timber
per capita than any other country,
and that every man, woman and child
would be affected. He decried the
policy ol discounting the future of the
country by failure to protect the natural reiourcei and he advised each one
who has not already done so to read
President Roosevelt's speech at Memphis on lhii geusial subject.
Nelson, B.C., Nov. 8.—James Johnstone is about to start on an organization tour throughout the province
in the interests of the Fruit and
Produce Exchange, head oftice, Revelstoke, of which organization Mr.
Johnstone is president. Mr. Johnstone says that while the price of
apples is higher this year than it has
been before, provincial fruit growerB
are not getting even as high prices,
Two dollars a box is about all that
can be got here, while $2.50 and $3.50
are btiug obtained south of the line,
Usually the B. C. apple commands
the better price, Mr. Johnstone is ol
the opinion that this is wholly due to
the disunion existing among provincial fruit growers, thus leaving thsm
at the mercy ol the buyer. He
further thinks that the recent experience will promote a better feeling
in favor of the Fruit and Produce
Westward Ho 1 for November is now
at the bookstores. The magazine
sl.o.vs a splendid growth and warrants
the publishers in believing that there
is a tield in Western Camilla lhat will
support a standard sized 10 cent magazine. Nearly one hundred pages ol
excellcfit reading with many good
illustrations, mark the growth of the
publication. That its value is appreciated (or ils excellent series of articles
along the lines of ''Com...unity Adver-
ising" is shown by the w..y Freeman
Harding handles llis Btory ol Kamloops under tbe lii le of "Where Irrigation Is King." There tire several
Bplcndid short stories—all Western in
character and style, Billee Glynn deals
with the great fishing industry iu tin
instructive manner. Mr, L, C. S,
Hallam's "Memoirs ol an Aristocrat"
is an exceedingly humorous story of
adventure of the same character aB the
celebrated Gerard series which ran
SO successfully in the Strand Magazine.
Tho editor writes this month in his
"Men I have Known" department on
Mr. Rudyard Kipling, whose acquaintance he has enjoyed for many years.
In addition to a life-like partrnit of
the distinguished Imperialist thero is
a reproduction ol a very remarkable
and artistic conception ol Mr. Kipling
as he appears to tl.e Oriental mind.
This portrait was originally dono on
silk by a Chinese Artist and the reproduction retains all the delicacy of
the original.
Not tlio loBBt interesting to looal
readers iB tbe pretty essay "A Gentleman" by Miss Irene McColl of Arrow,
The time has long gone by, if ever,
indeed, it existed, when Canada stood
in need of every pair of hands which
the Mother Country could send her,
whether they were clean or stained
with crime. It iB one thing lor a
young ...an who l.as once fallen foul
of the law, possibly through his unfavorable surroundings, to (-migrate to
the newer country with the sincere
purpose of honestly earning his own
living, and quite another for the name
of Canada to be habitually mentioned
in the law courts as that ol a proper
and natural receptacle for undesirables.—London Globe.
James G. McKay, M.D, of Vancouver, has been appointed Assistant
Medical Superintendent nl the Hospital lur the Insane at New Westminster, Dr, McKay was locum tonens
in Revelstoke during the absence ol
Dr, Sutherland this summer,
Entertainment in Aid of Anti
Tuberculosis Society—Ama
teur Thespians and  Band
The Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic
Club am again to be congratulated on
the admirable manner in which they
played the tliree act comedy "Jane"
last nighl, The performance was a
benefit in aid nf the Revelstoke Anti-
Tuberculosis Society and to help in
raising funds for this work the Amateurs and tbe Independent Band very
kindly lent their services. Jane has
been recently staged nnd attained
great success, tl.e amateurs going
through their work with highly creditable skill.
Last night their acting was no less
praiseworthy and the many laughable
and awkward situations throughout
the piece, caused a continuous ripple
of mirth over the audience. Eaoh
member of the club played his and her
part carefully and indeed showed some
really excellent acting, since Jane is
by no means an easy play to produce.
The stage setting was a lino piece of
work and exceedingly dainty.
During the intervals and between
the acts the Independent Band played
selections of good music. The musical
ability nnd smart precision of the hoys
reflect the highest credit on the band
as an institution, and Revelstoke can
boast oi as fine uu aggregation of
musical talent aa any other city in the
Last night the music, well chosen
and well played, could not lail to have
pleased all present. The ladies of the
Anti-Tuberculosis Society have worked
hard to ensure the success of this their
first venture and every credit is con.,
ing ll.e Amateur Thespians and the
Independent Band lor their generous
assistance. The only drawback to
the entertainmeut was the cruelly
cold state of the hall, the audience
being uuable to take oft' their wraps
tl.e whole evening. We think that
tbe management of tl.e opera house
should always be most particular in
this, especially as winter is coming on,
as sitting in the cold iB not hy any
means au attraction. A dance
brought the evening to a close,
Conference to be Held at Arrowhead on Tuesday, Nov. 12.
The following is the complete list ol
delegates elected to represent the
Revelstoke riding at the great Conservative convention to be held in Vancouver, Novomber 112-23, in order to
form a provincial organisation:
Revelstoke — J. McLeod, W. W.
Foster, J. Lappen, Mi. H. Humphreys,
A. E, Kincaid,
Beaton—Cory Menl.ini.ick,
Camborne—I), /.. McLennan.
Arrowhead—O. B, Campbell, M.
Lawler, B. Blythe.
Five alternate delegates were also
chosen:—W. Foote, T. Wadnian, It. M.
Smythe, C. Young, N. Mooro.
A conference of all the associations
of the riding will bo held on Tuesday,
Nov, 12, at Arrowhead, in the evening
to discuss matters that will be taken
up at the Vancouver convention. A
large attendance is anticipated and
the C. P. R. will arrange tu attach a
passenger onr to a freight t.ain leaving
on Tuesday afternoon for the convenience of those who intend going to
Arrowhead for the conlorenoe.
Regular Monthly Meetings-
Popular Speakers.
The Liberal Association intend
holding regular monthly meetings
during the coming winter months
and a suitable building is being arranged for. Tho lirst ot theso meetings takes place on Thursday night,
Nov. Ulh, in tl.e building on First
Street recently vacated hy the Salvation Army. Addresses hy prominent
public men on subjects interesting to
all thinkers will bo one ol the leaturcs
ol the meetings.
Noxt Sunday the Young Men's
Christian Associations tho world
around observe as a speoial day and
a meeting lor men will bo hold by the
association here at 1 n'olock, Thii is
tl.e first of a series |of informal gatherings for Sunday afternoon! during
tho ..'inter, which aro open to men
if when cooking you
get poor results, it
may not be your fault
but the fault of the
ingredients you have
used.      Buy   your
from us and you will
find everything ab-
and  satisfactory.     In the end it is
good Groceries.
Of Stoves, Ranges and Healers. These have just arrived; they are not
old stock, kept over, but NEW with all the latest improvements and
they arc McCLARY'S.
We have in our China and Glass Department a well assorted stock ol
Everyday and Fancy China. See our showing of Toilet Sets and
English Tea Sets. Odd pieces in Dinner Sets at bargain prices, get
at these before they are all gone.
Bourne Bros.
We beg to advise the pub
November 1st., 1907
lic that, we have secured the
agency for the Cardiff Coal
Revelstoke (Ihi.. Agrnoies i
Co.  of Alberta, who mine
tl.e best solt cual yet placed
on the market for domestic
I received this sample of
the Alberta Cardiff Coal and
purposes.    This coal burns
found it to tie most satis
cleau with no dust, or gas;
factory.   I tried it in  mv
has hardly any smoke   or
cooking range and it burned
with very little nnoke and
indies; and returns its heat
retained the heat for a long
longer than any other soft
time.   After leaving but a
small a mount of fire in the
coal on the market,    We
grate all. night I was surprised toflnda fair fire tbe
next morning.   I am of the
have  tested it in   almost
every    possible   way   and
opinion this coal would give
draw your attention to the
good satisfaction in a self
feeding heater as it burns
11. Lyons. 0,P,R, engineer.
with practically no smoke
or ash,
The price of this remark-  1
Yours truly,
able coal is 19 PER TON.
(Sgd) J. II, Lyons.
Molson's Bank Building
Gent's Furnishings
Boots andjShoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first % Op. iJiii
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Officii -Toronto, Ontario.
HrniirliM In lha Prof inraa nl Uuilobl. Albtrla, Sukilcbmn,
Britiah Colombia, OottHo, QoiDM,
Oapltal AuthorlMd        -       ■       -       •1O,OOO,OOO.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   04,060,000.00
Reserve Fund 04,880,000.00
D. R, WlLKIK, Prciident 1 Hon. K. Jakkhay, Vice-Preiident,
A General Banking Business Transaoted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States snd
Europe,   Special attention given to Collections.
Saving! Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
quarterly, _  	
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
"V-ar****! Zbc flftaiUlberalb.
'.if. ELSTOKE. ac.
Barkisieks, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.
Hakolu Fisher
Barri!tars,| Soil It, rs, Kim
BKV8UT0KB INO moll l-.KK.ll.U.
C. K.OIIUS. J C. i:..i.....T.
!0, the growth ol Rovelstoke, which
is now one of their most important
centre, is being curtailed and cniisid-
crable dissaiisfuciiou ieli.tt thn apparent apathy and disinterest taken iu
the city, tbey canuot but sec that the
expense will bo .veil merited. The
settlement on tl.e west side, il it had
the chance, would be considerable aud
it would be hardly consistant with the
government ii they neglect lo take the
oppoittinity to thus aid iu thedevelop-
mei.t of this eectiuu ol tlie riding uud
to iuriher promote Ilic goodwill of thc
Orricts;  Im krial  Bank  Buck,  Hkvkx-
'stoke, B.C.
MortPj' to loan.
Oiaccs: RavilltOka, B. 0,1 I'mnbroak, B. C
Oeu.i. Mll'.tKTKH,
A. M. l'lNKUAM, J. A. Hahvky.
J'.evel-toke. B. 0.      Cranbrook, li. ('.
J. M. Scott l.L.I)
1 COT!'   AND
W, I. BrlgRi.
Baiiribters, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
bOUCITOBS for Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Ai-ay  ol all Ores.   .*ttm|.les by mailor express
receive premi.'. attention.
Term. Moderate.
Ai.np.i3!     •     •    ■     Box IK Kaslo, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Stitveying
McKenzie Avenck,
Box 10(1, Revelstoke,
Widespread interest is now heing
taken in tbe subject ot technical education in Canada and uo more important a question and one which will
Booner or later materially affect the
whole ol Canadian commerce nnd industry, not so much lor commercial
supremacy but lor commercial existence, or in other words a common
means ol betterment and of better
relationship between tbe two great
elements ol industrial lite, namely
laborandcapil.il. 111 taking up the
subject Industrial Canada brings out
some salient features aud says:
"Few movements have met with
Btich wide acceptance as the one which
is now undei way, urging upon the
Federal  Government tho necessity of
appointing u commission to inquire | abundant scope for elaborate costumes
into the  whole subject of  technical I and scenery.    Mr,
education  and to outline a contpre-
In his efforts to secure the lest el.ua
ol attractions tor the Canadian wes ,
Mr. C, P. Walker luts secured, by .1
large guarantee, ll.e services of Mr
David li. Gaily and a supporting ci m
pany ol New York players presenting
"We Are King." This attraction,
with the prestige of live years' remarkable Buccess in the theatrical centers
of tl.e Uuited Stales an.l Canada, wi 1
play a limited season under Mr.
Walker's direction, visiting the principal citie-' of the west.
"We Are King" breathes the roman
tic iitiiiospl.u oof Auihony Hope, wilh
a plot that is sulliciently strong to
hold lhc most critical,and sulliciently
involved to demand skillful acting
and artistic insight, lt is a delight,
(ul comedy, a beautiful love story, a
play of strong dramatio situations.
In the stellar lole Mr, Gaily ranks
well will, the leading romantic actors
otthu day, He plays a dual part in
such an excellent manner, making lis
changes so quickly that there is olten
a doubt in many minds that l.e realiy
plays both puis. The supporting
company have been chosen Ior tbeir
litness to each role, aud a careful
finished and artiBtij peiformance is
the result
Advantage is taken of the picturesque  period  and locale, which gives
NEW DENVER, B,C      P.O.Box le
teacher ok piano, vocal
harmony counterpoint, bio,
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations,
STt'DIO-At   Mr,.   J,   C.   Hutebisou'f.   Con-
Lit-,.-..', Aveme
Zbc flbalUDeralb
■ 1 would . . . earnestly advise them for
tbeir good to order thia paper to be punctually
served up, and to be looked upou us a part o[
the tea equipage."—ADDISON.
Repeated requests for the construction ol a foot and traffic bridge across
the Columbia have been made to the
government and so tar have met with
no response. For the past twelve
months representations have been
made by local bodies to the authorities
urging them to take some action aud
pointing out the necessity ol such
work being done. The C. P. K. are
now actively eugaged in making preparations for the erection of the steel
work ior their new bridge and already
portions oi the foot path and railings
protecting -nch have been removed.
Last year, Revelitoke ai 0 whole,
approached the Premier ol the province isying ber caie belore him aud
demonitrattng the necessity ol some
action king taken whereby accesB to
tbe valuable lands on the west side of
the Columbia could be gained and
such lands developed and improved by
direct communication with the city.
It wai pointed out to the Premier that
it was not then too late lor the government to make some arrangement with
the C. P R. for the construction oi a
trarfic bridge and the local boards who
had met the Premier were informed by
him that he wai already in communication with the railway company to
that object. That was a long time
ago and in ipite of the urging of the
case and the validity of the claim of
those people acrois the river for asiis-
itance iu thii directiun, we are no
better oil now and in fact worse off
than before. No better time could bs
taken than the present to point out
how great ii lhs need ol means ol foot
and tratlic communication with the
other lide ..I the river. The present
structure ii being demolished, or at
leait portion! ol it are being removed
to prepare for tbe new structure and
the foot way is without exaggeration
dangerous it being almost unprotected,
A large number of schoolchildren and
others uie the bridge daily and in
doing 10 will soon run a far greater
risk thin even now as the work goes
on. We cannot blame the railway
company, in as much as it cannot be
put up to then, to supply trallic com.
munication unless they wish to, their
chiel object being to build a new steel
t uck bridge and to carry on the work
so as not to impede or delay the train
trallic. The matter il purely a government one, and as the winter comei
the danger to pedeitrians will be
greatly increaied. We would urge the
giivernmcnt therclore to look into tbis
matter aud when it has been explained
to them by the member ot the riding
that (hey would receive considerable
return from the money spent on such
communication and that by not doing
hensive scheme for common action
throughout Canada. Wc sec what
wonderlul progress Germany has made
during the pnst thirty years in an
industrial way. From a group ol
practically unknown stales she has
risen to a position of eminence among
the ...11..;.fact..ling nations ol the
world. She has been able to do this
because by advanced methods of organization and technical training, she
haa made her working unit the most
effective in the world. Elliciency Iibb
been the master word liy which she
has conjured success from the midst
of difficulties."
As years advance increased competition renders the possibilities of success more dillicult, not only with
ind.vi.luals but for the ration. Science has worked many changes and
modern methods have replaced those
of long ago. Germany has started the
other nations in the formation of
technical schools, the value ol practi
cal and well equipped workmen being
lully demonstrated. Any nation not
so equipped will lind tbe race for success in competition extremely bard.
Canada has just entered on her period
of expansion, and to be able to compete successfully ill manufactures
with the nations of the world, no
hindrance must be given to her workmen and those who in the schools are
preparing lor commercial lile. The
Canadian contends that he can take
bis place alongside any nation for
national litness and ability and it remains to be seen whether that aptitude, by the institution of technical
education, shall be nurtured, encouraged and developed into an active
lorce with tbe greatest degree of effective result.
technical and scenery. Mr. Walker is pleased
to announce the performance of "We
Aro King" in Revelstoke soon and
recommends the entertainment for
your consideration.
Bank deposits in Canada hare trebled in the last ten years, and doubled
in the last fuur years, Canada's savings per head of the population, are
larger than those ol any other country in the world. Canada has an unbroken wheat lield, olH) miles long by
300 miles wide, the largest in tbe
world. Canada has the biggest and
most prolific sea tishcries in the world,
besides some of the greatest salmon
rivers. Canada has the largest gram
mill in tl.e British Empire, and the
biggest grain elevator in tbe world
The Dominion has one of the richest
gold fields in the world, the largest
nickel mines in tbe world, the largest
zinc smelter in the world, and the
thickest known cal seam in the
world. During every eight months a
considerable larger tonnage ol shipping passes thn..gl. Canada's Boo
canal. The population of Cauada has
not doubled yet, since confederation;
in revenue has been multiplied by mx
during the same time. More than N">
per cent ..I Canada still await! cultivation; more than Sii pur cent ot Canada lies to tl.e west and north ol tl.e
older and settled province! of the Atlantic. Yet, during last year, Canada
produced over Will million bitsbrtls of
grain. Eighty-seven per cent uf Canada's farmers own their own farms —
bond..11 (EngO Standard.
An unfortunate, but happily not
serious accident, happened to a lady
an.l gentleman on their way to the
ball masque last night (January 29,
1897). Owing to lhc darkness and
the lulling snow the driver ol thc sleigh
went off the road ne<r the foot of the
toboggan slide and tbe vehicle upset.
The lady's costume and accuutrementB
which were of an elaborate character,
were all spoiled by the plunge in the
snow, hut luckily 110 bones were
broken. There was nothing for it but
to return home and later go to the
ball as spectators,
On Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 1897,
while cutting ice on the Illecillewaet
lor F. McCarty. Wm. Fleming and
three other men broke through the
ice and hail a narrow escape from
drowning. One of the party went
completely under the ice and was,
with difficulty, rescued. Tbe men lost
all their ice cutting tools.
Ci.ANWii.i.iAM, April 16, 1897.—Here
at the summit of the Gold Range in
Eagle l'uss, the station where trains
were delayed so long at the time of
the June Hoods last year and Irom
whicli that (anions newspaper the
Clanwilliara Hustler was issued, tbe
now is still nearly a loot and a hall
deep. It will be gone in abont ten
l.ace and tapestry c.rtains, curtain
poles and fixtures atC. B. IItruck
Local Rcvolatoko
Socialist Party of Canada
llnU KO,. ami iliml »'- lfi-.-l.tt |n Un Bontb
-tt-lkirl. Hall, upstairs it- p.ni     gabjacll 1
I ar- uel'Miti".
- .1 ita '    All
c. w. 0. w.
Mountain   View Camp   No, 229.
Meet, -rconfi and Fourth fTodnesdayi : n
cftclt iiit.iiii., Se - Hal '■'.-',ik Woodmen cordially Invited     ittend
W, ii. ARMSTRONG,Con.   om.
j Mem
F, 0  E
The remii.ir meeting! m ''";'i In the Be - rli
Hal) every Tuesday evening al lo'eloei   v,.>t-
[ng brut li run ar« cordial tj Invited
rt    A. BROWN, I'Kf.SIlif.NI
    vv F„ McUUi RUN Bbtiktabt
Kootenav Lodee No. 18 A F A AM,    !
*i.»    "f"V Thf> regular   meet
■ nic nro held In tbfl
Manonio Temple,
KMFellowi HaOion
hi- (bird Monday in \
h month
Our j*-wi'hy
ill ii-lii: rxtlli'8-o
I'l'Hfl,    iinil   ;il
iTi'-ttinti.   la-lii
llpgl'ft*,   'lliil
inii'ivst (lie
lihiltiniiils i
lej.iTSi'iits ;]),•    Mtu-1
mi nl ilu' KuliltmtlUiV
lirV »ii  rii'hr.y   new
ini'-li* In   tlie lltuh.'Hl
:\i I   ,.|i|ic I   In    yuur
iniiiiiil ynu vteu  if.  Uur
lired  frnm tlu' eul*
h'lM uml uif Milil 'ii \uii fit pliMsing
(■rices fui' ginim ul' siioh quality nml
Wmiity. Pleiwil to ln\v ymi sec llieni
tit anv time
Hastings, Doyle k Allu
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our store if you want to purchase
a New Cupel, Fine Oriental or Wilton rug, milttillg'oi' linoleum and see
how much further its contents will
take you in purchasing than it will at
any other store in the city. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson MAOi'HKiiai.N, Pies. S. IL Ewino, Vice-Pres,
Jamksj Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
in  Canada and  Agencies  ill all parts of the
Sixty-two branches
Interest credited four limes... yeur nt current
Bunk deposits, until further notice.
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
■ate*-- (in Havings
Revelstoke, B. C.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 37J x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered—Cash $930, terms on balance.     PRICE~$2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling,  pl.istoied and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on Second Street,     Cash $950 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
PRICE  $850
BELOW will be found tbe names ol some ol the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make this mrst popular and liberal offer: This elegant
library and handsome case will be gh,;ti by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstuke securing tl.e largest number of votes in
the following manner: The business men listed below will give with
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
llth and ends Feb. ilth, 1908. A ballot box has been placed in the Canada
Drug A Hook Store where the voteB are to be deposited. At the close of
the cutest the church, school, society or lodge having the largest number ol votes will be awarded the library. Current accounts when promptly paid wil. be entitled to votes. Remember, votes can only be secured by
trading with the merchants listed below. Each week the Mail-Hkhald
will announce tne standing of the contestant.
The library and case are now on exhibition in the show window of
C. B, llunie A' Co.
C. B. HUME 4 CO.
Or- series.    Drygoods,    Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
House Furnishings.
m. VUillnffbr^t.h
ti   cordially
THE  ' BA.V0Y"
Fine Confectionery, foe Cream,
Coupons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
l''irst-Class Clover
ohv   Hay  for  sale.
kind:- uf Garden
and Tim-
Front Street,    Revelstoke
The bent Brick in lhe Province.
Well burnt Brink In huge or
s.u.i'l i|tinu>III.H al Ile.H.inalile
ENDGREV,        C.
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
w.tshiugtireciisy with itsheip.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give Ior
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
lor   it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C.
fruit Ills
I have many enquiries for
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose of
their holdings, largo or small,
will do well to list them wilh
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
To Whom it May Coxokrn :
Take notice that I, the undersigned
Irom this (Into, positively declare my,
sell not responsible for any bills contracted by n.y wife, Mrs. John Carlaw.
Dsted .it Ilevelstoke, B.C., Oct. lCth,
wed In. John Cari.aw,
(Iiu Result
White Help Only
Manufactured for nil classes of buildings
All kinds (if building and plastering
for salo in large or small quantities
ut tho lowest prices for cosh.
All kinds of building nud plastering
lu order to secure nne of our
In the centre of the Southernmost and Wannest valley in
B.C., West Kootenay, for
$10 down  nnd $10 per
month for 10 acres.
To pay all yonr expenses an.t rol.in.l
If oiir hind nnd whole proposition
is not exactly as we .represent it.
You cm mnke from $400 to $700
per acre annually growing fruits
and innrket gardening;. Every tract
is (.ither level or genlly Blopi.ll',
The soil is loam with clay subsoil.
Free from rock, Ample' rainfall.
Fine healthy climate. Cool in summer. Zero weather in winter practically unknown. No early ur late
frost danger. Plenty uf timber on
each tract for buildings, fences and
fuel. Each tract flouts on a load,
and every tract within half-mile of
main line of R.R. Title is perfect.
We own one-fifth of the good land
in the whole Kootenay and make
these terms so thnt you will be able
to use your surplus funds improving
your land. We refer to three of the
strongest Banks in Cnnada. Write
quick for maps, etc., and testimonials of settlers at Frultvale.
Nelson, B, C.
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dea    in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone
Kevelstoke hand District.
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Take milieu that Donald Dewar, ef Arrow-
hcad.H.C,, nri-upatlon Timber Cruiser, lntendi
to apply for a special limber licence over the
following described land:
Commencing at apost planled at the south*
west, uorner of Timber Limit No, 11171, and
market "Donald Dewar.s north-cast eorner
post," tbence south 100 ehains, thence west 40
chaina, thenct! nnrlh ltiOobain . ihence east 40
ehalna to puint ol commencement,
1      '" libber 2nd, 19H7.
Dated Oelbi
wod oct 11
Revelstoke Land District
District of West Koot may.
Take notice that Krlo strand, of Poplar
Creek, H.C, occupation Miner, intends to
apply for a fecial timber license over the fot-
lowing described lnmls;
Conimem']uk at a post planted on the west
sideof I'oplar Creek, about 600 feet from tbe
Creek, and about seven mllmi from the town of
I'oplar, theuco south 80 ebains, tbenco west 80
daliis, thenee nnrth tt clialus, thence ensl HO
chains to point of commencement, tint containing Ii4u aerea more or less.
Dated October inili, YM.
PrintcrH nml Publisher!,
r. A. t'KMl I'NlKIt, BKCTlRTiRT.
SELKIRK LODOF  NO  12. I. 0. 0, P.
SUcU everyThiirndni
r,   Selkirk
8   o'clock,
lUntj hrptlir'Mi cor
rllally  Invited   ''i  nl-
jttfm*r**l^fc^      Meet* evi
I'*,. I'ltlMI.I !•: V.I.
According to  recent returns Iron.
New   York   tbe   new State Assembly
will e.onlist of 1.7 Republicans and 51) j
llen.oerats, a gain ol five Deinocr.itlc
member! compared with lust year.
Cold Rango Ud,jo, K. of  P.,
No. Jti, Revolstoke, R C.
M'lpt Tliir.l Wednesday ,.
i.ar.1 iviontli,'... Iht; 0<l.ll..|j„wa
Hall   at   a  o'clock,    vi.itin.
Kr, 1 ach 1 h ar't cordially mi ted
Central Hotel
Newly built,     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms,
Rales SI.SO per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same manajfemeni
From France, Holland and
reliable varietiei at reasonable prioes,
Fertilizers, lice Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, eto.
oldest established nursery on the
mainland ol H.C.   Catalogue Iree.
Kevelstoke Land DlstricO
District of West Kootenay,
Take uotice that Henry Magnuion of
I'oplar Creek, occupation Miner, intends
to apply for a special timber license ovor the
following deseribed lands:
Commenolng Ht a post planted on theeast
Bide of I'oplar Creek, about Uu leet from the
('reek, and about six miles from the town of
I'oplar, Ihence eaat 60 chaius, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, theoce norlh 8-u
chains to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, moro or less.
Dated October l'llh, 1907.
oet 10 aat Per Eric Strand, Agent
;lven that an application
'arliament of Canada at
MA.rtRV, doctor or
despair. " Don't do a
thing" Mil you see clearly
whuU best by aid of
. w BHAD8HAW, 0 0
d. H. BROCK, K  nf R AH.
uf F
is the nne 10 ask who keeps
thc best. She will tell you
MANN I NO'S is a lonjj way
ahead of any mnile. Delicious in (ill flavors, always
uniform in quality anil
always fresh.
Miij's (.uly Pilate
suitably  furnished  with the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Queen's Hotel
Iiest brands ol Wines, Liquors anil Cigars, Travellers to
Fish Creek will liiul excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,        •        -       Proprietor
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on hi'iili li, disease, love, man luge and parentage
Tells what you'd ask n doctor, out don't like to
2l<ipiiKcs, illustrated, iM cenUt; hut l«Introduce
It wu send one only to any adult for postage
10 ooitta.
IH  HILL, PUB. 00.
120 laat 28th Stroot, NEW YORK,
Placo youi' orders Ior your
Harness.,   Band-make Hoots
and Kiiney Lenllier Goods, . .
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Pain
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Notice ia hereby
will be made to the
its next session for an act incorporating
company under tne name ol "Shuswap k
Thompson Rivers Iluoin Company," with
power to attach booms to I'm shores of the
Thompson Hlver, the North Thompson Kiver,
tbe South Thompson rflver, Kamloops Lake,
Shuswap Lake and Iti several arms, the Lower
.-paUuinc1 ecu Kiver and the navigable tributaries of eaeh and iho navigable waters connecting therewith and tbeir respective navigable tributaries all In the Province of liritish
Columbia, and to acquire, construct aud maintain booms, weirs, clinics, dams, slideB. piers,
cribs, wharves, ramus, flumes and all works of
any kind whatever tbat may be deemed useful
or necessary fur transporting, driving, towing,
clHeeling, boonniiK, bIomik, sorting nud delivering pulp-wood, poles, logs, timber and
lumber of all kinds, and accordingly to deepen
and widen by any means whatever any oi said
rivers or bodies ot water, and remove therefrom
all Impediments or hindrances tu navigation;
and lor a»l<l purposes to expropriate such
lauds as may be necessary, and to collect tolls
from other parties making use of ihu Company's works, Improvements or services; to
acquire, maintain aud operate landa, works,
waler powers, franchises aud licenses, loads,
tramways, docks aud wharves, and for the
Coinpauv's purposes only to acquire and opcr-
ale lelcgrhph, telephone and olcetrlcllues;
ho acquire, construct, navigate aud charter
peats, tugs and waior erafl; io acquire the proller ly, rights, lruiiehl-.es, slock, bonds aud
lo benliiroN of any other company, and to sell,
lease, hold, exchange or dlapoteof auyoftue
Company's property, and for all other necessary and incidental rights, powers and privileges; aud that tlio Company's undertaking
may he declared to be for the general advau*
tagesof Canada.
Solicitors for the Applicant!.
Dated at Ottawa this 1st day ol October, A.D,
1907. dot 18
Notice to Creditors and Others.
In the Matter of tho Companies' Winding-up Act 1898.
The creditors and others of the Revelstoke
Hloitm Laundry Company, Limited, of Kevol*
nloke, are hernby notiflod tbat on the 18th day
uf October, UK)!, the Company passed uu Kxtra*
ordinary Kosolutiou to tha effoct that the Com*
puny bo fortbwiud woundntp voluntarily, under
the nbovit act, and William J. Law, of Rovelstoke, was appointed Liquidator of the said
Nniice is hereby given that all creditor** of
llm said Company nro heroby notified to send
by [Mist prepaid, or otlierwlso deliver to the
said Liquidator, William J, Law, at Revel*
stoke, District of Kinitomiy, on or boforo Uiitur-
■liiy, .'mill day of November, IWrt, tbeir full
names, addresses and descilpMonH, and full
particulars of their claims accounts or Interests, nnd the nature of securities, if any. held
hjtlinm. Immediately after the said 80th day
nl Norembor. 1007, tbe assets nf the said Company will lie realised aud distributed among
the parties entitled thereto, having regard
only to the claims of whiob the Liquidator
shall then have notice, and all others shall be
excluded from thu said distribution.
Dated the 22nd day of October, 1907.
Revelstoke, H. C„
Solicitor!* for the Liquidator.
i I
Tuesday, Nov. 12—
Wednesday, Nov. 13 —
Thursday, Nov. 14.—
.     -"CHARLEY'S AUNT."
.     -"HELLO BILL'•
RESERVED SEAT SALE open Monday morning,
November nth, at Canada Drug Store.
As You Like It
..■•:•'-■ •••*.-'.■•■•'.'.•'.^.*.'.*'.v%-v-*-.Kv.n
It is for you to say what style your
new Overcoat is to be.
It is for us to have just the style
you want.
We cater to all men—so cany all
"The Regent "-the *% Box'-
and the " Manitoba * are three
Fit-Reform creations that will appeal to every man.
They range from the medium weights for cold weather—
to the specially designed storm coats for blizzards and
northwest wear. Every Overcoat is guaranteed by the
Fit-Reform label.   $15 up. 258
Revelstoke, B. C.
By inserting the poker in the
conveniently located door, shown
in illustration, you can loosen the
ashes in the bottom of the fire-pot
and stir up the fire in a jiffy.
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagou* Etc., John
Mourn Ploughs, Mollne Wagons, Cnnada Carriage Company's
Muggins, IM, l Jr., Qnrdeu Headers and Cultivators, Wheel-
wright and th Work attended tu,   Horse Shoeing a
Hpoolalty f
.P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.  '■
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'l.tk I'.i.-knn iti.fl llmi... 'In l.i... Htmk. Markets In all tl... |.n..,.||,il| Cities ami
Towns ill Alberts, tlrlLtr.1. e,.,i.nnl.l.i tnd Ut. Vukn... Puck-nra nl tin Colulintwl Blutl
ll..|...r.(l.iir" lliuna un.l Hai-nti, unit l<onl Uld.
*******%% %v*v*v%'v5
Business Centre of ihe Kooi-
enays—Citizens Faith in its
A noticeable feature in tlie sueiil
atmosphere ul Revelitoke is the insured confidence with whicli her citizens
look forward to the ii.inieJi.iie future
and the laitb which they place it. her
certain development into a prosperous
business and distributing centre.
This reliance is all the more remarkable and laudable inasmuch as Kevelstoke has never had a boom of any
kind which frequently acts as au incentive to erect large buildings and
expensive business houses. While
even younger rivals have in many
ways attained a certain amount uf
pre-eminence still lhe reputation
gained by uur home city is based upon
solid foundations of oommeroisl in-
stiuct and business ability, the chief
sources of prosperity.
Our business men hnve had .vide
expeiience, which ii an excellent
touch,'r, and slatting from the beginning in a sniull way have succeeded in
building up large connections and
extensive trade, which today has put
Revelstoke iu the forefront of inland
cities. These men having been
through tl.e mill and every stage of it
know frum actual experience the condition under which our business has
commenced, grown and thrived, and
old timers can tell of the days here
when our lair city of today was a mere
c.tllectioii ol tents and huts, inhabited
by men in whose blood the indomitable lire ol progress turned and who
today are, as pioneers ol Revelstoke,
taking their well earned reward.
Revelstoke's chief claim on the future
is her geographical situation. Through
her lies the only avenue by which the
well knuwn district ol the Silvery
Slucan, the enormous wealth nl the
gold properties and mineral claims
aud mines ot Lardeau and Trout I.ake
aud tlie placer diggings and gold bearing quartz fields of the Big Hend can
be approached. Kast of Revelstoke
lies the Illecillewaet valley where
many possibilities now lie dormant;
west ol her the Jurdon and Eagle
passes ure at all times interesting
fields. Again let us turn to another
industry, that ol lumbering; are wo
not u ceutro ior u vast aud almost
unlimited area ot forest wealth, situated at all points ol the compass, con
trolled and operated by local men and
local industry? This forest wealth
will at a later period have tu pass
through Revelstoke, and injreover,
the large quantities of supplies lor
camps, mills, mines and construction
work ure handled at this the distributing centre. Thus then is our city
the central point Ior all this wealth
und every section uf the suulh country
as well as tlie Big Bend, and the eaet
and west points will be nnd arc draw-
ing large supplies from Revelstuke and
swelling thc balances ol her stores and
hotels. Few cities in tl.e interior can
claim tl.e advantages given to us here,
through our geographical position.
Nelson is too (ar to the south and
not in direct cuminunication with the
great highway, whereas Revelstoke
situated on the mnin line, on the
navigable waters ot tbe Columbia,
which tup tbe rich resources of the
Big Bend, can in every way substantiate l.er claims.
0! ull the districts tributary to us
Lardeau and Trout Lnke sections are
particularly nuticeuble and as the
headquarters fur all mining and lumbering interests in those sections we
should never let any opporlunity pass
in evincing interest iu the people
there. We take it then, thut few cities
011 the main line ut the C. P. It. can
come up to Revelitoke Ior centralization, and as development goes on so
will every brunch of industry thut has
any connection with the city. The
people firm in their belief in Revelitoke as a citv ol ever increasing
commerce, the centre ol a large und
rich area ol natural resources ol which
u ...e.c (ruction has been touched and
uu entre-pot fur unlimited trade as a
distributing centre, cun lightly und
conscientiously place their cuntidence
iu her future. Experience has made
our business men us enterprising as
they are and thc people itrengtheneJ
in their loyally to the city ol their
adoption ure making permanent
homes and building up big businesses
which must but grow in proportion as
tl.e cily eipandi. What more striking
evidence could be seen than in the
mauy valuable additions to residential
and business blocks, besides municipal
improvement! on a large scale! No
twu better mottoes and more appropriate for Revelstoke could have been
chosen than that ul "Opulens sine
Jubilate," und "I'er ardua ad a.tera,*'
Loudon, Nov, 8.—The morning Post
says that ill contrail tu tho Mother
Country, Australia, South Alriea and
Canada bave  outgrown tht period
essential tariff quest on, form tbp'ending p.i..ci; le in p..rty politics, It
Bays that owing to the elimination o(
traditional issues tl.e tone of Canadian
public lite stems to bt. declining, and
t'uit many would weloomothe arrival
ol some fresh national controversy
s'.ch hs the problem ol Asiatic i.nn.i.
gration may possible furnish,
The hospital bus gained several
plnces this week and the Y. M C. A.
haa also crept up on Fire Hall No. 2,
Tbe following result is up till lust
Fire Hull No. 2 12001!)
Y.M.C.A 1081112
Knox Chinch  81404
St. Peter's Church    8048
Hospital     01184
Catholic Church    0252
Methodist Church    21)111
Public School. ,,.    2882
K.ofP    1021
Masonic Lodge       880
Locomotive Engineers     020
F. O. E      020
I O. F     5:10
I O. O F     430
Machinists      340
Brakemen .          260
Firemen 0 P. R      160
Spoiled votes—75.
Imperial Bank President Says
Criticism Unjust.
Tokonto, Out., November 8.—Emphatically the heads of two of the
largest banks deny the reports Irom
the West that the cropi cunnot.be
moved because the banks are unable
to advance the usual and necessary
I'uiids to the grain dealers. Ranged
with these ollieials, so lur as their
statement is concerned, were tliree
grain dealers, who were interviewed.
I). R. Wilkie. president of the Imperial Bunk, when asked Iur his views
with regard to the report from the
West, replied: "Upon my word, I
think it it most unjustifiable, it is
reported from the West that the crops
cannot be moved, not on account of
the shortage of cars, luck ol elevator
accommodation, or scarcity of Luke
vessel capacity, bul becauso the bunks
are unable to advance the usual and
necessary funds to the grain dealers.
That is a misstatement. Thc movement ot grain for speculators and
people who are going 'short' and 'long'
on the market has nothing to do with
the circulation ot money. The placing
of grain in elevators does not put one
dollar more into circulation.
"There is not u farmer in the Northwest," proceeded Mr, Wilkie, "that
I have heard of, win wants to market
his grain who has nut beeu able to get
cash for it."
CP.R.Official Says New Tarifi
Will Show Many Reductions.
WlMfiPEO, Nov.8—Assistant Freight
Trallic Manager Teters stated tuday
that there wns nu truth in the report
circulated throughout the west that
Che Canadian Pacilij intended raising
freight rates as much as thirty per
cent, in order to meet the ruling ol
the luilway commission for the estah-
ishment of equal rules between nil
points in lhe west. On the contrury
the new tariff will show more rcduc
tions than increases on western lines.
Mr. Peters said there would be very
considerable retluctiutis between eastern and western points, which local
western freights would be reduced in
ninny instances. Thc new tariff is to
be submitted tomorrow to tl.e Winnipeg Board of Trade, which will report
on it. 	
Native Interest in India Cause
of Grave Fears.
Calcutta, Nuv. 8.—Reports* ol continued unrest come in from all parts of
lower India, while this city ilsi.lt is to
all purposes under martial law. A
native newspaper publishes a very Big-
nilioiint article under the title
"British Surrender to Russia," in
which thc recent agreement ia lully
discussed Irom the intelligent native
point ol view nud the conclusion is
reached that England hns pormitted
herself to bo befogged by tho wily
PuoEMtXVIUiK, Nov. 8.—Tho Quebec
Bridge Commission bus finished its
investigation ol tho correspondence in
the office ol the l'hoiiiiixville Bridge
Company bearing on tho comtruotion
ol the Quebec bridgo. Tho commission lias examined nearly 4000 lettors
and telegrams.
While no ollicinl of the company
will talk concerning thu result ol the
investigation bo lar made, it is suid by
one high in uuthurity thut within a
week tl.e company will be able to
make a comploto refutation ol tho
chargei of Consulting Engineer Cooper, ol New York.
Agreement. Reached   between
Railroads and Employees.
London, England, Nov. 8—The anticipated railroad s'rike throughout
Great Britain Ins been ..verted by an
agreement drnlteil by David Lloyd-
GoorgB, president ..I the Board of
Trade, nnd signed lute this evening by
the chairmen of the principal railroad
companies and representatives nf the
Amalgamated Society of ltuilw
I. Alexander Merrnl', ol Sain.on
Arm, 'ecare that my wife lus lell my
bed n> d boa.d of her own free will and
without cause and thai I will m tbe
responsible for any de-bta that she or
mv children may incur from this date.
Oct. 2nd 1907.
Alexander Merkaia.
Vernon II. Brown. New York mnn
ager ol the Ounard Line, has received
a message saying that the new turbine
steamer Mnuretanlu on a triul tbis
week made on un average 27 36 knots
per hour over a 300 mile course, being
a knot faster than the Lusitania on a
similar trail.
Members ol above Company will
muster for Company Drill every
Thursday night at 8 o'clock.
1 m Captain.^
Revelstoke, B. 0„ Nov. 6,11)07.
Restaurant and Furnished Rooms
Meals frum 25c. Up.
Secoad Street, - East End
Marriage Licenses Issued
NURSING in private homes wanted
by a wuii.iil. of expeiience, good
ferences.   Address Mrs. M. Overton,
Revelstoke. net 30
WIINTED-Single furnished room,
with or without hoard. Suite
teems, moderate, In let ter to A. W.,
Maii.-Hkhau) office.
WANTED—Live wide awake boys
In every city, Inwii and village
lo sell Western Oan..da's new weekly
newspaper, "The Western Hume-
Blend." Hustlersriii mnke bin .....ney.
No capital required, Willi- fot' tonus
'nm.ertiulely, Thu Western Homestead
Cnlgiry, Alia.
WANTED tn purchase for cllei.l a
second hand Safe apply lo E. A
Haggen, Revelsloke,      nov 9
Uevolsloko Land District,
Dlstrictof Woat Kootenay,
TAKK NOTICE tlmt Gmirgo McCarter, of
KovulsLuki), M. C>. Ainmt, iutonds to ;ii>i>ly for
permission to purchaso tbo following duscribud
lauds :
Coninieiiciug ut u oust limited at tho uorth-
east cornor of Lot B2D6, in Uroup One, Koutauay
Distriet; tlirniT wost 11,0111 cliiiins; theuce
north BO chains* thonco west 10 chains; tbence
north80ohains, thonco eaBt 21,019 ehnins more
or loss lo thu wost batik of tbe Columbia Itiver;
then'-n following tho west bauk of tho Coluinbin Hivor southerly to tbo point of commencement, containing 94 acres, more or lent).
Datod Novombor 1st., 11KI7. Not. 9
Hevelsluke Land Dislrict.
Dial riot of WohI, Kootenay.
NOTICK Is hereby given that 80 days aftor
datu J intend to niiiily to tbo Chief Commits*
slotiorof Lnnds ami Works for a spocial timher
licnuco to cut nud carry awny timber from
curtain lands situnlo iu lho District of Want
Kooteuay described as folly Wil
Commencing ni ii pust plnulud nn the West
Hank of the Columbin Itivnr nnd on the north
boundary of tho mi I wny bolt nnd mnrked ''(IS
Mi-i iirmr'- Siiulb-Knsl, Corner"; thonco I'Ju
clialns wust; tinmen norlh 'i'i t-linhis; thenco
enst 12(1 ohnins; to tbo I'oiumbia Itiver; llionce
soutli iilotii; lho west hunk of lhu Columhia
hivur Vi ohains moro or less to tbe imiut of
commencement and contain lug 040 acres more
or loss.
Dated November 1st., HOI,
In the mattor of the ostato of Charles Uittaman
Bacher, lato of Ilevelstoke, Britisli Columbia, dec oasod.
Notico is heroby glvon pursuant to tho Ho*
visod HlatutuH of British Columbin, IS97, Chap.
187, that all creditors and others having claims
10,'iiin-l the estute of tbo snid (ilia Hon (llttsman
Harbor, wbodlod on or about the 21st Juno,
HKfl.aro required on or boforo the EOtb day of
Dot-ember, limi tosoud by post prepaid or
dellvor to Messrs. Hcotl A* liriggs of the City of
Hovelsloko aforesaid, Solicitors for Krodorick
\V. Aylmo'r, Administrator of tho personal
ostate nnd eflocls of tbo said deceased, thoir
Christian names and suruamos, nddrossosnud
descriptions with full particulars of tholr
claims tbo stnlomont of their account nnd the
mil urn of the sociirilios (if any) hold by them,
And further lake notice that after such last
mentioned dato tho said Administrator will pro*
coed to dlstributo the assets of thodocunsed
among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims id which hu then shall
Iiiito notice, and that the said Administrator
will nut ho liable for tho said assets or any
part thereof to any person or persons of whose
claims notice shall not have been received by
him at thu limn of sueh distribution.
Dated at HovnlHtoko, British Columbia, this
first day or November, 1907.
Holicitors for Frederick W. Aylmer, Admini-
mlnistrator uf the personal   estate aud
etl'ucts of said Charles Ulttsmau Bacher,
deceased. sutuovOHw
To Whon it May Conobrhi
Tale notice that I, the undenigned,
from thiB date, positively declare myself not responsible for any bills contracted by my son, Frank McMahon.
Duted at Revelstoke, B. C, Oct. 19th.
Mrs. J. McGinnis.
roon.B, furnace, two lots (one corner)
Convenient to business part of city.
A desirable home fur anyone. Price
moderute on eusy terms.
Apply:—Mail Hkkai.u.
Open Day and
Special attention given to
Supper Parties A banquets
Heals, 25o.      Meal TioksU, 15.50
Deer lit;,.!, AnimaJUBIrib, Fiat., IE«.,
-Vol .M tal
A:   Sf,.    IM.;.  l!,,UI,',sl.
P,.0 Boill.
.stu.li.ji  Comer nl Firat St an.1 Sort! Af!.
•  .-lat.ks. B. O.
Ke'.elstoke Laud District.
Dlstrictof West K'^tetiay.
Take notice that I, W. a. Smith, agent, fifl
days afler date intend to apply to tbe thief
Commissioner of Laud* and Works for permission to purchase lhe fulluwing described
Commencing it a pott planted ibout H mile
uorth of south-ea-si corner uf timhsr limit 7016.
and marked "W A Smythe's 8.W. corner post,
theme uorth SOchains, thence east 10 chains,
theuce south 80 chains, thence west 10 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated Oct. 2<Sth, 1907.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, J. Sauoderson, miner. 60
days after date intend to »PP'y to the Chief
Commissioner of Landi and Works for per*
mission to purchase tie following described
lends i
( ommenclng at a post plaited 20 chain? west
nf Blind Bay and marked "J. Saondersoa'i
northeast corner Doit," thence south 80 ehains,
theme west 80chains, thunce north 80 chains,
iheuce east 60 chains to point of commence*
ment. coulaiuing 640 acres more or lesi.
Dated Oct. 26th, lVtf.
Per W. A. Smythe Agent.
Beware of yellow"[ciii:iiinis which
claim others have tho I rthbridge
coal 1 They lie I You can get Lethbridge coul from one source only, and
that is fron. its agency.
Pb.ee your orders with me and get
the real goods at $8.50 per ton for four
ton orders, weigh where you pleaie.
James Evans
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Cariboo Land District,
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that Donald Mcintosh of
Revelstoke, B. C, prospector, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planled about 2\
miles above Blue River, murked "D. M<
Intosh's S. E. corner," thence norlh 120
chains, ihence west 40 chains, thence
south i2u chains, thence easl 40 chains 10
point of commencement, containing 480
acres more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wed aug 2i D. McINTOSH.
Rovelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that James P. Kennedy, of Ilie
clllewaet, B. C, Mluer, intends to apply for a
special limber license over the following de*
»LT|bed landa;
Commonolng at a post planted on the north
buik of tho north-cast forkof Downie ( reek,
bout six uiiits :'lunt; the Forks and marked
'James P. Kennedy's S W, coiner." theuce It)
rlinins uortli ih nee o.st llio clmins, thence
.•(inili i.i iliains, tbeuce uesl luo chains to
poiut ui eoiuiueucuiieut, couituu.urf OtO acres
more or Iwn
Dated September 2Hh, Wl,
uu>.5*it JA.UKH P, KKNVKDY'
No 1 lot
Hevtilsloke Land Ulstriot.
Uistriot ol Wcat, Kootenny.
Take notl e lonl Andrew Kitson, ol
UevelstOM', B. C, miner, intends to
apply for a special tin.l.er license ovei
lhe loilowiug described lands :
I, Ut.in.nenclng .11 a post planted
01... q.uii'li'i mile abuve the ninth folk
f Flat Clock, ..11 the norlh bank, uud
marked "Andrew Kilson's S. E. Collier." thence norlli 4U chains, thenee
west lOOchains, thenee south 10chains,
thenee east 101) chains to point ot
commencement, and containing 040
acres more or less.
Dated August 31th, 11)07.
t, Oommenclng ata post planted
one quarter tulle ubove the north roil,
of Flat Creek on the north bank un.l
in;., ked "Andrew Kitson's S. W. Cornel'," llienee north 80 chains; thenee
easl SO ehains; Ihence south SO ehuins,
ihencu  .vest 80 chains,  lo point of
iiuinenceiiient and containing CIO
acres mors ur less.
Dnled August 3)lh, 1907.
II. Coll....e.icing at a post planted
llllu.lt one mile au.l llu'ee-qimrlers
helow ihe north tork of Fiai Oreek, ou
the iii.t'lh bank, and marked "Andrew
Kilson's S.W. Oorner," tbenee north
SO el... ins; Ihence easl lOill.iins, llienie
fo.u 1.4U ehniiis, thencu east 40 cbalni,
ihen... souih 90chnlns, thence wesilu
iliiiin,., ihenee no111.40elinlns, lbence
west 40 chains to point ot commence-
ment and containing (IIOaces mure or
Dated August 20lh, 1907.
Asiiidiw Kitson.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice Is hereby given lhat the partnership
heretofore rOibslstliiK between us, the under
slKiieil.HH Confectioners, lu tbe City of Revel*
■toke. haa this dav been dissolved by mutual
consent. All dobtsowlug to (he said partner*
nln'i are lo In- paid to Allan D. llornell, and all
claims against the --aid -jirinenbip are to be
prcxunt'-d lo thu said Allan D. llornell, who
will lu future carry on the said busfuess and
by whom tho same will be settled.
Daled at Kevelstoke, H, C, this Utb day of
October. 1907.
Winnow:   A.M. Pinkham. oct 16
N.iil.-c la Hereby glvea that lint |.*rmerabl|.
llflroLnlore auI.Hla.tlDK If-h.ft-ii .... ll.e ulHler-
alatie.l, II. M. II i aa rl, ta ait. h.|»«f-l C, .'..■«. u
Blieel Mflnl Worker,, III tlnf.il)..I RSVtl
atoks, Hr.ui.ti Columbia, under too .tyleoi
III... itli and I'...'.', Iiu tl.ii. day Imn dlnolvpl
by mutual, conaenl. Al) tleMaor aeeunut*
tmoiK to said l'ar.l.irah.|. ar. to bt) ptld t>.
said .-..l-.ar.ll'. face,
U....I .111. lib day ol October, A.U., 1W7.
B. II. WNKllii,
nov It HOWARD C.PAU1,   I
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, F. H. Ouffey, mine men-
ager.60days afterdate intend toapply to the
L'hief Commissioner of Land- tod Worki fer
permiasion to purchaie the following described
l ommenciug at a poat planted 40 chains
north of tbe south-east corner of timber limit
inland marked "P. H Outlay's north-east
corner post," tbence south tti chains, thence
west bO chaius theiu-e north SO chains, theace
east 80 chains to point of commencement, con-
taiuinn *'An acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 20th, 1907.
Per W. A. Smythe, Agent.
Revelstoke Laud District.
Districtof West Kooteuay.
Take notice tbat 1. K. M. Smythe, merchant!
00 days after date intend toapply to the Chief
CommissioneOof Lauds aud Works for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains
north of the south-eat corner of timber limit
7016 and marked "R. M. Smythe's north-west
coruer po»t," thenre east 80 chains, thence
sooth £0 chaius, thence west 10 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing6*0 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1V07,
Per W. A. Smythe, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, W. A, Ueav . locomotive
fireman, 60 days after data intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Laud and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
Commeueiug ata post plauted about | mile
uurlh of tbe south-east corner of timber limit
7016and marked "W. A. Beavo's south*eest
corner post," thence nortb SO chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south KI chains, tbence
east&Ocbiius to point of commencement, eon*
lainiug 640 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th. 1901.
Per W.A, Smythe, Agent.
Take notice that Donald Dewar, of Arrowhead, B. 0.i limber cruiser, intends to applj
for special timber license*) over the following
deacribed lands:
1. Commencing at a post plauted about Iff
chains north-west on a blaced trail from Boyd's
cabin on Pingston Creek, and marked ■ Duu*id
Dewar's north-east corner post," tueiuM west
160 chains, thence south 10 ubaius, theuce out
100 chains, tbence north 40 on»ius to puint of
oommen cement.
2. Commencing at a post planted at the
north east comer of Location No.l. nud marked "Donald Dewar's .sou ib-saat corner pyat,"
theuce wesl 160 chains, thenoe nonh do cn-uns,
thence easl 1GU chains, thenoe euuib 40 chains
to point of co ii i ii i cm--,: in tn i.
Dated September Slat, Wi.
'A. Commencing ai a post planted at the
-oulh-wt-t comer of Timber uuHllllW, aud
marked "Donald Dewa s nuuin-«a*,l curuer
"ost," thenco nurth 16u cnaiua, tn-ruce HM14I
Cnains, iheuce souiu too uminA, inem*-* east U
Cuahu io poiul ot <j>iiu.ii-.-iiu bj ut
t. Commencing at « pu»t planted at the
soulh-east coruer of Homer Limit Nu. 11170,
anu marked "Douaiu i*M*i's **-uuih-*csLcor*
ner post," iheuce noun •>- *.n«uu», uicuce eaat
se ciiains, Iheuce eouui ■>' c.a.,,.% lUwuoe west
U0 chaius to puiui ui  u,iiiiie.ii-«.u«ui..
li.tt'ii Sepu-uiber £tM, li \.
wed oct t uu.\ aUj DKWaR*
Take iiutico ilut 1, Ovurge '£, Newman, u(
Anowhtad. it t, uo'.uiwlou Cicra, inieni le
apply fur H*ruu»tuu u- putvoaeo ibe following
described lauue!
Commencing al a po->t plauied atthe NX
corner ot CUu ..icy.urrie i Lot K406, theuce
nurih i>- chains, thetice w\«t *i chains, Ihence
Mjir.ii .ii cnains, Llienee easl 40 chains, thenee
suuth in chains, lUcuee easi 10 chains lo point
uf tuiiiiiii'i.. I'liienu
Dated Sept. Ulh, Wi.
tou'll sat        QEOROE T. NEWMAN.
Revelstuke Land District.
DUtrict of West K-mtii-ay.
Take notice thai Elijah McBean of Bevel*
stoke. B.C., occupation Miner, iaiends tt
apply for special timber licenses over the following described lands:
1. Commencingal a poet planted two mllea
cast of the Columbia river, near the south-east
corner of Timher Limit WIH, and markod ''JE,
McBean's norlh-west corner," thence east 160
chaius, Ihence south 40 chains, lbence wesl 160
chains, thence north 40 chains to point of com*
mencomont, and conuining 640 acres moreor
Datod fclh September, 1907.
2. Commencing at a post planted on the
nurth bank of Blgmouth Creek about 1 mile
aliove tho south fork, and marked "K. Mo
Bean's south*weei corner,' thenca north ID
chains, thence cast 160 chains, thenoe sou h 40
chains, thence west 160 io pointof commencement, and coutaiuiug 040 acres more or lesa.
Dated nth September, 19UT-
:i. Commencing at a posi planted on the
south bank of Blgmouth Creek about 31 mil*:*
above the south fork and marked "K McBean'i
north-east corner," thencu 4n ohains south,
thenco 16(1 ohains west, thence 40 obains north,
thenee 160 cliains ea-t lo point of commencement, and containing 61'.' acres more or leaa.
4, i iiiiiiiii ikIiik al a post planted on the
Mini |, lank uf Blgmoulh Creek about .11 miles
abuve iliesoutb furk aud marked "K. McBean's
uurth-wext corner," thenee 40 chaini east,
iln nee 40 chains north, thenoe 40 chains eaat,
thence ao chains soulli, thenoe 40 chains weit,
tbence 4U chains auulh, theuce tu ohalas west
ihence tu chain* norlli u» point of commence-
ineiit, aud containing 640 acres mure or lesa.
6. i im nii'iicmg al a posl plauted ou lhe east
bank of Itigmuuih Crnek, ahoul live miles
above Canyon Crvek, aud marked "K. McHean's uurih-weat oorner," tbeuce 40 chains
rtiuih. theuoe 40 chains east, thenc* 40 chaini
south, tbence ni chains east, theuoe 4e chains
nurih, lbence 40 chaius wesU Llieuce 40 chains
north. Ihence 80 chains west lo point of commencement, and containing 640 acres more or
Dated ltlh September, 1007.
6. Commencing at a post plauted Sou yards
soutb of BiKinouth Creek and above the north
fork aud markod "K. McBoan's north-west cor-
nor," thenca 80 chains, thenoe 60 ohains soulb,
thence 80 chains west, ihence 80 ohains uorth to
point of commencement, and oontaining III
acres more or less.
Daled I6th September, 1907
sat sep M LL1JAH MeBEAN.
Ilovt-l-uiki- Uiul Diatrict,
Dliirlct ol West Koolonav.
Take nolloe lhat Holier. K. Hood man, ol MST'
Incite, Wta.,U.8.A.,occupation lumberman, In-
lend., to apply 'or apodal timber licence* over
lhc lollowli.a deacribed landa:-
I. Commencing a. a t«at planted oo tbi
eaa. branch ol Italy .reek, about tliree-lourlk
milei Iron lork,, and I miles Irom mou.h ol
llaly creek, marked "Rob.il f. uoodman'i
aouib.wea. coruer poat," in.nca N chalna
north, ihenc. K eks.ua eau, lbence «*) chain,
wuib, lbence It) chain, WM. to place of com-
Daled 6lh Sept. I9U1.
i. Commencing at a poat planted V, miles
up Canyon Creak, marked 'Rolen r. UooS-
man'. Kn.b'WM. corner poal," thenc* IM
...ina eail, incuty, S3 ehalna a.rtk. tune. UO
hai ua weal, thenc «l ohalna <ou.h I* plus ol
l.ate.l llth Boil. n»7.
Kegular $10 and $20 Conts. N'o.v S9---5
Om- marked-down prices in Dress Coils mnke
,-iisy buying.
We have a Rood range lo select from. All
Witii Cashmere in nil colors at S2. Lustre
Bl, I..,-,. $1.50, White Vesting Blouse, good
ralueat $2.00,   Now .S1.i',.   Flannelette Blouse
ilu.J A Cm set* will. Gaiters nttaohed, selling
at 90c, Wo bave pul in stock the new Bins
Corsets. This is the first lime offered in B. O,
Cannot be excelled foe comfort, el.'. Try a
Soils Only;, lew ..I'the bargains lefl. Tweed
Soils ..I $1!, $12 Suils al $S, $11 Suits at $10.
Men's nood heavy Tweed Punts selling at $1.10
per pait'. This is just llio] pi ico nf overalls,
Call and see them.
Men's Heavy Underwear selling al 50c, each.
Men's Oi.sl.mere Sox, f. p .ies for $1,
Muii's Heavy Winking Shirts nt 75c.
Vuu Wf.nl. ll.e . esl ml.... when buying, We (..in
save you nionoy, These guilds weie bought
direct from lhe Eastern manufacturers belore
lh.. ...Ivan.'., in price,
This Department we pay particular attention
to, and always carry a fresh and up-to-date
stock.   Goods to band daily by express
T Just opened up a ship-
9 ment oi Fountain Syringes
ijl and hot water bottles—the
ty very best makes.
ty Come and see them belore
£ purchasing.
$ Canada Drug & Book Co. f
Canada Dreg & Book Co.
Kevelstoke, B. C.
Monday, Nov. 11-— Drama, "The
Egyptian ol Pompeii," Nelson A
Tuesdav, Nov. 12 • 13 • 11— Comedies,
"Charley's Aunt," Wednesday,
Nov. 13'. " Hello Bill," Thursday,
Nov. 14, "Young Mrs. Wintlirop."
Geo. B. Howard Co.
Wednesday, Nov. 20—St. Peter's social
and sale of work at the Rectory.
Thursday, Nov, 21.- Y. M. 0. A
Opening Dinuer.
Friday, Nov. 20—Scottiih Concert by
local talent.
Thursday, Dec. o—Ye Old Folks Concert'the Ludies' Aid, Methodist
.Saturday. Nov. 9th, lor 24 hours,—
Generally lair, cloudy and cold, local
changes. Temp: max, 58 degrees,
n.in. 30 degrees.
The Mellish comet is nuw visible
with opera glasses at night between
Procyou and Aldebaran.
Local and General.
Y f will get a good dinner nt the
Y.MC.A.hii Nov. 21st,
Dray loads ol vegetables are being
;r .tight in daily Irom the Hume-
Lawson ranch.
The interior ol thu Provincial Gaol
':.,,«, b en renovated and remodelled
sod origntened up with a coat "i new
The Winning
Good Bread is Hie steed that
health rides on, Our bread is
favorite because It is made nf the
best wheat Hour by an expert
bread maker and baked in a
model bakery.
We bake it oyory morning and
deliver it to you fresh every dny.
Hot Hulls if you wish them
for luiicil,
Canned Goods to be nutritious
and wholes..in.' must be the besl
thai money .■an buy, and none
I.ul the most reliable, true .tnd
tried brands are offered by ns,
Deleterious effects on the health
follow ll.e use of inferior goods,
What we sell, all know are pure,
flesh and wholesome, as Ihey are
delicious in fiavor, preserving
the natural taste of the fruit or
vegetable or meat.
Come tinil order some
best Conl ever brought
into Revelstoke,
Don't forget the place.
Order fron.
Kii Und Anderson
Frank McCarty
.,-,,. g ... lb- Cl- llllll ul- 7:30
V ock. .*. good .etc il.ii.ee i- roll.. Nov 28th, ibe billies nl ll.e
Caiholic ,'h'iroh will hoid their "at
home"... Selkirk Hull, havingicouri'd
Imiii ll ni'S foi ll.e oeca-iou.
Harry Needhain (runt Thun.psunV
Landing has boon appointed dynamo
tender at the power bouse, in tlu
place ol J. Dallas, who li.is given up
tl.e po iti.....
Seo the latest thing iu moving pictures and hear., varied programme by
local talent—Selkirk Hall, Nov. 37th.
Admission 25c, children 15c. Refreshments Iree.
Hou. S. W. Moluuio, provincial
secretary and minister ol education ol
Manitoba, who has been lying at the
hospital tor the paBt few days in a
critical condition, died on Monday
evening last.
A. Duck, the newly appointed superintendent ill the power plant is now
ou the ground and getting settled
down to his wo.k. Thc contract with
llie Canadian General Electric Co.,
has been signed and the firm are
hurrying their arrangements for early
shipment ul the machinery.
Tlie llevelstuke Liberal Association
will hold the lirst ot their regul.r
monthly meetings on Thursday evening, Nuv. 14, iu lhe Salvation Army
building on First street. These meet
ing will be held all the winter and
prominent public men will deliver
addresses. A lull attendance is expected aa the movement is an impoit-
ant one,
We have received a prospectus copy
of tlie "West Land,' u new publication devoted to tne Canadian West by
Aubrey Fullerton,ediior. The paper
is Western Canadian in uutlook, religious in spirit, broad in sympathy,
aud uf p.i'ticular interest to Presbyterian Onurch work, The publication
will be weekly, commencing Jan, 2nd,
President A. 0, Wheeler of the Alpine Club of Canada, has been invited
to attend the jubilee dinner ol the Alpine Club in Loudon, England, which
will be held December 17, to celebrat-
the filtietb anniversary of the founding ol the club. Mr. Wheeler is ene
thusiastic over the work and progress
of the Alpine Club of Canada, which
he believes will become a very important body. He has stated that the C.
I'.l.. had granted a site at Banff on
which the club would erect a line
club house.
Baby's Drug Store needs
are carefully supplied at
We have special stocks of
the Toilet, Nursing and
Feeding articles and preparations which baby requires.
absolute FRESHNESS are
distinctive features of Hews'
Baby goods,
W. Bews
Phm. 11.
Druggist and Stationer
Get your Christinas presents Irom I
the fancy work table at tl.e Y.M C.A..
opening on Nov. 2lst.
A Temple ..("The Ancient order ol
Mystic Shriners" will Is- installed at
Calgniy on Monday, Nov. 11, named
A laj ban Temple.
San. MoMahon has nearly completed a smart new express an.l delivery
ileigb lm Paget A Co. The workman
ship is a credit lo the city.
Fred McLean, u logger, was brought
in yesterday morning from Hinamous
to the hospital suffering Irom injuries
to face and ami! caused by a fall (rom
a train at thp depot,
The second anniversay oi llie opening ol Knox church and tl.e induction
ol Hev. .1 li Robertson takes place
tomorrow. Speoial services will be
held in honor of the occasion.
Don't frget toreservetheilate.il
i December the 6th, for something al
together new, and atill old, In the
concert line, when ye olde folks will
sing ye olde time songs that pleaaes
everyone, at Tapping's singing house.
It. N. Doyle and E, M. Allum, of tho
firm ol Hustings, Ib.yle it. Allnni, have
purchased the interest ol Mr. Hast
ings in tl.e business, be having gone
to Vancouver to accept a position in
that city.
The steam laundry commence"
business on Monday next, Nov. 11.
Mr. Hutchison is about to erect.in
office in connection with the. Limit.™
a. ll.e BOUtll-WOSt conier of McKenzie
AvenUO and Second Street.
Mu. II. A. Brown returned on Wednesday Irom   Enderby  u hen. she. has
Instituted a Temple of Pythian Bislori,
called Excelsior Nn. 12, and is composed of IH ladies and 20 gentlemen.
The new temple starts out under the
mosl auspicious circumstances,
Damage suits aggregating nearly a
million dollars have been instituted
against the Phoenix Bridge cunipany
as a result of the collapse nf tbe
Quebeo bridge. Vi. H. Davidson at
present has about Illty actions against
the company ranging from flii.wm to
$20,000 each.
J. J. Allien..n, proprietor ol the
Slocan Mining Review, has removed
the plant fron. Sandon to New Denver
where the next issue wiil l.e published
This newsy journal which hns tl.e interests ol the Slocan at heart, should
lind it place ..n every exchange table
iu the country,
Rev, Mr. Hodges l.as arrived lo take
charge oi the Mission li.'ltl Irom linger-
Pass  to  Sicamous,   succeeding   Mr
I'eter   McKenzie,  who  has  g ■ ti
college. Mi. Hodges was in town oi
Friday gathering information Iron.
Revs. W C. Calder and I R, Robert
son, regarding bis .(..rk
Second Vice president Whyte, wh.
f,i- ist retnrned to Winnipeg, Irom
bis western trip, announced that plan
had been perfected lor the ereel n I
a million d..|lar bridge ,.t Edmonton
to be paid lor proportionately by the
Alberta government, (', I' II, ami
municipalities interested
The new Baptist Church is now
nearingcompletion an.1 whu. finished
will be a substantial atni elegant addition to our local buildings. The
design .- Ionic in severe yet handsome
lines, a pleasing feature being the
heavy mouldings and cornices E. 0
Fromey was the contractor,
A company has been i'or....-.l .....ler
tl... name of the Revelstoke Cartage
Company, who have purchased the
teams, drays, stabling an.l real estate
lor the purpoie belonging to R. Sam
ton, The new company will operate
a general cartage and draying l.usinei!
in the city, T. A Lewis will be
J. C, Vance, ol the American Min
Ing  Company's pnperiy at French
Creek, l.as ret.in.".I Irom tin- Beod
the work having been Stopped lor tbe
winter. Mr. Vance stile" that owing
to considerable repair work having to
be done this summer, but little actual
mining resulted, but when operations
»re r.faomeil next, Kalon a profitable
year ia anticipated, Mr. Vance will
leave shortly for his home in Anderson, Ind.
Programmes and lic.keti are out lor
.. smoker given hy the. Revelstoke
Cricket, Club Inr Tuesday, Nov. Iiill.
Messrs. A, Annan, S. Ileailey, ,f. Darbyshire, F, Fleetham, A. Goring, W.
Lefeaux, .1. V. Maguire, P. Murphy, C.
Norris, .1. Rhodes, R, Tapping, W.
Watson, vocalists; Guy Barber, 0. It.
Maedonald, It. N.Doyle, R. Armstrong,
Hert Crick, II. A Lawson, P, Murphy,
VV. Veith, .1. Hooley,.I. Darbyshire,
instrumentalists. II. Edwards, R.
Gordon, W. II. Humphreys, and II.
A. Lawson, elocutionists. Tin: admission nf 50 cents cuvors pipes, tohacco
and rolrethmonts. We note nlso that
aeroplanes, motor! and wheelbarrows
will hi. called at midnight, probably a
necessary feature,
Social and Personal
H. Floyd has returned Irom a visit
to the coast.
A Vi. Bradshaw has returned from
a trip to tbe east.
Mr. and Mrs. Dudgeon ot Comuplix
a.e visiting in the city.
Mi. Mi, Foster is recovering Imn. a
severe sprain ol the lett foot.
Mrs. Mi. Morris gavea very enjoyable
alien..nu. tea un Thursday.
Mr. aud Mrs. T. II, Dunne, ol
Arrowhead, are visiting iu tbe city
J. Stevenson, ol Langilon, Ninth
Dakota, is visiting Ins sister, Mrs. 11,
Miss McKinnon and her mother
Mrs. McKinnon are visiting .Mrs. T.
We are pleased to announce that
Mrs. Longhead, who has been seriously ill (ro... lung trouble, is well .... the
road to recovery.
llr. Hamilton lelt this morning tor
a six week.-' visit to the eust. Dr.
Little will I..: locum tenens in his
During Our Big TEN Days' Sale Our Store has been
crowded with customers who bought many of our Bargains and came
back and bought again. We had many new customers whose business
wc intend to keep. Some were not prepared to take advantage of the
low prices, and to help them out, many of our cut prices will be left on
during the coming week, and some new ones will lie added. Any lines
in which we feel our stock is too large, must be reduced, and it will be
money-saving to anyone in need of those goods. We are still a few
dollars short of the amount we advertised for, and are anxious to make
up the deficiency.
Among the lines we would call especial attention to arc:
Ladies' Coats and Skirts
Children's Coats and Dresses
Ladies' and Children's Hose
Shoes for Everybody.
DRESS GOODS that sold from $i to $2 per yard.   There are
about 25 Suit lengths, made of the Best Wool, and you can have your
choice at 50c. per yard.
Velveteen for Blouses,—35c. per Yard.
Business Locals*
Nothln,, better than Our "8psolal.
Try u- I'.-.' .. good nip ..I Tea, only
Wall Paper at Howson's furniture
store.   Get prices now.
A go"! line oi coco* mats, assorted
sizes at C, I'.. Hume A Co.
Patronize Home industry. Smoke
Rsvelstoke Cigars.
i Inr confections are the best on the
market—Sal ;.
Sample-.,f our picture framing in
the window take a pee[>—The Ideal.
No Smoke, No Soot, No Slate—
Clean, Lasting Coal—II. N. Coursier,
A Has Williams lowing machine
for $20 ill The Ideal, come in and try
Faney .lapaness five o'olook tea Mti
selling for fo ml per set at 0, II. Hume
.'.■ Oo't
Sstislaotion of your money back ut
tl..- Ideal DO trouble to show go'ids, a
F irly pleas tea sets, all the latest
designs only 10.00 per iet, »t 0. li.
Hume 4 Co'l,
Revelitoke Cigars Union Mads Our
Speoial, Ths Union, and Maroa Vuelta
art ahead of all others.
Liberal .tiicounts will be given on
all purclisses till Jan. lit, 1908—Hastings, Doyle A Allum.
Now 1. yoar time to gut a good
Carpet ",|.iiire cheap for caih, How-
ion'1 Furniture Store.
Another lull line of Gaming llro«.
chocolates fresh in today at 0, II,
Hurne tt Co's.
We lead in carpet! and linoleum.
Soc our large bouse furnishing atock.
Howlon's furniture itore.
Nice ripe pears, Spanish grapei.choice
eating applet and pineapples today at
0, II. Hum.. A Go's.
For all kinds ot olootric wiring,
bells, etc., shades, lamps md fittings,
call at the Lawrence Hardware Co.
Is money worth saving? II so buy
yonr furniture at tl.o Ideal. Our
prices are 25 por oent less, look ui up.
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Services every Sunday
at the lollowing hours^ 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High J.ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W. 0. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Nov. 10.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p in, Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Mornine subject, "III Suffering
wrong." Evening Biibject, "Home
Missions." Young People's Meeting
Monday at 8 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wedneeday at 8 p. m. Choir praot.ee
and Teacliers Meeting, Friday 8 p. m.
Methodist-Rcv.T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows: Class
meeting at 10:30 a.m. Public service
at 11 a.m., the pastor will preach and
conduct the service. Sunday school
and Pastor's Bible Class at 2:30 p.m.
Morning subject, "Labour in God's
Harvest Field," Evening subject,
"Substitution," wrought out by
Christ's death. Sacronie.it of the
Lord's Supper at evening service.
Epwortli League on Monday evening
at 8 o'clock. Prayer meeting on Wednesday at 8 p.m A welcome is extended to all.
Knox Pkesiiyt.ck.an'—J. R. Robert-
son, B, D,j minister. Morning service at 11 o'clock; Evening service at
7:30; Sunday school at 2:30 o'clock.
The pastor will prfiieh at both services. Morning subject. "A Triumphant Appeal." Evening subject: "Is
the Christian Church Necessary in
the World?" Speciul music—Opening anthem, "Our Father," Olfertory
anthem (selected); Organ voluntary,
"Cunteleine Nuptial," Dismissal anthem, "Bow Down Thine Ear." Welcome to all.
Baptist—Rev. Vi. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services are held in the Mission Hall, First street Preaching at
11 a.m. and t:30 p.m. Sunday school
.it 2.30 p.m. Morning subject, "For
me to Live is Christ." Evening subject, ".lucoh's Wrestle with the Angel."
St. Peter's Anglican— Rev. C. A.
Procunier,M.A.,rectnr. TrinityXXIV.
Following is a list ol services: 8 a.m.
Holy Communion. 11 a.m. Matins,
and Litany. 7.30 p m. Evensong, sermons by the Rector. Sunday school
at 2.30 p.m., W. H. Humphreys, Supt
Kr.1111 Onr Own ('orrcs|Hin(binl.
MAUKWA, B. 0., Nov. 8
Messrs. W. White, road mperin
tendent, and F. Gamble, (lovernmcnt
engineer, were here lately gleaning
information and data lor the building
of a bridge aerosi the liver bore. A
bridge ii an urgent necessity.
Another accident wss narrowly
averted last Monday, while Mr. T.
Martin was bringing his team across
on the icow, Tho rope holding the
iccw to the bank stretched ai the
team was being driven on and one
..f tl.e horiei slipped into deep water,
but luckily win 1...hitch..I in time to
avoid the loss nl another animal in a
similar manner to which Mr. Benhln'e
team wai lout.
A tic camp ii lieing started between
this point, and llowio by the 0. 11. L.
The 0 P. R. have completed telephone connection hetwi en this poinl
and Hioamniis. Thii will be extremely
convenient. What Is wanted now is a
large freight shed and an extension ol
thsipursnd platform.
Great Slaughter Sale
THIS WEEK ONLY we will sell a number
of LADIES' COATS at a remarkable reduction in
YOUR CHOICE For $8, $10 and $12
These Coats are the Newest Gibson design. We
have just 15 of the same left.
ONE WEEK ONLY, commenolng
Nov, 10th, I anlieip.il.■ closing
the Millinery season for the Fall
and will soil the entire Fall Stock
at cost.
The complete stock of children's
wear at .30 per cent, discount.
iss A. Maslen
Climax Hotel
UKAl.KD TENDERS addressed to Ilia under'
.1 -IKI...I, aud fjti.lor.ild "Tender lor Deflation llniltllni, Victoria, B.C., will he recnir.d
at 11.1s ..dice null! Monday, December 2,1WI,
iiirli.-i.flly, (or tlie construction ol a Oeteullnn
lluildii.K nt Victoria, H.C.
I'lf.iis aud specitlontlona can nl Rem aod
lorn.8 ol tinder obtained at this Depurtment
mi.l on tt|,ulicatiim to Wllllum Henderaon,
rag., ltof.i(lniit Architect Victoria, 11.1).
rer.-niif! tendering are notified that tenders
will not In considered uuleaH male on the
printed form supplied, nud sinned wilh their
actual signatures.
Kaeh tender must lift nt-t-tiii.ii.i.iied l.v au nc-
cepted cheque on .. chartered bank, made pay-
itl.l. tn the order of tl.e Honourable the Minis-
ler ol I'ul.lic Worka, e.| uui to ten (111 i. cl ol the
amount ol the teuder, which will bl forfeited 11
thn person tendering decline to euler into i
contract when cnlletrupt... to do sn, or If he fail
to complete the work contracted lor. If thi
tender be not uccepted the chmiue will he relumed.
Tin Depi.rt.neul floes not bind itself to aooipt
tl.e lowest or any tender.
II; Order,
Department of I'ul.lic Worka
oitnw.i, NoTinbir 2, IHOT.
Sewspaiiers will not bl paid for thia idvir-
tl.en.enl it they Insert It without authority Ir:tm
tl.o Imparl me..!. lit nor 9
Cupels, linoleums snd wall paper
at 0.1). Hume * Co's.
You cm buy the same goods at the
Ideal and just ss cheap as you can at
Calgary or Vancouver. Why pay the
freight?   Ut the Ideal do that.
The ehespeet stock ol mattresiei we
ever had are now in our warehouse.
Get prices belore going elsewhere.
Howson's Furniture Store ii the
Under the Direction of
Harold Nelson
dirt Lane Bruce
A dramatization of Bulivor Lytton's
famous novel—
Supported by a special company
A reward ol $25.00 will bs paid by
the Council lor information leading tu
the conviction ol anyone tampering
with the Gity Fire Alarm boxes or
sending in a false slsrm.
oot 80-tt Ma/or,


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