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Vol. 13.-No 60
50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd |
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Crosse 4 Blackwell's Jellies
Jams and Condiments
All Fruits, Raspberry, 8trawberry, Pench. Plum, Apri-
cnt, etc, Crosse & Blaokwell's finest—the name is a guarantee of quality.   I'm up in I lb. tins. 85 Cents
Made of Finest Seville Oranges, Crnsse & Blackwell's
gu.i.ls. Purity is assured, These people turn out the
linest to be hnd.   Put up In 7 lb. tins at One Dollar
0. A B. Besl Malt Vinegar. This is something ynu
should look for purity in. Put up in quart bottles to sell
at 35 Cents
Or Olive Oil for Salad Dressings, etc. Perfectly pure
Italian Oil, put up by Crosse A Black wel I in 111 ounce
bottles, 50 Cents
English Sour Pickle. Put up by Crnsse & Black well.
We have a fine assortment in Class Bottles in finest mult
vinegar, all sizes, finest Italian Olives, Heal olives, no
Imitation cheap goods, but the real thing put up by
Otnsse A Blnckvvell iu all size butlUs.
We have any an.mint nf nil kinds of Glass
Jars and other Preserve Jars. Crown Self
Sealing Glass Jars:
Pint Sizes at per dozen  tl.l 5
Quart Sizes at per dozen $1.40
Half Gallon Size at per dozen $1.75
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
tiV. .fn At At At At iTi |T| |T| [Tt |T| |T| iTi At A* At tTi A, »l*i «V. iTn .Ti »T. At ,'
MlIAI Wl lil lil 1J,I IAIIX' "X* 'X' "A   A "X   *   +   X   «fr   X   X   4»   X   X   X   X    i
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely. ,
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices lor Rent Upstairs.
S Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's  tp
•nd Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing. *|»
.Ta At A. A. .♦. At At A% At A* «♦. A* At »♦» At «♦« At At At .♦» A* A» A* A* A* At
jf'ff 'x"'*" 'X X X X X X XX X V V X * X 'X1 X X* *F T ♦* " X
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 37J x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $1)50, terms on balance.     PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling, plaste.ed and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on Second Street.     Cash $1)50 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
in the hot weather il you pleaae, but don't overlook
the Snaps in well located LOTS, FURNISHED AND
Dealers Beginning to Purchase
by Weight,
Ottawa, Ont., Aug. 1—Britlst Iruit
buyers are gradually al.iurhi.ig the
niiithud ol purchasing Iruit by weight
instead of by measure, and this, says
Mr. Jackson, Canadian agent at Leeds
ill liis report to lhe department, will
be to the benelit ol Canadian shippers,
as apples from this country are heavier in proportion to bulk than are
these imported Iron, other countries
Mr, Jackson predicted a scrim.s
ih.irtago in Ihe English apple crop,
and a bumper market lor Canadian
Election in Vancouver To-Day.
-Kingsley, Socialist, Bowser's Only Opponent-Joe
Says Time Was Too Short.
VANOOUVER, August 2.—Mr. Joseph
Martin's re-appearance in the field of
politics was as short lived as it was
sudden. This morning his retirement
Irum the ccnie-t wns announced, in
spite ol thc fact that his last words in
his speech at Recreation Park Inst
night were in exhortation to all and
sundry lo turn out on Saturday and
vote lor him.
The only nominations were William
John Bowser, barrister-at-law, Conservative, and E. T. Kingsley, editor,
Socialist. It is expected, however,
that Kingsley will retire, allowing
Bowser to be returned by acclamation.
Interviewed this afternoon as to tl.e
reiiBon for his retirement, Mr. Martin
slated that he hud come to lhe conclusion that the time was eo short
that it was impossible lo earry out
the campaign necessary on such an
important question as Oriental immigration. He did not believe Ihnt any
pronouncement rellecling tlie real
feelings of the electorate on this
question could be obtained in a
campaign of two bare days and there-
lore deeided to retire from the field.
Mattresses, pillows  and   bed   com-
forts, at C. B. Hume A Co'i.
To be Coining Money Early in
November Next.
Ottawa, Aug. 2,—The Canadian
Royal mint, which is the first mint
outside tl.e capital ol the empire to be
designated "Royal," is expected to be
completed in November. At present
all Canadian coins are minted in London, but after November they will be
turned out at the Ottawa mint. The
profit which is at present nearly hali a
million dollars, will then accrue to the
Dominion government, Dr. Bonar,
the recently appointed deputy master
ul the Royal mint, will return to
England shortly and will take up his
residence in Ottawa this fall. The
experts who will have actual charge
ol the coinage will he brought out
Irom England, but the hulk ol the
employees will be Canadians. All the
machinery except that Ior the actual
minting has been manufactured iu
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city council was held last night
with Mayor Brown and Aldermen
llowson, Abrahamsun and Stone present.
Minutes of the last special and
regular meetings were read and
Communications wen received from
R. Gordon, superintendent ol the
power house, requesting lumber for
repairs to the Hume, and for any emergency case that might occur. The
council agreed to supply the necessary
materials asked Ior. Tbe report of the
Fire, Water and Light committee sug
gestitig the equalizing of hotel water
rates to $8 from the beginning of the
year, was received and adopted.
Aid. Stone suggested that the tariff
charged by the lucal hacks Bhould be
looked into and bc regulated also to
decide as to where tbey shall stand
and restrictions put upon their wages.
The matter was left to the Health
and Bylaw committee to take up and
Aid. Abrahamson introduced a bylaw repealing bylaws 97 and llll accord
ing to the consent ol the Lieutenant-
Governor-in-Couticil. The bylaw received its three readings and was
passed by the unanimous consent ol
tbe council.
The accounts were then passed.
An application Irom Mr. Robertson,
junior assistant city clerk, tendering
his resignation, or else an increase ol
wages, was received. Mr. Robertson
stated that he had tlie offer of another
situation at very mud. increased
wages. The council felt that they
could oot raise the salary of that particular position and the City Clerk
was instructed to acquaint Mr. Robertson with the council's decision and
to look for another clerk.
Thc meeting then terminated.
Cheap rending at Bews'drug stjre,
2.*)o. books selling at $1 a dozen.
See Hobson A Bell for Iruit jars and
rubbers—We can save you money.
Earthquake Prophesied-Drown-
ing Accident-Fatal Gun Explosion-Stormy Meeting-
Murdered for Her Looks.
Montevideo, Aug. 3.—A serious
earthquake ij prophesied to take place
in Uruguay on Aug. 6.
Ottunia, la., Aug. 3.—Five people
were drowned lust night by the cap-
sizing nf a launch in the l)i-sMoines
river, near this city.
Toulon, France, Aug. 3.—Three
men were killed and five others wounded by the explosion ot a gun during
the target practice yestirday ou
board the French ship Couronne,
Cai.uauy, Aug. 3.—A sturmy meeting ol lumbermen of Calgary wa. held
last night, when the question of selling below the combine rates was discussed. Each local member aooueed
another of underselling, and the meeting broke up in disorder.
Vienna, Aug. 3.—A Hungarian
peasant at Newsandoc, charged with
murdering bis 18 year ol.l daughter,
admitted the crime, but pleaded that
she was so ugly she hid no chance ol
getting married. Ibe jury decided
that this plea established extenuating
circumstances and brought in a verdict of manslaughter. Tl.e curt accepted this and sentenced tlie prisoner
to tliite j ears' imprisonment.
Seoul, Aug. 3.—One hundred and
twenty casualties resulted among the
mutinous Korean troops who rioted
yesterday when the time for disband-
me.it, according to the orders ol the
Japanese came. The Japanese loss is
reported as forty killed aud wounded.
Victims of Mussulman Racial
and Religious Fury.
London,Aug. 2—News has been
received here of the massacre of a large
nomber of European residents of the
port of Casa Blanca, Morocco. At
least eight were murdered Hoeing to
the consulates. A number of workmen employed on the dock were ehot
and tlicir bodies burnrd. Twenty
thousand Arabs are marching on the
Tangier, Aug. 2.—Dr. Mernll, who
arrived here last night on the German
steamer which brought a number of
Jews and refugees from Casa Blanca,
iB the bearer of  a  report  from  tbe
Maniac in Montana Claims Revelation and Ditches Great
Northern Express. Killing a
BUTTE, Mont., Aug. 2.—A special to
the Miner from (licit Fulls says:
"Uec.uise he Imagined the Almighty
ordered him to do sn, a crazed Bheep
herder, whose n.i n.e cannot l.e learned
derail d passenger train Nu. 3 oil the
Gnat Northern nt Toledo station,
bovcii miles east ol Havre, Sunday
morning, causing llie death ol the lire-
man and slightly Injuring ll number
of passengers.
The train was proceeding at the rate
of thirty miles an hour when, within
lilty yards of the switch stand iu front
of the T .ledo depot, the engineer saw
a man throw the switch, the light
changing from white to red, He instantly applied the air, but in a moment tho engine, mail and baggage
curs and smoker were a muss of twisted and broken wreckage.
The fireman was so terribly scalded
that he died in ..bout ten minutes.
Tl.e engineer, mail clerk and baggage-
master escaped with a few bruises.
Headquarters for  Tetley's   Teas
A full line
■ Win.low.
of this.  The Fines. Enamel  Wi
iv on the Market.
lhat ii won't rnsl under any cn
lln-.se goods.    Ask I., see ihe.
IXXX Charcoal I'i.iI
. gu ii inte.
We have
a g.
every  artii
.1 variety
In almost every newspaper you pick
up you are pretty sure to find u lot of
gush about the man behind the counter and the man belli.id the guu, the
man behind the buzz-saw and the man
behind the sun, the man behind tbe
times and the man behind his rents,
the man behind the plowshare and the
man behind the fence, the man behind
the whistle, and the man behind the
cars, the man behind the kodak and
the man behind tlie bats, tlie man
behind his whiskers and the man behind his fists, and everything is entered
on the list. But they've skipped another ^ [ellow, of whom nothing has
been said—the fellow who iB even or a
little way ahead, who pays for what
be gets, whose bills are always signed
He's a blamed sight more important
than the man who is behind. All the
editors and merchants and the whole
commercial chin are indebted for existence to this honest fellow man. He
keeps us all in business, and bis town
is never dead, and so we take oil our
hats to tbe man who is ahead.—Ex
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul
French charge d'affairs there, showing ; O.M.I., pastor.   Services every Sunday
that the slaughter ol Europeans in
Casa Blanca wns an outcome of a
policy war preached by the ArabB for
tbe extermination of Europeans.
Barge Strikes Rock in Kootenay Lake and Submerged.
'at the following hours;   8 a.m. Com
muni.... Mass; 10:30 ....... High .Mast
aud Sermon; 2 p.m. i!.i|.iisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary
Instruction and Benediction,
Methodist — Rev.  T.  W,   Hall
pastor.   Services at. 11 o'clock  a.m.
and   7:30 p.m.     I'rayer meeting and
Epwortli League united lor sun.mer
mouths,  on  Wednesday at  8 p. ...
ln   the  morning  the service will b.
sacramental.   Evening—The Rev. R
Nelson, Aug.  2.—Fifteen loaded £ Boweu.poroianentelerioalseoretary
,  . ,, .    ,       „   . for Alberta and II. C. ol lhe Canadian
freight cars en route from Kootenay  B,b,e ^^.^ w|„ preft(jh a mmm „„
Landing to Nelson were lost yester- "The world wide work  of  the   Bible
day ic Kootenay Lake, near   Procter, Society, with special mention of tlie
through thc barge conveying tlie curs work in Alberta and 11. C."
striking a rock nnd sinking.     Barge,    Bt, Peter's A n.iluian—Trinity X.
and cars went down in about eigh een ' Holy communion at 8 a. in.; matins
and litany at 11 a. in. and
ul 7.30 p. m.; Sunday school 2:30 p.m.
Rcv.R. 3. Bowen, permanent secretary
ol tbe Canadian Bible Society in Alberta  mid   British    Columbia,   will
Ieet ol water and steps will be taken """ Jitany at 11 a. .„. an.l ,.v,.„s„..g
immediately to save the wreck.
Two barges were being towed
abreast by a tug when tlie accident
happened. The ruck struck lies just
off the lighthouse near Procter. One
barge, which also carried fifteen curs,
escaped injury.
From our own corrsiionilc.il.
Rev. W. T. Johnston wns in Revelstoke this week.
Mr. and Mrs. 1). Dondoneau and
family have removed to Kamloops
where they have purchased property
and intend to make llieir liun... in
Mrs. John Johnston, ol Revelstoke,
is the guest of Mrs, Lightburne.
Mr. Doherty arrived on Monday to
work as atenographor for the Lamb-
Watson Lumber Co.
H. Hoppins attended a lumbermen's
meeting in Regina this week,
A number of Arrowhead people
took in the week-end excursion to
Tea tabloids for campers and picnickers -100 in a box—at Bewa' drug
preach in the morning and explain
thc good work of 1 liis great Society.
Uu hopes to lorn, a local branch.
Knox Presbyterian—J, It. Robert-
sun,It. D., minister. At the murning
servico Itev. J. C. Robertson, II D,, ol
Toronto, general secretary of Sabbath
Schools lor the Presbyterian Church in
Canada, will be present uml preach,
nnd will also meet wilh the Sunday
School at 2:30 p.m. A special invitation is given to parents with theli
children to he present at the morning
service. Tlie pastor wiil preach ut tlie
evening service at 7:30 o'clock.
St, Andrew's Presbyterian—Bev
W. C. Calder, pastor. Services 11 a.m.
7:30 p.m., Sunday School and Pastor's
Bible Class, 2,80 p.m. Mori.imr subject, 'The Tabernacle." Evening-
Rev. J. C. Rubertsun, general secretary
ut Sabbath School Committee ol the
Presbyterian Church iu Canada will
preach. Kev. Mr. Robertson will also
visit the Sunday School in the afternoon. Young People's meeting on
Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and
teachers' meeting Friday 8 p.m.
Baptist—In Salvation Army liar-
racks. Serviocs at 11 a.m., 3:30
and 7:30 p.m., conducted by Rev. J.
A. L, Romig. It is expected that Mr.
Romig will have two lady singers with
him and hold services during lhe
Wall paper, window BhadcB, plain
and decorative Burlaps, at C. B Hume     Fishing tackle, rods,uew aBsortnient
iCo'i. | ol flies.—Bourne Bros.
Willi  Improved
guaranteed not to I.
ml   Him Bottom,
Handles,   Ringer  Holders
ik, good material, well mad.
Headquarters  for Tetley's Teas
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Dwelling for Sale
s Value $1650 00
Sale Price. $1300 00
The above is ii Six-Roomed liuuse in good locality
with Fifty feet frontage, Good Fencing, Sheds, ets.
The owner does not live  in  Kevelstoke and consequently needs money.                                               :.
The actual cash value is as stated above and  $350    *W
cannot be made easier than by buying this property,
We will loan you in..ney to assist in the purchase,
We have for sale (10 acres uf choice   land on Cranberry Creek,  rear Arrowhead,  suitable  for Fruit and
Horticulture.   A man of enterprise can make a fine home
nnd a splendid independence  for himself and family on
this property.
Price— $80 per acre on gnrnl terms,
Revelstoke General Agencies, LM.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.     Telephone 31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
RrnncliOf. in tlio Province- -.1 Uanltolin. Alberta, Ha-katchowau,
Hriti-li ..'olumbia, Ontcrio, IJuebec.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
I). It. Wii.kik, President:
-    $4,825,000.00
ll. J.IK.-KAY, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Em-ope.   .Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Department
Deposits received and Inteiesl all..wed nt current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four times a yen.-.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Heintz sweet mixed, sour mixed,. Several lines ol fancy cups and
and Bweet GherkinB pickles in bulk | saucers sold in any quantity at C, B,
at Hobson A Bell'B. I Home A Co's. GLIMPSES OF
inient of Natural Re-'
sources of District Surrounding Revelstoke \
Realty Values,
popularizi Revelst ke in the eyes ol
.lie progressive world, All these instances show wh tagrcal luture lies
I belore our city and shrewd hivoslors
.arc turning their eyes i>. this direction
for tl.e ncquisiliiiu of d sirable pro-
Development   Of   Natural   Re-'pony.    Investments horo can nover
deprecinto in value and will always
;iv in .;.....I rot'irn, especially ns tbe
ing Revelstoke Will Increase upward growth ol Kevelstoke is as-
Btircd. She must progress nnd Ibis
advancement will enhance values,
Almost daily in the Canadian Press jncrciee returns ami make profits n
Speech by W.R, Trotter  Labor Small Blaze in the Bowman's
Lumber Co's. Mill.
A-, alarm nl llr
,\ live lo No. 2 Fir.
...... o'clock yn.ter.li
t.irnc.l in from
Hall :.t ab.mt
■ morning, the
we read lengthy accounts ut th
advantages held out by many ri*ing
cities .-I tlie Dominion, anil tin- bone-
ius that will accrue iu those deciding
... take up their abode there. Hm we
.in safe i.f saying thai no prov nco
hnssrttracied -   mucli attention nnd
: ■:-..; i    iiMiff. enquiries fr nil
p ...:•.- .i- i;..:,-.i I' . :.i.bin. Ami the
lad thai :..- r.: rts, ..( what the
,-. ,i i.) .-.,!! pi d if -■ i .-tii in mineral5,
tin,! rand . culture aro verified,
,. ,,i not illuminated Action lur lhc
purpose ■ I inveigl ng settlers anil
cnpil .-*■ I : .1..- op iheir abodi in
th- p. ivi ci is f. diBtii ct prool tlmi
riiish i'- ...-1.1-I.I has not I-. en ovei
estimaica, 1. if well known that this
Interior cnuntrj ba- undergone wonderlul .Lv- lopment in recenl years,
ami tl.;.: tie- t'-ct that lb.- interior
will .1- a;.!..' deal towards Bwnyii g
the province is generally recognised,
and it is tin- lhat lia.- aided .... mater-
ially iff the popularity ol ibis thriving
portion of this province, Few win.
have ir -.1 it- hills and valleys havo
turned to seek a home else;.litre, ami
lia- farmer, rancher, t....rift ami business man alike Bud a paradise. Tho
Kootenay country stands forth today,
foremost in the possession ul nature's
resources without a challenge, there
being -cope fur ail branches ut industry, -cieniiiic research and pleasure seeking. Cities and towns spring
up and attsin prominence in correspondence with their geographical
position, progressive policy and tbe
resources that go to make it ul commercial importance.
Revelstoke can claim to l.e included
among the rising cities ot tl.e day,
situated as she is, an entiepot ol trade
for ilie West Kootenay district and
distributing centre for all fruit nnd
produce practically ol the whole province; admirably situated un tlie navigable waters ul tin- Columbia river
aud on the C !'■ Ii. main line, and nl
the junction of the dinct line to the
interior, it can be at once admitted
that Revelstoke has a very rosy and
promising future Confidence in her
future and that ol the tributary country is shown by the present activity in
the real estate market, The fnct that
on every side are to be seen evidences
ol the present expansion and indications of even greater development in
the next few years has increased the
demand for t..wn property ns well as
land for fruit growing and ranching.
The improvements going on in the
ciiy are not the outcome ol a feverish
boom, Ior Revelstoke has never been
thus atllicted, hence her popularity
ai. 1 Bolidity, but they are the result ol
a steady,substantial growth, warranted
and induced by the development ul
mines and iorests, the increase of tlie
enormous amount ui railroad trallic
hence the intius ol additional hands
tu the shops to cope with tbe necessary wurk entliled—as a divisional
point and the lact that the city lias
been made a general head quarters lor
capitalists and investors, who have
been attracted to tb,e district. When
it is considered that in tbe Hi-: lieiul,
there is some of the finest timber on
thia continent, millions and millions
ol ieet; tbat there are also mines ol
promising future, whicli development
will produce untold wealth, and that
among the valleys and along ll.e fringe
ol teauiilul lakes lie some of tlie richest fruit trowing areas in the province
small wonder ia that out city ihould
be a lav ted ap il foi ..1 who desire to
make a 1. me,
- sidering these p tail ...-.--
■■ •• loi Ri ■• stoke the tributary
liatrictt n nt bei >ki i inl account,
Bit. ■■ *. n tin ..-. Iini .i j motion
! iouth i M- ..I. i with the near
prospec: ol dire. I - ■ inicati -.. wilh
the '*: i. ■ Sest hy ti..- A, .*. K. rai
«ay and ]- Bsibly wilh llie Grand
Trunk Transc- ntinentsl, ai i Inrther-
more in touch with the Qig Be I
country by atcamei ind shortly liy
rail round Death Rapids, which - m.e
I. .1 enterprising mn are now c m-
sidering, the city must always be a
distributing point lor the vast valleys
and prosperous adjacent country,
Tin development ol these known
timber and mineral resources, thus
aided by the transportation facilities
must within a short time furnish work
and wages lor hundreds ol men, who
will lie good customers to the city and
this development will encourage further investigation cf nearby sections,
believed lo be worth tbe attention ol
mining men. As a city we are well
supplied with natural a.lvantiigcs, Ihe
ample supply ol excellent water for
city use, the almost unlimited quantity ol power lor industrialpurpoaea int lie
many adjacent atrcama and the sci-nic
attractions for lourists, besides nmp'e
scope for the rod and gun, all tend to
certainty. Good civic management
n ..v.-all must be carried nut to lur-
ther in ili.: proper degree this advance
mont. Talcs generally told by thou
who have ii.isscd opportunities ol
purchasing property arc bunded on
fact and ii the present Btatoof things
continue with the additional outlo 'k
i.l tlio money string, ney 1....selling ll|
ilu resultB will be beyond lhe mosl
sanguin. hopes.
Minister of Interior Will Inves
titjate  Land  Matters in
Railway Belt.
Edmonton, Aug. 3rd—Hon, Frank
Oliver, Minister ol the Interior, passed
through Winnipeg 1 st week on Lis
way to tin- province, Belore visiting
liritish Columbia be will spend .. few
.lays at Ed...onto...
The object which the minister lms
in view in connection with his present
trip to tho west, is to secure informs
tion regarding Dominion binds in the
province of British Coluinbin. Mnn.
years ngo when thc arrangements fur
tbe lan.l ernnt tn the Canadian Pacific
wns made, n strip ol twenty miles wide
on each side of lln* railway through
tbe province of British Columbia
pn.fc.l eventually from the nrnvince to
the Dominion. This land was lone
thought to be, for the most pirt,
In recent venrs, ns the lnnds ot the
prairies have been more largely ta'-en
up, and ns attention linsl.eencn'lfd to
the vnluc of the lands in certain nor
tions nf British Columbin fnl fruit
growing operations, the strip in the
nrnvince belonging tn the Dominion
has in-rensed in importance nnd ..
demnnd fnr it. ban arisen Rnnclie s
have become anxious to rent la'ge
..pets as crazing lands for cattle nnd
sheep, nnd farmers nnd fruit growers
have desired to homestead quarter
sections, and to buy adjoining quarters
or more, Occasionally there hns be™
a clash between the rancher nnd the
homesteader. The rancher pnid tw.
cents per acre ns rental fnr the land
which be used. The homesteader paid
the market p*ice for llie lands whioh
be boiielit, nnrt of tl.e country wns in
the dry belt and there werc many
questions connected with irrigation,
in reference fn which information
wn« sou»lil bv Hie government, flc-
vond the Cascades, pnrt nf the country
wn« verv wet nnd all the conditions
were different. The number nf immigrants enter the district wns not excessive, but thev were numerous
enough to re".I'r it owential tlmt the
department of thn interior sliould
hnve exact infnrnintion regarding tbe
conditions prevailing in nil parts of
the province Tbe climate was attractive in the Sunset province, nm1
in the years lo come there would be a"
increasing movement into all portion,
nf the country where there was arable
Mr Oliver recentlv completed a tour
nf the northern state visitinga number nf the nuencie.. maintained by the
dppnrtmcnt. He bad made inqnirv
into immigration matters in Ni w V ^
citv. whee:... officer nf the Dominion
envernment is stationed to prevent
the entrance into the Dominion bv
way nf New Y.-rk of undesirable immigrants He ("inul that tb- Al e
f.n , ffici.'- wi re giving every assist
anc.. in ii.- Canadian officers in this
work and that all undesirables were
heinj tufned bock at that pi rl ol
entry, The American authorities did
n similar work at Quel u ' rece I
similar assistance,
Day for Labor Organizations
A meeting was held in the Selkirk
Hall 'fi-i W.dnpsday night by Vi. R.
I'.-oi-.-M nrgan'zer Ior tbe Trades nnd
1...L r Cm....il ..I Canada, members ol
several lab.ir unions being present,
J. llusscl took the chair and introduced the speaker. Mr. Trotter mid
thai be regretted that tbe meeting
was so sparsely intended, but that he
was quite ..ware that tl. • cli na i' con
dilions woro very much against it.
He ooininonccd by reviewing the work
ol the Trades nnd Labor Co...mil and
describing its plnl lorm. Much time
was devoid tn discoursing on lie
....inmr In whicli tho Muiiuff.cln.crs'
Association hnd opposed the wo k o:
H.c Council. He spoke in hot terms
denouncing tho ward system in cities
find sp.-kc of ll.e h..rn. the working
men would do thc...selves by Voting
for and rending to parliament the
ni n who thoy knew would light
iignin-t iini... lie concluded .. very
lengthy address, lunching on ihu laboi
ipioslii.iifl ul tbo day nnd the condition
uf lhc w...king mnn. The clniirua
then explained the fncts connec ul
with 'he arrangements lor Libnr Dny
saying lli.it llie citizens Inul turned
them over to tl.e labor organisations,
and asked ll.e meeting what shuuld
be done. Mitchell said thnt there was
uo reason why they should not have
one day in ibe yenr to celebrate and
felt Hint thc organisations could
easily handle the nlVair nnd mnke a
sucjes. uf it. A resolution was passed
to the effect that the labor organizations assume lull charge ul all
arrangements whicli the citizen were
willing to relinquish to them. Repre
sentativns frum the lireiu.n,engineers,
machinists, boiler makers, blacksmiths
carmen, carpenters and trainmen were
asked for to form a general committee,
very few being then present.
The meeting then adjourned,
Citizens Committees give place
to Labor Organizations
A public meeting ol citizens was
held in the band room on Thursday
night to receive the reply from the
labor unions, as to whether they Iuul
decided to take over all the arrangements for Labor Hay celebration,
A. Mcltae took the chair. The minutes ul last meeting were read and
adopted. A letter was read Irom tlie
Machinists Union stating that ll.e
labor unions Inul decided tu accept
Ihe offer of the people andtaknpver
all management ol Labor Day.—Filed
The citijsens' committee although
now having no part or say in the
management arc still organised and
will await any approach fro.., the
Unions that they may wish to make
Tlie meeting now stands adjourned
until occasion srisas which will necessitate reassembling,
Competing  in    Championship
Races at Vancouver Today
I...    ! I:--,-• len ke'sc ack -. mn era
came don       ml    ■■ ■   '       ■
and .nail ■ i od their pr n ise I  ent*.
n the a::;, la  ■ *  - wing i .•• - vhii
i ■- to be bei I at E .. •   Ba
3rd.   Me-*:-    :..-.:
'.;..,-       ■ a     *■     ii
Revelstoke ye<t. i       - . *
- ,-i, -.-.   , ;:, .- -■ ...  - -
mers -,,.  in
win oompris. thi ... ■ on ol rivers ami
.  ■' the ii- ■■• -* ke    M I  '■       illerti i u ;•* --1 which have
on Saturday    lual th. I mseq lenely the
-   .        ■ haa not | appearance       III - ll  W li   Oati ll
yet.   1 i- remaining two ;. al .- .1.1 will !>•   f mnd In tin
nccesaary the team will hi scabinsofms y minora
i-iMi-en to-morrow evening  ifti - the    , .   tuski ind
Local nevo.stoU?
Socialist Party of Canada
v.,.,..* rii.i mi.l Tl.iril .Vo.lninl.ty in ll... mmilli
in Si-Hoik ll iii, .t|i.*t.ii.-s, at s ji.iu,   snlijccl f..r
.lis.-i.so.,..  "Arralw. nl nl Capitalism.     AH
iiiti-r,'*ii-il iro welcome.
buys turning out sn....llv, ani! quickly
reselling tho scene ..f lliu lire, which
ivns burning iu the engine hi.u.-o of
the llow.nnn Lumber Co's. mill, A
spark trom tbe smoke slack bad ovi
denlly ignited He wood work, which
soon biased up, Fortunately there
were several h.indsoii the premises ..t
lifetime who got tbe hoso to work
and succeeded in putting uui tho blaze
almost immediately, iho firo brigade
helping in completing tho wurk, The
damage done was vory slight.
Twenty-Two   Million  of  Increased Earnings.
Montreal,Aug li-Ollloial figures
isaui'dy slcrdny l.y Mr. I ll. Ogden,
third vice-prrni.lei.t ol the 0. P. B.,
show that .lie company lias bad nnolher binner year.
l'l.e gross e.ruinga ol the fiscal year
jisi elo-ed wore if7!l,u00,0*j0, which is
nu increase uf |.0,000,000 over tl.e
year 11)0106, or ab.nit a million U
month in the last twu years. These
earnings, including lhc rcoipts from
the steamship lines and tbo hotels,
form an actual total ol *f72,*217,.ria7, as
compared with f*01,QBU,758 ol ouo
year ago.
The net profits arc declared to bs
$25,803,333, as ooinpartd wilh $23,-
1173,312 the year before. The pi'ofils
would have been larger but Lx the
extraordinary expense last wi iter, in
keeping ihe line clear in the western
Argument of Counsel lo be
Limited to Three Hours.
The now rules ol the supreme couit
of Canada, recently promulgated,
whioh will boefftOtivont the Ocloler
sittings of the court, mikoanovel
provision will, regard to the time to
be occupied in luture by counsel in
argument bclure the court. By new
Rule 08, only three hours on ench Bide
will he allowed lor argument, and no
more without special leave oi the
court. Tlie time thus allowed may be
apportioned between counsel on the
same side at their own discretion. One
interpretation of this rule is that the
appellant's counsel, who has the burden ol the attack upon ibe judgment
appealed Ifom, will have lesa time
aooorded to him to open his case than
tbe respondent's counsel, because the
ippellant'a counsel must reserve sume
portion ot the three hours thus allowed
l.i...,'.,r reply. In the English courts
and in tl.eaourts o| the province ol
Ontario there ia n ruie limiting the
length ol addresses by counsel who,
c..- of Iheoourt, arc presumed
i. ' f nun. cc-mily prolong their
arguments or vast? thc time ol  the
• ♦•
-, .. ka the lioi.es. and often the
extinct animals, such
,i*  t|,.  m ira.0 -ib, ll"-' mastodon, the
indeer and  the bison, are- found
principally in ine layers of soil direct-
,   ..,,,„ ;... jold bearing gravels.
II tlski   l'ho ..fWy explored Alaska.
.ays that tl        ill nerve prospector'
.,. ,,.! tea  :   tbe ii.i-t.iilic richness of
Ibe I 1 '■-■ I   ■'"""' hotb 'lie
 snd bodies of ibe
p  .- id  ,. the boiinni
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain VlOW Camp, No. 229.
Meet. Sccmid ...nl FmiiiiIi Wodnosuaya In
until llninl li, in Selkirk Ilnll. Viail ini Wood-
ItlOt) cordially iuviiifii tualLianl.
W. II. AUMSTIIOXU.l'on. Co....
II. W. HOWARDS, Oloi'k.
F. 0. E.
Tl.o rm.-i.liir ....inline* urn 1...I.1 i.i the Selkirk
Ilnll ovory -„ul nuiUtl.Tuesday,pvonlus at!
o'oIiwk. Vfsltinabrethren ure ooralullyltivluKI.
11. A. IIHOWN, I'iii.;-.!.>.;nt.
W, KMi.[,Al!rill,lN,S.-:c..KTA..v,
KOCH., nnv LodKU No. 15 A.F.dt!iVl. .
...    J"..r Tl.o regular moot/
"•      ' -' tn„. arc I..-I.1 in the
Ma ic    ii-ini'lr,
ih. third m.....in) in
...i:l. month nt I
...in. Visiii-inbrctli-
.■i-n  ifoi-.ii.ilfy  wel
.'. A. 1'IIIIITINIKH, Skchbta.iv.
liELKIR'.l L00.1K r.0 19,1.0.0, F.
Mcols every Tlu.rs'lf.v
'qnlllg   In    Selkirk
kllall   at  s  o'clock.
lVlailiun brethren cor-
'dially Iiivilixl U) al-
.:. TUIMBI.K, N'.ll. J. MATIIIK. See
Cold Range lodgo, K, of P.,
No. 26, Revolstoke, B. C.
tpt Tl.iril Wc.llicMltiy nl
tub, in tin1 <l[|.lf..ll...vn'
s  o'clock.   Vlailing
re cordially invited.
T"W. RIIAD8UAW, ll.ll.
(I II. IIHOl'K, K. nf R. AS.
H. .1. HROWN, ill. ol F
Parties linvitig staked good Timber Limits on Columbia Kiver or
its tributaries, and who wish to
dispose of same, can meet us at the
Aug. 8th, 9th, 10th, 1907
Call on us if you have anything
good to offer.
H. J  HASKAMP    ■     H. THIEN
After date mentioned write to
Marriage Licenses Issued
That's Royal Crown kind—
iimile in Vancouver—Lnrgest
Soap Factory west oi Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing.irceaay with its help
4 nj) flic money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give Ior
Ituval Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Placo y...u- unlets fm- your
Ha rn ess., liand-innku Hoots
and K.iney Leather Goods, . .
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT Ic.ii.v railway slnlion
... Western Ontario, Multiloba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and IMiisli Columbia,
Write tor our latest Prioe Hat, ll is
mailed Iree .... roqnesl.
We only handle ll.e [best goods nionoy
can buy, only goods ol'host mills, matin-
lacliuers mul packera shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Dolivcry.
AH Coods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is a dt>.)' lo Yon, to Your Family and
lo your Pocket Book to inveslig'ilo our
We do nol belong lo Ihe Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
I rnsl.
References i Any Hank, Railway of
Express Company in lhe Cily, or Ibe
names of twenty thousand satisfied ens
turners in .ho lour* provinces.
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
Northwestern Supply   House
230 and iln Stanley Street
Court of Revision.
Notice is hereby given that the llrsl
silling of the Court of Revision to revise and correct the Assessment Ilnll
as prepared by the Assessor fo." the
City of Ilevelstoke for tbe year 11101,
will be held at the Council Chamber,
Citv Hull. Revelstoke, B.C., on Wednesday, September -lth, 1007, at liDO
Cily Clerk,
NtiLire Ib liwli) y.
•..-iiili*.i tin umluralui'
•it |ir.i-
,.„*.  In iii-i.i-**.-r.i.
nt...i.,,M<r,  l'il«liH
...n aa
In> "I'uliiiiiln  lllvr
ir.iiiiwnj ■* in- l'niij-
•il," nm! rlli' Tt**ii
v iy ■Touipnii) liii'iini
if.I im
\ri mul Amcwlli't
,\. m -aiiIi tmubr i'
n;i inl :tin .iml  "|" i
ii.- -i    ..iil.lt* nr .Inul
railway nr trm hu
V    Mllll III'   111 CC-HU l J
■li, ..cli
limp, -tlilMrRrki. ki
ilnn-.-, iiuiiiiiiL*- |)n|i.-
w i ca,
■nli.luiU nml It'll 1 H
h'i-h iiiuin, iili'i'i- nr i*
;.,,!..I   lIu'Dlslliut "
KuoU'inv in ili< I1
■ vine-  nl  Itri UbCci
ooinpilauilwitliin Hi
1 * i M-i hi ' run w\ bin "
if five utiles (nun l>
nlli llni'iil-1 in lliBDh
ri.l ..1
Wt-.it K.H.k'iHiv. l»
nity pinmengerH find
nut tn use mi,-li nn
iv* | H 'in nii.ylit'i
Falls to Earth near Eagle Pass i
A     - -•- irite ni unusual brilliance,
cutting ;.  vivid  flaming arc, in il
iligl.t. appeared  at a  late  hour on
Wi ili 1 M   ii fi.: in lho vi - tern iky,
making in a direct line for the alio.filer of Mt. McArthur, where it (lis-
ippoari.-.l   in  a  I.lit..Iini.'  Hash, ..ppnr-
intly among tlio heavy timber, The
meteorite loft a trail ol sparks behind
it similar to thai ol a rocket, and the
explosion lit up ll.e scene for tho moment with a brilliant greenish light,
It would be interesting to discover
traoes ol these bodies after thoy come
in contact with the earth, ns fron.
specimens found in other countries, it
has been proved that no two are com-
posed r.f ll.e flame material. Iron,
nickel and other minerals, including
gold, have been lound in tbcBc bodies,
hall -I Hen
chance todoa       - training .1 English b.y and lee jusl who a
eal ol iln- ■   ,;
Messrs Hope and   M iroh   havi
. n tered n       60 yard    u.d quarter
nileohs - I Colum
bia.—V ino '  rid.
No Intention of Reducing Prevailing Rates,
Kiimi.vi.."., Alta,, Aug. li ■ For a
number ol wecka there has heen considerable speculation «ith fegiird to
the effect the present dullness in the
money market would have on price.
Ol lumber.     As   far as can be. learned
from authentic sources there is no
intention on the pun ol lun.I.e.....-:.
or retail .Idlers l.o make reductions,
The mountain ...ills bav.. decided to
aland linn and maintain present
pricea. Rather than ninkn a reduction
they will curtail the output ol the
mills. Loc.nl lumber....... held a ...eeting yesterday nnd discussed tho nd-
isability (.1 lowering thn present
schedule, which, however, tbey decided
not tu do.
earthed in till  'i-*.'-1 •
Kill ttl.w. ou.
No (..ad AIM
tying aboul
whon ui.trl ••
— SOLO ov —
.•& p.r tttft, .r • »««l<».« f.r Ho
w<(<..«. a whol. •»•••".
Tin- iii.-i llm k iii ihe Provineo,
Well I.inn. Ilii.-I, ill huge "nr
unall .|uantltlos f.i Keasoiifthlii
enoERbY, p. c.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the )in,.).Tsigneil and endorsed "Tender
for Pnhlif! Ilnijding, piinih rlniid, 13,
C," will he •eciMved ni llijs omee until
Monday, Augusl 111, 11107. inclusivn. for
lhe c...isiru.-.i..n of n Public Building.
Cumberland, 11. C.
Plans and spneiliciii'iiis cnn be seen
and forms of lender obtained at tliis
Department nnd on application to the
Postmaster al Cumberland,
Persons tendering are notified lhat
lenders will nut he considered unless
made on the printed form supplied,
Ilinl Wglil'll with their act mil signatures,
Each tender illhM h.i iiccoinpitnied
l.y an ucccpicl cheque on ii elliti'tered
bank, made payable to thc order of
lhe llonouinble the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p. c.)
nl |he npiount of tin* tender, which
will 1... fin-liiit'i'd if I hi; party tendering
decline toentel" llitu it Cp.'llraiil U'lll*ii
culled upon In do so, or if he fnil lo
couiplele the work contracted for. If
tlie tender he mil nccc|iled the clieipie
will Jie leii.ei.f,,;,
The Debrtl'tmlmt (Joes not Wnd itself
to accept the lowest (ir niiy tender.
■**llv Order,
*   I^REI). (iELINAS,
' S('c|-eli|i-y.
PoniU'lllietll of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 19, 907.
Newspiipei-i iiisiu'tinglbiH advertisement without authority  fnnn the
Di'p.irlineiil will not be paid for it,
ii.lv .,1.1.1c nml inr nllier ]> I'-. ■- ..
Tl.ejei.eral rmitJ >.( naiil |irapo>uil railwuy «r
Iramway la aa lollnwa. Itegi.nilnR nl a |...ini.»"
tin. Imnk <>f tlio i-i.liiniliin lliver near tlie footol
I'lieat ll..|.i.ia ll. Went Kiinli-liay I.Uriel,tl.-lire
ill a northerly .11 tl.ni ulniin ine valley of Un.
.'..In.niiiii Hi. . i-.a pnlnt at ur near the montli "f
I'-ia-aire Creek.
I)..t,...ii..a-J4il. .tf, ..I July, nm;.
..   I'.. KINUAlli.
sal ilv -JV and V. M.-.AII-I'V,
.1 s  .IcOAtt'l Kll
Mill. I',
He. el ...l.e Lllllll Ills'l-i('t,
Dist.ii i 'l -Vo.-- Kiioieiiny.
Take ... ti I' ll. il We, .lohn Ocooiini*
and 0,0. Woutliow, uf Poplar Creek.
H. ('., .ii'CUpnlh.n Lu.ubiT.neii, in.end
10 ll|l|.ly for so".'ial licences .... oui tun-
bur ll .'el'tb. I'o.l.iwlun de80..|bed lnmls:
1, C-.inin.-neing at ll post plnuled
on lhe ensl bank about one mile up on
the Hint south folk of Poplar deck,
Ihence suulh KKI ebains, Ihence west
III .-hains, I bene., ninth Illll chains,
thencu I'lisi -10 chains lo poinl. of coin
2. Communcing ut a post planted
on Hie west bnnk of t..e first south
fork of Poplar ('reck, il miles up,
Ihenee ensl HU chains, lhei.ee soulh Sl)
chain-, I hence weal SO chains, thence
north SO .-haius to point of conmieneo-
II. Ciiniiueni'ing nt a posl planled
on lhe vvisl bank about 4 miles up the
li.*.. south folk of Poplar Oreek, tbence
West KI cbnins, Iheuce wml I. SO cbnins,
ihence ensl SO chains, thenee north SO
ehnins I., .ioi.it, of commencement.
Daled Juno loll), 11*17
I.   Co........neing nt a pusl planted
on ll.e w.st bank of Poplar Cruet,
5 1-2 mill's up, running wesl SO chains
along G. B. Itevell's Nu. "2 Lill.lt, soutl.
bound uy. tbence south HO ehnins,
tbence ensl SO chains, tlienci. north 80
chains to point of commencement,
5, Commencing at n post punted
mi the west bank nf Poplar Creek,
nboul 5 miles up and I'lllllilng along
H. E Revell's north boundary of No,
2lin.it, thenee west SO chains, tbence
inn-Ill Sll chain.., Ihence ea.-l SO ciniins,
ihence siuiliiHOchiiiiisii. pnint of cnill-
Localcd June Iolh, 1IHI7.
J), F, RI'lAMY,
li. Commencing at n post pliiiiiial
HOIK) fe.il from C.P.|t. U|ickom...*.il.i
thu 27 miti- hoard, iibnill PUP mill1 Wi'st
of Rapid Creek, Ihence wesl HOc|)ni.|S.
ihence south SO chains, thence easl ml
chains, thence north 811 chnius t|. point
of r.)...ni.!...!.f...cul.
Dated June 27th, 1907.
wed ily HI  J. C. Jl/U)ViJ«J|t('i^. _
ReveliM.: Lund |)isirid,
District of West Kuotiuuijv,
Take notici* that. Henry Ambrose
Morris of Rov.-lsloke, occupation 1'iee
Miner, intends to applv lor special
timber licences over the following
described lati.is:
1. Commencing at apost planl ml IS
miles up tbe north-east fork of Five
Miie Creek, lllg Mend, and marked
"Henry Ambrose Morris'S.E, cornel',"
thenco ninth 80 chains, tbence wesl 80
ehnins, Ilieucc south SO chains, Ihence
st, so chainB to point of cummencement mid containing HW kcWs mole
or less.
2. Coinnieiiciiig at a posl plunled 2
..,.'lcs up'the' noi-lh-enst fo.kt.f Five
Mile Creek, Big Bend, and marked
"Henry Ambrose MbiTis.'ivXV.coi-ncr,.'-*
thenee nurth HI) chains, thenee '1'iU il1)
cbnins, Ihence south SO eh'n'iiis, Ibenco
west80 chainslo (loitit'of eoinnicnc'J'
ment and containing 1)10 acres more
or less,
Dalpil July .Slh, 1»)7.
8. Cuinmeii'clJig" nf a nosl plnuled
about one-half mile soulli Of l|lp slid/1-
west cornel' of No. 1 on the nnrt|i-*ive|t
fork of Five Mile ('rejig, and mnrked
"Henry Ambrose Morris.* N. B-cornBi;,-'.'
thence south 80 chains, .hence west SU
chains, thence norlh 80 chains, tliiu.^g
ensl 80 chains to point of cbfflmenrtl-
menl, cuntaining 010 acics more oe
Coinmeneing at a pnsl planled at
uhi-tli-ei.Bt Pu'Wi 'of No. 8 nntlla
iioi-th-vvesl  fork (if Five * "Mile I'.i-ei't','
Henry Ainlnosi! HoitM
\\r A N T E I)
IMNGKHiiM   llllll, WANTKD
Apply Vn-ioiia Ilolel.
K.II.-m    Shotguns.    Revolvers.
Fiihlng I...ki.- Tents, llunl
ing ....il Outing Hulls, Cnnoes.
Bunts, Tvpowriters and OWw
lii-ska field and Opera Qlassea,
All nl. less lhnn Inili' prl"1.
Wiil.enl.ol.ee for big list,
JN.u.«l||.m.i..k, N. B., OsllSlI*.
iini: HAl.K AT tusii   ,b„ ,-,...u-r
I     -.-. i hi.ig Iii  leave  Uevelsloki	
  f ■ pn   [ill., will  -"ll enli.e -.lock
.1   ...-.   Mils  A.   M..»leii,   opposite
Knox i I....<n.H.i...,,) Siii-.-i
I il HNISIIKIl   ItOOMM TO  l.l'.T
I     M.i anl ..'bl bath. .-lc.   Afl'lv
tu Mllg, |.'i,ki-:-iii.v.vi, I-l. Hlreel, Wesl.
W INTED      Eveivune   having  a
liM.M  sell nr rent In Ilal il
.villi in.-.   I an. Uou.l.'.l with enquiries
for houae prnperllna,   plione, call, or
i|...p....... .-..nl with full doaoifptlnn
....I purchase prion, or rent required, -
I'*,   f\, HaggPIl, Ileal I'lslnle   iimI fli^ui-
.....-.• Agent, Revelatoke, Il.C.
\V       I'M IJ, M.i l„l,„.
A Waltrew, npply a'
- 'toke.
WAN'I'ED   A   .lining room
Lelaml Hotel, Nakusp, p) per
 ni It.
Itnvrl.tiikc I .fiiul Hi-Hill.
lilalrlnl ul Wml Koo" enny.
'lake mil ice I I.nii". A. Kr.nfinaii of Kaslo, 11.
.'. <)<a-.u|><.l!»n Miuer, inlands lu apply fm
..ic|.|»! tl...I.e.- Iltniuoa ovor ll.o lullowlnn .1..-
,i'i-lln-d'liiiiiU, ',-'-.
I. . i.mn.i in-iiia nt n .,.,.-; planted on tl.o
niiifii-nl. nl l.iiif I'l-ii--, ..i.i.iii I nnl...inini
lho la.r.l.'.i.i lllver, .lienen weal. Ill chains,
. Iini. i- nortli liin 'flnilii-, tlience ci.l .11 .-l.nii.K,
thenoo sonth n.i clmins
'J i Minim n'fi.iK ..' ii ...isl planlcd nn the
Uortli Hail "I I'l'"- ''ro'li. aboul 3 utiles Irom
ll... L.ril.ai.i III.''.'.-; l|...|..:.' nnilli -HI cl.nl.m,
Ihonoe aaul uw i-liaiiiii.iliciicii.iliilliliii.NllB.
thenoe woal nm ,-Ii.iIiim. ' - -
;-. .'.iinnieiiifiiitf nl a |inal, planled un llie
iimiii siite nf Hi-ill Crook,about21 nil.ea fr.ni.
it... j.fi'ii'liii Hlver. tiionoo weal ill clmins,
tl.ri.'T iiurili iW |:||-,'i|.l;l llienco oast In clialna,
Hi... a..i.II. I.'.'uliaiii..:       '
ii.i.Mil Jiiiii-l.'-.ii, UKi;.
ant Jly 13 (!. A. KIJKKMAN
Huvi'lstuke Land plHtijoJl.
Ilisiiiel of West. Kuolemty.
T..I.. ||i.lice|||..l AilburlL Jolinslon
nl I'liplar, |l.|lis|i I ol.iiiibia, ...f.fup..-
lioii, inc.. I.anl, illli'iids to apply lorn
Kpi'cl.il lln hor license over ll.e followiug described bind*, situated on Pnplar
Creek iu the Weal Kootenay District,
Cummencing al a post planted nboul
o| miles from the town i.f Poplar, B.C.
up  ll.e east side of   Poplar Creek,
marked '■',\- (l- jplili'lou's south-west
burner post," li.i.lii.c eiist hH* cjnijns,
Ihence north 80i-haliis,lh('ll.!0 West 80
ehuins, thence auulh 80 chains to point
..f commencement, and containing (llll
..... es inure or less.
Located J.m..2Hi-.l. 1907.
C, 0. WOODROW, Agt,
and inarked
S.E. cornet," thence mirth'dp ehaiiis.
thence west Sll chains, I hence south'80
chains.thence east 8flchaint.topol.lt
of   I'omniencement, ' containing;   (III)
acres nioi'-b oi" lens.
o. Cnuinieneiiig nf a prat planted
about line-ipnii'iei'iit'a'ni'te itonn lit
the noi-lh-vvest corner nf No. H, il.iu-kt.il
Ileiiry Ainbi'ose Moi-iis* N.E*. Cbrniir,
thence so) Hi j|0 ctjliins. f,hc)ice jvi'sl jj)
chains, tjienc'e iioj'tajjl) phaij)s, lhe,nc|.
east 80 cliains to jioiilt of c'omu|eiif;i,'-
il|enl,' cojjti-iinipB ll|l| acres ||ipfp piles.,
il,  Commenolng ata nnst pt.i.ii.-il at.
lhe uortli-eiuit cm |i|.|- nf No, fj, markwl
"Henry Amlirnse Mm ri.' S |(. corper,'1
Hieneo north 80 c|i -Ins, llienpe wnst Bil
chains, tbiniL-e south HO .-liniuii, lli..i..-|,
east 80 clmins to point of commencement, conlniu.ng HID acres ...ore or
Dated July Olh, 1007.
7. Coinineneilig nl a post planted
about HO chains north of I lit. tiDi'th-enst
cornet of Timlier Limit No. lOJOT, .imi
.narked "Huiiiy Ambrose Mol'rls'.N.Ei
uorniU',"'tlif'tice soiilb SO-chains;ihenco
west 80 chains, tliei.uoiiu.'lh U0,yhn|.ip;
Ihence east 80 clialhs to itoinU of ennili
mcnceuienl, containing (IW acres mdre
or lesa.
8. Co...mencing at a post plnnted
ut iho (i.iiiili-iiiist, pnrnei* pf No, 7,'iinij
innrkeil "Hbury Ail.llH'M.- IW-illlli' (V/Iji
corner.' thence wevll. 1IK1 ch'.ilns.tbet.ee
ni.i-lh 40 chnius, thent'e enstllK) ohilthsi
Ihi'nce south HI chuinsso pbint of coin-
ulcHcomoiH, eo.itai)|ij|b'H!') Iferes iiuitc
orless,"  '
" Dated July 101 h, 1907.
!), Coil..ueilclng al.. post plant ei I af
the txiu'th-eust poinei- of Timber Limit
Ko. 1.06O7, and in.ii-keil !!lfeh|'y* AiA,
bii|se "Ulu.-.'-is' S'.'W.' C0l'|jel',V -llipho'ii
imrtli DOcl|i|ii)s, thenpe east f|0 chains,
t'henge soiilji Hi) chains, thencu west HI)
chains u. point uf eoinnienpi'inciit,
containing (HO aeies moi-o or lesa,
iO. Commencing at a post, planted
at the south-east cornerof Mcintosh
P. It. one-half mile east of Boyd's, and
maiked ''Henry Ambrose Morris' S.
W. enrner," thence east 80 chains,
thence south 40 chains, tlience enst-jl)
cl'iaius, tliortce north tif) bi.aiflS, tlinhCij
west 20 cbaius, thence north 40chains;
ihence west 80chains, thence south 00
chains to point nf commencement,
containing 040 aces .....re or less.
Dated July Uth, 1907,
sat jly 27 Hexry Ambrose Momus,
I T rh-r*    flftnU-IIVrnlh iolller cilieii*a Fair,three orfour
uk man- iixiaio.idayB, Bport8| horse racing) eK and
at the same time bold exhibitions
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T '1' A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mdbphy,
jIa.hii.i. Fisher
i:„n .-• f- - * 1   Lira, Eto.
i:.VH.*l"K.: iM.il.ul I LAKH, 11. U.
C   B  Gau> F. C. ELLIOTT.
OrricEs:  IM-ifKUi.  Hank  Hlock,  Hm-kl-
Money lo iuin.
Offloe«; Revelatoke, B. C.I Cranbrook, B. 0.
Hin. s. McCahtkr,
A. M.  l'lNKUAM, J. A. IlA.IVKV,
liricl-iuki', B. C.       I ..iiuu k, ll.   .
J. M. Scol
W, 1. Hrikk"*.
, Etc.
Barristers, Soucitori
First Sti.-et. Revelsloke, B.C.
Assay* of all ure*   samples t.y ...till or express
receive prompt attention,
Term. Moderale.
Address     -     -    •    Box 482 Kama B. 0.
_-_-_     _D    _________
of arts ami industries, whioh would
encourage our farmers, our liorti-
cultun.lists, our fruit growers and
oilier industrial pursuits. By the
organization of n Fair much material benefit, besides sports and
amusements would accrue, and as
n financial scheme would be far
better tlinn an ordinary celebration.
It is certainly the duty of the citi
zens to take tliis matter up, which
is being done in other parts, and i
properly and efficiently manege.
will place Revelstoke on the list of
cities holding provincial Fairs. The
citizens, knowing thnt a lnrge issue
would In: al stake and tlmt by join
ing willingly iii the movement
that would benelit their own city,
will, we believe, give their earnest
oo-operation if tliis scheme is promoted. Encouragement to those
interested in flower culture, fruit
growing, poultry breeding, domes
tic arts iinil many other Utilities
will be given In- the organising of
such a proposal, and which being
curried oul, the industrial tone ol
the city will receive a great impe
tus und another attraction along
lines of progress added to what we
now possess to elevate ourselves in
llie eves ol thc commercial world.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
'Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box uio, Revelstoke,
' (Membei    American   Institute
Wining Engineers).
.Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. 0,
Mine Management, Examinations
an.l Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Tin.I.e.- Limits, Mine.*,
Mills and Buildiugs prepared in Bhape
for submission to prospeetiveinvestors
or purchasers,
Cbe fltaiMberalb
The time has arrived in this pro-
" l would . . . earnestly a.lvi*c thorn for
their good lo order Ibis paper to be punctually
served up, and lo be looked upon a* a part of
the tea equipage."—Addison.
The unexpected turn of affairs in
connection with this year's Labor
Day celebration is affording subject
for much discussion, and the question has been raised whether tlie
handing over of tlie management
to ihe labor organisation is a wise
move.    Revelstoke  ns :i city has
for several years been instrumental
in getting up one and two day celebrations, having fixed Labor Day
as  Revelstoke's day on which tu
celebrate,  being  practically    the
only   date   in   the year not fixed
upon   l.y  other cities.   Last year
the affair was a pronounced success
and   arrangements   were   already
under consideration fora repetition
this year.     Public  meetings had
been held and committees appointed, representatives of every department   in   the city being included.
The only dissentient voice was that
of the machinists, who refused to
take any part in the proceedings
unless  they   and tbe other labor
organizations could have tbe entire
management, claiming lhat Labor
Day was their day.    The citizens
seemingly recognising this I.ave relinquished all part in the arrangements and management and since
the labor organizations have taken
it upon ibemselvea to run the affair,
it is certainly up to them to get
out and do it.   This action on their
part is nol altogether approved
a little mean spirit being shown
Irom the Bret, but in spite ol Ihal
wt-  leel   Ihal   under the circumstances the  citizens will do whal
they ca.. to h.-lp them out,   Even
though  tbe lal...r    organizations
have undertaken lo make a day ol
it. from the tone of the meeting in
Selkirk Hali on Thursday nighl it
was evident tbat unanimous feeling
jb lacking amongst them, which is
harmful il  lhe result?  looked for
are   to  be successful.   Revelstoke
cannot grudge them their own day
and. a? we have stated, will help
them out, but they should under-
etand lhat   they   are   now put on
their mettle in  the affair to make
it ii success.    Labor day, we agree,
should be   k. pt  as such and l.y
auch. but should not Revelstoke as
a city have a citizens'  celebration
in which all, as citizens, can share
and  CO-operate?    Surely there is
no need to confine ourselves lo this
one day, which the labor organizations have claimed as their's alone.
M'e are big enough to hold, like
vince when immediate and energetic melius should be applied to
the conservation of our forest
wealth. Timber is one of our chief
assets, bul unfortunately, it is not
n lasting asset nnd the day is not
remote when districts now thickly
clothed with forests will be ns innocent of a marketable log as the
palm of a man's hnnd is of hair.
Amongst tlie lirst measures for forest protection is tlie prevention of
fires. If there is nny one subject
which cnn with more profit he
brought to public attention is the
damage from forest lircs and the
danger to life and property accompanying them. Especially in dry
seasons, when likelihood of spreading fire is very imminent, every
man, no matter who he is, and
every railroad should guard against
this evil, day and night. The rai
road ie dependent upon forests for
almost its very existance, and it
would lie forced to face some pretty
serious problems were it not for
benefits derived from such forests.
Although tin- day for wood fuel bus
passed, there is still the matter of
ties which until a suitable substitute is found, must he obtained
from the forests. Approximately
2,500 tics per mile are used, and as
the uvernge life of n tie is only
about six or seven years the annual
demand for ties by lhe railroads
must be at least more than one
hundred million. In order to
yield tliree good ties a tree must be
fifty years old and an acre of these
will produce one hundred ties. So
that twenty-live acres of forest are
absolutely essential lo each mile nf
railroad track. It is not always
easy to determine causes of forest
lires. In some instances tramps
or campers, ur farmers' clearing
land are responsible. Lightning
has produced the same results.
The railroad loo has played its unfortunate part ir spreading these
disastrous tires. In view of this it
i- Batisfactorj to note that the C,
P, It. has instituted ipecial pre. ui-
tions in guarding against fires,
whicli precautions benefit themselves as well a- ii,.. country, The
man who starts a fire in a forest
for any purpose say i..r warmth,
ur to prepare a meal nnd leaves
ii alight to be carried on the wings
of the lirst I.r'-.-/.. that happens
along shuulil be as blameable in
the .-yi- of the law us a criminal
who starta a blaze with malicious
intent. Both men should be punished, the extent of the punishment being regulated by the intention of tho wrong doer. Hut the
havoc worked by the flames is not
confined to standing timlier only.
Many houses, mills and vimt
quantities of cut timber arc also
usually swept out ol existence, ii
in the path of the conflagration
Again the flames do untold dam
age by killing out all the young
growth, as well as the seeds lying
in the soil, leaving behind a barren desolate waste, which nature
shorn of her every resource, is long
in recovering. And the prevalence
of these conditions along the railroad track haB often told the
mitb. Where land is heing cleared
for commercial or industrial purposes a rigid watch should be kept
to prevent under Bpread and this
should be enforced to the letter.
A forest tire spreads with lightning
like rapidity and at the present
season of dry weather, when lires
are liable to break out at any minute, the fire wardens and their
crews Bhould be thoroughly organised to cope with this menace
which is bucIi a terrible enemy of
our greatest asset.
We are no nearer the Bolution of
the mystery regarding the disappearance of Murphy, and no definite light has been thrown upon the
whereabouts of tlie man Lawrence
who broke jail just a fortnight ago.
We Understand that searchers are
outcast and west in quest ot  the
fugitive and thut a reward of MOO
has been offered   for  Imb capture.
That a mini of desperate character,
such  as  lie  was, unfettered  and
having  the  run   of  the lock-up,
Bhould disappear so completely and
effectively,  in   broad   daylight, is
almost beyond understanding, and
that no effort at a properly organ
ised search has been made is slill
further  perplexing.   If the report
oiroulated  is  to  be believed, the
prisoner  was  Been   last  week at
Golden  and then in the Winder
mere country, it  is hardly to be
expected that the fugitive will go
long   uncaptured.     On the other
hand the rumor of his being within a few miles of the city may probably  bear some  weight, which
being  the ease, with proper precautions further escape could easily
be  prevented.     Ugly and sinister
reports in connection wilh this unfortunate husiness are in circulation, which,should they be verified,
would cause many unpleasant disclosures.    The police have no information to give except that they
Imve their  suspicions,   which we
would   like  to see   assume some
tangible  shape.     We understand
that detectives are on the ground,
which being  the case something
definite  will  shortly    eventuate.
That robbery, violence, and probable murder may go on in Revelstoke unpunished, the people will
not Btand for and the case should
be carried out to the biltor end and
to the extremity of the law, which,
if the prisoner and his accomplices
are  unearthed, should  be  meted
out as a lesson to others of that ilk,
thut  it   is  better for them not to
meddle with   law abiding people,
who will demand injury for injury,
and life for life.
ince writing tlie above we have
received information that the fugitive has been definitely traced
through Golden, Banff and Calgary and is now on the prairies
where the mounted police have had
instructions to keep a cartful
watch and surround him, and his
capture should now be easily
Haywood's Release  Made
Festive Occasion.
Sunday Target Practice.
Editor M.ML-Hlf.iAl.n.
Su.,—With reference to the letter of
"Amicus" in your issue of last Saturday, I beg to Btute that I am voicing
my comrades in tliis matter, and it is
by their special request I have taken
up the cudgels in defence.
We, on our part, cannot believe
that "Amicus" is voicing our self-
respecting citizens, but our men cnn
be questioned ns to the truth of my
assertion, while we are quite in tbe
dark as to who "Amicus" and his
friends may be, but strongly suspect
that ho has drawn largely on hia ini
agination in saying wu give pain t.
tbe majority ol citizens by Sunday
shooting, for wo maintain that people
who have put up wilh the noises of
the railway for years, cannot be upset
by the lucre distant crack of rilka. Il
is ridiculous, to say the least uf it
and we believe the majority ol thc
citizens ol Ilevelstoke are far mor
reasonable and sensible thun "Amicus
would have ua think. Moreover, if
the citizens would insist that every
working man Inul Saturday afternoon
holidays (as they should do) Sunday
shooting would cease, and until then,
though we are not a strong corporation, we intend to light tlie quest ion
out tu the bitter end, in spite of all
selfish, petty grumblers.
Chas. G. Wheeler,
The Common House Variety are
a Menace to Health.
The United States Department of
Agriculture has started a crusade
against the common house Ily and is
carrying ou extensive experiments as
to the best wny of banishing it (rom
the abode, of num. The Ily haa been
found to be not only a nuisance, but
a menace to man's health. Its hairy
bndy carries both diaease and death.
Many epidemics which sweep over
communities in the hot season have
been traced to the Ily. Having ils
origin in iiith, it brings with it tl.e
bacteria which breed in filth. And as
it moves about, now crawling over
refuse, now over the food on the table,
flying from the lips of the sick to the
lips of the healthy; it ia said to be
more dangerous to modern society
than were tlie wild bcaats to primitive man.
Tlie high mortality among the children in the congested districts of a
city, where families are closely crowded together, where refuse accumulates
fast, where food is often kept in living
rooms, is due to a large degree, so
scientists nuw Bay, to the Ily. Infant
diseases chiefly prevail in the hot season, when the Hies abound. Dr. J. T.
C. Nash, in The Journal of the Royal
Sanitary Institute, giving his experience as an English health ollicer, Bays
that the Ily ia responsible for the
death of many children becauae of
polluting tlie milk which they drink.
"It is a matter that has been entirely overlooked," said Dr. C. 0. Probst,
recently, "but we now know that tbe
common house tly is an agent of importance in carrying the gerniB of typhoid fever. It waa formerly believed
that the germs were only carried in
j water, milk or other liquid food. Flies
both breed and feed in places where
the germs are to be found, and then,
2 flying into our houses, nu doubt often
carry lhe germs and deposit them on
jour food.
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855.
Win. Molson MAOPHERSON, Pres. S. II. Ewing, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Cap ial paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches in  Canada and  Agencies  in  all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice,	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our Store it' you wanl. to purchase
n New Cupel, Fine Oriental or Wilton rng, matting or linoleum and see
how much l.n ll.e: ils contents will
lake you iu purchasing limn il will nl
any othei slope in the city. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
Import direct from Country ot origin.
»*. t*%««%%%-%%%%%%'%%%%*^*%%'%%%%«%'%'»%?
jj P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.  *
HEAD oVl-IOH:  Cal.iahv, Alukiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat f/lorchants
Cork Pacbors anil Dt.al.n-   in Livo Slook.  Mfirkat. In all tl... nrlni'lpal  Cities anil
a'owna of Alla.rtn, Uritiat. ju.uiol.in and the Ynknn.  Paokma af tl.e Uelelirnu-d lirn.nl
j   "lm er i.r" Ham. nnl Booon, and Slinrarnek llrx.-l. lainf tar I.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wugous'i Eto.JJJuhu
Doure Ploughs, Molino Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and CultiTator.i, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
To Buy Property in and Around
Never Again will It bo so Low
1 have lor sale the following!—
One Collage, cornor Charles and
Douglas Si,—$8oo, easy terms.
Two Houses, Third Si.—$1,500
One House, eorner King and
Front Sis,—$1,700.
One House 011 Douglas St.—$800.
Eighl Acres jusl outside the City
Limits, sullablii for fruit -$100 per
acre. Together willi larger lots
oi' Fruit Lands near the Citj.
Also one 25 loot lot anil able for
business slle on First Street, close
to McKenzie Ave.   „
For full particulars apply lo;
Revelstoke, B. 0.
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray rumps
Spraying Material, Out Flowers, etc.
Oldest established iiiiisc.y on the
mainland ol Il.C.   Cm..I..gue tree,
Camborne  Miners'   Union    I  the
Western Federati. n   I  Miners, cele
brated ibe liberation ol Wm. '* Haywood oy a torcl ligbl prosession on
Monday  evening  .aat, alter which a
smoker *»■ given   -.  the  McDowell
Hall, Cam! - - -     . ■.- procession waa
headed  by the Camborne Band,tbe
memberi ..:' tbe Camborne t nion Iol*
lowing with banners bearing Inacrip-
1   •;-.,-■.        loccai      ind ai
tin- process]..-. vended ita ■ iy through
tin. prinoipal -if. -- he   u ioui out.
burat ol cli.-.-r-  ibowed   plainly  that
the .-i'm.'-i - vers heartily  in oceord
with ti..-   ecaaion  and  the  verdicl
rendered,    I pon reaching
Isw  leleotiona wers  rendered by the
band niter which tbe crowd adjourned
to the smoker where a le.^tl.y programme consisting ol ipeechi   - ndi
musical selections, etc    vas followed
out.     Home ol the ipeeches were remarkable   lor   the    excellent   points
brought iort.li and  tl.e manner ...
which they were delivered, while the
vocal and musical selections brought
(orth the fact tbat Camborne possesaes
talent in thnt linn tbat wo..1.1 do Bred
it to a town uf much larger aizc.   The
children were provided  with candiea
and they too did their mil., in making
the (ic.cnsion a (ctive one,    The alfslr
wan one ol the beat of its kind held in
Camborne  and   was notably fur tl.e
unanimity displayed l.y nil classes nml
In ordor to allow the ladies to coin-
l.rate the event, members ul tl... union
propose to give a dance In a fow days,
and special effort! will be put forth toi
make it no unqualified aucccia, I
About 117,000 worth of molybdenite
waa mi..eil near Arendal, in Norway
in"' year.
,    160,000,000 ol   Hritisl.
-   ...vested   ...   the nitrate ol
:  I'l.lie.
-  , .wing to ua heat-retain
ing prop, rtiei ia beginning I
lor   making  stoves,  aa   it   .- euully
l-i-;.   a to remove rust frum
- .   - .(...eeting them with
.. -aire '.. a -iu-et ol /..nc and dipping
the two metals in » weak solution ol
Che minera ... Cornwall ami Devon,
many ol whom hnve iheir own potato
plota ,: 'ariably get tbeii healthiest
- - ipa the vicinity ol an arsenic
stack rng to the Isot that araenio
-■ -  III       potato Mi-case or blight.
Tin production In Western Australia Iro... the beginning, in 1888, to
1906   wu 8,981! long tons (dressed)
valued at £268,868 (11,269,190), Most
ol tliis block tn. waa fr uu the Qresn-
bushes Held and the remainder Iro...
the Pilbarra gold Hold.
The largest, blast ever known in
Europe bus been prepared at the (inr-
rarn marble quarries in Sicily, .....I
wiih exploded .Inly I-l. The cl.urge
cnaisled nl 17,11(1(1 llm. f.i Prometheus
.....I Kit) lbs. of g.mOOttOn, occupying
n chamber 88 It. lung by I'i ft. wide.
Thn explosion  was expected to loosen
6,700,000 cm It, of marble, or 500,000
tons. I
Jewelers ano Opticians
Next to Imperial Bank
Improperly fitted glasses arc worse than
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Optical Department is in charge o
Mr. M, S. Hastings, Re(. D,, and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It has been proven that 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and it does not follow that because you
have good eyesight that your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended lo now and
save trouble and expense,
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
1, Ml
fruit Lands
I have many enquiries for
Fruit Lands Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto,.....I Vancouver, l'er-
-on* o siring in dispose of
lie. I.ol.h e<, I., rue or small,
.nil .I- »■ I. 10 li-l them with
me. I*, in -pun 'ei ce solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
J. F»!c!r«TYR£ & SON
Full line nl Croc .ies and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest priceB.
Deer Until.-
Animals. Hiriln, Fish,
Allium)  l.tijis Mmink'il,
p O. Box 81.
studio: Conior nf Kirat St. mul Boyle Ave.
Manufactured for all clasaosBof buildings
All kinds-iif buildtnu nnd plnsterlng
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens Jtotel
Iiest brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - •        Proprietor
i  Strawberries
X     For Sale by the Crate
X $2.75 and$3.00 A CRATE &
nil a
S       -APPLY TO-       jj
'Under   New   Management)
LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
FirHt-cli.H accommodation (or travellers.
lidHt brands ol Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Denier in VY nil, Goal and Feed.
Phone 71, Houso I'hone
James Evans
Dealers in lleef, I't.rk, Mutton,
Poultry, Kiel. iiiiiI (lame in
HeiiBon. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
All kinds of Green Veget-
'   aides ready for the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries 10c.
Per Lb.	
Fronl Street, Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Harry MoIntosh,     offta-in   House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the mosl curative iu the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy fnr
all Neivous and Muscular discuses,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Speciul
rates on all bonis and trains, Two
mails airivH and d. ...I every day.
Telegi-ii h common nli..11 with iill
marts of the world.
TBRMB-812 Id $1S |>er week,   For
further particulars npply tu
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrctu Lake. B. C
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Futf.
f Revelsloke ba...l Dislricl.
District ol West Kooleuay.
Take nolice Ihnl Hugh McLean, of
Revelstoke, II, C, occupation Prospector,
intends lo apply for special limber licences
over ll.e following described lnnds:
i. Conimenclng al a post planted at
Ihe north-wesl corner ol T, L. 1)151,
marked "Hugh McLean's north-cast corner," Ihence wesl 80 chaina, ll.ei.ee soulh
80 chains, thenci eas. 80 chains, Ihence
norlh 80 cliains to point of commencement,
containing 640 ncres more or less.
2. Commencing al a post planleil 2!',
miles west ol Columbia River and 2)2
miles soulh ol Smith Creek, and markeil
"Hugh McLean's norlh-easl corner posl,'*
llienee south 80 chains, Ihence wesl 80
chains, Ihence norlh 80 cliains, tlience
enst 80 chains lo poim of commencement,
eon.aii.iug 640 acres ...ore or less.
3. Commencing al a posl planted 3,'i
miles west of Columbia River and }'/i
miles soutli of Smilli Creek anil marked
"Hugh McLean's norlh-easl corner posl,"
Uience soulli 80 chains, Ihence ivesl 80
chains, llienee norlli Ho chains, ihence easl
80 chains (0 poinl of commencemeni, containing 640 acres moro or less.
4. Conimenclng a. a post planted 4
miles west of Columbia River and 4)4
miles soulli of Smilli Creek, and marked
"Hugh McLean's north-east corner posl,"
thence south 80 chaina, thence wesi 80
chains, tlience norlh 80 chains, thence
easi 80 chains 10 point ul commencement,
containing 640 ncres ...ore or less,
5. Commencing al a post plantcil
miles ivesl of Columbia Kiver, ami 7 miles
soulh of Ihe mouth of Smith Creek, and
niarked "Hugh McLean's norlh-easl corner posl," llienee soulli 80 chains, Ihenco
west 80 cliains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains lo point of commencement, containing 640 ncres more or
6. Commencing nl n post planleil 4
mill's wesi of Columbia River ami 7 ...ilea
south of lhe mouth of Smith Creek and
marked "Hugh McLean's norlh-easl corner post," Ihence soulh 80 chains, tl.e.u-e
ivesl 80 chains, Uience norlh 80 chains,
Ihence casi 80 chains 10 point of commencement, containing 640 acres more or
7. Commencing nt apost plained 2!*
miles wesl of Columbia Riverand 2 miles
north of F0rly.ni.1e Creek, and marked
"Hugh McLean's north-easl comer posl,"
tlience soulh 80 chains, Ihence west 80
cliains, thence north 80 chains, llienee
seal 80 cliains lo poinl of com.11cncenif.il,
containing 640 acres more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted jj
miles west of Columbin River and 2 niilea
north of Furly-niiii Creek, and niarked
"Hugh McLean's north-easl corner posl,"
ihence soulh 80 chains, thence ivesl 80
cliains, Ihence north 80 cliains, thence
rnsl 80 chains to poinl of commencemeni,
containing (140 ncres more or less.
ij. Commencing a. a post planted oil
|lie i.ui.h bank of Forlv-nine Creek, 5
miles wesl of Cqh|t|lb.S RiYer, and marked
I'llugh k|cLe.|.|'s soulh-east corner posl,"
Ihenpe north 80 chains, tlience wesl 80
phttiqs, lhei.ee soulh 80 chains, ihence
fi|St 80 chains 10 point of <.-on.n-iencem.eii),
containing (.40 acres more or (ess.
Palpd Julv (.111, 190J.
io. pommi-ncing al a post planled on
|l.e njirih bank ol Forlj-niiie frock, 5
piles, wesl (if fplumbla River, and marked
i"l|ugh McLean's north-easl corner post,"
llienee soulli 80 cliains, tlience west 80
chains, Ihenee norlh 80 chains, ihence
east 80 chains lo point ol commencemeni,
conlaining 640 acres more or less.
... Commencing a! a post planted J
mile norlh of Forty-nine Creek, 6 miles
west ot Columbia' River, and marked
"Hugh McLean's soulh-east corner post,"
llienee north 80 cliains, ihence wesl 80
chains, Ihence south 80 chains, Ihence
cast 80 chains lo point ol commencemeni,
containing 640 acres more or less,
12. Commencing at a posl planled J
mile north of Forty-nine Creek, 6 miles
wesl of Columbia' River, and marked
"Hugh McLean's north east corner posl,"
ihenee south 80 chains, Ihence wesl 80
chains, tlienee nor.h 80 cbaius, Ihence
pnsl 80 chains lo point of coinmencemonl,
i'illUiilnll.ji 040 acres nmre or less.
'' 13. Commencing at a post planted 4
miles west of Columbia Riverand .'J miles
soulh of Smilli Creek, and .narked "Hugh
McLean's sou'lll-east corner post," Ihence
norlh 80 chains, thence wenl 80 chains,
|'|.e|.i,e suulh if idinins. .Iieniitl e;i,s| 86
lilmlns lb poln) ql* cb.mn.e.i'ceiiient, con-
iain'.ug 640 acres more' or less.
14. Commencing at a posl planted 3J
miles wesl of Columbia River and 2j miles
south of Smith Creek, and marked ".Hugh
McLean's north-easl comer post,-' ihence
south 80 chains, thence ivesl 80 ehains,
thenee north 80 chains, Ihence east 80
1-f.nins to point of'ccinimelicemeilli'ciiri;
mining feotWrtjl rivorVor'|es's,'     " ' '
15! "Commencing al a post planled 5
miles west from Columbia River and 2J
h.llcs south of Smilli Creek, and marked
"Hugh McLean's south-east coruer posl,"
thence norlh 80 ehains, ihenee wesl 80
rfiaii)s, thence soi.th So chains, tlience
ifijisl «6 ciiains lop6i.il 6| comniciVi'mehl,
fciinl.iu.ingfyb acre's more or tesk.
id. Commencing a. a posl planled 4J
mile's wesl of Columbia River and 2 j miles
iiotilh of ?mil|f Creek, and iiir.r^utl '■ll.i^h
HcL'tantS i|Oi;lleeas| Mfneji posi,' (licitce
jraiji 1|p cnkjn'Sj (hence soulh' be, chums,
|(ic||ce' east 86 ehains, llienee north 80
fjpiins in ' point of commence.nenl, con:
inillliiB 140 wea morn or ies.,.
|la(ed July fll), 1907.
.nuuga        HVOH McLKAN,
Rovolstoko i.iuni Distriot,
Ulstrlotot Wont Kootonay.
Tako notice llmi Wnrrun Ail-drown. »f
novoliiloko. B.C., I'l'otpuolor, Intends to apply
fni'siH'i'iiil limi ei* licciiHtjs ovor tho fo'lowiug
dohcribed lands:
1, Com mencing al a pout planted nn north*
cant oorner of T. Ij. 9200, and marked ' W, Andrews' N, \V cornor," tlienco tast 80 chains,
thenoe south 80 clialus, thonco wost 80 ohaliiH,
llienco uorlh mi chain... tu -mint iii oommenco*
ment, containing Dili aorod more or lotti
2. Commonolng at a punt planted at tho
fiou'h'Oast corner of T L, 026*0, and marked "W,
Andrews' 8 \V. cornor," thonce eaat mi uhalnH,
Ihenco north mi chains, thonoewoat80ohains
llienee south 80 ohalna to point of oommenot*
ment, conlaining thl) acres moru or luss.
i 3, Commencing »t a post planted at tho
BOUth-east corner ot T.L. 781)6, and markod "W.
Andrews' S.W. oornor," tlionco north Wl chains,
thenoo cast 81) chains, thonce south 80 chains,
liionco west 80 clialns to point of coiuinoncc-
ment, containing UO acres moru or less.
I. Commencing at a prM plantod at the
south-oasl corner of T.L. 7807, and marked "VV.
Andrews'8.\V. corner," thonce east80chains,
llu'iHT nuiili 80 cliains, ihonoe west80 chains,
tlience south SO chains to point of commence-
mont, containing 6I0 acres more or less.
.i. Commonclng at a post planted at the
BOUth-east corner ol T.L. 7808, and mnrked "W.
Andrews' 8.VV. cornur," thence oast 80 chnius.
thenee north hi) chains, thence west80chains,
thence south 8<) chains to point ul comineiice-
meiit, containing 640 acres moru or less.
0. Commencing at a post plantod at the
south-east corner of T L. 7809, and marked "tt
Andrews'8, W. corner," thenoe oust 8" cha ns,
thenco north 80 chains, thence woit 80 chains
thenco sontli 8(1 chains to point of • omm ilea*
ni.int, containing OIH acres more or less
7. Commencing at u imst plautod at lho
south-east cornerol T U 7811), and marked "W.
Andrews' 8.W, coiner," thenee ua->t Ni chains,
Uience north 80 chains, ihence west80 chains,
theuce sontli 80 chain- lo pulnl of eniiimen.'o-
ment, containing Oto lores moru or less.
Dated Juno28ih, yah.
8. Commencing at a post planted no chnlns
east of souili-cust oorner of T. L. 7810, and
markud "W,Andrews' N.W. corner,"thenc-
east 80 chains, thencu south so chains, tlience
west mi chains, thence north 81) chains to pninl
of commencement, containing 610 acres more or
9. Commencing ut a post planted 80 chains
east of south-east coruor of T. L. IM, and
marked "W. Andrews nortli wost coruer,"
thenceeast 160 chains, ihence soul li tu chains,
thence west It-U chains, thenc north 10 chaius lo
11 uui of QOtnmsnc-Jt, li-Vi acres mure ui* less.
in. Commenolng at a post planted 80 ehains
east of north-east coruor of T. L. 78i-7, and
marked "VV, Andrews' 8. VV,corner," thenco
cast ui I clviins, thouco north 40 chains, thonou
west Uiu chains, ihniico souih HI chains tu
pniutof coiiiiiiuncomuiit,containing 010 aores
more or le-s.
II, Commencing at a post planted 80 clmins
cast of north-easl conier ur T. L, 7tf07t aud
markeil "VV. Andrews' N.W, corner," theuce
east 10" chains, tlience soulh 4>i chains, tlienco
wesi IM cliains, i liiino i north lu chains to point
of commencement, O'liuunlug Oli) aerea more
or less
12, Commencing at a post planted 81 chains
east oi* south easi coruor or T. L. 7807, and
marked "VV. Andrews's VV. corner,"llienco
ea-t llio chains, theuoe north 11 chaius, lhcnco
west 160 chains, lliciico*.iuth nt chains to point
of commencement, containing 01<j ucros mure
or less,
ti Onunoneing at a post plant-4 suchains
east nf iiuiih-eui curuer nf i. L, 78IM, and
marked -\V, An trews'N.W. enrner," thenceeast
it-i ululns, theuco suuth to -.-lia.ns, Uumee west Kin
chains, then e north 4tl chaina to place nf commencement, containing tlio acraa mure or loss.
II. C'i am-iioin*; at a post planted Sdctiams
east nf snutti-eist curtmrof IM. T.-sWi ami mirk'"!
VV. Andrews' S. VV corner," thoncu east liii)
chains, tlience n-mtli lo ohnins, tlieiue west irtu
eliiiiii-*, thenou suuilMil clmins to puiut uf coin-
iQeiieunieiii, cunt,tinii^ fliu mm upire or less.
Hated .huie Will  I9U7.
sat am 3 VVAltltBN ASDHK.WS.
Ili'V.-Wiiki- Uiul Diatrict.
District ol Weal. Kwtciiiur.
Take notice lhat Earl Slovens ol Howaor,
II. 0., ..i.-..|.l.l.i... Lll...la.rn..l.., inlenna 10 ll|.|.lj
lorsMOlal lln.lier llranoo uvor tl.e lollowlng
described lnmls:
1. UoinincncliiK nt » (Mat planted on tlio
north aide, ol Drill Crock, about lour mlloa
front llio Lnrili'iiu Itl.-.-r; tlu-nce ensl <u t h3l1.11,
ii.-.i.fn inn-l li l*i cliains, iiiifiifi' wosl In chains.
||.ciicesoi|lh Ill) clinliH.   . ' I •        .
.... ('..uin..-..oi..K i.t-n |n).l ilinulo,| nu tlio
north min ol Drill lireok. nbout 'M miles Irum
ll.« Urdonu Rivor, llionoo north HI clialna,
tlienco own IW .chains, theuco south lu cbnins,
thonco woal UIO chains.
Dated June Iill., UNIT.
Notice I. hereby (ilveii that Id .lay. alter .late no
lul'aili '< lilil'b t" Hi» !|..n.ri.l.Io cbi.it Cummin
Star .11 lililula uiul' WHrkfl nr (leriniaaii... |<i pur
elmaeJ M.a lofloWlng'llokcriliod. la.iil»'l..' welt
ll.ad.urty illMirlet:" '' ' "'*' ' ' '* „',,
'■('.jn,.ne.ii:liil! n. ,. imibI. nlnutDil »n Ilia 8. B.
Plijli|il"ii'"|liiii|iiw.il. l>ro-o*inl.l iim 605. miirVu.)
Ifflrffia k SmMS. W- oii.nW ml/' I ipnep
iilchRl|.a mist. .0 cbnins suulh. 0 el.uiin nasi,
111 chains 1....1I. l" |...i..i nl.-..n....o...:...inini, ""iliiiin na UUI inini. morn or lesa,
un, in,. •»'.
sat my "Ja
Nutlco la luiri'liy Biv...i thai UU .lay. After .lata 1
nti-iiil In iiiii.ly In ll.o tll.lt.1 i:..iiiiiuM:.it.nr('<.|
I .....la -i'.i| « ..,ka li.r |.a.'..ii,l.i..i. ti. luin-baai- Ilia
Iniin.. ia« iliiHlfllliml liiii.la, alliiiiti- lu Woat K....I .-
harDlitrlrl: , ,
0.iluti.uiii:liiK al a |.nal ..lanlo.l 40 o|.al|i.
norlli nl -..in li eaat ....mer ul T. I., win, ami
mitrkcrl- "II (l.Mnrr.a'a uorln.oaitooruorpoil,"
ll.cno.. auuth SU chalna, W...I sn ol.alin, nortli
Sll ehalna, .-■-.: HI clialna lo |.ulnl ol .W..........0...
I'al.'.l .111...' Mli. lia'*.".
mDiwu U. li. au»Bia.
Ucvdstakc Land nistricl.
nistrict qf West Kootenay.
Take notice that" Hugh McLean of Ilevelstoke, HC, Protpoclqr, intends to apply far
special timher licenses over the folia wing descrihed lands;
I. Commencing at a post planted two miles
north of liig Muuth Oreek an I three milea eaat uf
Columbia lliver marked "Hugh McLean's 8. W.
comer post." thence uorth 80 cliains, thence east
BU chains, thence south SO chains, thence wu-1. -ij
chains to point of commencement, containing tilu
ncres more or lesa.
8. Coinmeneing at a post planted on the north
bank of a small creek fuur miles north of Dig
Mouth Creek, and two miles east of Columbia
Kiver, marked "Hugh McLean's S.W. comer post,"
thence uortli 80 chains, tlienco east HU cnains,
thence suuth 80 chains, thuuee wesi SO chains to
point of cuimnenceiueut, coutnining om acres
more or luss,
3. Commencing at a poit planted ao chaina
eaat of luuth-east comer of T. L. .Hi, marked
'■Hugh McLean's8. W. comer post," thence north
80 chains, ihence east y)i chains theuce suiiih8n
chaius, tlience *west 80 chains to puint of commencement, containing 040 acres mine orless.
*. Cnmiieiicfng at a piVst planted;. miles north
of Big Mouth Croek and tWu niilea enst of puj-
umbia BU'ar. marked 'Hugh JicLuan's s. tt,
corner post!." thence* nortli SO chains, thenco east
!>Uchains, tlieirco south'80 chains, Uience westWJ
chains to point uf coiiMiieiic<nueut. coutnining 040
acres more or less.
5, Commencing at a post two miles eaat of
Columbia Hlver and C miles uurth uf Hi:.
Mjiitu Creek, marked ".HUgfi MoWanUE. W?
cornei post,'! ihence north w chaini, iheuce
cam no ehuins, rhbncj Vmth sn chains, thenoe
went 6U uliains to poun of cu'muienoemeni.cou-
lalnlug o-w acres more of leaa.
ii. Commencing at a post planted ahoul 6
miles north of Hig Mouth Creek and 3 miles
east of Cilumbia hlver, marked "Hugh Mc-
can's 8. W. corner post," theuce uorlh thi
chaius, theuce east 80 chains, tncuee south 8u
clialus, ihenco we$l 80 Chains io poim ol com-
meucemeut, containing OW acres more or lesA,
7, Commencing it a post idfaiiiu'd a uilles
casiiif ruiunCu. itiveNud j utiles nurih of
liig Minuh Creek, marked "ilugn Mcicau'a
8,'ff. coruer imit," theueo north su chatnn,
tbeuce uasl 80 chains, tbeuce aouth 80 chains,
Iheuce west80 chains to [mint of commence-
meut, cent dniug 040 acres more or less.
8 ConimeDoIng 'ata post'planted 3 miles
eastol i iilninhia River aud 4 mllea uorth ul
Hit! MouthCieek, marked "HngU 'McLean's8,
VV. corner posi," Iheuce noriti m ehuiua, Iheuotf
east 8A clmins, ihuuco loulh'w"chains, iheuce
weat 8u chain*, Tu puln't of'commeucemeut,
coniahiiugii40 acres inure or less,   '
8. Commeueiug at a'post planted 3 miles
eat of t olumbia Kiver and 4 miles north ol
Dig Mouth Creek, marked "lluuh MflLeintt 8,
W, corner post," thsnuc ^urth f50"c_aius,
iheuce uasl ijo chains, thence sddthSO chaius
theuce tvest'SU'cllaths Eo pulut oi ciuiiuii'iii-e
uicnt, nuitalulng 6*i acres more or h'Mi "
B. Commencing at a post planted i mil-*,:*!
north of lllg Moulh Cruek and 3 u(lluae^«i u
Columbia Kiyer, maiked ,,l(uch .ucUau'aN.
W. comer poat/' ihen,ce cast su elm ni, thonce
south HO clIalUB. Uience west 80 chains, tnence
north Ml chains tu point ol commencemeni,
cuutainlng 040 acreH inore or leaa,
10. Commencing at a post planted'- miles
north ol lllg Mouth Creek and 4 milea eaaiuf
Culumbia Kiver. marked '-Hugh McLean's
H. W, corner post," iheuce uorlh tto chalna,
tlience east 80 chains, thence souih eu chains,
thencu west 80 chaiua io pulut ol commencement-, coutalnlug om acres mure or less
II, Commencing at a port planted at the
uorih-caat curuer ol 4' L?6ty marked "Ilngb
Mci.eau'a t). K. corner posl," ihence uorlh so
chalna, ihcuceMestbO chains. tfiencesuiiihM;
uhalns, thence caat 80 chsii^ *.*,, uo|||tot<*iom-.
nicnciimriit, plllltiiiiunil Wftiior--more orjlcss
lii, Cummeuciug al a -pot-i planted al the
noUh eaat corner of T.L.7568. marked "llugn
Mclean's ti, VV. coruer poal," theuce north go
chaiua, theuce eaat 8o chaius, thunce aou-hao
chalna, iheuce west si)cbai„s iu polut of commeucemeut, couiainlng tilu acres mure or less.
13, Cuninieiii'lng at a post planted St tbe
north-east eorner uf T. L. 7»08, marked "Hugh
McLwm'a N, W. iHirn.ir,'' ti.cnoo uaftO chains
ilmni** so-jili 8uvhuitu. theuoe west sochains.
thenci mfrlh8U chains to poluiof comuieace-
meut ■containing OIU acres more or less.
' '14 Cothmenchij! at apost planted oho mile
cant of lhe north-easl corner ol T. L.7688,
marked'Hugh Mol-eau's s, W. ctiriliiiposi,'1,
meiiroeiisi »* (iinins, ilieucc ni-u Hi So chi.iliw,
thetice wi-u Hu cliaius.'lbeiico s mlh' 80 chains
to |'o4ut'"Ol'vcoiumencementl' containing 040
aerea more or leas,"'
Ifi, tymqonoiiig nl I va«t P|sntei| 9 mlUl
east p| thp BpfVhiew corner o] T. I* 'MSi
inarkcir'Iiligh McLean's fi W. conior Mil,"
lliepcc t*am 80 oliHinv, them-e nuriu Ml chuina,
lliuiuv ai'Htw iliiiin., thencu soulh 8Uchains
to point nl tiommcaccinent, cnmainlug 640
acres moro or leas.
Ifi. Commonclng at a post planted one mile
nerthof the north-eaaicoruer ol T.L.Tut,
marked "Hugh McU»n|l 8. l_Rpra«pptt.^
thencu north ftu citaiiw,theiieo west 40 chsins,
thuuetimitntw chains, Uimicu eilt 40 chains
to poinl of cummenccmcni, cuuialuing 6w
luuea tnor« or less,
17, Commencing ata posl DllQlUJ una mill
nurth ul thu fiurtli cns( cortu-rul T.U7M8,
marked "Hugh Mi'l.een'a g VV. cunier,' Hence
north so cliaim, thonce cast su«hum, ttwnce
lunililWclialUN, theuce \u*st M) clialns lo pulnl
ul cniuiiicuccmuiil, OOlltllnlUg W acres moru
or leas
Dated July lal, 1M7.
•at aug 3 111'1"!! iloLBAH,
Take nniice ihni Urren Andrews of itavel"
stoke, H i' ,m*phphiInn I'roipoi'ior, Inwud* to
ftpi'lv f >r -i hi ilmbTlkomos over the following dt-Miribe-l lands:
1 Cuminci-ciiiK 'it. a piit planted nt tii?
nnrth fi-tc,mer nfT-L 0610 murked "Warren
Andii'w- .'■i VV cumer." thenceeast 160chnius,
Ihuiro smith to clialus thoucewest lOOcJiulus,
thouce nurth 10 chiiiiir- to ■ int nf cummencement containing640 acres mnre or los<.
2. t'ntnnienciim at n post planted at tlio
north-east cumor nt T. L. 0057, mnrked "War-
ren Andrews' N. W. corner." tlnmco east no
chains, theuco south 80 chiiiim, thoire wc-t 80
chains, thenco north 80 ohaias tn pointof cumin unco ment, containing 6t0 acres more ur less.
8, Commoncing ata pnst planted ono milo
oust nf tlm south-east enrnor of T. L 9657,
markod "Warren Andrews' S. W enmor,"
thenco east BO clmins. thenco north SO chains,
thouce west BO chains, thence suuth to clmins to
pointof commencement- containing 640acres
mure ur loss.
4. CninmouciuK at a pnst plantel atthe
Bouth-east cornerof T. L. 10400, tnarkel "Warren Andrew;' S. \V. corner." ihenco east80
chains, thence uurth SO chains, theuce west SO
chains, thonco suuth -80ohaius tu point uf commencement! cuiitaiuiuK **'l*.' ncic- mure or less.
5, CumiuenciuB at a post planted nue milo
east of the south-east cumer uf T. L toil'.',
marked  "Warren Andrews*   S.  VV.   cornor,1'
theuce oust 80   clmiii-. llu'iim ncrili ' h. in-,,
thouce west 80 c| dins, theuce south 8o chains to
imiut uf cuminemeinout, contuiniuglilO aero**
mure or less.
0. Commenolng at a post planted nt tha
north-east corner of T. L. 10400, marked "War-
rou Andrews1 S, W. eurner." theuce uurth 80
chnius, tnence east SO chains, thence smKhKU
ohaius. thence west 80 chains to point of com1
meiictnnmit, containing M0 acres moro ur less,
7. Commeuelng at apost plnuted one mile
ea-t of Hid north-east enrner uf T.L 10400, markod "Warren Andrews' S.W. comer," thoncu
enst 8(1 chains, thouro mirth 80 «l.ii'ii", tln-i o"
west SU chains, thence south 80 ohalni to poiut
u( (■iiiniii.vii'timi-iii, cuiitii n.i n„- t*ii i acres more or
8. Commencing 'it a pnst plantod hi tho
south-east oornor of T. L. 0017, mnrked "War-
run Andrews' N, K. oornor," thence south 'in
chains, thenco east 'id cliains, thonce suuth 140
cliains, theuco weat 20 chains, thencu nnrth 20
chains, thence wosl 20 ciiains, thence uurth 140
chains, tlience oast 20 chains to point nf cum-
nioiicomant. containing 010 acres nmre ur less.
Datod July 3rd, 1907.
'.'. Commencing at a |k>4 planted at tho
snuth'Wost enmur of T. L. 0785, marked "War>
ron Andrews' N. li. enrnor," thence smitli 80
chains, thnnco west 80 chains, tlionco nurih 80
chains, thouco oast 80 clmins tu pnint uf commencement, containing Mo acres moro ur lost
10. Commonclng nt u post plnnted at tlie
Bouth-westcorner uf T. L. 9785, mnrkod "W
ron Andrews' S, K- enrnor," thonco west 80
obams, tlienco north SO chnius, thonce east 80
chains, thencesouth an chuius to polut of com*
meucomeuti containing Olo acres mure or loss,
11. Commencing at a post planted nt lho
north-west enrnor uf T L. H782, mnrked "VVnr-
rou Andrews' north-east cunier." theuco sonth
80 chains, thonco wost8Uchnins, Ihouco nnrth 3(1
chains, theuco cast SO chains topolptof com-
meucemeut, coutalnlug 040 ncros more or less.
12. Commoncing ut a post planted atthe
uorth-west cumor of T. L. 0785. markod "Warren Andrews' suuthonst corner, thouce west SO
chains, theuce uorlh 80 chains, thonce oust 80
chains, theuco snath 80 chains to puint uf coin
meucomeut containing 010 acres more or less,
13. Commencing at a post pluutod at the
suuth-wost enrnor of T.L, 8823, murked "War*
ron Andrews' suuth-oust corner," thence west 81!
ehuins, thonco nnrlh SO cbaius, thence easl 80
chains, thouco south 8o chuius to poiut of cum-
meucomon1, contuiulng 040 acres more or less.
14. (Vimmenoiug at n pnst plauted at the
unrth-wost corner uf T. L. 88?3, marked "Warren Andrews' south-east comer, thence west 80
' halns, thenoe mirth 80 chains, theuco en-t 80
chnius, thonce south 80 chuius to point of cum-
meuoomout, contaiuiug OtU acres mure ur less,
15. Cummencing at u post plauted atthe
north-enst coruer of T.I* 0782, murked "Warren
Andrews' south-east coruer," thouce uorth su
cnains, thonce west 80 chains, thence south 80
ohaius, theuce east 80 chuius to puiut of com-
meucemeut, cotituiniug 040 acres more ur leas.
16. Cummencing at a post plauted at a puiut
80 chains uorth of tbe north-west corner of T.L.
0102, murked 'Warren Andrews' south-east
coruer," theuce west si) chains, theuce uorth 80
ohains, thenee east 80 ohaius, theuce south 80
ohains to point of commeucemeut, ouutaiuiug
040 acres more ur less-
IT- Commencing at a post plantod 80 chains
north of the north-west eurner of Timber
Limit 8823, and marked "Warren Andrews'
south-east eurner." thence west 80 chains,
thence uorth 80 chains, tbence east 80 chains,
thenco south 80 chains Us joint of commence*
mont, containing 640 acres more or loss,
18, Commencing at a post planted about 20
chains norlh of the soulh west corner of T, L,
7345, marked' Warren Andrews' suuth-east corner," thenco north 160 ohains, thunce weBt 40
chains, thencosouth 160 chains, thence cast lo
chains to pointof commencement, cuniainiii".
Olo acres mure or loss.
10. Commencing at a post planted at. the
south-west cornerof T. L. 7850, marked "Warren Andrews' BoUth'Caet corner," theuce west
Wchains.1 thenoe norlh 80 chains.thence cast
rt)chains, thence soulh 80 chain's to pointof
commencement, conuituing 010 acres more or
20* Commencing nt a post planted at tho
HOttl h-weift cornel* tjf '\. L. 7s.il), marked "Warren Andrews "south-cast conier," thence west
mi'cliiiins, ihence uurth 80 chains, thence oasl
SO chains, ihence aouth 80 ehaiiis tu point of
cjiiiuiem:.. menl. cuntatuing. lit i acres liioreor
I)itedJtilj*4-.h, 1007.
hil. img i VYAMltW ANDHKW8.
i      JiMl-H'l (
Tako nutlco that Honry Ambrosti Morris, of lake notice that. I, W. T, Ok.
ItevcUtokc, M.C. oooupnUon Kp* Miner. In-j H. t-., occupalluii Miner, Inlcu
tends bi applv  for spool il limber llceticusovor - spclnl timber I Iconces over the fi
d lauds:
Lho following dohuribed landsi-
1, Commencing at \ post planted )U milos
trom the moutli of the aoiitli fork i.f I low liis
Creek, marked "Uonry Ambrose Mm iis's. K corner post," thence west 100 chains, thence imrlli In
chains, thencu oast 10) chains, tlience gnutluo
ehains to puim of conimonceinont, contatiihig uiu
acres more or less. .
2, Cninmenri ia nt a post planted iU iniles
from the tumuli nf the smith forkof llownlo
Creek, marked "Uonry Ambrose Morris'N K orner post," thence wost 10' ohalni, thenco smitli 40
chains, thence east hjo (hains, tlience imrlli -ji
.f Ili'voWnl;
lo apply I,
1, Commeneing at a pus! plauted nlmuj s;.
milos fmm tlio moutli o( I'aimo Kiver andnlmlil i
milos smith of Cranbui'ry Lake, ami marked "W
T.Oke'a north-east cornuv." tlience south 80 chains
tlienco wttsl <iii clmins, thunce north hi chains
thenre oasl 8" chains to placo of commencement,
containing flto acres moru or less.
i. Cmiiinon Ing at a pint planted about B miles
suulh nl McLennan Itiver ninl |olnhig No. I limit
and maikcd "W. T, oke's north-east eurner,'
tin'ire smith 80 chains, tbenco west Wi ehains
thonco uorlh so ohains, theuce uii-^t««> cli
I clmins to poiut of commencement, containing mu j pointof commencement, containing610acres mm
develstoke Land District.
Distridof Wust Kootenay.
Take notice that Chuiles E, Uciil, of ('ran-
brook, B.C., occupation Hruj-gi^t, intends to apply
fur special licenses oyer tl(6'following described
1. Coinmeneing at a posl planted about ioo
chains iifirtli from the mouth n? liig Creek and
about 80 c'liiinii west'of Comaplix and niarked
VtlhArler K. -Mid's H.K cornerv^t," thence 80
chains wesi, thviice 8u chains norlh, thence 80
chains east, ihence 80 chains south to point ol
commencement, and containing 040 acres more or
•£. Commencing at a post niarked ' Charles E
Keid's N. K. corner post/' planted about 100
chains tiorili from the mouth of Big Creek and
almut 80 cliaihs west of Cmuapfiij thence 80
chains west, tlience £0 chains Vmth, theilce su
chains ^t, blititire' '80 chillis' nortli to point of
o/unmlncemetit, and containing 640 acres more or
' 3," Commencing at a post marked 'Charles E
Keid's S.W. corner pnst," planted abont 1U> •.liaink
north front the iicmlli "' ^igCi'eek ahd aliodtSO
chains west, o' Comgplls, tlience' 80 cliains noUh,
thunce 80 eliuiiis ea^t,' thence' 80 chains soutli(
thetice 80 chains West to -point of conimeiicemeiitf,
attd containing 640 acres more orless.
4. Com mencing at a post mtltgeA ".Cha.fles.jS.
Keid'a N. IV. Onmer poe^,'   planteil Bliout 100
eli.'iiliii ijii'.-tli fjo'lll tht' iij.-ulll nf Hi*,; 1'ieek and
„li"ul i'i cl. iiuu wuitt of Cumauliii, thuncu auuth Mt
chains, thenct east 80 chaiua, thenci< north till
chains, thence west ?■•■> chains to point of cummencement, and c.iiiiiiii.in-*- Uio acres more or less.
iuied Jul) blh. lliu;
aat Jly "0 Mcholas 1'owera, Agent,
; acres moro ur le
I 'A. Commencingat a post planted l%mllei from
the mouth uf the south fork of Doantu Creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' 8.K. comer nost,
thencu west ItiO chains, then; v* north 4U ehnins,
thence east 160 chains, Ilienre south -IU chains to
puint uf euii>meiicemeut,ciintuining .,-.. a(>rea mors
or less.
i. Commencingal a post planted 8J^ miles from
the mouth uf the smitli lurk of Downlo Creok,
narked "Hanrj Ambrose Morris' N, ({.corner post,"
Ihence wust Hid chains, lluiice south 40 clialns,
thenceeast lfin chains.thence nortn 40 ehaiiis lu
point of commencement, containing uiu ucrus
inure or lesa.
6. Commencing ai a post planted BK miles up
frmn thu mouth uf tin-numb furk of Duwnie cruek.
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K.cornor post,"
tlience west ICO chains, thunce north 10 thaiim,
tbeuce ea-t len cbaius, thence south iu chains to
pnint uf commencement, cuntaining (ito acres mora
or less,
Datod June Slat, llu7.
A. (-run oonolng at a post planted 14 miles up
fnnn the moulh uf the iouth fork of liiiiriilt crenk
markud Henry Ambrose Morrw'N K^nrnerpiHit,1
thence wesl 100 ehuins, ihencr smith40chaiua,
tlienee easi mu chains, theii'-e north 40 chains to
point of commencement, containing eiua-rresmoro
or Ies**.
7. Commencing at a post planted on ihe smith
fork of Downlo Creek about 41 miles from Hie
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Mnrrls' s E corner poat," thence west iuu chains tbenco nortb 40
chains, thence emt 100 chains, theuce south 40
clialna to poinl uf commencement, containing mo
acres muru nr less.
8. Commencing at a post planleil on the south
foil; uf Downie (.'reek about 4} miles from tlie
moutli, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E corner pusl," thence west 100 chains, tlienee south In
chains, thence eust id) cliains, tlience nnrihtu
chamsiu pointof commencement,containing tilu
jutcsiiioiu nrless.
!), Commencing at a poit. planted mi lliu south
fork of Downio Cr ek, almul 6 miles'from the
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' s.K, corner post," tlonco west SO chains, tliouce north Kn
cliains,  thence cast SO chains, Ilieucc south SO
chains iu point uf commencement, containing B4o
ucrus more or less.
Ki, Commencing at a post ptanteil on the south
furs of Duwnie Creek about six milos from the
muuth. inarked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N E. enrner post," llienee west 40 chains, tlienco smith inn
chains, (hence east 40 chains, tlience imrih 160
chains to puinl uf commoncement, containing t;i<-
acres moru or less,
li.ih'd .1 une'J-Jn.l, 1007.
Hevelslokc Land District,
District of West Kootenay,
Titc notico tlmt Tom Suudt of Uevelsloki,
occupation Timber Cruiser, intends to apply for
a special timber licence over the following
dcsci* md lands:
1 Commencing nt a post planted lj miles
south of the mouth of Smith Creuk. utnl n;n
chains wc^lof the Columbia Hlver and marked
"T. Sundt'e S, K. coriiir," thenco 80 chains
wost. thence 80 chains noi lh, thence 80 chains
east, thonoe 80 chains south to pointof com-
meticcmcnt, containing: 010 acres more or lest.
2. Commencing at a post planted i\i milts
south of thu muuth of Smith (-reck, and SO
chains wust uf Columbia Hlver aud marked
"T, Sundt's N, K. oorner," tbence 80 chains
south, • hence 80 chains west, tbence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains cast to puim of commencement, oonUUnlng 640 acroa more or less.
3. Cummencing at a po-t planted 5J mi*s
south of tho mouth of Smith Creek, and 120
chains west of thu Columbia Rivtr and marked
"T. Sundt's S. E corner," thonce west ltio
chains, theuce north 40 uliains, tbence ea»t Hi'
chaina, thence south 40 chains to point of com
meneement, containing 640 acres more ur less.
4. Commencing at a post planted .ii miles
aouth of tho mouth of Smith Crock aud 120
chdiiis westof tbe Columbia Hivor und marked
"T. Sundt's N. E. corner," thejee south 40
chains, tlience west 160 chains, thenco north 4u
chains, thence enst 16K chains to point of commencement, containing (HO acres more or less
5. Commencing ata post planted 6!i miles
south af lhe moulh of Smith Creek, aud 2li
miles west of Columbia Hlvtr. aud marked
"T, Sundt's S. £, corner," thenco we-t '460
chains,tlienco north 40 chain*, thenee oust HVi
chains, thence south 40 chains to poiut o/ com*
meucemenl, containing 610 acres more ox leas,
0, Conimenclng ata post planted OU miles
suttth of lite iliohln uf Smith Creek and 2 mile*
wesl of Columbia Ki\cv, and m irked "T.
Stlndl's N. K. cornel'," tbenco south 10 chalos.
tlience vffeat Kjo chain-, iheuce norlh 40 chalife,
cast ltio chuilw to puint of cum-uieoceuiuul,
coiitaiiiingOlU acres more or lose.
7, Commencing at a pa-i planted 7 miles
-.uuili bf the muulli of Smith Creek,uud2}
miles west of (.'olumbia lliver, ami uiarked
"T, Sundt'a N. E- eurner-'1 theuce West 80
chaina, thencu MHith 80' chains, theuce cast SO
chaius, Lbcncc uorlh 80 chains tu puint of coui-
in'-ii'-viiH'til. ci,ui mu ink'Oto aores mure or Ic-ia,
Dated June loth, 1007.
' tat Jly 6       ____^_ TOM SUNDT.
B. Commencing at a poat plantod aliout 2 milo*
from McLennan rflver amlJolnlng No. :■ limit and
marked "W. T. oke's north-wesl conier,', ihence
east lot) chains, tliuueu smith 40 chains thenci
west ibo chains, thenre north 40 clmins to place ol
commencement, contuiulng oto acres inure or less
*. Commencing at a poal planted about a mllen
from McLennan lti»or and ironing No. 2 and No. 8
limits and marked "VV.T.jlto'a north-east cornor,'
tlience south *w chains, Ihonce west 80 chains,
theuce north su chains, tbence oast 80 chains to
point of commencement, coutalnlug 640 acres more
or luss
5. Commeueiug at a post planted ahmil-:; miles
smith uf Cranberry Lako an.l joining No. 1 limit
mi thu a.mtli ami marked "W. 'I', oke's north-east
corner," thonco soulh ao cliains, tlience weat eQ
chains, tlienco nurth so chains, thuncu oust su
eliains to phooof co n ii ieu cu mi*! nt, containing sm
acres, muru nr less.
(I. Commencing at n post planted abmit i miles
iouth of Cranberry Lake un.l joining No. Sllmll
mi the wtst, mul marked "W. T, Oke's louth-oaal
corner," llieueo west au eh .in*, Ihence north Su
chums. Uience east su chains, thencu uouth bn
chains to pnint uf commencement-", containing 610
aores more or less,
7 Comnioi eing at a post planted about4 milea
south of Cranberry Lake and Joining Nn Dlhull
on tho norlli unst and marked "W. T, uko's soutli-
eiut corner, tlieiioowial B0 chains, thence north
mi ohnlna, thuncu east mi chains, tbenco smith _u
chains lu puilll uf enuiuieneeuiuut, containing 010
acres mure m lesi,
Dated Jnuo7,tli, 1007.
H. Cominonoing at a pnst planted abuut :t miles
smitli nf McLennan Hirer and joining No 7 limit,
nud mnrked "VV. T. Oke's south-east corner,"
ihence uortli 80 rli.iins. theuce west su chains,
thence souih 8') clialna, thence east 80 chains tu
point of commencement, cuntaining 640 acres
more nr le.-s.
d. Conimenclng at a posl planted about 2 miles
smith i.f McLennan lllver ami joining No. 8 limit,
and maikcd *'W i, uke'i north*eaat cerner,"
thenee smith m clialna, tliouce west 80 clialna,
thencu notth si) chains, thencu unst Wi chains to
point of coiiiiui-ueeineni, containing 640 acres more
01 less.
in. - ommenclng at a post planted about 2 miles
smith of McLennan Ulcer and joining No. I) limit,
ami marked "W. T. Oke's south-east eurner,"
theuce wesl 1*80 ehuins, llienee norlh 10 chains,
thenee east 160 chains, tlience smith 4i) chains to
puiut uf coiniuuucciiiuut, conlaining 640 acres uiore
or less.
11. Commencing at a pest planted about I mllo
smith of McLennan Kiver and joining .Su lo limit
and uiniked "W, T, oke's north-east corner,"
ihence suulh Sii cliains, thencu wust 80 chains,
thenee nortli 80 cliains, thence east HO chains to
place of commoneoinent containing 610 acres more
or less.
Dated June 10th, 1007.
12. Commencing at a post planted about 'A
miles from Canoe Kiver and about Sii miles
from moulh of river and marked "iV. T. Oke's
south-east eornor," llienee west 80clialns, tlience
north so cliains, thenee east su chains, thenee
south sochains tu point of commencement, containing 610 acres more nr lesa.
IS, Conanvneing at a fust planted about 2 miles
we.it of Caum Hirer nnd joinlug No. 12 limit and
marked "w, T. Oke's south-eaat cornor," thencu
wosl to chains, tlience imrth 8u cliains, thunce east
SO chums, thenee soutli 80 chaius to place of coin-
miucamwit, cotltaluing 646 acres mdro or less.
U. Comiiuticiiigat a pust planted aliout 1 milu
weat uf Canoo Kiver and jtitiin_ Na. 1:1 limit and
luarkad "W, T. Oku's south-west corner," thunce
north Su clifl-ius, theme east 80 chains, thenee
south so (tliaios, tln-mca west 80 chains to poiat of
comaiancement, containing (HO acres more or lean,
fealed  iiHf Hib, i»o;,
wad jly 3 WILLIAM T. OKE.
Tuke notice tlm 3U days aftor-tittoji r«rnin«
of Uevelaaiike, ocoiipiitlnu hmel man, intonds
tn apply for a special timber 11 ense ovor the
following described hinds: -
1. CoRimeneiutz al u j-MMt plnr.to-1 two mile«
west of Cuimo river uml abmu Ki miles fr 1
month, noor Cr-niborry hike, and marked *K.
Corniug's uorihoasl coruor post N 1 1," iheuce
south 80chains, Ihonce west 80 chains, thenca
mirth SO chuina, thencu east Wkbuins to stttrt* on the easi Lnnk nf  the south folk of
"Ti'ied- f011rt,Vl"l""j^ucrMmoreM w'"'      Sevwuur river about lj uiilesaoutb of
2."Cominoncinglit a imst plantod on wo.i   'hofiaiiw and nliout ^li mllea up from
bank of Cuuoe (Ivor.US milos from muuth,ami |Shus\vu|i laku anil miuktd "Alexunder
McCiko's N.W. coiner," tbence east 10
Take n itii •• ■!. ■' Ah tai deitW' Otae
of Dwr.-l-ffli*. B.D., Ptoipc_tnr, in-
ten.Is in Apply foi a spi-cial limhei.
license uvw the folluwinu desciibei-
1.  Commencing at a posl planted
Notice Is hereby glvou lhat 60 days from date
I Inteud 10 apply to the Honourable lho Ciiiel
Qomtnlisloner of Lauds and Works for permission in purchase tbe following dewriued
lauds, situated at UnLena Bay, hi weal Kuuteiiay distriot'
I'PUlhieucmg*! a post marked "W, ll. Keid's
mmih-easl cornkr pu.-i," and planted 40 chains
soutb from Ihj north-weslcnrncrof C. Heck'a
Loi 7u43, tbence -.-.est Jn chains, thence north
4 chains, tbence eaal 'JO chaiua, thonce smith
10 tibttin.s to puint uf cummencement, aud wn-
talnlng 80 teres mure or leas.
Dated May Und, 1007.
saimy.fi W. K. Khlli
Ni'tlif*. t. tmreliy niren tliat'80 daya nltor ilhlii 1
inleli.l In a|.[.ly t.» llif HotlOTabla, tliu Chiof JCln-
lulaaiuiier ol Un.la anil Wnrka for tn-rillla-.till lo
piirclmae tho lollowing daaorltwd litrnia, all.mte.1
on I'pper Arro*- lako, Uiairict ol \r0hlKonuiniiy:
Uoi>li...f..cinii at a (inii planltd lit tlio lj K.
Comoro! I(nl|ili -Siiiiiiiona iiplilicaiion, Ihonnp
IM clidihi nonhoaaiorly lollow||W tl.o UV..
'I.Oro In lialona (Bii Infill* perth 80 chain.,
ihcnro «o.|i|mc'|iir|V lit. chains paralleling
Wki'.liore; thenci. soi.ll. raw lo polul of
iai....n>'i.<:cincui. and .■if..i|i..i|nK III itore., moro
lla.cd Arrouheiid, H. IX, June 1.190".
jun H sal A, W. DICKINSON,
AKenl lor UmbWaUon Lumbor Co , LUI,
t. ,'i* i nv
Kevelstoke Land District.
IHslrlct of Wesi Kootenay.
Take noiicw lhat 1, Anion (Unum ol Poplar,
B.C., occupation b{u|B, ihK-i.d to apply fur
j -r* ii*-simi to [iiUehaao the following descrMwd
lau-ll '• '
t'ommcnclng at a j-ost planled on the north
side ot the lardo lliver, opposite, the towi| of
Poplar, niarked "A. IUum'u's N VV. coiner,"
Ihence cant 4ii cliains, th'uou suutti lo chains,
tbeuce VMt 40 chalna, Iheuce north lo chains
to polul ol commencement, anil containing 40
acres, more or lens.
psi-a j nd J.iiv i*."".
Keyelstoke Land Ulatrlct,
district of \Vcsl Kooteuay,
Take notice that fi us Miriam UclMruin nf
Hevelsluke, K. I\, occvpftltou Cruiser, inlands
lo apply for a special license ovei thefuftowlng
deaen^ed liiuds;
1. t:iiinmc'.icing at a post planted about ouo
milu up tha north-oast furk ol Kivc Mile week;
ami about two chaius wost n\ the trail. Five
Mile Creek being five miles aboye Carnes
Creek, and marked "lius Kpriam Hedstrom's
S. E. cor. er." thence north 80 chuius, iheuce
west 80 chains, ihence south 4*0 chains, tneneo
Cast ISO chain-- to poiul uf i-umineucci-cht, conlaining ii-lo acres mure or \ess,
2 CommcuciuK ol a nuat planted abeut one
miUi up ilie uorth-east lork ot Plye Mile creek
and 'abuul lwo chains westof ibe irail, five
Mile Creuk being Ave mllea above Cttruea
Creok, and inarked 'Ous bpruiu ll^d.itro.m's
S VV curuer," llienee north fio chain , thoncu
east 80 chains, thorn eMiutb 80 chains, tticuce
\m'>i wi -,-iui.iis io poiul of cummeucemeut, and
i-uiiittiiiing -li In acres mure or less.
'A Commeueiug at a post planted about ouo
mile up the nurili-oasi inr): ol 'tiyc Mllei reek
and aouut twu chains west of the trail, riyo
Mile I'rcck bei,ng live miles abuve cynics
Creek, and' markttd "Dui hpriaiu liedatrum't;
f-T VV". curuer,'-' thunce suulh BO chains, ihence
east St i-hiuiis. lhcnco U"?ill ^0 i'liains, thouce
weat 80 chains tu puiui of cummeuccuent, and
vnuiniiiinn 040 acres moru or leas,
4. Cummeuciug al a post planled about one
mile up the uurih-easi lork of Hve Mile creek
aud about twu ehains west of ihe trail, hive
Mile Creok bung live miles above Carnes
Cteek, nud' marked "(ius Kprlam U.edttrom's
N.K, coruer," theace auulh W) chains, thence
wesi 8" chalna, theuce uorlh 10 chains, the nee
cant Uu chains lo pointol cnmtiiuficemcm,attd
containing MO acres more ur less,
Dated June iMi, 11W7. i   *
wed )ly 10     QUS KIM11AM HKD8TKOM
Kuvulstokc Land District.
District of Wesl KonUmtt
Take notice t^t Oliftrlos K. Reid nf Craiihronk,
It.C, iK'cupatlun Druggisl, mtniils u sjiplylora
special l imiut llcansu ov«r the following lloaeilhiii,!,
Commencing at a post niaiked "Charles E.
Helifs B.W, corner w%" planted about 10 chaina
imrih of a post 'marked'"tt.l*. YAtU, I). Orr pro-
yiiiptluii," and aliout \\ niiles imrih of Camhnruo,
H, C, thence north ,vi chaini, thunce rasl *.n
chains, theuce soutli so chaiua. ihuncy ■*.■■.), sii
chains lo point of commeiiceuie^t, - ml containing
640 acres more or lust,
Dated Julv uth, ioo?,
"   ' (JUAltLt'-S K. KKID,
sat jly 20       '      NicholuslVvi, AgCttl.
Notico Is heroby given that llll ikiys after date 1
inteml to apply to the chief uomiulssloucrof
Lamli aad Works for pftrtnisslen toparohase th*}
following described lands, sitiuita lit \\'t\\ UuuU-
nay ilish iei:
cummencing at n opal planted 40 chains
norlh of soui^-eaal' corner of T.L. 7im.aud
markeil '*'l. *.' aohnion'a north-west corner
pusl,' Ihonoe east HO chains, south 80 chains,
weat 80 chains, north 80 chains to pofy (il
Daled June o'th, 1*)T,
wedjunW J, E. JOIIIWON.
KavelstekaLand Dlitrlct.
Dhtrlct «f Wost Kuuteiiay.
Tako notice lhat A. M, Symons,of St, f.eon,
U C, occupation M ner, intends toapnly for
special timber licenses over the following
described li-nds:
1. ca-imu-nclngat a noi planted -it the N.
W corner of Lut 8175 and alt-lnt ffl chains weat
nf thu middle fork of Fosthall Cjeek, vreat of
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A. M.Symons' S.^. corner," thence uortb 80 chains,
theuce west8n.chains.*r,lhetice soulh BUehalus,
tbeuce east 80 chiius to place of coinibeucc-
meut, and conlaining G4D acres mare nr less
2. Commeueiug at a post planted at t' e N.
W. cornerof Lot S17fjauu abnur'u chains west
nf the liifddle fork uf Fosthall Creek, westof
Upper Arrow lake, and marked "A, M. Hy-
mont' S.W, curuer," lhcuce nortb SOohains,
iheuce cast so . hains. lln-nee south 80 chains,
iheuce wes-. so clialna tu placoof commeucemeut, uud cmitiiiiu tu (ill) acres mure or less
Itftied -Iuin- loth, fto7.
lj Cummencing at a post plantod unc mile
uurth and 10 chains wesi of lho N.W. curuer uf
Lui 8176 and on the cast bank ul lhe middle
fork u( Fusthali creek, west of Uppjr Arrow
Lake, and marked •A.M.Syinous' 9 K.cunur,"
'hence nuri i 8u chaius, thence wesi 80 chains,
Ihence south so chains, thence east81)chains
in place of cuiiiiuciKTiucni. and containing
04o acres mure or leaa,
4. uHinicuciug ni a post planted one mile
nurth and io chains west of the N W. corner of
I'oi Blfiatid on ihe east bunk of the middle
forkol Foslhall Crook, weal of Upper Arrow
i-ulte, and luuikcl "A.M.Syin -ins , v corner."
iheuce imrth ko chains, tfteiiee .-ast 80obaina,
thence s*'Uih so eliains, u,. mu nest 80 chains
to lace *f w% 'eucuuient, ami containing
64'i acres muru or less.
&, Cimmciicinu at a cost planted e.*,,c m le
norib and 7o chains nnst of LQlfclttaiui unw
mile tut Ol the cast liank u! lho middle foik ol
Foslhall Crro_, west *al Hipper Armw uke und
marked '.'A, M, Symuiis' .-.. VV, comer," thence
norib 80 chains, niciice casi 80 chains theuco
soulb 80 c a.us, thencu west hU chains in place
ef eummuuccuieut, and coulaiuing 610 acwa
mure or lesa.
Dated June 17ih, lflirj.
6. Commencing at a post plauted at lhe I .
VV.iornerul ,.'. V-'Ati, and abuut Oo chains
lyett oi the north fork of Fosthall Oreek, 8
milea Irom the uiuuih ui ihe north fork, west
nf (lie Upper Anow I.uko, and marked-A. M.
Syin'ons' S.E, corner," theiieo soulb SOohains,
lhcuce westsu chains, theuce uurth so ehalus,
tlienco vM 80 chains lo place of comtuunce-
ment. coniainlng (ilu acres more nr less,
7. Cummencing at a pust planlcd nt lhu S.
W.' cornerol T.L. im\ and lOOchains we-l uf
the uonh lork ot In-iimll Creek, and about '•'■
miles Irom iliemn'ulhol thc north fork, wesi
01 I'pper Arrow I uke, and marked "A. M Sy-
100118* S.K. enrner," thenco north 80 chains,
Uience wesl 80 chains, thonce uouth SO chains,
Ihencu eaat 80 chains tu placu uf commence-
lneiU, aud coulaiuing C4o acres moroor less.
8. Cummencing at a post planted al the S
W. corner T. 1. 7;t08, abuut 40 clialns west n\ ibe
north lork of histhall Creek, about 4 miles
from the mouth of the noiptb fork, wod nf
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A.M symuns*
S. K, curuer," thi-nCa west80 chains, thence
north80 ekmiui, thonce east sochains, theuco
suiuh 8U chains tu place uf cuuimcucumcnt.
apd aoiitahilng 010 acres mure or less.
Dated June 18th, PJ07.
wedjly 10     ANDKKW MIU« SYMONS.
Take notice that I, John WallisHlicrwin, uf
Winnipeg, Maiiilubu, inlrud U\ apply far a
Hiiccial limber licence (of ibo fulluwing do-
scribed lauds:
Cuiiimi■;,. ma; at a pout planted at Ibe Suuth
Wwtoo'toorTrl* NWII, markeil ".I.W.H,, mniii-
en-i cnrnoi," ritiiniiiK wo§|, 80 elm.Um. thou.00
south Af chaius, lluinco cu*1, Nl ehalus, and
Uience nurih RO cliaim-; to the pulut uf cum
Dated .|uiy l«th, 1007.
r,atjly,20 J, WALLWSHIUWIK.
OTICK I. lioroby Kivo.. 'hut 80 daya after
. , da.o 1 I..U-...1 '.« ijiplj lo lho Uo... the
Ul.lol CqnimMonor of unda and Worka for
pvviuiaaii.il V& pnrcliaao ll.o lollowliiK aOHcrlbod
mn.la, allualaal In Woal Kootonay:
Oommonolng at a pml iilanled a. i-l.ai.ii
».-,... iiii...I Inv, ii.Bik.-.l ll. M. HWaiinrili-
i-a.i i-.irin-i- poil/' il......... .01.11. Bl ohalna, <v«m
W obaina. nurlb an chain., eait ao chain, lo
point 01 oominoncera.il..
Bai«.l*|un.«lh,ll«i7.     wlU    D.M.KAE,
Notion I. horoby glvon ij.a. "10.lay....ri..r
dilU. wo inloild In li|.|.ly In l.licllon llil.i'hi.ff
.,'ouinil.alonoi- nf Lun.la .in.l Worka, lor «pp.flul
lloonoo to out and ...iny iiwaytinil.or.ri.iii ibe
r..]lowlt.K.leao.-Il.o.l landa:
CoiuinoncinK nl a ■. ,-,.,.i„iiiatl at llio nortb-
naat oornor nl Ufiia-n QloiidlnntiiK'a pro-omp-
nun No. HH, Woal Kootonay Dhtrlot, .....I
m.H'lie.1 "Ilia llol.il Luu.bor pAyVaiillll..
ooal oornor poat," thonoo uortli ll) olialii8,tliflftoo
weal. 1.1(1 ohalna, Ihi.icn a.....I.... ifliiii.-;. ,.h-.im-
eual iMi ohtiina lo poinl uf co.uuioi.oe.ueu I.
Arrowliond, H.i'., .liilyMh, tW,
anl jlyKI Ilu, IIBM) Luhikr 0p„ I.TU.
Ravtlatoke l.nc,i', hl*trlct.
Districl pl Vest Keotenay,
Take notice that Kicliard Davit, Agaut^ ol,
Kcvelntnkv, li. C„ occupatiuii, saw mlU idKnivger,
iutuada tu apply for a special tioiU*; Ucunuu i.f ui
lho fulluwing dascribud lw\*.
CuiiiiuaiiciiiK at a pust marked "north-west
inrnnr myit," shunted abuut a iiuartcr uf a milu
bolow rive Mile Creak, nu the west hank of (Ita
Culumbia Kiver, running cast eightv chains,
thenct miifli eighty chainu, thonce weat eifiiily
cliaim, thuncu north eighty clialna lo tho point af
Date* Jul) M, mt-
narked "L. Comlnff'fl northwdit enrner post
No, 2," thenca oast 80 chains ihoneo soutn 8)
■Imins, thenco west Sodiums, thence imrth 50
chains to starting point, containing Olo aerea
more or loss,
Doted '.ih June, 1907.
'A. Commencing nt a post planted threo miles
we-i uf Ciitii.cJ river, So mllea frum muuth uml
marked "K. Coming's northwest corner tmi-t
No. 3," tbence east 80 chains, theuco soutn 80
chuius, thouce west 80 chains tliuuco nnrth mi
chnius tu startlug point, coBtalnlug (HO acres
iimro nr lusk,
Dated 'ih June, 1007,
I. Coinmouclng ut a post planted on wtwt
imnk of Cauoo rivor, aboul 8-*. mile- frmn mouth
ami marked 'MS. Coming's northeast cornerpost
No. I," Unmet) smith SO ohains, iheno** west 80
chains, iheuce nurih 8u chaiu.-, thenoe east 80
cliains lu Btui'tiug puiut, Containing OU) acres
niorour luss.
Dated 5th June, 1907.
S. Cuminuucinn ut a ihisI planted wu-i of
Cnaoe river uud 87 milu* fnnn mouth, marked
"li. Corning's liurlhoast uinier post No. 5,"
theicu south M chains, Ihuico wo»t-Snchuiiu,
i!ii'iicii north .Stl chains, thenee eaat BO chaini tu
atartlug ndlut,coutainingtf40 acres inure or lesi
Dultd 5th Juuo, 1907.
0. Cniunienciun ui n |wst plauted wesl d!
Canoo river, 8S mlb's from mouth, and marked
"I'l Coming's nnrt unit curuer pu-t No, 6,"
theuce soutn If) chains, ihonce wost Si ohalna,
honco uorth SO chains, tlienc-, east SOohains to
-iiriuii; point, containing 040 iorei nmre ur
Dated ith June, I0O7.
7, Commeuelng at a post plunted westof
Cnnoe, river uml 8'i miles irum mouth) aid
marked "K. Corning's northoaat coruer post
No, 7," thenco south 80 chains, iheuce west 0
chaius, thoncu uurth so chains, theuco east 80
ehuins tn starting point, Containing lilOiicroi,
muru or loss.
Dated ith Juuo, l!)07.
8. Commonolngut a post plant d flvo mllei
wesi nf Cunoo rivor and about 85 miles from
mouth and markod "K. Coming's southwest
coruer imst No. S," thouco nurth so chain--,
theuco uu.it Hi climuB, ihencosuulh-0chains,
thouco woat sti chains to starting point,containing 040 acres moro nr less.
Dated lth Juno, 1000.
0. Commouolog at a post planted west of
Canoe river und 85 miles frnm muuth. aud
marked ' \i. Corniug's sun
No. 0," tlience north 160 chaina, thonoo un-.il.)
chains, thoncu south 10O cbaius, thuuee WOSt 10
chaiua to sturtiug point, coutulnlng OiO acres
ur loss.
l^ilocl Ttli June 1007.
lu. Commonolng at a post pluuted un wo-l
hank of Cauoo rivor ami about S3 miles from
mouth mid innrkeil "E. Coming's Bouthwost
ruer N-i, 10," thuncu uurth sn clmins, theuco
earl m cii,un.-, iii.■(...* ■outii 50 chains, thonee
...^80 •hains in starting poiut, coituluing 640
mires iimrour lusi
Datud Jtsno 7th, 11107.
11. Commencing at a pust. planted west of
Canoo Itiver aud uhuiil 85 miles from Mr-nth
and marked '% Cornlng'a south-oast corner
pust Nu. 11," thence wesl 8u eliaihs, thence
iiiiiih 80 chains, lhcnco east 80 chains, tlience
south 8ii chains lo aiuriing puiut, cuntaiug 01u
acres more or loss.
Dated June8th, 1007.
12. Commencing at u po-it planted woat or
CiiHue Rivor about- miles, about 85 mile*- from
mouth, marked "K. Cornlng'a north-oast cornor
post No.   12," thencu soulh SO chains, Ihence
west 80 cialns, theuco north so ohalna, thonco
cast 80 chaius Lo -.tuning point, cuntaining 010
acres mure or less,
YA, Commencing at. a post planted west of
Canoe Kiver and 85 miles frum uiouib, inarked
"E. Corning's north-east oorner post No. 13,'
theuco sooth 80 chains, thonce west 80 ohalna,
Uience nnrlh SO chains, thenee nnst si chains tu
starting point, coutaining04uacres more or less,
14 Commencing at a pust planted I mile
west of Canoo Uiver and about 85 miles ftom
mouth, and narked "E. Coming's north*west
■orner pust No. 11." thence east 80 chains,
thoncu suuth 80 chains, thenco weat 80 chains,
tbence north 80 chains to starting poiat, com
mining Old acres mure ur loss.
Dated J uno-Uth, 1007.
W0d jly 3 ED. CORNING,
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenny.
Take nolice thttt G. R. Norlhey of
'Camborne, B. C, occupation Logger,
inteiiUs to apply for a special limber ft-
cetice over tlw following described lands:
I. Commencing at ii post planted on
the east bnnk of Hoyd creek, ubout 5
chains from creek and about 3 miles from
ita moulh) marked "G. R. Norlhey's
north-east corner post," tlience west So
chains, ihence south Ho chains, thence
east So chains, thence north So ehains lo
point ef cotnmencemenlr
i. Commencing al a nosl planled on-
the wesl bank ot Boyd Creek, ahoul 4
miles from its mouth, marked "Cl. R.
Norlhey's noith-casteotucr post," llienee
wesl So chains, tlience soulli 80 chains,
iheuce east 80 cliains, ihence uorth 80
eliains lo point ol commenceneni,
3, Comincncing •* a post plantod on
the east bank ol Hoyd creek, about bo
chttins from creek and about 5 miles Irom
it* mouth, inarked "G. R. Norlhey*.
south-east corner posl,' thence norlli 80
ehains, lhcuce wesl So chains, thence
soulh &) chains, thence easl 80 chains to
poim ol coiiiiin'iiceiiiont,
4, Commencing «i a post planted on
the easl bank ol Hoyd creek, aboul bo
chains from creek and ahout 5 miles (rom
its moulti, niarked "G. K. Norlhey's
soullvwest corner posl," ihence norlh So
chains, ihence easl 80 chains, theuce
SOIllll Sochains, iheuce west Su chainslo
point of commencement,
Dated June 2glh, 1907.
5, Commencing at a post planled on
he easl bank of Hoyd ereek, aboul 30
haius Irom •rock ami about b miles trom
:s  moulh,   inarked   "ll.    R,   Not they s
north-easl corner post." thenee west 40
lains, thence south  160 ehains, thence
east 40 chains, lhenc« north 100 chains (o
poinl o( commencement,
. Commencing at a post planled on
lhe easl hank of Hoyd creek, aboul 30
ehains from creek and about O^ miles
from itsnioulV,, markud "G. R. Norlhey's
niirlti-woi.1 COtner post." ihence cast 40
clmins, thonco soutn ibo chains, ihence
west 40 chains, tlieiiee north 1O0 chains 10
poini ot commencement,
7, Coum.oeeiiiK al a post planled on
Ihr cast bank ol Boyd creek about 30
lhaius fnnn creek and alwui s miles from
iis mouth, marked "G. R. Norlhey's
north-wesl cornor post," llienee wel 80
chains, ihence ".outli ho ohains, ihence
wesl Iio chains, ihence uorlh So chains lo
point of commencemeni,
Daled 6th July, 1907,
wed jly 17     P»r A. Mclnnce, agent,
N.ai.-ni. Iii.r...|.,u|.,.-I. lli.it ll».
II.-. 1I..M..1 tlm
ilenlituKl lia,
applied t« Ilia ItiHour ilm l,twl«imiil>uoT«m-»i
in.,-... ll unite, tin. |.i«vi,imi,.,( tii.. ni,... .m.i
SL.i-.itus Ail, I" <-l*.ir ami li-iii..v.f ....alrucliiiti,
lion. I'mlt) i'n-,k in ili. OI.tr.clot w.,t Knot*
..ay, llrllixii r<.liiiiilua, I.-..U. . |f..Mt when .1
empties inlo iht, Uolutabli HItm to t point un
-..ial crook .i".11' i ii.i1,'-. '"..a ili. .'..liiuil.ta U.ver
ninl tn construct i.u.l maimiiiii if-...iu, hi or nbout
tliu ia..nil. ..I .mil .-r.-.a und in tin- (JoluIQbl.
UU/,r, ailja.'....t llii.-r.flii. un.l *.< MUn-h Ui.hiibIii
tit. .Ia.ru ..I I'nal.y .'leak nivl aui.l (.'.i.nul.l<i
iliyor ui M.i-1.1 point., Ior IviUiug, ...rtiiv ind do-
l.TaT.i.E I..,.* nnil liniiur iv.u^l.i down sftl.1 erwk,
Till- lanila ... lu, illloi-t..| iiy tiff iai.1 aurk IP,
Crown I..-.<!» and tl.o t.dl, tlmt ar.. propMHl... I*
<-IH',;,«tt nro such ,.. inftj-l.a H-si-iUy a Jml^a ..I
tliu I ftiinty'liiiiir.-.if*.Vf,t lioulenuy.
II.U.-.I ilila I ..Hi .lay .-( June, 1W7
_ wodJinniMMd 11 DOMNKL1.Y.
chains, tl.i-i.ee nu.-lh 89 chains, theuce
ensl lOchains, iln in-.--.ii.il. 120chains,
thonce wesl SO .Lain*, ihence north 4U
elifiin* to poinl .-I commencement and
containing tUO acres more or less.
2.  Oouiuiencing al .. post planted
uiiilic ei..*i Imnk i-i lln  south fork .if.
Seymour river abont 2 miles south of
the mu. nd aboul il miles up fooiu
Shuswap I iM.-iif-l marked " Alexander
.'v.-. ....-.* S. \\\ comer." theni-■ Bouth
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
north Su chains, thence west 80 chains
to point nf commencement, and ton-
taining (HO .-icri's more or less.
■i.   Commencing at a post planted
on the easl bank of the aoutl. fork of
Seymour river about 3 iniles south ot
il... cm.I- and about ilii utile..-up from
Shuswap lake and marked "Alexander
McCraea  N. E. curuer," thence south
.mi - hin.i*. ihence west 80chains, thenee
.; . .. 80 .1...ii,-. theoce east 80 chains
i   p..ni ..f .............1.11.1...-nt, an.l con-
uiiiii.,; 040 acres more or less,
4. Coinineneilig in .-. post plant.-.1
abuul 1 mile east of the auuth fork of
Seymour river, iiltout 11 n.ilt-s aoiith of
lhe same and about 23 miles up from
Shuswap lake and marked "Alexander
McCraea N.W. curuer," thenceeast
luu ciiains, thence .....th lu chains,
thence wi-ft liiu chains, tbence north
10clvilna to pointof commencement
and i-.ui..lining 010 acres more or less.
Dated June aitli, 11)07,
.".. Commencing at a post planted l
inili. in.*, of tl.e west Iffink of Seymour
river, aboul '12 mil.-- up from Shuswap
lake.and marked "Alexander McCrae's
N.W. corner," thenoe ...utli lOchains,
thenco east lilt chains, tl..-....-.. nortli
ID chains, thence west ino ohnins to
poinl of commencement, containing
iilu...... es nmre ut lens.
li. Oommenclng al n post planted ,
mile westof the nest batik of Sieimi.ur
■river, about '12 miles up from .shu^wai
lake and marked "Alexandsr M.Oi-aee
S. \V. corner," iheaee nurth 40 ciiains,
thenee cast 160 chaina, tlu-nce aoulh
111 cliains, llieure west UW cbalm t»
point of commencement and containing 'ito iie.-.-a more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted J
mill- west of tlie w.-si bank "f Seymour
river, about -2 miles up from Shuswap
ink., and marked "AlexanderMcCraes
S. I'l. cornei-," thence ma-lli 40 ehains,
ihence west 100 ehains, tlienee suulh
|u churns, llienee east 10O eliains to
point of commencement, aud containing (ill) iieres more or less.
5. Commeicing at a post plunted
ahout , mile easl uf a see..nil north
fork of Seymour river, about 22j nil. s
above Shuswap lake nnd about 21
wHes up the said fork ...ul marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. \V. cornur,"
theuce north 100 chains, thence east
III ulniins, thence south 10) chuina,
thenoe west 40 ehuins to p..in* of com-
meneement, und containing 010 acres
more ur less.
ii. Commencing at a post planted
about J mile east of a second north
fork of Seymour river, about 22} miles
altore Shuswap lake and ahout 2}
miles up the snid folk ami marked
"Alexander McOrae's S. E. corner,
thenci north ioo chains, thence west
40 chains, thence south 100 ehuins,
ihence east 40 chains to poi.A uf turn-
meneement, and containing (HO acres
more or less.
Duied June 27th, 1907.
10. Commencing at a p<*t plsHited
i.n the east bankof a second north
fork of Seymour river, ahout 24} miles
up from Shuswap luka and about 1}
u.ilt-s up lhe said fork au.l mul ked
"Altxauder McCrae's S, \V. corner,"
thenee uortli 100chains, iheneeeast 4(1
chains, Ihence south 100 chains, ihence
west 4u ciiains tf. point of cotiiiueim-
itienl, and contaklUg M a..-.. n..:t
or less.
Dated July lit, 1HH7.
11. Coinmeneing ad a post planted
lj ...ilea ...tiilii.f the S.-yii.i.ui- rivei
and nboul 14 milea above Shuswa
lake an.l uiarxed "Alexoader McCrae's
S, \V. cm net-." thence uoitli ho chains,
iheneeeast 80 .-hains, thence south80
chains, lliM.ce well SO chains lo point
of couiu.ei.eetn.-i.t, an.l containing
040 acres nmre ur less:
Dated July 6th, Il»i7.
wed jly 17   ALEXAXUgR Mcl'KAK,
Certificate of Improvements.
Riohmopd Mineral Claim, siiuate In the Rev
ebtoke Mining Division of West Kootonay
When.' located; -At Standard Basin, South
Furk of iHiwiiie Creek.
Tako nolice tint I, it. Smith, F.M.C No,
BSSill acting as agont f«>r tt. H. Wtllcox,
Kreo Mlnor'a Certificate No. 118S5S0, Intend,
*ixt>- iliiv-i from dull* htiwf, tu apiily to lho
MiningRecordur foraCertiflcateot hniuove-
tut-ntj, for tiir pi*qpofo o( obtaining a Crown
Grant of tho above claim.
And (uMlii'i uik« notice llm* action, under
t-ecUou 'A', mual U* commenoed before ilie
i-.-ihiiu-c of vin h Uertlflcnte ol Innirovetucnt**.
Dtttwi Uu- Cnl day of Muy, A.h. IB07,
wed my 18 . SMITH.
.\...k« nlffh) ru ni Hi.! j"'!*?* iftfr.ln;-. 1
iiiicinl lo u|i|il)* to ths Uon, tha Obtet Cotomli'
smuer uf Uinih ami Works for luunmsi.iu to par
litiMB tke followiOR dwctlhsd uwdi, ittuatto on
(iiiiona Hay, tfnni Kootenaj dlitrlcti
(Jijuiuiiiiii'lii'(i*tii|»iitvlii'ii''il '*' analna iouth
Imm UbKWi Corner ol Lot 6,H0, and markm
•iIbii.T. Ni.«i_iiir«b. K- (Jornor I'oat," thwee
^irlliuncimlni, thenee wett p Chalna, UlSMI
.soulli ip cbnins, iheiK'f watt t" eiUlus, tbenco
auatti *dutlik tliwutv wwt Wchalai t" ,pl»*« ol
giitniitjucoint-iit, cuaUliiiiiK W> wri-s mme «* Wt*.
At«-l tA Aiiowhwd, J inn lit, WO?.      »*d j -S
HovelatukaUml Dhtrlct.
Dutrltl ol Weal KooteDay,
Take noifos tbat 1,0. K. Dtpketnonof Ber*
,,-:.,..oeoupitloa ruraor, roteod toapply
lur pertnlaalin io purobaae tin- (ollowlngde«
,i r.i ■: land;
CommenciQi at h imt i-luuit-ti at iho 9. K.
corner i- Til?,Q, i, thMmt neat iO onatoii
tbeucsaoutk io ohalni, iti>u-.c em JuurntinH,
tbonce north hi < tiniu*. io ij-uint oliommenoe*
mint una     '■' h.mii; Ud ncroN more or Iciri.
Dated May I6ili,iw7.
weilJ.-U iiK'il.i.H iltiKWUdh im:KIXAt>S,
ft'wt Keotonaj l*ad District, DUtrlct o( Ber*
elatoki, U.O. uk* notice thai HupeflbWilliam
Uaggen, ol Berelatoka, H.t.. occupntlonIruur-
ance Agiat, InUndi ta h->plj tor pcrmlaaion to
ptui'lmse tii-* lulluttiiit; 'liuiriU'd l;i*l. IJffi-
BUUcini Mt a ], ■«( fthtiii(-*4 ui lh>- -uejiti-rn aliuru •(
I'jippr Anow lake, itt H.iiiiioik Point, iuul murk-
wl "R, W. llMgen'i -wulh-eiMt corner post,"
situkU aliiiut*JU(*Hfiiii« Iron tiie loulhtm cttmrn*
itv.,f BaQBOck Point, thenca imth 40 riiaiin t«
lhe sootbarn boundari ol Qeorw B.oydi pre*enp<
Uon, tbonco wSat 40 chalna to th« oaatotn bound-
ary of Lot ill, thenca aouth N ehalaa to tha ahore
ol Upper Atrron Uk**, thenco eut following tlit
abora ol Uppei Awow Lake i* placa M cinnonce*
ment, contains an area ol LOU acrea^tore ur hm.
I'.u-.i .i'u nib, iw:. Bupert Wlinaffla Elaggei.
Certificate of Improvements.
.Vh.int Mineral Clni.11. skualc In lh* Re.il-
t.okr !li..i..s DlrUlM <* WW k«,w..«j
WLire locatod:  .1 I*. b«M K *• M^S!
SuutL 1'u.k ol Dannia Iwl, MJOWH
llie If I.f ol thn Hia> Mine* 0U1«
Take "otic. ilia. I, It. 8nll>, F.M.O. Ni.
BBfll Ktlna »a ajti.t (or l. M. I'krk.rreo
M...,ra i ertltl.-alo No. B88KU, inl.nd, aiity
.laj. Iron. .la... hereof, to an.ly tolhe M.nlnic
lleoordor lot i Cirllncatl of IiiiproT.-tiio.iia,
ur tlu-.iiir.H)Ki>/ obtaining ft I'rown (jnanto.
Ana further lake notice thn actio.., unflet
Motion Yi, .nuat bu   coiiiliie.ce.1 boon lhe
i.-.iiim.-.»l Miifiri'i-iiiaoiif.foi tnpn.fflii.oati,
Daled Ilia tSrd d«J ol Mftf. A.I).. UMJ.	
wod nrN it. SMITH, WIlf*X* rtWewtn^M""
This is the Season ul the year that we take an inventory ol our stock. Wc mean by
so doing that no odd lines in Our Summer Stock shall appear on Our Stock List. Our
pr .-*- are always ihe lowest and this Sale means a still further reduction in Prices. Snaps
for food carelul buyers.   Look at the lollowing list i—
Ladies' Lawn Skirts
Ladies' White Lawn and   P. K.   Skirts
at half regular price
Ladies' Under Skirts
Regular 51.25 and $1.75  Skirls,  now
selline al r.sc. each,
Dress Goods Remnants
Remnants ol Dress Goods and all Remit prices to iie ir,
Now 10c. Per Yard
Muslin,   Prints,   Linen-*,    Chambrays,
etc,   Regular 15c. and 25c. goods.
Ladies' Tweed Skirts
Onlv a few left at $3.00 eaeh Regular
$5,011 and $6.00 Skirts. All this Season's
Prints! Prints!
A full line of patterns at Gc. per yard.
Ladies' Costumes
These .ne une of the newest lines on the
market ihis season. Von eau buy any of
these al jusl half the regular price,
Ladies' Canvas Shoes
Utiles' While Canvas Oxfords ul $1.00 i.e.- pair,
Straw ll.iis.-u.il Linen llals.    Sale   Hall Price.
•HM"i"f"M"iii3iiMit||j ;
T *> un should  leav.   your Pre- f
9 script ion willi ii* 9
9     BECAUSE 9
ty We use the Purest of Drugs ty
j. and Chemicals a
*? Every Prescription is checked t
*F hefore ii goes oul *+*■
9     BECAUSE 9
ty ii-.. prices are reasonahle and *!•
g. tve will deliver yum- p.-csciip-
9         iii.11 if you wish il,
I Canada Drug k Book to.
.•Saturday, August 3rd, lor *J-1 hours.
Unsettled, with thuuderatornis, line
later. Temp., max. 83 degrees; niin.,
bii degrees.
Local and General.
T. Lewie l.as taken over the 11.ilk
business of T. lijuser.
Twenty.rive hundred Japanese arrived in 13riti=h Columbia during
An interesting cricket match is
being played tins afternoon between
..-id timers ami new comers,
Ihe Independent Band gave one. if
their p pillar oj en air concerts in the
loner town la-t night.
The annual meeting of the U. C.
Medical Association ia in session al
Victoria this week,
A general convention ol the Liberal
part) of the province will be held in
Vancouver the lirst week in October.
Special sirangements are being
ma ta c .ntt I the moequito nuisiinc.
on Sunday evening in the Methodist
M. Carlin, haa purchased J. P.
Shaw's larm at Shuswap, the price
pai.l being in tlie neighborhood oi
A large crowd ol holiday makers
lelt this morning for Albert Canyon
to take in the C. P, K picnic. A
:   d timi ;- in atore Ior all.
F. Julian haa made arrangements
r tbe transler ot hia mill to a Calgary  party.    The  transaction   will
probably be completed next month,
Bush tire, are raging in many parts
...(the district, and a I ig I laze started
on '1 burtd i) at Greely Creek at the
extremity 1 i Julian ■ ranche, and ia
rapidly spreading.
Tl.eJ-if.. rLaci itie Club are having
a ;.i,itcli|i---.-'.--ii,-i.- east end ami iu-.-t
end Wednesdi) A ig. 7th, at 7,30 p
in . f... the McKenzie Ave,, re. ri .ti. 1
gi  1 ndi
1: - I i| il - hiding committee
-..   .   .I.ea ! ..*. i.e. with thi - eoti n
.;' ti.- m 1 11 ind the work will i e
I i-..'     lorwanl iritb    ill  p iMibli
the Maj    b    -    ud tin   ittei ti -
ol  tbe citizena 1 1 thu ,| rin .    .-
lawna  end  gardon,.     I lii, 11. ial bi
lone within tbi  I   11   pn    ihcd bj
lhe by-lawa 1 in ely 7 p in lo U p
'J he ml.- will I- rigidjy enl
the city water supply .nuat 1 - kepi it
high .1? 1  --.!.-
Only .1 rIi  nl  (iur stuck J
l.l (il'ill'e.if's  will   .'I.e..111".^.' t
yuu in try then..                ' J
A  ti'iul  will  convince vou a
lln*y nre lhe puresl ami besl •
mi  ihr  market,,   Try   uiif ,
j Hobson & Bell j
Grocers, Makers & Confectioners  ,
One reason  why  ivo aell so
lllllll.   p. i-fiime   is    1 ..:.-" ll--
".ti'.-fully natch nur trade and
make il a puinl lo always have
.... hand thn particular perfl.ncs
which ure popular In thia lo-
AHK I nl!
Sen Tour Dos Prairies
W. BEWS. Pta. B.
Druggiit .u.d Btatiouor,
Mail O.iler* prompilt attended
ID a' lln- Slore.
Ernest Hanson, eldest son ..( Mr.
and Mrs. C llaiisoii of this city, died
nt Salmon Arm .... Thursday, The
iu.eral is Inking plnce there today,
Much sympathy is fell lor the bereaved fun.ily.
Don't forget lho entertainment to
be given in St. Andrew's church on
Tuesday evening next l.y Miss L,
Maude Smith,assisted l.y local talent.
Admission GOo, nnd 2f.c.
Provincial Constable li. A. Upper
came iu on Thursday night from Cal
gary, where he had gone to a nest H.
Biggs, a local teamster, lor absconding with Miss Sadie Julian, who is n
\V. Cowan, president of the Revel-
stuke, Trout Lake and Big Bend
Telephone Company, will shortly
transler the central exchange Irom the
Cowan Block to the brick building on
second  Slreel.     This move llttS been
contemplated for some time, owing to
the congestion ol the pole lines
The Railway Commission lias isaucd
an order directing llie G.T. railway
lo run every day between Toronto and
Montreal, at leasl une passenger train
having third c'ass coinagesand charging tor travel thereon two cents a mile,
The decision will l.e appealed to tbe
supreme court.
Juhn Mi-Kane, lormerly ol Rossland,
ha- recently purchased the Telegi ipli
and Times, two ol the live daily pap. ra
published in Sl John, V li., and ..-ill
conduct them in the interests ol the
Conservative party. Heret.if.-re thc
daily press ol St. John were all Liberal
if. p .lilies.
A correspondent lms  informed   ia
that a farmer in his section I. .8 foil
oul that by planting onions and p -
tatoea  in  the same lield in i
rows the onions i ecome so at mug that
they  bring  tears to the ey.
potatoes ... Buch   [uantitii - that the
ro its are kepi moial and a
raised in spi I the lack
that vicinity'
Rev. li. J. It-.!-.-..-if   of Vain
Permanent Secretary (or Alberta   ind
liritisb C       *       '   ;ii.-  Canidian
llible Society, w
. . •■•■ i .i it. the '. M i \ on
Sundaj i August.     it 1:15
b work -      .- ■■   i-
-   ni. I .iii -I ai ; i»
lhe specie       Ic being d
limi   ii.   I; ii ih   C   .
Rev T. \V. Hill chairman, ol lhe
Kamloopa Distri the Hetln A -
church, baa *      tbe  i r...,
l.aki i it)  Miiai in   and holding the
I  irti. .. . mi   meeting  (or  th.
isionarj    i  thai   :.-  I, Mr. A    '..
Steven, n,   Mr. Hall reports Ihal 11
S.ev. ii- hi and hia  young  trlhi   an
rgetic workers and are p p il ir
pc -I-M-.   Hopea f	
that a revival in b lalness will ahorflj
|' .i..- place in I i.nii Like City.
I ne white bulldog lielonging to R,
M, i '. i.. vll il. '. coni| snying the
childn ii - m .. birrj picking - pi dition
on the hil! Iieliind tin i it)   tack   (I i
g. p ucupiiio ,ii.J   Iti    .i loric, ol
akilful (eiiita auccceded in getting n
good m on tii In 1 ..I (piil     lii   t. - ; ..
.......ihaif.l im-.! bristling wilh them
I lie dog a i-1 i Burpriaed tu iriuibli
much i'i ther witii Mr I' -. npl .■, tin
quills - n bis face keeping hlm f.irlj
well occupiid. 11., reaching town tlm
dug was lied up find cllloroformoil and
some ul ll.e spike- oxtraoted I. il the
f.i. leitlietic provod too much lm him,
the ..nil.u.l succumbing to its . ITeotl,
which wn.* the best thing il. u could
liappoii undor tl... olrcumataiioca,
Tin- f.illu-.iiifg cxtracl from .... Irish
exchange lulls . I the nolo arrival in
In liii'il ol Mr William on ninl hia
f :. Geoige:" Mr. William Wllllairnon
uf Kiirknuicrcnny, Richhill, who lell.
To liny a Houso.
To Renl :i [louse.
To Buy Nice Building Lols
close iu.
'l'n Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid fi Anderson
Kincaid lind Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts,
Ireland ill 1864, ia again spending his
loliduys in his native place with his
youngest sun, George, a loooniotive
engineer. Mr. Williamson settled in
Toronto alter emigrating, aud in 1880
left fur British Columbia, where he nud
bis sou are both engaged in the railway business We nre happy to know
that they havo been very successful,
and it gives us greal pleasure t.. extend congratulations tu the.... I. furnishes another |.r....f thnt when Irishmen got a fair ohance they are q'ite
capable ol holding tbeir own in cum-
petition with any nationality.'1
A very pretty wedding took place
..1 the home ol Mr. antl Mrs. S I
Rogers, Gorduusville, N. B . ■ a Wednesday afternoon, July 1" h, at three
o'clock, when llieir daughter Lizzie \
was united in irriaj *-. W - i e
Dickinson, ol Arrowhi id, B. I    in l --
p :., ■■      :   a-  lUt   I    ■ .    .fit- •-    .  II
cere...."iv was p rl :   - I       - .-  Rev,
il    A    ..     -        il   Trn
Mi im!' Issohn'a wai
played   by   Sliss E.len
Br.si- I, a cous
itilully gowned
.. -
eand     i      i     I      iedas
She was
-.-... . .     .
. -.   .. is dressed
ipported  bj
eautilu -.    ... d
.   - .
. .    -   epaired
md pa
tast. fully ae
I'i..- a- dding j
the bride icelei
Mr ...ui Mn. Dlckins lIn
i ..- - thi ■■'   will  iim--
vial,  hi     i
Social and Personal
I'l.-.l Forest, ol Albert Canyon    -  -
,'M,   n|;|)f,
i: .. -.,,, the lofl   n Thu
i oast.
\\. M I...  ren io returned 'J
nighl frum a viail to u ■.
Mi ami Mi--. Joaepb Daem returned
thia wc k fi im I In - tu ■ m lou
\ii,. Wood, i ter ol tlie lati   lohn
I-. W I, la visiting lho oity on hi hall
of I .,...-' i hei  d • ii-..   -l brother
lv,  M. Cook,  V.M ,C A„ and
i;. voi -   ol  lho   ( bicago Toohnlcal
World, ui.i'1'i a <isit to iim Ii.fiii-.ei..
in in Caves lius week,
Carpets, Linoleum, and  lloor oil
.-lull., a el..nee selcotlon ..I 0 II. Hum..
,v Oo'fj,
Apples, pears, |.l I, w.il.-r ....-!,..,»
filing.-. .....I  banana), at llobion &
Proiervlng apricots have arrived,
order boforo ihey are all iold, at 0, ll.
Hume A Go's.
One of the best propo
sitions on the market.
We hove secured from the
Syndicate, £td.
the option on a number of the
Finest Lots in Skeena City with
the following guarantee from
the Syndicate:
" We hereby agree to every
Party who buys Lots in Skeena
City to refund them their money
if the Grand Trunk Pacific does
not touch Skeena City when it
builds to Prince Rupert]or Port
Simpson, R.C., a :d further that
we agree not to sell the timber,
which we now hold on the Kh-
Yex River to any Party or Company who will not agree to erect
a Sawmill at SKEENA CITY."
lottiln,: hittnr than Our "Special.
■ i  -mm .ii, rry .-.. .- * ;•.-■
ies tailoring—
*        n
!,  .. -. ■ | all  kinds  il
II      „    ii.
I'Mrnnl/n Homo industry. 8mnko
ncunintoko cigars.
Williams' new -.luiving slick in
niokol b .« nt Bows' Drug Bture.
CoO 19 a fi'ii Ig, units and tugs, fit
1*.   I), llunie ,1  Co'l,
Harness- -heavy, toam nnd driving,
riiling and pack sn.lilies, .'le..—Bourne
lltivolstoko ClKitrs Union Made Our
S|.i!..i..i, The Union, and Maroa Vuoltn
are ahead ol all othore.
I/allies' rai- proof coals, the latn.l
slyli—Cresaman ft Morrison,
i'i. nerving jan ... all si/es or In any
qnnnlity,... 0. II, IItime A Co's.
l-nsl. today—Kino tomatoes, cantaloupes apploi, p.-a.", apricots, plume,
...-, bl ne - and ci.iii-- ll,. ir in' lima
Call and sec Crosse A Bhiekw-.d s
new alzo untiles ol Marmalade, Ollvca
and Ploklci, at 0, li Humo & l'n i.
Tenders wauled (ur the creeii.m ..I
additions to B Ikti-tc Hall, uIh., for
iii.nl .....I Wnodahed   fur   Poat  Olliee
Ilnll, 1.0,0 I-'.   Plane and s| ilic. I
i lone may be eoen al the olHoo ol Kin-
<-i.i.i .v A...Ira...., Flnt street. Tenders
sl I.I In- addressed to .1. Mathie, City
and musl. be in l.y t....... on Thursday,
August 8tll, 1007,   The lowest or any |
tenilor not necessarily accopted.     2t
IS IN FULL SWING anil people are saving money all
over the Store. You should come soon and get the
advantage of the Low Prices. Our stoek i.s well assorted,
our values are good and regular prices low and now we
give you advantage of a good, large reduction, running from
20 to 50 per cent, discount. We will not carry Summer
goods over and this is your opportunity to get good goods
for little money.
Contain Embroidery Silks
We are closing these out.   Have a full range of
shades in Filo and Reman at 45c"
Boys' Shirt Wai
Just the article for hot weather,   All sizes from 12 to
14, al 75c. each
Canvas Shoes
Ladies' Oxfords
$2 00
Misses' Oxfords
$1 10
Men's Oxfords and Bals   -
$2 00
Muslin Underwear
Wc can show you a splendid assortment
of Underwear that has heen selling at
wonderfully low prices, but now, with
the discount, you cannot afford to overlook these goods. For ladies we have
Gowns, Corset Covers, Skirts and Drawers, and for Misses and Children wc
have Gowns, Petticoats and Drawers.
20 Per Cent. Off Marked Prices
See our list of Summer Corsets, good, strong
make, 111 a nice cut,—all sizes, and a lot of odd lines.
Regular value 75c. to $1.00 Only 50c. Per Pair
Lawn and Silk Blouses
You know the beautiful lines we have leen selling
this season—nothing like them in town as we handle only
exclusives. We have all sizes and all prices from 90c. to
$6.00 at
Twenty Per Cent. Discount
LADIES' BLACK COTTON I10SK, good quality, nil sues, Hj
toll).   Two pai... f.u-25c,
Buys'Heavy ltll.lit.il Cotton Hose. Just tl.e goods tu .stand
hard we.ti-.   Regular BQo, to Hie. per pair,   Now 25c. per pair.
Cbil.i.-.'.i's Li.ee Sucks, C.-.-i.n. and Tan, sizes IJ tn I). Regular
25c.   Now II pill rs fur BOc.
Women's Ciufhinoiu Hose, nil sizes 26c. Ter Pair
Men's Summer Shirts
See  lhe  lines we are showing wilh or wilhoul Collars, in
Oainhi'los iiiiii Not ONE   DOLLAR   EACH
Men's Summer Hats
l-T'XT MATS—HtilT nml Huft.   Regular$1.80 tn $8.50,  Now-
Men's Straw .md Linen lints almost HALF  PRICE
Boys' Balbriggan Underwear
All sizes, Irnin 2(1 l„ iill ONLY   30C.   EACH
Men's Trousers, Suits, Coats and Collars
Men's l-'lannel Trousers NOW   ONLY   $3.00
Men's Alp...-en ('..ills $1,50
Men's Tivii-Pieeu Suits $5.00
Tnuke's Linen Cnllnis  --TWO   FOR   25C,
midsummer Sale


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