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 " Empire " Typewrit
in results proline,,!, this   ma   Provincial Library
ib unsiiiiiusBod.    riici', $ii()nii *
Interior Publishing Co.,
The Mai
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Pi ■ ■      and Publishers
Vol. 15    No  35
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAY 29. 190!)
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead an J Revelstoke.
Cool Comfort
The warm weather is
here; no need to defer longer buying your Summer
Men's Two piece Summer Suits. 20th Century,
dark grey .uid navy llannels
skeleton lined, braced shoulder and lapels, unbreakable
fronts,   all  lhe new touches
11     $18 and 20
Men's Two-piece iweed
.suits, 2Cth Century, mixed
iweed, skeleton lined, all tin
new touches at
Mens Crey and Hint
Flannel Trousers, the washable summer kind, thoroughly tailored
C. 13. HUME  *s CO.,  LIMITED
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This is the season of the year tbat the good housekeeper wants to brighten up the home, Kalsomine some
looms, Varnish the woodwork, Paint the floors. Varnish
stain sume pieces ol tbe furniture, Enamel the beds or the
baths, Begild the picture frames, We are best able to
Bupply all these wants, we cater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alaliaaline, Whiting, House puint.
Floor paint, all ready for the brush. Aspiiiall'a Enamels,
H. \. 1'. Enamels for bath or woodwork. Baplac Varnish
Btains, lionite Varnish stains. Lacqueret In all colors.
Berry Bros, bouse varnishes, Liquid Granite for Minors or
oilclul h. Varnish for [uruiture, floors, bonis or carriages,
all for all inside work.
Painters Supplies in ull lines und at prices thai cannot
be beat, give us a chance to quote you, we cun suve you
money. Leave your orders for work with us and we will
send yuu u inun u'tul guarantee that be will give you the
best of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited %
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents al all principal points In'Oanoda.
incuts In Great Britain and United States London, Engla
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn I
ohango National Hunk. Beattle—Seat tie National Hunk, San Fr
cisco - Wells Fargo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane -Excbni
National Hunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of  $1 and upward,   received, and   interest IllloWe
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
1 at
Bid | llf
Fer   Cent.   Discount  for   Cash
MRS.   A.   Ci.   CRICK
First   8tract       -        Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Interesting Litigation Reached
First Conclusion in Decision
By Judge Forin on Thursday
—Appeal Will Likely Follow
A c.ise ol more than usual interest
iu legal and litigant circumstances
v/ftD decided by His Honor Judge Forin
on Thursday afternoon, the time of
the Oourt being taken up almost during the whole day with arguments in
the case. Tbe notion was oue taken
bv (ins I.und against l'red Fraser und
A. Johnson to recover a balance on a
promissory note und sundry Oomnils-
pious As the judge gave his decision
in writiug and as that fully reviews
the whole circumstances ol the cute
accordion to the evidence submitted,
the judgment is published in lull, and
follows below:—
This ie an action to recover $1,IKIII,
being balance of a promissory note to
amount ol $500 and h further sum ol
$500, under a certain agreement in
writing dated the l'.hh duy ol .Mny
niiiile between tbe plaintiff and defendant- hy which the said plaintiff
agreed to advance for a period of nine
mouths tbe sum of $2,580.55 to be
iistd in payment of renewal fees and
registration fees of a certain trans er
of limber limits owned by tbe defend
The agreement is Bled as Exhibit. A
in the trial.
The promissory note is tiled as Exhibit IJ.
The facts are as follows:
The defendants knowing that, they
had to meet the above payment of
$2,580 56 to the Department of Public
Lmds on the 20th if May, 11108, had
opened up negotiations with the Mol
suns Bank at Kevelsloke, and aliout
nnou of the day btlore, i. c , on the
l'.hh of May, were advised that the
bank could not acoommodate tbem,
they arranged with the plainlitV for u
loan uud were uskid for $1,000 bonus
or premium for tbe use of the money,
($2,580.55) lor nine months. Tlie de-
feiniaiits were to execute a note foi
$8,080.55 witb interest at 8 per cent,
per annum. The interest on the note
I notice from the bank's computation
would be a further sum of $188.35 for
the nine mouths: besides this it was
agreed under tl e agreement of tbe
lllth ut May thai the plaiutitl should
receive $500 by way of bonus, in addition to the $500 added to the sum
lent and included in the note, if the
defendants succeeded in making a
sale of the said timber limits; in all
the agreement provides that the cuBts
to the defendants for the me of ihe
$2580 for nine months would be
$1,188 35. Besides $500 as commission to the solicitors was to be paid,
which is the sui ject of tbe action ol
Scoit A Briggs v. Fraser et al tried
herewith by consent.
Thus we have the position of lhe
defendants ou the 19th ol May, that
they were asked to agree to pay $1088 -
35 for the use ol $2,580 for nine mon lbs
io the plaintiff and his solicitors who
were also act ug for the defendants.
The agreement further provided
that the defendants were to execution absolute transfer to the plaintiff
of the timber licenses and the defendant Johnson was to do the same in
respect to some interest in lands, aud
it was agreed that il the promissory
uoie was not paid at maturity or
before then that the timber lioenses
and land so assigned should belong to
the plaintiff absolutely without any
notice to the delendauts and time wus
in tbis respect to le the essence of
the contract.
This appears to be a rather bard
bargain on tbe part of tbe plaintiff,
but if it were necessary to save valuable timber imits and if tbe credit ol
the delendauts was at bucIi t low ebb
that to save the limits they had *,o
pay these exborbitant sums, there is
nothing illegal in tbe contract and it
could be enforced, nor would the rules
ol equity in any way interlere to
modify the contract ur inquire into
the fairness of the consideration,
I suggested to counsel lor plaintiff
lhat he should amend his plaint hy
claiming on a iii.iniiuii merit, but be
iltclineil Ile elected to stand or fall
by the contract ou tbe 18th ol May
and said he was entitled to the $1,000
or nothing.
On a motion lor non suit made at
the close of the plaintiff's claim I dismissed the action   with   costs  for   Ibe
following reasons
The plaintiff procured from the
bank on May l'Jtb, 1008, two drafts
lor $.1530 and $41 respectively in lavor
of the Deputy Minister ol hands and
Works to pay for the renewals iif the
defendants' limber licenses and registration lees. The plaintiff aud bis
Solicitor, who had the custody ol the
drafts, lelt (or Victoria in the evening
if the 10th, the defendant Fraser was
on the train anil together they wenl
down to Victoria.
Un the morning ol the 20th the
defendant Kraser met tbe plaintill on
the street in Victoria and asked him
to hold ctl as he expected money Irom
Vanoouver, and in the alii -in. ...ii thin
DlODSy arrived and defendant Eraser
paid tin- renewal dues of the timber
licenses and plaintill handed to him
the umber licenses uu which he says
le loaned Ibe money and Mr. llriggs
the saini'day returned to plaintiff his
1 um-1 lind an a fact tbat Mr. Briggs
was boliling these drafts as solicito
lor tin-plaintiff. lie says: "11 then
li..d been a dispute anil' Fnser hud noi
pronii c 1 to protect I,uud, I would
have advised Lund to pay ibe money
into the Department." He was watch
ing the plaintiff's case as between defendant FriiBer and the plaintiff. The
draftB werr never tendered to Fraaer
nor to the Department and the lioen-
se-i, which were the main security,
were returned to defendant Fraser
. bile tbe drafts were returned to
plaintiff'. The draftB were by him
returned to the Molsons bank a fow
days later and credited to bis account.
There appears to mo u t:.tul failure
ol consideration us tar us the agreement of the 19tn of May, 1908, on the
promissory note for $3,080.55 ol the
same date is to be construed. The
money in the form of limits to bn
paid tor the renewal dues was returned
to the plaintill' by hia solicitor the day
after it was taken irom the bank.
There wiib no tender of trie money to
defendant Fraser and the plaintiff deposited it to his own credit. The
timber licenses which the plaintiff
says wus the real security fur the loan
were on tbe sume day returned to
defendant Fraser. The transaction
seems to me to have closed ilsell aud
the agreement of May tilth is a dead
The new arrangement iinule in Victoria is not tlm subject of this action
I cannot help commenting ou the
lack of good (.nib which characterized
the dealings of tbe plaintiff with his
hanker in lesiect tu tbo note for
$3.1180 55 which was lelt at the bank
notwithstanding that the drafts were
returned to bun. Tbe plaintiff lefl
the manager of the Molsons hank
under the impression that this note
was good as collateral security to its
face value and it was so ubciI by him
at the bank some months later. The
iiiunager of the bank notified defendants Fruser and Juhnsou in Dec
11108 I think it was, or thereabouts,
mat they were liable on a note in
the bank for $3,1180 ..nd accrued interest, and at once tbere was trouble as
would be expected.
Mr. Briggs in his evidence says tint
the plaintiff offered to accept $300 at
some later date iu full settlement of
his claim, but the delendauts refused
to puy this unless he would take it out
of the returns expected from a peud
ing deal with the timber, and this the
plaintiff r (used.
The delays and dealings, however,
on y go to convince me that the
o.iginal contract had lor nun
months no place iu the plaintiff's
mind aud he had given up any idea ut
enforciug it as binding on tbe defendants.
(Signed) .1. A. Fokin.
JUDGMENT—The tacts of the preceding judgment enables me to be briel
in thiB.
The Exhibit A before me ia an
agreement to pay Scott & Briggs the
sum of $500 (or commission earned in
nrocuring funds (or renewal license
These funds were never culled upon
and the efforts of tlie solicitors were
abortive iu assisting tbeir clients. Tlie
solicitors bad a right to be paid tlie
usual commission and fees provided
for under the tariff' I do not think,
however tbey can succeed under a
document of this nature. My suggestion that the former c lurse be adopted
was dec med by counsel, so I must
grant the non-suit asked (or with
(Signed) J. A. Foitix.
G. S. McCarter was solicitor (or the
plaintiff aud C. E. llillan, associated
with J. D. Swunsou, of Kamloops, for
tbe defendants, it is reported that
the case will be appealed.
Council Will Concede Petition
of Ratepayers - Plebiscite on
Location Voting Day Fixed
for June 11th.
The city council was in un unliable
mood ut its regular meeting lust night
und passeil the School by-law proposed by the trustees through three
readings of red tupe und miide it .'oudy
for i- Iiiiiissii.n to the ruti-puysrs. The
by-law to raise nine thousand dolhrs
for the purpose of purchasing machinery to improve the streets of the
city met witli an equally favorable
treatment and both will be submitted
on June 11.
The committee on by laws to which
hud been referred the recommendations of the licensing commiasiouers
usking that an amendment to the
civic by laws be passed to compel the
lining ol ourtaiuB on hotel barrooms
nud the maintaining of lights during
prohibited hours repmtod that the
time for such drastic measures wus
inopportuue. Incidentally it was
mentioned tint the laws are being
observed and that suspicion ought to
attach to no one iu tbeir enforcement
unless there wus occasion lor suspicion.
In the matter of the School by-law
which lniB linen fully reported and (or
tiie discussion of wbicli a public meeting will be called by the trustees the
council passed the usual measures,
A reference to the need ot clearing
or unilerliriishing some land between
recreation grounds and tiie Oolumbia
river brought forth a resolution tn the
effect that the Publio Works committee sh iih! visit the grounds, make
un iuspection und report to council,
Alter passing ot tin. accounts the
council adjourned.
Pick Up the Money
Mrs. Wcndall '.'.. Sanborn, of Boston
Mass., bus written to the police asking
them to try und locate her husband
who has been missing (ruin Wakefield,
Mass., since November Dtb, l'-los. He
is a woodworker by trade und '"I years
old, 6 feet 8 inches in hnigh and dark
brown liuir. Ile bus tattoo murks uu
his arm, one ot u woman holding an
Amerioan II ig, with the eagle il tbe
other arm has roseB on it. She offers
$25 rewnrJ.
Imperialism Spreading
A London advice states that messages received indicate that Empire
Day was celebrated in all parts cf the
Empire with gieut.r enthusiasm than
ever. There was a splendid display
ot the imperial patriot ism in London
and ther groat cities, whilst the
British colony in Berlin, numbering
5,000, observed the occasion tor the
lirat time. The chief item in tbe capital wus the review of 10.000 children
by "Bobs." I is estimated tbat all
through the empire nearly 7,000,000
children celebrated the day.
Will Meet the Premier
The visit of Hun. Richard McBride
on hia proposed tour of the interior ol
the province a being looked tor with
conaiderable pleasure by the Conser-
vativea of the city and the many other
admirers of the premier. Preparations
are under way for a receptiou to be
tendered to the premier on his arrival
and tor a demonstrative masB meeting,
on the evening ot the day. The mooting will not be intended to have political significance but will be arranged
ao that a general expression of admiration tor a native son who happens
by the exigencies ul political life to
stand for the present at the head of
the government may be given. It is
ex|iectcd that the premier will make
some statement, at this meeting as to
any proposed railway policy and general political policy ol the government
which he leads. It is anticipated
that the viait of Hon. Mr. McBride
will occur about June 8th,
Sporting Notes
On Tuesday night the Scots (ireys
will play the Hovers u league game of
baseball. The Hovers have a strong
line-up it they can bu got together antl
may hand out a surprise packet lo the
(In Wednesday night the Schools
play the North Stars in a league Intermediate fixture. So far the Schools
have been up against hard luck, but
tiny will try und shift the "bnotlo" on
Wednesday and give it to the Stars.
'I'he baseball game, which was to
take place on Wednesday night between the North Stars and the Beavers,
bud lo be put off on account ul rain,
but will be pliiyed ub soon as  possible.
Laat nigbl the I'roleasor'a pet Hover
haaehiill team deieated the Business
men in a tame league game, 12 to li.
Toilet powders, best French,Engliah
and American makes at C. It. Macdonald'B.
Moving Pictures lu-nighl.
Veterans Were Absent
Kev. T. W. Hull who haa just returned In un attendance at the Methodist conference at New Westmiustei
remarks on the absence of two of tht
veteran ministers ot the church from
that gathering, The absentees referred to wire .'ev. Albert Carman,
D.D, general superintendent and Kev
Alex. Sutherland. D.D., who las been
for twenty-live years miaiii nary aec-
retary ol lhe church und practically
in control of the exeoutive affaire ol
the missionary ao iety of the Methodist church. Tbe a'jaeiice of tbeat
"Fathers of tethodism in Oanada"
was occasion by indi-position though
it 'would be no harm to admit tbat
increasing years has to be reckoned
with in calculi ting lacta. To many
these names may bo unfamiliar but
there is a wide -cle of people in
British Columbia who will read witb
regret ot the absence ol the pioneers
wbo have, year attor year, graced the
conference meetingB with their presence.
Criminal Court
In the criminal court before His
Honor Judge Forin on Thursday
Stanley Kida who was arrested a
month ago lor placing obstructions on
the main line ol the Canadian Pucilic
railway appeal'd ami eleoted for
speedy trial. Kida hud broken gaol
here and was at large for several weeka
being recaptured ui " mas on a description lumish I uy P. I uist. Kington. The sent ion imposed by the
judge waa on two counts, one lor
placing obstructions and the othet
for gaol breaking On each count
Kida wua sentenced to lour years, the
sentences to ruu  concurrently.    K iiln
made a confidential bonat to the constable who took  luin in charge tlmt
he would escape again before reaching
his linul lodging place at Westminster
How be intended In accomplish the
teat be did not (lisoloso, but he is
known to lie what is commonly k own
in police  circles Hi    I   bad uctor  and
deserves no sympathy.
Important Plebiscite
The Oity Oouncil ut its meeting laat
night resolved to accede to the request
ul ii number ol petitions and submit a
bylaw to deoide on the locution ol the
proposed new sohool    Tbo date fixed
(or the voting is June 11, the sume ua
that lor tbe money bylaw.
New Seeds. Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McClary's Stoves
Crockery. Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
l\r Swell Dresser
views the
right   ^
' Swell £)resscr"
1S.de Mul      Pig in US.
'      O « iTe, ia //rfx"
I'o got the right clothes must you not go
to the right place?
We sell clothes with no cotton in the
Just now you perhaps wish a light weight
suit to celebrate in.
You can get righl into one of our two
piece suits and wear it away with one ot' our
negligee shirts, anJ as for straw hats we have
them for men or hoys.
B. E. WALKER, President I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXAHDKK LAIKD.Gener.lManiirer    Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
'Hie new Traveller*' Cheques recently issued by this Bank are a most convenient
way ir which to carrv   noncv when travelling!    They are issued in denocntnaiaooa oi
$10,  $20, $50, $100 and $200
and the exact »-m. ml payable in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France,
Germany, Great liritain. Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland b -.'ate.! on the faie of each cheque, while ill other cuuutrkj
tbey ara payable at ci-ent rale*.
The i heqne-i ami ..i   nfonnatiofl regarding them may be obtained at every office
rf tiie Bank. »»»*
It's a Wise Chef
thut knows line meat before
In- looks It. Anil it'-- u wise
butcher that know- noi only
how to buy, to freeze, to trim
to least waste, but alio bow to
keep down prices on
High Grade Meats
such aa we always keep ou
h.mil. Ileif, Lamb, Mutton
.mil Poultry always the best,
kept in spotless Ice-chests, and
ui prices thin are always satis-
factory, Give us a chance to
prove it.
, \ i$m: a
■»■.. V   met
; —"
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Oft for the Coast
uui')' Irom   Kevelstoke  (or some time.
Iii*   understood   that  important de-
|nrtment   duties necessitated a some-
Hon.Thcs. Taylor, minister ol pub-  „|mt 014r|ior   return to the seat of the
lio  worki-  who  hs* been spending a government than Mr. Taylor proposed,
couple ol iteeki at home lell (■ .r \ ic-  .^.
toria on Wednesday   night ami will be      Moving Pictures to-night. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE 15. c.
Zbc ffl>a(l*1hc mio.
Jntcrtov ipuiuisbtug Company,
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc.
0 T 1 A W A
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Ofl tnd befoie Railway
Cum .illusion.
-I For Sale or Bent
Hu\. i  U lKI_,08 MUKPHY, M  P,
HAlC.i.li I ISUUH.
: ,     I  UVRTER
IHTICUl     l'.lll.lllAl.   I   ..M,    Ii-.1I.IM.   lli.Vlil.
SYUKE, 11. C
Cranbrook, ll I'.
Uonoj iu loan,
iii...-  Kevolntoko, B i
\.  M    I'lMillAM
1:,-. ...-'.oKi...
J. A.   It.UlVKV,
Cranbrook B. >
1I.1.IAM  I, HKK.t.S
Six   Roomed   House  with Plumbing.
§17.50 per month.
House,  i-ix   rooms,  on   Third   Street,
.$20 per month,
Good buy in Lois 23 anil 24, Block   II, on eorner (
and Robson Avenue,    Pri :e !
Two good  buys  in   Lota  -1   nnd 22, Block 22, just east of
Queen's Hotel.    Prioe $750.
Two good Lots on Eighth Sireet and oorner of Orton   Ave,
100 x 100.    Price $850.
Six Roomed House, Furnished, on   Sixtli  Street,  improved
ground,    Price $3500.    House und Lots only $3250.
Double   House, renting for $30 |ier month, for sale it #2750.
^^^^^J:   u.iin-ti-i
Solicitor, etc.
Sni    tor. fori
in, Canadian Bank of Commkhcu,
Tiit; Molsons Hank, Ktc,
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
Ml Kh.'./.ll'   AVKNUK,
Box 100, Revelstoke
c.  w.  o   w_
Mountain View Camp. No. 229
Mueu Second uml Fourth
each moulh, in s.-lkiik 11.01.
ini-i. cordially invllod io attend
J. Mil.NTYKK, Clerk.
Weil days In
Vi-ilili    Wuuil
F. O. E.
TL_> regular maetiugs are Imiu in tin, Selkirk
Ha., e.-i;. Tuesday evening .it ft o'clooli
Visiting brethren are cordially iuvilod.
.T. J. WALSH, 1'uKsu.uM.
W. E. MtLAl rHLlN.Sni iiKiAUV.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A F. & A. M.
•>.    £^X The regular meet-
«.   ~V_fc   -,      lugs aro hulil in ilu.
MASUNll Tli.Mri.K
IMiltelluws Hall, on
'.he tliinl Munility in
each   mouth   at
ii. Visitiug broth
cordially   wel
A. I'l'.lirl'NIKIi.  Sl-i'llKl UlV.
.12.  I. (I. o. F.
Meet- ovtiry Tliur.-
.lay evening in Sol
kirk Hull ntftii'il,,ck
Visitiug liretliron are
cordially Invited to atteu.1.
Cold Range Lodge, K. oi Pi
No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
except 1 n.i-i Wednesday u
each mnuili. in ■■ iddlellow*'
Hall ai 5 .','1 ick. I liii'n:
Knights are cordially  nvlted.
SMITH. ('. C.
G. H. BROi K   K. of H. 48.
J. 11. SCOTT, IU, or r
Zbc flftaiUlbcttUfc
T; «:» [__ io mnch bad in tho best "f n-.
A:, i  -     :.__._. _i '   •■ Wi :-l uf U-.
Thai .; •   -   . res iny ..f u-.
T   11 , .v.   .: the re.it uf u=.
SATURDAY,  MAY   2D 1909
talistio invest inenl, is concerned—I view of what  mny
United States agencies, Iworth  the whil
W'luii should lie clearly  understood uml forcibly improssed where
lie it mny lu-
^^^^^^^^^^ f the voter to
think before casting his ballot.
There are  many reasons why  the
it is not clearly understood is that| whole educational plant of the city
the control nf Canadian industries
where these are dependent on British capital, Bhould lie absolutely
under lhe thumb of such capital.
There is much talk tliese days of
lhe bonds iif empire mid hints Hint,
these can be made tighter by the
Iniililiiig of Dreadnaughth and such
like contributions to the militant
burdens of iho Mother lmnl. While
we believe lhal n reasonable contribution for such n purpose by
Canada, or any other colony, would
impress lin- world powers with tbe
solidarity of lhe empire, tbere nre
other things al the present time
which will ussisi materially in the
knitting nf tbe strands wbicb are
now more rapidly than ever binding together tbe various parts of
tin' nation.
Wbile in n sense material interests lm vi' ever been foremost among
tbe nn.live- iliui huve inspired
human breasts in Iheir conquests,
ii is u pity that the direction of
these bus nul always been wise, and
Britons have always been unfavorably known for their uncalled for
and unpardonable indifference to
the welfare of the colonies. While
we maintain that Englishman have
as good a chance in Canada to
ninke the best of often unfortunate
circumstances, it is not equally
true thut Englishmen who have
had ibe fortunate opportunity to
make investments in fun ign countries huve been ns appreciative of
Canadian us tbey have of the
United States.
Tbe fact is that English investors
who have been Bending tln-ir millions westward have given little|
thought to the development of tiie
empire. They have not been imperially patriotic They have bei n
merely mercenary uml—tn tell un
unpleasant truth—idle.
should be centralized nnd there are
equally cogent reasons why it
should not. nnil it would be imprudent to advise as to the ultimate
school location.
For ihe information of the voters
ninl tbe inosl important Hung is
Hint they may be kept informed—
is the statement of thefact tlmt the
trustees bave secured n decided
option on the properly known us
Block I.I 1 mul that ii is iheir right
to buy at tbo assessed value of
§5,400 should the voters so decide.
The plebiscite proposed takes all
responsibility off the shoulders of
the trustees ns tn whether Block
l.ll shall be purchaBed.Iand tbe
proposed new scboi.il located in the
western end of the city near to the
present public buildings or in the
other und uptown location. When
lhe decision is made by tin- vote ol
the people it Mill bo too lute lo
reflect on tbr action of the trustees.
Such decisions are sometimes vital
and lhe present is un instance in
which it may be found to be so.
In order to reach an intelligent
conclusion the ratepayers ami
others interested should be called
together and free discussion of the
mutter allowed. No misunderstandings Bhould arise from such
occasions and those who bave to
decide the question might much
more intelligently than now arrive
at a decision.
" In the Kamloops case" with
reference to the removal of the C.
P, R, -h..]..- from this tn thai city
the Kamloops board of trade has
pul itself square with the public
by tin- passing -if i resolution and
th.. issuance "t a min ite which is
publishi .i in tin. last issue i.i u
• :  now  printed   in   Revelstoke
Happily   there ure   many   evi-Und which is called   the  Observer,
dencesthat  English capitalists are :'     which in no sense can
awakening   to   the  fact    tha    the G- s- Mo(    eU r'* organ,    rhe letter
integral parts of Un- em] i      musl '   *  ''
1..'   cemented   from   the  center  ii ;' 3°
wbicli the cement is man il -   ' mecessary I
In Canada there are such   mu
tudinous   opportunities
assuredly protital e investment ol
. ipita] tl that it'
should be divert te intimated
irtakei port was "|
ami what should be made an arti-j tbe resolution parsed by a "special"
on Friday, June llth, 1009, between
the hours of Nine o'olook, a.m., and
Seven o'clock p.m.
Clerk ni the Municipal Council.
Oy-LaW No	
CITY OF   REVELSTOKE   I A By-Law to   enable  the  Cor-
poralion of the City of Kev.
By-iaw  No	
A By-law to raise by way of Debenture* the sum of 89,000
for Stroct purposes.
WHEREAS ii is deemed expetlien
lhat the streets of the City be Impi'ov
•il and I'm-ilu- carrying out ol sue
improvements in purchase necessitr
road-making luiicmtiei'y,
Not a few ol the provincial newspapers have commented on the
suggestion of the London journals
that the "Lloyd-George" budget as
it is now called, might ref nit in
the forcing   ■!  Ei glis . capital into
investment   ii   thi        loniee     We investing creed  is t i meeting of the Kamloops board of
hope that tbe sam,   interesl  in the ,,       ;
subject will be manifested by other ° "'"'h  wouW bimi th   ' , „,   ,,   ,
Briisbpapers   n.i  thai  ihi same k«*P themselves out ol inj '    —
1   ' ,.,,. ,    ., .1    ,i n,r,,i   .,,-   thpfr knowt   human   na-
;:'   :v:\.st::!:-"-«" L„;i .:...-•..-»...- -
^^ i lators.    We make no rellections on
menl ol British ipital ind is to
the channel through whii h
investments are tuadi is a pubji I
fnr -.:.■.,- . on temp] ition lor tbe
i. il who is -oj.j ..-• .i to know
nothing about such things
A glam e ai a map in an;    -   -
. ipb -v.   ild ....    - ii - invi stor ol
capital -"in" rai idea of  the
proportional extent ..f ' anada as
compared with the United States,
Resourcefully the mattei ol i om-
parisons might h ive been further
considered ns between these two
divisions >ii the Amerii an continent
but. if it were so i oi -i-U-i• id the
people who occupy i bal portion ol
i ni are i « hii h .- culled Canada,
need fear nothing. It it no rellei
tion on the I'nited States lo say
ibis, but when thai fact remains,
there ie another which is mucb
more grave and serious ns fur as
the investment of British capital is
concerned. That fact is, that British capital is to-day diverted Into
Canadian investment!! through
what  are—a--  far as  English capi-
;._■■  lath r    but   ;i   lhe   bond
empire are to be preserved
.   :    e—in   me n -     i     ea I
keeping  the  material   inten
tbe empire   undi i   I he i ontrol  ol
I pie   «i. .  are  lo; al   under  the
folds of one dug.
tlood  English monej
mi., i inada evei    month   for  Lhe
development of her   /asl  resources,
but it is coming into il unl ry
through alien canals and when it
has done ite work to ■ he enrichment of inn men who water the
slock, it is perhapi repaid, but
it might belter be used rlirei ' ■'. lo
benefit the people who an in ■ :-
of their colonialism, n patrintii
part ol ilm Bniisli empin
peel   tbe   people  ol  Karn-
.   id    .improper ib-siri' to rob
■ I. ■ ■   thi
M lid want  lo put the
■- propei   I'ii.'     el
i, .. . i.mn,   q
it;      We think   the   VI
inmbli    wa
i bal oi Kami
ihould bave   -
whirlwind   n a coffee kettle.
AND VVHEUEAS ii petition lin
heen presented lo the Municipal Conn
.-il of   the   Corporation of tho Oily i
Revelstoke  Big I   I.y   the    nssesse
owners of nt least tine-tenth in vain
of the real property within the cily i
Revelstoke ns shown on tho lust n
vised Assessment Hull ol' Bald Oity
requesting that u by-law be Introduce!
for the purpose of authorizing tho hoi
rowing hy the said Corporation of lh
sum of Nino Thousand Dollars ($0,001
for the purposes above mentioned:
AND WHEREAS the whole an n
of the ratable property within the .sni.
Oity of   Revelstoke  according   to th
Inst   revised   Assessment Hull of  the
suid Oity of   Hevelstoke, in the stun of
Dll, HIS, Ikl.iill;
AND WHEREAS II will ho neces-
siii-y to raise anutuilly by special rate
sufficient therefor the sum of $090.00
for paying the suid dobl and interest
NOW, THEKEFORE, lho Municipal
Council of the Ooi-poi'iilion of the Oily
of Bevelstoke in open meeting assembled enacts as follows:
1. II shall be lawful for the Mayor
of thu Corporation of the City of Revelstoke for the purpose and with the
object aforesaid to borrow on lhe credit of Lhe Municipality hy wny of debentures hercitialler mentioned from
any person, poisons, firm, body or
bodies corporate, who may I"* willing
to advance the sunn, us n loan, a sum
of money, noi exceeding in lhe whole
the si uu of Nine Thousand Dollars
($9,000.00) aud tn cause all such sums
so raised ur received to be paid into
the hands of the Treasurer of the Corporation uf l In- (i.y ol ltevi 1 -tnke.
2. It shull lie lawful for the .M tyof
of tbe suid Corporation of the Oily of
Kevelstoke lo cause nny number ot
debentures I" he made, executed and
issued for such sum or sums us mny he
required for lhe purpose and objeel
aforesaid, noi exceeding, however, lhe
sum of Nine Thousand Dollars. Simh
debentures shall be of the denomination of One Thousand dollars each,
and all of such debentures shall be
sealed with the soul of the Corporation
of the City of Kevelstoke und signed
by the Mayor and Olerk thereof.
3. The suid debentures shull bear
the date of lliiil). and shull be payable
in twenty-five years from the suid date
in lawful money of Canada, at the
offlce of the Molsons Hunk at Revelstoke aforesaid, which suid pluce of
payment shull be designated by the
snid debentures, and shall have attach-
.-I I to them coupons fur the puy ment of
interest, and the signature lo thu
interest coupons may be eilhov wrii-
li'o, printed or stamped or lithographed.
I. The said debentures shull beat-
interest ul the rate of five pel ceut
15 I per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall lie paid sami-
annually ut the ulltce of the Molsons
Bank al Ruvelstoke aforesaid, in law-
fid money ..i Canada on the day
nl and -.iii In- day
of respectively in each and
everj year during lhe currency thereof, and ii shall lie expressed in s.iiil
debentures and coupons to be so payable,
5.    11 shall be lawful I'm- the Mayor
..i   the  -.till  Corporation to negotiate
be said debentures or any of
i in-lit for less than par, but in no cose
lebi ni mi's   . v  any of
: Ii  - than ninety-two
nnl  . in,- -hull 'per .-. -nl uin I'.Cii.   i of  the
Deluding  ' li.- Gobi ot   sale
and hrokei ige and all other ae :essury
IS.    Thei II    ie levied and i.iis.-il
.     ; he cun ency <.t'
he sum ol   Four limi-
.... n     m.l 1.(10 for the
il-esl .nnl  1 no Hundred
ai    iw   -. -     cents I,.
isilp: *       .    ihe ,.i>ii,,-in   of the said |,
-.oil   debentures by it
. Hcienl   i herel n all
i .-ui piop.-i i j in i he said
i.illli.- lawful for lhe Mmi
■    WHEREAS   ihe  Board  of  School
'.j Trustees of tho  Oity   ol   Revelstoke
have   in   pursuance   ol    th«    powers
granted to them by Section -12 of ih
'•Public   Schools  Act,   1005,"  us  re-
,.  enacted by Sect Ion 82 of the  "Public
,|- Schools Act,  1905,  Amendment  Aot,
I   Iniiii," caused to be prepared nnd  laid
,.  before lhe Municipal Oouncil a detail-
f ed estimate of the sums required  to
meei special or extraordinary expenses
.. which may bo legally Incurred  liy the
I | Board, and such estimates huve been
I     . f the said Municipal
BV-I.AW I'l.Klil-l.n I'.
Tlie school trustees have, we
think, wisely decided to submit to
a popular vote the question ol lhe
locution nf tho proposed new school
It is not ,i question which, with the
present si/.e nf the city, need occasion very serious  gravity,   but  in
An .-xi hn nge "I ben
il prisoners   in   the   I it
il   ind   tlm  various   departments
iffering for the want of cheap
I In- could be eu
died a   i here are   ■     rai a hie botiii .1
.iiiniiir-. hanging around who
 inr   i   position   on   the
1 . .nip pulling brigadi
refrain from mentioning the plai e
in question, Wc have none to
spare here,
"n.ty, pu, what Is u pessimist?"
"A pessimist, my son, is n -man who
derives moat ol his pleasure (rom his
effort to spoil tlio pleasure ol otlicm''
■- — ■   r .-;    —.-,- , -r l'''v '"  Bald debentures or any of them for les
iy "i "" entures  lh.ln |MI, bll) ,, .;,_.,. Hlmn ||IL.slli,
. greed       ■ ummme^^mattm\\\\w  . . ..
. _-.<    holdi i in hold
.   i he I line  il    tli   .ml
unl      " .11 dehen
h     pu      .
..    :,
. .i
.  ..   .-ni .,i
....    ration
he pi  lm
.... bed ...   ■ hi   '-I unicl-
Read '.        ty ol
'.I .     009
. ond   time Un- ill il  ilu : ..I
. ..    1800,
... i     . .            '. : .1,. .a
Via      '■ 11    .                 pu  n u   wi h   hi
... tenl ..! the I  I
lie ,.|i
in. um
elstoke lo raise by way of
Debenture j the Sum of
Forty i housand Dollars
($40,000) for the purposes
ot" the Hoard of School
Trustees of the City of
considered and filially approved bj
the Council :
AMI WHEREAS tho sni.l estimates
provide   for the  erection   uf a   new
school     building,    furnishing    and
I equipping same, and tho purchase of
additional school grounds;
AND WHEREAS, to meet the expenditure as provided by said estimates
it is necessary to raise on tho pari ol
ilu- Municipality the sum of $|ii,iiiki.ihi;
AND WHEREAS ii is deemed expedient to raise upon the credit of lhe
Municipality lhe sum of $-10,000.00 for
school purposes as aforesaid;
AND WHEREAS lhe total amount
required   to  be   raised   annually   by
spi-riul ritti' for paying the suid dchl
und interest, ihei'i'im und for creating
u sinking fund for paying lhu said
pi iiu-ipui ih-In wit bin twenty-five years
is I'm- Interest $2,000.00 and for sinking
fund $l,ii! ii i.i li i, making a total of
AND   WHEREAS   the i mil. of
lhe whole ratable laud within the
Municipality, including lhe lei-t-itoi-y
comprised within the Ruvelstoke
School Di-ii'u'l for school purposes,
according to the last revised assessment lull is $1,077,788.60;
NOW, THEREFORE, tho Municipal Council of the Corporation of tho
City ol Ruvelsloku in open meeting
assembled, I'liunts us follows :
1, ll shall lie law fill I'm lhe .Mayor
of the (.'in 11.n.itimi of the Oity of Ruvelstoke for lhe purposes aforesaid, and
he is hereby aullioi-ised, to borrow ou
i he ei-edit of l he Municipality, hy wny
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
fiom nny person, persons, linn, bodv
oi' li .dies corporate, who may In-
willing to advance ihe same as u loan,
u sum of money, not exceeding iu the
whole the sum of Foriv 'i'housaud
Dollars ($40,000), und to cause all such
sums so raised or received to be paid
into the hands of the Treasurer of ihe
Corporation of ihe City of Ruvelstote
for the purposes aforesaid and with
tin., object hereinbefore recited.
2. It sbnll be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to cause any number of
ih-lieiitiiri's to be made, executed nnd
issued for such sum or sums us may be
required for the purpose and ohjuct
aforesaid, noi exceeding, however.
lhe sum of Forty Thousand Dollars,
Such debentures shall he of lhe denomination of One Thousand Dollars
each, and all Bitch debentures Bhall
be sealed with the seal of the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke nnd
signed by the Mny.if und t'ily Clerk
il. The snid debentures sbnll hear
the date of 1009, and shall he payable
in twenty-five years from the suid date
in lawful money of Canada, ul llie
ollice of the Molsons Bankat Revelstoke aforesaid, which said place of
payment shall he designated liy the
said debentures, nnd shull have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signature to
llie interest coupons mny lie either
written, printed  or  stamped or litbo-
I. Tlie said debentures shall hear
interesl al lhe rate of five per cent
i.'i ) per annum from tbe date thereof,
which Interest shall be paid semiannually at the ullice ol the Molsons
Bank nt Revelstoke aforesaid in lawful
money of ('.-uin.l.-i on the day
of und on ilm day of
respectively   in   each  uml
very year ilm inn lhe currency Uutc-
if, and   it   shull   I xpt'cssed   in suid
eh..nt ni es and coupons io bo so pav-
:..    ll shull be lawful lm lhe  Mayor
if Un- -ui.l Corporation nf the Cily nf
-1 Revelstoke to   negotiate  uml  sell the
;-".--   --■ --T-l
belli mes oi- ,-uiy nl I bi-in    be sold 1...
ib in ninety-two and one-half per
.■nt ion (92^) of tho face va I ue, inclutl-
ig th,., ni oi sub. umi brokerage ninl
necessary expenses
iiliipled    '...I  .IK
id lhe I iiimi.il. lli.-
I .     I'l'i'i
Cu-.   ( , 1:1:1
M 1 vim
I   \ K I'     MOTIOK lb."    ll"'    above is II
I I ue 1 ..]> .   ..1   llie pI-OpOl eil   I !\'  lull   upon
iiliirb the vole .a' Hi.- Municipality
will be ink.-ii ni ibe 1 it\ Clerk's olllco,
( ni Hall, comer of Hocond Hired and
MoKenssiu   Ivetutei tievelstoke, li.c,
'i      TllOl '   sli.ill    be le\ id    null I'ilisCil
11. nb year during ibe currencv of
mil ih-bi-iii'ne ihe sum of Two Thou-
uind dollars |$2,000.00) for ihe pay.
u< ui ..I interesl uml One Thousand
nul    Nine! i six dollars ($1,090,00)   I'm
1 lie pa) un in  0!  I be -mil lie lil   1,11111-I the
n.i .i.-i.i ininuh b)   . special rate -m 111-
I bel..|i,|   nn ttl|     (be     lutllbll'    ICI I
property in ibe .-nid Municipality.
7. h I. .ll I,., l.iw inl lm ibe Municipal i oiincll of ibe  ani Municipality in
i.-i h.i■ >• .tn\ ui i lu-suid  debentures
iip.-ii inch iei in- a- may be agreed
upon wiib ib,. legal holdei or   holders
I b"i ■ '.I', ill lli-r ill  Ibe li  of milo HI  111
...      ub I'lpienl   imu-, ninl ull dehen-
'...       i icpill'ciinsi .1   bull be lm I bwil b
il. .1   .i  di ■ unveil, ami im reissue
..'   '!•  Il| 1,1 nn       illllH   be     ll-     ill < mi   .'
ipi '    Illcll  leplll'l'li.i   .
!., He   by law ibe  word   "Muni
' .     b ,ll  be deemed fo extend lo
,mil in. In.I.- ..II  ii-i i um . ami propei i y
 pi i   -   I       iVillllll       I In-       Kevi.'stlikt-
S, bnnl I ii  11 nl. nud     II sued pi-opei ly
i.tl be b ible 1.. i    .    ne ul lu-i entitle)1
II pi... i.I.'ll l.v Sl. I mu II nl' I be said
"Public Schools Am. phi;,, Amend
in.ni  A.i. 1900,
li. Tbi- bv law. if passed, shall (nke
.-iieei .mil cm ni. Into force on and after
ilu- ilny of i inon.
10, Tins by law   may    be   cited fm' all
purposes as the "Revelstoke (School
Board) By-law No 1000."
11, This by-law •hall, before the tinal
passing there, f, reooive the assent of
I be elect ocs in tiling lo t be provisions
of  and   iu the   munnei' prescribed by
the Municipal Clauses Act,
Read ii first time ihe 28t.h dav of
May, IIHlll.
Read a second time the 28th day of
Mny, l!IU!l.
Bead it third lime llie 28th day of
May, Hum. uml passed wiih ihe unanimous cuusenl ..i ihe Council.
Received the   assent nf  the electors
tlie .lay of . IllllH.
Re-aonsid !. adapted   nnd   fitiallv
passed Ihe  i 'I'liiieil   lhe day of
, IHO!'.
Cl i'V  Cl.lCKK.
M A Villi
TAKE NOTIOE thai Hie above is u
fine eopy of the proposed By-law upon
which i be mu nl I be Mitnlclpaill v
will be taken nl the City Clerk's officii,
Oity Hall, eoiner o| Sec'iinil Sn, ei uml
McKenzie A .emu., Revelstoke, H.C,
on Friday, June llth, 1000, between
ihe boms of Nine o'clock a.m., and
Seven o'clock p.in.
mvii   Clerk of lhe .Municipal Council.
lhi' .Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Oity of Revelstoke intends
to undertake lhe construction of Concrete Sidewalks on certain p.ills of
Firs! Street, Second Street, und "ronl
Street, within Ilu-said Cily: viz:
(hi the North side of First Street
from the corner of Campbell Avenue
to the cornet' of Boyle Avenue, and
the North side of Second Street frum
the cornel' of Pearson Street to the
coruor of Ford Street, nnd on the
South-west side of Front Sireet from
t he cornet1 of ICing St reel to the corner
of Victoria Road, according lo Ibe
specifications and estimates piepai-ed
by lhe Cily Biigineei', and lo assess
the expense or cost thereof upoTi tho
kind in real properly abutting on the
parts of such streets iisnbove mentioned, ami lo be benefitted llu-i-chy,
and thut a Blutomcnl showing Ilu- land
oi- real properly liable to pay the
assessment therefor uml the names of
lhe owners thereof ;is lac as can be
.isceiiuint.il together with the specifications and estimates of the Oily Engineer uud ihe proposed assessment
mul iepol'1 I here.-ii of Ibe Cily Clerk
are now on file in ilu- iiiil >' of llie City
Clerk mid open foi' inspection during
ollice hours,
Tbe estimated cosl of ihe work is
$1101.50, of which it is intended that
tin-Cily ut huge shull bear thu whole
of the cost ot the work on street crossing unit necessary retahitug walls nnd
one-third of the cost of the Concrete
Sidewalks, uml the property owners
bearing two-thirds of the cost of the
snid sidewalks,
The total estimated cosl lo be borne
liy the properly owners being $11271.lil,
nnd liy Hie Cily ul. large $1087.10.
Any objection lo lhe proposed undertaking and assessment therefor
Bhall lie made by petition lo the Oily
Council wu bin FIFTEEN (15) days
from the date hereof, the persons entitled tu petition being the owners of
the lands thereby all'ected.
Daled Ibis 20th day nf May, 1009.
my 29 City Clerk.
E Company 11M R will attend
Divine Bervioe nl. St. Peter's Church
on Sunday Mny 30th, at 11 a tu Full
in ut, Di ill Hall ut lOillO. Viwi-.ing
veterans oordlally Invited to attend.
Dress Drill order with helmets.
TENDERS will be received for the
stuck ol Ready-made Clothing and
Woollen Hoods and Trimmings, as
comprised in the slock of Cressman t!i
M irrison, up to
Friday, May 28, 1909
Stock may l.e inspects.! aud invoices
seen on application lo
W. J. LAW.
Revelstoke, Ii. 11.. Mny Bl, 1000.
Revels! oke Lund District.
Dislricl of West Kootenay,
Tnke Nmice thai I, A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, Ul!., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date Intend
in npply for permission in purchase
the following des.'i I bed lnnil:
Commencing at a pnsl planted mi
lake shore, ut lhe nni'tbeiist cornel'of
lot7905 and marked "A. W, Dickinson's Noi'l li wost. Cm ner." I hence soul ll
Id chains, easl In chains, noi lh 10
chain-, west 10uhalns, following hike
shore in place
Um ed April Ti li, 1000.
A,i. lo. A. VV. Dickinson.
Revelsluke Lund Hist rid.
District of Wesi Kootenay,
Take notice thai I, Aili-.ui I.n Brush,
of Nakusp, occupation inn cried woman,
Intends to apply I'm' permission to
purchase ihe following described
Commencing al a posl planted on
ihi' sniilh-wesl corner of Loi DUO,
thenco west lu chains; ibence north
00 chains) thenceensl III chuins; Ihence
soul li (iii cbains to place of commencement,
.Mkk. Aiiiian La Huasii.
II..I. La Huasii, Agent.
Daled Mny 171 h, IIIIIII. my 2(1
Revelsluke Lnnil  Dislricl.
Dislricl of West Koolenny.
Take notice I lint Julia A, Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend toapply for .permission
In purchase lhe following described
Commencing ul a post planted ul
south-east corner of Lot 8800, thenco
wesL HI chains, Ihence .south 7 chains
in ore or loss to lake shore, thence along
lake shore to poinl of commencement.
Duted lird April, OHIO.
up 10-OOd        JULIA A. SIMPSON.
Steamer Revelstoke
(in account (f the sutldi n lise of
wnler in the river the Btenmcr Ind today lor ihe Five-Mile liti ding mul will
until further nolice leave thut lauding
every Tin sdny nnd Friday nt (i n. m.,
returning lhe someday. T A. Lewis'
stupe connects wilh lhe hunt.
Certificate of   Improvements
I. \. L. uud Silver Pick mineral
claiuiB, situate in tbe Troul Luke
Milling Division of West Kootenay
Where located, bulwuun lhe north
uml siiulh fucks of Ltirilo Creek.
Take noticu that I Cat hurl ue Florence Hi'iilly. of Vancouver, B.C., Free
Miner's Certificate No, ti ISI7H, intond
sixty tlnvs I't'om dule hi'i-eof, to apply
In I be .Mining RocoVdoi- for u certificate of improvements foi- tlm purpose
of nbtuinlng Crown grants of the
above claims,
And further taku notice lhat notion
under Section 87 must lie commenced
before lhe Issuance of such Certificate
of Iiiipiovemcnls,
Duted   ihis twenty-seventh day of
iny20 CATiiioitiNK Fi.tu<i.:M !•: Bkatty.
Private Sale
A privute snle ol household furniture including steel rauge, (i holes,
ulso brass mounted single express
harness. The bIiovu may be seen nny
day.   John MiT'iiaii., First street.
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, Beds, Stoves, Tin
uml Eiiitmt'l ware. Boots uud
Clothing bought, sold or exchanged.
J. C. HUH, PI'OP.   ^erOtgfir'Fc^
June Uii
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tobacco.
iMculs .'Jo cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Tho above snle lins been postponed
MllNDAH,    MAV  81st,  1009,   ut    II
o'olook n.ni.
I iIYi: KdiiM   1101 SK   I,,,., |,,ii C.
I' I'. II. grinindii inai -I iii,.ii, wilh
2'l yea I lease mi ^n Hi In I,     Tins Iii nisi' is
in   c I    i.'p iii   Willi line   im I'll ell   nul
fl'iill iieos. Will sell .,1, ,i I, irn,,|ii if
-i.I.I ,il iii,i •• Applj I'm lm l bei puc
lil 1,1.II s In K   ,1    I Iiiiii he. Fir-I  s| , ,,,.| .
Board of Trade
Tbe regular monthly meeting ol the
Revelstoke Board ol Trade viil be held
in ihe ("ity Hull on Thunday, June
,'lrd, at H p in. All members are requested to attend
11. Ci NMNOII CM  Molillls,
my i',1 it bixrutary,
English seller puppy, six months
old, white ticked body, I.luck curs ami
face, answers to "Belle." Lost, seen
near Steum Laundry. Anyone returning her to Mrs. O. II. Skene will ho
libeially rewarded.
I,KIR SALE-A   Six-i mod ciilliige,
1     apply R. N. Doyle. If
WANTED    Kilgennaii   uml  Seller
lor  t in-ill ii-  mill.    Apply Lee
Liiinhi.r Co,, Wigwam, B, c.
WANTKD—Planer hand, able in
handle IK huh matcher mul
make mouldings. Apply Lee Lumber
ITIOLND -A Rosmy and Crucifix,
i owner mny hnve Batne by proving
property nud paying for Ihis notice.—
Apply iNIa 11.-IIl-:lt.\I.n ofllce.
WANTED—Waitress   Inr    Palace
Restaurant,  $2ii   per month,
Apply P. (I. Box 112,  Revelstoke, H.C.
I) iu I as our un-iil-. in iiinipie
scnleil lei riliity. Simple wheel supplied nl wholesale pr ies. I'ailiiul.iis
In e.    Til IIH. Pl.IAII.RY,   Volutin, ||, t'.
I (1ST Hei.ween Fifth mul 'Ilm<] Sis
j in Ibe vii iniiy of MeAl-lll ir uVe,
a silver mug uml pitcher, biilh ^nld
lined.     Mug   his "Borden" engraved
upon    il.       Will   III.llel   iei III ll s.ilnr In
A. W. Ali Iniyre's holme and receive
reward. my 20
IOST   lid ween ( . I'. It. station und
J    Pnsl    Ollice,    a    gold    Iiiiiii, b   Sl'l
Willi pearls and  turquoise, dim I in
centre.   Finder will kindly  return lo
MaII.HI'.KAI.II   nlllie   .mil    receive    u
Notice to Contractors
Voters  Who  Have  Eyes  Will Miners  Yield  Important  Point Earl  Expects  It   at   Drop   of
Wll.MI.K  St'lliii   I.
lorlbad  "Tender
received by tins
h   fur  BobuuUhuUHi.1' -
Iiui*. the Miuiuterol  Pul_.ua non i un wjuuuu
nt WodweaUuy, the H'-.U uuj. ul   luuy, 1W0, for
tlm orot'ti'Hi  autl  completion   uf  a smttll ono-
room iriniio Bohool-houae hi Wlliner, H-»/'.
IMims, specifloatious, contract and farms of
tuiitiur may i'u >uan mi mul after tlm -l*' day of
M .y, I'.'im, at ilm nil! .is uf tbo Government
Xiirnxi atli jldeu;ol \S U Utll, Kaq , Secretary
Ol the S-limit Board, Wllnior   H U .   ami at t,Uo
Public Wirk-i Dt_tp.iri.ment, Victoria H  ('
Each proposal must be nooompauted by au
accepted bauk cheque or "'ertifioateol deposit
un a chartered bauk  of i ana la, made payable
tu Um Unu. tho Minister of Public Wurks fur a
Bum equivalent to teu per oeut of the amouut
ui tho tendor. which Bhall be forfeited If rtio
party uuiloriutf do'lnm to enter into contract
When (■""«>'' upon tu du su, ur it In) tail lu cum
uioto tim wurk contracted fur. The chequod ur
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
will i>o relumed to them upon tlm execution of
tint contract.
Tenders will nut be considered unless made
out on lUe forms supplied, signed with the
actual siguature ol the luml-ror, mid euolosed
in tim euvelopes furuished.
The lowest or any louder not necessarily
1'. 0. GAMBLE.
I'nuiie Wurks
Public Wurk- Department,
\ Ictorl., li. t:., lbiti M.y, 1903.
|uu i-
fl HALED TENDERS, luperaoribed "Tender
O iur i nun Hnuse,, Ferule. D i. ," will be ru-
coivbiI by ilm Hun. Um Uluister ol Publio
Works, up to uoou ol Wednesday, tho '.'ill day
uf Jiuiti, inon, Iur ilm ereotiou aud eompletlou
ul a I'uiicreto uml Uriel. Court House m Ferule,
U-C- ,  .
Plans, specifications, contract hiuI forma ol
muildr may be r-oou uu-iuni after tlio Iiiiii .Iny of
May. I'.'"-.','..I tlieollloe ol ilm Uoverument Ageut
hi Fernie, ilm Qoverumeut Ageut »t Nelson,
the Uuvoriiiiient Aiitiui ai Hevelstoke, aud at
tin. Public Wurlis Department, Victoria, B, 0.
Eacli proposal iniint lie. a companted i.y au
acoeptea bunk obeque or certilicate of deposit
ou ii chartered bun..ut Canada, made payable
tu tlie tluu. tim Minister ol I'uliiie Works, lur
u sum i qulvolent tu ten percent, ut theatnuunt
ul tne tender, uliieli shall be forfeited if Uu.
party tendering decline iu enter unu ooutruot
wiieii culled iip.in i" Uu -u, ur u lie fail i" complete Hie wui-k ounii'acied iur. The oneiiuos or
corliflctttus of deposit, uf unsucucssftil lender-
er- will in-reiiirned 10 tlii.'iu ui'uu tho execution
ot tuo ouutraul
Tuuders will not be considered unless made
um uii tho tonus supplied, signed Willi ino
actual uignalure of Ibe lenun-er, and enclosed
in the envelopts furbished.
Tho lowost or any tender
I-', c
I'uliiie Works Kngincot'
Public Work- Department,
Victoria, II. O., May Ith, 1908.
llol  lieeessal-ily
VMlilti'.W K. F. LIDDLE, Plaiutlir,
lJudgmout i Iredltor)
. TOMPKINS, Dolonduut,
mill llolile
Hl.ll.lll.   Ills   III.Mil li Jl Hi-1.  lil.AM   IM"."!-
ni.ii-. _>_...it.lav, u,e lilli d»y ol  May. A.D.
Creditor aua UPON HEAKlNU Mr A iiil.n:
voy un Imliail ol >uo Applicani ninl I I' N
Iti.AUINii tueAUidaviisoi A. si F. LiuoioanU
A.li Uarvoy aivuru iitioin, mo l.illi Uay ul .Mny,
A.D. l'Aiy and nliw;
11' IS ORDERED tl.at service upon tbo
Juilgiiieut   Dol.tur.   T.     -I.   Touipklus,   ul   llie
Nuiieoi i Multuu aniioxed hereto, Odlltugupon
lllll,   Ii,   SUOW   OUUSe   Wl,l Lellalll   laial lllwioiu
iiiuuod should boi oo .-oiu to realise mo auiuuui
i.I tlio Jmlwni.iiit neroiii uy puollsuiug tins
Order u_>__ollier With luo Noticeuliuuxeu lie.olu,
in four coubecuiive weekly editions ui u news*
luil.or piinli.-Uo.l ur cir. ululiuK in ii.u onyol
lloioLjiuko, H.i.. no deeuied good unu sullicieut
Bervice upou ihe utoreauiu Judgment no.,ior,
ul tlio suid Orner ami Nulice ul Alulloui
AN el IT IS FOKTHEu . Utl. I.K i.n luai urn
C-..-1 ,.f aim iii.iacei.il lu uu- ..|.|,i.c .nun,
plioiiid lie audeil iu tlio amuuut ol Ibe Judguieul
-I J.CC.
Who  Have  Eyes
Look for Events
li, Bhould uu: he iiitim ited Ih ,'
politicians    take   peoulittl    .1 il
keeping i In iiiii quiet ut thai pulitioul
leaders take cure that their follower*
diaotoge no cuiiou" ciintid noes Ai
! the name time it ib impn i le p.
hinder men from Saying nothing mi
general topioa An instance ei thii
j wis afforded thia we«k by the visit ol
j E. 1-" 11. Helm* n, M I' I'., ni Viotori i,
who ia in the city on ono ol his quarterly bunineaa vimts. Mr, Behneon,
while cordially reticent, haa no heai
tution in In.iviug it tu lm inferred tli it
limits are getting buay witli ilu
operators of the thinking mill that is
in control nl the governmenl <it Vic-
ti.riu. Seen ut tii.s hotel yesti riluy,
Mr. Ui'hn-iiii, while permitting ii. to
ho suspected tbat he knows n whole
lot more than hu will tell, waa good-
naturedly humorous when asked f ir
information us in ihe policy el ilu
govrenment or as to iu prospective
appeal to tho c uintry hy u di.s-.il ition
ut the assembly,
"Whu mny we Bay ns to u railway
policy?" asked tlm innocent scribe ol
tbe member lor Victoria "There is
nothing tu announce about tbat ns
yet "remarked i hi' equally innoccnl
M I'.l', "I ut thorn urn things doing in
confidential governineut ciroles thai
tlie country will bear uf in u short
lime. It would uot hi; wi-e fur me lu
tit I k uf these schemes at ihi' preaenl
time tint it may he stated th.tl there
nre suri.ms problems before the provincial adminiatratiou which are receiving the heat thought i I tbe i pl(
who run the government" suid Mr.
OebnBon, with it sly twinkle. "Ol one
thin... you may be sure" hu anuouueed
n railway policy anil a stuiu-inanlike
progressive policy fur tbe province will
be placed before the people und tint
ut an early date."
"Will-then; he un election Boon?"
uske I a man at tli" aide who wn- us
muoh intereated ns thu chaser alter
news. Mr Belies,m wus ugain nun
c.iininitt.iil, lint thoee win. know huw
to Interpret the looks uf u man who
isasdeeply in the confidence of the
masters of the eleotion problem aa is
Mr. Behneon will ^et ready tn eust
tlieir votes.
in Negotiations
'I'he j. .ii. t com Ui ittee of miners' and
c .nl operators' repri -ental ivea whu ure
f.jrniiiliiting d tails "i lhe agreement
i i ne -"nt in i he ui nciliui imi board al
Mu leal  wer    coi :• re nee   Mil  il iy
yeBterday hit' bavi i.n yel completed
their Ubora. J ne closed shop con-
tention has been eliminated but tin
operators ure determined tlmt tbe
agreement when signed  Bhall be final
nut iliii.li
the Hat
War without a minute's notice is
whatJLord Clanwilliam expects. The
earl, in company witli Lady Clan-
ivil.iiiin, i- speutliug a couple nf daye
in Winnipeg un his way tu the I'acilic
The war which theeurl expects will
lake pluce between Hunt Britain and
Germany. Germany, he snys, is onl)
uwuiiinji a favorable opportunity tu
pick a quarrel wi. b   Britain,  and   lei
Although ihe prinoiple uf the closed ' 1(^ose tbe ll"Krt without  nuticu uf any
ahop has beeu definitely eliminated
trom the discussion nf ways nnd
means for making effectual tbe proposal of the board of conciliation to
-.ni. the coal strike, representatives
of tbe operators are determined that
ii.'   agreemenl   when Bigned shall be
Britain is, however, awakening
e crisis, mul is prepared fur event-
t.u t
ual i ties
The eurl says thnt BriUin is grateful ti ull colonies fur their o era of
help, lie points nut tlmt a Dreadnaught wuuld lie uf nu use in  Can ad
could, however, he kept in Oanada, nnd
schuola   lor
absolutely binding on tiie miners to hut would have tu ho near Engiand to
resume work, '1 liev will nut touch a j l,e "f service. A couple uf cruisers
match tu their lunter.-. unless this
assurance is made or that tiny are
treed from dinger of a strike fnr the
three years stipulated in chairman
(irant'-i recommendation. Tbe prospects an; that this assurance will he
would serve us training
nig naval reserve.
Norris & Rowe Circus
Owing tn lhe local conditions being
unfavorable to Hie early closing und
tbe general inlonvenience to the public, ihe storekeepers huve decided in
remain open 'until 0 p.in., from Tuesday, June 1st.
A. LE PeAUX, See.
Away from Home
As an illustration of how une must
go away from home tu learn the news
ihe lollowing is going the rounds of
i.ii" provincial press;
"It is expected that a delegation
from Kevvlslnke will shortly arrive in
the eily tn urge upun tbe provincial
government the erection ol a government smelter Bays the Victoria Ciilun-
ist. Aii agitation is al present, on foot
in that distriotlookiug to the erectiun
of such an institution. The question
has nut. as yet been considered by the J
government., it is unde-Btood, but. |rt '"'
there is a Btrong Bentiment in the
interim' f.ir the erection of such un
e-i ablishment."
Singularly enough uo une in Kivel-
stnke appears tu know anything of
tie piuii eed delegation and it is unlikely that such a scheme ever was
Buggested by anyniie in lhe city.
When it   is said that there i.s a strung
More attention than ever lins been
given this season tu tli" fine strict
display wbicb has always been n remarkable feature ul the Greater Norris
A- Rowe Circus. Tlmse who Iiud
perennial pleasure in circus parades
will note the unusual attractiveness
in this season's spectacular pageaut
upon ilu- streets,
Norris & Rowe claim lu huve us
great n menagerie as any cirous in the
world, 'i'hey have bo many wild beasts
thit tbey can open the dens to lhe
public iiuze and still have a large menagerie in theanimal tent to appease
the moBt enihusinstie lover nf wild
rherefore all dens autl out;es
I'u-'mi's parade will lie thrown
I'he costume! nf tlie riders ate
entirely new und unusually piutur-
e-que this year; mure bauds nl music
have hem added; tin: sleek, well
educated thoroughbred In r-es will
Bhare in int. reel with the superb heavy
draft Block, Camels, llamas, dromedaries,   and  elephants   will   lend the
in this
sentiment in favor ni the erectiun of
such un establishment in the inteiiur
the   sentimental   reporter  win wrote
the item shuiild nut judge the interior
by the coast.
Prescriptions with the purest drugs
are put up every day nt C. R. Maodonald's.    Bring yutirs along.
Huntley A: Palmer's famous English
biscuits in nil the different makes and |
ull ihe different  prices.   They are  u
swell biscuit fm- afternoon   ten.   We
ure sole agents,    C. li. Hume & i'u.
procession.     Beautiful  new  tableaux
Boats and artistically  carved  wagons
I will be shown.    The two  big  wagons
containing    the   always - looked - for
clowns, have nnl beeu neglected, so
that the children may huve tlieir
annual laugb, The parade starts
every morning ut 10:80 ami it always
j attracts dense throngs tn ihe shopping
districts. The new tiny baby camel
and the little lion cubs will be displayed in (he parade, uud once the
children see these features they will
probably have eyes lor nothing else.
Day ai
nesday, J
une 2nd
m uiJa
Ferformances a
t 2^andj|8|[p. m.
NOTICK   Ki;ri.i;i:t;i»   TO   fN   THK   tOKK-
iiiMM, OttDEK.
PAKE NOTIUJ2 tint tt Mot lun will bo made
Imti-ro tae L'roBitnug Judge iu Uuumbers, ut the
(.Mini iinii-'j, Van uuver, R C:, ou B'ctday, tUe
£>mdayof Juue, A.D, WtoW, at the bouroflO
ii it.ii k rn tlio toreuuou ur -o buou tuereafter n>
oouudel may be beard un au applioatiuu uu
behalf of tbe Judgmeut (.-reditor, i r au Urdur
calliug upou um Jutigmeut Debtor t<> bUow
t'iui-o why Lou oue UJ and two f-> iu "tockb
Forty-utx, b*uriy-sevou, forty-eigut i iii, n, 18J
ih-uict Lut Two Tti< u&ituii aud Twenty-two
(il^i, \'micuu\or District, or a competent part
ut said laud, should uui ne sold m roal/.i tho
amouut payable under tbe Jnugmeut heruui;
BUpport tnoroui, will tio read tae Aillduvtta ol
A. h. K Lidiito and A. ti. tiarvey, both sworn
tut- i3th uayoi Mny, A.D. IflOU, aud tiled,
Solicitor for JudBUieut Creditor.
ToT. J. XotnpUUB, K-i| .
Juiih'iiieiit Debtor,
Rovelstoke Land Disiiiei..
Hist lint ni Weal l\..uien,iy.
Take Notice tbat Roderick XV. Lindsay, nl Cnniliuine, H.C, occupation
merchant, Intends to npply for permission lo purchase toe following
described iaud i
Commencing al n pusi planted at the
noiih-eusi coiner of A. D, McKay's
pre-empllon, No, 'Mil>, and marked
••K. \V. l.indsnj's North-West Corner
Posts thence about 8 chains eust to
wesi line nf Moitlunun's pre-emption,
Ibence about 60 ohains south, thence
about 8 chains wesi to McKay's aide
line, thence nurtb about 60 chains to
p,um ni commencement and containing in aeres more or less.
Roderick Wh.i.iam Lindsay,
i.i iiiniur.
my '£2
Duted April 80lb, 1009,
Kevelslnke Lnnil Distriel.
Dislricl ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John II. Selkirk,
Agenl, of Vancouver, H.C, intend to
apply to the Commissioner of Lands
uml Winks tor permission to purchase
the following desorlbed landsi
Beginning at a pust planted aboul
5!0 chains cosl of the north east corner
of Timber Limit  No,   12150  Upper
Arrow Luke, West Kooteuuy,running
wosl sn chains, tin e norlh Oil chains,
Ihence east 'Hi chain , theuce south in
eb.iius, thence   eust  ill chain . ilieuee
Mini h 20 chuins in polnl nl ui ounce.
Ii I .Split 71 li, 1001).
tip || .HiIlN II. HISLKIIIK,
Tnke nuli.e lllilt llllftj days nl'liT
dale I inleni! to apply to I he Supeiin
In,,lenl    nl    l'i mill, inl    Police   fill'   u
i-eiuil  liquor he,.nu.  for lhu Springs
\iiiel ni   Albert i'anymi. H.O., from
dune nuiii in December 81st, num.
Dated Muv Will, 1000,
W.-/ Ill *>r>/r \ >
■ ffe^l
y. 'r.',i
~:-l   -A  a\^^*«{K
h^n-^M     ^
1QO Circus Champions &Celebrities1QQ
7 Marvelous Bel fords 7
5 Famous Gardner Bros, li
Vifctorelfas   5
7 Kl8hlmonaJTABpoAuNPet" 7
|2 Worlds Greatest Riders 52
6 FtyingBanvaras 6
8JM c Doji aldFamllyj
Ui CliallcngcAk'naxeKiders |Q
Performing P.lephanls. Camels, l.lons,Tigers.ltcarii, Ponlestintl Monlteyg
Million Dollar New Menagcrlo-
 rinnimotli Aerial Enclave
Koman Hippodrome
Olympian  Stadium
Qrand Qold Olltterlng Street Parade at 10:30 a.m. Daily
How and Why the Locals Won
In glorious weather and on a true
wicket, the season has opened auspiciously lur the Kevelstoke ciicket club,
their matches on Monduy und Tues-
ihiv resulting in two wins.
The victi ry uver Kamloops ou Mon-
liy wus anticipated, fur the latter
club bus hud groat dillieully in secur-
ing a decent prnciicc ground mul their
practices hnve been very lew. Notwithstanding the few practices, some
guud und attractive cricket wuh seen,
and, during one period of the Bevelstoke innings their bowling was so
guud Unit lucnl men were kept guessing and four guud wickets went down
for unly 38 runs. The scure in detail
appeared in Wednesday's issue of tbe
fii ai i. Herald,
Tho friendly but keen rivalry be
twecn Vernon und Revelstuke brought
a large number „l citizens out to sec
this mulch on Tuesday, nnd they were
treated to n sight uf sumo classy batting mul Holding, The honours resting
with lhe lucal club. Kevelstoke with
a scure ol 11!) un their lirst innings
The feature of the Kevelstoke innings wus lhe brilliant partnership
stand of lirier and tho Captain, F
linutne. Tliese two mini on getting
set tieated every Vernon howler alike
uud scored from nearly every ball put
down. Between tbem tbey scored
mure than the Vernon total. Eight
bowlers were tried and every urtilice
legitimately used tu tempt these two
tu relax tlieir vigilance, but for !)0
minutes they kept together and when
thu parting cume they had the sutis-
laotiou ol knowing that the matob
was won,
li W Morrell, b Maley  18
J A Meldrum, hit wkt., b Muley.. . 2
I) F Tate, c A tkins, b Cooke  'A
R .Sivil't, b Jackson  10
New Times Final Drive
Having been   born   later than their
older, though not  parent   nor   in sny
sen-,,   rival   cluh   the    "N.»   Times
Bridge ('lui.''   held its annual closing
[unction at the home of  Mr. and Mre
H. Cunningham  Morris, Third Street
west, on   Wednesday   eveuiug.   This
olub was  instituted on account of tbe
natural    limitations     oi     individual
homes when the matter of the accommodations of   members at tbe regular
meet iugs   had  tu be considered and is
in nu sense   a   rival tu tbe Old Times
Club.     The   clo»in? function ol   the
formerly   mentioned    cumpany   touk
place under  particularly pleading circumstances.     Tlie Beal drive took np
the must of the evening and was much
iinj lyed because of   the keen expectu
thins of the computing   members as to
the   winners   in   the   sets.      In good
nature the competition was aet tied uy
tlie following scores:    Fur the season's
highest   total;    Ladies,   lirst,  Mis. H.
Cunningham  Morris; second, Mrs. W
M,  Lawrence  Gentlemen, lirst, T. i__.
I..   Taylor;   second, W, M. Lawrence.
Evenings'   scores—Ladies,   lirst,   Miss
A. B. White; second,  Mrs. A   E, Kin-
oaid; Gentlemen, Hist, A. E. Kincaid;
second,   J.   Guy Barber.    Tbe supper
which wus spread   hy   the  hostess and
bust un the occasion wa- jn every « iv
up   tu   the well known reputati in : r
hospitality   whioh   Mr.  und   Mrs. H.
Cunningham   Morris   enjoy   and tin-
guests tn   tbe  number uf   almost the
entire   membership  ol   the   club discussed it   with   nil   the abandon tbat
Bhould characterise such an entertainment.     Pleasantry and repartee concluded the evening party.
" Lorimer "
(A Review)
Oranges, bananas, lettuce, rhubarb
einniis, green onions, arriving daily
il O, li. Ilium- & Co's,
The real name ii Lnrimer of tbe
Ni rlhnest, and because the honk is
true to ite till", a review is worth
while. Tbe story is one which should
I'e res 1 I y all Canadian boys and
girls becauee of its inspiring patriotism in .i its lucid portrayal uf the
conditions which-were encountered by
a lurge section of the people of the
country in making it what it is.
Experiences ot economy ii nut of deprivation are not yet uncommon
aiming many ol the youths of the far
back sections o! the country and the
slory of how these may be endured
and how by tlieir endurance, like
llaniiet's troubles "ended," will doubtless sustain many a lad who would
otherwise become discontented witb
bia lot on the soil.
The chief value of the volume, however, could it be circulated iu the Old
Country, is in its educative value as
an instruction tu Englishmen on the
pluck aud brains, with other things
tint are necessary to success in tbeir
efforts at self help as well as their
contributions to the construction ol
the empire such as are taking place
all the time, The hero, Lorimer, with
his chums aud people whom he meets
i nut incidentally, but according to tho
deep design ol tbe author are so well
lea tu red that an English reader ol the
volume will acquire a more correct
idea ol life in the Northwest than he
oould by attempts at assimilation of
tomes of the literature that is sent out
by cruity and designing agents of ad-
verti-ing schemes. If the book could
ne widely read in England it would
play an important pari in tbe settlement ul the vexed question as to
whether Englishmen need apply. The
volume is on sale at the local stores.
C l.efroy, h Cooke	
F li VVilsuii, li Jackson
G il Raymond, run out
li A Perry, b Cooke .. .
li Br.izier, b Cooke. .. .
J) N Pitcairn, noi out.. .
li Cartridge, h Cuoke ...
Byes 2, leg byes 2. ..
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Total  la
C M Field, c Swift, b Morrell  (i
F H Bourne, h Cartridge  ill)
.1 Maley, b Morrell  D
W liner, b Perry  -li!
J K Cuoke, b Lelruy  1
A G Bruuker, c Wilson, b Mcldrun. 10
W W Foster, l.b.W., b Meldrun... . 1
.1 H Jackson, b Meldrun  0
B ll Atkins, not out  2
C Norris, b Meldrun  1
C Bonalio c Lelruy, b Meldrun.... 2
Byes 4, leg byes 'A, no balls 2. . !)
Tutai 119
Pitcairn, c Cuoke, b Foster  1!)
Morrell, o and b Cooke    22
.Meldrun, I l. w , b Foster  10
I'ate, b Norris  18
.Swill, b Norris  0
Lelroy, c Foster, b Jiickson  (i
Tiniul hv.
Medium Clpver.
Mammoth Clover
While   Dutch Clover
Sutton's Lawn Gross
German Millet
Auu'i ivim Wonder Peas
Ohampion  oi   England
lilui.'k   Eve   Marrowfat
Golden West   Beans
Bents. Carrots, Tnrnlps
Onion Sets.  Multipliers
Sweet peas Nasturtiums
1 Robe, Harvest
Wheat    Sheaf,
Five Roses, Ruyal Standard. W
Queen, Western Hungarian.
Whole Wheat,    Graham.
Barley Flakes, Toasted Corn, \\ heat Pearls,
Rolled Oats,     Wheat Crannies.
May. Wheat, Oats, Cracked and Whole Corn,
Oilcake Meal, Vetches, Chick Food, Beef, Scrap
and other Chicken  Specialties.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Uu) mond, ii M iiei       ,-i
brazier, b Maley       2
Curtiulge, not out     0
Perry, n Maley ..
. ..     1)
lives 6, leg bj
es 1   .
...    IS
Total ..
... 8B
Vernon 1st innings—
Mnley ....    0
Oooke ...    16
Jaokeon ..   •>
lionuIlo  . .     1
2nd inn.—
Cookti ....    li
Muley ....     D
Norris ...       8
Foster     6
Jackson        2
lirnoker...     2
Ri .. Iiik-s.—
Morrell     .11
Swill .    .       1
Pitcairn       I
Meldrun ..   8
Cartridge .   -1
Lelroy  ...    2
Brazier ...   2
Perry     8
- , *        These destroyors cannot live where trees have been treated with     ™^
W A R N O C K ' S T K E E P A I N T
Pear Illight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald, THE COST IS VERY SMALL. It will
not wash off. One application protects for two years. Warnock's Tree Paint
is not an experiment, li has stood the test for six years in all parte of tba
I United States, li is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight. We
i invite investigation. Tie' Arkansas Experimental Station bus used this tree
paint for three yeara. S'ovember, 1007; Ihey purchraed "i'i gallons for free
■ I is ui I a 11 im i among leading orchards.    Send foi   16-page fie i Booklet to
(i. R. LAWES, Enderby, B. C, Sole Manufacturers for B. O.
Paget Supply Company. Agents, Revelstoke  B   C.
The umpires were W. 11. Humphreys and C. W. Young nntl the
scorer Master Francis Bourne.
The beautiful weather, the location
ol n.e mii'kei. ground, the Iresb Bpring
colouring "I lho mountain growth and
the pretty c ist ii men ul the I allies seated
around,  made  a    oharming   picture
which wuuld   be   dldloult anywheie to
The excellent, riiiesliiniinl provided
by tin I dies alsu lidded materially to
the plea-ure ol tbe players and viaitnrs
The in xl match on the home
ground H with Okanugiiu Mission
Sports Club un Tuesdiiy, .liinc 15th,
Canada is Exceptional
'l'i uili   returns i i  i lm Domluion for
April, the lirst nun   li uf    lh"   premie;
ducal year, show u conti ned Im
pn ii inenl i he in':■ I '■ '■ de lor H e
month amounted to f.M,0U8 85.| an
looteaso ol $4,028,207 ovec April ol
Inst year Imports loi lhe month
totalled $22681,078, nn Increase ol
12,000,478. Exports totalled $11 862,.
7!I7, an Improvemenl ol $1 507,069.
rhe eiisii.ms duty oolleoted amounted
■ii $8,788,480, being a bellcrnient ol
■  (1ST   A   i m.i h nl   keys   iipiii  Ibe
Ij   Poil   Dili n   ilns   Saturday
in..ruing.   Rewni'd ull return Ih.Maii-
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best   and   largest   Stock
of Cigars and
Pipes   in
Original   Mac's   Mixture
now   on   hand
and inaili
expressly   lor  us by I ».
K. McPherson.
in (..'. P. ll. contract lorfacing Reveletoke station. A large
stuck now mi h.unl. Reasonable prices fur large or small
quantities. By fur the cheapest material for a substantial
bouse. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Saves most of
Miur puititinn and almut have yuur insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
Before  tbe  Firsl
.(   .May. Ik '   SIX-1
roomed   bouses, In   R( relsl    i   with
.. i iu.,. -  if  la iiii " mn. iucludini
wanted, horse anil  i igi snd all isrdi n
tools,   Situated wi -t ol 0 P R track
Lower tuwn.   Apply to
tc Bnx 2'AD, Reveist. ke.
Strawberry Plants
From my celebrated 'DI 0 .1 \ LPS'
Berry, Thoroughly aoolimatizrd of
sxquislts llavur   At 12.00 per hundred I
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
Now   is   the time to i
wood.    Five lnutla and
rder yuur mi
iki per bin
Kevelstoke, 11. C.
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   at   any point  between Mill
and Kootenay Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at ullice ul
Bowman Lumber Co'y. fM
We   sell    llll   Hie l.e-1
makes of Talcum
Powders. Km- the
Bal y.  fi i   Sb iviug,
!;..! Sore Feet, etc.
Gu n inteed not to
iriitaie.    Sold in
25c. and 50c. Tins
i, Macdonald's Drug Store jy
Local and General.
. . cial al tbe residence of Mr-.
J,  P   Sutherland, on   the  evening ol
Thursday, June   I7tb, under auspices
I i.a.liee' Aid ol St. An Irew'a Church.
The member,, of "E" company 11 M.
R. will parade anil attend Divine service at St. iPeter's church tomorrow
leaving the Drill Hall at 10.W. Kev.
C. A. Procunier, B.D., will be tbe
preacher f..r the occasion, The call
foi muster in sharp,
Tbe daylight Baving understanding
arrived at by the mi rcb mta wbo bad
agreed to close tlieir respective places
c.i business an liuur earlier limn i-
ususl bss evidently miscarried, sev
eral ul the business places keeping
upen till six o'clock.
The New Time- Bridge Club has arranged tn hold nn outing with usual
picnic accompaniments at Alberl
Canyon next week Every preparation
in the wny of commissariat BupplieB foi
the comfort if those wbo accept in vi
tationa as well ;is foi the members ol
the Club has been made,
Alex McRae ol the Globe Lumber
imp .iiy.n turieil on Wednesday Irum
an extended visit to Eastern citiei
including Ottawa It i reported thai
Mr McRae bas successfully Moated a
large deal in which he and bin friends
ure interested and which will put. n
number of tin local residents on easj
Call mul i lisped nnr stock »>!' ( hi ion Sett) Anil  Warden Seeds of all kim
V nr Inn new seeds kepi in > tick
Wi- carry   a   complete   line   of
M!ip!e .unl t'.inev groceries, .nul
can oiler ynu the besi goods al
I In- same pi-ice us yuu puy for
Inferior lines.
Our bread, cake uud pastry trade
is rapidly increasing, a tiinl
order for iny one of I he above
will explain tt hy. Our aim is to
ki ep only the best.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Q-000000000000 CHKXKKXHKKKKX? \f
CHAS. M. FIELD \   Net and Lingerie Blouses
KatZi.- t-HM'______Ki'S_-B-V|____-.J -MUUUOBOK* i««BCaJ«C«
Do   you   know
bundles iilmosl evei yl hing for
i he baliy. vi-/..:
I! \I1Y POODS Alleiiliui'v's.
Mellin's, Nestles, Robinson's link-ley,   Robinson's
 ats,     Hut-licks    Milk.
I. u'l.iieil Pood, Neuves',
Kskuy's, etc. Also ilm
the lies! line- of   Nipple-.,
Soothers, P ling Bottles
mil Talcum's,
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Look after this branch of your Imsiness
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance find Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite tho Club
NuT.uiY Public
O       Rests Coi i  .,; i u.
6 0
' OCHXJOOOO-O'OOOO'OO o-oo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o
The season for pretty blouses is now hem and our
showing of tliese goods i.s, as usual, the hest in town.
There is a strong demand for Net Waists and we have
them in all the leading colors. Of course the heaviest
demand is' for Cream and licru, but we also carry them
in Black, Brown, Green, Toupe, etc., to match the leading shades in suits. They are daintily trimmed with fine
laces and insertions or the pain tailored effects.
Thi' Truro Daily News of Mny il
telle the story of n thrilling holdup in
thut city nl which, in broad daylight
two men went into the 1. C. K Btation
und covered the agent with a pistol his
companion relieving the snle of nu
unaccounted Bum ol money. What
dives the story 1 oal interest ia the
fact thai XV. •! Burgess tbo hern in the
question mul une of those held up has
ii bit ive:; ill lhe  cily.
The citizens of Calgary, with their
usual enterprise, have luken time by
the forelock in advertising tbeir Al
hei'lu provincial fair, wbicb will be
held from .Inly 5 to 10, The emu
inittee has issued a well executed
calendar with excel'ent photogravures
of tbe grounds and of characterizations
hy specialty companies. The calendar
is a work ol art ns well as an advertisement
The Sun Pranclsco Opera Company,
[ wnich is billed to piny ut the Revelatoke Opera Hi.use on June Dili, will
present a performance tbat will iu
everyway rellect credit on itself and
i the local iinuiti uinii-iit for securing the
attraction.    Tlm caste is new except
ing   for  the   'Veil   known   and   ever
1 welcome members of the compauy,
The oomedy farce which will be presented is suid to lie one  of the  most
j laughable that can be produced and its
piny   here   will   be   luuked   for with |
; inteiest.
Then' wus fl slide on llie ('. P. II.
yi sturdily, a mile west uf Three Valley.
wbicb necessitated the cancellation of
Nn. llll. Several stretches u[ track bad
tole buill in order to surround the
difficulty of railway navigation, but
this wns done with lho usual prompt-
Hess mid the heavy baggage nnd ex
press matter wus brought through
early last night. Trallic is uninter
in pied to-day.
Several police court cases were
beard before VV, XV. Poster, stipendiary magistrate during the week. In
addition to the unusually small grist
nl holiday drunks or disorderlies, information wns UUI against an east end
resident lor keeping a disorderly house
A conviction was had in the case and
a line of sflu and tlie custsuf the court
imposed. For allowing cattle to roam
at large contrary to the statutes in
such cases made and provided a line
ires imposed ou another citizen. The
amount win moddlt, lining only ifii 00
but the police are determined to enforce the civic regulations.
Enterprise and necessity have
prompted the linn of C. li. Hume ii
Co. to the purchase of an electrical
coffee mill nnd the beautiful machine
wus installed yesterday, The machine
does uot make coffee but lieing electrically propelled grinds the delicious
narcotic at u rate that astonishes one
who bus seen unly   the bund grinding
$15,000 - STOCK --- $15,000
We are giving up business and selling  out  our   entire   Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and   will   be  continued   day   and
evening until the entire Slock i.s disposed of.
JOHN    BULL Mckenzie ave ue
——————— — ——————
I i.iii'y  Butler      25c
I'm,Hues, Karly Rose $2.50
Turnips, not woody, and firm, . 2c, lb
Apples    5C' l'1
John Mclntyre & Son, First Street
ummer uresses
In Lawn, Batiste and Linen—Something different
Irom anything else yet shown in tlie city, as they are
sold to us exclusively
Lace and Embroidery Remnants
As  the season advances these gather and we have a
lot of ends from two to five yards that we have put out for
quick s;ile ai prices that will surely clear them out.
process. The new grimier is uf the
combination kind and at one end of
the grinding shall it, oarrieB a pulveriser wtiile al the other a granulator
dues its work. The.reversal nf tho
action for pulverisation or granulation
is simple, l'ui runs ol 1 be stnre will be
treated to an exhibition ol the work of
the new time saver.
Airs. (1. S. McCarter will not receive
on the lirst nor second ol June.
.Mrs. A. Hobson will not receive on
Wednesday the 'imi nnr again during
the summer monl lis.
0 H. Iieiiis liiiuin is in tbe city for
11 few days oulfitting lor the season's
work at the IJontiohman Caves ul
which he is again in charge this sea-
sun. Mr. Deutschman informs the
Mail Hi.kai.h that the Oka-.dgun dis-
tricis this season are Buffering from
want nl tnoiature
Union Benefit
The laoroase and baseball clubs ol
lhe city have arranged a union bonelll
to be shared in the skating rink on
VIonday nighi. The In?!, that neither
club has privale grounds makes it
necessary tu undertake special mourn
In keep up tlm funds ol lhe individual
clubs, mul the benefit is une of ilu
methods afforded the public to show
its appreciation of the efforts of the
local spurts.
The event, will  be  made  the  more
interesting because • f the vi-u of the
Reginii ''All-Comers" who will  play n
game with  the   Revelstoke's early in
i the evening.
Catering for 1 he guests will bu 1! me
according to arrangements made, bul
there will bo no scarcity of edibles ul
every kind ill the rink.
After dinner   Mints in 25c. nnd line.
] boxes, fresh  and   wholesome   ut O. R.
I You Don't Have To 1
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
A carload ni lhe fain ul • Ayhner
Canada I'irsl Cieuni und Uuiinihi First
Milk just arrived. Huve ynu li ied il ?
If mil, vnu should. I'm- snle hy C, II.
IL     .  . ■
lu Nulling up our seeds we lind we
linvi it smiill ipi.imily of each vurluty
left uml e.in supply yuu wilh musl
anything vnu requite, ('. li. Hume
& i'n.
Having- made up our mind to reduce our entire Stock at least another $5,000
we will lower our prices to make an exceptionally quick turn-over. Do not miss this
opportunity of purchasing from one of the best stocks in the city. We have received
direct from manufacturers new Summer Costums, new Waists, new Parasols, new
Skirts, etc.    All selling at Big Sale Prices.
**,* ^    **
White Wear
Ugul       (...ii li-.       -   .; '-        ! ■ .!-e'
. Drawers, eti    eti     all  ut
-:•.   i   prices
Ladies' Underwear
: • .:
10 cents' i idi
Colored Delaines
i ii
Prints, Muslins
A fine line regulai |>rici  im
20,       i '.-.   . ...ii..  .it  l'i i, per    nd
- •
Dress Goods
. ■
.uui ■    ! etc      Reg
■ - nnl   .
Bed Spreads
White      Iiei
" ind * 1 IK) '..it! mi
Shams and Covers
Ladies' Rain Coats
H0 fm •.
Men's Boots
We have gone through uml picked
uut mill lines, si/en from sin to
ton, These lines ure our regular
selling liiiuls iit prices (run* .fl .'ill
lo lh. -ule price 92,00, < loot!
silling wurliing bunts, Blucher oui
nali prioe $1,75
Men's Suits
I' .fi v new Tweed Huils, lhi- leason
good* regular $15, nuw #11.75.
T-.M'iiiy-live black mul blue worst
- i il.- price $12, Men's Tweed
I'.n,i: ui Jl 26, ju i the price ynu
p 13 lor overalls, hoy's Knicker
uiti ui cost,
Men's Shirts
A guiiil  range of working shirts
now   selling   ul   60    cents  inch.
Dainty  negligen   shirts,   regular
price $1,25, liow selling nl 7.riu.
Odd Lines
1.ailics' Oxfords uml
$2,60 a in I $8,  sale
Blouse waists nimbi
peretles and prints, 1
Uuls, regular
price   ifl.,j().
from wrap-
So. each.
Table Linen
(ilio. Bleached Table Linen selling
ut 'Hie.     Hie.  Unbleached Tabic
Linen, sale price itOc.  $1.0(1 Table
Napkins,    hemmed,     our    sale
price $1.
I  ■       ■     11        '■»»!     t.


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