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The Mail Herald 1907-07-17

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 The Mail-Hepald
ria. b- ^y
Vol 13.-No 55
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Bargain List
Monday, July 16th,  we   will  place on the Tables
Bargains thai nre sure tn interest you:—
.Y line of Men's White
Duck     Wash    Suits,
Bargain No. 1.== , ,, Skl
ton Soils, thoroughly well made, nice striped Ducks, nice
and cool for present wear.  They were $3.50 per Suit,
Bargain No. 2.
ladies, also Tan Leather, and son
8( and 0.   $2.50 to $3.30 Shoes for.
A  basket   of  Oxford
Shoes in White   and
Colored   Canvas,   for
nnd some Blacks, in sizes 2i, 3.
Olghams, 7 pieces,
* =-new fancy stripes, some
DiUgiHll IW* V/--Sjii- mi>;-,n g-„.ls and
others in neat patterns and checks. Goods we have heen
selling at 23c, 30c. and 35c. They will make nice Blouses
and Wash Dresses.   Price now per yard IBC
W . . »i a A lot of Children's Mils-
KHI*OH 111 Nft a ==liu and Silk Dresses,
LiaigUIII 11Ui *t beautiful goods to lit
infants and children from 4 to S years of age. These are
lovely little affairs, no two alike. They are a set of manufacturers'samples, You never sew such pretty goods
exposed for sale in town before. Thev are selling here at
 Half Price
Bargain No. 5-
Lawn Blouses, a lot of
■Jgood  every day Muslin
_                                   and  Organdie   Blouses,
Laee and Embroidery trimmed.   $1.0(1  to  $1.50 Blouses
sellingnt 76 Cent!
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
•^<$HJH$NtH$H$l *$- l^l t$l ty tyty
S       Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc.   Stanley's and Stsrrett's
Mechanics' Tools.   Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
S Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely.
».*        Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardwire, Stoves snd Tinware, Mineri', Lumbermen'i
snd Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
■Ii ili ili ili it it ^ <y -M' -M1 '1' 't"H' $ 'I1 $ 'I' $ ■!' 't' ■!' 'M'
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .... $2,100
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  1,800
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street  4,2110
Lots on Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each  . .     250
Lota on Third St., cost of McKenzie Ave., each  .    . .200
Lots on Fourth St., eaat of McKenzie Ave., each   . .     175
Lots on Fifth St., easl of McKenzio Ave., each   ,    . .150
1—2 and 5-acro Blocks suitable for fruit.
Would You Rather
Live in Your Own
House than Pay Rent ? Look at the Bargains
Offered by Real   II    il    !____■ ■_-_!__■•
> " Agem n, fi, uoursier
Following is tbo tooro sheet ol July
am Sun um Total
S..rKl..l.i». Ili.ii.ilil     IS 'IS '11 81
I't., I1.U, Hawkins   20 'KI tl 7S
I'll.. II. M11III1..II.1..1I   i'> 911 '17 '     7!
SoraLO. O. Wl.uolo.-..   .20 211 21 70
I.I1.111..H A. Hrown   2.1 27 IN 7!
Pm 11 Kiwrtn  m a m on
PI* Win. Millvonny.... 21 211 II 10
1'to, W. Hnvl.loi.1   tl 1! 17 M
I'm, W. K. Stewart   15 24 s M
Sorgt.J. A. Dnvlilnon,...  23 17 I 111
I'tc, W. Mowl    II) S II 30
Its. A. H0K0111I1.   II 10 - jW
ru. J. Shin-Inn   19 10 J W
By lour point! tho Canadian team
wot. the Kiihipiiie cup at tl.e Bisley
rifle compctitioni. The representatives ol thii Colony havo captured
that trophy for several years In sue-
cession, thereby demonstrating that
no bettor marksmen than those ol the
Dominion oan be produced lu any
part ol the Britiih Empire,
Premier McBride Received Enthusiastic Ovation by Crowds
of ail Political Shades, on
Return From England.
VANCOUVER, July Hi.—Conservative
and Liberal alike united in the great
welcome given to Premier McBride on
Saturday, on his return trom his
successful mission to London in connection with tho question ol better
terms. Liberals were as enthusiastic
as memt-era of his own party in showering their congratulations on the
man who had (ought the Federal
Government, not on political lines,
but ns a matter ol justice to the province he represented. Some of the
bitterest opponents of Premier Me-
Bride's policy during the late election
were the lirst to congratulate the returning statesman. Cheering crowds,
there nniBt have been between 20,000
and 30,000 people present along the
route, greeted him at every point, nnd
banners nnd torches and bands helped
to swell the triumph of his return.
The political hatchet was completely buried by tbe patriotic enthusiasm
Bhown Ior tho victory gained by a
British Columbian tor British Columbia. In ir ore than one of the following vehicles could be noticed men
bat had 'ought the fiercest of political
battles, now united, and answering
together the cheers ol thc surging
In replying to the Mayor's addrc6B
ol welcome, the premier thanked Ihem
all for the splendid compliment that
they had paid to him, and said the
reception was doubly welcome because
it came Irom his native city, and was
irrespective ol political  partisanship.
Premier McBride dwelt briefly on
the events which led up to his journey
to London, and told ot his reception
in the Old Country.
He mentioned the courteous treatment he had received from Mr. Winston Churchill, Under Secretary lor
the Colonies; Irom Sir Francis Hap-
good, the permanent Under Secretary,
and Irom Mr. Hamar Greenwood.
Parliamentary Secretary to Mr.
Churchill, a Canadian who hnd won
his way to a proud position in the
politics ot tlie Old Land.
On arrival ol the procession at the
wharf, previous to embarking on the
s.s. Chamer for Victoria, the enthusiastic scene! were renewed, and not
until the vessel was disappearing in
the shadows ol the Inlet did the cheers
subside, or the great concourse ol
people disperse.
In the history ol this city there has
never been held such a public reception, irrespective of party, and it was
a splendid tribute lo the man who has
been placed at tbe hend ol affairs ol
the province, that men of opposite
political color joined in welcoming
liiu. home Irom his historic battle lor
the rights ol British Columbia.
Over Seven Hundred Japanese
Have Come to Canada During the Past Month.
Ottawa, July 17.—The Department
ol Trade and Commerce has been
notified by the immigration olliee at
Victoria that during the month ol
June 1018 Japanese arrived at Victoria. Ol these 312 were ...ales nnd
106 females. Seven hundred and
ninety-one remained in Carnda and
227 continued their journey to various
United States points. The Japanese
immigration movement is abnormally
heavy at present.
Winnipeg, July 16.—The Lake
Superior Limited, ol the Canadian
Northern, had a f cculinr experience
near Kashabowie. A cloud ol moths
was encountered, which obscured the
view and covered lhe track so deep
that the train wai stalled. The crew
spent three hours clearing thc track
snd wheels belore the train was able
to proceed, The experience is unique
in thc annals ol' railroading in tl.e
Canadian norlh west.
Harness, light or head, singlo or
louble—Bourne Bros.
Meat ul Wheat the latest in granulated wheat, three packages Ior 50c,
at C. B. Hume A Co'i.
Fatal Explosion—Buried Alive
—Chinese Smugglers-Very
Novel Surgery. —A Sleep
Walker's Death.—Fire Bugs.
Boston-, Mass., July 17.—As the
result ot an explosion ot 1. bag ol
powder on board the battleship
Georgia yesterday, eight of her crew
arc dead and thirteen injured, three
ot whom are not likely to live.
New Webtminsteu, July 17 —
According to reports received in tliis
ciiy direct Irom Mosher, near Fernie,
the Canadian Pacific Railway in
making tast progress in opening ils
new conl mine at that place, and it is
believed the company will obtain
much of its fuel from those mines in
Fokt William, July 17.—J. Pinker-
ton had a loot badly mangled by the
train, and it wns amputated immediately by a doctor who hacked it off
with a penknife, Piukerton was
hoarding the Imperial Limited a few
miles east of here and made a flying
leap but miBsed and fell, lhc front
wheel passing over his foot, crushing
it at the ankle. It was bound up in a
handkerchief and Pinkerton taken on
the train to Fort William.
Montreal, July 17.—Antoine Robert, tlie 15-year-old sou of Chiel ol
Police I'.obert of Lachine, while walking in his sleep, climbed to a window
ol the Monks' Industrial School at
Oka and jumped out of the window to
thc ground, a distance ot 45 leet and
was killed.
St. John, N.B, July 17.—Fire ol
incendiary origin yesterday caused
$250,000 damage at Hartland. The
blaze started in Thornton's drugstore.
It is stated the place was saturated
with oil, and the lire appliances had
been tampered with.
Lomhon, Ont., July 17.—A huge
block of buildings m the main business thoroughfare of the city collapsed
yesterday morning, burying about a
hundred persons. Many are believed
to 'nave perished.
Vancodvjsb, July 17. — Thirteen
Chinese who wanted to save a total of
|0,50(l taxes smuggled themselves into
thc-Dominion of Canada and were
discovered by the ollicers of the
Canadian Customs yesterday alternoon
on heard the Canadian Pacific Bail-
way steamship Tartar.
Regulations Adopted by Railway Commission.
Ottawa, July  10.—Three   orders
Mountain Resorts Crowded-
Big Trek from Prairies to
British Columbia Expected
This Fall.
"Tourist travel, both east and west
bound over the Canadian Pacilic Rail
way has attained tremendous propor
lions, Imt the high-watermark will
not he reached until next montli
This season promises to smash all
previous records."
This is the way Mr. C. K. E, Ussher,
assistant trallic manager ol the C.I'.lt.
describes the conditions on the transcontinental highway.
"The C.I'.R. hotels at all the moiiii
tain resorts, notably at Banff and Lnko
Louise, arc doing all the businesa
they can handle, The travel this
season is indeed' surpassing our most
sanguine expectations." continued Mr.
Ussher. "The additions and enlargements to our stopping places have
been justified. Thc train service since
tlie addition of the new Transcnnnda
llicr is able to handle the trallic better
than ever. Tlie Transcannda train is
already popular with people who desire
to make record time,"
Mr. Ussher predicted a big inllux of
people from the prairie provinces to
British Columhia this fall. Even uow
the company is taking steps to be
ready to handle the rush. Britisli
Columbia, its climate and varied re
Bources, is appealing to our western
farmers with ever-increasing interest.
There is no telling how many thousands will come west this fall. The C
P.R. loses no opportunity of letting
Canadians sec all portions of the
country by reason ol low round-trip
fares. It is probable when the fall
rush lo British Columbia sets in the
C.P.R. will be found to again have
given the public the benefit ol extremely low rateB."
Gang* of Twenty-five Believed
to Have Taken at Least
$3000 a Month.
Winnipeg, July 17.—The police
now have lour Canadian Pacific Railway employees in cells on a charge
preferred hy the company ot stealing
freight from cars standing in the
yards, liunyan and Erickson were
ai rested Saturday, and Orr and Hicks,
two of their fellow-employees, were
taken yesterday.
It is estimated by ollieials of tbe C.
P. R, that the operations .-f the thieves
he'e ure carried ou by a gang ol twen
'ty-live, and most of them are under
cflclated to guanl against lire and »wveillance and likely to be arrested
accidents on railways have just been »l »"* moment* ,The comW e8ti*
issued bv thc railway commission, mates that "'e'tsliave been committed
nnd arc ol general application on all; a^regating $3000^1 n.ontl,
roads in Canada.
One provides that every passenger
coach be equipped with two fire extinguishers, In the case of cars now'
being built, six months are allowed to ]
make the installation, while on cars I
in use at present eighteen months are I Cage
given.   All new cars to be turned out
must be equipped before being placed
in service.
The second order provldoi that all
railways from May to September inclusive shall provide watchmen at all
trestles to guard against lire and water
barrels and buckets shall be kept  beside tbe trestle, while dead grass or
any inil........able   material  must lie
Another order stipulates that inspectors must he provided at terminal
points to specially examine locomotives at least once a week, lt is also
ordered that no lignite conl shall bo
burned. This order goes int.. technical
details as to the style ot equipment ol
Bra boxes ol engines. The whole is
designed to minimize fires trom locomotives.
Font Collins, July 16.—Mrs. A.
Davies was eleotrocutcd on Saturday
afternoon while standing in a bathtub
in the bathroom of her home. She
had tilled tl.e tub with water and
alter disrobing and stepping into the
water she discovered the room was too
dark and attempted to turn on thc
electric light.
The wire was heavily charged and
then Mrs. Davies touched the button,
the current passed through her body.
For Crosse A Blackwolli pickles,
olives and sauces ol all kinds, see our
lut shipment—C. B. Hume A Co.
his Father Die 3000
Miles Away—Letter Received Two Weeks Later Corroborates Vision.
New Yoi.k, July 16—What appears
to h.: a remarkable psychical experience bus just been undergone, it is
said, by the Rev. Henry Rollings, now
taking a special course in thc New
York Homeopathic Medical Cullcgo,
iu that ho saw as in a vision ll.e
death ol his father, although 3000
miles separated hither and son at the
time, The deathbed sceno as the
young clergyman snw it in his mind's
eye was corroborated in every detail in
a letter iwo weeks later,
The letter Iron. England said that
the elder Rollings died on thc exact
dny and at the exact hour that thc
younger Rollings had had hie dentil
pioturcd to him.
Montkkal, July 10.—The police
•leel that tbey havo succeeded in breaking up one ol the most dangerous
gangs ot counterfeiters that have
operated in Eastern Canada Ior years
past. So carefully woro the tracks of
tl.o gang covered, and bo cautiously
were the methods ot "shoving tbe
queer" conducted that lor a long time
the operations ol tho band werc unsuspected.
Fishing tackle ol all kinds—Bourne
Headquarters for  Tetley's Teas
Headquarters   for Tetley's Teas
Dwelling for Sale
Valu    $1650 OO
Sale Price. $1300 OO
The above is a Six-Hoomed liuuse in good locality
with Fifty feet frontage, Good Fencing, Sheds, etc.
The owner dues not live in Kevelstoke and cou-
seqsently needs money.
Thc actual cash value is as stated above and $350
cannot be made easier than by buying tliis property.
We will loan you money to assist in the purchase.
We have for sale 00 acres of choice land on Cranberry Creek, (ear Arrowhead, suitable for Fruit and
Horticulture. A man of enterprise can make a line home
an.l a splendid Independence for himself and family on
this property.
Price—$30 pel- acre on good tel ins.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.     Telephone 31.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
st Op. iiiii
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Ilrnticlios In tlm Provi..c"oI MnuiUibn, AllwrU, BulntohlWID,
Brills). 1 1.Inini.]... Oatr.rio, <**uebac.
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,700,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       (4,700,000.00
D. R. Wii.kii:, President; Hox. It, Jakkiiay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United Statesand
Europe, Special attention given t.. Collection!,
Savings Department
Deposits received and Intersil allowed at current rale from date
of opening account, and compounded four tunes a year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A, E. Phipps, Manager.
Large stock of Linoleum ihadc!, Cleveland Bicycles, best grade,
matting, etc., at Howson's Furniture ; cushion Iramo and coaster brake—
Store. I Lawrence lla.dwart Co., agents, Z\)c fl&atMberalb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mubphy.       H.iaoi.o Fisher
/(illax a elliott.
..   ■       .-if ra, Elc.
-M. ii,..: . LAKH ll.U.
I. C. l.i.i.ii.n.
.    K. OlLUS
BAKHI-ini.-. Si.l.l.'ITi.KS, KTC.
..,->■:.-■  Is,-.:....,..  Bank Block,  Rkvki
'ST.lKR, Il.C,
'     ■ ■ '■•'■•■ ,       ,    ,,  ,,
-,   .1   reUUko, H.C; L'rn.ibrouli, 11.1.
' ■:,.. "   McCAIlitll,    ,
V. M.  I-ISKlUM. .1.  V. II.'.YKY.
i: -.. .-■-., H. .'.      . rsnrook u. (.'.
J. M.Scott I.L.I.
W. I. BrlgR*
, Ere
Barristers, Solicitor!
M..NKY To Loan
solicitors t .r Molsons Ham;
Fir-! Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
A!*«y. of all Ore   Sample, by mallor express
receive prompt attention,
Term. Moderate,
,■■..■:■:     -     *    -    Box 432 Kaslo, B. C.
Provincial Laml Surveyor,
;.\line Suivey'.ng
used to a Ivantage in C in ida, that ot
requiring a tree to be planted Ior every
tree cut down.
X 103,  REVEL8T0KK,
(Member American Institute of
.Mining Engineers).
.Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, ll. 0,
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports,
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limit*, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission i.. prospeciiveinvestors
. u ch i*.-i*.
Cbe flfoafMberalb
'1 would   .   ■   .   ean.i-.ly utlvi.-,, .lit-m fi.r
*-    Ito     ler tbls paper u. be punctually
-M...; ip, aod to be looked upon a* a partol
M ■ ■■ . •,;!;>...->.-."-An...SON.
. .-     M ..*, eli
ze..s and ■---1 until '■- t-
_ ■       lung and m iki
I   mm.   .. ')'    ;. Mli::;. nil lltB    (i r
tut -.-.. ut! We want our celebration
to be . popular event in tl.e Interior
and l.y making an early start, the
difficulties and undesirability oi leaving every thing to the last minute
will be avoided. The celebration of
last year created a favorable impression
and there is no reason why we should
not go one belter next September and
pul on a show which will create a
record in the Interior.
No one, who is at all familiar with
the situation, doubts for an instant
that we are rapidly using up our forest
capital. In fact it is unquestionably
sale to say that our present annual
consumption ol wood in all forms is
almost as great as the annual
increment of our forests. Even
by accepting tho highest estimate
ol the amount of timber standing
we poit pone only for a lew years the
time wheu tiiere must bc a great cur
tailment in the use of wood it lhe
present methods of forest exploitation
ate continued. Every indication points
to the (act lhat under present conditions the maximum annual yields ol
forest products for the country as a
whole has nearly been reached. There
has been a great deal written and said
about the preservation of timber in
Canada, but no real solution ol the
problem has been given by any ul tbe
theorists,   One ol the most powerful
The best of Revolstoko is lho t ir.e
oi the  community.    Educationally
ti.is is o'eurly dcmonitrated and religiously ii is as noticeable though
not  ns    easily   shown.   The   rapid
growth of our schools bus been a dis
tinotive feature and here we have an
..vergrown school whicli  has leaped
ahead almost phenomenally in lhc
I ist ye-.r or two of ils existence, with a
principal wliu has the school interests
at heart, and with boys and girls wl o
carry out  their daily  task without
monitor or spiel upon their behavior
and manly and w imanly in bearing ub
any in   tbe  Dominion.   Heat ol all,
there has been the triumph ol sohool
murals over  conceit  and  vandalism
and no liighor nn r.il ilaudnrd than
t!...t on he lound anywhere ill Hi iti h
Columbia,     In talking ol our schools,
it is neceisary to distinguish b tween
ihe public'.nil high school, although
both the institutions have  excellent
men al their  head.   Revelstoke has
schools to be proud of, thanks to lhe
choice of tlie  right-minded teachers.
Although thc school beard   have,   wc
take it, done their best, the standard
now enjoyed  in the schools is not
ltogetbei Hu. result of their  labors,
In fact, the  board  has made  ninny
blunders, out ot which they were fortunate enough    to   escape  without
thunderstorm ot harsh criticism,   In
regard lo our   High school  a  great
ohange forthe belter in the attitude
ot the general  public  has  occurred.
Formerly tin-   High school  was  regarded as merely a preparatory school
Iur intending college students;  now
the causes ol study are  made more
varied with  a  view  to  affording a
training useful to young people about
to take up their  li'e work.   Efforts
arc now being ninde to  lind out by
rational methods I hose who are really
tit to prolit by a high school course,
in order that they may not be by a
failure ol... few marks deprived ol a
whole year ol a chance  to receive a
h'gher clue...lion.   There is no reason
why the education given in the senior
leaving  class  of  the  public  school
should not be practically identical and
as effective as tbat ol tl.e lower high
school forms,   Every teacher has his
or her methods oi tuition and when a
selection ol a new teacher is made it
should he with the iden ol a   pornia
e cy, .11 leas, for several years, other
wise the young mind wi 1 be unsettled
by many changes earned by tlie ccn-
tinu I. i plicatiou of different methods
n    pra -:.-... if i istillin ■  '-.        ge
The local hoard bus appointed n now
assistant lo the high school,   and   as
lar as we can learn  from  references
and  recommendation   uf   education
officials iu the province, tbe appointment is a good une.   The principals ol
both schools are   worthy  of  their
responsibility and it is to  be hoped
that tne new assistant will fully justify
the confidence that has been placed ...
The Canadian P.iuifio Railway will
shortly cud lor t. oilers tor thc ereotion
nl a nl*w station, a height shed and
an nil storehou»n .n Kamloops Tl.
plans a..:1 spocilicitioi's Imve just been
completed in Hie olilco ol Mr. C. E,
Cartwrigi t, d.vi-ion engineer. 'The
proposed stati n will cos. in the
neighborhood of $35,000, It will be|
built ol brick, 'llio (.-tight shed is
iie-ig .cd mi In* SMii.dfi.--l plan adopted
by th. company, It will bc 211') leet
long and 50 fe. t wide.
HevolEtoko Cigars - Union; Hade - Our
Spocial, The Union, and Marca Vuelta
.-.ro ahoad of all olhora.
Ono packot
haa actually
killed a bushel
of flies.
— sold ev —
llie. per packet, er S paekete fer Ho.
will laet a whole eeaeon.
Lucorpurated by Art cf 1'urliii ncut, 18*i5,
Wm. JIols.in Ma..tiikiik..n, Pies. S. Ii. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two brunches in Canada .md  Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four limes., year.it. cun ' rl rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
R. C.
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to ouo 9 ure if ynu want lo purchaie
a New urpet, Fine Oriental or Wilton nig, matlitig or linoleum an.l see
how much fun her iis conl....Is will
lake you in p...-.'!.i.?i..g I ban il will al
any othi'i » tni- III tlie city, Ouo
Spring Bljlcs are  ready    fur  you.
Sl'll-Cf Illll.
Local Ri-vclotokc
Socialist Part/ of Canada
Meets Flnl
ii Selkirk II
nl Wc.il.e8.il
interested are welcome
IV 111 tl.0 UU'llltl
,'   subject lor
iiiiiii*....'"   All
Editor Mui.-lli.uAi...
Sir:—Kindly permit to add my
meed of praise to your item in egard
tothe conduct and music of the Kevelstoke Band at Kelowna on the lllth
inst. It was all tbat could be desired.
Their excellent playing, especially before the boat left for home, won the
hearty applause of the large crowd
which listened with deep pleasure to
their performance. The boys evidently
bad their hearts in it. Revelst. ki has
a good thing in itn band and the know-
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
MooU Second nnd fourth WoihicsdayB In
ench moulh, In Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen cordially Invited to attond.
II. W. KlIWAUDS, Clerk.	
F. 0. E.
Tl.e regular meotlnm ..re held ... the Selkirk
H..II every 2nd and lth Tuesday ovenlnit nt,8
o™loe«.Vf8ltlnB brethren are oord nlli.lnvlte.l.
II   A. I.HUWX, I'ltKs.i.m.
w. e, Mclaughlin, sbcbhtakv.
Xootenuv LocUo No. 15 A F.& A.M.
I'l... regular nicol-
ng- are hold In tin
Mwonlc Temple,
jdd follows Hnl t,on
ll.ml Mi.n.liiji.-
inch month at >
..in. V'.-iliiigbrcfb-
i-n  cordially wol
.-. A. i'1'..n'i.'Nll-ii:. SF.cnKTAiiv.
SE'.KIRji LODGE. NO 12, I, 0. 0. F.
Meets everyT'liarclay
Cjl^**x ovoning In
Hall it S o'clock.
Visaing brethren co.-
ilially invited to nt-
.1. MAT llll-:, SEO
Gold Hange i.ntlgo, K. of  P.,
No. -26, Re ...stoke, B, C.
i-\ >pl Third Wednesday ..I
eaeh i enlh, i" lhe Oddlellowa'
Hull ... s u'clock, Visiting
Knight, nr.- cordially nvlled
lili.l.SilAW. .'.(*.
il. II. BROCK, K. i.f II i s.
II. ... BROWN, M. ul F
Import direct from Counfry ol origin,
\ P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HEAD Ol'KKlB: Calqaiiv, Ai.i.ukta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Cork Put-Sera end Healer   In Live Stack.   Markets la all tlio pi-ii.eii.al  (Jitlos nn.1
'Coivns "f Alberta, liritisb -....luinliia nn.1 the Yukon.  Puckers ol tl.o Celebrated llraml
^   'tin or nr" llaau and Bacon, ami Sliunvock Braml, boat Lard. A
L*A •V%^%%%*%*%%%'%V%^^%*^*V%%*V%%%*'».%i
r"V-*V%*%%^%%VVtV*'VVVV*%%%%%^* •WV-Vey** ty*
For Agricultural Implomoiita. Ctmlages, Wngoti/| Uto., John
IDoiiro Ploughs, Mulino Wagons,, Canada ('arrlago Company's
Buggies, IMiuint, jr., GHrdnn Soodors and Cultivators, Wliool-
wrlglit and Rlnoksmlth Wnrk iiitindod to. Horse Shoeing a
Specialty. ¥
Central Hotel
Newly built,    First-clues in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Ti'out Lake, under same management
We have now bought out the
premises of Charlie Ling, Lot No,
Five (5), Block One (1), and inlend opening up .. General
Chinese Store.
Arrowhead, June 19th, 1907.
suitably   furnished  with the choicest the -
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
J.   ALBERT     ST03STE     PBOP.
I      Bo    Mai igi ■
ri.at's R    il Crowi
.V : ■
peg     ii   .- cleaning and
aving is tbe   	
Queens ftotel
Iiest brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
YOUNG, -        ■        Proprietor
Premium System
give for
... -.      |. ■-   .... rj
for   it—Fn-.—Alio  try  the |
Under   New   Management)
LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Youri truly 1668.
Vancouver, B. C.
edge that iti work Is appreciated will, RQY3i  S02D CO     Lt(j
io doubt, encourage it to vet greater'        J r
' c.
End of day m ordinary fatiguing shoe*
You can't stand in one position five minutes without tiring. You can t
lie long in a plaster jacket without tiring, You can't ride many hours
in a train without tiring. And you can't walk any distance or stand
any time in hard, still, rigid, shapeless, ordinary shoes without tiring.
Why) Because anything that confines the muscles and hinders or
impedes freedom of muscular action produces fatigue. Want to
know how tiring your ordinary shoes are ? Well, just pull them off
after a strenuous day and note the soothing, relieving, refreshing
sensation that cieeps over the body.
Foot-rites are built with six ingenious devices lo give the (eet
absolute liberty of muscle action, viz:
With Plumb-Line Level Heel and Sole to keep heel and ball on
the precise level Natur. intended, which gives foot bottom freedom.
With Unwarpable Soles to insure the feet lying free and flat
instead of pinched and curled up.
With Toe-Freedom, Uncollapiable Box Toes to allow the toei
bafefoot freedom.
With Hurtless Instep Seams and "Won't Biker" Hooki and Eyei
to promote freedom in the uppers,
With "Normal-Calf," almost as w.t and nipple a the calf i live skin,
to provide a pliant, yielding, freedom-feeling canopy over the feel.
And with Easy Insides, formed exactly the same size and ihape
a! the feet which inhabit them, to eliminate pinching, iqueezing and
binding and give the foot muscles free, unconfined, natural action.
These insides are produced by Foot-rite Foot-Sculptured Lasts.
The Foot-rite retailer in your town will prove the free muscle action
feature and consequent "Won't Tire You" improvement of Foot-
rites, if you'll call on him. You'll find his name below and his door
swinging inward but never outward to find a more welcome store.
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$4.00 and
$5.00. Eveiy pair Goodyear Welted.
THE Foot-rite SHOE
End ol d.y in "Won't Tie You" Foot-ritn
McKinnon i & Sutherland
Editor M .n.-nifiii.-n
iiu.:—Can nothing I..- -I t-i turn
the militia Iron, their target pi icti.
on Sunday morning!?  The captain ii
our mayor.   .Surely he can do iome-
reasons   itandi behind our  forests
policy.    It is needed to protect thei 'bing iu thii matter il he realiiei
watertbedi ol itreams and riven used | pain cauied not a lew ol our citizen!
Ior irrigation, lor domeuic water and in the quiet of their Sunday real is
manufacturing supply and lor Irani- in their privacy they meditate on the
iwrtation. Revelitoke depend! solely,
at present, on ita natural waler supply
both lor lighting and also lor domestic
use, and werc thia lupply diminished
by the depleting of the timber that
protects the source of these  stream!
thing! of (iml and make that preparation ol loul (or the duties ol public
worship and service. Can one not
appeal to the young men and ask them
if they can iiii Nolliing to help tlie situation?   Every crack ol the r 1 lie ia ii
Kir-t-clnH accommodation for travellers.
Kept brands of Winen, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
tHfoE.A. SPRING^' fr8
I 1.1 .  many en |ulriei f-.r
Fruit Landi Irom W
Toronto, and V ou.     i'ci
son!  desiring  to ii
their In.Mme-   i   -■
will ilo well lo liii them with
me. Correipondence solicited
Jas. I. Woodrow.
i    - -  .--• Loggli .: .■■'. Mining
.d. to order,
il ; , >.-*•.i Logging and Team
. ap. clility.
\ ; kinds
Tie I     - it
.I  Pock Straps
ihe city would be  up against  muoh|«hook, and ...... (cell, did our mayor
heavy an.l expensive outlay to install
.i new water system, Ily the reservation ol so many square miles behind
Mt. Victoria, and the protection ol
the timber in that region, we can
always iook for a continuous and
ample supply ol water, Take away
the tree! and thc waler will disappear
It hat been estimated that there now
ilande in the T'tiilcd States in the
neighborhood ol 1,476,000,000,000 feet
ol lumber hut that 45,000.000,000 Ieet
were being cut every year, whicli would
mean the dire possibility of the
destruction ol the lorcnts iu about
thirty-two years. The custom prevailing in France could very well ho
nd men of the militia di mpany re
ceive the same steady annoyance aa ia
cuieed by thii unneoesiary intcrlrr-
i-fici: with the moit iat red right! ol
individual Chriitians, Ihey would bc
quite energetic in making their dinat-
iilaotion known, The liri.u;, it li true,
slopi when divine worship in the
churches begin. Hut there is a wnr-
ship outside tlie churches, and for one
I would prefer the practice, if it, needs
u...at he, to go on (lining th. amice
than before. I leel il our mayor is
interested in many a one who cast,
their vote lor him nt tlio lust election,
will exert his Influence In the proper
quarter this h.irtlul and annoying
practice will ccaec. Yours truly,
To Buy Property in and Around
Nevor a:; .ni will it be ao tow
I iMivf iiii sale iln- following!
One Collage) corner I hai
Douglas St.   $800, easy lerras,
Tun ll,..isms, Third SI,
One   House,   .orner   Kine;  and
Fronl Sk.   s..;	
OnoHouscon Douglas Sl,   S800.
KiKlii Aerea jusl onlshlc lhe City
Limilsi, luilablo for Iruil   $100 per
acre.    Together with larger lols
..I Pruil Lands near lhe City,
Also in... ij loot loi si.ii.il.lc for
business site on Klrsl Street, close
io MrKi'ii/ii- Ave,
For full parliculars apply 101
VV.   B.   ROBERT80N
Revolstoke, B, 0.
-1- pi rite iln- Union Hotel
,-i i BLSTOKB, ll. i*
Furniture, Pianos, or Men han
-li .- stored in dry-welUmllt warehouse in convenient location,
H.:.l Esl ite and Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, B. C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
■Jash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Dealers in  Meet,  1'ork,   Mutton,
I    Poultry,   Fish    and   (lan.o   in
Season,     Orders    promptly   at'
tended to,
First St. Revelstoke
All kinds i.f Green Vegct-
ready for the Market.
I 1. ih local grown Strawberries $3,25 and $3,50 Per
(    Mil,-.
Kipe  Gooseberries   mc.
Per Lb.
Front Street, Bevelstoke
near treads, /Uilmali, Blrdi, Pl«l., IKto.,
A.iln.i.l  lli.|t' .M......I...I.
I' ii Box Sl,
HtU.tlol  I'm ii.-. nl I'lr.t .St. ami 1.-1)1.' \n,
lt-.el.tgki, li U
No Seedless Plums; No l'itless
Apples; No Cobleis Corn,—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prioes.
Fertilizers, Hen Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established ' n.i.scry 01. the
mainland of 11.0.   Catalogue Iree.
P.S.—If your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct.
We prepay fifty packets, assorted
varieties of garden seeds in 5c. papers
(tested stock), to your nearest pnst
olliee lor $1.00, twenty packets lor 50c,
trial collcclion.
Mnulilicturod lor all nlaasnsl.il lillll.li.iKs
All binds of Imlldliiciiiid -il-interim*
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under tbe new management nf
II.m.iiv MoIntosu,    oilman  House
1 cynii ate the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy fur
nil Nei v..us and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
fnr "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails a.rive and di ait every day.
Telegra h couinuin ation with all
marts of the world.
Thumb- $12 to $18 per week.  Por
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
ArreUi LaK: 9, C
For Sale by the Crate
$2.75 and $3.00 A CRATE \
All Kinds of Lighl and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71, Home Phone 7 n
The climb lro:.i the camp in Paradise Valley wns  a  long steady one,
rather than anything danger, us   The
first thousand feet up thru' Sentinel
Pubs  was  mnde  in  good lime, only
stopping tu let Kev. Mr. Kinney uke
views of  the party  as we wound up
ov". r a long snow slide.    Once on tup
the guides roped  up sll together in
groups of live, smoked glasses wore put
on, hats  nailed  on  tichter toexape
the wind's clutches and up we went.
Some parts ol the trail seemed to lean
over our way but putting our trust in
Providence and our spiked slices the
puce was kept up.    The wont places
were  long, steep snow  slides.    The
guides  picked  toe  holes, about  big
cniiugh  lor  a chickadee's  nest, but
woefully litlled lor the mailed brogans
we werc wearing,    However, one was
coinluited, lor you knew if you slipped
and  the  ropo  parted, you'd be in—
wherever you were going—in about a
minute. Someone suggested that Kev.
Mr. Kinney lead the party,   lie being
a "sky  pilot" should  be a cipable
guide, as we seemed to be headed fur
lhc sky line.   A valley lay beneath us
dotted  with  little lakes, each oue ol
emerald   hu.*,  across   the valley "in
serried ranks arose  len snowy peaks
whoBe towers ol spotless purity pierced
the  blue  untrnd."    Tne majesty ol
the scene was bey oil J description it
seemed to awe one, even the Indies in
the party werc silent.    The-last 200(1
feet ol  the  11,826  loot climb were
heart  breakers.    Talk  about  mind
versus  matter, alas, lhe wings  that
lifted-the mind had no power to lilt
tlie  wearied  limbs, so it was only by
sheer will lorce that the climber kept
ascending.    One dignifitd member of
the party alter a oalisthenio exercise
ol lifting her foot to a ledge about five
Ieet high, was informed by the President ol the Oregon Alpine Club, that
he "coi sidered that a very unladylike
step."   That sally took the last wind
she  had,  so that she slopped the
column's march, to get breath.   The
only flower seen on the higher slopes
was a  flowering  moss ot a magenta
shade, with delicate bell shaped blossoms and very ilu rt stems.    We saw
some goat  tracks and as there were
some Yankees in our party, it is highly probable that nixt year's camp will
have n cile serving  "ice cream a le
goat."    At last the summit was seen
thru' a flying cloud ol  snow flakes
that driltcd  past, cutting into  the
face and  neck  like needles,   Those
Irom Revelstoke felt at home as they
imagined it wai evening in mosquito
season.   Up, up we went until breathless, jubilant, and weariness forgotten
we stood as near heaven as most ol us
will ever get.    (1 speak for the Win-
nipeggers.)    Three cheers nnd a tiger
were  given  lur  the three, intrepid,
brave  ladies, then  three and a royal
one for the guides,    We lelt liko Balboa did on discovering  thc  Pacific
"speechless und reverant."   For there,
on the roof of  the world, a panorama
was unrolled that made one think of
standing on nn island in some mighty
ocean while all about the storm fiend
raged, piling ibe waters in breakers as
lur as the pyecould reach. Mountains
like  Ileghie  were simply ice capped
towers  far beneath, glaciers flushed
like silver shields Iron, thc shoulders
of  stern  rock-ribbed  warriors whose
"fo.eheads wrinkled and rifted" shone
forth lar above the olouds.   Fully live
thousand peaks reared their majestic
heads up iuto cloudland, catching the
tirst aud  last  gleams  ol  the Qtd ol
day.    Some have atked "why the Alpine Club?" One view alone, standing
on the watch tower of this great temple ol God, is worth the expense and
energy  a  thousand times over.   We
had photos taken, to satisfy the Mis-
sourians, then back to tbe tall timbers
The snow slides were just soft enough
to sit down on and slide, so, using our
alpine ice picks lor steering gear we
ahot  valleyward  like   Billy  Ogilvie
making overtime.   It was grand sport
and  we made tho down trip in line
time.    On tbe last slide Mr, Wheeler
made bis live sit close together, then
clinging to each other they eait oil,
soon the ipecd was terrific, the guide
yelled  "brakes,"  those behind put in
their pick! only to have tbo... torn
Iron,  their  hands as down tl.e slope
they Hew.  Near tbe bottom tl.e guid'e
yelled  for brakes once more and tbe
men put in tbeir Ieet sending up >.
perfect cascade ol enow blinding tl.e
wliolo  party.    However, what ends
well is snow matter, so tl.e quintette
escaped «»y  injury.    Tlie next five
bringing down the lost   ice picks.
Hero we all  unroped, inspected our
lovoly, detachable, crepe brown com-
plcxii.ns, then home to camp, hungry,
happy, conquerors—J.C.M.
In tho Juno examinations tho lollowing Iron, the ilevelstoke High
School wrro liic.ci.ssf.il:
11 ildall, Hobbs, total 454, 711 p.o.
Oooffroy L. Haggen,  418, 74 p.o.
Geo, Walley Clark,  4,17, 7» p.o.
The following candidates failed iu
one subject, Fieuoh, French, and may
^Furnace •
The Sunshine is furnished
with a good, big ash-pan. j
All you have to do Is to
grasp two strong, firmly attached, always-cool, bale handles and the large, roomy ash-
pan easily comes out.
A minute or two is all it
takes to perform the operation.
All the ashes are in the pan,
too. ^^
Because they  are  guided |s§»j!
into it by means of ash-chutes
attached immediately below the fire-pot.
Sunshine is the simplest, easiest-managed, cleanest
kind of a furnace. You don't have to wear overalls
and a smock when attending to the Sunshine.
If your local dealer does not handle the "Sunshine"
write direct to us for Free Booklet.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
By-Law No.
complete their niarticuli.tion by writing off a supplemental in September!
W. J. Fraser, total 354,59p.c.
K. E, Sutherland, 284,47 p.o.
Credit is due all five candidates,
considering lho shortened year, and
the high percentage ot the tliree first
named is especially noteworthy.
Misa Hobbs is the proud winner of
the Principal's gold medal, and is to
be Inrther congratulated.
25c. to 50c. on the £
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
Wl PAY fRIICHT to anv railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia,
Write lor our Latest Prioe List, it is
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle the |besl goods money
can buy, only goods oiliest mills, manufacturers and packers shipped.
Ws make Prompt Shipments.
Ws absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Goods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is a duly to You, lo Your Family and
lo your Pocket Book to investigate our
We do nol belong lo llie Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References : Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in the City, or the
names ol' twenty tliatisa.ul satisfied customers in the lour provinces.
Writs for Our Prioe List To-day.
Northwestern  Supply   House
239 and 261 Stanley Street
Furniture Stock and Premises
For Sale.
Tendon will be received by the undersigned
up to Yi o'clock noon on thc lllth day of July,
WU", for thc purchase of Ihe muck in trade of
carpet*, furniture, etc., belonging to thc estate
of tlio late John K. wood of Rovelstoko, and
also for the purchase of the property lately
occupied by him aa a furniture store and rooming house, Minute on Lot 25, Hlock H Plan KWA
RoTOlBtoko, Separate tenders may be made for
tho Htock In trade and for tho real estate, or
tendons may bc mado for the stock and real
estate together.
The highert or any tender will not necessarily
ho accepted. Htock lists and the uroporty to be
sold may be examined on application to the
Dated June 12th, 1007.
jun 22 Ut oillcial Administrator,
Notice Is hereby given that tin day* after date I
Intend to apply to llie Chief Commissioner of
Lands uml Wnrks fur permission to purchase the
fui low inn. 1.'nr ril it'd land-*., nitQate in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted 40chains
north of m.hiii-i'hsi corner cf T.I. 7olt> and
niarked ".1. K. Johnson's north-west corner
post," thenne unst tin chains, south M cliain-,
west 60 chaius, north mi clialus to point oi
Dated June (lth, 10(17,
wed Jun 1- J. E, JOHNSON.
Notico is hereby gWen that w days after dato I
nteiui to apply to the Chief Com missioner of
Limls mul Works fnr permission tn purchase the
following described lamb, situate in West Kootenay District:
Commoncing at a post planted 40 chains
north of south oast corner of T. U, 7016, and
uiarked "II C.Morris's north-east corner post,"
thencosouth (HI chains, west 80chains, north
80 chains, cast 80 ehains to point of commencement.
Dated June lltli. 1907,
AQriJllU.:'. H.C MORRIS.
Lillooet Land District.
District of Lillooet.
Tnke notice that John Manning Scott, of Kevelstoke, B, c, Barrlster-at-Law, intends to apply
for special licenses over the following described
1. Coin me ne inn at a post- plnnted aliout 400 feet
cast of the north fork of Cotton Creek and about
live iniles north o' the east fork of Seymour river,
Cotton creek being a tributary of thc east fork of
Seymour river and marked ' John Manning Scott's
N.K. corner," thence south 40 cli iitis,Jtheuce west
IHO chains, thence north 40 elialm, tlience east Nil)
eliains to point of commencement, and containing
M0 acres.   Dated June 10th, lii07.
% Commencing at a post planted about 400 feet
east of tlie north fork of Cotton Creek and about
five miles north of the east fork of Seymour river;
Cotton creek bofug a tributary of the east fork of
Seymour River, and marked "John Manning
Scott's S. K. corner," thence nortli 80 eliains,
-Hienec west 80 chains, thonce south 80 chains,
thenco east 80 chains to point of commencement
and containing 040 acres more orless. Dated
June 101 li, 1007.
3. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile west cf the north fork of Cotion creek and
about five niilea north of the east fork of Seymour
river, Cotton Creek being a tributary of the east
fork of Seymnui river, and maiked "John Manning Scott's S. K. corner," thence north 80 chains
thence west SO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east <*0 chains to poiut of commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or less, Dated
June llth, 1007.
4. Commencing at a post planled about three
iniles up a small creek nowing from the east into
the north fork of Seymour river about ten miles
above the forks and marked "John Manning
Scott's N. E, corner,' thence south 160chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north 160 chains,
thenceeast 10chains to pointof coinmencement,
ami containing 610 acres more or less. Dated
June llth, 1007.
r}. Commencing at a post planted about three
miles up a small ereek flowing from the east into
the north fork nf Seymour river, about ten miles
above the forks and marked "John Manning
Scott's N. W. comer," thence soutli 100 chains,
thence east 40 chains; thence north 160 chains,
theuce west 10 chains to point of commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or less. Dated
June llth, 1907.
6. Commencing nt a post planted about three
miles up a small creek flowing from the east into
the north fork of Seymour river about ten miles
above the forks anil marked "John Maiming
Scott's S- W. corner," th.-nce north 80 chains,
thenco east 80 chains, theuce south Ml chains,
tlience west 80 chains to point of commencement,
and containing 640 acres more or less. Dated
June llth, 11)07.
7. Coinmeneing at a post planted about2"i
miles, enst of the north fork of Seymour river und
about \ of a mile soulh of u small creek (lowing
from the enst int" the mirth fork of Seymour river
nml about thirteen miles above the fork-sand
marked "John Manning Scott'a N. R. comer,"
tlienee south 80 chains tbence west 80 chains,
tbence nortli 80 chalna, thence eaat 80 chains to
pointof commencement end containing Hi-) acres
more or less.   Dnted June Uth. 19d7.
8. Coinineneilig at a post planted* about2W
miles east of the north fork of Seymour Itiver nnd
nliout *{ of a mile south of a small creek'lowing
from the east Into tho norlli fork of Seymour river
about thirteen miles above tbe forks and marked
' John Manning Scott's S. \V. corner," thenee
mnth 80 chains, tlienee east M) cbnins, tlience
thence south 80 ebains, Ihence west 80 ehnins to
point of commencement, ami containing 640 acres
more or less.   Dated June Uth, 1007.
9. Commencing at a post planted about 2\
miles east of the nortli fork of Seymour river and
about >! of ti mile north of a small creek flowing
from the east into the north fork of Seymour river,
about thirteen miles above the forks anil marked
"John Manning Scott's N. K. corner," tbence
smith 80 chains, thenee west 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, theoce east 80 chains lo point of
commencement, and containing Olo acres more or
Ims.   Dated June llth, 1907.
10. Commencing at a post planted abont Ui
miles east of the uortb foik of .Seymour river am
about { of a mile north of a small creek flowing
from the east into the norlh fork of Seymour river,
about thirteen iniles almve the forks and markud
"John Manning Scott's S, W. corner," theuce
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, theuce
smith 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres more or
less.   Dated June llth, 1907,
wedjun 10 JOHN M.lNMNU SCOT!1.
Notice Is heroby given that HO dayi aftor date
I Intond tn apply to tbo Him. Chiof Commissioner nf Lands nud Wurks for a special licence
to out uud carry nwny timlier from the follow
ing doscribod lands, situatod In West Kootonnj
Commencing at a pout, plan ted W i'liains moro or
less in a westerly dlreeiloii from tbo imrth west
t'.im.'i >r Timber Limit UUI!, thenee BO i'liains
eaat, thoneo B0 chains north, thence west to lnke
altor*-. thence south along tbe shore to place of
com nm nc anient, containing 0|o ROW mon or Irs*,
Dated June )7th, 1907,
Wfdjlfl A.Ueddbuj, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District,
District ol West Kouteuny,
Take notice that (iua fcnrlam lledatromnf
Ilevelstoke, li, ('., occupation Cruiser, intends
to api'ly lor a special license over the following
described lamia.
1. Commonclug hi a poit planted about one
mile up thii norln-flMt fork ol r'ivc Mile Creek
and about two chain*1 west n| the trail, Kive
Mile ('reek being live miles above Carnes
Creek, and marked "QUiBprlatn Hod-it rom'
S. K. corner." theuce north 80 chains, ihenee
west So chains, thence souiliHO chains, theuce
chsi 80 chains to point ol eominciiceucnt, containing CIO acres more or less.
•i Commencing at a post planted about one
mile up lhe nnrih-ea-sl forkol Five Mile creek
and about twu cbaius west ol the trail, Five
Mile Creek being five miles above Carnes
Creek, and marked   'lius Kprlam  Hedstrom's
\V coruer." tbence nortn 80 chain , thence
east 80 chains, theme touth 80 chains, thence
weat80cualus iu joint of commencement,and
containing Olo acres more or less.
i, Commenoingat apost planted about one
mile ui* the north-east fork oi five Mile Creek
ami atiu'i' two ehains westof the trail, Five
Mile Creek being live miles above Carnes
Creek, and marked "Uui Kprlam Hedatruin's
N. W. comer," tbence south 80 chains, thonce
east Sochains, thenoe north SOohains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement, and
intaining 040 acres more or less,
4. Commencingat a post planted about one
mile up the north-east fork of Five Mile Creek
aud about two chains west of the trail, Five
Mile Creek bing live miles above Carnes
fleck, and marked "Ous Kprlam Hedsirom's
N.E. corner," theuce soutb 80 chains, thenoe
west 80 chains, thenee north 80 chains, thence
east80chains to pointof commencement,and
containing 640 Acres more or leas,
Dated June Wli, WOT.
Wed jly 10     (.IS KI'KIAM HKDSTROM,
rcl'i'kIvcii that 00 days alter
*   lo tl.o Hon. thi.
SOTU'E i* lurehy Klvc.. Ill
d>u. I Intend io apply "
of (-<)i.iiii.i*-iiiiiit ol IjiihIs ami Wurks for
pcr>l>l>-sloi> I" I'M i. Ii.i-i- tilt ffillilWil.K fli'-iTlliril
moils, sltuuleil in Went Kooteimjf:
Commencing .1 a p.... plant*..! so ohains
tve.iol iiiin-1 liny, marked Ii. M. Hae'anortb-
ea.t t-nrn.-r post, iIm-ui'i- Minlh 11 f cl..,...*, wc.
80 clialus. .."im CU chain., oul W chain. .0
pollllol i.M.ul.l.'llii-l.irUt.
Wl.,1 Julie 6111,1*;.     «JU     U. M. KAK,
WHEREAS it is iie.ncil necessary
.mil expedient in the interest of the
City of Revelstoke that tho present
electrical plant of the Oity should be
improved and extended hy t he addil ion
of an electric power dynamo nnd
equipment including necessary auxiliary plant;
AND WHEREAS to defray the cost
thereof it will be necessary to borrow
the sum of Thirty thousand ($30,000.00)
Dollars whicli ihe Counoil p....poses to
raise l.y I he issue of debentures see. .red
upon ihe rates and charges which are
cliargeahlo and enforceable for tin-
user of water and oiocti'lo light under
the "Witter and Kieotrlc Light Regulation By-Law 1908, .111.1 lhe Municipal
Clauses Acti"
AND WHEREAS the estimated
.11....nnl of lhe sii.l rules un.l charges
chargeable and enforceable for ihe
ven.'in which this Hy-I.au is pa.se.l
is $32,000.00;
AND WHEREAS no amount of
.....ney is now el....'...-.1 upon llie said
rates and charges;
AND WHEREAS the debl hereby
created is on the security of lhe sail'
water nnd electric light rates anil
charges and is further guaranteed by
the Municipality :il large;
AND WHEREAS for the payment
of the said principal money and interest during the currency nf the said
debentures it is necessary to set aside
and withdraw from the annual current
revenue derived from said wator nnd
electa iclight rates and charges annually
the sum of $21122.84; the specific annual
sni.i required for the payment of interest lieing $1.".00.00 ami for lhe payment
of the debt the sum of $822,84:
AND WHEREAS the estimated
deficiency in the said rates and charges
required to makeup the amount of the
annual interest and sinking fund upon
the ilel.l hereby created is nil;
Be it therefore enacted by the municipal Council of the Corporation of the
Cily of Revelstoke its follows:
1. The sum of $80,000.00 shall he
expended in improving and extending
the electrical plant of the City as
aforesaid and it shall lie lawful for the
Mayor of the Corporation of tlie City
of Revelstoke to borrow on the predit
and security nf the said rates and
charges l.y way of debentures hereinafter mentioned from any person or
persons, body or bodies corporate who
may be willing to advance the same, a
sum not exceeding in the whole the
sum of Thirty thousand dollars and to
cause ail such sums so raised and
received to he paid into the hands of
the Treasurer of the said City for Ihe
purposes and with the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall he lawful for the snid
Mayor to cause any number of debentures tube made, executed and issued
for such sum or sums as may be
required for the purposes and objects
aforementioned not exceeding however lhe sum of $30,000.(10, each of snid
debentures being of the denomination
of One thousand dollars and all such
debentures shall be scaled with the
seal of the Corporation of the Cily of
Revelstoke and signed l.y the Mayor
and Olerk thereof.
3. The said debentures shall hear
date the First dayof August, 11)07, and
shall be made payable ill Twenty-live
years from the said date in lawful
.....ney of Oan..da al the ottlce of the
Moisons Bank at Revolstoke aforesaid,
which place of payment shall be designated l.y said debentures and shall
Imve attached lo llieni coupons for tl.e
payment of inteiest and the signature
to the coupons may la. eilher written,
printed, stamped ov lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at thc rate of Five (.i) per
centum per annum fnnn the date
thereof which interest shall l.e payable
semi-annually at the office of the
Molsons Bank at Revelstoke aforesaid
in lawful money of Canada on the
First day of February and the First
day of August respectively in each and
every year during the currency thereof
and it shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the said
Mayor to negotiate and sell the said
debentures or any of them for less
thi.li par but in no case shall the
debentures or any of them l.e sold for
iess than ninety-five per centum of
their face value including the cost of
negotiating and sale, brokerage and
othei' necessary expenses,
0, For the paymonl of 1 ho said debt
there shall be set aside and withdrawn
each year .lining Ibe currency of said
debentures from the annual current
revenue of the municipality ns derived
from the said water and efootrlo light
rates and tthorges (ho sum of $322.81
..ml such sum sii..11 be transferred from
the annual current revenue accounl
an.l paid Into <i special account lo f'.rn.
a sinking fund for llie purpose mentioned herein.
7. For the purpose nl paying the
Interest upon the snid deliontnros ns
same becomes due ..ml piiyalljo thero
shall l.e set aside and withdrawn each
year from the animal current revenue
of the municipality as derived from
said water and electric light rates and
charges the sum uf $l'.00.0U which sum
shall bo transferred from the annual
current revenue account and paid into
.1 special account for such purposo and
to be disbursed as and when the Instalments of Interest luicoiuo due.
8. During the currency of Biiid
debentures the said rales and charges
to the extent aforesaid shall not, form
part of the annual revenue of the
I). Ib shall be lawful for the Municipal Council from lime to time lo
repurchase any of the said debentures
at. such price or prices as mny be
mutually agreed upon and ull debentures s.l repurchased shall forthwith
be cancelled and no re-issue of any
such debenture or debentures shall be
made in consequence of such repurchase.
10. As additional security the credit
Of the Municipality at largo is hereby
pledged for tl.o payment of tho annual
inteiest and sinking fund required fur
i-.i-iliru      mj    ,111.*     ..,,   	
Municipality hereby guarantors payment of ll.e same.
11. This By-law shall come Inlo
force mul takocifect on the Thirtieth
day of July. 1007.
12. This By-Law ...ay he cited fin-
all purposes .is the "Water and Electrio Light Rates Loan By-Law 1007."
Road.. lirst time the 8th dav of
July, 10117.
Head a second liine the 811. day of
July, 1007.
Head a third time and passed lhe 81I1
day of July. 11)1)7, will, the unanimous
consent of thc Council.
Recelvedthoasse.it of lhe elect
the day of , 1007,
Reconsidered and linally passed and
adopt ed by the Council tho day
of , 10117.
TAKE NOTI0E that the above is a
true copy of the proposed  By-Law
up.... which .   - vote of tho Municipality will be taken al the Cily Ball, corner of McKenzie Avenue and Second
Street, Revelsloke, B. 0„ on Tuesday,
July 23, 1007, between tho hours of 0
..'clock a, in. and 7 o'clock, p, 111.
Clerk of lhe Municipal Oouucll,
Ciiribon Uml District.
District of Cariboo, U, 0.
Take nolice Uml I, W. T, Oke, of Hevolstoko,
11, C, occupation Miin-r. inlenil to apply for
special limber licences ..ver the following iluacrlh-
cd lands:
1. Coinineneilig at a post planleil about M
miles from the month of Canoe Itiver and about 2
miles aoutb of Cranberry Lake, and marked '*W.
T. (ike's uorth-east corner." thence south 80 chains,
tlience west till chains, tlience mirth mi chains,
Uience east SU chains lo place of commencement,
containing Olo acres more or less.
$, Commencing at a post planted nbout 2 miles
soulh of McLennan Hlver ami Joining No. 1 limit,
ami marked "IV. T. uke'.-' north-east cornel,"
thence smith Ml chain thence west SO chains,
tlienee north Sll chain*., tlience east SO chains to
point of commencement, containing mo acres more
or less,
a. Commoncing at a post planted about 2 milei
from McLennan Itiver ami joining No. a limit and
marked "\V. T. oke's north-west corner,', thence
east 10(1 ohaius, theuce sontli pi chains Ihence
ivest mil chains, thenco north 40 chains to place of
commencement, containing olo acres more or less,
4, Commencing at a post planted about: miles
frum McLennan lliver and joining No. 2 and No, 8
limits and mnrkeil "W.T.uke's unrUi-east corner,"
thence south SO chains, tbence west so ebains,
tbence north SO chains, Ihence east. SU clmins to
point of commencement, containing!*)*!!] acres more
or less
5. Commencing at a pi 4 plantod about 'A miles
soutb of Cranberry Lake md joining No. 1 limit
on tlie soutli and marked "\\. T. Oke's north-east
comer," thence smitli i-'O chains, tbenee west SO
cliains, thence north so chaina, thence east 80
chains to place of commencement, containing mo
acres, more or less.
0. Commencingatapostplanieii about I miles
south of trauberry Lake and joining NO. 6 limit
on the west, and marked "W. T- uk 's .south-easl
comer," theuce west 80 chains, Uience north 80
chains, tlience east SO chains, thence snulli SO
chains to point of commencement, containing olo
acres more or less.
7. Coinmeneing at a post planted about 4 miles
soulh of Cranberry Lake and joining No. U limit
oil Uie mirth-east Ami marked "\V. T. Oke's aouth*
tast corner," thence west 80 chains, thence norll*
SOohains, theuce east so chains, tlience noulli fill
chains.to point of commencement, containing 010
acres more or less,
Dated June 7th, 1907.
8. Commencing at a post planted about li mil'
south of .McLennan Itiver ami joining No Tliu ,
ami marked "W. T. Oke's southeast comer,"
thenee north 80 chains, thence west so chains,
thenee south 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 010 aerea
mom or less,
Commencing at a post planted about 2 miles
south of McLennan Kiver ami joining : o.a limit,
and maiked "W. T. Oke's north-east corner/
thence soutli SO cltalns, Uience west 80 chains,
thence north SO chains- llienee oast 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 040 acres more
oi less,
10. ( ommeiieing at a putt pliutedabout-Zmllos
south iif McLennan Itiver and joining No. U limit,
ami marked "W. T. Oke's aouth east corner,"
Uience ivest liin chains, thence uorlh 40 chains,
tiience east 100 chains, thence south 40 chains to
point of com iiii'iiir iiien t, contain ing 040 acres more
or loss.
It. Cummeiicing at a post planted about 1 mile
south of McLennan Itiver ami joining No. 10 limit
and maiked "VV. T, Oke's north-east corner,"
theuce south SO chains, thence west sochains,
tiience nortli sn chains, tlience east SO chains to
place of commencement, containing om acres more
or less.
DatedJuuelOth, 1907.
12, Commencing at a post planted about :;
miles from Canoe Itiver ami about S.i miles
from mouth of river and marked ",V. T. Ukes
south-east cornur," thence west 811 chains, theuce
north So chains, thenct: east SO chains, theuce
south SO chains to point of cimimi'ifeemeut, containing 010 acres more or lesa.
Yi. Commencing al a pnat planted about:' miles
west of Canoe Kiver antl joining No lj limit and
marked "W. T. Oke's south-east, coruer,** thence
west ■-0 chains, thence north So chains, thenee east
ill chains, thenee south Hi chains to place of uoiu*
meneement, containing om a^rea more or less.
11. Commencingat ap it ■/ *nicilabout I uiilfi
west of Canoe River and joining No, i:l limit and
marked "W. T. oke's soiith*weat comer," thenee
north Sochains, tli.-n-e east BO chains-thenco
soulli 80 chains, thenee weM so chains to . hit ul
commencemeni., containing Mn acres nine or less.
Dated >I une Uth, 1907.
wedjly3 WILLIAM T, 0KB,
Cariboo band District.
D.strlctof Uiirlh	
Take notice that 30 days nfter dnte E.Cornina
uf Rovolstoko, occuputluu lintel man, Intend!
to npply for oBuooial timlior license over the
riillowiugda*cribod lands;
J. Commencing ai a post plantod two mllei
west of Canoe rivor and aboul USmllesfrom
mouth, near Cranberry bike, and marked 'E.
Coming's nortlmnst cornor post No 1, thence
south 80 clmins, thenee wost 80 chains ilieucc
north so chnius, thouco oast 80 chains to starting point, containing MO acres moro ur less,
Dated 7th nf .lime, 1907.
2, Comiiieiicim,' al u post planted ou wo.-d
bank of Onuoo river, S-'i miles from mouth,and
marked "E. Coming's northwest corner iio.-t
No. 2," thence east 80 ohaius thenco south 80
chains, tlienco west 80 chains, thouce north 80
chains to starting point, cuntaining 010 acres
inure ur loss.
Dalod "ith. I uno, 1007.
Kevelstoke Land Dlsiri.'
Dhtrictof West Kootenay,
Take notice that A. M, tSynions,of Ht. Leon,
B C, occupation M.ncr, Intends t'lapnly for
special timber license! over the following
described lands;
1, commencingat a pis plunled at thon,
W. eorner of Uit 8175 inn1 about ;'u chains west
of thc middle fork of (•osthall Creek, wost of
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A, M.Sy*
mom*' S.K. corner," them ; nortn 80 eliains,
thence west 80 chains, thenee south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to place of commencement, and containing 010 acres more or less
2. Commeneing ai a post planted at O'e N,
W. corner of Lot 8176 and about'JO chains west
nf the middle furk of Kostball Crook, west of
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A.M. Symons' 8, Wt corner," thence north so chnlns,
thenceeast SO chains, thenee south SO chains,
Ihence west 80 chains lo place of cuinmenco
ment, and containing 'HO aces more or loss
I'nu-d .lime l.'-th, loin.
8, Commencing at a post planted one mile
north and 10 chains west ol the N.W. corner ol
Lot 817,ri and on theeast buuk of the middle
lork of KosthallCreek, wi-M of Upper Arrow
bake,and marked •A.M.Symons'Btil.corner,"
ihuiieenort'i Sochains, thenoe west 80 chains,
theuce soulh SO chains, 'heiire oustH)clialns
lo place ol oommouoement, and containing
Uln acres more or luss,
I, ('ommeiieing al ' post planted one mile
north and 10chain* westof thu N W. lornerof
I.ul HlV-'iiuul on the east haul- \ .nu middle
forkol Fosthall Creek, vs- it Ippir Arrow
lake, and marked HA,M.Bymon»8»n .cornor,"
ilicin-e iioiiii 80 chains, iii,  ee east go (liulns,
thence s^uth K0 chains, thu I west80 Chains
to plaoo of cninincnceiiu nt, ami containing
(Hii acres more or less.
fi. Ciiinnii'iicii'i: at fl lost plauted one mile
north and 70 ehains east of 1,oL617'iauil one
mile cast ol theeast bank nf thu middle fork nl
Koslhall Creek, west ol Upper Arrow lake and
marked "A, M.Syinons' 8, W. corner," Ihenee
uorlh 80 chains, them-e east 80 ehains, Ibenco
soutli 80 chains, llienee wesl Hi chains io place
of commencement, and containing uio acres
more orless,
Dated June 17th, 1907,
U, Commeneing at a poll planted nt lho N,
W cornerof <.'. 7fl88,aiid aboutiiOcluilus
west ol the nnrth fork nl Fonlbnll Creek, ;i
miles from the moulh ol the north fork, west
of the Upper Arrow Uko, and marked "A. M.
Symons' NX oornor," tbence "outh 80 chains.
Ihence wesl 80 ebains, thenci >rlh SO chains,
thonoo east Su chnius to plnce of commence-
menl, containing Olo acres more or less,
7, Commencing al a iiom j.lantedattheS,
W. cornerol T.L, 7:140,111111 ion chains west ol
lhe uortli fork of Fnstliall Creek, and about 8
miles from tho moulh ol the north fork, west
ol Upper Arrow lake, and marked "A. M. Symons' H, K. corner," tbenee north 80 chains,
thence wesl W) chains, theueo south 80 chnlns,
thonco oust 80 chains toplucoof commencement, and containing Uio acres more or less.
8, Commeuelng at a post planted al lhe 8
W, corner T, h. 7.1.18, about 40 chains went of tho
norlh fork of Fosthall Creok, about 1 miles
from the mouth of lhe uorlh lork, woUof
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A.M Hymens'
S, E. corner," thence west so chains, tbence
north 80 chains, theuce east 80 chains, theuce
south 80 chains to place ol commencements
and containing Olo acres more or Iobh.
Dated June 18th, 1007.
wed jiv W    ANDKEW MILKS 8YMON8.
it. Commencing at a post plantod tliree miles
west of Cunocl rivor, SO miles from mouth und
marked "B. Coming's northwest coruir post
No,,)," tbeuce oasl 811 chains, thouce *>oiith 80
chains, thouco wesl 80 chains, thonco north 8n
chains to starling -*.i;ni containing 010acres
more ur lo*-s.
Dated 7th June, 1007,
I. Commonclng at a post plautod on west
bank of Canoe rivor, about 85 milos from muuth
ami marked ltE, Coming's northeast cornerpost
Nu. I," tlienee south 80 chains, theuce west SO
clmins, thouce norlh HO chuius, thonco east 81'
chains u< BtarLing point, containing oto acre-
more or loss.
Datod "ith June, 1907,
5. Cummeuciug nt a posl planted west of
Canoo river and 87 tnilea from mouth, marked
"E. Coming's northeast (orner post No, 6,"
ihouco south 8(1 chains, tlionco wost80 chain-?,
theuce uorth80clialns,thooce oast80chainslo
■starting point, conl lining (HO acres more or less
Dmod -ith .Iuin', 1907,
li. Commonclng at a pust planted west of
Canoe river, 8.1 mil''- from mouth, aud marked
"E Coming's norl east corner post No. ii,"
Ihouco .sin Nil lhaius, thonco west Nl chain.-,
thonco norl't 8(1 chains, tin mu east Sl) chains to
starting point, containing 040 acre? more or
Dated 7th Juno, 1907.
7, Commencing nt a post planted we-t uf
Canoo, river and Sj miles from moutb, and
marked "E. Corniug's northeast cumor post
No. 7," thouco south 80 chains, thenco we-t 10
chains, thouco nurih 80 ChainB, theuce oast tii
chains tu starting point, containing 040acres
mora or loss.
Dated 7th Juno, 1907.
S, I'l.iiimi'iicuu! iii a post plant '1 livo milos
wost of Canoo rivor uud about BS miles from
mouth and mnrked "E. Coming's BOnthwwt
eornor post No. 8," Ihenco north 80 chain.-,
theuco on3l SO chains, theuce south ni chains,
theuco west 80 chains to starling point, containing 640 acres mure or less.
Datod 7th June, 190(1,
0. Commencing at a post planted west of
Canoe river and 85 miles from mouth, and
marked "K. Coming's southwest enrnor post
No, 0," thonco uorth ioo chains, thenco oast 40
chains, thouco south Hid ohains, theuce wost 40
chains to sturtiug poiut, untalning 010 acres
or loss.
Dated 7th Juno, 100**'.
10. Commonclng nt a post planted on wost
bankof Canoe rivor und about ss miles from
mouth nud marked "E. Coming's southwest
comer No. 10," thence north su chnius, thouco
east 80 chuius, thoncu south 80 chains, tliuuco
wost SO chains to starting point, contaiuiug 010
acros moro or loss
Dated June 7Ui, '"'T.
II. Commencing at a ptwl planted west of
Canoo Itiver and about 80 milei from muuth
and marked "K, Coming's southeast corner
pust No. 11," thenee west i'i chains, tlience
norlh SO ehains, thencu east SO cliains, tlience
south S() cbnins tu Btartlug point, contailig 610
acres more or loss.
Dmcd J une Slh, 1007,
Yi, Comincncing at a posl planted west of
Cnnoe Blvor about 5 utiles, abont '■ j miles frum
mouth, marked "E. Coming's norlh east corner
post No. 12," thijjjcc south 80 chains, Uience
west 80 chains, tbenee north so chains, tbenee
east 80 chains to starling point, containing 010
acres more orless.
i:i, Commoncing at a post planted west uf
Canoe Kiver and S,i miles from muulli, marked
K. Coming's north -cast corner post No. 1-t,'
thencu soulli 80 chaiu, tbonco west SO chains,
thouco north SO chains, thonce cant SO chains to
starting puint, containingUlOncrcs more or less.
11 Commencing at a post planled 1 mile
West of (.'line Hlver and about 85 miles from
mouth, and marked "K, Coming's north-west
corner post No, U." Ihenco east 80 chains,
thencu south So chains, Ihence west 80 chains,
ihence uorth 80 chains to sturtiug point, con-
laining O'.i'iu'i-c--. more or loss.
Dated J Unc 111. 1, ll1 .
wed jly 3 KI). CORNING,
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Wesi Kooicnay.
Take notice lhat G. K. Noiilicy of
Camborne, B. C, occupation Logger]
Intern, lo npply for a special timber licence over the following described laiuls:
1, Commencing al a post planted on
the east bank of Hoyd creek, about 5
chains frnm creek and about 3 iniles from
its inoulli, maiked "G, K. Norlhey
norlh'CnM corner post," tlience wesl 80
chains, Uience soulh 80 ehains, thence
easl Ho chains, tlience noith 80 chains 10
poinl oi' commencement!-
2, Commencing at a posl planlcd ou
the wesl bank ol Boyd Creek, ahoul 4
miles from its montli, marked "li. K.
Norlhey's norlh-eastcomer post," thenee
west 80 chains, ihence south 80 chains,
ihence east 80 chains- tlience norlli 80
chains to poiul of commencement.
3, Commencing at a posl planted on
lhe easl bank o\' Hoyd creek, ahoul 60
chains from creek and about 5 miles trom
ils moulh, marked "G. R. Noitln
south-easl corner posl,' thence north 80
eliains, hence wesl 80 chains, ihem
smilli 80 chains, thence east 80'chains to
point of commencement,
4, Commencing al a post planted on
the easl hank ol Hoyd creek, ahout bo
chains from creek and about 5 miles Irom
ils moulh, marked "tl. K. Noiihey's
soulh-wesl   corner posl," thence norib So
hains,  thence  easl 80 chains,   thence
soulh 8u chains, thence west 80 chains to
poinl of commencement.
Daled June 29th, 11)07.
5, Commencing at a post planted on
the east hank  of  Boyd  creek, about 30
liains Irom creek and about 6 mile-, from
tn mouth, marked "G. R, Norlhey's
north-east coiner post," llienee west 40
chains, llienee south 160 chains, thence
easl 40 ebains, thenee norlh ibo cb tins lo
point of commencement!
6, Commencing nt a post planted on
the east bank of Boul cieek, aboul ,10
chains from creek and about 6jf miles
from ils mouth, niarked "G. R, Norlhey's
north-west corner Ovist." ihence east 40
chains, theuce soulh 160 chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence north 160 chains 10
poinl of commencement,
7, Commen|injf at a post planted on
Ibe easl bank of Hoyd •••'■•k about 30
chains from creek and abom miles from
tls mouth, marked "G. K. Norlhey s
uorth-west corner post,'' llienco east 80
chains, llienee south 80 ebains, ibente
west 80 chain-,, ihenco north So eliains to
point of commencement,
Dated 'ith July, 11)07.
wed jly 17     Per Ai Mel- nos, agent.
Notice i-. heii'liv given thil the limltrstgned hil
applied to llis limiour tie Lletitenant-dorernor
iu Uounc
from I'i
il under tho p«' Wens of llieltivirnand
Act,to clear mid reran*.-*obitrucUona
sh) Creek in lhe I   Wcfcof V'*s- Koote-
nay,  liritish Columbia,       *   a point where it
empties Into the Columti   Hirer Ui a point on
said crook ahouti miles from tlm '' .ural.ia ttlver
uml to construct ami maintain l« nnn at or aliout
the moulh of iald creek and in the Columbia
Itiver adjacent thereto, and lo attach bo-mii to
the shore of I''ri*di> Cieek and laid Columbia
Itiver at said puints, fur hol'liu*-, sotting ami de-
liverhiK lm."* .md timber lirmight d iwn said creek.
'I he 1111111--to in* Atlt-cted hy the said work are
Crown lnmls ami IhetolN tint are proposed tntie
charged are Mich uh may lit* QxeubrtJudgeof
lhu (loiuity Court of Wttt Kootenny
Dated this 1.MI1 day "f June, W07,
wedJne 1900.1 11. iMi.WKI.I.V.
Notice l» Lwi-li)-bI«h ilmt tp .Ian liter date]
lnlo.i.1 ... ii|.|.ly to the lion, tha Clot Commie-
-..iini.r... Uml, nml \V.»rlt.i f»r l.i-'iii i-l-.n t<> imr-
.:liK8u tlm fi.ll<»wiii|i tlufliTil,..! Itui-I'. -iliialtil nn
(i.il.fl.i. It;.)'. Wt.nt K"'.t«ii:iy   -Htri.-t:
..'..iniii.iK-lnii .it.. |.'i-it |.l.i... .1 W ohelni anutl.
Iroin the 8, IY7Comei "I Lot o. 14.1. ai.'l ra*rk...|
"•(lo..,T. Ni-wmwi".s. K. .'..rn.r Poll,' IMnce
...nlli tn. L-hnlaiH, tlwnce wml M ttalM, IMnce
....utli !Q chain., then™ well K chahii, Uience
m.i.11. a. clmli.., lhc...-.'...i«t..'(1. .'u-i. Iplaff ol
commencement, containing It" am. ui'-ie ..r le,.,.
DaW al Airowhea.l, June l.l, Wt-      »«'!) I
...IIHHI'.   ./.III.   l,.M.ll.L.
Iiisiii.:i of Lillooet.
Tnke nntice tlm. Alexander McOrae
of Ilevelstoke, B.U., Prospector, In-
ii-.ul* in ii|.|.ly for <i special Umber
license ove. the following described
1. Con.1..racing at n post planted
on tbe oasl bank of the south fork of
Seymour river abnul 11 miles south of
1 lie same and about 211 miles up from
Shuswau lake and ...;.. iii .1 "Alexander
McCraes X.W. comer," thence past 10
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
..ist 10 chains, thencesouth 120 chains,
ihence wesl mi chains, Ihence north 40
chains to poini ..f commencement and
containing 640 acres more or less.
2. Commencing a! a post planted
onilic east Imnk ..I the south fork of
Seymour river about 2 i.iil.-s souih of
the same and about 22Jmlles up from
si...snap lakeland marked "Alexander
Mel*.ae's \. W. corner," thence MH.tli
Sl) eliains, tlience east HII chains, thence
north S'l ehains, thence west 80 chains
to point ..f commencement, and eon-
talntng din acres mora or less.
:i. Oommenclng at a post planted
on lhe east li.n.k ..f the south fork of
Seymour river about .'1 miles south of
the same and aboul 28 miles up from
Shuswap lake .-inil marked "Alexander
Mil*.ae's X. E, corner," tbence south
80 chains, thenco west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence east so chains
to point of commencement, and containing (HO acres mine or less,
■I.  (' nenclng al a post planted
aboul J mile east of llie so.lib fork of
Seym...... river, ahoul :i miles souih of
ll.e same ..ml about 211 miles up from
sl...swap lake and marked "Alexander
Mi'I'ii.i-'s N.W. corner," ll.ei.ee east
iOO chains, thonce smith 10 chains,
ihence w.-si um .l.ains, thence north
40 cnains to point of con.meneement
and containing UIU acres more or less.
Dated June 26th, 11)07.
.',. Commencing at a post planted!,
mile w.-at of the west bank of Seymour
liver, nboul 22 miles up from Shuswap
lak.-.an.l marked "Alexander McCraes
N.W. corner," thence south 40 chains,
tbenee easl ID) eliains, tbenee north
40 chains, thenee west 100 chains to
point ..f commencement, containing
(llll acres more or less.
I). Commencing al a post plauted J
mile west of ll.e wesl bank of Seymour
river, about 22 miles up from Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander .McCraes
S. W. coiner," tbenee north 10 chains,
tbence east ID) chains, thenee south
40 chains, Ihence west 100 chains to
point of commencement and containing 010 acres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted J
mile west of ll.e west bank of Seymour
river, about 22 miles up from Shuswap
lake andmarked "AlexanderMcCraes
S. B. corner," thence north 40 chains,
llienee west IDI chains, tbence south
40 eliains, tbence east 100 chains lo
poini of commencement, and containing mo acres more or less.
S. Oommenclng at a post planted
about 1 mile east of a second north
fork of Seymour river, about 22J uiili-s
al.ove   Shuswap  lake  an.l   about  2J
miles up the said fork and marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. W. corner,"
tbenee north IDI chains, thence east
40 chains, tbence south IDI cliains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing llio acres
more or less.
I). Oommenclng at a post planted
aboul J mile east of a second north
fork ol Seymour river, about 22J miles
al.ove Shuswap lnke and about 21
miles up the said fork and inarked
"Alexander .McCrae's S. B. corner,"
thence north 180 chains, thence west
10 chains, thenee south IDI chains,
llienee east 40 chains to point of commencement, anil containing 040 acres
more or less.
Dated Juno 27th, 1907,
10. Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of 11 second noith
fork of Seymour river, about 21) miles
up from Shuswap lake and about 4)
i.iil.-s up the said fork and mnrkeil
"Alexander McCrae's S. W. corner,"
Ihence north 100 chains, thenceeast 40
.-bains, Ihence soulb lOOchains, Ihence
west Hi chains to point of commence*
nienl, and containing 010 acres more
or less.
1 lated .1 illy 1st, 11107.
11, Commencing at a post planted
li ...iles north of the Seymour river,
and aboul 11 miles above Shuswap
lake and uuu Ked "Alexander McCrae's
S. W. eurner," thenco notth ho chains,
thence east so chains, tbence south HO
chains, tnence west 80 chains to point
of commencement, ami containing
040 acres more or less:
Hated July Olh, 1007.
wed jly 17   Al.HXAMlKH McOBAE,
Certificate of Improvements.
Hiehmoud Mineral Claim, situate in lhc Hcv
elstoke Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located;-At  Standaid Ha-dn, South
Fork of Downie Creek.
Tako notice Hint 1, It. Smith. F.M.C. No.
B887ML noting as agent for W, H. Villcox,
Free Miner's Certillcate No. B88560. intend,
sixty davs from dale hereof, to ami I y to tho
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for thc purpose ot obtaining a Crown
Urant of the above claim,
And furl her take notice that action, under
section B7i must be commenced before the
Issuance of such CorUflcate of tmjirovomottte.
Dated this *.'3rd day of May, A.D- IM.
wed my ffl R. SMITH.
Revelstoke Und District
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice .that 1,0, N. Dlck-uionol Rev*
ohftnke,oiTii*-nti"n Farmer, intend toapply
(01 permission to purchase lhe lollowinijile*
sen lied land:
t 'oiinneiiciUK at a j...' plauted at lho fl, E,
corner h Tjlv.0. 1, theuce weit i< clisiu>,
tbeuce south 80chains tbencO >■*-' lOchains,
tbence north mj chains io poll t ol commencement and couifiintng &M nc -*• more or less,
Dated May 16tb, M7.
wed jel*. QgOBQK Norwood- DiCKlNfloS,
Revelitoke i,...-i Diatrict.
l-i-lr;. I ul Went Kooicnay.
Take ...nice Ihal I, Anion Hansen ol l'o|.lar.
lu:., ... mi]...imii etloor. Intel... lo ap|.ly lur
p..riiilsNl.in lu purchaso ll.c following.Icacrlhcu*
IhiuI ;
. Miinii- -.ffiiK "1 a post planted on the nortl.
■We ol llie lank, lliver. Opposite thl. town ol
Poplar, marked "A. Hansen's N,W. corner,"
thence east 4u chains, lbci.ee south 10 chain.,
.hence nest |. chain., thenoe norlh lu chains
,o poim ut commcuce...c..i,au.l containing «9
acres, .ajreor less.
liaiea* .'...J July, mu..
we.l Jly 10 ANTON IIAN8KN.
Certificate of Improvements.
Maacot Mineral Claiin, iltuate in the Hovel*
stoke .Mining Dfc'UIon of W cut Kootenay
Where locatod: -At lhe head of lho Middle
South  Fork of Downie Creek   adjoining
the Chief of (be Hill* Mineral Claim.
Take notice llm! I, It. Smith. F.M.C. No,
llfeTl:!, acting tw agent (or A.M. Clark, Free
Miner h Cerlllicate No. I'tWBl, Inland, sixty
lays from date hereof, to apply lo the Mining
llecoraor for a Certificate of Improvement,
or lhc purpose of obtaining a Crown Oranl ol
lie above claim.
And further uke noi if e that action, under
-ectiou 'il, niu-t tw  commenoed bofore thu
i-wmiicc or auch Certificate of Improvement-.
I ...h d tin- zard day of May, A.D.. 1907, "    -   - - .
, 1 .
ii F
:. *^ r-i\ in.
..-_.:■.-.. "*  .....-i—.y
.... i   ..... time of year when   I adies  arc  at their wits end to know
v.- ,   keep cool.      Read our list of Cool Wearing Apparel.
...    .: .-_.„.
m ;.'■■. : - So m       h,    This l-.-t aro
:■ ...   f-M ■. i* well assorted
Ladies' Underwear
Ladles'  Under Vests, Ladies' Under Duiwers,
S.....I...'.- weight.
mil   zes,
Fancy Parasols
Wo have a woll assorted stock in Parasols both
in Ludies and Children's
nd White,   Tl.e price ranges from $2
Tweed Skirts
Delivered by manufacturer late and bought at
special prices.   Only a few left.    Regular $5.00 and
$0,01).   Selling now ai S'l.
White Wear
i.    ■ *' .. .-...-. i' n-sel  Covers,   tinder Ski.-is.
, Cl   .'-. • etc,   Children's Drawers, Drosses
and I. nder SI
Wo cordially invite you all to Inspect our stock
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use the Purest of Drugs
and Chemicals
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ty w
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Only a glance at our stock
of Groceries will encoungc
yon to try them.
A trial will convince you
tbey are the purest and besl
mi the market, Try our
Wednesday, July 11 lor 24 hours.—
Cloudy, but tine generally, moderate
winds.  Temp. man. 78 degrees, min,
■i'i degrees.
Local and General.
Tenders nre out lor the Big Lend
mail delivery contract.
K. H. Trueman will be at hi? studio
until Tuesday evening, July 21ird.
Mr. and Mrs. Wakefield from Winnipeg, spent a lew day! in town this
D. McCarthy is at Rogers' I'ass
constructing a  new store for  C D.
We learn that the new Bellevuc
Hotel at Sicamous is already receiving
hearty patronage.
The Ladies Aid of St. Andrew's
church are holding ttheir annual ice
cream and strawberry (eitival in the
Manse grounds tomorrow evening.
Tbe Independent Band will be in
J. Lyons, C.P.R. engineer, brought
in ir. :n the e.ist truck a young lawn
yesterday which had been hit by a
train and slightly injured. The nnininl was in a dazed condition when
-.-J up.
Al. ■ M. 11 ill, ',-i the Orange Si n-
tinel, C .-:-'. . ■'■ ii in town yesterdny,
and '■'■ .! I ■:-. I c :i drive ru.ind th.
. ity and ■' irl -. expreising his high
iati ;. I tin .-uy and it! pn i
parous possi I    tits
Th     ;■'       i building
j Hobson & Bell!
Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners
To Buy a House,
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
A large number of botanist and
miners, thirty nil told, went up the
Big Bend yesterdny morning, there
living nearly three bus luuda lor the
ste.imer, C. II. Shaw,..! Pennsylvania,
is in charge of the botanistB who wili
spend considerable time in the
Tlie Ladies Guild ol St. Peter's
church will bold a garden party on
Mrs. Porter's lawn, McKenzie Ave.,
tonight. Ice creuni, ten and strawberries will be served and the Rcv-l-
stoke Independent Band will be in
attendance throughout thc evening.
Mrs, M, MoMahon, the biggest
woman in New Jersey, bus just died,
She weighed uver 660 lbs. In order to
get the corpse out ol the house it was
necessary to remove the window lniii.es
and six inches oi brick wall on either
side. It took fourteen men to carry
the collin. Xo hearse in tlie city was
big enough to convey the corpse* to
the cemetery and n heavy dray hud to
i.e utilized.
Tbe ...rounds in front of the sel..ml
arc looking beautifully fresh and well
cared lor. This rclleots much credit
if., the janitor who may be nl.Vf.ys
seen bard at work there, Tho Sel
Board have tried the experiment ol
planting Bowers on the ground i..
order that the children should be
taught to take care of llowers and
learn thnt tbey must Le cared for and
looked alter.
To Buy Splendid
V x ti it
Real Estate and Insurance Agts,
.   |   lor ol     .torn*
- B i     tubin and    i e ol the
in the Provi
■ .;.    'I- l        . as
It        ...        I Ca]      ■        Mil an.l
ni,   ..- Irom        ;i.  circles
will : - much lelt.
N. A. 1   Wl :-.::■   ■ -.-      I  :'■,■•
Tech",   il Wi :. I   •' igaiin.   C icag
i .  -. ie ... town  thi.  morning  ai I
nd -• feral dayi ii -; ectii -
minei  in  tie.-  int. ri. r  country   t.
. .-, .   .   . for a aeries ol article! - n
thi Kooieiiayi,
A despatch from London, Eng., announces thai ainoug the King's birth
day honors, Col. W. O. Morri. ft '■'..,
CB, C.M.G.,  has  bi en   creal
Knight  Conunandei   ol  St, "
m.i St, Cu orge.   The uow knight has
f id a dis inguished cs -       -  -  l
work lor the British Government and
h -    -      -eived I
ibe late South African war,   ::
Ion',  nil :'...- Morris -.1 th   '       H
•■ .*. ;* the - .ung. - - .
-.  -\       . Morris, K.C.M
D. !.. MnoLaurin lia.
assistant teach r in the big!
and will commence duties at re. pi n-
iug ol the -.:: - Is.   Mr, MacLiurin is
a graduate in arts ol McMuster Uni-
versity, Toronto, and a  .peci -
mathematics n d ped igogy    H
ii. academic  certificate.    Mr.  Mac-
Laurin has been teaching in Victoria
in the high schools.   Both  Mr,  i: b
-.-.*.)!-,. luperinti ndenl   ol  education,
and Mr. Gillii, impector ol ichooli
have given him the highest rei
j. ' and tbe app lintment ;- apparently ,.
good one.
.i '- tti r Irom Sloamoui sent by I.
* T. Morrii ol Notoh ll.ll ■-
i. .lent itoimi h .v.- been e i| ei sneed
' on the Shun ip I .io - d irlng I
week, The riter goei. n to iai thai
.1 one period a hurrioane wai blowing
and tin' launch in which hii pari     id
■ ii   touring   tl.e    lak
escaped t-1.1 wreck
A cricket match will be played at
2.110 p.m., on Saturday next, between
an eleven from the C. P. It. shops nnd
an eleven selected Irom other members
of tbe club. Ou tbe old Gun Club
In the stone jars in the cairn
erected by O. Wheeler, and C. li.
Sissons, ol Rovelstoke, on Mount
Aberdeen, containing the names ol
graduates this yenr ol the Alpine
club, were also placed blank application forms for membership, Forms
were bIso lelt at tbe summit of Mt.
Temple. A return from these sum
...its is a guarantee and qualification
lor net iv.■ membership. Next year
the club will meet in Rogers' Pasa.
Social and Personal
Pat Burns' True Character—
What he has Done lor
llmt.lr.'ds of thousands ol  people
have  heard  of  Pal Burns, but be is
such a modest, retiring man that he
is known to comparatively  lew who
have not met him in the wny of business.    All the sun..! l.e has a heart ol
gold, and is both liked and loved by
all who know hini.    lie never went
back on a friend, Irom his nieat-etores
throughout the Kootenay he has fed
hundreds ol men during times ol depression and strike without receiving
a dollar and  with  little  probability
thai in the majority ol cases he ever
would.    Pat Burns lias been called a
monopolist, and having been  thus
classified by people who know nothing
more about tbe matter than that he
was ut ti.e head of the biggeBt  meat
linn in tbo West, it was assumed that
be shared the  characteristics   *i. the
average American  monopolist  whose
pet hobby it is to " grind the people'
faces."     It is not necessary for Mr.
Burns to defend himsell against this
kind of criticism,  because in  every
part of tlie province  where  his  firm
has  done business l.e has a ready defence from tbe lips of tveiy customer
But sometimes criticism goes too lar
and even a whole-souled happy  Irishman will get mud when all  the Bins
of the decalogue, or pretty nearly all,
are laid at bis door.    This happened
the other day in  Unlgnry,  with  tlie
result that Mr. Burns had his say on
tlie matter and what be did Bay was
botli  su  good  and so true that it is
worth repeating.
"1 am running my own show,
standing on my own bottom, and
have nothing to do with any person
else, and 1 don't want to have.
"I never squeezed a mnn yet, and
the reason I hnve all thc business is
1 pay the highest wages. Certainly
1 have opposition. Tliis makes business better, and the more the merrier,
1 overpaid ou the market price and
gave away on over-payments Inst
winter $150,000.
"I notice a tendency in this country
to knock Gordon & Ironsides, lhe
Canadian Pacific Railway and Pat
Burns. We three have mode this
western country. Gordon A Ironsides, though up against it in the
earlier days, hung on and fought it
out.   These men built tbe countiy.
"If you closed down my husi.iesa
tomorrow, in ten days tbe countiy
would have nothing to eat, and would
be starving."
It is a pity lor the country's aake
that there are not more Pat BurnB
and Gordon A Ironsides in it.
We have some lines that we want to move quickly, and you will find seme good
Snaps rn the Bargain Tables.
eh..i.:e  of any  in  the
These sold at prices ranging
from $1 to $10,
A ni",i assortment of Colored
Muslins that sold for 12J to 25c.
Now only
10c per yd.
In While will, .-olored spots,
llgui'.-.l muslins, incii-i-T i'/.i'il
vestines. elc, Regular Prices
from 85c. tntJOo,
25c. per yd.
Pretty White Lawns with
Lace insertion.   Regular $5 00.
Now $3.75
Blue, Tun and Grey Cbambi-ay
Regular $11.00
Now $4.50
Blnck and White and Blue
and While Check Morceri'/.ed
Ginghams,   Regular $5.00
Now $3.75
We still have a few left and
as we want to clear them out
at once we offer them at
25 p. c. Disc't.
We have just received a new
lot and have some very pretty
ones.   Prices range from
25c. to $1.50
Wc have the best assortment
in town. Huvo jusl received a
lot of Children's Sox in while,
(-renin, Tan nnd Iilnek Lac.',
Tbey are pretty and cheap
20c. and 25c. per pair
In all sizes, ribbed or plain,
tan and hla.-k, also some pretty
Black Hose with Laee ankle.
Jusl   what vou need Ibis hot
and $5.00.
They sold a I $1.50
Ymir choice now
Nun t,
and    While.    All
I'l ices,
Pretty Chocolate
Canvass  Oxfords,
Shoes, Cool
Can be kept cool if you buy
son... of our New Straw nud
Linen llals.
We have sonio nice ones mnde
of good Homespun and we can
give you a bargain of theni.
Oxfords 2 28
Bals 2 511
.1.1 a good wide last.
Marriage Licenses Issued
Mr. and Mrs. 1-. li. Lewis are spend-
a In.Inlay at the Coast.
Mr*. J R, Robertsen will r.ot receivi
on Thursday .ins we. k.
■    . . . .    -,..-.
. - if A Brown
e T. W. Bn     : i
returned .   .    iaholidaj
: ' .-*
I   .     .
II.  A. B ins left lor Ca jar;
-..-.-■. irt in l
military ihooti .       petiti in.
V -- E ■ .   ,-f - itor-
day Irom .   ii    I      ilgi     there ah.
I    A railroad is not a philanthropy. It
| does Dot claim to be a friend to the
people for any other reason than tbe
eternal   reason  which actuates  till
successltil efforts — self-interest,    A
fs fi.ui  might  tj  be a cold-
:   business  proposition; if it ie
thing else il :* not a good railroad.
A   railroad tnnet deal with material
t and oats, and corn,
md iron, and coal
i   I fr ... iny tons, bo many miles,
.. . travel.
.sl a ■- ni a railroad is to
id  : so that it  will  pay  those
money invested in it or work
il ship goodi over it ur live in tbe
I ine em...lry that it covers.
1  etc . leitioni cunnol be reduced to
icntat or political basis without
Jewelers and Opticians
Next to Imperial Bank
Improperly filled glasses arc wor.in limn
no glasses and neglected eye» oflen means
Onr Optical Department is in charge o
Mr. Mi S. Hastings, Ref. I)., and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It has been proven lhat 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and it does not follow that because you
have good eyesight lhat your eyes are not
Have your eyes attended to now and
save trouble and expense,
    ':-* * ■*-'   :' bei   .-.-J.- Dean jni„r, -.,  II ,-. „ err.ed.    If it is good
Paget. l   •        1     .1 .   .
.. isim -■ the   people to pursue a
'"run!!  who   has jus.  certain courie in regard to railroads,
if.ilifirta.it trip over the
hii charge will
visit Ri      toke,
I! .1. Taggarl lelt thii morning lor
■ MCOUVer   -) 1 ,, .Ml..-.- »isi| find (rom
go to hi* li..nu  ju Orange
1 intario, inr.. k-w weeks.
Has now opened up In earni *■
to $4.60,
tbh -ij  M.i.iiliuk.-i- up
Small silk Sponge
5 els.
Mediterranean, Shceps' Wool
and Velvet Sponges,
A gi.-at range
if J.I ir
1     ..1. Spain,   ' ily
i!    imrr- iw i v
on .,  lee  re. U -.,...
then tbe people should  pursue that
alter bow much tbe rail -
I" ll   pi N
It 1- not a good advertisement (or
any Motion -J the country when its
railroad! aro t|uoted lar below par, lor
:; ii ii -. im - (.,..ment lor unproductive and io 1 roiperoui condition thai
it ii (mr to f-uiMif .....st prevail with
tbe people. I with tlie road. It ii not
stock quotation! of a railroad
II.1.1 i. not been lor the powerful engine. Haunch hull and ikillull handling another fatality would h i' - bii
-.hied to the Hat of mountain hike
disasters, A- it was no damage whatever .. 1- Mi*\.ined.
ol Spain -mi* beg in .. ttei laj ivith thi
declaration ol i general sink... at a
meeting ol several ti land miner! al
It m believed the movement wil)
spread rapidly to the mine -i
San Pander and Asturiai,    lie- labor
Oliver Wheeler, son of A. 0, Wheel
er president oi tl.o Canadian Alpine
Club, and C, li Slssona, ol Revelitoke,
oreated a new record in mountain unions ol the whole Catelonia
| climbing on Saturday last reaching preparing Ior a general strike,
the - .mii.il ..I Mi. Aberdeen (4000 It.
i. .ove the club camp, Paradiie Vulley,
and 10,300 loot above "':n level, in 1
hour! and 21) minutes; tho descent
was accomplished in 86 minutes, This
as Inr ns we know cits ail previous
records in two, and demonstrate! as
W. BEWS, hi
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail Orders  promptly attendod
to al I liis Slore.
0. what, topographical Rurvey men
huve to do iu the course ol their work.
The intrepid climberi ereoted a calm
at the topmost peak, and deposited in
it. a jar coilaining thn na ...oh ol thn
| Illty member! of the club who gradu<
alcd on tl.e mountain. Fifteen member! graduated on the ice lie-Ida ol Mt.
Temple and one on Ml. lay,... .iking
atot.ilol (Ki graduates in tl.e Alpine
Club this year.
Ripe tomatoes, cucumbers,   Ircsb
pens and beets—Bourne llros.
it'll" throughout tl' .. rt ,-•.-■   ,,.    .     . Mi... „: .•- efficiency
il they do indict.- tbe degree
.   ii-.st Important project
on ol ibe country and that
-  - m- the railroad, is able  to   IiimI
profitable support.
i f ■ |     lo li beginning to ice then
li  ■  ,   .:' Interest between the
;. :  :.-■ people.    The l.usi-
■ ,, lally ii Undying theie
q ii iti.,.- deeply .....I  graiping thoic
[acta which will enable bun to I rm an
intelligent judgment of hii relation!
with iiu ibipping facilities.     The
railroad' are coming to  realize that
the people moil be well served .....i
treated squarely, otherwise thoy wi"
not support the railroads. Ihe powei
is with the people snd thoy aro real./,
ing it more every day.—Railroad Men
Religious Fanatics on a Pilgrimage to Warmer Climate.
Hai.-HIN, Man, July 16.—About
I.fly Doukhobors, men nnd women,
tramped into town last night, weary
and footsore. Tbey went through the
streets singing and chattering and
took up a collection tor food.
They are from the Thunder lliil
settlement which they left a week ngo
with a hundred in the party. More
than hall deserted before they reached
Dauphin, On Saturday they were at
Garland and arrived at Sitton on
Sunday leaving Sifton yestordoy
They nil woic blue and pink nightgowns and straw hats, their hair
cut short. Thoir footwear wafl in bad
shape, many having sacks wrapped
about their feet. Only one or two can
speak English, and stated tbat tbey
were looking lor a warmer country,
i-.it were leaving first lor Winnipeg.
J. A. Campbell, M.L.A., bad an interview with them Provisions were
oil.....I the... l.y citizens, but tbe
wanderers refused everything but
The minimi report of the Minister
ol Mines, for Britiih (iol.....I.in, is just
to 1..ind. The report shows lor tl.o
Revelitoke Mining Division;
free Miners Certificate! issued
Companies Certificate! issued
Mineral claims recorded	
Certificate! ol Work issued...
Placer leases iss-itd	
Fresh   today—red  uml  white currants,  gooseberries,    prune!,  plums,
poaches, raspiiBtrawborrlos.oantaloupo,
tomatoes,  cucumber!  and   pears  at
Bourne Bro!.
Our sale ol plain whito Cbini.wnre
is still going on. Cull and got tl.o
prices, at C. II. Humo A. Co's.
Look  [or   Carpet!
Furniture Store.
at    Howson's
Today an Irrigation convention
meets In Calgaiy at which a number
ol liritisb Colon.bin people will bo
present,    Last April  a   preliminary
meeting of thoie interested in Irrigation ichemei was bold and arrangement! were thon made lor tl.e holding
ol the Coming session.
'I he development nl tl.o irrigation
plans during tbe season and the success attenking the working ol luol. as
hav..   been   completed   have  ..roused
great Intemt in tho project among
Albert! and llrilish Columbia resilient!, llr. (laddei ol Kelowna wiih in
tl.o city on Saturday and said that tl.e
boards nt I rude ol Ibo upper country
would all l.o represented at tho convention and that private landownen
Iiom many points in tlio Kooteimys.
(ik.iii.ig.iu nnd Kamloops district wero
planning to attend.
Nothing better than our "Ipedal.
Truly Canadian is the July number
ol this progressive Canadian Monthly.
Tho cover picture is a charming photographic study ol a girl in the Western  Oulario mendow,  dotted   with
daisies.   The public man featured this
month is the  Hon.  Sydney  Fishor,
Minister o[ Agriculture, nnd n page of
pictures illustrates the weird  funeral
customs  which  the   Hindoos   have
brought trom India to British Culumbia.    Thc  new provinces' progress is
shown in pictures oi tho great irrigation works and  the kind  ot cattle
Alberta   produces.     The   JapaneBe
Prince, who is now crossing the Pacilic
in a British man-of-war, is pictured at
various places on bis journey across
Canada.  Three pages nre devoted to
the Presbyterian  General  Assembly
last montli.    The  pick of Canadian
sharpshooters are shown in a group
picture taken tor the Canadian Pictorial just before lhc Bisley team sailed
lor England,    Political friends and
foes alike will be interested in  the
ceremony ot making a  Bencher at
Gray'B Inn ol Sir Wilfrid Laurier. The
leading article in the women's section
is a sketch of the National Council
ol Women  of Canada,  with photograph! ol the Countess ol Aberdeen,
its  foundor, and  Lady  Edgar,   its
president,    An anecdotal itory, 'Pho
togniphingCrowned Heads,* illustrated
with pictures up  to  the  'Pictorial's'
usual high standard, will be read with
interest by everyone who ever handled
a cu...era.
Ten conts a copy; one dollar a year.
Tho Pictorial Publishing Co., 142 St,
I'eter street., Montreal,
Rovelstoke Cigars llnlom Made- Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead ol all others.
Notice in hi.roliy given tlmt i.Otlayii nltor (late wo
inii'ii.l i.i apply tu tlie Hniuiiilile Chief OoMtolS1
sioner of lunula ami Works for punni-minn to out.
chum) Um following deucrilxid l-uuls in Weil,
Kouliimiy district;
Commencing nt a post planted uu tlio K. K.
cunier of Tliomiwoii pro-em (it lou -'-OS, niarliod
"Evuns&OdilviosN. W, corner post," llienco
III cbaina east, 40 ehnitis south, -III chuius wost,
40ohnilis nortli to pointof euimnQucomunt, con*
tain Ing KiO uorea more or less.
iMiud Mny U.illi, liUli.
aut my .5 EVANS *OaiLVlB
KovelsUiko Lnud Distriot.
Dislrict of Wust, Kootonay.
'Lake notico that Karl Slovens of HoWfler-
B. 0„ occupation Lumberman, intends to npply
for spocial timbor Hccnoca ovor tlio following
described lands:
1. Commotio!uk at n poat plnuled ou tlio
north .sldo of lirlft Creek, about four milos
from tho Lardeau lllver; .thmico east ti chains,
thonco north Itin chains, thenco west 11) chain*,
thencosouth lfin ehnins.
2. Commencing nt a poat planted on tho
uortli side of Unit Crock, about V/\ miles from
tho Lardeau River, thence norlh 111 chalna,
thenco oust lliu chnius, tlienee south 10 chaina,
thencu weat lfVl chalna.
Dnted .1 une 15th, lllli.
aat jly 13 EARL BTBV8NB.
Apply Victoria Hotel.
WANTED-A   dining room ghT,
Loland Hotel, Nakusp, $30 per
wishing lu leave Revelstoke as
soon as possible will sell entile stock
at cost—Miss A. Muslim, opposite
Knox Church, Second Street.
Special compasses tor limber cruisers—Lawrence Hardware Co.
Itilles, ammunition, orthoptics,
spooi.il sights, and all equipments lor
trappers and hunters—The Lawrence
Hardware Co.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelatoke Clgnrs.
Our Seniors have arrived, ono-half
gallons, .p.mis and pinti, in any
quantity, at C. II. Hume A Co's.
[IOR BALE-The entire fiiinltuie
belonging to Mrs. Guthrie, First
Street West, will be on Milu for Ihe
temalnder of this week. Also one new
piano, and one new Siuger drop head
sewing machine.   Apply nt residence,
FOR SALE-Cml oil Cook Stove,
three hole burner, for sale cheap,
Applv Mrs, McKitrick, Union Restaurant,
IWR HALE—A Remington Type-
Wtiter, cost $12).    Will sell for
Wt iter, enst $12).
Apply Lawrence Hardware Cc,
IJWR SALE Good work horscslfroin
I UUD to 1500 lbs,, and a few general purpose horses, well broken, thnt
would make good delivery teams.
Please lei ine know your requirements
-E. A. Haggen, Revelstoke, B. C.
Tenders wanted tor finishing the
top room at the Public School. Specifications, etc., may be seen at my
Tonden to reach the undersigned
liy noon, Wednesday, July 24th, 11)07.
WANTED — Everyone having a
house tu sell or rent U. list it
with me. I am flooded wilh enquiries
fnr house properties. Phone, call, or
drop me a curd with full dcBciption
...id purchase price, or rent required.—
E. A. Haggen, Real Estate and Insin-
nnco Agent, Revelstoke, B. C.
WANTED-A Waitress, apply at
Hotel Revelstoke,
Full lino of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Eto,
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest pricei.
HUT 000! TO
Secretary,    FIRSTSTREET,


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