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The Mail Herald Jul 29, 1914

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 ?*♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦ -f-f-f *♦-f -f-f-f
(♦■    Chief     lumbering,     railway, -f
If-    miniii ,       ag icultural      and -f
If;    navl^ar in    centre    between -f
!♦■    Oalgary and fhe Pacific ocean -f
K -f
-♦■-♦■♦ -f-f-f -f-f-f -f ■¥-¥ -f-f-f
The Mail-Herald
-f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f fff
-f -f-
•♦• Published twice weekly — >
♦ Read by everyone—The recog- «*-
■f nized advertising medium for ■♦
-♦-    the city and district. ■♦•
■f -f-
■f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f -f-f-f
Vol. 20Vto 54
$2.50 Per Year
Rev. 'stoke: Qateway of/few Motional Park
fir<-rr« *■**
tfsJtf.:    ■ . *
- ; ■
■   BF**!?* •    ~
■ ■  V
Scenery From Mountain
Unrivalled in the World
VlKW OK SELKIRK Peaks ami GLACIERS fiom top of Mt. Revelstoke
1     1 i
■V'l^i  , m-     iii i ill    1  i
WmMw i ♦ nt    m» I i 1 u  lii
L tl /   a-jj
^wt iii^ii nn 1*1 w -wT^yr.,-,^..^ .
. *\,_i'—.<•.-.
i *-■
^^fl Hi^^lK
Flowers of All Hues Carpet Sward — Charming Lakes
Captivate Visitors—Regiments of Mountain Peaks
Clothed in Claciers Visible From Summit Sinuous
Columbia Swirls Through Mountains—Paradise For
Tourists.  '
Nearly  two miles of road has    al-'| the park Is     ideal and next summer
ready this summer been added to the' should see it one of the most popular
, ., ., .. . i tourist     resorts.   Several      beautiful
automobile road  to thc  summit      of.  	
I lakes of     winch the Miller and     Eva
Mount     Revelstoke,      and the upper |are the m()St clmrmlng wiU he   mudo
plateau of the new National park will j accessible by trails that will be built
soon easily be accessible to the pub- j through the park. A large glaclei
lie. At. present, there are over 70 men '■ may be seen about 15 miles In the
working on the road und from the background which will be measured
city their progress can be plainly this summer by F. S. Falconer. At
watched. ! present  there is a pack  trail leading
The area of park through which the up the mountain of which a great
road leads and which was created by ' many peopfe take advantage and aro
the Dominion government by order in well repaid for their trouble,
council on April 2S is over 00,001) Many notable mountain climbers
acres. The total cost of the road to and tourists have visited the park in
be built this year will bc somei<J7,- the last few years. Gilbert Reek, ol
Ooo.Ou. San Francisco,     who spent a     week
Some of the grandest scenery in the   there said he would not have missed
world  is to be seen from the minute   even a single one of the grand views
one leaves  the city until   the  top    is    for all the expense of the summer,
reached  from  where  there  is a    view      A  log chalet  is in  the  park,  where
of many magnificent mountain peaks,    cooking utensils     are always to     bo
found.   The unwritten     law     is that
each    visitor    shall leave    a pile   of
wood  and  the  chalet  in  good condi-
shrouded with glaciers as well a?
views of the Jordan pass, the Eagle
pass and the Columbia valley     with
Lake Si hnk in Revelstoke National Park.
Revelstoke lying at the foot of the tion, so anyone going up the moun-
inountnin. A splendid view of Mt. tain is always sure of a place to sleep
Begbie with its great glacier is alsO| in comfort, sheltered from the
obtained.   Wild flowers of every kind! weather.
grow in great profusion and for miles | W. A. Calloway, general passenger
in the summer the park is one sea of agent of the Soo line, and one of the
Mowers. Scotch heather is also very largest advertisers,in America, pass
plentiful. j ed through the city lust week and on
Golf links will be laid out and lov ' his return will probably stop ofl and
ers of the game will have the unique! visit the pnrk with the object of ad
evperience of playing above* th-;"*»vertising it. Tlie perk is also to he
clouds.   As an attraction for tourists    advertised by moving picturesl
oi.r.-.iiii.\   ,!i\ k
fiom Mi. Revelstoki
11 I i-.i ii I r w Al T Hl\ in visible from
Mt. RevelBtnk*.
2£030£ n €«>€<*€•
Hkvklstdkk from Mr. Kkvki.stokk sdiowing Ml. Begbte in distance.
\V \ I Kill \u. in P.llk.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 29. 101*      l
CAMPERS' SUPPLIES   Tents, Stoves, etc.
LAWN GOODS   Hose, Reels, Mowers.
PORCH REQUISITES—HammockB, Netting**.
HOUSE NEEDS—Screen Doors and Windows.
PASTIME WANTS -Fishing Supplies, Rifles, etc.
KITCHEN NECESSARIES -Refrigerators, Freezers.
DRIVING COMFORTS—Lap Robes and Dusters.
All to be had at
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing       Tinsinilhing       Electric Supplies
.! '.stroyed the oKl Trueman Studio but not
our ability and  willingness to serve you.
May we have the pleasure of taking your photograph? Or
that of your family? We shall be pleased to arrange a sitting and guarantee satisfaction in style, quality, permanence
and price.
We hold a stock of Victor and Edison Machines and
Records, Discs and Cylinders and make a special point of
obtaining shipments every few days and with all possible
speed. Why send orders out of town? We supply at lowest
Note  New Address
A. Douglas Tourner, First Street
P. 0. Box 441
Revelstoke, B. C.
The World's Greatest Invention
The New Edison Phonograph
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No Horn      -   ■
■  Diamond Point
All Cabinet Style
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From Maker to Wearer
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large number of satisfied custo -    .rely a testi-
y   worthy of  you msideration.    We
anteeafit.   The rtment of samples in
to Beleci from.    I*
John Mclntyre £& Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Agents for Consumers' Tailor;: Toronto.
Dominion Security Co.. Limited
We '. ■ thoroughly in touch with the Rj ■
i    ti the Intel ior and can fu
'     ' - 11 :illil -fi'   is H
■•■■   and   i
ver No. 4.   1
A. McRae.
i.  Kilpatrick.
Globe   Lumber   Co.,   Ltd.
Before placing your order elsewhere get our
estimate on your next bill of material . . .
We guarantee Quality and Price    ....
Corner   Third   St. and   Smelter Track
SAM   MCc7HAHON I-,|.'ht and heavy Wagons, light anil heavy
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General Blacktmith Farm Implements, ttnunn. mill anil ropair.d
Agent for John Deere and Company and International Harvester Co.
Farm Implements
There are many imitations of this best of all
fly killers.
Ask for Wilton's, be sure
you   get   them,   suid avoid
Notes Irom the Nines
A strike of throe feet of clean ore
is reported from tlio Florence mine at
Ore Is being Ill-ought, ilown from the
Utlcn nt about the rate of two cars
per month.
in the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate of
Title to  Lots  1, J, 4 and 5,  Block 3,
'lown of  Nakusp,  Province of Uritish
Columbia, Map 494,
Notice is hereby given that it is my
intention to issue at the expiration
of o'le month after the lirst publication hereof a duplicate of thc Certificate of Title to the above mentioned
land  ill   the  name of  Ellon   MacDoug-
ald,    which    Certificate of   Title    is
dated   15th  May,   1897  and  numbered
Nelson, B.C.,  llth June, 1914.
J.15.St,       Deputy   District   Registrar.
"Hardrock" Harris is reported to
have a good showing on the property
be is working near Whitewater.
(loo. McCready is showing up a considerable quantity of concentrating;
nre on the Caledonia, near Sproules.
With   the  exception   of  the     Milton,
which is heing worked   by Dob   Mc-
Pherson,  there appears  to be    little
doing on the north fork of Carpenter
crook this summer.
Work  was started a  .sinhi   time ago
.it   the Km   and four  men are employ
id nn the McGutgan basin   property,
A raise from the lower to the uppei
workings is being completed.
It is likely that this summer will
see the commencement of mining on
some claims up Hear creek, which is
a tributurj of Che north fork of Kaslo creek, joining the latter near
Now is the time to get a good wheel.   We have a splendid
line in both Mens and  Ladles' at right prices.    Also  full'
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Baseball Goods—we are leaders in
these. Come and inspect our line.
Also Lawn Tennis, Lacrosse, Football, Cricket, Croquet, and all
Sporting Goods.
Sherwin Williams Paints.
Kootenay, Saskalta and Malleable Ranges, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Small Jobs a Specialty Free Estimates Given
Take notice that I, E.I'. Henry, of
Arrowhead, B.C.. intend to apply to
the Commissioner of Lands for a
license to prospect for coal and petroleum, mi and under the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted and
marked E.I'.II.. planted on the West
boundary of tin- Arrow Lakes Lum-
■ i e.., Ltd.. mill site, tbciice -JO
chains smith. 50 chains cast, 80 chninB
north, -" chains west am! liO chains
-=■ mih to thi point e.i commencement.
i 'ontainlng 6111   icri re - er less.
Dated this 23rd day of May,  1914.
E.  I-. HENRY,
Aug.  19p. Locator.
Thi' report got around town last
week thai the Whitewater had closed down, The rumor was started by
that fact that two men had been laid
oil through a change being made in
the nomIc of  working.
Many of t.he aid timers do not likoj
tin' changing of the names of Rome1
.>: the Kaslo & Slocan stations,
Tiny claim that some of them stood
fm the only remembrance of the
old trail blazers who were the tirst to
open up the country.
The Molly Gibson is looking tine,
according tn reports from there and
is shipping ore taken out only during the progress of development. A
few days ago, Vi. II. Stewart, of
the Consolidated M, .-<• S. Co., went
nenrlj as far as the mine with an
ant omobile,
Our Clothes
are   made to fit
We Guarantee
^ftyle. Cut, and Finish
Cressman SSL Co..
Custom Tailors
A    Real   Levir   Simulation
i i   -
.1.   I'.   Miller  states  tbat     two    cars
ni nr.' .ue ready for shipment from
the Panama, at Bear lake and that
in every wuy the property is looking
most satisfactory, lt is hoped that
a gasoline engine can he installed this
season, which will greatly aid the
further development of the mine,
for garden and farm ore best
for BC soil See Catalogue for
solid guarantiee- of purity
and germination
Send now for Copy free
iV,-.tn &Sens.TheKin£'sSo9dmc-n
R • n ei i r>£ K rijg land
A . J . W oodward
Victoria       4 Vancouver
6 15  Fori-  Sr 667 Grarwi llo St-
tCHt  AtlNTJ   POO  B<"
PRICF.    h LB   IRON   *Y<*0
It is not a mark of breeding
to write visiting cards . .  . .
Let the cTVtail Herald
put you right. Tin-
price will not wreck
your exchequer. Wc
print in the best   style
Mali    Rerr.C     has   taken     a   lease  nil
ihat portion nf the Utica ground ly
ing tee the northwest of thc camp site
This is practically unexplored ground
but there is evidence of ore in many
different places. A short tunnel or
two driven during the Hughes regime
opened up a small stringer or two
but outside of this very little is
-."-'.:: ibOUt the character nf the for-
A lead v 'in iris he mi uncovered   on
the  Rocher do  Boule   Wonder group.
1.1*.. Wallace came down fm-the week
end and  brought  some  tine samples nf
I   me-   ,vith  bin.,    lie  says that
'a- has a  vein nf from two tn two and
a.   half   feet,   and   tbo   surface   samples
Illy   show   some   tint   load      nre
There is also a  little cupper running
through it, lint tbe bad predominates. During tbo past week the surface
prospecting --'ot well started and is
now  pi favi rably.  Mr.  Wal-
much encouraged    hy     tln»
new Snd.   Omieca Herald.
Paddy  Higgina nf  Rossland return
'I to tiie district last Saturday night
- nd in  ,e   few  .lays    will    leave  for his
tims 'en  Babine  lake, nays
eca I ferald,   His property in
ill   a  mile and a   half south
in's.     This   summer
Paddj oing   considerable
the  81    Kei.-e   .    .   ; ti,,. mi.
He h i i big,  strong    veins
"'ler   than       3100
I om -1 iced    fnr
be   operate,I      thl«
i an i iade this
'he   'a,aa.-.   and    Higglns
ih    from M.e
■   '■ Idei mere ami i hey   have
I i.       l-rnss.
.   ."t.   hut   when
thi   .-i ound   ' hev  . u>
LooK. For
This Sign
Let us estimate for your next job, or ask
or ideas,  specimens, information    we
can help vou.
We Vrint s
Catalogues - Billheads - Cards - Menus
Ball Programs - ., Books and Booklets
Loose Leaf Account Forms - Envelopes
Programs - Wedding Stationery - Tags
Memoriam Cards   -   Lumber Forms, Etc.
Mail-Herald Electric Vress
Revelstoke.  B.  C. Phone No. 8
completion e,i the trail along
the Upper Duncan nv-i tn Hall creek
econd distlncl advance in
the noliil i'ii' ..f "a 11 'i, portatlon
problem of the [Jppcr Duncan flection
it '*iii ' be poi Ible to get men
■ ith capital tn [nvi t into that mc
t mi, in . fan iv comfortable manni i
Instead 'ef being all tired nut and
disgusted   with   the   |ourney    ne      has
hitherto been 'he case. The three
thousand dollars appropriated for tn*
cleaning out of the river up to
Healy'S handing will be another big
help,   as it   will   he     a   start   towards
ihe solution  nf iia   problem Of   get-.
ting at ll as! -■ i a' of the high trade
. ire do« n.
With the . penlng up of the trail to
ih.   Leviathan  group,   on    Campbell
i reek,   attention   is   once  more  direct-
, ,i that way, The Leviathan is lo
rated e,i one nf the largest and
strongest ledges in the country und
it is claimed that under the iron capping   Should   be   (ound   a   huge   deposit
,f copper and gold ore, AssuyB of
the surface rocs indicate the preBenco
e.i cupper ami gold, in varying quantities .if fr.ein i\ to $1(1 per ton.
Halt way between the Leviathan und
Ihe lake shore is another immense
iron ledge. Its location LB indicated
b-. a stuak i ; rust thnt lies on top
nf the ground and apparently one to
i.no hundred and fifty feet in width
Some of the ledge matter, taken
from only a few feet underneath the
surface, if said to have assayed $9
in gold to the ton. These big leads
afford plenty  eef room Ior speculation
is.to what they contain although {(
would take quite a chunk of monej
to  prospect them to tiny extent.
*=      TORONTO ONT.     n^Z** WEDNESDAY,  JULY 29.  l'.'lt
Wtat is Doing io the Province
The running of the lirst through
train from Nanaimo to Courtenay,
which was to have taken place last
week, but was postponed unavoidably
will now, it. is fully expected, begin
by the end of the month.
K. 13. Butler, the Toronto sculler,
who competed at the Nelson regatta,
wiih on the coast this week on bis
way east. Butler intends entering
thc American championship regatta at
Philadelphia,, Ho held the title in
1011   and   1012,
In spite of the utmost precautions
taken by the provincial department,
and the lire rangers and police, 'a
number of bush tires are reported
from various directions in the Nanaimo district.
{$000 fair building on the association
grounds south of the city. The building will he in the form of a croBS
centre HWO feet, with four wings
■pixin feet each. This will give a
total Moor space of 8000 square feet.
The building will be rushed to completion so as to have it ready for tbe
lair to  be  held September 129 and 30.
Hope has been threatened by flre
according to word received hy H. R.
McMillan, chief forester for the province. A serious hush tire broke out
in the railway belt the other day and
has now got beyond control. The territory whore tlie tiro began is not under the jurisdiction of the forest department.
A remarkable swim was made during tbe week end by a one-legged
swimmer in the person of A. Brown,
of Newcastle Townsite, who covered
the distance from the Newcastle huth
ing beach to Protection island and return, this is a specially difficult
course owing to the strong currents
to he encountered. Mr. Brown's uge
is 53.
There was some fear that the tiro
raging in the timber limits hack of
Ladysmith on Sunday night might
spread, especially as a high wind prevailed throughout tb.' day. Mr. Love-
land, head ot the tire wardens on tho
island, wont up Sunday evening and
went   out tn   the   tire.       Ho   was  ready
to put .n a gang "f firefighters if
they wore needed. but fortunately
ihere was im great   langer.
Robberies are reported  from    New,
Hazelton, 100 miles inland on tbe (1.
T.P., an.l at port Essington, R. G.
Cunningham's ste■:. il Porl Essington was broken into, tlie safe forced
and hundreds eii dollars secured. A
stranger entered th" ..dice of the
Northern hotel at Now Hazelton,
picked up the cash register and escaped before tin- dazed clerk could
Intercept lum. \ man named Dean
has be. i.   a-. ispiclon.
The ninth meeting of tin- Canadian
Alpine club opened this week in the
Upper Yt bo valley, is miles from
Field. The village Of tents is most
beautifully     situated     among  the   t.111
timber ami surrounded with snow-
riail mountains, Men have been at
work  for  the  last  fortnight under the
direction of C.A. Richardson, of Calgary, setting up ..' d brushing tents
and generally preparing for the 200
Kor the purpose ol making a
pleasure trip through Canada, Sir
Hartmann w. .Just. K.C.M.Q., assistant under secretary nf state for the
colonies and secretary oi the Imperial
conference, arrived in Vancouver this
week on the Ft.M.S. Niagara. Ho
hus just completed a pleasure tour
through the Antipodes and is returning to London via the Dominion. Sir
Hartmann stated that lu- was not on
any   official  missn.n.
James Thomson, chief land commissioner of the Hudson's Bay company, and his son Eric U.Thomson,'
both of whom lived at Victoria when
Mr. Thomson .vas local manager of
the company at that place, are visiting former friends, An excellent crop
is expected in the west, according to
\lt. Thomson, and he believes this
whoiild do much,to help tide the Dominion over tho coining year, which
he expects will boa critical one from
the business standpoint.
Miss Elsie Stnten. of Merritt. who
nccoinpanieil a number of children on
a picnic, and who was enjoying a
cool bath in the waters of the Cold-
water river, bad a narrow escape
from death. In an attempt to savo a
youngster who bad gone beyond its
depth, she, herself, was carried away
in the swift stream. Her cries brought
Robert Barrett to the rescue. The
young man plunged into the river and
dragged tho young woman ashore just
;.b she was going down for the third
The 'lead body ol a big wliule, with
two cuts on Its aft <|unttcrfl, was
found stranded ou nn Island near
I'rince Rupert last Sutiirday. It 1b
Supposed to be the leviathan which
rose up In front of the steamer
Prince Qeorge at 2 o'clock on the
previous Tuesday morning, when the
fl. T. P. liner was slaHliing along at
a apeed of eighteen knotts oft Egg
island The tail of tho monster as it
prppnred to make a hasty dive was
visible above the forecastle rail of
the perinea George, just us the vessel
aetruek  the whale.
In an attempt, to rediscover a ledge
of gold-bearing quartz, located 30
yeurs ago, John Lovett and Mr. McNeil, of Point Grey, have started for
the Deas lake district, in the extreme
northwest of British Columbia,
William N, Allen, son of James S.
Allen, of Nelson, was drowned at,
Oakland, Ont., while attempting to
rescue others, was the report received
a few days ago. The young man had
boon attending Toronto university as
a science student for several years.
along with their agricultural films,
at the Panama Pacific Exposition
next year. Their exhibit thcre will
include a special ball for this purpose
What is stated to be one of the
largest contracts for jam that has
ever been entered into in Canada has
been closed between J.A. Macdonald
jot Nelson, proprietor of thc Nelson
Announcement is made at the offico | jam factory and a tirm of prairie dis-
of the British Columbia Packers' as- trlbutors. The contract calls for 21
sociation that that company had ab- ears of this product, which will ag-
sorbed the business of the George & gregate in weight (iOO.OOO pounds. The
Darker Salmon Packing company, order culls for jam from ull kinds ol
which has canneries nnd extensive fruits procurable In Kootenay and the
trap rights in the state of Washing-  Boundary and will be distributed   at
Look!    Look!
nearly every point iii tlie prairie provinces. Work lias already heen commenced on the big consignment at the
Work has started on the erection of
the exhibition association new building on Acropolis hill, Prince Rupert.
This year the lirst wing of the building, giving 10,00(1 feet of Ooorspace
for industrial exhibits alone, will be
completed. Both provincial and civic
governments have given substantial
In order to ask  that     a  preference
bo trivon to goods manufactured    in
this  province  in  the building of   thc 	
. new University of     British Columbia     Considerable work is being done   in
' buildings, a deputation of the Manu- the southeastern part of the province
I fart lifers'   association   of   British   Co- which, before the summer is gone, will
lumhia   will    interview    Hon.  W.    J. result in  all the towns in the  mining
Bowser, In Victorin on Tuesday. The section   being connected  up  hy  means
manufacturers hope to be able to bc- of the telephone, with connection also
cure the bulk    of the contracts     for with Cranbrook,     Fernie   and   other
Bupplylng   material     for     British   Co- points  oast of  Kootenay  lake.
Iiiniln -i.
A forest tire at the west end of
Paul lake on Sunday morning caused
Fire Ranger Park to hurry into Kamloops for men und fire fighting appliances. Report from the department
office says that rain will he a groat
help and that there is no reason to
suppose that the tire will cover any
great area, though Paul lake as a
pleasure resort will lose some of its
natural beauty in consequence.
When sailing near Horseshoe .hay
mi Monday three young men, two
brothers named Mian and one named
Mills, had a narrow escape from
drowning when their skill upset. A
heavy sea was running and as the
ordinary lighl boats in the vicinity
were not steady enough to be of service the men clung to their craft half
an hour before taken oil liy Mr.
Kordham. of Vancouver, in a dinghy.
They were none the worse for their
rp to the present, districts have
been separated from each other. Silverton, New Denver and Sandon were
iu inter-communication, but over the
mountains Kaslo on Kootenay lake,
was by itself. With the completion of
the O.P.R, to Kaslo it will be possible to extend the telephone lines to
that place, while that part of the system of the B.C. Telephone company
will also be connected up to Nelson.
This will enable Kaslo patrons to talk
to Rossland, Grand Forks and other
points. Slocan City has a local system and it will have the benefit of the
The directors of the Grand Forks
Agricultural association will proceed
immediately with    the   erection of nn
  increased facilities.
Norman s Rankin, accompanied by The Dominion government is to luy
A.S. Fisko, of Boston, is in the moun- a cable from Balfour on the west side
tains at the present time superintend- i ! Kootenay lake to Pilot Bay oil the
ing takinc of scenic moving pictures cast side. There will also bc connector the Canadian Pacific railway. Tho tion between Balfour and Kootenay
majority of the films are being taken landing. The linos of the B.C. Telc-
m the neighborhood of Field and phone company extend out of Nelson
i.ako   Louise.    It   is  the  intention    of to  within  about   live  miles of  Balfour
at our Window Display of
Preserving Utensils
There is everything there but the FRUIT
The best and cheapest Granite
Ware in town
N. B. Remember our bargain in
10 sticks of Wax for 20 cents
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
the   company    to show    those views,
Have You a
or acquaintance out-of-town who
would like to read all that happens
in and around Revelstoke from Sunday morning to Saturday night?
You get tired of writing everybody
does—let us tell the news in thc
most interesting way it can be told,
graphically,  fully,  and truthfully.
Here is Our
Fill in the attached coupon, enclose
Si only, and we will send Revelstoke's best newspaper to any address
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FILL MONTHS. Take advantage
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To The Mail-Heraid, Revelstoke
Sirs: Kindly send The Mail-Herald for six months
to the following address
for which I enclose the sum of $1.
Yours Truly,
• ml these will ho extended further to
connect with the government lines.
That, means thai Inter-communlcation
i >• telephone will be possible among
all tbe towns in Mast Kootenay and
the Boundary districts.
The Dominion government is also
constructing a  lino  from     Nelson    to
IVaneta, passini through Ymir, which
will give telephonic facilities to a district long in need of them. The B.O.
Telephone company is te> make connection   it Cascade with the Christina
lake   lino,   built   l,y   Mr.   W.H.   Beach,
\'.liirb will remove any Isolation .there
This companj will also connect up its
Interior system to the line built by
the provincial government for forestry pui noses up thi valley of the
I-, nth folk of the Kettle liver. This
'ine is ain at 10 miles long, and sev-
iial    S'ttlors are  along  the  route.
a particularly painful and distressing accident happened last Sunday
evening to Eileen, the little elght-
year-old daughter of Mr. Fred Armstrong,   if the Morrison-Thomson Co,
l Kelowna. her scalp heing almost con,
pletely torn off as the result of her
hair catching in the flywin ol of the
engine of a launch in which the unfortunate little iritl with her father
and some friends was cent for a spin
on tlie lake. The child was wearing
a wrist watch and was bending over
to look ut it when the ends of her
1 air touched the engine. She had
been bathing in the lake earlier in
the afternoon and bor hair was bang-
tng loose to dry. lake a Bosh thc revolving wheel caughf the ends of tho
hair and drew ner head down to the
engine. The quickness of Mr. Armstrong, who happened to bo close hy
in making a sudden grab for the hair
close to the engine ami wrenching it
loose with a tremendous pull, undoubtedly saved Ins little girl's life
as she must inevitable bave been
drawn in and crushed to death, As
it was the poor little girl's sculp wus
torn completely from her bend, except abOUf half an inch of skill hy
which it remained adhered to the
back of her head. The force of the
father's pull ns he tore the hair free
from the engine ran be Imagined when
it is stated that a urease cup, which
was in the wa) was wrenched right
out of its socket, stripping the thrend
which held It fust.
The boat was immediately rushed
ashore, at the Aquatic pavilion and a
doctor telephoned for. No time wns
loBt in getting the child to thc hospital, where the sculp wns stitched hack
into its place, an operation which required nearly 300 stitches to accomplish.
hater reports from the hospitul
state that the child Is progressing
favorably nnd thut there is some
tiope that the sculp may be made to
adhere and grow buck into itRplnce
gti'.Hlliig Mil fur Women.. f.t n bo* or ttirenfor
tin.   Hold at nil brent Store., or mulled lie my
■danssoa reaelptof price.  th« Boomm. D»io
<-n , St. Cntlmrlrirn. ontnrio.	
Vlt*lltT;lor Nfervo iinrt Wniln; lncr»**.ii "itnj
mutter';nTonic-willtitifUl yon up. U n tiot.or
two for $fl, nt iirnir mom, or by mull on rn-rlpt
Of pries.- Tin Booui.LL *0»lio Co. St. Oilturlnei.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla helps nature
to  make   rich,  red   blood.    No
Sold for i a i years.
.   ,    \i rt M.e   ■   ', J. C. ATi-rCo..
Ask Your Dot lor. , .„.„.,
It'sRood policy totbink ■ ■
It's still better policy topi i \ idi
the misfortunes i' may lia\.   lu >t. n-
for you.   The surest way nt protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of the Kootenay Agenci<es
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Youi time mav be near at hand,
Don't delay.   Takeout n policy now.
A. E,  KiNCA-.n. Manager.
wrra caserns nruwoi* cvanest sr
W     Ql pnv    AUCTIONEER ANO
MAIM': Mckenzie Ave.   I'lnti- 880
Every Wedncsdny und Saturday
nt 2 p. lu. Of
STOVES, etc.
Speiial   CROCKERY   Sales
from 7 till B:80 o'clock positively
eRkgegSge   Tiallsf.'lIVci
Distributing A-gentiand stora«p
Furniture ami Ptao-nio»Ing i
Phone-40—376.  Nit<iii PhoneSM
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
tight Ave
-   Rovolatoko
Coal ghta ol the Dominion,
in Hanlt ba, (Saskatchewan and    Al-
•.he     Yukon   Territory,    th*
North-west Territories and in a portion of tho Province ol lintisU   Co-
ed for a term   of
rental ol     11 an acre.   Not  more   that-.
. -res will I ■   >;
Appltcatioi  lor li st be madi
hy the applicant In person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
in winch the rights applii I lor are
Th u.ill Inclu :   *  •       ' xic-
Ing rights   'tily. but the li
11 pern Itted to   purchasi
IlL-l.tS   11.
1 for g
.-  the   rate of   -;''." 00   aa
In surveyed territory tlio lane] murt
!•■ described by sections, or legal
snb-dtvialoni of sections, nnd in unsurveyed territory tho tract applied
f.er shall he staked out hy thc applicant  hi:i■•• '
Kach application must he nccompan-
iiel b) a fee of ?' which will be re-
lunded if the riirhts applied for are
not available, hut not otherwise. A
royalty ehall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of tive cents per ton.
Thc person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coul mined and pay the
royalty thereon If the coal minine
rights are not being operated, such
leturns should bc furnished at least
once a year.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agenr
ot Dominion Lands.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 29. 191*    \
XThe flfoail-lberalfc
REVEI.8TOKK.   lt.  ('
thetical remnrks and the apt allusions, showing the broad-minded,
cultured man of the world, with
which they were illuminated. The
dentil of Dr. Galbralth removes one
of the most, notable educators of the
ADVERTISING RATES ! Dominion, and is n blow not only to
Local Reading Notices and RusiiiesB  the university, but a loss to Canada.
Locals 10 cents per line each insertion 	
Minimum local ad charges 23 cents.       Now that the park     is an accom-
Displny advertisements 25 rents per   , liH|1(,(1     fact      and    the  auto rQad
inch each Insertion, single column. .. , .,
'speeding   on   to completion,   we   pre-
Legal advertising ol nny form, also       ,   . ,
,  ,.        ,    , VT .        ,.,  sent to our readers un excellent ser-
Govcrnment  and  Miiuicipnl  Notices li!
cents pet- line first insertion and S "'s "f views °' «■*• park and environs.
cent* per line subsequent insertions, IWe trust this will awaken the inter-
cllowing 10 lines to the inch. est    and appreciation this    beautiful
Applications for Liquor Licenses 85,   and  picturesque district deserves not
Applications for Transfer of Liquor / '*'>'  loc:l"-v b,,t further ,uipld-
Licenses 87.50,
ni) prospecting notices $7..">0.
Land Purchase Notices, $7.
Water Application Notices, up to
JCO words, 87.50, over 1^0 words in
3ntertot ipubltsbtng company
A correspondent suggests that In
the addresses from Calgary to the
governor general the proper style is
"Your R-otl Highness."—Calgary Al-
Dr. Morgan  McWhinnie writes to the
limited •       iMedical journal to say that the dally
,. ,   ,..,,:..,-    morning cold bath, instead of being a
Manager and Editor.
benefit,   is a positive disadvantage  for
i thc reason that it puts too great    a
strain upon one's vitality.  We wond-
; er  if  this  information    will    prevent
the   "cold-plunge "  bore from telling
'everybody   about  his  morning  ablutions,    as though they  were,  next    to
Vi-w   careers that  have    begun   and   love,      "the     greatest    thing  in the
I  in Toronto    can    be compared   world."—Victoria Colonist,
from the point  of      public usefulness
with that of John Galbralth, Dean of
the    Scbool  of  Science.      For    more
The   contrast   between  the   methods
imployeil by civic and military auth-
than   fifty    years    he    was  connected orities  in  estftbll8hing Banltary comU_
With the University  of Toronto       as tions is commended on  by an  Ameri-
student and  professor,   In that time can exchange: "Spotless Town is no
be  came  Into  personal  contact    with longer a  fiction of the trolley car ad-
... . vertisemctits which   set  forth the  vir-
thousands of students and not one of , '" uuc   vu
taes  of   a   patent  cleanser.      It      has
them but  was the l.ette,   fo, the rela- ,„en   ,,„,,,,.,,  ,„   real life and  its  geo-
tlonshlp.     Besides being one   of the graphical  name   is  Vera Cruz.     The
. •• itest  teachers   ol engineering    on dreadnought Florida  just back  from
the continent.     Dr.  Galbralth was a   *m'  Mexil   '   l"""1"' brings  word    that
the Americans ha de  '.era Cruz
Latest News Today
from Over the Wires
London,     July 28,— Special      despatches from Copenhagen say several
Russian harbors     on the     Baltic sea
have been mined.
Paris, July 28,—Lieut,     Vallfile,
the French army fell several hundred
feet while aviating today, being instantly killed.
Hull, July 28.—Fire broke out in
Gllmour and Hughensons lumber
yard shortly before KI o'clock last
night, burning several million feet of
lumber, entai.ing a loss of $500,000.
Gravesend, England, July 2S.— The
Uritish steamer Missouri passed
Garvesend this evening with her bows
damaged, She reported having been
m collision with the Red Star Liner
New York, July 2ii—With a crack
four inches deep extending from rail
to water line, in her starboard bow,
the steamer Zeeland arrived here today,bringing a story of the collision
in fog In mid,ocean with the Missouri
Dublin, July 28.— Rioting broke out
again tonight. Rumors were afloat
that the Scottish Borderers were to
entrain at the Aslane street station.
A great crowd surrounded the station
and amused themselves by stoning
street cars. Sir John Ross, chief
commissioner of the Dublin police has
resigned his position as a protest
against the suspension of deputy commissioner Hnrrell.
Montreal, July 28.—This morning's
session of the local stock market
was the most disastrous that has
been witnessed for several years. All
issues closed lower than 'Saturday,
and the losses in most cases was over three points. C.P.R. opened with
a loss of :i3-l points at 175 .'1-4. It
quickly sagged to 175 but closed at
174 3-4 a  net  loss of 23-1  points.
I road-minded,  generous,  sympathetic,
,is  healthy as any  city in the  world.
human  being,   who  took a  keen      in-    \n thn iiinu  i ... ,„    ;.
.\n tne tties and mosquitoes have been
teres!  In the affairs of his students,  cstermlnated. We did the same thiug
i.nd on      many  occasions  gave  them   :':il-r ago     In  Panama.    And yet    we
olvice   and   assistance     quito  uncon
can't do it in our own  home cities. At
e^e^e^e^e^ie^B ^—- ICUSt     till-    Hilly     'A'  IV ill     SlL'llt     it)        fill-
ted with  university affairs.    What *       ■ *-"- ls   I0
some citj in the I nlted states to re-
■  i   Bcience facultv  is ai   the     Onl-  vnu ■ ■■ ,;„■, ,i... . .  .
• "it ag iinst the government and i i
verslty of Toronto is largely due   to  pel the landing of a force of sailors
bltlty of Dr,  Galbralth.    when     id marines   rhen the local author!-
he took charge ,,f the school ol Prac-   '' s "' uW have '" turn over the lo-
,    .  ■ ., ,,   ,     ''■'''   rule  to  military  and naval   iiith-
tical   Science, as   it was   then    called,        , , ,' "m*
' ttf .   which   would  show them   in    a
his     students    numbered     but     30,   .,   , ,   ,   spotleM   mo8qulto.
Now the membership is nearly     800,   less, Byless town Is made."   Vancou-
Dr. Galbralth lived    a few    "  '     -   -*■
•'•    be     might  have seen
• tits in ins department.
Not    In    numbers    alone      is      the
Halifax, July 2S.—Earthquake tremors which violently shook the build -
ings and so alarmed the inhabitants
in one place that they fled from their
homes fearing immediate collapse,
was felt at noon today on the southwestern shores of Novia Scotia from
Mahon Bay to Shelbourne about 180
miles  distant.
Ottawa, July 28.—In the election
for civic controllers today, but one
of the farmer members was returned,
Joseph H. Kent. Tbe new men on
the hoard are Thomas Clarey, Napol-
son Champagne and Donald H. Mc-
Lean. The controllers elect are all
supporters of Mayor McVity.
Berlin, July 28.—Important confer-
e hits were held at Potsdam this afternoon between the German Emperor, the Imperial Chancellor, Dr. Von
Bethmann Holburg and the strageti-
cal heads of the army and navy to
determine definitely the German policy  in  the crisis.
New York, July 28,—The one subject of discussion and cause of apprehension in financial circles today was
thc pending crisis in Europe. Canadian Pacific lost a total of four and
a quarter points and other securities
of the tirst class yielding from two to
three points.
London. July 2s—Conditions bordering on pnnic existed on thc stock
exchange nnd many of the contentin-
al markets today on the warlike
conditions now prevailing on the Aus-
tro-Servian frontier and the blood
shed in Dublin. In many of the con
tinental markets the situation was
even worse, nnd the markets in Vienna, Budapest nnd Brussels were closed to prevent panic. All prices broke
sharply today. Consuls touching 71
the lowest at which they have been
since 1^75, but closed one point down
recovering to 7J-I-I both for each
and the settlements. Canadian Pacific was the heaviest, loser of the day
i declining six and a half points.
ited.    Vote for her
        ch "Hi/nial   sinner.       Eve
strength and Importance of a Bchooi    ..t spoke to a serpi   I ter life.
■ by the quality ol   ■*- * ■ ipples. If It
the men ll ■ -   In this respeel
thi  Gat
: aents
. |    • ■ . ■       hij
upon the
■ • nenl    Tl •   pi  ol       'ins is     t..
.    . ...
I    •
1 the I
latei the 1     eol Dr
^^^^I^^^IHture? the  paren-
London,  July -J-.—The L-overnments
i|  France     and     Italy have accepted
vi sal   nf      Sir    Edward  Grey
thai a   r,inference  be  called  with  the
• if     finding    s  solution of the
i Servian   situation.      An    engagement between Austrians and Ser-
ti ■ havi- occurred on
• .•      fr..ntier.     No di I avail-
msidered to have
Boston 2, Cleveland 0.
New York 5, Chicago 8.
Philadelphia 8, Detroit 3.
Washington 7, St.  Louis (i.
Pittsburg 3, New York  I.
Cincinnati iii Brooklyn 5.
St.   Louis 9,  Philadelphia   I.
St.  Louis 0,  Philadelphia 2, second
Chicago  3,   Boston  5.
Kansas City 2   Pittsburg 1.
St.  Louis 5, Brooklyn 2.
Chicago 2, Buffalo 7.
Indianapolis '1, Baltimore 2.
Baltimore 3,  Montreal   1.
Providence 2,   Rochester 3.
Newark 4, Toronto 2.
Jersey   City   3    Buffalo  fl.
•   .
Court House Grounds Completed I Many Tickets Sold—Two Boats
Sprinkling    System And   Two   Bands
SucessfuMy Installed Engaged
RuiKjh Dry
l 1)1 V It'-p'lttllll'|l' will
I .
Inl i. 11..-.
Evo-ytlntiK Coor, Throuuh
for Three Cents a   Picjo
Rough i e . I viu
i   'oi, and   'he  ivi rk,
won v ami "team i
■ urn \' in fti -i bill >e>   end
Ei i-i pone Invltei
inspect  our
C     ^^■■tll"-'!''
i. Che
f the f
I     Blue,
I inch,
I nisi
■   I, the Brll
ndlans  w Ishlng to consul!   tbem    on
trade matti
lero,   Valparal •>.   I [ei ban, Chin l, Bs
.•'•tn, Colombia;  I U< tandria
• ■ ■ -1,    Milan,   Mi ilea  Cltj.
• lam,       Colon     Dnd       Panama
I.una.   Lisbon,      Moscow,     St.   Peters- i
e ,,k, Banelonn, MadiId
Stockholm • enew, Smyrna, Montevideo and I'nrucas.
. *
the retail
annual  picnlt   today,   and
■I the     number ol tickets
.■.eii  '.'' a huge suet ess. Noth-
ieen lefl •   b ■  the com-
•   and B   most, dellght-
ii cted pei e.il ste;iin
i   .nei  »lll leave
a.  m.
■   e,f the
. all thi ie
III be in at
■ ■    ■.   there  will   be  no     lack
Purses!        Purses!
Best Quality at Half Price
For   One   Week    Only~
J, Guy Barber,
r*% Revelstoke Park Jcenes r*%
I'ri'Kll COLUMBIA Canyon seen from Kevelstoke Park.
A Mountain Peak
i.i.kmi.i.kwaet Canyon vlnlble limn Kevelstoke National Park
A Mountain Torrent WEDNESDAY,  JULY 29. 1914
'Vernon Does not Agree with Hercules   Medal   Handicap-
Action Taken by
The following telegram was received on Monday by Manager Dudley of
the Revslstoke baseball club. This
with Vernon and Kelowna out of tho
league means that the baseball position iB rather critical. What will be
done hy the lo:al club iB not known
as yet but there will he a meeting
held later in the week when the matter will he taken up. Evidently Vernon does not agree with Kamloops'
action in the matter of thc new
schedule. Kamloops expectB to be
on hand on the days set for games
on the old schedule and will expect
the other teams who do not report to
lose their forfeit.
Vernon,  B.C.,  July 86,  1911.
Bob Dudley,  Revelstoke:—
Vernon informs me not going to
Revelstoke Tuesday owing to Kamloops' action. Eastman wrote you
fully yesterday.
Hard Fought   Game—Beavers
Pick   up   Some
Hard  Luck
A very interesting game of hall was
ilaycd on the Y.M.C.A. field last
night between the Beavers and the
Baby Giants, resulting in a win for
the latter, hy the score of 7 to 4.
The game was hard fought throughout, the Giants secured a six run
lead in the first inning securing only
ine more run in the remaining innings. The Beavers on the other hand
had very hard luck in not scoring in
the third inning, when the buses were
full and only one out. Mr. Derr umpired the game to the satisfaction of
all. The following is the score by
Beavers-il 3 0 10—1.
Baby Giants—f, 1 0 0 »—7.
Batteries—Hope and Eaton, Lee and
Five Revelstoke Guns will
go to Kamloops
In the Hercules medal handicap on
Saturday, McDonell and Sturdy tied,
while in the weekly telegraph shoot,
Sturdy led.
Five guns will go from here to
Kamloops for thc shoot on August 3
and I. Two teams from Vancouver
will likely be there to compete for
thc Revelstoke cup, thcre will also be
two teams from Kamloops, one from
Vernon, one from Armstrong, one
from SicamoiiH and probably one
from Nelson. This will be the best
shoot thut was ever held in the interior from the point of attendance.
The score of Saturday's shoot was:
McDonell—Broke  14,  got 1, total 45
Sturdy—Broke  43,  got -,  total  45.
Barber—Boke 4:!, scratch, total  l'i.
Foote—Broke  11, got 2, total  13.
Tremble—Broke ■-':'>, got S, total 31.
Weekly telegraph shoot:— G
Kamloops:—     K
Palmer    14
Macdonald   41
Crawford    37
Armstrong: —
Evans    17
Stokes   47
Tool  43
Sturdy   46
McDonell    44
Barber    13
Rough House Burns Arranging
to Fight Charlie Lucca
in Revelstoke
Arrangements are under way for   a
! bout in Fernie   on Aug. 17,    between
Young Maxwell of Great Falls, Mont. '
and Charlie Lucca Italian  lightweight,
champion of Canadal Lucca yesterday
received word from Charles D.  Clari-
dene of Fernie thnt it was very likely
that he could arrange a bout between
the two boys who at their last meet- |
ing in Nelson fought a J0-round draw
In the  meantime  Lucca  has  arrange- |
ments bonding  for a  bout  In    Revel- i
| stoke  with  Roughhouse  Burns  which i
I if the  Maxwell bout does not mater' I
ialize  will  take  place  about  August
Lueca and Maxwell are both in ex-1
cellent condition at present for a
bout, tbey state, and each is confident of a victory. Lucca has a 20-
round decision to his credit over Maxwell while on their second meeting
the boys fought to a draw, and if the
third bout materializes both will be
out after tho honors of the day.
American Girls Play
Baseball Today
Some further sales of timber are reported by thc forest branch of the
provincial government. J. Scott, at
Humphrey channel, north of Lund,
purchased J62,O0ll feet of fir, 3ii<>,U<)0
feet of cedar and 220,000 feet of hemlock, for which he paid *1 perM for
lir and cedar, and 30c per M for hemlock, This is in addition to royalties
At Drury inlet Messrs. Terry & Hall
purchased '.»I7.0IMI feet of standing
cedar, 80,00(1 feet of which is "dead
and down" and sO.ilOi' feet of hemlock. They paid $1.25 per M for all
, the cedar and ">sc per M. forthe hemlock. The same people also secured
at che same rate J0(l,(l00 feet of hemlock on a number of islands adjacent
to the const line at Drurv inlet.
The game between the All-American
Girls Baseball team and the Revelstoke team, which takes place today,    should be   a good one.       Thc
All-American     Girls     team has been
playing some   splendid   games      since ;
'coming to Canada, winning from'
Winniucg 3 to 1, Moo3C Jaw 7-4, as
well as beating teams in towns like
Saskatoon and Medicine Hat. The
visitors will use two pitchers changing after the 5th inning. Those who
cannot take in the picnic on that day
will find entertainment enough at
The "sharper wind" predicted for
Alsace-Lorraine as a result of the
Viceroys has already begun to blow.
One of the first indications was the
recent order forbidding army recruits
from the Reichsland to be mustered
into regiments of their home provinces. Another is the following para -
graph irom the official correspondence of Strasshurg, the organ of the
"It bai! recently boon observed that
(specially upon the return of ex-
curslonists from over thc French border, flags and badges of all varieties
in the French .-olors are worn in a
(onspicuousmnnner. It is therefore
advisable to direct attention to the
fact that under article 6 of the decree
of August 11, 18I-, and under numerous decisions of the courts, the public exposing of these colors constitutes a punishable offence, subjecting
i ne to imprisonment and considerable
Repeated incidents in the conquered
provinces show how widespread the
anti-German fooling is among difler -
ont classes. The most recent incident
is reported from Suarburg, where tho
pastor of the state church refused to
have tho church belli rung in honor
of a visit of the Viceroy, Dr. von
Dallwitz. The mnyor intervened, calling nttention to nn ordinance requiring thc hells to he rung on such occasions. Tho pastor still refused. The
Mayor then summoned gendarmes who
demanded the key of the bc.llfry and
tang the bells themselves.
Thomas Turnliull, f.irmerly connected with the C.N.R., and for the last
four years with the C.P.R., and the
Hudson's Bay railroad, has been appointed assistant chief engineer of the
Canadian Northern system, with head
quarters in Winnipeg. Mr. Turnbull
is a native of Ontario, and takes up
his new duties upon bis return from
the west.
The pulilic has grown so accustum-
cd to the marvels of the wireless that
only the most extraordinary achievement arouses more than a languid interest. Little hy little the range of
the. mysterious waves is widening until its effectiveness is almost weird
and supernatural.
In a recent test to determine the
reliability and promptness of wire
rial wireless communication between
Northern Alaska and Washington thc
army wireless station at Nome transmitted a long cipher despatch to the
station at North Head where it was
put on a wire connected with the
army and navj departments at Washington. The message required but a
few minutes for transmission from
Nome, tlie most western outpost of
Alaska, to the American seat of government, thousands of miles distant.
The process was then reversed nnd a
long answer was sent back to Nome
in as short a time.
While the feat of working directly
with Ailaska from wireless stations on
tlio Pacific can ho accomplished now
it .my hour of the day or night, thc
achievement of transmitting messages from Nome to Washington with
1 ut. ono break is an extraordinary
All changes of advertisements must positively be
handed into this office by
Monday evening in order that
the change shall appear in
Wednesday's issue, and any
changes intended for Saturday's issue must be handed in
not later than Thursday
evening of each week.
mnnnnB[giiiu{ii!(ir*' * *
" An' you wore at MacDougall's
last nicht—what kind o' man !s
" Leeberal wi' his whisky—hut the
quality o' it's that indeefercnt I
werra near left home!"—Exchange.
Two and  a  Half Hours
on Operating Table
Specialist Could Not Remove StonC
In The Bladder
The Khedive of Egypt, Abbas Hil-
eiii. was attacked by nn nssassin
when leaving the C.rnnd Vizioratr. llu
was  shot, in   tho   cheek   and arm.    His
condition is    not considered serious.
Mis hoii in law, Djolal Frriil noy, who
represents the Khedive at Constantinople, and was with him at the
lime, was slightly woundod in the
log. Tin' Khedive's assailant, Mah -
mud   Miizalfor,  an   Egyptian,  was shot
down hy a member of the Khedive's
I The agricultural experiment station in Pullman, Wash., is establishing an arboretum in which it is proposed to grow a group of < aoh otthe
important timber trees of tho *em-
I oiato zone.
I A fox hospitnl has boon established
at Charlottetown, P.K.I.. and ■■ stall
of veterinarj surgeons will be con-
nected with the hospital to study fox
ailments and to treat any Ol the nnl-
.nals that  become sick  or injured.
A  Budapest  dispatch to the Vossl-
' oho Zeltung  says thai  General Rad-
OmlT  Putnik.      chief of the     General
staff  of  the  Servian  arinv.  has    bMn
I uTosti-i i,y the    Hungarian military
authorities while be was on ins wny
I from Btyrla,  in A ust t i.i. to Belgrade.
Jomi'.ttk, V.Q.
"During August last, I went to Montreal toconsult a specialist as I had bei n
suffering terribly with   Stone   in   the
He decided to operate bat said the
stone was too large t'i remove and too
bard to crush. I returned home and
was recommended by a friend to try
They relieved the pain. I took two
boxes nnd went back to tho tpedalista
He said thc stone was smaller but be
could not remove it although he tried
for two hours and a half.    I returned
home andiconttnued to take GIN PILLS,
and to my great surprise uud joy, I
pae.i-.i-d the stone,
GIN PILLS are the best medicine in
the world and because they did me m
much good, I will recommend them nil
the rest of my life". 17<'
J. At.nKRT I.KSSMtn.
50c a box—6 for $2.50—nt all dialers,
and monrv back if tbey fail to give
relief. Rumple free. National Drug it
Chem. Co. of Canada, Limited, Toronto.
. ruUtlnj Pill lot Women.. fin\
1 110.. Bold nt n:l Drug Storn   ot nulled
, prll ' .    'I IIS Hun ll.
■   Rnd Uriel- ; .     • ■■•
bUlld '.'. 1 op. I
- ;   ■ rat, 1        • 1 e ■■•., 1
nfprlcc    i hi
\ rellv
I      I    e
tn flliv
I'll' e,
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
Boys' Wash Suits on Sale in Dry Goods Dep't
We have a hundred Hoy's WASH SD ITS, all new this season's goods, this week at special
price at    00c, 1.35 ond $1.90
Ladies'WASH DRESSES—Good sensible styles and ali.the desirable colors.    Just about
an even hundred to choose from at    1.90, ;.i)0 and  5.75
A Good WASH  PETTICOAT in amoskege, good wash ginghams.    Just the   thing for
house wear, several colors, each    75c
We want to call  your attention to our CLEARANCE SALE of
As a special inducement for laying your own Linoleums and Carpets we are allowing
a discount of 20 per cent off these goods.
We can give you a fine $45 Wilton Rug,
size 9ft. x 12 ft. for   $36
Also a $30 Brussels Rug, size 9ft. x 10 ft.
for   $24
We have others at prices equally as low.
These goods are all first-class and worth
the regular prices but we want to clear
them out.
Come in, let us show you the stock and
we know you will be satisfied.
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dept.
Mid=Suminer Bargains in White Shoes
All our White Shoes must go.     We must not have them on our shelves after Aug. 1.
A glance at these values will convince you of the sincerity of our intentions.
Women's White Button Boots—Buckskin, welt sole, J. & T. Bell make.    Reg. $t>, now $4
Women's White Oxfords and Pumps—Genuine Buckskin, welt sole, medium heel.     Reg.
$4.50, now    $3.25
Women's White Canvas Boots-Button, welt sole, medium heel.     Reg. $4, now.... $2.7-,
Women's White Canvas Boots—Button, low heel, McCay sewn.   Reg. 2.75 and $3, now $2
Women's Canvas Pumps    Low heels and high Cuhan heels, new lasts, turn soles.     Reg.
2.25 and 2.50 values, now    1.75
Children's Canvas Pumps- Ankle straps.    Reg. 1.75 and 1.50 values.      Now, a pair. . 1.15
Children's Strap Pumps   -Buckskin, Classic make, sizes to iol.     Reg. 1.75 and $2, now 1.40
Children's Button Moots    Buckskin, Classic make, sizes to j\.    Reg. 1.05 and 1.90, now 1.35
A REGULAR SNAP in Women's Canvas Shoes -odd lines, difierent lasts and colors.
Price 95c a pair
Men's Canvas Shoes—A big bunch of odd ones, high and low Shoes.    All sizes.
Price $1.50 a pair
Friday and Saturday Only
for  Preserving
Fresh From the Ranch
All sizes in GEM Fruit Jars, also ECONOMY
Patent Top Jars.
Best Prices     Best Quality    Best Service in Town rx'-itt six
on tlu> face of the housekeeper
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pay fur them. If you gave us a
trial order you'd smile too when
you examined the groceries and
the bill.
^/iltvays the   Best
"Shamrock" Butter
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
Where hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
VVm. Hovd. Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms   Single  en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Rcelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.       Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson' Bros.
Im!--   I.,-- in .ill raapei *i
All  Model len ■•■
Special Weekly Rate*
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Beat Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rates.
Union   Hotel
A. P. LKVI'.SQUK, Proprietor
The Canadian  Hank, statement    for
the month ol June, just issued iH de-
.   Id 'it  startling tea(ures.     There is
.111 increase of .530,000,000 recorded in
liabilities     and   assets    as compare.I
with the proceeding   month,     which
■showed a heavy decrease as compared
■'■ ith the me.nth ol April.   Demand deposits,   representing   business  accum-
ittlons, show a substantial Increase
ol lifted million dollars, alter having
remained 'airly Btationarj  on an average tor the past   few  months.     Xo-
tici   or saving deposits, on the other
representing    Industrial  thrift,
• slight decrease of Beveral bun-
after ha vine register-
• d continued  increases ever Bince last
The decrease is   no   doubt
li    ■    -■ out of the Bav -
' ■;•■   holidaj     ■.,- Cur-
11 Canadi ■   ed stat
.   slight  increase- in  May,
■ :itsuit   show     a
Call lo
r ere  .-     i  det rease     ol
ntra     told
ins     in
■   "
VI  a    ist  of o I
means   .'   i   11 | fl    | in    -     Dg    .
IIS    of
India    was kakei [hi     ui
March    10.   ! 'I I I     the   resultl   ol    ■ bit h
are tnftbodled in a lai >■■   rolun i
ed by Ine India offlw 'is a blue book,
Thi> difficulty of taking a census of a
■f/fcpulatlota numbering aboul   wi.ooo,-
(OO, over an area of 1,803,057 M.|ilare
miles,   W8M  enOMnOUII,    They   were  Ch
peclally groat    owing, aa tbe report
puts it, "to the long linen of railway
the big rlVeri on which boMs ttuvel
Home timet for days without. coming
to the banks, the   forests    to whtrti
woodcutters resort   often  for  week* at
a time, and the numerous lacred pil-
grima."   People bad t*'v be tnameiat-
Sir Edmund Walker, W. K. George
and Eric Armour, representing the
Hoard of Governors of the University
of Toronto, tendered figures and ar-
guments to the provincial treasurer
in connection with the institution's
application for the financial assistance from thc government. The sum
the university must have in order to
retain Its position is placed at $1,-
One hundred yeurs ago the historic
battle of l.undy'.s Lane wus fought
and won. On Saturday, duly i.*i, the
I until anniversary of this event was
fittingly celebrated on the battlefield
at Niagara trails, Ont,   A detachment
from   the  city   regiments   beaded    the
procession  and the  officials  ol  Magna  Palis,  N.V.,  joined with their Ca
Dadlan  cousins  in  one  big  peace celebration.
The Trustees of the National Gallery of Canada have decided to grant
a travelling scholarship of 81,000, to
be awarded annually at the exhibition
of the Royal Canadian Academy of
Arts. The scholarship will be open
to painters or sculptors of either sex
who are British subjects. The winner
of the scholarship will be required to
leave for Europe within three months
of the award and to reside in Europe
for a  year.
Representatives of the big lumber
companies operating in the Upper Ottawa region stnte that operations in
the bush this fall will be unusually
heavy, and that about 35,000 men
will be employed about two months
hence lt is believed that this will go
a long way toward relieving uncm
ployment In Eastern cities. The rea
son given for the extra lumbering
operations Is thai a great deal ol tlm
I er has been felled by stm ms and
slightly damaged by bush tires, and
that it must he utilized at once before de;ay sets in.
ed wherever they were caught. In the
case of railways, for instunce, all
persons travelling hy rail who took
tickets after 7 p.m. on the night of
the census were enumerated either on
the platforms or In the trains. The
latter were all stopped at li a.m. on
the following morning in order to include any travellers who up till then
had escaped notice. The summary
tables show that the total population
of India (including native states) on
the night mentioned was 315,150,800,
as against 294,301,050 ten years previously, of whom 21,686,892 were Hindus, 00,047,209 were Moslems, 10,-
721,453 were Budbists nnd 3,876,203
were Christians, The literate num -
bered only 18,639,578 persons and agriculture claimed the labor of 224,-
The Island of Aoba, of the New
Hebridles group, is in Imminent danger of collapsing from incessant earth
quake shocks, according to advices
received here. Already there have
been several fatalities from the vol -
cano. In December last the island of
An.brin, in the New Hebridles, wus
visited by violent disturbances, great
mass's of molten lava being thrown
up to a greut height, burying several
villages in its molten mass. At that
time 500 natives lost their lives.
The marine and naval department?
at Ottawa are engaged on a big pro-
gram of work this summer trying to
make H'ldson May and straits safe for
aav gation, Three wireless stations
ia tbe straits and at the entrance
tothe bay are being located so as
to give a continuous line of communication .'rom Port Nelson and Port
Churchill to the Atlantic. The actual construction of the stations, however, will not be begun until next
year. Tbe charting 'if tbe lluds.u
straits is being done by the steanet
Acadia while other government ves •
sels are taking soundings and map -
I Ing the harbors nf Port Nelson, for
the Churchill and at the mouth ol
the N'ottuway river. The government steamei Minto which left Halifax yesterday for Hudson Hay, car -
i ieil materials for lighthouse construction. Two lighl bouse.- are to be
commenced this year on either side ol
tl ntrance to  Port   Nelson,    while
another will be built upon a newly
chartered shoal some miles out in
the hay. The chartering being done
at the mouth of the Nottaway river
is preparatory to the construction of
the proposed railway from the southeast to the National Transcontinental in connection with the alternative
route from Port Nelson across tho
northern end of James Bay and
thence by rail to Montreal. The government plans to build the southern
half of tins line from the National
Transcontinental nnd an nppropria -
tion of 81,000,000 was passed last session for preliminary surveys. The
Olerque syndicate has originally planned to mild the whole line, but ac -
cording to present plans the govern -
I ment Itself will shoulder the cost ol
the portion between Montreal and the
National  Transcontinental.
ThoiHunds of cattle have died in
Saskatchewan and Alberta during the
present, year, the result of the dread
disease, black leg. This was t.he
statement issued today by  the Health
of Animals branch of   tbe Dominion
department of agriculture. Quantities of vaccine, which will if applied ia time, prevent the disease, have
been sent to different parts of the
province, and it is hoped by this
means to secure a foothold in fighting the ravages of tbis most serious
cattle disease, The exact number ot
cattle which have been lost could not
be  ascertained   by   lhe department.
Nine ducklings from eight duck eggs
is supposed to lie an excellent luck in
batching. Hut a batching on A. J.
Woodburu's ranch ut Dog Lake can
go one better than that. Ten ducklings out of nine duck eggs.
What  do  you  think  of  that 7
An extra large duck egg, supposed
to be a double yoked egi;, was set
| just out of curiosity, aud every time
the egg was tested si^tis of life could
be seen iu it, si, on the lirst sign of
it being pipped tbe egg was taken out
ofthe Incubatoi and put under a lien
with only hen eggs, Next day, heboid  there  were two ducklings,
The twin ducklings are a healthy
jolly little pair and are being kept
separate from tbe others in the e.\ -
pectation that each of their eggs next
sear will be productive of twin ducklings. Mr. Woodbum is now open for
orders for next  year's duck eggs.
// you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
The erection of a stave silo for ft;,
W. Chalmers of Waverlcy ranch nt
Thrums which has been under the supervision of Mr. Ferris of Victoria,
who is acting under J.O, Ready, Boil*
and crop instructor for the department of agriculture, is nearly completed.
The silo aB erected is of a special
type recommended by Mr. Ready and
will serve as an experiment in this
district. Among Ub chief recommendations are the moderate cost of construction and the simple nature of the
work. The Rilo iB circular, 10 ft., iu
diameter and 20 ft. high, and is callable of holding '18 tons. It is oxpect-
id that a silo filling demonstration
will be hold this fall at. Waverley
ranch by tho department of agrloul -
ture, according to Mr. Chalmers.
Silage, be states, provides a quantity of successful food in winter at a
very low cost and a larger return ot
butter milk and cream than if only
bin   were fed to the stock.
One night last week a Swede from
Toroda creek drove a load of pork Into, Ocenwooil without (laying thE
duty. He was discovered and in trying to save  f!u he  lost  $245.
The church on the Indian reserve
near Enderby was recently struck by,
Lightning anil burned to the ground,
causing a loss of 83,000. The Indians
believe that some bad white man
caused the lire, as they are firm in
the belief thut (lod would not, destroy   a church.
According to the annual bulletin on
pulp wood consumption issued by the
forestry branch at Ottawa, the consumption of pulp wood by Canadian
pulp  mills has  increased   by  28.1    per
cent in the last year.   Canada   still
exports almost half of the pulp wood
she produces in the raw state, although the exports are being checked
by regulations enacted in the different provinces, which forbid tlie export
of raw or manufactured   timber    os
crown lands. Altogether forty-eight
firms operate sixty-live pulp mills in
Canada. Quebec has thirty-four ol
these mills; Ontario, seventeen; Novo
Scotia, four; New Hrnnswick, four;
and British Columbia, three. In addition to these active mills reports
were received at. the forestry branch
Irom ten Iirms whose mills were Idle,
and five firms with mills under con
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 ++M WEDNESDAY, JULY 29. 1011
PAG) E»"vi
,,-. tl la day ol rapid developmenl In
ao. lu, when laud le no «-.,^«• 11> nought
, tt... I '.anil,imi ' loi ut'iiment lum « Ise-
!(.o ,i-,i forward i" tin   fulun  i  scl
»u suvoral hiiK> tructH u( nutural
run when tin encroachments «. 1 man
,:: ,„: held ie   clu ck i"i  as long u* the
• vv. rniiina   standi   ovei   tin    Dominion.
■k, atesi mUUtlnn ie. Canada's system
natural parkb Is tie. Uevelstoki N'a-
mal I'ark wiih I consists ol 100
.uarn miiis- situated around Revel-
*Ku and tin inountain bj tie same
mie, e. Iilch is ubout ti the centre.
Tl ...   t.'« i.   .et    Ri v • i-i"e •    i^   situated
42  -,. i  .,    sea  li eel oi   I   i   beautl-
i Columbia River, a few miles north
h ei .■ ie « lib : ■ out mo the .A rrow
\k< s, it is ii railway town, u division
situ ..i the Canadian I'aclfli with ii
ij..,   ,i;   ■   ni    ,e, . ,; 3500.    Mouni   Revi I-
OK.-.   Whirl:   l«   tO    till     I."lit.   Ol    Ull     flt>-,
■>  grand  peal    thai   Invel     ol   outde oi
• t enjoy t linildi 8     ' in tl Is mountain
t   1'rnvlncla!   Government   of   Hritis!
,'   m  ia   and    ti"    i 'omlnion   ' lovi rn-
tnl   of  Canada  an   bi I    auto-
..  ;:,■  road,  whlo]    ie-   to  I mpb ti • :
, the  vor;   neat   future     (in  the  v. ry
ire,  ■-(-  thl j of HI
\*r.v.'i:<::   alplnn   ; •   !..-   to
■la  ..-■..     I.   :. ■   centi o ul  tl Is
Aai.<" table   '    alel   lias   been   eslu dis
*    -"ar   tla-   - onl Bl lencc   e-:    : .....    w lio
fk ta ... i  a!.,..»■ the cb Ind ml ,i
,_..■     .ef  sweet   mountain eiti-.
It isa delightful trip by rail from
RevelBtoke t, 'urowhead and steamer down the beautiful Arrow lakes to
Nakusp, (last the famous Halcyon hot
springs, a well known resort, where
there aro several  villas and a  hotel.
Opposite Halcyon is Halcyon peak
I0,-IU0 feet high There are many
pretty waterfalls near the Halcyon
hotel. There are many trails to different points on the lakes and in the
The bartenders are licensed in Rossland.
The C.P.R.  is double tracking     at
Bob     Bates has lived 2~ years    in
All  dice shaking  in  Rossland     has
Arthur  Bradley  of  Hope hus  made
in assignment.
The Cliesaw fair will bc held   upon
August ti und 7.
This  season      the  cherry   crop  was
heavy at Penticton.
The Trail smelter bas made    good
times in Ainsworth.
There are a million smull lish in the
hatchery at Gerrard.
About 350 men are working lu  the
•.nines around Sandon.
S. Hall is now landlord of the Lardeau hotel at Comuplix.
Thcre  arc   .10  telephones  ln  Kaslo,
and 2.**),2-iS in Vancouver.
A.   0.   MacMillan    iB    now    police
magistrate in Kamloops.
The  mine at      Laurier  will  rcsumo
operations Inn few days.
John   Middleton   was  killed at Lytton by falling over a cliff.
This     month the Union---bunk will
open a brnnch at Clinton.
nn the Fourth of July there were
inn motor cars in Oroville.
A. Baldwin has opened a pool room
in  Lillooet   with  six  tal les.
Last mouth atMiU tons of ore were
shipped from Republic, Wash.
Grant Thorburn is working at the
Savoy  hotel  in Prince Rupert.
The second avenue bridge ln Rossland will  be built by day labor.
Bruce White is resuming w.erk on
the Noonday mine in the Slocan.
Honey is one of the resources of the
Lucerne of America.  New Denver.
a.f. Brown naa eight tunics in ins
pool an 1  billiard  r n m Quesncl.
W.T. Bhatford of Penticton, Ib vie-
Iting his old home Ln Nova Scotia.
Work will begin next month upon
1 he post  office building In Merritt.
Trains are now running three times
a week  between Kaslo and  Nakusp.
Charles Culver is building a mill
for the Surprise mine near Sandon.
The Imperial Oil company is building tive oil  tanks at  Prince Rupert.
F. Ai, Clarke of Vancouver has opened a harness shop in Abhotslord.
Ike Thompson le developing a
group of copper-gold piopertles near
Jed way.
Steamers are taking lumber from
Victoria to Montreal via the Panama canal.
11. H. Rogers formerly a barrister
In Vernon, is now secretary of a lox
tannine Company on Prince Edward
it le reported that the Wcstbank In- a company Ims been formed to de-
dian reserve will shortly be open to velop the radium springs at Winder-
white men. are.
Tber- e arrests  in  Lillooet
en Jul)   Ist.     The booze is good   in
that   town.
Joe Winter has leased the California mine near New Denver from P.
Burns & Co
Thirf year     the     apple ciop ln tho
[Cootenaj   and Boundary  will bc over
An auto stage recently caught tire
and was burned while making a trip
to   A Id] .   Wash.
Sing Lee ot Wallachin was sent to
Kamloopa jail lor two months lor
smoking opium.
During the lirst Bix months ol this
>...t the building perniitB ol Vernon
amounted to $37,2-0.
George T. Kane is cleaning land
near Telkwa. He located thc town-
site ol Kaslo in 1889.
The W ikefleld group ol ten claims
; on Four Mile creek hua been sold to
(. Silverton syndicate.
The Western Star mine near Che-
saw, will slop its output to tbe
[Grand   Feerks  smelter.
Some tri's planted in April at Ca-
yoosb creek hy Jack Johnson have
already  grown three leet.
Spokane men have taken a lease
and bond on the Hind group ol threee
claims,  near New Denver.
Miss .lean Arbuckle died in Vancouver a lew days ago. H ;r brother,
Dr. Arbuckle, now ol Vernon, whb nt
one time a resident at Greenwood.
Bill   Reed      died   in   the  Old   Man's
Home   at    Kamloops   some   time   ago.
; lie was a   I9er In California.
Rebecca   Clark   died   this   month   at
iVooiii-ie'Mi.  England, aged 110,     She
never was a victim ol worry.
Silver grey and (tber young foxes
; re very plentiful in thc Yukon this
year in one day a steamer brought
.7 to Whltehorse.
At the Chahko Mika in Nelson lust
week Calgary rustlers were trying to
sell oil stocks, but there were uo
three shell fames.
In the Creston district there are
309 acies of strawberries, and the
production this siimmel was over a
million pounds of berries.
The Dominion government is spending $160,000     dredging thc Columbia.
IParticular   attention   will   be   paid    to
the narrow channel hctwecu the two
Arrow hikes.
Isenor, Brandt, Johnson and Eriz-
'son, Btrurk the ore in the tunnel being run on the llcco under Icubo last
week. The vein is IH inches wido, with
\'i incboB clean ore. The lessees are
to be congratulated on their good
lortiinc, for the history of tho Rcco
has been that all who have struck oro
on lenic have pulled big money. A
| couple ol Amstrlnns pulled iZ2,Wl net
out ol a hole in the Hero two years
ago, Mike Zatoni took out values
.tmotinting to nearly 8100,000, and it
Ib improbable that the present leaBe
will give large returus.—Slocan Rec-
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III Uu- e.-iilr.. ol tlniiirf—Oh iilren
ah,I sturea on l»'tli ohI,^. Buildin>
eaixilutely fir* pruol—(XiDcrcti il,cl
;u.it marble,
EIROPEAN PIAS—tlpcrdajop
With Baths—S2 per daj up
B. C. Land Surveyor
Office, Room 1, Lawrence
Hardware Block
RBVELSTOKE,  B.C.      J,31p
H.    Vi.     EDWARDS.
Bear Ruge Mounted. Furs cleaned,
and DreHsed.
35 Second Street, Revelstoke,B.C.
and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
Neu Masonic Hall un the Fourth
Monday in each month at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
RODT.    GORDON,    Secretary.
C. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp No. 22'J
Meets Second and Fourth
Monday in each month in
Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen are cordially invited to
K.    W.   EDWARDS,   Clerk.
COURT    MT.    REGR1E NO,  *)4lil
OF I. O. F.
Meets in St. Francis Lodge Room
every Second and Fourth Monday
in  mouth.      Visiting  brethren are
cordially   welcomed.
G.W.   CARTWRIGHT.   Rec.-Sec.
I.  O. O.  F.
Meets every  Thursday  evening  in
Selkirk  Hall  at  8  o'clock.   Visiting brethren  cordially invited.
A. G   DUCK,  N.  i-,.
JAMES MVmiK. Secretary.
Meets     every      Wednesday
evening  at   ^k.,   in   Selki-r
Hall.       Visiting    brotheie
cordially  invited.
h. kempstbr, c. c.
c. 0. f. canadian order of
foresters,   mov nt
Mckenzie 1879
Court Meets in Foresters Kail.
over Bmythe's Pool Room Firrt
and    Third   Wednesdays    at    8:30
G. D.  SHAW, C. R.
A.   H.   MARCHANT.   Rec.-Sec.
Revelstoke I   idoe
Nn. I0S6
Meets i". ei y    •■   md
and Poui th Tuesday
in   Che Selkirk   Hftll.
isitingBrel hren are cordially Invited,
r. McLEAN, Die   II. 1.. BAUG.Sec.
1 lealer in
I■:• ttiesl Dee-sip
DRESSMAKINC:     lit   '
Fronl Btreel Lowei Town
It will pay you to
rriake a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
btiort buying yonr outfit rl working clothes
lor the Innh. I make ■
•■pecialty ol lx>gging
Shoes. Pants, Sox, Shirti
Blankets at.cl everything
reouirwl in vour btisinetp.
Mayor W.S. WeckB, who was bitten
last week by the caretaker's dog, at
North Vancouver municipal hall, Is
progressing satistactorlly.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42   -   Night Phone85
If you want what you want when you
i want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
V      '"      ——
J. D. Sibbald returned Irom the
east on  Saturday  morning.
F. Paulding tnd J. Flockhart spent
the week  end   it Craigellachie,
D. N. Howell ot Nakusp, was registered tit the Hotel Revelstoke on
l>. C. ll. Hervey, chlol superintendent ot Dominion parks, arrived in the
city on Sunday.
J. B, Paulding of Craigellachie,, has
been appointed a justice ot the peace
and received his commission on Saturday lust.
t*. M. Field uid family left yesterday morning >>n a camping trip to
Tapping. Mrs. Field will probably
stay for two weeks.
Owing to Wednesday being a public
Loliday and the date nf the merch -
ents picnic, the Mail Herald is being
printed   ind   llstrlbuted  on Tuesday.
On Monday morning at the police
court, Hurry \uderson and l'at Cun-
nlngham charged with vagrancy, were
ordered  by   Magistrate   Hamilton    to
leave town. '
Another arrangement made by   the
committee in     charge of     the retail ,
merchants picnic is that there will be
plenty  of    hot  witter  for  tea,    etc.,
ready at all hours of the day.
Owing to the amount ot blasting
that is being done on the new automobile road, we think it well to
warn those picking berries and the
public in general to keep well away
Irom the road, as there Ib great dnu-
ger from flying rock, etc.
Among  the tourists      at the Hotel
Revel-stoke ou Monday were:     Isabel
Preston, Santa Clara, Cal.; Ben Dew- i
ett. St.  Louis, Mo.;  Josephine Swen- !
Bon,  Hannah   Booth,   Stella   Stilwell,
Missoula;   Mr.   and   Mrs.   H.N.  Louis,
1,08 Angeles.  Oa,.|      Mrs.  C. McCul -
lough, Portland; Miss S. L. Figg, W. ,
Pridham, Alameda, Cal.
Aa ofhciut notice has been issed
by the postal authorities that circulars from the National Institute ol
Sciences, 262 Westminster Bridge
road. London S.E., advertising a correspondence course In hypnotism are
to he treated is illegal matter.
Hone; orders ire not to be made pay-j
able to the institute above men-
Thompson Porter. shipping clerk
for the Lawrence Hurdware eonipauy
met with what might hnve been a
serious accident Monday, when loading goods on the elevator, a saw
wedge weighing about three pounds,
dropped from the upper storey and
struck him on the head. Hr was taken tn the hospital where the wound
was found t.e be only superficial and
after having it dressed he returned to
The   following   tourists   spent   Sunday in  the dty,  guests at  the Hotel
Revelstoke—  "1r. and  Mrs.  Gardner,
W.itsonville.  Cal.;     Misses   Ada and
Virginia  Brown,   Washington, D.  C
Mr.  ami Mr<.   .1.  V.  Qiffln ami child,
Calgary; Mr.   md Mrs. Wyatt Smith
Mrs   Beechey, England;  Mr.  and Mrs.
E.C   Hodl    -     ■ ikland; Mr. and Mrs
.:    -    -  in   VoSt,   3 ,
Mt    tnd Mrs   C    \. Hath-
■   ■ .
commission     should )"■ appointed on
: il Immigra-
Bects     the
ling    I        Mr.    Hugh
Matlei       travelli reached Van-
•'   his    per-
'<• i   the  Hindi:
ere was one ci'
b ol I ■ il     of
"' months
Matter was hi
thi- i ship v      • ienl
At the police court on Monday
John Ourran was given 30 days lor
W. Wood late of the Selkirk hotel,
bus moved into Mr. C.B, Paget's new
louse on Victoria road.
Pishing generally Heenis to be very
good at present in the vicinity and
some large catches are reported.
The cement sidewalk on Third street
is nearing completion and it is ex -
peeted thnt it will be finished in
about two days.
(in Sunday Rome ot our local sports-
men went fishing. The luck wns varied, one of the party returning home
with only one fish 2J  Inches long.
(1. R. Lawrence, aasiBtniit manager
of the Forest Mills of B. C, accompanied by John Markstrom and 0,
Lidston, spent Sunday fishing at
Crazy creek They had splendid luck
getting 244  trout.
The steamer Kevelstoke ia expected
to resume regular trips to the     Big
Bend ahout  tl nil  of this week, the
water in the Columbia river having
fallen to a point that admits of navigation from thc city.
F. Struthern of Winnipeg, chief time
inspector for the C.P.R. western lines
was in the city on Sunday. In the
afternoon he went up the new automobile road accompanied hy J. G.
Barber, Superintendent J.M. McKay,
i.nd the Misses Janet und Annie McKay. Mr. Struthers was delighted
with the wonderful views.
Miss Edna Corson is visiting her
mother, Mrs. Corson of Socond street
Mrs. J. H. Hamilton left on Monday morning for a short visit to St.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hinds of Arrowhead, have left on a trip to England. They were in town on Sunday
attending the wedding ol their daughter, Emma.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Howboii have
returned from a very enjoyable trip
down thc Arrow lakes. Their viBit
included Comaplix, Nakusp, and St.
Leon  hot springB.
The Misses Janet and Alice Munro
left ou Sunday to spend a month at
Vancouver and points north, en route
they will visit their sister MrB. Ma-
l.heson of New WcBtminster.
The song sorvice at the Methodist
church was greatly enjoyed by a large
congregation. Anthems were sung by
the choir and Mr. Bennett snnR'"Now
the Day is Over,"  most beautifully.
to exchange for a 5-acre bearing orchard. Write Secretary RevelBtoke
Board of Trade. J.29.n.pf
FOR SALE—Two dozen young pure
bred laying chickens, price.?1 each.
Write P.O. Box 162. J.29.np.
WANTKD TO RENT— Furnialied or
unfurnished house, Apply P.Q.R.,
caro Mail-Herald.
FOB RKNT—Four room hoiiRe, bath
room. '#17.50 per month, on Second Btreet, next to Union Cigar
store. Apply McRao Mercantile
Company, t.f.n.p.
TO LKT—Spacious well lighted offices
to let. Apply ForoBt Mi..8 ol B.C.
Limited. t.t.u.p.
Edited by Mrs. Ralph Lawrence
To Excursionists
will   have   t   booth  in  both
excursion boats tomorrow
I* Kill     PEANI  IS
sol I   DRINKS
'!!     I lie-    gOOd     tiling-   fo|    l|
FOIi ci»l I EE
Tlnise having items for publication
in the Mail-Herald social and personal column are requested to call
up phone 6*2.
Mr. Veith is holidaying at St. Leon
Mr. Murray Hume spent, yesterday
at Glacier.
Mr. E. C. Fromey and family, are
i ow living at 4, Third street.
Revelstoke hospital       Her duties   to
commence in about two weeks.
W. A. Anstie lett yesterday utcer-
itoon fur a short visit to Vancouver.
Miss Maud Dond returned on Monday from a two weeks' visit to
Miss Maud Hopgood has just returned from a visit to friends in
Mr. Horace Davis and MiSB Kmma
Hinds of Arrowhead, were married on
Sunday in this city.
i Mr. C. E. Anderson of Vancouver,
1? visiting his Bister Mrs. CF, Lind-
iaark for a few du> s.
Mrs. Beck of Third street, returned
home from the hospit il on Saturday
much Improved In health.
Litth rett  of Big  Eddy  is
;est .)f Mrs. G.H. Brock of Nin-
tii   -•      • '-ka.
- '
Air.  A.  Grant   >f this city.   His aunt
le.i   \ a .   spend
the ret.
:.n and Mrs. 0.V,
ten vis-
Mrs.   Llndmark, I   yes-
terdaj I                          ..•-- ( j: r
Mr-   Coulthard and  Mr.-    ,   Ralph
Mt -    K     Miller   left
jeiin her daughtei    Mr     lir idahaw, at
• In--,   .ire-   . i-ot.ing for
Mrs '  ;..■ in .in.I family, and
■i. • - ;• f Portage
i  i't ee saving on s visit t,,
i ties.
i   Hopgood and daughter and
Mrs.  Moray  Hume and children,  are
■    ,i,  Wednesday morning, on a
•'i the coast.
Kn-el   Urqub  ''    ol      Salmon   Arm,
spent Saturday  in  town     'in  his   re
turn   his   brother    (lien,    icrornpanied
'I  will  ipend B  few days at the
Mr. Fred Maunders, formerly 0.l'i
it. englneei al field, will he the superintendent of Victoria park. Mr.
Vlaundera1 family will move to town
MiHs Alice Pentier of Kamloops,
whose father, Mr. A. Pontzer, wns
killed on the railroad about 6 year
ago,   iH to  be a  probationer at     the
On Tuesday and Wednesday nights
the Empress theatre is showing for
the lirst time the Famous Players
pictures "In the Daya of Days," and
will continue to show this series
weekly. This feature iB in four parts
and is featuring Cyril Scott thc noted dramatic actor.
On Thursday the feature picture
will he 'The Sea Coast of Bohemia"
on Friday "The Oreat Gold Robbery"
and on Saturday " When the Girls
joined the Force."
The following pictures will bc coming to the Empress theatre soon:
Daniel Frohman presents the popular photo-play star, Carlyle Black-
well, in the famous nautical comedy
drama, 'The Spittirc," a melodramatic farce of laughs and thrills.
The greatest of moving picture
stars, Mary Pickford, in a novel nnd
typical characterization, "The Eagle's Mate," a story of splendid cmo -
tions and  heroic actions.
Daniel Frohman presents the noted
American actress, Jane Gray, in the
famous dramatic success, "The Little
Gray Lady," in four parts.
Jesse L. l.asky presents Max Fig-
man and Lolita RobertBon, in the
jicturalization of Harold McGrath's
novel, "The Man on the Box."
Large tract, of good farming land
row open for free settlement in Oregon. Over 'JltO.OOO acres in all. Good
climate, rich soil, and does not require irrigation to rniso finest crops
of grain, fruit and garden truck. For
large map, full Instructions nnd information, and a plat of Bevoral sections of exceptionally good claims,
Bend $3,40 to John Keele; Oregon
City, Oregon. Three years a U. S.
surveyor nnd timherman. An opportunity to get u good fertile frco
homestead near town  nnd  mnrkct.
Aug. 29.n,p,
Duke of Connaught
Invited to Visit Park
The following telegram was today
sent to His Royal Highness the Duke
of Connaught:
Revelstoke,  July 28,  1914.
His Royal Hignness,
The Duke of Connuught, Banff.
Your Royal Highness and party are
cordially invited to take an automobile trip up Revelstoke National Park
auto road.   A trip well worth taking
I'lease   advise if     you can make trip
and what date.
President Revelstoke
Conservative Association.
will last only six more days
Saturday, August 1st.
Positively the last day.
Don't Forget
that we are offering $40 Men's Suits at   $27.50
Straw Hats at Half-Price
$25.00 Suits at    17.50
Three hundred pairs of classy men's Oxfords, regular $6
values at      3.95
$1 S.00 Suits at    12.75
Boy's Shoes, all styles and sizes at       1.65
SAT. AUG. 1st
of Revelstoke—The Shoe Sale everybody is talking about,   This Sale is
positively  the greatest money-saving Sale ever attempted in thi« city.
Hundreds of men, women anil children have supplied their shoe wants at
Sale this.
Our bargain tables are kept loaded with whirlwind bargains
Every pair of Shoes   in  this  grand   stock   reduced
Excursionists to St. Leon, please
note !— Boats for hire, lnunch sundries, soft drinks, candies, fruit, cigars, cigarettes, tohaccos and fishing
tackle, for sale on the premises.
Poultry food, lice powder, disinfectants, all kinds, at Macdonald's
■drug store.
■Lawn furniture greatly reduced,
hammocks half price at Howson's.
Get special prices on Rattan chairs
and Jap matting at Howson's.
Revelstoke   pennants,      small      aud
•  Macdonald's drug store.
•he's Employment Office, holding Government LicenBe, can supply
all kinds of help for farmers, railway
constractors, logging camps land
..ills. and odd Jobs
around the city. Send your applicu-
••   Revelstoke.
che,ice  mads to
n work rooms.    July
• ■    ,  suit, regular
■   v iur ehan<CS to
ti  to fit
■"ressman & Co.,    Limited. Jl.'.9.n.p.
1,'eolt'—yep   you   can   if   you
■ •   thost   {laSeSes fitted   at J.     Q ■ ■
• r*s.
"tr I naively
la RersUtoke by tht
Tike      pirteir"s   ol
i Ims   ee .•     .'
Iti re
dries, soft drinks I
■id     Union;;
il sals on
Popular Physical   Director of
the Y. M. C. A. Leaves
For the East
Mr. P. F.. Giliord, physical director
of the R.R.Y.M.C.A., left Saturday
evening on No. 4 for the Y.M.C.Af
training school at Lake Couchiching,
ut which place he will receive another appointment. Mr. Giflord was
physical director of thc local Y.M.C.
A. for three years, the longest term
of any physical director in Revelstoke
His work among the hoys was highly
appreciated. Mr. Howson, president
of the local Y.M.C.A., in a few choice
words on the eve of his departure,
presented Mr. Gilford with a set of
military hrushes, jaunt allium, and
writing materials on behalf of the
hoard ot directors, wishing him continued success and prosperity ln his
new field of lahor.
Phone Your Orders to No. 28
Prompt Dclivc  y
A. B. C. Seltzer—for a tug head or
Rig Rexall Talcums at, each..
,-iek stomach.. Ale, 6O0 and $1,25
Rexall Liver Salts -a delight till ami
healthful effervescent, 3.">c, tM)o $1
Eno's Fruit Suit—For hot weather.
Dawn Linen Note lluper, a box.26o
2 boxes for 8O0
ice Chamois given FREE with
Stock about exhausted.
each Taloum purchase.
Parents whose children have passed
the entrance exnminntion and who desire them to join the Commercial
class, must notify the secretary of
ths school board Of their intention
before august tu next.
n.p. Secretary of Board.
iiKNT  Comfortable homi   e,n
MeKerizie     an pi,     W    M. !
Lawrence, .fl
FOR    RBNT     lie.'.ne
board.   Wear   post office,   exi
eouk,   mod<8rat<    terms       Apply
B, Sale, Rokeby avenue,       t 1 a p.
FOR    BALE   New tour-hols eooklog
stove wiih reservou, Western Qrssn
Apply S. (tale,   Rokebv Av.     t.f ti p.
FOR    BXOHAKOH   The   host  lot ln
Part    Avenue   Intension.   Monti.■ j 11.
Empress  Theatre
TO l>A V (Tuesday)
1 11 1   I'lnyers in " The liny nf
Days in 1 part', featuring
Oyril Boott, 1 he noted drama) ie
Tins is the l».ginning
of the weekly KI IM of I li.- Fs
mon- l'i.iy.ee.. Tlie (jn it.' 1
mot 'et   plCtUI e   •". '•!  ihoW 11 in
Kflvslstoke. Remember Tuesday and Wednesday sre the
big days at He- (impress Theatre,
We-ihi' ds "Tin Hue (loasl of
riini ..ine,   ■ Tin- Mystery of the
vvh.t. I ,,.
I 1 iday 1 ie Ureal Oold Robbery.
Saturday      'Whim    th''   Olrls
Joined the  Pol • ■
in. .iui\ no 1 .mumi Play
ers iii "Ilealt- \'li iii. I pai ts
wit li Mai >• Pickford,
TbiirMilav. Augit (I 2 First Sci ies
oi* "Lucille Love th" Qirl of
Mysterj. nml evei v Thursday
si ter
Six  Piece Orchestra.
High School Junior Grade Examination-Gratifying Result
—Hundred Per Cent
The following tahle shows the
standing of some of the principal
schools iu the interior sending in candidates for the recent high school ex-
1:initiations iu the junior grade:
School.      No. of Cun. Passed P.C.
Revelstoke    18 li 1U0
Enderby  16        iti        100
Kelowna   JI 23 95
Armstrong  13 30 83
Fernie 12 10 83
Trail    14 11 78
Merritt     '.1 7 77
Pentlcton  11;        12 75
Creston    M 10 71
Cranbrook ...l 13 8 69
Nelson  IS 30 tili
Vernon  23        15 05
Kaslo  22        12 54
RoHHland    2u 7 35
The schools cannot he compared la
respsct nt the performace of their
third year students, as some prepared their studcntB for the intermediate grade, others for McGill matriculation. In the intermediate grade,
Kaslo high school, with four candi -
datSS and four passes would stand at
one snd of tbe list, and Rossland
high school with eight candidates at
matriculation, and eight failures   at
the   other.
Canvass to Ascertain Whether
Opinion of Public is
At a special meeting of the Revelstoke Agricultural Society held on
Monday night in the city haU, a
great many opinions were expressed
as to whether there Bhould bc horse
lacing or not. After heuring from
each person present Individually, it
was found that the majority present
were in favor of it. After further discussion it was moved by A. J. McDonell, and seconded by H. F. Hay,
that thc finance committee take around a subscription list to ascertain
the opinion of the people as a whole
I The list to bc headed "With or without horseracing."
J Those present were:—-A. McRae, F.
B. Wells, K. J. Bourne, W. H. Pratt,
A. J. McDonell, T.B.L. Taylor, F.
W. Laing,  C. A. Procunier, F. Fleet-
, ham, C. Holtcn, W.H. Pottrufl, R.J.
JBullard, W. E. Smith, R. Copeland,
W.H. Wallace, H. Hay, Df Campbell,
N. R. Brown, C, Haner, C. R. Macdonald.
Willie—Uncle, did you ever play Indian ln your life?
Uncle—In Iced, no!    Why do you ask
Willis—Because I    bhw a scalp   on
your bedroom table.—Judge.
The 0, N. Ilnilwny station office at
Princeton was entered on Thursday
last by burglars who got away with
two rn'Jtiey order hooks and some
railway tickets. An arreBt wns made
the following day of a man who bad
the stolen goods ln his possession.
The burglar broke a hole ln the
glass of one of the hack windows of
the stntlon nnd reached through and
unfastened thc catch.
Sewer Caved In:
Two Men Injured
While connecting the Bewer near
the Orange hall on Monday morning,
two men were partially buried by a
enve-ih in the trench, which was
nbout 15 feet deep. All the men got
clear except J.D. Shaw and Pete
Wcstenburg. Mr. Shaw was the first
to be dug out but it took almost two
hours to get Wcstenburg out, his feet
being cutight ln the cribbing, making
it impossible tor him to move. Both
were taken to the hospital where
they fere attended to hy Dr. Hamilton. Mr. Sbnw has left the hospital
but Mr. "Westenburg will not he able
to leave for a day or so.


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