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Vol. I8.-N0 40
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAY 22, 11)01
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke,
The Suu. or Certainty *
tohe Seal of
GooDvr.MtWkLT vSew-4
Examine thencconipniiyiiig
out closely and the SLATER
shoe irnde murk, lie sure
ami look for it on the next
pair of Slums you buy. You
will limi it means something
you aro certain to have H thoroughly good shoe if you have n
Slater. For foot comfort, ease nnd Shoe economy wcnr always
They come in Calf, Goodyear woit, new shapes. This is a
shoe 1 lint takes a superior polish-—a middling heavy manly hoot
at por pair $4 50
A superior Vici Kid Bluoher, rational shape. This is a very
dressy and soft, light Summer Shoe, a thoroughly good shoe tor
Dress wcnr Goodyear welt—nt per pair $5 50
Corona Colt, the funniest quality of patent leather produced
—do tear of cracking or chipping, the acme of shoe perfection for
a beautiful line dress shoe buy this $6 50
Four of
choose from.
the best brands of Fancy Biscuits you could
& Palmer's
McCormick's Biscuits.
Foley,   Lock  & Larson's Biscuits.
All  these biscuits have
arrived this week and are}]M
-fresh froui the Factories.
■■■ tn/,.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
t.v. .r. ttt etx ti'i it'i t'ti it'i it'i it'i it'i iTi i't11*1*1 tTi iTi iTi iTi iTi 1T1 it'i iTi 1T1 \t\ r
ITT Wl IH 'X* \L* *I* \E" *X" "X" '4.' w X' "41* *+   4,   +   +  4*   +   ♦ "   +   4*   4*   •
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools irt great variely,
*.»        Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
Plumbing, Tinsinithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
Marriage Licenses Issued
To Buy a HouBe.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid l Anderson
A special meeting of the city council
wns held last night to discuss Ihe
Sewage By-Law. Mayor Hrown and
all the aldermen being present,
The minutes of the la*t meeting
werc adopted as road. Notice of calling of special meeting was read, to
introduce and deal with the by-law
authorising lhe construction ei Ihe
sewerage system and raising fund, by-
local improvement. General business
v.ns also liken up.
J. Palmer, oily, wns appointed dy-
nam • tender at the power house, to
dale Iron. June 1st.
An ollicial notification was roooived
of the appointment of A. M. rinkhf.ni
as pilicc magistrate.
A bill wiib received from H. A.
St".vart for If73 for nursing the recent
diphtheria patient, F. Bates. Ilclerred
to Health Co.nniit.ee.
Tho by-law [or lhe sewerage system
passed its third rending.
The Oonrt ol Revision wiib appointed
to revise thc usseBsment applying to
the Sewerage By-law, to set iu the
City Hall un June 12.
The council then adjourned.
The committee representing the
railways nnd railway employees, appointed to prepare a new set of operating rules, have the work so well
advanced us to be nble to present their
report to the Railway Commission on
June 1st,, for the consideration ot the
board. The new rules are designed to
further safeguard the interests of the
travelling public, also the safety of
employees and the standardisation of
the rules.
The C. P. R. wrecking orew from
here has finished picking up the parts
ol tl.e wreck of 14 ore cars, which ran
away in February near the Rawhide
mine, Phoenix, when H. Rushton,
brakeman was killed.
The C. P. R. are making arrangements fur the construction of a
gigantic car scale in the yard here.
The foundations are already under-
weigh The capacity will be one
hundred tons.
The Canadian Pacific has again
registered one of the most pr spcrous
week's iu its history. For tho first
seven days of May the system's gross
earnings have been well over $200,000
a day. This is un average that compares well with its best records for last
year, which was the best in the history
ol the rond,
American railways will spei.d close
to a billion dollars during the pres
ent year in nn extraordinary effort to
secure sufficient equipment, power
and track, including new roads, to
make it possible to hand'e the great
amount ol traffic being offered to
them. If the oar and locomotive
builders and the steel rail makers do
their part the year will be a record
one in the three industries mentioned
It is said that the American railways will pay lully $92,000,000 for
steel rails this year.
Taken on Le Roi Mine-V. V, &
E. R. R. Construction Has
Helped the Sale.
Greenwood, May 22.—A deal has
just been completed here by which a
syndicate of Plnenix and spnkane men
has arqirred under bond tl.e Le Roi
property in Camp MoKinney. Ja.neB
Onpoland has owned the Lc Roi for
many years and has done considerab'e
work on it, It is a copper property
and has a line showing ol good ore,
The property was bonded for $300,01)0
with a cash payment ol $'100. A feline of thc bond somewhat unique is
that during tho term of the bond, two
yearB, Copeland shall receive a monthly bonus of $100. If the bondholders
choose to put up the cash [or the property at any time prior to thc two years
the bonus shall cease. Several parties
have made efforts to secure the Le Roi
on uther terms, Imt the owner has always stood firm lor these conditions.
The construction ot the V. V. & E.
railway within lour miles ol tho property has helped the sale.
The Bi-cretary ol the local club yesterday rcciived the line up ol the
Field team for the mutch here on
Empire Day. It is understood that
tbey arc a strong eleven so the home
team will have to work. Tlie Field
line up is: Goal, G. Roller; hacks, J.
E. Shaw, \V. VVe.nley; half backs, G
Bickerton, A. Hollier, D. Louden;
forward', J. McKinnon, G.Fitzpatrick,
H  Thomas, J. Wadge, W. Adam-
son.   ReserveB, G. Stanley, A. Jenion,
The local team will bo chosen tonight alter practice from the following
players: J. Allan, W. Allan, Brooker,
Davis, Dunlop, Entwietle, Gorrin
Kerfoot, Maguire, J. Savident, E
Savident, Sissons, W. Smythe, I)
Smythe. As there is considetab'e
material to oheos'e Irom tnerc is a
cordial rivalry among tbe club mem
bere for a place on the learn.
II possible, arrangements will be
made for busses to run Irom comer of
First Street and McKenzie Avenue to
the Gun Club grounds, for the con
venience of patrons. Theie being no
other attraction in the city on the
24th, the club look for n large crowd.
Bring a good pair of lungs und be one
of them, With E. 11, Levis handling
the whistle the spectators are assured
of good, clean play.
from our ..wn corrspoiidont,
Messrs. Asl.hurne and Nelson had 11
sm prise visit from Mr. John Shaw and
family on Sunday last. Mr. nnd Mrs
Shaw walked over to gleet their new
neighbors and .1 very pleasant day was
spent. Dinner was spread in the
shade of the Cottonwood) and heartily
partaken ol hy both the younger and
older members of tho party. Afterwards a visit was paid to Simpson's
shingle mill by means ol the steam
launch "Olivia.*' l)n returning, photographs were taken of the party, and
all repaired for their honieB, Iccling
lh.it. the day hnd been well spent in
thus beginning such social ties nnd
fellow-leeling in the Bo'tloment.
ijiOIt HAI.IO 27H iiinn, situated on
J*    Hnlnion Ann near Simmons, $i'i
per ucie. Apply E, A, Harris & Oo 1
Victoria, U, 0.
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
Company Incorporated in East
With $6,000,000 Capital.
Ottawa, May 18—The Pacific Coal
Mines, Ltd., has been incorporated
with capital stock ol six million dol-
s and headquarters Toronto, to
carry on general mining business and
to take over the business of the Alas-
Van Development Company, nnd of
the Pacific Coal and Oil Company.
The names of incorporators are given
in the Canadian Gazette as J ,8, Lovell,
accountant; E. W. McNeill, solicitor's
clerk, and others ol Toronto, but the
enterprise is understood to be one of
Messrs. MacKentie and Mann.
The Northern Empire Railway Com
pany has given notico of application
to Parliament next session Ior a charter to construct n rnilway from the
international line east of Cardstun,
Alia, northwesterly through Fort
Vermillion to Yukon Territory and
Britiah Columbia.
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's
church hereby acknowledge their
indebtedness to all who rendered such
invaluable assistance in making their
coucert such an unqualified success,
and desire to thank all lor their assistance and co-operation.
MRS. ELSON, President,
MRS. PAGET, Seoretary.
At thc Y. M. C. A. alley tonight the
City and Maple Leal teams will meet
for a game that will, in all likelihood,
decide the winners of the tournament.
Both teams are even at present, having each lost one game in the series
The players will be: Maple Leal—J.
Palmer, M. F. Crawlord, J. H. Lyons,
C. I). Palmer, W. V. T. Green. Oity—
Q. Lembke, R. D. MacDonald, R. W.
Haggen, G. Bell, K. McRae. So far
tbe teams have mnde nbout even
scores, and a close, exciting game
should result.
The slcnmer PrinoosB May, which
le't here lor the north yesterdny
afternoon at 12:30 o'clock, returned
ubout half nn hour Inter with thc
body of Mr. J, W. Haskins, a passenger, who took suddenly ill und
expired just ns the vessel had got
outside the Narrows into English Buy.
The boat wus scarcely out ol sight
behind the eastern end ol Stanley
Park, when Mr. Huskies complained
ol feeling very hunt. Dr. Russell,
brother ol the Into Mr. E. G. Russell,
who was on bonid, and everything
possible was done for the suffering
man. He grew worse, however, and
died when the Princess wns Hearing
Point Atkinson. Thc vessel wus
turned nround und a few minutes
afterwards steamed back into the
The news was gently broken to Mrs.
11..skins at ihu Vancouver Hotel.
She cum.-Jovei- from Victoria to sny
good-bye to her li isband.)
The deceased was manager ot the
Roscllu Hydraulic Mining Company
which operates extensively in the
Dense River 0. untry. For several
years he bus mnde annual trips tu
these mines nnd wus hound north
with n parly on this occasion.
The late Mr. Haskins hnd beon a
prominent figure among mining men
lor the lust ten years. He formerly
lived in Revelstoke, but lately took
up his residence in Victoria. His
body will be forwarded to that city
by Messrs. Center & Hanna on this
aflerno -n's boat.
 .   «*«>-»	
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Speoial.,
Rhubarb, lettuce, oranges, lemons
and bananas at C. II. Hume k Co's.
Ball bearing lawn mowers Irom $4,50
il]).   Lawrence Hardware Co.
All thc new books you can lind at
I lay  Hags nt Bews' Drug
Below is given what is claimed to
be a bona lide copy of a location notice
posted on a claim near Cornucopia,
Ore.   It claims nbout everything between heaven and the other plnce and
is the prize notice until something can
be shown to beat it:
We, the undersigned, men ol worth,
Just to show that we're on the turf,
Do hereby locate for ourselves alone,
Fifteen  hundred  feet radius around
this stone;
Together  witi.   mineral and  water
All placed lands and townsites;
All veins and ledges within our line
Ol brass and gold and other mines,
We claim nil coal and oil as well
From the top ol the sagobrush down
to hell;
All the air and sunshine, too,
Up to where the sky shines blue.
The name of the claim is Wilson uud
No. 400 nnd group sixteen.
An ideal place to spend your In.li
days. Buy a ticket lor Halcyon Hot
Springs and spend May 24th at this
(avorite reBort. Single (are and one
third for tlie round tiip, good Iron.
Muy 22 to May 27. limiting, fishing
and launch excursions, and a delightful trip on the C.P.R. palace steamer
from Arrowhead to Halcyon. Extension trip, from Halcyon to Nakusp
and return, fare only 110 cents.
It's a sad story that follows thu un
insured man's fire. Then get an
insurance policy from the agont for
the Non-Combine Companies.—E. A,
Haggen, Revelstoke, B, C,
the Canada Drug Stole.
Patronize Homo Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Mattresses, Pillows and bed comforts nt 0. B. Hume & Co's.
Hand colored post cards — local
views—at Bews' Drug Store.
Fresh creamery batter in 1-lb. prints
arrived this week.   C. B. Hume & Co,
Mixed lawn seed and white cluver
seed 40c per lb.at Be.is' D.ug Store.
Garden Tools—Hues, ...kes, spades,
wheelbarrows, eic. Lawrence Hardware Co.
Fresh nnd strong insect killers ui all
kinds just opemd at the Canadu Drug
Wall paper, window shades, plain
and decorative burlaps at C. B. Ilu i.e
& Co's.
Musical instruments and the fittings
and strings Ior them nre nlwnys sold
.it the Canada Drug Slore.
Hammocks, tennis goods, Ayer's
11107 teniiiB balls, nets, etc. Lawrence
Hardware Co.
A car load of Gordon .t Ironsides
ham and bacon just arrived nt C. B.
Hume & Co's.
Revelitoke Cigars-Union Made-Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
an ahead of all others.
We are showing a special line of
web carpets nnd carpet squares. C. B,
Hume & Co.
Electrical work a specialty, wiring
fitting, installing bells, lamps, etc.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
The prescription store is tlie Canada
Drug A" Book Slore. Duly the purest
ol medicines used there,
Everything you need to make your
picnic basket one ol thc best at 0, I).
Hume & Co's.
For first-class Painting and
Paperhanging, go to L. A. Mc-
Olanahan, one block eaat of
the Queen's hotel, in the
Loughccd Block.
You may have "money to bum" but
there is no reason why you should not
bum it economically. Crow's Nest
Coal is economical coal. Order Irom
the Agent, E. A. Haggen.
H. Y, Anderson, the newly appointed malinger ot the Beatrice mine, in
the Lardeau, has gone up to take
charge ol thu property, ln un interview he staled : " We will build a
tramway at once, ns wo ure about 11
miles frum tho railroad. About
20,000 tons of ore are now 1 looked out
and wc expeot to bo ready to haul
again liy the lall. The ore is a high
grade nnd does not require a reduction plant." Mr, Andorson added
tbat a party of stockholders trom
Fargo, N. D. will visit thc property I •
next month.—Nelson News. | *
In Our New Store in the Burns' Block.
JUST ABBIVED—New Stocks in Every Department
A fresh stock of high class goods—quality
A line assortment of Kuan.el nn.1 Granite,
Tin and Woodenware, Heavy un.l Builders'
Hardwate, Mining Supplies, Hose, Lawn
Mowers and all Garden Tools. Screen Doors
,-in.l Windows. McClury's Btoves, Ranges,
etc, Rill.-s. Shot linn's, Revolvers uud
One of tho best assortments in the Province,
T.-a, Dinner and Toilel Sets.   Weearry a full
line of Hotel Supplies,  A line selection of
Rich Cut Glass,
We carry a line stock of those goods.   Just
nsk for what you want.-WE HAVE IT.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, ltd.
Three Lots on Fifth Street, the
only good site now on thc
Market north of Sixth Street.
PRIOE $850
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.
ion &
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T  F O R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first i Op. ion iei
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario. *.
Hr.-u.t-li'S- it. tl.*, Provinces of MauiLil'ii, Alberta. SiisliHUfliowa...
llriti.*!. Columbia. Ontario, ynobec.
Capital Paid Up ....   »4,700,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        S4,7oo,ooo.oo
I). It. WllKlE, President: Hns*. K. Jafpkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available iu ..II parts of Canada, United States nnd
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposits received and Interest allowed al current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four tunes a year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
of Groceries will encourage     t
vou to trv litem. •
A trial will convince you •
they are the purest and lu-sl •
mt ihe market.   Try  our .
Harness neatly repaired,
New harness made to order on thu
shortest nolice,
All kinds of Whips and Stable requisites kept, it. stock.
Logging and   Team   Harness   ..
Hobson & Bell :!FiRSt street
Grocers. Bakers & Confectioners
Opposite the Union Hotel
KEVELSTOKE, B, 0, Zhc fl&atUlbemlb.
I'l ll.islll.li WEDNESDAY AND SATUIl
Indu ling postage lo England, I nltod Btatcs
md Cal ■-: ..
Ry the rear [tl rough] !       ti*"
Hall     *■       **     i-'"
yuarler "       " '•'"'
J ul   lUXTlSt) promptly exoctitod at reason-
abler..:i*. ,   ,
rERUS—Cash.   Subscription, payable tn ad
.. aVai.ce.
r ililt»lMN 1 'KNCK invited on matters ot
public interest Communication, to Bailor must I* Rooompanied by name ..'
writer, noi necessarily (o publication, bul
u evidence ot good faith. Corrofpondonoe
should be brief.
which bus passed from it.lancy lo
manhood, I'ublio scrutiny and criticism will safeguard the direction ol
local currency to men nt a distance
from the community to whicli the
cuiTciiry belnngB, K.move those
safeguards and the result will be
temptation to financial magnates al :i
distance to divert, the money under
their control into cmniercinl und
speculative undertakings, whicli have
no more lo do with the coiiinuurly
(From Our Own Cnrroa,in..de..t)
W. Unsworn, was in Kevelstoke ovei
Mr. und Mrs. tl. Litohmuud are in
Mrs. Gibson and Miss Hyit't o
Comaplix spent Sunday in town
Mrs. .1 Smilli and fninily left 1 ins-
day fur Kamloops,
Mrs. li. Gibbons, of Revelstoke, was
egal notices Id ceno. per 11. ■
-...•.-..-. f. . , - •■   - ii-erilon
Moasuren ■ .ttKoi. • ■ . •      mm.... "if
f -. ■      • '  -
.   ...     ...     Ma     .-     md Deaths
-.  .-.■■ f        ' ,
I... f -   -   -
-    ■ '     .---um'-
,,.,-fl Adverll-     Ml'
.gei . Wanted, H      ■'■ ", •' !""-
..  ,,..   .        -        ,'        -       *-'-   IIU.        I'   "LM-
tt    . -       ■ :""■•'■:"
-...-...■ .1 line 1 -
I   ,■'-.- .. -■.  m .- idvcrtl lit* 'mi-'
.   . i . ..,. .,ii.l hi.l.i)  ul
,.       : k •■ -•- iro good display.	
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Muhphy,      Harqui Fisher
, .11.LAN l Kl.l.lnlT.
I. rri ler.   - li t. rs. Etc.
i:i;vi.l.*l...;i: imiTROI"! UKE H C
C.E.Gil   -. F. O.E.,	
Omnia: iM-m.At. Hank Hlock, Hkvki-
'stoke, Il.C,
.Mo:..-} loloan, ,,,.,.
Offices: Ilevelstoke, H. C; (rni.brook, H....
whose currency is used thun the niun ; iu 'own a few days visiting old liiends.
in the inn"n, Such .-cl.clues will
probably cell in funds from other
distant countries, crippling and stagnating commercial life in those part-',
The ill-fill scandals in connection
with i-ii-tiTii banks which have been
before the public lately and the Intro
duction ..i Gorman capital, coupled
with thc strictures in the reports ..I
the Insurance committee on limine..
magnates, who were nlso bank directors, nre siiHicient lo wiirrunt the
deduction that the calling in of over-
Irafts by eastern bank branches in
Victoriu und other western cities is
duo In onuses entirely outside the
Proviuoo ol British Columhia anil
tlmi the merchants ol those cities are
being made to suffer for other's faults
and at thc same time precluded from
u just nnd fnir scrutiny of tho ci.use of
evil, The bunks owe a duty to the
public and when crises ami stringencies arrive lhe bank directors should
not play the part ol selfish cowards,
but should be in thelorefront to check
any public sentiment, But it seems
tlmt in most cases they nre the lirst
to stampede und cuiise panic. After
deflecting every cent of our currency
ti other and di-tant purls nnd practically  emptying our  pockets, Ihey
Mrs. Dondoneau mado a trip to
W. and A. Cn.iboy have resumed
their duties oil the s. s. Rossland,
having spent sonic months on llieir
homestead in Saskatchewan,
.1. H McGughran got sever.1 shots
nt a bear only a short distance irom
town, but somehow Iliiiin escaped.
The recent rai.i did goodwoikln
quenching I u-li lires tint, Imve been
raging in Ihis vicinity.
The s. s. Rossini..1 made the first
through trip of thc season to Hobson
Oil Wednesday.
Hull  Bros' tug "Eric" got fast be>
twen. piles in the mouth of the river
on Thursduy evening. The crew were
brought to shore on he tug "Mud
Hen" The rising wnter during the
night set the "Eric" freo, very little
.lumuge being done.
The Lawrence Hardware Company,
Limited, respectfully inform its many
customers that thoy have secured the
services of Mr. C. Much, of Binnltord,
Out., who arrived this w ok to take
cbnrge of the electrical department.
Do vou enjoy llmi well dies-.-.I (collng? We ull know whal
it feels lii... In lie liol, lo I... eld, or to be tired, .....1 it is
jusl ns I rue thill We all know whal it feels like to be we
diessed.   It feels good, and it's gond to feel g 1.    Ynu cnn
neve.- bo well dressed if your clot bos art* not made by lhe
right mnker,
Got lokiiowwu handle the SEMI-HEADY (l AILMENTS
and y.u. will Ibid what a pleasure and Slltisf.iction it is to he
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  SI5, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the beet made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date   Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Tailoring i* our bttsiuess. We ni.ike a mu.. look well
und he knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
Local Rcvcbtokc
Socialist Party of Canada
Mi tu Kiui ami Tlilnl Wednesday in Hu* month
in Halkirk Hull, upstairs, ata p.m. Subject for
" ussloii -"Trades I'liiniiism v. Socialism,." All
Inlureatednre welcome.
C. W. 0. w.
9bo. S, McCarter,
Revelstoke, B, "'.
J. A. Hauvi.v,
Cranrook  H. C.
J.M.Scot. I.L.D «'. I.Urlggs.
"fori*   AND   BHIGGS
I1AI1UIST1--.1IS. s.ii.n itors.Eto,
Money to Loan
sow n*.i:- Fun Molsons Bank
First Street, Kevelstoke, B.C.
Assays ol all Ore,   Sample! hy mailo
r.     ,-. : r f.M -. attention.
Term. Moderate.
-.[.[■!..-.*,       -       •      •      BOX I 2 1mm
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Siliveyilig
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 100, Hkvei.s-i.iki-:.
(Metnhe. American Institute of
Mining Engineers),
M.-uilvi Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
ami lien :;*.
Reports compiled, Plans and Bluo
Prints of Land, Timber Limits. Mines,
Mills and Buildiugs prepared in shape
t ;■ - ibmission to prospectiveinvestora
. t purchasers.
Tbe fltaiMberalb
"lwoul    .  .  . earnestly a vlsotliom [or
theii -■    Itoordci IhispAper to be pum Wall)
served pon as u part o.
th. leai   ..; ■--■ ■ Addison.
It is interesting to note that the
Kamloop- city couucil have determined tc enforce the Curlew by-law. a
measure which could very well be
adopted by Revelal ke, Children must
ol course be allowed a certain amount
ol freedom, but unrestricted freedom
be mes i lerious and fatal mistake,
and one which many parents are seemingly willing Bhould occur. A hen
parents fail in their duty oi looking
after their children and bringing them
up as good citizens nnd allow Ihem to
c me in contact with harmful influence, it is right that a public I. .ly
should protect the children themselves
demand tho repayment of overdrafts mountain view camp, No. tin,
.md shut down on advances for lejjti- Meet. Socond and Fourth Wednesdays in
,    .           .           ,.   ,          .   ,; oach month, In Selkirk Ilnll,   Visiting Wood
mate business,   it   would  be  a bad moncunllnlir Invltudtoatlond.
lookout if our  merchants did the «'. }}• aiim sTitoNii.r..... (.*...>..
same to their  customers,   hut Ihey
huve slo.ul by them when money was
Incorporated by Act i f Parliament- 18-Vi.
Win. M....K...N .Ma.'1'iikiik..n, Pies. S, II. EwiNO, Vie.'-Pies.   "
James Elliot, Ocnor.il Munnger,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two brunches in Citnudu and Agencies in nil putts of llie
Interest Cl'l'diU'd four I in.es »  yctirjll  ciui-e.t   rules on Savings
Hunk deposits, until I'm ther nolle.',
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
scarce and kept up the trade of the
country, becuuse they nre part nnd
parcel of commercial life of this Province. II one suffers the whole suffer.
The establishment of looal banks in
Victoria has received gratifying support nd tho Northern Bank of Winnipeg was founded on the same
principal by wealthy merchants. In
the comment ol tl.e subject the
Vict ria Week urges the formulation
ol a Bill lor the Taxation of Deposits
to prevent exportation ol currency. It
suys that if lumber und iron ore
require export tax, surely the wealth,
in solid cash, of the people ol a growing and still struggling community
like Britisli Columbia rcquiies safeguarding, This is n drastic remedy,
luu tin- situation is an extreme one
and it in an old proverb tlmi despsrnte
diseases require desperate remedies.
F. 0. E.
Tho regnlnr moottngs nro hold In Uio Bolkirk
Hall ovory Tuosdny ovonhiR ot 8o'oIook. Visit*
luu brethren nro cordially luvltod.
II. A. KKirtVN. I'm.Him-iNT.
W, !■:. McI,U:i'lll,lN,Si;citi*TAiiY.
Kootenay LodKeNo. 15 A.F.&A.M.
The regular mooting* are held in thc
Matouio Temple,
jdd Follows Hall.on
flic third Mundnj ii.
saoli month at b
p.tn. Viallingnrefch-
ifii  cordially  wel
U. A,   I'KUCl'XIKIl. Sl.'HKTAIlV.
SELKIRK LQD.ifi. NO  Vi, 1. 0. 0. F.
evening in 8olltlrK
Hall at tl o'clock.
Visiting brethren cor-
dinllj invited to attend
II. I'. LAU0HL1N, N.G.
Cold Range Lotlgo, K. ol P.,
No. 26, Revolstoke, B. C.
ex --.'|.t Third .....1... -U..I nl
each .......ili, in the tjddfel ows'
Hull   hi    *   o'clock,     I'lsllini
nights urif cordially  iivfl.-'l.
.. I.I.S1.II
it  II. BROCK, K. ol 1.  A *i.
Houses, Business Illocks
Husiness &  Residential Lots*
Suburban Lands
in Acreage Lots
Fine Farm and Fruit Lands
in    Revelstoke,     Arrowhead
Galena Hay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
Out of your yearly income your
very best investment is your policy
Why ? Becuuse, for a mere hand
(ul of dollnre you cnn leave your home
ench business duy nssnied, should yon
return to lind it iu ashes or partially
'cst-oyed, that said policy means
every dollar's worth destroyed will be
Instantly refunded. Good investment!
Show me a belter I Let my olliee
write you a policy to-day.
Agent for the Non-Con.bine Insurance
Companies, Kevelstoke, 11. C.
Far back ii thi .-.-■- in all conn-
tn- ■ it ..-.- been a vexed question
that olpi per ia(e-g i irding ol local
currency, either thi igh I eal ei nil
or local re* resentati n. Currency is,
it may Ik- said, the Hie bii ol ol emu
merce, the stream which earn.- tin
fertilizing p ■•---■ ri 11 wealth an ! ca| it..
through every section ol the c im
munity. This most vital matter e
not peculiar to British Columbin or
even to the American continent. The
Victoria Week lias dealt with tl e
subject very fully and brought to lighl
many important points that har.
hitherto been obscure and now prov.
that the proiecii.'.ii of local curren j
is,. dire necessity for the c m...unity
Until a lew years ..go the West, ri
states ol America depended aim. -'
entirely upon eastern tanks and a
sprinkling ol English banks, Every
one can recall the strained rolationi
between tl..- east and west at thai
time, and the controversy became st
hitter that many will remember (bathe foolish remedy ol separation wa
seriously discussed.    Ti.is struggle.
New Departure by Minister of JHE MONEY SAVIHG
Mines Templeman, to Meet   ; WORK-SAVING SOAP
Demands for Information That's Royal Crown kind-
made iii Vancouvor— I argesl
Soap Factory wesl ol Winni
House Cleaning Time
brings lo the eye of the careful
housekeeper the blemishes of the
carpets under her supervision. When
necessary to mnke renewals injearpets,
rugs, mattings anil oilcloths, visil
HOWSON'S and see thoir well selected stock before buying. You'll
liiul it n time nml money saver. Our
Spring display beats anything wi
ever offered.
Howson & Company
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
Wt PAY FREICHT In anv railway station
in Western Ontario, Mm.iloba, Saskatchewan, All.e..;i and British Columbia.
Write for our Latest Prioe List, ii is
mailed bee on request,
We only handle the Jbesl goods money
can buy, only goods of best mills, manufacturers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
Wo absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Coeds Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is a duty to Vou, to Vour Family and
lo your Pocket Hook lo investigate our
We do not belong lo ll.e Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References i Any Hank, Railway or
Express Company in the City, or the
names of twenty lliniisat.il satlslled customers in the lour provinces.
Write tor Our Prioe List To-day.
peg, lions.- cleaning and
■■ ■- .- .- ireensy with itshel]
Ami the m mi y saviiij is tbe
Premium System
In view of the numerous requests
from thil country and from abroad fi r
informal ion on tlio mining ami metallurgical industries ol Canada and the
need of such a publication to brine
the mining and metal urgical industries of tlie Dominion in touch with
the newly created department of mines,
the minister, Hon. Wm. Templeman,
lias authorized the collection  ol au-  w^        .   q /■> I +J
thentio nnd reliable information for a | KOYfll   o03D LO.,   LIQ.
report on "The Mining and  Metallur
gleal Industry uf Canada."     This report will cover the whole couutry, and
will give the  following   information
Booklet teils iv|-,;.t >.■■ give for
Royal i rs. Send
ior   it—Free—A -   try  the
Vancouver, B. C
Import, direct from Country ot origin.
cement blogks Central Hotel
Northwestern  Supply  House
j.-jt) and 261 Sianley Street
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new niuin.goinenlgol'
II.miuv   .Mcl.vr.isil,   Holl'inmi   House
_1. oyon are thn most curative in the
world. A perfect, nnl.uui remedy foi
all Net vous nnd Muscular discuses,
Liver, Kidney ..nd Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Speciul
rates on ..II bonis and trulli".. Two
mails .11 rive nnd ilepuil every dny.
Telegra h couiiniinicalioi. with all
uiai-ls of the world.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week.  Por
further particulars npply to
Halcyon Hoi Spring j
ArroXu LaKe. B. C
Name ol company, date ol incorporation and charter, authorized capital,
value of shares, directors and officers,
heud office, Canadian olliee, im:
men employed, wages, transportation
lacdities, market and prices, and the
lollowing additional information regarding the mining industry; Mining
land owned and controlled proi
township, c. ncesai m, lot), .-lass and
character, f ore mined, average quality
[on in ilysis . method . i mining,
treatn em uf ore if iny 01 sl ol mining frilling, explosives
tranaportati in, k1*1-- :'- - tpenai •
■ ml 1 11 per ti n ol ore raised, And
i.,r ih>. metallurgical industry—l ea
tion of plant, ore treated, quality ol
product, method ol treatmenl dese 1
tion ■ f machinery and apparatus naed
source ol supply of raw material, composition ol raw material, cost ol pr ■■
ft is j r0| o'ed to report only upon
pi :. -in. minei, mines under develop,
mi nt, and 1 -* ibiiBhcd metallurgical
plants, 'I lu- preient rapid progress in
the development ol these induslrii
un.l tl.e. hanging conditions regarding
such lactors us labor, market unc
prices will necessitate supplementary
annual publications to bring the in
lormati. ii ol tho original report up-to-
date until the changes and ...» mat. 1
iii call lor the issuance of a completi
new report.
It 1- bop...I that il..-.-.- in charge ol
the mines nnd industries to be reported
ipon will furnish every facility to
representatives ol the department ol
1.lines, [or obtaining biioIi lull and ao
....rule data as will lender the ri porl
authoritative and usolul,
Mr. It. It. Hedley, ol Nelson, lorm
. rly superintendent ol the Hall mines
smelter, hns been appointed to colleoi
[ull and reliable dala lor the report it.
like all similar struggles, ended iii tin   Qrj(iai, Columbia, Alberta, Baskatcl.
foundation of local banks, nn nhsolut.   wan and Manitoba.    He starts on bis
necessity for a commercial community I work at once.
Uannlactarefd Iota - I I ■
\ . -. : -1- istei
onderi -■
Furniture, Pi tnos or Merchan-
dise,stored in dry-well-built ware-
house ii    inven'u
E.   A.   HAGGEN,
Real I    ite and I    irance Agent
Revelsl   -. B 1
Full lineolGroi        - : Dairy
Produce   Mei 1 Supp -   Etc
Fresh  took always a a
lowest prices,
rinol   01 net 1,      city resta'id.nt
No Seedless Plums; No Pitlese
Apples; No Cobless Corn,- jusl - Id
reliable varieties f.i reason ible prices
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc,
Oldest established nursery on tl.e
mainland of B.C.  Catalogue Iree,
t-.nriNHO.isrt. and 1cr1.11n.rii'. Vancouver nc.
P.S.—If ymir local  merchants do
not bundle toy seeds, send direct,
We   prepay   lilty   pnckcln,    assorted
varieties uf garden seeds in 6c, papers
ft.-slid stock), to your nearest posi
..llice (or $1.(10, twenty packets lor 6O0,
trial collection.
,'.-,.,. First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample, Rooms,
Rales $150 per Day. Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Iiest Wines, Liquors and
1 igars,   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
i.t- * brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
Fish Creek will fin,I excellent accommodation at ilus
CHIEF  YOUNG, -        -        Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
'Under   New   Management)
B    C
Vancouver Manufacturer needs good
men lo reprent llie very latest novelty,
Agents coining money, Get wise, start
working for yourself. Everybody buys on
sight, Profits over one hundred per cent.
Don'l waste time asking foolish questions,
Imt semi one dollar for finest samples in
Space 4, 415 Granville St,,
'      Vancouver) H. C,
In the mailer of the "Companies'Winding Up Acl, iS()8,"
In llie   mailer of Empire Lumber Com-
pnnv, Limited.
Nolice Is hereby given thai on tho Arftt
day  of June,   1907, al   llie   hour of 12
o'clock   noon   al lhe  offices of Harvey,
McCarlci  .V  Pinkliam,   Imperial  Hank
Block, Revelsloke, ll. (.'., tbe undersigned
liquidator of the Empire Lumber Company, Limited, will oiler for sale at public
miction all the debts due and owing to
lhe Empire Lumber Company, Limited, a
lisi of which debit, and all documents and
vouchers explanatory ol the same may in
the meantime be insnecled al lite offlce ol
lho undersigned nl Revelsloke, H, C,
Dated this 17II1 A;\o of Mav, 1007,
ss ntv 18 |i Liquidator,
Nuti'v in horoby Kiveii iii.it ?>0 dnys after dato
I iuii'ini to amily io tho Ohio! Co limoner of
! unds nnil Works for a 8|icctal Hooiiso to cut
iinilrinrviiw.iy liiulu'i* from Mmfoltowtwdo- '
hi-nhi'il liuidd nil unto iu wosl KootOimy ulR-
1. Ctmmioiicing nt 11 post planted on tho woul
imiili nt a largo croek aba-tt U miles soulli of llta
iiHitiili C'rwk, following tlio Oreok anil about ttyj
milos from Coluinbin Rivor nml raarkeiV'B. Mo-
lloau'fl mirth'West cornor," tlionco Wi ulininn
-joutli. tlionco in di;.in*; i';isi, tiii'iici' idi 1 cliains
nortli, thenco to cliains west to point of com-
-J CiniuiieuoinR nt a. post plnuted nn tlio wost
bank ol a large orook about li milos Boutli of tig'
moutb fi*t'i'k. fiillowiuic tlio'orook ami ubout A<4
union fr.un Columbia Rivor and markod "K Mo-
Bean's north-east cornor," tliom-o   160 chains
smith,   thenc-   n>  cluilna west, tlltllict' ICll ClllllllH
iinrtli, tliouce 111 chains east to point of com-
3. Commencing at a post plnntod about 250
yards WOSt nt a small crock ami about 1 milo
smitli of HiKiuoutli Croek, ami about i\Cmiles
from tho Columbia Hivor ami marked "K, Mc-
Bean's nortb-west corner," thonco luu cliaiun
Bouth, thouce 40 i'linins oatit tln-noo lOOohnliiR
norlh, thonco 4(1 chnius went to pniutof Com*
i Commencing at a pnnt plnnted about 'j.'.O
yanlswest of a small crook audi mile smitli cf
Olgmotitll ('rook nn.1 H miles frnm the Columhia
It 1 ver, ami markod "B, Mrlloniih nortli-i'imt cornor," ilii'iu',* inn chains south, tbonco 40 clialna
wost, tlienco tot) cliahw nnrtli, theuco til chains
oust to point of commencement.
fi. Commencing nt a pout planted at tbo nortli'
west corner of Looatlon No. 4 ami marked "K.
Mu Beau's north oast coruor," tbonco 81) chiiiim
smith, thence hO ehains west, tlience KO chiiiim
north, thoncu mi chatim cast to point of colli'
Dnted April B8nt, 19C7,
G. Commencing ata post plnnted almnt I mill'
norlh of Itlgtnouth ('rock nml 8 milos from the
Coluinbin Ilivor i-.mluimk.xl "K, Mellitan's south-
wust corner," Uioiku Kill chains oust, tlienco 10
i'linins nnrth, thonce IDO 0111111181104,1110111140
chains smith to point o( commencement.
7. Cominonoing at a post tilnuk-d 11 miles
north of Hmmiinih Creek and :i miles frum the
Columbia itiver ami marked "M, McUean'n south'
west corner," liionco too chains osst, thonco to
ehaiiis um lh, theuco Kill cllilimi west, tlienco 40
cli lius smilli to point of commoncomont.
Dated April llth, 100?
ji. Cmitmonchig nt a pnst pluutH at the south'
st eoruer of Lot II, almut. fill cliains south of Iiiii-
montli Crerk ami maiked "K. Melleun's north-
oasi. coiner," tlionco 80 ehniiiH nuiilh, thonco HO
elinins west, thenco 80 cliains north, thenco 80
cliains eiiHt to point of cnnimoncomont.
ii. Commencing at a post plnnted at the north-
west corner of Ut 18 ami innrkoil M1S. Molloan's
south-west cornur." thonco um clmins north,thencu
40 chains mist, thenco ItiDchaliiH south, llionce 10
chains west to point of commencement.
10. Cominonoing at a post planted at the north-
oasl corner of Lot in, ami marked "K. Molloan's
soulh-onst loruer," thouco ion ohnlns north, tliem-o
40 chains woot, tlience MH) ehains mmth, thouco 40
chains east tn point nf eiimmeiicemont.
Dated AprillMh 1007.
11. Commencing at a post planted 011 the south
hank ot Canyon Creek ami aliout Itu miles fnnn
Blgmoilth Creek ami marked "!•',, Mcllcau's uortli-
west corner." thenco |n clmins south, tlience 1(1
eh'iius oaat, theuce 411 chains snnlh, thence80
chains east, thomo -III chains north, tlience 40
chains west, tbonco 4<l chains north,thonoo80
chain. wost to point of commencement
II Commencing at a post planted on the nnrlh
brink <>f Canyon Creek, about ] milo from mouth
and marked 'K. McHean's iiorthwost corner,"
Ihence mi chains south, tlionco KOchaiim east,
thonco 81) chains uurth, thenco 81) chains west lo
point of cnnunoiiceiiiont.
18, Commencing at a pust planted on the east
hank uf r.ii'.inniiili Creek, almut fi miles above
Canyon Creok ami marked "K. McHonn's south-
oust, comer," thence sn chains north, thonco 80
west, thence Su chains south, tbonco ol)
chains east in point of commencement.
I. Commencing ut a post pluuted on tho
east bank uf Kigmouth Crock, nhout A miles
nhuvt! Canyon Crook and murked "K, Mo-
Bonn's soutli*wosl eurner,' tbonco 81) ohains
nortli, thonce 8* chnlns eiv-t,, thonco 80 ohains
south, thenco 80 chains west to point of commencement.
Li. Commonolng at a mist planted on thn
Oast  bunk of IIIkiuouIIi I nek, aliout ,'i miles
abovo Canyon Crook ami marked "K. McIIohd'h
imrtb-west cornur.!' llionoo 80 clmins oast,"
theuco 10 chains suuth, thmimi 20 ohains eiiHt.,
theuco 10 clmins south, tlience 80 chains wnst,
thonco iu clmins north, theuco 20 ciniins west,
the 100 40 chains norlh to point of commcuuu-
Dated April 17th, 1007,
10. ('ommenclng at a pout planted 011 tho
north hank of lligmoulb ('rook near the mouth
of soulh fork and marked "E. McBuan's north*
wtst corner," thenco ltiuchains smith, thonco
40 chains easl, thenco 100chains north, thonoo
40 oludiiA west to point of commence 11 tout.
17. CommeneinK nt a post Plnnted about IS
chains nortb of Utgmouth (reck, two mUH
bolow nortb fork and mnrked "K, McBoan's
south-wesl cornor," lhcnco 1150 ehains east,
thenco40 ohaina norlh, llienee W) chains won1,
thenco 40 chains south toplucoof commonro;
Dated April 20th, 1007.
18. Commencing at a post plnnted 10 chains
east of lhe south east coruor of 'I', L. H)4.ri8 and
marked " E. MoBoan's nortb-wc t corner,"
thouco 10(1 elinins south, thenee -10 chains oust-
Iheuce 100 chains north, Iheuce 4(1 chnius west
tu'point of commencement.
Dated llntl) April, 1007.
10. ('oiiiiiit'iicitiK at a post plnnted ', milo
north of south-east corner of 1. L, Tins nnd
marked " K, MoHesn's sou-li-cast corner,"
tbonco 40 chains north, tliouce 80 chains west,
thenco 40 chains north, theuce f.i) ehains vast,
thenee 80chalna 10111.1, thence 40 chains west
tn point of commencement.
iu. Commencing at a post planted about ono
mile weat uf Columbia Kiver, nnd aliout one-
half mile south of Klghi-mlle Creek and
mnrked " 1% MoBoan's north-east curlier,"
itn nee 80 chains west, Ihenco 80chains south,
thence 80 clialus eait, ihence 80 chalns nortb
to pointof commencement,
Dated 1st May, hiO'.'.
•il. Commencing at a post planted at tho
south-west corner of T.L. 10700 ami marked
E. McBoan's south-east corner," thenco 80
chains west, tlienee 80 chains north, theuco 80
ohnlna east, theuoe 80 chains soutb to point of
co 111 meneement.
22. Commencing at a post planted on the
south bankof Unrdon Creek, about IU miles
frum the mouth and marked "E, McHean's
north-east corner," thenee 80 chains south,
tlience8U chains west, theuce SOohains north,
thonce 80 chalna easl to point ol commence-
23. Commencing at a post plauted on the
south bauk of Gordon Creek, about 2 miles
from the mouth und mnrked "E McHean's
soutb-woat comer," theuce 100 chaiua woat,
thonco 40 chaiua uorth. thence 100 chnius east,
thouce 4n chains soutn to pointof commence*
24. CommeuciiiK nt a -mst planted on tho
south bauk of tlonluu Crook, ulmut 2li milos
from the month aud marked ''E. McBoan's
north-east corner," thenco 80 chains south,
theuce80 ehnins west,thouce SOohains north,
tlienco W chains east to pulut of commencement.
Dated May 2nd, 11)07.
wed my 8 E, MeBEAN.
Notice la hereby given that 00 days from date
I inlend to apply to the Honourable lhe Cnlef
commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands, situated at Galena Bay, in West Koote.
nay district:
Commencing at a posl marked "\\, ll, Keid's
south-emit corner post," and planted 40 chsins
south from thn north-wesl enrner of C. Beck's
Lot 7M8, thenee west 20 chains, thenco north
lu ehuins, thenceeast 20 chains, tbenee aoulh
in chnlns to pointof commencement, and containing 80 seres more or less.
Dated March 22nd, HW7,
sal ap 20
First-olim nccommodiition fur travolloni.
Boat liniii.lH ..I \\'iii..«, Spirit*, an.l
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Nolice 1s hereby given thai sixty davs after
Inti [ Inleml io appl- m Hie Honorable the
Chief Commissioner o| Land* and rt'nrks loi
pormMon in purchase the'following lamtf
iltuated on Upper Arruw-Uke and described
ll follows:
Commencing at a pun planted on Hall
H'ayCteek, ibout ono and a half miles from
like «hore and marked''J K. McLean's 8. B.
corner |'Ovt.*' thenco west 80 chains, (henci
nonh 10 ohalni. tbenee eul 80 chain-, thenc
Ninth 40 chains to place of eummenrement
Containing 830 acres more or less.
Dated May 7th, 1W7,
Notice Is hereby Riven that 80 days aftor dale
I Intend lu apply to tho Chief Commissioner uf
Lund*, and W orks for a special licence to cut
and ourry away limber from tho following
described lands situato In Yalo District:
24.. Commencing at a post planted at lho
suntli-eaat corner of No. 21, aud marked "A. M.
BymOns'S, VV. corner post," thonou north 80
clmins, theuce cual 80 cnains, thunce south 80
chains, thenco wost 80 chains tu placo of colonic iir.cme.nl.
Dated 2Itrd March, 1907,
wed my lft A, M. 8YM0N8.
Ii.-f-r Hernia, Animals, lllnla, flail, I'M:,,
Ai.iii.iil lt..|ia Miniiili'il.
P.O. Box 11,
Bt.lillo: OorniT ..I Flint St. wnl Ilny].. An.
 Knfelitoka, It. O,
1, K, McLlAt*,
Nolle; la bereU mveu i'.bi ao ilnya aflur duo
Intend loniiplv loIboUhlcI Oommlulonol nl
Land.and ll-.rka lor M|«icl»llloOlliO ...cut
and r»rry «»ay llmUr Irom tbo lollowlng
ilo-cilbod lim-a lu Weil Kootenay dimrlot:
.Cpnmenclni ot a pnat plantmlat T. 3. FoarHi,n'a
3. K. cmiT. .lal.-.l April mill, l»lli, .narked ",li>hn
Muldoon*. N. K. corner |niat," tlienee aouth lot)
.'Iiiii..., thence woat .:. .'haina, thence ...irtl. I.hj
'fl.aina, thence eaat ... chain, to pnlnl of com.
Dated April 18th, IIW7,
««-l«i)-l JOHN MULDOON,
r 1
Tracks and Valley Covered up.
Rains Cause Freshets-
Floods Imminent.
The fiiiuwuliile thnt blocked the C.P.
lt. truck lust week near Kuss Peak, in
the Illaoilletvaet valley, was nne of the
largest on recurd.   For the distance ol
about half it mile the valley waa entirely lllled with  the gigantic alkie,
which swept down the mountain on
tho fur aide of  the  valley from  the
truck.     ThoiiBiinde  o!  tons ol enow
were  precipitated  from  the heights
nnd the in jes'io sweep ol the thunderously nioving maB8, was not stayed
till it hail jammed its If against the
rocky walls ol the opposite sido of the
valley and Inolilently buried the C. P.
R, tracks 20 feet deep for about fiUO
feet.   It is estimated that the depth
of the snow 111 the valley wai 75 to 100
leet nnd bohind (he great natural dam
the waters nl die swollen Illccillewaet
omimenced to rilein a manner most
threatening,   The railway men on the
iccne watched ihe rising Hood apprehensively.    It was a question lor a
long time just  what  would  happen
when the hundreds ot tons nl  waters
piling up  behind  the slide should
break through,   II tho greal .lain held
against .hi' strain ol the waters till it
had risen tn thc level of lhe dam,  thc
rush nl water when llie barrier broke
would he  tremendous   il everything
gave way  suddenly,    This  was the
great danger which threatened, and a
serin.is i.ne Inr  the  gate   house  and
dam nl the power plant here, but
luckily the  waters  gradually  bund
their way through  the slide and nl-
tiinugh    they    attained   1...... ...I. us
depth before commencing to pass over
tlie obstruction and Biibsi.'e uo .Inm-
a '0 was caused as tbe break down of
the barrier was gradual.
The slide burying the railway tracks
was responsible lor the long delay in
trillio A freight covins was derailed
and .....ch of the metal torn away.
Heavy rain has fallen in the mountain
sect'..ns during the lasl few days and
all the streams will soon be in ll.Kjd.
From the point ol view of railway
men, the Illecillewaet, thc Columbia
and Eagle rivers are most to be feared
On the Inst mentioned the railway
tracks fullmv the river at an elevation
of a few feet lor a number ol miles and
with a rise nl 15 feet ol water, the
tracks would he touched. The Columbia is rising rapidly and the wing dam
is practically submerged, while the
channels are widening daily
Fruit   Orchards   Will   Soon
Supply Canadian Demand
WINNIPEG, Man., May 1?.—Theodore
Knappen, former secretary of the
Western Canada Immigration Association, who has just returned from a
tour in British Columbia, says:
"Tbe interesting feuture of the immigration movement this ye-ir is that
there is now going 'n a marked influx into British Columbia Irom other
parts ot Canida, the United States,
and Irom England. British Columbia
on account uf its mild climate, is growing in favor with British immigrants,
The climate is much like that ol tbe
old country, and the opportunities for
living, by the way, appeal to Englishmen.
" A remaikable change is being
wiought in the mountain valleys, and
it is safe to predict that in a few
years British Columbia will supply
Canada with all the temperate zone
fruits it requires.
" Today if you buy a good apple in
Winnipeg the chances are that it is
from Oregon or Washington. The
bulk of the strawberries consumed in
the Winnipeg market come from Oregon and Washington. In certain seasons British Colombia can supply
these and every small Iruit just as well,
and has a tariff in its faror. It is only
a question ol time till the province
will be the primary horticultural province ol Canada."
That keen and yet most kindly
humorist, ex-Governor George W.
Peck, of Wisconsin, seems to have
adopted ns his guiding motto Bobbie
Burns' exclamation:
"0, wud somo power the giftlo gio us
To seo ourselves as itliers ace us,"
to which, doubtless, is largely attributable his universal popularity, and
the continued success ol the liirco
comedy, ''Peck's Bad Boy,"dramatised
by his permission from the .cries ol
sketches which under that title set all
lhe world aroar. The play, in continuation of ite gladsome and golden
career of twenty years, will be presented at the opera house on Friday, May
21, Empire Day, with newly added
characters Irom Peck's portrait gallery
of peculiar people, and notable up to
dute specialties. If you would know
the unsuspected funniest sido of yourselves, "Peck's Bad Boy,' will reveal
It to you.
The people who own their own
homes are the happiest, nine times nut
uf ten, delect a homo of yuur own
Iron, tl.o list 1 havo to olTer. E, A.
Haggen, Heal Estate and Insurance
Agent, Kevelstoke, B. 0.
Most any lightweight
serge is cool.
But if you want YOUR
serge suit to hold its shape
and its color—you ought
to be mighty careful to
get a Fit-Reform Serge.
"West of England"
Blue Serge stays blue. It
is fadeless and unshrinkable.
Made up hy the famous
Fit-Reform tailors—there
is nothing cooler, and
certainly nothing dressier,
for summer wear.
$18. and $20.
McKinnon I Sutherland -  Revelstoke
The Sunshine is a good, "all
round" lurnace. Burns, with equal
facility, either coal or wood. Coke,
too, if you prefer it.
And so perfect is the combustion
of the Sunshine that it extracts
every unit of heat from the fuel.
What's left in the ash-pan is not
worth sifting.
Sunshine consumes less fuel, too.
Because Its perfect system of
dampers prevent the escape of the
hot air up the chimney—compels
it to come out through the registers.
You pay for heating the inside—
not the outside—of your house
when you buy the Sunshine.
If your local dealer does not
handle this most economical
furnace write direct to us for
Free Booklet.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
IN 1 iii-: m.m 1 i*;k iu- nn. i.m-ii i*. ur j.viiui.
Ali.rn Agnew, Deceased.
NOTICK is hereby given thai all creditors and others having* claims against
thi* eslale of lhe said Jacob Allen Agnew,
who died 011 or about tlio 13th day of April,
1907, are required, on or before lhe 15II1
dayof June, 1907, to send by posi prepaid
or deliver to Messrs, Harvey, McCarler&
Pinkhatn, ef lhe Imperial Hank Block,
Revelslok;-, B, C, Solicitors lor Minnie
■\gnew, the Executrix of the last will ami
lestamenl oi the said deceased, their
Christian ami surnames, nddrcsses and
descriptions, the full particulars of their
claims, the statement of Iheir accounts
and the nature of the securities, il any,
held by ihem.
And further take notice that after such
last mentioned dale tho said Executrix
fill proceed lo distribute the assets of the
„eceased among the parlies enlitled
thereto, having regard only to lho claims
of whioh she shall tlinn have notice, and
that the said Executrix will nol he liable
for lhe said assets or any pari ihereol lo
any person or persons of whoso claims
notice shall nol have been received by her
at the time of such distribution.
Dated the 15th day of May, 1907.
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors for Minnie Agnew, Executrix of
the will of said deceased.        s myiS-.'l
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Ww,-o..s'| Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, MoliDO Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Culti.ators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended tu. Horse Shooing a
L% %*%*%%%%%%%%%%%%*%*%   %w%%%"V%%w%i
]> -days after dale I intenil tn apply to Lite
Hon Chief Commissioner of hnnds mul Works
fora flpooial lioonso in cut and carry away
timbor from tho following dosorlbad lands sit
niiled in tlio District of North E.sl kootenny,
1. Commoncing at a post plant-oil on the wost
sidi' nt (imii Creok, ahout throu mlloa up frnm
RubIi lllver, hi tlio District »f Nortli-KasI Knot-
mm), ll C.j nml innrkeil Ml. w. Gates' north-
went enrner pusl" thence cant 80 ehalm, tliuuco
-.uniii mi chains, thenco west mi chains,thenca
mirth hi chains to the puint <>f commencement,
Dated April 20tb, K1U7.
ll. VV. a.iTKS,
2. Commencing al a pout pliinti-ii mi tin* oast
Hide ol Moat drees, almut four miles up from Kn-ii
lliver, in the District <•( North-Kant Kootenay,
B.C. andmarked "<i. W.CaiW norlli-wostcor
nor post," ihenee oasl 80chains.llionce amirli80
clruns, tlienco wnst so chains, thence nortli -so
chains to the pnint nf commencement,
Dated April SiHIi, 1007.
0. W, OATKB.
8. Commencing at a pnsl plnntod on the east
side of Goat Creek, a hum Hve miles up from Hindi
River, in the Distriet uf North'Kasi Kootenny
B.C. and mnrkeil '*(!. VV. (nates' north-west corner nost," thence enst 80 chnlns, thonco south 80
elinins thenee wust SO ehalus, thouce nnrtli Kii
chnius lo thn pnint of commencement,
Dated April 20th, 1007.
4, Commencing at a post planted mi the ensl
side uf dual reek, about six mill's tip from Hush
River, in tho District of North-Kasl Kootonay,
R, c, and marked "(I. W, (lutes' north-west corner post," thence east 80 chains,theuce smith HO
chairs,tlienco west 80 chains, llienco math 80
chains to the -mint nf commencement.
Dated April 201 ll, 1007,
(1. W, GATES,
6. Commencing fit n pusl planted on the ensl
sideof Goat Creek, about Ok miles up from Hush
Kiver, in Hie District uf North-East Kootonay,
H.C nml marked "O. \V. Gates' north-west corner post." thenco east Kill chains, tlience south 40
'i>., thence west ioo chains, tlienco north in
chains tn the pnint nf commoncomont.
Dated April 2Pth, 1907.
ti. Commencing nt a pnst planted on Hu-cast
side nf Goat Creek almnt seven miles up frnm
Hush River, in the Distriot of North-Eoat Koot-
nay, B. C, anil marked "G. W. flutes' northwest corner imst," thence east id) chains, tlience
soutli 4(1 clmins, tlience west 100 chains, thence
imrlli 40 eliains to thfl pnint of roiitinenoemeiit,
Dated April 20th, 10117.
7. Commencing nt   ,1 pnst plantcil mi lhe easl
side nf Goat Croek, about 8 miles up from Bush
Itiver, in the Distriet of Nortli-EaBt Kootonay,
B, C, nnd marked "Q, W. Hates' linrth-wcst enrner pnst." tlienee enst so chains, thonce Bouth 80
chains, tlienee   west 80 chains, tlience nnrtli SO
chains to tlie point nf commencement.
Dated April 20th, 1007.
8. Commeneing ai a post plnnted on thc
east side n[ GoatCretk. about nine miles up
from Bush River, in the District nl North*Easl
Kootenay, H. C„ ami marked "IS. W. Gates'
north-west eorner post." thenee cast 80chains,
tlience south 80 ehains, thenee west 80 chnlns,
thenee north 80 chains to the point ol commencement.
Dated April 20th, 1007.
0. commencing at h posl planted on ihe
west bido of Goat Creek, shout :>■. milos up from
Rush River, In the District of North-Hast Knot-
enny, B. D„ and marked "(i. W, Gates' southwest eorner post," tlience north 100 ohains,
tlienco east 40 eliains. thenee poutb nm chains,
tlienee wost 40 chains lo Ihe-pnint nlci-an-
Dated April 20th, 1907.
10. Cummencing nt a post planlcd on the
west side of Goat Creek, about UU miles up
from Rush Itiver. In the Districl of Nnrth-Easl
Kootenny, B. (!,, nud mnrked "(i.W. dates'
sn'iili-easi corner post," thenee west 40 ehnins.
ihence north 100 ehains, iheneeeast 40chains.
Iheuce smith 160 chains to the po.ut oleum
DfltaMpril 20th, 1907.
11. Cemmenriiw nt n post planted un tho
west bank 0! Hunt Creek, about live miles up
from Rush itiver, 111 the District of North-East
Kontenay, It. C, and marked "G, W. Hales'
south-east comer post," ihence west 811 clmins.
ihence nurth su chains, tbeuce east B0 ehalus,
ihence south 80 chains io the point of commencement,
Dated April Billi, 1907.
sat my 18 0, W. GATES.
I inlend to apply m tin- Chlof Com minion or uf
Lands ninl ttok- for a special If cii-e In eul
.-iini carry away timber from the full.winy
described lands nil un led in West Koolfliriy.
Upper Arrow Ijt'io district:
. Commonclng at a pnsl planled on the
•Hi sideol Loon Crook, nboul touriiilloH frmn
tho mouth, marked "K \. Hallock's inii inl
mst," thenee south lo chains, llionoo oast 80
ihalns, thenoo nor'li 80 chains, thonco west H
'Iinins, thence sou lb In chains 1.1 placo of
2 commencing nl a post planted 10ohains
from the souih side of Leon Creek and nboul
■Hi mill's from Lho moutb, marked "E. N, Hal-
look's north wesl 001'lior JlOBt," thonce snulli SO
ihains, thonco east, |J0 cliains, Ihence north 80
■hains, llicii,*e west So chains to place of com-
;i. Commoncing al a postplantodon tho east
sideof tlm west fnrk of Leon Creek nud nbuul
dies from lhe Fork, marked "K, N Hallook'i
north*wost oorner post," thonoo simth 811 chains,
llienee east 80 ohains, thenoo norlli 80ehains,
lllOIICO wesl HI chains lo place of 001111)101100'
1. Commonclng at a post planted about fl
uhnins onst of tho south-wesl enrner of Limit 3
no lhe west Koik oflfioil Creek, marked "E.
\\ Hallock's uorth-wost oornor poat," thenoo
souih 80 chains, tlienee east80ohains, thonoo
norlli Sll chains, tliciioO WOSt 80 chains to place
if oommoncement,
a. Commonclng at a post plunled about '•'
cliains east of Um south-wesl cornerof Limit
No, I, marked "E. N. Hallock's north-west oor
ner nosl.," thenee south 80 eliains, tlience easl
Ml eliains, thenee nm-tli 80 chains, thencu wesl
80 cbaius in place of coininoiieenient.
0. Commenolng nt a post planlcd un iln
south side of LiouCic k aud about nine miles
from tho moulh. where said creek empties inlo
the Anow Lake, markod "K. N. Hallock's
north*wost eurner pest," thonoosouth 10ohains,
thoneo cast Wi chains, thonoo north 10 chains,
thenou west llio chains lo place of commencement.
Dated April 23rd, 1007,
wed my 1 E, N. IIA UOCK.
Notice ia Imriiliy given tlmt IIU ilnya nflifi- ilati-1
intoml to iiii|ily lu .In- chief Coiumlealonor of
I.ii.i.Ik n.i.l Works lor peniilaalon to pi.rcl.iiao tl.e
fi.llinvli.K dcacrlhed lnmls in tl.e Wuat Kootenny
Coinnieiiciiig at a poal planted nl tl.eeaatluuik
nf Uu. ('..luu...if. Itlverjuhoiit tlioliemlol IMIIIo
lllfllo uml mnrkeil T. K. Il's north-mist cornor"
thence oaat SO chuina, thonce soutli mi clialna,
thence nosl 2.1 chalna i« tl.e Columhia lllver,
llionce in ii iu.rtl.erlv direction lollowing .1...
.I.Tings ..I the Coin ..l.i.. Itiver 811 cl.fii.isto
— .iii-ifiiii-iit, containing aim... 100
Dated March
wel fl]l lo
lllr.l, A.ll., uio;,
It. It. IIITT..N.
I, Tims. Watson,acting as agent for J. Wilson,
intend sixly days after date tu apply tn the
Uoiiorahle Hie chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Wnrks fur permission in purchasu tlio following
descrihed lands, situated mi Upper Arrow Lake
and nmre particularly described as follows:
Commencing at ti posl planted at the s. E. curuer of Timber Limit 758.1, from llienco smith in
chains, fmm tlience west 100 chains, fmm theuce
north 10 cmihw, Ima* thenco east lOOchains to
puinl nf ctiinnieii'viiieir.   (Unions Hay dislricl.)
Dated April Mb, limy,
wed my l Agent fnr,I Watson.
Notico is hereby given i hat (ill days aflor date
I inlcnd to apply in the Chief Commlsslonor nf
Lands and Works fnr permission to purchase
tbo following described lauds invest Kootonay
.situated in Oalona Hay, commencing nt a
post planted on ihe east, Khoro of Uppor Arrow
Lake close to Catena poinl, and maiked "K.
.Simpson's BOUth-east eurner post," thence wesl
lOchains, thonce nnrlh 80 chains, thonoo oast
lOchains more or less io lako shore, Ihenco
along lake shore lo point, of commencement.
Hated April 121 bJlH 17.
snlnp lit KALPH SIMPSON.
Int itn  npilj   tu the Hun. the < iikf I'mmula
sioner of ban *- and Works fm p*n*n-i(in tnpur
chase the fulluwing described Im.i-i in Wwi
IC en iy di Uriel;
Commenc nc hi a post planted o i the 'test short
<>f Vpnur Aim*', Liikt-nn the north dido of the
Lime Kiln put. marked "T.H, MeKlio's S.E,
enrner," running weat in clialna, n it i (0 chains
east -in chain**, -uiitli 4n chains to point of com*
Dated March S!lh Ifl07.
sat apfl T. II. McKIM.
is hereby given that 00 davs after date I
iiileml to apply m the llmi. Hie Chief Cmmim-
•inner of Lands ami Works for permission to pur-
ihnse the followlne described lands in West
Cuotenay district:
Commencingat a post planted at the north-west
cornor of thu Limekiln Lot, running weatW
cliains,  thence  BOlltll  In cliain.*., thence  east In
chains, thence north 4" chains to place of commencement,
Daled .March Mb, 1007.
Notice is hereby given lhat DO days aftor date
I inlend tn make application tothe lion, Chief
Commlsslonor of Lands and Work- for permission in purchase lhe following described lands
situatod in West Kootenay distriot, on the west
shore of Upper Arrow Like opposite Nakusp,
Cooimoiiolngal a postmarked "H. Nolson's
north-oast conior," thence west in chains.
theuce south 80 ehuins, Ihencu cast pi chains
moro or less to lake shore, theuoe north SO
cliiiins following lake shore to puint of commencement, containing 320 acres mure or less.
Dated Ibis 2nd dayof April, 1907.
NoriOfl is hereby given t hat 00 days after dale
I intend tn make applieatiun to the Hon. Chief
Commissionerof Lands ami Works for permission iu purchaso lh" fulluwing doscribod lands
situated in Wosl Kootenai district:
Commenolng at a post plantod. on tho west
shore uf I'pper Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp,
H. ('., ami marked "Jj\ Wilson's south-east
conior," Ihence west 40 chains, thence uorth 10
ehains, ihence oast lo chains more or loss to
lake shore, thence south 40 chains following
lake shore Io poinl of cuiiiim neeiocnt.
Daled this 2nd day uf April, 1007,
Bat apfl Harding Nelson, Agont
sixty days alter dale I intend to applv to tbe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the fob
lowing described lands, situated nbuut three-
quarters of n mile up Moiqulto Creok, Upper
Arrow Lnko ou the east side, joining -'K, dt 8.
Block No, h7tion Ihosouth-east corner running
nortn 80 chaius, ihenee easi 10ehalus, south ou
ebains, wesl 4u chains to point of commencement,
Dated March •.'2nd, I0C7.
Notice is hereby given tbat80 days after dale
I iuieml tn apply lo -Jie i blef Commissioner of
Lends and Works for i ennls>ion to purchase
the fulluwing described lands in Nurth-east
huulenay Districl:
i. Commencing nt a post marked''W, J,
Otto's north-enst corner," planted ontheCol-
umbia Itiver, shout 2m cbnins upstream frum
Kinbasket Lnke. ihenco wesllOOchalns, thenee
Bflllth 40 ohains, theuce east ltio chains, llienee
nurth -10 clmins io point of commencement,
Dated April 7th, iwi7.
2. Cummcinlng at a post marked "W.J.
Otto's Bottth'Weat corner," planted on Middle
Kiver, about 80 cliiiins irom the muuih, thence
uorlh 80 chains, tbeneo east so chains,
tbenee soutb 80 clialns, ihenoo west 80 chains
iu p nu of commencement,
I'aied ApiIIOlh, 1007.
satap27 W. J, OTTO
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and lloaler In Live Stock. Markets in all tho principal Citira and
Towns o! Alherta, British -....umbia and the Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Brand
"l.n eratnr *' Hams and Bacon, anil Sliimmck Brand, Leal l.anl. jt
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer ill Wood, Conl and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Green Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Be«f, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season, Orders promptly attended to,
FirstSt. Revelstoke
Notice is hereby given thnt CO days afterdate
I li.tend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Situated about two miles north of the mouth
of McDonald Creek, on lhe east shore of Upper
Arrow Lake, joining T. L 6.915 on the.suiith-
west corner; running east Id chains, south 10
chains, wesl 10 chains, north lo chains tu place
of commencement.,
Dated March Uh, 1007-
sat meh 9 THOMAS WJtlOHT,
Notice ts hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend t» npplv m iln* Honors bin. tne Chief "Com-
missioner oi lAndi and Works for permission to
purchase the fiillu»hi(! described lands, altuuted
nn l'p|M*r Arrow Uke ami descriU-d as follows:
ComMenolOf nl n punt planted lil chnlns
nurth of the south-east cornier of LotfiOOfl, and
marked "J K. UcLcsn'l B. W, curlier pusl,"
tlience north le chains, thence east 8n chains,
theuoe smith ID chsins, ihenee west wi chHlns
to place ol commencement, cuniaininn ',au
Dated April 13th, 1W7,
wcdspl? J. K, McLtAN.
Notice Is hereby given that within thirty day.,
from date I inlend lo apply to the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fnr a
special license tocut ami carry away timber from
the following described lands, situated in West
Kootenay District,
1, Commencing at a post about a mile frnm
the head df Cariboo ..ake, mnrked ' A. Kvnus'
iioith-west corner pnsl," thence sonth w
cbnins, east 80chains, norlh ki chains, wesl B0
chains io pnint ol commencement,
% Commeneing at n post about two miles
(rom the head nf cariboo ' nke, on the eaBt
shore, marked "A. Evans'north-west cornor
post," thence south so chains, cast 80 chains,
north 80ei.ahis, west sochains to the pointol
Dnted April USml. Itfrj7.
3. Commencing at a posi about two miles
from the hend ol Cariboo Lake and about one
mile back Irom said lake, marked "W.Edwards'north-west corner pust," thencesouth
80 chains, ea^t 80chains, north 80chains, wesi
So cbaius to point of commencement
Dated April Und, 1007
4. commencing at a pusl about one mile
from the head ol Cariboo Lnke aud one mile
back from lake shore, marked ' A,Evans' northwest corner post," theuce south 80 cliains, enst
80 eh.tins, norlli 80 chains, west 80 chains lo
point uf cmineiiccmenl,
Dated April JJnd, I'.m,'.
5. Commencing at a posi ahout n mile from
the head of Cariboo Lake and nbuut a mile
from the lake Fhore, uiarked W Edwards'
south-east corner post,"' tlienee west 80 ehnins
norlh 80 chains, east 8J chains, smitli 80 chains
to point uf commencement
Dated April Bud, 1907.
0, ..'ommeiieing nt n post planted at Hit
north-east corner of Cariboo Lake, murked "A
Evnns'nurih-enst eurner pnsl," tlience west 80
chains, south 80 chains, east HO chnius, north
so chains to puint of commencement,
Dnted April 26th, Pm'.'.
7. Commoncing at a post plnuted nbout H
milos up a small crook emptying at tho bond of
Cariboo Lake, markod "A. Evans'north-west
corner pust," thouco south Kfi cbnins, unst 80
chnius, north BOchains, wost 80chains to point
of eonimencomout.
Dntod April 24th, 1907,
8, Cummencing at a post pinnlnil at A,Evans'
north-west coruor, nud about H milos up u small
crook emptying Into hnnd of Cariboo Lnko,
mnrkod "Walter Edwards' wiulli>wosl enrnor
post," thence nnrth Wlchaiiw oust81)ehains,
BOUth 80 chains, wobI 80 chains to [mini uf commeucemeut.
Dated April 21th, 1907,
<,<. Cnmmi'iicim* at a post plantod about a
milo up a small creek emptying intu tho uurth
end of CttHboo Lnko and miirknd "A, Evans'
south-east comer post?1 thonce west 80 ohains,
north 80obulns, east Michnins, soutli 80 chains
to iHiint nf cuiiimeucomiiit,
Dated April Mtb, 1907.
10. Cuminniiciiig at a posl plantod about iW
milos up n crook running iuin tlm bond of Cariboo Lako. on lho oast sido of said lako, and
mnrkod "Walter Edwards uorth-wost cornor
posti" tlionco south ROlchains, east 80chains,
uurth 8>i chains, wost SO chain! to point uf com*
Datod April 27th, 1907.
Nol ice is hereby given 1 hnt :I0 days ufler date
I intend lo apply tu the Chief Commissionerof
Lauds and works fui* a special license lo eut
and carry nwafv timber from the fulluwing described lands situated in llm Lillooel Dislrict,
II. Cl
13 Commencing at a pnst planted on the
wo«t side of stimli stream running uouth and
tributary t« tlio north fork of Nonh Barriere
Lake and about fmtr miles north from the
forks, marked "A. Mo(,\imicir> N. W. corner
Limil No. 1.1, Fisher Crock Hlock, running IOO
chains suulh. |n chains n-is . Hie uhalns north,
in i hains west tu place nt eiuuiie neeir.iint
ll. Commencing at a poal planted on the
west side uf small strenni running souih and
tributary to imrih furk nf North Uarrloro Like
aud about four miles north fnnn fork , marked
"A. MeConncl.'s s. VV, corner Lima No. U,
Fisher Creek Iilnek " runniug llio chains norlh,
1(1 chnius easl, HM) chains south, liirliaiu-* west
lo place of com liionco mont,
Dated March 23rd, 1907,
15. Commencing m apost planted ono mile
smith from creek running S. W, from heud of
Fisher Creek and abuul three iniles south ■«.■•.!
from lake nt head of h isher Creek, niarked " .
McConnells S, W. corner limit No. 15, Flslmr
Creek Hlock," running 160 clmins north, In
chains easl, liii chains south, lOchains west, lu
place ofcoiiimenoomoiit.
io Commonclng at a post planted one mile
suulh from ereek running BW fiuin bead uf
Fisher Creek, and abuut 3 miles 8, VV, frnm
lake nl head uf Fisher Creek, marked "A. Mc-
Connell's s. K. corner Limit N i. lil, Klshor
Creek llluok•running 160 ehnins noil h, 10 chaius
wesl, IliO chuius south, 10 chnlns east tu placoof
17, Commencing nt a post planted uu the
north side of small Btr^nn*1 running S VV. frnm
head of Fisher Creek and aboul 3) miles S. W.
from Lake ul head nf Fisher Creek,maiked "A.
McConnell's N. K corner Limit No. 17, Fisher
Creek Blook." running 10 chains south, 160
chnius wesl, 10 chains nnrth, 160 clmins cast to
place of commencement.
Dated March Will, 1907.
Notice Is hereby given thai 3ndavs nficr dale
1 inlend toapply l-i Ihe Hon. the Chief Com
missioner of Lands und Works for a special
poriniSHion tocut and carry away limber from
thu following laud, situate lu East Kootonay
1. Commonolng nt a post marked "Swan
Carlson's southwest cornet* post." planted on
lhe suuth side oi Columbin river, running
north 80 ohains, theuco easl sn chains, thenee
souih 80 chains, thence wesl so chains to puint
of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Swan
Carton's southwest eurner post, "planlcd abuut
).J iniles fmm--onl li I ank of the Columbia river
and about 1 miles aliove Cedar Creek, thenee
so cliains north, theuce Ht chains eaat, thence
80 ehaiiiH south, thenoo 80 ohains west to point
uf commoncomont.
3. Commencing at a post marked "Swan
Carlson's* northeast eurner i ost," planted about
2 miles south nf the Columbia river nnd about
2 miles easl of Cedar Creek, thence soulh 100
chains, Iheuce wesi lo chains, thence north 100
cliains, thenee easl Pi chains tu puinl of commencement.
i. Commoncing at a posl marked "Swan
Carlson's northwest corner pust," plunled on
lho northeast eurner of Swan Carlson's limit
Nu, 3, Ilieucc south. 160 chains, thencu east lu
chains, theuce north 16n ehnins, thence west lo
chains tn the puint of cumtncnceiiient.
5. Commonolng ut a pusl marked "Swan
Carlson's northeast corner post," planted about
oue half mile east of Swan Carlson's limit No. 1
thence south 160 chains, Ihence west 10 chain
thence north Hi*' chains, thouce east 10 chains
lo poinl of commencement.
6. Commencing at a post marked "Swan
Carlson's northwesl corner post," planted ou
the nurlhcasl comer of Swan Carlson's limit
No. 5, thenco south 80 chains, theuce east bO
chains, thence north 80 chains, tbenee weat80
chains to puinl of commencement,
7. Commencing at n post marked "Swan
Carlsons suuth-east corner post," planted on
tbe northwesl corner uf Swan Carlson's limit
No 0, thenco west SO chains, thence nurth Hi
cha ns, theuco east 80 chains, theuce south 80
ehains tu point uf commencement,
S. Commencing nt a post marked "Swan
Carlson's uortheasl coruer post." planted ou
(he soulli bank of the Columbia river about
Ihiee-fourlhsof a mile above Cedar Creek,
llienee south lOOchains, thence we-t 10eliains,
thouco noith bio chains, tbeuce cast 10 chains
to poinl of commencement
0. Commencing at a post maiked "Swan
Carlson's northwest corner post,' planted on
the south bank of the Columbia river, joining
Swan Carlson's limit No. s. Ibeuce suuth tou
chains, tbenee east 10 cbaius, Iheuce north 160
chains, tiie west 10 chains to puiut of com
iu. Commencing at a post mnrked 'Swan
Carlsons northeast co'ner post,"planted about i
miles Boutli uf the Columbia river and in a southerly directiun from Cedar Creek, thence west 100
chains, tlienee soulli 40 chains, thencu east 16u
chains, thence north W eliains to point of com-
April Itilb, 1(107.
.-al may 1 SWAN CARLSON.
wed op '21
Notico is horoby given that thirty days aftor
dato wo iutond to apply to tho Hon. Chief
Commissionerof Lands and Wurks fur liconso
to cut and carry nwav timber from the fulluwing doscribod lauds in the District uf Wosl
Knntenay iu lhu Province of liritish Columbia,
about U milo south of Salmon Crook:
Cumineiicing at a post planted al Thomas
Pearson's S. E, corner post and marked "Huw
man Lumber Company S N. K, cumer." Ihence
soutli loclinlns, thence west lanchains, thence
nurth 80 chains, thence east 10 chains, thonee
suuth I" chains, theuce oast 80 chains to puiui
uf coiiinieiicomunl.
Uuieil April .Hlli, Wi',.
satap27     Bowman LumiiukCo., Ltd,
Notice Ib hereby given that oo days afterdate I
Intend to apply to the Hun. llie Chiel Commissioner nf Lauds and Works for pormission to p n-
chase lhe following described lands, situated un
Upper Arruw Lukes, and "lore particularly desciibed as fellows:
Commencing at the soutli-wost corner of Lot
1189, thunce easl w chains, thence south oo
chains, thence west to slmre uf Lake, tllOIICO following tneandorlllgfl "f said lake north tu point uf
commencement, Containing ISO news more or
Dated March mil, 1007.
sat meh no I'er O, Bitmnor, Agent.
Notice is hereby ghen that (Kidayi after date I
intend tu apply tu the llmi. Chief Coinm.Balmier
of Landsaud Works fur permission to purchase
the fulluwing described fluids hi Wesl kimleu-iy
D strict:
Commencing at a post platltsd on the eastern
bank uf the Cuhunhln Kiver almul one-fourth uf a
mile below Pricsl Rapids and marked '% II. W.'s
Boutn-oaat corner," thunce north lo chains, tlienco
west 10 chains, ilieucc sonlh m chaiim tn lho bank
uf the Columbia River, thence iu a sniith>oasterly
direction following the inenmlerlugs of the Columbia liber lu point uf commencement, containing almiiL KXlncrcH.
Dated March 80th, A.D., 1007,
wud ap 10
V, 11. WELLS,
N.iMce Is hereby given that 80 days after dote I
Intend tnapp y to tlw Hon. the Chief Commission
er of Lands and Wnrks fur a speeiul license tn cut
■iml carry away iim er from (lu following de-
.- rlbetl lands in Cariboo district:
1 Commonclug at a post maiked "W, J.
Olh'- north-west eurner," planted on Canoe
itiver, ale nt lo milos from mouth of Ptarml'
gnu Creek ilieucc BO chain- east,thence 80
uhalns south, hence Sll chain*, wost, thenco 80
cliains north tu point of colliineiiceu.eul.
Dal id March mh, 1907.
2, Commenolng at a noat marked "W, J,
Oito's souih-west coruer, planted on Ptarml*
gau Creek about 1 miles up horn muuth. thence
SO chains east, thence 80 ehains nurth, tbenee Sn
ehnins we-l, thence 80ahatttfl suuth lo point uf
3. Commeneing at a posl inarked "W.J.
Oito's soulh-wc'i enrner. planted un I'tarmi
gau (.'reek, ahnnt 7 miles frum mouth, thence
80 chains cost, thonco -o chains south, thence
Ml chains enst,thenco l» chain- north, ihence 80
chains west, U cc 'in chuius north, (hence S'l
ohains wost, thonco 10 ohalna suuth tu point uf
I, Coinineneilig at a post marked "W. J,
Oito's south-west cornor," planted on Ptarmigan creek about 0 milos fmm the moii'h, tbenee
I6H ebains cast, thence 10 chain- north, thence
Hill chains rnsl .thence in chains soulli lo point
of commencement.
Daled Maroh 28tb, 1C07,
A, Commonclng at a post marked "W.J.
Otto's nurlb ea-t corner, planted on Canoo
Itiver, nbuut 00 miles from month, theme 160
Ohains west, thenco to chain- suuth, thenee 160
chains east, thence  10 chain- north to point Oi
Dated March 31-1,1907.
0, Commonclng at a p*»t marked "w. j,
Olio's north-east eurner. planted out anoe
Itiver alHiut 05 miles from mouth, thenee80
chains south, Liionco 80 chain- west, thenoe 80
chains north, thence 80 chain** ea.-t tn point of
7. Commonclng al a pust marked "W.J.
OIloV MUth'CftSt corner, planted on CanoQ
Kiver, abuul 03 miles frum the mouth, thenee
8ii chains north, tbeuce so chains west, tbenee
80 chains south, tlionco Hi ebains ea-t to point
of commencement.
S. Commenolng al a pMt marked "W. J,
Otto's nortb-eait corner,' planted on Canoe
Itiver, about 70 mile- fmni moulh, thence 80
ohnlns south, thonoo n> chains wosl, thenco 80
chains north, thenco BOchains cast to point uf
0. Commonolng al a post marked "W, J.
Otto's south-east oorner, planted on Cnnoe
River, about 70 mites from Its moulh, Ihence
Hkichains wesl, Ihence lOchains north, tbeuce
100 chaiu- cast, (hence lo chains -outh lo iwint
uf cuiiiinenceineiit.
Dated Maroh 30th, 1907.
witnp27 W. J, OTTO.
N'otice is hereby given lhat 30 days afler date I inlcnd lo apply to tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands md Works fora
•ipecial license lo cut and tarry awav limber from tin* following described lands
situated in Can! 00 district:
1. Commencing at a post planted about
i% miles up Glacier Creek and niarked
"litis K. Hedstrum's X. H. comer post,1'
ihence south So chains, west 80 chains,
nonh So chains, oast So chains lo point of
a. Commencing at a posl planted about
i% miles up Glacier Creek andmarked
'(lus E. Hedstrum's N. W, corner posl,"
Whence -south So chains, east 80chains,
north 80 chains, west So chains lo point of
j. Commencing at a posi planted al lhe
souih fork Of Glacier Creek and marked
Gus E. Hedstrum's N. W, corner posl,"
thence soulh 80 chains, east So cliains,
north So chains, west So chains 10 point of
4. Commencing at a post planted ai the
outh fork of Glacier Creek and marked
'Gus E.  Hedstrum's S.E. cornerpost,''
thence uortli So chains, west 80 chains,
soulh 80 chains, east So chains to point of
5, Commencing ai a post planlcd al lhc
soulh fork oi Glacier Creek ami marked
Gus E. Hedstrum's X. E, oornor post,''
thetice south So chains, west So chains,
north So chains, east So ebains lo poinl of
Dated May 10th, 1907.
u, Commencing ai apost planled \}i
miles up wesi lork of Glacier Creek and
lour chains north ol the creek and marked
Gus E. Hedstrum's S. E, corner post,"
theuce wosl So chains, north Sochains,
oast So ohains, south So chains to point of
7. Commencing at a post planted about
three miles up west fork oi Glacier Creek
and about four chains north oi the creek
and marked "Gus E, Hedstrum's S. W,
oorner post," ihence north 160 chains,
oasl 40 chains, south 160 chains, west 40
clmins to point ot commencement.
8. Commencing it a post planted alxmOhreo
miles up west fork of Glacier! reek and about
four chains north of tho Creek aud marked
"Qus E. Hedstrum's S. E. coruer post," thonce
uortb lOOchains, westiOchainssouth lOOchains,
east in chain- to pointof commencement.
9. Commencing at apost planted about threo
ami a half mile- up west fork of Qla< ier Croek
and about four chains north of the Creok and
marked "Uu- E. Hedstrum's N. W, corner post,'
theuce oast 160 ehains, south in chains, west 100
chains, north 40 chains to point of commeucemeut.
10. Commencing at a post planted about
1 lire" and a half milos up west fork of Glacier
('reek ami aboul four chains north of the Creek
and mnrkod "Uu- E Bedstrum's S E. comer
post" theuce nortb 80 chains, wo-t hi chains,
soath 80 ohains, east 80 chains to point of cum-
11. Commeneing at a post planted about
three and a half inile-up wo--t fork of Glacier
Creuk ami aboul four chains nortb nf the Crook
aud marked "Gu-K. Hedstrum's N, E. eurner
post," thence west 160 ohains, south 40 chains,
east 160 chains, nurih 10 chain- iu point of commencement.
11 Cummeuciug at a post planted about ono
half mile below mouth of north fork of Glacier
Creek and marked "Qus E Hedstrom's S W.
corner post," thence north P«i chains, oast 10
ohains, -outh ltio chain-, wost lu chaius to puiut
uf commencement.
13. Commencing Bt a post planted about ono
half mile below; north fork of Glacier Creuk and
markud "Qua E. Hedstrum's S. E. cumer pust,"
thence north 160 chains, west m chains, south
Wl chain.-, east 4'J chains to point uf commencemeni.
11. Commencing al a post planted at the
north fork of Glacier Creok and inarked "Gus
E, Hedstrum'B S. E. corner post," ihenco north
100 chains, we-l hi chaiu- south ItiOchiiiii.-,, east
lu chains Ui point of commencement,
15. Commencing at a post planted on west
fork uf Glacier Creuk and almul one half mile
above tbo north fork and marked 'Uu- E.
Hedstrum's N. E. comer post," thenco west imi
chains, soulh in chain-, easl lOOcbalUS, north 10
chains to point of commencement,
16. Commencing at a post planted on west
fork of Glacier Creek and about uno half mile
abovo ll.e north fork and marked "Gu.-E.
Hedstrum's 8, E. curuer post " thouce west 160
chains, north 40chains,east 100 cbaius, suuth 40
chains to iiuiiit of commencement.
Dated May llth, 1907.
17. Commencing at a post planted about a mile
up the soutb fork of Glacier Creek ami marked
"Uus E. Hedstrum's N.W, curuer post," thence
south 80chaius, east83 chains, north so chains,
west hi chains to pnint of commencement,
18. Commencingat a post planted ai«mt one
mile up the south fork of Olaclei Clock and
marked "GuaK Hedstrum's N. fi, comer post"
thence soutli 80 chains, west 60 chains, nnrth SO
chains, east sn (hains to poiut of commencement.
19. Cum uu* unc ing at a pc-t planted almut three
mile.-up tho souih fork nf Glacier Creek and
marked "Qus S. Hedstrum's S. W. eurner pnsl,"
thence imrth 80 chains, easi sn chains, suulh SO
chains, west S'l chains to point of commencement.
20. Commencing at a post plautod about
throe mile:* up ihe -outh fork of Glacier Creek
and marked "Qus E. Hedstrum's 8, E- comer
posl," tnence n..rib 80 chain-, thunce wost 80
chains,thencesouth80 chains' theuco east 80
chains to point of cumrnoiiceinoui.
21. Commoncing at a post planted about
three mile-up ihe south fork of Glacier Croek
aud marked " Uu- E. Bedstrum's N. W, coruor
post," thence sonth Su chaiu-, oast 8n chain--,
nnrth Nl chains, west St) chain- to pointof commencemeni.
'i'i. Commenc in.: at a post planted ulmut
three miles up the south fork of Glacier Creak
ami marked ' Uu-E Hedstrum's N, E. coruor
post," thencesouth lOOchains, wost to chains,
uorth 160 chain-, east 40 chains lo pointof
Dated May I3ib, 1907.
23. Commencing at a post plantod nn tho
north bank of Douglas Creek and about 140
chains from tbo mouth ami marked "Gun E.
Hodstrum's S. E, corner |Ktst.'' thonco north 100
chaius, we-t lu chaiu-, south PW chaius, oast 10
chains to point of commeucemeut.
ii, Commencingal a po-t plantod on tho
mirth bank uf Douglas Creek about 140 chaius
from tbe moulh aud market Qus E Hodslrum's
N. \V. corner post," thoieo east sn chains,
sooth so chains, west 80 ehains, north 80 ehains
to poiul of Cnmnioiiremcnt,
2a. Commencing at a post planted nn the
north bank of Douglas Creek and almut 140
chain.-from thu moulh and inarked "Gus E.
Hendstrum's 8. W. corner post," thonco nnrth
100 ohains, east in chains, south lOOchains, wost
40 chaiu? tu point of commencement.
26. Coinnieiiciiig at n post planted on lhe
soulh bank of Douglas Creek and nInini two and
R ijuarter mile-frum the mouth and marked "Gus
E Hedstrom's 8. W. comer pu--t," theuco north
160 cliain-. east 40 chain-, -outh 160 chain-, wosl
Pi chain- to point of commcnccunout.
Dated May 15th, 1907.
27. Commencing at a post planted almut livo
chains north of Bouldor Creek and aliout two
and a half mile-from tl.o mouth and inarkod
"(in- E. Hed-truin'- N. VV comer imst." thonc
south SOohains, oasl so chains, north Hi chains,
wo-t B0chains W point nf commencement.
'i&. Commeneing at a post plantod about livo
chain-north of Moulder Croek and alsmt lwo
and a half mile-from the mouth ami markoil
"Qus B. Hedstrum's S. E coruor post." theuco
uorth lOOchains,wett40oha)os,south l&ichaius,
east 10 cbalni to |K)iut uf commeucemeut.
29. Commencing al a post pi an loo almut five
chain-north of Itouldor Crunk and aliout two
and a half milo.-from the moulh and marked
"Qus E. Hedstrum's 8 w. corner post," thonco
imrth 160 chain.-, east (0 chains, smith IHO
chains, west40 chaiu* to point ol commencement.
Dated May 18th, 1907,
wed.majrJ Gl'S. R, HED8TKCM.
NOTICE is hereby given that00 days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Com
missioner of Uinds and Works for permission to
purchaso the (ollowlng described lands in the
West Kootenay District;
CnmmeiR'ing at. a pust planted about '■. mile
north of southeast corner of Timber Limit 7016
thence north Hi chains, went 80 chains, south 80
chains, casi Hi chains to point of commencement
Cnnlaliiing Old acres more ur less,
Dated May lth, 1007.
Butty days after date I intend to apply in tlm
Bonorable the chief Commissioner uf Land- un.l
Wurks (nr permission to purchase tbe following
described lands ikoaled on i'pper Arruw i^iku
and mure particularly described as follows:
Cummencing at a pout planted about W mile
north ot south-east corner ut Timber Limit 7010,
thence north S'l chain-, thence east Hi chains,
Bouth B0 chain-, we-t sn chains to point of com*
men* ement.  Containing opi acres mnn- or less,
Dated Mas 4th, iwi7.
wed may 8 I,. H. Ml LEAN.
Notice i- hereby given lhat 00 day:- aftor dato
I intend to i.pply tu the Hon. the Chief Com
tnlssl »   of Lands   and Works   fur   i-or-
mission to purchase the following lnnds sltUtt*
od on I'pper Arrow Lake aud described as
follows 1
Commeuelng nt a pust plnuled on Hall
Wsv 1 reek about three, miles frnm lakt slioro
snd markod • J.!'. McLean's 8, E. corner post,"
Uience west Hi chains, thenee nurth 80 en&inn,
thence cast so chains, tlience south 80 chains
b* plsce of commencement, Coniaiiilt.-* '*w
seres more or less.
Pated May 7th, 1807,
wed may 8 J. D. McLEa.\ Charming New Parasol Creation
Dainty. Summery nmiits of Laco, Silk. Chill md  Ayelot Embroideries direct fi".*i.i
!■: ., ii I hy il..- " Km..ress British.*"
There's dozens and downs of those hewilchiugly stunning eltocta  ami  no  two nil >•.
Then there are tho plain colors to li tilimiHl  any dress.   Linen color parasols til
Silk, in- Real Linen, plain or embroideried-S'.'ine willi colored silk linings,
ill in all itstheinosl pretentions showing of Parasols evei- made In the city, and llie
Ladies .in- all vieing i" gel llrsl choice, hnl thc selection is bo huge lhat llieril is choice for ,.11.
Corneal once if jusl to sec the pretty new things we have to show you,
tided as oorre-l a plan or description f
thereof, and hns iiiiule an estimate
nnd  report  of the expense ...- ensl |
] thereof, ..lid has iis.'.-iIni..ed and.1.'I.-i- j
I mined mul shown mi snid plan .....I in .
Is.-.i.i rei nrts.vliiitlaiidorre.il property
will lie Immediately h"neUted hy the
p. ..posed liiiprovenieiits.
I    And Whi-i'i'iis in pu.wii.ti I tin*
Muslins and Silk llio
England,   Children's
-*,   Men's
fish Soils
swell   line   uf
snid liy-htw lhe Cily Clerk lm- iiseer-
I lined antl determined lhe pcinorllon
in which the assessment is n. he innde
.a ilie various pnriionsof In.,.I or real
l-i i>,<<-, t v in In- hi'iiellled and has .Inly I
......I., his report thereon in 'in- Conn-
.-il .md which report lms been apptlived
of nnd adopted hy the Council.
Ami Whereas notice signifying llie
(linii.eirs Intention tn undertake such!
improvements ..ml »l' umking lhe
nssi ssiuenl Ihereforh.is heen publ'shed j
and given as required by said By-law.
ninl ll.e Munli'lp.ll Clauses Ael nn.1 nn !
pel il Inn has been presented against, j
thc proposed Improvements.
And Whereas $011,511.75 ii
...........I    of   III.-.'list    "I    llll'   S
p.'iivo.mints .mil is lhe ainoiinl
principal dele In
llv law.
II... lo'al
said lin-
I Ibe
Healed by Ihis
Anil Whereas 1
Scellnn 2".tl of ll.
Ael llie Oi.tllicil   Is
i-.-ise nl by-lawspa«
l.l. l.v infill n
■   S..lis|.'-|i,..|   17 ..I
Municipal Clauses
empowered in the
■il for works pay.
in.-Iit, in older
v gents
for tlm
We arc A
ty famous
ty Stock Foo
ty    Lart;e stoc
ty    Write  for
ty call and see it.
ty ——
f Canada Drug & Book Co. f
ty ty
Come und tnsto the dainties made
hy tin- Indies ol Knox Ohuroh on Mny
Kit (nr yonr photos on the holiday—
ild. ul May—at Trueman's. K. 11.
Truemi.n personally in charge,
Leave your orders Ior nil delicacies
'„,,-„„, £, ol culinary art by the Knox Church
manendi   *   |adiea with nny niembiu- ut tba Guild.
Wednesday, Mny 22nd, for 24 hours,
I'm -settled, showery nnd cloudy, (limp
nnd raw. Indentions nf change Inter.
I..pl.t tn moderate winds, Temp.
Max. 56 degrees, Min. II.
Local and General.
Iir. Murrisun nnd !■'. Cameron lefl
.... Mmulay inr a week's bear hunting
nip in tlie Lllecillemot country,
Mr. nnd Mr.-. C I*. Lindmark lelt nn
Monday morning lor n trip tn the Old
Country nml Europe,
The Independent Hnnd will give nn
open air concert, weather permuting,
un Thursday night in tlie lower town,
It may he ol interest and importance to many tn know tlmt all Free
Miner** Licenses expire on Friday,
May Al.
The Ladies Auxiliary ol the 11. II.
Y. .Nl. C. A. will hold a social iu the
V. M. (.'. A. parlors on Tuesday evening, June 18th,
Tie Udies' Guild Kim.. Church
have arranged a good programme lor
Thursday, May 30th. introducing
many novel teatures.
Grand M..st..r Schofleld, nf the
Masonic Order in B. C, was enter-
tained on Monday night by the Kuuk-
nay Ludge No. 15, at a banquet.
The I ord's Day Alliance at Toronto
have appli.d in (he Attorney-General
Ior permission to bring prosecutions
for infractions uf the Lord's Day Act.
The Ladies' Guild ul St, Peter's
Church have realizul a aim of over
|100, after all expenses ..re paid, as
proceeds of their entertainment on
Friday la=t.
The new organ purchased frum
Calgary by the Ladie,' Guild of rit.
Peter's church has teen shipped and
■ ild he very shortly ready iur
ii --., ment in Uit church.
*>;•--;-. IVoolsey ,*c Lefeaux hnve
commenced excavations at the inter-
- iti i. I Sec ud Street and MoKen-
,.,- Avenue, opposite the City Hull.
lor the erection I a big store.
Messrs McPhail and Hurnell will
ibortly open iheir new premises - n
McKenzie Ah-..us, as first-class tea
snd relreshnient re ms.
Wnrk on the dun. and river bank is
now being linished up Iur (he season
and only ii lew hands are employed on
hilb works,
II the youth of the eity persi.-t in
bicycling mi the sidewalks after dark
nnd without lights they lire liable tn
he up against nn unpleasant interview
with the police.
J, Carlson, a Swede, and a stranger
in town wns suddenly taken seriously
ill mi Monday night at the Oriental
Hotel. He was nt once removed t.
lhe hospital, where I.e. now lies in n
dangerous condition.
Au interesting football match lms
been arranged lor Friday, Mny 2Ith
on the Gun Club grounds between
Field and Revelstoke. As both tennis
are confident ul success the tune
should prove al tractive to devotees of
Mr. Vance, ol Anderson, Indiana,
bus lell willi a large party for French
Creek, Hig llend, where he will he in
charge ol the mining operations on
the American Mining Company
property whicli will be developed th
summer by eastern capital.
A young mare attached to a rig
belonging to Woolsey & Lefeaux took
it into her  head  to play acrobatic
tricks in the street yesterd iy nlternnun
and did a neat Bomcreault backwards
between the shafts lulling in a I.-ap
underneath the rig.
At the regular drawing of the Pacific
l.ti.in Company, Ltd., tlio fortunate
contract holder wns M.-.-A. .1. W'ashclt
Mr. Wasl.ett ia i.n.v entitled ina loan
il $1.0(10 ai less than two per cent.
Per further particulars apply to the
oumpatiy, 529 Pender St. Vancouver
or Mr. W. 1!. Rubsrison, Revelstoke.
Reaping the Harvesl Oompany
gave a performance last nighl to au
appreciative audience,    The piece is
powerlul with a g I caste, tin   r	
heing well sustained by all, Miss
lliunner did splendid work nnd with n
gracelul carriage and clever acting
was by far the mainstay ol the piece
The choir and managers ol Knox
Church have presented tl. Floyd with
a handsome silver ten Bervice, consisting of lour pieces and a tray, as
token  uf
Cine and sec the "Ribbon Drill"
hy the Wee Ones, under the directorship ol Mrs. Teller, at lhe Knox
Chinch May Festival, May 30,
Social and Personal
Mrs. VV. Morris will not be at home
until the lirst Saturday in June.
The Rev. C. A. Proeunier left yesterday lor Nelson for a few dnys visit.
Mrs. D. Lyttle left nn Sunday evening for Vancouver, oa a visil tn her
sister, Mrs. J. F.dwards.
Mr. Williamson, nf lien.- Creek, nnd
his sun (.1. Williamson leave tomorrow
for a ttfp to Ireland.
E, W. II. Paget has retiiriie.' from a
round visit tu Nelson, through the
Crow's Nat to Calgary.
Mra. Harry Morris un.l l.i...ily an.l
Mrs. Farrell lelt this morning for
Halcyon on a three weeks' visit.
Bishop Dart, of the Kontenay
Diocese, will hold confirmation in Si.
Peter's church nn Sunday, June  10th.
Mra. It. Laiighton gave an afternoon
ten yesterday, in honor ul Mrs. ,1,
Laughton, who is leaving un Friday
morning for an extended trip in the
Uld Country,
Mis. Gen. Miiiiu.lrell, uf An..sir. ng,
mother nl 11. R, Mniindrell ..( I'.
Burns & Cu.'s stall', wl.. his heen
visiting Mr. and Mrs, Mn.in.hell here
(or the paat two uiiinti.s, ieti.r-.ied
homo yesterday.
Owing In high water in lin- Colum-
I in River canyon the ss. jtevpletoke
haa been prevented from cumin.:
below the bridge fur ll.e Eagles'
Arruw Lake excursion .... Empire
Day, consequently the trip has been
culled ull',    T ... c. minim-.- wired tn
Nelson   In  endenvoi   if
,. ...i-i
secure a steamer from tin
in fr mh
(*. 1', U , I.ul   fi   hunt   ei
ni.l  m.t
procured.   Those  wh..  1
.-..-  1...
tickets  wiil  have  their
;n moy
under auspices ••'. K. ex (       i
MAY   30.   1907
A.-k  your neighbor
win. am
It wili t
tl...- label i
., all it
ml mure,
itates ui.
nl ll.*-
.1 lor   roughness
25c. and 50c.
W. BEWS. Pa, B
Druggist nnd Stationer.
Mail Orders promptly attended
io ai Him Store,
services as acting organist during th
wii.ter itliB, Mr. Floyd, in accepting the gitt^ replied in a suitable
.Mrs. (Rev.) W. C. Calder lelt lor
l.er home in Revelstoke yesterday
For the last three weeks she lms been
the guest ol Mr. and Mrs. Juhn Law-
son, at their pretty little ranch
Hollyhiini, which ia situated i
midway between tlie month ..I the
Capilano riverand Point Atkinson —
N.-a- Advertiser.
The local branch ol tii-- Ft iii
i.r- -."•:-' A— ciation held a meeting
on Monday night to discuss, arrangements lor entertaining the delegates
to-day,   The proposal ol a lunob was
agreed u| to be followed by .1 drive
if time wn- available, General bush
nets was discussed aud several new
members .-nr lied,
At the prayer meeting in  Knox
By-law No
A Ry-I.uv In provide fur the con
if in.iiu find common sewers
111 the (ii v of Revelstoke md
,ii*,. ih.. i**ii.. .if ,1,1,.-..fin,- i,,1 the
purpose '.1* raising iln- -um requin .1
Church, tO-night, preparalnry scmees   (. „.,, ;|m, ,„ th
will be lield in view
servicea next Sunday,
ul Communion
.pinion nf the
-1 mi fi,.. ri.-,
if Is ileal.alile to consl
It is desired l.y   sewers m the 1 Ity of Revelstoke,
.-...-.li..-.'... the plana and specification
therefor prepared hy Tims. II. Tracey
" p. City  Engineer, and approved ol
the pastor and me...hers ol session
thai a.i communicants and ..11 who
are uniting either by certificate nr oil
profession ol lalth in; present at this
preparatory service to-night at 8
f .'clock.
A heavy  train containing a large
contingent of Mystic Shrines passed
through  -ui Sunday alternoon eait- an(1 immutH«.tely benellt'ed thernh
bound   The special ol (ive cars wnsj
convoying them who  Imve been at-     And Wherein meh work    alocal
tending ll.e convention nl tbe Mystic Improvement.
Shrine in Los Angeles, to their homes,    A||i] Wnm,e(Uj ,,,,,1,.,. iU„i h, vi,t,„-
Ihe Shnners all exprwed themselves10. n„, Municipal  Causes   Ul  the
1 ,
hy ihe Council and th
In- provided  for  such  inr.pi
shall he repaid by spec! il rate
age lax to be  levied nn the land 111
real property in nr .... or fronting or
shutting  upon  lhe  portions of the
....-i-i . nn.I la.ms throughout thc City
...tiafied with Iheir trip through Il.C.
snd spoke enthusiastically "I the
Mis. J. 0, Kemp, who has just been
elected supreme representative to the
Triennial Review ol tlio Supreme Hive
ol lhc L. 0, T, M. and who ia D, B. C.
lur British Columbia, ia registered at
the Central Hotel. Mrs. Kemp in
organizer for the province and is in
the city fur the purpoae uf instituting
.1 Hive' in   Itevelsiukc amongst  the
Cnu.nil .Inly pass..-.I a Ily law known
as lln-  "I,.ji-;i1 fmproveinc.il Sewage
Hv law N'o. BS. 1007." being 11 Hy law
l.i provide for the .......ns nf ..*.-.-. i,.i..
i..e; ..ml determining ivhal lands 01
real property will be benefited l.y
such Improvements and nf uncertain
Ing and determining the propuvl In
which the assessment is in be made....
the vi....-us portions ..f laml ... ..-nl
property bo benefited,
And VVIicroas in pursuance nf the
said Ily-Inw  ll.e ('.iy Engineer luu.
I'i.. llitati.thenegoli.il hm of delimit.ires
1 hereunder, to declare (hut the debt
...- ...iv portion I hereof is furl her gum •
ni.teed by the Corporation at large,
And Whereas the total amount required I.. I... raised annually hy special
rate per font fur paying the said debt
and interest thereon and for creating
n sinking fund fm- paying the said
principal dent within 20 years, which
s.-.i.l debt is created on die security of
lhespeei.il rate as sell led by this Bylaw, and 011 Ihni securliy only, and
further guaranteed by ihusnld Corporation at large, is for interest
$1,075.58, and fur sinking fund
$3,708.88, making a total of $8,078.00.
And Whereas lhe total assessed
value ..I* the whole real property rateable under this By-law according lo
lhe Insl revised assessment roll is
And Whereas thu Cuuncil is desirous
..I* passing .1 By-law for the purpusci
THEREFORE the Municipal Council of llm Corporation of ll.e Citv of
Hen.1st.ike enacts as follows I
1. That lb''s.iidhrrci..la-forereciled
estimates, plans and reports he
adopted and thai, the proposed  im-
riiveuients in Constructing llllllll nnd
........1.11 sewers and lhe works .-.inert.-.1 therewith throughout lhe City
uf Revolstoke be ninde,  constructed
and carried out in accordance therewith.
2, That the land or real property
whicli is immediately benefited l.y ll.e
sni.i improvements shall be that which
has heen ascertained in tho said plans
and reports uf tho said Cily Engineer
and Ihe shares or proportions in which
lhe said assessment is In be ninde ....
ll.e v..ri..us lots nr portions uf hits
lieiieliti-.l together with the amount
necessary tn furni a sinking fund and
interest shall he as shown by the roporl
of the said City Clerk which lands or
real property and assess.iit-nta are
shown In the said report nf the said
City Clerk and the snid lands or real
property and portions of land or real
property mentioned In said report of
s.tid City Clerk are herehy assessed
accordingly wllh the payment of the
...ununl as therein set out opposite
each said portion of land or real property and the said iepoi-1 is herehy
adopted as the assessment mil for lhe
purposes ..I* ihis By-Law,
:|.   Tie-,-........... ..I* ll.e special  rale
issessed ns afnrosiiid ugiiilisl ench lot
ui- purl of l-.l respectively shnll l.e
assessed, levied nn.1 cnlleoled in .-neb
year for 20 years afler iln- passing uf
this Ily Law during which ll.e debentures have in run.
I. It -hull he lawful I'm- lhe Mayor
ul the Corporation of the City nf
Kevelstoke In ho-rnw upon He
 ...in- uf ll.e special rate hereby
11 posed ami up.ni ibe credll nf the
debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, ur body
ni- hodiescurpofttte who may he willing
idvan. ■• 'li- same, a sum 11 1 ex.
feeding in llm whole (he sum nf
$09,511.75 heing the sum necessary for
the work, and to cause all such sum*
... raised ni received t.. he paid intu
:- of the Treasurer of the sni.i
1 ity im- ih- purposes herein recited,
.",.   li shall he  lawful   fn.   tin-   -ni,!
.ni-,- any number of deben-
i.e call.-.!  "Lu.-al Improve-
menl    Debentures,"    to    he   ......le,
i,,l ;* -...-<t fm- such sum or
iv he required I'm- the purposes aforementioned nol  exceeding
-  he -.un of $00511.75, each of
. - n.,,.* being nf ilm de-
un ol On.- Thousand Dollars
-I,., case nl   ii.. ol  such de-
1 ■        which   ini'. I"' h i- n lesser
mh 1  deemed  requisite by tin- snid
j ... ■   ,,,i,|  ,,ii 1,f  sui-li debentures
.hllll he -ealed   with    lie-  -enl   uf   ll.e
.M .,f ll.e City nf Hevelsluke.
,,i.| signed hv il..-  Mayor .md Clerk
WE Will
Our  new stock lias arrived
$2.50 to $6
None better at the price
Hats and Bonnets
a nice lot in Silk,
Muslin ami Straw
Cloth and Leather
For I.allies in I.tnen
ami Straw
Short Coats
Long Coats,
Rain Coats
Ladies' Skirts in all materials.
Misses' Skirts in Lustre
and Serge
From $1.50 Up
If you want something that will wear and look well, try " THE CLASSIC SHOE "
for Children-made by the people who devote their whole attention to producing the best
possible for children.    We guarantee every pair.
The  --iiii  debentures shall   be
payable In twp.il
ladies ami organizing a lnc.nl lodge ol ascertained and determined Um sni.i
the Ladies ul the Maccabees. works and Improvement* and has cor-
inul   ,
the day hereinafte. mentioned for this
if     i      -   '     '..km .-lie. I. fll  tl lliee   111
M     .ns  Bank    al    Revelstoke,
i.    . .    ,ii'..i.--.f,.i.     which     .aid
■   ...uui, ni   -1 all   be  di ig
. ...1 debentures, and shall
, ^e attached to them coupons foi Ihe
,,,,.,;, 0f Interval*, and tn,
ipons may I Itl.ei  written,
printed, stamped ni lithographed.
7,   The -iiii debenl in -  -I...II beai
,- il..- rate nl Five pi 1 centum
n   ,rn..nm from  lhe d  iherenf,
.,..,.*. shall be pa] d
I   it the nfflc. ..1 Hi-  -i
Hank  fit   Revelitoke   afore - il    n
I nvful money ol Canada,
:.,   It shall lie lawful for the said
h,. 11 -,, •,, „" '■ .'■   tnd      I lhe a.i.i
debenture* or any of tl  al a lalo
Wow par if he may deem ll ...      1
,.]. 1 ma* ..1 authorial! the 'I teas
mei- u. pay mil of the n.ms sn railed
hy il..-*..le of ih" .ieI debenture ..II
expenses connected with the pionar
.........md lithographing of the dohen.
„ ,ii| coupon*....- any dlscounl or
. niun,   |on ,,. other charges bidden
llll lu lhe sl.le uf ll.e Bald   ililien lilies,
li.   For 11... purpose of funning a
si. king fund for the pay nl nf lho
sni.i .lehl .....I the pay.n.-nl ol lhe
Intci-csl Iheroon..( the rule afnresnld
mm Lho ........ be.-... 1 .lue,  II..-..- shnll
he i.ssesscd .....I levied nvec find   i.h.ivc
nil ..ibe.- rates nml charge* the annual
su... tif $8,(178.110 iu each and every year
uniii iln- snid sum ..I* $00,BII,7n nml
ii.lciesl is fully by special rale per
foul frontage upon all lhe laud of real
properly according to lhe respective
amounts hereinbefore recited as set
forth in the said report nf lhe said City
Clerk, such yearly rate to be assessed
.ind levied in each year nt lhe same
lime and in the same manner ns
ordinary taxes are assessed and levied.
1(1. Tbo amount of lhe speeiul rale
or frontage tax levied hereunder shall
he added tu the luxes fnr (he financial
year in which such rale nc frontage
inx is assessed and levied, an.l such
special .nl.. nr frontage lax may be
enforced and recovered iu the same
manner and in every respect as ordinary hind or real property City 1'axes,
whether l.v the sale of the land or real
property upon which the same attaches, or by registration, as a charge
upon si.Ji land or real property, or
otherwise as provided by the Municipal Clauses Act,
II. If lhe owner uf any portion of
the snid land or real property hereby
1 shall desire (>' commute the
assessment imposed hy this
By-Law, b • she cnn do so by paying In 1 In. Treasurer of the Corporation, on or liefull. lhe Fifth day of
December, 1007, the amount set opposite tho real properly, lots or portions
uf luts mentioned In ihe seventh
eol1111.il of lln* snid ceporl of the snid
City Clerk.
li Any amuiints paid in commuti.-
ilnn shall or mny be Invested according tn the provisions relating In lhc
...vest ment of the City Sinking Fund.
13, H shall be lawful for the said
Corporation frmn time to time to
repui chase novor nil nf the said debentures at such price or prices at or
below par ns shnll he mutually agreed
14, Tho said debt as created by this.
Ily.Law is hereby further guaranteed
hy the Corporation at large.
15, This By-Law shall come Into
force on the Second day of July. 1007,
may l.e cited as the " Local Improvement Sewage Assess...out By Law No.
00, 1007,"
Head a first lime
May. 1907,
Hend .1 sen.nil (inn
Mny, 1007.
Head a. bird time, and passe.
21sl day of May, 1IKI7, with
unanimous consenl nf the Council,
Hniiiisiileied and linally. passed and
adopted by the Council the
Dwelling nud Lot, Second Street     .      .
Dwelling nud Lot, Socond Street  .
Dwelling and l/.ts, Third Street ....
U.ls on .Second St.. east of McKeir/.ic Ave,, each
Lots on Third St., east nf McKcn'/.iu Ave, each   .
Lota on Fourth St,, east uf McKenzie Ave., each
Luis 011 Fifth St., oasl, of Mo.Kennie Ave, each   .
1—2 and 5-acre Blocks suitable for fruit.
. 200
. 150
the 21st day of
- lhe 21st day nf
I be
Nkxt ro Imperial Hank
I nip rope ily fitted glasses nrr* worw llmO
no glassies nnd tiegleolud eyes oflm im\nts
Our Opiii'iil Department Ls in charge o
Mr, Mi s. Hastings, Kef, I),, and positively guarantee satisfaction!
It has been proven Mint i)0 per ecnl, of
headaches nre caused by defective eyes
nnd ii dues nol follow Ihnt because you
hnve good eyesight that your eyes nre not
de (eet ive.
Have your eyes attended lo now and
save trouble and expense.
day of
City Ci.kiik.
Tnke .ml i.e llllll Ihenhove is a true
,,|,v nl .< By l.n« which is Intended lo
.„• liii.iilv passed and adopted by the
City (....... il for levying .. frontage
rale to pay for tho construction of tho
improvements therein mentioned and
ihal tho AmosBinenl Roll a* contained
„ the roporl of tho Oily Clerk, men-
-1 1 in the said  By-Law, showing
ihe 1 n^ and lho land* or real property
liable to pay the bi  together with
ih.. name* ol ll wnor* Ihoronf, I,
now on Ilic In Iho ..nice "f Uie City
dork and l« open for Inspection during nlll.e I B.
The lint silling of the Omul nf
Iti |on in revise thoo«ie*s...el!l will
he hold on Wedne«day, June 121 h,lD07
.,, the huur of 7.B0 o'clock In I Iiu nfter-
,„„,„,,I the City   H..II,   llevelslnke. II.
(., fm-il..- p...-pus.- nl hearing complaint* agalnsl ll.e .issesHU.ei.l ns pin-
,,, IhvBilIll Ily I11W, nr lln-.on inncy
of Iho frontage .noaatireinenl or any
it her eo.iiplii.nl which netwuiB lnler>
...I,.,I 1, nj desire lu mute and which
i, hy l„u-.-,,giii/..bl.-l.y llm Cnn.1.
All complaint* against Um said
assessment musl ho served upon Uio
City Clerk al least .8) olglll diy- 1	
ihe ilnle nf I be llrsl silling "I lhe
Conrl uf Revision.
1110 acres first-cloBS Fu.iit Land
on Arrow Lake, 20 acres cleared,
15 acres now ready for crop —
Frame Dwelling (five rooms,)
chicken hoiiBe and bam (holding
four teams.) I'lenty ol cord wood,
just two miles Irom town. An
ideal spot for poultry and a good
market where top prices are paid
lor all kinds ol v. getables, fruit,
eggB, eto.—Price $4,000.
I have also large and smaller
acreage suitable for fruit close to
market. Fur (ull particulars
apply to,—
TilOIt SALE- Now drop head sewing
J* machine, baby carriage, and
ulher house furniture, apply to G.
Black, Lai.gl.eeil Block.	
1.1011 SALE-Six room house with
' cellar, anil inndern plumbing.
Half an acre of guidon, good fence.-
$1700.(10. K.isy terms, For further
pailii-ulnis apply to VV. B. Ruboitsun,
MACH1NK   Shop   Mnehineiy  for
sale cheap, or plant if desired.
Apply lo .1. Tri.SK.l, reuse, Husk.
WANTKD -  Waitress,   980 per
.......lh.     Apply    I...   Queen's
II..tel, Coill.ipllx.
WANTKD - Evorynne having .1
house to sell or rent to list il
with me. I mn Hooded with enquiries
for huuse prnpeilies. I'linno, call, or
hup n.e a cnl with full desciiptinn
.....I purchaso price, or rent required.—
IC, A. I'liggcu, Real Estate and Immi-
...ice AgOIlt, Hevelsluke. II. (!,
Find it Here
If you bear that in mind tvhen
drug store goods are wanted you'll
save, yourself time, trouble and
Come Here First
There's no doubt bin llial our
ample slock contains what you
wanl and of the quality besl sailed
lo the purpose for which you wanl
il. Our low prices will add lo the
satisfaction ol always finding what
yon waul. When It's drug store
goods, try us
Red Cross Drug Store
Mail Orders Recoivo Prompt Attention
WORK WANTED Japanese boy*
want any pusiliuiii adapted tu
experience in
Aphly nt Cli-
...iy wurk; have had
hotel and liuuse wnrk.
max hotel.
,1,-d May 2*2. 1007.
City Clerk,
WANTKD   A   dining  room  ..
Lehlllll Hnlel,   N.lkll«|l, $80 pel
lllllll III.	
Will ho lecoivcd up to May  Hist lur
tl.e completion ol the painting nl the
uutsido nf Windier Hotel,  Lowest or
any tendor not necessarily accepted.
May 22, 1907,
The First Canadian Tour
The Greatest of all Comedies
with an Added Special Feature
This is tho sume Cumpauy whi h
bus appeared in Kansas City, St..
Paul, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, Butte, Omaha, Spo.
Uno, Etc., the present semim,


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