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Vol. 13.-No 12
$2.50 Per Year
Bargains in
Any hat in mn* Millinory Department at Half Price.
This ie bona tide. Come and see them. We will not carry them
over until Spring.   There are Bargains here for you.
Fancy Robes
Children's Christening Robes, lovely affairs, in Muslin
and Silk, beautifully trimmed. They arc a lot of Samples bought
at Half Price and will be sold the same way $1.86, $1.50, $2.00
nnd $2.60.
Spring Coats
Infants' and Children's Spring Coats and Long Coats,
beautiful little Coats—ready to put on at the price the material
would cost vou.
A pile of Remnants, consisting of  Ginghams, Prints,
Flannelettes, Tweeds, Linings, Cretons, Muslins, etc.  at Half
Evening Silk Waists, New, this Spring's Ideas, lovely
made goods.trimmed in Maltese Silk Lace and Pino Valenciennes
Silk.   You must see these to appreciate theni.
A basket of Ladies' Fancy Evening Shoes, sizes 3J and
4—13,50 ami 14.00 Shoes all atone price—$1.95.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
f    E. J. BOURNE,
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Hot Water
Guaranteed for One Year.
A comfort for sick people
in cold weather like this.
Always keep one in the house
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
GALT  COAL-Thc only
Satisfactory  Domestic Conl,
for Cook Stove,   Heater or
Unite,  clean and free from
Dry Fli' and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay,   Oats,   Wheat   and
Express and  Draylng  tt.
anv part of the cily.
Furniture Stored at lii-son-
able Kates.
Office, McKemlo Ave.
Next Burns' New Block
TELEPHONE       -      -       73.
■Va sfi iTi .T. .Ti ,t. .♦. .Ti .T. .Ti .Ti .♦. .T. .*>*. /tt it'i A A ttt ttt iTi iti |Tl lil IL'
*r*x" *x "i" ii" *x" "X* "i" "st* 'i* *x' *+' "x* "j,* *x" x "x* "x* *x* \j. "x* ~v'+ + ♦
Besides offering Bargains in China and other useful articles
at attractive price.., we beg to call your special attention to a
"The Kookizer"
Cooks your Broiikfnst while you sloep,
2^ Cooks your whole dinner while you play with baby.
Call and let us explain to you nil nbout thc Kookizer.
Made especially  lor   British  Oclumbla,   Wide Web
Strong and Durable.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinan.iihiog.
C.P.R. Dividends -The Peacemakers—South Pole Expedition—Terrific Explosion-
Monster Exposition.
MosrHEAL, Feb. 13.—At a meeting
of the Board ol the Canadian Pncific
Kail way company today, n dividend
ot two per cent, on Preference stock
and three per cent, on Common Block
was declared loear endedr the half-y
December last, payable on April 2nd
Nkw York, Feb. 13.—Tl.e United
States will unite wilh Mexico and the
Central American republics to prevent
war between Honduras nnd Nicnragna.
LONDON, Feb. 13.—A new British
expedition to the south pole will leave
next October under the command of
K. H. Sbnckleton, who was third
lieutenant of the Discovery expsdition
in the Antarctic. A novel feature
will be the employment of a motor
car for ice travelling.
Woolwich, Eug, Feb. 13.—A bugh
hole in the ground is all that marks
the chemical research department ol
the Woolwich Arsenal and the cordite
magazine which exploded early thia
morning with such terrific force that
the concussion was felt in towns forty
miles away nnd tho whole countryside
was thrown into a panic owiug to the
beliel tbat a violent earthquake had
occurred. There was no loss of life,
but buildings for miles nround were
wrecked by thc explusion.
Toronto, Feb. 13.—Word bus been
received by the Canadian Manufacturers' Association, that negotiations
tions are now under way lor the holding of a monster exhibition in London,
England, next year during the months
from May to October. It will be
known as the Entente Cordialc Exhibition, and will be participated in
by Great Britain and her colonies.
It will be under the direct supervision
of the Governments of these two
countries, both of whom will contribute very liberally to its support.
The Golden Bonspiel.
Two rinks ol local curlers, skipped
by D, Nairn and A. E. Kincaid, attended the Golden bonspiel Inst week,
and although they did not succeed in
carrying off nny of the trophies yet
they won the hearts of their opponents
by their plucky fight nnd the sports-
manlike way in whicli they took their
defeat. In addition to the Kevelstoke
rinks thero were lour from Calgary
and five Golden rinks entered in the
'spiel. Three trophies were oompeted
for, viz., Grand Challenge, Geo. P.
Wells, nnd Cantlie cups, eaoh being
supported by hnndsome individual
prizes. In the Grand Challenge
Nairn defeated King of Golden, 13-12,
but went down before Teller of Calgary, 8-10, after n hard slruggle. Teller nlso defeated Kincaid in this event
by a narrow marginJJ 111). In tlu-
Wella' ivent Kincaid deleted Ullock
of Golden, 9-7, but was knocked out
by Freeze of Calgary, 10 12. Miquelon
of Calgary defeatid Nairn in thi.
event. For the Cantlie trophy King
ol Golden defeated Kincaid 13-8, and
Ullock of Golden defeated Nairn, 16-10.
Tbe Calgary rinks eventually curried
off all the trophies, Miquelon securing
tbe Grand Challenge and Wells cups,
and Col. Walker thc Cnntlie cup. Thi
visitors were royally treated l.y the
Goldenites. On Friday evening n
iiifisqu.-riide ball took plnce, which was
.. huge success, and on Saturday evening tbe visiting curlers were enter
tained at a smoking concert.
It is a matter of rogret that tht
local curlers have not seen their waj
clear to hold a bonspiel here this winter, as nothing tends more to increasi
interest in the game and improve thi
style ol play than by meeting outside
clubs. It is also the general opinion
lhat having been entertained by thr
Golden curlers so often, tl.e local
club should return the compliment.
Last night at the rink Brock defeated Rae in the mini-finals for the
Bums cup, 11-8. Thc final game Ior
the possession of the cup for this yeai
is now between the Brock and Robertson rinks, and will nu doubt b
keenly contested.
Tasteless cod liver oil, just the thing
to stop the hniig-ii.t cough. Sold at
the Canada  Drug Store  at $1   a
. * .
Mrs, .'nines T. Teller will receive at
her bonie on Thursday and Friday.
February Uth and 15th, from lour to
sin and from eight to ten,
loy Liner Larchmont sunk by
Schooner -Feared that Several Lives were Lost—Bitterly Cold Weather.
Block Island, R. I., Feb. 12.—The
steamer Lochmont, of tho .loy line,
with many passengers on board, bound
Irom Boston for New York, Bnnk off
thc northwest side of Block Island
today, after having collided with the
three-masted schooner Harry Knowl-
ton, ol t'uiichontang. The passengers
and crew from the steamer touk to the
boats, but it is feared that some may
have lost their lives, either by being
drowned or freezing. The temperature
was below zero.
The schooner's bow was cut nway
and her captain ran her nshorc west of
IJuonocbontnng to prevent her sinking. The schooner's crew of seven
men, including Captain Haley,reached
shore safely in their own boats.
Thc cause of the collision is not
known. Thc night was clear but there
wns a strong northwest wind. The sea
was very tough. It was intensely cold
throughout the night. The thermometer hovered about the zero mark early
today. When the first boals came
ashore from the steamer it was found
that some of the occupants were
dead, Iu the first confusion it was
not known whether they hnd been
pulled from tbe water nfter having
been drowned or whether they were
frozen to death.
Tbe Knowlton, which hailed from
West-point, Maine, waB bound from
South Amboy for BoBton with 475
tons o! coal. She lies on a sandy
bottom, but is full of water and it is
not known whether she can be floated.
The Larchmont lelt Providence at
about 8:30 last night lor New York, in
command of Captain McVey ot Providence. The chiel engineer was Robt,
Gay, ol Bridgeport, Conn. She carried a crew ol fifty and had on board a
number ol passengers.
A bazaar and social entertainment
wns held by the Ladies' Guild ol St.
Peter's church in the Selkirk Hall
yesterdap afternoon and evening, and
in spite of the large number of people
on the sick list, the attendance was
good. During the alternoon the fancy
stalls, refreshment tables, candy stall
nnd fish pond were well patronized,
the goods displayed being of such a
nature as to demand a good sale.
During the evening vocal and instrumental music was rendered at intervale, while a clever guessing competition kept the gathering "guessing"
lor ionic little while. Refreshments
were served nnd the rest of tbe evening was pleasantly spent in nn
enjoyable und sociable manner. The
following Indies Und charge ol thc
stalls, etc., and deserve credit lor thc
untiring manner in which they
mennged tbe entertainment in spite
of many dilliculties.
Fish Pond—Mrs. Porter,
Candy Stall—Mrs. Purvis.
Fancy Table—Mesdnmes Elson nnd
H. Cunningham Morris.
Refreshments—MeBilan.ee Proeunier
Gordon, Tomlinson, Woodlands and
Miss Hall. A hnndsonio sum, alter
all evpenses werc paid, will he handed
over to the Rectory lund.
Devastate Italian  City—Terrific Upheaval at Sea-Loss
of Life and Property.
LONDON, Feb. 12.—A despatch from
Koine says a tidal wave has struck
Marina di Cutanzaro and completely
destroyed it, a groat many iierson.
being killed nnd injured. Tbe authorities are taking steps to save some ol
the buildings, Catanznro has thirty
thousand inhabitants.
Great stores of completed goods ly
ing on the seaport docks awaiting
shipment aro said to have been
Slight earthquakes proceded the
tidal wave, but thc village fulk won.
not unduly alarmed, such shocks being
ol rather frequent occurrence through
out the province of Calabria,
The great shock iB believed, according to advices received at Rome, to
have occurred several miles out at sea
and caused the tidal wave to sweep
over the town. Tho Italian Government is preparing to Bend help by
military aud naval ollieials.
British Premier Plans the Destruction of Peerage as a
Legislative Body.
London, Feb. 11—The Government's
revolutionary programme, vaguely
hinted at in Sir Henry Cnmpbcll-
Bannern.nn's summons to parliament
wns fully disclosed on Saturday by the
Attor' ey-Geneml Sir John Lawson
Walton in n speech hc made at Soutli
Leeds, It is nothing less than a systematic campaign for tho destruction*
ol the House ol Lords. The House ot
Lords the Attorney-General declared,
wns entirely out of harmory with
modern democratic institutions and
must go down. Whether anything of
it would be left and if so, in what
form could not be yet determined. II
the House of Lords sets itself against
the national will, it would be like a
sand setting itself against a rising
A Brilliant Social Function-
Excellent Music and a Good
Time Spent by All Present.
There is an old saying that a man
whu hai not approached the hymeneal
altar hns missed the greatest joy on
earth, and such being the case, cannot
enter into tbe nmusements nnd pleasures of life with the enme enthusiasm
and gusto ns those who have found
their nihility, This somewhat doubt'
ful theory was entirely dispelled on
Monday night when the Revelstoke
bachelors get together and were " at
home" to the ladies, and benedicts.
The opera house wns decorated for the
occasion, lounges and cosy corners
being arranged around the hall,
Through tbe bright colored hangings
which adorned the galleries, memoirs
of the recent election campaign were
visible, while a flaring poster alluding
to " solid government" had been
used tu conceal the somewhat homely
edition ol it in tl.e lorm ol lemonade
and water. Revelstoke was well represented and tbe bachelors acquitted
themselves in true cavalier style filling
up their programmes, and scarcely
giving themselves time for a quiet
smoke. Thc band, as usual, had been
engaged and discoursed excellent
music, the time being perfect, most of
the selections being quite new. Some
hitndfonie and dainty gowns werc
worn by the ladies and the whole
scene was lull ol color, contrast and
life, By supper time the .lancers had
wanned up to the fun nnd continued
on the "light funtiiBtio" until the first
grey streak ol dawn appenred. The
supper was at once a merry and
pleasant item on the programme, the
bachelors carrying out their duties as
waiters in a highly creditable and
prompt manner. As the last bars of
tbe filial dunce censed in a resonant
crash not one amongst the gay throng
hnd anything else but praise to bestow
on the bachelors and the ball of 11107
will ever be looked upon as one ul thc
plensautest ever held in Kevelstoke.
Possibly belore the yenr has passed
and the bachelors again prepare foi
their dunce many will have joined
the ranks ol the benedicts, and iu tin-
words of the poet Wordsworth:
"Tin. l.llilanrl' Lunar! la iliiat-liufiirii, Iti-liim!,
TIkji.'iat...ci........... .....l.i nn iMinium kIiiiiiii:
Kilt lliitilru In iini COU-lt ol lln... unci ...un.
Sli.ill Inmi put tin lui beauty ...lit Imr liliimii,"
C. H. Deutchman Leads a big
Wolf Hunt in Ontario.
Efforts arc being made in tl.e eusl
to decrease the number ul wolves by
well organized and systematic hunting, WoIvcb should bu destroyed, anil
thus better game, which tbey help tn
destroy, would he given a chance t.
live, A woll bunt on a large scale li
nuw in operation in Ontario, 28 miles
east ol Sault St. Marie and shout fort)
hunters have banded together iinde.
tl.e leadership ol Charles 11. Dcutscb
man, who iB well known in Revelstok.-
and arc now waging war on the wolves
whioh are very numerous in that pari
ol tbo province, Permanent camps
havo been lormed from which to organize tl.o hunting. In addition to
tl.e drivo, various schemes for trapping
will be tried.
Wolves aro increasing in Ontario
and co-oporation is necessary. There
is a bounty on oach woll, These
hunting excursions make a most enjoyable mid-winter break,
High Glass Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Eto.
We Still Have Money
Wm\ oa*i£
9WJL.   o.i        :
Let Us Build You a Home on Our Easy Method
of Re-Payment.
Wo will be pleased to have you call and learn abont it.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office- Toronto, Ontario.
BriDcl.es iu tb. Province ol Manitoba. Alberta. Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Ontario, QaebeO.
Oapltal Subscribed        -       -       -       ts,ooo,ooo.oo
Oapltal Paid Up ....   m,28o,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       S4,28o,ooo.oo
D. lt. Wilkie, President; Hox. R. .Iahfkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Depabtmbnt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current rate from date ofj opening account, and com-
Drafts sold avallahle in all parts of Canada, United States nnd
Europe.   Special attention given to CnUections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G. M. SPROAT, Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
Montreal Detectives Apparently on Track of Extensive
Theft Organization.
Mi.nti.kjii., Feb. 11.—Montreal detectives have unearthed what they
think is a widespread burglary conspiracy. The head ol it is a man
named Marjorlque Oagnon, a boot and
shoe manufacture, in whose place tbey
lOUIld at least $8,000 worth of goods,
from baseballs to jewelry. This
..mount, they think, ii only a part ol
what the burglary syndicate is supposed to have taken. Another man,
named lshmael Bourrette, has been
arrested also. Thc police lit upon
llagnon when looking up the records
of men convicted in the United States
and now living in Montreal, in the
hope that they might strike n clue
which would help then, to stop tbe
burglary epidemic. They struck
Gagnon's record and lound tbat he
bad served a long term in Sing Sing.
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer's Sudden Death,
London, Feb. 11—Right Hon. Geo,
Joachim Gosohen (Visoount Goechen)
died suddenly on Thursday last at his
residence Seacox Heath, Hawkhurst.
England, of heart failure.    His death
was quite unexpected. Viscount Go.
scb.-.i was 7(1 years of age and had a
distinguished public career, He was
Chancellor ol the Exchequer in Lord
Salisbury's roor.nl administration and
nft.-i wards was £rst lord of the admiralty, serving in Ibis capacity Ior five
(ttom Our own Ootrmposdint)
The dwellers of the Lake settlement
had a surprise party at Mr. Bain's
bouse on Tuesday evening, going along
the lake in sleighs. Owing to holes
in the ice tl.e venture was considered
somewhat dangcroui, so it was decided
to call in theBervicesoI the "Admiral"
who lives in an eigbteei.-log-high sky-
scra|ier on the north side ol tbe lake,
to conduct the expedition. When
Mr. Bain's ranch was reached the party
(ell in close up to the house, each with
a rifle, gun or pistol aud at a signal
from the "Admiral" fired a volley
which brought the genial ranoher to
the door. The merry crowd entered
the house and spent a most enjoyable
time wiib games and dancing.
,Mr. aud Mtb. L. T, Morris gave a
dance F.iday evening.
Mr. Hargreaves, ol Kamloops, and
Mr. Halliday, of Salmon Arm, visited
Notch Hill on Saturday,
T. Cardinal, a rancher of the districl
died ol asthma on the 1st inst., leaving
an annuity of f 100 to th* Notch Hill
school, Gbe flfcatUlbevalb.
Incluiii.j postage to England, United Sink
nud Canada,
Bt the rear [through postofUcel S2.50
Half                   I.S.
Quarter""       " "   1.00
J Ji.:'HINTING promptly oxeoutod at reasonable r.;ie*.
I'KRMS-iu-li. Snbioriptidni payable i>. ad!
CORHF^l'UNI.KNCK invi-.i-d mi innll.-i-.- ..I
public interest. Commonlcatloiis to K.li-
tor must bu acooinpanlod bv name ..f
writer, not nccossaril)- fo |.ublioatloti, l.til
ai evidence of good faith. Correspondence
should U- brief.
Legal notices 10 cents imr line llr*i Insorllon
5 cents per lino each snbscouonl Insertion,
Mi .- uremi ni- Noi pariel [12 lines make ono
inch].   Store   nnd   general business
noon .-- ii■'•   per Inch por month.
Pref.-rri-d posillons, -.'■'. per i-i-ut. ml-
dill '.ii. Births. Marriages mul Dentin,
.-,,- ea. ;i Insertion. Timber .i-.fi"---''."
Limi nolicos *?:..'" All ndvorlisomciilj
. .,. ti ipprol liol ll.e ....iiiiik-i'iiii'iil.
.Van., f i-     l.-'i-'-il '..lv.-rii-.-i..'..'s:
Agcnu Wai led, Help IVanlod, Situations
\,fiift..:,   .*  i.mim.i-    Vacant.   'I'eueht-rs
■:     .      Wanted, Hi wor.li or
I... Sic., .■ ii li   mill.......ill   lm.-   I-.    Cl nl-.
i :. m .-■ - in -:.in.iiu.- advertisement!, mini
:.. .:. by '.' f.. ....  'lm -.l-i) nml l-'rliln)' of
each week lo lecuro good display,
uporHhis lund when tin- representative to parliament is not an autocrat hut tin: agent of the electors
that send hini there.
Barristers, Solicitoi
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Com mission.
Chas. Mnu'iiv.      Harolu Fisher
Barrlsteri, Solicitors, Etc.
C. B.GIIUX. I'*- 0. l-.i.i.iiivi
OmcES: Imperial  Hank  Ui.ock,  Rbvbi,
'stoke, B.C.
Money to loan.
Office-: Revelstoke, B. C] Kort Steele, 11. C.
Geo. S, MoCarteBi   .
Revelstoke, B. 0.
J. A. Haf.vev,
Fort cfleele, H. C,
J. M. Scott 1.L.1) W. I. Brlggs.
Bakristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors fuii Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box KK), Revelstokk,
Gbe MaiMbevalb
"I woul . . . earnestly a vlsothem for
their s'ood to order tblipaper to bt- punctually
served up, and to be looked upon as a part of
thc tea   lUipnge."-ADDISON.
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 13, 1007
In reviewing tin- unnual report
oi  the  president of the Board of
Trade, it is satisfactory to note the
amount of work accomplished by
the   Board   during  the past year.
As  is correctly  stated the paramount question is the river bank
protection, and it is of such importance to Revelstoke that no efforts
Bhould  be  spared in securing the
means of  permanently  rendering
any itirther destruction to the bank
and property, impossible,    We are
pleased to see that the Provincial
Government   are at work on tbe
bank itself and that the Dominion
Government have been reminded
again  of  the  urgent necessity of
carrying  on  the-wing dam work
which has been shut down for the
last week or 'wo.   In the matter of
public  works,  conveniences   ami
buildings, Kevelstoke is certainly
deserving   of   more   than .-be now
has, and whicli have become necessities owing to her rapid growth.
The surrounding district.-* too, are
deserving of  attention ami are of
such moment to tt." city as to necessitate more convenient   communication  and  ii  tapped '." a
largi r extent ■■■■■ trails, roads,trams
and rail, would considerably add
to tin- prosperitj - i the riding a- a
wh'.'..-.    Timber, which is perhaps
'.he chief  resource --f tin- upper
country should i>..- preserved from
fire and indiscriminate destru. li
Tourist  and industrial   facilities
need careful attention, while every
encouragement should he given to
the  development   oi   tl.e mineral
sections.    There is   much work
ahead to he done, and besides these
questions   of   a direct local nature
and  which  concern our city ami
homes to a considerable extent,
yet the   hoard   should pay careii.l
attention   to outside matters tin.t
indirectly affect us and show whal
lies in iheir power to do.    There is
nothing that concerns the welfare
of a community in whioh the Board
uf Trade cannot use its influence,
and this part  of Canada  is   fortunate   in   the   fact  that such
bodies of business men have during
the past few years asserted their
authority in the interests of good
laws.   The time has never dawned
Rcvelstuke has ever been a popular resort for tourists, sporlsmen,
geologists, ami for thoso who aro
devotees to flora and fauna of the
mountains, hul in this progressive
ago we cannot expect to stand slill
..nil yet retain our popularity, As
years go on the tourists and others
of more settled occupation seek for
more vivid and sensational anilisc-
munts ami expect that, the objects of
interest along their route sliould furnish ll..-in new and original forms
of recreation nnd sight seeing of it
more advanced nature than was
afforded lo llieni in year-gone hy.
The possibilities of Ilevelstoke have
often been cited und these possibilities nt iy hu turned into realities if
we siu.ly lhc situation and see
what wc can do lo bring nboul the
metamorphosis, Wo Imve unlimited scope for visitors of almost
every calling and lhe natural attractions for them art: collected
here in far greater abundance and
contrast than arc to hc found in ProSre98-
many resorts whicli yetrly draw
in large throngs of tourists. If we
desire to bring in visitors we must
have somewhere to put them nnd
the need of sufficient hotel accommodation has been vividly demonstrated within thu lust few days
when transient passengers who had
been delayed here by the interrupted train services, were forced to sit
up in the parlors anil smoking
rooms of the hotels all nighl, he-
cause every room in town was already occupied. Tourists, if they
arc to be attracted here, and expected to give Revelstoke a popular
name, will certainly expect to receive the natural comforts of life
and not to have to wander all over
the town at all hours of the night
in search of sleeping quarters. Although the hotels in tlie city number quite a few, still the accommodation is not sufficient for any
large crowd that may happen to
get off here, and if Revelstoke does
eventually become tbe most popular mountain resort in the province,
as she most undoubtedly will before long, ample accommodation of
a high standard must he provided
for them; this done and with the
opening up of roads and trails, the
establishment of the Mt. Victoria
Park, thc facilities given to mountain climbing and the attraction of
the Big Bend country bolter exploited, then Revelsloke cannot
fail to become the most popular
city of the Interior. The result of
a good tourist business will furnish
the means of establishing and
building up new industries and the
incoming of many more residents
to Revelstoke which as exampled
by her steady progress of past years
will increase fill more rapidly in
the years that are to come.
Frnm our own eori'impondonl.
The annual meeting of St. Stephen's
ohuroh was held in the church on
Tuesday even in , Feb. 5th. Ilev. J.H.
Miller was in the ohair and Mr, 0. S.
Wyckofr*, was appointed to net as
secretary for the meeting. After the
meeting was opened with devotional
exercises, und the minutes of tl.e lust
iit.nunl meeting wore read and cui-
firmed, the minister made a general
survey uf tbe years work, exptcs.-ii.g
bis gratitude to the people for the
hearty manner in whioh they had
given theinselvi s in the interests of
the church. Afterwards exceedingly
encouraging reports were heard front
tbe dill'et'ont department! of the work.
.Mr. Wyckoll* reported for the board ol
managers, that the meotinga ol the
b..nd bad boon harmonious, ..nil Unit
they had Leon able with the help of
the Ladies' Aid, to nnikc ninny improvements iu the ohuroh nnd inaiisc
buildings. Mr. J, Cordon Frazer, the
church treasurer, gave a very sntis-
fnctory report showing a b.lanoeon
hand niter all, indebtedness for tl.e
year's undertakings had been paid off.
The receipts of the church, for nil
purposes, was more than a hundred
dollar, above last year.
The Sunday school has made steady
Tho attendance has been
more regular and an advance in interest, both on the part of the parents
and children can be seen. Mr. Frazer,
tbe superintendent, reported lor the
school, j'is Miss .McDonald was unable tu be present, Miss Field read
her report as secretary of tl.e Ladies'
Aid Seoiety, One of the aims of the
society is to provide for the social life
of the people of lho place. In this the
society has rendered valuable service
during the pust year. Miss Field us
treasurer of the society gave a report
showing that they had also been alio
to help very materially in tbo financing uf tbe work.
After the reports were ail beard, the
election oi it board of managers for the
coining year took place. The members
of the uld board, consisting of Messrs,
A. Patterson, C. S. Wyckoff, J. Cl.
Frazer, Jos. Blundcd, Wm. Lynes,
Win. Taylor and H. MaoRae, were
re-elected. Messrs. Williams and R,
J. Murdock were elected to till the
vacancies. The inecling waa well attended and was closed with singing
and prayers, after which refreshments
were served by the Ladies' A ul.
.Mr. F. W. Shaw uu bis way back to
his work nt Glacier dropped off at
Field to visit bis many friends here.
Mr, and Mrs. MeXaugiil, on Thurs-
diy evening, gave to the married
people of Field, a party which was
very much enjoyed.
The Ladies' Aid Society held their
regular meeting at the home of Mrs
Mclvcr ou Thursday alternoon, at the
meeting arrangements were made for
a Valentine social, which is to be
given in Ihi- Buckluim Hall ou the
evening of the Uth, Tbe ev. nt
promises to be very interesting. Everybody is in-.; ed to attend.
C. VV. U. YI.
Mountain v.c-w cam.., r.o. 2-^0.
Moot. Sccoud ii.ni Fourth Wodncidari in
each month, in Selkirk Hall.   Visiting Wood-
...ei. cordially Invited in utlciiil.
W. I). ARMSTRONG, Con, Com,
II. W, KDWAltDS, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tin. reifiilfir tu.'i-tfffi:. lire lir.l.i ill lln' Si
toll ovor; Tuosiliiy ovoiitim at 8 o'clooi.
nil lireilireii nrocoriliiill) Invited.
E. (i. lli'liKIIKIl-:, FnnsiDi
11. t'OOK, S.lflf.l.fTAI.V.
Hoot' nay Lui :.; Ho. 15 AF, it A.M
tb *('
Thn regular nicol.
held in th.
Itr,  Mu.oi.io    'rompi.,
'f     iilil Follows Hiill.i ■
-I   tin-1 hini Mondaj 11
PltlJl'UNlEIt, SBC.ET.lItV,
SEIX I'.K LOBCE. NO 13, I. 0. C. S*.
rj-a™^    .M." 1* every Thursday
fc.X eviiing  in   Selkirk
Jf*~tML     'Vll"1'   nl   8   o'clock.
-di*' mJsw^W* i-fliiu- I'l-fll.r'.-i.eor-
^^ mi,til)   imilnil tu at-
II. J.TAflflAllT, N.U. J. .M.VIIItli, Sn;
Cold flange Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 2G, Revolsiolie, B. C.
i-.'|.t TOnl Wodnoadaj ..(
carl. .-f.i.ill., iu the ii.l.lii'll.nis'
Hull   ..t   s  o'clock.    Visiting
EhIk1.Iinro ...nlitiliy nivlie.l.
. A. LESLIE, Cl*.
tl. II. I.UOCK, li. nf It. & 8.
H. A. UUOWN. M. i.i F
Doer Heads, Animals, llir.li, l-'isl., Etc.,
Animal lines Mnui.ti'tl.
p.... lloxBl,
Stu.ii..:   C.irii. r .if Pint st, un.l Boyle Ave.
Itcvolitoko, H.C.
Mrs. li. J. lla.ibury. Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private    ining Boxes
I... ;o I'niiiernniii fnr
lln.1.uio , Suppers, oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let
r! Furniture!
John E. Wood's Furniture Stcrt
0 raying
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Conl and Feed.
I'hone 71. House Phone 7
HOTEL—One of best located and
most profitable businesses in
British Colunihia-llo.OOO.
the est cities in the Province.
:■ . niture of lwo of the best;
the --ily. Lease oi cither j
moderate rental, goes with
:   r
tacurjKirttled by Aot cf Parliament, 1855.
Wil. M..I.SON MacI'IIKIISi.X, Pies. s. II. Evvixu, Vlcu-P
Jamks Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Resene, $3,0001100
iv..-1-ylliif i; in ivity of banking business transacted without unnecessary del .y.
Interest i-:-edil.'.l twice n. year at current rates on Havings Uank
'.'.. li. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelstoke, B. C.
/%.-%*-*■*•*•» l%"^i*,'Vl«V%'!)''i%VV%%M^VM^MVt t
Fur Agricultural Implements, Currtngos, Wagons' ','ICtc, John
Doom Ploughs- Mollne Wugons, Ounutla Ctirritigo Comimuy's
Buggies, Plmiot jr., (liirdon Senders mul Cultivators, Wheelwright uud Hlucltsniith Wnrk utloudcd lu, Horso Slioolutf fl
& %> Z- b\W* %Wv%Wb % V^VV^ ^V^t^t ^%^%%^.t
To Let
Winter sports hold the pride ol placi
in tbe February number of Kod a   I
Gun ami  Motor  Sp.-rts   in   Can ids
published by W, .1. Taylor, al 'A' - d-
stock. Out.   The introductory paper
l.y Mr. I-'. Vi'. Lee telis how thorou
ly tbo inhabitants i-i the great com
iiierci.il capital of the Dominion enjoy
:!..- -.MM-;-,   A* iim-   back  nl  Mount
Royal tlnv have established a  slide
that promis. i to beoome
deligbti ol -: owsh ein  i
is ;'.. -   upon  with  enthti
Mist   Merrill      I he   idvei lure-
I ,i ty ......   .. ■ il ..   .lay  link
thi ugh the .- e in  tl..   Pi
N. w [Iruif.-iv.ek  is  well  told  Ly  Mr
Chailes Molntyrc.    a  par'
thus . tie   snowshoers   tr.i
logging cump  on   one  "i   the  llrsl
:. ihi -   I the Selkirk-, ami .in.uI such
Wi- a:-- shortly : be visited j n
ci lel rated Englisl compani - vn in
Lond m Ei * - I ■- lh. Scarlel M; --
-■   ■■■ -    mm meed ti   ip|  it
for  tn       .   - it i      Opera
Housi    ■   t    - ■ ■ iii lUSK—On Firsl  Street,  Revel-
loand 16    f his pa .      . - - ■-,   $15.00 per month,
i i "n i
Arrowhsad Ranches
t'-y.   The -j-oriel Mysteries 1
ittrac noes ii
■■■■;.      nu
 y -i-l- - fi'-ff win
rovid I versiuil.
comic quartettes in chi u t.
. -I ite n -.-. d
.. -'    i ii ir   m ,
ited  .vii
drawing-board and crayons in a mosl  ... ,,      ,* itiam   nr  -nil
Mr   Edward  Bran- LUM UhA I IUIN   UT
-   ., .: Bros,
m -1800,
:■ -   ■-:   r -:.   alluvial
■  -. Partly
■ ■■■-" ■.. ■ •  , ■
characteristic surroundings some cap
ital western bear stories are told   Miss combe'sname isurl lientto [tiara te.
Lang being the reconteur,    All how- that the musical - e will b.
ev. r ia nol given up to  sinter,    Mi   as ured  .nd
Ernest MoVi igh ti Ils ol the di itrue   be . I ■ refined u (I irl
tion wrought amongst the deer by
wolves; there is a  finely Illustrated THE ii'SOHEY  SAVING
paper on the liig  Gun f   British
i olumbia; while Mr. C. IV, Young
writes entertainingly ol his splendid
experiences In duck and chicken
shooting cn tho prairies. A luecessful
hunting trip by a lady it. New Brunswick, Benglca in Nova Scotia, and
numerous other papers make up a
number contrasting favorably with
its predecessors, excellent .is theso
hive been. The departments nre like,
wise complete, and every phase of
Cauadian out-door life receives its duo
need of nttcnlion.
Water Notice!
Nothing; better than Our "Special.
'I  i Rn '
mado ni Vancouver—I -
Soap I- ictory e-'-'t of Winnipeg.    House cleaning and
washlngareeasy with its hei]
Ami tin  money avii       the
Premium System
li . kii i tells what wo gi - f -
Hov.il Crown Wrappers   Send
dn-   it—Froe—Also try  the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
■   ,
,    |, . . . ■
rnpiotnly ih ll  '*i!'     ll     '    ' ippl)
.- '.ti"l< *}H"|'*I    '!'        ■   ■ /
i*.  Oi   r
City (i**ri*
Winter Carnival
February 124344-15 and 16
Five Grand 1'rnphies and ij.2,000 In prizes.   Two bands in attendance
HOCKEY—International nnd illter-Provincial champion.-' pa.
SNOWSHOEING—Championship of liritisb Columbia.
TOBOGGANING—A mile a minute down the "ZIP."
SKI-ING—Jumping and Racing.   Championship of Cni.ndn,
SKATING RACES—For championship of liritisb Columbia.
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel.
Horse Racing, Masquerading, Tug-of-Wnr nnd oilier inlcresl'iug events,
Reduced railway rales on all lines'      For further particulars applv to
J. S, C, FRASER, President, li. ADAMS, Secretary,
It's Simply a ft If E-ft    AR   18 #&
Q«e8tio5yof "its 01 IH
Uh sill   1
Do you want common Flour uud questionable
results in bread milking, or do you want "MOFFET'S
BEST " Flour and uniformly superior results ?
The answer tu this question means much in
your homd. Don't, leave it to the inclination of your
Grocer. Ho will naturally scud you the " FLOUR "
on which he makes must profit.
In ordering, any distinctly "MOFFET'S BEST"
and your dealer will see that you get it.
diif Milli (8., Ll
Willi <uaunu
I I!
Has n goad stoek of Groceries nnd
a fine assortment of Japanese China.
Agent ior Rovelstoke Farming
Company, growers of nil kinds of
Farm Produce, liny and Wood.
Front Street, Kevelstoke
Manufactured for all oUsseBlof buildings
All kiul-*,,of building nnd plnstiring
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, l'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nnd Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Under the new mtinnge...eut ot
llAiuiY Mc1nt.mii,  Hoffman  House
.L cy-on are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, nntutal remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Livof, Kidney ...:tl Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure ctti-e
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails ni t-ive and depait every day,
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
TEllMS-$12 to .$1S per week.   For
fin i Iht particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrota L?Kc. B. C
Henry's Nurseries
Honilqimrtora fnr Pacific ('mist grown
nml iin|initc.l Garden, Field and
Flower Occds.
Thousands of Fruit nnd Ornamental
Trims, Rhododendrons, Kosos and hardy
plants nuw growing on our own grounds for
fn turn plnnuug.
Noax'-oiist), losaordelnyof fumigation,
luflpootiou nor customs duties to pay.
Visitors nre always wolcomo to inspect
our Hlock.
Greenhouse Plants,
Cut Flowers and Floral Doslgns, Fertlllnors
Boo Hives and Supplies, Spray I'umps and
Spraying mutoriai.
No imonts— thnroforo you havo no commission to pny. Our catalogue tolls you
about It, Lot mo price your list boforo
placing your ordor.
Wo oo businoss on our own grounds-nn
rout to pay, aud are proparod to moot all
competition. Eastern prices or less, Whito
labor.  Catalogues Freo.
P. 0. Addronsnnd Greonhousos.-BOlilWofit-
mini-tor llond. Branch Nurseriesi—South
ISxuepti on nl ly busy Summel. ami Full selling has placed
on our httiuls u large number of second-hand pianos and
orgitnSi taken in exchange on new styles of MASON A
H1SUH and PIANOLA PIANOS, Our "Upper Country"
ware ho uses—in Nelson and Revelstoke—lire now comfortably crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
factory, ton. These used goods must be sold, wo wish
them to move rapidly. You'll appreciate thoso unusal
Small Upright "Luff & Sons"
pit  Kngllsli mako, u octavos,
walnut case	
"(Jharlos Davis" Uiiriglil Piano
. i ft, .- in. in height,
ii'i'iirii walnut casa, Bcrall fronl
Bell" Organ, 5 ft, high, wai-
ii    - octavos, -'/ ■'i'l-* nf
reoils - t..|.- in good tune. ..
"AvillANmart" Upright I'lano
Ifi  . in.  Ih-'I'.  full
excellent valao it
: ■   ■■ in ■ for	
I'lano, Ni n Vork, '■'
■:..-■■   I   -   .   ■■      l 'I
buy il   	
IJi,.   plana, f]tidl| li   .   m
.  itioii i rem li ivalimt
■ ■' partial!) nil miooinl
mil iIiIhI Ilorlmlgo
>l  I    'ill    \      lil-rll I'l.III.I,  ll
■     ,      - .i. high im. V-I
'i   Dmnltigo   mal uy,
i iml go -I tu nuw,
■■' Iml now ■ illlng .ti 	
$ 20
$ 85
We've also n number of others,   full list sent upon
request.   Vou may turn In any ...... of theso Insli'inneiits
i.i 1..II viil...., .ih partial payment .... .. n.-w MASON A
Hlscll PIANO, within two years after piii'cliuso.
"MflSDN A Bisulr Piano, lurgo
Upright liciin-i, beautiful ina*
Imgaiiy ooao, 4 ft. 0 tu. high, oaao
Mligluly marred, otherwwe llm-
comlllmit, spii'iiiitii hue. Was
wild for |5fil), tako it for	
"Mason A Biscli" Piano, rp
HglitUramllnArt llnlsliod hurl
walnut casoi iirftotloally how,
iu line comlltloii, perfect lono,
U'ns .r.,,',11,1'Xli'iiordinitry value at
"Dominion" Organ, walnut
cfiBii.Mt, high, fi notavps, *i%
not* of roods, 1 stous, Vox lln-
iiiiiiiii, Uii'iil, nml Uniiul organ
"Bell" organ, moiiilva watn 't
uasUi Bcroll front, :i sets of reads,
III Ntopl,   IhiIIi  SWOltfl,    ymi'ii
imi Iobo iiii thin iii	
"Doliertj*" Organ, black walnut nifSu with uevelled Fronoli
platemltror, Bnctaves, .'isi'tmif
ruotli, lOslons, haw amltroblo
couplors uml kiu'n swells, npii*ii> .
did value at this llguru    '
iiuoeoN nn*'
NELSON, B. C.   p*^
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Pricos Paia
F.   B.   WULLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Under   New   Management)
ROBT   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   0
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and I,ot, on corner First street
niul Boyie Avenue, a business
Warehouse and Lot on Corner Smelter
Tr.ck and Third Street with
spur to warehouse,
Villa Lot adjoining City Limits on
Hig llend Roiltl.   A good stone
quarry  and  flrst-olaBS   gravel
and santl tor building purposes.
A good bed of Brick Olay and
three acres cleared suitable Ior
Iruit growing.
Six Lots in Hlock 40.
One Lot in Block 44, 50 loot.
Two Lots on Eighth St., 100 foot.
One   Lot,  Block  97,  with   olliee
Four Lots, Block 98, 26 foot, Cor.
Third Street and Connaught Avenue.
One Lot, 50 foat, on Douglas Street
Hill.   Contains goed building, gravel
and Bund.
A well bred Mare, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets burner's—(1 set of
driving, 1 set of work.
Interest in good mining property
and timber limits.
Twenty acres good land in North
Vancouver—1*190 per acre.
Good Farm lands in Buck ley valloy,
Four lots in the town ol Golden.
First-class residential property.
One Cement Block Plant in good
working order with all altaclnnents
For lull particulars apply to
Pirul-olaB accommodation for travellers.
Best l.niii.l.a ol Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.60   PER   DAY
QKAIjKII THNDKliS odilrossoa to tho nniler-
n »iK..wl, mul ifiiiiiii'scii "Tonaor for i*ost
Olilco, Kcrnii', H.C, will lie reciilvi-il ut this
olilco titilll Monday, Kobi-imry is. Wt loci..-
lively, Ior llm construction ol.. Post (llllcc.&c.
liiilliliiiK nt Fernie, R.O.
I'lt.i.H mul spool liciU iim can ho scon an.l forms
of tondor obtained at this Do'iartmontatidoii
ui.liliiffiiioii iii Uolii-i-i, A. Kcit, lCif.,, Clerk of
Works, Kurnlf. H.C.
I'lMiiiB IoiuIotIiib uro notified Hint tenders
will not lm considered unless nmdo on tho
printed rami suiipli.nl, .....i ilgood Willi tholr
nc. ....I sin..lures.
Each tender .....st ho accompanied bran
a.-, opted ohonlio on .. pbartorod bnnk, mado
.iiiyiilic to tho ordor ol ll.o llonournljloth..
Minis.-.- ol Public Works, c.|.ial lo ten per
'''i"l',("„l'k*) ','' ,"•'" ,",,l"ll'l »' the trailer,
iviii.-ii win bo forfeited If tho party 1 lorlnii
decline to ontor ntou ooptraot when cilli-.i
upon ... .1.. 10, or If ho full lo complete Iho work
......o-nifii-il for.   If lho tender ho not aooopted
tho cl.ciuc will ho returned
Tl.f. lioii.irltiK.nl does not hind Itaelf to accept tl.u lowest or uny I en.ler.
By order,
liopnrtmcnt of I'ul.llc Worki,       Bcor*-'Ul''Jr>
Ottuwa, Juniiury 18,1907.
Ncwspiuioi-si will not ho paid for lhii adver-
, umnnu
i num.
Through B.  C. Approved by
CommisGioiier of Lands
and Works.
The Grand Trunk I'acilic railway
lias tiled the map of its proposed runt.
through Britisli Columbia in the
Department ot Lands and Works, the
routes being approved by dipt. Tatlow,
acting cbiel commissioner and accepted under his signature by the
Tbe chief characteristic ol tbo route
is its avoidance of long bridges and
tl.e lollowing ot waterways the entire
distance oicopt across the divide between tbo streams at the bend ol
Decker lake and tbe headquarters ol
tho South Di.lkley river.
Countriiry to general expectation,
the map oi tbe proposed route shows
that lhe railway will not be built on
the west side of Bulkley liver, but on
the eust. This will take it through
the Hudson's Bay ranoli and Morice-
to..11, and-it will cross the Skt-ena
near Hazelton, theuce turning abruptly to the southwest, lollowing the
north bunk ol tbe Skeena, entirely to
itB mouth. From that point it will
cross to Kaien island and tbe terminus nt Prince Rupert.
If tbe coal deposits in the vicinity
ot Telqua river ure worked, it will be
necesEiuy to run a branch line to
them nnil across the Bulkley. It was
expected in view of these discoveries,
that the road would puss iu the vicinity, but presumably in order to av.id
the heavy work near the bend on tbe
west bank near the confluence ol the
Bulkley and Skeena, the course indicated above has been taken.
Tbe agricultural areas traversed are
'the valleys ot the Xecluico and Bulk
ley, and will doubtless in the near
future afford the line a largo amount
ol freight. Along the Skeeuo there
are immense bodies ol timber in the
exploitation of whicli the Grand Trunk
Pacilic will be a factor of great importance. Of other portions ol the
route to be traversed very little is
known, From Fort George to the
eaatern boundary of the province the
country is extremely mountainous.'
With the exception oi mica and some
galena deposits near Tste Jaune Cache
theie have been uo minerals so far discovered, but this iB not because they
are not there, but rather tbat tbe district has never been explored. Now
tbe route is definitely decided upon it
is probable that there will be a rush of
prospectors next spring*
At Tete Jaune Cache is probably tbe
best starting point for parties intending to explore the country bordering
on the soutli tork of the Fraser river,
thc lollowing table ol distances has
been compiled: Revelstoke to Death
Rapids (by steamer in tbe Bummer)
44** miles; to inoulli ol Cauoo River,
91 j miles; up Canoe River to Boulder
Creek rapids, 101$ miles; to Grewa
rapids, U3J miles, to Tete Jaune
Cache, 194J miles. All these figures
are the total distance irom Ilevelstoke.
R. H.Lfe, P. L. S., who compiled
these ligures a fow years ago, states
that large areas of good agricultural
land exist in this vicinity. At the
Big Bend 12,000 acres. On Canoe
river [rum section 13, township 4, to
Cranberry lake, 38,000 acres, Irom
Cranberry lake to Tete Jaune Cache,
26,000 acre.-., giving a total of 75,000
Hit:   Jilfinnvr.    "•    ilium    *..   , -
bunks  hesitate  to express .    nions
about ihe outlook.
The Canadian bunks hav. • early
four million dollars tic.! up in pr .duce
that cannot, lie moved (or some lime.
Merchants write from ..11 part, ol the
niiihiv. st. stating the circumstances,
It is an old story. Fanners have lieen
unable to secure cash for their produce
and merchants have been unable to
obtain cash to meet thoir obligations.
Ranchers will lose heavily and reports
have reached hero of one wiiose loss
will be close upon $100,000. BankeiB
say that a tremendous lot of money is
tied up in.-eal estate, and that many
bunks refuse to touch this class of
security for the reason that if markets
and boom go the right way holders of
land will make big money; and if tl.e
tide goes the othor way the banks will
lose its money.
Part of Sandon Swept Away
—One Woman Killed—Con
siderable Damage Done to
NELSON, Feb. 12.—Reports of biiow
slides are coming here from all over
the Kooteuay. One of a serious nature has overwhelmed a portion of the
town of Sandon, resulting in the
death of one woman. Over live houses
were destroyed completely and considerable damage was done. Sandon has
always been one of the unique plucos
in the Kootenuys by reason of tbe fact
that it lies between two mountains in
a little stretch ol bottom so narrow
that thero are parts ol the main street
where waggons cannot pass. In the
boom days it was one of tlio greatest
Camps in southern British Columbia
and one was fortunate to secure a
a room.
Tourist Traffic Galore—Many
Conventions and Excursions
will Visit British Colombia
this Season.
The ollieials of tbe transcontinental
railways are beginning now to make
extra efforts in preparation for trallic
westward in tlie spring aud summer
months. The present year, according
to reports, promises to eclipse all
previous years in the excursion line
and in addition to much immigration
thousands of tourists and travellers
are expected to visit liritish Columbia
all of which trullio will haxe to be
carried by the railways of tbe -.vest.
The tourist travel promises to be very
heavy during the Bummer. Reduced
rates uro offered which will no doubt
be warranted by the increase ol travel
which is suro to follow. Several important conventions will be lield on
tl.e Pacific Coast this year and consequently trullic will be heavier. In
May the Mystic Shriners will meet in
Los Angeles. There will be nbout
sixty thousand delegates coming wcBt
and it is expected that the majority
either will come west or return by
way of the Canadian Pacilic Railway.
The Christian Endeavor convention
will bring lully seventy-live tbouBand
delegates to Seattle.
ii you are looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
CwAjfv   "JL,   SPEOIAL" for Souvenirs, we have Ihem here,
Import direct from Country of origin.
Lauds nml Works for a i eelal lh ense to cnl I Lauds and Wurk? for n special licence to cut
und carry i inber from tbe following described ' and carry away timbor from tl.e followiDirde-
lands situated lu Lillooet dlrtrict: I scribed lands;
i. Commencing at a post marked "British Commencing ntn poet planted at the north*
Columbia Timbers Ltd.. north-east comet post west corner of the *-ouih**e*rtouartcrol Bectlon
No. i Limit," planted at the south-west comer of 123, Township 57, marked "W IU toll mi.'-worth's
iiil*i, thenci
Charter Applied for to Build
Railway to Dawson City.
Notice iB given in the Dominion
Gazette that application will be made
to Parliament at its coming session to
incorporate a company to build a line
ol railway trom,tbe|northern boundary
of British Columbia to [Dawson City,
by way of the Yukon River Valley or
the most feasible route. The appll
cants are Henry Illitt uud Luuis
Anerbaok, ot Boston.
' It will be remembered that last ses-
sion these gentlemen secured a provincial charter for a railway line from
Vancouver to tho northern boundary
ol thc province, known as tlie British
Columbia Northern & Alaska Company. The oharter for the road
through Yukon will complete this
provincial line us a connection with
Dawson and will give an nil-Canadian
route to the Yukon.
The Severe Weather Causes
Northwest Merchants to Ask
for Extensions.
TOBONTO, Fob. 11.—Settling dny at
the various drygoods houses and ut
hunks was on the whole satisfactory,
and paper was promptly met Irom
most pointB iu Ontario. Them is a
feeling of uneasiness regarding the
northwest, and there aro many applications lur renewals as a result ol
Progressive   Policy  of   the
Department of Agriculture,
Hon. R. G. Tatlow, minister of agriculture, has stated that information
had been received from an ollicial of
the Salvation Army in England to the
effect that quite a few families, of good
social and financial standing, had
been induced to eelccb this province
as their future home. A Byatematio
canvas was being made of classes anxious to move to the colonies but
unable to meet the tranBportotion expenses, and it was hoped that in tbo
course of a month or so arrangements
would be sufficiently advanced to permit the starting of tbe first immigration party from the shores of the
Mother Country to the great Canadian
The ollieials ot the Army give their
assurance that in the spring of tlio
year there will be many desirable set-
t'ers tendered monetary aid in order
that they may roach British
The government is not only attempting to solve the lack of labor
problem through tbo Salvation Army,
but is bendiug its energies in other
directions. R. M. Palmer, who has
been in the Old Country for some
months in charge of the Iruit exhibit
which carried off the principal honors
at tlie majority of the large horticultural exhibitions, and who now is on
his way home, took up the matter
with characteristic energy while away.
He interviewed thoso in charge of the
Salvation Army Bureau ol Immigration at London, pointing out clearly
the conditions existing here and the
kind of people most needed.
Hc also saw Hon. J. H. Turner, the
ageut general,sand with him reviewed
the situation, compared notes and
made arrangements for the inauguration of a thorough campaign in the
interests ol this province intending
emigrants. Mr, Palmer went further,
distributing pamphlets, disseminating
information personally, aud with the
aid o! the practical evidence ol the
fruit growing possibilities oi the pro
vince in tho exhibit which he had
with him, was able to prove to agricu
turists and others interested that
there aro openings for enterprising
individ.inl.iin British Columbia which
would bc dillicult to ottain elsewhere.
One of the direct results ol Mr. Palmer's visit is to be found in a communication received by Hon. Mr. Tatlow lhe othcr day from tbe agent
general. He said that he had been
called upon by quite a few people, who
had determined to move to Canada,
and plied with questions regarding
British Columbia. Tbey had heard
ol the province through tho Iruit exhibit and tbe literature distributed by
Mr. Palmer. Tbo agent general was
able to sal isly them and he expresses
the belief that the majority are
determined to make thoir luture
lii.n.cs somewhere within tho mint
westerly province ol the Dominion.
Curling Originated Long Ago—
The Leading Winter Sport,
The Scottish people regard the history of curling seriously, as a chapter
of interest and importance in the history of the nation. They claim that
no other game so well illustrates the
national character or tends so much
to tbe healthy development of physi
cal, mental and social qualities. They
regard it aB a valuable institution of
civilized life and trace its origin back
four centuries, but it wub only about
the middle of the eighteenth eeutury
that it began to take on the dignity
of a truly national game. During the
last Bevcnty-five yeara it has spread
among all the English speaking people in climates where winter bestows
the necessary conditions of ice. Tbe
great bonspiels ol Scotland draw
50,000 people on the lochs, and in
Canada, where the climate is favorable,
curling devotees are numbered by
tens of thousands. In no city, however, in Canada will be seen a more
keen aud sportsmanlike interest taken
in tbe gnme, than in Revelstoke, the
rinks being found in action by their
devoteeB day and night; moreover tbe
curling club has done much this
season to promote winter sports of all
Hook Well! Fee! Well!
T       Dn you enjoy thut well -dtessecl fcelinu? We nil know whul
O il  feels like tu lie hot, lo ho cold, or to lie ti red, and It is
q just as ii'tie that wo all know what it feels like to be well
dressed. It feels [food, and it's good to feel good. You can
never he well dressed if your clothes are nol made by the
right maker.
Got to know we handle the SEMI-HEADY GARMENTS
and you will find what a pleasure and .satisfaction it is to he
Well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats-SIS, $18, and $20.]
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
thfinre smith a
thence Bouth -tu cliains, thence east so chains,
tlience mnth tu cliains, thence costs) chains,
Uience north iu chains to point of commencement,
ii. Coinmcnclug :it a poBt marked "British
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west comer nost,
No. 8 Limit," planted on south boundary ol No, l
Limit about I mile fnnn east end, thence smitli B0
chains, thence east sn chains, tnence nortn so
chains, tiience west hi) chains to point of commencement.
Dated 21st December, 19 l,
8, Commencing nt a post marked "British
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west corner post,
No, ;i Limit, planted at the Bouth-west comer of
No, 2 Limit, tnence bouUi 60 chains, theuce east
80 chains, thenco north su chains, thence west SO
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 24th, MOB.
4. Commencing at a post inarked "liritish
Columbia Timbers Ltd., no rth-east comer imst.
No. 4 Limit," planted at the south-west comer oi
Timber Limit No, 6416, tlience smith so cliains,
thonce west su chains, thence north 80 chains,
thenceeast 80 chains to pnint of commencement
■i. Commencing at a pnst marked "British
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west comer post.
No. ,*. Limit," plantcil at the south-wett corner oi
Timber Limit No. 64iu, thence soutb 80 cliains,
thonce cast so chains, thence nnrth B0 chains,
thence west 80 chains to pnlnt of commencement,
south-west corner post," thci.ee ciu-i fr chains,
thence north BO chains, thonc* west 60 chainB,
thence south Hi chain-to pi nre of commencement.
The abovo location i- the north half of Beo-
tion-Und the south half of Section90*Town-
Ship fl.
Datod November 22nd, line,
satjan 28     W. H. W'LLINGSWOUTH.
l Dec, 26th, limo.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 davs after dnte
I intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Cotnmis-
idoner of Lands and Work-for i-erinUskm to
purobaae the following described lands:
Commencing at tbe N. K. cornerof T. L> No.
7040, ou the shore of Blind Kay. Upper Arrow
Ukes, thence -south lu chain--, ihence «-:i«i 80
chains, thence north about 80 chains, thenco
westerly following the southern shore of Blind
Hay to point of commencement, containing
four humored ami eighty ncres more or less,
Dated this 18th day of December. l'J06.
s-atdec 22 J- D. KKXNKDY.
Tailoring is our businoss.
and be knows it.
We make a man look well
..Cressman and Morrison..
-^t iuuttusv iMMt iuui -***%*-vi
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
hjrk l'.n'toi-s and Dialer   in Live Slnck.  Market! it. .ill tlm pr'-u iji.il Citiei and
Towns of Alberta, llritial. uuiutnbla and the Yukr.ii. Packera ol the Celebrated Brand
j   "lm orator" Hams and Bacon, and Sliarartidt llraml, Leal ttwtl. A
Central Hotel
.&»■»_..REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Will J. White, the popular society
entertianor, assisted l.y local talent,
will givo an entert.iinn.cnt this evening in the opora house. Associated
with Mr. White is Mits Hell a soprano
oi groat power and ability. Will
White is a comedian ol the lirst water
and his clover impersonations, witty
sayings, character sketches, monologues, and comic songs are all ol a
most original and up to dato untiire.
The man who has cot the blues, or
suffering (rom tlie grippe, sliould turn
out and heir Will White and be cured.
Tbo entertainment is under the auspices of the Ladies' Auxiliary ol tbe
V. M. C. A, and is iD aid oi that
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens jiotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,        -        -        Proprietor
We are pleased to receive a copy of
the recent publibation published by
A. P, Law, F.R.G.S., in charge of the
Dominion Government expedition to
Hndsons Bay and Arctic Islands in
1903-4. The volume is entitled "The
Cruise of the Neptune," and ig a very
handsome edition, proluiely ill us
tratcd, describing the work ot the
expedition in the Arctic regions and
Iho data, scientific and comnicrci.il,
1 hereby gained. The book is very
interesting nnd deserves a place in
every library aB a scientific, historical
and descriptive work.
Notice ia hereby Riven that se dayi nft.-r .l.ite I
iiiti'inl t.i a|.|.ly 0. tlie Honorable, the Chief EGoiii-
' ifiiont-r ..I Liimls and Works Ior pertntiilon to
purchaie the loilowhig deacrihetl landa, situated
in the I'isl. lllver valley and more i.artieiilrirly tie
si-.-il.eii as follows;
Beginning at a j.r.st nne-linl! mile north-eait ol
Annus McKay's prO'emptlon, marked ' (i. S.'a S. I-l
corner poit, tiience 111 ehains east, 80 eli.iini
nortli, Wl cliains wilt, SO cliains south to point nf
cotniiienit'ttieiit, r-iiiitiiiiiini.tl.il acrei.
Dated January Mill, 11117.
wed fel. 13       I'er Qeorge (loldsinitll, Agent.
Sixty days after datu I intenil to apply to tho
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands nml
Works for permission to pnrchttBO the following
described lands, situated on Uppor Arrow Lake,
and more particularly described as follows!
Beginning at tho south-west corner of Lot 1189,
at a poit mnrked "O.B., N.W.O.P.," thence80
chains east, thence 10 chains mirth, tbenee 30
chains (-mat, thence 10 thaimt sunUi, thence 10
cliain.- west, thence HO clmins north to point uf
commencement- containing imu acres more ur lis*,
Dated February Mb, 1007,
wed feb |8 I'er Q, Sumner, Agent.
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Meu's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices,
FIRST STREET, ■ q.ty restaurant
Two Dwelling Houses
For particulars apply to
Notice Is liereliy glvon that 00 days rffterdate 1
Intend to apply tn iln* Chlof Commissioner of
Ln ii'Is and « nrks fnr permission tu purchase thu
following described lands!
OuimeiichiLc ut a 1-ont situated ubout 2 miles
north of McDonald Creek on the east shore of
Upper Arrow hake, joining T. L. mil ft nu the snulh-
weit comer, minim,- oaat 40 chains, Himth Ot
buius, west'40 chains, north 111 .ihains to place nf
Dated .Ian. "Mh. 100".
tub fiat L. A. DKWAll.
Notu.'o is hereby given that 1*3 dnys
after date I intend to apply to the
duel Commissioner of Lands and
Works forpemilsslon to purchase the
following described bind situatod in
West Kootenay .list, iet:
Coinmeneing at a post planted on
tl.o north si.lt. of Downie Greek about
I of a milt' south of the 21, mile post,
on tin. Downie Oaeek Trail and marked "E. McBean's south-west corner,"
thonco ninth IS chains, thenco east III)
chains, thenoe south III chains, thenco
wost III) chains to point of commencement, containing 240acres more or loss.
Dated December lllth, 1888.
wed jan 2 111, MoBEAN,
Designs for Neto Departmental and
Justice Buildings, Ottawa,
milKtimufiir receiving competitive designs for
JL thu proposed now Departmental and justice
Buildings at Ottawa, is hereby extended from
April lfitoJuly 1,190".
By order,
FRKD. qbliiJas,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 24,1007.
Newspapers!*!.! not bo paid (or thin mlvcitlac
If they insert it without autlmrity from the De
partment. I
Notice Ih hereby given that we the undersigned
Intend, 80 days from date, to apply to Mm Hon.
Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works, for a
■pedal license to eul and carry nway timlier from
tin- f.iUnwim,'.'■mTiIihI 'and.-.;
Commencing ut a post planted aboul ono*
QUaiier of u mlh' cast nf Fish Itiver und one mlh-
from Camborne, thsnee north hi chains, thence
east SUcbuilH, thence snutli HO Chains, thOIICO went
bO chains to poiut nf cnininem-cment.   Signed.
Q, U. NOllfill'.Y.
Dated January 12th, iiw7.
Notico ts hereby given thnt 'Ml days after dale
welntend lonely to tboChiefCommisBionerof
Landsaud Works for a special license to cut
and carry away limber from the following
described lands In West Kootenay district:
1. Cummencing at a pout planted about 1
mile north from the north-west corner of the
K. & S, Block 800, and marked "Hig Hend
Lumber Company's south-east corner nosl,"
thOQCQ north nn chnlns, thence west 80 chains,
ibeuce south K0 chains, theueo east uo ehalus
tn pointof commencement.
'I Commencing at a post plauted almut 1
milo north from the north-west oornor ol K. A
s, Kioi k Mm, and marked "lllg llend Lumber
Company'i northeast corner post," thonce
WOlt80 clialns, thonoo south 80 chains, thence
easi 80 chain-, thencu north 80 dun ns to point
of commencement,
ll Coinnieiiciiig nt a post planted about 2
miles west frnm Bannock Point, on Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "U.H.L. Co,'h south-east
comer poNt," Hi ence north 80 ehaiiis, thence
wesl Suehalns, thencu south K0 chains, theuco
caul 80 chains to pointof commeucemeut.
i, Commencing at a post planted aboul3
miles west from Bannock Point, on Upper Arrow Lade, and niarked "B.ll.L.Co.'s south-east
corner pusl," tlience nortb 80 chains, thenco
wesl 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains, them-e
easl 80 chains to puim ol commencement.
Daled December 18th. 1906
Hat jan 6      UJG B1CND LUMBER CO., LTD.
ll days after duto wn intend to apply to thl
Chief Commissioner Of Landsaud Works for a
special license to cut und cany away Umber
from the following described lu.ids situated
Coll9ta Creek, Lillooet district, B,0.t-
1, Commencing nt a post marked "Limb-
WiUsun Lumber Co's north-enst cornor post,"
and planted about ii miles up Celistn Creek and
half a mile east of i crk, lhcnco south 100
chains, I hence wost 40 <. aliis, i honco north UU>
chaltiH, Lhcui.i! oiihL 10 t imins to point of commencement.
•2, Coiiimonclng at n post marked "Lamb
Wul-son Lumber Co's south-east corner nost,"
and plantod about flvo miles up Csllstu. Creek
ami half ainllo east of creek, lhcnco north 80
chnlns, thenco west so ehuins, lhcnco suuth 811
chains, theuco cast mi chains to point of rum
Daled Ihis-tlth duy of January, 11)07,
wed fob0 Lamh-Watson LrMnr.u Co., Ltd
Revelstoke Cigars -Union Made-Our
Special, Tbe Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others,
NOTICK is HKltKBY GIVEN that thirty
days after dale I intend lo npply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Linds and Works for a
speciul license to cut and curry away timber
from lhe following described lands in the
Osoyoos division of Yale Diserict:
I (Commencingat a pn-t planlcd ubout 100
feet from noi-th-cnst ond of Koofei bike,
inarkod,"W. H. HolllngBworth'a8, W. corner."
I henco north 10 chains, cast P* cliain-., sout h Lil
chains, east 40 cliains, sou'.h SO chains, ea-t mi
cliains, suuth In chain*-, wot 80 cliiiins, north
20 ehnins, west 10 ehuins, north 20 chains, west
40 chains to place or commencement.
'i Commencing at a poat marked "\\\ H.
Hollingsworth's southeiivst corner.'' planted
about tou yards from Lhe north-oast end of
Keofer Lako. thenco west tu chains, north 20
chains, west U\ chains, north "Jo chairs, west 8Q
chains, north 40 chains, cast Mi chains, south &1
chains, east Hi chains south 'iu chains, east 10
chain--:, suuth lo clmins to place uf commencement.
W Coinmeneing at a post planted abuul 76
yards south from tlio west end uf Keofer Like,
marked " W. II. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner," llionce west 80 chains, *-oulb Sl chains,
oast W) chains, north 80 ehains to place of com-
4 Commencing at a post iilanled ubout 'ia
mile north of tlie mouth of Colin* I reek where
It runs into Barnes Creek, und inarked "W. II.
Hollingsworth's north-east corner," thence
soutb 10 chains, west loo chains, north 40
chains, east too chains lo point of commence-
ii. Commencing at a post planled about % a
mile north frum the mourn oi Polar Creok
where it runs into Buines ireek, and marked
"W. H. Hollingsworth's south-east corner,"
thenco north 40 chains, wost ltio chains, south
Hi cliains, cast ltio chains to place ot com
ti Commencing ut a post planted about 1 of
a milo south-oast of eust, cud of Marsh Lake,
marked "W, H. Uollings worth's north-east
coruor," thence south 10 chains, west 100
ohains, norlh iu chains, east Uio chains io place
of commencement,
7 Commonolng al a post planted about . uf a
milo oast of west cud and near soulli side of
Marsh Lake, marked "W.H, Hollingsworlli
north-casL corner," thence south 40 ohains, west
lOOchains, norlh 10 chains, east 100 chains to
placo ol commencement,
8 Commencing at a post planted about 2u0
yards from the south side and abuut half-way
of Koofer Luke, marked "W.H.Hollingsworth s
north-west corner," thence south 140 chains,
east 00 chains, north 0U chains, cast J" chains,
norlh20 chains, wust liOchains, north 00 chaius,
west 20 chains to pulut uf commencement*
1) Commencing ni. a post planted about 200
yurds south and about half-way of Koofer lake
anu marked "W, H. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner." thonce south KiU chains, west 40
chnius, nurih lliu chains, cist 4U ohains to placu
of commencement.
10 Commencing at a post plunted on the
beach about % mile oust of west end of Keefer
Lake, marked "VV, H. Hollingsworth's northeast corner," theuco soulh lUO clmins. west lu
cbnins, north ion chains, theueo oast* 4u chains
to point of commencement.
II Commencing at a posl planted about \
milo south of Kettle lliver, about 2 miles west
of Keofer Lake, marked "W.H.Hollingsworth's
north-west corner," thence east lu chains, south
20 chains, east 40 chains, south 80 chains, west
10 cliains, north 20 chains, west m chains,
nortb 80chains to point of commoncement,
12 Commencing at a post planted about \
milo soutli of Kettle Kiver, about i of a mile
east of Porouplno (Creek, marked "VV, H. Hul-
1 liugsworth's north-cast corner," thonce south 160
chains, west 40 chains, uorth Uiu chains, east
10 cliains to point of commencement,
Lt Commencing at a post planted nbout lj
miles south of Kettle River on Trap ('r-cck, and
marked "W. H. Hollingsworth's N W comer,"
theuco soulli 80 chains, east 60 chains, north so
chains, west KD chains to point of commencement.
U Commencing at a, post plunled about 60
yards nhovo the forks ou Trap Creek, utiout
one-half mile south of Kettle Kiver, and marked "W, H.Hollin -^worth's 8.W. corner," thenee
norlh Bu chains, east 80 chains, --outh 80chains,
west 80 chains, in i .mi m commencement.
lo Commencing at a post plantod about \
mile westof tho forks uf Trap Creek and abuut
;tOU yards westof I he creek, inarked "W. H. Hollingsworth's north-east corner.'' thence south
80 chains, west mi chains, north 80 chains, east
Mi cbnins to point of commencement.
Hi Cuniniuncing al a posl planted about lui
yurds to the south of Kast Creek about!, mile
south uf Kettle lliver, marked "W. H.Hulling-
worth's north-ciiHt corner," ihenee south Uiu
chains, wesl, lo clialns, north I tin cliains, east lu
chains to point of coinmenccmet.
17 Commencingat a po>t planled nbuut.Vi
yurds nurth uf Kelt le Ui ver ubout}« mile below
Porcupine Creek, inarked "VV. 11. Uollings-
worths south-west corner," thenco cast lu
chuius, soulh 80 chnlns, cast 40 chains, nortli 12u
ehuins, west 80 chains, south 40 chains to
place of commeucomeut.
18 Commencing at a post planted on thu
south buuk of Hepsedam Creek about U mile
up frum Kettle Itiver. marked "VV.H. Hulling*
worth's nurih-west corner," thence south 10
chains, cast lOOchains, i urth in chains, wost
IfJQ chuius to place of commencement.
10 Commencingat a post planted on south
bankof Hepsedam Creek, aboul l» mile from
Kettlo Rivor, marked "VV.H.HollInmworth's
south-west corner," ihence nortb Su chains,
east 80 chains, south mi ohnins, west 80 chains
lo point of commencement.
20 Commencing at a post planted on the
south hank of Hepsedam Creek aliout ; t mile
from Kettlo Kiver, marked "\V. II. Hoilings*
worth's northeast corner." Ihence wed >0
chains, soulh Ml chains, east 80 chains, norlh
sn chains to place of commencement.
21 CuinmcncIiiK al a pod planted on the
soutli hank uf Hepsedam Creek about J mile
from Kettle Kiver, marked "W. H Uollings-
worth's southeast eurner,'' tbenee norlli lo
chains, woat40 chains, nurth 20 chains, west 10
norlh 20elmlns, west 80chains, couth lu chains,
east 80 chains, south 2u chains, eait lu chain*,
.-mil li 20 chains, cast lu chains to poinl of cum-
Dated Dec.illst, UMt,
wed Jan :«l      VV. 11. HOLl.lNUHWOKTH
Notice is herein* given that 30 days after dato
welntend toapply tothe Chief! Commissioner of
Lands and Works Ior a speciul 11Q0DH lo cut
and carry away tlmticr from the following
dc-M-ribed lands situated in West Knntenay
Commeneing at a post {planted :, mile north
ol the soulh-east corner o! Lot W41 and marked
"I. W.L.CO.'I N.W. coruer," thence lfiu chains
east, theuce 40 chains soutli, thence 160 chains
west, thence 40 chaini! north to place of com-
Dated December 31st, IflCfi,
Notice is hereby given that 90 days
itliot- date I intend to apply to tbe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licence to cut and
carry away timber from tbe lollowing
described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted
on the north bank of Snow Creek
about eight miles east of Burton Citv,
thence west SU chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains thence
north SU chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted
tliree chains north of No, 1 post,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west SO chains, thence
north su ohains tu point of commencement,
'i Commencing at a post planted
Sll ..-bains oast of No. 2 post, thence
oust 1UU chains, thence soulh 40 chains,
thence west 100 chains, thence north
IU chains to point of coinmencement.
Dated December 20th, 1008.
wed jun 2  J, H. JAMIESON, Locator.
VTOTICE Is hereby given that 60 davs after
ll date I intend to apply to the Hon. tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase lho following described
Fands, situated iu West Kooicnay, ou the cast
shore of Cpper Arrow Lake:
Beginning at a post ou the south side of Cape
Horn, running east 80 chains, south 80 chains,
west fcn chains, north SO chains aiohg lake shure to
point of coinmencement.
Dated January 17th, 1007.
wed jan 30 Thos. Wright, Agent,
VTOTIOB Ls hereby given that 80 days after date
ll I intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur a Special
License to cut and carry away timlier from the
following described lands in West Kootenay District:
1- Commencing at a post planted ilxiut one
mile abovf T, L. '.,*.'t on the west hank of the
Columbia River, opposite Keystone Creek and
marked "(ins Luuds N. E. corner", thence west 80
chains, tbenee south oo chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north t-0 chains to point of commencement.
Commencing at a post planted about 1}
miles up .Seymour Creek mid almut :- mile from
the N, \\*. corner of T. L. tV»7 and marked "Ous
Lund's N. w. corner", thenceeast 40chains,thence
Uth 190 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
north 100 chaina to point of commencement.
S. Commencing .it a post planted at the N. VV.
corner of location No. t ami marked "Gus Lund's
N, E, corner', thence west 4U chains, tlience south
100 chains, theuce east 40 chains, thence north 100
chains to point of ci-nunenccnient,
4. Commencing at a post planted almut one-
half mile west from the N. W. comer of location
No. 8 and marked "Hum Lund's N. VV, comer",
thence east iu chains, thence south 1C0 cliains,
tlience west 40 chains, thence north 160 chains to
p*>mt of commencement.
5. Commencing at a p"st planted at the N. VVJ
corner of location Mo. 1 and marked "(ius Lund's
N. K. comer", Uience west 40 chaini, thence south
160 chaina, thence east 40 chains, thence north 160
chains to point nf commencement,
8. Commeneing at a post planted at the N. E,
conier of location No. j and marked " (ins Loud*
s. E. corner", thence north (0chains, thence west
100 chains, tnence sontli 4U chains, thence east 180
chains to point of commencement.
Hated January lfjtb, 1007.
7. Commencingat a post planted near Gold-
stream-to the B. K. comer of T, L. 977u (being
renewal of T. L. 6202} and marked "Oui Lund's
N. K. corn.-r", thence -1101118") chains, thence west
30 cliain-., theuce north so chains, theuce east 80
bains to point of commencement.
B. Commenc ine at a post planted at the N. VV,
nrner of T. L. 570:1, near Qoldstream, and marked
(ius Lund's 8. VV comer", thence east 40 chains,
thence north ]0u chains, thence west 40 chains,
thence south lOu chains to point of commencement.
ft. Commencing at a post planted at the /J. W,
oruer of T. L. 7675, near tiohlstream, and marked
"Qui Luuda N. B.Corner"; thence west 40chains,
thence suuth 100 chains, thence cist 10 chains,
tlience north IW chains to point of commencement.
Dated January 19th, 1007.
Notice li hcretij- Hive, that 30 tlnja niter ilnto
I Intend tonpflj- lo tho Chill t'oniiiiissioncc ol
Linda nnd Works for n special licenco to cut
Notico i-^ hereby uivmi that 80 day- aftor dato
we Intend to nnply Eotho Chief Commlsraoner of
Lnnds and works for a special license to out
nnd earry away timber from iho following described binds in district, of West Kootenayi
Commencing at u poit planted ** mile west
from north-east corner ol Lit NO. 6140 and
marked "L. VV, L, Co.'s .-, VV, comer poH,"
thenee norlh 100chains, Iheneeeast |o chains,
thence souih Imi chains, thence west io chains
to place of commencement.
Dated December i"Jih, 1'Juti,
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Laiuls and
Works for permission to purchase the following
described lands sitnnted on Upper Arrow Lake
and more particularly described as follows:
Heginnlog at a post plnnted at Uie north-east
corner of Lot ,l9ir. and marked "F p.p., N.W.C.IV
theme 100 chains B6St, thence 40 chain*- uouth,
thence WIO chains west thencu lOchains nurth to
point nf eiimmeiiccmeiit.Blnnir-B.
Dated Febiuary 8th, 19117.
wed feb 1.1 I. Y. FL'LI.MKU,
VJ OTICK la horoby given that thirty day*
ll aftor dale we intend tn npply M tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for -i>«m!
liconso to cut and curry away limber from the
following described lauds situated in West
Kootonay district, B, r.-
l niiiiiii'-inn*' nt a ]mi-.i pl,intod nn the south-
enst bank nf Fish river, about ono mile south
of Joiin*.on Crook and markod *D Mcintosh
and Wm, iioyo's nortb'west comer," thenco
cast 80 ebains, thence south Wl chains, thenco
wost SU chains, thonco north ftu chains to plnce
Dated January 7th, 1901
jau 16 wed WU. BOVD,
nnd carry away timber from tho following
dewrtbod property sitnnted on Fisher Creek
implying into the head of,Adanis Lake In tho
Districtof Lillooet, H.C.:
1, Commencing at -i post planted en tbe west
bank of Plshet Creek, Bouth Fork, about four
miles from Adams Lake marked "A. McConnell's
N. E. corner,' running 8u chains srulh, tlience SO
chains west, theme so chains imrth, thenee k<)
chains east tu pnint uf commencement
t, Commeneing at a post planted on tbe west
bank of ttsbei Creek, soutb fork, marked "A. Mc-
Connell's H VV, comer," ibout foot miles from
Adams Like, running HO chains smith, tlicnro80
chains east, thence DO chains nurth, thence HO
chains west to pointof Commenoement,
a Commencing at a post planted on the weat
haul of Ijiht-r Creek, South Fnrk, about tire mllen
frum Ad.uu*> Lake, marked "A. McConnell's N, k.
corner, Limit No, 3 Fisher Creek,' running 80
chains south, so chnina west, HU chain* north, 80
cliains cant to place of comuencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted on tht west
bank of Pisher Creek, South Pork, about firs miles
fiom Adams Uke. marked "A. .McConnell's N.W,
corner. Limit No, 4," running SO chains south,
iheuce 80 chaius -*aat, thence 60 chains nnrto,
thence 80 chains west to place of Don meneement,
f>. Commencingat a post planted on the west
Kink uf pjsher Creek, Soulh Fork, about six miles
frnm Adams Lake, marked *'A. McConnell's N.K.
comer, limit No. B," running 8u chains south, SO
chains west, so chains north, BO chaini east to
place of enmmeneement.
6. Commeuelng at a pnst planted on the west
bank of Fisher Creek, Snath Fork, almut six miles
frnm Adams Lake, markod "A. McConnell's N.W.
comer, limit No. 0," running 80 elinins south, 80
chains cast, 8" chains north, SO chains west to
place of commencement.
January Mb, 1W7,
satjan IB A. McCONNELL.
NOTICK is hereby gWen tbat M days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Com
missioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands hi the
Wesl Kootenay District;
i ■■ ■■.HIK---I. ui.: at ii post planted 20 chains east
from the Hntb-west comer of Lot -2453and marked
"K. C Tradnrd's north-east correr post," thenca
south 40 chains, thence west 20 chains more or
less to Lake shore, thence north along shore to
soutb-west corner of I/it 1458, thence east 20
clmins to pnint ol commencement.
Dnted NnTcint>er 13th, 1000.
dec 8 wed E. C. TUAKFORD.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Reveletoke Cigars, NEW
New Skirts
These goods are direct from one of the
best manufacturers in the East. New Spring
Styles. Tailor-Made Garments. Right up
to the minute in style. These Shirts arc
all guaranteed to lit. If you are looking for
something good in this line you had better
drop in and look this shipment over.
New Waists
In plain Black and Plain White Washing
Silks, showing New Spring Styles. We
can guarantee this line. You will only have
to look at them once to know their quality.
We invite thc ladies to inspect these Waists.
This shipment is only just in.
lousiness Locals \i
Window shadei, curtain pules in.I
fixtures nt C. B. Iluinc & Co.
Valentines  nt  lhe  Canada   Ding i
Look in nt Howson's furniture store
for cut pric-s in carpets.
Headquarters for games of all kiuls |
—any one you may ask for at thc
Cn n.tihi Drug A- Book Co. |
Special bargains in carpet remnant*
—0. II. llunie A Co.
Cough Drops, all makes, at the
Canada Drug Store.
To improve ynu old linoleum and
lloor oil cloth. Try a coat of Linoleum shine. Sold at C. II. Hume
it Co.
Kemnants uf osrpets, linoleum,
lloor oil, etc., ..t Howson's Furniture
fojyfofo&&m$9$$f ;•
I Sore Hands     fl
€*      . _ 9 ;
f and Faces
fo    We have the nicest prepur-
ation you have ever tried,  A
Benzoin and   Al-   r
niond Cream,
cente a buttle,
a night.
Only   35
It heals in
Drug &
i Hobson & Bell i
Grocers, Bakers & Confectioner.
Maomdkeia— At Revelstoke, B, C, un
Friday, Feb, 8th, to Mr. and Mrs.
Harry M..undrell,a daughter.
Wednesday, Feb. 13.—Fur 24 hours,
light easterly winds, continued mild,
frost during night, generally fair.
Temp., max., -IU degrees; inin., 20
Local and General.
A full attendance ol the Woodmen
ol the World is requested lor to-night
in the Selkirk ball. Sov. Kamplin,
head manager and lounder ol the
Order in Canada, will be present.
All desirous of joining the Alpine
Club in time, for thc summer cump in
Paradise Valley in July Bhould hund
in their names to one ol t:.e Revelitoke members aa soon aa possible as
the list will shortly be closed.
(lold Range Lodge, No. 26, Knights
ol Pythias will atteud divine service
at St. Peter's ohuroh on Sunday,
February I7th,al 7:30 p.m., und all
members are requested to assemble at
the lodge rum. at 7 p. in. sharp.
Monday night brought tbe Celestial
old year to a cluse und as the clock
chimed the hour of midnight, the new
year was ushered in with a fusillade ul
crackers and fireworks. Fe»sing
revelry and music are indulged in for
two dayi. tbe festival being the most
important in the Chinese calendar.
G. Graham, the new leader of the
pposition in Ontario, will move that
in the opinion ol the legislature the
time has arrived when the government
should make a thorough inquiry into
the question ol life insurance by
fraternal societies, with a view to
establishing a safe and equitable table
oi rates which shall be tbe minimum
to be charged by fraternal societies
operating under provincial licence tr
5c. To $2.50
Send  in   your
orders by Mail
W. BEWS. Pta. i
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail orders promptly attendod
To Buy u House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
The hockey boys havo gone down to
R..S8lund to take part in tbe ice
carnival which is being held there this
week. We wish them the best ol
The Ladies'  Aid  of  St.  Andrew's
I Church are making preparations for tt
Basket Social to be held in Selkirk
Hall un Tuesday, the lllth inst.   lit.
Will White, the popular comedian,
will appear tonight, in the Opera
House. Full houses have been his
experience all along the line of his
tour, and the same is looked for in
Revelstoke. Mr. White and Miss Bell
gave an impromptu songur two in the
Y. M. C. A. tin Monday nighl, which
was highly appreciated l.y all present.
Come and see Will White tunight and
hear the latest jokes and comic snugs.
J. Henderson bus formally opened
up his new livery and transfer stables
on First street and is prepared to
carry on the business in an up-to-date
manner. The stables arc exceptionally well fitted up with ten stalls for
burses, provided with tho latest
method's of the supply of feed, louse
box, commodious sheds and storage
harness and saddle rooms, and every
facility for the carrying .... ui thei
Charles II, Deutschman, ol Cheops
Cave fume, will have charge uf the
C. P. li. and British Columbia exhibits at the Sportsman Club show ut
New* York, Boston au.l Pittsburg. Mr.
Hcutschiuan has done excellent work
in advertising the attractions and
beauties of the mountains round
Kevelstoke and will this year, ndeav r
tu divert the stream oi tourists, sportsmen aud travellers into this district
and to generally put Revelstoke to the
fore us an all round mountain resort.
The C, P. R. have just published a
uselitl little book entitled "Western
Canada," issued iu the interests ol
immigration to tbe west. Manitoba,
Saskatchewan, Alberta and New
Ontario are described with their
respective attractions aud inducements
iur settlers. Much useful information
is given in all branches ol Canadian
industrial life und olsuch n nature as
to aid il.e settler in deciding
futurebfj.ne. The book is well gol ip
the illustrations an.l maps being
particularly descriptive, and the work,
i il well oiroulated, would provedeoidi il-
] ly useful lo prospective settlers in the
Social and Personal
is is Clean=Up Week
We will finish Stock-Taking this week and wc want to clean up quite a number
of lines and we have put prices where it should do it. Take a look in our window
and see what we have to show you.
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Notico la horoby glvou, inncoordanoa with tho
Stntutw, (Inil I'rovlnclul Itovenuo Tax, and all
ussassod tnxos and lun-mo Tax, assessed und
loviod under ihe "Assassinant Act, 1003*i," and
iiiiioiiditioiits ihorotu, nre now due and paynble
fir the yoar 1(107 to me at tho Government
Olliee, Bevols'oke. Tliis notice, In terms of
l;iw, is ei|uivulout to u personal demand by ino
tilion nil persons liable for taxes,
Datod nt Revelstoke this 12th day of Fobru*
ary, 1007.
fob 13 -It Dojmty Assessor,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
dale l intend to apply to tho CUIet Commis
sioner nf Unds nnd Works font special license
in cut and carrv away timber from the follow-
In*,' described lauds situated lu Vale District:
Commune in*,' at n post (diluted on the
west side ol Lease 2818,about ono mile from tho
ic- ih end id lease and aboulsix mllea north
oP8ugar Luke, marked ".*•> lllll'a south oust
corner post," running HO ehains west, tnence
80 i'liains north, thenco 80 Chnllia east, theueo
80 ehnins suulh to point of commencement.
'i. Commeueiug at a post planted on (ho
west side ni Lease 2818, about ono mile from the
nonh end of lease and about six miles north
oi Bugar Luke, marked "8. Hill's north-easl
eorner pout," running si) chimin south, llienee
wi elmius w*88t, th once 80 ehains nurth, llienco
Wi ehnins east in point of coinmeneement.
Dated Sept, 14th, 1'JOti.
wed fob 18 S. HILL
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
33rd Year of Huang Su Was
Celebrated With Due Eclat by
the Pigtail Celestials.
Chinatown celebrated the annual
New Year festival last night, which
was the 83rd year ol Killing Su, ur the
2,468th year since Conflisoius, with
the usual salves of lire crack.-is in
drive uway bud spirits and guard lhe
fling shuy of store or home. Tho customary ceremonies wire hold yesterday
in the .loss lluiis.-, lower town, where
the josses sit in darkened recesses nud
native oll'eriiigs wen made to ensure
their protection. Large presentations
ol ri.'.' were made to the gods -:'
heaven and earth to Tien Wang,
prince ol heaven, and the I. sser g. ds,
and Chinatown gave itself
holiday making, which will  last f. r
..-.• a wei k.   Shutti - we ■   ip in the
-- '      ■   ......
f .■■•■■ i ii ■ mm."- i .;   thi   Oriental
.1-       ' re ■- -   ut for the j; u
to the China     isrter
feature was th.     .       .    : ■
dies display.      It is nol
l.y slra. Hi... :u. ilnys allu- .lato 1
f.].|m to till Ilu... tin- I'liiifl .'iniiiiissii.il
Is .....I Worki Ior fi special liconso to out
.nil carry ail-ay timlier Irnin tl.e following do.
icrilfod li.mls... \v,-st Kootonay iliilrleti
.'...iiiiiifticiiiLt .... it ih. t plauted about ..no
mil., fti.il.. I...If north r.f Arr.iM-lirji.il, nml ul......
Inili'ii ...ilooii-i Iron. Arruwlioul Hruncli lt. It .
mi.rl.orl "W. F.Ogtlvlo'l S.W. imst," thonoo8.1
cl.'litis uorth,  tl.0l.co 80 chains eait, thenco 80
cliiiins south, tlionco .-..clmins wesl to pointof
C<i .11111 OIIC0IIIO.lt.
Dated Fob, 12th, UK...
ivoil foi. Ill W, It. OQILVIE,
Notice is hereby givon lint 80 days nltor date I
intend to applv in the Chief (JonunhiKioner of
Lands and \\ urks for a special llconse to cut and
curry away timber from ibo following described
lands situated in llie Oaoyooa division of Vale
1. Commeueiug nt a post mnrkod "Harry
Mcintosh's N.W. corner," plantod nbout 1 milo
wesl of Sugar Lake on lhe south tine of Timber
Limit No 8.23, thenco south Nl chains, thoneo
wost80chains, ihenee nurih so cbnins, tlienco
east 80 ehains in pointof commeucemeut.
Dated January 2tlth, 1907.
'1. Cummencing at n post plnntod at tbo N.W
corner ol So. 1, thence suuth ho ehniiis, thencu
westSO chuius, tlience uorth 80 '-hains, theueo
on»l 80chains to pointof commencement.
Dated January 28th, 11107.
3. Commenolng nl n post planted at lho
soutli ive I sornor of So. I, thonco muiIIi 80
chain , theuco oasl 80 chnius, theuco uurrcli 80
ehnins, thonce west so chains to point of com-
m 'ucemont.
i I i mencing at a post plantod at tbo
iouth .-.-■ *. corner "f So. 1, ihenee south80
ihalns,    *: ■■>■ wi sl 80 chain ■ theuce uorth 80
1 ain . ence oust 80 chains to poiut of com*
Dated January 29th, 1907,
.... liyti   K. Brink, Agont.
15c. Flannelette
for Wc.
These are some of the preitiest designs
shown for Wrappers, Kimon.is, Dressing
Jackets, etc., and the price is the lowest you
have yet been offered.
See Our Corsets
Not a lot of old styles, but nearly all last
season's, in White and Grey. Some have
hose supporters, They sold at .?i.oo and
$1.2;,.    Your choice for 75c.
Have you had a look at our Remnant
Counter. There are some bargains there lor
you. Goods of every kind at about half their
regular price.
Ladies' Waists
We have a lot of these in all kinds of
materials,- Black Satin, Flannelette, French
Flannel, Cashmeres, Lustres, etc. They sold
at many different prices, but they all go at
one price now.     $1.00 each.
Laces ana Embroidery
You will soon be at your spring sewing
and will want Laces and Embroidery, and
wc have put out a lot of both of these goods
at bargain prices. They arc good quality
and good patterns, but you may not be able
to match them in edgings and insertions—
but look at the price—5c. and 10c.  per yard.
FEBRUARY   15th   AND   IGth
Edward Branscombe
rresentB thc Famous
Scarlet Mysteries
From London, England
W A N T E D_
1)1,AIN and Ornamental Plastering
Artificial stone nf any design for
Id .1.   111 poses,    ("in.-.it find con-
. .->■'-- work  taken by contract or .l.-.y
-■  rl     Ipply ui Mail-Herald office,
'AN . ED-Furnlshed R001
VTTAXTED   A single man requires
\ 1 tted, comfortable rnou
A. E, Kincaid returned from Golden
Mi. un.l Mrs. A. li 11. Ilirarn left for
Vancouvor this afternoon,
Miss Horn Smith left for the coast
on No. II" this afternoon.
.Mr. and Mrs. I*. li. Lewis have
returned from .1 short visil In the
II. Floyd ...id II. Muni.ing lelt on
Tuesday fur Nelson to attend the
convention of the school trustees,
ll, I-'. Brett, "I Chicago, Ml,, is visit-
ling his daughter, Mrs, 1' K. Sin.., f..r
11 lew days.
Mrs. T. Cleary, mother of Mrs. A,Isettlers  continue  to  pour  intr, the
Johnson, left on Monday Ior her home West, one ol those days tho soat of
In Ballard, Wash,, after a two months' government n.i.y bo changed from
1 visit here. Ottawa to a western city.
fate   family     for    young
lelilj   .not .        '.:-!-:,'.■ the AI ui.-IIkiiau..
when the New Year opei
clean up
time is a nsu risl      t tl ..t.-d,     Replies to Mail-
rae.        '■    lecorationi    eing    ■       '- '"
isi   ' the place s
... ,   '       . \\-       ED   An apprentice to the
—;;" tnber of citiz.        m     \\ .,    ;.,._     App|j,  ,,, vv
been invited do in to psrt»ki 1   ' md -! itii ner.
supperspresd by the celestials wl     .,-.m  ki,   .,,. ,, „,,.. , .,,,,„
depthos Vl lln-spitul, Wages
banquets, ...tl gl. tbeir if.    - an    ' *    '    ,:" ' """P"*'*
Hiss Margaret (reipti
'*      ' * Tm,.- .er   : I* u    Vocal and
ed with apprehe - Ph. iry.
-    . .    , 0 - I '   - B - - -
.    ! ',"■'•■
1 -,    .
.ys  is set by thi
r.-kin.   ('iiinn adopts the lun ir calei
dar and with the new moon ol the
12th   began -i-    year,   Tlie
reckoning tin     - ... ti   ■
This celebrated oombiuation ol Eight
Artists who ure crussing Canada
111 route for Australia, will
i.ppoar as above, present.
ing the
in refined musical comedy including:
Mil. ROLAND HENRI .   ,„,,,_      „
M..S..-..1 Sliolch ('1u110.ll.1u
(Fron. Daly'iTheatre, L.m ir.nl
Mlt THOS. WALLS, Cl.nr.ir.tor Artlat.
Lightning Cartoonlit
(Ol ."-..(.oil's Hull ami Crystal I'nlnco).
(OI Royal Carl Ron Opora Co.)
Mil. HENRY LUSC0MI11!   „     , „„    ,    ,
.(If Savoy nml Terry's Thoatros)
l.)f Royal Oiinrn II....so, Convont U..r.l....(
MR. DAVID NORTON, Pl'iuilit,
(Guildhall School ..f Music).
PRICES, $1.00   -   75c.    ■    50c.
Seats on Sale ut Canada Drug
& Book Ocmpany.
All claims against Lodge Loyalty,
S.O.E.B.S., must be submitted is
writing, duly certified by J.I, Wuud-
row of Hevelslokc, to the undersigned
on or befcrc February 28th, 1007.
Henry S. Akehurbt,
Kamloops, B. C.
Those  who  require  homes or stores
painted, papered and decorated
Utoolthr H.C. Fletnlil. Finishing
Co, ..iiic.iiivi't, ..ill. many yours
oxp. rienco in Ca.ia.ia anil United
Miii.-*, ..ill takeconlracta fur
fainting and Decorating, Wood Finish.
Ing antl Polishing
In   tuwn   or  country.   First clasi
work guaranteed.   Estimates  given
■■.-, .-.. ui 1.1..nl iv...ul process. Mud.
ii- obarges.   lleply to
Uhcviow Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C,
tho accession oj the Emperor, anil this
year will l.e the 33rd ol Kuana 8ti    1
other .v'.nl-,the 33rd, yeai   I  -  hi
Majesty the Empeioi  Kuang Sn hai
occupied the dragon throne   il Pekiti
Windsor, Ont, Feb,   12.- Speaker
Sutherland, of the Commons,  ... ...
address on the Canadian Constitution
.... Saturday ben-, laid that the mum
was not far distant whon the West
will bo the centre ul tin Canadian
Empire,   It is conceivable  that if
Bakery for Sale
A. E. BENNISON, ha       ■ tired from business, his
whole business is I -    1   ;oing concern, including
■ ike room ,,  leli -1   .-■ ig in ,. tc.
Scott & Briggs
- t m
'Murji, w  -- ''i'i
to lake ndviintiigo ..I' the many useful
an.l bunds....ie articles that ivi. are
offering in our .sale of Clocks, Cut
Class, Table Silver, Watches, Jewelry,
and Novelties.
Our prices have been reduced on
all Hies.. ...licles, which ani an fait
for wedding or birthday gifts, or for
use ni your own homo,
Don'l forgot our Optical Department. We in.tk.i a specialty of that
and we guarantee satisfaction,
Artificial I5yes tested.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T  F 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .     .     .
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  .      .
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street ,      .      ,      .
Dwelling uud Lots, (corner) Fifth Street
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.
Lots on Second St., east, of McKonzte Ave., each
Lots on Third St., cast of .McKenzie Ave, each   .
Lots on Fourth St., east uf McKeu/.ie Ave., each
Lols on Fifth St., easl of .McKenzie Ave, each
.   200
.   160
Having just received a large shipment ul Pipes, Imported
Cigars, confectionery, st.itiui.ery nnd Tobacco, wo are now pro-
pared to fill your orders with the highest grade goods at the lowest
prices 111 the City.
You Can't Get
Away From It
—the fact that Howson'■ CarpetJ
and Bugs rank witii tlie highest of
imported and domestic brands,
And then the way wc weave in
with our high-art floor coverings,
the thread of honest pricing I
There isn't a householder ur
tenant in town who can afford to
overlook this establishment.
R. Howson & Co.
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