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Lae maii-neraiu
Vol. 13,-No 13
$2.50 Per Year
dry    Specials
GOODS   = =
We are offering this week, commencing Feb. 18th, 1907,
Children's Spring Coats, beautiful little affaire, made in Cashmere, handsomely trimmed with Silk Embroidery and Ruflles
of Silk—$3.75 Coats for $2.25,
Hath and lied room TowcIb in Colored Turkish Toweling
45 inches long, good weight. Here is a chance for Rooming
Housekeepers to Block up.   35c. Towels for 20c. each.
Cashmere Hose
Women's Black Cashmere Hose, full sizes, all wool.
You ought, to have at least four or five pair of these you won't
be able to buy them again at the price—25c.
Linen Goods
We have about 100 short ends of Cream Linen Damask,
table linen, just the thing for family use. We are selling it
cheap enough to make dish towels of in remnants at 40c.
per end.   Get your orders in early for they won't last long.
Season of the Year
Jehnston's Fluid Beef in 16 oz. Bottles.
Johnston's Fluid Beef in 4 oz. Tins.
Johnston's Fluid Beef in 2 oz. Tins.
Bovril in 4 oz. Bottles.
Bovril in 2 oz. Bottles.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
HALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Chopfeed. ,
Express and Untying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Keson-
able Kates.
Office, McKenzie Ave.
Next Burnt' New Block
TELEPHONE       ■       ■       73.
ll would be hard lo lind a more
convenient drug store than tills
Horn of ours, or a slore which
endeavors lo give more helpful
service to its customers. We have
A TELEPHONE al tliu disposal of
our customers. We make it
possible for you to Buy Express
Orders Hers. We have the
Agenoy for Stamps, so thai you
can buy all your slumps here, in
fact, wc are doing all we can continually to so improve our service
that it will be I'ouad an exceptionally convenient slore at which to
trade. We solicit all your drug
store orders. Prescriptions a
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
i!   s*   llstl Istl ssH sstl  IsM IsU   '"fr' ill ■'
% j ijrijr ijp iji »ji rji iji tji tt
\ .Ti sfc t'tt ii*. i'f i iTi tti iti iTi iTi i*
Besides offering Bargains in China and other useful articles
at attractive prices, we beg to call your special attention to a
"The Kookizer"
Cooks your Breakfast while you sleep.
Cooks yuur whole dinner while ynu play with baby.
Call and let us explain tu you all about the Kookizer.
Made especially   lur   British  Columbia,   Wido Web
Strung and Durable,
i P Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, MineiV, Lumbermen'*
4 \ and Sawmill Supplier, etc,, Plumbing and Tiniailthiug.
iT*. tti iti ill iti it* iti iti ill iTi itt itt iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti iti
Tt" tttt v " T * + Vw*¥*$?'4 spsPypyfrw w ww +
G. T. P. Tenders Closed-Irish
Home Rule—Drowned in
the Arrow Lakes—Beresford
Accepts Command.
Ottawa, Feb. 16.—The time Ior
receiving tenders for constructing five
sections of the transcontinental railway was up to-day. There were 16
tenders received. It is said that the
Grand Trunk Pacific has tenders in
for all live sections.
Nki.bon, Feb. Ki.—Word reached
here to-night of the drowning on
Wednesday night on the Lower
Arrow Lakes of Robert Kyle, a trapper,
living at Brooklyn. The deceased was
crossing over between Brooklyn and
Deer Turk. He was an Irishman, 45
years old, and leaves a wile and family,
The wile is very ill, but has relations
either in Rossland or Nelson.
London, Feb. 16.—The first official
information ol tbe Irish Bill was contained in yesterday's parliamentary
papers in the lorm ol notice by
Augustine Birrell, Irish Secretary, ol
the intention ol tlie government to
introduce a bill at an early date to
provide an Irish Council.
St. Peteusiiuug, Feb. IC—General
Kuropatkin's history of (be Russo-
Japanese war, which was confiscated
by the Russian government, has
become acceptable. It contains
amazing revelations of disorganization
and incapacity, and even disobedience
of specific orders.
London, Feb. 16—It waB learned today that the semi-official statement
o! yesterday to the effect that Admiral
Lord Charles Beresford, who is at present in the United States, had declined
to accept the Channel t'eet, relerred
to the time the admiral left England,
and since then an agreement entirely
satisfactory to Lord Charles has been
reached with the Admiralty.
Judge and Two Captains Sitting on Noted Case in Vancouver.
Vancouver, Feb. 15.—For the lirst
time in the history of the courts of
British Columbia a judge with two
nautical assessors is hearing a civil
suit, a consolidated suit, six being
rolled in one, with a total damage
claim ol over .f7ii,000.
On the right ol Mr. Justice Martin
sits Commander John T. Walbran, ol
the fisheries protective service, and on
hiB left Captain James Douglas Warren, a well-known retired master mariner of Victoria.
These are the plaintiffs and tbe
amounts they seek:
Robert Henderson Bryce, Ior the
loss of his wile, a passenger, $5,000.
J. O. Benwell and Mrs. Benwell, lor
the loss of a son, Charles, a passenger,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Crawford, for
the loss of a snn, W. H. Crawford, a
deckhand on the Chehalis, $20,000.
Umakichi Yamaguubi, as administrator of estate of his brother Sadaki-
clii Yamaguclii, a fireman on the
Chehalis, $10,000.
Captain J. K. Howes ol tbe Chehalis, unstated damages Ior injuries
and loss cf personal property.
Cyrus A. Dean, engineer ol the Chehalis, similar claim, damages Bought
Volumes ol the evidence both in the
ollicial inquiry and tl.e trial of Capt.
Griffin, are liefore the dozen lawyers
in the case, and already there are indications that the united case has just
begun the rough and rugged journey
to the judicial foot uf the throne.
The case may last a couple of weeks
month with anjaverage ol 15.93 hours
per night, and that the plant had
been closed down for 65 hours owing
to slush ice, Both communications
were filed.
Ko business of an important nature
was brought up. The mayor questioned the advisability ol holding a
tax sale early this year, seeing that
there were many arrears of taxes due
and a sale had not been held Ior a
long time. Tbe matter was finally
left in the hands of the finance committee to take up the question and
report to the council.
The question of a city solicitor was
brought up and after considering the
matter the council decided that the
mayor and city clerk be instructed to
get legal advice from Scott & Briggs
when necessary for the year 1907.
Aid. Howson suggested that a team
should be purchased by tl.e city for
civic work, saying thut money had
been wasted in hiring the teams
necessary to do the work.
Aid. Abrahamson said that tbe public works committee had a proposal
to buy two teams, a grader and a rock
crusher and tbey would submit their
proposal at the next meeting.
The meeting then closed.
The regular meeting ol the city
council was held last night, Mayor
Brown and Aid. Abrahamson, Howson, Trimble, Stone and Woodland
present. Chas. J, Aman was acting
city clerk in the absence ol II. Floyd
who is away at Nelson.
The minutes of the lost regular
meeting and also of the special meeting werc adopted as read.
Communications were received from
T. Bain, chief nf police, reporting fire
alarms working correctly; and from
Robert Gordon, superintendent at the
puwer house, reporting that the dynamos bad run 29 nights during tl.e last
Family of Four Succumb to
Bitter Cold in Alberta.
Edmonton, Feb. 14—A family of
four souls have been frozen to death
in a shack it. tl.e Buffalo Lake district. The police are investigating
the affair. The family consists of a
man, sick and unable to stir, his wile
and two children. It is said that the
woman was found dead with her feet
in the oven, and the rest of the family
dead around her. The details are
conflicting, but it looks very much as
if some grim tragedy of this bitter
winter is really at the bottom ol these
L. O. I„
The Royal Scarlet Chapter of
the L. O. L. held their installation
ol officers for the current year
this week when the following officers were installed:
W.C.of 0,  Rjsv.W.C. Calder.
D. M. E. C—Thomas Moore.
C. C, A. Johnson.
C. S., J, Armstrong.
C.T.J. Steed.
D. of C, John Shaw.
J. T., R. Taggart.
I. T., I). Cameron.
K. OK 1>.
The anniversary of the foundation of the Order will be celebrated
on Tuesday, Feb. 19th, when an
enjoyable social time will be spent
by Knights and Pythian Sisters and
c. w, o. w.
The Woodmen have had a busy week
of it, as Sovereign Ramplin, Head
Manager and Fast Head Consul Commander ol the Order has been visiting
tl.e local camp. There was a good
turnout at tl.e lodge room at Wednesday's meeting, aud several new
members were initiated. Sovereign
Ramplin addressed the members on
the order, telling ol the early struggles
of the pioneers in founding the Woodmen, which, though the youngest
society ol its kind in Canada, has
grown to be the strongest, and is increasing at a greater rate than any
other order in the west. Sovereign
Ilampljn expects to visit the camp
again in April.
Play in the different competitions
is narrowing down to thc semi-finals,
the interest consequently becoming
keener. The most interesting game
of the week was that on Thursday
night when Brock and Robertson met
in the final for the Burns Cup, which
was witnessed by a largo number ol
■ p.-ct.itnrs. Robertson made a poor
start and it looked as though Brock
would have a walk-over. Alter thc
fust lew ends however Robertson set-
lied down and eventually won out by
11-5. The game was much closer than
the score indicates, each end being
keenly contested. The following were
the rinks:
It, Squarebriggs      Ed. Paget
.1. P. Hume C. B. Hume
C, M. Field J. G. Barber
0. H. Brock, sk 5   W.B.Robertson, 11
Other games played were:
Calgary Brewing Cup-
Nairn 17, Robertson 9,
Rae 13, Brown 6.
Equitable Cup—
McRae 13, Lewis 6.
Footo 15, Kincaid 5,
From Wreck Come
Ashore in Coffins of Ice.—
—None of the Rescued Are
Likely to Succumb.
Block Island, R. I., Feb. 14.—
The harvest ol the bodies of the
victims of the steamer Larchmont
which sank in collision with the
three-masted schooner "Harry
Knowlton," lato Monday night in
Block Island Sound, proceeded
bIowIv and with difficulty along
the icy shoreB of the island during
the night nnd early part of to-day,
owing to the darkness. Up to 8
o'clock this morning, however, 51
bodies encased in colline of ice have
beed gathered in by coast patrols
and vessels sent to the scene. The
list of the survivors still stood at
Purser Oscar Young of Providence still maintained that there
were 125 or 150 paBsengers on
board tlie steamer when she left
Providence for New York, and
most of the survivors who were
able to express an opinion were
inclined to support his figures
rather than those of Captain G. W.
McVety of the Larehmant, who
estimated the number of passengers
at from 50 to 75. From some of
the surviving ollicers it was learned
that the Larchmont carried a crew
of forty men of whom only ten are
accounted for. This means that
out of a total of from 150 to 200
persons on board the Larchmont
nine passengers and ten sailors
have survived. Their condition is
pitiable, but the two physicians
who had been in almost constant
attendance upon the sufferers,
express confidence early to-day
that none ol the rescued were
likely to succumb.
The grim factors of horror print,
ed by the survivors were relieved
by the touches ol heroism and sell-
sacrifice on the part of the crew
and some of the passengers. Nearly
all the surviving passengers interviewed agree that the crew and
officers behaved well.
Many never reached the deck.
They were suffocated below in their
quarters by the steam, or drowned
like rats in a trap beneath the
deck. Within ten minutes the
boats were awav from the ship's
side just as she settled low in the
water with waves daBhing over her,
and flooding every available foothold. Cold and high seas completed the work of destruction, and
the little band of persons who got
away from the Larchmont, gradually separated, and in the helpless
drift and in the bitter cold it
became the old story of the survival of the fittest.
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
We Still Have Money
Let Us Build You a Home on Our Easy Method
of Re-Payment.
Plenty of Food and Wood,
But No Matches to Light a
Fire—Girl's Lonely End.
Giunii Forks, N. 1)., Feb. 14.—
The lack ol a match was the
cause of the death ol a young lady
who was spending the winter on
l.er claim near Minot, N. 1). It
appears that a party of hunters
came upon a lonely cabin. There
were no signs of life around, but
when they tried the door it yielded
to their pressure and they entered.
They were horrified to find the
dead body of a young woman
huddled near the stove. They wero
nt a loss to discover the reason for
her deatli nt first as there was
plenty of fuel, provisions of every
kind in abundance, and the wood
waB placed in tho stove all ready
for the touch ol fire. An investigation revealed the fact that there
was not a single match in the
building. The girl's home was at
Grafton and she had been alone all
winter against the wishes of her
family, who wero afraid ol the
calamity that overtook her.
We will be pleased to have you call and learn about it,
Revelstoke Insurance Agency. Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Brauct.es iu th. Pr.i.liicea ol Manitoba, Alberta, Sai.-itchewiu,
British l.'itlumbia, Ontario, Wuibec.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D, H. Wilkie, President;
-     •4,280,000.00
Hon. R. .Iapfhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS DkpabTSIBNT—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current rate from date of] opening account, and com-
Drafts sold iivallablo In all parts ol Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special uttcnli.m given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G. M. SPROAT, Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Servicescvery Suuday
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Moss
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptism.; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Anijkkw'b (Presbyterian)—Rev.
W. C. Calder, pastor. Services at 11
a.m. and 7 30 p.m. Sunday School
and Pastor's Bible Class at 2:30 p.m.
Morning subject "Lot'i Choice." Evening subject, "Lot's Wife." Bible reading Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice
and Teachers' Meeting Friday at 8
Knox Pkesiiytekian.—J, R. Robertson. B D., minister. Moruing service at 11 o'clock, sublect, "A Character Sketch ol Righteous I/)t." At
the evening service ReY Dr. Gamble
will preach. Sunday School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. The Young
People's Society will hold its monthly
missionary meeting on Monday night
at 8 o'clock, subject "Lite and Work
of Rev. Thos. McCulloch, D.D.-A
Canadian Pioneer." Choir practice
on Friday night at 8 o'clock.
Methodist, — J. s. Woodiworth,
minister. 11 a. m. subject, "Real
Christianity." 2:30 p, m. Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Clan. 7:30
p.m., opening anthem, "Praise ye the
Father," subjeot, "What it means to
follow Jesus." At tbe close of the
regular service an informal song service conducted l.y the Epworth
St, Petkh's.—Rev. C. A, Proeunier,
rector. First Sunday in Lent: 8 a.m.
Holy Communion; 11 a.m. Malins and
Litany; 7:30 p.m. Evensong. Gold
Range Ixx1ge X... 26, K. of P, will
attend the evening service. Sunday
School at 2:30 p.m. Choir practico
on Friday at 8 p.m.
Tl.e club has arranged for an interesting programme this month in thc
Selkirk Hall. Tonight a whist tournament will take place; on Wednesday,
Feb. 20th, a mock parliament will
be held with the Conservatives in the
government. W. W. Foster will bo
tbe premier and he will chose a capable cabinet tonight. W. H. Humphreys has been chosen leader ol the
opposition aud T. J. Wadman will
officiate us speaker.
Many interesting subjects are
called for debate and among then, will
be women's suffrage. On Friday, Feb.
22nd., an entertainment will be held.
Cranberries, the last ol the season,
at C. B. Hume & Co's.
For all transfer and express work
all up phone 55,    Every utiif.cllon
guaranteed.—J. Henderson, Prop, huve had :. severe winter lm' not one-
I quarter as severe us has been experl-
_-1 enced by the prairie provinces und yet
subscription rates.        | the outside fanatics mako mountains
lncluiing postage to England, United Slate
md Canada
llv the rear [through poitoffloo)    S- ■•«'
Hall     -     }•*
Qu.ir.t-r *'       " "   ••',|
J JB PRINTING prouiinlj- exwuted ut reasonable rates.
l'EBMS-Caib, Subscriptions payable in ail
CORRESPONDENCE invited on matter.iol
public inu-rt-t. Communication! lo Editor m.i-t be accompanied bv name ol
wrih-r, not iu-ce**fii-ilv fo publication, hnl
I-evirl.-nce of good faith. Corrcipoudonoe
should bv bric-f.
Legal notices 10 cents pit line llr-i Insertion,
Scent! per line each subieqiienl iii-i-riion
Me.- ir.-in.-iit- Sonpuricl [12 llnoi mnko oi o
inch).   SI re   ll d   general business an-
fiSmcemcnls |2.SI per Iiu* per ...null..
Prelerred pwltioni,   2.1   i-r   cent,   ad-
dltt.Ml  Iiir.h*. Marriage* aad Hii.ll.-.
,   h .:,- .-.......   Timber no.lcca85.llu
Und  notlcei  J7.M   All advortlaomenU.
. .... ...   -  ihe approval ol lho management,
IV.. ■• I and <,,,.... ..-.-.I Advcrllicmonla:-
Agent* Wanted, Help Wanlod, Bttunlona
wauled.   Situations    Vacant,    reaction
Wnm.-rl. M.* luu.- Ui,iii.-.i. in word! or
less Mc, each additional lino lu  conti.
i i. if gi - In standing advottliomonni must
b. ... bj 9 a. .... lue-.li.j- ond Friday of
etch w..-,-k lo secure good .li*..lny.
Sarristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      H.u.oi.n Fisheii
Barrister!, Solicitor!, Etc.
BEVEIATOKE -.mi TII..1 -I I...HI-:, 11. (J.
C. K. iiilu.v F. C. I:..........
Omens f  l.M.-i:....M.  Hani;  Hlock,  limit;
'stoke, Il.C.
Money to loan.
Office*: Ilevelstoko, H. Cl Fori Steele, 11. C,
Keo. .-. McCiRTEB,
A. .\t. PtwtHAM, J. A. Harvey,
RevelltokO, B. C. Fori Steele 11. ('.
J..M.Scott I.LI. \V, I. Brlggi.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
Solicitors por Mo'lsoxs Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
out of mol. hills und praotically condemn British Columbia as a lit place
t,. live- ill. To say a lew words lib nit
tbe situation, tne shoe will be found
,,n the wrong foot and it will be to
British Columbia that the immigrants will come, frightened by the
intense cold of tbe prairies. The
heavy snow lull will he very beneficial
to the soil, and will also provide ample
water lor the season's niiningoperalions
On aocountof thc enormous prosperity
of this province the last lew years,
immigration will I-e stimulated aft.r
as never belore, and n thing can prevent the development of our resources,
You cannot keep a guud man or a
good country down!
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Stuvoying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 106, Ki-:vei.stokk.
Zhe fltafMberalb
■'l woul . . . earnestly a vteo thorn for
their got 1 to order tbispapet to be punctually
•erveJ up, and to be looked upon as a part of
the lea *, luipage."—Addison.
SATURDAY, FEB. 16, 1907
The weather prophets ol the province and also ot the Dominion us n
whole, ourselves being included, have,
during the recent protracted spell ol
cold weather, been ibe innocent objects cl considerable and severe an-
allien atizing and perhaps the general
outcry has not been without cause,
lor we certainly were unable tc predict anything contrary to what we
conscientiously felt should take place.
But now that the winter is drawing tu
a close it is time that more genial
weather should visit us, and it seems
now as i! the end ul the long period o
cold and stormy conditions is at hand.
Many forecasts have predicted another
brief but sharp spell of below zero
weather and it is just a question of
l:.cal conditions as to whether we shall
Now that the winter is on the wane
un.l the spring will soon be here and
with it the accompanying waking up
of the human world, and now that the
smoke and dust ot tbe recent po'iticnl
campaign nre clearing away, it seems
ncce-siiry to address ourselves seriously to the general conditions we find
existing in our province and in our
city with an object in view, il possible,
to correcting delects and improving
upon tbe methods presently obtaining,
It may be taken us a text ihnt the
natural resources of any country or
district are tho basis nnd foundation
for conunorcial manufacturing and
financial success and added to tluse
may be classed lhe moral and social
obligations which .ne essential in the
well being ul it community such us wc
aie. We have no hesitation in affirming that it is impossible lor any nne
t. dispute tl.e lact that nature has
given to British Culumbia and our
district in particular, blessings fur
greater iban uro possessed by any
iniilur area in the North American
continent, advantages' bo great that
by their proper uso men and women
cun hero attain higher development
that has been conceived by tbo most
liopclul in .lis brightest dreams. W
know, and it is our duty to publish
it abroad, what advantages Revelstoke
possesses ol an almost unlimited
extent. No city is better situated fur
the commerce of the west, and if we
look well to it wo can make her so,
but by co-operation and social harmony, It behoves each and every
one of us now resident in Revelstoke
to work together to make the besl
possible use of these advantages by
such oneness of purpose, such unity
of action, such control, if not elimin
atinn ol petty und personal ambition
as must come before such attainment
can be reaohed.
The j-enr 1006 was the greatest in
bunking records in the history of
Canada, This simple fact will ocoas-
iou no surprise because the country
is rapidly growing, but not many
get cur shure of it in Revelstoke or: people will be prepared ior the actual
not. It is a good many years Bince facts, For instance there was an in-
such a winter as this has been experi- crease in loans and discounts of nn te
enced in Revelstoke and li. C. in than 10 per cent, or from $600,000,000
general and except that a large riuiK- t„ IIU,ri, ,•,.,„ $700,000,000 In de-
ber ul people have suffered more or j pij .jt|) „_„ [mmw was lbout 20 per
less with the grippe there h|»s not oent. the top figures of the-year having
been any unusual amount of siokness, been $665,000,000, The amount -f
Bi*. the people on the other Bide of bank notes in oirculation was nearly
tbe Rockies bave indeed suffered and $84,000,000, which is about 111 per
lound the winter a terrible ordeal, the , beatl ol lhe [iiiinilitmn. This is the
suffering being general, espeoially j gross amount and the per capita oir-
where luel was obtained in but meagre [pulation is much greater than In any
quantities. The financial loans 011 previous year, The figures ol them-
the stockmen will be large especially (gives do not convey a very definite
by the small holders and newcomers idea, exoept by way ol comparison,
who in many instances were not pre | They sliow that the country ia
pared lor inch strenuous conditions, I steadily advancing and lhat business
It is strange how outsiders are anxioua is prosperous.    In  one sense and a
unnubii   vi
Magnificent Natural Park Will
Beautify Revelstoke-Mount
Victoria an Ideal Summer
Now that the spring season is lust
approaching, the mind turns to
thoughts of holiday,ohange and travel
and many is the hard earned dollar
that melts away in lengthy train
journeys, hotel bills, and the hundred
and one things that necessitate the
hand being continually in the pocket.
To those ol n...derate inenme and
ivhosc timo of holiday indulgence is
limited, no better place fur a vacation
can l.e found those righl hero in the
mountains and valleys that surround
Kevelstoke. Nuiv'nere iu tlie province
cn be luiti.tl a more healthy, mine
hjiutiliill) sitnnted and mure capable
of wide development than our uwn
city und district; nnd since wu have
such possibilities lying dormant belore
us, it surely behoves us to be up and
doing to keep going with the times.
Furtst and stream afford ample inducement for the most fastidious
sportsman, whilst the mountains that
rear their snow-capped summits
anu.ng thc clouds will cause even tlie
nost experienced and intiepit mountaineers to proceed with caution. The
The geologist will lind ample scope
lor his hammer, while the flora and
fauna are such as would afford unlimited study lor those who are wedded
lo nature, The city authorities, the
Board ol Trade and the Tourist
Association have realized that lhe
natural attractions of Rcvelstuke
require developing, nud since the fact
bus been tnken up by all |th.se budies
some good and expansive work should
eventuate. Mount Victoria, immediately to tho uorth of the city,
contains abuut 2,0110 acres of gigantic
natural park land, tlie plateau car
peted with soft emerald green, dotted
here und thero with ciumps ol evergreen, stately lira ami pines, being un
ideal spot for sun.mer camping, At an
altitude of 6,1)00 feet above tbe level
the view is superb and in itself is
sullicie.it attraction for tbe establish
ment oi a city park. On all sides,
there unfulds itself a magnificent
panorama, iinparallcd in the province
.mil tiie view thus obtained is comprehensive enough to enable une to
see the great scope of development of
cily property that is possible in this
valley. Apart (ruin forming u splendi.
summer camping ground the reservation if. say i'i miles square would
effectively embrace the entire source
..I the city wuler supply, which in
itsell -1. mid be sufficient incentive to
put into practice the sckemi ■ ilren.-.
:l iated for tf.- - ilal .:•;-.-.. nl :'.. oitj
park, or us it may be termed the garden iu the clouds. It is oi the ut.. o=t
importance that tl.e water supply
should be carefully conserved ai I on-
larg. d, and I y -■ - ing tb ... _■
,i iti in. I this  - a I - - e - ...
secured     ..     itok   has alt
ll Ed for th.       ;:;   .     -       aessol
ier water, and       i     -   -..
.earned th. lame  repul iti n   ..-   tl al
given to Milwai   - -     I hi
Garni is i •■-.-.:
■   - ■     s another fad
Slur thc '-'. iblij    ent of a pi
jean be preserved  and  am thei   iss.
; l.e included ... the already  numerous
ittra. * As a  res. rl
for tour..-is ol  ...       use park
'i   .'-! .1    '     ...
effori      ild be made I
-  -   - im! i -.' ll  into im-
oediate tangible i    ill    A. *
■ .'ly lii-i-ii taken by i   ■ l:..,. -
■     - ..   irg.       peratioi
the governroi nt to hav.   a trail   u
road ci nstructed ip to tl
round the intervening  bluffs     11
wurk on this road would be very  easj
tu carry out, lltlli   exca' stion   bein •
required -and lo! Ihe result!    Revel
iti :.-■ - nld possess f the linesi
i.i.iiirul parks In the Dominion, which
would pro' - i : in .ttraotion ... oui
already beautiful lurroundings,
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Mi-.-u  Second .mil Fourth Wednesdays in
nob month. I.. Selkirk Hall,   Visiting Wood-
ion cordially Invited to attend.
IV. |.. AltiMSTUONO. Con. Com,
REVELSTOKE. AfcRlh No. '132.
F. "O. E. I
Tl... regular meetings are hold in the Selkirk
lull every Tiu'-.luv ovo.iini. ut s ri'doc. Vlatt-
ir; brethr ro cordially Invited.
W. li. .".I.-1.AI'.*IILlN,tShi-llKT.\..v.
Kootenny Lodge No. 15 A F, & A.M.
r  . Tho regular inccl-
*^\1—ZVV*--   *\_   ing- a.-ii holil in tin
" "arm JN « Jdd Followa Half,....
thi third -Monday..
each nuiiuh nt .
P.m. Visitingbreth-
.-on cordially wel
5. conic
U, A, I'ltUCUNIKII, Skcu-xiuv.
Moots overy Thursday
apf-Siw evening In Selkirk
^ Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visitini, brethron cor.
dially Invited to al-
tt. .I.TAtKIAUT. N.U. J. MAI INK, Sic
Cold Rango Lodge, K. ol P.,
Ko. 2(1, Revelstoke, B. C.
, except Third Wednesday nl
ciu-h ....inil., In the Oddfellows'
Hull at s o'clock. Visiting
Knlghti nro cordially invited,
11. II. BROCK, K. of 11. &S.
H. A.  IIHOWN, M. of F
Door Hoods, Animals, Bints, Fish, Kte,,
.Ml. I IN IT, 11
Animal  Bugs Mounted.
P. 0. Box 81.
Studio: Corner ol Fl. it St, and Boyle Ave
llovulitoko, B..;.
Mrs. H. 1, llu.il.ury, Mauagress,
First-Class Table.
Private    ining Boxes
l.ur... Dlulngroiim for
Butltjuots, Suppers, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
r."'r,m Furniture I
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
ed Weill
Y I)., you enjoy that well diessed feeling?   We ..II know wb.it
0 it feels liiie to be hnl, I., he cold, of tn be tired, ami it is
(\ Justus trail thnt we all know what it, feels like tu k> well
diessed,   [I feels good, nnd it's "good to feol good.    Yimeiin
y never hu well dressed if your clothes aro not made by the
q right... ik...'.
Xj Gel lolinuw we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
T and ynu wiil find whal n pleasure and satisfaction it is to ho
O well dressed,
O Suits and Overcoats-$15, $18, and $20.]
Q Blue- and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
ft Right Overcoats, up-to-date -Prices: $18 and $20
X Opecis.1 Troii-.ers $5 and $6.
ft Tailoring is our business.   We make ft man look well
T and hi. knows it.
9 ..Oressman  and Morrison..
O f>0-O<X,><M><KKKH>0^
Has a go. .1 stofk of Groceries and
a fine assortment of J..p.meso China.
Agent lur Revelstoke Farming
Company, growers of all kinds of
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Kevelstoke
Incorporated by Act cf Pntlininent, 1855.
Wm, Molbon Maci'iihuhi.n, P.m. s. II. Ewino, Viee-P
James Elliot, Gcncriii Manager,
Capital paid.uo, $3000,200
Resem>, $3t000M0
liv.-rvlhlng in wny uf bunking business ...tnsai-ti-il without, un-
iieccssai y delay,
Interest cri'diti'il twice a year ut current rules on Savings Hank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke. Ii. O.
r*V*-fi^1i^-%%*%^*%'%^%%'»'ft%tk%'fV*%-«-V-'sv--*4/** '
For Agricultural Implements. Cnrrtflgos, Wugoiis' Klc, John
IJc.-ro Plough!, Molino Wagons, Ciumda Carriage Uolnjiany'a
Buggioi, Pliinel jr., Uar.lou Seoilors .....I Cultivators, Whool-
wrlgt.t hnd Blacksmith Work nttoudod to.   Horso Shooing u
*> Specialty.
tV% ^DUM WUM %«^«-^%. «*%-*/** %"^%%%%1
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Woud, Conl nud Feed.
i'hone 71, House Phone 7
to grasp the leas', bit ol news frum
British Columbia tbat muy be enlarged
iipnii and made to appear as if the
limit of our posperity bad been reach-
very important , ti'" banking returns are the pulse ol the country and
it ii alwSys a guud sign when it beala
strongly.    'I'l..- indications are that
HOTEL—One of iiest located and
most profitable businesses in
British Columbia—$15,000.
the best cities in the Province.
Furniture of two of the best
ho .-- • in Ihe city.    Lease of either
ho se al moderate rental, goes with
F   nil .: .,
To Let
HOUSE—On First Street, Revel-
.   $15.00 per month,
Arrowhead Ranches
next   Hall Bros,
.- -I**	
Eli .il i { acres  of  rich  alluvial
.vi h.,:. water. Partly
■ I.    Price 11,200.
liars of above
i,-,        e Agent, Revelstoke, I'.. '■ .
-    (BkjJ
Some women look forward to Bread Baking
with trepidation, and thc results are just about
what tbey anticipated,
Others use " MOFFET'S BEST FLOUR "
and look forward to Bread Making -.villi joy and
enthusiasm, certain ol the results.
This celebrated family Flour possesses the greatest possible bread making virtue, being milled from
the choicest uf the wheat only, the balance ol the
lluur from the wheat being sold ub lower grades.
ini Milk (o*. Ltd.
ed; but it is uncalled foi that any the present year will far exceed 1*1)06,
large display and newspaper sensation
should be made out ol the fact that we
have  a  severe   winter  and no fuel.
.lust   since   liritish   Culumbia is tl.e
A largo round Spot was  highly  dis-
ocrnablo on the lower loft hand por.
tion of the sun .... Thursday morning
wonderful place spoken ol, every little through the mist.   Of onurso It could
iDcidentunt of the uriliiiury excites
them and raises their idea that the
country is doomed. It is easy to see
that jealousy is at the bottom of all
this and also because B. 0 is so much
to  the  Iront  ai   lhe most desirable
nut he seen when there was no log,
but people who were fiszinj,' at the nm
while having nothing else to do, ie-
ported that a Spot was plainly visible.
Nothing better than Our "Speoial.
That's Royal Crown kind—
I...-. |.< lu Vancouver— Largest
Hoitp Factory west nf Winnipeg. House cleaning and
waBhtrtgnreeasy with u- help,
A...I the (honey laving Is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls wl,;.I. wc gi..- for
l.'nvf.l Crown Wrappors, Bend
fur it— Fri-i—Alsu try tl.e
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. t. ,
Water Notice!
... ....
i ■   . I lip 11
■ .'|M
. ■ 1 1.
. .11 'll
Mi."it" b< j.i' pur i foi M ; "i i/
|l) hi I. r
II. H.'i. l>
.1.,. -.■, flity I    rl
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Gash Prioos Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Exceptionally busy 8.unmet-und Fall selling has placed
in. uur bunds u large nun.I.e.- of second-hantl pianos and
...guns, taken in exchange on new styles of MASON &
UISCH and PIANOLA PIANOS, Our "Upper Country"
wai eh..uses in Nelson and Revelstoko—are now comfort-
ul.ly crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
factory, Ion, These used goods must lie sold, We wish
then, to move rapidly, lou'll appreciate these iintis.il
Small Upright "Lull ,V Sons" "Must... .1 ltisi'l." Plane, lara...
piivno, Kngllah make, u oi-tavoa, d. nn    Upright Oratnl, beautilul inn*
w-fiiiiiii .-f.sif  IP •"    liugany eaio, 1 It.U Iii. high, onio
".■|.-irii.*iii.vi«"|-i..-i..i.i|.i-  illglitly marred, othorivlio llm.
iMMi.-l, .,f,liu.t......... S.-...I1 fn.nl.  *  *HI     »r,lil (,„■«„„.., take it (...-     P«ll«"
-.-,..!'■ iii..,ui -, fl   liiul,   ,..i'. "Mas.... ,t llisi-1." I'ianii, l'p.
„„,' ',.,"-;;;:"• ft." <t an  »?«""'"■Arl""t"1'""''
, ,., *:,,,„. ,„ „ i            9 4U     wi.lii.it ense, prnotlcalty nuw,
1   '*    •l"iH-"1" '."""   * nrhno aomlltHi, period lone.  tMnn
■lull v Hmnrt" I pr gh Plane \v.ia %:m, cxlr.ii.rilln.irj' value nt 9'Hlll
1      ,'"  * '■■■■■■ aotiotroo.il,7 itopi, Vox Uu"
"Nugen   Piano, Now Vork, 7 n»n.i, Ureal, and Brand organ it 1ft
iietavoo, ohnnlied cnio, a good  C195    iwolli   » «W
"Boll" .IrKiin, ii.iia-.ivu ivnlni.t
'Boll   Plane, llllolpi, 7| 00: onan, aernll Irin.l, Sauls nl ruoila,
<o-  Iml'ntl --i-.-ii.li luihiiit in itopi,  both iwolli,   You'll  C  Eft
-im,. ,..ii,..rpi.r..i.llyiilliin..i....l   (D-IKn     ni.t Inau ....'hla.il    9QV
'""*;!'1*" ',!'."""!"„      -. " V Orian. blaok wai-
il - mi ,v Bli.-li    Piano, 71 nut Oaio with bovellod Pronoll
ifUvoi, id (In, l.lgllrjl.ilal.o.l plutemirror,6uotnvoi, Siotiol
ni   sin   Ij.iinlngo   mahogany, n-.-ila. iiHlop.. i.ai* ..ml ttcl.lo
...Kl..)M.....I ..... «...«! ... in... moBQ    oniipli-.s.in.lk .*..jlla,sph-ii.  «[  en
.., ltW hnt now lulling al  VililV    ,ltti Vnlne at this flRiiit)  ,   <P OU
We've also a number of others. Full list sent upon
i-...|.ieHt, Ynu may turn In any nno of those Instruments
ni lull vain.., ..« p...Hul payment on a now .MASON &
It ISC j I I'I.A NO, wil bin two yeara lifter pnrcliaso.
HU^KDAy  NELSON, B. C.   p*°c*,5B0X
Under   New   Management)
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Firsl-cliiH ui.-oniiiiii.i.liiti.iii fur travellers.
Host brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
i.'inufncturod (or all cln.sseslof Imililini."*
All l*ind->f buililitiK and plastoHng
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Fork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season, Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Under the new management of
llAitiiY MiTntos.ii,  Hoffman  House
Rossland. t
J. cyon are the most curative in the
World. A peifeet, nutuiaj remedy for
all Neivous and Musculni- diseases,
Liver, Kidney .....1 Htouiuch ailments
and Metallic Pi.isutiing, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Speciul.
rates on all boats and trains. Twu ,
mails iu rive and depn.it every day, ,
Teiegni h communication with all
mails of the world,
i'EHMS- %l'l lo $1S per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arroiv Lake, 71. C
Henry's  Nurseries
Houdqunrtors for Pacific ('oust grown
iukI Imported Gardon, Flold and
Flower Seed'].
Thimsiiiids or Fruit nnd Ornamental
Troes, itliodnilondions, Rtisos uml hardy
nl nuts now growing on our own groundfl for
nituro plntitiiiff.
Nn expense, loss or delay of fumigation,
inspection imr customs duties to pay.
Visitors are always welcome to inspect
our stock.
Qroonhouao Plants,
Cut Floworsand Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Uoo Hi vos anil Supplies, Spray Pumps and
Spraying matorial.
No iigonts—thorefnro you have no commission to pay. Our catalogue tolls you
about it. Lot mo price your list boforo
placing yonr order.
Wo do businoss on our own grounds—no
rout to pay, and are preparod to meot all
competition. Eastern prices or loss, White
labor,  Catalogues Freo.
P. O. Address and Greenhouses 1-8010 Westminster Road. Branch Nursories.-South
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot, on comer First street
nnd Boyie Avenue, a business
Warehouse antl Lot on Corner Smeller
Trick and Third Street n it li
spur to warehouse.
Villa Lot adjoining City Limits on
Big Bend Rnad.   A good stono
quarry  and   llrstclass   gravel
und sand for building purposes.
A guud bed of Brick Clay and
three acres cleared suitable for
Iruit growing,
Six Lots in Block 40.
Ono Lot in Block 4-1, 50 (oot.
Two Lots on Eighth St., 100 foot.
Ono   Lot, Block 07, with   olliee
Four Lots, Blnck 08, 25 foot, Cor,
Third Street and Connaught Avenue,
Ono Lot, 60 foot, on Douglas Street
Hill.   Contains goed buildiug, gravel
and sand.
A well bred Mare, Cutter, Democrat
Wngon, two sets harness—(1 eot ol
driving, 1 set ol work.
Interest in good mining property
nnd timber limits.
Twenty ncres good land in North
Vancouver—$00 per aero.
0:od Farm binds in Buckley valloy,
Four lots in thc town nl Golden,
First-class residential property,
Ono Cement Block Plant in good
working order wilh all attachments
For full particulars apply to
u KAIJ0II THNIiHltS nddronod to tho under.
O signed, und endorsed "Tendor for l%atl
Olilco, Fer.iio. B.O., will bo rooolVod at this
..ilic.. until Monday, .February is, ionj, i..cl...
slvclv, for tlio conatl-uotlon of a 1'osl Ollloo.&o.
hullillng at Kornio, Il.C.
Plans and spifcillifulioi. ran ho anon an.l formi
of tottdor obtained nl this Department and on
nppllaatton to Robort A, Kerr. Km.. Clork nl
Worki, fernie, B.O, "        "
Pin-sons loiiil.u-lng aro notlllo.l thnt tondci
will not bo oomluorod unless mudo.... ll.o
printed form mpplloa, .....i signed with tholr
uifll.nl nlgil.urcs.
Each tender ...u-t 1... accompanied by nn
accepted clie.i.u. on u ifha.lcml bunk, n.iulu
....jaiii.i io tl... order of ll.o Itonoiirablo tlie
Hllllltot uf Public Works, ninnl to ton per
l''*.".1 ,(",„r-','-) ?' .'l'" amoimt of tholcnder,
whioh will be f...-f..-ll(.-il if tl... purly icndorlng
duelino to ....Inr Inlou contract when called
uiiiii lo do so. or if hn fall to complete Ihe work
cuiil.-iiitiil for. If lhe loifdcr bo not ncoeptl'd
thei;h('.|iic will he returned
Tlm llupurlu.ont does not bind lUelfk. accept tl.e lowest or anj- louder.
by order,
mm, OKLINAS,    .
Hcci'i'l ii ry
i'opartnient of Public Works,
Ottawa, January 18,100",
' NcwHpapern will not bo pflld for this nftvtt*
tlutneift If they Insert it without autliorlty
-rani thU Department. ■ ■
An Interesting Day of Doings With Tom Brown in His English School
English -Seliuolho,
schoolboy iii an in-
estlng follow in
■ country ana every
Teachers who havo
conductetd schools In
tiie Philippine Islands
have told many Inter-
about tho schoolboys
Polly Evans luu spent many a pleasant hour watching Japanese schoolboys;
and Chinese schoolboys aro said to ne
•qually intorcstlns.
Taken on the whole, Indeed, very likely f i schoolboys of tho Orient are
much more picturesque than tho boys of
Europe and America. But when It
comes to character, there are no sucn
boys in all the world aa the schoolboys
of OKI England.
A French schoolmaster, who spent
somo years as Instructor in an English
public" school, said he would tell a story
to illustrate what ho meant by character in his description of the English
"Smok'ng," Bald he, "was forbidden In
our school. Well, one day as 1 was
taking a walk through the village I
stumbled across a group of our boys,
some of whom were smoking. Bui instead of trying to conceal their cigars
nnd pipes, thoy met mo frankly anil
honestly, and ln reply to my question,
one of them answered: 'Yes, sir, wove
been smoking, but I trust you did not
see us.'
"They didn't lie; they owned up
straightforwardly, you see, trusting
their fate to my generosity. And I
don't mind saying that, ln view of their
manlv conduct, 1 mado a business of
stralghtwav forgetting what I bad seen
them doing, wrong though that had
"I am sorry to say that the average
Ing-over time they answer to their
names, then sit down to breakfast.
A saunter about the close and the
town follows, and tlnaliy cones 11
I'clock chapel service.
Thus twenty-four h.>urs have been
passed, and the other d •■"■ are n ■'. unlike this on<*, except th - thi re la the
regular school work In addition to the
At fome time or other between
whiles every buy manages to get In
boating on the river, boxing under
the master of the gymnasium and
tennis, as well as i rl   v *      oo irsi
French schoolboy, In the same circumstances, would havo replied; 'Ah, no;
you ave quite mistaken; we have not
been smoking, sir!' "
.Manliness—whicli includes honesty and
truth telling among Us characteristics—is, perhaps, tho attribute distinguishing English school-lads from other
schoolboys the world over.
Not merely In muscle, but In mind and
morals and manners, as well, the average English school-lad is manly.
Suppose we take a peep into Tom
Brown's school and seo what his day's
programme Is made up of.
It happens to be a Saturday. Tom and
tho other fellows havo a line, lazy morning, doing odds and ends, till, at a
quarter past 1, the bell tolls for dinner, and they all gather ln tho dlning-
hall, which opens into the quadrangle.
It Is a great room about thirty feet
long and eighteen feet high, with two
great tables running the whole length,
and two largo fireplaces at tho sido with
blazing fires ln them.
A great, big bearded man oalls over
tho boys' names, while the great Joints
aro being carved on a third table In
the comer by the old verger and the
The boys whisper and nudge, steal
one another's bread, shoot bread pellets and dig their forks through tho
table cloth, but they manage to make
a hearty dinner befure tho big man calls,
"Stand up!" and says grace.
After dinner the boys of one house
don white trousers, although it Is winter time, for there Is to bo a football
match that afternoon between their
house and all the rest of the school,
Just at .1 o'clock the boys sweep into
the big school to answer to their names
in "calling over." The master mounts
Into a high desk and calls out the names
one by one, each boy, as his name is
called, answering, "Here," and walking
Xow for the game! The boys range
themselves on the side thev favor, and
the game begins. Excitement reigns,
and fortune rises and falls between tbe
opposing sides until   finally   one side
From ihe playground tbe boys hasten
to Sally Harrowcll's tuckshop and buy
stunning roast "murphies"—a penn'orth
Tales About Birds and Beasts
Magnetic Needles
Magnetized Needles Flouting in a Bowl of Water
^AKE a paper of darning needles,
pull out half a dozen by  the
points and rub the ey ds on
tbe north pole of a magnet, being careful to rub in the same direction.
Now pull out another half dozen needles and rub thoir eye-ends on the
■south pole of the magnet.
Next take a good-sized cork, and with
a sharp knife slice it into a dozen very
thin slices. Get some ink and blacken
one sido of each slice. Then stick a
needle into each slice, the north pole
needles on the blackened side and the
south pole needles on the unblackened
side. .     .   ._
Fill n basin with water and set the
black-surface slices of cork lloating on
It Tlmsp all bearing north pole needles will stay npait from each other at
regular distances.
Bul the moment you also float the
white-surface Blices of cork-those bearing the soutb pole needles—the entire
dozen wilt Immediately draw toward
each other, forming a very prettily arranged group. .
Try this experiment. You will nnd It
Mnffic Portrait.
Have you ever made a magic por-
Take a glass, such as Is used to cover
a picture ln a locket, nnd It's always
concave, nnd another of tha snme b)zg
but of ordinary glass and as thin as
Cover the concave side of tbe first
with a composition made of Inrd and a
tinv bit of wnx mixed together.
Fasten the two glasses together exactly one over tho other, with this compo
sition between them, Joining tlio edges
together with a bit of bladder scaled
With isinglass.
When perfectly dry, clean the glnsses
well and put a portrait or any other kind
of picture under tho fiat side, and, if
you wish, have tho whole thing framed,
Now, If you warm tbe picture a little
the lard-wax composition melts and becomes transparent, revealing the picture underneath with perfect clearness.
The moment It conls ft congeals again
and conceals the picture.
You can see how yuu can mystify
your friends with it.
SOME of the cat and dog journals
tell excellent true stories about
1 dare sav you've often read
stories of the faithfulness of dogs,
and perhaps you've found out for
yourself what a good friend a dog can
Not long ago a little boy, 8 years
old, was saved from drowning by his
faithful spaniel.
The boy waa out bathing, and got
out of his depth, so the dog instantly
sprang into the water and swam to
liis little master.
Then the drowning boy clasped the
dog round the neck, and the sensible
little animal held him up until help
came: and both boy and dog wero
Another clever dog In I/mdon is
told about by Our Dumb Animals:
A littlo skye terrier in London, who
very often went to ride with his mistress ln cabs, decided one day to take
a stroll all hv himself.
He went quite a long distance from
his well-known streets and soon found
that he had lost his way.
After running up one street and
down another for some time, and then
stopping still and trying to remember
which way ho had come, he suddenly
had a very bright idea. There were
some cabs. Why should he not ride
home, as he always did with his mistress?
No sooner thought than dono. He
jumped up into a hansom cab, and
win in the cabman got down off his
seat and came around to look at him
he saw that he had on a silver collar.
On that collar was his name and address. The cabman drove to that number and found the mistress, who had
been anxiously hunting for hlm.
Imagine her surprise when she saw
her little doggie riding home alone in
a cab. Wasn't he smart? If a dog
oan have presence of mind, this little
skye   had   it-
It Is delightful to observe friendship between animals. Often these
friendships  arise   from   gratitude.
One  day,  In  the  country,  a  goose
was nearly terrified out of her life
by meeting a fox, but just as tbe
fox was going to mako a spring a
collie dog came bounding up. The
collie soon drove Mr. Fox away, and
the goose was so grateful ever afterward that ^\\a nover left her kind
friend. She rwould waddle along beside him whenever he went for a
walk, take her food beside him, and
once, when he was ill, sho nearly
made herself ill, too, because sho
wouldn't touch her food.
Whenever any one passed the kennel where the dog was lying sho
would fly out, flapping hor wings
and screeching till they passed on,
becauso she thought they were going to hurt her sick friend.
And when the dog got better the
goose was simply delighted and
quite  happy again.
Sometimes people would risk their
lives to save a fellow-human being,
but not to save an animal. But bore
is a story about ono who would do
even  that much.
The other day a gentb-man who
loves dogs risked his own life to save
a poor collie that had been cruelly
This poor dog had been thrown
down a coal pit that bad not been
used for years, and tho wonder was
that he wasn't killed, for tho pit
was very deep and was partly filled
with water.
But when this gentleman, who
lived near, heard of what had been
done, he got some mon to help him
to put beams of wood across tho
mouth of thc pit, then fastened a
long rope so that it could be unwound from the top, made a loop in
the rope lo sit In, and had himself
let down, Ho found the poor collie
nearly starved to death, but, gently
picking him up. he put him across
his kmes and brought him safely to
the top.
No Remainder.
"Seven sheep woro standing
liy the pasture wall.
Tell mo," said tho teacher
To hor scholars small,
"One poor sheep was frightened.
Jumped and ran awny;
Ono from seven-how many
Woolly sheep would stay?"
Up went Kilty's fingers—
A farmer's daughter, she,
Not so bright at figures
As sho ought to be.
"Please, ma'am."—"Well, then, Kitty,
Tell us. If you.know."
"Please. If ouo jumped over,
All the rest would go,"
—John W. Nelson.
Tom Brown in Full Dress and
Top Hat
V Cunning' Sayings
A Sky Rocket.
Harold, aged 5, upon seeing a shooting
star, exclaimed:
"Oh, see, mamma, a star exploded!"
Knighthood of Old
A Water Motor
Amusement Corner
ERE aro a few conundrums.  See
you can solve them.
What are unpopular stories?
Which reptile is a calculator?
What is pleasure's treadmill?
Name an old revolutionist.
What walk Is usually long?
Who are lhe "pillars" of society?
Name a daily nnd nightly post.
Which dogs aro of high degree?
What is that which Is out for a spin?
What is always turning over a new
What Is a stirring event?
What kind of bnt Hies without wings'.'
What Is tho reverse of a night-cap?
What is a regular make-shift?
Which bird always faces tho storm?
Why mUftt logic have legs?
What is an up-and-down existence?
What is that which ls not up to time?
Why la a lock liko a hospital?
What Is that which Is taken from you
before vou possess It?
Who are tho men that take great Interest In their business?
Why Is a bubble like a bruise?
What Is that which is very light but
you cannot road by It?
Why are soldiers like clocks?
What    conundrums aro   always   at
and drop such a remark as this, "You
made a notable discovery" or "You
are usually thought of In connection
with an egg," etc. And so before very
long he announces, "I know! I am
If you wish, you can offer a prize to
the one who first guossea who hi* is.
ERE is a jolly toy which any
one, boy or girl, can construct
and have much fun wllh.
Tako a good-sized empty spool and
four ordinary shells—mussel shells
will do nicely.
By means of sealing wax, fasten
the four shells to the spool, at equal
distances apart, the hollow side up.
Make an axle on which the spool
will turn freely, and drive a pin
through It on each side of the spool
to keep the latter from sliding to
one side or the other.
Mount the axle on a light but firm
framework made of strips of wood,
and nbout this framework set up a
frame of wire.
Now, place a glassful of wnter on
top of some books In a box, so as
to raise it above the level of tho mill,
thus giving it the character of u
A strip of flannel which Is an excellent absorbent, will make a good
syphon. Dip ono end in the glass
and let tho othcr hang down over
the wire frame in such position that
She Took it Calmly.
One day while mother was sewing
she lost her needle and asked my little
Bister If she had swallowed it.
"I guess I has." my sister answered,
"cause I'se got the hiccough."
Would Ttste Good to a Hungry Man.
Four-year-o!d Kenneth was watching
his mother put the frosting between
the layers of a cake.
"Oh, mamma," he exclaimed, "please
may I have some of that paste you are
sticking tho Md on with?''
Feared for Uncle.
Fred was visiting his uncle In ths
country. When ho saw the cows chewing their cuds he asked?
"Do you have to buy gum for all
thoso cows, uncle?"
To Put on the Finishing Touches.
Little Elmer had heard some one call
his father a carpenter.  Elmer said:
"You aro not a carpenter, papa; you
are only a houseman. A carpenter putt
down carpets."
Producing a Finer Quality.
After  seeing  a  cream  separator
operation. Paul said to his mother:
"Mamma,  i saw them cultivate the
the stream of wa teat will strike the
each shell's hollow,
your   water   power
. ding from
deepest part of
The strength of
will   depend   on
I'or your next party, if ynu have
never used the game "Who am I?" you
should du so. for it Is very Jolly and
puts every guest at ease.
Prepare as many slips of paper as
you havo guesls, and when tho guests
arrive pin one of lhe slips on each
one's back BO that, although ho himself cannot seo what you have written on it, everybody elso can.
Each slip bears the iiamo of some
raiiilllnr oilaractor—"Little Red  Riding Hood,"  "David,"   "Columbus"  or
some other such personage.
gamo Is this:
You glance at the slip on some ono's
back. Suppose ll bears tho name "Columbus." Vou inline.Mutely ask your
friend, "Would you like to know who
j mi are?" "Ven," ho will answer.
"Weil, if [ remember correctly, you
are a sailor." nf course he Is not
likely to guess his Identity from your
blul, but Borne one else will come-along
Mrs. Bqrton Klngsland tells of a delightful game which the calls Puzzle
Tho iun of the game depends much
upon the spirit with which the panto-
mimes are given. The hostess in advance prepares as many slips of paper
as there are to be guests, one of which
la drawn, folded or Inclosed in an
envelope, by each person.
Bach In tuin is expected to give In
pantomime the revelation to the au*
dence of what the slip of paper contained—which they are to guess—at
the conclusion of each performance,
secretly and silently writing tholr
conjectures In booklets furnished
them for the purpose. A prize may
be given to tho one whose guesses
prove nearest correct.
For instance, une young woman
reads on her paper "The staff of life."
She rolls up her sleeves, or makes the
motions to suggest it, ties on an
imaginary apron, perhaps finds a convenient BOfa pillow to thump and
knead, and ends by consigning it to u
supposititious oven under a chair-
patted into the nearest possible similitude to a round loaf.
A man may be condemned to represent "a picnic" all by himself, ijp
walks as If over rough ground, cultivates an animated expression, frequently interrupted by a cross troWn-
as he slaps his own face In pursuit
of tbo elusive mosquito, goes through
Vnd tbo I the motions of "doing the polite" to
Imaginary fair ones, and, sitting uncomfortably on the ground, eats with
his fingers, as If under protest, constantly getting up and sitting down,
as If obligingly waiting upon the
wishes of others.
lie wipes his face with his handkerchief nnd fans himself with whatever
ho oan lay his hands upon, a* •/ -m*»
foi Ing from Intense b**T
This is the Way tho Water Motor
Looks When Running
tho width of lho flannel strip and on
lho height of tho wire frame,
Better set tho water motor Insldo
a plate or tray, It will work beautifully If made according to theso
"The Gallant Steeds Dashed Bravely Forward, Each Rider Holding llis
Lance Pointed at His Opponent"
DO TOU know what a tournament
was really like?
A large open space was chosen
nnd railed In, while large stands
wcro built for (lie people to sit In while
they watched thfl game, just like a football mntch tuday.
Presently a trumpet would sound, and
a knight would enter ut one tnd of tho
lists, clad from head to foot In heavy
steel armor, even his face being hidden
by a visor, with peepholes Tor him to
see through. On his arm bo would cany
a shield, and his right hand would hold
his long stout lance.
Another trumpet would sound, and a
second knight, dressed In the sumo way,
would enter at the othcr end.
A third timo n trumpet would ring
forth, and tho knights would drive tholr
spurs Into Iheir horses' sides, and tho
gallant steeds would dash bravely forward, tholr riders, eacli with his lance
held firmly pointed at his opponent, sitting tightly in the saddle,
Tho horses gul lop nearer und nearer,
their huofs thundering along the ground
and throwing up clouds of duat.
Crash! Tho first knight breaks his
lance fairly on the heavy shield uf tho
second knight, but the Hecond knight's
lanco point sirlkcs him on tho front of
the helmet and hurls lilm headlong out
of tho saddle. He Is proclaimed winner
by the heralds, while the first knight's
attendants run to pick him up, for hla
armor Is so heavy that ho can scarcely
walk lu It by himself, much less rlae
fnnn the ground afler being thrown
Needed to bo Pared as Well.
Glyn, who was just starting to school,
had a new lead pencil. Edna, his little
Bister, got it boforo It waa sharpened,
and. wanting to write, said lo her
"Mamma, get a knife and peel it for
me."-LiU.o Chronicle.
Experiments With Sound
An Ordinary Broom llandlo Conducts Sound
Liko the Bul) in a Chinn Closet.
The senior clasa were giving a play,
and they asked little Harry to be tlio
train-bearor for tho heroine, Hurry
readily consented, When he went home
he said to his mother:
"Tho seniors want me to bo the truln-
•d iMtiu- In thtlr Ibuw."
IE You Would bo Populnr.
Bo helpful.
Be sociable.
Bo a good listener,
Study tbo art. of pleasing.
Bo frank, open nnd truthful.
Mo generous and magnanimous.
Hn kind mu\ polite to everybody.
Ho scif-cotiti'iont, but nui conceited,
Tako u genulno interest In other people, -urlsuii Sweet Marileu.
F YOU havo a tuning fork, try t
couplo of Blunts with it. You will
find It very Interesting to experiment with sound. It was by doing
thoso very things among others that lho
Inventor hit upon tho Idea of our telephone.
Having struck your tuning fork, placo
It close to the Bounding box of your
piano fur a moment, then withdraw It
and deaden It wllh your fingers, Lo!
The same note exactly will be found Issuing from lho piano,
This shows how quickly solid bodies
catch and carry soundwaves.
Try anothor experiment, Ask sons
one to hold one ond of an ordinary
cut-off broom handle against one of his
cars, then having struck your tunkig
fork, touch It lightly against the otBw
end of tho brn'on. hai.-lie.
Long before tlio sound can be heard
in the air, your friend will have caught
It by th" way of the broom handle. Tali
shows that solid bodies carry sotind
much quicker than nlr does.
If you have no tuning fork, an ordinary pin scratching the broom handle
will do In plsx« ol tt
' 1
A GOOD dinner ts a good thing—
suri ly i -.* ry one will admit that
-but a good dinner, daintily
si: ved,   with   eh:.i::..' ■  s-
• . ■ Is i ven better; and the successful ;. Hess ■*.*■ who puts aim ist as
:.*. ich ' tho ight and skill Into tho
an ing - f her table decoratloi a
shi ■; ■    :.-   the planning of her menu.
.  ..:. lining -; *■'* ■'■ 3
■ " :■ • di: .■ r tables this fail will do
well lo look about her aud meditate
*:.    ;■ isibililies that lie - lose to
1   : If ;■:,.   m isl  have llowers,
there are chrysanthemums—big yellow
ones thai n ■;■■■      g with   hi
son's i n. col ring, feathery white ones
c ■' whl h we I., ver weary; but if she
wants to make her table carry out tho
t- .:.' •;.- -.* irm ni,i; of the fruits r.f
tl harvest, she will turn her attention
If she pines for novelty and her dinner :■ r y .. * Lo whom
■anything out of the ordinary run Is apt
i be a J iy, she may Indulge In n p imp-
kin ■:■::■■-. A big ] oil n d yellow
I mpkli to which ed great
iters f purple grapes h bunch
concealing a tiny favor, will surely he
appr . Stli knln-a, k-
n rks, ny ti that th grapi - will
hide, will do f ■:- th se gl '■ i ir the
I ::. be h iwi : .- and filleo
w th fruit, with candles >■ I   | Inb rvals
i        '    ;     ■  Ig,
This matter of fastening the candles
1    - .-       *ns'fl is :-■,■ ■■■■-. *  ■ ■ ,
leave a bn od rim afti r y
the   bi   :   an 1   pulp,   A   sharp
k:.::** will cut little
t care for th
t. :.-:.   I pumpkii   *    : :* ill op the
- ..   .   nd It   ■•■.■"■:■■
5-: i a Bin 11 ir ]  n i kin, i       ped and
fruit from thi to a little
dlstan the
The     rd by w! i     i
'.       .   hung  Bh ■■.;:■
do1 •        lower pm
tl     loth to each plate, Ihen
ling the i     ■   .   :     to bi    ■    I    I
A. mon tlonal       11 ■    ■      I
flat fj filled with fruit
■    -    ■ \
:     . mums  with very
ms ex   id fi m   this I
.  . |
■ ;        .     fi    ■ remains In j
....      .     ■   .     frU|t is en
final I each
his plat   as nli   f tbe
ties of corn I *
'.'•■■■■. ;;■■ di ■ ■■'.(-
IE -.:.:■-
" this  simple
* * - - make.   If you can get p< r-
better" still, If you have canned apple ■
Bauce. use that. Hub through a colander. Beat lhe whites of four eggs to a
•suit meringue, ami add gradually io tins
a pint of the minced appTes, adding, also,
a Sash of lemon juice and a little mi gar,
Jf needed. Line U glass bowl will lady-
fingers and Iill the bowl wilh Ibis mixture. When serving, put a great spoonful of cream on each portion.       0
Strawberry Souflle.
Drain the liquor from a can of preserved   or   canned   strawberries,   ueas
the whites Of seven eggs to a stiff troth,
adding the berries gradually. Turn Into
a greased pudding dish and bake foi i
|,uff hum* in a Blend) oven. *■'*''" '^
once with whipped cream.
Servo at
a dozen ears both iu the yellow
i..I i om (unhusked, of .-- ursel, vou
wiil have enough for your coi trepieee,
Pul yo ir at dish, piled high with fruit,
directly I the mid ol tin lab • and
arrange the unhusked rum nl li li n ils
aboul It, Strip back tin bui k from tho
side that ii     ppormosl <  ■     Ing
the  gli. ml ■■ ■    then   Iraw these
:.-.. .   .i
col irs ■■; the nppl b,   i      ■
glint  1 :*   :
The worn m who Is tort mal     nougb
■   .  ■ !   d of i uf wheat foi    er
; :■  -i     labii   has  wonderful  p
:.      t her comi '■:
; *:  ■  ■ [ |
: a pn ■■!' frti :■ ■ grapi s
lire especially
ts pale yell w
1        round ceri .. .■       ■
. st  ■. rl . [  ■ ■    Tl  ■
i - ■ .  * .
■. ■ ■
favors in tiny wl eat shocks each
;    ■
an   *■- ■ tl  ble" in almost ever:
I   ■
■.   ■
... .        ...
effect md
■;■■•■       trov
from which i
usual fm
and wheat.  '
pale tints of
er colorln ; of tl
1   *
Wnter Desserts of Preserved and Canned Fruits
HERE are more poas.otliuea
in preserved  and  canned
iruits than are droanied of
in our housewife's ..... ••
0; course, she knows  lhat  the
fruits put up last summer during
ll    torrid d.,.-,     |j th. | -. the
fli... _. ..:.-  ■.       ■ 'Tort, will
i    .: ise m r Sun li ■ nifc'ht t. ■- und
for I      ...■:.    :,  wasliduy  or
ironing d .;.. ... .. th  ■ :■ - - oi
.   .    .    i ... - 	
.  .
fruit .- - m| lj "tui    ■
f       cloying i oi
■ . -  .
■ ■   ■
. • .1 ilv,
I .   . ■■
  :       ■
|. .....    .etui   bettti
i .   ■■ ■    tlllll    .M    tj.   *    iim     il     ,
I        ■ •■ '*    '
li  .erl rl  in
which       I
and       liich J rov I
1 by that ;
I lira?. -. "A li ^pa
ri"   Pi ;       (,
indigi til!    *     cinch and.
1    ■ : Um  f   f.     . . I'uuJ,"
■       ■   .' .
iii a family wh. r.    ... - . ins are
di licati  aud purses even u
der,    Pastry of all kunl
t.tki-u v.-r. i] o.
ivould hav.     -.      \   ■ ..
sia.   Unc mothi.
of if| pli  | ..  ... . .  !! boy's
lhe hu
pastry aud his      ,
oi the aci
f    M      .
' li   '..-       .    . :..
.:   .    .       I il
but ..uly os a stranger
t mer
r .       .     .  ■
.    ..   .
I-   r   thi
I iii.lip
pure   I
not often s.       :
the lin-ci
i. ..... ... er
,    i
  i. i   . ■
;:.-'... I
are, to
.   .    f	
lid i
 tin "riots'
i iter  the
.   ,
,.    .    -. . ■■■■;...... 11
i  family, and ia
■ - -   -   II
.   ■ ■
i - .
■ .   . ■ ■    .
hope, as re the
thoy should
ticks and Fruit ?~,<?rm the Centrepiece
Strawberry Jelly.
Sni.lt a hall I'm ol Btlutliio In a llttlt
wator, uml, whon Uio gelatine is d.s-
Bolve.1, add a cut. ol tlw liquid In winch
strawberries woio cniinod, and tl.o ber-
ri. is tliomselvos. Stir tor .. moment,
nu-...- Into ii wot .....uld. and aut aside
until cold, thou inn In thu Icobox. \\ hen
tur.icU uut, the bcrrloi will bo at tlio
ton nf .l.i- tomi, u.o l.'iiii Jolly ni Hm
bottom. Turn uimn a platlor und heap
whipped cream uliuut tho bnso ot th.
form    ^ .
The Housemothers'
r"plIE frank conlosslon of "Ienorint"
j that butter-making Is an unknown
.1 art to hor, and tier petition. Ot
ciillr,liiciimciit,liavc drawn forth so many
and sueh Intelligent replies that I am
tempted to form a symposium on liis
important subjcot Kept hack from tho
luliiliii.iii "I tho desire by want ol
room, 1 shall plonso myself and help
oilier youus housekeepers, aa woll aa
"Ignorant," hy inserting Hero uuu now
one especially nuorl letter, it-.-fu.vnib' in.
real ui Uiu baich I'or later issues;
uuu,. ,» **vJav, u, illallU,K ,1 wu. ilul, lU.d
then produce good butmr, «m ImuuMiily
VulL^WiSai t liar sgs, bought,
throi nleo S*. ana wucoiuod u expirl-
villi bulier-uiaiiuis. My lir-i ui-
SSplawore not wtl'iaeioa. w 1 o.iuu
TwcntTa MK. Rhlcage, askac".
,,, Liu Uuulis uu bullui-ii.ah-.iiB,  uud luuiul
ll     l,,iil Aui.uuliu.al uu.iuiu.   Tiiuu I uuu-
K?itod lor ™o ol uio bill dairy pauir.
.L.1LUU   iu, J.iilL.uUb.
"'"t    „m !■   uui! .uiu....  loarn  .vcrylldng
(rem bookij but why imt. jtmnaiijwjrF
l niiuii mu KieaiMt aiuw-uswit
lat-u oi iftCllltlCH lur kt-upm*
1 ■
I.-, ,
11     no t to
en ready to serve, loosen the
... .i   .... and turn
upsiUo jowt on a broad platter.   Serve
Cherry Turnovers,
 '■ , oi  pn served cherries
 flour, and rub ■>    ip of
.-■ '■■•■ r.
i a teacu]
......   r* i      '-     .-   '
. .      ■
on       ; i  i, it,   el
.: ■      allied
: ■ ■
■ ■ '
...:*. ,   ■      *
■      - ■
'       .
■!,.-■ before *i
Cherry Bread Pudding.
.   -
Small  ■
,. ■   ■
the   lit)
. .
.... ....
.... ■ -•-
■. ■ . - ■ ■     ■
the  en
■ ■
. ■' Ohi n / P iddlng,
I ttter (<f b p  ' '<■ ■       'i
I   .
I   Itti   ll
of cherries that have been drained from
the litiuor iu the can. Jjredge the fruit
well with iluUr and slir II in lighlly.
Turn Into ^ groused mould and steam
for three hours. Eat with a hard sauct)
flavored with tlie cherry liquor.
.Raspberry Pudding.
Open a can of canned or preserved
ra pberrles,  and  drain off  the Hnuor,
saving it   for sauce  for  ihu  pudding.
Muke a  rich  biscuit  dough;  roll  this
Into a she i a half inch thick, soread
thick,y with tlm berries, sprinkle bits of
er thi se and roll up the sheet
of do Igh as you would a sheet of music.
I'm  Intu <i- floured <luih and bull for
. o n.i.    Add    to    the   raspberry
sugar and bull up once.
Take lho pudding fnnn lhe cloth,  lay
i.i. ii dish and pour tho steutnlng sauce
over It.
Rhubarb Pie.
he II |uor from a can of rhu-
i.  m  i. if,    ,\du  tu It u  half
i; ' yolk of an egg, a
it   buttel   the . ./.'■ of a walnut
-■■.   , ioni-.i ' i Hour,   ftlolstcn
.' spoonfuls of the rhu-
lluuoi   md bake In an open pie-
v. hoi   done, make .1 mej iiii-uo
ilti   i*i   the egg and sugar,
thl   or,  tha i-i-   and return it
oven iust long enough iu "act"
■ rlngue    Eat cold.
Rhubarb Pudding.
j ii  in  the canned rhubarb and put
of    it   in   the  bottom  or a
,:       i  p ..'!.*.:  -I.-1    Sprinkle  light-
..   ;,    i igur,    nd i   ..    few   drops
...  i, . ■   and dol  wiiii bits of
. |j it in . layor o! crumbs
.,   en   thi  ■■  with    tht   Ib-uor
. ol rhubarb  I'm In more
.: ':  und butter und more
■ d  ■ rumba    Continue in  iiii-t
. tn thi dl ih     i •.'■  liuvinu iii"
■ .,      , i-i    i,:    .ii led    and    button d
• ...' i   !. i  i.i.*   im* fifteen
. .      in ,i hot oven   ihi n um over
..   ;    .  i m,     . ■ i ve   hot    will,    h.iid
three cups of milk and two teuspoou-
uis oi uaklnp powder, iiilx to u wit
dough, hand.ing us lillle as possible.
Roll out aud cut Inlo rounds lhat
will lit in two laje.-cake Una. Bake
in a quick oven. When these two biscuits are done, turn out, split open
and spread with bulter. Have ready
the contents of a cm of hucklobor-
rioa, drained and heated, und spread
each layer thickly willi these. Place
the rounds on lop t. each other, pour
the remaining berrl-'s and liquid ovor
the top round and servo ul once.
Dutch Pencil Cake.
Drain iho liquor frum a can of
peucnes, and, it uoi ulrruuy stoned, -stout*-.
them, cui intu strips ur eighths, and
bet In tbo colander tu drain wed whllu
yuu make uie cuke.
Sift wllh a pint of flour two leaspoon-
fiiln of baking puwd*,-: mid a hall tea-
(ripuuiiful uf salt. Intu ihis slir a beaten
egg and a leaeupful uf milk. Uu-asu u
luaf tin and put In the duugh, then
press the pieces ul' puUohcB Intu ihe top
ul the loar, laying them close loguilier.
Sprinkle with bus of buller, and dust
nil with sugar, adding bill a Utile uf
this, us thu pi-aches ,ue already swet}'
L-iied. Make unlll done, and serve wi
whipped cream   or, alone, as a cake
rei i hum.
SfoaVSu Suk"cooh  Nu uno can bop
, ,.   , u iiiirrauaiotar, ....u I luvo luuuu .t
LSSlbta to ui.-JuM iuud   uu.lui    wim
|.,l.lUSf.lUlU    >"-"».„,   m   ,i   |„K|,W.   luluticlli-
Sl'2   wore or' eu maw IhhiBi aboul ilia
tu.u of .'illk nnd
kuuw ii.ui 1
tu ....uu- ll.uiaa i
bulter ..in1 ii um- ififiM;. tu
.iihlilui- ll a uui-jiiuii ..uria
"""'" ,.l"^o Ji ibuuilil and iludy,   It .....
n«"Jfvan you will B. rawardid by delicious
Iunu!.   anu y.u ».« "ul bo ""M"* l"r ""•
uum am. Ilavuri. l uso no artliloiaj color,
K lie win or n» color » ..ui n raarkid,
ISl   i« bullui- li i»*««l "|") I"*'*" "lid wliulr
„,,.»    SU »llhl l»ol*» "I"1  "? Ubfel-*'"    ,„ ,
ji A. M. iDuwuraf a Qrova, 111.,.
While His Wife Practices.
As a Dloof of .ho attontlun vuuehsa. X
to our Cornor by lliu alionger sun, I
ilvel ei.i.io, u apley, yet nut in.kiiid,
tuiuinuiiiealiuii Hum a man who ousel', us cioaoly and leaaoiw anruwuly in
lliulleis musl bliifllifiuis uiu Oispusid 10
i.uss by as probiema mai will right
tnemso'voa as married luu roveuls ine
vita, need ul eduouiluu 111 duuiusllu luiu,
und   lliu  liulpleaauuaa  uf   lliu  Bill   win.
brings io her new roiponslbllitles ub-
aolulo Ignorance u( Uie s....|...-st doial.a
uf lus.,.-, she ou.iiiol llu-uw ull upun
hlrellnga. 'J "i re is buund sniiau in uvury
buiileueu ul uur eiiuo'a nuurlus und cum-
u.ur Ladioa «t uu Counoil Tablet   wm
yuu i am
H ii i-|r-iii.f... Shortcnko,
, ., mi t ..* il-■.. '..-... fi titble-
.1   h
..- ir
Peach Tapioca.
Buuk a cu|) uf pearl luplooa until clear
nud suit cut up canned poaches lulu
Inn. Tlii-lu sliuuKi bu ,-lylit ur u-ll uf
Ihuso punches if l."Be in Blze und u cup
uf tholr liquor. Hull tl.o tapioca lu a
i.ini ul water. When lender, ...Id tho
peaches .....I I. ...ui', uml stir while tho
jiilxiiijo comes iu u bull, ilii'ii remove
Immediately from the lite, When culd,
let in Uie leu until wanted. Berve wllh
Peaches nud Cream,
Drain Uie liquor Irum hulvod jiresorv*
ed u. b.iiti.li-.l peaches. ...id hut uu tha
i.e   until  voiy  cold,   Ileal a plnl   uf
[-iiiiiii very I.,.1.1. iweetonlng 11 us yuu
do .1... and whlpi.lng Inlo It a Imlf cup
ol blanched ana chopped almonds,  Ar-
ran     tl    halves ..f iho poaches on a
.-,.     ; f....... and nil ih.. cavity left
by il,- stone In oach Imlf with the whip-
Miii-.un immure, heaplns tin., liiun.
■mn t, uu" iu au-i» uuu yuur
uenllull ur l.,u und ullUuuvur
IU au.ll. buiiiu inn«l .Ml lluuulo III. Illlud
WlllllM.    1  »«» u.uell llllelualad III luuU-
« "Mil ii Miiuuuiu'i" net "i trouble.,
IJ nu iyim.fHI.lw iwiainiy go out iu nuur
• r.ii. ' win. i'-u.l Iur a .una iv.i.lu llvu ua
iliu ho iau let. ulillo HI" "*U» "uructlea,"
,', i a ...ei ui, iiMiiei. Miming lu Uu Wliul
,..if ,e7ia..i.v ihould la.-" known bow tu uu
ffifum .1.. ev"r took uuu.. ii.ii.ir tliu r«.
., i UMun  y  uf dulllB It.    Whal  l>uuu an.
V   ,,     ii   -.Juhn"   inuuiil lull  her  Uml an.
!*j iiavo t   wall ii lon« time bofora h.
Sdl .uuuJrl hor, but that lie wai trying u
lUU.ll   J» „l I KtliFII    ll.llt    MU    11)	
„ ,t aiiiinuo llwt au nun
i, uiiiiiarrioJ,  iviiun we rt-aU bucIi cun-
"Li ,ui from Uio newly married wvmenT
li tDdins to ino Unit ii -woman haa no more
11*, in tu usuiiw iiiii core ur a -hums la «uui
tn".] lmiMii-viiiu linuruet of her ilutias
nil 'lm man laa, un Miiulav afiunuwii l
wiu in a eoTiipuay where ilium wuie live
v, hul' wt men. Nut uuu uf tlicui -Aas under
twei.iy. Tbe subjuit of COOhlnfi i-ainu uu,
un.l the wliulo livo ut ihon, conieastcd Uiai
Umv tmilil m-l.lur make a luaf ot bread not
I'uofil ii Piece nf meat. 1 wont lunnu *
wlher   If imt a liuimloi, mini!
(Juliet. 111.1.
1 ,1
p.     (/-IY NEW fATCMT
u, -
; <:<£.
\b        ft
-. ■
N'HOW, DU       ;
. j
: J      (   '     .
■'•    M '■
. •. ■
■ . . j. i
( M rl-i-.' )       fti
• '>■   /' m
■ --='-,-?■:'
" -*• * -   - ■--v---'-*:;--/5k
I :^f~:^>
"V 1
.,'   ifi
An Evening Reception
Drawn by
Homer H. Bailey
Reading from right to lefl *
these   evening   gowns   for
young women are :—
First—White crepe de chine
with shirred skirt, and blouse
with deep cape yoke of Irish
lace* The bretelles which
end in streamers are hand-
^Second—White china silk,
skirt trimmed with festoons of ruffles headed with
tiny pink roses* Blouse is
surplice with double niching
of lace and roses*
Third — Blue messaline,
skirt trimmed with broad
velvet ribbons* Blouse with
wide panel and sleeves of
Fourth—Spotted white net
ever a pink silk slip, skirt
full and trimmed with lace
ruffles* The blouse is in
bolero effect with attractive
sleeves* Girdle of fuchsia
colored satin*
Fifth —Ytllcw crepe ce
chine with large design carried out in filet lace* The
blouse is heavily inlet with
this lace* Girdle of pale blue
WELL, the designers have stopped lighting for their separate Ideas and each one
thinks his or her way has been gained.
Every one has at last united on a
common name tor the style of dress
that will prevail this Winter. It Is
called the Restoration. This will suit
every designer.
Paquln has fought for the Empire;
Beer   has   stood   out   for Dircctolro;
Worth has kept to bis wonderful princess models Introducing tl.e long English Court tram again; Callot Sisters—
those  clever,    artistic    women,   have
modified all the other designs and sailed to victory with Individual, exquisite
frocks, their only defect being, sometimes, a tendency to over elaboration.
But the judge, the law and Jury-
that is, tbo people-decided not to have
iny one style too pronounced aud ao
he masters cujne down off thoir high
.«r$cs and adapted all these styles Into
a harmonious  whole.   It Is  this we
eall the Restoration. It haa the Empire,
the Dlrectolre, the Princess moulded,
modified and rolled Into one in such a
manner that every    one   can   get a
chance to be satisfied.
We are certainly seeing a complete
revolution from all the styles that have
led us for the last few years. Only
tboso who builded well last year will
have a chance of looking really stylish
this Winter without buying new
It Is fortunately true that the majority can buy a few new things each
year, so they have a chance of being
In style in some of their frocks anl
wraps, if not in all.
Too much altering Is worse than being convicted of wearing last years'
things. It nearly always takes more
time and money than a simpler new
frock of perhaps less expensive material.
The great mistake of many women
ts that they often spend their all on
fine materials in one season and economize on the dressmaker; then when
the next season rolls around, they feel
that they must utilize these fabrics
that cost them so much money.
All things being equal, they would
probably be able to wear those clothes
for twu seasons. The women who understand the value of paying the best
price for the making of a frock In pro-
portlon to the cost uf material are wise
in their generation.
A really tine dressmaker knows Just
how to keep a frock from being "dated." Hhe will put those touches on It
ihal stay In biyi-e for yean. Her secrei
In doing It is one ot the things lhat
make her worth her price. The woman
who Is to have her clothes made at
home or by incompetent dressmakers
should not pay so high a price for ma-
trlals that Will make a gown como
j more than the style or workmanship
ustifles, Not a word is meant in criticism of tho home work or tho small-
priced dressmakers, for the great majority of us have to depend on both,
but it Is the wisdom of suiting the cost
nf 1'iihrlc to that of the making that
should bc borne In on every woman who
Is nbout to launch new clothes,
No season Is harder than this oue
for choosing .styles has been our Tale for
a long while, Not because of a paucity
ef fashion to choose from, but because
of the overwhelming variety of new
Ideas and fabrics and novelty touches
that confront us. Such prodigality one
has seldom seen. How the great designers ever expect to have another Idea
for years to come is the marvel.
Tho Imagination ami cleverness for
all the artists of Europe seem to have
been expended on this season. The great
shops In the Impurtant cities are bewildering. At the famous dressmakers
so many different and wonderful fash-
Ions are given one to see 'hat the
brain Is In danger of menial Indigestion.
And such colors! Such barbaric em-
broideries and bullion weaving and
spangles! All that yuu have ever seen
of spangled robes in former years are
nothing to the ones that will be worn
this Winter.
They are not only to be used for evening frocks that arc decollete but for
hlgh-nock theater, dinner and visiting gowns. And by the latter is meant
the elaborate frock one wears on special occasions when a carriage is used.
There is nothing left to the rainbow in
tho way of colors. In truth, the rainbow ls left in thc rear as a pastel shadow. Wliere the spangled robe of other
days was merely rilled in with a handsome design the new ones are complete
sots of armor. They are not done In
loose scales that swing ns one walks,
but lu overlapping design that I" ■!, like
tlie old coats nf mini that one sees ::■*.
tbo Tower nf London.
Gold ones are plentiful, but the very
fashionable ones are of indigo blue and
,*ray. The latter ones are very lovely.
.And It is these that are worn for the
must elaourate house truck**--.. Tue net
on which they are sewed is extra strung
and wiil hold a heavy weight, lt is the
kind called lulle over In Paris—the new
weave-of which they are making bo
many smart afternoon frocks with Indian embroidery.
Perishable as It looks it really lasts
two scas-ms. Now lhat the best clean-
era have learned a way tu freshen ihese
frocks without ripping them apart they
can be worn as lung as a cloth gown.
The blue and gold ones are made
over white linings and satin or mossa-
line is used Instead of taffeta. Thu gray
ones are usually built over pink.
It is Just these frocks, however, that
are not needed by any but tbe women
who go into society. But every woman
who has a spark of curiosity in her nature wants to know what the leading
fashions are, even If she never buys
Among the Ideas tbe majority can
nuupt though are the new bib bodices;
the use of Indian embroidery on everything even the collars and cuffs of
street suits; the fashion for a thread of
silver or gold ihroad metai, of course,
which is run in and oul of lace and em*
over vi Ivet when sued as
trlmmlni th i waistcoats of plaid vel-
vetinei * one i olor which make a
* ■ .- .-'.'.t take on a new b-ase of ||fo
fashion for guimpes like those worn by
children. How these do give a woman a
chance tu cut out an old yuko and
sleeves uud freshen up the waist lo look
like new?And she cannot fail to be glad
that as the season advances aud settles
ihe styles, that the pleated skirt is tho
lust fashion except for the line house
(rocks of extra thin materials.
Pleats in every width and kind and
style are to be used. Tlicy aro lo be
stitched and unstitched as the maker
chouses. Thoy an* tn be mixed together
In one sliirt. And When tbey are ibilsh-
ed ine .inly other trimming Is a border
al the lout of Um skirt, ellhor uf tho
material ur of something else, usually
Then again this style of bordering
everything Is now and very pouplar,
Bodices, skirls, coals, wraps, yokes, all
are lo be finished off with a border of
quite another culur Irom the frock. Tins
will give ehuracler lo negative fabrics.
One is surely Interested In tbo new
cc-ats of white corduroy which are to bo
worn as the latest thing for evening
and driving. The belter ones nro lined
with cheap white fur, Thoy are very
pretty and not at all expensive. Tlie
build of Ihem Is strongly Dlrectolre
with double-breasted fronts, large whito
pearl buttons, high .standing collars
and back slashed at Iho waist line, then
laid In plaits just Uko a man's frock
It seems that the new bib bodice Is
'»'■■   imnortant   thing   in the Winter
of many gowns as well as serve ror
tho building of new ones.
Hume designers call il the shield
front. Olkers the claburato brctellii
front. Hut It really looks like an apron
bib moro than, anything else and can
bo more easily understood by that
numc than any other by the woman
who  has uut seen  one,
Tne fundamental features are the
straight front without plaits, the two
ur one straps over Uie shoulders, Ue;
npi.li   spin*.■   iliiiin*   ili"   aim.**  and   lhe
low expanso, showinii lho undor bodn o,
at the bark and front, It really takes
two waists to make one and this Is
considered an extra expense by some.
On the ulher hand, a i;real many women have Dm' lingerie blouses thai they
will not wear during llie Winter and
Others have uilu..i and cuds ul laee ur
embroidery that they can use Without
going io much expense, As I said boforo. It is alsu an admirable way tn
make uver a waist that Is bad above
tho bust,
Every kind of gnwn simws IhlBOlToot,
II Is un tbe splendid evening frocks
uf lulle uml ombroldored lace ami also
or. ltio street, bluuse huIIu lo In- worn
under a euat. 'lhe simplest house limit
■shows It.
11.■re, inr example, is tin* way n is
iuiiii uii a gown of tho faslilonnbifl
burnt Ivory shade In broadcloth.
'l he skirl Is quite plain except for the
fine, unstitched pleats at the belt, The
fullness bangs slrniglil to Un* II.mr and
In kepi in place by a band of velvel In a
slightly darker tone. The blouse Is a
bib with a beautiful showing of Indian embroidery in yellow and deep
pink aud black. This la padded and
slmplj* done. The edges are finished
with a band of the velvet. The straps
-two of them over each shoulder-are
embroidered and crossed ut the center
on the shoulder bone. They are finished
on iir* bodice merely in points
Tb-- under bodice is nf Riot lace, with
Hat figures nn it in lurgo design, H is
unllm d Here and there la a th
gold and sliver worked in ond u n od
tho open mesh uf the lace. M la \>y
faint and dues not weight down the
Tin- sleeves an- below the (urn nf
lho ell OW and an nnl'  la thn
First   Ihere   Is   a   tight   found,it.nn   uf
not in match In color, then three i idles
nf la.*.- slightly gathered, Over this
and under lhe mill* s an- two ■ n lai
flounces nf lhe cloth .at raw at edges
Tbe whole Is finished with q band "'
black velvet ribbon uboui tu.. Ini ■■■• i
wide and ending in a buw ilia', has
wired ends tu hold out the wh... * evi
nl llie bark
Wllh this gown goofl a hat nf dull
pink felt ln THrr-rt-ilr* shape-that Is
with smalt brim turning over the bead
in mushroom offeel and a high crown
trimmed with hug" pink roses and
black velvet bows. Elbow length gloves
nf inn siiMp>  ure added.
This Is a model that can be iph I
In even a less expensive way. H
would be lovely in a silk voile In any
color. Now fur the economical method
of applying thia Id?.' to a gown that
needs altering. Fuppose you have a
frock of r-hrk blue voile, as every one
steinud in ..- re last S| ring. H is
frayed at the neck; ihe yoke is out of
Style and soiled. Su cu; it low back
and front-a little lower than you
think you want It—fnr il Is not at all
pretty when too high, lt may be
roundi d Inl i U ■*■ . ipe nr a half clr*
Bind ll with blue or black vel-
Bt ribbon and mal *- the two straps
also nf thli The cloth li better If
yo. have it    Then take a tine blouse
■' I i  linger!   that you bad last
Bum mei Une ll wm*, China silk, cut
off the sleeves Just over the turn of
thi  sll ow and add n band of black
Properties of Chlorine.
Chlorine is a greenish yellow gas
with a disagreeable smell, it is soluble
in cold Water, only slightly soluble In
i. ■*. water, Il destroys color In wet fabrics, and is also a strung disinfectant
Both of these properties are said to be
due lo its power of decomposing hydrogen compounds, such as water, combining with the hydrogen and liberating
tcygen. which In a nascent state oxidises coloring matter, rendering It col-
Aa a disinfectant is oxidizes the germs
of disease, and is in consOQUece largely used for this purpose. / -vMi
II f.   i) \\l
\ "vjt* iff mmmjAifvl
-J *  few
$-        -  - :,tep.i
tf::!-, ■;! 0mu
'" ... :'(. ■.''"
•  '
. I
?*Wv-v«.      *•
■'*   '
*! -J! i
* -
ns - -■
I .  * ■*>
/   ;■   .     .*!
LYE,m Limitlessness of TiME or Space.
ANYOF These Things are.BEYohD OUR.
>   4
«' H / f // > *\     \« -:.
-vi-*-      -'       .	
/• **.
I «
Ore is Found in Semi-Crystalline Forms Disseminated
Through Vein of Pegmatite.
Ottawa, Feb. 14—Tinstone lms at
last been discovered in n Bi.lid vein in
Canada, Saimilcs wore received nt the
end ol lust month hy the geological
survey from Mr. Harry Pier.-, curator
ol thc provincial museum st Halifax,
and they proved on lieing aieayed t(
be casuiterito. the most, valuable ol lin
ores, containing 78 per cent ol tin and
22 per cent oxygen. The discovery
wns made by Mr, Join. Keddy at Imkc
Ramsay on John Keeve's farm, three
miles west ol New lloss, Lunenburg
county, N, 8. The ore is lound in
scmi-crystallino forms disseminated
through a vein of decomposed kaolin-
i/.cd pegmatite in granto.
As early as 18118 lin ore is reported
by Prof. How to have been lound in
Nova Scotia in granite at Tangier and
Slielburnc, and latterly it has also
been found in granite drift at Tangier
and County H.irbur, and in the tailings at Malaga gold district.
ln 1D03 Mr. K. R, Faribault ol  the
geological turvey, examined geologically the New Ross  region,  and   re-
parted   the   occurrence of ores of
molybdenite, zinc,  iron,  manganese.
Copper,  lead and silver and other less
important minerals,  and  he  recom
mended the locality  as* a  promising
hold for prospecting.    In  the summary  report for 11)06 a reference is
again made to the ore bearing character of the granites of that region and
to the rumor of tin ore  having  been
lound at Luke  Ramsay.    Specimens
brought then from that locality were
examined for tin, but they only proved
to bc zinc blende,  a  mineral  which
much resembles casnileric.    Still the
fact is established that the granites of
Novr, Scotia contain valuable  minerals, and chief amongst  theni  is  tinstone.   More exploratory work should
be done in that region by panning Ior
tinstone along the streams and developing the numerous pegmatic veins
which cut the granite,   In the reports
of the geological survey, Iiu ore is reported to have been found in drift at
several places  in  Canada.    It  was
lound in New Brunswick on the Pok-
iok River, York county! iu Quebec on
the sixth lot of tbe eleventh range ol
Whitton' compton county, and in the
gneiss of Buckingham, Labelle county;
in Ontario in  minute  quantity at
Sudbury, and the Vermillion mine, in
the county ol Denison, district ol
Algoma; in  British  Columbia in a
three-leet vein  of   pegmatic cutting
granite near Osoyoos  lake, also in
Cariboo and Boundary Creek districts;
and in the Yukon in several tributaries of the Klondike river, hut so far,
most frequently iu Bonanza.  Hunker
and Sulphur creeks, where it occurs as
stream tin in snu oth rounded pebbles
up to two inches iu  diameter,  whicli
remain with the gold  in  the  sluice
boxes, on aocount  of  their weight.
The dnoovery of   tinstone  in  the
Laurentian rocks ol Greenland con
stitutes u claim to  attention  in  the
[uudaineut.il   strata   of   Baffinland
where commercially valuable deposits
may be expected.
Wagner...:.! Northern Bpyi;i os,as
al>o Yellow Hello l'leur, a .uiy line
apple but live a straggly gn «cr Hart-
lett Beurrfl d'Anjuu pcar«. llraJshaw
plum and Italian pru e. .dr. Turner
laid great stress ..nth.' importance ol
all growers putting in the same apples
and only three or lour varieties ao
that they could be shipped nut in car
load lots of one variety, and further
stilted that the above mentioned apples could bc grown in this district
better than any other part ol the
world, and would, bye and bye, make
Shuswap Lnke district a familiar lo
cality on the British produce market.
w" *
i: you are looking for something nice ... si-uuno Mm-.
SPECIAL" ior Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
J.   GUY   BARBER, -    %SR£
Earl Grey's Company Buys
Large Ranches in Okanagan
Vrr.wn", Feb. 15.—The company ol
which Earl Orey is the principal
shareholder, the Learmouth Fruit Co.,
Ltd., has acquired the Specr & Apple-
garth ranches at White Valley. They
consist ol some thousands ol acres,
nearly all under irrigation, and they
embrace ounit) ol the host Iruit growing laud in the valley. The company
will carry on the business of fruit culture, contracts being already let for
planting out a considerable aoreage in
Iruit th's coming spring. The Cold-
stroani Ranch lus proved of inestimable value ta tl.e district as a means
of demonstrating its Iruit growing
possibilities. Tl.e investment of a
second governor general iu the Okanagan should prove a great advertisement.
(li'in... Ou. Own (liirri-initii.toiit)
On Wednesday evening 11. Turner,
H.  Mclliiir.) au.l .1. W. McCallum, ..I
Sal....... Arm, held a meeting in Notch
Hill huliu.il house at which a brnnch
ol the Harmon.' Institute was formed,
Mr, Tumor read a paper on Fruit
tlrowlng, and as he hns grown ami
shipped fruit in this district lor many
years his opinion ia ol much value
'i'lio varieties uf Iruit ke recommends
Success of Exhibits in New
Zealand—Canadian Mineral
Display the Best There.
Ottawa, Feb 13—Further advices
Iron, the Canadian commercial agent
in Australia, Mr. Lake, give added Information concerning the success of
Canada's big exhibit at the New Zealand International exhibition, now in
progress at Christchurcli.
The high standard and quality of
tlie goods are favorably commented
upon. Tbe attractiveness of the court,
an well ns the high class of the exhibits, will do much to improve our
trade with New Zealand. The sympathy and sentiment ol New Zealand-
ers is all towards Canada and the
Motherland, to the exclusion ol all
other countries. The proximity ol
Canada to Now Zealand as compand
to Omit Britain is also a strong point
in favor of Canadian goods and tlie
direct steamship service between Canada nnd New Zealand ia proving to le
a means of diverting a large l.i.sin.-.-s
to Canadian factories.
New Zealand is a snlo market lor
our manufacturers to exploit. The
numerous wholesale houses are large
in buying capacity, nnd their business
integrity and financial strength will
c impure with that ol any other part
ol the world. New Zealand is not a
consignment market, the wholesalers
placing direct orders, paying Ior same
against the usual bank documents.
Apart Iron, the exhibit of manufactured articles the Canadian government has installed several exhibits
illustrating the natural resources of
Canada, such as minerals, agriculture,
Iruit, maple syrup and honey, Theie
exhibits aro very much admired. The
apple exhibit consists of thirty-teven
varieties the quality of which is very
much admired. There is no doubt
that there is a good market in New
Zealand for our British Columbia
apples. With a direct steamship connection fruit can be landed in New
Zealand during the early Bprkg
months, Callfornian apples were
bringing 8J. per lb. in October and
Tl.e Canadian mineral exhibit is
the largest and most comprehensive
collection of economic mineials at the
exhibition, and is proving to bo ono ol
its most educatiuiial fe.tures, the arrangement being altogether different
from any of the others.
Where possible (he metallurgical
and other products are shown, illustrating the ore as it ernes Irom the
mine, the different stages ol smelting
nnd refining and the manufactured
The visitors arc more particularly
impressed with our exhibits of asbestos, mica, corundum and nickel, these
being to a certain extent new miner-
ale to them.
Tho Cobilt nickel-silver ores from
Ontario also attract much attention,
especially the slab of native silver from
the Trothewey mine.
The mineral exhibit occupies a
apace of 4391 feet and Consists of 36
pyramids and stands and I'.l table
Import direct from Country of origin.
mut cirrj t.mber from the following described
landB situated m Ltllonetdlrtrlct;
1. (loimueuclng ;'t ii post marked "British
('iiiiiiuiii'i Tinii.uis i,tii., uortti-oast conior nnsi
Nn. i Limit," planted at tho Bowtli-woat corner of
Timber Limit No. 5612, thence west8*J clialna.
theuce soutli 20 chnlns, thence went 80 elinins,
thence smith 4ii chains, tlienco oast 80 chains,
thence north 2u chains, thence uiuttfl) chain
thenco north 4u "iinins to point of commenc
' P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. i
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
i'i rl. Puckers and Dealer in Live Stock. Markets in nil the principal (lilies nm!
Towns of Alberta, British u..-titubtit ami the Yukon. Packers nf the Celebrated liruml
"lm orator" llama ami Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Luaf Lard, A
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience-?
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
2. Uramonciiig at a post marked "British
Columbia Timbers LUI, north-west cornerpoaL
No. 9, Limit," planted on aouth boundary of No. l
Limit about l mile frmn east end, thence soutli till
chains, thenco east m chains, tnence north hi
chains, theuco west so chains to point of commencement.
Dated 21st December, Wto.
B, Commencing nt a pust marked "liritish
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west corner post,
No, 8 Limit, planted at the south-went corner of
No. *.! Limit, thence mmtli 80 chains, tlu-mv east
80 chains, tlienco north 80 i'liains, tlience wost 80
chains to point i.f commencement,
Dated Dec. mli, 1WJC.
4. Commencing ut a punt marked "British
Columbia Timliers Ltd., nortli-en.it corner imst,
No, i Limit," planted at the Boutlbweai corner of
Timber Limit Nu. 5410, thence south K0 chains,
tlience west 80 chains, theuce north 80 chains,
thence east so chains to point of commencement.
fi. Commencing at u post mnrked "British
Columbia Timbers Ltd., uorth-west comer post,
No, 6 Limit," planted at the south-west corner of
Timber Limit No. 6410, thence south 80 cliiiins,
thenee east 80 chains, thence north HI ehuins,
thence imst BO clialns to point of commencement,
Dated Dec. mli, 1006
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate,
Queens ftotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        -        •        Proprietor
Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
100 FOOT tOT
Two Dwelling Houses
For particulars apply to
Those  who require  homes or stores
painted, papered and decorated
Lite r.l lln. B.C. Flemish Flnlal.ll.K
Co, Vancouver, will, many years
experience in Canada and United
statca, ..ill take contracts Inr
Painting and Deoorating, Wood Finishing and Polishing*
In town or country. First cIusb
work guaranteed, F.stimatcs given.
Patentee ol burnt-wood process. Moderate charges.   Reply to
Lakeview Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C.
fel. 2-3.
Notice is hereby given that (it) days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chiel Commissioner of Lanls and
Works foi-pei-niissiun to purchase the
following described land situated in
West Kootenay disti iet:
Coinineneilig at a ..ost planted on
the north side of Downie Creek about
i of a mile south of the 2J mile post
on the Downie Cieek Trail and marked "E. McBean's south-west corner,"
thence north 48 chains, thence east (19
chains, thenoe south 40 chains, thence
west 60 chains ti. point of connnenceinent, containing 240 acres n.oj;e orless.
Dated December 19th, 1888,
wed jan 2 E. MeBEAN.
Will,I. White, tho comedian, gave
an entertainment on Wednesday night
in tho opera house, assisted by Miss
Hand Bell and local talent. Miss
Byrde and Mr. Oait, both ol Revel
atoke, did good work in their respective iiiirts. Mr. White, although n
clever and promising artist, lacks
many ol the essentials ol a first cl.n.
comedian; his impersonations are goud
un.l changes ol costume quick and
descriptive but be lucks that variety
ol voice intonation so uecessiiry in n
lirst rato character perlormer. His
programme wus well chosen and sine
tlie whole entertainment wns largely
on tlie shoulders i.f Mr. White himsell
credit must be given, Mils Hii/.ol Bell,
win. bus a sweet nnd taking sopran...
pleased the audience in bis sever. 1
numbers, l.er appcnraijce being particularly cl.aru.iiig.
Revelitoke Clgare -Union Made-Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
an ahead ol all otheri.
Miss Nifnt (tophi
Teacher ol Piano, Vocal and
Studio :—I.awhknci-; Block.
Pupils prepared lur University and
Conservatory Exams.
All cluims against Lodge Loyalty,
S.O.E.B.S., must he BUbmlttea in
writing, duly certified by J.I. Wood-
row of Rstvelstoko, to the undersigned
on or before February 28tb, 11*07.
Henry h, Akehubst,
Kamloops, H. C.
Notice Is hereby given Can 30 dm s after dote
welntend tOApply lo IhoChiefCommisaioneiof
I ands niul Wonts for a special license to out
nnd carry away limber Irom the folloi-viuK
described laiuls in West Knrlenny district:
1, Coramenclnp nt a post planted about 1
mile north from the tiortll*wnst eorner ot the
K. it S, Block SOU, nnd marked "Big Bend
Lumber Company's BOUth-east corner post,"
thence north 80 chnlns, tlience west 80 chains,
tbenee south 80 chains, thence eaBt 80 cbnins
to point ol commencement.
j I'umiih-nriiii; at a post planted nbout 1
mile nortli Irom the north-wesl corner of K, &
H. Block 8M, and marked "Big Bend Lumber
Company's norib-cast corner post," theme
west 80 chains, tbeuce soulb 80 chains, (bciice
cast 80 chains, thence north 80 chnlns to point
of commencement.
it Commencing nl a post plant*, d about 2
rabies w-est (rom Ban nock Point, ou Upper A r.
row Lake, and marked "B.B.L. (Jo.'s south-east
eorner post." Ibeuce north 80 chni'is, theuce
WOltfiO chains, thence soutb B0 Chains, thenee
easi 80 chains to pointof commencement.
■I. Commencing at a post planted about8
miles west from Bannock Point, ou Upper Arrow Lake,aud marked '* lui.uVs south-easl
corner post," thence north 80 ehains, thenee
west 80 chains, thenee south 80 cliains, thence
cast 80 chaius to point of commencement.
Dated December 18th, 1006,
sm jan i)      BiU BKNU LUMBER CO., LTD.
JN   dn
. .... thirty
_.. jaysftftor dnte we intend to apply to tlu
Chief ComnilHsionor of Lauds nnd Worki for f>
special liconso to out and carry awny tiiubei
from the following described hinds situated
Collate*. Crock, Lillooet district, B.O.I-
1. Commencing at n post marked "Ijunb
Watson Lumber Co's nortli-cait corner imst,"
and plunted nboul.j miles up CcllslnCrook nml
half a milo ensl, of creek, tlience aouth 111"
chnius, theuce wesl 111 clmins, thence uortli 10"
chain-, ihenee oaal 10 chains to point of coin-
2. Commonolng at a post mnrked "Unit
WaUon l.uinbur Co's .south-oust coruor post,"
and planlcd nbout live iniles up CsHstn Creeii
and halt a mile e-ul of creek, thencu north so
olinlus, llionce wost K0 obnliiH, thenco south W>
ohnlns, thenco oast 80 chain-, lo point of com
Duted this -Mli day of January, 11X17.
wed febo Lavn*Watson LumukbCo.,Ltd.
Notice Is hereby given thnt 60 dnys after dnlo I
Intend tn apply to tin* Honorable, the chief "Com
missioner of Unds and Works for permission i
purchase tin ("ll"« im: deacribed landa, situated
in the Fill) Kiver valley and more particularly dc
scribed as follows!
llegintiiiifi at a post one-half mile mirth-emit ol
Aliens McKay's preemption, marked ' O, N.'sN. K
corner post, tlience Bu chains east. 8o chains
nnrtli, SO eliains w cut, Unchains south to poiut nt
commencement, containing out acres.
Dated Januarj mtli, iwi7.
wed feb 18       Per (leorge Goldsmith) Agent.
Notice in hereby given thalW days after dale
8 inn mi to apply to the Honnraiilo the chlel
Commissioner of Lands nmnVorkH f.»r special
license lo cui and carry away timbor imm the
following described lauds, Biiuated In District
ut -A'osi Kootenay, li. O.
Commencing ai a post mnrked "Lamb-
Watson Lumber (:»'». nortli enst eoruer pout"
planted on thc north nlde ot muii illll Creek
•.ndnb-Hit tbfee n#*** Irom head uf (ialeiin
hay. Ihence south w chains, thenco cant 4o
elialm, theme smith 8'ichains, ilienre wenl40
chains, ihence north Ki chain*, Ihence wesl 4G
hains thence north w chains, thenee eaut in
rhnius to pmtitnf commencement.
Dated (bin lliu day of February, iw;.      s(l«
duymtlli-r dnlo 1 inlcnd to apply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Landa und Worka for n
speoial lioense to out and carry nwuy limber
from tlie following described hind* in the
Osoyoos division or Yule Uiscrlet:
1 Commencing ut u pi>4 plnntod ubout 100
feet from north-enst end of Keofer Uko,
marked,"W. H. Hollingaworth's 8, W. corner,'
tlienco north 10 chains, enst io elinins, noulli '20
chains, east-to chains, south 20 chnius, cast 80
ehuins, south 10 chnlns, west 80 chnlns, north
•20 ehnins, west io ohuiiiH, north 20 chains, went
io ehains to pluce of commencement.
l! Commonolng at a post markod "IV. II.
Ilollingsworlb's south-east corner," plunted
about 100 yards frum the north-oast, end of
Keefer Uke. thoneo west 40 ohnins, north "io
ehuins, west In chains, north 20 chains, west 80
chains, nortli ,0 ohains, east 80 cliuiim, south 20
chains, east 40 chains uouth 20 chains, east 10
ehniiis, south 10 chains lo pluce of commencement.
it Commencing at n post plnntod nbout ",'i
yard*? south from tho west onil of Keefer Uke,
inarkod " w. li. Hollingsworth's north-oast
cornor," thenoe west 80 ehnins, south 80 ohains,
enst 80 ohnlns, north 80 clmiiis to pluce of commence incut.
4 Commencingat a post planted about i-i a
mllo north of the mouth of Polar Creek where
it runs inlo Barnes Creek, and marked "W, H.
Hollingiiworth's north-east corner," thence
south 40 chains, west Kill chains, nortli 40
chains, cast IliO chains to point of commence
o. Commencing at n post planted about % n
mllo north from lho mouth or colar Creek
where it runs into Barnes Creek, and mnrked
"W. II. Hollingsworth's south-east oornor,"
theuco north 40 ohains, west UK) ehnins, soulh
10 chains, east 100 ehains to place of commencement.
ii Commonolng at n post plunted about i of
a mile south-east of eust end of Marsh Luke,
marked "W. H. Uollings worth's north-east
corner," thonee south 40 chains, west 100
chains, north 40 chains, east IliO ehuins lo plnce
ol commeiicomont,
commencing ut a post planted ubout { uf a
milo enst of west end and near south side of
Marsh Luko, murked "W, II, Hollingsworth's
north-east corner," thonce south 40 ehnins, west
IliO ehnins, north 40 chnius, oast 100 chnlns to
place of coinineiicemcuL
ti Coinmeneing ut a post planted about 200
yurds from the south side and ubout half-way
of Keefer Uke, marked "W.H.Hollingsworths
norlh-west corner," thence soutli Ilo chains,
onst 00 ehuins, north 00 cbnins, east 211 ohnlns,
nonh -u ehains, wot tin chains, north 00 chains,
west 20 chaius lo point of commencement,
U Commencing ul u post planted about 2on
yards south and about halfway of Keofer lnke
una murked "VV. H. Hollingsworth's north-cast
corner." thenco south 100 chains, west 40
chains, north 100 chains, eist 40 chains to place
of commeucemeut.
10 Commencing nt n post planted on tho
bench about U milo east of wost end of Keefer
Uke, murked "W. H. Hollingsworth's northeast comer." thenco south 100 chains, wost 40
chains, north 160 chains, thence east 40 chains
to point of commencement.
11 Commencing at a post planted about 1
mile south of Kettle Itiver, about 2 miles west
of Keefer Uke, marked "W.H Hollingsworth's
north-west corner," thence east 40 chains, south
'.V chains, eust 40 chains, south 80 chains, west
40 chains, uorth 20 ehains, west 40 clialns,
north 80 cnains to point of coinmencement.
12 Commencing at a post planted nbout 1
mile south of Kettlo Kiver, about i of a mile
cast of Porcupine-Crook, inarkod "W, H. Boilings worth's northeast corner," thence south ltfi
chains, west 10 chuius, north 100 ehuins, enst
40 Ohains to point of commencement.
Yi Cuinmonciiig nt a post planted about li
miles south of Kettle River on Trap < 'I'tek, und
marked "W, II. Hollingsworth's N VV corner,"
thouce soutb 80 chains, east 80 chains, north 80
chains, west 80 chains to poiut uf commencement.
14 Commencing ut a post planted ubout 50
yards abovo tbo forks ou Trap Creek, ubout
one-hulf mile south of Kettle Hivor, nnd murked "W H.Hoilingsworih's S.W. corner," thence
noith 80 cliains, oust80 chuius, south HOehains,
west >" chains, to point of comti'encuincnt.
IJ Commeueiug at u post plumed alum, J
mile west of the forks of Trap Creek and ubout
Boo yards wostofthooroek, marked "rt, II. Hollingsworth's north-east corner." tbeuce south
80 ohalna, west BU cbnins, north 80 cliains, oast
Mi chains to point of eommcnccniuut.
Hi Commencing ul n pout plnntod ubout 100
yards to the south ot Kast Creek about ii mile
south of Kettle Itiver, marked "VV. II Hulling*
worth's north-eust comer," Ihencu south llio
chaius, wcfli, 40 ehuins, north 100 chuius, oast 10
chains tu point of commenccuict. ■
IT Commencing ut u post pluuted about JO
yards nortli of Kutllu Hivor ubout ^ milo below
Porcupine Creek, niarked "VV. fl. Uollings-
worths south-west corner," tlienco east 40
chuius, soutli 80 ehuins, oust lu chains, north 120
chains, west 80 chuius, -south 40 ehuins to
place of coniuioiiceiuent.
18 Commencing ut u pust pluuted outbe
south bunk of llepscdum Creek ubout % mile
up (rom Ketllo Itiver, marked "VV. 11- Uollings
worth's north-west corner," thoneo soulli 10
chains, onst ItiO chains, uortli ID chums, west
100 chums lo place of commencement.
Ill Commencing ut u post plnntod on south
buuk of llepscdum Creok, about ii mile from
Keltic Biver, murked "VV, H. llollingswuilh's
southwest corner," Ihence norlli 8u chuius,
unst 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80 chuius
Lo puint of commencement.
20 Commencing nt u post plnnted on the
south bunk of Hepscdum Crook about X mllo
fromKottlo Kiver, marked "VV. 11. Uollings-
worth's north-east corner," thonco wust SU
chains, south 80 clmins, enst 80 chnlns, north
80 chuius to plncu of cumiiiuiicciuent,
and carry uway timber from tbo fulinwiugdo.
scribed lauds:
Commonolug at a po-t planted at tbe north*
wesi corner oftbc south-woatquartorof Section
lm. Township,*,;, marked "W H.Holllngsworth's
smith-wc-i corner ptwl," tiiei.ee east 80chains,
thenco nonh 8u chains, thenoe west B0chains,
thence south so chains to place of commencement.
The above location i-lhe nortb lialf of Seo-
liun 2*1 and thfl south half of Section 20. Town-
Dated Novomber 22nd, 1006.
sm jan 20     VV. II. HOLLING8WOHTH.
Notice is hereby given that 60days after dme
1 intend to apply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lnnds und Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands;
Commonolng nt the N. K. cornor of T. L. No,
"OlO.oii the shore of Blind Hay, Cpper Arrow
Ukos, thence south 10 ehains. theuce east Ho
ehuins, theuco north nbuut 80 chains, thence
westerly following the southern shore of Wind
Hay lo point of commencement, containing
four hundred und eighty ncres more or less,
Dated this Isih day of December, Ufofi.
Revelstoke assessment Distriet,
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the
Statutes, that Provincial Koreans Tax, .lud all
u?-*--o-l tarns and lucerne lax, assessed ami
lfi-sied under tin* "A--e--ment Act. 1^014," and
amendment* Ihiretn. art nuw due and payable
fi.r me rear ]\*t', t,. me at tbe Government
Olliee. Revel-t-ike. This iio'ice. in terms of
law. i.- equivalent («■ a i*^r=*uial demand by me
upon all persons liable fur taxes.
Duted nt Bevolstoke this 12ih dny of February. Yfil.
feb 18 It Deputy Assessor.
si,. .1...
.1. 11. KKNNKIIV.
Notice is hereby given tbat iwdnyn alter date
welntend to apply tothe Chief Com missioner ol
Lands and Wnrks Ior a Spools 1 license to OUt
and carry away timher from the following
de*.,*riite.i lands situated In West Kootenay
Commeneing at u post'planted 'i mile north
ol the sou ili eastcorner of Lot 7M7 ami marked
"L, VV.L.Co.'s .N.W,corner," llienee lOOchains
easl, tlience-In cliains Kinitli, theuce 160 ebains
west, thenee 40 chains north lo place ol com.
Dated December 81st, lOOC,
satjan 6 lamh-\vats.>n LUMBER CO,, LTD,
Notice is hereby given that thirty dan alter
date I inlcnd to apidy to the Cbiel Commls.
sioner ol Lands and Wnrks for a special license
to cut and carry away timber Irom lhe follow*
lug described lands situated in Yale District:
1, Commencing at a DOB) planted on the
west sideol Lease 2S18, about one milt from the
north end of lease and about six mllei nortb
ol Sugar Lake, marked "8 Hill's south-eej-.t
corner post," running ho chaini west, tnence
s> chaini nortb, thenee BO chains east, theuce
•jo chaini soulb to poinl of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted on the
west sideol Lease 28)6, about one mile from the
north cud ol leue and about six miles nortli
ol Sugar Lake, marked "B. Hill's north-east
corner poit," running •■• chaini south, tbenee
hi chains west, tbeuce So chains north, thence
sj chains east to pu-nt ol cuinmeucemeut.
Dated Sept, 14th, PAW.
wed feb IS 8, HILL,
NiilicH le hereby glvon that 80 days
aftei' date I inteud t.. apply lutiu.
Ohlef Commissioner of Lands mid
Works for a special liconce to cut anS
carry away timber Irom tbe following
described laiuls:
1, Ooinmenolng at a post planted
nn the north imnk of Snow Creek
about ei|rjit miles east of Burton Oily,
thence west S) chains, thence soulh Kn
chains, ihence east 80 chains theuce
north KD chains to point of commencement.
i, Commencing at a post planted
three chains north uf Nu, 1 pust,
thence east 80 chains, thence soutli KO
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
nurth 80 chains to point of commencement.
'i. Commencing at a post planted
80 chains aast of No. 2 post, tlience
east 100 chains, theuce soulh -ID chains,
thence west 100 chains, Ihence norlh
10 chains to point of commencement,
Dated December 20th, 1000.
wed jan 2  J.H. JAMIESON, Locator.
NOTICK is hereby given that 00 days after
date I Intend to apply to tbo Hon. the
cliief Commissioner of Unds and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands, situated in West Kooicnay, on the east
shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Beginning at a -mut. mi the soutli ilde of Cape
Horn,  running east 80 chains, soutb 8n '.-bains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains along lake shore tu
point of commencement.
Dnted January 17th, 1907.
wed jan 30 Thou. Wright, tgeiit.
KotlGO is hereby given thai N days aft«r ilate 1
Intend to apply in tbe llmi. lla* Chiet Coiimisaion
er .if I. .hin and Works fnr a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following de-
scribed land.*- m Weat Kootenay district:
Commencing at «* po t' planted about ono
mile uud a half north of Arrowhead, and nliout
halt a mile im-i from Arrow-head Brunch R. H..
marked "W.F.Ogilvie's S.W, post," thence 80
ohains north, theuce sn chaius oast, iheuce 80
chains south, thence B0 chains west to pointof
Dated Feb. Uth. 1907.
wed feb 18 Vi. Y, OGILVIE.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afterdate I
intend to apply to the Chief Com mis-donor ol
Lauds and works for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a oust situated about 2 miles
nnrth nl McDonald Greek on the east ihora.it
Cpper Armw Lake, Joining T. L. 0016 on the southwest corner, running east 40 chains, south 00
chains, wast -to ehains, nnrth 40 ohains to place of
Dated Jan. aslh, lour.
feb i nil
Notice is hereby given that we the undersigned
intend, IW days from date, t" apply t" the Hon.
Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works, for a
special license to cut and carry away timlier from
the follnwim*, deacribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one-
quarter of a mile east of Fish Biver and one mile
Irom Camborne, thence north Imi ehains, thence
east B0chaini, thence south SO chains, thence west
80 chaina to pnint of commencement, signed,
Dated January 12th, 1107.
21 I'uiniiieiieiiii! ul n post plnnted on the
suulh bnnk uf llcpsciluiii Creek nboul ] null
from Kettlo River, marked "VV. 11 Hulling-"
worth's soulh-onsl cumor," tliuuco north 40
chains, west 40 chnlns, north 20 chains, west I"
nortli 2Uchulus, wchI. HO chuius, south 40 chains,
cast Ml ehuins, soutli 20 chnlns, enst lOchains,
south 20 chains, east lo chains to point of com
Datod Doo.8iaU.-DM.
wed Jan J0      W. II. HOLLINOrtVVOltTil.
VfOTICE is hereby given thnt 30 dnys after date
i>l 1 intend to apply to the Hon. the Cliief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a .Special
License to cut and carry nwny timber from the
following described lands in West Kootenay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted ibout one
mile above T. L. 089* on the west bank of the
Columbia Biver, opposite Keystone Creek and
marked "Om Lund's N. E. corner", thence west 80
chains, tlience south SS0 chains thence east 80
ehuins, thence north 80 cliains to pnint of com-
2. Commencing nt a post planled nbout li
miles up Heymour Creek and nbout |i mile from
UlO N. VV. enrner of T. L. 0557 and marked 'Ous
Lund'a N. w. comer", tlience east 40 chains, thince
south 100 ehuins, thence west 40 ehains, thence
nortli 100 clmins to point of commencement.
a. Commencing nt n post planted at the N. VV,
corner of location No. 2 nnd uiarked "Ous Lund's
N, E, comer", thenco west 40 chains, thence smith
100 chains, tlience enst 40 chains, theuce nnrtli 100
clmins to point of commencement,
4. Commenc in*.; ftt 14 P,jst planted almut one-
half mile west from the N. VV. comer of location
No. 3 ami mnrked "Ous Lund's N. VV. corner',
tlienco enst 40 chains, thence south 100 cliains,
thenee west 40 cbnins, thenee north 100 chains to
pointof commencement,
5. Commencing at a post planted at the N. W
cornerof location Ilo. land marked "Ous Lund's
N. K. comer", thence west 40 chains, thence smith
ItiO cliiiins, thencu east 40 ehnins, tlience north 100
chains to point of commoncement,
8. Commencing at a post planted at tie N. K.
corner of location No. .1 and marked" lius I.uud'
a. E. cornor", tlience nortli 40chains, iheuce west
100 cbnins, Ihence south (0 chains, thence east 10O
chains lo poiut of commencement,
Dated January tOth, 1007. "
7. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted near CloM-
stream'at the 8. E. corner of T. L. 0770 (being
renewal of T, L. SK02) and mnrked "Qua Lund's
N. I'',, corner", tlniieu south 8o chains, thence wesl
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, iheuce east 80
cliains to puint of commencement,
8, Commencing at a post planted at the N.W,
cmiier of T. L. 67o8, near Uoldilre.iui, mul marked
"(ins Lund a B. VV comer", thence cist 40 chains,
thence north 160 chains, tnence west 411 chains,
tlience south lOOchains to point of commencement,
ti. Commencing at n post planted at the N. yi.
corner of T, L. 7075, near Coldstream, and marked
"Ous Lund's N- K. toriier"; thence west lOchains,
thence  south   100 eliains,  thencecasl 10 ehains,
tlienee north 100clialnstopolntof commencement
Dated January 19th, wi.
DeHtyiiH fur New Departmental and
Justice Buildings, Ottawa.
milE time for receiving eouipetitivs designs for
1 lho proposed new Departmental und Justice
Buildings i-t Ottawa, Is hereby extended from
April If. to July 1,1007.
By order,
Department ol public Works,
Ottawa, January !4,11x17.
NewHpapcrs'will not he paid for this udvertlse
if On'}' inseit it without authority from the De
Sixty days alter date I luteinl toupply to tin
lb,imi'iiii,1 the Chief Commissioner of LuiiOh nmi
Wmks for permission to purclmse the following
described lands, sltUnteil on Cpper Arrow Lake,
and more particularly described as [ollowil
Beginning ut the BQUtlhweat oornor of Lot 1180,
at a pfnd innrkeil "C.B,, N.W.C.P.," tlieiieu.!'1
ihalns east, thenco III chains imrth, Ihenee no
'iinitiH ensi. tlionco 10 chains hoii'Ii,theuce in
chains frost) tlienco HO rhnhiH norlli to pointol
ooiiimuneeuicnl, conlalulng 240 acres mon1 or less,
Dated February Bib, I1KI7,
wed feb 1:: Per O. Sumner, Agont.
Notice Is horoby Kivnu that 'Mi dnys uhnr datu
we intond to upply toihe ('hief Commlulotior ot
Lands uml Works for u spuciul liconsu to eul
and curry uwuy'timbor from thn following dA1
jtrihod lauds in di-tii.-i, nl W0.1t Koolonuy.
Commencing at u post planted j mllo wesi
Irom mirtli-easl corner of Lot No, 0140 ami
marked "L, VV, L, Cu.'s H, VV, corner post,"
thunce norlh loo chains, thence unst Hi cliaiiu
thunce suulh mu eliains, thonoo west 40 chains
in place ol cumuieiieeinent.
Dated December'20th, 1000.
sat Jan ,ri   LAMB-Wa'1'HON LIIM HER CO., LTD
Sixty days after datu 1 intmnl to apply hi tin
llonnruhh- the Chiel Commissioner ol Landi ami
Works for permission to pnrcliaso llio following
ilesn-ibi'il lauds situated on Cpper Arrow Lake
nudmoru parlleulaily ilcseiibml as follows:
Beginning ut a |msl planled at the noilh-east
corner of Lot JOU. and marked "C IU*'., N.W.C.IV
tlienco 100 clmins QOSt, thenee 40 eliains south,
tiiciiee 100 chains weit, thenoe 40ohalni north to
puim of commencement, otu aerea.
Dated I'VbMi-iryKili, llio*.
wed fob 18 I-'. !■'. KUI-I.MKK.
K Is lmrnby given that thirty dny
nltor dale we ititund to apply to 1 lie Chioi
Commlsslonor of Lnnds and Works for Special
lii-i-n 11 to cut ami carry uwuy timber from the
fulli.wimr doscribod luiids sltuuted In Wost
KooUmuy district, B.C.:
CnmmuncliiKUt n post plnuted mi tho southeast hunk of Fish river, ubuUt onu mile south
of Johnson Crnnkiiuil mnrkod 'D Mcintosh
and Win. Iluyu's nnrlh-wn-i cornor," thencu
eni.tHU ehuins, Onuico south Hi) chnlns. thouco
wnst KO chuius, thnnco north HO chnlns to plurit
of enmuioncomont.
Dated January lth, IM7.
Jun 10wod WM. HOVD,
Notice is hereby given that 30 dnys after dale
I intend toapply to tlie Cliief Commissioner 0,'
Lauds und Works furu speciul licence to cm
nml carry uway timber from lhe following
described property siiuated on Fisher Creek
oinplj ing Into the head of, Adams Lnkeinlhc
District of Lillooet, B,C.i
1, Commencing ut a post planted on the weal
bank of Fisher Creek, Snulli Fnrk, almut [oui
miles from Ailauis Uk,t marked "A. McConnell's
N, I-., corner," running 80 cbatni iroUi, Uience W
chains West, thencu bo ehuins north, thence a>.
chains easi io point of commencemeni
It, Commencing ul a post planted00 the wen.
bank of Fisher Creek, south fmk, linked "A. He
Connell'i N. W. corner," ai-out four miles fron
Adams Like, luimliiaSU chains south, tlwica 80
chains cast, thence no chains north, thenoe 80
elinlns wesi to point of commencement.
:t Coliiiuuiieiiig at a p'Hi planted .m Ihr west
batik of Fisher Creek, .v.utli Pork, about tin- milos
from Adnins Like, narked 'A. McConneU'l V K.
cornei, Limit N", :i Fisher Creek,1 mnolng&J
chains smith, 80 chains west, 80 chains north, 80
clmim eust to place of commencement.
1. Commonolng at a post planted on the weit
bunk uf Wilier Creek,Sou.h F-rk, almut tl%e mile.
from Adams Lake, marked "A. HcConwll'l N.W.
enrner, Limit Nu. fl," running 80 chains soulb,
tlienco BU ehains east, ihence so chains nortli,
1 hence do chains weat to place nf oommencemedU
h. Cnmuienciiif*.at a post pUnteduutbewi-.il
bank of Fiilmr Creek, South Furk. about six mllei
from Adams Lake, market) **a. McGonneli'iN.R,
comer, limit No. 5," running 80 chains soulh, 80
clialna west, an chains mirth, po chaini east to
place ot commencement,
0. Commeuelng at a post planted on the weat
bank of Either Creak, South Pi rk, aboul nix mi'es
frmn Adnins Lake, marked "A McCowieB'l N.W.
corner, limit No. «," ruining esi chaini BOOtti|8Q
chuius eait, Wi chains north, 80 chaini weat to
placo orcumint'iicciiient.
Jutiunry.'ilh, 1907.
twtjunio A. McCONNELL.
N OTIOK ll hiroljj i|l».... thit to .l»yi altor Lil.
I ..I..-..-I I.. ii|.|.l> ... .l.e lion, .'hlil Con
Notice is hereby li.en tbat SUdajra all,. rllU-I
intenil In apply to tbe Chiel Comuilaiioiier of
l.r.i'i- uml .1 orks lor., ipeclal ln-.fr.se to cut mil
carry away timber from tbe Iollowl.i| deacribej
lamia situated in tin Uaoyuoa tliriaion ol Yall
1. Commencing at a poa. markul "Harry
Mclotoitl'l N.W. corner," planted about 1 mils
we*l ol Suijir Lake ou tbo south line ol Timber
Limit No. 9123, ihence -outh MJ chain*, .hence
west 8u chain*, Ihence uorlh HJ chaius, Ihence
.ast J" MMiii-1., point ot commencement.
Dated January 26tb, 1907.
2. Commeueiug ut a post planled at .he N.W
coruer..! No. 1, Iheuce soulb 80 chains, theuce
west 10 chaius, theuce north S>. chaini, thence
east 80 chaiu* to poiut of commencem.ut.
Dated Jauuary 28tb, 190i.
3. CommeucitiK- at a post planted at tha
south-wesl coruer ol No. 1, theuce aouth 80
chains, tbeuce ea.*t lo chains, tbeuce north W
chains, theuce west iu chains to point ol com-
1. Commeueiug at a iwst plauted at th.
south-west comer of No. 1, theuce iouth 80
chains, theuce West IU chaius, tlience nortb 80
cliains. theuce oast Ifi chaius u. [-.int uf commeucemeut.
D.itr.1 Jfuii.iiryM.il. 1..M,
wi-i fob 1-. Uy(i, K. Uriuk. Agent.
lulsaloner ot Uml, ami Worka for ut.-rmia.lrrn I
pttrcilMt  the tnllowini  ileicrliit.il Ul
neat KouLenay District
lan.li In th.
iinmciK-tna a. a poit planled S" chain, .ail
frnm tin. lonlli.SMt soruerol i...t UUand iwrtftl
"K. C. Tr;il..ir.l'i ii.irth-i.i.t con »-r poat," thr-nci
.until *0 chains, thenca . est-.'fJ.-hain. more *n
leaa to Uke ali.tr.., tbl>IC! i">rtti .long .bore I.,
sM.itli ".-*. cornet ol Lot HS8, thencu eaat <?
clialna to ji...... o. conunincem.
Ilnti.il S'iiven.lar uth, Iim.
flee 6 wed
Patronize Homo
Revelstoke Clgare,
Industry.    Smoke
A LICENSE to cut timber can ue acquired only al public competition. A
rental ut ,. por fiu.ua. c milo la charged
fur all timber bertha except those situated weal of Yak lor which the rental Is
ai tlie rate of j cents per acre per annum.
In addition lo tlie lental, dues at tbe
tu,lowing rutea are charged;—
Sawn  lumber,  lu  cenls  per thousand
(eel   B.M.
Hallway tid, eight and nine (eet long,
11-. and 1 i-i .'i-iiii each.
Shingle bu.ta, ikS cents a curd.
Ail other products, 5 per cent on the
A license is issued so soon as a berth
is granted, bui m surveyed lerrilory no
timber can be cut uu a berth until the
licensee has made a survey ihereuf.
I'eriiiiU) tu cut limber are also granted
at public cunipetiliun, except ln the case
uf actual settlers, who require the tim-
.,..!' [or men own use.
Scitleri and others may also obtain
permits to cut up to WJ cord, ot wood Ior
sale   without   competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
11.60 per thousand feet 11.11., for square
.....ber and saw-logs of any wood except uak; frum t-i to 11-1 cents per lineal
(out fur building logs; from U 1-1 to B
cenn per cold lor wood; 1 cent for fencs
posts; i cents for railway ties; and W
cenls per cord for shingle bolls.
Leases Ior grating purposes are Ilium
(or a term of twenty-one year., at a
rental uf two cents per acre per annum.
Coal lands may be purchased at HO
per acre for soil coal and iii tot anthracite. Nol mute than xu acres may he
acuult.-U by one individual or company,
Loyalty al the rale of 10 cenls per ton
oi .utu puui.di li collected on the grow
Euir.es for land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the local land olliee Ior lhe dislricl In which
the land lu be taken up I. iltuated, or
if tl.e liuineiieadcr desires, he may, oa
appil.-a.iun to .he Minuter of tht Interior
at Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the local agent for
tbo 1.unlet, within which the land Is
situated, receive authority for .um. on*
to make entry for him.
A lee of 110 li'ohargod for homestead
A settler who lies received an entry for
a iiomesiead, Is required lo perioral the
condition, connected Herewith under one
of the following plant:-
tl. At leasi six months residence upon
and cultivation of the land In each y«r
during lhe term of three year..
It is lhe practice of the Department to
require a Mttler to brini li acre, under
cultivation, but If ho prefers ht may run-
illtute .lock; and 20 head of cattle, to oe
actually his own properly, with buildings
Ior their accommodation, will he requires"
Instead ot cultivation. ,. ,.    #.
(!) If the father (or mother, If the lather li deoeased) of any person who li
eligible to make a homestead entry undir
ll.o proviiloni of the Act, reildes upon
a (arm In the vicinity ol the land entered for by such person as a homestead,
the requirements of the Act as to residence prior to obtaining patent may bs
latliiled by mon person residing with tne
father or mother,
.3. It the settler has hU permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him in the vicinity of hi. homeitesd, the
requirement, of the Act, at to reildenct
may be satlslled by residence upon tht
isla land. , .
Application for patent should be made
at tlie end of three years before the loot*
agent, sub-agent or a homettesd inspector.
Before making application for a patent,
tht .et.ler mutt give six months' notloe
In writing to the Commissioner of Do.
minion Lands at Ottawa, of hit Uttn-
lion to do to.
W    flT   CORI
Deputy Wni.ter of'tht Interior,
Oltiwt, rtbruray llth. MB, _, NEW
New Skirts
These goods are direct from one of the
best manufacturers in the East. New Spring
Styles. Tailor-Made Garments. Right up
to the minute in style. These Shirts are
all guaranteed to lit. If you are looking for
something good in this line you had better
drop in and look this shipment over.
New Waists
In plain Black and Plain White Washing
Silks, showing New Spring Styles. We
can guarantee this line. You will only have
to look at them once to know their quality.
Wc invite the ladies to inspect these Waists.
This shipment is only just in,
Sore Hands    . 1
I and Faces      I
r|l *
A.    We have the nicest prerjar- tijjjt
t     ation you have ever tried, A
called "' Benzoin nnd   A I- ¥
rnond Cream."    Only   35 W
Scents a bottle.    It heals in itp
.. night. fy
| Canada Drug & Book Co. |
Ben-Msos-Wii.i.iamsox—■ At the residence of Mr. und Mrs. Corning, Oil
Saturday, Fel.. Uth, by Kev J. lt.
Robertson. AibeitE. Bennison an.l
Alice M. Williamson were united in
Saturday, Feb. IG, ior 24 hours:
Cloudy, continued mild with hard
frosts at night and foggy. Precipitation of moisture very heavy.
Light variable winds. Temp, max.,
43 degrees; mill. 22 degrees.
Local and General.
Mr. Win. Gait will sing a solo at the
evening service in Knox Church tomorrow.
A regular meeting of the Ladies'
Auxiliary to the K. K. Y. M.C. A. will
be held in the Y. M. C. A. building on
Monday, Feb. ISth at 3:30.
The Ladies' Aid ol St. Andrew's
Church are making preparations for a
Basket Social to be held in Selkirk
Hall on Tuesday, the 19th inst. 3t.
C. Jones is taking over the Cily
bakery business lately curried on by
A. E, Bennison, and will open up in
the same premises un Monday.
It has been rumored that Thomas
Taylor, M.l'.l'. has been appointed
provincial secretary, but as yet no
definite verification of that report has
L-een received here.
The Revelstoke hockey boys sustained defeat at the Rossland Winter
Carnival by the Kelson team and also
- y the -; kane team, the scores being
Revelstoke!, Nelson 11. and Revel-
stoke 2 Spokane 4.
Owing to the south train being over
live hours late the flcarlet Mysteries
•-.ere unable to reach here iu time for
their performance* last night. They
will appear tonight when a go-.d house
I, expected
j Hobson & Bell j
.  Grocers, linkers & (.'..nfectiuneis »
Mr. R, Marpole, general assistant
executive of the C.P.R. in tlie West,
has announci'd that the Empress
hotel nt Victoria will be completed
an.l fori....Ily opened on June 1st.
thus being ready for the season's
tourist trade.
Ool. MoDougall of the R.O.S.I., and
Quarter-master Sergeant Whito conclude here their course of military
instruction for ollicers and non-commissioned ollicers of the militia
regiment today. Tl.e instruction has
been lull an.l comprehensive and tlie
loci oompany will now have everything up-to-date.
As there arc several families destitute in Kevelstoke, whose children
hnve little or no clothing to keep
themselves warm, the chiil ol police,
T. Bain, will be plowed to receive
articles of clothing for children on
their behalf, either at the city hull,
police olliee, or the chief of police will
call at such houses where clothing can
be obtained nnd collect it.
Oold Range Lodge, -N'o. 2(1, Knights
of Pythias, will attend divine service
at St. Peter's church to-morrow evening nnd all members nre requested to
assemble at lodge room sharp al 7
p.m. Tuesday, being the anniversary
day of the Order, and special convention of the lodge is called at 7:!IIJ when
To Buy u House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
The Vancouver Province says;
' The chief event of Thursday at tl.e
Rosslandcarniv.il wns the game between 8p.jk.ine und Revelstoke, in the
open hockey championship, which
was won after a strenuous nnd fast
game by Spokane, by n score of 2 to 4.
The result cnine as a surprise to the
local Rossland hockey devotee?, as
they did not think the American team
could come here nnd defeat so signally
as speedy a British Columbia team as
the Revelstoke seven."
Social and Person
Miss Temple of Winnipeg, is visit,
illg Mr. and Mrs. (!. Ho Hen.
Mrs. II. A. Hrown bus returned Irom
a visit to the Halcyon Hot Springs.
.Mrs H. Cunningham Morris leaves
today on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. I. T.
Morris at Lake Ranoh.Notch Hill.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Ramplin has been visit-
initiations will l.e hold, aftor whioh ing in the oity fora lew days. Mr,
the lodge will entertain their friends Ramplin is the founder of the order of
in a musical evening. the Woodmen
11. Floyd .....I 11. Manning who
have bei ti attei ding tl.e sell - -
tees' convi nti n al Ni Is. n   returned
5c. To $2.50
Send  in   your
orders by Mail
W. BEWS. nn. i
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail urders promptly attended
The lyi.ilen.iipr. W. 0, W. held  a
social evening on Thursday lasl in the
Selkirk Hall in honor of  Heud  Manager and    Sovereign   Ramplin,  the   >a8t "'§'"•
founder of the oilier.   A lnrge numbi
oi guests were present and after an  Q     _ ' I I
interesting address from Mr. Ramplin  D U 0 III COO   LO Cfl I S
Mrs. Ramplin und others in tbe order I _
the rest ol the evening wus given up      Kl,,, 1(,;li   ,      ; ,„      ,
to social amusements. . ;     ,   , ,
Mrs. Stncey's little boy sustained a A lew nice carpel       ianu sl
serious injury early this week al their be had cheap tti   B Hume St Co'i
home down the south truck.    Tl.e lad Wearejust] Itt           .   -■
wus playing  with  a  dynamite cap our spring carpets and linoleums, cal!
when it exploded in his lace soverly and see tbem—C B Hum.  I
injuring Ins right eye  uml  otherwise Fresh Navel oranges   lemons   ban.
badly burning his face.   The boy waajanas and tableapi   - it i   B.Hum.
at once removed to the hospital, when
the doctors found it necessary to remove the injured eye,  Tbe la,l if now
Obtained by the Ladies Hospital Guild-Synopsis of
Work Done During lhe
Past Year.
The ollicers .....1 members ol the
budies Hospital Guild take pleasure
iu presenting liorewith a brief report
of the work done by the society during
the past year.
At tho annual meeting hold Aug.
22nd, the following ollicers wore
Hon. President—Mrs. Phipps.
President—Mrs. Lawson.
Vice President—Mrs.  H. A. Brown.
2nd Vice President—Mrs. Clarke.
Treasurer—Mrs. Elson,
Secretary—Mrs. .1. M. Scott,
The fourth annual bull wns held on
Nov. 28rd, and was attend with great
succe-8, tho proceeds netting the
handsome sum o! $318,78, Tbo thanks
ul ilu* Guild arc due to all those who
assisted in making this annual all'uir
such a success. At u meeting of the
Guild held on Aug. 20th, 1005, the
question of how to provide for those
without means discharged Irom the
hospital as convalescents and unable
to work wus discussed, the Guild
deciding thnt tho money collected
(rom lho collection boxes ho donated
to that purpose, and be known us the
convalescent fund. The sum of $'1.1.117
ln.B been collec ed from thin source.
The Guild takes this opportunity of
thanking all those who hnve so
thoughtfully contributed through Ibis
The Guild has carefully looked after
the hospital linen, keeping the hi.s-
pitlll furnished in this respect, tho
cost of same being $163.57. The sewing of part of this being done l.y the
members of tl.e Guild, the balance by
a seamstress, for whioh the Guild paid
the sum of $26,00. lt wus decided hy
the Guild to send fresh fruit onco a
week to the hospital to be used in tbe
pu .iio wards nnd this bus been carefully intended t...
The Guild bus provided the hospital
with shades and screens for the windows, costing $107.50.
The Guild found it very inconvenient being obliged to rent dishes nnd
cutlery for their various entertainments, so it wns unanimously decided
to purchase dishes nnd cutlery which
were to be kept for this purpose.
The Guild has decided to devote all
their energies towards building a
verandah around the hospital and
would have done so but the board of
directors did not think it advisable as
they contemplated enlarging the
hnspit.il in the near future, which
would have necessitated the tearing
down of the vera..dull.
S lice is li-*:- ■ y given that GO dayi frnm .lute
i Intend r<> applj to the Honourable the ('Lid
Coi     •■ ■■ ier 6   ! nii'S and Worki fur per*
.       : ir tiaiG mi>' following described
in  I    nil ■:•■: ■*. --ii 'im Uny, and more par*
liar    lescrll ed as follows:
hiu ■   ■ i -■.- - *-; inte! at ihe north*eait
■    ■ - ranch, and called 'T,
■ ornei poat," thence <fl ohalna
dm -■ itli thence 10 elinins
■ ■    tialni north (o poinl nf com-
■   ining 160 aerea moro nr less.
; * 1901
P, J. (il -UN.
his is Uean=Up Week
We will finish Stock-Taking this week and wc want to clean up quite a number
of linos and we have put prices where it should do it. Take a look in our window
and see what we have to show you.
15c. Flannelette
for 10c.
These arc some of the prettiest designs
shown for Wrappers, Kimonas, Dressing
Jackets, etc., and the price is the lowest you
have yet been offered.
See Our Corsets
Not a Iol of old styles, but nearly all last
season's, in White and Grey. Some have
hose supporters. They sold at Si.oo and
$1.25.   Your choice for 75c
Have you had a look at our Remnant
Counter. There are some bargains there lor
you. Goods of every kind at about half their
regular price.
Ladies' Waists
We have a lot of these in all kinds of
materials, Black Satin, Flannelette, French
Flannel, Cashmeres, Lustres, etc. They sold
at many different prices, but they all go at
one price now.     $1.00 each.
Laces ano Embroidery
You will soon bc at your spring sewing
and will want Laces and Embroidery, and
wc have put out a lot of both of these goods
at bargain prices. They are good quality
and good patterns, but you may not be able
to match them in edgings and insertions—
but look at the price—5c. and 10c.  per yard.
FEBRUARY    15th   AND   16th
Edward Branscombe
Presents the Famous
Scarlet Mysteries
From London, England
This celebrated conibinution of Eight
Artists who aro crossing Canada
en route for Australia, will
appear ns above, presenting the
in refined musical comedy including
Musicnl SWotch Comedian
(From Daly'.* Theatre, Lou .on)
MR. THOS. WALLS, Character Artist.
l.iffiiifiiii!.- Cartoomit
101 Quoon's Hull and Crystal Pnlnco).
(Or Hrry.il Carl Ron Opora Co.)
(Of Sf.voy ami Terry'i Tl.cfitro*)
.Of Royal 0|i.,r.-i Homo, Convout Gitrdout
.(iu.l.lii.ill School nt Music).
PRICES, $1.00    -   75c.    -    50c
Seats on Sale at Canada Drug
A Book Company.
nOl'ND A gold watch -on the Ot h
|] of Jiinimry last, nenr thc poslofftce
Lievelstoke; ownet can liuve lhe same
hy identifying property and paying
for this notice. Correspond with J.
il. Woolney, Malakwn.J. O.
*     from date
tl -   Ho onrable tho nhiel
■  .   inl- and Worki tor a -i eclal
i-r    K.wi- limber rum the
I land   ii i a ted on Oalena
iii : balm
•■ eaat con ir n Chan Beck'aj
.    ■ ■■
■    ■     so ehftii v ....- thence BO .
■ V "till-Ill,
< : in nhalni
r fi( Tlmi   Beclc'l
i ni fa-!. theneoDO
■ i hain m   W
* * if commencement.
|)L\IN iim) Ornnmontnl Plastering
I Artificial slum' of nny design for
lm tiding put poses, Cement ami con-
irete work taken hy' contract or day
wurk.   Apply at Mail-IIkimld office,
■ .
au-. BECK,
progressing favorably.
Kev 6, W Q ....I le, wl   ia travi
... Co's
All kinds ol -.i * ind imoked fill
i r thi Lenten .eas. , ,- i . i: Hum.
,v Co's,
.   i.r.Hi.. * Premier Bac i   • -
under the auspices ol the Lord's D«        " "*:"' ''   '' '    l;   " i:"'
Alliance of Canada, is in town  and ™■'
will deliver several sddi is tomorrow,   In the alternoon he will speak      FORESTERS   ATTENTION,
(or a lew minutes to the scholars ofi
St,  Andrew's   Presbyterian    Sunday
School and Inter to .. meeting ol men
;n thc V. M, 0. A,   I., the evening he
will occupy the pulpit ..I Knox church
and niter the service ho will address ..
mass meeting ol citizens in the V.
M.C. A.
There is n mnvomont on lonl to
establish a V. M, r. ,\. .., Vernon.
In this connection u petition with
about ID0 ii.unes, lms been presented
to the mayor requesting him to call a
publio meeting to considei thi  pro-
t •
rr.-ni.r   ri'    : I, -     . f
»   ■   ■
0 IAS. tie. k
rTTANTED-Furnlshed Rooms with
VV private family foi* young
I pie.   Apply the M.UL-HbIIALD,
WANTED -A single ..inn requires
well heated, comfortable room,
win.nui, board, Replies to Mail-
IIkiiai.i. Offlce,
WANTED   An apprentice to the
Drug business,   Apply t.. W.
li.-u-f, druggist f..i.I stationer.
WANTED  Hv il... d..v, n icrub
womnn for the Hospital, Wages
-*! *) Apply i" iIi.-.M.\tii..\, Hospital,
WANTED- Hy viiiingn.il.., a set uf
iif-.tks in k.-i>|,  during spare
.. . ipply ... ihls offlce, ■    nil 81
A  spi i-i,.1  meeting will be held In
Selkirk Hall  Monday evening   Fob
Im.Ii, ii. honor of Bro. R, W.Timmins
Provincial II. O, R., ol  Vor io       I
Foresters ploaso atti   I
'•I'M. BELL, C. It.
posul.    With u properly fitted  up
gymnasium, r.-a.ling room, swii ing
tub, etc, it would prove.. groat benelit,
to tl.e young men of Vernon, especially In winter time, It is possible
that the plans ol the Revelstoke
Y.M.C.A. building will be used us u
24 Brown Leghorns and Two
Cockrell Chickens
PRICE $1.00 Each
Subscribe lor the MAIL lll',ltALIi|
Only 2.01) per your in iidvnnce.
Bakery for Sale
* A. H. BENNI! ON ... .- retin I from business, his
whole b dness is foi ale ai i going concern, including
premi ■ . bake rooi      I ,  n   -
Scott & Briggs
to luko advantage of tbo many useful
and handsome articles that wc are
..li'o.ing In uiir sale of Clocks, ('ul
(11.188, Table Silver, Watches, Jewelry,
and Novelties.
Our prices have been reduced on
all these articles, which are an fait
for wedding or birthday gifts, or for
use in your own home,
Don't forgot our Optical Department, We make a specialty of thi)t
..nd we guarantee satisfaction.
Artificial Eyes tested. ,
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Dwelling und Lot, Second .Street     .... $2,1100
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling nnd Lots, Third Street  4,200
Dwelling and Lots, (corner) Fifth Street     .     . ,   3,200
Double Corner, Second .Street, near Y.M.C.A.         . 000
Luis on Second SI., east of McKenzie Ave., each   . .      250
Lots ou Third SI,, eust of McKenzie Ave., ouch   .    . .   200
Lots on Fourth St., eaat of McKenale Ave,, each   . ,     175
Lots on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave,, oach   .    . .   150
Having just received a large shipment of Pipes, Imported
Cigara, confectionery, stationery and Tobacco, wo nre now prepared to Iill your orders with tho highest grade goods nt tl.e lowest
prices iu tlie City.
Tou Can't Get
Away From It
—the (act that Howson's Carpets
and Hugs rank with the highest ol
imported nnd domestic brands.
And then the wny we wenve, it.
with our liigl.-nrt lloor coverings,
the thread nl honest pricing I
There isn't a householder or
tenant in town who cun atl'ord to
overlook this establishment.
R. Howson & Co.
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