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" Empire " Typewriter
For ease of opera! inn and perfection
in results produced, this machine
ie unsurpassed,   Price, $(>U.OO Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,    -    Agents
The Mai
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol. 15.-No  27
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. MAY I, 1901)
$2.50 Per Year
IProvinci il Library;
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead anil Revelstoke.
Footwear, Madam
Do ycu know that right in our store you
can obtain lhe identical shoe styles lhat are
now being worn I y women nl fashion in New
York  ani.  other mi tropolitan  centres i>    Do
you know that wc can lit your foot as perfectly
as il you had your shoes made to order ?
-^    ^,7c  can  do this because we stii
The new Regal styles for women are
exact reproductions ol exclusive custom
models, and they embody every correct
fashion-feature.     Regal   Shoes   insure
you an exact lit, because they arc
made  in  <7tiarfc.-sizes —and
this perfeel fit  means absolute comfort and   pernia
nent shape-retention. ["''/fa.
C.B. Hume & Co,
Revelstoke, B. C.
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This Is the season uf the yeai' that the goud housekeeper wants to brighten up the home, Kalsotnine some
rooms. Varnish the woodwork, Paint the floors. Varnish
Stain smne pieces ol the furniture, Enamel the beds ur the
baths. Kcgild the picture frames. We are best able to
supply all these wants, we cater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
Flour paint, all ready for the brush. Asplnall's gnamels,
Ii. A. P. Enamels for bath or woodwork. Baplac Varnish
stains, tronlte Varnish stains. Laequeret in "11 onirics.
Berry Bros, bouse varnishes, Liquid Granite fir flloore or
oilcloth, Varnish for furniture, floors, hunts or carriages,
all for all inside work.
Painters Supplies In all lines and at prices that cannot
be beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save yon
money. Leave your orders for wurk with us and we will
send ynu a man and guarantee that he will give you the
best of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents al all principal points in Canada.
Agents in (ireat Britain ami United Stales—London, England,
Lloyds Bank. Limited. Chicago- Kirst National Hank, Corn Exchange Natiunal liank. Seattle—Heat tie National Hank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada  National Bank,     Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.        1
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Special Bargains for the balance of this
month in Ladies' and Children's Straws.
All the latest fashionable shapes. We
also have the newest designs in Ladies'
Hats and Children's Bonnets.
M R &.
First   Stroot
a. c;. CRICK
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Grist of Business Transacted
by Civic Board—Solicitor
and Assessor Appointed-
Several Bylaws Passed.
The Oity Council in regular session
last nigbt transacted a large amount
uf civin business with dispatch. Among
the important items passing the vote
of the board was the appointment of a
City Sulieitor and a City Assessor,
the passing f several important bylaws and the awarding of the contract
for the cement required fur the sewer
and other public work to be done in
the city during the year.
The council met at S o'cluck with
the mayur in the chair nnd all the
aldermen present excepting Aid.
The report of the City Engineer
stated that in making the location of
the line fur the trunk eewer in the
city he had adhered ae closely as possible to the line se octet! by Cul. T. II.
Tracey, O.E, as the une best suited
fur the discharge uf the sewage from
the cast and we.t sides A Connaught
avenue. This line necessitated the
diversion of a small stream to leave
available the use of the vault to obtain
sullicient fall for the sewer drainage,
and the convenient locution of a septic tank. It recommended the con
veyance uf the water whicu ut pres ml
llnws through tho center uf the city
by means ol a cedar culvert iilnng
Pearson street to the Columbia river.
It alsu recommended the diversion ol
tiie email stream north ol Campbell
avenue by mesne ol a box culvert to
the Columbia river. The report stated
that when these diversions are accom
plished al! cesspools will be obviated
and a clean bill of health be ull'orded
the city.
In the discussion ol the repnrt the
mayor pointed uut that it would be
necessary tu ubtaiu permissiuu from
tbe Provincial government to extend
the cedar box culvert beyoud the city
limits uu Third street to the bank ot
the river aud also from tbe C.P.R. to
replace the culvert diverting the smaller stream. Ou motion of Aid. Pradolini and Wells the couucil will ask
permission of the government and on
motion ol Aid. Kimberley and Stone
that of lhe C.P.K.
Permission being required irom the
government for a site fur the septic
tank and frum uther parties fur per-
tuisniuu to crui-s propeity of which the
ownership seemed to be in some question these items were laid over lor a
report (rom the mayor as to detai's at
a special meeting of the council tu be
A bylaw tu authorise the borrowing
ol ifl5,00U Irom the Molsons B.ink to
meet the current expenditure ol the
oouncil until the money from taxes iB
available received, three readings and
was finally passed with the unanimous
approval of the council.
A bylaw to assess, levy and collect
the amounts due under the Local Improvement Bylaw for the boulevarding
ol MoKenzie avenue, Third, I'ourth,
Fifth and Sixth streets and Vernon
avenue was passed alter three readings.
The cost of the work is $4,1187 and ub
the payments extend over 20 years the
annual levy will be (882.51. Tbe
mayor was authorised to negotiate the
debentures but was restrained frum
selling ut a le-s ligure than II2J per
cent by the terms uf the bylaw.
A motion made by Aid. Stuue and
Kimberley that W.I. Briggs be cu-
guged as City Solicitor at a rate of
•fund per auuum. the duties of otlice
to commence on .May 1 was unanimously carried.
A motion ul Aid. Macdoiialtl and
Pradolini that CM. Field be appointed
City Assessor and that a competent
builder be chosen to assist in ease of
disputed valuatiuus alsu prevailed, the
mayor pointing uut that the duties ol
assessor this year would be ligbt ss
only disputed assessments would require tu be adjusted.
Twu tenders for the supply uf cement
necessary for the oivic works were
read; that of the Vancouver Portland
Cement Company being fur $2.80 per
bbl. I.n Il It" it-Isttiki' anil lhat ol the
Ulube Lumber Cumpany at $2.1)0 per
bbl. The Vancuuver Cumpany enclosed copies ol test reports and com-
iiiciiihitii.il" ul its material. On motion
of Aid. Pradolini and Kimberley the
award was made to the Vancouver
Portland Cement Company alter some
diacussiun. it being understood that
Ibe material supplied must pass the
guvernment leet. The amount required lor the yeara wurk will reach a
total ul l'i ur lli carloads,
A delegation consisting ol Ex Aid.
Foots   snd   J.   Mstbie   appeared on
behalf of the O Idfellows to iisk Inr tin
repair and grading af the alley alongside Selkirk hall. They pointed out
that the alley is a busy thuiuughlan
and that thu hall is in use every night
while the condition of the alley was
described as "shocking." They also
asked that their electric light nt the
side entrance be taxed at a Hat instead
ol a meter rate as heretofore.
The mayor explained that a by-law
covered the electric light rate and that
it would be placed on the Hat circuit.
As to the grading ol the alley, provision would be made 111 the preparation
of the estimates for the year.
A second deputation consisting of
S. Needhani and 11. Cunningham-
Murris asked fur twu hydrant" for the
west end, for boots lor ihe members uf
No. 1 company, for a controlling
nozzle and for several other sundries
including the piinting nt the Fire
Hull by-laws. They also asked for an
appropriation uf $50 tu assist in procuring uniform cuats su that "a smart
appearance might he presented on
parade," caps having beeu purchased
already at tlieir uwn expense. The
small amount asked would pay but a
portion ol the cost of the cuuts.
The mayor explained that tbe hydrants asked for had been ordered lasl
year and were now on bund. The liie
wardens would take steps to have them
installed forthwith, In a matter uf a
grant for uniforms tlie question was
laid uver, several'nl the members uf the
board pleading fur economy in the
mutter of civic expenditures. Further
consideration will be given the request
after consultation with the members
uf No. 1 hall. The printing ol bylaws
was turned down as uuiirperutive.
J, Jamieson asked leave to rent the
city lot adjoining bis hnuse tube used
as a garden, the lut haviug cume into
possession ol the city through tax sale.
On motion ot Aid. Stone ami Mac-
dunald the request was granted the
rental to be $5 a year.
The report of the Fire Chief ou the
condition ol the lire alarms was tiled.
The matter of street cleaning was
left with the mayur tu carry to completion as rapidly 118 possible. ■
Aid. Wells asked the mayor fur an
explanation of the cause uf lhe laying
off of the Italian luborers from the city
work and His Worship outlined the
causes which hud led to his action in
the matter assuming full responsibility lor the same substantially as
already published in tbe Mail-Herald.
The explanation was received with
satislaclion by the questioning alderman.
The accounts ot the Finance Committee amounting to $2,184.16 and
vouchers frum the Schuol Board fur
$1,676.50, a total for the city of
$3,800 05 were passed after which the
council sdjourneJ.
Will Meet at Spokane to Form
New Association
SPOKANE, Wash , May 1,—Editors
and publishers of 1170 daily, weekly
aud class publications in eastern
Washington and Oregon, northern
aud central Idaho, western Molilalia,
southeastern British Columbia aud
points in Alberta have been invited by
the Spukiine I'rt'-s Committee tu meet
111 this city un May 8 tu discuss plans
for the formation of the Inland Empire Press ABSociatiun.
The purpose ol the organization is
to unite the press uf the cuuntry to
wurk lur more substantial and greater
development ul all parts of the Inland
Empire anil tu eiie.iii'iige the emigration uf desirable settlers aud inllux uf
capital tu assist in building up the
country and develop its agricultural,
industrial and   commercial   resources.
The Spukiine Press committee, composed of a representative of every
journal published in .Spokane, headed
by N. W, Durham, editor ol the
Spokesman Review, will entertain the
"This organization will in nu way
interfere with the wurk ol the state
editorial assuciatiuns," said Arthur
Hookor, secretary uf the Spukiine
Press Committee, "but is designed to
be of moro direct benelit to thu various
communities and the district as a
wlinlo than any uther similar association puBsibly cuuld he. We expect
to have the cu-nperaliuu of every
editor iu the country in this wurk,
which is entirely in the interest of a
greater Inland Empire."
Not Suffragists
FrEDEBIOTON. N.B., May 1.—A hill
tu give women vntoB in Provincial
elections waa defeated in tho I.egiHln
ture hy 24 to 15.
The best yet.
Heiress Born—Prelate Dead—
Burrell on the Grand Trunk
Pacific—Navy League Urges
The   Hague, May 1,—Queen Wil-
heminii   yesterday   gave   birth   to   a
VitTouiA, May 1.—The plana for
the extension of tho E, & N. railway
from French creek to Alberni have
been approved by the railway com-
'mission according tu iuturmatinn
received in the oity. It is understood
that work on tho extension will be
rushed immediately.
Kamloops, B, C, May 1,—A rumor
iB gaining ground in usually will
informed circles that the negotiations
of the Thompson Valley route bus
been made the Biibjoct of an agreement
between tne Qrand Trunk Pacilic aid
Canadian Northern companies and
that joint action will be taken by the
respective parties towards hastening
to completion the much desired line.
Up to the present nu authoritative
confirmation can be obtained, but it
lias been ascertained tbat both parties have representatives in this city
whu are acting conjointly, but to
what extent is not known.
Vanc lUVElt, May 1 —Yen. Archdeacon Small, of Lytton, died heie
suddenly at midnight in St. Luke's
home. He hud been very ill for the
past week ul the hospital with an
attack ul pneumonia and it was not
expected that be Would recover. Heait
failure was the cause of death.
VICTORIA, May 1,—A delegation
from the Navy League met Premier
McBride yesterday and requested that
he urge upon the Covernment at
Ottawa the advisability of an immediate contribution in cash to Great
Britain, in aid ul the Navy, and further to pledge British Columbia to
Cuutribute a portion uf Bitch contribution. At the conclusion ol the
meetiug it was arranged that the
League should present a memorial
setting forth its views, when the
Premier will reply to the request. The
delegation said that it would like to
see British Columbia leading the
other provinces in a gift ol cash, im-
mediaeely and tnicunditiunally, to go
as an offering irom Canada tu the
Imperial .overumeut.
Ottawa, May .—The ohiet feature
of yesterday's debate on the G.T.P.
loan was the speech of Mr. Burrell
(Yale-Cariboo), who criticized the
Government's policy regarding the
ruud. He pointed uut that the Cun-
servative party throughout the Du-
miniuii wanted the line completed,
but at a mure reasonable eust. He
tuuk iBsue witb Sir Wilfrid Laurier
that the cuuntry had mulled the project twice. In 11104, the contract had
been made, and the electors were
asked not to repudiate it. This was
successful, but in l'JO.S, bo far as British Columbia was concerned, the elec
tors went on the principle of "once
bit, twice shy," nnd had scut a Con
servative majority from the Province.
Mr. Burrell advocated the Government
taking over the road, us the G.T.P.
Company had violated tho moat sacred
clauses of the contract.
New Seeds Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McClary's Stoves
Crockery, Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Will Complete Work
Advices Irom Sydney, N.S.W., state
thai Lieut. Ernest 11. Schackeliun
hopes to complete the work be has so
lar accomplished by his expedition
into the An tart io regions, by making
au exhaustive scarab in tho sub-Arctic
regiuns nn the homeward voyage of
the Mini rod fur several islands at
piesenl ul iluiil.Iiul existence. The
Nimruil departs from Sydney in ten
days' time, in charge ul Capl. Davis
and Lieut. Shuckluton.
Court of Revision
District Registrar E. Edwards will
hold a Court ol Revision iu the Rev-
elitoke Court House, commencing on
Monday, May H at 10 o'clock. The
object of the court will be to determine
the right ol certain persons whose
names appear on the Tutors list to
exercise the (runchise at luture elec-
titiiiH. Objection having been taken
to many names the objections will be
heard. A full liat of those whose
namcB have been ubjected to was
published in the Maii.-Hekai.ii on
April 21 and any wIiobc claim tu
qualification can be established may
bo present ur he represented by
Moving t'icturoi tonight,
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
objects to a
fair price for
the ri^ht
thing   "
We give our customers .such good service
that they glady pay us the price we ask for our
clothing. We do not keep cheap, poor fitting
clothing made out ot" poor cloth.
We have built'up our business by maknig
a profit but we make only a fair profit. Holding
up a customer would not pay us. We would
rather hold up the quality of our clothing for
this is what holds up our business.
Large consignment of Trunks and Suit
Cases just arrived.
b. b. walker, Prudent I Paid-up Capital, $1 0.000,000
auexahder laihd,General Kinder   Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000
Tba new Travellers Cheques reeentlj issued hy this Hank arc a most convenient
war bi which to carry money when travelling1.   They are issued in denomination* erf
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
and the exact amount payal I   Austria,   Belgium,   Denmark, France.
Germany, Great Itritain. Holland, Italy, Norway, Ru-nia, Sweden
and Switzerland i* slated on ths faca of each cheque, whilr in other rotratrien
tbey are payable at current r.itrv
Tbe cheques and nil information reganl.ng them Day he obtained at every office
ot the Bank. uu
Gander Kills Child
WINDSOR, May 1 —Hearing his baby
girl scream ..ut in the yard while he
whs eating supper. William Winkle-1
man, ul Monroe, Mich., rushed uut;
and found the child lying motionless |
on tho ground, with s large gander
standing nearby.  Investigation -bowed
tbe cliilds neck was broken, and it   is
believed  tin    iMndcr   hud   beaten   tbe
little-one with its i>in^' sn severely ss
to cause the injury.
Eastern Snows
TouoN'iu, May I.—Another heavy
snowstorm ooourred in Western Ontario yesterday, cutters ami sleigh bells
were oui in 8am ia lor awhile. Abuut
six inches fell. At Tilsonburg three
inches lell. accompanied hy a high
northeast wind,
The Fishing Industry
The salmi ii canning cumpanies arc
preparing iur tins year's pack, lt is
Somewhat early yet as the lish are not
expected until well un iu June at the
earliest, but those engaged in the
industry on Vancuuver Island pru-
puBe being ready when the lirst of the
Siekcyc enter the Straits. Knur traps
are in cuurse nf construction at present, twu of which beluug tu ,1, H.
Todd ti Suns. They are located at
Sooke, off Gordon's ranch, Otter 1'oint
and Muir creek. The same activity
is apparent among all tbe cauncrs ol
Vancouver Island, uml. iu lact, al|
through British Oulutuhia. Tbis is
the big year anil everyunc anticipates
uiiikint' a large haul. They are now
making their arrangements accord,
Zbc fl&aiUlbcvalb,
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme  and   Exchequer Court
Agents.     i'i ictice   in Patent
Office    and   befoi e    U .  v i
ti C'HAl
i. i ..       ...
AK\     '..   '•• t   ni 1 1.1,
i    ,.
. .tu.
;cfc* .    .i-i i i
triumph well worth heralding
abroad, Nor du we fear insincerity
on the part of those members ol
the liiilinii colony who have
pledged themselves to eft'eot tliiB
reform. These are suflioienll^
numerous and influential to completely control the situation and
in :i generoti encouragement from
the ollicers of   the   law with occ i -
 mu assistance   when it is calh i!
for we   in.iv   look   for  a complete
action of someone noi fnr from mir
own looality.' Last week two 'Trail
youths made e sensational midnight escape frum the town and
llualetl. down the Columbia river
slopping only when arrested al |
Northport. The Trail .News commenting editorially on lhe case
-lute- that ii grew out of the habit
the boys had of ruading.lhe "Diamond Dick" variety of literature.
Similurly last week a   young worn-
.       .in   In   the i'n-!"!'    of
.   w' ■     1
OlUoea   ■■  fi
cu. S. .... I  I'-- ■'.
.1.   il.   l'i.NKII.l.lI
;.   ■    .-.    ■
J, A.  Ii.u il.l.
uok. I
-1L1.1A.M  I.  BRIGOa
. i   .
Solii tor,
Solicitor fori
1 un Canadian Hank of
Xhb Miilsons Bank, Eti •
HKS1 ST„   ■   KKVELSTOKE, li.c
.ulil-.Kl SMITH
I  uMMIIIl I'.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Min'uiR Sui veyor
M< Kbnzik .-wi--'-' i ■
liux luu, Kevelstoke
c. w. o   w
i itinil
1 I.A   .
in-   ph
i;:  it Seatl• ■ I ti mp   d   suicide by
.   I ui ii,iirliiil und
■   - indui .il In the per
!   he -■ nsational pages of the
ein ip   ii ash    which    adorns   ibe
e-   of   I m   many   ties lers   in
■ ntit 1 pabulum.     Sin- waded mi
....     lie and, were it not ths   .    in the harbor to her waist aud then
means   ivhal   it   does   should   h
ever} w hi n    unpopular.     There i
Vi„iun   Wood-
Mountain View Ciimp, No
-.,.,-   S0OO1 1   !•' ""''   Weilnu-diiy
each month, in  Bollurll   'V'i
men cordially invited w attend.
W   n  AllMSTKONO.C l.oin.
J. Mi IN'l i in- < ■' ■'
F. O. E.
...     u    8    .■ ii...'!-
Ti... tegular tneetiugs tiro
Ball   i' ■■:;.   Tub   la)    ok    m   o
\ .-.-..:.__ ..:■•-.i.i,in ,..' cordially mviiotl.
IT    J,   WAI.l-ll.   I'lU.-lliLM.
W. H. McLAl i Ul.I.s.im.. in.i un
Kootenay LodKC No. 15, A F. St A. M.
Hilar uioiit
IUUS um ".'Li '" I'"
MA.,,,.Mi   ll.MII.I.
u ,.ue 1"»- Hull, i.n
tin. Hum Moudu) e.
each nu"ni I at 8
\ Itim broth-
cordially wel-
|. in.
v. .\. l'ltuiTMi:!:, Skchktahy.
SELKIRK LODGE No, 12, I, 0, 0, !•'.
ir-..- M.-.i - uvi-rj Tinu -
'»     *%     iny   "itiniii-i   il,    Sel
^fekirk Uiiiini So'l luok
,Jf Visiting brothreu are
cordmliy ii.vi
W. A. KOl IT 1
T.  I'
Cold Range Lotlgo, K. ol P.
No. 76,  Revelstoke, D. C.
MBBTS ... till'  f 1! 1'Ni.-1.aV,
except .    nl Wodni
each moulh. In     Idtelloiv
Hal!    at    -    i'cI ick,     l i-u.n.
Kuighi«'i.. cordially invited.
MITH.i'. r
U. H. BROCK   h. ..!   II. ___ .'-
J. li. SCOTT, VI. nf F.
Zbc flDafM&eralb
LABll   ■
There is ?u much bad iu tlm best ol u--,
Ami _.<i much goed iu tlio worst ol n ,
That il hardly hehoeve- nny ol u .
To talk abuut the re-t i>! u-.
The resolution of   the residents
onl) one case of real daylight saving in history and us late us the
twentieth century there he those
who doubt the authenticity ol the
Btory ol Joshua and think Ihere
musl be some other explanation
than that lhe sun actuallj Btood
still. A bill befure lhe federal parliament proposes in its own language—to save daylight by passing
a law ordering the moving of
cluck- and timepieces an hour for-
ivnril so lhat the day's work may
I begin and close an liuur earlier
than ui present, i If course daylight can no more be saved by moving clocks ahead than il cun by
stopping the clocks. The only way
in ilu it is to slop the .-un end,
-ime the days ol Joshua something
more than an edict of lhe (Ittawa
parliamert will be necessary to
effectively accomplish this. Wisely
the bill lm- been lniil over for a
year, dualities- to Becure more
plenary povvi rs.
Seriously however, the desire lo
utilize the daylighl hours to the
best advantage and lo alter the
hours of labor so ai to brine tbem
iiiiu cuiiiiuuiily wilh such u desin
—even though it be accomplished
ui ihe en.-i ni some inconvenience- -
i- u distinct blessing to humanity.
In respi ei ui the latter purpose we
believe the city of Hevelstoke enjoys the unique distinction of being
the lirst in Canada lo lake the
matter up and adjust it by the
mutual consent ni thuse immediately affected. We note with some
interesl that the Board of Trade of
Vancouver bus been called lo meet
in special session to taki the matter
up and adjust it along similar lines
the only amusing feature of the
situation lieing lhat the secretary
of the Vancouver board claim the
suggestion as his own while it is
already in successful operation in
it will be  readily admitted that
;i proposal  to   legislate
the advancing of cl   .        ds musl
result   in   intolerable     coi
Thechangingol railway limi    i
made the fatal plunge but was
rescued by u couple of fishermen
whu heard her frightened cries.
She afterward confessed that her
temporary upsetting had been
caused by her sensational reading.
Si,neely u week passes but lhe
columns of the continental press
contain accounts of sume gruesome
deed done by some person or persons    who    bus    or   huve   been the
habitual users uf mental dupe in
the form of poisonous literature,
The inlluence of books in the formation nf character is not sufficiently recognised by those responsible for the sale of rending mutter
to the youth with immature mind
or by the parent responsible for the
formation of lhe character oi their
offspring in the plastic period.
The pity of all this is the more
obvious because of the abundant
existence of reading matter of a
high class and which has been
written with a high moral purpose
without detracting from the description or spirit of ml venture so
ilear in the heart and mind of the
average boy. A resort to legal
censorship would doubtless he repented but ii censorship ui the
reading matter ol their boy.-ami
girls bj the average parents with u
corresponding em ourugement to the
selection of the besi books ought to
he advocated by both pulpit and
pre-- mul laken seriously to bean
in the homes.
of the Italian colony to organize a
Citizen-' league for the preservation
of law and order among the inhabitants ol   that  quarter ol   thi cit}
ii  ■ arried  into effei t, bi
cepte i ir a;, augur}   il
Li.,-. -    ■;        up piipuia'iu      Nati
irally the   conti guous   location ol
two    immui
Saxon    ind   Canadian    ides       >l
ther  v
traditii ns oi tr
to som
ne if tbi
ire to be eai Ini
however   the    ■    slatioi
e that
n    lifii
menu of any civic  body it is none      |
Expert   Predicts    Astonishing
Rise in Produce Prices
1 nut muoh capital is coming to
Canada trum Great Britain is a result
uf the extreme radicalism oi the Home
government is tbe stati menl made by
Mr. Moretou Frewen, the biuietalist
ttuthurity, wbo was in Vancuuver yes-
M .-. I-1. iven left last evening
un ,i .i ip to Prince Ilu perl.
In Can ul.i. be said,  the  ;> ndency
ol i ii. powers in au
servativi - itiuu.and
ips I Boson the 1) miniou
._.   a re  it eoli n   '11.111  tbe
Happenings   Throughout  Week
in B. C.
Word bun readied Vancouver from
Prince Ituporl that Mirks Bragovitoh
hid murdered bis broth r at ibe bitter
place nn Thursday. No particulars ol
tbe ciiae weie transmitted, This wss
the ll'st murder to be committed at
Prince Rupert,
Au order in-oouuoil bas been passed
by tbe Dominion government requiring thai pre-empto's in tbe railway
belt 1'iiiet huve I'uir b ldiogs surveyed pi ior to October 1910,
The 0 iiiriiet [or Ihe construction of
tlie mm Prinoe b'uperl wharf has been
awarded by the provincial government
to the Wes*holme Lumber Cumpany,
Limited, of Viotori The same company Ine- the contract for the grading
ond planking ol the Btreets in lhe ni w
1 iwn.
Peter Raukine wus sentenced at
Prince Rupert hy .In.Ige Voting
to eighteen months iu the penitentiary
for forgery. He took a cheque belonging to Alexander Macdonald to
Port Essington, end used and oushed
it claiming that he was Macdonald,
He only got us fur us Vancouver wbere
bis arrest touk place.
The Chapman-Alexander evangelists
Dr. Granstaff uud 0. K. l'ugb have
closed a lung series ol evangelistic
meetings at Nelson and have lell. tor
ItoiBland and the Boundary, Tbr
Nelson meet iugs are reported to have
been productive ol much good,
Cranbrook bus voted a bylaw to
transfer the rights of the Eleotric
Light company in the telephone system ot the city to the Kootenay Telephone company. The company later
will immediately build s metallic line
to connect with the Alberta gov
eminent system und will also cunnect
with tbe Washington system su as tn
give connection with Spokane and tin
Pacific coast. Wurk will be vigorously
The iu-juij ition 0!  the Okauagan
Fruit Union bus taken pluce with the
uv.iwed objects iif bundling tbe Iruit
in the valley and from Sicamous tn
the international boundary; to regulate the delivery uf fruits to the markets; the ereotion uf canneries und
evaporating plants and tu erect culd
storage plants ut outside centers. XV.
C. Kiciirdu, .luliii Kidstiiii, It. 11. Agur,
E, M. Carriithcrs and W. T. Sbatfurd
are the directors.
The residents oi Nelson bave subscribed $18,000 uut ul a necessary
iflJU.OOO tor h Y.M.C.A. building in tbe
East Kootenay capital. Only subscriptions ol if I no uud upward have us
yet been received, smaller amounts
being untouched.
Two Chinese at K imloops attempted
to bribe tbe Mayor in order to secure
.... nvietion ofa white man against
whom ibe nul preferred a charge of
damaging tbeir property. Ten dollars
was offered tor a conviction, but the
promptly bail them both sent
tu gaol,
Canadian government  bus nuw
p,--..l,in ..rd. r prohibiting  tbe  New
us compared with 1907, The cbun-
cellur ad,U that it, is impossible to
prophecy any immediate ni| id recovery, but be is ul the opinion thai there j
.      I
are   some   indications   that   foreign
nuile is beginning to improve. The
revenue lur 1908 fell short of the
budget estimate $7,610,000, uud the
interesting fact is noted that in that
year, for the first time, the gross
revenue dealt with exceeded $5,000,-
111111,000. The national debt now
n u.itn tn $3,770,606,545.
Ten China Dinner Sets
Monthly for Users of
Royal Standard Flour
King Wins Newcastle
Losnosr, May 1.—'I'he tens nf thou-
Binds wii ■ lillt-il the stands uud lined
the historic heath of lhe seooud day
nl lhe Newmarket lirst spring in cling
i- • en ■! to 1 in- echo when t be ruyal
oulurs hup borne home in froi 1 iu the
Two Tin .i-aii'l Guineas, thu first
classic in1.. 1 I tiie Beason, run over tbo
Rowley mile Minoru is by Cyllene-
Mother Siegel and last year run us a
good consistent cult, but gave no
promise ol classic lorm, but coming
out tbi- - as.ui be opened bia three-
year uld career at Newbury by winning
the cl,000 Greenhaui stakes, when he
defeated the odds-on favorite  Valiens,
Every 401 b. puck nf Royal Standard Flour leaving mir mills
contains a numbered coupon entitling ihu person who holds it to a
chance to be one uf the lucky persons whu win one of the handeome
china dinner sets given away each month. The duplicates of tliese
coupons are placed 111 a receptacle and leu are drawn each month.
There is no better Hour in existence for bread making than
lloyal Standard Flour, li is rich in color, pure, strung, delicious and
nutritious. In using Royal Standard Flour you gel the besi flour
vu lue money "ill buy. In gathering coupons you run oue chance in
ien each month to Becure a handsome prize.
The lucky numbers will be inserted in this space the first issue
ol each month.   Wuich for ihem.
In view nl ilu.: numerous
letters ol enquiry that are being received from different
residents of ihis riding whose
names are at present being ad-
vertised as to be struck oil tlie
Voter's List on lhe score of
non-residence, the Conservative Association wish to state
most emphatically they have
not entered a single objection,
and that the list as advertised
contains names objected to by
representatives ol the Liberal
XV. XV. Fusti 11. President,   A. E. Kix-
t'AIIi.    II.    .1.    II
Lean. V
 St>l;l.l .1
it Presidents.
A.    Mr
CATION   for   th
Lots I
-sue    111'      11
La Certificate nl Title  for
2iiinl :i.  Block IMI, Town
for four months in tie '   en-
forced,  would   sti        tei oatiluuonal powers n
hearts   of   railwaj '   '  le*P '"
ocean   I 1  "
rigbt  and  everybody  ..  feeling can-
parts oi  the  Empire  when  in ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^_
Still,in S :   Fiah   r :;'1'" -v-   ''   p ,l;'''
,     gjv-
1       ,    ying   the  Riitish
i.k.;- wilh  halibut.
1 hie ■      .    ■ .iiny result   in  ihe re-
Canadian   shipping
....  company  irum   Van-
■    -.ri.    \ strong \ ancouver
b ats into
sn 1 handle the  Canadian
lid be
amy court
in-   resig-
■•:.   I.     Ill
He r .
nl Kevelslnke (Map 030),
it is my intention to Issue ui the expiration of one mouth after lhe lii-st
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to thu above
mentioned lots In the name ol" Dennis
McCarthy, wbicb Certificate is tinted
the 5th nl' December, I90H, and
numbered 0318D.
Distriel  Registrar,
Land Registry (U'liee,
Nelson, I). O., March Sti, 1900,
Revelstoke Cricket Club
Kkasiin   IHU!)
All who wish iu bo members and to
be included in the list of players, are
requested to send, their names at once
to W. II. HUMPHREYS, Hon. Secy.,
I', l). lins 704.
ip lO-my s
Manufactured fur nil classes of buildings
fur   iiii) iii largo ot smallquautitiea
nt tlio lowest i-riee.i fnr cash.
OU -ill
■ ., ..... . ■-. nd forceful
While :■•■   ■ ■  ■'      ■   must be
made    fur thosi ite I
. ma la fi no '•■••
•  ...     fferent fi he to        ll
.  mad 1        -i ■ .....
. arried bo far as  to tolerai     . •:
or covert viol I .
their endeav irs to secure conform-. I
ity     tO     tie      •"   ll        I'll. .1     thi
:i. ifi-' rate and    thi cial    I'eopl e an houi 1 1   i
have been somewhat  ban b _..■        10 om—and
having ti
hi the
I'OlIlIllUIlity     li"t     lip 'I  lu lhe -trii't
conditions under which most (Jan   cessful experiment of   a few citius"
...ii   ii   (or
purpose*  hi houi longi 1      I
li  ..      iicouvnr wo lid	
pub 1 i.ui Oltav      1       ttors I
i- unnei -    iry  to m iki
that effcel evei , time il
lu got   pimple uui   of   bed an hour
i.iliii):- Uvi       W hile ci . ban
tlie and tight-..1   • 11111 Inn nis 1. ive
met   with  a   respi ctablo degree of
i.Ii-i-iv.i    bj   thi    'inle- in lhe
1 ui, 11. .. il     tffei ted   thereby   the
enforcement ol limilar restrictions earlier in the morning
upon the   Italian  colony   baa not | 	
l.ei-n without it- didicullieH.
To secure Buch a mi asun ol 1 on
fortuity   to   the   law u 1- desired
not by the tacil consent bul by tlm
active   co-operation of lhe Italian
themselves, if il jucceeds, will be a
DIME N"\ I.i.
low and again  the evil   roi tilting from the reading of lhal olase
of   litorature   popularly known an
ilime novel, ii brought  home lo us
i...   ibe criminal or uiisdetnuarianl
. . 1
A Nation of Customers
idiaus   ar.       1
uf      ■
'    - ...
... .1
1,11-, wh ■
cash und nredil  1 hat is  to  build   1 hi
I li iiei   I I'uiik I'."
1 lui tomers" is an ull too  Nattering
inline (nr the hewers ol   lubsiil
ilrawm   ol guarantees that finance ■>
transcontinental road tint uld ooun
II men hs ."   brains enough  to  1	
'1 ankeus have brains enough tn build
a ml 1 Ian iiiiiiiii b iv.- brains enough to
pay lor,—Toronto Telegram,
... .
1..I1  ui Parlor Theater lonlghl,
Statement of Chancellor Shows
Increasing Deficit
,.... 1    Hi . ii- <■
litis   ;ii..I
\\   1 i.   Guaranteed.
Mail  Ordi 1-  Promptly  Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street anil Robson Ave.
... 1       ||e
I ,,   li
nut tlm
.     1 pens
appropriations for tl   .
ig with the 1 Inoi .'■ 1
,,,.. I loi   saj     thai   in ui'ly   nil
branches til trade and indi 11 j mlTerwl
li prosi Ion 1 i.f Ion ign trade
him Ing dltntinll inn   in   value
to ,,iuiini.il nearly 1570,000,000,
cheapest in the
ena because It
wears longest
Tevt* CuufiAH C* mm
,....,. tie
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
:. Make Your Home Beautiful
with une ul our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in ln^h grade t-ilk, ur
damask, witb frames that ure in every
cniii'civiiblc design, and made tu wesr
imii Ibiilely. We nave many new and
beautiful parlor Bets and odd pieces fur
beautifying the home tint are tasteful, ell'eotive und inexpensive, und will
Bhow yuur rooms lo the best advantage.
Big Discoun
on all
>asb Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
5  P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. ♦
HKAD OFFICE I    llAI.IIAIlV,    Al.llKllTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stuck.   Markets in all the prluci
nnl Cities and Towns ot Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand  " Imperatur" Hams and Bacon,
4   :i'
1 "Shamrock" Brand Lent Lard,
Import direct from country
ol origin.
_B.  O.
Central Hotel
\ewly imiii       Kirst-olaRS ii) every respeot,    All modern oonvenienoes
l/ii)H« Sample Kooms.
Halii'j $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Qui3en's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars     Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rale.
X      A LBBET     ST03STE      JPXV.03?.
Queens ftotel
Best lir.-iiids 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
™        Thaso destroyers cannot live whore trees have bee-, trentod with    ^^
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, Sun Jose Scale, Oyster'
Shell, Bark Douse and Sun Scald. THE COST IS VERY SMALL. It-will
not wash oIT. One application protects for two years, Warnock'a Tree Puint
is not an experiment, Ir. has stood the test for six years in all parts of the
United States, It is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight, We
invite investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used this tree
paint for three years. November, 1007; llir-y pyrchrsed 50 gallous for free
distribution among leading orchards.    Semi for lO-page free buuklet to
li. It. LAWES, Enderby, B. 0., Sole Manufacturers forB. 0.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Seeds f ie the Fu in. Harden, Lii'in nr ('nnseevu-
tory. I'e-.ed -iii.-U from
the bos' im ulcers In Imiu'-
liinil. France, Holland,
I'niied States, Oanailo,
Fruit 'imi Ornamental
Trees, Small Fruits, English il 'Hies. ll.nwn in
Ihi'onlv I'livt of American
Continent noi Infested
with the s in .Ins.. scale,
Our trees du noi have to
be l'iimi...','i'i.il .-nnl conse
quently damaged,
140 Page Catalogue)   Free
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Houses uml Seed  Houses
3010 Westminster Road
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion  Mineral Claim, situate   in
tbe Trout Like Mining Division of
We-! Kuiileniii Distinct.
Wbere located: -Rapid Creek.
Take notice tbat I, Catherine Maud
Eraser, Free Miuer's Certificate No. H
04293, intend, sixty days from the date
liureof, in apply tu the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Impruvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must becommencod
before the Issuance of -mil Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated   ibis  22nd day of   February,
A.D. ioao.
may 12     Catherine Mai in Phaser
Notice of Dissolution
the partnership heretoforeexisting between the undersigned us cigar manufacturers ut  Kevelslnke.   II.C,   lllldel'
the name of the Union Cigar Factory,
has been dissolved by mutual consent,
Tbe business will in future be carried
on by James Walker, wbo assumes all
liabilities of the partnership und whu
is entitled to receive payment nf all
sums due and payable to the partnership.
Dated April 3rd, 1009,
111. A. Brown,
IJas. Walker.
Notice is hereby given that, al lhi
expiration of three months from date
hereof, application will be modi lo His
Honour, the Lieutenant Goveinor-in-
Council for an Order in Council change
ing the name of Woolsey, LeFeaux k
Company, Limited, to "Defeaux &
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated this sth duy uf February, liKjii,
Harvey. McCarter & Pinkham,
Solicit ors for the said Company.
may 2
Revelstoke Lund District.
Dislricl ot Wesi Kootenay,
Take notice thai I, Julin II. Selkirk,
Agenl. uf Vancouver, H.C, intend lu
apply.to the Commissioner of Lands
mul Works for permission to purchase
the following desorlbed lands:
Beginning at a pust planted about
20 chuins east of the north oust corner
of Timber Limit No, 12156, on Upper
Arrow Luke, West ICootonay, running
West HI chains, thence nurtb DD cbaius,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 10
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chuins to point of commencement.
Dated April Tib, 1900.
Revelstoke Land District.
Distriel of West Kootonay.
Take Notice that I. A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date intend
to apply for permission to purchase
the following desorlbed land:
c ieneing ai a posl planted on
lake shore, at the northeast corner of
lui 7066 mul marked "A. W. Dickinson's Northwesi Comer," thence soutb
III chains,   cist    10   chains,    north   40
chains, wosl 10uhalns, fallowing lake
shine In place ul cnimncnccmcnl.
Dated April 7ih, 1009.
Ap.  111. A.   W.   Dll KINHUN.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone uu       uititn:   McKenzie Avo
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
.".I-i. uii'KMii li. 1908
Security For Policy Holders
raid nn i-inek .  $ 39,490 00
Hal. uncollected l!H,47t)i)U
Government ri quiroment.. 192,008 03
Balance ut credit    24,976 29
Total Security 1375,684.32
I   ' --s       ' .
,        ... •      .    ' A   I    If   - .
Take your choice of the
'Purity"  Family
SlZli-S differ, but quality is the same.
Highest grade in the world.
" More Bread and better Bread "
Millut St.Boniface, Office. -          ^
GoSench, Bfit.di.tv    Winnipeg. Mm.   RVfTI'1 ■ I   '■—ill
7 Pounds  14 Pounds  24 Pound
;;    i1 ii'    mi ii i'   i  iiiiw* ii i) mi. ■
Purity trade-mark guarantees
satisfaction or your money back.
tu ii.'_._. e. »-__.__■  ««..___. -'■'
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
'i   ed,   Slid  per month, musl be experienced—Halcyon llni Springs.
I.IOR SALE—A Six-roomed cottage,
1     apply It. N. Doyle. if
1,11)It   SALIC Tun   hedronm suites.
f. nue Duln-i'i v utg.iii in piano case,
ami nihei household articles. Apply
A. I'm uiicliacl. McKenzie ave.
Wanted u   woman   lo clean offices
apply I! lUiili.tii  Bank  of  Commerce. If
WANTED—Eilfternian   and  Setter
for   i Ii'i'ii! ie   mill.     Apply Lee
Lumber Oo . Wigwam, B. (.'.
WANTKD I'luiiei hand, able to
handle 111 inch match lumber,
and make moulding. Apply Lee Linn
ber Co,, Wigwam, B. (.'.
II ORSES  FOR  S \LK -Suiind and
1    yuung.   W, E. Smith, Box 700,
Revelstuke Lund  District.
Disuict nf West Kootenay.
Take noticu that .Julia A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
iv'iniiin. intend toappty for permission
tn purchase the following described
Commencing .rt. a post planted at
south-east corner of Lot 8900, Ibence
west Hi chains, thence south 7 chains
more or less In lake shine, thence along
lake sbnre to puint nl' commencement.
Dated 3rd April, 1009.
up lU-liiid        ,11'LIA A. SIMPSON.
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given I but the partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned E.J, Bruiil'mil, Frank
Hill and A. Wallace Dickinson, currying mi business as E.J. Biiinfiird A- Oo,
us freighters und packers ai Camborne
and Beaton, B, 0., has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. Tbe said
A, Wallace Dickinson retiring from
tbe suid firm und tin- said E. J. Bran-
ford and Frank Hill continuing tbe
business under the same name uf E. .1.
Briinfuid it Co.
Dated April Uth, 1909,
K.   ,1.   BlIANI'llltU.
A. \V. Dickinson,
up limy 6    Frank Hill,
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
White  Leghorn    Inun    Blancbard's
Brown Leghorn from Morgan's strain.
Rboile Island Reds from Miller's strain
A setting of 15 from any of tbe above
strains$2,   Apply nr address
.1. A. MORI JAN.
Bnx '££!. Kevelsloke, B. ('.
Before  the   First  oi   May, two six-
roomed  bouses, in   Bevelstoke, with
two acres ol lnnil each: including, 11
wanted, luiisc uud rigx ami nil garden
tools. Situated west ul 0.1'.It. treck
Lower town.   Apply to
tc Bnx 2311, Kevelstoke.
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
Now  is  the time to urder yuur mill
wuud.    Five b.ads and nver
$1.75 Per Load
delivered  at sny p.dnt between Mill
ami Kootenay street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at ullice nl
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
xv. J Curtis, pi un. tuner, will be
in lhe city about 26th April, Orders
hn   With   it.  Howson nr Bevelstoke
Oeneriil Agencies   will receive prompt
Httenti.'ii Ul
Wily Chinese Outwit Customs
and are Deported Home Free
of Charge at the Expense of
U. S. Government
Thirty seven Chinese, declared hy
the United States ollicials to be illegally in the country, were ordered
deported nnd nre being sent back to
Chins on the liuer Manchuria, wbicb
has just arrived on the nthet side. But
down in the steerage of the huge ship
in which the deported Chinese are con-
tiiittl behind burred doors, there is
little sorrow and much rejoicing, the
reason lor which has just been discovered.
One nf the neatest, cleverest schemes
ever worked on unsuspecting ollicials
by foreigners is said to be tbe result
of a large numler of Chinese being
deported, Among this nationality
there is a great love uf the uld cuuntry,
tbere being tew Chinese who tlo not
gu bank to China us often as their
menus will permit. There nre, however, imiup of the ulmun-eyed brethren
in the States whu are financially un
able to make a home visit, and. as a
consequence, tliese have evolved a
cunning plan which is said to be wurking with great success.
Besident Chinese in the States have
tlieir "papers'' to show that they bave
a legal right to go back and lurih between the United States and China.
These the puor Cbinaman sends by
mail luck tu friends in his native land.
Perhaps he oan't afford to buy passage
to China, but it is mure likely that be
can. At any rale, be either surrenders
himself to the authorities, giving a
lictitions name, stating that he haa no
right to be in the country, or he takes I
a little jaunt down to the Mexican I
border and purposely gets caught, when i
he is supposed tu be smuggling bia
precious sell in
" Vnu bave no right in this country
then," says Uncle Sam, who  is   head1
ot a very large corporation;  "so   we'll
just give yuu free transportation  back
tu tbe laud where the dragon Hies."
Back the Chinaman goes to China—
tlepurted.   But be has all bis passports
etc., etc., with which tn return. And—
but what's the use.   "The ways ul the
I heathen Chinese are shurcly peoooliar."
Mure than ball the   Chinese   being
j deported un the   Manchuria   this  trip
I are said tu have   secured   free   trims-
j portutiun to Chiua when  they  ought
to puy for it.
Barefaced Swindles Successful at Fort William
I in. i .Villiam, May 1.—Qralteri
have prollted to the extenl ol ?100,000
in the purchase ol supplies rtqulrefl
j by the board ol water, light and telephone c immlssioneri here in tl.u construction uf the new water system.
The report ul the auditors show that
uccniiiiis bave been multiplied, duplicated mid paid in the most barelaoed
manner,   li further shows thai sup.
plltl have been purchased Irum linns
in which the members of the commission are interested, in violation ol
the act uiidei which the board was
Russians Sank Warships at Fall
of Port Arthur
Los Asm i.i -, May I,—While in the
Alexandria     hulel     yesterday,   Hear-
Admiral Ijlcbl, commanding tbe Japanese training squadron nuw at San
Pedro,   learned   that  EUar-Admiral
Uui.Ity I). Evans was alsu a   guest   ul
the hniel. The Japanese Admiral Immediately sent his card to Admiral
Evani' room where he was at mice
received, The visit ol the two admirals, which lasted neatly hall uu
hour, whi the u caiiuti ul   a   remark
able discussinn nl international questions, inoluding the subject of war
between Japan and the United States.
Both agreed that war between the
I'nited States and Japan is impossible
"I would like to know," inquired
Admiral Evans, "how your people
succeeded in raising tbe Russian
ships which you sank aud in what
oondition yuu found tbem."
Admiral Ijichi replied: " We raised
the sunken battleships anil cruisers nt
Port Arthur and Chemulpo without
any great difficulty. We found that
those at Port Arthur were nut sunk
by tbe mortar lire directed upon them
from 203-metre hill. None ol the
shells penetrated the protected decks,
a'thongh the superstructures and gun
mountings were badly shuttered. The
ships w re sunk hy the Russians by
opening the SOS cucka when they lound
the port, must tall into our hands
After raising the ships we found that
the projectiles had peueir«ttd the
wooden decks, but had Hat tenet! uut
against tbe steel and were lyiug there
It evidently would not have been possible tu sink the ships by the lire frum
the heights."
Successful Business Career of
F. B. Lewis in Revelstoke
Aiming the visitors to the city during tbe past week was F. B. Lewis, of
Vancouver, lung and favorably known
as one of the loremost business men of
Revelstoke and one whose removal
from the business activities and social
life iu the city is generally regretted.
Mr. Lewis was a Revelstuke old-timer,
having cume to the city in the early
days, when quite a young n an, trom
Shropshire, England. During his
career in the city, engaged as he was
in the business ol insurance and real
estate, he succeeded by his integrity,
energy und ability in building up one
of the must successful connections in
the interiur and a reputation which
might well incite the admiration ol
his fellows, li is needless to state thut
he has reaped his financial reward and
that frnm a commercial point uf view
his career haB been a success.
Early in the history ol the city Mr
Lewis was one of those who instigated
the Incorporation ol the Revelstuke
Townsite Cumpany to take over the
townsite ul the city frum the hands of
lhe London capitalists whu, up lu that
timo bad been i.perilling its pussi-
bilitios with a view tu the increase ol
their uwn revenues, which, with tho
head ullice in London, did the city
little guud. T'hs result of the purchase by the local syndicate wits thill
much  ul  the   profits   accruing   Irom
transfers and lucal deals remained in
the city and bee.une a part uf the
medium lor re-investment here. In
this company Mr. Lewis still holds
large interests.
Mr. Lewis led iu the inauguration ut
lhe publicity campaign now carried un
iu OOnneOtlon with the Culgary Fair
and which  has  duiiti   much   tu   place
the resources ol the oity and surround'
ing district belure lhe investing public. Hu alsu led in the formation ol
the   Revelstuke   l.itnil   Company,     a
corporation which by wise Investment
and shrewd business management. has
proved a brilliant success.
In addition totheiecorporate enter-
puses Mr. Lewis has been an active
member of all public bodies in the city
and has ever bl on unu Ol the (urtiinust
in hacking these with his linuneial
snppurt. In 1007 he was president ul
the lli.niil ul Trade ol which he bun
been'for many yeara a busy member.
Tbe General Hospital, the Y.M C.A.
ami other benevolent and philanthropic Institutions never appealed to
him in vain [ur assistance when exercised in a guud cause. lie still
remains a stoekbolder In thoLawrenoe
Hardware Cumpany ami in several
uther commercial cumpanies, being a
dlreotor..! the lormer.
It was, however, by giving special
attention lu the insurance business
that Mr. Lewis was ah e lu cumiiiHiid
thu   patronage   ut   almost the  whole
community in that line. The premium income ol his ullice from Ibis
source was probably the largest ol any
ullice in the interim' ut the province.
A strong local company has t.ukeu
nver the affairs ol the concern ol
which he wns tho head and will continue the work of the ollice with eipial
Mr Lewis was a prominent member
of the llevelstnke Club and an active
Liberal in politics. His home was one
of the must beautiful in Revelstuke
and was purchased on his departure
by Mayor Lindmark. Mr. Lewis has
been nuw a month in Vancuuver nnd
bus established new connections there.
Hu is much pleased with the prospects
of the const city anil expects that the
larger sphere fnr activity will afford
him a new field for his energies. He
will leave lor the Coast tomorrow
English Journals Realizing folly
of Insular Policy
Mr. A. J. Dawson, editor of the
Standard of Empire who arrived in
Vancouver frum ;he Antipodes this
week and spoke befure the Canadian
Club, of which he was a guest, deah
with the i[uestiuii ul the increased
atteutiun being paid tu Cauadiau life
and progress liy the press of the Mother
country.    In part he eaid:
"Since its inception last year, the
Empire newspaper bus published just
over a million words abuut Canada
alnne. Du nut suppose, gentlemen,
that any of this mass of words ure
wasted. No, no. I will tell yuu smoothing nf a secret. A few months ago
an official of u great Canadian curpur-
ation in London came to me and told
me 1 bad better luok out. 'Yuu have
rivals, and I can tell you oi four in an
unexpected quarter who are at Ibis
moment perfecting their arrangements
for compi ting with you.' The quarter
wus called unexpected, because tin
polioy ul the journals concerned was
I supposed to be sumewhat insular. I
siid I was delighted tu bear it,uud in\
friend looked puzzled. Well, gentlemen, 1 won't bother you with details,
but I will tell yuu that since then twu
great daily pn pars in Scotland and twu
in England, have definitely entered
upon the wurk ul giviug representation in their columns to Canadian
interests. 1 have been consulted in
the matter, and I have welcomed Ibis
movement in the warmest possible
manner, iu these cases, and in the case
ut sume lesser journals,   I havo u   red
the use ul the "Standard of Empire's
own special cable services, the benefit
ul our own experience, and any help
that we oan give in any form, tu what
I regard us une ul the must practical
and truly valuable muvcineuts ul   uui
time among ihe British people,   1 ask
you to c .ii rdn ju-1   what  ILia  li i ins
[ur Canada, and lor greater Britain
generally; the widespread publicity
lhat ii means; the widespread tendency tn the establishment and extension ui mutual understanding; tbal
mutual understanding which we an
agreed is at tbe basis of all enduring
forms ul unity, politically, oommer-
daily, 'mil in every otborway, This is
what I call educiiliuii by wbulesale;
and it is une ol the things the "Standard ul Empire" ban already dune, as it
were, outside Itiell, Tliese aro the
specific instances  of which   one   may
speak with certainty."
Railway King Makes Big B. C.
Spukiine papers   iilinuiince   that    I'.
c. Corbln, the millionaire railway
builder ol Spokane, is nuw the central
ligure ii) tht! largest mining deals
I made  iu   Ilinl city   fur   several   years.
II... bus taken   an  optiun   00   Wagner
group ul claims un Hall creek, a
: tributary ul the Duncan rivor in Brit-
! mb Columbia, The price is stated tn
| be $!J,000,000, Among the prlnolpal
|owners are C.P Porter, Attorney  l>
W. Henley and George W, o'Doll, all
nl Spokane, The pruperly includes
mure than a dozen claims and is eaid
tu contain enormous uro bodies.
Commercial  Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a  Blind  Man's  Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
Kur ease of operation and
perfection in the results   pro-
''""•'l ll"' " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed,
Th- " KM I'I UK" .-nib.idles
nu complicated movements,
while its iiiuiiif.' .ding alignment, margin1 ! facilities,
automatic coa\ inienoas, durability, visible writing, minimum ol noise in operation
iniike it the typewriter par
The " EMPIRE" needs less
care than any uther machine
lui ii-,i-1■ there  lire fewer   parts
tu be cared fur also due to the
strong lilies ol simplicity that
are part of the machine,
The t'.r It. begun using the
UMPIRE Typewriter io
1896. continued to sdd lo the
number, and now have in
Constant use mure than 700
uf these machine.-.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merohants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
antl all educational institutions ol Canada
The Price
Pongee Silks
English Prints
Thirty inches in width.    Selling at
Thirty-one inches  in  width; at 10c.
at 55c. per yard.
per  yard,     All  these warranted to
Japanese Taffeta Silk
Formerly sold at 50c. per yard, now
lie hist colors.
Boys' Ribbed Hose
ie lling at 25c. per yard.
Regular ,soe., now 25c. per pair.
Printed Delaines
Thirty inch, for   Dressing  Jackets,
trimmings,   etc ,   in dainty stripes
and   floral   designs,   regular 50c,
Men's Tweed Pants
Good values at $2.00   now  selling
at $1,50 a pair.
now 20c. per yard.
Dress Goods
Boots and Shoes
We can oiler vou extra good values
All   Dress  Goods selling  at One-
in this season's goods.
Third on regular price.
Men's Shirts
Money Savers
Our   every   day   prices    means   a
These sold   at   the regular price of
saving on  every  dollar purchased
$1. j.s, now 75c. each
in .ill our departments,
Heal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agenl
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
1     Rents Collected. Loins Notary Poulio
• <><K^<KK>0<>0<HM><KK»'<KK><KK>{H>a <
Pure Dr
G A U D E N   S K E 13 S
tall and inspect our stock of Oulou Sets and Garden Seeds of all kinds
None but new seeds kept in slock
tv. built up i
Bcription   hen ■  !
gl Macdonald's Drug Store
We cai'i'j   n   complete   line   of
'        iptfMind fancy groceries,   tnd
i     -in (.iin ynu i he   beBl   g 1 ■   al
■ mine  price us  yon  pay   for
inferior lines,
Our bread, cake and pastry I rude
in rapidly in si-easing, a trial
order for any one of the above
will explain why, Our aim ia to
lyjep only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Local and General.
Moving Pictures touigbt.
A New Pri gramme tor Monday and
Tuesday at the Edison Parlor Theatre,
It is learned thnt the Assises wbioh
were to be held here on May Ith have
been cancelled.
li. N. CourBier h is moved his ullice
across McKenzie avenue to the premises recently occupied by E. \V. II.
lh. Ladies' Aid. oi St. Andrew's
ohurch, will liuld a Ten at the home ot
Mm I. Lailghton, Fourth street, un
Thursday alternoon and evening.
Admissi n 25c
Robert Smith, I' I. S„ s building a
ii  the  pri in,-i -  adjoining
thi Beav i Cigai Faoti   )   First strei t,
'I lie office will afford complete sec ■
.1 ,-i .ii for Mr Smith's work,
I . . unioi cl '' ul the Methodisl
al i i-euiug on
Thursday -n tin li me ol Mrs. W. J,
I.- ■ Fourth street, llames and a
general c nversati m win enjoyed
until a natural hour.
Chi R -■ • .. . un Clul announces
that   :. e will taki   place
eacn week on tin  Recreation Grounds,
A : "a i. .:.'■.' li ip -. - beeu purcl i   .1
tor trap pracl   ■ viil     i in      e
luring thi
iii kai n Irom
: I mechanical
levi    liimsell   usbered in
the   i rly   opi uing   ur daylight
..    _ ,       toda) bi ginning al 1 a.m.,
:.-■ |ui ntly the c imposing room will
md the ollice locki .1 .:. h ur
rlier than is usual,
[he annua sting ■ -.
li. C. will be held next veek in SI
Andrew i church \ ici ri i B.JC. Tbe
-.--.un- will pen i. Wednesday nigbt
am! continue till the 1 .11 iwing -
'iny. i in thi : I sing wi ek Ir in
Monday to Wednesday tiie annual
i :.■     gical  Conlerei 11 be 1
if. v. J. R. Robertsoi     I tbis i  •..
Tbi girls ol tl
High -..:.    . wen   i nti   .... i I  at the
Mr   and   '■':-    1 .  H
McKei . ■   n ij
ol Mi-- I.'.
, ■
jest by, Ont., l        ies
■■;... i  by
-  -   , •.
:,..   - ft'    thi
Mr  1 uv   ■ bai inumbi ises
the   Stll I .   ne and
ther Up COUnl        ■- the d
.,,'.. law   in    Vane
v. |u ri I bought s "    II"
will i • : K. C i
a ■     thi beii
.  i I .     '.
________________ IS-Ml* .-!>• '
Your Insurance
is  one ul   ilu-   must   important   items
in \imr business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch ol your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
\mong tbe acquisitions to the business life   of   iin    eily    i-   tin
Supply Company, a new lirni de\.
itsell exclusively  to  tbe  bundling ol
grains, l! iur, seeds au i   i I  supplies,
A li .lime in the lines  carried   by the
lirni is   that of ies
consisting    .1  every  kind   ol   food lol
inu I- From grains to t he cbi p|
mil mixed varieties     	
nieudable   undi rtakings   ol   the  ni«
Iii in i.- i In absolute guar intei
pui ity ■ i| its ivan i      N     mi I ure    or
adulterations   will  be   sold   under  a
common name and si ede will I ■
untei .1   Iresb each   season     E   W. B
Paget and J. Wilso    u    tin    ■ • ■
ol ih. new ■   in
Social and Personal
Mrs. U. A. Lawi
on Thursd ...   May til
... ....
Wedni igai
Mr-     : will   receive
instead   I   I
Mr. imi Mrs. _■ i
tomoi ■• ning  to   im..
,. nn u, nt re-mi nee in Vanoouver
W. Newman, rosdmaster
ported to be id t.
. .   very.
1... -   innouni • il
Miss    I.--..-      i .    i
I ien) i, Cape I    I       ... I M    M
Campbt UafCii
... 'i. • ■ .i
iver   i ■       l be   wi dd
,,..,,..    11...  li rai   wi ek   io   June,
■   He I.. iiiiau   l-   well    k n i'u    an.I
led in Ke vi   itot
Curious Contraband
I he iti um ii l Ij merio, un arrival ..t
n purttd   i.n.ii     i welve   b ,-
.    eai ii   holding
... live las ucb  were
I...I h     t hern    anil    al
... ing   to   tlm
and   wen bonded
arehi isi snd rn]   idod   to  I lized
■ •ii in rival in lite.)' K   ng   ■■...   Ms
pinM.1 to be filled  wllh  treacle and
,,....   • .ih r, all hougb listed as opium
valued at $10,000,
Operetta by  Children at Opera
House May 7th
I'' ■ i  .   ving ia l be pi  gram   I  the
■ t ' Florinda,    ir "The
i: se and Pen . prod ici d il i be
I'n.I iy evening ■ i   I
M: - -
. . .-       Laws
■  -     -
■     i
M   ■
■    -
Odd ,Moi  I   - ■!.   CoiuIh
i   .  mr, AL I IA.1-. DARD
l ie  bi sl i. i
tin to <:. li. linn,. ■  Co b!
i 1 di '.igllii ill wall papei'
1 i.n i.i;
ir all Um
i   . ROYAL HIA-.   ARD
, .,'   I ■   1 yel.
IT.OI  1!
lnKO'i Al. H'l AMiAKI)
J he html yd,
ii.nl i;
■'.  -ii* ' , Mj
■ •
./v.  Lily Pi tn-
i •■ Ms Lawlei   Ruth   Un.wn.
-   . Julia
Ifuriel  Porter
M    ,
IS     iiii!     .-nn..    i
,:. .
ii . a I        Ol)
I--...I tbis ■'
    Bong,   Flor nd i
is—' a    aiieh .teni   through
■    -   . .1 I    i.n .lay."
..   i.. ; ie, Fori
ind   l''... ies    'Lightly Bil ■
light iy tripping,
.   .  Rose and i
l Imi     ll "
Individual Cups
'I ho inu si gift i.f the Ladios' Aid to
the Methodist i huroh is two bra
l.e I'ogo'i Individual Communion
cups, Tho cups are Hie "unbreakable
pointed top," beautiful and
managed. Tho pastor ..I the ohuroh
. ■ p..iti i . uso them lor ths llmi time
on Sunday morning at tbe Communion lervioo.
If you want good Potatoes we have
just unloaded ;i car.      Special   prices
for ton lots.     Now is your chance to
purch;i.se some for seed.  Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
*******«.*-***-#***<><f..JtH--»«i*,><fc*;'   ■■ i ■•: i:.»i'i*«.i.s.s.«,.s...vs.*iii«:«'i**»***
* *
Wash Blouses
Our showing of Spring Blouses will be found strictly up-
to-date. They comprise Lawns, Mulls, Organdies and All-
overs, in both long and short sleeves.
l.acc Waists in Cream, Ecru and the new shades for spring
Wash Belts and Collars
As asual we can show you a splendid range from the
cheapest embroidered to the finest eyelet work with pearl or
metal Duckies.
Leather Belts
We can offer you values better than ever before shown
in the city. We have them in White, Black, Navy, Brown,
Tan and Green, at prices from 30c. to $1.50, in many different
shapes and si/cs.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading; Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
**•**■;■«**';■**•<• _s**#*W»*«*#****»*******w******.IH**_l ; *..>**.<sk. I
The   best  and  largest   Stock, of Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made  expressly  for  us  by I >. K. McPherson.
County Court
In the County Court held on Wednesday bfefore .lodge Forin the following cutes were disposed 0':
Lund v Fraser and Johusuu, an action to recover $1001) on a timber deal.
A jury was summoned hut at the sug-
gestions uf the .luilge tlie jury was dispensed with und on a motion by defendants the trial ol this actiun, as
alio un action hy Scott & Briggs,
against the same defendants for $500
commissions was adjourned to h future
date to be fixed, in urder that Mr.
Taylor ot Nelson might he present.
McCarter and Briggs for plaintiffs;
Gillan for defendants.
Arrow Lakes Lumber Cu. v F, Kraser.
This was an ac'ion to recover $808 on
a note. Defendant claimed a set oft'
of $150 bul In.' was unly allowed $75,
and judgment wns given fur the plaintiffs for the balance with costs, uther
than the cn.-ts ul trial. McCnrtt'r for
plaintiffs; Gillan fur defendant,
li, McCarthy v A. McGregor, An
action tor $55 fur building 11 shed
Defendant -et up a counter claim uf
$140, Plaintiff got judgment for tbe
amount paid into cuiirl ami $10 ousts
1:1 alanci of bis claim was dismissed
an.1 tho counter claim was dismissed
also. McCarter tor plaint IV, Briggs
for defendant.
- me ohamber applications were
lisposed of hut these wore the unly
contested ease.-.
I.. , — Kev.   Father   Coccola
pastor.    Services are held on tbe First
11,d  Tl ir :   Sundays  in  every month
8 a in, Oora-
■ -    10 30 11.111. High Mass
2  p.m   Baptisms; 2:80
Bchool; i no p.m, Rosary,
and Bern"lictiou.
1 IKKIA.'.'—Kev.
pastor. Sunday,   May 2.
a.n     1 30   p.m .   Sunday
- Bible  Class, 2 30
, ■ • ting  un Wednes-
1 bi ir practice and teach
, p.. ni.    - p in.
—E      ■ Hall, pastor.
.,   Sund ■
,   I  Cbrisi ,   I-. .. -    ip
10   '     10 15   am Kegulsr   public
.     ^l    11    a.le. BcllOOl
.   ening
7  .'i   |i  ui 1.   in.
■ with
jaoramenl   .,1    1
...   ..!•..     iti  ed   .11   '".11
• ,1 ii   1 be   morning   icrvlce
,   .. .
,- ■■ 1 . pworth
..   ,'   -   |. :■       A . dm -'lay
,i-,    1   11   r ,1,1 11
lioitW r 11   Sun
day     -        . ,1 ■  — M lervii    al
j    Sands) -• ■ ■     and Bible
l 30 P in     ' .  lervioe a
Mornii .-   subji ot—"Tbe
Llll .        .....    -ir jn-.l,
■ trrel   w r Ooofl
)■  erybod) ,-    ..   ome and
.,   ,.,;:_
Rev. w r |.,. 1 man, II a
it 11 ind  7:30
,..';.,   ■■. le
2.30  p   n.     Bi V   I'  1      .1 ,1  : .
p nri.     I'. . ,.•!'   in. sling W rdni   '
p ni     Mm uing subjoin    *   PI n
Prayer In Christian Wnrfan       1   ...
do 1 p " l.nw   Living  anil    High
.   . ibjeol In Men's Hlh - 1
.' 30 p.m     'Ipen or 1'! 1    h .|.
S 1   ri 11 n'-t (Anglican     Ri     1    \
.\l    A ,     Id nl1 ir I Imii
.-iinil.iy   after   KiihIci B   .1     1,1     Holy
1 lommunioo,    II *, m ,   Mai Ini   and
Holy Oomraonlon,    7 80 p m, Even
..nut; and Hiirniuii.    2,80 p, 111    Bundaj
Sporting Notes
Tho Y.M.C.A. athletic club met on
Wednesday night last and decided to
hold tlieir annual athletic meet on
May 24th Owing to the Recreation
grounds not being in shape lur games
the "meet" will be held on the V. M.
0. A. grounds. Tho full programme
will be aiiiiuuiict.il next week and a
good day's sport is assured. Baseball,
lacrosse and athletics will he put on,
tlie programme will he announced
next week.
Baseball practice on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, starting
at li p.m. A goud practice for everyone is assured.
Cricket Notes
Tbe president of tho Revelstoke
Cricket Cluh has received a communication from C.A. Gillam.ol Kamloops,
the latter gentleman offering ou le-
hiilf of a number of his friends whu
are enthusiastic cricketers to piny 11
K velstoke team here on .May 'i\.
Arrangements aro made to pull off the
matob on tho liig Bend grounds.
The lucal players will practice strt-nu-
utisly Irum now on each Monday,
Wednesday aod Saturday afternoon
to prepare for this mutch and the one
with Vernon on May '25th.
Coursier Gets Damages
The suit if Mr. H. N, Coursier
against the Dominion government (or
$5,000 for damages caused by tbe
erosion ol his property owing to the
construction ol the wing dam in the
Columbia river near the city, and in
which judgment Jwus reserved at the
trial in February, has been decided.
The report of Mr. Justice Martin who
beard ihu case, was sent to Ottawa
awarding Mr. Coursier damages in the
su in nf $500 and judgment hits heen
entered for that amount, The sum
of tbe award in view ol the evidence
antl all the ciriiniusliinces is disappointing iu Mr Coursier, whu is, however, tnolined in accept it philosophically.
Trustee Board Meets
In   the   City   Hall   last nighi tbe
regular meeting ol the Board ol Sol I
I rustees «« h.M wijb   all tbe mom
bers present, chairman Manning pre-
Hiding.     Among several oommunioa-
'i as otherwise    mportant wns une
from 11 s supi rlntendent ol  education
with  11 ll 11 nee     to    i|. I'll ing  llie  IllnilH
ol ilm Hevelstoke sohool boundaries,
I bis letter enclosed dippings from
tin- Gasette notices touching the subji et    'I he .■ iiuinunioaiion was Hied,
Two resignations wero reoelved Irom
in".1 bi m ..I ihe leaching staff, Mi-s
M I iiigh and .Mim- < riiki. lendurii g
1 11 lame .1 ith 1 ho n ipiest thai thcie
ui, 1 ii.. 1 ,,i 1 he close ol the preset t
iic boo I 1 i-i in I in resignations were
.ue. pti .1 and 1 he Board will advertise
lur ie v teaohan I 1 llll 1 be vaoancli
\n. 1 VOU hlng fur ami passing lho
monthly accounts and other short
routine wurk lbs B mul adjonrm d
Wo   lil lommeud   "IlUYAL
S'l AM1AUI1 I- LOUR,   so do all   Wbo
11 e it, wn if, because il  1-  iho  bent
If the 1 ublic demands juicy ruasts,
tender lamb, corn-fed pork, bam, etc.,
expertly eut and trimmed, carefully
hundl d, kept iu zero temperature and
sanitary surroundings, OURS is the
Meat Market fnr the trade. And
while unr meats aro lhu host obtainable Iheir prices are nu higher than
asked at ordinary markets. Give our
meats nud prices 11 trial.
Green bones choped for your chickens
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Green Bones Chopped for your Chickens Daily
Timothy, Red Clover, White Dutch
Clover, Lawn Grass. Vegetables:
Field and Garden.
" Royal Standard " Flour, " Wild Rose " Pastry
Flour, Grain Bran, Shorts and Hay, Chicken
Specialities. Agents:—Manitoba Frost Wire
Fence and Ciates.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
£ You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
School Attendance.
The attendance at the publio schools
lor April was as follows I
1- Uiv, I.    II
118 21     !i
•    II.   II
115.71     U
il—Div. J.   U
'.Ki.iifi    11
—  "ii.   ii
1)2 01    16
—   " III,   17
DO 06   i!0
—   "IV.  .'iii
01.04   10
—   "V.    30
86.05   10
—   " VI. 4H
87.12   22
—   "VII. 61
IW.2S   2.'i
—   "VIII-17
00.31    19
—   " ) X   58
03.44   20
— "   X   62
80 90   28
Tutala. .
81,87 211
is called lu the Ruesl garden and
building Luis in the eily, (list
North ul' the I!.I'.II. track
Prices Away Below Assossod
Value and   Only   a   Few   Left
l'or particulars write
Revelstoke Realty Company, Limited
UllX   704,    HIA lil,STi Hi K
Rush Yard Work
I'liitlAiil: I.A Phaiiiii,, May 1—About
200 mon will be engaged In the wurk
of extendiug tbe O.N.R, yards here, to
cnninieiiee in aliout two weeks limn.
Flour, leed and seeds, a business by
Itself, not a side line, ni THK PAGET


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