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'• Empire " Typewriter
Knr ease nf Operation and perfection
iu results pruduoed, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, iJGU.UU Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail
Visiting Cards
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Interior Publishing Company
Printei     ind Publiahers
Vol. 15.-No  25
32.50 Per Year
■■■■■. ul Ubnry
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
of the
Our  line  of
smart new Regal
Shoe styles has won a
lot of praise among the
best-dressed men in
town.      These   new
Regal models are smarter
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Well-known New York and London custom bootmakers
designed ibe models from which every one of these Regal Styles
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sizes, insuring you an exact fit and perfect comfort.
C B. HUME Sr Company
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Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This is the season uf the year that the guud housekeeper wants tu brighten up the home, Killsomlne sume
rooms, Varnish the woodwork, Paint the Hours. Varnish
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supply all these wants, wo cater for the trade, and we
curry the gunds that give the satisfaction,
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Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal points in Oanada,
Agents in (lien! Britain ami United States London, England,
l.loyds Bank, Limited. Chicago First National Hank, Cnrn Exchange National Bank. .Seattle Seat I le National Hank. San Fran-
eisco Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane— Exchange
Nittiunal Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits  uf $1 and upward,   received, and   interest allowed at
rreni rale frum date nf deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Special Bargains for the balance of this
month in Ladies' and Children's Straws.
All the latest fashionable shapes. We
also have the newest designs In Ladies'
Hats anil Children's Bonnets.
M R S.
First   Streot
A. c;. CRICK
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
First Game for Shield Won by
High School Boys
The lirst game in the competition
between the High and Public pcbools
for the possession of the shield, was
played off on the V.M.C.A. recreation
grounds yesterday afternuon and resulted in a win fur the High scboul
boys by a score of 1-0. Principal Pollock acted as referee.
During the first garter the High
school buys Started in 'vith a rush anil
seemed determined to make up for lhe
indignity of tlieir previous defeat.
Play became very strenuous in the
vicinity ol the Public school goal;
Coursier made a brilliant rush down
the Held ami passed to Woodland, but
the latter failed tu reach the net.
During the second i|uarter play was
abuut even; Dickie made several spec
tacular runs, aud tbe combination
play of tbe Public school boys waa
especially good. During the third
quarter play became Jvery hot around
tbe High school gual, tbe Public
school making a determined assault
upon it, and had it not been for Mc-
Kury and Lawrence, several of Calder'a
"bot shots" would have reached the
During the fourth quarter the ball
was worked into tbe Public school
goal from a scrimmage and thus
ended one of the cleanest games we
have seen played for some time.
Tbere are four more games to be
played oft' before the holidays and the
next one will be played on May 14tb
C.N. Engineers will Survey line
Suggested by Board of Trade
Mr. G. IS. McCarter, secretary of the
board of trade committee on railway
business, who recently forwarded to
Mr, William McKenzie, president of
the Canadian Northern Railway, maps
and suggestions as to a proposed short
route to Vancouver and tbe const bas
received Irom Mr. McKenzie an
acknowledgement of tbe same with an
assurance that a survey of tbe suggested route will shortly be made.
Tbe route, as is well known, is via
Wood lake and Columbia river, Mabel
lake and Vernon, and the outlined
new road is being studied b) the company's engineers. From tbe tone ol
the communication wbicb will be
reported tu tbe next meeting of the
boaril ol trade, Mr. McCarter is sanguine that a short route to tbe coast
will soon be an accomplished fact.
C.N.R. Line from the Thompson
to Yellowhead Pass
The fir.it detachment of tbe survey
party tu eiploit the route along lhe
North Thompson river for lhe Canadian Northern Kailway reached Kamloops early yesterday morning. It
comprises J. F. Dalgleish and Win.
Killaly, two engineers, who have been
sent out trom the bead olbces in Mont
real. Tbey will await the arrival of
the bead engineer wbo is now iu Vancouver when definite plans will be out-
The pany will be sent out from this
puint and will wurk its way tu a puint
this side uf the Yellowhead Pass,
wbere it will be joined by the. second
section ol tbe party now operating
westward towards the pass.
The party was reticeut when questioned as to how long before the line
would be completed into Kamloops
but it is confidently expected that
trains will be running within three
years. I
Rev. Dr. Kilpatrick Delivered
Stirring Address
Clear, earnest forceful, practical
and a lugical elucidation uf bis text
were tbj. characteristic features nf Ibe
addicos dcliveml by Kev. Dr. Kil
Patrick, of Kimx college, at Knux
Church ln«l night and thorn were no
Irills nn the sermon. Dr. Kilpatrick
is completing his part ol the Chapman-Alexander evangelistic itinerary
and was accompanied bv Mr. E, M.
Woods, who couducttd an enjoyable
Buug service and Rung delightfully
during the evening. The audience
was very good lur a week night meeting, tbe church being nearly tilled.
Chousing as bis text ibe words of
Christ. 'With what measure ye mete
it .ball 'he measured to you again,''
tbe learned doctor claiming that
Shakespeare's play "Measure for Measure," was founded ou the axiom be
declared tbe principle tn be a law of
physical nature which is cariiod
upward aud forward into the moral
and spiritual realms, " (iud never
leaves himself witlmut law," said tbo
doctor, and physical laws are but the
parallel's of tbe law; of tbe spiritual
and moral universe.   "
Tbe inevitableness of the law uf
reaction was strongly argued aud very
forcible illustrations were drawn from
poetry, the drama, literature, science
and secular history, to reinforce tbe
argument. Equally clear was the
presentation ol tbe claim tbat tho
reaction ia always In proportion tu the
actiun itself —ur aa it la called in
business—the law of returns. Ample
demonstration of tbis point was made
and doctrine ol changed and suitable
environment as a sufficient remedial
agency to curract  man's  tendency  to
do wrung was tirilicizi'd. All tin
illiistratiuns were (rum lite and struck
Inline ill their appeal.
Dr. Kilpatrick's last argument was
that, tin: law holds guod in Did supreme
matters of tbe soul and uf spiritual
life, tbe pith ul bis cnuleniinii being
that sit'viilmu is itself uf the nature uf
a reaction—a return for investment.
" In brief," aaid the spaaker "men are
saved by coming under the scope of
the principle ol measure for measure."
A full consecration to Christ
lends tu fullest leaults while a partial
committal by faith brings only compensating results.
Dr. Kilpatrick paid a high tribute
tu the character nl the men ol the
west anil sai.l that it was "absurd to
speak nf them as a godless people."
From his own cmitact wilh tbem Ins
cbiel grief was that, many failed tn
yield themselves tu Christ, and without tbis they cuuld lint he saved.
An interesting evangelistic after
service clused tbe meeting,
New Planing  Mill. Sash and
Door Factory to Run in 30
Days — Building Rushed to
Among the new enterprises shortly
to be added to the industries of the
City is the Revelstoke Sash and Dour
Factory now in pro ess ol erect.ou at
tbe coruer of Third Btreet and Con-
naught ave. Tbe building to contain
tbe machinery for the new factury will
he two storeys in height and wiil be
40 x 30 leet iu dimensions constructed
of heavy frame throughout. Tbe machinery wbicli has already beeu
ordered iB all ol the very latest type
for the purposes designed aud consists
ol a full complement necessary to the
equij ment of a factory for the turning out of sash, doors, mouldings,
trimmings and builders' finished supplies ol all kinds. Two planing machines, a chain morticer, a Bticker,
tennantiug machine shaper sand
papering machine, band and scroll
saws witb the full equipment of rip
and crosscut bu ws, will constitute the
mechanical furnishing uf the simp and
it is the intention ol the proprietor tu
place on the market fur building
purposes all that carpeutcrs and contractors may require in the way of
finished material. It is expected that
the building will be comp.eteand the
machinery installed within .10 days
and tbat tbe bum of tl e new mill will
be added to the growl ol the catalogued
industries ol tbe city within that time.
Power will be supplied hy a 26 li p
electric motor wbicb will provide
ample energy for all the machinery
that will necessarily be operated at
one time.
The enterprise is being ventured by
Mr. fi. .1. Watson, ' niniuinu timber
in jiectur who recently removed to
the city Irum Burke's Falls, Out. Mr.
Watson has not only unhtmnded iaith
iu the luturc of Kevelstoke as uttering
an upening lur such an industry, hut
he has received every encouragement
from local builders as to the prospects
ot the tiew business.
The management of the factory will
he placed in lhe hands of Mr. Cordon
Watson, a sou of the proprietor, and
Mr. I) West, both of whom are -killed
mechanics antl up to tbo latest
wrinkles in tbe management of mill
machinery for the manipulation ot
wood It is expected tbat from 12 to
15 bands will be employed from the
start and tbe outlook for business
warrants tbe assumption tbat the
factory will bo kept busy all the year
The mill is conveniently lucatetl tu
the railway tracks where the unloading ol lumber and reloading of merchandise can be quickly accomplished,
Mr. D. McCarthy, the well-known
contractor, with a gang of efficient
workmen is rushing thu building to
completion. Tbo machinery is from
tbe famous buuse ul McGregor &
(luurlay, ul Call, Ont,
" Florinda."
The annual May Festival under the
auspices ol the Ladies Auxiliary uf
Knux Church is usually une uf thu
must pleasing uf I. cal entertainments,
and this year it promises to bo more
popular than over. The chief feature
uf tba programme uu this occasion
will lie the produotiou by the children
uf that charming operetta in three
acts entitled "Florinda," or "Tho Rose
and Pearl " This is a copyrighted
work, arranged by R. E, Phillips, with
tbe music hy Kduardu Marzo, and is
one uf the finest operettas ever written.
Tlie Bong story tells how "Florinda"
(Miss Doris McCarter) a village maiden
ia changed into a nightingale by Vala,
a wicked witch (Miss (iladya Urquliart)
but is rescued by the (airieH, who
through their queen, Fortunia, CMiss
Frances l.awson) by means of the
charm ul the ruBe and pearl, is transformed again into a village maiden
and restored to her brother Yoringal,
(Miss Miriam Elliott), The cburiisus,
stilus, duets, etc., aro bright and lively,
aud tbe children, numbering in all 3fi,
bave rehearsed tlieir parts faithfully
and well. The pruduction is under
tin. able directorship ol Miss V. McKinney, and the event, is being anticipated with pleasure.
For Private Sale
The household goods ol F. B, Lewis
at bis residonce, McKenzie Avenue,
until Tuesday, the B7tfa inst. Callers
weloome at any hour, 21-2t
Police Will Break Up Gang of
Young Night Hawks
Fur sume weeks past, a number ol
young women and girls have been
practising for it Mayday festival, using
the schuul room of Knux church fur a
practice ruuni. Lately a number uf
youtliB, Inr too overgrown to be excusable for their conduct havo been
annoying these girls at and alter their
practice. Su troublesome did tbey
become that complaints had Anally
to be ludged with the polioo and this
week on prnelice evening an ullicer
waa on the lookout for the culprits
Being made aware ul the eagle eye nl
the ullicer the lads went further down
the street, hid tliemselves and awaited
the homegoing uf tho girls. Sonic of
these were badly frightened, a», when
opposite tuo biding place of the hoodlums the latter sprang out ami used
the nnis ingenious methods to strike
terror to the hearts of tbe maidens,
One nl the girls Fainted, another was
stricken with hysterics and a thud
had to he curried home while all the
number were more or less in a Htnte ol
nervous prostration.
While youthful pranks are always
mure or less a matter of public sympathy there is a general feeling that
this affair is heing carried too far and
the police are determined tu put a
Stop to even the semblance of mischief in the future. The offending
youths, especially the ringleaders uf
the gang, are well known aud if
caught at any future performance of
their mischievous pranks a goud
borse-whipping is probable among the
forms of retribution which will await
the misdemeanants. Grown penple
are not permitted to play the hold-up
game in Kevelstoke and there IB no
disposition un the part of ollicials or
cilizens to see a school of youths
qualifying for a Rubin lluud cutei'ie
iu the city.
Navigation of Columbia
The ullicers of the S S. Revelstoke
which plies on the summer run between Revelstoke and Deatb Rapids
on the Columbia are foregathering
here and putting everything in shipshape fur the resumption ol the Bummer scln tlulo which will gu intu ell'ect
as Biiun as the water in the river rises
sufficiently to make navigation feasible.
Captain Forhland ol the S. S. Rosa-
land will again be master ol tbe Kevelstoke, while Captain F, Bwanson oi
the S. S. Slucan will be lirBt ollieer.
Mr. H. Colbeck will, as of old, listen
fur the guiiga and Iced tbe impetus
backward ur furward as instructed
Irum tbe pilot bouse. The usual
twice-a-week trip will be maintained,
Busy Program Outlined at the
General Meeting
A large number ut enthusiastic
members uf the RevelBtoke Cricket
Oluli was in attendance at a general
meeting called in the Oity Hall last
evening tu arrange lhe schedule nf the
season. Among the matches tu be
played during the summer are twu nl
great interesl. being tbe Revelstuke
share iii the provincial tournament.
In these two matches Kevelslnke will
play Vancouver at Vernon un July 5
and Vernon at thejsaine place the day
following. Arrangements have alsu
been oompleted fur the lucal team to
gu down the Okanagan during lhe
latter part uf August and play Arm-
strung, Vernon, Okanagan Spurts'
Club and Okanagan Centre with
return matches fur each uf these teams
This schedule includes twu games at
Revelstuke, one on May 21 and the
uther un Labor  Day.
Letters were received frnm Nolsuu
and Calgary offering to arrange for
match games which will be looked
alter. Local matches for the season
were   slated   to   take   place between
teams captained by Messrs, XV. lirier,
A. Arnnin and l'\ Bourne, the first
lucal game tu lake place uu May I
between the captains and vice-captains nl the Elevens. The lucal oon-
tests are fur a cup lu he presented   by
the Enterprise Browing Company,
Practice nights were fixed lor Mondays ami Wednesdays nf each week.
A ground luan him been oiiipluyetl to
keep the field in order ami it was
reported that the nuw pavilion is nuw
oompleted. Thn mombers congratulated themselves on the outlook Inr a
summer ol good sport before tbe meeting adjourned.
Assault Case
In the Police Court this morning
and afternoon a quarrel beiween two
Italian residents was aired, the eoin-
plainanl, May Casbato, charging Tony
Oooorophio with assault with intent to
du gritivmis bodily harm. Evidence,
showed that a blew bid been struck
by tbe defendant as was indeed ad
milted though lho defence Bought to
establish prnviicatiun.      On the latter
puint the ease «as adjourned iill tbe
altornoun to issue a subpoena   fur   lhe
attendance ol a material witnesB,
The testimony ol tbe witnesses in
the afternoon hearing did not mucb
alter the gravity ol the charge anil
after argument by cuunsel   Mr. W, W.
Foster,  police magistrate. Imposed a
line uf $10 with ensts making $26 in
all and additional Imprisonment fur
three months, In default ol payment
uf the lino the cuurt fixed a further
imprisonment of six months, making
nimi months in all.
Mr. I'. H. MeCartui appeared fur the
prosecution and Mr. C. B, tiillan for
thu defence.
Whatever kind ol Tools or Hardwan vnu may you
will be sure of the best qualit) heri and u lowest prices.
We carry a great variety of Tools for all trades. Household I lentils, Cu r t a i n
Stretchers, Step Ladders.
Kach 1 lclp_--_.iiii_.ij Builders
Hardware. Wire Netting
md things needed for the
garden and farm. Alabas-
inc, Muresco, Sherwin
■U-li^oS    William'- Paint.-,.
McCIarcy's   Famous JStoves,' Ranges   and   Furnaces-
Enamel, Coppei  ind .Tinware.     Plumbing Supplies, etc.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
iiisn r
j      ,.   ■
ii I'-',,-fli  ■  ■
51'-   1 "■  / mm
$&&?,••   ■' r; M     ~~-^"'-'fi"''.■:•'    §
. .sVv*.\' .";. \*J"*1fv'-"''__r'-_3 ^wS-V.M *•*■ ■       ^
H£ *!» i(.
1 s.Ja
■:.-■- -*-**-v
::■     .• __.-
Mit Swell Dresser.
... .„ _ his coats
Copyright, \l)oJ .	
fcy /P-X~C"r«tt« // k/ y
1 lie wool iiijOtir clothing Joes not eome
no part of it—from the cotton fields. .Man)- a lamb
has had his fleece shorn for the benefit oi our customers.
Wi   try  to  sell   our customers only  such
clothing   ;is  we  ourselves  know   to be good.     The
loth is  all   right;   the lit in> all right; the price is all
Then   the  Waiter   I lat and a pair of   1-oot-
ritc Shoe will make yum dress complete.
Fit Reform Clothing.
lll!_ll>  OFFICE,  i onus Ul
i si tin.inuiii imi7
b. s. WAI.KKK, President Paid up Capital, $10,000,000
AUouursKBLAisD.Osnersiitaiiatsi   Reserve Fund,  -   6.000.000
...■■- .1 mosi cottvaafool
--i.il ni diTiominaiions of
The new  i •■■■■•
way ii» which to i mm ■ ■■ i ■<     » ■
$10.   $20,  $50.   .100 nnd   $200
and tlm <-xa. t am. Vital la,  Belgium,  Denmark) France
German), Great Britain, Holland, lml>. Korway, Russia, Sweden
And. Switzerland each cheque, while in mhr,  countrim
tbey m-e payable ji . nrrenl rain
The cheques aod all    '■ rtnali ...  ,....■: ig them ma   be oblained al every nffio.
of the Rank- UU
Niagara's Turbulence
NlAi hia Kali ■    A pi il 24..   Al    Nik
Kara 00 lake tin   wn   .    reaobi .1   1 be
flrsl ii mra ■ I three bi •   hotels  imprisoning ovei I "i uui -1- »b . wi.-.        u
ed by   boats   Thousands   ol  lives ol
penple  far:n|..|!    in -'    1
nniler the mo 1 tail ire impei ■ tl il
1 he ioe choking up tin m ul I il tbs
river is not speedilv It..ken and pro-
pert} worth n.hi 1 millions is in danger. The situation has no 11 B In
history nr   tradition    United  .-tates
nlliciiil- are   alarm >!.  Uld   hav.    wired
aakitiK Washington to h ithorize m iti -
engineers t.. save tho situation  with
dyiia mile.
Remember—Wi    guarantee   overy
aack ul K11YAI. 81 \Nli Wil' to be
tlm PUBE8T, 8WEE1 EST and moat
wholesome bread Kl.uUK on the market.    Paget Supply Co,
Immigration Outlook
iiiitwi April 24—Before tin
Commons Agricultural Committee
yesterda) Bupeiintendenl Soott, ol tbi
Immigration Department said »hat hi
anticipated tbe immigration this yeai
would total 200,000, and that oi tin-
ui iber 70,000  would   be   American.
10 answer to a question, be said In
.. ■  il aware  that  50 per   cent,  ol
.     used   immigrants   returned   Irom
I Hid tu the city.
Fresh laid eggs la large quantities
iih the right (ood,    r.iuitrj
.  . per- should see the Paget  Supply
1 ...
I have nearly one thoUUDd nici
calendars loi photographs, and frum
now uiilil they are gone, 1 will givt
one oompiete Witb every dozen any
- H photos taken by me. Come either
nn clear and cloudy days, E. F.
Tucker. lo-tl rii
Zbc H&atMbc ralb.
RElELSrOKE.  B.   C.
Barristers, Solicitors,   Eti
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office and befoie Railway
Hon, i i.k- .Mi iti'in . M.P
ii nt  i_.ii l-'i-]ii:n.
nrrlCES       i'J.- ' KIAl  1   INK   I''1 U UISO  KKVYL'
trruKK, It. i
■   ilooa: Revelstoko, H '      Lrai bniuli   n i •
Five Roomed House
Su it
Su it
Second Street $15.00 per month
Third Street $25 00 per month
Fourth Street      $25 00  per month
Oku. S. McCa-BTK«
A.     .1      1'ISKIlAM
KOI ...-'.one.
i ; uubrook, it.) ■
For Sale (Special)   §
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Corner Lot 50x100. Central location. We have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would he well for intending purchasers to look into.
Prince Rupert, B. C.
H.ii i. I   i
Soli   •  r. elc,
B .lit-ilui
|   MiADlAM   I3A.NK   nl   COMMBKI I-.,
I in. Molsons Hank, Eti
DHi-.Kl SMI 1 It
Provincial Umd Surveyor,
Mining Siuvuyor
Mi Kkn/.IH Avkni'K,
11.,.i    I ml,   KlA Kl.s'1'..liK
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain   View Camp   No. 229
Meet-   Seeiin.l   .ui'l    l.'1'l'll'   We.ln.-il.i)- in
each moiitii. in Solklrk Hall.   Vlailiu   Woodmen conlially iiivimil loattona,
W   li. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
,1   MilS!YKK. Clint.
F. O. E.
Tho regular meetiuKit aro hold lu tlio Selkirk
Ba .  evorj   Tuesday  o\ tut . at   *   uoiuok
Visiting brethren urn cordiallj invltotl.
T     J     WALSH,   I'llliHllll.M
W. K. UcLAUl lll.lN.Sk.eiiKT.utv.
Kootonay Lodge, No. 15, A  F. JS. A. M.
Tiio riiu'iiliu meet-
iuua are liolil in tlie
.4*1 MASUNil "I'KMI'I.K
til Oilillelluw, Hall, I,"
A/ tlm tlnril Muii'liiy Hi
^^oiu'lt    iiiuiilli     at     1
p.m. Visitluit brethren ciiniiitliy welcome.
I.'. A. l'l'.OI'L'NlKI:. Skcuktabv.
Hloui - overy Tliur.i
day  eveuiug  iu   Sel
kirk Hall a! 8o'oluok
V'li Itlua brethren am
cordially t.. Bttend.
W, A. K.ii'Ti:. N.ll. MS   MATIIIK -f.
Cold Range Lodge, K. ot P.
No. 26,   Rovelstoke, B. C.
except 11..1.1 WwIusmU) ,.
each moiitn. tn    ,o    lUdlellow
Hall    «t    B   o'cl n-«.      Vlaltltt.
Knighta-are cordially   uvi ted.
T   I'    SMITH.!'. C.
OH. UK' n K   K. ..f   li   Jt S
J    li. Si HI'!'   Sl, ,,! F.
Zbc flDail*1bei*alb
TLare i? >i> much had iu tho best of at,
And &o much n«>od iu tho worst of ds,
That it hardly bekiotiTB? any ol us
To talk abuut the rest of us.
No etiort should be spared by the
member.- of the Hoard of Trade and
others interested in exploiting thJ
resources of tbe Columbia dintrict
to make the exhibit of minerals at
the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposi
tion as complete as possible and tt
bave it in tlie hand., uf the compilers oi tbe British Columbia dis
• ■.!,•. j- possible.    Visitors
■_   Seattle bavi expr id tbe great
est surprise and a ImiratiCn at the
ie   - ■' bicb the peo] i
ol  tbi   -   ind   i ity  are   throwii _.-
themti .•■•    ml i the making   ol  b
1 wen tn ih L'i ■
none ol   he cities that b
bandied   thi    experiment      il
World's  Fair  be I an;
■  •	
.■-..- ii ■
■ ....  il tbi ni save | erh ip  om
ban ■        es ich  under
....      eattli ndeterred bj
• ■    ■         ences    .ii.d   with   tin-
la.t- ring ■ nerg) ie marshalling all
her n Boun • -  and   ber  genius  to
make thi   V..Y. P.   K ■ position   lhe
beet ye!     I hi   magnaiiimily  with
which Uritish ' olunibin aod '•'. i
• n   i ana Is   li ive l« oi   inv ited   lo
participate  iu lhe affair are i hai
..'. rfetii ol lhi gu alu ad AiAurii an
in,.I in i. • .1  iIn- in.iiiu.'i,    itive ' -
nu nt- ui  i luted Stuti    . apital  III
i 'uii.nli.m «. -iei n ind i Irii , inal i
lhe dr.twin- ol n line  of  nutionnl
distinction almost im] ihlo,
While .i large numbei ..i visitoi
... Seattle will extend iheir lour ol
ni 11 tion lo Ibis province, tbere
will be ii vaster majority wbo will
eiiin iheir lirst knowledge ol liritii-ii
Columbia by what tbey see al thn
. xposilion, No corner ol the prov-
iiii i lhal lm.- Intent possibilities oi
opens   hi inviting Hold foi lho in
..    Iliivlll    ol     Cilpitill      Should      be
neglectful of nn opportunity to
.-preiid itself to the limit of its wing
feathers, While American capital
haa not been reluctant in the past
to investigate the treasures of the
Canadian territory the contiguity
f such a vast body ol potential
wealth us lhe province bus must
come as a revelation to many likely
investors who would never see these
tilings until tbey are thrust directly
under their attention.
It innv be a weariness lo the
llesh for any central body to
awaken the degree of general iu-
lerest lhat should be manifest at
such it time and yet il is only by
persistent effort uu the part of the
few lhat the larger bodies cun be
roused into activity. Kvery likely
prospect should have its colors in
the vast muss that will represent
lhe various parts of the province.
And the earlier these exhibits nre
in the builds nl those in charge of
the main exposition the better will
be the opportunity to give them
place. The nagging necessary lo
accomplish this mny not be a
pleasant tusk bin when the culmination is successful the effort is
A new solution—or partial solution—of the Chinese immigration
problem as it affects tbe Canadian
labor market seems to be looming
up ns a result of a prolonged visit
by a Chinese representative of the
government of KwangSu province
to tbis country. The gentleman
is Mr. I.u.--/ Ki, who passed through
Vancouver ou his way to China on
the last outgoing Empress Mr. Lo
declares the province of Kwang Su
to be rich in minerals nud he has
spent ten months in America interesting American capital in the
development ol thi mineral prospects along modern nnd Occidental
lines.   Capital   to   the   extent   ol
§8, 1,000 has be, ii subscribed lor
the purpose on this continent  and
n large quantity ol mai binery was
taken oui by I
1 arty to
work in lhe new mini
But tl
I.,/- ' . Oil.IUIH        |
unary can.:
, .iin,-,i n by him an.out.'
• ountrymen   lookin . i r re-
uii n    H" urne
...    themselves    lau:
. i n ways to go back
in.I seek employment in ih<   ■
.pm. nl vvi.i',-. wbii;. ■ .. from
n the ' Irienl i ■
provinces.    He   lab        i
i rodui tion ol    iur we lern   m
methods in ' ion ' « «
the adoption ol  iv  li     omi -
... ha m pa rai li ■■■ lh lh il paid in
Europi an i ounl rii    intl lhal
where In- own ... i.'i men an
capable ol lilling I he position! ol
tru ■ in tin ■>■ new indnstris I onlei -
pi.-•-   ilu place ■■!  i eti
upon i-'. ' looe ■ Ao. oI .In "•
number "i ' ii iental in n ur loss
familiar with American mining
oper.ii mil- lm .'■   igiiilied  llioir   in
tellllull  ol  going   boiie     I"    take    ll|i
the new work II this propag ini ni
.-liiiiilii succeed il mn hi bul ii
.-hurt time till a verj different con
diiion may oxisl in Canada will.
reference lo Chinese immigrants,
The Chinese population I n il
largo and the expatriation of a few
hundred ol the more expert of these
would leave a bole In ome uf tho
I ml ii trial undertakings ol the wei i
Ibe invasion ol (Tun.i by Anii'ii-
can capital at the solicitation of
the Chinese tliemselves and to be
managed ostensibly by joint American nnd Chinese boards of directors is an experiment which will be
watched with the greatest interest,
as well as the effect it will have
upon the la bur market here.
Canada's drink bill, aiuuuuting
as it docs to if'"11,000,000 per annum,
would build, et|uip and maintain
live Dreadnaughts each year, If
the booze bills were stopped and
lhe money spent in Dreadnaughts
in live years Canada might have a
navy uf 2i, uf these ships, no dis-
paragable Meet. While one dreads
to think of Dreadnaughts in action.
their combined destructive agency
would scarcely average as high as
that of the liquor traffic if we accept the census of the latter. How
would il be to try it for live years
tnd see how Canada vvnuld feel at
the end of tbe experiment'.' But
we won't do it.
THE FIRST SALE of Prince Rupert lots will be
held at Vancouver, British Columbia, May :15th lo 2(jtli
iyo<). Prince Rupert is the Western terminus of the
Grand Trunk I'acilic Railway. The sale will beheld in
the interests of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company and the Government of British Columbia; half of
the lots offered being owned by each party. From 2, >oo
to 2,400 lots will be offered.
The sale will be held by auction and the terms of
payment will be one-quarter cash, and the balance in
one, t\vo and three years, with interest at six per cent.
Agreements will be executed immediately on payment
of the lirst instalment, and purchasers may enter into
possession at once.
Titles are absolutely indefeasible, which means thai
the government of British Columbia guarantees all titles.
For maps and further particulars, write,
Agent for Government and Railway.
Vancouver, B. C.
The budget speech delivered on
Wednesday by Hon. Mr. Fielding
shows nu estimated surplus of
$1,500,000 although the estimated
income i- more than $11,000,000
less than Ilinl of last year. The
surplus 1- calculated from the consolidated revenue account. Neither
the bukget speech nor Mr. Foster's
criticism of it wns worthy the occa-
-iuii nnd both make rather tame
reading. The opposition seem more
diligent at unearthing BCandal nnd
the government at burking inquiry
than in attending to the study of
the more serious at'lairi- ot the
Injustice to Voters
Bditoi Mai
Sis      In the last  two iaauea uf your
! tper a list 01 names has  lieen   pub-
: 1 y •; . oolleef r 0!  rot! -      ' —
.  Association wiab to
mting in
strict      Sow, il  1 be aamea are
- ■.. - ry grave in
to oui riiiroad
•    . rtiei
ere but
• ...  1st there are tiain-
: -.'.en,en       r.11,1,0..
■ bo   may  be baek in-n
■- nn liintr  inti-r, -
UO ly   not   rigut   ! bat
'.nrreil   ri in
laol        • . '■
.....     . ei- 'In   ma
,(   our   engine and tram
. k ..il
- faithfully
1. k     lie
Ipr      lui   o'l
Well Known Kootenay Contractor Weds
A weildiug ul particular interest tuok
nlace at KisBland on Tuesday last,
the contracting parties being Mies
Beatrice Hobbs, daughter ul Mr, S.
llubbB, buuk-keeper to the contracting
firm of Macdonald & Gillette, who
were the successful tenderers for the
Government trallic bridge over the
Columbia river at thia point, and Mr,
\V. U. Gillette, ex-mayor nf Nelson
and une ol the partners in the above
mentiuned linn The happy couple
have been spending their honeymoon
at the coast cities and will return to
Nelson via Revelstoke tomorrow,
The marriage took place at St.
Andrew's church, Kamloops, on Wednesday evening ol Mr. Arthur Wilson
Orowe and Miss Adi Louise Morrill,
.laughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Julin Morrill ul that city. Rev, W. A, A'ylie
was the officiating clergyman. Miss
Ida 11. Crowe, sister to the groom assisted the bride, while Mr. J. Henry
Morrill upheld the groom. A splendid
reception wae tendered after the cere-
inuny at the home ol the bride's parents after wbicb the-new couple lelt
(or Kevelsloke where tbey will lake up
their residence. Mr. Crowe runs iu
and out ol Revolstoke as a C.P.R.
, AMi'iun.i.-i.onwiN
Tbe residence of Mr. and Mrs. H.
Howson, McKenzie avenue waa gladdened mi Tuesday by the marriage nl
Mr. .lames Albert Campbell, brother
m Mrs. Howson, to Miss Mabel Godwin, bulb the young penple being nf
this city. Mr. Joseph Huw.- in acted
us best man while Miss Surah Thompson made a pretty bridesmaid. Tbe
ceremony was performed by Kev. \V.
P. Freeman. After a wedding break-
last the newly made cuuple lelt fur
Salmon Ann and other western pointB
along the hue oi the C.l'.li. where
their honeymoon will lie spent. They
will reside iu tiie city.
Saskatchewan Purchases Bell
Lonq-distance System
1.        ,   -a-k     April 'Jl—The Bas*
■ .mil Government has purcha-cit
„ .;-•!• ..   lines  ll '.I exchanges
DI     I    tne Bell Telephone
company   d   tins   provinoe, ami  will
..   system    ,11   May lat,
jlutl the deta      1 the trai -
nbli     It is understood
.,. ■ ,. prii. .-i to
be pa ,-:. and   1   I   pi ivinoial
a- the •'•i-1     timi    .',«.
Huw is   a   tlmt  my
well   .11   nn:   names  ol   many other
li.tlm in .. 1,0   ri side   in   it, ■...  to)
boing   id ■ 1' .ici   .1-   li    1..    sn
Irom ' li tors  list       I  am a
borne I- here and I have
bei 11 nn thi itei Isi lor v .r- hi, 1
I 1I0 nut knnw why Me bits 1 laao
cial mn «ie ul,I   he   allowed to remove
my nun ,  .mil Uin! ol   my ll Ilu
iryinen      Aru 1 hey 1 tymg tu take    11
voie- away'
Vours truly,
I 1, . ,   1,0 ..
County Court
'lhe   regular spring sittings of  the
County Court will open   In the Revo).
ainke  Court   House on  Wednesday
April IWth ni. lu o'olook      Mia 11.,,...
.imigi loi'iii win preside,
IN THK MATTKII  OF AN  APPLICATION   for   the  issue  of   a
duplicate Certificate 0f TitlG for
Lots I, 2and .1, Block 011, Town
of Revelstoke I Map (530),
it is my intention to issue at the expiration of one  month  iit'ter the Hist
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate   of Title    to    the    above
mentioned lots in tbe name of Dennis
McCarthy, which Certificate  is dated
the   51b    of    December,    limit,    nnd
numbered 0348D.
Distriel Registrar,
Land Registry Ollice,
Nelson, B. C, March 21, UKW.
Revelstoke Cricket Club
Season liMit)
All who wish to be members and to
be Included in the list of players, nre
requested to send iheir names at once
In W. II. HUMPHREYS, Hun. Secy.,
P. O. Box 701.
Membership Pee Wn.      ap ItJ-iny s
Mnnafaotured fur all olassoa <>f butldluga
fnr salo in I a r^rt* ur small qutmtitie*
at tlie Inwn-i prices fur «-n.-li.
All kinds of building and plastering
Kirst class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly   Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Auction Sal
,••*   ..1   tl erous
,1 enquiry thai ire be
ed   Irum    tl
.,l this ridin
re ii pre ieni <■■       id
1     ! ■       ,iil the
iii   im   ihe   ,1 ore ol |
:■..,,       .    l.unsei v* t
Ol   l.lloil,     .'      ll •       Ill'
. mphalii oily   th'1}   hat n j
t entered a  )hi>_;li 1 lion !
I,md ihai the li H 11 .  adverti led |
, ,,i,i ijn , 11,lines 'ili|ci tnl in h) j
:,|,i, .. ni.itn ci ill the Liberal
1 in., UKVEL8T0KK
W, W  Foil 111  President   A  K, K11-
. ah,     II.    I.   M.S0111.1 .     A     Ml
1,1 i •.,   Vice  I'teiiiileiitH,
Tbere will be offered fur sale by
I'u I.lin Auction on the premises kniwn
a* Fleming'* Livery nt the City of
Hevelstoke on
Tuesday, April 27tii
al 10:30 in the forenoon
nil lhe aim k ol borsU|birHBN, itleiKliH,
waggons, buggies mul Implements and
other urticli-t» covered by assignment,
h Intt nl which can be seen at the
uiilr.e ui the Assignee.
Trrms Casli
C. Holten, Assignee.
cheapest in the
end because*
wears MtyM
Tnw.C_MMIM.Ca a
vwaiif* ua
Many Handsome Dinner Sets
Given Away
Did You Get Yours?
livery user ol Royal Standard Flour receives a coupon in each
I!) lh. sack, which entitles the holder to a chance to win a beautiful
China Dinner Set. Ten are given away free each month to the
users of Ibis famous bread flour. Duplicates of the coupons placed
in the llour sacks are placed in a sealed recoptacle and ton are
drawn each month.
The winning numbers will be announced in this ppace. Compare your coupons each month with the lucky numbers as announced, and if you lind you hold one of the duplicates send it to
us and we will at once forward you a beautiful 10!) piece China
Dinner Set free uf all charges.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
? with one ol our bands ime parlor sets,
upholstered   in   high   grade  silk, nr
W. dumaBk, with frames that are in every
je conceivable design, and  made tu wear
y. Indefinitely,   We nave many new and
't'ltiillful pirl.ir -tclf antliidd pieces (nr
litiiiuiilyinii the  home that are taste
lui, effective and inexpensive, and will
jjuhuiv  yuur ruunid  to the beat advantage.
Big Discount
on a
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
HKAD otftflOH :   (Jauiaky,  Ai-hukta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers and Dealers In Live Stuck. Markets In all the prlucl
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and tbe Yukon.
Puckers of tbe Celebrated Brand " Impuratur" Bams and Bacon,
and " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       Kirst-ohiHB in every reBpect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Hater "bl.60 por Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under Bame   management
suitalily fiirnishi_il wilh the choicest the
market affords, Hest Wines, Liquors and
(ligars.    Ratea $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEET     STONE      JPiROIP.
Queens ftotel
Hest brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
1-ish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this'
, i i
■i '.
~* TliQiit, .lA_atrnuo_.c nannrtt tlua utha.et tmac hnufl hpo- trptttpfl ufilh       ^^
These destroyers cannot live where trees have bee
Pear Hlighi. Rabbits, Mice. Borers,   Canker  Worm,  San Jos,
cnle, ()y.-l er
Shell. Bark Louse and Sun Scald. THE COST IS VEKV SMALL. It will
not wash off. One application protects for two yeitis. Warnnck's Tree Paint
ia not an experiment, Ic has stood the lest for six years In all parts of the
United States, it is uu iilisnlute preventative and cine fur I'oar Blight. We
invito Investigation. The Arkansas fSxperituentuI Station bus used tins tree
distribution among leading orchards.    Semi for
f). 11. LAWES, Enderby, ti. C
US-page free buoklct lu
Sole Manufacturers for H.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B  C.
if,,... . ■* Kill aw* trot*
1 jkll
Seeds for the Farm, (far-
den, Lawn nr Conservatory. Tested slock from
the best growers in Kng-
land. France, Holland,
United States, Canada.
Fruit ami Ornamental
Trees, Small Fruits, Fng-
lish Hollies, Grown in
iheunly part of American
Continent not infested
with the San Jose scale.
Our trees do not have Io
be fumigated and uonse
quently damaged.
140 Pane Catalogue  Tree'
M.   J.   HENRY
Green Houses and Seed Mouses
3010 Westminster Koad
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
31 ST.   DKCEMBElt,   l'.lOM
Security Fop Policy Holders
Paid on stuck . .* 89,490.00
Bal. uncollected 118,470 00
* IG7.9K0.U0
i Government requirement!.. 1!)2,(>0K 03
I Balance at cradit     24,976 29
Total Security $375,684.32
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion Mineral (.'luim, situate  in
the Trout Luke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located:— Kapid Creek.
Take notice that I, Catherine Maud
Kraser. Free Miner's Oertilicate No. K
W2DA, intend, sixiy days from the date
linrenf, to apply lu the Milling Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Orown
Grant 01 lhe above claim.
Antl further lake notice that action,
under section 'Al, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of ImpniveiiTi'ins.
limed   this  22nd day of  February,
A.D. 1D!H).
may 12     Catherine Mauo Phaser
Notice of Dissolution
the partnership heretofore existing between the undeisigned as ci_.ni' manufacturers ut Kevelslnke. III'., under
tbe name of the Union Cigar Factory,
has been dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will in future be carried
on by James Walker, who assumes all
liabilities of the partnership and who
is entitled to receive payment nf all
sums due and payable to the partnership.
Dated April 3rd, 1909.
ill. A. BKOWN,
1,1 vs. Walker.
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto and flalillou Mineral claims, tiltutile lu
ihe Truut Lake Hiuhig Div tabu nf We»t
Kouteuiiy Dlstriot.
Where  located;   Ou Divide botweou Caaoade
aud i'uplur (.'reeks anil «b«iiit 'i mile frum
A- & K . Railway.
Tale notice that I, O. K.N, Wilkie, acting 08
Agent for K-.lvan!   Raillie, Fre*' Miner's ( eriifi-
rate No. iB88303, intend, sixty  day-  frnm date
hereof, to apply t*» the  Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvement-, ftir the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of fhe at>ovn claim:..
And further  take notice thut action, under
section N7, must He commenced before the tssu-
nnre of Mich Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 1th day of March, A.D , IW.
O. B, N. W ILK IK,
feb U Trent Lake.
Notice is hereby given thai, ill tht
expiration of three months frnm date
hereof, application will lie inadi to His
Honour, the Lieutenant Ooveiiiorin-
Oouncll for an Order in Oouncil change
ing lhe nnnie of Wnnlscy, LeFeaux fi
Company, Limited, to "Lefeaux &
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated this sth day of February, inon.
Harvey, McCarter A Pinkham,
Solicit ors for the said Company,
may 2
llevelstnke Land District.
District of West Kootonay
Take notice lhat I, John 11 Selkirk,
Agent, uf Vancouver, II.C, intend lo
apply to the Commissioner of Lauds
uml works for permission to purchase
the following descrilied landsi
Beginning at s post planted about
yi) chains eaal of the north caul cornel'
of Timber Limit No. 12160, on Upper
Arrow Lake, Wesi Kniitumiy. running
west Wl chains, thence nurtb IK) chains,
ibence easi 00 chains, thenco south in
chains, Ibence   east   20chains, tlience
south '2d cbulns lu point uf commencement.
Dated April 7th, num.
ai> 14 JOHN ll. SELKIRK,
llevelstnke Land Dislricl.
District nf West Kooteuay.
Take Notice that l. A.w. Dickinson,
uf Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirtydftJIS after date intend
to apply for permission lo purchase
lhe following described land:
Commencing nl a post planted mi
lake shore, at the northeast corner of
lui 7isir. ami marked "A. VV. Dloklu-
SOU's Northwest Comer," thence soutb
Hi chaini, east III chuins, .north lu
chaius, west 10 chains, following  lake
shore to place of commencement,
Dated April 71 li,  WW).
Ap, iii, a. vv. Dickinson,
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Bxporter of Furs.
j   ed,  $30  per mouth, must be experienced—Halcyon Hot Springs,
TTIOR SALE—A Six-roomed cottage,
JP    apply K. N. Doyle. tf
FOR SALE—Simpson's mill ,site
Galena Bay, Arrow Lakes 1120.
ncres, half mile water frontage, hesi
mill site on the Arrow Lukes. For particulars npply to W. A, Smythe, Rev-
elsioke, 11. C.
FOR SALE—One dozen thoroughbred White Leghorns, with Cockerel, Bhtnchard's strain; 2 dozen Brown
Leghorns, with Cockerel, Morgan's
stiain. Apply or address J. A. SluR
'£21, Rev
oan, Bux:
velstoke, B, O.
IriOR SALE—Four acres of rich land
' cleared, fenced and plumed in
red clover; only 75 feel from cily limits
electric light und water mains; nn main
road to city; valuable property; suit-
able for irfatket garden or resideiital
purposes; owner must sell; price $1,IXHJ
Apply Mail-Herald otlice.
WANTKD—Experienced  Hrst-class
liinilieininn wants empluymelil
us t ruvt'lliug salesman, nr any position
of I rust with lumber concern. Apply to
"Successful," Mail-Herald, Revelstoke.
inch 27
WANTED—Position us yard fere
niiin or edgernian by first-class
lumberman. Apply to "Faithful,"
10OB, Mail-Herald, Revelsluke.
Wanted u woman to clean offices
ii pply Canadian  Bunk  of  Commerce, 11
1/iUll SALE Twu bedroom suites,
P one Doberty organ iu puuiu case.
uml nihei household articles. Apply
A. Citrinti li.iel. McKenzieave.
I/IOIt BALE -Safe uml C.-ish Register
X; Becond bund. Oheup,—Apply
Box IMI, Cily. ap lu li
FOR SALE—Four I acre lots, OOOxUU
feet, tell minutes walk from pust
ntlice, fenced and cleat ed for sale, price
sjCiii per acre—$100 down, $iuu in three
muiiihs, $75 in six months. Suitable
for home, market, or fruit.   Apply to
Revelstuke Land District.
District of West Knntenay.
Take nutice that Julin A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend toappty for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at u post planted ut
south-east corner of \ait HVXI, thence
west 10 chains, thence south 7 chains
more or less to lake shore, thence along
lake shore lo poinl uf commencement.
Dated Hnl April, ItlOII.
uplO-OOd        JULIA A. SIMPSON.
Belore the First ol May, two su-
roomed houses, iu Kevelstoke, with
two aores of luu,I each; Including, il
wauled, horse and rigs and all garden
tools. Situated west uf C IMi, trsck
Lower town.   Apply to
tc Box 286, Kevelstoke.
Notice of Dissolution
Nolice is hereby given thai ihe partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned K.J. Branfnrd, Frank
Hill and A. Wallace Dickinson, carrying on business us K..I, Brunford fi i'n.
as freighters and packers at Camborne
ami Beaton, B. Ci Has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent, 'i'he suid
A. Wallace Dickinson reliiing frtun
the snid linn and thu said K. J. Uinn-
I'niil ami Frank Hill continuing the
business under the sume name uf K. J.
Illlillfunl ,v Co.
Dated April I lib, iiiiiii.
K.   .1.   BlIANKIIIIl.
A.  W, Ull KINSON,
up limy 5      Frank Him..
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
While Leghorn    from    dlnnebord's
Hi t Jl in.
Brown Loghoi i> lium Morgan's strain,
Rhode Island Reds hum .Millet- strain
A sel I ing ul I.i from iny of tlie abofi
strains$2.   Apply ur address
.1. A. MORGAN,
Bux £!(, Revelsluke, B. 0.
^H'SlTWIKiPpV^"1'     "'
What Our
Means to You
TT means that the flour contained in haps and barrels
so tradc-innrkcd is decidedly
whiter, a great deal stronger
and nunc nutritious than
other flours.
it means tn.it ihe flour has been
properly aged lo mature its
full strength.
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
It means elimination of uncertainty—"your money back"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than the other kind,
but worth the difference.
Western Canada  Flour Mills Co.,
Mills at St. Bonikacb, Oopbricii, Brando*.
Office, Winnipeg, Manitoba
ill Wood
Reduced Prices
Now  is  the time to order yuur mill
wood.    Five loads and nver
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   at   any point  between Mill
and Koutenay Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at ollice ol
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds uf shingles, bul the best
loof-covering that any inun cun top
oIT wilh'is a
Fire insurance Policy
In a reliable company. So thai if ibe
flre-liend lays his home In ashes, be
gets dollar for dollar without delay.
Can the manufacturers of shingles
offer a kind to boat this f if not insured, lei us shingle ynur mul' TO H.W
for TO-MORROW may lie tuo late,
Lowest premiums in .best companies
Kkai. EstaTB ami Inki ham k
•OVflll iflps Vm Io Ell
Recatue it contains all the
ntimnlating properties of
bfef in m concentrated form.
This excites the appetitejattd
makes tou hungry.
BOVRIL Feeds Ton
Because it contains all the
Albumen and Fibrin of the
lieef. These are the vital
nuurishing properties which
make BOVRIL differ so essentially from all other preparations of meat.
#» t»t tmnA MlsMIMea       **
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       OAloe   MoKenzie Ave
Board of Conciliation Recites
Strong Grounds of Objection.
Ottawa, April 21.—Strongly cun-
demnatory ol the influence ot American labor unionism in Oanada is the
report of the board ol conciliation
appointed under the Lemieux Aet tu
enquire into a dispute between the
I'oininioii Ooal Company ul Nova
Scotia and lhe miners.
Tho report of the board slates that
the most important questiou for consideration was that uf recognition nl
the I'.M.W. ol America by the Dominion Coal Company, a question purely
a matter ol pulicy. The II.M.VV
claimed the right tn approach the
management by conuiiittcos, as is
done by the P.W.A., but the company
thus found itscll face to faro with two
rival organizations antl Inun,I it impracticable to deal wiili separate committees whose contentions might be
at variance.    Tbe repurt continues.
"The principal reason, however, why
the company refused to recognize the
I'.M.W. is that they are practically u
foreign organization, having danger
oils anil menacing powers under the
constitution. It is true that the U.
M.W. is international in membership,
but the principal executive ollicers
and the great bulk of the members
reside in the United States. The company pointed out tbat this has a very
BeriouB ell'ect on the coal trade ol
Nova Scotia, inasmuch as American
operators are making serious inroads
into Canadian markets.
But ihe most objectionable clause
of tbe cunstitution (of tbe U.M.W.A.)
is as follows:
' The international utlicials shall at
any time they deem it to the beet, interests of mine workers in a district
that is idle for just and sufficient reasons order a suspension of work in
any other district or districts that
would not in any way impede the
settlement ol the district affected,
provided that such action would conserve to the best interests of the CM.
W. of America.
"This rules makes its quite possible
for the executiie of the United Mine
Workers, whose head ollice is in Indianapolis, Indiana, to proclaim a
strike in Nova Scotia if they considered   it   to   be in the inteiesta of the
U.M.W.   as a whole Tbe
board considers thai the coal company
is amply justified in refusing to recognize an organization that cuuld exercise such a dangerous and continually
menacing power The men
must Bee tbat their interests are bound
up witb those of the Coal Company
and while tbey naturally expect to
share in the prosperity ol the company,
anything that tends to hamper materially the operations of the company
must iu the end prejudicially affect
Loses Temper and Feeds Baby
Step-Brother to Hogs
Nkw Oltl.KA.NS, La., April 21.— Incensed because his stepmuther had
lelt him ,,! home near Opelousas, La,,
iu charge ul hia little stepbruthera and
stepsister fur lhe day, Tom Oodtrey, a
12-year-old negro, led the yuuiigest of
his charges to the hogs, and later, with
an axe, inflicted what will probably
prove fatal wounds, on the heads of
the Iwo other children.
The stepinutlier reported the triple
crime tu the parish authorities uml
Turn was placed in j•»i 1 at Upelutisas,
She says sbe Intuid the baby iu the
pen with the hugs when sbe returned
home. Its hands and feet hail been
oaten off, but it was still alive. She
straightway whipped Tom, and when
she went Ior a duutur to attend the
baby, Tom seized au axe and attacked
his Bix-yeaa-old stepbrother inflicting
several ileepwininils. His youug stepsister Interfered, and he crushed her
skull with an axe. I'he girl is dying
and the nihei twu children  have little
chance lur recovery.
Law Restricts Marriages
Nkw Yoitk, April 21.— I'ersons al
llictod with consumption may uu
longer marry in New Jersey. Neither
may pcrsuus having any Iraiismissablu
disease. A law liirhitldiug such marriages, which modern health authorities have been urging Ior years, was
passed in the closing hours uf the
legislature's set-sum last week and was
signed laic Saturday night by Governor Furl. Thero was bitter opposition
tu the law un the ground ol its unconstitutionality, bul it finally passed by
a comfortable majority.
Estimated Wheat Crop
WiNSiriiti, April 21 —Mr. Frank
Fowler, secretary Northwest Urain
Dealers Association, stated to-day that
the estimate ul the grain crop this
year will he I l..,oi)<i,n(ill bushels. This
will he the result ul lands ttiruwu
0|h:ii and huinestcnding nud is hii
increase of about 16,000,000 nvor Inst
Marathon Waltz Won by Mrs.
Edwards and McCannell
Tlie dance held under the aus.iices
of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the li. ol
R. T. on Thursday night at tbe Opera
House proved a gnat success both in
the !art'c turnout of guests and in the
uncial feeling which pervaded all
Music was furnished by the Independent Hand and I!. Cordon officiated as
Master ol Ceremonies. At midnight
supper wus served and the guests
wauled fur uuthing in the way oi
dainties uf all kinds. The decorative
scheme, though not elaborate, wsb
tastefully carried uut, being in reality
a icplica ul that used for the hOBpital
the previous Tuesday. Alter supper
tho feature ul the night wan the
Marathon waltz. This is the lirst of
its kind ever held in Rovelstoke and
created nu little interest. There were
ten onirics and the rules of the cun-
test were thai each oollple had to start
frum uue> uf the referees and each
referee (there being one to each couple)
was to carefully keep tally of the
number of times his couple waltzed
round the hall within the 80 minutes
allotted for the race. Each couple
bad to turn once in every four bars
and could rest as often as they liked.
Tho couple making the greatest number of laps during the half hour would
be the winners. The following entries
were made: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Macdonald, Miss Campbell and Dr. Hamilton. Mis. Somes and Mr. Haner,
Mrs. Kdwardj and Mr. MuCannell,
Mr. and Mrs. K. O, McRae, MrB.
Walker aud Mr. Buckley, Mr. and
Mrs. Dan McDonald, Mr. and Mrs.
Stingley, Miss Ferguson aud U. H.
Brock, Miss Bartlow and J. Haner.
The referees were elected from the
hall as fulluws: Messrs.. Davis, Hen-
derson, Grimes, Calder, Roller, Jamieson, H. .McSorley, Schuuse, Walker.
The start was fast and a slashing
pact being sei by Mr. Stingley and
hia partner. Throughout the whole
of the race each couple kept up a fast
yet steady gait, a few lulling out in
order to rest. The interested spectators were highly enthusiastic and
cheered luatily. Taking the course
round tbe hall as 150 feet and the
average number ol laps as 60, the
dancers covered well over 2 miles
including the turua.
The reaull waa as (oIIowb:
1st.—Mrs Edwards and Mr. McCan-
nell, lil times ruund.
2nd.—Mr. and Mrs. Dun McDonald,
3rd—Mrs. Walker and Mr. Buckley,
The winners received a liandsniiie
[ub and sleeve links respectively. The
lirst Marathon dance in Revelstuke
proved a greiit succets. Messrs. VV.
H. Elson, Supt. T. Kilpatrick and VV,"
A.  Foote acted as judges.
Double the Prizes Taken from
Americans by Canucks
The annual horse show at Vancouver opened this year with all the eclat
which distinguished the successful
adventure last year. A large number
ul burses were on exhibit frum various
parts nf Oanada und the United States
but thu best, prizea wore held at home
by tho Canadian exhibits many uf the
••Firsts" lining retained iu Vancouver.
Hum Captain Tatlow,  Minister ol
Finance, iu luriually opening the show
"I count this llurso Sbuw as ol very
great assislitncc in the wurk thn government is carrying un," declined the
Minister of Finance.    "The Minister
ol Agriculture is trying tu improve
the quality ul stuck in thia pruvincc
and nothing iB mure calculated tu
advance his cllurts llian the undertaking the Horse Show promoters have
taken in  build."
lie lltlilersluii I llllil there were
horses in the riding uml driving
classiio Irom all parts ul lhe Dominion
ami Irom south ol lhe line,  anil   thai
thero were lino exhibits in ihe breeding classes. The encuuriigement nl
the breeding classes was that tie
guvernment were taking most.interesl
in because they believed this wai
gning to be ii great horse cuiiiitry.
lie regarded il as an important industry and one deserving of every sup
Comparison of lhe winning <-.111]in m
shuws the following results;
Firal prizes  Ill
Suouiul prizes  lfi
Third prizes  II
Grand total  8fl
First prizes  0
Second prizes  -1
Third prizes.     6
Qrand total      ih
VV.   J.   Ourtis, piano tuner, will bl
iii tho  city abuut 25th April.   Orders
lelt.   wilh    ll.   IIiiwhiiii  ur Kevelstuke
Ueuoral Agencies  will receive prompl
nitwit mil. td
■» »_B__Rjm<ww_|xj^BjTjt««K_r', .;y^r , 'S^rtzsVKVeVSif^eimt'SSSKi
iri fcl i?i^     te2^ T't'P    i   '--V=.-;     £     ii   11:.' r
&%!&£* I
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call for Estimates and  Advertising Fates
eS. ' A A JL &«_£___/"■JLiL.iirf' Jm.VA.ll
i^y _iV 5^ H
Sn Clear, So Shining and sn Evident thai-it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
_-_---*-.i' ■
A Canadian  M.idr Writing  Machine
|.',.r ease ol o|>eralion nnd
potto, lion in ibo ri - ill pro-
duced tho  " EMPIRE"
'n ri'.wi.i iKi;        nn iii-
The" KM I'll: I-." ■ '
im t oui plicated mu ■ mi i I
while ii- 111.U..0 . i i |ign-
ment, margin I I u ilitu .
automatic i on ■ nieni i . liability, visible writing, minimum ol nolrn in operation
make it the typewriter pur
excellent e,
The - UMPIRE " needs Ien
cure thin) any niher machine
because then re lewi i parti
I,, be cared foi tlso due b thi
sirong liui   of sitnj il
are pari of I he in i hine.
I he C.I'.H ' -' lhi
I.M I'll; I.      Typo* i
1896, c ;  .. tied   . uld to the
numbi r,   and   n i* i
i -imii ti     m ire  Iban 700
uf these machii
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational instil u-
iiuiiH ill Canada
The  Price
"—\ 0--CK>0<_K>0<->-0<><_KH>
New   Wash  Goods ut  bargain   prices.      Victoria   Lawns,   special  ut   i2^c.
White Waistings and Cross-bar Muslins at ioe. per yard and up.      Pretty   Muslins   in
check, e, etc., selling at 12 jii'c.   per  yard.      English Gignhatns and Galateas
n and stripe,   elling at 15c. per yard.    New Whitewear in skirts,   gowns,   corset
covers,   Irawers, etc , all at special prices.     Spring arrivals   in   men and boys'wear
1 ne and pick out your Easter Hat, wc have it here. New Ties, new Gloves, new
, new -'ms of Underwear, etc.     Ladies' uml Misses Bootand Shoe Department
0     newest Sp.in_; styles will he ol special interest to every woman.
Our Millinery  Department is at  its   best   now.     You can depend upon seeing the
ip-to-date modes and the very   laiei.t   styles.     This   department   is   under   the
ipervision of Miss McKenney, while her skill and   experience  should   be  a   sufficient
goarantec 10 one and all-
Pure Drugs
combined with carelul
compounding, prompt
delivery and r< asonable
price- ure the factors
■a hich have built up our
business to its present
immense p r,,portions.
Bring yuur next pre-
scriptiun here if ynu
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
(JARDEN    S E E 1) S
Call unci inspect our stock of Onion
None hut new su
Sets ami Warden Seeds uf nil kinds
•ds kepi in stuck
We carry   n   complete   line   of
staple anil fancy groceries,  ninl
can oiler you the best  goods at
llie sume  price  us  yon  pay   fur
inferior lines.
t )ui bread, cuke nnd pastry triule
is rapidly increasing, a trial
order Inr any une ni the aliuve
will explain why. Our aim is tu
keep only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Rent Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ofliee on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected, Loans Notary Puuuo
10<K>00<>0<K^<K>O<KHH><H><HH><><M> <
If vou want good Potatoes we have
just  unloaded  a ear.       Special   prices
for ton  lots.      Now  is your chance to
purchase .some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
'Phone 248
C. P. R. townsite agent
The fashionable trimming for all suits at the
present lime is the covered button. All I lie best
tailored show buttons in various sizes. Wc have a
full range in both Satin and Silk covered Buttons in
all sizes and colors.
are being largely worn this season and we are showing a nice assortment in white and colors at very
reasonable prices.
Straws, Sailors and Tains, the largest, best and
cheapest lot of these goods wc have yet shown. Get
them early while the range is complete.
McLennan & Co,
Local and General.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Don't   forget   tho   Y.M.C.A.
Tuesday next—afternoon and evening.
Cum. lo the s .M.C.A. and enjuy n
pleasant afternoon or evening—Tuesday 27th.
lleai the pretty Bung Btory hy the
children ou Friday, May 7th, at the
..pera ll   1181
The May Festival promises to bo
the best performance ever put on hv
child red iu RevelBtoke. Watch tor
tiirinet particulars.
Humors have   reached the cily that
a case ol   smallpo-x   has   developed in
one ol tbo lumber camps near to town.
bi alth   authorities   ure making
-tnd investigation.
The Ulobe Lumber Company report
a heavy demand fur building material
.1 all kind?. They received this week
n... less than teu cutis ol lumber and
shingles and it is &uing out as fust us
teams can deliver it,
Kev. H. Dickson, ul Knox cullegc,
Toronto, arrived this week to lake
charge uf the Presbyterian mission
work aluiig the line oi the C.P.K. witb
headquarters at Ttiree Valley. His
work will ezteud Irom Rogers' I'uss tu
BicamOUS. He wns the guest ol Kev.
J. K. Kut.ert.-un while in town.
The members uf the lucal ludge oi
the Independent Order of l.iddlellows
will tiuid their atinuai parade and
attend Divine service at tbe baptist
cnurch next suuuay evening, All
members aud visiting brothers are
invited tu atteud. Brothers are requested tu meet at Selkirk Hall at 7
ociwb,, tne members ui ine order ui
Koieiaus are luvited io attend witu
t..eu Lrj.Ucr UddlelluWS.
The Kooteuay Agencies i.i iii d     •
b-rtn iu, i [i in ed nnd bos t ,ke
tiie i-umi.etr lurineriy catiieU i
h iocs ,1 ■'. An ler« Mr   A. E   Km
c.,.0 is luauagiug ilireciur and Air.
J.,11, - ii... .5 t-ecieUi)-treasurer, lue
new i   ". ,, •  _• rrauglug
run -..-•. SU . in,,.'- VaUlt iiCCUili-
II.0-I4-.  n.
1 :.e bakers ul
r. luctantlj.   i.-.i'-   ttii
;     lull   in   line wil
ttt ...
I Ores
,        •  , .     -,   i   ii ui
tut ,, ii  m IB I   i■•• - ■ ii .i iioii.H
I   Luo. a I ai ur   III • ••••- lor $1.    Foi
., yeai    I bough tbe prici    i   liuur haa
been   .   d ills        sack n on tban fur-
uii rlj   the   eake,-- here bs . •     tot ad
rauced the prici   in tb    respeel
uniqui im ng tbi   I ski ri ol   the province.    1 in: recent   repi ati .1 ad  •
nuv.    i,  ......    ui  • - itati tl i rail
- ' pi itecti : sn I thi ni -i scab goes
into • ITeot at   ni •.
M ving I'ici  i'i- touighl.
Your Insurance
Is  one ul   tin-   most    important   items
in your business
LEI Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Look after ihis branch ol your business
Successors to Kincaid <& Anderson
A Kile ol wurk under the auspices uf
the Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's church
was held lust week at the residence uf
Miss K. McCarter, MoKenzie avenue.
The very handsome sum ol $66 was
realized and will, it is understood, be
devoted to the payment for tbe electrical lilting* recently placed in St.
return church.
Daylignt Saving in Revelstoke
Fixed by Mutual Consent
Thut the efforts of   local  parties  tu
arrange a time  schedule   iur   working
hours hy which the public would have
mure evening daylight   for   recreation
,,r other  personal  engagements  have
borne fruit in a -arisfactury agreement
lis already  announced.    Mayor   Liu I-
M,-p M.  Buok has accepted .i posi-1 mark stated tbis morning to  a repre-
tion in   the   law   ollice ol  Qillan   &   ...,,».„.,,..   [ the Mai -Heraui that all
tbe local emp        -   I labor bad fallen
Social and Personal
Mr. A
E, Milier, inspector ol public
schools, is in the city today on bis
regulai utllciul visit.
Mr. .mil Mr- F. H   Lewis will leavi
on   Thursday   llie   'i'.ltn   Instant   foi
uver where they will make their
into line  and   tiiat after   May   I   the
begin  ami   close  an
■ ■ turn :. m.   There was i   I
■   ■   ■       ...  case ol
-     .   >-">-c!ing
I       ..-_■
Mr.   .nnl    Mr-     rait ol tbe Hood - '   ■ •    '
. lev I   i
ive taken up
j tbeir
Mr, VV. A       -       -   re mj . ,    _. ,rking
it therefore be s
was in ■:    ou . ; ui- week inl.
cal  nmbermen un  matter-        inti '"•'■   <""  r«"
SD.    Tin-   -n.r.-tary  ol
Mr  an! Mrs   .!■-    Porter     '   " snd Labor Council brought
-..      ,       - i.i ..... - -on   Mi ■   hat bod) sod
Many Transfers of   Valuable
Holdings Listed Recently
As an indication ol tbo great activity prevailing in the lucal real estate
market we give below a list ol some of
the transfers nf property that have
recently taken place in the city:
Downie Estate to W. Hews, lut and
building on  McKenzie avenue.
Revelstuke General Agencies tu
Lawrence Hardware Co., lot and building on McKenzie avenue.
E. G. Fromey to A. Me Rae and (l.
S. McCarter, huiise and 2 lots on McKenzie avenue.
.1. M. Doyle to A. W Crowe, house
and 2 hits on McKenzie avenue.
Mrs. .1. M. Soott io Dr Hamilton,
liutise and A luts on McKenzie ave.
K. 15. Lewis to C. F. Lindmark,
huiise and li luts on MoKenzie ave.
ti. A. Lawson to K. M. Hume, 8 lots
on McKenzie avenue.
llevelstnke Land Company to W.W.
Fuster, block on McKenzie avenue.
Revelstuke Land Cumpany to R.
Howson   I,lock on McKenzie avenue.
B. A Lawson to Revelstoke Land
Company, - lots uu Fifth street.
Kevelstoke Land Company to C. It.
Skene. 2 lot* on Fifth street.
G. 8. McCarter to F, E. Sine, 2 lots
on Siitli'streC.
Revelstuke Land Cumpany to TIiob.
sturdy, 2 lots on Sixth street.
F-. M Allum to A. McEachern, 2
iota en Ninth street.
Tbotnae Sturdy to R'-'velstoke Land
Co.. 2 lots on Second street.
E C Fromey to R.J. Watson, 2 luts
on Tninl street,
1)    McCarthy to   W.W Foster, lot
■ ■, ick
Mr- ' i, I. \. (i  ll idler, bouse
„ :, Second streei
;    -    -   irdy   to   W    If    Govett,
\.-u    i.n,.     i   l.,,i.,      Hock
anil Mltle ('oml,-.
The  I..,',-'  Styles in
Gold Mounted Hid'   Combs
.1   .1. Porter.     Mr   and Mr-   P irti
.- ! .ruing    to    1 nmr    home    Iron
•        .       -i ■
tbs winter,
I he many Iriends   I w   -   Sew
egret i     .... i serious
it bis h.min in v iotorio      I ,,'■ family
.. a lummoned boms   ind   i ■
Newman if Arrowhead, passed  liruugh
in,lay nighi fur Victoria.
Mr. W, 11 Pratt, manager uf the
Molsons link who had re<;
ol his removal to a '_■ lebei , i inch ol
the same institution lm« been more
recently offered his choice of staying
mi iii Kevelstoke or accepting the re
moval, Mr. and Mr- Pratt have
t, ,1 to remain in tho city mil will continue iheii '•■ lidi nee hero,
Mixed i.i ■ ii grass ami clovi r seed il
Hews' Drug store.
"Choice carpet    nuares   snd rugs at
C, II. H i A Cos.
Buy a dollar Stylo or ink pencil at
Bews' Ding Store,
Wall paper, window   ihados, curtain
pules ami llxtures at C.B.Hume A Oo's
Tbo most complete equipment for
dispensing ymir proscriptions at Bews
Drug Sture.
FRESH SEEDS -Tlmothi   olovor
K gi table and llowers in  hulk     Uui
pecs iii packets.     Paget Supply Cu.
rom I iu-   .1 ,y i  - .
.HI,       ,l| a',   .
.1      ll,e    '.lloe   |,i     .
.    r tbi    e'.elllllg. I
,_...,    .1,     ' BlOCS
.   • totoi
rep,.:'. - ■ t|,ee.l, ,1   tl...
,.     i ...        irgi -t body
,,f   no I     city will vo'untarily
li   ire.i obaDgS
open    according   to s
prcviou     u  ingement al 1  , el ick in
steail   .'  •   md close ut 'I       I bl  a  b
,.. o ,i - instead ol i
■ ,ih : ..." li an beginning .it. II snd
closing ,ii il       \II   oity  .nnl eontraol
• ollices   and   the ill,'   '
alsu form to lhe new  Schedule
Not Making Good
'    [i nl lino.in in  Vain ver   had   re
ci mul ,t letter Irom a friend in the In
geniks country, Mr. .1. Pettry, who
wont in last year, It Is dated February 11, and whs brought out I.y way of
Hazelton,   The letter states i   "There
has been nothing guud fiiiind here yet.
Only two have taken   uut.   enough    to
puy iheir year's supplies, one about 80
,,/, uml the otlur shout 70 n/. Several other claims l.nnk uut a lew ounces,
hut nothing I.n indicate anything i ieli
or permanent. '
- ■,!! Third  -tree'.
■    l-and   Cumpany    tl    E.
K    McCarty   to R.  H   won, 3J lots
.   ty Hall
I    tl    I, iuroa 10 A. II. Allen, IS loot
1     • M     Kl   !■".!   'I'"  '.','
i. , i.n... -,. .   .....       ite
» -i.iet
II. A   Iir wn   ami J   MoPhai   lo ll
McKinn ,.. tbe skating i akai    lands
Catholic. — Rev.   Father  Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the Kirst.
and Third Sundays in every month
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2.1)0
p.m. Sunday School; 7:80p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andkkw's I'kksuvtkkian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Apl. 25,
Services 11 a.m., 7:80 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. in. Prayer meeting on Wednesday H p.m. Chnir practice and teach
ers' meeting, Friday 8 pm.
Knox Presbytkkian—,1. II. Robertson, H.I), minister Services un Sunday as Itillnws •—Morning service al
11 o'clock, Sunday Sohool and Bible
_ | Class at 2:30 p in, Evenii g service ai
7:30 p.m. Morning subject—"Onr
Relationship to Gud." Evening subject, "A New National I'uliov " Hood
music. Everybody is welcome and
strangers specially invited
St. pKTwt's (Anglican)—Kev C. A.
Procunier, M. A.., Rector. Second
Sunday after Easter. 8 a. rn. Holy
Communion. II a.m. Matins, Litany
and senium. 7 30 p. ni. Evensong and Senium. 2.30 p. in. Sunday
i\l kthodiht—Rev. T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Suuday as follows :—
Praise and fellowship in the clans room
10 to 10:Iii a.m. Regular public
service at 11 a.m. Suuday School
and Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. Evening
service 7 30 p.m The morning service will consist largely ul sacred sunt;
led by the junior choir and a short
address by the pastor on the "Ministry
of Music." Evening subject: "The
Glory . f the Son ot God, iu a fourfold
test ol truth and character." Epworth League on Monday evening at
8 o'clock Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
Baptist—Rev. XV. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible clasBat
2.30 p. m Ii. Y. P. IJ. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Morning subject, "The Armour
ol God." In the evening the I.OO.F
will w.rship witb us. Tho pasior will
preHch a sermon on Brotherhood. Tin
subject in the Men's Bible class at 2.30
will be, "Strikes and their lessons"
All men are invited tu this class.
The Leading: Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest   Siock  of Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The  Original   Mac's   Mixture  now   on   hand
and made  expressly  for  us by D. K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Stoves, Tin und  ISnamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Kxchanged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
Firsl St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.      -      J. C. HULL, Proprietor
is sure to bo a success if we supply the
Wc tako great pains tu see that all
our customers arc satisfactorily served .
It's a true saying, lhal a please customer is the hest advertisement, that
wc havo many ol tliiiin can easily he
seen by the business we do.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Green Bones Chopped for your Chickens Daily
Heavy   Losses   Expected
Growers of Peaches
Reports   Imm   growers   -    ■   iltal
a    heavy    Ins-    in    li.il!
. •!, u(   British  Colon I is   .i«   s
r. - i t of thi   mutually  seven   wintoi
Poal        in I     have   been    Inl l   !    .,|1   l,y
,i ■   •, mie um,, sppli   irohardi
-, 11 ■ -1 n I., y.
In thi . . ".-ii distrii'   ■■■■■     .1  I lie
rs   report   heavy  lossi     one  ul
tl.eio lieing upwards of four thnuaand
dullars      lm   -a.u,o OOndition   ol,tains
throughout the   Okanagan   .in,I   oilier
Iruil -Ii irims The tesiiii is that
peaches will bi high ihis Reason nnd
very acurcf.. The unusually severe
weather during tbe winter was re
sponsible for the loss there being  no
snow ;i|, Ilu- time t.n serve as a    prntee
linn for the trees.
lu K ii iii loops district the loss will
be fairly heavy and I" well distributed
amongst Ilio fruit growers.
Moving PloturCI tunighl.
At lasl the Dominion guvernment
fisheries cruiser Kestrel hits made a
real capture ol a L'niled States poacher
ni lhe Norihern waters. It tntik four
■hot! frum the Nurdeiifeldt gun of the
Kestrel to make the pirate Ihmw up
Ins bunds. Even then the ollicers re-
luseil to admit capture ami refused to
fasten hawsers to the lishing cralt
The latier wss   tuwed into Vancouver
wbere she imw lies a prise awaiting
court martial, Charles Levi Wood,
bur) is her name with a record of
smuggling nn tho Chinese and Japan-
H.se emits.
NbIsuii fmit growers have entered
lotos   mutual   arrangement  fur tbo
si.ipn,.-i,i of their small duits In unit
shipiin us tin. year. While ihe
seleme until r .Ins' i.si.m is tint yul en-
opei si v.- ii is anticipated i Inl ii will
he ,in,,|. -ieUi Li-fore shipment begins
I he i-Kiiiicrymcu ol the I'riistir river
have igain dropped the price ul sal
mon and are ottering live cents foi
Spring and thiee cents fnr whitelish
Tne cause offered for the drop is  the
alleged  full  in  prices   Inr   the   can lied
goods on the New Ynrk market.
DollcloUS   Pastry  can   be   made   bj
using Wn.li RoHI. psstry   Hour   in   10s
and IDs.   Tbe Paget Supply Co,
l\ o   have  a   nice line<il Japanese
mailing   mul   matting   male—C.   li
Hiunr A   Cn.
Royal Standard Flour    Wild Rose Pa:
A eEe_e_-_._--^-------._--.---._--.---.-am^*^m~*^*^m**^*~~*j»**m^~~--^mA^m^m^^
I You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay liens ltd. Agents
w   W""»fWWlWlfWfflfflfiffifffff*ffffffffffflffif|ff|
Card of Thanks
The Ladies' Hospital Ouild wish In
express tbeir sincere thanks iu the
Independent Hand fur their valuable
services on the OOOSsion ol the annual
11 nsp tal Ball on I ueadsy, April 2l)tb.
Mks. 11. Cl WINONA M  MllllKIS,
Kor .Sale—A lots, each 50x140 and 10
room bouse. Qood location. $700
cash, terms lur balance, For particulars apply tu W. li. Uoberisou.
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given that Ilm
price nl bread will he advanced (ruin
sixteen loaves lor $1.00 to twelve
loaves lur fl; and fancy bread 10c. por
luaf straight.
tHignetl;       Ai.i.n. UoilHON,
.1. L. Headrick,
Tapestry and chenille curtains,
table spreads and couch "uvura, a mac
line at 0, 13, Hume & Qo'l.


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