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 " Empire" Typewriter
For esse of operation and perfection
in result!" produced, this machine
is unsurpassed,    Trice, 900.00 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail
0 7
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 14,-No  93
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
To lesbcn the pressure of the lasl few days of
Holiday Shopping, we would advise early
buying.   Come in the mornings when possible
decorations.    A swell gift
Remnant   Sale
A   Present   For   You
Let us make a few suggestions to you in connection with those
Christmas Presents you are going to buy.—We have just opened
up mu Hist order of "LIBBY'S" World's Best CUT GLASS WARE
—Kvery piece is a gem, all the latest designs, and we are going to
sell thrin at the same prices as you are asked for the cheapest ware,
For   Nothing
is  more   appropriate   ,iud  more appreciated than a good present
In   Cut Glass
Look Over This List
Sterling Siver Novelties, Case
Carvers, Sets of Knives and
Forks in Ivory or Pearl, Fancy
Clocks, Cases with Safe.) Razors
everything In guaranteed Plated
Ware, Soup Tureens, Tea Sets,
fruit Baskets, Butt ei Dishes, etc
We have placed in our eases
this season, the finest selection
nl  Hand-painted
ever seen iii British   Columbia.
If you want Good Goods, Good
Values and Good Satisfaction
Come and see Our Goods
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
$10,000 000.00
Branohes or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States -London, England,
Llovd's Bank, Ltd. Chicago First National Bank, Corn Exchange
National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Franolsco—
Wells Furgo, Nevada National Bank. Spokane—hxchang" National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 1)11 and upward, received, and interest credited four
times a year.   .Special attention given to out-of-town accounts,
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Christmas Groceries
Gold medal peels, guaranteed full llavor English mixed
peel., special rnri.il and candied, put up in lancy boxes, a sanitary way of handling these peels—per box 30c. .Special
Wagstaffe's English plum
pudding, extra heavy in fruitt-
pure, clean and fresh, readv
for warming; two pound puddings for 75o. Christie lirown
plum puddings, put up iu I.
'_ and .'! pound puddings, at
per lb., 40c Valencia raisins,
tine, off stock. Hull; Valencia?,
extra cleaned, Spanish pack,
per Ib. 15o. Mediteranian
Sultana or seedless raisins,
Italian   fruit,   extra clean, a
satisfactory raisin I use in ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cake or pudding—per pottiui 18c. Smyrna ligs, fine large
layers of pressed iruit—peril' 25c, Raisins and currants, line
off stock cleaned fruit, specially packed in boxes, it sanitaty and
clean way of handling—two packages for 25c. Itoytil Dehesia
cluster raisins, the highest quality of table raisins, imported in
beautiful large clusters.
Something new and unique in
Prussia China M ignificent
lloral decorations in rxic* colorings. Ilrii.h and comb trays,
-aad howls, biscuit jars, cuke
plulea, spoon ti'nys, cream and
sugar sets, cocoa pots, niucha
puts, bun bon dishes, etc
SPECIAL—One English Tom
und .lerry Bet, extra largo bowl
and twelve drinking mugs, llnral
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited ?
Ladies' and Children's Wear
bee Them belore buying Elsewhere They Cannul be Beat for Value
Coats, Furs, Blouses
Under wenr
White   Swu mown    By   The   Yard
Opposite Climax  Hotel, First Street.
J usi   received     .i    luil
stock   of    Ladies'   and
Children's Shoes,
New Rink to be Built
A meeting of the Curling Club wss
held on Wednesday nigbt las' with a
good attendance W, A Fnote as
president took the chair. A resoluM n
was passed, after a general discussion,
that tbe president, vice president and
nenretary be instructed to secure a bile
(or a curling rink on the most favorable torniss, and that a company be
formed fnr the purpose ot purchasing
said site aud building a curling rink
of their own, and tlmt every endeavor
be made In purchase and pay lor sHid
rink site and secure a fund for the
erection of a rink building thereon,
It was further resolved that Mr.
Elliot's offer 88 follows be accepted:
" That I incorporate a j'int stock company under the Benevolent Aet, incur-
porating the Kevelstoke Curling Club
with suilieieiit capital to purchase a
site and build a curling rink, and
agree to secure eaid incorporation at a
coBt of incorporation disbursements
only, and that on payment of such
incorporation diBhurBements 1 be
issued stock to cover that amount "
A committee of the following haa
appointed tlie skips:—J. II. Jackson,
A. E. Rose, F. C. Elliott.
The names of skips for tbe season
aB appointed by the club are: A. Y.
Anderson, J. G. Barber, J. Donald, E.
Edwards, C M. Field, W. A. Foote, J.
11. Jackson, C. Et. Macdonald, ,1. G.
McLean, D. M. Rae, A. E. RoBe, R.
Smith, F. li. Wells.
The following have agreed to curl
this coming season: J. H. Jackson;
W. A. Fnote, F. C. Elliott, J. Guy
Barber, A. E. Rose, E. Probyn, A. Y.
Anderson, J T. Pollock, A. G. Brooker.
J.J. Devine, J. A. Ringer, E. W. B.
Paget, H. R, Maundrell, F. B. Lewis,
N. Abrahamson, D. M. Rae,G. Knapp,
W. W. Foster, R. S. SquarebriggB, J.
Donald, ll I). Macdonald, F. B. Wells,
V. B. Woodland, D. Smythe, C. R.
Macdonald, E, Edwards, George H.
Knight, J. G. McLean, Rev. J. R.
Robertson, Chas M. Field, J. R. N.
Cooke, A. J.Hown, W. Bews; L M.
Hagar, F. H Pourue, 11. E. Stanlev,
R. A. Lnyst A. H. Allan, J Walsh,
Rev. W. P. Freeman, J. Laughton, J.
Abrahainscn, R. Smith, Rev. C. A.
Procunier, W. H. Elson, J. Haner, W.
A. Sturdy, W. J. W. Brown, P.
Betbune, Chas. F. Lindmark, J. H.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
and Third Sundays iu every montli
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Dec. 18,
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir practice and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p.m.
Knox Presbyterian—J. R. Robertson, B.D., minister. Suuday services
at ll am. and 7 30p.m. Suuday
School and Pastor's Bible Claes at 2-30
Prayer meeting Wednesday, 8 to 9 p.m.
Cbuir practice Friday night, 8 o'clock.
Morning subject,'The Great Dedication", Evening subject, "The Greatest
Kingdom." Good music. A cordial
welcome to all and strangers specially
Methodist—Rev T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services ou Suuday as follows :—
Morning service at 11 o'clock. Sunday School and Bible Class at 2:30 p.
ni, Evening service at 7:30 p.m.
Rev. W. P. Freeman will preach the
morning sermon. The evening subject
by the pastor will he, "The Mission ot
Christianity," based upon God's first
promise to man in the Garden of
Eden. Monday evening, Epworth
League Missionary department: address on "Raymad'e Forward Movement", by Riv W.P. Freeman. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday evening at 8
St. PBTKB'S 'Anglican;—Rev. C. A.
Procunier, M. A.. Hector. Third
Suuday in Advent. Services, 8 a.m.
Holy Communion, 11 a.m Matins
aud serin.in. 7 30 pm. Evensong.
Sunday School, 2.31) p.m.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Service«atlla.ni. and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p. ni. R. S.P.U. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p m. All are invited to theae services
Mr. Laing will conduct the morning
services. In tbe evening the pastor
will preach on lhe subject, " What
the liar Rooms coat tbe City of Revelatoke per Annum, from the standpoint
of Dollars and Cents."
Liberal Association
A large number uf enthusiastic and
good Liberals attended the annual
general meeting ol the Liberal Association last night, the lollowing ollicers lieing elected: First Honorary
President Sir Willrid l.aurier; 2nd
Hon. Pros, J. A. McDonald; President,
F. Robinson; Vice-Pres., J. Abraham
sun; Secretary, 11. Cook; Treasurer, F.
Bourne; Executive, W. I. Briggs, Gus
Hedstrum, R. HuwBon, F. Eraser, R.
Caley, N. T. Edwards, C. ll. Macdonald, 8. Conioui. Confidence iu Sir
Willrid Laurier was expressed in on-
thuaif.stic terms.
Thermos Bottles keiji contents hoi
for 24 h.iiirs nr cold fur 72 hourb. Just
the thing to keep the baby's milk
warm all nigbt, In black metal $3.00,
nickel plated $5—Lawrence Hardwaic
Masquerade Ball Under Auspices of Fire Brigade No. 1
—Magnificent Display of Costumes—Large Attendance
The bo -iii evoni of the season so  Inr
took pi "i nn Thursday night in the
Opera Hn •-, the occasion b'ing tin
lirsit an mi ,i masquei ulo ball under
the auapiees ot Fire Brigade No. 1.
Seldom has Revelstoke witnessed such
a gala scon« as that portrayed in the
elegantly decorated hull on Thursday
The decorations were tastefully and
lavishly carried out, the combination
of color overhead making a vivid
canopy over the ball rs/om, the effect
being particularly pleasing. Conspicu
ously placed on the platform in front
of the Independent Band was a trophy
of hose and nozzles surmounted by
the haudsume "wet test cup" won thiB
year at the Lahor Day sports by No. 1.
Considerable taste was displayed by
the decoration committee who deserve
great credit for tlieir work.
By the time the Grand March was
called a large number ol dancers arrayed in fancy continues wore tilling
the hall, and during the intricacies of
the iascinating circle the conglnmera-
tiou ol color effect win superb, and it
ia safe to say that such an exhibition
of art, decorative skill, taste and
variety in the hundred and one cob
tunics that mingled together in an
ever changing kaleidoscepie whirl has
never  been seen before in  Revelstoke
Those who came in costume are all
to be highly complimented on tbeir
skill in choosing such novel and
elegant attire. Many of the dresses
were indeed works of ait  nnd lavishly
ornamented. To the onlooker the
scene hub one of fascination, the effect
being heightened by the (net that
ptactically few of the d.mcera could be
recognized behind their masks. Unmasking wae the signal for endless
amusement aB the characters were
identified. Soldiers mingled with
oriental beauties, prim puritan n aids
and school girls made eyes at dashing
cavaliers and cowboys, while skeletons,
savage Zulus. Bquaws and policemen
took life together as happily aB anything. This wsb perhaps one of the
.Socialists dreams ur the beginning ot
tlie Milenniuin as people of all
uatiuus, languages and color were
hob uubbiug together on enjoyment
Aa boats the firemen of No. 1 carried
out their duties of feeding "the live
thousand" admirably, only in thia
case the supply of good things was
readily forthcoming. Revelstoke is
famous for her home cooking, and a
sample of it waa seen in the many
rich and luscious cakea provided.
During the interval MisB Muriel
Buck and Mias Mary Edwards provided "extras."
Dancing waB kept up till an earlv
hour on Friday morning.
The affair has been voted a huge
succesB. The firemen of No. 1 and
No. 2 are popular entertainers and
as guests the latter gave ready assistance to their brother brigade.
Our firemen are au army of nun
who druw water rather ins-tend of
hlnod and thanks instead of tears.
They are a cold water army whu
never break tlieir pledge, and may the
ladies never cast cold water on the
llanie of their affeotlon; their coatB
are water proof, their lleali lire proof,
their bouea Iracturc proof, their spirits
fourth proof; they arc the first to be
moved by the Bound of the bells
(belleB), and the last to be deaf to
their calls. No. 1 has every reason to
congratulate themselves on the sue-
cess of tbeir first matquorado which
haa been voted the ovent ol tho I
To tho baud credit is due for ex-:
Oellent music and still more perfect!
The judges had hard work to make1
a fair decision,  ao dillicult it  was to j
decide  between   the  many   beautiful
and eloboratc coslunies.
The following won the prizes.
Rest Man—A. B. McCleneghan—I
Turkish Zouave.    Prize, marble clock.
Best Lady—Misa M. Edwards —j
Tambourine Dancing Girl. Prize,,
hand mirror.
Comic—V. 0, Wainwriglit—Zulu.
Prize, jardiniere.
Special prize for Best Couple—J.
Collin and Jlim Kitchen—Indian aud
Special mention of the lulloning
waB made by the judges, among a
eplendid lot of lirst class costumes
Mrs. II. Cunningham Morris—
Gainsborough Duchess.
MisB Briinacoiuhe—Liberty.
Miea 8, G. Robbins—Cuban Lady.
Miaa Crake—Night.
Mr   and   Mrs.  .Iiiiniesni,—Mr. and
Mrs. Won Lung.
0. S. Brock—Sir Walter Raleigh.
Mrs. T. HudBon, Night.
"   G. H  Brock, Merry Widow.
"    A. It. Grant, Red Riding Hood.
"    .1. V. Mauley, School Girl
"   J. Jamieson, Mra. Won Lung
"   Woodland, Aunt Mirsudy
"    Hooley, GciBha Girl
"    F. B. Lewis,
"    N. Abrahamson, Folly
"   ,1. L. Stark, Folly
"    1). M. Rae, Carmen
"   W. Chambers, Black Diamond
"    F. 0. Elliott, PuiBant Girl
"   M. Agnew, Queen of Nigbt
"    N. T Edwards, Evergreen
"   G. Hedstrum, Scotch Lassie
"   S. Bickerton, Spanish Girl
"   T. E.L.Taylor, Kate Groenaway
"   II. Cunningham Morris. Gainsborough Duoheai
" B, R. AtkitiB, Chrysanthemum
" E. Edwards, Red Riding Hood
" Kennedy, Spanish Lady
" 0. Holten, Indian Princess
" A. B. McCleneghan, Domino
" S G  R 'bliius, Cuban Lady
" W M  Lawrence, Scotch Lassie
" J. T. Telfer, Bohonl Girl
" I). MoDonald, llrni.in Lady.
" Squarebnggs, Golooiil Br-lle,
Miss M. Cmskell, Bluebell
" P. Ilawkes, Fylly
" E. Allan, ling Ling
W. Mafdoir.ild, Gipsy Queen
" 11. McLennan, Dully Vnrden
■' U  Scnlt, Indian Maid
" 0  Wii"dfield   Shepherdess
"   J. Abel, Wearing uf the Green
'   S.Connolly, Flags of all Nations
"    MeKcnney, Pierrot
"    N. McRae, Dutch Girl
"   E. Henneyer, Bwin Maid
"   N. Beck, Japanese Girl
'•    M. Beck,
"    Kitchen, Indian Squaw
"    B. Spurling, Puritan Maid
"    P. Robinson, Grecian Girl
"   M. Edwards, Tambourine Girl
"    Crake, Night
■'    Briinacombe, Liberty
"   Chamberiain,
"    M. Buck, Court Lady
"    A. Buck,
"    F. JMiffe, Sailor
"    White, Folly
"    MacFarlane, Gipsy
"   J Ainslio, College Graduate
"    Foote, Lady Forteese.
"    B. Woodland, Swiss Peasant
"    E. Kennedy, .Mother Goose
W. D, Peterson, German Farmer
D. A. McConnell, Little Boy Blue
H. J. Cisinp, Clown
W. Marrier, Tramp
C. Mair, Rough Rider
J. Donald, Stair Sergent R. C
J. Russell, Clown
G  Singer, Simple Simon
J. Bailey, Hat Baby
VV. A. Chambers, Skeeaika
J. Woodland, I'ncle Pike
J   V. Mauley, School Boy
A. McEachern, ForeBtar
G. H. Brock, Sir Walter Raleigh
F. Hooley, G. T. P. Engineer
A. B. McCleneghan. Turkish Zouave
A  H. Wyse, Coon
V. C. Wainwriglit, Zulu Chief
Bert Hall, Chief Lobeugula
D. Calder, Cow Puncher
R. Hodgson, French Courtier
J. MoMartin, Li Hung Chang
W. V. Goddard, Red Pirate
F. W. Hesse, Turk
ri. Wilson, Pierrot'
J. Collin, Indian Chief
G. IL Lillie, C. P. R. Conductor
B. R. Atkins, Red Tape O. H. M. S
H  Smythe, Chef
G. W. Quin, Skeleton and Soldier
E. L. Grimes, Cavalier
F. Mair, Policeman
M. McRae, Policeman
D. M. Rae, French Courtier
V. B. Woodland, Liberty
J. L Stark, Uncle Sam
Dr. Hamilton, Folly
F. Worley, Backwoodsman
J. McPhail, Brownie Dude
S. Norman, Nigger Woman
A  Woodland, Court Jester
C. Kennedy, Colored Minstrel
W. M. Lawrence, Parish Priest.
Kevelstoke   is   proud   ol    her   fire
brigade and " May a fireman never be
iu want of hose and never kick tbe
Three   Murderers   Will
on Dec. 18th
New Westminster will, this month,
have the unique experience ol three
hangings on one day. These executions anise out of the trial of tliree
murder cases. The condemned men
area Chinaman named Lee Chung,
and twu negroes, John Petrella and
James Jenkins.
The cabinet haa now rcviewd the
evidence in each case, and is unable
to lind any grounds for commutation,
The execuliun will take place accordingly mi December lNih, the date
fixed by the trial  judges.
Equipment   Order
lhe railway commission has an
order mil which stipulates that where
freight cars are us.id on main line
trains they must be equipped with air
i raues, sici'l tires and metal truck*
designed lur passenger service. Where
these requirements are not complied
with on account ol exceptinnal circumstanced, trains must not bo run at
more than 3ii miles an hour.
Interior Lawyers Going to Van
NivI.m.n, Den. II.—Mr S. S. Taylor,
K. 0., mayor and resident of this city
for lhe past 11 years, haa announced
bis Intention to remove to Vancouver
early iu January, where he will continue his law practice. Mr. W. H.
Galliber, ex-M . P, has already taken
up the practice of law in thu thriving
commercial capital ol the province,
and there arc rumors that, a number
ol .titer lending legal 'lights ol Nekton
and other cities of tbo interior are con
leinplaliug removal to tlio coast citiea.
Card of Thanks
Fire Brigade No. 1 wishes to thank
the Independent Band for rendering
snob vu I ii .Iih* service at the Masquerade Ball on Thursday night, and all
lluiMf who by their assistance made
the affair such a signal success,
H. COOK, Secretary,
To Set Before You
Is waiting for you here in
the shape of a nice set of
crockery. There arc complete sets and odd pieces
such as Dishes, Plates, Cups, Saucers, Toilet Sets,
Pitchers, Bowls, Basins, in the best makes of English,
French, German and Austrian ware. Glasses of all kinds,
Tumblers, Decanters, Table Sets, and some very choice
pieces in Cut Gla.is. You will find this a good opportunity to stock up your china closet and kitchen, or get
presents for your friends.
Xmas Groceries
Our Christmas Groceries arc coming in. We have a
complete new stock of Raisins, Currants, Peels, Shelled
Almonds, Walnuts, Fruits, Nuts and other Seasonable
Goods; while in such staple articles as Flour, Ham, Butter, Kggs, etc., a trial will satisfy you that the quality of
om goods, and our prices ate right. Let us have your
cider for Christmas Groceries.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
You II have money fett-
i>uy those iP^&r.stm&s
You will have money left to buy Christinas
presents if you buy your clothes from us, because wc
will save you enough on a suit or overcoat for you
to afloal to give presents to your friends.
There is no use of throwing your money away
$15 will buy a good, well cut, all wool suit of clothes
or an overcoat from us, and if you pay us %io or
$25 you will get clothes that will make you feel like
a millionaire. i^H
.Fit Reform Clothing
b. e. walker, President       Paid-up Capital,$l 0 000,000
ALEX.   LAIRD, Gen. Mgr. ReS_TVe Fund,    -    6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in Uimeil States and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of $1 and Upwards arc received and interefit
allowed at current rates, and paid twice yearly. Accounts
may be opened in the names of two or more persons, withdrawals to be made by any one of the number or by the survivor.
- .     **: 1    .
mas Shoppers
'7 ' ■   	
Our store is aglow with the spirit of Christmas.     Tables heaped with great bargains.     The useful i.s combined with the ornamental in this superb array of holiday merchandise.     Useful things make the best kind of Christmas Gifts.   * Our lines are all that
a,- , ;..■£.
- ^t&*z, -
-/."   Rind.    Shop early.    Buyers who often go away dissatisfied with the things they have bought, chiefly because they did not know
what to buy, will have no difficulty in knowing what to buy after a visit to our store.
Store Open Et)ery Evening till 10 O'clock on and after XOednesday 16th inst.
Keen Cuttim
Cabinets of
Table Ware
msly flavored, nice looking turkey will taste i 11 the
I •■: ter for being properly carved
ami served. The can rs we
-ell are only best steel hand-
forged blades. Here arc a few
of our Christmas special;
Three-piece sets, fancy stag
h indies, sti rling silver ferrules
and caps, Saracenic hi ide, in
silk and plush lined Morroco
leather case Per case $S
same in a five piect      $10
1 X 1. carver-, tsaraci nic
hi ides, White Celluloid ban-
lies, ii. plush lined cases .fii
Same in Stag handles 155
FISH CARVERS in Celluloid and Pearl, in fancy plush
ami silk lined case;. S6.50; $10
SCISSORS    in    leatherette
■ -. ."s pair to case, linker's
best brand S3, 3.2.5, 3.50
ivory, pearl, celluloid, stag and
silver handles       75c. to *2.50
Silver plated knives ami
forks, fancy blades, celluloid
handles, in silk lined oak
cases SIs.miQ
Same with pearl handles    $20
Fancy case uf table waro in
French grey finish, William
Rogers make containing 'i
plated knives and fork?, 6 des- 1
sort spoons, (i lea spoons, 1
butter knife, 1 sugar shell,
beautiful silk lined cut-.     $15
Fruit  knives   in 'leatherette
silk lined cases, ivory handled
set ui .-ix $3 50 and 4.00
Same, pearl handles   s.r> and G
" sterling silver handles $6.50
Sugar shells, sterling silver,
one in case $'2 and 2.50
Cake knives, silver plated,
serrated, pearl handled      3.00
Meat forks, silver plated, one
in box 1.00 and 2.00
Berry spoons, silver howl   2.00
gold howl    3.00
Christmas Skates
Nothing tvi ll ph use u hoy or
girl more than a pair ol good
skate- for Xmas, We have no
oilier kind:
Automobile skates, light,
strong, beautiful, blades nickel
steel, lops aluminum, impossible In break, guaranteed 5.00
Without aluminum tups 3 50
Hockey club 75c. Favorite 1 50
Peerless, ladies' favorite _.__
Beauty, our ladies' best 3.00
Spring skates Si to 3,50
Silver Plated Ware
The   Standard   Silver Co.'s
ware stands- for all that's good
in quality, rich  in design, and
all that can  be desired by the
discriminating buyer:
Three piece tea seta
Four        ''        ''
with tray
Butter dishes
Bon Bon dishes
Biscuit Jars
Cake baskets
-.35. 40
I 50 to n.50
2,50 to 5.00
75c. to 8,50
•5» and 'Loo
(i.50 to sS.oo
Special Sale of
Wedgewood Goods
We bave an exceptionally
line line of this popular ware
which we bought at prices that
would not be considered today
at all, und arc thereby enabled
to offer them to the citizens of
Revelstoke and vicinity at
prices nt least 25 per cent bo-
low the cost price of these
goods today. Listen to sonic
of our prices and you will he
convinced that these are genu-
i"    holiday bargains:
Does He Shave?
Make his Xmas a happy one
by giving him one of our easy
shaving Safely Razors, Head
the bargains ive offer:
Ever Ready set, nickel plated  .
12 blades, leatherette case,   SI
Gillette's Sat'i'iv. 12 blades,
tripie silver plated handles,
leather case 5.00 \
Special offer—I English razor, shaving brush, strop, cake
tsOap, bevel plate mirror     2.00
Art in China Ware
A most elaborate display of
all the dainty wares in which
the tasteful housekeeper takes
a pride. All the best English
makes including Coal port, Roy-
al Crown Derby, Royal Worcester. Copetand, Aynsley, We
also have a splendid line of
tbat over popular china from
the Pouyete and other famous
makers in Limoges, France;
and a beautiful assortment of
Japanese hand-painted goods.
'Tea Pots               2.50
Cream Pitchers _ 1 25
One jiint Jugs      1 25
Two    '•        '*        2.50
Toilet Trays        3 00
Vases 7.5c.
7.00 and 8.00
Jardinieres, 2.50. 3.00
Ash Travs            75c.
Jewel ._6j.es 1.00, 1.25
Hair receivers        1.511
cue of tin' 11 hove enumer-
artioles   would   make an
appropriate   and   inexpensive
is gift.     Look tliein ovt r.
Lawrence Hardware Company, Limited
Libbey cut glass is aB
cheerful as sunlight as
beautiful 11s a llower.
Made in a great variety
of designs, and for all
uses it is practical as
well as ornamental. A
few pieces of cut glass
give an air of richness
and elegance to a table,
and is euro to be appreciated by any woman of
taste. A few prices are:
Bon Hon dishes ?3
Plates 0.50
Celery dish 6.50
a gem .S.50
Bowk 8.50
urgc.to 12.00
Olive dishes 4.00
and 5.00
Oil bottle6, 6.50
Cream   i.  sugar
sets 7.50 to 10
iimlilors.   each
_.;.':-. 2.0(1
Vases  -I.OO.jilo !)
*'    12 inch at
Ma.il Orders  "Promptly Attended To
Cull and Examine Our Stoct\_
_______________________ _■_-________-___-_-_____■___■
Goods Carefully "PacKed and Shipped
Zhc  fll-miUlfocvato.
HI U   WEDKKSD i V   t.N'D
liA*l   AT
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc,
Nordheimer Fianos
Unequalled   for  purity  of tone   and
bi mi)' of design.
Supreme and Exchequer Court
X.vii'-. Practice in Patent
O ice    and   befoie    Railway
Coin mission.
Hox. C'HAHLKSjMl Bl'HV, -M. I'll utoi 11 Fisher.
:; -
,:l.VKI.-      Ki BOH  I.AKK n. C
... .   ' . 1
New Scale Williams P
At th.
head ol
the list
in thi*
f 1    : High
I il'.l'.ir
t- High C . irehae the n
puymenl plai \ |
... mtifi . ; ii itrutni nl ' ■ -   '■   '
ARVEY, M.VAK i    ,.
BMlKlsrVltS, SO ,  KTC.
OnriCM :    IMI -'.".- l'i   . .
(>'      U. ltd   -.!-.. Hi
•:...-. .>_ A. Haiv
iiii 1 11..-K .-   BAKER
tall and see the New Designs
.    ■"  -   .'.; LL IV. 1.
(uii    A    BRIG IS
ii iKRifl raits, 8 E.
M i'.lv       Loan
K    t Sti    ' • ■■*•• ".oki    ii.'
I 1
1':    . -
Mil..!.,- Kill v.-y. 1
l'i -
Ml  KK'./'.l-    AVf.M I.
ti   IX     I"  ■     I.i   ■■:.-....    .
•   ben '',■   givi a   that   ibe
I r tbi  n '■■ pi ion    It endi 1
,■:    1     1   ■  ic   U .:. lini
... nded   t      Decern I er  3 iti
18 -
Plant ind -. ■   I    1   ds a
' • -• en at  Vict iria ..: d   V in   oivcr,
H '.
By 0
Napoleon '11 ssi r
I' : artmeot 1 I Public W orks,
Ottawa, Nov. 20th  1908
-~-    .
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
I Watch
•   ■ •        nly ti
mild up
.   li
Che _H>a.-*1bera-&
Arrow   Lake   District   Shows
Marked Progress.
Application ; - I.ecu made tc the
Dominion Government for tlie establishment nf a post'tlire at Holisun.
Ilu- it tin- ninth or tentli application
made this year to the department and
shows the rapidity witli ivliicb tbe
settling il the Iruil lands along the
Kootenay vail y i- going on. As Kob
- m : .1- now close "ii to one hundred
ady boasts ol a hotel,
. chool, ' church a d 1 general Btore,
• ien t that the n quest
will be gi inted
Where s few ypar    go tin   Bbores of
■ lie 1' ilumbi      i illey from Wan-
■ ta.   on   tin 1 i.iii'ilary.
•    . \.     -. .   ■! .ii the  head
I the up|       1      'I ike   ISO mile-
k     almost  unbroker
1 swei ping d wn ti
.   ....... dozens
I   -   ,1,1 customs port
1  tin irisbiu_   Iruil
bin   -iy vard,
;  - ng   I on
■   i;.,is
leer I I)     Creek,
• ■    Bui'
, ' Park, Nakusp,
,..•■'    Halcyon
C.P.B sir flotilla
.   ..■   ..-,.    .,|     ;|,|.
1 ind tr-
.   tbi
I . I,- from
•   • ■.. I    :.    ul !H I
'III ,»■ ,  v.—
TO   Till".
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Among Prepardtions
Dining Room furniture in particularly essential, and in view ot
this fact we have selected a very
desirable line of elegant and
artistic dining tsblos, chairs and
sideboares. An eaily inspection
"h mid be made, us lhe price ive
are asking for such superior lurn-
nure iiiiikes them a most desirable
R.  HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
Bevelstoke Assessment District
\KK NOTK E thai  I shall hold a
I ul   f Revit       ind   Appeal,   ui	
provisions ol i he "A ■-'■-- tni nl
Act." respecting the Assessment Rolls
fi 1008, foi tho R>vi Mol - (Visessmeiil
D -trill, mi MONDAY, the _l«l day of
December, 1908, at the hour "I eleven
I.   lock  in  the forenoon, at  i he Com I
II I--. Revelstoke,
D   ed al   Revelstoke Hii- 17th day • I
NovSmlier, 11308,
('. M, FIELD,
I , |ge nl ih" (,'i'iiii ..I Revisii n ai .1
Appeal,  Revelstoke Assessmei i
11 itri a of Wesi Kootenay.
Nov lb Dec iy.
bad tn
.       ...
Tl      t hard]] b_h	
T.t talk ni,...it it,i, rs, it
-Al URDAY, DEI EMBER 12  1908
JOIN Kol'Clv
What can you do for Re elstoke
i- a question that Bhould oome
next to that of the motto "Home
sweet home" in every citizen
homo, and Bhould be asked by
■ veryone in this fair oity ol unr.-.
i here arc lota of things that tbn
people uenurally could  do for Rev-
of wh I
A   li, i
, :
Important Executive Meetiny of
»bat       earl the League
-i-'.'i'i of,     Where ••    ■ - .
:   .    i  . i oie .... beld oi
.i t   -.     i ing i Y. M. C. A.   Presiden
tn* Cl •■   'if   its    boni". '' . .,      , i   .       . .i
»" Miller» and almosi the
on different tradei   and professi ..       -   •     \, Mr,
then islittledifference betv i msd
.. nd man  and < he moi
heels ol loeia' inti
i!.'■ mon pro       i      ■ ■■
iniii'iiy   be.      Boost, don'l   knock
and   remember  thai the  ell  opin
ionated bearf   do   welghl with I he
Import direct from country ol origin.
J i, I', V ELSTOKE'   _B.  O.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
for the farm, Canton Lawn
or 0ons_rv.-tt.ry
Reliable varieties at reason
ahlc prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation to ilamajje slock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direel anil 'gel I ices and
seeds that );row.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spijv
Pumps,   Spraying Material,  Cm
Flowers, etc. Oldest established nursery on the mainland
ot l>. I'.    Catalogue IVer.
Green Houses and Seed Houses
>     :VANCOUVER, B.C.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
broadminded public.
Cut Flowers
(rn v».iii(in iiiiiuiH,   Oarnatloiis and
sitli'i ('.ui. Flowers supplied  by J.T.
Healhy, Nelson, ll, C,  fl'.o. llux 8117.j
Nov. HJau. 11
impossible lor bim to n i epl thi
if ths      gui, Rj •.  .1   k
i oi, I
, - deli :"'■
tended i ho i cenl convi ntlon li
r.ouver, gave sn interesting verbal report, dr ■ ■ ■ |,.. i,, ai "■(.ii ai i" the
'■ ndnnee and narneil i ntlun
' '" ol i he con ventlon, President
Miller presented the lealiets sud  pstl
I I   ii    Form*    ""III     Iiiiiii    I lie   pn . vi I if in I
executive, uml steps were taken t"
•routes lull nnd |ir"P"r circulation ol
those petitions throughout tbe oom<
tnunity.   A  Inrge publio meeting In
the Interests 111 local option will likely
he held in the noar future
Central Hotel
/   ._- REVELSTOKE, B. C.
New!) limit.       I1 irst-chiHs iii every reK)iect      All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weakly Rates.
Qufion's Hotel, Trout Lako, under stun-,   management
Queens Jfotel
Host brands ot Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek Will find excellent accommodation at this
•Hat. Dec. ,",, Lake Brie,
"Fri. Dec. 11 Kmp. of Irel'dj
Kri. Dec. *_.". Up, of Brit. Kri Due II
Wed.Dec. Ill i,k. Manitoba
Kri. Dec. 2."i I'.Hip. of Ireland
"Special Christ mas ships
lit. Class snd. Class jrd, Class
$82 50     $48 75 $_S 7 .
isl. Class 2nd. Class 3rd.| Class
$d.S 00       $42 sn       $27 50
Otmk.s L»kk Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       -11.17 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seiilx ard
points  in connection with   steamship tickets.
FaNsengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg aiid
all other continental pnrtH.
Por further Information apply lo
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Revelstoke, H.C     Vancouver,H.C
Christmas—Tbis is the season fur
visiting cards. Kennan linen aid
plain cards in tbe newest script and
old English, done up neatly in boxes
ol 50 Tbey make an inexpensive and
acceptable Xmas remembrance. Bee
samples aud prices at the Mail-
Herald office. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B,  0.
-IT if   ~Sn
Suggestions for Christmas
Don't put off buying to the Last Minute
Buy Useful Presents
Christmas Skirts
In navy and brown, pood value
at $10, special Christmas price $6
Unusual cutting in prices. Black
Morictte, sateen, etc., deep llounc-
ini_, dust ruffle, regular price $1.50
and $2 Now $1.00
Ladies' Blouses
At  sale  prices.     All  wool Cashmere, Lustre  and   Fancy  blouses
Regular prices were $2  and 2.50,
Christmas price $1
Handsome Mantles
Emphatic Reductions. Christmas
cale prices. These are new styles
.uin ibis Beason's goods. If wi*
have your size we will make the
price In suit your pockelhook.
Golf Jackets
Ladies Golf   Jackets in all colors,
Norfolk styles.
Misses' Golf Jackets—to fit girls
from 10 to 15 years, regular $2.50
Now Belling at $2
Dainty Waists
In Net, Lace and Bilk. The unusual low prices presented make
this an offering that should cause
every woman o make note of it
Prices from $2 up
For the Children
Winter   coats    and  dainty   silk
dresses al» Christmas sale prices
Collars and Belts
Just arrived   for   the Christmas
<      trade.    Nice assortment, new and
dainty goods
Our assortment of good umbrellas
is perhaps the best we have ever
shown. Ladies' and gentlemen's
umbrellas, best tape edge, gloria
and Bilk covered. Beautiful showing ol fine handles—gold plate,
sterling silver, all guaranteed—
Prices range from $1.50 to $6
We have thousands of them, from
children's picture handkerchiefs
to the finest embroidered linen.
Fancy Useful Gifts
We have a largo range of inexpensive articles, such as, Leather
Bags, Children's fancy leather
bags, opera hags, necklaces, comb
sets, wool jackets for the babies,
fancy bibs, garters, cushion tops,
linen centre pieces, etc.
Furs ! Furs!!
Ladies' sets, children's sets, odd
neck ruffs and muffs, shoulder
capes in sable and seal.
Regular price $115 now f 15.00
Xmas Goods for
Men and Boys
Fancy braces, ties, cashmere scarfs
cuff links, armlets, fwesters and
cardigan jackets, Smoking coats,
men's suits at $16.50, sale price
$11; men's overcoats $12, sale
price $7; boy's heavy warm over
coats, long length, $3; boy's reefer
velvet collars at $2.50; boy's
tweed suits at S2.50.
Boots and Shoes
We can offer you some exceptional values and all goods are
Kid Gloves
Nothing more appreciated by lady
nr gentleman, than a pair of good
kid gloves.
Dress Goods
20  per. cent discount on all our
Christ mas dress goods.
Blankets, etc.
Full size white blankets selling at
$3.75 per pair
Trimmed hats, regular prize $10,
Christmas sale prize $5.00. These
hats are new and of the up-to-
date faihion, and you can rest
assured of receiving double value
for money invested in this line
of goods.
Shop Early^
REID    &    YOUNG-
Shop  Early-
»*fr» «'*'« As Am •&* Am »^* '*fr* A* A* ."_.•_ si's t*f_ ■'ft t*!-*. ■'t'- _♦-. i'IT- -♦- .*-.. iT. .*_*. ,T. _i.i -*-.- .t*.
'X  ,4>l *.\\f 'X  lX '4,   4-   w   4*    *    *    *    X   X    X   X    X    X   X   X   X   V ♦   +    *    4*
I   S.   MCMAHON   I
John   Dehi-:
plows, barrows
wagons  and
farm iiupli-
tncnts  of all
CUTTBH-       j.
made   and  re-  Y
paired. (J.
Horse Shoeing
a Specialty
X All Orders Promptly Executed First Class Work Guaranteed
_*_._ _•*__»« .^1 _♦_ A- ■»♦» -♦» •+•- •**■ A% «^- »^» At *&* iTj i_u_u________k___________k___E___i____.______________
•Al IW *X"   'J? *X' ■Jr w 'X' X *X   X   41  V «.-   "X    X   X   X   X   X   X   X    * *
Capital $3,374,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
HEAD OKKICK:   I'il.iJAliv,   Al.llK.HTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stock.    Markets in all the princi
pal Citien and T'uvns nf Alberta, Urilis.li Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand  " Imperatur" llama and Bacon,
i   and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Laid, u
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
CT.   ALBERT     STO_tST_E3      PROP.
Local and General.
Mtfl.ifl-i-.lon of Arown Qrant
W__,0fM8 on tho 20th dnj. of NoT6_aber.19(>7. «
Drown QrtiuiWAB llSUSd ib tho immo of rrmlsr-
'olt Wf-Khhonrno fnr Lot 1147, QfOtlp 1, Knot.-
nay Dlulrlot. Thnt BTldeUOl hnn lilMM biOH
MBD DPodllOH (hOWing thnt tht ■• Id Frt-irte-r c
Wn ih hour it" ditvl on .h* 7 tli of A nun .1, 11)07.
iometime prior to tho i*- nir-no of lho,ani
OrOWtt Qrant. That hi airreommit datod __,t_h
AiiKii-t, itnio, tlm mid Fi-.il-f.ri__ Wtmhhounie
ii. iHiinil all hia oi.t-.tt), right, title uteres,
olaim and demnuil vbatiKiorer in tho -.-.id land
In TImhuii■« Miaul*,   llcrimro-'
Notion is therefore horobjr giton, in pursu-
Hn'-. of Boctlnn UR uf tha "I.mul Act, ' that It i .
Un. Intention to caiuiol tbn said Crown (.rant
iwuiind in tin. nnnto of prodorlok WMDDonrilB
uii'l to i-mnn nno in ii ■ -t ..n-1 in Lhe mime of
ThOtllU MImiiiL . MnPhrtr ...;■ throu in"till H from
th» ditto bo.oof OolOM good OBUBfl Ifl lUOWO Io
tfifl ootitrnry.
K. J. FD1.TON.
l.'hiof t'ommiHrtioiiorof LaadlBDd Wurks
undti oud Works Do port moot,
Victoria, H. 0., Uth October, it**i...     (0i 21.3m
Certificate of Improvements
Winslow Mineral Claim, situate in the
Trout   I_ike  Mining   Division   of
West Kootenay District.
Where  located!—At  head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that I, O. K. N. Wilkie,
ai tinu an agent   for   Neil O'Donnell,
Special K.M.C. 8788| William Bennett,
K.M.C.  No.  HOf-877:   Bruce White. I".
M.C. B145_4t and P. EL Murphy, P.M.
C. II2_t>H7; intend, dixty days from the
date  hereof,   to apply lo the Mining
Recorder for a Ceiiifteatiuif Improvements, for Ibe pui-piisc of  olitaining >i"
Crown (Iriint of the above claim
And further tAke uotice that action.
under Section .'t7. must be oomineMeii
before the Issuance of sucb Certificate
of iuiproveuienlH.
Dated  thin 20th day of Oetober, A.
I.„ UM-H.
oct81-Kid 0. B, N. WILKIE.
Tobaaco Land, Tobseco Land —
Don't forget to secure good seats early
lor Thursday, Dec. 17th.
Hugh Smythe was successful this
week in bringing down a fine cariboo
as a result, ot a bunting trip north of
the city.
Tbere arc some people in this city
wbo are so neighborly that they neglect
their own business to attend to their
Members of tbe Young People's
Glee Club are working bard to make
tbe Mexican Operetta Tobaeco Land
tbe hit ol tbe season.
A cricketers social gathering lor
members only will be held in the
rooms over P. Burns block on Tuesday, Dec. 29th at 8 p m.
Advices from Skidgate, t_ueen Charlotte Island, states that a heavy earthquake shuck bae doue considerable
damage to tbe village. The shock
lasted seven seconds.
.1. Mcl'bail is making the preliminary arrangements for tbe Hooding ol
the r Her rink for ice skating, and by
' tbe time the next cold enap comes the
Ace will be in good shape.
In our i sue ol the 5th instant the
I date given  (or   tlie   pretty   Mexican
Operetta Tobasco Land wns an error,
the date -hould luve  been  Tburseay.
ibe 17th, instead of tbe 18th.
Mayor Lindmark has informed us
that the Provincial Government line
arranged to pay their share of the
construction ol the Lindmark trail
up Mt. Victoria at an early date.
Commercial men wbo have been
visiting Keveljtoke of late and who do
i.usiness bere report tbat everything
favored a still larger increase during
tbe coming year, as the prospects are
tbat business will be better.
There is in the Columbia river valley abundant unimproved land suitable for agricultural and fruit growing
purposes. Fruit will grow in abundance and tbe immense local market is
tbe localities tbat will attract agri
J. McPhail will have, alter Monday,)
•eaeon tickets fur the skating rink lor
■ale. A reduction in price ol tickets
lor family of four ond over will be
made. Children will be allowed to
skate every afternoon and one night
each week, Friday nights.
The C. P. K. It. M. S. Empress ol
China is bringing one of the most
valuable cargoes ol silk Irom tbe
Orient tbat bas eome to Vancouver.]
The cargo consists of part of 690 tons
of silk .dined at over 12,000,000 and
consigned to New York firms,
LOST—Will tbe |ierson wbo by mis !
take took another lady's head shawl
instead ol tbeir own, on the night ol
the Masquerade Ball (Thursday,
Dec. 10), kindly leave same at the
Maii.-Uciialii Otlice and receive
tbeir own property.
Arrangements are being made by
the J. Y. Grillin company, tbe Canadian biauch of the Swift Packing Co.,
for the opening of a branch business
in this city, \Y. J. Ovans was in tiie
city this week in tho interests ol the
linn snd tinted that they are looking
lorward to considerable business in
tbs weet.
The following story is^ being told in
connection with >ur local school, al
though wc cannot vouch for its authenticity. It is said ol a school ma'am
who bas a dread ol all kinds of contagious diseases, that she Bent a child
home because her mother was sick.
The next day the little girl presented
herself again with ber finger in her
mouth and a little hood swinging by
tbe string and said: "We've got a
new baby at tbe bouse, but mania
says I should tell you it isn't catching.
On the 7th inst. Nels Demurs passed
away at Nakusp at the advanced age
ot   83.    Mr. 1 lemurs was undoubtedly
tbe oldest pioneer in B. C. and during
hi8 51   ye.rs ol   prospecting and rest-1
dence in Kootenay.   He had the contract   Ior   the   lumber   used   in   the
steamer "49," which   ran on the Col-
urabia   river   in  1865.   Tbe deceased j
will be remembered on account of  the,
murderous  attack   made on  him by
Hose, wbo   was afterwards banged at
Nelson   lor  the murder of  die, the
partner of Demars
Any persons in town wbo can make
donations ol old clothes that can be
used Ior comfrrt are requested to send
them to Kev. ,1. It. Robertson. Tbe
lollowing is required immediately:
Clothes for two lioyB, about the same
si/.e, eight aud teu jcars old', for a
little girl five years, a little hoy two
years, and au infant child of Bix
months; underclothes and shoes are
as necessary as over clothes. Also a
few chairs, two or three bedsteads,
some warm bed clothes, any any plain
house furniture are much needed and
will be greatly appreciated.
Business Locals
Alpine Club
A meeting of the local members ol
the Alpine Club of Canada wae held
In the Y. M. C. A. on Thursday night.
A communication from President A.
O. Wheeler, K. R Q S., was fully considered and plans inane for a banquet
to be tendered Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler
by tbe local members. This interesting function will be held in the Y. M.
C. A , probably on .Ian 1th. A committee »as appointed consisting of
Messrs .1. P. Forde, Mayor Lindmark,
E. M. Cook and Miss Hobbs.
May Operate in All Provinces
According to a decision of the Supreme Court of Canada, says the Vancouver News Advertiser, tire insurance
companies may do business all through
the Dominion, after they have secured
a licence from the Dominion Government. This settles an important
point in the law, and one of great interest to business men.
Cream Rolls and Puffs fresh to-day
at Hobson <fc Bell's.
New Stamped Linens, all sizes, lor
eyelet embroidery, at McLeunan's.
Honey in the Comb, 5lb. cans, 2 lb.
and 1 Ib. jars at C. B. Hume A Co.
Sun sbine not necessary—Ti ueman's
stay will be until Dec. 31st, l'.luH. See
our special utl'er. Eigbiaen years established in Vancouver and Revelstoke
We will make, bake or decorate your
Xmas cakes. Early orders receive beet
attention.   Hobson A Boll.
Infants Loose Jackets, Hoods, Mitts
and Bootees, home made, at McLeunan's.
Watch our corner window next week
Ior your Xmas wants. Everything
needed Ior Xmas dinner you will find
we have it at The Store of Plenty, C.
B. Hume A Co.
New lot D. A A. Corsets, tho new
models, at McLeunan's.
Hobson A Bell have the Genuine
Baker's Almond Paste. You bad
better secure some belore it all goes.
To-day we offer our customers Ices
ol all Flavors at 10 cunts per package
Also Pure Gold and Blue Ribbon Jelly
Powders at 7} cents per package, C.
B. Hume A Co.
Our Jap Oranges will arrive in a
lew days. Leave your orders early and
get tbe best.   Hobson A Bell.
Walnuts, Almonds, Filberts, Brazil
Nuts, Pecan Nuts, Roasted Peanuts,
Mixed Candy, Chocolates, Grapes, Pigs,
Dates, Table Raisins, Peel, Almond
Paste—All new, all Fresh, all Cheap.
0. B. Hums A Co.
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS. -   $.500
Meuuracturod for       classes of buildings
for nale in large or small quantities
at tbe lowest pricea for ct_t.h.
All kinds of building aud plastorlng
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paiu
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Cut Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
II you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, etc., made up from the
choicest Dowers, by a fully qualified artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They took 1st Special Prize at the
Vernon Show on the 16th Sept.
for the best Floral and Horticul-'
tural Display.
Special to the Public.
Not that I am needing tbe work bad
enough to cut prices, yet willing to do
the right thing by those wbo have
stood loyally by me as a Revelstoke
citizen, I will make Irom uow until
New Year a beautiful photograph,
mounted handsomely, with every order
for cabinet photos or larger, and promise you, as in tlie past, to leave a little
of your money in Revelstoke where
each of my customers may at least
have another look at their money.
Thanking you very much for past
patronage, 1 am very sincerely,
E. F.Tuckkk, Photographer.
A, H. SINQ, Proprietor
Board by week   •   SS.OO
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
1". ,    ^—i,. ,    -^*i_/   ,■   f      jS_t___\£m
Iff '■'■^^^^^h^^c^^^
\:;'j/ tJ^&d^Zfs^j];, ■
ESS'-' ■' ■'^^s.
Here's a Happy Couple
starting on the road to owning
property, and they'll lie living
under their own roof when
tbeir friends will si ill lie paying rent. We are offering tliem
lhat within Ave years, will
double in value.   Oan do the
same hy others. Bent loin in
vicinity, right along the road
to iinpiove'iients, — Get on the
liand wagon for llevelsloke.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent,
iu hnlel,   Apply to Mail Herald
office. tc
TilOR SALK-Airtighl Heater, self
J? feeder, Price SlS-AppIv Mail-
IIkiiai.ii, dec 5
FOR SALE—One bedroom suite,
almi one thccc-quarter iron hed.
All In first class condition. Can he
seen between IU a.m. and & p.m. Ad
dress P. O, Dux 726,
IOR  RENT—Residence   of J.  M.
Scott.   Apply to Scott A Bi'Xgs..
WANTED Bedrooms to let furnished, ho nil il required, terms
moderate. Apply A. Gain, 4tb street,
corner of McKenzie Ave.        net 21 lm
Revelstoke Land District.
West Kootenay, B. C.
Take Notice that 90 days utter date
I R. W. Lindsay of Camborne, B. C,
occupation, merchant, intend to apply
}ot permission to purchase the follow
ing descrilied lands situated on Fish
Hiver, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east' corner of A. D, MacKay's pre-emption
No 7.805 and marked " R. W. Lindsay's North-West Corner Post:'' thence
8 cliains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption: thence 50 chimin south;
thence .8 chains east tn MacKay's;
thence north 50 chains to point of
commencement, containing 40 acres
more or less;
Located Oct. loth. 1908.
R. W. Lindsay, Locator.
Notice i- herein given lhat pursuant to
the provisions ot Chapter 155 of the Statutes of Canada 7-8, Edward VII, Shtuiw-ap
anil Thompson Rivers Room Company
haie filed in the ollice of the Dominion
Lands --Kent al Kamloop9, B.C., and in
(be offlce of The Honourable the Minister
of Public Works at Otlawa, Ontario, plans
and specifications of certain hooms and
other works proposed 10 be constructed
by -aid Company in, over and alon^j the
North Thompson Kiver iu the Kamloops
Division of Yala 1 .strict in the Province
i'i Uritish Columbia and thai on the 10th
day of February, 1900, at tbe hour of 11
o'clock in tlie forenoon, or so soon thereafter as the application can be heard,
application will In* made by the undersigned lo His Excellency (he C.overnor-
in-Council at Ottawa, Ontario, lor his
approval to be given to such plain,,
bated this 4th day of December, 1908.
Sut sw,ir ami Thompson  Rivers Boom
By Olto Lathmund, .Secretary.
Dec. 9, 60 d
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia;
Between Grace Westfall, Plaintiff;
James L. Stewart,  Assignee for benefit of creditors, under "Creditors
Trust Deeds Act. 1901."  of  James
A. Griffith, and James A. Griffith,
Notice is hereby ^iven tbat pursuant
to tlie Order made herein, of the Hon-
I'lir.ilile Mr. Justice delimit, May the
18 b, 1007, and to the directions of the
Registrar of this Court at Nelson, Loin
__ IB. 12, and 13 iu Block 51, in Trout
Lake   City   Toivusile, registered plan
691, will lie   offered  for sale at public
auction uu the premises in Trout Lake
on  December the 15ih,  19U6, at tbe
hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon hy
George M.   Yuill as Auctioneer.   The
said   premises  will tie offered for sale
subject tci a reserved bid.
Kor further particulars and conditions of sale apply to Taylor ft O'Sbea,
Nelson, B, C„ solicitors for the plaintiff.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 17th day
of November, A.D., 1906.       nov 21 'Iw
All   kinds   ol  new
Dealers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. O. Boi, 206. PuoNt 26 MIL M AIL 11 ERA Ll). I . EV ELSTOK E, I. C
£=     an        *Y»
S£_   «7/?e
&_..._> Jby _f/io/? 1
il  Rohi
Uldritt,    Peten
A rcsoliil<. ni  '.is passed Ioimins iIn
' .1 .  II.
li." nb ive ollici .■■
social i. ni    wi
N'ever befori in tli history of Revelstoke has
there been sueh n displ . ol Christmas Toys
as are to be found hen this season. Toys to
suit boys and girls  ol   all ages     All   prices.
 . i List of Voters Court of Revision
ooli"    ...... ,.,i .i.i.i..'     i, j :■ ,,i v_o   Meohanloal Toys sOcun     -o     -,-,   ,...-.■ .
* '       jg      1 he (.inirl ill Iti'vision, to correct mul
Dods Co-carts and Sleighs     Games     Puzzles     Books, eto ^J  revise   thi    Voters'  Lis!   for I he yen r
■^B  1008,  will  bold it- flrsl sitting at the
_JS ] Council Room, City  Hull. Kevelstoke,
i   mi Monday, December 21st, 1008, nl  I
^  lYlacdonald's &rug & $ook J'tore
City Clerk.
Q-<>0-0000 OO QO<>00-CK}-0<>0-CKK><KH>p
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Oliice on First St., Opposite tho Club
Rents Collected, Loans Notary Publio      Q
»<rO-0000 (KK>-0<>0<KH><KK><KK><HK><.
Local and General.
M  ring Picturi.- t might.
I'  C Elliott lefl  ■■ Thursday night
ou o visit to Winnipeg.
First das- comedy nn  Monday and
l ii -.'..iy .it Edis n Theatre.
Mre, 11   N. Coursier will  not receive
m ruesday,  I 'ec  15th,
DREYFUS trial in 1'nrii- in moving
itures at   Edison Theatre, Monday
.md Tuesday nights
Last nigbt the Beavers defeated the *****
High School boys in a fnut basket ball	
garni at tbe   Y.M.C.A.     The   school   fff,
iys put up a strong game in tbe lirst Iff
ball and were in the lend at hall-time,
b it they could not hold, and when
Calder got started there was nothing
t . it. the Bcoro ending 38 to 1- in
favor ol the Beavers. A report ol the
annual basket ball meeting will be
, vi ii m our next issue.
Arr   igenu  its  ure well   under wnj
h   lhe   am,nul   Y,  M.  (.'. A. Ne«
Veer's  gymnasium   exhibition.   The
1 rograiume will start at S p. ui  sharp
witb thegynmi-tio pir'om uce| and
■-•   ■! 10 p  m,  after which  relresh-   **
. i-:.i.- viil bi served in the gymuasium    3,
'1 he Y. M. C. A. Physical Department   	
wish at  tbis early date ol the month  '
•   invite all friends of tbe association |    Commissary
I • this event, which is the annual Al
jlonie ol the V. M. 0. A. bovs.
Our new fruits ure now at. your disposal, all fresh, and the
quality is such that there is none better. Auk for prices.
Wo can interest you,
If you wish your Oak on und Puddings made we will do it
and guarantee   the   quality  as good, and  we think bi Her
I Inin must people make,    Ask our prices.
In ui.e lb, packages or tins, also in bulk, equal to any
home made, and the prices an within reach of all.
Hobson & Bell, Bakers and Grocers
Karn is King
The right Piano at the right price.
Call and fee us before you huv one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, liisuranoc nnil Financial Annuls.     Money to Loan.
Take notice thai a sitting nf tho
Court nf Revision to hour and determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tux proposed to be levied and
Imposed on the lands or real property
alTected under the provisions of Bylaw
■ iN*i>>   120,  being  known as "Local liu-
■ piiivenienis Boulevarding Assessment
"   By-law  No. [26. 1000." will hn held in
lhe Cily llnll.it theCily of Revelstoko
mi Monday, the Ith day of January,
11100, nt the hour of nine o'clock in the
A Btaloinenl showing the land or
real property liable to pay the assess-
 nt  therefor anil  the names of the
owners thereof as far us the sume can
| li' ascertained and theproposed assessment .-nul report  thereon of the Oity
Olerk   are   now   oil   Ilic in lhe ullice of
tho City Clerk mill  open to inspection
by all persons during oftlca hours.
Ami further lake notiee thai all
notices of appeal shall he served on
the Olerk of the Municipal Council at
least eight days prior to such Court of
Dated this 12th December, nuts.
Cily Clerk.
WANTED—At once, nt Halcyon
Mm Springs, thoroughly competent (lining I'liiim waitress; board,
washing and room, wages $:{(i per
month.—tl. Mcintosh, Prop.
Elton lltirlbut Fancy Ohristnms
llo.xes of Stationery at Hews' Drug
Do not forget we have Pure Apple
Cider  from   Ontario.   Just what you
want for your mince  moat.    Hobson
A Boll.
—  . __ _ , ._.. . ......_.,—_T_^...—....
On rueaday evening the  Cbristma-i
ten   tin    it ol tbe Methodist  Sun-
ay Belli d1 will be given in tbecburch
diildren ol   the sobool   will   have
. ed   in.in 5;30 to 7 p   in.
F. W.Terry.
Tha captain reminded the Sir
Knights lhat Col. Irving of the Qrand
Domain ol B.C. was coming to inspect
tho company the second Wednesday
in January, 1000, and urged a full
nttendanco for tha* ceremony. Installation of ofHoers, sword drill, manual,   etc.,   would   take   place,  and   in
Business Locals.
Moving Pictures tonight.
.       ,:     Helpful Hints to Xuius'
-:    i] •_. ■     :. page two of tin- papi r—
: i •  Hardware Co,
■ nil Iren a   Hooks   ami   Game
every description at Bews' Cms' SI  re
Sterling liver noveltiei a beautilu
assortment suitable for Xmas gifts-
Lawn   ci Hardware Co
'lu.i.ii;.   Everything lor the kitchen!
st Bourne Br •
• ■   i ■   •'   be admitted from 7:30  order t0 n1Bk,. a gootj showing, drilling
p.m. and the programme by the obi 1-   ffag neoeMary,
.    .ill begin at 8 ii in. sharp.     Ail-
, ,.     ,- i-i      ■.i ' ,   11   \\   ii   \\.
. 1.--1 in t" the public. 25c, which will
:.   used   bv   the  school to aid one ol Oh   Wednesday evening last Motin-
Sunday" schools  in   Fernie.     Thu tain View Camp 240   held  its annual
programme will consist of recitations, meeting,     The following were elected
- ...    'hills,   etc.     Everybody   eome to act as executive for year HJOUi
.' renew your youth with the young P.O.C.—Sor   W. D. Armstrong.
people. !'•''■ --"*(lV- J  b'1 Carlson.
.«►.- Ad. Lieut.—M. Anderson.
Banker— H. W, Edwards,
Clerk—.1, Molntyre.
iCscort—i.lines Hansnn,
Watch.—J. D Shaw
Camp Physician—Dr. Hamilton.
Sentry—G. Andei ion.
Delej ate—W  D. Armstrong,
Alt. Del —II. VV   Edwards.
Managers—Rev.J.R Robertson, J. S,
ol   Hurley,  R, S. Tucker.
There   was   a  goi J atti ndance aud
refreshments wen pr ivided,
i     ..     I     M,
A  Bpecial  review  of Mt. McKenzie
' Aive   K_. 6, L, O,  T.  M    ol Revel-
M     :';-  i"Wis.*"ver;..t Roast lans,   r[,lke Wll] .,lk, p]aCe in Masonic Hall,
>'  Second streel  on  Tuesday   Deo. Ifitb,
at - p. ni. for election ol ollicers.    All
nembers  -ire requested to attend.
Fresh Cul Berried Holly • Mistletoe, . _. -
Cut Flowers,    nhousi   Pla tits   for ■      . ,     .       .,    ,.   ,.   ,.
.. v .,.,,.        '  mei tine was hi in in  tl." i . M. i
.-.mu.-      Hei:n -   Nuiscnt.-,   ,>i'lu    ,   ,
.,-   . ',   ,- _   i.   ,.    A   as   nighi i       iscuss   tie-   hockey
..   -. . •   Koad, \ inci uver, li. c        .,..*? . , ,. ,   .
outlook, tin foi ■'■ icg   nil rs   being
Fancy   ciocke, I'.-n    vould   make « elected   —Hon    president,   Supt.   T.
bristmas present    We have Kilpatrick; President, O.F. Lindmark;
- .      '.■-■   line  )   .  evei looked at— Vice-president, C   B. Macdonald   S
Lawrence Hardwan Co (teas, 'A'    A. Chambers;   Eiecuti
Horn   Back:   Alligator   Purses  and m	
iiags, und Walrus Bag.-, high qualitiee    ■■«■ggggggggg ■'.     E3SS2 "*-*-*
at Bews  L'rug Store. m '
Make   your  boy happy witb oui ol
ir splendid pocket knives    We h_vi
■•ni   in   bone,  Hag.  ivory anil pearl
andli s, in   li athi r  p irses,   Irom 50c.
(2 50 each—Lawrence Hardwan Co
Dreyfus, thi   French  army  officer,
■,..    coi cicti d     I   treason,  und |
-...:-.       mod   tnd   proved   in-
■      ■ moving  pio-
■ -.   at tbe Kdison Purler rheai e   n
Mi :. .... «nd Tuesday.
We have just put into stock a ship's, in. fr in   J.   L.   P .i • a
gee     11 .- .-   ne uf tbe daintii -'
■ ngs •■■■   ha rs seen an . c in   i   bs
- a.'...  ihej  last — in dinner or tea
- ts of any quantity, or in  .'i'i pieces
gi    ■    | port iniiy t   gel thie   ■ •■
••-.i maker's geoils at hull the u»ua!
cosl     B orni   Bi  -
Grip and Password.
v   ....."      1 ■ I   K   Hi   I ■
'.■ ■     .-•,. ilai meeting   I I:   • il is"
1   mpaoy   S,>     .1.   I nilorm     Bank
Knighti ol Pythias, the lollowing wen
ited and elected as officers for
tin- ten
Captain, Sir Knight J. B. Scott.
In Lieut.,       "       Q, II   Brock
2nd    " "       1. IV, Bradshaw
ll- ..iriic-r A. J   Howe.
Treasurer H  C, Morris
1st Sergt.     ■■       R   Gordon.
2nd T. P. Smith.
Take  notice  that   u  sitting  uf  the
Court of Revision tn hear and determine  any    complaints    or     appeals
I iigainsl  the    assessment  of   rates or
frontage tux   proposed   to   ho levied
.unl imposed "ii thu lands or real  pro-
. pi-civ alfected under the provi lions of
! By-law  No.    125,    being   known    u-
"Local Impriivisiiii-iil Sidewalk Assess-
menl  Bylaw No.  125,  1000,"  will   be
held in the City   Hull at  the City  of
of Rovelstoke, on MONDAY,  the  lib
day of January, Iihsi, ,it   the hour of
IS o'clock iu the alien n.
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to puy the assessment therefor nud tho names of lhe
..". noi b theieof as far us the same can
lie ascertained and   the  proposed  u—-
essuienl   and  report   there f   the
City Clerk are now on Hleinthe ufflcel
,,i  ib,   City Clerk and open to*inspec-1 (J
i mn In .ill persons during ofTice hours, '
And iiiii 11<-i  inks- notice tlutl  'li notices "I    ippeal shall be served on the
Clerk "i tbo Municipal Council at leasl
right da) s pi nn  i" such i lourl   •:   Re-
Dated this 12th I nib. r, U» -
Remember the Folks
at Home
uml select your Christmas (lift NOW I Onlj live tiion*
weeks itiiil Christmas will bo with us again. Look over
this lisl of licimiifnl and acceptable articles, and see if
vmi cannot select from it.       ......     .
Watches, Rings, Chains. Necklets.
Lockets. Combs, Belts. Ear-rings,
Brooches. Toilet or Manicure Sets
in Ebony or Silver. Scarf Pins. Hat
Pins, Cut Glass. Silverware, China,
Clocks and dozens of articles suitable
for Christmas Gifts.
Largest Stock of Xmas Goods in the City
J. Guy Barber
And if you have not done your shoping yet, it i.s time
to "get busy" before the best articles arc pieked up.
Shopping in this store is a pleasure, for we have a host ot
pretty and useful articles to .select from--all marked at low
prices in plain figures, .unl we take pleasim in showing you
oui goods.
Make must acceptable gilts and we have them in all stylus mul
al all prices from 5c tu $2 00. Hemstitched, cinbroiiiercil, luce odged,
etc.   Finn linen hemstitohed handkerohies in dainty boxw of one half
dozen—From Hoc. to Ifl..'ill per box.
As ii gift arc always welcome—We have the line warm felts for
infants, misses and ladies at 75c, $1, $1.26, $1.50 and $2 pur pair A
lot of the warm crochet, slippers with wool soles.
Are ideal gifts and we have a line lot—Handles of silver, silver
and pearl gold, silver and wood, in every shape—Steel rods, psraguu
frames and satan, gloria and silk coverings.    Prices trom $1 to $11).
Furs are oue of the most useful gifts you can insku. We have
them iu Marmot grey squirrel, Isabella fox, Persian lamb, Krmini
liitcb, white und black Thibet, etc , and dainty SctB for the little ones
that sell nt $-'! to $8.
A new dross will be appreciated by old or young, and wc have a
splendid stock toarlic: from. Fine black goods fir old ladies and all
the new weaves for the young Our dress goods department is up to
to minute in all stylish g"m!>.
Take a Chance
Oct a coupon for every 25c. cash purcli isc. und
you may get the beautiful Doll or tho big Teddy Bear.
We will give coupons on all bills paid this month,
.   i
;   .   ■     i    , . • - ■
... lows' Drug
Dr. i edar, iti inch lengths --
Di v Heml        ll! inchTeng
This-   .
li,. sol
(ample |
... o any v
$8 50 par ton $8 7 5 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd
The Leading Cigar  Store
and Pool Room in the City
McKenzie Avenue
ifisl X
or Men and B
** and people are thinking aliout what to buy, the first thing
that naturally comes to their mindb is the matter of cost. When
niying any article you want io know that you are getting full
value for your money. Again, you want to buy something
that will be useful to the recipient as well as give him pie sure
in the thought that it is your gift. This is where we come in.
Wc have a line of goods suitable for father, brother, husband,
or lover. Articles, any of which will delight the wearer.
Guaranteed as lo quality, and at prices to suit the most economical. Come in and look over our stock, il will cost you
nothing. Don't take a chance on the Catalogue house, but sec
what vOU arc getting for your money. Here arc a few of our
special Christmas bargains, which cannot fail to please you:
I he
best and largest
Pipes  in
1   ..■
' '     inal   Mn      Mi <ture   nov
•  expre. ily  for    i    b    D, K   Mel' ■
In fancy boxes, a ihonI useful
K'ift   7.c., $1, 1.2.". 1.50. 1.75.
Mufflers and Ncckscarfs
A splendid assortment in  nil
shades anil colors, from 60c, up
lo -s;i.7."i.    full Diess .Scurfs, Ibe.
latest ihiiiK out $2.51) to 8.76,
Xmas Cards
and Calendars
\ larger and more i a i tod
i ick than ever before.
rfpecial  Kooky Mountain
View i 'ar'l?.
Christmas Post Cards in
'."iis-tv Calendars,
\.<-  .   .»* »
t+ennn,      ■
• -
Mil-  -i'.U I.  IS IIKI.I)  FOR
C. r
••    »•#*♦ **»#«.*♦<• ./.K.s****)!!*)*-'!.*.*.**'*!. *♦********#*♦#■**#*>*,***.**♦■
I'I., .    i M  silk
Houvenlr,   .Silk   fani j     Imrder
..ic. ■ * .i 01
I- ,. .i bu :/>i
I'n.   Irish  l.if.i-ii    va ii h  Initial
\ good  umbrella  innkea ■• ■■■,,
..,,,■•■ ',.• iu
■ii-.-. a\.'S, in A i.i:,
Fancy 8hlrta
i n' ......i |   ile ii i ipi Ion
I/.I-, I'll,,,, tl   lo .111.
I un y In all colors, 16,20, 86, HO,
(.",. 50, i'm, 76c, per pair.
Fancy Voats
In all  ihadoi   from -S^-'i'i up to
'i .'so. Mnkeeii handsome present,
I'.nn v  Sweaters wiih vesl collar, from 81.76 up to 84.75,
fancy tvalstconU .i 88.76 ouch,
Handsome   leatbel   sill
i , 82.78 up io 810.6IJ
II.unl Orips 88.80to 87.
Skating Boots
tor men  and   boys,  all slaos
$H and $8.75
Smokin-j Jackets
A splendid line of .Smoking und
llniise Jaokets, $6to 8.50
The dressy young mun will lind
something to please him here
in nil the latest styles and
shinies fiom 16c, up lO$l, A
popular seller in a fiiney box,
un [deal Kill  -75c.
Fancy Hose
Kancy half  hose, cashinere. 18
.">(), 75. nnd OOo. per pair.
Kid Gloves
In all sizes, unlined, wool lined,
or line Mocha silk lined, comfortable antl dressy, from OOc.
to $2.75 per pair.
Bath Robes
The latest   importation  irom
New York, something   new   in
Kevelstoke, $1,75, $5, 6.80, 80.
House Slippers
Rest your feet iu a pair of oui
comfortable house  slippers, all
sizes, $1 to S. I per pair
Dancing pumps, fancy patents,
81 lk Underwear, Etc:
l*'ine Silk I julni'ivear tti."i pr suit.
Gold fleece underwear 87   "
silk Pyjamas, $4.80 to $7.
Silk .\iKht Shirts ttiI, 1.60, *.'),
Special Bargains in Clothing Until Christmas
20 p.c. Discount off all Men's Suits       35 p.c. Discount off all boys' suits
^^^— jggg **>_*r>w_*»iw ■_■ *•)•* **_*_»m>_w***ym_.m_i_9 ■■.■jijii ^sS3Bl^BBKBBKBK.{\\\\\\\\.\\\\\\\\\\\\\W.±.^..\\^l\WBS  _-_-___r
^*- ■_._-_    ■■__,—     ■■■■■I-i     -.■■■■.■->■-    Mil <_h— _■■■_,__. -____■_->-_---«■ ■*__ _____«___—____________-■_■   ■■■■_■■ ******l**»M\**W*w»*W*L\\*t%t*^0+k*k\\\mi^^*^mt\\\\\\\S\\\TT^


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