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 Vol. 13,-No 21
I) I
$2.50 Per Year
We Can Dress You Well
And Economically, Too!
Why pay a gfeater price
for n Suit when we can give
you 1907 Tweeds nnd Worsteds, thoroughly tailored, cut
und designed by the highest
iriced artists in Canada. The
lining and all other details
ure thoroughly looked alter.
You will appreciate them
when you sec them. The
price is nround
"Odd Trousers"—You may need a pair—1907 cut, and
cracker-jui-k patterns. The goods in these are thoroughly
shrunk anil sponged—won't hug nt the knee first wearing, or for
manv a dnv afterwards.
PRICE  $5.00
A line of Fancy Vests at a startling bargain. They are now
made to sell for twice what we are asking—
We have just received a shipment of choice Dinner Setts direct from
We also have a table containing nil nur Odds and Ends in Fancy
Chinn which is being suid beluw cost. The following lire It few of the
bargains on Bale,
Hnnd Painted Cocoa Jugs Hnnd Painted Fruit Dishes, Hand-
Painted Bon-Biin Dishes, Hand-Painted Trays, Gold Engraved Glass-
ware assorted.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Papers that please everyone who
appreciate stationer)1   of FINE
—made by lhc leading manufacturers.
making a specially ol a box of tine
Holland Linen Paper and envelopes
—each sheet lithographed Revelstoke.
NOW 400, A BOX.
Try a box, it will please you.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
Has Been in Harness lor Fifty
Victoria, March IB—It is very pro-
b-.ihle that during the present session
of the Legislature one of the oldest
civil servants of the province will be
superannuated. Col. Woltenden,
King's printer, has been over fifty
years in harness, and would probably
welcome retirement from duties which
are yearly becoming more onerous.
No department of the Government iB
developing more rapidly than tbat of
the printing bureau, where fees and
business Irom timtcr notices and
similar notices is more immediately
felt. Mr. Wolfenden is the lust of the
old guard with lho exception ol the
Deputy;Mi.iisterol Finance, Mr.Smih,
and Auditor-General Anderson, Mr.
Gore having retired a yenr or two ago
Irom the Lands and Works Department. Mr. Wolfenden will probably
retire on full pay.
BcsidcB offering Bargains in China and othor uselul articles
at attractive prta, wo beg to call your special attention to a
" The Kookizer"
Cooks your Ilrenklast while you sleep.
Cooke your whole dinner while you jiluy with baby.
Call and let us explain to you all about tbe Kookiier,
Made especially  tor  liritisb   Columbia,   VV ide Web
Strong anil Durable.
Dealers in Hardware, Btoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen'*
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tiiisnithing.
Disastrous Floods - Loggers'
Strike—Oxford's Chancellor
—Provincial Legislature-
Other Wires.
PORTLAND, Oregon, March 10 —
Because of the shutdown ol the big
sawmills on the river, luggers hnve
decided to close, their camps Ic.t lhe
output accumulate and prices take a
big slump.
London, Marc'.: 1(1—Lord Curson
of Keddlest .1, ex-Viceioy uf India,
has been elected Chancellor of Oxford
University l.y 1,111 againat 48(1 cast
lor Lord Roseber'y.
East Liverpool, 0, Mnrcli Hi.—
Tlie electric porcelain plant in llie
East, End was destroyed by lire to-day
at a I iss of $70,0(10 At the Empire
below Wellisville, the Standard Brickworks was burned and the loss is
IfliO.OOO. All business there is ata
Ottawa, March IU.—Sir Wilfrid
Laurier lust night e.-.ve notice ol an
address to His Majesty asking Iur an
uuiendment to the B N. A. Act
changing the scale ol payments to be
ninde hy the Dominion to the several
PlTTSllURO, March 20—An immense
Hoed in the Monagahela, Alleghenay
and Ohio rivers, has submerged 10
square iniles uf the down town sections
of this city. Enormous damage has
been done and 1(111,000 people are out
of work.
Victoria, March 20.—The house
again went into committee yesterday
on thc Assessment Act. Hon Mr.
Tatlow tried to introduce amendments
re special taxation of salmon canneries
but nn a technical objection by Mr
Henderson they were, laid over lor the
speaker's decision.
Mr. Hawthornthwaite moved the
seoond reading of the amendment J;to
tho Workman's Compensation Act, to
hold employers responsible even ln
cases of contributory negligence of
workingmen. Hon. Mr. Fulton moved
the adjournment.
The Act fur licensing traders in
unorganised districts passed the Committee, Mr. HenderBon succeeding in
having tho fees for circuses reduced
from .$200 to |50 a day.
On the Act tn incorporate the Veterinary Association of Britisli Columbia, a squabble nroBe, Mr. Williams
claiming that it aimed to make
veterinarians a close-orporation. The
bill wns held over,
Interesting Slory of Early Days
By Mr. W Moberly.
In the year 1860, during the time
I was exploring tbe valley ol the
Columbia river, I cent one ol my
party, Mr. Albert Perry, to explore
through Ihe valley of the southeast
fork of the Illccillewaet river and
through what is now known as Rogers'
Pass. His report to me was very
unfavorable, and to ray knowledge
Mr. Perry was rfnlly the true discoverer ol that pass—a discovery made
about twenty years before Major
Rogers ever saw the Selkirk mountains. I think the pass should have
been named Perry's Pass nnd not
Rogers' Pass. 1 never was in favor of
the Canadian Pacific Railway crossing
the Selkirk range. Tlie heavy grades,
sharp curves and reck nml snow-slides
will always make that portion of the
Canadian Pacific Railway very expensive to operate r.nd dangerous to
life, both of which have already been
HeavJ- operating expenses on a
railway mean, high transportation
charges, which are not for the inter-
eats of Canadians, nor lor those of the
Britisli nation.
Thc line I proposed for the Canadian Pacilic Railway in 1871-2, when
I bad charge ol tbe survey Irom Knni-
loops easterly, was from Revelstoke to
follow the vail y ol the Columbia
River around the Big Bend, thus
avoiding the crossing of tlie Selkirk
range and materially reducing the
grades in the crossing ol the Rocky
Mountains by adopting the House
I'aes instead ol the Kicking Horse
Pnss, and tlience in an el most air-line
over the prairies, and passing through
Winnipeg, reach the north-west extremity ol the Lake ol the Woods,   It
would have  been   a far better line for
b tb Ibe interests ol the country and
(he  railway  company, and it is very
unfortunate for  those interests that
nfter I  forwarded  my report, during
the  first year 1 was in the employ of
the  Dominion  Government, to their
Engineer-in Chief,  which  was   published together .villi various ..the. r.
ports of the first exploratory Burvoys
made in  1871 by thf Dominion Gov
eminent  lor the Canadian    Pacific
Railway, that tho line I then tecum
mended through the mountains wa:
not adopted."
In speaking of the proposed C. P tt.
route through Yellowhrud pa-s, in
1872 Mr. Moberly said lhat, bud that
r-Kite lii-en adopted Botilh. rn British
Columbin would have been thrown
back ninny yeurs iu development.
The inestimable value of "Eigle
Puss" to the Canadian nation tor the
development nnd prosperity of which
it is n most important fuel or' bus and
will continue to prove to be beyund
By-Law for Auxiliary Power
Plant Passes ils Third
Tl.e regular meeting ol tie city
! council was held lust night with
Mnyor Brown and aldermen, Hows n,
Abrahamson, Trimble and Stone
present. Tl.e minutes of the last-
meeting were adopted as lead
Dr. Cross, ns city health ofiiooi' wus
present. Communications were read
from Dr. Cross regarding tlio case ol
smallpox Ironi Thompson's cump,
Bownnu. Lumber Co., which i.s now in
the court huusc grounds, and recm-
mending its removal at once beyond
the city limits. Dl" Cross stated thnt
l.e had nsked F. Fraser lo have the
patient removed, but it hud not been
done and since the ca-c was a most
virulent one the likelhood ol infection
was very great. He had wired to Dr.
Fagan, requesting him to have the
patient removed but Dr. Fagnn would
not accept the jurisdiction of (he case',
.lie district provincial health olliccr
doing tin. E.ime. Tlio council then
[..ruled itself into a board oi health ti
discuss the mutter. Dr. Cross said
that the case developed iu oamp No. 4
and that, .mother man w.is sickenin
and he urged immediate removal of
tin: infected patient beyond the city
limits. The hoard tlien resolved that
a telegram be sent to Dr. Fagan, urging that the provincial authorities
take steps to remove the ense, and in
event ol not doing so the city will
have it done at provincial expense—
Alsu that Dr. Cross he authorized to
arrange Ior an isolation house, and
also that he he authorized to sec Hint
a guard be placed at the present
quarters where lhe smallpox patient
is housed.
The bnird then adjourned and
f .lined itself inlo the eity council to
discuss the report which was accopted.
Communication from tl.epiovinei.il
secretary's office stating that VV. D,
Armstrong and lt. H Sawyer hnd
been appointed to the bon id of police
commissioners for tliis district.—Filed.
From 0 S. Stevens suggesting th.it
the council join the Union of Canadian
Municipalities and I). C. Municipalities. Tlie council resolved tu Bub-
scribe for thc current year.
From the Vnncouvcr Rubber Co.,
re supply ol rubber coats and loote
(ur the fire brigade. Left to the Firo,
Water and Light committee,
From R. Gordon reporting that the
dynamos had run 28 nights in February with an average of lli.14 hours
per night.—Filed.
From D.\ Moore, Ottawa, in connection with the council's instructions
appointing VV. A. Galliher delegate for
Revilstoke.it the Tuberculosis Convention. Also Irom VV. A. Galliher
promising to act in that capacity.—
The by-law for the purposo ol borrowing $110,000 by debentures on the
water nnd light rental payable to the
city, for the purpose of erecting on
auxiliary power plant and construction
ol an additional water tank, wns rend
lor the third time nnd passed, to come
into effect on June 1st. April 3rd.
was fixed upon us tlie day when the
voting on the by-law sliould take
place, 0 J. Aninn being appointed
returning officer.
Regarding an Isolation hospital and
its necessity for the good of the city,
it waB resolved that the provincial
government be requested tu provide
in their estimates appropriation tn
assist in the building ol nu isolation
hospital and a copy uf the resolution
be sent to T. Taylor, M.P.P. It wiib
also resolved thut the provincial
government should bo requested to
appropriate funds lor building a trail
f r six or seven miles nurih ol Revelstoke by roule of Bridge creek and
One Mile creek, anil a copy ol the
resolution he sent to T. Taylor, M.P.P.
The accounts werc then passed and
the meeting terminated.
Water cress, lettuce and celery at
C. B, IIunie k Oo's,
11. k K. wheat Hakes in bulk for 7c.
per pound, at C. II. Hume k Co's.
Grant for Midway & Vernon
Railroad Asked For
Gkkenwood, March 15—The Associated Boards uf Trade passed a
resolution asking that aid be given
the Kootenay Central Bailrond on thc
same basis as that given lo the Mid-
way & Vernon.
Othcr re.ululii.ns  were passed  us
follows :   Askiun lhat power be given
to  .......ieip.ilities incorporated since
18115 to tax railway property within
their boundaries; asking that the
C.I'R, bc compelled, by refusing a
renewal of the charter, to connect
Gerrard with Ferguson nr Ferguson
with Arrowhead, so as to give
outlet to the Lardeau country: asking
for a report on fisheries in Kootenuys
lakes and rivers, and tlie establish
ment of Latencies; asking fur additional fruit inspectors and an
experimental (arm; usking fur expiry
of minei al claims at noon instead uf
midnight, and the establishment of a
Government assay office at Trail,
At the alternoon cession, resolution,
were, passed asking for an increase uf
one cent duty on pig lead, with a pro.
pnttionate increase on other lead
manufactures; to have representatives
ut Scuitle and the Franco-British Ex
positions, latter ill London; improvement ol the Canadian-London press
bureau; asking fur public ownership
of telephones l.y un almost unanimous
vote; wanting nil engineering report
on Knoteuay Lund reclamation; a
special lund reservation in Enst Kootenay for a national park; asking for the
cancelling of reservations made by the
Canadian Pacific iu selling land. This
was only curried nfter « hard light,
and the balance ol the alternoon wns
taken up a lung discussion on the fuol
shortage ol last winter.
Two games ol bnsket ball were
played off at the Ry. Y. M. C A. Inst
night, tothe delight ot a crowded
II. Burridge R.G H. Creeiman
II, Dickey!.' L'G J.«Fruser
A. Bennett... .Centre.   .  , W.Clark
ll. Mi'Eachorn. .R.F C, Gordon
F. Berger  L.F...       J, Sibbald
Seme, 28. Score,23.
0, P. It. CORLEY'S
N.Lee    R.G P. Dunne
H. Carpenter. ..L.G.. . I). McDonald
C. Kerlo.iti-.. .Centre C. Latham
H. Ili-ookcn. ...UK VV. Mnguire
W.V.T. Green.,.L.G Gen, I.- ight
Score, 38. Ben- 31,
They were both List games und the
chegkingvery oloio, whicli ill..«.inutile need of more ro un for the gym
nusiuin and the packed spectators
in the gallery and tho crowded out
oues,realized the need of mure room.
A return mutch between the C.I'.R,
mid Crley's will he played on Wednesday night.
Tl.e b wling league tennis must be
in to-night. Seven teams are now
Catholic.—Rev, Father R. Peooul
O.M.I., pastor, Servicesevery Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Muss; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Peter's—0. A. Proeunier,
Rector, Filth Sunday after Lent, or
Passion Sunday. The Holy Eucharist at 8 a in.; Matins and Litany at 11
and Evensong at 7.30 p.m. Lenten
service at 7:30 and choir practice at 8
p.m. Friday evening. Sunday school
at 2:30 p. m.
St. Andhew'b (Presbyterian)—Rev,
W, 0. Calder, pastor. Services at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school
und pastor's llible class at 2:30 p.m.
Morning subject : "Tlie ground
Work ul Our Redemption." Evening
Biibject : " Rebekah." llible Reading
Wednesday, at 8 p.m. JOhoir practice
and teachers' meeting Friday, at 8
p, m,
Methodist—J,  8, Woodaworth,
minister. Sunday, March 17th. 11
a.m. morning subject, "Business, as a
means of grace." 2 30 p. rn., Sunday
school and Pastors Bible class. 7 30
p in., Rev. J. It. Robertson, of Knox
ohuroh, will preach. Opening Anthem,
" The King uf Lovo My Shepherd is,"
by Shelley.
Knox—(Presbyterian)—J. lt. Robertson, B.D., minister; Sunday morning sorvicc at 11 o'clock. Subject :
" Tho Breaking Up ol a Family."
Sunday school and Pastor's Bible
ClasBat 2:30 p.m. At thc evening
service, by an agreement fur mutual
exchange, Rev. J. S. Woodsi.orth, of
tho Methodist church, will preach.
The Young People's Society on Monday night at 8 o'clock. Prayer meeting on Wednesday night and choir
praotice on Friday night.
Quaker Brand Canned Goods, Aslicroft Potatoes
and Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
Ite Revelstoke fuel id SuppiyCo.
Are now prepared to fill all orders
promptly for Hard Coal and Dry Fir
The new manufactured coal, knowr as
" Briquettes," is ready for delivery.
This coal fills the place of both Soft and
Hard ; it i.s quick and easy to light; gives a
line, red-hot fire in a few minutes and lasts
longer than Hard Coal.
Suitable lor Cook Stoves,  Heaters and
Tlie Revelstoke Fuel dnd Supply (o.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E X T  1* O R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
tot St. Op.
imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Brandies in tho ProTtocM ol "il.iiiit.ibu. Alb*rta, Saskatchewan,
llritisl. .'oIuiiiIh.., Ontario, Quotioc.
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,700,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        S4,7oo,ooo.oo
I), li. Wn.KiK, President i Hun. R. .Tafkhay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available iu all parts ol Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposits received and Interoal allowed at current rule from date
uf opening ace..unl, and compounded four tunes a year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
The Glory
of Eastertide
should find your house bright and
beautiful. Nice furniture will
greatly add to its effect, antl as we
are supplied with manv artistic
sets and pieces which nre being
sold at remarkably low prices, you
sliould not allow the opportunity
to pass.
Import direct from Country of origin,
Inch''inn po-:..-     i England, United States
and Can  la.
llr tie ymr (through postofflce)       Si-'*'!
Halt     J.M
uartcr "       " "   L|H'
J m * fll.*,; I :.*G promptly exe, un-.l nl reason-
■■.- :.u.-.
EBMS-Cash.   Subscriptions payable in nil
a e'ear perception thai such enmities
Bin r,l.l le tliech.il obstacles  to  pro-
gr.ssive iie--. fin, i- cnl and il ive nre to
have a I............ us race and conserve
ihe good Canadian slock, the  narrnw
minded dill'er. mwlmuld hedeatrnyed
CORRESPOXDEXCE iir. lte-1 on lii.it I ers ol
public interest. Communications In Editor r.ni-t be accompanied  by  name of
n :      .    m .--.•- f. ■ v Ic pub! .fui-!!! bul
ss evidence ot good faith.  Correspondence
should lie bri-.-f.
Legalnotionsll cents per line lii-t Insertion,
5 cent* per line ...... subsequent Insertion
M. isurtmi  ■■>'..    Icl [IS lines inu« o
inch).   Store   nnd   general buslnc-a an-
„  ,„ ... ..... s. -.. per inch per mouth,
Prelerred positions.   25   per   cent,   nil-
-,<:.   Births, Mnn •-■■ and  li.-iuli-,
-.,.   ,.,,., .....  ■ limber i.miim.-■-■..'■'.
Und ■•-.:: f„.-.-.-I.-.:....-...-
..-..-■ . .; .-ulolllu m.ii fii.-i-iii.il..
.'..-.        . '■ UTertlsuiiiiili l«
\„ - .'. >,.i< .. ::■ '■'- . I. :• bliuulons
.-anted Situation.. - - -;- l"-'.;l'i-i*s
\\ ,nted, Mi hani Hanled, 1" words or
....... .      ■     llm   10   cunt*
.......   --.-..   .- ;,..-,. r.l-.'l.l.-.lt* MUl-lt
..  ,. .... 1 . Klaj nnil l-n.lf.j ol
,.   ■„:...   ...      Bood f -play.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Haroij) Fisher
The Board of Trade.
Barristers, Sola-it-ira, E.c.
C. EGILU.1. 1. C. I......
'IKKIiKS:   IMI-KIIIAI.    llASK    lllICK,    ltEV.fl.-
»8T0KB, II. I'.
.Money in loan.
Offices: UevelsUike, H. C; Cranbroo I, n, (..
Obo. 3. McCaktkr,
a. m. pl.vkham, j. a. hakvev,
Revelstoke, 11. C.      Cr.ii.liro.ik, li. (.
J.M.Scott l.L.l. VV. I.Brlggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
Money to Loan
solicitors fur Mulsoxs Ham;
First street. Revelstoke, B.C
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Su.veylng
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 11)0, Revelstokk,
(Member American Institute nf
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian .Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B, 0,
Mine Management, Examinations
an.l Reports.
Plans and Blue Flints of Land,
Timber Limits, Mine*, Mills nnd
Buildings supplied by the most up-to-
date blue-printing equipment in Ibe
Registe.s kept of Dominion nnd
Provincial Timber Limits, showing
areas, ownership and transfers.
Cbc fl&alUDeralb
■• j iv.jif. . . . earnestly u vise llieni lor
their good to ordor this paper to be punctually
-■:-.. : ... ind to be looked upon us u purl of
th. -•   •   f: .*■-.'—Aonisox.
rl.lil.ir Mai...Hi..;.......
Snt,—J wish to compliment you on
ymir reference in the, editorial columns
jf your last issue to the inii.orlai.ee ol
the hoard of trade aud the wnrk it has
dune nnd is duing for tliis cily uud
district, lt is u mutter of regret that
more oi the businoss men of tlie city
do not attend the meetings aud pus..
forward the commercial und iiulnstri.il
interests of the community to the
utmost. Revelsloke sutlers from the
want of public spirit among her
As un insliinco, ul.cn tl.e Domini....
Express ooinp.iny  arbitrarily  raised
the rules  on   null.,  fruit, etc.,  two
weeks i.gn,   Ilu-   Kamloops   boiild   of
trade tuok the  matter  up  with  the
result thut lhe Express cunipany immediately orilei'i'd .. reversion  to uld
rates so fur ns  Kamloops  was cun-
corned,   A n.e ling nl the Revolstuke
noard of trade wus culled  un.l   would
have taken in.it. matter up with o.hers,
ul the business mon of this citv wore
.-1 dead to their owu and  .he  public
inteiost tliai ii quuriini could not be
• together,    The Express cuiiipan.
ght naturally conclude that Recti*
ko wns quite salislied wili. tl.e new
nost unit ill fact rather liked it, und
jht even  appreciate  the   impost
iigextendcdnllroiii.il,     Yet   (his
.- .Iocs a lunch larger business with
Express euinpnnj in that class   of
iping Ilnn Kiiu. oops.
'he citizens as a  wiiolo suffer  l.y
is ivunt ol public spirit on the |.ut
1 mir business men, as it is thoso who
ure cms..n.e.- und not lhe merchants,
-Min have In p.y   these  i i potts     If
Revelstoke is to n pire to the position
io which it should attain   by   reaann
oi the goograiihiciil position, nnd the
large lumbering and other resources
adjacent therein, our  husiness  men
,vill have to wako  up,  pull  logelher
niter  and   ..Im...Inn   thnse    po.ii.ut.
tactics that nre tbe cui'so ol the business community.    It is absurd  to
-ler.iici t ie public and   mutual  self-
u.i' rest of the c .1..in...:ily  to  petty
jealousies, and i ily will tnrive us it
sliould when- its business men refuse
to tako up i hen- share of tlie wotk of
udviii.ee...ent which is tl.o duty of
every man who seeks to Le a worthy
The men who aro willing to lend,
nnd work, .....I push ahead the public
interest, should have the hearty support and good-will oi their (ellow
citizens, and il u lew are too narrow
In ..ike su p..I.lie. spirited a view, let
the others pull together and show the
mules wl... until n. hold buck Irom
the reasons indicated, that they cu.
make the cily grow, and prosper with
out them und in spite of them.
I am, etc.,
""" *■ &	
one of us have a rigllrlo exist, when
we get older, out ol the procr. .Is nf
these lnnds, therefore we should t>>k<-
-te|is in .ill..etc u certi.il. por.i in of
the proceeds from nil Government
1... -ri hi.It* henceforth held in this pm
vince, These funds should be placid
intu u separate account and they
won! 1 suon be sullicient to pay n rea
s-uiiiiile pension to every man nnil
woman i.. the province at the agcu
05. I nm hoping thnt il will he found
prnctichle to reduce the nge to 5f> niul
that ive may build comfortable houseful bountiful surroundings in various
parts ol the province in which ive may
live, if we wish, when we get older,
it must, uot be forgotton that the
money paid in old age pensions is not
1 stb.it is simply distributed among
tho merchants, in exchange, for food
anil raiment.
Frank R. RlCHAHDS, .IP.
Vuiicoiiv'-r, li C„
Morel. Oth, l!ii)7
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Eto.
Fr.sb stuck always arriving nt
low. st price.'..
Evans Sl Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nnd Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
ioo foot Tot
Two Dwelling Houses
He i- fi wise statesman who knows
how to strike the happy medium in
framing an immigration policy. The
tendency is to go to one'extreme ur
the other—to dn too little or too
much. In early history people came
largely through personal inducements
ol their friends, or because they hnd
in them the spirit ol adventure. The
greatest danger lies in ihe incoming
ol the masse, of unaesimdated populations. Large aggregations made up
oi mixed nationalities and mixed
race*, are not adhesive or -..und in
their political, moral or social character. Numbers, regardless ol quality,
are not a source of strength in tlie
population ol any nation and it is
this fact that we must bear in mind
when considering the problem ol tbe
growth ol Canada's people. More
than in any time* past this prospective
generation must be viewed "as through
a glass darkly." It promisee to be, in
a very vital »ense,anera full of newess,
experience, reconstruction weaningi
and ■•:.- lings Item the past. From
tbii time li rward we may I. ipi to
k;. a man i we havi nov -r known
him before Taken as a whole sooial
men and industrial men are to be
differently constituted trom what
devel ipmenl hai hitherto made them;
and since education ba* been niiivi-r-.il
and the elective Iranchise been con-
lened on all men, the structure .-I
i iciety is broadly obanging. Educational development ii only In its
beginning and parental process,
transmission t- destined to elevate the
intellectual stamina ol each successive generation, One cy -le ol this
process has already developed a higher
standard of popular thought, The
working    masses    nre    acquiring  n
broader training in industrial pi	
and a higher social ambition nnd grade
oi morals is following in its train
With this elevation ol a ronovated
generation wc may expeot to make
still further advances Within tho generation upon which we ure now enter"
ing, l':.fortunately in Canada the
n as*e* are sub-charged with gtudges
again-! each other and it is a b.ir.l
task for unanimous progress to cooperate with these petty differences,
and yet tend in tho right direction,
Fortunately thero is an all-ruling
power which occasionally Intervenes
[.. settle t; - - anitfiosities, but we,
however, prefer to seek direction less
In chastisement than in Iraternal sell
control ol brother men. Hie unc ol
the   greatest   anomoiies uf  human
Editor MAii.-niiitAi.ii.
Dear Sir,—Under the lieu.ling of
" Arrowhead " in your issue of March
llllh, I notice an inaccuracy iu unc
item furnished by yonr correspondent,
It is stated thai the Laities' Aid 01 tl.e
Fust Presbyterian church will meet
on the llth at the home of the president, .Mrs. Warner. 1 assume lull
responsibility for the statement that
the only regularly constituted Ladii s'
Aid ol the First Presbyterian church,
Arrowhead, is that whose organization
was chronicled in your issue ol Marcli
7th. Its formation was approved by
the Presbytery of Kami lops al its
meeting held in Enderby on Feb 27
and i**. 1 enter into no controv. ray
mi the snbjcci. us the action ol the
congregation in all matters is subject
to tlie authority of the superintend! nl
ol Home Missim.s... conj motion with
the Hume Mission committees of the
Presbytery  and   Sy 1.     Thanking
you for space to make this correction, j
I am yours respectfully,
E. C. W, .Mn ('nil.,
Minister of Presbyterian church.
Arrowhead, March 14, 1907.
MoMntaln '.'.".-w Camp, No. 22").
Meet. Sooonri un.l Fourth Wednesdays tn
oach innii! h. in Selkirk Hall.   Visiting Wood-
men cordially invited 'null.-ml.
IV, I). AilM3TltONG, Con. Com,
II. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
REVELSTOK**. Al RIE No. 432.
F. 0. E.
Thu menhir incetiiif-'.f fire liel.l in tl.o Selkirk
Hull ovory Tuesday ovo-ilna ul So'cloca. Visit-
lug liri'iliron ure cordially Invited.
H. A. IIHOWN. I'u.fs.uiiNT.
W. E. M.-1..U*. III,1N.S.:ch.:ta.iv.
Hoot, .mv Loone No. 15 AT, & AM,
'llie r.fi-.ilai- meeting, are held in the
M.in.nic Temple,
.1 l.l Follows Hnll.ni.
the third Mondayln
inch montli at s
...in. VlaltlttKbrethren cordially wol
.:. A. I'lturcxiKli, Seobrtarv.
SELKIRK LOD'IK NO  li, I. 0. 0. F.
Meots every Thursday
evening   in    Selkirk
(.Hall   nt   8   o'clock.
| Visiting brethren cordially Invited In al-
Cold llnnge lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
Meets every whdnksbay,
, except Tl.ir.l Wodnofdny ..I
*    cell .1., ... ll.e Oddfellows'
Hull   ...   s  o'clock,    Visiting
Knii.lii.- ure I'lirilliilly invited,
(i. H. BROCK, K. of It. A- S.
II. A. IIHOWN. M, of F
Deer llcu.la, Ani.niil8.|Blnts, Fish, Etc.,
Aninifil Hubs Mounted,
V. (I. Hox HI.
Studio: Corner nl Flint St. uml Boyle Ave.
Ili-v.-Uinki), B.C.
Mitt M«rfrt (repi
Teacher ci Piano, Vocal and
Studio :—Laivhenoi; Block,
Pupils prepared for  University  ni.d
Conservatory Exams,
Mrs. II. J. lln ..bury, Mi.nngress.
First-Class Table.|
Private    ining Boxes
Lurgo l.ii.iiigrniuii f..r
ll;........)..*, Suppers, .'lc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
» I
for  .  ,   ,
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Hns u got d stock of Groceries nnd
a line assortment ol Japanese China.
Agent lor Revelstoke Fanning
Company, growers ol all kinds ol
Farm Produoe, Hay and Wood.
For particulars applv to
Halcyon Hot Springs
L'n.Ice the new iiutnagenienl of
Harry MoIntosh,  Hoffman   House
1. cym. are the mosl curative iu the
v..uld. A perfect, tmtuiiil remedy foi
.11 Netvous nnd Muscular diseases,
Live.-, Kidney and Stomach ailments
mil Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tied Feeling," .Special
rules on nil boats and trains. Two
mails ai rive and depnit every day,
Telegra b communication with all
marts of the world.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week.  For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu Lake. B. C
From 25 to 50   Per Cent
s,v,.i nn ycur Grocery Hills.      I A. FRAOOLINI, ■  KEVELSTOKE
We sell nt retail nt lowest wholesale[#■  *» /  n    B"| h &\1i*'V
prices.   _ Hotel  and hoarding bouse  £. Wit*. V Avib I
keepers, (armors, mini r- and  lumbermen will find it to their advantage to	
i -- . ite i.s
... any   railway  station   ...   I'.ri isl.
Columbia,   We only I     ...     ■■ c .■■
and    i ur      g   ds,   We   % larai tec
prompt deliv .-.     \   ■ t ler I
irge,   '■'  ite     r
list.    If   IS   FREE    Bi
259-281 Slan   y Sl   .VINNIP1
Front Street, Revelstoke
Manufactured for nil clnsseslof buildlnga
All kinds i.f building find plastering
I)., v.... enjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know whul
it feels like'to l.e but, tu be cold, or to he tired, nnd it Is
jusl us true that WO all kuuivwb.it it feels like tu be well
diessed. li feels good, ami It's good Iu feel good. Yuu can
never l.e well dressed if your clothes are not made liy Ibe
right maker,
Gel (okn.iw we bundle tbo SEMI-HEADY GARMENTS
ami yuu will lind what a pleasure and satisfaction it is to be
well dressed,
Suits and Overcoats-$15, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
A       Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and $20       (\
A       Special Trousers $5 and $8. A
Q Tailoring is our business.   Wc make a man Innk well        Q
Y        and he knows it. X
9 ..Cressman  and Morrison.. ?
(>O<K^<KK>-0<>^<KH><KHXKK><>l^ 0
lucorj mra toil by Act cf pHrlln'*noiit, 1855.
Wm. .VlOLSON Maci'IIMKsi.s-, Pies. S. II. Ewix.i, Vic.'-Pies,
JAMES Elliot, General Malinger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in (iunu.In and  Agencies in nil parts of the
Interest.credited four limes u yearnt current rates on Savings
Hank deposits.
W.JI. PRATT, Manager,
lutnnnttuuHt %%%%%% *%*%%%*%'•
For Agricultural Implements. Utirriogei, Wagons'fEto,, John
linen. Ploughs, Molit.o Wagons, Ciinndi. ("nrriugo (iompRUjr'fl
Buggies, I'lnnol. jr., Gnrtlou Seeders nud CultiTiitors, Wheel-
Wright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horso Shooing ft
Sn is his strength. Tens of thousands of men
will tcsiily to tho delioloUEiiess and sustaining
Btrcngt.li ol llread ninde Irom
"BEST " is strung iu gluten—lhe vital essence
of wheat. Its very richness lends a creamy appearance tu it so different from that i.f ordinary dead
white Flours. In ordering Flour from your Grocer,
ask for "MOFFET'S IIEST."
ill1! Nil, (o„ ltd.
Old Age Pensions in England.
To the Edl   r
The nld Ace Pension question hns
been discussed in tlie Bi it ish Houie
..i Commons. It is proposed to give
every man and woman over the age I
55 years,.. | - -,- n ; fl 25 per we. k
ii ut one hundred and thirty million
dollars (,$130 l 000 will be required
. very year to i iy the pensions ... the
I'i iii-i! Kingd tu i in ac .inst ifi- -um
may be pluc nuns  ol  money
used ..ii thi ■-   .  ind extrnv
ic ml system oltbc pn sent admin:--
;. tion of the I .* 1 t - I hon il -
lurther estii it. -I that.. large tec n
ol the pc pie w. uld n it draw the
[. ii.-.mi in which :ili n uld be - n-
titled, therelore. n would li ave, pi b
ibly, .-. \.-iit.v-if.i- it.ilii.ni dollars
(75,000,000) to be found ts a perm in-
enl charge u| on the re
the year 1801 -u- Win Hare .urt
in    ited in.- Death I uties nr Tn -   .i1
ii-'-nt time  the   revenue   from
ll     -rniri-.- would h- .Million nl to pro-
i-i.   'or all old . . pli: In   the   United
dom over 05 years of age. There-
ii  the  pen .ions ar  paid out nl
ninl the monies ol tho rich will
• I when they die, to pay for the
irt oi (In- living, .... arrfii.-M."-
.  h few could lind fault with seeing
tho persons who succeeded to thi
ii -- fortunes w. uld  not appreciate
Hi dedtiotlon to any serious extent,
The Interesl  on  the am t  oj-
ponded on thc Sunt1, African wur, un.l
.- iiii-ii. in my opinion, wm wasted ...-.
thoro In.uld not havo boon any wur
uunM bo eulllcie t to p.iy tlu sovonty-
five million dollars (.1)75,000,000) per
annum nuw required ior lho old age
ponslons, It is probable Hint tho uld
i.i- pension system in tlio old country
will Boon lieu.me an accomplished
In British Colli...bin we have .. large
number ol young peoplo uml it shuuld
I Kinds oi Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
-    PIAN03, ETC.
Cl;.! and  Feed.
llmise Phone 7
i'o Trappers
I?.- r
HEAD OITFIOKi Caujahy, Ai.hkhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Turk Puckera mid Dettlot* In Livo Slock. Markets In nil tho prinrlpul ('ihen nnd
Towns of Alberta, Britisli uuiumbitt and tlio Yukon, Packorn of tho Celebrated Brand
orator" llama and Bacon, nml Hhnmrock Itrmid, Loaf lard.
t%%%%%% %%V%^% %%%%%% %*%%%%%,%+%%%%%*
Central Hotel
Newly hint.     First-claSB in every respect.    All modern convenience.
Large Sample Kootns.
Rates $1.60 per Day Special Weekly Rates.
Boys - I—
ma.! er—1
- '       estof Winni-  Raw Pui'S Bought
*'     :,n'1 I'.ish  Priffts Pain
r- ,        rr ,      m X    T      1
And ih.    oney saving is the p      g      WELLS   Queen s Hotel, Trout Lake, under snme  management
Premium System Exporter of Pure ~
*   r     «^-
il Crown VI  t end   C" f\  E)      Q   A   I     C*
for   it—Free-Also  try   the  I    V/  It      O H L  Cl
Royal Soap CO., Ltd. Satisfactory Terms Can Be
Vancouver, b.c. Arranged,
;i m . "    ,  ■   ... corner Firsl itrei I
m Avenui    i business
suitably furnished with thc choicest thc
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Ratis $i a day.   Monthly rate, '
titer  date   1   intend
Ilnll       I   III.'I'     !   .MUHII- M"|,iM     .  |       [,.!'   M
and Works f ■    .     .
..ml imii y in. tj   f nnl i,   fn
lowing ties, rihed    .   I
I.-.'I.mm diatrict:
Commencing   tl   i pi     planted o
thn i '     Ide of I'Tsh creek, nliniil three
mile  fn rn n th nl   l-'M'   ireek md
half .: mil -i "I the bnnk, marked
"Win, Marlon's  s. W. corn
in.I  dated  March 12th, HM, thi	
north 80 chain , ensl  -o . L dn
-o chaine, we«l si. chains to pnlnl ol
sal ...ch in       WM   PAKTOX.
...,tin. i- tt. .<•[., rjlvnn tlial fio.lay. Iront'lnle
I lin...1.1 losppl) ... Uu- Hull,  irilbfl. Mm  i i Iol
i nmml  inner ..( l.sn.1. u.i.l Ui.rks lor per.
mlolnn In purnhsie lho Minifying .loacrll*.l
Inntli), iltuale.il Ions li«y, snd .uur.- inr
llc.lnrlyilo.crlbo.lM lollowi;
III ' UK"! » pOM* ..lain.-I'll Ihi llll "-Mt
enrnor ..I   lu-l. W '. rnncl..and calleil - r
i '.I-....'  '-' II c.irnci |,...i," ii,.„,. cliain.
.m-i, ii.i'ii.'.' in cluilna .muii t|.i.i.ce in ol »
woat, ll co III elialm iinrtl. i,, ^,,1 1 rom.
...i-ini'ii .imiioiiiiIih 11,11 hit"-- tiiiiriii.r loss.
Datod lau. .!,tn, 1U..7.
loblliaal I', J, OLSON,
: ing I ty  I    Its on
I;  id    h  :  ■■'• Itone
and  first cl iss   gravel
1 ii fnr building purposes,
I .    . bed ol Brick  ' ay ... 'I
n ■ cleared mil ib -   foi
fruit .-...wing.
H . i.m - ,   Block -I'i.
One Ul in Bio k II. 60 loot
f.vi 1.1 -■ mi Eighth St., Inn fool
1   1. -   Block 97, with   offlce
fun- I.M-- Block '■>"■  to lool   Cor,
11 mi -1 ,. 1 md Connaught Avenue
In'. ■- •'   .    : "I  mining  pr pel ty
..nd limber limits.
.; 1.] 1,1 „ Lm is in Buckley valley
.:..hm 11 hum 1 Blook  Planl In good
corking order with sll attaohmi 1 is
I'm lull particulars applv tn
Queens ftotel
Iiest brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars, Travellers to
Fish deck will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - ■        Proprietor
Under   New   Management)
HOBT.   I.AUGHTON,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Kirnt-clns accommndlltion fur travellers.
Best brands ol Wine?, .Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
Liub.ua IS l!t;n->'J (ji.ru   .".»-   -,...,„;-.
alter date I intend lu npply tu the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works f.u- a speciul licence lo cut nnd
carry away limber fnnn tl.e fullowinj,'
desc.-ih. d lauds, situate in Wes*
Kooleuay district!
1. Coinmeneing at a pnst planled
nn OlsenCieek, tunning into Pingston
i-k, iu valley east ul* Pingston creek,
marked "VV, P, Ogilvle's 8, W pnsl,"
thence Sll chains norlh, thence 811
cliains eust, Ihence 811 chnius south,
thence 80 chains west to point nf enm-
2. Commencing at a posl maikcd
"W. F, Ugilvie's S. B. cornel' post,"
adjoining Location No. 1 on west,
theuce NO chains north, Ihence 80
cliains west, thenee 80 chains suulh,
thence 8(1 chains east to point of commencement.
;!. Commencingat a postmarked
"VV. l'\ Ogilvie'sS, W. corner post,"
adjoining Location No. 1 on north,
thenee SO chains norlh, thence 80
ehnins easl, Ihence 80 chains suuth,
thence 8(1 chains west to point of com-
 icemen t.
4, Commencing at a post planted at
south-,'esl ci nei- 1 if Location No. 8,
marked "VV. l'\ Ogilvie's south-east
corner post," thence 80 cbnins north,
theuco 8(1 elinins wesl, tlience 8(1 chnius
snutli, theuce 8(1 cbnins east tu pninl
of commencement.
5. Coinineneilig nl. a post plunted
on nnil.h-e.ist corner nf Location No. ■!,
marked "VV, R Ogilvie's 8, VV. curuer
post, thence 80 elinins north, thence
81) chains east, thenee 80 chains south,
tlience 80 chains west to pnint of commotio! in- nt.
(I. Commencing at a pusl planled
uu suuib-west cornerof Locution5,
marked "W. K. Ogilvie's S. KI. cucuir
pnsl," tbenee 80cnains north, theuce
81) elinins wesl, thenee 80 cbnins south,
thence 80 chuius eust In pnint nf commencement.
Dated March llth, 11)07.
7. Cumuienolng at a post planted
mi the umili side of Locution No. 5,
abuul one-half mile from N. K. corner
of Location Nn. .*>, inarked "VV. V,
'Ogih-ies 8. I'l. corner post," thence
norl h 40 ehnins, thence west lOOchains
Ibeuce south 40 chains, tbenee east 100
ehnins to place of cummencement,
8. Commencingat a post plain ed a
half-mile nurth nf Location pust No. 7,
niaiked "W. I'\ Ogilvie's 8.-K1. corner
post," thence 411 chains north, thence
Kill chnius west, llienee-II)chains south,
llnmee 100 chains east tu place of commencement.
I). Ciiiiiiiic.icing at a pnst planted
une mile west fnnn theN. KI, corner
uf Location N... 8 nn north side, inarked "W. K. Ogilvie's S.W. oorner post,"
thence 811 chains north,thence 80 chnius
east, thence80chains suulh, tlience 80
ehuins west tupnint ofcoin.ueuceme.it.
10. Commencing al a post planted
.111 8. VV. corner of Location No. I),
marked "VV. F. Ogilvie's 8, E. corner
posl," thence north 80 chains, thenci.
west 8(1 chains, thence south 80 cbnins,
1 hence eust 80 chains to point of commencement,
Dated March 10th, 1007.
11. Coinnieiiciiig at a posl planted
on north-enst comei of Location No.
10 u-ked  "VV.  F. Ogilvie's 8. W.
corne.'post," Ihence north 80 chains,
ihence cast 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thenee west 80 chains to point
12. Commencing nl. a pust plantcil
on the S.W. cornerof Location No. 11,
mucked "VV. F. Ogilvie's S. E. corner,
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains snutli,
thence 80 chains east to point of commencement.
13. Cummencing at a pust planted
on N. VV, corner of Location No. 11,
marked "VV. F. Ogilvie's 8. VV. corner
posl," tbenee 80 chuius north, thence
80 .-hains eust, thenee 80 chnius south,
t hence 80 chains west to point of coinmencement.
II. Commencing at a post plnuted
on N. E. corner of Location Nu. 12,
marked "VV. F, Ogilvie's 8. E. corner
post," thetice 80 chains norlh, thence
80 chains wesl, thenci 80 cbnins soulb,
thence 80 chains east tl. point of cum-
15. Coinmeneing at a post, plnnted
on N. VV, corner of Location No, lil,
marked "VV. F. Ogilvie's south-west
eornor post," tbeuce bO ehuins north,
llienee 80 chains east, thenee 80 chains
sunt I., thence 81) chains west to point
of commencement,
III. Commencing at a post p'anted
on N.E. corner nf Location Nn, 14,
marked "VV. F. Ogilvie's 8. E. corner
pust," tlience 80 chains north, thenee
8Ocl1.1i.1s west, thence 80 chains soutli,
Ihence 80 chains east to point of commencement,
Dated March llth, 1007.
sat inch HI     VV, p. OOILV1E.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
alter date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, fur a speciul licence to cut and
carry away timber from the following
descrilied lands in the East Kootenay
1. Coinmeneing at a post mnrked
"D. Woolsey's south-east corner pnst,"
and planted on the side of the nld
Wood Kiver Trail, about live miles
east of the Columbia Hive.-, Ihence
wesl 81) chains, theuce north 8(1 chains,
thence easl 80 ebains, thence soutli 80
chains to the place of commencement.
2. Commencing nt a post maiked
"D. Woolsey's norl h-eustcorrcr post,"
aud planted nn tl.e sido of tl.e old
Wood River Trail, about live miles
east uf the Columbia Kiver, thence
west 80 chains, theuce south 80 chains,
tlience easl 80 chains, thonce nurth 80
chains tu the place uf commencement,
il. Coinmeneing at a post marked
"I). Woolsey's north-West corner post."
and planted un the side of the old
Wood Biver Trail nbuut Ave miles east
of the Columbia River, thence ensl 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 jhains, thunce north 80 chains
tn the place of commencement,
I. Commencing at 11 post marked
"D. Woolsey's south-west corner posl,"
nnd planted withe sideof the old ■
Wood Kiver Trail, nboul Ave miles
from the Columbia River, thence east
811 chains, thence north 80 ehnins,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
liains tu die place of commencement.
Dated this nil. day of March, 1007.
sm inch 10        D. WOOLSEY. "-**'
Notice la hereby given tbat BO days Irom dale
I Inlcnd ti. h|.|.Ii- 1.1 tbo Honourable lhc (Jl.lc!
Commissioner "I' and* and Works Inr »snocl»l
[Iconic tn..... mil curry m-ay timber Irani ll.o
|i.ll....-i..K diacribi.il landa minted on Unions
Ilny, WcalKiiolonsydlatrlnt:
I. KoKlnnliiK at a post plantod 10 ohnlna
wiuili 111 ll.o ...irtli-i-ii.t corner ol T. I, OIIW,
thonee 10 iflialpa nortl., thouro SO clialns onal,
no Kn.fhai.ia Hotn.11, Ihonoe SOohains wost,
thenoo 70ohalni north lo point of commence.
II llcglunlriK hi > |...at planted 10 chalna
north 01 lhe Boulli.ea.Ht onrnor 0 (:Iihh, Bp.'k'H
ii|.|-lii-iitl"ii. i.hi-iiut mi chalna east, llienco su
-lialna suuth, ibenco SO .-niina wot, Ihonoe su
haina north to polul ol commencement,
listed Feb. lOlh, 1807.
lob ft sit (JU AS, BECK,
BEAR,     A       3/4
\*   ': I.
*• W3&*>. '
\^&L     '        ^''W^'i
ANDTREE TOO     f#      Jtfctf    2
Bl6T0CUTP0W^Jff      MfJ    '*< J    5
'l.vO'/l.'   /    '^> i*    ,'uV   ,J       % \
Although Fanny Yellow Hair found all kinds ol things in Windego Land to interest and amuse her, she missed some things
she used to have when she lived with her own people. One of these was chewing gum—6f which she was very fond. One day
she said to Little Growling Bird: "Did you ever taste chewing gum? It's awfully nice when you're not hungry. I wish I had
some now!" Liuie Growling Bird knew very well what spruce gum tasted like, and replied: "Kayget—yes I Me know place
where heap plenty spruce gum is.   Come along: we get some!" So they started for the Spruce Grove.
Now Muk-uday Muk-ooru, the Little Black Bear, wu rather fat and lazy, but if he thought there was a chance of getting
something good to eat, he wa* quite anxioua-to go along with the children. Soon they came to the Grove of Spruce Trees, and
standing in an open apace was a big Spruce, on which the pMches of gum could be plainly seen. It was too big io be cut down
wllh the little boy's (tone tomahawk and too thick and smooth for him to chmb. But Little Black Bear said HE could climb it
easily, so—
^■^n f7 * 1 WO- GET ALL    "jk        , Mm«
Q-7 \S\\
Lillle Growling Bird boosted him part of the way up the tree, while Aundak, the Crow, flew up on a branch to boss the job,
as usual.   Now in those days the spruce gum oozed oul ol the trunk of Shingoob, the Spruce Tree, all through the warm summer
time.   It was quite sol. and sticky then, but when the cold weather came it hardened into little white and yellow lumps,   You
souiil find it almost anywhere on the tree where the branches joined lhe trunk, and when it was boiled over the fire, and the bark ■
and am smmmed off, it made very fine chewing gum, indeed I
When Little Bear was safely perched on a limb close to a patch ol gum, Little Growling Bird told him to scratch it of! with
his sharp claws and he would catch it as it fell in the little pail he had broughl along.   Bu. 'Koons, the greedy Little Bear, began
putting .he gum in his mouth and eating it as fast as he clawed it off .he bark.   Now tha. wasn't at all nice in Little Bear alter be-'
ing taken along and helped up the tree.   He acted just like some lillle boys and girls do when they are naughty.  But see what
happened to him next I
He p....I nn nllfnlion lo wh.it L.nlr Growling Bird and Yellow Hair said to hini, but kept on stuffing himsell wilh the nicest
piece* ol ,(uiii. lle w.iss.. greedy abuul il Ihal hr forgol lu hold on to the Iree. anil Middrnly be lost his balance and tumbled off
inr branch I Down he rams, bead lirsl. Vclplng loudly I lie sir..tka hard place on ihr ground with the lop of bis lillle round
head, bul, ol course, llll skull was ton ibuli ...ni lhe rest ol hlm too fat md rolly.pi-.lly lo he easily hurt Anyway, he nude an
awiul noiM. and fuss—li.ll u -civ.-.l Inn. i.nhi lm being so greedy An,\ unfair.
He whimpered so much that lhe children lorgave Inm and helped Inm loddle bad: tu the Wigwam. They had gathered up
some gum Ihal had fallen on the ground, and Nokomis fixed it so that they had enough chewing gum to lasl them a whole week.
And cvci since then lhc Black Bear will climb almost any tree in thc woods except Shingoob. lhe Spruce Tree, Maybe hc I*
alratd lhc limbs won't bear his weight I And Shingoob himsell is nol so ircc with his gum as he used lo be. It grows NOW only
it Uie VEKY TOP OF THE TREE, and little bctfi and girl*, who cannot ilimb very well find it vim hard to net tti     A. T C ii   LiMil LS *C/   tJ
111 C0TI1
?. ho ..* ■■■ inti cl na slico ss-
f:. :. ■ ■ Clevsr i ety leaders
v     '.*, :. ther in j lam up s une*
thing ■ ■ *;. elhi g attra live nnil
i -*,-. ■ it has bt mt thi fashion,
whi *. ivlng i i itllll ii , to sol el ti sln-
g| p( .;■ -. I or color as n
■ ■    :  ■      theme and to n pen
der \        - .: ::- s iti nl! tho f. v. rs, a
, nov        ■     or s iggt ition   Is   received
v. : uth is asm.
". hi i   have been "ft se" and "Poppy"
i    :     ns   Empire, "Gypsy." "Farmt r,"
* 31 . *.    and "Emerald1   cotillions, and
e ol othi rs, and now comes along
t] Indian tilllon—new*ut, most plc-
I and ■- irled if them all, and the
l -.■■:■ - in b m idi at ht me al a purely
:   ::.    .   cost by any * ne gifted with an
lin tr;   imoi nl   £ Ing- nully and man-
, ' ■' stc-rlty
G thei   togi thi ■  yo ir ma * rl Is—some
*-:..- ts    '.:■.:   pastel     rd, brlslol I rd
[s   lighter   and   more   flexllile)*
lowel rods,     * ti    nd n supply
ol I     ie paper   In   ;'* *-. yellow,
■lt* •:   l ;■ .-    '        nnd whit*   and! then
s • astrud       a tepee or wig-
'., im
Al    ne end   -" : "• build fl
irk of tied together al
*:. xtreml-
* , • ■ . ■ ' :■ als tn a
ring meter, which ij
::. long, flexible
with The result will In i skeleton-
Lii Cover
* ■-   :':   *-.-    ivll i       -   * ' *
thi      lor i    tanned        ;skin,  turning
■;.-.   . rod fiat nl  thi   front
N    ■    :*..   . rnsl 11
will be j
the I ea are cui fr n
crepe paper i hades    f gre'on,
i       -:       .   ■        -,
■ , ■ und
;     .- '..:.■: :>■!   shape
ring 1 rmly nt the
1   ..   •-,-   ;        .     pe the tops to slinu-
*  ■■ In
thi -■ . "husks."
• iki   ' * ■   of your dowel rods
■,:•.      ig Ii        ghi   n ikt      . ■
: • nd with a loag
sti ;■ of green crepe paper, about two
li li     Bind In nn ear of corn
winding thi strip around stem and
must wear a wig nt long
make up" his face
e palm tn n realistic cop-
Mis costume can be copied
'rom mi Indian photograph, or print
and made entirely of buckskin colored
paper, lavishly ornamented with
fringes and with brilliant Uued paper
geometrical figures arranged to simulate beadw '-lc
Even his feather head dross can be
made of the papi r, tho featht rs hi Ing
formed by double th! -knesses of paper
pasted tpgetht t* with a wire bi tween
to form the quill or midrib, The effect is uui!-,■ realistic if tips and edges
ure splashed with brighl wan r t   lors,
His moccasins would besl be mad-1
of brown d aim or d
with elab -   I ■ ap r. Ills
bell musl be gaudily frlngi d and
"beaded" and furnish- d wllh a cardboard knife, bow and quiver of arrows,
i "■• ss i li ■ squaw In a shorl - <kii ti i
robe and  heavily fringed h
tin  s-aniL' bu *ki klr pai :
ornnmei t hei       tunn   ifti    I
n  of hei o lor. raid  hei
h ill In twi I raids, wound nbo il n th
bright   ribbon,  and  ornament   it  with
■    ■ .v.  fllet-11 which
ished at [ho Bid Vi lth one or two
I   ;
i :*"> 5e,   strapped   ti
slung ovi * .
with a jud
and a wig   '■.■.■■
paper, maki s a mosl
slnci it will i
true Indl in stoicism. Or I
may be   made of ■   tl
, ..;.;.. r-i    ''■■:'■■
has sullicient sk 11
i ires,
i ■■•.-■':   ind	
Careful Consideration
of Color
year jus
t at lhc be
H   of lh
> season lie- wo
-.1 go.
s fl
-J  that
■.■na... n.
iv col
rs ar
mil   s.l-;.
y   ne
inl nl' Hi
In tin
St   ill  11   ].
.1 or if a
.wn ..
ailc, and
then si..
..1 tl>.
lint- i-i'iie
ui.it,- the
l- has.
i his is truly one .
f lhe
ools  rnsl
in,"  lu
-  sun
Iv    111
!   \
iman uill think ;
I ly   - vory   tl    .11 nil.     The
..   ;. r   the
child to Hi   . t In
Id Its
■    ' ps ill
.... M | .
ind   lace  together  with
:-..:. ■
panl      lln-era, -
.    .
■ ■ ■•
red man. and also lend themselves
i . io crepe paper anil cardboard
construction, make attractive a.i.lltlon-
I favors for the
For the women tin
I ,-m     "i -.    pa
trlnki t baskets     .
I vi .   i-i  f
: ."       ■• I   m nl :
t of Uu- i
:    -
- .1
Hunt   colors,
Inn .ni.-r.i..l--
■ .
.     i
M d symbol       ul ms,
ts can :  arcely bo
. .   bin   n   must  t ■■'  1"- ("i*-
■  | ,   brethren of Hiawatha.
...    many   limitations,   liar-
mil   ■   : Igmcnls  v.-iih
Ing sk.il.
m is. ' op where
irlo.   if  kept   or even o care-
,- of Indian prints, will supply
,   ..!. I      m •-     :
reproduced wllh tho materials
she cl ies something lhat will mnko
her took eilher conspicuous or "common" before three months are pust.
ntilv lhe woman whose purse is long
  -I, to admit .il' her li.ivi.i-; u dozen
different gowns in the course of u winter can afford to Imlitln.- in color fads,
If she musl economize, sin- Should lie
conservative nud buy something whoso
chnrm Is lasting, .... matter how tfinpt-
Ingly the words "clol" and orange and
"crushed trail ilnis" may Bound In licr
We an- ln-ing confronted with an avalanche of reds Ihls season. There aro
mulberry .-.-.Is und burnl-rose lints and
:i dozen dlffcrenl tones of garnet nnd
win.- color, nnd they come in every sort
and iiuallty of material.
Now, i-.-.i is beautiful—sometimes, luu
the vory popularity of a color in ent-ly
autumn often relegates H to u plnce outside the confines of good tnste long before a tailored gown lias Insl Its lirst
freshness. If ynu have considered buying fi street or visiting gown In >n f
these mw w;iiin shades, you woman
who mast mako one gariiu-nt do duty
for many occasions, oonslder a while
1. sr-.-ms safe lo make thc assertion
thnl   il   I'.'W   weeks   hence   ynfi   will   In.
eli..,. toward another color scheme,
"My feelings when I wont Into lhat
liiiiiso-wc were late, of ci.ii.-si.—
through a hall jammed with people up
Into the dressing room full of girls who
i.,.iif..,l un- iill over superciliously, beg-
lied nml divan
such   -il. can is'   of
inalil wns s 'ii-
UT mine;   I  didn't
gar iicser
pliiiii,   Tin
■red   Willi
coats in. wonder tin
fill when she look
l.l.......  le
a chair.
"Not iv
mado iiu-
when l v.
girls uga
life last, f
lili for chucking ii uud
-n splitting all i
forgot tlm iiwl'ii
unlil have In IH""
11 liiul pill nil til
I insl couldn't I'
i. sllnned mi lu.iii
>dc myself .he
"The next day 1 mi
insi fiiscl.iatlng wrap you uvuv annul ot mother's "l.l I.luck shawl, will,
Persian hordor, nnd sol .Iienlllu
rliige from n discarded pair of curls when thoy were weurlng
, ffects thnt hnvo been ro-
wini.T. livery one raved
il vuu cannot Imagine lho
il 'having to slink oul of
,.nuiii of my clothe. I jut
up Un- Btalrs as cinii.iliii-
ou please. Tulk aboul tho
iiu.nl consclonco gives one.
ig n. Unit Inspired i-i good
.11 i MS
it   IV.
1 this
it. in
nf n
of .
War Hcmrjete Mak&
A<-'x:e.p/ciMe Jfavpps
One Good Turn Deserves Another
Ideals Versus Realities
  Teachers and Parents
ns.   wi:..- ■
.....  .-..
.':• ■   i        '   .
live wl    i.    paid for 0 . . .-
II ■
Bcei       *.-.-. .  :    ■
Mn    Wl ■•...    ■ .  ••
: roi I n  street
.'    . . ,
1   ..
1  :
■   I    -
: . .:   i:   ■ !
I        ..... for
during II
■    -      ■      ;
....       ...    ,„|      |
I i 111 of !
Kill I
lal r.l Hupiinri.  11
... ■
1        ,.      -   . l-TI
i- u .. ....
-  mat i
Irs. Klng-N ihould like I
- -    - :
.; till
ild palm
that .    -'
.    i   um  rjutt. -   'hi.
■   .   it I am
'       .. i
lip. .My I
from m
ins ...
have mad'
■   - "
I-     ......
..... tart oul
,    I   ilifM
- nol
f our
.   ■ :
le hm
ind I
- '
Md into
. ■
■    '
I    "li"
'     ' M
. m   •        ■ led a.
manlty, wl." woro her hair In the pre-
Miilin-.- modo ..r live years buck; doted
on wrappers nnd gingham ..prims, and
Bcornod a sl."" thai was imt run down
ii. .I,,, heel, Ami .itn I"' mil"1'-' Well,
,. i er siiiil s... iin.l li 'ton compared
I. .      -..rs l.i l.i-   Wife,   .'. .he former's
.let. ..ti..a.
\   imii  made  for  herself  >f lh''
:    no ol her i.ii.M.iiiiii.'ii a vory won-
,,   ,.   |.;,m 1,   yenr  sm-  endowed
i !„.   new and nlmvliia quail-
,1 i plnce in- ii who ivnr-
, |  i   brim wi ic s.-ni awny un-
!    .mi   ill  ler friends decided
m   mm .f M.c- splnstorlvnod.
day .le- electrified h.-r small
.. i.iiiK her .-ii an if in. in.
11,   I rnnn'f"  we nil domnndud
-I      Im-  nne  ynu   llllVO
ild ili- iiifiiili f. ll."inghtf..lly,
■: ,,i  ,o.Mi-i .ini. Imt In   lms my llieni
■ i .""i I'M.]..., fie ..'. iic.i
'.     . m       ! Ml..'
le nr :i woman
-    [    .   :■:.    n    • llllll   ll    is   gollll
f  differently froi
t     will    noVO!     Imm-    mv
-imi .. imiii.- people's in.ims.",
II) ynu ever think of making n
I'.icnil nf Laura's lencher?
When slio helped Laura until
she passed her Latin with hntiurs, .11.1
ynu show your appreciation? Has sho
ovor been to see you or oaton n meal
wllh you?
And, .... the othor linml. do you lei.
Laura . vonvholm he- win. unwelcome
attonllons? Lock the l-ipsllon Mu
Club, which Laura slartod, mako '.
IviuIty uf ll.e ..i.hfippy wu....... iiuf
I.e.-   Ilu   po
...   ........lug  liUM
The.  ynu  would  bettor tell1*!
Unit  It la lillle tin- the club In
■1 ..   ;
.-, "If
l.l   he
An.l   .H.I
Hml im i  ■ I. il.y nftor il
li,  nine ensos  oul   nf  Ion  you
• I-1 froi I" II will I
II    .....    ii lifted' in  wnlllng.
: . !       ■.    ■!,    M    m mi  Ihere v.-iifi
■   lhc   Itip of  He-  s.alls  lii keep
...   .1 | .   row i.f .iln-
i    Mii.i "Iimiii lii keep
Ihui He n- was a
i fi tabli . und
-   n -. . -1
.... form nf slcrll ill "
.nd .In  im .-I   "i hygienic
Ind  d     sh.    mind? wns
Ml ||       1: ■   i    ■  I! Ill-f.V   IIS,
... cui Ih lho petit)'
■   .   ■  . m   i   i  from fi  .iiinn.t.
| ■ ,    -1|| MM  MM,fine l"l
t,   ;      a't   it  u I. ' I ''
is just at High Sclinnl age, yuu
see, .in,i Laura uud Inr fi-lt-iuls are
stricken with Ihls iliiiiKcrnus fever—
really dangerous, ino, for It Interrupts her Bludloe, and makes hor even
leSS SOt'lOUS lllllll Slllf Wlilllil ll.llllt-llllj
I.e.     "I   il.ill't   licllcvc   there's  11   IcaclliT
III school .hut Hiimo one linsn't a
'criisir on," I hoard a girl of Laura's
age sny .he nllicr day. There ynu are!
Vnn woro thnl way yourself onco, yuu
kmuv, uml yuu were glad.afterward
liiul um tin -i- saved ynu lu time f.-nn.
making anothor f....l ..f ymii-s.-ir,
though you .li.i think bet- "su iiiu-iiu-
Bonaulo   then.
H Is rm- tin- parents in sny whnt
i-hiill lu- lln- extent of Intimacy be-
In-, .-ii lonchcrs nml pupils.
'lln toucher herself otton dares imt
oxpross what .-.he feels .... the subject And su, in slum- prtrlanco, II ls
••ni. I., ym." In bofi'lond that unhappy
person, ll..- High School "divinity,"
Handling Hats
Don'l I;.In- hold uf a hut l.y ll.e brim
If yuu d'Ul'l Willll tn spell Ils looks,
'I'bl* vein's tints n.e very elubornlo uml
vers iierlshnhle nlT.-ilni. ami II Is best lo
Iuin- luil.l .if ilniu by iheir bnndonux
If ilnli shnpo I" in li- preserved. II Is
nol . ; I pl.t.. ... rest  f (he in-
inc in- In i icy. lines ii|i.in n llnl sur-
f.icc   In .....I   .......'.. in u lull stand.
ys whon 1 want o
il   to   uny  debutante
girl I'm Interested in
/provided sin- bus uu i
.,  iik of—I always give In
prettiest evening .-nut I can tin
-Mv dear Sally. If ym. nre slill Bcorn-
n.i nbout my philanthropy Jusl try
giving ilm! pretty lliib. Bliss girl, who
is homo frum schnol Ihis winter, a good-
looklng coat or cape and so- ii li don t
converl yuu I'm dying tu give her
nu.. evor since I suw her going tn lhc
Ihenlte the other nighl In n gulf enpo.
j idi you, mv heart went nut to lie-. I
knew'jusl huw thut ugly old wrap was
grinding down her unci spirlis.
"Why don't I give her one? I don't
know her well enough. Hut you do, and
if yuu want in experience whal gratitude really nieans Jusl l/y my pel
plenstire. Goodness! huw hnppy It
makes thoso Kills; lull, really. 1 bellovo
] get more joy from my coal giving
than ihey d"-"
How to Treat Sunless
NO ONE wants a gloomy room, but
what to du wllh such a room I*
a problem   that   has   bothered
ie than one of us.
any  a woman  has  foregone Inside
1 I' .'tains and even sash curtalim to in-
row all  Hie li'-lll possible In como  111'"
the room, but still Ii looks dreary. I-
1h not as much Ilu- light lhat wu need
as the sunshine, and when this cannot
be had we must make It, or rather get
the effect ot it.
A room wiih a northern aspect should
imt, nf cnurse, be papered In bluo, or
solno such cold color, but rather In
rich, warm imte.s of olive, green, bn
rod rn- yellow,  li' the ru
lie llfL-lit and sunsliini'. >
mu* choice,  Nut only
yellow un tlm
colling, i'ur lhe
illll  gels Illll lli-
yi-lluw Bhould lm
should we have
imt also nil thu
sake of the reflection.
A pretty treatment is tn have a light
pumpkin yi'llnw un the walls as far na
the picture uin.ildlng, and it lighter
t-luiili!   above   Ihls   and   nu   Uie   eeillai;!.
Then yellow Bilk sash curtains, pulled
back, tend in make a mum sunny,
Jjniss tan mnke a wonderful difference io a dreary mom. A lnrge jardiniere, with a plant lu It; placed in a
dark eurner will lighten up mosl mar-
velotiflly. The andirons, tun, win givt
a cheery reflection, even canalosflcka
help, and lillle trays and bowls, be tbey
ever so small. The Importance uf hrasd
in a Minie-iK ruuni cannot be too ■-■tiun..-
Iy emphasized. Mirrors brighten up And
hu du Borne pictures, with well-polished
glasses and gilne.l ''rnm.'H, but treflo little points aro to* **-,tinm token Into
. c
Charming Neglige Between-
Season Sewing
IF there is ono thins more tlian
another that appeals to the
feminine heart, it is a dainty
neglige, or dressing saeque.. The
beauty ul' iis billowy fluffs and frills
—a severe, untrimnied robe tur the
boudoir is ns much nn an..in.ily ns a
tailor suit in n ballroom—satisfies
won.no's innate love of pretty
thi..!..-. while tin' loosi -flowing lines
;.r uforl personilicd.
Now every woman naturally Inngs
to own nt least one of these airy
uml useful garments', but, unfortunately, I'., buy il.i-in is frequently out
of tlio question; for frills to be
pretty musl be finely made and of
good quality—all of which i* u costly luxury.
However, do noi despair, While
nn imported neglige muy be an impossibility, to copy ono is not. The
woman who makes her own clothes,
or lms ilii-.ii mn.Ic for her by n
dressmaker in the house, can contrive several of these dainty robes
—in varied styles nnd lengths—for
much less than it would eust to buy
liight now is nn excellent time to
begin on this work. The Christinas
rush of present making is over, and
it is one of the few blessed periods
THIS is the day whim every
woman must have ::n evening coat, lt may be of fur,
of broadcloth, of velvet, of
bcugaline, of net, of laee, of almost
anything, in fact; but a coat she
must have.
For all-round wear and for the
woman of uiodernto means, n broad-
cloth emit coining within eighl ur
ten inches of the bottom of the skirt
is a safe investment. If 'he buyer
is very conservative; she may stick
to black, though she innst be strong-
minded, indeed, to resist tho tempting array of colors that is offered
her in the Letter shops.
Velvet eonts come in tho most exquisite pastel shades. One blue Empire conl was lined with white satin,
and lmd cuffs of renaissance lace,
finished with ruffles of Irish laco.
Brown broadcloth emits, lined with
squirrel and finished with a collar
and cuiTs of caracul are good-looking and serviceable. The darker
prays nnd tans, either fur or satin
lined, are very good among the moderate-priced coats.
An Empire coat in Alice blue.
broadcloth is appliqued in silk
braids in two harmonizing shades of
blue and lined with white satin. Another it. a delicate tan is braided in
tnn and lined with white. Yet another is in the most exquisite shade
of silver gray.
The white broadcloth eoi'.ts are
beautiful, even though thoy nre perishable. There are long plain coats,
simply braided, and cape nnd Empire
effeeis with renaissance laee or embroidery, (lue beautiful cape has
embroidery nliout ten inches deep
fagoted on to it. The lining is of
white satin, and there is a deep inner ruliie of accordion-pleated chiffon, which completes a very fascinating eflect.
Pom.-times n white broadcloth
oont is shown with black cuffs. This
touch of blnck on the whito is very
Iilnek chnnlilly laee makes a delightful coat for evening wear. Since
pelerine effects nre worn, tho woman
who owns a chaiitilly shawl may
have it made up over whito satin,
finishing her flowing sleeves with
ruffles of pleated chiffon.
E1IPIBE gowns Imve evidently come to stay, but the
very newest nre not cut entirely  upon  original  Empire lines.   They ure apparently n
compromise between ihe princess
and tho Empire gowns.
Velvet-covered hnls seem lo hnce
entirely disappeared, and in their
plnce nre crumpled shapes of the
finest henver, manv of Ihem having
big crowns of draped velvet or silk.
Dahlia* and russet-tinted annum;
folinire are used ns .trimming, hut
nothing cnu exceed in popularity
ostrich nnd paradise plumes.
has been sounded, nnd all the newest hats nre made to fit as close to
the head ns possible.
Evening lmls are being mndo of
silver net nnd are trimmed with
gayly tinted camellias. One very
effective affair was mndo of gold tissue, covered with brown tulle and
had a while ostrich feather on one
NothiLe seems too eccentric for
the hat of the I'.irisieniii-. She
will combine a bunch of feathers—
one hrown, one purple and one
green; she will have the tiniest rim
imaginable with n huge velvet crown
overhanging it; slu- will wrap an
'istrieh feather run...I her i.ul and
then nbout her neck, or else let lhe
superfluous end hung down her
back; and sho will mnko lho most
".'...riling contrasts in color between
her hat nnd its trimming,
Evening gowns of lhe princess
cut an. very popular, The.'." nre
made of pule tinted mousseline,
crepe de chine, voile ninon mul
tulle. Very few black gowns are
worn in the evening, 6|pangled dinner and ball frocks are becoming
better liked all lhe time.
One beautiful gnwn was of pale
gray mousseline de suie spangled
with silver nnd dotted will, small
Simli diamonds. The sleeves were
of Binoke-colored mousseline, and
the wearer hnd ns ti headdress a
wrenlh composed of three green
Bpangled lizards. The combination
of grays (nnd gray, by tl.e way. is
a very good color jusl noivj anil tho
silver and creeii spangles made a
edging the oval neck and sleeves.
Any of tbo pretty flowered materials, either wool or cotton, nro suitable, the model being a fascinating
blending oi yellow and violet flowered muslin in n rather small design.
If one cares for a lillle moroelnb
oration, the ruffles may be bound
with ;. wash ribbon, ain.in a ball
inch wide, or edged with narrow
Ry tin- wny, all the luce used mi
tin- ... ivesl ifi-.'lifi-s i.- knife pleated,
Shirring* nlso uro much iu cviile	
—more so than for some timo pnst.
Tu nrrnngc these to Btnnd washing
well requires careful staying on fine
tupes or to an undorpieee of the
China silk makes lovely negliges,
nml if.. good quality is bought, thoy
launder ns well ns, if not better thun,
muslins, being less fragile. A fascinating model for ihis material is
that in the lower right-hand corner.
Though somewhat more ornate
than cither *of the others, it is nut
beyond the powers of the average
home dressmaker. It is of rose-cul
ored washable China silk, triminei
with insertion of German vale,
ciciincs lace of a deep creamy tint.
One beautiful coat is "llllover"
white valeneiennes, into whioh are
set panels ond motifs of embroidered net. Another is of I.uxi-uil lnee,
into which nre introduced panels
of broadcloth, embroidered i'i long,
graceful fern designs.
good this winter. Now nnd then n
piping of blue breaks the sharp eon-
li'ust between lhe black ninl while.
A red brondcloth coat is charming
for tin* womnn whu can wear red.
These conts look well with black lynx
or caracul collars and cuffs, nnd they
nre attractive when built along
eilher Empire or semi-fitting lines.
Cnpe designs for evening wraps
nre very much liked by somo women.
Some of them hnvo Bedouin hoods,
some are copied from the military
capes worn by officers of picturesque
regiments, some have full-draped
sleeves, whioh fall into tho iines of
the capo nnd may he used or not OS
the wenrer pleases, nnil some nre
simple everyday enpes in point of
This insertion may be from aa
inch to two inches wide, and edge**
the pointed collara and revers, hold*
in the shun, puffed sleeves and outlines on c-ueh side the shirred bor-
der that heads a deep ruffle at th*.
bottom of the gown. The tw»
lengthwis. . ands of insertion run-
ninir fr "ne shirred bustline t*
this bor nay be omitted, but they
add much io the beauty of the neglige.
The collar is finished in n many-
looped bow, with knotted ends, in
the same shade of rose as the silk,
while sn.nller ribbon hows finish th*
Quite different in do-ngn, but very
graceful, is the third long dressing
gown, with its loose angel sleeve*
and simulated jacket in the short
En ; ire 1-1 gibs. Tin's is of tin*
I Iki rohy f linen, trimmed with
in*, rtinn nf cluny lace almut two
nnd a half inches wide and a lace
edging, The fulness is held by
gr. up. d tucks i - low (he jacket line,
while above the lower row of insertion arc lm '■- fui .pray.* of hand
This model, used in warmer materials, would look very well in a
light pink ehaiiis cr lansdowne
trimmed with insertions of deep
cream lace, with the sprays embroidered in wild roses in the natural
The two short dressing Bacques
are absolutely dissimilar, though
equally in vogue.
The absolute simplicity of the one
mnke- a strong nppeal to the woman
who likes to achieve dainty result*
with the least possible work. It is
a rather full little saeque of light
blue batiste falling from a short
Empire* yoke. For this an ordinary
dressing-sacque pattern may servo
as a foundation.
Its great beauty lies in the ar-
rangement of the vnlencienne* insertion with its graceful loops.
Tho nnrrow ruffle may be of the
bati«te or of lace to match the insertion.
Verv striking—possibly fussy to
some tastes—is the other short
sneque of sheer white muslin, with
lengthwise insertion oi fine French
valeneiennes. This is worn over a
slip of pink silk, nnd is given a very
novel touch by the use of shirred
ribbon nt the nock, under the arms
nnd nt thc waist, so nrrnnged as to
give nn Empire effect. The ends of
the rosette bow are brought diagonally around to the bnck, where
they end in smaller bows at each
side of the back.
The making of these pretty negliges will afford plensina occupation
during January nnd February. The
young woman who is ongnced can
nlso utilize hor odd moments on
them, nnd thus ndd many dainty accessories to her trousseau without
the wear nnd tear of last-minut*
Fur conts nre. principally of enrn-
eul, broadtail, baby lamb or sable for tho womnn to whom money is
no object. Often these fur cloaks
are lined with brocaded satin in the
pale shades nnd have collars nnd
cuffs of another fur.
when the distracting	
clothes is in abeyance,
Why not, then, start a lingerie
neglige for summer just ns soon as
the holiday excitement has died
down! It will give you ample time
for the exquisite handwork and
duinty extra touches, which so improve the appearance of such n
While dressing gowns nnd sacques
usually conform to certain general
lines, there is n distinct trend in the
advance models for the coming season toward the Empire lines. Almost all of them, too, aro of washable materials,
"But," some one objects, "I do
not want sueh a chilly gown. I'd
liko n neglige to wenr_right now."
Well, why not! Lingerie blouses
are used nil winter over n lining,
and the neglige enn lie jusl as easily
worn over n China silk Blip. However, if this dues not appeal to you,
the mod.-I.- shown apply quite ns well
to soft flowered el.allis. cashmeres,
silk- nnd even lhe fine French thin-
One of the prettiest of the new
long neglige*, yet so extremely simple that nny one could copy it, is
thnt in the upper left-hand eornor.
It is mndo in a pale shade of lavender swiss, with n rather large dot.
Around the'graceful collnr and
eve*, which nre finished in hnnd-
embroidered scallops, is n knife-
pleated ruffle of valeneiennes lace.
A charming touch is given by tho
flat rosette bows in a deeper tone of
purple. The shirring, kept well up
under the arms, is specially becoming to slender figures.
For those who like lho fulness
lower, the other flowered neglige cm
be recommended. This mny be
mndo even more inexpensively than
the fir=t. n; it has absolutely no Ant ,_       jMf
;W ?2wpaic-i fi asw rani
TEN Jayi bi fori Christmas is not a
.    . :.;  limi   I *  illow :* r em-
■ rage Christmas
,:■••:.*    ! .:   this   -I ilnly   oval
"■, ■ ■        .i-i be ■ asllj   worked In
.. -■ k   Nal irally, this does - il   ill ■«
* t interruption)     ad requires
n •    . :."■ die; but the
v. :;.. .   .*. ■    iei a witn ordinary
:,.-, ild   :.* .-•   no  difficulty   In
fli Ishii g a n ;. :. rming glfl thai Is
;   .:.: ■ ii the heart of any wo
man  :■ ■    ag
Ci *:- ■ -■ :■ always acceptable tu
a b m . who keeps h i ise; Indeed, even
the r m lid  In  her single bed-
r- m and i loh omblni d finds them
a charming addition to her tea-table,
whlli ;*.■;. make delightful presents fur
the ..:.■:.   : • -*   f the engaged girl,
Spi lally attractive Is this oval pal-
tern, with Its simple sprays of violets.
Thi li - gn, with it being elaborate, Is
extremely effective, and lends Itself to
many interesting treatment**;.
Violets, strange to say, are among the
mt Bt i'v .iii (lowers for embroidery,
even the novice in ihe art is not itfrald
to attempt them, probably because the
shading Is so Bimple and the petals com-
paratlvi ly small.
„ Now thai culored e muru id cry has re
vived doubtless the flrFt choice nf treatment v> uld :•■ :■ ■-■ the natural colors ia :.. silk id •■■:. le linen, T * ■-■-
• :- j Id be d ■:.'• In s< veral sh ides of
; ., .- : .:. , irple an I ■■'■ h le ■ i Acta
i :.. ; wl lie the leaves must oe
v. -. . ■ it li t three tones I gn en
Bi .:■: .. in b< • ting the greens t tu
g * i that .-    ind grassy,
bs it        -        .*•*.-',   ■ ::■  *
'■■ ■   ■      I : tl ■    ■ . .  |
In  Ki: -.. gi Milne   the
-■ ::     Th    entres of the vi ., |
; 1 wli      rench knots . k
I   • ;:'.... irl)
gi   ■' . ■ •'     iliopi, ma)
be worked      her I r
I ■
III .: ' ■ .:■:'■
;   ■ ery evei
... ... .
I ■.':.-:
: • ...■
,.*.*.-     Or ll
und If S .   . :
t.    ■    .:.j  , .'..- ..       •:.
be buttonholed a second time after Uio
scallops are cut out.
This design Is equally attractive worked entirely In white on a white linen,
with iiu* petuls heavily padded and
worked in sutln stitch, and tho leaves
dono in a long and short stitch. Either
whito silk or mercerized cotton may be
used. Tin former Is very lovely at
first, but will turn yellow in lime.
In doing lhe leaves, bo sure to mitlino
M,.* edge of the leaf first, to raise tho
work, otherwise it will be very fiat
This centrepiece Ls very beautiful when
i red   arl
',...-.'. .i
■*    .     .     .
.    . ■  .    . .
l   pale
... *
leaves In n
Evi worn
.....    ,    .:   .. .
A.   '*.-' ■*-:'..
: - .      . ■ ed I
the .'.,■.
huri      \: . ..   * .
:..*-..       .    ■ -   ..
U ;..
-.*.      H ii hear!
. * . who
i      ■   - ,
ing for a I
*   : u*
! - -■ ulher good
tl   * .    i;        -..■■.* *
t   . thli rs drift
* i  .nn
*    ■ f
i  I ;     I
-wiil* ..... ...
';  i  v. ■■      -■.-,      lo th im
■ . . *    l tl   ' ■ ■
r |   ,:.   to fall nti.)
,   ■   .i . ■ I.*,
■ii *l then start oul lo m ■■■■   ■
,* ■   . :      ,.  ■■   ■ ..,
...       . ■       for
■    :* ■
irrlvo"   uh   tlm
you, you ha v.
ni hnvi
make ymir plan .•. irld  nml I
It,     ni ha mil w
,..,;,,, '   . |f„l
lorial   i
..  in
mi" -
I i ,
ify oi mm
■ * if /
A Cunning Pincushion
A GIFT that will delight the children is a nursery pincushion in the
form of ;i   diminutive cradle.
The hoiiy of the cradle consists nf
five pieces-headboard and footboard,
each iiVixr.1- Inches: twu sides, 2V»xQ
Inches, and bottom, 2xti Inches, Each
piece is composed nf two thicknesses nf
cardboard, covered or. une Bide with
plain white crepe paper, pasted back
m back and dried beneath weights,
The decoration consists nf smfili iloral
designs cu1 from paper napkins and applied with minute touches nf paste,
Embroidered silk or linen may replace
the paper covering if desired,
.Inin the parts by means nf ribbons
drawn through holes punched in the
edge nf each pieco ami tied in crisp little bows. Wind a piece nf wire with
baby rihhun and sew nne end to the
headboard, hemline the other inm :i
graceful curve to support the draperies.
Fnr tin* cushion make a narrow bag
lik<' a holster, the exact length ef lhc
cradle, and stuff it tightly Willi curled
hair, A coverlet nf tnco over silk should
be basted along its edges in the bolster,
whicli mav then be glued securely iuio
the cradle.
I 0o
Home Dry Cleaning
EVERY professional cleaner has
his own methods and preparations, which he naturally prefers
to kci p to himself, but the woman who lives m a dlstitnci from a
good cleaner, or .who of necessity mnsl
economize, can do a great deal of ber
own dry dean inn it* she will.
Light gloves, slippers ami bells, silk
or lace blouses ami ribbons of various
sorts arc the ortlcles that need cleaning
oftenest, hnd if they are not too soiled
are usually within ihe ability of the
amateur cleaner.
Try pipe clay and alum, mixed In
equal parts, for elt a ning delicate
shades of kid. Use a piece of soft flannel dipped into tin- mixture and nth repeatedly Unlll lh" soil has disappeared.
Then wipe off wllh a piece of clean
flannel and lay your gloves and bells
away In oiled paper for safekeeping.
Gasoline is the standby of lhe averago
woman who cleans her own glm-es, ribbons nnd silk waists, it is well to remember, however, that there are two
grades  of   gasoline,   and   It   Is   never
Worth while to get the second besl. The
odor hangs round long ufler lhe glove
Is ready for the ragman, ami its cleansing properties aiv by no nuaiis to bo
When ynu clean gloves in gasoline go
Into a roum where there Is no fire nf
anv sort, put lhe gloves ou your hands
and rub off the lirst soli with a piece
of cheesecloth that has been dipped into
French chalk or pipe clay. Next dip
ynur gloved bands Into a howl of gnso-
line and wnrh off the rest of the dirt,
using another piece of cheesecloth to
expedite matters, Squeeze oul the gasoline and rinse in ;i fresh supply, Ymi
may need a second rinsing before the
glm-es are quite to ynur liking,
If ynu are going to clean n silk waist,
get plenty of ihe Hrst nunlltv of gasoline—n gallon, nt nny rale. If you wish
to clean an entire dress, more will hn
necessary, fnr It Is never well to economize on the quality nr quantity of yonr
cleansing mat-Tlals. Pour abnul n third
of ihe gasoline Inlo yonr tub or basin
and squeeze and rub your silk garment
:■>■*/■ J/3/4
l   littlo   o ;
.  a  Im r.l   ...
.    i tin p linen,
put I
Kin  in n i.
.  ,.11'I.M    •
ir . ii., , ■   - ,
If..I.l.lcMl.        ■   ,.
i .- hnl van -       -..-..,..     ij--,-
.~szy' 3
until It is clean. Very much soiled
places may be rubbed lightly on a small
washboard, and it Is sometimes necessary to rub a little pure while soap
upon them.
When the silk looks clean, wring nut
the gasoline and rinse the garment in a
mixture lwo parts gasoline and uno
part water. Squeeze and rinse again—
this time in pure gasoline—wring and
lung oul in the sun to dry. Press on
the wrong sldo with a warm (not hnl)
Irun, laying u pieco of oiled paper between tin- silk and the Iron.
A while lace blouse lhat will not
slaml dipping inlo warm soapsuds can
often be cleaned by laying It upon a
sheet and covering ever;* purl of it will*
■ French chalk, or, which Is fnr more
economical with cornmeal or buckwheat. Fold the surplus part of lho
sheet over tho blouse and my it In a
safe [dace fur a day or two. At llie end
of thai liiin- lake out the blouse ami
bl'Ush and shake it free from every
panicle oi' the white cleansing dust.
in extreme cases a second application
I'.'lack lace may be cleaned by putting
It inm alcohol and churning lhe lace
about unlil Ihe liquid foams, Spread
the lace very smooth and press under u.
weight insiead of ironing 11. Ribbons
aro denned like larger pieces of silk.
A gasoline .scrub will do wonders toward freshening up at brondeloth suit,
Mackintoshes should be spread mi wide
boards and scrubbed wllh a stiff brush
and yellow soapsuds, then rinsed afterward with  clean wati i*.
Velvet or plush mav be cleaned wllh
cither alcohol or turpentine, Every
inch of ihe garment must be can fully
sponged. To ruin the pile afterward,
steam lhe material over lhe hot waler
pan of ii chafing dish.
Light furs an cleaned wllh a mixture
made of a pim of Hour, a pint of bran
ami a table*)] iful uf pipe clay. Apply
with ii piece nf coarse fiannol and rub
tho fnr the wmng way. Shake free of
the mixture, go over ibe fur with bran,
shake well and wipe off with a piece of
cheesecloth. Clean dark furs tlie same
way, but uso bran alone,
....    fl
" /■ i
■     -                                            .   .     ..   having lev-     folding In llsauo paper ns ynu roll, k.-pl an th™ rolls, nn.l If you nro
...    I--., um with ball) .n.1,11118, ,,lllicr whiw fee Ing extremely generous, you might
ru  ii.m. unit heavy iin|..-r on lln   out- unload your gift In one nf. tin, om-
.  .    nnl II 1th the     ilti. ,    ■" V'1'"'1  centruploco  cases now no
iin'l                                  ,         in        .'.il "fi'. I local .a: I much longer .( popular
.  ; **■ (     i   i  *.
J     V    tj
v r>-'
i .<£} I
0 ,-^0
V       /0*y
■ni ~-^^
(l|. 'KI
\t>       . ...      '   '-CV-'
* i "
Can bc placed at Lowest Cost with the Non-
Combine  Insurance Companies.
Best  Financial References.
E. A. HAGGEN, Real Estate and Insurance
Agent, Revelstoke, B. C.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Cumpauy
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company
Montreal-Canada Insurance Company
Traders Fire Insurance Company
Hudson Bay Insurance Company
Anglo-American Fire Insurance Company
Equity Fire Insurance Company
Cclonial Fire Insurance Company
Winnipeg Fire Insurance Company
Ontario Fire Insurance Company
Domini. n'Fire Insurance Company.
Acei.t- Ior the Sun Life Assurance Company, the Oldest,
Strongest, M..si Successl.il Life Company of Canada. Issuing
the most Liberal Indisputable Policy.
Agent for the Pioneer Live Siock Insurance Company.
Agent f..r the General Accident Company ol Canada. Associated wilh the General Accident Company of Scotland, with
a capital ol *.r).000,000.
Agent tor tlie Dominion Plate Glass Insurance Company
Agent for tlw London Guarantee and Accident Company
of England.
Write mo your requirements on nny of the above
classes ol insurance and 1 shall be glad to quute you rates.
Increased Passenger   Traffic
Causes Earlier inauguration
of Summer Train Schedule
With the owning up of spring Irade
it will soon bo time for the C. P. It. to
ngain inaugurate (bo double daily
transcontinental train service, and
nlready ihere is some talk ol starting
the double service towards the end ol
April or the first ot May. During the
past, few months, the officials at
Montreal have heen considering thc
advisability of putting in tliree daily
trains between Vancouver and Montreal. Whether that will be dune yet
remains to be seen, but wiih the increase in the am unit of freight carried
thc project may have to he postponed
■until next year. It is quite probable,
however, that some definite announcement will be made shortly.
Tide of Immigration Rolling
Tbat British Columbia, in fact the
whole of the Canadian west, is attracting unusual attention, could not be
more conclusively demonstrated than
by tbe large numbers of inquiries
being received by the Pruvinci.il Bureau of Information from eastern
farmers and others considering the
advisability of migrating to this country. So great lias been the demand
for information in respect to tbe agricultural and laboring conditions prevailing in tl.e interior and other parts
of British Columbia tliat all available
literature regarding such is exhausted.
Never in llie history ol the province has there been evinced such
a widespread curiosity in regard
to western conditions. Tlie questions which are being asked relate
principally to the possibilities lor fruit
growing and general agricultural facilities in the interior country and
Okanagan. The enormous purchases
oi land that have n ceutly been made
in this part of the country have ninde
the Kootenays the most popular field
for prospective setl>ers. Not only can
the immigrant find 1 md in abundance
whereon to make bis home, but sliould
he find that hi, financial conlitions,
after the expenses of his journey out,
are curtailed somewhat, there ia evory
possibility Ior him to recuperate1 by
Working in mills, logging camps nnd
mines, thereby gaining besides excellent wages, a good general knowledge
ol the cirntry's resources and o...millions of life.
As a headquarters Ior all industries
ol the interior and as a baso from
which tu set out (or camp or mine,
Revelstoke will be lound to bo the
most convenient city of any, and since
transportation by mea.iB of train
Bteamer or pack is comparatively easy,
it can easily be Been bow Rovolstoko
will at once become the most popular
rendezvous uf all new comers. Supplies
of every description can be had snd
when such splendid opportunities and
advantages are placed belnre tbe immigrants who have already commenced
to arrive, Revelstoke cannot fail to
come up to its already well won reputation as "Gateway of the Interior."
The present sens.ui will see the
uicateBt development and increase in
tbe lumber industry in the Kias.-r
Valley than has ever been known, and
forty ...ills will likely commence operation shortly. American enpitai is
largely interested.
Some timo ago there was talk ol
anothor increase in tho prlco of lumber
and now it is staled Unit lhu advance
will go into.'Ifcct very shortly. The
jump will be 12 por thousand leet,
which will mnko rough lumber $19
Tbo reason lor the higher prico is the
continued increased oust ul logs, lb
gn iter wages paid for labor and the
higher cost of supplies.
From our own correspondent.
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. MoMillan have
cnine home after spending the winter
in the east. Mrs. McMillan and her
boy Rufus Anderson spent most ol tbe
time at Loudon, Out.., and Mr. McMillan was on bis Iiomesiead upon
tho Edmonton brunch of the C. P. It.
He hHB gone back there lo Bpend
another month.
Frank Hooley and Ismily have gone
to live in Revelstoke. Mr. Hooley will
run between Revelstoke and Field,
The best wi-he* of the people of Field
go wilh Mr. and Mrs. Hooley and
Miss Patrick to their new Home.
Frank Maunders, who a short time
ago brought his bride here Irom the
east, has moved into the house lefi
vacant by the removal ol Mr. Hooley
to Revelstoke.
Rev. Dr. Herdman, Supt. of MiBsionB
ol tho Presbyterian Church Ior B. C
and Alberta, preached in St. Stephen's
Church here on Sunday evening last.
He was on his way to bis home in
Calgary and tothe meeting ol the
Home Mission committee in Toronto.
John Jones has been off wnrk fnr
some time owing to having happened
with a slight accident up at Hector.
Tbe second and third fingers of his
right hand were pinched. They aro
netting along nicely but it will be some
time belore be can go to work again.
Miss McDonald has returned from
Vancouver where she had gooe with
her mice, litilc Marjory Lynes, who
was suffering from sn nhcesB on her
neck.   The little girl is much belter.
Wm. Lynes spent last Friday at
Victoria. He returned on Sunday
Clarence Jamis li, ol Caron, Sask.,
spent a few days with his cousin at the
Manse here. He has gone to Athabasca Landing to open up a drug store
F. Taylor, clerk in J. D, Carlin &
Co 'a store, spent last Sunday at Banff
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchandise, stored in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
Real Est.ite and Insurance Agent
Kevelstoke, II. C.
No. 5 COMPANY, R. M. R.
will parade lor Company Drill at the
Drill Hall every Thursday night at 8
o'clock sharp.
NOTICK la lit-ruby given tlmt 60 days nfter 'late
I intend tn apply tn lhu llmi. Cliief Cum
mlHuiuiiur uf Lands ami Works (ur permission to
purchase tliu follnwtftg described Urn In in till
WtiHt Knotenav District, Galena Bay, uattt side uf
Upper Arrow Laku:
Cum uiu nc I ii(j at a pust planted al I*. Mailer's
imii h-ciuit eurner and marked "Bruce A.l-aw-wii'i
•miii li-.'iifii- corner poat," tlience suuth 40 chains,
I lionet) went 41) chains thence imrth io chains,
tlience east Hi chains, thence nurth 20chains,
Ihence mint id chains lu puint uf commencement,
ami containing l*.'.n hitch more ur less.
Hated tiiili'iiii Hay, this 27th IVhrunry, 1007.
(uh 87 wod BIIUCK A. LAWSON.
Notice i« lioroby given that m days after date I
Intond to apply to the Chief Oommtilloner of
Lands and Works lm permission tu purchase tlm
foi .•iw I UK ihmrrilwil land* In Wnl Knntenay dislrict:
Oomntuiiclnn ain pmt planted al tlio ioutn>vut
cornor nf im 2112, about K mile, more or less-
ii-itu east dhow nf I'pper Armw Uke,thenco
imrth Ni chains, wost 40 chains, snutli ->' chain*,
.ii'-t I'h'liauHt'i p.mil nf ("iini.*iiii*tn."Hi On*
tainiiu 8BU acres mora or leu.
Dated nli March, in",
•uui nnl. I! I',, S, MOBKIS.
**ii."inivr id landi Dint '■■ .tksfor peniii«loii to
on relume the foU.iu-fiH* .1- - ,:,-.[ lnmls, «l nuted ,
in iho KWi Itiver v illty an !., i.re pirtleularly de-!
Bcrllwd-u follows:
Beginning at . •-.-*., 11 -\ If mile nnrth-i-.ist uf
Angui McKay'* in •empi.-.n, marked' G. 8'18 K.
enrner pnsl.'lit iicm bu rlniiim eaat, Oil chains
norlli, Nl chain- "tit, SO rlialnB south  to pnint of
enmmonren ent, containing W-'am-i,
Dated January itith. 19.17.
0. St'.M.VKH.
wed fell 12       per (leorge Goldimlth, Agent.
Notice I.- hereby givi-i, that tu days after dn ■
[Intend to apply tothe Chief Commissioner
Landa and Wurk.-for a social licenso to ci
and carry away timbor from thefollowh
described lands situated in West Kootetr
Commencing nt a post planted on the bluff on
the west side of Whiskey Point and marked"W,
K. Ogilvie's south woat corner poaV'tnence north
10 chains, thonoo east iti" ohains, thonco south
io chains more or less to lake shore, tlience
west 100 ehnins to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 12th, 1907.
woufebtt W, K\ OGILY1K,
llotlce is hereby given thai en days after date 1
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Land* and Works for permission to purchase thu
(ollowlng {described land- in West Kootenay tils*
Counnenoingata pnst planted at the smith-west
corner of Lot Bill, eiul sldo uf Upper Arrow Uke
Ihenee eaat s0 eliains, smith JO chnlns, west 80
chains, moth 40 chaius to point of commencement.
Containing 880 acres nmre nr less,
linled March 12th, 11X17.
wetmch 1.1 II. U, MOllHIH.
. Notloe Is heroby glvou thnl 30 days after date
I intend toapply tothe Chief Commlsdoner of
binds and Works fur a sjieci.il licen-e luctit
ami cmrv uway limber from ihe following do*
-cniicii lands situated iu thu West Kootonay
1, Commenolng ata post planted about one
mile 1101 ih from Clin norili'Wusl cornerof U>>
Nu, Min nml niarked "J.uri Blylh's suuiheiisl
eurner posl," tlience north 8uohftllis, theuoe
west80chain!),thence suuth so chains, thenee
t-ii-t. 80 ehui ns to puiui of commencement,
2, Commencing at a pust planted almut one
mile north frmn ihe north-wesl cornerof Lot
No. &HJ aim marked "Beit Blyth's north-east
eorner post," thenoe west Ni ehuins, th nee
south 80 chains, Ilieucc eusl 811 ehains, Ihonoe
north80chains to pointof commenc incut.
3, Commencing ul a post plauted at the
north-west corner of Location No, 1, marked
"Bert Blyth's north-east eurner po<c,' thenct!
west 80 eliains, theuce south SO chains, tiience
east Ni chains, ihencu nurth N> ohatlh tu poln
uf commencement.
i, Commonolng at a post planlcd at the
north-west, comer of Location Nu. I uml marked "fieri Blyth's south east corner post," Ihenee
west 811 chains, tlionco #ortli 80 onaln-i. thence
easl N) cliains, thouce soutli Nl chains lu point
of commencement-,
Dated tfebruary 18lh, Iff)?.
feb 2U wed BRUT BLYTH.
Notice is hereby given that (JO ihys after date I
intenil tn apply In llio Chief Commissioner of
Lamh uml Works fnr permission to purchase the
following described lnmls in West Knntenay district:
Commencing at a post planted at the N.K.
enrner of Lot "t'HI, on N. I-). Arm of Arrow Lakes,
thunce south SO chains, east 80 ehains, north Hi
ehnins, west 80 ehnins to pnint uf commencement.
Containing 1)40 acres.
Dated March llth. 11)07.
wed inch 13 D, Mcl'IUDDEN.
Notice is hereby given thai 30 days after date
[Intend to apply to ihe Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for a specie 1 license to cut
and enrry away timber from the lollowing
described lands situated in West Kootenay
1, Commencing at n post planted about a
mile from shore uf Arrow Lake, on west side of
lake, marked "W. 1", ogilvie's N.W, corner post."
thence smith ICO ehains, thence east to chains
theuce north KM) chains, theuce west 40 chains tu
poinl uf commencement,
2, Comineiicine At a post planted un nurth-west
corner of Locution No, I marked "W, F. Ogilvie's
N. ft. curlier post," tlience south ltW chains, thence
west40 chains.thence notth 160 cliains,thence east
1(1 ch tins to point uf cummencement,
s, Commencing at a pust planted nn N. K. cor-
nei of Location Nu. i, and inarked "W. F. Ogilvie's S-W corner pnst," thence 100 chains north, 40
cliains east, 160 chains south, 4*i chains west to
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a pust planted un the southwest corner nf Location No. 3, thence north 160
chains, tlience west 40 chains, thence south 100
chains, thence east 40 cliains to place of com*
6. Commencingat a pnst planted almut :Jnfa
mile nnrth of Loeatinn No. 4, marked "W. F. Ogll*
vle'eS, W. corner pnst," thence I4u clialns nortli,
thence 40 ehnins east, thence luo chains south,
theuce 10 clmins west to puint nf commencement.
0, Commencing at a post planted on smith-west
corner nf Location Nn, 6, and marked "W. F. Ogil-
TiVsM, ft. enrner pust,' thenee ICO ehains imrth, 40
chains west, IflO chains snutli, in chains east to
point of commencement.
Dated Mnrch Mh, 19117.
inch III snt W. F. OG1LV1R.
Notico is horcby given thnt 30 days aftor date
1 intond to apply to the Hon. Chiof Commissioner of Lauds nnd Works for a Special licence
tn cut ami carry nwny timlior from ihe follow-
iii;,' duscrilied lauds situated in West Kootonay
1, Commencing it a post planted on tho oust
hank of Cariboo Creek, almut -oven miles from
Burton City, and dntod 20th Feb. 1007, thouce
south PHI ehnins theuco oasl 10 chaini*., thenco
north ltWl chains, thence wtst 4U chains to point
of commencement.
2, Ciimmoiiciug at a post planted about ono-
half milo oast of Cariboo Creok, und 7 milos
from Burton City, dated 20th Feb. linn, tbonco
oust 160chains, thouce s uth lOchains, theuce
west 1(10 chains, theuce nurth 40 chains tu point
uf commeucomout.
3, Commeueiug at a oot plnnted nbout Vi
milos from Burton City, un south side Cariboo
Crook, dated Fob. 22nd, 1907, thenoe east 100
chains, thonce south 40 chains, thouco wes' It
chains, thenco north 40 chaius to point of com
4, Cummuiicingatn post planted on the we
side of Cariboo Crook, almut 13 milos from Bur
tou City, daled Feb. 24th. 1907, thence south Iti'l
chains, theuce wost 40 chains, theuco north 100
chuius, thence easl 40 chains tu imiut uf commencement.
5, Cummenciugat a p"st plunled on tlio wost
sideof Cariboo Creek, hIhiiiI 11 miles frum Burton City, mted ilth Fob, 11*07. theuco south Wil
ehnins, tbeuce west 40 chains, thencu north Irtl
chuius, thonce east 40 chains tu point of commencement.
ii. Cumiueucing at a pust planted uu the oust
side of Cariboo Creek, aliout 16 miles from Bur-
tun City, tinted Feb 25th, 1907, theuce suuth 100
chains, thenee east lu chains, thenco north 100
chubs, tlience west 4.1 chains to pointof com-
meneement. ,
DatotI Feb. 27th, I'M '
satmch2 UKO, B. CAUI'IUELL.
Notice Is liereliy given that Oil days after duto
I intend lu applv lo Ihu Hon. chief Commls-
-ium-r of Lands and Wurk* fur a special licence to cut and cany nway limber irom the
following doscribod lauds, situate In Went
Kooleuay district:
Commencing at a post planted ahout a mile ur
mntu frmn the west ihore of I'pper Arrow Lake,
ami adjoining Timlier Limit No. mw mi the -mu h
and market! "C, 8klnner,snorlh*westconiorj)Dit,"
ihence -"Uth 160 chains, tbonco east 411 chains,
theme nurth IW chains, thence wt»\ l>i chains to
place of commencement,
Dated Feb. 27th. i.",.
sat neb 2 C. BK1NNKB.
Hubscrilx)  for THE  Mail-Hkhald,
twice a week, only |2.6U a yoar,
1\ daya altar data I Intond to nupir to n.u
Chlel Oommtalonor ol Laml" .....I Worka lor a
a|ifcliil llcfiiai-ln out Mid rarry nway llliilnjr
(rum the lolloiviMK liccrllral la.ala in lho
Dlseriot ol Wont hoolcmy:
.-.iiiiiiii'iiciiiK at a p"ai iniirk.'"! "Jam**. Anderson', north-wart comer |.<.at." planted ...i ll.e euat
■lite nl ll.il.lit.-l. ('reek .... Town l.inu ltiBin, ran-
nine e»«t si elialaa, tlmi.™ ...all. 80 onnlna,
tlienee weat su i-liftilla, tlience ...irtl. 81. .-l.al.ia...
plfH-e o(ciiinii.er.i-ei..t'at.
ft.le.1 March Iat, uu;.
,iitmri.9 US. ANDEE80N,
af..-.- .lull) I illli'llil I" applv tu tin-
II.ai. lln. CliiurCiiiniliksii.tiuii.[ litiiiils
and W.nks Inr s|ir.-i.-.l lif'.-i.*.-* to .nil
ami i-ai.-v a.i-.-.v llmlwr fl.iii.tl.ef.il-
l.tivinf. .liM.('i-ili...l lund* in ICoottilltiy
1. Cninniencliipi nt a post pl....l...l
almnt 21, miles up tho Nurth Fuck .it
(iiflilsli-..,-.... .uui iiiiukcil "(Iii. 1 .-.ind's
N. K. enrnor," theuco .vest 8o chaiua,
thence aouth Si) chains, thenco east 80
chains, thonce nuiili SO elinins to poini
nf.-.. ...in. -nee. n.-iit.
2. Commencing at it p..sl planted
ai llieN. E, cornerof Location No, 1,
nml mnrked "(Ins Lund'sN, \Y, corner," thunce east SI) chains, ihenee
south Sll ehnins, Ihence west80 clmins.
thence norlli SO elinins to poln; of
II. Cominonoing ata post glinted
almnt 11 miles up the North Fnrk of
Coldstream and n k.-.l "Qns Limit's
N. W. corner," thenee ensl SH el...ins,
Ihenee south Sll chill na, llienee ivest Sll
.•hains, thence north 80 chains In point
of commei)cement,
■t. Commencing at a post pim.tel
ahoul I), milos up the North Fork of
Qoldstreitiu nnd marked "(ins Lund's
X. K. corner," thence wesl Sll chains,
thence south SO eliuiiis. llienei! e.ist KO
.-Iinins, li..1...-.. nnrth 80chains I., point
6. Com.....n.-ing lit a post planled
.ilinul -IJ miles up tho North Fork of
(liililsiieaii. and inm-keil "Qt.s Lund's
S, \V. coruer," Ihenee easl SO eh..ins.
llienee nnrth SI) cliiiins, thence wesl SO
chains, thencesouth SO elinins I., point
II. Commencing nl a pnsl, planleil
ahotll 1} miles up tlie Norlh F.n-k of
(1..1.1st.-enn. and .narked "Gus Lund'a
8. E. corner," thenee west 80chains,
Ihenee north SO ehnins, llienee ensl SO
chains, thenee soutli SI) ehnins to point,
of commencement,
7. Coinmeneing at a pnst plnnted
abuut OJ miles up the norlli fork of
Goldstream and innrkeil "Gus Lund's
N. W, enrner," thenee east SO chains,
llienee south SI) chains, llienee west. SO
chains, ihence north80 chains to point,
of (Mm, im .nee ment.
8. Commencing at a post plnnted
nbuut li.i miles up the north fork of
Goldstream nud mnrked "Gus Lund's
N. 1'!. corner." thence west SO cliains,
thencesouth80chains, thence ensl 80
ehnins, llienee north 80 chnlns to pninl
of commencement.
I). Commencing lit a pnsl plnnted
aliout lii miles up lhe north fork of
Goldstream and marked "Gus Lund's
!S, VA'. enrner," thence east 80 i'liains,
tlience nnrth 80 chains, tlience west 80
ehnins, thenee south 80 chains to point
of commencement.
10. Commencing nt u pnst planted
about (ll miles up the nurth fork of
Goldstream and marked "(ins Lund's
N. K, enrner," thence west 80 cbnins.
tlience north 80 ehuins, thence enst 80
chains, thenee south 80 clmins tn point
of coinmencement.
11. Commencing at a post plunled
about 8J miles up the north fork of
Goldstream and niarked "Gus Lund's
N.W. corner." thence enst SO ehnins,
thenco smith SO chains, thence west 80
ehnins, thence north 80 chains tn pnint
of cniniuenceinent.
12. Commencing nt a post planted
abuut 8} miles up the north fork of
Goldstream aud marked "Gus Lund's
N. E, enrner," thence west. 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
conins, thence nnrtli 80 chains to point
of commencement.
13. Commencing at a pust plnnted
about 8J miles up the north fnrk of
Goldstream nnd marked "Gu, Lund's
S. E. corner," thence west 80 chains,
tlience north 80 chains, thence enst 80
chains, thence smith 80 chains to point
of coinmencement.
14. Coinineneilig at a post plnnted
nbout 8.J miles up the nnrth fork nf
Goldstream nnd .narked "Gus Lund's
S. \V. enrner," Ihence enst 80 chains.
Ihenee north 80 elinins. thence west 80
ehnins, thence south 80 chains to point
of coinmencement.
15. Coinmeneing ata post planted
nbout Id*, milea up the north fork of
Goldstream and mnrked "Gus Lund's
N. W. corner," thence enst 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 8(1
chains, thence north 80 ehnins to point,
of on.meneement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
nbout 111*, miles up the north fork of
Giildstrenm nnd mnrked "Gus Lund's
X. E, corner," Ihence west 80 chains,
ihence south SO cbnins, thence eust 80
chains, thenee nortli SO chains to point
of commencement..
17. Commencing al a pnst planted
ahoul, 10.J miles up the north fork of
Uoldstrenm and .narked "Gus Lund's
.S. E. corner," thence west SO cbnins,
thence north SO chains, Ihence enst SO
ehnins, thence south 81)chains tu pnint
of commencement.
.8. Conimenclng at n post plnnted
nliout 10J miles up the north fork of
Goldstream nnd marked "Gus Lund's
S. W. corner," thence east 80 cbnins,
tlienco nnrth80 chains, thenee west 80
chains, Ihenee soulh SO chains to point
ut commencement.
19. Conimenclng al a post planted
nbout 124 miles up the norlh fork (if
linldsliviim and mnrkeil "(ius Lund s
X. W. eurner," tlionco enst SO ehnins
thenee smith 80 el...ins, Ihence west SI)
ehains, thence north 80 ohalna to point
ot commencement.
20. Commencing at a pusl planted
alumi 12! miles up lhe north fork of
Goidstroam nnd marked "Gus Lund's
N. E. enrner," llienee west 80 chains.
llict.ee south SO ehnins, III.'lire ensl, Sll
chains, thenee norlh 811 chains lo poiut
of commencement.
21. Commencing at it posi plnntod
aboul 121 mil.'* up the uorlh fork of
(lolilstrenin nu.l marked "Oni Lund's
S. W, corner," Ihenee ensl SO ehnins,
Ihenee nnrlh SO ehains, Ihenee wesl SO
ehnins, Ihenee soulh 80 chains lu puint
of commencement*
22. ('n...1.......-inn nl a pusl plnuled
about 12! mill's up the north fork of
Goidstroam nnd mnikod "Gus Lund's
H. E. cornor," tlionco west 80 ehuins,
thence nnrth 80 ehnins, Ihence enst SO
chains, thence south SO ehnins In point
of coinmencement.
Dated January 27th, 1007.
sat inch II   " GUS LUND,
Notloa I. hereby Riven that SO dny. allur dato
I intend ti ftj.|.ll to the Chief ('"tiiiinia.l.jner of
Unda and Work- for a -....-.-lal ll.-c.ee lo cat
nnd carry nway tliiil»r frnm tliu follnwInK
.le-erllMsl liut.1- 111 w.-i Kito'cnny l.htrlot:
('.iiurnellcil... ..t 3 I'f.at lintrkeil "It II. Sawyer*,
inntli e.1.1 conier port." ji'iiiiieil alongilde a pint
marked "H, Donnelley'i unrtli-weal comer port,"
•ui wod al.le "I PrtollJ (ireek, minimi! aiiiilh I2n
i-linina. tnence on-: BO clialna. llienee ....rtl....
cl...!..,, thence treat I" chaina. tbenee nmlh 80
chaini, thenee well in chain. t« place of oon<
nsiod March lit, imt.
■at inch t 1'ir Ji»> Andenun, Agent.
-ill.-i- .I..... I Intend i„ npplv in thei
II..u. ll.e Cl-.i.-f (ion..ni-si....er..f Lands I
ml Wo.ks li..-.. special licence lo eul
nil carry n.v.ty f.inhtu from tl.efiil-
Inning descrilied lands, sitnnted on
the west side of the Upper Arrow
Lake in the West Kootenny Districl:
1. Commencing ntn stake planted
midway on the east line of Tin.I.e.-
Limil No. 7485, nnd mnrked "F, I'*.
I.'ullinei's south-wesl corner pusl,"
thenco north along said line SO chains,
thence east 80 ohnlns, ihenee south so
chains, tlience west Sll ehains to poinl
.f coin uieneenienl.
2. Commencing al the north-west
conier of No. 1, Ihence north SO .-hains,
Ihence west 80chnlns, Ihenee soutli SO
ehains, Ihence cast Sll clmins to pninl
nf commencement,
3. Commencing nt the south-west
co.-ner of Xo. 2, I hen.-.: west. SO elinins,
III.'...-.'norlh S.l chains. Ihenee easl SO
Iinins, thence south 80 chains to point
if commencement.
I. Commencing al tl.e south-wesl
corner of No. 3, tiience wesl SO ehnins,
Ihenee north Sll ehains, thunce easl SO
chains. I honco soul I. Sll chains to poinl
of eoiuuienee.......I.
i.   Con........eing nt the norlh-west
corner of No. 1, thence north 80 chnlns,
il.i-ii.-.- .nsl 80 chains, Ihence soulh so
chains, ihenee west Sll chains to point
of commencement.
Dai e.l I'Vb, 281 li, 11)07.
II, Cummencing nl lhe north.nisi
eorner of X... I, thenco north SO ehains.
Ihence oust sn el...ins. iheuce south SO
halns, iheuce west. 80chains lo point
7. ('............eing al.out midway ou
the west line uf application  No. \
henco north along suid line SO elinins,
thence .vest80chnlns, Ihence snutli SO
i'linins, Ihenee east  SO ehnins lo point
>f commencement.
8. Commencing at the north-enst
cornerof No. 7, thence north 10ehains,
(hence west Kill chains, thenee snulli
el..-.ins thenee ensl IC9 chnius to ll.e
point uf commencement,
II. Oniiiiueniing at III.' noith easl
eurner of No. 5, Ihenee norlli SI) chains,
(ll..nei'easl SO cliains, Ihenee south Sll
chains, them-e west 80 ebains to poinl
of commencement,
10. Commencing nt the north-east
corner of No.."., Ihenee north Sll chains,
tlience wesl, SI) chains. I hence snutli SO
chnlns, llienee easl SO chains to puint
•of commencement. .
Dnted March 1st, 1007.
al inch I)      By Harry Smith, Ageni.
Notico Ib hereby ((Iven thnt within thirl v davs
from date] iuieml tn apply tu Um Honorable
('hlef Commissioner <>f Lauds and Works fur a
siiecinl license tneul ami carry away llmhur from
the following described lands, situated in West
Kootonay District.
C'imnii'iii-iiiK nt the nnrlh east enrner of Lot8l8ff;
thencu nnrth in chains, thetice wuhI lun chains,
thence smilli |u chains, thonce cast loo chahm
tu point, of commencement,
Dakd this 8th tiny of Mircli, nm;*.
Nolice Ih liereliy given thnt III duya ufler .Iat... I
Intend to annly lu tlm Chlel Cnliiiiilaaliiiior uf
l.iin.la an.l Wi.rkHlur|ii.riiiiaaiiili tu ...in-haac Lite
following doHcrlbcil landa:
Ciiiiiiiu'iii-iii;: at a ....at Hil.l.ite.l iii-uil ■•. in.li...
north nf Mehimalit Greek "... thu ...ui thon. uf
I pper Arrow take, lolnll.g T. I,. Ulun th,, hiii.iIi.
weHt curuer, ....iiiiii.- east 10 rhalna, a.nil., w
el.al.iH, waat ...elml.iH, ...-ill. .0 .iliiiiii* in iil;<,.|. ,,f
Bated Jan. 2*11., 1007.
lob S sat l, A, DEW AH,
N'OTICE Is horoby tfivon thnt sixty dnys
utter datu I intond toapply to tlio Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for special
license tn cut nnd carry nway timbor frmn thu
following doscribod lnnds MUinto iu Yule
1, Commencing at a pust planted on the east
aide of Italnbow Croek, a tributary nf SliUBwap
Kiver, and about 11 iniles frnm its muuth, ami
marked 'A. M, .Syinnns' N K. corner post,"
tlu-nce west SU eliains, thenee suuth Sll chains,
thenee east 8(1 chnius, thence north 80 chains tn
plnce nf cniniuenceinent.
Dated Feb lllli, 19U7.
2, Commencing at a post planted % mile sontli
uf itiiiniiow Creok and '&% miles from its mnitth
ami in ail; eil "A. M. Symnns' V W. eurner nnst,"
thence soulli m uhnins, thence east go chains,
thenee mnth 30 chains, then e wustSDchaliiH lu
plnce of i-iuumeneenimit.
Dnted Feb Uth, 1W7.
8, CnmintMicui-,' al a post planted on the west
bankof lhe Shuswap Itiver and about nne mile
from Us mouth, marked "A. M. Symons'S. K.
enrner pnst," thence west 80 chaini, thence nnrth
80 chains, thence east s-1 chains, thence snutli 80
chains to place of commencement.
1. Commencing at a post planted 40 cnains
north of Location No, a, and marked 'A.M. .Syinnns' S, \V. corner post," thence north un ohains,
thence east 80 chains, thencu soui.li 80 chains,
thence wesl 80 chaius to phi -o uf commencement.
DUed Feb. 2Ut, 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted i tulles in a
northerly direction from lhe smith-west comer uf
Lease asi8, and marked "A. M. Syinnns' N. K.
enrner pout," thence smith 80 chains, thence west
"fl chauu, thenee north 80 chains, theuce east 80
chains to plaueof cmninenecraunt.
6. ('•ommenclng nt a post planted 2 miles In a
northerly direction frmn the smith-west corner nf
Lease 2818 and nmrked "A. M. Symons' H. W. cornel pnst" thenco mirth 100 chains, thencu east 80
chains, them-e souih-westeilv KiO ehnins mure or
I.ms, (i-Huwiiig boundary of Lot im tn puint of
Dated Feb. 2.'ml, 11)07.
7. Commencing at a post plnnletl Wt miles
north easterly of Sugar Like, and marked "A. M,
Symons' N. W. eurner pust," theuce smith 80
chains, thence cast SO chains, thence mirth 80
chains, thenee west 811 cliains lu point nf coin
8 Commencing at a post phnted ao ohains enst
of Locatimi post No. 7, and marked *'A. M. Hv<
mons' s. W. eorner pust," thenee north hu chains,
thence enst 80 oh.lilH, thenee smith 80 halns,
theuce wesi 80 chains tu place uf com nu ncemeiit.
Dated Feb. 28rd, 11)07.
sat inch -i A. M. ^ MUN'M.
Notice is horoby given thai todays after dale
I Intend tu apply to the Hun. Chief Commls
sioner of Lnnds and Works for flvo (W special
licences tu cut and carry uway timher frum the
following desci ihi'd lnmls, situate in Wosl
Kootenny district!
1. Commencing at ft post planted lo chains
K of Iho 8, w.corner of section 2, Tp, %i K.27,
W filh M.; thenco s, un chains, thonoo W. JO
chains, theuco N. Kill chains Ihence K. lo ehnins
lo point uf commencement,
2. Commencing ftt ft post planted mm mile s,
of llm tf. W. eurner of Suction 2, Tp. 22,11.27,
W. olh M.; Ihencu W. Sll chains, thence; S, 80
ehains, Ihenee ft. SO chains, tllOIICO N. 80 chains
to point of commencement.
:t. Commonolng at a pust plnntod two miles
S. of the S W, coruor of oecUon 8, Tp. 22, R. 27,
W. of.'.lhM., Hume IC. 10 chains, theneeS ,SO
chains, thence W, 8(1 chains, LllOIICO N. 80 chains
thenoe lv ID chains lu pnlnl uf cmumencemenl.
1. Commencing ul a post, nhinled two Ull loi
S. and ono-half milu W. nf lho S. W. corner of
Section 2, Tp, 22, It. il, W. of fil.h M,; tlioiuio 9,
80 chnlns, tllOIICO W. 80 ollftl  theuce N.tn
chains, llienee ft. Nt chain* to point uf commencement,
5. Cumineiieingatftpust phuitud three miles
8, and uuu half mile W, uf iho S. W. enrner uf
Section Vl'p. 22, U. 27, W. ufuih M.; theiieo S.
80 ehnins, tlionco W. SO chains, th0H00N,8fl
chains, thunce IC, sn chain- lo point of coin-
Doled uf l.i'wl-iiil,!'. Ihls lliih dayof Kcbni
ary, liin?.
fob23s D. j. McDonald, Locator.
Notice ic hereby given lhat 'Ml days after date
I iuii'ini toapply le lhu Chief Commissioner of
Lands amnVurks fur a speciul liutmou to out
and carry uway limber from the following dc
smibed lands In West KnuUmny DlstPlOtl
Cuiniiiunelngiit a post planted on lho Imn
nf Uupur Arrow Lako oio-jo lulhileuii I'uinl,
running cast .so chain-. Ihencu nnrlh 80chains,
thenco west 811 chains, thonco south 80 chainr*
to pninl of cominuiiuoiiiciil,
2. Com mo iio liig nt u pus), planted on tho
slmi-ouf Upper Arrow Uko, about one mile
frum halenii I'olnl, running north St) chains,
Iheneeeast 80 chains, thenou smith 80 chain*
thonoo wust 80 chains to puint of collimoiico
menl .dung lhu lako shuru.
Dated I'Vb. 181 h, 10117.
sal fub 22 W. K, OQILVIK,
Nol Ico is horoby gi veu 1 hat iiu dn vs nftordtttn
I it.Inul lu apply lo the Hull. Child Cummis
(duller of Lands and Works fur permission lu
piircluiso lhc followingile.-i'i-ilii'il lauds:
jpiloaled nbuut two miles nurth of tlm muuth
nf McDonald Creek, mi Iho east shore of I'pper
Arrow Lake, .mining T. L. 0.91f) Olt tho south*
wesl, corner; running east lu chains, south lo
ehalus, west ll) ehains. imrth HI chains to place
of coininciicoment,
Datod March lth, 11)07.
satmchl) THOMAS WRIOflT,
Nutlco Ih hereby given that00 days after dale
i imeiid io upply tu the chief Commissioner of
Lnmls nnd Wurks for permission tn purchase
tbe following dctmrlbcd land-.:
Cummencing at a pust planted ul tho fi w
corner ol T. Beech's pre>ciunlloii, marked
•chiiH, Heck's H, VV, enrnor post,'1 running east
Nn chain**-, soulh 20 chains, weft 80ehalus,
tbenee north 20 chains to point uf rummcncemeiit, comprising Kill acres mure or lens,
Dated Feb, 7th, 1007,
feb ID sat CHAS. BECK.
1 intend to iippl) to the Chief Coin is*
nioner of Lunds and Works for a special
licence lo fill and carry awav timbor from
the following described lands in Wesl
Kootenay district:
i, Commencing al a posl planled on
llio south bank of Eiglil Mile Creek aboul
j mile from its inoulli,  marked  "H.  A.
irudley s S, E. corner posl," iheuce west
8o chains, ihence north Ho chains, Ihence
l Ho chains, thence south So chains to
poini of commencement,
2, Commencing at a post planted on
soulh bank of Eight Mile Creek about half
a mile from its inoulli, marked ''K. A.
Bradley's X. E, corner post," Ihence wesl
So chains, thence south So chains, thence
east Ho i liains, thence north Ho chains to
point of commencement.
3, Commencing al a post planted on
south hank of Eight Mile Creek ahoul one
ami a hall' miles irom ils mouth, marked
"!•*. A. Bradley's S. E, comer post,"
iheuce west Ho eliains, Ihenee norlh So
chains, theuce easl 80 chains, thence
south 80 chants lo point of com meneement,
4, Commencing al <t pest planled on
south bank ol l$lghl Mile Creek about one
antl a half miles from iis month, marked
"K. A, Bradley's \. K. corner post,"
thence wesl Ho ehains, llienee soulh Ho
chains, ihence easl Ho chains, ihenee
norlh Hn chains lo point of commencemeni.
5, Commencing at a pnst planted on
south bank of Eighl Mile Creek about Iwo
and a half miles from iis mouth, niaiked
"K. A. Bradley's \. K, corner post,"
theuce wesl 160 chains, thence soulh 40
chains, Ihence east 100 chains, thence
norlh 40 chains to point of commencemeni.
(i. Commencing at a post planted on
south bnnk of Eighl Mile Creek nboul two
and a half miles from its moulh, marked
"E. A, Bradley's S. K. corner posl,"
ihence wesl Ho chains, ihenee norlh Ho
chains, thetice easi Ho chains,, ihenee
south Ho chains to poini of commencemeni,
7. Commencing al a post planted on
easl side of Cfllumbia River and one mile
below Eighl Mile Creel;, marked "E. A.
liradley's S. W. eorner post," thence casi
Ho chains, ihence nortli 80 chains, thence
wesl Ho chains, thence south So chains lo
point nf commencemeni.
8. Commencing at a post planted on
easl sideof Columbia Riverand one mile
below moulh oi Eighl Mile Creek, marked
"IC. A. Bradley's N. W. conier post,"
Ihenco east Ho chains, llienee south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
norlh 80 chains to point oi commencemeni,
9. Commeneing at a post planted one
mile from lhe east bank of Columbia Kiver
and one mile below moulh ol Eight Mile
Creek, maiked "E, A. Bradley s S.W.
corner post," iheneeeast Ho chains, iheuce
north Ho chains, thence west So chains,
thence soulh Ho chains lo poinl of commencement,
10. Commencing it a posi planted one
mile from easl bank oi Columbia River and
one mile below mouth of Eighl Mile Creek,
marked "E. A. Bradley's N.W,corner
post," llieueo east 80 chains, thence soulh
80 chains, llienee west Ho chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencemeni.
11. Commencing at a post planted 011
the south side of Soanl Creek aboul 60
chains from its mouth, marked "E, A.
Bradley's S, E. corner posl," thence west
80 chains, thence north Ho chains, thence
east Ho chains, ihence soulli Ho cliains to
point of commeneemeal.
12. Commencingat a post planted on
south side of Soard Creek about 60 chains
Irom its moulh. marked "K. A. Bradley's
N. E. corner post," thence wesl 80 chains,
ihence south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains lo point of
13. Commencing al a post planled on
norlh side ol Soard Creek aboul one mile
and 60 chains from its moulh, marked "E.
A. Bradley's S. E, corner post," thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, theuce south Ho
chains lo poinl of commencement.
14. Commencing at a post planted on
norlh side of Soard Creek about one mill
and 60 eliains from its mouth, marked "K
A. Bradley's X. E. corner posl," IheilCt
west 80 chains, ihence south 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains, ihenee north Ho
chains to point of commencement,
15. Commencing at a post planted on
north fide of Soanl Creek aboul two miles
and 60 chains from its mouth, marked "K.
A, Bradley's S. E, corner post," thence
west 80 chains, ihence norlh Ho chains,
thence cast Ho chains, thence south 80
clmins to point of commencement,
16. Commencing al a post planted on
nonh side of Soard Creek aboul lwo miles
and Go chains from ils mouth, maiked "E,
A. Bradlei 'h N, E, corner post," Ihence
wesi So eli.uus, ihence sou,h 80 chains,
tlience east Sn chains, thence north So
chains [0 point ol,-.uiiiii ncemcni.
17. Commencing al a post planted on
norlh -'de of Soard Creek about 3 miles
and (*j 11 tins from its inoulli, marked "E.
A. Brailuv , S. K. corner post," thence
west 80 chain . Ihence north Ho chains,
thenee easl Su , 1 tins, ihenee south Ho
chains lo point ol euiuinencement.
iH, Commencingal a post planted on
north side of Soanl Creek about 3 miles
and 60 chains from its mouth, marked "E,
A. Bradley's X. K. corner posi," ihenee
west Hn chains, llienee south So ehains,
llictue easl 80 cliains, thence north Ho
chains lo point of commencement.
kj. Commencing al a post plained on
the east side ami one mile from lhe Columbin Riverand one mile north ol Big
Mouth Creek, marked "E. A. Bradley's
S, Wi corner posl," theuce easl 80 chains,
ihence north 80 chains, theuce west So
chains, ihence south 80 chains lo point ol
20, Commencingat a posl planted on
lhe easl side and lwo miles from the Col
iimliia R'lVOr ami two mile-, norlh of Big
Moulh Creek, marked "E. A. Bradley s
S. W, corner post," thenee e,ist So cli,mis,
ihence norlh 80 chains, Ihence wesi So
chains, llienee south 80 chains lo point 0!
ji,   Commencing al a post planted on
lhe east side and one mile from lhe Columbia Riverand lliroe miles north ol Big
Moulh Creek, niarked "E. A, Bradley a
S. Wi corner posl," theuce eas! So chains,
thenee norlh So chains, ihence west So
chains, thence soutli 80 ehains to poinl of
a. Commencing al n post planted on
east side of Columbin riverand on soulb
side and one mile from mouth oi Howard
Creek, marked "K. A. Bradley's S. W.
COI'lier posl,' Ihence easl 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenee west Ho chains,
ihence south 80 chains to poinl of com
33,   Commencing ai a post plnnted 01
east side of Culumbia River and  on BOUlfl
side and one mile Irom mouth ol Howard
Creek, marked "E. A. Bradley's X, VV,
coiner posl," Iheuce easl 80chains, thence
south Ho chains, ihence wesi Ko chains,
ihence norlh 80 chains to point of commencement.
i.\. Commencing at a posi planted on
east side ol' Columbia River and on north
side and lwo miles from moulh ol Howard
Creek, marked ,IE, A. Bradley's S. VV.
eorner post," thence easl 80 chains, thence
ninth 80 chains, thence wesl So chains,
hence south 80 chains to poinl of commencement,
25. Commencinx al a P08' plftllled on
east side of Columbia River and on uorlh
side and two miles from moulh of Howard
nuuiu   ou   l ua ins,   ineiH'L*  wesi oo cnains,
Ihenee north 80 chains 10 pointof comin -mvniont.
26 Commencing at a posl planled on
easl iie oi Columbia Riverand on south
side and ^ miles from mouth of Howard
Creek, marked "K. A. Bradley's S. VV,
comer post," thence easl So chains, thence
north Se ehains, thence west Ho chains,
Ihence south Ho chains to point of commencement,
-•;. Commencing at a post planted on
east side of Columbia Riverand on north
side and \ miles from mouth of Howard
Creek, marked "E, A. Bradley'*. N, W.
corner post," llienee east 80 chains, thence
south So chains, thence wesl Ho chains,
to point of commencement.
28. Commencing at a poat planted on
east side ef Columbia River and on soulh
side anu 4 miles from mouth of Howard
Creek,   inarked   "E. A.  Bradley'* S. W.
orner post, tlience east So chains, thence
north Ho chains, ihenco wesi 80 chains,
tlience south 80 chains to point of commencemeni.
29. Commencing at a post planted on
ast side of Columbia River and on north
ide and 4 miles   from mouth of Howard
Creek, marked "E. A. Bradley's X. VV.
ner post." ihence east80 chains, thence
south Ho chains, Ihence wesl 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of commencement.
30. Commencing at a post planted on
nonh side of M.ileney Creek, 60 chains
from Columbia Kiver, marked "K. A.
Bradley's S, E, cooner post," ihence wesi
So chains, ihence nonh 80 chains, thencu
tst 80 chains, ihence south 80 chains 10
poim of commencement.
31. Commencingat a posl planted on
south side o( Maloney Creek and two
miles and 60 chains from mouth of creek,
marked "E, A. Bradley's S. E, corner
post," ihenee wesl So chains, thence nortli
80 chains, thei e east 80 chains, ihence
south So ehains to poinl of commencement.
32. Commencing at a post planted on
soulh side ofMalonc) Creek and i miles
and 60 chains Imm its moulh, marked "E.
A. Bradley's X. E, corner post," ihence
west 80 chains, tlience south Ho chains,
thenee east 80 chains.thence north 80
chains to place oi commencemeni.
33. Coinnieiiciiig al a posl planled on
south side and 3 miles and Go chains from
moulh of Maloney Creek, niarked "E. A,
Bradley's S, E. corner posl," thence west
Ho chains, Ihence north So chains, thence
east So chains, thence south So cliains lo
point of commencement.
34. Commencing al a post planted on
south side and 3 miles and (>o cliains from
mouth of Maloney Creek, marked "E. A.
Bradley's X. K. corner post," ihenee west
So chains, tlience soulh Ho chains, thence
easl So chains, llienee norlh So chains to
point of commencemeni.
33. Commencingat a post planted 69 chains
from Columbia Itiver i.nd one mile and ti'i
chains 1 mth of Maloney Creek, marked "K. A.
Bradley'- N. K corner post,"thence south Hi"
chains, tbenee west to chain.-, tbonco north 100
chains thenee east 10 chain- to point of commencement.
:ifi. Coinmeneing at n po-t planted 00 chains
from Culumbia lliver and t«o and one-half
mill---outh of Maloney Creek, marked "K. A.
Bradley's N K. corner po-t," tnence south 80
ohains, thence west80 chains, thence north 80
ohains, tlienco oasl 80 chains to point-of commencement.
37 Coinmeneing al a post planted 80 chain-
from Culuiubia Biver and three and one-half
mile-suulh uf Maloney Creek, marked "K. A.
Bradley's N, K. corner posl, thonce south 9J
chains, thenco wosl 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains, Ihenee oaat 8" chain.- to point of commencement
38. Commencing at a post planlcd one antl
une-luif mllei frum Columbia Itiver and ono
mile ami On chains nurth of Hume Creek,
marked "K. A. Bradley a N. K, coruer pu.-t,
ihenee west B0 chain-, ihenee south 80 chains,
thence ca.-t ro chains, thenoe north 80 chains to
point uf commencement.
SI. Coinmeneing at a posi planted two and
one half mile- from Culumbia itiver and one
mile and tn ehains north of Home Creek,
marked "K, A. Bradley < N, K corner post,"
thence west 80 ohalna, thenee south 80 chains.
thenco east SOohains, thenee north 80 chains to
puiui of commenoement.
10. Commeneing at a post planted one mile
frum Columbia River and 2n chains south uf
Hurne Creek, niarked "K. A. Bradley's S, K.
eorner post," thence west 80 chains, thence
nurth 80 chain?, thenee ei-t so chains llienco
-uuth so chains to point of commencement,
ii Commencing at a post planted ono mile
frum Columbia Riverand 20 chains south front
Hurne Creek, marked "K. A. Bradley's N. Fl
corner post," thence west So chains, thunce
south80chains, thence east 80 ehains, thence
nortli 8-t chain- to point uf commencement.
Dated March Hnd, HM.
sat inch 9 K A. BRADLEY-
Notice Is hereby (,'ivon that30days afterdate
wc intend titapply t<i thn Chief Cnmmi-siouer «f
Landsaud Works fur a special licence tu cot
-and carry away Umber from the following de-
scribed lauds -ituated in Wnst Kootenay district, B.C. :
1, Cummencing at a posi marke-1 "Umb-
Watson Lumber Co north-east corner post,"
planted atthe south-east corner of Berth No.
llll, thence suuth ni ohains, thenoe wesl 80
chain-, thence north N'chains thenceeast 80
chains to point uf oommoncement,
2. Commencing at a post marked "Lamb*
Watson Lumber Co. south-we-t corner post,"
planted at tbe south-cast cornerof Berth No.
7111. thence nurth hi chains, easl 80 chains,
south Su chain-, west 80 chains to pointof
,'t. Comme icing at a post inarked "Lamb*
w.i'hun Lumber Co. south*east corner post,"
planted at the -nuth-wiM turner uf Berth Nu.
7111. thenee uurth 180 cnains, thenee west 40
chains, thence -uuth 160 ohains, thence oast -10
ehains to puint. uf eoninieneement.
I Commencing at a pnst marked "Umb
Watson Lumber Co north-west eurner post,"
plained at tho BOUth-east corner of Berth No,
7111, ihenee .-outh 80 chains, thence east Ml
eh mis, thence north 80 ohains, thenoo wost 80
chains tu puint of commencement.
Dated Ihi- Kb day uf March, 1907,
Lamu-Watboh Lumber Co., Limitfh,
inch ll sal
NOTICK i- hereby given that fiO days after
dale I intend to apply tu the Hon. the
hlef Commlasloner of Mml- and Wurks fur
pormission to purchase the following dowribod
lauds, situated fn Wosl Kooicnay, on the went
shore of Uppor Arrow Lake;
Coinnieiiciiig at n poll marked ".I. C. H.'s
north-easl oorner," planted at the norihww-i
i-oTun'of Lot 111. thonoo wosl lo chain*- mure
orless lo the hoilhcaM corner of LOt8!U0,
thonoo south to ohains, thonoo ooal 10 chains
mure or Ies- to the -duUi-wiM cunier nf Loi
III, thence  nurth   W chain- tu puint uf cum*
lin luellielil.
Dated thi-llrd day of Keb. 19)7.
J- c. HAllLOW,
inch 0 ial By hi- agent 8, J, Harlow.
Notice i- boreby given that 80 day- aftor dam
I Intend to apply to the Bun Chief Cumini.--
-inner uf Laml- ami Work- fur a Ipiulal licence
id cut and curry ..wny timbor frum lho fulluw-
Ing doscribod lauds, situated in the Osoyoos
division of Vale distriot:
v Commencing al a post phm toil at the S.W,
enrner nf Timber Limit No. B123. markod "H
Mcintosh1! 8. E. corner post Nu. .*,," thenco
uurth hu chain-, thonce wo-t 80 chains, lliiiice
uouth 80 chains, thenceeast HO chains to point
nf commencement,
Dated Sbid Feb. 1907,
'j Commencingat a post plnntod at lho HAV,
cornerof No. 5. marked "H. Mcintoshs8. B,
curuer jsi-t Nn. it," thoncu north Nt)chain.-!,
theuce west80chalas, thonce -outh so chnlns,
tlnmce en-t (si chains Ui iMiintuf coniinouce-
T, Commencing at a imst plantod at the N.
W enrner of timber limit No, 9132, markod "H,
Mcintosh's8, K. curuer po-t No. 7," thonce
nurth 10 chaius, thouce wo-t I0U chains, thence
-uuth 10chains, thonce east PK) chains In point
uf eumini'ticement.
Dated Brd Feb. 1907.
«nt mcli 2 Hy <i   K. Brink, Agent,
Notice Is hereby liuMi that CO day* after -late I
intend tv apply to thi Honorable Ohiel OommIt<
doner "f Limi- and Wnrks fm pertulsslnn to pur
chase tlie f'db.uingiicNcrilH'i! Lands;
BUrtlni ftt a port marked "R. N. Beiulermn,"
planted at the north-west corner of Ut mi <m the
east ihon of I'pper Irmw Lake, riinnhiK eait 80
chains, imrth SO chains, wesl Wl chains, thence
aloin* the lake ihore uouth to point nf coin
Dated Feb. mil, ItK.
sat inch 2 It. N. HEN'DKIWUN, *****
g   ^  fiS5, Bf ftp C..-3 ?&
For Bays and Men
-    .
.   -
. le i nsl nines, O.l.l
put In stuck l.i-.i;.v.
nil un -; fashion.ilile
micd here by the m.iki
e lhe
These web
ing llieu
ni-lii nl a In
'(  I
M     llf
£   ■*»JK*i>*%VR«.^-.j--*»»r*:*sr*B».»
ii .ind are
ll.'Ul     i!   ci
We have theni
iniiderat. prices.
..I Miss.
..I  tlhildi-en'i
llie   Best
.... p,.| y .r.l  fill'   good IV
;.--,.:-..in-..I nf pil.tl'ltl!
121c pei y
iij.  pi-nil
la , pel )
.1 Prints.   Tin
nl Print.
is llie i-eiril-
i, l.f.wn-
Nice l.i
Tiventy Dnz-ii new Pants.   If yuu an- wanting;.! Paul thai ll.e buy cannot Weill'Inil, set.
nur Sell.ml Pants, an.I our Boys'School Shoes
livery pair guaranteed,
Dur  Millinery Opening
and Days Following.
will Take Place on  Thursday,  March   21st,
ta.-f.wv *■—i^P»l ■■•»■■* ■
1 *;.*l»**^J^'v■>»^, ■i^':.^'>nm**t'i*'*»ytirni&?x*ta*t'i*t>tirJr**KTTi-~:
>irwr.rv<irt±.i*f:i.tmx?i.*rra>r?t-,rK'M'r-i'.JT-. n«ni'*f.:«|.
*. *** r o•*. o t> e i * » * « * * • p -. e o iv * • * f *
' Mr A OUNCE j
We are Agents lor ilic
$ famous     "International *#* °
*£ Stock Food." ♦,;
0     Large stock kept here. *f* j J
*+*    Write  for circular or *
V call and see it.
# ■ —
f Canada Dpujj & Book Co.
Only a glance nl ont' Blonk
11' (Jrocoi'ies will eneounge
ymi !n Lry ilii'iii.
A trial will convince vou
Ihoy f.ic thc purest .mil best
nu iln- market, Try uur
■■- 1
S iturday, Ms
M v ri
.;.--•■ i-  . cold
fall.   Temp, im
ch 16-Fi
Local and General.
T i C P. ii. boats are now running
I   Burton City.
Miss Foote returned on Wednesday
Irom a visit tu the east.
Charles F. Lindmark lelt Inr a visit
to tlie e.-t on Wednesday.
Mr*- Squarebriggs will Bing "Killar-
ney," at the Irish concert, .March 18.
Mr* Settle, on Third St., is selling
her iurniuire and the remaining pieces
must be fold in the next lew days.
J. II. Parham, ol Fairview, passed
I : ugh ■,:..■ -.'!- k '-ii route lor Eng-
■i   . •:. bis lather i- serious))  ill.
Thi   Melhi ilisi C nlen tfee will be
.   ,-.  v. rn ;. in Maj and it is ex-
p. ted  that  fully  150 delegates will
itt : ;
Mr. W. Gall  ivill  Bing   "Tne   Dear
; •-     Shan i ck ' aud  the   " Low
m  the   Irish  concert,
0   ra 11   ise, M irch 18th.
teetingol tlie Ladies'
i*ry t    th'   Y.M C. A. will be
     V. M '   A. building on
Mondaj   Ma   li IStl ,at 3:3U p.m.
1     Vale i 1.1m'  i  Co., ol
;;,.- n       ctto cu   l OO   eel
issummei in their three
*-. .* m, 1: ib. ;i md Cascade
Br,   '.'   • -   Hn    :-' -    i'1 'viucial
. ........... in ...   w tbout
, ; |  -,-'.. .:■ the bye-election,  in
*■;....; ■ , [|,i acceptn "- ol the utfice
Tb   ■"- linen's con    ittee is work-
j     trd j- aud will span
Sorts to i inki   tin   fi.  dance on
lay the i iccc.s  ol  tin
M. I'.- ii   Peri       ■   er presidetu
the! He)     ■   -   -  - I
■   I..V    ll]   -Mm-' "   ■■ I      l'11
.....     - : statesman bad ..
lacing . sh.   ca fi:
D, M iCarlhy returi   I a Wednesday nighl     ' ■   *       .         ;*
ba*   been        sti icting j  •   nl i
*■ r.     uild   gs and ea lo.  tin
.1    nber i
- m ; itj - mnU in i   -
known   line     Ours   are
|i •.   nly chemically pure c
.. in-
ten ■
25c.   A   BOX
Phm. B.
D   ,- [iii and 81 itionor,
Mail orders promptly attended
«  urocers, unite
f & ('.i.nl.f.'li.i.ii
• I
. W Swcrdfagor
!.- east,
If bunt  recently
arnts, Ont., has
...It'd, but onlv three v
Ins left on a
just   been
dies were
bagged alter much hard work and the
I,..- lest kind of bunting.
The Ladies' Guild of St, I'eter'?
churcll have arranged to hold ;...
entertainment nud sue of work in the
Opera Houso ou Friday, May Iiiii.
Tlie program me promisos to be good
anil interesting.
The tickets for the Wood men's
ilnnco on EtiBter Monday arc selling
veil. Arrangements nre being made
for the best music obtainable, and the
catering is in able hands. A guud
lime is in stoic for everybody.
Tlie Nelson Daily Canadian says:
ilevelstoke is keeping pace in an
artistic way with Nelson. That city
has a capable dramatio club whicli
produces the best dramas in a creditable manner." We appreciate the
According tn revived rumor, a line
is to be Imiii by the C. P. II. from
Arrowhead to Oerrard, thus making
an all r.il run!'., from Lardeau to
Revelstoke. The company will ..Is..
build two thirty car barges fur freight
service on Kooten iy Lake.
To Buy a House,
To Rent a House.
Inv Xiec Building Lots
' in.
Tn  Buy Splendid Fruit
iiiiu fhiuMOii
Real Estate and'Insurance Agts.
Mrs. A, Anderson and Mrs. A.
Carlson left Thursday on a short visit
I . Malakwa.
The men's gathering tomorrow at
3:30 iu the Y, M.C A. will benl
special interest. The Hev. C. Padley,
ni Nelson, will make a short address
in addition to the usual programme ot
singing.   All men cordially invited.
.Inst to remind ynu that the social
in the Y.M.C.A. on Wednesday next
will be lield in the afternoon ns well
us in the evening, an opportunity will
be given mothers and friends ol tin-
boys' gymnasium class a chance to
sic llieni nt their regular class Wurk.
Thorn is to lm ii basketball game in
:ln- evening, This will be ivottl.
By-Law No.
WHEREAS il is deemed necessary [
and expedient in tlio interest ot tbe j
Oily ..I Revelstoke that the present
ivater and el.ctrio light system uf the
City should be improved, extends I
and ii.ceased by the addition of an
electric, power dynamo and equipment
and ii tan by tin- construct! ill of an
auxiliary plant to insure a 0 u.Minions
service during shut dow.iB of li.e present water power n.auliinery thl'jilgh
accident or other cu-u and l.y the
construction oi an additional water
ANI) WHEREAS it will be neoes-
Baiy, in urilt-i to carry nut such works
tu liorruw tl.e sun. ul Thirty Thousand
(■1)30,000,00) Hollars to delray the cost
there..!, .vl.iel. tl.e Counoil proposes to
raise by the issue nf debentures secured upon the rates and charges which
are chargeable and enforceable fur the
user ul water ...nl electric light under
the'Water and Electrio Light. Regul
ation By-law, 11103," and the "Municipal Clauses Act."
And Whereas tlie estimated amount
of 11,0 said ni.es aud charge cl.urge-
able nud enforceable fr the year in
which this by-law is passed is
And Whereas no amount of money
is now chared upon llio said rates
and charges.
An.l Whereas lho debt hereby created is on the security o! tlie said
water and elcclrio light rates and
And Whereas I'r the payment, of
tlie said principal money and interest
during the currency of the said debentures it is necessary to set aside and
withdraw frum the annual current
revenue derived from said .inter and
ele.-tri: fight rates and charges an-
iiually, the sum of 1232284; tl.o specific .......nil sum required (nr tlio payment of interest being $1500.00, and
fur l.e pi.yinont of the debt tl.e sun.
of $822 81.
Now is tlie season for Spring sewing and everyone i.s looking out for pretty materials
for Suits and Blouses. The fashion magazines and trade papers prophecy another "white"
season and we are amply prepare*! for it.   Our showings in
Victoria Lawns
Swiss Mulls
Persian Lawns
Batistes, Etc.
will lie found to be the largest variety and hist values you have yet been shown.
Then we have a pretty lot of Muslins in white grounds, with colored llowers, in all   the
pretty Summer shades and Dresden effects.
Colored Muslins, Delaines, Dclaineltcs, Batistes aud Dimities at all prices.
We would call especial attention to our lines of
for ll.niscwe.il* and Children's School Dresses. For these purposes they must wear well
and keep their color through frequent washings, and wc know we have exactly the goods
you need.
Prints, in all colors, Ginghams in greeat variety.
Crepes, Oxfords, etc.
Chimbrays, all  shades,   Zephyrs,
We have opened our Spring stock of this celebrated
Corset. There are none better and mighty few as good. Wc
have them in all models, for all figures, and in sizes from 18 to 36.
We absolutely guarantee them and if jtiot satisfactory will refund
your money.
T %
We are pleased
the Independent
selection! ol musii
;i. nnitting, comin
ji the Imperial  I
the aro light.     We
uitizei'.s will appreciate
the part oi the linnd.
Ain -■ years - 1 inacti.
- n Akutan   1*1 .in!  ol
trchip liii: i, iff   : Iiu
lias bi Iched Iu th lire 1
In anu..unco that
Hand will render
to-night, weather
nei g a: s o'cli i'^.
ink 0 .ini-l'. under
re trust thai the
Ur,.- un ve - 11
ity, 1.  -.
flic      \   .    M
■ ■
y at
Be it therefore enacted by the Muni
oipal Council of the Corporation of
the City ol Revelstoke, as follows:
1. The sum of $30,000.00 shall be
expended in improving, extending,
increasing and constructing the works
aforesaid and it shall be lawful for th
Mayor of the Corporation bt the City
of Revelstoke to borrow on the credit
an-l security cf thc Bnid rates and
charges by way of debentures hereinafter mentioned from any person or
persons, body or bodi.'B corporate, who
may be wilting to advance the same,
a su... not exceeding iu the whole the
.•um of Thirty Thousand Dollars, and
tocause ..II sueh sums bo raised and
receive I to be paid int.-. the I.anils of
iln- Treasurer ol the said City, for the
purposes and with ihe obj-cts hereinbefore recited.
■I It sl.f.il I-e lawful fur the said
M .yo. to .-;.!.s" any number ol deben.
turea to be made, executed, and issued
for snob sum or sums us may be required I'- r ihe purposes and objects
nforementio ed,  not exceeding how-
the n f $30,000.00, each of
ebenl    - - being ol the di nomin-
it.oi.   :'  I ine  Thousand Dollars, nnd
■ ".-.ins  shall  be » nled
a- uf ;l.e Corporation ol the
H. .- stoke and sigmd by the
rk thereof.
:;    Tl - - id debentures shall bear
-   .I. y ol  June. I!)u7, and
payable in Twenty-five
10  laid  date in  lawful
.1 ; i .it tbe llice ol the
M   - - - ii- velstoke ifo.e aid,
ce   - pay mmi shall I.
•. rl  debentures, and
iched hi thorn 1 1 s
, 1 • ui  inti rest, and the
tbe   C 1 ipotIS    may   la-
printed, stamped, or
debenture* ihal   bea
■ .te      Five (5) per
hi.....11  Irom the   date
I...... ■  - I i.e payable
..t    tin- ..ilic.-  of the
- ' i . - -■   ■ - 	
.   :,i v ol ' ..I. mm  on tl '
rj !■!.n-   hm!   the   Firsl
m.i.-i   respectively   in
11    . .- "   luring
tnd  It  iball  b* ...
laid    debenture.    1
f: - . 1 in ie*o payable,
[Uulty well,  .ill  1
lv  iho .-.-■ '. ... permit my 10 my ol them, for li
ill certainly rise tothe occasion, and Iat the Canada D n >l     ' 11   ■   !
.' " "  '■ '* ' them bi
"ii- ' i- .
!   ■     f.M.v Hve t'Ci ci iiinn. -..
  ,....:. ■ ,.i ,
1 ..  1    . -' UH   ' »    Of
in-Mi   -       md -..!'-, m   ■ age  ind
g •■'  il di c  re 'i ived. Sevei
. take shocks have   been   felt.    Tin*
etuptiou was a magnificent  sp 1 tacle.
President Ro.
ll   with
■'v.,i  has
sp rl -- ".
lial   lei in,     His     rivn
Ir.       in corn        lenci
in ill.   Ki "'' fi l)  tO   iM'fin ;.
and accommo i 1
ol      iiii
iun   in..!;:-.
bunting, al
Business Loca
Notl<u.£ bettor than Our ''Special
Cream   llolls  and   Puffs   t  '
I! ibson .'; Hell's.
Patronize  Homo  Industry.     Smoke
ilevelstoke Cigars.
if- - -    -.   ■ 11 ..  25c, pei
■ .   1. ,1       -i
1 i  the      tbat pies
..  ..fli . -. ,,.-, Boll -
no 1
ri.-fvalitoke Cigars   Union  Made   Our
Special, The Union,  and Marca  Vuella
I are ahead of all others.
ngs,  1
Drug -
.... im
■■  -
■    -
The arrangements for a  tanits
lor vie     -   '   nbeiculosis bav. it   .-t   -    *
taken deffhil   ■ Di  Pagan has to 1       Ho
pen instruct
^et out plans I .
...   . ■        11
...   1 - cided tu build .  f if.
... *   |or  tub
I  -           1 -if I., .  sight  miles   n
the 11   ml ii      >u tb ol Kan ps
There  ivill  ccrtn ■     ■ -
[or Rovi
-.-,!'--■ this
-.. iclgo.tr is cot 1    Ii ■'.' arc cor
eet in   11    .....'.
-  -. .
when  M.---r-.  C ii H .ni' ■'•
; . il    filling inaugurate l
n   i      iday, SI irch 21sl we
:-...., distil.'!.; busy seaBon.
Xi; .,,1 Apr 1 will trains l» running
. ■   the  Spences  Bridge-
thi C P It. .1- tin re
ill remaii        mall .1 <!   I work
I ,  in- .1 .ic before the r nd is taken
er I       VI I. •-■ il  .I..--., mm
iff conti ■-' r coi tru tion, Tho
i, -|i.i-tiii:i party which has just returned from a trip over the road, was
i- mi posed ol Mr, It, Marpoli
. .ccutivb fi-' 11 Mr. Y. I-'. Husteed,
general superintendent; Sir, II J,
Cinibie, con lilting ongineoi; Mr ll.
K.  Hi a-;.--., ai.pi 1,ni. .ifi. 11 1 Mr
lames A. Macdonell ol tl.o contract
ing firm. "Wo have 11 it yet determined when tin- road -.- ill bo opened
for operation," saya Mr, Bi.Btocd, "but
as there still remains a snuill amount,
i woik to lm dono mi tbo line, I do
aol think Ihnt trains will ho running
regularly into Nicola boloro April,
We found the mud an excellent piece
ui work."
purpose nnd to be disbursed as nnd
when the instalments of interest
become due.
8. During tbo currency ol said
debentures the said rates and charges
to the extent aloresnid shall not fiir.n
part of tl.e annual revenue of tbe
il. It shall be lawful for lhe Municipal Council from timo to time to
repurchase any of tho said debentures nt such price or prices aB
may be mutually agreed upon nnd all
debentures so repurchased shall forthwith be cancelled ami no re-issue of
any such debenture or debentures
shall be made in coneequonee of
such repurchase,
10 This By law shall come into
force and take effect on the First day
of June, 1907.
11. This by-law may be cited lor
all purposes 118 the "Water and Electric Light Rates Loan By-law, 1007."
Rend 11 lirst time the Fifleeulb day of
March, 11107.
Read a second time tlie fifteenth day
nl March, 1007.
Rend a third time and passed with
tin. unanimous consent nl the
Council the Fifteenth day ol
March, 11107.
Received the assent ol the electors,
the day of..* W07.
Reconsidered and lit.:.Ily passed and
...Inptod l.y the Council, the
 dayof ,1007.
Take notico that the alove is a true
copy ol lb-1 proposed by-law upon
which tin- vote of the Municipality
will lie taken nt the Ciiy Hall, corner
nl McKenzie Avenio nnd Second
Street, lb veisiiike, ll. C, ..n Wednesday, April 3rd, 1907, botween the
hours of 11 o'clock n.in. anil 7 o'clock
clerk ui tbo Municipal Council.
sat n eli Ili
No. 5 Company, R. M, R.
The last ii-i-ruii class of Ibe sea-
ton will commence drill Thursday,
Vlarcli 21»t, at 8 p.tu.
Any ■ wishing to join tlm a Imve
i,n,| -,- inn-l attend ut tlm Drill
Hall and gel sworn in by lh
II, A. Unnw.i, O, (
1;    For th.   payn -   I
In -ii
eriug I      - '  j iu .. be  p ■
.,   interest   1   ■ 1 ..: ,
.1,0 be 1 good deal bigg 1     ■ ■   payment   il  the i*ld
,     ,    .       ,       ,- -|.;   a. de ' :    ... -1 • 1 .'.
1,• .   1. 1 ite  md  I oh j afduring tlie currency
1. vi Istoke, li, C tun - from the annual
.,...,, Ipality
' '        . itei and
Drug  -
You can get any of
books ni. the 1 -■ ids
-1 ...
"J lowers nnd huw t-.
"Fruit growing books,"
book.-,"  "Poultry  and
'Minerals and how I.,
them," I/ g Scale nnd Lumber 1
.' I I   Cm  I"!   pti. 08,
Look Into iln- standing ol an  In
■ irat ■- 0011 1 y   In-    l.ii.'. or Ac-
oi li ni. le lore yon have any bjislness
relations with It,    While most of thc
I..: 1 ipanies aro porleotly  reliable
there are sonic that should l.e avoided,
I chargo  nothing  lor   onllghtmonl
upon   iiu-  subjeot.—K,  A.   Ilnggen,
II al   Ksiiiio  ..ml   liiH.ir.inc.!   Agent,
...mm . rates and -   1
1  UM. loohsum
11 the ■   .--.
koe!,uj« > ,.,- nl  and   paid
1 (1
:.. , be
intu   a
II . t,.i fnnn 11 linking lumi
I ,r .he pu p -m mentioned heroin
1.   I-.- the purpo.e ol payi
Inti -     tpnn lho sai'l debentures »«
-n...I- -  due and payable, thoro
lhall I.   ■ - ..-fl" a...I -.inl.iii.i'Mi ci""
year from tl ...mal revenue ol the
1 loipn iiy  M  derived from  said
water nnd eleotrio light rates and
charges the -um nf 11,600,00, whioh
sum shall be transferred Irom the
111111U..I ciirrcut revenue aooount ami
paid intu a speoial account lor such
Our Watches arc "Au
Fait." Eig-ht Day crocks
for »"t.OO. All 8ilvor-
waro Guaranteed Quality. Watch Hopalring
a Specialty.
wo do not pretend to cuir, but we
can and do avert it: releve eye
strain anil save ...any a headache
and fit nf nervousness by adapting
to your eye needs just the right
glasses or .spectacles.
It bus been proven Hint IK) per
cent. ..f headaches are caused by
defective eyes.   Now is a good
I 'time to have your eyes attended
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     ....
Dwelling and Lot, .Second  Street   ....
.    1,700
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street'	
Dwelling tuid Lots, (corner) Fifth Street
.    8,200
Double Corner, .Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.
Lots on Second St., casi of McKenzie Ave., each   ,
la.ts on Third St., easl of McKenzie Ave, each   .     .
.    2(K)
Lots on '.'..urlli Sl., east of McKenzie Ave., each    .
.      Ho
Lots on fifth St., easl of McKenzie Ave,, each   .
.   UK)
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
1 BflfDM m Mi
* ii
IT, 1*1*, I'll IM I****! iT. i't, i'l*! IB iT. it, ****' >*!*' '**>-• IB '"I1' '***' -*• -*- •-*-• •"**- -"I*- •*- •'*'- •***- -' i
>£> I.J,, '^,1 iji 'J,' (J,'>jy>^>'J,, i^,. IJ.I ij-i <j, ,^11^,1 ,^, ,^1 ,^1 ,^1 m ,t. 1^. (jj 1^. mt. f
\)  ply to 0, ll. Iliiineit,ii...
WANTKD-GIrl fnr General Housework, family of three; must
lie goud plain cook. Wages $25 per
month.   Mkh. T. T. LUDGATB,
1,1011 SALE
|*    eases and a count.'.', cheap
ply thisofllc     *"■   " *
•Two handsome
mil<>i-, cht
or Oily Bakery,
\SK  of    Furnished    Rooming
Homo 112 moms,! with furniture,
fur sale cheap  paying investment.—
Apply S11.1.AU. fi l-'lliU).
\ iai IIINK shop Machinery for
■VI sale cheap, or plant If desired.
Apply to J. TfiiNHii, IVin-o, Sauk,
1)1,AIN* ami On.......-ninl Plastering,
Artificial shine of any design for
building put puses. Cement no.l eon-
crate work taken by contract or day
work. Apply In .1. Wai.kku and J,
S.WII.KNT. Ilevelslok... I'. O.
m() LUT    llou.i'   kcepinii  i-oinns,
I    furnished, tu young couple, no
children.    Apply nl Ibis ..llice.
■ta:NT Kll
TO   LKT- Furnished
Apply lo K.A Haggen,
WANTKD- At miii. - at. Halcyon
Ilul Springs, nn expi'iierueil
iliningi'iiniu gul. Apply nl once lo
11. McINTOSH, Prop.
ANTKD — First-elafls   energetic
manage saw mill and river driving
mil HI, 15 to 20 tboi.Haml fee. capacity
per day. Address X. Y. Z. this olliee,
wilh relerences and salary wanted.
Woodmen's Big Dance
Gentlemen, If2.()0.     Ladies Free.
Tickets can be obtained Irom the
lollowing committee :—
W. D, Ahmstrono.     R. E. Benson
P. W. Camhi.on, It W.HiaORN
L. £ Carlisle. R. Thomas,


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