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The Mail Herald 1906-12-29

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 I 4 h a k i
I O •» vO U. '
Vol. 12. -Ho 140
$2.50 Per Year
Write   ■
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment of these Famous Biscuits just arrived; hero
ure a few specials ;—Philippines, Brazil, Rich Tea, Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari-
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Waters, Ice
Cream, Chocol .te and Cocoanttt Creams, also other varieties, which ive would be pleas d lo slmw.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Prescives and Pioklos :—
lltiiuc's Preserved Strawberries,
Hointe's Preserved Pinoi.pplo.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
[leiiuo's Applo Butter.
lli'iiizi-'s Sweet Onions, Sweet Ohorkins, Maintain)* Smro
and Tomato Catsup.
G. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and develstoke.
Boots and Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
(i.U.T COAL The only
Satisfactory Dimiestlc Coal,
for t'u-'k Stove, Heater m-
Qr-ite, clean nnd free Irom
clink, is.
11,-v Fir mil Birch Wood,
uny Length.
II,,,, tu . \\ heal and
Express nnd Draylng to
any purl of the city,
Furniture Stbred at Reson-
able Rates.
Office, McKonzio Ave.
Next Burns' New Block
TELEPHONE       -       ■        73.
D. Nairn
I        AUD PATfiOliS
k Prosperous
Heavy Gale-Coast Freight
Rate--McBride Nominated—
Indian Affairs-Royal Be-
trothal—Hon.W. Scott sinking
London-, Dec. 28.—A terrific gale
raged lust night ill' Holyhead and a
number o! vessels nre in distress. Tlie
Japanese liner Aiva Maru  is ou the
WINNIPEG, Dec. *.!!).—Trallic (lllie.cr
llarilwe!l,of the Board of Railway
Commissioners, reporting on the Vancouver-Winnipeg freight rates discussion, says his sympathies are with the
coast merchants, but the evidence is
against tiieiu. However, he suggests
a coin pro in isi- which slijuld benefit
tho latter.
Berlin, Dec. 29.—PriucdSt Alexandra Victoria of Schleswig-Holsten
bus been bctr ithcd lo Prince Augusl us
William, (mirth son of Emperor
William, Princess Alexandra is
sci-iind daughter ol Duke Enreidch of
Sol.lestvig-Holstein, She wns born in
Apri, 1887.
Toronto, Dec. 21).—Tho report is
revived that the Harmsworths, thc
London publishers, are to start a daily
paper in this country, und it is said
it will be located in Ottawa.
Vancouver, Doc. 29.—At the convention ol Dewdney electors, Hon,
Richard McBride was again unanimously chosen a* the Conservative
oun.lidalc  lor  llie  next    Provincial
Calcutta, Dec, 29.—Tbe Indian
National Congress, now in session
here, adopted a resolution expressing
the indignation of the delegates that
Indians nre denied Ihe rigbls of
citizens in Ihe Transvaal, nud voicing
the opinion Hint such a policy is
fraught with danger to the Empire,
Regina, Dec. 29.—Premier Scott's
cunditiiin is very low. The crisis is
expected to-day. Hopes of rcoocery
arc small
And Run for the Local House-
Present Governor of Yukon
May be Candidate for Victoria City or Esguimalt.
VICTORIA, Dec. 29.---His stated that
Hun. \V. \V. li. Molnnes, Governor ol
the Yukon, will resign his present
office and run ns a candidate for the
Local Houre in the forthcoming general election. Mr, Molnnes' iiii.no is
mentioned in connection with Victoria City or Esqtiiirialt,
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
J|    Do Not Overlook Our Dainty Store of Novelties.    $
I  _ |
$        Prices to Suit all Pockets.   Prclly Presents  nt  low   prices, Ot
What is more suitablo for a Xinns Gift thun a selection uf &
ft* Limoges, Conlport or Wodgowood China,   All genuine stamped j^
S China. /f.
II you cill nnd look nt our sluck nt Xmas l'rerents, you will " ,;■
soon lind what you want, and nt the right pi ico, ♦}♦
Dealers in ilnnlwaro. Stives and Tinware, Miners', Lumber:
nud Sawmill Supplies, elc, Plumbing and Tinsniithing.
1906 Prosperous, Revelstoke's
Development Rapid and Finn
The old year of 191*11 is fust drawing
to u close anil i nly a few embers murk
tlio life that is all bul spent. If we
look buck over llie past twelve months
and review the situation wo shall boc
how gienlly ive, us n people have
cliiingul nml how itill moro greatly
has Rovelstoko cliingid materially
and that in au upward and onward
growth, Tiie march ol progress haa
been steady without buotn or wholt-
Salo advertising, and ibis progress lms
been of a lusting and permanent Hutu ro with u solid basis and is such
that cannot but bo foil not only by
t!m citizens themselves but by the
outside wn-lil whore eyes have b en
turned uf Into in .ho wonderful possibilities of tho interior, Revelstoke
has gone ahead and Iiub accomplished
more in one year than many cities
have iu live, and tlie result ol tbe
year's work is plainly seen. Our
streets arc materially improved, few
oitioi can equal Revelstoke in tbe
excellence, of our sidewalks, new
buildings havo gone up in all dircc-
tiuiis, the merchants have enlarged
their premises In response to the increase nl business and many new concerns have openrd up to nap a sluire
In tho-ganeral prosperity, The influx
of people tn swell the list of citizens
bus been great and is far above the
average of nny preceding year. Our
city is spreading out on nil sides and
when the promises of the government
for a traffic bridge, tho opening of
roads in the east end ol tho city and
thc cITectivc protection of the river
bank, are ninde good the growth of
Ilevelstoke and her suburbs will It-
still more rapid. Compare the cily ol
today with that ol 16 years ago and
you will note how great has been the
change. Situated as we tiro on the
great highway ol the continent, the
gateway of the interior country whose
possibilities are Icing more and more
exploited. Revelstoke cannot fail to
benelit by thc commerce that pusses
through her and us the years roll on
that trade will increase and multiply.
The past year has been a very prosperous one and now lhat the now
year of 1907 is upon us lot us start it
with a clean page and endeavor to
work in unity lor the further advance
mont and development ol our oity,
General Prosperity and Progress in Revelstoke,
Christmas Dny passod pleasantly
and quietly in ReVfilutoko, It was
such n Christmas ns can only be experienced in this part, ol Canada lying
atthe foot of the great mountain
range* tempered by! the situation in
thc valley. There wns a white frost
in the morning hardening to u line
orispness llio semi thawed snow of the
previous dny while the sun shone
brilliantly nil dny, ils lirst appoatance
for nearly two weeks.
Most of lho people spent Christmas
in their homes and family re-unions
brought scattered members ol families
from logging camps, mines and other
towns to spend their Christmas in
Revelstoke. lu nil the churches,
special sei vices with music were held,
the building being tastefully decorated
with greenery and (lowers. Everywhere were sign- of festivity and general holiday making. The hotels and
restaurants had made special preparations for exlra guests and had prepared Christmas nionus'in sumptuous
style. The Revelstoke Club acted in
a spirii worthy ol thc season and
distributed turkeys round to those
who were unable to provide themselves
with Christmiis cJieer; such an act
deserves much commendation". The
hospital hml been prettily decorated
with greenery and flowers, and the
decorations wire ol n liberal nature,
the inmates lieing thoroughly satisfied
with the arrangements
The Christmas of .19011 is perhaps a
sign ol the prosperity ol Revelstoke in
general, und shows the general well
being if nur citizens. The season's
joys wero entire, indeed, il any wore
forgotten at all ill Rovelstoko it was
not the fault of ihe citizens. Porttin-,
ately the era  of general  prosperity
Nominations January 19th—
Elections February 2nd—
Revelstoke Politicians Getting Busy.
A proclamation' has heen issued and
a special number of tho British Coluinbin Gazette published on Monday
announcing that the Provincial Legislature wus dissolved. Nominations
will take placo on Jan. lllth, and the
elections on February 2nd, and the
new Assembly will meet on March 7,
The Legislative Assembly now dissolved is the third which has not
lived out the full term ol its legal
existence. The House elected in 1898
wns dissolved in 1900; its successnr
only existed until 1908, and now the
ttrm ot another legislative body has
been cut short Previous to the last
three houses Provincial Legislatures
existed for the full four year terms
and for thc twelve years Irom 1889 to
to 1898 there «ero three houses eaoh
occupying its lull legal term, That
the legislature just dissolved has bud
a inarked career cannot be gainsaid
when it is remembered what has been
done lor tbo benelit and advancement
of Hiitisli Columbia while lhc govern
ment wns in office. Local politician!
nre gelling into line, tho convention
for thc nomination ol the conservative
candidate being fixed for Monday
December 'list, and that of the liberal
candidate tor January 2nd.
Body of Unknown Man Found
on C.P.R.Track-Incoming
Trainmen Report Finding
The (lend body of an unknown man
on the C. P. It. track west of North
Bend on Christmas Day. Both leet
and one arm had been cut oil' and the
hend ha I been crushed in and nearly
severed from the body. It is thought
that he wae heating bis way on an
east hound freight and lell under the
To the Laurier Administration
to be Wise in Time Lest
the Empire Lose Canada.
LiiNiiox, Deo. 28.—Sin Charles Tup-
that tbo city is enjoying in common per writes to the "Times" and says be
with tbe rest of lho province, lelt fewer shares its apprehension that the intcr-
oiills Ior charity to bo met and when mediate tariff offers an opportunity
they existed at all they were responded for Canadian reciprocity with the
to lib-rally. This Christmas Ins been United States. He instances Sir Willi fitting ending tu the uld yen und frid L-iurier's barrier on froe trade
we are now looking forward to lhc now with the United States in 1891, and
wi'h every hope of the Bii.ne piwpority his denunciation ol mutual preferon-
which wo have been oujoying in the ti.il trade with England in 1897. when
last twelve months. he nnd Hon.  Mr, Fielding were only
  -•«■-   compelled hy overwhelming Canadian
CHURCHES. opinion to declui"!* that if Canada were
Catholio.-Rov. Father 11. Poooul  0,,IV womPte('  *rom "l0. tlutiea °"
O..M. I., pastor,   Servieesevery Sunily, : breadstuff a thoy  would  increase the
at tho following hours:    8 a.m. Cum- preference.    He also quotes Mr. J. J.
High Vatsjgjii'j Chicago speech, and asks what
lover ol tho Empire can contemplate
without dismay  these proposed measures to unite  the destiny of Canada
with the Republic nl North America.
munioil Muss;  10:110 11.111
and Sermon;  2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:80
p.in, Sunday School; 7:30 p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
Knox Presbyterian—J, It. Robertson, B. D., minister, Services suitable to the Old and New Year will be
held at 11 n.ni. and 7.90 p in. Music
suitable for the occasion. Sunday
school at 2.30 p.m. Tho Young
People's Society will entertain thc
young people of tbo congregation with
their friends at Ibo home of Rev. ,1, It.
and Mrs. Robertson on Monday, New
Year's Eve, from 8 to 12. Services
preparatory to Communion will be
held in the church on Wetliiosdny
night at 8 o'olook. Tho choir practice
on Friday night nt 8 o'clock,
St, Andrew's Piiumiiytkuiax—Rev.
VV. C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Dec.
80th, 190(1, Services 11 a in. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school and Pastor's
Bible class at 2.30 p.m. Bible reading
Wednesday at 8 p.m. Choir practice
Thursday at 7.30 p. tn. Teacher's
meeting Friday at 8 p.m. Mrs. Creel-
niun will singni tlio evening iiorvico
on Suiidny.
VERNON, Dec. 28.—Prico Ellison's
chances arc according to present, indications, ns rosy as over. In Vernon
and Kelownn, nnd down the lnke gen-
orally, he will easily poll majorities,
Nortb of Vernon there arc many new
settlers, and the result is not quite so
certain, the general impression is,
however, that Mr. Ellison will be returned with an increased majority.
Tlie following draw has heen made
in tho opening match ol the season,
President v. Vice-President. The
games will he played off ns soon as
The attendance nt the public schools
lor November wns as follows:
41          -■
fc      0.
High Schuol-Div. 1',, 21
90.32   11
" II,. Ill
78.59    II
Public School—DIv. I.   19
90.70   15
ii     'I    _ "ii,  22
85 GO    9
'•      "     - "111.'17
93.(11   28
"     "     - "IV. 85
84.611   16
ii     ..    _ ii v,  -18
88.95   21
"     "     - "VI. 84
91.26   11)
ii  • ii    _ "Vll.39
85.31   17
"     "    - "VIII.M
75.78   15
Totals 341
8647 154
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Etc.
Two Ricks, stove size $3 76
Three Ricks, stove size $5 50
Furnace and Stove Onal $9 00
Nut  Size,  suitable  for  Self  Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Hnve ninde in st ol their wealth investing In Real Estate, and it
wnuld not be unwise Ior the mnn having money at low rate ol interest
tn follow their lead by investing in the best buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special Snap tor the coming week.
LISTEN ! Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot nnd cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable lor stable nnd in fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Price S2,350.  Terms $600 Down, Balance on Timo.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Ilriiuclio.* in the Provinces ol Manitoba. Alburn,, ^nskslclir.wan.
Uriti*!i I'liltimliin, Ontario, vnet*,-.
Capital Subscribed -       ■       .       $5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   »4,28o,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       S4,28o,ooaoo
D. 11. Wii.km-*, President; Hun. H. Jaffhay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department—Deposits received and Interest allowed
al current rate from date of, opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
When ifou /feed
A ftond^^
the following 18 a partial list ot employee! amd
positions for which our bonds are utilised.
Oominion and Provincial Governments
Administrators, Cuardlans
Liquidators, Municipal Employees, Fraternal Societies
Banks, Loan, Insurance and Trust Companies
Mercantile Houses
Managers,     Secretaries,     Treasurers,     Cashiers
Bookkeepers,    Salesmen,     Cnlleotors,       Paymasters
Agents,      Warehousemen,       botst Bends
And for sll Positions ot Trust Where Security It Required.
imperial Guarantee and Accident Co. of Canada
Capital, $1,000,000.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency Limited.
II, F. McKinnon, Special Railway Ai.ent.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on thc market at
.    present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
fl. II, SPROAT, Farwell Estalt^Ofhice, Cowan Block,
S t\-r 1,-T'i.*. :.".'.
'    ' .        ■   ' mi, riiiiiHl ?l.'tlfs
.    ?: v
.   .   ~
■,-■!,     *"■■■-
pay ■.'■>]•■ in i
- -. \'i ■   ,.■   -lU|-tur   ■ :
■i. i'.i*ii i il
■:,*., ,.,'     Ill
-i   [Hill] .-i'ull . hul
• -. i.        -.*;,. i urn .fini.1' mr
1  _■ ■ ;    ■ lirsl In* Tf inn,
.'.•... ii'Di iii- rl iiiii.
■*" ■      |l      ■--M.,.1'"  	
- - * . Mi-tin-- nn
;  pi r in li.
:   : -..'■..*   will,    nil*
.   I I     in Kit.   nml   Deaths,
■     * . .    'I     Iti :■ nuiii !*•* .i.mi
- , .   , Ivt-ni miii-i'h
ViiVfl   ■-■ni'lil-
|| '     A muii, SIlimliniiH
\ .i.nni,    Touchers
V,    ' - \\ ,< ■- -. 10 words or
■ -   *      each mill li ! line III   n*nK
.-■•:.-.: .* .i, - .-'i-. moiitH musl
Ml, lid :.. mid I'Viday ol
..,-.,-.,   iH-.pl iy,
l i
II     isteri, Solicitous, Etc
0 T T A \V A
Par! imentnrv,   Departmental
Pateni Office Agents
Praci   i- before Railway
i  ■  . .   V   ni'HY
llAIKII.li 1-
/ ill.LAN ,v- I.
\ I
II ■ .-. I-
MM.   I!'M
11 • 11 - ■
Mi lllllll LIKE
■      '     1     I.UN.
K C.
1 jARVKY, lb
'-■       - ■    lltl'l IIM
i.    llAN'K   Hl.llCK,
Ki.. 11. i",
n- . ,-: -ni-
-.ll.e.; KortStccli
-, n. <*.
'i'u. s. McPahtbk,
A. .'.!. l'lNKUAM,
Imm,-: ,11
J. A. 11 .hv.
. C.         Fori su
-li- H.C.
.i, ll Scon |,l it
il. !.
■ < n'lT  AM)  i!l!i.;i;s
'S      *,-_
Harrlsters, Solicitous, Etc,
JIunky t-i Loan
muii iToiis i -ii Miii.siins Hank
Firsl Street, Revelsloke, 11.1
| )ii|:i-.i,*i SMITH
::.' -mi       ,  .
i'u n I
a iii
i /.-.
^^^^^^^^^^^ UWIU    D-yi^ mm
Tlie i.niiuil Clirislinns lire nud ei - *)
ti rl  inini-..!   : ii incli -ii  w Hi Sl
lm row's I'icsl.yii i-i.'ii S-il b-ib 5'ohot I
wis he'd in Hie church nu IVi din til ij
ev ni ig in-- nm! n-islhi' mnsl success
fill -ii iln- h-i-ii-,- of ihe school. I'l o
priigrnmnin wns ;iu except ioi it.'!)
li ight nnd pli'iisingi no uiul uus highly appreciated liy the large nudienec
proicnt. Alter the opening exercises
i!i ■ eiilci'tuinnii'nl part ol t :e programme was opened liy n selection
from St, Andrew's 8. S, orchestra, nn j
organization   of  wire!,   the school is    ^#^•*#^•^^■^tMt#',^#^^'^M'!4*#*^l,^
very proud. Then M'owed recitations|  +ft +1*1
llwoTi.ig .-ind Lm, : mm ,1
Dwelling iiiiiI Lui, Sec !  Mi,.,.|   . '    . '
Dtvellilig uud :,i I ., Tun.I Siici-l .      .
I»"  I" ig niul Lots, | -,,.„.,   | j 11, ■ m    :       ,
I limbic I'oriii'i'. See I Sti-ci, u.-nr *. ,.\| ('.A,
I-" -*■ ■ •'■ en I Sl.. ens! id' Mi-Ki-md   Ave.. i'i.i-Ii   ,
l-'is i-i, 'Ib.i-ilSi., ,'.-,,1 of MeKi'ii'/.ii'A-e., i ..-li   .
Lols on I- -in- hs-., ,,,*! ,,i v -Keuzii Ave., I'.ich    .
Luis mi Kil'th St., eustof McKenzie Ave., ench    .    .      .   I5IJ
% IS I
iill.il.i- '.-liii-ly.  ci.ii.s s'*]|..i- ul*
lllllll" .single pi. .-us nt su, e li ele-
illli-n uiiii u-i tubus i,    Uc liai'H   ij
'Ji      nspeciiillysolecii'il ,l..c!i of Hock-   |
■ * fp}|^'?i*' j|i'-(|,L'iiy-^ri';' gXi      ov.   l(i'co|i!iun    Chairs,    M.uiis  ('
i'i jErrl \ ir*'   O /    V/vY' I'b'ii-. I'll-ns wi'ilns.li-ts. I I;
<'■'"'Wtfhjjk-■  ^JjAj/lfy i-i.si-s, i-liinii i-I.isi-I.s,   iviil ing des s
l:('^   JM( -iilmbi-i-iuiliibii-iii-lielcs,!,,,,,,,.
Hin*-.' lo he appri'i'inii'il and add an
rli'ptnri* nnd 1'i'lini'ini'iit In tho
t'n ni ish ing of any i-onin.
R. Howson & Co.
.■!: ,y T1 '■;""," Ch'y,Ktli,!l f THE PAGET SUPPLY COM
Anthony, nlnrgunrilo Jnmioson, nnd I 4j    in.*   « »,v«-»     *.»..«...      *»
lit Hn Lnughton, instrumental Irlot hv &
^l^^Zl I  Comox and  New  Wellington Coal  |
!ir lurgct ami another by M»y ?  Hemlock    Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed  ||
Int bony and   Berlhn   Hobbs, nnd a j *
vocal  duel   by   Murion and tommy ^F
Armstrong.    Then Santa Cluiis niiiile] "
bi-- nppi'iirniicc Mul distributed ninny
railtable und useful presents fnnn lhc
shining Clirislinns tree   The proceed
&   TUP  P
ingawern broughl  In a close by the I   *|^h|i^^^^^^^.^-^^^-^-^^
National Anthem nnd tho Benediction. | ,
. Mm.-. ■ V3*- ■xzec- Jt-jfjBT^
fX souvenTr goods
'*3i       'fe'^    i' ."'" are looking for something nice in EFOONS AND
CfiFw\ J>*>  SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, wc Imve llicm here,
J.   GUY   BARBER,  -
.MK3t,st;; .-3.-x.-c.il
KNOX CHURCH XMAS TREE. fw%"&^^<*&-'&^-'.jy^^
Ilu- s c iiiii annual Christmas tree J
und  cntcrtninnieut uf   Knox Church \\   ■**•  ..iw..ir.. .-w.^,
Sunday School wus held in the churcll \% For Aurlcultornl Itujilomonts. I'lirriuuiv, Wiumus  Eto., Jul'
,,.,-      , . ,        ,.,. IK llo.ro PIoukIw, Uoliuo Wiiboiis, Cnnniln Carriage Coiiipiiny
mi    lliliisdny   night,      Hire   was a * lluwlo!, Planet Jr., Qardon So irs unit Cultivators, Wli
largo'jtlendanccol the children with *r WM ■ HI \v.ni. iiiioini.-ii i   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
thei."  parents uud friends,  nnd  nu "*, Spooinlty. V
,.' .     ,, . <V%    **%%'»V*V"f«^-V%^-*'V*^****^"^VV*V»^'VVV1*-^^
OJicoetlingly  enjoyable   evening  wns
spi ii". The !i--e .ins leuiiiil'iilly dec-
ornted nn I heavily liulen with surprises lor the children, Mr. Bruce
Lawson presided ns chairman nnd un
interesting program wus rendered, v*
Iniinediiitely alter the program thei ^
far famed nnd much loved ''Santa'
iiiinb- bis welcome npp»arnnco nnd dis
J P.   BURNS   &   COIVSPAfW,   LimiTED. j
HEAD DI-TIC!-!:  ('.u.ii.iiiv, Al.nniiTA.
Wholesale nnd Retail Meat Merchants
\ niiutcow. .mv.   nuwn   iviuh.  ...u.vile...**» \
I'-ii-k I'lii-k-r* mul Ii,-iil,'i-   in Livo Stock.   Jlarkots In all tho principal (llllm anil
Towns i-f Alberta, llritiali oviiimliiii ami tlio Vukun.  Pnckeis ol tlm Ccleln-atcil llraml
trlbtlted   UlO   presents   Iron, tl e tree. I   ri   "lm onlnr" llama ninl llaeim, an.l Sliamrock Hranil, l.oal laril. j,
The growth I'i ilm school during the    «L'Ti.V«V-^**>',l'fti!*H*l*rt.*i*v»VMi W%^«,tltv*V-W%%.'Vg
pnsl yenr is indicated by the (act Unit' .	
over T.i  chidren  rrceivcl   presents.
Tbe  foil living innk  part in the pn -
gi    (lladys Ilrn.tih.irt, Louise line, I   u
Margaret (Inlliciino, Miss Byrd, Jessie'
Byrd,   Louise (Innk,   Winter  Cook,    9
Agnes  Ci'iiwfu.'d,   Daniel    Crnwfurd,    *'
I l.-niil Sniveynr,! Mnj- rie Vnung, Glen Urqnhart, Enin-
Mine Siuvcying |ees   LnwS'in,  Ailcn  Lnwrenco, Betn
Engii ring
'■'. Ki . -U-: Avj-sn-:,
I lux HKI,   llEl KI.1T.IKII.
Cbc SatWberalb
!   .   .   .   i ini.-i'.vii  \i-,-lIn-Ill  Inr
. ■   : Im i.-il.l- ll,i.|.i|ii-i'liilii-|iiiiii-lil;illj-
.   |i, iiiiii lo lie looked iiimn ,i- ii pari .if
■ ■   i , .].li|i,n:i., .-.UiIii-mN.
SATURDAY, DEC 211, 11)0(1
Ev?ry young man should  n-lc iiim-
ll -   ih ve i|-:r-ti "ii. ui   l.-iti-r,  llio
■    Wh. ili I tnki the
McAil un. Archie Page, Mr thill and
Mr. Lawson.
Tin- annual Clinstn.as entertain-
ment of the St. Peler's Siinilny school
wii)i hold on Thursday afternoon nnd
proved ii great success. Severn I
sleighs hml been engaged and the
children wen driven round lhc cily
for nu Imiii- or so, their enjoyment
being evinced hy lln cheers and shouts
Hint wore kepi up, A sutnptiin is len „
uus provided by lhe parents in lhc
[bil;irk Hull I nbii-li lln- I, iic'i-r.-. I l^5>'
! '   in   ;. litics?    To be a Con-1 the Sunday school assisted.   Alter leu
tm^mmiimmmimmmmmmamassasi mSSSBOBF
Now llmi Ilia strike isiwilled, foil supplies ol* Ihis celehralcd ('.'.il will
iiM-.in lie uv.-iiliilile nli.-i- Ihis week.
PRICKS   Speci,-.! llnnil-|iiel(i'd conl   lies! in the in.-irkel   S9 Per ton
j SCREENED COAL  &8.00 per ton
RUN    OMINE  7.50 per ton
Having liik.'ii over V. McCarlv's Coal Wiireliousc, full slocks of Ihi
conl will b.- ki'i'i nnd orders |ironi|iily lillod,
Import direct from Country of origin.
9<>O<>*O<K^<K)-0-<KH> CHK!--0<K><MH><*KK>*
Do yuu enjoy Unit well diessed feeling? We all know whal
it. fools like to bo bol, lo lm cold, or tn he tired, uud it Is
just ns true Hint ive nil know what it feels like l.o be well
diessed. ll feels good, and it's good to leel good, Ynu cun
nevor ho well dressed if your clothes arc nol made by the
right mn koi*.
Gel In know wo handle tho SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and ynu will Un.l whul u pleasure uiul satisfaction it is tu be
O well dressed.
0 Suits and Overcoais  SIS, $18, and $20/
Q Blue and Black Suits, thc best made, $20, & 825 (J
A Right Overcoats, up-to-dato  Prices: £18 and $20 /
X Special Trousers $5 and SC. J
Q Tailoring is uur business.   We in.-ike a man look well        Q
T        amnio kntnvs it. a
9 ..Cressman  and Morrison., j
C-<KK> <)-O-0"CKK> w^
E. A. HAGGEN, AGT.    Revelstoke, B. C
Olliee—Mackenzie Avenue, Next C. P. 11. Telegraph Olilco.
- "- -" i-  oi e's  forbears are
to be a Lib nil bi muse  one's
xi Hi' ■ nre Lilu rnl i-  tin   inglorious
■ ■  -i for n   niun  endowed  with
i- - ■   to n ii:-- and is in n senso n
- n for c :.-id. ring  whether  thai
person «1  uld 1 ■■■■ lhe Iranchise.
Fen y .ng mei non idays take un n
Itad i fession hi cause their pro.
< did, wl y then, don the ol I
I lical t of one's father or grand-
■'.■■'.■. Evi ry i an sh mid exerci-e
*; is I il -- i -1 unthinkingly, but
• : . s of tin resp 'i sibilitv put on
■ :- i .- - conferred, It men
only stud ■ '  '■< fully the tenets
of thei: party and the individual u'im
i. tu n pn - nt that parly nnd thor-
i ighly ii biled ils 'rue principles, we
it- Sunday school assisted.   Alter t. n!   ^cj
ic child mi indulged in games, which    !)
werenrrnnged  by  lhc  popular nnd
versatile W, II. Humphrey?, who In-
tin- happy knnck of pleating the little
ones in Revelstoke, and consisted of n
dozen or more ol 1 English  garni - so
dear to children,    Closo uu  i
hundred children anil   their  p.n nl
.'.-,-r. present, nnd the onterl iii
wai broughl tu n i-l"*  by eon u mii-i."
and tho sing of the National Anthem
McKinnon k liiif
I, m- I!    i.   Inlin-il
"   i STKI)
Al "      i  ■
I' ii ll.-.
stirli":   Cornel	
" .,,   . oCJMJmmmm]
less   political dissention,  *™« «i  Wa I   Ugti.    m
Mi i are netted  early  into political 	
clubs, or fall, when  called  on   under
I) li A I. 1* US    I \
Cent's Furnishings
Boots and ShQeK; Etc.
Fit-Rsforrii Wardrobe
^ first 1 Of, Mi ii
To chcckinat use of
In- name of "JAEGER," look for the
ninl un each nrliclc, nod insist lhat
iln-guilds In- invoiced us "JAEGER'
ume & Co., Ltd.
Fcr".n-:ling and Distributing /"sent.
Expres? nnd Baggage Deliver;/.
the  ii : I some ttntcsmnn,
-'*:     "      ''-         :"' ' *'*; Moving of Planos^afes and Furniture.
bei n tl      : -ir-i the prob- Concral Dr.iyii.R.
lemt ol lift ■    M n y  i ever considi r 	
,;*    '      ut thos. who tl   musl office: McKenzie Ave,
'm   find I  ■-  - .-■•    ill i!:*u- --I ui!        oa-ce pnena Ni ;..     House aliens Ho. 7.
with I      politici     ■ ch  they  have
prol — -.    8 m ■  :.   ■'
lind "I-"'-  '•-
i   -..: it teemt the lundamentn *
iii- party iltell   inder Iei      erratic
po dance, or lured by tl.e pn .peel ol
ii,. !.•■--     tagi   - - ■ tl ring fnr
(: ll    it. I I .0 '.ilii!- tl iv   llu-lll-
. '-.. - ri n Ml' they nre
iso .iii-! by the nii'.rtl loxy of thcii
Iriends.    Add to which the politician
Cl.in°nlun:.: Evans & Woodrow
I' i'i :- in ii-- ■ I        ll
I'.iull       i,- I   Gnme  ii
S i.itnn     Or.li i prcmpl
-■   -  . i
First St. Revelstoke
mi- the ti imy  sidi   oi  coml  tl ■
interior ol hit own parly al me; l.o it
not admitted tn the ilninb.il:," ol tl oj
opposite faction, to that the one in THE MONEY SAVING
tome le.pect' seems  mure allurin;  VVORK-SAVIMC *-OAP
than tbe other.    If nil  Ihcse liiin
.. [■ ntidei -l il will si em marvellom
that there an m ' more political con-
m -'i,!--. We should, in uting our
| ii cl i-i-. look b win! it heal lur tho
i- luntry im-i besl for tho constituency,
nnd consider which man will boncfil
Ik.Hi im -'
I. • nol tin mind he carried by
ttirring orations or promitot, but
rather titpporl the one who run fight
(oi the .-nil"* and hat the needs ol the
-   -  titii'-iioy
..! In -ii   these nn-  tho
times when actions carry more weight
thar, iv
'I I,,u - [loyal Crown kind—
llilllb- ill   V llicntlli'!'     I   .     -
S .ip I- ictnry - I of U inni
ppg,    House cleanin ■   -
V  l-!iil I'.ill'l.l' ,  - 'In il    III .;
And thc innii'.  .i- in- i  ■
Premium System
Booklet tolls whnt wngifo foi
1,'nvnl Crown Wrappers, Hend
for it—Free—A Isu try thi
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
I I •   ll   I-    |l|   M   Mil
.    ','.    '       '
'  ..       .        ■ .-Ies ol -I ;   ' I.N il
ITI and I'l t PIANO
I I'    ll'itlll
Having just received a largo shipment of Pipes, Imported
Cigars, confectionery, stationery nnd Tobacco, wc uro now pro-
pared to Iill your orders with the highest grade goods at the lowest
prices in the Cily.
-S on
Jl  IM
(!! /111
:- .
ucl .  . l
. "'iin.l!' .ii  i
: r
, in   lil|(li  flu   ■" I
'*: v,
$ 05
S400     ||
\\"     nlso i numb     if olhcrs.    l-'ull  li 1,  m-nt  ii|r n
ivipi   M    , n    i'i'-i in any '    .       ii    i nmi, l.i
ui full value, us purlin! piiviucnl on   i nei.  'I '.son ,v
IIIHl II PIANO, wllhln I imi. n   nfti   pmrhii ■.
HUnJl:ScNKBAV NELSON, B. C.   r'0o',5oox
.lewel.-y nud Silvei-iviii-e huvo a
charm uml distinction unattainable by nny ul her objects nl" bcautv
nnd utility, und when lhe stuck
uii'i-rcil fm- yuu to choose from Is so
I'lirofiilly selected and uf such ele-
gnnt workmanship as that shown
Hastings, Doyle & Allum's
you i-i. ii nut  foil  lo Indulge ynur
taste nnd fancy to the utmost,
Next Imperial Bank
li.i-Mi|"r,iliii! I.y Aol tl l'iirl-1-ii'iil, 1855,
WM, ,M"i. "'•■ MACI'llltllHON, Pims. S. II. Ewind, Vice-Pres.
;.I.i.mi:s Elliot, (leueral Manager, I
Capital paid up, $3,000,200
Resem, $3,000,009
V,   i-ylhliig in way nf hanking business trantacled wilhoul uu-
ui'('i's*,iiy delay,
Inii-in-.l rn diicil liviee ii year ill .'.uri-nl rules on Savings Wank
IV, II. PRATT, MimiigiT,
I.KVKUiTf.KI-., II. C.
in o -   -   i  -nu nu  in niipiy in ■ lu-
Cliiel'   ('.iiiiuiis-iiiiii'i- if   lnnds   nnd
Wurks fur u si'iiciiil I reuse In cut nud
curry nwny limber It-   In- billowing
d.'s.-iil.cu lnnds situate iu West Knot-
1. Cuiniiiciicing ut u posl plnuted
l.| inl'es inr lb nf Timber Limit 7.1.TI
mid 2 miles wesl of t'pp. i- Airow Like,
nnd marked "A.M. Sy.nnns' norlh
.-.ist corner," llienei* west 80 clmins,
Ibenco soulb 80 chnlns, thence ensl 80
chains, thenco north Sll ehnins to place
of commencement.
2. Conimenclng at a posl plunted
20 chnlns sutithof the north-west corner of No. land mnrked "A. ,M..Sy-
iiioiis' iinrtb-east corner," thence tves'
SI) chains, Ihence south 80 cbnins,
thence ens! Sll elinins, thenco mirth 80
chains Lo plnce uf commencement.
!), Commeuelng at a pusl planted
at the north-east cornerof Nn, i nnd
ii.ni-ked "A. M. .Symons' south-east
eoruer," tlience west' Sll cbnins, llienee
north SO chains, thencu east SO cbnins,
Ihence south SO ehnins to plnce of
Dated November 20th, 1000,
I. Commoncing lit a pust plnnted I
mile north uf the south-west corner of
Lot Situ and maiked "A. M, Symons'
snl.ll.ci.st enrner," thenci: west -10
cbnins, thence norlh Uill chnius, thenco
.-nsl lu ..'Iinins Io the north-west corner
of Lot Sllll, Ihenee suuth llll) chuius tu
place of connnenceinent,
Dated Nnveinhei 28.il, IIHHI.
dcclosnt A. M. SYMONS.
Nnl ico is horoby glvou tlmi nn WmliiONdny
(Iio Hilli ilny of .liuiimry, 1**1)7, ul 2;H0 i>.m. ut
ihi roulstorori olilco ol tlio Itovolstoko & Mc*
Ciillumtii (i-.-i'k llv.li.nilir Minim; Co,, Limiloil,
KuruLstiiltA, H l'.,l will nfflir Fnrsnlo l>y I'tib.
Ilo AuoMtmto llio blglu-stbl idur ror Tityli, .'hkk)
slm-ni.s curl ifk-utos numbered.
.'iirlillraloNii.lll   31X1
in nrntiir.* $2111
 Sll  I.HIO
"       "      2(11
 ' 19    Ml
"       "        II)
"     "     "III   l.KI
"     "     "115   111.
"       "         10
 llr)   IMI
' Ill   2."S)
"      "        25
 Ill   250
"     "      'I.V.   IIU
„    „    „112  goo
"       "        III
 l*il   IMI
"       "        211
-2SH0 -9X13
nnd comtyising tlm slmros issuotl by tlio .said
Compiiny in llm nhovo numbered cortillciite.s,
nml llmi mh'Ii Milo landvertisod liy unl'M of Um
Hoard of Diroclor.-,  by reuson of sfltd sbflfOfl
bolng in dnhiiilt on ucoimtitof iioiH«iyiuout of
Onlla nr AssosdinontH tliorouu, nmouiulug lo Uio
Minis iiliiciidopiinsiio ouoli ccrtillcutoniimberod
in tliis iml ice duly  nuidu nnd dumaiid-^d and
now iiiijiuid,
Datod at Uovolstoke, Docombor nth, iRfltl,
ffod iloc 111 Socy.-Troas.
Architectural Competition for Depart-
menial and Justice Buildings,
/ 10MPKTITIVK drawltidfl aro hivltod fur
\J lii'i'iirtiiirntiil and Jiislloo ituildings io bo
ci'.cU'il lor llio lloiiiiniou (lovcrnmi'iit nl
nl (Illitwn, Onl,
'the author of lliu bout design will be award*
ml a nruinIuin of *?M«"i, tlioKccoiid host $I,ihni,
tbo ililid besl W,000nnd ilm fotirtli bust rri.unu,
Urawlugu will ho rocolvod nol lalortlifM)
April huh, 1007. uud are to bo addrouaed m tlm
Si'iruiary of tho Dopnrl'lttont of 1'ulilie Worki,
ThiscoiuroLItlon Isopoti lo Canadian Archi-
teots who lmvo h*oii resident in Canadu fur
ouo year or moro.
Cimdiliniis of cun.-million slating m-nirc-
nii'iiis uf buildings uud maps showing -alio, &«.
iii.ij hi had mi applloatloli to lho und ers gned.
Uy order,
lli-part im-nt of Public Works,
(Hiawii, Dooombor 12. mofl.
Nuw-spHpcfii will not bo paid for this ndver*
tisomi'iii. if tney Insert if without authority
from ihis Uopiuiinont.
Revelstoke Licencing District.
Notico It lioroby glvon that 1 liavo rocolvod
niinlioatlon for n rouill lliiuor lii-i-nn- li-om
bmnkJulian Im- tlio Kiiitiiin IIuiul, Hittintcil
nuiii- tluieily uf HovolstokOi
Am! I.irtlior tako notice tlnit u spoolal tnoot-
i.iK iilllm ll'inri! uf Licenco ('iiliilnissliinei-s uf
lliu II.ivcIk oki- l.iiiciit-iliK Dislrict will Iiu lllllll
in Hit' I'l'in Inolnl Police (llllci-, Itcvclstokii, on
Tu,-silu},.Inn. 15th next, 11115.
I!) iii-iliii',
It. A. Ul'I'Ell,
Chief Inspector.
Rovolstoko, 11,0., Doo, II, 100ft
1> days aflor dato 1 inlcnd lo apply to Mm
Clilof Commlsslonor of Lands and WorWora
special llooiiso to out ami carry away tlmtw
From tlm fulluwjug described lands fn We-t
Kootonay districl,:
11. Coinmonoiug at u post marked "Ous
Luud's north-oust comer," ahoul P miles below
norlh fork of Goidstroam, thouco south 80
ehains, west KI) cliains, north 80 chains, east 80
cliains in puiui of commoneoinent,
fci'iilcil .Iuin* l-.'Ih, Pmii.
'«wod                           GUSI-UNIl^a
 , rV   ^
I wish to notify the public thnU
will not be rcaputiBiblo for any debts
contracted by  my  wife, Mrs. L, M
wed dec 12 lm* L. M. OOIMKT.
A Couple of young Indies willing to
sbni-ii sn.ue room, can procure
board uml comfortable lodging with
small  fninily un  McKenzie Avenue,
Apply Mail- Herald Office,
IjlOUND—A lu.ly's parasol on Pirst
' Slreel. Owner may hnve sum.*
liy paying for this advertisement and
proving property,—B, A. U.'i'nii,
I.10U SALK-Mngic Lantern and
_T slides, nt a sacrifice, fine obint—
iv. j|. Ritchie, Blanchnrd Street.
Victoria, H. C.
WANTD—Girl for general house
ivoik for l.i.nily of three! good
wages—Mrs. 'i'heo, T, Ludgate, Arrow*
heud, II. O.
WANTED-Waltress, duties very
light. Wages $80 per month,
Apply Ui Chief V'oiing, Queen's Hotel,
Ciituilpllx, 11. C,
WANTED—Girl for genernl house-
work.     Oiuiil  wages  paid to
right party.   Apply to JIis. F. B.
LiilWla, iMncki'li/.io Avenue.
WANTI')D — Young   man wants
room or room ami board In cily,
cheap,   Apply JlAii.-llni.Ai.l) ollli'i'.
Jlrs. II. J. lln.ihury. Mnnngross,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Liirpo Dlniuffnifim Ior
Uonquots, Snpiii-rs, otc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
fo        Carries the besl Line of Goods to lv had fn m <j
i|i        BURGH,    MANCHESTER,    HUDDERS- <|
•I _ f
M-.-.M..I i-r ii- bun i-*- l-.r: i-    'i
||l     |,l  Mi     ..■ '    ilM     'I I'M'!     lllllll*
-riiii.-.i hi *: t.ict, :: i :
i- ii.iimi a ,      "i     "I"       " ' '
i|,iiir,ii'< :    , i   ,.-   - :. .:-",'., I
■ll I J-   -'    M '>,-   ..   •      Ml    !-•■   I  'I.   .  llllll   'I  Ml,    il
i"u"w!'iir r».-n'.-."r.'u      .'     i  -m    u .
Iltcnii- » -i -iiili-iii-. th i ic -'inn ' I--.
■:.. I. i-mi-i .-" in un- i-i- lm ni n-i mo-
in, ui
Ii«!|.,lllil.'.'lli-l-ivii(N.v.-iiili-r IBM
nov 17        .11 hX iM'1.1-. .Ui-' l"tN,
In ..Im-i   mm-ii li.
. ■    ■   I u:-" '■
L,.'.:1".".1.'.'.",'. .'.';.:"'.
i.'iki-. in. in i-1 innii
liiki-sn.-lini.il. lo Un- |mi
li,itcil.K.L Liii. mil.
I"    "-"I"         ,,|   |i„
1.      ,'.',|.*    I-il,   ll"   ""
,.,  ii i-i  nexl •
i Conn:
ili:.-T. 1. 17 'Imn ,,.„.,.,
•!.   t. Ik wur'" |'.".,.
,,i'i';ii *!i r,,i.iiuiiii ni iln-1
i A, l,
iiieiii-|iui,iliii|; a j i,.i vv
i Iii
Assurance Company of Canada.
1'IIAS. ("IIIKSIIITI, KSQ., Pmilllout, I'- U. WU.KIi:, H-l), Vi.-0-l'l.'.-l'li-.lt.
Assni-iiiti-i! ivlth (ii'iu'i-nl Accident, I'irt nml bile Asaiiranco Corporallnn,
l.lmili'il, IVrlli, Scnl liuni, whose Aaaots Excee.1 Five Million Dollnra.
E. A. HAGGEN, Agent for Revelstoke and District.
Till-!    OI.I.OWlN.i  (JUSSKS ul-' lNSUHANCK All!-! T1MHSACTKD
I'l-i-sniiiil Accl.le.it. Rmiiliiyi'is* I.inl'iliiy. Henllli
I'nlilii- ninl lii'iii-iiil l.inliiliiy. Iniluatrlnt, Aocklenl nnil lloaltli Mi.ntl.ly I'aj'tnents
Kli'viitiii' nml Theatre. V0Bacla Teama nml Contlngenti. Workmen's Collective
Antomolillo mul Motor Dost.
Kobtrnny LodKO No. 15 A F. <: A.M.
Tlio ri'Kulnr meet-
Ina. nn- held in Uu-
Mu,oniu Templo.
jdii follows Ilnll.oii
Hu ilii.il Monday Iii
■nch iiii'inti in 8
,,.,,,. Vlsltinabrotn-
rei cordially wol
11. ... I'UUCUNIKR, Skcbbtaiiv.
selkirklooge.no IS, I. 0.0. F.
Mecls every'lliu rfiilnv
t'voniiiK  in   Pclktrlt
kllall   at   i   o'clock.
■Visiting brethren cor-
^^^^^^^^       'rtially Invited to ai-
lt..!.T.t(iii.lUT, N.U. J. MAIIIIK. Seo
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
cx-epl -liiin! Wednesday ul
Cllill c.i.llll, ill III,- Uil.lli-ll.inV
Hall    HI    S    O'clock,     Vi,lliil);
KnlghUtarc cordially nrlted,
A. J. HOWE, cc.
(1. II. IIKO.'K, K. ul It  ,t S.
H. A. UUOWN. M. nt K
I IllllCO 111 .llllll-
F. 0. E.
The regular mootiugs aro held in iho Sulkirk
Hull every Tuosduy ovenlnn at Sn'clocic. Visit*
int; brethren are cordially Invited,
K. ti. lU'ltltlUUl-. PUBSIDENT.
11. COOK. Skcbbtary.
C. W, 0. W.
Mountain View Camp. No. 229.
Moot* Second nml Fourth Wednesdays in
each month, in Selkirk Hall. Visiting Wood
men cordially invited 10 attend.
W. li. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
H. vv. KDWAIUM, Clerk:
Notice is hereby given thai do Jays
from date I inlend to apply to thi* Chiel
Commissioner ol' Laiuls and Works al
Victoria, B.C., I'or purchase of following
described lands in Lilloolt districtt
Commencing al a post marked "J. P.
Shaw's north-wesl corner," planleil on
west Mib* of Upper Adams river, about 2
miles from bead oi Adams lake, running
So chains sontli, So chains cast, So chains
north, So chains west, containing about
640 acres,
Paled Nov, uih, 1906.
nov 14 J. P. SljAW.
Notice is hereby given thai do days
alter date I intend 10 apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds ami Works for
permission to purchase six hundred and
forty acres oi In nd lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the wesi side of Upper Anow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Russell Niehol's soulh-east cornor posl,'
planled at lhe north-west corner 01 Lot
Hb2, Group i, Kootenay, tbenee north So
chains, thence wesl So eliains, tbenee
south 80 clmins, ihence east 80 chains lo
the place ol couiuiencement. containing
640 acres, more or less,
Pated this J^rd day of November-, 1906,
th.-, >S wed      PerT. S. MePherson,
Notice i-t hereby given that BO days afterdate
I intend lo npplv to tho lion, thief Commissioner of Lands and Work* for permission to
piirehuse lhe following described lands:
Commencing nt. the N. K. corner of T. L. No.
TOM, on the -horn uf Itllmt Uny, Upper Arrow
Uk.*-. Hi."in*.* suuth 111 ehuins, theuce cast80
cliains thonco nurth about 80 chains, thottfio
westerly following the southern shore of Ithml
lluy to noitil ot commencement, coti'ninlng
four hundred and flighty aoroi more or less,
Dated this l-ih duy uf December, It*-it.
mat doo 22 J. D, KKNNKDY,
Notice la horoby glvou thai 80 days after dato
1 intend toapply 101 he Chief Commissioner of
binds and works fnr a special licence lo eut
nnd carry awny timber from the following
described lands:
1, M. Hfiiton'hS. K. Curuer hut. commenc-
inn nt n noil nbout ■ (mllo north ul Kelly Creek
nnd 1 mile east ul l* 1-I1 t reek, llienei' uorlh lliu
chains, »'M -to chaini, ninth 100ohalni,oast
111 elinins to point of commencement.
8, M, Beaton's H. w,Turner 1'uni, oommouo-
Ing:.111 post about', inllu north ul Kcll; Creek
iine-luill mile cnsl 01 Huh deck, tlionco II3rtli
HUcIihIiih, east i-il chains, smith ») chains, west
w eliuiiis to I'l'ini ni oommoucflmontt
B, M. Beaton's N. w, corner I'oit, commotio*
lu** at a pust iilu'iit tii roe miles up Huyd Creek,
uue mile east ot Dumiuiuu line, thence south
W) chains, east Sl) chnius, imrtli SU ehalus, went
mi chains iu puint ol i-uiiiiiiencunient.
i. M. llcuton's N, W, Cuvnof I'ust.eoinmene
fug nl a pelt nbout our miles up Hoyd Creek,
ou trail two miles east Dominion line, thence
nuiili 81) ehalus, east st) elinlns, north SO chains
west HO ehains tu point of commencement.
6, M. Kent oil's S. W, Corner 1'ust, ruiunienc-
inn ui n poH about llireo miles up Boyd Creek
une ml lu cast of Dominion Hue, thence eust HU
elinlns, north SU chains, west Hu chains, south
Sl) chains lo point olt'umnieueeuiL'Ui,
Nuv, 2l,lttwl.     UtnoyiM      M. BEATON,
Nnl iir Is llOtOhy given tlllll (HI ilny*. nfli'i* ilniu 1
liili'tiil tu npply tn tin' Hun, Chief Commissioner
uf Land' nml Winks tu purchasi-the following
■hiHeribcil lamlMsitmilisl In Cariboo illidrift, B.C.:
t'mniiH'iii'iiin nl 11 pnsl mnrked "(I. A, Korbca'
koiuIi--iv('hL corner pust," plumed almuL ■&)
elinlns wesl of (ml! nitinliiu through Ktnrvit-
limi Hiiio 111 a Hiiulhei'ly dliOelloti liuiu'lele
Jiiniii'tne he. ru ilium; nuiili mi c lm ins, ilii'iirc
(siihL su ehnins, llienee i-oulh sui hulns, tlience
west 801 Iiniii!- to pnlnt ul eouimeiieimieut
I'liU'd llth tiny ui Nuveiaher, I'jml.
nuv 17 U, A, F011UK8, Loealor,
FT?. Furniture I
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Notice is herein-ni ven thai UU dn vi after date
I inlend lo apply lu tho Iloiinrnul** lho Utalef
Commissioner ol Lands nnd Works f t j erini.s-
glOll to purelinsi' llie fulluwiiu; descrilied Inmi--
in OsfJ'ous ilivisiuu of Yalo District:
1 UommouclUKat a po*t planled ahout IOC
feet from north-easl end of KoiJlbr Lake,
marked "W.H, IIollingBworth's S, \V, cornor,'
thenct: north 10 chains, east I'1 chains, south 20
chatnStcast lliu ebains, soutli in chidns, west
120cltahis, mnth 2U chain--, west -Hi clmins 10
place of cotnmcnccinoiil,
2 Commanding at a posl marked ".V. II,
Hulling*worth's south-east coiner." thence
west 20 chains, north 20 chains, wesi ilu ciniins,
imn li tu ehnins, oast 1 lOchains, south 2u chains,
cost 20 chains south Hi chains to placo of com*
;t Uommonoing at a imst planted about i.i
yard* soulh from the wost end of KulfRir Lund,
mnrked "W. n. HoHhiKsworth's north*wosl
corner," thouce ooal m ehains, soulh Si chains,
wesl S'chains, north 80 oil "
Dnted Oct. 21. lttnli.
1 Commonclug tit a posi planled about Wa
mile nortli of the nmuih of Poolor Crock when:
it runs inlo Barnes Crook, and marked "W. II
Uolllngs worth's uorth-oast corner," thenci
.-outh ll) chains, west It! 1 clmins, north 40
chains, cost Uiu cliiiins lo point of commencement.
5, Conimenclng fit a posl planted about ■-.* .1
mile north from the mouth or Pooler Creok
where ll runs Into Barnes Creek* and marked
"W. 11. I lolling* worth's south-cost eurner,"
thencu uorlh In cliains, west lilu ehains, soulh
lu chains, east H*u chains to place of com*
Dated Oct. 80th, 1000.
ii commencingat a post planted about 1 of
a mile .-outh easi. of cast end of Marsh Lake,
marked "W. II. Holllugsworth's norlh-easl.
corner," Ihence smith lu chains, west Hi'
chain**, 1101 lh lOi'hultis, nasi bin chains iu place
of commencement,
7 Lommcuoing at a post planted about 1 of a
mile cast uf wast end ami near soulh side of
Marsh Cake, marked "W. II, liolllag*worth's
northeast eurner," theuce soulh lu chains, west
HX) chains, iioi'ih lu chaius, east Hill chains to
place uf commencement,
Dated Oct. fflli, Willi.
8 1 ommcuclitg at a post planted about 200
lards from the south -side mid about hull-way
of IveilUr Lake, inarked "W.H.Hollingsworih's
north-west eoruer," thenee south lPiottiilus,
enst Ol) chnius, north Ilo chains, eust 20 chains,
nurih 20 eliains, weat ii" chains, north Oil chains,
wesl 20 chains m puint of comnii'iieeuienU
1) CommetieiiiKiit 11 pusl planted ubuut2ni-
yards south and ahum half way of Kelffer lake
uuu marked "W. H. HollingHWorth's north-east
corner." llienee mitith   luu   chains,  west ID
Iiu ins, north 100 chains, east tn cliains tu pla
nl 1
in Cummencing at a pust planlcd on tho
beach about \-t mile easl nt west end uf Keitl'ei*
Uko, mnrked "W, 11. Hollhigsworlh's north*
east, eurner,' theuce souih bill chains, wol. In
chains, north IG0 chains, thonee oust 1» chains
10 polul ot commencement,
11 CommeiiciiiK n< u pust planted ahout |
mile suulh of Keltic Itiver, iilionl 2 miles west
of Kciilcr Uko. marked "W.H liollingsworthV
north-west oornor," theuco oast 10 chums. But) h
20 ehalus, cast It) chains, south-80 chuius, west
10 chains, nortb 20 chains, west tu eliains,
nortli "SOohains to point uf commencement,.
Dated Oct, 20lh, HWO.
i- Coinmonoiug at a post idantcd ahum |
mile casi ul Kettle Kivur, uhuut j of a milu
south ol Horcuplnu Creek, maiked "t\. 11. Ilul-
ilngsworth's north-oust cornor," iheuce wesi 11^1
chains, .'ijiuh 10 chains, cusi, 10J ehuins, north
ci chains 10 pointol commencement.
i;t ComuienciuK at a post planted about lj
miles cast ji Kettle itiver on I'rap Crtuk, and
marked "\\ 11. Hollljgswoi'tll's S W eorner."
llnmee north 80 chain."*, west Michains.suutii BO
chains, cast Su chains tu pointof eoiniuence-
It Cuinmciieitig at a post planted abuut.'>U
yards above ihe lorksonlho uurihfurk of Trap
Creek, ahoul J mile east of Kellie Itiver, marked "w U.HuuingsworiirsS.W. comer," tliouce
uortli su chains, w est su cliains, south suviiains
easi mi ch uus, 10 pomi ot commencement,
Dated October SUt.li. IIHUJ,
ij Cointnonclng al a post pUn olnhuu. \
mile smith of ilic forks of Trap Crook and about
M yards wost ot tho oreok, marked "i'i. II. Hoi-
liugsworth's north-west coiner," thence suulh
SU cl in 11 is, ottStbO ehains, nnrth SU chains, west
fill chains to point of uommenecuieiii.
Hi Commencing at a poHt planted about 100
yards to 1 he suulh of Kust Creek ahout 'j mile
casLoiKciilc Hiver, marked "W 11 Hoi lings*
worth's north-west eurner," thonoo south 40
ehains, east llluchaius, north lOchains, west li>0
chains lo point ul cuiiiiucticcuii-l-
Uated Oot. 81st, lUufi.
17 I'ninuif neing nl a post planlcd abont .TO
yards west of Koi tie Utver abuut ti mite bolow
Porcunlno Creek, marked "\V ll. Uolllngs*
worths southwest corner," Ibeuce north 10
chains, eust Su chains, smith 100 ebains, wesl
looltains, north 80 chains, south 40chains to
place ot commencement.
ts Commenolng at a post planted nu the
suulh bankof ll.'i'sej.hiiu Creek ahoul'-, mile
up Irom Kettle liner, marked "W.H.Uollinga
worth's south-west eurner," thouce en-t ion
chains, north ID chains, west 10U chains, -nuiii
tu chains to pluce of cumuieueeitieut.
IU I'uiiiinciicingat a post planted on south
hunk uf llepscydaiu Creek, about U mile frmn
Kettle Kiver, marked "W, 11. Ilollingswurlh's
soulh east eurner," thence nurlb su chains,
WOSt 80 chains, soulh ti) chains, eust SO ehuins
lo puiui ul coiumciii'i'iiieit.
20 Commonolng at a post planted on the
south bank of ll< p-r\d uu Creek ahoul U mile
Hum Kellie Itiver, imirke I "U il, llo.lin^-
Wortll's north WOSt eurner," Iheuce eiitl mi
chams, souih Hi chains, west sn ohnlns, north
Su ehaiiih iu place of coiuuicnceuivuL,
21 Commcliolllg al a post planted on the
-ntiih Imiii-v of IIcpsryiiiiiii Creek about J mile
IruiuKeltlu Kiver, inarked "W. It HoltlltgS'
wurlh's BOUlll-oaut corner," llionce west IU
chains, nnrth 2u clmins, west 10 chnlns, north 20
chains, west SO ebains, north 10 chaini east Ml
cnains, suuth 2u chnlns, east lu ■■hunt-, suuth 20
chains, cast lu chains to puiui of cummiuce
Dated Nov. 1st, IDud.
weddeelO      W. H. IIOLLINUSWOKTH
Nutlecls hereby Riven limi i>n dnys ufler dale
1 inli'iid tn iiiukt' application tu the Chlel Com*
uils-tinner ol Lauds ,v Works (or reriuission to
pliicliiisu tlie lolliiHiui; dcHcribeil liuni miuiiie
in Uarlboo district, H.O.!
CommeueiUK nt 11 poit marked "J. M. Kellie's
Houlh-wcHt curuer pusl," plunted oil Die south
Imnk oi Fruser Kiver near Tete Jaune Cache,
ruiiiiiiu! nnrlh su chains, ihencu eust su chnlns,
IliOtloo south SU chnius, thenee weitSOcbftlni
lo poiut uleuiunieiicemciil.
Dnted this luth dny ul November, IIUO.
nov 17 J, M. KBI.L1F, Locator.
NOTICK Is hereby gTvon that 60;days aftor
dale I Iuieml to npply lo lhe llonuuiahlc
Ihu (hlef Cumudssioner of Lauds and Wurks
for peimisslun Ui pureha-c ihe fulltiwingdc-
Hoiibod Unds In Cariboo distriot. H.c.:
CoininenciiiK mu poil marked "Ullllsin Kob
lie's iiorlh-iuM comer pusl," plnnted hInhicju
chnlns wenl nf irnll ruuuliiK thron<<li M.uvn-
nmi Hnls In n southerly olfaction frmn leie
.liiiim* i ache, ruuuliiK enm mi i IikIiih iheme
suulh su chnius, tbonco wmi i'" < inntli". thenco
north -it i'luini* to point ul eiimmcnii'iiienl.
Dated Utli day ol November, I'JoO,
uov 17 WILLIAM KJ-.l.l.lh, Locftior,
NOTICK is HKUEBY OIVKN that sixty days
afterdate I Intend tu apply to Die Hon, Clii.*f
Cuininissioner nf Lands and Works inr permission
to purchase the fulluwlng ilcscrllwd lands situate
to Curll listrlet, It. C:
Commencing at n posl marked "George H.
Blssett's north-east corner posi," planted
abuul 20 chains west of irail running through
Starvation Flats In a -southerly direction from
Teto .innue cache, running west 80ch«iijs,
tliouce south 80 chain**, ihence cast8 chaf
thence nurih IrOchains la point of comweuee*
Dated Oth dny of November, 1900.
nov 17     lint) <;h" H, BlrtSKl r, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements.
River Kili-ii Mineral rliiim, ait unto in llio 1 le-
i-illi-wiu-i Mil.tng liivi-iiiii iifKiioli-iiiiy.il*.
Wln-ro loonlcil:  H'lali Creek,
Tnlii- urn li-,- llmi I, Ji.lni Allii-rl Kiik of the
town nf Hi-vj-lst. k,-. U.C., ftctlngnt ngent for
,1,8. C, Cruscr, Kan., l-'n-., Mliiorn Curllftailo
No. 1176710und Miujmrel .1. Kl-nn. l-'n-i- Mini '
Cerlllicate No. 11*38, lnte.nl, -lxi)" daya Irom
i!ii.-ilnit' hereof, to apply to ilioAl gltn
conier for a Cortillcato ol Iniprovcnieitla, for
iln- iini-iiu-i- nf nliiiiiiiiii^u Crown Uraiitol ilu-
abovo claim.
Ami farther tako notico that action, under
acolion '.', iii tt—1 li.. coniincncci ti-l'im- Uut is-.ii-
iiiii-c ul *..cli L'crlllludtd uf liii|i|-iivi'iiu-lils.
liilnl ilil-iiltli iliiyuf Soptember, A.D., 1000.
nov ill   _ .1. A. KIRK.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Silver Hell and Laurel Mineral Claims, situato
in thn Illccillewaet Miulug Division ol Knot'
enny District.
Where lucnled:   Thrco-iimiricrs of a miln ea.-t
of Illecillewaet
Tula-milieu that I, J. A. Kirk, actum as ikoiiI
for John Newell, Froe -Miner.*. CortUlcat*! No,
H.S8.V.M; O. Hubert Dalil. Preo Minor'sCorlllt
calo No. It. sS-V.si; aud Goorge W. Jolts, Kree
Miner's Cortillcato No, IL 8aa!)5. iutond, sixty
days from the dale hereof, tn apply to the Miii
lug Recorder for a Cortillcato ui Improvements
for the purpose of obtaiuiug a Crown Grunt of
tho almve claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
sectiou .'(7, must bo commenced boforo the
issuance ui such Cortlllcute ul lniprovomouts,
Duted this ;mib day uf Seplotnbor, A.D., 1000
nei L'U  J. A, KIRK;
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Bell Mineral Claim, situate in tlie llov-
oUtoke Miniui; Division uf Wost Kootenay
Whoro located: ■ Keystono Mountain,
Tako nutlco thai I,.James 1. Woudrow, F,M,C.
No. HSsiiiu, ith'eia fur Alex. W. Mcintosh, F.M.
C. WOL: Goo. Johnson, P.M.C. 1183174, and
Elizuboth MeAlahun, F.M.C, No. HSS'itl, intend,
sixiy days from tlm date hereof, to apply to lhe
Mlumg Iteouriier for a Cortillcato ol Impruvo-
mouts, fur the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grautof.theuouve claim.
And further lake notice that actinn, under
secttuu 81, must ho commeuced before tim issu*
ancijof ."-nch Certilicalu uf Iinpruvoiiioiils.
Daled tlitsSfltli day id Ocluhur, A.I).. 1WHJ,
Nolice is hereby given that 6o days
from dale I intond to apply to lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works al
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described laiuls in Lillooel dislrict!
Commencing ala posl marked "T, Kilpntrick's north-west corner," situated
aboul i mile from wesl bank ol Upper
Adams riverand lwo and a halt iniles Irom
head ot Adams lake, running 40 chains
soulh, 80 chains easl, 40 ebains nortb, 80
chains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov. uth, 1906.
Notice in hereby Riven that UOtlaya alter date I
liiti-iitl in apply to tin' lliiiiiiiii-ulilii the Chlol Coin-
iulaaioner.il laintla mul limits fnr pornilaaloii t"
Durclioao the following deum-lbou* lumi* in ilu- ilia-
trlrt of 11'oatKoiiteiiay, Kevclatoke illvlalon:
.'iiiiiiiu-iii'itii: nl 11 |in.*t f I.mli-1 -ni Ilu- ut-st lunik
„f ih,. Columbia Kiver about hull arallebolot.
I'i-u-*t KapliU and marked "W. II. SUlliorland'a
iinrtli-woal corner jiuat," Ihence soulh B) clialns,
tlience coal lOchahwi uorliaaletlioiveat Imnk
ol the Columbia lllvori then. n inntli ni-sit-rly
ilin-i-iii.n nml f-.lli.u ins the west bunk »f llie Columbia Kiver to the. t of commencemout.
llnl,..! Ihis inili ilny nl October, iis-n.
,„....I iv. 11. sl'TIIKllliAXl),
Notice Is hereby given thntUO days aftor dale
we iuieml m apply tu Uu* liun. chief Uumiuls*
sinner ol' ands and Works iur u Bpecisl license
iu cut turn carry away timber Irum the follow
ingdeicrlbod landa on Halfway Creek In West
Kuuiemiv district:
1. Cominenclnu nt a post planted ul Ihe
Bouib'west ooruorof r L. Nu. 7109,and marked
»L,W.I. Co. r.L.C", then-e 8j ohalm north,
thenco80cbflliiR wesl, memo80chains bouth,
ihenee east so cbnins 10 place of commencement.
:. commencing nt n pust plumed at the
nurtlHveitaoruerol r. L ao 7082, «nd inarked
L.w.L.to n.ki-.", ibencj 80 elialm south,
tlience 80 olia ns west, ibenco80 chains north,
ihence su clmins east to place of commencement,
:;. Commenolng nt n posi plnnted nt the
snuih-eust eurner m" \\ I. Nu. ;iu:t, uml marked
"L.W.I .Co. s.W.i'.". tnence nurih su eliains,
li ence ens. su ch uns. Uience suiiin mj elinins,
ihenee nest Ml chuius to pluce of commence*
i. Com men ring ut n posl planled nl the
north-en-i corner of T.L. No, Tiiii, ami murked
L,W,L,Co. B.W.C.". thenco norlh 80 ch .Ins,
Ibeuce cast wi chnius, tlience suuth sochains,
Ibenco woit su cbnins to placoof commence*
nieii 1.
Commenolng at n post plnnted at the
Bouth-cm! corner of Location No, J und murked
•L.W.L.Co. BAV.C," thence ens: Jii-u chuius,
tlience norlh -it chaini, llienee wesi 100chains,
theuce smith W cbnins to place of COinmoilOO*
0. Commencing at n poll planted al the
uorth-etisi corner ul T.L, No. 7082, und mnrked
"L.W.L.CO,  N.W.C ",  Ihenee  easl Hiuchnilis,
ihence -uiiih lOchalm, ibeuce nest loo ohalni,
llienee llnlth -I'l chill lis lo place of eolinnciict-
Uie lit.
Haled ifiUIHlhdiyo! Novombor, 1000,
7    CummOUCiUg  ut  U post  planted Hlmllt In
ehuins nortli of tiio iouin*woii ooriioroi Loea*
liun Nu 'J, aboul 300 feel Irm.i west Imnk nf a
mull ere-k ami marked, -L.W.LCo, BJS.C'i
tbenee north 80 < Iinins, Ihclice ncsl Nlchaiio,
IbOUCO south w ebains, ihciicc east ni chains
to place of commencement,
k Commencing al 0 poit planlcd at the
sunth-wesl corner uf T.L.N0. TiKfiiind murked
1 j,W.L.Co, 8.K.C.", ihenee nurih KOchalns,
thence wesi 80 ohalni, thonoo uouth 80 ehalnr.
tlience east hu chains to place ul commence
Daled Ibis 20lll day of November, VM'i.
dec ;i wod
Nollco is lioroby given that ou days frmn date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Coin-
111 i-. mi ui er ul Landi and Worki lm* peimlnsiun tn
iiurcliMC the fullowliig doierlbod lund'i In the
West Kootenny District:
fjommenclug at a post marked "L. K. Mu-
liou^nld's sunth-wchl corner," planted ou the
cast side nl Upper Arrow Lake, I miles north of
Nuku.-p, It.'. 1 ihenie nurih A. cituhiB, thenee
cast lucbnl.is, thonce UOltll SO uIiuIiik, thenee
east to chains, theme soutn t-o chains, more or
|PU, 10 Arrow Luke, thenee westward bt) chalna
mure or less, along the Arrow Lnke to pulut uf
commencement, cuntaiulug -Juu acres mora or
Dated this luth dny ol October, IfnO.
OOtM L. >'. i'cDnl'OAI.D,
Notice is hereby given that 60 dayi from date I
llltsml  l-i  apply   lo lhe lliill. iheCllief Coiomli'
itonerof Lanes and Works rormnniiilonto jair-
•liMotln following deicrlbeil liuids, iu the went
kootenay district, wesl shore nf Cpper Arrow
"Commencing at 1 post marked "J. L, Ilimcirs
•ninth went corner." nt (he south out cornor 0!
Lot4870;and ahmitti milu suaiii nf Fusthall
Crook; Iheuce north Hn chains, thence east 40
chaini, thonco soutli B0 chains, llienco woit 10
chaini to poinl of conmoncomoflt, < -iit^inin;; ;i^n
acres moro or leu*.
Dnted this Uhtihyof May, Ifwe.
.1. L  Hllt.SCH,
oct 18 1'ur Kulpii filye, Agent.
Nolice ishwebj ■; u-n tlmi mhIius iiln-i- datol
intend in n|i|ili In ilu- 11 mli!'- lho Chlel Colli-
nii.**i,iii.-i- i.f 'Lumi* i,n,l IV.uka Inr neriniaaloo lo
|iiii'i<liii-,-lli.>fi.lln,iiiiir deairilijil luuda In the ilia
tiii-inliVt-... Kootcnuj.ltevi-latnko divialon:-
.' lencingal npont planted on tl.e ivest bank
nl im. I'nluiiiliin Kivw oppoalto l-i-.Mil,- tlnplilt
nml marked "K, U. MeCarter*j south-eaat corau.
iiii.*i.- tbenee m-*! 3. chalna, thenco nortb(0
chains, Iheoceeaa. 31 chaina moro or leas to the
inmi Imnk uf .In- Columbia Kiver, tlienco aouth
lollowlng Hi,, neat imnk ot!i o Ciilinobln Hirer si
chalna more or leaa to the pointof commencement,
lliiti'illl.-tnlii-il'JIll, IlltXi.
0.-I.2I li. .1. M.'IMKTKK
Ijllip,  ill.iitil.-.ill
nl' i.iilti.tv of slunil-
ivilh  nuv  kind  o!
.iini ,'ii U|i|ii'i-Ar.-oiv
,    Ill-Ill-   AlTOwili'.'lll, j
•    I'liliinilii.-i River I
Notico Is hereby given tbat 00 days afler dato
I inlend to apply to lhe Chief Commissioner nf
1,-aads and Works fur nermlHalon lo purchase
tho following described liimls in Weal Kooto
nay, on tbe cast shore or Cpper Arrow Lake;
Com mencing ai a post adjoining T, L 5108
on ilm Boutli-wost comer uml marked "D.
Dewai's north-weal corner post," thoncoeaal
SU chains, ibeuce suulh 81) chains, theuce west
ni chains more or liwa to l-ho Hliuru of snid lake
thenoo north along Ihoooslshoro of suid lake
ill ehains io ih<< pniui.it commencement,
Dated Oct, iiitii, liiij.
net 21 D, DKWAIL
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days afterdate I
intend lo apply tu lhe Chief Cum miss iunin- of
Lauds nnd tt orks for pormission to purchase the
nlluwhig described lnmls in Cariboo distvlet:
Commencing at a pust marked "W. II. Oil
south-east corner post,*' planted ou trail leading
from North I tiompson Itiver in Vullowhaad I'ass
und about fi miles ina northerly direction from
Cranberry Lake, running north mi ehains, tlienco
west 4u cho ins, tlienee smith .■in cliains, llienee east
lu chains to puint uf commencement.
Iiaied UHi day of November, 1000.
nov21 w. II. OLIV'K, Locator,
NOTHK Is hereby glvun that 80 days after date
I intend iu apply In ihe liun. the Cliief
Commissioner uf Lauds uud Wnrks tur a Special
License In cut and curry away timlier from tlie
following described lands in West Knoteuay District;
Commencing at n postmarked ' T. Kilpntrick's north-east corner post," pluuted on north
eass arm of Cpper Arrow ake,.aboitt 2 cliaim
wesi uf theiiurtb-wostcoruor uf Lot No.505
theuce south Su chains, west tto chaius, north 80
chaius,|oust80ebalns lo pouilul'cuuiineiieoment
Dated Nuv. 1st, llMl,
ir other g
i motive power Ii
I Laki-, West Ko
ilh'iiiv   follow ii   	
northerly on either s'nle to a point al or
near tin* confluence of Canoe Kivor wilh
lhe Columbia River and ihence following
along Canoe Kivor on cither side, to a
point al or near Tele Jaune Cache, on
Fraser Kiver, willi power to conslruet,
operate rind inaiiiiain branch linos lo any
poinl within (weiily miles from the main
line of railwayt and wilh power to construct, operato and iiKi'iiilain all ne cess, try
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and lo
construct, acquire, own ami maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith* ami to construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats ami operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to constr
operate and maintain telegraph and i
phono lines along the routes .if Ihe :
railway ami its branches, or in connect
therewith, mid lo transmit messages
commercial purposes; to generate i
Iricity and supply light, heat and pow
id erect, construct, build and niainl;
the necessary buildings and works, am
generate any kind of power for lhe r
poses aforesaid,or in connectiontherew
lor reward| and to acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporal ion or persons, grants of land, nionoy, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance in aid ot the
construction of tbe Company's undertaking! and to connect with and enter inlo
trallic or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, and lo
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of the "Waler Clauses
Consolidation Acl"; and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental lo the premises, and for other
Daled at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31 st day
of Augusl, 11)00,
Solicitors for tho Applicants
Notice is hereby glvon that 81) days after date I
inli'iid tu appiy i" me Hon, the Chief Commission
er ui Lands and Works fur a special license tu end
and carry away limber from the following do*
scribed lands in Wist Kuuteiiay district:
Commencing at a post planted Hi chains west of
tho M.uiii-we-t emieroi Timbor Limit 0000 and
marked "C, Skinners north-oast eorner," Ihoneo
HA) cliains south tlience |u chains east, Ihenee lull
chains north, thencu iu chains west tn place uf
Located Ducomhei* 1st, 1D00.
dee li sat A. AL Symuns, Agont
Notico is hereby given that M days after date
I intend lo apply tn llm Houorahio the Chief
Commissioner of LiuuLaml Works fura special
license to cut mid carry nwuy timbor from tho
following described Iill ids:
1. Situate in the West Kootonay dislrict almnt
to miles frum Burton City. Commencing nt a pout
planted uii tbe east side i.f cariboo Creek, tlienci
suuth tou chains, theueo east 10 chains, thenci
nuiili mu chains, tlience wesl m chains to point of
t. situate in tho West Kootonay district about
U miles fiiiin l-iiii'toii City. Commencing ata
pnsl planted mi Hu* weu, sldo of Caribou ueek,
thenee smith lou cttuhiB, thenee east 40 chains,
tbenee uortli ItWelialna, theuce went m chains tu
point nf coinmencement.
.j. Commencing at a post planted on the west
sldool Cariboo Creek, about I'i niile-t frum Jlmtm
City, thenee suuth HJJ chains, thenee easl 40
chains, thence north 100 t hains, thence west 10
ehuins tn point uf commencement.
4. Cummencing ut a pust planted 011 the south
side nf Caribou Creek, about Is miles from Burton
City, thencu east liki chains, thence unrllHOchnius,
thenee west IW chains, theuce suulh 4U eliains tu
puint of cuminonceineiit,
6, Commoneliig at u pusl phnted on the south
aide of Curfbuo Creek, aliout 1 miles from Burton
City, l icnce soulli lou chains, thence west 41"
cIihiiih, tlionco north ioj cliains, tlience east 41)
chains tu p. 1 im uf commencement.
0. Commencing ut a pust planted ott tlio oast
Hank of Caribou t reek, abuut .'> miles Hum Burton
City, thence cast Mi c inius, llieueo north au
ehains,   Ihenee   wesl   BU chains, tlUilICOsulltll 80
ehains to pmnt uf cummeiiueuieiil.
Daied Utliday of September, HWO.
woddecltf S.J. HALLOW.
1. William Hamilton.lioroby glvo notion that
it is niyiiiti'iitiiin 10 apply lo tho Hoard of U-
conne I'oniiiiissiiini'i-a for tun tlisli-icl of Kovoi-
slukt', In.'iili'.itisf.niif niy liquor liconso tor tlie
llotol Lurdeau ut fjomapllx, io Kusscll M,
l!i inlix, Il.C, Ilcn. I-Jlli, mm.
sntdec 1530d    WILLIAM HAMILTON.
Tin' Piugslon Ci-oi'k Ijii.iili.'i- I'mii-
pauy, Limited, Inm goi.o iuin volii..-
Uu-y liqiikliillun iiniloi* tho abovo Aot
,-uni lias appointed John II. Jaokson,
ol tho city of Rovolstoko, H. C, accountant. Itsllllllillilt.il lin- thop.u'poso
..I'-mi'li winding up,
Tlie oi'odllo.'sol tho abovo Company,
wl.i.-l. hat its head office in said city of
Revelstoke, uud ..II othoi's having any
cinhns against suid Company nro re-
qt.li'til, on in- befot'o tho 1st dny of
liiiinnry, 1IHI7, to send to llin-vcy, Mo-
I'lirti'i- it Plnkliam, solicitors foi* snid
lii|iiiiliittii-, nl Iheir ofllco First Stl'oot,
Ri'i'i'lsinki', H.C, ihclr 11a11.es ami
..ddri'sseH nnd ilesoiiptious, and tl.e
full naiiioiilai's of thoirolahiisoi'dobis
I'l'iilit'd liy milli nud Iho iialiii'i* nml
..iiiiiiini of ibe M'l'iiriiii'K, If any, held
liy Ihem mul llie specified vulue uf
such sociii'lllos, and, if bo I'oniilrod hy
notico in ivt'ltilig liulu Bi.ld llqulilalnt'
ur his Bolicltoi's, In i-'iiiii- iii und prove
thcii'Bald debts or ciniins In thotiBiinl
wny, nl Btioh liiiii'iiud pliinii hs shall
l.e Biiecllled in bucIi notico,
After tlm llrsl dny of January, IIHI7,
ibe snid liquidator will pt'occoif io distribute the assets of lho Oompany
amongst tlio parties entitled therein,
having regard nnly to lhe claims of
which be then hns Inul notice......1 the
liquidator will .ml ihen be liable for
llm imscis or any part thereof su distributed, to any porBon of whose claim
he hnd nnl, notice nl the time of the
distribution iheroof,
linled this 2111. day of Nov.*...her,
nuv 21 sni :iiiil Liquidator,
Nolice in hereby given lhat sixty days after
date 1 Intend lu npply to the Chlel Cum-
missioner ol Lands and Works for per mist; I on
to purchase tbo lolluwlug described lands lu
the district ol West Kooicnay:
CnmmimciiiKutn post mnrkod "Herbert Hod*
fern's norlh-wu.-l i-ohior post," and planted on
tho east bank uf the Culumbia river, uli-niil four
miles-outh uf Nnkiispi thonco oust 40 clialns,
lb-men south 4ll clmiiis, thenco wost -III clialns,
thnnco north 4(1 Hum to istiiil of commence-
mont, coniiinun*,: P''i ncros mure or loss.
Diiii-l ihu'iuth Soptembor, A.D., l'.mu.
l met,
i for
ml lo
 *   I'WIIJ   1,11   I.-*!      -     . .
■:.■■-  |   ;-,,„|       -.   .   I .1   i:i   Wc :
»'!   I    "
1 Cm. in ii iu,'. i- i id ndi i u I.-i (1.
HiHtdn ..-.I i|-,-*i--.rl. i.     ni el c :■     .i ■'■■
Luku.al *« pi. in  nimi   '-'.   m I  I    e-lul
 uiptlx, and i,.:.i*-..*.| "-'i-i.ii CitiniiM - n iln   ;i.-l
■timer|iunI."lit '-"ml iijuilidn. ii -■ i'--i
ioch.'iins. theiin* imrih UjnihaliH,llienei' < wt i
ehaiiis in point i f innlmeiiei'iiieiit.
,iii||N CONNOIt,
Diiuald Dewar, Agent,
2. Cmiimonrliig al u pual planted about 40
chains wesi nf Die norlluwesi/ shure, north-east
arm nf Upper Arrow Lake, at a point about 2j
miles H.aith«e-t nfc aplix, and marked U.M. J.
Smith's south-east corner nnst," tlience weut80
chains, thence nurtll to chain*, llienee east BO
clialtM thence soulli gu chains tu pobitof com-
liieneeiiii lit.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
:t. Commencing at a post planted on llio nurth-
west sluuv i.f ihe uortli-ettslarm of Upper Arrow
Lake, at a puint about sU milesseiitli-west of
Cumapllx, ami murked "Slilton Dally*! soutlt*east
corner-noat," tlienco north lO'lcbalns, thenee west
lu chums, thenee smith Kin cliains, tlienco east le
chains tu puint of Commencement.
Duiiiilil Dowar, Agent
4. Commoiicillg al a past planted at the norlh-
easl corner of Location No. 3, an.l marked "John
Connor's south-east corner pust," thenco woat bO
rlinins, thenee north 80 chama, tlienco eastfu
ehains, ihenee smith B0chahiH to point ot commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent,
6. Commencing at n post planted at the iouth*
wost corner o( Lueatlou Nn. \. and marked "M.J.
Smith's Boutb-caat eurner pusl," thenee north*)
clialns, tnence weal su ehains, Ihence suuth ft
chains, thenee eaat 80 chains to point ul com*
M. .1 SMITH,
Donald Dowar, Agent.
o. Cominoiicliig at a pnst planted about 2fi
ehnins west from the soutli.wost corner of Locution No. I!, and marked ".Iuhii Uoimor'fl nnrtli-east
eurner post," thenee woit 80 clmins, thenct! south
bo chains, tlience east nu chains, thence nurth bo
chains iu pnlnt of commencement,
Dunn Id Ill-war, Agent,
Arrowhead, B.C., Nov. 7th, 1000, nov 17
Notice is horoby given lhat 00 dnys
afler dale I inlenil to iipi'lj' tothe
Chief Commissioner uf Lands uud
Works for pormission lo purchase six
hundred uml forty aerosol land lying
in llm Fosthall Valley nn the west, side
of Cpper Arrow Luke, described ns
Commencingal a pnst marked "William Harlow's north-east cornor post,"
planted llll ehuins west of Lot 4670,
Group 1, Kootenay! iheuce west 811
elinins, il.ence south 80 chains, thence
enst Sll clmins, tbenee north'80 chains
to llm place of commencement, containing Oil) ncres, mure or less,
linled ihis 2-llb duy of November,
nov 2S wed  I'ni-T. S. MePherson.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
after dnte I inlend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands iV Winks for permission lo purchase three hundred and
twenty acres of laml lying in the Fosllull
Vulley on the wesi side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described ;is follows:
Commencing ;u n posi marked "Robert
Ahbie's north-east corner post," planted
at the north-west eorner of Loi 862.
Group 1, Kootenay; llienee 80 ebains
west, llienee 40 ehains south) (hence 80
ehains east, tbenee 40 chains north to the
point of commencemeni) containing ,1^0
acres, more or less.
Dated the 23rd day of November, 190*6,
nov 28 wed        Per T. S. Mc Person.
Notice is liereliy given thnt 01) dnys
ufler duto I intend to npply to the
Cbiel* Ciiinn.issiiinel- of Lnnds &
Works for permission lo purchase six
hundred und forty acres of land lying
iu the Fosthall Valley .in the west.
side of Upper Arrow Luke, described
.is follows:
Commencing at a post marked "tl.
Harlow 8 north-east corner pusl,"
planted Ull ehnins west nf Lot 16711,
Group 1. Kootenay; llienee west 811
ehuins, thenco south 80 chains, tlience
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
to tbo plnce nf commencement, e..n-
talning UIO acres, more or less,
Dated this l!4th day of November,
nnv 28 wed  Per T. S, MePherson.
Nolice is hereby given thiit 60 duy
ifter date I iuieml to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission 10 purchase six hundred and forty
tides oi laml lying in the r'oslhall Valley
ni llie wesl side of Upper Arrow Luke,
described as follows:
(.'onune 1 icing nl a posl marked "Fred*
crick Washburne's south-east corner posl,"
planled 80 chains wesl of the norlh-wvst
corner of Loi 8(12, Group t, Kootenay;
thenee nortb So ehains, Ihenee wesl 80
eliains, tbenee soulh 80 chains, Ihenee
east 80 ehains to lhe place ut coiumemv-
menl, containing 640 acres, mure or less.
Daled this 23rd day of November, 19061
nov 28 wed      Per T. s, MePherson,
Nolice is hereby given thai 60 days
frum dale I inlend (o apply lo the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Wurks al
Vicluria, H.C,, lor purchase of lollowlng
described lands in Lillooel district I
Commencing at a post plantod near
.uutb sideof OUor Croek) 3 miles north
ul Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell's
nurlb-wesl eurner," running 40 chains
suulh, 80 ehains east, 40 chains norlh, 80
hains west containing) about yo acres,
Daled Nov, I2lh, iijufi.
nov 14 A. McCONNELL,
Nol ice Is horoby glvon that on Mm 21st, ilny nf
November, 100)1. an Order WW granted appoint"
liiKdcnrgu Hmitli Mc.Curler, Ollleiid Admluls-
' iLlui-furlhe HcvcIhMiI'-i KleuTorul District uf
0 County (if KooLunuy, to lm Administrator
all und singular tbe astute of the said lnl.es-
Nut ice Is horoby further kIvcii Unit all credit
smut others having elaiuiH against llm Ks
uituof lhu said deceased are reuulred oil or
before thn llth dny uf January. llHif, to send by
pust prepaid or deliver lo llm umlerslgneu,
llieir 1 lireiinn and HuriiuincH, addresses und
'    *i ipl inns tlm full part Iculars of I heir claims
vi'iillud, lhe stiilu'iumt uf theiraccuiml^
the nature uf the securities, If any, held by
J hein
And furl her lake milieu that after -ucli 1ji-i
mentioned datu the Adiuliilslrulor will proceed
lutliMribiiicihe Ar-.-1'i- of lhe suid d iiH'd
iituoiiKst thu p.u'iii*-. entitled therein havlnu
regard only to llm claims uf which he hIiiiII
then havo notlOO uud lhat the said Admluls-
tnilor will nut he liable for lho suid uuoUor
any pari I hereof to uuy ueixonur persons of
whu-e claim nollcu shall not have been received by him ul lhu date uf sueh distribution,
Dated al Vancouver, liritish Columbia, this
■Inldnyiif December, A.I).. lliuO.
Suliciiiii" for Oeoi-Kc Hiuitli McUartcr,
dec 6 wed lm Administrator,
Notice is horoby glvon that30days afterdate
I intend tn anply lo the Chief Couilllisslouor of
Luuda uml Works inr a special license to cut
uud curry uway timher frmn   the following do*
scribed hinds -titnute in Kast Koolouoy dbtriott
1. Cominmicmu at a llOSt planted im tho
south-onsl bank of Wood giver about2 miles
below the west fork und marked ' C- McHean's
BOUtlnvest coilior," Iheuce nurth mi chaius,
ihouco unst Sii cliiiins, tbonco south W chains,
llnmee wesl Ni chains tu tlio point of commencement,
I, Commonolng at a post 1 hinted on tho
south-oust bank uf Woou Kivor nboul2 miles
beluw liiu west furk ami marked "K. MeBoeu's
norl h-wosl corner," theme oust SU chain-,ihtneu
south sn chaius, thouce wostBu chains, thence
north 811 chains tu tlm pulut "f -aunimoiictfiimiit.
;i.   1 oiniiii'ii. 1111:   ul  11   post   planted oil the
south-easl imiii, ni Wood Kiver, opposite tiro
moutb of the west furk and marked "K Mc*
Bean's north-wesl eurner," Ihence couth iwi
chains, 1 hence eusl lu iliaiux, ihenee nortn IW)
chains, thenco wesi tu ehiiinsluiliepuiiit.il
Dated lhi> bib day ol August, l'.wG.
1. Comnioneliig m n post plauted on the
north-west hunk of Wuud ltlV0r,JU8t abOVO the
mouth of ihe west lork and marked "K. McBean's south east eurner,'* tlienco nnrth su
chaius, Ihenee west SO cbnins, thence south mi
chnius, thence east Ml ch 11 ius tu the point uf
limed ihls'juin day ni August, IIM*..
.1. Commoneliig at a post plunted on tbe
south-easl Imnk uf Wood itiver. opposite ilie
mouth of tho nesi fork and marked "K McBean's huuih-wesi eurner," ihenee northW
ciniins, thence enst 80 chains, tbonco south sn
chains, thenee wesl so chains to the point ol
0 Commencing at a pust planted on the
north'weatbankof Wood River about 1 mllo
beluw the mouth of lhe west fork und mar ked
"K, MoBoan's south-east corner," ihenee m-rih
W chains, east III ehuins, north -iu clmins, west
suehalns, south -lOchains, west 40ehalus south
40 chains, oast xu chiiii,-* tu the point of commencement,
7 Commencing at a post planted uu the
uorth-west bunk oi Wood Kiver about! mile
beluw the west furk and mnrked "K. McBeau's
north-east eorner," tlience south 40 chains,
llienee west -tu ehuins, tbenee south 40 cliuiua,
ihenee west Sl) ebains, thouoe iiurili 4u chaius,
Iheure east in elinlns, tbenee uortli tOchaiiu.,
llienee ensl so chains iu the point of commence
8. Commeuelng at n post plauted on lhe
suulh-eiisl bauk ni \\ uud Kiver about 4 miles
below the west fork and marked "K MeBean'-i
south-weal corner," ihenee north 100 chains,
ihenee east 40 chains, thenee -nuiii lOUcbains,
theuce west -lo ehains to the point ol commencement.
Dated Oils'21st 'lay of August, I'Ah),
- 0. Commonolng at a post planted on the
uorth-west bank uf Wood Kiver and 'i. miles
below Jump-up creek and marked "K, McBeau's South-east corner," iheuce easi itu
clialns, theuce uorth M chains, thence west '■•■•>
chains, ihenee south 4l)ChfttU! to tbe poini ul
iu. Commonolng at a posl planted uu the
north-west bank ui Wuud Kiver nhuiit 1 miles
below Jump-up Cnek and marked "K. McBeau's suuth-east corner," tboUCO west mj1
ebains, iheuce imrih 60chains, thence east >e
chain**, Ihenco south t>u ehnins to ibe point oi
Dated this Und day of August, IWO.
uov.Msal g. McBKAN,
I   .... i .    .-:,(.   I       ■ ,: ..'■'.. -
nl C..-HI..HJ 1IU-I 11 li.i.pal -,*.,,
.. i., i ..,. i    .-:,:;,..[   ;i m   .. |
.,..!_:-,:■:.- i
llm l.eu.-l-i mi ul l.i     -    t    ...-:,. \l. lei-
i . Iifdilnlfifo ..fil ■■ -.ii pan) - - ■ nti' at tl.-
Uit) ni Sj 1.1 me,   -; ■ l omit) in ill ■ Stale ul
Tlm aiuuimt nl the captltal nl the Company Is
I.iIm.- Hun.iml li "ii-.i-::-i li..li;,r*, diviu-ili'niu
iu .*-1,'i iit-d tin \t iml ah*i'- •■'• unedollai ea<b.
I'lie bead ■ (Hce ol the Company in lids Province
i- situate al cp.i.il Bauk lock,Kevelstoke,
and Ueorge Smitli McCarter, barrlster-at-law,
who« address in thi tame - tlie attorney foi the
Company, not empowered to Issue andtransfei
The time ol the existence of the Cmnpanv is
Hit) years from the 2Sud da) of October, 1900.
Given under iaj hand snd teal o( office at Victoria Provlncaoi British l!olurab{a,tlifstwenty-
ninth daj of November, one thousand nine hundred and six,
Registrar of Joint Stock Compaiiiea.
it* * i
The objects for which the Company bask-on
established and regWt-sreil are: -
To manufacture, export, import, buy, sell and
generally deal In goods, wares, merchondiio and
Bropertj ol ev«) elan aud description wit hin tbo
>t,u.*.*i WMbBgtoii,tho Unitedstatftiol Ameri-
m, the I'lvvlnMs of Britisli Columbia and elsewhere as mav fniin time Ultimo be found necos-
-,..!■) it convenient foi the purposes "f the
Company; to carry on ami conduct a general
wholes-ile ami retail milling, manufacturing and
lumbering business -AithmaaM territory; to own,
operate, bay, sell, lease, erect or otherwise acquire
-.i'\ mill* ami auj othei kind-, ol mill- nr factories
int    lllC     111,111*11 UIU!."    nf    IhIuL-I.    ,-|||„-|-    iUl||,"
rough oi Bnlshetl state, and fur manufacturing or
flnlalilns nil aitlclei uf trade m uie therefrom, ami
m ..mi, bu). ull, lease or otherwise acqulrs all
machinery and applianrea ul ever) kind amide-
icrtntinn that maj beneeeasnrj orusuall) hart or
useti in connection therewith; t-i purchase, take on
lease, nr m exchange, hlie or olherwlse oruulre nr
hold and aetl landa, estates, bnlldlngs. rlghU-of.
«d\ light nr water or any other rights or nrlvb
legfi, niaeliiiii-i). buslneaaes, y.'-A w ill-, plants.
slinks In trutle, or other real oi personal property
nf any intme nr kind nhalsooror ai« may be
deemed necessary to can) oul any of tlie objects
<>r purposes ol ilu- Coniyauy; tu maintain, lu-
i prove, manage, work, control and superintend any
iralla, ruiuls, nays, tramways railways, bridge--,
. reservoirs iratei courses, Bawmllls, ilungle nulls.
facluriea, hydraulic works, electrical works rn-
■ other works m conveniences which mav seem
conducive lu anj uf the objects ur purpose*, nf the
je paiiy,and to buy, -eil nnd deal m the same;
tu use -iieaii), water, electrical m mi) other power
as a motive power, or otherwise, and to buy, sell
I un.l deal iu the same; to purchase, acquire, sell,
bold, erect, and operate electric light and other
power plants for milling and manufacturing pur-
pomi, and du the purpose uf furnishing I-jghi* and
creating power for am ami all other purposes; l-o
bond, iui), sell, lease, locale anil 1ml.I ditches.
I Humes and walei rights; to construct, lease, buy,
sell, build rn* operate railmads, ferries, tramwaya
I or other means of transportation, foi transporting
logs, liuni-1 oi othei m.iteii'il .a passen-
tw* I" own land, bay. sell, lease and
locate oi otherwise acquire limbei uud Umber claims; to buy, acquire, hold, Improve,
lease and sell Limber, rarialng, grazing, mineral
and othor lands, aud the products thereof; to
acquire, purchase, lay uui. plat and sell town aud
ciiy Int-. ami to plat ind put upon the market
town sites and erect buildings iml linprovemeut*
of every kind ami sell lots, or otherwise dispose of
the Miiiie, rn anj part oi portion thereof, amlgon-
(•mil) to do » rea] estate, rental, buying, selling,
Improvement and Investment business; tu carry on
ageueial merchandise and commlsslunbusiness;
tu acquire, sell ami conduct aturcsjiotels or board.
ini4 houses; to aubscribe for, purchase ur otherwise
acquire, sell, and hold wiih the name rights of
ownership therein as maj lie permitted to natural
persons, the -hue-, bonds and obligations of any
other corporation wherever organised; to procure
the Company lo be registered, incorporated, or
recognized in nn) other state, orjeountry, or pro
vince nnd to do all and everything necessary
suitable, convenient or propet inr the accomplish-
tit-nt uf all) ■>( the piiipn.e-.ni the atl.iililUt-lJl of
any nne ot mure ul tlie objects herelu enumerated
■ a'iui ideal.il to the powers herein named, nr
which shall at any time appeir conducive orcx
pcdieiit fnr the protection or beueflt ol the corporation, and finalh to ilo everything consistent,
propei and requislto for the earning out of the
objects aud puraosea aforesaid in their fullest and
broadest sense within aaid teiriUiry.
NOTICK IS BBREBY Q1VRU Uial sixty days
after date I intend tu apply to the Hun. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Wurks for permission
to purchase the folluwjng desciibed luel- in the
West Kuounay district:
Commencing U a post plinted on tho weat side
nf north-east arm of Arrowhead Lake, i of a mile
from Rock Itlull. marked "It. K, McK.'a souUmost
comei post," thenee »> chains north, thence 80
ehains   west, linnet*  %} chains sollth, thenee80
chains east almig lake shore to point of eom-
Dated .Nuv. lOtll, 1006.
nov li
Notice is boreby glveu that thirty days after
datu wo intend to apply to tho Hon. Cliief I oni-
missloner of Lauds ami Works for special licenses to cut nod earry away limber fmni tho
followiug doscribod binds:
1, CommoucluK ut a [nti pluutod about *-t
milu north of Kelly Creek, J milu east of Fish
I'lf.d,, theuce oust B0 chains,southW chains,
wost tin chaius, north sn chains iu point of com*
2. Bowman Lmnbur Company's north-west
cornor post, commenolng ui a post ubout iwo
milos up Boyd Creek ul the Dominion linn pn-t
thonce south 80 ohains, east su chaius, nortli 80
clmins, wust &) chains to pointof commenco-
■i. Huwninu Lumber Company's south-east
corner post, communcim: at u poit about two
milos up Boyd Creek, al Dominion lino; ihei.eo
norlh SO chuin-, west 80 choUll, south Ni chain-,
east 80 rhnius to point or cnmuiom'emout.
4. Bowmau Lumber Company's north-east
cornor post, commeuoiugata post about threo
milos up Hoj.l Creuk nud one mile ua-l of Dominion Hue; theuco south Ml-bain-, we-l so
chaius, north SO chain---, salt80 chain-to {Hunt
ol '■llllllIlllllC'MlllU.I.
5. Howmuii Lumbor Company's -uuth*wo-l
oornor post, com mencing at a post about two
iniles up Boyd Crook, at Dominion line post]
thonoo uorlh ni chain-, east ni chains, south sn
clmins, wost BOoIibIdi to pointof cmntnouco-
ii, ('ommeiieing ut n post iilanled ou tho
south-east corner uf Timber Berth No. 866, OQ
Plah Creek; ihenee north 160ohalni,oast40
chains, south 100chains, we-t P)chains tn jioiul
of eiiuiiiu'ln .'ilinul
Dulod Nnv. Slit, 1906.
nov'Jisat    Bowman Luhbbr Co., Lth,
NOTICK Is hereb) given tbat60ilay«aftoi date
I intend la apply to the Hon. Chief Cum-
missioner of Lands and Wnrks for permission to
purchase the following described iauuls in the
West Kootonay District;
Commencing at a post planted *20 chains eaat
from lho sonth-west cornerof ],••! *M68and marked
■*K. c. TrarTonl's north-east correr posi," tlience
iouth *u chains, thence west 80 chains more or
less to Uke sh , theme north along shore to
south-west comer ol Lui 2468. thenee east 8fl
chains tu point of commeucemeut,
Baled Novembei ISlli, 1006,
dec6wed K. c. TBAPFORD,
Nut lee U hereby given I uut ftj days after date
1 Iuieml to npnl) ,n the Chief ComOlWloni t of
Lands und \S..i;.- font uneclal llconu to cut
nnd carry awny limber frum the fullowiug
described land- lilUntQ in thu Yale District*
I, Coiiiinuiiclng ut it po-t planted nt tlm
imrlli-ca-t eurner of Timher Limit 6803and
inarked "A. M, UyiTIORf lOUlh-WOll eurner,''
thonoo north 10 chains, thence out ioo chain*.
[honoo iouth 40 ohalni, tbonco we-t lou chain-
to plaie of coiiiiueuctuieul.
-*.', Commonolng al a po-t plantod attln
nurlb easl oornor of "J, Harry* No. Sandal
lhu month of ihu smith fmk nf iheea.t branch
of the Shuswap Itivnr und marked "A, M
s*, niun* soulh-wcst corner,' theuce nurth do
ehalus, thence east UN ohalm, Iheuce msiiiIi IV
ohains, thence wont hi" ohalni to place of cum
3, Commonolng ut a post planted ulmut Ji
miles m.mli of the north wel cornerof l/>l
•IH\H aud nmrkvd "A. M. Hjinon- north -east
enrner," Iheuce wesl lOOcbalni, thOOCO uuth
40 ohalni, thonoo iml t" chaini, thonoo iouth
Iiu ebains, lliinru **a-t lln chains moro nr !•■-- lu
boundary nf l,ni ."-!■*. tbenee northerly along
suid boundary Ilu chains mure or Ies-. to plnce
of commencement.
Datod Novumber.lotli.limO.
A. M. SYMQNB. Ixwalor,
-al dee ll I1. Ulbbr.ui, Agrnl.
Nnl ice is hnmby glvou tlmt Sl day* alter dato
1 intend to apply tn llm Chief Commlalonertii
Lauds uml Works fur ri -{.eciiil liconcu Uirut
mid curry uwu)* timher from the following do*
-scribed landi.:
('oinineneingala post planted at lhe north-
west corner of the sunth-»e«( quarter of -Section
■ii, TowiHlilp,',;, iiiiirkeir'W.lLHolllngHWorlh'-
louth-wost corner post," thonoeoait W chains,
thence north ni chain-, thence WMl H)obRlDl,
Ihencu south ni chuliHto place nf commence*
The above lunitiun Is the north half of .Section lit and the south half of Hoctmn iti, Town-
Dated Nnvcmbor ttnd, BWl.
HiitdccLi     W. H HOLLINO.SWOHTH.
Notico ll hereby Ki veil tbat SOdftyi alter date
we Intend to apply to the Hon i liief rommls-
sinner of Lands and Works (or a Special license
to cut and carry an ay umber frum the follow-
in*; described land-, iltuate in west Kootenay
Commencing al t posl plained %\ the north-west
Corner uf K.utendlnnlng - homestead, almut three
mile- belon   the foot ol Cpper Arrow Lnke, and
marked  "B.B.LCo.'s  Ih-eost   corner post,"
thenco somh bO chains, theuce west80cnalm,
thence  nuiili BU i liains. llienee east 80 chains to
point nf commencement.
Ililcd Nov.*rtli, 1-huU.
dec 6 wod     Bin BBKD LniitKK Co., LTD,
Notice is hereby given ibat 60 days
from date I   iuieml to  upply lO  the Ohiel
Commissioner oi Lands nnd Works nt
Vicloria, H.C, for purchase of lollowlng
described lands in Lillooet dislrict:
Commencing 'll a poat planted about
two and a hall miles from head of Adams
Lake on west side ol mer, marked "J. A.
Knox'8 soulb-west eorner/' running Ho
chains easi, 40 chains north, No chains
wesi, 40 ihains iouth, containing about
330 acres,
bated Nov, olb, 1906.
noi 14 J, A, KNOX.
Nolice is heroby given that 60 days
from date [ intend to apply lo lhe Cbiel'
Oommlsilonei of Lands ami Wurks at
Victoria) IL C- lot purchaie ut following
described lands In Lillooet district 1
Commencing at a post planted near
south side of Otter Creek, } miles norlli of
Adams Lake niarked "W. S. Burton's
soulh-wesl corner-" running No chains
eait, 40 chains north, No ehains west, 40
chains soulh, containing about 330 acres,
Paled Nov, lath- tOTO.
nuv 14 W. S. PURTONi ,
Notice is hereby given that 60 daVfl
ati.-i date I intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands \ Works for permission io purchase lho following described lands, situated In Ihe West Kuuteiiay
district on lllC WCfl sideof I'pper Arrow
Lake in the Posthall Valley:
Commencing al a posi marked "T, S,
MclMierson'a south-weal corner post,*'
planted al the noith-west corner of Lot
0621 ihence north Bo eliains, thence east
No chains, Ihence south No ehains, ihi'tiio
west Nu chains lo point of eoinmrticenuMil,
Containing '140 acres, more or less.
Located ajrd day ol November* 1900,
nov 88 wed     T. s, McPHERSOK,
For Sale
One torn ol Heavy Droit Hontt
H00.  Apply to E, TAPPING, REID  &
Wish all their many patrons ana friends
m i^ «•»mMMsM■*"*"*.»*,«^-l**»',-w*i^**«i*3**
After ihe rush we will once more get down to regih
/ar business and find certain lines thai we will mark to
sell regardless of cost, to clean up odds and ends
Clearing-up Sale of Millinery.   We are selling it at
«i   Nc.hin : bettor than Our " rucclal
1* ■ *-- iptions i :■;■ 'ullj dispensed ni
Bu"    ! -- i: Bti re.
r. i Ite Home Industry. Smoke
llevelclMlie Cigars.
Try Hews'Cod Live." Oil Emultion
lur; - i.   cough.
Advertise vour Ininc City. Genii your
fricntl a hox ot Revelstoke Cigars tor
a x.nas Present.
Fine nolo pnpers inul onvelnpet,
t illy curds, etc., -it Dews' drug store.
Rovelstoke Cigar? Union Made (lur
Speoial, Tho Union, and Marca Vuclla
are ahoad of all ethers.
.Mr.-. I-;. Porter lut taken ivor tlm
dressmaking department nt Messrs,
lti'ul &. Young, and ivill coninienco
wnrk with llio New Yin. Tnilm
mail) suits n specialty.
Card of Thanks.
'Ilic -.'i.it.r-t-r*- nl iln City Restaur
nut tlesiro In thank llio honrders fur
thoir kind renioiiibriiiico i-il I'iii-isliuiis
Fancy Goods
We are nlilc In handle it ns we have n I'.-iiiilil'iil slock uf
Thousands nl* ('.-..-.Is nnl Calendars, Toys nnd Toy
Bonks, hai.ilsnn.oly hound, Poetical Works, Alton..", Pet
fumes, Smokers' Supplies, etc.   Cull in and sou them.
§ Canada Drug & Book Co., Ltf., Revelstoke, B.C. f IJ
To liny a House.
Tn Rent n House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in,
To Btiv Splendid Fruit
WEATHER FMECUT      f^   Hfjtfflfi
Saturday, Deo. 20.—Kor 2-1 houia—
Light easterly and southerly breezes,
cloudy, with sliglil siiowfiill, mildor.
Temp., Max, 31 tlogroes; miii. 28,
Local and General.
Mr. and -Mrs. II. Ncedhnm, of
Beaton, are visiting their Iriends in
t.i- oity.
The Mail Hi imiii extends tn nil ils
readers tlio complin, nls of tlie season
and lest wishes Iol" a bright und prosperous New Year.
Don't miss Said Tasini nn tho opening night oi the Koseiiins engagement
Tiiiii.-iiny, Jan..'!, no. " Tho Bohemian
Girl," Friday, January I.
Selkirk Lodge, Nn. I*>, I O.O.K will
hold the instollutii n ol ollicora lor tl.e
ensuing term, on January Sril, IHU".
All members uu-i'ii|tios!i'il tu attend.
Flavelle's imitation of u Scottish
hag piper in Said l'nsliu is said t" bo
'* killing " and John Dewey's topical
song—ii -nt'iiin. lliu- hit luenl
v. -- - [or Ki vi -' : -
Aid. T.ip|i:n: lms bei n requested bj
.i largi  numb r of  i lectors   lo  offer
li -i -■ II m ,i Candida*. f- i the mayoralty for 11)07,   I: is pr liable that he
n i-iii-.diil-itc fnr the olliei
Final engagement lor lwo years ol
tin 1, *; nu 0| rn Cu , J i'-.:; I ->—11«
. . _ -ii., ess ■ Said I'.* .'■
Novor before lms our slock
been so complete in Fancy
(ii-nri'i'ii--, including Ni w
Nuts, l.on.lnn Layer Itnis-
itis, Figs, Dales, Oranges,
Bananas, C rn n berries,
Ijclliicn, Xinns Stocking?,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe nmi (lolly.
NOTICK IS HEHKin UIVKN thnt from nnil
aftor this duto ami until further notice, all
nccouutsduo mo in connection with my hotel
bu-lies at ftimuplfx, are to be inini tn L. 11.
('onifriiYO, whom 1 havo npiiniutel nnniiKor
duriiifrmy nbsonco, niul nil nccounts owing hi
mo will bo paid by him.
hated Docombor2Utli, lOU**.,
Propriotor Quoou's Ho tol.
Pi m LMw
ft *   i
e a "Mm km
To-Night and Monday to finish up your New Year's Day Shopping. You can't
get cleat* of the crowd now, but it is as well to get in early, for the choice of many
lines '.iill soon be pipked up. We have prepared for the crowd and will give tlie best
attention possible, but come as early as vou can,
Kid Gloves
ALWAYS I'LKAKIv ll* you gel the wrong
iiv will exchange them nfli-i- Xinns.
Did You Want
a Good Fur ?
Yon hml bi'tli'i- hurry up as wo are nearlv,
sold out, hut there are a fow nice ones left
ycl.   Don'l delay! n* thoy are going fast,
Fancy Work
Out'lino nf worked Cushion Tups, gauge
centres, iniinl.-l drupes, lahlu covers, ci.-., is
very large and very cheap. In I'in Cushion",
(Hnvo, Luce and Veil Cases, we have a pretty
Men's Fixings
Hniidkcrchiefs of till kinds. The Im-gost
viuit'iy nl' Men's Ties In Uio Oily, Cnllut's,
Socks, MtiClk'i'S, Gloves, lined and ttnliiied,
Slippers, Kiincy VusLs. etc,, eto.
Collars and Belts
We were afraid they would not gel here
in turn, bul here thoy are nnd nothing
prettier has been shown, nml nil the late fads
FANCY COLLARS Irom 25c. to $3.50
BELTS in Black, While and Colors. Ilics-
ih'iis .....I I'l-.ids, nil sizes nnil all prices,
.Mnke one nf lho innsl   ftcc., .:.lili*  nf gills.
Wo linvi' lhe stock of the |u« n.
Ladles'   Handkerchiefs   iu  hemstitch, em-
hi'oldercd nml h.ce edgo fi-nm IOc. to SI 00
Real Miille--!' Handmade Lace Haudkorchlels
311.25 to 82.60.
Gonlleiiieii's llnndkcrclilefs, Linen, Meicllla,
Silk, in white and colors, plain ot- initial,
Wo hnve lust receivedn soiling in the letters
ue Inul snid mil.
Ladies' Hand I
Air suitable pULs- and wi
Relool from,
" A Merry Christmas to All."
Real Estate and Insurance 'is.
.■Ill   — Hia l lm I III I li    lilll 1
At Knox t'hiuvli lo-morrow night
thi re will bo three Stilus in nddilionlo
        ll.e   r.-e'ili.r    li.viiin*.     .Mis    Nellie
  .        Urnnl will  *'n.-.:  "The   Lighl  i'l the
HOBSON  &  BELL,       World,' llr Morrison, "iliuiid  Whi
CrfOCfRS, DAKEBS AND  CONFECTIONERS j g^,, |ln(|   j,,,   Wll,    .,,!.,   'Oro
= Cr., Nobis."
The Y.M.C.A.   Boniyr gymnasium
class hnd a line time nl the home pILU0 larger and better piper to-day
Mr. ni.d Mrs.   Robert   Howson  ^ hut oiiii^t-i nor nmviiif intn nur new
night.  Thero ivas a good lurnoiit.     Lwmim „m> 1]u, eon8|dorablo work
New Voar's night lho Ladies Ausil- and disorganization entailed thereby
I'e regie*   tlmt   ive nre  unnble to
invv ni lie- Y.M.C.A. ki'-p npi'ii  house wo have loiind It impassible to hi
ill lin' ns
They ex-loul n Inr
t.-n.l un i.ii-'.lntinu  in  lln-  members, public uill look nl ii
friends nnd strangers lo come iu lor n ; light,,
pleiiMiiil evening, il is to  I u  in-
fnriinil nll'ilir.
i I thnl (In
in LhatI
The lights throi.gl.oul tin oity were
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      nut nl   i'iiniiiii--inii   mi   We.lu.-s Iny,
A social anil midnight servieo will Thursday and I'ridii) nights, owing to
bo hold in the Molhodisl church on tlie turbines at I - puwu lions I  ii
New Year's Kve, commencing a! 10:30 choked with anchor ice; I nulj
p, m., under Hie auspices ol lhe K|- n ig ol tin truuhle, ni.d il is
,, irtl. | en -ii-    V in '           *    is I       ne fei      e nerd
In.- Iim :   rrnngeil and   '       uiglit ii;o *    wl   !5}j|v*.^'
Bho.-| sen will In held, ushering i i-rni eel i        ,i       .     -
\Vo very i
article in the i Di ■
I : . . 1   I- 'i
was mentioned, the » - -   ...
pen., i ll ■
the popular ballad opera     .       *-
Ii.iIi.im.m. , :     I...    -....'*   " '-1
.,:.:   mm- ed later, ..... I  Ms
Premier  Moll il     i   "- , M   '
i1   -.-■     M I   '
■   tick lor I i    - -, -1
I hi) -■'.      ■    '■ in     ; -. Itevels.l ke.
l-i- i!  .'-.::..-.'.. - id  -    • :. City, Criiii-
brook. Fern -  N'i Isoiiai A othi i i-
■ :
i. Iden 11 ;
r'» i* will be sn interesting meet-     ,     t        ., ,, Kn,
iigt nday alternoon at 3:30 in the ,.,,„, (:h „
Y.M.CA. Bcv. W. Calder will mak
.. ■: ■ • dtlreti Mr, tl Gall wi
ling" The Chi      i    ll    e."   Evi ty
'      ■      . : ■   , -...-■   :     '..      !: ..
. ng.
■ • i
toeial gathering Monday night, N«» |opera Said Path» by the linsc
Year't Eve, at tin i
ami   H--   I...i      fl
pco|       I (riendt« *       1 i.*H>-
iliiiin! ti i-   i i  ni  -
i m
1   I.Q     I I        M • I .
. ii,  11..-  Si llcirlc   I! i
.    tho purpoti
gsli   I n thi   n   lion  -
to lnke placo on Mnnila;    Doc   III
lor the Contort itivo o mil I ito for tl
; rl     -..-hi; |,i',.', i:n lal eleoti
:'       n.. dclegatii  wero  oloctcd -
C, 11   -n. i Lap]  i:   i.li.rrli.ii   \\
Arm tr ing,   I-    II.  Corson,   U.   \\
[.'otter   E  li. A.lui.-. lv Trimble I
U milium,
Ue W0I.1.1 I'll!Ill r H frain   limn ni'
cism nl ilii* timo, bul  wo can
help tllggi -'in; iiiiii   til    Cil     i
and   hugely . Iim
[ii.tl.etio  nnd
Ml     Mi     I ii
which •!"■ .
I as she appeared
h me my love."   M
hoy  in tl       •        II
:    i
M'll  ll.l . ' '    '
The Imperial Limited Theatrical Attraction which has kept pace
with th* phenomenal growth of thc Occident and has done
more to advance the present and future Dramatic situation
of Waster,! Canada than all other interests combined.
Thursday, Jan. 3
11   on don'l laugh, con llll .vnn* l'iiV'iti:.ii."--Njlsmi News.
Friday, January 4
iie Bohemian Girl"
" I tlream't I dwelt in Marble Halls."
"Then You'll Remember Me."
oil'give 'ill '.ilti ke  n    N. v  Yen        *'   ' : '•
n,»* mmmtmw>n*   ■wj,+m*<*%vM+*t*,-%imm
mt" wtts ■*"* *■ »*•*'■*" ■*
Illll   (*IVI.l      ,l,)V,i.l-lill\ll     ll mi    -        llllll
| Old" in Hn- thiipo ni < i'l'-mi j i
Iti - |i tin idi '.n!i-i ch ■'!■ Wo ii i
Iiiii- tn lay llmi ih. -ij.iiv plough
mighl be cnll.d i ito n ipiii Ition fn
nliei oi both when snow hat frothl;
fallen and alto whon the thaw lm
lootoned up ilm Sim li mi  Hi-   ltd
El lootoned Up llm slu- h nn tin- Mi!-
' milks. II. It, In my Ilu- I'm t ol jl
ninii-iit: Iii m-i- I '■ l.-i-lii ui* ' I'l.ll ' :
|intieachoiliiro.. (iiii tllppory tlio
| oughfni.'s.
. -  ' -   -
Dewey's topical tin) hou j-
liy StOrin llllll   l'*,l,ill-lie J   ||,,,:
e, in.I, [|ig I'ipui .''. 1.1 ling in ii
i.ig the audi, ni*" i"in with I ni hi '■
Mr, IIoIViimim" work nt Sni I In lm
was iiiii.-""-*1 fthyand John l.nwtnn't
.,.i mifli .!'■- Itn] ilti Me i. tin
lii.jnh. 'll.e i'Iiinin- ivi.--. - - i and
lieiir I in i-.i. Hi nl advantage nl In
linen! Intervals,
PRICES RE-SERVED $1.00.   Genera! Admission, 75c
■-«■»*   *w**-«*w*- n.»n«ta.if/■*..«■**»,. * ■, M "V*m#'x»Vt***Hji'+i->t/''X+%.**>yi Wp H»gMi


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