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The Mail Herald Jun 16, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
Fur ease nl operation and perfection
in   ri suits  produced,  this    munhiue
is unsurpassed.    Price, $60.00 Cash,
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The Mail-Herald
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The Press Conference Shows
Up Statesmen
London, June lli.—At the second
meeting ol the Imperial press confer-
ence Foreign Secretary Sir Edward
Crey and Reginald McKenna, first
lord uf the admiralty, were present
and bntb ministers spoke ou the navy.
'' If the navy fails.' declared the
foreign secretary, "it will be useless to
discuss any other sul.ject."
He called attention to the serious
tone taken by Lord Hoseberry in bis
recent speech to the pressmen, and
said he endorsed every word ol this
address. Continuing, Sir Edward
slimmed up the pulicy ul the foreign
ollice as folloivBi
"To keep what we have, and to consolidate and develop; to quarrel as
little aa possible with people, and to
uphold in the councils of the world are
the ideals of lireat Britain, With so
much at stake the maintenance of the
navy must be the first view, not only
for the homo government, but for all
the sell-governing dominions of the
lu conclusion, the foreign secretary
aaid the present excesMve expenditures
for armaments made the political
weather sultry.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Mrani'hes ur Agents at nil principal points in'Camida.
Agents in Great Britain and United Suites -London, England,
I.luyds Hank, Limited. Chicago- Kirst National Hank, Coin Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, BanPran-
cisco—Wells Kargo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane— Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and  interest allow.
current rate from date nf ilepiisit.   Correspondence sollolted.
d at
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Fer   Cent.   Discount  for   Cash
MRS.   A.   <;.   CRICK
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Organizations   Will   Nominate
Victoria, June 10.—Dr. Spenotr
bus lust returned from the coast from
a lucal optiun tour in over twenty interior towns, and reports a growing
sentiment among the people on the
question, Everywhere, he says, he
had interesting audiences and organized a score of new leagues; and,
in every electoral distlict visited, there
seems to be a determination to nominate lucal option candidates on buth
sides of politics, whether the party
ducus approves ur not, In the early
fill Dr. Speucerwill visit and lecture
lor a week in each ol at least teu large
centres on the sublect of government
for the people, by the people, and the
advocacy of a local option law.
Party Lost in the Mountains
The Vancouver World says there
was great exeitemeut in the city on
SunJay afternoon, particularly among
the members of the Mouutaintering
club, over a report that a lucal moiin-
taiueerine party, which hud started
out to climb Grouse mountain, was
lost, and that one of the party had
fallen and broken bis leg.
The fijst word wae received at the
Capilano hotel from Miss Baynea, a
teacher in the Mount PleaBant sohuul.
She was out with another party of
climbers, but hearing uf the accident
uluckily made her way down and
reached the hotel in an almost exhausted condition. A search party
waa immediately organised, and thoroughly tired though she was, Mist,
Bayues went back partuf the w.y
with the searchers, till they had
struck the trail by which she had
come down.
Word of the accident also reached
North Vancouver, aud a search party
was siartid from there, Fortunately
tbe "lost" people were met un the way
down, and were assisted tu the Nurth
Vancouver lerry landing, which they
reached about nine o'clock.
It appears that Mr. Ralph Jennings,
another gentleuian and his wife, and a
young lad, started for an "over Sunday" trip up t>rouse Mountain. The
lad bad been up belure and acted as
guide. He lost his way and led the
parly to Orown Mountain, and here
they found themselves lust entirely.
Finding that they would have lu
remain uver night. Mr. Jennings
started tu gather some wood lor a lire,
but slipped on a lug and fell sume
distance. When he tried to get up he
found one ol bis lega useless, and it
was thought al lhe time it was broken
The parly tbat Miss Baines was with
heard ol the accident in sume way,
and she started out to get help at 4
o'clock in the morning, and reached
the Capilano hotel at 10 o'clock. Her
trip makes a record in local mountaineering.
It was also reported that some ot
the search party had gut lust, but
they have all turned up safely.
Suffragette to Visit
OTTAWA, June lli.—Mies Mary Kee-
gan, one of the English suffragettes
who bothered Premier Aiqulth aud
wlu spent several days in prison, is
mi her way to Toronto to attend tne
quinquennial ol the Women's National Council. She is a native ol
Belleville, Uot,
Ogilvie's Report That They
are of Satisfactory Character — Output Will Pass
Seven Millions.
Winnipeg, June 15.—Mr. W. A
Black, General Manager of the Ogilvie
Flour Mills Company, interviewed on
the subject ol crop prospects this
morning, advises that reports from
their agentB and inspectors are ol a
most satisfactory character. He states
that the seed-bed was in tbe finest
possible condition and that the recent
weather has been so favorable that,
notwithstanding the lateness of the
season, the wheat at all points is quite
up to the condition at the same time
last year, in fact at Bonie places it is
ahead, and there is ample moisture to
carry the crop along lor some considerable time. The ground is well covered, and witli anything like favorable
conditions a very good yield must result. The acreage in Manitoba will
not Bhow any increase over lust year,
but in Saskatchewan end Alberta the
increase will be substantial, and it is
not unlikely that tbe total acreage
under whaat in the three provinces
may amount to 7,500,000 acres. There
will also a very substantial increase in
the acreage under oats and barley.
The weather is cuo'er today, but
with lots uf bright sunshine gruwing
conditions are tiue. There has been
practically no rain fur a week, but
there is any amount ot moisture in the
ground, and the crup wuuld go well
without another shower till the end of
this moutli. Not since 1H88, say old-
timers, have mid-J une conditions
been so universally good, with prospects so high.
Ottawa Has Sensation at Least
Ottawa, June 15.—A heavy charge
ol dynamite under the coruer of the
old Tavern, on Montreal ruau, Sunday
night, almost completely demolished
tbe premiss and smashed windows in
houses within a radius of two miles.
At the time tbe two families of
Mose Laporte and .lusepb Gusihaunie
were asleep in the huuseaud that tbey
were not all killed is considered almost
a miracle.
Circumstances in connection with
the dynamiting uf the place resemble
very much acts cmplnyid in similar
uutrages committed by Black Hand
gang ot various American cities. No
arreBts have been made so tar.
Fears Meat Famine
Wholesale meat dealers and ollicials
ol the Liverpool Meat Traders' Association see in the falling oil' of cattle
importations from the United States
and Canada, grave danger of beef
famine. Two or three years ago the
weekly importations at Birkenhead
averaged 5,000 head of cattle. Of late
this ligure Iiiib decreased to '20,000,
while laat week's supply was but 800.
Au ollicial of the Liverpool association said :
" I am inclined to attribute tbe
present shortage tu the tactics ol
American shippers. Knowing that a
famine is imminent I believe tbey aro
holding back their entile tor an increase in price. I bave been informed
also tbat much frozen meat is stored
in refrigerators throughout the country, being held for a higher market.
The Liverpool chamber of commerce
is urging the guvernment to remove
tlie embargo on live cattle frum Argentine. This may he a Bulution to the
threatening problem."
A telegram Irom the Liverpool
AaHociatiuii has been recuived by the
president nt the buard ut agriculture,
asking fur an investigation ol the
Stealing the Cream
London, June 16.—Writing In the
Evening News regarding the reported
visit ol lion. Frank Oliver to England
to arrange to carry out the policy of
thu Canadian government to secure
unly the best class ul immigrants,
chielly agriculturists with capital, the
president uf tbe immigration league ot
Australasia protests against anch a
"Why ihould," be asks, "the daughter stales, seek tu skim off the cream
of tbe English rural population and
reject all others .' liy doing so they
are lar Irom doing a Nervine to the
mother country."
Unveiling of Statue a Feature
of A.-Y.-P. Exposition
Seattle, Wash., June 16.— The
third week of the Alaska-Yukuu-1'a-
ciiic Exposition was ushered on Wednesday with many unusual features
and a heavy attendance. The celebration nf "ling day" was marked by a
special musical program and features
of a nature to inspire patriotism.
Several addresses were delivered in the
anipnitlieatre and auditorium during
the day.
Another interesting event wus the
unveiltng ot the statue ol George
Washington, which had been erected
near the main entrance of the exposition. Amid the strains of music and
the booming of mortars, the statue of
the "Father of His Country" was revealed tn the public, when little tbree-
year-uld Elanur Washington-Caldwell,
the great granddaughter ol John
Augustine Washington, the last owner
of Mount Vernon, drew aBide the veil
that covered the likeness ot the first
president. The statue is to remaie
permanently on the I'nivorBity of
Wash ngton campus.
May be Wined and Dined by
Board of Trude
Definite announcement as to the
date of the visil of tbe Hon. Richard
McBride is made and the dote will be
June 2(i. While the local Conservative club is arranging the details of a
public reception there is not supposed to be any political significance
to the visit. There will probably be a
public meeting held and speeches made
by the premier and by Hun. Thomas
Taylor, minister of public wurks, who
is to accompany the premier on his
tour through lhe interior.
The visit ot thu premier to llevelstnke should be made au occasion nf
note. The Board uf Trade might do a
lot of worse thitigs than prepare a
luncheon after the manner of Canadian Clubs in honor of the occasion.
It ie expected that Hon. Mr. McBride
will make some deliverance ou the
question of a railway policy while he
is in tbe city.
More Experimenting
London, June 16.—The chief medical authorities of London are giving a
high place tu the new anaesthetic,
stovaine. It is administered by spinal
injection. The shock to the patient
is said to he far less than that caused
by other anaesthetics. A patient with
heart complaint can survive its administration where either chloroform
or ether would be dangeious. Special
skill is required in ite use so its injection is not performed by the resident
anaesthetist ol hospitals, but only by
members of the visiting stall. A
patient under the inlluence ol stovaine becomes insensible to pain, but is
not unconscious.
The drug is the discovery of a surgeon of Buoharest, ltoumania. The
anaesthetic as used is a combination ul
atryebninc and stovaine. It is injected
in the lower part of the spine tor
operations below the waist and in the
neck (ur operations above. Dr. Bau-
nyryall iB the physician wbo hBB
brought some ot it tu London.
Prepaid Package
Granite City, 111., June 16.—The
liveliest 'postage prepaid" package
that the local poBt ollice has tu handle in all its career, was delivered
yesterday whon Lizzie Kika, u eight
year uld Hungarian tot, was dolivered
tu her parents. The girl bure a card
tied to her waist on which were post
marks ol Tuwoscleany, Hungary, and
other important stations on route.
When the Big Four mail train came
in a crowd of Hungarians was on hand
to await delivery of tho mail. Word
spread ul thu arrival ot the child and
soon the little one was surrounded by
a demonstrative group from whom,
tlcspite their meagre income, the
obild received a purse ol $12.
Her parents have not seen her since
they lelt Hungary whon she was a
year old.
Hill's Invasion
James J. Hill is rushing lhe completion ul his Penticton, B, C, branch
with the object of getting li strong
foothold in the Kooky mountain section of Canada, according to Mayur
Jamieson, of Calgary, who said that
Mr. Hill bad informed bim to tbat
ctfect. Hill intends, the mayor says,
to reach out and keep the prairie produces. Hill said the people of western Canada need not be surprised if
they found that he had swooped down
iuto thoir territory ae that is bis intention.
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Fit Reform Clothing:
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ALIXAITDKE LAIKD, Gen.nl Manager ! Reserve Fund,   -     6,000,000
Tbe new Traveller-' Cheques recently issued by this Rank are a most convenient
way bi which to carry money when travelling.   Tlicy are issued io denomination* at
$10,  $20, $50,  $100 and $200
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Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland is soiled on the lace of each cheque, while in other ivunliita
tbey aro payable at current rate.v
The cheques and all information regarding them may be obtained al iwy
of tiie Bank.
H.     ALLEN,
It's a Sight
tn we our collect loo "I Meats
and Poultry. No better assortment was ever shown t>y iih,
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Beef, Lamb and Pork
arc in Ik- hull here ut nil times
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tl pportunlty to save mould
make her purchases here,
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
B, H. Burton, representing tbe Vsn- *f*to ocbedule the World will be de-
...,,.      ,    . hvered belore noon.    Thll will  bring
eouver World, it. placing an agency in ft| ,Bm0UB Vllneollver ' into the
town  and arranging lor the delivery oity almost on the dsy It ll published,
daily  ol  the paper,  "The paper that but its introduction  into  RevelBtoke
prints the tacts."    Mr. Barton wishes will   in   no   way interfere   with   the
It  understood that under the present' popularity ol the Mail-Heraiu. THE MAILHE^ALD, REVELSTOKE,
Zbc fl&aiMfocralb.
Jntct'ior publishing Company,
Barristers, Solicitous,   Etc,
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Ollice and befoie Railway
Hon, Charles.Murphy, .M.l'.
iiaiiiii.ii Fisher.
OrrlCES 1    1.M1KH1AI.  BANK  Hlll.IllMi RSVBL'
STOKE,  11. 0,
Monej" lo loan.
oaken Kevelstoke, H C.   Cranbrook, B, I'.
Sao. 8, McCaatsb
V  M.   I'INKIIAM J. A.   llAHVKV,
Itc-iel-iciKi'. Iriuiliroiik. ll. 0.
Hu i 'later
Solicitor, fii'.
s ilicilor^for:—
Tin. Canadian Hank of Commerce,
Tuk Molsons Hank, Ktc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 1U0, Revelstoke
c. w. o  w.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
MltU  Seoond and  Fourth  WednoEdaVH in
each month, in  Selkirk Hull.    Vlsttin    Wuod-
uien cordially invited to aLtend.
J. MiISTYKK,  Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular ineeliiu.* are hold in tlio Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday evening at ii o'clock
Visiting brelliron are cordially invitod.
IT. 0. WALSH, Pekhiuknt,
W, E. McLACCHLIN.Sehektaey.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A  F. & A. M.
The rumilnr nieiit-
logs urn linld ni ll.o
Oddtollows II,ill. mi
tho third Mniidny in
'larli iinilitli nt 8
:, ni. VisltlPH lirtill.
ron   oordlally   woi-
C. A. I'ltlJITNIKK. Skokktary.
Ueet9 eye ry T1111r_-
day   ovoiiinit    iu   Sol
kkirk  Hull nl Bo'olook
-^mr- _____ yvisltlug liriitlirim are
cordially Invited tn nltoiiil.
Cold Range Lodge, K. ot Pi
Ho. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
esi'ei»t liiinl Wednesday oi
eaeh .-nouiii. in •'-' iddlellotva'
Hall at a o'clock. Vtsltinn
Knights ari' enrflially .nvitod.
T. P.  SMITH, C. C.
U. H. HHorti  K. ..I ii   A 8,
J. B. SCOTT, M. nl V.
KEITH lll.K. I'llONE  ills
Zbc flfcaMbevalb
There ia SO much bad iu the be>l of OS,
Aud io much good iu tho wor.it uf us.
That it hardly behoove:- auy of us,
To talk about the re_t of as.
That i.- the question that has
been asked by multitudes of people
in the British empire and the
iiuestion that has not yet been
answered. Individual opinion is
liable to be faulty, but it is almost
an assurance that there will In-
war. >ome of the British statesmen laugh at mch a possibility Inn
those who are widest ami nio-l
trusted in the councils of tin.' empire appear to mink differently.
Til.- [act 'i.»' France i.i- approved ni i.i r . ibinet an expenditure of (600,000,000 for -ixti-ei.
battleehipi would appear tc be an
.1. Iii ic :. that tbe spirit ..( militarism .- v i.i. rei iving ll i toe
late for Pram • tu assume the position "i .i lh u power and thai I ti I
luggestslbat German) and France
understand eai I. other and that ii
ir tu be Eui '!"• against tin' world,
'I iif kaiser has been persistently
making trouble since tho day thai
iii- wa- l.urn and there i- no doubl
that be is spoiling  fur u   light with
tin: British  people,    lb'   lines    not
care what it costs his nation in the
lo.-s of  blood  ninl  men's   lives; bu
wants in go down to posterity enshrouded in  memories  of galax.i
and glory— -uch glory us old Peter-
kin cotilil not define,   So In; wants
to plunge bis  people into light and
that   means   war.    Kor    England's
boys will light  whether on land or
fea and as to whether tbey will win
in any tight   need   not   lie   left  to
should   Germany  ami   France
For Sale or Rent -
Price  $1550.    Kent
_ll)ll.    Kent
on corner of Fifth
Six   Roomed   House   with
? 17.50 per month.
House,  six   rooms,  on   Tbir
$20 per month.
Good buy in Lots 23 and 24, Block   II
and Robson Avenue.    Brief §450.
Two  good  buys   in   Lots  21   and 22, Blnek 22, just east of
Queen's Hotel.    Price ST50.
Two good Lots on Eighth Street and corner of  Orton   Ave.,
100 x 100.    Price !?850.
Six Roomed House, Furnished, on  Sixth  Street,  improved
ground.    Price 3.'!500.   House and Lots only $8250,
Double   House, renting for $110 per month, for sale al $2750.
Will buy some of the best
building lots near Vancouver. Lots very easily
cleared and close to Tram.
Now is the time to invest.
Allow me to giue vou
fuller particulars.
Money to Loan on  Household
combine, however, lo project an
international war there would be
all tbe kinds ol tilings doing that
both these could desire. Sueh u
war could only result in a union of
the Anglo-Saxon interests in (treat
Britain and the United State0, und
with the combined uavaland military forces of these two nations it is
not necessary to say again. "We've
got the men, &C."
The motion submitted to the
Synod of the Diocese of Rupert's
Land which convened yesterday at
Winnipeg, placing the Synod on
recortl as being in favor of the
municipal control of the liquor
trallic, is a record maker as far as
the attempts of the church to suppress the business are concerned. A
straight declaration of municipal
ownership or management of the
liquor business under some such
system as tbe llolhenburg system.
by a church'Synod, is so rare that
it is scarcely less than startling,
What is belter tliuii local option ?
What is better than prohibition ?
Is tbe church going lo go wny
buck uml sit down in ils ligbt
against the iniquitous trallic ?
Why should municipalities own or
manage a business that bus been
the curse of mankind since creation ? Manitoba has been notable in its example ot going into
provincial managements and public control, but sbe will make a
mistake that is far froin funny if
she ever lets herself gel tangled up
with the management of the liquor
Premier McBride is evidently
alive to the possibilities in the matter of uniting the colonies which
constitutes tbe integral parts ni tbe
Empire. A despatch from the capital city ot the province -ay.-.
"Discussing  tlie   suggestions  o'
tlie imperial press conference, Pre
mier McBride endorses   the  establishment   of   state   owned   cables
uniting Britain and ber colonies us
thoroughly  practical  ami   an   important   step     towards    imperi i!
unity and a profitable commercial
investment  for   the    empire.    Its
greatest function, he say-,   w
however lie as  an  agency    d   the
upbuilding   of   a   greater   British
empire.   The trouble now
cabling is so  restricted   owing
excessive   rates   tlmt   the   -■■■--.
Anglo-Saxon peoples an     i i
keep informed as to tbi- important
events   occurring,   perhaps   of  an
historic   character,   outside ] I
own circumscribed cin Ies
owned cables conducted   ■■-   public
utilities ninl cheap telegraph .
throughout   thi-   land,   are
needed.    With   tlmse   will   I •
augurated   a   i ompreben ■
li  iihivs service.''
Kev. Edward Everette 11
famous author, .b . ine nnl i
ni  •!..■  i riited  -• ites  --,, >•■
.a i,i- home it   Roxbury    il
ire on I he morning nf Jnn
Re\   I'Mw ird Everetl II i li
minister and i haplain of
States -' i. ite, •■ .        -     a 1
Apr;; 3, 1822      II" BtU I ftl   .
toi, Latin School mul ^nul nn imi al
II.ii". ard in 1 339 received thi de
gree ol - I D. in 1870, mul '. I.
D. ai Dartmouth in 1901, On
i ictober 13 i -52. be married Em
Baldwin Perkins, at I farlford, (Jon,
Deceased was h prominent pro-
motor of " I liaiiin.pm " circles
ami " Lenil-ii-llmiil " Clubs. II..
waa also editor of " Lond-a -Hand "
Record, of Modern Achievement
mid bad been editorially connei ted
with numerous literary journal .
profit to the members. It is by the
interchange of ideas that progress
is made possible, and there are
sufficiently weighty subjects in ibe
universe to interest minds that nn'
ready to discharge the responsibilities of citizenship to make the discussion of these subjects worth}- of
attention. While Canadian clubs
exisl fur tbe most part for Ihe
entertainment of passing celebrities
tlieir usefulness is being gradually
extended, and the discussion of
such subjects as that of imperialism
might well call forth an organization and make an excuse for its
existence in the city as such an
one as might be called a Canadian
This is the season of river drivers
and tbere are crowds of them in
town. Like all their class, they
blow Iheir money freely, for they
make it at hazard, and apparently
tbe greater the risk the freer tbe
skate. One of tbem struck tbr
Maii.-lii:ha1.11 yesterday for a pair
of shoes as he said that his did nnl
lit. The Mail-Hehaj.i) looked at
lhe crooked feel of the gentleman
in evidence and concluded lhat his
own __shoes would not lit, and so
there was no contribution.
Colonies Will Federate
Dukhan, Natal, June Hi—A refer-
enilntii held lu decide whether or not
Natal whunlii join the Suuth African
union, haa reunited in favor of the
junction bj a vote of 11,121 to 3,701
Thia assures the complete federation
nf the South African Colonies— tin
Transvaal, Cape Colony and tin
Orange Kiver State and Natal. Practically the enlire population nl Natal
i- British, ami tin- disinclination ol a
considerable element tu enter the
union waa caused I.y fear that tin
Confederation would be dominated I.y
tin. Dutch
Lots in Block 52
For Sale
For Prices and Terms
Enquire of
I i IK
Revelstoke Realty Co
1) act. us uui' ti Rents in unrepresented territory, Sample wheel supplied at wholesale pieces. Puiticuhirs
free,   Tuns. Plimlev, Victoria, B. O,
jiivii: room house ioeiiti.il niTTi.
J P, K. grounds near station, wilh
20 year lease un gionnd. This house is
in good 1'i'paii wiih line garden and
fruit tires. Will Bell at a bargain il'
sold at once. Apply for further particulars lo E, .1. Bourne, First street.
FOUND-A Rosary nml Oriuiflx.
owner mny have same hy ptnving
property nml paying for ihis notice.—
Apply Maii.-IIkuai.ii office.
IOR SALE—ColumhiH gramuplioi
nml out' and one-l
Price $2.">.
Jj     nml inu'and one-half doz, record*
\pply Mail-Heualij office,
.lune 2-Ht,
1,1 UR SALE—Some heavy horses.
. which h,ivi- been used fuiTngging.
Have ti stallion, mares uml geldings,
Write Revelstoke Sawmill i'u,. Ltd.,
Big Eddy, IJ. l.
IOST—Between Filth and Third Sis
J in the vicinity of MeAilhir ave.
i silver mug and pitcher, both gold
lined. Mug has "Borden" engraved
upon it. Will finder return same tn
A. W. MiTnlyie's house and reeeivi
reward. my 2ii
WANTED-Edgerman   and Settei
liir  circular  mill.    Apply Lei
Lumber Oo,, Wigwam, ti. V.
ANTED—Planer hand, able tu
handle 13 inch matcher uml
make mouldings. Apply Ler Lumber
Restaurant,  $2.",
lm     Palace
$2."!   pi'i' mn.ith,
Apply P. (I. Box  112,  Revelstoke, B.O.
or   general
ipply    iu   Mail-
jo 2 m
WANTED     A   girl
lli:n A ll i
i-win k.
WANTED   Daily  uui
care Mrs B. Bruce
"E. W."
WANTED Nighi Hreiimn, holding
Fourth ili.ss papers. Apply,
-luting wages, in B:g Bend Lumber
(lo., Aiiuivhi'iiil.
,^r%,. m T^i -„
Notice to contractors
O   fin- Look-up." "ill bo iv
rilu'il ''Tondor
 wl I.y Ilu- Umi
iiniiiiiii. Uu. Minister uf I'ubllo works up In
hiiiui ui U'uiliii...ilii\ iin.:mih day uf Juuo, ll '.
fm- Ilu' oi ii'i iun uml completion uf ul linn. II
lock-up mul constable's nuarlors iiiNiil.u, .
Plaits, spoollit'iilinlis, iiunll'ilrl. mill 1'nriii-of
truiliT may In- si-rn utl nml alitor tlm 7th din of
Juno, imiii, in Uu- ollloi'H uf ilm tinwin ion!
Agent ul Kuslo; tlm Qovornmonl Agiutt ut
Rovolstoko: tlio Mining Rooordsr at Kukusp;
mul ui Uu' Department nf Public SVotit-n, Vlo-
toria, H.i'.
Ktu;*i proposal inn.-l lie iic.-i,"i■ i.iiml by an
aoooptcd liuiiU ohopuo ur oorilll _o ot deposit
on n I'luii'ii'i'i'il lunik nf iinn.i i, made payable
tu ilm llun. iMiiiinliii'uf 1'iiMi tvorks fui-ii sum
equivalent tu ten nnr een' >1 llie innulllll of llie
tondor, whioh shall lie #reiieil if tho party
tondorlugdeollno to enio.' Inin ooutraot whon
called upon todoso, or if ho full to uomploto
llie work eon I met eil 'or. Tbo chcouos or oor-
tifloatos nf iluiiosii iif unsuccessful tondorors
will lie lelili'neii in tlieni upon tlm oxooutloil
uf llmi'unlrni't
'lenilel's will mil lie eiiiiniilereil utile.-iH niiiile
mil. uu the forms supplied, signed witb the
ni*iual signature nf ilm icndoror, umi onolosod
in ilm ouvslopi riirnisliud
'I'im lowosl ur nny tendor nut nooossarlly
K a, n \muli.:,
I'ubllo Works tfinglnoor,
I'uliiie Wurks liepur inenl,
Victoria, B. i .. Jiniii .'ml. 1000.
■ '■■■ , - M
Notice to Contractors
Wll.Ml.i; S, iiu.ii,
QEALED TENDERS, superscribed "Tendoi
IO lur ScImiuI-Ihiusb,'' will ho rooolvetl hy tlm
Hon. the Minister of Public Worka up touoou
t.f WoUmeaduy, tlm iuih day of June, IDOU, for
the erection and oompletiou of a^mallone*
room frameSohool-housuat Wllmer, B.C.
Plausi specilioationsi contract nod  forms oi
tondor may ho ■ i on aud Jiftor tho -1st day ol
May, WON, at iho oQloes »f tho Govern iu out
A.gont atuoldeu; uf i1'. t". Hull, tCsq , So.roiitry
nl tho SclnK'l Board, Wilmor. H.C, nodal tho
Publio Works Uoiianinout, Victoria,!} C
Each proposal must ho accompanied hy an
aocepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit
uu ti obartored hank of Canada, made payahlo
to the lh ni. tho .M iulsterof 1'ublic Works lur a
sum equivalotit to ion por cent nf the amount
nf tho tender, which shall ho forfeited if rho
party toiidoriiiK dot'Uuo to enter Iuto cnulraci
when called upon in do .so, nr if lie fall in cum
plolo tho wurk coutruoted fur. Tho clio<iuo-i ur
oertlilcatesof deposit uf un?iiccossful tondorors
will ho relurtiod to thorn upon tho exoculinn ut
the cuiilracl.
Tenders will nut ho considered unless made
uut uu tin* forms .supplied. Bigued with tho
actual slguatUre of lho touihror, and ouelusod
in the envelopes furnishod.
Tho luwoist ur auy toudor not iioco.isarily
I'uulic Wurks Buglueer,
Public Wurks Department,
Victuri.t, 11. U., 18th May, VM.K juu VI
in Till-; COUNTS COUUT ov van. OUVER
t»KTHIS  hUNul'RA111J-; IOI RT;
Ho l w oen
AMDRKW i:   I'. LIDDLE, Plaintiff,
(Judgmout Creditor)
T. .i. TOMi'KlNS, Dorendant,
l.Jud«inont Debtor
Bhimti. His UnNOUtt Ji m.i-; Guami  In (Ham
in.lt>, Aluiiday, lho  17th   d«y nl   May.   A  1)
Creditor aud UPON HEARING Mr  A G. Har-
voy  uu   hehttii   ul   ine  Appllcaut  and ll\ N
READING iho Alliduviwol A. lu V, LnUiioabd
A.G Harvey >w<tii htrolu, tlie Uth u«y nl Mny,
A.LI. I'JOW and lilou;
IT IS ORDERED that service upon iho
Judgmeut Debtor, T. J. Tompkins, nl thu
Notloe ui Motion annexed horeto, oatliug uuou
hnu tu show oauso win eortaiu laud tlioreiu
named should nut ne Hold tu rouliao the amount
uf the Judgment heroin hy puohsliiug lhu
Uriler togethor will, iiii) Nulice.unit:xud here
in four consecutive weekly edlliona ni a newspaper published ur cirrulatlug in ihe Cityul
Ruvelsuiko, Ha ,. bo deemed good and suiliciuui
service upon iho aforesaid Judgmeut Debtor,
ni the said Order and Nuticeol Motion;
cost nt and  incidental  tu  this  Application.
should hy added tn the umuiitiluf the Judgmeut
W'Uy Bhould thero not be a Canadian Glut) in lU'.vttUlokt; '! MoBtol
tlm oilier citioH have ^ncti fraternal
and BOCial Institutions, itnd the
discussions of Interesting topica nf
a. gtjiicrul uharactor afford mticii
A Af
Where Christie's Biscuits
come from—
The cleanest factory in Canada
PHE Chrifltie, Browi -, -.. in keeping with
*    the international repu the  fin
knowjuat why Chri tie he best baked  and
hunrlmrifl visit the big factor season.
The Christie, Brown peo their reputation on
cleanliness and quality, The raw product Is the pure I
and beat money nan buy, and every oiirn'i- of it is
carefully analyzed before it can enter the bake rooms
Every device and machine making for the perfection nf
the product is used in the bi/ factory. The bright, antl
chnprful employes, all arrayed in potlessly white uniforms laundried on the premises, speak volumes fnr the
sanitary conditions under which Ihey work. You just,
buy Christie's Biscuits once and you'll know why your
nei«hbors call them "so good." The beat grocers keep
them and they cost, no more.
Christie, Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
NOTICE   IIIIKl'.liltllll   TO   IN   Till-:   Kill
11(11 Mi OKDKH.
rAKE NOTICE Hint n MiitUm will ho niiiilu
befure nm I'reslMtug Judge iu CtmmberB, ol I'm
I,Milt   House, \ ililii'iiviir. 11 l':, nu |.'n,lny, tlm
25thday olilune, A.l). IIWU, m ilic liuurof m
ii'ilin k iu Um foreuuoD nr mi bouu timr.iiiltiii h-
OOUUsel ninl' lin Imntil iiii iiii mil'llcHtiiiii uii
behalf of the Judgmeut Creditor, i ran Order
calllug upon tlm Jurigment imiiiur to slmw
cmiae why Lota uuo 11. nuil two I2llu Ulueka
l-'nrty-Mx, bony--iiviju, forty.olght(4tl,47,48)
iii-inct Lui Two 'I'll, iiniimi audTwouty-tnu
illiilllli, Vuuciiuvnr ili.-tni'l, ur a cuiiilioiuiii uurl
ut -uui laud, should unl bu nulil in ru.ii._m tlm
.iiniiuiit payablo mul it ilm .liiuniimiii iiurein;
.iMi KI'liTllllli TAKE NOTICE Unit iu
-npti..rt iiinriiiit. will im read theAUlduvitmoi
A. I'.. V. Liddle ami A. II. liiirvuv, both -w.'iu
ilu- imii uay ut aiay, A.D, linni, uml liioil.
A. M. HAHPElt,
Suiiritnr for Judgment Creditor.
I'n'l'. J, Tompltlna, E*i,
.lii.litinoiit Il.iblur.
Huvel»tnko Inuiii District.
UiHli'icl nf Woel Kuoionuy.
T.ik.. Notice Umi Kii<l<.iii'k \V. Lind-
>ny, nl i'1111111111111',   B.C., occupation
im i'h.ml,   inlriuls  Iii  apply   tur   per-
nil-Mini  tu iiui'i'liiihf.  tin.   following
<i,-.i iiinii land i
< mn in iuk' -ii ii poal planted ut the
notlh-t>aiil corner ol  A.   I),  McKay's
i'i'>in| n.    N.i.   7.SU.',,   nnil   inaiki'il
'It, w . I I- .i>     Noi ili\\ eel Oot-nei
In i.. u ..lnnil  H chains  oast tu
' ni McKinnon's pre-emption,
hence .iIhuii r_0 tli.uin, south,  thenci
iii.iui H. hains u.  i   i,, McKay's i-iili
.in.-, i li'-iii.. ii.u ili .iIhuii  60 chalna o
piiinl lit ' < mi i nn n,  nnil contain
i,,'   In   ii i ..    .mu ,- in   I,     ..
limit III.  K   VV II.1.1 A.M   1,1 Nils I V,
|l,i..l April With, IIKIII. my 22
Ccrtificato of   Improvements
Ten Kdndsome Dinnei Sets
Given Away [<li
The numbered coupon contained in emry 401b. siok ul Royal
Standard Flour gives you n olance to win a beautiful 100 piece china
dinne set. Watch this space the first issue of every mo ith for the
lucky numbers, Gather nil ihe coupons you ean, and compare them
wilh th   winning numbers.
liovnl Standard Flour is a pure, clean, wholesome Hour, made
frum specially selected wheat, brought from the ohoicest wheat fields of
lho Canadian West, milled in Vancouver, and handled with the utmost
care through every process until il reaches your kitchen—the best flour
on snle in British Columbia today,
Order a suck (rum ymir grocer.
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has (ifi ['ranches in Canada, and Agents anJ Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities cf the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. P. ATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our u.in,l_ me parlor Bute,
upholstered in ln._:li iiratle ailk, ur
iliiiinmk, with frames Uut aro in every
Conceivable design, an i made tu wear
in lellnitely. We have . ..my new anil
beautiful parlor aete anil ilii pieces fur
beautifying the hunie that are taste
ful, nl olive anil inexpensive, anil tv.il
shim > tn' rn..m.i tu the bed iiiiiiiii-
in C. 1'. II. contract for facing Hevelstoke station. A large
sluek now un hand. Reasonable i rices for large or small
quantities. Ily far the cheapest m ilerial fur a substantial
bouse. Cool in summer, wa.in in winter, .^aves most of
your painting and aliout have yo   . insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Lnderby, B. C.
TED. i
P.    BURNS    &    COMPANY,    LIMI
HEAD OVFIOBI   Ualoakv,  Alhhiita.
Wholesale and Retail Maat Merchants
Pork Packer.-i and Dealers in Livestock, Markets in all tbe nrincl
pal Uitles an I Tnivna of Alberta, British Oolumbia and the Yukuii.
Packers nl' ihe Celebrated Brand " Iniperatni'" Hams and Bacon,
and "Him iii'iu'k" Hi.unl Leaf Lard,
Import direct from country ot origin.
REVELSTOKE    ti.  <""'.
I. X, I I   Sili..I   Pick    mineral
>l        nn.>ii.   in   iin*   Troul    l.nkr
Mmin,.   Dlvinii.il   ..l   Wosl   K.iiiiitini
\\ in ii    !. i  il.   I    l,i I tvcBII   lin'   l ll
nib foi i   ill I,ml.i Creek,
l,l<   in,l i' •■  i lllll   I  I nihil inn    I'lnl
. in ■■ II. ..lli. -I \  ui.   II. C. I ii.■
Mm. ,     I i,l.In .1.   Nu. II I817H,   nm-nil
Ixl.i -I.', ii ..in 'l.iii- hereof, tn apply
i.. i fie .Miinni,' ll. i i.iiIit foi ii ci'iiill
• it., ni ini|ii.iii nn.ni ■ I'm' lho purpow
..i obtaining Crown   grants   nf   the
nli'.i <■ iluiins.
\ ml further lake notice I lm I action
inuiii Si'itimi H7 must be commenced
btfore i In' Issuance nl' such Certifloate
..I Iniprovements.
I laled this i wenty seventh day nf
May, A.li. num.
inyilli  (AIIIKIUNK I'l.ulll.Nt K BBATTY
Central Hotel
.£■--*_________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
\'i-wly limit.       First-olaSB in every respect.     All modern convenient es
Larue Sample Hoouis.
Ratus SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queion's Hotel, Trout Lake, under   sune   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rat83$iaday.    Monthly rate.
J.    .A.H.I3_E!__RT      STOIDTIE      PEOP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CrceK will find excellent accommodation at this
Apply First Street West
at i'i ii 'clock.
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, Beds, Stoves, Tin
mid Enamel ware. Bunts and
Clothing bought, sold nr exchanged.
J. C. Hull, Prop. &,8£oV«pKlVr
juno -'tl
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39        Office    McKenzie Ave
the Municipal Council of the Corporation nf the city of Revelstoke Intends
to undertake the construction nf Oon-
crete Sidewalks on certain parts of
First Street, Second Street, and '•'rout
Street, within the said t'ity; viz:
On the North side of First street
from the corner of Campbell Avenue
to the eurner of Boyle Avenue, and
the Nurth siite of Second Street from
the corner of Pearson Street tu the
eurner of Find Street, nnil nn the
South-west siile of Front Street from
the corner of Kin^i; Street to the corner
nt' Victoria Rood, according to the
specifications and estimates prepared
i.y the City Engineer, and tn assess
the expense or rust thereof upon the
land or real properly abutting on the
parts of such streets as above mentioned, and to be benefitted thereby,
and that a statement showing ilu- land
ur real property liable to pay the
assessment therefor and the names of
the owners thereof as fat-as can be
ascertained together with the specifications and estimates of the City Engineer and the proposed assessment
ami report thereon of tbe City Clerk
are now on tile in the office ut the City
Olerk and open for inspect iun dining
office huurs.
The estimated eust of the wurk is
$1911,50, of which it is intended that
the Oity at large shall hear the whole
of the cost nl" the work on street crossing nud necessary retaining walls and
one-third uf the cost uf the Concrete
Sidewalks, and tlie property owners
bearing two-thirds uf the cost nf the
said Bideivalks.
The total estimated cost lu be borne
liy the property owners being $8274.34,
ninl by lhe t'ity at large $1037.10.
Any objection tn the proposed undertaking ami assessment therefor
Bhall in- made liy petition tn the Oity
Council within FIFTEEN (16) days
from the date hereof, the persons entitled lu petition being the owners of
the lands thereby affected,
Dated this 88th day nt' May, 1008.
my 20 City Clerk.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District ol West Knnli'ti.iy.
Take notice that I, John il. Selkirk,
Agent, nf Vancouver, U.r., iuteud to
apply In the Commission1 r nf Lauds
and Works fur permission tu iun base
the following described lands:
Beginning at a pust planted about
20 chuins east nf the north easl corner
of Timber Limit Nn. 12156, mi Upper
Arrow Lake, West Kootenay, running
west MU chains, thenee north til) cliains,
thence east 00 chains, thenee south It)
chains, thence east 20 chains, tlience
south 'io chuins to point uf commencement.
Dated April 7th, 1000.
ap 14 JOHN 11. SELKIRK.
Revelstoke Land Distriel.
District nf West Kootenay,
Take notice lhat I, Adran Iji Brash,
uf Nakusp, occupation married woman,
Intends to apply lur permission tn
purchase the following descrilied
lands :
Commencing al a pnsl planted on
the sniiih-wi'si corner of Lot 0148,
thence west In chains; Ilii-iiii- north
B0chains) thenceeusl 10chainsithenco
si>u10 uu eh.iin- in pluce uf commencement.
Mils. Ann is Li Huasii,
II..I. L.\ BliASII, Agont,
Daled Mav 17l It, 1008. mv 20
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Miii'iifjniiiMiii for iiii oIaiibi of bulWlngi
fur Hiiln lu liiiiinjit smiiU'ijimntiliiH
III tint InWQflt  l-ti-'i-   fnr CMu<
All kinds ol building indgplutorlng
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit und ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
anil proven Our trees do
not have tu be (umigiiltil.
Tbey are grown in the only
purt of lho continent not
infested with the Sun Jose
157 l'age Catalogue Free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery     -      South Vancouver
Steamer Revelstoke
On uccunnt of the sudden rise ot
water in the river lhe steamer loll to-
diy lor the Five-Mile landing snd will
until further notice leave Unit landing
every Tuesday anil Friday at (i a. m.,
returning the same day. T.A. Lewis'
stage connects with the bent.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply Li> the superintendent of Provincial Pulice for a
retail liquor license for the Springs
Hotel at Albert Canyon, H.C, from
June 80th to December 31st, 1009.
Dated May lUth. 1009.
Bernard Morris.
In tbo County Courl of West ICootonay hoMen
at Kovetstoke, betwoen
DOMIN1CO BARON,  PlaiutUt'and
To .\iiLonio Antuso, laborer) Shields, B. C.
Takb NoTieK that a Plaint haa boen entered
ami n ttummoua lamed against you In the above
County Court by Donunlco Huron of Bevel*
Bioko, B. C, tor tlio sum of $10.00 tor board
furnished by him to you at your request during
tht* months of July ami August. iWi ami an
oritur has been made that tin; publication of a
Notloe of the entry of bueli Plaint in two tuo*
eenstve Issues ot tlio Mall-Herald, a newspaper
published lu tho Uiy of Hevelstoke, Bhall bo
deemed to be Kuod and uuiHoient service of Lho
Summons upon you.
Vou are required to enter a Dispute Note
within H days from the With day of .lune, tttoQ,
at the Uegistrar's otlicu at Revelstoko, B. C,
and if you do not ho enter tmeh Dispute Note,
judgment may bt* signed against yon and ihe
plaintiff may proceed to Kxeoution.
Dated this lOthday of June, 11W9.
W.   B.  M. L.U CHUN.
Deputy Lteglstrar of the County Court.
Jun 12 Sl
Sealed Tenders Will bo received by lhe undersigned up to noon on June 21th, MW9 for the
erection und completion of au addition tu The
Queen Victoria Hospital, KeveUtoke, H. C.
Plans and specifications, may be neon at lhe
Oitice of Lhe Hospital Seorotary, city,
Bach proposal miht be accompanied by an
OOOOptOo bank check made payable to the
Itovoistoko Hospital Society for a sum equivalent to 0 per cent, of the amount ot Lhe tender,
which shall bo forfeited if lhe parly tendering
decline to enter Into contraot when culled upon
to do mj, or if he falls  lo lomplele the  work
contracted for. The cheques of unsuccessful
tondorors Will  be returned  lo them  upon the
execution of tlie contract.
Tho lowoht or an) Louder not necessarll)
The KovolBtoko Hospital Society.
jun 1-' It Secretary -Treasurer.
our lugs ure stamped on tha end
"fi," nml nil penous are wowed
against taking thorn, ur the driving ol
nails ur spikes nr nulls therein, Hu
nut t.iiicli iillr lugs
Kkviu.stoki: SAWMILL Co.   Ll"-
Htil'.-K  LAIN 1 INU
First oloaa  Wurk   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
3elter to Clean House Oftener
Than Usual
That "pptirg cleaning," especially
when certain simple precautions are
not observed, 1ms ninny possibilities
for evil, is asserted hy an editorial
writer in the Lwcet. He says: " The
cardinal fuet connected with this
procedure is that there must always
be potentialities fur evil lurking in
dust and dirt, and a general house-
cleaning means the removal of these
deposits, which usually represeut the
sum ol a year's accumulation It
wnuld be strange indeed if this accumulation wns tree frnm disiuise-produc-
iug orgHiiisms, aud it never is. Bacteriological examination wuuld be
bound to reveal a rich garden ol
patbogenio entitles in the household
dust anil dirt iiiiiiuiilly removed in the
spring cleaning process.
" It follows that only that method
of spring oleaning cun be approved
which secures the removal of the dust
uml dirt us against one whioh merely
scatters I bein. Spring oleaning, alter
all amounts tu the uppl cation ul
ascitic principles 1,1 the dwelling-
bouse and modern refinements teach
that unless the process is well dune it
might as well be lelt undone. The
accumulation ul dirt in a bouse is
repugnant to sanitary ideas, but the
process ol cleaning should not be an
annual ceremony but one carried out
at mo e frequent intervals. Few
householders, however, wuuld Iiud it
c nvenient, we imagine, tu submit the
bouse tu a kind uf aseptic process more
than unce a year, anil yet the lact that
it is commonly dune only once means
that an accumulation of some depth
and intens.ty has to be dealt with.
Theoretically, no materials that may
probably contain dormant disease-
producing entities should be allowed
to accumulate their forces, and there
for spring cleaning as un annua!
asceptic process applied to the house
is wrung iu principle. According to
this view spring cleaning should be
abolished in favor uf regularly conducted cleaning process kept up all
the year round at comparatively short
inteivuls. Thin is the cuutse pursued
by many caiefui citizens nowadays
and the public will do well to folk w
tlieir example."
British    Columbia    Becoming
Known and Appreciated
TORONTO, June lli.—British Columbia has one reason for being satisfied
with her political verdict last October.
The live Conservative members who
spent the winter in Eastern Canada
did a great deal ol missionary wurk,
and, as a result tbe British Columbia
poiut of view today is lar better understood aud meets with mure sympathy in the e.iat than was the cine
last year. Especially was this the
case with regard to the Oriental labor
problem. The view of the I'acilic
slope in this matter was presented not
only in Parliament by at Canadian
elub meetings and oilier gatherings,
more especially by Mr. Burrell uid
Mr. Cowan. Not only has the public
sentiment of Eastern Camilla been
educated on tbe subject, but the Conservative party, which, in the nature
of things, soon will have the control
of the destines ol the Dominion, has
been much impressed by the views
held and arguments put lorth by so
valued and influential a contingent as
its five men from British Oolumbia.
This Province may expect, In the near
future, to exert a greater inlluence in
tbe councils ol tbe natiun than ever
bas been the case belore.
Cabbage plants for sale in any
quantity, Call nr phone 20'.). Jas.
Reigbly, at Oolumbia Kiver bridge.
Japanese Would Wrest Control
of Hawaii from Whites
HONOLULU, June 16—Seventeen
Japanese leaders in the strike nn the
Japanese luhnr plantations, of whom
about 8,000 are out, were indicted by
the Grand Jury on u charge of having
conspired to incite disorder in the
Hawaiian Islands. This actinn lol
lowed disclosures yesterday when an
offloial search ol the ollices ol tin
" Higher Wages Association," and the
Japanese newspaper "Jiji" revealed
incendiary letters, reports and other
correspondence tending to show that
a conspiracy was in prospective foi-
uiation among certain Japanese lo
wrest control ol island affairs from llie
Among the correspondence between
strikers uud some of their leaders
seized by the officers in their search
of which translations were submitted
to the Grand Jury, is the following :
" The Japanese Btrikers ure facing
the planters with enough powder, lead
und fond to inaki) victory sure in the
end. Nuw is the time to emit he
mime ol yuur nation, und tint with
blood tbe Flag ol the Rising S.m.
Against those who oppose uur actijii
we must be ready with hammer ol iron
and ruin ol blood to make obstinate
and blind planters reflect un their
actions. If higher wages are not obtained, the sword may visit Sbeba at
any time, and be should provide tor
the livelihood ot biB family which will
be left."
Martin-Burrell Asks for Better
The important fruit industry of
British Colambia hsd a spokesman in
parliament lust session in Mr. Martin
Burrell, M P.P., fur Vule-Curiboo. He
devotid a guud deal of intention to the
question ot how to help the industry
in ils light fur tbe market afforded by
the prairie provinces, us against the
competition ot the American Iruit
growers.     His proposals in brief wire:
1. The definition of closed packages
whioh has been held to apply to apples
and pears only, should apply to ull
fruits, especially peaches. Thia step
ivould deprive the American dealers ol
ibe unfair advantages arising from
methods of packing which they nuw
2. Tbe fruit marking regulations
should jupply to fruit imported iuto
Canada as well us Iruit exported trom
it. At present American fruit enters
tbe prairie provinces without beiug
subject tu these restrictions, and competes with British Culumbiati fruit,
which, as everyone knows, is rightly
The careful work done by the Pru
viucial government iu keeping British
Columbia urohurds free from diseate
uud pests is familiar; Mr. Hunch's
proposal would greatly aid in this
Manitoba Anglican Synod's Solution of Liquor Problem
WiNNii'i;'., June lli.— Notice has
been given of a mutioii at tbe Synod
meeting of Manitoba on Wednesday,
advocating that the Government give
the municipalities in Manitoba power
to tgo in for municipal ownership ol
liquor trallic along the lines established in Norway. The molion suggests that any profits should be used
lor the purposes of establishing cules,
reading rooms, gymnasiums, museums
oraiiy similar counter attraction to
the drinking habit. Tbe motion will
be made by Canon Murray, and se-
conded by Mr. E. D, Maitin, President nl the Bnaril of Trade.
Sunshine Furnace is the triumph of sixty-
one yi-ars' experience- jp-owth from a small
tlnshop lo lli',i aires of floor spine, from B half <lo7<-n
artisans to i,.son, Irum an annual wage shed nl $.|,ii"H
to one of $(170,000, frnm a capital ol energy to une of
$3,oon,oon, Irum obscurity tn recognition a« Largest
Makers nf Furnaces in the Hrilisli Empire.
was placed nn llie markel the first furnace  lo  be wholly and
solely designed by a Canadian Company. •  fl
We employ a consulting slalf nl furnace expcrls, who «re »
continually experimenting With new ideas in order that Sunshine _
Furnace shall not have to travel on its past reputation for *!
We buy materials in such large quantities that its quality Is
guaranteed in uv. We have our own testing rnoms, so thai supervision of construction is exercised down to the finest detail,
McCIaryfc   .
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Mammoth   Structure   at  Lethbridge to Be Finished
Linniii.iiiiii-;, June III.—After two
yeara unit a half nf strenuutis wurk 1 n
the part, nl the smull army of men it
is announced this morning that tho
last ot the steel tuwers on the 11111111-
iiioth bridge of the Lethbridge ar.tl
Macleod cut oil' on tbe C P.R, will be
oompleted next week. The mighty
structure was erected at 11 cost of
.$1,000,000, and is a triumph of engineering skill. Obstacles which have
seemed almost insuperable huve been
overcome, and tbe achievement of this
important project by the C.l'.K. will
be a unique and bpleiidiil advertise-
iiient both lor the company and tor
Western Canada, For years, owing to
the deep ravine in the bed ot the Old
Man's river, tbe C.P. R, has been
obliged In make 11 wide detour in
order to gel into Lethbridge, and the
new line will make 11 cul oil' of live or
six miles. When it is considered that
iill freight and passenger liuins will
he saved this distance in mileage, it
will be seen what an immense saving
in time and expense will he brought
11bo.it. Lethbridge, being u mining
centre, the freight trullio from that
point has been exceedingly large.
Going Some
Atlanta, Ga., June 16.—Dancing
to the sound of piano music in the
First Univeraliat church is to be a
weekly affair ol a number ot the
young people uf the church. Rev.
Dean Kllwood suid tuday of the dancing: "I consider dancing is innocent
and healthful amusement. 1 do not
believe in letting the devil have all
the good things." Tbe chinch is
planning to erect a stage where amateur theatricals may be given Ire-
queiitly by the members of the church.
Gets Ready for War
Pabis, June Hi.—The nuval programme approved by the cabinet involves an expenditure of 1(1100,000,01.0,
covering a period ol ten years. Six
battleships of th 1 Danton eluss, six
of the Republique type, and four armored cruisers ot the (irandotta type,
are included in the estimate.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigaiv/l'obacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
"•        These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with     ^^
W A R N O C K ' S    T R 1- 1-    P A I N T
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louso trad Sun Scald. THK COST IS VERY SMALL. It will
not wash off. Om- application protects for two years. Warnock's Tree Paint
Is nut an experiment, It bus stood the test for six years in all parte of the
United States. It is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight, We
Invite investigation. Tlie Arkansas Experimental Station bos used this tree
puint fin- three years. November, 1007: Ihey purchrsed 50 gallons for free
distribution among leading orchards.    Setul for 16-page free booklet to
U. R. LAWES, Enderby, B. O, Sole Manufacturers for B. O.
Paget Supply Company. Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Be Sure to Attend the
Julv J>th to   10th
Western Canada's Greatest Agricultural fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
The Great Historical Pageant Monday morning,  J ily   ith, worth going round
tin• world t	
The Famous Navasser Ladies' Band of New York.
Ce-Dora in the Golden Globe, the greatest loop-the loop act in the world,
The Eight Mirza Golems, acrobats direct from the court of the Shah of Persia.
Howard's Dogs and Ponies, Rube Shields the Comedian, C. W.Parker Shows,
and  other   interesting features, any of which cannot bt: excelled even
in N'uvv York < 'ity.
Information regarding low passenger rates and special excursions to the Exhibition, may be obtained from station agents.
Entries Close June 19th
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
E. L. Richardson, Manager, Calgary, Alta.
J m
Seasonable oMerchandise
At Special Sale Prices   Substantial Cuts in all Lines
Men's Suits
Men's Tweed Suits Belling at .$9. These
are new—this season's goods bought at Bpeoial
prices, easily worth $15.    Come in and look
them over.
Men'.- Worsted Suits—Sale price $10.
These Buits nre made by one of the beBt
manufacturers and come in blue and black.
Your choice now fur unly $10; goud value at
from $10 to $18.
Boys' Suits
Boys' Tweed Suits at $2.50. We are
Belling -ill uur boys' -nits at groat reductions,
["bis is your opportunity lo dress yuur boy in
,i nobby ,-uit at little cost.
Ladies' Specials
Special prices now given on Wash Suits,
Wash Skirts, New Blouses, Ladies' I'lider-
wear, Belts, Collars and Hosiery.
Boots and Shoes
Men's elastic sitlti boots, regular $11.50
selling now at $2.25. Men's box calf lace
boot, regular $4.50, now $2.90.
All Ladies' odd Bouts and Oxfords that
have been on sale at $1.50, are now being
cleared at $1 per pair. These are regular
$•'1 and $ I guud.-.
Never befure in the history of the city
bave micli bargains been offered as ure to be
found nuw at our store.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ofa on First St., Opposite the Club
Rknts Collected, Loans Notary l'mii-u
Local and General.
Don't forget the date—CW.O.W,
dance at the opera boiiBe,  June  lNth.
K. H. Trueman will visit the city «t
the old stand, over C. R. Macdonald's
drug sture, beginniug Monday, June
21st, for one week only.
Lawn eocial at the residence of Mrs.
J. P. Sutherland, on the evening of
Thursday, June 17th, under the aus
pices of the Ladies Aidol St. Andrew's
church.    Admission ll) cents.
The directors ot tlie Le Roi management have made arrangements Ior
the exploration ul the property at
Rossland and the work will be commenced without delay. The scheme
is one fnr expensive exploration and
involves u large outlay.
Two black tuiiis. one of which was
unusually large, were washed over
Bonnington Kails u few days ago and
thrown up on the river hunk some distance below. It is thought that the
animals must have attempted to
swim across the river between Nelson
and Bennington aud have been carried away again.
There is reported the finding ol
random sampleB ol ore found on rem-
bertun Meadows some W> miles east ol
Vane..uver. The samples are said to
all tbe way irum $26 to $260 per ton.
Tbe lind was made by an Indian. Tbe
claims are in the hands of Joseph
Bauer, ao experienced miner, who
learned hie trade at Phoenix, anil are
at an altitude of 4,00" feet.
The members of the Merry-go-
round U'bist Club gave Mr, and Mrs,
J. Purvis a surprise Monday evening
wheu they visited tlieir resilience on
Fifth street in a body. The game was
played with renewed vim, and the
lucky pri/.e winners were Mre. Lynns
and Mr. J W. Bradshaw. The tallies
were spread with a dainty supper.
Dancing wound up a jolly evening.
The Ladies' Aid of the Metlmdist
church will hold their annual strawberry entertainment on .lune 24th,
afternoon and evening, on Mayor
Lindmark's lawn. The best ol everything necessary will be served. Home
made cooking will be sold during the
afternoon. The Kevelstoke Independent Baud will be in attendance during
the evening. Ten cents admiBsion to
the grounds. jlo-at
A Seattle despatch says tbat Charles
\V. Bayley, a representative for a local
investment syndicate, committed sui
cide yesterday by cutting bis throat
from ear to ear and severing the arteries in both wrists with a razor, Although tbe pulice decline tu give their
source of information, they allege that
Bayley was short in bis accounts to
the extent ol $500,
Nakusp, tbe little town on tbe leeward aide of tbe Arrow Lake-, intends
io celebrate Domloion Day this year
in|a manner befitting thi place. Une
thousand dollars are i tiered loi pi isi -
in the events ol the program. The
sp,rts ar.-  ol  the  usual and popular
sort,   such   bi    : a-- ball    awii   .
• .enti tug   I war, i inoitg I ig chopping and ■ rerything   :' t bal ual ure,
The R island Miner is authority
. :   the   statement   that   a   i: usland
. cal  -> . II ■ it.   .-   aeg ;■ uing   fnr a
.• .-•    ,: iin   I •  i; ii  mini ■     I he or-
,m:     ,•,   :.   .-   i.  I   u  ii.pl' i'.!
but ti. -• '• ■. are In il - lai *
timers in tne camp, who have bad
considerable practical experienci with
minei and their management, It ia
their belief that tbe l.e Roi run by
men here d the ground, many ol
whom a,-.j practical miners, oould be
made to > ii id a fairly good profit.
Purses and Bags
G A R D E N    S1S E D S
Call ami inspect our stock of Onion Sets and Garden Seeds of all kinds
None but new seeds kept in stuck
Wo carry a complete line of
staple und fancy groceries, antl
can olfer you tho Lest goods at
the same price as yuu pay for
inferior lines.
Out- bread, cake and pastry trade
is rapidly increasing, a trial
order for any one of the above
will explain why. Our aim is to
keep unly the hest.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   the   must   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after ihis branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
The Kevelstoke Sash and l>m.r
Factory bus installed the major por-
tion nf the machinery necessary in the
carrying on ol ils hnsiness and the
hum of the whirling wheels at the
factory on Third street makes music
tor those who like to cheer their hearts
with the prospect ol ilevelnping industries in the city. Live mure machines are yet to arrive for installation
in tbe factory and these are expected
in a lew days.    The equipment,  as fur
An adjourned meeting ol the board
ii trade will l.e held in the chambers
of the Ciiy  Council  to-morrow ut 8
The liuvers in their play mi Tuesday night heat tlie business men by a
score of Hi tu 11.
Charles Diamond was drowned at
Mnyie lust week and so fur search
partus have failed to recover the body.
I'm? Columbia river   is  steadily ris-
as it goes, is perfect ami the manager, illg at ,,,,„      |nt   which ig  ftn  -j.^.
are proud of their new outfit. ti,.,, ,hll, ;t ;„ .t„H,!liy rlsHlg ftloDgtbe
Tbe Yale-Columbia   Lumber  Com- inuous line.
pany's drive of logs  is now near  the The Beavers   will   play   the   Nurth
city, the end of the drive  at the pres-:6tara   ,        ht   „.    ,; :J|J;    Jh^   [WQ
ent   time being   at    Danville,   Wash. MlDj   hav„  nev„r v..t  me[     A     ^
Considerable   timber    has   been    ml jame ig anticipati   '
during the past season on both   forks
nf tbe  Kettle river, the present drive
of the   Vale-Columbia   company   con -:' "'
taining Bomi    seven   million   of  feet. '■             ■ ■'-    •      '"      -    issing bad
which is being   floated down the river Cltl!i:                                     ->" are said
to   the   company's   mill  ut   Cascade. '
Mr,      -        tl ■ io baa   usi
■ ■ - bs inl
taki ■ --,. rl in Inlay in
fr.iii ii mack ol
.ihicli developed at
li -  ■
some twelve miles east of bere, while
the Danville Lumber company's cut
for the season will total nearly three
million feet.
Miss Jamieson general secretary
the Women a Foreign Miesionarj -
;;iety of the  Presbyterian church  in
Canada, uill  visit  in    Bevelstol   Cbarlotb    In
riiursday    to-morrow) and   will ad-  twei .   :   Seattle    n   Fuea
ilresr.il piii.he meeting  ol   ladies eattle people  and
Knox church at 8 o'clock in tbe even- - irried were confiscated
ing.   Miss   Jamieson  ia a  unly  wl (leers
i    A   i
■muggleia  wen
ZZ T« ' nty tliirci-eiil
styl -   t" choose I rom
|J l'i Ices cut away ilu a n
Ninv i~ the ,iin .■ i"
lun ihi- line nml be
in the -iiini.
Mil   IH  III
i • tks frmn experience lms a  pie i
personality nml is a very intereatii .■
public speaker.   The  ladies of  Kn
congregation especially and uii ottu  •
w im would like I   I e present ars
dully invited  to   be   al   tbe   church
promptly al i o'ol cl       ■ . adm -
but a otion will he taken
The aftermath  ol  t bi
yet over    Acting under the   insl
! tiuns   nf   Magisl rate   Fostt i    3| ecia
Constable i , per proceeded to Culgary
i.    ci ..■. ■   tbe  fine  Imposed   In  I he
recent police   court case.    'I
amounted to 5200 and   costs. '   ,1 usi
what costs  means  mny be vari mely
interpreted     Anyway it. is reported
that the mayor has put hia loot down
and has refused to recognize any oosts
obarged against in*- citj which invi Ive
expenditure ol moneys for winch he
doea not approve.
J. A. Jamieson was appointed district deputy grand muster of the I.O.
ii. K. by the lodge which Iiuh j11Ht con
eluded its aesaion at Vanoouvor. W.
W. Poster's name appcara iih li. (I,
Following iH the list of ulhcers installed: (J M., Wallace Law, Vim
cunver; 1). (I. M., K. L. Webber,   New
Wessminster; <•. W., W, ll. Collin
Victoria; Q, H., F. Davny, ,M. l. A.
Victoria; Q, T\, W. A. Johnstone,
Vancouver; O. Mar.. T. L, Hubbard,
Victoria; <•. C, W. \V. Foster, Bevelstoke; G, O,, D.Walker, New Westminster; C.H., VV. Jackeun,Trail.
.      ,ri ui appeal  |
tli. . be power nf  .
,■ I.        pi   .. ine, •
■|||l' It   is
•r l he date ul Hie I ''
during \ ..■ .
• .■ -i.r 11. .. i-   mt nf the
which ;n	
i        linarj
some   in . i   •■ Imp eai
.  i   '., td.. oomn
which ri     ■, d     ui the gentle down
nta nre aboul c
I I imers' picnic to  bi
I ition  gronnds   in
I nn will he ii gennim
'une haekel picnic, and that it will i
a success   everyone who   knows tbe
ir.ni  i.ih.-it-•   nI  Nurth   Kootenay ia
doubly assured,
lhe logging camps nf British Columbia   un:   all   active, ll sign   uf  ll,
linnin ol prosperity that, bus itrucli
the ,.,.! .... mi provinoe, Nut only ia
tins true nf ihe interior but the ooast
papers announce a similar condition
..J affairs along the ooast line.
William Sloan, the lute mombei for
Comox.Atlin, who resigned iii order tu
make a soft place fnr Hon, William
Templeman tn sit down mi, Hiatus em.
pl.'iitlciilly that he uui, uf polltiOI fur
good. That is probably thu truth hnl,
then no one ever did know what Hilly
Sloan ever itieuns,
$15,000   -STOCK-■ $15,000
Wc are giving up business and selling  out  our  entire   Slock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and will he -continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie ave ue
The cricket, game on (he local
grounds between tha Soutb Okanagan
Sports Cluh und the Revelstoke cricket
club iitti.icted nn little interest among
the local lovers of the game, I'p tu
the time uf gang tn press the score
stnod sixteen lo two in favor of Hevelstoke. A fuller aeciuint ul the giinie
will appear in Saturday's issue of this
Two railway men came to tlieir
death ut Fresno, Cul., by heing run
nver by u switch engine in the lucal
yards. How little u thing cuu create
trouble and disaster is evidenced by
tbe fact that a shoe string caused tbe
derailment of the engine which
trampled the men to death. Once
there waa a man who said "How great
a matter a little lire kiudleth," but he
knew little about shoestrings.
The llunie at the power house which
supplies tbe water to the mill that
never grinds is reported to be in a
fair condition of repair and it is stated
that there will he nil the light tonight,
that even Moses needed to burn Lumber has been conveyed to the puint of
tie recent breakage in sullicient
quantity to repair the breaks. Woik-
men have been busy repairing the
damage done by the recent washout
and within a week the engineers report that everything will be in lirst
class order.
Calgary is to make an experiment
in tbe matter of church union. Tbe
authorities of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches have met and
agreed on a bnsiB of union under the
terms ot which the two bodies will
unite in the city and worship under
one roof. Tbe project is a unique
experiment involving tbe combined
[mstorate of two ministers, one of each
faith, and the results will be watched
with much interest by the people who
look for active results from church
Social and Personal
Mrs. Ebert and son arrived Saturday from St. Paul, Minn.
J. M Doyle, nl the P. Burns A- Cumpany, wub in tuwn  last week.
Mr-, liriggs will not receive uu Friday next, nor again until autumn.
Miss White, of tbe hospital staff
lelt yesterday lur a visit to the Seattle
A.-V.-P. Expositioa.
Mra. Mcl'luiil the Mimes MoPbail
and John left Sundny afternoon for
Vancuuver, where they will in future
Jl    '.onion   left  Inr  the  coast last
night .ni i Masonic vi-it tu attend.lhe
■    meeting of   the (irand   Cuin-
Mr-    _    H.  Corley  returned  trom
-ne  iius  been   visiting
for tbi past year   Mrs. Corley's health
is nn..'.       pi .veil.
tor   J      I    I'urter   r turned
nis   visit  tu   Boston,
wbere    i  attended tlie convention uf
ernal    mil   Order uf Bailway
• ■    A most enj'iy.iii ■   time
'.-ni .  popular agent   .( the
M .-■    ■'■ u   .■ ine.  uf   the   h ipital
enUv (ur a vi il I.    .-■ al
taki  i . thi    ittrac-
..lit lair.    lied.re n I .rning
Iti ibe  will  make ui  ex-
i be (Ml   ■' ■ | On
her plae< it in
retu   ....
Friday and Saturday
i.i   ,■     i    Edison i'.ir-
' Fri iril.iy
I bi   nuhji cts,will
.   iph picture
Many|Year»,"   showing sume
I     u.'.i      icenery      'I he
. . Bad ii ■/    will also be
I ie lium.' at I  ' , ■ ■  r house
be finished t mifthl and
tbis "ill   in uire   a  good   ligbl B01    '■
fur the picture.
Sunk Torpedo Boat
S l       I'I . i |{   III  HO,      I une       III       I :..
sub marine torpedo i».ai Kambola, ol
tbe Russian navy, has been sunk in u
Storm i i lh.. Black Men while the hunt
wan undi rgoing trials, Twenty mem.
hers iif hei it™, Including the cup
tain, lirst lieutenant and chiel engineer, perished,
Alter dinner mints   nl Maodonald's
drug store.
Busy in Oklahama
Guthrie, Okla,, June  16.—With a
birth rate more than three times as
large as the death rate, according to
tbe reports made to Dr, J 0. Muhr,
state commissioner of health, there
seems to be no immediate danger ot
race suicide in Oklahoma. The aver-
nge birth rate is something more than
2-100 a month, ol eighty a day, which
means a birth every twenty minutes
in smne part of the Stale, and an
average of a little better than one bin b
a day for each of the 75 counties ol Ihe
Lord Grey Tells Things
London, June lli.— Lord (Irey, interviewed on bis arrival nt Liverpool
today, said that mutters in the Dominion were prosperous, und tbe outlook excellent.. Questiuned regarding
the lliw ol American tarmers into
Canada, Lord (irey s.iid that so lur
trom being received adversely they
were welcomed,
Hoot beer extracts, 2o cenlB a hoi tie
at C. K  Miicdonald'a.
Musical    instrument",   instruction
books, music honks and all Strings
littings fur any instrument at Macdonald's drug store.
Whale oil soup, quassia chips and
Bpray pumps for llower pe^ls at Macdonald's drug store.
WANTED—A fresh imi' slum price
ami pui'i ii tilats. Apply Harry Mcintosh, Huh vnn Springs, II. ('.
I 8
Orders 1
•I'I   ill
ill V
Ibe Si
liliiek nn See-
nnil Sl tee
.  Will
$10 Reward
A reward of If 10 will be paid for
such information that will lead lo the
arrest and cunviclion of the party
illegally milking our cows.
B. and E. Tai-I'Imi.
Ollicers and men of Company "£,'
li MR. parade at 7:.IU in drill order.
with helmets.
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you must got your
money back tenfold if you invest it
now iii ch ice luts clime tn Second
Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let mo
explain why? Price por fill foot Jot
only $125; ', cash, balance$16 quarterly. Apply tn F. O. WINKLER, 429
Sixth A v. , Lust. Vanoouver, IJ. C.
Largest ami  Best Program
ever held in ihe I ikiinagan
by ihe aonfational Ber ibat
and gymniisi " LICOBA "
Kevelstoke v*. Enderby
Kcl'iwii.t   vu. Hiiiiiiiurhiriil
H <i v«■ I ht mk o vh Vernon
Kelowoa v« Armstrong
Muslins Given Away"
From June 9th to 15th
For Ten Days We will Absolutely Gl/t Muslins zAway
Something for Nothing.    A Rare Opportunity
For the next ten days we will make an extra effort
to clear out the balance of our -Summer Muslins
and to do so we have put out a large lot of pretty,
good washing material, Buy what you want of
any piece and get the same value from any other
piece free of charge.
K EM EM15liR—You may take your choice of any
of the goods in sale and get the same number of
yards off any other piece, provided the price is the
same.     Prices range from ta'- to 40c.
Summer Corsets
A large lot of Summer and Curdle Corsels. All
sizes from 18 to 26.    All one price -Fifty Cents.
McLennan & Co,
I You Don't Have To
E= Go outside of Revelstoke to make
^ your Real Estate Investments.
^ The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
£: have the best bargains in the City.
^       Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
r Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents I
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour
Five Rose Flour
Hay, Grain, Feed and
Chicken Specialties
Beans    Peas     Barley
Breakfast Foods
Mayer's Celebrated
English Horse and Cattle
Foods and Medicines
The Paget Supply Co'y.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Tin:   best   and  largest   Stock  of Cigars and
Pipes   in   Kevelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture,   now   on   hand
and made   expressly   for   us  by D, K. McPherson.
A. J. HENDERSON, Eye Specialist
Refracting Oculist, Doctor of Optics, Scientific
Optician, of Toronto, Ontario, is taking charge of
Doyle & Allum's Optical Parlors
Do nut miss this opportunity to have your eyes
examined and attended to hy one who has had
many years practical experience with John Wan-
less & Co., the leading Optical Parlors of Toronto, besides four years study of medicine.
Nothing but highest class of work done.


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