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The Mail Herald 1907-03-13

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 The Mail-Herald
4 i
VoL 13,-No 20
$2.50 Per Year
Infants' Long Drosses, in Lawn,—beautifully
trimmed in Laces and Embroidery. These were
made to sell at 12.50 and $3.00. We are selling
them at
Table Napkins, mercerized finish, 22 x 22.
These are sold regularly at $2.50. Your choice of
patterns |ier dozen at
X job line of Ladies' Fancy Belts, several
different kinds, Gill and Silk, Leather, etc.
$1.50 Belts for
50 Cents.
G. B. flume & Co., Ltd
Stom at Arrowhead and Revelitoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Papers .ha. please everyone who
appreciate stationery of FINE
—made by the leading manufacturers.
making a specialty of a box of fine
Holland Linen Paper and envelopes
—each sheet lithographed Revelstoke.
Try a box, it will please you.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
Frederick Keffer, of Greenwood
Honored With Office.
Tokonto, March 12.—The following
were elected ollicers ul tl.e Canadian
Mining Institute:
Council—E. W. Oilman, Montreal;
Jas. MoEvOy, Fernie, B. O.j Frank I).
Smith, Edmonton; R. W. Brock,
Ottawa; J. C. Owillim, Kingston; Dr.
F. D. Adams, Montreal; H. E. T.
Haulthai.i, Craigmnnt; and David II
Brown, Copper Cliff.
The election of ollicers resulted as
follows, and when announced the result was received with applause:
President, Frederick Keffer, Greenwood, B. 0.| vice-presidents, Dr. .1
Howell, Montreal; W.G.Miller, Tor
onto; W. Fleet Robertson, Victoria;
secretary, H, Mortimer Lamb, Montreal; treasurer, J. Stevenson Brown,
Don't overlook our bargains in Haddock, Mackerel and Crosse & Blackwell's soups, at 15c per tin. C. II.
Hume & Co.
Besides tillering Bargains in China and other useful articles
at attractive prices, we beg to call your special attention to a
" The Kookizer"
Cooks your Breakfast while you sleep.
Cooks your whole dinner while you play with baby.
Call and let us oxplain to you all almut tho Kookiior.
Made especially  lor  British  Columbia.   Wide Web
Strong and Durable.
Dealers in Hardwire, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's i t
and Sawmill Supplies, (to., PlumMug and Tinsmithlog.        - ♦
Speech From Throne Discussed
— Lord's Day Observance
Act Will be Tested at an
Early Date.
Victoria, March 12.—This afternoon sitting ot the legislature promises
to bc devoted almost wholly to consideration of the speech from the
throne, Oliver speaking fnr the opposition and tho premier replying. J. A.
.Maedonald. leader ol the opposition,
arrives today.
It is expected that organized laboi
will ask the government, belore taking
positive action in retard to assisted
immigration, to thoroughly investigate
the alleged shortage ol labor ill the
province, preferably hy a commission
upon which labor will have representation. The Lord's Day Observance Act
will receive special attention.
Although not foreshadowed in tbe
speech from the throne it is virtnal'y
certain that an early test will be made
of the feeling ol the Britisli Columbia
legislature as to the advisability or
otherwise of enforcing in this pr ivince
the Dominion Lord's Day act. The
opinion appears to bc general that the
house will endorse the conclusions ol
Premier McBride and his colleagues
that any prosecutions under this
measure would be inopportune at the
present juncture and not in accordance with public feeling throughout
British Columbia. By the provisions
of the act itsell it becomes operative I
here as elsewhere in the Dominion
Irom the 1st ol March. Full responsibility lor enforcement is however
evaded by Ihe federal parliament in
the provision that no prosecutions under this statute may be initiated without endorsement by the attorney-
general of the province. The government, ol which he is a member being
of course responsible for all ollicial
acts ol (his minister, this is takeu as
tantamount to placing responsibility
for enforcement upon the local govern
ment. it proposes to take instructions
Iron, that body. Had the act not included the termination ol publication
and distribution of the Sunday morning newspapers, an established institution ol this province, it is altogether
probable Ihal enforcement would have
followed without any organized or
emptiatic protest. The press, however,
has led in practiral opposition and the
oampaign ol objection hss gone ao lar
that the government would appear to
lie run.iihg counter tn public opinion
at present in giving effect t*> the
Dominion law. Theatlitndeolnrgan-
iz'd hilar, ol numerous municipal
bodies, n.ni i.f (he representative of
the mining, lumbering and t.ansp r-
tation Interests, is against enforce-
inei t. Tl.e clerg and religions bodies
nl course urge nc'.'ept nice and enforcement I the law. Several .1 putatio.is
have wailed upon the government
(uiii.g ll.e lirst days ol the session,
presenting* iheir several views, and
more will follow during tne fortnight
.iiiW.iltilling, The Lord's Day Alii
...re deputation, bead .1 by W. M
Koche-ler, the western secretary, con
lend tlult neither attorney general nor
government, legitimately has any
option. The act is cited as undoub,
edly cons.it.iii...nil and within ll.e
powers ol the enacting body.
Embargo Laid on Sunday Sickness-Patients Must Suffer
all Night,
No pre ciiption will be made up in
any Vancouver drug store between
midnight on Saturday and midnight
on Sunday. Such was the verdict
given by the Vancouver retail drug,
gists on Satiuday alternoon last.
Let tbe emergency be what it may
the dispensers will keep their places of
business closed and will be off duty
themselves. The child suffering dire
pain in its digestive organs must just
suffer. The ...an or woman suddenly
seized with one or other ol the com
mon oon.plaints lo which Iteih is heir
must grin and bear it. The very doc
tor requiring some drug (or a patient
in extreme need must await the hour
when tl.e Sunday law becomes noneffective, because Sunday is over.
Unanimously, alter discussing the
.mention among themselves at a meeting at which they were all, or nearly
all represented, the Vancouver retail
druggists decided to shut their doors
all day Sunday and to keep them shut.
It is understood that this action is
taken because the druggists lind themselves Mnder the Lord's Day act too
much at the mercy ol any zealous
prosecutor. For tl.e act does notclose
their doors, it merely limits what they
may sell. Until, therefore, a test-case
is decided they bare determined to
take no risk whatever and as the only
way ol making quite sure on this point
is to shut up shop, shop is to be shut
The practical effect ol this decision
wa. that it was impossible to obtain
medicine in Vancouver (rom midnight
on Saturday until seven or eight
o'clock on Monday morning.
$350,000 Worth of Gems Found
in Six Months.
JoiiASNKsiit'Rii, March 11,—A consignment ol extraordinarily line diamonds is to be shipped to London
Irom a new mine in thc Orange River
Colony, within the next lew weeks.
Experts are much interested and delighted at the quality and purity ul
the stones. The mine in question is
called tl.e Robert Victor mine and is
situated at BosbolT, a lew miles across
the border from Kimberley, It is only
a small property and less in extent
than any of the known mines in the
Delleers group. The stones are ol
superfine quality, excelling the best.
Brazilian gems an.l (ar better than
myihing found hitherto in South
Africa. In six months 29,1176 loads
produced 2(1,404 carats, and at $17 50
per ca'at the enormous value' '
$360,1100 has been the result,     0
Annual Meeting to be Held in
Nelson—Programme as
Ti.e tenth annual nicetmg ol the
Provincial Teachers Institute will be
lield in Nelson during Easter week nn
April 2, 3, 4. Among the prominent
educationists who will address the
association are. Wm. Burns, principal
ul the Vancouver Normal school; ,1 D
Buchanan, vice principal; W. A. Mclntyre, r.f Winnipeg; and David
Wilson, provincial inspector ol schools
An inte.esting and instructive programme has lieen arranged for the
three days ses ion, and it is expected
that much practical work will be
accomplished. The officers of the
association aie: President, Inspector
J. 8. Gordon, Vernon; secretary, Miss
E. M. Bell, Vernon; treasurer, Mr. A.
Sullivan, Nelson.
Leader of Opposition may Sit
on Bench.
That Mr. J. A. Maedonald of Ross
land, liberal leader in British Columbia, has tired of the battle of politics
and that he will be one of the appoin
tees of tlie Domiuiou Government to
the bench of Ihe proposed Appellate
Court has just leaked out.
Provided the Dominion Government
arranges in the estimates at the present session of the federal Parliament
Ior the expenses ol an Appellate Court
in British Columbia, tl.e provincial
Government will pass at thia session
ol the Legislature the legislation necessary to the establishment of tlie
Attorney-General Fulton has nnti
lied the Minister ol Justice in the
Federal Cabinet to this effect, and also
that before the legislation can he pass
ed the federal power must ss.ent to
the appointment of two judges named
by the province and should Ottawa
raise tn lhe Appellate Court one ..I the
pres. nt  Supreme  Court judges  the
latter vacancy musl be filled hy the
appoint ment ul a judge whu will reside
in   Vancouver.    Tl.e su ...inc........
recently made that Mr. C. Wilson. K.
0, ami llr. A. E MePliillips, K C,
were the choice ol the provin .ial government for the Appellate Bench, i-
For the Ottawa appointments there
has a reaily developed a great SCiaill-
tile in which prominent Vaiic uver,
Victoria and upper country legal
lights are taking part. Mr. .1. A
Mncdoi.a'd, however, has the lirst call
on one ot tl.e positions, anil it is quit.'
possible that Chief Justice Hunter
may be raised Irom the Supreme
Court, bis place to be taken hy Mr.
Justice Irving as Cbiel Justice.
Elijah II Proves the Mortality
of Flesh.
Chicago, March 10—John Alexander Dowie died yesterday morning
at Zion City, there were present with
him at his death lied only Judge
Barnes and two personal attendants
Mr. Dowie had discontinued his regular Sunday services in the Sbiloli
House lor the past lew weeks owing to
failing health, and his death came
almost suddenly, With his last
breath, in a delirious state he denounced with old time vigor, o.dercd
tbe guards to eject disturbers and
acted just as he had done in many
public meetings, He gradually became weaker and weaker, and llnally
tell back exhausted and died. Dowie
lias bad a remarkable career and has
done many good works, although his
methods of teaching and preaching
never really gathered to him many
real supporters, lie formed the
Christian Catholic church in Zion
Oity in 1896 and became general overseer. Four years later, Dowie, in the
Auditorium theatre, announced that
he was Elijah the Restorer, spoken of
in Malaohi.
Y. M. C. A. "AT HOME.'
A cordial invitation is extended to
all to attend the "At Home" in the Y.
M. C. A. parlors on Wednesday, Mch.
20th, under the auspices of the Ladies'
Auxiliary to tl.e Y.M.C.A, A good
time is assured all who grace the
gathering by their presence. Refresh
ments, including tea, coffee, cake, ice
cream, etc,, will be served Iron. 8 to
5:30 o'clock in the alternoon, and
from 7:30 to 11 o'clock in the evening.
In addition to the usual attractions at
the Y.M.C.A., there will be a'"lish
pond" for the children, a home-made
candy booth, and in the evening a
first class programme by leading local
artists will be rendered. Admissiou at
the door Iree,   Everybody come,
Premier Assassinated-Silver
Ore in Soo-Portland Strike
-- Great Britain Seeks
Soma, Bulgaria, March 13.—M
Petkoff, the premier and minister of
lhe interior, was assassinated yesterday. The premier wi's wounded by
three revolver bullets and died immediately.
Sa.m,'.'Htk Makik, Ont, March 18
—Silver ore, rivalling in richness that
found in tl.e Cobalt district, has been
discovered ata depth ol 28 Ieet at
Island Lake, 16 miles Irom here.
Poiiti.ani), Oregon, March 13.—The
lumber industry ol Portland wae prac
tically paralyzed on Saturday when
two thousand millworkers went out
ou strike.
London, March 13.—Geat Britain
will appeal to the peace conlerence for
a reduction of armaments.
London, March 11.—It is stated
that writs (or libel against nearly two
hundred and fifty newspapers are
about to ' e filed by the distillery com
pany, which was lately accused ol
defrauding the revenuo by using a
secret pipe to convey whiskey from its
distillery at Tullamore, Ireland, to a
bonded warehouse, whence the whiskey
was sold without paying a tax. It
seems that the yarn was based on a
comparatively small breach ol the
excise regulations which did not involve the distillery. The so-called
secret pipe proved to be only an
ordinary water pipe belonging to the
urban council.
from Our Own Correspondent,
H. Johnston spent Sunday evening
in Revelstoke.
Cyril Kennedy ol Trout Lake is the
guest ol Frank Kerr,
Mrs. J. Salley has arrived from
Minneapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Salley
will occupy one of the Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co.'s new cottages.
Mrs. Lightburne spent Monday in
Comuplix visiting Mrs. Gibson,
On Monday afternoon Master Ray
Irvine invited a number of his playmates t-i help celebrate bis birthday
Tbo little folks had a very pleasum
In order to supply Iheir increasing
business, Messrs. McGaghran and
Johnston have found it necessary to
enlarge Iheir store building. The
work is progressing rapidly.
The Lamb-Watson Lumber Co. are
building a sidewalk Irom their mill lo
ihe C.P.R station.
The Ladies' Aid S icii.iy of lhe Firai
I'reshyti-rian Church will m .-t ....
Thursday afternoon at, the I. me of
the president, Mrs. Warner.
In the lastest match ol tho series,
Calder won Irom I'lirmichael the final
game in tl.e junior league, and captured the championship and thc Mc
Curler Shield for season '06-'07.
While both teams checked closely,
the combination wurk ol Daniels,
l.y ttle, and Calder elicited much enthusiasm from the spectators who filled
the gallery. Tapping and Anderson
at guard, worked hard and are deserving of credit lor the result. Carmich-
ael, though playing an uphill game,
stayed with it and was always dangerous. His team lacked tl.e combination
wnrk, without which any team is sure
to go under to team work, The half-
time score was 14 10 for ultimate winners; full tinie result 23-29. Tl.e line
up was:
Tapping R. Hoard  Bruce
Anderson L. (luard Samson
Calder '.Centre,.. .Carmichael
Daniels R. Forward,.. Lawrence
Lyttle L. Forward... .Johnson
Tinier, Ed. Cnrley; scorer, A, Doyle;
umpire, W. V. I'. tlreene; referee, W.
S, Maguire.
The note in Saturday's issue announcing a game between O. P. It. and
the Dont houso, should have road C. P.
R. v. Corley house, This game will be
played at 0:45 Friday evening and
should iifl'nid some fun for tho spectators. A few spectacular plays will also
be thrown in as both' teams boast a
lull line.... of experts,
A schedule has been drawn up Ior
tl.e Triangular League, compo'ed ol
High School, Business Boys, and Public School teams. Some Iriends of the
hoys have offered a silver cup for a
team prize for this league, and the
first game will lie played on Friday at
0 p m., the High School and Business
Boys being opponent. A Ice of 15c.
will be charged each player, and silver
buttons will be given by the Association as individual prizes.
II you will insure with me you will
he better insured, in one respect, than
if you insure with any other agents.
That is because I'll see to it that you
don't forget to renew your policy belt re it expires. I have tho best and
most up-to-date system ot ' keeping
tab"on my clients' intercits.—E. A,
Haggen, Real Estate and Insurance
Agont, Revelsloke, B.C.
Quaker Brand Canned Goods, Ashcrolt Potatoes
and Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Short*, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glnsswarp, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
The Revelstoke fuel H Supply Co.
Are now prepared to fill all orders
promptly for Hard Coal and Dry Fir
The new manufactured coal, known as
" Briquettes," is ready for delivery.
This coal fills the place of both Soft and
Hard ; it is quick and easy to light; gives a
fine, red-hot fire in a few minutes and lasts
longer than Hard Coal.
Suitable tor Cook Stoves, Heaters and
The Revelstoke fuel nml Supply (o-
Offices:—Molsons Bank Building.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head OfiFloe—Toronto, Ontario.
Branches lu tha Pro.-ii.ee> of Manitoba, Albert.. Saskatchewan,
British Colnmbla, Ontario, Qveboc.
Capital Subscribed -       -       •       S5,ooo,ooo.oe
Oapltal Paid Up ■ M,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       •4,280,000.00
D. lt. Wii.Kii!, President; llnx. It. JafphaY, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Bueiness Transacted.
SaVINOS Dki'AI.tmrnt -Deposits leceived and Interest allowed
at current rate -.from date of opening account, and com-
pounded .half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in nil parts nf Canada, United States and
K.I.ope.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. ioo note
The Glory
of Eastertide
should find your house bright and
beautiful. Nice furniture will
greatly add to its effect, and as we
are supplied with many artistic
sets and pieces which nre being
sold at remarkably low prices, you
should not allovv the opportunity
to pass.
Import direct from Country of origin.
ik r»3mkiix-i-aio.|^-ir:r"in7hs,„;M _^n_
has already  been at work in this    mm. Second and Fourth Wednesday! In
direction, we feel  sure that our «■«'*■ "",,",l,!t"! Wft 'J1-1'" ,T1»"'»a Woo<H
i  ,  .       "' ,'. .noil tfinlifillj- Invlled toa.i.-ii.l.
claims  ar..  siilli.'it-iillv slrong  to
effect the desired rcsu
11 WAT
ling postage in England, 1'niied State.
.11.,) Canada.
Hr the y.-ar |tlm..iigh fu.lo.llci.-l .
yuarter "
.  l.ai
. 1.(10
j ui   HINTING promptl)-executed at reason-
..hie rule*.
iKHMS-Cash.   Subscriptions payable in ad
C IKHESSPONDKNCE Invited on "natters of
public im,rest.  Communications to Kdl- ]
tor niu-t be accompanied by
writer, not necessarily fo publication, bul
a,, evidence otyood faith.  Correspondence
should Ik- brief.
Legal notices 10 ocnU per line ilr-t Insertion,
iconU per line each -ub*.-......-... Insertion
Measurement. Nonpariel Ili linos ...ate .«.e
inch).   Sinn-  and  general lui*ine-a an-
noiincenieiil.- fS.SH  per inch per month.
l'r.-(.trred positions.  '-■"•   l'"*1*   °fnk   *!''•
di...«!.  Ilinl.-. Marriages and Dcatlts,
"Cc   each Insertion,    timber i,otioea?5.O0
Und   notice.   *r;-'-1    AH "i.lvcrlisoliiifin.i
-uliieci lothc approvalnf lh.- management,
w.mtcl end Condensed AdvertlsemonUI-
imnu Wanted, Ib-lp Wanted, Situations
wanted,   Situations   Vacant,   [oajhora
Wauled. Mechanic. Wanted. In words ur
].... ;.-.. each additional line in   cenls.
(■hang.- in funding adverti.-cinniiU. ...list
oeinTirS a- in- lwsaay and rriilny ol
etch week to *e.".r.f go<sl dl-pluy.
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
0 T T A VV A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Olliee Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mi*ki>hy.       Haroui Fisher
Barristers, Solicitors, Kt'-.
C. B. (lll.l.AS. 1"'- C. BU.ll
OrriCEs:  IMPERIAL Ha.-jk Hlock,  Kkvui.-
' stoke, H.C.
Money lo loan. ,     ,   „ „
Offices: Revelstoke, B.C.: Cranbrook, B. C.
Bro. S, McC'artbr,
Revelsloke, B. C.       Cranbrook, It. t.
J. M. Scotl l.L.l. W.I. Brlggs.
Bakristers, Solicitous, Etc.
Money to Loan
Solicitors Fun Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
it  is highly satisfactory to note
the einineiilly prosperous* condition
of liritish Columbia which is vividly depicted in ll.o balnneo sheet ol
lhe  province  as contained in tlie
, public accounts lor the hist, liscnl
""*■*' °' year, which wore presented to lhe
legislature at ils opening last week.
The figures show a total of $5,027,-
5-12.72 ns ngninst liabilities under
all headings of If 13,133,093.71; or a
balance of liabilities over assets of
$8,106,152.99.   The amount on deposit in lhe Hank of Commerce on
current account was at June 30;h
last $831,518.90  while thc only
item in the assets' statement, which
nt lirst glance, invites explanation,
is that of $12,1)00, charged as having   been   advanced   to the Cliief
Commissioner of Landsand Works.
The comparative statement of revenue nml expenditure shows a total
net revenue for thc fiscal year of
$3,044,442.49, as against $2,920,-
-101.71   for   the   pre ding   twelve
months, the net expenditure having.
grown in corresponding ratio from
$2,302,417.84 in 1904-05 lo $2,328,-
120.27 in 1905-00.    Thus the lin
uncial statement shows a surplus
oi $700,000, which is a mutter of
great satisfaction to lhe people of
the  province and of  credit to the
government,    From all sides conie
the reports and indications of permanent prosperity which are manifested  throughout tho length and
breadth of the Province. The swing
of progress has set in and until our
vast possibilities for development
have reached nn approximate limit,
there is no reason for a cessation
of continued good times.
w. n. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
11. W. ICUWAKDS, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The i-o.'nl.ir meetings are hold in tit.) Selkirk
Hull every Tuesday evoi.lnK tu 8 n'cluca.  Visit-;
inn l.rtfilir.iii are cordially Invited,
W. K Wcl.ACCH  ~
Kooli.ifiv Lo.ll.eNo. 15 A F.4 AM.
The regular uicet
ing* are held In thl
Miu-onic Temple,
Jtld Fellows Ilall.on
tlie third Monday o.
.-nch montli nt »
p.m. Vlsltingbnith.
i-i-n   cordially   wel
C. A. I'llOt'lINlKII. Skckktahv.
Mcotfl every Thursday
evening in Selkirk
Hall at S o'clock.
Visiting brethren cot-
dially Invited lu attend
It.l.TAOCAHT, N..1. J.MA1HIK, Sic
"S-^ Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Rovelstoke, B. C.
Meets evehy Wednesday,
c.v-.|.t Third Wednesday ..I
.-".-li nn....... In .lie (l.l.Ilcll..as'
Hull   at   s   o'clock.    Visiting
Knights aro cordially .nvlted.
(I. 11. nitOCK, K. or II. A S.
H. A. BROWN. M. of F
lb,..... enjoy Ibat well diessed ft'iillnp? We ..II know what
il I'.-els like to ho licit. It. lie col.l, oi'to he tired, ami it Is
just ns li-iii. that we all I.I.OW «hal il f.-els like lo be well
diessed. li feels good, niul it's good lo feel good. Yoncm.
neve., be well dressed if join-dollies are nol made by the
i-i|"tii maker,
(le. luknow we hiinill"tlieSKMI-HRADV I1ARMENTS
and ymi uill Ibid what .. plensiire and satisfaction it is to lie
well dressed,
Suits and Overcoat.  $15, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, thc best made, S20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date   Prices: SIS and S20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Tailoring is our husilie:
and be knows it.
s.   Wr in.ike a than look well
..Cressman  and Morrison.. $
Deer Heads, Aiilinals.llllnk l-'islt, Etc.,
Animal lo.es .M.......e.i.
P. 0. BnxSl,
stmli..: Corner n. First St. and Boyle Ave.
Revelstoke, 11. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avence.
Box 1(10, Hevklstokk.
r^llWARD A  H.-VlidKS"
iMiuiibei American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Esnminatiens
and Reports.
Plans antl Blue Prints of Land.
Tin.be.- Limits, Mine*, Mills and
Buildings supplied by the most up-to-
date blue-printing equipment in the
Registets kept of Dominion and
Provincial Timber Limits, showing
areas, ownership and transfers.
Will go on Bench of Supreme
Court of Canada.
Ottawa, Match 11.—Hon. L. P.
Hrodeur, Minis er ol Murine and Pish-
eries, wiil resign his portfolio in the
cabinet ol Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and
will go on the bench ol the Supreme
Court ol Canadu. Whi.o the otlicial
announcement has not heen made the
information is given out as correct.
Tl.e change will take place very shoit-
ly. Hon. Mr. Hrodeur will be succeeded, it is stated, hy Hon. G, H. Murray,
the liberal premier ol Nova Scotia,
■Jbc flfeaiMberaio
" 1 woul . . . earnestly a vise them for
their good to order this paper to bc punctually
•em-d up. and to be looked upon as a part of
the tea n|iiipage."-ADDisox.
We regret to  see  the  apparent
apathy of late in the members of
the board of  trade,  in  attending
the meetings and it is evident that,
a'thotigh the sessions are held once
a month, interest  in  the  workings of this body cannot be aroused
even to the extent of giving up one
night in every month to taking up
and discussing the  all  important
questions ol vital interest to the
city and district.    As is shown by
the president's report of last  year
the- work done by the  board   was
very extensive and profitable, and
with such ticouragementitis to he
hoped that .his year will see even
better work  accomplished.     The
board of trade should be the leading body in the district and act, as
it were, in the capacity ol a working   committee   to   probe   int..
every question  ol direct interest
and of benefit to the riding and to
assist the representative in the provincial house in prc-sing aUclalms,
The question of ilevelstoke becoming a railroad centre   is   of   vital
importance, and the necessity of
taking every opportunity offered ol
furthering the scheme is significant.
M. Morse, director of the (Ir.'.nd
Trunk Pacific Railway Company
will shortly visit the province and
has signified his intention of meeting the Kamloops Hoard of Trade
in   considering   the    question   ol
giving Kamloops railway connection with the G.T. P. by way of
the north Thompson,    lt  i« generally understood that Revelstoke
is the  most central city  of the
inlerior on  the main line of the
C.P.R. and has heen proved further-
more to lie lhe most likely point
for the terminus of a connecting
line between the C.I'.R. and G.T.P.
Construction work would be con-
siderably    more    easy    in    the
Columbia Valley and  Big  Bend
than in any other route proposed,
and bearing these facts in mind,
our claims should be speedily put
forward and arrangements made to
invite Mr. Morse to a   Board  ol
Trade Convention   in   Revelstoke
when the matter can be discussed in
its proper light The importance of
HOTEL-One of best located and
most profitable businesses in
British Columbia-$15,000.
HOTEL—Well built bouse, profitable
the best cities in the Province.
LAUNDRY-Well    equipped,    with
good business.
FOR SALE—Ice Cream Soda Plant
—nearly new.   Price $111111    Applv to
E. A. Hat-gen, Hal Estate and Insur
mice Agent, Ilevelstoke, 1!. C,
Furniture of two oi tbe best
houses in lhe city. Lease of either
house at moderate rental, goes will.
EIGHTY acres next Hall Bros.
Rnnche -$800.
EIGHTY acres of rich alluvial
land, al.ove high water. Partlv
improved.    Price $1,200.
112 ACRES within a mile und a  half
ol the City ol Revelstoke.
ORCHARD aud   market   garden  in
good locality.
For particulars of above
Apply to
Insurance Agent, Revelstoke, B. C.|
Miss Miml (repo
Teacher cl Piano, Vocal and
, Theory,
Studio :—Lawrence Rlock.
Pupils prepared lor University ai d
Conservatory Exams.
Incor pora tod by Atl tf Furl inm ant, ISM.
W.M, MOLSON MAOPHIJRBON, Pies. H. II. BWINtl, Vice-P.-l's.
James Elliot, General Mmiiiger,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches In Canadu and Agencies in all parts of the
world. '
Interest credited four times a year at current  rates on Savings
Hank deposits.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revki.stokk, 11, C.
Mrs. H. J. Hiubury, Managress.
First-Class Table.|
Private   ining Boxes
Large Dinlngroom fur
Banquets, Suppers, otc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
for  .  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Has a gocd stock ol Groceries and
a line assortment ol Japanese China.
Agent lor Rovelstoko Farming
Company, growers ol all kindB ol
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
M-inu(-tc t ti rei] for all olosBflslof bulldlpga
All kinds of building and plastering
r"%-V%^V%%"%%%%%*»."%%W%%WW%* ■%%>%%%%%*
Fur Agricultural Implements. Carriages. Wngona'J'Kto., Julio
Doere Ploughs, MoHue Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultlratora, Wlioel-
wright nnd BlaoffSlnith Work uttonded to. Horso Shooing a
A Few Reasons Why Good Housekeepers
Everywhere Use MOFFETS " BEST "
FLOUR For Bread Making
Full line ot (jriiceriisand Hairy
Produce, Men's Supple., E'C
Fresh stock always arriving at
(invest price..
next noon TO
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Tork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fisli and (lame in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
FirstSt. Revelstoke
Two Dwelling Houses
For particulars apply to
"REST" is a Local Product.
Il's strength and purity are
For the sake of economy.
" BEST " has proven all its
Every pound is guaranteed
For sale by good Grocers eve
Columbia Flouring Nib (o., Iti
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new inaniageu.eut of
llARitv McIntosh,  Hollni'in   House
cyon are the most cur..live iu the
world. A perfect, nntuial remedy tin
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
(or "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trams. Two
mails airive nml depait every day.
Telegra h communication with all
uiartB of '.he worbl.
Terms-$12 to $IH per week. F.-r
further p.i.-liciil.irs apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiv Lake, B. C
*     HOUSES
I can do belter lor yon I
1 can arrange Ior you to own yoar
own home'!
To have' a home built Ior you to
suit your requirements on your own
plan, at your own limit ol enst.
To enable you to pay Ior it in instalments that will eust you less than
See mc at once about it i[ you want
to take advantage of Ibis exceptional
First come, lirst served.
.-.fill- dale 1 inlend I" appli I" till.
Hun. the Chief Coiullll sloili'l'iif Lands
.mil Winks fur .. sp.-.i I lil cc to cut
.mil carry awav t.u.b... from Hie tol-
Inuiug ili-si'i-ilie.l lands, sii....led ull
the wost side of il... I'pp. r Anow
Lake In ibe West Kooleuay Insi.i.i:
1, CoiiiinenciiiK nl n stake plant, d
midway  on  tbo east li f Tin.her
Limit No. 7IK."i, and iniii-keil "F. F,
Fullmer's soulh-wesl c.n-ner posl,''
Ihenee north along said line 80 chains,
thenceeast Sll cliains, thence south 80
chains, Ihence west 811 chains to point
of commencement,
2. Co.nuieijolnp; nl lhe iiort.h-wt'st
corner of No. 1,1 hence nnrlh Kll chains,
theuce wesl Hi) chains, thence south 8(1
ebains, thenee east 80 chains to point
nf coinmencement.
il, Commencing ,-.t tl.e south-west
conier of No. 2, tbenee wesl 8(1 chains,
Ihenee north 80 chains. Ihencu east HO
chains, (hence south 8(1 chains to point
of coinmencement.
4. Cou.iifencing at the south-west
coin.... of No. it, thence west 80 chains,
thence north KO chains, Ihence east 811
chains, thence south K0 chains to point
of commencement,
5. Commencing at the north-West
cornel' of No. 4, thence north 80 chains,
tlience .'nsl SO chains, (hence south 80
chains, llienee west 80 cliains tn point
of commencement,
Hated Feb. 28th, 11X17,
(I, Commencing at the north east
cornel- of No. I, t hence north 80 chains.
Ihence east 80 ehnins, Ihenee soulh 80
chains, tlience west Sll cliains to point
of connnenceinent.
7. Coinineneilig about midway on
the wust line of application No. 6,
Ihence nnrth along said line KI) chains,
thence west Hllchaina, thence soulh Sll
chains, Ihence east Sll.ch..ins lo point
of cumniencement.
8. Coinineneilig at the north-east
cornerof No. 7,thence uorth 40chains,
tlience west 100 chains, Ihence south
■III chains, Uience east ItiO chains to the
point of coinmencement,
I). Uon.men 'ing at the north east
co.-nei'of No. 5,1 hence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 ehnins, tlienee south Sll
chains, thence west SO chains to poinl.
of commencement."
III. Coinmeneing at the north-oast
cornet-of No. 5,1 hence north 80 chains,
Ihence west Sll ehuins, ihence snulli 80
cbnins, thenco east 80 chains to point
Dated March 1st, 1007.
sat inch I)     liy Harry Smilli, Agent.
Notice ia liereltynivt.il Unit (H) llll) a after date 1
laic...I toapply tu Uu: elite! liiiiiiiiilaalnnernl
Lniula niul Wink, fnr penniHaii... ... purchase tl.u
billowing ilraiirilietl IiuiiIh in Weal Kni.ton.iy ilia-
l-i.inn.eai-liiK at n pn.l planted nt ll.e anull.-ii-eat
........er nf  I,.-.  211'i, iiliulit W mile, more nrleaa,
frnii! euat allure nt Upper Airmv Lake, tlience
tinilli 80 elinlns, neat 4.) clialna, soutl. X'i cluilna,
east 11 cluilna tn pnlnt nf .-i.iirnciiceiiui.it. (>..•
tnliiinti .H2->iicrea inure or leaa.
Dnto.l ml. Mnrcli, IIHli.
......I null I! K, S. MOItltlS.
Notico Ib hweby nivou that % days after dnte
_ intond to apply to the Chlof Comnil-iHlonar of
Und* and Worki for a speciul Mitiinc to rut
I inlcnd to apply to the Chlof Com nil-winner of
Und* and Worki for a speciul Mitiinc to rut
and carry nway timbor irom tlio following
Real Estate and Insurance Agont
•vv l^V«M'M%«%«%««t«%%*n'*>^*iVM*MVf
inds of Liqht and Hefivv   f Krli'' ,:"H wl ^ualBr in L,iv" ,sl"L,t' *I:irttat3 in !i11 t,ie i)rim'ii,ii' ow™ <wti 4
" *j   4   Ti •■'■■•   f Alberta, BrltUh juiurahla and lite Vnltoii.   Packers nf the Celebrated Brand    *
a   "lm entor" Bams and Bacon, and 8hamrnck Brand, Leaf Lard. a
HKAD OKI-'ICK: Cai.oaiiv, Ai.iiki.ta. 0
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants f
Hauling Undertaken
That'-i Royal Crown kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factury neat of Winnipeg, lions., cleaning and
washlngareeasy with itsheip,
And the money saving iJ Uie
Premium System
Booklet tells what ive give lor
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try thc
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
SAFES, I'lAN.!.-. ETC.
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House I'hone 7
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Central Hotel
Sewly Imi I.     First-class in every respect.    All modern convini.lices
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
From 25 to 50  Per Cent
Saved on yenr Grocery Bills.
We sell at. retail at lowest wholesale
prices. Hotel nAH" boarding bouse
keepers, (armors, miners ami lumber
men will lind it to their advantage to
investigate us.
to any railway station in llri.ish
Columbia, We only handle first-class
and pure goods. We guarantee
prompt delivery. No order too small,
none loo large. Write for our price
list, IT IS FREE. Bo convinced
that you can save money.
2511-261 Stanley St., WINNIPEG, Man.
describe.! laiuls sitnnted In Weat kooicnay
illstrlot: _   ..
("....in.....i-i.ik at a pnsl p'anlc.1 on the bl.,n*on
llie weat able ol Wh.nkey Point and marked" W.
K.Ogllvle's south weal, cornorpi«t,,"Hieiice norlh
lll.fli.iin-:, llieiuft-jfcst 161) chains, tlience annlh
l.l chains more Tfr lc.*n to lake shore, theuoe
west. lrjO chain, to point, ul coiiinieiiccmc.it.
Ilnlcil |."cli, 12th, nm;.
wod feb 2(1
W. K. OOIbVIlt',
Notice is hr-roby idven lhat 60 days from date
I Inteud io apply to the Honourable the (Ji lei
OommlKiioner id Lnnds and Worka for per-
mis-dun to purchase the [niinwiiiR dost-rlbed
IiiihIh, nUuatediii (ialena Hay, and more par*
tlctilnrly t!eticrll.ed an lollows;
BfKiuiiiiiK nt a pout I'luuteil at tbe north-enst
rnrin-'r of AndyOlion's ranch, aiid'cnlled ' I',
J Olson's N.W cornet pom." thenee-in chain*
can, Ihence 4i)ehaluHiouth, thonce 4'J chiiiim
wt-st, tiii'iii'c4i. ehuins north to point ot com*
incli'fluent, con tn minis liin acres more or lc**.
Dated .mn, Aitli, 19u7.
feb 16 sat P. .1. O'^ON.
Notice i.i hcrci.y given tliM-fti dayaaftopdntfl
Mi.tend toapply to the Hon. Cbinf Comtnla-
(doner nf bind-, and Work- for p*>rmlhHji>n to
purrlui-R the followlngdoacriHcd landa:
Sitnnted nbout u\n mllra north ut tho mottth
of McDonald Creek, on tin- caM shore nf i'pper
Arrow Luke, Joining T. LOlflon thosotttb-
woal corner: running eaat 10 chftlnn,sotlth 10
idmiiiM, went (ti Gluiiiif, north h uhnins Lo place
of commonoement,
Dated Maroh Mli, IIKit
.ut mohil TUOMAB WniOHT,
Notlca in horoby given that 60 days after 'int*11
intend t*» apply in the Chief fjominlsslonoi'nf
Lands and WurY* fnr permission tt, purchase tin*
following described lands in Weat Kni-im-ty district:
Cominenclnfl nt a pn-t plantod nn west stmro nf
Upper Arrow Like, at Shelter Bay, at tho sontli*
easl corner nf Lnt mi j . thonco folio* liifl Hi**, sontli*
em Imnii'lary nf Lot 811 wostftl ihalns*, tliortcfl
.soulli hn clntiriw, citft B0chains, uortli 80 chain! to
|iiilnt nf connnenceinent,  Containing IHO ncroB,
b. M. 1UE,
Dated Match llth, 1907.
wed mcli 13
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot, on corner Kir*, airm-t
nnd Boyle Avenue, a business
site.    >
Villa I/it ailj.iiriini! City  Limits nn
Big Bend Road   A good stone
quarry  and  Brit-class   uracel
in..I sand for building purposes.
A (.""d bed i.f Brick Clay and
11, r.-e acres cleared suitable  lor
fruit growing.
Six Lots in Iilnek 40.
On": Lot. in lilttfk I-l. f'.O foot,
Two Lots on Eighth St., ILU foot.
One   Lot, Blook 97, with   ..nice
Knir Lols, Block W, ih foot, Cor,
Third Street and Connaught Avenue.
Interest in good mining property
and timber limits.
(Ind Farm hinds in Buckley valley.
wOne Cement Block  I'lant in good
Corking order  with  all atlnchinei'ts
suitably furnished with the choicest the
markel affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $t a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Hcsr brands oi W'.nes, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Nni im Is hereby Riven thnt 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner nf
Lands and Works for permission to purchase the
followiii|{ described lands In Wost Kootenay district;
CinniiicnrinR at a post planled about one mile
snutli fnnn tlm S. ft. corner of Lnt Sl I. on shore of
I'pper Arrow Lake, thoncu west 80 cliains, sontli
Stielitiiiis, mst NO chnlns. nnrlh Kt) chains to point
nf I'diiinif lic.i'iiH'iil.   ("mil;iinin-*, 640 acres.
Dated March Uth, lisu.
Bed ra-.1i 111 L, A. M, MORRIS.
llntlce 1s hereby Riven tlint6'i dnyn after dato I
intend to apply tn the Cliief Comiiilssiniier of
LihiiU and Works (tn* permission to purchase tlm
following(do&crilwd lands In West K.iutetmy district:
(lomineiiciiinataposl plnnted at tbesoutb-wost
eorner of Lot 2111, east side of Upper Arrow Lake
thenee east Ml elinins, smith lit clmins, west SO
cbnins, north 40 cliains to point of i ninnieiicenieiit..
I 'until iiiiiit- :i2ti aerea moro or less,
Uuti'd March mh, lt)07.
wed mcli 18 H.C. MORKK
NOTICK Is hereby Riven that60 days after date
I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Com
missioner nf Lands ami Winks for permission to
mircbase the following described lands In the
West Koiitenav District, galena Hay, east side of
Upper Arrow Lake:
CorcmcnciiiK at a post pi a utnl at P. Mailer's
smith-oast corner and inarked "Bruce A. Lawson's
southeast corner poat." Uience boiiLIi4Uchalna*.
tiience wesl te ehains, thence north im chalna,
thence east 2't '■hnin**, thence nnrth 20clmins,
llieiue east */n cliiiins tn pmnt of CHinmenceuieiit,
and coolnlng RMLacrea more or leaa,
patodQulonn li.-ii. iim'"Vih February, imr;.
feb*27wed BIIUOK A. LAWSON.
I'ur f
till pmtM'iilai'K n
pply to
Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop,    REVELSTOKE,   B    C.
Kirst-chis ai:coii.t...iil..li..i. lor travellers.
Iiest brands ol Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
NOTICK I8HKRKRY (J]V].;n tlmt thirty
iluys after ilnle I intend to apply to thc
('hlef Ci-mniMnntT of Lands and WorkHfora
Hpcelal licenso to cut and carry uway timber
from llie fnllowiiiK diWOrlbw landa In the
Dlseriel of w ci kootenay:
Commencing al a pnal maikcd "James Ander-
son's north-west comer poal," plumed on the east
side ..I HiiMlti'h (reck on Town Line 10BOH, ruii-
1*0111* oasl mi chalna, tlwico sontli m cbaius
Ihniiro west fa clialna. tlionco nnrlh 81) chains to
pllU'imf 'nm iiii'iicemeiit.
Dated March 1st, IW17,
sni mi'ii tt jas anhkhsov
Nol ice ls hereby «i/en Mint 30 dayn aftor date
I iiileml lo applv to 1 ik-Chief ('ommbo-loncr of
Laml* niul Work* for aapcclal licence to cut
and carry away limber from tlm following
doflcrlbod landa tn Went Koo'.enay Dlitrlot!
Com clog nt a pnst iimrk'd "It II. Hnwyer's
north oati corner poal" planietl almigshtu a post
imiiki-d "H, imiiii'lb'v's n»rtli »est 1:01 ner post,"
nn west side nf Kris'')- Creek, running joulli^20
'■Iinins, thence oust t*1' clialna, tlienco' north -10
chaini, thence west 4«) chains, th-*neo north 60
chains, Ihence west 10 chaini to place of cdm-
Dated March 1st, 11*07.
Nol iuo Is liul-oby ulvon that 3d .laj-»..fl....' dato
I Intond to apply ti.tl.oCI.lef Coiiliiils-lonor of
Units .mil Works Ior a apodal llconao to out,
andcau-v away 1 bailor fro... ll.o following .da-
sorilii-.t laiula situated 111 tt.c Woat Kootonay
I. Coniiiionctiig at a post planted about ono
iniin norlli from tl.o north-wcl otn-noi-of Ijoi
No, Sfl(. and marked "Hert lllylli's south-oast
cornor post," llionoo north 811 chains, thonoo
wost. SO chains, thencu aoutl" tn ohnins. thouoe
east su ohains to pointof vonimoncomunu
'-'. I'liiniiii'iioitiK at a .ni.l. planted ahont ono
mllo innili from lho north-wnst oornor of Lot
No. SOU anu markod "Ho. t Blyth's north-oast
cornor |..«t," thonco woat SI chains, thunce
south Sll ohains, tint.ice cast 811 ohalna, thonce
north SO chains to point ol oommenot-mont,
3. ('oiiiiiieiuiii.n at a posl plaotod at (l.o
north-wesl coruor ol Looation No. 1, marked
"Hoi-t Hlytli's north-easl comer no..,,' thonco
west SO eliuiiis, thenco aouth HO cbnins, theuoe
uasl 80 chain,, thenoe north 80 ohains to poin
OI commencement,
1. Commencing at a post plantod at tho
nortli-west oornor ol Location No. 1 and marked "Uen Blyth's south-east corner post." thenoo
west su chalna, thence north 80 chalna, thonco
cual 80 chains, thunce south 80 chuina to point
Of ifiiiniii.-nif.ni.iiu.
Datod February 18111,1007.'
leb 20 wod IlKKT BLYTH.
Nutlet, ia li.ti-t-l.j- given lhat so .hy. ..Iter dale I
Inlend to npply tn tlie cl.lcl Ciiieuil'llouer ol
Lnll.H and works (nr rJarmMilon to hurohf.se tl.e
h)!lowlii|> described hunts In West Koiilenay ills-
(-f.iiiini-iii'liiK at n post plnnted nt the N. I-;,
cunier ol i.nt 71-1.1,"... N. K, Ann ul Arrow Lakes,
tlienee south SO ellirlm, east 80 chalna, north Su
chains, weat 80 .-luilna to point of oiiinineneeinent.
Ouiilf. ii.iiiu (itu nerea.
Dule.l Mfitfli llth, 11)07.
»ed moll I.-I 1). .Mcl'HADI.KN.
Notlcu Is hereby given thntwidayssfterdate I
Intend to apply to tliu Honorable, the Chief "Coin-
missioner of Lands and Works fnr pei mission tn
'uiii'hiisc the following described hiiulB, situated
mii lho Kish Rtver valley and more particularly described as follows:
Itegiiiniiig at a post one-half mile north-east of
Angus McKay's pre-emption, marked ' O, M.'s S. K,
corner post," thenco tit) chains cast, «n cliains
north, Hi) chains west, 80 clmiiis south to pumtof
commencement, containing tMU acres,
Dated January luth, KH17.
O. bUMNKtt,
wed feb 13       PerQgorge gnltlamlth. Agent.
Notice is bon by given that 6J days after d-xtel
inlend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Works for permission to piirchiaotie
following described lands in West Kontcnay district:
Commencing at a post planted about one miln
casliuf IM70.0, on shore of N, K, Armof Arrow
Lakes, tlience aouth 80 chalna, east B0 chalim,
nnrlh 80 chains, wsl 80 clialna to pointof com-
iiiciici'iiiciit..   CotiLiitiing lilO acres,
Dated Mnnh llth, 11W7.
wed mcli 13 H. MOUH18.
(iat mcli 9
Notice Is hereby given (ha.00 days alter dale
I Inlend to apply ...the. hlol Commissioner of
bauds nnd Horis l.n i-ermls.lon to pi.rel.nao
ll.e following descrilied land.:
C..mn.cn..|..g it t j.o.1 planlcd a. the s W
orner ol T. Hooch's pre.emi.llnn, marked
"dins. I.erk's S, W. .-orner post,1' running caat
So chat..., south 20 chalna, wevt So ohalna,
thence nortb M otiHins to pnlnt nf commenco-
moro or loss.
U.led leb. 7th, 1J07.
PerJ... Anderion, Agent.   '     leb 1« uit
I .nnl*iiiiiI   urka h.r s •,.- .... I.;- .-. ..."•:
t,.ul is;r.  noi'.  i.miter 1 ■ m .l.e '.ill....!..,,
il.-s.-rlli.-.l'liili.tsilt .1..- l-.s.luilil IV.-.I li-"---■  'i- ,
I. .f.iniiiit-iii-iuii >.. i. p-s. planleil ul. u '"nu
soil one liun in [ea tip Ihe nurlli-oa.' I., k ul.
t.. lil c.i-ek, ui-iilieil -'Ale.   I'C.llui.e's   ■  «
I er,"il.,i.i-ci'u»IS.'.-hsl..s, fit.-...-. * -nihsii
elinlns, Ihcuivw.sis. olinlus, 11 ......r.l. 8- j
chains i.i pulnl..(commence. eut
■i   ifiiii-ii-niii.snini-...' plrnied slsi.it two
..ml nnil u.llea ...  .hi- norlliutui luiki.i
UoldCreck, marked -.Hex   .'I'lll'"""'     ■"
ut-st- i-uiiu-r   .hen
iiurili 1(1(1 t-linina It
hinilli in. .-iini.is l.i p......... ........ui'iii-eif
i ommenclng st a p.... plained abun
if Un'
Mt,|     w
>cm undo
I. T   [IW
(..'il-Mvi r:
do ..rlli...
hinds ii
.Illll If
1.1 I
'it I'i
nl cf;
nml on<'Imii Inlloa up the north-easl lui
Quid Creek, umrkud Alex, VollletVa son.ii-
tniHt corner." llienee wosl 40 chains, ihence
norib uiu clniiiu, tbeiieoiiut tollin theme
snutli Hit) clinink to point Of comiimieenieiit.
Located Feb 18th, 1907
1 Commencing at a post planted oboul one
nml one quarter liiik-s up tinld l reek Irom
mouth ul n mi-east lurk, and marked •aha.
Veillette's north-east enrner." thencu wmili so
cliains, llionce west ae chalna, thoneo north
80 cbnins, tlionco east an chains lu point uf
5, CoiniiH'iieiiiL' nt a poll [dallied nbout one
Hint ouc.i'Uiiiler miles UpUoliI Crcrk from lid
nn.mli ei ihe nonh cnsl Imi. mnrkeil" \W\.
\olllelle,s north-west curuer," theiU'oaoiilh m)
chuius ihoticeoaatHUchalna, Hieneo iwrtbyj
cb.ilns. liic-iice west nc chalna to poiut of cum
ti, Coiniimiieiug ut a post plnuled about
tliree Hint one quarter miles up Uold t reek
(rum the moiiili uf the north-ess I i,.rk marked
"Alex Veillette's north-enst corner," thoneo
south 81) chains theueo we*tlj0 chaiua ihonyu
nortb suehalns, tlu-nce ensiAicliuii.i- to point
of commencement,
7, Coinmeneing nt a posl planted about
three »ml uiic-i'ii.incr mllua up Uoldiroik
Irom the uixiiiii ni thuuorlfj'uasi fork, marked
"Alex Veillette's iitirth'Weal corner," tnence
south HU chaiua, ilium*., vasts, ohnlna, ihenco
nnrtli 80 chaiua, tHence we»t ni . imins to
pulul nl commencement
ti, Commeuelng at a poat pi-an ted about
three nmi oue-quaner uiiluaup Uuld Croek
Irom the mouihul he nunh-cnsi fork, marked
"Alex Veilk'itu's auttllK-ast corner ' t he-fee
nonh "li'cbitiiis, llionce west likiehsiiu tbenee
soutb ill chaius, itiun'cc east IUjchains tu poim
oi cuininciieemeni.
!). Commencing nt a pusl plumed about
threo snd uij •'•quarter uules Up Uold creek
Irom the lip-nth ul the liortb-caat fork marked
"Al-.'X. Velilette'a soullvwesi corner," ihen o
cast 8ocVh.ii , thetut- uortti su chains incneu
west 80 cl ains, tbenee south 80chains lu poiut
of uuiniueui-t-meuu
lu. Commeuoliig Ht a posi plantod shunt live
mm oii.i-'iuiiner miles up *u.il i reck ir in the
in..ulh u. tin.- hurtli-east furk, marked "Alex
Vollluttc'a ui>rii -oast corner,' theuco south ni
ciiuiua, the.u'O wcsttiOcha ns, tlunec north Hit
chmns, tliuuco ea&t so chains tojiomtol com-
n. Commencing at a poal planted up flold
Creek almul rive ami uncqiinricr miles Irmii
the mou.b uf the iiorih-.ns't fork, ton ked
".'lex Vetlletie's north-weai ertruer." dunce
sninii so elinins, theace cast SO chuina, taeucc
ininli a* rlinins, iheme weit60 chaiua to puim
ol eommeii eincui.
l!2,   i oinnifticlllg ni t pOBt plnuled up Quid
deck aiiniit live and one-quarter miles irom
tbo mouth oi ihe mirth-vast f rk, marked
".\lex Veiiuue's soutlpea&t corner" thence
f.orth 80 chains, thenee westso chains, thence
Bouth wieiinhis. iiH'iioe easi su cbnins tu point
of I'uiumeiii'ciiieiit.
IH. Commencing at a post planted up Uuld
Creek sbuia livo nnd une-.piar.er miles from
tl.e mouth of the north-east furk. marked
•■Alex. Veillette's annth-weBt comei," them
north 80 clmins. iheneeeast si chainB, Uiouco
south 80 chains, thence west mi ehains to point
of eominctieemeht.
14. Cumnif (-ing nt a post planted up Gold
Creek nlnnit seven nud one-quarter miles (nun
tbe niotilb of the northeast lurk, mnrked
"Ab'X. Ve little's north-east corner." tbeuce
south fll ■Timlin, thenee weit 80 chains, iheuce
north mi chains, ihanet easi 80 chains tu puim
of conimcnctment.
Ifi, Cummeneing at a po*! planted upQold
Crock nbout seven and oiie>niiirier mile- Irum
the mouth nf the north-enst fork, marked
"Alex. Veillette's Muttti-ea-t comer." thenee
north 80 cbnins, thenee west so chains, theuce
soulli nm Iinins. iheneeeast su chains to puim
of ommciii-einciit.
KJ, Coinineneilig nt a post pfnutcd up Gold
Creak nbuut seven nnd oue-qunrlcr miles from
lhe mouth nf the iiortVeast lork, marked
"Alex- Veillette's sonth-west corner," thenee
ensi 80clintns. thenct nurth 80chnius, tlu-nce
west 80 chains, tbenee sum i8Uchains to point
qf commencement.
17. C-tunmenHm: at a post planled up (Inld
Creek Hbom seven nud one quarter miles Irom
tbe month of thc nnrih-ensl lork. mnrked
"Alex. Veillelle'a northwest corner," thi nee
east fti cbnins, thence south 80.Chains, thonco
west 80 chaina, thence north 80 chnius to point
o( commencement,
'18. Commencin*; at n post planted-up Gold
Creek ahout eight mid one-quarter miles from
the norm-east furk, marked "Alex Veillette's
norih-west corner." thouco tuu b ■ttcUttlus,
thenee CMl lfin chains, -hei»e norib -IU chains,
thenee west 160 chains to puint uf commence*
n   pOSt   |:1;
birli of U
mnrkod "tin- Lin, -\\ |;, cm-,,.,
Ill ehnins, tbonco Mmtli im * i iii
10 clmins, theueo north MU rliul
C -11)10011001110111,
-.  I'ummonclng nt a past pin
mites up ilm south fork of U
. murked "(ius Lund's N. W. e....
east tt" ehnins, llienco  east to chnlns, thouco suuth 100cuius, theuce
n III clmins, iheme I wo-t II) chains, theuco north 1130 chnlnj tu point
r common union t.
;i.  Commencing at a poat planted about VA
I  I
-          I|
.. npplv f till-
l.lll. :!:,. I*!l:-
i-.,,H",,fl   III.IS
nil  ,\-„.-kaI..
i 'I'll •■- In I'lll
f!(|   .-I.!-       -     '■
•i iiiiii! iiii r.i|.
M I     |,.|
1-   ... Iio .-i-i.ny
1.       1*    MM!
 -. iiliuil.'.]
s. !•:.
nf .-..in....-.
■1.   C-iii
f, milos ..). .1.0 sm.iiIi fork i.f (i.Mtl.-tri.'iiin, and
i.iir.ifii "(lus Luud's S l-i. corner," thenco west
ll chaius. llioiu-u imrlli Sl. eliiiiii*. thouco Oii.-Uil
l.f.iiis, llienee-tiutl..".. elinins to poiut ol coin-
-lius  Lnli.ll N.  B. curuer,"  tlionco  wo*t 111
ehniiis, thouro soutl. I.'*) elinlns tlionco on.t 10
club s. thence uorth Kljonniis to point ol enin-
ii. Commeneing ..... post plnntotl shunt -I
milu* ti|. tlm south furk nl Qoldstream nud
marked "ilu* Luud's] N. W. enrnor." thouro
oasl liiclut.it*, thence south llio chains, thenou
\ve*t Iiichiiin* thence nnrtli ltio chains lu imiiil
..1 t-itiituiitlii-eiiitiiil.
.1. communclngntu lost planted nli.iit-1.;
...il... i.|> .... soulh ftirkuf Qoldstream uud
murked "Uu- Lund's 8.B cornor," tlienc. wost
SO chuius, thoncu uurth a.) tfli.ii.i-. thouce ens. SO
el.i.i..*, thenco ...nil. SOuhutus... pjiutof cum.
7. Coniiiieiiciiig nt n pest planted aliout 31
mlioS UP llm stiiitl. furl: uf li.iiil-ftroiitn. ttttll
iiiitrke.l "(in* Luud's N 1-1. cornor," tlience west
...iliiinis, tlienc- -out 1, Imi chuius,thence o:.*i
10 chuius, tbeuce north 1'io ohutustu point of
e iinitiiint'i'iiioi.t.
s. Commencing at a post, planted aboul Hi
....loa iip ilto sunlit furk of Uoldstreain and
iiiiiik.-n "Uus blind's N.U*. nuriiei',"thonoo
i-it*i i.i chain,, thoneo somh llkl ohains, thencu
west lu chains, ihencu uorlh l.**. chains io puim
ul ci'inini'iii'i-tiii-nl.
at a post plnuted abuul '■!'.
I. lork ... ii..lil.*[i't>iiiu, fimi
d'aSK. oornor." Ihonuu wet
miin -im-ImiIi,-, 11n ii...i.i-if-n
l. 80cluilna i>< .imiii. uf ci.....
0. Cm
...ilea ill
■iiiii,.... "111.* I
.-.llllllll..*, II.CM
cl , thenco,
In. Coin.uonoliig.ita pot planted nl...... IJ
mites..,. 11...soulli forkoi Qodstroam, uini-iu-ii
■iiu* bund's N*. I'l. .■...■nor."' iln-ii.f- west 10
chains. Ihoneo suuth It'-i oliatns, thoneo eusl In
Mi.nn , tlioiiL-o north Iim oha>ns ... pu.... ol
ll. Coninienaiug .it a post plnntod aboul 11
miles up. he sunt I. fork ... Qoldslroiini, inarked
"Una 1.111111'* N. U*. oornor," lln-uco cast lit
ohains, Ihence suulh 1110 ohnlns, Ihoneo wesi tu
chains, thence norll. llio ohains to puint of cun..
I.1.  Co.ninonotng at a pus: planted nlr ul li
milks up iln- -milli font of Uol.tsti-uau. nud
marked "Uus Lund's K. 10. oorner,' Llionce west
ehnins, il.onoe northtU chains linuceuasi
cl.nt.is,  liionco (O.illi Ml chni.is lo pninl of
Dated Jan. 81st, IM7.
inch 11 wod UI'M LUND.
LAND Norion.
i 1.1-roli) given .l.nl
alio.'dale I
-,,t Koute
UcsledFel. lllh, IW. 	
1... cimnienring al a post planlcd up (.old
Creek aho... eight aiid-nne qnarlcr milefrora
Iho north-east tork No '-'• inkrkcd"Alex yell.
l.-l.c's K...II.-.VC.I corner," ll.onro nnrili  in
chains, ii" nue e»s> I'*' ('l"ll"s- ""*'"*'-'""""'w
chalna   thenee  west 10   chains to pointol
eoninienecniuiit. .    . ,   , .,
"H. ct..nmen.-in« st s pnst ilanlcd aboul
three and nne-ii'iarlcr mllea up Uie norlh lork
i.f i,ol l Creek, marked -ales Velllettes tinrtll-
»ostcornor,'Mneni.e ess. to elinin<, ilieucc
soulh llkl .-lisl..*, llienee w.-sl W .liilllK, tlienee
nurlll IHO elialii" U" P°lu' "I' oninii'lli-eiiieut.
21. Coinmeneing nt n posl . lani.-.l -hnnt
llircc nml une-iiminer miles up llie nor.li lurk
of ..old (reck, marked "Alex, vclllotlo s nortli-
east corner." thence west 10 elinlns, tbenee
south 160 ohains. ihenee ea*. m chains, tlienc
norlh i«o elinins lo poim ol commencement.
•ri. commencing si » p.«i planled sou
three snd one-qnarlcr miles up ilui nurih lurk
ol ..old cnek. iu.irke.1 "Alex \e.ll..-tles
soulh-wesl c mer," llienee ens. in ehalus,
llieiii-c imrlli l* chains, llienee wesl In cltalns.
ihenco souih 1. 'J chains lo poiut ol commence
mont. ,      ,   ,    ,
■a. commencing al a pnsl planled about
llircc and one-quarter miles up llie norlh lurk
ol Uold Creek, marked "Alex \ cilK-l.e s sunt.-,-
enst eorner," ll.e.u-c west aurlinins, ihenee
imrlli SO chains, Ihence enst*) c mlna, liionco
ionth mi chains io point ol commencement.
21. c..lnn..!..ci.ig ill s posi plnuled ahoul live
and ouo-.iiiar.cr miles up lhu north link ill
..old Creek, n-a.ke.l "Alex. Veil[(.tic'ssoulh-
n-cal corner," uience east t;, elisiu*. lli'-iice
norib 1C0 chaius, thenee west l.l chaius, thouce
B....U. ioo chains lo <.i.lni ol commencement.
25. Commencing at a post plained aboul live
ana one-quarter miles up the-uorth lork ...
Unlit Creek, marked "Alex, Votllott.', nnrlh-
oat corner." thenoo weal SO chains, thenee
Iouth so chains, llionce euat SO clmins, Iheuce
norlli so chains lo pointol c..m.i.cn.cm.iil,
■a. Commeueiug al a posl plnu.od about live
and ou.e-qu.ricr ...II s up ll.e north lork ol
Uuld creek, mnrked "Alex. Velll,"tie's "mill-
enst corner," tlicneo weat so chain", Ihoneo
norlh 80 chains, llionce east SO chains, lln-ncc
aoulh So chains lo poinl ul cniiiiiieticonieul.
Dated M«rch6th, 1007. wed
Notice if
intend to apply 'tn .lie Clllel l
l.fin.ls fimi W.u-ifs fut- psi-tiiissii.it to
full .whin iieat-i'iiii-il lands, situate in
...iv district:
Commeuelng at a post planted about lOchains
simili fr tiie south-wesl. comer uf Lot No. Olid
tin.I innrkeil ".I. K. Johnson's south-east comer
post," tlienee  nortl. SI. chains    llli-nee  lies an
elinlns,tiience sunlit an chnius, tlienee cut .-0
chains to imiut ol cumiiiencuiuuut. containing
01" no.es.
linled ml. March, 1007.
wed inch l:l .1. IS. JOUNSUN.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after itftte I
Intond to apply to Uie Chiel Commissioner ol
Lnmls and W orks (or permission ... pnri-lnae ll.o
billowing deBciilied lands, situate in West Kuotc.
uny Distriet:
Commeneing st a post planted.....' chain east nf
thcN w. coi-iu-r ul Loiiou, iiiuiip l.nnil marked
"A. .luhnsiin's S. W. corner pu.1t, thenee east SU
chains,'tlience nurth 81) chuina, tlience wet 8U
ehains, thoneo aouth 8.1 cliahin tu tlie puint nf
coiuiuoneonient. Cuntaining MO acres.
Daled 12tli March, !!«!•
wed inch 13 A. JOHNSON.
Nolice is liereliy given Uuu iiu days alter date 1
intend I.. npplv to lhu Cliief .iplnmlsslollur 0l
Umis anil Wnrks lur permission to "purchase the
lOllowlilg ili'Bcrihe.I lands, situate In West Knote-
nny district: .,.,..,       .,
Cnninieneinp al a post planted ul Um north.oost
eornor ut A. Jol.ns.iu'. application and I kod
"W J. Kraaer's S. K. corner pusl" tliem-e iniilh 8u
elinins, tlienee  weat 6.1 chains, thenee small """
clmins, theueo oust an i'liains In lho point of c
mencenient.  Cnntainingtilo acit-s.
Dated Utli Maroh, list?.
wed nielll3 W.J   I'UASKIt
Notice Is hereby given that 110 dnys after date
we intend to apply tu the UonoranJ"t!io Ulilol
Commissioner ol Lnnds and Works tjrBpecml
license in rut and curry nwny thine* Irnin the
follmvlne denarlbeil lands, sllunijil In Dlstrlul
ol West Kootenay, IL C,
1, Cominonoing al a nost marked"1 Lamb-
Watson Lumber(To'b nortli nest corner nost"
planted on nurlb baak ol McKenzie Creek nml
nboul (mn- miles (nun tin* moulh, theacenoulh
m chains, lhcnco west 40chains, Ibeuce nontli
IU chains, tlience cast m chnlns, iheuce north
11W clialnn, thence wosl 10 chnlns topfilutol
Dulod tblnliilbdsyoi I'ebrunry.tsOT
2. Commonclug at ■■ post miirkcd "Lnmb
Wbison ).umber CO. nArtn-c«si enmr pusl,'
plnuled on norlh bnnk ol HoKonsle Creek and
aboul four milos frmn momh thenco wost 8B
cbnins, thence -amith 80 ohalna, thenee en-nan
ihalns, tbenee north 80 chains to point ol com-
Uaied Ibis Mlh day ol Kchruitrj, ItKb.
««d feb W Locators,
VOTICE ia hereby givon thnt sixty, dnys
x\ niter dnlo I iutond to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for speciul
lie.-it-ii to cut ainl enrry nwuy timlior Irom the
following described lauds silimto iu Vu'
1. .'Miiiiiii'tn-iiig a. a ■ post planted on the enst
side of Haiuhow Creek, a tributary uf yhnswap
Ilivor. and ahout !> milea from its tnm.ili, nml
mnrked 'A. M. Syinniia' N K. enrner litis!,'
theuce west 80 chains, thenee south 80 ennina,
thonee eaat at. elinins, thc.l-e nnrlh an chains to
place oi euuiiiielicenielit.
llllleil fel'. Illll, 10.17.
2. Commencing at a pnst plantcil If, milo smith
of ltiiinliow Creek allll III, iniles [rum its ...until
iiiiiI innrkeil 'A. M. Sj-inuns' *,. W. curlier post,"
theuce suuth 80 chains, tlienee ense 811 (-hains,
theueo uorlh 80 chains, thenee west80chains n.
..Iff. .■ nf l-Mlllllf.-IH-I'llll-llt.
Dated fell. Uth, 1IKI7.
3. Commencing tit a imst. phutedoll the we*.,
lu.nk.if tl.e Shuswap hivor iiinlalinut uiie nitlo
Irum Its ninntli. .narked ".I, M. symons' 3. K.
corner post," tlience neat, 811 eliatm, tlienee north
80 chains, . lii-iii-e east s ■ elinlns, thenee snutli an
chains tu place uf cinnnieneenunit.
1. Commencing at a post planted .0 chains
north of location Nn, 3, and marked 'A. M. Symons S. W. corner poat," tlienee north 8u cliains,
llionce east 80 cliains, thence suuth si. cnains,
tiience west 80 chains tu pluee uf commencement,
Dated Fob. 21st, 1807.
;".. Cnli'iitelicing at a post planted J miles inn
iiorthorlyilireetiull from llie stiulli-ivest curlier ol
Lease -lais, nml murked "A M. Hymens' N IC.
-nrner peal," thenee .south 8U ehauta, thence west
ti clialns, tlienee nurth so cliains, tlionco cist a.0
.halns tu place ut euniuieiieciitcnt.
0. t'..n.n.ei.i'ing ul a pnst planled 2 miles in n
mirtlierly direction fron. the smith-west corner uf
Lease 2818.uui mnrked "A. M. Syniuns's. W. cor-
nei unst" thenee north hhi cliains. thence cast.-..
ehains. thenee Boll- h-n eslei ly Uiu chains lit"!'- "t
less, following hniitiilary it Lut ISIS lu point nf
Dated Mi. t'lltl, 10U7.
7. Commenolng at n pnat plnnted P. miles
nnrtli easterly nf sugar Like, an,I mnrkeil "A. M.
Synioits" N. W. corner post.-' ilieneu suuth an
chains, thence east an cliiiins, thenee unrtl.SU
chains, thenco west ao chains ... point uf coin-
8. Ciiiiiuioni'i'ig at a post planted 2.) cliiiins east
nf I.ncatinn pust Nn. 7, and marked "A. M. sv.
molls' S. W. corner pnst," '.hence uorlh 80 elinins,
theuce east 80 cli.ii.n, theuce smith 80 chains,
theuce ..os, 8.1 chains to place of cummeucement.
Dated Fob, Sli.nl, 1007.
sat null 2 A. M. SYMONS.
.11!   21 miles   . ..lie S ■   1. I-'...I: of
.1st.-.- on ,-....]  :.... k.'d -'(i'i - Linn!'*-
lit -im ,-   lit- l Sn i-li-tii...
SU i-Ii.imi*. tlu-nce ensl si
.111.it!, 80 clmins lo point
iciii"* nl ii iiii-i planted
.it Uie N*. I'l. corner oi laii-ali n No, I.
iml iii'.l;.-il --(in* Lund's N,«W. ...:-
ner," thence enst SU ehuins, (bonce
soutb .SU chains, ihence west Sll chnlns.
1, Commonolng at n pnst plauted 21i mllas tlienee norlh .SU ehnins to pniutof
op the suuth fnrk of ilnidsiniiiu. and marked noiiiuienceinent,
ll. Oo..i...e.icii.K ..I n post plt.nip.l
nliout 11 ...ilea up the Nnrlh Fork nr
Goldstrenin and nnu-keil "Gus LiTnu's
\. \V. cornel-," thence ensl S!l rlinins,
thence soulh 80 cliains,-tiience west so
elinins, thence norlli 80 chains to poinl
llf coll..Ul'lll'l'lll".111.
I. ('i.ii....i..i.-i.iir ,-it ,-i posl plnnted
..hunt U miles up the North l-'oil; of
(iolilsiiea... und mnrked "(ius I.n.id's
N. li. eurner," thence wesl Sll.-1...ins,
lh.....:e souih su chnlns, thence enst so
ciniins, thenee north SO chains to poinl
fi. Commencing ,-tl u p.wl pb.ule.l
..bout. IJ iniles up the North Fork of
(ioblsiieiiu. nnd mnrked "(I..* Lund's
S. \V. conier," tliPi.ce ensl 80e.hi.ins,
thonce noil I. 80 clmins. tlience west su
chuius, thencesouth si) chnlns lo poinl
of .-on.in..|i..|...i..nl.
(I.   CniniilbncinK .-.!  ;. post plunled
..bout U ...iles  .ip  ll... North Fork of
(lolilsiri's........I mii-ked "Gus 1,.mil's
S. |i. i-oi-l..-.-," lliei..-.. wesl SO i-l...ins,
tbenee norl', 80 ehnins, Ihenee eusl S.l
el.i.ins, thenee south Sll chnlns In poinl
of [■(lllllll..IP-t-in.-nl.
7. ('..........i..-ini; ..I  ;.  pnsl plunted
..I.....I III inili-s up Hi., norib fork i.f
Golds..-i-i.in nnd iliitrked "Gus Uinil's
X. W. corner," thenco e.isl 80 el...ins,
thence south 80 .-I.f.ins,  ! ,. «-..-.. s:u
ehnins, tbenee nnrtli80chains to point
of couuneneumeiil,
8, t'.niiiiii-iKitiir a. .. posi planted
nlin.il ill mill's up Hi" norlh f.n-k of
Goldstrenin and mnrked "(ins l.n.id's
N. Ii. eoi'tiei','* Ihence west 80 chuius,
thencesouth 80chains, thencu ensl SO
chains, tlienee north 80 chnius to p..in.
of i-olilllietict'llienl.
II.   ('oitimi-iieini" nl  .. post planted
ion! lii, miles up Ibe no.-Ill fork of
Gol.Ist.en.n .-mil marked "Gns Lund's
S.\V. i-ni-it".'," Ihenee east 811 cliiiins,
thetice norlli Sll chains,Jhenee west Si)
clmins, llienee soutl. 80 cbnins to poini
of commencement.
to.   Con....endue; nt a post planted
ahnnt  lil  miles up tlie nortb fork of
Ii..I.Ni.(.;.... nnd marked "Gns Lund's
S. li.  corner," thence west Su cliains.
then.:e ......th Mil elinins, thence ensl Sll
chains, thence south Sll chains to poinl
of commencement, fj
11. Co..line...'ill"; nl .1 posl pb.nl.'.1
ul.out S.J miles up ll.e north fink of
Golds!i-bnm .md marked "Gns Luud's
N.W. enrner," thenee east SI) clmiiis,
tlienee smith S'l chains, thence west. Sll
chains, thenee norlli Sll i'liains lo poinl
12   Commencing !'l a po-t planted
ahoul  81 miles up the north fork of
Goldstream ...id marked "(ius Lund's
N. li. corner," thence wesl SI) eh-iin
thence south Sll clmins, tlience en-'t 80
......ins, tjieuce north SO i'linins to point
of coinmencement.
18. I'oinniencin^ nt n post planted
nliout SJ miles up the norlh fmk of
Goldstiet.ni und marked "Gn,Lund's
S. li. corner," ilienre west 80ebains,
theuce north S'l chains, thence east 81)
chuius, Ilienresouth Sll chains to point
of ..onitni-ni-onii'itt.
II,   OnirimenciiiR nt a post planted
about SJ iniles up the  norlh fork'of
Golds..-.-..... .....1 uiniked "Gus Luud's
S. W. corner," Ihence ensl SO chains.
llienee north SO elinins. Ihenee west SO
ehnins, thence south SO chains lo point
of I'liuiiii.-neeiiient.
15.   Oomniencing ut;. post planted
..bout lllj miles up llie north f.n-k  of
Goldstream nnd mnrked "(lus Lund's
N.W. enrner," thenee east 80 chains,
thenco soulb 80 chains, lh........ wesi SO
.-li,-.in--, il......... north 80 ehnins to point
of commencement.
id.   ('nmi.......'iny; nt  .. posl plnuled
ulin.it lllj iniles up iln- north fork of
(Inlilsii-eiiiii nnd marked "Gus Lii nil's
X. E, cnriiei'," Ihence west Sll .-Imins.
Ihenee soulli Sll ehuins, thpuce enst SO
ehnins, tlienee north SO.-Iininsto point
of commencement,
17. Commencing at a pnst planted
nl.....I 101 miles up lhe .....Ill fo.-k of
Goldsl.-i'iiiu un.l nnirked "Gus Lund's
s. Ii. enrner," thencu wnst 80 chains,
llienee norlh 80 chains, thonce enst Sll
clmins, lb.mi.'., south Sll.-Iinins to point
of coinmencement.
.8. Commencing ill a posl plnnted
almut 101 miles up the north fork of
Goldstream and marked "(lus L l's
S. Vi. ('iiiiii'!-," tlienc st 80 chains,
thence nnrth80 chains, Ihenee west SO
ehniiis, tbenee south80 chains to point
of commencement,
11), Conimenclng nt a posl planted
nbout, 12.1 miles up the north fork of
Goldstream nnd .narked "G.is Lund s
N, W, corner," Ihence .-..si so .-imins-.
then.:.' smith* SO ehnins. thonco west SO
liains, thence north so chains lo poini
of commencement,
20.  Commencing at .. pnsl plunled
..bout   121   ...iles up ll.e .....lh fork of
....   A    ..-.*.            1- |t-.|    .itliillt  ;
lllg    'I    '       I-   '.   Ml   I... I
M      I.
Il.-l.-.i.i   '■  1. il "A. '....:
• S.IV, cr
n r pni.   . mi. .-  nurth  I   -■  i
-.   -i-l   1 I
- hul..-. si -;il, l.i chnius, ive 1 1:....-!
1.1    M, ..Ml
to . ounni ill-cm....
:i     . u UUU il.'.'   fit   ik    !.-.■!    li
I'l   1    ll'.tltl
eighl inil - <i|. li-,. ..I I- Crock .
id one-hull
mile ... r:ii. .iui in rkod " \.  lie
■ it'll."-  post,   l.   imi- t'ftfl  si .li,.:
; .-•- N. w
-. auuth B
m-i i in I. elne ;t
[mm  'If I.. Inn im ■
:     :,   v.,   I   I,.,,.!  '.   .
■     lllcil   .ImiiI   ii
■t-l ..it l...!'1, '
■ -.',  ;  ii  I.
I    Con.:
i-il f
n. tit-lit.; nl n p»-l p
...i'e*  up li- lloii.h Cru-lf fi-...... u'ltit:. mile
north, nnd mnrked "A. Molii.e'* N.W. aimer,
!...*(," Ihence cost 10 chain-, -.i.ili-.t ,'hai.t-
ivi-1 -I. cfiiiiii*. norlh 80 chains lo poinl i.f
coin uionccinciil
f'i. Coinmeneing a! a post planted nlout tin
uitlcs nil bis- MiiiiHi Ci-oek ni.d mm.-i. if ...iie
norlh, and mm ked "A. Mcltae's s. w. nomu
liosl." thonce Su elinins uortli, 80 chain- enst, 80
ebains soulb, an ihalns wo-t Ui point uf cum
"... Coinmcnoing ul a no*! |.lauteil ahoul
cloven ...lhs up liig Mo... I. . 'roei. ..ml one Imlf
mile north, nml mnrked "A. Mol.uo'sN W,
eurner pu-i." ihonoe soulh an chnlns, cn i an
ohains, uurth Su chains, wesl 80 chuius lu pulnl
i. thonco 8
llnmee   '-
At    I'll    1
■I'lll •■
thencu -o
1   'I..    I--     -
• ith, II
I I       ,   . "I'.. ■        !-.       "
sum t nl' i. i-i.I*- ft .   ..'.* .,
* ..* ■  l.i  . Ill    :.'.i  . ,.;l\   .,*.
i .*   C' ■■■-; ibi I   ..i . ,-•   iii  Wesl
Kootemi} district-!
1.     I'.i.Mill '||C I ■' *
. lii; -* mlh bank oi Eiglil Mile Cn
'_. inilc Irom it^ moulbt marked "E. A.
..ci.iifv's S. ]■;. enrner posl,' ill in - - -
Ho clmins, tlience north 8u clmins, ihence
.■ isi .* ■ chains, thence aoulh '<•■•; clmins t»
[Mini of com men cement,
_'. CommcHcing :it a post planted on
soiithbaiir: o\' Ki^l'it Mile Creek aboul hall
i 'iiii' from its mouth, marked "H. A.
Bradley's X. 1-1, ivnu*i- post," thenco wesl
So chains, thei cc south So chains, tlience
'.'jisl 80 chains, ihence north So chains lo
poinl nt commencemeni,
;,. Commencing at a post planled on
souih bank of liighi Mile Creek about one
ami a half miles irom its moutb, marked
''1*!. A, Bradley's S. E, corner posl,"
ili.'iK'i* west So chains, ihence nonh So
chains, thence oast So chains, thence
soulli S'i chains 10 point of commencement.
■ 1 -fi'-. ■
:o  potnl 0   cum*
a l
. miles
-...-in;, nt a p
lip lllg .Uouil.
isl planted
lll-cok and.
lint III.
 nnr... .1
•A  M.-i:.-..-
i- pnsl
' 1 icneo mi'ili
an ehnins,
-. -Oltl
Illll. II
i> 111 le
L- . UUI.
HClllg     HI    il    |.
in, Dig M.iillli
si ohnlns i
Mt      llf.llll.l
 1 illicit   '
A.  lloltoo'
ol cn.
11.111. up Hig .Hi
pusl   planted nliniil
iilii'ivel. uml ouo-hall
'll   "A. .Mi-'.-.ie'- S.W.
in 1-1 apply tn tn
Limil Nn. 11.23, ihouco si.U.1.
wi'-i Sii.-liiiin*. tl : nurih
"11*1 S'..r.jiius... Iluinlni c.ilnll
Ua.o.1January Mil,, luui*.
:'. Cumn.bnclun;...-. post ..I
coruorbf Nn. 1, ihoneo smith
wust an ehains, thenee north I
on*. 80 chains in Imiut iif i ii
Dnlo.1 .l.iuunry »h, 10W,
3, CommuncluK at a !><>*.
south-west curuer ..( No. I,
olinlus, thoneo unst sn elinins, thonc	
eiuiiiia. thonce w.-.*t an ohains lo pointol
..' I ..I.
unlil"! nl lho N.U
80 ehuli.s, thonco
m chnlns, tlienco
plnuled iii ilm
i poal plantcil on N*. K. cur-
ilii'i      HlMlI..'l"ll.    I'     llgil
■ll. -i- -n.li lies imrtli, ai
.-  muii. a' chnlns enst to
i post planled unN K.eur-
iff.'l mnrkeil "«*. f. Ugll
.... nee .0 eli.iiu* imilii. -ii
ia snath, 80 .Iuin* ensile
in.. II..ii ri
ml IVmlf* I.>
pornuaslou to par
.-   Id:,-   ■
I-l.. p.'lli.
ch J
\. C>
sniilli-wiM  cornor ni'   No
clmins, tlionco wost N) elinlns thonco in
chains, thouce cast mi ohutustu point nf
Dated Junuary 29th, 10OT,
wodfoblS Hyti. K  llritik.Agi
N' OTICK Ih hoveby uiven that OU ilnyi after dnte
I Intend to tipply to the Hon. Uio Chief
Coinnilaslonor of Lama ami Worku for permnulon
to purchaao the fotluwing deacribed lamia in Wwt
iCootemiy IHntrict:
Commencingat a po-it pi inted ahout two mllea
east of Lot 7W0 mi slime of N. K. Ann of Armw
Lake theuce aouth 80 elidtna, east 80 chains, nortli
bUchaiiM, wusttiO clmins to pointof cowiuenc*-}-
Dnted March llth, 1007,
wed mch 13 A, MOHIUH.
Nolice is lierel'.y glvuh tbat. thirlv daya inlet
ilnle 1 iutond tn apply tu thoUliioi UoiiiiiiU
sioner of Landa uud Vvurka furu Hptjt.ini llconse
to cut nml enrry uwuy timlier from lhe fullmv
int; doscrlbed hunis situatod in Yum I'binei:
l Comuionclug at n pnsl plunted on ihu
wesi siduoi Least* 2818, ubuut mie inll-j Irom uie
north mut of lease uml ubuut six miles imrlli
of Sn^iir Luke, marked **.s Hill's southeast
curuer pust," ruuniuy hO-^eha'tis west, tiicm-c
BU chains north, timueu tio cliains oasl, Ibuucc
80 chains south tu pgint'iif couimunjamienl,
'i. Coinmouollig nt a poBt. planted mi the
wesl siduoi Leui-e 2818, iib-jututnj milo Irom Lie
nortb end oi lease uml about six milea north
oi sm-iir Lake, marked "ri Hill's nortb.eiis1
comer post," riinninj* sn uhutns south, thotiuii
nj ehmns wesi, ti.cnceai) cbalus north, thenou
50 elinins cast to point of commencement.
Dated bept, l-Uh. HKJii
wedfebUl S. Ill'I..
Sixty days alter .laic I Inlenil tn apply to ll.e
li.-ii. i-.iI.Im the Chief Commissioner ol Lind. uml
Works fnr ponnktsluu ... purchwielliefeil.iiihig
duscrleetl lauds, silnntei] un Upper Arn.wLake,
ninl limi'.. par. .enliirly doscribod as lullulvs:
11 i::n,
dug at ili
•ivest comei' of 1,
.1 f" 1
.■1 mnrki
I -c.
1, N.W.I ,l'„'i II
nsl. then
e   III
chains llsrlll, III.
e.ist, then
■e   III
lhaius smilli ll.
nest, lli.'ii,
o :io
hains noith l«|
.■■I lmt.h in ^'e-L I,
imincueiug Hi n pi
i i'tiilins ufler-lit'.*
if (,'ominissloiK-i •■;
iini license in cm
rem the fnlhirtliiR
.. '.eiiay.llstnct:
.onl i
ili su climns, ihi'in
niou.'iiitf iu tl
nt a posl mm
ai ..->, llienee s
mills tu point
<.b. 18tb,  >'T.
1 Lot
corner post,'
West SU cliain.,
lice eust Mlelliilllli
nlb-oasl cornerof
■■Jniiii Connor's <,
ii so cliiiins, thenco
bt) eliains, llienee
south I* ink ol Eight .Mile Creek about one
and a half miles from its month, marked
"I.. A. Hradley's \. E, corner post,"
thetice wesl So clmins, thence south So
chains, thence easi So chains, ihence
north Su ehains to point of commencemeni.
5. Co in mencing at a posl planted on
south hank of Eiglil .Mile Creek about n\o
ami a half miles from ils mouth, marked
"E. A- Bradley's \. E, corner posl,"
iheuce wesl 160 chains, thence souih 40
cliains, Ihence oast 160 chains, tlu-nce
norlh 40 cliainslo poinl ol commencement.
'1. Coinnieiiciiig at a posl planled en
soulli bank of i^'iil Mile Creek ahoul two
ainl a hall miles from its moulh, marked
"K. A. Hrndlcy's -S. E, cornei post,"
ihence wesi So chains, thence north 80
chains,   ihence  easi   So  chains,  ihence
soulh So chains to p.
;. Couinieiu in:;'
easi sideol'Colunibi
lielnv Eighl Mile C
llraclley'sS. \\. eon
;i.   Hi
■•ast im
1 lhc
nut SO chaiua
No.'J, llienee
.-ast s.j chains theuco
west so cliains lo point
mimicmvuii'iit, containInx 1A11 acres mmv or iush
Dated Pobruary 8th, 1007,
wed tub 18 I'ei'ti.summr, V-i'Ht.-
Nolice la hereby given thai 80 1!
Intend tnappiytu tlm Hon. tliu Uh
rn* of Ui dsaiid Works fur a spci*i
ami eaii) awny tlini'Cr from th
scrlbod lands in Wust Kootonay dis rlct:
CoinmonoiuR at a imt  plantMnbmit one
milo iind a half north "f Arrowhond, and abmil
hnUa 1 nstfrinuArrowlnitd DranchR. 11.
marked "W. P. Ogllvlo's S.W. pusl.." tlu-nce St)
clmins north, theacobll cnailigoust, thonce80
chainssouili, Ihencu Michnins wt-.-t to [loim of
Dnted Keb. Vilh, 1001.
wed fob Li
W. P. DlilLVIlV
Notice is lioruhy nivBii tlmt III) days nftor dnte
wu intend tu upply tothe Chiof i'nnimis-,mner uf
Lnnds nnd Wurks for  a spncinl license lu cut
nnd carry away timber from tlio fullnwinifdo*     ,
scrlbod lnnds iu district, of Wu,t Kuntonny: <;n|,**s|,..,■"-„ ,,,,,1   marked "Oil* litttld^
1, Commend uk at a post mnrkeil ''Lamb*
Watson Lumber Co. nurlb ensl corner ntwt,
lilunled abuut one mile frum Nurlb fork uf Hit;
truck uu north bank, thetuje wost 80 chalna,
tlience noulli to chains, theme cast ID ohalni,
t bonce suuth 10 clmins. tlienco cii.-l ni ohalna
Lhcnco north in clialns. thence we-t lu chain-.,
ibenco north-io chains tu puim uf commencement.
ti. C/i-mmending nt u post murked "Lunb
Wnt son Lumber I'm northeast comer pott,"
planted al the Nui'Lb furk uf HiK Creek, tiionoo
soulb 80 chuitiN, thoneo west Hil chain*-, tllOHQO
no* lb Nl clmins; tlmncc enst 8") cliain-lo puint
uf cuinmouceiueiil.
Dated Ibis Lith day nf Kobruury, lif)7.
weilieba) Locators,
Notice Is liereliy Rlvuil thai 00 'lays after dule I
Intend to apply to ihi-uhhti1 Coimnhukmer of
Llioiisniul Works fm* perniissinii to [uir' li ise th'*
{ollowlng deacribed laiuls in Woat Kootenay tils*
Commencing at apoadnlahted at the amith*Mfoal
corner of botitSS, on lho ei.-t slioro o( Upper
Arrow Lakes, them-e sooth M) chains, them-e ch-l
-lu clialns, tlienco north so chain*, thence west in
chains to the point of commencement, t ioiitalntng
■i -ii acres more or less,
Dated March 11 lit, 1007.
wed inch 18 L BAB
Nolice is tiere!iy given Ihal outlays afterdate
I Intend lu npplv in .In- Hon, Chlol Commit-
sinner of Cauda nnd Wnrk* for n -e.-.-lol li
nonce toOUt ami "furry nwny limber .ton] the
fi.ll.iwi.ig il.'s.'.-il.."! I.....i*. -iiiiii." In West
Cnniiiii-iu-.iiK.it a pnsl planted aliout'a mil. or
muii. from thu ne*. shore ol I'pper Arrow l.nk,-.
flllli inl.uillillLi TIUlla.1   hllllll Mo, OH"! nil 111.'   -null.
.uui inarked "i*. skiniKr'.north wo.l eorm .p..*..
tlienco *.mtli liWchain.,tlio, -i-l 10 chains,
.In  luu chain., tlience wes  ... chains...
pl.t.'.. uli-ullllllell.	
I.......I fell, 2111.. IW.
»n..„,-li2 i   8KISSKU
SiiliMcril.u lor Tin: M.ui.-lli:iiA!.i.,
twice u week, only *f-.oU u year.
N. I'*,..-...-I....-," tin....... weal so .'I...in
thenco south 80 clmins. thonco cnsl Kll
.•Iinins, ll......".' umili 80 ohalm to point
ll)* (■llllltll'-tllTtllt'lll.
'Jl.   I'iiiiiiiii.in-ill},' til  i. posl |ilfinl<..l
nboul 12 uiiii-- up tho north,fnrk nl'
(iiililaii-i'iiii nml innrkoil "(ins l.unil's
s, \V. coi-iii-t-," thoneo onul HOcluilna,
thonco nui'lh 80 cI.i.Iim, thonoo wosl su
.■Imins. il.... sninii SOchitlniln pnlnl
..I' c.uiitnoncemont',
'Sl, ('..iiu... uiiiii ul u pnal planted
abuul 1-'. mllea up tin* nnrtli fnrk of
iiniii*.ii-,in, ninl infill,,-f] "(ius f.nnil's
s. K, .-fii-n.-.'." thonco «..-! su ..|...ins,
thence north 80' chalna, thence oasl su
.-I...ins. thenco souih so cluilna in pnlnl
of commencement.
Datod .l.iinifii v 27th, luu".
sn! iii'-lii! HI'S LUND.
SlKtyila-f, .it.i 'I-'*.- I i"1'-"-1 '" "I'l'l. Uilli.
Honorable tin-thiol Commluloi i Und.and
ll'otk. f.-i permlsslun kipurchuetheInllowlni
,l,.,rii.,.-'l land. -fiiiif--l in Uppei A..,,.. Lake
„n,llii,ire|.fi.ti.'iil.iil».l.-.iil'.-.l -i. li.lli.w.'
Ii.-fiiiiiiin.. al -. I--, planted ... the nnrtlpensl
i-,.in.-r.if 1...I WIS I markod11' I" I-'. N.W,II,I>."
tl.en.-e lit" chain,  .-.sl,   III' Ill ,-lilill.a snulli,
tiience IWctialn. west, llienco Wolial to to
poinl "( .-"ii im immiuhi BIO f- i.-s
|l,,,.,I |.-„|.|„.,; Wl., 11.17.
0-0,1 fi im I. I-'. I-I*I.I.M!*II,
Notice Is hereb) -iv-n thn ft) dayi iftordato]
Intend to appl) t" the cbiel Cninnilmltii I
I ,ii,|s ,iii,] Wnrks for petinlsslon to purchaie lho
fnllt M-lnjc doacriU'd landi
(Vimnienrlnu .»t  ' sltnatcil nl IV mllea
north "i .\lp|i"'i:tM Opi, nn tho oast slmro o|
ITnpet \n »* I-aVo, Mntni f. I. Win on tlio south
,,. o ci rui - in 'i1''-' i*'1-' i(' chalna, snutli on
chains, »■■■) t"- halns, north (Oalialiu i" plaoo -f
i,.iiini<-iii*'*nu nt.
Dated Jan Mlh, IW7.
feb 9 sal L. A DEWAU.
Notico In hereby glVOll llmi 'M days afler date
I intend fi apply In 1 lie Chief Commi-siniicnii"
Lands ami Works for a tspuolal licenco lo cut
ami entry awa; timber frum tlie [ollowlngdo
scriheil lands lu Wesl Knulcnny District:
CointUBiicliiKnl w post planted onlhoahorc
of Uppor Arrow Lake eti-c to Galena Point,
running cast su chains, i honco norlli 81 chains,
thence wesl Stl chains, llnmee souih yiehaius
in pninl of commencement.
ii. Ctmimoncliig at a post plantcil uu the
Bhoroof Uppor Arrow Lake, about one mile
from tiulena Point, running iiorili BO chains,
thenco cnsl 80 oliatus, tlionuu simiji 8t) chains
thence west,Sii chains In puint uf commence
menl ulmiK the lake shore.
Dated Feb. ISlb, IlinT.
tatfobfti W*, ||\ OUILVIK.
norl Ii mi ciuiii
sninii bO chilli
of comiiieiii'einelil
■I,  Cnmiiienclnniil, tin- m.rth-wcst corner ul
I'.l, iiTti.i. inetii'C lioilh H0-h»ttl8, llienee mist
Ml elm io-. theme south 80 elinins, Iheuce west
mi eiui i,> to point of uoinmencfluiont,
,*.. i iiinlifo:;citis ul the si-iilh west corner nl
No, 4. liieui-e norlli KO chnius, then c eust (sn
ehniiis, thence souihain.linn.s, tbenee wests*
clninis lu po.ui ut comiiteutioiuoiit
ii. Coinuieucin-J nt the iiorth-wcsi corner uf
No.o. tl.once norlh sn chnius, ihenee caat80
cliains, tin-nil! muhIi .so m uiiis, thonee westub
clmins in pointol commencement.
Itaicii I'eh. 1'Jlii, 1H07.
7. i uuimcnpliig nt the iiorili-wcsi corner of
No, ii,   liu-iiie *nurt li sit it.ains, tlienee cast st)
eliiiiii , thoneo sontli 8'ii'iiains, iheiiea wesltu
chains io poini ol'i-Dinmcui'uuieiii.
a. Ci'mineiiein^ui lhe tiurih-easi corner of
Nu. 7, lhcnco nurlli mi chums, ibcoceeiisuu
i-imin.-, ilieucc south sii chums, ihence wosl8u
i*btiiu> tu putntol cuiuiU'.'iiccnK'UV
u Coiifaciiciii-iiiniic north-east eorner uf
No. 7. u,nice noiuiMi chnius, tlienc.- wcstSil
clmins, Ihence suuth WUltains, thenee eust mi
t-liailla to point ut comnienccmeiU.
initi'l Keb -'"tn, !Uti7.
pi,  ruinmeneltm at tho itortii-wost'cQriierol
No,  9,   lln-liee  llOltl) SO cliiiins, thyilCO OtlsLbO
clialns ibeuce suiiiii 8U ehuins, Ihouco west'su
cb-iili-lo f.uhlt   I loiiiinciieLllieilt
.li i uuihiuiiciitu »t ihe iiurtb-east cornerm
,\o a, tlictnio imrtli Si) eliatus, thup'-o easiaii
L'bailif*, Ihenee •uiuli 80 chum.-, thence nesi bu
elm tut; l» pulnl ol cuuiuiuilcoineul,
Hi,led l*'cb UUI, l%7.
JOHN (." N NtHt,
wed fub27        I'-i iiiigus'CumpUll. Agent.
i horoliy
at 30 dnys
. |
N.itlee is hcrohy glvon Unit :m days nfter dale
I intond to npply to Uu. Hon. Chlol Coimnis-
stonorot l.iui'!s and Works fin- live (.i) spei-inl
lteeiii-es in .-.at nnd carry away timber frum the
following described If..ids. situnto In Wosl
Kootonay distriot:
I. Commencing at ft post planted 10 elinlns
K of .he 8,W.owner uf Suction i Tp, -.'2 II. 21,
W fltliM,; llienee H, UH oliutna, tiionoo VV, 10
chni..*. tlionco X.Hi"chains,tbonco I-l. 10elinlns
in point of ooniinonooniont.
-J. Commenolng nl a posl planl ed oilo ...ih- 8.
„f .lies. w. oornor... Bool 2,Tp. 112, u.-.■;.
iv. uili .Mm thonco IV. -ii ohnlns, llionoo 8.W
chains, ihoneo K, 80 chains, thonou N. 80 chains
... piiiu. of .fuinlui'lii'.'liii'iit.
;t. Cominonoing ... ft post planted twn miles
s. of i In- s w. oornor ol Section -.', Tp. ■:•. It, u,
W, ol till M„ thonco l-i. 10 olialni, tlioncc8 80
olinlus, thonoo W. 80 ohnlns, thonou N. 80 chains
tb, nee |.„ lu eliains tu poinl or ooinmenociii. nl.
I. UotnnioncinKnl a post, nhuited twu milos
s. ainl um-Iml. uiiii-W. of tnoS, IV, eornor ol
.-.,. inn .'. Tp..'-', It. I'm \V. nf Sl-ll M.| I lu-iiee S.
*n it *. thenoo W.81 .fbiiiii.-.. llionoo [*t.8o
-■llllllis, thi-tiee I'i. 80 elinins to point of com-
.-..   Coinineneilil! ntn pust plallleil tin- uile*
s. nml. Imlf milu W. of llio S. U*. comer of
-v, 11,Tp.US,It."1", IV ofStl.M.: IhunooS.
so clialns, ilu-ii.-u »'. s" ehui..,., ii.cn.-c N. su
.-liains. llienee K, 80 chains lo pulnl of com-
....-I..-.-nienl. •
I.,ilul m llofelsloko, this mil. dnv... l-Ylu-ii
in... IDOI.
fob IB s It .1. McDONAI.1), Looalor,
i glvon ii.-.
lays nl
n. I
ks for
Vi.TICK I* h.
j\   .Mm-I  iiiiiiiii in npply In Ilu. lln,,, it.
i hul iuhii, Isalonei -I Liuni* and W
in iini- iuiiiuii.il- so thofolluwlng described
lands, situated ... w esl Kooteuay, uu .be Wosl
ihoroof uppor Arrow Uko:
. ,inuiii'inmi: ni ,. post inarkod ".I. c. ll.'s
i,otiii ..i-i oornor,   planted t.t the iiorllewosi
coruifl-ol Is.l III. II '■ WOSl III eliuiiis  -.-
nrless lu ibe rn.. ;i..-..»'   oornor of tail IW
.in iie.- -M'l.h li ohains, thonoo ojbI i" olinlus
innii' or le** tu iii- - I. wost corner of Is..
III. ll.e ' ......b  l-i chains lu point uf cumuli lu-cnu-iil..
Ua.ifillbl-3!|-(|il,iyul'l''ifli 1007,
.1.1. IIAULOW,
mcli 0 sul Uy hi* iiKout 8, J. Harlow,
..u-li: uud curry uwuy timber fpiu.;  Uow-
i....ili.-o.-..,i„l niiids, siiuulod in um i. .y,.i".
divisiuuol Inlo districl:
5. Ciiiiiiiieiiifiiis-fiin pus. iilnntedutii. .S.W,
enrnor nt Timbor Limit N... 'Jfil, marked "II
'lelutosh's U.K. corner pust No. 5," ihoin
nnrtli SO eliuiiis, thence wesi 80 chuius, il cu
south to chnius, ihouco oust' Su cbnins in i ,i
uf imence ut.
lmtuil "-'lIikI Feb. inn.
ij   i lenciug nl a post planted at tho S.W.
eornor of No. 5, marked "II. Molatosh's S, I-:.
coruor pnst Nu. ii," thonco .. r.l. SO elialm,
lliuino we-l -lli'li.iin-. thonoo south SU chain*,
tiionoo oast su chains lu poiut of commeuco-
7. Ci.ninimieiiu: nt ;i p...-l planted at tlm N.
W. curuer nf limber lllnil Nn. I'l-':', Ulurkud "II,
Meliilii.-li'.- S. l-i. enrner i»..*l No. 1," llionce
uurth IU clialns, thonco wost pm chains, llienco
Bomb ill chnius, tlioaeo oust I.s. clmins to point
ut oo.i.mo..con.u..t.
Dated aril Fob. lCOI,
*;.. mcli S
Ily (1. K. lirlnk, Agent,
N OTIC 111-
is horohy given t al H-nhyt after date
wolnioiul toapply lotlie Chiof Cuuiinlsalonor o'
Lnmls ami Works lor us eciai license in cy,t
nud e.trrv t inher from the followiug doucrlbed
lauds situated in the Osoyoos division nl Yale
Cpmmoiiclug at a post plantod near tl ortltorii
boundary of iTtnber hiinii-, No. 7085. and ahnit tu
chains from the iinrili-viesi curuer <-f sume, thonce
north on .chains, llienco oaat 150 chains, thouro
south Hi mills In Hn* norlli-iiisl corner o| T iinher
Limit 7084, thence weit Ml chains along --anl bollll
ilarvto  the imrlli-ivest   corner ul same, Ihence
smith 10 chains along the wysiem bomidarj ol
Timlier   Limit 7H8I tn the  ili-w.--it em ner of
Limber Limit 7iiS,>. thenco
lhe lhminlii.iial.il;. ..I  -a
' Dated the 7tlidoy.pt l-'eb.,
id Li
;. t-i puna
i Is horoby glvou Lhs
.il llcouoo
Iio foi low-
1 Intond tu apply lo Um* Hun. Chi
sioner of Lauds nud Works Tor a api
i'. cut nnd carry nwuy timber frmn
hig doscribod Uuda situatod lu Wosl Kootonay
I. Ciimmi-ucim-itl n post plnntod on tbo ea t
haul-; nf Ciiribmi Creok, almul lOVOtl miles from
lliirlou Cily, and dulod 80th I'eh. IB07, thonco
-ouili liMi ohnilis tlmncneast lOohultis. thouco
north bin chnius, liionco w«t lUohuIni tqixilnt
nf cmnmoncomont.
'J, Ciuniuoiieiiii,'at a pn t pi (ill tod ubmil one-
hair intlu oast of I'oribiiu Crook, nnd 7 mile.
rrom BurUm Cilv, duted 20lli Koli, liau, tlionco
biistiWIchnlmi, ihonoe s uth in cliain-, thouoe
wosl lilt)chainB, thonco north lOolialualo imlul
of cnmmoiironiont,
::, Com in 6nci un al. a nsl plunted nboul 12
milos from Burton City, nn south ildot'nrlboo
Crook, datod Kob. 22mL [007, tliouce oasl nm
ehuins, 11.mice-ouili In olinlus, thoucn we-* UIO
blinlns, thouco uortli I1) chuius to point o( com-
tu pnsl planted on ilm wosl
hoo Crook,nl)  IH milos from Uur.
tod Pob,21lb, 1007, thonco auuth 100
ico we i (i) chain , Ihoift'O north nm
en oasl IDi'hiliii-   lo  point "I   eont-
■ i soul ii Si> clmins to poinl nt commencemeni.
I .t p *-t planted en
Kiver ami one mile
■ek, marked "K. A.
r posl," ihenee easl
So chains, Ihence north So chains, thenee
wesl So chains, llienee soulli So clmins to
poini oi commencement,
s. Commencing al a posi planted on
easl sideol Columbia Kiver ami one mile
below mouth ol' Kiidit Mile Creek, marked
"1-;. (.\. Hratlley's' N. W. corner posl,"
ihenee east So chains, ihenee south So
chains, Ihenee wesl So chains, ihence
norlh So chains to poinl of commence-
i), Commencing til a pest planted one
mile from ihe east bank of Columbia Kiver
and oiw mile below mouth ol Highl Milt
Creek! marked "K. A. Bradley's S, W
posi," iheneeeast 86chains, ibenco
north Su cliiiins, thonce west 8o chains,
tlienee soulh So chains io point of commencement,
io. Commencing ii a post planled one
mile from easi bank of Columbia Kiver ami
one mile1 below mou'.liof Eight Mile Creek,
marked "K. A. Bradley's N, VV, comer
posl," ihenee east Ho chains, tlienee south
Nnch.'ihis, llienee wesl So ehaiiis, ihence
north So ehains to poini of commencement.
it. Commencing at a post planleil on
lhe south .side el' Soanl Creek ahoul (kj
chains from iis moulh, marked "K. A.
Bradley's S, E. conier post," iheuce wesi
8o chains, thence north So chains, ihenee
easl So chains, llienee south Ho chains lo
[win! of Commencement.
12. Commencing al a posl planled'on
south side nf Soard Creek ahoul <>o chain-
from its month* mprked "IC. A. Bradley's
\. K, eorner posl," llienee west So chains,
ihence soulh ^u clmins, thence east So
chains, Ihence north So chains lo point ol"
13. Commencing1 ai a post planted on
norlh side ol Soard Creek ahoul oue mile
ami ho chains from its moulh, marked "K.
A. Br.ullcy's S. E. corner post," ihenee
wesl So eimins, ihence north So ehains,
llienee east So ehai is, iheuce south So
chains to poinl of commenc "1110111.
14, Commencing at a posl planted on
norlh side orSourd Creek about one mile
and do chaina Irom iis moulh, marked "IC,
A. Bradley's X. E. corner posl," thence
west So ehains, Ihenee south So chains,
ihenee easi So chains, llienee norlli So
chains lo poinl of commencement.
15, Commencing al a posi planted 01
norlh side of Soard Creek aboul two miles
and do chains from ils moulh, marked "E.
A. Bradley's S.l*'.. corner post," l bene
west So chains, llienee uorlh So chaini
ihenee east So chains, llieiuv soulh So
chains lo point of commencement.
io. Commencing at a post planted
nonh side of Soanl Creek ahoul two miles
;uul 60 ,* "ous from ii- mouth* maiked "K.
,\, lh 1 : -, N. li, eorner post," thence
uesi s* iliains, thence aou.h80 chain-,
lln nee ei-i >> ih*jlus, ihenee north So
chains 10 p/mi nt eonun ncement,
1-. Commencing <ii i post planted on
1101;.' 'tie of So.ml Creek about 3 miles
on it- mouth, inarked "K.
i. K corner* posi,' thence
wesi So .-. .. . Ihence north Bo chains,
ihenee easi 8. 't tins, ihenee south So
ehains to poim oi 1.   meneement.
iS, Commencing at a po-t planted 01,
north side of Soard Creek about 3 miles
ami (ai eliains from ils mouth, marked "I*!.
A. Bradley's X, K. eorner posl," thence
west So chains, thence soulh 80 chains,
llienee easl 80 chains, tlienee norlh So
chains 10 point of commencement,
hj, Commencing at a post plant ial on
Ibe easl side and one mile fiom the Columbia Kiver and one mile north ol Big
Mouth Creek, marked "E. A. Bradley's
S. VV, eorner posl," thenceeast So chains,
ihenee uorlh So chains, tlience west So
ehains, Ihenee souih So chains to poinl ol
20, Commencing al a posi planted on
iln- cnsl side ami two miles from the Columbia Kiver ami two mile- north of Big
Month Creek, marked "I*:. A. Bradleys
S. \V. corner posl," llienee east So chains,
ihence north So i liains, ihence wesl So
chains, thenee soulh So chains lo poinl ol
at, ' ommeiieing al a posl planted on
ilu* easl *-ide ami one mile from ihe Columbia Riverand three miles north ot Big
Moulh   Creek,   niarked   "E, A. Bradlev s
S. VV, comer posl," then
atid d.
A. Hr;
nu ir
. lln
.as! 80 ehains,
. hains,  ihenee west So
■ -outh .so  ehains lo poinl ol
I. 1 iiiiiiiii
-iihint'Ca  '
ton City, 1
chum.-, Uioui
chains, thon.
;,. CommonclnKnU p**! plnuiod ou the wo 1
tldo of Cariboo Crook, about ll mile- from Burton City, dutotl 2.1th Fob. 1007, thonce south bin
ohainsn thonco wosl IU ohains, tholico north Hm
ohnilis, tlionco oast I" chains to poinl. of com-
1 co moot.
II. I'.'iinneiieiimnt a post plnuled <m thn oust
sido ofCaril Crofck, aboul ICmtloafroni Bur
ton City, dnted I'eh 25th, ID0T, tTlOllOU soutli 160
ohnlns, theuoe oust hi ohalna, theuco north 100
elinlusi thonco wost in ohnlns to pointof emu-
Datod Feb. 21th, 1007.
set mob 2 GEO   B, CAMPBELL.
22. Commencing al a post planted on
easl side of Columbin riverand on soulb
side ami one mile from mouth of Howard
Cnvl,, marked "E, A. Bradley's S. VV.
corner post,' theni e easi 80 chains, them-e
nortli Se chains, thence wesl So chains,
thunce aouth So chains to point of commencement.
23, Commencing at a po-i planted on
easl side of Columbia Kiver ami on soulh
side ami one mile Iiom moulh el Howard
Creek, marked "K. A. Bradley's N\ \V,
eorner pes'," tlieilCC easi So chains, ihenee
s-iiiih So eliains, ihenee we-i So chains,
Ihence north So chains to point of commencement,
^4. Commencing ata post planted on
east side of Columbia River ami on nonh
side and lwo miles from moulh of Howard
Creek, marked ;*K. A. Bradley's S, W.
comer posl,1 ll *,. ist 80 .liains, thence
uon ii So chains, thence wost 80 chains,
!. m e s..iiih 80 1 ham- 10 point ol commencement,
2^,   Commenci iif; at a post planled on
east side of ('olumbia  Ki\er ami on nortli
side and two miles from mouth ol Howard
in mcement,
26,   Commencing .1.1 posl planted on
side 1 Columoia  Kiver .imi on soulh
side and   ', miles from mouth ol Howard
.   . irked  "E, A   Bradley's S, W.
oru r post," thence easl So chains, thenee
chains, thenee west So chains,
hem    -    tii  .So chains to pointof uom-
:;. Commencing at a posi planted on
■ast sideof Columbia Riverand 011 north
»ide and ^ miles from moulh oi Howard
Creek, marked "K. A. Bradley's N.W.
corner posl," ihenee east So chams, thence
south   60 chains, thence west Ho chains,
10 poim of commencement,.
:S.    Coinmeneing at a post planted on
east side ef Columbia River and on south
side and 4 miles from mouth of Howard
Creek, niarked "E A. Bradley"-* S, VV.
corner post," thenceeast So cliains, theme
north Ho chains, thence wesl So chain-,
ihence soulh Ho chains to point of commencement,
zq. Commencing at a por»t planted on
east side of Columbia Riverand 011 north
side and 4 miles from mouth of Howard
Creek, marked "E. A. Bradley's N. VV,
orner post." ihtincc easl So chains, ihence
south So chains, ihence west 80 chains,
thence north So chains to point of commencement,
30. Commencing" at a posi planted on
norlh side oi Maloney Creek, 60 chains
irom Columbia River, marked "E. A.
Bradley's S. E. cooner post," thence wesl
So eliains, thence norlh So chains, thence
■ast So chains, thence soulli 80 chains to
poinl oi commencement.
31. Commencing at a post planted vn
mh side of Maloney Creek and two
iles and do chains from mouth o( creek,
irked "E. A. Bradley's S. E. corner
ist," ihence west So cliains, ihence north
1 chains, thence easl So chains, Ihenee
mlh Ho chains to point of commencement.
3:. Commencing at a post planted on
•outh side of Maloney Creek and 2 miles
iml do chains from iis moulh, marked "K.
\. Bradley's X. IC. eoruer post," ihence
.vest So chains, thence south So chains,
hence east Ho chains, Ihence north Hit
chains to place of commencement.
Commencing al a post planted on
itle ami 3 miles and 60 chains from
month oi Maloney Creek, marked "E, A.
Bradley's S, E, corner posl," thence west
So chains, Ihence north So chains, ihence
easl Ho chains, thence soulh So chains lo
poini of commencement,
34, Commencing at a post planted on
south side and ;, miles and 60 chains from
I moulh of Maloney Creek, marked "E, A.
■Bradley's X. E. corner posi," thence west
8ochairiS| thencesouth So chains, iheuce
east   So chains, ihenCe north So chains lo
poini of commencement,
35, Comniehfofng nt a |t«st planted fio chains
from Columbia Itiver i.nd otic mile and tin
chain- soulb nf Maloney Creek, marked "K, A.
Bradley's N. K corner post," tnonosouUi l'1"
chain-, llienco wesl In chuius, thence nurth 160
elinins, thence east 10 chains lopoint uf com-
M. Commencing at a post plunted fm chain-
from Columbia Slyer and t*u andouc-half
miles south uf ifaloiicj* Creek, marked "K. A.
Bradley's N K. corner posL" tnence south S'i
chaius, thence west SO chaius, thence north W)
chains, tbenee east 80 chains to point of com*
meneement ,
:<7   1 tu on- ine nt a post planted 60 chaiim
from Colombia Kiver nud three nud ouc-hiilf
mile*soutli of Maloney Creek, marked "E. A.
Bradley's N. K. corner jto*]," ihence i-outh'l**'
chain-, tlience west 80 chains, tbenee north 80
clialns, tlience Oftstfi) chaius lo point of commence ment
3$. Commencing nt n post planted one and
one-half miles frum Columbia Itiver und une
mile uml fin chains nurth of Home ('reek.
mnrked "K. A, Bradley's N.E,corner post,"
tbenee west Su chains, tlience south Si chains,
t hence ea>t S) ehuins, thence north SO chains to
poiol of commencement.
:..'. CommeiiciiiK ut a post planted two and
one-halt miles from Columbia lliver and one
mile and tu chains nurih of Home Creek,
marked "E. A. Bradley's N. K corner post."
thence west Sii ehnins, tlience south 80 chains,
ihence nist Nl chain*, Ihence north t)0 chains to
point of cominenoenictit.
Pj. Commencing ut a pOht planted one mile
from Columbia Kiver and 20 chains south of
Huri* Creek, marked "K. A. Bradley's 8. E.
eurner post,' thence wesl Si chains.thence
north 80 chains, thence etst80 chains, thenco
noull)8iichu.i'iP to puint of commencement.
11 1 'i ii -ii. *;i.k ut a post planted one miic
fr "in Culuinhiu Biver and L'n chains south from
Home Creek, marked "E. A, Bradley's N.K,
corner pott, ihence west 80 chains, ibence
south SO chains, thei.ee cast Ki chains, thenco
ninth SO chains to point of commencement.
Datod .\Liich2nd,l!t*7.
not mcli 9 E A. BKAHLEV.
Notice i- herel***** gtren that 80days afterdate I
Intend to npply t« the cblef Commissioner <>f
hands and Works fur a -peci-d licence to cut and
carry away Umber from the following described
laml-in Weat KooUnayi
1 Commencing nt a post planted un the west
Uiu): of Tate Creek aliout three miles from Its
ni'ii.li, and marked "F, Drange's S, W. corner,"
nml running north E0 chains, tlience eatl to chains,
Ihence norlh 00 chaini. thence east "Wchaini,
ihence aouth BU chain*, thenci- west lu ehains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west tn chains to
place of beginning,
l)iil«>,| Feb 'Mh, IK.
2. Commencingat a pm-u planted «m the west
lank of   late Creek north  uf and adjoining F.
Orange's location nml marked "tt, Fllllmore's 8,
W, enrner,' ami rumiiii^ north wi chains, thence
easl 101 h iui-, theoce nortb60chaina, thence east
fOcb&iRs, thence south 80 clmins, thence went 10
chains, thence South Uo chains, thence weat 10
chains t" place of beginning.
Dated Feb. 28th, IW7,
weilmehli ll, KI I.LI M OUL
Notice i- hereby given that 30 days afterdate
we Intend tn apply tojthe Chief Commissioner of
Lands tod Wurk- [or u special licence to cut
and carry nwny timlier from the fullowiugde-
scribed landi situated iu West Kooteuay dis.
trict, B.C. :
1. Commeneing nt a ptwl marked "Lamb-
Wut-on Lumber Co north-east corner poet,"
planted at the smith east turner of Berth No.
HU, tbenee south SO cIiuIiih, thenoe west 80
chains, thenoe north 8n chains thence tjm 80
chain- tu pom" of commencement.
2, Commonolng at a i*ont marked "lAinb-
Watson Lumber Co. soulfi-woHt corner post,"
planted at the south-out cornor of Berth No,
7111. tbenee uo/lh *•> cJiiin-, m-l 80cbalnn,
south Si cbaina, west si chains to pointof
:*. Commencing at a i>osi marked "Lamb-
IValson LuinhcrCu, south-out comer post,"
planlcd ut the »uulb-wc>t coruer of Berth No.
7111 thenoo nurih lfin chains, tbeuce west 10
clialna, thenoe south 100 chaina, ihence cant 10
chain- tn puint of cumiiienceuicoL
I. Commeueiug at a iwst marked "Lamb-
Wut-un Lumber Co norlh-west corner post,"
planted ut the -o.th-ca-t n-Tiirruf Berth No.
7111. thence suulh S) chains, thence oast 80
cbnins, tbenee north Si ebains, thonco west 80
ohalni ta point of coinmencement.
Daled thi- lth day of March, 1807.
inch 9 sal
Notice is hereby sl ven that 80 days 'I"0™ dato
1 intend tu applv lo tl,c Hunoiirablc lhe Chief
Commissioner ol' ends and Works fur aapeclsl
llconse tucut and carry away timber from tho
following ilescribed In mi*, situated on Galena
itny, West Kootenay district:
I, Beginning ftt a post planted 10 chains
smith of the north-easl corner of T, L 61118,
Uience lu chain-, mirth, Ihence B0 chains oast,
im i.e. 90chains soutb, theuco 80chain* went,
thence 7ti chains north lu point of commence*
ment, containing WO acres.
: Beginning m a pout planted 10 chains
norlh ui ihe smith-east corner 0 Chas, Heck's
application, thenee ^ cbaina east, theuce so
cliains suuth, the iht s., etiaina weat, tbenee 80
chains north to point of comiuemieincut,
Dated Feb. 10th, 1107,
lab flial        * ullAS. BECK,
Nolan is hereby given that w days after date I
intend to Wpll w ihe Chief (Yramlssionor Ol
Lands ami Wnrks for permission tu putehoai the
following doscribod lands,situate in Weit Koote*
n.iy district:
Oomtnenctng al n poll planted at the north-east
..rnti ol J. B. Johaion'i application ami marked
A  McPbtdden's suuth-easl corner imst,'' tlience
nnrth K) ehains, tnence west w cliains, theace
mlh »o chains thenee east Sl chaini to point ol
commencement, Contaliiin*i 010 acres.
Dated llth March, 1907.
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1*1 IJI ry IJ? *^* *5-" "j? 'I" Tf, '+" ™ *+' *+T
Grocers, Bakers •& Confectioners
Wednesday, Maroh 13th, fur 11
hours. Snow accompanied by prob-
able storm. Continued cold. Cloudy
with bright in'erv.ila Barometer 30.02
Temp. Max 10 degrees, Min. I'd
Local and General.
See "The Man Iron) Texas" at the'
Irish Consort, Opera Home, March 18 i
Conductor T. J. Lawrence has just!
received ;he ead intelligence ol the
death of his lather, which occurred at I
Durham, Ontario.
The opera home lloor is in fine!
shape now, bin the Woodmen are|
point! to have it perlect for Easter
Monday's big dance.
The lift lime in Revelstoke, "The
Holy City," in pantomine, at tlie
Irish Concert.
E, A Haggen, ol Revelstoke,* has
been appointed by the secretary nl
state, .1 commissi..ner to lake and administer oaths under the X.itii.i.liz.i
tion Act.
.111 account ol tlie attraction lit the
open, house on Thursday, Mnrcli 21st,
the Ladies' Ausiliiry to the Y.M C A.
have arranged to In Id llieir "at home"
in thn A- ciation pallors on Wednes-
d y alternoon and evening, tl..- 20th
. st,
A request ha- been received by the
i»..ir.i..:' contr.'l nl tiie New VVestmin-
sti r eihihition ti.-t prizes 1* awarded
torn .hair taken Irom gouts raised
near Chilliwack. It has been decided
1 ti ■ il -I-1; 1 ..-trillion ol
domestic science, one ol the features
I the fair.
Elliot G, Stevenson, supreme councillor ol the  Independent  Order  ol
Foresters wi I - ■ the -1 ice soi ol the
lite Dr Or nti ■■■.'•■ ha,  as  iiipremc
chief ranger ol the order,   Mr Steven-
ion   ia  . menil ei 1 i tne law firm ol,
Dickenson   Stevenson,  Warren  audi
Butiel, ol Detroit and is  .me ol  the!
best known i restersint ie Dominion.
A magnificent spectacle was wit-
: ease I 00 M :. I iy night about 10 p m ,
when i iim- aun ra-l realii di .eloped
and illuminated tbe whole ol the
northern sky in a grand arc, forming,
as it were, au aun .le I - Mt. Victoriu.
The lighl streams ascending from the
dark line above the m itain, to the
zenith a*iurn«l many -uirI at.d fan-
. utic -: .i] ps, a. -I :-•... ned loi several
hours in the *s"v.
Patrick Burns, the entile king, nl
.Calgary, staled while, nt Nelson, that
the lops ol entile in tl.e west had been
somewhat exnguerated in tl.e press,
but t'-at it had succeeded that ol
former year*. Cuttle nro becoming
scarce in tl.e west under ordinary cm-
ilitiuus and will, ll.e added loss owing
to tl.e severity nf tl.e past winter
season they will l.e still mure scarce
this spring .....1 summer; consequently
heel will be just n shade dearer.
Success a'tistically and laugh pro
ducing Irom the start is the remark.
able und pleasing record accorded
"My Wife's Family," a three act
musical larce comedy, written by llnl
Stephens and Harry Linton, which
was brought out lust season. Built
for laugh'ng purposes only, it accomplished its end, with the result that
return datis were played at many of
the large cities liy special request nt
managers and the theatre-going public The attraction will lie seen in
ibis city on Thursday, March 21st.
Britisli Columbia's first native
whiskey bus just started nn its career,
wheji the lirsl carload ol "Blue Mountain Brand" or whatever il may be
culled, eventually, left tlie H C distillery ut S.i|i|ic tun, consigned to
Vancouver, Fm* two years the wheat
.mil juice hnve been ninl..ring in
barrels, a cording to government
require., cuts an.l nnivn lnrge quantity
is ready for market ninl before very
long llie native brand will he us well
known in Britisli Columbia as Seagram's si ven yea." old,...- Gooderham &
Worts' '83. '
Mr. nml Mrs Ol.arles F.  Lindmark
returned on Monday morning from a
visil Iii llie coast  cities.     While   in
Victoria if.si week thev attended the
opening of tl...   legislature,   ...ul   M.
Lindmark us president ,1! Hie Revel
stoke hoard ol trade had an interview
will. Pie...i.-r McBride in regard   to
matters ol local interest,   Speaking ol
ihe prosperity .... tl.e oust, Mr. Lind
mark states that there were  a  great
many home seekers Irom tlie prairies
holh in the Capital nml ..Is, in   Van- j
cotiver, who ..re extensively buying up,
houses and lands.    There  was every
evidence that a big inrlux ..-i settlers'
would take place into ihe province,!
who ivould not   only   locate   mi   tlie
coast but overllow   into  tbe   interior
and would locate on  nil  the fertile
T» Buy it I [..life.
To lieut:. House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
Tu Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
be very much lelt by nil und especially
by the hotel men who had the hig lest
respect lur him in his (uir nnd in partial discharge oi bis duties.
(leorge B. Maedonald, who has been
auditor for I'. Burns & Co. in Calgary
lor the lust few yeurs, died Inst week
from peritonitis. The dece.scdwas
nne of the best auditors in tlie west
and leaves 11 host of friends botli in
Calgary and 'in British Columbia
where lie wus employed previous to
settling in Calgary, He was highly
esteemed by his employers because 0!
his great ability nml pleasing manner
extended to all.
**» MRS. IlliOWX.
The dentil look place on Satlirda.
night nt Ton..11.. nl Mrs. II.own,
widow of the laie (.l-ii.-gi. Br wn fur
...anv years editor of the Toronto
Globe. '
Business Locals
300 Lives Lost   Awful Suffering in Fiery Inferno.
Toci.on', France, Mnrch 13.—The
French battleship Jena was blown up
yesterday morning. Wlm was lying
at anchor in the harbor a lew biimlnd
yards ftniii shore. Her magazine exploded, and between threo and four
hundred B.iilorB .sere killed.
Hundreds of people had gathered on
the wharves to wntch the lire which
was consuming the great ship,
Suddenly a shell exploded at the end
of a pier, nnd dozens of people were
killed, wl.il. scores of ethers were
maimed by Hying iinhci's.
The Jena wns making ready for suil-
illg within forty eight hours when tin
accident occur...I. Suddenly tii
town nits shaken by nn explosion. At
tl.esunc mon.enl llan.es leaped Irom
llie deck ul the « rship The fi'-ip
was broken and sn.ashed and her sides
knocked uway.
The scene on hoard wns indescribably awful. Armless .....I legless men
tried to drag themselves uway Irom the
lire which was rapidly consuming llie
l.oilies of iheir di'nd companions, it is
estimated thnt two hundred were kill, d
.1..night by the (un shock and 11 hundred nmre lost their lives in the flumes
Others were drowned.
From the Jena llum-s spread rapidly
tn a nearby wharf, and Iocs time the
Government arsenal wa. threatened
So great was the shuck of thu explosion
that telegraph and telephone olliees
were temporarily put out of business
Transportation between iNelson and
Proctor will be resumed this' week.
No timo hns yet been set fur the
resumption ol the Arrow Lnke service
but it will, no doubt, l.e in Mny.
During the past week there has been
much liilk among railway men of tin1
O. P. It. moving its repair shops from
Ebolt to Grand Forks, but no ollicial
confirmation has been received,
Ilulf 11 million dollars will l.e expended in improvements in the C P. R.
shops in Winnipeg during the season
•il I HUT. This nm unit is practically
double the previous estimate since the
development ol the business uf lln
corporation has exceeded nil expectations nnd every department of the
business is declared to he overtaxed
fur space.
The Oceanic Steamship company
has iiutili d the government ul the
United States that it. purposes withdrawing, from the American-Australian service, the vessels now running
nn tlnit line. . This decision was, it is
l&'d, the result of the failure ol Congress to pass the ship subsidy bill,
together with the (act that tbe New
Zealand government did not include
.111 appropriation lor a mail subsidv in
its last budget, making .be operation
of tlie company's lines unprofitab'e,
Social and Personal
-, ity counti ii. I-1- well
known line. Ours nre madi
Irom only chemically pure chemical*.
25c.   A   BOX
Phm. B.
Druggist nnil Stationer.
Mail orders promptly attended
P, McNa.i-.'ht.in left.... Saturday lor
.1. A Leslie:- ip. ...ling .. week - r
i-i.  .t II ii'-11  ll-it Springe
T. B, Baki f n a.-iBgi r ol the Imp. r-
ial Bank nt Arrowhead, was ... town
tiiii week
Mr ut il Mn, .1. VI, I' j le n turned
on Sunday Irom a long visil  -
J. A, Maedonald, leader ol the op-
p .sition in the provincial legislature,
-: enl Sunday In town, 1 n route I *
\ iet. 1.1.
Kev. W, II at, organizer and evangelist fur Allien.! and Sackatchwan for
the Baptist league made .. brief visit
... town ihi- week.
A. J. Mcli.nullI, ol Greenwood,
brother ol the lato O McDonald, form-
. i In ,nl auditor ul P. Hum- k Co ..1
Calgary, came up from N.-i-... lai
nighl I-, 'uk.- oharge of his brothel -
... ily lor burial at Seattle,
1:1.V, I, UKOFOI1D, II ll,
It is a matte! of sincere rcgr.-t
have l.i record the death ol Hev. Frederick Langlord, B.D., which ocourred
on Saturday, Thedecaied was closely
associated with the Methodist Church
in Calgary (or n.ai.y yeurs, and up till
the liun,' ol hie death was liconoe inspector iu that city,    His dentil will
Nothins better thin Our "Spsoial.
>.-.-.:-. *.-.-'i-, f.t'ci!.-, .i* all Kii.-;- i   i
li. Hume k Co,
Cabbage, lett \ turnips heels, parsnips, »- .1 rots —B lurne B. *
v assortment nl 50  ■     airla   in.
ages t   choose fi tn al   II... --    .
New pa ter • ol carpets and  I
■   B. Hnnii It 1  ,',,
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
II .1 -. n -   fumil tire    -' ue  i«  .In
place In get        ets,    in     11 -   1
1.1 m ind 1 .!■.-■ -    .rtaini     *l ii.
goods  and • 1 r^. x* -r * - -, at C  B  H
.. Co's,
Floi f paints   mm ■ . .tail
mixed paints, oil, terpentine ■  1*1 lit.
varnish, all c ilors in a tba     - - 1
Bi firm: Bros.
Don't pay a Ciiy Lot Prioe for ■
piece -.i somebody's larm oceans,
somebody haa n ade bia larm look like
oity m.'—.: paper I'll -ell ynu a
d. - ru...- ...- -locate. 1 .' rf|.. right
Iim-— E A Haggen, Real Estate and
ii...  ■.:,•■<■ Agent h.--■1st. ke li 0,
a choice selection ol imall ruga anil
Cilrpet squares, newesi designs   a( (
II. lln....- . C -'-.
II by carriages Q     ■
f -   ..-   lln - -     - ■ m
il ,,
Revelstoke Cigars Union Mario Our
Special, The Union, and Marca Vuelta
are ahead ol all others.
Blue  R fi ■ 1   I'uwdera in all
flavors, 10c per package al 1 . B Hume
& Co's. '
An.ither home made happy
vesting in ....   Ostei'inoor    , attresa -
Howson -1- the p ice -   gi I
For the besl brands ol catsup, pbkles,
sauces, olives ai .1 relislu 8, try C B
Iliiiin- a- Co.
Miner Entombed 800 Feet Deep
in the Earth,
Bi-.ssi-.mi u, Mich,, March 12-   II u ed
aov.:   beneath   thousands   of tons of
, rock, son leet in  the  bowell  of the
earth, Minn   Dalerlc,  n   miner,   lies
to staring death in the lace,  whilo  rei
°Sw ^wkm Eig Dane
(! ntlemen, $2,110.     Ladies Free,
Tickets i-iiii bu obtained  i'r- in ll
fel..«-.-._■ ciin ini'.tce :—
V W. r.-.Mi nox R W.Haoqex
I, i; .'ifii- i ii.T.iiiM.is
No. 5 COMPANY. R, M. R,
i will parade I - Con puny Drill at the
Ij . Hall - ■ riiu.-s.lay night nt 8
o'clock sharp
11. A. IIHOWN,
0. 0
N ■ ■ ■■    'i - I        ii ihnl within lliirf
■ *   l   i - tpply i" the ll--n
' I,.*, is  mil Work
! ■- irry n»:iy tl»nIh-
-      iiii"!-    -■'    ■*■■■    *■
1    ■    ■ ,-*.,.      fl * I.
UOW ha.n ii miii-:i: t mii'\N\
i fort
r fnnn
Wi i
W A NTI*; I)
i ,, - ISM M-'l-lts  WANTED    1|
| )   ply lu I    i:  lln.,..,". I ...
J,II .1:  - I i.i.   . .i .  handsome    li m
, .-iimi.-i. cheap   Ap
i ■   ,      ■-        Oity Bakery,
i".i       - i   . ..ii-i-'ji-nii
have    mm ■  l.y  paying  I'm |this
...Iveiii*■••! Mi. . . Hanson.
cuers aro working to  save  him  and
hundreds stand helpless ahout Imping
against   hope   for   the   lifool the on
tombed  .......     Tappl ogi on .. iteam
pipo Indicate tl... prisoner  is alive,
but   onless   Biisti'iinii.'i: can l.e got tn
Iiim he may die ol Hturvaliiu..    The
])I,A IN ind .'iniiii.n-.ii.il Plastering.
Ai'ili. i -    -mum i.f uny design l.n
In.'tiding pit ! . ■■,,.. nl  nnd . nn
»,»| .     .     .       ■ |,V     M.liM
work.   Apply .    I. VV w h.i.   ind  I.
l;.      toke, P O
'iui LEI II i-i- keeping room .
I iniiM I,- i i. vnn.ig couple, no
children.   Ap|    nt thia office,
/■A.VTI.I.    i'i    Mil      I
House    Apply in I'i.A   II / ■
WANTED    \t nn.-". ..I  Hali. nn
llnl  Spring',  -.0 experienced
.1 igi'.ii-iu  i-n I    Apply nl niul- lo
II. Mi INTOKH, Prop,
WANTED    l-'u-Nt-.-hiss   energetic
hustling ....... ol experience, to
nmnuge suw null ..nd  river driving
fiuilll, I,', io nu ih....sm..11'cei  capacity
per day.   Address X, V. Z, this olliee,
with references and snlury wanted,
Now i.s the season for Spring sewing and everyone is looking out for pretty materials
for Suits and Blouses. Tlie fashion magazines and trade papers prophecy another "white"
season and we are amply prepared for it.   Our showings in
Victoria Lawns
Swiss Mulls
Persian Lawns
Batistes, Etc.
will be found to bc the largest variety and b;st values you have yet been shown.
Then we have a pretty lot of Muslins in white grounds, with colored flowers, in all  the
pretty Slimmer shades and Dresden effects.
Colored Muslins, Delaines, Delainettes, Batistes aud Dimities at all prices.
Wc would call especial attention to our lines of
for llniisevve.il* and Children's School Dresses. For these purposes they must wear well
and keep their color through frequent washings, and we know we have exactly the goods
you need.
Prints, in all colors, Ginghams in greeat variety.   Clnmhrays, all shades,  Zephyrs,
Crepes, Oxfords, etc.
We have opened our Spring stock of this celebrated
Corset. There are none better and mighty few as good. We
have them in all models, for all figures, and in sizes from i8 lo ;,(..
We absolutely guarantee them and if^not satisfactory will refund
your money.
Our Watches are "Au
Fait." Eight Day Clocks
for $4.50. All Stiver-
ware Guaranteed Quality. Watch Repairing
a Specialty.
Furniiuie,   I'linins, or Metol.an-
, I is-.-, sinr.-.l in ilry-ivi'll-huili warehouse in convenient liHii.li.iii,
E.  A.   HAGGEN,
Ileal Est.tle.ind Insurance Agent
He.elsu.ke, B.C.
Notice is hereby given thnl llll days
afterdate we Inlend to imply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands mid
Winks for a special licence to cut uud
carry ..wny timber fmni the lollowing
ih-.-c-ihe.l lands, situate in West
Knntenay .listii.-t:
1. Co...n.enci..",' nt a post plunted
nl tUiniles from east bankuf Colli...hin i-iveint Itocky Point and marked "Revelslnke Saw Mills Cn, S. VV,
earner prat," thence north till) cliiiins,
.us. in chains, south 100 chuius, .vest
Hi ilinins in pnint if coinmencement.
2. Commencing ni u post plnuted
about HJ miles from ensl bnnk of Columbia river nt Kockv Point, maiked
'•KevelstokeSaw Mill Co. S.W. coiner
post," thence n rth 100 chnlns, east 40
chains, south 100 chains, west 10
chains to point of commencement,
.'(. Commencing at n post plunted
about I inil.-s fronl east Imnk of Columbia liver ,-.l K.ukv Point, in.irked
"Revelstoku Suw Mill Co. S. W. cornel- post," ll.e...-.- nu.-l 1.111(1 ehnins, east.
in chains, south inn chains, west III
-1...ms in poinl ul' commencement.
I. Commencing al u po-t planted
ii.-'i.i Ij miles from east hunk of Columbia river .-.i Hooky Point, marked
"ltevplstoke Suw Mill Cn. 8. VV. corner post,,' thence north Kklcbnins, east,
in chains, south inn chains, west in
n mm ti. puint of commence.nent,
,',.   Cm neing ..(  a pusl planted
iiIki.H m miles from Ihe oust hunk of
. '..lii.filii.'i i ii.-. ;.t Kocky Poinl uud
,„ ii ki-il "Ki-vi-1-l..ke Saw .1)111 Co. S.
W, corner post," thenee liui'l.h Illll
. il III chains, south ion chains,
■ ■ i III chains tu puinl "I commence-
ii.   c..........n-i.ik ul  a nosl planted
ihoiil '■'. mill* fi- in oust Imnk of ('..I-
.-ni ii ifi.-i al Itocky Point, marked
Kevelstoke Haw Mill On. N. K. corner
th. v.   .....li   100 ehuins, wesl
hi chains ..".Hi  100 chains, enst 10
' Imiii,    Im j.MMil .,l* CUnl>Ill'llC01»Ut)t.
i. i Mimii-iiiiiig ni u pusl planted
....,.,' :;-. mllei frmn llie ensl bunk ill
' ..lu.nliln rlvnr... l(...-kv Point, ...f..- ■-
..I   "K.-..I toke  s.w   MIII  Co. N. K.
 i poet,  theuce mnth 100 ohains,
- .it io . huiiiH, .iuiiii inn ehains, we«i
in i i. nn p. poinl of commencement.
8, Cmiiui'.ii'in,, .if ft posi planted
.mi weel l.imk of Coluinbin livor "i I
mile  below   lln.-kv  I'..ini, marked
lli'velstokn Haw Mill C... H, K. eurner
posl," th.-....-  wesl Iim chains, nnrth
I'i   ' ; I,   mi*,    llll)   ehuins, BOIltll   Id
chains in poinl ..l ci.i.iinencen.enl.
Dated Match (lth, imi7.
ftKVUM'l'OKK Saw Mil,I. Co.
wed moll 18
we do not pretend to cure, hut we
cm and do avert it; releve eye
strain and save many a headache
and III of nervousness hy adapting
to your eye needs just the right
glasses or spectacles,
It has been proven that 00 per
cent of headache* nro caused by
defective eyes. Now is a good
time to have your eyes attended
SC E N li   F H O M
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .     ,     ,     . $2,000
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling and Lota, Third Street  4,200
Dwelling and Lota, (corner) Fifth Street      .      . .   8,200
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.         . 000
Lots On Second St., east ol MoKenric Ave,, eaoh  . .     250
Lots ou Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    . ,200
Lots on Fiiut-lh St., eiist of McKenzie Ave., each    . .      175
Lots on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    . .150
SAt iTi i*tl 1*1 At 1*1*1 At 1*1*1 At iTi At At .1*. At A* At A, .1*. .'♦'. .♦. At A. .♦. .♦. .♦■
T4>1 r4- ~tfi * V V *+* V V "iiy w T *I* T 'T T T T 'I* 'I' w '1' w 'I' * "
tTTANTED (li.lfi.clleneri.l Huns...
VV Wflrk, fninily of three: musl.
lie guud plain cook,   W..ge» $2.-.  per
month,   Miw. T, T. Li-dhate.
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
i At At ti'i ill i*l*> iti iTi iTi ill ill Ji ill At At A. A. A* .'t*. .♦. .♦. At ■♦« At A
' "X* X * 4 * + ♦ ♦ 4» * X * * X * * X' X X # • V X tX*. '


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