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The Mail Herald 1907-10-26

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You can pay more, but can not
buy purer or Letter MINERAL
~T>^g-n'ts produced, lhii Machine
InteriorjPublishing Co, Agents
OCT 2s lite—
Vol. 13.-NO 84
/cToria, sj^2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
" Tm Sem.
or Certainty "
'./jr. w#.,.ff,-V£
* shoe 1
V            GOOOYXAS-Ufcl-T dlWH             .j
Men I!   For Foot Comfort, Easy Walking and Shoe
Hconomy, wear the Slater Shoe.
We are exclusive agents for this Section of B. C. for the
Slater Shoe.
Men's Corona Colt Patent, the acme of enameled leather,
For a Dressy Shoe there is no Shoe to equal this. We have
them in the new cuts, all sizes.       .       .        .     $5.50
Men's Vici Kid, the finest polishing leather to he had
Balmorals, and Blucher cuts, all widths and sizes at $5.00
Railroad Shoes,—We make a specialty of Boots and
Shoes for Railroad men. We have Oil Tan and Waterproof Boot with viscilized sole, that cannot be beaten for
comfort and hard wear. They come in both laced and
elastic sides.
Bargains in Jardinieres
A round-up of about thirty Beautiful Thoy
are beautiful ware. Among them are the well known
designs Royal, Kent, Avon, Tiber, Iris, etc., in handsome
colorings and pattern. Wc are clearing the lot at a sacrifice. The prices are very attractive now. Tbey run down
from $4.00 to 95c.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
rail Coeds Arriving Dally.    Dressmaking and Millinery Rooms, lnd| Floor
■ ssssssssssssssssssssssssssMssssssssHssssVssasasaUBMd
■t*. ."fr.  .f. .'fr.  ,t. .♦. At A af. SjX|   l
*lr w '*• It   * 'X' +   ••> **V *4**  i
If you want to get the best
see our stock.
Over 50 Heating Stoves'to
select from and over 25 Cook
Stoves to make a choice from.
We have over two carloads
of Stoves and Furnaces on
our Floor and in our warehouse.
We buy the best and cnn
^ive yon the advantage of our
extensive buying.
We only buy from tlie Iiest
Stove makers in Canada.
We are showing Airtight
Heaters from $3 50 up. See
our lino before purchasing.
Deslen in Hardware, Stoves snd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's ty
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing. ty
i iti itt t*ti ifi iTi itt itt itt iti itt iti itt itt iti
' *Sr 'v X * t*  sii  4* * ♦ •  ♦  *  *  4*
Well Built seven room house with
verandah, (four bedrooms), good cellarage, wash house and sanitary arrangements. All modern improvements and
fittings and everything in tlie best condition.
Large well kept garden, contains 12 fruit
trees on two 25x100 ft. lots, convenient to
centre of city and C.I'.R. sliops. All for
$1,000 Cash and balance of $2,000
by airangcmcnt.     Iiest buy in the city.
See or
Frustrated Robbery — Lusi-
tania's Record—The British
Railroad Strike—Grain Reports show Bumper Yield.
Chicago, Oct. 2G.—An attempt to
hold up a Panhandle pay train nenr
Reynolds, Ind., wiib frustrated last
night l.y a mistake on the part cf the
robbers. The highwaymen planned
to burn two bridges near here
catching the pay train between them.
By a mistake a local passenger train
was caught instead The robbers did
not molest it, and the bridge lires were
put out. Tlie pay train carried $30,-
000 in cash.
Queens-town, Oct, 26.—The Cunard
Line steamer Lusitania arrived here
at 9:30 yesterday evening. Sue hss
broken her best previous easlern record
from New York to Queenstown, five
days, four hours and nineteen minutes.
London, Oct. 26.—Day and night
meetings of railway employees nre
taking place in all parts of the country at which speechis are made and
resolutions passed emphatically favoring a strike to force thc companies to
recognize the union. Already a spirit
of bitterness is developing.
Letiihhidok, Oct. 26—Reports Irom
the grain lielils still continue to show
bumper yields. Within 60 miles ol
Lethbridge it is estimated there will
be three million bushels of grain to
market. Two years ago last June
there was not a furrow turned in the
0o.iltl.ile dislrict, but thjs (nil there
will be marketed from that community no less than a quarter of a million
Knickerbocker Trust Co. Suffers
from Wall Street War
New York, Oct. 25 —Nothing short
of a panic existed in New York on
Tuesday, and from the tone ol the
mesiage received by a number of financial institutions, the feeling ie
spreading to other cities at a rapid
A number ol the banks were he-
sieged by depositors clamoring to take
out their money, and extra clerks
have had to be empleyed to attend to
their wants.
Great consternation reigned shortly
after 11 o'clock when the Knickerbocker Trust Company stopped payment of inouev to depositors, announcing nt the same time that it was unable to obtain currency fast enough to
satisfy the demand.
When the doors were closed there
were neirly 300 people in Hue, nnd an
army of clerks had been busy paying
depositors at the rate of sixty an hour.
A number ol the customers came to
the bank with depositB but lhe run on
the institution Beared them and they
deemed it wise to wait. State bank
examiners today visited and started an
examination'of the accounts of the
Knickerbocker Trust Company.
the disaster antl derangement which
that means are exceedingly remote.
Hnd the developments which hnve recently taken place occurred on the
high level of a year ago, we might,
indeed, have had to lace a cataclysm.
As it is, the stock market has entered
one of the greatest declines in history,
a decline equivalent to that of a great
panic—but in an orderly and will distributed fashion. Losses have been
enormous, but they have been admirably met, and considering their extent
the disasters following have heen remarkably lew.
The moral cleaning out which Wall
street is now receiving will re-establish values and redound to the honor
and profit ol honorable institutions.
The truth that has beeu so long suppressed in tlie hope thnt the banks
would tnke warning and eradicate the
weak spots, is now heing published
in ollicial notices from the banks. It
is no longer even au open secret that
the bunking situation needed drastic
Now thnt the real seat ni the trouble has been reached, there is hope.
The resources of the country in general are not- impaired materially, and,
ns the decline in business has been
sentimental, it is possible for a sharp
reaction to take place. The people of
the country have never hnd so much,
money free before in history, and the
minute they are convinced that the
purification has been complete they
will buy stock.
Wall Street Purification Will
Re-establish Values.
New Yokk, Oct. 25.—The veek has
been a period ol feverishness and un-
settlement in the stock market. At
times the street waB full of disturbing
rumors, and the embarrassment of one
important operator in copper added to
the prevnilling demoralization. Tbis
continued liquidation wis, ol course,
s part ol tho general reaction which
began with contraction iu the money
market, was accelerated by various
exposures and legislative attacks, and
is now causing a wholesale and somewhat radical financial house cleaning,
sayi Henry Clews in his weekly report, How lar the decline will go it is
beyond human knowledge to predict,
but it ia safe to say that many of the
rumors in circulation were gross exaggerations, nud thst there is no need
Ior any repitition of tlie financial hysteria which niarked the August breaks
in the stock market.
Since January first we have hnd a
shrinkage in securities ol fully, if not
over f3,50O,0<JO,0OO. M»ny good railroad shares have had their values cut
in ball during that period, The industrials have suffered even more drastic
decline, being cut not only into halves
but into thirds and quarters, Alter
inch a tremendous .-1.linkage, it ii almost Mly !•. talk of panic. Violent
breaks may bc pussihle hut the
chincei of s genuine panic with sll
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held last night with
Mayor Brown in the chair and Aids.
Woodland, Sawyer, Abrahamson and
Trimble present.
The minutes of last meeting were
adopted as read.
From Chief of police, reporting on
fire alarms.   Filed.
From Supt. T. Kilpatrick re power
house telephone wire passing under
track and stating that the arrangement did not comply with the regulations.   Filed.
From the Dominion Land office at
Kamloops acknowledging receipt of
cheque in payment (or land purchased
hy the city for pipe line, filed,
. From J. Batlen, requesting that a
portion of the street nt Rol.son avenue
aud Sixth street be repaired in order
to allow ol wood and ctal wagons to
have acceBS to his premises. Referred
to the Public Works committee with
power to act.
From Messrs. McGivercn, Hayden
and Grieg in connection with an
application to Parliament ol Ctnada
tor the incorporation of the Situs, up
and Thompson Kivers Boom Co.
Referred to the Board of Trade.
From C. W. StanoIifTe, agent for
W. J. Bates, of England, engineers
requesting that they may Bubmit
plans for a suction gas plant. The
city clerk was instructed to inform
tlie company that thc tender had been
closed and a contract awarded.
From Cecil Goddard, consulting
engineer, Winnipeg, Btuting that of
two plans submitted to him in the
arrangement oi the new auxiliary
gas producer plant, the second was
the more suitable. Action was held
over until advice had been received
from the Canadian General Electric
Co. quoting prices on tlie new arrangement. Thc council agreed to
purchase the tiro grates necessary for
small coal as recommended by the
Canadian General Electric Co. for the
gas producer,
Sidewalk improvements wero discussed aud a resolution passed approving of the action of the public works
committee on Btreet repairs and sanctioning their lui'ther continuance
where necessary.
Thc accounts were passed and the
meeting terminated.
With their customary forethought
the ladies of Knox Church have made
elaborate preparations for llieir annual
ThankBgiving Dinner on Thursday
next in Selkirk Hall. Dinner will be
served Irom 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and will
include many ol the delicacies Ior
which the ladies uf Rovelstoke aB
culinary artists are fnmouB. The
fancy work table will hu more conspicuous than ever this year by reason
of the many useful and lancy articles
to be lound there. The lish pond will
contain many surpiiics for tl.e little
ones, while the candy booth will hc
well supplied with tlie linest of home
made confectionery, and horticultiir-
alists will And many choice plants at
the ll.over table to plonso them. A
splendid musical programme will be
rendered at intervals during the evening.
Remarkable Accident Happens
to Empress-Scheduled to
Sail on Tuesday - Will Probably be Delayed.
Vancouver, Oct. 25.—Through an
open sea valve, or condenser discharge,
wnter commenced to pour into the
engine-room ol the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company's Oriental liner,
Empress ol China, at 5:40 o'clock
Wednesday night, as she lay at her
berth on the inlet Iront just to the
weBt of Granville street.
The peril of the big steamship was
first noticed by some longshoremen
who were engaged io stowing cargo in
her alter hold. They noticed that she
suddenly took a list and in a very few
minutes she commenced to settle
The alarm wae immediatly raised,
and the ship's crew and engineroom
watch warned to close over port.
A hurry call was sent to Chief Carlisle of the Fire Department for engines. The engines arrived one of
.them waB started to work, but the
effect was like a man drawing water
from a bucket through a straw while
some person was pouring it in with a
The hig veBsei commenced to settle
rapidly by the stern; she was dropping
at the rate ol Irom four to six feet an
hour, by 8 o'clock her stern ports were
under water and there waB seven feet
of wnter in her engine-room.
Diver James Moore was requisitioned to go down nnd plug the sea discharge. At 11:15 o'clock he had sue-
cesslully closed the gaping ten-inch
At midnight the vessel lay on the
bottom alt and taking a list to starboard. She nearly lell off into deep
water at 1 o'clock this morning. Tackle from her mainmast to the wharf
girders snapped and the liner lurched
outward, but the bulk ol the coal hulk
Robert Kerr aided in holding her in
position and the anxious watchers
knew that the worst was over.
At i o'clock next morning the
steamer Salvor was alongside the Empress of China and was soon hoisting
a ten-inch pump aboard her. In the
afternoon the China raised at tho rate
of six inches nn hour and tonight she
should be clear of water.
The Empress oi China is scheduled
to Bail for Japanese and Chinese ports
on Tuesday morning, but it is not
likely that sho will get away till later
in the week. Engine-room, holds,
storerooms ond staterooms were damaged by the water nnd the .. bnlo interior of the liner will hnve to be
overhauled before Bhe will be in condition to sail. A small army of men
will be put to work on her today to
get her ready for sea as soon as pnsai
ble, as she is under heavy forfeiture
bonds to deliver her mails in Hong
kong on time.
Federal Government Offers Inducements to Young Men
OTTAWA, Oct. 25.—With a view to
increasing tho number ol surveyors
tl.o Dominion Government has decided to offer Bpecial inducements to
young men who desire to adopt that
prohiBBion. Before being eligible lor
final examination as surveyor, the law
requires three years service under a
Dominion land surveyor, of whioh 12
months must be on a survey party.
ln tl.e case ol graduates in engineering these periods aro reduced to twelvo
and six months respectively. To help
pupils in complying with tl.e law the
government will offer places on survey
parties to those who have successfully
passod tho preliminary ..lamination
Graduates in engineering will go as
assistants at lour dollars s day and
others at threo dollars a day.
Vancouver Oct. 25.—Mr. B. It.
Hedley, a well known mining and
sinelternian ol NcIboh, is a guest at
the Hotel Vancouver. Mr, Hedley is
engaged in making a speeiul report on
tl.e British Columbia mining industry
Ior tho Dominion government, Ho
bus already visited the Slocan, the
Cariboo, as woll as Atlin and all tho
mining camps along thu const. Mr,
Hedley will leave to-night lur tho Sim-
ilkamcon distriot and later will visit
tile ll.,miliary [district. His report will
contain a great deal of statistical information, besides dealing with tho
various mining camps where operation! are in progress.
if when cooking you
get poor results, it
may not be your fault
but the fault of the
ingredients you have
used.      Buy   your
from us and you will
find  everything absolutely fresh, pure and  satisfactory.     In the end it is
cheaper to buy really good Groceries.
Of Stoves, Ranges nnd Heaters. These have just arrived: they are not
old stock, kept over, but NEW with all the latest improvements sod
they are McCLARY'8.
We have in our China and Glass Department s well assorted stock of
Everyday and Fancy China. See our ihowing of Toilet Sets and
English Tea Sets. Odd pieces in Dinner SetB at bargain prices, get
at these before, they are all gone.
Bourne Bros.
We have a signed agreement permitting us to sell
a certain property on McKenzie Avenue at a figure
$400 below actual value, good until Oct. 26, 190^.
The property comprises one and a half lots, seven-
roomed plastered house, summer kitchen, woodshed,
stable, fencing, etc,
The price is $1800. $700 cash, balance on mortgage. Will rent for $22 per month. A responsible
contractor has estimated the value of the buildings alone
at $2,000.   The land is worth $500.
Investigate the proposition at once as it is only
good for a short time.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building"     Telephone 31
& mm %
Gent's Furnishings
Boots andjjShoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
% first 1 Op. Utii
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario. Id tho I'mtincM ol Manitoba, AlborU, Saikatehawan
liritish Colnmbla, Ontario, Quote,
Oapltal Authorised
Oapltal Paid Up ...
Reserve Fund ...
•     •4,830,000.00
D. It. Wilkie, President; Hon, R. Jaffkat, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts, sold available In all parts of Canada, United Statei and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager. Zbc flfoatMberalb.
Barkisteks, Solicitous, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mcrphy.       Harolp Fisher
/-. II.I.AN A Kl.LIOTT. ; Sol. tors Etc.
i   ¥ miii. J C I- I-
Om a   i.i>.w->i  Baxk Block, Rivsl
'Slt.Kh, lie,
.Moie-v;- I -.:. 	
Office.; ReveUtoko, H.i*.; Cranbrook, III.
Qto 9, M. Cartkb,
a. M. l'.NKi.AM. J. a. Harvey,
Revelstoke, ll ('.      Cranbrook, in .
J. M, Soot. W, I, Brlggs,
Barbisters, Solicitors, Eto.
Money tu Loan
Solicitors for .Mui.-si.ns Hank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Assav ol all Ores,  Samples by mailor oxiiresa
receive prompt tmonti'ni.
Terms Moderate.
Addhesi     -     ■    ■    Boi 432 Kaslo, b. c.
Provincial Laud .Surveyor.
.Mine Su.veylng
McKenzie Avenue,
Box luo, Revelstoke,
Psovncoiu Assaves A Oiibiust,
Nmiahv remit, Etc,
Phone I     NEW DENVER, B.C     P.O.Box 10
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Hkvki.sti.kk, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timlier Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective Investors
or purchasers,
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations,
BTUDIO-At  Mrs,  J.  C,   Hutchison's fou-
naught Avenue.
Cbe iH>ail4)erato
■'lwoutti . . . earnesilj' advise them for
their good to order tlilspaper lo be punctually
served up, snd to be looked upon as u part of
the teae*niipage."-AuDIsox.
Apropos ol the recent decision by
the management ol the itosilai.d
Miner to suspend its daily publication
owing to lack ol local support, the
Nelson Daily Canadian has the l.illuw-
ing to say: "In its issue..1 this morning, the Rossland Daily Miner announces tbat the daily issue would be
discontinued and hereafter tl.e Miner
would be continued as a weekly. The
reaion tor thii is mauilest. The Daily
Miner has heen a losing enterprise Inr
years. Continued industrial depression
led to retrenchment in business and
continued curtailment in advertising
patronage. For years thc Miner had
been in the hands ol an incapable
management, and when Mr, Esling
assum.*) control the paper was a
wreck, Mr. Esling made an heroic
effort to restore confidence In the
paper, hut had times combined with
other causes rentier, d the attempt
futile. The Rossland Miner is another
instance of tho fallacy of trying to
successfully oonduct a $2,000 a month
pap.T in :... $800 a in.nun town. Rossland "ill never have another daily
newspaper, and it will altogether
depend on the generosity of the business men of lhat city whether or nut
the weekly edition oan lie continued.
An era oi prosperity always tends
to bring about an era ol extravagance
and very little thought as a rule is
given to the future and tu the necessity uf putting by for a rainy day. At
the present time the in..ney stringency
is making itself felt on nil sides, and
those who have lived up to the top
notch find that when money is nol
avi.iliil.le, there coiucb frequently a
serious drop. This tendency to keep
the list of expenditures up to the
limit ol is always strongly
marked, not only among those who
are will supplied with this world's
goods, but ulsn ...nung the peoplo who
have tho must need oi setting aside
some part ol each week's wages.
Within recent date there has been
a marked increase in the prices of
necessities, so that the man of average salary today is better oft than he
was several years ngu in spile ol the
fact that the chronio growler may
lament strongly the increased est uf
living The money stringency has
hurne out the lact lew people wore
prepared fur it, and in many cases
seriotiB complications have arisen
which could have heen well avoided if
the possible contingency uf ll.e tigh
tening ul purse strings had been
anticipated, It is these tempory embarrassments which prove the test and
n oommunity at large will benelit us a
whole hy a little looking ahead, Few
people pay in nch attention, however,
tu gloomy loreshadowings, but it is
nevertheless true.
There has been u sharp turn of
feeling iu financial quarters since thc
donouuient hy the Knickerbocker
Trust Co., and from exhaustive enquiries renewed confidence in tho New
York lucal hanking institutions has
taken the place of the panicky feeling
that has threatened solvent house's
and demoralised the Stock Exchange.
Leading financiers are of opinion that
the worst is over and that out of the
present confusion, more stable conditions will rapidly Bhape themselves.
The deplorablo condition oi the Btock
market haB intimidated every one and
public faith in even the moit respectable nnd gilt edged institutions lias
heen shaken. Reckless gi.nil.ling with
trust funds and public deposits bus
made investors nervous. Thc ell'ect of
the financial crisis must have a certain ell'ect upon Canada, since Cans
dian money has been I. g ly inv. ■
over on the ..ther side. That Canada
s''..iikl Buffer through Ihe malpractices
of the States is not right Successful
dishonesty lias been at the bottom ol
all the financial stress, nud the tendency bus heen to sit, quiet while
wealth)" men sel the standard ol
successful dishonesty which must of
necessity be alluring to the young
incu who il cm it right and p...per to
follow ex.....pie in business trickery,
uf violation and ovaeion uf thc law, of
stock gambling and swindling a.'
roads to success. By doing this public
conscience deteriorates and the ignorant and vie reliction tramples out
the right as Well as the wrong.
Ho est b-siiiess men will suffer for
tho misdeeds ot the dishonest. The
process of gaining wealth by successful
dishonesty should lie stopped before it
goes su far us to invite the reaction
belore mentioned and belore the blow
has (..lieu on the just us well as the
A rational movomont fur supervision uud con:. ,1 over the use, over the
accumulation mul husimss use, of
these great fortunes should l.e made
and a proper supervision relegated iu
the interest ol the general public, ol
thee colossal which singly or
in combination nre of such importance
to the modern industrial world, to
control and supervise theni so that in
their nccuiniihi!inn aud business use
there shall he- no wrong doing to the
.-fulfil man in which the small man is
a competitor, wage worker or investor,
That the panic wave now threatening
the New World is temporary is certain, hut now is the time to prevent
its repetition, Canadian money has
been endangered and is in danger Imt
llinl danger is now tcing averted.
While our money is thus wavering we
cannot hut realize that in spite of all
ihe solidity of the west stands on a
safer I'.isis than any other part ol the
Nnrth American couth.cut ..nil even
il the uncertainty as to what the morrow will bring forth, under the present
conditions, is a cloud ol the- country,
a reaction is hound to follow.
Is being lujured by Touting of
Municipal Bonds.
Toronto, Oct. 25.—The WorM this
morning publishes the following wireless message received from its correspondent in London through the Marconi Bystem at Glace Bay. "That the
credit ol Canadian municipalities is
being damaged, and the national
credit hurt, hy the recent touting oi
municipal bonds iu Loudon by the
various cities and towns ot the Dominion." "I believe," the correspondent
continues. "The cities of Canada
ou..1.1 get money at a reasonable rate
if they went the right way about it.
But if they want English money you
musl follow English methods. Canada
u ;hl not to be weakened in the
in. ney market l y such tactics."
Revelstoke Cigars- Union Made—our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meets First mill Third Wednesday in the month
... Selkirk lltli, upstairs, at8 p.m. subject f...
discuasion -"Arralngment »( Capitalism." All
interested are welcome.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Moot, Second and  Fourth WcdnesdnyB it.
each .......lh, In Selkirk Hall,  Visiting Wood
men cordially invited to .
w. IJ. ARMSTRONG. Con. Com.
.1  MoINTYHK, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
The regular nieetincs .ire hold in tbe Selkirk
Hall overy Tuesday ovoniiiK at 8 o'cIock. Visit-
hut brethren nro cordially invited.
H. A. HROWN, Purss.DBNT.
Kootinav LodKoNo. IS A.F.&A.M,
The regular meet-
lug. aro held ln lhe
Masonic Temple,
Kid Fellows Hnll.on
the third Monday It.
filch iiiuiith al 8
p.m. Vlslllngbreth
ren cordially wol
SELKIRK LODGE, NO  12, I. 0. 0. F.
Meets everyThnrsday
evening  ln   Selkirk
Hall   at  8  o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday of
each montli. in the Oddfellows'
Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
Knights nre cordially invited.
G. H. BROOK, K. ol II. 4 S.
H. A. BROWN. M. ol F
Deer Hearts, Animals, Birils, l-'isli, jKtc.,
Allium! Hup* .Mmiiili'il,
P.O. Box81,
stiiilin; Corner nf first Ht. ami Boyle Ave.
IteveUtuke. II. 0.
The best Brick in the Province,
Well burnt Brick in huge or
small quantities at Reasonable
Place your orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Ijoots
and Fancy Leather Goods. . .
Restaurant and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, • East End
lt should he borne iu mind that
Thursday,|Oct, 31st is the last day f. r
applicants to be enrolled on the civic
voters' list, and all those who have
nut done so should lose no time in
entering their name-. In all ma :■
relating to civic Improvement and in
(act, in everything in connection with
the legislation of the city nnd especially in the fuithcoming municipal
electi . lhe voice ol the people -i
b : -,.:-.!. and the stronger tin . ice
the i ■ Iter tl e docisi in, It shoul I ni t
be l.i; te a few to ci rry ou civic politic! b it mei. and every ritizen -I ould
tsk. advanl igc ol hi? right and use
bii Ira. ■ ■■ i rd. r I ex| ren publio opi lii. - I be lhe gov-
. rniug eli n cnl Up till Thursdaj
Oct, -ll-i names may bt added I tbe
Hit, .il lhs. :• req lired, beii •: a .lecla-
ratiun - :' |ii' Ifiostl n, lhii ihould
l.e done it tbcjciiy C erk'i office, I., uk
alter yi ur tame before the Slit and
■eo that it ia on in each ward wl i re
yous entitled to vote, II yuu neglect  ll     i ii ihen not will in y. ur
right I-- kick ,.t i icipal erron next
v.-,:   i ..... .1  nl.ich your • .n negligence will ! av nlributed,   II you
bavi a right lo vote snd can olsim a
say in clvio  -".ir-  then it is within
yuur jurisdiction lo critic - • and com- *
plain if you w feel inclined,
At the Od?
All Nex; Week
iii Rest
White Help Only
"Ild Wi Homesteud
Saturday, Oct. 26th
Will rind many interesting articles on the Fashions
Cooking Recipe-., Household Hints, etc , as well as
the latest feminine news
and a Serial Story ofgreat
human interest.
will also lind much to
interest.  Ihem  in    "Tiik
Western Homestead,"
'      THE MEN    '""*
Will get all the latest
Financial, Sporting nnd
General News of the day
from the world over.
interesting articles on
current topics and many
other speciul features.
Published every Saturday morning beginning
Saturday, October 20th.
■ Offlce:  Dominion Building, Calgary, Alta. ■
depends greatly upun ihe rel.nlio'i
nf Ihe sense nf s ...I.I Oilier lllllll-
lies may luse their vi or Irom the
lapse of years, but it Ihe eyes cut.
see, old is nut all .. regret. Fur
this .'('iist.n the ju.itl.ful nnd middle
aged -I.....l.l use every eliil.'..vnr ...
preset",e lhe eyes, limy luse ihem
through the use of imp. oj cr glasses.
If yon hnve eye trouble consult Huntings. Doyle & Ahum, Ltd.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
*»'Vt*A*t**M««4««%MVt««%*i*%U M«MV I
Fot Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Eto., John
Deere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Plnnet Jr., Garden Soedera md Cultivators, Wheelwright end Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
V Specialty, .
4* %%%%%%%%%%%%. •%*v%%%%%*%%%%%%%%%%«^
BELOW will be found the names of some o( the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make this most popular and liberal offer: This elegant
library and handsome case will be given by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Chorch or School in Revelstoke securing the largest number ol vsteB in
the following manner: The business men listed below will give with
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. Tl.e contest begins Sept.
ilth and ends Feb. Oth, 1908. A ballot hox has been placed in the Cauda
Drug & Book Store where the votes are to be deposited. At the clous ol
the contest the churcll, school, society or lodge having tke largest number ol votes will be awarded the library, Current accounts when promptly paid will he entitled to votes. Remember, votes can only be secured hy
trading with the merchants listed helow. Each week the>
will announce the standing oi tho contestant.
The library and case are now on exhibition in the show window ol
C. B. Hiimcifc Co.
Groceries,    Drygoods,    Crockery
Men', Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
House Furnishings.
i      COMPANY, LTD,
Bij Milt m
H '!   .   Shotguns.   Revolvers.
!';.:..;.,.   I l(kl«>,  Tent-, limit.-
; i . itJng Suit-, ('-.'....-«,
Bn,.    Ti pewrltars -.'.'I OH). •■
;. nnd Ope.fl Glasses,
Ail   .1   i-  ■   ili-iu   lull*  price,
Wnl > ■■ for leg list,
Meats,  ElC.
Kino Conloctionery, Ice Cream, Etc.
Co .pons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tohacco, elc.
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also al
kinds of Garden Produce.
telephone 29.
Front Street,    Rkvelstoke
Thai's Ruynl Crown kind-
made in Vancouver— Litrgeit
8oi.p Factory west ol Winnipeg, House cleaning and
washing are easy with ilshelp.
And the money saving is tl.e
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give Ior
Roval Cr..wn Wrappers. Send
Ior it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
VancoDver, B. C.
f, MRS,
fi IM
I bsve many enquiries lor
Fruit Lands Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto, nnd Vancouver. Persons di siring to d'spnse of
thoir holdings, large or small,
will do well to list then, with
me. Correspondence solicited,
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Manufactured Ior all classes ol buildings
All klnda of ^building nnd plastorltig
In order to seem* one of our
In the centre of the Southernmost and Warmest valley In
B.C., West Kootenay, for
$11 don., and $1(1 per
month for 10 acros.
To pny all your expenaea and refund
If our land and whole proposition
is nnt exactly as .ve represent It.
Ym. can make from $400 to $700
per ace annually growing fruits
and market gardening. Every tract
is either level or gently slonini'.
The soil is loan. witi. clay
Free from rock. Ample rainfall.
Fine healthy climate. Cool in summer. Zero weather in winter practically unknown. No early or late
frost danger, Plenty of timber on
eacli tract for building*, fences and
fuel. Each tract fronts on a rond,
and every tract within half-mile of
main line of R. R. Title is perfect.
We own one-tilth ol the good land
in the whole Kootenay und make
these terms so that you will he able
to use your surplus fuuds improving
your land. We refer to three of the
strongest Banks in Canada. Write
quick for maps, etc., and testimonials of settlers at Fruit vale.
Nelson, B, C.
Printers ami Publishers.
..v. s I... Cms.
It would be lo limi a Btock Oompany presenting ,i line ol play
equal to thoio given by tho McAuliffe Stock Company which will sppear al
tl.e opera limine lur six nights and Tl.ursd.y and Saturday matineei com
mencing next Monday evening. Hume ul tl.e similar attractions hav.- une ur
two bills which are featured, hut Mr. McAul.H.. believes that every performance ihould be equally powerful nnil that each and every one should he s
decided drawing power In itself. It, is not the aim of tl.e nianagen.ent to open
with one particularly attractive, play and then lollow up a good Impression
with a serins of unpalatable presentations.  The opening bill Monday evening
will he the great comedy-drama, "A lla.igl.ler nl the People," with "Conies
sinus ola Wife," "BhanuiB O'Brien," "The Voice of Nature," "Why Women
Sin," "Pitfalls of New York," and "Dens and Palaces'' to follow. This exceptionally strong list of plays will be produced entire with all special scenery
and no local settings will he used during tl.e engagement, The fulluwing high
class specialties will be Introduced between the acts making a continuous
pcrlornuince, Jere MoAulifTe, in nn entire now lirinof Parodies; All. W. Wilson
the world's greatest Vimtriliiquist, Introducing little Willie Union, and Fred
Msrtelle in the latest Illustrated Songs, Boats un inlo at Uio Canada Drug
and Book Company,
Central Hotel
^^     RFVFI STOKF B. C.
M f.v ly built,    First-class in every respect.   All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Diy. Speci I Weekly Rstoi,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  management
All Kinds of Lighl and H avy
Hauling Undertaken
Ilea      iii Wood,  Cool and feed,
Phone 71. House  Phone
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
dash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rata* $1 -a day.   Monthly rate.
J.   ALBERT     STOlSrE     PROP.
Queen's ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,       •/      •      Proprietor
From France, Holland and
reliable varietiei at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Matsrial, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nunery on ths
mainland ol B.C,   Catalogue (ree,
despair. "Don't da a
thine" till ynu see clearly
wIi.Umi beat by aid ol
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
an health, disease, love, marriage and pa. entag
Tells what void ask » doctor, out don't like to
Kin pages, Illustrated, to coats: but to Introduce
It we send ono only to any adult (or postage,
10 cents.
M HILL, PUB. 00.
199 last MM ttrsst, NIW YORK.
Hevi-lalokn Und Diatrict,
I.latrlotol Woal Kootonay,
Tako notico that Jnmea P. Kennedy, ot Ilic-
otllowaot, B. {',. Miner, intends lo npply for a
special limber license over the lollowing described landa:
Commencing at a post planted on tho north
bank of tl.e north-cast fork of Downlo Creek,
about six miles abovo tho Corks and inarked
"James V. Kennedy's 8 W, corner," thonco 10
chains uortli, thenoe east ISO chains, thonoo
mull, lit chains, tlionco weat 100 ohnlns in
point of commencement, containing 010 tores
more or loss.
Datod September Uth, IW7,
octosat JAMK8 P. KKNNKDV
Any person orperanua foi rd cutting or ear.
lying awav limber off .be '.' I'.wnsl.e,
vlil.ou. pernlaalon Irani the owner Han,
In wilt Boatook, or hi. aiteu' Uhlcl Young,
will be proaeouted icoordiug to law,
Dated lhii 10th diy ol Aeguit, 1IN7
WIS ll| Mia Hiwin BOIIOCI,
* "Manitoba"
Another Fit-Reform creation
that shows how well we cater
to your needs.
The " Manitoba" is a big,
roomy, double breasted
Overcoat, coming almost to
the ankles.
The collar, when turned up, covers the ears.
It may be worn, either with lapels open, or turned
in and buttoned close to the throat. It affords
perfect protection for the throat and chest on
windy days.
Made in a variety of serviceable fabrics.  $ 18. up.
Revelstoke, B. C.
The oven door
of the Kootenay
drops down and
x|mi provides a shelf
\| upon whioh to
rest the pans
drawn from the
The door is
strongly braced
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our store if you want to purchase
a New Ciirpet,'l''ine Oriental or Wilton r.ig.-.iiatting or linoleum and see
huw much further its contents will
take you in purchasing than it will at
any othei store in the city. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
Incorporated by Ao. cl Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Mowon Macphbbson, Pres. S. H. EwiNo,*.Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches In Canada and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice,	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
,  P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.  '
Wholesale and Retail Meat Marohantt
Pork Packers nail Heftier 'In I.l,.. Stuck. Mukots In ill the principal Cities and
T...v...i"( Allinrln, l.rliiah .,„.iiinlilf. iintl th.. Viiao... Packera of the Celebrated Brand
"Im or or" limn,an-l Haciii, mil BttMSroik BMnd, l»ul Uld. A
Ull ■ I— I I i    UiWillU
Revelsloke a City ol   High
Grade and Up-to-date Stores.
In previous i«sues we have, treated
upon the general advantages to be
accrued hy living in Kevelstoke and
the possibilities ol our city becoming
one of the leading ceutres in the
province, hence the desirability of
choosing Kevelstoke as a city wherein
to establish a home. But our city
would never be a city at all were it
not for our merchants. Jt is to them
we must look to keep up the solidity
of the town, The establishment of
stores and other business houses causes
the Circulation of money which is the
chief factor in every day commercial
life. Visitors to our stores will be at
once nt ruck hy the universal neat appearance and general lively air ahout
them and on looking over the stock
they will see that the commodities are
all ot thc latest grades and styles,
olean and fresh. We believe were are
right in snying that the "hump ol
business ability" is very strongly
marked in Revelsloke, and this has
been elenionstrated by the attractive
appearance ol the stores and the class
of goods displayed. There may be
some who say that some of the goods
aro ol indifferent quality and high
priced. That may be, and is it not so
all the world over? On the other
hand, when it is considered the excessive freight and express charges on all
goods shipped here, it is only to he
expected that the customer must pny
theni besides profit to the merchant
But it must be remembered that
reasonable profit only should be made,
unless ouBtomers are to be sent to deal
at mail order house., which is a contingency lo be scrupulously prevented
and avoided. A happy medium should
be struck which will bring its own
Our city merchants are assuredly
deserving of every credit fur the enterprise they have displayed in the stocking of their premises. In every branch
the "latest" can be obtained while a
large selection can be chosen irom,
giving tbe purchaser every opportunity
of Buiting his own taste. The progressive spirit thus displayed will aid
materially in the up-building ot Revelstoke and it Bhould be the aim oi
every merchant to prevent at all costB
even a dollar fron. being spent in
catalogue bouses, where the customer
has no choice except what is sent him
and goods of probably inferior quality.
The following instance will show the
generally speaking poor policy of thus
doing: "A man went into a hardware store to buy an axe, being shown
the article and informed that the
price was $1.25, he said. 'Why I can
get that Irom a mail order house for
90c.J 'Very well then,' said the hardware man, 'I will give it to you lor
the B.inie price, provided that you will
do the same with me ss you would
with then..' 'Alright,' replied the
customer, as he handed over a dollar
bill and received back 10 cents change.
'Now' said lhe hardware man, 'I want
35 cents more to pay express charges,'
which the purchaser gave him. 'How
much did your axe cost you?' 'One
dollar and twenty-five cents,' announced the customer. 'Very good,
now give me five cents for money
order fees and postage,' whicli the
purchaser had to hind over. -Now
how much did the axe coBt you.' 'One
dollar and thirty cents,' was the reply,
'Not so cheap alter all,' said the merchant, whereupon he picked up the
axe, t ssed it back on tbe shelf and
told the customer to call in about
three weeks for it, as that would be
as soon as he could get it from the
mail order house.
McDonald, Ve ehcl ■>' the lintel
Revelstoke, Ins l.cen engaged as
min.iger, fin.I will, his ability find
popularity 'he business sh m'd hand
lomely re,...}' .til the outlay. It is not
jet definitely decided when ll.e restaurant will he re-npeuod Inr husiness,
hut Mr. McDonald stales that it
Should nut be later than Wednesday.
The management invites thc general
patronage ol the Revelstoke public
and will endeavor to give every satisfaction. The premises will ho open
day and night, while special attention
will be given to catering.
In addition to the restaurant extensive alterations to the main
building will be carried out, a portion
ot the work, that ol new lavatories
and toilet room, heing nearly completed.
Premises Renovated and Improved
Extensive alterations are now being
carried out ut the Union Hotel and
many modern and up-to-date improvements are being made. J. Luughton,
in taking over the restaurant hi...sell,
has closed up the premises while the
workmen are engaged in making a
complete overhaul ol the diningroom,
etc. A large and commodious kitchen
has been built with all the latest improvements in heating, ventilating,
etc., and a tine new range will he
installed, besides a griller. Adjoining
the rear of the building is a cold
storage room and ice box where a
large quantity oi perishable goods can
be stored fresh and pure. The dining-
room is being entirely remodelled and
renovated, the boxes being removed
and curtains being substituted. A
large, airy pantry and store room iB
being fitted handy to the kitchen. A
new supply ol cruckery and kitchen
utensils, etc., has heen purchased, and
whon husiness iB resumed the restaurant will be as up-to-date as any in
the province. Special attention has
I eeu paid to the kitchen aud waiting
•tail; mosli will be of s high olssi
Farewell to Rev. Mr. McColl
and Family.
A very pleasant event took place at
Arrowhead on Tuesday evening last in
the Presbyterian Church in the lorm
ol a farewell social to tbe Rev. Mr.
McColl, and family, who is leaving to
take charge of another field in tbe
Xew WeBt minster district, to which
he had received a call. The church
was well filled with friends who regretted hi*/departure. A musical aud
literary program consisting of vocal
and instrumental music, recitations,
readings and speeches, contributed by
Dr, E.liott, Mr. Darkness, Mr. and
Miss Whitebread, Mrs, Giles, Mr. and
Miss McColl, a vocal solo by R. McColl which wiib very heartily encored,
recitaliun hy Airs. Buyer, a reading
uud recitation l.y Fraser.
Speeches were made by Mr. Harry
Johnson, Mr. J. R. Thompson, Mr. D.
A. Dewar nnd others.
Vi. R. Keid was called on to act as and fulfilled his duties in a
very able manner. At the conclusion
ol the program the chairman asked
the Rev. Mr. McColl to come forward
when he presented him with a well
filled purse oi $156 and an address.
Mr. McColl, who was completely taken
by surprise, replied in a very leeling
manner, alter which refreshments
were Berved hy the ladies who had
amply provided lor the occasion. The
meeting wrs brought to a close by the
singing oi "God be with you till we
meet again." Much credit is due tho
ladies, Mrs. Dewar, Mrs. Capt. FraBer,
MrB. Vaughan, and Mrs. Bayer, who
took the matter in hand and carried it
out so successfully.
The following is a copy oi the address presented   to Mr. and Mrs. Mo-
Dear Mr. and Mrs. McColl,
We, the members of your congregation, learn of your departure Iron, our
midst with very sincere regret, after
having labored among us faithfully
for the past year and a halt. We
realize the trials and difficulties you
have had to contend with in your
present field and although yo ir pathway has not been one of roses, we
sincerely hope that in your new lield
of labor the sun may shine more
brightly and your pathway be more
clear. Vie fully realize the good yuu
have accomplished by your kindly
manner and example and hope you
may be lung spared in the service ol
tho Lord. We aBk you to accept this
small purse aB a slight token ol esteem
Irom your friends in Arrowhead. We
wish you every success in your new
lieid of labor, and hope you and your
family may long enjoy health nnd
strength to aid you in tlie good work,
Fire Hall No. 2 still maintains a
hig lend, although Knox Church is
slowly creeping up. The lollowing is
the result ol tl.e count up till lato
last night :—
Fire Hall No. 2  88(1113
Y. M.C. A  05105
Knox Churcli  40052
St. Peter's Church    (11)23
Methodist Church    21)01
Public School    27118
Catholic Church    1048
K.olP    1021
Masonic Ixidge      880
Locomotive Engineers      020
F.O.E      (120
Hospital       534
I.O.F     530
I. O. O. F     430
Machinists      340
Brakemen      250
Firemen C. P. B      100
Spoiled votes—75.
Grand Forks, Oct 25.—Corroborating previous reports that Grand
Forks will bo made il passenger and
freight divisional point on the C'l'.R.
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, president ol
tl.e C.P.R., while here, personally inspected the proposed site for the new
roundhouses and railway yards and
strongly approve.1 of the selection. It
is now definitely known that work on
the railway yards and a fifteen stall will he commenced in tl.e
early spring.
I. Alexander Diwan, oi onm -,.
Ann, le-'lare lhat mv wife h.s lelt n.y
l.e.l a. d uua.d nf own live will and
without cause .led ih.. I will noi. l.e
responsible lor nny debs thai she or
n.y children may iu mr irum this date.
Oot. 2nd 1907,
rot.liis, lurniice, two lots (one corner)
CoiJvenient to business part of city.
A desirable home for anyone, Price
moderate on easy terms.
Apply:—Mail Herald.
so MOW & JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Special attention given to
Supper Parties it banquets
Meals, 25o.      Meal Tickets, $5.60
OPPOSITE Y. Jl.  0,  A.
Beware of yellow oii.Mil.ii8 which
claim others have thl I oihbridgc
coal 1 They lie ! You can get Lethbridge coal from oue source only, and
that is from its agency.
Place yonr orders with me and got
the renl goods at $8.50 pei ton for four
ton orders, weigh where you please.
James Evans
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
AN old established firm doing business in lhe principal countries of
tbe world desires a lady of good address to represent their interests ill
this districl. Security required. Apply P. 0. Box 1)14, or this offlce.
CHAMBERMAID-Wants position
hi hotel.    Apply A, R„ 0. P. K.
Hotel, Sim.nous, li. C,
EDUCATED WOMAN wanted with
small capital fur husiness investment. opportunity for right
party,   Apply P. 0. Box 814 or to
FOR SALE-Pure bred Rough
coated Scotch Uollie Pups, pedigreed, l.olh patents prize winners,
sable and white, beautifully marked.
hurne, B.C,
FOB SALE-Seveial teams of good
logging horses, suitable fur any
kind of teaming. Apply In Kie'llAitl.
Davis, Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd.
Four Binall pigs, two sheep and one
red and white calf, from the C. P. R.
corral on Sunday night. Any per
son appropriating the same will be
prosecuted—J. EVANS.
NURSING in private homes wanled
liy a woman of expeilSnce, guud
references. Address Mrs. M,,
Revelstoke. oct 30
ml) RENT - Furnished or iinfur-
J_ liished house, neat lhe Eastern
Semaphore, on 0, P. lt. Apply ... J.
Bartle at the al.ove residence.
ANTED-A Dish Washer.    Apply to Olllllax Hotel.
WANTED—Mini with experience to
trim and grade lumber, also several
experienced inlllmen, for Revelstoke
mill.—Bowman Lumber Company,
Limited, sep25 2w
WANTED KNOWN-Money to loan
in sums of $.*iijl)aii d upwards on
unproved security,—Apply lo E. A.
llnggen, Ileal Eslate Agent, Revelstoke, B.C. 2t
WANTED-For clients, Houses of
from two lo six rooms) also
rooms,—Apply to E. A. Haggen, McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, o22l
WANTED-Thlrd or Fourth Class
Engineer.    Apply    to    Juhn
Kkiinaohan, Salmon Attn, B. C.
ANTED - Dining   Room   Gill.
Wages $30 per month.   Apply
Hotel Grand, Nakusp, B.C. Sep 7 1m
WANTED—Live wide awake hoys
In every eily, town and village
lu sell Western Canada's new weekly
newspaper, "The Western Home-
Stead," Hustlers in. make big muney.
Nu capital required. Wilts for terms
immediately, The Western Homestead
Calgary, Alia,
WANTED-Pi'olllable proposition
open for reliable man acquainted among fruit growers and with
ability as salesman. Full ot part time,
Stale age, experience and references,
BROWN BROS. CO., Niiiiskiiymkn.
Ltd,, Brawn's Nurse, ies, Out.
In the matter of an application for the
Issue of it duplicate of the certificate
of title fur Lnt 12, Block 18, In ths
town of Revelstoke.
NOTICE is hereby given that it is
my Intention to Issue at the expiration
nf one month frnm the first publication
hereof, a duplicate of the oertlfloate of
title for the above lut in the name of
Soren ll.illegaartl, which certificate is
dated the, llth day  of January   11)01,
and numbered 4o:tuk. and li)3ik.
Limtl Registry Offlce, Nelson, II. 0„
Oth September. 1007,
11. P, MacLeod,
District Registrar.
lJisli-icL of West".
Take nnl. e Ion Andrew Ki'snn. ..I
KeVelstOM., B   C. .',  inlends to
apply lor a special tiinh.-i- license ovei-
tlie descrili.d lands :
1. Cniii.iiei.cing ill n pnst planled
unequal tol milu above ihe norlli fork
i.f Flat Creek,.... the north hank, and
market. "Andrew Kilson's S. E. Corner," Ihence nurih 4U chains, thence
west, 100 chains, thence south 40 chains,
lbence ensi 100 chains to point .«f
rniiiinenccnienl, and t....taining 840
aerea more nr less.
Daled Augusl 20.h, 1007.
2. Co..nne.icing ala pnst planted
one quarter mile above the nurih furk
nf Flal Creek nn lhe nil-Ill bank and
marked "Andrew Kitson's S. W. Corner," theuce uorlh 80 ehnins; Ihence
east80.hal.isi Iheuce south SU chains,
'hence west 80 chains, to point of
.'tiinineneenienl and containing 610
acres more ur less,
Daled August 2»)lh, 1007.
3. Commencing at a pnst planted
al.uui milt, .md three-quarters
beluw the nurih furk of Flal Cmek, on
the north bank, and marked "Andrew
Kits..u's S.W. Corner," theme north
80 chains; tlienee 40 chains, thence
suuth 40 chains, thence east 40 chains,
thenee south SOchains, west 40
thains, ihence north 40chains, thenee
west lOchains tu puiut of :ommence
menl and containing 010 acres inure or
Dated August 20lh, 1007,
Ankkkw Kitsui,
Rovolstoko Land District.
Dislrict of Wo-t Kooteuay,
TuLi' notico tlmt Elijah McHeim uf Revel-
stultc, H.C., occupation Miner, intond.. to
upply Tor speciul timber licenses over tbe foi-
lowingdescribed lnmls:
1. Commonolng at a postgiluiited two miles
unst of tlm Culumbia river, near tlm r-o.iUi-en.-t
corner of Timbor LiiniLLKill), suid marked "K.
JMcBewi's north-wesl conier," thouoe cant ltio
ohains, thouoe south 10 ohains, thonce west 100
chains, thonco north in chains to point of cumin- nccincnt, and containing tiio aores more or
Dated Oth September, 1907.
2. commencing ul ii post planted on thc
north bank of itiginouili Crock about i mllo
aliove lhe south fork, ami marked "E. Mc
Dean's south-west comer," thonce norlh Hi
ehains, tlienco cast liiu chains, thenca sou li 40
chains, thence wesl 1U0to pointof commence-
men], and containing (itn acres more or less.
Hilled 11th -September, UK.
It, t oiinnencing at a posl planted on the
south bank uf Uiginuuih Creek ahout 3i miles
above lliu south fork and mtrked "K McBean's
uiiith eusl corner," thenoo in ehains south,
thenee Wu eliains west, lliunco 10 chains nortli,
thonco ItiO ohains ea-t to point of commencement, and oontaining (iio acres more or less.
1. Commencing at a post planlcd on the
south hank uf DigniouLli Creok about 31 miles
abuve Lhusoulh fork and marked "E, McHean's
nurih-west corner," thence 10 chains easl,
thenco 10 cliains north, tlienco 10 chums cast,
Lhcnco mi chains Houth, thonco li) ohains wesl,
llieuce lu chains south, llieuce 10 chains west,
theuce tti ohaius norlh lo pointof commence
ment, and cou lain nig iiiu acres more or loss.
6, Commencing al a post planted ou llie oast
bank of Blgmouth Creek, about live miles
abuve Canyon Creok, and markod "E. Mc-
Dean's north-west coruor," thenco 10 chains
suulh, thonco 10 chains cast, Ihence 10 chains
soulh, thenco SO chaius east, thonco 10 chains
north, Uience 10 chains west, thence 10 chains
north, thenco SO chains west to point of commoncomont, aud containing 610 acres more or
Dated llth September, 1907.
ti. Commencing at a post planted 300 yards
south of UigmouLh Crook and above tho north
fork and markod ''K. McBeau's north-west corner," thonco bU chains, thonce SOchains south,
thouco SO ehains west, thenco SO chains uorth to
point of commencement., mid containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated Itith September, 1007
sat nop lis ELIJAH McDEAN.
Notice to Creditors and Others,
In the Matter of the Oompan
ies' Winding-up Act 1808.
Thu creditors and others of the Rovelstoke
Stoma Laundry Company, Limited, of Bevel*
stoke, are hereby notified that mi the 18th day
of October, It*)?, the Company passed au Extra-
nnl inn ry Resolution to the ell'ect that the Com.
puny be forthwiud wound-up voluntarily, under
the abovn act, aud William J. Law, uf Revelsloke, was appointed Liquidator of the said
Notice is hereby giveu that all creditors of
the said Company are hereby notified to send
by post prepaid, ur otborwise deliver to the
said Liquidator, William J. Law, at Revelstoke, Districl uf Kuuteiiay, un ur before Saturday, .suili day of November, 1907, their full
uiimeR, uddreises aud dosciiptious, aud full
particulars of their claims uccuuuts ur interests, and lhe nature of securities, if any, held
by thorn. Immediately after the siid 3uth day
ul November, 11)07, the ussets uf the said Cumpauy will be realised aud distributed among
the partios entitled theretu, having rogurd
only tu tho claims uf which the Liquidator
shall then huvo notico, and ull others shall be
excluded from the saiddistributiuu.
Datud the 22nd dny uf October, 1H01,
Revelstoke, B.C.,
Solicitors for the Liquidator,
Rovelstoko Luel District.
District of Woat Kootonay,
J'.tho notice that Hubert K. Goodman, of Marinate, Wis,, U.S.A., occupation lumberman, In-
tonds lu apply for Special timber licences over
Lhe I'u,in■,. ii,* described lands:- -
1. Cuiiiiiie ning at a pusl planted on tbe
en-i branch ui tlaly Creek, abuul three-fourth
miles frum furks, and ti miles Irom mouth of
llaly Creek, marked "Kobert F, tiooduian's
south-west cumer pusl," thence ni chain*.
north, thouce SO chaius east, thence SU chains
-uniii, thi'iice ou chains west tu place of commence men t.
Dated titb Sept. 1907,
2. Commencing at a posl plauted 2U mllea
upCauyou Creek, marked 'Kobert r. Good.
mini's south-west corner pont," thence ItiO
chains east, theoce lu chains north, tbence ltie
chains west, theuco 40 cbaius south te place ol
Dated Itith Sept. 1907.
sat oet A Charles Copp, Agent.
Notice to Contractors,
MEAl.KD TENDERS, superscribed "Tenders
fj tur Look-Up," will be received al the office
ul the 1'ubllo Wurks Engineer, at Victoria, on
or oelnro Saturday lhe 26tli dty of October, 1907, for the erection aud completion of k
Dock-up at Kevelstoke.
Plans, specifications, contract and forma of
lender may be seen on and after the 7th day of
October, 1W7, at thoUfllceof llie Government
Agent, Kevelstoke, or at the Lands and Worki
Department, Victoria, B.C.
Government Agent.
Revelsloke Land District
Dlstrictof West Kuotenay.
'lake notiCO that trie Strand, of Poplar
Creek, ll 0 . occupation Minor, Intends to
apply fur a special timber license uver the followiug described lauds;
Cummeuciug at a post planted on the west
side of I'oplar Creek, about tioo feet from the
Creek, and about seven milei from lhe town of
I'oplar, thouce south wj chain*, theme welt W
cShIiis, tlience uorth & chains, theuce east 80
ehalus lu point uf commencement, and containing ti40 acres more or leu,
Dated October Iiith, NM,
Notice li hereby giveu that the partnership
heretofore subsisting between us. the undersigned, H. M. Hlnrlcn and Edward ti, Pace, as
sheet Metal Workers, tn the Citv ol Rovelstoko, British Culumbia, under lhe style of
Hlnrlch and Pace, hu this day been dissolved
by mutual consent. All debts or accounts
owing tu said Partnership are to be paid to
said r.ilwiird C.Paco.
Hated this 9th day of October. A.D., 1007.
<■■.■•■ is hereoy jsivni mai au ■ ppnctiinn
will bc ma !■* to thc   I'arliaiaeai  uf i miada al
Its ii- i f-r ait net incorporating a
(■mn.any under ue name of "tabunwip A
Thompson Rivers Bvnm Companv," .Mib
power to nti »ch bourns to tSeahore: of the
J'huinp*>un PJver, the North Tb'-mps-'n kiver,
tbe South Thompson -Iver. Kamloops Lake,
-:,-,-,'. ni- Lake and iii several arms, the Lower
.-pallum-''>.■•■:: Kiv<*randlhe navigable tributaries ul eacb snd ibe navigable waters cuu-
necttng therewith andibeir respective ua-. liable tributaries sl. iiithe Province of Rntlsn
Columbia, aud io acquire,conurncl and maintain buuiA-i, welra, cnuua, dams, »lide«, piers,
cribs, wbarveti, eauala, flumes aud all works of
any kind ivbatever thai may be deemed useful
or necessary lur transporting, driving, towing,
collecting, booming,, sorting and delivering pulp-wood, poles, logs, timber and
lumber of all kinds, and accordingly to deepen
and widen by any means whatever any of aaid
rivers or bodies oi water, aod remove therefrom
all impediments or hindrances to navlgatlon;
aud tor said purposes to expropriate such
lauds as may be necessary, and to collect tolls
from other parties making use of the Company's works, improvement* or services; to
acquire, maintain and operate lands, works,
water powers, franchises and licenses, i oads,
tramways, docks and wharves, and for the
company's purposes only to acquire and operate telegrbpb, telephone and electric lines;
to acquire, construct, navigate and charter
boats, tugs and water craft; to acquire tke pro*
perty, rights, franchises, stock, bonds aud
debenturos of any other lompany, and to tall,
lease, bold, exchange or dispose of any ol the
Company's property, and for all other necessary and iucidental rights, powers aad privileges; aud that the Company's undertaking
may be declared to be for the general advan-
tagesof Canada.
Solicitors for tbe Applicant*.
Dated at Ottawa this 1st day of October. A.D.
1907. nov 13
Kevelstoke Land District,
District of Weet Kootenay,
Take notice that Bowman Lumber Company,
Ltd., of Ilevelstoke, B. C, occupation Lumber
Manufacturers intends toapply torn special
limber licence over the following deacribed
Commencing ata post plauicd on the south
side of northeast arm I pper Arrow Lake and
marked 'Bowman Lumber Company's N. K.
comer post," thence earn au chains, ihe nee ooulh
Su chains, theuce weal su chains, tbence north
tu chain- to uoitii of commencement, and oontaining 640 acres, more or less.
Dated July ill, KMT.
wag7    By their Agent. John ti. McCarthy.
Revelstoke Land District.
Dislrict of West Kuotenay.
Take nonce that Donuld Dewar, ef Arrow-
head.B.C,, occupation Timber Cruiser, intends
to apply for aspecial limber licence over the
following described land;
Commencing at a post planled at tbe southwest corner tif Timber Limit No. 11171, and
markej "Donald Dewar.i uuriu-east corner
posi," thence nouth ltio cuams, thence west M
chains, tbeuce uurtn IM chain , (hence east eil
ebains tu point of cummencement.
Daieduclober :ud, iwl.
wed oct 9 DONALD DXWAR. -
Cariboo Land Dislricl.
District of Cariboo.
Take nolice that Donald Melmosh ol
Revelsloke, B. C, prospector, intends lo
apply I'or permission lo purchase lhc following described land:
Commencing at a post planled about i|
miles above Blue Kiver, niarked "D. Mcintosh's S. E. comer," thence north uo
chains, Ihence west 40 chains, thence
south 120 chains, llienee east 40 chains lo
point of commencement, containing 480
acres more or less.
Dated Julv, .907.
wed aug 11 D. McINTOSH.
Ilevelstoke Land District.
Dlstrictof West Kootonay.
Take notice that we. Lainb-Wat-son Lumber
Co., Ltd., ot Arrowhead, occupation MiUowu*
ers, Intend toapply for pertuuwiou topuMuwe
lhu followiug described laud;
Commeueiug at a poat planted at the 8. E.
corner of Italpn Slmpnon's application, Ualena
•-ay, theuoe north tu chaiua, theuoe eaat 4u
chaina, tnence north 2u cnauus, Uience east Zu
chains, thence soutn 20 chains mora or lose tu
Galena Bay, ihence southwesterly along uortn
ouoreof Gtueua Day to poiut ot oommeuoewenu
Dated Strd July, 1907.
Laj«-Witoon LumbkrCo., Ltd.,
wed aug 7 O. an. Wilkie, Agent,
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Donald Dewar. ot Arrow*
head, fi. Cm limber cruiser, intends to apply
for special timter licenses over lhe following
described lauds;
1. Comineucing at a post plaated about do
chains north west on a biased irail from Boyd's
cabin on Fiugsion Creek, and marked "Donald
Dewar*. nonh-eost coruor post," iheuce west
IflU chains, thence south 4u chains, theuce east
liii chains, theuce north Id chains to point of
2. Commencing at a pwi planted at the
north-enst eurner of Location No.l. andmarked "Donald I»ewar's soulh-east cornerpost,"
thence weot 1UU chains, ihence north PJ chains,
thence oasl 160 ebaius, thence, wulh 40 chains
to point of commencemeiil.
Dated September 21*1, liWi.
'i. commencing at a post planted at the
south-west corner of Timber Limit Ulft), and
marked "Donald Dewar's south-oast corner
post," ihenee north ItiO chains, thence west 41
chains, theuce south 160 ebains, thence east 40
chains to point of commencement
4. Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of Timber Limit No. 11170,
andmarked "Donald Dewar's south-west cor*
ner post," thence north 80- chains, thenceeast
W wains, thence south BO chains, thence,west
t»i chains Lo point of commencement-
Dated September 23rd, 1907;
wed oct 2 DONALD DEWAR.
Cariboo Land District.
Dislrict of Cariboo.
Take notice ihal Harry Sawyer of Rev
elstoke, B.C., millman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the followiug
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted aboul
one mile above Blue River, and marked
"11. Sawyer's N, W. corner," thence easl
So chains, thence south So chains, thence
west So cluiins, ihence north 8o chains to
point ol commencement, containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated July joth, 1907.
wed ay 31 Donald Mcintosh, Agent
Dissolution ef Partnership.
Notlcela hereliy tlvon thai tbe ptr.n.rahlp
ii.-retulure aubifaUDg between ui. tbe under-
signed, a. Uonlccllonen, ln tl.e city ol Keret
«tok.-. lia, iLn.lav been d'aaol-ed by mutual
consent. All dlbttowlsi Ul theaalif psrlBlf.
ahli. art tu i-e |.aid t,. Allu D. llornell, and til
I'laim. uslsil the -alii
proaenu... to the Hid Allan D. Horntll, who
mil iu .mure cur; on the aaid bualneaa and
by whom the tame will be ae.tled.
Daled t. Revelatoke, U. c, Ih.a lllhiltyol
October, 1907.
Wl.neaa: -A, M. I'l.ilh.ia oci ll
Take nolice thai 1, George T. Newman, of
Anowhead, H. C, occupation Clerk, Intend to
apply (or permlfwion to purchase th, following
deacribed landa:
Commencing at a post planted at the N.K.
corner ol Clara McUuarrle't Lot MM, thenoe
north 01 chalna, tlience west 00 chaina, Ihencu
soulh '10 chains, Ihence eaal Ki chaina, thenee
south K) chains, lhcuce east 10 chaina to point
uf conimeucenient
Dated Sept. Ulh, IK.
aep 81 aat        UKOSOK T. NHWMAN.
Revelatoke Und District,
Diatrict ol fftt.Koo.tniy,
Take notice .hat i.aary Magnnten ol
Poplar Creek, occupation Miner, Intend!
Id apply lor a tneclit timber UetBM over tbi
lollowlng described land!:
Commenoingat! poat planted on the tail
ilic ol I'oplar Creek, about M IHI Iron Ihi
Creek, and then, ail mllea (rom tbe town of
I'oplar, .hence caat M chtiai, tbenee touth N
chain., thence weit 10 chains, .hence north *>
chain, to polo, of commencement, and con-
talningM0acres,moreor Ilea.
Date.. October 1'th, 1(01.
oot 11 iat riiIrleSlnsd,Afisti Special  Offerings
. ustoiners appreciate the Bargains we
givei they are always goods which nre wanted,
Not unseasonable articles Unit you have to lay
away six months before ..slug.
I'ull siz... heavy weight Blankets—Extra
-.- 1 value  $3.75
Extra  large Pure Wool White Blankets
"•-.'. f.i- higher grades.   Prices from
$6.50 to $10.00 Per Pair
Nice, Heavy Comforters, cotton filled,
These ure exceptionally good v.ihu. for the
money $2.00
Splendid heavy ...veting, huge size.. .$2.75
Seesomeof our better lines of Comforters
selling frmn $3.50 to $7.50 each,
This is .in opportunity will not last long.
We are offering this Season's Coats at prices
that must make quick selling; -
$15 Coats selling at $10,
$20 Coats selling at $15
$12 (' $8,51)
DRESS GOODS greatly reduced
prices. Having .... dressmaker we are offering
all Dress Goods ul very small advance on wholesale prices.
Our stock is.-tt ils host, inti' prices are the
Reid & Young
iti iti it  .Ti .ti iti it'i iti iti itt iti iti.'
TjrtjTtji ip wI ih '.?.' tji tp *p tp ip r
%   NEW GOODS   j
ty i
9 (
f    Jmt opened up a  ihip- !
9 menl ol  Fountain Syringes •
ty and hot  water bottles—the i
ty very best makes. f
ty    Comeandsee them belore 4
£ purchasing. ^
S Canada Drug & Book Co. \
/t,        Revelstoke, B, C,
.fr. .**...-... .1*..-}-. .-r. .-fr. .**.. .-r. Ai. .-r. i't. .•¥.
W 'v '*.' f *# 'I' *V 'I' 'V *V 'X* vp
Saturday, Oct. 26, for 24 hutirs—
Light to moderate winds, cloudy ami
mild.  Temp. Max. 62; Min. 41,
Local and General.
Look out for the Old People's Concert at the opera house Dec. 5.
Vi. B. Robertson has accepted a
pusition in the office of the Revelstoke
General Agencies.
Robt. Gordon conducted Divine
service at St. Peter's church last
Sunday morning and evening.
There will be quantity as well as
qualitv at the Thanksgiving Dinner
in S ;kirk Hal] on Thursday night.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Ladies' Hospital GuilJ will be held on
Tueidav next, Oct. 29th, in the City
Hall.  •
The Time-Thursday, Oct. 31st.
-'. 3) to >>.30 The Placo—Selkirk
li.i'.. Tlie Event—The best dinner
y j ..ver ate in Revelstoke—lor 50c.
lt i- understood that Secretary of
the Treasury Cortelyou,  Washington,
lus Mrdert-d ■■FO,OW,000  to  be  distributed among  the  leading   national
i..;.K- (i New York.
The many Iriends of Rev. J. R. Robert! :i wil, b-. [.leased to know that he
i> gradually recovering from his illness
and expects to be well enough to conduct the services in Knox Church
The third and deciding cricket
match between Pioneers and New
Chums i-jr the Enterprise Brewing
i nipany's challenge cup will le
played ou Thanksgiving Day. Thursday, Oct. 31st, at 10 a.m.
We are pleased to be able tu an-
nounce that F. G. Brown passed
through tbe worst of his illnus and is
now beginning to mend slowly, ah
though it will be Some time before he
will I* able to leave the house.
The annual report of the post olliee
department, Ottswa, ihowi a surplus
in the past lUcal period ol 'J monthi
lo be greater than fur the whole previous year. It wai 11,082,301 as
agaimt $1,011,786 lor tl.e previous 12
There will l>e no dinner served in
the homes ol the citizen*..]' Revelstoke
or. Thanklgiving evening, but the
peo.ple need not go hungry as arrangement! have been made to teed them
all at Selkirk Hall, Iron. 5:30 to 8:30
o'clock at ".Oe. per head.
That Keeps the
Family Healthy
ll is a treasure no one cun
afford tu he without, llis made
right here, Once used it becomes a luxury thai yuu won't
dispense with.
No more dyspepsia, indigos- I. j
tion, billions attacks,
Give il i. tl'illl is nil WO nsk.
An Exhibition of
nn.1 choice provisions that will
inspire confidence in our up-to-
date grocery methods we ure
showing every day. Our genuine sugar cured Hams and
Bacon are delicious for your
breakfast on it old morning,
and our fine quality nf Roasted
Coffees and Choice Teas cannot
be beaten.
We invite comparison in regard to price and quality.
^^^     Phm. B
Druggist and Stationer.
Nexl Hume Block.
Boys, just think ot iti Cold turkey,
bam and tongue, home made pickles,
salads and jellies; cranberry sauce;
lemon, apple and pumpkin pies; tarts;
all kinds oi cake; mashed potatoes,
home made white and hrown bread,
tea and coffee, nl Selkirk Hall on
Thanksgiving night, Thursday, Oct.
31st, und only 50 cents.
The sentiment in England in lavor
of tlie Deceased Wile's Sister Bill,
which has recently become law, is well
expressed by the Biihop ol Carlisle,
He says: "To set au ecclesiastical
canon, centuries old, against tbe better trained, more widely illumined
national conscience of tlie present day
would denationalize, inediuevulize and
sectiiriunize the church."
Mrs. H. A. Brown, a prominent
member of the great order ot Pythian
Sisters, bus been successful in instituting a Temple in Enderby, whioh will
shortly be organized and chartered,
Mrs. Drown bus been an indefatigable
worker lor the cans., anil has made
herself beloved to every sister in the
order and it has been due to ber energy
and untiring euthuiiaim that the Pythian Sister! have made such strides
not only in B. C. but in other provinces.
On .Sunday lust tl.e Masons of Arrowhead attended divine service at 3
o'clock iu the afternoon, In spits oi
the lact that many of the era fl are
out..I tow. there quite a large
turn out of  .inder tl.e care of
W. R, Reid, W.M. The brethren pur-
fi.le.l iii procession t>. ohurch, where a
most appropriate -ennui, was delivered
by Rev. IV, T, Johnston who is une ol
ll.e members ol the order. The service wai tl.e lir-t ol its k....I held in
Arrowhead and was a moceia In every
way.     Alter   church   the  proOSSSlon
was again formed and wound its way
to ll.e lodge room.
Mr. A, C ,M-.rri..Mi., a well known
rciidenl .•( New Westminster, who has
been a member ol the local itaff ol the
Canadian Paoiflo Railway, died ut ins
hum.: in Bapperton yesterday. The
[deceased was a native ol Haddington,
I Scotland, and wa- 117 years ol age.   lie
ca....-to Canada in 1867 and to New
Westminster in 1888,   Ho leavei bi
sides a widow, live suns and uue .laugh-
; ter. Tbo children aro: Dr. V. E
Morrison ..I Nelion, I'r I. ('. Morrison and Dr. II. IJ, Morrison of Revel
stoke, R, H. Morrison ol Vanoouver,
1*. (i. Morrison, M.E , 11 Mexico, and
; Mrs. R. li, Cumming ol Aihorelt, The
luneral will bo hold this (Thursday)
A very important andexoellent cn-
ventitin ol Sunday School representatives was held on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday of this wsu.k in the city
oi Nelson, under tl.e direction ol Mr.
Stuart Muirbead and Rev. Mr. Merritt,
secretaries of Sunday School Associations in Canada and the. United Slates.
There was quite a representative
gathering. Rev. T. Vi. Hall nf Revel-
toke wus elected president, and Rev.
Mr. Williamson, Baptist minister ol
Fernie, secretary. Some very inspiring addresses wore delivered, particu-
Come und order some
best Conl ever hrotiglit
into Revelstoke.
Don't forget the place.
Ordei iron.
Kincaid and Anderson
Frank McCarty
larly one by Mr., based upon
the World's Sunday Schu.-I Convention held in Rom», Italy. The delegates frum Revelstoke were Miss Col
der, Mrs. McCain., A. Stephenson and
Hev, T. W. Hall.
Mr. A. B. Powell, secretary of the
Equity Insora.ce company of Toronto
was in the city Wednesday looking
over the insurance situation, with
which he was well pleased. He met
several leading business men and gave
the local agent. E, A Haggen, authority to increase the risk limits which
tbe company will underwrite. Mr.
Powell states the Equity is doing a
large and steadily increasing business,
Ho wus particularly interested in tbe
work attending the V JI CA. in
Revelstoke, neing deeply interested in
tl.., ..lis-of work in connection with
tl... Methodist ohuroh in Toronto, Mr.
Powell is un his way to San Francisco
Social and Personal
Mrs.  T.   Sturdy arrived  yesterday
from the east,
A. E, l'bi|ips left on Thursday for a
visit to Toronto.
llr. Sutherland has   returned   with
his bride to the city.
Mrs, E. Sturdy arrived  in  the
eity (ro... Manitoba.
C, B, Paget  returned on Thursday
from a visit to Salmon Arm,
Mrs II. A. Brown  will  not receive
till alter the end of December.
R, P, Lewis Is visiting in the city,
the. guest ol his parents, Mr, and Mrs
Thomas Lewis Mr. Lewis loaves
shortly lor Prince Rupert, in connection with the G.T, P.
Tuesday next for au extended visit tol
R. llowson and .lue Howson have
returned Irum a trip through tl.e Win-
demere country.
Miss Campbell, uf the C. B. Hume
strff, spout a few days this week on u
business visit lo Arrow head.
Mrs. C. Ci'uickehank and children,
ol Red Deer, are visiting Mr. and Mis,
J. J. Woodland, ol tliis city.
A. B. Powell, underwriting secretary
ol the Equity Fire Insurance Co. ol
Toronto, was in the city on Wednesday on husiness.
Business Locals
We do picture framing at the Ideal.
Nothing better than Our "Spoolal.
Bews' cold tablets cure in one night.
Biswoll carp sweepers, $2 each, at
tl.e ideal.
Fancy leather post card albums at
Bews' drug store.
See our heaters and get ready for
the cold weather.   Bourne Bros.
China Cabinets, quarter cut oak, $8
up, at the Ideal.
Dressmaking and plain sewing,
opposite Oriental Hotel.
Fill your garden with Bulbs tor
spring llowers—Bews' drug store.
McCon key's best chocolates, fresh
supply at the Canada Drug Store.
Curtain poles and tugs from 20 cti.
up ut the Ideal.
Patronize Homo Industry- 8moke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Window shades with fringe, Irom
50c. up at the Ideal.
Gilbert Purker's new book, "The
Weavers," at the Cauada Drug Store.
Prompt dispensing and delivery ot
prescriptions at Bews' drug store,
Malaga grapes, ripe pears, King
apples, quince aud cranberries at
Bourne Bros.
It is a " SAFE " gamble that you
will get thu best value lor your money
at the Law.ence Hardware Co.
New lot oi Leather post curds just
opened up at tlie Canadu Drug A
Book Stoie.
Do not fail to hear Jere McAuliffe
in his latest Parodies at lhc Opera
House next Monday evening.
Don't risk danger ol tire with an
old stove, buy a new one Irom Lawrence Hardware Co.
Don't delay ordering your preserving pears. Last shipment now in,
Bourne Bros..
Herpicede, to keep the bair from
falling out, is sold at the Cauada
Drug Store.
Trapper's supplies, all kinos of
traps, guns and ammunition at Lawrence Hardware Co.'s.
Do not iorget the Bpecial matinee of
the McAuliffe Stock Company at the
Opera House, Thanksgiving Day.
Seats for the McAuliffe S.ock Company are now on sale at the Canada
Drug A Book Co.
All kinds of electric work promptly
and elliciently executed, bell wiring a
specialty,   Lawrence Hardware Co.
Leave your order lor winter apples.
A carload next week from the famous
Chilliwack valley.   Bourne Bros.
Illll new Edison Phonograph Re-
curds just arrived. Come and get
your choice, for sale at the Canada
Drug .v. Uuok On.
"A Daughter ol the Peoplo" will be
the opening bill oi tle Mc.ul.fle
Stock Company at the Opera House
next M ielay evening,
F..r You—Special Bargains st the
ideal Furniture Store Tapestry
curtains $3.60 per pair; Chenille
curtains,*f3 50 per pait.
We uill call for your a.night '-eater
antl lit it with new sho . iron linings
ready fur the winter. Lswreooe Hardware Co.
Tbe McAuliffe Btock Company
come! highly recomirended by the
press of Calgary, where they have just
closed a four weeks engag '.cent.
SnowShoss ;uii in, special make,
suitable lur British Columbia, fivorite
shoe tor trappers, hunters snd timber
cruisers.   Lawrence Hardware Co.
The postage on letter! irom Canada
to Great Britain, Egypt md all portion! of the Britiih F.n.;jire with the
exception ..( Australia and Rhodesia
ii now 2 cents per or Iraction
thereof, instead of 2 c, nil V" half
ounce as formerly. The. ge, « It i
took etlect October 1st, 't will ie
readily perceived, ii an important one
in ll.e imperial penny postage scheme
and serves to bring the motherland
and colonial possessions i,to still closer
Sine, Australia and Rhodesia have
j nut yet signified their ad'ieiioi. lo ibis
'. change in tlie unit of wei^ .t the rate
j on letters to those, coloni' I rsmsifll as
The poitage on letters i .11 other
postal union countries with the exception ol Great, Britain and the Urinal,
colonies mentioned above *nd nl the
United States, Mexico and Egypt, is
now live cents for each letter weighing
ono ounce or less. On letters weighing
more than one ounce the postage is
live cents lor the first ounce and three
cents for each additional ounce.
Tl.e latter is in accordance with the
postal convention adopled hy the universal postal union congress which
mot in Homo last year, |
The wet weather will soon be here, probably with snow and Blush, and it you want t" prevent
colds and sickness, y, u will require good Footwear. We have the best stock we have yet shown
andean lit any one in the family with Shoes .hit are mule of leather, not pastel) m'd.
IN MEN'S SHOES wc can give you anything Iron, the heaviest working shoe to the linest
dancing pump.
We would call particular attention to our line ol wet prool s,-le shoes. Made of good B. x Call
with Oak Tun Viscolized soles, and made to stand hard wear.
$2.75 to $6
Are known lo everyone
Made of the very best materials
lhat can bc bought, put together ly workmen who are
expeiIs at their trade—ll.e most
oomloi table lasts, and fully
guaranteed to he satisfactory
in every particular.   $2.75 to $6
$2.75 to $6
T0SH0WY0U *v
For Ch.ldren and Misses, cannot be equalled. II wn knew of
a better shoe we would get it,
hut we do not think there is one
made. They are made ol good
leather, are dressy in apptar-
anceand wear Bplendidly. We
guarantee every pair we sell.
In Nice  Leather,  Felt and
and cheap at tliis Store.
Carpet  Ior  Men,   Women   an.l   Children—warm,   comlirtahle
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul.
O.M.I., pastor. Scrvicescvery Sunday
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Muss; 10:30 a.m. High Suss
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
i.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Premiyterian—Rev.
". C. Cider, pastor Sunday, Oct. 27
Services 11 a.m., 7.30 p.m, Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Mornini subject, "A man who
knew what he wanted." Evening subject, "The Lord's Pottion." Young
People's Meeting Monday at 8 p.m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday at 8 p m,
Choir practice and Teachers' Meeting,
Friday 8 pm.
St. Peter's Anglican—Rev. C. A.
Proeunier, rector, Trinity XXII.
Following is a list of services: Matins
and Litany at 11 a.m. Evensong at
7.30 p m. Sunday school at 2 30 p.m.
Rev. W. T. Johnson, of Arrowhead,
will preach at tlie evening service.
Knox Presbyterian—J. It. Robertson, B. I)., minister. Morning service at 11 o'clock; Evening service at
7:30;  Sunday  school at 2:30 o'clock.
Methodist—Itev T.W. Hall,pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows:    Class
meeting at 10:30 a.m.   Public service
at 11 a.m., the p.islor will preach and
conduct the service.    Sunday  school
.md Pastor's Bible Class at 2:30 p.m.
The ann;versaiy ol  the church will
take place tomorrow, Rev. J. W. Dickinson, of Kamloops, will  preach  thc
ei.......a both  morning and evening.
Epworth League ot 0. E. will meet on
Monday evening at 8 o'clock under
the leadership of Miss Smith, vice-
president of the social department.
Baptist—Rev, W. P. Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services are held in the Mission Hall, First street Preaching at
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sunday school
at 2.30 p.m. Morning subject, "The
End nl Lile." Evening, "Builders."
All are welcome to these services.
FOR   SALE-Two   bedroom   sets.
Appl. 1). M, Taylor, First Street
Great Slaughter Sale
THIS WEEK ONLY we will sell a number
of LADIES' COATS at a remarkable reduction in
YOUR CHOICE For $8, $10 and $12
These Coats are the Newest Gibson design, We
have just 15 of the same left.
are known for their quality.
Competent authority on the
candy question suys the confectionery made and sold liy
Manning is perfection. In
flavor, in purity, in variety, in
unit...niily uf quality no ill)-
rovement can he suggest ed,
lur confectionery is the standard ot excellence,
Mannings Candy Palace
Waiter  or
Wmiress. Wages|80.00. Apply
H. Mcintosh, Halcyon, II, tl.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 374 x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered -Cash $950, terms on balance.     PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey  Dwelling,  plasteied and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 nn Second Street.     Gush $1)50 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 80x100, near Cowan Block
To Whon 11 Mav Concern:
Take notice that I,the undesigned,
from this date, positively declare myself not responsible for any bills contracted by my sun,  Frank  McMahon.
Dated at Revelstoke, 11, 0„Oo|, 10th.
Mas. J. McCJ.n.iih.
Voters' List, 1908.
Householders are heroby notified
that their declarations must bo handed in tn the City Clerk hy 6 p.m. on
Wednesday, Oct. 30th,
City Clerk.
.Waning.. Licenses Issued
To Whom it Mav CONCERN :
Tike notice that I, the undersigned
Iron, this date, positively declare my,
sell nut responsible for any hills contracted by my wife, Mis. John Carlaw.
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., Oct, 16th,
wed lm John Ciruw,
Thursday and Saturday Matinee
Special engagement of
and his big company in a
repertoire of standard plays
"The Daughter of the People"
" Confession of a Wife" of play at each performance,
A carload of special scenery. Bewildering electrical and mechanical effects
Finest costumes that money can buy.
Our Polite Vaudeville at every performance.
.1 ERE in a hundred new parodies.
AL. W. WILSON and his "Little
Willie Green.
Fred Marttlll in the latest Illustrated
Prices (Evening) 160. 600., Md 750.
Prices (Matinee) 160. Md 500.
Seats on Sale at Canada Drug aud
Book Company,


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