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The Mail Herald Nov 10, 1915

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Chiel lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and naviga-
tloa centre between Calgary
and the Pacific ocean.
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognised
advertising medium for tbe
city and district.
Vol. 22-No. 90
$2.50 Per Year
Roadwork   Comes  .    "nd —
Aliens Cut  Wood- -
tachment Departs*
An interesting letter has been received hy T. tviipati'ick irom Capt.
W. VV. Foster whose address is uo*'
brigade     Ureuade OUiCer,  1st C.M.R.
France.   (Japt. Kost-
There were 12 degrees of frost at
the internment camp on Sunday ui^lit
the ground is frozen hard and road
work is practically at a standstill,
although some wood cutting is being
performed, said Capt. Rose, Camp
commandant, yesterday.
Acting on instructions Irom Otta-1 brigade, C.E.E
•wa nine aliens were released from er s^ks optimistically of conditions
the camp on Saturday. They had ! "t the front and says tbat tne bomo-
satislicd the authorities that they ' >"E work ol which he is iu charge for
were ot Servian nationality. I the     brigade is particularly interest-
Fifty aliens w.H leave for Field to-1 ln£' llls lutteI' is in PMt M 'ollowB;
night under a guard of 2i of the 102nd ! Your letter arrived just as our bn-
R.M.R.'s in charge of Lieut. Richard- \ t'udc came "ut of theil firat tuln 01
son. The remainder of the aliens and' «uty in tQe trenches. Amongst those
guards will prol ably be moved with- kille- whom >'ou ma* ">«ember see-
in the next fortnight. j m8    »»      V ictoria  was    Sergt.-Major
Marshall,  the man  who was so     expert with tbe sword and lance,     aud
my groom Woodward.    In other ways
however, we have beeu extremely fortunate—good     weather   und  location
for training in England, aud lots    of
experience,   aud  ou   tbe  whole    good
' weather in France aod Belgium
Following    a    successful summer's     The country is most attractive not
xun     and laying in a splendid stock   the     ,cast of [u features of intel.e8t
for winter, the Columbia River Lum-
Cf THE! W. W. FOSTER 10 i
War Has Magnificent Side—More Men Needed-Will
Never Regret Enlisting—Transport and Ambulance
Service Perfect—Terrible Cruelty of Huns
Appeals for Aid Ufjjj
for Starving Belgians1
tions, etc., is over, we can beat them
every time tbere is au even fight.
1'erhaps you heard that in view of the
fact we volunteered to go dismounted
i-s cavalry were not required, 1 went
in for bombing work, and after a
time as regimental bombing ollicer,
have become the brigade bomber—it
is very fascinating work. The expert
t-renade men from each regiment, witb
their ollicer, form what is known as
the brigade grenade company and   do
VICTORIA, B. 0., Nov. 9—The premier has received the following mes-
sage from Bir R, L. Borden; "The
British national committee lor relief
in Belgium has sent the following appeal, signed by the 'Lord Mayor of
London, to all the high commissioners und agents-general of the overseas dominions, it has been transmitted to me by Sir George Perley
and is as follows:
"The fete day di the heroic King of
the Belgians falls on Monday, November 15, and as chairman of the national committee     for the relief     of
Candidates for Mayor Likely to be iumerouc—Mayor
Foote is Definitely in Field—Ex-fcayor and Three
Aldermen Possible Candidates
Although   nomination  day   for      tho ward  3.    When  asked  yesterday  if    ha
municipal elections is not until Jan- would be .. candidate Mr. Bourne said
nary JU and election day ou January that  It was too early to di6cuss   tho
13,    already     much Interest is being question, There have ;.oen frequent ru-
taken in the probable candidates. mors    that    Waite   Bews would     ba
Last year WM  A, Foote was elected an.ong the candidates ior mayor     in
mayor by a majority ol .">i voteB,   a January     but Mr. Bews estates posi«
total of 5U7 votes being polled. At
Belgium I appeal to the people of the the next election the vote is likely to
British empire to celebrate the event be considerably heavier as there are
in a manner that will aflord King Al-   13,2     more     householders and  license
tlvely     that be has no intention     oS
entering the tield.
There are likely to be many changes  next  year   in  tbe  constitution      ol
bert the  greatest satisfaction, name-   holders on the list than was the case  the council, but it is still too early to
•• •*- °ut ioodV^lrortUZe ma   hlSt year<   MMy Wh'J ™* V^''!
Successful ScqSGH Closes
at Columbia River
- .ier company's mill will clo*e down
lor the winter on Friday, Nov. 5 says
the Holden Star.
The planing mill will continue operations all winter, aril thc shut
down will not deprive anyone ol employment who desires to continue in
the employ ol the company.
The winter's program in the log-
King camps and on railroad extension
will provide labor for at least half
a hundred men more than are now
engaged. The mill employs 175 men
during the summer, and many of
these     will go to the logging camps
being tbe way iu which the inhabitants cling to their old homes, larm-
tngfright up to the trenches, aud in
many cases occupying in towns ruined by shell lire, and still often shelled,—their ruined homes. It has been
our good fortune to move around a
good deal iu a comparatively short
time, so giving au opportunity to
observe different localities, and as we
have been in sections held at different
times by the ti irmans us well as ourselves it is doubly interesting.
Our Canadian met ure really spleu-   to fail,
did and it is more than a pleasure to      Please give
he with them   and n" the opportunity
of the trenches are billeted apart and
are given special consideration for
(further improvement for bombing
work, ln many cases it is quite a
bombers war.
The aeroplanes are, ol course, always a source of interest. Daily we
can see them being shelled when out
teconnoitering, but they rarely seem
to be affected.
It is iiuitc pathetic to see the ruins
left everywhere by the Germans particularly as the country itself, iB so
beautiful,—but even worse to bear
from the inhabitants first hand accounts of the terrible cruelty and
horrible practices generally ol the
1 bave seen Munro and a lew other
Revelstoke hoys, but of course, wo
Lave not s.^en very much ol other units.
The system of transport supply and
ambulance is Bimply perfect—right in
the  trenches the supplies never seem
lion destitute Belgians id Belgium on
their beloved monarch's fete day. Six
pence will keep one Belgian alive for
one day,  therefore  I appeal for three
year have left the city. ermanlc candidates.   The sitting  aid*
Many names are mentioned as pro-   crmen in ward 1 are E. A. MacKenrot
bable  mayoralty  candidates.      Asued   and H. J. McSorley.   It Mr. Macken-
whether    he would be again a caiuli-   lot decides not to ne a candidate for
date    for     the mayoralty Mr. Kooto  mayor he will probably again be     a
million sixpences, enabling us to keep  said yesterday  tbat he would  be dehu- candidate  for  alderman.   Mr    McSor-
alive on the King's lete day everyone   ltely in the field.   Aid. VV. A. Smyths   ley has stated that h.   will not again-
of his subjects who are without food.   is also likely to be a candidate. Last   be a candidate.
"Canada has responded nobly tothe   year Mr.  Smythe beaded the poll lor      In ward  2 the aldermen are VV.   \.
I alderman in ward 2 with 107 votes, Smythe and G. W; Bell. Mr. Smythe
the next candidate in the ward polling is likely to he a candidate(for mayor,
76 votes. Many ol Alderman E. A. Mr. Bell has Men chairman ol th»
Mackenrot's friends are asking him finance committee f. r the jiast twa
to offer himself as a candidate for years but it is doubtful whether ha
mayor.   Last     year     Mr.  Mackenrot  can be prevailed  ujion to again   offer
leel certain tbat this special appeal
for six pence per head will meet with
a ready response.'
"The appeal is for a most worthy
object and is commended to your best
consideration and to such action as made his first entry into public
you may think desirable. The messages have been transmitted to me as
premier of Canada. 1 Keel it my duty
to commend it to you as premier of
your province."
Remittances should be made to J.
A. Lindsay, 804 Times Building, Victoria.
but be polled the highest vote Ior
alderman, 134 voters casting their
ballots for him in ward 1. Friends of
H. J. McKinnon, who was mayor in
I'll I, are asking him to again     bc   a
and     take     up railroad construction  Jor anythinir Bpecla, shullld come     T
work for the company
Daring the summer the main line
i.f the company railroad has heen advanced one and a halt miles, and two
and a half miles of branch track have
been built. It is the plan of the cora-
l'any to complete this winter the surveying and grading ol live miles of
new railroad, open new avenues
through its timber limits, and be
prepared next summer for an extend-
i-d program of production.
There are now employed in the log-
ring branch ol the company about
235 men, and there is a demand for
a large number of loggirt; teamsters
and canthook men.
During the summer many improvements have been made in the
camps looking to the comfort of the
Electric lights have  been  put  in   at
headquarters Camp,  and  a
established to be known as camp   8
(■am|i ii is abandoned and camp 7   Is
in operation.
Among the other extensions said to
have been planned lor next year Is a
new engine for log hauling.
The lumber cut is ol an exceptional
ly good quality, coming from the Blow
growth tir timber, giving a finer
grain and about 7 per c.nt. harder
product tbi i. coast timber,
About 90 per cent, ol the com-
pany'a business comes from Alberta
nnd Saskatchewan.
The market this year has been better than last, and a still better
trade is looked Ior next yenr.
During the season of operation the
number of accidents at the mill bas
heen negligible owing to safety ap-
I Matters for jirotecting  employees.
There hns heen a greater number of
accidents in the logging cnmpg due
to the employment ol inexperienced
During the jmst summer the mill
has Shipped about four rnrlnnds ol
lumber dally.
know our particular lot will not fail.
>•> d .if t when the war is over recovery will be quicker in Western
Canada than anywhere, lt si ems to
me there would be a great chain'.• tor
the imperial government to finance
ex-soldiers on B. 0. farms in co-opcr-
ation with tli.' local government.
As far as we can judge things are
going well on this Irontier. There   is
my kindest regards to
all my old frierils. There are so
many I     would like to write to, hut
■ ppi it'initi.s     are not available     as
■ ft at .s the Inclination. If there are
nny left who ran and Bhould come tell
them not to hesitate—they are need-
id. and will never regret it—While ad-
mttiiiL' all that is fearful about war
it has a magnificent side that overshadows everything else, and every
tight thinking 'hap who has seen
v. hit   has  M • t e   tnd  is  the  attitude of
Ladies Will Bowl do
Saturday Afternoons;::
no question about our chaps having the Germans must be not only glad
moral ascendency over the Germans, but gratified t.. have the opportunl-
and now that  any shortage in muni-   ty ol   loing bis part out here.
Oh Monday evening at the Y.M.C.
A. alleys the Board of Directors
bowled off agsinst the Maples tn the
league series, winning three straight
games. lt;7 howled by A. Thomson in
the first game was the high score tor
the night, his average for the three
games being 159.
himself for election.
Aid F. H. Bourne and Aid. L. C.
Mass in are tbe representatives ot
ward .1. Mr. Bourne is a protable
candidate for mayor und Mr. M.issun
at the last council n e ting declared
candidate. Mr. McKinnon has not that he would not again be a candi-
yet announced his intentions.   Anoth-   date.
er name mentioned as a favorite   ior      A    feature     of last year's election
the mayoralty race   is that   ol   Aid.   was   the   large  • ■   plumpers.
F. H. Bourne. Mr. Bourne is an old In ward 1 where .'l;, votes were cast
timer in the city and has served there wer' 133 plumpers, of which
many years In the council. He has Mr. Mackenrot 31 ired - l:i ward 2
een chairman of the public works there were 34 plumpeers, L'I ol Which
mmitl.ee during thc present year, were cast for Mr. Smythe and In
and held the same position in the ward 3 there were 63 p] impers of
council  of  1914,   At the last munici-  Which    Mr. ,.
pal elections  he headed the poll     in  each received twenty-five.
Former Resident in
Unsavory Cuse
in order to be able to watch her hus-
j band. That she knew that Mrs. Graff-
under was not conducting {herself properly but she did not consider it her
duty to inform Mr. Grullunder of tho
tact.    When she returned from Denver
An action brought by Mrs.     Bruno   she had     leased a house on Seymour
new camp  flraflunder against ber husband Ior a   rtreet      •,n(1      the  Oaflunder  family
conditional  separation   with   alimony   «"» '" 1'""'1  wl,h her W»«     bef
aud support, alleging misconduct and   *5<) P« moc*h'   Sh« did a11 the houso
work herself and Mrs. Graffunder did
Q. McKinnon
S.   Murtin
Fall from Engine in
Blizzardi Engineer Injured
While e.iling bis engine at Rogers
I'ass on Monday John Rogecs, locomotive engineer of Revelstoke, fell
from the engine aud was rendered un-   years ago a  Fie:.Chilian nanud     La-
Mineral Wealth Well
Worth Looking For
"A story as strange as that of the
famous Lost Cabin mine is told by-
Colonel Robert  Stevenson, Forty-five
671       683       646
Total 2,000.
Mulli .Hand
conscious, in which state he remained
for over an hour. The engine was
not running at the time but a bliz-
'/ard was blowing and the eugiue was
Mr. Rogers was taken to Revelstoke
Ihence to the Queen Victoria hospital
An X-ray examination was made yes-
croux, in the employ 01 tb • Hudson
Ifay company, ■'■'as lur trading witb
lhe Indiaus on the Sietna 11.er. In
his travels he lound a small ledge ot
blue-black mineral that appeared tu
be almost pure metal. He cut away
about ball a p md of it and iur,.ei
it over to John  McCutcheon, a tele-
cxceedingly disreputuhle actions iu
the part iA Uratlun.ler, was beard at
Kamloops on Wednesday. Qraflunder
is a former resident ■■( Kevelstoke. A
Mrs. Alice Pos also ffgures in the
rase, tuking the part of Co respondent.
Mrs. Qraflunder who was tl"- brst
to give evidence stated thut thl fa-:.-
ilieB had been Iriendlj  and th.»t when
a suggestii n was made by Mis. P s
that sh.' would like to come and
room with then' lhe a.:ieed and Mr-.
(l'os came and stalled dressmaking,
using oue ol the rooms us a sew ng
100m and bedroom. Things went on
pleasantly for some time but lhe le
came iuipl<clous and finally had her
■usplclons confirmed but uot wishing
to create any uuplcaBiiutncsa said nothing.
j    Shortly     after     Mr. Grullunder re-
' ccived an offer ol a position in Revelstoke and they moved there but ow-
1 ing to illness she wms unable to   ac-
| company   the   family.    Tiny   remained
' in Revelatoke only a short time   and
: then     returned  to  Kamloopi.   Later
j on Mrs.   Poi  went to Denver for     a
visit     and     during her absence Mrs.
Graffunder wrote ber asking her    to
comi back to Kamloops and help her
01   die   was  ill  and could  not  do   tho
ii..   received a cablegram neceiiary work around the house.
Mrs. IM.h returned and helped her
but gradually nssum.,; control of
bou 1 ho 1,1 affairs until Mrs. Graffnn-
der felt that her place had been ub-
urped and that she had Mcttei leave
which she did. She
husband to support her and he had
1 efuied.
lirutio    Qraffundei I       called
and denied my Improper conduct   on
his part  and also that  be had not  rt
fnse.i I.. Mupport Mrs. G raff und w,
Mi Poi .'ii tcstifyi'ig itati .1 that
ehe bad taken roomi at   IraHundetr'i
nothing but read. She had heard
Mr.-. Qraflunder say that she loved
; neither man better than she did her
husband. Bhe stated positively that
there had never leen any Improper
conduct e.n ber part.
1. itei on Mrs. Poi rented
Grallunder'a bouse on Columbia st.,
paying >i'ifc>er month rent and board
Ing the family for i'ih a month,
ui iffunder bought  the groceries as ho
:.•'.     coo     686
Total 1770.
Tonight ai S o'clock the government team are matched against the
lsusincss Men.
un Saturday afternooni trom    iM
until   I  o'clock  the  alleys  will  he    re
served  for ladies.    Last   week a number    availed themselves ol tbo privilege mid with hut  little practice ono
or two of tbe ladlei had no difficulty
  severely shaken no bones were broken. Mr. Rogers is making good pro-
: ren toward complete recovi 1 y.
Martin and Garrett
Winners ot Debate
Open Air Skating Rink
tor Selkirk School
Revelstoke Boys lire
On Way to Front
A   McRa
from    ins inn Charles from Bngland,
saying t ti.it the Mtb draft li leaving
"(•ir the front today.
Dlko board ol .trads wants the Dominion (fovoiiiment to tax nil enemy
nllens 10 per cent, of their earnings
fo help defray I'nnndn'n war etpenHcs
wai    an    empl lyee e.i the Hudson's
Bay Co.,   wu alio*  discount  '" ''"""ll "v" "''   '"'- '" ten Iramei
. 11 his pUrChai es, Hie had several
Lou.' to the Hay and ordered
goods having them charged to Qraflunder but she had always paid him
for tbe goods thus bought.
Judge Murphy   asked   the   witness    If
she could hoard a family of lour peo
pie for $35 per month,    Witness said
■hot  all she made out ol It was     hef
The judge asked ber how she could
live in the same hoi,si' with a woman
whose chaiactir wan such as Bho
Claimed it to be.    She said      she   did
10 In order to be able to watch her
Mr. Justice Murphy in ramming up
the evidence stated "the morals ol
the barnyard must have prevailed In
this house."
Hia Lordihlp veil not give any ml'
lo alimony Until hi has reference to previous rulings on a CUB.' of
this nnture.
An open air skating rink has been
constructed at the Selkirk school,
Which the pupils cxjioct Will bo a
source of much Inn during the winter
months. The rink iB MO by 70 feet Hanson
and continued front now is only needed ti secure the sheet, of ice. A tent
will be erected and will be furnished
with   a   stove.    Hockey   matches      are
being arranged and It is propoied to
hold skating parties  on   Friday  evenings.    J.  A.  McLeod  has  been  elected
manager ol tbe rink and a oommlttee Blalrmore    has tbo United church.
consisting ol 0, Laughead, 1,. Briggs, The Baptists and Presbyterians bave
Margaret   Brown and Dorothy Lyttle amalgamated,   The    church   ol Bng-
has also been elected. land  bus resumed service there.
terday and it was lound that though  graph opeerator .vie. was working   ou
the old     1  ■ ■   Uni   then iicing
built to the north.   McCutcheon sent
the sand le    I- Wa es,    to
! .ir .t as-a>.'ei,  bi t  tiefoi 1  tuo    returns eai ie b 0     1...,:     t di and
1  .                       ;  th    1 cal ty   wh ta
a   b   bim.
in      el ie      !;■    Mc M. ■ ... on   received
e pie   (01
[ metai, and thiB he
1 wife,
.s    s- 111 ii. lng,   md 1 esidei   tl Ch Ui
N.ov   the   Btory  1
.-cm n  ii'i.i - latel. "i    .-  5  . :.-      1. ".
Col.  81 • .  w,,h
■ ting in the bea .w..t rs
en bi      uud a lo t
Ineh lead of this same bliu
al.   1 le     had  pi >\ lously  1 alked w it .
the      Widow   .ef  I a. 1  '.:\  and he.   kloW
[1 om b 1 ■;•■- '.. tion it was the same
kind ol mineral he had found. Bti
son    with a sL.-.i j> pick broke ofl    a.
chunk of the ore,  wrapped it cateful-
ly    and enti    ted It with bis Indian
Th debate on the iuI eel 'Resolv-
..I tbat the United 8tati are jusn-
Bed in remaining Neutral," held iu
St. .John's churcb last evening by the
Voung People'! tocletj   .mis "i.e    roll
worth   heal in.'.    The   affirmative     was
at. sled  by      Messrs.      Mai tin      and
ett,   while   Mis-is.   Thomson   and
WM T. Johnson showed themselves   to
i c im mean opponents.
Each of the leading speakers were
allowed     20 minutes while those   following      had     LS  minutes.  The judges
were NM  R,  Drown, VV. Wood and    VV.
and at   the Close ol  the even
ing they declared Messrs, Martin and
Garrett the winners by several polnti ,,, Ut-M. ,, ,,, ,,,,,,„, bu, ,h(, Inolan on
will again meet next    ti„.  waJ   |,,.t   t[l(,  precj011g  gample
The     society
Tuesday evening when papers will bo
given  on the subject "The  Italian" 111
Europe and Canada."
It is    H.oel the neiie of five million
ini ol tambw for Besptembw by.  the
crows Neil Macs Lumber Go. at
Watilncr, wns t.hn blggesl month's
business the lum rvei   did
Freight business over thc Oreat
Not thern hut improved so much nt
Roaaland thai an<othei 'reight crew
ims been stationed there,
'Mnnhrook's canine population Is In
» mourning    it     blest member
Park ■ bulldog old rnt,  aged
ed a ' Wedni
Some Willow Point rnnchnrs had ft
stall at Nelson nrirket on Saturday,
and the sale of I heir prodUOO netted
M! for the Patriotic fund.
The Canadian Patriotic fund is
paying oul Tl<-00 a month ln the Fernie district at present. Since exjiend-
Ituies started over ?7,7(Kl has been
expended there. <aa against se.io'i
The    C.P.R. flaw-mill at. Bull River
wus     compelled to close down last,
month,  low  water j.rcvcntitig them
retting  their  he's d .wn  to  the mill.
Grand Fori - I oard ol trade thinks
ih 't town an i-i a. location for a
i'i nn mill t.i handle the grinding ot
the grain 11 own In the boundary as
well   is I I v Me ,1 |q tiansit
the coast.
Sine.' that tin e Col. Bteven ion has
. 1 t.e than
■|e..t in search of the lost bonanza,
but in each Tafn has failed to get
: earn tl an 2 ■ leel ol It on Ing to
high watei md tl • c ' ing ol tha
canyon walls. Only .< lew dayi ago
he returned from the last trip. Ho
wis .accompanied by Wn . Allison anil
tbey  had  a  rough  time  of   it.      Thny
it  five dayi, and • n the  high
ea.   "i  shall try again," saya
the    Colonel, ' end 1 will gel ;t next
B."   Bll lilkameen Star.
that the llyer hns been taken
to   off,     Cranbrook has ope train a day./
east   an.l west PAGK TWO
Zhe flftatUlbevalb
c^VIai!-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
fl,  G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor
(UNION ;jL'';LAgEl>
WEDNESDAY,   N0\ EJMBER  10,   1915
Thi ■ ime has ai rivi il when thi lights
turn to tbe pui chase of Christmas
11 es at- and 111 t le I Ime is to b»
; -t > gift ire to reach their re
clpieni .: tin ,i' In I ne and In Eng
land tor the lest i.r season. Even
when the gifts are intended toi
friends in Canada, shopping Bhould
not be long delayed. Early shopping
is tee the advantage of purchasers
and sellers alike. The early sbojiper
i btains the widest selection. He secures his purchases before the most
attractive articles ir. the merchant's
stock have been removed, and the
clerks being less busy than tbey will
be when Christmas Is nearer, he obtains better attention and more suit
able gifts. It is only when Christmas shopping is begun early that the
merchant and clerk is enabled to eel-
Bbrat I the loyous day as it should bo
celebrated. Whin shopping is generally postponed until the iajat d iy or
so before Christmas those who at
Tend to the needs of the Bhoppers nre
too wearied to enjoy tbe gaiety ol
the day as it should Me enjoyed, The
proper Christmas spirit is one of
benevolence and consideration foi
others, and that spirit should not be
reserved for Christmas day itself but
il ■ ! ie- rvade I b ■ preparatii ms loi
the celebratli n. Flna ly, purchase
your Christmas gilts in Revelstoke
Depress!, .n in business has not yet
leen A ssipated and the money expended on Christmas goods will do
much to relieve the situation if everj
citizen of Revelstoke resolves this
year ti spend Mis money in the city.
Civic patriotism and a spirit ol mutual    Ci  operation were never     more
!  or were nevi r i alculati d     t
prod ttej   results,
is ill their hands. The wish of the
Spanish foreign minister is to observJ
a strict neutrality, but ol predilection by him or the government for
the German cause there is no traco
London Times: lt was stated at an
inquest at Hackney on the body ot a
shunter named Charles Hall, aged 21,
who was run over on the railway arid
kill .1 that he was perfectly bald, and
thai the driver, noticing him on tbo
lir.e, mistook the back of bis head for
his face, and thought he was coming
towards I  -1 engine and could see it.
Grand Forks Sum: Tbe Sun today
takes much satisfaction Mn celebrating us fifteenth birthday. In spite of
the eroakings of those who have no
special use for tbe paper, and who
have never contributed a cent towards its sujijiort during all the
years it Mas been published, we feel
as certain of ultimate victory as the
.•.Hies do in the present conflict. We
might add thai if the allies will continue to Wage war against their enemies w:th as much determination,
under as great difficulties as we at
times in the past, have been compelled to labor, they will achieve com-
tdete success even though the balance
of the neutral world should turn
against them. Our task in the past
has not always leen a pleasant one.
The future mey have brighter days
in store. It it bas not—well, Tbe
Pun will continue I > make its weekly
appearance anyway.
Toronto News: The Edmonton Bulletin, controlled by Hon. Frank Oliver, asks "Are Canadians to do their
dghting or lease it to foreigners?" If
we recall all the warnings of Mr. Oliver's leader against the "vortex of
European militarism," his resolute
opposii •... al successive imperial con-
terenci s ■ i any con: ribution for s ia
defense, and the slaughter .•! the Borden naval     proposals by bis obedient
iry to
• : tie Rulletin a q lestion in tbe
itlve.    Judging,     however,    by
the     action of   the Canadian i pie
piece the ■■■   i  I egan, by thi  fact that
e ti lined and e itiipped an arty of 160,    i or I erviceii
that wi       11 have     a
of n million he field
:,.... ...
( a*
our great ir sac
bad to hang such a good shot. He
should be sent to the tiring line in
Angus McDougall died of heart disease in Golden. He came from tho
Glen, Ontario.
The C.P.R. hotels at Banfl, Lake
Louise and Glacier have closed for
the winter.
At Creston I'M II. .Jackson has a
I ino.l sow that has brought lorth 25
young jdgs this yeur.
Big Sandy McKay of New Denver
was S3 years old last month, and
weighs 260' pounds.
At the recent city tax sale in Ver-
ii.ui, sevea people were present, and
only four lots out  of 57 were sold.
Dr, Sanson, Ward, and (.'hataway
bave 'heir copper claims in Highland
valley bonded to a syndicate.
The Hotel Kdgcwater, 2' miles up
the river from Golden was recently
burned. The building was empty at
the time.
Tha Northport smelter will treat
800 tons of ore daily when it blows
in. In the (future this may be Increased to   1000 tons.
The retail price of beer has been
doubled iu Trail. It was five drinks
for a quarter. It now is two drinks
for two bits.
Martin Bresnik has given a three
months option to the Tacoma smelter, upon bis copper claims at Mam-
ette lake, 25 miles from Merritt.
George I.. Taylor, police magistrate
died in Whitehorse last month from
M. ait disease, aged 54 years. He was
born  in  Rothwell.  Ontario.
In the Slocan th' gophers are out,
the blue grouse are drumming and
Bob Cunning has bought a straw bat.
These are sure signs of a mild winter.
At Silverton the Galena Farm concentrator began operations this week.
More than 20 years ago this property was staked by Bolander, Currie
and Van Dorn.
While going to the Second Cabin
from Hazelton, to act as telegraph
operator, F. R. Law was lost for
three days. When found he was alios! exhausted from walking and
Recruiting officer, to Mov of thirteen
who, in his effort to get taken on   as
bugler, has given bis age as   six-
teen:     Do     you know where boys g i
Ip]       int    "Yes,  sir,
■■   e..    . ■  ,. inver-
,i ii   He wa ■ ■   chewed
lie hunting.      It
• he griz
zly cash in.   it  was fortunate     that
Acilerson bad a hunting partner.
.lames ('. Goupill and Jim Badger
were arrested for running a blind pig
at Vernon. Tbey were ser.it to Jail
for one year and nine montliB at hard
Recently at night strunge lights
have beeu seen in tbe sky over Duck
I Oreek. Perhaps some angel is spying
the land with a view to future settlement. Even now Duck Creek is full
of Saints.
Ther' has been issued ut Ottawa
the tlrsi report, of the work accomplished by tho provinces under the
provisions of the Agricultural Inst rue
ti n Act 1913-M, and embodies a lull
btal ■ment   of the scope and  nature of
the measure followed by a review, In
nini   sections, eef the work    done   in
i ach pr.o Ince, A seel ion also is devoted t.i the veterinary college ol
Canada, towards Which .1>2ll,U0M a year
is granted. Another section covet'B
thi subjects of "Agricultural Education in Manitoba," "Agricultural Instruction In Belgium," "Sehool Con-
solidation," and other matters including a list, briefly explained, of
the United States federal appropriations for agricultural instruction!. The
report shows, among other things,
that one hundred and tilty-five permanent instructors, jirofessors, supervisors, directors, demonstrators and
many assistants, have been appointed
by the various provinces and are being provided for through the Agricultural i Instruction Act. In addition,
a large number ol magnificent buildings have been erected Irom these
finds throughout Canada. Tbe report embodies 145 pages ol text, in
addition to sixteen pages illustrating
the buildings constructed. The report shows that the work done by
each province is varied according to
local needs and conditions. Much of
it, however, is common to all the provinces and varies only by the method
by which il is carried out. It is being distributed to applicants by the
Publications branch of the Department  of Agriculture at Ottawa.
today than ever belore in history.
Furs are more fashionable than ever
before in history. The demand ol the
dress and garment makers far exceed
tbe anticipated demand of the cutters
of fur trimmings. The orders for fur
trimmings were for miles, uot yards,
of all grades of every article of lurs.
The low price uf muskrat created the
demand for Hudson seal coats. A
well made, good quality coat would
be bought at wholesale Ior around
one hundred dollars. Weather conditions throughout the United States
during .Inly, August and September
were extremely favorable Ior the salo
of neck i>ieces for mid-summer wear,
such as the very fashionable animal
scarf. This extraordinary demand for
the manufactured goods created a
big demand for the raw furs and
stocks in tbe hands ol tbe raw fur
dealers are practically closed out.
This will unquestionably create a big
demand for thc November and December fresh caught, goods and, no doubt
make the trapping of fur hearers a
very profitable occupatioci.
ment feared to begin its sanguinary
work until April, when the course o£
the war convinced them that they,
could embark upon their bloody wort
secure from iirterference. No other in->
cident connected with the war could
compare in magnitude with the horrors of the Armenian massacres. Alt
the British people could do was tui
send all the help possible to the Ar*
mcnlan relugees.
Lord Brycc, speaking at Manchester, on Oct. 26., said that the Turkish government made up its mind immediately after the wnr started to
destroy the whole Armenian populace
It was avowed by some members ol
the Turkish government that their
motive was to insure tbat thcre
should not be any element throughout the country which was not Mohammedan. Fanaticism bad nothing
to     do with it.   The Turkish govern-
It's (food policy io think of the future
It's still bei lor policy to provide against
'lie misfortunes it may have in store
tor you. Tbe surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of ih<- Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav be near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
In a    recent article,   A.  B. Shubert,
pr Bident     o!    A.     B. Shubert, Inc.,
Chicago, 111., .Me largest house in the
-.' Lusively in American
law     furs   st ites as the reason     lor
the tm ■     t   dl in:ii»l and 1 I"  in
crease in the price of North American
i aw furs as f illows:
'The purchasing power of the people    'ii   the United Stat-.s is greater
Iu:    .'   : -  ol   Spanish  opinion
tbe wai   lo not promise well for Gi i
man atti mpts I o enlist  Spain a?   at
ally.   European dispati ies a lew daj -
ago   said that Germany was offering
. along wltl   M
is    the    price ol ase   I
Tber--- is a pi
f thi
of     Sena     daura,
stand ■
l      . • ■ .-       Vbout 75     per' M
■   •
Lea'.' t dur-
Wc stock material  for
king these.
We    Supply   EVERYTHING   in   Building   Material j
- FOU CANA .   V t KM I ST
Electric Lights
i on, Mazda
....      . . .
party i s si
neutra  ty I
I ■ I ec iuse the life e.f dem
The     !  ,
•-M Dern
it Tra
Wood Heaters
From $2.25 Up
Aqents for Maqna Cream Separators
The coal  mine
a , t in.* m i  mad
i loyed In makln I /tat.
Around Endei by el 11 men In l*
days threshed 100   to     of grain,
In  IM e- Iton  Mi jt   net ■    in  Indian wa*
.-iiiui' .'. Ild gee i" al - i ach.
At.  Kaslo  IhlH year  a   two  year    old
Wagner tree produced  IG pounds    of
Abu. Oagofl, a Russian, will bang
at. Whitehorse on Marcb 10. He killed four section men  who  made fun  Of
the way lu' talked English,   u   la too
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Bnd Bacon
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Sausage—wherever it appears-
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Rooms -Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Acated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
d. Albert Stone, Proprietor
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Union Hotel
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Phone 41
Box 734 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1915
Trail is having a real estate boom.
A night    school for foreigners  will
be started at Blairmore.
Golden     put up $45 for the British
Red Cross on Trafalgar day.
At Phoenix the bome
gone out of business.
guard     litis
The Greenwood Ledge thinks there
is room for a flour mill in the Boundary.
Crocuses are reported in bloom
the foothills around Cranbrook.
A new switchboard has been put in
al the telephone central at Kaslo.
A,    Grand
bi ought in  i
21)1 pounds.
Forks hunter last week
buck  deer that dressed
\n •Ho:>.ns  an'  building a
with a seating capacity
Ci anbrook
parish    hall      ^^^^^^^^
ol 300.
Cranbro 'k merchants discontinued
the Wednesday half holiday last
Rossland Chinamen are quitting the
golden city aud opening laundries in
The brewery at Republic, Wash.,
may move lei Ur.md Porks as soon as
tM.it state goes  'Miry."
commencing the good work
and district has gathered     in
for     the Canadian   Patriotic
New  Denver Fult far tb'.S 7 ar
total     of
in prizes i n a
Th ^^
Bpent S221'
116 entries.
Things ir ■ Improving at Cranbrook,
The Royal hotel has re- ipened its
Waldo fanciers will show aboui 1 >
birds at nest month's noultry show
at Cranbrook.
S96.7S   was  New  Denver's Trafalgar
<> ■ ontrl) nr."-. i t<< the Bril s.i    Red
Cross society.
Bellevue has a free library ef forty
books.   Blairmore is getting a slmi-
lai   e ne this week.
It .s estimated thai 100 new build-
in s ire under c instruction In ami ad-
jac :it  to Trail.
rhe Crown Nest I .iss Lumber company is st irtlng a number <>f logging
camps   >n the little Bull.
Dr. H. E. Hall of Calgary has returned ti Cranbrook and will lo ate
I nere permanently.
Tn enable them to save a drive the
Elk l.umber company will have tbo
Great Northern haul their logs from
Olson to Fernie.
The Golden Star says tlie creameries at NelBon und Grand Forks are
working night and .lay t i supply the
demand for butter.
The Crows Nest Pass Lumber company 1 gjlng camps at Bull River
I ad a summer cut of 8,1 •',' 0 feet-
nil hauled and tlumed.
nt the |1,639 raistd at Fern;,., f.'r a
machine gun which project was abandoned, $1,072 was transferred t> the
Patriotic fund, $55 to the Bed Cross
and over $o IC returned to donators.
The poultry competition which tl o
government has conduct,d at I'lctorla
I. r the past year, closed on Oct. Iff.
In class 1 six birds with a total of
L,3-M eggs were tirst, while in class -
half a 'Mi len I Irds r ■'■■ ic d ' ! 12 eg, a
for the year.
• , tM.r birds and I Ig ga   •  I        :
I  th    besl  years f .r hunting in
the i   iluml ia v illey.
Another story is Merit built to the
' entral hotel at Trail, adding four-
teei      dditl  - al  rooms.
J.     A.     i In My.  i n  El   ■ ran h> r,
sold 2; 00 1 a:s     of
oorati.ee s   ; d '.     boxes oi . pples    in
Fernie this year.
ll.  I'M He it- i,', 'hi' Cr i bro ik drug
I in '. has Me' n  In  Creston for a week
• ■ iking aftei  one     e.f     his
ri e ii     si ires  as the late man
.    i ';     n it   overci    ie  tin- desire     to
thiow     a     pill    into the Kaiser    ni     :ice should
went  t.i Wint to enlist.     Beattlo      ■      lin        t.i  the  spelter      market,
i     ori    ■    gs li   Bast  Kool n-   which closed the month -trong at $14
aj     than     all the other drug stores  per cwt. f.'i  spot,      I  this time last
combined.   He     rode into Cranbrook  year the top pi   e foi     m  ore     was
on tin' I,'ni ' . ,.;' a mule       I "    per t"n with spelter quoted at
now (rides behind an eight cylinder or   515.10 per     cwt., which is conclusive
Zinc Production is
Boomed by War Prices
Zinc has shown a firm tendency of
late, and the spelter producing com-
panies feel confident of a strong market for a long time to come. This is
reflected in the higher prices of stocks
.... the nine mining companies—American Zinc company stock sold at .$09J
In a very interesting article ou the
;:inc situation during these war times
the -Muung World says:
The effects of the war on the American mining industry is hest shown
in its relation to the production and
sale ol lead and zinc ore in the United -t.it s, particularly In tbe Missouri Kansas Oklahoma district. The amount of zinc ore (including calamine)
mined and sold in the Joplln district
during the first nine months of the
current year, according to a statement issued by tne Lyon Investment
( impany, has been i;;.;,vi'.i,2i: pounds,
am untirg to $215,591,314 In value.
Ihis production exceeds in value the
district's record year of 1912, when
more than MO',000',COO pounds of ore
was i roduced and sold for $15,454,016
As compared with the corresponding
nine moaths in 1914, the current
years    utput shows an  mcrcsj     of
.  IS, .",-. pounds, or 9.4 per cent,   in
'   n agi   and an increase of >\071,S27
or over  108 per cent. In value.     The
ction of lead ore for the     nine
months just ended has i-een 65,146,980
pounds,     which    sold for $1, 524,925.
the c rresponding period     of
:    •     I he     pi ■ duel lo : was 6 .,■ 11,974
po   mis,      which     sold  for  $1,524,086,
' '.in.- an increase during    the
year of 1 ss than one-half   of
■  i e nt. it, tonna te aud l .5 per
cent,  in value.   The avirage ptice   of
In       bli ml     Bince Jan.  I,  l1 In; has
heen     $7 .10    j er ton, as to npared
e of    17.84 during 1914.
m    Mi     ol   S ipteml er closed
with     top    grades oi ?inc oie     very
strong     u   8C a toi , altb ugh     ths
he well over ilC'3- per ton
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Wo aim to gtve maximum
wear At minimum price
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the new lines at any time. This
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This year's nobby styles at tbe
prices of last year. Only those
wh.., were fortunate enough to see
the raise coming in wool guodB
can compete.
SEE oi:r special line
SI5 00 each.
Kelowna Apples
In a pullman when he is not ridinsr
the h ore v. on one of his many farms
I i- ttie has bee imi e pitalist with
a big '' and never refused a man a
meal, bed or drink tf be thought it
was needed.—The Victorian.
Very heavy pack. Call and
prices. Special price ou f>
more boxes.
1 ci l-M'..land since the war began 8
persons charged with espionage have
been found guilty and sentenced to
it] by shooting. The most recent
case was only last Week, When a man
end » . ia, oi e ier man origin were
found guilt; ol attempting to communicate to persons abroad information regarding the British tiect with
the intention of assisting the enemy,
'lhe male prisoner mat sentenced    to
Meanwhile the Bring s ,uad have
taken tbeir places This numbers sis
■  c ''I en,  and  there are     -0
a.,re men in readinisi outsld
any of the flrst nurabei shou d flinch.
Contrary to what has been common
custom in such cases, all six oi the
rifles are lo <b I with a Mall c trt
ridge, Ai the last moment ai
orj target printed on paper le pinned
.. ovei ti. t      .. :
my acquaintance,    who saw one    of
ice    that even the  Jircsent price
if ore .s not as high as wi rranted'by
ent l ri e of s ielter. Lead ore
i-' now Bteady at J5I  per ton, winch is
Mer than at  thf -.me time last
\ear. ~~
It has been evident for some    time
li.it tlie dis] itween the prices  tion
er Is     even     greater
the published ^^_^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^—.
.    .,•!>  shown in the re- liquor by wholesale In ..nd upon   the
•  :.t     issui      .? the American Metal premises known at Lota 1, 8, 9 and N
of Ke •   Vork city, which stat- 10 feet of 10, bloc 98, plan 3, City Ol
ed that   tl        eltei   quotations were Revelstoke.
■ n     th<     pri. e w stern grade, Dated     this     Kth day of October,
M is the least valuable form     ol 1915-
Northern Spies
Grimes Golden
Winter Banana
Ben Davis.
Friday and Saturday
ll     'look's     Sauce,     large    hot-
ties 30c
Hartley  & Palmer's     Tea Rusk's
Biscuits, per pack 30c
Huntley & Palmer's Creamy Chocolate Biscuits, per pack 15c
Patted Ham, per Uu  C6c
Devilled Ham. per tin  05c
Fresh Baked Currant Biscuits, per
pound 15c
will    be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police Jor    the
limitations indl-  ienewal     of a licence for the sale ol
as was clearlj  shown in the re-  liquor by wholesale in and upon
newal of the hotel license to sell   liquor by retail in the hotel known   as
the   Hotel Beaton, situate at Beaton,
in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 1915.
be shot, and the female one. who was   ,   ,,_,. ,ftrg  tJ   ...,,
considered by the court to have been
tii    under the Influence ol the man,
te   be kept In penal servitude for ten
years,   Tins is the flrst eeicislon   on-
B . an spy has i.e. n sent-
taci'..      tee  pi n.il  sen .i ii I ■  since      the
war began. Prevlouslj seven spies
have been sentenced to death, Lody,
thai and tour men un-
n im. d. The spj Kuepti rle Man. ■ d
himself In Brixton prison durh
;■ lal, and bli campanlon, Hahn, was
sentenced te' leven yean penal soni
i tide.
When a spy has been condemned to
be shot he is banded over at once
to the military authorities .md the
■■ i- carried out at the Tower
of London, that historic |ilace of
many tragic happening!. An ac-
quail tance ol the writer's who is a
member ol the Artists' Rilles, the
leglment that is quartered at the
Power, telle me that the shooting ob
spies hns been redUC d to an absolute
system. Prom ins deMriptlon ol the
ceremony the chiel object ol thoso
v.ho have elaborated ll seems to have
been to avoid unnerving, not the
prisoner, though the thing is done as
humanely as possible, but his executioners.
When   tbe  fateful   moment  for      the
execution ol a sjiy arrives tha d n
I'd man is brought out and seated 111
a chair t.i which be is pinioned se-
e urely,   This li t.> prevent his tailing
attei be bai i n ihol. a sight   tb it
wan found too much for the nerves of
"ime of the ii i ■ - ri QompOStOg the tirllli:
squads.   Then     thc prllODU Is blind
loided and both his ears ami nostrils
ire    il lllleil   with   Cotton   wo (1,     I I,.     Ifl
permitted to smoke s cigarette right
up in the end, when it in taken awnj-
from him and he ih told te. open bis
mouth,    when    that, too   m stuffed
.villi cotton wool.
etal,     as nutactured
incase   from low-trade ores, and even     then
the metal could not be purchased   in
:■ ■ i at the price quoted,
ver, are used iu
the i ; b ■     'ade   f ■
■ ■ial,"  which     is
used in the manufacture of munitions
.    tr cal  .- .;■     ' .-     ii     h is    I een
s high ts a    pound
loplin ore   should
In     -     pei  ton.   i   Is   pos
that  the coming ol cold weather
.lira Its atti ■ nl "i or •
■  Ion may bav<  the effect o    at
reducing tins wo e discrepancy
:n ral
\ n ts in the mining pr<esi
• m     has
to purchase   all ths    epeltet
- inadian otea   during
■ o   it 1   cents  per  pound
■ ■ a the position ol
and   ins .lr       t In nr
ptlon at  as  ;.i   ll      .il
hi.- >\ ■
ami many havt   I able to ..t  th.s     tone
t.. th. fairness of    their  that tbe United Statu Steel corpor-
LTD., Applicant
' '• -   ' Irant, Manager.]
Section 42
Section 42.
Cain "I      list in the
11 litre    ol     the bull's eye, Nat
1 .;■ h is instant im o is.
 i     is usu illy tolled     off,   i
. ndi rstand, to   tai A  guard over    a
■i ■
e " i■ •! Ion, and nli>o with a
t . 11 em Ing him in I
n     at     leant      ■    I -.
i . . -  .. .
i ,. ,      . e
ell to ' bucking
have died    un-
ninchin fly
im«p eiin ly
Notice is hereby given that on th
i ist  dny of December next,   appU  i
tion     will     be made to the Buperln |
teiiileiit of Provincial Police f,.r     renewal of the hotel licenai  to sell  li-
qiiiir by retail in the hotel known   as
the Arrowhead Hotel, situate at   nt-
rowh<sad,    In the province ol British
Pnteil  November 3,  1915.
Notice is hereby given that on the
first day ot December next, application will be made to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police for renewal of the hotel license to sell liquor by retail in thc hotel known as
the Union Hotel, situate at Arrowhead, in the province of British Columbia.
Dated October 14th, 191",.
trial.   The nt furl I on     Mas i ,i buying     lino
tl I •-• in  the Joplln district  l,,r its neu
Is laid to have elter now being    erected    itt
fission nf bow he hei   el to plan   the   Donora, Pa.,   although     when    thut
work was st,ote.i it »,is publicly  au-
I b it  it would he run en'-ire-
Scarborougfa bombardment an I
i.ther inf irmatlon ol the ut
ue to the Hi' lb adn I .1';. This,
parti) as r- tall tth n lor the action
e.1 the Qerman itoverument, which »e
served faithfully and which inter lie-
owned him.
l.rMHEHlNe;    kCTlVB,
• BROOK   H. i m   \
traCtoi   e: i .,  I,,,-  • .-,•••    , rr   I
i • - ontract
recently si -ne,i ■,. ith the i 'anadl in
railway natural resources de-
lull River. Tin ' i >ck
..f timber containing about I,
foi i i situated cl >se to thi t..wnsite
of Bull  Hi'.- -   i ictlcallj
lng the Ul  at   that
l''.iit\ will be e
• -ie.it, i      part   ol  t'-.e winter I.y      Mr.
Andrew ird    Bwafli >n,
ciinrles Ltndberg snd Fred Can left
usterdaj ' ■ Bl - ore whore tbev
will be . In limbering with the
mi een i.nmber company.
j on sine ore Imported Irom \..s
"i ilii. The new smelter ut Kusa,
•ecii blown in and in
also preparing to use some ore from
the Joplln district, .-otu11list i it'lng
the previous announcement thai It
won il run exclusively oc Mexioin aid
-    .inn DTH,
The iirit.s'i Board ol Trade has ar-
ranged to make final settlements   for
all seized American cotton which   ts
ei, Md by sales c entructs.     Tho
to  Me paid      will  be the market
il   thl Port of shipment on tha
'  shipment, and contracts     of
the     same     dates will  he used  as a
guide in arriving at the price.
Section 42
Notice is hereby given thai on the
lirst day ol December next, application will he maiie to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for re-
newa] of the hotel In ease to sell 11-
quol by retail in tho hotel known as
the Glacier House, situate at Glacier,
in the province ol British Oolumbia,
Duted October Mtb,  1916.
(Section 42.)
Notice is hereby given that, on tho
flrst day of December next, application will be made to the SujxTin-
tendent ol Provincial Police lor renewal o[ the hotel lieeiiHe to sell liquor by retail In tha hotel known as
the Lakcview Hotel, situate nt Arrowhead, In the province ol British
Dated October 14th, 1916.
Meets  every    Wednesday evening
at    8  o'clock,    in  Selkirk HaU.
Visiting    brothers    cordially  la-
eRevelstoke Ixvlge
N... 1066
Mei'ts  every  sec.mil
and Fourth Tueeaday
^^^^^^in   the Selkirk  Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially m-
vitiiM       A!.LAN K. I'VFK, Die.
11. L. BAUG, Sac
Section 42
■ '•ii that, on the
flrst    da] ol D otmba next, appllca-
Section 42
Notice Is hereby given that on the
first day of December next, apjiltca-
tion will be made to the Superintendent "I I'rovincial Police     tor re
Section 42
Notice is hereby ;'lven that  on ths I
first  day  dt December  next,  application    will    be made to the Bu >erin-
tendent. of Provincial police     fer re-.
newal ol the hotel licence t.i    ieii li-1
utior by retail In the hotel known   rs
the Halcyon H"t Pprinrs Panltarinm
situate     a* Hnlcvon, In the province
i.f British Columbia.
Dated October lttfc, 1915
I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday  evening la
Selkirk  Hall  at   8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially Invited.
JAMBS MATHIE. Secretary.
Bag>gage Transfei red
Distributing Agent-- and Storage
Furniture and Piano-moving a
Phone 16—276,   Night Phone Mfl
!. H. 0URT18
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each mouth at t p.m.
Visiting brethren art cordially
JOHN  LEE,  W.  M.
ROBT. GORDON,  Secretary
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Wa i|iieeiuli/.i' in
MetallloCelllngs, Corrugated Roofing, Furnaoe Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop    UonnaUgbt  Ave.
REVELSTOKE     -      -    B.C.
Il will pay you to make
H call al
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Ol.ii Town       RfeTKUTOKS, B.C.
before buying yom outfit
of Working clothes for the
leiisb. I make a specially
of Logging SIiocm, PantK.
Sei\. Shu !-.  Blankets anil
everythitiK required In yonr
If you want what you want when you
want rt try Mail-Herald Want Ads "'     .FOLK
PM C. Fro aey 1ms ■ one to Trail.
Mrs. H. Haug will receive on Tuesday. |
(,. D. Sh iw left yesterday morning
lor Trail.
Mrs.     l-M     Mei'.nt j   ivill receive on
Sa; .:.'.!'..  S'ovember MM
Sergt, ll. V, Morgan .ef the 54th battalion spent  Sundaj   tn Revelstoke.
Vi. Lj nes e.f Kami iops register! el at
tin- King Bdward Hotel on Monday.
R, Hlbberton of \ Ictoria registered
*t the King Edward hotel on Sunday
J, J, ' llass, Jr., ol Penticton, wns
a guest at the Hotel Revelstoke on
II.   J,   McKinnon   spent   a   few   days
in the- Big Send country this week on
a bunting trip.
Vi. Bews is in Vancouver attending
the aemi-annual meeting of the Brit-
3Bh Columbia Pharmaceutical association
Lieut. M. 1'. Lane of the 54'th Battalion, Vernon, passed through Revelatoke last night on his way to Toronto. Mr. Lane has obtained a
week's leave
C. .Scott who has had charge of
the Capitol barber shop for the summer, left yesterday for Trail where
he will m future reside, Mr. Scott
was an active member of the tire brigade.
Monday's casualty list contained
the nan e of Private .lohn G,
Di bard ol Revell toi e, as killed in
action October 10. Mr. Dochard, a
locomotive Breman, was in the 2Sth
battalion and was a former member
of the  18th battalion.
Tne Hon. Robert Rogers, minister
oi public works, who reached Winnipeg e.n I'M day. has announced definitely his miention of coming through
t the coast and is expected to reach
Victoria this week, according to ad-
vivi s i ceived by R. I'M Green, M.P.
Clifford Moth, the 12 year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. George Moth is homo
from the hospital. A few days
while playing he fell on some broken
ilass cutting his lei; badly In two
places. He is still on crutches but
expects to be completely recovered In
a few days.
N itici    s given in the current number   it the British  Columbia  Gai ■ tte
ot    the     resignations    e.f Albert  .-'
Ib Rive) r for
ver; Arthur B,
■ . ndlei if Rossland, M. D., as c< r
omr; H. D. 1: police magle-
- he small debts courts of the
city of North Vancouver; and G.
'..  'i -.1'. "el ,.f Huntingdon, ns Just-
f the pence and notary public.
Provincial Constable Duncan
brought a girl to I
n I'M iday, whom lie BUSP     I
ed of    wounding a Chinaman.    When
the girl   ind the Chinaman
on Sal re R. Gordon,
rate, t      Chin
Ui • .1 barge and
vv irsl       ii dered thi
- fare  bac
i .     l-M
fern ■
W. 1 ina-
tee er band
  i a i
Marj Fullei
so an.   ' 'apt.   Kent's     .Seuij,
TH        DAY—Kindling,      with
''■I.',   in I       i..
1.   - :■     latest     pi. ii: Itlsh
» ,i pictures in the I
FRIDAY    The   Jungle  Master  In  two
.   BUlie  I liil'ird  and   Mar
a- Wi  camp, .i >Ung     wild
animal stiry of the   e\(iiean    jungle.
the Bpii It ■ Moved, c
with Eddie Lyon    u I V Ictoria Ford
i.e     Moran.   Whin    Dad Fell Out,
COI 11 'IV.
DA . \nd matinee, 2.80, Sc,
and inc. World Film I
presents Vivian Martin In Little
Min Bt .vn, splendid comedy in 5
part-. direct from the Dominion
theatre, Vancouver. Gaumont Weekly showing the latesl war news    ol
Brit Inl loldiers in France and Bghting in the trenches. This weekly is
dlrert from England and on Its way
to ;- nticonver to Me i-hown in thn
large thentrw.
Mrs, a. I'M Miller will receive tomorrow.
Major l-M I'almer of Field is in the
city today.
John McLeod is at present engaged
on work at Trail.
Gordon James of Glacier registered
at the  Hotel  Kevelstoke on Sunday.
A.  ('.  Carr  ei(  Malakwa   was a guest
it the King Edward hotel on Monday
Mrs. vi. ,1. Coulthard will not ro-
icivc until the second Friday in De-
i ember.
Mr, and Mrs. E. Vlnd ol Vancouver
were guests at the King Edward hotel on Sunday.
kmong the guests at the Hotel
Revelstoke on Sunday was Mrs. P. E,
Morris of  Riondel.
Mr. anil Mrs. A. Thompson of New
Denver were guests at the King Edward hotel on Monday.
Among the guests at the King Kdward hotel on Monday was Mrs. J.
Sutherland and family of 0. K. Mission.
11. Manning met with a painful accident on Monday morning while making candy, severely burning both
lands with a boiling mixture.
H. W, Brodie, general passenger agent     of the  Canadian   i'acitic railway
at Vancouver, was a passenger on
Friday night's train eastward bound,
to attend the annual conference of
agents at .Montreal.
Tomorrow evening every lady who
attends the rink is entitled to skato
Iree of charge. There will be a spec-
mi matinee on Thursday from -.30 to
5 o'clock for beginners and competent
instructors will he Inl charge.
Indicative of the spread of settlement to the remote parts of the pro-
vlnce is an annoincetneat .n this
week's British Columbia Gaaette that
articles eif incorporation have been is-
Bued to the Port St. .lohn Agricultural association.
Ro "i t i tolta, a Japanese who has
Mem in Canada toi about six years,
i alisted n tbe It -M d regimecd B.M.
IM. He Is well known here and is
. ii ..i the li adlng men ol the colony
.ef Japanese. Mr. lloita liojics to
e one "t 'be overseas class and
a chance t.e acl Ively ri pri si nt
tlie Mikado s        ects »ith the allies.
Kan I  ml  Sentinel.
The home "f Mr. and Mrs. 1.   Howson was i   'M llghtful  ur-
jirise party on Monday night,    v
25 of Mr. nnd Ml I
n ei .a the home of Mrs. F.
and     pn icee led     to    Mrs.
ui   le-
the t
G. Moffatt
Mrs. Roynon M. Smythe will receive, tomorrow.
F. Parry ot Toronto was at tho
Hotel  Revelstoke or Monday.
J. O'Day of Vernon was at the
King Edward hotel on Sunday.
,|i. Taylor of Salt Lake t'lty was
among the guests at the Hotel Rev-
olstoke on Monday.
Among lite guests at the Kirag Ed-
ward hotel on Monday was F. T.
I [ornbaet of i lalgary,
Notice of the following appointments nppear Ln the current issue of
the British Columbia Gazette: H. C,
Si evens, M.D., to be ussistant modi
cal superintendent lor the hospital
fur the insane at New Westminster :
Councillor it. E. Clugston, to be a
license commissioner for Point Grey,
in place of W. B. McKechnie, resigned; tl. F. Guernsey ol Penticton, to
be a notary public; J. A. Kirk and
S. M. Young, to be directors of the
Summerland hospital.
McRae's Shoe Store, Howson Block
for boys and girls high-legged boots.
G A L T C 0 A L burns all night.
Revelstoke General Agencies,  Ltd.
The ladies of St. Francis church are
holding a bazaar in St. Francis hall
on Wednesday and Thursday, November 17 and 18. Fancy work tables
and tables of plain sewing which will
include aprons, children's clothing
and many fancy articles which will
make ideal Christmas gifts.
There's comfort in cooking with
Coursier's Coal.
Furniture, Stoves, etc., bought for
cash. Vi. Parry, Phone 35C.
The EMPRE8S orchestra will play
at the bazaar being held by the
1 idies of St. Francis church Wednesday afternoon Nov. 17 and the latter
part of the evening of the 18tb, on
which evening there will be a whist
drive. The ladieB wish it DISTINCTLY understood that the articles of-
I tered for sale will be at a REASON-
rock slide practically destroyed the
camp of the bridge building gangs
and necessarily a good deal of txino
was consumed in building a new
camp the men in the meantime having to Me taken to Hope for meals
and beds.
At the present time there Ib about
three miles of steel to lay on the
line, this being between Ladner creek
Lil miles east of I lope, and Boston
Bar, three miles this side of Ladner
Creek. The Ladner creek bridge Is
about one third finished, but tlu
work on the remaining two-thirds
will take more than twice
as lorn: to do as that on the
firsl ilui! on account ol new difficulties     which     have  been encountered,
This side of Ladner Creek and between it and Boston Bar there are
two trestle bridges yet to be built.
These of course cannot be commenced
till alther Ladner Oreek bridge or the
one ii Boston Bar is completed bo
that material nnd supplies may be
tnken  to thut   trestle  bridge sites.
At Boston Bar the trestle work at
each end of the budge was finished up
about a week ago. The steel simn for
the centre is,probably installed hy
this time.
The work now remaing therefore
comprises the finishing up of the Ladner Creek bridge at the other side of
the three mile gap, whicli is in itself
ijuite a task, tbe building of the two
w.oilen trestles and the laying of 3
miles of steel. A week would sullire,
of course, to lay the steel if the
bridges ware done.
It is not expected that the winter
weather will hinder operations to any
extent, although incessant rains rc
cently, have delayed progress somewhat. Tbe snowfall in the l.ndner
Creek region is not by any means as
great, as at Coquahallu Summit on
this side.
A good deal of interest is being
taken here in thc proposal to make
B cer"mony of driving the last, sjdko
in the Hope Mountain section, and it
is ejuite possible that the Kettle Valley railway mnnnger will be asked to
run nn excursion in connection with
the event in order to permit citizens
to get an idea of the Hope Mountain
line as it will appear this winter.—
Penticton Herald.
require a temperature of 220 deg.
Cent., a small size loaf of bread, 210
deg. Cent.; sponge cuke, ISO deg. Cent
5'. Inl baking large quantities when
an oven must be used during a fairly
long period without, being allowed to
cool between batches, it is more economical to use slightly higher temperatures than those given above. For
Instance, if Bevcral batches of bread
are to be baked, the temperature of
the oven should be raised to 2.'I0' deg.
Hope Cut-off May be
Finished by Christmas
Despite  the  fart   tha'   u  story  from
the     coast    Buggeats that the     last
r-.'ike     of     the     Kettle  Valley Hope
Mountain line will be driven in mid
mber, it doe-; not seem probable
ling      i ■  reports gathered  here.
t sti - - and bridge construc
tion     will     be finished  much  before
•ne even.
The di rs have suit, red
one    or • ntly, which
.Metion     of
• ■ three weeks,
i  finishing     up
■        k in Decern
ffever,   will  rc-
with     the
•o,     a
Cooking by Electricity
is Exact Sconce
in, who
' .
'I'll"      .onl -I   i)n      by
the      i
". i'i    l.e    held Bt.     l-M   III' be    ll  '11 on
Moven, The  ladle
have charge of I
lep have       mS !"   a   s.ifeiVty   of  child-
ml       'i   tin .i-  also for
■ile      ii   quantity   of   bonne      ilrcHiicR.
aproriH,      CapB,        ll   nn ■« nnd    bbnifl-
TMo'ie looking f.,r
Ctlflstmaa Rifts will find a «|i|endtd
opportunity of p irchnnlni- daintv
hand made gifts at the fancy work
tnhlcR in ehaTjje of the vminger ladles
of the parish. Thn culinery ami can
dy tables are also receiving tbeir
tifltinl attention. The Emptnss orchestra will provide tntinir on Wednesday
afternoon and Th'irsdny nlrht nfter
the whist, drive, BveryOne Is cord
Inllv invited. Tfl'i and rofTro will he
nerved during the day.
■' ill iy    and
IHT at   the
RBX     THEATRE      Chapf
F re,     F.irv   and   I
tonl -Mt    '■'
I lomlnion   I    pre     M me ,-  ' Irtlpi
l'i Ut HALE
Nl'.X r      IU       l'i 1ST      (ill le  I
The increasing popularity ol electric
cooking is well evidenced by the     nt-
tention  which is being given  ' i   ihis
[ subject     in the press.   That it is     a
tte:,      cleaner      and   more B  nltaiy
; way of cooking was never questioned.
The only objection has been the high
, cost in compuriFon with coal, gas or
, other     fuels.   Formerly the cost     of
1 both the   electric range, or oven  and
i thc current were practically prohibitive.   Two or three years ago the prices of     electric energj   in mosl  c,,nadian centres were so reduced that el-
ectric  cooking  became  cheaper    than
tbe   old   tnetbee,!-.    This  has  bad      the
■•Me- .,''   ii nulatlng manufacture    of
ectric cooking devices, as it
became     evident that a much lamer
field was bcintr opened and an enormous demand  could not fail to follow
V end  objection to electric
. now practically eliminated
■  t e'    e   costs      very
• than a gas ranee,
rtani     point ofl en dtsre-
the saving by electric
-       is the excessive
■  ,■ ..bier
• e it n not genii      'tu   pound
nlj   ti e and    a
'    ■
let.      only
D     elftT. rent,  sizes
t     .,  t
,   ,.f  electric
.. innei     in
.    u ■      plished   The re-
li ents m  elec
■ •   thai  it  is possible
a exact science, if de-
,    ,,. i ,t ure
ted  '  ■   coo ie.,' each m-
iOd    I    (." i linn eel  boui e
tain        irmly i-oe.d ro
«;" IiellteilC   i,J   „    llllllj-
i' nt Ion   an.l   fuel      111     Ibis
Ion     me following summary,
' "llt.ltlC II!-
'H e,i Interest
he '.est  i. mpi i 'ime  ba   ro.ist •
iiiK      is   100   dei'.   I ent   ,   Ihe   lo h       . it
weight   In the roasts being     i stei if
.. bigl ■      cmpei ltute in used.
it ia ■ beapei to roasl   et      ti m
pel ii ure 'if IOf) to i ''  de:-   Oeni   than)
,.t i -ti de - ,   ne   »ni v advantage     of
the   blghei    '''tn     I atiiie    s   11' it        tho
i line required in shorter.
3. for the purpose of hi 11 inir, tbe
OVen is min M noea heated for a very
short time to 2t0 deg. Cent., but it
in found that by performing this op
erutieen on to|i of the tovo at least
one liilowm t-bour  may  be na\."l
■I.    Foi      bakme,  the    temperature*
should be materially higher, Biscuits
NAKUSI', 11. IM, Nov. 9—A largo
house party was given liy Mr. and
Mrs. MM Rushton at their home at
lliouse in honor of their son and othei soldiers who were on (urlough from
the Kootenay battalion at Vernon.
About M* guests were present from
Nakusp, llroiise and Bos Lake, who
indulged in cards and other games.
The Cooperative society held au at
home on Hallowe'en night.
The Knights of Pythias Nakusi)
lodge gave a farewell banquet Tuesday evening in honor of Brother Hubert and Mrs. Abbie, who are leaving
town for Kalamazoo, Mich., after a
residence here of nearly 15 years. C.
C, Eugene■ Leveque occupied the chair
and there were about -111 present at
the festive board, which was laden
with the d"licaeies of the season. Addresses were given by Mr. Abbie's old
friends, who expressed their dee|> regret nt, losing such a good citizen,
who had taken a prominent part in
the lodge's and towni's affairs. Songs
were given hy Miss Hamer, Messrs.
Harlow, Leveque and Sellars. H. I..
Rothwell, w,ho will enlist, was joined
in the evening's enterlairt.iieiit as a
Tn connection with the machine gun
fund a meeting was held at the Trail
city hall for the purpose of disposing
of the funds. Noble llinns was in tho
It was moved by .1. Puchanan and
seconded by .1. Wadsworth that $140
be  handed   over   to  a  committee      of
women for the purchasing of Obriat-
mas presents for all those who have
enlisted from Trail for'act ive Bervtcc.
This  was  carried   unanimously.
F. W. Brown moved nnd .1.
Buchanan 'seconded, that the following distribution be also made: {150
to tbe regimental (und of the 5ith
battalion, $160 to the Trafalgar day
Red Crops fund, .flail t.i the Canadian
Patriotic fund, and the balance to
the Ifund to the Italian Red Cross
fund. This was also carried unanimously.
B'rlday    Evening,  12th Nov., at 8.15.
National Anthem Organ Only
Spring Song   Holline
Melody   Brean
Andante    Wely
Solo     ... "Selected" ...   Miss McKay
chanson Dcto   Lemarc
Fantasia     Brean
Interlude   Clarke
Solo..."The Lost Chord"...  Mr.  Baker
Organ Obllgato
Pilgrims'  Chorus    TCddy
Prelude   Clarke.
Second Andante   Wely
Solo "I Seek for Thee in Every
Flower   Dr. Taylor 	
Fantasia   Stainer
Impromptu   Lcmare
Affertoirie    Jackson
" ■ " »—..,. in       i -ey
On Friday, Nov.  Ill at 2 p.m., at.
Tapping Block
Goods comprise ns follows: Trim
nnd brass beds complete, bureaus,
stands, sideboards, extension, kitchen
parlor and bedroom tables, Wascana
range, cost $55', like new, cook stoves, heaters, sleighs, upholstered mahogany rockers, chairs, and a host
of other household effects too numerous to mention.
Terms ensh.  Positively without   reserve.
W. PARRY, Auctioneer.
Box .111 Phone 356
FOR SALE.—16 ln. Millwood;     also
i    Kindling in bunches; each $2.75 per
load delivered.    Phones 42 aud   81.
J.  P.  Sutherland,
FOR RENT—-9 roomed house, comer
of Fourth Street and Railway Avenue.   $15.00 a month.
HIDES ARK niCII. Write J. E.
Love, 103 Fourth St., East, Calgary, Alta. For shipping tags and
price list of hides, calfskins,' wool,
sheepskins, horsehides, horsehair,
etc.   Prompt,  returns. Nov. 3flp
i. .       , .
Piano, practically new. Cost $050.
Ajiply Mail-Herald. Nov. 13 p.
WANTED—Housework by the day. Ap
ly Mail-Herald.
SILVERTON, B. C, Nov. !)_William Barker, a former resident of
Silverton who in the early days Wns
foreman of the Vancouver mine, now
the Van Roi, aud who is now a resident of Nelson, will take charge of
the work which is to be begun nt
once on the Buck group of mineral
claims, located. about half a milo
southeast of Silverton. Tt is understood that Spokane en|iital has been
enlisted in the enterprise by thc own-;
ers nnd that necessary shops and pth- '
er |ireliminnry arrangements will ho
completed at once, in preparation f.>r
steady  development  of  the  mine.
Recently ,-i cow and a horse wero
shot dead at Midway by lmntirs who
thought  tbey  were deer.
At a lied Cross raffle at Grand
Forks last week $11.60 was realised
on the gambling for a cactus.
Greenwood's company of home
guards has dwindled from over ldfl
members down to about 20. There is
a possibility of the company being
attached  to the  Kootenay regiment.
$1.60—Our dollar and half
FOUNTAIN PENS for ... .75(
FREE with 3 cakes REXALL
$1.25 St. $1.50 BOOKS, 3 for
free witli each sale of TALCUM
POWDER  Saturday  25c
The Rexall Store
Xmas *Photos
for the British Isles and Continent
should be mailed soon— SO DON'T
W    TiAnTON,   Leading   Photographer
Reducing Stock
Let us have your business — we need
it Will give best treatment — low
price* and good quality. Smaller stock,
fresher goods.    Guarantee satisfaction


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