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The Mail Herald 1908-02-19

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Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
I  ir i-isi • . f operation and perfection
,   I.   i'ts  product.!   • 11-   Machine
;■      snrp.ssed —I an i ■ fffW 00 cash.
Vol. 14.-No  11
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For Your Feet
The "Patriot" carries with it style, service
and comfort. It's made over foot comforming lasts.
Fits from the start. No " breaking in " necessary
" PATRIOTS " won't hurt, burn and blister your
feet. Over half a hundred of styles. This means
a shape and a fit for any man's foot. Cork insoles
in " PATRIOTS " keep out dampness.
All the Popular Leathers.
Cost no more than the ordinary kinds, but
give an unlimited amount of satisfaction.
Wear Shoes to give you Comfort. The
" PATRIOT " will please you.     Come and See.
$6.00 Now $5.50
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Fall Ceeae ArrM-i* daily.    *"*s»»maklng and Millinery Rooms, Ind Floor
f^B. Great Cut in Enameleb TOare\
For this week we are ottering some great bargains in Strunksy Ware
and in some of our Best Linen of Blue Ware.
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles. No. 0, $2 00 Sale Price $1 25
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 8 $1.73 Sale Price $1 15
"       Slop.Pails. $2.50   Sale Price M 90
Preserve Kettles $1.25   Sale Price     OOc
Preserve Kettles $1.0!)  SalePiice     80o
"       Dippers 40c Slllf" Plico     :We
Ewers, 75c     SalePiice     00c
Ewers, $1 75  Sale Price $1 80
Pie Plates, 85c  SalePiice    25c
Pudding Pans, 45c
Pudding Puna, illc	
Lipped Sauce Pans, $1 25	
Lipped Sauce  Pans,  75c	
Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1,00,
Decorated Tea and Coffee Pols $1.25
.Sale Price
. .Sale Price
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.. Sale Price
Sale Price
. .Sale Price
Quite a number took advantage Of our Sale of Nickle-Plated Ware
last week and are watching for our next Sale.
See Our South Window for These Bargains, ^    .
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 50 x 100 feet.     — % 550
Corner on Third Street, 125 x 100 feet. - -»1400
Two Inside Lots Fifth Street, 50 x 100 feet. — 300
Two-Acre Blocks suitable for Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre • ■ »«» »nu »160
All Clocks To Be Put On 80
London, Feb. 18.—A desire, though
by no means universal, to lengthen
the British day during the summer
Benson has developed To secure this
longer summer day, the prime mover
aiiggests tbat all British timepieces be
put forward 80 minuti I bo thnt a man
netting up apparently at (I in the
morning would really lie duiug so at
7:40. Thus, b« would gain one hour
nnd twenty miniilos of daylight.
William Prarcr, M. 1*, has LOW
drawn up ii bill called a Daylight Having Hill, by means uf which be will
lisk lhe house of CommoUB to legally
institute a new British lime in the
summer montha. Greenwich ustruii-
uiiieie say it would be easy.
Assassination Rumor — Train
Ditched — Fatal   Mistake
Oxford  Won—Peters   Promoted—Refuses Peerage.
Madrid, Feb. 19,—There is no truth
iii the report that King Alfonso had
been assassinated. The rutnut probably waa an outgrowth of the homo
explosions at Barcolona yesterday,
which now appears lo have been the
work of anarchists In addition to
those killed one woman was wi muled,
it mother and s child. The explosion
caused much damage to neighboring
buildings, King Alfonso is at present
at Seville.
Ciiai'i.kai', Out., Feb. Mb— Last
night a steel flange on one of the
wheels of the mail car broke and derailed the coaches on the iiislbouinl
ovcrlnud transcontinental express, 17
miles west of Chapleau. The colonist
car, tourist car and a first class conch
were overturned. A Japanese oar
attendant was killed and several passengers were Injured. Brakemnn Mor-
gun was also injured,
Cathlamet, Wii., Feb. 19.—Loggers
found the body of F. Wil'iaras today
beside his hog pen shot through tbo
heart. Shurtly before tbey thought
they beard a hear around the p-n nnd
shot nt a dark object. Williams was
London, Feb. 19.—The annual football match between Oxford and Cain-
bridge was played at IJueen'tj club
grounds Saturday and resulted in a
victory [or Oxford, The score was 4-1,
Association rules were observed,
WINNIPEG, Feb. 19.—F. W. Peters,
assistant general freight agent of the
C.P.K. haa been promoted to he assistant to the second.vice-president.
London, Feb. 19.—Sir Henry Camp
bell-Bannerman bus again refused
promotion to the House of Lords.
There will be no change till after
Easter and then if Campbell Banner-
man finds he must have a rest he will
ask Mr. Asquith to take his place.
Lemieux Explains why Rate on
Magazines Was Raised.
Ottawa, Feb. 18.—Hon. It. Lemieux
has exp'aiuetl in the house the recent
postal change between Canada and
the United States. Up to last May
the rate on newspapers was one half
cent a pound. The new contention
was then entered into increasing this
to 4 cents. This was done to protect
the Canadian press and increase the
national spirit in the country. Since
May Ibis has worked very well. It
was, however, found that there was no
trouble with the daily newspapers between the two countries In other
words, no exception could be taken lo
d.iily newspapers of the United States
It was only the best class of dailies
that cane to Oanada. Yellow newspapers and cheap trash had been
1 urged from the country, and Canada
now bail clni!ge of its own Classification so that it could shut out any
paper, magsxhic or periodical.
in addition to ihe higher rate Mr.
Armstrong of Lun bton, wanted a
cheaper rate lor weeklies. Mr. Lemieux said this would not he playing
fair with the home government,
Canada decreased the rate to Britain
from 8 to 2 cente and this had bo siiliscriptiuiis to British
newspapers as to increase sales in
Canada Bince May by about 125 per
>e b mgbt in British Columbia f..r $1.
He hoped with the assistance of the
Vanoouver officials to bo able to make
t furthei announcement this summer
Mr. Oliver, of Delta, propOBes to
make out a strong case against dirty
Bchuol hooks its vehicles of disease.
Full Penalty Fine or 12 Months
in Prison for Japs.
Vancouver, Fob. 18.—".\ fine of five
hundred dollars in eaoh case aid in
default of payment imprisonment in
the provincial jail fur a term ol twelve
months, but tbey will be admitted to
ImiI if tbey can provide two securities
of $260 each that tbey will have the
province within one month."
Tbis decision was handed down by
Stipendary Magistrate Pit tend righ in
the New Westminster provincial police
oourt yesterday morning in ihe proceedings brought ngainsi T. Okazakl
and M. Nakane, the two Japanese, who
were arrested at Blaine foi ii-lusiug lo
obey the provisions of the Nut il Aot.
Tnis afternoon before Mr. .lustice
Morrison, hnbetis corpus proceedings
will be instituted. Mr. Rnlcit Cajsidy,
K. C, appeared for the p ovincii.l
government and Mr. 1). Q MaoDouitld
on behalf of the nccus, I, and Mr,
Yukn, the Japanese consul, also was
in court,
Successful System for Pupils
Vancouvek, Feb. 111.—It may not
lie generally known that in five local
scliouls a banking system is in vogue
whereby pupils can deposit their coppers or nickels with the principals and
have same deposited for them in the
vault ol a local bank
A discussion on this subject was in-
ln«l need at a meeting of the sclv ul
b >nrd yesterday afternoon by Trust.e
0 iignii nnil tbe details of the scheme
mil lined, which conclusively shorn d
that lhe iiyslein was proving successful
from every point of view and it was
suggested that all principals not nuw
dning rn should adopt the ayatem in
their respective schools.
Provincial   Government
Grant this Aid.
Victoria, Feb. 18.—It is the intention of the Government this siiininer
to provide, free of cost, school copy
books, school scribblers and like school
requirements which the present Government printing presses can easily
prepare. Lnter, textbooks will be supplied, if not free, then at coBt.
This impottant announcement was
made by tlm Milliliter of Education in
the closing hour of yesterday's Bsesioii
He added that In regard to the text
books it had been thought advisable
for Ihe various provincial governments
tn adopt   n universal textbook ami so
secure it, hy a large combined ordci
to the same publisher, at a price much
lower than any of the provinces cuiilil
produce it. He instanced n schuol
ts...w which Buhl fur $1 25 in California
where it  was published uud yet could
Wrecked Strong Box in Burns'
Vancouver, Feb, 18.—Safecrackers
blew up tfic safe in P. Burns & Co'.s
butoher simp at the oorner of Granville street and Seventh avenue e.uiy
on Sunday morning and got awny
with the cash contents. There waB
not over $23 in the safe.
The explosive used by the burglars
was evidently nitro-glyoerine, and the
safe was completely wrecked. It was
valued at $200. The explosion nwiik
ened the whole neighborhood and
eoiiie of the lesidents were out in time
to see the two men running down an
alleyway to the east of Granville
street The man who lives over the
store fired ut lhe thieves, but it is not
known   that the bullet found a mark.
The police station was notified, nnd
men were sent   immediately   to   the
scene.      Last   night   extra men were
detailed to look out for the safecrack
ers, but there was no trace of them.
Model Train Service
Vancouver, Feb. IS—Tourist tra-
j \el over the Canadian Pacific Railway
next summer promises to equal if not
surpass tbat of last year, according lo
Mr. C E. Usher, assistant pasBeugrr
trallic manager of lhe C.P.K. Mr.
Usher his had exceptional facilities
fur ascertaining the prospective vcl
ume of business. So far as the C.P K
is concerned the prospects re that, the
business will equal if nut surpass I hut
of last year. Many cf the California
tourists will return home via Vanoouver and the C.P.R. On June 1st n
passenger service surpassing all our
previous ell'oris in thai direction will
be inatiguarated. It ia premature to
Btate tlie number of daily trains each
way between here and Montreal, hii
the schedules and other details have
not yet been worked out. The C.P.R.
however will be in a position to handle all the travel and will have ample
hotel accommodation at tlm various
mountain resorts.
"My advices are," Baid Mr. Usher,
"that there will be a large emigration
movement to Canada from Europe and
the United States this spring and
euniiiier. From present Indications
British Columbia will secure it Urger
percentage of the newcomers than in
former years."
London, Feb. 18.—In a debate uu
the Anglu-RiiBsiiin treaty in the House
of Commons close followers of the dip
loiniitic game iu Europe see the suggestion of "he early disolution   of   the
Anglo-Japanese alliance. European
diplomats are agreed that the rising
menace of the awakening Orient mini
In- met by n union of white rnces The
pact with the Mikado was made at a
lime when it was absolutely neecssany
that Britain had an ally in thu Far
East to assist her in couiitcraciing
the aggressive policies of Germany
nnd Russia. Tlie renewal of the treaty
with the Japanese was never popular
iu England and both parties now seem
agreed that the time is not far distant
when the distasteful pact will be dissolved.
New laid eggs, Iresh   in   daily, ut C.
B. Hume A Co's.
C. P. R. No. 96, Eastbound.
Caught by Rocks Crashing
Through Tunnel-Passengers
Escape Injury.
In the darkness of a tunnel a few
mllos east of K am loops passengers on 0.
P. R. train No. 98, which left Vancouver al 15.16 on Saturday afternoon
we.I- terrified to hear u dull roar,
loflowed by n splitting of timbers and
a crash as tbe train came tu a violent
at ii dsiill.    Tne cause of the ooraruo-
ti ui was a sliiL', which precipitate,]
tuns of mek on the timbers of the
tunnel roof just above the locomotive
unit the first car, causing a jamb that
kept a sin.ill army of workmen busy
until four o'olook Monday morning
clearing away thedtbris and repairing
the line.
Engineer A. Walker and Fireman L.
R. Beddis, both of Kamloops, were
scalded, hut were not seriously injured. Hud the accident occurred a
few seconds later the passenger coaches
would have suffered,
Tho slide ooourred ts." ni Ies east of
Kanaka, about 140 miles from Vau-
couvt r.
No. 944, hauling train Nu. 98 out of
N iin lie d easlbound Saturday. This
rain I mi left Vanoouver at 3.15 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. It. wns
in the wildest part of the Fraser Canyon thst the express bumped the ruck
slide which tied up trallic en the main
Tbe train was heavy with mail,
baggage/express, two colonists, first-
class, tourist, diner, and two sleeping
curs ibe hitter crowded with going-
home tourists from Australia,
When the crash came, OonduotOl
George Risteen nnd Road Inspector
VV. 11. Evans were talking together in
the baggage car, nnd it took them but
the fraction uf a second to jump out
on the side nearest the Eraser and run
foi wind io see what had happened.
They fouud the mail car and engine
entirely within the tunnel. A section
uf rock had fallen in lhe centre of the
track. When she struck, lhe locomo
tive left the rails and proceeded to tear
nut the wtii den tilling of the tunnel.
Jack McRie and Alex. Allan in the
wrecked mail car luckily escaped uninjured,
• The beams were as matches for tilling locomotive, tbey splintered and
smashed with a rot that made the
engineer and fireman think that the
mountain was falling about their ears.
The engine turned toward the left side
us she rolled forward. Tbs forward
trucks of the ma|l cur wt-.e j mined
b.ick against the rear wheels, while the
in,ul car gracefully lifted her bows ovei
the tender and clawed a few more loose
staves from the root'. Prested by tbi
weight of tons of rock from above the
tbiee feel, of Blabs came down with a
clatter and enclosed the forward end
of   the   oar   and   the   engine   liken
blaTrket. Then the train .-tupped, but
the rucks and the planks and slabs
c mtinued to fall.
Engin er Walker and Fireman
Beddis, after being buried beneath
masses of debris and plunks, and
scalded with esoaping steam, managed
to crawl back over the wrecked cur
and fallen rocks of the tunnel, and
effected their escapes which seemed at
first tu them to be almost hopeless.
Superintendent Arundel of Vancouver, took charge of clearing the
wreck at noon mi Sunday,
The line wiiBcleiiri.d of wreckage at
Kanaka   tunnel   at   6.80   o'clock  on
Monday morning, and trains held un
either side resumed   their  interrupted
Survivors of Wreck
Pout ToWNbI nu, Wash., Feb. 18.—
Mate Diibie, twu suilurs and the dead
bully uf the cunk from the Ainericun
ship Emily Reed, pulled iiHhure near
Neah bay last   night    in   one   ul   the
ship's lifeboats, The EmHy Reed wns
wreaked off Tillamook ruckB Isist
Friday nnd the snilnrs who arrived si
Neah   buy,   rownl   along   tlie    const
nearly 200 miles in an open hunt until
they were al must, blown ashuro nn the
Washington ciinst. The mate and
snilurs were without water and provisions. The cuuk died from exposure
before they could reach there.
Notice to Otangemen
The special meeting of the Royal
Black Frcceptory, No, 618, L.O.I..,
called for to morrow   evening   fThur--
duy) is postponed Indefinitely.
Bv Uudi;u.
,^T7     ftrvteiior Publishing Co , Agen
2.50 Per Year
\.     ' U ,'' 1 ,1     r
Bourne Bros.
The Largest stock and the greatest variety
will he found in our Store.
Just imported from England a shipment of
Upton's celebrated Jams, Pickles, Vinegar, bottled
Fruits, Soups, Blanc Mange Powders, Teas, etc.
We also make special mention this week of
guaranteed Pure Maple Syrup, in gallons, quarts,
and botiles. Maple Sugar, Buckwheat" Flour in
Cartoons and Bags.
Huntley and Palmer and Christie's Biscuits,
Cadbury's, Webb's and Robertson's Chocolates.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $0.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start lire as easily OS dry wood and bust as long as bard coal.
Oau be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeders and
open grates.]
We have a large stock on band ready for immediate delivery  and
will Jill pour order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Limited
McKinuon & Sutherland
D E A I. E R S    1 \
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T   F 6 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
St. Op. Onion Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Ur.niches iu the Province*of Mauitoba. SJbaita, Saakatehswaa,
British Columbia. Oul&rio. (Juetoc.
Capital  Authorized ... *** 0,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up - - - -     S4,860,000.00
Reacrvo Fund .... •4,860,000.00
D. R- Wii.kik, President : Hon. H. Jaftkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all part*, of Canada, United States and
Europe.   BpeciaJ attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed en deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Buffalo for National Park
11. Douglas superintendent of the
Banff National park, who is en route
to Ottawa on offloiat business,  atat.-e
tiiiil the herd of over 4IKJ bulla lo
purchased (ruin M. l'ablu, the Mini-
iniiii rancher, lam year snd DOW in
Klk Island pirk at Latm.nt, Alberta,
re dolug splendidly in their new
b inc. The big bull which escaped
while lhe lirst shipment was being
iinliiided last June uud which was
diiCovereil Several months later ainurg
sunn-cattle iu the Oiaci*n settlement
south of.StraihcuiM, defied all efforts
lo recapture bun and had to be shot a
few ibiys tgO, He whs one of I lie
finest specimens in tlie entire herd snd
tue bead and hide will be mounted
uud placed in the government collec-
Mr. D.iiiglns says that as soon as
weather conditions will permit the
i.ork uf fencing the new nation..! park
at Denbow where the buffalo   will   bu
permanently located, will begin,    it
will require sixty miles ol fence to
inclose the great tract ol land which
comprises six townships. It will be
completed by autumn iu preparation
for the reception of the balance of the
lurd numbering over 3D0, which are
still on the Flathead Range in Mon
tana, It is the present intention to
ship these laic ill September when the
danger of lose from excessive heat and
inj iry to calves has been largely
Norval llaptie, champion skater of
the world, assisted by (iih Bellefeuille,
enmupinn ol Canada, wi.l give an exhibition of skat,ok in the rink tonight.
These two are the best known skaters
111 the world today. I his exhibition
will include fancy, trick snd speed
skating. Revelstoke should not miss
ibis opportunity of witnessing a fine
display. The rink will be open after
the exhibition.      Band in attendance,
MotMrtc better tkaa Our "lot***!. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, R. C.
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE   OP   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD       ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
Che  ADaU-lberalOe
11.\ V AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  Et<
o 1
Parliamentar),    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Ciia-   Ml ki.ii HaKOUI  I'Isiii II
11.1.AN ,v  ELLIOTT.
i. a ■ -1
-.1    l.iis,   I.'
I i.ul  I   I.Mil.   II. U,
.1  r. I'
UsritES :   Im'Kiiui.   Hank   In ick,   Kkvki.-
•stokk, 11. 0,
Money to loan,
oakes: Revelstoke, B. C; Cranbrook, B. 0.
Oso. Is. McCarteb,
\.  M.   1'INKIIAM,
Ke.ulstoke, II. C,
j. A. Harvey,
I'ranlirook, II. !'.
J, M. Scon l.UIi VV, 1. HrigKs.
M.inkv to Loan
Solicitous i'uii Molsonb Hank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.C.
Assav  o! all Ore..   Samples by mall or exprosi
-■ ■ :vi- prompt attention,
Term. Moderate.
AnD.-.r.s.       -       -      -        Hiill.vJ Kasiai, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 103, Bevelstoke
teacher of piaso, vocal
harmony counterpoint, etc
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and university Examinations.
STUDIO   Al   Mr.-   J.   i .   Hutchison's   Con-
uanctii Avenue.
Mining, Real Estate,   Business,
iai and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire( Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans. Blue Prints and Reports
compiled or Mines. Land and Timber.
B. C.
Chewing Tobacco
Rich and satisfying.
The big black plug.
Cbe flDail**1bevalb
--- I        ouch bad   ■- I be beat of u
[ -•: ,'. !Le wont ->f D
;- ■ ■      itm any ot ■-.
ro '. i tf  -.', ■ t ;■-■* •*--; uf u-
I.i" U   TBAIJi  8EB*. ICE
'•.s t inching  the   loes.1 tr.iit, lervlcs i
tbe Vancouver World  i.i-  the follow-
:.      • ;'     Wcdree attention some
gei m die wayside station without
tolograpbio oonimunioation, liis lung
hours of waiting during which lie Iihh
to remain on the iitutform for fear lhat
if he goes sway even for a few minutes
the train may arrive and depart in his
absence, tbe impossibility of obtaining
uny information us to the whereabouts
of the train, nnd the hick of oorufort
in tbo dreary waiting-room, nl! this
has hi en fully described In these eul-
limns, While it is not likely Hint
Htiything will be dono before the
double daily Bervioe is resumed, we
hope tbat next season we slmll not be
under tho neoessity uf agnin calling
attention to a state of affairs so unworthy of n company which in oilier
directions displays su enterprise ot
wliieh ever) litiiisli Columbian is
The buck of lhe winter has now
practically been Broken and it. will not
be very long before the first signs of
sluing will manifest themselves. With
the departure of the frost and snow
and the accompanying stress of winter,both financinlly and commercially,
the country should once more l-renl;
into new life and renewed vigor nnd
tlie wheels of industry will ngiiin I urn.
The winter which is now passing and
tlie pinch of hunt times that has
attested practically the whole of the
Dominion, will be a lesson, and one
never lo be forgotten by moat of us.
Although we in Kevelstoke have not
lieen in actual want nevertheless the
sireeB of commercial depression has
laid very heavily upon us, aud will no
doubt leneli us to make provisions for
asimilar state of affairs should suoh
eventuate. With returning spring all
uui industries v.II he once more in
full swing, and if we. are to reap any
benefit frum the coining change and
to make up for the pust, we will have
to get down to business at once and
endeavor to draw out some plun of
action that will cause the return of
our business and the commercial activity of the city. Our local Board of
Trade and Tourist Association have
much lo do and we look to them to
formulate schemes lor the promotion
of the city's welfare at the same time
assisting if need be the eily council in
securing the smooth running of civic
legislation for the benefit uf the citizens. The community as n whole
have their part to perform, which fact
iB frequently forgotten by too many
people. The term community em■
pbasizes the existence and necessity of
civic   relations,   conditions which re-
quire  consideration from une man tu
i *
another.     It   means for every citizen
an interest in tbe affairs of the muni
Icipality—in the   work uf  tbe council
I the public boards   and police cuminis
I sinners, in  short, everything that will
elevate tlie status of the city commercially, morally   and from au outsider.-
point of view.     A  man may not oare
foi    the   light   .f   the  pnrtie; or the
! cliques or the sectarians for   supremacy be may possess that often vaunt-
led and seldom  found quality of  inde-
; pen lenee but surely there i.s iin excuse
1 fur the neglect t i  his responsibility as
a citizen to do  his part in the promotion of tbe common weal     It is a inet
that   then    is    ilways a lark of   men
wti.'   play    a   -tiuiig    part     iti    these
"\\ hat can you dc for -|. kam
i  '   it  stares you in the face
scarcely bo questioned that the people
of l'lunula ns a whole, would, and will
choose the Km- penn, mil particularly
Hiitish people in preference to the
inferior races of A.i i, if culled upon to
decide nt a crucial moment, as to the
peopling of lhe vast territories of the
Dominion,      That   being    su,     what
wisdom is there iu scattering  abroad
the seeds of an ill groin iled prejudice
towards a people of kindled t.:e8, who
allow themselves to he—the world
over—as possessed of llmse qualities
pre eminently suited to colonisation
and iiul unly to colonistilion, but to
those aits oi peace am! national better-
tut lit tlui! tend tovMii'ds the con iutietl
BUpremaoy of the Anglo-Sax  n race.
This is written in the interests of
the Canada ol the (ut re, with an
appeal to tne present to remove one
of those minor obstacles that is likely
to cause a bitterness not compatible
with that kindled feeling and unity of
interests that might to exist amongst
tlie people of lhe Mapli  Leaf.
Trafalgar Square.
Nothing better than Our "Special.
C. VV. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meet*  Second ninl   Fourth  Weilnti days in
each month, ill Selkirk Hall.   Woodmen cordially invited lo attend.
W. I). ARMSTRONG, Con. Join.
J. MiINIYKE, Clerk.
F. O.  E.
Tlm regular meetings nre he'd in the. Solkirk
Hall overy Tuesday ovoniiiK at 8 o'cloc.. Visit-
im.- brethrou urn oordlally iuvited.
J, LESL.IK. President.
W. k. McLauchlin, SKiisETAitv.
Kootcnnv  L.dttO No. IS A F. *C.Vnt.
Tho regular meet-
inn- aru held in the
Masonic Temple,
.Kid Follows lliiil.nn
thi- third Monday in
-;ach month at S VisiLinsbreth
ron cordially wel
C. A. I'ltuCUNlKK, Secretary.
thi .- ■ the need of a li osl ier. srberevei j iu g i in iu. metropolis i I
vice n tbe I 1 R between Revelstoke tbe inland et pin ["he same que.
aiei tl, ■-• ind .ii.,- in have rea- lion could be | essed with profli
son t? believe tbi - jgestion wss eon- upon tbe citizens of Revelstoke. ["here
sidered t, thing ...- lone in tba end, are lots of things thst the people gei
,\ letter from sc rreepondent, pub- erally could do f--r tin- oity il they
inl,nl in in tliei column reminds us I would onlj try instead of waiting
tbat travellers Journeying to and frum (or half a dozen men to build up ths
tin-ir.teri i ! tbe province bave been oity everybody should lend a helping
obliged   tu   use   the  uverland trainsI hand,     That   is   the   way  cities are
much   to  their inconvenience,   The  built       	
later   touches  only   on   the crowded
state oi tbe cars and tbe impossibility Bear Ck. Lady Shoots Big Lynx
of  obtaining   the accommodation fori    C. J. Martin of  Beavermoutb semis
t-Milur M.lll.llElMr.ll
tbi'oiin Bay, Feb, 17, 1DUK
Hear sir—My attention has been
oiillid Rt vniiuno times to an appellation pointed at English people, which
1 consider ought to be put u stop to
us soon as possible for the snke of the
good feeling of nil concerned. If you
will kindly allow me a small spnee in
your valuable paper 1 shall be very
grateful, for this is  a   mailer   of   far
reaching importance, nut only to
Englishmen in particular, but ns
effecting the welfare of ibe future of
It appears that a certain eliiss of
people, more particularly from the
Eastern provinces of tlie Dominion,
find it gratifying to their sense of
humor to apply pointedly by direct
and indirect means the term "grcm
English" to emigrants nnd intending
settlers from that part of the British
Km pile which holds the seat of government, if the word applied as
stated (which 1 take it, according to
its use in national slang, is niennl. to
imply a person or persons unacquainted with the methods or style of work
iu any cormtry,) used in light
banter only, it would not bo noticed
by my fellow countrymen, for 'bey
naturally known that the style of
living and methods of work arc different from those of the land tbey mine
from. But it ie the assertion ai d
often effective attitude with which the
foregoing words are coupled that
strikes Englishmen as unjustifiable
oondltct on the part of people who in
their native land, they look upon as
friends and brothers. I am in active
correspondence with English people
in various parts of Briti.h C"lumbia
and the North West Teriitories, and
they, amongst o.hers are seeking for
an explanation oi tl unciilled for
state of affairs. Tht query on all sides
is why should English people be
chosen as the bun of suggestions
as to the want of those alert with
comprehensive qualities so desirable
amongst the higher civilized races
and especially on this .North American
Continent. They come from a country that centres in itself the highest
art, the must advanced application of
science and tbs greatest efficiency in
manufacturers that the world has
ever seeu. Although possessing mure
conservative qualities of mind, they
equal in every respect their Scotch
and Irish neighbors. Englishmen are
jus! its efficient and just as eager to
adopt the ways of this country and to
alter their methods "i work to the
changed conditi ins ns the people from
any other Europe -ll country. Above
all, they bring into this country the
spirit ni patriotism and loyalty to Ihe
Sag thas waves over j iiee and liberty
loving people. This in itself ought to
make those ol "iir Anglo-Saxon friend.
—who are guilty ol petty jealousy—to
think twice before Attacking n misnomer t tbe fair name by which >e
are lini wn amoi . tl • I c nsider
this a n-rv   lei ittei    and   une
tbat demands immediate  remedy,  for
1 'nave noticed   -(.voral   references  to
the 'green English    in   utter*   pub
lished by one
newspapers ind   I • -<-ntful
fee ing pel meates <u) American
publications snd magazines
Knowing the attitude of  my    c
try men towards Canada ami   pan	
larly tin- Western portion of the
I lomlnion ss I do 1 consider it n ry
■ ' if people to pers it ii i falsity
thai they must know apoii reflection
to be misapplied It may lie true
tiii' in the past noil intention.d organizations bave caused ilio Immigration ot an undesirable I'ln-s    broogbt
fr-.111 lhe  allies    ol    Eng
land but it must in- known that In
more recent times s Utter and more
capable section of   ber   people   bave
in "ii   tHilling   iheir attention to Ibis
promising colony and   bringing    both   !'   '      ''"■'<'■'  m froopootor,iatend ui
lor.   oeclftl Ilreno*. to out and can*/ away
Our jewelry represents ibe most
iii'iisiic expression of the goldsmith's
craft, each iii-tide an entirely new
creation, fashionable to the highest
degree, that will appeal lo your
interest the moment you viev. It. Our
diamonds oome direct from tho out-
Ieis and nre sold to von at pleasing
prices for gems of such quality and
beauty. Pleased to have you see them
at any lime.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Meets every Thursday
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'olook
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
MEETS .     ..  .   .
Cx-spt Third Wednesday
each month, In the Oddfellow
Hall    at    s   o'clock.     Visiting
Kuiehts are cordially nvited.
O. H. HROCK, K.:ul K. 4 S.
H. A. BHOWN, M. nt F
Crown  kind—
That's   Royal
inaite in   Van
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
was hi i. g are easy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Bis-klet tells what we give for
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
For it—Free—Alsu try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
•:■ .. ,- ..i, •  L -it'! Dlatrtci
Di**trii >. .if u eul Kootenaf.
I 'tk- notice Uial I    '   n \\
i reel    H « .. i
ftpp*}    fur   ii
awn)   Umber
I.   f-on t.i.UK .if  ,t  u-ir-t   planted about I
tulle up the fii*l wutb fork o( Poplai Creek on
eaiM bank adjoining Timber LUnfl No. 10014, on
-■ Miri,u>. marked "I <>. u oodrow -
nortl ■ .-' ■ 'tt I,. • j,. • (.bene*; wrath 160chains,
'i-.-ii. e .s. -• i". i. ut... thenoe north Wn ■ halm
■ ■■>•■■"b . i ■   i'   ■ Kim to polnl  '-f ■ menoo
ii' 11 containinif (Mo aerei more or •
-'. 'lommei Fog al -» po>G planted on th»
m ■ onk at the iint -onthforkof I'opinr
' reek   ab np,   tdjolnlng Timber \-, LOOl ion Un- Ninth boundary marked
"C tt, Woudrow'i imrtiiw..-.t corner poet,"
thenoe «■ .*' w r.haioet thenee noutto lb obalna
tliftici    ,v."l -*' -'ii un*   Mi'Mi- <■ ii-irlli Hi chalU U>
L* nf c-ommeneement, containing *tto aorei
iiu.rr 01  .•
l-«K>«ir-i uil  Deeembi
wedJaoU        i    '• WOODBOW UmUor.
Hi   ■ -ink., band ln-u,. -.
■ ■  .f w.-.i Kootas
T.,.. i,.,.,.i   i,.ii 1.1'. o woodrow ol Poplar
Art and Beauty
are combined iu nut- new designs In cut-pets. Our stock is
complete, and the colors rich
and effective, tbe designs artistic and the " tout ensemble "
i.s striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
For Agricultural Implements.  Carriage:-;, .Whrods   Etc.,  John
Deere Ploughs,  Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies,  I'li'ii-a jr.,  Garden Seeders aud  ('ultivator.s,  Wheel-
. wright and  Blacksmith  Work  attended   to.    Horse Shoeing a
# Specialtyf #
HKAD OKKICK:   Calgary,   Ai.hf.hta.
Wholesale and Ratall Meat Merchants
Pink Packers and Dealers in Live Stock. Markets iu all tin- print'!
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta. British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of ihe Celebrated Brand " .1" Hams nnd Bacon,
a    ami
'Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
Central Hotel
a„.      RFVFI RTOKF   B. C.
Newly built ^irgt-claes in every respect.     All modern convenience)-
Larfje Sample Rooms.
Rate: SI.60 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, TrOllt Lake, under  same   management
slum nf I'oplar
■ i"1 .»"  i't"-i tor, Intend tu
i." nu   Iii-i-iii-•  10 cut tui'l ejirry
from  ih,-   rrjlliiwinm desorlbea
which gi • 1 ne 1.iy bai Is'i-n paid, but
we may remind nur readers that si-
though tbis hss l«en an exoeptionslly
mild winter tbe sign "Westbound—
hours late" line been hung out fairly
..", I'-iliy in Vancouver and that on
etcii occmiiu it has meant serious
inconvenience foi passengers waiting
st flag-stations who had no menm. of
knowing how many hours. It i« no
reflection on the C.I' it that a train
which has  crossed a  continent in tbe
depth "f winter slmu'd lie behind time
when it approaches, the end of its
8000-1 uile   journey,   but   because   10
fault is imputed in this conned I ti
the c in [.Hi >• is not thereby relieved
Irom the do y of caring fur local traffic
adequately,   lhe plight of the pasion-
the fullwing On Friday lant, Feb
lltb, while Mrs. W. II. Krnur, wife nf
the C.P.R, agent nt Hear Creek, wn«
walking 11 short distance from the.
station she came suddenly upon an
Immense lynx which disputed the
right of way*.    Tbis proved unfortun-
ate for lhe lynx, an Mr. K'noi wan
accompanied by a 80 80 Winchester
ami bowled him mer the firm shot
The  animal   when   skinned  by an old
trapper measured four feet, two Indies,
do n tip uf nose to tall, The trapper
si)b it ii lhe finest speoimen of the
blue tinted species ever seen by hlm In
the mountains. Those animals have
In oil VeiV daring an I p'ontlful Hun
win i",   nn  one   wiin   kilbil  livniviek-
ago by VV, II. Price, of   lloge s  Puns,
right in the village,
capital and perseverance, and
hall marks ol empire  builder
'ii r fnnii I m  '.:...-   1 j  f. .. < ....! ,,,,,,1
Commenolng atapoat  piaotodabonl i
mill' -..-ii i..Tiy fi'.m iii,; t, uui- boardonthc
' .1' H. ; iilr'ia'l   uljoinliiK  Tlinls-r l.iinit   il'il*i
error of foolishly continuing a tnilu.g „n wo.i boiwd«ri!aiKi Qm'.oath bourSairoi
Limit   -CI", marliwl   -
feud for the nake ol  self assertiveness, ,',,',"1'!",.„,
might, be more fully proved were 0 a-
adit face In face with  a   more   serious
phase of tbe Asiatic problem      In can
0. Woodrow
iiriiur UOSt,"   til' II'.'; *ll-l rt, clmlris,
10111II .li crmliis, th'ini-'-. iinst -vi chains,
north  -hi sbaloa to point of connionoi
ment, 1 .m urn iuk WIi -virus mori "r 1,'jis.
I/S1.1...1 1.iiii Dec low.
wed iin 1,        1, 1, WOODROW, Locator,
suitably furnished with ihe choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Kates $ i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
theni 0
who can eat Manning's osndies
without, having some little feeling of gratitude fur tlm donor
of course you've got to fight your
own love hiitlns, young man, but.
our oonfeotlons  yui'll   litnl to Iii!
a strong ally in your tvoolcg,
Mdiiisf s Candy Mm
I have choice
upland prairie hay
.nnl Timothy, also
oats, whom and
feed to offer i,i car
load lots.
I >eltvered prices
given   on   request.
CALGARY,   Alto.
' Don't  do   a
thing " till )TOU MM) 01
wlnil m bi'Nl hy 11I1I  Oi
"I'laslilijjhts on Human Nature"
'in lii'iilih, dlMsVMi Invri, marrliiK'''Uid piirrntncr)
liilln what yoiidimk it dOQtOF, (nil flOtl I MkolO
240 pABJOH, ilhi-slriLli'tl, 2-'* (Mntit Inn. In inlriMltn i< miiI v Ui i»ny nttult tor j">-i,it:<.
11) OOtltA
Ut ■••t 28th ttr-i-tt, NBW YORK.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
j Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the  Farm, Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
[tellable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No .Scale. No fumigation
in damage stuck. No windy litems to
annoy you, Buy direct and k°' trees
and seeds 1 but grovv.
fertilisers, Bee. Supplies, Spray I'unipN
Huniylng .Miileiinf,-Ciit Klowei-n, etc.
Oldest cHiabli-lied nuiHi'i-y on the
mainland of B. 0,   Catalogue free.
(lioenbiumes and Hoed Houses
VANCOUVER,      -     -     -     B. C.
Di'it Daads, n J-. ninia, ri.h, ;Kti-.,
MOl'NT Kl)
Animal   IUiiii MnuriU-il.
P 0. BoxIL
Studio;   Comer ol Flnil Ht. ami Boyl. A»i-.
H.*.l*tok«, B. C
Ui'Vrl.'.lnkti LlUlil Mislrirl
Dlfitrlcl of \Voal Kootenay.
Tui..' mn ice Dmt I, it. Y, Ueamy. of poplar
Creek, '■■ 0., ooonjmtion Profl|teonuv luiouduio
apply for u Hpeulal licence tocut and curry
ivM'oy i iininT from Lhe following il< tturibfii
1. CominonoIiiR ut u pusi planted it bout 800
feet on the nortlt ntdo »•! 1'oplur (irook, marked
"it. y Reamyfl north-oant con or pont. adjoin*
niKilic   west   biiuiiitiiry   or Timber lilmiiNo.
Ilt'l'-'. iibnut    OHO   lllilo WOrtt Of    UlC
fork of Poplar Greek, weal ho ohains,
tbiMicc   snillb   Wl ehaitlS, thi n 0 runt. Wiclmillf*,
tht'iii'c north BO ehalnt i« point of eomnienoo*
ment, contatutuR MO aprofl more or Icsh.
2. Oommonolng at a post, planted about 800
feet oo tbti nurUi ,-iilr of Toplur Urouk, nmrkod
'it. Y, ltcuiny'H Bouth-eant comer post," adjoin-
Ing   Ilu*   WM   benndnry nf TlinlxT  Limit NO
iiii'-.!, nb nn. one mllowosl of tho flrataouth
fork <>r Poplar Crook, thottco west: 8»i ohalus,
i In -ni-.* norlh Sdrbalns, tboiHiu i-n.-l Ml obulns,
thenoo houiIi Si ohalns to point of oontmenoe
ment, oontatnlug 010 aortM more or loss.
:i. Coiimu-nciiiK at u poet planted on the oast
bunI. uf tlie WOOnd suuth fork of IVipliv* Ureek,
almut ono milo up iimrkud "B. Y Keiuoy's
north-east corner post," thoncu west tn cbuiiiH,
tbenco south MO ohiiins, thence east 4'1 CnalnB,
thonoo north IQOonatni to point of enmuienro-
ineiit, ronininli'K oAO aorei more or less.
4 rommeucing ut a post idttnted about 4H
miles westerly from tho lirst south fork of Poplar ('reek, marked MB, Y. Heamy's north-wost
comer pusi," thenoe cast 80 oltalns, thenco
siniiiiMi ohalns, thonoo west so ohnlns. thenoo
north so ciuiiiis lo puint uf commencement,
coiiluiniiiK 0-10 aoros more or less.
6. Commencing tit u pust planted aboul 4'3
miles westerly from the tlr.-.i south fork of P«p«
lar Creek, marked 'it. K. Reamy'B north-eaat
corner post." Ihence west 40 onaltiB, Ibence
-outh 100 chains, thonceeasi iOchutno, thonoo
north uio chains to point uf oommeneeuiont,
enniainiiiK Ot'i ucres inorooi' Wm
6. Commencing at a post planted ahuut live
milt's westerly from tbo first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked "B. Y. Heamy's south-west
comer poot," Lbeuce easl Itio chains, ihence
north 40 chains, thence west 160 chains, thenco
south iu chaina to point of commencement, containing 010 acres more or less.
Located 17th December, l'>•;"-
wed jan I.i B   F,  KKAMY   Uicnlur.
Bevelstoke hand IH.stricU
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that I, It. Y. Heumy of Poplar.
B,C, occupation Prospector, intend lo apply for
a special licence to cul. and carry away limber
from the following described hinds:
1. Commencing at a post planted ou tho
west bank of Busty Creek, markod "B Y.
Kearny's south-east corner post," about .1 miles
southerly from the l.anlo river, be' ween Itapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
Limit ni'.v.i running wesi, thenoe west 100
chains, thence north 10 cbaius, thence * ast 100
ohalus thence south 4u chains to point of com*
mencement, oontitnlng (Moacres more or Iuks,
2. CommencinK at n poht planted on I lie west
hunk of Busty Creek, marked "B. K. Iteamy's
north-east comer post," About 3 miles southerly
from tbo l^ardu river between Rapid Creek and
Tenderfoot Creek, thenco west 100 cbaiin*,
ihence soutb 40 chains, thence east 100 chains,
theuce norih 40 chains to point of comuicnt'e-
ment, containing (510acres more or less.
3. CommenciiiK at a post planted on the
west bank of Kurtty ('reek, marked "B Y.
Kearny's north-west corner post." about 3 miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Rapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, thence east 80
chains, thence south SO chains, thenco west 80
chains, thenoe nerth 80 chains to point of com
mencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Located l&th December, 1907.
wed jan 15 B. F. BEAMY, Locator.
Kevelstoke Laod District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thuS we, C O. Woodward and B.
F. Iteamy. of Poplai Creek, H. C, occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special licence to cut and tarry away timber from the
following described lands:
1; Commencing at a posl planttd on the west
bank of Poplar Creek, about 5 miles up, marked l-C. O. Woodrow and B. F. Kearny's southeast corner post," running along U. K. He veil's
north boundary of No. 2 Tlmoer Limit 12180,
thence wost 80 ohains, thence north 80 chains,
thenee east 80 ehains, thence south 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing040 acres
or less.
2. CommencinK at a post planted on the
west bank of Poplar Creek, about .V i miles up,
marked "C. O. Woodrow and B. Y. Beamy a
north-east corner post, thence west 80 chains
along ii. K. Revell'8 No. 2 Timber Limit 12189
soutb boundary, thence south 80 chains, thence
oast 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains to point
ui commencement, containing 010 acres more or
1-oca led 18th Decern tier, 1007.
wed jan 15
D. F. KKAMY, Locators.
Kuvelxluke Laud District.
District of West Kuot may.
lake uotice unit 1, K..I Patks, of Arrowhead,
B.C , lumberman, Intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
Commencing at a post plants i at the south-
wi-:i i-ufiiiT of timber . lin it Ne. 11171, and
marked *'K. J. Parks' north-east corner post "
thenee south I tin chains, thenee west 4c chains,
theuce north 160 c ains, thence east 40 chaini
to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. Hth, 1W7.
| (wed Jan 21 D. Dewar, Agent,
Kovcl-ioke l-und District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tuke notice tbat w , the Lumb-Wutsou Lumber Company, Limited, of Arrownead, II. C,
occupation Lnmbormeu. intend to apply for
permission to lease tha following described
fore-.horo, being part of tne foreshore of Galena
Bay, for logging purposes:
Commencing at a post scrib-vl "Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co." planted at tho 8. W. curuer of
Lot 8407, thence southwesterly following high-
water murk, a distance of 110 chains.
Dated this 30th day of October, HOT.
Lamb*Watson Lcmurk Co, Ltd.,
Jan 10 03 By O. B. N. Wilkle, Ageut.
Revelstoke I-and District.
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that A. O. Johnston of Poplar
Creek, occupation Merchant, Intends to apply
for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from the following deserltod lands:
Commencing at a post planted about vi
miles up Poplar Creek fiom Poplar lownsite,
cabing for the south-east corner of Timber
Limit 12188, marked 'A. (I. John-ton's mmiHi-
wen*, ooruer poet," ihence cast 80 chain", thenee
north H'» chains, thenco west 80 chains, tbenco
south 80 chains io polntof commencement,
containing H40 acre* more or leas.
Located 18th Doc, 10u7.
wed jan 15
B. F, Kearny, Agent.
Itivelsl.ukii omul 1)1 trlot,
District ol Wont Kootenuy,
Take milieu that I, DuiihIiI Duwarol tirowlieail,
■ i('i:ii|iiit imi i iiiiMir, iiitiiml Lo apply for jirriiiissiu.
to inuiiluisu Um fulIowiiiK ilt-Hcribt-il lnnil-
Conunenoina at tlm ioutli>Wsit sonisr ol l.nt
Mil, lininii I, In .aid illstrir.t, llii'iirii «i»l 20
nn.mis, Lliuiii'. north 20 I'li'iiim, tlwni'o wont ill
. In.ins., thoiice nuiilli 4li chainn, tlieucu nasi. 10
i-luiiiiK, i liuiui! north mi cliains to point of c"in
Ilaleil Jim. I.illi, lium,
weiijan'-) DOMAI.I) DKWAI1.
Certificate  of Improvements
Ula Hops Fraction Mineral Claim, situalii lu
tho Trout Lako MIuIiik Division uf Kootenay
District.   Where .ocalcil: -Poplar tlreuk,
Take na!inn Unit I.i'liiulii-.Inlui Allan Now-
ton I'ailloy, of N'elHon, B.O.. Kree Miner'a i erll-
ti au.- No WHIflll II, intend, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to tlm Mining Itoronler tor a
I'ertillcate of Improvement!., for t he purpose of
iilitiunliiK a Crown Orant of tlie abovo cfiiltn.
And lurther lake imtlei- that action, iiinler
Beotton Tt, must !>o oommsnosd before tho
Israanrs of .ucii pertlfleals ol Imprnveuicntn,
Datod this !u li day of Jauiiiiry, All.. I!«is
-"♦Mian 15
The Palace  Restaurant
$5.00     Board 6y Week    $5.00
A. H. SING,    -        -    Proprietor
Mackenzie Avenue.
Diamond Vale
Its heating and lasting qualities are most remarkable.    Burns as good coal should
$8.75 Per Ton Delivered
lu cor pom tod by Act cf Par Ha nent, 1855.
Wm. Molson MACPIISrsoN, Pii-k. S. II. Ewino, Vice-Pres.
J.vjiks Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches  in   CaniulH   anil   Agencies  in   all  parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until further notice.
VV. H. PRATT, Manner,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Kestauran* and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25a. Up.
Seoond Street, - Eaat End
Manufactured for all classes of buildiugs
for sale iu large or *»raall .luantities
at the lowest prices for cosh.
Allkinds of buildUm and pla-toring
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bough u
Uash Prices Paio.
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also al
kinds of Garden Produce.
Front Street,     Revelstoke
To the Ravelstoke Public
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke's FIRST
Good work and satiRfac-
tion guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
.1. O. ttUTuJBISON, Prop.
Open Day and
Special attention   given   to
Supper l'urtipa it banquets
Meals, ZSo.        Meal Tickets, $5.50
OPPOSITE   V.   M.   C.   A.
D raying
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and H uavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Imperial   Di-i'i'lopmeiit     $460 IX)
Hank of British Columbia  l in mi
Nicola Uoul mid Coke  1IK) 00
Columbia Fruit ami Land  100 00
Hewitt Mines  5 IXI
Rovnl Collieries  25
Charles Dickens   lOtf
(Ircnt West Loan.
Above subject Id cimlliiiiatioii.
Prospeotusea and  particulars eon
earning any of   thCSS  Companies iiii
McKenzie Avenue, Ikvclnt ikr.
Meals at all Hours
Everytlii'iK Up to Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Sat. Feb. 1. Luke Erie
Kri.    "     7. Empress Irel'd. Jan. 'M
Fri.    "   21,       "   Britain    Feb. 7
Sat.    "   '29,    Lk. Manitoba     " 12
Fri. Mch. 6,   Emp Ireland       " 21
Second Caliin Empresses Lk. Hoats
To Liverpool       $31175 $111 00
To Liverpool      1*17 B0 $16 28
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked lu Norway
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg anil
nil other eoniiuuntal ports.
For further Information applv to
T.W.Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent. „lo A.O.P.A.
Revel    ke.        Vancouver.
Report of Smithsonian Institute on Canadian Selkirks
and Rockies—Most Accessible Glaciers lie in B. C.
The most HCeussiblu glaciers on the
North American Continent lie in
British Columbia, just over tlie United
States boundary, RecngniaiiiK the
fruitfulneas of this region of the geologist, the Suiiilisiiiisiiiii Institute
several years ago support eil an ex pi dit-
iun headed liy Dr. William H Sherzer,
Professor uf Natural Science at ihe
State Normal College, Vpsllantl,
Michigan, to explore these glaciers for
scientific data. A full report of the
expedition, after the working ou! of
many observations and drawing of
villus. 1>1»- coiii'liisi nis, is jus! published.
The glaciers described aie the Victoria and Wenki'heinna in Albert*,
the Yoho, Asiilkan and the great
Illeoillewaot in B. C. So far as is
known there is here the must magnificent development of glaciers of Alpine
type on the American Continent, and
all can be studied with modern comforts and are within easy reach of
Revelstoke the central C. P. R. main
line point of this mountain section.
The glaciers generally were found
to be still in retreat, ihe YVapt*. at the
head of Yoho Valley, having exceeded
ita average of the last three yearB by
a few feet, while the Illecillewaet at
Glacier House receded but one-third
of the average which it has maintained
during the last seventeen years. The
Asulkan, in an adjoining valley, which
had been advancing for about two, haa remained practically stationary during the last year. The
Victoria presents an oblique front of
nearly half a mile, anil its lower eight
hundred fee", completely veneered
with rock, has pushed out Into the
forest at a comparatively recent date.
The Wenkchemna glacier, in the
vailev of the Ten Peaks, formerly
called Desolation Valley, proved exceptionally interesting because of its
almost unique cha'racier.
To those who do not fully appreciate
all the [actors of the problem it ia
frequently a matter of surprise tbat a
glacier in one valley may be in retreat while that in an adjacent valley
may be advancing, as has just been
the case in the Asulkan and Illecillewaet valleys.
Interesting facts as to just how
glaciers flow are set forth. "Flow"
ia a good word to descriht their motion. Glacial ice to all appearances
solid, is under certain circumstances
plastic and if a river of water can be
Conceived that moves iu inches instead of miles such a river would resemble very closely a glacier. The
experiment of setting up 18 metal
plates in a direct line across the Victoria glacier, a third of a mile, snowed
a total movement in 423 days varying from 7G feet in niid-atream to
about an inch on the sides, an aver
age of u little over two inches a day
near the centre and dwindling toward
each bank, This means a How in the
Biviftest part of about 66 feet a year.
On either side and in front of each
are usual glacial moraines or mounds
of broken rock and gravel either
pushed up or deposited by the ice in
melting. The constant race between
the melting forces and the flow of the
ice stream, to determine whether the
m.iss shall invade new territory or be
forced to give ground is not the least
Particular investigations made of the
structure of glacial ice revealed tnicr -
scopic granules nut weldid together,
inu closely locked. Each granule is a
tiny ice crystal belonging to the
hexagonal system of minerals, and in
appearance has a rich, blue cdor by
transmitted light. Considering the
In xagonal shape of the ice g.anules,
the glacier can "flow" in many directions without breaking tbe crystals,
and upon tins Dr. Stiurzer biaes his
conclusions as to the movement of the
The exquiaite richness and variety
of coloring seen iu tbe glaciers and
glacial lakes, ia caused by the depth
and the many mediums of reflection
from tbe ice which ; enetrates the
water, both ice and water having the
power to transmit a mingling of the
colors of the spectrum to other shades,
but the blue will emerge. If no
light whatever is being transmittal
through either ice or water, it will
look black, or will show whatever co'-
or of light ie being reflected from its
surface. Of course, in tbe form of
foam or mow, where many tiny surfaces act as reflectors, all colors are
seen, and glacial drainage streams,
loadc.. with sediment, generally up
pear a milky, creamy white or a dirly
gray. But the glacial lakes, deep and
clear, maintain a rich natural blue,
which shades into gieen only as fur.
eign matter i'ihiU its way down from
ihe lofty peaka.
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Bews' Drug Stores.
Will Prosecute People Illegally
Using Title of Doctor,
The election of the council for the
College uf 1'liysicinns: anil Siirgenns of
B.C. wits held in Victoria Saturday
afternoon. The oouuoil will he in
otlice lor tlie next three years.
The following are the names ol tbe
Biiooessful candidates:
Dr. 0. J. Pagan, Victoria.
Dr. K. E Walker, New Westminster,
Dr. O. M. Jones, Victoria,
Dr. W   H. Sutherland, Kevelstoke.
Dr   R. E. McKechiiie, Vancouver.
D'. A. T. Proctor, Vancouver.
Dr S. J Tu stall, Vancouver.
Ti.ere were thirteen candidates fur
offices on the executive. All of ilie
olil council presenting themselver for
re-election were relumed. Dr.
eiland and Dr S. J, Tuustall were
ippointed to take the places of lr J
C. Davie aud Dr. W J. McGuigan,
who have resigned from their positions,
Every member of tbe new council
ba. pledged himself to take action
igiinst the incensing number of
osteopaths and other so-ca'leil qnai-kB,
who are Using the title of doctor contrary to the laws of the provinoe.
Legislation has been recently passid
in the state of Washington prohibiting
the use of the title except by those
Who have obtained a medical or dental
decree, with the result lint large
numliers of ui qualified practitioner
have flocked over the bonier to Vancouver and Victoria. Acoo,ding to
local medical, prosecutions will be immediately commenced agaius   these.
Boiler   Exploded    in    Public
School—Many  Injured.
Adrian, Mo., Feb. 18.—An explosion
of a briler in the basen i nt of the
public school here tore awty the flooi
of the primary department and precipitated the teacher and sixty pupils
into the basement, burning and scalding many of them frightfully. The
teacher and half of the pupils sustained severe injuries. Many of tbe
children were taken out in an um on-
aciouB condition and some of the larger
boys engaged in the work of rescue
were overcome by the smoke. A son
of M. D Spangler suffered the most
serious injuries, hia hands being blown
almost off and his body scalded.
Norris & Rowe Circus
Much has been said and print.d
relative to the combine which was
made the past year in which the big
circusses of this country were amalgamated. Before Norris & Rowe entered into the airangement tbey gave
the subject great thought. It has
been their aim always to give the public a clean, moral, refined performance,
aod that they succeeded in this is best
illustrated by their past success. Wishing to give the public more for its
money each year has been a constant
problem that they have worked on
incessantly. When the powers that
be of ibe big combine approached
Norris and Rpwo and invited them to
participate in the benefiia to be derived from the union, I hey gave tbe
matter further consideration. After
so doing they saw a way clear in the
saving of vast sums of money that hud
been wasted in useless warfare for territory, and iu divers other ways to
increase in size, mid in the general
excellence of their entertainment. By
the agreement entered into, the Bar-
num A B-iiley circus, will make the
New England States; the Sells Fore-
paugh cin-u- has been reured from
si'i'vi e en I rely; the 11 nglum Bros,,
Will make tbe middle west unit Southern Siates, and the Greater Norm, A
Rowe circus bus been given the territory wost of the Rockies. There will
be but one of the bigcircusis in the
trust to visit any seciiuu uf the ooun-
try any given year. This applies only
to tbe big circusses, any of the Utile
one horse affairs may gu where they
please. The trust has a special representative iu ench of the l>ig cities of
Europe booking the big sensational
acts, securing the strangest freaki,
aud the most expensive aud rare animals. These acts and novelties are
equally distributed among the three
big circusses to the agreement, an advantage tbat heretofore has not been
possible. The Greater Norris A Rowe
circus has been enlarged to such au
extent this year that it is now on a
par with the other big shows in the
crmbine, and will hereafter, be one of
the big "three." Their engagement
in San Franoiso this winter, which extended over a month, was tho most
successful ever played by a tented
exhibition in tho history of the west.
The entire press of the oity were unanimous iu proclaiming it tu be the
best circus ever seen in that oity.
Bews' cold tahleta for colds in the
Revelstoke Cigar* —Union Made- Our
Speolal, The Union, and Maroa Vnelta
are ahead of all others).
Now lines iu post cards at Bews'
Drug Store.
Cariboo l*nuii Dlatrlct,
Dlstrlol nf Cariboo
lako nut loo ihm LNoUMorcaobero of Rev-
olatoke, ocuupatton Timber Cruiser, Intend to
npply for special timber lloenoes over the follow im- described lands:
I. Gonunonutng al a poat planted about 3
miles oast uf Dore Croek ind about4j miles
south ol BYoser River and markod "Nell Mc
Kachern's south-east oorner," thenoo woHt so
ehains, thenoe north BO ohalns, thenoo cum so
rh iin*., thenop south 80 ohalns to point of coin
menoement, containing MO aoros mure ur 1o»h.
2 CommonMng at a post planted about 3
mllos rust uf Dun- Orook and ah ut IN miles
south of  b'raser river and marked  Nell Me-
Km hern's   south Wfli*t   Corner," thence   eiisi  M.1
ohalns thenco north tie ohal s, thenc- wost 8u
chains, thonoe south 8u. bains to point ur rum
liumivinoiK, containing lib' aOIDS nunc ul* lean.
ii. Oommonolng at >. post planted about4
mill's east of Dore t 'reek and about ti mlloa
suuth   of   Ifraser   river nnd   market! "Null Mr-
Sachem's Houth-west rumor," n h/imm
chum*., thenoe uorth sn ohalns, thenoe west80
ohalns, thouoe south 8f) chains to point, or commencement, mm iiituiiK tii'i acres mow or Iuhh.
. Commenolng at a po*t planted ab»ui ■
mllos east ■■.' Dure Creek uui aimu ij mil***.
south of Prasor river ami markon "Nell Mu*
Kailiern'H north- west corner' iln-nco south lo
ohalns, thenue nasi 160 ohalus. theuce north •"
chains, throne west it*- oh tius 10 point of com*
monoomenit, containing 010 acre* mure or ic*,-
ft Uotntnonoing m a piwt planted about d
miles oast uf Dure Orook and about 1 milus
south of BYasor rivor and marked 'Nell Ma
tiaclti-rn's nor ii wosl comer "thenoo south 10
chains, thonoo easl I8u chaini. thenoe north iu
chains, thenoe west 10' ohalns Lo point uf com
inunci■inoiit. containing tilo aoros moro or lean,
6. Coinmouolng al a post planted »DOUto
miles oast nf Mure Creek ami aoout A miles
south »if feTaner river and marked "Noil do*
Kachern's south-west ooruer," thenoe north 10
ohalns, thenco oast ion ohains, thenoe miuihtu
ohalns, thenoe west itioeimin*. to polntof com-
nn noement, containing ttlU hitch more ur le-m.
Located Deo, lath, 1907
7   Commonclng nt a poet, plant nl about18
miles west   of   Dure   Creek   and aliout i unle-
riouth of Ifraser river aud merged "Neil Mo-
IGauhero's Kouth-west oorner, thenoe north bU
1 hains, iheneu   mini   80  ChaiiiH, the. nee h SU
ohains, thenoe west unchains 10 pont of num
mencement. conteinins Old aeren muru or loar*.
8. romitittiirjiiK at a post planli'd abonl 4
mllos west of l>ore Creek ami about 3U miles
BOUth ot Kra-or riverain inarkud "S- il Me
Uauhern's nurih-wetit curuer,' ttioiee Mouth 4n
chains, thenc." earn iqj uhaiiis, thenue worth lu
ehains, tticm-e west I6n ehains to point o cuni-
meneeineni, oontafnlug OiU ai-re-i more or lase.
9. \ onimcnclug at a pu*it planii-d abuui 4
miles Wi St of 1 Jure Creek and ah.mi. A]u nuh-n
nuuth of Krador river and mark> d ".Null Atu-
IGaohern's south-west comer,' thenoe north IU
chalna, thenoo easl 100 ehaim-, ihence south 4<>
chains, thence west 100 chains to puint of commencement, containing 010 acres more or lead,
10. Commencing at a post plauted about 4
miles of Dure Creek and about 3Vi miles -.oui.u
uf Fraser river and marked "Neil Mctuiutiurn's
uorLh-eaflt corner," theuce south tu cuaius,
thence west IGu chains, thenco norlh in chains,
thonoo east ltliehaiuHlo point of commencement, contuining (ilu hatch moru or le-is.
II. Couuneuclng at a post planted aboul 4
miles wost of Doro Crook aud about '6% miles
smith of Kraser river and marked "Nuil Mo-
Eachern's south-east corn- r." thenco nurth 10
chains, tlience west 100 ehains, Ihence -.oulh 10
Ohalus, ihence east Itio chains io point of cotn-
meiu.cmenl, euniaiiuiiK 010 acres more ur lesn.
I .united Dec   Win, IWJi.
12. Commeneiug at a pout planted about 3
miles went of Doru Creek aud about 0 miles
uouth of Fraser river mid marked "Neil Vle-
Kachern's sou i-h-west corner," thenco north 80
chains, thence easl 80 (mains, thonce south Hu
chain*., theme west Ml fliains Lo point of coin
mencement, containing 010 acres more ur 1uh*j.
13. Commencing at a posl planted about 3
miles west of Dure ('reek aud about 0 miles
south of Fr.uier river and marked ''Neil Mc-
Kaebcru's BOUtlveast curner," thence north 80
chaius, theuce west 8S chains, tbeuce south »u
chains, Uicncti cast Ml chains to point ot coin-
meuceiuL-iil, eontaiuiug040 aires more or less,
14. Commonclng at a piihi plauted about 4
miles west, of llore Creek aud aboul .•! ■ miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Nell Mc*
Kachern's nui 1 ii-eiist coruer," theuce south 40
chains, thenee West 160 chains, thenee north 4U
chuim, the nee cast Itiu ehains lo point of com
meuceuient, cuntaiuingolo acres more or leas.
Id. Coinmeiieiny at a post plauted about 4
miles west of Dore Creek aud about ;"»i miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Noil Mc*
Kachern's southeast corner," theuce west 100
chains, Ihence north 40 chains, thenee uast 100
chains, theuce south 40 cbaius tu polntof commencement, containing 040 acres mure or less.
10. Commencing at a post plauted near Macintosh Creek aud aoout 3J miles suuth of Fraser
river aud marked "NedMclCachern's north-east
turner." tlieucu south 80 chaius, theuce west 80
chains, Ihence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to poiut of comiiieucenu-ut, containing
OP.1 acres mure or less,
1-ucalcd Dec. 2uth. WOT.
17. Commencing at a po-i planted near lhe
Three Mile Heservo Une on lho norlh side of
Fraser river ami lying north 01 where the Uoat
river empties into tbe Fraser river, marked
"Neil McKachtnu's south-west corner," tbeuce
east 80 chain-, Ihence uorth so chaius, thence
west 80 chains, tlience south SO chaina 10 poini
of commencement, containing 010 acres more
or less.
18. Commencing at a post plauted 3 miles
north ot Fraser river aud lying nurtb of where
Uoat river empties inLo h rasrr river, marked
"Neil MeKachern's south-east corner," thence
west 80 chaius, tlience north 80 chains, thenee
easi-j0 chains, thenee south 80 ehains to point
of commencement, coutainiug 010 acres more
or less.
19. Commencing at a posl planted 3 miles
north of Fraser rivor and about 2 miles west of
Victoria Creek, maiked "Nell MeKachern's
suuth-west corner," theme east BU chains,
thence north 80 chains, Iheneo west 80 chains,
thenee south 80 chains to puint -.! ••.iiimcnce-
nitiit, containing tilu acres more or h ■ ■.-.
20. CommencinK at a post planted .'ti miles
norih of Fraser river and about 2 miles west 01
Victoria Creek, marked "Neil MoBachero'b
lOUth*ea-1 corner," theuce west 100 t hains,
(hence north 4U chaius, thenee east 160 chains.
thence south 40 chains to point of commence-
uifiit, cunt iiiniiiK 010 acres more or less.
Located Dec. 2lst, 1901.
nat feb 1 NEIL McKACHKIlN.
Cariboo ' uud District,
Dlfttrlel ol - ariboo
Take uotice that Alexander Mollas lAtlmeroj
Revelstuka, U. C,, occupation ' nnaar, tuWud* in
appl) f'»r .1 ipsolal timber license over ths tvliu**
Ing (luscrlbSfl lands:
7. Common Ring at a punt planted nn the loft
lunik u( the   Little smoky rirer, aboul three miles
fnmi it* mouth and marked ''A.M.I.. .i.W. corner,
thence east itio cimini thenoe north 4U chains
thenee wesi 10 i chains, thence   routb 40 i baini U
puint uf ooinmencement and. oontainini 940 ocrei
more or less.
8. Commenolng at a poet planted on tbe right
bank of the Little Smoky river about three mm >
from Ite mouth md marked a M.l, H E corner,
thenee weet IfiO clieiiu, thence uurUi 4u limuis,
thenue east Iflo .'ham-, ihtmev south 40ehains tu
point of c iiniiniiceniciit and containing Mu acrt**i
nmre ur less.
tl. Commencing at a punt planted on the loft
bank of the Little Smoky river ahout throe and
une half miles Iroui u-< mouth and marked '*A.AI
L. .S.W. corner," thence east IO chalna, tbeu«*s
north in hams, thence went IBuchaina th nes
south 4n ch .ins to point uf oommencement and
euntaiiiing 010 a. res inure or less
■hains   ti once      ith   -    rbatns,thence v
a sins, theni'i   uorth K) chains  Pa point of cniu-
.ii-ii.■.-meni unllontaiutn*-Qjuacres n ii
■i      i . mine ici ,       ptanteil mt <!"' -"iRhl
... ik ol Ul t .-i folk ol the i ittle Hun kj i ivei
lOoutfigh ihi .ti" i ..: .. ;, from tlie f<o ki snd
lUiUni \\ ..j.i.. B.W, Comer, theuce no
cbams, tbvuee eastev ohalns, thence south 8*J
oh .in*., thenoe en -t bu ottalni to puint ■■( com*
meOoemeni and oon ahtlng ti*" acres mure oi lens.
tl i uuuiaii- mi (tt a poal planted on the ri^ht
Usak ol iiie east t.-rk <>t the Little Bmok| river
.boat nine and one*ba4l mtlea from tlie forks and
tuorkeii ' a.M I. .n W.corner," thence east su
chains, thenoe south sn chains, thenoe weal sO
chains, thence north mi chains toiKilntof com-
.... in-, in. ic ,ii. i coutainiug ih  scrwinun - r leas,
*z » ouiuienctiuj «t ». post plantod mi the right
'mu.   'i   nit •.-iii-i lurk ui   ilw tiutuks river
.im.iil nine .,ii.I i nvi.all uliln ItuU ihs [Orka mid
moikwl A.M 1.. r*..v\ uuruei theiueuurthtrO
cuatn*] theuoa eusi -*u ckauia. Uttuice »< .tli sj
chain , ihence •*e»t 8o chauu t>> pmut ot com*
meucemi nt une ooutauung oi   acres tu..r< ur less.
44,     K,..elii ilu a I   H poat plaUUHl uu Hie I Igtll
h*iik-   ol   tue eaat folk ui   Ute Lain* burnt,} HVer
alsiui ten titl.t    nuiien   Iiulli t -i'I"l *.»
maitted "A.U.i*. N.VV*conior, tbcu a earn au
cuauu, thence south *>u cbaius, tbvncewvatsu
eiianis, tbeuce north au chain* to pumt of com*
men smeutandcoutammgo4u ocr«» uuh or lens,
u    , ommem Ing at a post plauted uu the rtgot
B   Ciimiiii'in ing ■ a pu-t pLuite.l ■ the right j
hankof the Little Smoky river a -om three ni.ti ^"k ».i"inera*>iTurk of rriwrj7iuT*:*amokyViver
ma-hiilt nules tiuin its muuth and mark.-d   A M  | about ten oi ic-ball   miles frum tbe turka and
markeu   -a  •..!..  u.W'.comer,   thence nuith -o
ill.nils   Uieuce   east   bui.iiti.iiis,    UieUiu   soULU   su
Kevelstoke Land District.
Dintrii!l uf West Kuoieus).
Take nonce that I, C a. Freeman, of Kaslo,
II (',, oeeupaiiou Miner In ten to apply for a
hpectal licence over tbe loltowlug deserlbcd
1. Coiuinciu'iHi- at a post planted on th<-
uesl h.iiu of I Til l > ieek. it miles fr.uu ihe Lar
..can iver and about 2 mile- nori h i-nst. n-
from the N K corner of Lu' 88V, U, 1. ibine
west 4ii chains. <ne'.ee north liiu c ialus, Ibeoej
east 4U e.iaiu*., ibuiM'S snili lOocnains to till
o  I Lit "I c,,iiiiu.'ii>'i-iii' lit
2 con.iiKii' inn a a pnsl , laued on tin
wh: bi.nk of Iiini i-ek.-H mih- romil..
i aideao . ivc< a no si Out A mi tea north a»i>-rlj
Imiu the r*.    K  eorui-     ill    1aj    Ml ,   li   1, lbetl>e
■-m.m 4o • tiaius. tii'iic- ii-.i.o luu ohalns, tUeuitv
we>i-tuiiisioh, iiiiiii'-' » -otu Itiu riisltts to tne
poloi ol  eunilllCUeeUu.'UL,
<i, commencing at i post piant.-d on the
went bsnk o| Drift -ret k,'-", ui lea from . .si-
deaw ttlVer and about r, nn.'-. ii-nh .'rt-itti,
irom the N t. corner ul Lot km, •• I. thenes
north -iu chains, then e uos iWien-'ius, I su< c
son b 4U "h His, ilicii.-u ivssl ii." i'h..i.i- to nu
point ol eoinmeueeiueiil
4 ' oniiiivii lug al a pn«L planted oil the
wesi bank ol Imiu rreck, -"*, lUlleS Irom the
..aidrn.ii Ivor aud si.'...,! |>4 luilen iionh eant-
erlj irom the .s h corner ol l*ot 109,(1 I.
inence south i" i ham*-, theme ea-t loo Bbalns,
ihem-e u ri li 4o chain*, theme west loo chains
lo the point ut commencement.
U. i 01Hmotto)ni ai a uoul planted ou lho
west bank ul Unit Creek, 2 miles from the
Lardtau Klver ami nlioul 1 mile uerlh eafileri>
Irom the N. K, corner ol Loi h;i*,i. Q I. ihence
west 40 chain'-, theuce norlh Im chain-, ihune
earn 40 clialua, ihence south 160 ehains to the
polul of comiucuee-'ieut.
Dated Dec. 20lh, 1WI.
wed jan £i C A. frRKKMAN
L h K. corner,' thence west IGU chains, theoei
north 4u clialns, theme east ieu obalna,thence
suuth 40 ohalus to piimi ut lommencement and
containing ui acres more or less.
n. Uommenetug at a post planted Dnthelefi
iiank nt the Little Smoky river about four tuUes
fiom itn uiuuih and in .rk. d 'A.M i, s W - orner
tlience east -u ehains tbenoe north au cbaina
thenoe wast mi chains, Uienre south s. cbatiu to
point oi • uiumeneouieiit und containing oio aoros
mure or less.
12. Goraraenotng at a pust planted on the right
hunk uf the Little Smoky river about four miles
front ils mouth and m.irked "A M.l. S K. comer,"
thence west fyl chains, thence north SO chains,
thence easl 8" ch.iilia, tlieucu BOUth 80 chain.-, to
point Of ct.iuiuenciMUeut and 0Onts4lllh| Mo acres
muru ur less.
Dated Dee. 17th, 1U07.
18,   Oemmenelng at s post planted on the left
hank   uf the   Little  Smoky rm-r about Htb units
from Its mouth and marked "a.m.l. B.W.corasr,
theuce north su chains. iIumics east B0 chains
thenee south 8U ohalns, ihence welt eo chains u>
puint of commencement and containing t>4u acres
mure ur less.
14 Commencing at a pust planted ou lhe left
hankof the l.itiie Mmoky river about six mile-,
from ils mouth and marked A M.L. H.W.l urner,
thence south s- chains, theme east so chains,
thenee norm 8u Ohaiua, thence west mi chams t..
pumt of cuiuiueneeuient ami cuiiiaining 04U acres
mure or less.
io. Commencing at a pust planted un tlie left
...uik uf tlm l.tiite sjtuuky rifcr about six miles
fiom its mouth mm marked "A-M.l.- S.W.euruer,"
tbenoe norm -*u i-tiams, ilieucr- east 80 cbAuu,
theuce south 8o chains, tbenoe west ni chains t..
puint of commencement and containing wu acres
more or less.
10. Commencing at a pott planted ou the right
hank nf the Little Smoky UVet *buut seven unit a
fium ils luoiuii mul marked "a.M L. S.W coruer.
theuce south t>u chains, theuce east so chain.-,
tlience uurLU gu chains, ttuttce wesi m> chains to
polntof commenoemontand ruutainiugH40acrea
mors 01 less
17. Commencing at a poil planted un tbe right
hank ul the Little Smoky marabout oeveu mih-a
trum its mouth ami marked "A.M.L H.W .curuer,"
thence uorth mi chains, thenes east *■ .■ chatu-.,
thenee south 80 chtlua, ibenc« wosl au chains to
poiut of oounuencemeiik and containing t>*  "u-
more ur less.
lg.   Commencing at a post planted on lh« light
bank uf tlm Little Smoky river about eight mues
from ils mouth ami marked 'A.M.L. .S.W.corner,
■lienee south b\l chaius, theuce saat 80 chains,
tlience north b" chains, theuce west 8u chains iu
puint of commencement and cuutaiuing o*o acres
im.i e or less,
IB- Commeuciug at a post planted ou ths tight
hank uf lhe Little .Smoky river about eight miles
from the mouth aud marked "A.M.L. S.W.curuer," -
tbenoe north 80 chains, thence east y chains,
thence suuth 8u chains, luuuce wesi &u chants to
point uf commencement and containing ■.,*. acres
mure ur less.
20. Cuiuuieiuiiig al a pust plauted oil the ri*;hl
hank nf lhe Little Smoky rivm about nine miles
from Its mouth and marked "A.M.L. N.W.curner,"
theuce south go chains, thenoe east bo chams.
Ihence uorth SU chains, thence west y> chains tu
poiutof commencement and containing 04u acres
more or less.
21. tjoinuiem-ihg at a post planted un lhe iif-lit
bank of the Little Hmoky river about nine miles
fnnu ils mouih and marked ", S.W.corner,"
ihence north 80 chains, theuce east bu chains,
Ihence south 8U chains, thenee west su chains to
point of commence ment and coutainiug t>4U acres
more ur less.
22. Commencing at a posL plauted on lb? right
bank of the uorth fork ot tbe LiLtie Smoky river
about one mile from lha forks and marked "A.M.
L. s.W.comer,' thence eaal luu chams, tbeuce
uorth 40 chains, theme west ISO chains, tbeuce
south 4tj chains to point of commencement and
containing mu acres more or less.
■£-'.. Commencing at a pusi planud ou lhe right
hank oi the nurth fork of lhe Little Smoky river
about one mile from th« forks an J marked "A M
L. S-K.corner,' theuce west 16U chains, thenc*:
north 40 chains, thence east itio chains, thence
soutn 4u chaius to point »f commencement and
containing W0 acres mora or Jess.
Dated Dec. IStb, 1S07.
Si, Commencing at a post planted on the right
bauk of tbe east fork uf the Little Smoky river
about one-half mile from the forks and maiked
"A.M.L N. W.cornel," ihutice soutb so chaius.
thenee east SO chains, thence north &u chains,
theuce west 80 chaius to point of commencement
and containing 640 acres mure or less
25 Curameucing at a post planted on tbe right
bankol the east fork of tbe Little Smoky river
abuui one-halt mile from tne forks and maiked
"A,M.L. S.W.corner,'' theuce north bO chains,
thence east ni chains, tbsnee south Su chains
Ihence west 8o chaius to point of commencement
and containing 040 acres more or le**.
2H. Commencing at a puat planted on the right
bam. of lhe easl lurk ut tbe Little Smoky rivet
ahuut one and one-half uujes from ibe for** urn
matked "A M.L. N.W.curner," theuce souths
chains, tlience east bu chains, thenee north bO
chaius. thence west so chains to point of com
meuceiueut and cuutaiuing (M0 acres more or leas
87,   Commencing at a post planted ou the ngli
bank   of tlie e;ust  fork of the Little Smoky nv.;
about one aud one-half miles from the forks anil
marked   'A.M L.   S-A'.curuer,"   thence   north
chains,  thence  east  Su chains, tueuce soutb
chains, thenco weat au chains io   point of  co:
mencement and containing bu acres more or l**i
'28. Comment;ini- at a post planted on tue right
bank of the east lurk ol tue Little smoky r.vei
aituut two and one-half miles frum the fonts and
marked A.M.L. N.W.curner, thence suu.h 4J
chains tlience wast leu ctuilts, ihence norm *•
chains, toouce west itiu chains t«j point ot com*
luenceuieui and cuutatiiiug Otu ai res uiuie oi lea-.
iu    t'omiiit nidttg at a post piauu-o on tne righl
bank   uf  tile  easl   lork ot   the l.itiie >muky nv< i
ilmUt iwii an i   one-Half   lr.-iii tho lurks m. .
ai.Liked  "   >1 L   B.W. comer,   tuen-.e uumi •>
■ haills,    thence   e.-,*.l    it-u  e.ia.tia, UieU e SOOUJ .
chains, theuce wenl    loo cnaius   *-o p.
oiexuvmeut aii.i com .mingo, aero* ui
Notice to Millmen.
Jiaius. tbeuce *.»-st-bu citams tu point of com*
mencement and coutammg ^. airvs ^.me or less.
nated mi. iiu., i oi.
46, i uuiioencmg .ti a pest planted on '.he right
MJik ui the ---(t.-L furk --i to. Little smoky nvi i
Imui  eiiv.ii, lue-nail   mile* frum the larks
ni iii.iU.  .     .\.M L. S. '. .i utuel,    tueuce l.oi ih bU
iniiii.-, uiriiu vast a chains, theu.e
bam*, wiime wost &•■ ena.u& to point ol   iom-
uu-iKemi.111 and ooo tarn lag use acres moro oi less.
Uomueoumg at a pu.->t planted un ttie ngnt
bank of the east   lork (d   the   Little Smoky river
^—^^^^^_^^^^^_     ' mllei Iron the forks
ami marked ' a.M L. N W.oorneri tbenoe ea.-i so
balttS,    theuce   soutu    bU   cllliHi*,  theuce   west SO
hains, tbenoe  north t**o chains to point ol com*
iuihcemeiit md containing uio acreb mure or less.
17. Uommenolng at a posl ploniedon the right
ink ol the east turk oi lbs LltUe Siuok) rivet
wul   twelve   ami   one- jalf miles (rum the folks
and marked 'a..m JU N.W,oorusr,' thenoe aa»t .-•
■.hams,   theuce   south   nu   chains, Ihence  vutM
ohains, thsnos nuitn bu obalni le point of iom-
eliueliielil ami c>»utamiug 04U acres more ol n sa.
4a.   Lommenoini at a post planted un tue right
batik of   the   easttoik    :    Hie  Litlte Smoky riVei
bout twelve   and   ulie-halt   miles n-ii. u» t -r „•
JiU marked   A.M.L   s W.ooruer," tnenca noriti
CAI caina, liience ««at bu chains, thence .iuU.u ou
mams tueuce aeet  **' chains to poiut ut com-
ueugauium ami uuntsammg clu .»cres mure or i«»s.
4s.     umutenmng at a pun. puuiteu un me ugni
JOItk uf Hie iii.sL lurk oi tae LltUa 'UukV uver
*Ls Ul UiiUevH a-liO ulu-Uall Uiilts II"IU lu» tuiks
.liiu ainike.i    A.M L- .N.W Aulutr,    UlcUU* easL -U
Ottawa, uieuuu  som-b   oo uliatUs, Uieuce   aos« b"
iiirtlUs,    tutflioe    lloiLll    OO   uOallia lo ul uoUl
meuowmeui auti. .n...;. ..^ tM*< aoies -.- '-■ ui less.
bu, t u.LmiL-ULiiifc at tk po.-ii plauveo uu tin i.tot
oaulC Ot int. eaat iota ui uia uitu siuoky river
nOuut siiiuccu auu uu^u.ii mdet, trum Um L-i les
wul 'a .vi.l. a. t. .comer, tueuue north
mi ennuis, kuettce eaJi eu uUaius, uiwUue snuiuw
.-tlAliis,    lUeiiLC    weal    **U lU-tiU.i tu po.UL ot    CUIU-
ojeucemeut m.a 0"iiiamoig o#u acresi ...-.*.■ or um,
51, L-ummenulUg >l a poat planted ml tne ilgitt
bank   uf   ,he east toik ui   tue i.iilie smoay iiver
Ul tuUt.L-eli i>U . mill's iruiu the totks
ami UlaiO-M    A,.il.l.   .».   *\ .culucr,    tbtUosj i.vb. qv
inn, tUruiO**   suuib    b     cuums,   lumce  (tea, b*>
cuama, Lneuoe nortn ou ch-uus iu pumt of cum'
meuuemani ana ■ uut^ioiug ue ovros moro ur loss,
OX. (. uiUtueui 1UK (tl a ,-■--' plaaieU uu lUe i igllt
must of Uieca.iliwiSui tlie Lillic **uioay liter
L0UUL U'Uikcell *UU mora llulll Itlc linl^f
mo   luar-feil   ' L, **  \\.. inner,   iheiue liuriti
■j chams, ibenoe c*si ou en mu, tueuce suutb bO
hams,   Uu in. c   wesi   oj ciidiua iu pumt uf   tuio-
UQem emtUl and COUtSUnUlg cil- ii-ir, mure or leaf.
baiea i>ci. mst, i-^7.
wedjau Ti Locator.
Kevelstoke i.auti m-uit,.
District oi West Kootsmar*
Take notioa that  to dsy- sftei dale 1 inlei.ti
apply tu  ihe  ' ...u; i umniiMUjueroI   L.auii>
and Works tor peru-a-f&iun to yurcnaso the ltd*
ioWlUg iiu-ci'. ots.l .-...,    !
ommeuctug ui a p-,ist planted at the northeast coruer of Lot i5o0 U. 1, ou ruutlivor,
theuce Oast B cnaius more or lo--s to wo»t Hue
A A. Mackiuui'u's pre-empLiou, ineuca
--oulh uu chams. tlioure WOSI ft cuaius mine or
less lo east hue ol i..■■. 18US, G. I, tbeuce norih
>..*■ chain*- to poiui ut comtueijcsuiuul.
Located this Srd   ia> oi fceO. 1-W3
-ml feb s THUS   W    WILLIAMS. Locaier.
i lo pur-
ttevelatoke Laud Ui-inci.
District oi v>est K.ooteuaj.
Take uotice lhat 1. J. iiuugai of
Cdptaiu. .;.ii:. i ui apply lor pei.ui*.*!
chase lbs lollowiug lifc-cr.ue.l lands:
Comtueueins' al a po.->i planted ui ibe N. \V.
corner of L.ui No. bi\i. runuius suuiu -<.■ chains,
thence arest 2o chain**, theuce uortb 20 chain.,
lbeuce east L*ucLuius u>ipoiut ofcuuiuieucemeui.
DattstJ Uov. ivia, VKtl.
jau 4 -al J»   Dawar. A^eut.
al d
or ic 'i
i .ii in. iig
duioKy ...
■ Luu
en imm tUe   lolttaal.
r,    Uieuce a-sUiJj  I
Ul*. tiiuiiie iiuilIi   U
i tne ngp
(Ok-   llVt
Tenders will bereoelved bytlieun
(Iit iKi<»'<* up ■" the 89tb day of Peh,
Hki8. foi1 the purobHae of the Oanoe
Greek Lmniim- Co,'a property at Salmon Arm, 11 Oti Oonslstillg of h mtiv
mill Willi n capacttV of twelva to fifteen
thousand feut per dny, KverythiiiK in
new and in first-clans condition having
been   tun   only   about three   inonthn.
There ih a locomotive boiler 86 b,p.t
1 L.I1. 11x10 Champion Knwinp; 1 H.I1.
Haw Frame and fittlngll 1 B.K.H. oar-
riaK" wil b four blocks; a 52 K. 11. Hot-
inverted tooth saw; 1 Hnwdust conveyer with all HttiiiKHil Edtfer, 1 SwIhk
Haw;   1   Planer j   Hlackntnith's   tools;
Cooking outfit) 2 teams horses) 2 setts
harness! 2 wagons) 1 Ink-ging hUm^Ii
itn'l all the Company's interests in real
or other property* particulars of whi h
may be obtained by application to the
linaorglgnedi The highest or any tender not necennarily accepted,
J. W. MoOALLUM, Asftgnco,
Salmon Arm, B. C.
auk of ttie ea-tl  loik ul  i
. li'.Ut tour him   oiie-lutll   mil
marked   '.M L. N.rt corn*
.iiUiiia,   Ihence   east   WclU
i baiiis* thenoe *e.i; lu cuauistu pu
■sleiii-eiueni aildeunUliliuig uiv *tie» i
ill     Coiuiueticin^  at  i bO-4 inauleO
iutiik  ol the  eaat lork ul  the   LilLie.
about lout and uue-aall mdesi tuny tue lu.ksni..
marked "A ML. .s.« comer,' Unmoe nmtu >
ehalui,  tueuce  east on otiaias, t-htMice ititn t*
•Mama,   thenes »-*«   ty. cu.tiiii lo   puiuk ui   ton
uieiicemeut and Ceutsalnlng em acies luore or it»-
gg,   Cuiutii.-iii-ing at a posl planted un in   ii-pit
h.iilk ut    Ilm lurk ul    tlie  Little  UDuk)  rtVttl
about i"»i ind uueiiaif ntiss trum the tui*,. ou -
marked A M.L. .Vh. imum, ibiii.e -outb iuu
chains, ihen.o west 4-> i'ii.iinii, iiieiKe north Uu
chains, theuce •■*--l 1U ibaUla lo puiul ul cou.
iiieucemeiil aud eeiilaimug "t OOtM more ur leas.
Oil. UottDSW ing al a |>ovl pUnted mi tbe right
hank uf the eaat furk uf the Uttli -in-■-.;■ river
about Mve and   one-hall  milea frum the tuika ainl
marked a ML. S.W, coruer, Ihsncs north s-
chains, thenee easl So chains, thence suutb w
■ h.uui, thence west bu chains to point uf cum
iiicuceiueiil aud cuulaiuuig tilu a. re* mure ur less
(|. L'otameuctng at apotit pleated on lhe right
hank of lhe east fork of Little Suwky river about
(Ive and one-hall mile* from the forki and marked
'A.ML. N.W, coruer,' thenee eaat gu chains,
theucu aouth 00 chaini, thence west h> cbahn,
tlieucu nurth SO chaina lu pumt uf cotutueiicviueui
aud containing mu acres more or I«m.
.'i.'i Commencing at a poat pUm- 1 on tbi right
hankof the eaat fork of the Little Nmuky river
iil*out ail ami one-half miles from the (oiks and
marked 'A ML. S.W. curner," tbeuce uortb su
.'Imiiia. theuce eaat SU chains, thence auuih SO
chalnn, thence writ SO cuaiut to point of commencement and cunLaining 04u acres mure ut less
W. Commencing At a peat planud on the rutbi
lunk uf the eaat lork uf flie Litil« Smoky river
iihuul ill uud on* ball mitee from tbe forts and
mark<.d 'A ML. >.W.corn»r iIicdc« eaat (kl
• halna, Ihenca south gu chains, thenes west oO
chaina, Uu in e north su chains lo pomt of cum
mencement and containing 6*u seres mora or lsta.
Dated Dec. ISth, 1WU7.
:::. Commencing at a pout planted on the right
hank ul the east fork of tbs Little Smoky riftr
ahunt seven and one half miles from lbs forks snd
marked "A.M.L N.W. corner,' iksncs easts.)
I'lianii, thence louib *' chsms, theocs wsit w
chains, thence north go chame S3 point of com-
uieni-e-a. nt and cwotalning otu acrss mure or lass.
38. Commencing at a post planted on ths right
luillk of ths east fork of the Little Smoky river
(iIh>mI ieven audoos-balf milss from ths lurks and
marked "A.M L- S.W.rumor," tbtnee north 9u
chalnn, thenes east HO Uajfi*. tbence south au
ohaltlS, theme weat 80 cbaina U> point cf roSB-
menceinsnt and containing fUff acrei more or lesa.
80. Comtnsncnig at a poit plantsd nn the right
hunk of He eant fork of ths LUtls Smokv river
aliout eight and ona-haH miles from the forks and
marked "A,M.L.  N.W.corner." thsnee  eait 9»)
hevei-.toae Laud  lu-iincl.
District Ol rtcst huuleuav.
lake notice loai 1, j. U, Vouug.ul cuuiaplis.,
hotel Liropnetor, inictid to apply to theihiei
Lomuii-iaiouer ul Landn auu n'orks forabpe- nuiocr   llce&tiB   to   tut   auo   carry   avvuy
umber irom tbe iuiiohiu^ desorlbed lauda:
1. Commencing at a post plauted and ad-
juiuiug iue nofiu-ca>t coiuerut Jxil 114.2. aud
uiaiti-vl MJ H. Vouug'a south-east corner post,"
and situate! «boot '4 mile north-east ol toe
Head ol Iue a.Ui ol AfrnH Lake, IbeUce west aO
o&alns, ihence uonu au chain*i, tueuce east r*0
cuaius. lucuce aoulu su ebaiua lo point o.
coinuieuceiueut, coniaiuing trto acres moru or
2. CummeUciug at a poalpjauied auS ad*
Joining lhe uoriu-c&at coruer  ot   ixit   IMi Mild
marked "J.HtTouus s suuih-eset coruer,' aud
jliuat**il Htxiiii *4 uoriu-ca-si id the head
oi iue arm oi Arrow I situ, lbeuce iiortu oo
cbaius, thenoe east oo ciiains, tueuoe soutu oe
l uaiue, Uieuce wenl &u cuaiun to poiui 0|   cum*
muutcuieut, ooQieining btuactes more ur lesa.
I'aico Ucce.tiOer iorO, l*i*.
sal jau it
il. YUL'MJ,
u H. F. Beamy.  Mra.
l.oit-et, or   to   MuuuiMivvi
iraualenud ineir .u..-j**-,
TuKo   ooUlo.   tiitii   we.   iu
.. ..i;l   ■      With     > ".■'      IU     . .:■'     II
A. B. Nock andO. F.
»    ina>  Ua-tO
2ln  ^,
ucUiber   J.u,   i
uuder r-t- ..   ,, _i
,iii'i'T-.(;i.i".l Co*
^^^^^^^ i.Wiii--     iiiiiieral
WVldu'a istl It Nu. 1. Vl.l.lUtt
> it,.iu a Lu -. >.». 4 ViVuuiaiiUUK
rsi-a-Mt A... .i, kiYUUt ■ IS i. u,
r tii'Wu^ uu U .a. Al lUU*
i sLliOiig   Uiv„s„jii . i   »,-. = . n....iie-
Ul      lUU   IT'llu-t) Vl     bliLlBli   l   OIUlll*
ie iuo i..'u,iuU Mrurs uu tlie Su ve
.uumi V',u-"f i>-r iu« ycisi eiJ'
,,   ;yoi, iu uruer   m   noid lhe same
  L.C MiUOt+l Act.
Am • !ur hoi uka uuiii e ihai if M ilhiu *> nays
ifolli Ibe lllal puoiK'ttiiou t>| tblS liolic-j, ruU .all
ill lOlUsS i" c"U.[ii-uio)our ■•"11uui ul -iu'i, ex*
^uutlnuru UJgeUier wuu luu OUOtuI un- .ij.-r
.oeuieul, )our Hit-ure-l iu iue .--aia miuerul
.idiui- win iha'uiiiu luu pfupertl "i um uutiur
ttgUfl ,, u..Uel do. UUU tbti ol   Iue jIi.i'-i-.i Ait, .iinili'ii' B.lLi iin- tlat day of
rf.ii.Uiii', iajo.
11 h   1U1( r. mi.h.i..
bat jau J*. i u-uwmrs
1-. \.-i-!-k'  Laud i'litnct.
DlSlhelO.' West K(poicna>.
uk. liuti'i  thai i, i  0.Strauss, ot Hakusp,
hree Miner,  Iuteud  lo a, ply lur special meii-
i es lo cut Umber iiiuii the followiug de.--criU:d
1. Coininenciut* al a punt planted alx-ut 100
yard* from poit ut T. u U.1M6 am) runiilug
•OUth UOObains. lbeuce west iu chaius, lbeuce
nurth luu chains, thence east io chaius Pi point
ol coininriicemeui.
i, Commeuciug at a |>oit ■ imu .i nu ihs
nor'.h-wesi corner of Limit No. laudiuuuiug
,u'.i Su chains, tbeuce north su chain*-, thence
•-,,* i Su chains, theuce south m cbaius tu pultil
of commencemeut.
S. Commenclug at a post planted oo or near
the 8. W.corner uf Y. L No.Tnu.aud running
nouih »U chalne, tbeuce pasta i haluc, tbvuee
north io chains, tbeuce wast so chains to poinl
t i .imiiieiict-meti 1.
Dated Dec. li l*>7-
4. Commencing at a pot>t planted on or ucar
lhsS.W corner off L. ^'o ls,2U, and running
ii* b 1(0 cbaiiix. ibence sant 4U cbalun, ibsncs
uorth lou cb'-lns, theuce we-.t 40 chains i-»
point ol commencement,
b. Commencing at a post planted ou or near
th- * E, corner uf 1. L. o iu,:t.'. and run
■mi- weitiO chains, thenes south isnobalni,
ihence east »'' chains, thence north IGU cbaius
to point ol commencemeut.
6 Commencing at a putt planted on or near
tbe s.W corner ui Timber Limit Nu. w:m and
running louib 40 chains tbsuceeasl lfiuehalus,
thenoe nurtb 4U < halm, thruce west 16U ubains
to polntof commencement.
Dated Doc IS Wl.
7 t'ommsnciiig at a poll pltnted on ur'near
theB K. coruer ot Timber Limit No H','J40,
Mi'i ruiiMiiK uortb 40 chains, theocs earn 160
chains, theure smith 40 chains ibsner WMl ISO
chains to |*otet oi C4)mnifncem«ut.
Dated Dec  19, 19u7.
•at feb 16 F. O, rt'l ilAi;->-\ THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, MC,
Ladies Blouses
Sale Trices 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50.
These Blouses consist of Wrap-
perettes. Lustres and Cashmeres.
Selling at prices less than cost
of  manufacture.
Ladies Underskirts
Only 15 more Silk Underskirts
Selling at 50c. each. S.S Morie
Underskirts selling at $2.75.
S3 Morie I'nderskirts selling
at $2.25,
and Flannelette
Regular 15c. and 18c. lines
Selling at 1 j !*aC.
Mens Suits
Only  a   few   more of Bargain Suits left.     Regular $14.50
now $10,00
Mens Odd Pants
Heavj Working   Pants,   good
value ai     $3.00     now     $2.00.
Heavy Tweed   Pants  selling at
Mens and Boys'
At Mill Prices
1J11J11 Ji 1 J* *$n$* u.i *i) * J' '$'+' V V
^ Pure Drugs *
* Careful Compounding <§>
T Prompt Delivery T
Canada Drug 5- Book Co. Ltd.   -ji
Keyei.s.tokf., B. 0. I$*
will never be referred  to if ynu
Mail Orders Promptly Filled
$"$ $■$$'$$ $$'$$$*£
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Feb. 19th.—Generally
(sir. cloudy, not much change. Temp
M.,x   45 degrees, Min. 30.
Bbowx—On December 30th,  1907,  ti
Mr. ami .Mrs. F. G   Brown,  a eon
W': ■&&&     '''•'^'^f-XY^ll1 'ee(* him with those baked here.
,.   ;.:.'"    -. ' i'i'' h'i' Try them for breakfast   to-raor-
F^^^'JfV^S "'"•   You'll see them go more
1  'f-!:'..'.'*^A-'i-  s"««ti—*s-
m ^..^s
rapidly than they ever went before. Both yon and he will
really enjoy the morning ineul
That menus better temper for
him, more stveugth for you.
is ,-is iniii'li a part of this grocery
service as good qualities and
moderate prices. We semi your
in ilii' ns promptly as we take it.
Try us and see bow punctually
we get your groceries to you.
The satisfaction will not em!
with the prompt receipt of your
things, It will grow greater us
ynu use the groceries and think
smallucss of our bill.
KM0Wl.Efi—Of Loudon, England, on
Febtuary 18, 1908, Sir James
Knowles, ("under and proprietor
ol tbe Muieteenth Century. Agrd
7" .-ears. Sir James is the uncle
of Mrs. H. A. Brown, of Revel-
stoke and Great L'ucle of McGil-
vary Kuonles, ot Toronto.
Local and General.
Ihe special meeting called lor to-
morrow night ul L.O.L. Black Knights,
is postponed for the present.
Remember the Knox Church tea at
Mrs. \V M. Lawrence's no Saturday
nfteruu'in from liluli o'clock,    iocts:
Owing tii tlie delay in the  arrival of
the C. P. B p<y cheques on   Monday,!
!:ie 'open store tiigbt" was  postponed
- 11  H-t night,
To-night tlie Knights ot Pythias
and the Pythian i-isiers will celebrate
the anniversary of tbe foundation nf
the Pythian Onltr.
Don't forget the big society event -if
Ibe season at the Opera House Feb.
26th, Robt. Uanihouy and bis company ol Lyndon artist-
The    local    Turf   Association   are i
:: deriog the advisability ol jmuitig
the i\ e.!-r i.'ariada Tuif  Association
v-hieh hii; .si been firmed.
Tbe Caradisn Pucinc ha; placed   1
jers  I  -   66,000 lone ol steel rail , 40,-
i.s"j t-.r,:   g.uug   to tbe   B io Company
»r.d S5.U0U ;. Dominion steel
Cpwardl cf 2U0 ton-, ol mek are
1 eing dumped d*.ly 1 •.:.•• Oolum-
bu river dam aod the work n being
; usne.i ahe.d a-   1] ■:,;, aa possible
We in' rstan . tb it 1 ire Hall N • II
bos bet 1    awarded   tbe   library,'0 n-
• ii..-..- .:...:. iucI .1 bobbery wu
■ ilaed  when it name : ■ deciding m to,
..." • utitiei! U  il.
8*1 11 la)   1'     2!n I is. tin  ilute oil
tot tea to lie   given   by Knox Church
luxiliary at  the bome ol Mrs W. M.
Lawrenoe.     A delightful programme
iiae been prepared,   Admission 25c
The ne» city jail will soon be ready
for occupation and when oompleted
will be a convenient find suitable
buildiiig fur the work for which it is
intended, altb -ugh somewhat umall
Social and Personal
I. V. l'i rls laa gii e lo  Pin IV   fur 0
J. M, Kelliti left lust night mi 11
visit in the coast.
Fred. Forrest, of Albert Canyon, wain town I hia ivoi k,
.1. D, Sibluilil has left for a   visit   In
the lust,   travelling us   far   us   N,w
Mr.   I..   Solloway   is renewing nld
acquaintauces ami is lhe guest uf   Mr.
und Mrs .luck Purvis,
Miss Ward has arrived from Vancouver ami is the guest nf her sinter,
A. V. Anderson.
Mrs. C llnlten guvi- a young pen-
pie's dunce last night ot her residence,
a very enjoyable  evening being spent.
K. 11. Lewis left on Tuesday to attend tbe annual meeting ol the agents
of the llaiiklii'iiil Coal Mine at Hank-
II. \V. Haggen bus returned from
Calgarv, where he haa been taking
examination in ropugrapliii-nl surveying.
The Merry-go-Round Whist Club
played number one nf their hu ies
games last night at lhe residence of
Mr. and Mrs, ll. Squarehriggs'. Prizes
were won by Mrs J.J, Purler and Mrs
Lyons. A dainty supper was served,
after which guinea were played. Tbe
evening's amusement Concluded by
singing A11 It]   Lang Syne.
RKAI, ESTATE,    INSURANCE: -Fire,  Life and
Accident:    MONEY TO  LOAN
KlNCAID     &    -V N 1> I: RSI) N
■^ F I R S T  S T K I-: E T *+
13 —— U
For Strained Muscles
1 \1>  BRUISE*
Tin- nn*! affective liniment on
the market
26c.  and 50c.  Por llollln
WALTER BEWS,  ■  Phm. B.
Druggis. &  Stationer
The ten at Mr-. W. M. Lawrence's
un Saturday afternoon next, from 11 t
6 o'clock, is under the direction of
Knox Church Auxiliary, which is a
guarantee thai it will he u gmid one
Admission 25c
Tlie case of Smith v. hex lor nicest
was bn tight before Judge Wilson on
Saturday afternoon. G S. McCartpr
for tiie Crown and C. E. Gillan for
tbi defendant. Judgment was reserved till Feb. 26th.
i 1,. . enera. queati a 0 iw bein(
asked all ever town is "are ya I
to the Firemen s dance " ' ' Why of
ci urse i' tin' answer, the ticket- are
only H and ladles fJtloeuU, on Friday.
February 21il In the Upera House
1   - Rig] ■  i. .    1
iin- Diocese preach d ■ a Sun lay at St.
Peter's, morning and evening to good
congregations Al tbe evening service
three receivi 'I - I ri ation by the 1.
log on of hand.- Ills Lordship led
foi the .' uth on Monday
Rev, W. C Calder Im- purchased 11
21-foot B.h.p gasoline launoh (mm
the Detroit Engine Works, Mich im
use on tin-Columbia here     The little
v»s., 1. which will he well rilled, should
arrive ibortlv, Other parties in town
nrr- nniking arrangements for launches
for the maimer
It is gratifying to »' that the
Interior of B. C. has now representation on the Medical   Council,   i)r.  W
H Sutherland, of Bevelstoke, being
elected on the board. Dr. Arthur, of
Station, lost election hy only a few
votes   Dr. Sutherland bus the interest
of til" Interior a! heart nnd our all'airs
will hi- well looked nfler in Ins   hands.
A   very   cordial   invitation   is   i.\-
teuded tu I ho people of llevelitoke to
ci imii    Iii   the    Mel hoilisl    aliuroh   1111
Friday evening and lieai  Rev    II
Magee deliver a   stirring   address  on
Temperance snd moral reform.    The
Oolleoiion will go tO aid in Hie great
work in which he is engaged. Mr.
Mi gee is visiting nil the points of
importance in 11 ()., snd is iinviiig
a very successful campaign overywbero
under the dlreotion of the General
Conference ol the Methodist ohuroll,
Doors open in 7.80 p, tn., meeting
opens at 8 o'clock.
The talent tea held at the home of
Mrs. Lyttle 'estenlay under the
auspice*     the Methodist church, wa-
a complete success, a substantial   - .
being realized
1 iwing to some   f 1 Iw  . laye - being
iout   ol   town   ihe   baal   I
whii ■■    as -. hi luled  for tonight   bsi
bei     post]   oed    There will t* a
bowei er   n   Friday nlgl • I - •     en thi
Working Boys nnd the Higl   •
f lie o llnei, cu| . , Pinkham >
rink a! the Goldi . nspiel an Ived 1
town   last   night, ami   with   the   ind
vidua! medals m I be exhibited h  thi
wmdow  uf  Messrs   Knight <v Devins
The i-ii|.   is   1  handsome  tropl .
rorthy ol those linight.  of n,,.,  0firil
who w  -
I'h" I .oil'-" Guild . -■ p. >, .
Church   held   a   Limerick  tea at the
 ■■   of   vir-   c  1 Arnan yesterday
on, there is-ing a large attend
I 1 i'"     liriieiiiili.    were    mOftly
novel and original and evoke I much
amusement, sniue ol the Issl lines
beinf extremely clever Mies Hobbs
secured the prise for the in-.i collection
1 of last lines,
Revi letoke n 1- represi rited .t thi
liHiiff bonspiel last week hy A Morgan
.1 1 - McLean and R. Kenny. Hi
Atkins ol    Banff   played   leml   for tlie
;rink.      Although   our  men   put up a I
good    game    tiny    secured    no I
They    rep irt   having   luul  ,1 splendid
reception    and were   well looked afler
Calgary »mi the Grand Challenge sc I
Consolation, Banff   the    flrewary and
! Dnugiiis 1 ups   Kinks from Revelstoke
Golden,    Hi.nkhead   and   Calgary wer"
in attendance
Arrangements have been  mule, for
the   establishment   of  a   cannery   for
fruit and vegetables at Kamfoop-,
A company has been  formed under
the lille ol till! Thompson  Valley Can
ning Co.,   Limited,   with  $16,000 ol
", divided into ,'),(KK1 shares of |,r>
eae.ii.   The provincial directors are
Frank llusht.oii, chnirmaii; A K
Mei-'lnn,    Dr.   M.   ,4.    VViidn,     0   II.
rHrutt., treasurer; ami W T Hlavin,
Secretary,   a  large   block  ol shares
has .'Ireaily'liren sol. lorlbfld for, and
it is . xpecl.eil Hun the whole issue will
he tikon Up within a low days,
Racing and Fancy  Dress  at
the Rink.
A lancy dross carnival was held at
the rink last nigtn, the attendance
being good in spite of other attractions
and the stores being open. Skating
races were held prior to tho opening
ot the carnival. In the two mile. (2(5
lap) race, Hope ivnn lirst, and Proule
second.—Time, f> min. One mile
hoys race, (13 laps)—let. Merle Calder,
2nd, 8. Carmichael.—Time, 2j} mill.
The masqueraders were then allowed
on the ice, the following being in
Mrs. S. Need hii li 1, Juan uf Arc, prize.
Miss May Field, Pour] in Oyster.prize
•'    jjLBerg»-,i   Chinese Sisters.
"     h. Allen, j
"     M. McEuobern,Queen of Sheba.
"     0. Roman, Folly.
"     A. Burget, Gipsy Queen.
Mr.  G. Somes, B.iby.
"     P. Parker, Sandy McMusb.
"     S. Need ham, French Clown.
"     Bert McEuchern, Queen's Page
"     A. .Morgan, King's Jester, prize
"     J. Carmichael, Kikfoo.
"     C. Tapping, Clown,
"    J. H Pot es ton, Fireboy.
"     W. Robinson, Uncle Sam.
"     F. Berger, Highlander.
"     C. Buck, Texas Ranger.
"     C. Wood. John Bull, prize.
"     S. McRae. Highlander, prize.
"     Ard, T.ddy Bear.
" 11. Williamson, Soo Mow.
The prizes were awarded to the
fo'lowing: Hest gent.—C Wood,
silver shaving set. Best lady—Mrs
Neeilham, silver jewel case Best hoy
—Sandy McHae, collar box Best
girl—May Field, hand hag. Best
comic—A. Morgan, cigars.
The judges were Messrs. ll. Barber,
0. !•'. Lindmark, C. Holten, G. Belle-
feuille and H Cunningham Morris.
The Independent Band played during
the evening.
Special Attraction
n -t the entire ciiilize.l world
hi- • ard .11 ! tpproved that prince of
tertaineri Robert Qantbony,
known throughout Europe as one of
brilliant ol F.nglis actors
and s Itl rs and Ii4 is society entertainer, cartoonist musician, conjarer,
quick change artist rolled into one, lie
has played In all the 'leading theatres
in London ha-, toured Europe, South
Africa, United -tatei and recently
added 1 Iii. laurels those gathered in
eastern Canada where I* «>■ an imii si -' favorite, Mr (lantliony will
spi^.i  .a Revelstoke !)|st,i Moose on
Wedii'-Mluy    Feb  !!•■   with In- splendid
company uf London musicians aod
vocalists including Miss lls/el Stan-
11101.   ol   tbe   Court   Theatre, London
Miss   Dorothy Fairfa. ol   the London
Royal Academy Miss BOM Manners
vocalist slid Miss Powell, vocalist,
there should 1st such a iii.h for seat,
as has not Irtsen seen here for many
a long day. It might he mentioned
that Mr Qantbony has given private
entertainment, for King Edward VII..
the Prime ol Wales and several other
Royalties. The engagement is indeed
a nolah'e one.    Remember the date.
Canadian Honored.
It has iust been nnnnuoised that
Commander William Balfour Macdon
aid, Royal Navy n younger son of
.Senator William Bald.or M and. inu Id,
Royal Navy, a younger son of Senator
William J. Macdnniild, of British Col-
nrnliiii,   has   been   dot-united   by   lhe
German Emperor with lhe order of
lhe   CroWn    of    Prussia,    for    services
rendered while the Etnpi r ir was visiting Ihu Isle of Wi lit, F.iigland,
Auxiliary Hold Annual Meeting
and Elect Officers.
'lhe annual meeting nf I lie Ladies
Auxiliary to the Y.M.C.A. was held on
Mond y, The reports ol theolbcers
showed that there were 65 members,
21 having been added during the past
year, and that if528 20 hud been raised
for all purposes during the year. With
this money there were purchased
tables for dinners given in the building, a ctiphnuid and table, replenished
the bed linen, toweling, etc , and paid
$20(1 on the building nf the kitchen,
besides numerous othei incidentals,
As donations there have been received $10 iu cash, a range and enameled ware from the Gnrney-Tildon Co.
procured through the kindness of the
Lawrence Hardware Co., also a large
dinner set fr. m lhe Cussidy Co. of
Monlreal, procured through tbe good
offices ol C. B. Hume A Co.
After lie business of tbe 'u.irhud
been oompleted, th" retiring ollicers
were given u vine ul thanks, and new
ollicers fur the 1'ti-u ng year were
elected as follows:—
Hon. Pros— Mia   Uiqilhart.
Pres.— Mrs.  Pettipiece,
1st Vice Pies.—Mis   Lyons.
2nd   "    Mrs H.Cuni.iughaiii Morris
Secretary—Mis. Doyle.
Treasurer—Mrs. Howson.
These new ollicers with the support
of the member., propose to first payoff the indebtness on the kitchen
which amounts to $145, and after thai
to lend their energies in any new
channel that they feel will be ol tbe.
most benefit to tbe R.U.Y.M.C.A.
Firemen's Dance
Arrangements have been completed
for the lirst annual shirlwaist dance
under iho auspices of Firo Brigade No.
2, on Friday next. With their char
acteristic energy the boys bave left
nothing undone which will iu the
slightest degree add to lhe comfort
ud pleasure of their gmstB ou that
occasion. The opera bouse will be
decorated beyond recognition and
made to look like a fairy's bower—
ccsy and comfortable— and the
Hour waxed in a state of perfection
The Independent Bund orchestra will
furnish the music in their customary
accomplished and finished style. TliiB
dance should be patronized by all
citizens of Bevelstoke who have the
welfare of the city at heart, as the
Fire Brigade is one of the most important civic institutions and no one
knows the day or hour when tbey will
b ■ glad to avail themselves of tbe able
services whioh only the brigade can
render in case of fire. Such boing the
case it is up to the citizens to give the
fire laddies their very best support by
attending the dance ou Friday night,
Tbe Giatid March will take place
promptly at nine o'clock.
Curler's Hymn
The following is a verse  out of  the
"Curling 8ong"sung  by   H. N.   Reid
at tbe  Golden   Bonspiel  Smoker on
Monday :
'■ From Revelstoke 1 hear a shout,
Pinkham's in town once more;
He's modest, but he's always there
When curling's to the Fore.
He never  thinks  of sleeping  nightB,
'Til the Bonspiel is no more,
When he is curling at Golden.
Hurrah!   Hurrah'   the  rinks  are out
Hurrah' 1111 null' tlie spiel is  on  the
Make the rafters echo   while   we   sing
unr little lay,
While we are curling at Golden.
(Tune—(Marching  through   Georgia).
Editor M.I1.-1IF.R.1.I1.
Sik,—Ib there sullicient reason for
work on Ihe dam on the lord's Day?
Political expediency has shut off'the
application of the Lord's Day Act in
British Columbia. But it is a Dominion act passed hy the I .mirier Government The work on the dam is Dominion work. What has the local
Liberal committee to say about the
matter'' Where does the Lord'. Day
Alliance cumc lot
Yours truly,
Business Locals
Bews' cold tablets fur coldu in the
Patronise Home Industry. Smoke
Rsvolstoks Clsrara
Now lines in post, cards at Bews'
Drug Store.
For the balance of ibis week  only,
Malta Vila, H)c. per package,   at C. B.
Hume ,tr. Go's.
Ilori'lioiiml drops at Bows' Drug
Htnre., oranges, lemons, eating
Apples, water cress and lettuce, un
show today a! 0, B. Hume A Co's.
Rovelstake Cltrnrs Union Mndo Our
Snenlnl, The Union, nnd Mnroa Vusltn
are nhend of all others.
F.very lady will econoiui/n by watching unr special weekly sales. Fur this
week unly, Malta Vita 10c. per package.—0. " Hume A Co.
F*"*cr~Tir^B   -*fP^FT.
When ma'jnew di*.e*w comet
HOME- Jo IS fl\f\ fbR A LADY
1 lorraisin nei.svmi suitor
youcannot feel .5at1.sf1ed vnle.s.5 you
look satisfactory to others, do not
take chances on not looking yol/r best,
come to the best place to buy your
We. will have on display our lirst showing of Spring Wash Goods.
All the now, pretty materials for Spring will be hers and the range of
prices will suit liny purse.    Collie and see them,
For Spring will lie shown the same day. Our stock lias always lieen
the best Hssniictl in Hie town and this year is bolter limn ever. Luces in
Vals., Torchon, Cluny, Baby Irish, Chiintilly, All-Overs, etc.
Embroideries and Insertions in matched sots, in all widths. All-Over
Embroideries, Corset Cover Embroideries with strappings to match,
Flouncings. etc.
Come and see our showing.    It will pay you.
If you are, the question of cost is
no doubt an important consideration.    Design  next.
Only select on of Cut Glass in town
Revelstoke,  B. C.
WEB., PER. 284908
Robert  Qantbony
Miss Hazel Stanmore
Miss Dorothy Fairfax
London Royal Ai'mikm.,
Miss Rose Manners
Mn. BoUKKT GANTHONY is with-
uut a question, the greatest H11111-
(11 list and must distinguished man
that has ever visited Western
Canada. 8iials on Hale at
Admission, 50c, 75c, $1.00
TAKE NOTICE that the share-
holders of the above named Company
have by special refnlntlon resolved to
elmnge the name of the Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and Intend to apply to the "ileiiiiiilGiivei nur iii-Ciiuiiiil for an
| iriler changing the name accordingly.
Mated llih January, wow.
A. Y. Andkhhun,
jan, 8-8m. Secretary,
EXPERIENCED W«ilref8 wniilod.
FOR SALE CHEAP-Four gasoline
lamps, 200. 600. TOO and 80111 audio
power, all in good working ordei; will
light 100 feet building. Apply to Chief
Yining. Cnuiaplix, B. C.
"1TARRIED COUPLE want pusitiun
1VX in hotel oi mi ranch—Apply to
Columbia Agencies Limited.
ATERNITY Cases taken   at  my
home or   otherwise.      For   particulars upplv Mrs.  A.   E.   Bennison
Second St.. West, or P, O. Box 211.
fell. 12. Im
SERVANT  GIRL wanted for siiial
IO   luiiiily.    Apply to Mrs. W. Bews.
TO LET—Room or room and hoard
for one or two gentlemen. All conveniences, telephone, etc. Apply to
Maii.-Hkhai.ii ollice.
MUSIC — Violin and Mandolin
taught. Reasonable terms. .1.
Derbyshire, 3rd Street West, near
Cowun Block. fel> lo 8t
WANTED-Men and Women lo
learn but bur trade, Wages earned while learning, caialogiiH free.
Write Moler Hai ber College, IKK) Cur-
nill St., Vancouver, B, 0.
WANTED- Dressmaking by the
day, by a competent Dressmaker from the Easl. Apply to P. 0
Box 014. uut doc 7
WANTED—Small Furnished house
or Rooms lor housekeeping for small
family of adults, central location.
Apply office Mail-IIkkam).
client wilh 1*1,0110 who wants a
good bolel man wilh like amount In
jnin him In running a hotel, Apply
Columbia Agencies, Limiicd.
WAM'ED-AII kinds of jolming
work to do. cleaning snow from
roofs, lending furnaces, wood chop-
iiing. or any oilier general work.
Chiugea moderate. Anyone requiring
such work done please drop post card
lo K. Bennison, General Delivery, P.
O, Bevelstoke. fob I 2w
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of the best snaps to lie bad
in City house properly from us. Two
bouses and 100 ft. frontage to 2nd St.
all for $2,000 of which only $1000 cash
is required -ind balance can remain on
mortgage.-Apply at once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
HKAI.KI) TBNDBHS, addNttMdlo the Post-
mHstar Oeaeral, will be received nt Ottewa
until Noon, on Fri-iny, tue 18th March imiH,
for the cnuvfiyance <»f If in Mujonty's Halls, on a
■ropOfM <-oijtract for four yearn, as described
ootwfleti proposed street Letter pOSH aud the
Revel-stoke Post Office, from the PoatmaHter
General's pleaHure.
1'riuted md iron contain in-- further iufoniia-
tlon on to condition.-* of proposed Contract m>ty
ti'i -e«n and blauk formH of Tender may lie
obtained at tbe Poat OITlco at Hovolstoko aud
at tbe office of the PoalOfllre fni-peclor,
P0|t Ollice Inspector's Office, Vancouver, B.C. .Taiiiinry, IMS.
Poit Office Insptctur /
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA  WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
"Ui Lj
Tor ess? ofr-opjMtton sod perfection
UerVesnlts  produc*4.-tb». Machine
is ilTisnrfussed —P&tOsxSOQ 00 cash.
Vol. 14.-No 11
0 Per Year
C. B.Hume & Co., Ltd |
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
For Your Feet
The " Patriot" carries with it style, service
and comfort. It's made over foot comforming lasts.
Fits from the start. No " breaking in " necessary
" PATRIOTS " won't hurt, burn and blister your
feet. Over half a hundred of styles. This means
a shape and a fit for any man's foot. Cork insoles
in " PATRIOTS " keep out dampness.
All the Popular Leathers.
Cost no more than the ordinary kinds, but
give an unlimited amount of satisfaction.
Wear Shoes to give you Comfort. The
" PATRIOT " will please you.     Come and See.
$6.00 Now $5.50
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
roll needs Arriving Daily.    Dressmaking Md Millinery Rooms, Snd Fleer I
/f&. Great Cut in finamelefc Mare
For this week we are olYerinit some great bargains iu Stiuuksy Ware
and in some of our Best Lines of Blue Ware.
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 9, $2 00 Sale Price $1 25
Blue Knameled Tea Kettles, No. 8 $1.75 Sale Price 91 15
SlopgPalle, $2.50   Sale Price $1 90
Preserve Kettles $1.25  Sale Price     t*Jc
Preserve Kettles $1.00 Role Price     80c
'• "      Dippers 40c Sale Price    30c
" "       Eners, 75c     Sale Price     OOc
Ewers, $175  Sale Price $1 HO
Pie Plates, 35c         Sale Price
" '•       Pudding Pans, 45c Sale Price
" "      Pudding Pans, 50c Sale Pries
" --       Lipped Sauce Pans, $1 25 Sale Price
" "      Lipped Sauce Pans, 75c Sale Price
•'       Decorated Tea and Cotfee Pots $1.00.  ..Sale Price
•'      Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1.26.... Sale Price
Quite a number took advantage of our Sale of Nickle-Pluted Ware
hist week and are watching for our next Sale.
See Our South Window for These Bargains,
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 60 x 100 feet.     -S 650
Corner on Third Street, 125 x 100 leet. - -41400
Two Inside Lots Tilth Street, 60 x 100 feet. -       - 300
Two-Acre Blocks suitable for Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre - * ■ ■ $100 and $150
Basket Ball
Basket ball ie nearing the finals,
only two games remaining to be played
in tbe senior league. On Wednesday
night nest the rosd team will play tbe
semi-duals against tbe Shamrocks. II
the Shamrocks win, it ties the road
team with the gym team, so things
will go some in that game.
The High school and Workboys are
tied lor the Cilisene' cup, and the tie
will be played off a wck from next
Friday and should be a fast gime.
The school boys started the league
for tbe 0. 8. McCarter shield this
morning, Corley's team being beaten
hy (lalder'a, score H to 6.
The gymnasium classes are doing
liuidy. Special work is being done lor
the exhibition in March.
Matlrcssca, pillows and bed
at 0. B.Hume A Cos,
Australian Army
San Fit ancibco, Feb. 20.—Captain
A. Morel and, chief of the Army Service Coras of Sydney. Australia, arrived here yesterday on the
liner Maru, on his way to London and
Aldershot where he will lake a special
course of instruction in transportation, tbe objeet of which will be io
acquaint him witb the art of provisioning of the great army which Aus
tralia is now training under the
system of compulsory military oduca
Captain Morels nd has already completed s tour of investigation and
study throughout China and .Ispnn.
Today will bo the last of the bargain
sale on Malta Vita tor 10c per lockage—0. B, Hume A Co.
Northern Spy apples $1.76 per box
atC. II. Hume 4 Cos.
No. 2 Fire Brigade the Popular
Host—Large Crowd of Dancers Present.—Good Music
—A Grand Success.
Our city firemen—whose hearts are
the lirst to be move! by the sound 0|
the bells (belles) and the last to bi
deaf to their calls,—a cold water army
that niiver breaks its pledge, on armi
that draws water instead of blood and
thanks instead of tears.
"Id imiiiii may tlisy toast each other's name.
Tb« wurlil friomls; only fu»—th.
It illllls "
These and in my more epithet, can
more fitly describe tbat body of men
on whom we det end for life and property where fire \t abroad. It was a
foregone conclusion that the danct of
last night, the lirst annual function of
this sort given by B.igade No. 2, would
be a success, for knowing the capabilities of our fire boys and their "stay
with it " rustling nature, it was only
to be expected that anything they
take in hand will be run to a successful finish. The brigade hud ma-'e all
arrangements early in tbe day aud
nothing in the nature of a ruah or
scramble marked the proceedings
which were carried out in a systematic and soldierly fashion, the result of
training in lheir calling. The opera
house bad been secured and had been
tinned into ii veritable fairyland, the
somewhat original style of decoration
nd crude painting of this edifice
being bidden by numerous festoons of
tl»gs of all nations suspended from a
central electric chandalier. Flags
bunting, aud draperies were skilfully
used iu forming cosy corners and
resting places, while white lace curtains adorned eacb window aud emblems of the fireman's calling in the
simp.' ot hose and nozzles occupied
prominent positions among the dec
orations. A feature of the whole were
the colored globes suspended beneatu
tbe gallery all round the room, being
a novel and striking idea, while a
large sign "Fire Brigade No. 2" w«s
hung over tbe stage, which was adorned by palms and tbe Independent
Band. Over two hundred took the
floor to the Grand March which was
the best ever seen in Revelstoke and
headed by Captain and Mrs. Foote
went through a series of movements
of a serpentine nature ending in the
lancers. It was pleasing to see that
the busts bud looked to it that the
sexes were equally represented, and
few if any of any of the fair ones can
complain ol being neglected. Tbe
fire coys did their duty to their guests
as well as they do it when tne call of
tire comes and all speak in the highest
termi of the enjoyment of the dance.
Tbe band were in tine form and did
their part well. A dainty supper was
served a little after midnight, the fire
boys once more doing their duties
manfully. The music for extra dances
was provided by Mrs. H. Cunning-
bam Morris, Miss Muriel Buck, Miss
Leonard, Miss Foote, and Messrs.
Peterson aud Hooley. After supper
dancing was kept up till 3 a.m. when
to the Btrains of the Home Waltz the
gathering broke up tired but happy.
This dance Was the event of the .eason
and a pronounced .access, the bun
bonne'1 and geniality of all present
being particularly evident As entertainers tbe fire boys are hard to beat,
and what they do they do well. As
an institution in tbe city they deserve
universal support for non3 of us
know when we may require their services. In their new caps the boys
were much admired by all and we
sincerely hope tbat their first annual
dance may he the forerunner of ninny
more as successful May the ladies
never cast cold water on the Ilium- of
their affections and nay the firemen
never be in want of hose, and (tin se
to mend then ) and never kick the
bucket. May bis coat be water proof,
bis llesh fire proof, hi. bones fracture
proof, his spirits fourth proof, and bis
heart—well we know all about that.
Volunteers to Get Land.
Notice has been given by Hon. P,
Oliver of a government measure providing for a grsnt of a half section ol
Dominion land, available for homestead entry to every volunteer who at
the time of his enlistment for military
service in 8011th Africa in the years
1899-1902 inclusive, wss a resident in
Manitoba or the northwest territories
F.very grsntec must perfect his entry
by commencing to actually reside upon and cultivate the land within six
months after Decoinbor 31, 1910, and
thereafter observe the regular home
stead regu' in regard to cultivating the hind. In lieu of the land
gr nt each volunteer may elect to
receive scrip for $l(id, which shall he
received from lhe hearer at its face
value in payment nf any Dominion
lands open tor snle All entries mnde
and patents issued shall be exempt,
from ordinary homestead fees and
Man Loses His Life on C.P.R.
A terrible fatality which resulted in
death occurred yesterd.y afternoon 1 n
•be C.P.R bridge over the Columbia,
W. Dreaver one of the men of Calder's
tisng while working on tie structure
managed to get foul of the heist which
knocked him backwards through tbe
open work of the bridge. Tlie unfortunate man fell heavily among tbe
hridge timbers striking violently
against a cord and was dashed down
onto the ice below, falling a distsnee
of over 50 feet. He was ootivyed 10
the hospital as quickly ns possible
where it was found that h- :h legs had
been broken, and internal injuries had
been sustained. Death occurred at 4
o'clock this morning, the injured man
being unconscious most of toe time.
The body was removed in ltowson's
undertaking parlors,
Another serious accident occurred st
about the same time as nli-v yesterday when G Singer, in tin em ploy of
the Bowman Lumber Co., wns knocked
down and injured at the mill, a heavy
beam fulling across his back, breaking
the vu'tebrae, though fortunately
without injuring the spinal cord. The
injured man was taken to the hospital
in the ambulance, and now lies us
easy us can be expected, although his
injuries are serious.
Desirable To Have New Quebec
Bridge Ready for the G. T. P.
QUEBEC, Feb. 21.—A meeting ol the
directors of the Quebec Bridge Company, presided over by Hon. P. Parent,
was held here recently when the question of the r'constriction of the bridge
and other business matteis were discussed. The commission appointed
by the Dominion government to investigate the cause of the disaster and
plu*ce the responsibility for the collapse
of the bridge have completed their
labors, and expect their report to be
ready within a few days when it is to
be handed to tbe government and
placed before the commons, and the
subject of reconstruction ol the bridge
dn-ciisBed and decided.
It is desired to buve the work commenced as soon as possible, so that
the bridge may be erected to handle
the trallic of the Grand Trunk Pacific
upon Ibe latter's completion.
N. Baptie and G. Bellefeuille
Petform Before Big Crowd
On Wednesday night ut the skating
rink Norval Baptie, champion skater
of the world and G. Bellefeuille, champion skater of Canada, entertained
over 500 appreciative spectators while
they presented some remarkable feats
on skates. Baptie opened the entertainment by a series of elaborate and
graceful figure cutting evolutions including some difficult tricks which
showed that he had a complete mastery over the ice. Waltzing to music
and oilier interesting movements,
fiuisbing up in a number of lightning
like circles concluded his part of the
programme <l. Bellefeuille then executed some remarkably clever fern ol
jumping on skates, clearing six barrels easily and leaping over two barrels one upon the other. The world's
champion did some clever skating on
stilts, going through many intricate
figures. Exhibitions of speed skating
backwards and forwards evoked much
applause Irom the audience, and the
highly interesting and instructive
perlormance was brought to a close by
a catch-me-if you-can-game, the vain
endeavors of several youthlul skaters
to catch Baptie, who dodged and
turned with great rapidity, causing
endless mirth. The ioe though a little
soft was in good condition. The Independent Hand played during the
New laid eges, water cress, lettuce,
Ionian haddie and kippered herrings
are our specials today—C. B. Hume
Our special weekly sale for next
week will be on Silver uud Italian
Prunes in 21b. tins, 15c. per tin at C.
B. Hume A Co's.
Terrific Explosion — Sentence
Commuted — New Principal
—Increase Capital—Appeal
to London.
Berkeley, Oal.,  Feb. 22—With a
force that shook the entire bay like an
earthquake, tho packing bouse of the
HerciileB Powder works, ut Pinole.
fourteen miles ni rtb nl here, blew up
.t four o'clock last evening and in the
explosion 34 white men and China
men weie killed.
St. pKTKKHRMta. Feb. 52 —General
-stoessel his lieeu mutinied The
court recommends that, -he seinenoe
ne commuted to ten year.' imprison
Montkeal, Feb. 22—Rev. John M "C
Kay has definitely decided to aco t
the princip.ilsbip of the Presbyterian
college to be established in British
Ottawa, Feb. 22.—The Railway
Committee of the House of Commons
this morning authorized an increase
of the Canadian X iithern Railwoy
capital of $19,260,000, bringing the
total capital up to $50,000,000.
Vancouver, Feb. 22.—Iu the course
of un appeal for the issuance of a writ
of hn'i-iis corpus lor tbe release of the
tun Japanese now in confinement at
New Westminster for violation of tbe
provincial Natal Act, made before
Chief Justhe Hunter tbis morning,
D. G. Macdonell stated that the case
would be" taken, as fur as his clients
were concerned, to   the Privy Council.
Test Natal Act
PoHirLAND, Oregon, (Feb. 20.—T.
Iwaya, Japanese Consul-General in
this city, admits tbat the two Portland Japanese now held in New Westminster jail entered British Columbia
for the express purpose of testing the
Natal Act. He adds that his office is
not t oncerned in the matter aud that
while reports may come to him later
from the Japanese Consul at Vancouver, tbe cases will probably be handled
directly from Japan and not through
the consuls
Under the caption the Natal Act—
Who is Responsible ? a local Japanese
publication discusses the situation in
the follo'ving manner :
" The passing of the Natal Act by
the British Columbia Legislature and
tbe immediate eniorcement ia clearly
a violation of the Japan-Canada treaty
and an act ol arbitrary oppiession. It
overthrows the guaiantee given by the
central government to another nation.
It is an act of persecution uud insult
to a treaty power."
Natal Act
Vancouver, Feb. 21.—The Natal
Act wns ruled tbis morning says the
Vancouver World, by Chief Justice
Hunter to be imperative so far as the
subj cts of Japan are concerned, al-
tiiough he did not hold that the act
was imperative as a whole. It was
held tn be in contravention ol the
treaty act wilh Japan.
He ordered the release of the t»o
men held and also suggested tbat they
have a right of action against someone
whom he did not name for their detention.
American Magazines and Newspapers Admitted at old Rates."
The change in the postal rates fur
newspapers and periiaiicals, which was
announced a lev days ago in a dis-
pitch from Ottawa, is now taking
effect here, Under it any le itimale
newspaper ur magazine will b" allow, d
to l>n sent by the publishers to legitimate subscribers either from tbe
United States into Canada or Irom
Canada into the United States, at tbe
rate of one cent a pound, prepaid in
bulk. For some time past tbe rate has
been one cent lor lour ounces.
The effect of tbis order will be to reduce the price of the American maga
sines to the old figures. The magazines
now coming will not be effected, but
the change will be made about tbe
first of March Some of the March
magazines are now in, and on tin-re
the highe rate has been paid, so they
will be sold at the regular rate.
Nothing better than our ••iDeotai.
Cull and see our stock of carpel",
lino'eiinis and oil cloths—0, B Ilium-
A Co.
Patronize Heme Industry. Smoke
ftwreloteke Cigar*
Selling at specially
low paices here, also
extra cash discounts
on all lines of Crock-
during this month.
Hants and Bacon
A shipment of Hams and Breakfast Bacon just received.
These are genuine Smoked Meats, mild in flavor and the
nicest we have seen for a long time.
Salt and Smoked Fish
We have Labrador Herrings, Holland Herrings in Kegs,
Mackerel, Digby Chicks, Finnan Haddie, Halibut, etc.
Washing Machines, - Wringers
A number of the best kinds kept in stock. They can be
seen set up ready for use in our Hardware Department.
Bourne Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $0.00 per ton  is tbe cheapest
Coal on the market.
Tbey start file us easily as dry wood uud last as long as hai-d coal.
Can lie used in Furnaces. Cook Stoves, Heater-.  Self Feeders and
open grates.]
We have a huge stock on hand ready for immediate delivery   arid
will'NU your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
nnon & Sutherland
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Hr.tiches in th. Pmriae*. of  M.niUib.. Albert*,,
British Colombia, Ontario, QaenM.
Capital  Authorized      ^■^■H
Capital Paid Up ^^1	
Reserve) Fund .... ••
D. R. Wilkik, President ; Hon. R. Jakkray, Vice-President.
A General Banking Buelneee Transacted.
Drafls sold available in all  purls of Cunoda, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposit* from date of deposit and credited
Bevelstoke Branoh, B. C—H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Finance Minister Brings Down
Victoria, Feb. 21 —Hon. Mr. Tat-
low yesterday afternoon brought duwu
tlie annual Rulg-t It shows a surplus ol $l,200,uUO lor the last fiscal
year, and the estimates lor tbe nine
months tbat will constitute the next
fiscal year Inrcast a revenue nl 93.145,-
270 and expenditures ol 13,023,311,
not including $200,000 for the Superannuation Fund. This allows lor the
decrease in the limber revenue aud
tlie increased expenditure on public
Mr. Tallow showed all industries to
be nourishing, and tbat any depression
would be only temporary. He strongly
justified thejmmigr 'tion policy of the
government, saying tbat il we wished
to make tbis a white man's country,
we must bring out people of our own
race to supply our industries, instead
nl baring them depend oo Oriental
labor. Tbe speech was long and exhaustive. In conclusion he stated
thai tbe province had produced laat
year a total of 166,000,000 from a pop-
ii I. tion of 260,000.
Mr. Oliver moved the adjournment
of tbe debate.
Restricts Mixed Marriage
Hamiltor, Ont, Feb. 21.—It is
announced tbat alter Lent Bishop
Bowling will issue an order that all
mixed marriages must be performed
by a Roman Catholic clergyman otherwise tbey will not be recognised by the
Roman Catholic church.
We hare some odd lots of wall paper
very cheap—C. B. Hume & Co.
Special, The union, ami Maros Vaetta
are ansed of m etttere. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
zb\a.:m:otts tea
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE   OP   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD       ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
Cbc tlDafUlberatb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and  Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.        Hakoi.h Fishkr
Burist*rs,l Sol i tors, Etc,
r. v. aiixAx. J- 0. smart.
Offices :   III 'KRIAL   Bank   Block,   Uevki.
* stokk, B. 0.
Money to loan.
Offices: Bevelstoke, B. C; Cranbrook, B. C.
Geo. S. McOaktkk,
A. II.   Pinkham, J. A. HARVEY,
Keielstokc, B. C. Crsui brook B. C.
J. M. Scolt  I.L.I) VV. I. BriKKS.
Barristers. Solicitors, Etc.
(Tirst Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Ass.r   ol all Ore-.   samples by mail or express
receive proiai-'. aiieuli"ii.
Terms Moderate
AMiHESS        •       •      •        BOX482 Kaslo, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avence,
Box li J, Revelstoke
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and University Examinations,
STCDIO-At   Mrs.  J.   C,   Han-bison's   Con-
naCKtil Areiine.
Mining. Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accif't-m, Employers' Liability, Guarantee an J L've Stuck Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, L'ind and Timber.
B. C.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
Che flbail*1bcraU>
Tliere i- so much bad in the be-i ol u-.
Au l -o much i(issi ,u tba wur-tiitus,
T'.rt-. .-. i. irdl, belin.ifes any of un.
To Ulk about lho ro.l of U-.
SATL KDAY.i'EBKlAllY tl, 190t>
Revelet' ke hue been advertised and
widely described as a railroad town, a
divisional point and a junction with
tbeioutii branch of tlie interior and
but little attention lias been paid to
tbe other industries whicb liav.- their
headquarters lure. Hy little attention vie do cot imply that Revelstoke
has not taken her place among the
chiel mining und lunilx-ring centres
ol the province, lor it must be remembered that we aro the headquarters of
a large and extensive district rich iu
mineral and forest wealth which will
f r all time place Revelstoke as a leading city ol the interior. The present
commercial depression and the direful
influences that the cessation of oper
ntion of the local C. I'. R. shops has
had upon the progre s and business of
the city will cause many if not all ol
us to think seriously of the situation
and of the future results should this
depression lie of long duration. While
we are a railroad town and one which
depends principally on the payroll tha'
is circulated here, we must admit thai
in events such as have taken place
this winter, it behooves Ul to gei
down In business and look around loi
•an additional means of keeping our
city going and maintaining our posl
tion in the interior. Hitherto little
stock has been takeu of the possll ili-
ties of agriculture, and fruil growing
iu this vicinity, lor  reasons that there
bus been little need or cause for developing these indtiHiies, wlieu railroading kept everybody busy. Tlie time
bus now arrived when ive should consider the profits to be made out of our
soil and it is thin fact that should le
seriously studied, We have been frequently told that we can grow as good
fruit here as anywhere ill the province
and it has been ala". proved. We haw
land suitable for orchards and gardens
if we would only get busy anil oulti
vate. We cun make our district in
everyway a fruitgrowing ceil ie, mul
what is more the time tins arrived
when this may be necessary We
should not he dependent for our wel
tare and livelihood on railroading
alone, and we are not doing justice to
to the rich land surrounding us by
allowing them to grow crops of stumps
and brush. It is the duty of the people to get to work and establish orchards and gardens which backed by
the lumbering and mining industries
will enrich Revelstoke even beyond
the hopes of the most sanguine. With
tialKc communication with the cross
river lands, an additional area of rich
ands will be brought into im mediate
n-e and the induceuu nts [or-eettliug
ihereon und cultivating the same will
be doubled. This question should be
looked at seriously and when its feasibility is recognized, the people should
get in and work for whit will undoubtedly be a profit and asset for our city.
Tbe question of how to treat youthful offenders against tbe law is admittedly a very difficult one. If no notice
is taken by the authorities of small
offences such as petty thefte, destruction of property, truancy, improper
language or disorderly conduct, the
bad boy will enter upon a career which
will result in some more serious crime
that compels arrest and its consequent
exposure and punishment. II on the
other hand the authorities are quick
to see faults and prompt to punish the
younger offender, there iB a danger
that rinding their faults published
they will loBe their own Belt respect
and become utterly reckless. If they
are sent to a place of punishment
there ia tbe added danger of communication with those who have taken u
longer course in the school ol vice and
it is almost tbe inevitable that they
should come away worse than they
entered. Little offences by youths
are of frequent occurrence and the
authorities have to exercise a wise and
tactful and at the same time severe
attitude to deal with cases which, in
themselves small, yet are nevertheless
punishable. Tbis no doubt is the reason why policemen and magistrates
do not oftener take coguizinice of
what arc looked upon as freaks of
naughty children. To avoid unnecessary and injurious exposure on the
one hand, and undue leniency on the
other is a problem very ditfiiult lor
those in authority to deal wi'h und i-
would be interesting to know how such
matters are dealt with in larger com
mutinies than ours. U is a fundamental truth lhat parents are re-pon
bible for their children and when the
fault is really theirs it is they who
should be held accountable.
Y. M. C. A.
Prospects   for a Busy
T he regular monthly meeting of the
Y.M.C A. hoard ot directors, was held
on Thursday night.    Routine business
was carried on. An extensive pri -
gramme for the spring and summer
has 1'i'cii decided upon to include indoor and outdoor recreations and
games of every kind, and effort*, will
be made to induce new members to
join the association. The grilling
will be in shape this spring for hall
games and athletic sports, and the
inducements held out to intending
members are such ils will well warrant
the membership fee. The howling
alleys are being re-equipped and wil|
be in constant operation und le
lor games all day long.      The physical
and gymoostlo classes  um   preparing
for an assault at arms, which promises
to be something that will open the
eye- of Revelstoke and cause her to he
proud of her sons. Altogether ths
association will ho this year a source
of instruction and amusement for all
Entertainments of various kinds are
bi'iio: arranged and will differ In
novelty and nature In iii the Usual,
The directors after hearing the report
read, weie quite latilflcfl with the pr i
ores! of the mslil ul uui.
Patronize   Home   Industry.
Revelstoke Cigars
Kililoi- -Mill  IlliliAl.n.
Dear But,—In your lust issue the r
appealed u li iter Irom a defender ol
tin- "green Englishmen", in which he
culls for justice to a class of immigrants, who he claims, arc much
maligned. Has "Trafalgar Square'
ever noticed that after one nl that
type, bus been out in B.C ol' I he
Norlh West Territories for some years,
Unit he is generally one of the vry
best liked ol iicu among his associate.
and friends '.' Why this thinness
then '.' "Tia'.ilgai' Square" claims
Unit Englishmen ar patriotic Is the
Canadian not patriotic'/ Does tho
Johnny Canuck appreciate having his
native home and country sneered nt
by some Johnny Bull, who has un
uncertain hold on his "li's" ao.l who
was glud to get a "quid a week",
where as now a day ? Who drove
these wandering Adams from I lie
modern paradise England is suit! to
be ? Echo answer, who ? Stir. Iy an
awful crime lies at some one's door,
liiii'liauk states that all his wonderful
work among plants was based on
cbingeof environment. Is human
nature not the same ? Why bhould
tue spiky cactus sigh for the dseit,
when it has been transplanted into
some aspioal garden ? Why sh uhl a
mull seeking tu better his com ition
and coming irom a land cursed hy lhe
hard and fast drawn lines of cusle,
and going into a free laud, where all
that is asked of him is tint he he a
man and a gentleman 7 Why should
lie insult and speak with contempt of
those things every Canadian holds
dear 1
We are as patriotic us tie
English arc—just been celebrating the
victory of l'uarilehiirg. What is most
of all, Canadians arc able une and all,
tu stand uu their own feet without
any remittance people, and so we
refuse, as individuals aud as a nation,
to be patronized by any class of men,
who, iu themselves are tine fellows and
the best of men, but who forget to do
as tbe Scotch and Irish, become one
with us, once tbey are here, educate
your Englishmen to drop I heir
assumption of superiority, and at once
the feeling spoken of will vanish.
Captain Kellog Must Return to
U. S. A. for Trial.
Kamloops, Feb -1 —Captain Kellcg
under arrest at Kamloops lor forgery
and embenlement ol United States
funds, will have tC return to the
United States to stand ti is trial. Chiel
Justice Hunter having n fused to grant
him his liberty ui der the halu-as
corpus application made through his
attorney. The case bos attracted a
great deal of interest on b,th tides ll
the line, as K'i' ■,: ■ t- a young ftic
f brilliant sttun ts in the United
States army
Broken   Rails.
Nhw Y'ii-,„  Pec 2I—I-. i paper on
electric power in steel   rails,   read    by
David Ruahmore ol   Bcbeneotsdy   »t
tbe 94th meeting of  the American In-
ititute ol mining engineers tonight,
the author explained   that   the   Bet-
lemsr process lor making steel • aiIn is,
i believed  used only   with   certain
ores, the supply oi which   it   now   ex-
In. isteil      Mr   Roabmors continued
Accordingly wo can lay the breakages
and failures ol steel raps reported in
recent times to tin" use ol the BmMID.
er prOCI ss
Easy Latin.
The following Latin verse can be
easily translated
LightibiiB OUtibUI in pari'.rum,
lloyihus kissibus iweetl giriorum
Dodibui hearilms loodi Imookorum,
t'omihiis quiokibui wit a slnborum;
Bnyibiis gettihus hard I ipankorum,
Landibui oextibui outside doorum,
Oettibua npihm wit. a llmporum,
Bweftribuakiuibui «irli nomortim.
afforded by a
. Sold
C. W. O. W,
Mountain View Camp. No.r220.
Meotf Second and Konrtli Wedne ilavs in
chc-Ii month, in Selkirk Hall. Visil.ln Woodmen cordially Invited to attend,
W, 1). AHMSTRONO, Con. Jom.
J   MoTNTYRK, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tho regular meettngb nro hold in tlio'Solkirk
Hall every Tuesday ovn"iu« at 8 n'elooic. Visiting brethren are cordially Invited.
Kootenav Lodxe No, 15 A.F, &. A.M.
The regular meeting- are hold in tht
Masonic Temple,
Md Follows Hnll.oii
I hi- thi-.-il Monday it,
taoh month at s
i.m, Vtsltlngbrotb.
ren cordially wel
C. A. fltiiCUNIKK, Skckktarv.
Meets everyTliursilsy
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren cor
dially invited to attend
.1, \l \TIIIK, Sec
G. l.K.MBICK, N.O.
Co J Ran .io lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26. Revelstoke, B. C.
exiepl Thin! Wednesday ul
eiu-b otolith, in the Oddfellows'
Hall al s o'clock. Vialting
Knlghta sre cordially .nvited.
J. MATHIE, C. (',
U. H. BROCK, K.tuf R. a S.
H. A. HHOWN. M. of F
That's Royal Cr >wn kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Fret—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C
PIHLK   NOTICE  Is berby   given  that tlm
Canadian   Pacific   Railway Company baa this
, day deposited   in   the   District  Land Registry
I Office at   Nelson, in  the  province <»f  British
• i.lninhm   ,t plan prolile and book of  reference.
■howing n proposed brancb line from the Kev-
-.*■: Ira Smelter Spur u> C. H. Huine&Ci.ti.-
paoy'i warehouse, situate la the. ity of Huvol-
itoke In tbe province of British < iolumbia
■foresaid; and that tha said Canadian Pacific
B ■. my Company will, us soon Jifior the explr
stion of four weeks from tin- tir-it publication
of this N Lice as the application can >>e heard)
apply tu the Board of Railway Commissioners
f'.r t mad i for approval ->f t» '* said branch line
.•'■•with the provisions Of lhe Railway Act.
'    uated   tbii  fifteenth  day of  January. A.D.,
•at feh 22 loi 'ienentl Executive Assistant.
■      .   I   C. O w ndrow of I'oplar
. Lion   i'  ) I- ■ Loi. Intend to
apply   for m   -[«■■ mi  licence to out and carry
i away  timber from  the   following described
1,      Cuiii,y      i'       t     po-I      pliililcl nhoilt   I
■ith fork ,>f Poplar Creeh on
id iv i mber Umil No, Mi'iii. on
Un treat boundary,  marked '('  n  Woodrow'n
\ north seal corno. hence muth IflOehalns,
i L-banoe west U> chaUm. Lhem •   oorth I6fl ■ I
■ i 'j,-.-' i ■   i  ■ - in.- to poll ■   'if  - ommom ••
■',.   n n   mors m  •
i    ' ommen (ng  ^t   ,,   p-.-i   planted   in ilu*
outh fork '.f   Poplar
■ nlng Tuiiit r
Isry marked
ti.   Wood -I*"-.'   - orri'-r   posl '
• i ith Hi '■fiuni-i.
..   bal mi Lo
01 Call   ■ A   MO    ":ri -
more or .■
Looatod ■
wed Ian li '    U   ■' OODBOW Uooatot
Ki ki
ll Wi -• Ki •-■
•   ha  i i   0. woodrow of Poplar
H   '      nrcupatlon Prospector Intend to tpply
f'.r a -pi. ,n.    .I,,, to cul ind carry awax inn
■■  ■ d aboul 1 of ■
ron   the T mile  hoard on the
1  P.R railroad adjoining Timber Li mil   11800
txrandari   tod Eni   tooth ^londfiry of
I ", m     Mrnll   Bft, marked   ' '    <>. w.^trow'o
i po ■■      fi'-'i-.- #■■')   ii shalm
ruth  ■'< Mi'Ofi-  thence aAatm chains,
hen* ■   nor h  M sbaliM to polnl of ■ o sm< m •-
ni-1,     on tail  ng 940 w res more oi li ■
Located I Ith Om   mff.
wed |an   I C. 0. WfiOOltOW, IxK-nU-r
who oan cut  Mannlng'i oandiei
'i   iinvinK   son.i.    little   feel
.-. .io ude  lor   ilia  donor
1 if  !■ you've got to fight ; out
own love battles, ynimg man, but
mn  confection!   y U'll   find In bill Hlrnnn ully in  yottl   wooing.
Mining (diidy h\m
Our jewelry represents lhe most
artistic expression ol' (hi- goldsmith's
craft, inch article an entirely new
creation, fashionable lo the highest
degree, ihai will appeal to your
Interest the inoineiit you view It. Our
diamonds oome direct from ihe cut-
teisiiiid are sold In vou ut ploaslllg
pt'ices foi- genie of such quality mul
I'l'iiutv. Pleased to have you see them
at any lime.
Hastings, Boyle k Mum
Art and Beauty
are combined In our new designs in carpets. Our slock is
cemplete, and the colors rich
und effective, thedesigns artistic, and the "tout ensemble"
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterus, and we
hnve iiciec placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
ac     ^jr.   «3|rw j**»  •sft*,„***J-
Import direct from Country ot origin.
*k*> 'V*V-*-*s*V**^%.-*^*»/-*^-l-*-^<-»/^^ **V#
For Agricultural Iinpletiieots.  Carriages,  Wukodd   Etc.,  John
Deure Ploughs,  Moliue  Wairiuis,  I'luuiilii  1'nrriiiKti  Company's
Bunnies, Plsnet jr.,  Giinioii  Seeders aud Cultivators,  Wlieel-
- wright aud  Blacksmith Work  attended  to.    Hurse Shoeing a
# 8|ieciallr*. f
•V% *sV*<y*****a^*«.'%^%**s^**.-%**s^**^%*^-%
*»•**► ***
i   P.
HKAD OKFIOK :   Calgary,   Albkkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pink Packers und Dealere in Live Stock, Markets iu all Hie pi-inri
pal Cities and Towns of Allieitu, Biiiish Ooliimhlaand Ihe Yukon,
Packers r.f ihe Celebrated Brand  "lmperatm-" Hams and Bucnn,
j     and "ShnmnuU" Brand Leaf Lard, a
Central Hotel
,3m—   REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built        First-claes in every reppect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rafjs $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
i    nave   < noice
upland prairie hay
.mil I imothy, also
nits, wheat and
feed lo offer in car
load lots.
I )elivered prices
riven on  request
CALGARY,   Alto.
'limiiinr " Don't rlo .»
thinK " mi (roll s, oplearl.
Wllill s Ill-si   l|)  lllll   nl
"I liishlijiliis on Human Nature"
.in health, dlaeane, Iqva, r/iarrlaja and pArnnlace
I.-lis wiic jiiuii nsit ".doctor, fun ih.ii i ilk.- to
'^lll|iiigl's,, i'i ill' Ills; Inn liiiiiln.lii, !■
II ive si„„| ,„,„ only   |i, any nilnll fur   povtaga,
iii oents.
129 i«.» lsih a.r..., new YORK.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the  Farm,  Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Boiei'8,   Nn Scale,   No fumigation
to damage stock.    No windy uiienls to
iiiioi'l yon.    liny dine! anil yet   trees
I nnd seeds lhat iirow.
fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
I Spraying Material, Cul Blowers, eic
I Oldest cHiiilili-hed nursery on the
|,mil of I). 0,    CaluliiKUc free.
< • recti In umes and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       •      -      -      II. C
Ilnsr BsadSi Alllmiils. Minis,  Fish, 1KU-.,
Mill NI'KI)
Animal   Hulls
V 0. IIhsII.
Mtiiilln:   Oomiir ol Flnit HI. anil Boyl. A.c,
lt.Ml.toki, B. C
Kcvt'lstoku Lund DUtribt
District »f Wont Kootonay,
Tnke notice lhat I, M vt Iteamy, of Poplar
Creek, B. C.« OOOUpfttioil PtOfljiCOHir, iirrmlHto
npply for ii Bppi'tiil llcenou tooul niut curry
away timbor froin tlio fallowing deBoribca
1. Commenolng at h post plnnlcd nbout> 200
foot on the north fide o( Poplnr,-k. marked
"li. Y Id'iuiiy'rt north-i'Ofll ponU"artjbln*
Ing the wrrii boundary »*f Timber Illicit No.
Ill ''.'. iiliuin ono liilluWeatOl tht; lirst BOUth
fink of Poplar Creek, thonrowont80chains,
thence bouui 80 chains, tmn e cbbi80unalus,
thunro north 80 ehuliis lo point of oouiuieuoe*
ini'lil, i oiltuihlitK UO.apres imiict'i li'HS.
2. Commenolng at n posl planted about. 800
ie i on t be nort li nide of Poplur < 'reek, tnitrkcil
"it. y. Keauiy'i soutb*eaHt oorner post." itdjnin*
Ing ibe \vo*»i  b-nndsry of Timber Limit Ko
11 i"-j, ult ui unu mill' wi'-1 of Ilu-lirst Minin
Turk or I'oplni irrik, tlience wostWchains,
thence north SOchulns, thenee east no ohains,
thunoe south 80 ohalns to poiut of oommuncu
ment, containing Old aoros more or loss.
8,  Commencing at a post plantod »n ihe m-t
hunk of I In- seooud KoiUli fork of I'liplii" Creek,
about one milo up markod "ll. i*' Reamy's
north-east oornor post," thence west to ehalitB,
thenoe BOUth   PaI clmin*-, thi'iicc rn*.l 4"rhitins,
tlience north 100 chains to point of romiuciHo*
ment, containing 640 acres moro or less.
4 C'otmm-nring at a post planted about 1%
miles westerly from the first south fork of Pop*
lar Creek, marked *li. Y. ttearay's north* west
oornei pof.1," thenco cast 80 chains, thenco
Bouth 80 ohaiiiB, llienoe west 80 ohains, thenco
north St) cluiiiis to point of coiiimuncoiiieiit,
('ontuiniiig otu acres more or loss.
!<. Commencing at a post planted ahout l1*-
mUes winterly from the tlivt south fork of Pup*
lar Crook, marked 'ii. IT. Reamy's north-east
corner posl,." Ihence west, 4(1 chains, tlience
■ouih 100 chains, thence easl 40 chaino, thence
north Kin «hains to point of oommenoeuient,
containing tiiti aoros mure or U*ss
0. Commencing at a post planted about llvo
miles westerly from the first couth fo;k of Poplar Creek, marked "B. Y. Keaniy's south-west
corner pout." thence oast I0t) chains, thenco
north 4d chains, thenco west ItiO chains, thence
south 40chains to puint. of commencement, containing Cm acre*, more or loss,
Located 17th December, 11M7.
wed jan 15 B Y. HKAMY  Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of Wosl Kootenay.
Take notice that 1. B. Y. Reainy of Poplar,
B,C, occupation Prospector, intend to apply for
& Special licence to cut ami carry away limber
from the following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted ou the
west bank of Rusty Creek, marked "B Y.
Kearny's sout h-east corner post," about H miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Kapid
(reek and Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
Limit II.v.i running west, ihonco west 1G0
ehains, tbenco north 10 chains, thence tast 16U
chains, thenco south 4<i chains to point of commencement, oontlining 54u acres moro or less,
2. t 'ommenclng at a post, planted on tho west
bank of Kusty Creek, marked "B. Y. Iteamy's
north-east comer post," about 3 miles southerly
from the l*nrdo river between Kapid Creek and
Tenderfoot Creek, thenco went 160 chain*,
thence south 40 ohalns, thenoe cast 100 chains,
ihence north 4o chains to point of oommcuce*
nieni, containing 61(1 acres more or less.
3. Commencing at a post planted on the
wost bank of Kusty Creek, marked "B. Y.
Kearny's north-west comer post," about 3 miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Rapid
Creek and Tenderfoot ('reek, thenco east HO
ohains, thenco south 80 ehains, thenco west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
Located 15th December, ]fK)7.
wed jan 15 BJ. BEAMY, Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that we, C. O Woodward and B.
F. Kearny, of Poplai Creek. M C, occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special licence to cut and »arry away timber from the
following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planttd on the west
bauk of Poplar t reck, about 5 nule-i up, marked '*C. O. woodrow and ii. F. Iteamy's southeast corner pust," ruuning along O. K Kcvell's
uorth boundary of No. 2 Timber Limit 12189,
thenco west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chaius, thence south 80 chaius to
point of commencement, coutainiug 040 acres
or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted ou the
wost bank of Poplar Creek, about 5H miles up,
marked "C. (>. Woodrow and B. Y. Reamy'n
north-east comer post, thenee west an chains,
along G. K. Kevoll'ri No. 2 Timber Limit 12180
south boundary, thenco south 80 ehains, thence
ea«t 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains to point
oi cominonctMuuut, contaiuing 010 acres more or
Located 18th December, 1907.
wed jan 15        C. O. WOODKOW,
B. F. HKAMY, Locators.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District uf West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, K..I 1'aiks, of Arrowhead,
ti.C , lumberman, Intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
Commencing at a post plante 1 at the southwest corner uf Timber . lmlt No. 11171, and
marked "It. J. Parks'north-east corner post "
thence south 100 ehains, theuce west 40 chaius,
ihence norlh 160 o ains, theuce east 40 chains
to point of eoiiimenecment.
Dated Dec. uth, 1U07.
| (wed jan 2i D.Dewar, Agvut.
Revel-.t oke I .and District.
District uf Went Koo eniiy.
Take u<aice that w , the Lamb-Watson Lum*
ber Company Limiiod, of Arruwneud, B. ().,
occupatiou Lumbermen, intend to apply for
permission to lease tba following descr-bed
forn-bore, belntc part of tne foreshore uf Qaleua
H..y, for logKUiK purposes:
t rOmmeUOlUg at a post scrlbod "Lamb Watson
Lumber Oo.H plauted at the 8. W. corner of
Lot 8407, thouce southwesterly following high*
water mark, a dlstaucHor unchains.
Dated this 3uih day of October, 1007.
Lamh-Watsun Lumukk Co, Ltd.,
Jau 16 08 ByO. H. N. Wllkie, Agent.
Ituvnlslokn Ijuni DlHll-ii't.
I llsl mi uf H usi lililllriluy.
'I'lihii iiuli'i: Unit A II. .Inliiisliiii nf ruplur
Croek, nri'iiiiiilinn MiTiiliinil, lull nils lu npiiljr
for a s|i .Inl iiii-ni',. io out unu 'in-iy uwuy ilin-
linr froin ilm following iloHiirlLod laudni
i omnium Iuk at a imsi, planUxl aboul ■;(
mill's up riipiur Crook fiom I'oplar lowuaiU),
I'liliiiiK for ilm Hoiitli'inmi. oornor of Tlmbor
hllllll l^lbtl. linil'io'il "A. O. Julin ton's hiiiiIIi-
wi'H. um hit poat," iliiiiuiu oast nil clialns, tlionoo wi nlniins, thoncu wiiat SO chalna, thvnoa
si,uih su chaina lo polntof roiiiineiioeuiimt,
oontalninn Hill miri-s moro or loaa.
IsHiil.'ii IHUi Il,o., 1ISI7.
w«l jan 15 B. If. itrainy, Agont.
Itiviilsinki' Ij»nil District,
District of Woat Kootenay,
Tako n.itiiiu that I. Donalil Dewar of Viriinhi-mi,
iii'i:ii|iiil.iiiii riuio'i, Inloml to apply fur periuiaaiun
tu iniiiili.imi- tliu following uuacribui! lamr
Commencing at the loutli-wnt ooruer ol l/it
Mil, llrniip I, In aaiil dlatriot, tholne weal 21)
nliioiis, Uu.111. north W ch .iua, thence weat to
i luiliia, tlience auulh III chilna, thence eaat ID
rlniliis, Illume uortll 21) chains to point of iiiiiii-
i)iu,.ii .imi  im.Ii, muii.
weil Jim 2D DOHAI.D DlCWA'l,
Certificate  of Improvements
Hhf Hope Kniolloll Mineral 1'la.lm, altilalu In
tin,. 11..11I Laku MlnliiK Divialon of Kuuiiiiiiiy
IIikii'Ii'I.   Whcru .laylU'il:—Popliir < rook
Tnkii iiallin! lhat I,Churls. John Allan Now-
toil Padliiy, of Nulaon, Hi!.. Kruo Mlniir'a lurtl-
II iitu No. siKKill H, Intend, sixty ilnys from dato
hereof, to apply lo the Hfnlhg Baeoriler for a
(lerllflofito of Improvement,, fur ilm purpoae of
um iiiiuiin a Grown Omnt of the wove claim.
Ami liirllnr lake nutlci- that aclliin, uiulor
.-e'llon   J7.   iniisl.  bn  I'liinmciiiicd   before tho
isHiiiiiue of such Certlflnte ol Improvomont*.
li»t»l l hn llih illiy of Jiiiuuiry, A ll, llllis,
The Palace  Restaurant
$5.00     Board By Week    $5.00
ackenzie Avenue.
Diamond Vale
Its heating and lasting qualities are most remarkable.    Burns as good coal should
$8.75 Per Ton Delivered
Incorporated by Act cf Pur lia.nont, 1855.
Wr. Molson Maci'HKRSiin, Pros. S. H. Ewino,,Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two   branches  in   Canada  and   Agencies   in   all  parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
liank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Restauuu*. and Furnished Booms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street • East End
Manufactured for all classes of buildings
for sa'e iu targe or small quantities
at the lowest pi-'cas for cosh.
Allkinis of baildint ani plastering
tinder: ta it en.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
jFirst-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also al
kinds of Garden Produce.
Front Strket,     Revelstoke
To the Revelstoke Poblie
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke's FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
SO MOW * JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Special Attention   given   to
Supper Parties A banquets
Meals, 25o.        Meal Tickets, $5.60
OPPOSITE   Y.  M.   C.   A.
D raying
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
SAFES, .: i I    i
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
liiipeiiiil  Development 	
Hunk of British Columbia..
Nii-nlii Cm.I and Cuke	
Columbia Fruit and Limit..
Hewitt Mines	
Ilnval Cnllii'i'ii'
. $480.1 ihi
. liotxi
.  IW CO
.  100 CO
6 00
Charles Dickons      1IH*
Oreat West Ixian.
Above subject to ciinllriniitinn.
Prospectuses nnd piirtiiMilitrs con-
Cei'lllng rnv of these Companies on
McKenzie Avcnuo, lievelltoke,
Meals at  all Hours
Everything Up-to-Dme
Elect Orange Officers at Convention in Armstrong.
ABM8TBONQ, Fell. 21.—The Ormi|:i>
special car Irom Vancouvi-r arrived
here Monday thirteen hours late. Tba
Provincial (irand Bluck Chapter immediately assembled and proceeded
with the appointment of committee*,
and lhe reception of reports of I lie
grand nia.-ier, grand registrar and
grand treasurer. An adjournment
was then taken to 8.30 thi* morning
to allow the committees to prepare
their repoits.
These reports, presented this morning, showed the 111 n-k Chapter In he in
a flourishing condition throughout thi'
The tlection of officers resulted as
follows: Grand maslcr, Etlwin Bush,
Mission City; deputy master, W. T.
Jago, Vancouver; associate D Q. M.,
\V. H. Dunmore, Vancouver;chaplain,
W II. Brett, Vancouvei; registrar, J.
J Tulk. Vancouver; treasurer, R. Kaw-
rett, Vanoouver; licturer, Aiex. Armstrong, Cumberland; lirst censor, F. L.
D.ini'ls, Armstrong; second ct-iiB ir, 11.
T. Thrift, lliizelmere; first standard-
bearer, John Walsh, Victoria; second
standard-hearer, E B. Laogdale, Vancouver; Pursuivant, VV. T. Holtby,
Armstrong; honorary deputy grand
chaplain, Rev. Merlon Smith, Vancouver; deputy grand registrar, Charles
Elliott, Vancouver; deputy grand
treasurer, H. Wilkinson, Kamloops;
deputy grand lecturer, D. Gibhard,
Mission City; deputy grand chapter to
the M. W. Grand Black Chapter, W.
E. Dunlop, New Westminster; tyler,
II. G. Taylor, Vancouver; executive
committee, M. Stevenson, Chilliwack;
Hugh McD.uald N.-w Westminster;
R. G. Patterson, New Westminster;
D. C. McLaren, Vancouver; R. J
Doherty, Nanaimo; II. Meldrum.
J. Armstrong ind Carlyle were
delegates from Revelstoke.
The Orange Grand Lodge session
opened yesterday afternoon with a
large attendance of delegates from all
parts of the province.
Turf Association.
Will Control Home Racing of
Western Canada.
Moosejaw, Feb. 21.—The Western
Turf Association was launched here
and a circuit formed including twenty
cities of British Columbia, Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Mauiloba.
The racing will begin at Cranbrook,
May 20, and end at the same place
September 26. The | lans of the new
association are very ambitious, contemplating the cont ol and supervision of all meetings in tbe provinces
named under the Jockey Club rules in
New York and tbe Pacific Coast Association of tbe slope.
Among the nn-mbers of the new
oiganization are the turf clubs of
Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Cranbrook. Red Deer, Moose Jaw, Lacombe,
Wetaskiwin, Macleod, Lethbridge.Med-
icine Hat, Maple Creek, Wolseley,
Weyburn, Brandon, Regina, Indian
Head, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and
Battleford. Several others will be
taken in at an early date.
Germany May Start Petroleum
Monopoly., Feb 21.—The imperial
tri'ii.niry department is considering
the possibility of a government petroleum monopoly. No decision has yet
been reached, but experts continue to
study for the taking over of the Standard Oil Co 's business in Germany a-
well as that of its Roumanian com
panie". Herr Von Zedlitz, leader of
the Free Conservatives, in the Prussian diet, who has made a Bpecial
studi" of the subject, Bays the empire
would nave tn make an initial outlay
of $18,i0il,000 f,.i oil plants, tanks,
tank steamers and cars, but that early
prifits nf from ten million to twelve
million five hundred thousand dollars
could be expected. The baron is if
opinion that the government could
deal successful with the probable refusal of the Standard Co. to supply
crude petroleum at a reasonable rate,
and he thinks the requirements of the
L'liViiriniieni in Ami-ricui oil would le
supplied hy the Texas rivals of the
Standard company.
and   Disaster
Big Storm.
Chicago, Feb. 21.—Several deaths,
many injuries and much suffering followed yesterday in the wake nf one jot
the worst blizzards experie. c il in this
sectiou in several years. Traffic on
surface and suburban lines wm practically tied up last night, ami downtown hotels are filled with residents
of outlying districts who found them
selves unable to reach tlnir homes.
The storm which broke e rly in the
day raged with increasing fury unti
nightfall, subsiding towards midnight
At Hammond, Ind., two ml u blinded
by the storm were run down by a train
and fatally injured. In the same lo
calita a woman, overcome by exposure,
was found dying in the snow.
Action of T. S. Smythe Against
E. L. Kinman Dismissed
Toronto, Feb. 21—Chancellor Boyd
in the recent non-jury assizes here
dismissed the action of Tbos.S.Smythe,
acting as assignee nuder the seal of
Peter Ryan, against E. L Kinman,
John Bropby aud the Imperial Timber
A Trading Company, ia a dispute for
a commission arising out ol sales of
some timber limits in British Columbia, His Lordship, in bis judgment,
said be concluded on evidence that
the sum of $26,440 claimed by tbe
plaintiff to be the commission agreed
upon was only contingent upon the
sales being effected at .$221,000 and
Styles  for the Great London
LONDON,   Feb.   21.—King Edward's
reforms in the  direction of simplicity   "'."f^ViiiTuw^'uM.0 '"
EllM.NIi   THE   illS-fUSA!,   Ob'   DO
MINION     LANDS     WITHIN      'llit
11A1L.WAV    KELT   IN   THE   PHOV-
A LICENSE to cui Umber can be acquired only at public competition. A
rental ol & per wiuaie mile la cliulgeu
(or all limber berllis exceul Ihuse ana
aled west ol Vale tor wlucli Hi© rental is
al lhe rate of 5 cents per acre per annum
lu addition to lhe rental, dues at tbe
following rates are ehuige'i:—
Sawn lumber, Ul cenia per thousand
leet  B.M.
Hmlway ties, eight and nine feet long,
t 1-2 and 1 3-1 cents each.
.inn,me bolts, 16 cenl. a cord.
All other products, i per cent on the
A license is Issued so soon as a berth
Is grained, but In surveyed teirltory no
limber can be cut on a berth unlil the
licensee has made a survey ihereol.
I'eiiulis lo cut Umber are also granted
at public competition, except in tlie case
Cannon Land District,
District "f Cariboo
Take notice that L NeU MoTCoobem of Bov«
o.itokt*, occupation Timber Cruiser, Intend to
apply for apodal timber licences over tbe foi*
Lowing described lands:
1. Commencing ut a post planted about 8
milt's cast of Dore ('reck -md nlxiut 44 miles
south <>f Ifraser River and markod "Nell Mo*
Kachern's south-east oorner," thenoe west 80
chains,thenoe north so chains, thenoe eaaCtW
chains, thenoH south m> ohalns to point, of com-
iiioncctiient. OOUtabling HU) itoros more or loss,
2. CumiiHtiriii'- at a post planted about 3
mtlen east of Dure Greek and ab ut \\4 aides
■outh of Ifraser river ami marked Noil Mc-
rStichern's south-west oorner," thence cast so
•huiiis, thenee north 80 ohalns, thenoe west m
■'hains, thouoe south 80 chains to point of com
tnencemeni, containing Oil' aurett moro or less.
3. Commencing at a pout planted aboul 1
mile*] east of Dore Greek and about 4} miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil Mc*
I£achem8 south*west corner," thenoe»east80
ohalns, thenoe north 8ti chaini, thenoe west 80
ohainH, thence .sunt li 81) chums to poiut of com
menoomant, containing 040 acres more or los*.
4. Commeuciug at a post planted about 1
tulles east of Dore Cteuk-aiid about-4i milt-.-,
south of Fraser rivor ami marked "Neil Mn
Kachcrn'ri north-went corner " thence south ill
chains, thence east 160 ohains, thence north 4ii
chains, thence wont HI" oh linn to point of ooin
nieiicuniunl, containing (Uoacru- mure or tees.
5. Commencing at a post plauted about fl
miles oast of Doro Crock and about I miles
BOUth of Fraser river ami marked 'Neil Mc
Kachern's nor h west ooruer*" tliojiou south 40
chains, thenoe nasi Kin chains, ibonce north l'i
chains, thunoe wesi lf>> ohains to point of com
luetic*'incut. cnnl.i UMiiK tjpi acres inure or lesn.
0. t'oiiimeiieing at a pnst planted aboul .*>
miles oast of Doro Crock ami aoout 4 miles
-outh of h nisei river ami marked "Null Mo-
Kachern's suuth-weit corner," ihence north 40
ehains. thenoe east l * *» elm ns, thenco miinii i<
chains, Ihence wo* 1Uiu i-haiii-- io point of cum
im nromenL containing u4u acres uioro ur l«-*s
Loe;UL'd Doe,  IMII.  V.h'l
7 Commencing at a nost planted about 2
miles wist of liui-i- (reek and ah <ul 4 mile-
south of Fraser river and inarmed ".Suit Ale
K.ichi'rii'h -utiih'Wisi. corner," LheilOO norlli *■
hains, theuce earn 80 ohalus, thunoe south so
chains, theuce West 8U ub-UUS U> po nt Ol num
menceineut. containing litu h-tu-j more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles west of Doro Creek aud about .ill miles
south of Kriiser "N. il Mc
Kachern's ii>>n h- west curuer,' ihuieu south lu
chains, thenoe uast id) uhaius, iheuue uorth 4c
chains, thence west I0o chauis to point o1 commencement, containing ulu aeres more or lass.
1). i ommciicing at u post planted about 4
miles wt stof Dure Greek and abuui 3j*g miles
suuth of Fraser river and markid "*NoU Mo-
Kauhurn's south-west corner,' thence north iu
chains, thunoe oast 160 chains, thunoe south 4"
chains, thence west itiu ohalus lo puint of cum-
iiunccineiii. coutaiiiiug ijln acres more or less,
lu. Coinuienoiug at, a post plauted about 4
miles of Dure (.'reek aud about 3'/i miles **oum
of Fraser river aud marked "Neil Motuvcheru's
north-east corner," theuce smith 40 chains.
thence west liiu chains, iheneo nurth 4" ehains,
tlience cast lti>t chains to point of commencement, containing Ott acres more ur less.
It. Commencing at a post ptauted about 4
miles weat of Dure Creek und about 3'a miles
eouth of Fraser river and marked "Nell Mc*
Eachorn's south-east uorn< r," luuuco uurtu 4U
chains, thenco west 16U ohains, thcucu ounth 4u
chains, theuce east Iti'' Chains to point of commencement, containing tile acres more or less.
Located Dec   19th, UKJ7.
12, CouiuieiH'iiig at a post planted about 3
miles west of Dore (Jrcek and about 0 miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Noil MeKachern's south-west corner," thence north 80
chains, theuce east 8U chains, thence south 80
chains, theuce west t>0 chains to poiut uf commencement, containing titu acres moro or less.
13. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles west of Doro Creek and about 0 miles
south of Fr.iBur river aud marked "Neil MeKachern's south-cast corner," thenoe north 80
chains, Ihence west 8V chains, theuce south »u
chains, thence east bO chains to poiui of cum-
meuceuictit, containing 040 acres more or less,
14- Commencing al a post plauted about 4
miles west uf Dore Creek and about 6', miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Noil MeKachern's north-east corner," thence south 40
ehains, thenre west 100 chains, thence noriti 40
chains, thenco east 160 chains tupuiutof cum
incnceiuent, contain ing liiu acres more or less,
15. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles west of Dore Croek and about 5) miles
south of Fraser river aud markod "Neil Mc-
Kacheru's south-cast coruer," lbeuce west itio
chains, theuce norih 4'J obalna, thenee east 160
chains, thence suuth 40 chains to polntof commencement, containing U40 acres more or less.
Iti Commencing at a post plauted near Mac-
lutosh Creek aud about & miles south of Fraser
river and marked "Ned AlcKacheru's uorth-east
coruer," theuce south 80 chains, theuce weat 80
chaius, ihence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement, containing
640 acres inure or less,
Located Dec. 20th, 1U07.
17. Commencing at a post planted near the
Three Mile Kcserve Line on the north side of
Fraser river aud lying north of where the Uoat
river empties into the Fraser river, marked
"Nell McKucheru's south-wost corner," thence
on-1 80 chains, tbeuce uorth 80 chaius, tliuuco
west 80 chums, tlience south *>u chains 10 point
of comuieuceuicut, containing 610 acres moro
or less.
18, Commencing at a post planted 3 miles
north of Fraser river und lying north of where
Clout rher empties into braser river, marked
"Neil MeKachern's south-east comer," tbeuce
west 80 chains, thenee north oo chains, theuce
casleO chains, tbeuce south 80 chains lo point
uf coiuineucemeut, cuutuiiiiug 610 acres more
or less-
10, Commencing at a post planted 3 miles
north of Fraser river and about 2 miles west uf
Victoria Creek, maiked "Neil MeKachern's
si.nth-west corner," ihene east mi chains,
thence north 80 chains, theuce west80 chain-*,
thenco south so chains to point ut > •ttumeuce-
ment, conlapiing Olu acres moru ur k*,s,
20. Commencing at a post planted 3} miles
nurth of Fraser river and about2 miles wesi uf
Victoria Greek, marked "Neil M.iKaehern'-.
nuutb-ea*t corner," thence west 160 »Iiains,
theuce north 4<i chains, theuce oast 160 cbams,
tbeuce south 40ehains to polntof commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
Located Dee. 21sf, 1U07.
sat fob 1 NKll, MeKACHKHN.
no net:
Stewart McDonald, -
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Sat. Feb. at. I.k. Manitoba
Ki i. Mill. <*.    Emp. Ireland
Sat.    "     14. Lk.Champlaiti
Fri.    "     21). Rmp. Britain   Mch. II
Sat.    "     i'3. Luke Brie. "   11
Winter Season From St. John
lit. Class jnd. Clans 3rd. Class
$80 no       $47 50       $*8 75
1.1. Class ind. Class 3rd. Class
$6.s 00       $42 JO       $27 50
OTHBR Lakh Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$4,S 00       $27 51*
Cheap rate*. Id Atlantic Seaboard
point! in I'liiiiiei'Iinn u-illi steamship tickets
I'uHHi'iiiii'i'N biinki'd tn Norwav,
Sweden, AntWOlpi llutnburir, mul
all otber i-niiiinenliil purls.
For further Information applv lo
T. W. Brad-haw,    E. J. Coylt,
and good taste in court life will be
rcll-.-i'ti'd in the gowns worn by society
women at court during the comiDg
season. There is lo be reaction from
bejewelled ostentation back to artistic
relinement in tlie gala attire in which
dames and debutantes will be preeeu •
ed to Their Majesties at Buckingham
Classical o tline, rich embroideries
and real lace will be tbe features of
the correct cntirt giwm for 1908
Only hand-wiirkid silk embro'deries
and the choicest of real lace will be
The Empire style, which is still Ihe
favorite, will be worn almost exclusively this year, The train, of course
must be ol the regulation length. On
the other hand the evening gowns (or
the coming season will be the nnJW
luxurious that have been se n during
this or the nineteenth century, and
will be named after Hower*, jewels,
aural, etc.
To Hunt in Canada.
Detroit, Mich., Feb, 21.—Preildei t
Km.sen.It haa expressed a favorable
attitude in regard lo an invitation to
html moote aud bear in Ihe Canadian
woods alter his term ot ollice The
invitation was tendered to the President by W. F. Knox and Ueorge P.
McCallum, ot this city, and the
President ll ri ported as saying that
lie would I'luleavur to arrange for
ihe trip.
Rtvalttok* Cigar* -Union Made Our
Ipeolal, The union, and Maroa Vuelte
ere ahead of aH other.-
Settler, and ollicla may also obtain
Ill-nulls lu cul up io luO curds uf wuod fur
sa,c   without    cuuiiietitlun.
Ilii uui-. ua>auii. under a pcrnill an
»l.wi urn lliuuii.iiid (eel 11.41., fur «|ual.
Llniuul and .amugs of ally wood ex
ccpl oak. irom 1-i lu 1 1-2 cents per
foul Jul buiidma loaa; from U 1-2 to 2"
ctnia irnr coid for wood; 1 cunt for feiicc
puam: 4 cent, for railway ties; aud I*
cenl. per cord for atnngle bolU.
Lease, for grazing pulpuses are Issued
fur a  term of twenty-one year*, at a
rental of two cenu per acre per annum
Coal lands niay Im purchased al IH
per acre for soft coal and Ku for anttira
Bite, Noi mole llian sai acre, may bi
ai-i|iiln-d  by  one Individual or company
lloyaliy al the rale of lu cents per ton
ul low puunda Is collected oil Ule grow
Knirlea (ur land (or agricultural pur
uu.u. may be made personally al tlie io
Sal land olllre lor lhe dleinci In Whlel.
lhe laud lo be lakeu up I. sllualrd, ui
ll tin- liiiiue.ieauii' ilenirus, lie may, OU
auplfi anon lo lhe Mlnlsier ut Hie inii-noi
al uuawa. the Cunimiaaluiiir or limnigia
lion at Winnipeg, or tlie lucal ageni lui
lhe liisiini, w 11 ti in which the land i>
situated, receive authority (or soma om
to iiniRii enliy (or linn.
A fee uf 110 Is diarged (or homeateao
A settler who hu received an entry (oi
a homestead, I* required to perform the
I'lindiuiiiu. iiiiiiin-iti'il iherewltb under um
of the following plana:- 	
ill Al leuai six muiiths residence upon
and cultivation of the land In each yeai
during the term of three years.
It Is the practice of the Department tu
require a settler lo bring lb acres undei
cultivation, but If hu prefers he may sub
stliuie stuck; and IK) head of cattle, to bi
actually Ills own property, with buildings
for their acoom modal Ion, will be required
Instead  of cultivation.
,2) If the father tor mother. K the father Is deceased) of any person who I.
I'Mitllili- to make a homestead entry undi'i
the provisions of the Act, resides upon
a farm In the vicinity of the land en
tared for tiy such person as a homestead
tlio requirements of the Ai-t as to residence prior to obtaining patent may bi
iiuiaileii by such person residing with lhe
lather or mother.
IKI If Die settler has his permanent
resilience upun (arming land owned by
him In the vicinity ot his homestead, the
requirements of tne Aot as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon Hit
said  land.
Application for patent should be inadi
at Un- end of three years before the loosl
I'U'iit, suli-asieiit or a homestead Inspector.
Before making application (or a patent.
Hn. settler must give six months' nolle
In writing to the Commissioner of Do
minimi Lands at Ottawa, of his Inten
i Ion lo do so.
Deputy Minister of the Interior
Ottawa, rsbruray Mth. UN.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District ol Wei-t Knoteuay.
Take notice lhat I, C a. Freeman, of KaHlo,
lit ., "i • iijmiimi Miner, inten: io apply lor a
special licence over the mlliming described
1. CommeiiclHK at a posl plauted ou the
west bank of Unit Creek. ;i miles from the Lar-
ueau : iver and about 2 miles north easterly
Iroui tbe N. E. corner of Loi s.jh, ti. 1, Un tire
west I" chains, tlience north l-.n cminn, ilieuee
ettt io cbaius, thenee south Itkicliaius to I lie
li -Hit nl coiuiuenceiiiciit.
2. Comineticiui, at a post planted on tbe
wi-Ht hunk of l>rin t.reeit, 8 tulles irom tbe
t at dean lliveraud n limit j in lien north easterly
from tbe > li. corner of Lot 089. Q 1, lbeuce
east in chains, tbeuce in-rlii ItiO cbttlus, Uicinc
aest-luebaius, thenofl soutb Itio ebalns io Uic
point ol comiiieneeitii'ut,
.i. (Jouiiiieueiii(( ai a posi plantid on tli«*
west bankol Drift t.reek. 'l\% m.les Iroui Lar-
lietiM liivrr and about ]'-% uiiJcs tmrih uai-teriy
iroui the N K. corner o] Lot hAV, U 1, liieuee
uorlb iu ehains, tbuui^e earn 1UJ I em e
nouih 40 ch.iUM, Ibence we*d Itio chbiiis to tbe
poiui ol coiuuieiii-eiucul
i. i oiuiii'-n. inn al a post planted mi the
ttuil bank of Drill iTcck, .:;, inilcn irom (tie
..ardeau Iver and aliout i1, uiilen norih ea«i-
en> ibu ti ••> coiner oi l,"t s-i'J, U l,
■ iieliee rtniili 1" . Im.ii*, ibence ea»t IflU DbalDS,
ilieuee u -rtb io chain*., theine wvm loucnaiiin
to inu point nl ci'liiuieni clllcllt.
ti, i ouilui'lielilK ai a ixinl planted on (In.
west bank ul t re- k I uiin-s fruin (lu-
l.*ti"l au ' i wr and shout 1 mile iiii Hi cmicri)
irmii um Ni I-., corner ul lot nii'j. <• I. innuce
rtcni lu chat tit, i Ik-me nor lb I U cuain-, lueui'
easi i'i eiiaiiiM, inence souili UW cuaius lu ibe
pollltof uouilllciieu    «ut.
Dated Dee. iuth, l:«n.
h en j.i n ii C. A   i ICIM AN
Notice to Millmen.
Tenders will be i-ecplved bytUeun
dersl^t.ed up to i In- SBUthday of I'Vii.
L0u8* for the pUVchiue ol tba Canoe
(Ji'etjk Lumljer Co/e property at Hal-
inon Arm- II. ()., oonelstlogof aeaw
mill tvlLll H OUpaoll V of I wolve to flt'lct'ii
ilioiihiiinl feet perdny, Btverytbiug in
new ami in flret-olaas condliiun having
in-i-ri tun only about three months,
There iw h locomotive boiler86 b.p.i
l I..1I. llxlO.Ohamplon Bnrinei l K. n
Haw Frame and Httlugei I H. it.ll. carriage wilh four blooket,L •"»- '•■ ii* ii(M'
Inverted tooth iawt l lawduet conveyer with nil flttlngai 1 Edger, 1 Swing
Saw; I Planer; Blaoknulth'fl tonUj
Odoklngoniili; a-teiuiiH borseii2eettn
harneui 2 wagonei l lo^gmK Hlcigii
and all the Company's interests in real
m* other property, particulars of whi -h
may be obtalnea by application to the
Undersigned. The lii^,l»'-«t. or any tender not neoessarlly aoooptedi
.1. VV, MoOALLOM, ajfignee,
Salmon Arm, 11. <'.
Cariboo ' and Diltrlot*
District ol ( arib-M)
Take notice Lhat Alexander McRae Latimer"., It. ('„ occupation * ru-.-i.-r, Intend*) I
apply for a Hpecfal llceUM over the Inllo*
in,; described lauds:
7. Gommenotng at a post planted on the left
bank of the Little Smok) river, about three mile-
from its mouth and marked '-a.M.l.. S.W.corner,'
thence east IliU roabu Lbeuce north lu ihitin-.
thence west 10J chains, thence vouth 40 chalna to
point of commencement and containing IHQ aorei
more or less.
8. Gomtnenobig at a post planted on the right
hank of the Little Smoky rl?er about three muei
from its mouth ami marked "A.M.L S.B. corner,"
thenee west   lUU   chalua, thence   north 40 (bairn*,
theuce east mo chalna, tbeuce Bouth 40 chaini to
polntof commencement and containing tdo acree
mure or less.
0.   Commenolng at a post planted on the left
t* ink uf the Little Siunky river about three ami
uiie-Ualf miles from Ita hiuulIi ami marked "A.M.
L.   B.W, comer," thence  east  100 ehains, then'e
uortb 40 chains, thenee weat 100 chaina. thence
south 40 chains to point of commencement ami
containing tiiu acres more or less.
10. Commencing at a post planted nn the right
bunk of the Little Smoky river &l>ntit three aim
une-half miles from its mouth and marked "A M
L- 8.B. corner," thence west 160 chains, thence
uorth 40 chaiii*i, thence east lou chains, tbeuce
south 40 chains to puint of commencement and
containing 04» acres more or less.
11. Commencing at a  pnst planted mi the left
bank of the Little Smoky river about fourroUea
from its mouth and marked '•A.M.I* s \v coruer
tbeuce east  su chains   thence north 4) chains
thence west so ohalns, thence south bu chains to
point of iiimiueiicouieiil and QontAlnlng W0 acre*
more or less.
■J Commenolng at a puat planted uu the right
tMukiif ttie Lutie Smoky rirer about four muea
fro ii its mouth ami marked "A M.l. s K. .orner
thenee   went   bO chains,   ibeiue   imrtn SU chains,
thence east ts*> chains, tbeuce south flb chains to
puint (d ci mmeiicemeia ami cuuUiiiuut- .64*' OCfVS
mure ni lens
DaLcil Dee.  17th, IWJ7.
18. Uetniuensttig at a poat planted on the left
liank uf ttie Lutie sun,k) nvur about live miles
iniiii its moiitli .nnl " i.M.l.. S.M luriivi,
Lltunce uoitii on cliains. theuce east Sucbatn*
uieuce south n* chauis, tbeuce »»st bU chains lu
puint of eummenoemeut ami contabung otu acres
mure or less.
U Commencing at ap<>st planted uu the Itu
bank of the Little Smolu riTerahjoui sm mil.
from Its iiiuiiLii ami marked A >i,L N.W.i orner,
Uience snutn su chains*, tueuce east &o chains.
tlience nurib so chains, ibence -vest so chains u-
puint of cummeuceuient and cutuamiu^ titu acre*
inure or U-oS.
18. Commencing at a pust planted un the left
uank of the Little smuky rirer about six miles
imiii it*. niuuLhatiii uiark<-u "A..W.L. S. -V.corner,1
i..dice uurtu oo eiiaius, ibence east oo •.li^in.-*,
thence south ho chaius. tbeuce west su chains to
point oi commencement aud containing tiiu acres
mure or leas.
Iti. Cuuimeiiciug at a pust planted un tlie right
bank ni ttie utile amuk> liver about -*ev**n uidea
from its mouth and marked "A.M L. N.W corner,"
theuce suutu -ru cbaius, tlience east so chains,
theuce nortu su chains, in -n e west80chains tu
point of commencement and containing otu acres
moreoi less
17. Cuiumencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little smoky nvimbuut seven miles
from its mouth ono marked "A.M.L. s.v\ .coruer,"
thence north oo chains, thence ea&t so chain*.,
thence south UU chains, thence west ao chains to
point uf cummencemeui- and conlaiumg (Hu acres
mure or less.
IS. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tbe Little smoky rirer about eight mues
from its mouth ami in,used "A.M.L- N.W .curuer,
uheuce south ■-< > cbams, lbeuce east oo chains,
thence north t*U chains, tbeuce went ou chains to
pumt of commencement and containing mo acre.-,
more or le-*?.
10. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bauk of the Little Smoky river about eight tunes
fro,j the mouth ami marked "A.M.L S-W.corner,"
tbeuce north 80 chains, thence east -»■ chains,
tlience south &u cbaius, tUence west su chaius to
point uf commencement and containing ti4u acres
more or le*.s.
20. Commetuing at a post planted on the right
hankof the Little .Smok) rirer about nine miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. N.W.curuer,"
tbeuce south tfu chains, ihence east So chains,
Uieuce mirth DO chains, theuce west -Al chains lo
poiut of commencement and containing ti4u aere-s
more or less.
tl. Commenclug at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Hmoky river aboul nine miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
tbeuce north 80 chains, thence east SO chains,
tbeuce south b\> chains, thence west SO cbaius to
point of commencemeut and containing 0* acres
more or less.
22. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the north fork of the Little Stnuky river
about one mile from Ibe forks and marked "A.M.
L. S.W.corner," thence east ItiU chains, thence
north 40 chains, tbeuce west ltfu chains, thence
south 40 chains lo point of commencement and
cuutaiuing 040 acres more or less-
£). Commencing at a post planted un the right
bank of tbe norlli fork of the Little Smoky nvei
about one mile from the forks and marked "A.M
L. S. K.cut tier,' tlience west Itio chains, thence
north |u chains, theuce east leu cliains. thence
soutu 40 chaius to point of commencement and
containing o.u acres more ur less.
Dated Dec. lsth, 1VU7.
21. Commencing at a post planted ou the right
bank of lhe east fork of the Little Smoky river
about one-half mile Irom tne forks and uiarlted
"A.M.L N. W.corner," theuce suuth 80 cbams,
thence east Ml chains, thence nurtb BO chains,
tbeuce west no chains to point uf uummencemeat
and Containing 91U acres uiure or less
25 Commencing at a pust planted on the right
bankol the east lurk of the Little rtauky river
about uiie-ltall mile trum tlie forks am! UsOraed
"A.M.L S •• .corner," tne.iCe uuitu try ctiaum,
tbeuce east ou clianis, tneuce souili So rbottis
theuce went ■>' chains to point uf cuutiueiuf-uUiL
and coiitaiuuig tiio acres inure ur leas.
M. Comiueiiciug at \ punt plaiiU*.! un tbe right
bail* of the east tork ul tue Little biuo-.) river
about one alto uin-hall miles irom ihe fufaj and
marked ' A M.L. N- » .cuiner, Uience suUbSU
chaius, theuce east bo i hains, tbeuce nurtb eu
chaius, [hetti e west ou chain*, to puint ul commencemeut and containing tXo j, in mure ur less.
21. c.niinn ii. iiik' ■•! ■«■ post planted ou the right
l..iiik uf tlie east fork uf tbe Little Smoky river
aboul one and one-half miles from the furks and
marked 'A-M.L, S.W.corner, tbenoe north m
chains,  thenes east  Bu ohains   theoce south su
chains, tbeuce west »i chains to pumt uf cummeuceuient and containing ou acre* mure ur Ies*.
88. Commending at a post plauted on the right
hank of the east lork ol the Little Smokj river
u.noui two and one-half miles from tli-* forks and
marked    A.M.L.   N.W.corner,'  theme south 10
chain.} tin nee east 100 chants, theuce north tt
chains, Uieuce west Itiu chains lu point uf commencement and containing wo acres hj"Ib 04 Ian.
2U. Commencing at a post planted 00 the right
bank of the fork ot the Little smoky r»v. r
about two and onsvnalf miles from the forks and
marked "A.M L. S.W. curlier,' tbeuce north io
cbaius, tlience east 10o chaius, theuce south tt
chains, thence west   Itiu chains   lo put tit ut  emu
mencement ami containing Nu acres more ur less.
80, Commencing at a post pUnted OD the rifhl
bank uf the • .-i foik uf the Little Smoky river
almut four and one half utiles frum the lurks and
maiked 'A.M.L. N.W corner," tin-iici soutb U4J
chains, tlience east 40 chauis, tueuce BOftS loo
(.hams, lbeuce west 4u chains lu point uf c. m
uteucoijieiil aiidcuiitaining oio acres more .-r h->s
II Cuiiiiiieiicuig at a poit planteil M the right
bank uf (he east fork ul (be LitlU SmOfcl nvei
aixiut luitr and one halt uiib-s ftou, tn« foVks Md
marked "AMI.. s.W coru-ir, thence north **•
chains, liieino Mat *' clianis. theme s.,uih so
cliains. thence w»st |0 chains to pQUt ■■( cou,
lueiicemeiil aud cuiiUimiig Sio *■ tvs mure ur less
M, Coiunn-in-tug at a post planted n in. ngl.l
hank uf liWMltfork ol the Lutie ntlioSy m*-i
alwStfoUl and one half mites (r-.iii lhe totes ami
luaOied     A.M.L-   >.K    toitiur,   llM-ii'u .outh iu>'
obalni, thence weal tt chains, toeaos Sons ioo
obalna, ibence «ut to to point Oi com-
losncamant ami otttawng ■ i   *■ >* • mots ur laa
aj.    Cninimii. ing  al  a post pi IMttd M I he rigid
bankol Uicaassluitof  ibe  UtUa Saofe^ ntet
about live and uue ualf ui'lwe lion, tin im ... »u.i
iiiuked ■ AMI. S W •.urucr, ih.-m t north S"
ChalllS,   thflKu   east    HU   - IimUis, then, e   south fl"
chains, Utanus *««t so cnauis tu point or cum
liiein eunoil ami . onUillili.g OP'*. rc-i mafSUt 1* »•
111, CoiiliusiK iiik s.1 n p"Sl i'i iii'.'-l ou the right
bank of tue MUtfufS uf Little i.uis/>*i**r about
live and oiie-liAll IBuSS trotn tue fOTftS and m . * ■ i
'AWL. > W, curuer, iinin w -. rbauis,
Lh.'iictj suutb Vi chain i, luetic*) west 5" chains,
tlnuict- north w» chains !■•• point of i ummeucniuvUl
and cuntaiiiiiig >,i   acres mure ur lets.
Hb. Cuiiiiiieiicuig At a post planted on iii. right
hank of tlie «.i*l lork ul ihu LIUls xnuky rifM
liii.-iii sil and uuenalf unl-'s Irom (lie furss ami
marked A >l L 1. iV. corner," theuce north so
i hams, tlieucu cael (•■ chaili*, theme soUib »l
Chains,   thence   weil   OH   cnelus to p..inl of   cu:u
mencement and coniaiuing Sttaarai more ur was,
Sti, Cuuiiiieitcuig at a p-. pUnt<*<l on id, r^nt
bankol   the   east   lork of   file   Utile **iimk> nvei
about six aud one halt miloa from tsu turss him
unu kul AMI, .V W corner' tticuce . .i-i m
• hams, them-e suuth &t cliains, Ih-ni -* wogf -.i
chains,   Hi-me north   SO chains to point of   flofll*
mencemanl and oontainlag cio mm more or less.
D.iteil Dec.  IVUh, 1VU7.
3". CommSBciBS at a posl planted OS the right
bank uf the east fork of tbi Little SBofc) rivrr
ilioiit rn*veil ..ii i    in half miles from the fofll snd
marked "am l   N W  eomer,1   Uissaa aastsu
Chains,   thetn e   suuth   .*»■  chains, Ibence   weat so
obalni, tbonoe north In chains w poUil of eonv
iiieiict-ieeiit ami cniitainlna uei a< res mutt* nr less.
31-    CommSDOing at a c- ' t *. rt* .*s| on the right
hankof *■ -' fork uf the Little Smoki rlro?
ibOUt ii'Veii ati'l »ne half miles from thi furks and
marked "IM I., s W.corner,' Hence norms-1
chains, thanoa east flu chains, theme e-mtii--'
obalna, u ■ u- •■ •*■■-' S" chains tn puint of rum
Qinosmant  and containing * lu acre* mure ur less
B9. Commsnrlng at a post planted ou tb*. qght
i).ul. -f no- f.i-t fork uf the LIUli Miiiukr n»«r
abonl eight ami une-iialf miles fmtu the furks and
iiMiMi'l   "A.ML,  .N.W.curner,'  thtu:s  ea*l Su
ins    thenrr*   south   so   <bain*>, lln-n'e »e*.l sO
a an.-   tbcnc-i north to cbams topointof cum*
m. enn-nt ;»ii'i ' ■ ■..■ . ii. :i„ i.i   .i- ie.-) more ui lesa,
So.    Culiiinem it.g al a  post planted on tin- right
iik uf  iuv   e*.-t  fotk uf the J ittie Smoky rirer
jout elgbl and une iiitll lodes frum the furkv   nd
marked  "A m.l.  s». corner,    thence  no H8o
ins.   thence  ea-L &o chums,   thence Cuutti 8J
chain--*,   thence we-t   SU cbaius to   pumt   uf  commencement .-ti.'i i-"ii i.ii.i l tiiu a-r.-. more or lesa*
41     Commencing at a pust planted on (lu-right
tsjank   uf   the east fork of  the   Little Siuuky river
about nine and one-half miles frum the (urks and
narked   "A.M.L.   N.W.Corner,"   thence   easl bo
chains,   tbeuce   suuth   ou  chains, thence wesi feO
chains, theme norih oo chains to point of com*
meucemeni and Doutainhig irio acre--, uiure or less.
ii.    Commencing ai a post planted un the right
bank   i f   the east lork ol   the Little Mimky river
about nine and ..tie-halt   lunes from the forks aud
maiked    ■ A.M.L.   &.W corner,     ibence north :0
UUittS,  theuce   easl   &0   chaina, theuce south so
baina,  thence  west &o chains to puint uf cummencemeui ane euutaiunig u4u acres more or less.
t.   Commencing at a pust planted un the right
bank   of   tbe eaat fork ol   the Little Smuky river
about ten ami une-half   inUes  from the forks and
marked   "A.M.L-   N.W.curner,"   theuce   east Bo
baina,   theuce   suutb   60   chains, tbeuce west &u
chaina, thence north 80  chains to pumt of  com-
men.ement ami cuulaiuing otu  Lcres more or less.
L   Commencing at   a post planted ou the right
hank uf   ttie ca*.l lurk uf   tlie-   Little Siuuky river
bout  ten auduue-half   miles Irom the lurks and
marked   "A.M.L.   S.W.corner,''   thence   north SO
hallis. thence   east &o chains,   tbeuce   south   bu
tiaius.   tbeuce weal  eu   chains   In pullit of   cummencemeui aud coutainiug &io acres mure or less.
Jittled Dec. 3Jtb, l<r07.
45. Lummencmg at a post planted on vhe right
bank of the east lork ul the Utile smoky rirer
.thout eleven miles fluill the lot ks
and marked A.ML, S.W .curuer, thence north tw
cnainSj inence   eaat   &"   chains, then, e   South 60
. bains, Uience wwt &o chams  tu pomt ut  com*
moncvinent aud i.m.ii.,, o*u ha res mure or leal*
4u. luuitucucthg al a po»t ptonUHl 00 the right
bauk ot ihe east lurk ul the l.uue riTef
uiiuUi.    -tiuvetl    sllil    ulie-na.l miles Ifnu ii.e loi SS
aim morkeu ■ >-M l. h M.ouruer, tneioit <^--i eu
num.-*,  uience suutn  ou oiisd'is, Ui«iu>e •*-»■». ?u
cbaine, ihence nurui so i uatus tu puna ut cum*
menoomeut md ounta-ning oio outea acre ui iu»s.
4..   « ummauuUig ai •* po». ,)...-..«:.. ^u ■<•<: ngui
auk ul tt.v i-iw, lurg oi Ule Kite rtuiuro 1*1 VOT
auuu.    twelve   and   uiie- iail Ollltta tTUW the forlU
isioi morkeu "1..U.L. >->' uurner,  tueuue easl oO
h.tiUs. tueuce ooULu 00 clUUitt, UHMloe wesi >u
uh-tini north   su cnaius to pomt ui com*
aieUlMIJiettS ami euuitViiiiii*; Knv acies mute ur Itao.
4s.     I OUUieuoUlg at a pusi pUllled ull tUe ri^ut
oauk of  tne eostfoikvl   Li,.- tiUse Smoky rirer
abuui twelve alia uile-hall miles flum the furas
aUlU Ultkckwi     A.M.L    » W .uuruur,' theme north
O" C  ...UlB,  lUt-liiC ■ .val   CO   Cbrtlua,   Hiel.^l     .-..U.uCL'
niii.lis UieUUe *»eol »• cUa..lla lu pulnl ol cum*
i.i'lii.i. .i.en ■ OllU ...'..i ...i. .ii^, irlu OcTei .Uote  ur less.
4». uuiuieuuiug at o. pool piauteu on .nc right
uaudcof liiecoattura ui tue Lu-Ue *-u.ukynrer
b>Ui ii. inu.cL-u ana wUciiali uinis itom tUe forks
ami UiarKttU    -i-Jl L. .N.W.eurner,    tuviice eaat .U
una iue, Untuun auuui oo > iu.ih, lbeuce west oo
wiiallia, lutiice uui«.n 9u uJigrtnir tu pu.ut ul cum
we ii i. t-uiei... OU>l OUUkdUtUlg ol" acies tuuTu ui less.
OU. C uujm^ii-,ibg i.l a pusi plaUK-U UU Uie I .ftlit
u.iiih ul tlie east turK ul Luc l.n.lie nuiuk) i.'ci
about iii.iii-i'U unu uu>- h .11 miloa Hum Iue 1. IMS
and aj.ifs.vil 'a.'-i.Lh OH iV.cultief, imuu' liuriU
■haUla, thence eaat au cbaiua, theuce south 00
.ins, theuce west oo cliaiOa Wl pumt ul cum-
uiiini-iUi'i.i ->ud C-uUtOUIUlg '.■■*'   acres luuie ur U--.S.
jl. iuuuiu.euw,iug at a ptanlt-d uu Ule light
bank ut .he casi link ul .ne UtUO 3uiuk> llTef
aboal fuUflOeU uu . out-uall tunc* Hum Hie luikS
aim ui'imca A..U.L .*. *V .coiner, tuilltc Mil 00
Cliains, UieiiOe suulU bu cnaillS. thence wesi OO
cuaius, inence Uurtu sU cuaius tu pumt uf cum-
meucemeut  auu i uiiLaiimig 0*H wiles uiure ur less.
ai. t uiumeucing ai a puat plauted un the right
bank ul tue east tuik ot the luUle amoky river
abuui luuueeu add uUt-h .11 luiles lium Hie l"^i*
and marked ' A.M L, ti .... orner,' iheme north
BU < bains, tucbee east ot> oUjUIIS, theuce suUlli oO
cbaius,   tUttUCe    West   5-   iu uullll ut    cum*
meii-emeiiL ana i ouuumng oiu acres mure or lest.
Dated ue.. 21st, 1» 7,
Al.i-..\A>DLi.  Mcl.At LAU.Ml.U-
wed jau -J Locator.
Bevelstoke Laud Dlatrloi,
Disllicl ul A eat r ool-juav.
Take notion lhat 60 dnys after date 1 iuteud
to appiy tu the i i. .el i-uiuiuisaiuuer ul Lt«uUS
aud linn.! fur permiasiuu tu purcbaae tue loi*
lowing describ-oU lauds i
Commeuciug at a p- '-.l planted at tbe northeast curuer of Lot '.a', (i.l.uu PiauAirar-
theucueaatd cUnius more ur leas tu we^i uue
of   A    A.   Maik uu*    pre-eiuptiuu,   tueuce
aoutb Oo chains, thence wesi » cuaius muie or
ins.- tu ua.t Ime ut Lot ,auu, U. 1, tueuce north
OU chains U> poiut ul cum uieuce uieu l.
Lucanxi tin-- jrd day ui You. lnos.
sat feb 3 THOS. VV   WILLIAMS, Locator.
UevelsUike Laud District.
District of *\est Kuuletiay.
Take notice that 1, J- Dougal of Nakusp
Captain, iuteud to apply lur peruusaiou ui pur*
ct.,i=« tb-) luiiowtng uescribed lauds:
Commeucintf at a post plauted al tbe N. W.
coruer ol Lot No. Jill, r south 'Ai chaius,
thence west 'Ai chaius, theuce uurtu -0 chains,
tbeuce oaal 'A) cbaius to.poiut of cuniaieucemeut«
Date-J l>ec- Ism. IVO't.
jau 4 sat L>   Dewar, Afeut.
llevelsu-ke Laud UtoUTtoi.
iJlelllctul West Kooleuav.
XohM nonce that 1, j. U. Vouug.ol Comaplix,
boici , : .', ... loi, iuteud to apply lo the ibiel
cuuiuiiaaiuucr ol Lauds aud .V urks lur a spe*
ceniuiiAi licence lo cui auu carry away
iiuiuer .um tue luiiowiug described lauds:
i. i\Jbiuieuciug at a pust plauted aud ed*
Joining ibe u-iiu-easl curuer ul Lot iti2, aud
waiaud ' ■> ti. i o ...„ s suutu-c-kst curuer pust,"
lUil'itu-.i.   elMut  >4   .imi.'   uonu-costui  me
UOftO ul tne *iUi ol .nrini   Lake, lui-uce westeU
uslus, ibence   n-.r.n >, cbaius, tueuce east -tO
.,,....-.    luc-ucv   auulu   eu   nie.ui   io   poiut Ot
cuuiuieucemeut.  cuuiaiuiug t>4u acres mure or
tt, La/Uibieuciug at a pual plauted aul ad-
JulUlUg the nor .4.-1. nsi cufuer ul ...d lil.'
uiarSeil 'J.ti. i "i'..-, s -"..n-.■•*-.■*i curuer, aud
srtuated abuut .-4 miic Uuitb-ea*l ul tue Qead
ul im ariu ui svrrwN • Us, tueuce .. :iu *>o
bu.;. , theuce easl Ob ttieiui, lbeuce soulu 00
iluaULSf lbeuce mcbI eu cuaius lu poiui ul cuUI*
Uieuceiucui, i ■ .. .n. u.;.K ■■* n n- uiure or leaa.
Daled Deceuiber Aird, isVi.
sal jau 11 J. ti. VuU.SU.
NuTICE TO tSWntlitr
To U. F. Kearny, Mr* A- 11. Nock and O. P.
ltuibet.ur to whomsoever they may hare
traualerrmi their Uuatraatll
Take uuiico. that we, the undersigned co*
uw tiers with ><<i, iu tbe lolluWlbg mineral
olalma vis.: Ymau's Luce Nu. L Virieu'i
Luca Nu. -, Viriuu s Luck No- 4 Vinau's Luck
No 4, Vivian's Luck Nu. *,, Viviau > Luck Nu. u,
aud luu Stiver < rnvru siiualeO ou Uual Mouu-
lain, Larnoau Miuiua Lirisiuu id Meat K»ute*
nay Oisiricl uf tne Pri-vlu* e ui llriiisu ( oium*
bm. hare done liiu rcjuired wurk   un the etxro
i i-ini-j mineral   ciaiuis lur the  yuar uudiua
tx-uilier   J.-H..   IWJi, iu urder   to hold toe same
biider Sectiuu -l ot the Mineral Act.
Au 1 further lake uulice iimi if -vithiu VSIdays
from IbO lirst puUJicatiun ••! this uuiu«, tuu lull
>,r i'i - ■ to i .....I .i.'ii- ).,i,r p-irtiuu ut .in i. Us
pebdllblu together with the cost nl lhtsed>--r-
lisemeul, )our iniere i in the said mi. i '
claims win bocume the prop-irt) uf tbe under
sigbea, uuder Se< UOfl i*it ot  the Mmarai Av-t
Laiod at • amborue, lit' , this Zlsl day of
Jaouar), lisa
UKOHUK Ji tliN ijs,
in. iuk
salJanZtj cw-uwuers
i'« relslnkv Land UMtfltMe
I'lSifJt.ul    iMiihiMivue,
lake notice mat 1, r o. -treuss, of Nakusp,
ttvo Miner,   intend   to a   ply fur special ll. uu.
. m to col i.mi-'i irom lUe lulluwiug
lends: ■
1. " Mtiiiui-m-nig at a post plauted SbOQt 100
-ard« ;t <ui i*uht of I. ... uM$ and running
-loutb Itio chains, tbeuc- west 4-chains, thence
nurth I-- ■ :.a ," mi. if .- eMi io cbaius to |*oiut
Ol cnuimeuceiueut
2. i.nuitneucliig al a {list planted un ths
north*Wasl OOrOSf of Limit No. laudruiiutug
west ao cliains. theuce BOflb ho cbaiun, ihence
e-»j»i no chains, Uieuce south SO cbaius to |-ulut
ol i omiuibceuieut.
a Uommtneini at a p.-st planted ou or near
me » vv,corner oi >.l Ho, tiiu,and running
-...uui *<u ahaiOs< lbeuce easts > bains, ihiUOi
nurtb mi ohalna, tbauos west su cueius to putui
1 . uuimeu. uuieol.
Datad Dec, 1«, iVu7,
4 Omuiem-lug at a post plauted on or near
ibit.Vi  ooruer oil  L no io.iu, audrunulDg
i   li (60   •hs.n*.   lb* Ucv e-i-l lu cnaius. th>uie
nurth loo cii< lu., tbeuce   weat   iv chains to
p- lutol  - "in iiii'in    in.'iil.
b. « ioiitn- in mg al a posl planted ou ot near
tb' H i.i'.i.iit ui T. L o iu,i4j, and run-
uniir west 40 chain*, theu'esouib ISuchains,
tbeuce east 40 cbaius. theuce uonu leu chains
lo poiut ol rouitneui «iu*ui.
6 Couimt-ti' tug at a |. it planted on or uear
the s.W  ruruir ol limber Limit No. Ivitt. aud
r il tilling suuth 40 cb aids Wirn a-t IfiOi hams,
thtnoa north i    ■ n»,iie, tbeuue west lOUoUeini
to point ol commeucement.
Dated DM is ivo?.
7 i oiumrui lug at • post planted on or near
tbt-e K " rin-r of Timber Limit Nu 10,240,
• nd ruut'lng uorth in cbaius, tbeuce easl IM
cnain*. thttucesoiiih 40 chains tbeuce wet ISO
i:ns n« to potui nf coouneiir-uuieul,
Deled Dec 19,1W7
Ladies Blouses
Sale Prices 50c, 75c, $i, Si.30.
These Blouses consist of Wrap-
perettes, Lustres and Cashmeres.
Selling at prices less than cost
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Only 15 more Silk Underskirts
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Men's Odd Pants
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Social and Personal
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l,J,> <.•,! 1^,1 *fj tjp l"J* '.TT *X* rj,*1 *4.J 'J*1 -4.- "A1
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<|i   Canada Drug'5- Book Co. Ltd. ijk
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Weather Forecast
Saturday, rov>. 23. for 24 hours-
Fine, cloudy, heavy night frost. Tump
max. 34*degrees; min. 10 degrees.
Local and General.
The Ladies' Hospital Uuild will
meet in the City Hall on Tuesday,
Feb. 26th, at 3:31) p.m.
Have ihe beet while while you have
the opportunity by going to R. H.
Tiueman tor your photographs.
The ladies uf the Altar Guild of the
ii. 0. Cburob are making ('reparations
tu produce au Irish drama ou the 17ih
0/ Marcb.
The following ad wae noticed in un
exehauge: Fur Sale—A tine English
piano b-duir^ing to a young lady with
carved mahogany legs.
A London special cable says the
subscriptions for the Canadian guv
erriment 116,000,000 luan are coining
in briskly at the Uauk of Montreal,
1 bave ju-t received my Spring
stock "i ladies and children,' sin 1 e
and slippers, also children a near and
ladies' .-kins. MISS A. MASLEN,
J;r.-' Street
Tbe Kdi.-jii I'arlor Theatre, under
the direction of   Messrs    Lembkeand
N■ Tiii Is uttracimg guud crowds, the
films .m.l illustrated .ungs by 0. Norris being specially attractive.
The Ladies Aid   of   the   Methodist
church   ire   plain,mg   an    up-to-date I
entertainment and supper fur  F.astci
Mouday      Full   particular,   will   be
given later,     Eeitei   Monday will fall ]
' 1 April gOth.
The   annuel*meeting ol   tbe  Fies-:
I rtery      Kara loop* will le held ii. St,
Andrew's Chureb, Kamloops, in Wed
■ id I) . ' 1 .. ■ - ley, 2'I:li und :17th
. -■■ 11 ii expected that an inter.
1 tting «• h. . 1 • bel I
Mr en 1 Un Potti uff in mourning
tue loss of their little sou aged one
V'-ar an I   a   half, wh I     '. ed    (run the
effects   ol   bronchitis  on     rounds*
nig.   The'fuoersl is Ukini plaoe
t its  ifurm   n      I be   Mail-Heb'
tenders messages of lympatby.
will never lu; referred to if yu
feed him with those linked hen
Try them fur breakfast to-morrow. You'll see them go more
rapidly than they ever went before. Roth you nnd he will
really enjoy the morning meal
Thnt means better temper for
him, more strength for you.
is as much a part of this grocery
service as filial qualities and
RlOllorate prices. We send your
order ns promptly ns we tnke it.
Try us and see how punctually
we get your groceries to you.
The satisfaction will not end
with tbe prompt receipt of your
things. It will grow greater as
you use tbe groceries and think
uf the sninllui'ss of our hill.
Accident     MONEY TO  LOAN
K 1 N <
All)     &     AM) 1: USI) IN
F I R S T   slR !•: !•: 1
II. Floyd has left I n a usil to the
E. L, iu in the eily on a
visit and left last night for   the   coast
M'ss, I. Julian and A. Orsutti   were
last evening bound hy lhe ties of wul
Mr- 1 V. .Viidi-i'soii entertained 11
tew friends at cards yesterday after
C F. Taylor paid a short viait this
wek to hi. brother T E I. Taylor,
while en route from  New York to the
Scutty Bailey, for 11 long lime
slaughterman for 1'. Hums it Go,
locally has li ft for Vancouver, where
he will reside.
Miss M, Carrol has returned to
Salmon Arm after an extended visit
10 his sister. She was accompanied
by Misa Armstrong.
Mr, and Mrs. VV. A Sturdy entertained a number of Iriends ut their
residence Fourth Street on Thursday
evening. The lirst part of ihe evening waa devoted to progressive whist,
Mrs 1>. M. It.e mid Mr. VV. M. Lawrence scouting the prizes, nnd the
second half to music and charades.
An enjoyable lime was spent.
The marriage of C. A. Sutherland,
of the Free Press, Nanaimu, to Miss
Mabel Shook, daughter of Mrs. A.J.
Shook, formerly of Vancouver, took
place at the residence of the bride's
mother in Nanaimo last evening The
room was tastefully decorated fur the
occasion auc a large number of friends
of the contracting pari ies were pres
ent. Rev. E G. Taylor tied the nuptial knot. Hugh McMillan was best
man, while Mrs Clarke assisled the
hride. The happy couple will spend
their honeymoon in Washington be
fore taking up their residence in
Temperance Lecture
According to announcement Rev.H,
S. Magee delivered his address laEt
evening in the Methodist Church,
The audienee was not large but seemed to be much interested. Mr, Magee's
address, which lasted over an hour,
wns clear and logical, interspersed
with witty and humorous illustrations
It is regrettable lhat more people do
not avail themselviB of the opportunity of being bel pi d in the study of the
great questions lhat come under the
head of 'Temperance and Moiul Reform," when such au opportunity
presents Itself as I here ivas last night
The speaker dealt very strongly with
the evils resulting from our present
system of governing tlie liquor trallic
and the social evil. He advocates
local option as against tho licence
system ur goiernment control. In
our opinion wo ciinot see why every
city and municipality should not have
the right ti say whether the sale of
strong diink would be allowed or not
in every such city and municipality
Mr. Magee left this mcrning for Nel
son where he will spend Sunday.
a ho ■'. 1-   all kn -'••■ 11
year 01 »" ago .Lite.
W.   U     .-  II
in Revelsi .1
in    a    ll IKI    Hint    In    I- in Rawbidl
Ntrtda 1 new gold mining osmp witb I
« populatl  11    I    5000       He say" thai j
tin-   is une   . f   tin-   richest camps in
Nevada, tbe r<.ck running from |J,600l
1 . Huon (,, Un- ton      I be weather is
mild, but living is expensive and
*agi- average from .*'i tn |H a day
The camp is li') miles from the rail
way (rack and it cost f I.". on an into
to cune in. The population is in-
cr'-asing   and    the   prospects are very
Fop Strained Muscles
The »i,...t affective liniment on
the market
28c. «nd 80c. Pur Dottle
1 )u IS!   \   S'l \ 1IONI K
V,, 1               .   ■        ■•*»»<
it H Trueman is now in town and
will remain until Saturday   Feb. '-'■
Arrangement, are being made lor a
big Limerick contest  in   aid   ol   tbi
Revelstoke crioketclub    W.H  Hum
phreys, secretary  has secured tbe g
will ami;...i[ nf the merchants foi
prizes and an  intere ting competition
will be the   result.     New and Orlj
Limerii ks will be specially wi motile occasion
Ilu- dei ite among tho ,
uf iwiui Cburob lu.t Monday nighi
was an Interesting event and all tbe
debaters did well tht neg itivi - 1
the hi ' re bj 1 10 ill margin, Neii
M mday nighi   the young people will
entertain their (re lids .it .it a lOOial
gathering to Stllleh .ill the yumm pen
pin   ue specially   11.'. 11 'il.
Tin- Domlnii n  governnu nl        I
pogrrpble survey steamer Ullooti  hai
.-' been launoned li im the shipyards
..I liiiilen Brothers, Venoouvei The
oonitruotion "I ibe Llllooet makes 1
mn epoch 111 connection with ibip-
building on tin- Pacific OOMt, as the
■teener i* tha nr*' itael resiel of any
in ,gi Itode built in British Columbl 1
Harry T ha* a mpletei bis 1 " 1
weeks to-night as an    iinnate   ol   th"
Matteawan «.t*te hospital Tin- -
loudness lor music Is being   utlifled
\n h*. passes   tWO   hours   every day at
the hospital piano       II" was ask,
polish Ibe floors ol hia ward wilh Other
patients, ami he i<l.i'iy did so, showing
iirich interest 111 tb« cleanliness of
the ward
The Cranbrook Herald  is Informed
that Mr   Briokson will take oliark'<-   ■ I
the lumber .ml the Interests "f ths 0
P. It in Brl'tlh Colombia,and his flril
do y will ue to supervise the   poration
ll the mill nt Wanliier, known ai lie
I'.irker-Th i'p" null. Mr Erlok'Onhi,
been with the 0 I' ll I n many Hears
iiii I I- ii  num  of  unusual  exeeul > e
ability, nnd one who until island* in u
and has iiimle a IU00WI as   a    railroul
man trom the time thai he itari i
many yean ago to  lbs   present  day,
lie has been one who his treated I lie
men under him in a fur and jllst
manner,   and   Hutu is nu employee ..(
the 0. P. It. li dny   who   worked
under Mr. Brlckion lint what baa Mn
highest pininu tu gnu  for  Im traal
I be regular   meel I .     f  the   City
C .'.ieo  i.i-t nighi did evenlDate
!■   1-.   i-  the   anniversary   ol   thi>    I  '■■   rgi    •' .        . the
• rat Pi il lent   f the United £
The "Id.—- > <i  t .
iu ti... {.it C A - be li ■ ihi
Ri .   I   ■'    Ha
■  • *ai    -   .
foil I ild, C. P B.
I at West Robi I
Sell and   ear
itep from
I be Righl I'.' .   tin  ; Bishop  ■ ■
■   ■ 'A est ntnster  snd   b'   itenay  ai
i-" di 'i .' Arrowhead on   Monday  i hi
11 til .n-t    for  the   pm p /   ,,,,,.,
i ,i ,oir A II gaiofa l.|.« ; ii I inuiii
,       h ,is    nun    (rue    ;      i     debt      ' In
i . -.lay   rooming  Hii  Lordihi|
r  N ikusp    a bare   be  idministered
vpiisiuiii- rite of oooArmiiioii to two
.   lldates      11 both ami  Arrow bi ad
ii i ffakusp the Bishop  preaohed to a
large and representative congregation
i in u sdnaada* rilghl tha oorlen ol
i '.'nt house got together In match
fur an   ily-le,     r-iippi i I   i,    Barber
and A K. Kose Ik Ing drawi is >■ Ip,
ii ii i.ei -   rmk   conil -teii  of J  ' •   Mi
I Lean. A M Pinkham and G If Mao
iioni.ld, while Rote had H v Peterson
i r i'.iiiuck and iv ii Robertson
i ne game wat a good one Barber eaeily
I trimming Rots,    Aftei ihe match the
'■irlers sat down to an excellent llipptr
provided by Mr«,   Dent    followed   '
iiiuiiii and singing, a vir, pleatanl
evening being ..| t.
Min" host Oongreve, uf the  Hote
I'-.i'iiuiri, will be d'ltruittul   of   pies
ante ot game in the future,    A  tmtll
liiiuiii'.h of  venison   was   senl    lu   him
try a friend,and In the ordinary way
la< i d npuii the  menu       linn   nf   lln>
giti' that day happened tn hen   pro
vineial constable, who parlnnk   of   th"
prohibited meat and aiierwani. laid
an Information agsintt the hotel man
iiiiioig tbe prohibited leaton Mr
Gongrevo    appeared   before    \V.   P
; Wii"d I r , but on the plea nl his
onuii'cl, II. L. Muil'v, was let off with
! a ot ul Ion, It appearing that hit tram
grc>   em    wni    not   wilful.- Kninloop'
Pythian Anniversary.
'May ihe la in p. of friendship be
lighted with the oil of sincerity,"
which motto was the chief characteristic uf the fraternal gathering of
Knights uf Pythias and Pylhian
Sisters un Wednesday night last, in
Cumuieiiioraiiun nf the -16th anniversary 11 the foundstion of the order,
The Knights attended the session of
the Ten pie, after which it supper wns
served in lhe lodge room.
Past chief   Mrt. H. A. Brown, In a
few »eii chosen remsrkt,   urged   that
;. -'. uld be railed  by  an  enter-
I.-!,' lor the widowt and  orpbant
■  , hiob was deserving "f  aupp irt.
>• lirami  Chancellor .1   II. Scott
-.,       u' i in    Kinglii-  ihould   attend
.   I"ei   ill   tessioni  battel   and or
borled   tbem  to   interest themselvet
i   the   sisteis   wurk.   Qrand
Vice Gbancelloi II A, Brown endorsed
ti..   iiiggeetiont of  Mrs. II  A. Brown
and -ml   n   law   words   shout   order.
Aftei tuppei a Hills dancing was In
dulged in by   Un-   gathering,   Mrs.   H.
Cunniogham-M   rls presiding ai the
piano and   a   very   enjoyable   function
WH brought to a close   l.y   singing   nf
! Auld  I .ui.g   -1 DI
Opera House.
Mi it..'sit iiiiiii,!,',. tppeared lor
tbe imi ion" in Oai ui i ..t Stanley
tun, Montreal, baton . large, select
ami fashionable sudlenoe ind Mored i
tiiumpbanl   luooees, all   four ol   the
Montreal   iUill">   i|»*akiiiir in glowing
teriiis .,1   this   great  artis' • eiifearta.ii
mini      His company of   London ir>
It* .i. him lor Ins Western Canada
tour it Montreal after his recital
there, Thll i» the first tune a company of   artists has ever been MSOI lat
sd wiih   Mr   Qantbony on aoonoert
Unir.       Ilu. was  Moomplllbed hy the
earnest, solicitation of   Willis and Col
grove ol Calgary, making their enter.
Mil nl   ittiaetive    (ri very stand.
point     See poster! foi Montreal press
nr ticilrni and other"       Thll «|i|eriilii|
ennoert party will appeal at Revol
itoke opera Home mi Wednesday
Feb 18th, and will be the ci ent of the
leaion    Beati on inle al nstial plaoe.
I), ii. Kurtz, ni Nelson, who i* »liIt-
mg Vinoouver, hn  given  a ginning
in ml nl tlm future ul In" Knot en . yi|
"i tlm  rimit   press, stating that land
n Kootuuay ind Arroe i ikes is being
In light and Opened lip mil large oil io
i"i uf new settlers has euiim in.
Catholic.—Rev. Father R. I'ecoul
D.M.I, piisiur. Serviceievery Sunday
it '.he following hours: 8 a.m. Coiii-
inmii n Mas-; 10:80 a.m. High i ass
ami; '1 p.m. Baptisms; 2.H0 Sunday School; 7:80p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St Andrew's 1'hesiiyterun—Kev.
IV. C Calder, pastor. Sunday, Feb. '28.
Services 11 , 7:30 p m , Sunday
•ichool a.ul Pastor's Bible Class, 2.80
p. m. MorniiiL' Biibjecf, " Beth-
sda." Evening, " Cuinpeiisition."
Young People's meeting M ndny at 6
p rn. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Chuir practice and teachers'
meeting Friday 8 p.m.
Knox Pbesbyterian—J R. Robert
sun, 11. I)., minister. Sunday services
at 11 am and 7:30 p in. Sunday
school at '2:30. Morning subject—
"The World's way and Christ's way.1'
Evening subject, -'God and the World'
this being ihe fourth senium in tin
series on the Great Word, in St
John's dispel which the pastor is
preaching on at the Sunday eveiiint
services. Good music and singing
Young People's Society on Mon
day night nl 8 o'clock Prayer meet
ing on Wednesday, and Choir praciici
on Friday night A cordial we conn
is given to all the si r  in s,
Methodist—Itev I A', Hall, pastor
Services on Sunday as follow" •—
At 11 a.m. Sunday suho 1 and Bihli
class al 2 30. Evening service al, 7:311
Anthem—"Te Deuiu." by Emtaee
Sulo—"0 Happy Day,' hy Goetra.
Morning subject, "Equipment fo
aggressive work in the Kingdom uf
Christ." Evening subject, "Power n
Debtor." Epworth League of C E. on
Monday evening at, 8 o'clock. Prayei
meeting on Wednesday evening. A
cordial invitation is extended to al
the services.
St. Peter's Anglican—Rev. 0. A.
Procunier, MA., rector Sexages
ima Sunday. Following is a list ol
services: 8 a.m. Holy Communion;
11 ani. Matins 7.30 p.m., Evensong.
Sunday School 2 30 p in
Lived On Corpses
The Paris Matin publishes the
following telegram (r:-m Madrid : "The
ai rest is announced from Vecla, in the
province of Murcla, of a man who is
alleged Io have been in lhe habit of
disinterring bodies in churchyards ni.d
using them as food. At the. mnment
uf his arrest. Ihe man was engagid in
burning human remains which he
declared were the leavings of a meal,
In tbe house the police found a number of large jars containing parts of
human bodies preserved in i il, brine
and vinegar According to another
version, these were intended fur sale.
The police had great difficulty in
saving him frum being lynched by
the populace."
Gruesome Competition
The funeral directors' trust and Ihe
independent undertakers' trust are
waging a gruesome warfare at Baltimore. As a result there is a liberal
pictorial display of Collins all over the
eily, the illustrations of satin-lined
Collins being accompanied with such
legends as : -'Try my $75 funerals.
You will like them."
Collins in heroic si/.c from great
billboards make the populace shudder
in the residential sections, and out in
the suburbs b g letters aiiiinunce: "Try
my $76 funerals. You will use no
other." Full and detailed lists ol all
articles necessary to bury one with
neatuess and precision are seen daily
in Ihe newspapers in display type,
illuminated with culs.
Revelstnke, B. C.
To whom it may concern; This is
to certify lhat 1 have used Drey's
Blnnd Medicine of herbs and liniment
(ur mi" week and enn cheerfully say
lhat I cimsider 1 mn cured although 1 been crippled wilh rlieiimatism
lot aiuiie time
Kevelslokc, B. C.
I have been crippled fur live years
frum acute rheumaliim After using
tWO buttles of Qray'l Blood Medicine
ami liniment I am able lo do my work
as well as ever
w Clark.
Keiiilsloku, II. C
liming luffered from rheumatfim
fur about thirty years nnd having
from   tune    In   time   been   treated   by without relief, I was in-
iluied to try Cray's Blond Miilicine
mul liniment and have been relieved
to a great oxteut
.1.  P. SlI'lllKIII.ANII,
Revelstoke, B.C.
After one week's treatment of
llmy's medicine I am well on the way
to recovery from rheumatism from
whloh I hiixc lufferad for twenty years
or more 01 less and inn now a new
I).  II. CamI'IIKLL.
Itiiviilslokii, B.C.
Alter one week b Irentmeiil ol Cray'a
Bind    Medicine  mid   liniment   lam
mii| lately  on red     I   havi luffered
from ibi'iiiniilisni fur years
ATTENTION       M ml    Women
wanted iii learn   barber  11nil.*.
Free. C'llligc-i iu all lending Auieri'
i .in i it ies. lii-waie nf nnilalni s Mnler
Ilm ber College, 2UII Cnrrall Hi.., Vancouver, H. G.
\\ortc- *Jo is aia for a lady
*'-&*&* A=A
.. TUfNtw DftEtV
you cannot feel ^ati^fied unle^^ you
look sSATI^factory to others, do not
take chancer on not looking your be^t.
come to the be.5t place to buy your
We will have on display our first showing of Spring Wash Goods-
All the new, pretty materials lor Spring will be hers and the range of
prices will suit any purse.    Come and see them.
For Spring will be shown lhe same day. Our stock has always been
the best assorted in the town and this year is bettor than ever. Laces in
Vals., Torchon, Cluny, Baby Irish, Chiintillv, All-Overs, etc.
Embroideries and Insertions in matched sets, in all widths. All-Over
Embroideries, Corset Cover Embroideries with strappings to match.
Flouncings. etc.
Come and see our showing.    It will pay you.
EXPERIENCED Wall ress wanted.
FOR SALE CHEAP-Four gasoline
lamps, 200. 600. 700 and 800 landfe
power, all hi good working urdeii will
li«hl 100 feet building. Apply la Chiet
Young, Coiiiaplix, B. 0.
AM ARMED COCI'LE want position
1x1. in hnlel oi on ram h—Apply to
Columbia Agencies Limited.
TITATERNITYfjOaiei taken at my
j.U bonis or otherwise. Km- particulars apply Mrs. A. E, Bennison
Second St.. W.
teb. 12. Im
est,.01-P.O. Box 211.
Revelstoke,   B. C.
WED., FEB. 26,1908
Robert  Qanthony
Miss Hazel Stanmore
Miss Dorothy Fairfax
laiNiios Royal Aoadbm
Miss Rose Manners
Mil. ItllllKHT tl ANTHONY Is with-
out a ipii'Hliiui, the greatest lliiin-
Dl'llt and mult ilistlngiiished man
Iiul bus ever visited Western
Canada, Heats on Hale at
Admission, 50c, 75c, $1.00
TAKE NOTICE thai the ahnre-
Imiileis ut tin* abuvfl named Ciimpany
have by special resolution resolved to
ohange the name of the Company to
" Hevelsliike     Agliciilliiral     Society,
Limited," and.Intend to apply to the
I.I, uluiiiintOovi'riioi iii-Councll for an
' ii'iiei■ i Iiiiiii*.ih- the inuiii! aooordlngly,
Daied lltn January. n«w.
A. Y, Anhkhwin,
jan, U-Hiii.
M EUVANT 01RL wanted for simil
k3    fiiinily.    Apply lo Mrs. W. Hews.
TO LET- Room or room and hoard
for one or two geutlomen. All con-
venieiici's,   tdeplume,   etc,    Apply to
Mail-Huhalii office.
MUSH' - Violin mid Mandolin
taught. Ki-asonuble terms. .1.
Derbyshire, 3rd Street West, ueii'r
Coiviin Block, |',.|, 16 Bt
WANTED- Dressmaking   by   the
day,   by   u   roiiipetent   Dress,
iiuiker Icni lhe East.    Apply In P. (I.
sal, dec 7
Dux OU.
WANTED—Small Furnished house
or Riinins (or housekeeping |0r small
family ot adults, central location.
Apply ollice Mail Hkkai.ii.
WANTED   KNOWN-We have a
client whli  $1,000 who win,I. a
good hnlel mm,   with  hke minium   in
Join   him   in r K a hnlel.   Apply
CohmibitiAgeiiclea, Lhulled.
WANTED-AII kinds oTlohhlng
work iiidu I'leanlnginow frum
jots, tending furnaces, wood ubiip-
i ii-. or any  oiii.u    genet'iii  work,
Cbiiiges iieidi'iaie. Anyone leipiiring
sin li work done please drop post i iird
U.K. lii'iiiiiNoii, (jenel'iil Delivery, P,
O, Kevelstoke. fi-h | J,v
WANTED KNOWN-You can gat
on* of the best snaps lo bu had
in Ulty house properly frum iin, Two
Houses and 100 ft. l'i out age to 2nd St.
ill for $2,000 of whit h only $1000 cash
Is required -md balance can remain on
uiorlgHge.-Apply at mice to Columbia
Agencies, Llnuleil,
I7IOR SALE- Red, spring, mattress
J     and   Dressing   slaml,   02u,    One
lupel 0x12 feet, «*10. Apply et thle
HKAI.KD TBNUEBB.addrsMMltn lbs rout
milter "Muni, will Vs mslTad st utuw.
until N i ii iii, nn Krlilnr, Hi. Isih M.r.h IWM,
for tbs rniiT.j.iir. nl Ills M.isiilr'. Haili, nn a
tropoMO i ontr.ot far fnur rilN, a,
entwine lirniKisml .trest Lattar lluiss .nil tlis
Hiiuihlntii I'i,«t Olllrn, frum tbs I'ihIiuhmIhi
tinner.I', plss.urs,
frinleil millieii iniisinli,. further iufnrra.-
linn ns lui'iinilllliui, i,f |,u,|sis*.l I mil mm ins)-
M seen mul lilauk fiirm, of Tender m.r lie
.I>ni meil ul Hie I',i.11)111. . it Hstslelnks and
nl Hi.'illlon nt the I',,.i l llll.,- liniieiitiir,
Post mill's In.inii'li.r's Oiricn, VimloUTII B.C.
list Jiiiui'irr. IK*
leli i 1. far l*i
Pn.lOflkii Ini|isetur.


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