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 I    Drink Halcyon Lilhiu Lemon Sour.
j   Made Prom pure carbonated Halcyon
jl-ithia Wnler.   When you auk for Halcyon
| be sure you gel it. ' Sold al all hotels
I and cafes.
Of JL Cfejk
1 -'.'-nfTsurp i«h (I — I'lilt'i:: ftill 00 Mlh
(Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 13.-No 89
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
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Import direct from Country ot origin.
Residential Lots, 50x140 Feet, West of Hospital
4-Acre City Lots.      -       •       Best Fruit Land.
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Atu, M. Sproat*
Box 704
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Whalosale and Rotail Meat Merohants
I'ork I'ltcktiri, ait'l Duller   In Live Monk.   Mirketi In all tho principal   Oltlu and
■''.•»' na ..I Allien a. l.rlt iti ..ini.1.1 an.1 thi Yukon.  Picket! ..I the Oilibnts.1 llr«...l
Iii.|n.tiii.tr" llama ami llacnn, ami l,oa.f ..ar...
$2.50 Per Year
Lumber Industry the Only One
in Which There is Slackness
lieve'stoke riding on their enthusiasm
for Hie Conservative cause, lie reviewed the present situation and the
W0'k the (i.ivcrnment was doing. Hc
stated thai, tl.e surplus this year
would reach over $1,000,000 and
pointed ...it thai the Government had
done all it bnd promised. In lhe
I matter of Oriental  immigration ho
—Mining and Ranching are!reiemd to n.e Natal aw and the
Prospering. •?!* *; °;bad umad9 * £" 8°Me;
r       a | thing similar.   He urged that all ot
Nki.siw, Nov. 13.—Lumber is the B C. should fight against Asiatics and
t%%%%%%%*%%%% %V%*VsV%%%%%%%
only one of three the main industries
ol Eastern British Columbia, whose
condition is not satisfactory. The
mines are working a greater number
ol men and, with tlie rise in llio price
ol copper and the expected rise in the
price ol lead and silver, more proper,
ties aro yet operating. The local
hotels are being choked almost night,
ly with the i'lll.u ol laud buyers, small
fruit farm settlers for the must part
Lumber alone has its conditions unsettled and though there is the same
note ol future progress apparent, yet
the conditions of this industry leave
much to be desired.
The question affecting Eastern British Columbia is not so much the price
of lumber as whether tho mills will
oontinue working. Just now 80 per
cent, ol the mills have closed down,
some ol the throw..out labor being
absorbed by the mines and some going upon the land.
The price uf lumber, according to
inquiries made here and around tbe
district generally, is not likely to be
affected to any very great degreo by
the prevailing conditions. It is perfectly true that the lumber manufacturers here have large stocks of lumber on hand iu many instances. It is
also as true, again, that the bunks are
not inclined to ndvauce any further
Bums to the lumber manufactures in
suchmianner as to extend their credits.' In certaiu weak instances this
has compelled the sale ol some ol the
lumber stock at prices very much
lower than those quoted during last
summer. Such sales, however, have
not been extensive our have they appreciably affected tbe stocks on band.
Ou the other hand, another factor has
come to the assistance of the lumbermen and that iB the demand not only
from the Grand Trunk Pacific, but
also from the Great Northern, and
from the Canadian Pacific for tics and
pole? 'or the construction ol new
tracks all over the country. Thus, ol
the small number of mills that are
still running, most of them are wo.k-
ing upon the orders for ties given by
these great concern!.
The demand for lumber when once
it springs up again, is likely to be
even greater than before. Heretofore
the lumberman has depended almost
entirely upon the Northwesl for his
market, his loci market not lieing of
any very great extent. As already
uotul, this is no longer the case, inasmuch as the whole of the country is
being rapidly stilled. To take one
ease, that uf Fruitvsle, wheie within
a comparatively short period ol some
three months at least 200 new families
invited tho co-operation of all Conservatives, lle touched ou the coming Domiuiou election and appealed
to all Conservatives to be rosily for the
light. Messrs. McLeod, Foster and
Campbell also nude brief speeches
urging the necessity ot holding
frequent meetings such as these. Two
resolutions were unanimously passed
endorsing the policy of Mr. li. L.
Bordeu in the Federal 'louse and
pledging support to tbe cause; also to
Premier Mcllri.le avowing support in
bis actions nnd expressing satisfaction
with the work ol Mr. Taylor. At the
close ot the meeting the gathering
which consisted of representatives
from all south points, beside Revelstoke and Arrowhead, adjourned to
Ligbtburne's Hotel, where a banquet
was partaken of, tho Kevelstoke contingent leaving for home shortly after
We publish below a letter received
by the City Clerk this morning, which
may be of interest to ou' readers. Tlie
City Clerk is slid wondering who was
the effusive scribe.
To the Director of Public Gloominos-
ity, Care of City Clerk, City Hall,
Where the Work's Done,
Rovelstoka, B.C, Nov. '07.
Most Worthy Coadjutor of the Sun,
Destroyer of the Demon Darkness
and Shedder of Kilo-Watts and
Amperes upou the City of Revel-
stoke.Briiish Columbia—Greeting.
By these presents you are hereby
commanded to take notice that tonight your humble petitioner, his superior half, and llieir attendant coin-
pa.. y and imped ments, have removed
iheir oaravauserai fr m the house
nun.beted 1!) to ihe bouse numbered
63 in the Nouvslle ItinMo Avenue.
And consequently,
It now becomes my painfully duty
to inform you that I am compelled,
owiug to the eaigencies of tho dwelling,
to Beck a supply ol that lumiiiant
nectar whioh passes so mysteriously
along the agglomeration of col.»ive
metallic raoleoules, valguily termed a
wire, ami, finally, by youi grace, tickles tl.e trembling tihime ts enclosed
by bulb .til transparencies, into radiant ictivity.
N 'W, therefore,
I do most earnestly exhort nnd beseech you lhat you wil place me on
tap a sopp'j ol "the juice" as from
today, henceforth  until death do i.s
...... ., nan, nr, alternatively, until such time
have been induced to come upon the --,,,,      ,
,     , asl lea.n in the hard  and   unhappy
This is only typical  ol conditions
everywhere over  Kootenay.     These
thing! naturally create a demand Ior
lumber which will be accentuated in
the spring.    It is likely, therefore, hs ' , ,   , ,,
, j   .     t    , you will Bend bun copies of the follow-
far as prices  are concerned,   lumber!*:        ....       ...
school  of  bitter  experience,  that I
must  abandon  your  C'.mmudity in
favor  of  nne,  if any, which is better
and Icbb expensive.
Your petitioner further prays that
will unt  drop,   n.itwitli-t.HK iug the
ing publications issued   by  your de-
probable  lower price of labor, (or the I Partl"ent'
.   ,       ,     .   .,, .    .   , . , 1.   Vo ts, Amperes anil Kilo Watts,
heavy stocks on hand will be depleted .       •  , ,
belore next season is lur advanced by
the muoh heavier demand locally and
on the prairies. On the other hand
this heavier demand will probably
place the lumber industry on a far
better footing fairly early in 1908.
Hence tbe Kootenay is looking forward to a very good season next year
in ranching, lumber and mining,
Hold a Successful Conference
al Arrowhead,
A large bunch of Kevelstoke Conservatives went down by special train
last night to Arrowhead to take part
in the conlerence ol all Conservative
Ass..cation- in tbe Revelsloke riding.
On the arrival ol tl.e train and the
s.s. Piper Inm Comaplix a general
muvcme.it was made to W. J. Light-
burne's Hall, and when the meeting
was culled to order hy W. R. Reid,
there was a large and representative
gathering! An excellent musical programme wss rendered by Messrs, W,
It. Humphrey!, A. Annan,P. Murphy,
W. Veith, 8. Hooley, and Mr. Rhodes,
lhe singing and instrumental numbers
their meaning, if  any, and  significance.
2. How to "diddle" the electricity
3. How to "cook" the meter,
4. Methods of getting your light for
5. Do   tho  Revelstuke  Electricitly
Works pay?
6   And any other tome you may think
ol interest.
Finally, you arc enjoined to make
my humble obeisances to , whose
gracious presence sheds an elluigence
over your end of tho city—an effulgence more sparkling and brilliantly
beautiful than tho municipal electrio
light of tho City ol Revelitoke aforesaid.
And your petitioner will over pray-
though I think you're past praying for.
"Lighten our Darkness, We beseech Thee."
LIVERPOOL, Nov. 13.—Negotiations
are on foot between the Cunard lino
and thc Grand Trunk Railroad ol
Canada, lor tho joint handling of the
Canadian piissongor an.l freight traffic
The scheme which is still in its initial
itage, contemplate! running a Una of
Cunard steamers direct frnm Livrepool
to Canada ami a Cunard line service
.eceiving loud applause.   T. Taylor in I (rom   tue  i>ac*fl0  ooast to Japan,
a   few    reniirki congratulated  the I China and Australia.
Uniform Books- Jap Immigration-No Cut in Wages—-
Fatal Fire, 3,000 People
Homeless—Fur Robbei y.
WiNNiiucti, Nov. 13.—Alberta and
Saskatchewan are to have a uniform
system uf school books.
Halifax, Nov, 13,—a dispatch
Iron. St. lVrre says the town was in
total darkness but night as a result of
an nciiieiit to tho electric station.
The machinery was hurled In all directions, tearing out a portion ol tbo
powc. bouse and causing damage of
Vakcodvek, Nov. 13— McKenzio
King has opened tbe investigation into Japanese immigration and closed
the enquiry re damages. Ho proposes
te have it most rigid.
GiiAxn Foiiks, Nov. 13.—The re-
ported cut in the wages of the miners
and employees ot the Granby company
has not as yet been put into execution, and ultli..ugh all kinds of rumors
are current all lhe employees of the
Granby company are still working lor
the a.ne wages.
Iqukiijk, Chili, Nov. 13—Two lives
were lust in the fire that vioited this
port yesterday and destroyed a large
section of tbe port's residential quarter. They wero two little girls, and
when tbe bodies were discovered by
the distracted mother, the unfortunate woman expired from stress of her
emotion. A total ol 3,000 people are
hoirelesB as a result ol the conflagration. They are being cared for by the
authorities and the charitably inclined
New York, Nov. 13,—Five arreBts
have beeu made in connection with
the thelt of $10,000 worth of furs,
silks and laces Irom the Adams Express Co.
GIVES Y. M. C. A. $100,000
Newport, R. I., Nov. 12—Alfred G
Vandorbilt has offered the Newport
Young Men's Christian Association a
new building to be. erected as a me
mortal to his father, the late Cornelius
Vanderbilt, at a cost of $100,000. The
only condition attached to the gift
was that Mr. Vanderbilt should be
allowed to select tl.e architect and
pass upon the finish uf tho building
its design The offer has been accepted.
Fremont, Nov. 18.— Because scientists have reported that peanuts contained all tl.e elements necessary to
sustain life, Archie Venuto, a Fremont man, attempted to live by eating nothing but peanuts, with the
result that he died of exhaustion yesterday. At the end ol four days Venuto became insane, and was placed in
a hospital, He hud.ibsolutcly refused
to eat anything but peanuts there-
otter, aud drink nolliing but water.
New York, Nov 12—That bird pru-
tectiun might save this country au
annual loss of equal to the entire capitalization of all its n itional banks is
the assertion ol William Dutcher,
President u! tl.e Natianal Associasion
of Audubon Societies.
"Gtiverninunt expert! tell UB," says
Mr. Dutcnor, "thai $100,000,000 annually is lost to the country through insect and rodent pests. If a million or
moro dollars are lost through the mismanagement of a bank it creates a
wave of protest throughout the entire
country, yet a yearly loss equal to the
ontire capitalization of the national
banks oreatcs no comment, whatever,
simply because the public does nut
perceive what is going ou.
Attorney-General Bowier has decided that the provineo uf liritisb
Cn.umbli should bo represented before
lhe Commission which will investigate
the question of Japanese immigration,
and accordingly has appointed Mr.
Charles Wilson, K. C, as counsel to
act on behalf ol the government. Mr.
Wilson actee in a similar capacity
belore the Commission which inquired
some three or four years ago into the
Chinese question. He l.as knowledge
ol Ihe general problem ol Aiiatic
if when cooking you
get poor results, it
may not be your fault
but the fault of the
ingredients you have
used.      Buy   your
from us and you will
find  everything absolutely fresh, pure and  satisfactory.     In the end it is
cheaper to buy really good Groceries.
Of Stoves, Ranges and Healers. These have juat arrived; they are not
old Btock, kept over, but NEW with all tbe latest improvements snd
thoy are McOLWlY'S.
We have in our China and Glan Department a well assorted >tock ol
Everyday and Fancy China. See our showing of Toilet 8ei« and
English Tea Sets. Odd pieces in Diuner Sets at bargain pricei, get
at these befnre they ate all gone.
Bourne Bros.
McKinnon & Suttierland
Gent's Furnishings
Boots andjShoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
^ First St Op. Union Hotel ,4
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
HrHucl.es iu tlie Provinces ul Manitoba, Albttrta, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, Qnebee.
Capital Authorised       -       -       -       $10,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -       ■       •       •   $4,860,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        (4,860,000.00
D, U. Wilkie, President •. Hox. R. Japkkay, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in nil parhtnf Onnartrti United Suites ami
Kinope.   Special attention nivi»ti tn Uollertfons,
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed uu deposits from date uf de'xisit snd 1 red ited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager,
Will be Strictly Enforced by
Provincial Government
Victoria, B. C, Nov. 12-The
Provincial government has notified all
local steamboat owners that the law
regarding the exportation of timber
will bo strictly enlorced and In future
they will confiscate any vessel tound
towing timber illegally. In the past
thc nnus has been placed on owner! ot
timber or upon the perion in whoie
possession it is lound, but the new
order will mark a departure
The government has a'Bo 11. ide Iff
illations that no icaler oan nffei hli
service! tu scale tiiuWr until the
.wner has made a declaration where
the timber was cui and how much
In this manner tbe government is able
to keep truck ol the timber standing
upon uld crown grants, which ii alune
available fur export
taken across the continent snd lbs
Atlantic in cold storage. At present
it is st.ir d iu a warehouse in Liverpool, whence suppl es for the exhibition ared.awn. Mr. Palmer tn.l his
nii-taii.s will lecture at various
places upon the poiiibilitiei ol thl
British Columbia Iruit is again
taking prizes at the different horticultural exhibits in Great Britain
according to a cable which Hon. K. G.
Tatlow has received Irom 11. .11.
Palmer, provincial borticulturslist,
Tbe exhibit hai secured the silver
medal at the Crystal Palace exhibit
and the highest award at tbe Hereford show.t
Mr. Palmer, who is in charge of the
exhibit, states that most of the Iruit
is in excellent oondition.   It wss
It is the duty ol s newspsper man
to boom tbe town for all it ii worth,
month after mouth, snd then see $10
worth of printing go out of town be*
cause IU cents can be laved by so
doing. It is the business of tbe
newspaper to give every local eotet-
prise enthu-iailie and frequent lend
..lis, and then catch sheol because hs
failed t.. record the fact thst some
prominent citizen hai bad hii delivery
wagou painted. To subscribe liberally to every public, charitable and
chorch enterprise, advertise them lor
nothing, pay his own way to everything and then be called prejudiced
aud mc.<n-spirited because a column
is not devoted to tbat p.rticular srT.ir,
Do you wond-r thai there are so ...nny
cranks in ths uewspapei bnaiuel■? It
il bound to mnke ei Inr a crank nr a
philoiopher out of bin..
New York, Nov. 13.—The Times
layi: A pool in which the largest
copper consume™ of Europe are represented was recently lurmed in London and has purchased 60,000 tons ol
copper. The price psid is slightly
above the prevailing prioe in the mar*
ket. The copper ll to be delivered lu
November and December. The wm
involved is approximately 116,000,000,
which is to be psid in London on d<j,
livery. Zbc n&aM)cralo.
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.       Harold Fishek
Barrultra.l - 1» ,.--r*. Kit-.
RKVKLNl.'Ki: (Sll 111011 I.AKK, II. ('.
.'. K. CM.US. J   !'■ Kl.l.lnlT.
Omen     Ll  IK1AI.   IlASK   HLOCK,   ItKVKI.
'8TOKB, H, C.
.Mont-) to it>tn.
OiBit- Rivelitoko, H. ('.: Cranbrook, B, 0,
Oto, 8, M.-Ca.itkh,
K. M,  I'ISKII (Nl.
Revolaioko, H. C,
J. A. IU.ivkv,
.'rnlil.i'.iok, H. ( ,
J. M. Scott l.L.ll
W. I, llrlKKs.
BARRISTERS, Solicitous, Ktc.
Money to Loan-
solicitors fob Molsons Hank
First Street. Rcvelstuke, B.C.
AS. A. McF.ARl.ANl-:
Allay nl all Ores   Samples by mail nr express
receive prompt attention.
Term! Moderate.
AI.D8ES!      •      •     •     Box 432 KMI/l, B. C,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveying
McKenzie Avknck.
Box IOC, Revelstuke,
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
STl'BIO-At  Mr*.  J.  .',   Hotehison's  Con-
naught Avenue.
Zbc flfoaU-iberalo
"1 would . , , earnestly advise thorn Ior
their good to order this paper to be punctually
served up, and lo be looked upon as t part of
the tea w|uipage."-ADI>180I..
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 13, 1907
Oa Satttr lay last His Most Gracious
Majesty Edward VII, King ol Great
Britain and the British Dominions
beyond the seas, and Emperor ot India,
celebrated hii sixty-sixth birthday.
From one end of the Empire to the
other there prevails the sincere de.
lire that our illustrious ruler will be
long preserved to reign over his vast
realm and to continue to exercise that
wonderful intiuence Ior the world's
g»d which has been so notable a
feature ol his six years' reign. King
Edward ha: won tbe praise aud the
tribute ol every civilized natiou by the
remarkable sagacity, the keen judgment and the all wise intiuence which
he has exerciied in the interests ol all
people, for the preservation of peace
and the pru.perity oi commerce.
Canada, ever loyal and true to the
Motherland, her nearest offspring, her
eldest child, as it were, unites in deepest and warmest congratulations to
her sovereign and gives vent to repeated expression! ol devotion to the
grand oid Sag which waves over Great
Britain's monarch. The spirit of
Imperialism is strong upon us aud as
the years roll on, succeisive generations will maintain, unshaken and untarnished the loyal allegiance to
England and forever conserve the
grand solidity ol the British Empire,
It will be'tor posterity to award to
King Edward that position in the
temple of greatnes! which shall rightly be his, but by men of today he is
regarded io the light of that supreme
character which gives him the prim
acy position among the moit eminent
rulers the world has seen. It is ai
Edward the Great and the Good that
he will be known to history and every
loyal and true hearted Canadian, be
he in the mountain, or in the forest,
or in the city, working under tbr
flag ol the Empire and adding bii
quota to the development and expan-
lion ol British supremacy will utter
in hi! heart "God Save the King.''
of growth and expansion and as ll.e
city increases bo must the utilities
ami conveniences neoe-sary for thc
publio bejintrodnccd. What served
the purpose very well here ton years
ago will be practically ol no use now,
and oul of the first effort! of our pioneers has evolved many improvements
which in Iheir turn must give way to
what is yet to come and tu what is
(..king place iu our every day lile.
Enterprise should be nur in tto in
i these days, an.l expansion of business,
ideas and methods will materially aid
iu popularizing the city. Let public
matter! have every attention and let
the business men Iratcrnizo in their
efforts to increase our commerce. Our
Buanl ul Trade should rally better
when called upon and whon subjects
ol direct importance to city progress
and ciiy development are up for discussion ..ur busine-s men should meet
and carry on tho work entailed lor the
public good. Individuals will benelit
by tho j.iBt dealings ol a public body
such aa this, and individuals aro but
units which gu tu form the whole,
Kevelstoke should never bo allowed tu
stand still. We are lar loo imporla.it
a centre for that aud when our citizens
thoroughly realize what the future
Holds in store fur us, a! a centre ol
commerce and industry, we feel sure
that every man among us would shake
off the apathy whicli has been too
apparent ol late, und get down to work
lor Kevelstoke as a cily. Interest iu
public matters is closely connected
reiultuntly with home life and what is
done for the city will bo done for the
gets, and nsk him tu put in practice
what be sn ably | reaches. We will
point out the fact that thn interest on
ifSB.OUO at ll per oent i- only ifH per
day. We will guarantee twenty mw
settlers the lirst, and every year, and
a thousand and one other rea-uns ftr
getting the bridge, and l.e will cull
his cabinet together nnd gianljtbe
appropriation right away an that it
may be completed, before high water.
Thero is another thing, by building
tho wagon bridge separate we can
bave it 25 leet lower than the C.P.R
saving 300 leet of approach at each
end. Now, our board of trade better
tako this up at mice in iiiii-on with
the cily council and Bend n delegation
to wait on McBride. 1 wuuld BiiggeBt
our member go as Bpeakor. Thanking
you for your space. I am,
Yuiirs, etc.,
A Spectator,
The nervousness of Britisli Columbia
at the alien inroad is partly due to a
reason which one glance at the map
of Canada will render intelligible. Ex
cept for lhe two thread! of iteel with
which the Canadian Pacilic Railway
traverses the Rocky Mountains, that
province is isolated from the rest ol
the Dominion fur all serious commercial and military purposes. II Canada
shuuld become the object ol attack by
any Pacific power, a handful of the
latter'B subjects already in the country
might, by the destruction ol thc railway in the Crow's Nest and the Kicking Horse passes, cut off British Columbia from its eastern base, and place
it absolutely at the mercy ol a naval
assailant. Now that Canada has
assumed the responsibility of her own
defences, there is no military problem
that requires closer attention than
this of the western coast line.—Pall
Mall Gazette.
We note with latislaclion that there
ii a general tendency on the part ol
Retelitoke citizens to realize that the
city ii growing and that to maintain
that gr .wth aud keep up with it,
many innovations and improvement!
will have to be carried out. As we
grow in lizeand importance, we ihould
look to it that our commercial, our
locial and our modernizing abilities
ibould expand in accordance with
that which every increaiit.g city de
mauds We cannot itop still, we wil:
not go back, and the only way to go is
lorward. Revelatoke hai reached that
itage ol her developmental career
when the old muit give place to the
new and unless modern innovation!
and up-to-date interests are adopted,
we cannot keep pace with tbe times.
On every side may be seen evidences
Columbia Traffic Bridge.
Editor Miii.-lliiim.i..
Dear Editor,—Re your article in
last issue beaded "Columbia Trallic
Bridge," did it ever occur to yuu that
our distinguished Premier might have
a normal appetite lor good things and
would think enough us good as a
least, and seeing what we got trom
the C.I'.R. Ior |2,iil)0 in the shape of a
loot bridge (with a gate on it so we
could not take a bike over or lead a
horse across) had thought better ol
taking up the question ot a combination railroad and trallic bridge. On
the other hand if he did take it up
with theni there could be but one
reply that is that the C.P.R. could not
possibly change the plans of their new
bridge, and make it a combination lor
suy less money than it would cost to
build it separate. Now Premier McBride has never been approached with
a definite proposition, but always
asked to do something ond the rest
left to himself. Suppose we came out
boldly aud proffer our assistance and
show him what we want, namely a
wagon bridge across the Culumbia
equal to carry a ten ton moving or
test load. The same plans and specifications that were used lor the traffic
bridge across the Thompson below the
lorka at Kamloops, will juit suit, the
rivers are the same width only the
Columbia hai the best bottom. The
cost will lie in tlie neighborhood ol
*35,O0O. their's I think ooit $87,000,
snd the member for Kamloops got il
juit lor the asking, when the treasury
was tar lower than it is now. We will
draw his attention to this tact an.l
make his own slogan—Better lern.B—
ours, and you will see that our beloved
Premier will encourage men ol his
own calibre, strong men, men that,
will light fil need be) for their right!.
We will remind him how much more
the Revelstoke riding pay! into the
treaiury  in   proportion   to what, ihe
A delight ol romantic comely,
beautifully singed and olubnrat.ly
costumed, presented by a company .1
high-class plnyorl, is 0, P. Walker's
most successful uttering in "We Are
King," to appear here Tuesday, Nov.
19th, The action ii in Kahuburg, a
small principality in Germany, und
deals with the complications in trying
to dethrone King Hector, a deBpot,
who has run liis kingdom into debt
and giound down his subjects,
Gustavus Vernier, correspondent Ior
thc London Record, a light-hearted
(ellow, wandcis into Kahuburg in
search ul news. He is arrested as a
spy. The Prime Minister of Kahu
burg and his followers, who are plot
ting to rid the kingdom ol Hector, are
so impressed with Vernier's marvelous
resemblance to the King, that they
induce Vernier to impersonate the
King, who is awny on a secret mission.
Venner, under thc imprcsiim that
he ii rendering the King and the court
a lavor, and seeing good "copy" in
sight, consents. Hector returns unexpectedly and is dragged away to
prison as a spy, while Venner, costumed as the King and accepted by
the court, proceeds to run the kingdom, He lowers tho tuxes on the
people, throws the palace open to the
public, and gets himself into all sorts
of ludicrous complications through
his igncrance ol court affairs.
Mr. David B. Gully, as Gustavui
Venner and Hector, King of Kahn-
burg, has a splendid voice, an admirable stage presence and is ably fitted
for the rolo he portrays. He infuses
in the dual role all the requirements.
His effective change from the light-
hearted devil-may-care correspondent,
to the despotic and debauched King,
shows clearly that he has mustered
the liner points ol his art.
Mr. Gaily will be ably iiipportul by
u superior company, including Mr.
Edinond Carroll, Mr. Wm. McKegney,
Mr. Robt. Burton, Mis! Muric Clifton,
Miss Ulia Hill and Miss Grace Hilton.
Kippered herring, bloaters, meet
potatoei, celery, California grapes,
Spanish grapes and choice eating and
cooking apples today at C. li, Hume
A Co,
Local Revolstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meets First mil rhlrd Wedneada] loth*month
in Selkirk Hall, upstairs, tfa p.m BuMectfor
ilUcuwIon Arranifment nf (aoiUltim All
Interested ire welfjome.
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp  No. 229.
Meeti Seoood ind Fourth VM.™ f'ar- ir
each month, in .Selkirk Hall   Visiting Wood'
men cordially invited to attend,
ff. li. ARMSTRONG,Cod. ..'om.
J. McISTYiiK. Clerk
F. 0 E
The regular meeting are held in the Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday iTnniiii* ;ii lo'eloe-. Visit*
inir brethren nr* oord lall} invited.
Kootenav Lod*ro No. 15 A f A A.M.
»•»     ««f-M The   regular   meet
'* ~ ' \j\ftf are held in tbe
Maaonto Temple,
Md K.'llown Hal-Ton
•In' third Mondayln
■arh month at I
p.m. Vii-rftinahreth
ren   cordially   wpI
One Jewelry lupri'seuts lhe ninst
arlislloexpression of the goldsmith's
craft, each article.... entirely new
creation, fushioniil.l.' to the iiighest
degree, ihal wl I ..ppi'..l to your
Interest the mnnienl you view It. Our
diamonds conic direct hi.ni the colters and are sold In vuu in pleasing
prices for gems of such quality and
beauty. Pleased to have you see Ihem
atany time,
Hastings, Doyle k Allum
Art and Beauty
.tie combined in one new designs in carpets, Cur stock is
eeinplel.', nnd the eolui'8 rich
anl effective, tlieile-lgnsaitls-
tie, ..nd llie " Iuul eiiseinblc "
is striking nnd beaulifiil. We
have iii-vcr shown such u wide
vuriel) uf pattern., and we
haw itevci. placed such low
prions upon so much high
quality before.
R. HOWSOK   > CO.'Y.
Incorporated by Ae. cl Parliament, l»s.
Wm. Molson Maophkrson, Pies. S. H. Owing, Vice-Pies.
Jamkh Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in Canada and Agencies in all parts nf the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until fu. ther notice,
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Luts 37J x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered—Cash $1)50, terms on balance.    PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey  Dwelling,  plaste.ed and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 nn Second Street.     Cash $950 and terms on balance.
PRICE- $2,950
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
BELOW will be found the names of some of the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make thii most popular nnd liberal offer: This elega.it
library and handsome case will be gii^n by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstoke securing the largest number of votes in
the following manner: The business men listed below will give with
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
Oil. and ends Feb. Oth, 1908. A ballot box has been placed in tl.e Canada
Drug & Bouk Store where the votes are to be deposited. At the close of
the contest the church, school, society or lodge having the largest number nl votes will be awarded the library. Current accounts when promptly paid wili be entitled to votes. Remember, votes can only besecurcd by
trailing with the merchants listed below. Each week the Mail-Herald
will an in.nice the standing ol the conteBtant.
The library and case are now on exhibition in the show window ol
C, B, Hume A Co.
Groceries,   Drygoods,    Crockery
Mens Furnishings, Boots and Shoes
House Furnishings.
.Meat!, Etc.
Fine Confectionery, Ice Oreatn, Etc.
Cuupons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
Printers and Publishers.
.. A. .'ins IINIER, Skcrstarj
SELKIRK I.ODOE. NO   13. I. 0. 0. F
evening   in    rfelklrlt
iHall   at   I   o'clock.
,ttini$ brethren onr-
— 'dlnlly Invilod t-i attend
RnW.Range lodge, X. of   P.,
No. IS, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Tt.lr.l Wednesday nl
each n.nntti, in tin- iid.lfi.t|..wH'
Hall at I o'elook, Vr-UIni
Knlifhtsar.! enrdially nvlteo*
0. H. BROCK, K, ol R MR.
H. A. HROWN, M. ..I
is thc one to ask who keeps
tl.e best. She will tell you
MANNINCS is a long way
ahead of any mnde. Delicious in all flavors, always
uniform in quality and
always fresh.
H Candy Palace
Central Hotel
Newly built,     First-class in every res|a»et.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Sped I Weekly Rales,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably   furnished  with thc choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $1 a day,   Monthly rate.
J.   A.LBBTiT    STOHSrin    PROP.
Queen's ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers lo
Fish CteeK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNQ, -        -        Proprietor
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also al
kind.1- of Garden Produce.
telephone 29.
Front Street,    Revelstoke
Thai's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory west of Winnipeg, House cleaning and
waHliit.gareeasy with its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give (or
Huval Crown Wrappers. Send
tor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C.
f, m
I bave many enquiries for
Fruit Lands Iron. Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose of
their holdings, large or small,
will do well lo list them with
me. Correspondence solicited,
Jas. I. Woodrow.
The best Brick In the Province.
Well burnt Brick iu la.ge or
aniiill .|.i.inlilies nl K.;.-....able
ENDERBY,       C.
White Help Only
I. HARRIS, Manager.
Manufactured for nil classes uf buildings
All Minis of building nud plastering
fnr salo iu lurgo nr nmnll quantities
nt the lowest prico.i fnr eosl).
All kinds of building ami plastering
From France, Holland and
reliable varietiei at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, eto.
Oldest established nursery ou ths
mainland of B.C.  Catalogue free.
Place your orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Boots
and Fancy Leather Hoods. . .
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Exp ress
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Des    in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71.
House Phone
aevela.nks Und Diatrict.
District 1.1 Well Knntenay.
Take nol.OB that lionald Dewar, .1 Arrowhead, B.C.. occupation Timber Crulaer, Intend!
to a|.|.ly lur • amclil timber licence over the
lolluwlng described laud;
Commencing at > poa. planted at the aou.h-
weat corner ol Timber Limit No. 11171, and
mark.-l "lionald Dewir.a norlh-eul coruer
poat," thenci aoutl, 110 onalm, ihence weal M
chalna, Ihence north 101 chain . ihence uit 40
chalna to point ol commencement.
Dated October 2nd, 11KI7.
Revelatoke Land District
Districl ol Wea. Kootaaiy.
Tike notice thai Eric strand, ol I'oplar
Greek, B. c , occupation Miner, intend! to
apply lor a special Umber license over the loi-
lowing duorlbcd landa:
Commencing al • poat planted on the we.t
aide ul I'oplar Creek, about 600 Ieet iron, the
Creek, and about seven mlleslrom the town oi
I'oplar, thence aouth SO chain,, theuce weat BU
ohalna, thence north if chalna, thence eaa. Sl)
chains to point ol commencement, and con-
Ulutnn 6.0 acree more or leal.
Dated Oe.ober loth, UK.;,
despair.    "Don't do _
thins " UU you see clearly
what s best by aid of
'flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, disease, love, marriage nnd parentage
Tells what you'd ask a doctor, but don't liko to
210 pages, illustrated. 2ft cento; but to introduce
it wo send ono only to any adult for postage,
10 cents.
M  HILL, PUB. 00.
120 Bait asth Street, NEW YORK.
tKALED TENDERS addressed to the under*
, j signed, and endorsed "Tender for Detention Hiiildiiig, Victoria, B.C., will be received
at this office until Monday, December 2,1007,
inclusively, for the construction of a detention
Building at Victoria, B.C.
Plans and specification! can be seen and
forms of tender obtained at this Department
and on application to William Henderson,
%., Resident Architect, Victoria. B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that tenders
will not be considered unless made on the
printed form supplied, and signed with tbeir
actual signatures.
Each tender must be accompanied by an ao*
copied cheque ou a chartered bank, made parable to the order of the Honourable tbe Minister of Public Works, equal to ten (111 p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will be forfeited if
the person tendering decline to enter into a
contract when called upon to do so, or if he fail
to complete the work contracted for. If the
tender ne not accep'ed thl cheque will be re*
The Department does not bind Itself to accept
the lowest or any tender,
By Order,
Department of Publio Works
Ottawa, November 2, iWi,
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement if they insert it without authority f rem
tlie Department. sat nov 9
Revelstoke Land Diatrict.
Dislrict ol West Kootenay.
Tike notice that Henry Magnuion of
Poplar Creek, occupation Miner, intends
to apply for a special timber license over tbe
(ollowlng described lands:
Commenolng at a post planted ou the east
sUe of Poplar Creek, about 2t) feet from the
Creek, and about six mllea from tbe town of
Poplar, theuce east 00 cbalni, thence soutb 80
chainB, thence west 80 chains, theuce north 80
chains to point of commencement, and con*
tniuiiiu640acres, moreor Icbb,
Dated October l<:th, 1907.
oct 19 sat Per Eric Strand, Agent
Hevolstoko bind District,
District of Wnst Kootenay,
TAKE NOTICE that George McCarter, of
Revelstoke, B. C>, Agent, intends to apply for
pormisHiou to purchase the following described
Commencing ata post (lanted at the north*
enst comer of Uit Szlti, in Group Oue, Kootenay
District; thonce west 11,6)9 chains; thence
nnrtli .'JOrlmiii-; thence went 10 chains; thence
north HO chains, theuce eaat 21,019 chains more
or lens to the west Imnk of the Columbia River;
thence following the west bank of the Golttm*
IiIh Rivor southerly to the point of commence*
ment, contaiuiug 91 acres, more or less.
Date*! November 1st., 1907. Nov, 9
Nolice la hereby given tbat the partnership
heretofore subsisting between us. the uuder-
slgucd.B. M. llinrich and Edward U Pace, »b
Mi-ii Metal Workers, In tbe Citv of Revelstoke. British culumnla, under the style of
Hiurich and Pace, bu this day been dissolved
by mutual consent. AU debttor accounts
owing to said Partnership are to be paid to
said tdwardCPace.
Dated thii 9th day of October. A.D,, 1907
fl   M. HINPICH,
Notice li hereby given that an application
will be made to the Parliament of Canada at
its next session for an acl incorporating a
company under tue name of "Bhuswap k
Thompson Rivers Boom Company," with
power to attach booms to t'ie shores of the
Thompson Biver, the North Thompson River,
the Soutb Thompson ttlver, Kamloops Lake,
Shuswap Lake and iti several arms, tiie Lower
opallumuheen River and the navigable tributaries of each and the navigable waten connecting therewith and their respective navigable tributaries all ln tbe Province of Britisli
Columbia, and to acquire, construct and maintain booms, weirs, chutes, dams, slides, piers,
cribs, wharves, canals, flumes and all works of
any kind whatever that may he deemed useful
or necessary for transporting, driving, towing,
collecting, booming, storing, sorting and de*
livering pulp-wood, poles, logs, timber and
lumber of all kinds, aud accordingly to deepen
aad widen bv auy means whatever any of said
rivers or bodies oi water, and remove therefrom
all Impediments or hindrances to navigation:
and lor said purposes to expropriate auch
lands as may be necessary, aud lo collect tolls
from other parties making use of the Company's works, improvements or services; to
acquire, maintain and operate lands, works,
water powers, franchises and licenses, toads,
tramways, docks and wharves, and for the
Company's purposes ouly to acquire and operate telegrbpb, telephone aud electric lines;
ho acquire, construct, uavigalc aud charier
leats, tugs and water oralt; tu acquire me pro*
leriy, rights, franchises, slock, bunds and
to benturos of any other company, and to sell,
lease, hold, exchange or dispone of any ol the
Company's property, and fur all other necessary aud incidental rights, powers and privileges; and tbat the Company's undertaking
may be declared to be ior the general advantages of Canada. ,
Solicitors (or the Applicants.
Dated at Ottawa this 1st day •>' Oduber, A.D,
1907; JOT U	
Notice to Creditors and Others.
In tho Matter of tho Oompan*
loo' Winding-up Aot 1808.
The creditors and others of the Revelstoki
Steam Laundry Company, Limited, of Revelstoke, are hereby notified that on the 18th day
of October, 1907, the Company passed an Extraordinary Resolution to the effect that the Company be forthwiod wound-up voluntarily, under
the above act, and William J. Law, of Revet*
stoke, was appointed Liquidator of the aaid
Notice is hereby given that all creditors of
the said Company are hereby notified to send
by post prepaid, or otherwise deliver to the
said Liquidator. William J, Law, at Revelstoke, District of K(Kit°nay, on or before Saturday, 90th day of November, 1907, their full
uainei. addresses aud desci iptlons, and full
particulars of their claims accounts or Inter*
uUi aud tbe nature of securities, if any, held
by them. Immediately after the said 30th day
of November, 1907, the assets of the said Company will be realised and distributed among
the parties entitled thereto, having regard
only to the claims of which the Liquidator
shall then have notice, and all otherB shall be
excluded from the said distribution.
Dated the 22nd day of October, 1907.
Revelstoke, B. C,
Solicitors for the Liquidator, rOPEHA. HOUSE f
Tuesday, Mot. 12—
Wednesday, Nov. 13—
Thursday, Nov. 14.—
-     -"CHARLEY'S AUNT."
.     —" HELLO BILL •
RESERVED SEAT SALE open Monday morning,
November i ith, at Canada Drug Store.
For "Bittei" Days
Here's the Overcoat (or storms, ud
winds, and cold.
It's the "Manitoba" — a big, toomjr,
double breasted great coat, that comes
almost to the ankles.
It may be worn with lapels either
open, or turned in and buttoned close
to the throat
This affords protection for the lungs and throat oo cold,
windy days.
The collar turns up and covers the ears.
You wi be warm as toast in a "Manitoba' Overcoat —
and it is just as stylish as it is cozy and comfortable.
$18 up. 289
Revelstoke, B. C.
Steel Range
Fresh air is introduced into
the Kootenay oven through a
series of vents at the bottom
of the oven door, and the
cooking fumes carried out
through another series of
vents at the back of the oven.
(Arrows in
show method
'of ventilation.)
'The air in the'
oven is always
kept pure. The
natural flavor
of every
a r t i o 1 e i a
tastes moat
on request.
C -'-'a
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
For Agricultural Imnleinents. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Mollne Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Bnggies, Pis -1 jr.. Harden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheel-
Bright anil th Work attended to.   Horse Shoeing a
•I* *vvtv**%%%w-*% %+%%*»% •%*V%**V%%%%%%%%1
To Whon it May Concern:
Talis notice that I, the undenigned,
[rum this date, positively declare my-
sell not reipuniihle lor any bills contracted by my ion, Frank McMahon.
Dated sl Kevelitolte, B. C, Oot. lllth.
Mai, J. McUlNMH.
To Whom it Mav Concern :
Take notice that I, the uuderiigned
Irom this date, positively declare my,
tell not reiponilble (or sny billi contracted by my wile, Mn*.. John Carls*.
Dated at Kevelstoke, Il.C, Oct. lllth,
wed lm John Cahlaw,
The regular ih"i>iIhi nl the city
conr.cil wss held pa Friday night last
with Mayor Hi..wn and all the aldermen preient, Mi nil tea nt the Imt
regular meeting were adopted ai read.
Frmn A. M. Pinkham, P.M., applying lor leoi for certain police court
caies.—Laid over,
From the Imperial Oil Company re
removal of oil warehouse.—Filed.
From No. 1 Fire Brigade re repairs
and alteratium to Fire Hall.—Referred
to Fire, Water A Light Committee.
A resolution wai passed tlmt the
council endorse the action of the Canadian Clectric.il Associiition in endeavoring to havo lees lor inspecting
meters reduced and that Mr, Galliher
be aaked to use hii influence to Inr
ther lhe movement.
In regard to police court fines it
was resolved that the .natter ot police
court lines Iur offenois in the city
under the criminal code ho submitted
to tlie Minister ol Justice at Ottawa
A communication Irom Cecil God-
dard, consulting engineer, Hating that
be bad Bent a draft to tl.e council.
In connection with this it was resolved that the $300 draft be accepted snd
that Mr. Gcddard be advised that any
It.rtl.er arrangements of the plant
will hc done locally and tlnit he alsu
be lt.lurmed tbat the contract lor the
new plant hud been let for $27,100,
and that payment (to him) ol a percentage on $30,000 should cover all
matters in connection therewith.
The question of postal arrangements
win di-cusied and the need of more
letter boxes demonstrated. Thecoun
cil the. resolved that in their opinion
the gruwth of thc city warrants the
placing ol letter boxes in parts of the
city most convenient for the population and collection from the same lie
made by the postal authorities and
that Mr. Galliher, M.P., be asked to
use his influence to obtain this cou-
c s-itm and that copies ol this resolution be sent to Mr. Galliher, the Postmaster General and PostOir.ee Inspector Ior the district, and also that the
Board of Trade be requested to cooperate in tbe movement.
The accounts were passed and the
meeting terminated.
tion Third -tre.-t.'.n the vici..ity ot the
school, where lamps are very lew .....I
inr between, at requiring lights. Truth.-
on that street is coniid. ruble and it is
now impoiiiole to see fur ..head. We
would urge the Council then tn take-
up thc question .if extra and efficient
lighting nut nnly lor the convenience
but tor the safety of the Revelstuke
The long distance telephone line
from Comaplix to trout Lake, which
the Kevelstoke Water, Power snd
Light Co, is putting up, bad been
strung eight miles Irom the Landing
on Friday last.—(Nov. 11,1897.)
Revelitoke Fire Brigade No. 2 was
organized last Tuesday night (Dec 7.
1897) and the lollowing ollicers were
elect'd: Chiel, S. 8. Saunders; usiist-
ant chief, J. G, Allan; lirst lieutenant,
F. J. Conway; second lieutenant, A. E
Jackson; secretury-treasurer, W, G.
Birney. A constitution and set ol
by-laws were framed and adopted, and
Tapping's ball secured ai headquarter!
until a lire hall ii erected, which the
brigade hopeB will be very soon. Regular meetings will be held every alter-
ternate Monday dating Irom Dtcember
Tbe match race between Pettipiece1!
Lark and McCarty's Banjo, which
came off last Saturday afternoon, Oct.
2,1897, drew a considerable crowd to
Front Street. The race was run in
heate, two out of three and was ii
quarter mile in distance. In the lirst
heat thc chestnut won and in the
second the black, both being well contested, In the last heat tbe Lark
came in first, but the judges decided
tbat it was no race, owing to a foul
being claimed by the backers of tbe
black, wbicb took pluce nearly opposite
the post office. However, most of the
bets on the race have been paid,
though the stakeB have not been
handed over. Another race Ior $500
a side is being arranged to take place
in two weeks time.
Owing to tbe enterprise on the part
ot tbe trustees of the public school
bere the attendance ii increasing very
steadily, and an average ,-ttendance ol
nearly 70 scholar! daily is the result.
The Superintendent of Education has
notified the eectetary, Mr. Cbas. Lindmark, that a special grant of $120 to
fit up the school room for the employment ol a second teacher has been
made, and bas given the trustees
power to engage a second teacher at
once. Arrangements are made by tbe
trustee! to bave the second teacher
ready to start on Monday.—(August,
We would call the attention ol tb
City Council to the laot that there are
many parts ol the city lhat require
additional street lights, such places
being almost wholly in darkness.
Nothing looks so bad from an outsider's point ol view ai s dark and
badly lighted city and it would be Ior
the belt intereits of lhe City Council
il they took itock ol this and acting
on uur suggestion place more lights in
those lections where   they are re-
Winnipeg Man Arrested in SI,
Paul with Loi of Bad Stuff
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 12,-Whut
apparently ie one of thc bnldo-t counterfeiting games ever attempted in the
northwest was nipped it. the bud when
Secret Service Agent McMnutis walked
inlo a room iu the Union block nnd
arrested a man supposed to be E. K.
Workman, of Winnipeg, and secured
$20,000 counterfeit in..ney of Workman's own manufacturing.
Until arrested Workman hud no
suspicion he wns being watched or
followed, though the secret service
department had been on bis track day
and night Ior three weeks. He wae
said to be on tl.e eve ol his departure
for Winnipeg, as he could puss the
bad money in Canada better than in
the States. The stuff was in tl.e
shape ol a thousand gold certificate',
$20 ench.
Universal Celebrations in Honor
Of Event.
On Saturday His Most Excellent
Majesty, Edward ihe Seventh, by the
Grace ol Gi d of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain uud Ireland and ol all
tho British Dominion beyond the Seas,
King, Delender of the Faith, Emperor
of India, celebrated his sixty-sixth
When King Edward ascended the
throne there was evinced a loyal de-
site to celebrate his birthday annually
as a great public holiday throughout
the Empire. A strong factor against
this wus the fact that the British people bad grown so accustomed to observing Queen Victoria's birthday,
May 24, through a reign extending
over three score years, that they had
come to Innk upon May 24 ae a permanent national holiday.
Perceiving this sentiment, in which
he himself shares, the King has requested that his own birthday be allowed to pass without extraordinary
official observances. This renunciation hy the King of tbe usual royal
prerogative to have bis birthday celebrated by ull bis subjects has resulted
in a lesalo.mal an.l uffi.'i.il, hut none
ihe lesi loyal, observance ..I ll.e anniversary.
Public celebration nl His Majesty's
sixty-sixth birthday has beeu gazetted
to occur on Mav 25,1908.
$2,269,000 BLAZE
Grain Elevators and  Warehouses Gutted.
Duluth, Minn., Nov. 12.—Fire el
unknown origin last Friday night
caused the destruction of the Great
Northern elevator "A" together with
600,000 bushels of grain, principally
wheat, all of which was fully cover, d
by insurance.
Tlie elevator wae owned by the Great
Northern Railroad, hut was le.i-e.1 to
the A. D. Thompson Grain company
of Duluth. The sparks eoon ignited
the Grand Republic mill, Towner Bay
slip, the Great Lakes Dredge A Dock
company, and the Duluth-Superior
storage company warehouses, which
contained the finishing plant of tbe
Webster Chuir company.
Tl.e total loss is estimated at $2,-
268,000, all firms covered by insurance.
The new C.P.R. Bpecial freight tariff, which materially reduces freight
rates on mercl.nnd.se shipments Irom
Vancouver and other coait points to
the interior and northwest, will he-
come effective Off November 15, The
alteration in freight tariff! is general
all over the C.I'.R system in the west,
the company having decided to base
charge upon a mileage looting. The
lollowing examples show how the new
rates oompare with those, at present
in effect:
Vancouver to Golden, class rates:
Old, $1.85, f 1.50, $1,23,81c. and 73c.
per hundred
New, $1.62, $1.35, $1.08,81c. and 73c.
per hundred,
Vanoouver tn Calgary, olass rates:
Old, $2.00, $166, $1.34, $1.01 and 91c
per hundred.
New, $1.95, $1.62, $1.29, 97c. and
81c, per hundred.
Vancouver to Nelson, class rates:
Old, $189, $1.58, $126,94c. and 85c.
per hundred.
New, $1,72, $1.43, $1.16, 86c. and
77c. per hundred.
Members ol above Company will
muster lor Company Drill every
Thursday night at 8 o'clock.
1 m Captain.
Revelstoke, B. C. Nov. 6,1907.
Restaurant and Furnished Rooms
Meals Iron. 25c. Up.
Second Street, - East End
rooms, turnacc, two loti (one corner).
Convenient to business part ol city.
A desirable home (or anyone. Price
moderate on easy terms.
Apply:—Mail HERALD,
Real Estate, Miniug and Financial Agent, Stock and
Share Broker
Has Ior sale choice Residences,
City Lots, Fruit and Farm lands
Hotels, Stores, Livery Stables,
and various business opportunities.
Now is the time to buy coal,
copper and other iuvestment
shares when they have reached
rock br.etom prices and are again
Subject to confirmation I will bu,
Oanadlan Marconi tl IS
North Star     Sl
S'bject to confirmation I will llll
Internationa. Coal and Coke     91
Alberta Coal       40
Breckenrldgo-Lund Oca.     57
Dlamend Vale Coal     IS
Galbraith Coal     IS
Western Coal and Oil, (Prafd) 3 50
Royal Oelllerlei     IS
NlcolaCoal     WO 00
Dominion Copper IM
S. 0. Copper..  4 78
Cranny Conaolldated     SO
Cobalt, Nlplailns and Foaler
Share! are good buys at present
Beware of yellow (circulsn which
claim others have tha I rthbridge
coal! They lie I You can get Lethbridge coal fron. one source only, and
thut is from its agenoy.
Place your orders with me and get
the r.f..l;gnuil8 at $8.50 pe. ton lor lour
ton orders, weigh where you please.
Marriage Licenses Issued
NURSING in private homes wanted
liy ii woman of expeiience, guud
references. Address Mis, M. Overton,
Revelstoke. oct 30
WANTED-Rooms to Rent, pn tly
furnished,    Apply to   Rolt.
WANTED-Single furnished rnnm,
with or without hoard, Suite
letti.s, uioderute, in letter to A. W.,
WANTED—Live wide uivake hny-
in every cily, Imvn nud village
tu sell Western Canada's new weekly
newspaper, "The Western H.uiie
stead" Hustlers ran make bin money.
N.. capital required. Wilte for lerm-
iuimcdiaiely. The Western Ho.nesteail
liitlgitry, Allu.	
WANTED to purchase for client..
second hnnd Safe apply lo E A.
Haggen, Kevelstoke.       nuv 9
Revelstoke Land Mini Hut
Dlntrlct of Went Kootenay.
NOTICK in hereby Riven thnt 30 days after
(intu I inteud to imply to the Chief I'tminiLv
sioner of Landsaud Works for a special timber
licence to cut nud carry nway timber from
certain lands situnto in tho District of West
Kuotenay described as follywa:
Commenci iiu nt u post planted on the West
Bank nf the Columbia Kiver and on the north
boundary of the railway bolt and mnrkod "G.
McCarter's Honth-Kiist Corner") theuce 120
chains west; theuce uorth fiZ i'linins; theuce
east 120 chains; to the Columbia Kiver; theuce
south along the west buuk of the Columbia
Uiver 52 chains more or loss to the point of
commencement aud containing 610 acres more
or less.
Dated November 1st., 1901,
Cariboo * aud District,
District of Caribou.
Take notice that Charles I., Hyde, of Ilevil-
stokc, B.O., occupation, timber cruiser, Intends
to apply for a special limber license over the
following described lands:
1. Commencing ot a post planted about oie
mile above the mouth of Ptarmigan Creek, and
about one mile uorth of Canoe River, theuce
100 chaius north, theuce 40 chains east, tbence
100 chains south, thence 40 chaina west to point
of commencement.
2, Commencing at a post plaated about two
miles above the mouth of Ptarmigan Creek,
and about one mile nortb of Canoe River,
theuce 100 clmins west, thence 40 chains south,
tbenco 100 clialus east, thence 40 cbaius north
to point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post plantek about
three miles above the mouth of Ptarmigan
Creek, aud one mile north of Canoe Biver,
theuce 80 chains uorth, thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains south, tbence 80 chains west to
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted about
three miles above the mouth of Ptarmigan
Creek, and one milt north of Canoe Biver.
tbeuce80 chains north, theuce SOchains west,
thenee 80 chaius south, theuce 80 chains east to
point of commenoement.
Dated October 9th, 1007.
wee uov 13 CHABLIS L. HYDE.
I.  Alexander  Merttlt, nf Salnou
Arm,declare that my wife hue Hi my
bed und boaid ol her own (ree
wiihotit cause iu>d thai  I .■ ill i
responsible for any tlebin that she or
my children may ttnur from thin Jute.
Oct. 2nd 1007,
Ai.i:.XAM)i:u MkrraLL,
SO MOW & JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Special attention given to
Supper Partiei 4 banquets
Meals, 25o.      Meal Tickets, IS.50
James Evans
Dealers in ;Beel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Soaeon. Orders promptly at*
tended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that Donald Mclnlosh of
Kevelstoke, II. C, prospector, intends lo
apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing ul a post planted about 2\
miles above Blue River, marked "D. Mclnlosh's S. E. corner," thence north uo
cl..(ins, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 120 chains, thence east 40 chains lo
poinl of commencement, containing 480
acres more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wed aug a 1 D. McINTOSH.
Hovolstoke Land Distriet.
Distriot of Weat Kootonay.
Tako notice that James P. Kennedy, ef Ilie
clllewaot, 1). C , Minor, Intends to apply for a
special timbor licenso over tbe following de*
wr|bed lands;
Commencing at a post planted on the north
bnnk of tlio north-cast fork of Downie (reek,
about six miles ubove thu Korku and marked
"James P. Kennedy's S w, corner," tbenco 40
cnains uorth, th- nee e ist Uio chains thence
touth 10 chains, thence west Itm chains to
point of commencement, coulaiuing W0 acres
more or less
Dated September 24i h, 1»'7.
Itevclaloke Land li.-triu.,
Di*..ic,ul w»l tioulouay,
Take .toll e lual Ai.ilivw Kilson. ol
l.MVi-l.-t..-..-, 11. U„ ,11....'I', i. .t-.i.ln li.
apply for n special It.nlier Ineiif-e ..vet
lhe lull..w.uk (lea. I'lln-d tal..Ik i
1. Commei.c.uk at it pust planled
one qiiui'tei mile almve ll.e nuiili fut-k
nf Flat Oreek, ou the mil I ll liank, and
iniitkeu "Andrew Kns....'s S. E. C.i-
nei'." Ihenee noith 40 chains, ihenee
west 160 chains, tbeuce south 40 chains,
Ihence easl 1(10 chains to point of
commencement, and containing OIO
acres more or less.
Dated Augusl. !M.h, 1907.
2. Commencing ata pust planted
nne quarter tulle above the norib l.. i
..f F.ut Creek nn the until bank
.n.u ked "Andrew Kilson's S. \\    ,
ner," ihence norlh 80 chains;
east 80 chains; iheuce south 8U    ,-.
thence west 80 chaius. to point "I
ciiniuienremeut and coutaiuiug (Uu
acii-s uHire ui- less.
Daieil AugustIWlb, 1807.
'.I.   .:........euciiig al  ft pnst planted
about, une .title and   tnree-qi.al'lers
...'lii.v lhe I....II. fi.l'k ut Kim Clt'ek, nt.
ihe nul'lh iiii.il>, and marked ' Andrei.
KitMiu's S.W. Coiner," ih.n.r iniiih
80.ha.ns; lbence east 40than.-, ilu-ote
■null. 40 ihu....-, theme easi 40 chain-.
■ I..'.i.e smith 80chiiiii", ihence w.-sl 40
. b.i.i.h, Uience iioi.Ii 40chains, tbence
wes. 4b. hains to p..im ot :uuiu.euce-
uii-iil slid containing 640 aires more or
Dated August 20th, 1907.
Ankkkw Kits   ,
Deer llMdl, Ir-nil" ll'.irla. .'nl. ;r.it.,
ll.ll MM>
Animal   If--.- Mom,',,-.,
I',.. BoUl,
Mu.l.u:  turner... flr.1 St ac Royl. At..
.1-.   a   >.   B  .'
KeteUtoke Land District.
Districi of West Kocteuay.
Take notice thai 1, tt A. Smith, agonl, 60
days after dnte Intend to a.ipiy u> tbe < hief
Commissioner ... Lands and »nri. for twr-
mission to purchase tb* fulluwiug described
Commencing at a post planted about H mile
north af south-east corner of timber limit 1016,
and marked "W A Smythe'.* H tt', corner post,"
theuce uorth W chaina, tbiu-e *a»t lu cbiins,
thence soutb K) chains, tLeuce * • 180 chains to
point of commencement, coo um ing MO acres
more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907.
W. A. f-MYTHE.
RovolsUike Land Distriot.
District of West K<>"luuay.
Take notice that I. J. Sauuderson, miner, 60
dnys after dale intend lo aj'ply to the Chief
Commistionef of Laud* and tt'urkt for per*
minion tO purchase tie following de-inbed
linos i
Commeueiug at a post planted 20 ehains west
nl Blind Bay aud marked "J. Saunderson's
norlti-ea-l corner ixist," thence south 80 cliains,
tlionte waai 60 chains, theuce uurth 10 chains
iheuce easi 80 chaius to point of commence*
meut, cuntaiuing 640 acres more or less.
Duted Oet. 26th, 1907.
Per W. A. Smythe Agent.
Revelstoke Land Distriet,
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that I, P. fl. Guffey, mine man*
iger, 60days afterdate inteud to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Landi and lv orks for
permission to purchase tbe followingdesciibed
Commeucing at a post planted 40 chains
north of tbe south-eut corner of timber limit
70l*i and marked "P. H. Qnffey's north-easl
corner post/' tbence south H) chains, thence
weal 80 chaius thea«*e north 80 chains, tbence
east SOchaius to point of commencement, cou*
tuiniuic 640 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907.
Per W.A.Bay the, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
Dlstrictof West Kootenay.
Take uotice tbat I, K. M> Bmythe, merchant!
60 days after date intend toapply to the t'biet
CommiasioneOof Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains
uortb of the southest corner of timber limit
7016 and marked "R. M Bnytha's north-west
corner post." theuce east 80 chains, thence
south 60 chains, thence west 10 chains, ttenee
north 80 chains to point of eommeneement,
containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1907,
R. M. 8UITH1,
Per W. A. Bmythe, Agent.
Revelstoke Laid District.
Districtof West Kootenay,
Take notice that I, W. A. Beavr, locomotive
fireman, 60 days after date iatend to apply to
the Cbief Commissioner of Land and tt'orka for
permission to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted about 4 mile
north of tbe south-east corner of timber limit
7016and marked "W. A. Beavo's south-easl
corner post." tbence north 80 chains, theace
west 80 chains, tbence south 80 chains, tbence
east 80 ehiius to pointof commence menl, coa*
taining 640 acres more or less.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1901.
PerW.A.Bmyihe, A*eat.
Take notice that Donald Duwar, of Arrowhead, B. C, timber cruiser, intends to apply
for special timter licenses over tbe following
deacribed lands:
1. Commeucing at a post planted about 90
chains north west on a bl.uwi trail from Boyd'i
cabin on Piugston Creek, and marked "Donald
Dewar's nurvn-easi corner post," ibeuce weal
nji chains, thenee south 40 chains, thenoe eaat
lb' cnains. '.henoo nortb 40 chains to point of
i. comrnt-ueing at a poet planted at the
north eust oorner of Location .No.l. and marked "Donald Dewar's south-«ail oorner poet,"
lbence west 160 chains, theuce north 4o chains,
int nee ia.-.' l&J cbsuna, tbence iouth io chaini
to point of eoniiiiiMiw-iiiuiii.
Dattd Bt-pii'iuoer IK, Wl,
3. Commenting at a poet planted at the
MiutliwiMi coruer of Timber Uimt Ul*, and
marked "Donald Dewaii wuuUi ea-t turner
post," ihencu uurlh ltio chaiua, im-i.te mi-aiM
cuaitia, lin'iice -MUlli i*l ili-alii**, llitut* «ftnt tt
Lli.allJ     iU (Alll.l Ul lAlliliiMICcUl   Ul
4 i ouiimucii.g ai a pu't idai.ied a. the
suu.hc.i-t turuui of limber Lnuit Nu hit if,
aim marked "Duualu Dv-iai-'-i MMltU wtjti gup
ner pu«ii," meuee uortb so t'UaiUN tUeuw cwt
tlu chains, tnunce soutb ao enaun, thvace weit
BO chaius to point of i-ounueuceiueub-
Dmcd September 23rd, 19.?:
wed oet i DuNALD DKWAE.
Iu tho matter of the estate of Charles (lit ism iu
Bncher, late of Revelstoket British Colum*
bia, deceased,
Notice is hereby given pursuant to the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, 1897, Chap.
187, thnt all creditors and others having claims
iiKuiust the estate of tbe said Charles uitttman
Harbor, who died on or abuut tbe 21st Juue.
1007, nro required ou or before the 20th day of
Doi'ombflr, ll*:'i to send by post prepaid or
deliver to Messrs. Bcott A nritfgs of tbo City of
Revelstoke aforesaid, Solicitors for Frederick
W. Aylmor, Administrator of the personal
estutoiiud nil oi*t'i of the said deceased, their
Chriatiuu names and surnames, addresses and
descriptions with full particulars of their
claims, tbe statement of their accoont and the
uature of tbe securities (if auy) held by them.
Aud further take uotice that after such last
mentioned date the said Administrator will proceed Ui distribute tbe assets of tbe deceased
amouK the parties entitled thereto, having regard ouly to the claims of which he then shall
nave notice, aud that the said Administrator
will nut be liable for tbe said assets or any
part thereof to auy person or persons of whose
claims notice shall oot have Been received by
him at the time of such distribution.
Dated at Revelstuke, British Columbia, this
first day of November, 1907.
Solicitors for Frederick W. Aylmer, Adnloli*
miulstrator of the personal   estate end
etTects of said Charles Qituman Bacher,
deceased. aetnoT94tw
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice li lunby ftvSD .bit tba partniriblp
heretofori lubalatlug l-uiwean ui, lbs uidir*
al|ue<l. ia o.titifoilimsra, Id tba I'll, ol Rival-
aloko. hu this dav beeu dlaaolved br mutual
conaent, All debt! o«IO| to tbe laid partner-
alii", in to bl plid to Allan 0. llornell, and all
clifma aiiluat tbe Hid pertnereblj. are lo 1*
pr.fae.it.!.I to lb! Mid Allan U. llornell, wbo
will ill luture carry on .be .aid bualmaa and
by whom .be aame will be aettled.
Iiaii.l at ke.el.toke, B, c, this lllbdiyol
October. 1907.
Wltneui-A, M.I'inkh.B Mill
Take notico that I, Ueonie T. Newman, ot
Anowbead, 11. C-, occupatiou Clerk, intond to
apply Ior permisaion u. purcbue Ibe luUowlug
described land.:
Commencing at t post planled at Ibe N.E.
cornor of Clara McQuarrie'a Loi SKA, tbencl
north So cbaina, theuce wel 10 cam., ibtfnce
soulh 'tb cbaina. Ihence eaal in chaiua, theme
Miutli 10 cbaina, lbence eaat lv cbanu u. point
ul commencement.
Dated Dept. Uth, UK.
,cp21 aat UfcURUK T. NEWMAN.
Hevd'toke Land Distncl.
...strict ul Wesi K ^aiua.'.
Take uotica thai il.j.h M Baannl K.t.1-
t..kif. B.C., oc.upal.uu M .er. iu .uu. U
upply for spac.ai ixubar ..curt, over iu. (ul-
l.iwfiirff.u-criljed land.:
I, i ..i.iiiitu.'iiiai a po.' plant*,, .womllea
cast of ii.l- .'u.u.iiui-i nv r.... *r n. -*iui.i-f..-l
corner ul Timber um.l lads, am. a.araed 'K.
...uBcan'a n.-rti. «r-i .u...ei," iucii- >■ c..,l it»i
.liti.ii-. llieuce soulli t" < I..1U1N, i.iciic.f ae.. ISO
chains, lhcuce uorluI..ba.a, l pu.-.lul omul [itftfiiicijl, and couuaiu.ng Hu aooa ...un. or
Datod lib September, UK.
'1. commencing al a puat planted on thl
norlh bank uf Higmou.b Crwk about {mill
above lho aou.h lurk, and ua.ktal "a- Mc
Bean's soutb-weat corner,' tti.u.a uu.th 10
chalna, tiience oast IS. ch ,11.,. thenou mix tl HI
chaina, ihence wwtieotopo.uiul ■SUS.om.
ment- and containing t*. aero, uum ur u-a.
Daled llth cepUniMr, UK
a  t ......iiencing al a posl plaited oa the
soulh uank of Blgmouth (reek about 11 utile!
above lhe south lurk and... »rkul "h McBean 1
norlh-taHl comer," Uiouco ll' chain, auulh,
thence 160 chaina west, tbence 10 chain, nortb,
thence ISO chaina ea-t Ui point ul commencement, and containing 610 acres mure or leaa.
I. Commencing al a poal planted on the
aoutl. baakul Higmoutb Creek ahoul S. nil lea
above the south fork aud maiked "K. McBean a
north-west corner," Ihence Pj chaina wai,
th, ni-e 10 cbalni norl.., lbence U) cha.... tut,
thence so cbaina soulb, Ihence lb cbaina woat,
Uience io cbaina aoulh, then, a to ehalaa west,
tbence 10 chain, norlh u, puiui of cumm.nc
...eut. and couu.ning Uo aore. more or lc.
li. Commencing al a post planled on tbe eul
bank 0. Bigtuouih Creek, about Ave nalw.
above Canyon Crwk, and marked "E. Mo-
Lean's north we.l corner," thenee ¥1 chalna
soulh. thence io chalna eut, lbence 10 chain!
suulh. thence SO cbaina but, thenoe lo chaina
north, thenca 10 chalna weat, ihence H chain!
north. Ihence SO chain, wwl to point of ooni-
u.cuccmo..i,and containing SH aoru mora er
Dated llth September, 1S07.
S Cjumie.icing at a poal planted SOO yard,
aouth ol lllKuioulh Creek and abut, tbe uorlk
fork and marked "K, McLean*, northwesl oorner.' thence SO chains, thence SO cbalni aoutb,
thence 80 chalna w«t, thenca Ml chains uorth ta
point of coi.iiueucen.ent, and oontaining Ut
acres more or lew.
Dated l«b Bepwuber, 1S07     _ „   .. „
Revelitoke Und District.
District ol w,»t KooUnar.
Take nullce lhat Kobert F. Goodman, of Marinette, Wis,. U.8.A.,occupation lumberman, ll-
tend, ui apply lor special limber lloence. over
tbe lollowlni deacribed landi;-
1. ConmeuclDg a. a pun plaited an tka
eul branch ol Ualy creak, aoo.it ihrH-laurtk
mllea Iron lork., and I mllea Irom mouth tl
Ualy .'reek, mirked "Hubert l.uocdman'a
■oatb.wnt corner puat." lbence SD cbilai
norlh, tb.nc.SS chalna wit, ibeucancnaiu
aoulh, thenc. 10 chalna wwl tonlaoaol commencement.
Dated ilk Bepi. 1N7,
1, Commencing al a poal planted IU a. I la.
up Canyon Crwk, marktd • Robert 1. UttS-
man'a MDlh-wwl corner po,t," IbanM US
cbaina eut, thence Hi tbalna ntrik. Ikisot ISI
chain, iwt, tb.nc. 40 cbalm walk It plaoa tl
Dal*. Illk Snt. INT.
Hegulai slii antl $20 Conts.         Now *9.25
Soils  Only,, fow of the lia.'Riilns left. Tweed
Suits lit $11, SI2 Soils nl $8, $11 Suits .it $10.
Men's good heavy Tweed I'nnts selling nl $1.10
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Call ainl see llieni.
easy buying.
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Corsets.    This Is the firsl ii IVored in 11. 0,
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.'in....1 1... excelled   for comfort, .'if,  Try n
tn, and always carry a  fresh anil up-to-date
stock.   Gooda lo hand dully hy express
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1!i.m.i,-1'..ki-:, B.C, >,
i|i t$i i|i t|i tti i|i i|i it' it' 'I' 'I' 'I19
Jesxixgs-Fraseh—On the Utb inst.,
at the residence of Edward Jennings, Second Street, by the Kev.
W. C. Calder, Louis 11. Jennings, of
Arrowhead, to Grace Fraser, ol
Musqtiodoboit, N. 8.
Wednesday, Nov. 13, lor 21 hours.—
Cold, cloudy and unsettled, probable
Snow. Temp: ma.v. 40 degrees, min.
3-1 degrees.
Tuesday, Nov. 19.—Drama, ''Vie are
King," D. B. Gaily A Co.
Tuesday, Nov. 19.—Smoker, Cricket
Wednesday, Nov. 20—St. Peter's social
and (ale ol work at tbe Rectory.
Thursday, Nov. 21.- Y. M. C. A
Opening Dinner.
Friday, Nov. 29—Scottish Concert by
local talent.
Thursday. Dec. j—Ye Old Folks Concert, by Choir ol Methodist
Local and General.
to tbe Union Hotel Restau-
snt after the theatre for a dainty sup-
Sara S, Commozsi ha* been lined
$125 snd costs for selling liquor
'•'Mtli ut a licence.
Baby's D. g Store needs
are carefully supplied at
We have special stocks of
the Toilet, Nursing ,.pd
Feeding articles antl preparations which baby requires.
absolute FRESHNESS are
distinctive features of Bews'
Baby ^oods.
W. Bews
Phm, B,
Druggist and Stationer
Filling an Order
for Groceries
to lhe letter, nml will. Ihe
very besl lb.il is in the slore
whether the order is sent by
messenger, telephone or
otherwise, is always appreciated by the good housekeeper, Out' foods are all
high grade and ynu never
make any in Make when you
order from Hobson A Hell.
I   l'vthiss is ri lines ul loitight,    Special
Tin. Revelatoke Anti-Tuberculosis
Society lias scut down lo Dr. Fauan
Ifi)" in aid ..(tl.e general lund for tb.
esl.ii.lisliiut.nl i.l the Kiunluops Sun
tariu i.i.
The Espo.ante Club met ou Saturday evening with a large attendance
Some guud preliminary work was done
The ucxt meeting wili 'uke pace on
Saturday, Nov, llitb, at 7.3-J p.m.
Work on the exterior ol ihe new
baptist Church lias been co upletcd
and plasterers will commence . n tbe
interior ut once. The contractor, E
C. Fromey, has spire 1 no pains in the
erection ami finish of Ibe church
which is a handsome piicoot i.rchi
The tieorge l>. Howard Oo, played
"Christopher Jr." last night at the
opera house nml will pnsent "The
Young Mrs, Wintbrop" tills incning
Tbis company was here iu tlie sum.
mer and created a very good imprcs-
situ, ou Kevelstoke audiences, in their
several comedies in which the artists
are well chosen.
Vie understand that there is a move,
ment on loot in local circles lo approach the provincial government at
the next se-si.in with ll n.-q iCHt ior a
Ir.illic bridge across the Cl.imbia
Tlie representation will be as strong
and effeotlVe as possible, as the movement is uue which Kevelstoke citizens
as a whole heartily endorse.
Tne lH.iiK-Hpi.il tbat ma patched our
knees with;
The axe that 1'a felled the Hist trcei
Will be seen on lhat night
By ilini candle light,—
Ami  the  snuffbox  that Grandpa
would sneeze with.
Whore '!   At the Opera House, Dec
Oth, ef course.
11...I Bread is Ibe most
essential thing in life?
You can gol along without, mosl anything else,
bnl bi'e.ui yun musl have
—and yet huw many
people are careless about
Ibis indispensable food
product. We make il
our particular business
to turn nut the linesi
bread in town. THY IT.
Come anil order some
best Coal ever brought
into Revelstoke.
Don't forget tlie place.
tinier irom
Kincaid id Anderson
Frank McCarty
Hi. Majesty the King hai been presented with the Ciillin.an diamond by
the legislative assembly ol the Trans-
vain at a token ol loyalty ol the people
.il ibat colony. The diamond is the
largest known and worth $7511,0110.
We arc pleased to see that K.
Tapping, ono of our oldest resi lents
and most enterprising citizens, has
arranged with thc management ol the
Mail-Herald for a regular advertising
space which no duiil.t will contain
...me interesting material.
Three ll.tt cars, part ..I a freight,
going west on Sunday alternoon, led
I the rails at the Boulder switch and
sustained considerable damage.   Fra
I temaily the train wa- going up  grade.
j at tbe time antl travelling slowly.     A
: wrecking  crew   was  sent  out  from
Revelstoke to clear tl.e tra. It
Trueman's Studio wiil in  pen .
Tuesday, the  12th i..,t., and will be
represented by Mr I K Allen i: fl in-
Inipeg, and   yon   may depend ai usual
.... receiving tb.- very ties! work, al ill
our finishing is done in our Vancouver studio, which  if    ir gu irante.   ,
that the  work will be latiilactory in
! every res;«ct
 —  ^^     Ye tilde r  Iki   oncerl     .- a k, ni-
Don't  forget the  tea and sale ol| petent kommittea on  Ye Olds Folks
.rk at Mrs. Procurer's, We.lnes.Uy dresses, whioh will be leer] by candle
lighten Dec 5th al I ipping - Singii .■
H mi mt! have your .-oiled shirts
and  flood   kollars   in   redineis, snd
something ekill) eppropriale lor the     Don't Isil to see ths largest assort-
occaiion ment  ol   Urdu.teres we have had tor
year- at C   li  Ilium Sl Co
afternoon, 20th, admission 10c
The Union Hotel Restaurant .s
serving meals at sll hours, nnd alter
the theatre they invite you to drop in
and take a sample
Keep In mind the at hnme Wednesday evening ll.e 20th, at the Rectory,
Guessing contest  has been arranged.
Admission 'Joe.
Social and Personal
Bert Uly the, ol Arrowhead, is in the
city today.
Fred Forrest of Albert Canyon was
iu town this town (bis week.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McDonald, of
Sicamous, spent a few days in the city
thie week.
Percy Dunne, of the Dominion
Express Company, Calgary, is paying
a week's visit, to tbe city.
Mrs. W. A. Sturdy will receive on
the afternoon and evening of Fiiday,
Nov. 15th, at her home on Filth
Mibs Crake will be at home to her
Iriends on Thursday evening next,
Nov 14, from 7 to 8,30, at the residence ol .Mrs. Kleetliam, First street,
The Swastika club held a Progressive
Whist party last evening in lhe parlors of the Savoy. After playing uutil
eleven the tables wero removed and
dancing was indulged in until mid
night. Light l'elresbmeuts were served
This is another succtss adJed to the
to the club's list of etiteitaiiiiucnts.
Business Locals
Nothing bettor than Our "Special
lie Cream a:..I hot chocolate sauce
at the Savoy,
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Ravslstcke Cigars.
Jardinieres all siies and all prices
on sale this week at 0. B. Hume it Co.
No Smoke, No Soot, No Slate-
Clean, Lasting Coal—H. N. Coursier.
Large pictures of the King and
Queen, only 26c. at the Canada Drug
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made-Our
Special, The union, and Marca Vuelta
are ahead ol all others.
get ur cunier window for bargains
thii ■"■' It . ..!>■ in Staffordshire china,
.',.  II  It..."  A  I O,
D. nic.ugh too long ior we bave a
•pie d ■: fi mure lor 25... ibat will
, help y..u.   Canada Drug Store,
ii... British Columbia new Directory
is just out. Ti.e Canada Drug Co.
have ■ i-.< p) .ny person is welcome
toe    e in snd use It.
For the benelil -1  thos.   »ho are
li m.i ol spending r f. » idle i nu
,ii,.1 -pur., cash in .uokins a niekle-in-
th ilol ...'Mil", the lollowing prob-
H , ties ire interesting Ituval ilnah.
flush, f
... 23-IJ tliree ol  a   kind. 1
1 in 2U  one pair, 1 in
I, I lil
1    in
The Ladies" Aid of the Methodist  I in 660,000  straight
church bold a very enjoyable mm [onr ol s kind 1 in
parlor social at the resldenoe ol Mrs house i ... 693 flush
II. Manning on Thursday lasl isiraigbt, 1
FOR SALK-Nov, 28th, in  Selkirk jn3     '"'""'
Hall, a variety ot articles suitable
Xmas gifts,   Funds in aid cl R, 0     Chief Constable I rule has returned
Churcl. [rom    .   . ml     -    i   i eget!
ilerei limes,   who   ica| ed Ir .m Pro-
Bee the latest thing In moving pic   rinolal Conitabl rdon il
turei ,in.l hear,. varied programme by
local talent—Selkirk Hall, Nov, 28th,
Admission 2".c., children 16c. Refreshments free.
while ... lm way to tl.,. Ksmloopi
gaol.   Only   very   meagre   trace   ' II
found nf the fugitive, and sltl jh
lhe c...... try has been quartered   ti ii
A novel feature of amusement will I "."quartered hy Indian! and ,
bc   included  iu  the    Cricket,  Olub results accrued,    The Government ii
Smoker.... Tuesday, Nov. 19th, de-| now offering a reward ol
tails ..I whioh will he published in ..ur
Saturday's issue
Vito Antonio Otallganl, ol Rovelstoko and Miss Agnes o. C. Holm, of
j Nelson,   were  married   on   Saturday
evening, Bt Nelson, by the Rev. .LT.
i Ferguson, Iciing late I r lla..If,
The Revelsloke Liberal  Association
|are holding Iheir monthly  meetings
to-morrow night In the hall mi First
I Street, vacated l.y tin. Salvation Army,
Live  ml.j.cti   mul    able    speakers
.should draw an attentive audionce.
It is announced that Sir I'hur Ies
Tu pper bin l.een appointed a privy
I councillor, Chief Justice Rns-, ol
1 Ton.uiu, a Knight Bachelor, uml
1 ll. piily-l'ostniaator-Oeiicriil, a CM ti,,
[as King's birthday honors.
Come in snd see  our  new  lot ol
Irsraed pictures, wonderfully cheap.
Canada Dni|< Store.
ring ii tl.e standing il the
cum Issl nignt
Fire Hal! No, 1      128758
V M C. A. 11:1929
. i...i.-i.   ,           . 81471
-:  I'-""-- i [lurch 8048
Hospital          7060
CatholioChurob, 8262
Methodist Church 2991
Public School  2882
K,o(P 1921
Masonic Uslge  '•*<>
Locomotive Engineers. '120
?, 0. E.              '129
1.0. F      530
1. O. O. F         ISO
Machinists          tHO
.; tk.   .'ti       260
Firemen 0 P it 160
Bpi lhii . o tea—76.
apprehension of  the   SOOUSOd   or   ! U
information which will  lead to his
On Monday night " An Egyptian ol
Pompoil " was staged by  tin:   Nelson
llr...:.. Co.,  Miss   llelene   Scott  and
Joseph de Stephanl in the leading
robs,   The scene was laid ir.   Pompeii
and the production was a dramatisation (rom liulwer-Lyltnn a famous
story, " The Last Daya ol Pompeii," j
although Mi.-, play l.y .... means foi
lowed the book. The scenery and I Amateur Dramatio Olub tot assistants,
staging were very well carried out,Iiu raising$75. Mr,O. Lsobmund 1)10,
but there was much in the acting | R, Tapping $6, the Independent Bsnd
The Anti-Tuberculosis Society desire t" express  iheir  tb.ii.ki  tu  the
that, could have l.eeli improved ..po...
A drama ol this description requires
much to make it s.icci.sslol although
on Monday night many nl the lectin
werc powerfully portrayed.
anil all who gtui'iriuuily aided in mak
ing the benelit. on Friday last inch a
Mas. T. Kll.l'Aiitii:*.,
During Our Big TEN Days' Sale Om* Store has been
crowded with customers who bought many of our Bargains and came
back and bought again. We had many new customers whose business
we intend to keep. Some were not prepared to take advantage of the
low prices, and to help them out, many of our cut prices will bc left on
during the coming week, and some new ones will be added. Any lines
in which we feel our stock is too large, must be reduced, and it will be
money-saving to anyone in need of those goods. We are still a few
dollars short of the amount we advertised for, and arc anxious to make
up the deficiency.
Among the lines we would call especial attention to are :
Ladies' Coats and Skirts
Children's Coats and Dresses
Ladies' and Children's Hose
Shoes for Everybody.
DRESS GOODS that sold from $i to $2 per yard.   There are
about 25 Suit lengths, made of the Best Wool, and you can have your
choice at 50c. per yard.
Velveteen for Blouses,—35c. per Yard.
Mclennan s
Meali at all Hours
Everything Up-to-Da'.e
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr.
NURSING in private homes wanted
l.y .1 wuman nf expel ience, good
references, Address Mrs. M. Overton,
Revelsloke. net, 30
WANTED-Ruoms lo Rent, put ly
furnished.    Apply In   Horn*.
WANTED-Single furnished room,
with or iviihnnt board, State
terms, moderate, in letter to A. W.,
MailtBebaid office,
WANTED—Live wide awake boys
in every cily, Inwn.ii.d village
lu sell Western Canada's new weekly
newspaper, "The Western Homestead." Hustlers cm make big money.
No capital required. Wilte for terms
Immediately. Thu Western Homestead
Calgary, Alta.	
WANTED to purchase tor client 11
second hand  Safe apply to 13. A.
Haggen, Revelsloke.       nov I)
Revelsloke Laml District.
District of Woat Kooteuay.
NOTICE is horeliy ulvon that HO days aflor
Into I iutond tn aunlj- tn tlio chief Commls*
ilonec of Lands aud Works for a speoial timlier
liconca to nit ami carry away timlier from
curtain lands situate In tbo District of West
Kootonny described as follyWSi
CniiimeiicitiuuW imst (iliiiitod oil tlio Wost
Hank of the I 'ulnm.ua Kiver uiul on tlio north
boundary 0! the railway belt aud niarked u«
McCarter's South«East Uorner"i thuuee 120
chain* westi thonco north 62 chains; theuco
easl (20ohalasi t«> tho Columbia Hivor; tlionco
south aloiiir tlm wost hank of the Columbia
Kiver V3 chains moro or loss to tlio point of
commencement and containing WO acres moro
nr less.
Dated November 1st., l.t07,
i arlboo ' aud District,
District of Cariboo,
r&ke notice that Charles I.. Hyde, oi Revel-
itoki B.O,, occupation, timlior eruiscr, Intends
to apply for a speoial limber licenso ovor the
(ollowlng described lauds i
i Commencing ot a post liluntod about nun
mile above the mouth of Ptarmigan Crook, and
ibout ono mile imrth n( Cutmo Kivor, tlionco
100 ohaini north, tlienco W chains east, tlionco
IfiO ohaini wain, thonee (Ochalne wost topoint
of commencement
t Commencingal apost plantod about two
a ibove the month of Ptarmigan Crook,
and ibont one mile north of Canoo Itiver,
thenee IHO chains west, thenoe io chains south,
tbenoe lOOchains east, thouco M ehnins nnrlh
in point of commencement,
! i ommenojiig al a posl plqntak almul
ii.™.? mil«- hUvo tbo month nf Ptarmigan
■reek,   ami   OQ4   miln  nnrtli  nf  fniiuo Rivur,
theoce 80 chains north thenee 80 ohalna east*
t* ence M chains south, thouro B0chains wost to
poinl of commencement,
I. Commencing at a post plantod nliout
three milei above tlm moutli of I'turmiuan
I reek, and one milo nnrth nf Catmo Rivor,
tbenoe80 chains north. ilK-nro SOchains wo4,
them" SO ohaini iouth, iliewoto chains oast to
poinl if oommenoement
Dated October 9tl., 1001
who nov 18 CBsUtLKB I.  HYDE,
Restaurant and Kurnislied ito.....!
Meals Irum 'Hie. Up.
Second Street, • East End
rooms, furnace, twu lut! (min corner),
Convenient to businoss part nl city.
A desirable homo lur anyone. I'rice
moderate on ei.sy lorms.
Apply;—Mill IUrai.ii.
Great Slaughter Sale
THIS WEEK ONLY we will sell a number
of LADIES' COATS at a remarkable reduction in
YOUR CHOICE For $8, $10 and $12
These Coats are the Newest Gibson design. We
have just 15 of the same left.
ONE WEEK ONLY, commencing
Nov, lllth, I anticipate closing
the Millinery season for the Kali
and will sell the entire Kail Stock
at cost.
Tbe complete stuck uf children's
wear at Ull put' cent, discount,
Miss A. Mash
Climax Hotel
Opera House
Tuesday, Nov. 19
C. W. Walker offers the
lliuutifitl, Romantic Comely
And an Exceptional
Comedy Company
An Elaborate Costume and
Sosnlo Equipment
Prices, $1,00, 75c„ 50e.
Seats on Sale at  Canada  Drug
A Hook Company.
Kippered herring, bloaters,' meet
potatoes, celery, California grapes,
Spanish grape! and choice eating and
cooking apples today st C. B. Hume
4 Co,
At One O'clock Sharp
MONDAY,   NOV.   18th
Consisting of complete furnishings of
a Ten-Roomed House aa follows;
Kino Desk, Carpels, Parlor Tables,
2 Weathered Oak Chairs, I Oak
Rocker, 1 Wicker Arm Chair, 1 set. of
Oak Dining Chairs, leather bottom, 2
Oak Dinine Tables, 1 Fine O.ik Bullet,
1 Heating Slove, 2 Cook SlOV.es with
tank and hot water connection, Fine
Oak Hall Hack, Hook Cases, sovorol of
the very best, iron bedsteads, several
bureaus and wash stand, child's
couch, child's sleigh and go-cart,
cuckoo clock.
Pine Cabinet Sowing Machine.
Everything must go of this first-
class home. Sale In take place at
November 18th.   Terms Cash,   Don't
miss it.
Cardiff Coal—The all-night Range
Wellington Coal—Best iu tbe world,
Briquettes—Hard Coal Ior kitchen
Banff Anthracite—Used everywhere
(or limine., and heating stoves.
Dry Cedar Wood—Prompt delivery.
Dry Pine, Fir and Tamarack, ready
Ior delivery early noxt month.
Telephone 81.
A reward of $20.00 will be paid by
the Council for iuforiiiatinn leading to
the conviction'"CI anyone tampering
with the City Fire Alarm boxes or
sending in a false alarm,
oct au-st Mayor.


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