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The Mail Herald Aug 21, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For ease nf operation and peifeetion
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Prioe, $6000 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   ■   Agents
The Mail
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Prini I Publishers
Vol. 15.-No59
REVELSTOKE. B. C. AUG1 S I' 21. 1909
$2.50 Per Year
Pfov.inoitll Library
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Special Prices
Tin; balance of our summer goods must be
cleared out this month; to do this we arc offering
reductions that will pay you to investigate.
The balance of our Ladies' Wash Suits —
siz.es ,54, t,6, and 3S; regular $10.00 values
Now    $5.00
Summer Dresses in White Lawn and Muslin, Coloured Ginghams. All wash fabrics
Splendid values at $3-90 each
Tourist Ruching put up in boxes; seven
ruchings to the box 15 cents each
Muslin Cushion Tops, fancy braided and
embroidered designs 90 cents each
Fancy Scrim Cushion Frills, fancy coloured
designs 75 cents each
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Rovelstoke and Arrowhead.
\ Big Gut in Sporting Goods
BASEBALL   GLOVES       legulai-   *   75   now   ,$   50
1 IH)     "
1 _i"i      "
$1 25    •
'      $   85
,,                   ,.
50    "
1 50     "
1 Oil
I no    -
:i 00
tl 50    "
5 no
*1 00    ••
$    Iill
Association Hulls"
$1 75    "
$1 25
$1 25    "
1 50    "
85    ••
$   85
I  10
1 00    "
1000   TENNIS    MALLS      regular    50o.    now    85c.
1000 " " •' 50c.        "        25c.
BOYS'   " •• " 35c.        "        15c.
BOYs' LACROSSE STICKS  " 75c.       "       50c.
See Our South Window for Bargains in Hammocks
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Impersal Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in'Ciinada.
Audits in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Ex-
change National Bank. Seattle-Seat tie National Bank SanEran-
olsoo—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane -Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
O posits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
RevelstoH Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Ladies' Net Blouses
and Fancy Collars
Just received a new shipment from the  East.     The latest
styles and prices   reasonable.
MRS.   A.  Ci.  CRICK
-. First   Strent Opposite   Windsor   Hotol ^
IL -•
In Spite of Hard Year, Finances
are on Right Side-President
Speaks ot Progress on New
Wing- President Re-Elected
Tbe eighth annual general meeting
ol the Revelstoke Hospital Society
was held in tlie City Hall Wednesday
evening. There were present Messrs.
Kilpatrick (chairman), Lawrence, McCarter, Hooley, Siue, McLennan, Kincaid, Gordon, tloble, Lefeaux, Dr.
Sutherland and Armstrong,
Tbe financial statement presented
by W. D, Arnistruug, secy.-treasurer,
was satisfactory iu I lint it shown!
increasing business and a balance of
receipts over expenditure of $2,335.13.
Tne receipts.were made up principally
of cuutracts, government Bubsidy and
pay patients. Contracts bought in
.$13,103.50, pay patients contributed
a total ol 12,683.80, uf wbicli $161.60
was contributed from Arrowhead The
government Buusidy was $3,07515.
The hospital box ul (ilacier contributed $10 50 and $02 35 was alao
received from subscriptions. The
balance, made up ol intere.t, cash in
band, etc.. brougbl tbe total receipts
up to $21,073 56.
The total expenditure was $18,7 18.-
43, ol which the principal item was
$10,401 lor salaries, the oilier ex-
peuses being divided among the vafi
mis items of hospital maintenance.
The balance sheet showed assets of
$20,410.22, witb no liabilities.
Tbe report ol the medical superintendent showed only lour paiieuls
in the hospital at tbe present time.
During the year 516 patients bad
been treated, of which 403 were from
Kevelstoke and 112 from Arrowhead
The cases were divided as follows:—
Major operations, 09; medical cases,
202; surgical, 278; maternity, 14; X
Ray examinations, 20. Besides this,
io the out patient department there
were 1514 cases of surgical treatment
of which 550 were at Kevelstoke and
964 at Arrowhead, and nearly 2,000
president's report
The President, T. Kilpatrick, presented the followiug report.
Gentlemen,—1 have much pleasure
in presenting f >r your approval and
adoption the eighth annual report of
this society.
It will not be necessary to go deeply
into the altiairs ol the society at this
time, as tbe Financial Statement,
llulance Bluet and Medical Superintendent's Report will give a very accurate idea of the work accomplished.
Although last year was considered a
bard year for the hospital, this bus
been still harder in the tailing off ol
receipts Irom both pay and contract
patients. This no doubt has been
largely due to the dullness in the lumber industry, and tbe financial depression ol last winter. Still, 1 think the
society is to be congratulated on the
fact, that, we Iiud ourselves at the end
of the hospital year with a substantial
balance to our credit.
The balance in bank at the end of
July is $8,385 and tbe sum ot $3400
owing to the society, (and which no
doubt will very soon be paid in) and
no outstanding liabilities. There has
been no complaint of our service fur
the past year.
The brick addition to the ljueen
Victoria Hospital now well uuder con
structiou and to be ready lor occupancy by the 30th of November, will
be a very handsome and substantial
structure, and although from the way-
it is laid out it may look a little odd,
it bas been so built to cnolorm with
the plan for a complete hospital building (sdeedsly to be built we hope) and
to take tbe place ol the woodeu building now in use.
We derire to thank moat heartily
lor their kiud grant ol $8000, and the
Hon. Thoe. Taylor who has been
largely instrumental in oblaining this
for us. This Bum with the money in
hand will enable ub to complete our
building and furnish it without going
into debt. We also very sincerely
thank our contract palronB lor tl eir
prompt payments.
In conclusion, 1 wish to thank the
members of the board sitting with me
lor the pa§t year, (or their hearty anil
enthusiastic energy. To the members
ol our medical and nursing stall tor
their loyal attention to duty, and to
the various citizens, (including tKe
Corporation of this ciiy, for the free
use ut this meeting room) and lor the
support and assistance ihey have been
over ready tu give us.
li was moved by Mr. McCarter, etc
onded Mr. Sine, that the same nine
directors elected for 1008 9 be elected
for 1009 10; viz., Messrs. Kincaid, McLennan, Lefeaux, Lawrence, Atkins,
Cooke, Bctliune, Armstrong and
Hooley.    Carried.
On motion of Mr. McCarter, seconded Mr. Kincniil, a vote of thanks win
tendered the Medical and Nursing
Staff and tbe Ladies Auxiliary
Immediately after the adjournment
of the annual meeting lhe llrat meeting meeting uf the board .if direotors
for 1900-10 was held und the following
ollicers elected : President, T. Kilpatrick; 1st Vic.e-l'rcB., XV. M. Lawrence; 2nd Vice-Pres, F, E. Sine;
Sec-Treas., XV  D. Armstrong.
Arruwheud   Board    of     Trustees—
Messrs. L&chiiiund, Brewer ami Reid.
Executive Committee—Messrs. Kilpatrick, McCarter, McLennan, Cooke,
and the Secretary.
Building Committee—Messrs. Kilpatrick, Howson, McCarter, McCarty,
Gordon, Atkins, Armstrong and llr.
Finance Committee—Messrs. Kincaid, Atkins and Armstrong.
Presentation to Mr. and Mrs, Newman before
Leaving for the Coast
Last Wednesday evening, before
they left for Vancouver where they
will in future reside, Mr. and Mrs. Q.
T. Newman were presenlod with substantial tokens of the esteem in which
tbey me held by the-people of Arrowhead, in the form of a gold watch for
Mr .Newman and a cut glaaB berry
bnvl for Mrs. Newman, accompanied
by ui address.
Tim presentation wus made at a
social gathering nt which Capt. L. H.
Fraser presided, and a programme ol
songs, recitutions, ami musical selections was given The uililress wns
read by Mr. W. R, Keid, and the prcs-
senution made by Mr. Q. T. Chapman. Sougs were given by Mrs. R. R
Lane and Mrs. J. Fyte, and 11 recitation by Mr. H. Eiulkner. Mr. Newman replied in leeliug terniB to the
address, and the proceedings wound
up with a dance, and tho singing of
"Auld Lang Syne."
Following   is   the   full   text of the
address   which   was signed by 80 citizens of the Arrowhead district;
To Geo. T. Newman, Esi. , J.P,
We, the citizens of Arrowhead and
vicinity have heard witb regret ol
your departure from amongst us and
we take this opportunity ol expressing
our appreciation of your character
aud conduct.
As a pioneer iu the mountain country, us a citizen and merchant iu
town, ub a justice of the peace, as a
school tnu-te.', and last but not least,
as au old timer aud the bist of good
fellows you have always hud our respect and our Iriendsbip, Few in
town have not profited by your advice
iu difficulty and your knowledge in
times of trouble, and all have felt
your kindness and courtesy us a citi-
zeu and neighbor.
Your departure from Arrowhead
will leave a vacant place among us
winch we well know will be hard to
fill. In public affairs and social
matters your name Iiub always been
a guarantee ol fair play and a etpiare
deal to all. At all times and in nil
matters you have Bhown a Btrong
sense of British justice, a true consciousness of citizenship and a willing
hand and bond for the welfare of your
country und your fellow man.
We can assure you, Sir, that although you are leaving towu yuu
leave warm friends behind you—
friends who will be at all times proud
to hoar ol your success—and we trust
that yuur many good and able qualities will lind their proper appreciation
in your new and larger field ol labor
We are sure, indeed, that with your
knowledge ol men and matters, ol
intellectual and physical labors, and
of the business ol tho west, that
success and prosperity will attend
you no matter where you go.
We beg the acceptance of this gold
watch, and to Mrs. Newman, your
esteemed wife, we present the accompanying cut glass berry bowl, uot for
their intrinsic value, indeed, but ai a
very small token of what you both
deserve from us. We wish yourself,
Mrs Newman and family God speed
and we asBure you that in Arrowhead
we shall always be pleased to see you
and to hear from you. We all regret
to have you leave us, hut our universal wish is that good luck may wait
on you and yours.
Four Vancouver Girls Drowned
in Automobile Accident at
Seattle Yesterday—An Aged
Man Injured by Convicts.
Siivrn.i:,   Auji;.   21.   Pour   women
and 11 inun were killed in .-in  automobile aooidoni  here  last  nigbt.   Two
other women wbo  were In  tho automobile had ii  narrow   escape.   They
were speeding along tbe tldellatrs when
in passing what Is known ns  "Dead
Man's Curve," the machine swerved,
crashed through tbe railing and plunged into the water.   The drowned were
Miss Agnes Cowan, Miss Magglo Paul,
and Miss J. Colvin, Mrs, M. M. Grothe
of Vancouver,    and   Ira    Parry   the
ohauffeur.   Miss Mary Paul and  .Miss
Kate Hlscock of Vancouver, clung to
tho automobile in the water und were
rescued hy a man in u  boat,    Parry's
body wns recovered aboul   twn  hours
after, and the  bodies of   Miss   AgueB
Cowun  uml   Mrs. Grothe   hive   also
been   iniiini.   The   women   were all
members  of  11   party    visiting    the
Seattle Exposition.
Sweetbhtuii, Que., Aug. 21 During
tho absence of the jailer iu the poui-
teutlai-y last night, ten prisoners beat
the assistant, Mr. Scott, into a -.title
of insensibility nml endeavoree to
escape. Mr. Scott's cries Inought
assistance und the escape ivns frustrated. Scott is 78 years of ige und us
a result of tho heating will !"■ disfigured for the rest of bis life.
London, Auk. 2d Ii is understood
that negotiations have boon concluded
between the Imperial Government unit
Canada for naval defence, und tho
agreement unly awaits ratification by
tlie Dominion puiliiiinenl. Tho scheme
is described as highly satisfactory to
both parties. It Is stated that Canada
will Immediately commence the construction of u nuw navy. The liritish
admiralty is to lend the assistance of u
number of ollicers who will immediately proceed io Canada to study tbe
situation uml advise on the work of
New Voiiii, Aug 20 Lord Strath-
cotiii, high commissioner lov Canada
lu Great Britain, was a passenger on
tbe MuiiiTiiluniu which arrived today
from Liverpool, lie is so yems of age,
but still active uml in good health.
Spiral Tunnels Between field and Hector
Should Open Nexl Week
J, E. Bohwilzer, assistant chief engineer uf lhe C.I'.R. with headquarters
in Winnipeg, who passed through here
u lew duys ago, made the announcement that the spiral tunnels between
Hector and Field will open tor trallic
during the coming week, probably
about next Thursday. When Una is
accomplished the old I I per cent
grade on the big bill al Field will be
abandoned lor all lime, the tunnels
reducing it to about 2 per cent. The
change will reduce the cost of operating, inoreaie   speed   and  do much to
facilitate trallic on the transcontinental line, of which the Field hill wiib by
far the heaviest grade.
Concurrently with this announcement comes a report that seems to
have Boine foundation that the C.l'.K.
■hops will be moved Irom Laggan to
Field, the hitler becoming the divisional point hetween the Mountain-
SliiiBwup and Field-Calgary sections
of the road. This will bring Ihe railway buiinesi Irom the east a little
nearer Kevelstoke nud within the
boundaries ol liritish Columbia, sn
that this city should receive some
benelit frum it.
Killed Near Sicamous
A report came in yesterday thai *
man named Valeneki had been killed
in Mowich liiinml about six miles
from Hioamous, It Is supposed tbat
lie was hit bj a train. Dr. Hamilton,
coroner, went mil 0D Nu. 1 this morning to Investigate and will bold ao
Inquest il necessary,   The body will he
brougbl here tor burial.
The  Groceries  carried  1
in   our   esi lent   are,   I
from ever) standpoint, per- |
fectly satisfactory. Their
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee iheir
purity. It »ill be money
in ;. oui pocket to deal here
because yuu not only net
the highest grade ol goods
but pay the lowest price for
Carrs'. Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys'. and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Hardware     McClary's Stoves     Plumbing
A bad lire was raging in tbn Castle
mountains between Hn oil uml Laggan
last week. Hank bead and lhe whole
oountry lor ten milea up tbe valley
was shrouded in smoke.)
From now until Labor Day the
track team will practise every Tuesday
and Frldaj nighi,   leaving the Y.M.C.
A. at B.89 lor the MoKenileavenue
reoreation grounds, It li up to the
local runneri to get into ibape lor tbe
I meet   as   a   strong   outside   entry ia
sis & suit
The Picture tells a Story
Now lis a TwoTiece Suit Sale.      Just  llie left-overs
'    of our own choice stock
per een
B. E. WALKER, President Paid-lip Capita!, $1 0.000,000
ALEIAHDKE LAJRD, Gener.l Mam^r    Reserve Fund,    -     6.000,000
The new Travellers' Cheques n >■.,   . are a most i
,y in which to carry money whi wed ie iU nominal tot erf
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
■ad  tbe  exart amouni  ;.,. \u-'.r..i.   Belgium,   Denmark, France,
German\, Great Britain, Holland, liul>, Norway,  Rtuulft, Sweden
and Switzerland Is Mali ..- (ai ■ el ea< n cheque, while in ruber countries
Ihey mrm payable at nim-ni i  '-**^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tbe cheques and all informal uvi -^-^A/iimg theni may be obtained al  every
at the Bank.
fc,      and good cuts.     \- careful attention
JXJ^     to 'pi as  pei tonal  ones -
vty     Dry picked Poultry,
f        BEEF, LAMB, PORK, ETC.
Uetlei  quality, cleaner surroundings
■        prices    than    elsewhere.
I-i .ninl u i idness  your is 8 :_< 9
will ivork li ml for yuu li.i e,
San     •       nul    i looked    Meal     ■■
|. dally.     Bones  crushed   for your
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ .i.iily.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
tin vv. .li.-ii,\   night   ti Obanees   ire   good   lur  a gameof
winl    down    I    . in the   junio.   lacrosse at   Balmon    Uin un the 23 rd.
baseball  series, thi   North  Si.ir.~wii     The   local   boys   are   awaiting   final
ulng tin- championship i ir l'.iOO.
A freah line uf  l.^wtiey'i chocolates
at Hewn' drug store.
arrangements I      i   announcing the
All Mshool books at Bews' drug store THEIMAILHEUALD, revelstoke, b. c.
Zbc fl&afl-lbcvalb.
Jntcriot publtsbtno Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including pottage to Knglnnd, United gluten
mid Canada.
Bi the )*oar (through uoBtofflool    |2.fi0
\uu "      l.fiO
yuHrter " *' "     LOO
J >H KlNTiNu promptly exooutod at reasonable rule.-.
iKRMs i u.-h. Bubsoriptiona payable in »d
Legal notiow 10 oenta por Une flwt tuoortlon,
5 tc ni- pur line each mibaonuonl Insertion
Measurement* Konparlol tl- linen make ono
inch), Store uml general UubIiiosh announcement* •*-■'■" per Inoh por month.
Preferred positions, 35 por QonL ml-
dititvaL InrthM, MarrtagoM and Deaths,
flOo   eaoh  ln*ertion.
Land notices $7.M All advortl^amontd
cub.iect in iho approval nf tin; management.
Wanted and Coudonsod AdTortlsomonts:
Agoou Wanted, Help Wanted, Bltuatlous
wanted, Situations Vacant. Toachors
Wanted, Mechanic* Wanted. I" words or
loss 25c., each additional line l<» copU*.
Changes in ittandtng adTertlsomonts must
oi'in by 1> it. in. *1 uohdny uml Kinlity of
ucch week to secure good display,
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on mattora o(
publio Interost, Communications iu Kdi<
tor must be aooompanlod by uamo of
writer, no) nooessarily (<> publloatlon, but
a* evidence of good faith.   Correspondence
ehouid bi> brie
Omasa i  Imperial hank ^Building Rbvbl-
Money to loan.
Offloea: Revolstoko, B C.
010. 8. McCahtkh
4, M. Pinkham
( riuihronk, M, V,
Cranbrook, D. 0.
Solicitor, etc.
Solicitor foi".—
Thk Canadian Dank ok Commerce,
Tuk Molsons Hank, Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
Hux 100, Kkvui.htiike
c. w. o  w.
Mountain Viow Camp, No. 119
mon cordially invited lo attend.
J. MilNTYKK. Clork.
F. O. E.
eld in Hi. Halkirk
ii . .r.rv""i,',l VinTl"Ttli Tueadai iiveiiiun at 8
H" Vi^iii."!.' brA"bt»J>„oo'„#jLli__J?,,d'
The rotftilar meeting aro
W. E.'McLAUi'hUN.SiaiaKTAav.
Kootenay Lodec No. IB, A F. a. A. M.
Tlit. ruinilur ineol-
inn. urn Imld i" I'm
Oddtellnwa Hall, on
lho llurd M,.ii Lo in
nni-li   iniiiitli
I. in.
\ isilnii! li
be had at
Fruit  Land one and a half
miles from   Revelstoke, lo
OU    Hl/llCO from Revelstoke
two miles
Will sell
live stock and implements.
I nulla;
e;   good
ind close
to the city,
«r WDM* Lauritr
I'rwnl.r rrl f.mi\tA.
I'. A. I'Id ir IN IKK. MKl'llKT.iHV.
Mools ovorj Tliiir--
duy evouiiiK iu Sol-
kirk Hull ntHii'i'l'ick
Visitiug lirotlireii mo
oordlaltl iiiviti'd t.
(.old Range Lodge, K. of Pi
Ho. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except iiiioi Woduopdiiy o
Bteb mnnlli, in    "'     nldliilliiw
Hull    at    5   o'clock.     Visilin
Knigbts are cordially invited.
T. I'    JMITH. ('. ('.
U. B   KKOI'K. K
J    B.
il   K   .1 B.
SlOTT. u,
Zbc fIDaiUlberalfc
iSATrRDAY, AUGUST 21, 190!'
lu tbe Order-in-Council contained in tlie latept issue ol the
H. (J. ilayette there are out or two
matter:- of especial importance to
thic district.   One provision reads;
That the disabilities with respect
to the shooting of grouee ol all
kind? lexcept prairie chicken), with
respect to the mainland (except
ead and west Kootenay), and the
is-land? adjacent thereto shall Le
removed from the Loth day of
October to the glit of December,
1009, both days inclusive." So far
as we can interpret it this menus
that the shooting uf grouse in
Kootenay Irom tbe middle of
October to tbe end of December is
prohibited, while it is allowed in
every other part of the province.
The authorities may possibly have
some good reason fur this, but we
should like to hear it explained.
It wiii l>e observed that the shooting of prairie chicken during that
period l- permitted so that we can
imagine that the game wardens
will have a rather dillicult duty to
perform, since the keen Hportsmuii
in his excitement, will naturally
think every grouse he bccs is a
prairie chicken. Apart Iroui tbis
if the idea is to save the grouse in
tbis district from extinction, the
provision is a worthy one.
Another recent regulation forbids
the killing ol bull   0 BO    OUlh ul
the   52nd parallel, pyoept iu tho
Columbia Klectoral District, till
August 31, 1011. Why the Columbia district should be so favored is
not explained, but it is presumed
that moose is more plentiful in
that district than in other parts.
Be that an it may the prohibition
should prove no great obstacle to
big game hunters starting out from
Revelstoko, because the 52nd degree of latitude cuts just across the
northern end of the Big Bond, so
that it seems that all that would
be necessary is to take the steamer
as far as possible up the river, and
then either porlage at Death Rapids
or take tho trail till the northern
bend of the river is reached, when
tho hunter will be safely within
the open bull moose country. The
season for shooting moose is from
September 1, to December 31.
The regulations issued by the
provincial game warden from time
to time, show at least that the
Provincial Government is dealing
with the preservation of game in a
thorough and painstaking manner.
This is ns it should be, for its game
is one of the best assets of British
Columbia. Hedged about by the
mountains, riven by streams and
shaded with forests, the province is
a great natural game preserve.
More and more it is becoming the
haunt of the sportsman and tourist. The hunter is the explorer
and pathfinder, who discovers new
beauties and makes easier the road
for the tourist or Nature lover who
follows him. Big game hunting
especially will draw to the country
men of prominence from all parts
uf tin- world, who will be better
able to advertise the merits of lhe
province than anyone else. Vox
these reasons the government and
the game wardens are to In commended iur the care tbey have
shown in prohibiting the destruction of game in sections where it is
becoming scarce and fur the general
prohibition of the shooting of
female deer and big game and
mountoin Bheep; thus providing
for their continuance in future.
be fou id that the educationists
themselves nearly all favor centralisation. It enables the teachers
more readily to exchange ideas and
profit by each other's methods.
Apart from that it should prove
better for the future of the town.
Educate the children of the western
portion in one building and those
of the eastern portion in another,
and you are very apt to foster a
sectional feeling from the start.
More prejudices are created, more
ware are started by isolation than
this world knows of. If children
or adults are allowed to mingle
freely they realize their common
humanity and sectional prejudices
are dissolved. We believe, therefore, that a movement to centralize
education in Revelstoke will lead
to more efficient teaching at present
and to greater unity in the years
when these school children shall
have become men and women.
This is of course only one phase
of the bylaws so soon to be presented to the ratepayers here. They
will confer other advantages that
need not he dwelt upon at this
time, but the fact that they will
provide ground for a future centralization of education is in itself
sullicient to justify their endorsa-
lion. We are glad to see that in
the petitions for the resubmission
of the bylaws, the school trustees
have so far received hearty support
from the ratepayers, more than
double the necessary number of
nlines having readily been signed.
This should be followed by
double the necessary majority to
carry the bylaws at the poll. If
it is we do not think the ratepayers
will have nny reason to regret
carrying oui the wishes to the
school trustees who aie in a position  to   understand   the  situation
SODAS  are mads almost entirely of flour and lard.    These  are
two of ths principal and most valuable, food-elements.
Now a perfect flour and a pure lard combined cannot be surpauad
in nourishing value and you get this combination in its most satisfying and most delightful form tn Foley's SODAS.
Wa want you te Judge
Peley'e led., by the
•overeat teete and decide
far yaureelf whether they
are B«8T.
Teet them for the
quality of tha materlala
ueed. Teat them for ace
-are they alwaye freoh,
ea orlep that you know
they are not long; from
the oven T
Teet them for flavor
waa the yeaet allowed to
"•work" properly, eo that
the bleouite are uniform.
Iypl_._uli.ff and satisfying
to the taete »
After theee toete wo
know you will alwaye buy
theee p.rf.ol.made,
weetern.made biscuits.
The llour used in them is
specially ground and prepared
for the one purpose—that of producing the lightest, creamiest,
most delicious sodas that are
sold in Canada. Every particle
nf lard that goes into Foley's
Sodas is proved "choice" after
rigid   examination,
No material can ever be used
in Foley's Sodas unless it has '
been proved perfect and pure.
Kvery housewife will know what
this rare means. She will know
that Foley's Sodas have the
very highest, food value and that
every Foley Soda is all good.
Thousands of homes already
know   this   fart.    Does   yours?
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohcs.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
August 18th, 80 in the shade,
i August bents the wise man sprays
his lawn,
Vet in thin time uf ilusl ami drought
i Tlie city fathers have the fount* withdrawn
But   say,   "spray  all  you  like  in
OUR   SCHOOLS rainy weather.
i'ii Monday next our Bchools will
reopen after the summer vacation.      A   ratepayer  on  the  street  the
The children will come together lltl'*'r day wa.- heard complaining
again after the longest holiday in "' the ordinance that prevents any-
the year, and should resume tbeir one from dumping ashen or other
studies with new /.est and vigor   In
I Joint Passenger Depnt for Four Transcontinental Railroads in Vancouver
The Ureal Northern Railway Co.,
acting through its aecredited agents,
has submitted to the Vancouver City
Council a proposal that may result, in
the establishment in that city ol one
ol the biggest joint railway terminals
on the continent. The proposal made
by Mr. Oillani, of the Great
Northern, is that, the city co
operate with them in obtaining possession by expropriation of Isnil at
the eastern end ol Kit Ine Creek necessary to complete terminal arrangements, the Great Northern will then
Iill in HI acres ol the foreshore, leaving
the city a strip ol land bordering on
the wilier which they may use lor
wharfage and for the tilling in ol
which Ihey will repay ihe railw y
company at cost. This heing done,
the Great Northern company will
luiilil a huge union passenger depot
to be used jointly by the Great North
em, the Northern I'acilic, llie Grand
Trunk Paoific and the Canadian
Northern, Mr. Hays, President of the
Gland Trunk I'acilic, and Mr. Cbamberlin lhe general manager, are ipiile
agreeable to the scheme for a union
passenger atati.i.i. hut will, ol course
ask lor ground lor a separate freight
depot which the plans of the Great
Northern would allow lor. Tlie Vancouver City Council seem to favor lhe
proposal, hut have held the plans
over lor more mature deliberation
before arriving at a linal deciaijn.
Would You Win
1109 Piece Diuner Set
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our nnids'.-nie parlorsets,
upholstered iu h i_h grade silk, or
damask, with (ran.is that are iu every
conceivable deslgi , nnil made to wear
indefinitely. We i live i mny new and
beuntilul parlor m Ii and odd pieces for
beautifying the   li e thai are taste
fill, elleotive and me pensive, and w.d
show your roonih lo the best advantage.
mo*»       ji HOWSON Sr CO.'Y.
in C. P. R. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in Bummer, wa.m in winter. Saves moBt of
your painting and about hafe yoi'r insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B.C.
IIKAD OKKICB!:  Caloary,  Alhkkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stock.   Markets in all th
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of lhe Celebrated Brand  "*
and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Laid.
....   ifukon.
Imperatnr" Hams and Bacon,
fire Harm System
Now that  the  new   Gmneivell  lire
alarm system has   beeu   installed,   the
town  the   banks  of the ,,lih>muK in8tru<.tion8 aB to tbe ioca.
Revelstoke  especially   the   school- 'Columbia river.    We can perfectly  tion uf fire alarm boxes, their number
• ii nrirlerctanrl the roiMrlnm of  the Citv   and Hystem ol signalling may prove ol
will  open   'inder   happy   auspice"    unuer'tann the wifcuom oi me '..u\       ^ _ 6 B      ' *
for they come together direofly after Council in refusing to allow garb-   ' MWt bbmade ko. two
the announcementltbat the Revel- ■'►'    or  anything  offensive  to  be        District indications lor Fire
stoke students carried off the high- dumped there but there does  not     ^  ^ f_JaJ^0^exrMFirgt 8treet
est honor? in the  province  in   the  appear to be any good reason why and  McKen„e Avenue, C. ti. Hume
School   examinations.     We   people   -bould    lie  debarred   from  4 Oo
throwing in anhes and earth which      }i"x N"   IB.—Oor.First Street nnd
,, ,.,,        ,   , ., i.   ni-hv Avenue, 'Post otlice j
would till in behind   tbe   mat.tr.s-      Bw   Nu   [e.-CJorner 8eooud street
vork .md in time make new ground,  and Government Road (opera house)
______________________ Hor   No    17.—Corner  Third   street
anil Campbell avenue, (Globe   Lumber
,-'■  is a desire among  man    Co
people   in   the   oity  thai   Charlie      B«   N     18.—0. P.R.station.
,,  , ,,,.,., OOJ   Vo   24.—Corner    Filth   street
r  Revelstoke's long distance ,nd McKenfto ,„ (Oatbolle oburob),
runner, should lake part in the big i;< *  n ,   16.—Corner  Sixth street
athletii   meet   in  Vanoouver next and Orton »TepueL(W. A. Foote)
month,     Wherever he hac tried 90
fur be lm-   lime credit   to   bun-'  f
trust that there will be no   1
fition to rest upon laurels, but tbi
latest triumph  will   prove  onlj    1
spur to greater achievements
result,   as  we   have   pointed
should prove unite an encoura/m.
in teachers at to pupils and it alt
reflects credit on theschool trustees
fortbeirwi.se sebetion of the persons whoee duty it is. to tram the
juvenile mind.
Tbe ratepayers would do well to
bear this in mind and show their
appreciation of the work in a very
material way by assisting the
trustees to provide better recreation grounds and to clear
the present Bchool site of all
legal incumbrances. This they
will be given an opportunity
to do on the -'! 1 «t of this, month,
and we trust they will lake advantage of it. Moreover by passing
the bylaw and providing a site for
another school in future, they will
be doing much to centralize and
perfect tbo educational institutions
of the city. We believe that by
keeping ull the schools, together
much hotter remits will be obtained
than by scattering them about in
different parts uf tlie cily.    lt will
and at the same time secure the
best tlour sold in the Province of
British Columbia today? Each
month we are giving away ten
dinner sets to those who are fortunate enough to secure from the
sacks of Koyal Standard Flour
the coupons bearing the winning
numbers. Many lucky ones have
already secured a dinner set—•
you may be the next.
But whether you get a dinner
sel or not, Koyal Standard Flour
is always a winner. Selected
wheat, scientific milling, careful
packing and storage, marketing
so lhat it will reach you at perfection's highest point, make
Koyal Standard the acme of
goodness in tlour. Insist upon
your grocer carrying it.
Vancouver Milling &
Grain Co., Ltd.
Import direct from country of origin.
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly raie.
0".   ALBEET     ST03STE
Doyle and Allum, Ltd.
arc   disposing of  their entire  Stock  il n
small advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on    Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watche?
Box  No   26—Corner Fourth street
and MoArthor avenne.
Ilox   No.  27—Corner  K Mirth street
and the'.,wn, but he waH   meanly and Townley strset (over south traok),
lin*   No.   2H.—Corner Second street
it ol his chance of taking pari
in the five mile race in Seattle last
week. He is a working boy and
cannot, afford to take those trips
too often bo that the suggestion
has been made Lhal the merchants
of the city might subscribe a sum
sufficient to enable him to take
part in the Vancouver meet The
suggestion is a good one nnd we
should like to see it, followed up,
If Charlie rainier could go lu Vancouver and bring back the live mile
championship it would be a good
advertisement for llevelHtokn ami
would do iniiiib to promote b
healthy interest in nihilities in this
»ntl KolisoD avenue 'Mrs. llaker;.
B  .   No.  34— Fire Hall No. 2
Box   No.  35— Hospital.
Box  No. 86.—School.
-iKnal   for   practise—not  less thsn
su '<i, -low strokes
One '1) stroke Indicate., lins broken
,r tin'   n_H
Sigoali nre given thus      2 strokes—
Interval  i, seconds- I strokes; eqnsli
Box IA      No. of hox will also In- shown
■ rn Indicator at Fire flail.
Kirst class   Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Sireet and Robson Ave.
Doyle and Allum, Limited
If you can afford to use Die best buy
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour lhat is Different
Moving Pictures To-night.
Tim Cal^sry cricketers who defeated
Bevelstoke 10 hadiy on their way lo
the OOast, hnve   kept   Dp   their   |irow-
ress in Vanoouver, haviug easily de*
feiileil   Vernon,   Hesttle  nnd Victoria
Their score against Vet000 was 1 Of. l.o
97,  while  they  defeated Seattle by
eight  wickets.
Moving Plotures To-night.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone iii       Oltloe   MoKtnil* Ava
II  you  do   you   will   find    that
ROBIN HOOD is smallest after all.
the cost of
The  bigger  loaf is one difference.
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter flavor is a third diflciencc.
There arc other points   of  difference,
one of them worth the extra cost.
me Saskatchewan Flour Mills Co., im.
Moose  Jaw, Sask
More bread and Better bread]
 And the Reason for it
*» be made from strong wheat.
Manitoba bard wheat is acknowledged the strongest in the world—
and that is tbe kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. Kvery grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade properties.
In separating the high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Western
Caaada Flour Mills put the bard
wheat through a process so exacting
that not a single low-grade part
bas the remotest chance of getting
in with tbe high-grade.
Of course this apecial process is
more expensive to operate hut it
means a l"t to Purity flour users—
that's why we use it.
It means that Purity Flour is
made entirely of the highest-grade
flour parts of the strongest wheat
in the world.
It means a high-class, strong flour
and therefore yields "more bread
and better bread."
Turity may cost a little more
than aome flours, but results prove
it the cheapest aud most economical after all.
Western Canada
,    Office, Winnipeg, Mau.
Floi'r   Mills  Company,  Limited
Mills at St. Honlfacc, f'.oilerich, Brandon.
I Kilierlsun very niin-h was theoutdo
service! on s unlay. On that day
there was im olliii il climbing, Aril
o'clo-k in lhe ni'iriiiiii! Kev. Mr. IL>w-
croft, a Chur h ol England clergyman
from Alberta, coiiilucml service under
the shade ol the magnifiosnt trees,
and with the snow capped mountains
fi ir en I iioilr.il spires, and the sound ol
the mountain streams lor music, it
was very beautiful and impressive.
In the evening service wns again held
around the camp tire, the sermon
being preached by the R-v Mr. Robertson, so thai Church ot Knglaud and
1'resbyterians very amicably divided
tbe day between them.
Alter the camp had closed a number
ol the members went down to the new
clubhouse at Buill, which is the official headquarters of the of the organization. The clubhouse is a handsome
two storey building that command* a
line view of the National park. Tbere
the secretary has his quarters, and the
building also contains a library and s
department for scientific observation,
so that tbe efforts ol the elub may
result iu useful discoveries as well as
providing healthful recreation for its
"Watkk Act, 1909.V
Attention iB called to section 1H2 of
the ' Water Act, WOO," which requires.
any person lo whom any power or
authority has been granted, pursuant
to the "Rivers and Streams Act," to
surrender such aelhoiity within one
year of the passage of said "Water
Act," and receive] a ^licence for same
Chief Commissioner of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, 19th July, 190H.   .jy2o lm
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert R. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted aliout
tive miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of Revelstoke
on the Columbia River, thence 80
chains north along lhe Columbia river,
Ihence 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence 20 chains east to point of
Robekt R. Caldwell,
Per John XV. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17ttk June, 18U9. jun 30 OOd
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John \V. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
Hve miles north of Downie Creek on
the Oolumbia River and about fifty
miles north of Revelstoke, thence 80
chains south along Columbia river,
Ihence 20 cliains nest, thence 80 chains
north, tlience 20 chains east to point of
John W. Falls.
Daled 17th June, 1H00. jun SO OOd
Revelsloke Lind District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
Clinton, Iowa, V. S. A., occupation
Millowner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
■S. K. corner of Lot 7648, then north 20
chains, then east 20 chains, thence
south 2(1 chains more or less to lake
shore, thence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more or less to poinl of commencement.
E. McGaohban,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June 3rd, 1908. jun 23
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that L. A. Dewar, occupation Housekeeper, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
west side of IJpper Arrow Lake, aliout
one and a half miles south of Bannock
Point, thence west 20 chains, tlience
north 20 ihains, thence west 20 chains,
thence north 00 chains to the K. & S,
line, thence following the K. & S. line
east 20 chains, smith 20chains, east 20
chains, south 20 chains to lake shore,
Ihence following the lake shore to
point of commencement,
Agent for L. A. Dewar.
Dated July 29, 1909, aug 7
Revelstoke I suid District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends lu
apply for permission to purchase the
follow ing described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
aliout half a mile from the north-east
corner of Lot 7905, thence south 40
chains, thence east 10 chains, thence
north 80 chains to lake shore, thence
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 20, 1909. aug 7
Tnke ool iir that I Intend lo apply lo
die Superintendent of Provincial
Police, aftei thirty days from ihe date
nl the lirst publication iif Ibis notice,
lur a transfer Of lhe hotel licence held
liy me lor lhe Kootenay Hotel at Burton, B.C., lu Stephen Pudbielancik,
Dated at Nelson, B.C., Oth of August, IIIIIII.
Wll.l 1AM   LllVATT,
Ily his Solicitor Edward A. dense,
itug 11—sep 11
A Growing and Important Organi
zation—Members Graduate
by Hard Climbing-British
Visitors Delighted
An interesting account of the recent
meet of the Alpine Club at Lake
O'Haa is given by Rev. J. R. Robertson wbo, with J. P. Forde, acted as
assistant guide to Prof. A. O. Wheeler.
The camp made its rendezvous at
Hectoj at tbe summit of the Kicking
Horse Pass, though tbe camp itself
was situated at Lake O'Hara, eight
miles south of Hector. The altitude
of the camp, 6,664 feet waa the highest yet selected. It was on open
ground surrounded by balsam and
pine trees, and was a charming spot
for camping purposes. The camp
lasted from August 2 to 9, and the
number of people under canvas there
during that time waB 188, by far the
largest number tbat has yet attended.
The actual membership of the Alpine
club is now nearly 500.
The mountain that was used for
graduating members thia year wae
Mount Huber with an altitude of
11,041 feet, lt was tbe most difficult
mountain yet selected for initiating
new members, but in spite ol tbat 5li
reached the summit and thus became
full Hedged members ol the club. A
few others also climbed it alter tbe
camp had closed. No accident of any
kind happened, aud after the fatal
occurrence of a year ago thiB was considered particularly gratifying. A
number of special cii.ubs were also
made such as the ascent ol Mount
Biddle, one of the parties to climb
this being Mr. Forde of Revelstoke.
Mount Victoria waa climbed by ai •
other party, and a second ascent was
made of Mount Hungabee. These are
all practically 11,000 feet summits.
A novel excursion was made io tbe
form of a two days' trip whioh covered
five passes and brought to view some
of the wildest scenery in the Rockies.
The Rev. Mr. Robertson had the privilege of acting as guide to one or two
parties that went over Abbott's Pass
and through Death Trap, one of the
most dangerous climbs iu the Rockies.
Abbott's Pass is over 9,000 leet high,
is surrounded by glaciers aud subject
to constant snow slides, while Death
Trap, leading down from it is worthy
of its name, but fortunately all tbe
climbers got safely through.
An interacting feature of the camp
was tbe delegation ol Uritish guests,
incloding Euglieb Alpinists, and mem-
bere ol the British Scientific Associa-
which meets in Winnipeg this month
Many uf these gentlemen bad climbed
in Switzerland, tbe Himalayas and in
Africa. Tbey did a little climbiog
with the camp, but not a great deal.
Wheu the camp bad closed Mr.
Wheeler and a number of the members took the guests fcr a week's expedition to tbe ridge of the Rockies
north of Hector. The local men
packed tents and provisions on their
backs and for twu days tramped over
the glaciers and suowtields that divide
British Columbia from Alberta, camping two nights on the edge of tbe
timber line. The guests considered it
one ol the greatest things tbey bad
ever seen iu mountaineering. They
climbed Mount Da y and Mount Balfour and viewed some magnificent
scenery. Rev. Mr. Robertson was tbe
only one of the Revelstoke mcmle s
who shared in this feat. In fact tbis
year only three Revelstoke members
were in camp, namely, Messrs. Robert-
sou, Forde and Aldritt. At the close
ol the expedition the mountaineers all
returned to Field.
One leaturo thai impressed Key. Mr.
Christian Workers Convention
A provincial convention ot Sunday
achool workers connected with the
Methodist church will be held at Salmon Arm on Wednesday, Aug. 26th.
Muthodist, ministers 'and Sunday
school teachers from all parts ol Brit
isb Columbia will be present, and Rev.
T. W. Hell, our local Methodist minister, will occopy the chair.
Following is lhe programme for tbe
Morning Session
10 a.m.—Devotional services conducted oy Mr. James Ruby.
10.15—"Tbe relation of the Pastor to
tbe Sunday School," A. R, Carrington.
10.45—"Wbat iiseshould be made of
helps by the Teacher," Rev. J. Pyc.
11.15—"The best method of leading
the young people to Christ," by Rev.
J. W. Hedley.
Afternooo Session
2.30—"Prayer fift   Divine direction
io leading   pupils to  decision," It  IC.
2 45—"Tbe best method of training
Young Christians for Christian Life,"
Rev. H. XV. W. Bromwich.
3.15—"Of what benefit to the Congregation is the Home Department
and Cradle Koll," Rev. F. 8. Okell.
3.30—"What relation Bhould adult
portion of Church sustain to Sunday
school," Rev. Mr. Leonard.;
4—"The best way to train our young
people to support tbe Church at Home
and in the Foreign field," by the
4 30—Round Table Talk on topics
Evening Session
8—Devotional exercises, T.Simpson.
Convention sermon, ' Preparations for
our work with the people as ministers
and church members,'' by Rev. A. M.
Sanford. After meeting conducted by
the chairman.
15 minutes lur discussions at close
of each address at morning aud afternoon sessions
Rev. W. .1. Sipprell, Principal of
Columbian Methodist College will
deliver an address in the interests ol
tbe college on the evening ol lhe 26th.
Committed on Murder Charge
A white man named Robert Walker
and an Indian uamed Chinley have
been committed for trial at Quesnell
on a charge ol having murdered an
Indian woman named Agnes in a
drunken Saturday night brawl. It was
alleged that as a result of her injuries
the woman died on the lollowing
Monday. The post mortem examination showed that she had been tbe
victim of brutality of the most horrible nature. The case will come up
for trial at the assizes in Clinton in
October. In addition to being committed for trial Walker was sentenced
to one year with hard labor lor supplying liquor to Indians.
A pure grape cream of
tartar powder. Its fame
is world-wide. No alum,
no phosphatic acid.
There is never a ques=
tion as to the absolute
purity and healthful-
ness of the food it raises.
will come hack to you if you spend it
at home. It is gone for ever If you
send it to the Mail Order House. A
glance through our advertising columns will give vou an idea where it
will buy the most.
By-law No.
By-law to enable the Corporation of the Oity of Revelstoke to raise by way of
Debentures the sum of Seven Thousand $7,000 00
Dollars for the purposes of
the Board of School Trustees
of the City of Revelstoke.
Whereas the Board of Sohool Trustees of the Oity of Ruvelstoke have in
pursuance of the powers granted to
them hv Section 12 of the "Public
Schools Act, 1805," as re-enacted by I
Section A2 of lhe "Public Schools Act,
lWio, Amendment Am, 1900," caused
to he prepared and laid before the 1
Municipal Council a detailed estimate
of the sinus required to meet special or
extraordinary expenses which may be
legally Incurred hy the Board, and
such estimates have been considered
and finally approved hy the Council:
And Whereas lhe said estimates
provide for the purohase of additional
school grounds, and the clearing of
sama, viz.. Block 1,2. Plan HAD I, and
that portion of Wynn street, soulh of
second   street, and   running down lo
Government street between Blocks 158
and SI; and the triangular piece of
land lieing Block 58, Plan IMi I, lying
to the east theieof;
Ami Whereas to uu-ei the expenditure as provided by snid estimates lt
is   necessary   thai   the    Municipality
Wc will pay flOO reward lor the
arrest and conviction of any one who
bas defaced or obliterated log marks
on our logs on the Columbia River or
Arrow Lakes. Our registered marks
are letter "L" and letter "8."
aug 14 lm RevelBtoke, B. C.
m' Hevelstoke l-anil District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney I'ltiiutuu of
Arrowhead, occupation Holelkeeper,
intends to apply for permission lo purchase the following deiciibed lands;
Commencing at a post plained at the
norlh-wesi corner of Lot 7885, thenee
south 4u chains lo T.L, 12160, thenoe
west £1 chains, lo the corner of T.L.
12166, thence south 10 chains along the
western boundary iif same, thence
west 10 chains, thonce north 10 chains
in lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to poinl of commencement.
Agent for Barney Plutnton,
Dated July 98, WOO, aug 7
should raise the .sum of $7000.00;
And Whereas it is deemed expedient
to niise upon the credit of the Municipality the sum of Seven Thousand
(97000.00) dollars   for sohool purposes
as aforesaid;
And Whereas the total amount required to be raised annually by special
rate for paying the said debt and interest thereon and for creating a sinking fund for paying the said prlnoipal
debt within twenty live years is for
Interesl $850.00 and for sinking fund
$101.80, milking a total of $641.80;
And Where is the'iiiuounl of lhe
whole ratable land within the Municipality, including the territory comprised within  ibe Revelstoke Sohool
District for School pill poses, according to the bust revised assessment roll
la $1,077,788,60;
Now Therefore tho Municipal Council of the Corporation of the city of
Kevelstoke in open meeting assembled
enacts as follows:
1. It shall he lawful for tho Mayor
of the Corporation Of the City of Revelstoke for the purposes aforesaid, and
he is hei'uby authorised, lo borrow on
the credit of the Municipality, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person, persons, firm, body
or bodies corporate, who may he willing to advance the same as a loan, a
sum of money, not exceeding iii ilm
whole the sum of Seven Thousand
(8I70UO IXI) dollars and lo cause all such
sums so raised or received to be paid
into the hands of the Treasurer of I he
Corporation of the Ciiy of Revelstoke
for tbe purposes   aforesaid   and   with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
»f the said Corporation of the Cily of
llevelatoke to   cause   any   number of
debentures to be made, executed and
issued for such sum or sums as may he
required for lhe purpose und object
aforesaid, not exceeding  however  the
sum of Seven Thousand dollars. Such
debentures shall be of the denomination of One Thousand dollars each,
and all of such debentures shall be
sealed with lhe seal of the Corporation
of Ihi-Ciiv of Kevelsloke and Isigned
by the Mayor and Clerk thereof.
8.   The  said   debentures shall hear
the  date of 1800,
and shall be payable in twenty-live
years from the said date in lawful
money of Canada, at tbe office of the
Molsons Bank at Revelstoke aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by tlie said 'debentures,
and shall have attached to lliom coupons for the payment of Interest, and
the signature to the interest coupons
may he eilher written, printed, stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall hear
interest at the rate of live per cent.
(5 ) per annum from the date thereof,
wbicli Interest shall be paid semiannually at the offlce of the Molsons
Bank at Revelstoke aforesaid in lawful money of Canada on the  day
of and   on I he day   of	
respectively in each and every year
during the currency thereof and it
shall be expressed in said debentures
to tie so payable.
6. It shall be lawful lot' the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to negotiate and sell the
said debentures or any of them for less
than par, but in no case shall the snid
debentures or any of them he sold for
less than ninety-two and one-half per
centum of the face value, including
the cost of sale and brokerage and all
other necessary expenses.
li. There shall be levied and raised
in each year during the currency of
the said debentures the sum of Three
Hundred and Fifty ($850.00) Dollars
for the payment of interest and One
Hundred and Ninety-one and Kighty
Ono-hundredlbs ($101.80) Dollars for
the payment of the said debl under
tbe said debentures by a special rate
sufficient therefor on all the ratable
real property in the said Municipality,
7. It shall he lawful for tho Municipal Couuctl of the said municipality
to repurchase any of tin- said debentures upon such terms as may be
agreed upon with the legal holder or
holders thereof, either at tho time of
sale or at any subsequent time, and all
debentures so repurchased shall be
forthwith canielled or destroyed, and
no reissue of debentures shall be made
in consequence of such repurchase.
.s. In ibis by-law the word "Municipality" shall be deemed to extend to
and include all territory and property
comprised ivithin the Revelstoke
School I list lint and all such property
shall in- liable to assessment hereunder
as provided by section 12 of tho said
"Public Schools Act, 1005, Amendment Act, lium."
ii. This by-law If passed shall take
olfed ami come inin force on und
after the  day of   ..'... 1000,
Hi. This by-law may be cited for all
purposes as the "Revelstoko (School
lloiudi By-law No limn."
II.   This  by-law  shall, before   the
final passion thereof, receive the
assent of the electors according to the
provisions of and in the manner prescribed by ilu- Municipal Clauses Act.
Read a first lime the I8tb  dav   of
August, I m«.
Read a second time thu 18th day ul
August, 1000.
Read u third lime Ihe I Sib day of
August,   limn,  ami   passed   with    lhe
unanimous consent of I he Council.
Received tho assent of tho electors
the day ol 1000.
Ru-cuusiduiud, adopted and finally
passed by   thu   Council   the day
of I mm.
ciiy Olerk.
CZ'zc.   per
and QZ'c.
year for seven thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the  raising of
Fruit,   Grain
and may be purchased
TERMS from
or  Stock
these   EASY
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
for Settlers for this part
who are looking
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature.
Assistant Hi 2nd Vice President
Box 1317, - Calgary, Alberta
Please send me all facts petaining
to your lands in JL C.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and  Advertising Rates
For Fall Planting Palace Restaurant
mm McKcmic   Avenue
Bulbs from the Best European
TAKK NOTICE thai the above isn
truo copy of the proposed Hy-law upon
Whioh   lh'' vole of   the   .Miinicipalily
will be taken al the City Clerk's offlce,
OltV Hall, corner of .Second Street und
McKcn/.ii'Avenue,  Revelstoke,   li. C,
on Tuesday, August 'list, 1000, between the hours of Nine o'clock a m.,
anil Seven o'olook p.m.     .      .
limicK A. LAWSON,
nig     Clerk of the Municipal Council,
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
and Japan Growers.
llunie grown fruit mul ornamental
Ireca, grown on upland Moil without irrigation in the only part of
the American continent not in-
tested with the San Jose soali—
Harden, Field nnd Flower setdt—
Tested stock frnm the best growers in the world—Wire lencing
and dates—*pray pumps, Fertilizers, Hee Supplies, Cut Blowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only.—New 167 page Catalogue free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      ■      South Vancouver ' A. PRADOLINI,
Fruit, Candies, Oigars,Tobaoco.
Meals 36 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
MnuufHtUired fur all BlutN of   butldiiifcs
(or sale iu Iiitko ur -mall qnanttttM
al the lowest prices fnr cash.
All Undi uf huii'imt: sad plastering
. . ILL jffil-O Tim rr*~ttSkSm~Vim
Roal Estate, Insurance anil Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
!!■■■   IIM_M._...Mmi.l     I        II 111    IW I ■—      ■—I   IIIIIII  ^
New school paints to hand at Hews'
1 'rug Stnre.
Prize lists for the Fall Fair will be
published in the early pun of nexl
J. \V. Hannon, barrister, nl Battle-
ford, has been made a judge of tin-
distiict Court ol Kegina.
Sixty bins ol silver bullion fr  the
I rail Bmelter, consigned tn Shanghai
were bent wi -t Irom here on So. I this
morning. Each bar weighed-75 lbs
The silver is used in China f"r coinage
A meeting ol the congregation of
Kno.\ Ohurch will be belli at the close
,.[ Bervice nn Sunday evening to consider the resignation of their pastor,
Rev. J R. Robertson. Tbe full congregation is invited to be present.
Geo. T. Hughes, a lumberman,
diopped $20 on Mackenzie avenue,  on
Thursday morning s where between
First .-(reel tun! the •'. P. rt. station.
If tbe finder will return to the police
ii Buitable reward will be given.
i'n Sunday tlie pulpit ol the Methodist church will be occupied by the
Rev. Charles Ladner, of Kamloops,
who will have lull charge ol the
ohurch during the temporary absence
ul the pastor, Kev  T, W. Hall.
In the report of tbe result.- of the
Higb School examinations which appeared on Weduesday it was stated
that Charlii Procunier and Edna
Bruce both bad 7-15 murks In reality
Charlie Procunier had 745, and Edna
Bruce 736
The retnil merchants ol the city
will join in a big excurBson to St,
I.i.m .,ii Wednesday next. The s.s.
Hevelstoke will leave the old smelter
landing ne-u tl.wsons residence at
7 a.m. sharp. Practically all stuns
will be closed nnd everybody is
invited to come along.
The Baseball Club will run an ex-
lUrsion down the river as far as Comaplix to-morrow. The excursion will
leave tie wharf by the s s. Revelstoke
at 7:30 a.m. Tbey will be in Comaplix
for dinner and a stop will probably be
made at Arrowhead for supper on the
return, bo that tnere will be no necessity lor taking lunches. Tickets for the
excursion can be obtained from members of tbe baseball club.
A gang of men is now at work uu
tbe C.P.B. roundhouse putting iu tbe
masonry to extend the walls and raise
the ro.f of the old roundhouse to tbe
level of lhe newer portion. The
present roof is rather cramped lor the
big mountain engines winch can only-
just managi to Equeeze in under it.
When tbt new improvements are
completed the -lied will be loftier and
larger snd there will be no fear of
bumping The roundhouse is rushed
'.'.'. W :<; just now and every portion
is kept in constant use.
Dr, Ernest Hi.I, of Victoria, passed
through ••. No. 36 on Sunday m rn-
ing on bit way to the Old Country,
wb< re be intei de to spend three
m nths in the h ipil .- studs mg
ohiefl] the pt blema i I nerve disi ise
He will also visil l'r i. Dubois ol
Ben i. Swil • ind s b m tkea it a
ipecitlty to study tbe application 'if
mind ..ii matter se i I ici i cui ing
:',!_!••»-••. ' in hie return Iir
give it, illustrated lecture i the
ml 'i.i • re ol I bi Y.M.C.A. bere, He
ws- reoentl; asked to lecture belore
-.:,' tt idi ate I Lei md Stanford i Diversity, but on account of his coming
absence, had to decline.
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
i|uiie liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT [ARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to lit
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  mir nl   the   must   important  items'
in v<nir business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
The funeral of Stnurl McGuire, who
was   drowned   in    Looo    lake,     near
I'll enix lasl  Sunday,  took   place  on
Thursday alternoon from the n .-ul. noe
ol his mother, Mrs. McOuire on Third
streel.   Lev   VV, C    Calder  conducted
the funeral service and n large number
ol sympathizing Iriends attended   The
late Stuart McGuire w.is aged only 22
years and fl months and wn- manager
I of Love's drugstore  in  Phoenix at   "
I time nf his eai ly di ase.
Five men were killed in  the expli
sion of a powder magazine ;it Tun    i
, uii u ■-■''   Wales has arrived fr.im
bay on Bowen Island, near Vancouver,
last Saturday.    Tbe men killed wen
white fereman earned Sellare .-.
Chinese    assistants.     Tbe   maga ioi
belonged  to   the   Western   Expli -
company and contained   1400  p
nf powder.     After the explos
splinter of the building  remained and
the bodies of the live men were b
into -mall pieces.
Mrs U. \l Rae and fsmily have left
iHr a ien daya h iliday in Golden.
J. ('. McKinnon lefl on Thursday
for a holiday trip to N> Is n
M rs J. P McLi 11 ii:i ii 1ms returni il
front an extended   visit  to Yanc over
Mr. ami Mr-. VV. Morris left on
Friday for a week- holiday at St.
■ ■
in tlie
The following have  beeu  appointed
oommusioners   li r   taking   a Aid
under the Electione Act   ;   tbe Reve
-i ike riding       Mi isre  \> -nald ! H
A. W.Dickinson, Horace McCrin
Robert   McMurray,   George   N   Ha
ward, Carlos   Pi rter, E, P  Henry. Edit ird   Mi i is  bran    ind   L. H   Kraser.
nl   Arrowhead; Rand Gibbons, i
Arthur   E.  Evans    i   Bea
Richard    D.ivis, of Big Eddy; Cbai igh    .    .    way  to  tbe ooaat  on
Imp- :
Miss Foote and
the west iday aod  wi     take
ice in Calif, i
.       friends
_    i ths      •     ■    'i
■    i        .  - .-,...
Rei     1     W.    Haii   left   on   Kndsy
tbe Tr lut Lake  Cuuntry,
•  i       ski   services  oo   - in
irsdaj evi oing  Irom a
, -    ind   I be   I ismiagai.
lately  oonnected
tn   the   Calgory   Albert an,   passed
K. Skeene, of Wigwam. Louis Pal
Walter    H.   Bell, and   .fames 1)
nedy of Hevelstoke.
A filled hardwood pencil box
wit I. rulei combinal i"ii given
free to evei y pnrchiusei of
• ■ hool books at
Bews' Drug Store
Public   nnd   High    School
Books on Hand
Don't   forget   the place
Bews! Drug firStationery Store
Martin    Burrell,   M. P       i   I
Forks, wa iterday.     He
went   m wesi on N    97   to   Kam
where he will be  i lined  by   l'r   • ■
i'rai.; of Corneli university, with ■•
. i- arrangi d to deliver   i  sei
Hal may  lectures   on  bortioulture tbroufj
Okanagan, Kootenay  ami   the   Boundary country.    Prof.  Craig  in  an old
id ol Mr  Burrell.     He  is  one  ol
the beat authorities on horticulture on
the Continent, and Ins   lectures slnnilil
prove highly profitable.
While the  strong  wind   on   Friday
evening   was driving clouds of dost,
i along llie streets unl clouds of   smoke
across the river,  the   lire  bell   tolled
the call  to   Nu. 2  fire   hall,    Il    ■ i
rumored that the Big Eddy mill  had
caught lire and a wagon   load   of   vol
' unteera was hastily despatched as far
us the railway  bridge     The   C.  P.  I!.
I also ru«hed out men to assist. Fortunately it. was found that, the smoke
came from lire burning   in   the.   bush,
land the mill was not.  touched.     Huw
ever preventative measures were taken
J and the mill   was   watched carefully
through the night,   This morning the
■ lire in the bnsb was still   burning, bul
I as the wind had fallen, was not oonsid-
I crod tlmt there was any danger.     The
I Kevelstoke    Sawmill      Co.    nre     very
grateful lo lhe eily ami   I'. I'.l.     men
for their assistance,
Mr   and   Mis. A. I.. Hayward ti 'I
,ii   I in raday  nigbl       i
am peg aod ol her parts
ingest iln'igiiti i      i;.
■ cuoier, undeiwent  an  op< i
i ppendicitia In  I bi
■ lay.
rin  Misses Henderson, daughters il
I lendersan, nave been visiting tbeir   i mt   Mrs.   0, 11, Barber   I
tins week.
Mra  Burden, wife ol tbe  li .minion
Nelson,   was   i
oity   on Wednesday   and   Thursday
i trip to the east.
, i lie  returned   on   Wed
laj   from  a   trip  to  Ins   mining
il    Laforme  (;r"ek   bringing
with bim -nine tine specimens   ol
ll. McKinney has meved to  H i
Clark a house "ii Second street ami
Mr. McKinney s residence has been
bought by .1. Lynns, who wil! move
into ii
A I'.. Miller, inspector of public
schools, sod his bride, have arrived io
the city, and will take up their redi
ilence at, the corner of Fourth st.rei't,
and McArthur Ave.
C, E, Reid, of Vancouver, who luul
foi met ly run a drug s'ore in the Lower
town here, is back visiting old Irionds
fur a few daya. Ilcisu guost at the
Central hotel.
Kkntb Collected.
NllTAltV   l'tllll.ll!
I Mountain Supply Conpany. Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we are
selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Hoots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    Mast cleat our stock to make room for new goods
Mrs. A Johnson, wife of Arthur
Johnson, managing dirictnr of the
Maii.-Hkkai.ii, and ohildien, returned
on Thursday n on.ing alter 11 two
weeks' trip to Seattle, and other Const
W. E, Sloan, formerly couneoied
with the Union I'acilic Railway Co.'s
telegraph department, has arrived
Irom the Coast to take a losition in
the C.P.R. telegraph 1 Mice at the depot
here. He is accompanied by Mrs.
Sloan and ifiey will make their home
1) Mc.Nicholl, vice-president ot the
O.P.R., is now on his way weit, nnd
by the rrqnest of the Mayor and the
Board of Trade, he will Btop off at.
RevelBtoke nnd discuss matters thai
tnaX lie ot mutual benelit to the city
and lhe railway company.
10. L. Riekman, manager of the
Revelstoke Cement Works, will leiive
lor Vancouver to-day, returning un
I'liiHilay. He will interview tin- Norlli
Vancouver Council relative tu pulling
111 a sewerage system Willi ceiiicnl
pipes there,
Mrs. K. Frazer with her sun nml
daughter are on a visit to ilm Seattle
Exposition nnd may alsu visit Cali
fornia before they return, .l»ck
Frazer will travel through the Iruil
sections ol WaBbiugtun and Oregon
before returning to lhe Guelph Agri
cultural college.
August Prices
Lots of Lines of Summer Goods must be cleared out,
even if the price Ins to be cut in two. We clear out all lines
at the end of each respective season, so that can offer you fresh
goods each season as they come.     Look at these prices:
Ladies' and Children's Sailor Hats, all HEp nnph
this seasons goods .tubi   GuLII
Wash Collars and Belts,   in   many  pretty   designs    Wlp
regular 25c lo 35c, now tllba
Children's and Misses Dresses, all sizes, all (J[1 fin nnph
colors, all materials iPl.UU   Cdbll
All short ends of Prints, Muslins, Dress Goods,
Flannelettes, lite, are on .sale at a fraction of their
former price.
McLennan & Co,
wbere farmers were nuw 1
harvest,   wbicb   in   bis
quite   tipial  lo the   rep
beard ol it,    He cxpn
however,   tbat    the   i.
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
British Columbia
Heaps it Co., of Vancoincr, will
probably build another sawmill ueai
New Westminster.
The Provincial School Trustees convention will mis year be held in Chilliwack towards the end of September.
A boosters club has been formed in
1'iiuce Rupert which will probably be
known as ihe Empire duo. Une ol
llie til'at mailers lo be taken up will
be an excursion lu thu Sua una Fair on
September 1, which haa been set
n.-iiile as. Prince Rupert's day.
The Vancouver Province estimates
that ilu- llliigliug Brothers circus
wiiich perfumed mere Insi SatunUy
Idled 127,500, uf which i^'i UUI) would
in- taken out of tile city. The attendance waa 11,000 in tlm afternoon and
IS,U00 111 lhe evening.
Chief Engineer Hogelaud, of tb<
Great Northern Pailway, Hays that in
his opinion the route from tlm Similkaineen to tbe Frazer river valley
over the Hope mouutains present uu
insuperable diflioulty. He iH confi-
HOH, Sydney FlSheP S UleWS dent (hat a revised survey will   give 11
The Hon. Sydney Fisher, Dominion grade ot oue per cent, on westbound
Ministorol Agriculture, passed through i and two per ceut. on esstbound traffic,
Revelstoke on Friday afternoon on I) Si Sir Charles Rivers Wilson ami Mr.
way west.      When seen in Ins car Mr    C. M.   Hays   both   stale   emphatically
Fisher   said   he   had   I nen  spending  that ho other work will he tl ght  ol
some time in tbe prairie provinces by the Grand Trunk Paoilio till tbe
isy with the main line is completed, It, will he
pinion was hard to conipluteit 011 time owing it
'ts be ha 11 scarcity of labor, but when it is lin
ecd ihu view, igbi d the pVojuct for n branoh line tt
cts   on   the   Vancouver will be takeu up,
Paul S. Couldiey, who foi ilm pas'
-i ven years has beeu manager of l.t
li i No Two mining company n<
llus-ilaii.l, lias left, lor (ireenwin d ti
take ti position with the Bii ish Co-
lumhiii Copper Company. Mr. Conl-
drey was highly esteemed in Rossland
and ou leaving was given a hands .me
send-. IV. Ernest Levy, who is al
pieseut   in   London,   Eng.,    will   take
Mr. Couldrey'e place.
F. L. Peck, ol Scranton, Pa., president of the Mississippi Central railway
and the I'nited States Lumbor Co.,
has purchased AH timber sections on
flic weat coast of Vancouver Island
from XV. K Simpson, a banker of
Iowa Falls for $200,000. The timber
is  mostly   cedar hiiiI   Mr.   Peck   may
build a sawmill ou his limits next
The city councils of Vancouver, New
Westminster and North Vancouver
have joined in a request to lhe provincial government to guarantee
bonds of the Vancouver Norihern
railway to tlie extent of $.1,000,000  at
1 per nent,    Tiie oom pany proposes to
build a  railway through the   valley of
Seymour oreek to the Squsroisb river,
wbere it. will ciuiiinit wilh the Howe
Bound and Petiibirloti Meadows line.
I lie company also proposes lo harness
tin- "great (nils," ol the Squamlsh and
supply electricity to Vancouver, North
Vancouver and New Westminster.
A tire at Coal Creek, near Fernie,
destroyed 16 buildings last Saturday
alternoon. It started from Hie explosion of a lamp 111 the basement oi
tlie 'Iilb building, and as a high wind
was blowing, Spread rapidly to adjoining buildings. A row ol Urge boarding bouses, the gaol, aud the Trites
Wood   Company's   department   store
were among  Ihe buildings destroyed,
It looked lor a time   mn   il   (he   whole
town  would   be destroyed,   but  the
I'ernie brigade was called and alter
several cottages had been blown up
with   dynamite   the   | rogress ol   the
•lames was stayed.
Hubert W. Service's new book. "Bal
Inila ol a  Cbseobsko," $1  a copy  at
flews' Drug Store.
plains needed to gel hack m ire I'
mixed [..ruling.     This was the kind ol
farming carried on nr id  Edmonton
and the farmers there seemed tube
doing very well. He was high!)
pleated with the great development
taking place in Alberta east of Calgarj
on tlie main line.
" They said once that that 11 iiintry
.... ui good, tu- remarked,' but tben
is 1. 1 country in Canada that is no
good, i'u have to go elsewhere (or
II  n  Mr. Fisher  will  epend  a  lew
the Okanagan valley   before
_!   . irther   west.    He   will   tben
,:      ivi r. Victoria and  Seattle.
H     .••     ■ yet deoided by what route
.• to Seattle for a   holiday,
11 kl 'I     lur as long ns  I   am   in
Canada I 1 11 alwa,    in my   w rking
B. C. Fruit Exhibits
ott ol G inge   Hai hor, and
.1. U   Brandrith of Lad h ratal)
i . nitgrowei ■ A  lociatiou,
.•bi 10 tin"H v  and Infl on
\       .,   .,,,.   mi   -. il'    foi   Toronto,
viil   ii'  "   h irge '.1   the
...   ri ' 1 ber ■ by tbe
,,,, til ol Britiih < oluinhia, Mr,
,, , 1 that the would lH.
I,.,...■ ti exhibil ul some
Revi .     - f  might  he
I ,..n nexl week al no expense
1  ,   the  Dominion expron
would   ■ ai 1'.   It   fn e,   The
. bib .  " lie lllOWn
,ml othei ' .■-'••' 11 tali •.
I Good Program Will Be Rendered In light
at Edison Parlor Theatre
A i.n ji- audleni e "■ ll ne   eil 1 ho pro
gram   il   the   Kdison   Pai lui   I beal 1 ■
.ii-   ii consists of iin' following
Zoological  Gardens   st  Frankfort,"
showing soma line specimens   of wild
itiimai "Saved by Hi" Djg" * pretty
-tory ol n baby ami Iri 1! ig,   and  lour
good comedies.   This programme will
be repeat! d tonight
(lei n   (roe   pencil    box    with your
school purchases at Hows' drug store
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
| Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents 1
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
SAY< )-R V
enough to \vhet a, sick  man's appetite
any uf the meats  which come from
our simp,   if   properly     ked    and
Served. What pleases lhe patient
better than n juicy, tender steak, or
yourg lamb chopel If you cook il
light we'll send you Ilic li.ht mental Ihe iig;hl pi-Ice, too, A' ybody who
knows go.nl meat know.- u^.
1*. Burins «*, Co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
City Water
No water will be allowed
for Lawn sprinkling until further notice. When conditions
warrant permits for certain
hours will be issued from the
office of the City Clerk.
Any person found using City
Water for other than domestic
purposes will be prosecuted.
August 18th. 1909.
lin and alter September Ist, ItlOl),
COAL and WOOD orders will only be
delivered when settlement has previously been made at the ollice.
Revelstoki; Gbnebal Agencies, Ltd.
F. Mi'Cahiv,
B,   W.   H.   I'A'-l'J,
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
lilAti iiii'iii.-:  (11-115 Adelaide St. easl
for half year ending 80th .lune, llHHi
By doss Premiums Income
.Ian. 80th   -    $218 008 III
Less rebate and
return premium   '.m nil un
$182 mi'i 21)
Less reinsurance   5.'1 illiu 4:>$l2li 598 sl
By Interest 0 803 00
$186 SU7 71
To net losses pald$02 170 17
'I'o net losses under adjustment 11 WKl 71
Gov, fees, taxes,
and all othej;
ohargea      -       17 211 us
Balance Cr. profit
and loss     - 11 028 85
.$1.15 :«I7 71
(ien. Man. Agent.
FIVK ROOM 1IOUSK located on C.
I', It. grounds near station, wil li
20 year lease on ground. This bouse is
in good repair wilh fine garden and
fruit trees, Will sell at a bargain if
sold at once. Apply for further par-
5, .1. Bo
tit iilais lo l'i.
iourne, First sireet.
ININC ROOM (URL   wanted apply at lhe Oriental Motel,
Foil BALE—Potatoes per KJOIbs. $2.
Gooseberries 7c, per lb.    Apply to
John Mai/.. I'. 0, Box  158, Kevelsloke.
aug 7 14
WANTED -A handy loan who can
milk   and   do   oulside    work
Wages $40 per month, apply tu Harry
Mclniosh, Huh yon, ti. O.
WANTED—A girl for general house
work.    For particulars  apply
M.mi.-IIkhai.ii ollice.
\rOUNG MAN desires work in hotel,
store or Warehouse In spare lune
Apply Mail Heralu office.


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