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 .ilk for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family us.- there is nothing so
wholesome and so pun- us 11 AL-
P i- o v i
Vol. 14.rNo 7
case ol operation and parfeotlon
in   results   produced, ibis   Miicbine
is unsurpassed —I'mr-i ■ |60 ou essb,
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
A Few Facts About the Different
Kinds We Have at Present
Huntley   &   Palmer's
doubt the best made.
Biscuits arc   without
We are the only direct importers from the
factories in town.
We always carry over 30 different varieties in
stock and one trial will convince you of their
excellent quality.
We also have Christie Brown's Biscuits of
all kinds.
Lemon Biscuits and Ginger Snaps in Barrels
— I2j4e. per lb.
Lock and  Larscn's   Biscuits
We have Foley,
in packages at 12%'c. or in bulk at 25c. per
We not only carry first class brands of
cuits, but all  our other lines   of   Groceries  are
guaranteed and can be thoroughly relied upon.
C. B. Hume & Co.,
rail Coods *-*+*■•; Daily.    O-wmakUigr and Millinery Boome, Si* Floor
^ Great Cut in JEnameleb Mave\
For this week we are offering some groat bargains in Stranksy Ware
aud in some of mn Host Lines of Blue Ware.
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No, 9, $21)0 Sale Price $1 25
Blue Enameled Ten Kettles, No. 8 $1.75 Sale Price $1 15
Slopfc,Pails, $2.50   Sale Price $1 00
Preserve Kettles $1.25    SalePiice     90c
Preserve, Kettles $1.00  SalePiice     80c
•• "       Dippers 40c SalePiice     30c
Ewers, 75c
                                                   I.Sitle Price 00c
$1 75  Sale Price $1 :t0
Pie Plates, 35c .  Sale Price 25c
Pudding Pans, 45c Sale Price 30c
Pudding Pans, 50c Sale Price 35c
Lipped Sauce Puns, $1 25 Sale Price 05c
Lipped Sauce  Pans, 75c Sale Price 55c
Decorated Tea aud Colfeo Pots $1,00.  . .Sale Pi ice 05c
Decorated Tea anil Coffee Pots $1.25... .Sale Price 75c
Quite 11 number took advantage of our Sale of Nickle-Plated Ware
last week and me watching for pur next Sale.
See Our South Window fur These Bargains.
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 50 x 100 feet. —» 550
Corner on Third 8treet, 125 x 100 feet.             - — fUOO
Two Inside Lots Fifth Street, 50 x 100 feet.          - — 300
Two-Acre Blocks suitable for Fruit, sdjoining city
Per Acre
$100 and $150
If you are, the question of cost is
no doubt an important cuiioider-
atl.m.    Design next,
< >nlv selection of Cul (Hans in town
Murderer Caught
Nelson, February 4.—Word reached
here to-day that an Italian named
Francisco Cedio, who blew up the
Canadian Hotel, near Grand Forks,
with dynamite, on November It*.-1
1906, killing Louise King, has been
csptured in Salt Lake City, has
admitted bis identity and finally
confessed hii guilt. He bas been
searched for ill over the West ever
since the occurrence. He bus waived
extradition. He will be brought to
the Pruvincinl gaol here and be tn d
for murder at the next Spring Asait- a
at Greenwood. Besides wrecking the
hotel, aud subsequently burning it,
the explosion severely injured ninny
persons, but Miss King, the landlord's
daughter, wa. the only one who died.
King Carlos and Crown Prince
Louis Phillipe Assassinated
in Streets of Lisbon   Thine
Regicides Killed.
Lisbon Feb -l—King Osrloa and
Crown Prince Louis Phillipe wtirc
assassinated at 5.80 o'clock on Satur.
diy afternoon, They were shot to
ilu ith « hue seated in   'be   royal   our-
ringu, al Lisbon, after their return
Irom Villu Vicusu, where they hud
tieen sojoumlug, by u bund of men.
who lired a volley from carbines
The royal family was drlvlog In an
open carriage, when a group "I nu 11
ut the corner ol I'raeti dc (Joinniereio
and llie lin..do Arsenal suddenly
Sprang Inward the carriage, und level-
line emboli's, which they hud ounces led upun 1 hem, lired, mortally
wounding the King and Crown Prince
and seriously injuring tho King's
second son, Priuoe Manuel. Queen
Aim-lie, who roBO in the carriage and
tried to shield tlie Crown Prince, waa
Immediately the po'loe guards tired
on the assassins und killed three of
The King and Crown Prince, upon
whom tho iittuck was dircoted, were
each shot three times They lived
only long enough tu b> curried to he
niaiine urseuiil near-by, Almost at the
first shot the King fell hnok on the
cushions, (lying, und .it the same mo
ment the Grown Prince wns seen to
hull rise und sink buck on tho sent
Queen Amelia jumped np und threw
lu'i«-ll toward the Crown Prince, iu
an apparent effort to save hia life at
the cost nf her own, but the Prince
hud received hia de-tth wound.
An examination of the wounds ol
the King showed that three bullets
had found their mark. One wound
was situated at the nape of the neck,
a second in tho shoulder, and the
third, which was the fatal wound,
severed the carotid artery. The Crown
Prince, who was still breathing, but
who died almost immediately after
admission to the arsenal, hud suffered
three wounds in the head snd cheat.
Two bullets struck Prince Manuel.
The eold-hlooded murder has sent a
thrill ol horror throughout the country, even among those who have been
wot king politically for the establishment of a republic. Sorrow is expressed on every band.
At the lirst blush it would seem as
though the assassination waa the work
of anarchists and not of republican
sympathizers. Nevertheless, the stirring events of tbe last few weeks have
prepared tbe people for some startling
culmination. The discovery ol plot
after plot, as well as tbe finding of
many at--ret stores of weapons and ammunition, hud demonstrated beyond
peradventure tlie existence of a determination on the part of a large body
of the Portuguese to overthrow the
present conditions and proclaim a
The tragedy occurred about 5.30 in
the afternoon, but the pacio which
instantly gripped the city and all its
activities prostrated the lii.es of communication and il waa not for many
hours that the newa of the assaBBlna-
tion was sent broadosBt,
Lisbon wears un air of utter desolation. The theatres and cafes are closed
the streets are almost deserted and
the electric cars are moving without
paBeengerB. In short, the city has shut
itself up in its houses.
While tbe people communed upon
the future of their country, the minds
of til the faithful monarchists turned
at once to the thought that tbe
wounded Prince Manuel waa King of
Port Utah With this thought came the
other tbat all must be done tu safeguard tbe boy's life and couriers went
through tbe streets summoning to the
bedside ol tbs wounded youth all the
skilled physicians that could be found
in Lisbon.
Tbe last bulletin from the bedside uf
Prince Manuel states that at present
there is no danger of complications
from the wounds. The greatest fear is
of tbe possibility of blood poisoning
Among the first to be called into tho
critical situation was Pr- niief France,
the dictator of the kiogdoin. Franco
was protected by a squadron of cavalrymen as he hastened to the palace,
and there he conferred with the Queen
und high officials ol the state on win,;
immediate action should ne taken.
Too Li . ..uplcte  Work
This Year.
Wcjr.dgctli.it :! iii now piactically
impossible lucoinplulo Ihu aliiicluro of
a Columbia river tiulli. bridge tins
se sun i -lore the COllling high -liii-ei.
Although the nii.il ui ilii* uccuiniiii-o i-
1.1011 is Keenly idt, -vo unnuot nut accept the Inevitable, mul iu Hon oi the
bud e wo would suggest unit, un appropriation be Hindu  by iliii govern-
niiut now loi tlie 111.1U.ul.1lf insinuation ul a   temporary   cubic   ferry   lor
HUB    auisoll     lo    Cilty     OU    L'Ollill.UI.-
ioauoii wall tho oioaa-rlver Battle*
ment, which irallla aud the value .1
.1  full
.11   111.
till ll.
p.lsU III
..ul.    llll
properly mm oommei
1.nu  seoiiuu   Will   u
1 -\,.l>. at       .1..    . tl|j hoc
is uo.-oiu eiy iu.ou »wiy,  ...11  in. y   lui
tllS Ulil.Vi IlltJuUU O   ,111.1. all'1 tt. 1 ll llll.   UUI
ellully loi  1 ne ll. vili   piiielll ol Mini 1111
llll-  IWBl 61'lt   1.UU    1   1   lilt- U.tplli.Dlllll  ol
uiiiie tiiai ii .a oeeu iiuiieii.il nuiil back
by leaaoo ol the fact mn. it nas been
impossible tu cany un lined cum
inuiiiciiiiuu with the cuy without
heavy expense »nj consider-.! lo delay.
We urge that a autlioiei.t mini lor the
purpose, Bay $15,000, be appropriated
by tbe government to l-t) uvailuide
this summer for the preliminary preparations tor the construction of a
traffic bridge this full im.i 10 provide
for the piling nnd other tin.b r work.
When this is done, a (ur ! ur sum nun
he 11 anged foi inward tin c pleii n
of 1   u -, 1 id urn
By next .prh - our (   ,v   ■■ ' u< '    ml
board   1 iratlo stn.ul I   en     .        .    -
a. Ives parti 11 nrlv 1.    In   nil   p 1
a.it matter, which is nf si 0   vi      mo
in 'lit to tin gr wt.li ul  Ite ■ la d
tbe surrounding diatriot, and lu-e no
opportunity uf pressing tbeii el lins
f .r iliis service, which nre such as to
warrant the attention of our member
and oomplianoe ol the government,
With a lerry in operation this yttr
th" first step in tlie development of
those sections west cf the Columbia
will be assured aud this expenditure
will produce material results wuicn
will amply repay the cost of inst .lla-
tion, and when the traffic bridge is
finally constructed, no dilliculty will
lie found in disposing ol scowa aid
cables which will easily find a market
at least at Cost price.
Of B. C. Fruit and Produce Ex
change-Citizens' Banquet
The general meeting of the Fruit A
Produce Exchange of B. C. was held
at 11 o'clock tbis morning in the City
Hull. Close on forty delegates wen-
present, practically the whole province
being represented. J. Johnston of
Nelson took the chair. Muyor Lindmark welcomed the visitors on bebulf
of the city and expressed his belief in
the ultimate value of the Exchange to
the fruit industry of the province. He
said he was pleased to see so many
present and hoped Ihut they would
have a successful convention.
L.   M.    '   1 ■ ■ Cretary-niannger,
read   hi. uch   wuu heartily
approve . 1     whole   meeting
and sh ving the markei progress of
the Exohauge during the year. The
president aud other.) gave able addresses. On going to press tbe annual
1 convention is boing held, clcotion of
officers, etc. This evening at H o'clock
the v'snora will bo HOtertaincd oy the
citizens at a dinner in tbe Union
liotei lies'.,, mini.
RevolutionaryJLicbon -McLean
Released   Big Deputation
Mill Burnt-New Colliery-
Irish Home Rule.
London, Feb 5—.Despite tbestriot
censorship  niaiuiaiuedi    Lisbon    is
known toil ly tn be a  seething volcano
ot revolution,   There is no doubt that
the plan was   to   lull   tbn entire royal
family, and overthrow the moDarohy,
A Heel nt British crui-cra sailed
finIII U lirultur I his momltlg tO Lisbon
1 ■ ns-ist in restoring order    Spanish
-hips urn also lo In sunt to Lisbon,
Grave  fears are   f• it   mr    Queen
Ameile, llisp tclii'S hero ind,cute
Hull, her reason is tottering, and she
1 ay din ui the shock of the death of
bur husband null son.
London, Feb 5.—Tho Government
bus received 11 telegram from the British Charge d'Alfairea at Tangier,
Morocco, to tbe eiVoct that Kaiauli,
the bandit chief, has promised to
bring in Caid Sir Harry Maclean this
evening,exaotly  seven   months to a
day from the nine when  hu was taken
a prisoner by Kuisuli.
Victoria,  Feb,   6—The i ibined
timber interests ol the province were
represented .vest rday by the largest
deputation that has waited upon the
ii 1 eion en!. 1I1 is session     Perpetu'nj
d s. ibility of ii lu in iciiaus will
1 or us. iu royalties mini ooiuli-
' lis justify ll was I heir chief l'i quest
'ill lie K.ti citttve I'liiineil
ItiiOlNA, Sask , Feb 5—Tho ltigiua
Roller Flour Mill, owned by A. T.
Iluiitr uud 0 F.Smith was totally
destroyed by fire last night, despite
every effort on the part of the lire
VANCOUVER, Ft -The first shipment of coal to ."an otiver from the
mines uf the Diamoud Vale Coal A
Iron Mines, Ltd., ut Coin Ice, B.C.,
was received yesterday.
London, Feb.5.—All doubt that the
Government is planning the introduc
tion of legislation looking to Home
Itule for Ireland at the present session
of I'm liiinient was set at rest yesterday
when Mr. Asqiiith, Chancellor of the
Exchequer, declared on behalf of the
Premier, that the Government had no
intention of reintroducing the Irish
Council Bill,
Wall Supplied
in tlio way ol
Jellies, Fruits
the finest qua
a wise practice in every
g   does   this
ere   than   in
U oce.'Ui   which   are   daily
needed    in   every   home,
Think over what  you want
Coffee,  Tea,   Cocoa,   Sugar,   Flour,  Jams,
Jjrjgg    ,,    .V     I well   regulated
CS^fei " ■   • . ■: a »nd in   notlim
mWPi   IM ,ruie app,>\m
N'ui.s, Cheese, Butter,
ities procurable.
pices, etc.    We have
Guaranteed Pure, in the following 1     Strawberry,
Raspberry,  Cherry, Peach, Crab Apple.
All   New Goods   just arrived and
Quality.    Try them.
WO   guarantee
Bourne   Bros.
BARD GOAL lllil lOBlTE*! at
il 1111 ihu nun k  I.
90.00  pur  Ion  is the  cheapest
They atari fli-e -is easily as dry woo
il uud last its 1
nog as haitl coal.
Cm be used in Furnaces, Cook Sto
-ns, Heaters,
Sell Feeders and
open grates,,
We have n large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery
will.fill your order promptly.
Our special sale this week will tie
Heeded Prunes in lib packages, only
10c. per package, at C.U. Hume. Ji Co's.
Remember the great values in lim-i
note papers, 100 sheets 50 cuius ut
Ucwb' drug store.
Pluy for the Burua and Equitable
Ciipa bus he- n n in owed d mn to the
li mils this week, .1 ickson's rink figuring in both events, meeting Hue in
the former a d Foo e in the latter
Foote defeated K-e I .bi night in ihe
semi-final of the Kqnuahlo after a
close   game       The   fnllo viug are lhe
results nl games , layed Ur.s W'ck:
Equitable Gup—
Brown 11, Piukhim 8
Jaokson 10, Brown 4
Ran 17, Yuiing 6
Foote 14, Mel) maid 5
Foote 14, Ruu 10.
Foote and Jackson meet tonight  in
the final (or tho Equitable Cup.
The annual Guidon bonspiel take
place on Monday, Tuesday and Wed
nesd'iy of next week. In addition to
the three reguiar events, there will he
a competition for a handsome cup,
vulued at $100, presented by Thos.
O'Brien, Guidon's popular barrister
It is expected lhat  it leist three rr ks
will attend from RVvelstuke.
First Hundred Miles Will Cost
Nearly $7,000,000.
MONTREAL, Feb. 5.—It i- learned
that the hundred miles of railway
from Prince Rupert eastward which
the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
Company is credited with being about
to place in the hands ol contractura
will cost in the neighborhood of
$7,000,000. It is not likely, however,
that the comoany will invite tenders
for this important piece of work much
before tbe opening of spring. Inquiries elicited the information that it
will be tbe lirst of next month before
the final location notes und data pertaining to the hundred miles of railway between Prince Rupert uud I lie
Kits iliis are in tlie bands ol the heud
offloials in this city, uud us it ia Iron)
these notes that tenders are asked, il
I0 ks as if a month or moro would
elapse before the lirst blow is struck
on the first section of the Grand
Trunk Pacific on ilm Pacific Coast.
Revelstoke Genernl Agencies, Limited
W       BOMS)     ".ANK    BUILDING.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes. Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. ion Hotel £
Order of Owls.
The Order of Owls, held an interesting meeting ill Oddfellows' hall Sunday afternoon, with u inrgu attendance.
A, C. McKeen, Supreme Orguuizer
delivered a lecture on the Old r. Tne
Order ol Owla is a secret society of
guiul fellows who believe iu love,
l.uigtilei ami the kingd m of Heaven
on eartb. They pay sick and accident
bulletin, furnish diuitors to the sick
i.roi hers' and  their  families, without
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Froviucas nf ManiUiba. Alharta. Ba.katchawan,
British Columbia, Oulanu, WuetMC.
Oapital Authorized
Oapital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. R. W11.KIK, President 1
-    •4,860,000.00
R. Jakfbay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United Suites and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed  wn deposits from dute of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—H. T. Jaffray, Manager
The most important experiment yet
tried by the 0. P. R. lor improving the
charge, they  bury  the dead and cure . lighting   of   its   trains, has been buc-
For a cup ol g md 0 rl'-e try a pi
ut   our   sped -I   b-i '.if  t'  nb.
.lav.1,  only 4oo. p.i lo. ... v. ... ..
& Co's.
for the widows and orphans. Tbe
Order is tour years old with a membership of over a hundred thousand.
A nest will be instituted in Revel-
Btoke Thursday evening, February ti,
at 0 Idfellows' hall over old po»t otlico
at 7:J0 p.m., at wblob lime officers
will be elected and installed, and ini
tiation of   candidates   will lake place.
Any   one  Interested  and desiring to
,,,111 111 1st be at this meeting us In
ih utter Will t»' ol se I. The charter
mti    ber   fee   is f>      The Owla have 11
cesalully   carried   01.1   by   (he use of
natural gas.     The   object   was to as
140 Iht., with which tbe l'intch gss
would light the car for thirty-six
hours. The tanks were charged on
Tuesday at 14 u'clock and burned until
6 a 111. the following Thursday morning, thus demonstrating its superiority
over l'intch g.s by four hours. The
I'mii-ii gas inverted mantles weie used
in the test.
The test was made of tbe two  gases
! used together, aud   this   also   proved
certain if the l'intch  gas tanks on the j 0ucceasful.    It i« tbe intention of  the
passenger coaches  could   be   charged   c. P.  R.   to   recharge   all   passenger
with natural gas for illuminating pur- \ coaches on the main line with natural
poses.    The gas proved that it accom- „aB,     This will be tbe best advertise*
me .   p —-.bio for  -.be   wonderful   gas
ne I' nteh
lar belter
modated its* f perfectly 1
gas   fixtures   and   gave
light, j
The car selected lur'ne test »u ear
Nu lllit, aIiich w -   q dpi nl 1 th 1  c
lallilurd PiH'C'i g ■« 1 -li.s -> h    h lute
a juint ii| i.i'ir.-'d c«pu itt in tlfiOcohlc
Urge membership in Canada now, snd I feet, and sent to Midici e Hat.    The
ii ing '-rginijed very 1 tanks were charged witb  natural   gus
[i.m  preosure oi  tenatmotpbeftsat
1 ,..   Nests
I rapidly,
Ibio for  -.be   wonderful
li   ds ol Western Canada.
The C P.R. Hi'Uls in chirge are
much pleased with ihe e&perimsnt as
i    solves   an    Imp-risnt   .e-in nuo
.|.i.-ti ui. Il is aid .. large plant for
cnargi ig th-se lauki will lie erected
at Me Heine H.i in the near future.
NotMnsi better tnun Our "SpsoUU. <C
' ■ l«Mi tl«SU(rvt UCJ»JHH5H
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE   OF   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD.       ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
WLM-3&mK!w<mMm*KtKmwiksmiuwmMimmvmto «;• <wiVuM.
Che fl&aU*»t>eral&*
I'l.lU.lriHKli   W'K.liSKMIlAY AN!) MATL'lt
11A Y AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  lire
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,    Depart mental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Miiti'iiv.
H.uioi.n PlSHKB
11.1.AN \ ELLIOTT,
liMn.'.-r-.; Sol   ton, Bte,
Hr.Vr'.l.slilKK .Ml Tlllll'l I.AKK, li  r.
C 1 onus. .1   r I'.i.i.uui.
Orrints :   Im thiai.   Hank   BLOCK,   IIkvki.-
•htokk, H. 0,
Moot; In loan.
Offl.-w.: Rsvsuteks, B.0.1 Oranbrook, B, I .
UKil. S. Mi-C.IKTKH,
A..  M.   1'INKIIIM. ' J. A.   HillVKV,
Rsvelttoke, B. 0.      Oranbrook n. I.
J. M. Moult  l.L.l) VV, 1. llliKKs.
nOOTT   and   BRIQQ8
RMtRiHTKus, Souoitorb, Etc,
Musky  ro Loan
First St met. Revelstoke, li.C
am.v  ol all (ires.   BamptSI by mall or oxpron
reel-lie prompt attention
Term. Moderate,
Annan.       •       •      ■        B0X48J K.sui, II. 0.
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Buiveylog
Box 108,   RBVKL8TOKB,
harmony countbrpoin/t, btc,
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and university Examinations.
8TXDIO-Al   Mrs.  J.  0,   Bstoblson's   Con-
nniisl.t Atenue.
Mining) Real Estate- Business! Financial and Share Broken*..
Mercantile Aj»rnt-.
Fire* Life, Accident) hfhplovers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps- Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mine**, Land and Timber,
B. C
The Name of
Black Watch
On a Tag on a Plug of
Black Chewing Tobacco
Stands lor Quality.
Che fl&aiWberalo
Th.re Is so much bad in the b.-t of u.-.
A:. 1 -. much Rsst ;n the worst nf us.
That il hardly b-rmv.tes any of u-,
To t.i. abont the re"-,  ■ '■•:•
Within the last few years Canada
sr.d the outside world have awakened
to the fact that British Columbia
fruit Is, as far as quality is concerned,
second to none, and that the quantity
for Shipment i» materially increasing
year by year. With the advent of
new eettiere, we see the establishment
of promieing orchards and the scientific grow ng .-.' fruit and this industry
today has grown and expanded to such
proportions as to plate it in the forefront ot our Otbet Industrie* which arc
developing the resources of our province. Combined with the growing
and cultivation ol fruit, there must of
necessity be •Vstetiiatic action taken
lor the profitable and successful marketing and disposing of it ami this
can only be arrived at by the entire
co.operntion Ol all sections where fruit
and produce nre grown. Individual
exchange* and sub-exchanges may lie
capable ol doing good work, hut when
eaoh section is working along perhaps
different lines the results will probably show but little real benefit. Now
that B, C. Fruit is in suoli demand
and where every section or exchange
uisy 1-e shipping to one or morn
wholesale buyers   it can easily be seen
that reveral methods ol shipping,
commission buying, etc, must needs
be conflicting, hence the nattintl evolution ol  a   central general exobango
Since its  iouudation last summer the
II. 0, Fruit A Produce   Exoliaugo bus
done excellent work, nnd although It
does not iih  yet comprise the whole of
tho provinoe, there is every lesson to
believe that the   results from las) yunr
nnd the piuctieul  benefits that are to
be gained by   coopct'iition   will bring
about the amalgamation of the Exchange as wholly provincial. Revel'
stoke as the headquarters uf tho
Exohauge realizes, thnt tho co-operation of these brunches of the industry
in her midst is ii great honor us well
us responsibility but nevertheless fuels
that her position geographically and
commercially make her oapnblo ol
handling tin- fruit business ol tho pn -
vincu with   despatch and Butiataotton,
and here people   slunilil    be    niiiilc   lo
sec what it really means for their city
to I bus have the fruit crop of tho pro
vince centred in h.ir midst.      By   the
Inauguration ol a Piilr here tho produce of the provinoe should bo exhibited und sampled so that those from
iill points who might iiii either land
investors or  fruit, buyers can see just
iv lint the province uf, it whole can produce nnd nlflo each section. Tho delc-
gates from ull partu of the province
arc holding their annuel ounvenliuli
here today nnd we fuel that now that
a better understanding exists, that the
Exol'.ange will develop into large and
powerful medium ol advertising, marketing and augmenting the already
extensive  fruit   industry    ol   B,   0.
While wc are proud to see the industry of the province represented lieio
und our city ub the headquarters, yet
we nre net in any wny looking at it
from a purely selfish point, ol view,
since we recognize Unit ill nn organisation ol this sort there must be perfect harmony and co-operation,  Since
Revelstoke h-is been chosen us a centre
wo liavo not tbe leas! fear tbut her
citizens will take any undue advantage ol it but ruilier look at it as an
incentive to expand the fruitgrowing
of British Columbia ns a whole.
On Insanity Grounds -Jury out
Twenty-five Hours.
Ni:\v Yohk, Fab. i.—Hurry Thaw
was acquitted of the murder of Stanford White by tho jury on Saturday
on tlie grounds of bis being insane nt
the time of the murder. Immediately
the jury had returned their verdict
Justice Howling committed the prisoner to the asylum (orcriminal insane
at Mattewnn, subject to his recovery.
The jury hud been out 'i'i hours utmost to u minute, and aresaid to have
taken nbnut u dozen ballots before
reaching tbe verdict. When tbe verdict was announced pandemonium
broke loose in tlie courtroom
Replying to application hy Mr. Littleton to   release   tlie prisoner immediately,  Justice   Dowling said:    "The
jury   having   found   acquittal ,,n the
ground ol insanity at the time
sli. oting, the court  feels it incun
on itself tu look   into   the   testimony-
given   during   tbe trial for tho degree
oi that unsoundness.    Tbedefe   i.m-
experts   sought  to establish n ten ii
and   progressive   insanity.    ial
mony was based on prior outbreaks
the part of defendant.     It ap|   i
from   the   evidence tbat a .
was  reasonably   certain   to take pine,
at any time.      The   court   is satisfied
that to allow defendant to be at large
at the present  time  would be da   .■
oua   to   the public safety; it 1'ieref n
orders  that  deeming his discharge at
this   time   a   danger, that    Hurry K
Thaw be taken forthwith to Mattewan
state hospital for insane, tbe sheriff ol
thi- county  to conduct him thi re i    -
Mr. Littleton took i tcepti i. to the
word "forthwith," uud asked resson-
al.In delay to consult his client luetics Dowling granted resa nsble time.
Tbs*, nad im opportunity to bid Ins
mother farewell. The Court order
commanded his commitment "forthwith," ami Deputy Bheriff Bell, who
hud him in clmrge, wns anxioua ti
tnke the first train leading up the
Hudson. Four hours ultnr lhe foreman's lips hud   framed the Words "not
guilty," with the accompanying in in
ity clause, Thaw, protesting that he
was sane, wua on hi* way to Mattewnn
A   little  after   n ghtfnll   lie   hud hi. n
received In the Institution under commitment papers wliioh directed i in
detention "until discharged by due
Course of law."
Bo far ns liofl in his p. ivcr Disti .|
Attorney Jerome will rc-aist any ell -t
to hnve Th ih llbi in -I nt any lime in
ilm near fu'iirc. Neithoi will be »i'l-
Inglj consent to bis transfer to .i su i
Renina's Costly Error.
In oonst'qtienoe of an error in tlit'
cnlculiitioii of tlio time olnpslng between the d lie of the first publication
of lhe bylaws nnd the voting   thnieon,
only 16 days being allowed iuatend of
21, ihu minimum provided for by the
city chiii'ttT of Iteginn, Susk., the sale
of J556,O00 Ol city iliihenliii'os ol
Aciniliiis .liirvis & Co., iniulo rein nllj
is voided.
The various money by'aw* will lion
have to he n inlvi'i'tiseil nn I voted on,
In addition t > a vexatious delay, the
mistake will cost the oity two ov
three thousand dollars,
Prayer Applauded.
Washington, Feb, 6.—The moat
unusual ineotauls of applauding tin
prayer ol the Chaplain ooourred In tho
House of Representatives on Wednesday The Chaplain Inul barely e.included, when build clapping and
laughter weie heard from various di
reciiiiiiH. The prayer run: "Hood
Lord, deliver us, we beseeol) Thee,
from   the  jingo, the  demagogue, tlie
bigot   and   all other   titultisiiu' le oill-
zone, nnd give us instead, the patriot,
the statesman, tlie liroiiil-niiiul.il,
gniici'oiis-lii-iii'tril, manly man, thit
Thy Kingdom may come anil l'ti,.
Will be done on Earth us it is In
I It-it ten.    Por Christ's siike, Amen."
Northern Spy apples for conking,
only   rjl.76   per b >x,   at  0. 13, Hun e
A Co's.
Restaurun' mul Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25o, Up,
Second Street, - East End
Miiiinfnciiiroil for nil clasiss nf buildings
fur suln in large <>r -mull quantities
ut tlio loweii prloes fur cosh.
AU kind-i of batldlns end pla-uoriiu:
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paio
F.   B.    WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
"timothy hay
First-Class   Clover   nnd  Timothy    Hay   for   sale.     Also   a
kinds of Gar len i 'roduce.
sn   Street,     R
'•■ ..■'. ry wesi of   "
peg.     Housi   cleaning   and
easy wil ;
And the money saving  - I   -
Premium System
Booklet tella wl al we give for
Royal i Iron n Wrappers. Bend
for    it—Free—Also   try   the
Royal Soap Co.. Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C
ItAvHAtotte Land Dim
|Ji-iri. I of Ws*M  K."
■ notl B thnt A
i ri'sk. h eupat Ion A
f.i;   i ... rial
bef from the followm** desert I ed lai ■'
 ng    i'     <   poet   ,■■■'•       i -■■ il     i
• ii   Poplar  Creek ft nn Pop i
for  the  south bwi   norm
I.imii  ijixn, marked    -\    0 J-»hi
■ ■ ns ■ pan)      I.- in e --I'-:    tali
north 80 ohalns, thenoe west SO ohaini   thence
wiith   "i chain*   !«■ point  ,-
containing ti-i" acre* mora or loss.
Located 18th Dm,, i9""r.
a. 0, JOHN8T01
■ oi |an 1A B !■'. Roan ■.    tgenl
To the Revelstoke Publio
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke'a FIRST
Quod wink mul satisfaction fcllill'lllllt'Cll.
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
.1. c. HUTCHISON, Prop,
Open Day and
Spocinl attention given to
Supper I'.uiii s A banquets
Moult;, 2S0. Meal Tickets, 15.50
ilii;'!'  TUB HABIT
OPPOSITK   V,  M.   (J,   A.
, Meals nt  iill  Hours
Everything tip-to- Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
Imperial   Drvclnpinenl     $450 00
Hunk nf lliitisli Oolllinhiii   Ill) (K)
Nienl i ('uui anil Coke   UKI (HI
Columbia I'mil nnd Land    MH) 00
lli-vviil .Minns         5 (111
Hot ul Colliurios         2."i
Cliiiilus Dickens      10'.-
Grout West l.oun.
Above slllljeel   to I'lilllil'lllilliol).
Proepeotiiics and particulars cun-
certilng any of those Companies on
MoKenzie Avenue, Kevelstoke.
D raying
All Kinds of Light  and  H savy
Hauling Undertaken
1 '.i'. - in \v■-. -I   c   ".l a. il Peed.
Phono 71. House Phone 7
Canadian Facific
Atlantic Steamskip
From     CAII |N/1 C       From
St. John  OMILinUJ   Liverpool
Sal    Feb. I   Lake Erie.
I'- . 7. Empress Irel'd, Jan. 21
Fri.    "   21,       "   Britain    Feb.   V
20,    I.k. Mn ha     "    12
Fri. M< i.   8,    Emp Ireland       "   21
It , Lk. Boats
I.I.. PU 78 (31 '«i
'I IIIRD (I. \--
ii.     -I    -tiiT.vi      fieas
i in .., ' tlanl -   8* iboai 'I
■ iiin-- tii '.  auh rteam-
P k..,l   t..   Norway
\ i '  i   i ],.    II.inili.,in    ,ii,.1
all othi       ii it '   '.'.il por's.
In furl lu-i inform (t Ion applv to
T. W. BrarJskaw,     E. J. Coyle,
rti    .'
\.'. P   \.
\.i in on vi-r.
Mb imM
win, can mil Manning ■ candies
without having son..' I ttie feeling '■' i'l-.iiiiieie I-, tbe donor.
Of course you''"' gol to fight your
own love b tiles, young man, but
..nr '-.ui!■ eiIons you'll find to bo
ii st mil'.' illy in   -. .oi   wooing,
Milling Uiidy Palace
I i*^pi^r|
(>ui- lewolry represents the must
tlstlo expression of the goldsintlh'B
aft, eiieli iiitieli'an entirely new
i-iiliiin, lasliioiiiililc to the nitrltest
igred i hat will appeal to your
li'iest. tlie inoinent ynu view it.  Our
amends come direct from the nut-
I'B and are sold to vnu at pleiiHluu
loos for (reins  of  Blloll  quality   and
unity. Pleased to have you Bee them
any lime.
3ife^\   Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Art and Beauty
are ootnblned In our new designs iu carpets, Our sim-k is
complete, ntul tin- colors rloh
anil ull'ei-livi', I hnilnsinns ,'iilis-
tie, uud the "tout, ensemble"
Is striking and beautiful,   We
luivu never shown PUieh a wide
variety of patterns, uud we
have never placed snub lovv
prices upon so much high
quality before,
R. HOWSOM * CO.'Y.    2^*^5£»^^
Import direct from Country ol origin.
S--«.%'*a'*Sr**»*«V%'%**Br%%***/*k^^ '
Por Agricultural [mplomeufes. CarrlagMi Wagons Ktc., John
Doito Plotigha, Mcilino Wagons- Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planed Jr., Qardon Soetlora and UultlTatora, Wheel*
wiinlit and Blacksmith Work attDinlod tn. Hnr^o Shooiiig u
r Bpeolaltyf
•V%     %%^r^^%%^s*^^k%%'%^r>^V%^%^%%^r^^^%%^r*^^
HKAD OKKK1K :   OALOARY,   Ai.iikhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
l'lirU Packers und Dealers in Live Stock.   Markets in all tlie priori
pill Cities und Towns of Allierla. British Ooltimliil and the Yukon,
Puckers of ihe Celebrated Brand " Imperat-r" Hams and Baton,
a    and " Shiiinioi k" Brand Leaf Lurd.
Central Hotel
iii .      First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience;
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   manavremeni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBERT      STOHSTE      PROP.
Queens Jtotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
I have choice
upland prairie hay
md Timothy, also
oats, wheat and
feed to offer in car
load lots.
delivered prices
given on  request.
m a n n v, doctor oi
iloamli " Don't do u
ihinu" tin yon Meelenrl)
whnt i beat by ai'i of
"Flashlights OH Human Nature"
mi health, dlseano.lovo, man Iflgc and parentage
Teltu whal you'd n-iV » doctor, bataon t liki' to
rJOptigon, ii'itHtmii'ii. Bfl oents; bo I tolntrodaiti
It. wo uond ono onfj to any muh for potUgo.
in oontfl.
120 ■•■* 2tth ttrovt, NiW YORK,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties nt reasonable prices
No Borers, NoSoale, No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get tiers
mul seeds that grow,
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Bumps
Spraying MateriaL Out Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B, v.   Catalogue free.
Greenhouses nnd Seed House's
VANOOtVEft,       -     -      •     B. C.
llei-r lleails, Animals, llinln, Fish, iEtc.1
Animal   Kukb Mnunleil.
P  (I  Hon SI.
Stttiliii:   Const of First St. ami Boyle Avr,
iUrilstoks, 11. (J,
KtMt-Mnkf I.ntul iMMii.'t.
DFltrlOt 0( Wt-hl Konl'tiiHy.
I ii u ** nottmj iimi I, it. .i I'miIim, of Arrnwheiid,
B,C.i lunibrnniui, luivml tu ft|t|tly (nr a ■iiucIai
11 in lu-i llooDCQ ovur iho (ollowltiK dcU'ribod
Ciimiiifiifiii''. ni it i'osi |.l(Hii-*t1 ni tho Kinitli
wesi ctMiiiT oi Tlinbor . tall n*. iuvi.iuhi
intHknt  "l(. J. I'trku1 luirtli-nim corni'r poit "
llli'll.'.' hiilllli  UKI I'llKlllR, lIUMK't! VMM 4ll fllitlllB,
tiuuii'iMitirih |6Uo iihi», tlnniro Hit W (ilinln*
Ui inuiii ol (-ummunrcnumi.
hiti.'il Don. Uthi 1W7.
t. J. PARKS,
WCd JHii'.'.! 1). Dewar, Agonl.
HoVOlltokfl lAIld ItiMilrl.
1'isiii, i or Kuntuiuiy.
Titlui llOLlOO ilnti 1, Julin Alboi't Kith, nf Ilnr*
fli-mtu). li.<:. oooupatton n. 0. Uuut snrvryo ,
Inl mul 111 uiipij fov i»'iiniM*inii in piircbtiHu tlie
fnil.iwiuk (ithorlbnd land:
Ooininoitotntf at » pOAt plantod about forty'
live u.ti ih-hum north of I In- north «unt comvr of
Lot. llvo tbOUWtnd fnur nundrod and fourteen
ulili. tinnip ono il); Lbtmoo weM. hI«i> (im
uhftlMt iln'i'iM- ho\iiIi forty llvo (iS) ebalin-;
iIii'imt mini ntxty (UQlohfttDSi tboncunorthforty-
ihii..ii I'liH-iiN tu point, or onnitnoituimioitli.
Dated 88th Novontbnr, 1WT.
woddvoi Jons alhkkt kiiik.
ROYOlStokQ Land DtltrloU
Dintnrt nr » ni Kootenny,
Take nollt-e Huti I. II. Y. Ili-amy of Toplnr,
B,0„ ooqupatton Prwpootor, intend io apply for
aapuoial liooncotooutftud oarrf away timber
from the fnllowiiiK dot-orlbed landH:
1. OommonctllK at. a poab planted on tho
wt'ril, bank of Uutty CneU. innrkod "H- Y.
Ki'iuiiy'b sou h-east oorner posl," ahout $ mlle.N
Houiiherly (nun Ihe l#ardo river, beiwoim Kapld
t i-t't'k and Toitdurfool Creek, hiIJoiihiik Timbrr
Limit U-.V.i runnhiK wrst, thouco wont 100
elialnx, thonoo north 10chaliih, thenoe taat 100
ilunii-, thonoo south 40 ehaltm to point of eotn*
inoncuuiant, uouttlnli « UtoaeroH more m- 1uh»,
2. ConimoilolUg at n pOHt planle'l on tlie wtwt
hank uf Kiihiy I'rcfk, marked "U, V\ Iteniiij's
nniib eitr>t rorner uout, aliout StpllOR southerlv
from the Lur.In rivor Uet.wuuu Kapld Crock aud
TendrrftHii Urook, iluuu'o wont IIH) chalne,
thence soulb 40 ehains, thenuo oast 100 ehains,
i linim norih in chaiiiH Ui point of uoiumeiiee-
in en I, contaiuinKOIOnoreH more or lesn.
;i. ('ommonciiiK at, a posl, planted on tho
west hank of Ku*ly Orook, marked "H. Y.
Ituamy's north-wost corner poati about.H miles
southerly from the 1-iinln river, betwtH)ii Kapid
Creek and Ttnili rlom ('reek, thenco i-hhi .su
ohalns, thenco south HU chains, thenco west 8tl
chains, thenco north HO chaiim to point of commencement, containing 610 acres moro or less.
Local nl loth December, 1907.
wed jan 16 11. Y. BEAMY, Locator.
HovelMoko Land District.
District of West Komeuav.
Take uol Ire tha!. we, 0. O Wotalwaixl nnd W.
Y, Kearny, uf Poplat Creek. It. C, occupalioti
Prospoctors, Intend tu apply for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from the
following.dettcrlbod lunds:
1, CtiiniiiencinK ul a post plunltd on tbe west
bank of I'oplar Creek, about A miles up, marked "Oi 0. Woodrow and It. F. Kearny's southeast corner post," runnliiK along O. K ifevcllV
north bt-uudary uf No. 2 Timber Limn 121.Ml,
tbuuco west 80ubuiiiR, (hence north80chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80 obalna to
point of commencement, containing 640 acres
or less.
2. Commencing at a pout plant wl on tbe
west bank of Poplar Crock, about .V, miles up,
marked "C. O. Woodrow and B. Y. Raamy'*
north-east oornor post, thence went 80 chains
along U. K. Kerelft No. 2 Timber Limit 12160
south boundary, theuce south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chaii.ti, thenco north m chains to point
ol coinmencenu'i.t, containing 010 aorow morour
I/>cnled 1sth December, 11*07.
wtdjunlS C. O. WOODKOW,
II. Y. KKAMY, Locator*.
Kevelstoke Land District
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that I, C. O- Woodrow of Poplar
Creek, It C, orcupution Prospector, Intend to
apply for a inecial licence to out ami carry
away timber irom Ihe following described
1. Commencing nt a pout planted about 1
mile up the dint south fork of Poplar Creek on
east bank adjoining Timber Limit No. Hi.ill, on
tho wont boundary, marked "V. O. Woodrow'a
north fast curlier post "thence south UK)chains,
thence west 111 chains, Ihence north 16o chains,
thenco cust  40 chains to point  of  commence
Mnent, containing (Hn acres more or less,
2. Commencing at a post planted ou the
weat. bank of the lirst ninth fork of Poplar
Creok, about 3 miles up, adjoining Timber
Limit No. 10915 on the aouth boundary, inan.cd
"C. t». Woodrow'a north-west cormjr post,"
thoncc east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenoe west 80 chains, thenoe north 80 chains to
poiut of com me u co ment, containing 610 acre-i
more or lees.
Located 18th December, 1907.
vrod jan U C O. WOODHO .v\ Lo .ator.
Revelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that I, Donahl Duwarnf *Lirowbcad,
occupation Cruller- intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land*
Commencing at the south-west corner of Lot
5414, Group 1, iu said district, theuce west 20
chains, thence north 20 chains, thence west 20
chains, thence south 40 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence north 20 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. 1Mb, 1908.
wed jan 29 DONALD DKWAB.
Kevelstoke l*nnd District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I. C. U. Woodrow of Poplar
B. C, oceupatlon Prospector, intend to apply
for a special licence to cut and carry away timber from tho following described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted about ] of a
mile southerly from the 27 mile board on the
C.P.R. railroad adjoining Timber Limit 11260
on west boundary, and tho south boundary of
Timber Limit 838, marked "C. O. Wondrow'n
north-east corner post," theuce west 80 chains,
thoncc south 80 chains, thence oast. He chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of commence-
niont, containing G40 acres more or leas.
Located lath Dec. 19o7.
wed jan 16
C. O. WOODKOW, Locator.
Certificate  of Improvements
Itig Hope Fraction Mineral Claim, situate in
the Trout Lake Mining Division of Kootenay
Distrlot.    Where mealed:—Poplar Crock,
Take natlce that I,Charle~,John Allan New*
tou Pudluy, of Nelson, B.C., Free Miner's Certl*
ii ate No. t>0906 B, intend, sixty days from date
hureof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
CeriiricaU* of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Uraut of the above claim.
And lurther take notice that action, under
:-o- tion £i. must be commenced before the
isiuiiure of hucn Certificate) of Improvements.
Dated this 9Ji day of January, A.D,, 1908,
wed Jan 16 C. J. A. N. PADLRY.
Kevi-lHtoae Land District.
District ol West Kuiileiiav.
Notice iu heiety Riven that thirty
days from the dale hereof I Intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission tn
cut and carry away timber from the
following described land:
Commencing at a post planted nn
the north side of the N. K. Arm of
Upper Arrow Luke at the M. E. (3. L.
8291, (i. I., and marked It. Smith's
S, E. C," Thence west half n mile,
Ibence north one mile, thence east
one hiilfinile, more or less to lake
shore, thence along Ink.- shore to point
of commencement.
Per H. 0. Hull, Agent.
Dated. Dec. lUtli, 1V07, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Tlie Palace  Restaurant
$5.00     Beard By Week    $5.00
A. H. SING,    -        -    Proprietor
Mackenzie Avenue.
If you have $.'i or $5,IKXI to invest we can Ilinl you high.class
opportunities which will tiling von from live per cent, lo 2(1 per cent.
|ier annum on your money.
t'ily Lots, Hi uses, llusiucNs UIiickn, 1-Yuil Fin ins, Itnriil Lnnils,
Hotels, Stores, Hiisini-sN Oppm tuiiitir-H, Timber, Mines, t'ily nnil
Corporation llnnits for sale.
Money to loan on approved seciirilies.
Accounts OOlleuted and iiiljustetl.
If you are interested send for our circular.
Incorporated by Act cf t'atlta nent, 1H,V>.
Wm. Molson MaophEBSON, Pros, 8, II. rCwiNO, VIch-Pi-ss,
Jamkb Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches in  Canada  and   Agencies  in  all  parts of Lhe
Interest credited four times « year at current rates on Ravings
Bank deposits, until further notice*	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvflrtoke, R. C.
IL voMoka I.im.i nutrtol
District of VVe*i Kootonay
Take not toe inal i. It. ■*'. Roamy, of Poplar
Creek, B, c., oooupntion I'ruapoowr, la onds io
apply   for   a   ipoolhl Iniiii.    to cut   and .'any
awn y   11 in lair   from   I lit-   ft I lowlfiD    dcHonln il
■ 1.   OODIinSQoing al a put   planted about 800
fact on the nnrtli nlde of  I'oplar t'n-ck. marked
"it, k. iicainy* north-oast potior pog-t. adjoin
ing iho wi-ht boundary uf Timber uludl Nu.
iiri'i, about une mile weal of tbe flintionth
fork   uf   I'oplar   ('reck,  Iheiiee went Wichalni,
iiieii.'.' --..uui m onaloe, thenoe eastwohaioi,
thoncc north no chain* to point of oumniuncc-
intuit, containiiiK ilio aprcK more or lorn*.
2. OOipneoolpB at a pOJt planted about li.ni
fast on the north Ride of Poplar Truck, marked
"II. K Koumy'i MHith ea*l corner pout,"adjoin-
ii a ilm wonl boundary of Timber Limit No
not1,   uli.mi   one   mile went of   the Und nonlh
fork of Poplar Creek, thonoo wost BJD ohalus,
id.-tu.' north 8b chains, thunoe oiikI mi chain*,
thoncc south ffi -tut m- iu point ul commuuuo
ment, containing oinaeroh moro ur Iouh,
.1. ComuieiicinK '■' a post planted on I he ea--l
hank nf the BOOOnd south fork of Poplar Crook,
about ono milo up markod "H. K- RoumyV
north-oast comer poet, tbenoo wost io chnliiH,
thenOOSOUth   h ■*  chain*, (he-noil e.tni 4i* flu	
'heneo nonh |tin chain* lo point of ouinmotu'c
ment, cunLaiuiiiK 'Uu aorSI niul'o or Iohk.
4   Oommsnolng '•' a ooitplantod about 4Vi
miles: wostorly from iho ilr-i Houth fork uf Pot.
lar Creek, marked B, F. I tuaniy'i north- weel
oorner poat.,   thonoe oast 80 chain*, thenoe
niiiiiliMi chains, theuce WOSt HO chaina, thence
north so chainH lo tioinlof cuinmuhoonionl,
Containing MO ucreti moro or loss.
&. Commencing at a pout planted aUiut 4!a
inili-H WQItorly from the first south fork uf Pop1
lur I'l'i'i-V, marked "ILK. .Uani*. 'h norlh etc i
corner   ppsu     thence went  40  chains, theuce
smith IQOehatnsi thenoe oast 40 ehatno, thonoo
north llto i Im in-, lop. nut of cuuuncncuiiioni,
containing tUn aci'OH moro Or loss
(I. Coniincht'inn ni a \n».\ planted about live
mllos westerly from the Brit nouiii fork of pop
lar Crook, marked "H, If, Reamys south*wesl
curner pool," theuce oast H*"- chaiiiH, thoncc
norih lu onaine, thonoo weet ioo chain*, thonoe
south ii'.ii.uiiH io point of oommenoement, containing till) aerojj mure or Iohk.
Looated lTth Dooeinbrr, 1007.
wed Jan W        B k. kkamy Looator,
Kevelstoke I ami District.
Iih>trlel oi W -*-i Kootenay.
'lake notieo thatl.c A, Freeman, ol Kaslo,
B.O»i occupation Miner Intend to apply for a
special licence over the following described
[anai 1
1. Commencing *t * I"1"' planted on the
went hank of Drill creek. B nil It'll from ihe Lar
doau Mver and shout 2 mi leu norlh easterly
from the N. K. corner ot Lo- 888, 0.1, thence
west -rn chaiim. ihence north ieo obalnt. thenoe
SSlt 40 chains, thence south 160 chains to the
v no o| commencement.
8, I'oniuiein-nii; Rt a posl planted on the
wen hank of i>rift (-rook, s ml leu iron the
lardeaa Klrerandabouia milee north oaeterly
from tbe N U. corner of Lot H8v», <« l, iheneo
earn 40ehains, thenco north 100 Attains, thonoo
west 4oobaiusj lb once enuth i*1'1 ohelue to ihe
puiut <>( cnininenoetiunt,
8, Commonclns at a post plantod on the
west bankol Drift Creek, BW milee Irom Lar*
ileitv Kiver and about .*4 miles norih oaeterly
from the N K. oorner ol Lot k.19, ii 1. thence
norih io chains, thence easl 160ch.<lu8. t enr«
south 40 ohMni, tbenoe weet 160 ohaiua to tho
point of commencement.
•I, i ommenolng at a po^t planted nn tho
weft hank ol Drift Crook. 2% iiitluB irom the
i.ardoau Ivor and about Wi milee uortb can -
erly  from the N   K  oornor u   Loi mm, u I.
thence couth 40 cbaim>, ibei tor-bain ,
thence north -Uichmn*, ilu • • In
tu ino point ol commoncemoiii
5.   Cninmeneinj;  at a   POst   '
west bankol Drill Cre-it   a     •■    from th«
Lard au Hivor and about 1 mile
Irom tbo N. K. cenn-r ol   Li  In     '
weal 40 obatm, ihenoenorth lr-o •   »in ■- nn
oast 40 ohalns, thenoe south ifoohainsto  ho
point ol conimonee'"out.
Daictl Deo, «!0tbi lOOt,
»ed jan i2 0   A   I REKMAN,
Corporation of the City ot
Financial Statement for the Year 1907.
l.i.|iinr l.ii-iiiii-iis  $ 1,900 l«l
Walchinii l-'nos   UB it)
liilnriist un Sink inn l-'iinils IM 211
LOSS  mi   mirrout    year's
taias  8,0110 (10
lliigTlll   IM 00
Hi-liniiKlraiil   5.BM  111
Triule Lloneu        7M 00
Inl.rost hiiT.iiss         Sill 81
Pnlloo Court Pino.      1,(91 H
Bsfondi        mi wi
Pnunil Feus   Sliil M
Itnad Tax   1,190 i«
('•matary   20.t r«0
Hi-ill Prop. Ta.as  l.«:i'.i mil *ll 00
        1!M2  41 «
 '      11103  Sr,2 II
"       "          "       1(101 .... Ill 21
      1909  10.1 99
      moil  1,991 M
        1*17     17.71.7  27
 **.9,(U.1 00
W.i.r and Llulit Hutas lliisliilln-
tion., Mater ll.nn ami Ttuplu*
Mains      90,999 3(1
DEPOSIT A(HlOUNT-((Jontr«iiis)
i uiiiiiliim (liiu  KIm. Co..   9,000 i«i
O. W, Alirnham.1,11        3411 111
J72,2i2 ,-|2
n.Iaucil        21.029 42
Owner* of Townsite of Port Mellon, Howe Sound, 25 Milee from Vanoouver
Within one year the Stock nf this Corporation will he selling nt a handsome premium, Then
it will lie ton lute to buy. The experience of every industry hits been that the lime to buy its
stock is in the embryo stage before a wheel has been turned. We have been granted witter rights
of Mainey River, and hope to have the first, unitof nur plant in operation for lhe manufacture of
paper within tour months. When complete this modern mill will have a weekly capacity of 180
tons of newspaper and 270 tons of wrapping.
We now offer the balance of our Hist allotment of Preferred -Stock in blocks of 100 shares at
$1.00 per share. This stock is entitled to an annual dividend of 7 per cent., coiumencini; November
1st, 11108. The 7 per cent, is due and payable before any dividend is p .id upon tlie Common Stock.
After 7 per cent, has been paid upnn the Preferred and Common, thereafter both storks participate equally. There is no good reason why the Preferred Stock should not pay from 30 to 50 per
cent, dividends.
Hereafter all subscriptions for first allotment shares will be aooepted only upon a pro rata distribution basis. Notice will be given in the immediate future of the exaot date of the dosing of subscription* for ths first allotment of Preferred Stood.
One of the most necessary industries nf Western Canada is that of the manufacture of wood,
Pulp and Paper,—every year hundreds of carloads of paper are annually secured from the Eastern
provinces at from $16 to $18 freight rate per ton. Why should we not manufacture this great
amount of goods at home instead of importing it, thus giving Woik to our own people and building
up our own Province ? The future of Western Canada depends upon the development of its manufacturing industries. The directors who are bending their energies in the establishment of this
great and useful industry are, well known business men of Vancouver who have subscribed liberally to the stock in order to make this a distinctly British Columbia enterprise.
REMEMBER-There is no watered stock, no inflated values or huge promoters' profits in the
enterprise. Unlike most, corporations, instead of allowing from 15 to 25 per cent, for advertising
and sale of stock, the entire commission, brokerage and office expenses and sale of stock is limited
to 10 per cent
The public are cordially invited to visit our demonstrating plant, 313 Cordova Street, and
wit.nesslthe manufacture of pulp and paper from i-ofus.- material, such as slabs, discarded shingle
Isilts, etc., that is now being burnt at the local mills.
CAPTAIN H. A.   MELLON,   J.  P.,  Ameri
FRED. SMITH,  member   Smith,  Wright A
can Lloyds Agent, etc.
Davidson, Wholesale Paper Co., Vancou
W. H. R.COLLISTER, Manager Albion Iron
ver, B. 0,
Works, Vancouver.
H. M. BURRITT, Western Manager Corticelli
FRANCIS J. P. GIBSON, British Columbia
Silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Trust Corporation.
EUSTACE II. JENNS, Barristers, etc,,  Van
J. C. W. STANLEY, formerly Gen. Manager
couver, B, C.
West London Paper Milla, London, Eng.
GEO.  E.   CATES, Cates Shipbuilding   Co.,
COL. T. H. TRAOY, M. C, Soc, C. E., P.L.S.,
Vancouver, B. 0.
D.L.S., Con., Eng., former City Engineer
GREELY KOLTri, formerly General Manager
of Vnncouxer.
Pacific Coast Soda Co.
All Subscriptions for Stock Muet be Made to
Columbia Agencies, hi!
*n7,«m 01
ttal.iii-.il, .liuuiiuy lat, 1907
No 1 Fin Hull	
Taleiilione Kontal	
Kl-tltitill Ktiiolisns	
Ollloa l-'urnitnra	
Dog Tan.	
Si'iiln liiRpei'tlull	
Commission, i-o! I er t i n tl
Itouil Tn.	
Priiinuitii, I lurks' Honda.,
llniiiiynioiit on Tax Loau..
Fi rumen's limn ratine	
Vi it ins- on Uy-lnwi.	
8.W.**, proliminary .sp..
Payment, to Firameu	
Printing •ml Stationary..
PtiHtiifie mul Telegrams ...
Prisoners' knell	
Slreelsaml Sidewalk, new
Si ri-nl . A sidewalk repairs
I'lvln Snlarias 	
Piilii-o Salaries	
Fire Alarm minors	
Hick nnil Destitute	
Interest on Tax Loans,—
Police, general expen.o...
Sunw Sor.ico	
Legnl Kxpet>*«s	
Firo llrigndo RQ.ulpm.nt..
Ilenltli Department	
Repairs to Uui I. lines	
Itiipniis to Tools, etc	
lie'iinils, Ii.i„ilTiix 	
isiilniiiiii Hospital	
Now J.ul iirnoiiig plans) .
< 100 00
102 37
iu,«*o ll
13 i
"0 <
Profit and Loss Account.
Tn Telephone Dental	
Rluah loe  	
Eloclric itepnir anil Miiln.H'ity)
 P. Hii.
Water Repairs anrl Maintenance
llniinriil Expense	
Priming anil Stationery    	
I'S 37    ily In.lallatinn.
&Vi »     "   Waiei R.le. ..,
«l i>l     "   I.lghl       "
274 i.i     "   Meier Rout*. ..
«tl7 4il    "   Tapping Main..
949 41
2.310 111
6.2.'.2 SI
■Ml SO
3,ai2 to
191  M
19,111 :.i
Ralance, Prod!      11,049 8!
UV.'.I  91
3is an
lu.lWI M.
-I..U.1 04
1,071 (In
97 Oil
MJ.70I  14
Profit applls.1 as follows: -
Light Plant, (including Meters and
UaleValT.        4,0(17 23
Wnl.r Pliiut, including New Tank ..      2,9:-0 01
Tools  si 00
r' urn.l . due, etc
l.'.o- M
IM  "2
7.194 »2
To Oouoral I'i.io Fund        11.454 99
113 141. 81
Debenture "J " Account—Power and Auxiliary Plant
To Proceed, nl sale of II Debenture.    114, 50 00
Hy Ad.ertising         128 64
"   F.ngineering         "37 00
"    Polo Line         879 «7
"   Spur        ,i*i m
       l,5o« M
Rslsnoe    112,683 02
Certified Correct—B. A. LAWSON, City Auditor.
January 23rd, l'.IOS.
City Treasurer.
— .-,,1,71.1
Public Sc i 01,■
"oncliers        J7,'|s (10
Janitor      s.M 30
Soi-rnlnry .....         00 00
Incidental           135 (18
Repairs       418 19
Fuel..     1.01.; 79
Sl.itiiincry nnd Supplies      7.11 :.7
Furniture        2<8 3tl
Qronuds      124 18
Clearing Now Blooli ...      128 00
L.linirj         23 1
N.w Work on Attic    1,049 72
 $13,10) 39
Hisii School.
Teachers    2,823 00
Janitor       so oo
Furniture        33 25
Library  70 00
Incidental  12 74
Repairs         29 19
Supplies  1 10
 3.(110 54
Interest, Debentures, "A" ,'50 00
"H' 1110 TO
"('" 112 5(1
' E" 15   HO
"!•'" 990 nil
U" 410 00
it 9.137   .0
I" l.oou
Sinking Fund, Debon. 'A" 570 17
        il" OS 32
 " K.9 19
,,      ..K.. t0j .j,
•       "F" 2.'-l 43
 0" 271 30
„          ,.           ..     ..Hi- tn21 u,
         "1' 070 71
3,933 41
H7.3H.I  94
A. McRae,
919,490 93
, Flotd,
Tunis   31 00
Telephone Rental  102 37
Slush Ico   635 55
Fuel   84 00
Insurance  274 55
Light Plant  2,509 16
Water Plant  476 s2
Installation mn t o r I a I s,
lamps.etc  1,324 26
Kloctric Repairs aud Maintenance (lily)  66115
Electric Repairs A Maintenance (Power H iuso). 949 41
Sal.iries  6,2.'i2 84
(loii.ir.il Expenses   2til 50
Printing aud Station >rj .. 181  50
NewTimk  2,433 79
43-Inch Uate Valia  1,800 09
20.488 00
BALANCE—Current Revenue and Expenditure Account
To Motsons Hank for —
Loan  on Tax   Arrears,
1899*1906  t 8.202 90
Loan ou 1901 Taxes      fi.000 00
Kxp'diture over receipts   SS.6S0 42
 39.832 32
To Deposit Account (contract!*)       2.H40 10
11 One unpaid Debeutum Coupon... 112 SO
142,284 92
By Toi Arrears, 1999-1901  9    332 78
1902  386 74
19n3  714 ,16
1904  1 182 10
1905.  2.061 (17
1906.  2.978 90
1907  6.943 21
Ily Accrued interest on Taxes  1,227 75
'-   Water aud Light accounts due
toCity  8.541 53
24,675 44
Deficit for the y..ir  17,609 48
$42,284 99
Debenturei*, Series A	
■    " "   II	
'■ '"   ('	
"   E	
"   P	
'■   0	
"   H	
"   I	
"   J	
Dun on No. 1 Fire IUII...
Deflci, 1907	
fltiXOO oo
2,000 00
4.500 (M)
8,000 00
1.000 oo
8.001 0(1
82,600 0°
20,(0) 00
M.nn oo
200 00
11,600 48
16V 800 U
BaUioOt AM4t* over LlabllltlM     W.7M **
$23 .r.io 14
Ily HtwU and Sidewalks      51.242 81
"   City Scales  880 00
"   Water end Li it lit capital acot...    103,888 M
•• School Boom aud Orouodi     0,000 00
11   School Pnrultura       1,000 01
"   Keal Property—
rireHallNo.l      1,200 00
 Z      3.000 00
Loin 8 aud U, niook2S   .     2,200 00
Hecreation (irouud      1.021 50
City Hall      4.131 11
Villa Lot80         2M 00
Dumping ground         533 20
Uolatlon Hospital       1.119 a
Fire Alarm System	
Office Furniture	
Tools aud Implement*	
Due on ('einetery Lots	
Sewer Plans, etc 	
Fire HrJKade liV-uipmeut	
Uusold Debentures "J"	
Jail Plaus	
Siukkig Funda-
A      I.WI *Vi
B  48^ M
('         W9 TO
K        540 TO
y      - tnr. ot
in      1,181 08
U      F"*9 TO
I       I 130 27
14.S56 •:■.*
910 02
122 Ii3
262 :-
248 B
4,246 1
15,000 0O
8 00
cariboo ' end District.
IHxtrtotof i arlboo
Taku notice tbat Alexander McRae Ijatttnarof
RuvoUtuke, if. C, occupation UruUer, Intend* to
uiiply fur a special limi^r llcenie over tli*' follow
liijl iIcmnii.'.i landu
7. Coramenolag at a poit planted on the left
Link of the Little Smoky ri»er, almut three mile*.
froni It* mouth aud marked "A.M.L. S.W. corner,"
thence uant 160 cnalna thenco north 40 obalna,
thenoe weet 101 chalm, thence louth 40 chalna i<»
point of comnionceinenfc and containing f->" acre*
mora <>r lu**.
8, Comnanolngata pout planted on the rij-iit
hank of the LlUlo Smokv rirer about three milt**
from its mouth   ud markod "A.M.L B K. corner
ii-ni.-n west IU0 chains, thence north 40 chains,
■iiiii'i' eaat KJ chaina, thenoe south iu chattui >
mint uf i-uuiiu...'t-'immt and containing tAo acm
..rf nr less.
',-.   Commenoing at a post plantod on the lefI
■ nk ut the Ll'-tft Smoky river about three and
itiu null mile* from Ita mouih and marked "A. v
s.w. coruer," thoncu eaat 16" chain*, theai
irt ti  4"  L-haiiis, thence went ISurhalna   ih nn
ihi 411 vh tlna   to point  ol  uniumu nee ment ai
il nu i<m nit acre* mora »r U-hh.
.   i   in ...-ii'mi* at a post planted on the rig
,„   i  un-  l,iiii,; Etiuoa)  r-vi-r * ..ui threu ai
,,;   ui lea fr  ita moutn aud marked "A ■
*i I,. (iruer, thunuu we»t io" chain*, then
rtn i nhama, theintj riiMi |gu cbMnn,tbe.i
nil to - iniiii* to pi un o oinmenvem nt iui
utiTiiiiitg H411 aorei more ur Ums.
I fjtin mi u ing ;tl <- P'«- P '",l '• ou 'he I
r ,, >] :n > Little Smoky r,\ r iouui. four mil
■iui it* mouth and marked ' V.M.L "• W -orn-r
icnue oast -' chaini th n a rJiMicnai
lunoe «"*t m) chains, ihenru w»u .i gtchatiu
tiltituf omweneon.enji ami containisg 640 aori
Hire ur I >M,
\2.   ( ommenolng at a poat panted nn . )n> rUi
ink --f the  Li ile Smoky r.r r*t» ui t ur mil
■n ,i ii,- mouth ami m irked    » M u » h   orne.
thence weat bU chaina, th nc* nnriu aucuatii
thtnceoaai  b   ih In*, theme »nuin,> <h in
puintot t*imiuenceiaettt •-"i cy.. »..i.n^ bt--a r
um or lu**
waled Doc. 17th, 1 117.
i;i.  Cemmeneliig at • P'»»t planted ou the l.i
i'tiik of ilu' Little Simik* nv r .(...ui fi*.- iu I
from iu mouth aud tuartud " uJJ.L, B.H'.oorni r
thence north bu chaina, thence  e *t nirbmm
thence south  80 chains, theuce   «.nt Sjciiauiri
point of commencement and conuinnigb^t-^n
mure or leas.
14. Commencing at ap>«t pltn:ed on the l*i
liank of the Little S nokj i »ei *i>"»* •*<» mil"
from IU muuth and marked A ■».!- ^.W,*utner.
theme suuth (*•» chain*, theme ear*sucn*tu»
thence norm W ohatua, thence **e*.t *Ocnainat<i
point of commencement aud coutammg &4y atre-
iin't'e or le*>*.
is. Commencing at % poet plantod on the left
i-ank i,f the Little Smoky nver about alx mtlw
from it* mouth ami markeil "A.M.L. S .V.curner,-
tUenoe north w chalna, ihence east en-.-bam-*.
thence aouth *>" chain*, thence west so chains to
point of commencement and containing tMu acres
more or less.
10. Commencing at a post planted on the righl
hank uf the Little Smoky lirer about seven mile*
from it* mouth and markeil "A.ML. >'.W cuiu«r,
thenco *uutb 80 chaiiiB, thence eaat .-" i haui.
tlience north 80 chalna, thenc-* wost SO chains to
point of commencement and oOOtatDfng 64U acre*
moraoi lass
17 Commencing at apoatplanUd on the right
hank of the Little Smoky river about *}ei*n mile.
from its mouth ami marked  'A.M-L S.W .corner.''
thence north 80 chains- thence SMt TO chains,
thence suuth b" chain*, thenoe wnt 80 chains lo
poiut of commencement and containing M0 acres
more of leas.
IS. ('nramencing at a po*»t planted on the right
bank <f U" Little Smoky rirer about eight milee
from its mouth and marked 'A.M.L. N.W.curner,"
hence south TO chain*, thence east TO chains,
tlience north TO chains, thence we»t TO chains to
poini ol commencement and containing wo acres
mure or leva.
19 Commencing at a pout planted on the right
hank of the Little Smoky river about eight mQea
irom the mouth and marked '-A.M.L S.Wcorner,'
: hence north TO chains, thence taat TO chains,
theuce aouth S»» chain*, tueuce west so chaina to
pomt of commencement and containing 640 acre*
mure or leaa.
■■in Commenoing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Saiok) rivei about nine miles
from it* mouth and ia»rked "A ML. .N.W.corner,'
thence south TO chain*, thence e**t TO chain*,
ihence north TO chain*, thence w**t TO chain* to
point of commencement and containiog 64u Acres
more or tea*.
21. Commencing at a post plant*! on the right
hank of the Little Smoky rifer about nine mile*
from ita mouth and marked A.M.L. S.W.corner."
thence north TO chains, thence e**t TO :hains.
thence aouth TO chains, thence »eii t*0 chaina U
point of commencement and containing 64" acres
mure or leta-
i*. Commencing at a post planted on tlie right
kink of the north fork of the Little Smoky rirer
about one mil* from th* fork* and marked "A.M.
L n W.corner," thence ea*t 1W chain*, th*nc»
north 40 chains, thence w*»t 1TO chains, thence
south Vi chains tu point of commencement and
containing two acre* more or lea*.
B Commencing at a poet planted on the right
bank Of ths north fork of the Little Smoky river
about one mile from the forks and marked 'AM.
L. S K.corner," thence west 100 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence •**«. 1TO chains. Ibence
•until 40 chaina to point *f commencement and
containing 640 acres more ur less.
Datod Dec. 16th. 1TO7.
U- Commencing at a post planted on the right
liank of the eaat fork el the Little Smokv mer
aixiiit one-half mile from the forka ami marked
'AMI. N.Vf.comer," th«nce south TOchains,
theme eaat TO chalna, thence north wi chains,
thence weat TO chain* to point of commencement
aud containing 640 acres mure or len*
15 Commencing st a post plant*»d on the righl
Link Of the east lurk of the Little Bfroky rirer
almut one-half mile frum the forks and marker
"A M.L- HW.corner," tlience north WJ cbatnn,
thence east W) chaton, thence south TO chains
thenco west V) chains to point of commencemeiM
and containing 640 acres un-re or less.
t6 Commencing at 1 post plant+d on tbe righl
hank of the east fork o' the Little "took) mer
aliout one and one-half mil** fr-Mi. the forks and
marked "A M.L N-W.rarner," thence souths
chains, thence etst TO chain*, th*nce north 80
rihaina, Ihence we*t TO chitns to point of com-
iiiencement and containing 6*0 actti more er less
17.   Commencing at * poat plain* i on the right
bank  of the eaat fork u( the Little smoky rirer
about one and  one-half   ulles  from tht* fork* aU
ni uk- I "A M L.   ftWei-ofnar."   tl.ence   north  i
chains,   thenc     cast   8u  chains   thence south
haini, tlience west TO chains to poiut of com
iflonuomant an i eoutaJnlni ot > acres mure or u -■«
gg, Cimnie- mg at a pOSt pUtttod ott tox Wgbt
f.>rk '/ the I. .:!•* -mi) r ri
• -hall  1'iilei  from th** fork-n*
bink id th
tboul i
. tike" ' Alt li N W.cotUOt, theuce *omh.
, , . thorn east 160 ' >■■<•. tt-e.ic# nortti ->
,,„, ,i, . rretl 100 'h»mi topoOltof com
i..-,, nil j- t rufitainir.g -Hi- »• re? more or le •
go i , i, in- ing at a uostplantssiontherigb
• Kink vJ  tlM ••*-•--  fork ol tky L.ttlo .•■moky r.-t;
about two and one*hall miles from the fork* and
marked "v.M.L. B.W, comer, theuce north 40
chains, thenc* east Itio cuams, theuce south 40
Chains, thence went    !•.    chaius   lo point id   cum-
inencumunt and com lining64-j actus more >-r less.
TO. Commencing at a pu*L planted ou the right
bank ol tlie oast fork ol tbe Llttlo Smoky river
about four and one-hali miles (ram the loikaaud
marked 'a..M.L N.W,corner,1 theucs south lu)
uliains, thence ea>.t 40 ohalns, thanoa north ieo
Ohains, thenos west 40 chains tu point of ccm*
wanoamant and containing eio acres moraior lea§.
31. Commencing at.A punt planted un the right
bank ul tne east forkol the Little smoky rirer
about four and one hall miles from tlis foi ks and
marked "A.M.L. xW. corner,' thence north so
Chaini,   then.,-   cut   80   chains, thence south TO
caains, thence west so chains io point of com*
loeucemeut and containing wiu ocras more or Ies*.
3J..   Commencing at I post planted on the right
■aiikuf   the east lurk ui   tbs LiUlu smuky rtvtr
aooulfour and one-ball miles from tha forka and
muted     A..1.L.  .N.f..  "uiner,   ihence south loo
ii.uito, thence west iu chains, theuce north joo
ti tins, theuuu east  40 chains to point of cum-
jeaueiuent and containing ido acre* more or len*.
^.   Uoamencing at a pott planted on tha right
*okol Uie east tork ol   the   Llttlo smoky river
uuat nve .*...,! onvuall mUes from the lorks ami
tarketl     A.M.L.   .r-.iV.   corner,     theuce noilh so
.jno, iu iica ».t>! nj ohaiua, thence south so
.nu , uaiiu wtfti b0 ...*.i.i. to point ol cum-
. ,1 eiueui a.n. vouuin.itji 0K acres more ur less
>i Uimuiouciiig at ■ p «. planted on the right
- k of tu** e«at fork ul uttls Smoky river about
... and ouo-i.aU .a>,:H. u ai tea forka and marked
i. i L. N.W. comer, m^n.e uaat TO chains,
uco souta, Bu cuauii, tinn.ewest *v chaina,
..IKC U-.it^ *■ , hrkllis tsO pomi Of     ■■UiUieUL'e.i.i i.i
11 unutinuig e4u acres mure ot leas.
^ lllg  at   A  p.lSa   ^l ,U   Hi   Oil   tbi    rigllt
*.i>i lotaot   iu   il....... .>io..*.> ...  r
....-.-■ iiitil uiUrV*  n.iiu tin i -tr***-tnd
K7*l      OO     U    •»»-«>   .   '   a>    .U.
Ug -* ■* p  -
iUPS    -I    H'*l.
i.eaoubu  rignt
■ ir.   .ll      VI.V      t.-tfc     .-   ita  U|     Is,*,       ...a    i.   O.U.J-.}   UVVK
« —i *.». -9.UU oueUsMj ui. «a  isui-1 Uhj tuia* and
..  SI.VI      si   <i.u     .». i»   ,,'iuvi        MiUICO   (vO-Hi   00
.^. .s,    MttUVS    -.ouiiio-.    nt.^u*,   w.ii  -    HtBloU
.„...*.,   Ui.inti   HuFUl   ^o   lunula 9O ffOiUt  ul    Com*
.,. u. t'iu(.iu Olid i ull.A.uiiif. 0,^ sure,   uit.i i vt le-ts,
U   icu Oil.   .viii, it*Vf.
Sj.    LuiOttl«ttt lug  *• *» p^-nt phtetod «n ttie rojltt
i.Uk Ot lo-; v.mI Im. ul cmi. b.L.iv .iiunaj TtV^r
Ml. ui MViiU dll'i -U« UsMl U«Uv* Iijui Hit , .jf..-, nlld
*-*>f*AM .*. -u i. .. >, . iuf.i r, w«eu*,-« e-»iV ao
..a.Us,    UMUC*    *uu.ii    *j>    luttms, iu. me   ««>i qO
iiallll,     ti.li:.. i       I.,    i.i.     t      ■   |,i„ii    rtf UOlIlk     Ul      ■ Ottt*
rfeuCotaeu. m.,u ■.■.;.. ,iii.„. •,•-. a. i-n ...- ut vT leas.
3o-    « "inn.1 -in mg tu ^ ,io"t. ,jt.io.t-j vii ihu r.gut
..stir, ol tile .•...-.. I.-t -. ol vUu Mt-VUJ ••»^.-t. « Tt\vT
^i-uut seVeu dii'i'.iiiflitlli U..U n iiu,,, Ut* ioi*.» and
oi-.ii.eti   "A.sU L.   S.W.coraur,    koiouce uwri., oo
iiaiue, t.SeiKe eaat ou BOauiS. .u. «■. e euutu ai'
ouaitW) tiien.e MesibO cuato* in p.im ol com*
iDeiu'eiueiit  anil coutainiiitt oiu at rt.- mure or less.
Mi. Loiumcuciug .il a por.. piuuioa ou tue ight
.-.■.ilk "i the east fork ul me i-u.le Smoky river
.ooul eight atni i-iu-iifi.lt uiiie-i Irom tUe lorSs and
timrked A.M.L. ft.W.coruer," Uieuce ea-«l so
cuaius, tbouce south so cuain*. Uieuce west 00
tiiains, tneiic-* north au cbain* to point of com-
.oeucetueiil and coiitaluimji 04U acre* more or leas.
4u. C'emmeiirtiigat a po*t planted un tbe right
oaiik of tut- tMi furk ot tbe idtlde smo*) n, oi
^bout eiglit and une-tial( mile* frum the k-r*. * and
mari.ett "A Ml. S.W. coruer," Uiencs kurtb Su
cuamn, thence east oo chains, tueuce -..mn tw
c;, ..u*. thence vent t*J cbam* to pouit of com*
wenoeitnant and con-auuug oto acre* more or u-i-,.
il i_omiueiK'iug al a post plauteu un tbe rignt
oaiik of the east turk ol the Little SttOkj n\ef
auoui nine and otw half mile* frum tue turas aud
markeil A.M.L. .>.W.corner," theuce tail VI
tbains, thence south au chains, inem*e sveet eo
chain*, theuce north ou chain* to poiut ut cum*
mencement and containing o*u acre* more or leu.
it. Commeucingat a post plauteuon the right
oauk id the etui lork of the LitUe suiuay rirer
.iK.ui um* and one-half mlie* from lb* tui as aud
marked 'A.M.L. - S-tV corner,' thence north si)
ciiaiUs, theuce easl so -.hailu. Iftcuu* south wj
chaius, theuce west bu chain* lo puiat of com-
it,i-iu t-meiu ane coutaiuiug o-io acres mure or lea*.
44. i t.iuai-eiii m» at a post pUaied ou tlie r.gut
bank of tbe ea»i fuik ui ike Liliie Smua)' river
aOuttt uu and "ue-iut.it milsw Iroui t*M tolas aud
marseu "AtJg.t*. AsW-swraaf." ibeut.* co*l go
cuaiu*, theuce south ou chains, thence west ao
cuaius, thence north at) etuuu* to pomt of com*
men.ement and conisulniugrftu acres mere or lees.
44. t .luiuieui tug at a post planted cu the right
bank of the east tork of tne Little SflfrOk* rirer
atKiut len auo one-haJf miles from tbe lurk* and
marked "A..M.L. S.W.corner," thence north 00
chains, thence eaat Su cams, tbenco aoath SO
chains, thence mast so chains to point of com-
lue'iceineht and containing  t>4u acres more or leas.
baled Dec   .lUli, U;7 .
U, Coiuineuciug at a poat planted on '.lie right
liank of tbe east fork of tbs Little Smoky rirer
atmut eleven u*id one-half miles from tba forks
and marked A.M.L. S.W.cornsr," thence north 80
cioina, ihence east «u chains, tbenco aouth so
cba<n*, thence wecg-prj chains to point of commencement aud containing 6*0 acres more or leu.
46. Commencing at a po*t planted on the right
liank of Lbs oast fork of the Little Hmoky rirer
about eleven and one-half mile* from tbe forks
and marked ' A.M L N.W.comer,' thenoe east 80
chain*, theuce south 00 chain*, thence weat 80
chain*, the nee north 80 chains to pomt of com*
mencement *ud containing gto acre* more or less,
47. la-ininencing at a poat planted on the right
hank of the east fork of the Little Hmoky risar
about twelre and one- ialf miles from tbe forks
and marked 'A.ML N. w. corner," thence ea*t 90
•.bains, thenc* south 00 cbaius, thenoe wast 60
chain* thence nottb t)u chain* to point of com*
mencement and containing 040 acre* mure or less.
is. uonmeucing at a post planted on tbe right
bank of the e**l fork of tbe Little Hmoky rirer
aboul twelre aud one dial' mile* from the fork*
and m-arked A.M.L. S.W .corner," thence north
ou chain*, tbenoe eaat ttu chalna, thence south SO
chans. iheuoe west to* cha ne lo point of com*
luenoement and containing 64u acres more or leaa,
4V. ommenolng al a posl planted on the right
bank of the east fork of the Little Mnokf rirer
abvut thirteen and une-b&lf mile* fiom the forka
and marked 'A.M I. N. W .corner," thence east *-o
cbams, ihence south aO chains, theuce »«*i *u
'ham-, thence north iu chains to point of com
mencement and contain at 04" acres mure or It**,
60. t ommencing at a post planted on the right
hank of the east lork of the Little Smok) rirer
abotlt thirteen and one-hnlf miles from the fork*
and marked 'A.M.L S.W.corner," thenoe north
so chain*, iheneo east Mi chains, thenoe south 80
chains, lueiice we** 80 rhain-i to point of com*
mvmvment ■ 'id containing 64i' acres mure or Ies*.
61. Commencing at a poat planted on tbe right
''ink of the east fork of tne Little Hmoky rirer
it. ■,,' 'njr *_• n un I one*half mile* from the forks
aim nui a A.M.L > w .corner," theoce east 80
diaius, ll -ir. south 8o chains thenc* west 80
chaius thence north W) chains to point of cotn-
jien'-u.ent  uud .'ontaining 64o acr«t m'jre or lena,
bi.   pommanring at a post planted on the right
.ink of   the mat fork Of  the  Little Smok)   ■ »• r
aoout fourteen sud une-n,If mile* irom the forks
.mi markod ' a.m la, s W.oornar. thunce u- -au
aj cbaius. thence eaat dK) chains, thence south Ml
ham- thence west ttv chain*, to point of com*
uvii'iimn; and containin* (-4u acre* more or Was,
listed lie  . Shi, |g> 7.
wedjan t» Locator, THE MAIIilIEIULD, REVELSTOKE, HO.
Pure Drugs
|i CarefulCompounding t|
* Prompt Delivery
mi-ii 'il by tin- h'i M'li.nit us being cm-
H'l't.       We    lako   tins   lipull ourselves,
accepting up it-sponsiblllby, and will
nut suoh paper us limy he deposited
tlio Imtliit  Im* in torn imilli mi l-'ri-
(inly I.i un I'nli' signed itCOoUUiS
I in   Km inn
11 'IM
3anada Drug'& Book Co.
Rkvbutoki . B, 0.
Nail Orders Promptly Filled
sT.   s't'a   ."frs   s*i"a   ■.*!*.   t"tt   /t.   t't'i  ,*i*.   i*t*s   ."t*.   .*i*.   ,j'.
"*'+' *** \J," *£* *j7 1+t *+* 'J.' +   + T^ "^P
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Feb. 5th, tor 24 hours—
Mild tnd cloudy with snow, Temp:
Max 80 degrees, Min. 28degrees.
M M pi'-.ai ii-Wai r—At Kevelstoke
0., nn tin- 3rd let ut  the 1'Bsidenoe
im-r Watt,
William Singer, by the Rev \V,
Calder, James Maodonald nt Dal
itland, tu  Isabella Mmti-
ol Friesboro, Scotland.
Local and General.
.1..Im .1 Young has retired (rum the
Calgary Herald, niter over 20 years in
Western Canadian journalism,
Dances mul moving pictures will bo
held itt tlie dperu House   every   week
See liilis and.furtber announcements,
William T. Payne lias succeeded  D.
ernl superintendent ul
Service uf the O.P It
ptIHl    ___
Field Motos.
I'l.iiii Ilnr i n ii     in ii-.|itiliilt-nl.
ii ri' bui iy in chronicle tin   do
i    VVyoklltl'i   WllO    passed    pun
ii wnv   curly
E. Brown as gene
the Trans Pacific
Don't lurget the   fireman's  hull  un
ilu  nut   need u dress
have uu nil round
it- ii nil
the 21 nt
sin'..     I        ^^^^^
good time,
The lirst two steel epsns of the, new
O.P.R. bridge over the
put into pi ce yestemay
without a bitch,
aturday issue tbe minimum
^^ 1   the  weather forecast
uld   have   read   —4   or 4 degrees
Columbia wen
■ lav. everything
In our
5   reaii   —
below zero, instead of 1 degrees.
Tin  im.ernl of the late J. 1 n llutcl
ison, who died   at   Grand
week, was in oharg
Pythias, ol
the mieri
: -Fire
A I 1>
Business Locals
I  that Inn
I Two  ye
I l V   I w-'oku"
" * 1>     J ever sini
aji  protiiine
  pathy i
"| .villi Mr
-v nn in   I in their
Monday  iiioiiil
ck's   illness.    She   Iiiil   in 1
iu very well tor some time und ou
■ nsiluy morning ol list week she was
-ti'ic.kin with iiii iitiitck ill apoplexy,
iltor which she novel regained ci m-
o'lt.i' oiinsoiousuuHS, Dr, Taylor, ol
i - ilden, Dr, Kor, ol tin coup! i uci Ion
oamp huspital, ii il in. l.n'ii, if lin 11 (V,
wi'iv ml iu nttundanco on bar m
ihil'i lent linies during the week, but
could do little ur offer little hope ol
recovery, Her life hung in ihu balance  lor   days,    hut.    lhe   n ,|   finally
came just at the   break   i f   day on
Moodily. Her death has eiisi it very
dt'i-ii glu in over the town. She was
one ol the oldest resilient, und highly-
led. She look nu iiclive part in
everything belonging to the life uf the
lace. She leaves behind In t n bus
bund und live children, the eldest of
whom in 111 years, There were present
in the ho in- nt. tbe lime nf ber death,
two sisters and three brother,,
M-s A s Marsh, ol Calgary,
Mrs siewiii'i nnd Mr, Frank l.iivull
nf Winnipeg; Mr, .1. R, Lavell of
Oalgiry nnd Mr. Fred Lavell, of Wol-
sey, Siek, I li r father Mr George
La vol I i' stiil olive und r-sides with
bid Bun George in Ottawa, The I tin
ernl will take place from tho home
here tomorrow (Wednesday) There
will be a n eiiiiii'inl service in St
Stephen's chinch at 4.80 pm.. after
which the r. innins will ho taken by
train to Oalgary foi burial,
Mrs WyokorT c'line from IVirouto
16 years 9go to live with her sister,
Mrs. Marsh, whore hiisluind was nt
that limo it conduct r on tbe Hig Hill.
Two yours Inlet- sin- married Mr.
Wyckoll und tiny huvu livid here
ever since. They have both boon very
prominent slid useful citizens nf the
plum. Tbe deep and hoartfelt sym-
thy ut  ilu-   whole  oomuiunity, is
Hig Heud, H ('.
I have In en n sniVtirin ui I'liiiiiii itisin
for the li-l fifteen ynirs, mul (.ir the
'.•si live years 1 have tint been able tn
walk out of doors, sfier three treat
ri-nis ul il ray'a Medicine I consider
myself  cured   nnd   um   able to wnlk
Unite ns gu d 'is ever
.1.   Fi.i:\ii\ii
Heve'sliike, H  0,
Aft 'i being n suiVeier from rheums
tisni for ninny your* and living tried
numerous   remedies,   I   u ed   Gray',
llliiud Mixture und inn now oomph toly
cured nnd hnve never fell nn nche nr ..
;i iin since.    I heartily recommend It
in nil sufferers.
S. liltAY.
Oriental Hotel,
llovelstoke, B, ll.
This is to certify that Gray's  Blood
Medi -ines of Herbs is the   best    treat-
nient   for  rheumatism   1 have bo far
hen nl i if. 1 il ni liN yours ..1.1 nnd tvnu
a complete cripple with that painful
disease until I sttirtcd using Gray'a
Medicine 1 have now given it. 11
days I rial nnd may say thnt 1 am
feeling that 1 urn alive after being n
I victim of uvoi'20 yon'B from i bourns-
; tisni I cnii cheerful')- recommend
this inidieii.e to any snlVcn r.
P    K    lsltlltlKll.
l'i v Ismke, It. 0,
I have linn lie id oi mutism for ton
years, have triid tienily everything
without help 1 hnve 'een using
Gray's lllood Mixture for nine days
nnd the pain andioreue s are all gone.
T. M. Ha it it kit.
Bonnie Glen, Alia.
A'ler lining (irny's liniitnont   I   cull
suy thai I  have never found anything
'o equal it [or allies or pains.
R. Smith.
Forks Inst
tn,.' Knights of
wliicii the deceased wns n
>ist   self filling
■a' drug Btorc
nt   Hews'   tints
fountain  pens
Industry.      Smoke
f -
i  tbe  department o
nt   Ottawa are published
r more  adequate proteo-
th'-  Dominion forest  reserves
tern Canada,
Sutton bus been appointed
foreman ol the Revelstoke Saw Mill
Co.'s mill at the Big Kd ly and is now
making arrangements to upon up fur
work in the early spring.
Local Chinese are expectantly await-
in fr.im Pekin that the
tion t-
in Wei
.1.   K
Patronize   Homo
Rovolstolte Cigars
Hews'   Emulsion of  Ood
With Iron, ."ilio. mid $1 u bottle
liissnll    Carpet    Sweepers
style und finish at C. H. Ilium
Liver Oil
■ & Co's
C-lUse ■
Cape C.1	
The tirst annual ■
inder tne auspices i
ing an iiitiinatic._ —
Empress    Dowager   has  abdicated iu
favor of the Emperor, who was deposed
by her alter the coup d'etat ol 18U8.
The Edison Parlor Theatre will lie
open four nights u week only, namely,
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Pictures and songs will he
changed on Monday, and Thursdays,
J. K. Merriman, leader of the African
Bond, has accepted the premiership of
Cape Colony in succession to Dr. S.
Jainesuii. who esigned Saturday be-
jf tbe defeat of his patty in the
my parliaments!)-   elections
shirt Wuist Dance
ul Fire Brigade No.
•J. will l>? held in ttie Opera House on
Friday, February 21st. Gentlemen'.
ticket 4*1. Ladies' JOc. Every efforl
will l-e made to render this dance the
event of tlie season, lhe Fire Brigade
will d" it too '. Tickets can be obtained at the Canada Drug -.v. Book
Co., or irom any ol the firemen.
What might have been a nasty
accident occurred Sunday aiternonn,
when Mr*. J. C. Hutchison accompanied by Mi---.- Creighton and Mc
I'.ialen. were sleigh driving. On making tbe turn at the con er of Sec
St. and Robeoc Ave the cutter wns
overturnnl and the ladies were thrown
.'. but i irtunately r, t hurt. I .
cutter righted Itself and the horn
'. a I.- t-;.t and ran down Second St
to the stable.     No  damage was done
un Sunday, n Third Street, between
tbs Cowan Block nnd St. Andrew's
Church. One small Gold Bead
Chain and small Head Bbaped
Gold Locket, On tbe back ol
locket is the word "Laura" and
the (root is set in Pearls and
Turquoise. Finder will be suit
al.' reward-d on returning same
to Mail Hi bai.h Office.
Y. M. C. A. Basket Ball Tonight.
There will I* n gmsl game -i basks!
ball tonight between the Gym team
and the 0 I' R, .hop*. This is the
first time these teams have met llo-
MSUOD and the game wul   be \- rv last
Am pis accommodation is provided foi
all who cntiic   to   see the game, which
start-simrp nt 9 o'clock Admission
15c, ladies Irt s
It is expected that the Ilii isli Royal
family will he represented by one ol
itB members ut tbe Tercentenary celebration i" August next. It is hoped
that the Prince nnd Princess of Wales
will be utile to again visit Canada for
the occasion.
The citizens t f  Revelstoke are en
tertnining tbe delegates and provincial   '
representatives of the  Fruit nnd Pro-;
dues Exohanga of  British   Columbia,
who are holding their annual convention   hen-   today,   at  n banquet this
evening at the Union hntil restuarant,
As comparing this winter with that
of hist year, in looking np old lilcs we
find the following tor February 8th,
190:7 One rotaiy snow plough lost,
one snow plough broken down between
the bridge and the depot,     Telegraph
communication cut  off  both   ways,
Slide at Greenslide 80 leet   long   and
'20 leet deep, slide  nt   Albert,   Canyon
24 feet deep and 12f.   feet   long.      No j ^  boUles,
trains from west lor two  days,     Five, I
six and seven trains from east not  in. I    Smoked    Halibut    un
Boat   on   Arrow    Lakes frozen up for  Herring   fresh   in   (.very
f.iiirdays.      This   will BUOW what the  0' B- Hun e it Co's.
C. P. R.   have   to   contend    with   in j     The' Thursday  nnd   Saturday   pr
winter and   yet   keep   up   tbe   train I grammes in the Edison Parlor Theatre I
service will include, moving   pictures   of   "A
M.   McDonald,   known throughout Woodland Tragedy," "Life of tbe Bee,"
the west ns   "Little Mack,"   is dead of    Je»! 'usy to Madness,  "OntheStage
heart disease.     The deceased was one  "ml illustrated song "Stingy,
of ihe most  popular men in the west,!
being genial ami of a sunny disposi-!      Library Voting Contest
tion.   He was burn in Ireland in 1868     ....
und in 1888 settled in Calgary and be-' "
came une ol  her most progressive citi-
Slid lost
md lli
little family
S.   Gray,   ollice
Front St., oppositi
Peterson's   Block,
Victoria Hotel.
Chinese New Year.
i Revelstoke Cisrars Union Made Our
Spocial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
nre ahoatl ot nil others.
For mul tresses, pillows, bluiikets and
bed comforts go to C. B. Hume A: Co's
Hews' Witch   Hazel Cream for after
shaving and roughness of skin, '2.*i and
1    Kippered
sens, being   largely   instrumental   in
the formation and location   of   many
important mercantile concerns in Cal
gary and   in   the   whole   provinoe if
Ah erta.     In   two   he took ,i trip i
the Yukon   und   devoted  Irs tini
his return to milling interests     I
Muck wns well known in   P.. C  ai
Revelstoke where be bad many fi ■   ds
Social and Personal
s lasue
noon, Feb. Tib. at
■ • d ii    3 tturday
Mail Herald      Tl t • t
- bi •' - have   now  i i    end tnd
no :i■"■■■' can Im o taim d       We   bavi
spent cunsidet
. ■ ■     -     -
:       rhese
u i   ■ - -
With tho rising nf the new moon on
.Saturday  morning  the  Clinic e New-
Year, being   the   86lll nf   the reign nf
„, ' Kni|e or Ivwang Su, began and Chinamen all over the eily   am celebrating.
I The customary o-reniuny in the Joss
house wns held, where the Josses Bi 1
in   darkened   recesses,  nnd offerings
were made to  invoke their protection.
Business   was   suspended   and   every
house had been cleaned and scrubbed.
It is  the one time of the year, apparently, when   the   Celestial tnkeB himself in enincst   in the mutter of cleanliness.    New Year's day to the Chinaman is also B   period   when all arrears
of debt must be   wiped   off   the Blate.
It follows the great settling day of the
year and   nothing   but   bad luck will
Inllow   the  dehtor   on that day.    The
celebrations on tlie whole are proceeding   quietly   witb   less demonstration
than   usual.     A  noticeable feature in
at   the   Chinese   hones   was the Chines'
I lilies.     It ia not considered  lucky if a
I lily is   not   in   bloum   when  the New-
Year   opens       'lhe   usual   salvos   of
crackers wire   let   off to drive the evil
spirits awa) and guanl the fung shuy
or  store.      Presentations  of   rice arei
. madi  to Tien Wang, prince of Heaven
1,md   the   lesser   gods, and   gifts were
given   nnd   received   hy every family
'Kung e la Choy, ' (Happy New- Y'enr)
on   Friday at   ma. bes en in red s reamers in every
winner will be       isi     Peacock leather:-are much in
evidei ce, besides n presi nt it ions of the
1 ni t' 1 whole the festivities
■ i...   kept  quieter than usual nl-
vei)    ' "u.ii.i nan   is   loyal to
.: :i    md  to I onfui ins. who lived
.' igo, for all over the world
where.       ball   it   dozen  si.es of   the
•1    1 1  iBsembled the
•    .- ti d   by   [easting   and
- ' seil '.' lib draws at the
- ei   I ri n k i n g
. unit Ilm
SKAI.KIi TENDERS, inlilrnssnili.il tin. Postmaster Ui'iinriil.  will  Im  rm-i-ive'l  nt Ottawa
until   Nni in  Friday, the UUi March 1909,
fur tlin t-iiiivi-yniii'i' nf His Mnjnsty's Mails, tin 11
prnpnsod I'outraot for fouryonrs. as
lii-twi'i'ii iiriili'isi-il slrnot l.nltiii' ttnxr
Rovolstoke l'11-l Oltii-n,   frum   tho  1       	
lii-iii-r.'il's pleasure
Prinlilil imliii's coutnluluH  fntllii'i' ilifnrmii-
-: Ul i-iinihtinns nf inn|nisnil I'mil rnrl 111 'iy
1   .-iiul   lil ink   Tnriiis   nf  Ti-mli-r limy lin
.._ nl ul Ilm I'Kt llilii'.i nt   Hi-i'i-lsli.lin nnil
ni Um nilli'ii nf tlio Posl iiiliio [nspsotor,
Po.tOlllcs in-niii-inr's Olllos, Vancouver,B.C,
Dial Jiiineiry, Inns.
JOHN U. (IHKKNl-'lKhll,
fell r. lw fur :iws Post Ollice Inspector,
BOYS' SUITS    Millie of Hie Best Tweeds, all well  sewn and  ready
to stand the hard wear of school and play,    They are all new Fall stock,
bill we arc not going to carry this line, and to clear out  what we  have,
no better
instead  of
we are Belling ul li
MEN'S SHIRTS   Tooke's and Ol-oselll ninke.   There nil
9 made.   Pretty Oiuuhi'lcs In light and dark colors—OOc,
very warm and soft.   Guaranteed unshrinkable -$8 Instead of $1 per Suit
BOYS'   WOOL   UNDERWEAR-The kind Hint "don't   scratch."
Instead of $li«l   (We. Instead of OOc.
OHILDRENS' UNDERWEAR    Al equally low prices.
.lust what the boys need,    Bxtro long leg,
Friday. Feb. 7th, 1908
Commencing 8i45 p. m.
after Picture Show
GENTS. 50c. LADIES, 25c
Hereafter  a   continuou
Im iniini'i' if Pictures   and
ti-uti-d   Songs    will   tuk
every night except Tue
l-'i idnys when dances
lines   will   be   given
lays nnd
nnil Pic-
at above
nil wool.    .Ml.-,  instead ol 7oc.
MEN'S WORKING SHIRTS    Made ul'-gonil   llitnnel,   double  sewn,
gn-y, blue nnil mIi ipeil.    They wore good value at $1.60 and $1.75.   Your
i-hoii-e tot' $1.00.
WOOL TOQUES   60c. Instead of OOc. and Toe.
HOUSE SLIPPERS   All sizes--75c, Instead of $1.25,
All through the stoic yon will find  prices like these.
ll will pay you to examine the values we are offering and save money by
buying at
EXPERtENOED Wiiliress wanlml.
TO LET—Room Ot room and hoard
for one or two gentlemen. All conveniences, telephone, etc. Apply to
M.ui.-llKitAi.ii office,
WANTED TO LKT-Five loomed
house east, of i ity, rent $8 per
mouth untiu nish'-d or $12 pel month
furnished—Columbia Agencies, Ltd
(Ither   nights   15,',.
Orchestra Dance Nights
WANTED-Men und Women lo
learn barber trade, wages earned while learning, catalogue free.
Write Moler Bat ber College, 800 Oar-
rall St., Vancouver. B. C.
WANTED— Dressmaking   bv   the
dny,   hy   it   competent  Dress-
uild-t- ft
Box 014
ANTED— Dressmaking
f,   by   it   c
in the East
ANTED — Furnished  toonis  or
fiiriii-bi'd    houses   for   clients,
Apply   C'-linnliia   Ageniirs,  Limited,
client with $1,000 who wants a
good Iiul el man with like amount to
join   bun  in running a hotel,   Apply
Columbia Agencies. Liiniletl.
ANTED-AII   kinds   of  jobbing
work lo do  i'leaning snow from
roofs, tending furnaces, wood chop-
pin*, or iiiiv other general work.
Charges moderate. Anyone requiring
siii-h work iliine please drop poat card
to F. Bennlsnn, General Delivt-iv. P.
O, Revelstoke. fehl2w
WANTED KNOWN-You enii gel.
one of the best snaps to lie bad
in City house property from us. Two
houses and 100 ft. fmiiiiige lo Main St.
all for $2,500 of which only $1000 cash
is required -md balance can remain on
  mortgage.—Apply at once to Colombia
WANTED—Small Furnished house| Agencies, Limited,	
Apply Ui P. O.
sat dec 7
li ij-le will n it
- '
.Inn. Gosnell's Glycerine Soap.
S.inii.,1 Snap.
Ii.-iinl.il nu- Snap.
I.isli-iine Snap.
Uo«iiin| Soap,
Ichthyol Soap.
Tbyin'i 1 Snap.
( 'iii.I'm Snap.
1711 Whin. Rote.
Colgate', 1--I France Koso,
Calvert's -it per Cent. Carbolic,
Rogei andGallol Perfumed.
Druggisi i\'  Si \iiiiNi.it
Mrs. k. N.
Friday, Feb
M;-s   Jami -
Mi i.day morning,
Mrs.    VV, H. Pratt
mi Friday, F(
Mayor   Lindmark     returni i    tl
morning from a visit to the c asl
Mrs  II   Cunningham   Mi     -   h •
returned from a visit to Noti . rlil
A.   Arinin   lias accepted a pi
-I Three Valley with the Muinly
Mrs. and Mi-.s Maundrell of Ar-i.-
Itrong, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. H.
Dr. J. 0, Morrison left y- iterds
i l"i-iinss   trip   to  Salmon   Ann  and
Notch Hill
liunil inl.. i ■ manager -i t ie
ini bons I.'ui.' er Co., Pi igston I res »
left in  tin- -' uth yestarda)   mi ruing
R, p. Pettipii i' western organizi r
I of the Trades an.l l.n .r    Cong res
Canada, passed tbrougb en   route (ur
tlie west last,  tii|(!it.
Miss Ma'y Edwards returned on
Monday   morning   ir-mi    Vancouvei
where she hn. been tisiliug her  fathi
v.ln, has been seriously ill
Mr. Bennet, "f the Soranton Inter
national Correspondence Schools ■ inn
up frum the suiiib on Mondaj nd
visited Fii Id and Ol in r points.
II. ti 1 iungii, who bus been i m-
pluyid (or 1. number of year- In th I
P it. shops here, l.-ft tins morning 1 r
in- home ut Summerside, I' K 1 1 in
tin- eve "I in- if psrturs be it«s presented with a handsome gold watch
fri in   the   iiiiiiaii ■   ni   1 be   ' H 1 i-.v
Home," as 1 t"k"n ul tb • high usl	
in which he is held b) the boys, li v-
Ing 1 ilicia ed ns manager nf thai m-
Btitutlon dtuing tbe pusi 1.te yen
or Rooms for housekeeping for small
family of adults, central location.
Apply ollice Mail Hkk'ald.
YOUNG   LADY  desires   Situation
wilh a good f 11111 ■ Iy, or Chambermaid.    Apply Ri-X 121, Revelstoke.
Dress Goods
.. $1
All Wool Venetians
■     .   -1 ::,. mm
Broad Cloth
Comforts, Blankets
\>.       HIS
ivv offering
ai Our January Sale Price,
Ladies Skirts glumes
One I
h  .-".1
V.iile ^^
.Ills!   I
ITerlno thei
uf Ladies'Skiits, Prices  ranging from Kit
Now just half their regular price.
Panama and Venetian Skirts,   These are
I in the last   liiiinyK.   We are
ally   11-diieeil   prices  lo
■U   gc
Dress Patterns
•,   Isal.ella   1'
'    1'
si lu on
f   Ilk   Ilu
■ 1
l'i || I
M.nk  Boas  md st,,|
■ > ■
nn iv
tins ..ni    '"■
"  1'
sin. one "iilv. s 0
de,  $10, im".   -'■
%\ '
• 1
1 I'' ir II.''Ill  nut.
Hue   Only 1.'lilies' t'usl lime, si/.e
81 B0,   now $16;   Regular Prlci
Regulai Price ■•Hin. nuw tfx.
B0,     It-
• $22 50,
igtllftt' Pi ice
imii $12.00;
Men's Odd Pants
Extra Heavy Tweed. Reg.
Heavy Tweed at $1.25.
Pi-ice $:i.0D, now $2.25.
Men's Suits
Extra  good value,  $12,   now  $0,00;   Fine Black
Serge, $Ki.oo, now $10.50.
Boys Norfolk Suits
Regular Price, $5.00; now $3.00.
at.60o..per pair.
Hoys' Odd Pants
Misses Underwear
lie   P
nl values ui   86
Men's Overcoats
1:.. ;u
1.1, p
||" now |8.00| Regular Price $8.00,
3oys' Overcoats
Half I'll
Heavy Sox for Men
All   Wool.    Five   Pairs   for   $1.00.
Cashmere Sox    0 pairs for $1,00.
Men's  HI in-
Men's Underwear
Men's Heavy Fleeided Lined Underwear at 60 Cents
Men's Extra  Heavy All  Wool Underwear.   Sale
Price'7iV. Per Garment,
This Is a Clearing -Sale All Over the Store.
No Reserve.
Goods at Your Own Price.
0,h| lots of wall
IJ. IIunit .v. Cjs',
pa| er cheap  al


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