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The Mail Herald Jun 2, 1915

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Chiel Lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation oentre between Calgary
and i the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published   twici ■   Read
by   e
adi ort.   • e Hum   Ior   the
city and distrit t,
Vol. 22—Nr 44
    *a.   ■==
$2.50 Fer Year
Will Continue to Accept u
Colonel   in   City
Fifty three recruits bad been enrolled in the .".ith Kootenay am!
Boundary bai tallon up to this morn
inn. This ih three more thun the
riiiiiiie t i'ii".n.eii-, iii.ii.eii te, Revel
btoke, and Lieut, C.G, McLean, the'
reorull lng otlti i!. is much ^teased
with the manner in which Revi Istoke
has responded '.i i he appeal, I le will
continue tn accept men until the battalion mohilizet .it ^ ernon, 'Mil. W W.
D.-ivis, ,e'i.ii commanding, is expect
i',i to pass throu ;h the city toi 01
row on hs  return  t" Nels.en     irom
thO coast.
All tbo r'emits have been presented
with rosetttb uf red white and blue
by the ladles of the Red Cross
Th ise who have Bigned the roll and
passed the doctor since the last list
published In the Mail Herald are as
Thomas .McMahon, born Revelstoke,
railroad man. age 18, n \t of kin,
:nothcr, Mrs. l.i:;'. McMahon, Revelatoke.
Charles Newsome, born; Portelract,
England, railroad man, age -^. next
ol km father. W.  Newsome, Kdmonton.
AH fit i Ion Igun, horn Carlo ■ is
land, Clerk, Rge - I, next ol kin, Mrs.
A. Cni igun,  n other, Wlnnipi
MltcheH   Mclnnls,   horn   Nova   See.tui
bridgeman, age -!>. next of kin  H.B.
Molnnis,  father,  Antique,  Mich.
Ccdrir Harris n, horn Newcastle-
< n T\ n■•. ca np .:isi>. cl ■ ". agt 23,
next of I In lather, v,. G, Harrison,
Nowc Bt !•    i Tyne.
Bdwat I Ch trlea Stuart, born Ports-
mouth, England, railroad man, age
2J, next of kin, brother, Arthur
St. tart,   Mcsworth, Sask,
Milan Kn
or r.   ig      :.'-,     next  oi    In, father,
Fedoc Kremalooh, Nich.
n. Ward, . i rn i onegal, La oi er,
age   ...
Bresltn,     7  Union     Plact.   \
Charles  \ i     Pi ic uii
stoke,  bookkeeper, ago 21,  nexl      ot
I in, Rev. C. \. Procunii i. Rev   i
Willi.i .  't()i'n  Halif ex. train
man,   ige m . next ol kin   Eathei, W81-
liam Cal ler,  Revelsl
Kre: McMahon, age -1, nexl of ki,u
.s.in.ii     McMahon, father, Revi
Ait li ii: William Nelson, Hev. Istoke,
bral ••: n. .' ■ 23, n.'xi ol kin Mrs.
Marie Nelson,  mother, Celesta,  B.C.
David   Meek.   RS.elstoke,
next ol kin I'.ev 11 Mo'., (al her, Eyemouth,   Scotland.
Ri   ert  Savich,  Revelstoki    a i
saloon  keeper,    next    of kin Duchnn
Bavish   brother, Nish Servia,
The following was the total enlist
td up to  Sunday:
Nelson and Kaslo      230      'Jin       ; l
Rosslan 1 . a 1 Trail    I5tt       59       91
Grand  Forks   100       7.       28
Fernie   100       ~»       22
i i Golden
and Fit Id  200       95      103
Revelst,.: e     50       .;•        13
i. md North
Co intry  HOD       47      153
Fimltkan een  \ allej     m i •
Creston,    1
Totals lion      i i::       187
When a mat is thlnl ing of enlist -
Ing, i bei •• are fit i a il ons that bo
wants answered. Thoy arc
1.—How long am I to Serve?
the end of the war and bIj months after if rniuircd.
2.—What Pay Shall 1 Ke" Ive? Your
jay as ,i private w,m be 81.00    per
day and i-i cents tii Id allowance,   lie'
sides this  you will  he clothed,  equipped and subsisted My n.c government,
i— What will my. Wife receive during my absence? Every month there
will he paid her a separation allow-
anci of $20,00, (also a part of your
pay), and if this he not enough to
comfortably maintain your family,
the Canadian Patriotic Fund will
farther assist them.
■I. What, will happen if I am Wound
cd 01 siei ' Yoti will he cared for by
Him government and your p
ed until! you are discharged, If you
are permanently disabled an allowance will in paid you, varying ac-
cordlng to the extent of yonr Injury
or disability.
0.—What will be elone for my Wife
nnd Children if 1 die while on active
Service? The government will provide
an adei|ii;ite pension, that will enable
the family to llvi i o rtaWy until
the children are old enough to look
after themselves. The widowed mother
of n Bini'te man. If tho son he her
sole Btipport, i« treated in the tame
way nfl n wife.
Twe«*ty-five Dollar Prize for  Best Decorated   Float-   Amusing   Baseball   Game   on
Boys' Horse Race   Chopping and Pulling Contests      Recreation Grounds To
Prizes for Cattle and Horses
Th • celehral Ion of Farmers Day will
be inaugurated on Friday by a para li
which will start Irom the cone r     of
McKenzie avenue and  Firsl  street   al
I   o'clock.   Floats,  for  v hloh  a
prize will be oliered;   oys an I n-r-i In
i osl time ' ei,  le irsi b icl .  live stock and
ee' hei   ft al uri s will be Inclu led  in th
' purade,  Tbo •. olobration   will  be   uu
der     tho aut: Ice   oi   t h    .it .•
Farmi ra  In til ul    and tbe  Inst ltute' ■
short course meetings under tbe   llvi
stock branch e.f the British t olumbla
Mi pari i:n'ni of agt Icull ire will be b Id
on ih it day .in i     tomorii'i'e  and on
The program on Friday will include ludging oi horses ami Mitle,
chopping contest, competition for
;.i Ize ffered for I • Bt costume or i oy
• n borsehack, boys horse race, pulling
i onicst for tean s, compel it Ion tor
besl costume of man on horsebao!)
and other features, The stock demon
ft i at ion will include live stock Judging, mil,, t 'st.ii!;- and testing cattle
for disease, which >viii be performed
in public, and 8.H, li",eins, the assistant ll\ e sine . ommtssioner, w io
iWlll give    the    demonstrations,   has
asked that a num! er of heavy and
light 1 e : e - .., iy or i ••• f catl lo and
-h. en and - trine I e co lecte for tho
; nrj use of the di ee astral o is. The
cattle and 'aires should be brought
to tho vacant 'Met opposite the Cli-
nax hotel o i Fin i    treet, Enti .es for
any  npel Itioi   should i o handed to
w. ll. Pottruff, secretary of the Farmers ll :;' it ui
The eo       tltion  include
Gon ral purpose horse, Brst prize ■?:■:.
Heavy horsi .  Rrsl  prize $3.00.
Highest   BCoring bull,  raised In Re
volstol e district, inst  prize $2.1 0.
HI hest  ri   i ina dairy better, raised
in Revelstoke district, Brst prize one.
Hlghesl scoring dairy cow, flrst
pri   ■ $   , Becond  prize $2,
Best costume on horseback, men,
iirst   prize  -1,50',
Pulling contest, Brst prize, $7.50.
Boyi horse race n om Brewery to
i osl oflice, iii si i>i Ize $8, secon i
prize il.'
I'M. ati   ci  npel I ion, lirst   prize $25
lies' costume on horseback, boya,
flrst prize  :-, boc nd prize ii.
Chopping contest, flrst prize 83..SO,
Becond priz ■ -i.
The govern nl     lectures will     he
given tn Smythe's hall, the proi ram
bein • as follows.
morrow Afternoon
Solos and Choruses, Speeches and Readings—Three
Bands in Parade Previous to iVeetir.g—To Aid
Recruiting for Kootenuy Battalion
•Mm" ::, s p.m.
June I, 2 p.m.
M' wton;  3. IO p.m.
"Poultry,"   H.   E.
ms ,ii culture," \v.
live stock demon
stration, s. ii. Hopkins; 8 p. m.
"Fodder Crops," W. Newton; 9 p.m.,
"Live stock" (Illustrated), S. H.
I lopkins,
June •".. 2 p. m, -'Milk Testing", T.
A. F. Wiancko; s p.m. "Hairy Feeds'"
ll- Rive; ii p.m. "Dairy Buildings"
(illustrated), H, Hive.
Liberal subscriptions towards the
expenses of the day have heen given
te. w.K   Si  [th, president of the   Far-
i- inst tute, and W. H. Pottrufl,
the secretary, who are organizing the
celebration. In addition to th.ise al-
r p.dy   re; ortc I       in   the   Mail , [er   1 I
'''   folio ' Ing are   imong the nibs rih-
I..  ('.   Masson,  F.   'li.   Wells,  J. A.
.   R,   Laughton, Woh Chong, Re-
velsto''e  Wine   &   Spirit   Co.,      Globe
Lumber company   II. J. McSorley, D,
Gallicano,   MM Tapping, O.W. Ahra
i.   McKinnon   St  Sutherland, W.
H.  Pratt, A.B.  McCleneghan,   Patace
1 ivery,  Revelstoke Meat Market,    j.
C. Laughton, A.P. Levesque,
Th ' gr iat  patriotic n ting
it. was Intended to   hold on T i
li is been posl poned     until ti
the King's  birthdaj     Bin
i  e ni" t    ultnhle da •  for     buc
f Mie nn . Th ' niei'i .ie •     will  he     in
uld  "f  th ■ recruit lng  no ■■   proceeding
Ior ih   .' It ii  i te   iy and Bou
bnttallot    Pn to thi   ■ > i'
parade   > ;.   he held in w bli
elsl    i   co       iy of tho 5-itl   bai I
Ilon, the city band, thi   Italian   Boys
hand,     t. ie     bu le     h -i i   th    H
school  c olet     cor i      and    the
li   ui      Ml take part. After th    pat
ado the meeting will be held   in   tho
drill hall,  Mayor W.A,  !•'. ote wtJ
In the chair, and the progt
elude spt ches,   songs   and   n.
The parade will  st  rl  at  7.'.'.    p.m.
The sp leches will be confin 1 t i
three minutes each and thi apt akl ; •
will  include the mayor,     ,ii .1.   i .    .
The following  is the honor roll for
\\<nl ol tbi   Bel a !. school.
Division  I.     Entrance Class
Johnson,   Dorothj    Mac.euro;,    Jean
Patrick.   Honorably   mentioned.—Leo
Hobson,   -Man' v  Gale,  Cecil  Moran.
Division  !!.•—Rich  Lawrence,     John
Guzzo,     R.hert    Beech.      Hoi.
mentioned.—Jack  McCarty,    Dorothy
Laing, Elsie Davenport.
Division III. Junior Fourth Reader,
B.—Daphne    Rooke,     Eva   McMahon,
.lack   Henry.   Honorably   mentioi
Williard  Dunn.
Senior Third Reader B.—Ernest
Hey. Dorothy Purvis, Hamerick De-
Hlas. Honorably menttoned.-
IMacdonell, Tannis Jac son, Lillian
Hayward, Gordon Young, Albert
i fenderson.
Division IV. .Junior Third Reading
'Mass ll.— Wesley Headers n Aura
Conning, Ernest Pottt ifl Honorably
mentioned, William Crawford. Ross
rond Lawrence, Delia Coltisi n, Helen
Junior Third      Reading  Class    \
I VeroniC    I'M.    ,   .!      , .   Millar)  Walter   McCilll  ch,   lii.-ly    Leigh.  Honorably mentioned.-Alice   Tevini,   Cecil
Kim1 erl'ee..   t.e   I larmicheal.
hi', is on   \M   Si nior  .-• 'end  I;
Ro«e Frey,    Harry Anderson      Al
berta Hobson.   I        ral tioned.
I  air e ii,     Kathleen  B
briggs, Arthur Taylor.
Junior     Tl.ir 1      Re   I I.    Sec. B.—
Rosina     Rowlett,     Wei lall    Porter.
iChartea Macket   ot,    HonorahM.
tioned.—Peter     Lonzo.    Fred    Skene
Romy Turk.
Division  VI.  Se ond  Ri idei
lie  Henderson,   Forsten  Lundell   and
Johnny    Crawford      Laura     Purvis.
Honorably     mentioned.—Sari   TVtti-
bin NorMurge. Honorably mentioned.
—Tommy Gorring, Eva Carmichaei,
Hilda Blower,  Joyce Ballard.
Division \ ill. First Primer.—Elena
Gallicano, Dorothj Lundell, Annie
Watt. Honorably mentioned.—Nellie
Singer, Lattrine Robbins, Peter Grau-
cr, Isabel Lawrence, Sarah De Foe,
Alma McMillan, Kathleen Mclntyre,
Edwin Taylor.
nd       Primer.—Anaie      Tevini,
•e Singer, Gerret Versteegh..
Receivin_' Class.—Bbba Hansen,
Rodcer Foote, Everet Henderson,
Nellie Miller. Honorably mentioned.—
Dorothy Delver, Laura Johnson,
Edith Sturdy Lome Dickson, Jean
Hayward,  Edith Gastaldtni.
di' of the features of the King's
Birthdaj holiday tomorrow will be
6 ;real asebt'il match between the
Fats and Leans (or the benefit pt the
funds  of  Hi" Ib'd   • IrOBB   society.       I'M.
game Is oxpeel >d to cause auy
nmounl of amusomonl and is sure to
draw a   large cr w i,  The kuiu.'    wllj
Btarl     ai      '.. ■ i     on the   i ecrei	
groundB, The t a ns and line up will
I e  aa follows:
Reg Upper, (pitcher) Fred Laing
Dr, Sutherland (cathr) B.R. Reynolds
J.G. Barber,   tist b.)    Dr. Hamilton
R.J, Stewart, (Jnd b.) 11.NM Coursier
G.S. McCarter (3rd M.I W.H. Hon,! in
J.M. McKay, (cf.) A.B. McOleno ban
R.J, Coiilthanl, is,s.i CR. Mcdonald
W.M. Lawrence, (r.f.) M, Hume
A, MoRae, (l.f.) F. Hews
Mie:-  n  Crawford  i res. i  J.H. McKenzie
Referee.—K. G. McRae.
Tomorrow after the baseball  garni
between   the Fat Men and the   Lean
Men,     there  will   be  a game  betwe n
two all star teams from the  Y.M.C.
'.   league.  The teams are now    being
1 ned up and a great game Is exveel
ed. The grounds willba in good shape 	
for tho Fat and I.e.in mens game and     _.    , „    , ..    , ,,.*     ,
„.„„„,,. .,,  ,    , Tne following is tho honor   list   of
everything will he humming when   n
comes to tbe   secondary game of tho  ,l!'   Central school.
afternoon. Division i.     Sonlor Four h.
  belli   Tapping,     Jessie     Somei
Louise Aman, Ada  Burridge,     Agnes
Suth irland,  Maud  I Ii pgoi 1.
Division   ll.   Junior   Fo
Cartwright,   Allan   Fleetham,    Marj
Bell, Catharine MacKinm n.     G    et
Divlsii - ill. Si nit r Inti
Ernest   Bradsh tw,     I'    e      C     "'
Dorothy     Bt nn"11,     Wenty    Smythe.
Jamie o i   t 'rnwford.   •!• norablj
tioned.—Jean  Beli,   tM .i' •■ I., igh.
Division    [V.     Jnnloi    Third  A
Stewart   Burridge,     George  Mi
Douglas Southworth, Honorablj i
tioned.—Alfred     Al rahamson,       En ;
Ming, Kathle   i I) ichard.
Junior Third B.—Ml I    I Battel
Bridgman Taylor.     Margaret   Mic'ilt
son,  Jack Cartwright,  Ralph Morris.
I fonorably       titto Tom  Mad
Division  V,     Seniot   S c nd
Jeffs,   Aileen   Lies.   Corrine Smythe,
J.C,  McKi nele,    0, li.
■   : ,   R,   Tall-
la'. .   VV      .,            i ap(.
T , Rev,     J.  w.
and W. B,
Solo v M        I
n-  1  ..
J.L, i
Ml      he
i ■ : "l   ■' V s   n
will  be     T li   M   ph   I-   M  T i
I,  WI  :       id Blue,, Boldii
the   King,     Rul  nd the
ct - of tie- "ith ' attalion
t position ai
tl tunits   will   be
Dance in Honor of Revelstoke's
Representatives in  Kootenay Battalion
Dldtimer of Interior
Answers Last Call
A farewell dance in hon ir of tho
' ' '■'" unteers tor th 54th,
Kootenay, battalion will be iield ia
the drill ball on the evening of Friday, .1 Un6 I, and as tins will probably bo the last oi l ortunlty to bid
the soldiers fan well be.or.- leaving
for the niee.il! ,-t on camp at Vernon
it is expected that the aiiair will be
extensively patronized, The proceeds
Will be devoted to patriotic purposes
and everything possible Ls being done
to make the dance a complete success.
Tho music will be provided by the
city band and refreshments will be
served at midnight. The floor managers will he R. Gordon and J: Guy
Barber The ball will he decorated for
the occasion. The committees are as
Committee for dance, B. Nelson,
chairman; J. L. Curveon, NM W, Bennett, S. Ross,  C. Corson.
Reception committee: Copl, Bluich,
chairman; Lance-corpl. Rowan, J. S,
Field, J, Martin, W. J. Wilson, J.
Morgan, T. Copeland, B, Daniels, C,
Beatrice     Jo iffc      Arth u    Jol
Henrietta     McM  hi >
Frank Fleming      M t     Lid ,     K' s
Junii i   9 ici nd    Doris Brill,
Kenn.e.      Sti     it   Laugbt
Burridge, v
Division    VI.     Fin -Mar
jorie   Roberts    Emlyn     Parry, May
. a •
Jean    i- emi
Male, la    McF M
Maura     Wh '
—Elsie Bi 11,    P< rey  v. m g, No
Recei i.—Mary Davii
garet M
non.  ':'
Cricket Club Secretary
in Casualty List
The casualty list published on  Ba
turday contains among thi   list     of
wounded on  May 21  tin name ol  Pte.
Albert Kdward Davey, formerly
battalion, Bristol England.
Mr. Davey was
Bros.  Ltd.,  before     It or    the
war   I to was seen tarj  of the (
club and was well     known In Rev I
Steel ('.
Work on Completion of
Automobile Road Begins
t oa o' the aul
- il|
tiled at the
end of 1
I iecc,  Rlla Rtttherfcrd,  Dav.d Teveni,
Mary Quw.o;    HaroU Rowlett,     Joe
Firsl !>'ie .-rcarl Reid, Bruce
Hume nnd cl irence Cashato, John
Ringer nd r Idy B .er. Honorably
mentioned.— Arthur Kimberley, Boyd
Kincaid,   Vlbert Deft   .    Doris Miller,
line   Sirianni.
Division \ TT Pirsi Reader.—David
■sturdy. Tsab.' Atkinson Gertrude
Garland, Honorably mentioned.—
P"riv ihepherd, s.irnh I. nghton,
F'ances Lawrence, .lenn Edwards,
Annie Jenkins.
aei     Primer.—Elmer     Hansen,
Olna Pradolini, (Braily Rowlett,   Al-
The  death  occurred  at  thO  residence
of J. Knox on Saturday     of     Mrs.
Barbara M. Clark,      Tho   lato   Mrs.
Clark   v '.as   84 years   of   age bad
lived in Revelstoke for 21 years   and
was well mown all through the  [ntw
ior.  She was born     In Germany and
came     to New York in  1849  leaving
there for Clinton, B.I ,, In t-879 where
she resided until  I8U1, coming  i	
.-b" resided until 1891 comini to Etevo]
stoke in that year. Mrs. Clink, haver. 2
grandsons, George A. Have, a ranch
'i ll i.wynne. Albe, ta and William
l eavo a locomotive engineer in
ib velstoke. Tiie funerai took place
yesterday afternoon from the residence of J. Knox to St. John's
The funeral service was conducted
by Lev J.W. Stevenson nnd the loi i
"Face ti Pace" was rendered by J.
Hay. The pall bearers were. C, F.
! Indmark,  T.   Kilpatrick,  Angus  Mc-
Grand Outer Guard
of Knights ot Pythias
Former Resident
Meets Sudden Death
Muirsmith and L beau
on List ot Wounded
At the meeting of the grand   lodge
(ef Knights ol  i yto es, held a,  Rossland last     Wednesday and   I
A. E. Kinc.tid was elected grand oul
er guard of tne grandlodge of Brit
ish Columbia.
Mr. Kincaid accompanied by Mrs.
Kincaid left for Rossland on Mondaj
Of    last    Wee',  a'.d    f 'turned   Oil   Satlll' e
day. While at Rossland they went
through the principal mines and also
im pecti i the cite r at Trail. The
hospitality of 'he people of Rot land
and Trail was most lavish, snys Mr.
Kincaid.  Nothing was neglected    that
John   I' .11 as,  a  former  i.. -    I   I
Instant d     on
Friday night, v-Me
of 91) feet I
illioll      '     '■
gars .Dallas   Lt   ippears,
..... :
on the elevati
i'i.'li"..     It     '
or whether   be
not know n,
■ Iccldi ntal death"
i '
Inquire Inti   the .1 al I       'l
.   , '      t   H.H
i.  :..
H ' ■•
might make the visit of the deb -ites    v.
Lean, H. N. Coursier, M, Hume, A.
I'M Kincaid. Wreaths and flowers were
s<nt by: Mr. and Mrs. W.A. lleavo,
Mr. W. A. Smythe, Mr. and Mrs.
Huirh Smythe. Mr. and Mrs. T.
R. M. Hume. J. Anderson,
ra   '    Lundell, Mr. and Mrs. George
rty, Mrs. .1, Laughton, Mr. and
Mrs. I. Jamieson, Mrs. fs. Needham,
Mrs. i. Drill. * Mrs. O. Hedstro.n.
Mrs.Sutherland, Mr. and MrB. J.
r-njetfyable amd interesting, The convention was highly successful. Mr.
Kincaid says thai mining in the
Boundary country is active, but nowhere did he find business conditions
better than in Revelstoke. Revel ' ike
looked better to him than ever on
his return, and he believes that. It is
the best city in the interior at th
present time.
a ni. in if the     propet   pr.ee
had   b.e:i   t. i   ■■    b       ei - thl
'   '
it. was apparent that
had been taken,    and    no     oi
! for the
Pernio citizens are |    |
portunit]  of    i. I of I
c ml   leh 'nl in      In    b I
I ii or mo I    red,
A, D, Harris, tl
adian Bank of Commerce, of    Cran-
Charles Davenpott is
Reported Among Missing
.3       a
• t is of   th"
• a'eri
Davenport t
■   '
'    .W    III
A query recently appeurod in the
London "Dally Sketch'' asking whether Jne Martin was still recetvlne'
his  £400 yenrty as an Knellsh M.H.,
nnd  if so,   whether ft,  would  not     be brook,  is  reported     I  Ol     the  i
better spent    ln    aiding    some war ed In the recently     ihlta! '. ,on June
fund. Hot.
cnseji,   ,nel only | | cases. PAGE  TWO
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE  2,   1915
chc ADaiUlbcvalb
I , MJSUJ5I)   '•■ KDNBSD .V   AND
-,   i RDAY   AT
Hi i hi  - I'OKE.  U. ('
Local Reading Notices and Business
r.   ;als  IU -e" • ■  pet     lii    each inser-
I i a.  .Mil.,ilium locai od charge 25c.
D   play advert isements 23 cents pei
Inch each insertion, single column,
Legal advertising of any form, also
. imenl  ..: A   V. ini dual  Noi
rsl    nscrl Ion     nnd   8
cents  ;eer  line  subse |tieni   insertions,
ng   li   UneB to t he inch.
A] pllcat "i :- foi   l.i . i 'I' Licensed So,
Applical oi      or    I ransfer ol Llqu it
ies $7.e"fl,
< ul  ; : •   not icet   $7.">0,
: '      I 'M.ee '
■       Vp| '       • S. UP     tee
■     •      ',  over   100 word     In
li* ! iW.->
rJTHu,-H.t.-.I.I Publishing
C >mpany, Limited
Ii. G.  ROOKE   Mana ■■i  and  Editor,
WEDNESDAY,   Jl SE  2,   1915
Italy's   en! rj ma' CS
plight of I lern anj
■   In   two    rayi    ll
'. •■     the i    litnr;
pi ■ ei   i- n
ncre         the ceo .- ire   t,,
■. bich thej                             ' I.   .)ur-
..: ; i
. ays of  tra Iii          ■               ' otltsMd
' .     M     li
this   .ii..-
! le.   Italian
rs could    ' • mj en laud Be
Igen   ' The
• •     •••
.   ■ .
this  wa) ...
ed to pt
i r &
'       j '!'
'      .
I        ■    '
,  i
the welfare of tbis country above
every othertconsideration. Now that
she lias   ills 10 .cred       him     she   is (lot
likolj   to lei iiim  relingitish his     Jam
for  many  years 10 conic.
London Chronicle:  it  may bo safely
Bald   that   never in the   whole ol    their
history bave the great banking institutions of this country been inti.
sounder and  better pi sltion than   al
the  pres,'lit: time.   This Ms iu   the midst
. I i he grcati si war thai the world
I.as ever Been, The banks have their
colters . verflowing with gold, their
cond 11 ns     i I    working are normal,
..ml   i ho  '.ei!,' a'l   11 adi   "I I lie  country
I hem busily    | !oj i tl
Montreal        I   The man who   criticizes I he -. . 'a ni ' nl  un u I \   In tlmo
i      ' lie     pal loi Ic s ■ t
m nt   ol Hi" nnthin,  ''aniuln s      [ii
i  ai the pi' senl \\\ ie   li
criticized   u     My,      I the nation
m   ■■
ocess of reasoning can   m
• half of I he i r t
a is,n    i  ihi       [overnn.ent  ,    I    nudd
ap) '    i :iil-   ii    -e     e re ,,,.    ,,( tbe
| ri ss at  tb- til        is    fair    • ■!'
lieall hy.  li   is     Inte d      I    dlscri d t
ovcrnmenl       i     tu        it a  p   .r
i  al   i'..   co mt i i.   Is badly serve,1     i.\
mon  in  oltii
N''  one  <"in    argue tbat   the  nat,. a
'   "-!   : j this  '.'in lelsi      li is     as
I ' i ■ aud unfair as was   i b i
I     a  the  i Mn i.ban  i t      and
• 1.  Ugo     \< 1.1'' .
wen! up in smoke iu due time . i i
floor i ■ ten!.     v b re
le unli     :
nrted bj        I  nco.
■ li 'an   'act   : hat one hull     :
: ■       of Canada bas  for     -.. .
ttltudc ..:' ■
'il       which  COU       :
roaress,  -
te, Bay, coupled     with,   this crlticis
■  ■■ a prol    ' -i   the hold
ing of a g "i sral     election, The co in
try   ba-:     eei,     tb    crltil BV       a
disturbing tact ies ns r.hey could     b •
■ ■ * .ef     .. .;. neral     elt :l
BCl   " ■ :      \    we'  ■
loi s  not
•  ■   (•... ■
try   ill ; e    ,alt    ..f
: B
:■ anj   soiirco.a     ol
• The part        hicl Is lt
■ '
at thi  t:-l Mpns
Less Typhoid in Present  Expeditionary   Force   Than
in Nile Campaign
The wonderful efltcloncy uf the British army medical corps is described
m the following article from The I,on
di n Dailj Telegraph:
'I be progress mad.' during recent
jeurs in lb'' application o; medical
science tothe prevention ol disease in
armies has had far-teaching eilocts,
Indei el, it is sat ■ io say that had a
n.ii of the  magnitude    ol  the piosent
: 11 in .Me, ami i ducted like it   undei
i a -,   eon,in ions i ntatllng great  nnd
f:ini s,   i rolonged     exposure     to Hi i
most   inclement   weal In i ,   and   thc    bil
letlng of t,argo numbers ol men in Insanitary quarters for n any mi nths
i.i.i' hei,   been     und irtaken     by  the
I'I .: l ill       ' I I :   Ii   a  tl '.'.    JCail    .!■,       it
would have I n   accompanied by an
outbreak of disease which would have
decimated our forces,
I ie   extent   the very   low      sick
rate which has up to the presi lit. obtained in l 'a- British army is du i to
the fact thai during recent years
both the staff and the regimental of
' cers and men have been instructed in
t ie elementary prlncl] les of sa- it. i
tion and practised in the exercise of
ordinary precautions against disease.
In t ii' m on, however, it is due to
the. preventive measures adopted by
the medical service.
These   measures   are   of   two   kinds—
lirst, t la.se ta ten  in ord r to prevent
1 ! e out break of ic ' . which eon
sist    if the pay ue of care ul attl nt Ion
to '•'. iter and food supplies, dr iln
age, sanitation, and te the early dia
miosis of suspicious cases. Secondly,
those taken In order to maintain   tho
health   of the   nc n,   which   consist       in
the enforcement of     a  high Btandard
onal cloanlin ■■     m I tho   i arly
treat mt nt of minoi   illn ents due     to
exhaustion,    exposure,    'i   temporary
In   ird r to   show     to what extent
n  dical s li nee hat  been able
to mitigate disease In warfare it is
only necessary to ooi 'are the ravages   ef • •.; bo ei  fever   tht   mosl   deudly
te. which troo
during British ca ..*  tbe' pas
with thl s • BUffere I 111 th present
'.'   1
'    '
hen        •  ■    ■
d in two 1        '
ive been u; I 11     now
■ .
:eUt     Wai'. j
.      a I'll   a
in      a
•   '
•   ■ . st the
e ness
weiixi jaucwi vr-timexmm
emmmmm^jiSiysz*.^^":: r.^?^ttri£-~w°vv".?'-2\m*:wi?x?j&&'i
Stock has been turned over to me by Mr. Howson to
raise money, and Thursday and Friday the Store will
be closed to arrange stock and mark the price  for
the greatest slaughter in furniture this part of the
country has ever known.    Watch for posters being
distributed and also   next   issue   of this   paper   for
complete details.    Sale starts Saturday, June 5th, at
10 o'clock.
Wanted: Furniture Salesmen.   Apply at once
from rm   SANC
Former Rcve'stoke Feller
In list ol Wounded
'   lei  '" "'" Mo . .,,1,,,,,!
" |      bj1    fee
e.a'ta       ,.,
mi rei     ■
, a
Ro reported In fufl bloom In      'n iddltln    In     the had i oli
' On, I  I lb'    bvi-utie    lain,
atory  has been instituted; and others
, ro In course of formation,  They   aro
equipped for pathological work,    and
,;-,.  tin   chemical  and bacteriological
I   water  and   food.
Viu..   0| the  Sp icialists,
bai terlol igical     prooi of tho
. ui i  i.e e,: ft casi   '•! t be disease i-
. itaini d,   i be point     of     origin     is
: ed"  'en a diagram, which   thus
•     the   Unit   al'eeled
■ i  '; ■       ncidt nee and  j roup
;   rfi rn ance of
of  testing     and
e   og ca:   an 1   hy
it   the   dis
h ril led   and
■         ol
• -   vaccine
1  . m :   tb
1     ','. Ine   :|| e     III
. e        e , |   I    , [jjy,
. ope "I
eii    oi        ; iv,
(tget ate
I    at    has
I     '      'ell      |)y
i   ,iee,     one
Inl ee     thc
•   ■ lei, spina!
tlfj     the
■  .      Dmi loyn onl   of
...'     thi      or t al 1ty
may I    I he   future
•   i
'   " I   by   tb.se   spi •
hie as the   mo
proved    them
■   inn i  not   b   li rgotten thai
i he mosl pott nl  ■■ eapon in our
tffnlnsl       t   phnld   (ever      has
I   by     pathologists before
tlie   will      ll'.ie'liation    ...   I la-   surest  At
b in t,   in,i lo its extensive use   must.
eliiel'v   lee     attlibllteel i    the Inn   Ineid
.nie   nf   thin   terrible   disci t   in       the
b    \riny.
um Convention
Mwi\m m Nomination
! . Ullooi B St ..iidard. The Lu) erals
Of the new Kamloops I ut'il.oo consul.alley met in c nveution at Ash-
i ,i iday for the purpose     of
selecting a candidate to represent
i.iain iu tho coming Dominion elections. The prospective candidal s
' 'ie tlll re in full force with their
coberts behind them ca. er tor the
contest bul alter electing officers tor
the organization     and     bearing ad-
'ii Bl si S  li   ii n   geritl  in. n   who    had
offered themselves as sacrifices on
i ho poll! leal altar the convent ion ad-
i' uracil  without  making a choice. Q,
( .   Tun-tall   of      Savona     with      the
II ilit., Kelly mnchlnei and the Foley
\\ • i ih ii.ii Stewart influence behind
bint came to the convention strongly supported but without enough to
: ■ cure i he nominal Ion,
A. D. Macintyre "f Kamloops was
inn i> supported and in the
Hnal stood the best chance of securing the nomination.
Joseph  Mot hi of  Vancouvor     was
' i oie ly back, il ai '1 would have
iiveii Mr, Macintyre a hard run for
the coveted nomination, T. II. Wor-
: i."|e of Kamloops and  Dr.  Macpber-
I 'ii of Salmon Arm he,in had a re-
i i' sent el i   e  follow nu-   bin   in   neither
• isi was this sufficiently Btrong to
■ Ive tber, .,i,y chance in the finals.
The election of officers leu- the dis-
ti um on animation resultt d In the
i lection 'ef n. ii. Johnstone, Kamloops, as president;  Dr. Macpherson,
Salmon Ann as vice president and
T.H.    Worsnop,   Kamloops as secret-
• iv.   Tbe  executive   rommitte.   of   two
members representing each provincial
riding was also elected, J.B. Leigh-
ton e.f 3avona and A.It. Currie of
lalmon   Arm f..r the Kamloops elec-
I  'lal dirt i :   '.
Summer futile
Mow" in operation
The new s inimer tinii -table came
into operation at midnight on Sunday. Trams no.v arrive and depart
from Revelstoke station as follows:
.so. I.—trom Montreal to Vancouy-
( r   ,1 rise at 3.20 p.m.,  ee , te 8.40 l».tn.
No. -'. from Vane.ui er to .Mont
n a'l arrive at 1-'.-'.'. a.m. leave
12.15' a.m.
No, 3, from Toronto to Vancouver
arrive at   I.." I   pan.   leavi   .",.!.   p.m.
No. •!.—from Y.ni a,ver to Toronto
arrive  at    12.10 a.m.,   leave   ll!.:., a.in.
No.  13 from St.  Paul to   Seattle,
arrive at    |.1:,  p,m,   I,.,\ c 5.05 p.m.
No. ii.—from Seattle to St. Paul,
arrive at 7.15 a.m., leave 7.:i5 p.m.
No. -im. - from  Revolsto e    to Ar-
I'lWbead,   leave    at   7.1 I  a.m.
No, -'!. -from Arrowhead to Revelstoke,  arrive  at  4.3fi  p.m.
Nos. 18, 14, 3 nod I, will carry
mnil and express and make local
Trains No. 1 and '2, will carry baggage only.
En. P.H.S,  I". of At.
Division I.
US          11          II7.H
I)Lvision; II.
'22          20           '18.HI',
Division  III
16         ti        94.f,r,
Totals 52 .'17 If7.lt
Division II. wins the Nelson Shield
for hest attendance during the month
of Mny.
Thc fruit crop prospects for Mirror
Lake are so far thc bcBt that they
have been  for a number of years.
Thc tax levy for Honners Ferry for
the present fiscal year will probably
bave to be made seven or eight nulls.
[<ait year the levy was two mills, WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 2, 1915
Notes from the opines
Thirty Chinamen are placer mining
ain the Tulameen river.
The Ruth mill is to receive un overhauling preparatory to being set to
BupplieB huve been taken up to the
California on the Slocan side, and development wan rcHUincd  last week.
In a month this spring the Trail
Bmelter shipped 240,-OOOe ounces of Bil-
ver to   Japun and China.
Ore la being hauled from the ISnter-
priae,  Ten-mile,   Slocan lake. Ed.
Shannon and  Pat  Mc.Guire have     a
lease on the property.
whether commercially or not we
unable to state.—Slocan Record.
A new foundation is being put under the Ruth mill at Sandon. It will
A. T. Garland has transferred to be some time before repairs ure coni-
tlcorge B. Mcready a half interest in pleted und the mill put in commis-
the Dohcrty mineral claim on Lyall elon.
creek between Sproules and White-
The Standard miW at Silverton has
been started     and    is    now  running
lir. 0. W. Drysdale of the Geologi-   steadily.  So far the Canadian  Pacific' evcntlmiiy
cal Survey of Canada,  is expected to   railway has not     got   the    tug     and '
spend the field-work season of 1915 in  barges ready to  handle the mine and
i'i il.iidi  Columbia,    probably  in     the  mill.
J ilb.nel   district. . 	
  Lake copper has been sold for Sep-
It is stated    that the Consolidated   tember delivery Ior 23 cents. No won-
Reports from New York yesterday
state that the British i Columbia Copper company, the operating subsid-
,ary of the Canada Copper corporation, will resume production from'the
Mother Lode mine, its oldest developed property, and will blow in the
Greenwood smelter, idle since August
1914, between June 20\and July 1. It
is estimated that the company can
produce  blister    copper from  its own
lores for 11J cents thc pound, and
that if custom ores carrying a sufficient (jniantity of fluxing elements
can be secured the production cost
tan be reduced not less than a'cents
| The Copper mountain properties
will provide the .luxing
ores required in treating the Mother
Lode output., but as development iB
but just begun it probably will > be
several months hefore any considerable    tonnage     is    available    from
Summer is Here!
holidays at Sicamous, B.C.   Weekend parties specially  catered for.
Com Boatlnr, Bathing, Fishing:, [to.
For Hire:    All  classes   of   Motor
Boats, Row Boats, Canoes, Fishing
Tackle, Etc.
Largs ar Small Parties Catered For
For further particulars apply to
MA. GILLIS, Sicamous, B.C.
Revelstoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in the Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
H.L. HAUG, Sec.
, them. of     the     Copper     Moun-
■'■"'           i,      :    i ,.,.,,   ,.,,,.i,,,,,,. *! tain, holdings only about1 $6 per cent
is developed, but there is Baid to   be
ing 1,82 per cent copper and 40 cents
«uccessful in producing spelter at the into the game, big and little. II
••Trail smelter, upwards of live bund- you've a good copper prospect, now
aed pounds per day being turned out.   is the time to get in and dig, literal-
C. .J. Wilson, metallurgist and mining engineer, ot Victoria, was in Spokane last week for the purpose of organizing a syndicate to work two
■groups of silver-lead claims near Poplar. He controls the Great WeBtern
group of silver-lead properties and
the Calumet and Hecla holdings, a
free milling gold proposition, and
tins expended ahout $10,000 on the
The Granby Consolidated company's
floating debt will be paid oil ubout
June 1 from the proceeds of the sale
of $2,000,000 6 per cent convertible
l.onds. Part of the funds received will
also  be used  to care for £850,000     Of
Directors of Granby C'oubolidated
Copper meeting at New Vork, took
no action on any dividends. The
company paid dividends about)up to
tbo commencement of the war and it
has been stated would resume them
A subsidiary company of the Canadian Pacific railway is reported to be
negotiating for the plant of the B.C.
Portland Cement company at Princeton, With lime rock.near Hedley and |
gypsum at Welldo the raw material
is handy to the works.
The debt against the Ratnbler-Cari-
iu sight 7,2(10,000 tons of ore averag-
in gold 'to the t >n.
The 'Greenwood smelter, with' its
three furnaceai iterating to capacity,
can produzc 1,4)00,000 pounds ol blister copjier monthly, but the normal
output Is approximately 17,50,000
poundsi each month. With copper at
IJ cents the pound the .company
should net ahout $700,000 annually.
Spokane Review,
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
85 Second St., Revelstoke, B. 0.
■ion-convertible debentures
provide    addition    working
V ith the cost,    of
*7;c, delivered in New York, Granby
itt the present level of prices is expected to add a considerable amount
to the surplus.
u.nd     to ',0,) mine has been wiped out
capital,   out consideration shipments
of   ore
Meets every   Wednesday evening
at    8  o'clock,    in  Selkirk HaU.
Visiting   brothers   cordially Invited.
R. GORDON, 0. 0.
After being shut down since last
August, the Bluehell mine laBt week
re-opened, according to information
furnished The Kootenaian by Supt.
C. F. Sherwin. Only a small crew
will be employed th:> first week of
two, about ten men who have resided
with their families at that poiut
throughout the winter. They will be
kept busy getting the mine and   mill
Packing ol ore from the Panama,
at Bear Lake, is expected to be underway within a week or ten days.
The repi-.ire required to put the
Ruth mill in shape are much more
extensive than was at first believed.
Work on the Fhirence at Ainsworth
is going on Hteadily, and the property is said to have all the ear
marks of a coming  mine.
Slabs of native silver, of     various
f-izes, continue   to   be   picked   out in '
the working of  the ore shoots   of the
That there are rich placers   iu   the  ^or west v("ia of the Utica     mine' ,
basin of the Coiiuahalla river not far 'Bome of the pleces   are     Pr*ctically
from  Hope has for a long tune   been  6olid silvPr' 0n" chunk wbich ™™**w* I
the belief of  mining men  and prospec- lCaldweU *««** down with him   on
producing copper  from  which returns have not been re-
otit     ol
ceived. This means u net pi
nbout $7ei),000. The deepest li
the  mine is about 1400 feet.
I. 0. 0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethern cordially invited.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
tors. Occasional discoveries of nugget and coarse gold have been made
which tend to verify this opinion.
From various points in the weBt
comes news that preparations are
under   way   for   tbc annual lush   of
'into shape and it is likely that by the prospectors      to     the  mountains,  us
*nd of  June the    whole plant will be soon as the snow has passed oil   sul-
operating on the same scale as before tiWeutly for them to begin operation.
the war,  with  from one  hundred     to From reports received    from   Mining
one hundred and fifty men in the mine World correspondents    it    is learned
and mill. When shipments are resum- that there will be a much larger num-
ed, concentrates will go to trail     as ter engaged     in     prospecting     this
Friday proved to be two incheB long,
oveit an iaoh wide and had an average
thickness of a sixteenth of an inch.
Wherever it had been rubbed with a
file it shone like a new fifty cent
According to Wm. Cliffe, foreman at
the Cork-Province mill, a hand picking belt is to be installed at that
plant this week. The concentrator is
now done running through
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held la
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren ars cordially
ROBT.  GORDON,  Beeretntj
1 The Canadian Bank of Commerce
bas commenced the erection of an
addition to the rear ol its building in
1   Provincial     Constable     H. C. Williams, of Grand Forks left lust   Friday for a vacation     trip  to Calilor-
the ore   niu. He is relieved by Constable    A.
spring than for several years past.
While the picturesque old timer with
his red shirt and top boots, accompanied hy this ever faithful friend,
thr» (burro, has disappeared, his place
is taken by ,the men who does the
work scientifically—who understands
something of geology, mineralogy and
chemistry nnd who docs his work
more quietly.
Ab a result oft a deal concluded a
e/e.v days ago, J. M. Wolbert of
Spokane and Harry Park, ol Kaslo,
have secured a working bond on the
Kaslo group, up the South Fork,
(rom Messrs. Lind and Ryan. Th-
Claims in this group are tbe Kalso,
Highgrade,  Agnes and Sunshine. Two
liave been added by location     by the ' 	
l.urchaeers. They are all in a straight W, A. Cameron, superintendent of
line, said to be on the Flint lead and the Rambler Cariboo mine, reported
are clos" to that property, but on the in part as follows at th'.' annual
■outh. The lead can be traced lor meeting of the compauy held at
C,lKK> feet and is said to have a sur- Three Forks, May 20: ' Siuce taking
face showing in one place of from charge of the Rambler mine en J.i-
•10 to 2 inches of high grade galena, nuary 1, 1015, we have done 250 feet
A Ki-foot drift on the lead has one of development with gratifying re-
inch of galena and four inches of car- seilts. For the first three months of
tueuates. The new owners will start the year we did not have power to
work about the first of the month and s;>are for development, but at pre-
■fxpect  to nialie  shipments  pay     (ov laent we have pl?nty of power     fir all
left by the old company in the various chutes and is able to work on a
better grade of feed in consequence, as
more oare can be exercised in the
breaking down of the ore inside the
mine. Concentrates are piling up
pending the completion of the improvements to the wagon road, when
two four horse teams will be put to
work bringing ths product down for
shipment by rail,
Johnson, of Greenwood.
A petition is being circulated
around Ymir, calling the' attention of
the provincial government to the importance of completing the wagon
road to connect with Nelson.
As soon as the times improve the
moving picture theatre at Greenwood
will be open three nights a week. At
I resent it shows Fridays only.
preliminary development.
Aside from tbe good news ot the
re-opening of the Bluebell, the biggest thing in the KubIo mining outlook is a big strike of high grud" ore
on the Cork-Province, the new strike
liavlng been made on the Cor!
ground. How it came to be made is
«■ imly told. At a point on the line
lietween the Cork and thc Province
claims, ii drift drivun by tbe former
.Province owners came to a Btop at
the end of their ground, and was lett
with two leet of ore in the Lice.
JSinc" starting up this Hjiring it w.ib
■determined to follow this shoot of
ore and see what it .amounted to, the
drift, of course, being run in on the
Cork ground. Twenty-five feet of a
drift found the tunnel with ore on
lioth sides, most of it a high grade
galena of a clean shipping grade and
miow it is estimated that the width
V>f the ore body is at least night leet,
J. it. in order to get the exact width,
n crosscut is being driven. The oie Is
Of a much better grade than that us
rally found on the property and most
of lt can be shipped without milling.
All the other development wwrk that
<h being done On the property ih
giving most, oncotirnging results It Is
stated, ore bodies not known lo Bl
1st, and of varying driTcra Of value,
being opened up at any point, where a
drift or eroRRcut Is run In from the
old workings.—Kaslo Kootenaian.
What is Doing in the Province
Black  leg is prevalent among
young cattle at Phoenix.
The co'-ro, market, is improving daily
All the ovenB at Fernie are now in
commission ugain.
purposes and are pushing development.
'ahead. At present we are working the
I mill    two 10  hour     shifts     per day,
'which  takes  about     two     thousand
tons per month, anl    wo nre produc-
1 mg Irom 175 to 20<t tons ot lead concentrates and  about the name of zinc
alio from .'10  to Ci tons,of clean lead
ore. As the ore bodies     In   our lower
levels carry a great     deal more   zinc Ition engine
thiui  they  did in  the upper levrts our I'nnch.
future profits will depend  in a    large
measure on being able to    secure     a
iinarKct  of our  zinc product.  Ore     iu
place,  11,068 tons;  Ore estimated     in
sight, 3,200 tons. Total, 15,265 tons."
Provincial Constable McRae has
been transferred from Natal to t>b*
Trout Lake district.
Sock day at Phoenix brought in
.'14 pairs of hosiery and 18 pairs of
men's and women's hospital shoes.
Lardo,   E.
two teams
W.   Ser.ff    has    four
of horses and a trac-
pulUng     stumps on his
Bear hunting is good in the vicinity of New Denver, .
The Bluebird and Richmond mines
at Rossland are expected to re-open
Considerable shipments of cedar
posts to the prairie are being made
from Fernie
Rossland is buying a $.">00 team to
haul its fire engine, Tbey weigh over
3.000 pounds.
Last week at least $1,500 was left
in the Creston vulley by a trio of
horse buyers.
FT. F. Doubleday has joined thc
I The giiBolitie caterpillar engine is at 'stall of the Arlington hotel at Trail
i work in the Continental mine, Port , as bookkeeper
Hill, hatiHing  ore   from    the     Flume
if. H. Thompson, manager ol the
Echo, was in town Saturday. He
says the showing in the Kcho tunnel is looking better as W'lrk *oa-
The Standard mill nt Sllverton
was started last week and is now
running steadily, polar the Canadian Pacific railway has not got the
tug and barges ready to handle the
.ul put from the mine and mill.
The Brit zinc product from the
Standard test mill nt Silverton was
turned out Tuesday. 'It Ik said the
test bai been ,i satisfactory one. If
the separation can be done economically in ii large smeltery it will result In a number nf mines now idle in
the Slocan becoming producers. This
morning the Standard office at    sn
At the court uf revision for the voters list for Kaslo riding at Kaslo last
week objection was taken to but 30
It is expected that the Crow's Nest
Mill at Wardner will start cutting on
Monkay next for a period of three
The Fernie-Fort Steele,Brewing Co.
will jiresent each member of the 54th
attalion from  Fernie    with  a      new
The steamer Bonnington at Nakusp
has received a new coat of paint and
is now in readiness for the Bummer
tourist traffic
John Illiiico, 'of Creston,, shipped a
half dozen hives of bees to Johnson's
landing last week.
Eight members of tho staff of the
Dally News, Nelson, have enlisted
since the outbreak of war.
The Nakusp shingle mill has been
running steady since August laBt. lt
exports about three carloads monthly.
J.' T. Shorthouse, of Welland, Ont.
has leased William Hooper's ranch at
Creston, and is now putting in his
Potatoes will be the chief crop in
the Lardo country this year. The
ranchers are all planting large quantities.
vcrton said: "The process works, but |out of employment.
The plant, of  the   Rocky   Mountain      Anonymous   letters   are   again
Cement company, at   Blalrmore, bas (circtilatlon at Pnnticton,  and as
linen closed      lown for     an  indefinite ,ual  prominent     local     citizens
period. About ninety men are thrown   singled out as the recipients     of
I missives.
Furnishings for
For Porch, Verandah
Lawn and Garden
Furniture—at loweet
possible Prices
Get health an'' pleasure in
the gcod old summertime by
living outdoors as much as possible.
Revelstoke's glorious mountain air weins
ten times better when you take it at, ease in
one of Howson's made-for-comfort basket
chairs or swinging hammocks.
Dainty little tables—just right for the icecream glass or cup of tea—lounges, lawn
swings, and everything else.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Paid in
Reserve Fund
I 7,000,000.00
EDWARD HAY, Genual Manager.
WILLIAM MOFFAT, Assistant General Manager.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 received and interest allowed from date of deposit
Arrowhead Branch Revelstoke Branch
A.B. McCLEXEGHAN. Manager.
Go After the Chicken Business!
Dr. Rush's Chick Food. Cracked Corn.
Wheat, Bran, and Shorts for sale at
War is declared
Tea and Coflee,
for specials.
on our stock  of
see our window
$1 Buys 3 lbs.
While this lot lasts, and as another advance is predicted in the
near future we would advise putting by a few pounds.
Phone 41
Box 734
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
I'Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West -Government inspected—approved bv careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
J. Albert Stone, Propretor
Suitably furnished with the
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Why are we selling more bread?
There must be a reason.
Let Us Tell You Why
Just compare a loaf of ours with
any other and we are absolutely
sure you will use the beet, then
you will know why.
WEDNESDAY,   JUNE 2,  1915
Specialists of the United , States department of agriculture have devel-
cped n new process for concentrating
grape juice which removes most of
its acid, improves its flavor and im-
proves its keeping (jualities.
The Harvard Varsity eight should
it defeat Yale in the annual rare at
New London ncxtl month, is to be
sent to Seattle and San Francisco
to meet the winner of the Poughkeep- I
tie regatta and western eights,
The Canadian exhibit at  San Francisco has  so impressed the  people     ol I
California that a movement is on foot |
to prepare  a  similar  display    of    the
products  and  resources  of that  state
to  he  shown   wherever   there is an  exhibition of any magnitude.
The  frosts  of  Monday  and  Tuesday
leiuhts of last week did great damage
to the strawberry} crop in the Hamilton and Niagara .Iisiikis, and thi
loss will be largo. It is thought the
peach bloom was not damaged, and
the greatest crop on record is pro
The Marriage of Uritish Subjects
Hill, which is designed to facilitate
marriage of overseas subjects in
England and of English subjects in
the overseas dominions, has passed
its third reading in the House of
Kort. William, Ontario, the great
grain city at the head of Lake Superior, has been created a consular post
of the United States. Twenty per cent
of the total exports of the province
of Ontario to the United States are
shipped from Fort  William.
At the instance of the Hon. W. R.
Hoss, the commissioner of commerce
at Ottawa has written to every sawmill and shingle mill operator tn the
province offering to supply free of
charge future numbers of the Weekly
Report, issued by the department of
trade and commerce upon application.
The commerce committee of the
French chamber of deputies has decided to recommend the passage, by
the chamber of a low prohibiting the
use of the designation French for products of business houses of which one
or more of the directors are foreigners, which are not governed exclusively by French laws or which are branches of foreign  enterprises.
The tax rate of the city of Calgary
this year will be PJJ > mills on the
dollar, as compared with 20-" Mills
laBt year. But the actual reduction
! to property owners will he greater
than shown by the above figures, owing to the fact, that material reductions have also heen made in the assessment. Taking this into consideration, the actual reduction in taxation will be over 20 per cent. The
basis of taxation is along the lines
of thc singletax system, land biing
assessed at its market value and improvements at 25 per cent, of their
The London Evening News has received a despatch from its. t'opui
hagen correspondent saying a report
is current in German naval circles
that 1? German submarines have been
lost since February IS, the date of
the commencement of the submarine
l.lockade of England.
The Dominion government has ar-
langed to appoint a commission to
investigate the iron ore resources of
Canada and the best means of their
development, as well as the establishment of iron and steel works to
handle the manufacturing end of the
business  in the Dominion.
An imperial ukase published in
Petrograd directs the issue on lor-
i ign markets of 5 per cent, treasury
hills aggregating 20u,ii00,00ii rubles
($100',0O0',00O). News received in London says, that another Russian internal loan of $500,1X10,t>l>0-, the success of which was assured, .would be
Issued  within a fortnight.
Reports of gold placers struck on
Home t'reek, in the Council Mining
district, Alnska, have beeu confirmed
Pay dirt averaging ten cents a pan
has been found. A large number of
prospectors from Nome and Council
have none to the new diggings. There
is much snow around Nome, and it is
believed that the mining will he late
this   season.
A lot e)f Canadians want to liy.
Seven hundred young men from all
over Canada have communicated
their desire to enter the naval service department. About fifty of them
have already taken the essential tirst
step and' are learning to operate
aeroplanes at the Toronto school. It
is expected that the first flock of
Canadian airmen will be dispatched
to EttL-land in a few weeks. Tbere
they will take a finishing course under the- admiralty (direction and when
pronounced comjietent will bc liable
for service whenever the admiralty
desires to use them.
Antonio Villa, brother of General
Villa, has died from wounds received
in a brawl at Chihuahua City, and
-•■v. ral others were killed and Wounded. It is officially said the fight
arose when Villa's brother attempted to quiet some intoxicated sold-
nts. The incident has no political
Up to May 11 the British lost 201
trading ships ol all sorts and conditions  hy   the war.      Tlnre      ate  over
8,000 British merchantmen traveling
the ocean steadily. That is 2) pet-
cent, in numbers, but in tonnage the
loss is considerably less, as the nnm
Iier includes many trawlers and very
small ships
Three hundred shacks along the
waterfront of Seattle, some contain
big families, others single Inhabitants
and together giving, shelter to a pei
J'ulatioti that would, if assembled,
make a large community, ate about
t.i be destroyed by the board Of
health, which says the houses are
breeding places tor files, rats and ether vermin.
The sum of $171,06.'', has heen collected in the form of war taxes by
the inland revenue department since
th"se taxes were put into operation
in March. This, of course, represents
only a part of the Increased revenue
due from the stamp taxes, as ordinary postage stamps v^liieh are sold
by the postotbee department, are, in
many cases, being used instead of
the. warstnmps on letters, !cbe<iiies,
j.atent medicines and the like.
Total value of the lumber products
of British Columbia for the year 1914
is given as SM,(ISO,000 as computed
with v' 1,600,000, fa' total f.-r th" previous year, according to preliminary
estimates prepared under the direction ,.f th- minister of lands at Vic-
toria. Under the extraordinary set
of circumstances affecting the industry in the latter naif of 1914, the decline as witnessed b\ the figures is
1'ic it a- might have heen
looked for.
Of the 670 members of the British
parliament no less than ISO ure serv
ing their country in the army and
navy. So says the London Morning
Post. That journul gives an interesting; classification of thc soldier members according to their political parties. Tbe Unionists have 28$ representatives .in parliament of whom 141
or nearly half, are engaged in the dc-
ience of their country. Liberal members number 261, ol whom 45, or
nearly one in six, ure in the service.
Labor contributes one soldier out of
87 members, while the Nationalist
party of 81 sends four members to
the front.
Canadian  Boldiers  In   Pi i
want  te.  gpp| ,! tb ei
t Keen ban tes     In 11
••vii!  be .    ■.
■ .f the game with     T
which they      cant    '
ihe soldiers
in Frani e and ofl 11    '     '
<ailed, with the    rea tit tl   I     t>
int Johnson .ef the   '• league
and others wen
•   •
. ..
article foi
■      •
the  Echo des
.. rive   j
'    '
In a circular issued by Dr. N. Wol-
verton, president and manager of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Union, to
members, it is stated that arrangements ure being made to "sell directly to thoroughly reliable retailers on
the prairies and thus cut out at least
two middlemen," and that no efforts
shall be s|iared to get "good prices
end prompt returns." The circular
asks growers to report carefully what
part of their crops they intend shipping through the union. Good returns
can be had, the circular states, it
growers provide good fruit, well
picked, well graded, well packed, and
carefully marked. The fruit will be
n a commission of l%\  per cent.
■ F rd  Motor Company has pur-
Wrnnipeg, at a cost
and  will proceed  at once
with  the erection   of a $250,000 plant,
tood   that   the ( on,pany ab
a tin- established  in Western Cun-
-. i.i.  '!" inager of the ('an
ther day   in
i withstanding
eeiitpnt       in
ise, in     fact,
■;;-!   that   in spite
' tracts     and        as
■.   becoming
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every CDtjiclet Package
NOTICE is hereby given that the
first sitting of the annual Court of
revising, correcting and hearing complaints against the assessment ofthe
City of Revelstoko and the Revelstoke
' School District as made by the Assessor for the yeur l'Jlo, will be held
in tho City Hall, Revelstoke, B. C,
jon Tuesday, June Sth, 1915, at 8 p.m.
j Any person having any complaint
against the assessment must give
notice in writing to the Assessor at
least 10 clear days previous to the
abovo date.
Duted, Revelstoke, B. 0„ this Gth
ay of May, 11U5.
It's good policy to think of the future
It's still better policy to provide against
the misfortunes it may have in store
[or you. The surest way of protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company. The high
financial standing and long business
career of lhe Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trustworthy.
Your time mav he near at. hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
Mdntyre's Grocery
Have just placed in
stock a large supply
A good, clear, firm,
lai ge - sized potato,
and we guarantee
will give satisfaction.
Mdntyre's Grocery
Under and by virtue of the powora
of sale contained in a certain Indenture of Mortgage, which will be produced ut the time of the sale, there
will be oflered for sale by public auction at the Court House, in the City
of Revelstoke, B.C., on the loth day
of June, l'J15 at the hour of 2 p.m.
the following described property:
All und singular that certaiu parcel or tract of land and premises
.situate, lying aud being in the Dis
j trict of Kootenay and being co-dj
I posed of Lot 501, Group One, on the
ollicial plan or survey of Kootenay
The property will be offered for
sale subject to reserved bid.
The property is said to consist of
293 acres more or less with Iurm
buildings and is situate near the
town of Beaton on Upper Arrow
i Lake.
I Conditions of sade will bc made
known on application to the undersigned.
j Dated this Sth day of May, 1915 at
Revelstoke, B.C.
Solicitors for E.W.P. Paget,
June S-4t. Mortgagee
In surveyed territory the land must
be   described   by sections, or   legal
sub divisions  of  sections, and In uo-
eurveyed territory the tract   upplied|
for shall     be staked out by the   ntr*
plicant himself.
Each application must be accompli*,
led by a fee of 95 winch will be te-
funded if the rights applied (or are
not available, but not otberwi<se. A
royalty shall be paid on the n,»r-
chantable output of tbe mine at tha
iate of live cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
luriilsh the Agent with sworn return*
accounting for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined and pay tha
royalty thereon. If tbe coal mining
rights are not being operated, net*.
i('turns should be furnished at l«ia»t
once a year.
For   full    Information    application
should be made to the   Secretary ot -
the Department of the   Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-AgeaiL
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  OORY.
It, will pay you to make
a call at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town      Revelstokb, H.C.
before buying your outfit
ot working clothes for the
bush, I make a specialty
of    Logging  Shoe1;,   Pants,
Sox. Hhiits, Blankets, and
■ v ei y liinn required in yonr
buslni ss.
E. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Metallic Ceilings, Corrugated Rcof-
Ing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work simp   L'onnatighl Ave.
IM.\ RL8T0KK -    B.C.
In the mutter ol  the  Execution Act
a nn iu  i ne Mutter of an uctiv.ii  ,.<.
la. li. GRIFFITHS, Plaintiff,
oOHN ALLEN, Defendant.
TAivE  NOTICE  tUut  un     applicu-
tiou will be made on the 2iin uuy oi
June, A.D., lit 15 at the hour of 1U.3U
o clock iu the lorcuoou, or t.o    soou
thereafter as Counsel     cuu be heard,
iu Chambers at the Court House, iu
the City of RevelBtoke,  province   oi
British  Columbia, for an Order   directing that a reference    be held     to
ascertuin the   interest oi the dciend-
ant in the lauds,    being   iu the ITo-
viuce    of     British  Columbia,  Township 23,  Hange ti,      West of the  6th
I Meridian,  Sectiou P. I,     South-west
Quarter/ of 14, containing 151.02 ucres
more or less and that the same or a
competent part thereof  be    sold     to
realize the amount payable under tbe
| Judgment obtained herein on tbe 4th
jday of Januury, A.D. 1911.
|    And further tuke notice that     you
jure required to attend at Court   on
the above-named  day   to show cause
, why such au Order might     not     be
j And further take notice that on
the application will be read the af-
liduvit of George Vi. Hall, sworn on
;the Stb day of April, A.D., 1915 und
tiled herein.
j    Dated this 27th day of May, A. D.
Solicitors for Pluintiff.
f Vntit.vf.t.r v
All li^lit for a circus, but not to Dairy on business,
Bsggage Transfei red
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture and  Piano-moving a
Phone l'i   .276,   Nlghl Phone 846
f, if. 0URTI8
Advertising    Pays
IF       you advertise
in   the Mail-Herald
Coal mining rights of the Domlnlot,
In Manltobu, Saskatchewan and Al
11 erta, the Yukon Territory, th*
North-west Territories and in a por-
! tion of the Province of Uritish Columbia, may he issued for a term ol
twenty-one years at an annual rental of tl an acre. Not more than
'i.Uitii acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for leaso must be made
| ty the applicant In person to tbe
.Agent or Sub-Agent of the district
| in which tbe rightB applied for art
\ situated.
Tbe lease will include tbe coal mining rights only, but the lessee ins;
| be permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may bit considered necessary for tbe working ol
the mine at tbe rate of 110.00 ac
NOTICE Is hereby given that tha.
reserve existing on Lot 7926, Kootenay District, by reason of a notica*
published in the B. C. Gazette on tlm
27th of December, 1907, 'is cancelleed.
and that the said Lot will be opea
to entry by pre-emption on Tuesday,
tbe ISth day of June, at the hour off
nine o'clock in the forenoon. All applications must be made at tbe otib »
ol the Government. Agent, at Revelstoke, B. C.
Dejmty Minister of Lands.
..ands Department, Victoria, B.O.
13th April, 11115. Jtfc
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up till and including W«>-
nesday, the 2nd Juuenext, for tfi»
purchase of the following minerals
cluims which were forfeited to thai
Crown at the tus. sule held at RevelBtoke on tue old November, 1913,
"Stuudurd" Miuerul Claim, Lot Nox
C944, Kootenuy District.
"Mouitor" Miueral Claim, Lot Na.
1945, Kooteuuy District.
"Commuuder"  Mineral Claim,
No. 1)016, Kooteuay District.
"Wiuneubugo"  Miuerul Claim,
No. 11917, Kootenuy District.
"Cuutractor"    Mineral Claim,
No. 6918, Kootenuy District.
"Irou Hill" Mineral Cluim, Lot No.
6949,  Kooteuuy District.
"Dun "i Fructiou" Miueral Claim,
Lot 69JU, jlooteuuy District.
"Butte Fructiou" Minerul Claim,
Lot No. 0951, Kooteuuy District.
"Iron Chest" Miuerul Cluim, Lot
No. 0952, Kooteuuy District.
"Black Bear" Miuerul Cluim, Lot
No. 6953, Kootenuy District.
"Criteriou" Minerul Cluim, Lot Ne*.
10.J4, Kootenuy District.
"Irou Hill Fraction'' Minerul Claim
Lut No. 7483, Kootenay District.
"U.X.L. Fructiou" Mineral Claim,
Lot No. 7484, Kooteuuy District.
"Downie Fraction" Mineral Claim,
Lot No. 7485, Kootenuy District.
"I.X.L. Fraction" Mineral Claim,
Lot No. 75S\ Kuotenay District.
"H.X.L. Fraction" Miueral Claim,
Lot No   7490, Kootenay District.
"Martha Jane Fructiou" Minerul
Claim, Lot No. 7487, Kooteuuy District.
"Minto" Mineral Claim, Lot No.
|T48G,  Kooteuuy District.
Any tender Ior less than the following amounts will uot he conBidereJ.
Standard, $'J'J,»i; Monitor, $9i.94;
Commander, (99.91; Winneabago,
i'.io.24; Contractor, 164.93; iron Hill,
999,94; Denver Fraction, $31.18; Butt*
Fraction, ij'i.'iii; iron cncBt, 194.30;
Bluck Bear, $97.10; Criterion, #90.19;
Iron Hill Fraction, $32.81; U. X. I*.
Fraction, 177.98; Downie Fraction*
$51.53; I.X.L. Fraction, $35.45; H.2L
L. Fraction, $31.38; Martha Jan»
Fraction, $60.16; Minto, $99.94.
Tenders must he sealed and plainly
indorsed on the outside: "Tenders for
Reverted Crown Granted Mmn.it
Assistant Commissioner ot >Landa.
Court Houso, Revelstoko, B. ('., Aprik
26th, 1915. 4tlw-
It is not a mark of breeding
to write visiting cards ...»
Let the cTWail-Herald
put you right. The
price will not wreck
your exchequer. We
print in the best  style WEDNESDAY,   JUNE 2,  11)15
page Fr?a
Many Blocks Are
Still Available
prevent  many of
Khol In the'heart
tbem     from i being
Most of Men Arc Able to Have
Hot Bath Every Kew Days
—Great  Precautions
The remarkable can; taken of tbe
British soldiers at the Eront explains
the very small wastage from sickness.
Thc Loudon Dally Telegraph, In tlie
following article, discusses the moa-
sur s employed tn ensure personal
cleanliness and comfort:
To pathology Is due the great   suc-
iess thai  has attended the efforts   to
cope   with   tetanus,   winch    cost   us
ii .   valuable     lives   earlj     In th.;
campaign.     In   the  heavily  manured
oil    :  Pram e Its germ thrives,   and
persist s  as a res utant  "sj ori     for   a
ig time, and i     co.itui ilnai rei
are I hei i ore a isource    ol
! eai   . ■: • v.  But tin re Is evi ry rea-
■■  •  thai   Mie   universal em-
•    .     i      bi rum has
.   . . . rt iu the e.i nil .
our hosp
p ir enefits, which are     verj
otl    oi    hun   ne   und milltai y
■ t,e   th  nM  \ he1  wor ■
tc, not only d
9      M: ■ i;.
1 [ie .    ■ • i \.  i e  , nsure   pi
- , liness,     «: e'-s ii
th ol an I mind, nre
divii ioni I  ai ii  '
ngs cf r riou6 kinds,
..    i ■ , :•   s. spill   :ii :
i ted e. it as I athlng
: ..     wh I       otherj b ive
ei n ci ii m.'r ( s. Indi ed,
ution ate now so
that tli      majority of the mm
li    o han   t hoi  bath, I
i       t of i    an underi lothing,
tl n fi • n b disinfect
days.     F ir I
clol ilng, female
.     ■' j ed,    the gari
iring 1 elng use I
nd -et    rs.
\ ■ riant factors
i  .   : ; tage  from s.i
-■   i. | ots » '.   ' ■   n   :i sulter-
■ '      nil (
■ lined for a   f iw  days.
ind     ther-'   are n  ■■■  Be er     of these
I  the front line.  On first arrival
al i   ai A
a.  ', i  y are  free o all  military
;• j     ; r   Stay   and are
.,-,1  ,ii*!.       •-..-.-   ■ es and   pa
,    g, ntertaine;]    with     oc-
: .  In fact, everything
to •        b 'Miiy . nd
•    ,■. :•     the    result that they
 ■   tM  for .li,ty is ;,     com
paral hort  time.
The  value ol Ca-     role played     by
■ hardly  be   overrat-
or    them     many
rs whi   are not  sick, but mtrely
in need or    rest and    change, would
transferred to the     ease'
•• r they have
i the army to    retain at     the
large     n imber ol men
who hei wise have been   tem-
I fi om    the Btrength    of
i airs     fi : e rai longer period
:       f neci  s ,ry.
I th   measures tal en to   pre
...    th   also, must be
ne i    the    pi • - autloaa aga ns:.
we lin. ol tii   feet, whi h was al i u
Ing  th ■ w lnt r     one    of ths
st   erlo wasi age.   'I his
•   e .,     which      has      heen   rath ll
s   'frost hite,"   is
il e i exposure to   wet
.1   . id   ' .ea when the temperature
i point, Units
fro    - '   Ice in    h"i
iSt,   as was  to    I e
t w.is i thai
■ tl a  subj ed 'o
: .. ing  their     fe t  ind lojs Imi m    I
d  water or mud for a length   of
Inevita ily Buffer from chill-
ii evident I al
livid 1 ti   la'.p. d In many
to p      ■'   liinisell   igalnsl
ondil ion.
To this end medicol and regimental
■. rs   worked    togi ther   to insure
that eve y previntive measure     was
hy the men,  : oth  ! cfore enter-
Ing   anl after      leaving  the  trenches.
i he i rei .iut i<>iih taken by long-
listance iwimmers and divers it    was
known thai the application to    the'
In of animal   fats,    such a- whale
il,   ,i   lard, was of decided service ln
minimising the evil effect* of longcon-
tacl  with wat r,     and     accordingly
large   supplieso!    these    sibstances
were procured and Issued,      Various
types ol waterproof boots and waders
also were provided, ami strenuous efforts were made to Improve the tren-
e'hes and ii ndei them cm ity nn   pos
Ible,    Much   has heen li'.ii nt,   and    the
medical wrvlce is now in a position
i, reduce the wastage and ameliorate
the sufferings from tbis cauw,
Of a total of 604 lots ol>ened for
pre-emption on May IS, 119 were taken up, and it is interesting to note
that the great demand was for tracts
which laid a certain speculative value,
rather than farming lands. At Vancouver 242 applicants appeared for
102 lots in tracts situated at various
parts of the Mainland coast and Islands between Secheit and Thurlow
[slamd, i ivo ol the trai ts being sit ial
ed near S elicit and mar I,und. The
!.". nest de and .vat for the former
, r ■;:, in which :: i lot.- of l' aci es
each Mad In en subdivided. Tbe tirst
jjU applicants In     line Becured  these,
aad wl there toun I they bad been
tal en up lefl v Ithout ta Ing othei
lots ofii red; Jn facl. although the to
tal n imi c: of M ts iffered at tins
oil ■■ > ns mm and - Is tic ets v ere ...
sued to sh w tae prii rity of appli
cants i be last • uu In i be ine foun i
,    ■    ice ol 22 lots . waitiug him. i he
l.„4»    .   !     .      • e 	
which bi Id a tot  I of  12 lots, were nil
,i en, and of th   re   aining lu loi   •
New  ii    ' ■ dial i n't. sit in
Rodi nd:   is ami u   i ' Ion fraj i bannel,
...   pti   ,0.i  Thurlow     U-
M.u.i and    . nderla id i bannel,  R mg
: i   . strict,  -9  v  ta en     of
: be   ! ! lots  > : et id,  and  5 of the      11
o.i  . ortes   s and, A   total of 80   lots
.    the t' tal  ol 102  Eo   ivh ch  242   np
I licants ai"" ared !it     the Vane, uve r
land-recording otl ce,
'i be ' ont i si wit i Malcolm isl n i
o i which lots were subdivided in
to ID-acre tra ts, and the South
For    i ( the Fr, s r,     where 1*3 lots,
i. il. of ! 0 acres, close to tie
Grand 'I run    1 aciflc ra kway,     many
.! ei ni : ii ..'..: ne ■ er three miles
nt, aiiel ai oe i.i ,-er valley,
-. ere 39 lots]of I :l acres, mostly
river bottom land on Canoe ''iver,
\ er.- offered, is indicative of the nature of the demand. Of the total of
th s ■ lots, i ..' In all, but 12 were
taken. Six on Malcolm Island out oi
217 fots oiler d were recorded   at the
0 i the .-. iiil h ! 'or t of the Frasei  a d
'eta.   land office and six of tbe 222
n i   ri n   al thi   Kort Oeorge   of-
Of the l.e ged-off lands subdivided
for pre-emption on Nootka island no
applicant appeared for the 39 lots of-
f n il. At rr a ro i; about a quarter
of the lots offered, 21 out of 50,
mostly im acre blockB, were taken
up, in i B x has offer '1 at Ferine
were taken up, i if'the grand total of
m   lots "tiered  in  tbe various     dis-
tric's  119  were     taken,    and of this
number SO were lots     on    tbe lower
nd coast,  within easy reach of
1 city of Vancouver.
Uritish Columbia will soon, be shipping ■ la ge quantities of eggu to
eastern ( anada. And stil1. this province needs a million more hens and
A shoe shop ia Fernie has. two oeur
c;is in its show window. This, is a
kind of advertising that has not yet
keen seen in New  Vork,
Charles  Perrault,  the Indian     who
' ii ■,! i won an al i Iat Creek last
October, was sentenced nt the Clinton assizes to be hung in Kamloops
en July
VV, Mrav and N iwto i Em i ona have
taken over the zinc ore dump of the
Monarch mine at  Field.  In tbe     past
e vine   lee   the 11',v     prii ■   of   ZlnC      the
Monarch     threw     that   class ol ore
it re:.; |j     ki  packages     of tobacc >
were sent  from Cranbrook to the so'.
.ie i - ,,t  i b   fri nt.      The more smo :e
the moi for oui  hoys     on     the
firing line, Tobacco is not contraband
of wat.
o   the     floating     palaces on
Sli c a • e. lare as y.'t been sunk
i j .   ines,     sua.';    o   drifting
io b.   \ .    :ation     is     safe en     I be
he .- .  hi cause all  the mines |
are in the  bills.
Bill '• rnish died recentlj while Bitting on  a  chair in    a i I nton  hotel,
1 te .    ■ v.- 11 1 I'o'.vu ali n : the Cariboo
een e' alloyed for many
years at  the  74 Mile  II.ease   Ke  was
75 years old,
Tli    ■ a ire  01 t  ut     f   a  h.p.   tr c
tors of ;       or   fai tee- j   a1  Bai   i
ti on,   3a - Latchewan,  h s  be in     pur- j
e   .     :  by    the     Hus ian : ovi rnm nl
and will he     dispatched     within tbe ;
next few  weeks,  hein.-    shipped     via
Vancouver and   Vladivostok.
Fred  Roo says that   the     li.
on Tobacco  plains are getting ready
for their   sjiring    splash.  .Miss Nellie '
l.e c sai  String  was  in    Biko     last i
wee-: wearing     a     strawberry    roan
sat en    s.irt,   trimmed   with   weasel
ta i    tassels.  Fred is unite an expert
upon Siwash     fashioms     and society
news.  No  d.eiiiit he has slept   m many
0  tepee.
The council of the city of Edmonton is considering the granting ol a
franchise to a company which under-
ta es to supply natural gas for do
. . it and n h sti ,1 p r • s. . S-3
different propositions have qeen placed re ' he couni il, and it is believed that there is a stitlieie.it supply of gas actually in sight to provide tbe present requirements of the
city. Edmonton is now the only city
in Alberta with a population, over
10,090 in which natural gas is not !
used for fuel, ,,p.:1 it seems on'y a
question of time until this most'con-
venient fuel is available to a'l cities
■and towns in thati province.
Rossland   is  paying  I34-.50  for
ity police niiif ii iiih
Constable BraydM,   ol   Waldo  has
i OUndod     Up ii hunch       of        iUil i i.ms
down ai  the International  boundary,
who wore tijrln • to  make then     si
ape to ih • United Btotei,
Cranbrook   -till has its auto club.
Fli iodville is     the   name i I a  new
own   near   Hope.i
1 b al dust   in  t he  Elko   river is
killing the fish.
'ih re is a good market ln France
for dried  apricots.
For the first tune In many years
the population    of Ireland increased
1   in   111.
After 2 ! yeai s    e.f     work the con
Crete Bea  wall at  Han Francisco has
been completed.
Fred Simps in b bi   a li ing t ime
In the west   imi in' b1 M BpelU   ;.  ■■
cry without an e.
Si foundland has :; 100 soldiers
with the allies. 0 - I iral er 2'J
have all iy bei n    Illi d,
Hone]    hi e kept In a    wai m
dry   place.   It   ".ill   ke  p   longer   if   the
children cannot  n acl   it.
The Fi er I'ress a iya I . il rohn Audi rson  Is   -; ending  six    months     In
the Ferine for chronic lassitude.
R, w. Ai;, troi recently died at
Strathroy, Ontario. At ■ 'tie time b-
was a lawyer in Rossland.
Harry T. I loodevi, ol Rosslan '.,
has gone to'Ottawa, where he will
enlist for foreign military service.
Rev,  ir   E.   Kendall the    Baptist
preacher  in   Cranbrook has   resigned
to   ic • pt    a  i ,' 1    fro Delhi,  Ontario.
Mr. and Mrs. John Freeman were
: iv, d   lien      tl e      wreck   of  the    Lus-
it   la repi it.' d   thai •■   ■ ild ary
. omp inj  -f ■ he Can idlan Pacific rail-
,..>   is trying     to      iuj the a   en1
plant in East Princeton.
Mine real estate    men are     re
t 111 nine,   from   Medicll •    I ial        NM.  one
i nous i ow   tbi i .. i    their   railwaj
; ■■ lets.
The Canadian soldiers la France
i, ive received I Bll les. Tl.
Among the Rossland     recruits   for
the all-Kootenay     regiment are two !
Kaslo donated    5U0 pairs of     socks
on  the Ked  Cross day last   Friday.  In ;
many of them    were   also   placed   a
imchage oi  tobacco and otber timely
Members of tlie Cranbri o branch
of the W.C.T.U. are circulating a
petition this week In favor of a dry
canteen for tbe third Canadian     con
The London     Tiu.es     printed   Last
iek an  ai i   le  by an unnamed   Bel-
giaai  who catalogued  the  famous lib
rary in the Trapplst    monastery     al
Bouillon shortlj   before the war.   and
vlio says that      the   library  he I
entirely looted,     its rarest   tr  . ure
.   been taken,    to Qermany, The
library Include I    u rt than kW.OOO v,',
nines,   anion '   them     I reclous   iiuu'ia
bula,    Bibles,     Testaments, original
editions, Btandard    au Lora, tbeolog-
ies  and  histories.
lie.n. In. Roche, minister of tIn-
interior, is planning an extensive
western trip this summer. He will
visit the drought region of Saskatchewan and Alberta, where the government has given a great deal of relief, and also Jias given much seed
prain. Ue will visit both Calgary
and Edmonton, and it the minister
ran arrange it, will take a trip
through the new Peace River country
The minister has not yet decided up
on tbe date of,the trip, but will probably leave Ottawa  late in   .lime.
The celebrated Itocky Mountain resort, Banff, Alberta, will this suin-
i er hav an added attraction in the
of a "Stampede," or frontier
day celebration. It will be arranged
by H.C. McMullen, who innnaged the
ry stampede, one of the very
llggest events of its kind, three years
ago. A big arena has heen built, and
a grand stand capable of accommodating one thousand people is almost
completed. The best riders and ropers
on the continent Will be secured, as
well ■■..- a large number of Indians.
TWO jicrformancPB a day will he, giv-
i n throughout  i be tourist wanon.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Cive Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Price
500 Yards of Curtain Materials on Sale Now
Scrims, Bungalow Nets, Colored Draperies. Art Serges, worth 50c to 75c
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Cute Coats for the baby and the boy or girl up to four years.     Something 1 :tra nice in
these lots at S1.90. S2.90. and S3.90
<iills' and ladies' Wash Sailor Middies and Skirts, each       SI.00
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Button or lac-i, calf or vici kid, suede,     Light and dark shades of brown.     Sale Price
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Chocolate kid, brown calf, button and lace.     I [igh and low heels,    Sale Price	
$2.95 per pair
Plain or colonial lasts.    High or low heels.    Light or dark shade-     S de Prices  ....
$2.75 per pair
Grocery and Crockery Department
Fresh Stock of Pickles Just Arrived
Mixed, Gherkins, White Onions and Walnut in pint bottles; Chow-chow, Mixed anil
Walnuts in quart bottles.
Crosse & Blackwell Chutney, quart
bottles, G5c: pint bottles, 35c; 4-pint bottles, 25c.
HEINZ' Sweet Mixed, Sweet Gherkins,
Chow-chow, Mixed, sour, and Gherkins,
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STEVENS' Pickles, pt and qt. bottles,
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Pickled Beets.
DOM, SEN a Co. MangolJSweet Sliced
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Specials for Friday and Saturday
His. (ley'<>n Tea $1.00        •') H>«. Bean Coffee, ground fresh        ,11.00 Pine Apple, per tin 10c
Robertson's Strawberry .hun. puis     ,30c          Roberuon's Raspberry Jam, pote .. .20c
Our Bpecial Olive, per bottle  .'io-- pagt: six
Canadians Cheered
by British Repents
Mrs.  H    H
<.n Friday
■ receivt
It.  I.
Bell of Trail whs at i lie-    R
:;, tei mi Sunday.
M.   \.. McBet en   Pass
at the 1
of  Winn   i
■, Mon
ind i:"i    i
'. r
wed at the H 't-.'l
Mrs A ' ,
celve i i' •'
M. l'.itu rson
Mis-  Geo •   iM.   e
the we aa3B '"
a trip  Lt i" 'l!
J,   M,
Doj li   It   i'i He ■ in(   .1.  iM Dis
will  ier   : ,vaj Ior two wi eks.
.1.  M. Doy
td  a.  i  e ni ■
eted ..•  i He R
,i. :
A. A. dun
MIbs   Halm tiolt v ire    at
tin-  Revi Isl e. ■ daj.
'I'e''   ■ s  Bll
(t ,y  the   stores ■ ■     ed     thej
will bi tonight,
I'ercy  Dan s uuu  uuw ""-.. |    mgs Praser> whj for manj     yeaM
Dunns ,,f Medicine Hat, nre guest* of   ^   been g member
The following letter (rom     Joseph
ii  i   i ecelved by Mr. aud
Mrs.  l-M  Howson:
"We are now in 1 illetB again bach;
from the firing line ahout five or six
miles oul i I all danger from shells,
which is a blessing, for a few days.
"We landed lere on Friday morn
iny about 5 a.m.,/was on the march
Irom 9 ii.ni, the night before it was
an awful march, the distance was
nothing, only ll miles, hut all the
men were simply done out, sore feet,
effect nl iiu- German gas, etc., so a
Btrei ch  was not expected of
thorn. About i\ miles (rom here or
,-,t I a.m. we. were met liy a band "I
a'ee.nt  '    i ,  ■' a     belonging   to    the
'Sherv 1  F oi i. ters regimen!," and
a lot of popular marches
  and si.tiL-s for ahoul  li miles, and it
... .   ,  sighl  te. bi e how Uu' boys -nek
;        front  with th    "' up with the music, one would    uf
.".ith Kootei ttalion, t.. obtain   thought  we were Just starting out op
e    ,..,  |lal        .    i maroh Instead eef ; ,.\ lng gone about I
■   further  publication   eight  miles. We were     met  all along
3tar may ac ed indi     the road by English regiments    who
      star. cheered and cheered us saying, "Good
Id Canada" and     "Good old Cana-
\ Id,   \r.hai      Tyrell   of  Kamli ops
Revelstoke on Mon
Willii i     \h ■ 'reary  of  Six  .Mile   re-
. al     the     King    Edward on
• '   uday.
l-M   B     ,i ■ tied to the   coast
yestet        after a \ Islt of, a couple of
days :.   Revelstoke.
bi     is left on  Sundaj
■ .mi.'!' u short visit t.e   ber
ulster   Mrs, K,  McRae.
J. Ma      o    e.i Ilacier an I   (; ,.
 glstei i ■
: be 1 loti I Revel       e on Monday,
It Is to be Eoared that some of them
arc a positive dangor, and certain it
is    that they      arc the  object   ol cm
tempt and apprehension to the re
gular! male chauffeur, especially   when
  driving unaccompanied,,Another "war
Official authorization £i r the forma- chango" is the appearance oi the lady
tion of an,.ther infantry battalion in wno slts astride tho gentleman's mot
the province has been received by dis "'' ''■vt'1 '• aml nonchalantly drives a
..trict headquarters at Victoria, but it |companion in tin-side car. It is not
is understood that recruiting   tor lhe
Another Battalion to   !
be Formed at Coast
Air.  and  Ml •■ B ■'   •■'■'''■     ""   ■'  '■''■
The High layed the    Wth
battalioi     I "     a* ""' bBgln
iiing  of  the
I   .V    5   te'     |.
.1  winning
ul the Queen Vic
toria n iSpital stall of nurses, Lefl ....
Wednesday .en atrip to Scotland to
\isit her parents. Miss Raymond 'ef
Sdmonton will 111 her position as
surgical  uurse at the hospil   I,
The  W.t
.t    .
Will   read 8
1 rested
dlaus," it certainly was some reception, no! only t.i l.e.u- those boys give
a cheer, for there is nothing like a
Rritish cheer, but t i know that oM
British regiments thai have stood
the test In pasl wars, recognized the
f:ood work done by us Canadians in
the terrible ordeal of the imst couple
nf weeks.
No  doubt by     the time you receive j
,     ., .     ., .,   .   ..     .  ■       .     i this veer, will   have   seen the causalty '
.i   .   , •  «, .    -      ,U   the  view nnd said that the trip   was •
' ih    i,..»   „ p™   a    mho    thJ    .     ,ist of the Canadians and know    ex-
,,,i  uii   those     In-   tue  nest in ( au. da.   \\ueu  thev     eu- :
■ld »u  CD0SI ...    .   „. .       ,   .   ■        ,. actly  wh,,  w s wounded     and  killed,
,,..,. quired  at   '.lacier as tu  what     could ■ ,
11 ■ ' ,,     , f .  ,, 'lhe B.C. boys come under the     7th,
he Been at  Refivelstoke they were told- ' '
"Nothing but a tew railwa;   yards."
62nd, as  the new force  will  be designated,  will  not lie Btarted until
t i-iu11 s  at   present   mobilized   at
coast  ba i c beeu i ransferred     to
Vernon camp,
i 'ol. A, T. i igilvie, chief officer
11 e militi ry forces In British Columbia has been in Vancouver consulting
with Col. J, Dull Stuart, brigadier
and commandant of the provincial
enfmp at Vernon, with reference to
the new  base.
Col. Stuart left on Monday
[i i i r mag in to take over his new
ml. \n nl inner, i iity left on
i! ■ ime train to complete the ar
e • for the reception of the
main I ody of I he troops who will be
ti ii  il  lie t belr new scene  ul   ac
tivities nest we ■!.
I . ' e 'i,   Vi.   Malilon   Davis  officer
■ andlng the 54th battalion, the
new  regimi nt  being  raised      in     the
i ' "ays and Boundary district for
o ersens service,     was in Vancouver,
' • l.e'. ud h is been in consultation with Colonel Ogilvie regarding
the unit. The regiment will train
with the llth CM M. R.'s, the 87th
and the utlier British Columbia units
at tho Vernon camp. \
really a graceful sight, any more than
that to which the world is becoming
accustomed to, the "girl on the car
rice," imi possibly we shall become
reconciled to it. In time, jest as the
lady on tho old pedal bicycle, once an
i bjeri of censur', has long beoni an
accepted commonplace
WANTED.—Hewing and dressmaking
by the day. Miss lt. McMuhun l'J*
First street  ;;est, Re velstoke.
POR SALE.-Two stoves in good
condition. One 1-hole McClary
Range, one base burner heater. Apply 3-5 Fourth'stroet, East.     JS.up.
Pernio charges $3 fee for horses lm
pounded  in that oity. The police    do
the  running   in and     ei  the   lees      [or
doing the job,
Fifty eight names wen. struck ofl
the voters' list of Greenwood Bloc
tirai district  at .the Courl ol Itevl-
Bion  bdd  un May  17.
FOR SALE.—Snap, two roomed nicely furnished house, closed jiorch,
wood  shed,  and  hen  house., also 5-30
pounds coal. Apply Mail Herald.
FOR RENT.—Small modern house
.fir.Mui per month, Hevclstoke General  Agencies.
WANTED.—Young woman wants
work by day or hour. Apply to
Mail Herald. J2p.
Two  tourists arrived  iu the     city
.,,     „ p-.. , ..   yesterday and went,    up the automo-
homi-  of  Mrs
lib   road, They were delighted     with
The High    i i a let i oi ps
ted lasl recreation
ds by 0 . id   Lieut,
.a   Tl' arc] ''ei to
ds     to
regt. bugle ban'!.
Han \tbe: i      level toke     is
i ow  eia-rni r at the Canadla
y   ofl ce, '      A IgUB     .0
gan    who    h - been    here. i0i  i
nd has bt en trans)   red    to
Mrs. Fossett I It loi   -        n    '• i
t u Tuesda).  n  ■ re st"1 » 111 ma
iuture hon ■    Mi   Fi --• I'   rrae i
ter hei
. --a red to
mon Arm a
if    I'M   ...
•a. '    ;
The  Ladies  Aid
■church will
The  Revelst        'r
vited  I
: lies HI
etoke '
1 p ■!
incorpoi   I
.hllzed    •   -
Ri''v Cr-*,;
.Mrs.  Vi.   M.
batallion,     bo il you watch for     the
7th, you can keep track  of    all      the'
e  >.. ence was the hos    Revelstoke boys.
Public Buildings at
Kamloops Under Guard
Private Barnes of the ln-n.l regl
ment arrived in the city on Saturdaj
t.i spend the w-eek   end with his lam-
mmmm^M-,. .,,.,,                      ,    l , ..*                          nnd    returned    to    Kamloops
less                      ■   afternoon,     at    a 1 t-nd von in n.v last letter about     *   ,                       ,,,..,.
,  ,,       ,, *    .         ,           ,.,.,,,  Monday. Ha says thut sine the   In
bridge party  in honor uf .Mrs.   Bison 'ny officer, l.ieut.  .Icssop bem; killed        ,         „            ,.     ,
,.,,..                 ,,            ,, ,,         ,              ±*              u                  cendiary  fires at is.amloups  last wee,
.ef New Westminster. Fouri tables     ol well  on  leaving   the   trenches I was          ,    ,
,   ,, ,    .   ., ,                   .   ,                ., „ ■ ,    guards have  been  placed on the    Jail,
cards  were                  and  those   win asked if I cared to take ..ver thc job  ■                 ......    ..
ning prizes      ri     rs. Coulthard, and of "storeman", helping to look alter |. osl>
■lis.  Ernesl   H,  -    Mel.can.     Dalntj the rations, clothes, etc.,  sol     did,
HALT  COAL  burns all  night.      Rl
velstoke General Agencies.  Limited.
$1.00.      SEE   OUR    DOLLAR WIN
All notices of politic il meeting*
and conventions to be held in any
jiart of the Kontenny and Boundary
must be prepaid, or guaranteed nt
the following rates: Reading notices
ten cents per count line each insertion; display advertising, 50c. pei
inch. The Mail Herald.
Win exchange use'of furnished mod
ern  bouse in  Vancouver for same    in
Revelstoke     for   summer or Ion i
Apply o.w.ii.  Mail-Herald. Itp.
FOR  SALE.—16 in.   Millwood;    als,
' Kindling in b inches; euch $2,76     pei
eel di'llvi rod,  Phonos  12 and 85.  J
P,  Sutherli ml. ,lul l>
Private sale ol household lurnituti
Including     firsl    class   G   hole   Btee!
range,   kitchen   tables,   kitchen  chuirs,
25 yards  Al   inlaid    linoleum, dishes,
linen, buffet,     dining     table, chairs,
heating stove, lounge, sewing machine,
jailor furniture,   parlor carpets,     r>
single  iron   bedsteads    complete,    and
'other goods too   numerous to   men-
,tion. Sale from    date of    this advertisement until sold,    No reservation,
everytbing  goes,  Address,   bouse situ-
led  on   iIi'ih'lt Hell's ranch.
Tho late Zarla Nikitovicb, thi
Rossland Montenegrin who gave his
life for the empire, lett an estate consisting of $1,200 to his brother, Yla-
disaw   Nikitovicb,  of Rnsslund.
t 'ireM.
. '1 at the    te i
The i lonthly    i   el of the Mia
.  John's church,
was hi lei noon In the
t  e chun M   . F. W.
per   en "V
V'cgrcvl nd Mis. Ei i
ools of P
i   ■ ■ ing
I ■
the   Vt
- ture cf  one
tt,   who
•• home.
Old Men's Home, power
house and reservoir at Kami..ops, In
ddition to seven lires which brol e
preparations lor
 ^^^^ discovered. Mr. Barnes, wbo wns form
crly, Canadian Pacific railway     con
and am billeted with ourtsergt.-major .    ^^^^^_ . , .
out in one night
and      arti       ister sergt.  of course. ,     ,      .
. ,   ,      , ,. , starting several other tires were
I do the cooking too, some tsook me; ' "
; iy'8     menu,     roast leg lamb,
french  Hied    potatoes,    spinach,   let- , ^^— ^^m^^u^^a^ ^	
,   ,     ",  , stable at  Revelstoke, expects shortly NoTl' E
I  have not   , ,. ,   , , ,      ,
outfor tonight yet, tn eo on bridge guard duty,  He says     Tomorrow being  the  Kings  Birth
ed rhubarl   tbat th° revised  T^'h*h'™ P«m«    lay, everyone   b requested to fly    a
ofl the -,.ev  ,,   cool. Theold ti0f: vo,unteors    with i''""'1   '"" "  to8 or display   someklndol decora-
plates to  be accepted  for active    ser    tione.
i am a     Bun    .       .,,       .. ,. u"
i ice will  enable isume  2.,  men  now  on
Cusine    meaning a good coo;.    Ion , ..
. , .     .  ,. he lines of communication to be ac
more about it   as 1
. ,    , .„ . i ited for active scrvici I	
kind when we are m billets, 	
it is     every
i that  is enoug  .
Apply to
VV. C. Cafrinr. Tonka Farm
\.   FOOTP>
I sometime- had four or   five
a  trench   in   a
'   -        oi  Bhrapnel
word last  night
• • • sunk
■ ine, what
•o do, . nd   s   U.S.A.
and   ■ mit   to
Change that War
Makes in London
1 wish to I hank the erncrul public
and friends of the bit ■ Mrs. It. Clark
for their kindness during her illness.
And thos.' who assist.,! al the funeral.
A noteworthy .effect of the     war AUCTION   SALE
London,     as     elsewhere,     Bays  Thi Household Furniture.    Having beei
Scotsman, is the unprecedented     de favored with  Instructions by Mrs. tt.
for  i.e.. labor.  Lads are     now R.Stokes,   lati   of   thc   Ideal   Ch.-nr
nd higher wages than s,,"'m    wU"   h;'s   moved   tu   l'nited
nities to her   people    and I they have (    r done before, and   thej States.    I will sell by public auction
-.    eai   Btand 11  |   have In ai            sensi   tne            o Positively  without   reserve, Thursday
the- market  in     which    to se  . the.i Juna '"■  corner                in  and Vic
Tl                en-,, is thai  ......ii ''""':'   Avenue,  facing the O.P.R.,   at
 tradesmen t to their wit's   end 2 o'clock.     Go,..',   comprising as fol-
■   orders, as they     have ,,,ws   tron ana braM H,,<lB complete,
ew errand  boys for the di lureaus,  Stands,     solid oak leather
of goods.  It  is uo  uncommon   thing | upholstered Dining Room Set, valued
Proceeos ef Reception
for Purchase of Drugs
AH kinds of Repairing neatly done
Best Sand Shoes for children
Boots, Shoes, Trunks.
Valises, Suit Cases,
Bags, Pack Sacks,
Pack Straps, Whips.
Armstrong & Co.
The Leather Goods Store
or  the  morning  milk  and     the!"1 ^-00, Book cases. Ib.ckin, .'baits
livered owing  to this
r.   In  sunie eases, indeed,
Parlor Tables    b d
>s,   I  pleecea of
.   •
Morns  Chairs
reed  furniture,
employes only wait till they have re-1 Carpets,     Linoleum,     Camp     Cots,
,s ,,, j,  „ the  ■>"■"■»■ tenge v ilued .,,   WM;    Kit
I ltls ,„„  ,,,,,. ,.„,„,.    [,„. chen chair..    Tables     Washing and
i     loyer In     the  KiM"" Utensils,     Jardinieres, Bloc
bl       „j   Qotic.   "•il'"1  Kra'       '        ffar0  '  "
■ ■  ise   alarm'     bmv   De8k.   '•""'   «■     ' "■   "»"   "       "'   M''
chine    nd a  hostol     other    useful
lusehold effects   toe. , I
rt    thi   "''"'•on.
nil ,ri      '|Vn •- "f s-l!('- Bverythlng Mum be
.,.      -I       'oW-   '-'0"<!h   OD     >'iew   anytime
,  th    '"""   '"■
lads w- PARRY,
, .—
hereby given thai the un-
rslgi ed is the sole owner ol    the
: ed on at Revelstoke un-
der thi name of "Kwong llon»r
TO'   I
■,-i i      tl       ■ '• nd
I || r
of !
THt'R.sl   \ •
jro'selon ■ rhurs-
elpy ;.ro mr'      will
day. 'in Thui ' • '■
2 narte.
ih<   BuflST    Boy   Of
I   ncshlre,        tart", blj »ar
iATURDAT.—Her Suprw
■eiiflC', rt
- to oor bll-
B  I   r?   I   !l  S
. np.
•.:,   Inr    K'l.oe
ted In    v nnte-ieo bs-
off. Ar com-
'        bletfS,
-nn  . ;.„q.
<     orrptM
11 Its,   ermUinlnK   In
e  pmiMl  pnd»
2 t
■    ol      •   tluii     Is I be
I l.ol.
II , ,1'. ffl
ii •        having
e      ■     ' ||
i it le
'    ■     ' *
curs  h tt  tl "       DO
■II"      II     I ' ,      IB' If, t    pi
and i
reach -,f London. On e   i
(icnrcelv   to  excite I    Some   .,1
them nr" undeniably ei ert,   nd   • I
'heir neeffw pastime,     but
ih .re ,i r.  I (ei
do    ui  "'i cfi  bj     their e.*\n rtenee
thnt   lh"\   I iMier   I     e  lOnndenre      In
.On" and that bo pei       i I than
tho un ny authority to
. ur any Uu
of said firm.
LHK i HKtt
h ei. I -h,  1918. JB-4t
I )<> you want some weeding
done ?
I in vou want your yard i-lean-
ed up, your wood chopped, or
any old thing?
Apply to the Boy Scouts and
they'll do it.
They want to work for money for their equipment
i:iit>j. up im. ofthe following
patrol li e lers and make ;ir-
i;. Lawrence, Phone 62
A. Parker al Bews' Store.
Phone :>
I.. Briggs, .256
E Kincaid, ti
Htnnlnv   r      Icotl who   hn«     Ix-ein
with   the              bei s' min-  <teaebti eai   ii  raflr v,
tb" llfli   ban     shrunk from 2.741     to   tinn been ee.,' u-eei nr ttlticipai   nf the I themselves or thnlr rnr, or are likely f
2.l'«?7 nn-meo                                                  iKsnl" hi  1     ehool. af I v ol the
Watch   OUR   Windows!
A great big display of Handsome SUMMER
FOOTWEAR for Men. Women, and Children
is the big attract inn here now. Of course we
show them in our windows. It doesn't cost you
anything to LOOK, and the looking will open
yr 'ii eyei ae to who are Revelsetoke's toremosl shoe
flttere and style leaden. Watoh OUH Windows.
For Sandals, Canvas andtTennls Shoos


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