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The Mail Herald Sep 29, 1909

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By the Lindmark Trail-Attractions ot Its Natural Parks
Destined to be One of the
Most Popular Resorts
The Lindmark trail which gives
convenient access to the summit of
Ml. Hevelstoke has been a favorite
resort Ibis Bummer, several bundled
citizens and tourists having travelled
to take in the beauties of nature observable only on the summits of the
mountains. The trail starts at the
C.P.K. .section house wesi of McKen/.ie
Avenue. A large si^n placed there,
similar to that at Lilian station,
drawing attention to its .starting point,
for Lake Louise, would do much to
advertise and popularise the resort
among tourists and visitors to tbe
city, and it would be well if this stig.
gestion were adopted by another
Well, leaving lhe city, the trail
/.i^-'/.iiKS by a fairly   easy grade   up the
mountain to the Brat summit for a
distance of four miles. The view of
the city and its surroundings is a feature of the trip well worth observing,
The buildings and streets give a pretty
chccki-i'-boai'd effect. Tbe gardens in
the village settlement to the west
with their regular squares, and we
have never seen anything more beautiful and Interesting than >he scene
that lies as it were at one's feet. Tben,
iu the background, the Columbia
river, witb its broad ami irregular
waterway, and the s.s. Kevelstoke as
the writer saw it skifling as it were
aloug its waters antl leaving behind
a long trail of smoke; Williamson's
Lake, with the glory of the green
forest, reflected in its crystal waters:
the lllecillewaet Kiver gracefully curving ils way to the Columbia, and
behind all, rising in their majesty, Mis.
McArthur, Begbie, McKenzie, dirtier,
make the scene one of never-ending
interest till the first summit is reached
hy the big white rock visible from the
city. The distance of trail traversed
between the city and tbis rock is three
miles and the elevation of thesummit
here is 8,460 feet.
stands at au elevation of 875 feet above
the railway track and the trail to this
point is the steepest part of the climb.
We made tbis point thirty minutes
after starting out.
The mountain side traversed by the
trail is strewn with llie remains of a
burnt forest now becoming hidden by
the dense growth of young trees. In
time past the south slope of Mount
Kevelstoke must have been covered
with a magnificent forest destroyed by
the vandalism of tire probably aliout
construction days. The result shows
the necessity of adopting the most
stringent measures against a recurrence of such Hies, as it takes many
years for tbe growing trees to replace
the forests that preceded them, and
the value of Mt. Kevelstoke as a scenic
resort would sillier greatly by the
further ravages of Hie.
From the one-mile post the glade
becomes much easier. This passed,
the trail wends its way through
gardens of huckleberries, and one
wishes the day was longer or that
an earlier start had been made so that
there might he an opportunity of
gathering this cooling and luscious
wild fruit which here grows to such
large size antl is so prolific. Here, too,
beautiful mountain llowers, which
have delayed Iheir blooming, come
into view, and their coloring shows
strikingly against the dense green
foliage of the balsam and the pine,
Ferns, too, nestle in the shale of the
From the lirst, summit the trail
wends ils way along an old stream-
bed dry at lhe lime of the trip. In
this basin is
tut \ss LAKE
a shallow, grassy pond, Now the
park-like beauties of the mountain
summit come inlo view. The balsam
and spruce, with their rich green,
contrast with the clear spaces intervening and covered with a wealth of
native grass, wild Mowers, pea-vine
and lupin. Ahead on the trail stands
so named after the popular alderman
of the cily, who was one of the first to
exploit and make known the beauties
mid attractions of lhe summit of Mt.
RevelBtoke. Macdonald Bluff is a
point from which a magnificent view
can lie got. It is four miles out on the
I rail and from its eminence is seen the
Columbia Kiver like a silver thread
traversing the valley below, and extending Its length dimly into the sea
of mountains till lost iu the beyond.
(In all sides lines nf snow and ice-clad
peaks, following as it were wave on
wave behind one another come iuto
view,     Great  icefields stretch thejr
hoary lengths along the high ridges
and from these giddy heights extend
tbe white streaks of foaming streams
that speed their waters to the Columbia Kiver.
The trail wends its way around McDonald Bluff, following the valley of
an old siccan, Iill
breaks on the scene, its glistening
waters reflecting the shadows of the
spruce and balsam trees lhat dot ils
shores, At the east, end of the lake is
the   chalet   built   Ihis   season for the
accommodation of tourists, (iiussy,
park-like areas, prettily bordered by
clumps of   trees,   stretch mil, Inmi the
lakeand make lovely camping grounds,
rivalling   the   far-fainetl parks of   old
A depression to the Wesi of the hike
of the Columbia Valley, wbile rising
from ils shores to the north-west is a
rocky hill as if destined by nature to
be the look-out point from which llie
visitor may take in at a glance the
beauties of the scene on all sides.
To the north is an open stretch of
richly grassed lands affording splendid
grazing grounds for tho pack or saddle horses accompanying parties to
the summit. The elevation here is
probably 0,51MI feet above sea level.
Tbe summit of Mount Kevelstoke is
clear of snow in June, when the
growth of vegetation and wild Mowers
is marvellous. While unit pink heaths
dot the ground. This part of the
summit is to be steu at its besi in
August, but it is as a rule accessible to
tourists from the middle of .lune till
the lirst or second week in October.
For tlie rest of the year il is buried
deep in snow.
A mile further north a magnificent
view is obtained of
so named after A. E. Miller, then head
master of the city schools and who
spent his summer holidays in exploration work on tbis mountain. This
paikisone of the prettiest scenes to
lie iinitiil in the mountains. It is a
far-stretching grassy sward, gently
sloping and dotted with pretty clumps
of trees among which are acres of
lupins and other Bowers. Miller's
Park should be visited by all visitors
to Mt. Kevelstoke. It extends to a
point three miles beyond Protection
Noith-east of Miller's Park is
and its tributaries. Tbis creek drains
the glacier on the west side of Mt.
Olach-na-cooden, two miles further on
to the north-east. At the foot of this
mountain nestle several beautiful
lakes as Miller's lake, Eva Luke, and
Alfred lake, forming attractive spots
of visit for the tourist. A trail should,
however, be marked out from the
chalet at Protection lake to Miller's
The mountains around
MT. <LA('ll-NA-ll)llllEN
furnish some good climbing, and if the
visitor wishes, an interesting trip may
be made across the divide to Laforme
Creek, down the trail to Nineteen
Mile, and by sseamer to Kevelstoke.
In fact it would he well if the Lindmark trail up Mt. Kevelstoke could be
eatended to connect with the government system of trails on Laforme
Creek, which point tourists could conveniently make in one day from Kevelstoke, returning the next day via the
Big Bend trail and liight Mile Falls,
or by steamer as desired,
If the scheme to build a scenic railway to the summit, should develop, it
would make Mt. Bevelstoke one of the
most popular of national parks, and
bring to this city thousands of tourists
Prospects Bright tor a Good
Season's Sport.
. The annual general meeting ol the
Revelstoke Curling Club web held
Monday night in the City Hall, a large
number ol members being present.
Vice President J, duy linrbor occupied
the chair. Secretary C. M. Field
presented tbe annual report, which
allowed the club to be in a healthy
liiiiini-iiil condition. Tiie report was
received and accepted.
Tbe election ol otticeis for the on-
suing year was then proceeded with as
Hon. l'res.—VV. A. Foote.
President—.1.0 uy Barber.
Vice-Pres.— 1). M. Rae.
Secretary—C. M. Field.
Treasurer—J. T. Pollock.
Executive Committee—.1. H. Jackson,   A.   E.  Rose,   G.   H. Brock, E.
Edwards, R. Squarehriggs.
It iB iindcistoud that H. McKinnon,
manager of the rink, ia desirous of
doing the right thing by the curling
club ao that the dissatisfaction which
has prevailed in former seasons will
be eliminated. The committee will
meet Mr. McKinnon and make the
necessary arrangements tor the coming season.
The neieting wus very enthusiastic
aud the prusuccts »rc exceedingly
bright for a good winter's sport. It is
possible that a bonapiel on a small
scale may be arranged thia season,
thus giving added interest to tbe
The election ol skips will be held at
the next meeting.
The aecretary was instructed to
interview the representatives of the
Calgary Brewing Co., and P. Burns
Co., re theae linns supporting their
trophies this season. The preaident
announced hia intention of donating
lour individual prizes in support ut
the Equitable cup.
A memberahip list is now being
circulated and those desirous of joining
the club ahould notify Mr. Field, the
secretary, at once.
Will Probably Be Held in November
The Province expects the Provincial
electiotia in November. Attorney-
General Bowaer and Hon. T. Taylor,
Minister of Public Worka, have gone
to Cariboo, tbe Liberal stronghold.
Ministers say they are going to lind
out what public works are required
there aud can be carried out to advantage. The Liberals aay the object
is to see bow far tbe. balance of that
$3,000,000 which Hon. Mr. Taylor told
a Revelstoke audience he bad to spend
will go in converting the Liberal
electors ol Cariboo.
From Our Own Currospouileul.
O. Lachmund ban returned from his
eastern trip.
Arrangements are being made for
the appearance here at an early date
of the RevelBtoke Amateur Dramatic
Club in their great comedy succoas
On Saturday a .lap named H. Ka-
dobe was suddenly killed at tbe Gibbons Lumber Company's mill at
Pingston Creek, and his remains were
Bent to RevelBtoke where they were
interred on Monday, Rev. W. C. Calder conducting the burial service.
Events here point to an early election. Your police magistrate, W. VV.
Foster, is ou the warpath and ia or-
ganiaing hard. LaBt week ho paid us
a visit in company with T. J. Wad-
man, and the two visitors looked up
the faithful in the interests nf Hon,
Thos. Taylor, who will be again a
candidate lor Revelatoko. They urged
tbe local conservatives to get busy
aud have their all'airs in good shape
in view of an early campaign. Today
fTuesdayi wo again bad a visit from
Mr. FoBter, who came in company
with J. McLean. The former went to
get things  in  shape  at Halcyon and
Editur Mail*HbbiUiD:
Could you tell me the name of tbe
papers published at Grand Forks, B.
O, and tbe present population of that
town and oblige,    I am etc,
| Tbe newspapers published at Grand
Forka are the Gazette and Sun. The
population is about 11,000.—En. M.H.J
A St. Paul and Spokane syndicate
lias taken a two years' bond on the
Mollie Oibaon group ol claims, located
iu tlie Burnt basin, near Paulson, and
cloae to tbe line ut the Columbia A
Western railway. Tbe consideration
ia Haiti to be aliout $50,000. The property is a gold-copper proposition, the
main ledge being 15 feet in width.
Five cars of ore taken practically from
the Burfiicc gave smelter returns that
i eraged $11 to the ton.
One ol the biggeat deala in north-
woatern coal lands is reported. James
A. Moore, president of tho Irondale
Steol company, announced the pur-
chaBo by liimBell and Herbert 8, Law
ot San Franciaco of 20,600 acres of
timber land on Graham ialand, Oueen
Charlotte group, tho price is stated aa
in the vicinity ol $1,000,000,
VV. Fleet Robertson, provincial tn in -
eralogiBt, reached Nelson by way ol
Toby I'aBB and Argenta over tho colo-
brated paBB favored by Lord Grey-
tbe latter went to look up tbe logging Robertson will visit the Duncan river
oampa and see tbat tbe wind is lair.     country and Sheep creek diitriot.
Who are in doubt as to
where they can best obtain
all kinds of l'p-To-Date
Sporting Goods, should
bear >n mind the fact that
we carry a splendid stock
of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, Fishing Tackle,
Traps, Tents, Camp Stoves
Blankets, and in lact every-
for   the   Hunter, * the   Trapper j'and   tlie   Prospector.
I. ^"fltlwill soon he lime to purchase that Heater. We have
just.the stove to'suit you and will be pleased tol'show you
its good points. Remember that we are agents for the
Kootenay Range, which you will read of on] anotherI page.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Our clothes
values are
easy to see.
Field glasses are not needed to see the
line points of perfection in the kind of
clothes we sell. Style, fit and every detail
of line tailoring arc there inside and out. If
better clothes could be made this store
would have them. U'e especially invite
paiticular dressers, men who never wore
ready made clothes to see ours.
___.viAmj.surj> tl
b. e. waldch, Pr«s.dent I Paid-up Capital, $1 0.000,000
ALEXATOKR LAIBD, G«n«ril Hunger ! Reserve Fund,    -     6.000,000
Xl># new TrayeUeri, Cheques recently issued by Ibis Bank are a man cummmmrrt
war to which to carry money when travelling.    I'hey are issued io d_MM_____MtlMI ml
$10,  $20, $50,  $1'J0  and $200
aad th* exact amount payable in   Austria,   Belgium,   Denmark, Franc*,
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The cheques aim! all iiiiorm__u______i regarding ihem may be obtained al • mrj ,
ttthm Ymmk. «*»*
ol winning the "badge ol quality,'
ringed with itobi and decorated with
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High-Crade Meat Market
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Maundrell   Meat   Market
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The London  group   ol   copper-gold 1    On   Friday   and  Saturday only wo
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been bonded to a lyndicatc ol >»»■ colors White, pink, almond, lemon,
eouver and Eastern United States orange aud chocolate. Don't lorget
eapitalista. I the date and place—0. B. Hume &. Co THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE R 0.
Zbc nDafl-lbcralb,
Jnterior publishing Company
Subscription   Rates
Including pontage to England, Unltod States
and Canada,
Hy the ven- Ithrough poetoflloe]    ?'-'•*>
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able rates. ,,   ,      .
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I alu f.
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ril'.l'.Ksi'iiSiiKSi I. Invited on matlorn »t
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a- evidence ui k''«»i faith. L'orrospondonoe
-hould I..- brief.
UrriciCH :   I.mi'khiai. Hank Hi'ii.iiinii KkVSI.-
STOKK,  II. 0,
MotiL-)- to loan.
umcim: Revelstoke, B C,   Crenbrook, ll. D.
oko. s. MoOabtkb
4. M.   I'INKIIAM J. A.  llAKVKV,
Kevelstoke, Cranbrook. H. 0.
FinP RpQiHonro in ;l desirabl,e 'iu;vru'r on Thirtl
l tiixj iiuoiucilliC Street at a bargain—12 rooms
and bath room, all modern improvements, furnace, large
basement.    Reasonable terms can be arranged,
PRICE $4,500
S'imj DnAmAJ   Llm.^n   extra warm  and well tin-
ix-noomed House iShed, on Fifth street,
modern plumbing.    Terms to suit a good purchaser.
PRICE $3,400
Eight-Roomed House il'^X.^0.!
plumbing.    I erms to meet purchaser,        PRICE $2,600
because the increased demand nml
wear uml tear on it require further
expenditure to meet requirements?
('an  n  town   where citizenship is
limited to such peanut ideas, grow
ninl prosper V
Solicitor, etc
Solicitor for:—
The Canadian Bank ob Oommerob,
The Molsons Bank, Ktc.
Provincial Land .Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 100, Revelstuke
^Mining Engineer^
Revelstoke, Ii. C.
Mem. American Institute Mining
Mem. Lun. Mill. Inst,
Examinations   and  Reports   on  .Mines
and Mining  Investments a specialty.
Blue Prints supplied ul plans of Land,
Mikes and 1imiii_.ii
Cable Address—"Kanagan," Kevelsloke
i_'0jeB_Mureing ami Neill, Bedford McNeill. Western Union, Clougb.
teacher  oe
Piano, Vocal, Tiiehhv
Certificated from Trinity   University
.mil Toronto Conservatory
Srii'i":—Next M wi-Hi.hai.h Office
aug 'S, tin
C.   W.   O    W.
Mountain  View Camp, No. 229
■Meets Second and  fourth ffodnosdays in
each month. In Selkirk Hall.   Visilin   Woodmen cordially Invited lo allend.
JOHN l AIU.SUS, Con. Com.
J. McINTYHK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The reiniiftr meetiug? are held in the Selkirk
Haii every Stod aci lib   Tuesday eveuiug  Ht 6
o'clock.    Visiting brethren cnrdmllr invited.
W. E. McLAL'CHLIN.Sbi'BKtaey.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A  F. & A. M.
The regular meet*
in«- are h"ld Id tie
Odtifel:«*w_- Hall, ou
the third Monday iu
each mouth at a
jj.m. Visiting brethren cordially wei-
Meet- every Thur--
loy ever:;;i»* In .Sel-
.irk Uaii ai 6 o'clock
i isiting brethren are
cordia.ij  In Tiled :■   hf.ei.i.
ALBERT ARMAS. N.G,      'A.-   IUTHIE.8*
Cold Range todge, K of P.
No   26,   Revelstoke, B  C.
MKK1- ...i-.KV AEIiNK.-liAV,
-i. .-1.; I • • a edneedaj '.;
ea. i, month,. :i • ' ddfellowi1
Hn. it ] .... i \ lilting
Knliiiit> *r   oordlaliy .uvite.l.,
T. P    SMITH   i    i .
O. H   SKui Kl K    Dl   It   It B
J    11   Si 1JTT   il. ,.( f.
Zbc fl&atMberalb
Let a progressive Hevelstoke
brush away the barnacles ami cobwebs that obstruct the onward
movement and forge ahead to
higher and better things.
W'e regret to learn that some
ui Revelstoke's citizens are opposed
to tbe proposed improvements to
the power plant. That plant has
cost the city * 130,000 and is its
beet revenue-producer. Is the large
amount of capital already put into
that plant to  be  lott   to  the city
Revelsloke has reached tlie day
of bigger things. The development
of the city demands that the men
of picayune ideas shall retire to tlie
background, and that the city shall
forge ahead by the life, energy,
public spirit and broad, progressive ideas oi its best citizenship.
Now is the time for all good citizens to rally to the support of the
City Council in their policy of
effecting such improvements to the
power plant as shall enable the
city to meet the growing demands
upon it, for Revelstoke cannot
afford to stand still.
Following up our suggestion for
an improved water supply for the
city by next spring a correspondent
advises us the ollicial distance
between Greely Croek and the
C. P. R. station at Revelstoke is
5.4 miles, showing the distance to
be shorter than from Eight Mile,
besides being a much less costly
locution for laying a water supply
service. Our correspondent also
points out the railway elevation at
Greely Creek is lOUO feet, whereas
aB Revelstoke station it is 1500 ft.,
a difference in elevation of 190 ft,,
thus giving ample iall and pressure
between the mouth of Greely Creek
and the reservoir site. Jf higher
elevation and full are required
these can be got by going up the
creek n short distance to the fulls.
The Dominion and Provincial
governments spend a large sum
yearly in the inspection of imported
fruit and fruit trees with a view to
keeping out of British Columbia
tlio pests that curst- otlier fruitgrowing countries. This inspection
work is notoriously badly done
however. Recently we saw a shipment of apples imported into Revelstoke in which the fruit was full
of cod lin moth. A few days ugo
we .-aw ii shipment oi peaches, apparently from California, which
was also in a bad state from the
same pest. Vet Uiis fruit had
passed tlie inspectors and was i; -
parently freely admitted, when it
should have been destroyed. If
such carelessness continues in fiuit
inspection at the Coast and other
point.- of import, the time
far distant when tlie fruitgrower"
of this province will have a serious
problem befure them in lighting
these pests which bave proved ihe
bugbear of tlie f;i-ti-rn aivl i ui
fornia fruit-grower,
eigner a premium to break that
standard as is being tloni- under
the existing administration of tin-
Patrons of eastern department
stores might nsk themselves how
much Timothy lOnton or Simpsons
contribute to the churches of Revelstoke? Kor how much did these
firms set their names down on the
Labor day and fair subscription
lists ? How much do they contribute to local charities ? When
there has been it strike or shortage
of work how much credit have they
given Revelstoke patrons to tide
them over the trying times V
The merchants of RevelBtoke
have stood time and again behind
many of those who send their cash
to Eaton nnd Simpson, and who
give the home merchant the credit
end of their business, No man will
admit ihis is fair, and we believe
that much of tho department store
trade that goes from this city is
due to thoughtlessness rather than
a full and fair consideration of the
mutter. If the local buyer can be
assured that, with few exceptions,
goods can be bought as cheaply in
Revelstoke us at Timothy Eaton's
when expenses, freight and quality
are considered, we believe DO per
cent of those who order from the
foreign merchant would rather buy
at home, where they have the advantage of seeing what they get
and selecting for themselves, besides haviug I lie privilege of returning goods in case they are unsuitable. In the other case they must
be satisfied with what the foreign
merchant ordepartmentstore semis
In lost issue we referred to in-
stances which had come under our
notice where tlie actual comparison
of prices between Revelstoke and
Vancouver showed the prices in
our own town to be lower ti an at
the Coast. The reasons for this nre
very evident. Rent, taxes and
expenses are much higher nt the
Coast than hen- and the Vancouver
merchant must charge a nigher
profit to enable him to live ami pay
his wav.
wagon roatl from tlie head of navigation at Laporte to the turn of
thn Rig Bend at Canoe River. Then
teams and wagons oould be put on
und large quantities of freight
easily handled between Revelstoki!
und the various creeks tributary to
tlm steamboat route or to the wagon
lt is dillicult to calculate what
bus been Inst In Revelstoke by the
delay in constrnoting a roadway
into the Big Bend', i'he loss is
Inoalouable, We need only mention the cuse of Smith Creek, where
Mr. (liiffy 0111111- in hero prepared
to invest, on behalf of American
capitalists $200,000 in a hydraulic
plant to operate on that creek, bul
was obliged to abandon bis plans
for want of transportation. The
same difficulty has seriously bumpered limber investments in the Big
Bend, as the lirst thing that bus
struck the proposed investor bus
boon the difficulty and exorbitant
cost of transportation. Mr. Bradley
fur Instance, offered Go, per Ib, foi
packing freight from Downie Creek
to French Creek, when the rate
formerly paid for the same service
was ilo. por lb., and oven then he
was unable to got tho work done.
This is it condition of things that
must be remedied if tho north
country is to be developed witli
vigor and success.
Strange Replies in Answer to
Hone is to believe all tbe elate
ments made by applicants for life
insurance policies, eome families have
been distinguished by very curious,
not to say inexplicable happenings.
Tbe British Medical Journal selects n
few ol tbo most amusing blunders:—
Mother died in infancy.
Father went to bed feeling well, aud
the noxt morning woke up dead.
(Irand tat her died suddenly at the
age of WA. Up to tbis time lie bid
fair to reach a ripe old age.
Applicant does not know anything
about maternal posterity, except that
tbey died at an advanced age.
Applicant does not know cause ol
mother's death, but states that she
fully recovered from ber  last illness.
Applicant has never been fatally
Father died suddenly; nothing serious.
Applicant's brother, wbo was an
infant. died when he was a mere child,
liraiidlatlier died from gunshot
wound, caused by an arrow shot by an
Applicant's fraternal parents died
when lie wus a child.
Mother's last illness was caused
from chronic rheumatism, but she was
cured beforo death.
FiiK sa I.K-An Rdison Phonograph
price   $35 00.     Apply  al   Mail-
Hkkai.ii OBlce.
rTTANTED   Millinery apprentice hy
\\     O. li. Home inu Co.
'l h»ri- appears to be one law lor
the British < lolumbian Iruit
and another lor the foreigner if we
mav   judge from    imported   ihip
ment- ol fruit. The law in this
cuuntry against rascally packing ij
very Btrict, but it appears tbe
American grower can pick anj 'i'he likes, and it is no unusual thing
to see cases of American Iruit
having show specimens on the top
and the cases filled underneath
with worm-eaten shrivelled stuff
tbat if put up in Canada would
and the packer in the penitentiary.
It is only fair to the Canadian
grower that the foreign grower and
packer should be required to comply with the laws of Canada on all
bipments he makes Into the country, and if be does nut his Iruil
should be foricitcd in short order.
It is absurd to require our own
people to live up tt; a certain
standard, and then offer  tho for-
Re-. elsl - id a square
from  ihe . em
inent in regard I I be | ening up
of the Big Bend \ wagon road is
■ be buill if that
great o intry - to be devi
and have the attention from in-
. ■ 1 hit season
pari.- in  operate
that counl     havi    een up against
tii    a nd sxi est
v penditure owing lo the  lack
uf proper ; ransportation.   The time
old ol
opening up ol the inb rior
to - onneel   with  existing  ra.. ■
erwa i good deal more
important than the construct^
the proposed   lutomobi le r"ail   ail-
. .1 ited    by    Hun.    Thus.    Taylor
Minister of Public Wurks, between
Vancouver and Alberta,
This fall J. F, Moodie, representing the Big Lend Mica Mines, had
to purohase a pack train to «',, in
his supplies and was then fo.?..- I to
travel -urni' IU miles out of bis way
fur want -if better located trails. A.
Iv Bradley, whu ha« arranged to
pud in full winter supplies for
operating French Crock, has been
up   against  the   same    problem.
Pack trains havo not been available
locally fur meeting demands and he
hud tii gn to Kamloops this wook
tu purchase horses to get his f might
paoked iu this iall.
Tho only solution of tho problem
is tho construction of a first-class I
WANTED   Two Furnished   rooms
for bk'hi    house-keeping,   two
Idi Wi in- statins; rent for same
HENRY (..   COOK,   Salmon  Ann.
Fu!,' -\ i.i.    \u Edisnn Phonograph
H   rei ni I-    Apply  at M UL-
-i|i IS lm
WAN! 1 11   Lodjrers   (wilh   break-
:   [,i .-f.-i i .-il | in   .1 - iiml'or-
;i Seennd St,, near the
-■(houi.    Apply al this "tli' e
Olf. INISI    .unl    rhoirmastei     of
■ - pei leni --. desires jmi--ii ion
Highest   references,
Hutton, ' ii" ..l  M Ml -
j .   i k,     in tween    the
l i ental   Hotel   and   I he    I 'nion
rn.     Please rei urn lo the
• I       Hi
Anglo-Amenean Fire [nsuranee
()] ii', \,\i laidi   -       ...
ending 30th June  1908
i: Pretn-
i li    10th        $213 008 19
I •       ...      tod
return pri m  im    80 KM "
*IH2 99H 29
: ■ ■■    SB 'Ml 1*1129 Ml sl
By inters • 8 'Vi'l '.*i
■186 997 71
To .iei ; ea pald$fl2 170 17
To nel losses un-
ib-i adjustment ll ml 71
Gov, i'i     taxes,
and    ui   other
charges 17 211 :«
Balance Or profit
and l(  II (I2H Hu
$186 :ni7 71
II.   II    Hl'.i K. W.  II, RtlllKHTHtlN,
Oon, Man. Agent,
Royal Standard
Makes Better Bread
Vou will appreciate this fact if
you have tried it. Those who
have used it admit the fact, and
they are the more competent to
Judge. Koyal Standard makes
more bread. That i.s because it
kroes further—because ' it is a
pure product of genuine quality
throughout. You will require
but little inducement to use Koyal Standard Flour if you have
once tried it. It is its own hest
Then too with every sack you
buy, you secure a chance of
winning a beautiful 109 piece
china dinner set.
Ask your grocer for Koyal
Standard Flour.
Vancouver Milling 6*
Gram Co., Lid.
llevelsloke l__and District.
Dlstriot of West Kooteuuy.
Take notice that Florence Newman,
oooupatlon Housekeeper, intends to
apply foe permission to purchase the
follow in^ ilcHcrihcd lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore ut the north-east coiner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
aliout half a mile from the north-east
coiner of Lot 71KI5, thenoe south 40
chains, thence east III chains, thenco
north so chains in lake shore, thenoe
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 26,1909. aug 7
The fiii-m of the lute Joseph Dolan
situate near Kevelstoke, being a pail
of the N. B. Quarter Sootlona) Tn. 28
and containing 81 aores more or less.
Applications toe ihe purohase of above
property are Invited and will be
received by lhe undersigned up to and
Including September 80th, limn.
Solicitor foe Dolan [Estate.
Dated at Kevelstoke, B, ('., Aukiisi
aiih, nmn. in	
Notice is hereby Riven that the finjt
sitting nf Ihe Oourt ol Re.ii-ion to
revise the Assessment. Hull for the year
11109, will bo beld in the Oouncil
Chamber, Ciiy Hull, Fevelniolin, B.C.
on Monday, October llth, at 2 p.m.
September 4th, 1009,
sep 4 lm Citv Clerk.
A few of your space dollars on winter
I Underwear, Clothing und Hunts and
Shot's :tl John Hull's Sale. Most of the
summer gtjods liuve been cleaned out,
and the new fall and winter tfooria ordered six aud eltfht mouths from thi'
niaiiulartuiTi's nre jtiHl coming in, all to
In-suid for cash at wholesale priceSi
Such well known ^oodfl as San ford's
rlothititf, Staiiiii-ld's underwear, Bell's,
MclMiersou's and other makes of first
class shoes; all of which must be cleaned
out by the lirst of the uew year. Are
yuu interested in saving money ? We
have lived u]> to what we advertised at
the start and will continue to do so until the stuck is disposed of,
Revelstoke, Jb. C.
Special Alton tion given to commercial
men and tourists, l-'iisl-class auinple
rooms. Finest scenery in liritish Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Luke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Last Chance for
Mill Wood
Owing to dilliciilties in delivering in
November and December, we will not
guarantee prompt delivery after Nov.
1st. We have two teams on now and
will deliver all trders promptly at $2
per load tinder live loads and .$1.75 per
load for live loads and over.
Bowman Lumber Company, Ld.
sep 22 lm
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Homegrown fruit and ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part ol
the American continent not in-
feated with the Sun Jose scale—
Harden, Kield antl Flower seeds—
Tested stock from the best growers in the world—Wire fencing
and Gales—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Dee Suppl es, Cut fllowcrs,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only.—New lf)7 page Catalogue Iree
M.   J.   IIKNRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   It. ('.
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
A Hall Safe
An Oak Standing Office Desk
A Roll-Top Desk
A Long-Carriage Empire
When you visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at  the
l'1-l'l-; LARSON, Prop.
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine
4fia.il Delightful Scenery
A   large ipiautity ol Prairie
and   Timothy   Hay    alwaye
on baud
Frank A. Lackner,
Repairs of all kinds neatly carried ou
Bicycle and Gun work n specialty
Estimates given on any class
of work.
Front     Street.
For Sale
Under instructions from clients I
have to offer for sale the following
desirable residential properties:
1. Residence   and   three   lots on
MoKe /.ic Avenue.
2. Residence with lot and one-half
frontage on MoKenzie Ave.
3. Resilience   and   two   lot"    on
Fifth Street.
•1.   Two gootl building lots with ")0
leet  frontage  on   McKenzie
5.   Rooming House, (16 rooms) on
Fourth Street.
Terms  to suit purchasers.    For
prices and particulars apply to
sep 11 lm      Pint St., Revelstoke.
500 More Orders for Winter
fruits and Vegetables
Why pay two prices for your winter
wants when  bj   sending direct  to the
producer you can purchnse al lirsi cost.
We are now quoting as follows)
Turnips, Carrots and Potatoes, 75c.
a hundred pounds.
Cabbage and Beets SI per 100 lbs.
Onions, well dried and oured, 4c. Ib.
Citrons. Watermelons, and Muskmel-
lons, 5o alb.
No. 1 Winter AppiesSI.25 a box
" l      "      "      si io    "
CookliiK Apples, 75o. a box
Crab Apples, Si. 25 a box
M.l. iiiiiii us i mii i i UU l ILLBD
Ceneral Merchant.     -    Salmon Arm
will come back to you if you spend it
at Inline. It is gone for ever if you
send it to the Mail Order House. A
glance through our advertising columns will give vou an idea where it
will buy the most.
Notice is hereby given that an application will he made under Part V. of
the "Wnter Act, 1000," to obtain a
licence   iu   the Division   of
Revelsloke District.
(a) The name, address and occupation of lhe applicant Hugh K. R.
Smythe. Rancher, Kevelsloke.
(If l'or mining purposes) Free Minor's
Oei'tillcule No	
(b) The name of the lake, stream or
source (if unnnu ed tbe description is)
A small stream rising ou the N. K.
'4 Section 'A, ninl running iu small
swamp on N. W. '_> Seotlon A.
(c) The polnl "I division- Where
water drains into swamp,
(d) The quaintly nf water applied
for (In cubic feel pcri-econd) -1.1
(e| 'I'he ebaiaclt'i' of lhe proposed
works For irrigation purposes on dry
bench lands.
(I') The premises nn which the wnter
ia to   lie used   (iU'MII ibe same)    llellih
lands sloping  in west of no ubo without Irrigation.
(gl 'lhe purpon's for which the
water is to be used Irrigation and
(h| If I'm- Irrigation describe the
land intended io be Irrigated, giving
acreage Irrigating Hi, acies stoney
and dry bench bind on east half of In.
VV. I Section '.I, Township 21, Kange 2,
West, ll Meridian, comprising 85.
(i) If the water is to lie used for
power or mining purposes describe
I he place where the water is to be
returned to .some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude hetween
point "of diversion und point of rei uin.
(j) Area of Clown land intended to
be occupied by the proposed works	
(k) 'this notice was posted on the
Kith duy of August, llltlU, and application wiil be made to the Commissioner
on the llllh day of Sept. 1IMHI.
(1) (live the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose binds are likely to be
affected hy the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet.—None.
(Signature) H. 15. It. SMYTHE,
sepl       (P.O. Address)   Revelstoke.
Kevelstoke Land Dlstriot,
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that I, M. K. Lawson,
of Kevelsloke,occupation housekeeper,
Intend to apply foi permission to purohase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast corner of Lot 8868 and
marked "Jl. K. Lawson's northwest,
ctiiner post,'' thence IO chains south:
thence 10 chains west; thence20chains
north; thence 2(1 chains east; thence 21)
chains north to line of LotSOOM; thence
along said line to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 7th, 1900. sep 8
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that L. A. Dewar, occupation   Housekeeper, intends l.o apply
for permission to purohase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on tin-
west sitlt- of Upper Arrow Ijike, about
one and a half miles suuth of Hatinmk
Point, thence we.sl 20 chains, thence
north 211 iluiins, thence vveut 20 chains,
thence north till chains lo Ihe K. & S.
line, tbenee following the IC, & S. line
east 211 chains, soul ll  2(1 chains, eust 20
chains, sonth 20 chains in lake shore,
thence   following   lhe   lake  ahore to
point of commencement.
Agent for L. A. Dewar.
Qated July 20, 1B00. aug 7
Kevelstoke Land Distiict.
District ol West Koolenay.
Take notice that A. VV. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead,occupation Lumberman,
intends to apply for permission to purohase the following described lands:
Commenolng at a post planted near
the noil h-east coiner of Lot 71X15 and
marked A. VV. Dickinson's N. VV. 0.,
theuce south III chains, east 411 chains,
noi th III chains lo lake shore, Ihence
west 4(1 chains following lake shore to
place of commencement,
Dale Aug. Kit ll.   Illl.il.
Kevelsloke Land Distiict.
Distriel of West Kooteiiuy.
Take   notice   (hat   Nels   Undine, of
Troul Lake, 11. O,  occupation  Miner,
Intends to apply for permission to purchase lhe following described land:
Commencing at a post planted ou
the ninth shine of Troul Lake between
llaskins and American points anil
aliout four miles froin lhe foot of the
Lake and maiked lhe S, 1<_. corner
posl, thence 211 chains north, thence
20 chains wesi or In Luke shore, Ihence
following   the liiike   shore to point of
Located this 25th day of August, muu.
sop 8 OOd      NELS BODINE, Locator.
Revelstoko Lund District.
District of West Koolenay.
Take notice thut Harney Plumton of
Arruwheud, occupation Hntelkeeper,
intends lo apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west eorner of Lot 7585, thence
south 40 chains to T.L, 12150, thence
west 20 chains, lo the corner of T.L.
121.'id, ihence south 40 chains along the
western boundary of same, thence
west 40 chuins, thence north 111 chains
to lake shore, theuce easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement,
Agent'foi' Barney Pluintoii.
Dated July 2«, 1000, aug 7    '
Take notice that I intend to make
application to tbe Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for a transfer ol retail liquor liceuse ol the l.anleau Hotel now beld by Jos. Dumont to R. M.
Dated Sept. 22nd, l',»0!l.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohcs.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
witli one ol our naniUeme parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade Bilk, or
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, ami made to wear
indellnitely. We have many new and
beiiutiliil parlor sets and odd pieces for
beuiitityiug the home that are taste
[ill, effective and inexpensive, and wil
allow your rooms to the best udvan
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Queen's Park
October 1M3-H-I5-1I
Greatest Agricultural, Horticultural and Stock
Exhibition in Western Canada
Airship Flights Twice Daily.
Championship Lacrosse    Vancouver v. New Westminster.
Official Opening -2 p.m. Tuesday, Oct.  1 2th, 1909,
Wednesday. Oct. 13th—Devoted to Scottish Sports, under
the management of the Sons of Scotland.
Thursday, Oct. 14th—Vancouver Day, Champiouship Lacrosse— Vancouver v, New Westminster.
Friday. Oct. 15th—Children's Day. Children's Sports,
Airship Flight, Intermediate Lacrosse and Football
Saturday. Oct. 16th—Championship Lacrosse Match, Vancouver v. New Westminster.
Stock Parade   -1:30 p,m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Rate from Revelstoke to New Westminster (Return) $12,35
T. J. TRAPP, Pres. W. H. KEARY. Mgr.-Sec.
LP. LeBeau
Corner Third 5- & Campbell Ave
■ ■ —
Horse-Shoeing i Carnage Worka Specialtg
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Poods, Mayer's Celebrated English Morse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
By-law No..
the borrowing by tbe Munlolpal
Council of tne Corporation of
the City of Revelstoke of the
Bum of Eighty-nine Thousand
($80,000) Dollars for lhe purpose
of making permanent Improvements io and enlarging tne oa-
purity of the electric light ami
power plant of the City.
Whereas In the Interest of the Oity
it Is deemed necessary and expedient
thai snoh work be done without delay.
Antl Whereas il is necessary for the
purpose aforesaid to raise by way of
debentures a loan of 189,000.00,
And Whereas a petition has I een
presented to the Municipal Oouncil of
the Corporation of tbe Oity of RevelBtoke signed by the assessed owners of
ai least one-ten lh in value of tbe real
property tv!thin the Cily of Revelstoko
as shown im the last revised Assessment Koll of saiil City, requesting thai
.1 Bylaw In- introduced for the purpose
nf authorising the borrowing by said
Corporation of the sum of Eighty-
Nine Thousand Dollars for the purpose
above mentioned.
And Whereas the whole amount of
the ratable property within the said
Oity of Revelstoke according to the
last Revised Assessment Roil of Unsaid city of Kevelstoke is the sum of
And Whereas it will he necessary to
raise annually hy special rate sufficient therefor the sum of $0,8»i.OO for
paying the said debt and Interest thereon.
Now,-   Therefore,    the    Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
of Kevelsloke in open meeting assembled, enacts as follows:—
1. It shall he lawful for lhe Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of It -v-
elstokefor the purpose and with the
olijt-i-t aforesaid Lo borrow on lhe
credit of the Municipality hy way of
debentures hereinafter mentioned irom
any person, persons, linn, body or
bodies corporate, who maybe willing
to advance tin-same as a loan, a sum
of money, not exceeding in the whole
the sum of Eighty-nine Thousand
Dollars and to cause all such sums so
raised or received to he paid into the
hands of the Treasurer of the Corporation of the City of Kevelstoke.
2, It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to cauoe any Dumber of debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or sums as may be
required for the purpose and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the
sum of Eighty-nine Thousand Dollars.
Such debentures shall be of the denomination of One Thousand Dollars
each and all such debentures shall be
sealed with the seal of the Corporation
of the City of Kevelstoke and signed
by the Mayor and Clerk thereof.
8. The said debentures shall bear
Ihe date of 1000,  and  shall
be payable in Twenty-five years from
the said date in lawful money of Canada, at tbe ollice of the Molsons Bank
at Kevelstoke aforesaid, which said
dace of payment shall be designated
iy the said debentures, antl shall have
attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and the signature to
the interest coupons may lie either
written, printed, stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of live per cent
i.-_ | per arnum from the date thereof
which interest shall be paid semi-annually at the ollice of the Molsons
Hank at Revelstoke aforesaid in lawful
money of Canada on the day
of and on the day of
respectively in each and every year
during the currency thereof, and it
shall be expressed in said debentures
and coupons to be so payable.
.i. It shall be lawful for the Mav or of
the said Corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or any of them
for U-ss than par, but in no cast* shall the
said debentures or any of them be sold
for less than Ninety-two and one half
per centum ,12 1-2) of the face value including tlie cost of sale and brokerage
and all other necessary expenses.
6 There shall be levied and raised in
each year during the currency of said
debentures the sum of l-'our thousand
four hundred and fifty ij.t45ii.oui Dollars
for the payment of interest and Two
thousand four hundred and thirty eight
dollars and Bixty cents ($2438.60) for
the payment of the said debt under the
said debentures by a special rate sufficient
therefor on all tlie ratable real property
in the said Municipality,
i. It Bhall be lawful for the Municipal
Council "f the said Municipality to repurchase .ui\ of ihi- said debentures
upon such terms as may be agreed upon
with tlie legal holder or holders thereof,
either at the time ol sale or at am subsequent time, and all debentures so repurchased shall be forthwith cancelled
or destroyed and no reissue of debentures
shall be made in consequence ol such repurchase.
s. This by-law shall take effect on and
after the      daj ol . A.l).. WH.
y. This by-law shall before the final
passing thereof receive the assent ol the
ratepayers nf the corporation according
to tht* provisions of and in the manner
prescribed by the Municipal Clauses Act.
Read a lirst time this _'4th day of September, 1909.
Read a second time this J4th day of
September, 19u9.
Read a third lime this J4th day of
September, 19U9. and passed with the
unanimous consent of the Council.
Received the assent of the electors the
day of 1909.
Reconsidered adopted and finally passed tilt- Council the dav of
City Clerk.
TAK1-; NOTICE that  the above  is a
true copj  of the    proposed    Ity-law  upon
which the vote of the Municipality will
Im taken at the i'it> Clerk's Office, City
Hall, corner of Second Street and McKenzie Avenue. Revelstoke, 11. C, oil
Saturday, October 9th , 1909, between
the hours ol Nine o'clock, a, in, and
Seven o'clock p. m.
Clerk of the Municipal Counul,
Labor in Canada-Labor Day
Speech by Hon. C. Murphy
Hpealnng at the Labor l)«j eelebra
tion at London, (Int., Hon. Chas.
Murphy, Secretary of Slate, Bald:
"There an.- two departments of tbe
Government which have the industrial
life of the country under their immediate supervision. The Department ol
Trade and Commerce is primarily engaged iu facilitating the disposal ol
goods ol Canadian production. The
Department ol Labor tin lhe other
hand concerns itself directly with the
manifold problems which arise between the employer and employee
during the process ol production. The
former naturally comes chiefly into
contact with the employer while the
latter deals chielly with the employee,
and it is therefore with 1 he latter tlmt.
1 would like to say a bnel word.
"The recognition of the cluiniH of
labor to special ctinsidei'iilion Irom the
Government was of comparatively
slow growth in this country. We had
commissions of investigation into labor
questions Irom time to time, ending
with a very elaborate ami prolonged inquliy in 1HHII. I have never been
able to find out exactly what cume of
them. It was not until Sir William
Mtilock established in 1900 a special
Department of Labor 1 but the much
inery was created whereby the Gov
eminent could give proper and continuous attention to labor questions.
The rapid growth and expansion of
the department since tben Ib familiar
to all. It is sale to say that there is
now no department oi the Government
whose activities are better known to
the people at large. 1 am nut going
to detain you with any accnui.t of the
process by which the department
attained to that position, but I would
like very briefly to recapitulate what
the department is engaged in doing
"1. It has evolved very large and
ix ensive machinery, uml placed the
sume at the disposal of the public, for
the purpose uf facilitating the settlement of strikes and lock-outs. Its
work in this connection ij known
throughout the length antl lireiitith of
Canada. lt is impcissible here and
now to describe this machinery or to
refer to ita results, llie enough to
say tbat during the twu years that
have elapsed Bince the Lemieux act
came into force over sixty sirikes have
been prevented, with peif.ot satisfaction to all the parties concerned. The
saving effected ttierebv is probably to
be estimated in millions l'hia legislation, which may justly claim to be
unique of ite kind, bas excited interest throughout the entire industrial
world. We have had special commissioners looking into its manner of
working from Great Britain, the United States and Mexico. Imitation,
they Bay, iB the sinctrest lorm ot
flattery, and several States of Un-
American Union, ae well ae New South
Wales and the Transvaal, are placing
similar legislation on their statute
books. Canada is not given to boasting, but we think an achievement like
thatiseomethingof winch tube proud,
'2. The department publishes in
the Labor Ga/.ette a detailed industrial
chronicle covering the whole of Canada from mouth to month. The Gazette contains the latett statistics with
reference to all subjects of interest to
labor, such as trade disputes, industrial accidents, immigration, etc , etc.
The latest publications oi importance
Irom au industrial or labor standpoint
are reviewed, and a BUnimary given of
recent legal decisions affecting labor,
as wall as result!- uf numerous special
investigations conducted by the de
partmeut. Every city in the Dominion has a correspondent to 1 he Gazette
and the department is biought in this
way into close touch with every stc
tion ol Canada. The Gazette is sold
for twenty cents a year, and thiB mere
by nominal charge places it within the
reach uf every wage-earner in ihe land.
(8) The lair wagea resolution of
1900, which requires that a fair wage
schedule be iiiB=ried in every contract
awarded by the Government, iB administered by the department, two
special officers being constantly employed in the preparation uf the
schedules and their enforcement.
(I) One ol the chief functions of
the department is to supply information uf au expert character on all
questions appertaining to labor. In
this connection an extensive collection
ol publications has been brought together antl classified.   The department
bas a heavy correspondence with tlie
general public in answer to Inquiries
on economic anil industrial anlijectB.
In addition, sh yuu are aware, it has
conducted several Important inquiries
under commiasion into tpieatious such
as Oriental immigration, conditions in
certain industries or in certain sections
ol the country. In short, it has been
a standing organisation (or the education ul the peuple on labor questions
and the dissemination of knowledge,
the lack of which is among the most
fitiitfiil sources ol uiiHunderBtaiidings
in the industrial world.
In closing Mr. Murphy spoke uf the
appointment uf Mr. Mackenzie King
as lirst Minister ol Labor as still further evidence of tlio Government's
great interest in labor, and cloeed
amid loud applauae with the words:—
" The Guvernment itself aocurdingly
may be Baid to be celebrating tbis
Labor Day in a unique manner; it ia
the first time that the Government
has ever been able on tbis the national
holiday ol labor to Bend its message to
the working people ol Canada through
a department and a portfolio especially dedicated tu the interests ot labor."
Revelstoke Defeats Kamloops ;it
Salmon Arm Fair
The Revolstoke baseball team returned Saturday Irom Salmon Arm,
where they played Kamloops a very
close game and won by the score of
I tn 2, thus bringing home the cup
which the Salmon Arm Fair committee put up. TIoh cup bus to be won
threo times for ownership, but our
boys have a start on it now and are
confident they can keep it. The game
started nt :l o'clock with Kamloops al
bat, hut Scott retiretl (hem in one,
two, three order in short time. Revelstoke Htartcd their bitting in tlie
lirst innings. The lirst man up got
put out on a long fly to center Bold,
and Lang got put out trying to take
secund tin a sin lo. The next man
up wont out nn a lazy grounder,
There wiih no scoring until the third
innings, when Revelatoke got their
lirst. run over the pan, hut Kiimloopa
tietl the score next time up, and then
in the fifth they got another run.
lint thnt. is where they stopped, Revelatoko getting the next three on nice
clean billing and gootl base running
Scott pitched a flno game lor lhe
winners, gelling out. ol some hnd holes
ns in the lifib when, with the bases
lull, lie struck uut the next two men
thus ret'ring tho Bide. Tain pitched
lor Kamloope, but was not up to bis
UHiial lorm. The ground was rather
uneven for clean fielding, not having
been rolled or levelled thia year.
Our boya seem to have struck the
winning gait Ibis fall. They bad hard
luck early in the season but they aro
making up for it now. The line-up of
the teams was as follows:
RevelBtuke—Mcluerney c, Scutt p ,
Marion lb., McEnohern 2l>., Worth .'lb ,
Lang as., Huugh rf., M. Oulder If., W.
Calder cf, S. Norman spare.
Kamloops—Munn 2b, Smith 0.,
Evans «., Tnit p., Chaplin lb., Kelly
Ub., Wilson rf,, Walker cf., Dowding 11.
r Baking Bswdcr
No alum, no lime phosphates
As every housekeeper can understand,
burnt alum and sulphuric acid—the ingredients of all alum and alum-phosphate
powders - must carry to the food acids
injurious to health.
Read the label.   Avoid the alum powders
J. Maley's Garden and Orchard-
Improvements Being Made
J. Maley's garden on the Big Bend
road ie one of the show places ol Revelstoke. This season considerable
improvements have been effected.
Since building his new house, Mr.
Maley has removed the former log
building and has laid out thu front to
sow to lawn, with llower beds inter-
spersed. lu these llower beds Mr.
Maley intends planting 11 lot of bulbs
this fall for early spring lluwering.
His lied of astera this season was a
sight, the four varieties of comet asters,
forming one of the prettiest arrays of
bloom one could \vinh to see. Carnations, wallflowers, foxglove, hollyhocks
are strongly in evidence.
His apple trees are loaded with
fruit, the Wolff River variety doing
particularly well, and showing a heavy
bearing of large, brightly colored
apples. l'luniB have also done well.
His tomato crop was a wonder. Frnm
a small piece of ground carrying 17"i
vines be sold -$n0 of tomatoes and has
still liOO to 700 lbs. of this fruit loft to
Asked hiB opinion ub to the pros-
pectB of Revelstoke lor fruit-growing
Mr. Maley considers that this section
can probably he made a hig strawberry producer. He recommends tbe
Koyal Sovereign variety very strongly
His opinion in this mutter carries
weight as be lived iu a part of England where Ihey shipped 2(1,000 pecks
ol strawberries a week to the Manchester market.
Then agiio there are aome varieties
ol apples that will tin better here than
anywhere else he knows ol.      Duchess
appears to be one ol these.    Graven-
Stein wiil not iu hia opinion, prove a
suitable variety bore iih it doesn't
aland trust well.
Mr. Malay's greenhouses are in good
shape, though Ile has disposed uf most
of bis season's Htock of house and pot
At 1 ur market, when. w only keep
tbe 1 est, you can always depend on
getting your Steak tender, your Fish
fresh, antl il you want a nice Spring
Chicken lo roast, let us know. We
can Bupply all your wants in the Meal,
Fish and Poultry line.
P, BURNS & CO.. Ltd. Phone 21
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents al all principal points in Canada,
Agents in Ureal liritain and United Stales. I., ndon, England,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. Chicago l-'iisl National Hank, Corn Ex-
change National Hank. Seattle—Seal tie National Hank. San Fran-
eisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Hank. Spokane—Exchange
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and  interesl allowed at
current rate from date of deposit,   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch
A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Super ba
Declaration of Householders
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lade wore in the
city yesterday. Mr. Lade had the contract Ior tho long tunnel on tho
Whitewater. This has boon run 1500
feet antl 600 leet will have ti bo
driven to complete the wurk to tbe
all householders within the Municipality \\ [shins l" have his or her name
Inserted on the Voters1 l.isi for 1 In-
Cily l'or tin- year 1010 must make .1
declaration before a Justice of the
Peace or other ulllcei entitled to take
such declaration, and the -.une must
be banded in to the City Clerk's office
on or before ."> p.m. on October 'll-i
Forms of   Declaration   ean   I !»■
laint'il ai the City 1 'let k > offl ie
Revelstoke, H. ('!, Sept. 23rd, 1000.
City Clerk.
Mfttmfurtnred for all olftWtt  Of   btiiMiugi    |
ft.r  -nlo in lur** OF -mall  lUntfttM
nt tiie lowMt prleM l-r 'ash.
au kindi ol build in t? ind ,'plu tori ni
A box of chocolato« ib tha
alwayB-accoptabio fclft to Rlrla
of all bkcs. The youngeit love
thorn and no man should ever
think his wife is past the chocolate stage.
Hnl the girls ol no age will
•■ land foi " poor ohocolatea.
They want tho best and the best
is roley'fl "Canadian Cirl"—the
rich, extpii-itely-llnvrtred real-
chocolite rl.ocolaies.
Mado of purosi ingredients,
flavored with the natural grated
fruit, they are in every way the
most delicious confections sold.
Foley'.- "Canadian cirl" Chocolates are the besi for the girls nf
tl... Wet. Buy a box and see
for yourself.
In Dainty Boxes wherever good
Candy i= Sold.
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
Edmonton VflKNIPEC Vanoouver
.   . *r.»     '*.•-.■gj.-mmxrm-m
__.*   -   I -      ft      -    ***.i E«
%in?      1 1     taD1 .:■•
Fake your choice c
Purity" Family
SIZI i differ, but quality is the same.
j    I lighest grade in (he woi Id. ,'
• .?.,■:: Bread and heticr Bread"
Puriiy ii .w!e-.v..vrl. guaranti   ■
satisfacli ni or y iui m >ney back,
Miiiimli Bonllitt          ■ l'i  • .       .
Oodtneh, Brandon,   Wm «. M»n.  Py	
.;■*" '"'■
7 Pounds      14 Pounds      24 Pounds 49 Pounds 'HE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C,
Our Autumn Display
Thursday, Sept 30th
Wc  promise you the newest Autumn  modes.     Never
have had anything in Millinery to   equal this display.
Mi Crae-Si vkk-on—At the Manse,
on the 25th mat., by Rev. W. 0,
Calder, Alexander McCrae to Geneva
.Severocm, of Norway.
Four mote cares of typhoid have
been received at the Revelstuke hospital Irom Arrowhead.
At tin: pulice court on Monday, a
Chinaman waB lined *3 aud cobIh loi
bicycling on tbe sidewalk.
At the hoBrital yesterday an operation fur appendioitie waa perlormed
on Miae Picard, daughter of E. I'icard.
E, M, Cook, secretary to tbe Y.M.C.
A., who visited tho Salmon Arm Fair,
iniorms us the exhibits in Iruit, vegetables and horses were splendid.
Une uf the best proufa of the substantial progress Kevelstoke iB making
in found in the fact that there is uot
au unoccupied house iu the city today.
H. X. Coursier haB sume line photo-
graphs which be tuok on Mt. RevelBtoke, and parti ularly iu the region
ol Miller's I'ark aud Mt. Clach-na-
Ae it iB improbable Mayor Lindmark
will again seek civic honorB, Mr. J. D.
Sibbald will be strongly urged to become a candidate at tbo next Mayoral
On   Monday   the   city   police took t
cuarge    of   a    man   named    George
Henry Eutiild, who  hud   come from
Vancouver   aud   was   found   to be of
unsound mind.
Tbe Ladies' Auxiliary ol the ____", M.
C. A. are arranging for a unique en-
tettainment ior Hallowe'en to be held
un Nov. 1, as Hallowe'en tails on
Sunday thi-i year.
F, McCarty will shortly have the
whole of bis 80 acres ol land southeast of the city cleared and in cultivation. He will sub-divide the block
into two-acre lots and put it on the
.'. M. Robinson and T. R. Wellbaud
were in Vanoouver last week making
arrangements for the opening up ol a
real estate otiice in tbat city for the
purpose of handling especially Summerland and Naratuata real estate.
A local syndicate organised by J.
I), .--ibbald, ha» purchased from the
C.l'.K. the beautifully located bench
lands behind the C.l'.K. station, and
will sul-divide the land into residential low. This ne* addition to the city
will be known as Clear View.
D.Haywood, ex-Secretary f the
Western Federation ol Miners and a
[tarticipaLit in tbe celebrated Moyer,
Haywi id and Pettibone trials in Colorado and Idah». whu bas heen lecturing to large audiences in the Boundary country will be ipeaking here
.-      -ly.
Visit r-to Salmon Arm remark on
the w»y n. which thi Canadian tbisl t
.- over-running tbe couotrj there,
t towi ' - ind un ised lands
■• . lull tbis peal the spread ol
wbicb - largely lue to the neglect ol
-.!.-. municipal autb ritiea io have
them cut -I m a,
1 p. i : ■, int ial E ■ bil itit n at New
■\. -i ., -•• - ill ■•• beld lr m tba
18th to 16th inclusive I hU .- thi
must popular annual ;air In B. C. and
many Revelstoke residents make it
the occasion ul tin ir annual holiday,
Ilediire-1 railway rat'-s ire .-lend, the
fare for tbe round trip from Kevelstoke li'iiig $12.35,
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
quite liable to lie disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to fit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
rhe ceremony was witnessed by Mr.
U. Harrison, iif Vancouver, and Mis
Ethel Mills,of Revelstoke The young
couple will reside at St. Leon
Al the Revelstoke Club last en-nine
Hon. F. W. Aylmer wbh presented on
tbe ocoaalnn.ol his leaving lor Kamloops, with a handsome cut jrbu...
punch howl lor Mi-b. Aylmer nml n
case nl pipes for himself The pres-
eniatinn waa made by A MoRae in
the absence ol T. Kilpatrick, the
president. Complimentary speeches
were made by Messrs. McCarter, A lien,
Briggs, (Milan, nnd others and a verv
pleasant evening waa spent,
The Misses Lonwin, two English
Indy doctors, who were, with Dr I.ou
win and Miss Taylor, sister nf T E 1.
Taylor, of Revelstoke, In the move
ment in render lirsl uid to Messina
during the time nf Ihe memorable
nnrthqtmke, oiled nn Mr Tnvlnr »i
Kevelsloke, hist week, when pawing
through on Iheir ttmr of Canndii Mr
Taylor look tlieui up the the l.imlm-trl'
trail on Mt Kevelstoke antl slinwtd
them   lhe siuhta ol   the city.   Tliei
I'Dllsidi It'll      ll"Velnlol;e     lhe      -I   ill
traotive town Ihey had visited   In tbr
course nf their tour,
'I'he li hekah N.i i bodge,   N i 2\
held Iheir  dance   in    Tapping's   opera
house last night.   There was „  good
,Itflnlntico in spileol lhe bml weather
rills dance was given for the purpose
nf rinsing m-moy to be domited to tin
111 .mt' for the itgeil Oddfellow*, and
judging from the nu in hi r present tbey
would have u considerable sum to
present. The lodge provided t very
thing to make Ibe dance u social
success. The hall wits tusteltilly dec
orated. Across lhe from ol the stage
was the emblem of the Oddfellows and
lhe ttebekahs, lhe triple link, under
thiB the lodge'a name and the word
"Welcome.' The lluor was iu splendid
condition and the music was tlie
choicest. The supper was prepared
by the ladies of lhe lodge and would
re hard to beat. Mr Veith providetl
extra music during the supper hour.
Nice line nf fresh en inly just being
opened up at C W. lit IPs.
Pumpkins, citron*, pquash, enuli-
llower, celery, ripe tomatoes, red and
green peppers, IrcBh in |Mh morning.
—0. II. Hume & Co.
Big reduction rn lancy cups and
saucers thia week al G, \V. Bell's.
The famous Hyslop crab apple for
jelly aud preserving ia now in. Leave
your orders early ns we only huve a
limited supply—0. B, Hume A Oo,
Your Insurance
Is  one ut   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
For House and Garden Culture
Bulti- |     iled in garden <   rly in lhe
. ■ - >•'. beitei in the Spring
WE  H.W I rielies oi Large
Single Hyai tha. Several varieties f 1 a Roman Hyai inihs,
Five varieties ol Narcissus, \lsi-
Tulip;.   Ci md  Snowcli opsj
in man) vai etie .
Plant   earl)   and   rea|   jo)   und
pleasun nexl Spring.
Bews'Drug&Stationery Store
m:.\i  hi Ml, BLOt K
It is proposed toest-iblisb a wireless
penny a word system between Britain
and South Africa.
Local limners complain tbey cannot dispose of their crop-' to local
merchants, but that the merchants
buy and import the same products
trom Armstrong and other points.
Tbey suggest this is a matter the!
Retailers' Association and Board ol
Trade should take up,
The fishing in  the Columbia river
has been excellent of late. E, M.
Cooke, secretary to the Y. M. C. A
yesterday captured a line trout lOj
lbs. weight Q Lougheed got one weighing 17 lbs. (i. Hanson took another
weighing 11 lbs. Good catches were
also made by l> Mcintosh and Bert
The Moyie Leader remarks " Thi
T. Eaton Co. does not appear on tbe
list of subscribers to Mi yie a • fund
although this tinu is doing busi -
rigbt along in Moyie Neithei d ••-
tbe name of any Winnipeg printing
firm appear, although some Moyie
printing is done in Winnipeg Strange
isn't it, thai these lirms take so little
interest in M vie- welfare?" How
does thi. apply in Revelstoke?
On    Monday   lhe   remains     nf    I)
Den I)    ■ i       ipli      were  interred at
Revelstoke    Kev.  W.C   C ilder
ducting   the  burial   servicea      Mra
Denny, widow  ol deceased, came  up
Irom ComtpliI   and   Mrs.  Gei
lister ol deceast d, arrived  from
eouver. Mr- German will take ths   ■
children i" live with her al   \ t
ver, I!. C,
I       ,ty school ia wded at d
■:..   ' i,      'rusteea will  hai
actit ii i   gel more accommodation till
anolher -ch. n.i building can he erected
It  i-  probable the Oddfellows'  Hall
ne' ichool, will  be  leased,   i ioe
i . Ml ta 5fi ,. ipila, and I l.e gohool roll
is being added to daily io that, the
soli ...I problem is becoming a serious
one in this city.
lollowing i ■ the schedule of gymnasium work at the 'I ..M.C.A. fur the
season.      Classes    begin    next    week
Juniors, I 16 Monday and Wednesday,
'.i ad Saturday a in. Seniors fi in Tues
ilny, Thursday ami Saturday. Inter
mediates, 7:30 Monday ami Thursday
Businessmen, II lil Monday ami
Thursday, Busy men, B B Tuesday
and Friday, Drop mount! to the
Association and sign an application
for entrance to tho classes.
As evidence ol the development thai.
is taking place in Western Canada for
thit three months of the present   fiscal
year, the gross revenue (rom Dominion
lands was $829,817.91,    The revenue
Irom tbis source for the month of lune
was more than during the whole year
1895-96, The total revenuofor 1(1 years
frum Dominion lands up to 3(1 of June
iS'.Hi, amounted to $2,348,885, and for
the next 10 years from the same source
the revenue amounted to $13,189,841,
nearly six times greater.
Messrs.  ji. w. Bole, formerly M. P.
(or Winnipeg, and h»ad of the Nation
al Iirtig  Company,   the  larger-t  diutj
c ncern in  Canada,  was  in  the city
Tuesday   in    npany   with    Messrs.
Kerry   and    W. W.   Bole,   two  other
directors ol tbe Company.   Tbey were
inquiring into tbe prospects ol establishing a wholesale warehouse in Revelstoke   to   serve   tbe   wbole   ol tbe
interior   i      Br •;.-:.  C lumbia      I'...-
e lies I etween   Revi Istoke
and Ne'son.     While the visitors were
here Maj   r Lil Imark   | ok  tbem out
.ping   plant    it    •
'■  en <•■; aod on ihi ir
renin. ■ ';•' they declared it was
t!ie n- -'     ■'•     ting   -.. ..-   they   had
-- ' n.nda.
■   ir Edmonton M rn-
day and will be .iwuy a week.
, --• -   Sporting
. i .ti on  Saturday.
■ fi for the  prairie    •■
. iin< -.-   nonneoted with
. ■    ....] li ,.■ i ,i |
Band boya  returned
heir  trip  to  tbe  A   ,   P
,      eatl      ■ |
ib e ti p
■    _   v.    Millsi    ' il
ft    d       tomorrow     aftei
"luv   -en'   :ni),  snd afterwards
set    nd     I'hursday   ol
It    Jul he   n.'i   lefl    ..-•..' ;.
 sl   ii   M osejaw   Mr-    Bathe
who i- on I " sl urn journey borne ti
i- i itoke md is expected to ar ■ ■
on Friday
bn Houston hss returned to British Columbia, nod it is said thnt he
will shortly establish a paper nt Fort
George, Many people believe Fori
George will be one of the largest west
'in towns along tbe line of the Grand
0.    Lachraund,     manager    of   (be
Arrow Lakes bomber Co, returned on
Saturday from tlm east, where  he  had
heen attending the annual meeting of
tbe Canadian   Manufacturers' Assool
at-ion. Ho was accompanied hy L
Lamb and his son, who are looking over
their Interests io British Columbia.
A rjQiet marriage took place yester
day, 2Hth, at. tlm Methodist Parsonage,
when Rev. T. W. Hall united in the
holy bunds Mr. Claud Avnrd (lopp.ol
Ht. Leon, formerly of Athol, Nova
Scotia, and MiBB Paulina Almnh Miin-
Millan, of  Hpring Hill, Nova Hootia.
Miiunfactnred for nil classes of   buildings
for salo iu largo or small tjuauLities
at thn lowest jiricas for cash.
Ali Kinds ol building aud plastering
will take over the above
Bakery on and after
Monday, Sept. 27 th.
Your patronage is solicited. Families waited on for orders and
Full line of Fancy
Goods, Cakes, etc.
Fancy Cream Goods
three days a week.
You Don't Have To
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The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
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you will nolice are reasonable and it will be to your advantage to pa-ilicipate in the few specials we are now
offering below.
Net Blouses in Ecru nnd White, beautifully embroidered
with dainty lure Erills, silk lining, Belling at S4.S0
Net Blouses in Ecru, While and Blaek, heavily embroidered with line val insertions, lit, to wear on any occasion, $5.00
nml $5.50.    Finer ones selling at $8.00. $7.(111 and $8 00
l-'ine Ohallle Blouses in almost eveiy coloring, some are
tucked, some are pleated. Guaranteed pure |Wool goods, and
blouses we will guarantee to lit perfectly. These are a special
importation from England and like most of our lines are ex-
clusiiie with us.   Prices range from  S2.00 to S3.60
We are prepared to stamp Twoel Ends, Pillow Cases,
Doilies or any goods yon may wish. We have a huge range
of patterns, ami all lhe materials to do the best of work with
McLennan (3&Co.
|ll   ttt   '"t'   t'tt   m"t.   ."tm   ,"t,   t't'i   ."t.   .'tt   t"tm   A   m'tt   .'tm   m'tm   Al   i'tt   it.   .'tt   ll*!   _Jl  iTl  |'t'l   1*1*1   l'i*!   |Tl
lV lV- {V yV lmV lV *V *V ll* lV lV l+l XV '-l1 lV W l+ '+' '■*■' '-t1 lV '+1 *v lV lV lV
t Arrange  uow  (or your winter supply ol good
t-lean, lump Coal, suitable lor Kange  or   Furnace.
"■ For ipiality there is no better coal to he had, ask
"• those who are using it.    Prompt delivery ol orders
Opera House-One Night Only
The San Francisco Opera Co.
30-PEOPLE   30
TEDDY WF.BB    In    funnli il   man  In   the world of
opera     Direet fi-om i   record making engagement of Twelve
■   eks at the Ernpn     Thratre   Vancouver, B.C., presenting
" The Gay  Parisienne "
liglnal      prod in ed   ni   thn liiikc nl
i | . ,       .,:;.,,    I'.i .      I- wiliveiy tin. (li-eatcsl Altractlun
ng (,,,'!       PRICE8    7^c, •! antl SI 5O
Has taken over Woolsey & Lel'eaux's
Store and put in a complete line of up-to-date
Groceries. Deal with him and his goods will
speak for themselves.
G.   W.   BELL
Grocer and Provision   Merchant
Telephone No. 23
Just   arrived   from   the   Hast   a   shipment
Just  the  kind you   need   for   this  Season.
Come in and look them over
MRS.   A.  G.   CRICK
First   Streot      -      Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
The finest Loaf of Bread
ai the Revelstoke Pair was made from
"ROBIN HOOD " Hour. A prize
winner eveiy time. Try it and convince yourself. Order a sack as a trial
n^'lit now from tin:
Mountain Supply Companyiimited
A Dear Little Girl
At The Rink
Sat Down Just as Quick
As a Wink:
Said She "I Don't See
Why They Giggle at Me,
It is Very Polite—
I Don't Think!
I'll Just Sling The Old Skates
Out of Sight
And Stay Home With My Mother
At Night
I Will Learn Light House Keeping
Golden West Soap
And May Soon Have a Home of My Own
Don't You Hope:
That Will Beat Roller Skating
All Right."


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