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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pine us HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Victoria, S>
r|_fcek Mail-Hera
For ease of operation snd perfection
in results produced, this Machine
is unsurpassed ■
-Price: liinoooHah.
nterior Publishing Co , Agents
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Clothing for Boys
We have the celebrated Lion Brand Clothing, the new swagger 2-Piece Double Breasted
Suits in the New Tweeds. They are the top-
notchers in Boys' Clothing.
Boys' Lion Brand Suits. Fit boys from
io to 16 years—$5.50 to $8.00.
Boys' Lion Brand separate knicker pants
in good, heavy serviceable Summer Tweed,
double seats and double knees 75c. to $1.50.
Footwear for the Children
Children's White Canvas Low Laced Shoes
(Oxfords) also in tans, lovely, light, comfortable Summer Shoes, pretty, for Children's
wear at $1.50 and $1.75.
Children's Slippers in Tans, Blacks, Patents and
Red, in the Laced and Strapped kinds—$1.25 to $1.75
The Instructor Shoe for Children in the New Broad
Soles, extra wide toes, the oome of comfort for 1 hil-
dren's school shoes. People wbo know this line—
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Store* at R«v*lstoKe and Arrowhead.
Flies'are coming—Get ready. We will sell you new
Sjreen Windows and Doors, or fix up your old Irames.
Is your Lawn Mower in shape ? If not we will -put it
in shspe for a su all charge. For the edge of your lawn, get
Grass Shears or a Sickle, also a Sharpening Stone. We
have them. 	
Who does not enjoy a Hammock ? You'll enjoy ours
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Now that the hot weather is here, aud you find it hard to
keep vour food from spoiling get a good Refrigerator. We
sell that kind only.   See our beat white enamellod inside.
Freeze your own cream and make it to your own  taste.
Delicious creams in a minute with our Freezers.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Hr_,r.hs 1 Id tho i I   ?lnc«_ ol Manitoba. Alb<irta,Bi__-lteh«wan,
Uriti-ti .   slnmbla. Ontario, Qas-beo.
Oapital Authorised
Oapital Paid Up .
Reserve Fund
D. R. Wilkie, President;
-    04,035,000.00
Hon. R. J affray, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Jransaoted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
White Silkette
Lace Hose
All sixes lor Women snd
Children. Woll made, stylish
and comfortable.
Ladies' White
Lawn Blouses
A new consignment just
arrived. A Blouse that is
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itosite Climax Hotel, First Street.
Rainy Weather Did not Dampen Ardor of Revelstoke
Athletes on Victoria Day-
Many Keen Contests
"Hail to the Great Dominion,
Her Hag in splendor Hie*.
Upon the wind's wild pinion,
'Neath blue Canadian skies,
And when the breezes hear it
Aloft on tower or Hood,
It. wakes the kingly spirit.
It stirs tbe Viking blood."
Victoria Day broke threatening and
showery on Monday, a dark veil of
clouds lying low over the hills nnd
blotting out the magnificent mountain scenery. The sun showed itself
for a little while in the morning till a
heavy rain cloud enveloped everything
in its clammy embrace, and heavy
rain poured nearly all the morning.
In spite of the wet the keen sporting
spirit of our city youth was by no
means dampened, and the long programme of sports held under the
auspices of the Y.M.C.A., the first
annual athletic meet of that institution, was commenced. As the day
wore on the weather cleared and a
watery sun did its best to dry things
up a little. A large crowd turned out
to witness the athletic events, bull
games and cricket match, during the
afternoon, vaii.us items proving interesting and exciting. It was gratifying to see that this year the citizens
have risen to the occasion and showed
their patriotism and loyalty by the
flying of flags, the vivid red being
noticeable bere and tbere all over the
city, on private residences, public and
government buildings and stores. Tbe
following is the programme of events
and their winners:
Two mile walking race—1 C. Palmer, 2 R. S. Britgel.
50 yards dash (junior)—1 C.Fromey,
2 F. Daniels, 3 E. Corley.
100 yards dash—1 A. G. Astle, 2 H,
Sock race—1 P. Samson, 2 M. Anderson, 3 W. Cook.
High Jump—1 H. Creelman, 2 K,
Junior wheelbarrow race—1 P. Samson and E. Robbing; 2 E Corley and
G. Woodland; 3 S. Samson, M. Anderson,
440 yards (junior)—1 C. Fromey, 2
Ti. Samson.
220 yards dash—1 A. G. Astle, 2 H.
Throwing baBehall—W. Calder, 2
Rev. W. P. Fieeman.
161b. shot put—1 Rev. W. P. Freeman, 2 J. P. Sutherland.
Junior 1 mile relay—1 J. I). Sibbsld,
G. Woodland, C. Procunier, S. Sam
son; 2 A. Doyle, P. Samson, S. Carmichael, M. Anderson; 3 N. McLeod,
J. McMahon, F. Daniels, C. Fromey.
Pole vault—1 Rev. W. P. Freeman,
2 L. Moxley.
Kicking football—1 C. Newsome, 2
W. Davis.
One mile relay (senior)—1 H. Creelman, T. Hope, E. Cameron, A. Doyle;
2S. Hillier, A Hillier, J. Watson, A.
One mile race—1 C. Palmer, 2 S-
Glenn (K.M. £ A.A.)
Girls'race, under 1G—1 Q. Shard-
low, 2 J. McEachern, 3 M. Beck.
Girls' race, under 12—1 V. Bell, 2
M. Field, 3 G. Burridge.
The baseball game although marred
by the rain, created considerable interest the competing teams being tlie
Hopefuls and the Alerts. The game
was very one-sided, the Hopefuls
scoring 18 to their opponents 4.
As in the baseball, so in the lacrosse
the wet rather prevented any brilliant
play, although the Y.M.C A. and the
oity team each put up a good game,
The Y.M.C.A. were tbe beet aggregation and played a good combination
game, their opponents losing chiefly
on account ol lack of this most essential feature of lacrosse. Play was very
fast and at times rough. The score
was: Y.M.C.A. 6, City 4.
Revelstoke met Salmon Arm at
football at tbe close of tbe afternoon
"portp. Salmon Arm put up a hard
light but lacked combination, which
cost them tbe game, the result being
Saloon Arm 1, Revelstoke 8 The
Arm boys are all round sports and
pity a fine game, the team finding
many supporters amongst tbe spectators. Revelstoke made a creditable
The first annual athletic meet of
lhe Y.M.C.A. passed off successfully,
and W. A. Alldritt, the organiser, deserves great credit lor bis work, aa
well as others wbo assisted.
Kilties Band to Tour World
A four years tour of  tho  world  bus
been arranged   for   the   well   known
Kilties band, in the  course  of   which
Australia, New Zealand,   the   Philippines, South Africn and India  will  be
visited, us woll sb  Cauda   aad   Great
Britain.   Frederic Chiptiian, the manager, states that the   band   will be in
Winnipeg   on   Sunday,   June  7, will
give two concerts   there   on   Monday
and Tuesday following.   Mr. Cbipman
bae just returned from the Antipodes
where he spent about two years   witl
Jessie McLachlun    The Scotch people
of Australia and   New   Zealand   sup
ported the tour so generously that Mr.
Cbipman decided to take the Kiltiea to
that country and a contract for   three
years was entered into in Detroit a few
weeks ago.   Forty-five men  will oon
Btitute the party, and ao lur as possible
the same men will be secured us made
tbe tour of England.     About  75 per
cent, of tbe men will be the same, and
so far as   the   instruments   are  concerned, the band   will   be   identically
tbe same.     The  Johnston   Clan   of
dancers will accompany the band, and
two drum majors each over  seven feet
in height   have   been   brought   from
Great Britain.
Negotiations are in progress to have
thiB band play in Revelstoke about the
first week in July.
Narrow Escape of Disastrous
Shortly after 10 o'clock last night
those seated on the piazza of the City
hotel noticed a strong smell of burning
coming from tbe rear of the building.
On inspection being made it was
found that the fire had broken out in
the kitchen which was well alight.
An alarm was quickly turned in from
Box No. 8 which brought a prompt
response by tbe No. 2 Are brigade.
On getting to work the brigade found
that the flames, which evidently
started behind the range, had got a
good hold and had swept up the partitions to the top floor, which made it
a hard task for the firemen to get at
with their hoses. Several apertures
were cut in the walls and ceilings
and a good supply of water was
poured 011 to the flames aud alter a
a little while the fire wa. got under.
The inmates of the bedrooms above
the kitchen made a hurried exit in
more or less clothing, and all got
clear although some of them were well
choked up with smoke. The fire was
confined wholly to the rear of the
building between the walls and the
actual damage is not consid.ruble.
Had the outbreak occurrid a few
houre later, after the household hud
retired to bed in all probability the
entire building would have been destroyed and lives jeopardized. The
djmage is fully covered by insurance,
the policies being issued by various
local agencies.
Drowning Fatality—A Famous
Band.—Gen. Miles Dead. -
High Water.- Fatal Explosion.—Work for Miners.
Vancouver, May 27.—There will be
no more Hindoo influx to British
Columbia. This was tho definite
positive statement mndc by Mr. W.L,
Mackenzie King, C.M.G , who, with
his secactary, Mr. W. F. Giddetis,
yesterday opened an inquiry into the
Chinese claims.
LisnoN, May 27.—The royal house
of Portugal is besieged by creditors
and tbe papers are filled with stories
of suits brought.
Nelson, May 27.—John Miles, ,1
Sharpies and a young Englishman
lately arrived, named Richmond, were
drowned at the upper Bonnington
falls by the upsetting of a boat.
Saskatoon, Bask., May 27.—Leading citizens of Saskatoon yesterday
subscribed $2,000 to the Kilties band
to play here on June 15 on their farewell Canadian appearances prior to
tbeir tour of the world.
San Fka.vci8.H-, May 27.—Brigadier-
General Milee (retired) is dead. He
waB born in Pennsylvania in 1838.
Nelson, May 27.—The water in tbe
Kootenay river is as high as in 1894
and much snow is yet to melt. Sudden thaws now would cause serious
Rossland, May 27.—Maurice Power
an experienced miner, who has been
has heen shift boss and foreman, was
instantly killed in an explosion at tbe
eleventh level in the Centre Star
mine. He was aged 48, a native of
Ireland, and leaves a wife and one
Philadelphia, Pa., May 27.—Anthracite miners, numbering 140,000
men, are to be given steady employment and not a day will be lost to
them if the rapidly maturing plans of
the operators are carried out.
Firemen Crushed Under Wheels
and Succumbs to Injuries
A fatal accident occurred yesterday
afternoon un a work Iniiii two tniics
east oi Sicamous. It appears that the
work train was heading lor Kevelstoke
and the fireman, J. 11. Abbott, who
was standing on the rear of the tender
and supposedly in the act oi getting
down in order to go to the rear of tlie
train for something, overbalanced and
fell under the wheels of the cars, several passing over him before the
accident was noticed. Tho unfortunate man's right leg and rigbt arm
were crushed tu pulp, practically
severed Irom the body, which was also
badly mangled. Information of the
accident, which occurred at 2 p.m.,
was immediately wired to Kevelstoke
in order to clear the track aud bridge
for the arrival of the train without
delay, but it was not until 5 o'clcck
that the train pulled up at the hospital and the injured man removed
into it. Abbot apparently did not
lose consciousness and tlie terrible
shock to the system would in all probability deaden the nerves and allay
extreme suffering. The injured man
lingered until 7 o'clock when he succumbed. The deceased is well known
in Revelstoke and has been railroading on thii division for some time.
His brother has arrived and will take
tbe body tu Vanoouver, to deceased's
home on No. 97 tonight. General
sympathy iB felt here at tbe sad fatality and horror at its suddeness. The
Maii.-Hkkai.ii extends condolence to
tbe bereaved parents in tlie loss
sustained by tbem. Tbe inquest will
be beld this evening at 8 o'clock.
Garden Requisites
Your garden cannot possibly lie ii success unless you
hnve the proper tools to work
with and (iOOI) SEEDS to
sow, all of which can lie obtained at our Store. You will
then require a length of our
guaranteed RUBBER HOSE
(ind 11 sprinkler to water said
gulden nnd possibly a Wood-
yatt Lawn Mower or a pair of
shear- to cut the grass.
if your house needs painting, Sherwin-Williams'
Mixed Faints are the best, but at any rate see that the colors
are mixed with Sherwin-Williams' " Screw Press" Linseed
Oil for which we are agents. We also carry a large stock
of dry colors, colors in oil, varnishes, alabastine, etc.
Our Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezers, Oil Stoves,
Screen Doors and Windows, Wire Netting, etc., are in big
demand these days.
Bourne  Bros.
Coal on the market.
$9.00 per ton is the cheapest
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeders  and
open grates.
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  and
will^ftll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
To Curb Cigarette Habit
Ottawa, May 26.—A federal law forbidding the use of cigarettes by youths
under 1G years of age will be introduced by Hon. Mr, Aylesworth this
session. It will probably take the form
of an amendment to the criminal code,
which will be applicable to the whole
The Bale of cigarettes to boys under
Hi will be made punishable hy a fine
not exceeding $10 for the first 1 IVence,
and more severe penalties for subsequent offences. Police will be authorized to confiscate any cigarettes found
in the possession of youths under 10
and any boy who offends against the
statute will he liable to a fine of $1 for
the first offence, $3 for the second and
$4 for the third and subsequent
Jury Disagrees.
VERNON, May 2(i.—The trial of Goodwin, accused of stealing horses from
the Douglas Like Cattle company,
ended in a disagreement of the jury.
Seven jurymen were for acquittal and
live for conviction. Mr. Justice Irving,
presiding judge, ordered the arreBt oi
a witness named Kirby on the charge
of perjury, fixing bail at $2,1)00.
-     • .».      	
Entertainment by Children on
Friday Evening
The following is the programme of
Knox Church Children's May Festival
which takes place in the opera house
on Friday evening next, May 211th,
commencing at 8:30 o'clock:
paiit 1.
College Life Churns and Fancy Dress
Piano Duet... -Misses McKinney and
Glow  Worm  Chorus and Wand Drill
by Sixteen Girls
Solo, " Goodbye Sweetheart"
Miss Leonard.
Piano Solo with key board covered ,..
Miss Frances Lawson
Chorus and Solo " Flirting "
Miss Myrtle Cathels and 8 Girls
I'AKT  11.
Scenes from "Mrs. Wiggs of The Cabbage Patch."
Scene 1.—The Sunday School Class.
"    2.—Mra. Wiggs Downhearted,
"     3—Mr.  Boh and  Billy  to the
11    4,—Dressing for the "Op'ry."
"    5.—"Tbo Theayter Party."
" God Save The King."
The "Carter" Hat
If you desire to feel that you are up-to-date in
hat style wear a '-CARTER." It is the
finishing touch to the clothing of a well-
dressed man of taste. The above illustration
shows one of the latest styles of " CAR'I'ER "
felt hats. Manufactured from selected material
by experienced workmen it combines the qualities which are the true test of hat worth:
Style, Comfort, and Service, making it the
greatest value for the price
Special features of the " CARTER " are the
new leather attachment which enables the hat
to readily fit the head, lightness in weight,
flexible texture, and serviceable wear. Each
style comes in every size, each size in every
dimension. Advertised and worn from ocean
to ocean. Sec our window display of these
celebrated union-made hats. Come in and
look them over. We have one to fit your
form and head.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
At 8 Per Cent.
S I B B]A L D   AND   F l|E L D
Gbe flfoaiMfoevalb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
;q T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Cms. Miki'HY.
Harold Fisher
BairbUiSi Boltctton, Etc.
. X. 011.1.11
J. 0. Kl.t.lOTT.
Irrica.     IM 'BKiAt.   Hank   Hlock,   ltaviti ■
HI HI-K.   IV C.
Money lo loan. ,    ,,      .       .   „ ,.
Oino-'. llevsl-wlu.'. B.C.; Cranbrook, II. 0.
U«0. B, Ml'l'AKTKK,
^,  M    I'IMKllA.M,
ll.i tls-lo-e, U.
J. A. Hauvkv.
Cranbrook, li. I .
W, I. IlriKKn.
J. M. scotl  I.L.I)
noon and illinium
O i-
HaHKI-TKH-, Si.I.Il'lTilKS, KTC.
Mi inky io Loan
First Street. Revels'oke, B.C.
** assaver"* chemist
.uav   -I all ore.-,   Bampl«by saailor expresi
restive prompt attention.
Terins Slu'lerate.
,„„..,.      .      .     -      BOX 4M KASto. B. 0.
I illtfl-.IU sMira
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Suiveyitig
B.l._  IU0,  Rl-VKL.-TilKI'..
labor and to bear hardship In its
behalf. May you excel in the practice of faith, courage, duty, self-
discipline, fair-dealing.even justice,
good citizenship, loyalty, patriotism and sympathy ttnd thus by
your individual action, aid in elevating the British character,
strengthening the British Umpire
and consolidating the British nice.'
_. j.
iAe.li ss.
A   HAIi
At. ins
,       '   '   ..-    All.     .
M-..v.. .As.i.-si-..- — - I -te .-•--"' ■"■'■
RJEVKL8T0KK    B.  0.
Esaininu-.ieu s,f aril Reports on
i lor Investors
portie. lor Investors-.
Cable Address-' K inagan," Bevelstoke, B. C.
Cosies-Bedford-McNeili; Moreiim A Naal;
Western Dnlon; ( lough.
Mining. Real Estate,   Business
cial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. ««,
Zbe flfeail-lberalb
TLer.1 is _o much bad in tho be-t of u=.
Aad so much good iu the wont of o_h
That it hardly behooreo any of Ua,
To talic aboat the rest of u;.
A great deal has-been sniil of late
about the flying of Ihe British flag,
it being even hinted that BUoh a |
tiling was not necessary, especially
in England, where tho loyalty of
the people goe. without siying,
That may be all very well, hut if
that opinion ia to he taken anil
acted upon, then there will he no
need for a Hag or an ensign of any
kind to be used which will ultimately result in the Hag ns an emblem being it thing of tin; past'
England oannot by any means
afford to drop the significance of
her ling round which there bus
been woven such remarkable history and romance, and after all tho
flag is but the emblem of the Empire and its representative, as is
tne king, a representative of the
people'. Why the use of the flag
should be deemed unnecdssary, we
oannot see, nnd Bhould judge it
that those who think that its prominence is uncalled lor, can hardly
! lie termed loyal to the nation it
represents. TheEnglishmanis not
•so English that ho doesn't need the
flag   of   ihe   Empire  lo wave over
tu, for there may come a day
,i he will be glad for his life
cnat he has been able to obtain
protection and safety under its
folds. In Canada it is altogether
different. There is not the remotest notion in anybody's mind that
a generation may grow up in the
British Isles which will not be
"British." There is no great flood
of foreign immigration spreading
out over the British country and
creating a well scattered population
which has not grown up under
British institutions nnd which may
easily forget what the flag under
which it is now living looks like.
We, here, on the other hand have
children coming up all round us
who need to be familiarized with
all the symbols of the British Empire, and who cannot too often see
the inspiring red of the ting tloatine,
against the vivid blue of our Canadian sky. We have ;i new population to educate here, and we cannot let any opportunity go. It is
only right that we should insist on
proclaiming our political and imperial allegiance on every possible
occasion. A nation in the making
is in a far different position than a
nation already made, ami whereIrecently
loyal feeling lo the mother country lectures
exists it would nut be :i -ai'i' or a
wise thing to even hint at causing
that loyalty to diminish. Encouragement, interest and appreciation
should be meted out far more lavishly by   the   Imperial   parent to
heaviest. We would also remind
the citizens that as yet nothing has
been done in regard to the establishment of the Revelstoke Fair,
and as this concerns the district as
a whole this all important matter
should not be left to a few who nre
willing and enthusiastic to run, and
then later on to accuse them of
making it the hobby of a clique.
Where matters of public interest
are concerned the people should
not take that as an excuse for calling down his neighbor and casting
insinuations and aspersions on
whatever he does. Surely a public
man can advocate something for
the good of a community without
being reviled and ac.used of trying
to work a graft. If any thing of
importance for the benefit of the
whole community is to be attempted some one is sure to get blamed
for running it with ulterior selfish
motives. Co-operation is the secret
of success in any city and Revelstoke needs a strong reminder in
that direction.
rulers of the British nation.
Victoria Day, May 24th. was the
birthday of that beloved Queen of
glorious memory whose name will
h*. ever enshrined in the hearts of
her people, throughout the Empire.
Meet fittingly has His Majestv
King   Edward    commanded    that
this day, which gave to the Empire OF  LOCAL IN rEREST.
the noblest queen to reign over it, We have been asked what is
shall be ob_«rved hy all Britishers being done about the question of
in every part of the globe and we adopting Laggan time and thereby
cannot do better than bear in mind giving an extra hour for recreation
Lord Meath'r message to tlie boys and pastime in the evening. Aft
and girls of \h<> Empire: iar as we know the mutter bus lieen
'.'May you realise more and more left with the mayor and council to
fully as you grow older your great deal with and we will no doubt be
indebtedness to the British Empire laid later what, has been done.
—a majestic community of free The general public arc favorably
nations, freely governing them- inclined townnlH the change aod
selves, owing its being to vast sac- now that the summer is advancing
ritice. enterprise and valor on the are looking for some, immediate
purl of yotir fathers and predeces- uid definite action to be taken
eors, bound together by one. King, towards bringing about, the desired
one King and one Navy, compris- changei In touching on other
ing.Inure than a fifth part of the matters of local interest we nre
human nee, occupying more than Igratified to see that tbe question
a tilth | an si be earth's surface— of the Alt. Victoria trml issiill
a federation the i'ke ot winch the alive and in tbe hands of a com-
world   has   never   known    bt : nitlee who should   now be abln to
'■'. y you lieu in mind   th "omething  tangible beforo the
. lied people   ol   ll.it '. j public,      Tb.   dust  nuisance  will
o ■      .-;   lo i        ':•. ..'•: toon be a theme of public inierist
sympathy, protection and oo-oper*|or otherwise and steps should be
ation, and bi o on j the Stale taken this year to allay as much as
to which you belong, but also the possible the damage to property
Empire itself, look- to you to he and danger to health, at least in
readv in time of  need  to think, to those   sections    where   trallic    is
Miss Ada Murcutt Draws Large
Miss Ada L. A Murcutt, fellow of
the Koyal _-cotti_h Geographical So
cirty, traveler, lecturer and writer,
who has been lecturing beiore large
audiences in Victoria, Vancouver,
Ladner ami ot lis r provincial cities,
Ims ci mmenced ., -s i ies ■ I
m v irii is subjects in l bt
i Ipt   . 11   is till   I smorr iw.
H-1 li ct trei i Ij
been  delivered ' aritu
tupii> relal ing   I     physics     .   ..;.i".il
aud 7. cial conditi             be  com
and   . •      es  si                isil        Mi.s
Mur   itt has   et     ll ming larg.
her children the colonies, than it is enc,	
at the present time.      l'he colonies- ahu. . ...
make   up   the   Empire and we as well up  in   all -     Loca
loyalists  want our share in return j mus: al talent i    ided   i
from the head.     We had better fly nightly pr grs
our   flags   as  often as we decently     To-night Miss Murcutt will   si-.   ..
can and get our people to love the the sweating systt Ireal
sight   of   them   as   the Americans 'These lecture- ar..- cert.inly ,m i
love their "stars  and stripes," and  tio:l f"r   thr,8e
then we can  leave   the  question of  8'0Mly int'
what   is   best   for   Britain   to th
uanadian Bank Deposits Show
Gain of Six Millions.
Ottawa May 26—-A'though the
April statements of all Canadian chartered banks show contraction in business through a falling off in circulation
and decreased in call and current loans.
A very encouraging sign is the continued increase in deposits. While it
is true the deposits outside of Canadn
show a decrease in April the Canadian
deposits show a gain of over six million
on stormy days
by wearing a
(\\     \-ftt*.i
\l\ tlligtfP
Low In Price
I.   0.   F.
Con ft Mount Begblf, Ko. WU. meet' 2nd and
ith Monday* In Oddfellows Rail.next tn Opera
Horwe Visi'-iiiif brethren oordlally Invited to
J.W   0\BLAXD, CR.
H. \v. Edwards. R.S
C. W. O. W.
Mountain  Viaw Camp   No. 229.
Meeti   B nd   and   Fonrth  Wednesdays in
■ •He    nionl Selkirk Hall    \'i.-n in   Wood-
men cordial     ■ ■ bed W attend,
w. 1). ARMSTRONG. Con, Com.
J   MrlNTYI.K. Clork.
F. 0. E.
T. . -v. eating   treheld In the .Selkirk
H _.   ivory Tuesday evenioa     So'clocic.   Visit-
gbi iu. itod.
w   B.McLAC   HLIN.Sk* rktaet.
Kco-' n«v Lod
No. 13 A F & A. M,
This regular meel-
iriK- ar.- h.-Irl in Lhe
l__j>onlo T'mple,
*ii. PVIlo_v Hi,l_on
I, third Moniiayln
ii. I, ninnih at H
...in ViHiiiii[<i,rotli
.en   oordlally   wol
Host, '.vsTy'llnirstday
j    in     Sisllclrk
Hill tl -I sisslook
i Strs-i hrs'n sxir
dlally   invlt.s.  io at-
i.   i.i IfBKB •■ i. I. \l > rHll   Js
CoW  RanKe I-ihIk'i   K.
No.  ?fi, Reveletoke,
of   P.,
9. C.
MK.K1-   r. . HI I     A KliNKrillAV,
■s (.natda; ut
those   wbo   Iihv.    ni,(
■I   questions,   and
besids- being extremely   and  vividly
interest ini;, 'bey brUl le with liunior at
time- and bold the entire audience
and tbeir instructive Bide a I no bail „
forcibly pointed out.
Secured the Contract,
Messrs  P Hunm A Co   bave   bean
awarded   the  com met   of  .applying
frcsih ment to nil the i-amps. .,(  ,\|.....
Foley, Welch 4 Stewart,  the railway
Contractor", iilon^ r 1 ]«-  main   line   esmt
from Prince Rupert md f ir tbe  Kita
maat branoh,    Tbe  nndertakiog Is _
hig one, tbe details of   which   wid i*
arranged by   Mr.   Domlnlo   Hiirnn ol
Vancouver.    When the construction is
in full «wing M. Burnt    will    hnve   to
hied abniit 5,(MK) railway laborers    The
Wl piiK.i*. i.lusst.rstl,H. Awn,.: but U>lntf_daCS
OOOtraOt during the next two yearsi will   it. wn -.mi! uno .,nly i/i any swt'ili. lur \m*iiu,e.,
, ,        ,     ,      i 1° '«'"■
run into il good many hundred   lhnun-
and of dollars.
•J A chain is no stronger tKan Its
weakest link. Upon the care ol the
skilled artisan depends the safety
of the traveller on the modern
highway. Each rivet must pass
«J Careful inspection in the factory at
every stage of its manufacture,
makes the placing of the stamp on
a pair of SLATER SHOES as
important as the Bank President's
signature to a $5.00 till.
^ If the Slater Shoe is not worth
$5.00 it is not stamped $5.00.
•J Always look for (lie stamped price, and tht Slatar
Seal ol Ctrtainty.
C B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke,B.C.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
I    MITHIK   '     '
iu      -■    ■    «      .'imtlni!
Kn'<isi- nn    oi Hall;   iiv;i.-..
H   BBOt K   K   ol  ll   _ S
11   I   BBOWM   M
of V
n  rt  HIT M.BPV,    DOCTOR   or
MM      I ""       "Don't  ao   m
IJ II ll       1 «hlna" UllJtoll -ss < l.sarly
«U"      I w__s_bs_t »>_!_ of
"Flashijght.s on Human Nature"
on lis.ftlih, iIi.,'h-,;, ss'.s- m^rsiatfs, anil [sari'iitASfl
'I'sii. s-hal jron'd .-« .doctor li'H  ilon't like lo
San, ?flth llsniit NSW  VORK
who can eat, Manning, c.indien
Without having some little lading of gratitude lor ihe donor,
nl course you've got to lixbt. your
own love billies, yoiitig man,   but.
uur oonfeoiloni you'll  find to lie
a «t.riiti|( nlly in  your  wooing.
'$ Candy Palace
Art and Beauty
mc combined in our new designs in carpets. Our stock is
ceinplcte, and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
ia striking and beautiful. We
hive never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
HEAD OKKICR:   I'ai.uahv,   Ai.iikhta.
Wholoaale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Puckers und Dealers in Live Stock, Markets In all the print i
nnl Cities nnd Towns of Alberta, Biitisb Oolumbia nnd the Yukon.
Puckers of the Celebrated Brand " Imperatiu" Hams and Bacon,
and "Shamrock" Brand Leal' Lard,
i '»^%%^^%^%%^%.'%^^%y%%'%^^ey%%%'
Import direct from Country of origin.
Central Hotel
_s_______ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       Kirst-claaB in every respect.    All modern convenience?
Large Sample Hooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    _A.I_BE3TiT     ST03STE      PEOP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
I'.ir  of general purpose geldinnK,
six and .even year., Weight twenty-
one hundred, well broken to work
nin.li or d<>tible, Kiind madiiters. Also
Bain ffsgotfj di iible box and br.ike,
nearly new; one J, II. Artn.troiiK
Democrat!, two neats and brake] um
ilngl« open buggy; one >et work bar
np»s; one set driving harness; one
-iniiln bnguy harneil All as good ««
new—nt a bargain.
Balmon Arm, B  C.
Certificate  of Improvements
Mitt Hnim Krurti-m M.DBfa. claim No. 2.
Hitunti. lu dm Tntnt L*V*> Hinintr DWIhIod nf
thfi KiH.iriiHy Dintrict. Loonted nn Poplnr
TAKK N(JTI('K thflt I, T J A. N. Padloy,
Kr... Miri.tr - i nrtiflffilii N" H HKtl'i. int*ad Wl
<Ir>« frnm th*)ditte hnrenf t<i apply U> the Mining Beeofdw f«r a Ctrttfloatflo! ImproTemar.t''
for tha purpnM nf nbtainftiff a I'ruwn (irani of
thn Htxiwa claim. And further take nntice that
afHlnn under Section 87 must be oommeuced
before the laeanQce. of e«rh Certifloate of
Dated this 4th day of April, W*.
Miitiufuctured   fnr all olQSSW of  bullclluffa
for miln ii) large nr small qmuitilios
nt. i I.k inwiim  prices foi coib.
buildiiiR and plaKtoritiK
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bough.
Oash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter ot Purs
D raying
Storaf c
All Kinds of Light and  H avy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood,  Coal and  Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the  Farm, Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable VarietieH at reasonable priceB
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to ibiiiuiKe stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and Heeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Beo Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spray I, i    M.ilerial, Uut Flowers, etc.
mai Liu .   .    ,
M :
bed    nursery   on   the
Catalogue free.
i and Seed Houeea
-     -      -     B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat.   "   21 Lk. Manitoba
Fri.    "   20 Emp. Ireland
Sat. June fl Lk.Ohainplnin Wed. 20
Fri.   "   12 Emp. Britain Fri. " 21)
Winter Season From St. John
Is!. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$9000   $48 7 s $2875
IS!. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lakk Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rales to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets.
Pnsseugera booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other contine tal ports.
For further information apply to
T.W.Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent. A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
Revised  Statutea of Oanada,
1906, Ohapter 115
Pursuant to the above Statute the
Columbia River Lumber Company,
Limited; give notiee that they have
applied by petition tu the Goyernor-ln-
Council for approval of the site and
plans for certain booms proposed to he
constructed in the Columbia River
near Golden in the Province of British
Columbia, a plan and description of
the proposed site and of the booms to
be constructed have lieen deposited
with the Minister of Public Works at
Ottawa, and a duplicate thereof in the
Land Registry omce at Nelson, B.C.
Dated this With day of April, WON.
Per J. D. MrCoiiMack,
my 2-WI d Managing Director.
Certificate of Improvements
M.jmlc Musk, Mini R„ Iron Hut, tad Lena
Fraction mineral clalma,  nituata  In the
Nroiil ' ake Minis, lllvlnlmuil Weat Kmiie-
nay Dlatrlot.
Where loeated:-In Uoat Creek Baalu, ailjnlu-
Ing the Beatrice Oroap.
Take nolice thai I, ll. Smith, F.M.C. No.
B887I-, agent for J 11. Mackcnale.i-.M.u. No. B
8H77J and  Archer Martin,  C.M.O. Mo. B17462,
Intend, alxty tlaya Irom dote hereof, to apply
to the Mining  Recorder lor a certificate ol
Improvements, for tbo purpose ul obtaining a
Crown Urant ol the above clalma.
And further take notice that action, under
■action 07.  mint be commenced  before the
Issnuance of auch Certificate of Improvements.
bated thia 16th day ol April, A.D, IMS.
rpHK nttentlnh of tha Linda ami Work* Da-
1 pnrtm«nt liaviog beau direct*) to the fact
thai town loti in a lowmiite named Prince Hit
pert being a sutx_ivi.tio!> of Lot 642, ReiiaeB,
('oeat Diatriot, situated 911 the mninlandhe-
i ween the mniith of the Hkeena River and Kaien
I-lnii<i. nn being offered fnr aale. it haa been
deemed t.eceiaarv to warn the public thnt the
naid town^itiinte.1 nt the termluua of tha Orand
Trunk Pacific Railway, and U not the townnlta
which ia owned loin ily by the Governmnnt of
Tint i-h Colnmbla and tha Qrand Trunk Paolflo
Hailw«jr tympany.
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Work'.
Lands and Worki Department,       w mr 6 Im
t6_A. 1      • ,1
Where Shaking
is Respectable
A Draft off furnace dome, with no other
atttstance. Is powerless to overcome the
dust nuisance In thahlng time, Ont, surplus
dust rites of Itself aboee the fire. Great
bull! descends Into ash-pit. and unless legitimate outlet It therein proulded, dutt will
ttcape through ath-door slits and Into
operator t foot.
In "Sunshine" Furnace the
legitimate dust outlet is provided.   It's a great big dust-
pipe running straight from
ash-pit to dome, thenoe to chimney.    When big pipe damper
is opened, all dust in ash-pit ascends to dome; then, when
direct drafts are opened, all dust passes up chimney.
Always the elean and quick
dust route in "Sunshine"
Furnace — via grate, to pan,
to dust-pipe, to dome, to
chimney, to open air.
Write to us for
"Sunshine" testimonials
received from your own
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1853.
Wm. Molson Macpherson, Pres. 8. H. EwiN_,;Vicc-Pres.
J..mkk Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four  branches in   Canada and   Agencies  In  all  parts of the
Interest, credited four times a year at current rates on  Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
\V. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Mo line Wagons, Cauada Carriage Coiiinany'a
Buggies, P'enet jr., Garden Seeder; aud Cultivators, Wheel*
wright aud Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
Inspiring Addiess on Provincial
If th. re are any British Columbians
whose faith in the future of their
provinoe ii weak, we would adviee
them to read the inspiring address
made recently hy Mr. A. C. Flunier-
felt hefore tho Canadian Club at
During the course of hia remarks
Mr. Flumcrfelt made the assertion
that Brititdi Columbia haa by nature
been given greater blessings and advantages than those possessed by any
other similar area on the continent.
This is saying a great deal, especially
when it is considered that this continent is the richest both in actual
and potential wealth, on earth.
One bas, however, but to read further in the address to realize tbe force
ol this remarkable statement. Au as
instance of tho wonderful development
which bus taken place in the last fen
years he refers brietly to the lime
when Vancouver City was a dense
forest. With great clearness be very
forcibly presents a review of our immense res ntrc.es in timber, mining
and agriculture, the wealth of our
fisheries and the wonderful possibilities of our fruit resources. He shows
how much the filling up ol the vast
prairie lands of Alberta and Saskatchewan means to B. C, providing a close
and certain market for all our products. It is stated that one firm
alone in Winnipeg are prepared to
contract for a term of years for all that
oan be produced of a certain kind of
apple known as the "Wealthy." In
1901 there were 500,000 fruit trees in
B. C. Today it is estimated tbat there
are over 3,500,000, and also greatly
increased quantities ol small fruit of
every description. In lesa than 10
years British Columbia will be the
greatest fruit producing province in
tbe Dominion.
Tbe present production of wealth in
tin province iB 157,000,000 per annum
and it is increasing at a very rapid
The keynote of the whole address is
inspiring faith in the immediate
future of British Columbia. Everyone
as far as they can should support any
movement or institution tbat will
help build up the Province, whether
general or local.
Tbe prominent men on the coast
are fully alive to the great possibilities
in store for those who take part in the
great developement that is about to
take place. We Bee signs of this in
the companies that are being formed
to further develop the fisheries and the
pulp wood resources, and also more
especially in the  recent  formation of
tish Canadian Wood ,
an. PaperlCompanv
Owners of the Townsite of Port Mellon, Howe Sound, 26 milea from Vanoouver.
Street, Vanoouver, B. C.
Head Office, 813 Cordova
We recently offered for subscription the first 100,000 Preference shares of this Corporation
al .1.IK l per share, each 100 shares entitled to a bonus of _5 shares of Preference Stock; the first 100,000
Shines was Immediately taken up.
We now offer the balance of the second 100,000 shares of preferred stock at $1.00 per share, each
hundred shares entitled to a bonus of 15 shares of Preferred stock.
First allotment on second 100,000 will be made May 10th, final allotment May 3Ulh. All subscriptions should be in the office of the Company hy (I o'clock, May 10th.
In older to treat all applications, large and small alike, and to make no discrimination, all subscriptions received prior to Until allotment, May 30th, will lie allowed pro rata on the second 100,000, and
lialimi'i' ou third 100,000. There will be no bonus stock, however, allowed, only on second issue. The
third 100.000 ia to he sold at par, $1.00 per share without bonus, anu those subscribing prioi to May 30lh
are given absolute preference on third issue.
The Preferred Stock now being offered is entitled to an annual dividend uf 7 per cent,, commencing
November 1, 1908, hut unlimited as to further dividends, i. e,, after 7 per cent, has lieen paid upon the
Preferred and Common, both stocks thereafter participate equally. There is no reason why this stock
should not pay from 30 to 50 per cent, dividends,
PAYMENTS - HI per cent, on application; 15 per cent, in HO days; balance in 8 monthly payments.
Hereafter no subscriptions will be received by telegraph or Inn? distance telephone, unless accompanied by the application payment of 10 per cent,
We are rushing work on tho flrul unit of this great plant, -the entire plant when complete will have
a weekly capacity of 180 tons of newspaper, and 2711 tons of wrapping. No better site fora great modern
paper mill could have been selected than Poll. Mellon, only 25 miles from Vancouver; unexcelled drainage and magnificent deep water harbor. We have secured the water rights of Itainy Hiver, which Hows
through the property, and have also placed a 20,000 inch water record on ('lowborn Falls for the purpose of manufacturing ground wood pulp. These two sources have a combined volume of over 20,000
horse power.
Those interested are cordially invited to visit Port Mellon and inspect the progress of the work up to
date.   It will not be long before we are turning out 80,1X10 pounds of wrapping paper per week.
The public are also invited to visit the demonstrating plant of the Company, 818 Cordova street,
and witness the manufacture of wood pulp and paper.
Office of the company open Wednesday and Saturday evenings until 0 o'clock.
Pics. Uritish Columbia Trust Corporation.
W. II, It. OOLI.ISTKR, Manager Albion lion Works
Vancouver, II. 0,
J. DUFF NTIJAKT, Managing Director, Clark A
Stuart, Ltd., BUttonetl, Vancouver. B. 0,
COLT. '.I. THACY. M.C., Hoc, U.K., P.L.S., l).l„H„
Con.. Kng., formerly City Engineer,   Vancouver.
FHKOK. APPLI.TON, Managing Director M. 11.
Smith Co., Victoria.
AM), w. .1. cavanaoii, Member W. .1, Oavanagh
A I'o., Vancouver.
FKKD SMITH, Mem her Smith Wright*.  Davidson,
Wholesale Paper Co., Vancouver.
H. M. BURKITT, Western  Manager Corticelll  Silk
Co., Vanoouver,
.1. ti. W. STANLEY, formerly General Manager
West 1/uiulun Paper Mills, L.iiiilon, Kng.
OAPT. H. A. MKU-ON, J. P., American Lloyds
Agents, etc.
Kl'STACK II. IBM-Si Barrister, etc., Vancouver.
GEO, B, CATES, dates, Shipbuilding Co.. Vancouver, II, c.
GRKELY KOLTS, formerly General Manager Pacific
Coast Soda Co.
the Ban); of Vancouver, with the declared aim nnd object of lhe upbuilding of the commercial and industrial
features in this province. The success
of tbe bank is already assured. Its
dinner haa been grunted by the Dominion authorities und before long we
shall see branches of this western
institution established in all the important centres in the provinc■-, and
another step forward taken in the
movement for the realization of our
vast natural resources.
•    —
Revelstoke Amateurs Entertain
Large Audience
Victoria Day festivities were con.
eluded by a gala nigbt at the opera
lionBe, when "Pink Dominoes" a first
rate three-act comedy was produced
by the Revelatoko Amateur Dramatic
Club. The piece was clever and interesting and the big audience was
highly enthusiastic aud appreciative
giving vent to their feelings by cheeis
and applause ut every comical silua-
tion and piece ol comedy.
W. M. Lawrence as Uncle Goodwin
created much amusement and bit
'-night out" at the Metrpolitan evidently "didn't come up to his expec-
tatious." T. E. L. Taylor as George
Decker, as usual was up to the mark
and made tbe moat of his part. D.
M. Rae as Paul Andrews emplified to
a nicety that "men were deceivers
ever," the acting of these two "model
huBbands" being well carried out. W.
A. Sturdy aa Henry followed well the
example of his uncle Mr. Goodwin,
and fell into the trap "ne.ir the little
buffet," very readily. Mrs. W. M.
Lawrence as Mrs. Andrews curried out
her part with her usual vim and vigor
and well portrayed the ever trusting
wife who pins her faith too much on a
tickle husband. Miss White as Mrs.
Decker made a strong character as the
doubting wife and her neatly concoc
ted plan to test their reBpective husbands turned out even better than she
had anticipated. MrB. D. M. Rae
made an excellent Hannah, a model
housemaid, and carried out her part ol
servile'dignity and daring l.,ve of adventure and the delights of a "bal
masque," with excellent care her part
being an extremely difficult une. As
Pomona Fifi, Mrs. F, C. Elliott was
very dainty and oharming and completely captivated old Goodwin, although unfortunately she didu't come
back directly as lie bad fondly hoped.
H. Cunningham Morria aa Philip, the
head llunkey of the Metropolitan,
carried out his party creditably, being
also embroiled iu lhe general mix up
of his society customers. W. J. W.
Brown as Peters looked after the order
department for the guests and had hia
work cut out iu supplying tbe wants
of a lady "who had no appetite," and
her admirer. Mra. VV. A Sturdy as
Aunt Goodwin played a very clever
part, her impersonation of outraged
dignity being well done. The Btage
settings were extremely pretty and
tasteful, and a credit to the ability of
the artist, R. R. Copeland. The restaurant scene was very laughable, the
complicntions and their disclosures
keeping the audience in a continual
ripple of mirth. "Pink Dominoes"
reflects great credit on the amateurs
and Revelstoke will look forward to
another production by this admirable
aggregation of local dramatic talent,
at an early date.
During the entre acts E. M. Cook
secretary of the Y.M.C.A., distributed
tbe va'ious prizes won at tbe sports.
..united States Lumbermen are
Investing in B.C.
While there is much difference of
opinion regarding the immediate future of lumber iu British Columbia, all
are agreed tbat standing timber is a
most valuable commodity. This fact
is brought borne more effectively to
lumbermen of tbe Unit d States than
it is in British Columbia. Tbe temporarily depressed condition of the
lumber market has practically no hearing on the value ol standing trees. In
the United States the forests are becoming rapidly depleted, and millmen
on the other side are turning their attention to British Columbia. At the
present time a small army of United
States prospectors are preparing to go
into the woods. Some of them are already on tbe ground and intend to
commence prospecting at once. One
Wisconsin firm has taken an option on
a British Columbia area of timber
many miles in extent. They will prospect tbe ground thoroughly in May.
This firm states tbat their own limits
are worked out and they must have
timber somewbore. They have decided to buy in British Columbia,
establish mills, and ship to the best
available market. The wise laws ol the
provincial government have resulted
in millions ol United States money
being invested, in this way, in British
Columbia.—Canadian Lumberman.
Noxious Weeds
Property owners are hereby notified
to have all noxious weeds, particularly
dandelions, cut down before seeding,
wi aa to prevent spreading.
By order ot the Publio Works Committee.
May 23, 1908.        3t        Chairman.
Tenders are requested for the clearing, levelling and plowing 70 acres of
land, one and a half milea from Revelstoke.
Tenders to bo in by June 15th, 1908.
The lowest or any tenders not necessarily accepted.
Tenders to be addressed to
w my 20 RevelBtoke, B. C.
EGGS for Hatching from a splendid
strain of winter laying Rhode
Island Reds, $1.50 for IB.—Mre. Drew,
Reliable Poultry Yards, Camborne,
B. C. ap _2-Imo
FOR SALE—A first-class team of
work horses. Apply to the Revelstoke
Sawmill Co.
FOR SALE—Eggs for Hatching—
Tho oughbred, silver laced Wyan-
dots, best winter layers. Price $1.50
for 16 eggs.    AddreBS Box 237.
register, safe anil store fixtures.
Splendid condition. Apply Box 014,
Mail Herald.
LOST-At the Roller Rink a few
nighti? ago a $10 gold piece. The
Hiiiler will receive $2 on returning
same to owner through Mail-Herald.
NURSING—Mrs.   Alice   C.   Lee. of
Fourth Street, is prepared to go
out nursing.
PRIVATE   HOME   for   maternity
eases. Second Street Weat, or P.
O. Box 211-Mrs. A. E. Bennison.
TO RENT—Part of a  new  modern
house.   Apply Mail-Hkrai.d office.
WANTED KNOWN-Rents. interest, loans and trade accounts
collected by the Columbia Agencies,
Limited, Revelstoke.
WANTED-A competent girl for
general house work. Good
wages, no children. Wages $25.00 per
month.—Apply this Office.
gage for $1,000 lurrying 10 per
rent interest. Ample margin. Apply
Columbia Agencies,, Limited.
at rental of about $12 per month
Apply to Columbia Agencies, Limited,
$2,1100 oil fieehold security, 0
per cent interest, Apply to Colombia
Agencies, Limited,
WANTED TO LET—House of six
room-, $15 per month, and Hat
of lour rooms, $10 per month, Apply
lo Columbia Agencies, Limited.
Landscape Cardener
Florist and
Work done by the day or week.
Contracts Undertaken.
Address ;
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2,
Vivian Luck No. 8, Vivian Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No. 6, Vivian
Luck No. I) and Silver Crown mineral claims, situated in the Lardeau
Mining Division of West Kootenay
When- located:- At Head of Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKK NOTICE thai I, 0. B, N.
Wilkie, acting as agent for Hector
Poirier, l-'.M.C. 11718(1, and George
Johnson, F.M.C, BOSOM, Intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of lhe above
And further take notice lhat action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of May, A. D.
O. B. N. WILK IK. H.C.L.S.
w ruy27 Trouk Lake, B, 0,
Liquor Licence Act. 1900
Notice is hereby given thai the partnership heretofore existing between
the undersigned and iallied on uud e
the llrm name and style ol the Enter
prise Brewing Company has this day
heen dissolved by mutual consent,
Mr. J. P. Sutherland withdrawing
from the partnership. The business
in I'ui ure will be carried on under the
same Htm name by Messrs, Thomas
Downs and Charles Holten who will
assume and pay all liabilities of lhe
late partnership firm, and all debts
due the late firm are payable to them
j, p. Sutherland,
Tikimah Downs,
per. K. Kdw irds. Attorney
Witness: Gico. S. McCAHTKH.       ap25
Notice iB hereby given that at the
expiration of one month from date tbe
undersigned will npply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
transfer to the " Canyon House " at
Albert Canyon, B. 0., of the hotel
liquor licence now held by me in
respect of the " Windsor Hotel " at
lllecillewaet, B. C.
Dated thia 22nd day of April, 1908.
0. D. MoKBIS,
Take notice that we, Messrs.  Ogilvle
and   McKitriek,    of   Nnkusp,   intend
applying to the  Superintendent of
Provlnolal Police at lhe expiration of
one month Irom date hereof, fora
renewal of our hotel license for the
premises known us the Leland Hotel
at Nakusp, for the half vear from July
1st,, 1908, to Dee. 31st, 1008.
Dated April 3()th, 1908.
sat my 2 30d.   Ouilvie A MilvlTiticK
Take notice thai I  intend to make
application to tbs Superintendent of
Provlnolal Police for a renewal of the
retail liipier license for the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hotel, at Halcyon, B. 0.,
for the half year from July 1st, 1908,
to Dec. 81st, 1908.
wap29 Barry McIntosh,
Take notice that I, F. T. Ahoy, of
Camborne, B. C, intend applying lo
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Criterion Hotel at Camborne,
B. 0.
Dated May 9th, 1008.
w my 1330d F. T. Abey.
Take notice lhat I, Dave Orr, of
Camborne, B, 0., intend applying to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence, for lhe premises known
aa the Camborne Hotel, Camborne,
B. 0.
Dated May 9th, 1908.
winy 1330d Davk Orr.
Take notice that I, William Lovatt,
of Burton, intend applying to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one mouth from
date herof, for a renewal of my hotel
licence for the premises known as the
Kootenay Hotel at Burton.
Daled May 1st, 1908.
nmy9 30d Wm. Lovatt.
Take notice that we intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
licence for the Lakeview Hotel at
Arrowhead, B, C, for the half year
from 1st July, 1903 to 31st Dec. 1908.
Dated this 8th day of May, 1008.
sat my 0 30d    Pi-umton A Chapman.
That no* ice that 1 intend to apply to
tue Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of tbe retail liquor
licence for the Eva Hotel at Camborne,
B. C.| for the half yeir from 1st July
to 31st Dec. 1908.
Dated this 8th day of May, 191.18.
sat 0 my 3(ld John A. Thkw.
Notice is hereby given that 1 intend
lo apply lo the .Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the He-
tail Liquor Licence fur the Lardeau
Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the half-
year from J uly 1 -it, l'.XW, to Dec. 31st.
w m (180d Ri-hski. M, Evans.
Take notice  lhat  I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the St. Leon
Hotel ai St. Leon, II, C.. for the half-
year froin July 1st, 1908, to Dec. 31st,
w myOSOd M. Grady,
Nolice is hereby given that 1 intend
to app.y to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of retail
liquor license for the Union Hotel at
Arrowhead, B.C , for six months trum
July 1st, 1908, to  December 31st, I9U8.
Dated this 4th day of May, 1908.
w my (t 30d       W. J, Lu htuchnk.
Take notice thai I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Balmoral
Hotel, Ferguson, B. C, for the half
year from July 1st., 1(108. to Dec. 31st,
John Staiiikr
Take notice that I intend to make
application to lhe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the City Hotel
at Arrowhead, B.C., for the half veal
from July 1st, 1908, to Dec. 31st, 1008.
W ap 29 J. OALXY,
Notice ia hereby given thai I intend
lo apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police foi permission to
transfer to Messrs. Chapman and
Phimpton, of Arrowhead, II. C, the
retail liquor license held hy me in
reaped of the premises at Arrowhead,
known as the Lakeview Hotel,
Dated this 1st. day of May, 1908.
sat my 2 mid. D. Cameron.
Notice is hereby given lhat we intend to apply In the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renowal of the
retail liquor licence now held in respect of lhe Lakeview Hotel at Arrowhead, which license has lieen transferred to us by D. Cameron, the
holder thereof.
Dated this 1st. day of May, 1908.
satiny 23I)d    Chapman & Pi.i-miton.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Hotel Beaton, Beaton, B.C., for lhe half year
from July 1st, 1908, io Dec. 31st, 1908,
w ap59 Wm. Boyd.
Nolice is hereby given lhat I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police hu a renewal of the Retail Liquor Licence fur the Hotel
Queens al Comaplix, B. c, for the
half year frum July 1st, 1008, to Dec.
31st, 1908.
sat my 2 30d J. H. Youno.
Take nolice that I, Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B. <'., intend applying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, at lhe expiration of one month
from date hereof for a reuewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
us tbe Reception Hotel al Camborne,
Dated May 14th, 1908.
s-iit in 10 SQd        Goby Menhenick.
Take notice tbat I, Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B, C, intend applying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, at lhe expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
aa the Coronation Hotel, at Camborne,
Dated May Uth, 1908.
aat in IU 30x1 CoHV Mk.nuk.nick.
Take notice that I Intend to make
application io the superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal .if tbe
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel, at lllecillewaet, B. (J,, for six
months from July 1st, 19U8 to December 31st, 1908.
Dated thia 12th d.y of May, 1908.
w my 20 30d
Take notice that I iutend to make
application to the superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Glacier
House Hotel, at Glacier, B.C., for the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
for six months from Julv 1st, 1908 to
Dec. 31st, 1908,
Dated this 12th day of May, 1008.
w my 13 30d G. 8. Flindt.
Revelatoke Land District.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that I, M. X. Lawson of
Revelstoke, occupation bouse-keeper,
intends to apply for permiaaion to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the line of Lot No. 7583, and marked
"M. K. Lawson's N. E. corner poat,"
thence south along said line 40 chains,
thence weat 40 chains, thence north20
chaina, tlience easl 20 chaina, thence
north 20 chains to P. Mailer's pre-emption, thence easl 211 chiiina to point of
Minnik K   Lawhon.
Dated April tltb, 1903. w ap 29
To John Enneat, or to whomaoever he
may have transferred his interests:
Take notice that I, the undersigned,
co-owner with you in the following
mineral claim, viz.: Gold Fly mineral
claim, situated oil Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, of the Province of
British Columbia, have done the required work on the above mentioned
mineral claim for the year ending 1907,
in order to hold the same under Section 21 of the .Mineral Act.
And further take notice that if within 90 days from the first publication of
this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of this
advertisement, your interest in the
said mineral claim will become the
property of the undesigned, under
Section 26 B uf tbe Mineral Act.
Dated at Camborne, B. C, this Uth
day oi May 1908.
sat my lo BOd J. A. Lewis,
Fl.!..,,, Sl'ILLDIACHB.NF.
I N ACCORDANCE with Chapter 78, BS B.C..
1 1801, "Feme- Act,"' the Government of
British Columbia invite applications lor a
charier for a ferry to ply across the Columbia
Biver at Spilltraacnine.
Application*- will he received bj the Hon. tha
Chief Commissioner up to una Including tbe
30th da; of May, l'.«»s
The limits of ibe ferry shall eiteod for a distance of two miles above and two miles below
The charter will cover a period aspiring on
tbe .tilth June, 1810.
The ferry shall be operated whenever required between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., every day except-
log Sundays-
Applications shall give a  description of  tbs
-cow or boat it is proposed to use.
Application shall .-late tbe tolls it is proposed to ask for^
Each adult passenger.
Each child (uot iu arms) nndar 13 years.
Kach head of cattle, horse, mule or donkey.
Each calf, sheep, goat oi awine.
Each vehicle with one horse and driver.
Each cart or waggon with one horse and
driver, loaded. .
Each vehicle wilh two horses and driver.
Each vehicle with two borsea aod driver,
Each parcel of ZTi lbs, and under.
Freight per 100 lbs  aud   under, perishable
Freight, per lull Ibe. ana under, perishable
The Government of Brltlah Columbia la not
necessarily  bound  to accept any apr'ieatloii
F. C. QAMfiLK,:
Public Works Engineer.
Lauds aud Works Department,
Victoria, B.l , April «Ah, IMS).      wtd
It is the intention of the 11 Ge Qoveraaaeot to
bring into force the foUowmg amendments to
tbe Act as cited below, at the neat sitting of
the Legislature.
IHim. (Juar Coamssiiiaaa
No. K ) I uot
An   Act   to   amend   the   " Highway
Trallic Regulation Act."
MIS MAJESTY, by and with tbe advles and
consent of the Legislative Aaaeaably of
i-li Columbia, enacts aa follow.:—
1. This Act may he cited as the " Highway
TraAlo Kegulatiou Aet Amendment Act, ISO*,"
L Section 8 of tbe " Highway Traffic Rafale,
tion Act,' being chapter W of ibe Revised
Statutes. 181i7, a. enacted by section tuf chapter
30 of the Statutes of 11X12. Is hereby repealed aad
tbe following sectlou is substitute, therefor: -
'8. It shall be unlawful for any wagg_a or
vehicle carrying a load of more than two
thousand pounds to be drawn or driven on any
public uignwav unless the tires of each waggon
or vehicle shell be at least four Inehes In width.
S. Section 10 of said chapter K is hereby repealed aod tha following bectiou is subetlsnted
therofora t- T
"Id. It shall be unlawful for any penes er
pereons todrag logs or tMbei over or aloof any
publio highway."
4. This Act shall not come Into force to far
as that portion of the Provinoe of British
Columbia tltnate east of the Cascade Range of
mountains is concerned, until the 1st day of
Special Inducements for Cash
The Best Bargains fall to the
lot of those who come early.
||           ■    ■—       a          s   |             |    Linen     Blouse
Hand Embroidered \r^%^f\
$4.60 now $2.76j ^7„-,i) now $1 HU
si      ■          ni ■   ,       Made from Cotton Silki-
Under Skirts ^M!11* bb-
Millinery Department ;i£-
is now oompiete with new goods coming to band by
express,una keeping up-to-date with the newest stylus
r\ 1 Im pint i'il direct from one of the
rUPJI^fllQ largest European makora. The
■  ui ao.io  „,,,  |11,1,tty  ,ln,i   aiffB,.ent    rroui
what is generally shown,
Ladies Rain Coats ^|0"jfe
and $10.00.   An exceptional bargain for tho money.
Misses' Rain Coats fe?eS
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good bargains, reineuiliei' these prices.    $1,60 Tweeds
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r\         i          O      Ol                   Ladies'  Oxfords,
Boots & Shoes %&» s?-7. t
ww»w     wssa      wssww     sjj|   ,.,.         .Mens    Hox
Calf, Hals and Bluchers, $4,60 now $3.00
Semi-Ready Dress Patterns
These   come   with   skirts   already   made  and
enough material for Blouse with Lace and  Insertion,
$7..Vi  Patterns  now   $8.76i   $10.00   Patterns   now
$4.75: $12.00 to $15.00 Patterns now $7,60.
Take full advantage of these
Special Prices throughout our
stock. Prices for thrifty buyers
Empire   Day,  whioh
frequently mliintorprot
uii wilh Victoria Hay, is ibe last school
day before May 2-l'h nnd ibis  usually
happens  on   Mny   23   although   this
year it fell on May 22,      Empire   Day
ia an   Institution   of  recent  origin in
England,     In 1002 and 1003 the Earl
ul   Mentb inauguariited  a   movement
lur the observance of Mny 2f>th  in  all
schools throughout  the   British  Em
pirc, on which  occasion  it   was   pro
posed that i be exeroiaes should  take n
foim calculated to  develop   the   prll ■
i-ipula of good oitliii'tiahip  nnd   dilTus
n Knowledge ami appreciation  of the
Empire all that the term implied,    It
lieing   ol vioua   that    May   21th   not
lieing a school day, could not iu Can-
ula   be   devoted    to   purposes   above
suggested, it was deemed  advisable to
provide for  these patriotio exercises
ui the next preceding  school   day   as
lins been dime.
Social and Personal
.*_". a*?*! _fr_ s^a .*frs ■'l'i iTs iTl eTa iti .ti iti
•_C»*I* Til TW I 111 lT* 'i' 'A* *X* "X  X' X
Fruit Trees
Ynu   can   get    all    the
t Chemicals   fur   any    re-
cip: here. Wc bave them
S ready and can advise you
the beBt to use.
T Revelstoke, li. 0.
Weather Forecast
winds, cloudy,
temper .tura,
miu. 4A o .
May ^7th.—Moderate
generally lair, higher
Temp.,   ilia*.,     73 - ;
should come from this bakery. That is if you want the
best that fine Hour and our
skilled baking can produce,
Suppose you have us send
you a loaf or so every morning for a while anyway. It
will be a change from home
baking, a rest for you and :t
treat to the entire family.
11. Floyd left on Saturday to spend
the holiday at Vancouver.
G. O. Buchanan, of Kaslo, waa a
visitor to Revelstoke this week.
Mr. Cooper, of the Imperial Hank
staff, left on Saturday for I, holiday
visit to the Coast.
Tbe Hon. F. W. Ayhner returned on
Sunday from a trip up lhe Adams
Lake country.
Miss Annie Palmer left on Sunday
night for a viBit to friends in Van-
louver and the Coast cities,
Charles Deutschman arrived in the
tity thia morning from Cherry Creek
■n route for the caves.
bus   been   so ] was for two year, a Lancashire county
I  and   mixed   player, and M'rrcll  has played for the]
Gentlemen   of   Ireland   eleven.     Six
bowlers were tried   nnd   run   getting
was tliflicillt,
Brooker caused delight when he
lifted a bull Irom I'liilpotl on to Ibe
railway for (i, the biggest hit of the
day, Off li.e balls lie sooted 14 riina.
He gave all easy chance when he bad
made lo putting up a twister from
Morrell, for which lhe bowler and
Tale, running from oppoeitedirections
could easily have secured, but each
thinking it was tho other's catch, al-
K.wed the ball to fall between them,
causing all of the players to roar with
laughter. Foster's line play of 21 not
out was an excellent performance, and
earned woll merited applause.
At lhe cloae uf the mutch tho most
hearty of all congratulations were
from the visitors, and Bevelstoke
Cricket Club will be very fortunate
indeed if any other visiting elevens
they may meet are aa tine sportsmen
aud as gentlemanly players as the
Vernon eleven. The score:
Pitcairn b Entwistle        5
Perry c Brooker h E nii-tle...».      2
Morrell b Entwistle     28
Clayton c Entwistle b Maley      10
Philputt c Maley h Sbaw     10
Lawrence b Eutwistlc        ... 17
Johnson run out, b Maley      2
Gririin b Shaw       0
Brew not out       5
Tate b Shaw       0
Kayiiiniid b Entwistle       4
Byes I, leg byes 2       3
Local and General.
1) n't for.et the sale of work and
Sen nisnd _i opera housr, Friday 29th
' lutg* party  oi  citizens,  miners
1 .ibers Msou up on ths .6.6.   Revel-
i.jk" yesterday to the Bend.
Tne Red Spectre, Tulips, The Helmet, ami a Trip to tlie Moon will be
shown at tbe Edison Parlor Theatre
The annual meeting of the Y.M.C.
A. board of directors will be beld
to-morrow night at 8 o'clock. Ollicers
for the year will be elected.
Tbe dredge is once more iu commission and since luat year her machinery and dredging apparatus has
been c insiderabiy improved, the orange
peei type Deiug now installed in place
of the dipi'.'r arm.
Gold Range Lod^e, No. 20, K. of P.,
are holding a meetiug to night, the
sptciai business ol which will be the
nomination for ollicers for election for
the cenii-anuual term. A full attendance is requested,
A -peciai meeting of the Board of
Trade will be held to-morrow night iu
tbe Cny Hail sst t» o'clock ior the purpose of discussing tbe opening up ol
the Cauoe river route to the Grand
Trunk l'acitic construction.
The cricket match ou Saturday
between lhe eleven cboecn to play
against Vernon and fifteen others
from club members, resulted, a« anticipated, in a win for the eleven after
an interesting game in brilliant
The Kamloops mills 'if the Arrow
Lakes Lumber Company started up
again this week, and a fair force of
men pul to work. Tho Monarch
Lumber Company la also operating
the the savonaa mill and   the   mill at
Shuswap haa commenced tbe season's
Forty-eight per cent ol the Indian!
of Alaska are suffering from tuberculosis, practically all   the   cbildren   are
is often a question of great
moment. l,et us help von.
If you will call at our store
we may be able lo suggest
lots of things you haven't
1 ii,night of. Everything we
keep is up to the highest
standard of excellence, and
contains more nourishment
to tbe square inch than three
times 03 much of a lower
Rev. T. W. Hall and Mrs. Hall re-
iirned this morning from Vancouver,
vbere Mr. Hall has been attending
he MethodiBt conference.
Dr. J. C Morrison and Mrs Morri-
-on will return to-morrow  evening  to
ie city after a few months spent in
be eastern cities of t he United Statea
md Canada
Look at om window and see what  an elegant,
display we have  in Whitewear.    Made of dainty
.sheer Luwn, Dimmed with embroideries or luces
of Ibe pretties! desigiiH, that will wash well.
Corset Covers,
Skirts, Drawers,
Night Dresses,
in all sizes
Ileauliltil Sheer Mulls, Organdies and Lawns. Souin havo
dainty pin tucks, others with fine lace Insertions und elegantly
embroidered fronts, .Some hnve sleeves, but mostly three-quartet
sleeves, all sizes from 32 to 12 und all prices from $1,00 up.
I- I 1.
ST   S
T I. E E T
The Public school buy.- trimmed the
High school boys nt baseball last evening to the tunr of 19 to 7.
A slight breakdown at the RevelBtoke Sawmill Company's Big Eddy
mill ou Saturday necessitated tbe
temporary shutting down for a sh'.rt
time of tbe plant, The accident waa
rapidly and effectually repaired by the
mill's mechanica staff and the plant
is now in lull operation again.
Secure your tickets to see "Mrs,
Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch,   on 29th.
No. 97 "f yesterday was cancelled.
Today t train will lie a little iate, arriving here a .ittits aiter schedule time
this evening.
Tin'  times  do change.     A line of
biles   i.-  being   established  to
run between Ashcroft and .- o_ Creek
ot, ti.-; Cariboo road
P   P.'K   -  '.    Ci        ; • '." '   Mr.-      i ■■
The Revelstoke  Homing  Club flea al  narket al Kant     ps yeste
from Ashcroft on Sunday, tlie bird day Tne new premises «-s- bam
escaping at 5 a.m., tbe lirst t., reach somely fitted up.
home six bntira liter being i hir.l
owned by W. A, M'.rris. five birds
Iselongiug to I. Sibbald, coining in
second, rhedistance from Aahcr I
to Revelstoke is 170 miles.
A quiet wedding look place n
Wednesday lust at tin- residence I
Mayor and Mrs. Lindmark between
Miss Preffer, ol thi< city, and J. Nixon
well kniiwn in Revelstoke Tht
nuptial knot was lied   hy   the   R. v   F
L. Carpenter, of Golden,     The happy
couple arc enjoying a honeymoon and
mi their return w.ll   make their boms
in Revelstoke.
stiflenng Irom some disease, according I     ,. , .   ,        ,
.    ,, .   , ',     ..„       i     Vancouver  is  to   lie  invaded   ear
to tlie rep_rt A an   assistant   surgeon ' ,.   , ,
,..,,!  u  !* next month by a merry   army    i
of  the  I. b.   army,    ust   In-re   Irom   , ,uu, ,      u.     i .i        •       ,        ,
,,    , "   ' , 1,000 knights of   the   grip.    In   other
1 wordi the annual (tension o! the grand
Dr. Florence Murcutt,   an   eminent 1 council   of   the   I'nited   Commercial
phynciaiiandBiirge'.u in   the   largest ' Travellers of Washington an I    British
hospitals in Philadelphia, is delivering Columbia to be held there tbis year,
a ueriei of health  lectures   to   women | and the   dates   selected   ior    the.   big
only in the Baptist church at 3:30 p,
m. Wednesday (to-day) Thursday anil
Friday, All women arc cordially
welcomed.    Lectures free.
ft3 URE
is the motto at our store.
THAT is why your physician
has confidence in our prescriptions.
Tour health and future welfare
are too important to las trifled
Druggist & Stationer
Mall Orders receive prompt
attention, ,
-■ _..'_.■._ un v ■ _ ss. n__y
gathering are .fune ii and li.
AppropOS of the notice under the
eal of the City Corporation in last
issue, calling attention to the necessity
of citizens clearing off dandelions and
weeds from their lawn, we notice large
quantities of these flowers
noziOUl weeds growing   all
I lurtia p.an., mner  wil   be i i
the oity a few days.     Orders left wit >
Lewis Bros, or at   h   Howson's furn
ture store  will  receive prompt atten-
! tion.
A laerosse m itch between the High
ichoi : ami the Public school lioys on
Friday laat resulted in a srin ior tbe
latter, who   p'aye.l a fine combination
.i ie
At. • in- n. hi ti iy emir' session this
morning before Mr. Jnstioe Wilson,
Mark Hyatt  committed   to   trial on a
charge ol embeizlemenl was sequitted
iC. F.  'lillan appeared fur   tbe   defend
ant and  I.M    Scott    for   the   crown
-■ n -ii other cases rill   be disposed
this afternoon.
rhe cottage owned by Joseph Col
sreu, situated a utile soutb ol Ibi
.Bowman   Lumber   Oo's   mill on thi
Il uth truck, was   yesterday  sfternoon
.completely   destroyed   by lire  csosedloff Maley s bowling.
probably by a spark igniting tbe roof. |    Shaw   Maley  and
Revelstoke Wins Match Over
Vernon by 29 Runs.
The lir0t regular match of the season
ivas playrd on Monday, Victoria Day,
m tbe Gun Club groun Is, in spite of
•.he unpropitious weather. To thia
■agerly looked for match the Vernon
!ricket Club sent u strong team, arriving here on Sunday morning, and
•lie local club remembering the good
ime enjoyed at Vernon last year, do
termined not to be behind in hospitality, were able to arrange a good reception for the visitors.
C. M. Field, acting aa escort, spent
Sunday morning in allowing what was
interesting in th: city, and in tbe afternoon the seer, tary accompaniid
them in a drive up the Canyon lo
Mosquito Landing, where the visitors
were able to inspect the steamer RevelBtoke, Admiration of the splendid
views obtained of the Columbia Canyon was frequent, and a better driver
than Tom Lewia of the Revelstoke
Cartage Company would be bard to
lind. A halt waa made on ihe return
journey at Maley's Ranch, and the
forwardness of the garden pri duce and
excellence of the flowering plants were
commented on, Mr. Clayt.h, who hna
a ranch in the Okanagan Valley, saying that the growth was oyer a month
■bead of Vernon district. A viait to
the Revelstoke Club premises Sunday
evening enabled the visitors to make
and renew acquaintances with old
Monday's weather in ihe morning
did not deter an early muster on the
cricket ground, bnt about 11:15 play
had t's be abandoned f,r a time. At
2p m. play was possible, uud from
then to the close of the mutch at 0:30
a m et interesting and enjoyable gume
.•.:• - .1 it-neased,
Naturally Revelstoke ia elated at
scoring a win Irom such a good team
A' Vernon and tbe knowledge lhat in
all phases and departments nf the
game ,iir hjys were equal to the visitors makes the pleasure of a win all tbe
greater Mr. Mayes of Vernon and ,1.
II. JaoksOD ol Kevelstoke were the
To oome out with the fi no total oi
live wickets for 1. runs against such
bat-men as Vernon haa is something
that BotSfistle is. ami may well be,
prssud of. He also bad a hand in the
ilis|."»»] ol tbs big acorer of tbe visitor", when he brought off a marvelous
one-handed   catcli   hit up by Clayton
Atkins c Raymond b Morrell  6
Entwistle c Morrell b Brew  16
Bourne b Lawrence    13
Field c Raymond b Brew  _
Quinn b Brew  0
Shaw run out, b Brew  10
Brooker c Pitcairn b Philpott ... 17
Foster not out  21
Maley c Philpott b Brew  12
Fleetham run out, b Brew  1
Hodson b Brew  0
Byea 8, leg byes 3  11
Fleetham   were
they had  ever
and the visitors had a   new   ei-
|iarta of the city streets. The council
should themselves get busy and clean
up their own property
Between tbo acts of a recent performance in lhe opera house the foi-
lowing occtiired. A young woman
bad a child on ber knee whioh cried
incessantly. The man behind became
fidgety, aud turning around, he smilingly Baid to her, "ban that Infant of
yourfl been christened yet ? " No,
air," replied the young woman." "If
I were you I would cull it, "Good
Idea," said the man I "Why "(loud
Id'ia," asked lhe woman indignantly."
The occupant of tbe  house was absent
when the   fire   broke,  out and was too
late to save anything.     Tbe blaze was ■ ""'"'
not noticed   until alter it waa too late   perience in having to be satisfied with
and no alarm was turned in The nuts instead of drives, aa is tbeir usual
md other damage amounts to about $800, with p],y i,„,n kept wicket with skill—
iver many   $.0IK) insurance, lhe   policy  being beld
Instructions How To Keep the
House Pest Down.
To assist iu waging a campaign
against the house fly, the Bureau of
Entomology sends out the f Mowing
"A careful screening of the windows
and doors during tbe summer mouths
with the supplementary use of sticky
fly paper," it says, "is a preventive
measure against house flies known to
every one, and tbere seems little hope
in the near future of much reliel by
doing away with the breeding places.
A single stable in which a horse is
kept will supply house flies for an extended neighborhood. People living
in agricultural communities will probably never be rid of tbe pest, but in
cities, with better methods of disposal
of garbage, aud with the leasening of
the number of horses and stables, the
time may came, and before very long,
when window screens will be discarded
"ll would appear from what we
know of the life history of thecomnion
house fly and Irom what remedial experimentation hae already been carried
on, that it is perfectly feasible for
cities und towns to ao greatly reduce
the numbers of these annoying and
dangerous insects as to render them
of comparatively slight account. The
health departments of most of our
cities have the authority to abate
nuisances dangerous to health, and it
is easy for the health authorities of
any city to formulate rules concerning
tlie construction and care of stables
and keeping and disposal oi manure
which, if enforced, will do awuy with
the houee Ily nuisance."
Express Ditched at Kenora.
Winnipeg, May 27—The Pacific
express, which arrived at Winnipeg
today, waa ditched 17 miles east of
Kenora, by the sinking of the track
for a long section. The express and
mail cars were the most damaged, and
injuries were sustained by Mail Clerks
Smythe and .lames. The registered
mail    was   damaged   to  the extent of
Free Miners' Licences
All free miners' lioencea expire on
May 31, und renewals must be made
before   that   date,   which   falls   on a
■uimivmi'iI   the    man
should bo carried oull
tho   sScottiah Union, and   issued by
the Revelstoke General Agencies.
The, first of a aeries of danr.es, given
under the nuspiccs of tbe management.
of Ihe roller rink, was held laat night.
In the rink with every success. About
one hundred dancers lurried out, the
floor being in excellent condition,
The Independent Band occupied a
position tn the centre of   the floor and
provided n good inimical   programme,
The affair wan voted a great success,
the cool building with ita lofty roof
and spurious Hour, lending itself splendidly lor snob pastimes In tbe warmest of weather, 11. Manning's refreshment booth was lurgely patronized.
magnetic skill, the viaitors said—for
of only 'ioe ball Hint psnaed birn a run
wan registered.
When Revrlntoke started inkling HO
looked very big figures to equal, but
the confident and free billing of Atkins arid Entwistle raised the local
hopes for a renpectahlo noore, putting
onergy into tho side, and later the
balling of Bourne, Shaw, Brooker,
Hunter and Maley secured thu valued
honor of a win of which the club in
itn revival infancy is justly proud.
Both Brew and Morrell were trundling dangerous Wicket  gutters.    Brow
Now is the tlinis to order your mill
Five loads und ovi't, $l.7i> per loud,
delivered at any point between the
mill und Kootenay Blreet,
Order at oflice of
notice that  I  Intend lo make
application to tbe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Hotel Ilea
tain, Beaton, B.C.,   for  the half   year
from .Inly lat, 1908, to Dec. 31st. 10O8.
For Summer comfort the Straw Hat is just the thing.
Keeps the head cool; is light in weight; looks jaunty and
stylish.    We have them from
$1.00 to $3.00
St raws arc a hobby with us. We won't sell you anything but the but you ought lo wear. The mirror will tell
you what we moan.
w ap50
Wm. Boyd.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing (during stage ol high
water) at Oa.m on Tuesday aod
Friday, for Downie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of RevelBtoke
Cartage Co.. Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m , and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for tbe Boat Landi.ig at 5:30
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects with tbe steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a in.
Comfortable berths and goal
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. BI39. Dates of
sailings may be changed 'without
Insurance Settlement
Kevelstoke, B.C., May 21, '08.
Columbia Aqbnoieb, Limited,
RevelBtoke, B.C.
Gentlemen,—I have to thank you
for prompt settlement by the Montreal-
Canada Fire Insurance Company, for
which you are agents, of my claim for
loss by fire at my laundry on 2nd ult.
t m 30 J. C. Hutchison.
Off The Beaten Track
Set ies of unique popular lectures
Hiss Ada L. A. Murcutt
Fellow of lhe Royal Scottish Geographical Society. One of the World's
Greatest Women Lecturers,
•SUNDAY, May__th,8,90 p.m.
"National Righteousness."
MONDAY, May 25th. 8 p.m.
"Japan and the Japanese"
(Methodist Church)
TUESDAY, May 201 h, 8 p.m.
"New Zealand, the Hume of
WEDNESDAY, May 2.1b. 8.80 p.m.
"Women of Other Lands"
(For Women Only)
WEDNESDAY, May 27th, 8 p.m.
"The Sweating System  of
Great Britain"
THURSDAY. May 28th, 8 p.m.
"Russia   and   Its    Island
Prison, Sagballen"
Admission to all lectures, Free, ex-
c-ipt Thursday nitrhl, when a charge of
26c, will be made. Collection avail
Free Lei lures. Vocal and Instrumental Music.
made to your measure at
prices ranging from
When having a suit mode by
us you run no risk whatever;
every- garment we turn out is
guaranteed to give, satisfaction—
to lit perfectly and at the same
time be strictly up-to-the minute
in style. Then, too, there is no
other establishment that will
give you a suit of clotbes of the
same quality, combining good
workmanship, at the price we
tylcr. Nothing but union labor
lieing employed, insuring you of
most perfect and skilled  finish.
agents wAnted
538 Hastings Street, Vancouver
Electoral District
A convention of the Literals
of Kootenay will be held at
Nelson, B.C., on *
Thursday, Jurte 4th, '08
For the purpose of selecting a
candidate to contest the riding
iu the next Dominion election in
the interests of the Liberal
The convention will open at
2 p.m.. and all Liberals are invited lu attend, but only accredited delegates will be allowed to vote,
The basis of representation
will he one delegate for every
60 votes, or fraction thereof,
polled at the lii.st'ilominion election. Properly accredited proxies wilt be recognized.
Nelson Liberal  Association,
F. J. Deittie,  Pres.
m 6 4t D. Proudfoot, Sec,


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