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The Mail Herald 1909-03-03

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 I"        — "  — '\
" Empire" Typewriter
Fur I.- se ul operation »nd perfect! n
in i -uiti pro-lured, ti-i- machine
is Ui.sui p i -sell.    Trice, $Bu 00 t'ash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   ■   Agents
The Mail-Herald
New Wellington Coal
E. W. 3. PAGFT,   MoKenzie Awe.
uv cnniaimijs
Vol. 15.^No 10
Provincial Librar
if REVELSTOKE. B. C. MARCH 3- 19011
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Saturday Night
No. 115
Children's All Wool Ribbed Hose
pure soft Cashmere wool. Perfect
black, all sizes 5 1-2 to 71-2 at per
pair 35c. or three pair for .
No. 146
Ladies plated Cashmere Hose,
full fashioned and shaped, absolutely seamless. All sizes, 8 1-2 to 10.
Perfect black, at per pair 40c. or
two pairs for     7Rp
No. Marvel
Pure wove Cashmere, black.
Cardinal, tans and browns (or children, sizes, 5 to 7 1-2. Silk 'oe and
heel, per pair 35c. or 2 pair for
No. 147
idles black or tan all wool
Cashmere Hose, full fashioned and
shaped, perfect colors, absolutely
seamless, at per pair      (\fl_n
Stores at Kevalatok* and Arrowhead.
Your Opportunity!!
Stock Taking Bargains ia a Good Liue
of Fnclish Enamelledware
75c. Blue Eoamellod Preserve Kettle now at toe.
85c. "           "              "            "              " 60c
♦1.00        " " "   6&c.
86c.      " "    Sauce Pan         ' Wk.
$1.00         ' ';    •' 70c.
sfl.OO "           "       "       "          "         "   " "5c.
See Our Bargain Table.    Always
Something Your Wanting
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario-
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branohei er Agents at all principal points In Canada.
A"eiiis iii Great Britain and Uuiteil states .London, England,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. Chicago—First National Hank, Cui-ii Exchange National Hank.   Seattle—Seattle National Hank, Ban Fran-
cisco -Wells Fargo Nevada National Hank.     Spokane- Exchange
Nalional Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of VI and upward,  received, and  Interest allowed at
*nt rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Reveletoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
26 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies'and Children's Winter Wear
Must be cleared  to   make room   (or
new Spring Stock.        .
MRS.    A.    CHICK
Messrs. Stark, McRae and Bain
Receive Reward Equally
Detective Goldbolt, Irom Savannah,
Georgia, on behalf of the Southern Express Cu., was in the city this week to
take charge ol the man Hull, alias
Sinclair, who was captured bere recently and arrested on a charge ol
cashing stuleu express orders, and fur
whose arrest $2011 had heen uttered.
Hull viaited several Btores in town
as i ell as the Dominion Express ullice, finally winding up at the Mcltae
Mercantile Co., and the chain ol iu-
crimiiiating cviducee against hiin being
Alter considerable discussion on
Monday as to the disposal of the reward, it was decided tbat the money
be divided equally between J. L Stark,
Dominion Express agent; K. G. Mcltae and Chief Bain, city police; each
of whom witb suspicions of their own,
eventually substantiated the charge.
Extradition was waived and Hull
consented to accompany Detective
Goldbolt to Savannah. The prisoner,
we unders and, is well known in that
part uf tbe States, hut is not a pronounced criminal.
Rory McLennan and Matsuda
Meet Tomorrow Night
The wrestling match, in catch-as
caich-c.iii style, helweeu Rory McLennan, ex champion ol B. 0., and M.
Matsuda, nf Vancouver, welter weight
champion uf Canada, arranged for tomorrow (Thursday) evening, will prove
particularly interesting. Rory is well
known as a fine, clean wrestler, his
past exhibitions on the mat being invariably successlul Matsuda, it may
be remembered,recently defeated D.iilv
of Tacuma, and is also well kuusn
The match will be the best two out of
time The sendees ul Joe McCrum
bave been promised, as referee, aud he
will be here if possible. Ladies are
especially and seats have
bem reserved for tbem.
To allay any rumor that may have
been floating round tbat Rory was
unwilling to meet the Jap, Mr. Mc-
Lennan called on the Mail Herald
this niurnitig, and emphatically denied that tbere was any truth iu the
report. "1 am here." he aaid, "and
will wrestle tbe Jap with pleasure."
At far as can be ascertained the
weights are, Matsuda 1451be,
nan MSIbs. An interesting contest is
Maundrell Meat Market Opened
this Morning   Up-to-date
The Maundrell Meat Market was
successfully launched this morning,
the handsome store on McKensie
avenue lieing thrown open to tbe public. Active preparations (or tbe opening day having been proceeding apace,
W. Abrahamson having the contract
lor tbe wbule ul the interior fittings,
wbicb are up-to-date in every respect.
The store presents a neat and attractive appearance, the stock Irom
Edmonton being uf the best aud displayed to gued advantage. The pre
mis f. beside the (ruut sture, consist
uf culd storage room, sausage kitchen
and cooked meat shop, as well as a
commodious ice bouse, the littings including all the latest appliances, in
scales, hangers, etc.
II. Maundrell, whu is well known in
llevelstnke ss a last butcher, is manager, being assisted by (I. Maundrell,
ami M. Fleetham as buukkcepcr.
The meat market is being run in the
interest ul the Swift racking Co., J.
V. (liiUm, ol Edinuntoii, being the
Canadian branch uf the Iii in. Tbe
management are c lideut ol a sue
cestlul business and request the publio
to keep iu cluse touch with the quality
ol their meet. Quality hss been first
consideration io tbe matter ol the
stock, snd the patronage of Revel
stoke is solicited.
Mr. IIII. Beutler will remain in tbr
oity snd look alter tbe supply and shipping depsrtment ol tbe firm's stock.
Hospital Report.
Tho matron ol lhe hospital has
banded in the lollowing report lor the
past month: Hospital days, ,142; patients treated, 27' Outdoor patients;
88; operations, 8; dressings, 121). The
matron also wishes to thank the following Ior donations. "The Crawlers"
hockey team, 100-lbs. Hour; Mrs. A.
McRae and Mrs. Lee, 2 jars ol fruit.
. 4t - - -
Ht. Patrick's Day Post Cards al
Hews drug slurs.
Wireless Triumphs—Important
Chairmanship— No Prohibition—Nelson Street Line-
Fatal Avalanche.
Cnif au 1 March 3—The lirst wire
Hss speci* ' rain ever run, arrived in
Chicago a. 8.25 o'clock on Saturday
from Buffalo, N, V. completing a sue
cesslul schedule by aid nt the Marcuni
system of aerograms.
1'aris, March 3—The Eiffel tower
station here yesterday received a wire
less message from Glace Bay, Nnva
Scotia. This is a new record in wireless telegraphy.
Ottawa, March 3.—Ralph Smith
will probable he appointed chairman
of tbe new standing committee uf the
Commons un Mines and Minerals,
thus giving British Colu ..bia the
chairmanship of wbat promises lo be
one of the most important cnmniitteis
of tbe House, lu the las' p.1 lament
ihe province had nu onniniittne chairmanship.
Nelson, March 3.—The city cuuucil
last night decided to buy out ihe
rights of the electric tramway, wilh
tlie object of starting the service
again. Whether tbo'city will opt rale
tbe s.istem or whether ii nill lease it
has not hewn determined;
Fkkdkuii ton, March 3 — lue provincial giivernnieut. yet-terd y ..ller-
1101111 refused tne peti'iuii ■ f ihe New
Brunswick Temperance federation
asking fur prohibition in the province.
Washington, March 8,—P.esideni
elect Ta't says tbe make-up uf his
oal inet will bs announced on Mnrch
5, when be sends the names 10 congress (or confirmation.
iNNsmiDCK, Austria, March, 3.—A
detachment nl six ollice>s and twenty,
live men of ibe Auatiian army wa«
overwhelmed by an avalanche near
La-France today. Troops line been
sent to lhe scene of the disi«ter. All
traius have been stopped at Brenner
VancoOVEH, March 3—Although
no definite informiliun regarding the
building of wheat elevators by the C.
P, R. is furthcoming from any uf the
Winnipeg ollicials who are here unlay-
on an inspection trip, tbe fact tbat
Mr. ileurgc E. Graham,superintendent
of terminals at Fort William, is with
tbe party and that be spent tbe gieater
part of the day on tbe wharves and
along the waterfront is tlie best evidence that the company bas tbe ele-
v.iinr question well in hand and that
some definite announcement will he
made in the near luture.
Government Will Put Issue Before Electors
Vancouver, March 2.—The officials
ol tbe Local Option League have received au intimatiuu from the Provincial Government tbat alter considering the arguments advanced by
tbe deputation which waited uu it
earlier iu the session and asked lur
legislation embodying the principles
of Local Option witb regard tn the
liquor trallic iu British Columbia, the
government has decided to submit the
matter tu the electors by a referendum.
On behalf uf th" 'ivernment it is
claimed that tbe course which it bas
announced prepared to follow is
similar to the course which bus been
billowed hitherto iu the east with ro-
gaid to the local option question.
Pool Tournament
due nl the features in indoor amusements this week will tie a handicap
pool tournament at McKinnou'a cigar
store, commencing on Thursday evening, March 4th. The entries close
this evening at 11 o'clock, no fee
being charged lor competing, except
tbe ordinary rate (or the use ol the
tables. A handsome cup, as well as
other suitable prizes, will be awarded
tbe winners. Tho tournament is open
to all residents ol Revelstoke. Pool
and billiards are two ol tbe best indoor
games amongst tbe many that are
played, skill, patience and science all
being required to attain proficiency.
The live tables in the McKinnon rooms
are all ol the latest designs and manufacture, and every facility has boon
provided tu ensure tbo comfort snd
pleasure ol the patrons. The tournament will prove au interesting attraction.
Concession Secured ^frorn Railways
Victokia, March 2.— Represeuta-
tatives from the fruit growers and
boards of trade of British Columbia
and prominent officials of the 0, P. R.
and Dominion Express company, are
conferring under the auspices of lhe
government us to ih» best methods
of advancing tlie Iruit Industry and removing soma of the disadvantages under which it labors, Yesterday alter-
nnnn a number of matters were drawn
to their attention, ohielly in the matter uf freight rules nt.d minimum
loads allowed on cars, in order to take
advantage if rales.
Some nf those were refused, others
were he'd over, and still uthers granted
The must important of tliese was the
reduction uf minimum weights for
which carload lots would he allowed,
from 30,1100 pounds to 24,000 pounds
un mixed cars of apples, pears, fresh
(ruits a d vegetables. As regards
rates generally, the result of this afternoon'* tl -mission appears that Brit-
inh Culu , bis fruitgrowers have not
much r..inn for complaint.
For Lace and Tapestry curtains,
.urtain muslin and draperies, go to
C. B. Hume A Cu.
Revelstoke to be Represented
at Seattle Fair
li I, Rruidhi tr, nl the Geological
Survey D pari,1111 nl of Mines, Ottawa,
is nt Nels. in, ami will visit all tbe cam | s
nf the Kooteuay mining districts lur
samples of minerals, ores, smelter pio-
ducls, e i: , for the Alaska- Yukon-Pacific Exhibition at Seattle.
These specimens will alterwards be
placed in the new national museum at
inin a ii" a permanent lisplay of tie
various .nineial resuiin . s ul Western
Cat a.'a
Th" ub] in nf this pariioular exhibit
will ppeal in all wes emera, and any
en tei-ii s and rendered Mr.
i.riMilla-nt in his snnci ssltil pioseoL-
tion of this w rk will lie cordially appreciated hy llie department uf mines
at Ottawa.
The I..cul Board of Trade bave taki n
the matter in baud also and will see
tbat the Bevelstuke mining district
will lie adequately represented.
lt is essential that the exhibits reach
Seattle liy the middle uf May tu be iu
place mi June 1st, the day ol the official opening,
Dire Event Prophesied Fourteen
Years in Advance
Boston, Mass., March 2—"A collision ul an unknown dark planet witb
tbe suu will terminate liiu un tbe
eari h,''said Pmlessor Peruival Lowell,
director uf the Lowell Observatory at
Flagstaff', Aria , in a lectin « teek
at    the    Massachusetts     Institute    ol
"The event will be prophesied lour-
teen years 1 elmc ihe catastrophe 00.
curs, aud chaotic cunltisinti will reign
iu tlio world duiing the days preceding tbe calamity."
Fleet nl font was Hiawatha,
He could shout au arruw Irum him
And run forward witb such swiftness
That tin)   shaft would lull behind him,
Flecl ul loot was also   Lunghuat,
Whu could bent Signur Dorando
From the land ul macaroni
From the laud ut organ-grinders,
From ihe laud ul sweet musicians
Whu adjust piano organs
Just beneath unr ollice windows,
Ami  tear out the Merruw Wiiluw,
Annie Laurie, Daisy Bell, and
Then the lunelul iulcrinoz/.n—
From Masosgnl'i lluitloan*—
All uf these nud many others,
Rendered by the gouts with earnings
Frum the land ol Sig. Dorando.
Fleet ul loot was Mr. Longboat
Who could train on Scotch and soda
(If there wasn't any Boda
He cuuld trai 1 Scutch exclusive)
And in looking n't r the recurds
Made by marathon perlurmcrs,
Made by English, Dutch, Italian,
Made by Yankee, Greok and German,
Mado by T. Longboat's aiicostois,
Wo arrive at the cunclusion
That the great lung-distance runners
Frum the days ul Hiawatha
Down to those iu this nought-nine
Hadn't anything uu Longboat.—Ex,
Canadian Curlers Victorious
Vll.I.ARH sua Ol.LON,    SWIT/.EKI.ANIl,
March I.—The Canadian rink, captained by James McDermid, today
won tho International Curling Bons
piel here. Fourteen rinks participated. Tho socoud prize was won by
(be Hiidderslield rink.
i.s  a  cut] of   the
l»ss^        Thi
ri.f™:'  >    firr^;.  It. Celcbl.ltcd       "1S.OOTENAY
Range " that is doiny
such excellent service in
many Revelstoke homes.
There i.s nothing to equal
it at the price and no
other stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay. We have them special) fitted with
oven thermometers and all latest improvements. Be
sure you lm. a Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries from
Groceries        Hardw.ire        Harness       Plumbing
New Stales on Tap.
^*        ^"^ ifyoudont
See whe^you
<~sk for it
111 io  nt Mi 1.  toitiiVlu
I »! 4111 isltl |i   ISS7
b. i. walker, PrssidsBt Paid-up Capital, $10,000.000
AltXAHDEB LAIRD,OsnsrslMau|si   Reserve Fund,   -    6.000,000
DRAFTS AND   MONEY  ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS   made in all parts of Canada and in foreign countries.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS,    Cheques and drafts on the United Statee,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     123
Automatic Shot-Gun Prohibited
VICTORIA, March 'A.—A bill having
fur its object the furnishing nl more
adequate protection lor the game oi
the province, was introduced in the
legislature yesterday by message by
the chiel Commissioner nf land. One
ol the cbiel provisi in ul the bill is
that forbidding the use uf the auto*
nmtic shot-gun.
The bill makes it an ufTencc to buy
sell or ntTer Inr sale the heads uf mniiti-
tain sheep, elk, mouse or cariboo   or
the teeth of wapiti or elk. The sale ol
protected birds or animals is prohibited
during the close season.
Nun-resident  hunters   may   obtain
licenses   extending   Irom Scpteinlier I
to July  15 ou  payment nlfiooia
license t > bunt bear, deer and gnats
lor any one month between Septemlier
1 and December 15, fur $26; and a
license to hunt bear iu tbe spring
between December 1 and July 16,
lor $25.
Choice carpets   and    linoleums   at
C. B. Hume A Co's. THE MA I f/HE HAL I), HEVELSTOKE, 13 0.
2 be  ADaiMfocvalb.
Huiristers, Solicitous,   Etc.
0 T T A \V A
Supreme^ and Exchequer lomt
Agents. Practice in Patent
Otlice and hei'oie Railway
HlJ.N    I   H M.I.K^.Ml-ltl'IIV,   \1.1'.
,(. ItKv *.i-•
r.AKKlSI Fit
Ofyjtftu :   lui tBiAL 1 ask h
BTmcR, B.C.
Hone] lu loan.
Offices; Revelstoke, l» i
ittU. I*. MoCiRTEK
*.. M. I'l.MiiiA.i LA. IUkvkv,
tiarelstolce L'ranbroofc B. r
il.UA.M  i.  I3K1GUS
Adjoining   the   new   Catholic   Hospital   und   College
Grounds, Stiulli of City  Park.
12 Acres of
Price $160 per Acre        $300 Cash
Balance on Easy Terms
This is :in exceptional opportunity to buy Choice
Revelstoke Property.
^^^^^^^1   Ii.u i i.--ii i
Soiiciim. etc.
S liciloi f n i
I'm-. Canadian Bank op (Jom.mkkck.
The Molsons Ham;, Etc,
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Snu veynr
McKenzie Avbnok,
c. w. o  w
Mountain  Viqw Camp, No. 229
Meet*  Seoond  uml   K..iirlli   Wodoosdays in cSulfcirk Hull.   ViMiii,   IVtiiul-
mull Luiantlly tiivitotl uiaiuind,
W, li. AKMSTKONU, Uon, Coin.
- .1   M.tN'lVKK. Ulnrk,
F. O. E.
The tegular meetiugfl are LbM lu tli« a«JI*iru
Hall every Tuesday evening at 8 o'olook
\ isltiag brethren a™ oordlally iuvited.
T. J. WALSH. President.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. M
Tho r*)«uliir ineol-
lugS Hrn held in tht-
Oddfellows HaU,ou
the third Mom lay in
each mouth at 8
p m. Visiting brethren oordlally welcome.
U. A. 1TJM L'NIEK. Skukktaky.
SELKIRK UHHU-: No. 12, I.O.O. K.
Meets every Thnri
day  evening  tn   Sel
I kirk Hull al 8 o'clock
1 Visitimt brethren are
oriiially invited to attend.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
backwardness in learning, dullness1 arc loadei
and perhaps supposed laziness and
such detects si on Id be looked into
and remedied before any chi Id is
put down as backward, and menially defective pupils cun thus be
changed into bright students. This
alone would justify tho expense of
medical inspection. Lighting, ventilation, lhe nature uf the book
print the children have to rend are
all matters which affect their health.
Children'lire not dullards or defective by the will ol the inscrutable
providence, but rather by the simple law of cause and effect. We
have the remedy and we must
apply it.
. N.ll.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
Ho. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
eX-l'l't    I   ,     •!   It L'-ltlL'Sll    I
itillell .»»
... .,'K.     Vlsltla
f'llrlUy     !ll-!|,'.l.
each mom n
Hull    nt
SMITH, I', I'.
ij   H.  BBOI K   K   of   U   A S
J   11. SI OTT, il. of r.
Zbc flDatt*1beralb
The winter months seem to have
the effect of making people untidy
anil dirty and less careful in their
habits in- regards the disposal of
garbage. There is no more reason
why refuse should be promiscuously
dumped out of the hack door in winter nn to the snow than on to the
ground in summer. Too many people illustrate Iheir feelings by their
actions, tor as the white surface of
the miiih covers up from sight all
trace uf that which is foul worthless and distasteful, bo does a smiling face and benign conn ten
bide [mil thoughts, it deceitful nature and a spiteful and vindictive
spirit. 1 Uii wi ,iro dealing with
concrete mat ti rs
abstract, though
up witb article-' and
statements in which the leaders of
one party are whitewashed, vvlyle
those of the other are perpetually
black washed. Thus they are cuii-
lirmcil iu liieir partisan beliefs, and
the truth iincolorcil seldom or ever
reaches them.
"This is one reason why in Canada we almost keep our gnvuin-
inentH loo long. In tbe United
Kingdom it is ditieronl. There the
great newspapers nre something
more than the nn in organs of political parties. I ii i give from duy
to day reasoned, independent uud
educated opinions upon the public
men and the public questions uf
the day.
''Tlie press of the United Kingdom never condones public wrongdoing or questionable or crooked
transactions iu public servants.
There is not there   one (Standard of
.   ..*"'
t'-i-   ■ j
tic&y jitmiDers
ABUSES OF  COMMERCIALISM 1 l««W.... _ Su. gradually, ibe gloom of
  | theology is j_;ivinn way to the  iiiiiovh
Value  for  Value   Should   be
Aimed at in Lile
Tic inosl serious danger bunging
over evorjthing in the civili/.cil world
today ii ciiniiuereialisni. It sn permeates uvcrytlii'ttj tbat one cannot
enj 'V anything. Avariciuusness is
iippiroi.lly the ore dominating priii-
oipil. Many i .1 cnta arc deliberately
plttnniiig io tx it, frum tbeir cliililren
sume kind uf Compensation f r what
tbey ilu fur Ilium lu life. Nut a few
try tn make lliuir cliililren whu are
minors, support tliemselves ami con-
tribute oi ilio ■( ilic family Many
girN itn 1 buys in liieir teens work
liartl mui itiligionsly curry home their
wages every day accepting from their
parents the pittance they allow them
to spend for tliemselves. lt is an at
together ilifl'eient tnatier however
il the ciiilil is desirous uf earning bis
own living ami helping voluntarily to
Mipppit his I.nnily. On the other
ImihI scores ot cliililren try all sorts ol
schemes tn extort money frum tlieir
[infills, nut infrequently ilemaniling
or bargaining lor reward for behaving
tlicmselve. properly, or for promising
to abstain frum different 1 inn uf vice,
l'arei.ts in innumerable cases agree lu
|nv tlieir children if tbey will not
stiioke. drink, guinlil ■ ur indulge iu
llie many tilings which are destined
to be f.tal tu tbem mentally, morally
morals   for   political   life and an
other for the everyday  life  of   lheLld  physically, thereby 0 titivating »
individual. Icommercial spirit on a w-ong basis.
"Hence it follows that in the l'.incipl" alone should helhe hasis
mother country the changes of gov on which to arrivi if moral perfeciitm
eminent are twice as frequent as Odu-i.e Irinnd-hips whieh prouipted
they are in Canada. The people
there are not more intelligent ur
capable than arc the people uf the
Dominion, but Ihey are more adequately   ami   fairly   instructed by
their  press,  and  consequently are j .,. ,,,   ., .,Mh. ^rvice has tu lie
moro independent in their vuiing.    tw„.,. ,H1,|   ,-...„■ ,„„, |ma things well
"The  press  of   Britain   is a fme ,(,„„.,   which   na*   led   mtheal si
press,    One-half the newspapers in  universal a)stem of c a'uiiics in o tit r
ICanada are   practically   subsidized  to   eurure   1n.1t   ncw-e.   which have
by the government of the day, and  been  p eviously  paid  for may be cur
labors with an  unreasoning zeal lu
earn ami increase the subsidy.
"There 1- hope in tin- lhat « hen
men h give Heir mii vim s In their
fii.-i.ii- nre aim. s in 11 ex.steut. Kor
neriicis, ti'iinerlv ie ilercd gratuitous
ll', .He 1    .1 It   giletl    . 11  a  ha*,* t,f   a  per
cent cum 1 11, according t 1 the ini-
port.une   ul   imi   service,      In every
rather  tbau  tbe  Ibinga have reached their « u-t wi
he simile  is yet  "Kl.v ''xi"'ci them to begin to mend
Never bef ire has thi press    i   1 ,m-
. ,.: been s        ilaved as dm nu lhe
the way   of   rubbish   can be seen,
mnvthl11   ""    PHll of Biiow i   «Ji*-janother   of   the   so-called  Liberal|,re sometimes   embirassing   becauee
appearing, lying around the streets,   ,......,-. .-  lewspapers   ....   the recipient* Uier discover that they
anes and   vacant   lots, mi 1 •-•        e .:.-..  turs    mill peeled  n.  reciprucate suun
interesting collection  il  may be no! middlemen  and party  henchmen,  on ace
•'. i__Fia5^1tti|i>
.' A.
Tt.^:o U xj much liti'l in tint be>l ul u-.
An-i ... maob »: I  u iho worstol u-.
Tt ft'. -.1 tut ■!;■ 1.^1 t»- nny >,r lie,
T.j talk the re-l .,1 us.
In every civilized country the
attention paid to questions of
health lias greatly increased during
'./ie iast few year.- and it has been
Wore tlutii ever recognized that the
foundation of   ellicieni citizenship
•■ inly be laid in healthy inlani j
an I condition? of health.! school
iu'e. lt in ... gi »d that scien I •
method) must be careful!} followed
in schools  brains must not be iver-
1 ■-.:  weal   •'.-imet   must  be ha ,-
lie   ■■;.-:.    idgnu nt and  i li
aii< 1  ,ii. I   to  ei 1 in the - ci 1 -.i
■i        pn 11: '    il   'h.    .-ace, skilled
■      1,   i| lins, bul   tbe lime is no«      >i 1 ■   ituver  pai
,, r the results
1 nealth in our schoo 1 , mil  I  •
id      mid     ai     '     '
i   the h    - will  be brought lo
•  • --uri      Medu ii evate public life in
_ zhl      -    ..    1   prai lice   besul . , 	
■.-; •  '. m  .nn.-  .11 twu things   hi
being un-..'nil.   .- also unhealth;
.1 lection  -.;  lhi     imn mil ■■ md
W'liv uut 1.ike a lit' i'- more troi   otic,    .-dnwh   Imi  Mirtlv
iepru   -...11 ol the 1 n; in i.
' lo place; our garbage where n can-| pen
■ -   'imb-i  wbirh wholesome life
, ..       ,    .      not   get   disseminated   .md   wnon
■ an  develop,     It combines in I :,.-
■ , 1    -,i.|i- have   11  removed      »cry
cumprehcnsive  ■""   ""■ iorw.ii,.M_,, 1
ricil     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Alisons  of athletic, and sports foi
tiie   amusemeut   uml development of
tlie race  iiiuiit be backed Oy oomiiier-
cialism, anil it   the coiiimercial side is
not wel. managed   tbe club, league, ur
1-- elation   fails, though   ihere   may
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lm.- i.e. 11   the   Hkiiln; iicliii'suu afier  ,„,.,,   >f mem tiers   Wedding presents
doubt tu a   rag  | ii
: 11   or be ex-
1  • ted   in    1 ins    The
habit   nf   com ign ug
'.-.. I lanes, is, lo ea
li .1-     ,1   it, di pr i ted, and   -
intereel   01   evi
:       leanliness   ol   tbe    lit;      I lie
sni a   ... loubl   wi II  co' er  .1 mul-
mi of approaching nuptials of
wi th the sole object uf increasing the; the J"""r-     I" ivery relali I   life
pull of thi
cannot Is -. ■ ,-■!■ t
cut   IB
tion of modern notions, nuil. perhaps,
alter a lime,   some  enterprising sky
pilot will introduce a sung  and dance
in   tinier   to   induce   the   wicked   t
move in by the throne
ol grace.'
Spring Wil Open With Renewed
Commercial Activity.
The year 1909 promises tie he a
haulier year iu the liistury ul Revel
stoke, if tin. signs ul the times arc
ri'iil aright. Willi tho opening ol
spring inert) ii every promise uf re*
tiewetl vigor in all lines :f limitless.
The contractors all report the outlook
m mi promising. business men, in
anticipation of n busy season are
arranging I >r large stocks ul tlie lute-u
guuds, and llie real estate brukcru are
already chuckling over profitable returns frum land sales, as indications
point to considerable business in that
direction. Tourist, trallic ibis year
will be above tbe aveiage, tbe popularity ut the mountains growing year hy
year as lias been demonstrated ly the
numerous enquiries Irom all parts ul
the c iiitincnt and Europe us to the
advantages and possibilities uf the
mountain resorts and attractions.
I'rutii reliable sources comes information that there his bet 11 an unusual
interest displayed in mining and
mineral properties, which, witli the
advent of capital, will be turpid lo
profitable account.
Taking these thing- into consider
lion, Revelsluke should take  lime  > y
the foielock anil  !.et   on   I lie  crest   11
tbe wave ,,i renewed cuiumeicialao-iv
ity and roll   forward   with   it.     On
opportunity   is   iippr..selling   aud   1
hell .nves   us tu take advantage uf it us
soon as possible
Miss Ada  Murcutt. the Noted
Lecturer. Led to the Altar
A wedding nf unusual interest took
place on Monday morning at the
Kirst Hiptist Church, Vancouver,
when Miss Ada L Murcutt, V. II ll iS.,
and Kev. A. T. Rohiuaon, M A , uf
Summerland, wrif united In marriage
liy Rev. Dr .Spencer, wbn is a life lung
friend of the bride The ceremony
was witnessed by unly ihe Immediate
relatives nl tbe In iih' and grooiu,
Mr and Mrs. Kobinson lelt fur Se
attic immediately after the ceremony,
anil after spending their linnryinniui
in a lour of the coast cities, will return
tli. inn 111 H mg of  '-v.-iy nu
ilism andtlies 1 1 he fact I and reg|da „t  . Cnnnestnga," R»v. Mr.
;    ""''    '•   "''  ' '■"■'I'l'i'i Kobinsnn's pretty home  iii  Summer.
-1   »">   •"'"' '"■'' " "'"'" * land     Miss Murcutt. is one nf the hest
>'«>   I ''•"""'"-'"'" '"'■"'•''- known   and    must   successful  women
r   ^                                                   '                           laid   on-r.-i .,,-, .1 in |,or,ureMOU ,,
sentiment of the country. IMarv ..biiuuiinu   the  battel  uml be
    coiitinciil    She is a
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^m    kiganuu   ibe   bene   11 .Millie I nRlivc lit  Victuria, Australia, and as 11
-'   •    ' -   ,   :        .  .1-   .igbt  result ol a very thorough early eduoa-
■'    «'"'    '    '    '  r|    l"*'"'   tion   showed  great   promise  and ora-
,;'' '   '"' ' torloal  powers that caused her to be
lacl    . in nmoh demand,    Rev. Mr. Robinson
An   EflltOr   aS   He  Was     Not   aS    no   in   ucol   years   n'sti been quite
,       -ing mhose
, .   ,    1 - .....  I :
- ollt
-    .
- llll
I ul   :.■    1 ■ • 1 ■ - j >• ti 1 t,    |.    •       ■   wn d.ilia's .ml Iiii y cents a
prominenl   in  litoraiy  us well as ri
ligi mi iv..rk.
Mnvinii I'ii'i.
nl    pi
aim   lhe functions
,A  the departnu 11U ..f  bolh health ,
am!   edui iti. Sim e   the slate
pruvidi -   f..r . dm .iiiuii uf all cili
sens .1- 1 mea ure ..f bi If protection
-11 alsu should it pu\ careful attention lu physii nl conditions,     The
iiiip..r' • of medical supeci ii ion
will he readily tinders! I when it
i.. remembered ilmi children are
iij.i.-.-eil logetber from so many directions and that consequently lhe
spread uf cominlinicable diseases
which ure thus more than ever
present, must be checked. Physical defects too in children have in
many instance! been the causea of
shortly 110 doubt, the police «ill he
mi lhe path ol tliese offenders, and
will rigidly enfun u lhe law, and
very rightly su, but il seem- bard
to believe thai such drastic measures will havo lu be adopted to
en-urn cleanliness.
.tim ,11/       A    nov    geuei . ion   ,-
rising        ...
ij   1 ■ b   pnrii.-iin-lii|.   ni   Llii
,1 ..,, ^^
1     I    1 .1..      a
ill   I,   1,. - UUI
- -   Uf]
The  lollowing   excerpt   Irom a
series uf letters written by an "1 lid
Tune Liberal " to the Halifax Herald is worthy uf careful consideration!
"It is an evil of the tiluiiH in
which we live that it very large proportion oj   tho   individual   electors
.    A ',.    1,1    .      -     ,
. ll.
.    _.- niiieii 1
 I    ..lllll   Will    III! glllll"   I ^^^^^^^H
hgeiii imiu'iii-in  in Iheir ihinkiug      , ,,,.    _,,,,,  ,.     ,,,,
' t m • while wi ipi  '" -  me
''"'.'-' . 1 1   ilise mid I 1 ■•."! and
  urn-hearted, leaves no nu y.
„. rewarded lor .1 lifi   ...  t«»*l   altli a
• hurt Iri •   obituary pllft    ill   III
papers       Bxohai g'-«   please   1 ipy
lush   rollings.
Race Meeting at Cranbrook
I in. directors..( 1 lib 1 Iranhrook Turk,
Limited, In Id a large moel mg this
week and decided upon n raci meeting
this «|inng, 1,0 lm belli May 24*25,
The   ollicials   bave  o|ieneil   m,  ■•litres
pondence with the loading horsemen
ol Western Canada und   the  North
WcHi.crn States, and sntiolpAtC one ol
the inosl. success! I meet nigs nvei held
iu this section ol this country, Attractive purses will hn put up and tbn
horsemen ol this vicinity fool oonfldonl
Ilinl there will   be a large   atlinilanee,
A Novel Plan
I in. lollowing Item In a
c night our eye
"A  parson  In Atlantic Oily Has a
novel way nf Idling  ms nhiireh.    He
preaches   In men unly   and allow* lhe
coiigicgatiiiii    In   Smoke   during    III"
services, and lightens the sorniorii by
IntrodUOing   moving   pictures  of   the
j'     yotfveyet
to learn the bodily
comfort It otves In
I the wettest weather
.,*,.. earn
AT All tOOll JTtmtS
Tmi CuuhmUbm
r., CAM.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
tJash Prices Paiu
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
llelow we give tlie number- for February thill lire entitled to lhu
ten Iii nilifiil uml costly 10!.) piece 1 liiliu dinner sets ive urn giving nwny
each month In lhe Users of ROYAL STANDARD "o^-
Compare your.coiipniis wiih lhe numbers quitted below, If ymi
find ynu hiivi1 n ilnplifiile return it to tl°, nnd we will ^bip yuu one nf
these In iiiniful dinner sels carefully packed ami fully prepaid.
38381  45782  29414  29998  43168
37677  31175  41614  31574  33149
li mui are not in ihe list Ihis iiii ii 1111 save ynur coupons, yuu mny
he next niontb. You may Iiud your number among the winners al any
lime. Remember tue coupons ure placed in the sacks as Ihey leave the
mill, and yuu arc just as liable lo win next month on one uf this
month's coupons as not. In the meantime gather all the coupons you
can. Ten must win each month, why nut you? Persistence will win
its reward.
The woman who buys ROYAL STANDARD "our i«
using the besi bread Hour that ski'l will produce or money will buy,
ami at the same lime she has the prospect of securing a handsome prize
cuch month,
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
wiih one ol our hands une parh reels,
upholstered in h gll grade silk, ur
tl musk, it Hit trainee that, ure in every
ii.. i etvabie design, aim made tn wear
null Hull' ly. We i live inuny new and
beautiful pari r set" and odd pieces lur
I'eu ii. dying tin- ho ne lh tt are taito
fn1, i tl. et ive anil inexpensive, and will
show ynur rooms n. ilm best advantage.
*JNmiyM&&Jifr&SZ> Hsl'*>
•*^ ^ -^"•JSt.nCK-        H.  HOWSON Sr CO.'Y.
Big Discoun
on all
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
UKAIl DKKII'K :   CAI.UAItY,   Al.llK.HTA. 1
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants 1
I'.nk Packers and Dealers In tilve Stock.   Markets In all lhe prlncl w
nnl i.iiieh mul Toivus uf AliicriJi. British Ooluliihla and the Yukon, jt
I'tekeis i.f i hi- Uelehiitted Brand " liiipeiut..i" Hams and Bacon, 2
i   mil "Shiuiiinik" lli-.tnil I,..itf Lird.                                    . f
<L-% %%-%•■%.■V-%%.%-V*.^%'%.%'%.'%'W%.^'%'%-%-%%'W%^^% %£
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
/__-,_____________- REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Stwlv built.        Kirst-cbiHS in every respect.     All modem conveniences
Large Sample liooina.
Hates SI.GO per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Quoon's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best V, ines. Liquors and
Cigars,    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
There Is Only One Bovrii
One preparation which contains all the nutritive
stimulating and flavoring qualities of prime beef.
Do not be induced to accept something else in place
That name is a guarantee that the article you buy"
really does contain these valuable qualities.
BOVRIL is exactly what you need to   increase
the flavor and "feeding" qualities of any dish.
Queens Jfotel
Host brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Tra\cllers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
Vancouver Acreage
Semi  I Inscription, Price and
Terms to
Andrew E.  Liddle
Ileal K-tate Agent.   Box   137
500 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
Hauutaot-ired fur all olassM o<  buildings
fnr ^kIp iu Urn** nr -^mal! qumiUlUo
,u tin) lowest price* f>>r chsIi
A] IcihfWot buildliiiiand plnsierliig
undertHk" i.
This applies wbh as inueli
.is in nny other business.
The   Ciliupailles represented
in   thi-    office    have    Guild
li, emil- uml  are in position
in Kive
Low Rates and Good Security
Km t'u I particular* apply tu
The Burden of Loss
would nut lie su heavy if yuu
were properly protected by a
uond Kite Insurance Policy.
If ynu are not now insured
yuu should tfive the mat ter
your Immediate and serious
consideration. To pu uninsured is to court disaster and
serious financial loss. Otic
terms nre most liberal. Let
us tell ynu about oiir policies.
Real Estate anu Insurance
REVELSTOKE,   11.   C.
Certificate of Improvements
'• Pluto aud QaliUeo Miuoral claims   situate in
tho Trout Luke Mining Divisiou nf Weft
Kniit'iimy District.
I Where  located:—On Divide between Caaoado
uml P iplar (rooky aud  about H mile frnm
A- A K- Railway.
I    Te-Ve uotice that 1. O. B N, Wilkie acting as
BKont Tor Edward Baitlle, Free Miner's t ertifi-
| catn No. B88393, Iuteud, sixty days  from date
hereof, to Hpnly to tlio Miuiug Recorder for h
(Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obta ninff a Orown Grant of fbe above claims
And  further  tako   notice that nctiou,   under
section 87, must be commenced before the lasu*
mice of such Certificate «jf Improvements.
Dated this Ith day of March, A.D., IW.'.
0. H. N. WILKIE,
foli 'Jl Tmiit Lake.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Kri. Jan. ifl) En, ul Brit.
Sal. Fob,   il Lk. Chuinplaln
Kri. Kcb  Vi Kmp. nf liel'd    Jan. 21)
Kri. Kcb. '2)1 Kiup. uf Britain Keb. 12
Sat. Mar.   tH Lake Ki ie lull. 17
Fri.Mar. ISBmp.o Ireland Keb.28
tut, Class .ind. Class   ltd. Class
$8.- .so   $4H 75 $31 >5
IS!. Class und. Class 3rd»| Class
$b.i 00       $)l 511 00
Othkr Lakh Hoatb—
-2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 OU $.|0 OO
Cheap ratea to Atlantic Seal» ai'il
points in oonneotlon with steamship lieketH
Poasengere   booked  to   Italy,
Norwav. Sweden, Antwerp,  Hamburg and   all   uther continental
For further Information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,   C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.n.l'.A.
Itevelsinke, H.C.      Viitininiver ,B.O
Tt'sleil slock, Seeds for
I'm in, Harden ur conservatory, from the best
growers   in   England,
Kiituce, Nulla ml, tin-
Unit e il s tales, and
Canada, Kruit and
Ornamental lire, small
I'ruilB, home grown.
I'Vilili/.er.H, bee supplies
Npiaying materials, cm
llnweiH, etc.
140 Par. Cataloffuo  Froo
M.   J.   HENRY
Green IIouscb and Seed Houses
3010 Westminster KoacI
Bevelstoke Lund District.
District nf West Kootenay,
Take Notice that Ku-let-ick Willi un
Lindsay, nf Ouuihuine, H. 0.,
occupation, nieirli tin,intends to apply
I'm pi'i-iiiiHsion fn purchase the following tlesciibcd land:
Commencing at the ninth east cur-
net' of A. 1). MacKay's pre-emption
Nu 7,81)5 and marked'" It. W. Lindsay's N. VV. Oorner Post;" thence abuut
8 chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption; thence about, SU cbains
Bouth; thence about H ohains easi to
MacKay's side line; thence north aliout
ju chains tu point of commencement,
containing 40 acres more or less.
Boiiriiii'k William Lindsay.
Dated .Ian. 25th, 11)00.      feb _JI
llevelstnke Land District,
llislrict uf West Koolenny.
Take nolice that Walter P. Couture
of St. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
piiutec, iuleiiils tu apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted along
side of the re-entrant south-west corner post of Lot 7H70: thenee west 10
chains along the soulh boundary of
Lot 71170; Ihence south ID ehains;
thence easi II)  jhiiins; thenoe ninth In
chains tu puint nf oominenoement,
containing ItH) acres.
Wai.tkk P, Confakr.
Date: December 8, won.       JanO oud
te,      r; r >. I
Revelstoke Assessment District
Notloe is hereby given, lu accordance with tbe Statutes, thai Provlnolal Itcvenue Tux and assessed taxes
antl   ini'iime  lax,   assessed   and levied
under ihe ''Assessment Act" and
amendments, are now due anil payable for the year IIIIIII. All taxes cul
leotlble for ilu? Revelstoke Assessment
District are due anil payable at my
ofllce, situate al llevelstnke. This
uutice, in  terms of  law, Is eqtllvalenl
to a personal demand by me upon all
persons liable for taxes.
Dined at  Revelatoke, Stb January,
HUH). %
Deputy Assessor and Collector, Revelstoke Assessment Dlstriot, llevelsloke I'osi Ofllce.'.i lUtl
Rovoilloko l.ntnl lll.trlcl.
Dlstriot Ol Wost Kiiiili'tiav.
Take niitliu Unu I,   (     |{. I ami. ol   M
npnllN.  ii|.|.|i|iHtliin   mill   OWD0F,   Inti'ti.I   .
•I'liiy im iH'tiiiiminii tn purobHSlbslullo"""
iIunitIIm-iI 1 mi.1.
I..11011.Ml. Inr .1 ll pOII I'lHIIti-.l lit   tlio .until
winl   OOtllU "I  lei   7i'.«B   .ml'   H.
1.mui,'h  miiiiti.i'ii«i oornor poal,1 ihtneo m
. Iiiii 11 ■. nurth, lie 1. .111 lutl 11* mut, 1 lion' f Si
.Iiiiiii- loilth, tlinni'i. 'Ill 1 li.Iiiii Nil tn |Milnl nl
|.|imiii(inri'iiii.iii mul ciiiitiiiiiiiiK Iti »oral uori
nr leu.
I). B   n   Wilkin, A,. Ill
li.o-.l Konembur J«Ui. i.«i»
Well-known C. P. R. Men Off to
South America
To defy the snows of the Andes by
erfOtilig ut altitudes varying from 12,000 11 14,000 leet, where
the Buenos Ay res fi Pacific. Railway
crosses the backbone uf the continent,
Messrs I. E Gritfith, ol Golden, and
Ueurge Reisteen will leave Vancouver
on March 10th. Ten days liter they
will sail trum New York fnr Buenos
Ayres attl iusile of the next mouth
they will be showing 1 he ei gineera of
the South Ann titan hue how to juggle
Willi .the gigantic snowalides ol lhe
Mr. Giillith was engineer of construction on tlie mountain section of
the C. P. R when the snnwslieds in
the Ruckles were built, and he is an
expert in that line. Fur many years
he had been government agent at Gol-
deu. Mr Risleen is a veteran pass-
senger conductor on the l'nc tic division
ol tbe C. P. R. He is a resident 0!
Messrs. Griltith and Risteeu will be abuut eight mouths.
Most Feasible Route
The attitude ul every resident in the
Revelstuke District is une ot welcome
to the advent uf railrnads, and with
the exceptional advantag a of tbe
route Irum Athabasca Pass from Edmonton to Vauoouver ul the C. N. lt.
via Big Benu, Revelstuke and Vernon,
which are being held out by tbe Ho ird
of Trade to tlie Cauadiau Northern,
there seems every pissibiliiy of this
mute being ehosen in preference to
any 01 ber, owing to its easy grades,
tlie (act that it mill open up a rich anil
valuable country, its shortness as
cu npared to other routes and
many uther -features in its lavur;
and there is every reason why
assistance, both ur. the part of the
government as well as the municipalities u! Revelstuke and Vernon, to
tbis the must important railway pro
jfcet in British Columbia, should nut
lie given
C. P. R. Industrial Department
Mr. Wm Whyte, secunil vice-president nl the C. P, li , in a letter lo the
Boatd ol Trade received yesterday,
acknowledging s resolution Irum the
board thanking bim lor the establishment ul the C. I' R Iudusliial Department, says: "The desire ol this
company mid our aim is to prumute,
by a1! means in uur power, the welfare
ol tlie country, and especially ut the
towns and cities through which our
hue pasi-es, and I trust that the industrial department may be ol service
in promoting the bt'Bt interests ul the
ouuntry and your lair city Revelstoke.
•• Dolly Varden "
"Dully Varden" was staged on Satuiday night by the San Francisco
Opeia   I'u    ill the upera house.    The
play  i«  charmingly pretty, the pint
being laid in the reign ol King George
I. ol England and abounding iu tlie
ploturoiqus chirsclcristicH nl old
time customs. "IJ illy Vnrdeii " is a
high olsil muslotl comedy,the musical
numbers   being  catch   or   pretty, and
admirably rendered by a strong oborus
The f attire ol me piece was tlie
wealth and profusion ul haudsume and
elaborate oostumes ol the eighteenth
century style. The leading rules were
well tilled, Teddy Webb, as usual being
the favorite as "Lord Uayspaik." Miss
Mabel Day made a refreshingly charming "Dully Varden,'' ber acting and
singing lieing especially delightful her
hits being the "Lay nl the Jay," and
"Three Tiny Words." Mr. J. Russel
Powell as "Jack Fairfax,'' was in line
for 111. his bass solus being well ten
tiered. lhe hit uf lhe evening was
"Put me Among Ilu IJ i r Is," by Teddy
Webb and a charming bevy ol chunm
girls. The ol tier purls were wel! sustained and the audience were trean il
tn us line an exhibition ul churns
singing as his been heard in Revelstoke The "Friioltni" return eu-
niig ment will le eagerly looked fur-
ward to.
Bill Miner's Pal Captured After
Two Years Freedom
J. W. Olirk, who )esoaped from the
New Westminster Penitentiary with
Bill Miner, un Annual. 8th, ISI07. !ihb
been captured at. Mt Vernon, Wash.
Clark escaped, in company with" Bill
Miner, W J. Wood and A. P. Mc-
Olusky, antl no trace had been found
of any of th- qu irtette ti'l a few days
ago, when C nk. whu had been living
in Mount Vein..11 for some 'inie, was
irie; tilled by Sheriff Stephens of that
Clatk was serving a three-year term
Inr forgery at Nanaimo at tlie time nl
his escape, and had been in prison but
a year when ha gut away.
Clark is suid tn have informed the
Muuut Vernon authorities that Bill
Miner anil Woods me at present in
Off With Five Thousand
SASKATOON, Saek., March 2.—Considerable astonishment was aroused
here this looming when it was learned
tbat Frank Lee, teller of the Northern
Crown Bank, was missing, along with
some live thousand in cash. Lee is a
young fellow who was well liked aud
trusted. About ten days ago ho got
leave to visit bis mother in the east,
who was reported dying, aud le't lnir ,
rieldy. It is rumored that along wiui
Lee a strange woman went ou the
same train, iuspectir Yule, ul Winnipeg, uud K. R, Morgan, local mana
ger, said nothing this morning beyond
that they looked tor the bonding com
pmy to make gnnd the shortage. In
addition to being teller, Lee ivus alsu
acting accountant, and it was ea-y for
him to cuuk tlie hunks and cover up
his shortage.
Modern Merchandising
The merchant who looks at delivering his goods and getting the money
as the unly thitig which is related tu
each transaction, lias a very iinpurtant
lesson tu learn in these modern caysuf
merchandising. There are those wbo
differ (ruin ue iu I his, anil say, : Business is business, and friendship liiruis
uu part uf it, admitting that it is all
business aud that your costume- gels
value equal lu his money, his patronage is nevertheless to be considered
and solicited, apart (ruin his money.
Between the twu we may nut be
able tu make lhe distinction 4 nckly,
bui there is a distinction, nevertheless;
and lie whu bas carefully st tidied the
philosophy ut homu trade can deline il.
A customer's money is unly a mutter
ul the munieiit, and only has reference
tn the particular transaction, but bis
patronage, his good-will, bis inlluence
are ul paramount impurtance, fur
which we should be willing tu forego
very much, that ha may Ihi retained as
a permanent customer.
A negro minister un being asked
what he thought ul Hie 1 llicacy of
special prayer replied lhal it ilepondtd
a good ileal un what yuu pray, d fnr, as
be had iiuticcd "when lie prayed de
guud Lord lo send une ul Massa'
Shelby's turkeys fur de uld man" It did
nut cume, but when he prayed dat he'll
"solid tlie uld iiiiiii (ur de turkey" his
prayed waB always answered.
Eminent Violinist
Miss Marie Hall, llie eminent viol
inist, the greatest violinist perhaps
the world haa ever kimwu, whu linlda
witli Paderowski the British recurd Inr
pbeuniiieiial receipts anil successes, is
nuw making a tour ol Canada iu a
series nf concerts, antl will shortly appear belore a Rnvcistukc audience.
Miss Marie Hall has visited nearly
every cuiintry in tbo worltl and has
received the same Iren/.y of applause
wherever she bus played, and a visit
here will be much appreciated anil
eagerly anticipated by Revelstuke
lovers ul music.
For Sale
I will sell 1 wo ul   my   houses un 8td
stieet,   Suiilh   ol   McKenzie  Avenue,
lull two   atury   with   lurnaccB and nil
modern   Improvement!,     Terms res
unliable.     Apply lo
Corner uf  3rd St. and MoArthur Ave
Thos. Morgan,
A 1 -■ ■ '   Din -  and W  oil S uu Wi    •
1: II..0   ■..   .11  In.     I.  I i;  II g
i'i,-- I'    .. , .,,..   I'.,, 1, ,1 in.
\V     o   |.' . |. ,; .._.   „   ,|    |.' . ,.    v,     1,   ,
IS • 1    I . .    I)  ■ _.'  -   ■ .1 . -   ...      f
)ddre3$,Y M.C.A. !;evelstoko
Ki-vi l.-ii-i- l.iiiU Disliicl.
Iii •■ 11 •   in   U'csi K .my.
Take noli ,. 1 iiul   I I.n is .1. LuCiiisI ,
1   Xi kn- p,  ot't'.upul ioi.   '   '"' keepei.
nl, in is  11 apply fur perm pin
ch ise 1 he following ilu ,. muds:
l' tnini'iH-ing nl 11 pusi il nlcd ill
noi'lh-easi corn rut' Loi "SOU, thenee
West UU 1 Iiains, I hence north UU chains.
Ihence cam Ul) chain*, thence south UU
lull us In place of cotomoncQiucnt, cun-
liiiuing ISO novel more in less.
Dated Keb, .Sib. Minn.
feb IS      IIauuy Jambs La Brash,
Notice is hereby given that, at lhe
expiration of llireo months from date
hereof, application will be made to His
Honour, the Lieutenant Governor In
Council for un Order in Council changing the iiuinc ul' Woulscy, l,e|.'eaux \
Cunipany, Limited, to "Lefeaux &
Sutherland, Limited."
Dated Ibis 8th day of February, 1900,
II.MtVKY,  Mt I'AltTKK ,V   I'lNKllA.M.
may 12
Solicitors for the said Company,
Rovelstoke Land District,
Dislricl of West Kootenay,
Take nnl ice thut Annie Louisa I'op-
litu of llii/.clivuiiil, West Virginia,
til-cup,ii ion married woman, Intends
lu apply l'"i peruii-siou to purchase
the lollowing descrilied lands:
Commencing al a posl planted at
the sumh west eurner of Lot 7MKI:
thence suuilt 20 chains; Uience east '2D
chains; tbenee south 211 chuins; thenc
easi Iti chains; thence north It) chains;
tlience west lil) chains lo point nf cnin-
inenr. nii-iii, containing 200acres,
ANNIE Louisa ('iii'i.a.n.
Date; December 9, 11)08. jnnil Iiild
Certificate cf Improvements.
Kingston, Maggie R, Tongue, Senator,
and I'ii.tock Fraction Mineral claims,
Hiluate iu the Lardeau Mining Division ni West Knotenay Dislricl.
Whore located On the western slope
of Lexington Mountain near Cam-
In une, B. O..
Tike notice that 1, K. R. Blochber-
ger. K.M.I'. No. B, 2111)22, agent for the
United Kingston Ou^d .Mines Limited
nun personal liability. Free Miner's
Certificate No. B 91342, iutend sixty
days from date hereof, tu apply tu the
Mining Recorder l'or a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Ctown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 3?, must be commenced
befure the Issuance of such Certificate
of Itiiprnveitieiits.
Dated this 21st dav nf December,
\.D., 10118.
K.  K.  Bl.ut llliKlttiKIt, Agenl,
Certificate of  Improvements
Last Chance and Lust Chord  mineral
claims, situate in  ihe Trout Luke
.Mining Division uf .v'est Kootenay
Where   intuited:   At,  head   of    Coon
Creek.   No rlli   Fork   of Lardonu
Take  notice that I, O. li. N. Wilkie,
iieliiiii 11.1 agent for Henry XV. Soldo!*,
Free .Miner's  Certificate No. B0104o,
intend, sixty days from date hereof,
iu apply lu ihe.Mining Recorder for a
Certificate uf  Improvements,  for the
purpose uf obtaining a Orown Grant of
the above claim*.
And further take uotice that action,
under si ciinn 'Al, must be commenced
before t lit- issuance of such Certifloate
of Improvements.
Dated i his Uth day of January, A.
I)., WOO.
jai.miud 0. H. N. WILKIE,
Revelstuke Land Distriel..
District nf West Kooteuay.
Take uotice tbat George II. Frank-
Conor of Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college prolessor, Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described l;i11-1---
Commeiiclng nl a pusi planted at
tin-1sunt hen -I curneruf '"' "liSII, thence
west  IH)  ch,tins  more   1. ;o the
boundary of loi 7(171): Ihenci soiub 2n
chains; theuce east 00 ehuins more or
less In tin* sliure of Arrow Lake, thence
along said shore In a northerly direction 20 chuins mine ur less tu point of
commencement, containing 12U acres
mure or less.
tlKllltll...  II.   KltANKKtlKTKIl.
Date; December I), HUM.        janD UOd
Revelstoke I ..unl Distriel.
Dislricl of Wesi Kootenay,
Take uotice 1 lm 1 Frank G. Win I or,
of si. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
niiTclinni, Intends lu apply fur per-
mi sluii in purchase the following do
sciilicd lands:
I'liuinn-nciiig 111 11 posl plan led 111 Ihe
sniiiliivcsi corner uf Lot 7000| thence
tvesi 00chains) Ihence north 80 chains;
Ihence easl   HI chains; tlience soul h IU
olialns: thenoe easi 20 chains; llionco
south I" chuins tu point of commencement, containing 100 aores,
Frank G. Wintkb,
Dale: December II, IU0K. jondflOd
\,iinr i-i hi-n'iiv (fiven thtil |HiiMi.uii to
lho provision* ol Chapter 155 of the St/it-
ut«H of Cunmlft 7*8( Etlwurcl Vi I, Shuswap
und Thompson Kivom Boom Company
have filed In Ihe ofllce of ihe Dominion
Lands Agenl al Kamloops H.i*., and in
Lhe ofllce of The Honourable Ihe Minlstci
of Public Workmil OtlawRj Ontario, plana
and HpeciflenlioiiH of certain booms and
other works proposed t<> he constructed
by Raid Company in. over and along lhe
North Thompson Rivor lu tin* KamToopn
Division of Yalo Distriel In the Province
oi British Columbia and thai on the 10th
dav of February 1 I999» al Lhe hourol 11
o'clock In ilu1 forenooui or so soon there-
after as the application can be heard,
application will l"' made by the undersigned lo His Excellency lho Governor-
iii-Council at OMawa, Ontario, loi hie
approval lo bo given to such plans.
Daled ihis 4th day of Dri't'inhcr, 1908
sut swap and Thompson Rivbm Boom
By Otto Lachmundi Sscretary.
Dec. 9, bo d
:: ; ;; :<:   PRICE
%» m
Sn( |i.,tr. Su Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
A Canadian Madi   Writing  Machine
Fur ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced the " EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" KM l'i UK" eiubodiee
no complicated movements,
while ils maiiif.'.ding alignment, margin ', facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it tlie typewriter pur
The" EMPIRE" needs less-
cure than any other machine
because there arc fewer parts
to he cured for al.-o due to the
strong lines uf simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began u-ing the
EMPIRE Typewriter i'.
1896, continued to add to the
number, and new have in
constaiii, use more than 700
of tliese machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promp'lv
and Neatly Lxecutcd
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Every dav brings New Goods.   See these lines if you are interested in
■-•■i-;.;    Bemhn^s,   Kil-iuu-.  (ui-ii  eovei
Kiubroidry.    Krom be <i \ u*<l up.
New Prints
imi  Grafloiu   English Print.     Vim
.   n.i   better and .1  guarantee goes
with every yard.     Price per vnu! 124 cents.
New Dress Fabrics
Alexandei ( InlM   I'tiiiauiio, Lustres, Plaids,
All selling at 23 pi i cent, tli.seotint.
Wash Goods
N. w    White    W'.ii-Iiii;;--     i-lllll;:    limit    Hie.   II
yard ti  25c pel yard.
New Corsets
i im (   i .-•'' stock is now  uuiiipleU)  in every
ik»tail.    All tht? iipw   ityk'     Directoire,  etc,
Curtain Muslins
Madras, Spot Muslina, Muslin-- with frill
edge. New Two Tone Swiss Ourlains, While
.-ind Dream Laco I'ui-t.iitis. Prices from
si.un  u p.ih   up.
Shirts and Soxs
Having bought n tmvoUers smuplus al n
u'llniiinii wi« i an sell these at just the manufacturers price, ihis is ;t snap- See utir
window  for prices.
If ymi are Interested iu old odd lines of
winter goods, wo aw pulling all theno lines
ni jusl half price, Flannelettes, regular 13c,
HUM- Tim Wrapporettes, 20c,, nowllo.i Ladies'
Waists ni .'hu-. each! Child nnd Missus Drawers
7.V.. ti.iiv .'i.ii-,: Chlldteu's knit uiidcrdrawurs,
25c, each. 1 iild sizes iii Cueseih, regular$1.25
now 50c.
All lines greallj reduced. Wu guarantee
yuu lower priees and heller goods.
Heal Estate, Insurance uml Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
> Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
> 0000000<KHXK>000<KK>000000 (
Pure Drugs
combined wilh catelul
compounding, prompt
delivery nnd reasonable
prices are I lie factors
which have built up uur
business to it" present
immense proportions.
Bring your next pre
scription here if ynu
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, March 3—Mild, with
probable lower temperature; anew.
Temperature, max. 36s ; min, 21°.
Local and General.
We aim   to  keep  only   tlio
(lur Bread, Cakes mid Pastry
best in Groceries.    A trial  order
are made fresh every  day,   when
will   be  appreciate!   as we.   are
tired of  your  own   baking,   try
convinced that we can save you
ours for a change, you  will  Iiud
it very Bppet'/.ins.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
lonighl nt the Edi-
Q Till
prog rami
. ....
irnamen:    at    McKinnon's
- ire    commeuciug    tomorrow
igh      Entries live.
TheLid'n-  Auxiliary to 15 R T  will
giv* a dance in  the opera house, A| nl
Particulars later.
l'bi saw anil hammer will be much
lipord this spring according to reports
-  ni li cui contractors,
K  H. Trueman will visit Revelstoke
..   Motiday   March 16tb, and will be
di > ., Btudios for about three weoks.
Nice Five   roomed
House lor     $1,800
Nice   Six    roomed
House for    Sl.^OO
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of  Insutv
Agents for the cei,>
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
l)i v Uedar, Iti inch lengths, full conl of 12S cubic feet—$5.60 per curd.
Dry Hemlock, io inch lengths, full nurd of lis cubic feet—$7 por cord,
Special ipiiii.iliuns on four foot wood and on  large
orders for stove wood nf nny length.
This it. eipinl iu nny tlumi'i- Manufactured  fiom  hard   run I.
lie soft ci ml uu llie market.    Nu Tbe besi nud cheapest   fuel un
clinkers, mid makes very liule lhe market.    Pree sample given
smoke, to any who have not tried it.
$8.50 por ton $8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, ita
Just received Carload of Prairie Hay. Another
eai of Timothy Hay on the road. Leave your
orders early if you want any at the old prices.
Wc have the Best Butter in town, a trial will convince you. Also Fresh liggs and a good line of
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
* *
* t
Kirst-clas-i   programme   tonight  at
. the Kdison Parlor Theatre.
Tomorrow is Inauguration Day in
the United States, when President
Tuft will assume the Presidential
chair. The usual inaugural bill will
be held the same t veiling.
.   .     ,.        ,       Active   preparations   for   the
|'l„ : ulies of  the  Catholic  Cburob  Iilniniiri9a for^bo conetruotion of
am pn |ianng an excellent programme
: ihcii annual St. Patrick's concert
iivei'iimenl   traffic bridge
: Columbia   river here  are
Kntries   fur   tbe   McKinnon   cigar! nnd  work  will  be found
st m |  tournament close thiB even-  number of men this year.
ug at   11   o'clock.   Games commence
acrusa the
u niler way,
fnr n  large
tomorrow night.
Fi und—Ou   First   street,   opposite
Oriental H tc!   . pearl brooch. Owner
can   have  smut'  by  proving property
nd paying charges
•,. • ivi   •• it ire   :' st    Patrick's  en-
■ .-■   an ■ i     M n ■'  : 7th  will I id
gs       .-        .   by living picture" in
■ i    . .     ■.. ihadi wgraph.
D McCarty hai tbe contract  fura
a a use t     be    cted   I n
H   i ister, up   McKen/ie   avenui
i   ining the rccreati in gn unds,
pi || Jj ;._- i    bi  uch,    .i    '.IcKei
.,.,   .-       i ■.. ai     ;..-..   ■ .in.- by
ipi viug   at     . ■ ci   Stati io and
proving tbeir proi«ertj   u     |   (ring ' I
• -      ... :1.      ... '
It ' -.-      - -•-'      it Hie I
•   i. .   i. , |       .   Pacil ■ •'!..
I] ■.: y •: ndi    aki   tin   build Dg
:... •,..■■ ridge, a      lhal   il will
• ■   >tl  ICl    ■•    1"   the
.i.c . ■• ■'  -
V»         ■ n       tilling tn
u pil       rood wil
:  i stales  thai
.-. . rj     i■• ing plai cad Ioi
l   ... --.K.      luttthinl    ' .i      '• man
.. ,1    •_.• gi t li .i li with
ii post r a bi 'ki n ol i
; .... ,-'     .;,!. ace, which lor
....    u beeu ti mu ■■ d bjf tbe
..  (|   i tbi      .il ii-i.k.
• ,    i,. i.   mcaU :, the memben Rod
g it mon ■ ical and - itiaactory
I . .|^|     mil 111-       .    '
lit • _. • t  that  ' lie)     ive  bei n   thia step, loi  many a
...     .   ■   i been -|-
! auk :    ... ,    ii .  . ..-
'•Ul     ii       . i    .i iiii ii- yet
i • -: v.. lorgi i  leal wn lorgel
1 ,:    >i   Parloi   Cheetre Ion igh I
Moving pictures tonight.
i living 11 theoontinued su(t weather
the   Kiiu.T   Chur?h carnival bus been
indefinitely postponed.
Mrs. A, C. Crick is having her sture
building on First Street and Camp,
bell Ave,, removed to a site un Fust
Street ueur Orton Ave.
The city have just gut iu a supply
u! Tungsten electric lamps uf 50 and
Iiii) candle power consuming only as
mucliciiiient   ai   a   lli   aud  32c p.  respective!.?.
Tbe sitting  of  the  County Court,
I wbicb   wae   to   have   been   held   oi
Thursday   March -ith   io  the city, has
been   postponed   111! Thiirad.n   Mucb
' I 11lm.
Social and Personal
I'lie   latest   addition    to   il ity
amusements is uow being installed, in
the lurm uf a rifle shooting gallery
iii.:i-l, i- situated on 1st street between
Bourne Bros, hardware stnre uml .1. II.
Armstrong's boot making establishment Tbe proprietors ar, frum
' in 1'. trad ij night laat, E Co. R.M
R   ... .. at hi uu-  li  t::- drill  ball ;    i
settled  »• a    infer
-I.I  at
■ ■ ■   •   tbi   .  ,c.
ticulary good including exhibitionToi   ' ' '   '   '   •'''■'    l>1'
a   ■■   ■ d   ni. i.. • • .    ',--- - .■ ,i ti,,. j, ||
Indian • lub iwmgin :, "tc. R, Lang ia an
■■ i-   eighty
It i- pr i tbli that tbe double daily
trans© utin i li train service
Montreal I ■ \ ancotiver   a II   a
M iy iii     Tl   ■   inmlti i
large ntimber ...   Hi, ml-   u   i imok Dg     " '" :      ''
concert.      \   vane,!   and   interesting   v 28Dt"1!™  '
programme   passed   a   most pleasant    V°?}*!*_   Mar_':
evening, some oi tbe itema be   .
Moving pic ures tonight.
Iir Hamilton lelt last, night uu a
visit to llie i'n.- .
Mrs. K. \V. Aylmer aud Miss Lang,
uf Golden, return inj mvn iliia week.
A K Miller, pruvincinl school inspector, was in  the cily on Saturday
Mr. and Mrs A il Crick returned
last evening from a visit to lhe Hal-
lyun Hut Springs.
Initiations and conferring ol ranks
it tbe meeting tonight ul Gold Range
Lodge, Knights ol Pythias.
We mil. rstand Hint   llevelatoke lias
been included iu the  governmenl
. I cities  in   ll C   for  the
Fair in I1H3
I i.imiiiiun
10 an-
i    fnuii
I  e  nel-
\   .   is i    ::. i. ... ,    ..... >
rnUty "'"  ' ' * '   i •      ■        ..     confined
"•etobesei mng at larg . ...     (
t. ' ' . _ I       I   i .   ■<>_-> I .   . L   1      I
■-!   tiling    tO
ing off a ■>    '    • -- curs il -
hal  evi rything that
lik   . . -   ■ muasled,     \ nd
,.   t.   - ..,■    mines loi
.,, dm ...   i..._. -1 .ii     tbi cit] i revenui
Canada haa been  allotted  |38fi 000
., wry i.n ibare >l I he tbank-offe
,:-. ;   in  conneetlon   with  tbi   I i
Anglican c nferenec    A considerable
11r  | irtion   ol   tbe   amount   will   no
doubt  be ipeni in   lie W eel   i bii
deve ui ing n ra| idi) ibai ihe cl i
U , i d  in   i he  i ''■    i
:.  _,ii-p paci witb the requirement
. .try
,i      i-    iv    Aylmei   retu
Sand i)   fro ri   ' loldi       nnl
•at. I   '     tbi    Mill     ii.u that ■
■   ,   intit;   ol   r..i-i,   lias   Iw   ■■
' - ■ ■      ■     ■     ng  ri sidi ■ l
-   ion     nothing    senium    wai
-   • i -.    n   l   . - :.,.    Febi
I tie luneral w.i-  .ir^':>   attended   b>
. nily     Mn
eavei n bei   oai  Mra
I-   W    lylmei ol Miai I.    .-
■ "i. i. snd   Mi   t-. l.»i...
ma. In i..
By C. P. R. on   New work on
Western   Divisions
' M •
Wc   are  pleased  to lie abb
■.   ihat  Engineer W Tin
who   received   seven,    injuria
scalding    isi week, i-   makiu
.. ii- r".-    ■
•ii lias returned   lu  ilie eil.t
- . (tended  visit  tn tl aat,
when     lie    has    been    reerin nm     I.Is
-   recenl   itiack    ol
! ;   W Iland.wbi
- f ■   ...Hi in m. [oren in
Boa . . n r i '•   mill ben
-hi    - in.   i _      ■   the
Cook Lun I er Co , nl   Kaali    at an in
and left 1 iii-ii, ,■ morning.    Hia many frimda in Revelatoke
[retting  Mi    \\., dlanda  tb--
i _■-,.,   i '■    !      ti iiii new
Mr-    I-    c. Klliu terl. neil the
.    .   - -       nb  sat nigbt al
i !• • .,i
.. i  ...s     llg'a \    ariri
ili.-|.      Itiiiglua     nl   Hie
... .. \fter the
■   . uta the perl
By  Independent   Band to the
Armstrong Brothers
The band room was tlie scene ul a
pleasing luuotlou uu S.u unlay night
wiieii 11. ami .1. A nusl rung were presented with handsome gifts by the
members ol the ludepuudent Hand, on
their depart iue frum In velsluke to
Victoria, where lliey intend to niaka
their litiiirc bume. Tbe event waa
pleasing in tlie marks I eeteeui lelt
for the two retiring members, but re-
gielful iu lhat the band will lime two
of its most faithful and skilled musicians. K A unstrung was the recipient ol a handsome gold watcu suitably
inscribed aud !. Armstrong, a richly
chased gold lucket.aleo witb appropriate inaoriptlon, several addresses
hems made each testifying to the
esteem felt for the brothers who were
severing their connection with the
bind, and regret at their luss. Tbe
evening passed pleasantly iu eoug aud
speech, followed   by  a baudeunie sup.
bus re I '"' "lc Ar,"l,ln,uK Uru8- evidenced
,j t|1(. I their regret at leaving the baud and
bus ac their many good liieuds, and expressed
keen ippu'in iinin ul the honor and
kindness i| tu them in the lian.l-
suiiii: gilts which ihey bad just received, and aaid tint they would
always keep a warm corner in their
hearts lur the Independent Hand.
Bewa' i luld Cure lur cold in bead,
I;.sb Canadian   cheese,   McLarens
in  in inraal   l.'ic,   il.'ic ,   fiiic,   anil
H I"  al I . II. Iluinii & Cu's. hand liiiuiiuii , guud as new
ai   lnnil  Furniture itore.    Call ami
• "- -    ►•    i -|„,i ii,	
.   '   nnli aa    in •     .cur
'.   ■   i     ■■   and -   ' •   H  bbiua
,t nt the   c ■ ": '   tlie larl...   und   ul   I In
,   tl     ■      ■    -  ralid   . ml   •
ease li oacnl unl il  tin  ice   .
i- ,■'   ■ hen 11 ■iiinrr   w ib   he  em
ployid   in    1 . . ping   rmiit In Ironl  il
i ni. dam nt i; ii ■< curity.
i   .
ip Hn • —   .
bun    .'U        i        -   i k
• .ik   imI impi    • n • 'tita     .
n si; ion   ivnii i lie Ilm i ol   tin
con  ■".',    '.. in   eompli ted dm lug
...   in  a
 ...i cornel wiiuluw  lm   .iniiii,.,,
beat orange loi ibe least money,—
'     H  Ilm,.a A   ll,,.
,'.- . i I.i.... ii -
nl   Mi
. ll ski
-   ■     ■
pill I
I he
■.,   .   i nllege ''l   I hai mm j.
i . ti ,'■'■■ ■
• pn"-i i iptioiis
l y in all oui
u - il. in us
The lateal tlm g in Revelatoke fash
line is the "tube" dress, which will be
much in evidence alter Lent, Another feature in  19011  mill ry in the
"Apache" hat, direct from (rum Lun-
don. Tbe new -lyle completely altera
tbe appearance of the wearor'a [ace,
giving tn it a rakish, devil-may ciirr.
I iok, while the eyci iii-iii In be hnril
iiied and the i.iws more firmly set
Tin aecrotary ol tho Board ol Trade
hai Informed us that levora! ennuiriea
regarding real estate, orchard proper
ties in tins vicinity have been rwe'ved
which deniiiiistriites that,   iu   spile   ill
the   (act   that   uther points In H  C
such as Salmon Arm, Okanagan, < le
seem to !"■ anxious tu  discnuutnnani'ii
uur weather and climate, the popularity ill Kevelitoke is In tl condant,
Huyler'a  ami  Ltiwuoy1
al   lli-ws' dlllg sl.'ue,
lleadquartera lor   table
'        .,..,,.,..• v ,,..,iiiHileis |oi    lal,|,|   ayrup,   see
'   ear      Work of tbla oharai ""- •"""[«' J'.'. "."""'■;■" "   ....r um', , aright,   quality   gu, d
'   i„.l..,,uughl..,all.-C.II.II..(„e,M;i,
Tucker,  Hu- pbutographer, haa all
aizea ul oameraa aod iflma aiulauppliea
■ ! ■ lone under i he lupei riaion ol
ail dlalriol luperintondenta and pro
visiun Inr Us lieginniiig m now being
made I y the pi gineera
An nibciai statement ol klie *urk ol
construction ol new lines ami nl ,,,,
provemonta on exiatiag line* b»s linen
isiued ilm statement Inoludoi tbi
wurk ,ii ihe i.hrne dlvliiom oentral
weattrn, and PaoiAo     The amount ol
itiuney which will be expended nn Huh
wurk is large, covering many millions,
I li    Revelatoke   New   and Heoond
Hand   Store,—Furniture,  iloves, tin
and enameled ware Iii,tight, sold ol
- Koliangedi first St., near Ibuvir
cigar Inctury.
lur sain at his stutli i
' ,i. - ,, ■, *s,.,ia*   ami   .-^ai i .i,ii it
n ol   Mr    and Mr.   I    K   I.
. Muli'lay   nigh'      I ■ vi,Im -
the   inowtboe   were   present  "en
m   being warmly welcomed by the
.harming   h«MM, Mra   Tayl..r.nd|    A   |(.w   ,„,„„ „,        k
MlM     larilie,    heir   n,ie, „   ,m tb.L,  md get, ,„,r ,,r s, we will
pari ol their |»n*nt and aporti-.g boat L0„ tban, „   „ »      iUm> ..,_(.   „
lieing no leas  ennsive     I be availing a | ,, , ,.(
amuiementi were varied ami Interest
ing,    the    (sir   sen   Inking tha I. *d iii        Ladies' Hand Hags  cleaning nut al
Iginating thegamea "al Impruvlite.1   greatly  reduced prims.     Hews' drug
lancing was the elm f   leatlira til    I hi: | atnre.
evening   and   waa   kept up nil n late
Three Days More
Of the Big Sale at McLennan's
Lots of people have saved money during
the past ten days, and there are lots of chances yet to
get a lot of goods for a little money. Wc are offering
lots of seasonable goods at big reductions.
Sec Our Window of Madras
Muslins  at  Sale   Prices
Lace Curtains, Curtain Muslins, Bed Spreads
Table Covers.- All at big reductions. Towels,
Towelling, Pillow Cases and Sheeting at money
saving prices.    Don't miss this opportunity,
McLennan & Co*
The Leading: Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   hest  and  largest   Stock   oi" Cigars and
Pipes  in   Revelstoke.
The  Original   Mac's   Mixture  now  on   hand
ami made  expressly   for   us by D. K. McJ'herson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, yioves, Tin and   IDnemelwurc, liishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, nr Bxchitnged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.   Furniture Itepiiired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.      -      J. C. HULL, Proprietor
lu ui i    aeveral   divenioni   a la "jeudc
theatre,    on   I he part ol i lie ilauoeri
causing   much   amusement.     A   series
uf   round    gamin   nl   all IT. rani    kinds
varied the programme and ds n'y re
froihments, Including nndwlcboi "en
detbablllc," brullglll a ilelighilul even
mg tn a OlolB.
Iluihand- "Wheredid you get that
elegant butter.'" Wile—"At WnuUey,
Lel'i'iiux's at.nre, where else du yuu
111ink I Oould get it.'"
Why   spnil   guud   In,me  Ic bread
by using   inleriur   butter  tin it, when
Hiiulsey.    Lelenin   iV    I'u  can supply |
yuu fresh made creamery butter al i<h
On Fridsy night the prcliininariea
of ihe international handicap wrestling series will begin Tin units are
being well noenpied these evening! by
tlie buy-, a d, wi h IL p« tn put tl em
lliruu h their picu-, a e |ie ling iuto
good , mipc. The finale nl tbe aeriea
will be put in, the night of the big
Gym exhibition nt the end if ibis
Tlie junior boya a:« planning a big
time ou Monday night Ior their
parents and friends at tho oponiug ol
their department, which they have
been rustling lor. Ihey have a very
interesting program a prepared, aud
the wl.ule building will be at. the disposal ol the visitors.
Tbesuiiior leader corps are very bnay
these nights getting into shape lor
the graud indoor closing exhibition ol
the V. M. C. A. Tboro will be a lot of
new and itilerealing stunts put on
thia year, and it will give the people
ol Keveletuke a chance to Bee what
tbe buys have been doing this winter.
The V, M. C. A. boye are all looking
lorwatd lo a grand summer tbis year
in tbe way ol eporttt and are prepar-
iug fur tlie different gamea Already
the baseball and lacrosse (ellowa arc
pushing tilings.and it liaiksaa thuugh
llevelatoke would see sume gutal eport
this seasnii.
luiiigbi. the Ituad team play tbe
Ali- Is in the V. M. O. A. Luulinark
trupliy series, and a guud game should
rcault. At pien-n. lhe lb mil teain
lead iu llie series, but sbuiild they
loae tiinight it puis the Uym team and
Intermediate's level with them.
On Friday evening al the Y.M.C.A.
the Intermediate ami Junior wieatling
tournament will lake place.  An effort
will he iiiiiiiii lu bring ihe events utl
oompiete except lur ihe lluala, Twenty-
live ol uur young wrestlers will battle
(nr the champiuneliip, and aa all
matches aie handicap alter tho preliminary bouts, an interesting tunrna
Dieilt shnuld result.
I lie first rehearsal ul the gymnastic
sipiad will take place tomorrow   night
(ur I In- exhibition un Match 'list.    All
I men   taking   pait are replicated to lat
out on time.
'three  duMW  guud  laj iug hena and
pullets,   price   lf',1   per iluz. lo b. Mbis.
I I nail wilh uriler.    Address—
Mara, li. V.
 g . t
Fur wall paper, window ehediB, plain
and decorative burlaps, go to O. H.
Hume &. Co'a.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Ofllce   MoKenzie Ave
Tenders Wanted
Tender., are invited for the construe
tion ol a new building for the Molsons
Plana and specifications ''Ml be seen
at thu Hank.
Tenders   lo   he   in   nut   later than
Wednesday, March 10th.    The lowest
or any tender not nccenaaiily accepted
la Manager.
DIIKSS.MAKINli at moderate terms
L,ulics' Mills from $ii up. Apply
Mil. Uiddins, cure Mrs. ti. Green, 4th
street, jan 21) iv & s
ClASH    PAH)   lur   men's   cast    .,11
/   clothing—The     Kevelstoke   New
and Si'coiiil-liaml store, First st., west.
ANTED - General   help,  guud
wages.    Apply Mis.S (t.Ituhliius
H. .1. WILLIAMSON (late collector
Kevelstuke hieiiiii Laundry) having
now the Agency Inr the Vaiiciiuver
Sleiiiu Laundry, will call at ynur
bniise Mondays, Tuesdays and
All Work Guaranteed    Prloae Moderate
The management nl lhe Steam
Laundry wish it clearly uudnratoisl
that the new Household Kale o( ({(lo.
per di./en tloea nut include Starch
Wurk running over 10c. per piece on
list, but everything 10c and under,
RrVBUTOKB Htkam  Laiimihv
Edison Theatre To-Night
An interesting prugremme will be
present at the Kdison I'arlut Theatre
tuniglit and tuuiorrow night, and will
include, in iiilliliuii to several se lee-
liuns hy tba m-ehi-aira and an illustrated aong from Mrs. Chambers, the
InMiming numbers
"Tlm Hypnotist's Uuvenge "
"The Lost Mine," or "Tlm Lucky
' The Hiva s."
"Ilarvaid and Vale Uoat Races,"
■hewing 'be lour antl eight, Oared
raci a,
"Fake Python."
An entire change ul pn.gramme lor
Friday and Saturday.


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