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'• Empire " Typewriter
For ease ul operation and perfection
in resiles prndueed, thi" machine
is unsurpassed.    I'rice, #(iU.lH) Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   •   Agents
The Mai
(. 1 '
\ New Wellington Coal
W.  B    PAGET.    McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 15.-No  23
ilrovi^ai  Lib
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
—and so does every other well-dressed man here. They're the
smartest shoes lhat money can buy—exact reproductions of
expensive metropolitan custom models. They're made in quarter-
sizes, giving you an exact fit. Regal Shoes are the greatest shoe
values in the world—that's why wc sell them.
Let us show you the new Spring styles.
C  B. HUME Sr Company
Agents for RevelstoKe, B. C.
8tor*a at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
This is the season of the yeai' that the good housekeeper wants to heighten up lhe home, Kulsomine some
rooms. Varnish the woodwork, Paint the tloors. Varnish
Stain some pieces nl the furniture, I'lnuiuel the heds or the
huths, Hegild lhe picture frames. We are best able to
supply all these wants, we cater for the trade, nnd we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House puint,
Flour paint, all ready for the brush. Aspillttll's Enamels,
II. A. i'. lOnuniils for bath or woodwork. Hupluc Varnish
stains, Iroui to Varnish slains. Lacipierut iu ull colors.
Berry Bros, house varnishes, Liipiid Granite f Jr Minors or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture, floors, hoats or carriages,
ull for all inside ivnrk.
Painters Supplies in all lines und at prices that cannot
he heat, give us u chance to ipiote you, we can save you
money. Leave your orders for work with us and we will
send you a man uud guarantee that he will give ynu the
liest nf goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
lliiiuche.H or Agents at all principal points in Canada,
Agents in (it-cut Britain and United States—London, England,'
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago— First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, Sun Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelttoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Voiles, Panamas and Lustres, in
all the latest shades and colors
MRS.   A.   (J.   CRICK
Flrat   Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Happenings  Throughout Week
in B. C.
A. .S. Goodeve, M. 1J. for Kootenay,
is urging tbe establishment ol a lish
hatchery on Kootenay Lake.
The miners in convention at Fernie
endorse the present strike. Morgan,
member ol ttie conciliation board,
a?reeB with them.
"Kid" Macdonald, ono of the best
known gaul birds in the interim of tlie
province is at present serving an indeterminate sentence of from live to
15 years f, r burglary in the tr'pukane
A report (rom New Westminster this
week stales that the 0. P. K. com
pleted the purchase ol a tract of 80
acres ol land cloee to the Junofcion.
Mr* T. J. Scott was the owner of the
properly and she states that the land
was sold to the C. P. R. and that the
price she received was $350 per acre.
A man named Lappin from Mutch
Hill was befure the magistrate this
week charged with having venison in
his possession. He was lined $25 and
costs. Tbe case arose out of the recent
wholesale slaughtering of deer near
Notch Hill. The man who shot down
the deer bas not yet been apprehended
At NelBon Mr. R. S: Lennie, who, by
special appointment, heard the appeal
of the C. P. R. last month against the
Provincial Government's assessment
of the British Columbia Southern
land grunt iu which $150,000 per
annum is involved, gave judgment in
favor of the government, upholding
the assessment. The C. P. R, was represented in the case by E, P. Davis,
K. C, and R. B. Bennet, K. C The
case will go to the privy cuiincil.
The curfew bylaw was tinu ily adopted at tho special meeting of tbe Trail
council on Wednesday evening, and
provides that all children under 10
years of age siall be utl' the public
thoruiigblares hy 9 u'elock p. m. each
eveuiug Irum May 1 to September HO,
and by 8 o'clock p. ui. from Ootuber 1
to April 30 in each year, uuless accompanied by parents or guardians, or oo
an errand in connection witb au
adu t's busiuess. The penalty for ao
infraction ol this bylaw is a line not
exceeding $10, and in default of payment not more than thirty days iu
gaul. The police have heen given
slrict instructions to enforce the bylaw.
cluh thrown on the Bcroen, brought a
splendid lecture to n close. Mention
must be made of the series of fine
pictures illustrating scones in the
Deutschman Caves. At tho close nl
the lecture a banquet was given to
Mr. Wheeler at the Windsor restaurant by the members of the Mountaineering Club, where Mr. Wheeler
in u few words, urged the expansion ol
the   Alpine
Club   with   Covernment
Sewer   Pipe    Contract   Let
Dairy Inspection Ordered
The regular mooting of the cily
onunoil was held last night with His
Worship, Mayor Lindmark, and Aid,
Pradolini, Sawyer, Wells, Stone, Mao-
doniild and Kimberley present,
Great Lake Strike Disorderly Scenes-Fatal Accident
—Active Volcanoes-Royal
BUFFALO, April 17—The strike ol the
sailors on the Great Lakes, or ratter
their refusal tu wurk, is now in effect.
Fully 15,000 men, from engineers to
debkhands, are affected by the decision
of the union organizations not to uper
ate bouts belonging to members of the
Lake Csr.iers' association until its
avowed purpose to enfurce an open
shop on the lake busts is abandoned.
Ottawa, April 17.—The debate un
tho Pugsley matter brought several
disorderly scenes and the Speaker had
hard work to restore order. Pugsley
said Dr. Daniel had no rigbt to take
away a man's character un the basis
of mere insinuations.
Vancouver, April 17.—While exer-
eroising at drill as taught at school,
with a ii! calibre rille, a companiun
shot Harold Stephens, son ol Thomas
Stephens of the l.eekie Hunt company,
through the heart, killing him instantly.
Pakis, April 17.—A despatch ro
ceived here from .Naples says tbat Mt,
Aetna is iu eruption, and lhat showtrs
ol cinders have fallen on Catania.
Many ol the inhabitants, the despatoh
says, have Hod. Stromboli, it is asserted, is also active.
London, April 17.—The lirst, second
and third divisions ol the Home Meet
and the Atlantic fleet, cnniprising 08
battleships and cruisers, and 75 torpedo boats, will assemble at Spithead
on June lilih, for inspection by the
Colonial juurnalists ut lending the Imperial Press Conference.
Illustrated   Lecture   by A.
Wheeler on Selkirk Mts.
One uf the must interesting ami instructive lectures that bas wer been
delivered tu a Revelstoke audience ivkb
given at ihe EdiBon Parlor Theatre on
Thursday night hy Mr. A. O. Wheeler,
F.R.G.S., [ireaideut of the Alpine Cluh
uf Canada on the Selkirks and Rue
kies, The Rev. J. R Robertson intror
duced Mr. Wheeler to a guud audience
touching on the newly formed organization of tbe Revelstoke Mountaineering Club and its advantages, concluding by Imping that its members would
get nearer heaven than tbey were now
by climbing.
Mr. Wheeler was received witb
much enthusiasm and at mice went
into his subject of the mountains of
the Selkirks, giving a graphic description of the many mighty peaks and
glaciers, illustrated hy maguilicent
stereopticon pictures. A happy feature uf Mr. Wheeler's lecture is the
vein of humor that is spread through
his descriptions, autl with the hundred
and one anecdotes, of which ho has a
vast (und, such a lecture caanol fail
to leave its impressiun. He dwelt on
the advantages of the Alpine Club and
its popularity, urging Canadians to
realise more fully what a great asset
they had in their mountains. The
views thrown on the screen were taken
from all parts of the great Selkirk
snosi world and were veritable treasures iu that they enabled people to
traverse valley, glacier, ravine, peak
and sunin it in comfort, «_> realistic
were tbe pictures.
As a lecturer, Mr Wheeler is second
to none, every word being interesting
and instructive. He instanced the
mountain and stream as the workshop
of the country, forming, as they do,
rich alluvial doposits round the rivers.
A very lengthy series of pictures on
the Alpine camp, proved particularly
interesting, and showed tho great wurk
being done. He explained the sad
accident at the Rogers' Puss camp la-t
year, saying with sorrow that dis
obedience to the guide's instructions
had been the main cause. In conclusion a very line set of glacial
pictures were shown anil the matte
"sic Uur ad astra," the matt* of the' interest
tJOM M USI, •ATIUNS^^^^^^^
were reoeived from the Chief nf Police
reporting lire alarms working satinf.ic-
inrily. Also reporting on the Are at
Mrs. Curr's residence,    Filed.
From It. W. Hodgson, Live Stock j
Commissioner at Victoria, re dairy
inspection uud milk contamination,
stutiug tlmt ii would be advisable to
got a dairy inspector whu could luok
into the matter of the cows and dairy
premises to see if the health provisions were oarried out. The oounoil
decided that the government inspector
Should be given the names ol all
dairymen and milk vendors premises
which he wns to inspect lor health
and report to the Council.
Frum J Shumura, requesting that
water and light be carried out to the
city limits and he would du the work
uf connections frum the limits to his
property liimsclf.
Tho matter of extending  the city
boundaries  was d'scusaed antl the advisability   of   accommodating   people
uutsido  the city  limits   with   water,
light  and   firo    protection.     People I
should be induced to build in the city-
It  was also   deemed   advisable   thnt I
residents outside the city limits should
bo made to understand that tiny will
have to pay  fur lire brigade seniors
in it protection,     The matter mis h :t i
in the  hands of the  lire, wuter
light committee,
From tlie Observer Publishing Cu,
stir ing that the company intended tu
publish a weekly newspaper iu tin
city, the plant having been installed
lor the interests uf Revelstuke generally, anil requesting u share in the
city printing. A resolution was llni
passed to ihis effect,
The matter of new transformers fi r I
the city was taken up and the  necessity ol having a stuck on band  in  case |
of emergency, besides   the  improvement in   tbo   lighting  system   at the
lower end of the cily.  Tho matter wss I
left with  the chairman  of   the   fin,
water and light committee.
By resolution it was decided thai
the resolution re lhe cily paying ii |
third cost uf the concrete sidewalks
Bhould be placed on the minutes, the j
eust tu ho included in lhe debentures,
Tho matter of the completion of tin
sewer pipe contract with the Riokmai
Company, of Vancouver, was left win
tho Mayor ami lho chairman ul tht
Ily law committee
A revolution was   passed  engaging
li, II. liuck as city ungineer ut $■-!'.'
nl li, to take  effect   Irom   Apl .
$2.50 Per Tear
you may you
owest prices.
Household Utensils, Curtain
Stretchers, Step Ladders.
K.itch Helps^'andj Builders
ware. Wire Netting
things needed for the
garden and farm. Alabas-
Mttresco, Sherwin
Williams Paints.
Real Life Tragedy in the "House
ot Bondage"
John Curt presented Floreuoe Roberts at. the opera house on Wednesday
nighi in the well kuutvn play by Seymour Oiicrner, entitled "I'he lluuseuf
Bniidagc "    .is u play ibis ptoduotion pur 111
is an admirable representation of what lli h.
too often iiappjus in real life showing      A   discussion   un so   regarding tin
tho  inconsistency   uf    iho    English danger Irom lire ol tbo brush piled  ii
divorce  laws.    The characters ol  the the lower luwu fm   the  trullio  bridgt
piece were ull   well  tilled,   lho whole uud an effort will be  made  tu sooun
being a  realistic   life tragedy   played its removal.
with all the natural traits ul  human      The aooo tints were passed and   lh,
feeling.     Florence   RobertB    iu    her m oting terminated.
eopjyriqhr, !9o7
'by /P-/TO
he wool in'our clothing does   not come—
no part of it—from  the cotton fields.     Many a lamb
ins had his  fleece  shorn   for the benefit of
our cus-
We   try  to  sell   our customers only  such
as   we   ourselves  know   to be good.     The
right; the price is al
:loth is   all   n^'ln:   the lit i
Then   the
Shoe will make
Carter  l lai and a pair
yuuf dress complete.
emotional scenes was a striking liguru
and played her part tn perfection, while
Thurluw Bergen, us Paul Bertrand, an
eminent London surgeun, and Chas.
Lane, as Sir Vincent Mereilyth,   wore
excellent characters, The laiter portrayed vividly the cultl, selfish husband, tho former the passionate ami
ardent lover in a lust love. The piece
was perfect in every detail and one ol
the finest :n its realism and Idealistic
acting ever seen In llevelstnke, and
certainly deserved a better hnuse than
was afforded it on Wednesday, in spile
olthe rather high prico of the seats
Unfortunately, Revolslnkt us u whole
has yet not been educated up tu really
line theatrical art and apparently in
incapable ul appreciating a really guud
company, which purtrayB the higher
ideals ul histrionic talent and shuws
true sides uf life in a real yet simple
manner. Give a Revelstuke audience
a circus, u blood and thunder melodrama, a see.nnl rale nigger minstrel
troupe, or some such common place
performance where the liner senses are
not required or deeper feeling oxer
ciaed, and they will be quite happy
and applaud vucifcruusly ami leave the
show well pleased with tho "swell
piece," they have just witnessed
Eye Opener Changes
CKi-tMitv, April 10—ll. C, Edward*,
editor of tho Eye-Opener, is consider
ing a very flattering suggestion (ruin
sume Toronto business mon tn move
his well knnwn paper Irum Culgary tn
Toronto, and will probably accept.
The Eye Opener will probably ho turn-
od into a joint ItOOk company wilh
Mr. Edwiiuls holding  the controlling
The City Council Appeals to the
Nuw that lhe eily boulevards iiii
being prepared lur the summer am
seeding in ol grass going on, it iB up to
tho citizens themselves to aid the cit.
authorities in preserving thespoilatioi
by cliililren running and playing oi
them and dugs tearing up and othoi
wise destroying tho surface.   The cin
is taking special pains uver the boull -
viirtl wurk to ensure tlieir 8U00i H in
the general public slmultl lend theil
aid In furthering the cause. Thi
boulevards will be a great moans ol
beautifying the city uud it mould be a
pity to spoil the work now just at a
critical stage. Tho civic authorities
appeal to the citizens in this respect,
and ask their co-operation in preserving the boulevards uud preventing
any cliililren or animals from causing
any destruction to the surface, grass
ur trees, All whu take pride in the
"City Beautiful" will IichiI tho appeal,
, French Ambulance Dogs
included in tho programme fur to-
night ut the Kdisnn Parlor Theatre is
a splendid Instructive film entitled,
"The French Ambulance Dugs," and
shnulil be seen by everyone, Tl e
cnmedioB aro gnnd alsu ami help t,,
make nnc uf the best programmes
presented thia spring. On Monday
autl Tuesday there will ho a new pm-
gruiniue ol interesting subjects and
llrst-oluss cumodies.
Fit Reform Clothing.
B. E. WALKER, President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund,  -   6 000,000
Tlie new Travel l<      I iwsued by Oris Rank are ,i most roov«ni«ot
m til Which to   Irrj ing-.    I   ey are issued tn dene mi nations of
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
.m.i the encl .i Austria,  Belgium,  Denmark, Franca,
Germany, Great I u ...... Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
unl Switzerland he fa      Dl each cheque, while in other roantrim
they ars pa) able al currenl
The cheques an,I all information regarding them inn'- be obtained al every ofice
of the Hank.   ^^^^^^^
BRANCH--A.    H.\   ALLEN.
Thirty Killed in Explosion
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Sii.i.ivas.   April    16—The    nitro-
Of  tllC   EdmOlltOll   Penitentiary   glycerine factury at Onodin, 111., across
Motive is Unknown the Wabash river from this ptaoe, iru
destroyed by nn explosion this alter-
Edmontov, April 16—Deputy Ward-j nooni and Uii reported that 30 men
en Richard Siedman,    f   the  Alberta  wore killed.
penitentiary, iras murdered  yesterday !
Details are lacking.
morning by n ci niict, who hit him at
the has.' ol the ths skull wilh an axe
The reason   i.i  unknown,   8 ted man,
whu t! une (run I'unctaugiieiheue,
where he had been warden in the reformatory there fnr 21 yearn, was wurk
Ing in the carpenter shop   with   six
Convicts at the time, lie h-aves ii
wife aod two soni, In inquest is being held,
How Sad!
Their meeting it was sudden,
And it was very sad;
She Hacriliced her dear young
Twos all the life bIio had.
Mhe's weepinti 'neath the daisies,
She's resting peacefully now;
There i always something doing
When a freight train meets a cow
Bt     no machines lur -ali
the Ideal.
ri $16  at
The l.adics Hmpital Guild will huld
n cul ici bull in lhe opera luuiss on
Supreme, and   Exchequci  Limit
Agents'.      Practice   in  Patent
Office    aiul
i n.i -   \1   ul'il'.. M.l ■
ii ihoi .. r.-ui.i..
KVKY, Mil AKl'Ki,
Lit.. I-.--   I'.iii ini'  Hank Hi Mi Rkvbi.-
STOKE, 11. I.'.
Money oloan.
Offices: Revelstoki
li   ii. S. Ml I   IKTl ..
4. M   Pinkham
Five Roamed House
Second Street
$15.00 per month
C                ti                  It
Third   Street
$2500 per month
C                it                  il
Fourtii Street
$25 00 per month
I   For Sale (Special)
Zbc ADatMbc valb. ^^?%^^^^^^i^^ senator cox weds
t HP A     "DIMWIT » [Settles  Million  on   Bride Not
E 5 I      Bi f' m  l X, Half His Age
MURPHY &  FISHER «* ——      _—i -   i "a       Toronto,   April   Ifl.—Senator Geo.
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.   |> $   A   Cox   w"a  married on Wednesday
._.,„. JL       FiveRo3medHou.se      Second Street      $15.00 per month       §?   alteruoon   to Miss May Gertrude, the
A  \\   A . _ ,,  ,_,-». _*„_-,>,, ,. ffi?    youngest daughter of Walter Sterling,
city editor.. Kev George .luckson,
pastur of Sherbourno Street. Methodist
church, assisted by Prof, Wallauce, nf
Victoria college, performed the cere
uiuny at the home of the bride's father,
only the immediate relatives of the
contracting parties being present
The couple left itiiiceiliatly after the
ceremuny fnr New Yurk en ruute to
Kurope where they will spend three
months' honeymoon. On their rel urn
will reside at lil Sberbourne street.
Senator Cox is 08 and bride is 'A2
years of ago. A million dollars is said
to be Beltlcd on her.
Edison Parlor Theatre
The lollowing is the programme fur
to nighi at the Kilinun Parlor Theatre:
"Lost Baby," "Sailor's .luko," a very
interesting comedy, "Ju Jilati," the
Japanese wrestling game aH learned by
the wife lor the benefit of her wayward
husband; "Burglar's Cunning," "Ambulance Dogs," an instructive, interesting and exciting picture; "Tricked
to Consent," showiug how lovers
obtain the consent of the father;
"Kitchen Maid's Dream," »u interesting comedy showing how the dishes
wash themselves and the houBewurk is
done while the maid is sleeping. An
illustrated song by A. Arman.
.   I,,1.1.:.. ll     HI-
J. A.   11.111% KV.
Cranbrook  i- '
11.1.1A.M  I. BH1UOS
-       tor, ru,
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Corner Lot 50x100. Central location. We have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would he well for intending purchasers to look into.
jl  , '    .    Ill   l'. l.ll MKIil'K.
- iss Bank, ISti .
S -In iti i '    ■
1 u   .  ■, ■ \;.i '.:•
Th    M >l
1 IRST ST.,   -
Provincial Land Sui veyor,
Mining Sui veyor
McKenzie Avknci ,
c—w. o  w
Mountain  Viow Camp   No. 219
Meeu   boooud  .ma   I-  unh  W«lni_«aays in
(mou inouiti, iti Souurk Umi.   \ 1.11m   »uuii-
well tur.Ji.iiU inVlloU i'J attuuu.
_,,...-   ......... 1 un. Com.
j     ...    ..Ml.    ...    '■   .' I"
.No, 423
.. 12, I.O. O  !■'.
_.:...     ..'■!'
w. a  : OOTE, S.U.
T. P
ll. 01   .-■...-> ". i.ur.
;\     "If ..:i_,'     ill     fcllil
■ ifl  H_, . ,r. ■■ .   I'loclt
V'i■.:.:._.■ I.ritliroii Hni
Cold Range Lod(_.o, K. of P.
No.  26,  Revelstoko, B. C
<::i  L'l»t   .     1.1 l\ i_illn_.-.l   ..    .
eaea moiun. m il.li.-l 1 -w-'
Rail    at    B     I'd icK.     I Uitlni
K'j'.u'dir *r« 0 .r'liall.-   nvited.
SMiTii. 1     C.
11. H. iiKui i%   K. .if K. .-. .-.
j. b. scorr, ii. of f.
Zbc flDatt*TberaI6
<UNIojlj& I LABtTO
There is so much bad in -.lie be^t ,.! 11-.
Al  1 -'  nacli _<uod in the worst ul 11 .
That it hardly beliuuves nny "f U9,
T.. talk ab.,ut lho ro-t ..! 11 .
Announcenu nt    made
that the i Irand I runfe Pacific Kailway will build u line from Port
George to Vani utvi r und lhat in
all probab lily thi . of   route
wiii he  d
i   il imbi ■ irder I
the   .... ,i ibli   timber, in nei i
igi    iltural lands   n that \ ciuity.
i:.'    - ipi  ioril      il      ■ .
rivei     iute from the ]    nt oi   view
if taking . itural re-
■.'••-.-   .i Revel
-'■'.''"' '■ :   . -        :||
railway i lhe   interior, and
can   ■ . lini   -  | • i ority      ivi r   all
" reason ol    ler un-
• i hii ai    position.
Rai - tnpanii     have rea
'    ' ini    through   this i entre
would In      . • ...
rhe    I ii. idi ii
Nor'.i.- rn will   very probably b . .
■  ■'■.■  thi    '   . imi ia irum l__dmon-
i Revelstoki   an I   ■■ ei non to
I;..    i'.-i. ng   .;■  il the
neb areas ol  agi icultural   Ian
the Arrowhead   an I Ki iten i; rs .
way and  thi  competitive phase ol
U.i' .v.V.,.ii.     '•:.;-'.    ':..    i..-tt<-i
ment ni Revelsti ke at ■. a,
oi great railroads and a distributing
centre lor I he n hole ol lhe Interior.
The Board of Trade Bhould lose no
opportunity in pressing Revelstoki
claiuir- a11i.i keeping her credentials
before those interested in railway
construction. Railroad wurk has
bei i.un in i .- now in the administration ol the province and to
sui i: ""i        ■' i ■"   ■
Canada at the present time. To
the prairies we look fur the renewal
nf prosperity in the west, und the
kite spring throws a fur more serious aspect on the condition of the
prairies as far as crops are concerned, lhat it does in the West
I'he following from the Victoria
Times is significant:
" A .rood deal depend? upon an-
 a him i fill iiarvi. ■ throughout
■ gii ns . 1' Canada.
. her i.ii year not only
..,."-■ conditions
. substantial founda-
nit to [Hit heart into the
i ds ui strangers taking
in • mg the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway. That institution
io be ;p. a position during
the coming fall to enter actively
into the business ol transportation,
.-.I thai its immediate fortunes must
to some extent depend upon the
tavor of Nature. All things considered, therefore, it will he easily
understood how much depends
upon the humors of lhe weather
during this and the later season oi
tbe year. The reports which have
reached tiie Coast thus far are very
encouraging. In the northern parts
of Alberta the farmers have been
busy for some time getting in the
crops. Whether the conditions
there are tho conditions further
east, we do nul know; 1ml we shall
all hope fur the best. The fortunes
uf the people uf British Columbia
generally are bound up to a greater
extent than must of us realize in
the fortunes of their neighbors in
the three prairie provinces. Although lumbering bas become an
industry of importance in tl
northwestern parts of Alberta i
late, itiitl  while   the   new
between electors antl a licenced bar
room. It will mean the giving to
many men who are today the
slaves of appetite a chance to redeem themselves and to become
once more sober, respected, law
abiding citizens. It will help business by diverting the money that
now goes over the bar into legitimate means of trade. It will help
the home and safeguard it against
the evil which now curses it. It
will make the work of the church
hopeful mid effective. It will be
lhe beginning of the end uf the
liquor traflic in this country, anil a
long step toward tne timo when
the evils of intemperance shall be
eradicate il.
Moral Reform in Phoenix
Phoenix, April 13 —Yesterday was
the eecniid Sundny since the law clns
ing all bars touk effect. The law was
carried uut to tlie letter, not an infraction of the law bciug attempted a!
any ol the fifteen lintels, notwithstanding the tact that Saturday wiib
pay day at the mines and that Bnnie
$50,01)0 wae moving through miners'
hands. There was a time when gambling 'vasa pupular pastime in Phoenix;
this has been permanently eliminated
and nuw the sale of liquor has been
curtailed. At a meeting of the city
council on Thursday, a bylaw requiring all hotels to have lit) mums for the
accommodation uf guests, ur pay an
extra license fee uf #300, received its
first reading, This will practically
mean that 60 per cent.of the saluuns
in the oity will gu out uf business this
summer. At present unly three ol
the fifteen hotels have the rt quired
number of rooms, The present city
icil is carrying into effect several
: drastic measure* towards mural re-
Revelstoke Cricket Club
Season 191)1)
All who wish to be members und to
he included in the list nf players, are
requested lo send their names nt. unci'
to VV, ll. HUMPHREYS, lion. Secv.,
P. O. Box 701.
Membership Fee $5.       up 10-iuy 8
Before the First of May, two Bix-
roomed houses, in Revelstuke, with
two acres of laud each; including, if
wanted, horse aud rigs and all garden
'mils. Situated west of C P.R. track
Lower town.    Apply to
tc Box 236, Revelstoke.
Revelstoke Land District.
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice that Julia A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend toapply for permission
to purchase ihe following described
Commencing at a post planted at
south-east corner of Lot 8800, thence
west 40 chains, thence south 7 chains
mine or less to lake shine, thence, alung
lake shore to puint uf commencement
Dated Brd April, 1900.
up Ill-dud        ,11'UA A. SIMPSON.
li-liiil mills there are competing toI ' """"
some extent  with the lumbering! Buffalo Bill on the Water Wagon
::'. rests of tin- pro\ ince the qual-
ty ni Lhe prodtu t of   the Albi rta
millmen can hardly equal thi   out-
■   il our British Columbia mills,
....   mus ■ con .'■• n i. .    arisi
increasing demand upon the prair-
ii - for ..iur lumber, - - o irse
to the inlluence upoi
im petition of   \ I er i   •
timber,    For these reasons we •
watch with a good deal ol inl
e reports of tbe  progress ol the
agricultural industry in the V
ocal option movement .-
■ i in Iteve
interesl bas ieen iken in
the addresses ; in by I >r. rtpencer
•:. le ider ol i be Local * Iption
Leagui     ■ ijecl       'I emper
ini .■ people   make no
i- to nli it Iocsi option wul
: eing ' ontent with i
practical, rooderati tl menl of
the facts. I; i- m I claimed lhat
local upturn will mean the u boring iii ol the millenium, We do
noi i;- thai il will Btop all drinking and drunkenness, or thai il
will immediately banish all the
evils ol intempers nee. To mn i n
such claim v ould be utter nonsense We do ''..uin however n nd
noi ..in .■ claim, bul noi ini nnl rn
; .-• ■ thai local option
.     hir, pi...'!.  i.
".   Ipril 16 —Col   William F.
C ii.   know:. ' i- ■ Buffalo Bill,
haa paid ma  . isil t i I .(-a.i
ami . -     lespatch to I he Newi
etera •    in im-
. prise when i. wae
li arm • first i me  in  his
■ ■■  ranks ■ :
j yea .'i
I timers at
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ i and   .   '
■■ ,-        ing and
.    '
I ir .   - 'ir- the -'-..in  ami
m of th    pla.ii
M    It   Russell,   made  i be rounds  ol
lunts ol "Wild '.   <-
. iiy Jane,  and
md  tpread oonstern il •
.   .       Long   lefore   I bs trip
ittsrmilk ..n band  n
1 I    .-   i 'O'hig   io
vain t.   stock up .inaimt ins  appi    I
,;.,     ,.'     .
ok    bis   last   iri.-mil
.,' ba back and  he  .
red   -'.n.n wholesome advice
net on the subject ol  tee   I
Ho looks younger  nnd   set
-  "i health than for  man    yes -
in.I dei I.." -. he Intends to stay -.,.
Provincial Elections Act
TAKE NOTICE tbat I have an objection in writing to your name being
retained on the List of Voters for the
Revelstoke Electoral District:
Airs, Thomas, Revelstoke
Alii... Magi-i,
Anderson, .lames H.
Anderson, John,    Albert Canyon
Give Trading Stamps
I'll'- following paragraph ia frnm .,
Winnipeg daily contemporary this
W'.-k "It has been reported In Ihe
p..]iei. that a couple nf stores In tbe
city have again a'artel the praotios ni
■ ading stamps wil h purohaai a
; 'em      . .... i, clause ,,, the statutei p .-
nking and  venting  this   pi ictlei,   the   extreme
with all   their attend    penalty  being imp iannment  lor one
evil-.      Ii .v.il   pul  i -ii mn ..i' Vint. t n fine iif |600  to ne  Imposed
Upon  a bad in il<: I" prietti tgnnl   who gives
[t will  breal     u  . ,:" -   '' ' ' P'i premium   tioketa nr
■ui.   in    crime    that   exists 1 RnJ' »ucb devloe lot obtaining trade.''
Ard, William I'..
\- le, William G..
Austin,   I'l-ii'ival,   H,.
Avery, Metzer.
I:- Herbert
.  Harold,
Bs. ..■:. Lawrence,
I;.- -    ii..'. Roy si.
ll A.
1 It  gli . i haries If.,
.in   Lawson,  Sl rawher
II .Hi.' I
Hen        Rupert E.
11..i, U      i le
li.   .i.n.   Fact
M.-lii'.i ie- \V
il. in',
Ronnell,  I..
John Dupi.
i   IValtei
i.lin Pen v
. Joseph,
Thos. A.
William.  .)
...    'l'i...in.. -
1 OS   1'
\ngua I'
.   ih ... 11.,
' ...   I i.i
iban   K    E.N
. |e i.. .,. li
V. Leonard E .
II O , Chun lull
I  ', dentine, '' II
i   Wm A., i amlKiiii
i, .I.lin Wm ,       If.... I Ink
..pii"i ....ii Chas       'iiiiiiiii-id
Alberl A.
Cole   Wvinati,
i ..' .  I. Sam,
I i.I In-.  Kit..in''in-
'        , im-. Dillseppe
tlrnwl    William
fj fi agh, John A
I in ragh, Alexander
-    Ies, I in virl D,,
I in i Ieo, Gulseppe,
lii'iiiRehman, ' :i^" h
hi. kensiin, Prank,       A11 uwheatl
I loi iilil, I linihs. Kin ky Point
I itiiiuher, ' Inn Ies, Wigwam
Donnva'i, M. .1., Arrowhead
Donnelly, llaniiitnn Revelst'ks
All .ni bend
! .ilnlii.l lie
< ioiuaplix
\ 11 ..-.I head
i umbornc
Ri   el itoke
I    null.,I'll"
Revi I itoke
I .null..1 ne
'  . .in.iplix
Al Llll III',III
Ri .. i     .!.
Dini'v. Kntl.t'.
Dull, .luim,
Duffy, John,
Duffy, Joseph
Dnnsinni-;', Joseph.
I'lilgaf, Anilrew
Kills, Ail bur K,
Ellis, Will.
Kevin. Thomas .1.
l'u'Vin, James
Evans, Russell,
Kvaus. Weston,
l'.verUt,  Kliuiii',
Faint, Ktlivurtl,
Fleming, Win. ti.
Fletcher Melville N
Flnyd, Henry
Fnhlin, Harry
Fowler, Arthur
Fraser, I). (!.,
Gallicano, Abel
Gerow, David II.
(Inning, Albeit,
(ini'i't'll, Charles,
llnuld, Arthur,
Graham, Walter,
Oiiiiisley, ErnestT
(iiiileltn   .lames
Giuin, Arthur K.
Hall, Tbiiiuiis
lleavenei', Haivey
Hill, .lush
Hill. Sam'
llilley, James
llinin.iii, J, (I.
Holhert, John
Hullnwiiv, William
Hornell, Allan D.
Hnuse,  II. iM.
II nive, .I esse
Hudson, Thomas
Hull, Robert
Htmerfiiiii'lh, Fred-.
Huitun, Charles
Jackson, Edwin S.
Jay, Jnhn W.
Jnlinsun, Peter
Johnson, Krans
Johnson, O, K.
Junes, CJeinenl
Joigenson, .1. II.
Kellie, Robt. W.
Kennedy, Peter
Kerr, Edward, J.
Kirk, Jnhn A.
Kirk, Charles B,
Lade, James A.
Little, Vincent F.
Ln! luim. Charles Peter Revelstoke
Liivery. James
Lee, Joseph
Leeming, Fred "
Lembke, Ceo. O.
Levesque. August "
Liddle, A. E. T.
Liness, John
Livingstone, John C.
Long, Tony
Lynch, Michael
Lynch, Michael
Mny, Charles
MacDonald.A. A. Revelstoke
M icFiirland, Duncan C.
MacKay, Chas. K. Beaton
Moore, Norman T.W.   Revelstoke
Morrison, Frank B. Comaplix
Mulholland, Jack XV.
Munioe,   Walter,
McAllister. .LP.
McAlpine, Daniel
McCarthy, Jonathan G,  Comaplix
Mc.Cnrv'e, James Revelstoke
McDowell, Jnhn Cunhnrne
McDowell, Clarence A.
McEachern, Duncan,    Arrowhead
McGowan, Frank Revelstoke
McGuire, Edward Chits.       "
McGuire, John
McGurlle, John
Mcintosh, Hugh
McLennan, Julin D.
McLennan. David
Ogilvie, William F.
Oshome, Lewis
Osborne, William K
Perry, Roger F.
Phipps, Albeit E.
Plumtoti, Llewellyn
Pool, William B.
Powers, John .1.
Pi ice, .lames
Kaynham, Leonard
Reeve, Alberl K
(Inlenii Bay
C '.llilliiu in-
Cans borne
Albeit Canyon
Rocky I'nint
An tuvhend
Cum In une
Arii iv head
(  Fl nil.I,Ilu-
A i iiiwl... ul
I   IIUlli.,1111'
ithude, Edward
Roberts, A I)
Roose, Jules T
Ross, John
Rumens, 0 J
Russell, John
Sainsnn, Robert
Schneider, Louts
Sharp, Albert M
Shannon, George
Shannon, .lames
Shannon, (ien W
Shannon, J W
Sirianni, Gulseppe
Smith, A B S
Smith, James
Hotiles, Silas C
Spring. Clifford
Steiss, Robert
Stevenson, Harry V.
Stewart, Geo A
Stringer, Alfred
Taggart, Robert J
Tavlor, John Edward
Taylor, James II
Thomas, Lionel J
Thomson, Frank V
Thomson, John T        Clnnwilliam
Thompson, Orville   McOulloch Ck
Trimble, (Jen J Revelstoke
Vallroth, Charles
Viiiini, Kenneth B      Arrowhead
Vincent, Nev.ero Kevelstoke
Vyc, Alfred s
Wall,  Ernest Arrowhead
Wnllis, Harold E
Warner, Frederick
West, Cecil Oamborne
While. .Itihn Kevelslnke
While, William Wigwam
Wilson, William Revelstuke
Williams, Hubert W
Woodrow, James I
/uin. Peter Oamborne
AND   TAKE NOTIOE that al   tbe
('null   of   Revision   to beheld iill Ihe
3rd   duy  ul   Mny,   19011. at tho Court
lluilse, Kevelslnke, ill 10 o'olook ill Ihe
forenoon, I   shall bear and determine
the sume,  and   unless vm,, nr some
other provincial voter on your behalf,
nlIsHes me thai   snid objection Is noi
well founded, I shall strike ynur name
..IT the snid Register,
Dated Ihii 6th day ..I' April, 1909,
Registrar  ..f   Voters   for   Kevelslnke
Electoral Dislricl. np 7 wilt
youveyet _
o learn the bodily
comfort rt gives In
the wettest weather
K*l«  PCS.
ATAU toco statu
Torn Gumma (__>__•»
tm..m» us.
Ten China Dinner Sets
Monthly for Users of
Royal Standard Flour
Every 401b. sack uf Royal Standard Flour leaving our mills
contains a numbered ooupon entitling the person whu holds it to a
chance to be one of the lucky persons who win one of the handsome
china (limner sets given away each month. The duplicates of these
coupons are placed in a receptacle and ten are drawn ouch month.
There is no better Hour in existence for bread making than
Royal Standard Flour. It is rich in color, pure, strong, delicious and
nutritious. In using Royal Standard Flour you get the best llour
value money will buy. In gathering coupons you run one chance in
ten each month to secure a handsome prize.
The lucky numbers will be inserted in this space lhe lirst issue
of ouch month.    Watch for them,
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
-    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTUKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
wiih one nf our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
iliimask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
nidi llniti ly. We I nve many new and
beautiful parh r sets and odd pieces fur
beautifying the home that are taste
ful, effective and inexpensive, and will
shuw yuur roums to the best advantage,
Big Discount
on all
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
I1ICAD OKKICH. 1   CALOAltV,   Al.lll.llflA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stuck. Markets In all the nrinci
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packets  of  lhe Celebrated   Brand   " Impeint .t"  Hams and Bacon,
M   a
nul "Shamrock" Brand Deaf Dard,
4^.%%^%^^%.'%%^%^%,'%^v%%^%.'*^%^%%.%^%^%% 9*4
Import direct from country ol origin.
BEVELSTOKE'   1=5.  O.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
™*        These destroyers oannot live wham trees' hano beo • treated with    ^",
Pear Blight. Babbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Wot in, Sun Jose Scale, Oyster
        It will
uf the
Arkansas Experimental .Station has Used this tree
noli reed jO gulluns for free
IB-pane free buuklet lo
Sule Manufacturers for B. 0.
Shell, Hark Louse and Sun Scald.   TUE COST IS  VERY   SMALL,
not wash off.   One application protects for two yea.s.   Waruuck's Tie.
is nob an experiment,    li. has stuud thu test for six years in all pai-U
Dulled Status,    lt is an absolute pievenlative and cum for l'i at- BliKht
invite investigation.    Th
p.iin' for three > curs
distribution among leading orchards.    Semi for
O. It. LAWES, Enderby, ti. 0.,
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B  C.
: cat. -  . 4 i
Seeds for the Farm, Garde^ '-awn nr Conservatory. Tested stuck from
the best growers in England, Prance, Holland,
United Slates, Oanada.
Emit and Ornamental
Trees, Small fruits, English Hollies. Grown iu
iheou'y part of American
('mil inenl mil Infested
wilh the Sun Jose scale.
Din Irees du mil have In
In- fumigated and conse
quenlly damaged.
140 Page Catalogue  Free
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Houses and Seed  Houses
3010 WoHtminslcr Road
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
3 1st.   DECEMBER,  1908
Security Fop Policy Holders
I'n id un stuck ..$ 89,49000
Bal. uncollected 118,470 00
i Government requirement,.  l!)2,(i(lHl)3
I Balance at cradit      24,!)7ti 2!)
Notice of Assignment.
"VfOTlOE Is hereby given thai pur
l.\ suiii.t in the "Creditors Trust
Deeds Ac), 1801." and amending nets.
The Emit and Pt-ndnce Exchange of
British Columbia, Limited, 11 enrpora-
tiitn having their bend nttire iti lhe
City of Revelsluke, B. C„ Cnmnilssinn
Agents, did on the24th day nf March,
lOol). assign all iheir peisunal estate,
fi'i'tlits and effects, which mny he
seized and si.1,1 uuder execution to
William Blair Robertson, nl' the snid
''uv nf Ki-vi"Isinke. Acfiiiinlatil, fur
the heneHi of their creditors.
And notiee is hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors ni ihe snid
del.'nis will he held in the office nf \V.
B. Ruheilsnii, Firsi sireet, Revelstoke,
B.C, on the Sevenih day nl' April,
1909. at the hour of 2:80 oVlnck in lhe
All persons havlugauyclaimsagalnst
tin- sniti debtors are required to forward partii iilar.s nf ihe same duly verified, to the assignep at Revelstoke, B.
0., on or before the Isi day nf May,
Antl nun. e is hereby given that, after
lhat date, lh.- assignee will proceed tn
distribute lie- proieetls uf the estate,
having regard only in the claims nf
which he s Imi I have received nul ice a ml
he will nui he responsible fnr lhe
assets, ur any pari- thereof so distributed tn any person nr persons of whose
debt be shall nut ihen have received
Daled this 25th day nf March, 1909.
Harvey, _UcCabteh& Pinkham,
mrh27 Solicitors for the Assignee
Certificate of Improvements
Dominion Mineral Olaim, situate  in
the Ti.mt Luke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Rapid Creek.
Take uutice that I. Catherine Maud
Eraser, Free Miner's Certificate Nn. B
84293, intend, sixty days from the date
hureiif. to apply in the Mining Recorder fui a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant, of lhe above claim.
And furl her take notice that action,
under section -17, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated   this   22nd day of   February,
A.D. 1999.
miiv 12     Catherine Maud Fraser
Notice of Dissolution
lhe partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned us cigar manufacturers ut Revelstuke, 11. 0., under
the name nf the Dillon Uigur Factory,
has been dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will ill future be carried
on by James Walker, who assumes all
liabilities of the partnership and who
is entitled to receive payment of all
sums due anil payable to the partnership.
Daled April Hid, 1909.
1II. A. Brown,
1.1 as. Walker.
Certificate of Improvements
Plato Hiitl Galilleo Minonil  rlHims.  situate lo
the Trout  buko Mining  Division of West
Kootonay District.
Whore   locatod:   On Divide botwoon ('aacinie
and Poplar Crooks and  about Jj mile from
A- A: K. Bailway.
Taka notloe tlmt I, 0. H. N, Wllkle.aoting hs
aKont for Edward liaillio, Pree Miner's i ertill-
cato No. HX8.'flW, intend, .sixty days from date
horoof, to apply to tbo Mining Kocorder for a
Certitk-ateof Improvement*, for tho purpose <>f
obtaining " Orown Urant of flio above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87( must be commenced beforo the issuance of such Certifloate of Improvements.
Dated thi*- Kb day of March, A.D , lWt.
Trout I.nke-
feb 24
Hevelstoke Land Dislricl.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Harry .1. LaBrasb,
nf Nakusp, occupation hntel keeper-
Intends to apply for permission to pur,
chase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
north-east eurner nf Lot 7896, thunce
west 80 chains, ihence north Wi chains,
Ihence easl HI) chains, Ihence south 00
chains to place of commencement, con
tuining 181) acres mure nr less.
Dated Feb. 8th, I HUH.
feb in     Harry James La Brash,
Notice is hereby given lhat, al tin
expiration of three months from date
hereof, application will he muih lo Mis
Honour, the Lieutenant Qoveinor-ln-
Council for an Order In Oounoll change
ing the nil f   Wnnlsey, LeFeaill ft
Company,  Limited, to  "Lefeaui fi
Sutherland, Limited."
Daled Ihis 8th day nf February, 1H0H,
Harvey, McCarter* Pinkham,
Solicit ors for the said Company
may a
Total Security $375,584.32
(ESTABLISHED HAW a ciehtdhy)
OR SALE—A Six-ruomed cottage,
apply R. N. Duyle. tf
ITlOR SALE—Simpson's mill ,site
' Galena Bay, Arrow Lakes H20,
acres, half mile water frontage, besi
mill site nn the Arrow Lakes. For particulars apply lo XV. A, SMYTHE, Revelsluke, B. C.
[7IOR SALE—One dozen thorough-
Jy bred W li ite Leghorns, wiih Cock
eiel. Blum hard's strain: 2dozen Brown
Leghorns, with Cockerel, Morgan's
sti hi n. Apply ur address J. A. Morgan, Bnx 227, Revelsluke, ti, 0.
FOR SALE — Fu jr acres nl r,t ll laud
cleared, fenced and planted in
i eti clnver; unly 75 feel from cily limits
electric light and water mains; un main
road In city: valuable prupeily; suitable for market garden or residenlal
purposes; owner must sell; price $1,1*10
Apply Mull-Herald ntlice.
ITlOR SALE — Twelve silver-lined
Jy Wyandotte hens, guud layer.- uud
one prize rooster. Apply Mail-Herald
17IOUND- on sidewalk between upper
j and lower town, gnld safely pin.
Utvnet can utiialu same on i.leni ilieu-
liun uf article, and paying lor this
WANTED—Experienced  first-class
Ininlieiniun wants employment
as travelling salesman, or any position
of nusl with lumber-concern. Apply tu
"Successful," Mail-Herald, Revelsluke.
inch 27
WANTED—Pnsitiun as yard lure
man ur edgerman by first-class
lumberman, Apply to "Faithful,"
1909, Mail-Herald. Revelstuke.	
FOR SALE—Safeand Cash Regisiei
Second    hand.      Cheap, — Apply
Bux H14, Cily. ap lU 4t
17IOR SALE—Four 1 acre lots, 060x08
' feet, ten minutes walk from pust
utilce, fenced and cleared for sale, price
$251) per acre—$100 du» n, $100 in three
months, $75 in six muullis. Suitable
forborne, market, or iruit.   Apply tu
Revelstuke Land District.
District uf West Kootenay.
Take Notice that I, A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date intend
to apply for permission to purchase
the following described laud:
Commencing at a post planted on
lake shore, at the northeast corner of
lot 71X55 and marked "A. XV. Dickinson's Northwest Oo'.ner," thence south
4'J chains, east 40 chaina, north 40
chains, west 4U chains, following lake
shore to place of commencement.
Datetl April 7th, 11)09.
Ap. 10. A. W. Dickinson.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Koutenay.
Take notice that I, John H. Selkirk.
Agent, of Vancouver, B.C., intend to
apply to the Commissioner of Utnds
ami Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Beginning at a post planted about
20 chains east of the nnrtli east corner
of Timber Limit No. 12150, on Upper
Arrow Lake, Wesi Kootenay, running
west 80 chains, thence north III) chains,
thence east IK) ehains, thence south III
chains, thence east 20 chains, tlience
south 20 chains to point of commencement,
Dated April 7th, 101)9.
More bread and mui Mm
 And the Reason for it
A STRONG FLOl'R can only
*a be ma,lc from strong wheat.
Manitoba hard wheat is acknowledged the strongest in the wotld—
and thut is the kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. Every grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade properties.
In separating the high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Western
Caaada Flour Mills put the hard
wheat through a process so exacting
that not a single low-grade part
has the remotest chance of getting
in with the high-grade.
Of course Ihis special
process is
mure expensive In operate hut- it
means a lot to Purity fiour users—
that's why ive use il.
It minus thut Purity Flour is
iiuiile entirely of the highest-grade
flour parts of the strongest wheat
in the world.
It means n high-class, strung flour
and therefore yields "more bread
and better bread."
Purity may cost a little more
thiin Bimic flours, but results prove
it the cheapest aud most ecunuui-
ical after all.
Western Canada
Ollice, Winnipeg, Man.
Floi'r   Miu.s   Company,   Limited
■  Mills at St. Boniface ('.ode-rich, Brandon.
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
White   Leghorn     from     Blunt-hard's
Brown Leghorn frum Morgan's strain.
Rhode Island Reds from Miller's strain
A selling of 16 frnm any of the ahi.ve
strains$2.   Apply or address
.1. A. MUR<IAN.
Box 227, Kevelsloke, B, 0,
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Blxporter of Purs.
Dr. Spencer's Address Brings
to Light Startling Features
Dr. Spencer began his address on
Thursday with comments upon the
evils arising out ol the present method
of handling the liquor traffic, instancing in particular the vicious manner
in which the lumbermen, miners and
others ol similar occupations are made
the victims of the greed of the liquor
sellers. He gave as an instance an
offer made by one sawmill owner to
give a hotelkeeper, whose place of
business was near the sawmill, $,000
for tbe surrender of his liquor license.
Tue offer was declined and tt counter
proposition presented that il the Baw-
mill man would make hie pay cheques
payable lor the lollowing live years at
the hotel, the proprietor of the hotel
would pay him au enormous sum of
Taking up the Bpread nf the temperance movement Dr. Spencer stated
that in the United Stales 35,000,000
people were living in states where
either Loo*I Option ur prohibition
prevailed and in Canada every province of the Dominion had provision
for temperance legislation in the
different municipalities should such
municipalities choose to enact it,
except the Province of British Columbia. The province ol Prince Edward
Island under total prohibition had
recently hoisted the Hag at top mast
over every gaol in the province in
consequence of these gaols being without inmates whilst at the same time
the Province ol British Columbia
under a license law had the gaols
overflowing and the prisoners moved
from one place to the other to Hull
room fur tbe ever increasing crowd.
In consequence of bucIi a .-lain of
affairs in British Columbia whilst
other provinces had taken a forward
movement iu the cause ot temperance
a convention of temperance workers
was formed last fall at the Cnas'. and
the Lucal Optiun League ol B. 0. waB
formed with district uuious throughout the Province.
From such local unions delegates
were Bent tu Victoria upon the open-
iug of the Legislature. To the number ol 150 tbey waited upon the
Government and presented a petition
with 35,000 names asking for a local
option law. Following this premutation uf the caBe a email delegation
of men interested in the liquor trallic
with 100 telegrams Irum different
parts of the province waited upon the
government and asked that nothing
be done in tbe manner asked lor in
the petition. After taking the matter
i into consideration the government
decided to meet the wishes ol the
liquor interests rather than those ol
the 35,000 voters who had signed the
lucal option petition. A promise wae
however given to put the matter to a
plebiscite uf the people. This would
likely take place at the lime ol the
next Provincial elections.
Dr. Spencer made an appeal to all
good citi/.eiiB fur the financial support
which would be necessary to carry on
the campaign thus thrust upon the
country and stated that whilst tbe
Local Option League of British Columbia was asking only tbe modest
sum ol $6,000 to Becure for each
municipality tbe right to say whether
licenses should he issued or not, the
liquor interests were organizing a fund
of $Ki,(SKI tu enmlml their efforts. Ot
this munificent sum Irom one small
town aluiiii a contribution of $5,000
had been made.
In closing the meeting Dr. Spencer
promised to take up nn Wednesday
evening al the V.M.C.A. a general
uutline ol the work to be done and the
results thut might be accomplished il
all church workers and temperance
people would get together for a common cause.
Rev. Dr. Speuoer, travelling secretary ol  tbe  Looal  Option League of
British Columbia, addressed a meetiug
on Wednesday evening in the gym-
uaBium of the Y.M.C.A. Although
there were other counter-attractions
there waB a fuir attendance. Suitable
mueic waa rendered hy a male quartette. The speaker took as his subject "Problems of B.C." After riferring
briefly to euch subject as the Land
Question, Railway Construction, Fdu-
cation and Religion, he turned to the
real subject of his remarks under the
heading oi "The Drink Traffic."
Dr. Spencer Baid that the term
Local Option was not fully understot d
by a large number of people who
be called upon to vote upon the question at some time in the ueur future.
It was the object of the meeting to
explain the situation.
Local option means that the peuple
of each locality are given the optiun
ol Baying whether licences shall be
granted in such lucalities lur the sale
ol intoxicating liquor. An instance
was given of a district in B. C. which,
although not under a local uptiun law
had in reality local optiun results.
That place was Summerland where
there were nu liquur licences, no gauls
and uu police ullicers.
The forward move of temperance
feeling was evinced by Ihe results of
the municipal elections in such towns
as Revelstoke, Nanaimo and New
Speaking of the difficulties tu be
met wilh by thuse wurking lor the
temperance cause, Dr. Spencer stated
that iu Victoria the liquor men had
asked a wholesale house tu dismiss an
employee who hud been circulating a
local option petition, but were met by
the reply that a.) lung as the young
man did his wo k during wurking
huurs he was ui liberty to employ bis
time as he wished while uut on duly.
In Vernon the Bohool trustees were
asked to dismiss u teacher because he
was a lucal option worker. In New
Westminsters government official was
elected os alderman on the temperance
pUtlurm and the liquur interests at
unoe waited upon the Guvernment tu
Becure ihis mini's withdrawal either
trum the alderraahlc board or frum uis
government position.
Referring to lhe Qottenberg system
which was to have the consideration
ul the government, Dr. Spencer Baid
that much uf the goud results which
were attributed tu thai system were in
reality due to lucal uptiun which waB
in operation in districts adjoining
those under the Qottenburg systim.
If credit were honestly given lor the
goud HCCurnpliBlied in the respective
districts, it wnulil he seen that Inenl
option was the pnwer fur guud and nut
so noticeable the uther system.
Touching upon thu claim made thai.
tLe Scnit Act years agu wus a failure
the speaker claimed that the Act wus
weak in its administrative feat urea
and thai the Scutl Act as nuw in
force was wurking well in the districts
Ittvured by such law. The lucal optiun
bill which the government was asked
to puss was strung in its administrative features and if brought inin effect
with the support of the temperance
workers throughout the districts,
should make a power tor good.
Iu closing, an appeal was made blithe loyal support ol all good living
people in the t (fort to butter the moral
atmosphere uf the Province hy taking
uwaj the evils uf the liquur trallic
No Limit But the Roof
London, April 10—Joseph Martin,
K.C., addressing Stratford Liberals,
declared himself uu nut and uut Irce
trader, favored votca fur women, denounced oolonial preference as a policy
of greed and stillishness and would
abolish the House ol Lords. Martin's
candidature is attracting considerable
interesl. Ho is warmly welcomed by
the Liberal press.
Tbe Ladies Hospital Guild will huld
a calico ball in tho opera huuiu on
April iWtb.
Famous lol a Team of Dayton,
Will Visit Coast in July
Seattle, April 16—Plana have j i
been in ule public by tin   Washini o
Domain of the Knigbts of  Pythias  to,
bring to Seattle this summer th"  famous tola Rank tram ol Dayton Ohin,
with its spectacle performances of thi
drama   ni   Damon   and   Pythias, the
huiiuling nf the Knigbts uf Pythias order ut the anoient  city  nf   Syracuse,
special drills and musical features,and
seeret wurk of the  order.     Ths  team
will give threo   performances in   the
new armory here on July llth and 7ih, I
and one on July 8th Inr Pythians only.
Pythian   week at   the Alaska-Yukon-
Paoific exposition is  July 6th to 12th,
and the local reception committee ox
peels 25,t!(lii members ol  the lodge as
visiturs dining th it period.
The eust nl Drin^in^ tbe tola team,
with its carload ol Bccni ry und electrical effects, to tbe coast will be $15,000,
which the Knights ol Pythias will
raise by the sale ol tickets to thoirown j
members throughout tbe wesi
Excursions by special trains will
run to Seattle (rum many parts of the
west during J'ytlii.in   week at the fair, j
Tl    /*(»,
._«_;>' ___.....
Air Vomptlv
and Neatly Executed
7 jfes*   -
Another Shipment for the Canadian Parks
Preparations for the shipment frum
Montana, iuto the hig new buffalo
park ai Wainwriglit, of the second
portion ol lhe huge buffalo herd, purchased by the Dominion government
two years ago, have been completed by
Howard Douglas, commissioner of
Dominion parks, Bays the Winnipeg
Tribune Mr, Douglas will leave
shortly for Montana, after visiting the
new park   f Wainwriglit..
The contract with the Dominion
government calls (ur the delivery ol
the 300 head uf buffalo, which comprise the secund shipment, at. the
park in .May, and Mr. Douglas bus
no reason to doubt but that the shipment will be made en time. The buf-
laluwill be shipped into the park via
Saskatoon and Wainwriglit, the G. T.
P. line into Wainwrigbt coming within half a mile ul the new park. The
buffuln will be shipped in a train uf 21
cars specially constructed with separate stalls for each animal, and with
trap doors in the car roof to facilitate
tbe feeding uf the animals.
The new park in which the see.mil
portion of tlie herd are to be installed,
divers an area uf 110,000 acres uud is
74 miles around, and is situated between Bowtell and Wainwriglit, the
Buttle Kiver flowing through it. In
August Mr. Douglas will upeu up Jasper Park.
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
U Fof Estimates and Advertising Rates
Notice of Dissolution
Nt,; ice is hereby given : hal I he pari
nei'ship   herelofm  I i u een
Ibe imili'lDigiied E.J. lii'titifnid, Frank
Hill and   \. Wull ice Diekil ■   n, ..... ;.
ing .ui business.. - It!..I   Braiiford .'; ('o.
US l'i .  I'll' ,']..  :    | j .     -li. I •   .(    I
.-mil   lieatuu, li. 1.. n.i- this du;
dissolved by unu ual consi ut. 'I
A.   Wallace   Dickinson   h
the sui.i  inn; and i i..' - ■ id i-.. .1   Bran
ford   uu 1   i'i'u ii.   Ilm ...i.i .iii.
iniMiiess under the same name of !•'.. .1.
Bran ford A: Co.
Dafed April llih. 1900.
I-.'. J.  Uu.wi ..uu,
A.   \V.   DlCKlNSO.V,
ap 1 l-my ."i     Frank Hill,
Large Consignment Irom Alberta
for B. C.
The B. C. provincial authorities art
making arrangements with Alberts
farmers for the biggest consigumenl .1
prairie chickens thai bus ever bei i.
made to this province.
The birds will be brotif lit .' on
Brooks station, a point uhnni ball way
between Calgary and Kdmnnton,when
they are especially pleutiful. It is
expected tlint 50 pairs wiil be imported
"The native species ol prairit
chicken had become pretty iveii sbol
out twu years ugn,'' says the provincial game warden, "and we found it
necessary to replenish with birds
imported from Alberta Last year we
imported 80 pairs, and they did very
"Wc are putting the prairieohioken
into the Nicola, Asborolt and Kuiu
loops districts, where the climate isdry
and where there is a guud deal ol Open
Country. There are many guides in
these districts where Ihere is plenty ol
scrub to afford protection to the birds
during the winter,"
There will probably be no open sea-
sun Iur prairie chicken (ur a couple ol
years, an the government desires to
give the birds a good opportunity to
Fifteen Years Recluse
l.tis ANUBI.es, April Hi.— Lust in the
tlesert fur 15 years, Albert Courtney, a
mining prospector and British subject,
heard yesterday for tbe first time that
Queen Victoria was dead ami ibe
name nf Theodore Roosevelt  w»*  a
strange ime to him, and not an echo
nl tho Boer war had reached bis ears
All the glial tacts anil occurrence., ol
recent years were mutters ul whirl, he
wus Ignorant. Courtney was a roohnu
and iiul imt see u hunk or paper during
the entire period frum the time in
buried himself in ihe desert until In
visited Hun Uernndino to ask among
other things, utter QJuson Victoria'!
"How is the queen?'' was une ol his
lirst questions    He was told, once I
question   was  understood, that il
uow King I'ldiviiid. An auto shot
pust anil lhu man Irum the de-ert
backed hastily into a doorway lor protection.   "And hu i,i 'ii  Victoria  is
dead; I oannot hardly believe it," In
murmured, but tha victory In South
Africa raised  his   spirits   and   he gavi
British cheers on the spot,   Courtney
is 70 yeais uld and is well preserved
physioally and mentally,
.   _,,
CATION   foi    th
dupii.'.i el ■ ..i Til I.-  I ■
Lol   1. 2au i 3,   '•'•
of Rev. Is
it is i
piration of om   in
iiihlica Ion I
'ei-l uf  Title    1
inenl im.. d Inl
Mel' i'i hy, .i hii  i I     :
he   5th ' i.i    i'  • mbei
ii,   '   red I USD,
Strawberry Plants
" lire   1 Al.l's,    11 ,,v
ii-iiinil izi'd. of exquisi i
$2.00 per hundred.
Revelstoke, B. ( .
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds of shingles,  bul   the  best
in.in  can -top
Fire insu.-ance Policy
__ -
If  not  in-
■. n.\ v
■   ■ ■ ■.     ■
PAPEE ll '•■
First . ..-    '.'.
Mail  Orders  l'i  rn
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
BOVRIL in the House
Wliv not take a cupnf
Bl iVKlT, every mon
throughout the Sp-iiiR.
It invigorates the v
system, forti-
fi c s     yo tt
■:ist   the
cii,in gcable
•• ■  ther   and
help   you lo
do the work of
easily ui.kIc-- a cup, hot
watei   : id a spoonful of
BOVRIL   are   all   you
". Ml tc. Ml ntU/MM. MS
-   .  " -: .i i vi v.
IH  .     B    C.
■   ol  baOdl&fi
Foi .,..:.'•.;    ,..,.. ml .ties
»t ilio lowMi prlcai for ' Mb.
[bail Uda tnd i> la it*-'mi,;
Villi Wood
Reduced Prices
N.iii   is  lbs time to order your mill
wood.    1 ive !• mis and over
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   at   any puint  between Mill
uml Ki.iili'iniy Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order .it .nice ol
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
;. ...... ,s. Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Plioitii JO Oifloc    HcK.'iilo Avo THE MAIL-HERALD, HEVELSTOKE  B.C.
tm\\\\AW _________________ iRh
Victoria    1 .mn--,    special   ;it    ij'-r.
i al  ioe. per yard and tip.      Pretty   Muslins   in
, at 1.3 per   yard.      English Gignhams and Galateas
; ai is..', per yard.     N'ew Whitewear in skirts,   gowns,   corset
,-ers, etc ,  iii al special prices.      Spring  arrivals   in   men anil boys' wear—
i pick out your Easter Ilm, we have il   here.      New   Tic-.,   new   Gloves,   new
Bi lits oi I nilerwear, etc,     Ladies' and Misses Bootand Shoe Department- -
G     newest Spring styles will be o\ special interest tn every woman.
,   Department is al   its   besi   now.     You can depend upon seeing the
ides and  the very   lalesi   styles.      This   department   is   under   the
\i   -  WeKenney, while her skill and   experience  sli.mid   be  a  sufficient
Pure Drugs
.I. '.ui
. ... •
...... .    .lli.U.S.
Ill  '    ii    ...
...    ....    .    -
Macdonald's Drug Store
We :i un   In   keep   unly    the
inn Dread, Cakes and Pastry
best in Uroceries.    A trial  ordt r
ure made fresh every day,   when
will   In-  appn . into '   u-   wo   ure
tired ul  ymir  own   baking,   try
Ci ill! im rd 1 iiul  lie cull  Bave   yt'll
ours for a change, you  will  lind
it very appetizing,
BSGN & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Local and General
I.  . . i i.i".    i enmmu-
huii8i      u   lhi     pur Irnck
near 'i.ii -; i
i'i.'-    : . .        Hi
lisli ■ :,   I :. - ; ii    April 20th,
Tbe i.mn uin cd   ul
Dona'd Currie,   tbe we
■ ... i    . 11 I   i. ■,  ■ . Eng.
Tin   i Irsnd   March   at i he Ladies
\..v    iry    B,   i   It   I   in the opera
u    rhursi ay, Vpril 22ud. will
at 9 p.m.
W  1'                   Sni .1 i! the Police
lay, the c     s of  the
C ni'' I     mn   ut
l:il Cl
in  the
Nice Five   roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six
House for
Other Houses at reasonable
prices. All kinds of Insure
ancc. Agents for the ccle^
bratcd KARN Pianos and
Piano Players.-Money to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Tlie roller rink will open this  alter-1    At the opera house  last   nigbt  the
noon   und  evening   fnr the lirst time | Imperial Scots Concert Company gave
thia seasou.    	
The Calico Ball on [.uesday, Vpril
20th, under auspices ol Ladies' Hos-
pii .i Guild, promises u g .."1 time,
XV. XV   Bai r, i i  the   Mm  Herai d
■   .. . ...   ||    pii .
11 IS-
'   011
a performance before a small audience
I.M.   Hamilton,   the   Scotch   tenor,
gave several  pleasing numbers while
Fred Barclay, tbe well known Scottish
ootuedian,   created   much  merriment
i.y his  ludicrous songs   and   antics.
Inni   McKay, accompanist, presided at the  piano und gave  several
' well rendered selections.    R iby Seath
joj   mo, iiul  noi
ijiu'ir.   the delay   in   arrival   nf  her
stage baggage I   ing responsible fur her
.. -     ■■
piial Calico Hall in   the
■   lined np   il ...
et of Gary    Ind.,  yester-
j into a saloon,  taking  s
d going  out   the   buck  door
A Maral
•    ' .    ,
I.R.'J -
■  .
- ■-1 .
. _ .
, , ■ -   -
"jUse' I take evidence under oath loi tbJiH
■ • be  15
■ i
1-1 :
■   here
-" :.i ...■ i. .:
ind  l
.  -.-           ... Fifteen
fear ag slosi
i   a d ry to wn
-   I.
Iiavi    i
, .. ■
li isi   j
,.. .■
i'.     .■. ■   ..
■ I   t   el, Tin nip, ' llilon   Heel
Carrot, etc., In hulk.
■ ■
■ .
tut in I lie  '    r  l;
Billy   bus
,.i ;•■   ns his  resi
lei n Iteveli loke  ind ... i leparl ure
;    M i    \\
: '     ■■       '      i • . ■ ii i ,|   on
nis promol.  I
I he pcu| II ul huve
un opp ,iunity ni  hi ..iii... ili
rick   mi   Friday   ol   nexl ivcek
Il lm      ictni    ii    a pi ifi   mi in
College, Toi I is v idoly known
Bi,.! un ally loved tl        I     t Ch   ul
lb at present   taking purl, in tin
i haptnaii a Ii   audi i ovangellsl Ia o	
piiien   iii   Kootenay, and   I ni kindly
i.n i .i i . ii ild .i meeting In Ron I toki
\\ bile .ul  are  invited  to  come   i lie
-I .ri..i would like to spi. i»■ 11> tlln ol
. .   ini    ige ti  I ho men ol I ho  eily in
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Odice on First St., Opposite the Club
Runts Coi.i.kitkii. Loans Notary Ptim.K!
) <>0^<K>0<><H><><>0<K>0<H>0<><K><H><> <
If you want good Potatoes we have
just unloaded a car. Special prices
for ton lots. Now is your chance to
purchase some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.        'Phone 248
»«■•*•**»***** •'''S**************'******,*******'*****'*******
If you want style in your Faster dress, you should
patronize this store. We have exclusive sale of some
of the best lines to be had in Canada. They are what
the pood dressers want and our prices are right.
Iu the fashionable Spring Shades
plain and stripes, all nicely button
trimmed, These aie splendid
We have goods frnm a factory
thut, makes "Skirls to lit.'' They
are properly finished, seams all
bound and all ready to hem to your
correct length.
Wo carry "Fownes" Gloves in all
shades. They are the very best
grade of French Gloves and arc
made of real Kid, keep their color
and shape until worn out. Every
pair guaranteed,
We have a splendid showing of
Hosiery in all the popular shinies,
in plain, open work and embroidered.
Fancy Neckwear, Belts in Kid and Elastic, all
colors. Wash Belts, Rttchings, Linen Collars,
embroidered and plain. In fact everything that a
well dressed woman requires.
McLennan & Co.
■ <      Mr-   \\ ii
M i-s I na, whu
ui.-.1    i   '.I
I  .
to Iri nils
I he ... ■     • ils "  Morrill
' inn Wilson Crowe ol If.   i
n i.   take plnci al   the Kami t ps Pn -
by toi ian  church on Wedncsds v   ^ pi i
I ii i ho person nl ' Bkibo ' Anderson,
. i'n call i ny Rovelstoke 1ms Inst,
•iii.'il Ins looal nliuriiclcis      iskiliu ivus
■i  universal   lavoi Ite,   h ad   has boi ti
transferred ta tbe Coast
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I' . I ink, I I.I' It. Inc.    lue cnglliefi ,
A   Mmi.)   lleligiou,"   The   mooting I roturnod   homo on   Friday  morning
'will be bold lu Kaon church. Irum an extended  trip  to  thu Coast
cities and California, utter spending un
enjoyable uml well-earned holiday.
Miss Mario Armstrong left this
morning, Wednesday, Iur Portage Iu
Prairie, Mauitoba, tu attend the wedding uf twu widely known C. P K.
telegraphers, with whom rhe was
uHsuciatetl in the Kegina commercial
telegraph ullice fur sume time.
One nf the jolliost evenings fur the
young people of the seasuu was given
on Wednesday night by Mrs. C. B
Paget. Progressive bridge formed the
amusement ol the early part of the
evening, the prizes bring wim by Mrs.
H J. Huylnck and Mr H .1 Haylnck
The booby prizes were won by Miss
Dor thy Day consisting of a hand
some "rattle", and hy Mr. A. Copp,
who received s tiuechronometer watch.
Al fresco refreshments made a delightful diversion and dancing brought a
very pleasant evening to a cloBe.
CATHOLIC — Kev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the Fir6t
and Third Sundays in every month
it the following hours: 8 a.m. Cum-
munion Muss; 10:80 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
Sr Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Apl. IS.
Services 11 a.in,, 7:30 p.m , Sunday
School and 1'astur's Bible Class, 2.30
p, in. Prayer meeting on Wcdnes-
liv s |,..,i. Choir practice and teach-
■ rs' m.-. ting, Friday 8 p m.
Kniix Presbyterian—J. It. Hubert-
son, li 1'. minister     Services on Sunday   as  fulluws :—Morning servic-- at
II  i cluck.    Sunday School and Bible
Class .it 2:30 p m.    Evening service a;
10 p.m,   Morning subject "A Living
Principle   ol     the     Christian    Life."
Evening subjeet, "Saying   Something
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    Worth While.'    Good music..    Every-
insure    and      dj  vi come  and straugers specially
ing old m lids.   V girl who tal , , ,,       ,,   .
St. I -  Anghcanh-Rev. C.A,
,i    A,     Rector,     First
the a.- .,,,.- ""     .'■"-      s »■ '"■ Holy
11   a.m.    Matins und
 ""   ,7'"l''  maEv.6n'
; — !(.'   I W Hall, pastor
,n   Sunday   as   follows   -
sing    its fellowship in the ols n room
i'      We    Wl 10 lu    u.m        hegular    public
War     h.  h   Ol   OU <i   11   a.m.      Sunday School
i   .-- u 2 SO |. ii     Evening
.  7  ■'■ p i.
Bu . i'.'"    W    I'   r n eiiiaii   11 A
Services at 11 ■< m   snd  7 .'to
li. sebool and Bible class at
.     B  V  I' i     Monday  al -
prayer  meeting Wednesday   8
\! i      . - .   eel     I hs  Irmour
B   oing   - .' "i    'Hiiiui
.  Cross        Kubjeot in
.'.    -   iiii...  '  ass at 2 i'i p in i-
, ions      Everybody   invited
The March of Progress
thi     world    moves
* being held In London sn
,. r pi ids   sxl ibltinn sl
■■   i   !■ /..-ii   ty pes  ..I •!■. ih |.
on . . hibitlon      N  I nnl,- un sxhl
ll   .ii sail      A   inuring dirig-
■     i    ,    01 '   .'.ip.ll'l'y    Ol    leSS     I Iiiiii
Ht, I nd  driven   I.y u in ,I.m .,(
lli litusepOWi r    null   be   gut    I. i    i I ' i
. hs Wright machine i« rilTi r d
hi i I Pi'i      Uther mu.-I >s i ost only
i BOO The airship lo ri iy is pretty
muoh when' the motor oar was twelve
years ugn. with  possibilities   uf  devel
npini'til tint muoh inltirmr.
Business Locals
Social and Personal
l! I     ll    H 11
: i
dues. I
pending the
I'n nn and garden seeds ul nil
at Bourne BroB,
hand   turiii-
Another lot ol second      	
ture at the Itlcul.
Wire netting, staples, fencu wire,
garden tools, at Bnurne Urns.
Wall paper, wiutluw shades, curtain
pules and fixtures at C.B Hume & Co's
Rhubarb, spinach, California green
onions, lettuce, at Bnurne Bms.
Japanese mattings and mats, choice
colors und design ut 0. B. Hume ft Co.
Take a look at. the carpet sipiarts
in Howbuh's Furniture Sture. A large
Try a bottle ol Veribr.te Venuil, the
magic   furniture   polish, sold at 0. B.
Hume it Co's,
Piano for sale—only been in use s
few months—a bargain, Soe How-
sun's Furniture Sture.
Carpets, linoleums and floor oil
cloth, a choice range st C. B. Hume
it Co's.
W. J. Curtis, piano tuner, will be
in the city about 26lh April, ddeis
lelt with R. Howson or Revelstoke
General Agencies will receive prompt
attention. td
I have Dearly oue thousand nice
calendars fnr photographs, and from
now until tbey are gone, I will give
one complete with every dozen any
size phut..8 taken hy nip. Come either
un clear and cltuuly days. E F.
Tucker. " 16 tf
Proposition   of  Agreement  is
Fi.itNii-., B C, April lli.—The. miners
have approached the operators with a
proposition nl an agreement alung ihe
same lines as those ol the agreement
that expired March 31,
Thn committee met Sloekett, ul
Hosmer; Whiteside, of Coleman: Ns-
smith, ol Lethbridge; and W. E. Ald-
ri Ige yester lay, and the operators re
plied lhu! they could give no definite
reply until they had met the other
members ol the association.
Morgan is said tu have stated that
lie bail (i uml the gmtinds of dill'erence
ui which the strike was bused su trilling eil her way thut he wtilild take nn
■ids toward the signing nl the Muclenri
agreement, su ho simply refers the
operators tn du business with the
oHIcials iif dlstriot IH, uml says the
international   will   stand   behind tie
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  and largest  Stock  of Cigars and
I'ipes  in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mac's   Mixture   now  on   hand
and made  expressly   for   us by I). K. McPherson.
Tlie Revelstoke New and Second-hand Store
Furniture, Stoves, Tin and Bnamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., bought, Sold, or Exchanged,
furniture Packed fur Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.      -     J. C. HULL, Proprietor
A Burst of Eloquence
un  what constitutes a well-regulated
Fixtures, electric lights, and marble
tables May add to the artistic settings,
but for genuine Meat Value that insures health and the pleasures of the
dinner table, you've got to have meat
kept in a zero temperature, in sanitary surroundings safe from too much
handling — prime, rich, juicy — tbe
kind you'll always lind here
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Sausages and Oooked Meats a Specialty
Bamboo   verandah
lluini; iV, Cut,
blinds   lit Oi
Fearful Scenes in a San Francisco Fire
I H »Ki nu ii, April Hi—-Twu mure
dead bodies W018   recuvered   Irum   Ibe
ruins of th£ Hi George lenemont to-
day, nniking the number of known
de,nl six. Hi,ih bodies were charted
beyond recognition,
Firemen wurking in   lhu   ruins   de-
i'i.!" that thero are riossni ..( bodies
■till in the ruins and estimates uf ihe
number nf dead nuw range frnm 2.ri lu
Fire  Marshal I'nivnp   gave   nut   lhe
Followiug statement    "Tho c,iu:e  nl
ihe llru is iiiikuuivu.    It -im ii..! .,ii i In:
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Have opened a store on First Street for the
sale of Flour, Feed, Seed and Chicken
Specialties, and would respectfully ask for
your patronage.
Royal Standard Flour        Burpee's Seeds        B. 6- K. Chick Food
The Paget Supply Co.
second Hour ol the rooming house and
was probably caused by a defective
Hue. The place, while complying with
the letter ul the law governing buildings, was a lire trap pure and simple.
Its hallway* and entrances were hare
ly up tu the standard anil the former
were su winding lhat lu darkness ur a
time ul excitement the exits could
hardly bo lutind."
Furty li dgers in the St. lieurge had
not been accounted lor today.
Opera House Tonight
'Ibe Imperial HcntB Cuncert Company, who gave a phifing entertainment in the Open Hnuse last night,
will play another engagement this
Card of Thanks
The members ol the Brotherhood of
Looomotive Engineers nnd Brtither-
hood of Looomotive Firemen and
Kiigiiiciiicn wish tu i lui nk m\' who
assisled in making their "at borne"
uml dunce a success, alsu those who
were kind cnuugh tu assist with the
Thousands Rendered Homeless
City oi Mexico, April Hi—A great
forest lire is rug ng in lhe /ilr.iirn
mountains, Id the slate ul Michocnn.
Thousands ol persons have been rendered homeless ami a great ipiautity
uf the dye woods in which the region
abounds has been destruytd. Already
a number ul valuable towns have been
swept by llsmes ami scores ol villages
destroyed. Nu details as tu loss ul life
are available,
Revelstoke Opera House
Saturday, April 17
(iiiltluiN Mini PIlKSBNTH
Scots .
Concert Co
Direct from Scotland, with .1. M.
HAMILTON,   the world's greatest
Scottish tenor.
The greatest   attraction   of   ll^vj
kind that ever visited America.    18
Packed Ihe thcatics-1n all the
great centres from New York to
San Pranoisoo, and frnm Halifax In
Admission 75c. and 50 cts.
Wauled a  wiinian  to  clean  officii
apply Canadian Hank  uf Cum.
inerie, ll


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