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The Mail Herald Jul 7, 1909

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.;' '
" Empire " Typewriter
For ense ol operation and peifectiou
in results produced, thia machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $61) UO Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 15.-No 46
ProTincia;l Libi'tfrf
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
wSi *
Hole Proof Hose
As the washing machine banished the wash
board and sewing machine shortened the labors of
the seamstress, so " Hole Proof" Hose will do away
with the drudgery of sock and hose darning.
'Ihis Hose is made to wear, extraordinary durable, six strands of yarn interwoven in the feet, made
to resist wear where the wear comes.
"Hole Proof" Hose is the most cleanly and
sanitary hose in existence. Sold only by the box of
four pairs.
Men's Hole Proof Hose in Tan, Black. Red
or Green, absolutely guaranteed for four months, no
red tape, simply bring them back to us with the
coupon that is attached and we will replace with new
ones free of charge. Selling at per box (JO fin
of  four pairs      M.UU
Women's Hole Proof Hose in Tans and Blacks
absolutely gauranteed for four months, four (Jjn Cn
pairs in a box, at per box      IJJfciUU
Stores at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
June Weddings
cA Snap in Cut Glass
A beautiful 8 Inch Berry Howl, latest designs, only a
limited supply, regular $8.60 Now S4 SO
Water Bottles, regular $8.50 Now SS
Half gal. Water Pitcher, a beauty, reg. mi2.50, Now ST
in inch Celery Dish, regular $7 Now S4.50
12 inch Celery Dish, regular $s.."a» Now SS
Llmoge hand painted China, coin gold decorations,
every piece guaranteed.
2T, Per Cent Reduction on all Standard Silver Quadruple
Plated Goods, comprising Tea .Sets, Tureens, Cake
I'luies, Berry Howls, Pickle Jars, Butter Dishes, eto,
Por the balance of ihe month 26 per cent off,
A Rare Chance to get Wedding Gifts at Cost
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Tramp Held for C.P.R. Train
Robbery Not Likely Person
—Sent to Kamloops—Pursuit at Ashoroft Fruitless.
Asiu.'KiiK'i', July 7.— i'|)e posses
of police and citizens who have
been out searching for the murderer of Constable Ike Decker have
all returned to town tired with
their fruitless hunt. They admit
that the man musl have got away
safely from this part of the country
now. A number of the Mounted
Police have returned and the search
now will .be left largely in the
hands of the Provincial police and
secret service men.
A man named Isaac Olsen, suspected ol being one ol the gang tbat
beld up the C.P.K. train at Ducks, was
brought in here by Constable Upper
on Sunday eyeniog and banded over
to tbe care of Chief Bain. Upper
picked the man up at Buwle, about
twenty-five miles west of here, from
which place he received a telegram
(rom the C.P.K. agent saying that
there were twu suspicions looking
characters around. UUen, however,
looks by no means a formidable bold
up man, His cloihiug ia patched aud
ragged aud dirty, a scrubbing briiob
whisker is spread over his cheeks and
chin, and his hair is towsled and unkempt, lie wears a No. 8 hat and
looks on the whole like a faded specimen of the Weary Willie rather than
anything else.
He was brought up before Hubert
Gordon, the Government Ageut on
Monday morning, charged with vagrancy, but by mpiest of tbe Chief ol
Police, a remand of two days was
granted. The chief said that Provincial Coustable Kington was out at
Bowie now investigating, nud he did
not wish to proceed till be returned.
Mr. Gordon pointed out that biB
jurisdiction as stipendiary magistrate
only extended to the county of Kootenay, and as Bowie was iu Yale, he did
not tbiLk it came witbiu his province.
He granted the remand.
Olsen speakt. with a Swedish accent
and was brought iuto tbe police station
in a very scared condition. He said
tbat hall a dozen men had gut after
him with guns and he could not tell
what they wanted. No weapons were
found on him.
Provincial Constable Kiugton lelt
on No. 97 yesterday altemoon lor
Kamloops, taking with bim the prisoner Isaac Olseu, win was arresttd ly
Constable Upper at Bowie au a C P 11
robbery suBpect. As Olsen was arrested
iu tbe County ol Yale it will be necessary that his case should be heard
belore a magistrate in that county.
He denies all kuowledgeol tbe hold-up
and from his appearauce tbe local
police think he is a very unlikely
person to be implicated iu anyt lung of
lhat kind. He will be handed over
to tbe Provincial authorities at Knin-
has h?eti out of town sinco. Sundny, it
has not yet been fixed.
Mr. A. 1). Mclntyre, ol KamloopsJ
and W. I. Briggs appeared fur the
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents al. iill principal points in.Ciiiiiiihi.
Agents in (ileal Britain  and United States    London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago-Kirst National Hank, Corn Kx-
change National Hunk. Seattle—Heal tie National Hank, Ban Fran-
cisco--Weill PftrgO Nevada National Bank. Spokane- Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of $1 and upward,   received, and   Interest allowed at
current rale from dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Dress Trimmings
A large variety of dainty I.aces and
Embroideries for your JSymmer Press
Trimmings, Some very pretty patterns to choose front.
MRS.   A.  O.   CRICK
Flrat ^Street .U.-_^10ppo»ito   Windsor   Hotel
Man Caught By Calgary Police
Identified as Romano
Chit f of Police Bain left this morn-1
ing for Calgary to bring back Vincenso
Komauo, who is alleged to have been
the   man   that    held   Kred.   Orsetti,
when Frank Sheldo, accordinc to Or-!
setti's evidence, tried to cut bis throat
about three weeks ago.    Homano  waa!
arrested   several   days   ago, and  was j
identified by an Italian who  had   tor-'
merly lived here and knew bim, as the 1
man   who   was   wanted.     Chief Bain
however, belore he went further, asked
that a photograph be taken  and  sent
to him.    The photograph arrived   laBt
night, and Cbiel Bain lelt Ior Calgary
on  No. '.Hi this morning.    Romano   s
eaid to have escaped at the same time
as Sheldo, and   tiiey were  reported as
having liecu seen   travelling together
Must Stand Trial With Sheldo
in Higher Court.
Joe Falzetti has been bound over to
apprar uiidi-i bail lor trial in the
higher court, ou lhe charge ol being
au accessory wilh Sheldo in an attempt
to murder Fred. Orsetti.
Orsetti Bwore tbat Falzetti was one
ol the (mir men who sprang on him
trom the sidewalk when the cutting
was done. While be took no part in
the cutting, he was there with the
rest. Orsctti's latber-in-law, Frank
Julian, also swore that he had seen
Falzetti in limit ol bis house that
Falzetti met this evidence wilh a
seemingly ellectivc alibi, i'ete Merino,
the keeper of the boarding house
wbere he lodged, swore that Falzetti
had Ih'I'h in the house at the time the
cutting took place, and his evidence
was backed by that of several other
Magistrate Foster said thai while he
would not bave convicted on tbo evi
deuce himself, be thought on bo
serious a charge, supported by the
direct evidence ol lhe crown witness,
it was hia duty to send the accused
up lor trial.
lu reply to Mr Gillan, counsel lor
the accused, be promised lo consider
the matter ol bail, but as Mr. Poster
Sicamous Hotel Robbed
A report comes Irom Sicamous that
the BeMevue Hotel at that place,
owned by Mr. Congreve, was entered
on Saturday uight and $15 ukcii out
of the bar. No details of tbe crime
have been given, but it is thought that
the two suspicious looking characters
reported by the C. P. K. operator as
having been seen around Bowie might
bave had something to do with it
though there is nu proof to connect
them in any way.
Provincial Constable Kington returned Irom Bowie Monday morning.
but slated that he had not been able
to find traces of suspicious characters
aiound there. Tbe operator wbo reported Beeing two men, said when he
lirst saw Olsen be had a long black
coat oo him, aud through the tails be
saw a revolver sticking in his pocket,
but no weapon wae found on him when
Nine Men Killed—Attempt Made
to Kill Taft -Americans Polo
Champions The Henley Regatta—Miners Strike.
Tiiiniiiaii, Colo., July li. Nine men
were instantly killed by a tfii.s explosion in n conl mine here today. They
were descending into the mine when
the explosion occurred* Their bodies
were blown to bits.
London, July 7—The American polo
team defeated the English champions
to-day, thus winning tbe International
polo chiiiupionship. The score was 8
to 2.
New YORK, July li. Hurling a
chunk of anthracite coil, weighing
nearly four pounds, through n coach
attached to President Tuft's special
train, some miscreant attempted to
injure the president last night. It
clashed through the window of the
conch next to the one occupied by the
presidential party, and was thrown
with sufficient force to have killed
anyone it happened to strike. Glass
was scattered through the car, hut
fortunately the couch was unoccupied
at the time.
Fushkiu. Landing, N. Y., July 7.—
Harry K. Thaw was lakiiu from Mit-
tewan asylum to-day for bearing before Justice Wills on an application for
trial to determine whether or not be
is now sane. The prisoner said be was
not hopeful of release.
Ni'.w Yiuiii, July li. Francis W.
Cushiiiiui. representative iu congress
from TiLconnt, Wash., died of pneumonia in the lloosevell hospital here
Sydney, O.B., July 8. -The lirst day
of the strike of the miners of the
I'.M.W., employed by the Dominion
Coal Company, passed of uneveotfuUy.
The men who went to work in No. -
.Mine had to passu long line of strikers
and were hissed and culled scabs, but
no violence was offered, Tlie company
has ordered all strikers out of iti*
houses and they nre to he provided
with tents.
Hi.i i'i' Point, N. Y., July (i. Pies.
Taft, Ambassador Bryce of Great
Britain, and Ambassador Jusserand,
of Prance, have arrived ta tako purl
in the Chiimplain celebration,
MoNTiutAL, July 0. The annual report of the harbor commission says
.Monl real is bundling a greater volume
uf business lliiin any oilier North
American port except  New York, and
that more passengers aro being curried
mi British and Canadian ships than to
nil American ports combined outside
of New York,
London, July 0, A civil list pension
of $2.50 a ween baa boon granted lo
Mary Angela Dickons and her three
sisters, granddaughters of Charles
Li in I ii in, July II. In lhe lil'tb heal
for the diamond sculls at Henley,
Thompson beat Hope easily, Jesus
College heat the London Rowing Club
lor tbe grand challenge cup.
Stranger Commits Suicide in
Local Hotel—First Tried to
Cut His Throat, then Strangled Himself.
With gashes in his throat and a
blood-stained knife beside bim, a man
who hud signed himself as .). McGinty
ul the Windsor HoU-1 on the previous
day, wns found hy the proprietor this
morning, hanging by a noosed necktie
from one iif the posts of bis bed. Life
was quite extinct, nnd us the body was
stiff und there were signs of mortification in the members. It wus evident
Unit tha deed hud been committed
some time before.
The man appeared at the Windsor
Hotel yesterday morning nnd signed
"J, McGinty," on tbe register, but did
not murk down nny address. He went
around quietly through lhe day,
bought a small Husk ot whiskey in the
afternoon, and went ti) his room about
nine o'clock in llie evening leaving
word that he was to he called at nine
ni'uin the following morning. When
Mr, Hanbury went to cull him he got
no respone uud on opening the
door found llie man lying on
the bed with his whole weight
lightening the noose in a stout
necktie which he hud wound round
his neck and attached in u knot lu the
top of one of the iron bedposts, lie
lay In his night clothes in u reclining
positi.i i with hi.s whole weight on his
neck, und it wns evident that he had
lain thin and strangled without making nnj attempt to lift or save himself.
On one side of his throat were several
cuts, apparently made with a blunt
knife, He had evidently acted with
deliberation, for the knife covered
with blood, hut clasped again und laid
aside as if useless, was found on the
table beside him.
Mr. Hanbury notified the police, who
cume and searched his effects. In nne
pocket wus found a pnckel containing
the pictures ol a little hoy und u little
girl, und it is inferred from this that
he was probably a married man, and
these were his children. He wore a
hat bearing the name of a Vancouver
dealer, and hejind on a new suit of
clothes, though judging from his
hands he wus evidently a workingman,
He was a man of about thirty-five
years of age, of light complexion and
wearing a sandy moustache, lie wus
of medium height and rather stoutly
built. No clue to his real name or
Identification could be found. It Ib
generally thought that "McGinty" was
nn assumed name.
Tbe body was removed to Howson's
undertaking rooms. Hi. Hamilton
will probably hold an Inquest.
Record-Breaking Airship
London, July ti. According to
the Daily Mail, thu airship aeon
Hying about variottH parts of England last May, was ti eruft of .'ilKl
pounds, which was invented und
built hy Dr. M. li. Uoyd, who
claims thai in bis experimental
Mights he crossed the Irish Channel
at u speed of 82 miluH an hour,
covering a distance ol 00 rriilos.
On another occasion, tho doctor
claims thai he travelled 860 mi Iuk,
milking only one descent.
Placer Gold Find.
Victoria, July 6,—Tho steamer Teas
from the West Coast brought news today ol a rich placer lind of coarse gold
ou tbo Simibriii river, about acveii
miles easl ul Ban Juan. The placers
were located by 11. Gallop, while pros*
pneting lor coal, A largo number of
claims have been staked,
Hunting Big Game
" Hunting Big Gamu in South
Africa," by an American party of
hunters, will be one of the chief
(eaturcB ol the Moving Picture Enter
taiiiment at the F.ilisoii Parlor Theatre
ou Friday and Baturday. One ol the
Ichiel scenes ie thi'stalking ol a very
I line lion. Thn balance ol tho pro.
gramme will be llrat class,
Preparations Wiil be Made for
An open meeting of  tbe Trades and
Labor Council was held on Saturday
night for the purpose of making preliminary arrangements for the cele
bration ul Labor Day in llevelatoke
The Labor Day committee which
handled the celebration last year, has
turned over its business entirely to
tbe Trades and Labor Council, so thai
all arrangements Ior the present year
are in their bauds. The Council,
therefore, called to the meeting on
Saturday night representatives from
all labor unions and unattached bodies
ol workingmen in the city. There
was a goud turnout, and considerable
enthusiasm was shown iu lavor ol a
The celebration will probably bo
along the same lines aa iu limner
tears, though with one or two new
features. There will lie a parade,
sports, and tlio Opera llouae will be
secured lor the evening when an address befitting the occasion will be
given. The aim will hu lo make tbe
day educative as well as recreative.
No «lmuling ciiinniit ii-i-K have yet been
appointed, us it is considered that
there ia still ample time lor that. As
Labor Day does not come till the lirst
Monday in September, it is thought
that a meeting held about lhe first
week in August will give plenty ol
time to get down lo the practical work
ol preparation, In the meantime preliminaries arc pretty woll in the hands
ul Mr. Frank Mitchell, president, and
Mr. P. Parker, secretary ol the Trades
and Labor Council.
Epworth League Excursion
A genuine American invasion ol the
best kind struck llevelatoke yesterday.
An excursion train canying Epworth
Leaguers trom the northwestern states
stayed in uver two hours. The train
was in two sections ol about ton
Pullman coaebca each, and it poured a
Hood ol visitors over tho town to the
great advantage ol Ibe local merchants, with whom they did a good
trade in the purchase of provisions
and travelling necessities. The excursion etarted out Irom St. Paul and
was made up on the way. Tbe delegation aro bound for the International
Epworth League Convention in Seattle. They oame through with many
Stop-offs bs they wished to see the
country.   All   who   wore   spokuu   to
25 Per fe.
On Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
4* piece China Tea Sets,
some very line pieces of Limoges China, a nice assortment
of Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, .some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods are marked in plain figures and there is no
deception about this sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low prices in order to make room for other goods. This
is a good chance to obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Mr Swell Dressei
lean-up in
Broken Lines no range
complete, sizes 14 1-2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
Fit Reform Clothing
b. b. walker, Piwidsnt I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXAHDKK LA1KD, General Manager i Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
Ybm new Travellers' Cheques rei enllj killed by this Rank are a mow o
way Is which lo carry money when travelling,   They are issued in demominaii
$10,  $20,  $50,  $100 and $200
aad Um exact amount payable In   Austria,   Belgium,   Denmark, Fr
Germany, Great Britain,  Holland, Italy, Norway,  Russia, Sweden
aad Switzerland  in staled on the fare of each  cheque,  while in other
tWy are payable at current rales
Tha cheques and all information regarding Ihem may be obtained al m
at tha Bank. Uu
We Admire Every Woman
who llislsis on having her
choice of our selected Beef,
Limb. Pork and high-
grade Hams,    she'.-, after
the best and we're prepared   lo   give   it   to her,
i Mii-
Fine Meat Market
caters to particular buyers
and always shall. Prices
nil right, too.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Ham* and Bacon
expressed themselves as more than Lou Scholce the Toronto oarsman
delighted witb lhe scenery aloug the | defeated T. L. DesBriaay of Nelson iu
Canadian route. Tbey sjieut tlieir j the single scull race hold Bt that town
national holiday al Ban It with lower | on Dominion Day. DesBrisay put up
firecrackers than usual, but with uot j a game race, Kcholos winning by a
loos genuine enjoyment, I length audi a ball, THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, H. C.
al Hank Bi n.nisii BlOTUe
STOKK, 13. U.
eliitoke, HI.   Cranbrook, "■ !'•
J. A. Hakvev,
Cranbrook, B. C.
^^^^^^1    Barrister
Solicitor, etc.
S 'liiitor'for:—
Tut Canadian Bank hk Commerce,
The Molsons Bank, Ktc.
Provincial Land Surveyoi
Mining Sin veyor
McKhnzik Avkm'K,
Bnx luu, Rkvelstokb
c. w. o  w
Mountain   Viow Camp   No, 119
Mevi* Second  and  fourth  Wednesdays tn
each month, in Selkirk Hall.   Visilin   Wuod-
men cordially invited lo attend.
J. McINTYRE, Clerk.
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed   House  at  $20.00   per   month
80 Acres near Revelstoko, 18 acres cleared,
hnuse, stable and fencing, jSo fruit trees, live stock
and farm implements,    At a bargain.
10    Acres   at   Summerland,   near
newly fenced and under  irrigation.
Good buy.
800 Acres at Galena   Bay,
anding,   all
fruit   trees.
6 =
acres   c
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ leared,
500 trutt trees, good house and stable, Jive stock and
farm implements. Desirable property to subdivide into
5 and to acre lots.    Only $3^.00 per acre.
F. O. E.
The rsffulhr meetings are beld in the Selkirk
Hall every 2nd ami Iiii Tuesday evening al li
o'olook.   Visiting brethren cordially invited.
T.   J.   WALSH,   I'BKHlUENT.
W.E. McLAL'I'HLIN.Sbcbetauv.
Kootenay Lodgo, No. IB, A  F. * A. M.
The reuiiliir meet
inu- are hold in the
Oddfellows Hull. «u
tlie third Monday in
each month at 6
p.m. Visiting brethren curdialiy welcome.
C. A. I'KUI'UXIKH, Skckktakv,
jleela    ev ry Thurs
day  evening   in   Sol
kkirk Hall at 8 o'clock
   fVisiting brothron are
cordially Invited ko attend.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
Ho. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
EKTb __.V1_.BY wbdnbbday,
xi'i'I'l iinrd Wednesday 01
cHcti month, In tie iddlelh wn'
Hall ai s o'cl ick. Visiting
Knigbts are cordially .nvited.
T. P.  SMITH.!'. C.
0. H. BHOl K   K. uf lt. * S.
J. B, SCOTT. M, ol F,
KKlTlllll.K. PHONE 118
Zbc flftaiUlberafo
It was about seventy year,- ago
thut Alfred Tennyson then a young
man lull oi the prophet's lire anil
vision wrote.
"I saw the k.ii.ii. filled with commerce, ar
._"-.'■- wul magic -.ul-.
Merchant* from thi   purple Lwllghl dropping
down  ivitl il; bale*.
Today that vision of less than a
century ago i- crystallising into
actual fulfilment, Vnv months
past tiie pre.-.- lm- been Blled with
»turier ui tin wonderful achievements of the Wright brothers with
their aeroplanes, of (.'omit Zeppelin a airship steered through the
heavens mindless oi tlie winds und
lad hut not leart uf tin Bight of
the Hying machine Silver Dart, the
product of u Canadian inventor,
The nations nre subsidizing airship." and dirigible balloons fur
military purposes .1 factory i"r
their manufacture has been 1 I
lisbed in Germany ami tbat there
may nut be collision und confusion
the sky ul France har been mapped
witb router that tbe lirsbips -haii
traverse, Ail these thing- consid-
■ .-• i i'. ;- {evi i-'iit tint tin- time is
nut fur distant when air-hipn will
be .1' plentiful above as automobiles on the roads below, and men
will ritle above the rugged way.- uf
earth is smoothly as a bird wings
its flight from place to place.
To no country in the world will
tin- perfection of aerial travel bring
greater benefits than tu British
Columbia Hire where Suture hits
scooped and grooved out the passes
through tin1 mountains in sueh
lung drawn sinuous way- thut a
man mu-i often travel twenty
miles where the crow llies hut une,
it means the annihilation of distances und tin- economy of time.
To the aviator of the years to come
it is safe to say the rocky ramparts
that divide the settled valleys of
the province will prove 110 more
obstructive than the ruck sunk
deep beneath the sen does lu the
voHsel pluwing through the waters
above.     The time will cume when
peaches plucked fresh from the
tree in Okanagan will he lauded in
Kevelstoke freeh for the noon
day meal, aud the ranchers of
Revelstoke will be able to send
back their later (strawberries lor the
slipper tables in Vernon and Kelowna, when the crop has heen
gathered in the dryer and hotter
valley. People then will be hound
hy no trammels of gravitation to
swelter in tropical heat, for in a few
moments the wings of the aeroplane would land them in the
region of the mountain snows.
Much of this may seem visionary
and impracticable even today, but
when we consider all that science
bus accomplished within the last
half century it becomes not even
improbable. There are those not
yet in middle life who would have
scoffed in their youth at the idea
of sending messages pulsating
through the viewless ether, or tbey
would have laughed to scorn the
man who would say there could be
a light so powerful that the bones
in the body might be seen through
the clothes and tlesh. while pictures that move and sing would
huve seemed wilder than a wizard's
dream. Vet today all these and
many things more are in practical
use. They are not experiments or
will o' the wisps that llicker for a
moment und disappear. The citizen of the twentieth century can
from the privacy of his own home
converse witli a friend 11 hundred
miles away; he can read by lightning tuineil and chained; lie can
hear the phonograph sing. When
so mucb bus heen accomplished it
is not visionary or impractical to
suppose thut with tin
already made in lhe art of aviation
the day is not fur distant when the
arriers that now make communication in British Columbia often
so dillicult and slow, will be overcome, uml with the advantages of
Bcenery, uml   waterpower   timber
a year or two hence, the site of a
thriving town. In ten years the
city of ten thousand may grow to a
hundred thousand, but there is no
ollicial record hearing the Government stamp to mark the change.
The result of all this is that investors in other lands, who would be
willing to purchase debentures and
securities or establish industries
amongst us have no official data as
to our present Btatus, on which
they can rely. Quite properly tbey
refuse to accept newspaper estimates of population and wealth,
since these ure as varying as the
winds und often as unsubstantial.
The British investor is particularly cautious, but the red tape and
the ollicial seal will do more to
dispel his fears than anything else.
If he can be assured that the
growth of population and wealth
within a country is such as to insure safe returns from his money,
he will not tesitate to invest it.
In that way alone, apart from any
sentimental satisfaction, tlie trouble and cost of a quinquennial
census would lie well repaid. An
ollicial count of population and
resources once in ten years in a
country where more changes are
wrought in a single decade than in
a cycle of Cathay, is all too small.
Baseball and Lacrosse at Armstrong on Dominion Day
Following are the details of tie
lacrosse and IniHelnill matches played
hy Kevelstoke teams at Armstrong on
.Inly 1, asdeecribed hy the Armetrong
Promptly at IU the lirst game was
ealled, it lieing the basebal matcl
between Enderby and Kevelstoke. Thi
double umpire Bysteni was adopted]
with the best of satisfaction. The
score tells the tale; costly errors on
the part ol Kevelstoke accounting lor
the large number ol runs; the earned
runB were made only on the (ith and
8th inniugs. The tenuis were not
unevenly matched, but Hancock's
superb pitching was too much tor
Kevelstoke; in seven innings Revelstoke went out in 1, 2, 'A order; not
only was Hancock invincible, but he
bad magnificent support; the gnme
was a grand one, lull ul sunn and
ginger. Davie and Berry knocked out
three-baggers just when needed and
they got no end ol applause for them.
The last innings ol Kevelstoke was
intensely interesting, the lirst man up
struck out; Haucock walked Mclnerny', Conrad singled, sent Mclnerny
to 2nd; Scott sacrificed, advancing
both runners, leaving them on 2nd and
third; Lung, the third man up, had
3 balls and 2 strikes, and for four
successive balls fouled; Hancock's
next ball was a puzzler and Lang went
out on three strikes. The game was
the prettiest ever seen on the grounds
The score follows.—
All r bh sh sli po 11
Davis, If  ."1   'A   (I	
Berry tb  5   I
Ferguson, ss.
Becker, 2b...
Anderson, rf
Fisher, 3b—
Hancock p. ■
Maywood, cf.
Total... •
10 10
2 I) 0 10 0
2 I 0 8 II
I II 0 I 0
0 0 8 3 (I
II 11 0 U n
1 11 0 2 1
0 0 1 I 15
1 II l) 1 2
..   II  It)   1   2   2 27
Ab r lib sb sh po
Have you drawn one of these
numbers from a sack of Royal
Standard Flour?
40613  47269 42072
41763  70363 49379
48275  61404 51347
If you have, vou are entitled to
a 109 piece china dinner set. Kach
month from the duplicates of coupons placed in the sackB of Royal
Standard Flour leaving our mills,
we draw ten numbers, if you were
fourtunate enough to Becure one of
these you are entitled to a dinner
set. There have been many successful ones—you may be next.
Royal Standard Flour ia the
hest and purest household flour in
the west—made from tbe tinest
selected wheat by special machinery—watched through every process — guarded unt 1 it reaches
your table. It is perfection itself
in a llour.    Ask your dealer for it.
Vancouver Milling 6*
Grain Co., Lid.
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
i  i
Mclnerny, Ib,
Conrad, e ....
Scott, p .
I 0
I n
11 II 8 0
2 0 0 II 1 0
1 U 2 2 li II
U 0 II I 2 2
U 0 II I I 0
0 (I U 0 I) 2
0 10 0 II II
0 0 0 10 0
Dr. K. Montizamhert, Director
General of Public Health for the
Dominion, wants a campaign
against indiscriminate kissing. The
doctor has been young himself ami
has no objection to the kiss of love,
as he evidently thinks the warmth
is BUllicient to destroy any microbes; hut he does object to the
advanco|use of the kiss as a means of greeting between women, and thinks
t hat less indiscriminate kissing of
babies would lessen the danger of
the spread of tuberculosis.
Local   luniks
have  been 'lomg I
it-uvv    I'U.-iiii'f^     lutiiv.       Kightv
and mine.- that the mountains give. lt_,,u;.lll(1 Joljars ,,,  cheques in an
jrovince win al
Bible in every part
portion ul I aiiuilii is
so he as acces-
us any "ther
i .'ii .11.-
A FIVE *i kai; ri.N
The  statistics   published
other page  show   that th
tion of  the three   prairie pr
is estimated  at   1,107 000    -
pared with 800,000 three -ears ago.
In Vancouver recently the Henderson   I 'irectory Com pan   estimated
the population   at     ':i   "   in thej
same   cil       ist     I iei i mber    the
Assessment   Commissioner   placed
it   at   66,500      It  is evident that
both iannot be right,   li is prob-
ible that  ihe Assessmenl I ommis-
.doner, whu   had   noi  the 'time to
call  ery house ami take all tbe
names, missed man D is equally
likidy tbat the director) publishi
in their guess work manner ol
counting io many extra names lor
eai h one on liuur li il bave over-
Tlm same , i.minimi ut uncertainty aj to actual population exists in every part of Canada and
will continue to exist. SO lung as tin-
system of taking an ollicial census
unly once in ten years prevails
It is certainly altogether inadequate to guage the progress of
western Canada wbere one year
often comprises within itself more
changes than occur in twenty in
older settled portions, In British
Columbia there are valleys smiling
wiih orchards today, where live
years ago the jack rabbits chased
among the sage brush, the wooded
plateau are hoing cleared for hti-
miiii habitation] and in tin norlh
along the valleys ol   the   Bulkley
and the Hkeenu. tin: piece of level
land where some nuttier has established his lonely ranch may become
ordinary business way passed
through one bank in a day, ami no
" • ■:- • re loing business
ii pr portion. Trallic on lhe i'.!'.
K. at tin- point   is  heavier than il
i ■ ■       fori    d its hit
ind ber tradi
up then tbat Rev-
.   iw and
- - - - to iu
I Beds and civil government
on the pari I   enn  is all
Joint Installation
-elkirk Lodge, No, 12,  I il O.F,
Lang ss  4
I'roiilx, 8b   1
McEachern, 2b H
Calder, XV. ci.. 8
Calder, M„ If.. 8
Blackadar, rf.   'A
Tolal  :t2   11   4   2   2 23 13   0
Murphy out, hit by batted ball.
Summary—Karned runs, Enderby,
3; 3-base bits, Berry and Davis; bases
on halls, otV Hancock, 3; struck out,
ricott li, Hancock 9; lell on bases,
Revelstoke, 4, Enderby 7; 1st base on
errors, Enderby 8, Kevelstoke 1; hit
by pitcher, McEachern. I'mpires: W.
Wollenden and .1. Hay.
Sl'olll.   I1Y   INNIM1S
1 2 3 I 5 0 7 8 0
Enderby.  ... 20003302 x—10
Revelstoke      () 0 0 0 0 0 II0 0~0
The laciosse match, hevelstoke vs.
Vermin, was a good one in every sense
ol the word. For lhe lirst quarter
honors were even, but after that the
game was all Kevelstoke, they out'
winded and outgeneralled t!ieir rivals
Not a player was ruled off. Ioe Foster
of Vancouver, refereeing to the entire
satisfaction ol everybody, players and
spectators aliki-. Some very pretty
combination work was done by both
teams, but the bull was near the
Vernon goal a large part of the lime,
it shirts putting up a great defence game. Louis Gould as goal
tender Ior Revelstoke, saved lhe net
twice by wonderful ipiiek wit edness,
Shut alter shot was made by one ol
tbe Revi -'  -•     me players, all easy
but all went wild.
I In   i •    p wai tt follows
For Rent
Houso on Kirst Street, $20 per month.
Four lloiiins on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per month
For  Sale
Good Building Lots.
Two  houses  suitably  located on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage for Market Gardening.
Money Loaned for Building Purposes
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Make Your Home Beautiful
wilh one of our hands'nnc parlorsets,
upholstered in high grade Bilk, or
damask, with frames Hint are iu every
Conceivable design, ami made to wear
inih llnitely. We I ave many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces (or
I nullifying the home that are tasteful, pfl'ectivo and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the best advantage.
and i
0i dwi
Pettipio '
-    -
I roil Id
McEac  '•
M'l.i     . d
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ , Mam,'In-,
Naomi -l   Kebekab listers met  w „,,];H,i(.
.    liraday    night    and    held   joint    II,   ii
i    ,       I ol officer! lur  tbe ensuing! ' ickey
-ii ni' nthi       Instnct Deputy Un
Palmei   vai   > stalling offioer for tbe
Kebekabi  md Dlstriot Deputy Jsmsi
f am lei IJ     I be   prooeed
ings ■  rs  open  to   »n  i kid
fell iw«   and   at   which  several   visiting
brethren were present passed N
■my uui afterwards en enjoyable
dance was beld in ihe hall Ik-|i,w. seasonable refreshments laung served.
The following offlosri wnri' Installed:
Naomi Lodge, No, 21, Helmkeim —
N.U., Sister Q Edwards; V. O., Sister
E.Trimble;Sec, Bro P.Parker rreas,
Sister \ McLean Warden, SilMr I
VV. Bain Conductor, Sister Elsie
Hooley; l( 8 N Cl , Sister ti. Me Donald;
I, H N 'i , Sister Evelyn ll.ihhs.   K.S.V.
i;„ Hitter K Palmer l.s.V.o , Sister
F. Camoron I.O., Sister FrisbeejO.G.,
Bro, I. Mathie,
Selkirk Lodge, No. 12 —N II., Albert Annan V.H , I,. I'robyn, See ,
.lames Mathie, Treasurer, \V. VV. Foster,  Chaplain,   E. Trimble  Warden,
II. Sipuirehriggs, (.ondnctor, I'.Parker,
its..Nil    .1   Jaralesoni   L.S.N.O.,J,
Hooley, llH.V.d., I', lloolny, L.8.V.U,
H Slegfrld 0. Q., 0, Knight; I.O.,
K. Mcltae, HSS., ll. McDonald L,8,
8., 0, Edwards.
. I l<\0-.
cover McK iiiiiiiii
Litdelenee      Oalbraitb
i defence 11   Reiobard
tnl defence
Ird In.inf
2nd borne
lm boms
■ sidi
Or oder
-  Frenob
I   I'arv
I'   French
Kev, -   . by 7 goals tn .1
,■•,  oomedj. ■• u pre
seated by tbs Pollard graduates belore
■  | *.'. -       lodienos in   tbe opera
turday  night   ami they
i Igbed    ii!   tbe   way   through     The
bright part i <r -mr ol I be performance   m-   Alfred   Goulding   as   tbs
Widow      Hi- had the  Irinh SCCent, Un
manipulation ol the *kirt» sod gestures aod laoial expression, all down
[ihi Bra Moore was a charming
leading  lady ind   sang  and   danoed
delightfully,   wbllt   Ada   Hind   was •
ino't, attractive soubrette, .lack Pol
im i - ule teacher. Count, w»s good,
and iiis singing exesllent, wbile Teddy
McNaman was olsver m* e»er In tbi
mlsoblevoni part, ol Tommy Oran
berry. The musical numbers such an
"I   lake   Vnu,     "The   Illusion   Man,"
"The Rose and  tbe  Pink," snd the
topical    song      ' Faify    Tales, '     were
charmingly rendered    All around ths
company   is mm  ol  tlm  olcvrriisl   in
miiiiciil comedy tbat has been soon
blue lor a long time.
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees do
not have to be lun ignttd.
They are grown in tlie i lily
part ol the continent uot
infested witb the San .lose
I.Y7 Page (.atuloguc Fiou.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
1010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Bring in yur Plans and Specifications
and we will tiguie on them,
Tin; Braat Western Pnrmanpni
Loan Company
First 'stroiit, Devoletoko, B. C.
MniMifnrturfld fof »H flUlHI o(   bolldlUfl
fur   ml** In lnrtffl or   -mnlt ijiiiii.llMfl4
nt tlm Inwatt prlr«i for t-»«h.
aii hiti'iN "i botldtoi indtplaittflni
in C. P. It. contract for facing Hevelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about havo j'Oi't insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
HKAD OKKIOK :   Caloahy,  Ai.hkkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Marchanta
Pork Packers and Dealers in l-iive Stock. Markets in all the princl
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Ooluiuhi i and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " IinparatoL-" Hums and Bacon,
ami "Shamrock" Brand Laat Lard.
Import direct from country ot origin.
Central Hotel
Newly built.      First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates 81.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Alliim, Limited
*       These destroyers oannot live where trees have been treated with    ****
Poar Bllsbt. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, Han Jose Soale, Oyster
HhHI, Bark Lous,- und s„„ Scald, THIS 008T 18 VBBV .SMALL. It will
mil whkIi oil    Onn application nm*nrtii for two years.   Warnook h Tree Paint
iH iiiitiin I'xpini iii,    Ii Iuih stood the test for six years In all parts pf the
United states. It is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear IIIil-IiI. We
Invito Investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used this tree
nalnt for three years, November, 1007i they purohrsed «) gallons for free
aiitrlbutlon among leading prohards,    Send for 16-page free booklet to
a. It. LAWKS, Enderby, B. Ci Bole Manufacturers for B, 0,
Paget Supply Company, Agent*, Revelttoke, B  C. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Robin Hood FL
tin noott i lour
The Flour that is Different
We must stand ready to prove it and
also prove that the difference is so marked, so
worth while, that you will feel this is the Hour
you ought to use.
That is exactly where we do stand.
We ask you to take noiisk. Buy a
bag of ROBIN HOOD and give it two
fair trials. If it does not prove perfectly satisfactory, so satisfactory that you too say, "It is
really the Hour that is different," you may take
it to your grocer and he will give you back
your money.
Will you make the trial on your next
Hour cider?
ine Saskatchewan Hour Mills (o.,
Moose Jaw, Sask.
Bevelstoke Land District.
District ol' West Kootenay.
Take notice that   1, Adian La Brash,
of Nakusp,occupation married woman,
intends  to  apply  foi'  permission to
purohase    the    following    described
lands :
Commencing al a posl planted on
the   south-west    corner  of   Lot '.lllll,
thence west  10 chains;   thence  nnrtli
(Ml cliains; thence easl 10 chains; thence
south no chains to place of commencement,
Mum. Aiikan La Buasii,
H.J. La Buasii, Agent.
Dated May 17th, 1009.               my 20
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Office   MoKenzie Ave
Kevelslnke Land District.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigar?,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
Cpnton,   Iowa,   l". S. A., occupation
MillowniT,   intends   to apply for permission to  purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
8. K. corner of Lot 7643, then north 20
chains,   then   east   20  chains, thence
south  20  chains   more or less to lake
shore, thence westerly along lake shore
20 chains move or less to point of commencement.
E. McGaohban,
Agent for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated J une 3rd, 1908.            jun 'li
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
.Steamer Hevelstoke leaves Landing
at ihe head of Canyon ever j Tuesday
nnd Friday at (i a. m. (water permitting) and arrives at Downie Creek
aliout 2 p.m., returning same day. T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage ninl freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city hotels and Lauding.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 12. There is telephone eon-
nection with the steamer. The number
is B215, All Information as to rates
and other business may he obtained
at otlice on board the steamer from
F. Swanson, Purser.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John VV. Kails, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted aboul
live miles north of Downie Creek on
the Oolumbia Hiver and aliout liftv
miles north of Rovelstoke, thence HU
cbains south along Columbia river,
theuce 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
north, thence 20 chains east to point of
John XV. Falls.
Dated 17th June, 1909. jun 30OOd
Kevelstoke Lnnil District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thut Robert K. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
live miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles norlh of Kevelstoke
on lhe Columbia Kiver, thence 80
chains north along lhe Oolumbia river,
thence 20 cliains west, theuce 80 cliains
south, thence 20 chuins oast to point of
RoBtJUT ll. Caliavkll,
Pee John W. Kails, Agent.
Dated 17th June, 1900. jun 30OOd
Uur logs are stamped on the eud
"E," and all persons are warned
iigaiust taking them, or the driving ol
nails or spikes or nails therein, Do
not touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill Co. Ltp.
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail OrderB  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
The Glorious 12th July
Will be held at
Monday, July 12th, 1909
Special Train Leaving1 Revelstoke
Six a. m. and Returning" One a. m.
For further information apply to
J. A. STEWART,      P. E. FOX,
W. M. L.O.L., 1735,        Rec.-Sec, 1735
Vernon, B. C.
In the matter of "The Judgments
Act, 1908," and in tho matter of a
judgment obtained in an action of
this Honourable Court,
Plaintiff, (Judgment Creditor)
Defendant (Judgment Debtor!
Before His Honour Judge Grant in
Chambers, Friday, the 25th day ol
June, IU00.
Upon the application of the Judgment Creditor herein, and upon hearing Mr. A. 0. Harvey on behalf of the
applicant,and upon reading the affidavits of A. E. K. Liddle and A. G.
Harvey, sworn herein the 13th of May,
l!Hiy, and the affidavit of A. (i. Harvey
sworn herein tbe 2tth day of June,
1900, all Hied.
It is ordered that unless cause to the
contrary be shewn hy ihe Judgment
Debtor herein, T. .1. Tompkins, on
Thursday, the 22nd day of July. 1909,
at the hour of 10 o'clock in the forenoon to the presiding Judge in Chambers at the Court House, at the City
of Vancouver, B. C, Lots one 111, and
two (2), in Blocks Forty-six, (40),
Forty-seven (47), and Forty-eight (48),
Sub-division of District Lot Two
Thousand and Twenty-two, (2022),
Vancouver district, or a competent
part of the said land, he sold by the
District Registrar of this Court al
Vancouver, B. C„ according to the
usual practice, to realize the amount
of the judgment herein, with interest
on said Judgment up to the date of
And il is further ordered that the
publication of this Order for four )on-
secuLive semi-weekly issues of the
Mail-Hkkai.ii, a newspaper published
and circulating in ReveLtoKe, B.C.,
shall be deemed good and sufficient
service of this Order upon tbr Judgment Debtor herein.
And it is fuithei ordered that the
costs of and incidental to this Application and Ordei', and of lhe proceedings taken thereunder, he added to tbe
amount of the Judgment herein,
David Grant,
July 7-17. J.J. C. C.
the Municipal Council ol the Corporulion
of the City of Revelstoke intends to undertake the construction ot Concrete Sidewalks on certain parts of First Sireet,
Sei ond Streel, and Front Streel, within
the said City; viz:
On the Norlh side of Firit Street from
lhe corner of Campbell Avenue to the corner of Boyle Avenue, and the North side
oi Second Sireet from the corner oi Pearson Street to the corner oi Ford Streel,
and on the South-wesl sideol Front Street
from the corner of King Streel to the corner of Victoria Road, according lo the
specifications and estimates prepared by
the City Engineer, and lo assess tlie expense or cost thereof upon the land or real
properly abutting on the parts of such
streets as above mentioned, aud to be
benefitted thereby, and that a statement
showing lhe land or real property liable lo
pay the assessment there tor and the
names oi the owners theieof as far as can
be ascertained together wilh the specifications and estimates oi the City Engineer
and the proposed assessment and report
thereon of ttie City Clerk are now on file
in the ollice oi the Oity Clerk and open t'ov
inspection during office hours.
The estimated cost of the work is
$4911*501 of which it is intended lhal ihe
City at large shall bear the whole of the
COSl oi the work oi\ sheet crossing's anil
necessary retaining walls ami one-third of
the cost of the Concrete Sidewalks, and
the properly owners healing I WO'thirds ol
the cost of the saiil sidewalks.
The total estimated cost to bo borne by
lhe property owners being $3274.34, and
by lhe City al large $1637.16,
Any objection to iho proposed undertaking and assessment therefor shall be
made bv petition to the City Council within FIFTEEN (i.s) days from Ihe date
hereof, the persons entitled to petition being llie owners ef lhe lands thereby
Dated Ihis 26th day ol June, iqo<).
Cily Clerk.
Had No Taste.
"I met with sn accident five year^
agu and lost my BODSfl of smell and
taste," was tbe explanation which a
prisoner, accused of drunkenesB, gave
to Mr. K Gordon Stipendiary Magistrate, on Monday morning.
"His strange tbat if you have no
taste that you should want to go after
whiskey," nmiarded the bench.
"Can you taste it at all?" asked
the chief.
"A little," said the prisoner.
"Then  you   would   be a terrur  for
whiskey if you had all your sense of I
taste," said   tbe magistrate.    He imposed a line of $5 or seven days imprisonment,
$10 Reward
A reward ol $10 will he paid lor
such information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of the party
illegally milking our cows.
11. and E. Taitinu.
Tin' New Edition ol the
Vol. VIII issued May, 1909,contains \*,uo
pages, with nearly co per cent, more
matter than the preceding edition. The
chapters wilh nine descriptions and on
statistics have been carefully revised and
the bulk oi the matter therein is
There are 25 chapters,
Covering Copper IMstory( Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Milling, Milling, Leaching,(Smelting, Refining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, States, Countries anil Continents; Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, etc.
The Copper Handbook is coiicededly the
The Copper Haubook contains, in this
new and greatly enlarged edition, about
50 per cent, more matter than tlie Bible
—though not necessarily a heller book
because of its greater bulk. ll is filled
with FACTS ol vital importance to
Price Is $5 in buckram with gill lop, or
$7.50 iu genuine full library morocco.
Terms are Ihe most liberal. Send 110
money, but order the hook sent you, all
carriage charges prepaid on one week's
approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory,
or paid for if it suits. Can you afford not
to see the book and judge for yourself of
its value to you?
Write now lo the editor and publisher,
Horace J. Stevens
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
TiiTIIKNll.UtKlliil.lll'inKlll 'I'll... I'll I NIK
Minimi jl DKVHMJPMHNT COMPANY, LlMlTUl) Liaiulity.
Rovelstoke, June 19th, Willi.
Notloe li hereby given that lhe annual meeting of the Shareholders of
the   Prince   Mining   A   Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held at the Company's ollice, First
Street, Revelstoko, B, 0„ on Wednesday, the twenty-first day of July, A.D,
1900, at the houi' of eight o'clock ill the
afternoon, for the purpose of electing
officers for the ensuing year, and for
all other purposes relating to the management Of tlie Company.
The  transfer hook of the Company
will he cloned during the fourteen ibiyn
immediately preceding sueh meeting.
Dated ai Revolstoke. H. C, ilm. nnh
day of June, A.l)., 1909,
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you must got your
money hack tenfold il you inveBt it
now in chcico lots clone to Second
Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let me
explain why? 1'rice per 60 loot lot
only $125; ') cai.li, balance $15 quarterly. Apply to F. 0. WINKLER, 429
Sixth Ave., East, Vancouver, B. C.
Certificate of  Improvements
I. X. L. and Silver Pick mineral
claims, situate in the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where loeated, between the north
and south forks of Lardo Creek.
Take notice that 1 Catherine Florence Beatty, of Vancouver, B.C., Free
Miner's Certifloate No, B 1817(1, intend
sixty davs from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for. a certificate of improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And fuithei'take notice that action
under Section 'Al must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certifloate
of improvements,
Dated   this twenty-seventh day of
May, A.D , 1909.
uiy2(i Catiikkink Florknck Beatty,
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that Roderick W. Lindsay, of Camborne, B.C., occupation
merchant, inlends to apply for permission to purohase the following
desorlbed laud ;
Commenolng ai a post planted at lhe
north-east eorner of A. D. McKay's
pre-emption, No. 780ii, and marked
"11. W. Lindsay's North-West Coiner
Post; Ihence about  8 chains   east   lo
wesi line of McKinnon's pre-emption,
thence about 50 chains south, Uieuce
about 8 chains west to McKay's side
line, thence norlh about 50 chains lo
point of commencement and containing HI acres more or less.
RoDHitu k William Lindsay,
Local or.
Dated April BOtbi Woo. my 22
WANTKD   All kinds of typewriting und   stenography   work.
Apply in W, Bews, Pbin. B.
1.K Ht RENT Five-roomed house next
i    l.oupl I Block.    Apply io A.
II.Mii.Kii, Y.M.C.A.
illVK ROOM HOUSE loeiiiedon C.
jl    p, l(. grounds near station, with
31 year lease on ground, This house is
iii poinl ri'pnii with lhu' gulden uml
fruit trees. Will sell at a bargain If
sold at once, Apply for further par'
Honiara told J. Bourne, First streel.
I.k ill MALI! Some heavy horses,
i which have been used for logging.
Haven stallion, man's and geldings,
Write Revolstoko Sawmill Co,, Ltd.,
Hig Eddy, ti. I,
1,1011 SALK  Ten iiiToc standing h iy,
'    apply Mrs.  Mary Palmer, Clan-
William, Throe Valley I*. 0„ II.C.
1J10R SALI2    A   nifliige,   also   piano
1   and  furniture, apply  for terms
aiid particulars to It. N. Doyle     jly 2(1
A British Columbia Dooley
One ol the returned holiday makers,
who had resumed his place at the
table, t.ild uf a trip annus tin hound-
less prairie, '''hey were talking about
the illimitable stretches uu wbicli
thousands were yet. to Iiud homes and
independence One member of the
company, a son of Erin, said: "Gin-
tlemen, ye/, think this is a big country. Just wait till yez get to British
Columbia. Shure, that's the biggest
country iu the wurrld. Av Uritish
Columbia was all spread out flat loike
Manitoby and Saskatchewan and Al-
herty, it wud Iill the whule av the Pacific oceau. Why, to make room for
British Columbia it had to be rowled
up, and crumpled up and humped up
into great big mountains rachin' to
the sky. An' lhe moiiutaius had to
be made on a moighty big scale to
make roum for the gold, and the silver
and the lead, and the copper, and the
coal, that they're fairly crackin' and
buRtin' wid. An' the rivers, wait till
yez see the rivers I Tbey had to be
big to make room (or tbe millions av
salmon that are crowd.n' in eager to
settle in the interior ov the country.
" I suppose you men Irom Ontario
think ye/, know something about
trees ? Wait till yer, see the trees. It's
a nice marnin's walk round some av
them. An' they have to climb the
trees wid ladders to cut them down.
An' the lish! Giutlemen, Oi'ui a bit
av a westerner myself, and I can tell a
good yarn, hut ou ine honor, Oi could
not lie about the lish no matter how
hard Oi tried."
"Yes things are built on a moighty
ginerous teale in   British  Columbia.''
Keep Cool
The hot weather ia now with us and
the lollowing rules published by the
New York Herald duriug the recent
heat wave there may prove ol interest
at tbis time.
" Dress lightly, eat sparingly, eschew
alcoholic stimulants, keep out ol the
direct rnys ol the sun, don't worry,
keep your temper, and you will keep
cool. Dre-s should be light in color
aB well as in weight, and such as to
permit the body to perspire freely
through all the pores. Perspiration
gives vent lo the internal fires. The
body when perspiring parts with three
times as much heat as when the skin
is dry. To ijuickly check perspiration
is dangerous, and its sudden involuntary arrest is always a bad sign. Meat
once a day is amply Butliciedt, and the
diet should consist chictly of cereals,
milk, eggs, vegetables and fresh or
cooked fruits. Any man that takes a
drink of whisky in winter to warm
him knows that alcohol is not cooling.
Tipplers are most liable to sunstroke
or heatstroke. The best drink is pure,
cool—but not intensely cold—water.
With temperance in eating and drinking, light clothing and a placid
temper one can pass safely and comfortably through the hot wave."
Famous Glee Club Coming
The Central College Glee Club ol
i'ella, Iowa, will ha heard in the Skating Kink here tomorrow uight. There
are thirty one members In the ciub,
and their performances iu different
parts of the United States have been
warmly praised. They are now on a
tour ot Western Canada, and the people of Kevelstoke will be fortunate in
having an opportunity to bear tbem.
They have teen singing recently at
Seattle during the Exposition, and
their presence has been appreciated in
various wayB, as the following extract
from a Seattle exchange will show
"The Iowa Society ot Seattle gave a
reception last evening at the Archibald Hotel, at which 600 were present.
The famous Central College Glee Club
ofPella, Iowa, were present, and sang
several selections, which were enthusiastically received. The club numbers
thirty-one persons and travels in a
private car.''
Negligence and Robbery
An Ottawa exchange has tbe following to say about the recent train robbery:
"Our friends, the train robbers, are
getting very busy in British Columbia.
Time was 'vhen the train bandit did
out dream of plying his trade on the
Canadian side of the boundary line.
of late word seems to have gone out
tbat, after all, Canadian law is easy,
and one robbery succeeds another,
The inference is very strong that il
Bill Miner bad not lound his way out
ol New Westminster penitentiary so
remarkably smooth, the popularity uf
tbe train robbery habit would not be
so great. The whole episode ol his
escape wears a most suspicious aspect,
and tbis new hold up serves to emphasize it. The circumstances in connection with the British Columbia end of
the escape were moBt extraordinary;
the looseness of the prison discipline,
tbe indulgence extended to so desperate a criminal, the irregular interviews which he was allowed to hold,
the way in which his escape was prepared by allowing bim tu grow his
hair and moustache, the strange delay
in notifying Ottawa, all have a most
unfortunate, nut to say sinister aspect.
Prairie Population
The estimate of the Bureau of Census and Statistics is that on May 31
last the population ot the three provinces was 1,100,000 an increase ol very
nearly 30(1,1X10 in three years. The
detailed figures are:
May 1909       June 1906
(estimate)        (census)
Manitoba .. .    484,5111 365,688
Saskatchewan    349,685 257,763
Alberta     273,421 185,412
Total 1,107,625 808,863
During the three years which havo
elapsed since the special census of 1906
the overseas immigration haB been
381,000. Of tbis number 148,000 or
38 per cent declared their intention ol
going west, ol these British Columbia
got about 40,000 and the prairies
108,000.   The details are.
From       From Con't,
Gt. Britain   ol Europe
B Columbia     15,000 24,000
Alberta and
Saskatcb.     25,000 16,000
Manitoba     37,000 29,000
WANTKH-A   fresh cow   state  price
and particulate,    Apply Harry Mcintosh, Halcyon Springs, H. 0.
INING ROOM GIRL   wanted  iip-
1.1 v u( the Oriental llnlul,
I .Kill HALL A six roomed house
1 Second Streel, east, I'm $1200.
Also a liver mil house fully furnished, huth, pantry, etc.. fifty fool
lot, Third Street, Bast, all for 1(1260.
A snap as owner musl sell, apply to
llox 106, Revelstoke, H.C,     jly 7 Jl
A Pioneer Judge
His Honor Judge Spinks will preside at the sittings of the County
Court in Grand Forks and Greenwood
this month. He is making a farewell
trip through his old circuit previous
to his retirement from the bench,
owing to ill heulth. The judge's old
circuit comprised all the territory in
Yale   aud   Kootenay.    Most   of   this
territory was covered bycayusespeoial.
That is, the Judge furnished his own
riding equipment. Any rancher, prospector or cowboy along the route
would furnish a fresh mount, usually
very Iresh. The rest was lelt to the
Lord, the judge and the cayuee
Sometimes the judge arrived a lew
hours early, and a little informally,
and at others a lew hours late, but the
judge and the cayuse always arrived at
tbe same time. Fifteen years ago
County Court sessions were less
formal iu the Boundary than they are
to-day. There were no lawyers, no
gowns and very lew boiled shirts. The
lirst court at Kholt's ranch, now Midway, was one that will never be forgotten hy the old-timers. The judge
was coming through Irom Vernon to
bold Court at Osoyoos and then un
to Midway. A number ol cases had
been entered, many ol them by com
mon consent, to make the court a
success and to teal the judge's legal
knowledge. All the prospectors aud
other residents oi the distriel were
present on court day, and there was
every prospect ol a very successful
session, hut unfortunately, the judge
was late. There was a salcon iu town,
and time wore on and no judge. Some
one had an Inspiration ami suggested.
Others suggested. Someone had a
grudge, and bit. Others hit. When
the judge and the late Charles l.amhly
arrived, two days late, they found the
litigants and their friends lull—and
the docket empty—Oreenwood Ixidge.
Li O. I,., 1668, will ines' in jld P.O.
Hall, at 6:80 p in., Sunday, July llth,
to attend divine service at St. Au
drew's church All members are re-
iiiest.s' to be present, aud visiting
brethren are cordially invited.
310 By Okui.r ot W. M,
78,000 70,000
It follows that 233,000 intended to
settle in Eastern Canada,
In the same period the American
immigration was 100,000 into Saskatchewan and Alberta, i3,000 into Manitoba, and 26,000 inlo British Columbia or aboul 140,000 altogether.
Buffaloes at Cranbrook
At nine a.m. on Thursday morning
a train ot liltei'ii cars loaded with
buffaloes arrived at Cranbrook from
Montana enroute for tbe National
park at Battle Creek. Tbe herd was
in charge of Mr. Howard Douglas,
park commissioner, and H. C. Mc.Mul-
len, general live Btock agent of the C.
P.K. The buffaloes were watered and
led here, and were viewed with great
interest by several hundred people.
The herd consisting ot 119 burtalo
will be unloaded at Wainrigbt and
with former shipments ol 411 will
make 530 that have been received by
die Canadian government thiB year.
The task of rounding up the animals wae a hard one, several men being
injured and a large number ol horses
killed in the attempt. The rounding
up ol the remaining herd will be commenced in September and will be a
more serious task, as they consist
mostly of ferocious uld hulls.
When thiB shipment arrives at tbe
park the government will have a bent
ol ''-'it) bison, costing almut f 102,500,
or about $25o per head.—Cranbrook
Gold Near Vancouver
Free placer gold, says the Vancouver
News-Advertiser, yielding it is estimated Irom 1150 to $200 per ton, has
been discovered in the basin ol Seymour Creek. I. L. Marriott, an Australian prospector, who has been at
work (or the laat life weeks on tho
creek, made the discovery, and he and
seventeen associates, have staked out
claims extending from Seymour Canyon clear down past the Keith Road
The pans which Mr, Marriott has
lieen obtaining run all the way Irom
10 cents to 20 cents each, and when
the lact iB taken into consideratk u
that gold at I cents a pan is iu paying
quantities, the new discovery baa certainly all tbe indications of being a
good one.
Sluicing operations have already
lieen begun on tbe property which Mr,
Marriott and bis syndicate bave located. Tbe gold is found in the sand
along the shores ol tbe creek, and un
the creek bottom, as well as in the old
basin wbicb runs along just southwest ol the present course. When tbe
turbulent stream has.aubiided, which
it will within a lew weeks, a (orce ul
men will lie put at work on the creek
July Bargains
. Extraordinary Low Prices to Clear
Lines of Goods before Stock Taking. Our
list of Bargains makes the greatest Money-
Saving Offering of the Season. All goods
marked down. Don't miss a good thing,
come along and make your Dollars buy more
Goods than ever before.
Local and General.
A treat ol ynur life nt the Holier
Kink tomorrow night.
The Calgary Herald announces that
the police census of that city shows h
population of 29,2(15.
The newest kind ol fun at the Roller
Kink tomorrow night.
Board of Trade meeting in the City
Hall tomorrow uight at 8 o'clock. All
members are requested to attend.
Don't forget the lawn social this
evening at the resilience of Mrs. W.
M. Lawrence.    Bund in attendance.
An extra oi the Canada Gazette has
been issued convoking parliament to
meet at Ottawa on   Friday, August li.
Read the hand bills of the Central
College Glee cluh aud you will noi
miss the show at the Holler Kink,
July 8th,
By defeating Aberdeen this week,
Vancouver now holds third place in
the Northwestern baseball league.
Seattle and Spokane are leading.
There will be u meeting ol the Agricultural Society in the city hall,
Thursday evening. July 8th, at 8
o'clock.    Members please attend.
A Chicago paper   which kept statistics ul accident.- in the Fourth ol July
celebratii.u on   Monday laat finds thai
li' were Killed and 1575 injured, while
the fin    . -s whs $446,500.   Paradoxl
cally   enough among those killed wns
Irthur G  Langbam, former president!
of the Providence   Life Assurance Society,     He   died   from   the effects of
having his hand shattered by   tbe explosion otu cannon cracker.
The first Woman s Canadian Club in
the Dominion has been inaugurated
in Victoria with the hollowing ollicers:'
President, Mrs. H. Q.Barnard; First
Vice-President, Mrs. Fred. Pemborton;
Second Vice-President, Mrs. Henry
Croft; Secretary, Mrs. C E. Wilson;
Assistant Secretary, Miss Leeming;
Treasurer, Mrs. Arthur Robertson;
Literary Secretary, Mi-> Gertrude
Muck ay.
William Jennings Bryan, the great
commoner cf the United States, is to
visit Calgary in October t" deliver un
■idilres.- under the auspices ol the
V.M.C.A. 1 his will be one oi n series
given under the auspices of the V. M.
C,A. in Western Canada, Revel-
■ ■•■ has one of the best Young Men's
Christian Associations in British
Columbia. Why could not Mr. Bryan
tie induced to lecture hen also V
Patriotic services weie held in Knox
church in commemoration ol Dominion Day. In tbe evening, the pastor.
Rev. J. A. Robertson in hi- disc
showed that all true national greatness
must have it- :' uudatiuu in Christian
morality, and cited instances I pr ve
tbat tbe greatest itateemen bad been
men impressed witb a sense I tbeir
great moral responsibility, He euli
gized King Edward I n tbs * i d work
lie had done, and thu sen;'' ended
with    tbi     -:: .   Ig till     Viti  1.1.
And' tn.
1 be   Oddfi I   Knigbts    il
I ;. tt.:.,- eld a joint I ii o ration Day
ii. -i'i •■;. . i-' Somi fifty or ni.ity
turned out irom both lodges in full
•■... in. nd, «ith the Independent
Band In white leading, they made a
good showing. Escb ol the bre hren
carried in bia band a boquet for decoration   purpi ies,    The   weather wae
hot and the road dusty, Sn that tin
march out wa- rather trying, but the
rite, nf the day were duly performed
and the dead brother* honored by tbe
flowers placed upon tbeir gravis.
O A R D E N   S E E D S
('.ill and inspect our slock of Onion Sols und Garden Seeds of .-ill kinds
None hut new Beeds kept in .stock
We carry   a   complete   line   of
staple and fancy groceries,  uud
can offer you the best  goods al
the same  price as you pay for
inferior lines.
Our bread, eake and pastry trade
is   rapidly    increasing,   a trial
ordei'foi'any one  of the above
will explain why.    Our aim Is to
keep only the best.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one ul   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Purses and Bags
„ 'I'u e u.iy dllTerenl
J2. wt.v' s to choose from
Prices - ul away down
Now Is tbe time to
buy thi- line and he
in the -ivim.
Kilison  Parlor Theatre  Friday and
Sal unl.iv.
Take in part of the Seattle Fair hy
going to the Kink July 8th.
The Ladies   Aid  ol   the   Methodist
church will hold Iheir regular monthly meeting al tbe home ol Mrs Jonea
nn McKenzie Ave. at 7 ilo to-morrow
The Ladies Aid ol Sl Vndrew's
Church will give then' auuutll garden
party "ii the lawn al the Manse on
tbe evening ol July 20th Strawberries and ice cream will be served,
(late "pen at 7 o'clock. Admission to
the grounds Hi cents.
The Revelstoke cricket team wet
with defeat at the bands ol Vernon in
that town on Monday last, the scon
standing Vernon 85; Revelstoki
Several of the best players
-tok. wen unable ti go md this may
account iu a large measure li r tbeir
A terril     oyoloni   and   bs
struck  Uaine a  lea   days
ig       1 bn e peri k   led  and
thirty injured.     Eleven families were
ll  ..      eless.     Tli.. ■ .nits were
odea •■ a mite while
tbe bu gs were scattered "ver the
prairie lik I g wi od, Hail fell
.irge as ben   i ggi
1 .. Ian:. n cial wbiob waa to bave
beeu beld by the I idii - iid of Knox
church on tin. grounds ol Mr. W. M
Lawrence yesterday wai postponed
owing to unfavorable weather until
this afternoon and inning In. -.-
-in.dmg refreshment! arc requested to
do io ai early tin. ..ft• moon is
' iwing to the rapid ;m Iting ol    DOW
in the bot iun and heavy nuns lollowing the Ool tmbia rivei r ie rather
high yesterday nnd tlm steamer Revelstoke was unable to make its accustomed trip Irom tbe canyon to tbe
camp ul the Revelstoke Lumber
Company. A great deal ol drift
wood " i being carried down,
and, wbile the boat is strong enough
to breael tbe currenl it wns not
thought wise to n-k breaking it- m I
chicory by cum ing in contact with the
heavy drift wood
Ten passenger traini passed through
Hevelstoke yesterday,   fhe orush wm
stud to hnve been unused hy a washout
on the other side of Calgary, wbioh
held   iiji  trains  Irom the Bast ten or
twelve   hours.    Consequently   there
was   two  delayed   and   three  regular
trains   from   the  east, three from the
wesi, and twn excursion   trains  carry
Ing   American   Kpwiirth   Leaguers   tn
the international convention at, Seal
ile.   The number ol passengers who
paced the station pint fur iii here yester.
day must have been almost a record
breaker.    The trains were running on
regulai schedule again lasl night.
Edison P
Sal unl.ii
ii lm Theatre  Friday and
The only Glee Club specially hired
for the Seattle Fair at the Kink to-
morrow night.
" Hunting Big Game in Sonth
Africa. ' wil be presented Friday and
Saturday at Edison Parlor Theatre.
Mounted Police frnm Calgary are
homing for Antoined Woldrich, a
B li. .in iu imesteader, wbo -hot his
wife nnd left her body  in the cellar.
At Invernay, Sask . i   era; •■•  -. ttler
named  Hayner   shot and killi
neighbor, Frazer while tbe  latter was
w irking   at  the   pi iw.    Hayner   wae
rwards arrested tl     M
Social and Persoanl
F. C. Stockdali        '■',   ■ , r   waa   in
will   noi    ■ • ■    i
ell     lol    ■•   visit   [0
F   A    -hand     ,    m       Known   Coast
arcbiti ,- ity tins week
Sturdy   and children
rii nda in Winnipi:
'.   Li.yie. aooompanied by
M --      ■ tod Mi.s Kita Doyle lelt on
. i oast.
Hat iper    f Spokane was   n .
;.'   Hniei   Revelstoke on
M    ils
:  ' rand  Forks,  was
• red  at the  Revelstoke   in  tbe
eirly [..irt ol the wei K
William Hunter   M.L,A. foi
popularly known aa Bill," was in tbe
oity yesterday on bis way to tbe Ooast
nu ,i shori im- ia trip,
Mr.   .mil   Mrs    OttO  Lachmund   of
Arm I ■    .    registered    at    tbe
ll.,iel  Revelstoke this Week
H    v.   -•ion    teller   in   tbe   l «t
branoh ol the  Molsons   liank,   is at
present   visiting   Seattle  and   other
coast   Cities
Mr   Dupoiii  and  ins son, Alon/.o,
whu bas been attending st, Louis Col
Inge, New Westminster, arrived in   the
city laat night
liny Macdonald, proprietor ol the
MoKenzie Avenue barber simp, left for
Oalgary on a visit nn Saturday night.
He, will remain and take ill   the   I'nir.
Mr  Everett Cameron left yesterday
afternoon to attend tbe International
OOnvsntlon ol the Epworth League nl
tin   Methodist church, which is   to   he
held there mui wuuk.
Roal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Otlice on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected.
. Notary Public
$15,000   -STOCK--$15,000
We arc giving up business and selling  out  our  entire  Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will  be continued   day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
Mr. H. A. Brown, Grand Chancellor
ol the Knigbts of Pythias, arrived in
the city on Monday. He is accom-
pauied by Mrs. Brown, who ia also a
member of the Chief Council of the
Katlilime Sisters.
L. Scholes, and his father, J. F.
Scboles, of Toronto, the well known
oarsmau, passed through on Sunday
on their way home from Nelson, where
they had taken part successfully in
the regatta on Dominion Day.
XV. T. Jackson, travelling representative ol the Vancouver Province,
haa been in Kevelstoke during the
past week. He reports a good business, somewhere in the neighborhood
of two hundred names haviug.been
added to the subscription list during
his slay
Charlie and Johnnie Fromey, sons ol
Mr. Fromey, the well-known local contractor, aro at present home for vacation Irom St. Louis College, New
Westminster, where tbey have been
studying. Charlie Fromey is takings
position in the law ollice ol Mr. W. I.
Briggs during the holidays
XV. A. Aldritt, physical instructor
ot tbe Y.M.C.A. left yesterday afternoon for Vancouver, where he will
attend the wostern convention of the
Young Men's Christian Association
which is to be held there next Monday
He may visit Seattle before his return.
Chief of Police Bain received a
pleasant surprise on Sunday lust when
his cousin Thomas Stewart, a well to
do rancher of Grand Forks, Nli , pnid
him a visit. It was the first time they
had met in 36 years, but the chief was
still able to recognize his relative. Mr
Stewart bad been on a visit to the
Seattle exposition and dropped in on
his return journey,
Mr. Conk, secretary nl the V. M. C.
A , Mrs. Cnok and Iheir two boys, Miss
Dunn, ol Logansport,Ind., aud Mr. It
Dillon, made a party that climbed
Mount Kevelsloke to the garden of the
clouds on tbe plateau beyond on Monday last. Mrs. Cook and Miss Dunn
are said to be the lirst ladies to bave
climbed the trail this season. To Miss
Dunn, who is a transient visitor, it
was a revelation. Tbe party climbed
from the heat ol summer into tbe
vendure oi Bpring. There were patches
of snow in the higher part ol lhe trail
and a wealth ol spiing llowers. The
liarty descended again tlie same evening.
Business Locals
Watch our cheap sale ol mushroom
and walnut ratpsop Keginar price,
:i"i Cent- per bottle Only 20 cents
per bottle  oo   Friday and  Saturday.
C, B  11 ime •'. ' o.
Radii ' ice,    ripe   tomatoes.
CUCumberi plums, peaches, cherries
and orangra in thia morning. C. B.
irder  for  itrawberriea,
■ \l e are getting them in
fresh every day from the ranch. C.B.
in d di erent, lines ol loilel
nap ' .elect It in Dome in ami look
tbem oi | .niity, any quantity,
.my prlO*      I     H   Hume  v I lo
nigbl   the   Employed
-eu ■■,: B..)- ;
Tlie onel imi
■bowed ■ ■" the working boys
team   ari       \ iderson    Watson   and
ii", and   0   Buck  and
Bennett • defence     l be stars on
'-.i      Aire Daniels nnd Mc
Rory  on   the  defence,   sad I liokey,
! || il MnlhnlUi'd nn tlie
limn 1 ::' next game will take place
on the nigbl ol the loth.
I in   [hi   tbe   North    Star- and  the
aseball.   Thia       Ihe
•een  these two teams,
Me       •.-  ."mea  having t , be posl
B. C. Business Jottings
Best   v  II lines,  brokers, Vancouver,
ii   .ii-- :■',>,!
,\ i..,i,i..y confectioner, Nanaimo,
has snid to .1   Findlay
-    I'    Peters   has   started a grmiery
business I,,  \ anoouver.
The Nanaimo Ship Ohandlerj 0o.,
Nanaimo, hnve assigned.
J.J. Macli'iiiiiid, oooleotloner,Vanoouver  is reported snid mt,
Mrs. .1, I,   Caldwell bus slnrleil a dry
gmifU business at Maramato,
C.hndsey A Stewart, have itarted a j
blacksmith Imsiness in Chilliwack,
Items of Interest of Happenings
in British Columbia
.1. M. Miller, of Greenwood, who is
to start a paper in Grauum, hopes to
get under way in a few weeks. He
will likely baptize it the Grauum
The Kossland ("ity Council has re
solved to purchase $20,000 worth ol
its own waterworks debentures. 'i'he
debentures were issued in 1001 and
fall due in 1925 at the rate olifiKi, plus
interest, accrued at date ot purchase
The money for the purchase is to be
taken (rom the city'B sinking fund.
Bruce Mc.Beati, the well known
Winnipeg grain dealer, stated recently
in Vancouver that in hii opinion
there was no doubt that all the snr
plus wheat crop of Alberta and a great
deal of tbat of western Saskatchewan,
would seek an outlet next Fall via
Vancouver. He considers crop pros
peels for the year have never been
Owing to drought in Mexico the
Government has abolished the import
duty on wheat till September 15th.
Grain men are in hopes that the
period of freedom from duty will be
extended another sixty days, in which
case the export of Alberta grain to
Mexico via Vancouver will he heavy.
The Prince Rupert Empire declares
that, mining aud not Hilling or lumbering will be tbe industry that will
keep Prince Rupert on its feet during
the lirst years of its lite. It takes
pleasure in the thought because while
the canneries and the Bawmills employ Asiatics more than anyone else,
mining is in the bands ol men who
work with white men only.
The new Eagles Hall in Nelson wns
opened witb a big ceremony on Wednesday evening lust. Many visitors
from adjoining towns were present.
Mrs Miii'Milliui, of Field, died on
Wednesday last from a pn ruin tie
stroke. The lemains were conveyed
to Red Deer, Alta., for interment.
Two men named Spittal and llen-
dersun came up Inr trial before Judge
Wilson at Golden last Saturday. Tbey
were convicted ol stealing goods from
the cabin of Walter SeinholV, at Burnt
river in the Cariboo district Spittal
was sentenced to three months imprisonment and Henderson to one.
The McKinley mine on the north
fork of the Kettle river, about (oily
miles uorth of Nelson, has been bonded
to Spokane and eastern capitalists
for a good Bum. Tbe McKinley is
considered one of the best mineral
propositions in that district.
Owing to reports of disaffection
among northern Indians, Mr. Sam
Stewart, ol the Indian Department at
Ottawa, has been authorized to go and
investigate. Reports have been received that the Indians resent the in.
rush ol white settlers as it destroys
Iheir hunting and fishing, and there
has heen talk of driving them out ol
tbe cuuntry. Lst fall the villagers
ol Hazelton, deluded by false reports,
threw an entrenchment around tbe
village, fearing an Indian mid.
Tbe II. C. Electric Kailway Oo. Iihb
culled fnr tenders for the hist two sec-
timis of its line between Vancouver
and * 'hilliwack.
K II. Alexander malinger ol the
Hastings   mill,   has   been   elected tt
represent   tbe   Vanoouver   Board   ol
Trade at tlie meeting ol   Chambers ol
Commerce ol the Empire to be held n
rsydney, Australia, iu September.
Car   Service   is  Also  Inautj-
u rated
The Alberta Fair at Calgary was
opened on Monday with the most
iiiagnilicenl psgeanl yet. seen in the
history ol that citv. Tbn principal
feature was about 600 Indiana in war
paint (eatbora and buckskin and
oarrylng all tbe primal trappings ol
the race along with nnidern repeaters
■ind revolvers. Nearly all were nionntrd
nn p<.ne ' nr riding in waggons and
rigs, and they were certainly a pic-
liiresi|iii sight.    There were also forty
automobiles in the profession, wbicb
with ihe various clubs, Ihmts and
companies was estimated by an enthusiast, lobe nearly four miles lung.
The Fair was lormally opened by Hon.
G.II.V. flulyea, Lieut.-Oovernor of
Incidentally with the opening qI the
lair, Calgary's new municipal car
service was inaugurated without ceremony, the lirst cars to run being
pressed into service to convey the
crowds to thu lair gruuuila,
Classic Shoes
for Children
Tennis Shoes
Canvas Shoes steel arched shank
This cut will illustrate
to you only one of the
many styles of Empress
Shoes carried by us, and
we would impress upon
you that the Empress Shoe
is "THe" Shoe in Canada
for Women — Particular Women—and now-
a-days most women are
particular. This will appeal to you.
We have the agency!
Black  Brown
and White
Shoe Polish
| You Don't Have To
E Go outside of Revelstoke to make
^ your Real Estate Investments.
^      The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, May,
Grain) Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Means, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Board of Trade.
By requebt of the .Secretary of
thu Hoard of Trillin, we publish lho
following list of subjects which will
be brought before the members for
discussion tomorrow night:
1. The furnishing of the Vancouver 'Pourist Association with
samples of our local fruit, mineral,
limber and agricultural wealth and
photographs! of our magnificent
scenery, as well as sporting facilities.
2, The reservation of certain
hinds north of the city for eity
water supply purposes,
'■',. Revision of the by-laws and
constitution ol the Hoard of Trade.
■I. A suitable booklet for advertising the city.
5, The advisability of forming
a judicial district along the C.l'.K.
main line with Hevelstoke as a
li. The progress ol the commit-
lee on the es'abliBhuient of n local
luud registry ollice.
7. The matter of distributing
rates from Kevelstoke. and the investigation of complaints as u
slow shipments from this poinl.
All of these mutters nre important and now that they are befon
the Board it behooves ihe members
to deal wilh them.
A Popular Field for Investment.
A London I Eng ) despatoh s»ys i
"Mr. I'aish, joint editor ol the
"Htstist," iu b paper re.nl before tin-
Hoy a I Statistical Society UhI. night,
showed that Cimiidii had ric.eived in
the  year  ended .lune   14'b, £27,500,
ODD sterling ol British oapital for
government   municipal,   railway and
other public insulin, which was twic
the Bum subsorlbed lur either India,
South Alricii or Australia, hiiiI   larger
than that sent to any other oouotry,
British or foreign.
"Argentina came second with 1.24,-
7.iti,(KXi sterling and the United Stat™
third with 618,800,000
" liritish Investors receive Irom Ool
onial railways, chielly Canadian, i_7,
1100,000 aunually iu dividends."
Fine   Residence   for   W.  W.
Foster on Riverside.
The line limine being built for W. W
KoBter, tu the south ol the town and
overlooking tbe Oolumbia river, in
now nearing completion. Both in
location and finish it will be among
tlie handsomest residences in tho city
It was built on a plan designed by Mr.
Iv Trimble. Mr. I>. McCarthy is the
contractor, and the painting and
finishing is in thu capable handB ol
Mr. .1. McLeod.
The house contains three rooms, a
kitchen and a pantry ou tho ground
II.mr, and four bedrooms and a hath
room on the upper floor, betides a
tine spaeiuus attic Unit may be used
for a lumber-room or a play room Ior
children on winter dnys. The front
room on the lower lloor is li) by 14 in
sine, with a large bay window and a
tiled fireplace in weathered oak. The
woodwork is tiuished in a line bard oil
puint. I,Hiding from this room, with
folding doors, is a good gized dining-
room, nil which is built a comfortable
den. A large kitcben, titled with all
modern conveniences, aud a pantry
comp'ctc the equipment ol the ground
II mr.
The front doors are beautifully
finished wilh scroll work, and are
dressed with a mahogany-like finish,
as are also the lm nil inters ami panelling ol the stairway. The two front
h'.d-moius command a sploudid view
ol tin' river au i Ibe pii-scs and moiui-
I ni ii h beyond. All the rooms are
finished In pink and green kalsumine
ami supplied with large wardrobes,
wbile a luck stairway gives access
from the kitchen. A wide verandah
supported by circular columns runs
along the front and sides, and when
the house has received its outer coat
ot paint and all its finishing touches
it will ' e a credit to designer, contractors and workmen.
R.M.R. Dominion Day Shoot
Nil tun
tOO     BOO    Sim Total
Pte, J. Meek '2D lil 27 81
Ool, Sgt, Donald ,...88 2» »l ki
Corn, A. Dull'.,  2."i 211 2n ti
I'le. XV, II. Allen... 28 '2i2 22 117
SKi, ll.Sli.iiillniv...  in 20 20 05


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