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The Mail Herald Oct 16, 1915

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Chief lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Calgary
and'the Pacific ocean.
The Mail-Herald
Published twice weekly—Read
by everyone—Tbe recognised
advertising medium Ior the
city and district.
Vol. 22-No. 83
$2.50 Per Year
Tba following is tbe list ot prizos
at the) recent fruit lair at Nakusp:
Yellow Newton, I D. L'urkiusun,. 2
HJuesiiell Bros.
Spltzenburg, 1 J. 11. MoOormiok,
i!, T. HiiHhton.
Northern Sjiy, 1 aud 2, Buesuell
Wagner, 1 J, ll. MoOormick.
Jonathan, l ,1. ll. McCormick, 2,
liuesnell Bros.
Qravensteln, 1, J. H. McCormick,
2, Buesnell Bros.
Mcintosh Red, l  li.  11.   Baud,     2
<IuSf Henke.
Ontario, 2, J. 11. McCormick
Wealthy, l u. Parkinson, 2 R. II.
Cox Orange, 1  II.  land.    ,
Rome Beauty, -,  B.  Parkinson.
Grimes, Golden, -, Gus 'Henke.,
Beit Davis, 1, Buesnell Bros, 2, J.
J I.   McCormick.
Golden  Russett, 2, Buesnell Bros.
Yellow Transparent, 1, T. Rusbton.
Snow, l, .1. H McCormick.
Otber vainty. 1, B, Parkinson, 2,
IM Lind.
Best collection, 5 varieties, 1, J.
H. McCormick.  2,  R.  II. Baird.
Best packed box, 1, J. H. McCormick,  2, R. It. Baird.
Wagner, 1, C. B. Hamltng, 2, J. H.
Jonathan, I, J. H. McCormick, 2,
T. Rusbton.
Wealthy, I, H. H. Baird, 2, B.
Mcintosh, l, R, II. Baird, Buesnell
Bartlett,  1  Buesnell  Bros.
Flemish Beauty,  1  Buesnell Bros.
Howell,   1 (Ins Hini-e
Other variety, 1  ,J.  :i. McCormick.
'   AS,   BEST  12
Bradshaw, l It. H. Baird.
Lombard, 1 J. 11. Stevenson, 2,
Buesiicll Bros.
Italian prune, 1 Buesnell Brcs.
Pearlies,  1  J.  H.   MrCormick.
Concord, 1, B. Parkinson.
Other variety, l    T. Rusbton, 2    W.
Transcendent l C. B. Hamling, I,
B. Parkli
Hyslop, J. II. Stevenson, 2 J. H.
2r> lbs. Early v.l it", l B. Parkin-
ion, 2 im B. Hamling.
v "icloiiH, l  Blng Cbooui;.
W.Tnneluns, 2 Vi. Rutzlaff.
Citrons,  1 Buesnell Bros, 2 B, Par-
I lunson.
Kale, 1 II. Parkinson, 2 Buesnell
Brussells  sprouts,  2  Buesnell Bros.
Wheat, fall, I Buesnell Pros,
Wheat, Bpring, I liuesnell Bros., 2,
(Jus Henke.
Oats, I liuesnell Bi\,s., 2 (las
Peas, l T. Rushton.
Turnips, swede,   1   liuesnell Bros.
Mangels, I Buesnell Bros., 2 B.
Sugar beets, 1 B, Parkinson, 2,
Buesnell Bros.
Corn,   I   liuesnell  Bros.
Kohl    Rabi.  1  (ius Henke, 2 B. Parkinson.
Carrots, l Gits Henke, 2 B. Parkinson.
Butter, 1 Mrs. R. H. Baird, 2 Mrs.
W. Ratzlaff, 9 Mrs. Wenslcy, 4 Mrs.
T.  Rushton.
IP mey,  1   \. Ha'-vey Smith.
Hani, 1 0. B. Hamling.
Bread, white, 1 Mrs. McDougald, 2
Mrs. Rusbton, 3 Mrs. Wenslcy.
Bread.  Brown, 2 Miss Fesser.
Buns, 1 Miss Fesser, 2 Mrs. Rush-
ton, s Mrs. Wensley.
Tes biscuits, 1 Mrs. Olendenning, 2
Mrs. Cowan.
Teed cake, 1 Mrs. Johnson, 2 Mrs.
yoder, 3 Mrs. Wensley.
Layer cake. 1 Mrs. McDoucnld, 2,
Mrs. Johnson.
Cookies, 1 Mrs, Fowler, 2, Mrs.
fContlnneil  on Pace Three!
Address of Welcome
to Australian Cadets
The address of welcome to tbe Australian cadets lead by .Mayor W. A.
Foote at the entertainment on Wednesday evening was as loiiows:
A   couide   of telegrams   were   dis- \ patched:
To  Lieut.   Simmons  uud  Cadets of   patched by t.he city council last night
tbe Young Australian League:
On behalf ol the citizens ol RevelBtoke, British Columbia, i bid you
welcome to the "Capital ot Canada's
Alps," as we proudly cull tbis city
Of tbe bills.
Our future lies with them,—with
their vast wealth of minerals, forests, water powers and valley lands:
Ideals of strength aud beauty; of
power ami freedom will never fail us
while tbeir environment is about us
uud, as fixed as they, backbone ol
Canada, pillars of the continent, is
our determination to develop that
wealth, cultivate the ideals and progress in thc principles they inspire,
as free men of a free country, bound
only by. the willing bond of a common
share, a ommon joy iu tbe birthright
of free institutions and even hauded
justice, which is the portion of all
tbe peojilcs everywhere who are pro-
geny of "The Mother of the Free."
t welcome you, doubly, as you are,
teio, chips from the same old block
as ourselves
one to It. I'M Green, M.P., iu regard
to the alien internment camp, and
the other to Major Gen. Sir Sam
Hughes,  minister of militia, I regard-
C., Oct.  I.', 1915
Sam Hughes,  K.
Kevelstoke,  li.
Major General Sir
C. IM, Ottawa.
Report iu newspapi rs that towns
with a population of twenty-five hundred having suitable drill ball would
School  Board  Discusses   Recent Visit   Giant to High
Scnool Caaets
lng the winter training of troops but   have men given winter training     lo«
beyond this little business was transacted.
,J. P. Sutherland addressed the
council asking for a light iu the alley'at the hack of his bouse and oflered to pay for the Installation, His
request was referred to tbc lire, wa-
ti r and light committee.,
A letter     was read from l'hil Par-
cally if fifty men were raised.   Have
raised     over five hundred\men    and
would  ask   that   In   future  recruits vn-
USted  here  be given  winter  training
in Revelstoke.
Vi. A, Fiii iTE, Mayor
im suggestion of the mayor \the following t ilegram was sent to   R.    F.
Green, M.P. .informing   hin '-that     a
Iter aM,inr tor a light at the junction   telegram bad been received by Capt
of Bight strict and the Canadian Pa
Tbe visit o:  the Australian cadets
.,.- il aHi i   bi boots was mscus-
ged ut tii-- tui ■ ting ot     the ool
hoard last night. The announce ent
that thi re ko ;'l I a a hall holiday
lor ti.' -; oil ■ -.■ made, It v.as
said, bj persons having jio connection witl also ar-
■■•.: . boi tint either tho
board or thi hen that two of
the teai i ild aid in connection
with thi .;,ie ts. ,Tbe
school leei.,1,1, under t . lanclal
conditions, and as Monday hud been
daj.  and  . ..-■>  I 11 at si   U.e vis-
cMic railway south track. Tbe re-
q nst was relused as tbe city bad no
wire and was unable to procure it
at the present time.
A letter was received from C. H.
Macdonald, secretary 'of lire brigade
N'o. 2 giving a list of equipment and
s tying that 500 feet ot'hose were re-       	
quired.   It     was     decided to secure Gen. Otter to keep In  readiness     26
Your     speech is ours ;   Prices for tbe hose. aliens to put up temporary camps at
your  lovely   Southern       A11'   Smythe asked what had  been Field.   We feel tbat fin justice to our
Rose from Capt.  Palmer  Instructing lU,'~ cad(ir '""'*"    '' '    '   after"
him  to bold ft aliens in readiness to I""">     '"' ,!l"      raount'   Considered
proceed to Field should their services "':" a bal1 boli' '' '  •"  "';-
be required xis' tlowed a holiday for the
R   F   Green   M   P ''"''  ' '"" .ird     also
Victoria  B   0 thought     that the failure to extend
For your information would     in- the courtesy i ovitation to   the
form vou that Capt. >Rose of intern- ; lI*cheon '" A' S' Martin' scoutmastx
ment     cam,, has received wire     Irom "'• and tn  ''
and,      under                        ^^^^^^^^                               ^^, ^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^^
(Moss, us under our North Star runs   flone regarding tbe Ski club applica- ritV tn"t camp be lefl   intact  as men
the     same great  road—"The King's   linn for a "rant- can work nn auto road untI] <,hrist-
Highway."                                                  Thc    mayor    said    $300 bad [been mas.
For years past, many master minds   granted.    Aid.  Smythe thought   that W.  A. IPOOTE, Mayor.
bave with much labor'ot tongue and   the grant should not be paid     until SPEEDY REPLY
pen  endeavored  to  formulate     some   nextfyear.   The money would not  be This    morning   the following reply
required until then, he Baid. was received from Mr, Green:
It     wns    decided   that the mayor His Worship Mayor W. A. Foote,
should   send   a telegram to     Major- Revelstoke, B. 0.
Cn.  Sir Sam Hughes asking that   it Have ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
'iO     volunteers     for overseas service camp up with Ottawa.   Vou may   be
Arrested in Rwe'strte
[sups H Enderby f,:
perfect plan of welding you and us
into closer unity with tbe Motherland without injury to our inherited
; nd developed sense of independences,
but all their loyal labor could not
• volve the form of the chain ot Federation. It bas been done for them
by one who did not mean it so. The
links have heen rivetted by a means
nnthought Of. The smith came from
Germany. The anvil was sacrifice!
end the hammer—bio,, 1.
From    Dardanelles    to    Flanders,
i  Anzac to Ypres, that red river
nning    from our boys,—Austral-
Ian,—Canadian,  and     others of    the
of   I,re   1,  and the chain  of empire     but
ets Instructor, was an error ol
ment     on- tl Of the committee
having In I be arrangi       ta
[for the entertiiinmrnt.
i me of    1 -     ap-
peared befi re tl i oard on the complaint of three ti - that/ be had
been creatini ng tho
jnijiils and (luring classes. He was reprimanded by th
It was decided to put a strainer in-
Igh sch ol at
taken matter of internment   ° ™st '°j ^   '
liy     lollowing let1' ei ea
wereiraised In Revelstoke that   they   sure will do all in my power to"  as-   trom Davld Wilson, secretary of   the
• ■ i ,. • 	
'1   uibl   he  trained  in tbe  city  during
tb" winter.
Tbe    following    telegram was dis-
sistlin retaining camp there as long
as possible,
Ecdets Entertainment
Delights Large Audience
Driver Not Btemed
for Death cf Soldier
The entertainment given     by     tlie
Australian cadets in thc opera house
it tee Strathcona Trust foe
Uritish. Columbia:
Victor!'., Sept. llth, 1915.
W. A. Sturdy,  Ei
Secretary School Board,
Rt   el ' . C.
Dear Sil
! that at a meet
ing '■: the  ! the
Strati, ti-for British i olum-
1 ia held on i t., 1916,   it
was deecid from the   funds
"We, the jury called to Inquire into
the    deutb ol the late Jesse Foster,    '■ gement
^^^^^    Sergeant-Major of the   2nd Battalion   Military Drill,  1914-15, '.-rant  to
theatre was   C.E.F., lind that the deceased came  ('ac|' *i"-1 i is of 12 cents
obtained ai
Last   week  a  man  by  the name       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
F.    U.    Holbrook    passed    several tightens   and   strengthens   under the
worthless cheques iu Enderby and vl- strain,
clnity, and, in addition, skipped out, Vl">    of    Austral! , though in the on Wednesday evening was
leaving   a                 onto bill ut the empire Becond to Canada in size and nounced    success.   The
Knderby   hotel    unpaid.    Constable Population,     have    perhaps assumed draped with the flags of the British   to his death from injuries caused   by   Per mark obi                       :-uai   in-
Bailey soon aotified the police of sur-  even  ' I the burdens of nation- Dominions and tbe allies providing a   being knockedidown by a motor car,   j .-    Istoke
nam lin    towns   and the man was lo-  ' • >"  '""M ration for defence     at "ting setting ror the entertainment,   driven     by F. B. Rebagllatl, on the   ,:
cated and placed under arrest at Re- M'" and on land than we have;     and The ent.re bouse was crowded,     all   evening    of September .; •, 1915,     on   '                                                  I on it
velstoke      and the constable     went have met tbe cry of the Motherwlth the reserved seats having been taken   Seventh street, ninth, city of Vi                                                            .$8.40,
thither and brought tbc man     back, •'  preparedness     nnd a fervor which some time before thi   commencement   Wc are of opinion that F. B. Reba-   thc r«nainer to go to thc instructor
on Saturday.   Holbrook is u     gray Dlade ;l11 l!l" world (except our foes) of the performance.
haired Individual and wears u mous- •'•"" wit!l admiration.                            During the evening an address    of
tache, white, loni  aad curled up    al '    represenltatives oi your glorious welcome was read, by Mayor W.    A.
25'tbs. Early Rose, 1 B. Parkinson, | the ends.   Hi                        tnself   to Commonwealth,    ns   types ot    your Foote to which Lieut.    Simmons flt-
2, c. B. Hamling.
2."> tbs. Burbank, -'. Buesnell Bros.
be a life insurance ubent,  and     his   ^"nt democratic military service, ns   Hngly replied.   Hospitality, be said,
[general   bearing  ant rs "f tho  MOOd  test,  for Brit-   seemed to be the watchword of Hev-
Bc»t 100 lb: sack, 1 li. Parkinson, 2! made it easy for bim to work upon  nin's honnr nn<1 dethronement of tyr-   '   '"■•
around the corner
Buesnell Bros.
Best :l varieties, 1 B. Parkinson,  2
c. Ii. Hamling.
25 lbs.   ithi'i' variety,  1, C. li. Ha.ni-1
ling, .' li. Parkinson. j wired a descrii     	
Turnips, 6, any     variety,     1 Chas.' neiKbbi.ring towns tlian 11
Kbl. 2 B. Parkinson. Ident    that he was wanted In   many
Turnips, Swede, 1 Buesnell Bros., 2   jiluccs for  working the same     game
thc Conddence ol the unwary.   But he   nnn>' T welcome you yet more warm-      The special scenery  carried  by   the
ha8    a     |,.„i     ,,:t   , loyal Revelstoke. cadets     was not sent to Revelstoke   Friday
gliati is    not to blame for the acci- Provided .  ■ ■ d   aa
dent.   We should recommend that oi- a (;"1't "''"'
ficers be stationed on Seventh .-treat,      J    -'■'■'■''    therefore, banding you    a
between Barnard avenue i                                   drawn favour for
sent military camp to regulate,tral- *'■- the uses     ol
be from dusk to 10 p. m." the ''"r< ' .   The balance
Thc above verdict w.,s returned   ley "f the L'r'"!' ■ be paid     td
the    coroner's    jury at Vernon last '''■ ''■ y'- '' CO.,
And    with all my heart nnd
No    sooner    had Consta le Bailey  ,'lns,,    (ff nnr people. I shout    your   Front" was omitted from the    pro-   '"'" ' '
wired a description 'ef the man    to  watchword,  "Advance Australia'"        gram, tbe evening being devoted    to   ''>' I"'"'
0. B, Hamling.
Carrots, l B, Parkinson, 2, Buesnell Hr ,s.
Parsnips, 1 Chas. BU, 2 T. Rush-
Cabbage, summer, 1 Buesnell Bros.,
2 im Und.
Cabbage, winter, 1 Buesnell-Bros.,
2 T. Rusbton.
Cabbage, Savoy, 2 B. I'arkinson.
Cabbage, Red, 1 P. Lind, 2 B.
Parkinson. ,
Cauliflowers, 1 Eng Chcong.
Onions, white, l Chas. Ehl
Onions, yellow, 1, Eng Cheong, 2,
Chas. Kbl. i
us he put over the unsuspecting in
ESnderby. He was s polished prisoner and Constable Bailey treated him
like a gentleman—but he kept an eye
on him. He was landed in the Mnd-
irby lockuj Without incident. Saturday atternoon numerous Charges were
laid against Holl took, which made
him a provincial prilODV, and Constable Bailey was instructed to turn
bim Vver to thl local pi .vmcial Constable for safe keeping. But provincial constable Patton was not in
town und did not return until the
following dav. i'unstable Hailey met
the train Sunday anil wanted te. turn
Judge Forin Will Command
Company at Kelson 2
H. C, as the q   . -'ructor fon
the past school -
•s truly,
Secretary   I ttee,  Strath*
evening after  holding an  In-
with   ""d the entravaganza "Called to thc   quest into the death of Sergt. Major
The    inquest was conducted
provincial coroner Dr.  Hamilton,
\audcvillo      numbers   and    excellent   captain of the 51th battalion,     with
band     music.   The program included   the     following jury:  It. Fit/.u.a
gymnastic exercises, comedy, singing   (foreman,) C. R. Cryderman,    Cbas.
and     Instrumental numbers, nil    of   Ohristien,    C. J. Whiten, A. Rogers
,-hich were received by the large an-   and B. ll. Branch.
nee with enthusiasm, round    after      The iaiu".t   vas started on Tl
  round of applause being accorded the   <lay morning by district coroner   Dr.
gifted    performers.      Little    Bobby   "•    Morris, bul objection was taken
Tw,> companies of the 107th militia   i-nw's Scotch songs were perhaps the   to llim conducting the  Inquiry,     by
regiment, wind, ha   headquarters   In   chief bit of the vocal numbers.  Cllve  <';"'t-   i-n'cb-v   of the   62nd, on the
Fernie, will be organised In Nelson.   Borkwood's    "P.    0. W" and "The  ground that Dr. Morris bad been en- _  u vi^
The scarlet dress uniform ol the   in-   Amateur,"  in which ("live Borkwood   gaged hy the jitmy driver I,,    watch   de icht.
fantry will be served out to the men.   snd Stanley Saunders parodied    the   the ewe in his medical capacity.   Dr.  ed ,.,,10
This  announcement   was   made      at    test  of an  aspirant   to the vaudeville    Morris said   hr  would  band  over    tb a.I.    Nine aui . i ,,t
the    armory   by Lieut-Col. Joseph   stage, were also received with special   Inquiry to Dr. Hamilton who was a  the    Y.M.t
Australian CaifEts Were
Delighted With Visit
d Wed"
Irallan ca-
Onions, red, 1 Chas Ehl, 2 T. Rush-   1:1s     man vver to Constnhle Tntton.
Onions, pickling, 1 lOng Cheong.
Peas, unshelled, 1 P. Lind.
Beans, yellow, 1 P. Lind.
Heins.  green,  1  I'.  Lind.
Corn.'I liuesnell Bros, 2 W. Ratzlaff.
Beets, long 1  B, Parkinson.
Beets, globe, 1 Buesnell Bros, 2,
Chns.  Kbl.
Celery, golden. 1 F.ng Cheong, 2 A.
K. Fowler.
Lettuce, i ffing Cheong, 2 It. Parkinson.
Radish, 1 Buesnell Bros. I Eng
SqUMh, green, 1 nuennell Rroe., J,
Knr ChennR.
Bqus h   he ivlett, 1  E, F. Voder.
Pumpkin, largest, i Buwnell Bros
Vegetable, marrow, i Bnesnell Bros.
B, 0, H. Hamling,
Tom:l      e,th.   I  Hiipsnell BrOS,
Tomatoes, ribbed, ' n. t'.ark In son.
Cucumber,     I B, I'arkinson. I   Ene
MacKay  ol  Fernie,  commanding offl enthusiasm. provincial coroner.   The Inquest   was
rn e,f the i'"th regiment, after    an One    of the acts called for special ,l"'"    adjourned until Friday after
Inspection     of the Nelson  volunteer notice,   it  was the gymnastic    tab- l,""n '" '" ''•'  '" allow .-, post m.,rt-
ieserve. lean.  Including  jiyramldlcal   building, 0I" Mamin it ion to be made.
Judge Forin  is  tbe senior officer in spectacular  physical culture exercises At     tho Conclusion Ol the evidence,
H Bnd will have command ol one which illustrated the muscle develop- *•>• coroner «aid tbat B    the Jurj bad
of the new companies.   Itccruiting  is ment work carried out as part of tbe liflt,'m'11 to it with evident care    he
to be commenced at  once under   thc compulsory military'trainiiic in Aus- "OUld     Bol   address  then    at   length,
terms of the Militia art. frnlin. T1"MV K,'rr '" '"'"M' hi a verdict      In
The scarb't dress uniforms nre    to Tho Australian Cadet, orchestra ae- accordance     to the evidence Irrespec
be served out by the government be- companied nil the vocai nun,hers nnd tivi' '* "nv personal feelings.
Cause tbey are in stock.   Hii|,|ilies of played what' music was required dur- A"''''  retiring  for   about   half      an   The     scenery was  injured  by atmoi
khaki uniforms,  which are worn     by ing tbe intermissions, tbeir rendition ,1"1"' ""' J''r>" "'turned a verdict                     c conditions  but  the cadets   ex
the  tii"n  on  active Service,  are      not of the various selerlli ns | being excel-'"
available for militia regiments on ac- lent,
count  of the demnnd from. tbe over-
Constable Patton, in a j"Ciilar way,
said he was not working on Sunday
nnd that thc man would keep until
the following dny. But be didn't
When Constable Bailey opened the
cell door Monday morning Holbrook
wasn't tlnre. A hole through the
1 rick wall U inches thick showed
bow he bad escaped.
Lying   upon  the cell  cot   were three
pieces     of  metal   which  the  prisoner
bad broken Ofl tbo iron frame of the	
eot    With these he had managed   to
work bis way through the berk wall     Uve lodety women, Mm<ss.Armag-
■rn thl .inent ,4 flu ntv hall, tear. UeUtoiir and Maubourg de Channel from hei,- he could wnlk to the batUMI, r\nd Miles. J.e Bail and Do
sireet at Ids leisure. He 1 l.vrot. lied ('tops nurses, wbo were
bis escape and bas since managed t" taken jirisoners nt MaUbSUgS, have
elude Ihe officers Of the neighboring leen derorntrd with tbe Military Thursdny the name of Waller S.
town,; \M, trace e,f bim has been Cross and commended In tb«' French Cowling of the Seventh Battalion np-
-eported ll|   to th,   pre<Sent   -vltlng.- general army  ordeSTS for heroic   con-   pears ns "killed   in  action " This   is
noon,    ,    : , ,    |.;     |^,„.
laid, proceeded ii m up   the
ed bj W,
ICincatd, w   i . a, J. A,
■*< B. Mi c. Turn*
i rovid<ed I
The trip extended to the alien    ln«
■ which was inse
With     much     lnt
peat battalions.
Revelstoke Fireman is
Killed in Action
Tn     the     casually      lists Issued OH
above, pressed them<selves ss delighted with
Th" Case was watched for the 62nd the tt l| '             they said they   Would
by     ('apt.   R.  Spinka,  n  lawyer     of r.cver '"ret.    In                    citv which
Vancouver, who on several occasions tb                                         en  tn
closely cross-examined tht witnesses, good    an ldea;ol the ton a and    its
Barney Rebagllatl, tbe driver,  who surroundings.   They n              m  to
bad     ben  arrested on  a  Charge     Ol set                   I   I                  line OH Wert-
manslaugbter    after    tbe    death "t nesday                h<-r than the eleva-
Sergt, Major     Foster.     was released tion of the alien camp.
from custody when  the verdict  of the'
jury wns rendered. A  IM •                             •  been built
  .                                  Kelowna.
,,.,,, This nt     ■                                            ' cat-
several l.erm.in  pii'rrs jmblished In .,    ,      „.     ,
1 tie for 200 ■liy.
v Pteen, ,l„rt    in nttending wounded through-   believed  to be  W,  S,  Cowling,  n lo- New     York nnd Chicago have     been _^^^^_
w,i '' ubeuge, and for  comotive fireman, who bad lived    in forbidden the Canadian mails,    nnd Tt take.                           Kelowna
needed In   ishtnsthi invques   taking   ip    their work ns "Ponn    ns  Revelstoke for s               yean, and heavy    line or imprisonment ta   the i lands In
i  the  PnlOTl hotel and two     nt   thoy hnd  '              rated, after   three(went overseas     with the first contin- penalty foi   anj   being found in any- that     tt
the Selkirk hoM.
month'   of detention in C.crmnny.
one'e possession.
arrears of taxes. fAGE TWO
Z\k raniUlbevalb
BEVKLSTOKE,   1!.  <'
cj7VIiii-Herald Publishing
Company, Limited
£   G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
Britain is spending on the war now Children's service and matins. Even
the tremendous soni ol $2r,,00O,0OO song 7.30 j». m., sermons at both
jier day.   In Ave months tho cost of
the navy increased trom $730,OOOe,000
to $96O,0O0e,0Oe0e; of the army Irom $3,-
OOO.OOO.OO'O to $3, 575,ftO'0',QeOO j and ad'
vanccs to allies from $l,IK»,0CO',00Oito
$2,30O,0O0','0OQ. As the demand ior
equipment and supplies grows     with
services by  the Rector.
At, both morning and evening prayer, prayers authorized by the Lord
Bishop for war will be said. Sunday
scbool at 2.30 p.m.
the Increase in the military i forces of   i,asto
the     allies, so the initial and maintenance expense expands hugely.    At
The pulpit will be occupied by   the
r at both services on Sunday.
Hev. J. VV. Stevenson, minister.
the present rate of increase, Britain gervices at U a.m., and 7.30' p. m.
will he spending $8fi,O0'0,,0<K)' a day by Morning theme, "Imitation of
siiriiiL'.    In one month her outlay will   Christ,"  evening,   "A  Thankful  Cap-
ive."    Sunday     School     and    Bible
mittancea were made to various
funds. I am not aware of Mr. All-
man's statements to Baron Beyen liut
it looks as if the latter had been informed that de Martin claimed to
have a mission to, collect money.
Any such mission, ol course, was Jiev-
er given by the government, and according to my information, de Martin
did not claim to be acting here upon
any official misesion. As plainly
shown by business side ol touring ho
was acting exclusively on his own
accord. M. GOOR."
All civic salaries have been reduced
in Duncan,
exceed     the biggest national budget
-he  ever  had.    Ten  days'   expenditure
I will   equal   the  entire  Canadian   national debt.
If it is necessary for strong linancial countries, such as France and
Russia, to rely largely on Britain for
financing their foreign purchases,
what must be ,tbe linancial condition
of Germany, which bas to spend more
than any one'of the entente nations?
l'n'in her expenditures Germany has
ie. obtain results In the field equal to
,.   the results obtained  by four or   five
It is proposed to call together a
Uberal convention with the object of
formulating a new policy for the Liberal party ol the Dominlon.i The suggestion is a timely one. The Kamloops Inland Si Dtlnel, the leading
Libera] paper In the constituency in
which Hon. Josepb Martin is the
Liberal candidate, describes the last
Liberal platform and thejmen    who
created It as 'Noah's ark men and
measures," and no doubt there are
many Liberals who hold a similar
■view, and who would be glad of    an
opportunity le, assist ui selecting
new leaders und a new   policy.
The provincial Liberals ol Uritish
Columbia have been neb in platforms,
Mr. Brewster, tbe Liberal leader, the
Liberals of Vancouver in convention,
und the provincial Liberal convcn
tions held in Revelstoke and Victoria
have eacb contributed a separate
platform for their party, and the
supporters of each platform claim
for it that it is the official Liberal I
In Dominion politics the ,situation I    slu RICHARD AND THE SUB-
is different.     No platform lias    bben MARINES
Vancouver  World  i Independent):  In
'' ul6ated si"n'  "'•'  Liberal     cun"   conditions such as these it must   be
vention of 1894, Hon. Joseph Martin udtnltted glr Richard McBride kept
tbe Liberal candidate in Cariboo, R. his head, worked with precision and
L. Richardson, iormer Liberal mem- despatch, and when invited by the
bei  r.e,   Lisgar, and a lew other Lib-   naval authorities, gave his best   en-
I'lmittedly  diffi-
class at 2.3-0. Y.P.S. on Tuesday at
s, when the subject will be "Tho
Finns in Kurope and Canada." Wednesday, prayer meeting nt 8 o'clock,
subject. "Fishers ot Men." The adult
bible class will hold a business meeting on Thursday at 8. Choir practice on Friday. Strangers and visit
tors are invited to  all services.
Captain Alvarez, a vitagrapb mas-
terpiece is on the boards at the Empress theatre touight.   It is a     fino
Do you want to earn
I $10 a week or more
| in your own home ?
Reliable persons will be furnished with
profitable, all-ycar-rciund employment
on Auto-Knittinff
Machines, {10 per
week readily earned. Wc teach you
at home, distance
is r.o hindrance.
Write for particulars, rates of pny,
send Bc. stamp.
Dcpt. I'M,   2.'>7('<>lli'KcSt.   -   Toronto
tAtiioat lsicrstir, V'liqltind)
of the richest countries of Europe, feature in six parts With Edith Stor-
each spending lavishly. Without ior- i iy, Wm. Taylor and Geo. C. Stumley,
eign      trade, without foreign invest-   a P'«*ure full pi thrills und one     of
.    Paul Gilmore's finest productions. On
ments  that can  be readily converted _  .
: Mondav the Black Box and the   Bub-
into cash, with dependents in Aust- j marine Spy,'ml Imp feature in two
ria and Turkey, Germany's purse is | arts will be shown. ThiB submarine
being emptied at a rate no blurt or was loaned to the Universal Film Co.
The recent war hy the United States' government.
On Tuesday, John Barleycorn, by
Jack London, a sensational picturo
in 13 parts will be presented and on
Wednesday The Silent Peril and Tho
Diamond from the Sky. Thursday
being Trafalgar day the Womens'
Canadian club will attend tbe Empress theatre in a body to see "Jim,
tbe Penman," famous players in 5
parts. 2'5 per cent, ol proceeds will
go to the Wounded Soldiers' and
Sailors' fund.
1 oasting can bide,
loan was virtually the conscription of
the people's resources in exchange for
irredeemable paper currency.
De Martin Retired Officer
No Mission From Belgium
.     n-avors  te'   meet
eral     leaders    still regard the    18'J4       ...
cult situation.   He met it, we think,
platform as the policy of the Liberal    „i.,.1,.ltl,|y  on  the  whole-more cap-,
party, but most Liberals appear    to   able than any of his critics. And  the!    „   „_  ,.,.,.,,   , „  „
. ' .        .. \ A.\CuL\ Kit, B. CM, Oct. 13-Some
have put it into the discard. evidence ol the Inquiry brought     out
Tbe policy of 1894 was never   much   no     facl     thai touched his personal   ^ort time ago u statement appeared
honor.   There is no gainsaying  this,   in    the     local     papers reflecting on
more thantan election device, it. was
followed two years later by a Liberal
victi ry, but events soon showed that
tue Liberal ministers regarded their
pe Hey us one to get in on, not us
one to stand on. Free trade was one
ot the planks "f lvM. but the Laur-
ier . ■' : n nent showed little devotion
to the principles of free trade.  Ben
in    tbe      local
.-md we can poinl  te. it  with all   tbe   Major de Martin,  who recently
greater force because we have no poi    dreessed meetings here in the interest
itical  views to uphold and no   brief   ol the (Belgian relief.
therefrom to speak .ea behalf ot   the      H  Uils tlR'u stated tbat Major   de
It's (rood policy lo think of the future
It's still better policy to provide against
'.lie misfortunes it may have in store
tor you. The surest way ol protecting
yourself and family is a
with a reliable company.   The high
financial standing and  lonjr bustnesi
career   of   the   Kootenay   Agenciei
makes   it    absolutely   trustworthy.
Your time mav be near at hand.
Don't delay.   Take out a policy now.
A. E. Kincaid. Manager.
< MiL-ary Ki n s Telegram   The
rl      Rogers, at Quebec, a
days a..-' .  \ oic id the spl
proclty with the United States     bad   democracj
lace in the platform of 1*94, but   Dd     "' '  ,:"  bad   nevet     ei
the   Liberal   leaders fought   ind lost
■ -neral election on this issue.
Martin's name did noi appeal  in the
ijarmy list and it was insinu-
lat  he was an unposter.
Thi     Belgian    consul at Vancouver
has jus'  received the following tele-
tlie Belgiau consul-gener-
• ■ iwa:
Martin in Canada bas been investigated by me. To
I. 0. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk   Hall  at  8 o'clock. Viiiting brethern cordially Invited.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
•ada.    His ■ -                     t wi                                         my  km wledgi de  Martin
, ■:   ictuallj  t.. be but     a
A        platform       Is      tbe     most   a\   , time when thi re.   I
important      stock      In      trade     of   da in the United Stat •-irs, on
•   M, ... Ian : -.   but
: merly
As far as elicited by jiiy
'   :
' ■ I' e-S    beftS-
an      opposl a      nev
■    : in     for tl rty     is
evidently needed, but    is there is lit
tie likelihood that the Liberals
ie in a position feer many years    to
•   me to    carry inl
that they  will adopt    they  will     do
In     fra
tavi      ii     i -.      i       the const!!
feet that the adopt [ thelt
■  n
Bear Rugs Mounted. Furs cleaned
and Dressed.
85 Second St., Revelstoke, B. O.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular Meetings are held in
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
ROBT.  GORDON,  Secretary
91 r
Oni     •
•  •     ■
Umost ■
i -
i ia, Greece, 1
wai  li ,       ,ne ,,f her   allies
will he heavily In debt tei Britain and
this condll
any   dii ilnutlon  In L i
,i-    the woi IM'      ■
Tin- war is likelj I iver    before
il leels a,strain approaching In
Be Verity that to which she was re-
duced in financing the Napoleonic
.    .    .
Me Ki osle   \.
end Fifth street   P ,-•
MacKenzie Low
Mass at -   i 11,.-..  \1 ■
10 M a.m. every     Sunday
school  for  t.he  chtldl        it    1:30  p.m.,
Benediction and Rosary at 7 80 p.m.,
I onfesslons Saturday  I  to li und 7:30
to \> p.m. and Sunday morning 7:30
to g,    Wei'ks days     Mass I'-.-.-ry muni
mg at 7 o'clock, Confessions    before
Vuhs. First Fridays Mass at ft a.
m. Benediction and Rosary at 7:30
p. m.
Twentieth   Sunday   aftei   trinity;    1
a. m. Holy    Communion     n a, m.
War Is d"clar>vl
Tea and Coffee,
for special*.
on   our  nt.-
see our   H
$1 Buys 3 lbs.
While this lot lasts, and a. another advan<-e Is pr«»dlrted In the
near  future  we  would advise  put-
Why are nn selling more bread?
Thttt must   |>a a reason.
Let Us Tell You Why
Just compare a loaf of ours with
nny other and we are absolutely
■Ore you will uee the best, then
yon will know why.
tin*  by  a few pounds. RWHT BV  TKHT
Phone 41 HOBSON'S Box 734
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West—Government inspected—approved by careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms—Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
r\ D I ET M T A |      Suitably furnished with the
J. Albert Stone, Proprietor
choicest the market affords.
Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars. Rates $1 a day.
Monthly rates.
Union Hotel
A. P. LEVKSQUK, Proprietor
Delicious Vegetables, &c, fresh from own Ranch
RevelNtoke Lodge
No. 1085
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in  t.he Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
E. G. Burridge d Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
We specialize in
Metallio Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
to-date Plumbing
Work Shop -Connaught Ave.
REVELSTOKE       -      -    B.C.
No matter where you live or what you or your family want iu l''urs,or Fur
garments, you can buy cheaper and better hy dealing direct with us.
It will pay you to send for our Fur Style llock, 1915-16 edition, SENT
'. Oil riMUfst Which ruiit«irin:i4 l'e*fei4'MUuiitraU"iief<
will tell foil   1.   "■ full CM li
tf  U.Ultl'lllfl
, an.l
hMptt nml totter lr'
Uli'lrr i'ur t>yBt.-iiL of
1 1:011  iittrnc   10 IV
Wfcia vou mllM thnt vn nn the iir,-.-t... i.
iiii'Tn of haw Kuw In Cniimla, purt'hulug direct
front ths  (rujijwr, ymi will appncl<KUi Mil unHr-
ailed opportunity «•»■ hnve tOMl* 1 tbl Al eni ikltM.
mftBUefmcturalb>nalntod>H)ntili Knrm*ts m |Fur
giirii''-iit". Ihefii I17 '■■ liiii.; dimi l   hy in ill-a^   >""
ii' tnlddl'TOiea'i proflto
Ymi will lm R»t»hMi#.| tn wa tbo i" mt)-
fill KiirH)-.'U«tipiinliasi> from HI bl ■ - ttlfl
mooer, ivery ono• f«m In iticlftu
This »<-;imjii run nre lowtor hi price than
■ v*>r iH'f..rr. owiittf imtftly to iiine.1 ..r tbe
KttropMfi imrktU 1i<*Ihk clni«] mi vcmuito
'      ■■ ■: '   I      ■    ■ I        .    ..t   1:   , ■■■■      I   ■    ■   .    ||1     .\ I.I' T
I- 1 ii"w li Hl0W|tbal |irlre. aro ntllT'-lilii,' tip.
11 -i it looki to til ai ir tbey will ndvtnw
"ti'.i.hlr fiMtti HOW nn. You inotild buy four
inri t ■ 11 inuoti without fail,   Kememlier mir
l'ur Style Hook iirlo'M  mean  pomli   '    /
hi: pa* all i>r:iivi icv
1 rent artlcla !■ wid under mi: in-
1IVK oftAKANTKB tn" BATI8KY ^nv ol
KF.I IM- V til it MONKY",
'I' • fiirellliii»nilei| here  «re bUtetl fmn
ourinrHtyiwBook,andg\tejrou bul nfalni
lile.Ti,| ■ ■ 1. el1: ■ -Neii ■ l(.irt>ln« eOtfet^d toyoU,
whi li .-ir«' ibown Iii our Fur Htyle Book,
!4kmilil tit" fiimnbowii lifr" nii'et with  ymir   (
pt■■..'. ■ ■■ i,'I nu their prtre, and we will ililp
oni». <i. livery .Iimk^bii^.I tf ui, nnil guftr*iiU<
lu \-- enlist im turj.
■'• nu i- .,  tii',,1
hi sum 1 <,, 11
oniuJit.ttm,,mndefeimet**il. ht,  „„„i,  ,,.,„,  ,,„„.
««•' Mudcentiklvt in ll.ie .,,,„,._,„;„,    '   ' ,,,
'••"■•■■;• ■>«"■ "'•";" '     ! ■ Ml '7
r*t#r\atViH\n.Villii<iut'\nwry „,,,,,,. ..„, ,,,, ,   .,.. ,
1 it;
t»rt»|e tn
,,,   -I
,       l4Ut»i>hr„it -litud
.. ',"";' u'ftwarmly inter!, '
Aie't St fo AS btt-it. _
'/■""TTZ'i'iX" '' '-■"■'■ • --I ' "'* MW .htittltler
tomtjoolttf '"-'■"nmHn.I",i,.,n,   j
»ee,  ruff,,  f„.tr,
Si.n. ,    it Ai   ,„,!,/,.   I,m,j
I'liee.u.SiiT'"'""!,'"'";<■ ',
l.■■ih I- ul ■
tn—itrsitiiiT yrrr
• u'* loi-l   4o*m eVJ  iilI 1
,.1+ici ,m "i'"",    ' '
'■•viteli „l,~. rei,. n,'„ffjmi"ir.*■„■■.' "'      '"	
r,.t root moe ,',.txi No, tn, Sh-lr... .#,.:
inlli ,t..l fOtUU, mtim
1 <■ f etauo filUiw ttt.tr.
—11.1,1   „„,i noiaStm
■ Ittt ii.ii-inth ,ii„tr,*ti-
'ilii,—i, ill, vr,.t conl.
Sit.ltfi. Uuf....H.S»
Do not wiil bul Mod to-i.r to
VtX   ARK   THE   I tltUEHT
< imi   llltlltH   OF
HAW  ri RH   IX   < IN Hit.
Spokane Capitalists
Delighted With Slocan
Impressed! by tbo evidence ol devel-
opraent ol rich vcius or ore at depth,
near tlie, surface uud on intermediate
levels,  by tbe great possibilities   for
future development aud by the large,
tolidly constructed nulls    and  otber I ,,,,,   .,,„ , „ ..      ', M"  " 	
,    .       , ■ ,on' tlle location of the Lucky     Jim
plants  winch   they  saw  in  operation   lnme     but '
addition the mine is shipping crude
silver-lead ore and when.the necessary arrangements ior marketing
have been completed will also send
out crude zinc 'ore to the extent of
about SO tons per mouth.
The party Spent three hours in Inspecting the mine and the Spokane
men stated' that they were delighted
with the results which had followed
tha deep development of the property
About 7',MS the party reached Zinc-
owing to the lateness of
the hour it was possible tu make only u short stop at the property.
At 8.lri o'clock the visitors reached
Kaslo and went aboard the Canadian
Pacific railway steamer Kuskanook,
which had     been taken up irom Nel-
,,       .   ,    . . ., ... Boa   1"ul(-'''     the personal charge of
the     industry  and the  opportunities i•..,,,     ,    ,,   ,.  ,.
, ,.,..,. .•        14. i ' '  L'  trur(' Ki'Perwtendent   of
for  profitable investment of capital. ,„„ lakfl ,„„, ^ ^
The Slocan party, accompanied by   ,„,„,,„. Bleeplng accommodat
u number ol  Nelson men  left Nelson   , jie     nnrf„ „„,,.*    ,   ,
nu.     party and to bring the visitors
the party of Spokuue milling men
and capitalists returned to Nelson
from the Slocan aud Ainsworth districts on Monday. The one Impression of the Slocan aud Ainsworth
camp most generally voiced was of
the     permanency und soundness     of
cn     a special train Sunday morning,   down  fh«  loir* „    ,'.., ■ '~~.~
.nat  r.      nu    .i       ,        i       i * to 0edar eteek, Ron-   Somers, 3 Mrs
At'Slocan ( ity they transferred to a   dcl and back to Nels0Qi
Button holes, 1 Mrs.  Miller.
Underwear, 1 Mrs. Bohart,
2 Mrs
special steamer whicli carried them
to Silverton. There they were met
by a'large number ol residents of
that place. Arrangements had been
.nad.' to take them to the Standard
mine, which during the last two or
three years had paid over one million dollars,iu 'livid,ends, hut the
time at the disposal of the party
would not permit ol [these arrangements being carried out.
The party, augmented by a number
nil Kaslo citizens,  left   Kaslo at     10
o'clock on Monday morning and   ran ^^^^^^^
down the lake to Riondel, where the Fesser.
Visitors were shown through the Blue- Hardanger work, 1 Mrs
1 ell concentrator by S. S. Fowler,
iManager of the mine, and other members of the stall. Mr. Fowler joined
the party and proceeded with it tp
Cedar creek to visit the Florence
mine,     which is owned and operated
Mrs. Gilendenning, 2,
Mrs., Miller.
Photography, 1 Miss Poole.
Wash dress, 1 Mrs. Bohart, 2
Tlie Standard concentrator was in-   i,„ w   ,,   „. ,,,     , -,    ,
iy *. K. Uoiiie of Spokane. After inspecting the mine the party was tlfo
guest of Mr. Wolflc at luncheon.
spected, the party being conducted
through th> plant My Vi. H. North,
; secritAt'y and assistant manager ol
tlu company, and J, G. Gordon, the
.T.iii superintendent, On returning to
the steamer the party left for Rose-
berry, and thence by train to Sandon. Th-' party was met at Rose-
berry My a Kaslo delegation headed
My Mayor  Stratchan  and  which     in-
eluded     H.  VT, Power, W, E. Zwicky   wood( Clarence J. Smith, H. S. Bur-   burn. 2 Mrs. Fowler
of     the     Cork-Province    mine     and   (]i(,k   w   y   Williams, A. F. Kellv F
Payne    (mine,     A.     T. Garland and   M. Longshore, F. C   Bailey.'C     IB
Oapt L. McKinnon. | Shipman  Wnlter Nlcholg   r p   Jack
With the party was Mr. Galloway
assistant provincial mlneroloelst.
The1 Spokane,men are; Kidney Nor-
man, F. 0. Berg, F. a. r0ss, j. w.
Hays, A. G. Larson,'W. S.  Norman.
Punch work, 1 Miss Abriel.
Pillow slips, 1 Miss Fesser.
Other     variety,  1 Mrs.    Bohart, 2,
Mrs. Somers, 3 Miss Hamer.
Collection .annuals,  1  Mrs,  Giraud,
2 Mrs. Fowler,
Collection astors, 2 Mrs.  Stevenson
Display astors, 1 Mrs. Stevenson, 2
Mrs. Fowler.
Display carnations, 2 Miss Stone
Display  dahlias,  1 Mrs.  Stevenson,
2 Mrs.  Fowler.
Collection  geraniums,  2 Mrs.  Fow-
John Clark, A. C. Jameson, A.     G.   ler,
Hanover, Jesse M. Hall, G. R. Ams-      Display mignonette, 2 Mrs. Fowler.
den, Thaddeita S, Lane. J. A.,    Slier-     Collection     pansies,   1 Miss Light-
•it  Sandon the nnrty
was conducted through the Slocan
star mine bj Oscar E White, superintendent, and A. G. Larson,*con-
BUlting engineer. '
At the Slocan Star the partyi.vis-
lted the lower workings iiy means of
which have been opened up the rich
ore bodies from the upper levels of
which several million dollars' worth
of ore.have been produced. The visitors -aw the promising body of ore
which ha?  been exposed  by  the drift.
son,     Charles     A. Hall. P. H. Rher-
hairdt, C. E. Veftter and J. K. Dud/
List of Prizes
(Continued from Page On«.)
Doughnuts,   1  Miss Fesser, 2     Miss
Lemon pie, 1 Mrs. Cowan, 2     Mrs.
on th", ninth level. | ,■ f,H>t above the Fowlw.
main adit, and which was     reached Apple pie. 1 Mrs. Olendenning,     2,
much     earlier than  the management ,%Irs- Wensley,   i Mrs. Rushton.
expected  to  find ore, on  this     level. Jcll>' tarts, 1 Mrs. Wensley, 2 Mrs.
In the eighth level were seen    two Glendenning.
shoots of ure. respectively 125     and Display candy, l Miss Poole, 2 Mrs.
lfO     feet      in   length.   One of these Fowler.
.-hoots     is 2 feet (i inches of     clean Jelly roll,  1  Miss Bouchard;
iralenn and i feet Of concentrating
ore occurs in alternate bands ot lend
and zinc vith the lead predominat-
ing. It was '.'rom ore taken recently
from this drift that a carload was
sorted whieh ran 44 per cent, in zinc
Sponge cake.  1  Mrs.  K"wler, 2 ,Miss
Other variety, 1 Miss Fesser.
Bread, 1  Mrs. Cowan. 2 Mrs Yoder,
and 4"i ounces in silver to the    ton.   3 Mrs. Wensley.
Display pansies, 1 Mrs. Fowler
Co lection phlox, 2 Mrs. Ratzlaff.
Collection roses, 1   Mrs. Stevenson,
(Mdlection sweet peas, 1 Mrs. Fowler, 2 Mrs, Cowan.
Display sweet peas,  1  Mrs. Fowler.
Collection nasturtions, P Mrs. Stevenson.
Display flowers, 1 D. Witerfield,     i
Mrs.  Parkinson.
II ind Boqnet, .2 Mrs. Giraud.
Basket cut flowers,  2 Mrs.  Giraud.
Table boquet, 1 Mrs.  McDougald, 2
Mrs. Stevenson.
Design, 1 Mrs. Fowler.
Ladies spray,  1  Mrs.  Stevenson, 2,
Mrs.  Rushton.
G^nts  buttonhole,  1   Mrs.   Rushton,
2 Mrs. Fowler.
Begttnia, 1 Mrs.'Mills, Mrs. Surina.
■Geranium, 1 Mrs.     Mills, 2     Mrs. ,
Fuschia, 2 Mrs. Funke.
Collection geraniums. 1 Mrs. Funke,
2 Mrs. Henke.
Fern.  2 Miss  Lightburn,
Pnti<mce n'lant, 1 Mrs. Mills, 2 Mrs.
Other variety. 1 Mrs. McPougald,
2 Mrs. Henke.
Revelstoke Departmental Stores
We aim to give maximum
wear At minimum phoe
36 in. PAILETTE SILK in     a     big
range ol colors for dresses, waists,
trimmings, girdles, etc., almost any
color, a yard    $1.00
purchase before tho big raise in
juice put us in possession of a lot
of' good umbrellas that we can soil
at    $1.00,  $2.00 & $3.00
We have a NEW YARN* for Soldier's
Sox—a heavy, all wool, seems     to
be 'just what is wanted—4 ply, well
twisted.   We  su|ijily   it  Ior  soldiers
use only at per lb    $1.25
Altogether the Bwellest line
Ladies' Voile
and Crepe-de-Chine
we have ever shown,     That
about    describes     lhe     new
Waists and   Blouses.   <Oome
and look them over.
$1.90 to $7.50
Hand knit woolen comfortable* Ior
the baby and children, BOOTEES,
hand made and all wool or some
trimmed with ribbon and silk. From
the cute little Bootees at 35e. to
the most elaborate Angora Bonnets
at     $2.75
nl! iiv.'.eg, fall fashioned and absolutely   seamless,    jier   pair 50c
A clearing line of FANCY MUSLIN
WAISTS, Ladies sizes, all white,
good range of sizes     $1.90
Women's New Fall Boots
Absolutely new designs and lasts
The choicest samples of the shoe
makers art we are now prepared
to show you. This season will
not he a season of freaks but rather tends toward conservatism
in lasts and materials.
Cloth tops, chiefly black, in
lace models will be the feature.
Also a few sand gray and putty
cloth tops will be worn but on
very plain designs.
Our shoes Ior women are ull the
product ol J. and T. Bell and we
are quite prepared to stand behind them in every particular.
lace boot, welt sole, the new custom made Louis Cuban heel,
black cravenette top, either on
the new, medium, short vamp
stage last or on the new French
same as above, ,but with dull kid
top and Cuban heel. Carries tbe
same toe as above.
plain toe, either a stage or
French last, with sand or putty
cravenette top. Lace, Louise Cuban heel, welt sole.
Swift's Premium Hams
iSwift's Premium DaCoh
Olympic  Wheat  Heart,  pack.
Christie Brown Biscuits
Local Comb Honey-
Pure  Maple  Syrup in  bottles,  also!
i,  J and 1 gallon tins.
Don't     put   them   up in Vinegar
you   "guess" is good;   use
guaranteed good Vinegar—the kind
we sell. We have just received a
supply of Extra Choice Vinegar,
including Heins Pure Cider Vinegar, Heins Pure Wine Vinegar,
Pendry's Pure Malt Vinegar,
Pendry's Pure Wine Vinegar.
These are the best for pickling
purposes and will insure best results every time. We would advise that you send us your jug
early before these special Vinegars are gone.
Pineapple, per tin 	
Choice Salm.en, lar^e, 2 tins
for  26c
Fry's Cocoa,  2 pack, for 15c
Robertson's Jam, per tin... .20c
Bombay Chutney, per bottle .20c
Large Red Plums, S tbs 25c
1   Mrs. Cowan,
Throughout these lower levels thc
silver values $un about the same ns
in the workings above about 1}
ounce silver to the unit of lead.
Both of these shoots nre connected by raises with the sixth level,
the lowest of the old workings. In
the second shoot on the sixth level Fowler.
thP showing ol ore is especially fine. Huns. 1 Mrs. Fowler
The mine i?  producing  150 tons   of   ton, 3 Mrs.  Cowan
Buns, 1 Miss Fesser, 2 Mrs. Cowan
Bread Bread, 1 Mrs. Cowan, 2 Mrs
Belsham, 3 Mrs. Baird.
Biscuits,  1 Mrs.    Cowan,     3     Mrs.
Homesteader at Sicamous
Killed by Mayor's Train
Mrs. Rush-
lend and about 250 tons of zinc concentrates per month. More than 8000
tons'of zinc concentrates arc on. hand
nt the juine awaiting shipment.     Tn
Don't complain nboul pnlm In your 1 welt
when the rcttn uy lies right tu hand.' Gfa Will
■top backaches, mul they do it in nn rasy
natural wny by going light to the root of the
^^fortheA kidneys
Gin  Pills mt  on the kldneyi nml  ihe
11.,'ie],,. Thev loolhi ind heal tin- InflnmH
eeii^ein,, whie li nre rniiftlag Hip lufferlng,
NckU'i'I ymir ki'itir\* nnd iwotlen hnndi mei
lee'l,   Wli'-ls find   eteikl'1   .    tltt    I' k r 1 y    |e,    foltOW,
A dole uf eii, I'lli-, In titn, saves a woiM „f
You will realize thi li mine wln-n fot rrml
wimt Mra, i   P   i   Wedge, ol Bummerejldt,
IMC. I. write!
•'('.In PI1M nrr llir frMMtof nil Kid.
ney remedies and ei medierine which I* nt
present doina mc ■, irorW 'et p i    They
mr worth ifirii   welghl   In   noli  to any
KIlfTlM, i    '
r.i't OIN I'll.I.s tn-dliy III mm Mrnlrr'n.
Me ji le..v oi 6 Imxu roi P JO, Trial Irenl.
men I i k i r; ii you write
National Drug & Chemical Co.
of   Canada,   Limited,   Toronto
Best bread in show, l Mrs. Cowan.
Raspberries, 1 Mrs. Rushton, Miss
Currants, 2 Mrs.  Stevenson.
Cherries, 1 Miss Fesser, 2 Mrs.
Pears, 1 Mrs. Stevenson, 2, Mrs.
Mums, 1 Mrs. Stevenson, 2, Mrs.
Peaches, 2 Mrs. Fowler.
CrabS, 1 Mrs. Stevenson, 2 Mrs.
Jellies, 1 Mrs, Stevenson, 2, Mrs.
Pickles, sweet, 2 Mrs. Masters.
Pickles, onion, 1 Mrs. Rushton.
Pickles, sour, 1 Mrs. Stevenson, 2,
Mrs. Fowler.
Pickles, mustard, 1 Mrs. Fowler, 2
Mrs. Rushton.
Pickles, sauce, 1, Mrs. Stevenson,
B Mrs. Hamling.
Pickles, chutney, 1 Mrs. Stevenson,
2 Mrs. Fowler.
Pickles, chow, 2 Mrs. Stevenson.
Collection canned Iruits, 1 Mrs.
Johnson, 2 Mrs. Rushton.
Collection pickles, 2 Mrs. MasterB.
Collection, regetables, l Mrs. stev-
i QSon, 2 Mrs. Rushton.
Collection meats, 1 Mrs. Johnson,
2 Mrs. Fowler.
Embroidered centrepiece, l Mrs.
Somers, ! Mrs. Bohart,
Drawn thread, 1 Mrs. Carlson, 2,
Mrs.  Somers.
Shirtwaist.   1   Mias Abriel.
Crochet, 1 Mi«s Abriel. 2 Mrs. Miller.
1   Mrs   Somers,
Wiliiam Holm a Finn homesteader
whose ranch is near Sicamus was fun
over and killed hy a train on Friday
,,f last week.
From tbe evidence adduced at the
inquest, which was conducted hy the
district coroner. Dr. A. K, Connolly,
it would apjiear that the deceased,
while under the influence of liquor fell
alongside the track and when train
.So. la can.e. driven by M. Crawford,
the Mayor ot Kamloops, it struck
.Mn,, Inflicting terrible wounds which
prove that death must huve beeu m-
At the n.ejiiist, held at the school
house on Saturday, the Jury (brought   contractors
Silver Creek School.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed
"Tender for Silver Creek School,"
will be received by the Honourable
the Minister ol Public Works up to
| 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 20th
day of October, 1915, tor the erection and completion ol a large one-
room schoolhouse at Silver Creek, in
the Okanagan Electoral District near
Salmon Arm.
Plans, specifications, 'contract, aud
forms Oi tender may be seen on, and
after the 12th day of October, 11)15,
at the .ortice of Mr. E. T. WM Pearse,
Government Agent, Kamloops; Mr.
Robert Cordon, Government Agent,
Kevelstoke; Mr. L. Norris, Government Agent, Vernon; Mr. Jay M.
Haines, Secretary ol bchooi Board,
Silver Creek; and the Department of
Public Works, Victoria.
By application to the undersigned,
may    obtain u copy of
in tht following verdict:
"We And that the deceased, William
Holm, came to his death by beiug
struck whilst lying ou the ruilroud
track under the iulluence ol liquor.
We also find that no blame whatever
attaches to the train crew for the
accident." A. A. Ballard acted
foreman of the jury. The deceased,
who leaves a widow and three children,  was of a sober disposition   nnd
the jiians and specifications for   the
sum of ten dollars ($1UJ or a certified cheque for same amount, which
will be refunded on their return iu
good order.
Bach proposal must be accompanied
by an accepted bank cheque or cer-
a8 tificate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to
the Honourable the Minister of Public Works, for a^suin equal to 20 ,per
ALL      MADE      IN      CANADA
Dish Pans 35c
Pails 45c
Preserving Kettles 35c
Saucepans 50c
Mixing Bowls l5-20c
Pudding Dishes I5-20c
Pie Plates 2 for 25c
Sturdy Hardware Co.
his brother stated in his evidence "nt- of tender, which shall be for-
that he had never before seen him ,eitcd w tne lmrt>' tendering decline
under thc influence of liquor. to <,ntpr into contract when called
The remains were shipped to Sal- »I">n to do so, or it be fail to common Arm where the internment took I,k'te the Work contracted for,     Thc
Troy cloth
Cushion, i Miss Abriel
1   Miss Abriel. 2     Mrs.
1  Mrs. Somen, 2, Mrs.
cheques or certificates of deposit     of
unsuccessful tenderers will be return-
, ,1 to them upon the execution of thc
Tenders will not be considered un-
(Sectlon +2.) ]pgH nm(]c out ()I1 tho forms supplied,
N'.tice is hereby given that, on the   signed with the actual signature     of
fiirt     day of December next, applica-   the tenderer, and enclosed in the   en-
lion     will     lie made to the Supcrin-   vclopes furnished.
tendent ol Provincial Police for     re-      Thc lowest or any tender not     ne-
newal ,,f the hotel license to sell   li-   r.ossarily accepted,
quor by rttail In the hotel known as * J,  B. GRIFFITH,
the l.;,,.,v,,w  Hotel. Situate at     Ar-   Deputy     Minister    nnd Public Works
rowhead, m tbe province 'ef   British]      Rnirincer.
Columbia. ; Public Works Department,
Meets  every    Wednesday evening
at    g  o'clock,    in  Selkirk Hall.
Visiting    brothers    cordially  invited.
R. GORDON, C. 0.
Dnted October 14th, 1915.
Victoria, "P. C,  October Sth,  1915.
BiiKKUKe Transferred
Distributing Agents and Storage
Furniture ami   I'iiiiio-iiioving a
Phono 40—2T(,.  Night. Phone BM
It will pay you to make
a call at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Oi.n Town       Rkvkijstokk, B.C.
before buying your outfit
of working ilotiu-s for the
bush, I make ■ sperialty
of Locking Bh<oee, I'ant*.
Sox,  Shirts,   HI mk"ls, and
everything required in yonr
If you want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads PAGE FODB
K. G. McRae I hooting trip
near Calgary.
Mis. .1. Laughton and aon arevis-
it .11.   al   ' he 'et
Lieut E G, il id i ' M is been pro-
I i , the rank of ci ptain.
Vi. Shaw .,f Arrowhead was at the
■King Ed rard hotel on  Vb ti idaj
Max     ' Chi       i, rog Istercd
„t     t:., ■ h iti.  Revelstoke on Thursday,
Mi.  and Mrs.   i    '■■■  Burn   i I Ban I
I the King Edward hotel
on Thursdaj,
M Holraan      II   ■ ■•  ■•<   "as
an ong the. guesl Hotel Re\
■ day.
The     Ladles  Md ol  the Mel b
church  will hold   it--  annua)
on .-. I Decen ber I
■Miss Blanche McCartj has returned
from a trip to Calgary.
.1. Prasei ol Armstrong was at the
1 lotel Revelstoke (yesterday.
A, J, Mills of Tor,mio. was (it the
King Edward Hotel on Thursday,
im io. Roe ol Nelson registered at
the King Edward Hotel on Thursday,
Mrs. K. PaSB ot'^pokane was a
guest at the King Edward hotel on
W. C. Hit nuns. .1. W. Newman aud
.1. U. Llllico wore guests at the King
■Edward on Thursday.
i Very Reverend Dean Paget oi
Calgary wil] address the Womens'
Canadian club on Tuesday evening,
J. 11. Tuylor   ot Nelson, Canadian
Pacific     railway port, sti ward, registered at tie' Hotel   'Revelstoke     ou
Mis. W, a. Anstie will be .it. home   Thursday.
on V,' Iter 'en     the
, ,„ i r ,  ,,   ,    ,,,k Au upron sale and tea will le giv-
eet      I Y         if each month. ' ,
I en   by the Womens   auxiliary oi   ot,
R. 1 ■ implain-   Peter's churcb at the    Rectory     ou
ed ie, the chief of pollc   thai     boys    fuesday afternoon.
were taking roller skates from     the
i    The     St.  John's Ladies Aid     will
produce     a    l'lay     'lhe     Ministers
The YM M   C. A. Sundaj  afternoon   Bride,"  In the opera house on Mon-
meeting    Ior    men will be '   Idressed   day, November 22.
this week  i y Rev, Lashl y , all. Sol-
,   ,,    ,      M,__ The     Ladies Aid ol the Methodist
List   r .   i auldlllg.
Church  Will  serve an  old  time      bean
l-M     '    irsier, who has been witb a   supper in the church parlors    Irom
survey     party     this summer iu the ,;,.„, to 3 o'clock ou Saturday, Octo-
horhood of Goldi n and Banfl re    ,,,- ,, \.
i        n    Revi! i ike "ii Thursday.     i
hi an Pagi i  will be presi ut  at   the
Capt.  Man of the 7th bat-   apron Bale to be held on Tuesday by
m  who wa.    eported wounded a   the Womens' auxillarj of St, Peter's
lew .Me in London   Eng.   church,   The Rex orchestrs will play
He    i      i ported    as suffering Irom  during the afternoon.
J.     Mueu of Malakwa is now busy
ol ths   with    a    gang cutting trails iu the
com-   southern hills to protect the timber
due to the ellort ol   m    that vicinity irom forest fires.—
W.  Parry     who had charge of \   the   Salmon Arm Observer.
- ng arrangi i I niteo i I the
,r,     , , ,,,.        The Bum ol  '. M:..ei was taken     at
dei   •   tio is,    thanks art  due to Mis.
,    ,,    , . ,,,   v, n     the enterta Iven by the Aus-
rappii I th   hall.  ,
tralian    cadets,   Expenses amounted
Tl    I ill   ...      etlng ol the v.M.   •.,    ._. ; nci proceeds.
IMA. will I be board room    rhis a is divided equally be-
on Tuesday night  at 6.15 p.m.  Lun-   tw i     I      cadets and the Revel
I •     .
vital     importance will
and every i i                                    re-1        '                           ' :1"i:"'
que ■ ■ present. ancM al   Kaiuluops '	
Mrs.     Lashley  Ha i   elstoke, tions at the ear,., and I
will     ad'l'- on profits remainin    to d     be-
Arm     on Fridaj   aiteri ■ Q,   Octo er ■ ;
22nd,     at :; o'clock in tbe Methodist the    1
church.   In    tlu-     evening    a i'uidic ,
ting     will     be held in the same
A   letti ',en reci
ill'   betwei
1     by M. L. Grimmitt of Mer-   , .
iltt,     deputy grand
\nii Observer,
■   Thurs-
,-ening,   S
• mg ol   the
ilt of C. Dj        :
[TODAY—M .' .
..   His    daring
■ : d    bravery in thn
• .
•lomsts and  thi
of  the
MONDAY   Ti.ee  i h Her
bert Rawltnson    and   A'.
i   arine Si y in -
■■   I re,    '!'■   -      nd a Pair, with
Bddii Lyons ami I ■
Tl lM -lack London's -re test
play John Barl.eycorn, the most
■ensal onal play evi writ
ten  hy himself and a  story  of   his
life in S parts.
WBDNESDAY—The Silent Peril vltb
Vi\ i im ( Hdord -ui 1 Marie W 1 a p
This picture shows how a battle-
Bhtp Can be blown up by wireless.
Tho Dlsmond from the Sky, episode
No. 16,
THFP.SDAV—Jim, the Penman, In 5
parts, famous plavers with 3t hn
Mason, 2S per rent, of proceeds will
mo riven io the Womens1 Canadian
for the Wounded Soldiers nnd
"allots fund. Tbl'- be'mn Tr-ifnl-ar
dav    the Womens' Cnnndiftn     club
■ ill attend in a body.
Mrs McQuarrie is visiting In tho
J. M. Everett of Armstrong is at
the Hotel Revelstoke,
Mrs. M'Ai tluirland hen sou Kdward
McArthur are visiting Rochester.
Vi. o, Grimmitt of Merritt was at
tho Hotel Kevelstoke on Thursday.
C. I'M Moon oi Kelowna was a
guest at  the  King  Edward  hotel    on
,1. Guy Barber returned on Wednesday from a duck shooting trip to
a patriotic masquerade dance will
be held in the school house at Rogers Pass on October 2\l.
Mrs. 'Kol.ind Smith Garrett will re-
ceive ou the third Thursdaj oi each
month al  No. i Third st reel, east..
Thee Belgian Relief Bociety acknow
ledge! whu thanks the receipt oi 57.50
[rom Judge J. A,  Forin ot -Nelson.
Among the guests al the King Ed
ward hotel on Thursday were Mr.
and Mrs,  J.  WM Helms ol   Penticton.
Mesdames G. Moth, T. , UrudsuuW
aud H. Godard will uot receive ou
Wednesday but will be at home to
their friends on thc ord W'cduusday of
Good progress is being made In the
erection of telephone poles .between
Malakwa    and Revelstoke,   The  line
in     expected to  be completed withiu
| two mouths.
Dr. T. McPherson left on No. 2
Sunday morning for . Revelstoke. in
older to ioin his wife who hus been
staying there ior the liast few weeks
with her mother Mrs. Hyatt.—Sal-
inon Arm Observer.
Owing to the ladies of tho Red
Cross society entertaining thc Australian cadets on Wednesday the usu-
al meeting was not held but all work
received will he acknowledged at tho
lollowing meeting which will bo held
I  Wednesday afternoon.
The   Womens' Canadian club     will
,i stocking party on Thursday,
Ocl    er    j at thc home of Mis.   Vi.
■ M. Lawrence.   This     will be similar
■ one held ai the feome of Mrs.
C.     li.  Hume lasl   y< ar,   The stock-
fill conti In gifts for the Bold-
■Trafalgar day October 21     the
dian club will attend
ond performance at the    Em-
: ress tl • itre in a    body.     w.     Ai.
■     ' '-■    je.r cent,  of the
wounded soldiers and
e,   This
erved in I
■  .
a lu n the
that there will be a large class this
year and all ladles ure urged to attend. The class lusts for an hour
during which callisthenics, gymnastic
dancing and Light gymnastics aro
taught and the members have the
opportunity of indulging in the gymnastic games, basket ball, volley hall
and indoor baseball, as well as the
numerous. class games that are played  by   all,
Lumber Keep Cranbrook
Destroyed by fire
The Rock Creek lumber company,
located about, two miles west of Elko
lost between l,000',OOfl and 5,000,000
feet of drj piled lumber In its yard
|<y fire on Saturday night, Tbe fire
ippears to have broken out in    two
places simultaneously and rained
headway bo rapidly that practically
the Whole BtOCk was wiped out before acti •!<) could be taken to get thn
1 laze under control. The lire appears
to have bean of Incendiary origin, as
t her,' i was no lire in the mill at tlio
time nor at any time during the
past vear. About 50,000 or BO'.OOO
feet is all Ihat'lis lefl of the eni ire
stock of dry lumber.   The fire loss is
partially covered by insurance,
lio«n     mad
•vith the Cl       -        '  line.
lory i
ery     day.    It     Is th
r. ■''Ill
remain     here   intll
• i nth
C.M.R. will be ' e' oni I i
this winter. We notice tbat Major
General Hughes ha* called i meeting
lor Friday at Ottawa oi all District
Commanding Officers throughout Oan-|
ade Col 0-i'- "■ D.l 0„ will attend thle, and It la probable Hint at.
its conclusion be 'will have,  some definite announcement to make/ -Vernon
.     •   1
...    -r.,r
'     '
Six Teams Entered
in Bowling League
At a well attended meeting last
night 'held in tbe library of the V.
M.C.A., the bowling club was organized Ior thc season. W. T. Johnson
was unanimously , elected president
Ior the yeai and ,J. L. Hay as a cn
tai'y treasurer.
Alter some' discussion a few Changes were made in the rules .governing
the  games.    The  clause  limiting    any
team to liO players has "been removed
Alter discussion it was finally decided that five men must ,1,owl. oil iiu
each league match; this will do away
with the. single players fowling oiT :
for a league game as was Ire ■ ;itri<t
last year and only weakened the im-
ten i ol the bowlers in match gam-,
ts. Everything points to a g I league tins year, and with six teams entered there will 1 e some good
lhe teams are as follows: C. P. II.,
Business Men, Flre Hall, OovqrnmenU
,1 oi Directors, Bankers.
The opening Rime of the league
will be played on Wednesday evening
er 20th, and will be betwei n the
i .1 ,R, versus B mines > Men. All gan ■
,s to commence'at 8 o'clock sharp.
nights Monday, Wednesday
nnd Friday.
Superintendent McKay
Witt Big Gume inters
INVERMERE,   IJ.   C,    Oct.   13.—
out hunting this week ui com-
(rtth     v,.,A. Ormiston, James
was attacked by a female
j  bear whii h they had wounded.
b llj  lacerated and   he
now in  thc hospital.   The hear,
i i need.
arrived  here by private car
arty of big game hunters turn-
-   H. c. Hill, important finan-
f   New  York,  and  H.      T.
i e firm of J.  P.  Mor-
■ •■  MM w  York.   M In y
iled    1,. tins pari by
m dian Pacific
■ i ining tbey     ewere
■ . i i.e gnd 'et the
at  tbo sum-
.'. I,, re they  were
•   ■       I rain
■ i        e,    e.'i'.t f,,r
many prizes for riding at tbo Oalgary and Edmonton horse shows and
at the different exhibitions throughout the province.
Remarking that she whb ashamed
to see so many sturdy young Icllows
going about the streets in mufti
whon they might bo serving their
country, Miss Reese, who is a bright
young girl of IS years, applied directly to the minister ol militia for
permission to go to the,front as a
dispatch rider, but being refused sho
took the matter up ationco with his
royal highness, the Duko of Connaught, who referred her back to
Sir Sam Hughes. The latier then In
timated that she might place her request before bis majesty, himself.
The young lady at once did so, and
she has just now received word from
(he king granting her permission to
carry oul  Mer wishes.
Miss Reese has received her moth-
< r's consent, and it [s extremely likely that the patriotic young lady will
I o attached to the 50th as a dispatch
rider when that regiment reaches the
front. There is a sergeant in 1> Company   i,f  the   Man eaters,   who  stands
high in the good graces of the youthful equestrienne, and there is a
strong probability thai the latter
may be attached to that battalion
for this reason.
Tt has not yet been decided whether Miss Reese will wear a ldoatod
khaki skirt, or a girl's khaki riding
suit such ns is worn now by tho
fashionable riders In the Americnn
tra     will play during tho  afternoon.
Everyone welcome.
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
church will servo "an old time boan
supper" in the church parlors, from
5.30 until 8 o'clock on Saturday.
October 80th, Admission, adults, 35c;
children, 25c.
Mr, Lefeaux now intends to go out
after business for the trown Tailoring
Company ot Toronto and can assure
his many customers that the Fall1,and
Wiut'i' samples aro the best yct.
There's comfort In cooking with
Coursier's Coal.
Everyone is cordially invited to'the
whist, drive given by Mrs. H. J. McSorley and Mrs, .1. McQinnis next,
Wednesday   eveuine,   October   20,      in
st. Francis Hall.   Playing will   commence at 8.80,   Admission 50' cents.
Lloyd George, minister or munitions
announced In London on Oct. 2, thai
264 additional establishments bnd
been placed under government con-
trol ' for the making of munitions.
This makes a totaf "T 979 establishments now under government control
i ■ il i ea in i he Bristol channel, !
the ent ranee to the Welsh coal port
of Cardiff and the por! oi Bristol han,
been prohibited by the British government until further notice, owing
to the probable presence in the vicin-
Ity oi Herman submarines.
We wish to thank oar kind Iriends
Ior tho kindness and sympathy extended to us during our recent sad
bereavement; also those who so
Mindly sent Mowers.
I'OR SALE.—16 In. Millwood; also
Kindling in bunches; each $2.75 per
load delivered. Phones 12 and 81.
.1.  IM  Sutherland.
FOR BALE—We have two properties
for sale very cheap, under mortgage sale. Kevelstoke General Agencies  Ltd. Oct 16
FOR RENT—Two roomed completely
furnished house, wood shed, chicken
house, etc. Apply Box 0., Mail-
Love, 108 Fourth St., Hist, Calgary, Alta. For shipping tags and
price list of hides, calfskins, wool,
sheepskins, horschides, horsehair,
etc.   Prompt returns. Nov. 30p
e     ' ' —  ,
TYPEWRITER Ior snle. Cheap fof
Cash. Terms to responsible party.
It. s. Garrett, Mail-Herald Office.
nn    Tuesday,    October   19th,     at
Tapping  Block  ami ion  rooms,  at     2
p.m. Goods comprise ae follows: iron and brass beds coii.pl, t; , dressers,
extension   tables,   cliaiis,   office  desks,
stoves, beaters, davenport and a host
of other useful household effects. Everything must be sold without reserve.   Terms eaBh.
W. PABRY, Ai'cttoneer
Box 311 Phone 366
G A 1. T (' Ci A 1. burns all night.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Don't forget tho apron salo and
lea on Tuesday atternoon the 10th
inst., at "The Rectory" given by tho
Womens     Auxiliary. Thc Rex orches-
What Could be more useful?
A1N SYRINGES aro made from
Real I;ul ber.
They last
■_> quail   Bottles     S2.25
3 quart Bottles     52.50
special Goodrich M,.iiiileil Bottles, 2 quart     $1.50
15K WS'
The Rexall Store
Ladies Gymnasium Class Calgary Girl Goes to
on Wednesday Evenings front as Oespatcli ilider
Well Dressed Feet
Your happiness, health and appearance
depend greatly on your shoes. Our
shoes are made to fit your foot. Men,
Women and Children's Fall Shoes are
here.   The assortment is large.
For Rubbers, Ovcrshoos and Leggings
ed    to ;ed to
tm       Tbe
F m/i COAL
\i ,„
Money ' Irrtni •
r»m  okdak,
UltlOH, HEMLOCK,  I'll:
l'i 11      \l i
\ I    •   I III I'' i     I tl
i inti 'i 'lo
I .    tie   king  bim
,    M.,1 h I   '   ..litiall. Ill
and     Sir    Barr  Hughes,  mini t. ■   ol
i ,i I Miss Kitty
Reese, 223   Thii - v ninth avenue
Bilbo     park,   leaves Oalgary
, f,,i tbe EDuropi an bai tlolron!,
■ be    ■Till    " ' ■     i" i      "er      and
• v     as a 'H ;i' itch i ub i      Miss
■who will be the first Canadian
fill to acl in thil rajianty and the
brut to undertake piirh a b.'i'aidoiiH
mission in the bl(f war, is an equestrienne "f SOme note, and not only
I]   known   to Oal '.irlnnn  " '•
iv lent tier fame baq. lo former years
i throughout the province    bc-
rnnoe of  h<"r  havlnjr  rfirrlod  ofl     so
Leave your order during this month.
We stock material for
making these.
We    Supply   EVERYTHING   in   Building   Material
"Rouith on Rate" clear* i ul II it«,
\i in     i,   i ton ' DIs In I he ll"'
md '" al l b ii;- niiei < lo inirv Btoi i
MRATS—Corned beef, veal loaf, Cnmbridge sausage, lobsters, Burdlncs, salmon, kippered herring, all put up in small
IHSCUTTS—Shipment crisp, tasty, sweet Cookies just placed in
PRODUCE—New bread daily, fresh butter and eggs, breakfast bacon
sliced thlD for cooking over camp lire. Everything you need. Let
us put up your order.


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