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The Mail Herald Feb 25, 1914

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Railway    Junotioa and   Divisional  Point.   Headquarters  for
Columbia    River     Navigation.
Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
ii 11 a ii & ii a » «i a ® a a <M •
| (» H M !«1 g g im| N l>! g g N gg S
Hub of Timber Belt, Mineral
Zone, Agricultural Lands and
Vast Water Powers of B. 0.
The Mail-Herald
Circulates twtie per wiwk among the pro-porous citizens of
■' Canada's Premlor Province.
m Th,' recogmaed advertising
a medium lor Kootenay nnd ln-
a    terlor  llriti-h  Columbia.
a «
. ■ dm if, -■ § 11 mm a! 1 i a
Vol. 20-No 16
$2.50 Per Year
Daring Train
Details of the   Great 4hern   Sensation.-Desperadoes
Escape After Triple 1V»   der.   Rewards Totalling $30,-
000 Offered for Capture of Murderers
from New Orleans, Limited.
Three men, H. R. Adklson, of the I
Vancouver Rubber & lire Company,
Thomas F. Wadsworth, a C. P. R.,
conductor, who resides at the corner
of Sophia and Twenty-third avenue,
Kuutb Vancouver, and R.L. Lees ot
Bremerton, Wash., were shot, to
death In a desperate tight with two
iirmeil bandits who hell up the pas-
aengers on the Great northern truin
The tri|ile     murder \Mis committed
near Sainish, Wash.,  a small station
■twelve miles north of Burlington and
u short distance south of Bellingham,
at 7:28 o'clock,    The bandits, after
shooting  down  those  who      opposed
them collected about 360 in cash and
a few valuables (rom the passengers
and made good then- escape    to   tho
woods.   Sheriff's  posses  [nun  Helling-
Got Away with $40,010
Railway detectives and police with
bloodhounds began a search for three
robbers who bold up the Queen and
Crescent's southbound "New Orleans
Limited" twelve miles uoth of Birmingham and rilled the mail pouches
of registered mall, said to contain
more than (40,000. In their huste
the robbers overlooked a sack containing $10,000 consigned to
Orleans and a big consignment
The fast train, crowded with
sengers on their way to the Murdi
Gras at New Orleans, had just left
Atalla, Ala., when B.J. Murphy, the
englneman, heard the command :
"Throw up your bands,' ' He turned
to Und a masked man standing in tho
locomotive cab With a revolver levelled at his head. Two other men were
hnm,  Burlington  and    Mount  Vernon climbing down the coal in the tender,
are sc.uinng  the Country In  search of The tirst robber took hold    of   the
the nii-ii,  for whose capture  the rail- locomotive  throttle  and stopped  the
way  company    through  Superintend- train,   while  his  companions  guarded
cut W.R. Smith, last night offered  a the englneman and fireman,      When
reward of $5,000 for each,     dead   or the train came to a halt the   robbers
■■live, forced Murphy and his fireman to un-
Boardlng  the tram  at    Burlington, couple the locomotive and    mail car
the bandits unobtrusively entered tbe irom    the   express   and     passenger
amoker and suited themselves    near coaches and, bidding   them stay   by
the  rear  door. Conductor  C.W, Wal- the resttof the train,    opened     the
dron,  who  had charge    of the train, throttle and sped  away     into       the
himself   Bollected   their   fares, receiv - night.
One ol  the most  succeBslnl and enjoyable smoking concerts ever held in
the oity of Kevelstoke, was given last
$40,000 Taken Wednesday night. In ihe new Masonic
I hall, under the auspices of the Revel-
j stoke Cricket Club,
The president of the club, Mr. Qeo,
j Cartwright, presided overs large ga
therlng ol cricketers and supporters
and in ins opening remarks commented upon the fact that the Cricket
Club has been running In t!'. s c ty
ever since ls!)9 (fifteen years) aad
he was glad to Bay the club was
stronger today than it ever was. Ho
extended a hearty invitation on be-,
half of the club to everybody present
to join them during the coming season.
The toast of 'The Club" was proposed by Mr. Cartwright and replied
toby the Captain, Mr. V. Fleetham.
An excellent program was ably con
tr ted by the following:
Ralph Lawrence, Harry Edwards,
Bert Allen, Frank Allwood, A. Mc-
Asslau, C. Procunier, t'. Trlckett the
Male Voice Quartette, and V. Betz.
An enjoyable evening was    brought
c ■ I .   ,  rote ol thanks pro
posed by Mr. Kim-aid, seconded   hy
Aid. F.  Bourne.
National Park
Successful Program
Unanimously   Approved    as    Most
Name for New Park.
At a joint meeting of local bodie?, the members of which
have interested themselves in the Kevelstoke Park project
with the gratifying success, announced in our columns
recently, held in Ciiy Hall yesterda.v, and at which there was
a representative attendance, under the presidency of Mr. T.
Kilpatrick, il was unanimously decided that the Revelstoke
National Park was the most suitable name lor the Park, and a
message accordingly was despatched to Ottawa.
The meeting was held as the result of a telegram received
from Mr. T. Wadman, Ottawa, on the subject.
A communication w;:s alto read from Mr. R. F. Green,
M. P., on the Bubject.
A full report oi the meeting will appear in our next issue.
I A large attendance enjoyed the social, entertainment and dance held in
St. Francis Hail on Monday night
mid, i i iu- auspices oi I be independ -
cut. Or ler ol Pott Bti 11, The pro-
gr.mi was opened bj a piano nolo
pleasingly played by Mlaa Creelman,
following which '.'.,.. rs, Haddon and
Paulding Bcored a distinct succcbs in
tbe vocal dut t "Th • battle eve,"
which was moat efficiently rendered.
Mr, Beta gave a novel rendering ol
"Alice Where Art Thou," which w ih
ace 'i ii a a .v u earned cue,Tie, t.t
which Mr, Betz responded in his own
style. Mr, Haihlon tang "Norab,"
tasteCull) but hardly with the sun-
cess .ui" has grown accustomed to as-
Bociate with his name, Mr. Pauldini '.-
LA i M
ing Irom them two tickets for thc
next atop. When the train was Hearing Samlah the two nan arose and
went out on tbe estibule, attracting
no special attention in s., doing (rom
the other passengers who if they thought anytb uu- Imagined that they
wi ire .- ill     tei avc the c ira there.
Pauaing f r a mom nt on the platform tl v lisguised themselves hy
tyinir handkerchiefs over their faces,
biding their featurea. opming the
door ol the d y coach, the heaviest
of the two men, who were of average
height, shot several times into tbe
roof of the c ir, at the same time
calling   "All  hands  up!"
No effort was 'uad' tn interfere
with the engine crew, Engineer G.C.
Wright, Who was in the cab with his
fireman. .1. A. Mcintosh, Said he
knut ng ol the shooting until,
he said, "the air W8S pulled on me."
t an a SCidt nt had occurred. I went back to investigate,
and heard Bomeone calling for a
gun, saying that there had been a
holdup and some shooting," added
the en<gineer.
Two miles down the track tbe rob-
Tuescay, March 3rd, has been chosen by the members of the Canadian
Layman's Missionary movement to
vs.;   Revelsto e.   This city has been
bers aguiu stopped and went back to chosen as one of the convention cen-
tbe mail car. Realizing a robbery tres for thc province, Tbiee very
waa planned, the five mail clerks bad  able speakers representing the Meth-
11 • vo c '>tas he ird to . real advantage In a jovial Bong, "The Corporal's Ditty," wnlcb -.. ia excellent'y
Interpreted, Mr. Bi tz ive a I
and artistic rend,tion m German, of
that popular Bong "Tne i: iaary"and
Mr. Allwood, tn "Drake is going
Weal" demonatrat d th t hi p bsbs-
■sea a  pie n o    ve. . how
to make the moai ol it.   The i      -:
lac,-oils   pi n Ion   I was
con pl( ted i y a i ius cl     mo .- I i in
in which Mr. Allen enh inced th   rep-
Brodie, general  paaseng-  utatlon h- ll^; i"   ■ I
loe 'ly as a first rai ■   f   of
var re!    ,,-   mi lib i. . a .    Mr.   uien
gave piano     los   n ... It I   I Btyle, a
picolo b do and th and
piano duet.
derfully effective :■.
veltlea were Buch as t
heard  to '.•■•  | ,',. The
audience was di 11 won
der, fur as Chairman Plum said   Mr.
Allen's turn  con:
entertainment   In
man and Miss 1
extinguished the lights iu their car
and bad locked tbe doors. They opened iip to the robbers, however,
when threats to dynamite the car
were made, and thc robbers entered
"Who's the chief clerk?" the leader usked. "I am," replied A.B. Mcr-
"Well, lets have the registered
mail and he quick about it." was
the order.
The bandit leader's two compun -
ions forced Merrill's four assistants
to leave thc car. Mervill himself
was slow about complying with the
order to disclose the whereabouts of
the registered mail and one of the
robbers stubbed him in the shoulder.
Merrily the robbers set about their
task,   whistling  as they  ripped    open
the sacks. One took the registered ac   nerg takiii"
count hook and checked over the par-   tilem.
eels while tbe others worked.
odist, Presbyterian and Anglican
cut rches i 111 visit the city and de-
llver ad it- aae8. In the afternoon
there will he a conference of the men
of all the churches to discuss plans
of work, and at 6:30 in the evening n
banquet will be held in the Y.M.C.A.
when addresses will be delivered. It
is expected that -JOU men will he pre-
Beni at this banquet, Wherever these
gatherings have been held they have
1 the greatest intht'sinsm and
it is hoped that thc laymen of Revet 111 be in line tc make this a
memorable event
Tickets tor thi banquet ..re now on
sale; only a limit il number can he
sold, so those wishing to attend
Bhould Becure them early.
Improvements Lu yibted.
The second regular meeting of the
Citizens League met Monday evening
iii thee, city ball with a represent itlve
gathering of members and citizens.
In the absence of thc President, Mr,
Walter BeWB, the chair was occupied
by  Mr.  Manning, vice-president.
Alter preliminary business bud been
disposed of severul questions of vital interest to the citizens of Revelstoke were discussed. The unsatis ■
factory state of dirt and consequent
unhealthiness in    which     tbe lanes,  California country," said Mr. Brodie lea ,,f accompanists.
hack  yards,    and  even  some  of      tho   ""'"»  \U^'\ Va'icmver people every       .,.,,.      ,.      . .   ;;      ^^
varlt d .in- :■ .M t  ■■   ■     foi..
Out,"  for -. ie cast    was
mm tmm
mm &\M
Mr.   tl.W
er agent of the C.P.R. has returned
to his oilice after a pleasure  trip   m
tu- appeared rejuvenated'after Ins
rest, l.e enjoys a respite from busi-
nesa affairs, but bis associates know
that ins chief delight is we ding kuee-
i - intricate transportation
problems and trying to carry on his
own  shoulders      all    the  heavy   w.irk
there la i round the oilice.
' i   tun;,   in      aii.st, nf the  Southern
highways are allowed  to      lie  during
ihe summer1 m intha was tbe Brat mat
tear under consideration.   The general
opinion of the me.ting was tbat all
garbage witb the exception of tiu
cans could  be burnt      by  the house-
where  I  went.   They ure doing good
mlaalonarj   work  mr  British  Colum- p
bia,  ton,  lor I found a great deal of ,. m  Q     „   {or  .
interest in this province. a8 foUows.
"Our beautUul .sum.mr climate.the  Nlcodemua Hobbg.
mountain-glacier scenery, Bshing and
id i  	
bold producing It, even In the heat   hunting aad tbe delightful boat trips MacWntosh   Moke _ Propi.ietor 0,
aengera or parley with them, the rob
what     waa banded tei
The robber who took  up the collec-
Havmg,  as  they thought,  obtained   tion in the ladies
The country in the vicin ty of   the
hold-up  has  aci'n  s^nrehetl  by  armed  all  tne reJfat red  mail the    robbers    tistically
men, and every attempt has been wiallpd Mervill "good luck" and, af-
lii.'ide to get on thc track of the fug- ter cutting the mail car from the lo-
itives, but up to thc present withont co,llotiv'-'. climbed aboard aud were
success. off,
The locomotive wae abandoned near
car was more argot up.   His   handkerchief
The edreat Northern Railway has of
fered a reward of $15,0110 for the arrest nnd conviction of the first man
implicated in the hold up and murderer of the three men. For each of
the otbera arrested and convicted
Jfi.OOn will be paid. In addition to
this the standing reward of Sli.UOO of-
c i
ter the aflir took place will ulso he
paid. To tbe relatives of any map
»ho bappena to be killed in attempting to apprehend thc bandits, 816,.
000 will be paid. If there are two
men in the party the reward means
that $2\0H0 will be paid over. If
there are three men the sum will rc-
. noii
the men are taken dead or alive and
.t is proven that they were actually
on the train nnd Implicated in the
murder and hold-up.
Hold-Up at Seattle
Seattle. Feb. 23-
Waa pink and he wore a black soucb
hat. An 18-yenr-old boy was held
under the robbers' pistol while the
boy passed through the car with his
bat, into which each passenger was
obliged to drop money. About $60
was obtained here. Without stopping
the train the robbers dropped off the
Three masked men   car  P'atfnrms together and  ran    to-
of summer,  and  that very  little   ex- afforded  hy  our  protected  wuters al-
penao need be entailed on  either tho oug the coast have become wellknowu
city or tbe citizens in keeping     this there and the paasenger trallic men of
nuisance completely  under control.    , the  different  transportation  compan-
The following resolution  was     ac- lee  assured   mc that  Itntish   Colum-
cordlngly passed;     Whereas in     our bia could look for an  Important ,in-
judgment it is a matter of grave im- crease In the number of pleasure aud
portance to the    health of the   city ^'''t seeing travellers this summer.
that garbage should bo destroyed or Thla  province  is enjoying the good •
otherwise  disposed of;      that  refuse will     of these oflicials.   They reallae
from  stables     be regularly removed, thai  one ol the beat ways to stimul-
and that,   in  general,  lanes,      Lack - ate  business is     a little reciprocity,
yards,  and  highways  be  kept   clean; and  that a  very  Important part     of
we therefore respectfully urge     upon toelr business comes (rom up here."
tho council the wisdom of a strict en
forccment of tbe garbage bylaw    to "How can you expect me to   put
this end. money  into  this  business V
The Bccond     matter up for tuscits - know  anything  about  it."
sioii was the subject of recreation for      ,,,„ ,,    ,,   . . .,
Well,  that was one of the i
the Citizens during the summer even- ,„,,,.   .    ._    „.   ,  .
,, , ., why  1   expected  you to  put     money
aiu'S.    Although   a   little   early   iu   tbe .   .        ...,.,. „ ...
.    , ,    _   . into   it.   —( hicago  Record-Herald.
year  it  tias  felt to be advisable that
plans and suggestions be got under
way as soon us possible. Mr. Mann
ing spoke briefly on the superb ad
vantages possessed by our city park,
otherwise known as the recreation
grounds.    We had fullen into the cus-
"Kather," said little Roll","what
is appendicitis?"
"Appendicitis, my son," answered
thc deep-thinking father, "is something that enables a doctor to open
up a man's anatomy und remove   his
torn of regarding this park merely as  entire  hank  account."—Ladies  Home
held up an interuhuu train on the
Seatetle-Tacoma Railway tonight and
robbed the passengers of more than
$3.60, The passengers made no resist
ance. After the robbers hud collect-
.pany■Immediately af   eti  Ulelr tribute thoy leaped from the
moving car and escaped.
The train which left Seattle ut 9:06
o'clock, was made up of two coaches
In  the  tirst,  or  smoking  car,  there
wards tbe Duwamish river.
The scene of thc hold-up wus out -
side the city limits and not well Ugh
ted. It is thought the men would be
likely to hunt cover iu Seattle rather than seek to hide in tbe wooda,
the countrv being well settled.
The killinc of three railroad nnssen
gers by a train robbo! in Whatcom
county last night is thought to have
were')" men. In the second cur there DMn a factor In the meekness with
were 30 passengers, most women. The whicn tne intcrurban passengers sub-
train made its usual stop at The ''',itt(,(i to tonight's levy.
Meadows, abote five miles south of Tne ronbers acted with such cool -
™!_O"?r.hOld8.,K00dl! Seattle, und among the persons who ne89 that jt is thought this was not
got on were three men who wore col thpir l,r?t "P'0-^ Tonight's robbery
cred hundkerchiefs about their heads WM committed by men who were
and huts well pulled down. Two of thoro"Pll|V familiar with the Duwam
the new passengers entered the smok i?h countT-
ing car.
One had a yellow handkerchief over
his face, with eyeholes slit in the cloth.   Thc  second  wore a  red  bandana
a sports ground, and neglecting     it
for other   purpoaea .   A motion was
passed to the effect that the cnilncil
make arrangements with tbe citizens
Band to play in the recreation gin
uuds one evening a week during the
summer months and that the ap -
proach to the grounds he made as
din veil ie nt as possible for the citizens
Mrs. McLean brought up thc question of bakers wrapping their bread
in paper before it leaves the bake -
bhop. This is done in other citicB.
A little consideration given to the
subject will convince anyone of
faults in the unsanitary method
which bread is now delivered tn
The  Secretary   was   instructed
l tli-
Sine-  Walter      Wcilinaii  made
spectacular attempt  to liy over
At lain ic tWO years ago, great
prnvi iii-nts have been made in
art.   and      machinery   of   aviation
thut Rodmond Wanamaker'a
would not be much of a world surprise. He calculates thnt ho could
cov-.-r the entire distance between
Newfoundland and the west const ol
Indium—1680 miles—in one day, start
ing in the American dawn and alight
Sum!",,',- i.,..t     ...... i .   i. •
Egladine  i^ua 1 . . m
Lavender   Mr. ...   .. U
Julia Moke—Moke's Wife 	
   M r ill
Susie—Maid  of All  Work  	
   M.ss    M.   M
First     Porter  Mr.   C. Harrison
!cond Porter   Mr. A. Connolly
The plot of the tarpe turned upon
the Btrange doll ga In a suburban residence during the absence of the hua-
ch wi re com
plicate I by tb
the hubby. It abounded
uations and the diali . b taught-
1 don't  er  provoking all .:        ,-,   g.
gie Morgan  as th tablt      ild,
was largely res    •       e foi   the    ■ u ■-
cess  which  at! ,,„ .
she she.wed r al talei I and bad a
i art which she ado;.ted spl i d dly
MIm Bell, th i nlj oth • I i . .ember of the cast, ac [uitti d beraell well
for a tirst appearand on the ..>ards.
Mr. Morgan and Mr. Hart! y shared
moat of the "fat" In the parte al-
d t.e gi ntlemen, and with a success that deaervea special m nt on,
whilst Mr. shaw aa ihe unfoi un t ■
husband topk all b a mis .]-.. ni ,, a
In a ityle tbat evtd mc disc irrect
■•ii of the author's aim.
The pe-.-formanci as a whole waa meritorious, and a reappearance of these
amateurs will be gladly received.
Later thi fl ior was cleared for
dancing, Mr. n. Orr'a orchestra sup-
I lying the music for a programme
which proved thoroughly anjoyabla.
eRefr ibmenta i f an appal Bin - char -
acter were aerved In a  e      a, i   which
ffl ■ e« [i] «, jl j,  «  ,  . ,» ;gj pjj gj g ;-
Wlioli'^ale Itetai
Oakland Cashier Helii Up
bring the matter before the notice of
the citv bakers.
i    The secretary was further instruct-
Oakland,  Gal.,  Feb.  23—Mr.  K.S.J,   ed to obtain, If possible a bound co-
Krattiger,      cashier  of    the  Melroso  py of thc city bvlaws   from the city
: over his eyes.   One of the men point   |)rflnch 0f the Frultvale Bank.       was  clerk.     Certain other queattona were
When up town  drop In and    g  '-'i a  pistol at thc conductor nnd or-  heid up and  robbed  tonight of 82,000  dealt with  informally and the meet-
have a   nice   lunch.     Every-    g  f^J"™ [° r,""lc witn them'    ,Tne   "^ he whb holding in a bag    out-  ing then adjourned
thing  is home-made and  like    g
nnr candles    they  aro    made    g
•'     Co
aiid that x;t50 was transferred from
the  pockets af  the  pass,'Hirers to   the   throw up his
under the must  sanitary conditions  at
tt' m" 'g ■! »} ;■' '■' '■ n Ih '«" g a IS m «f
di'icd  him to come  with them
>"hb,.,s we,,,   down the aisle, order- aide the bank.   1
sengers  tn  give  up    their   „,,  ,„  Uu, , r  „f  ,„„  , „„ t() ^^   (j„m!(,  |mf-iaMfiiIJ  wj„   ,IV„ „  f,.,jr  i(„,n    „n(|  wlWng „,irkprfl tQat ^ ^
a   his  W«e,  when  two men  jumped from   of the  purposes  of the  Citizens  hen-   liberally  endowed by nature may   be
mobile and ordered him       to  giie.    It  is hoped that everyone who   made clean, healthy and otherwise at-
bands.   One anatched    has the welfare of our town at heart   tractive.   The   league   meetings      nr*  i
robber.,   One pamngar had li.M   in tha bag from tha cashiers hands. The,  will attend these
his pocket and  gave up Si.'.   No   at-  then   re-entered    the machine
tempt   was  made  ti.  search  the    pas-   made their escape.
n tings and assist  held every fourth Monday in the city  g
and   in  carrying  on  these  necessary      im-  hnllf   Keep the fourth  Monday  open    g
provem-nts.    New  ideas    are wanted    in future for the Citizens League!
ing liken tired bird, in the Irish twi   w"s  appreciated  by  all  who  partook
of them and an eveijl   nrhlch  waa an
all round aucceaa waa ■ included     in
the e'lrly hours of Tu.sd ,y.
" a
THE BUQAR BOWL "        "»|
light. It is a waste of time and
breath to say what may or may not
be the next step in one of thc modern miracles. With so many minds
studying avintion, and with the stim
iilus nf the big prize offered by the
Panama-Pacific Exposition promoters, it is quite easy to imagine that
in the next twelve months some discovery or invention may be made
that would make a flight overseas
and  around the world quite possible.
80   V
Everything we sell is Special, both in qual ty and in
price. Try our latest triumph —
Specially imported, i ure,
DelUaous. It. a dream, ask
Her, she'll say so too.
« » ij«|T5fH FAGB TWO
New Spring Goods
American House Dresses
Direct from  New  York
300 Wash Dresses
This Season's Newest Styles.
Call in and see what we can sell
for $2.00. Every one guaranteed
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From same manufacturers. Some
Beauties at $1.00 Each. 240 of
the newest styles of American
Waists to select from.
We promise you these Dresses and
Waists are   the   best  values  ever
offered Revelstoke Buyers.
(31 Voting A
« «;«Ve«'x'«'» ■ '« Ml, KM ■yK.»j«!«i«i«|
I e,; WOOll.
; in, isure.
Aii.ir.lie, delivered promptly
Inquire foi pi ices.
Ti  in il il s or  l1' per
oil lot cash.
P. 0. Box 319
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,     i«i Air and Furnace
work a Specially
Connnuirht Ave.   -   Reovfilstok-i
.' miuicg rights of the Dominion
:n   Manitoba,   Saskatchewan  and  Alberta,   the   Yul it ry,      tbe
1 in a portion  ol  the  T     •
r a t»rm ol
j annual  rent
al    o!     tl  an acre.   I n   re thar
rea will be li ne ap-
Application fe.r  leaai e made
n    to    the
. -*-bu- .    . I tot    an
> •
The leaae Will Incl Ida the coal  mi»-
ta ■••   mal
.,  permit I -»*  whatever
k-.-a.'.a la aorta » *
,       . |ol   fit  working  ol
I ' at tb* rate ot     110.00     an
In e - 1 muat
ba     described    by ».
I     • .   in   un
■   ry   the   tra<-t   B
for ah ata.1 tha   ap
•   h.mself.
applicant mutt  <•<■
v a lee o( lb '•'■•' be     re
landed  il  the rlifbti lor    *X\
not  available,   b it ■■■-■'     *
v     ab,eJI    be i aid  on  the mer
cbantaMe PUtpnt ol  the  nun"  nt  the
.  !■* ! v., rfnti pei  ton.
The i>er»' n operal dk ',;" mine shall
Agent with sworn return $
aeCCOUnting for  the  full  quantity      ol
merchantable coal mined and  pnv tbi
royalty th<araon.   U the coal mining
rights nre not bring operated,     each
returna  ahould   be  furnished   nt  leait
once a year.
For full Information application
should tie made to the .Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Rub-AieM
of Dominion Landa.
W.  W.  OORY.
This   Book   is   for  YOU!
YOUR copy is all ready
lor mailing to your
office. All I ial : wanting
',.   ,,  i md  address,
and tl iu ' an ttive us on
ihe attached coupon il '-.,ti
need   this   Book   in
It may prove
you.    It costs you nothing.
the difficulties presented by
an increasing business, which
is suffering from "growing
pains," and finding its present quarters loo cra.T.ped to
permit of expansion, this
Book will surely help you.
If you wonder why you
•i? pay
roll   in  ihe eye  every  week
h    a   corresponding
shrinkage  in   pro ll
Buppoae five of the bin department
Btori'H nf Chicago Bhould adopt the
methods of aome country merchants,
cut ofl their advertising In the papers, discontinue soliciting orders by
mall, rofuse to send out samples and
all the proprietors should nit quietly down and wait for customers to
happen along, ns in usually dono In
the country storo. Oan anyone doubt the result' CuiitruHi the difference
between the two methods and the
remedy is ns plain as the sun in tho
i if course tho answer is, that the
small store In the country town cannot afford blgh priced advertisements
costing $5,000 to 810,QUO per day ,
neither can bo aflord to issue a cat.a
loguo or have a mail order department, That's perfectly true and nobody will try to dispute it, but ba
has his local newspaper and its work
ini; lorce at his disposal, and it's tlio
greatest   and  best working force   in
the i utile  world.
Lei ns repeat that country newspapers, if properly used, are positivo
ly the Inst advertising mediums in
the  world   for the  money.
Mr. Merchant just store this thought under your hat—every country
lown   th.il   has a      daily   or a   weekly
newspaper is missing a harvest if its
me- chants do not make it. their mail
mil. r cataloi un. Evi ry inch of it
should be used. It is a gold mine.
Aiimi ) hi, it should be tho cut prion
cataloguo, with a good illustration,
und ,i c tchy d scrlpi Ion of evi ry nr
tide ol merchandise carried in stock
in your town, no matter whether it
be I     ,..''..-i.ee   of   onion   seeds, a     gafl
engine,    hay   scale or a   llannel   shirt,
and every article shown be quoted at
a  price In  the advertisements of   ths
cltj   concern i,
There  Is noi  a c mnl rj  town      in
Vmeric     w hei a  three  i r  bur   ■ ■■■ es
: ;  class ol advert Bin - would not
boom  the  loe-il  trade and  put       the
cltj  stores out of business as far as
orders from that locality are   con •
■  rn >'.   Their advertisements   should
i sembli a catalogue, not bill posters
efforts.     Every     inercnant      should
m e! e   'I B   p ' nt   to      'idvi rtise       his
go de     and     prices,  instead  of his
il;iun-.— Si ore   News.
Howson G& Co.
beg to thank I lerous customers who
availed   th »1  th lr  recent   sale.
While th is over we   fiesire   to
emphasize to a' nt and future cust
omers ihat we always endeavor to supply
at cish prices which will be found to compare favor bly with those in any city in
We are now opening up our Spring Stock
ot up-to date lines in draperies, scrims,
nets and cretonnes.
All the above are special values in new
lines, and we confidently Invite (es
who think of beautifying their home to call
and inspect our goods and notice ri
Selkirk   Hotel   Restaurant
Opening up undrr new management
Mrs. M   MARTINSON bogs to announce to th   Revel tolcp I'ubli
that   he Intends to open up th    restaurant anil run it in
first-class   style,    Everything   ip-ti inl   strlcl   attei
given i" its pal ron i,
Give us a call
Open until 12 p. m
One of the school trustees of Toronto has I e n ml .1,1 i a.: the teaching of history backw rds, There is a
good deal in this contention when one
e ,nies to think about it, s:'ya thc litre bs, ll . m ny child
i-ii ha •'■ ' een wen ed of history
by the dry recital ol when kinirs be-
gan to i ign and the dates of battles
Histi i iBCini I  n:    Bi U'ly    when
th !    right  way,  und    it
m ire Inter st ng still
ii children '.'.ere taught  the story   of
In t ■, nth century and prol able
•   - in ■ '" e   ts of that cen-
■ the present day.
: HUES YOU      ■
ts right   here  in your
town and ng out of thc
t is because peo-
ind not be-
llke to see>  ;■ oplo sutler —
. under   the
can,  and  when somc-
terested      in
I i- trouble.
■ ure-alls,"   as
■ e  tblnga
id     more
me of yi
- ii   -,' u're siek,
i    h uld  set   tbe
tew  re-
b      and
•       e ejefl   lle.Wll
that a
t  in the
ionej in
'-   I!
it     l -,
' e     ,   | ,   ] |
-.■ iu   feel
few I takea bold
>>l UP
!" ■    n.     It
ti cle,    good
W.   11    ■ Hypophos
i       rhlch 1 rea,    and
a Oil     bli ei   the
I',.-   ,,|, .,,1   , -,,|   fhe  'nt ire syfl.
a n    Pie is 'ni  to tal      i   mtalns no
alcohol  or habit form ■ ■ di u fa,   We
ie t imi if jn ii  ei pi ifectly
-I   with   it,       we'll     ,',ve   back
your   money  ns soon  .is  y.-it  tell    us.
Sold only at thc 7,000 Retail Stores,
nnd in  this      town      imi I y  hy  us.  The
Drug store,  at Si.nil
Hay, Grain, Feed
Sherwin-Williams Paints
McClary's Stoves, Furnaces
Canadian Oil Co., Oils, Gasoline, Etc.
Williams' New Scale Pianos.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Dominion Security Co., Limited
liejr to announce that they have open<ed up offices at tlie
comer ol First Street and <Conuaught Avenue for the purpose of handling real estate, limber, etc.    It will   pay   you   to
■call and «et particulars, and get in  "" ground  !l<x>r prices.
We also make a specialty of listed property.
A. McRae,
T. Kilpatrick.
[•resident, Bee. Treasurer
P, O. Drawer No. A.    Telephone No.  321.
gjflgHEJM«lMH''jiiii '■»'■■"MiMiaiMaTPHIpiMWWmiMlklaflMlallHIalWIallallaiwiwwM
^/Hbvays ihe   'Best
"ShamrocKI' 'Butter
P. BURNS & GO., Limited \
Pearline, in bulk, per lb 10c
Ceylon Tea, 3 lbs. for        $1.00
Heinze's Mincemeat, per lb         10c
c.o ).ls delivered to all patta ol City.
*d  ^'X.'
John McIntyrb «s- ho?
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Phone 254 >"
Doors, Windows, Mouldings.
Lime, Cement, Plaster. Fire Clay.
Lumber, Lath and Shingles.
The Globe Lumber Co., Ltd.
Either price gets a solid suit —
a suit that you will feel at home
in that you'll feel dressed in—
that will be strong and thoroughly
made. :: :: ::
It will be cit to lii vou perfectly; it will be fashionable an I it
will be big value f'ir whatever money >ou pay (or it.
first street, on way to Port Office -WmnNKSDAY,  FKBRUAUY  25',  1914.
Thinking about Jewellery ?
In addition to an unsurpassed choice of dainty articles in Gold and Gems, Silver and superior Plate,
Cut Glass and Bric-a-brac, there is always good
VALUE for every cent spent with F. G. Bews.
Won't you drop in and see for yourself.
No pressure to purchase-just values that will
F.  G.  BeWS,   The Revelstoke Jeweller
Caj-italand Btterve,        -    $8,SC0,CC0
a < in. ra, '.. iii.inu oueiNrsa transacted
TRAV1- LL» RS CHEQUES      Issued
Savings Department At All Branches
Interest allowed nt highest curront rate.
Bcvcis-bki   Branch. W. H   tw.1T, Manager
S. A. G. CRK-K.
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .
But there are still a few people who don't
know what n s ifi- combination Bell's Bread
and   New Zealand Butt<er make	
<;. \V. BELL
p. O   Bo* IOI VOOBR & BAKER Phone No. 23
Phone No. 340.
P. O. Box 462
High  Class   French   Dry   Cleaners
and Dyers of Everything.
Orders called for and delivered promptly.
Special   attention given to  mail  orders.
Ofiice and Factory, 1382nd St. West
A very Important judgment was
banded down recently in tbe Supremo
court ol Canada, In the action ol
Brownleo v. Mcintosh, afleoting the
validity nf a contract whlob in lied to
diaolose the real owners ol property
under the Brltlah Columbia Land aot
TtiiH was nn appeal by plaintifl
from the oourt ol appeal ol Brltlan
Columbia, whlob allowed (Mr. ,1hh
tlce Irving dissenting) an appeal by
the defendant Irom ths judgment ol
bia honor Judge Grant '" favor of
plaintiff. Tli" appeal waa dismissed
with oostft. B.S, Taylor, K.O., ap
peered lor the plaintiff, and w,l>.A
Ritchie, K.O., for defendonl.
Mr, Juatlce Duff, In ii"' Judgment,
apokeaa followa: "Tho plalntlffbaa
es Iiim claim mi tbe contract which lm
nlle [es be entered into with the >i<-
fondant nnd hin associate, Qarnham,
in the spring of 1911, by which thoj
agreed that if tho plaintifl would assist iin'in in selling certain lands in
respect of which they li id a contr id
ni purchase with tb* B.C. government
they would remunerate bim. Tha land
in question comprises about seven
thousand acres of surveyed land in
the northi ni pari of British Columbia
These lands have hern surveyed by
the plaintifl under contract with thu
government. In tbe preceding autumn
the |iiMnitii\, acting fur,the defendant
and bis as cate li il applli il lor tho
purchase of tho lands In the names ol
different persons—there were ten or
twelve parcels in all—nominated by
tin in, and the applicar'ons having
been accepted tee bad secured tho execution nf conveyances by the appli -
emits to tho defendant Mclntoab in
trust for Qarnham and Mclntoah.For
tins the appellant must, pay twenty-
live cents nn acre. Later in the
Bprlng of Hill, according to tbe plain
tiff's story, Mcintosh anil Qarnham
made the further arrangement already mentioned, on whicb the act-
Ion waa brought, It is perfectly ob
vioim that the scheme entered upon
and successfully carried out by Mc-
Intosb and Qarnham through the ag
em i tho pi itiitiiT was a fraud up
on tbe land act. The conditions upon which the Burvey of public lands
ml| I lee purchased in 1910 were tho-
bo I.,',1 down in sections -'it an l 86 ol
nd Ai     il 1008."
His  lordship then  rend  the  clause?
of the act.
' ". ' ng, Mr. .lattice Dufl said:
"Moll toab, Qarnham and tbe plain-
no I ol cours ■ be entitled to
■ under the provialons of this
seed.m more than three separate
tracts of land without bavins; com
piled with the conditions as to Improvements. The plan adopted to evade these provisions waa to make a
niiin' ir ul applications in tbe name
of th" li..mil,-es of Mcintosh and (ln-
rnham. The scheme was to obtain
crown grants of these lands In viola-
I the provisions of the statute,
although In    professed    compliance
with   them,   and   then   -•'ll   the   la-iils
to purchaaera     who In the   ..r
course would    know nothing of ths
contrivance  which  hud  heen resorted
to.   Any agreement which had   been
entered  into for the purpose of car-
rying out,  or facilitating  the carry-
inc  out  of  it,  should  become  apparent.   Thc     contract sot up     by the
plaintiff under which he agreed to ns-
s'sl   In the sale of the lands is nocca
sarily I tinted by the character of the
scheme  as a   whole.   It   follows    thnt
the action ought to be dlsmli led,"
|  Baby's *
is ii good time to have a
photograph taken Nothing will in- so Interesting
ill the years to come lis ll
collection ol early pictures. Watch baby grow
againl And your child
when grown up will prize
that pictuie story of hiaor
hei life.
Baby and childhood
studies are a feature at
the Trucman Studio.
Quality aud permanence
guaranteed. Best value
in town.
A. Douglas
Civil   Kn:-lneera
Dominion anil  B.  C. Land
Surveyors   and   Oontraotvrs,
P. 0.  Ilox 317        Kamloops, B.C.
lliaaeh  Otlk-ee—Watson   Healty  Cc.
BarristviR,  Solicitors,  Eto,
Imiiorial Bank Block, Revelstoke, B.O.
The New Steam Laundry
The New Revelstoke Steam
I-sundry is in operation in their
New    Fire    Proof    Premises.
IN  The   McCarty  block
A Hint to the Tlanter
Say, if you want the very best of Nursery Stock
see R.   TAPPING. Salesman for the Riverside
Nurseries at Qrand I-'orks, B, C. the home of the
trees that grow anil lirin^ tfood 'rtlit, true to name,
not killed   by   fumigation.    After   IS   ve.irs expet
ence, R. Tapping an ukc jronr ordn In jronrbesl
interest.       Onler loon lor this Spring's delivery.
P. O.   BOX    H6
For the first time since lOOP, Mis
srs. J.A. Oaley and l.ee Kelly, representing Ottawa University, last
night secured thc championship of
the [iiti-reolleiri.-ite lii-huting League ,
defeating Toronto University in a
debate, the subject of which was,—
lived, that Upper chambers
stand inthe  way of democracy."
The Ottawa representatives took
the affirmative, citing the Senates ol
thc leading nations, and showed that
whatever their mode of construction
they were an impediment in the way
: of democracy.
Messrs. A.C. Tewett. M.A., and J.
Williams, who Conducted the negative
arguments, admitted certain defects
in second chambers, hut. contended
thnt by certain constructive ineasur
es they would become beneficial to
the community.
The debate was attended by about
one thousand people, and attracted
rapt attention throughout. The judg-
i es were Hon. Justice R, I'. Sutherland, Mr. .1. Murray Clark, ami Mr.
K    Smith,
Mail Order Publicity a   Specialty.
:     Sales   Organised     :
0.  B.  N.   WlLKIE
Office: Lawrenee Hardware Block
W.   H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephouu 3U. Ruvelaiok*
KUOTENAY      LODGE.   .No.   ,,4 A.   t
tlltl  A.   M.
lingular     meeting)! are held  iu MAS
)N1C TEMt'LE,     UddleUuWS'      Hall
jb the Third  Moiiduy   in  -ncli month
.i a p. n,.     Visiting bi     im     an
■ irdially  w*lcoina.
ROBT. GORDON, Secretary.
O.  W.  O.  W
Mountain View  Damp, No. lit
Meata Second    aud      Fourth  Wednes
daya    in each  uiuntli  in    Selkirk
Hall.      Vint.a*   v. linen  arc
cordially   Invited  i.o uliend
H. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
We are clearing ont our stock oi Dishes
at prices never before offered to the pulilic of
Revelstoke. We find we must reduce our
stock in this department before Feb. ist. and
are offering these goods at greatly reduced
Just i) few Prices to Convince You
Cups and Saucers.   Reg. $3.00. Doz. Sale Price $1.95
8 Inch Dinner Plates   "     3.00     "       '• 1.95
6 Inch TeaPlatcs       "      2.50  "       " 1.50
5 Inch Side Plates     "       2.25     "       " 1,25
Covered Vegetable Dishes 2.00     "       " 1.10
Come in and See the Different Stock Patterns on Display
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Ajrpnts for GURNEYS CHANCELLOR Rurgfs.
is the envy and despair «( Itonie
bakers      The  many  varieties,  all
eli-lii inn.-., tli.it wi- produce, are beyond the reach ol the must skilli-.l
home baker.   Mm t<> test u> tlmr-
OUjrhl} try lIn-  cakes you bake  the
beat.    Then you'll know how r I
cake can be.
». ■
By sending to your friends   those  1 .
you have been promising them for n onths,   Our
styles are up to the minute ami the price is
C03RT    MT. BEUU113    NO. 3101
OF 1. O. F.
Ments in St. Francis budge Room
every Second and Kounu Monday
In Month. \ i-itin_; Uretliern are
cordially   welcomed.
G.  W.    CARTWRIGHT,   Hec.-Sec.
Meeta every first and third Tuesday
in St. Francis Hall. Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A.  R.  Grant, Die.
H. L. Haug, Sec.
SELKIRK     LODGE  1*. 1. O. O. F.
Meata every Thursday evening la
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Vieitlag
hrtthran cordially Invited.
Meets every    Wednesday
eveninir at 8k.   Visiting
brothers cordially invited
I have now an opportunity of offering you
something in Ihe Coal line that you have not
had before.        : : : : :
"A Coal That Has Mo Equal"
Its qualities are :—lasting, hotter, little or no
ash, no soot.    Give  it  a trial and you will
>L^H >L^H  >i^H
Phone 341   S.  G. Robbins   Phone 341
Armstrong & Co.
Penetang Shoe Packs, Pack Sacks, P;<rk
Straps, Rubber Shoes, Horse Covers, MiU;>,
Gloves, Trunks. Valises. Hand Bags, Et~.
Boot, Shoes    Harness Repairing
*R. Gapping Sr Sons
$0      A*       Revelstoke, B. C.
.i, £L SiCC: a.D-1
THINGS. Prettiest Designs
DRRS8MAK1NG, PH Guarantee^
[i ^» ; i an J-;
eA. a.   . .       -    .1 .*__.»?
m fOlS 11 '1 Bl.alMSS LilV  i • -.]..
it'aMng cxcltul'...- 'i «."■-.■  Cl • I'..'. ..
GclHMorc* Money" for your FURS
SHIP TOOB fvh:   T.J "8 II   1. ,1"
n Tolinl<>—rnpoislb'ie-siL*e—I'vi-''■■•"■? wit' |
luta;iee:i ,-^-.1.    - ■-   I - *
k-enfuln-Mrl. f   mdlnaKurShipwmp TORY
'AND PROPITA (IT. rctiir-t    ', i •- fot "C- Hxnktrl Munn."
tba ooljr rtUabU, m untemarVt •-...■!;■   s tut i
Wrll, l,,r il-N!)'     -ti'.  PR1  B
[A.  D. jnUD^Ki, Inc.  Q.t.|._S'7_t M'CAGeOjU.?.A. PAGE Kuril
; <>3v,lv^
Made of the bsst tempered iteel, with all attention
paid io handling same. The prices are as right as
the goods. Single or double-bitted axes, handled or
not. c Al gu ir mteed g i »d i. Handles of best selected
We have the best selection in B. C. a,A\\ the best
brands. Disstn. Si.nnl-;. Atkins and Shurley and
We are fully prepared to meet your require- |
ments in Coal and Wood
1 lie Kevelstoke General Agencies, Lid.
liHIN I)    iiUHAU), 1'kiw.    Phone 42    J. D. .SIHMAIJ), JR., feitc.
• immHnmkVkWmWKkmm%m%m\%mmmm\WKmBaBIUMBa^
Cbe fl&atl-ibevalb
IIKVKI.ktokk.  II. <'.
<llNiq'N[Ar)l.Alli i>
jittci'tor lpuiUhMMiui Company
HAI.PH   G.   BORUTON,  Editor.
Interesting Figures
Tlir annual convention <>( tbe Weat
lern branch ol the Canadian  Mining
Local Reading Notioei und Buaineaa  Inatltute opened its hi'hhIoii in      the
.*>■ ^la ■<&."*• Ik Vll ^.'U*'** 1fc'*.'%V^-'%"«»'^^^^^k''fc'<k';*'^'%^-^. V
ctlcr shotarn tn thc
Upper Country.       £&
Diamonds, Cut Glass
and Crolejn Derby
China.     ->   J*    J*    J*
locals HI I'cnlH per lint* each insertion.
Minimum local ail ohavge 25 cents.
Display advertliementi 25 cents per
inch ouch lniertion, single column.
Board ol Trade assembly room      at
Vancouver,   when tbo mectiiix   waa
called to order liy Chairman   W. J.
Sutton,  there were uliont 75 delogat-
cb present representing nearly   ever;
part of tin' province,
Address k of welcomo to tbo dele
Legal advertising of any form, also
■ ovcrntnent and Municipal Noticea 12
,,     a      • „ ...   ,   „_,,     j gates were to von by     Mayor Baxtei
lentfl  per lino  flrsl  insertion    and     8
eenis per lino    subsequent    insertions,
allowing 10 linos to tho inoh.
Applications for Liiiuor Licenses $5.
Applications for Transfer of lliinor
Licenses $7.50.
Land  purchase notb-es, $7.00
Water  Application     Notices,  up  to
and Vice-president Jonathan Rogers
of the Board ol Trade, These were
briefly replied to by Chairman Sutton.
The chairman then rend bis annua]
address, He Quoted from official rc-
portB to show that British Columbia
miisi ho credited  With -li  per rent,  ol
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words    in the aggregatc value ol the   mineral
proportion. the las!  88 years,    Tho figures     for
All oihor classes of ndvertisint; not  production of the wolo Of Canada for
included in above to be charged     a:   191!) .ire nut,  yet  complete,  but  it  is
rate to be arranged with manager on  known  thai  56  per cent of the    pro-
application!, duction  was   undo  in  the  ton   years
,,. mm .,„,,,. —,                   ending with 1912.   From the approximate Bgurea it is gleaned thai  while
l.u I.
Ji Guy barber.
That     particular lorm of     crime,
..Inch resulted on Friday lust In tbe
io   , a murder ol three     bruve
li i     Ij      confined to  Canada
and   thc United States,    and is     one
which outside those countries   many
Bnd  it dilliuilt to     properly  realise.
I'hut one or  more  robbers should  be
.  ii   i me after  time,  to hold  up    a
i,, ilcials and passengers      on
trains la always a cause for wonder-
• Bl  among  people who have no   cx-
perlence of  such deeds.   Thc sad so-
the bravery of the throe pas-
who   lis 'it'll   iw-  robbers in
undi:   i.otice furnishes ,
■ i, the     , splanatlon ol
Icra app
ous.   it is one t blng to critlci
n  rob-
bers,  and quiti       ol her to fini   •
e te, put    up .10-
so coi nered. The
. the tin- a     en
er ri'.i i. . inful ex
B. C. Suitable
: for thi
• •
i I
, of Charle-
P.E.l , wl than twen-
t of
I       d, and has large
tern i
ly Westci
■ : in the
.,f   '.• !;ero
v.    He
■    |     ■' ellel    OW08
■ -  - ■ animals
eh 1 t Inl , He
■   theai   ' more
d out   laat
lea all I
les during  the     | isl   twenty
Therefon    h<   knows what  ho
iouI when discussing I
re<ding them
It \- his belief that it, this province
11., 6 well,   and
easily bo supplied
ere tho rrince    Bd-
■ nd    f irmi have    obtained
<    ,.„
The i  '       •   '   Increase in  the vnllie
,.f fi ' Kd'.v ml  Island last
■|..nun,   the   visitor says,
Ho estimates this will double     next
The  industry  grew   OUl   of the
.  -   i.,. had with the two   small
With   Which   ll''   'ti.rt<d       the
Dalton  farm.      Whore In those early
wi rth   onl foi it,    the
* .
Tins Is I
.if   the
I'.H.  r■■.
'   ■
■   '
■  '
.... loubl
l'i tIsb Columbia f"ll "IT In the production of copper Bnd coal In 1913,
it Increased In both quantity and
value of gold, silver, lead, zinc, and
coke. The estimated total produc
tion is S3U,15S,0O0 which is $11,781,-
imii greater than the highest total ol
nay  previous year with  the  exception
of 1912.
The chairman  then  prceeeded     to
give a resume of thj prclimiaary re
View and estimat'-s ol mineral production issued liy (he British Colum
bia bureau o( mini's, and already re-
vl « d in The Province, he referred
particularly to the operations of
the Britannia mine and the extensive
operations that bad hern carried out
> 1th a view to Increasing its output.
Ho said thai Vancouver was to be
congratulated on having such an In-
duatry near her doors, He mention-
labor troubles that had tnter-
I red with coal mining on Vancouver
Island and expressed the hope thut it
■ ol be long before tins obstacle-to pro gross would he removed. In
the line ol metallirgical progress reference was made tothe higher ex-
i metals contained In the
• res and tho lower costs per ton   of
■ irked the year's results
at the smelting works, and the larg-
and   relen
ii      New
cm   have  their choice,  T    bone        il
The   -
public I fi
- ol cruel and
■ ition Is lllui trated In the case      of
e   ted     t   ' lore,       the
blind stal ,  (rom Oklnl	
i   was charged  by a dlsai
i,| office seeker who ie claim he
, port,   with   improper eon
duct t- .-. u : the applicant's vile,
itisatlon was denounced as a
"fi ame up" and at the trial this
e'< the : bi .i in uttl rly failed
to substantiate the ch irge and the
senatoi was honorably acquitted.The
most regrettable feature ol affairs ol
ibis kind is thai notwithstanding the
absolute Innocence ol the Injured party a certain amount of stigma remains to the Incident In the public
■ stamp   mills   oporal d In the pro-
■if railway construction In mini   il I earing districts, the
in re fcrred to the excellent as-
•"l the iii'i'i try   by   thc
nn   'it  and tho sntis-
fell    '   the appointment of
ity minister of
-   '-.   • tpressing my
•   ndance here
- . f  refei
■it ol dividends pud
11 If or ous mining
In British     Co
companies     divided
d i   pari of  tip.
191.1.    Including
ilidated Co,
0 •  ■    ■■!,     i ut     made
'   ' I ap
,n    amount
■ •■   ii   thai   paid  In
rices loi   thi
■ I wi re noi  q    I
e   ■!   ' t     ("I
I ■'  ' '    '    i ■ •     as .■    •   en
twlthsi indlng tie it
■ than in  191 ■    M      the   cem. nl
de   ction of crl niter, ns    we
and Its   ise   pn id  to all  th to thli
.11  hO, a   '1   may   He''
f  Berttllon  Is besl   .'■.,,■•. , ,r British i olumbla soon enjoy     the
I hreiiirli  th '■  device It li    n t ndvantngi     f much lnrgei    dlvld in I
"f ho of     "anthn distributions, ao that capitalists may
■iic'i  means     thai     ■ len  it  with lncrea In    lavoi and   he
features ol the     bodj  remain        m Induced to expend In tho development
stnnl  through     adult  life,   ind that of thc enormoti    mineral •
combination ol thesi     ■     ire this province    the large   sums     of
ments every     human    being will i loney     necessary  for the bomi
Ii und   unlike  nny of  the  billions      ol nl il: ■ illon   of   these   Waiting   sources
otl  i    on earth,   Bertlllon wns   pro of greal wealth."
nine'itiy the iioiiiosis ..f    criminals,      \  hearty vote of thanks was     en
and tin' foe ol crime, tended to the chairman.
That ..
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P. R's. Huge Undertaking The Work Described-Facts About a Great Scheme The
Longest Tunnel in America.
Length of bnre, five miies.
Cost. $10,000,000. with related
Time to complete, three and a
half years from time work was
started. Will bn ready by December 31. WW.
Number of men employed, five now holng     projected   a
.       ,     , mile's in length.
The engineer who had charge of
the tunnel undertaking which reduced
the i.i.nl'1 ii' normal on the big
lull, ipenl two years seeking a tavor
able i'"' ■' ion tor a tunnel ihrough the
gelkirke He discovered a route six
and a quarter miles long und later
lmpro\ J on his first plan and develop ,i ' lie t unnol Bcheme
Great diffloulty was Experienced by course the line first orosses the val- jgineers ut thc eastern and     western  visitor as he looks around him in the
the builders ol the line on tbe section  ley  leading down  from     the Mount    camps sighted their Instruments from j tunnel,   lu the narrow shaft he [eels
west of  Bear    Greek,    Many   torrents   Runnu-y  glacier, skirts the base     ot  both valleys and checked   up      their \ in both     a literal and   a   figurative
uiuiuliug down the niauntain sides iu  Ross Peak,  on the opposite side    ot   previous calculations in order to en-'sense, close to natures hidden    mar-
splendid cascades had to be diverted,    the valley to the range of mountains  BUN  perfect    uccuracy   in    projecting   vels.   The vision of tlio peak soaring
by culverts  Into the  mountain  below  just  negotiated,   then  doubles      back   their respective bores. The pole at the   upwards in its proud height     cornea
and others bad to be spanned.      Tho  upon itsell    to    the right.     Another   Himuiiit indicates the alignment of the   before him and he  thinks     of     the
greatest ol  the  numerous bridges    is sweeping turn is  then  made in     the  tunnel while a route surveyed around   millions of tons of rock and     earth
over Stoney creek a mountain Btream direction of tho Cougar Mountuin.on the slopes ofthe mountain gives tho  which will have to be removed before
which is seen threading its course 3U0   the other Hide of the Illecillewaet   the  basis for the triangulatiou. The exact  the two ends of the tunnel moot.  He
feel below like a     tiny silver thread, : railway again crossing to the left and  location ot  the tunnel will bo deter-   feels a  groat respect for the science
mukiug a glorious filigree through the doubling once more, resumes the west  mined by tho     two courses mapped  and the trained minds which    make
dark and narrow chasm.     The struc-  ward  parallel  again  with  its  former   out over and around Mount  Muedun-   possible the projection ot bores under
ture which Is the highest of its class  course.   Gazing back over three gus-ald and hy  mathematical    processes    a mountain  from two sides without
replaced a wooden trestle bridge con-  lies ou  the slope of     the mountain  ;too technical for detailed description   visible signs to indicate the course of
which   murk   the  railway's  ClTOUitOUB   here,   The highest point reached     by   direction and for the engineers
Tho new location lor the line under
the  Selkirks     branches ofl Irom  the
:  u.i'iil one of the engineering
vels  ot   the   world.
The new line will he located on a
level closer to the base of thc valley.
. Ilwaj paralli Is the course ol
Bear Creek alter bavin;; the station present route near Gamble, three mtl-
i,rami.; that name, following a con- Bg west ,,[ Glac.er, ami at a point
tlnuous upward grade through nearly Bioga i,, tin- commencement ol tho
which   is  five miles ot sheds, themselves ongln-  "loops" going west.   A sign annouu-
the proposed tunnel will ho 379S ftict   will calculate to   a nicety the   exact
above sea  level,    or    4065 feet    from  spot where  thc   bores from  both  ends
Tunnel will mean elimination of
" loops,
The i [P.R. decided on the Rogers
Pass tunnel undertaking and relating
/      t „.,„..,../,.„/.■•  ii/,7/ double-tracking work last. Bprlng pre
miles of snowsheds, mil Umlnury operaBtIonB belng Btftrtediast
reduce distance by four miies and|june,   Before the work could be cum
enced ou the excavation fur the ap
effect big grade reduction.
Bore will be longest or its kino on either side of  the mountains camps
in the western hemisphere. had  to  be  established,  trails      and
live   eerlng   marvels  erected at   tremendous ,.,,s  that a  Biding  at   I amble  leads  to
eosi i irothe safety ol tbe trains the western  porta]  through the Sel-
frotn the slides which frequently tear Kirl.s.   So oilier Inkling is given the
......   the  rugged   mountains    slopes passing traveller ol the immensity of
sweeping  before  them  huge boulders the task  which is proceeding  in one
und loresl monarches in their titanic 0( nature'b strongholds only a short
Ull   ill. distance  from  the mam  track,       The
 el;.: of  necessity  had to be shrill  tooting     of     whistles on  the
I lie  extreme  height of the   peak.    The
passage through the mountain will
haves gradual rise of one per cent.
to the  "interior summit."
The railway alter passing through
the tunnel will cross Rear Greek near
the eastern portal and follow the
Course of the Reaver River, ascend
ing to Six Mile Creek, the junction
point ten miles east hy uu easy grade
Stoney     Creek ami other    mountain
si reams being forded close to the
base  of the  slopes.
will join.
, proaches, sidings bad to be installed  ,i m   sive construction to resist the steam shovels and the reverberating       Thl, contractors, who have In Hand
rrlfic   onslaughts   made   upon   them,   echo ot heavy  blasts may lie heard al    ,hi,  tllniu,|  whemc' nre  applying       an
i     thi   "Pro>
li  cribin
lu th    ..       amphithei tn s formed
ire  built  of  stout  framed  tiin-
roads bad to be built, and a thousand hers,  dovetailed and bolted together
Walter  A. Hill- and one other     organization details id    ■;  and relnfjrced with rock. Be.
the Rogers Pass  bad   to     bo given attention.     When twe  i     Rear Creek and the summit,
The Province representative     visited and for a corresponding distance   on
, he s' ne of e pcratlons late last mon the  western     slope  ol  the  Selkirks,
ti]   iu i   r cent  of the excavation    lor large forces ol men are kept constant.
interval., but the actual operations
cannot be seen without leaving the
beaten  path.
The camp at the western end ot the
work is gained by two routes—by foi
lowing the siding or bj an excellent
road built   by the Provincial govern-
the in ht   dI     ay on the western see     |
iployed for eight months ol the  ment  which leads irom Glacier House
ty the ranges oi perpetually    snow
Ic ■     inound    the   ,,nI1 ,,,• ,|H. ,,,., had i,0tn done and year keeping the lines open for traffic down  the  valley and passes near the  ,|U> Qature of an experiment
the eastern sub-. Bor I as -is the headquarters    tor scene of the work.     Following      an
ing operations on the "pioneer" boi outfits and  the     extra even grade irom Cambie tbe approach   will be d later In this locomotives used to push trains   up aches to the     tunnel  nm in almost
. • ,■      . lnsl   autumn th          p    r   1  ion  each side of   the straight   line to the base of
und a  start rt  time
[ the !       rl lorn   science  :;, pei i     '  al
today  is pltti  ist     the
titanic Ion      oi i al ur .    \   ti
ii in     .  igcd  in     tho
lid ■    i the summit.
B I by mod
,    modern  methods and
. ,        ,    . ombining
tunu     from      the
.! pi rl al.
summit.   Watchmen  are  stationed  at   Macdonald.   A tremendous amount oi
nil    the  prim  p  I    points    and     the  excavation work bus been done,    the
c nsl mi I.,  p itrclled.
the elem             Huge Befor ■    pr ere id                    the des-
iping out ea .               he big ii                     pro-
tains,      aud j,,:                          be portio    of th'
'i.e.-  are  rendii route
,. ,                  . esse i   il  thi   hills      tu ..                                                ..ill en-
serve th<   :   eds of a  transcontinental able I                                                •   ,'              banal  ow defil
.   y Bysti                      •    -:   ol the the     sl| ni              - I       he     changes
onward re neb ol progress. B    ■
Coping      with  physical     handicap.- . ..|>                    ,             ,;.      Belkirk
. vi-.--  i allied     some range and  the Illecillewaet   Valley to
test i n ;ii iers, the the wesl.   On th        ■                   trii
Tie- j   rgc of Hear Cr ek leads into
i   \ Ine   bet we, ii   Mount       Macdonald  on the  right and  Mount   Tup-
e left, entering Rogers Pass
Mouni Mac-
material   BCOOped   out   being  conveyed
by dump cars and deposited In places
«,.. r i filling has been ti und n cessa
iv  for the' roadbed.
.rn  portal will  I e loi il id
. : e   •   ! .in feel   below   . nd a   sin rt
distance west ot Glacier House,   The
ssage will  pi i vide tor double
entirely new method in tunnel piercing—tiny are projecting what, is
known as a "pioneer" bore. Thin is a
small preliminary shaft, seven feet by
nine, which will parallel the course
ol l he' main tunnel lifty feet, distant
and will be bored irom both ends at
the same   time.    The   idea    Is   quite   in
and   Was
decided upon onlj alter careful calculation   and   mature consideration.
One of the principal reasons for
the adoption ol tho new plan was the
fact that the C.P.R. wished to have
the big undertaking finished by December, 111, I Dili, i hree years and a
ball from the time the work was
it.it;   il. Building a   passage   live nobs
e i   is a longthj  I't'eee bs In the ordin
arj   way.   Only a limited number   ol
i,  can  '••  rl  In  tho heading at one
time nnd delays c nstantly occur on
accou  >   of  blast Ing and other causes
the "pionc r" bore, the work
and the appr aches Irom both
Id is to be seen                Its proud ends will also have parallel   Lines. The
, ,               ,, . ,  ,, i  .   ,,  ■     , ,r„   „   ,   .    .; i      ,i   will  be grcatlj  facilitated, side dritti
head from a  lolty beight  more   than tuunel      .. be fully 2   feet  wide and
the level of the tracks, 23 feet   high,   jpace  tor    lining     the
■  ,                 ■   cioua of tie- fact walls where necessary being provided
: |  >      e,award bj            • tcava lo i.     The Inside   ol
ii   excavated  le iding  Into     tb
ci   rse of tho main tunnel and drillers
,'.'.11 thus be enabled  t  i  att   i\  a  num
One Ol the difficult engineering
(eats carried out In connection with
thc tunnel undertaking wus the diversion of the course ol the Illecillewaet river. This stream which dur
ing the spring freshets assumes the
dimensions of a raging torrent, presented a great handicap as its original channel crossed the location of the
approaches at a point where a deep
cutting had to be excavated to se-
i ,i■■ the necessary grade tor the entrance to the tunnel and then skirted
the route for a considerable distance.
While measures could have been taken
effectively for currying tbe tracks on
treslb's or bridges there would still
have been a danger of the river encroaching on the lin ■ or undermining
the roadbed, and si it was decided
to change 'the course of the
To accomplish this purpose and to
prevent future trouble a deep trench
nearly a mile long Was dug on tin
left side of the approaches. This will
act. as  a  continuation ot  the  original
channel of the river and will   divert
the sir'am past the cutting to a
point where an arched culvert will
tarn the water under the track again
i i the ild it, e I ed on the right
side of  the  railway.
The tunnel contract covers eight
miles of the Improvement scheme
which will extend to Six Mile Creek,
and Includes the construction of the
line from the junction point at Cambie to a point about a mile on tbe
oilier sul" of the eastern portal. A
contract will bo let. later Ior the
double track connections further east
lailway Is now pro . progrea iwing at its  the tunnel  will be timbered and   re-
•    1!1 t Beavermoul . . ,;   , t,     ;, L,,i  gides,   Inforced    with   toncrete    where      re-
Work ou the cuttings is being pres-
il  t     'I o ce.   While blasting  se(1 night.
it its kind   pre-
bis c intinent,
• .e mile,     double
tunni 1   thr mgh    M junt    Macdonald of I m the Sel -
esslty eef     using   two
i ii   th      ■   Btern
m li ! G  Idcn which is   ai   and thai   iron  mammoths are scoop •  quired.   The exact  nature ot the ma
nn alt it    . 21 I U     the
the trans-
unlit of thi
I'.'.teir.n.     e
 o ng for terlal  In the heart of  the mountain,
c Hers  who like gnomes ot leg- will only be det irmln d as the boring
end will toil in  Its Innei nosl  recess- proceeds although It   la expected that
es, strataa of different  kinds oi r ick and
Mount   Macdonald   ap- 'ana will be encountered on the way
w  from   the through.
railway,  the  peak  risiiu'  almost ver- '1'!"'  visitor to  the scene of opera-
many miles of snow  Bheds tically to its stupi   ,,. :i,   am.  uoos is at one' struck bj   thi I
ements being designed   I the ong the clouds, reat  that   s.une    wonderful    organization
a big  .1        reductioi the .,,.,.       - Nature's       '■   ■•■<    ' ien    fleeted to make pos-
from au  thi
ting ] n thi   en
tire system.
e   e   t     \ ER  TEN   MILLIONS.
i   tl     line   will
es.   Tbe
Ing torn which b
rel of thi
it this    stately    -'''le the projection of a task of such
ignltude as the Rogers Pass     un-
The lii '   Mount Tupper   when    proven The   physical
|    | Ol   : h.;'
is prcci edii one pi lint of tho h 11
the workers will be able to continue
their activities in another instead ol
having to cease work i ich time a
Bhol Is fired as would be the co io
with the one heading. The same applies    tee    till     ' V'.IV    t [OU    |l   1't    e'f      tile
work, lanes of ears loaded with material can be kept continually In mo
tion from the various drifts wh n
would not be   possible   wen   the  op  i.
tions concentrated all ai one pan.
Another great advantage is the fact
thai   the "pioneer"  bore will act  as
and day, two shifts a >\.i\
being employed outside. A force of
500 men is now engaged, UOO of whom
are at the west ri end and ^i"1 at the
east, rn section. Special gangs are engaged constantly daring the winter
months keeping the working tracks
Clear Ot snow. A large amount of
machinery Is used by tho contractors
among tbe equipment being compressor plants for the air drills,     large
steam   shovels,   lighting   plants      and
motors of various kinds.
Model   villages  have  been  establish-
i veir, ilal Ing shall, cnal ling t ho pas
sage of a  current   ef air through the ed by the contractors 6n both sides
a tec id to grasp that  two  '""'es and tbo connecting    pas-  "I the mountain.   The buildings   are
essential.   Masses of snow  banked on   S:'L'r;-    "  will also serve a permanent   all  equipped   With  electric  light,   hot
liy  known as   t
BCl     i"
;11'!    ""'  ' ■ el  that here nature is ranged in   perspiration     dripping    from     their
will involve thi  exp ,.r might ,,.,.,,     ,„. ,,„,,,„.,.,,,,     by  lightly clad bodies, the drill men may
side,if the working tracks and ,mr'" s" '" the same connection on thc
ti ,m    he,vi Is,   the steep  moun- completion of the main tunnel.
:           '   .lis  which  tlunk  and  face    the    oh- The   tunnel   operations   have   a   de-
iffer ci i: 'li    n.. evidence      of cidedly     human Interest side.     With
10.     The tunnel
,   Tl     Ho  -  '      mm
ral     line
nt    being
uarter miles 1
into the l>
river to th
supplcm nted    by     brains,   be s0011 calmly proce ding with   their
brawn and  indomitable energy. allotted  tasks,  paying little hoed   to
the  significance  of  their  work.      To
and cold running water, sanitary
plumbing and other conveniences not
usually found in the ordinary railway
camp. Roomy dlningrooms and sleep
ing quarters are provided for the men
the houses being connected with covered passage ways raised above tho
level ofthe snow. The kitchens are
well   laid     and   splendidly   appointed,
many of them it is merely a "job
._  having  concrete  floors among    other
The huge peaks appear to be frown   some, so many daily hairs of   bard
upon  the Intruders   who toll, in the bowels of the mountains,
From    time to   1 rlacter   have  Invaded  their  domains,  inviol-   so many hours of rest   and sleep and
in the r ...
'   . it      Ui;   ota   c
I tbe big undertaking
irn*  is in a  .
I representative     rei
; and throu
t. and    1
• fie,,;, the desecrating hand ufman  so  much   remuneration.     They   give
angry at the  little if anv thought to the fact that
iiiey  .'1','engaged in one of the grcut-
-' urbtng tbo 111
n    ■■■ r.in snow
', ■   ■   and     bi s and other ev-
•    . npllshed
'el ime
• , ting and renewing  \
-   up the he
■ytalls,      and
physical handicaps  which keep worked here    on
a largi                                         large I hei
tpenstvi   equipment busy lavish hand that thi
.   all the   year.    At   Rogers Push Ing his  first glimpse  Ol   the   Selkirks ,
tmmlt    :' the SelkirkH, finds difficulty   in  framing  words    to
the company maintains  large engine express his    wonderment;    adji
sbeds, shops, bhow ploughs and out- fall,  guperlal    e inade
il   'ie i       ii.it les.   Two  big
.••"uni sin,;, em scooping
I   once in its
re to be Been at   work
'.   II    b   ill  lip   to
Igh Ihe
Ih     e ill ll.
,  straight
• di n ild, ei erg
111 y   al   a   p     10
■  I   pr ijl Ctfl undel't.iki n
lean continent.
in  the Ainer-
aids  to  cleanliness.
Comfortable quarters foi the clerical and engineering stab's of the contractors and the O.P.R are provided
in separate buildings. Beveral apartment bouses and small dwellings are
reserved for married men. There are
iVell   Stocked   stores  at   both     camps,
comfortable lounging rooms, post of-
flce and    other  institutions  found   in
The temperature outside on the day small towns.
thai   the writer explored the   tunnel Two different  kinds ol weather   arc
was below the   sero mirk. The snow often experienced at the1 two sections
was crisp and the air had that sharp of thc tunnel project at   the     same
, et'iie   tang about   it which   ac- time. At the  western end the tempera
,    >, it her,  but     inside tide   muy   be      comparatively      mild
it   was  quite      warm.    Water dripped while a few miles distant on the oth-
lie.in  the sides and the roof of       the er side of the range it may  be    con-
elow  tbe     present s|'att aad formed rivulets along   the Biderably    below  zero.   More     snow
 i   previously tram   tracks and    in   the  ditches    of falls on  the  western slope than      on
gradual   111 ' "''  B'de.      Proceeding  towards   the the eastern  side.   The snowfall, when
in!  out   on   the blading   the  almost  uncanny    silence tho  writer  recently  visited  the  scene
i       eastern entrance which prevailed     near     the entrance of operations,  had been nbout  2f> ft.
nmediately below WIIH broken by the sound     of     drills thus  far this  season,   LiiBt  winter 57
'  ol Rogers '"  ""' ''"' distance,        reverberating feet of snow was reported at Glacier
olpal  pi ■'  i i
fits  ready   for  service  on    both  Hides
of the Selkirk range.
E'ei many years the railway company has beet gradually effecting
et.ion ol its gradients and irn-
■<T'■■. :/ is main line generally in
prepi i ition for a big expansion of
business and t h>- development of the
1.  mlli H wesl ol i loi
ip Hi"   ia,\'mi   sides    ol
Mouni  Macdonald Irom   tbe   fllccille
ie!  Valley the direction to be   loi
einiite.    Even  the most  prosaic of in-    ' lituated   immedl      I ,wd   by the  big  bOl plainly   step olf the  track   out  ol    the      way   bore has been advanced at the eastern
dlvlduals cannot fail to be Impressed   ' This   traced.   Up to the tlmbei llneaspaee  "'    ""'  "'""  i"1'1""1'  "",  " |(la(l <>I Portal nearly n thousand leet     into
weirdly   through  the  narrow  confines tilings of drillmen  will be employed
"l  tin   tunnel,   The heavy  rumble    of in tbr^e continuous shifts on the tun-
.iii  upprouching  dump car could  then nei  excavation  work  which  will      be
be beard nnd B dim light and a shout prosecuted   from  both  ends at       the
eb,hi   ut hand  soon  warned  him     to same time.      Work on the "pioneer"
by    the   glorious    panorama    which    '" '•"■' P'       ted on» ol |    ims been cleared   istwesi   tbe   trees, r"cl1
-i eel i  the eye.
'>f tbe many peaks which form    a
tier to  the   west,   Mount Sir  Donald,
grain traffic     westward    from     the seemingly  impassable  rocs-bound bar proaches to the tunnel    n
r.  7-ics.   In connection with this pro  named after the late Lord    Strath i   tie secure from it>' encroaches
gresstve    policy   the c. p,  it.    four cons when he was Sir Pomiid Smith. leaving  Glacier  the   train p
i   rj     go bored  two  spiral    tunnels    forms the culminating pinnacle,     Its n tortuous path, following tbe uatnr
through Mount Cathedral and Mount altitude being 10,808 feet (nearly two al curvature "f    the   nountaln side
the base of the mountain and a start
■      b        'ts being planted to mark the path      Th« wort  Is pursued in much     the  has also  been     made on the     main
innel  plannei ;,.     Vs   which will  be taken Inside tbe moun    »ame way as in the levels ol a mine,  bore from the cast end.     Operations
■ill  be explained  furthei   on  In  this  tain     \ centre line has been mapped   Stopes are driven and boles are bored  will be commenced on the preliminary
tab'  the  course ol   the  rlvei had to   "", fight   up to  the  top of the    peak   Wl"1  "ir ''r'"""  'barges set. and    ex-   shaft and the large tunnel nt the wes-
be  Changed   In   order   thai     the      ap    on the spes Ol Which Is a pole with n   ploded   and   the  shattered      material   tern   end nt an early  date.  Tbe  exca-
Oed'n in the Rocky Mountain range, miles) Mount, Macdonald, wnich Is 9 nnd descending to the valley by B ser
eliminating what was known In rail- B00 feet, high, also looms out promln les Ol Startling turns and IwisIh kno
way circles ast.be "big hill" between ently with rugged and precipitous j wn as the loops" win roughly de-
Field and  Hector. slopes. scribe the letter "H."   I)urlnK     this
l,e   Migiinl flag   rroiu   which   observations
inav be   tnken   from   both   the   lib Bile
waet und iieaver Valleys,
Mount     M.icdoiiiilil     can   "lily       be
Climbed   from   the   west   side    ns       it
placed  on cars    and  run  out     along vations  for  the  approaches  at    both
narrow     guage tram lines.     Electric sides, as mentioned previously, are at
fans ke»p the current of air in clrcu- ready almost half completed,
lation  removing the dust  from     the The  vnst   undertaking is being car-
drills and  clearing  the  atmosphere of ried out for the  C.P.R.  by     Messrs.
drops down practically sheer on   tbe   the poisonous gases from the   blast-  Foley Bros., Welch and Stewart, the
big railway  contracting firm. Mr.   A
eastern   slope.    When   the   signal    flag   Ing.
was being      planted    on  the extreme      A  fresh  idea   of     the immensity ol
Summit   last   August,  the staffs of en-   tbe enterprise  is conveyed    to       the
(Continued on Page 7.) '
WEDNESDAY,  FEBRUARY  26',   1911.
Never Too Cold
Where hot medicinal waters are the moat wonderful health
restorers on the continent. Our record of cures of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled and verified
.by our gratified patrons.
Located among the best scenery of Canada, easy of
access. The Sanitarium is handsomely fitted and finished for
comfort and convenience of guests.
Halcyon  Hot   Springs   Sanitarium
Wm. P.OYD, Prop., Halcyon, Arrow Lakes.
a see bi
5^83 S
"Twelve Stories of Solid Comfort"
In the centra of thiiii-Ti—theatres
and stores on is'tli sides,   Uuililinic
abolutely fireproof—concrete,siee]
nml marble.
EUROPEAN PLAN—11 per Jay up
With Baths—&2 per day up
A;.|Civn..e'.ivfi.;,. •■■ -irntif yjajrr^i*" iviPmauGwiw^.
Strictly First-Class
Rooms Single, en suite
and with Bath    .    .    .
Notice is hereby given, in accord -
nnce with tho Statutes, that all au-
pesseil Taxes, Income ond School
Taxes, assessed and levied under the
' Tux;.tion Act" and "Public Schools
Act" are now due and payable lor tho
year  LOW.
All Taxes collectible for the. Revelstoke Assessment District are due
and payable nt my office, situated in
the  Court  House,   Revelstoke,  B.C.,
This notice, in terms of law, is
equivalent to a personal demand by
me upon all persons liable for Taxes.
Dated at Revelstoke,  B. C., Janu -
; ary 26th,  1914.
C ollcitor  for  the  Revelstoke  Assessment District. 1st iss. J.28 lm
Good Pi ospec s
Kelowna, B.C., Feb. 211—Local baBo
ball fans gathered in great strength
at a meeting just held at the Board
of Trade building to discuBB opera -
tionB for the forthcoming season. It
Wus unanimously resolved that the
club enter the B.O, Interior League,
mid an active membership campaign
wus agreed upon. Mayor J.W. JoneH
wus elected president, T. E. Cooper,
vice president, L.W. Oolvin, secretary
treasurer, and Les Ooston, Manager,
together with an executive consisting
■ ei Messrs F.R.H, DeHart, S.T. Elliott, Dr. Huycke, K.F. Oxley, 1). H.
Rattenbury and Alec; McQuarrle.
Messrs. Les. Coatos nnd Henning
were appointed delegates to the B.O.
Interior League meeting which will
take place at Blcamous at an early
Kelowna is decidedly well placed as
far as players are concerned for the
coming season as the club have in
the city at the present time an entire
infield with only the initial Backer
changed from that of last year.
Judging by the enthusiasm of tho
local fans at thc meeting just held
the Kelowna club will receive wholehearted support.
that bears   the stamp   of
originality and good taste
■ ejtfe'V   I
,-. •,.'»>,S(1, •
Estimates and ideas gladly
given.    ::   ::    Phone No. 8
Revetst. ke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufaetorers of Aerated Waters
wi:    !
1 Oi
Agents for Calgary Beer
Ihe Revelstoke Nurseries
W. H. POITRL'FF. Prop.
Rates $1.00 a Day"and Up Phone lt>29
Furnished Rooms by the Day, Week or Month
.Mrs. H   J. HANBURY,    -     Proprietress
Steam Heated Throughout.     Housekeeping Suites.
Corner View
and Douglas Streets."!
Jack Laughton, Proprietor
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Good Accommodation.      Reasonable Rates.
Cafe in Connection
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
Come and      . al our Triangle S.nl
Irons    guaranteed for ever.
Estimates given free.
We Can Now Supply
'Ihis Hair Prcpa aion
Our big Harmony Laboratories in
Boston bave caught up witb their or-
, ders now and so     we   won't have to
disappoint any who are using Harmony Hair Bcautificr and want more
of it,  or any who have been advised
' by your friends to use it. We can
now fill all demands, even if it be-
Comes even more of a rage than it is
Harmony Hair Beautifier is just
What it is named—a hair beautifier.
It is not a hair dye or hair oil—but
a  dainty,  rose-perfumed liquid dress-
I ing to give the hair its natural gloss
and brightness, wavy softness, rich
beauty. Easy to apply— simply
sprinkle a little on yonr hair each
time before brushing it. Contains no
oil,  and will not change color of the
| hair, nor darken gray hair.
To keep your hair and scalp dandruff-free and clean, use Harmony
Shampoo. This pure liquid shampoo
gives  an     instantaneous rich    lather
i that immediately nenetrates to every
' part of hair and scalp, insuring a
quick and thorough cleansing. Washed off just as quickly, the entire operation takes onlv n few moments,
ms nothing that can harm the
hair; leaves no harshness or stieki -
ness—just n BWeot-smalling cle.mli -
Both preparations come in odd-
I, very ornamental bottles with
sprinkler tops. Harmony Hair Beautifier, $1.00. Harmony Shampoo 50c.
Both guaranteed to satisfy you in
every way. or your money bark. Sold
only nt the more thnn 7.000 Rexall
Stores, and  mi this town  only by us,
The Hews Drug Bi ire.
(Continued from Page 6.)
C. Dennis is their superintendent in
charge  of  operations,    while  Mr.   J.
D. Shepperd, officially designated assistant engineer, in charge ef the
Rogers' Pass project, is the rail
way company's head official representative on the ground. He makes his
headquarters at the western camp,
which is connected by telephone with
the eastern camp and points along
the line on both sides ol the summit
I'nder Mr. Shepperd are two resident
engineers, Mr. H.H. Phipps at the
eastern end and Mr. D. Macgilp at
the west. The executive offices are
located at the western portal camp,
and two entirely separate stafls are
maintained by both the C.P.R. and
the contractors.
for garden and farm aro best
for B.C.soil.See Catalogue for
solid guarantee of purity
and germination
Send now for Copy free
Sutton & Scns.TheKind's Soedmcn
R «» o cl i n/J Enjilond
A. J . W o e d w a r d
Victoria      &       Vancouver
tli fori St. i, i canville St
It will .pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revslstoks, B. C
before buying yonr outfit   ol working   clothes
for the bush.   I make a
laity    of    Ixm
Shoes, Panti, Sox, Shirts
end everything
'. ' ' red in vo'ir lm>mi,»q<i
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
J.    .AXiBHIlT     STOISrai PBOP-
McKenzie Ave.
Union   Hotel
A.   P.   IBVBSQUB,   IV ; lirtor
Specially conducted.
Contents i'f Houses Rough
l bave in i lei'eivi'il balance o( the
Bankrupt Stock »lii' b I bought whilst
11'  Vaticoiiv 1 1 ,J
Now 1 defy competition.
Dinner Sets. 86 pieces, $10.20
The flni'M Imitation <'nt   (.:       >i
li will more than pay you to wdl and
Inipesct Umm goodt.
GETS $35,000
Miss KathiTino O'Rourke, a servant
in a   I'nrt  Washington  family, won a
verdict of I I i,O00 again     the Ounard
i Steamship Company tor injuries suf-
' fcreil   at     the     hands of  l)r.  Robert
Bruce,  ships surgeon on the dim ■
pallia,  and  a  former  stewardess,      in
, 1910,   Miss O'Rourke, who was
a iteerage passenger mi tha     < im
pania,  te tided  that a stewardess, of
the ship, aided by several other em
I,  seized  her and   put. her in the
ship's   hospital,   There,   she   said, she
was   falsely   arciisi'd     of     being       the
ne.ther of  an  infant,  wliieh  had  heen
found   ih ad      111   the  steerage. Dr.
Bruce she said, Struck her and otherwise ill-treated her in seeking to
proVf that she was the mother of the
ehil 1. The public shame nf t.he accusation, and the treatment  to   which
she   was  subject  d,   e oised   permanent
to her in rvim 1 systi m
11    ■   ■      is an assertion   that
O'Rourke wus not publioly   accused, and  was treated With due eon
■Ideratfon in the hospital, and   was
released when the real mother ofthe
child   was found.
There are  a   number of  Imperialists
in the Dominion  Senate hut,  with 45
divorces cases before it there is nat- ,
urally a tendency towards separation
The recent earthquake on the    Atlantic coast was not felt in thc lofty i
skyscrapers In New  York, a test that i
must he reassuring to the denizens of
those towering  structures.
President  Wilson's smile  is  to    be
recorded on a picture film   for    the
benefit of future generations.       For
expanslvi ness and duration   it   does
not compare with the Taft radiator.
Smith—Do vim believe in the sympathetic influence of music?
Brown—Sure: whenever I bear an
automobile siren 1 always start into
a quickstep.—Birmingham Age-Her-
■ ld.
The   family   remedy   for   Cougha   snd Colds.
"Shiloh costs so   little   and does   so much1"
rrjjri r iu- w
so promptly  and perf u are
at thi>- :
only a '
ice  is
Sugar-coated and all vegetable. Dose,
only one pill at bedtime. For constipation, bllloul headache, indigestion.
Aycr's Pills.   Sold for 60 years.
Ask Your Doctor.
M«,I.I,|JC. Ay.e»rOo.,
Uonltr.l,  O.tialA.
It ii sai ',  that the w to  a
•   i^li  his  itomacl .
sure t,< reach  yours ii vou'll  drop  in
snd tr.                • for. if •
tnals,   perfectly  o„iIm.'. snd   perfectly
served,  will gain your friends] i; ,   we
sure >f j
A. G. Thiakiso:    lans
This weather promotes
Couifts        11
Thosi able in
T.»r and ^e„|   ,,
onl; soothes thc irritatio
the   broncl
but in log bs] '• ndi ite,.
healer it       ■    •
ntl) throw
I resi    ■   tl
mm ii,,u . membranes to theii
liiii'in.il health', i   ■
Mathleu't Syrup of Tai .,   l
Cod Liver Oil
il t, the I
Canada of anj m
Bold evi ryv
J. L. MATHICI  CO, :'r..p..
Shrrlirixihf, P.Q.
A Sitined dnd Sealed 4aidcnt
Insurance Pdlcj
lenl     • f
i matter
The Low Cost of Our Accident Policies
and  defi   I
I that no
In make.
•   you.
A. 1      Ki\    ■
si.ip with you, head to thi north DR. DoVAN'S FRENCH PILLS  '
is tin' advice nf in authority who
has   made  a  Study  oi  the  terrestrial
currents, Apart from scientific datn
it is a well-known phyalesal fnct that
the nearer your (eat approarh the
north pole the mure linl.le you are
to contract cold feet
■   ■ Ih  ltd v     •  ■  ,
■ I      '
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42    -    Night Phone85 T'AGE  EIGHT
The      Ladies'      Hospital Guild  are
planning a  ten  to be riven a  week
from  Friday,   probably   Ln  the    I low
son Block stole.
The officers and members of Gold
Range Lodge No, 811, B, of L..F. and
BM desire to express thelv appreciation to all «'■■•■ assisted In making
nd annual dance a great
s iccess,
Ul who have held keys lor tho
,., yping ma< bini at the Revt Istoki
Hardware Store, ure Invited te, par
ticipate in a draw to be held there
,,ii sat    ■■■ ■ • be sow Ing machine,
Ight  key not having been forth
thosi   who left  on  Monday
afternoon to attend the Liberal -
ventlon meeting this week In \ Ictoi
i.i,  were Mr,  ■ ,i r,   Robblns,  Dr.  Su
ind, Mr,   Vie*  McRai   i nd     Mr,
in, the U.ttii ■ ici mpan
' is wife.
I:   the Mi thodist   church  last    Fri-
.  evening Rev. Dr. White, Supt. of
intern slide exhibl-
e hurch s and Mission Btations
B.C,  including     a  number eef   . e
we .'f liL-ht bouses     ami Btations
i long the c
Mrs. M. Martinson of Balmon Ann
I ... taki       .  :  the Selkirk hotel din
i,iug room, and witb hei   :   ••,  exper
ience in management   of hotels,   will
make- this rest mrant oni  of the most
. ulai   ,n   the  city.    Her  many fn -
. ■ i    .. > ...      i hei    under-
:■   home  on  Fri -
fternoon   i   parlor meeting will
be held by tl    ladies of the Political
Li      .• .    Mrs.   Lashli y  Hall
: -    R      ins   will
Evi ryone   in-
,i In tii- suffrage ju sunn      :<s
c i,. to attendf
The Woodmen of the  W, , I'.    nt i
after thc Lodge
in  Monday  i vi m:   .    ' iVo
man's suffrage"  was.tbe subject    ';■ >s
resulted.     Mr.  J.D. Sibbald, jr., led
,y   Mr,
Jas. M, Intj re   ind Mr. Geo. D. E is i
Mr,   J.A,   v Hand y  Mrs.
W.B.   Dam lr. A     rl   Wilson ,
a opposition 1    the
tivc that the
H  11, Win. McDonald
and II.W. Edwards in grant n       thc
to the     affirmativ
that this
There will be several first-class at-
tractlons at this popular play hou-o,
during tlu' nexi few weeks. Theatregoers will do well to keep their eye
onvhese columns where ihe theatrical
news will  ho found.
The forthcoming visit of the distinguished actor-manager, Mr.Martln
Harvey, ami his London Company,
is inie of the most Interesting dram
In- es uts of  the present season.
Mr, Harvey has gradually worked bis
way up from a minor member of the
late sir Henry Irving's company until to lay lie occupies a position among the foremost actors ol the Eng
llsh speaking stage.   Has tour is the
lirst all i '.Hiadian tour that has heen
undertaken by any English actor or
English company, and the organization will neei leave British soil from
ii e start to the finish. Thi y had an
auspicious opening in Halifax, and
thej come tothe Revelstoke Empress
ilaaire for one performance, Mr.
Martin Harvey's repertoire includes
three plays and one curtain-raiser,
"The Only Way" a play which has
been made famous by ! im, and which
more than two million pee,pie in the
British isles bave witnessed during
the pa ten yi ars, Mr. Harvey who
created the role 6f Sidney Carton,
I he hero of the plaj. ins appeared
at every single performance during
'   nine.
Mutt and  Jeff,   vith ..   verj  sttoiig
.- j are I ooked for M irch - Ith,
Empress  theatre.   Watch   for
later ments in t bis paper.
Not " Rough Timber."
Dr.   Proctor  of   Vancouver,   was    in
Sir  Charles  Ulbberl  Tapper,   K.O.,
of Vancouver, B.C., who has been at tow» ovtT ^es^-
Ottawa before the supreme court uud     Mrs. Paget w'lll not receive ou Fri-
who  made a  ilymg  visit  to  Moutroul   j,^  t\w 27th.  inBt.
stated  that a  great   deal of   misappie
liinsieeu  existed  relating  to  the  com-!     Mr. G.S. Mct'ai'ter went to      Kam-
merolal and financial conditions      0[  ioops Tuesday ou No.  1.
the   Pacific   province,   says  the  Mont-'    Mr   NR   Browll caine  lmcU       ,rom
■ on 1  Gazette.    Sir  Hihhert  Tupper de
Nakusp by  Saturday's truiu.
clares  that  British  Columbia       will
quite  likely   be in a  better condition  i    Miss Lilian   Lee  is acting as  piuu
this Bprlng  than over  hoforc,  and  he   iste for Dave Ore's orchestra.
gave reasons     to justify the contention.
The "Wild  eats,"  lie said  have beeu
eliminated from the mining industry
and iu Bpltc of the fact that certain
people said ih it mining In British
Columbia had received u knock-dowu
il,,« ih,  fact    remains    that mining
Was never in a more prosperous and
progressive state that ut the pres-
i ut time, He sa.d that real uatate
was overdone, and although some
people risked aud lost conditions
Would be healthier during the Coming
The ex-minister of     marine stated  they will spend
that a   great   deal of   monev    hnl   ..••. a
made the past year out of the lisher-
h a but ins most Important Bto te
an ni v. as in connection with the man
nor in   which      payments      have   been
made at   the   Vancouver  and   Victoria
banks.   Sir Hlbbert Tapper is solid
tor   for   one of   the leading     hunks
Mr. and Mrs. J. I Initio letuiuedoii
Sunday  from u  week at Nelson.
Mr, and Mrs. Walter Bell are away
to the coast  for a short  holiday.
Mr. H.N, Coursier went south Monday morning on business which   will
ueeiipv   about  a week.
Mr. J.A. Young, a popular member
of the O.P.R. despatchers stall, left
on   Sunday  night  for Toronto.
Messrs.   V.   English  and  F.   Swing,
left  last  night for   Vancouver,   where
few  days  holiday.
Miss Frances Lawson'a numerous
friends Will be pleased to learn that
she has passed the criBls and is now
on tin  way to i covery.
Forthcoming Festivities
Miss Catherine Goodwin, who has
been living for some time in San
Francisco, is home to Bpend a couple
v.   ise  ramifications extend all    ovei   of months with her parents on Four-
the province of British Oolumbia and   th street,
be consequently speaks by  the  nook  j
with reference to such matters. Pay.1 Mrs- A-v-'- r;my "f Second street'
ments, be says, nave been wonderful- *''s1' ;""1 '"''' Bl8ter A,,ss Bu8Ch0' in"
ly well met both at the head offices *ted a llttle "'•rt>' ol ladle8 in ['U"
ueh a stute of afternoon tea on Saturday Last.
■ - in t
Hi [all.
ii re Misti i - -Do you ei
up ill   i
in your furnace,   And do you     like
big pan of ashes out daily
Well, here is a  remedy,  Robblns' new
temi-Hard Coal.
GALT  COAL i-  handled    i Lu« ■
in Revelstoke  by ihe Revelstoke i, a
tral Agencies, Ltd.
e Howe        '
Draperye and  Cretoi
tiful ever s.iw.
If j l of  "Gn en'   ti .
■   t     .isit  thc-  la.
,rch  in  t!. I
it.  Patrick's D
•he  C0..1 line. —
More  :. no soot. —
-•■   -    G. Robbins.
tep ti   reduce th •     high
.,.■■:   the
Hard  Coal.
W.  i pot cash for furnl-
1,   gei fi' :. ■■'   -   e   ist
Ing  you  wish t
OVel      it       i!       WI - lUt      pi.eeP
st.il right,   Call  and  inspect  goods,
You  can save 2r,  per cent,  on your
fuel bill by gettin.- Ro iblne' new coal
Another  car  of  Robbins'   Semi-Hard
Coal haB arrived, order now.
M novel and Interesting amusements are being provided f"r you.
Remember the date, March 17th, and
the pi.ire.  St.   Francis Hall.
The Hon. Adam Beck, who is a
power in Ontario politics, apart from
the hydro-electric, intimates that he
hao no intention of going to London
ns Canadian  High  Commissioner.
"Te*ft will lecture at foundation in
Toronto University,"states « despatch. The building spector will no
doubt ser thut the foundation is properly strengthened before being subjected to tbe weight test.
Martin Harvey and a Big Company
of Fortj  people will be at the     Em-
re March 20th.
"His Wife's I aid," a
\ li !,,.■ Drama with i Ion m e Lawrence;     His      Wile's  l ni',.1.   pan   t .ui;
' arpriso
—Empress Orchestra,
Pest, part
Primeval Test, part two;     The     Es-
cape;  Mike and ■ be Can
111     v,     • i,    part
one.    Bison 101;
part   i wo;     i in Pine  M luntain; Love
.  Painl    i, Empress
ri has, la.
I,   , art   , ni
Bul.bie, i ■
Vfter the St s Oi
two \
Reassunn.j Statemenis
rerj pleasunt time was enjoyed socially and listening to some lovely
new Melba and other records.
Mrs. Anstie entertained Informally
at the tea-hour Friday afternoon for
her mother,  Mrs. Anderson,     who is
visiting here for some time. A number nf ladies     call d      by   invitation,
and enjoyed the hosp.tality of Mrs.
Anstie s 1 ■'. ly new home on Mc -
Ken/.i"  avenue.
An agreeable Burprise awaited Mr,
Barki r, asisl int teach ir In the high
Bchooi, ai the close of classes on Fri
end at  the branch) a
things  being   ,n  happy  contradiction
to the  prevailing opinion in the east
concerning  conditions  in  that  prov-
It is trie, he says, the lumber in-
dustry is quiet just now hut t use
slow periods are periodical and do
not Indicate thai there is anything
ol a serious nature the matter with
that particular industry on the coast
There is. however, an unfortunate
itati ei .:,. [|g in connection with
the coal strikes on Vancouver is -
land, where the miners are still bi Id
ing out, supported by the   ianerloan
whili at the same time     the  day afternoon.   The girls having dis-
consutner on the     coast   pays     high  covered this  was his birthday     were
ii  coal imported from        the  prepare!  with a  lovely little  supper
.;.., raiiu. of tea,     sandwiches    and a birthday
Hibbert  also gives a denial to cake which  contained all the emblems
the statement that there are  an    ah-   prophetic of the day.   Mi. Barker ap
!   number ol   unemployed       in   predated the attention   very       much
year when one consid and thanked the class   warmly    for
• ,.,1    in   their thougbtfulneSB.
er and other camps during
it of \
ered    I  this dull
d  time.   Th'-- ri.  • -
t of ind  or.    the
et  too  bad
Ull.      liOf       Mail' M '-ll       T.        l,IVIP'
Several staid and sensible  .natrons
of  our   town who  are  seldom   guilty
of anything so   juvenilely  frivolous,
rty  last  Saturday    afternoon consisting of a few     husbands,
and several  equt liy  giddy  young people  and    all       went      "boi.-sK'ading"
down Haner's bill.   Clad In raiment
which had seen its best days,      they
.  themselves t>e two hours    of
eis   health-Living   exercise,     the
men  proving   vi ry  useful   in  hauling
the "lm.       over the walkee hack live
• tin n climb.   Coffee and a feast
of hot doughnuts at  Manning's   completed  the day's program.
rding • .  .
j in the ,-
• liy   vs    H lumb
er mills it     ei-
:  tbat such
Is,      Mr, ;
j  Mr.
Clemen I f   the
iny, bowcvei,  ret   ed  I
clslon of thi
appeah I ilgher court to bave
the fi ■■■• !■<:
tion allowed,
The  ■ in
terest  among lumiecr and
throughout, the  province and th'-   ip-
boiding  the  set Ision of
menl by tbe Court Of appeal may set
at  rest a  bttbert .  much   controverted
question, Mr, w li.A. rtitrhie, K.C.,
argued the case for the appellant
company and Mr A.D. Taylor, K ' .
for the r ispondent minister.
:.r. in, Dry Cedar Wood,
Stores  to
: .       ed f
'hem    The
The Girls  Bible class of St.  Peters
tertalned   the Boys Blule class  to a
oily Bnowshoe tramp,   The party as
-.•■milled  bout  T:;|n  at  the home       of
Mrs.  R.O.  Lawrence,  in charge      of
Procunier.   The route led south
istward over the flats, return -
the  south track  way  from the
■It      Lawrence's home   welcomed   the ind     games
o; ed  until  elevi n,   • ben   the
■: ved      refreshments.   At   the
Hi   I barl ,'■ Pi ocunii i,  teacher
di a neut
thanking     the girls for the
i they bad enjoyed,
'.      .Hi    be   aide to
il   i, ii, more tang
,all of thi Brot herhood
■  ■ a   ,vas given last
gbt in  tbe up' ra  bouse, can
leal. HI    BUC-
■ 111 season,   The big
was more handsome
■ orated, ar, unusually pretty ''f
given  hy the  arrangement
dlllglng  ir. milling      re
marks   while   'inder   r,
Immigration    official!     ire  having
i oubl ■
account of   the  severe   winter   Chinese
are enabled to duplic 11
ing t.he  ice     stunt  m    "Uncle Tom's
in   ikat Ing a<crotM the ice
bound i   the  border.
A financial paper states tbat 1918
was a bumper year. Any number of
people can vouch foT the humps.
The  uplift, movement   as applied   to
ition   is   making  progreas.
A school for aviators hat been opened   in  I'ensiicola    Florida.
The   Indignant   disclaimer   'dan/   re
Ibillty  for the   brut il   bungling
at a i ail-in .    ■ soutlon made i>v Oan
il executioner Indicates ha  ed many
is a  man   possessed   of a   high st rung    lence  Ol
pi i  'il   .'• ith   the
'-   ,f i bi   lodge   \  iii.',  en    d
ded, about 800 being the estlm-
ited  numl 11 and  everyone  I borough
i in- evening    The Bremen
as bOltS loOketd carefully to all details in arranging r<.t   the comfort of
,-nests as  they  are  famous     for
loing  on   forinei   occasions    The   sup
per, winch consisted of the Ih'si ol
borne ee.eiking wae served with despatch when the evening trip was just
half   over.    Iiave   Oir's   iiehestin   fur
inshed music for thc dance  and  receiv
umpllments   for   Ihe   excel-
their     performance,     The
THOSE   OF    YOU   WHO    HAVE  not   yet
selected your new clothes will not regret having
Special Measure Expert is now with us for a few days
only displaying the Season's Choicest Styles and
During his stay here we are FEATURING
Visit This
Quality Shop
cltae Mercantile Co.
The Up-To-P.tie .'ler.'s and Boys' Furnishings Store.
■bp .Mu.-.eniiaBsaai i mtmm .-■!**• i
The Roval Shoe Store
will open up for business
in the tirst week of March
in   the   HOWSON   BLOCK.
.... .^.mwa1 *j^vms «■>*«:?>. ■ '  v"v,.-».iost'lii'.T'W»j»r.rj
ftncyeszrm. ■ *xtir9Fa&i,**-ww*
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Store
Th.'   Latest  innovations for S;niti)r wearing  apparel
for Women "ill bo shown here at our Opening early
in .Macell. —
Watch for Further
temperament,   keenly   SfmSlttve to   any headllRht   Waltl  wae  art  UMtinl   ii   feat-
reflecttom   on the ethics ol bis avoca- ure of tbe progratD    The hume, sweet
tion.    The   leant   the   piihlic  I'aii   il.,   || iiinne  rinie   all   too  menl  for   many at
to impend  jmlKmont. about   1 :<0  a.m.
ime of the chief reasons for testing
cows not simply once in a while,
but at regular intervals, is found in
diet la' fact that they are known to
vary so greatly and often so inexplic
ably. Apart altogether from what
are termed normal variations from
a,liking to milking, hesides the variations between morning and evening,
and Ihe variations between the fore
milk and the stripplings, careful observers have noticed in two days a
variation' in the test Of almost two
pel Cent of fat in the milk of indivld
el ems, for which no reason can be
Obviously then it would he quite
unfair to judge any cow on any one
undated teat when it might be 3.0
one ilny and 4.8 another day. Which
could you tnke? A fair and juat way
is to take SampltB regularly and teBt
,i composite sample once a month.
Then there wjll he eredit given where
it is really due, not necessarily to
the one that in supposed to he a
high testei because she is of fancy
fancy name of fancy price, but frequently to some tacitly despised individual which Is really the queen of
the dairy. It will pay to select those
rows that are known, not supposed ,
to yield milk rich in fat.
I March   17—Irish   "At Home"   in    St.
Francis Hall.
March IT—Mut and Jeff, at the Empress theatre.
MARCH  20—Martin Harvey,  at    the
Empres3 theatre.
The aviators are husy     generating
hot air preparatory to    making   the
transatlantic  flight.
By  purchasing the     same type    ol
rifle used by the Federals, the Mexi-
1 can revolutionists are enabled to use
( auy ammunition captured. Even war
I is becoming standardized.
"Johnny," said the teacher, "who
j were the two strongest men of olden
; times?"
"Hamson and Hercules."
"Can  you      tell    anything      about
"Oh,  yes.      Kamson  was a regular
I Hercules."—St. Louis Star.
ALUM! ij f*


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