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The Mail Herald 1909-04-28

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease uf operation and perfection
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, ftiU.OO Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   ■   Agents
The Mail
\    Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
VOL  15.—NO   26    Provincial  Library
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
A Real Bargain
There is surely a pair in this lot ol Shoes that you
want. Our shoe stock has been very carefully gone
over and all the odd pairs sorted out and placed in
baskets, Come and pick them over. You are sure to
get just what you want at a bargain.
200 Pairs of Ladies' Oxfords, slippers, boots and shoes-
Full range of sizes. They were $3 lo $5 Shoes.
Ni iw  going at      $1.95
150 Pairs of Children's, and Misses Boots. Prices from
$1.50 tn $3 00.   All going at       95 Cents
Pairs ot Hoys  Boots going at	
100 Pairs of Misses' Oxfords and Boots; all our high
class lines. Prices from $4.50 to $7. These are
;ill at one price now	
To be Sold Friday and Saturday
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
This is I be season of the year that the good housekeeper wants to brighten up tbe borne, Kalsomlne sume
moms, Varnish the woodwork, Paint the Moors. Varnish
Stain Bome pieces ul the furniture, Kiiiiinel the beds or the
baths, Kegild the picture frames. We are best able lo
supply all these wants, we eater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
Floor paint, all ready for the brush. Aspinall's Enamels,
B. A. P. Enamels for built or woodwork. Baplao Varnish
stains, lionile Varnish stains, Lacqueret in all colors.
Berry Bros, bouse varnishes, Liquid Granite for filoora or
oilcloth. Varnish for 1 ivniture, Hoors, boats 01 carriages,
all for all inside work.
Painters .Supplies in all lines and at prices that cannot
be beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save you
money. Leave your orders for work with us and we will
send you a man and guarantee that be will give ynu the
best of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Local Syndicate Sells Mines on
Moresby Island
Coast, advices state that a rich group
ol copper-gold elainison the west coast
of Moresby Island on the Queen Charlotte, |owned by a syndicate headed by
Hun. Thomas Taylor and F. C. Elliott
of tbis city. baB just been bonded to
lhiluth parlies, said to be closely connected with the American steel trust.
The selling price is $100,000. The
group is located nt Tassoo harbor.
It was discovered by Arthur Cowing,
a well known Kootenay prospector.
It is understood the property will be
developed on au extensive s ale this
Railway Fatality
An accident occurred in the lucal
yards of the C.P.R. on Sunday alter-
noou, as a result of which a brakeman
named Gilbert Alexander Dalgleisb
lust bis life. The train crew ol which
Dalgleisb was a member was engaged
in Bhunting and, as frequently occurs,
a box car had to be pushed some distance with a rod. Dalgleisb was
handling the latter when a slip occurred aud he was caught between the
rolling stock and crushed. He was
found to be beyoud the help of medical
skill and died shortly after. An inquest was held ou Monday afternoon
when, alter hearing the evidence the
jury returned a verdict ol accidental
death. The deceased was aged 20
The funeral took place nn Tuesday
morning at the Y M.C.A. rooms, the
religious services being conducted by
Rev. \V. C. Calder. The body of the
young man waB shipped east on No.
DO to Winchester, Ontario, a large
number of the memberBol the B.R.T.
being in attendance.
Sultan is Dead—C.-A. Line May
Discontinue—Work on New
Railway Begun -Gen. Booth
Coming.—Japanese Spies,
London, April 2H. -Rumors
are current in Constantinople
this afternoon that Abdul 1 [amid,
the deposed Sultan of Turkey is
dead, according to a despatch
receixed here from the correspondent of the Exchange Telegraph.
The correspondent says that the
rumors arc generally credited.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Early Closing Decided
A meeting ol the Retailers' Association was held yesterday niuruing,
at which there was a large and representative attendance. In addition to
routine matters and business ol a
nature private to the association, the
Retailers discussed the question ol
early closing with a view to final
agreement. It was unanimously decided by these present that beginning
witb May 1 and for four months the
time of opening and musing shall be
an hour earlier than at present. Tbe
adjustment of the schools and other
institutions with fixed time will lollow
as a matter ot course and in a couple
of weeks the new timetable will be as
familiar as  the  present arrangement.
Painfully Scalped
To have his scalp lifted and Hop
over in ftont of hiB lace was ihe experience ol a railway construction woik-
niiin at Mile A un the Skeena river, a
fe-v dayB ago. Particulars ire meagre,
but it is kuuwu that the man waB
making his way down a sleep hillside,
and easing tbe descent as much as
possible by grasping the brush through
wh cb he was passing. In some
unaccountable \ ay, a sharp edged
fragment of wuod sti tick his head iu
such a fashion that tbe skin was
bruken, aud a big portion ul the entire
scalp forced over bis forehead. With
ania/.ing grit, he did what he could to
replace the scalp where nature intended it should be, and so struggled
alungto camp.—Prince Kupert Empire
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
lir.'tuclii's or Agenls al. all principal points iu Oanada.    ^^^^^
Agents in Great Britain  and United .Slates- London, England,
Joyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago- First  National Hank,  Corn Kx-
change National Hank.   Seattle—Seat tie National Bank,   Sun l-'ran-
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank,    Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits nf $1 aud unwind,   received, and  interesl allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Special Bargains for the balance of this
month in Ladies' and Children's Straws.
All the latest fashionable shapes. Wc
also have the newest designs in Ladies'
Hats and Children's Bonnets.
First   Stroot
A.   <;.   (RICK
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Second Clean Up
Si-okas 1., Wash., April 28,— Placer
miners operating on the old channels
in northern and central Idaho, southeru Oregon, northern California and
other parts ol the Pacific slope will
make a cleanup ol Irom !fl,600,000 to
$5,000,01 d in gold this season, thus
demuustrating that the placer ground,
though worked more than a half century, is (ar frum "petered out." There
is much activity this season iu and
near Elk city, Florence and other
camps in north central Idaho, where
nuggets ranging iu value Irum 25 to 50
cents and some coarse gold were taken
out a tew days ago.
Prohibition for Soldiers
There will be no liquor at the military camps ol instruction this Bummer.
I net met iuns have lieen sent uut by the
headquarters that an order against
liquor being sold in military camps
will be rigidly enforced. There always
wae an order against selling liquor at
camps, but it has very seldom been
1 nfoiciil, and as lung us the canteen
auld unly to the memliers ol the regiment it was not molested. But the
change has cume. The movement
againat the canteen by tlio temperance organizations r suiting in ver
diet* 111 tlie courts against the canteen, has toned the department tu
issue stringent initriictiuni,
VakooDVER, April 28.—Yesterday
morning work on the cons'ruction 1 f
the Howe Sound, Peraberton & North
em Railway was started. Tlie clearing
lur the road has been let to Messrs. J.
G. Brassey & Donald McLennan, who
have established three camps along
the Squamisb River. E'ghty men
are now on the ground and the number will be increased as the work progresses. The object of the railway ia
to convey the timber from the lower
Squamish Valley to the seaboard. It
is estimated that tbe co.t ol the
undertaking will amount to $275,000
and that a billion feet of the finest fir
will be reached.
LONDON, April 28 —General Booth,
of tbe Salvation Army, is making
preparations today lur a tour of America, which he expects to make belore
uext winter. He will make two five-
week trips, first through England, the
first in the north and the second in
the eastern counties. By the time he
returns it is expected everything will
be in readiness for his trans-Atlantic
Washington, April 2K,—Fear that
the Japanese are colonizing the Isth
rnus ot Panama for the purpose of
observing the work on the canal, with
the object ol destroying it in the event
of war, was one of the things which
prompted Secretary of War Dickinson's
trip to the canal zone, it was learned
Vancouver, April 28.—Two little
boys named Murphy were suffocated
in a fire that broke out yeet. rday
afternoon shortly alter 5 o'clock in a
two storey building in the alleyway
behind Knox Church on Cordova St.
east. Wheu tbe lire was first discovered volumes of smoke were pouring
but uf the building and the llames had
a goud hold. An entry was made iuto
the upper room of tbe house, where
the children were found lying between
two mattresses on the bed. It was
evident that the elder of tbe two had
led his younger brother to that spot in
a vain endeavor tu escape the sull'ocat-
iug biniike. a childish act ol heroism
whioh served only to intensify the
sadness ut lhu whole all'air.
Victokia, April 28.—That the Canadian Australian line may be discontinued as a result of the failure of the
Ottawa government tu provide for a
continuance ol the subsidy which
expires in .1 une, is the statement made
by a well informed authority
ollicers ol the steamer Aorangi do not
know what her the liner will come back
as no arrangements have been made
by ihu Canadian-Australian line lor
any sailings alter June.
Oddfellows Worship in  Baptist
Thii hi,mini church pantile uf Selkirk Lodge No. 12, I.O.O.F. wae held
last Sunday evening when the lodge
members accompanied by the members
of the lucal Rebekah ludge Attended
divine worship at the Baptist church
where they were addressed by Kev. \V.
P. Freeman the pastor ot the church.
Tbere wera mure than half a hundred
members and visitors in the procession
and over a score of liebckahs and
these with the regular congregation
filled the church to the doors.
In addressing the CongregatBon Rev.
Mr. Freeman took for his text the
statement made by Jesus of Nazareth
oonoerning himself that "Even the
Son ut Miiii-caine uut tu he ministertd
unto but to minister." Pustulating
that belief iu the fatherhood nl Owl
presupposes a beliul in lhe beotberhoi d
uf man, tbe preacher stated that the
present day problems are social problems recognizing man's obligations lo
his fellows and that among urganized
societies lor social work the Oddfellows
arc doing a valiant share.
Adverting to hie text he stated that
the coming of the Son ol Man presaged a recognition ut the need uf such
ministratiuns as He cuuld give and
He cume tu minister. Amung the
needs cal ling most loudly tor human
and Divine sympathy and help are
Buffering, poverty and death. Into
the dark places caused by tliese tbe
Son ol Man came and among His
followers the ministrations of sympathy take like form.
The character that would create a
desire to take part in such miuistra-
tious was, tbe speaker said, such as is
based un the motto ol the Order to
which be was speaking, "Friendship,
Love and Truth." These in their
turu had their bitBit uf the luve ol Gud
and sprang Irom tbat source. Tbey
ahuttld be recognized as a part of tbe
Divine economy in the ministrations
to the earth's needs.
Turning then to the practical features of the service Mr. Freeman spoke
ot the extensive work carried on in its
various benevolent I'urms by the
Independent Order of Oddfellows,
quoting statistics to show that in
membership and chanties it BtantU in
tbe lead among fraternal societies. In
charity, relief and comfortable ministrations in the last hours ul sickness
and death its wurk was a bletsing to
those whu receive it.
Bright music characterized the
service, which was pruuuuiiced to be
highly enjoyable throughout,
Another Famine With Rise in
Prices Predicted
Horace J. Stevens, author ol Copper
Handbook, takes an optimistic view
ol the copper situation, although he
admits there is uu prospect uf immediate relief.    Mr. Stevens recently eaid
"In my judgment the situation is
nut su black as many imagine. There
is a considerable uccumnlatiun ol un-
consumed copper in this province anil
abroad, but return to normal business
conditions in the United States will
absorb that surplus quite rapidly, and
all things considered, I think the cm
in prioe was the part ut wisdom as il
will be butter (ur the metal market tu
pass into act mil uho at roiluceil prices
rather than tu pile up further.
"From my reading ol the statistics
of production and consumption I am
led to anticipate another copper
famine—or what will be called such—
probably within the next two years us
the world's increase in the output bus
boen much below normal lor three
years past. This will mean another
great big  I1110111,  followed by  another
Big Land Deal
Forty live  thousand  dollara  passed
[mm the bands of  the  Prince  Rupert
Real  Estate Syndicate   into those  ol
the Skeena Luud Company,  tlie  consideration  being   the   property   composing the  Copper   City   townsite iu
northern British Columbia, on  Saturday last.   This area, embracing sume-
thing   over   one   hundred    acres,   is
situated at lhu  moulb  ol   thu   river,
after which it bus been   named, mid is
within seven  hundred  yards  ol   tbo
Qrand Trunk Pacific  railway  survey.
1 Jt is predicted  lhat there is going to
pi   I be plenty of development undertaki u
in that li mul its this yea.i.    lu the first
place a uow terry  is tu  he   installed
between Cupper City   and   the  other
side ol the river at a cobI  of  approximately $1,500. Then the trail between
Copper City and  tbe  Bulkley  valley
will be completed, while another may
be constructed into  the  north.    Rich
mineral     measures   aiioiiinl   in     tbe
New Seeds. Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McClary's Stoves
Crockery. Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
Amend Grain Act
CiUlAHV,  April  28.—L.  1'. Strung.
manager Alberta Pacific Elevator Co.,
(ieo.   llaicourt,   deputy   minister  ut
agriculture, and E.J. Presto, si iretary
of tin I'nited Farmers aesuci.itiun ul
Alberta, lelt lor ot.iawa yesterday tn
urge upon ihe government certain
amendments tu ihe Manitoba grain
act. Willi tliese secured shipment!
can hi- as readily made via lhe Pacific
coast us by the lake pnrls. A- the
grain act s'linds 11! present coast -' ip-
ments are nut taken into consideration.
Both Died Insane
I'Aitis April 28.—An   aged   couple,
named Lelevre, living at Ghent, have
died frum starvatiuil, allhuugli they
possessed $15,000 in cash. They lived
iu a squalid apartment, and were
knnwn to be misers. As the neigh'
burs had not seen either husband ur
wile Inr several days, tlio pnlico broke
intu their ruonis. They found the
couple lying un an uld mattress. Hoi I,
were terribly emaciated, and bad been
dead lur several days. Thero was not
a scrap nl food in the place, anil but
Under the mat-
,      ,      ,. i, .very little clothing.            	
smash,   It is the same old story over |tre„ tj,e polloe found 916,000 In   Bel-
again, world without cud," giau banknotes and gold.
f^  --,-''. -.
i. Blv EUvlifcaa
«g& &S\\ ■■■-"■
" A:m>H   \. ■        '.A        .:
■ M<-    ■■■'
^llpi ■- -.;■ ■  .vlg&'&Jij 9LM.  &
Vo ; vV*-'*-* "VVjlj ./ " '     !_. Hit"   _nal V St. _,-■-.. >^t\f
k^'^r^'^-^iD - ii
A&St%S^\W        J
Mit Swell Dresser.
....,. _ his coats
Copyright, 1^07              /__!____
\>y /f -7TO "t** " I*M Y
The wool in'otir clothing does  not eome—   {{
no part of it—from  the cotton fields.     Many a lamb
has had his  fleece  shorn   for the benefit of our cut-   ,,
We  try  to  sell  our  customers only such
clothing   as   wc   ourselves  know   to be good.    The    {
cloth is   all   right:   the fit is all right; the price is all     j
Then   the  Carter  Hat and a pair of   Foot-
rite Shoe will make your dress complete.
Fit ReformVC loth ing.
rsTAni imii ii igsi
b. e. walker, Prfsident I Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD,General Manager    Reserve Fund,    -     6.000,000
! In this Hank arc a most convenient
I hey  arf i-N'-uri! in denominations of
Tbe new Travelin- Cheques recently
way In which lo carry m.Mi.-v when travel  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
$10,   $20,  $50.  $100 and  $200
and th« exArt amount payable in   Anniria.   Belgium,   llcninark, France,
Germany. <>icat Britain, Holland, Italy. Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland  ia Slated en tlie face  of each  cheque,  while  in other  i oimlrie..
tbey mre payable al currenl rates,
The chequci and a',1 information rej;ar,lititj them may be obtained at every otter
ot the  Hank.
Nova Scotia Legislates Votes
It Down
Hui. i April -.•-.— lhe prohibition resolution introduced in the
Provincial   Legislature ten d.iya agu
and  which   hal   been   the   subject   ol
almost continuous debate since wheu
put to a i te mi' li -t by 22 to s. The
five members ol tbi Opposition vuted
[or tbe resolution and three members
ol the Government party came over,
making tight all  told.
The reeolation not only asked for i
Incal prohibitory law, but thai the
machinery lor enforcement be enacted
ami that ihe  Federal government be
mem, riali/.etl tu amend its legislation
tu prevent the importation uf liquor
into the provinoe.
Will Delay Bill
Ottawa,   April   28.—The special
committee which has had under cou-
■ideratinn the llaylight Saving hill haa
decided to repnrt tO the huuac in favor
ut lhe proposal tu move  all  clocks  in
Canada ahead Inr an hint during   the
summer muiiths.     Hundreds of com-
niiinicatiuiis have poured in approving
the principles nf the bill,  whilo only
a few ubjectiona   have   been received.
Kndoraatiun ol the strongest kind has
OOme from  British Columbia, particularly from   Nelsou   and other   mountain,  .-    distriots    where    last   time
would be an advantage    Owing to the
Ideairt. (o rush hnsiness, it is not likely
; thnt any efTort  will   he  made   to put
I the measure 11,tough the   huuaa   this
ITCB1     ,    Al
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc.
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Pr.ctice in Pateni
I md   befoie    Raitwa)
Coin   lissi
I i t . ■ .- -  ■
i *.
.     I1L1LI.
STOKE, 11. I
: ■     . '
. -   ..   .- _- oae
Geo, 8, Mi'. AKiKii
A.   il.   l'i.Mili.l..l
il.-.. .-_,., •■
i raiibrook, 1! I'.
J. A. ll.invKV,
L'ruiibrouk, n. C.
Il.uii-i. i
-  Iii inn
s li. itoi fori
Till'- < ANAUl IS H
111!     MoLI
I |i;>1 ST-,   .   KKVELSTOK
IK  CiiMMKUI'l-:
Hank, Eti .
ivincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Sutveyor
Ml Kl-.Ni'.IK   AVK.M  I .
JjuX   ll* i,   IlK\ __XBTO.CE
c. w. o   w
Mountain  View Camp   No
MceU!   gi   ond   and   K urtli   JVedno
Selkirk  Hall.   Visum
men cordiallj invited ioatieml.
IV   li   UtMSTKONG, Con. Com
J    Ml IM Villi,   Clerk.
ays ii
» uoil
■ ■
Five Roomed House
Stt u
Second Street
Third Street
Fourtii Street
$15.00 per month
$25 00 per month
$25 00 per month
sumption every time n prominent
case is thrust forward under the
limelight of investigation.
or da
Seven Roomed House, Third Street, Price $3,000.
Corner Lot 50x100. Central location. We have also a
lot of other Dwelling Houses and Building lots, which it
would be well for intending purchasers to look into.
F. O. E.
a   ....   ".:■•""       ■'■'—:
'*"«      '        ' ,,':o    'PEES.DBNT.
tt. K.'llrLil i  BUN,SEi i.i-iu.i.
Kootenay Lodge
.  A;:i^\
15. A  F. & A. M
Tho ,
>», MASllMi 'IhMI'l.l'.
Tfl O.I,Hull.,iv-  Hall, id
rj tlm Um,I Mumlaj in
■r..        .,      ,,     „,     _,
fKUCUKIEH, SkckktarV.
Hei '   ovory Tliurs
. ,,   eveuiug  In   So;
kliirl Hull ai So'elooli
IVisitiug !ir.,!l,r,ii, ure
.1 IS   MATHIE -I'
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.
No. 26,   Revelstoke, B. C.
except i n.i.t Weduesda, ..    ,o    iddlellow
HhII    at    B   "'.'I 'ck.    * iHitin
Knights are oordlallj. invited.
SMITH, l . i
.,. H   BKOI 'i   K. ol  I!   ,!. ■-
J. !!. SCOTT, Jl.
nf F
Zbc JflDafMfoeralb
j1 L s:
There Is bo much bHd iu the best o! u. .
a        . mo ■_: goo i lo che worat nf us,
That it hardly behoove- ai.y of a
I ■   tbout Uie re-t of as.
the city ol   Revelstoke  is
■   ■     enter   upon  a peri"'l of
progress, develo] mi nl ind prosper
ity ;. ' uex] erii nci I ,- a pn
dictii  . "•      li   Q ■    i" made with
fear I   it 1 iture even'- n
-   .   ii   be I in During tin
bi    ity's existi i
• --     -.•! ..  i    its  pui
railway   division il
.   '
tered th<
; •   .   tt   ' I    '   01
of eve:.'- .-       ■ '    that
.  '
-    f I
flood leads oi
The  :.    lr;       .'■■■    thi
ir.iu-    ntinenl
-    .   '     : ■ . .-    . iast   i-
indicativi      I I    I   th it there
urging the  advantages  and claims
of the cily    to    recognition   should
cease.     On  the  other hand, these
very   im'ln should   add   power to
tlieir efforts  and faith to their undertakings,      Lying,   as   the   city
does, in a rich basin of the Columbia   ami   mi    a   direct line from n
given |iuiiii mi either of the through
lines from the  north to the coast—
a line which would   open tip prac-
tically virgin   territory—the place
uf this  half-way Btation is unique.
Moreover, no matter what terminals
may be   established  on the I'acilic
coast Vancouver   must   for   many
veins continue   to be lhe objective
point of  all transcontinental lines,
Tu reach it by   the  shortest   route
from the nnrtli with  the added ad-
viintiiee iii   developing  vast virgin
tributary soil would   appear to be
itn   ambition  worthy ol nny great
railway corporation,     We are not
surprised   therefore   that the facts
and   ligures laid   befure the   president   of   the   Canadian   Northern
railway company   by   the railway
committee of the Revelstoke Board
of Trade should appeal to the company and   bring  forth promises of
close investigation,     While   short
lines, already chartered and under
construction   may   be   run   from
Vancouver   to   the    Similkaineen
and Okanagan   districts  these can
never serve the country m u whole
as would be done   in the case of   a
branch of a through   line from the
Great   Lakes  and  it is in no sense
an   obstruction   to   their progress
that such   a   line   as the latter is
The opposition   press of the pro
viiii'e    has    found    in certain
ments of the Premier the cover!
intimation that the legislative
assembly may soon be dissolved
and an appeal made lo ihe country
by the   government  on   a rai
y       rhe   govt ri u enl
du no: deny   the impi
that, in   lie    , '   ■
■    ;
■  -        ;, imber bu
, irder-i n ■
I ible the I
not   (ar
navy stand out, but upon bntb
tliese questions the House seems to
have reached a tacit understanding,
in the lirst instance to grant the
loan since the country is helpless
to do otherwise, and, in the second
to delay action until tlie will of the
Mother country can be definitely
Beyond these features of the pro-
longed session lhe thing wbicli
will strike the casual rentier us
most impressive is the persistent
recurrence of charges of irregularities in the various departments us
ii result of which moneys are diverted from lhe public treasury to
the pockets of parliamentary hangers-on and political hucksters.
Last year the dome of the parlia-
nient buildings rang with denunciation of the Norlh Atlantic Trading
Company's purchasing scandals
lhe London election scandals and
alleged land scandals in the northwest. This year the attempt was
made tu impeach Hun. William
Pugsley, minister of public works,
because of a transaction shady to
say the least—in which the attempt
was nuiili! to implicate the minister.
A contractor named McAvity whose
tender for some dredging was fifty
cents per cubic yard applied to
Hon. Mr. Pugsley for a lift to obtain the con tract. Ile was advised
to see one Ames who, in turn asked
him why uot charge titty-live cents
a yard. The upshot of the ileal
was iii! agreement between Aine?
and McAvity by which the latter
paid the former live cents per yard
on all dredging and excavating
done by him. The total amount
if 15, I.      In addition to
Announcement was made lust
week in the const papers that important consultations were in pro-
press between Mr. William Whyte,
second vice-president of the C.P.R.
and Air. 11. M. Palmer, deputy
minister of agriculture with other
members of the government and
ollicials of fruit selling organizations at the coast. The object of
these consultations was said to be
to discuss schemes for the inuugur-
atinn of a system of refrigerator
storage for lhe quartering and
shipment uf fruit products. No
information was given to the press
as to the decisions of the conference
but it mny be assumed that with
the C.P.R. taking a vital interest
in the matter and the government
lending the smile of its approbation to projects of this kind something will come uf it. On the
whole, while co-operative schemes
have an advantage over no methodical procedure at all it must he
apparent that any project of stilli-
cient magnitude to interest the
ollicials of the C.P.R. and obtain
the ear of the government will
mean much for both the shippers
and purchasers of fruit. We shall
awuit with keen interest the announcement of the maturity of the
plan. lt would seem as though
these corporations were about to
say to the grower: "Vou raise the
fruit and we will look after your
marketing." Properly done, that
will be a big thing for the country.
In view nl the numerous
letters of enquiry that arc being received from different
residents of this riding whose
names are at present being advertised as to be struck off the
Voter's List on the score of
non-residence, the Conservative Association wish to state
most emphatically they have
not entered a single objection,
and that the list as advertised
contains names objected to by
representatives of the. Liberal
XV. \V. FoBTEB, President, A. E. Kin-
CA)n, H. J. MoSorlev, A. McLean, Vice Presidents.
duplicate Certificate of Title for
Lots 1. 2nnd 8, Block Wl, Town
of Revelstoke (Map 038),
it is my intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the lirst
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above
mentioned lots in the name of Dennis
McCarthy, which Certificate is tinted
the 5lh of Decern Iter, 11)015, and
numbered U34HD.
11. R. JORAND,
Distriel Registrar.
Happenings  Throughout Week
in B. C.
The steamer R.uiioua, which for
many years has dune excellent duty us
a packet steamer un the Eraser plying
between Stevenston, Ladners, New
Westminster and Chilliwack has made
her last run as she struck a -mag
opposite Wharton's landing on Thtirs-
ila) and was punctured uut uf coni-
mission. Ttie injury tu the hull make
recovery impussible.
Stuart Hendersun, M. P. P., b«8
taken un uptiun un a large area of
coal measures on the North Thompson river, near Kamloops, and the
lirst payment was made last week. It
is reported that His Honor the Lieut-
Governor is behind the deal.
Tue Wheel Tamar mine, six mileB
south ol Kamloops, is being worked
with double shifts hB a line seam ol
rich cupper ure has been lucated on
the 200 foot level.
The mines of Rossland are employing at present S66 men and the pay
roll per mon h is $58,000. In 1906
the average number employed was
777 men and in IHU8 it was something
nver 800 lur the year.
The City   uf Cranbrnuk   has   let  a
Land Registry Ollice,
Nelson, li. C, March .'
Ten China Dinner Sets
Monthly for Users of
Royal Standard Flour
Every 491b. sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving our mills
contains a numbered coupon entitling the person who holds it to a
chance to be one of the lucky persons who win one of the handsome
china dinner sots given away each month. Tho duplicates of these
coupons are placed in a receptacle and ten are drawn eacli month.
Thero is no better llour in existence for bread making than
Royal Standard Flour. It is rich in color, pure, strong, delicious and
nutritious, In using Royal Standard Flour you get the best flour
value money will buy. In gathering coupons you run one chance in
ten each month to Becure a handsome prize.
The lucky numbers will be inserted in this space the first issue
of each month.    Watch for them.
I, 1900.
Revelstoke Cricket Club
Season 1000
All who wish In be members nnd tu
he Included in the list of players, are
reiruested to send their names at once
in VV. II. HUMPHREYS, Hon. Secy.,
P. O. Box Till.
Membership I'Ve $5.
ap 10-iuy
Maonfaotuted for nil classes of buildings
fur sale in largo nr amall quantities
at the lowest prices for cash.
AU kinds u[ butldlug and pla-ticring
.io    12000   had   been paid tuicuntract   fur   the   erection  uf   a   new
Mr.   Pugsley   iur what service not
- ate i       rhe  persistent • lamor of
•i i- : ..-   ii,   investi-
. : ' be min-
school to co-t $37,978. Construction
is to ne commeuced at unce the Fernie
0 oBtruction Company being the cun-
t ' I    '    : -
J. D. Farrell, uf Seattle, representing
tue H.irr.iniii interests in the I'acilic
-■ ited emphatically in
Vancouver a lew days agn mat the
H in ,:. - -' , will tie extended lo
V.u.r i:t-r being  "nu object-
ive | vbicl   no transcontinental
ere ws -, itford to overlook." The
t be tied up   ..ith   the
I   P I:
„  transportatio     ■   ' !  ' he Vt0
hannelsol '
■   ■'■ ■ lh i   the  "*-v
,■■■ ■       ,:.    ich event no pai
ini • oi   British  <   ilumhia n II
naffecti ' :.■     b inge, an .
centei    it li   -I must
fee, the tbi :.   ' the ni n
But  lhi .,. position ol
ReveUl    ■   ■       :      it it is all bin
impost bli       at   tin
escapi    i in._.'.'. i- impetus from lhi
events wl ran
-•piling Ji will nol l e alone because the in en inn.: : lhe il
desire this oi that, or hi i a use tin
Board ol 11 ide is active
lhe attention of railwaj magnate*
tn ti,. 11. •- thai things must begin
to come tin- w.i;. It will be because time and nature, frum ages
Immemorial have prepared tho
wav though we du not mean thai
activity Btrenuoui acli i il j on
lhe   pari   uf   those  in teres led   in
ition t" parsin on
heme v
rl   line   from    the
;•-., .....  .
by tbe Bo ird   ;' I rade   houl I bave
,i large p] ice and tils
!•■ uj. j-.. nj    ho      ..... ih
• • an effoi i    lo   i in.  I   tin
|. ithiee ol   thi     ot erntnei I in   ui I,
a projei i musl he ti mel     nd re nil
with good effect
I'arliamonl at • Ittawa i nearing
prorogation without anything vet)
romarkable having ben accomplished. The additional loan to the
i.i. nd 11link Paoific and ihe do-
bate on ihe question ol contribti
lion lu lhe support of the imperial
I..Wil     lb'
■   ei      •,
eir .li ■. from
hs nd i ..'in:i n to g
know rhe repeated pi
of raki        . ommissioi
he .       ■..
the fetlera i   de| artmenl
lo in pi re   ni i li	
integrity of   the rolal
the deparl mente   tnd i beir fi i
i bal   .,     ) '.ui  nf graft  i- being
carefully     engineered    ii   hi
question     thai   ii  ih extending il
ramifii alion   ii equally pateni and
thii musl be  bees ti e ol   a sense of
confident e felt by the grnftori thai
theii   mn Ifon iai i o   will seoure the
protection uf tlm House,    Ami the
HoilSU   seems   tu   warrant Hiicli iih-
. ii.inngi.     f  Van-
■ ■-   trrested   late  I isi   w<ek
efmuding bis creditors
I bi -   .... a nderson, ai ,1
.ms   taal   Cavalmj
uld   h
creditors f .r i In
■ it,-     He . .- released
I ft . i i.'      iri    [ age,
i -   and   i...■«  Preseott
....    il   I isi ivi ry dona
mbu   ,,,   i
First class  Wurk   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Auction SaL
I hi r< will be offered fur sale by
Publio Auction on the premises known
us Fleming's Livery at the City uf
Revelstuke 00
S Tuesday, April 27th
at 10:30 in the forenoon
ill ihe stock ol liorieSjhsrness, slei«hs,
ivaggons, buggies nnd Implements and
itber artioles covered liy assignment,
*    list Ol    which enn    lie   seen   at the
ullice ul the Assignee,
I hi > appropriati
,. i x 111.
bi m   tab        tnd   they
(bl   . i tbe
ii)     He-,
. Igbl »h y
ilaba iwail
:      ■ mor
(*gi      i   tbi    ■ ■, ,1  Krmn
■ rai um of h rics mil    I
'•i I   the   l'..ri i.n 'i   Kios
, ./,   Portland   l in-i{. n,
ited in    \ uncouviti   anil   h I
ingementi inith  tin   '  I' H
f.r h    . -.       108 feet of fr mtngi   ,,
i' r R main line on  I' illri ad  •
. _,..,t .,i Oore avenue
Term'. Cash
C. Holten, Assignee.
i       hum it Ma t Com i hh
i       i n. osrtlfy ilinl l will not be
respnli  ible   lor   any  del.Is  conl i Mii ,1
by  Mih    .1. A   Leslie
I      \.   Ll  Ml .
Ill vi bloke, April 28, moo,
cheapest in the
ena because ft
wears lonqtot
Tevi* tfttotm. C. est.
T.mttr.. It..
Make Your Home Beautiful
with une ul our handsome parlor Bits,
upholstered in high grade silk, nr
damask, with (mines thai are in every
oonceivable design, and made to wear
indefinitely. We nave many new and
beautiful parlor sets aududd pieces fur
beautifying the home that are tasteful, effective and inexpensive, and will
slimv yuur riinms tu the best advantage.
Big Discoun
on all
ash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
A     P
'*%**'»'%*******/%%%'%%%%%%'*%''%/%/%%*% 1
,  r.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.
i HKAD OFFICIO :   Caloarv,   Ai.iikkta.
i Wholesale and Retail Meat Merohants
0 Pork Packers nnd Dealers III Live Stuck. Mnrkels in all the prinei
• pal Cities and Tuwns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
i Packers of the Celebrated Brand " I in pern lot" Hams and Bacon,
\ 'and "Shamrock" Brand Leal' Lard. \
L*'*%/V%'%^.«*'%**%«/%'*/V%%.%«'%***%%%%%% *5
Import direct from country
of origin.
_B. O.
Central Hotel
N'ewly built.       Kirnl-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Ham pie Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day,    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBERT     STONE      PEOP.
Queens ftotel
Mest brands ol Wines, Liqtiorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
._- * fi;
™        These destroyers oannot live whoro trees have been treated with     ™"^
Pear Might. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San .Ime Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Luuse and Sun Scald. THE COST IS VKUV SMALL. It will
nut wash otf. One application protects for twn yeais. Wai nock's Tree Paint
is not an experiment, It has stoud tho test for six years in all parts of tho
United States, lt is an absolute preventative and cine for Pear Blight. We
invite investigation.    The Arkansas Experimental Station bus used this tree
Saini for three > ears.   November, 1907; Ihey puichrsed 50 gallons for free
istribution aiming leading orchards.     Send for  16-page free booklet lo
G. B. LAWES, Enderby, B. C, Sole Manufacturers for B. 0.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
Seeds fur the Farm, Garden, Lawn or Conservatory, Tested stock frnm
lhe lies! growers in England, France, Holland,
United Slate-., Oanada.
Flint ami Ornamental
Trees. Small Fruits, English Hollies. Grown in
the unly part of American
Continent not infested
with the San Josh scale.
Our trees do not have In
be fumigated and conse
quently damaged.
140 Page Catalogue Free
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Houses and Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Road
Certificate of Improvt ments
Dominion Mineral Claim, situate  in
the Trout Lake Mining Division uf
West Kootenay District.
Where located: -Rapid Creek.
Take notice that I. Catherine Maud
Kraser, Five Miner's Certificate No, B
94293, intend, sixty days from the date
hiueof, lo apply to the .Mining Recorder fur 11 Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
befure the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated  this  22nd day of   February,
A.D. 1999.
mny 12       CATHERINE M.U'I> FltASBB
Notice of Dissolution
the partnership beretoforeexjsling between the iiinlei signed us cigar manufacturers at Revelstoke. II. C, under
the name of the Union Cigar Factnry,
has been dissolved by mutual consent.
The business will in future be carried
on bv James Walker, whu assumes all
liabilities of the partnership and whu
is entitled to receive payment uf all
sums due and payable to the partner-
Dated April Hid, 1000.
1H. A. Brown,
UA8.  W.U.KKIt.
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto aud Qalilteo wiuoral claims, situate Io
tlie Trout  Lake Hiding  Division ol West
Kootonay Dlstriot.
Where   located;   On  Divide betweenCaaoado
aud Poplar Uroeks and aboul If mile from
A-A K. Railway.
Taieuotice that  I, O. B> N, Wilkie,acting as
agent for Edward Baillie, Free Miuer's t ertiti-
cato No. B8880S, intend,  sixty   day?   from date
hereof, to apply to the ftUiuug Recorder tot a
Certificate ol tmproTemonta. for ihe purpose of
obtaining a Grown Grant of fhe above claims.
Aud further   tnke   notice that action,  under
section BTi must l>e commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Ith day of March, A.D , HHK».
fob 24 Trout Lake.
Notice is hereby given that, at lhe
expiration of three months from date
hereof, application will be luadi to His
Honour, the Lieutenant (loveinor-in-
Council for an Order in Oouncil change
ing the name uf Wonlsey, LeFeaux fi
Cumpany, Limited, to ".Lefeaux &
Sutherland, Limited."
Daled this Sib day of February, 1909,
Hakvky, McCaktkk fi Pinkham,
Solicit ors for the said Company.
may 2
Revelsluke Lund District.
Distriel ol West Kooteuav
Take notice that 1. John 11. Selkirk,
Agent, uf Vancouver, B.C., intend to
apply to the Commissioner ol Lands
ntnl Wurks for permission to purchase
the following described lands:
Beginning at a pusi planted about
iM ohains east of tbe north east corner
uf Timber Limit No. 121.111, on Upper
Arrow Lake, Wesi Knuleiuty. running
west SO chains, ihence north 80 chains,
Ihence cast 00 chains, thence suutb 10
chains, thence   oust   20 chains, tbenee
Nouth 20 chains to poini of commencement,
Dated April 7th, 1009.
Revelstoke Land Distrlet,
District nf West Kunlenay.
Take Nolice that I, A.W. Dickiustin,
nl Arrowhead, B.C., occupation. lumberman, thirty days after dale intend
to apply fur permission to purchase
Ihe following descrilied land:
Commenolng al a pnsl planted on
lake shine, at the iini.theast eurner uf
lut 7006 and marked "A. VV. Dickinson's Northwest Ootner," thence south
10 chuins, east 10 cliains, north 40
uhalns, west 40 chains, following Ink
shore in pin if commencement,
I lal ed 7th,  1009.
Ap. iii. a. w. Dickinson,
Further Investigate
Fire Insurance Co.
81 ST.   0ECEMHUI,   1'dOS
Security Fop Policy Holders
Paid on stuck . .$ 311,400 00
Bal, uncollected 1'.8,470 00
Guvernment requirement,. 192,608 03
Balance at cradit      24,!)7ti 29
Total Security $375,584.32
(ESTABLISHED half A century)
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
TiXI'ERlENCED WAITRESS wanted,  $30  per uinuth, must'be experienced—Halcyon Hut Springs.
tiOR SALE—A Six-roomed cottage,
1     apply R. N. Doyle. tf
JlOR SALE—Simpson's mill ,site
Galena Bay, Arrow Lakes 320,
acres, half mile water frontage, best
mill site on the Arrow Lakes. Fnr particulars apply tn XV. A, Smyths, Bevelstoke, B. O.
FOR SALE-Oue ilu/.en thoroughbred White Leghurus. wilh Cockerel, Mam hard's strain; 2 dozen Brown
Leghorns, with Cockerel, Morgan's
stiiiin. Apply 01' address J. A. MORGAN, Box 227, Revelsluke, B, C.
FOR HALE—Four acres of rich land
cleared, fenced and planted in
led clover; only 75 feel frum cily limits
electric light and water mains; on main
iiiad lo cily: valuable pruperly; suitable for market garden niresidenial
purposes; owner must sell; price $1,000
Apply Mail-Herald ullice.
WANTED—Experienced first-class
himbeimiiu wants employment
as travelling salesman, nr any position
of t rust witli lumber concern, Apply tu
"Successful," Mail-Herald, Revelstuke.
inch 27
WANTED—Position us  yard fore
iiiiiii or edgerinan by first-class
lumberman.    Apply tn   "Faithful,"
1009. Mail-Herald. Revelstuke.
Wallied a  woman  to clean offleis
apply Canadian Bank uf Commerce. 11
IjlOR SALE—Two beilruiiin suites,
' one Doherty organ in piano case,
and other household articles. Apply
A. Oarinichltel. McKenzie ave.
FOR SALE-Safeand Cash Register
Second   hand.     Cheap,— Apply
Box 014, City. ap 10 It
IjlOR SALE—Four 1 acre lots, OUOxliti
' feet, ten minutes walk from pust
ntlice, fenced and cleared fur sale, price
$250 per acre—$100 down, $100 in three
months, $7,1 in six months. Suit.ible
for home, market, or fruit. Apply lo
WANTKD—Edgerman   and Setter
for  circular  mill.    Apply Lee
Lumber Co., Wigwam, B, C.
WANTED—Planet band, able to
handle 13 inch match lumber,
nnd make moulding. Apply Lee Lumber Cu,, Wigwam, B. C.
young.    XV. E. Smythe, Box 706,
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take uutice that Julia A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
w'liuuii, intend to apply for permission
to purchase lhe fullnwing described
Commencing ni a pust planted at
south-east  corner of  Lot 8800, thence
west   10  chains, thenee suutb 7 chains
more or less to lake shore, thence along
lake shore lo polnl of commencement.
Dated Hid April, 1009.
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given that the partnership   heretofore   existing between
tbe undersigned K.J. Branfnrd, Frank
Hill ami A. Wallace Dickinson, carrying uu business as B.J, Biauford & Cu.
us freighters and packers at Oamborne
and   Beaton, B. ('., has this day   been
dissolved by mutual consent, 'Ibe said
A,  Wallace Dickinson retiring from
the said  tinu and the said E. J. Bran-
ford   and   Frank   Hill continuing the
business under the same name nf K. .1.
Briinfuril fi Co.
Dated April 141 h, 1009,
K. J. BitASionii.
A. xv. Dickinson,
ap II my fi      FRANK III).)..
Eggs for Hatching from Thoroughbred Birds
While  Leghorn    from    Hi.unbinds
hi rain.
Brow i Leghorn from Morgan's strain,
Rhode Island Reds in.ui Miller's strain
A sel I iug ul 1,11'niin any nf the abuve
■trains fJ,   Apply rn address
.1. A. MiiRi.AN.
Dux iii, Revelsluke, li. C,
; 0BB*tiP^    I    I      I
* LO I.
Take your choice of the
'Purity" Family
SIZES differ, but quality is the same
Highest grade in the world.
"More Bread and better Bread"
Purity trade-mark guarantees
satisfaction or your money back.
Millt«tSi.Bo.ii.__ct, Ollice,
GoSerich. Brindon     Winnipeg  M.n
STfi :.<v / Z>\   a
Si..J:i;-,..,-,.;..->iA C__».,..i".:'J%..".,r.,toa^ C—-_■'-: ' ■■.-.'■■-jfv;—-»
7 Pounds      14 Pounds      24 Pounds        49 Pounds
98 Po
Indications Point to Busy Industrial Season.—Enlargement of C.P.R. Shops—Mills
Rushed With Summer Orders.
The approaching summer promises
to be one ol the busiest from every
industrial standpoint thut Kevelstoke
has experienced for some time and the
citizen who lives quietly in the midst
ul what is guing ou will no doubt be
startled at Ihe cumulative evidence of
the strides that are being made in the
sphere ol the business ot the citv.
Chief among the announcements
which promise big things for Ktvel-
stoke is that of the C.P R. that the
oompany will prepare tu handle a
Urge perceutsge ol the wheat shipments ul the prairies, sending the
cereals hy way ol Vancouner and
Pacilic Coast ports. For years the
C.P.K. has had siteB selected in Vancouver upon which to erect elevators
for the storage aud shipment of wheat,
lor, farseeing as that company is, it
has lung been evident thata large part
of the wheat transportation muBt be
diverted from the lake routes and be
sent by way of the CoaBt. The lurther
announcement by several extensive
grain dealers in Calgary and other
prairie points that in case the C. P. R.
postponed the erection ol elevators
they were themselves prepared to do
au at once, leaves no doubt ss to the
intention uf the shippers to Uoe tLe
short route to the salt water and
thence to fureign murk. Is. The ti ual
assurance of Mr. XV. Whyte, second
vice-president ol lhe C.P.R , has, however, ubviatid the assumption uf the
task and the investment involved in
such au undertaking by private dealers and the big company will handle
tbe grain.
Wherein the announcements are of
supreme interest to Revelsluke lies in
the f ict that auy cuusiderable diversion ol the wheat trallic through the
mountains will necessitate a very cuusiderable increase in the hauling and
rolling stock of the transpnrtatiuu
company. Such an increase will
involve not only the supposition hut
the sale that very largely
increased r pair wurk will be necessary
to keep the rolling stock iu order, and
as llevelstnke is in the very heart
of the mountains the natural conclusion would be that the major portion ol such repair work must gravi-
tate to thia point. In such event the
enlargement ol the local shops and
the employment ul an increased furce
ol men must fulluw, all oi which will
tend materially tu the permanent
upl uililinfr ot the city Whether the
advantages will be it'll iu their luluess
this year need nut be discussed. The
increa-ing   trallic,  unce  the   western
route is established, will bring with it
each .in added increment frnm
haulage and »..rk thut will hecume a
Cuutiniiiius suurce of revenue tu the
Apart Irom these issues the city
itsell promises to be this year a veritable hive ol industry. There are nine
sawmill- within a radius ol less than
lurty miles and tliese have all a
plethora of urders for the summer
trade, some even having to refuse
heavy urders Irom prairie ouatoineis.
The increase ol industry in the mills
will neceiaitate the enlargement of
mill gangs and this in turn will react
upon Revelstoke which is the base ul
eupplies. Lugging camps also will be
mure severely taxed and these will
c. ntribute tbeir i|tiota to the general
business prosperity ol the town. In
addition tu these, twu muiiiilaciui'ii.'s—
sash and duur lacturiea—will keep
large crewa at wurk and furm nu small
part "I the industrial activity ol the
Within the city tbe laying ol sewers
will keep cniiMantly employed a large
lores nl men whu might otherwise
have tu Icsve home lu  teuk  prulitable
wurk fur the Bummer.
Mure than all these, the amount nl
building guing on within the city is a
surprise to those not familiar with the
growth of the town. More houses are
being erected this summer than for
many yeara ard this unmistakably
indicates an increase in the population aa well aa the improvement of the
conditions under which the old-timers
OutBide Ihe city the government
is furnishing kudos for a str , force
of men, whose prosperity will reflect
upon the material good of the business
of the city. The building ol the
bridge across the Columbia is not an
insiguilicant task and, buth in tlie
matter uf supplies fur the structure
itself, and lhe men whu are building it
will give added impetus tu many lines
of commerce.
The expenditure of a reasonable sum
by the government in the improve
ment of old roads und the building nf
new unes and uf trails will also iadi-
iate Irum Revelstuke as the centre of
operations and authority.
All these when taken together constitute a catalogue uf activities which,
while nut promising to bourn Revelstuke, give the spirit of optimism to ita
business men und bring the cheer ul
old times to the hearts ef old residents.
The general prosperity of the province
could not isolate the city, which must
take its place and secure its share in
the forward movement which is nuw a
readily recogtii/ed feature of provincial
development. With its natural resources and the business ability with
which these are being developed tbe
outlook for a aeasun ul unusual pros
perity is opening belure the city The
Autumn season will tind Revelstoke u
mucb more wealthy aud contented
boruugb thau it is today,
is called iu the Hnesl garden and
building  Luis iu I be city, ju-l
North of the C.P.R, track
Prices   Away   Below   Assessed
Value and   Only   a   Few   Left
For particulars writs
Revelstoke Realty Company, Limited
Before the First of May, two six-
rotimed bouses, in Revelstuke, with
two acrea ol land each; including, if
wiinted, horse und rigs and ull gulden
tools. Situated west of C.P.K. truck-
Lower town.    Apply to
Ic Box 236, Revelstoke.
Mill Wood
Reduced Prices
Now  is  the time to order ynur mill
wood.    Five loads and nver
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   at   any point   between Mill
und Kootenay Street.
Kiln Dried Kindling $2.50 a load
Order at ullice ol
Bowman Lumber Co'y.
Grand Trunk Pacific Rushing
-    Ahead With Construction
Winnipeg, Man., April 2S.—No time
will be lust in ennstructfug the branch
line prujected by tbe If rand Trunk
Pacilic according to a statement made
he.-e hy Edison J. Chamberlain, general manager uf the cumpany.
Between Winnipeg and the Pacilic
Cuasl there remains but 200 miles of
the main line lo be put under contract and a portion uf this will he let
before the end ul the year. Mr.
Chamberlain is confident that trains
will be running between Edmonton
and the Great Lakes in time to assist
in handling the crop ol 1000 despite
all press reports to the contrary uud
work  will   be   rushed   westward   (rum
Active ciuikI i net inn will be startid
within a lew weeks uu thu brunch line
to run northwards from Melville,
.Sask., and  another   Irum   that   town
s nub lo Rcgina ami the international
boundary, and Mr. Chamberlain stalls
a portion ol the ateel un these new
branches will be laid this year. Ile
alsu said the cumpany has  decided   tu
build a branch line northwesterly Inun
Melville to Prince Albert ami surveys
fur this line are nuw being made. This
line, it is expected, will eventually be
extended Irum I'liucc Alberl in a
nurthwcsterly direction, tapping the
vast mineral resources nf the far nurtb
aud Peace River country. .This will
give live lines radiating .ul ul Melville
befure the beginning ol 1910,
Mr. Chamberlain stated that fully
110,000.000 will be spent un the aot Ual
cunstructitin by tbe company in West>
cm Canada this year, and every effort
will he made tn get. as much mileage
in operation Ibis year us possible
uwing   to   lhe   influx   ul     American
settlers requiring railroads and the
active cunipctitinn ul the other railroad syste US now building in Western
W.  J. Curtis, piano tuner, will be
in the city abuut S6th April. Unlets
lell with it, HoWSOO or Revelstuke
General Agencies will receive prompt
altentiun, Id
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds of shingles,  bul  Lhe beal
roof-covering that any inun ran topi
off with is a.
Fire Insurance Policy
in a reliable company.    Bo thai it tbi
liie-liend lays  homo  ill  ashes,   In
gets dollar for dollar without delav.
Can the manufacturers of shingle*
oiler a kind to beat tbis ?    If not  in
sureil, let us Bhlugle yiilll' roof Tn hA-i
for Tii-.Miiiiitiiu may ho too late.
Lowest premiums in  best cumpanic
ltKAL Estat..; .inu Insuhani k
REVELSTOKE,    U.   0,
BOVRIL Helps Yon to Eat
Because it contains ull the
utiiiiiilnting properties of
beef in a concentrated form.
This excites the appetite^and
inn! i s you hungry.
BOVRIL Feeds Ton
Hccmisc it contains all the
Ml.i.i.i.•'! and Fibrin of the
beef. These arc the vital
nourishing properties which
make ItOVKtl, differ Bo essentially from nil other preparations of meat.
0» not acrtpt tubldtuttt. 1*%
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and  Advertising Rates
r ft -«i
So Clear, So Shining and so E' ident that it
will glimmer through  a   Blind   Man's   Eyi
A Canadian  M ide Writine  Machine
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phono ill)        nun n    MoKon/io Avo
Kor ea •• ■ i ■ ; i lion and
perfection i pro-
'i'-"'1 H>e   " EMPIRE "
The" KM i .i.i     •
im   complii    i I
while   il-    u 1
ment,     margin 1
Autoiuatii  • i lur-
abilitj. visible writing,   i
in it ii i uf  noise   in   operation
make ii  the   typewriter  pur
excellent e,
The " EMPIRE" needs less
eiire than .:. i ther mai bine
hei atise there are fi wer parts
in i.e   ired foi i be
Btrong lines ..i simplii it) lhat
are pari  if I ■   :
The i.I' i; .,.' the
KMI'Mii'       I'ypev in
i -'ci.. ml...... . lhe
number,   and   now have   in
oon ■ .'.: ■ 700
nf th.-.' ii..
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
inu! mi . .im ational institutions of Canada
The  Price
\   ...   Wish   Goods   .ii   bargain   priees.      Victoria    Lawns,   special  at    I2^c.
White Wai     .       nd Cross-bai Muslins at ioe. per yard and up.     Pretty  Muslins  in
■_.,  telling'al i-    c.   per  yard.      English Gignhams and Galateas
: ..    pe   i   .-.I      \'e\v Whitewear in skirts,   gowns,   corset
in   men and boys' wear—
I ie ,   new   Gloves,   new
... ir, etc. Bo it and Shoe Department—
spring styles ivill he of special interest to ever* woman.
Heal Estate, Insurance anil Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Bents Collected. Loans Notary Public
) 0<KKKH>O<><><H><><HH><KK><>0<><><X> <
o  ; Milliner)   Department is al   its   best   now.     Vou cun depend upon seeing the
■ to-date modes and the very  latest   styles.     This   dcpartmenl   is   under   the
pervision of Miss McKenney, while her skill and   experience  should  be a  suflicicnt
• iarantee io one and all.
Pure Drugs
,. ■ ■ ini . i-ith caieful
compounding, prompt
delivery and reasonable
price- ire the
which have built up our
business tu ii- present
immenee p r npurtions,
Bring ■ nu i i «t pn
Bcriptiim here if you
■van! satisfactory n suits
Macdonald's Drug Store
Local and General.
Moving Pictures tonight,
■ | ; irinda pers house, Mny Tib.
A! a meeting of the Revelstoke
Cricket Cluh held on Monday evening
Mi. a. i,. Brooker was appointed
jeer, ■ try | relieve Mr. VV.H. Humph-
reyB| ,.."..- ted Mr. Humphreys has
held tbe i osition lor years.
!■ ll. Ebert, ol St. I'sul arrived in
tbe city last week to take the manage-
raent ol the business ut Ihe Kwilt
Packing Company in the interiorol
t nice.    Mr.  Ebert  expects  to
become a reasonably permanent resi
dent of Revelstoke and will bring his
family tu live lure in the curse of a
:eiv week-.
rhe midweek service nl  the  Mcth-
church        this     Wednesday )
. veiling   will   open   .it   7:30   instead
il st 8 i 'clock and close sharp at 8:25
to make way fur the meeting of tbe
Quarterly Official Board, The pusi..r
liopes fer s full representation nt the
B. ard meeting, lt is the last meeting of the  Board  iur  the Conference
■ ■.:
There »<   . large atteudauci  at thi
!.':_.- i    Parloi   ile itre   last nigbl to
-   ess thi gram oi   new pict
This   was exci ptiouslly
:  ,- | .      ■ .reeled tin
•  in   in   the   more   comic   parts.
iVhile all   tbi       ■■     ■       ippreoiated
L dozen irisii
,. -   was I   idly appls ided   l'lic sami
.:. • ii  b   eight with a
. • n2:  iii Friday -mil Bstur-
i •;•■
.- :   -     ricki    natel
.   .••■•- -'.
.    • Big
' ptsim
.   '
•  '
fall nnil inspect our slock of Onion Sets and Onvden Seeds of all kin.
None but new seeds kept in stuck
Wr riiiiy n complete line of
stnplc .unl liiii'-v ^foceries, uut]
tan ulVei' ymi Ihe lies! goods .it
i Iir same price us you pay for
hifei ior lines.
< lui' i.ieail, eake and pastry trade
is rapidly increasing, a trial
order Tor any one of the above
will explain why. Our aim Is to
keep only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
tlir   must   important   items
in your business
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
"Florinda" Chorus, 35 girlB, May
The    Revelstoko     Mountaineering
. |
t'lub will make a trip'to Silver Falls
.ni Saturday, Mny Nt, leaving the
poBl office nt II a.m. All members
and friends who can arrange to make
iius trip should do sn. bringing a guud
lunch mul wearing stout walking shoes
Social and Personal
E. dh , ul Vane      er   -
Mrs. .11'-
Saturday, May !-:
b from tbe Uui .
.    ■ - .
Sporting Notes
At   a  baseball   meeting held in the
Y.M.C A.    Monday  it  was decided to
form an Association  Ijneeball League
to be composed ol four teams, namely,
Soots   Greys,   Intermediates,   Kovers,
am!  Business Men.    These teams will
piny n series ol   games f..r tlie Players
cup winch   wns    secured last year and
woo   by   'h"   So i-  Greys      Anyone
this league must
| ll.  :.    . ■ d   that is to
e a i M.i    .    member    Any ;
the notice
' - iei to
town   at  once.
s Wi _■ i .- •
.;       In : Mr.
E. 1.. Barber ol
I   - Ion
: in- iithei
•   .     Red    H    .
:  ■    . In 1860.     Hev        i !
-   ■- '■;     la;
it Ies
■ ■ >
ig in... •
llll    llll     ll     lllll.Ul.  I.
:  ''1 i   '■,    lasl evening by   tbe I idies - — -
.-   (veil   i ugh Operetta by Juveniles
■-  not   i pn : I In   enti rtainmenl which   ia
,is far   ,i-   neatbi i      is      e reokoni . ,:   ,    • ird   ti    with coi     li   tl
■ 1       ■ ■.. production ol tin
-     ;   timi  -v.-  I . .... Dda    by thirl
.    ind   music     I . . ■ „.   ■
Y.M.C.A. Social
pioneer ii
rest, I " t to
Rivi    lettli mi   '     He wai
10 yes .. ' i":   11   "1  hie
i and is sun red bj   Mr«   Bai  ei
..  children
ening   ami
'! ll
,   -cl ie, litlle . tcltemenl   i
,..      .;. ■■ i....- , ,, selec
ted   from   the   married    md  mother
Irom • dies pr "nt    Aftir
i  lil! c intesl   11..'   tingles   won by »
few points ream     i   ee md the
■ - ■ ppi -I   /i  m ••
cepl i mall     sn   yablc   evening   from
i bioh •       dlj .   realized,
li ■ i • |       ,■  hearts   '
I •   •     tcted   by th
u doubly pleasing to tbe adult p i
u!   in"   community      s     di  •
.,,.-   teeing    'Florinda    ai tbs o| i   .
bouse    I- riday    May 7tb     Idmin
,-,n cents   children ilii cents.
Live Stock at A.Y.P
s ill
Ifai k
I uml,.
.  ii.
'A oolso)
last   Saturday  .it the
Vash., April 'ih
lieen promised  to
"**" i be cumplete success ol ths  livi
Di ed "   ,: I he Alaska- Yult n Pacific E
„ rgdjj, ni    .   I   " ■ : '•    'nd  the  affair   will   be  the
important   gathering    .
it. in.. - .-■ ei in-lit ui  the   Wesi
event will be beld   in  i be  exposition
grounds from September 27tb to Oct
7th inclusive.
A widespread Interest has been
created among breoders and dealers
throughout tbe entire United States
and Canada, and several foreign associations nre negotiating with the
niieiii.ii.n nl tending n number ol
priso winners across ihe ocean.
Mrs.   .
family residence at the age of (18 fears
The body was brought to tbe city this
morning nntl interment took |.lnc I Ilu-
afternoon. Religious services were
oohduoteil by Rev. W, I'. Freeman ol
the Baptist church.
There is no gsmblo when you buy
Royal I lousi hold llour      11. lm ■ Btood
I be test .unl Iiii in IH 110 heller. A
cur unloaded at llulinic lirus.
If you want good Potatoes we have
just unloaded a ear. Special prices
for ton lots. Now i.s your chance to
purchase some for seed. Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, Revelstoke. B. C.
'Phone 248
IIHIHII************** *#«•■•* l»****«: **«<•• *•«**«»****:*****•****#**
* 1
I THIS SPACE IS HELD FOR                               f
* i
j JOHN D. SIBBALD        I
I C. P. E. TOWNSITE AGENT                              *
| REAL ESTATE     INSURANCE           LOANS        *
| AND COLLECTIONS                                       I
* i.
* i
* i
************ !»■***************»************•*»#*******
Residents   of   Italian   Colony
Form League
The prospective lormation of a
Citizens' League among the Italian
residents of Kevelstoke promises an
early cessation ol certain features of
civic life which have for some time
been somewhat annoying to private
citizens and have cau.ed incessant
activity in pulice circles as well. The
new league which is already in process
of organization, wi 1 cooperate witb
tne citizens ol Revelstoke for the
maintainance of law and urder among
the Italian residents and the manifesto
published below signed by representative residents ul the Italian coluny,
amply sets furth the purpose for which
it is being organized. A letter, which
is in the natuie of a pledge, has been
addressed to the Mayor and Council
dealing with the matter and reads as
To His Worship the Mayor and Aldermen oi the City oi Revelstoke:
Gentlemen: Wc, the uuJersigned
Italian residents ol the City of Revel
stoke and vicinity hereby pledge ourselves to form a Citizens' League to
co-operate with the ofcizens of Revelstuke in maintaining law and urder
in. ine   Italian   lesidents   ol   t':ie
city and district and to  take steps to
stop   tbe   illegal   sale   ot   spirituous
liquors which is going un in the  Ital-
an settlement kat the   pre-ient   lime.
i-rtake to form ourselves into a
committee iu infurni those penple who
are practising the illegal sale of liquor
thai n. shall  take  steps  tu suppress
tbe   -nn,e   lortbwith   nnd   by   every
■   - •-itliin our puwer.
ilso   take   tbe  strongest
ft' m   [..-.-: uly can tu  put  an   end
.-   wbioh   bave led   to   sn
• ■■• c mrl   business  lately  in
■ di untrymen bave been con-
i farther to stop any repe-
i.i, k  band    letters  ur
. , ■.-    ,1    innoyanci    to  ths
.       '     I.,   .el-1.   |(|
"l.ll Gallicano
\   p ti    il
M   Bagnelh
a ogelo   U ■
Imtelle  I'ortn.
I'     '.ll   HI,I.
\   H   Biriank
K   Prior,
1 ■    '  ..reMy
K. Ueslmone
li   Bregiloise,
I   '
A. Correoti
G   Bernanti,
to tin- council .- .i-i ii «
. mion  il the . . .in which
in annoyance I   theauthor
I,,.I   •.,   tins   shiseni   whu   logs
<      and  .|uiet.     Wil li .i ...uui,end
hIiIh olmervance ol the law on the part
ol hotel neni in the matter ol  keeping
, I   ,n during prohibited hour! the
.imi lax praotloes prevailing in
the Italian colony were too paradox!-
mil to be overlooked,     Mure than i lun
about nine nul ol every Ien ol the
police oourt cases of late have been
Charges growing mil. ill   family   feudal
quarrels aiming the Italians, and altogether it win! (ch, desirable that some
•tops should be   taken    tu   bung   the
Wash Blouses
Our showing of Spring Blouses will be found strictly up-
to-date. They comprise Lawns, Mulls, Organdies and All-
overs, in both long and short sleeves.
Lace Waists in Cream, Ecru and the new shades for spring
Wash Belts and Collars
As asual we can show you a splendid range from the
cheapest embroidered to the finest eyelet work with pearl or
metal Duckies.
Leather Belts
Wc can offer you values better than ever before shown
in the city. Wc have them in White, Black, Navy, Brown,
Tan and Green, at prices from 30c. to $1.50, in many different
shapes and sizes.
McLennan & Co,
residents uf that Bectiou within the
terms ol .he code.
Mayor Lindmark made the experiment of dismissing from the employment of the city, on sewer and other
civic work every Italian whose name
was on the payroll, and when visited
by a deputation ol these he informed
them point blank that there would be
no employment for Italians on public
wurks until an understanding was lind
as tu the matters under complaint,
Alter consultation among themselves
the inemberB uf the Italian colony
listened tu the guud judgment if the
better class amung themselves and
agreed to give the undertaking which
is published above. The number and
respectability of the names attached
to the document is sufficient guarantee
that the lucal ollicers ol ihe law will
have the help ul the strung and influential Italians uf the cily in bringing abuut the eonditions which have
so long been desired.
Electric Frost Signals
To protect their orchards from frost
the ranchers in tbe vicinity of Granger
North Washington, have adopted some
innovations which have excited much
interest throughout thevaliey. Klec-
tric frusl alirni devices have heen
installed whereby a bell is set ringing
iu the rancher's bedroom when the
temperature in the urchard thermometer has reached the danger puint
When the alarm is sounded the
rancher hurriedly dons his clothing,
goes to the orchard and lights numerous lire puts filled with petroleum and
the atmosphere i- thus warmed.
Tuberculosis Convention
The niutb annual meeting and convention uf the Canadian Association
(or the Prevention ol Consumption
and uther (units ol tuberculosis,, is to
be held in  Hamilton on   Wednesday
and Thursday, May I!) autl 2(1 next.
The morning, afternoon and evening
Sessions of the first day antl the illuming nf the second day are Bet down fur
thn disoussion ol technical topics;
mining the speakers being Dr. C. J.
Pagan, secrelary ol the British Oil-
mn Ina aisooietion. The afternoon ol
Thursday is tn be devoted tn an excursion to the Mountain Sanatorium at
1 where nn Illustration ol bow
affectively aod economically tuber
oulsr affections can be treated under
modern methods will be given.
The Kind We Want
\n uld American farmer from  lies
Moluel recently walkitl into tbe immigration ullice at Winnipeg, remarking
lhal be wanted to buy a farni, and
wniild first look around; tbat be kmw
nothing of bsnks, but bad confidence
in   ibe   ii mn.11 Covernment,   He
1 lui. luii! n-keil llie ulliciala il Ihey
would tnke cine uf lu- uld wallet Until
lm had fucked his farm.    On   Opening
lilt-  wallet the    1 llleiills    fulllill    %'2UIVD
in greenbacks, ll was banked Inr I bei
old nun in Ilu mime n! the gi.vcrn.|
ment     This la a gnnd sample 01 many I
emigrants   nn*   coming   to   Csnsda
frnm    the   I'nited   States.     Nearly  .'10 j
homessokers from the American  siiini
repiitl.ed nl lhe Winnipeg Immigration I
tilhcii in nntl  tbiy   Us!   week   nnd   thej
Smallest num   that  n  y one  nf  tbem
had iu cash wa« $6000
Moving Clotures to-night.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The best and largest Stock
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
of  Cigars and
The Original Mac's Mixture
and made   expressly   for   us  by D.
now  on ' hand
K. Mcl'herson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-band Store
Furniture, Stoves, Tin nnd   Enamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Exchanged.
Furniture Packed for Shipping.    Furniture Repaired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.      -      J. C. HULL, Proprietor
If the 1 uhlic demands juicy roasts,
tender lamb, corn-fed pork, ham, etc.,
expertly cut aud trimmed, carefully
hand! d, kept iu zero temperature and
sanitary surroundings, OURS is the
Meat Market for the trade. And
while our meats nre the best obtainable, their prices are no higher than
asked at ordinary markets. (Jive our
meats and prices a trial.
Green bonca choped for your chickens
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Green Bones Chopped for your Chickens Daily
You Don't Have To |
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents ij
fWWfWffffffflffWfffflfffffWffffffffffffiffffffff ^
Ministry May Resign
Me1.I10UB.iK,   April   28.—The   Melbourne Age states that   il   the federal
parliament carries tbe resolution in
favor nf offering a Dreadnought to the
imperial guvernment, in tliri tit con-
trad ictiun to the declared pulicy of
tbo  commonwealth   government, tbe
ministry will resign and ask fur a dis-
solutlon, milking the ail verse battle-
ship vute a test ol the leeling of the
electorate on the whoic questipn ol
Australian national defence.
Notice to the Public
Notice is hereby given tlmt the
price of bread will be advanced from
sixteen loaves for 91.00 tu twelve
luaveB lur $1; and lancy bread 10c. per
liml straight.
(Signedj       Ai.i;x. Hudson,
J. L, Hkadhiok,
Onion sets, buckwheat, gra!B anil
olover needs, fertili/.erH, etc. Iluurnu
^,     t


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