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The Mail Herald Jun 23, 1915

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Chiel lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre bctweon Calgary
nnd I tho i'acitic ocean.
The Mail-Herald
ruhlisbed twice weekly—Read
by everyone—The recognized
advertising medium (or the
city and district.
22—No 50
$2.50 Per Year
Another Atrocity Perpetrated by Huns—Message Under
Stamp—Boyle Killed by Shrapnel Wound in Stomach—Was Paralysed
That his tongue bad been cut out
l>y the Germans by whom lie hail
been taken prisoner was the messuge
Conveyed under the stnmji of u letter written to Mips Boyle, brother ot
A. Boyle of Revelstoke, by a friend
who had been lighting at the front.
"Kee|i thc Btamp as a BOUVenir,"
said the letter from the prisoner ol
war. Miss Boyle, suspecting that a
message was concealed under the
Btatnji, removed it from the envelope,
Under   the stump   was the message,
"They  bave cut my tongue  out."
Miss  Boyle  bus also   received  from
A.  (i.  Buck of Revelstoke    a:    letter
telling of the     death     ■■(  J.  Boyle,
brother     ol    Miss Boyle, and of     A.
Boyle iif Revelstoke.  lie was an   employe  of the  Empress  theatre   before
j going to the front with the flrst contingent,  He was struck   in the stom-
ach  hy     shrapnel     which   paralysed
; bim. When asked if he was suffering
I he ireplied thnt be had no pain.
That Eva and Miller lakes in the
Kevelstoke park are likely to be
stocked witb fish in the immediate
future is shown from a letter which
bas been received by H, M. Barry,
chief e.f jnelice, from Silas H. Carpenter, commissioner of pnrkB. In
bis letter Mr. Carpenter asks as to
what fish would be most suitable and
says thut the matter of stocking the
lakes  has  been   taken   up'witb      the
fisheries department. The letter is as
"Will you kindly, ascertain for me
what kind "f tisb would be most suit
able to stuck the waters of the lake
or lakes of  tbe  park   With  there.  The
department is taking the matter  up
with the fisheries department on my
recommendation and have asked   me
tu gel the Information for them."
New Market Hall on Second Street Ready for Business
— Filled With Convenient Stalls - Farmers Will
Bring Produce for Sale Next Saturday
Will Send Reinforcements to
Battle Line   More Men
Vernon, June 19.—Under the command of Col. VI. Mahlon Bavis, there
is in camp today at Vernon a battalion which is not thirty days old
and yet one which in class of ollicers
and men may favorably be compared
with any other unit yet sent against
the toe, The most impressive thing
about the men, and they are impressive even though tbey huve not yet
drawn their uniforms, is their evident fitness and tbeir muscular
Btrength. They are lean and hard.
They come from all manner of open-
air occupations and trades. Some of
them were ranchers, others piloted
the Canadian Pacific railway lake
Steamers and still others herded cattle on the Cariboo road or in the
country  contingent thereto.
It is a battalion of plain clothes
men as yet, but a battalion of strong
upstanding fellows, who probably
weigh more, man for man, than tue
average  man  on  the  etreet.
Recruiting was begun on May 1,
Thirty days later the battalion was
practically complete. Today it is
Calling for enough men to form a
base company. This base company is
the battalion's own private' reinforcement as a civilian would say. It is
left at the battalion's base when the
battalion goes into action and sends
up men when wanted. Its strength
will bring the strength of the battalion up to 11:10 men, tbe strength of
the 29th Vancouver battalion.
In addition to recruiting for a base
company a draft of 235 officers and
men is to be • sent away before the
end of the month from the 54th and
men are wanted to fill their places.
The 54th battalion has secured permission to call itself the 51th Kootenay battalion. Its recruiting territory consists of practically the entire
interior of the province. Vet to bring
itself up to strength it found that it
was unnecessary to go far away from
the towns of Nelson, Fernie, Grand
Forks, Cranbrook, Golden, Rossland,
Kamloops, 1'entictou, Princeton and
Revelstoke. Lieut. Archer went up in
the Cariboo road as far as Quesnel
and secured til men along tbe road
and at Quesnel. There are several
score men at Fort (George who have
"wanted on." They will get their
chance later  in  the month.
From a rough survey of the situation iu the interior it is believed that
there are enough men available to
torn not only one or two infantry
battalions, but several, as many as
the government can eguip with uniforms and accoutrements in face.
The 54th Kootenay battalion has in
its ranks ranchers, prospectors, miners, pilots, mates, firemen, brakesmen, lawyers, doctors, newspaper
men, bank clerks, engineers, businessmen, cow boys and men who have always lived in tbe open and worked
there. One Boundary newspaper sent
eight of its employees to the 54th
and had to entirely reorganize its
staff, Capt. W. Garland Foster of
Nelson  was the  editor of that, paper.
Col. W. Mnhlnn Davil came from
Vancouver. He is a consulting engineer to the harbor I oard of tbe North
Fraser Harbor. He was formerly City
engineer In Woodstock and Berlin,
dilating class from the Royal Milit-
Hc was a member of the first grn-
nry college, Kingston. He wns 13
years adjutant of tb" Oxford Ritles,
brigade major ..f the Bet md Infantry
Brigade at London, Ont., for four
years, and organized the 24th Grey's
Horse.  He wns born at Aylmer,    El
gin County, Ontario. He was in command of the engineer section   of the
Vancouver Volunteer Reserve     before
i he took command ot  the 54th Koot-
j enay.
His second in command is Major
IE. G. Kendall of Kaslo. Other officers on the staff are: Major R. D.
Bavies of Cranbrook; Capt. William
Neilson, adjutant, Fruitvale; Capt. R,
H. Green, Victoria, paymaster; Capt.
W. Garland Foster, quartermaster,
Nelson; Lieut, Ridgway Wilson of
Victoria, son of Major Ridgway Wilson, signalling officer; Capt. Rev.
White of Elmrne, chapl tin. Capt. J.H.
Hamilton,  medical officer.
The company officers follow:
A. Company.
Capt. (!.  Anderson of Nelson.
Capt.   L,   Bullock-Webster of  Prince
Lieut. F.  B.  .Smith of Cranbrook.
Lieut. A, F'irest of Nelson.
l.ieut.   E.  Rand    of    N'ew West mn-
First Threshing Outfit Imported
to District by Frank
The first threshing machine to be
imported to the Revelstoke dist: let
has arrived. It is the property of F.
McCarty and c. nsists of a 10 horse
power gasoline ini-ine with an eight
horse power separator. The outfit
was purchased  in the Okanagan.
Mr. McCarty bus on bis ranch just
across the Illecellewaet river CO
acres in wheat '..ntys and barley. The
grain is in prime condition and Mr.
McCarty expects that his threshing
machine will be humming on the
ranch by the middle of next Month.
i In   Saturday   next   will   be  held  the
list, farmers market day in Revel
ste.kr. The new market ball opposite
the post office is ne,.. practically
completed and will be ready feer busi-
ii.'ss mi Saturday. The market will
open ..t 9 o'clock ami butter, eg_s,
vegetables, fresh meat, flowers, poultry and 'ither produce will be offered
for   sale.
The new tnarkel bill is 24) My -I
feel ii. size ami is tilled with convenient .-talN for the display <.f produce,
it is the property ol the Revelstoke
|Farmers institute and has been ereel
ed by a bee. Among those who work-
ster,  a
of    the
e'f     KllSlo.
B. Ci
.    Hum
;erfi ird
Capt. C.G.  Moffat of Fernie.
Lieut. H.B. Hieks of Cranbrook.
Lieut.   W. \.  Woodward  of  Vancouver.
Lieut. A.H.  Born of Cranbrook.
C. Company
Capt. F.T. Lucas of Trince Rupert.
Capt.  Noel Tooker of Buncan, Yai-
couver Island.
Lieut. Audy of Vancouver.
Lieut. F. Raphael of Barnet.
Lieut. D.  A. McQuarrie of Nelson.
B.  Company.
Capt.  Turner Lee    of    Bonnington
Capt.  Anthony Turner of Victoria.
Lieut.  Archer of Kamloops.
Lieut. McLean of Vancouver.
Lieut. Bentley of Summerland.
Lieut. W. Clegg Pmith of Kamloops
The battalion is organized   on   "he
double-company method.   Lieutenants
! Tooker,  Hrks,  Woodward  and   Gent-
ley will nroreed tn Ottawa to study
I musketry and machine eun practice.
Want Aliens to Work
on Automobile Road
At a meeting of »he board of trade
held yesterday afterno' n it was decided to request the Bominion government .to employ interned alieus 'jn
work on the automoi.ile load in Ue
Revelstoke pars. The following
ter was sent to R. F. Green, .'.1
for Kootenay.
R. F. Green,
We understand there are large numbers of interned men in Yoho a ,d
Band parks und the citizens and
board of trade believe that some
hundreds should be placed in Revelstoke park, we understand there are
a large number of those interned unemployed at Vernon. Kindly place
this before the proper authorities and
anything you can do toward having
a number come here will be .pprc-
Ciated. As you are aware Revel.--., j
has already contributed large . •■ n-
bers of1 men for the front and monl<ea
for the patriotic fund .ind have receive.1 as yet no benefit from this.
Let us know by wire what the le-
sult ol your interview will
Secretary  board eef trade.
.1. Cleveland Haas, of Spokane,
Wash., has been examining mining
property in Ainsworth camp foi
Spokane owners,
D, n ear ies of Ottawa has gone
to Yukon territory t-> de. field work
for the Geological Ourvey of Canads
in the neighborhood of Stewart river.
Monarch Mine at
Field is Operated
The, Great Western Mines Bevtlop-
•nent company of Vancouver has taken a lease and bond on tbe Monarch
mine and mill at r'ield and has located as placer grotinu the old dumps
with a view to Working tbem for
zinc. The company made uu issue ot
shares for working the property and
the issue was over suuseribed. Newton Vi. Emmens is in churge of operations at Field, and tn a report to
Vi. Gray, managiug director of the
company, of a recent date, he stated:
"We are malting rapid progress
with the tramline and mill. The
light-of-way for the tram has been
cleared and the foundations for the
towers is being got ready to crush
ore hy Friday next and we ought to
be in steady operation thereafter.
With the changes that are being
made to the machinery and thc classification system we expect to turn
out a /-ine concentrate containing
close to SO per cent. metallic zinc,
and a lead concentrate of over 70
per cent, metallic lead. The assay oilice is in shape and our chemist, Mr.
Comrie, has commenced making a
series of assays of the lower part ol
the dump and of some ore which is
in the upper terminal ot the truin
and in the lower raise. There iB a
considerable tonnage ot tins ore-
tome 200 tons—and we arc going to
put it througb so as to get the mill
adjusted on it. At the lower end of
of the dump there is u Considerable
amount of galena, and we propose to
gather this up tirst so ab to be able
to ship thc lead; we also propose to
re-concentrate the zinc so as to get
rid of the lime and to separate the
"in cleaning up around the tnlll we
have come across a lot i.f material
heavy in lead; tins we pr iposi to inn
through tei save the galena. I expect
to have several cars ol clean galena
to ship to Trull within the next
couple of weeks. We have not had
time to go thoroughly over the mine
yet, as it is necessary to do some repair work to the trail leading to lt.
This will be done in the next day or
so nei the mine sampled, tbe results
of which will be sent you. For your
Information I may say that from
what Hake tells nun there is little
\ doubt of our picking up the lost ore-
:lody within 100 feet, of where work
"From what I bave seen of thc formation and tie' Luge quantity ..I
galena float t'i be found in the glides, I am convinced tbat there are
extensive bodies of galena nre in thc
Monarch ground which win yield
very handsome profits. Th" more 1
nee of this property, the more I am
convinced thai wc are going 'omnke
n handsome proflt—noi only from
the zinc—hut from the lend."
Duck's Injuries Not Serious
German Helmet Received
in City
Two Interesting   souvenirs   of   the
war consisting of a German helmet
Mid a belt ou which ure attached
badges of a large number of regi-
ments have heen received by Mr.and
J.Mrs.  R.   Howson     from     their    son
. Joseph  Howson  who  left  Revelstoke
with the first     contingent.  With the
helmet is a     khaki     cover and both
helmet and cover show a bole evidently nade by the    bullet which deprived
! their owner of life.
In an interesting letter written in
France on May lm. Mr. Howson tells
of the wounding of A. G. Buck, formerly e.f Revelst 'ke. The letter is as
Bear Mother and Father,—Just a
line tonight,     we  may go back  into
the trenches again    tomorrow night,      „^^^_^^^_^^^_^^^^^_^_
m. will take no chances of not being  l'el counter attacks, something   hard
id   on   'la-   building   were   W.H.   Bott-
iuii, M. k. ll .v. it. ,i. Ballard, John
Andersiin, imi;. i lampbi 11, K. !'' pier,
W.B. Smith M..M. Collinge, P. Leves-
uue and R. Stewart. Contributions oi
i ii mi; In lieu < il work were made by
F. McCarty, 11. Lougheed and Dr.
Those who are Interested In thn
movement hope that all farmers and
tanchers in the district will
With what.'ver pr duce th''.v may
have avail,,t 1. .,:,', thai 'he citizens
of Revelstoke will do their best fo
make the fiist day's market a success.
for you to see from a distance what
it is like and realize the terrible
things that goon. 1 think if the people of the world only knew or saw it
that a pretty quick ending would
I think the man who comes through
the thick of it so far and comes out j
alive at the finish even if he does get
wounded is the luckiest man alive. \
As our doctor said the other day. j
"Any fool enn get behind a sand hag
or in a trench and shoot, but it takes
a good man t'i be a stretcher bearer.'
This Is not a war in the big sense of
the word of infantry, it is tb . ir
.if bin '."'ns. grenades ol all descriptions, and mines ami gas. Thousands
of men are as nothing with those
things in action. The artillery tears
the .trenches to pieces, the infantry
make  a charge,  take  it  and then  re-
Revelstoke    Platoon     Highly
Commended by Officers-
Signallers Selected
. able to write for
came out  niL'ht
couple of days
a week again. We
before last for a
!■'-*     w. bave jus'
come through another very bad engagement for us, not so many killed,
tut a lot wounded, we now see more
strange faces in the regiment, than
the old junch of the 1st B/C.'s but
no one can say that the 7th battalion are shrinkers for they have
proved it otherwise, but there is
lots of work to bc done yet and lots
.f lives to be given yet, one has no
time to think of himself, only otners
aud the Germans and no language is
too bad to express ones thoughts of
them and tbeir kultur, it has got so
bad now that a great number of sol- ,
diers and regiments do not want t->
take prisoners e,r show auy mercy to i
the Huns and really I don't think
there is much c< ming to them. I was
writing the date down yesterday and
recognized it as my birthday^ away i
out here in France ami received Myrtle's present in the evening the box of
cigarettes, so huve received four box
es so far this month which is fine
Received Irene'B letter and pictures
right before last and was sure pleus-
ed to hear from ber.
to realize, but fortifications that infantry could never take fall like a
sand hill before these big guns. Some
of th.se shells weigh as much as
!•". i) pounds and have a bursting
radius of hundreds of yards. Enough
..f this. 1 c iuld write for hours NbOUt
it. Now about that parcel again, I
cannot be sure you Will get it. The
(ense.r at the base may stop it. but
it hns heen passed up here.
The weather here is now pretty hot
in the dny time and  cool at night.
It is now 10 months since we
started, shortest months I ever spent,
hut some of the days were a week
Good night.  Love to all,
Capt, J. H. Hamilton, medical officer of the .llth battaii.eii returned
last night from Vernon and will remain in the city until the end .ef Tho
week, when he will return to Lis
.'. itii s.
The  e to  which  the   Revel
stoke plati on is attac .cl is
star company e.f the regiment, says
Capt. Hamilton, both physically an 1
in drill and all militaty duties. All
the Revelstoke volunteers are
well and not one has yet appeared in
the defaulter's parade, Their beha -
ior and interest in their work aro
giving much sat to the     of
ficers, Rumors to the contrary are
absolutely with".- : nidation, s :*l
Capt. Hamilton. Not i ne of the Kevelstoke men has ever been reprimanded.
W. Maxwell, r\ McMahon, J. Morgan, Bennett and Maloney are in the
signal detachment. The camp as re-
'.- irdfl sanitation and in all other requirements is practically perfect,
i Capt. Hamilti n says. Only 31 men
of the whole battalion were rejected
on the final medical examination, tha
best record of any nattalion in Brit-
ish Column'* nei f these only one
enlisted in  Revelstoke.
A Scandinavian club in affiliation
with the Revelstoke Scandinavian
club was organized, on Saturday at
Malakwa hy C. Granstrom 'f Revel-
I forgot to tell you tbat Bert Buck ! Ftoke. The otlicers elected were
was wounded m the last engagement, j
in   fact     one    of   the   lirst    to    be
wounded that ne rning, it is not   Ber-
lous,  a  piece of     shrapnel     in     hiB
wrist and anotlui   m Ins arm, but he !
will he all right in a lew  weeks aguin,
Scandinavian Club
Organized at Malakwa Militia Will Guard
Banff Alien Camp
C,  Granstrom,1 boil.-president.
Nels Hogland,  president.
Nels Simpson, vice-president.
Eric Erikson. secretary.
\.  Anderson,   treasurer.
Committee: Pete Eriks'.n, A.
lle  was very cheerful about it, but [jgstrom,   John  Simpson,  Oscar  Sand
hope it keeps bim away loi  months,
for he bas done  Ins share and   needs
1 a   resi.     I   have  a   lett' II   'il  his  from
Rev.   I   don't  know   win.,   but  1      am
I keeping it until I bear from bim ami
Ithen it address it, well this is about
all the news for this time so will
cb.se lor this tiini', Imping you are
eb.se. hoping you are all will.
In a SUbseqUenl letter dated June
2, Mr. Howson suys: "Just a line
tonighl we are in reserve, 500 yards
from the enemy, so yon can Imagine
tne shelling and rule lire that iH go
mg  'in.   I  Sent   a  parcel  yesterday,    a
Qerman helmet sol in our lust    big
battl . and also my belt covered With
button! and badges that I have Colic !■ .1 .md made up for Clarence to
look alter. The belt has covered the
tetter nart of France and quite a
lit   of   Belgium.  'Ibe  helmet camo   ofl
i. Qerman belonging to the ?.; Land
strom regiment. You will see when
a pieee ot shrapnel has bit his hcl-
iin t at the back of bis bead and
made one less in the German army.
The last battle a tew days ag.i was
derce   'tui   i loi "f  QUI   i oys were  bit
strop .   Bernard  Selberg.
Revelstoke Volunteers
Winners at lacrosse
Recruiting for     the militia for tho
guarding    Ol    the    lnfrnnunt   camp,
which  will  shortly   l.e  established    at
Bant! resulted  in     some .Mj  or 60 re-
mats  being enlisted. These men who
'ere mostly from Bunll and the neigh-
| boring viilag   .   ire eulisted   for     a
ptriod   '■[   three   years, and arc not,
available  ft   overseas service.
The majorit]  •■! the men takeu    ou
are lor thi       si part over the age ,.£
.   .      i.d   -   :   •    .oe as   ,.i.l as  4.'.,       t'uia
being thc extreme age limit, The fall
numbei I men who applied, and wbo
were physically nt, were accepted, an
■ !   that   ill  a I i.t ...I,    t'. tho
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       two li.. ..re expect-
<d  to be   mt"' I iieie   will pro-
The following lettet  Irom a Revel tably    ■           ddiUonal two hundred
stoke volunteer In tine .">tth battalion brought ft"., sorai        ei     part    of
telling of the prowess of   thc Revel- the province besides Lethbrldge.
stok.e boys m tbe Held e.f sp,,rt    has The eai |    ifhich Is already
been received by the Mad'Herald ■!,.■ aliens, will     ba
'I'., the Edit .1   .f the  Mail-Herald. about   •*•• miles  west of Castle, and
sn.i wish to expn     tbi   igb tt.e ,Mu \, ;,,.-,.,, trom time to time aa
columns  of  your   paper the  pleasure the  -,*ork    progrwses.     They will bo
i had in watching ■ gam.,,: i i    i--. employed In clearing   the bush     ou
it \ irnon the other day In wl des ••( the    rend,    and whom
Revelstoke toys showed tbeir    stufl. this is accomplished    they will then
From the start ..f thi gai e   to iyed <.n the nut imoblle road,
finish  they     outclassed     the  Vern'm which when c impleted, will be
boys, by  ,i sere  . .f  Tf     •. The    boys the   tinest   stretches  ol  roadway      for
who   played   for   Revelstoke  I     know ,,ut..s on  the continent.
well.  Corson and    Pettlpl bow<ed Superintendent Clark,
to advantage by their cleverness. \
but  none killed. Bert Duck was   only
<:.   Stilwell  ul  near  Silvert tn,      is
among a large   number   f K
district    terent ■ r  war
who Is in
diarge of the w..rk ol enlisting the
guard has -d  ol     tho
large number     applying (oi   service
there     wire     very    few  men turned
ll irry   Bret!  and Atkinn
were tl ystclans,
slightly  wounded      in  the    Wrist, and MTVice at   the  front.  I'M-  had   '■
1 •    eel bets in England now. many years In charge ol development
Ve   expert     : fter     we !••' mt ■ thi 'ort on the Hev
trench"s this time thnt   we   will   go mines,  about  five  miles Irom   -
Frai     :
tallt rgical m-
department    ol   Toronto
Mr    Edwards,  n  Wycliffe  farmer his
'4  acres sown  to rye,  some  of    which
shows n growth of seven feet,
.down country for some tin," nnd   re- |ton   and  which  nre now shipping ore :■„ ver- I                         ed  to the     la-
- .we have teen hit   so ne- to a concentratli         loi   P   u M ratory of the Granby C nsolldaua
thing   terrible   in   tne last six  weeks,   ere k   mines  and  mill being OBI mnany.  at  its big copper smeltery,
Ray   father,    I would rive anything .ly tbe Silverton Mmes, Ltd. at r,rnnrt Forks, B. C. PAGE TWO
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 23, 1915.
chc flfoatl-lbemlb
s\ ' IIKDAY   AT
,IN ; r, .;J,,lAlll l>
cJMdil-Herald Publishing-
Company, Limited
E. G.  ROOKE,  Manager and Editor.
WEDNESDAY, .11 \K 2'3,  1915,
slock, etc.,  there is  *3.">0,OiH),00O    new   the Silent    Heath will also  be shown.
Un Thursday,  a    great     wur drama
wealth, not boir.-wed, or the proceeds of speculation, and all in the
bands ..f producers. At census time
in I'Mi ihe agrictill'ir;'! population of
the tour western provinces waa 1,-
■:. ',.' i and allowing for a suhsequ
i ni increase to 1,5311,00 m the amount
realized Irom the crops is equal to
.-::./.   [or     every      man,      woman   and
The prairie communities have been
passing through a time ol great
stress, for in    the     boom days they
: that   I bey   existed   upon   a   t'i
'None But the Jmuvc" in three parts
is billed, It shows exciting Incidents
in aeroplane warfare, On Saturday
and every Saturday ut 'i.'.W there will
be   matinees.
In the dppointi .   '    "1    the Cana
dian I ai Ibi   Railw aj  c ui puny to    be
■.   nsportatloi     ai onl    for     I lie
Un       ge'      Cl  llll.ee., I ,,, , .
lei   bet ween t bis    >■■ :
ck is the    pro-
; ■   ■.   t i    11 ade t .Mat li'. s
■ ■ .. .■■   ■ .     ..     md   Russia.      Vftei
I    I he   establish... l,t   ol   I
bet   •' a     VI idivostock  .'.n.i
v ai,i' mver should assist  materially in
i| ing   Russian markets lor i Ian
adian i    uufacl un >.  R is: ia  «ill     be
t  , !.-• he ivj   pui chasei     of   ti u -
t un made gi ...ds.
■   1...anl ol trade ■ if     \ anc luvei
and  othei   COl Cial   authorities    in
:, Columbia me alive to the importance of  the new  st   imshij
ci  .    Tiny  are discussing    wh ther
ipi ning of direct   Russian     c m-
■ ct one doi a not   mean I hat    Bi it .si:
Columbia will  develop int.. a manu-
Ing province like Ontario.     In
.  • ■. ■ .,      peel
: i iv sltnat ion.   In  l.u i, t< .r instance,
l Canadi an i   i      lei      Ca
■ : ound 'lire. .: ■ sia.The e *
: ..it-    ..■     •. t   to    I. issia   in    that
I led  . '   •_. i 15,1 00,
no less tl Mi
h  the i niti d  Stati ■.  I'M.   I
■  : ■ ign shii.-  bn iu . bt   Russian     pro-
r0  thi   Editor ol tbe Mail-Herald.
H ivelstoke, IM  1 .
Sir,   ;  uavi   ueeti requested by     a
number of the hoys of the Kevelstoke
plat i -el the mith Kootonay hutta-
iion, to trespass upon your valuaole
.   ural production almost exclusive-  space for the purpose ol  refutiuj cer-
,,  and  ..t tempted  to tin ive by     an
. in    .i   specu   iti IMic   natural  cap-
icitj   < i   I he    >■ nl ry    for proi ud l. m
is grei i ■ -  now I Man ever, and t he dis
posit ion  t" i urn   it ti i lull ace uut   is   . i,,i d room
; ow   show ll!     Ill   i   anifold   ways.   Rl .i.
i n ilucti. n will hi lng real pi oi pi ril •■
and, s . fur, ' be a  i It ultural outlo ik
[oi   ■   Is   leason is magnificent,   i iver
s.i large   i c ilin i j      I here   are a  fi w
..stir  reports,      if   coui se,  bul
." ". illy  tbe  pros] eel a were     never
so encoui iging. Tbe recovery    ol   tbe
ivest  te. normal pros] ei Itj will  lift a
i   fi   as  the     shoulders ol  < Ian
tain  te, urta    which,   we  uuu. rstand,
Imve  been  clrcul iti A concerning   the
■ ,,-;,.,-, i the RevelstOAe boys,     lt
has  been a lid     t bat  cei tain ol     us
i B\e   pent   nie st   ur time in   the
In e   our
Make a Corner
Collect the Cushion
Cover Coupons with
every fltljiiUt Package
urivul,       and
,1   i Merc  has been   a good deal j
nl  .ii unm nness,  i 'i i mit   ine to   state,
: ir, that  tins is ii"i  .he case. On the
contrary,   not  oae  ol tbe  Revi istoke
,ni i, i:..s as     yel appeared on dofaul
ters parade and   il o to add the Ver
n.m     News compli ineiued     the  ,'. Ith
battalion on  the excellent behaviour
of  their  men.   1 trust  that  this      Will
clear  up     any rumours     which may
have bei n  passed ai out among      «ur
townspeople     and     that 1 have not
enerally, and enable this young   trespassed too greatly on your space
f.nd  Kindni ss.
li. Coy., Kootenay Battalion O.E.F
Vernon,  B.C.
and 3plendidly-endowed country toga
ahi ad  with renew, d  \ Igi r,
South rn Lumheri  an       I i.e macar- Diversion aud Use.
oni industrj  m y     be   added to tne Take notice tbat  Alexander Smith,
list    'i   industrj .-  annexed     to     the whose address is Crawford Creek, Ar-
... stat -    >  tbe war. ke a    v - lowhead, B, < ., will apply for u lic-
sult of Italy's decision to enter    tbi i   ce tee take and use 501     gallons   of
war, ii               i      ni will be scarce!- water out of Crawford Creek,    which
and higher in price. American produ rtows  South-West'   and drains     into
.   rs  e.f  macaroni and noodles     have Columbia  River    al out     seven  miles
enlarged their plan s since the      >ul north of Arrowhead. The water   will
break ol  ihe war, because ol the fall- ie diverted from the   stream     at    a
ii..     ifi   in   importations  of  macaroni point    about     centre    ol  Lot   Ui,  in
and   from  Italy.   In the flrst half of     1311 rownship 21,    Range  29,  Section  5,
e   roni  imports Iron   Italy amount md  .vill be used for irrigatian     and
- pounds, or ai out IS, domestic purposes upon the land des-
n  pounds than during    the eribed  as Lot  l".,  Section :.,   Town-
bs ol   1913.    This thip 21, Range 29, West  e.f 6th Meri-
lut  b direct  to Can da.  The chiel ol   trade   s innsion  was coincident   witb ■  i. Tl a notice was posted on   the
Canadian  exports   to   Russia  is fai.     I d .on thi 21 t day ol June 1915.
It      is     ne.     secret     "ty  from  one and  s copy of tbis noi ce   li I an applica-
•   , in  per > ' Ion  pursuant     thi r I i     and to ihe
  "Water  Act, • 1  U,"   will  be filed   in
NO   V H   GENERALS Hie offlci                '•'.   •  ■   Recorder    at
M ii trtal   rom         Ei              .-,'■■ to   the ap
ee flied. with the said
It's troi nl policy to think of the future
It's si ill better poi /in provide against
ibe misfoi'llines i. may have in store
(in- yon.   Tin' surest way of protecting
vul s.li' and family is n
ivitb a reliable company. The hi^h
liiiaiii'ial standing and long business
cineer ol the Kootenay Agencies
makes it absolutely trust worthy.
Your time mav be near ut hand,
Don'l delay.   Takeout a policy now.
A. E.  KINCAID, Manager.
that  Canadian  i
ered  se> i ral mil
Hart    ,vortl        t    fai i
to     Rust
t. in tl sen to ii r     with tne Con>P-
14 ne irly 52 .   i
. ssia.
•  thi   wai  m
■   ■
• ■
. - lis       In
,,<   bis prowess
. ■
nt   gave evi ty 1
Water 1       I i
Victoria,     B.   CM,■ within
.wspapi r.
.  •■ ' catioi
I une 23,  I
Do you want some "weeding
done ?
Do you want your yard cleaned up, your wood chopped, or
any old thinK?
Apply to the Roy Scouts and
they'll do it.
They want to work for money for their equipment.
Rintr up anv of the following
patrol leaders and make arrangements.
R. Lawrence. Phone (12
A. Parker at Rews' Store,
Phone 28
L. Briggs, 256
E-IKincaid, 74
-    •     : '
lip   to      12
Ii will pay you to make
n call at
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Oi.li Town        RBVBLSTOKB, B.O.
1,,1'oie buying your nutfll
of working 'lotlies for ihe
bush. I make a specially
ot Logging shoes, Pants,
Sox, Shirts, HI I'lk'O-i. and
.   ei yt hing required in yonr
'     'I,''      .
of    the
In    the
ch imbri I
Those i. ni; leg .ire   no!
■:;,!'.ti'fie.i  in public dance
- "greedy '   Angers     nay
filch ''
Tonight at the Empress theatre a
good Broadway feature 0.0,0, in i
parts Will be seen. It. is a very
laughable comedy, featuring all the
Vltagrapb players, The Mystery    ,,f
upon *'•   '■ fall  •
cheque '       f
conli " I
|i  ed   'in
t '.'   r .1 um   Rllpjillerl,
'   I.    I.'   '1 ' ''.   it '. '
the  tsnden i    ind enclosed In the en
vc|.,|ei"i f ii nished,
The lowesl   or any tender  not nrrrp-
sarlly accepted,
J, B, <;i:ii''KTTif
Deputy Minister and  Publio   Works
Engineer,  I nbllc Works Department,
Victoria, B 0„ Juno IM6.
f. G. Burridge & Son
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
WM special ize in
\ftg, F irnino Work and up-
tii il.ite Plumbing
Wm k Shop   (kmnaughl  A \ e
do After tlie Chicken Business!
Dr. Rush's Chick Food. Cracked Corn.
Wheat, Bran, and Shorts for sale at
War ia declared on our stock ol
Tea and Coffee, bcc our window
(or specials,
$1 Buys 3 lbs,
While thin  lot  lasts, and an anot-
Baggage Trine.lei i • ■«I
Distributing Agents and Storage
i.I'MMl: \l. DRAYING
I ui ml .ne nn.I   l'i in.i moving   a
S|.i" iillltv
I'lionelii- 276,   Night Phone346
'. il. CURTIS
Advertising    Pays
IF      you advertise
in   the  Mail-Herald
Why   are  we  Helling  more   bread?
There  must be  a reaBon.
Let Us Tell You Why
.lust Compare a loaf of ours  with
any   other lund   we   are   absolutely
her advance   is      predicted   in   the   ]   sure   you   will     use tho  best,  then
near  future  we  would adv'ise  put-    i   you  will know  why.
tintf   by   a few pounds.
Phone 41 HOBSON'S
Box 734
Shamrock Hams
and Bacon
Made from selected hogs—in the most modern plant in the
West Government inspected- approved hy careful housewives everywhere. SHAMROCK IS THE SEAL OF SUPERIORITY, and this applies equally to Lard, Butter, Eggs,
Sausage—wherever it appears-
Strictly First-Class
Rooms- Single, en Suite, and with Bath
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Jack Laughton, Proprietor First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
O R I F M T A I Suitablv furnished with the
w ll I L. I N   I  AL choicest the market affords.
L_J^"^"]    CT J Best   Wines,    Liquors   and
II \m/   I   L. L_ Cigars.     Rates   $1  a   day.
J. Albert Stone, Propretor Monthly rates.
Revelltoke Lodge
Nu. 1085
Meets every  eecond
nnd Fourth Tuesday
in   ihe .Selkirk Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially Invited,      ALLAN K. FYFE, Die
II. L. HAUG,See.
Bent Idii-H Mounted. Fura cleaned
und Dressed.
85 Second St., Kevelstpke, B. O.
Mill,ll   I1AMIK   I.OIHJE,  No.  te
Mi' i'i  every    Wednesday evening
at    -.  o'clock,    ln  Selkirk  Hall.
Visiting    brotben    cordially  Invited.
I. 0. 0. F.
Meeta every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk   Hall   at  8 o'clock. Vlait-
lng bretbern cordially Invited.
JAMES MAT ilE. Secrecy.
A. F. and A. M.
Regular M<ectinga are held ln
New Masonic Hall on the Fourth
Monday in each mouth at 8 p.m.
Visiting brethren are cordially
JOHN  LEE,  W.  M.
ROBT. GORDON,  Secretary
All kinds of Repairing neatly done
Best Sand Shoes for children
Boots, Shoes, Trunks,
Valises, Suit Oases,
Bags, Pack Sacks,
Pack Straps, Whips,
Armstrong & Co.
The Leather Goods Store
IIyou want what you want when you
want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 1915.
Trail  Will have a  tux  salt' in July.
New Denver provided ten man    fur
all-Kootenay regiment,
\ total 'if 306
• •■in<■<! at  Fernie
aliens have been in-
aiul Michel,
Mayor Bowness ol Cranl rook
li aw a Balary ol MOO tins yeur.
Si rvian n sidi nts have beei  oi lei cl
* e, retui n home for military service,
i 'onstal le Drydi a e.f w
ecord - itch ol Aui 11 lam
He netted
Two bank clerks are
.; and  !•' 'i ■'  rults
Kootenaj   \
aid e
made s
t month
111' e
the all,
Elghi   new  street   lumps   are      being
pin in at Rossland.
' 0, ii. Whitney, whose hotel ai
l'nri iiiii was destroyed bj flreabout
a month ago, has gone to Spokane
i.e reside,
Loco, the Mi tie town wSst o! Cran
brook has credit In   the 54th  bai I i
Hon   for   ■•e.eali'Mi   men or a   mil   one
I alf of us population,
The new cage cell has arrived    tor
Blairm ire lall  and     thai   insi Itul ion
can  now  accommodate two add
nl prlsimete comfortal ly.
The Fernie (soldiers took a huge St
to Vi is the re
gimental' mascot, |	
mmmmmmmm_m       The fall wh a
A. SIM pracl Is id law    ,
in Nelson for the pasl  til years,    has
Weeds on Vacant Lots
Danger to farmers
What   ai a mbtedly    constitutes     a
'.■ ij e    i,, 'hose    farmers     who are
..a      h  ll       ellul't    to  keep
their I irms clean is     the    crop    of
.'■:.- i ...ml    rowing  mi vacant lots
a   i i    'i   cl s Mi and   around   t iwns
.  •  ■■ i .   .   I li Be \. e.ml   Ims are   often nothing     more or less than nur-
.-■' r es a id  breedin,     places for     all
veil Is of   weeds,     This     in especially
. i .■   ,,i    ow as  rt here I irg ■ areas ad-
uinii .■   Ii it ■ ■ e ai sti '.' cl   in  wild cal
idiviuli ning    and    have    had
y-  plou bed,   : rining lodging
i .,- wc ds,    w bicb aiv allowed
..   unmolested,   These produce
iiiim   is of seeds    to   he
.  .It,a   ,1     My   the      W ii.!;-
'.     :   ii' B,       Si     I ir,     Imllel in;;,
ai   ' ind  t.d   ce     pi ria,num      to
■' d i   ntrol bave been direct! il     at
A el nc' at  the condl-
"ell      111        tile
A  to [Mam ■ ton.
Starl ing  this wi ek  Nelsi n     p
,.ii ..rt v. ill I e op ti tw   cl
nd I   turdny.
A  mu i .     ".   I    incl is ; ci i ss   was
lisp] iveil in a i i' ml ro ik hotel
lay li
Ai cha .i'i  of t ie     I i i  rial D
•••I s of  the  Emp re has been f- i n ed
t Cranbrook.
At   Fen li   i.r v      lt Mian  reservists
re drilling .  t       go   I shape
i e all' il tei the colors.
•J. F, Coatee has ' g in? of men
completing the stringing of wires on
b   G ilden-Windermere telephone.line.
Greenw I Iris just  i rganized     a
home defei - corps with 75 members.
■The boy  si -    being     organized.
Blair: ore will have a tax rate     uf
.7 mills this year. $15,665.85     is re-
I and municipal  pur-
i ii H .see' errli -
it,em Creston.
are i elng sbippi A eai I
Sl ' 1
Bull River would be Lonesome with
oul Ed, Home,
A.  .1.  e', ,i is has bought  th ■   Furr
i anch near i M est, a.
'I"!   re w ell Me a big
kanagan  this year,
haj crop in the
Jack  Budd w iri ed all winter
i Is claims in Aspen Grove,
11]'   'a
There   ire ovei   I   I 11     ana ii T    il
..inl 61 eef them are armj  reservists,
Cranbrook hotels are all running at
a loss and the proprietors want the
■ity  t.i  reduce the liC'-nse fee
the nest six months.
At Alice Siding there Is promise ol
a big crop of Burlank plums this
At Ii'aver Creek a three year old
girl died trom   eating   the   tops
Jim i'i' a ii is sp nding the summer developing bis claims in the Ba-
i'ine district.
A Russian Mar [te has beei chart ■
. i ed to carry lu er Ii Pi irt Al
berni to South Africa.
At Fernie in lil   'istrati  Whimst
rl      William  Sherman was     lined
■  for   speaking  disrespectfully     of
: - as volunteers.
Kelson  lmi.es    provided  1,100
: in sei , Miies and pickles
for the soldiers    oing fr. m thi
the e imp at Vern
Before their   departun   for Vernon
the Trail-IM essland recruits each received a parcel of extra clothing,
igarettes and tobacco pouch.
The local Chinese jiresented each of
the Kaslo volunteers with a plug of
chewing tobacco ana a package of
the Btnoking variety on their departure.
i hlef   .f    police     Jardine of Kaslo
Mas just receivi d instructions to rid
the city of its red light district     in
days failing to do so he will     be
The Mav rainfall at New Deuver
vas 1.4 inch's, yv.th 16 wet days,
This is the heaviest rainfall in years,
heavier than in May, June and July
of last year.
For the flrst  time in its
5 for   thi   local ranchers at    Crest  i
able t«e  supply  thi
Australia h es a t.i to the fi i I
and has in camp a grand total of
70,001! soldiers, Of th it number 5 ,-
0i>0 "f them were born in Austi
it  is thought th it  the   c Bt ir   oil
stock will hold     out     until t u
crop is garnered, provided boys will
be careful and not ttike t mich of
According to Fred Roo, of Elko.
Miss Stella Big Moon is visiting
Maybelle Tw.. Stockings at the Re-
serve, Tobacco plains. Fred is the
only redskin society reporter tl
smith. He is a fitting rival to Elmer
white of Whitehorse,
The Hastings Mill, Vancouver is
working overtime. On ;  filled
for the Britannia Mining i- S:
company, 9,500,1 0 feet; Princ1 Rupert city, 3/ 1,000; g vernment docks
J.OCO.Cfl ' feet; ind 8,000,01 feet of
Canadian Northern railway bridge
Knderby is in such n poor financial
condition  that  the City  Oouncil   i~
appealing   to  the    government,    !■■
who  assist it. in keeping  the sheriff away
First   from lhe trout door.
Reginald  Campbell  of Trail
was  invalided home from the
contingent, having now recovered his
normal health enlisted again in   the
ll-Kootenay regiment.
The  hay  and     fruit  crop  at  Port
Hill are looking     I ettei     this year
•ban they have for   sometime.     The      	
farmers say that, if the weather keeps' erintendeut of  the  Canadian Pai Ho
up they can start harvesting soon.       Railway at Oalgary.    At one time he
I yvas br.iklng on a train In the Slocan,
Fernie    Conservatives     have  Wired , ,uui  lliUi   m.uiy    a    meal    atHughiu
the militia authorities    'asking that,, Xiven'a lmttl  in Three Forks.    Vein
li Is reported says a Rupe paper
that the drillers on Graham I-; imi are
finding oil, It will be agreal pleasure
in tli" public when some ine d >es re illy find oil at th" co ist.
.1. M. Cameron is now genei il sup-
the Morrissey mini s toyvnsite be used
as an internment cam], for the MO
jt  |ni) alien enemies in Fernie.
oannol keep a g l in i i di wn,
■ a mo intain falls on liim.
K.   K indolph   I!   i   -.    well known
'rancher and old   timet   In  Wes em
Canada, who has ju»t  returned hum
Europe,    says    that    the    etl"     of
the war upon   the Canadian  farm r
will be to increase the price    i beei si
greatly   that those who   nre  raising
cattle will make   more money   even
W. Robertson, the Canadian Pacific   than those who are raising wheal .it a
railway lineman who is a member of  dollar and a half per bushel.
the 54th Kootenay   battalion     from |	
Cranbrook,  is the sixth  member     of!    Vi.  H.   Aldridge  of  New   York,  for-
hls family to engage in war.     Three  inerly general manager of the     Can
brothers have    already     been killed,   solldated  Mining and  Smelting Com-
one  in   the  Dardanelles  and   two      In   pany Of Canada  at Trail, has  been in
Rev. Vi. F. Dunham, who has just
closed four years as pastor of Cran-
I rook Methodist church, and moved
to chilliwack, was presented with a
mantel clock, Mrs. Dunham received
a ])ie plate.
Fernie Free  Press   Sgt. Hansen, of
North Mexico on mining . usli i
J. C. Dufresne wh    was for several
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        years  einaunl   in  the      mining      mil
the  107th  regiment,  has tried to     go  Bmeltlng  Industrj    Of  British  C
Vith  every  Contingent   that  left   lure,   hia  has   volunteered  for  active      lei
'■'.very time   be   was turned   down OD   vice in  the European war.
.ut,nml  nf his   eyes,    This time he     F,. K. Outlle, formerly   ae of    the
■.md t.i General Sam Hughes tinea- lessees of tbe Qranlte-Poorman  gold
lening   to   go  in  n    contingent of his   mines  near  Net ton,   has  teen  report-
iwn  if he were not  (UfoWed  to     join   ed as seriously     Wounded in France,
the   54th.   He is    with   the 64th   bat-   He went  with the tirst  Canadian Con
i'uiinn on Gen. Hughes orders lingent.
in I in most ml ies and toWUB
e - nvincing that the far
: • iii'iv ■., blame in the
f weed seed nn d iction and
i ui.
In    I     ,m -t   the w e.i inspectors are
•   ; ii A   a d   instructs I  ah ng
i    t  will en il l    ih in tn     as
I irmers    in    we d c ntrol,
■    i      -tie   same t Ime provision  by |
law    s   .iu!e to pie,-, nt  any     farmer J
i  m i I • wing his farm to become a
plaCi   for  weeds ard a  men
his     neighh urs.  In  most
tov en   are by-laws covering the
«    il     ' e,  !  m   'ut   i iften  they  are
not  enforced. Those livinL* in   towns
n     '   I -h   llld   ■• "late  and      do
wai against yveeds.
Canadian Welfare League Cares Fof
Winnipeg's Civic Industrial Bureau
holds many interesting things and
people, but, tucked away in one of
the second-storey rooms I found
something and somebody symbolizing
much in Canadian national life—tha
Canadian Welfare League and its
secretary, says Florence Randall
Livesay in a recent article. A man
with the face of a practical idealist,
if you can Imagine such a combination, is giving himself and his undoubted literary and magnetic powers to the betterment of his country,
with a fine abandon of strength and
energy, tempered with the saving
grace of humor and of good sense;
delighting in it. since "happy is the
man who has found his work."
Toornto University has sent many
of her best men to the West, and,
while they do not forget their Alma
Mat>r. they Inevitably become absorbed in the new field, and soon are
surprised to find themselves quite
willing to ho classed as " good
westerner. Mr. Woodsworth was a
student at Victoria College before
Manitoba University took him to her
sheltering arms, and later he took
a post-graduate course at Oxford.
While there he made a special study
of settlement work, and spent some
time in the slums of East London.
It was natural, then, that yvhile engaged in a ministerial capacity in
Winnipeg he should give full play to
the bent shown in his college days,
and the work being done by Mrs.
Margaret Pcott and others in forming
the Winnipeg Coffee and Lodging
House claimed h^ energies. Tiat led
eventually en thi taking over of tho
1 nf civic relief by tbe Associated Charities (formed with this end
In view), and after that the Playground Commission, wider use of
ny Important civic re-
found In the si cretary ot
".'• Ifan :   '   an  enthusiastic
helni •■
J- is chli ;!v with Ml People's MIs-
:i... foreign lm-
ts   bot his l lias up to the
;      ■ nt i •   n hi undated,
Mr. Voodsworth's record yvill
show th ■ eci - ilty for this latest venture Into natlon-buildlng, and he,
ban .'"!• other man in Canada,
is in a position to know what need!
doni . Practically the only two
books on he great subject of work
among Canadian foreign Immigrants
claim him as author, theso being "The
Stranger Within Our Gates" and "My
Neighbor." They are wrilten in a
delightfully sympathetic way, and
all his statistics and "cases" aro so
informed with humor and comprehension of the stranger's outlook;
ethat one realizes that If this reformer had not his whole heart ln "doing
things" he would have made a high
place for himself as a writer. Dur^
ing the past six years he hns delivered
over 500 addresses from Halifax to
Vancouver, at the Invitation of various societies.
Then there is his "People's Fof
um," a Sunday afternoon gathering
addressed weekly by men of all nations, a highly successful attempt to
make progress ln the understanding
of the foreigner's viewpoint ln Canada, and an assurance to him th,.t
the adopted country ls anxious to
help him to help himself. The Forum
haa permanent headquarters now In
the splendid auditorium of the St>
John's Technical Institute.
One of the chief objects of tho
league Ib the giving out of all Information looking towards the solution of social and economic problems,
and raising the standard ot citizen*
ship and national life. It ls a social
service clearing-house, where ever/
community in Canada—city, town, ot
rural district can learn how to initiate
many new activities such as the study}
of child welfare, care of immigrants,
public health, good housing, cit*
planning, formation of philanthropic
Institutions, industrial organisations^
social settlement, and the study of
rural problems. /    |
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
Revelstoke's Departmental Store
We Aim to Clve Maximum
Wear at a Minimum Price
Shop in the Morning!!
nHaomeBHUiii      UMBBB mmmm.mammm       m>^>aaBMiMi«e^>M>j>jnB>MMii>^H
You will find it more comFortable to shop in the morning these warm di/s. Tn e store is cooler and stocks
all in gDod shape. Clerks can give you better attention than whan others are walking and clamoring to
be served.
Ba a peeress in realm of fashion. Wear
one of oir beautiful "Fashion Dresses."
Tn332 Imutiful white voile and organdy
Dresses are hare in profusion just now. All
size3. Worth your while to look them over
while the assortment is good $<
$6.75 to _	
Still a number of those lovely Dresses
for the little girls, 1 year to 11 year sizes.
Lawns, prints, ginghams beautiful new
goods and so many to pick from that you
are sure to find one or more to suit you.
The price is most attractive, can't $ 4
be made for the money, only _
A good assortment of these bargain Boys'
Wash Suits, fit boys 1 to 8 years.     Scores
of people secured one of these lately and
are all pleased with them.   Come, get $ 4
one at.
Spool Cotton at -10c a dozen, or 3
spools for 	
A new lot of Curtain Scrims, bungalo
Nets, etc- We have been doing good business in these lovely decorative goods this
Spring. Tne price is the reason. OCn
A yard _       Ld O C
A clearance of Barrettes, Side Combs.
Hair Pins, Bick Combs,
Men's Furnishing and Shoe Dep't
After our huge clearing sale of Summer Shoes we find
that we still have many pairs of seasonable Shoes on
the table.     The following lines and prices will hold
good for the balance of the week.
Little Gents' PLA.Y BOOTS They come
in brown, black, and gray, button or lace
elk, flexible soles. Reg. $2.75, $■
Children's and misses' WHITE   BUCK
SLIPPERS-Sizes 4 to 10J and   $ ■
11 to 2.   Prices $1.10 to .    .
Women's TAN BOOTS—A wide'range
of sizes and styles. Regular $5 $0 P!0
values, now \Jt\J\J
Women's TAN OXFORDS A regular
snap. All new and seasonable. $1 njr
Price        I .DO
Women's TAN PUMPS -Low $
or cuban heels.    Price, pair    .
Women's white buck PUMPS %0 "JC
and OXFORDS.   Sale price, pr.    L..ID
Women's white duck Pumps—$
Choice values at, pair   ....
Men's canvas OXFORDS and BOOTS
A real snap.   Sale Si  IC
price, pair        Is IU
Men's REGAL OX FORDS-The biggest
bargain of the lot. All sizes. $rt "7E
pair  mmi%9
Grocery and Crockery Department
Fresh Stock of Pickles Just Arrived
Mixed, Gherkins, White Onions and Walnut in pint bottles; Chow-chow, Mixed and
Walnuts in quart bottles.
Cros3e & Blackwell Chutney, quart
bottles, 65c: pint bottles, 35c; J-pint bottles, 25c.
HEINZ' Sweet Mixed, Sweet Gherkins,
Chow-chow, Mixed, sour, and Gherkins,
sour, in pint bottles. Heinz' Sweet Gherkins in bulk sold in the pint or quart.
STEVENS' Pickles, pt. and qt. bottles,
Gherkins, pint bottles. Pin Money, Mellon Manga and Sweet Mixed Pickles.
Pickled Beets.
DOM, SEN & Co. MangolJSweet Sliced
Chutney; quart bottles, 75c; pint bottles,
Fresh Strawberries, Ripe Tomatoes, Cucumbers,
Radishes, Lettuce, and Onions PAGE FOUR
IM IM UM'iley ot Calgary uus at the
King Edward hotel yesterday,
.). M. Mam ni "( Onicago registered
, t   the  Hotel  RevelBtoke on Sunday.
Arie'il Hillier lefl on Monday tu join
the band of the 51th battalion at
\ i ■ ion.
W, J. Eraser o! Arrowhead wai a
guest  at   the' King  Kdward hotel   on
T. T. Van Camp of New York registered   it the lleetol Rekelstoke   en
Me niiay.
Mi and Mrs. II. Mulholland re-
turned from their honeymoon trip on
Mi. ami Mis. .1 Knoi left "" Sunday "ti ii visit to Rossland where
thej will I.'' th'1 guests of Mrs. Boil
Miss      Bdith      Marks'r.eiii     uf Taft
epenl tin' week-end in the city the
guesl of Rev. and Mrs. C. A. Pro-
Vi. II. Kat ris .if McCarter and Farris, uf Revelstoke, ' arrived in town
Friday and proceeded to Athalmer.
where lie will hold court.—Golden
.1. M. Paterson, principal of the
High school and son left on Monday
f.,r Vancouver. It is Mr. I'aterson's
intention while at the coast to take
an ei'licers training cuurse to qualify
fm- the rank of ciptain.
Many recruits are needed, it is
atated, fur the 54th battalion, which
lias already heen called ujion for a
draft ut 255 men to go tu England
on their way te> the front. This draft,
is expected to leavi  Vernon sheirtly.
Mrs. Wilson who has charge of the
Canadian Pacific railway lunch counter has taken tlie restaurant at Rogers I'ass which was formerly in
charge uf Mrs. Bean. Mrs. Wilson and
Miss Wilson leave tu-iiiorrow. Mrs.
C. Owens will have charge of the
Revelstoke lunch counter, hut this
will he under the supervision of Mrs.
Miss Ruth Kedzie Wood of New
York will he the ^ucst uf the Woman's Canadian club, Revelstoke uu
or about June 28, The exact date
will be decided later. Miss Wood is a
noted traveller and authoitxis aud
has toured the whole world. At present she is gathering material for
her new book "The Tourists Northwest and Alaska,
Nutice is given n. tue current    issue ._,f The Uritish Columbia <■
that certificates    of-,   incorporation
have  been  issue.1      to    the following.
Drum Lummon Copp i  Mines,  Limit
ed,   heud offices .it   Vancouver,      and
capitalized 'at :l'>0,000; Havers   Auto
Co., Ltd.,  Vancouver, ^10,000;     l.i
Kathlyn    Anthracite
(non-personal    liability), Vane
Instruction-     (ran.       beadqu
have  been received  at   Vancouver  by
Major E.  t'    Hart.      chief     w
medical ofl c ■■   In the co
regarding  the
which must
Mei. desiring to enlist
vice will ni   1 :i--er he debarred     he-
cause of wearing tei I
with g i dental plates, partial
full." the
ceptejd   i? ree    ■ -   I
A   : :   '
'    I
I  Mrs,  Ailici
Belle  Li
R,  Died  hy Rev.  I.asM
,.l  • sin   !Mli   Lillis ind
man (
given away by b       r I
flss Bert It be   «   I
march. Mr. and M
ifternoon tr tin ' >r Kami
whence they will ?o I
•  to stay for about   three
.».  Mr. Hiker  bai     j  Ir.ftd      the
mounted   band  of  the llth   Canadian
Mounted P.ifleg,
U. A. Wilmot of Nelson was a
guesl at the King Kdward hotel on
Rev. E. L. Mauthrup arrived in
the city on Tuesday on a visit of a
lew   days. I
Mr. am! Mrs. Snow of Amur, New
York were at the Hotel Revelstoke
on Sunday,
A. B, Kincaid, real estate agent ol
Revelstoke, was transacting business
in  town  on  Thursday.—Golden  Star.
kmong the guests at the King Kdward hotel on Monday were, L, H.
Congreave, M.A. Gillis and E. Valen
tme .if Sicamous.
Among tie tourists registered "t
ihe Hotel Revelstoke on Sunday were
May Pyle, Huron, S.D., Miss Akin
und Helen Read, New York ami Stella McCosh,  Spokane.
Capt. L.l-M Borden, M.D., hat bei n
Instructed ity Lieut.-Col. Vi. Mahlon
Davis te. resume recruiting at Nil- n
;et once and to forward the men in
batches to the camp at Vernon.
The minister uf public works, In
this week's issue of The British Co-
lumbta Gazette, is inviting tenders
for the erection of frame buildings
for public school purposes at Hope,
Lavington, and Malakwa. Specifications may he seen at the office of
the deputy minister.
Tlie wedding took  place in'Toronto
on Thursday,  June ID of Miss Rachel
! May Jamieson, daughter of Mrs. Ann
.Williams   Jamieson.     to      Alexander
Ross  Grant,   manager     <■(  the  Revelstoke Wine and  Spirit  company.  Mr.
and Mrs.   Grant     returned to Revel-
1 stoke yesterday and are at  the King
Kdward   hotel,
i un Saturday evening last a sur-
' prise party  was held in the home   of
Mrs, C, I'M Lindmark. The girls of
'Mrs.  Maxoi'a  Sunday     sch""l    class
learn 'd -» was her birthday, some
' suitable excuse was     made  to bring
Mrs.  Maxon     to     the   house, and a
pretty ivory tray was presented te:.
i her. Music, games and refreshments
' added t.i the pleasure of thi
The last issue if The' Canada I laz-
ette contains the formal notification
..; the Kin. M approval of Robert,
Brent Mosher as consul of the l'nited
i.   B.(M
ippr ival  is givi
polntment    I Ge i ge I
, sul f> : lie    at
■    :        ■    B
M.   Rj . 1      the
United states at Winnipeg.
The Red •
until furthi
Among  the  L'liests  at the Hotel   1..'
velstok i  Monday were Mr.     und
Mrs. r.A. Hamilton, Batavia, N.Y.
Among the guests at the Hotel Revelstoke on Munday were W.A. Fro-
zier of Spokane, P.E. Pedersun. K.
A. Henderson, E. Anderson and C.
Kule ol Minneapolis.
1 lm e Jd Clark. Canadian Pacific
way station agent, left Monday
Revelstoke on a business visit. lie
is being relieved at the local depol
by F. M. Nichols.—Golden Star.
Lieut. Brock will leave today tor
Kamloops where he will be one of
the officers in command of the head
quarters company, 102nd regiment.
He expects
to be    at Kamloops a
Capt, T, .-. Annandale, Paymastei
and Lieut, a.s. Mills, transport of
Beer eef the  iTth battalion, former re-
denti .'f New Westminster, wen
guests eef Mr, and Mrs. N.R. Brown
on Sunday last fe.r luncheon at thi
King Edward hotel,
Miss .Matheson and MisB Frye have
been accepted und expect to leave
soon for service with the base hospital at the front. Miss Matheson has
been matron of the queen Victoria
hospital Por over two years and Miss
Frye has been in Revelstejke [or 15
months part of the time as nurse at
the Queen Victoria hospital.
Mrs. \\. H. Wallace has received
the lollowing post card [rom tne
li'out. Dear Madam,—i nad me pic.
Liire    ui      being    w.tu Pte.  luetcaiti
C. \. Neaiy of Glacier registered at
the King Edward hotel og Sunday.
An auction sale of the household
effects "I T.IMI,. Taylor will beheld
tomorrow at bis residence.
Frank Ward charged with vagrancy
appeared before Mayor Vi.  A.  Pool i
and   was   lined   the COStS  "f   the  collit.
I'M .1. Gundod and E. ll. McKenley
mi" Kamloops were among the guests
at tie' Kin-' Edward hotel un Sunday.
Robert Forde charged with theft of
a wateli appeared before Mayor W.A.
|e       .etl'      ,|llll      W IIS   I • I'll I' l'i' (1     t.i      ICilVC till!
city, Mter making restitution ofthe
stolen   property.      He    said that  he
l.eeek   ihe   watch   while   under  the    in
din nee ee' li iuor and that be intended to ,:'' tu Vernon to volunteer tor
ictiv'e service'
Cecil Brown Missing
Says Hart Munro
'!'•: e;  Cecil K. Brown, formerly em
.!■■>•. .I  My ''ll.   Hume  St  Co.,  Limited,   who   left   with   tin'   See end      contingent  is missing is reported    in   a
letter from Hart   Munro   to  George
Roi s.   His  letter  is as fe.lluws
Dear George,—Your mure than wel-
latter arrived yesterday after
busy  chasing    me around     for
• mi  weeks and   1 was glad  to   hear
when'he received a parcci ul tooacco  that you were   all    working as bard
and  cigarettes  aud  ne gave  me   ^o ue
oi   them,     Finding     this pust card
wrapped  around  them,  1   thought   i
would answer it and  than.;  you     a.
the  same time. Pte.   S.   Russ.   k22   i
oisj Co.,  Repair Unit, N.P.A., a.vM
Mr. J. Brill wishes ,to express his
im .st heartfelt gratitude to the different organizations and individuals
who in any way expressed their sy-
e.ipathy to him in bis sad bereavement.
At our warerooins, Tapping block,
facing track, Saturday, June 26. I
will sell positively without reserve
household furniture of every description.
Do not fail to attend this sale as
it is mostly new goods.
ing homes  should not fail to attend
tbis sale.
Phone »5G Box 3111
GALT COAL burns all nigbt.     Revelstoke General Agencies.  Limited.
WANTED.—Sewing and drcsBmaking
by the day. Miss It. McMahon 19*
First street  Jest, Retelstoko.
-Mrs. Ida Maxon was the hostess ol
,. very enjoyable party on Monday
evening. The large living room where
tue card tables were ariaugcd, Was
fragrant with lovely red and piuK
and 1:5 guests played interest
lng games uf rive-hundred. Mrs. J.H.
Hamilton won a lovely cut glass bon-
hon dish us first prize aud J. Guy
1 Barber a handsome leather case witn
a pack oi cards enclosed. At intd-
mght a dainty supper was served alter which the floor was cleared for
uaucing. Mrs. L. Howse.n played for
the dances and tbe Baby Grand plan...
. ,.- conspicious with a huge
glass vase filled .vith yellow nis aul
pink peonies. The guests were all
driven to tbeir homes in automobiles
. s ever and able to sit up  aud   take
..   little  nourishment.  As for  me     1
Mave had a had attack of thai old
trouble'in my side and am not doing much f anything just now and
nay have to be operated on before
going back i.i tin' firing line Again.
\s y en may have heard we bave bad
a very busy and exciting time during th. pasl month, and many uf the
fellows who came over with ine are'
dead or wounded. 1 have had several
miraculous escapes from BU Us and
rifle fire, bombs, etc., and h..v
tu the Conclusion that I lave a
charmed life. We have leen out of
■'the scrap now for three days and 1
juess the battalion will le g emu
back again  in a day or two.
cut   BPPear to
Monday, June 28, Hiving heen favored with instructions by Mr. T.K.I,.
Taylor, I will sell hy public Auction
lis lovely Household ellects positively WITHOUT RESERVE at residence
lasl house un Second street. Sale
commencing .-harp at 2 p.m. Watch
for thi'.! Go.nis comprise as follows
Iron and Brass Beds complete;MDress
its and Stand; Lovely Billiard Table
valued at $150,00. Almost new Ax-
minster Carpets valued at $80.00
each; Four lovely, real Wicker Upholstered Chairs, like new-; Massive
solid i|iiarter cut Oak Dining Room
Suite, valued at $200.; Reclining Verandah Chairs; Genuine Leather Upholstered Rockers.; Solid Oak Hall! 1 KIN! JKKS
Rack; Solid Oak Screen with Dead j Tenders will be received, up to and
LightB; Linoleums; Kitchen Furnl-[including July 1 '.Ith, addressed to the
ture and Utensils of every deBcrip- Secretary of the School Board; for
tion; Cbildrens' Furniture and host thirty cords of dry, clean cedar
of other useful household effects ton .wood, in four foot lengths; delivered
numerous to mention. Pnrt.ies furnish-  (ten cords to each school.) JSO
FOR SALE.—IC, In. Millwood; also
Kindling in hunches; each $2.7<5 per
load delivered. Phones '12 and 85. J.
Im   Sutherland. Jul-*
FOR RENT,—House, 7 rooms.     Furniture  for    sale.     Apply 35 Second
Btreet, E., J nip.
*.—i .— . .
FOR SALE.—Pure bred Yorkshire
pigs six weeks old. Bred from the
first-prize stuck of B.C. For particulars apply to George Matheson
or phone B5. J2E
■ ■   '
TODAY.—Vitagraph     Broadway
Star Featuie O.O.D. In four
parts. A laughing comedy.
The Mystery of the Silent
THURSDAY, None But the
Brave, 3 parts, a powerful
drama of thc present war.
Money We Have Its Men We
Want; this is a great war picture nnd shows the aeroplane
dropping bombs on s big rity.
Onr Naval Wntchdoe, from the
fight Ine top of n hnttleshlp
Matinee  every Saturday 2.80.
.    '
[tei •   •
-    •
• ii
■   ■
0 feet     ' • ill
Is" lineal   feet    ot    pi les   i   '
tl and bolts     There
wan export I feet    '
remains sifn, aMordlng to
advices  reaching    the     mlnist'
lands.  Few  firoi    have heen rcportsd
'hree weeke,      and
these   !      . gi
• .ipheii Af the tame time, net-
mils to burn h. ve i«.r, taker, ad
vantaM of widely, settlor* continuing   tO  ihOW      HCl     ftivlty  In      their
clearing nperattoni   especially In the
Lillooet, ind Island dlntriets From
Knmloops much satisfaction on the
part of tht- mills a recorded In eon-
serinencp of the orders which nrr he
Inr received, while In the MMson district It is reported thnt t.he British
f'nrndlnn Lumber rompnnv nt. Ores-
rent Vnllev, and the Forest MHIs nt
Cnscndo nupeet to rcimmf nnorntlnns
Things '
be developing very favor-
ably     in     this     vicinity, bul  there l
seems to be no end to the supply   of
German      soldiers     and as we     tuke '
.v..  ..«...., ., i   after trench away from  them
after one of the pleasantest evenings
L, the sea-■! r"'y l""°'"l'tl>' dig themselves     into
others  under the  protection  ol  their i
e   Advices to the for<sst branch of the]artillery and   snipers.     Billy Hope,
ial government aie tothe ef- customs   ifflcer of Keremeos, who was
'    Mat there is  a Ig     out-   in  the machine  jun      section (BttlCide
Brltisl       lumbia timber   In   squad they call it here) was wounded
West Indira, It is believ-  in that big scrap two weeks ago and
ed  that Douglas     tir     has qualities  is in hospital In England along with
which  will enable it 1 pitel    Wi 1st     and     many     others.    We are
in large e.uanti   worrying s    lot    over Brown (from
Hume's)  whu was next man to me on
T Lumberman   iui  team and whom no one hns seen
an an, al   since to our knowledge. We could not
ilea    who  says      "A  find     Kim among     the     dead but if
rt-   wounded  he  must  hein  bad shape or
n e'.ibl have written  to  us.    I     '1 •
t  not   -lnnk there is any danger of my
would you attuning Kitchener's rank on this job
iic.i be-   as after that  Mad  mix up  we hud    I
led I    refuse the promotion otter-
'd   te.  me as  I felt     that  my present
rank Involved sufficient responsibility
with regard to    the lives ol others.
a     gOOd     1 IIIK'h   uf
'    H-errr pernsrd  '. „., h»n    to
bC    <!   eVrV taeepp,,,-
nnd  Rolled   -    •
1     1111.   W '      .
•   ' »n inspeseti ■
VJf.r}.    •>,-•    »•  -    "
CT '      nf}   Gulf   '   I   '   '
■ Id   '    	
frlnrr -'.-
'■'"■■'    ' '   " "       "<-»  or n-   '
T'rlr.r, Rtipert ff   re,      A f" [%\fj
".   tl r> -a.   , r
M ti    p.m., ia he medical henltl
feer   fur V-inilorhnnf pnr] n.irr  |
district    ^^«nT1  r,rr Ff"«t    nf
••   'h   m.tv   P.M.,    to    lie medle il
i,   in     m,..,r f, r »»,,,   ,n,frtrf   .,' M "v
s.   and  our  new  .etlicer     is     a
Nova Scottan,    so    he must he all
while ih" t. the pick ol
.ttiiiun (with one exception.)
• .. i v pretty country    and
j right in peace times, bnt
i e ■>■   c itarrh    :s
tir wl lie the
■it he expected.     The
■ il ri.-ht fur a thlist quetnoh-
■ •   ,i       it   there    is
■.   imagine it
'     -    The  white  an 1
■■ not allowed to
sold lei i. to heat that the
t holidays, shorl
ind the customs    ol
it UH |
'     n    a
War    OT      IrttlS     down
a 1 ,1 -.    '
ve  had  sev
r-riii nke letters    !r..- i Tommy and
•  ■
!•      w succeed In
dine yon to do 1 .nr ijmrp     of
the work. '•• when that wm    tie I
r.v    Am       I  visited  several
I FM   n  Bngland -in<) hnd n
'.n   wherevn    T   went.
nrpnr''<-  tn        '.■     • f}  th( rest   of   the
Re ttles   ri.   tr.    »he hard working
•tnff.  from
Totir« fratnrnnllv,
A. H Grirey I* continuing the d<"-
Telopn,ont e,[ ih' Venus r lid " ne on
Mornlnc mountain, tv nr Nelson nnd
win oprmt" thr    neiflbhoring  *.thn
hnsen  stnmp mill    In  trentlnc  Venus
The undersigned will pay the sum of Five Hundred
Dollars to anyone who will furnish to the Provincial
authorities evidence that will lead to the apprehension
and conviction of the person or persons who set out
the fire at Comaplix on April 4th, 1915, which destroyed the "S.S. Revelstoke."
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
The undersigned will pay the sum of One Thousand
Dollars to any person who will furnish to the Provincial authorities evidence that will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons who
set fire to our property at Comaplix on April 4, 1915.
Forest Mills of British Columbia, Ltd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mary Jane and Doll Slippers
For Women and Children
S3 to S3.50
$2 toS2 4 0
$2.25 to 82.50
... 65c to $1.75
Bows for Pumps, 20c pr.
Straps for Pumps, 30c pr.
White Shoe Dressing, 25c
Slipper Trees, 50c pr.
For Sandals, Canvas and Tennis Shoes
Lumber Reduced to AI most Cost
A very good Siding, Ceiling,
or Flooring at	
Other grades in proportion.
Get our Prices
Globe Lumber Co, Ltd.
Having been advised that a standing reward has been offered
for information which will lead to the conviction of the party
or parties who set fire to the Forest Mills of British Columbia
at Comaplix, B.C., on the night of April 4th, 1915.
Any person or persons having information bearing upon  this fire should communicate with
Mr. R. F. Johnston
Special Agent of the Wm. J. Burns International
Detective Agency
at the King Edward Hotel, Revelstoke, B. C„ he
being the duly authorized Special Agent of the
(Signed)   JAMES H. de VEUVE, President
The James H. de Veuve Insurance Co.


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