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The Mail Herald Jul 1, 1916

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Ohlel lumbering, railway, mining, agricultural and navigation centre between Oalgary
and the Pacific oce»-
The Mail-Herald
Published  weekly-Read
by   everyone—The     recogr
advertising     medium   lor   the
city and district.
Vol. 28-No. 28
$2.50 Per Year
Neither Had a Word to Say When Investigating Committee Report was Turned In — Press Was Excluded From Meeting
in  the  Next
Elections — Addresses  Audience at
Hon. Thos. Taylor Will Represent Revelstoke at the Polls!city Council Receives Letter From R. F. Green M. P.—
Cannot See Way Clear to a Reduction of Amount of
Hotel Licenses -Rebate of Taxes to Farmers Market—But Must Move Building
The Conservative Association ot
Revelstoko held a smoker on Satur
day night in the Star Theatre. Hon.
Thomas Taylor, who was in Revelstoke, was present and addressed a
short  while.
With big scare headlines the Liberal twiddled     his     thumbs   and tried to
■organ announced   tbat     tho     Liberal look unconscious when the    clerk     of
executive     bad voted a resolution ot the house read the report of thc coin-
absolute confidence in   M. A. Macdon- mittee.
aid.    Tho press was excluded and the     Now we are told through tbe banal ]ars_e audience for
•tory     was     beautifully doped up to Sun that Macdonald made     a     fiery     Mr   Taylor lnformed the    gathering constituency arid    the
suit the occasion.    Macdonald is said speech and was unanimously endorsed that    lle     [li(1   not int(!nd to nlake a  iarpe and j beUevc
by the executive. There wasn't a dry poutlcal speech, as     Premier   Bowser been     appreciated and that the great
eye in tho gathering wben Macdonald aml his party   would be here early in  majority     will     stand by me at the
•peech of his, no matter how     fiery,  told   how the wicked tories had plot-  July and wouW   lfly bcfore the dect
could bc half so eloquent as   the   ei- ted against bis political life,    how he ors the p]ar6 Q. tbe r,overnment. Mr.
lence     with    which he and his leader had     been beset with spies and hired BoW8-,. ha(] to date won . warm re
received the    report of the investiga- detectives,  how    the     pluggers     had
to   havc    1nade a tiery speech on his
own behalf.     It is submitted that no
but I am here to state that I have
represented Revelstoko for sixteen
years and 1 will run in Revelstoke as
long as my constituents roiniire my
services. I have always labored conscientiously in the interests of my
Province at
my   efforts    havo
ting commttee in the legislature. But hounded hiir. for their pay, how Scott
neither of them had a word to say. on the long distance telephone bar-
That was the time when if Macdon- assed him daily for money, and his
aid had a defense, he could have set voice broke wben he told uf tbe faith-
the bells ringing and the heather fui, doglike fidelity of Jerry Finch,
•fire. That was the time wben, if be the discredited one-time lawyer of
and Brewster were as conscience clear Seattle.
as they profess to be, they could have And his audience rose and cheered
n.ade tbe dying hours of the legisla- whom he told them he didn't know
ture memorable for their indignant where the money came from that
disclaimers of the findings of the Scott used to hire the plungers. He
committee. But instead of telling the didn't believe Scott had any money,
whole people from their places in the so how could he have hired the plug-
iegislature that Macdonald was Inno- gers, and if he couldn't hire the plug-
cent, that the plugging conspiracy gers how could they have plugged,
was a Tory plot, that there waB    no and if the pluggers didn't plug     then
ception from the people.
"Rumors   which have no loundation
have been persistently spread, stating lation.
that I will not   represent the Conscr   made and   musical     selections
vntives of Revelstoke at the elections given during the evening.
The regular nicotine: of the City
Council whb he'Ul mi Wednesday. A',
the aldermen were present and some
lively discussions wero tho feature of
the  evening.
 i A lctter WM received   from     R' P'
said Mr. Taylor. |Groc"'     MJ?-    ffh° is ur6inB on tllc
Mr. Taylor also  touched     on     the Superintendent of Public
Farmers' Loan Bill.   Workmen's Com
pensatlon Act and the mining     legis
necessity     of
teason an internment  camp.    The foi-
„..,.,,„      .,.,, lowing is the  letter    received     which
once     again    shows tbe keen interest
the member for Kootenay    takes     in
tor not granting the reductions.
A 1.1. Needham would not agree to
the clause being added to his motion.
Aid, Smythe then refused to second
the motion.
No other motion was made and on
tho Mayor taking a vote Aids.
Smythe, Bourne, Hobson and Robbins were in favor of not granting
the reduction for these reasons     and
Aid.      Barber    voted for  a  reduction,
establishing again this Thc maUer _u ]pft m thig positioQ
His Worship then brought up the
matter of the city finances and asked
the aldermen for their views of a tax
sale. Aid. Needham was in favor of a
sale; Aid. Bourne did uot give an
opinion; Aid. Bobbins said that he
thought that it was arranged at a
former meeting that if the taxes did
not come in by a certain date a sale
would be held.     Aid. Hobsun did not
MJONkg doing in the Liberal party; the 1 election was a clean one and the
and instead of hurling In the teeth of Liberal party was as pure as the
their detractors their righteous fury, driven snow. So they voted unbound-
they sat dutr.b, with not a word to cd confidence in Macdonald and the
aay. Mr. Brewster merely looked Wade-Vukon-Sifton plugger gnngchor-
pained or   bored,     while     Macdonald tied with joy.—J.P.'s Weekly.
The following are   the     names     of Hansen,     Everett   Henderson,      Jean
those     who     have passed the yearly Hayward, Laura Johnson, Nellie Mil-
promotion   examination    at     Selkirk lar, Audriau Roote, Edith Sturdy,
school as well as  those     who     were     First Reader   to     Second     Reader,
recommended. David Beech,  Laura Brier, Mary Cre-
Div. II.—Passed1; Eugene Camozzi, telli, Jenny De Foe, Lena De Foe,
Jamieson Crawford, Secord Curtis, Raymond De Foe, Sarah De Foe,
Hamerlck De Bias, Frank Doraldson, Reno Desimone, Elena Gallicano
Williard Dunn, Esther Gallicano, Lil- Ieter Grauer, Albert Guzzo, Clifford
lian Hayward, Beatrice Hay, Hazol Hunt, Winston Johnsoni, John Kaby,
Hughes, Aileen Lawrence, Triffie Bobby Laughton, Isabel Lawrence,
Leigh, Jack Murray, Margaret Mc- Dorothea Lundell, Santa Mag-ton,
Mahon, Evatt McCleneghan, Louis Kathleen Mclntyre, Albin Norberg,
Patrick, Mary Porta, John Pugsley, Santa Piscotelli, Laura Robbins, Lil-
Lorne Thompson, Frartes Turk, Gor- lian Short, Nellie Singer, Santa Siri-
don Young. Recommended: Rebecca nnni. Annie Watt-
Bell, George Donaldson, Marie Good- Div. VII.—Passed Second Primer to
win, Albert Henderson, Victor Hool- First Reader. Sarah Bell, Letitia
ey, Beverley Kenward, John Moran, Fittante, Theodore Laughton, Lizzie
Estelle Macdonell, H'rvey MacLean, Leslie, Elizabeth Lonzo, Fred North,
Bella Peterson, Pearl Tevini. Lil?   Norberg,     Fred   Rear,     Murdie
Dlv. III.—Passed:    Joe Beech, Jack Rutherford, Willie Shepherd,     Evelyn
Rose Cashato,     Walter Stone, Hazel Tapping,     Annie   West-
  ' in honor of Mrs. 8. E. Houston, waa Cormier, Aura Corning,     Eldon Cor- man.
Before Mr. Justice Morrison, in tho held last Wednesday afternoon at the son, John Critelli,   Feme Donaldson,     First
Supreme Court, the re-trial has com- Bell     house.     There forty-two guests *— Donaldson, Hilda Gallicano, Ruth -A
menced ot the Rogers Tunnel case, ln bad assembled to make merry and to Goodwin, Wesley Henderson,
whicb Messrs.    J. A. Mcllwee & Sons W Boodle to
Plaintiffs Have Already Obtained Judgement—Claim Wouid
Have Made $800,000.00
Mrs. S. E. Houston   Honored
on Her Departure For
(Special to the Mail-Herald.)
THREE VALLEY,   B. C., June 29.
—A surprise party and    presentation Carmichaei,
Primer   to     Second     Primer.
Aasal,    Nickolas     Abiamson,
Walter Catherine     Belinskl,     Mary    Briggs,
. Hughes,     Donald     Kllpatrlck,    Cecil Pon? Cancelled.    Celeste De Foe, Al
.thcrford    had     arranged     outdoor Kimberley,  Lionel   Laing.    Rosamond ma De Fo_, Louis De More,   Gwenith
are the plaintifls,   and MeasrB. Foley, eporta ^ ^    childrelli giving pri7.e8 Lawrence, Dlgby Leigh,   Peter Lonzo, Davis,  Jack Edwards,     Mary Fuoco,
Welch & Stewart are the   defendants. to tho winnerg in the jtflerent races. Bessie Mackenrot, Charley Mackenrot,  Mary Fyfe,    Archie McLeod, Kathleen
The plaintiffs had already obtained a Mrs. Aj-chte Rutherford in a few well Florence McCarty,     Florence .Pagdin, Mitchcl, Teddy Pagdin,     Ello Prado-
privy council   judgment deciding that chosen     words made the presentation Rachel Pagdin, Veronica Paleck, Wen-  Uni,    Elizabeth    Porta,    Lila Porter,
they are entitled to whatever profit it speech     and    Mrs. Houston was then dall Porter, Ernest Pottrufl, Dorothy Vittorla Sirianni, Nellie Short, Helen
can be Bhown   they might have made presented   with a handsome traveling Purvis, Rosina   Rowlett, Fred Skene,  Sutherland,     Neva   Webster,     Ernest
in building the centre    heading     and bag.     MrB. Houston has resigned her Alice   Tevini.     Recommended:  James Woods.
pioneer bores in the Rogers Pass tun- position as teacher here, as she     ex- Millar    (Absent duririe exams, on ac-     Passed, from    Receiving     Class   to
nei. The previous trial In the British pect9    to     go    to Toronto to join a count of measles).                                     First     Primer'     Vernoy Aasal, Mike
Columbia courts   lasted     for     many class at Toronto University for     the Dlv. IV.-Passed:     Stanley Blower, Bafaro,     Eva Brown,     Dan Cashato,
weeks, and arose out of the cancella- summer session, and will not     return Helen Briggs,   Tony Cashato,     OUflo Snnta Collio,    Annie Crawford,  Alex-
tlon   by the defendants ol a contract t0 British   Columbia until Christmas, Cashato,     John     Crawford,      Willie ander   Desimone,     Helen     DeBimone,
the plaintiffB had for   the     construct whcn ahe expects to take up teaching Crawford,    Cerindo Defeo, Rose Frey,  Jennie Fuoco, Asiinta Fuoco,    Martin
tion of a section ot the tunnel.     Mr.  nt the   coast.     Mrs. Houston will be Janet   Fyfe,     Mary Guzzo,     Alberta Coble,       Reginald       Hume,     George
Justice Clement,  who then heard the missed here in many ways.    Her hos- Hobson, Robert Hume,     Edna   Jeffs, Hughes.  Freda  Johnson,    Jean Kipp,
case,     decided in favor of the plain- pitality during the long   winter     has 01K» Johnson, Evelyn Laing,    James Peter Lonzo, Peter Pnntuso,     Flossie
tiffs for *3O,000, whereas    the     claim made     living here more pleaBant, sho Leslie. Torsten Lundell, May McLeod, Parry, Percy   Rowlett. Billy Sirianni,
amounted to nearly hali a. million. It h,lVing entertained a number of timee Edith Norberg, Albert Peterson. Earl Frank  Sirianni. Ton! Whitby,
was against this judgment tbat   per- and the people of     Three    Valley all Pettipiece,   Uberta Porta, Laura Pur
mieseion was given for a re-trlal.            wish    her     every success ln anything %iB.   Edith    Rear,     Elaine    Robblns
The questions which the    court bas „he may attempt In the future. Kathleen  Squarebriggs,    Ruby
now to consider are what  the     com-     Miss fteenie Kelch of Craigellachie is Rorr>y Turk.     Recommended:
pany would bave made had they been the KUogt   of     Mrs. Rutherford     thia Blantouche,     Louie   Critclle,
permitted to complete thc     contract,  week.
this district.
I W. A. Gordon,  Esq.,
City Clerk, Revelstoke, B.C.
Dear Sir:  I have your     communication of thc 18th which was forwarded
to "me here  and  in  reply  would     say
that I will today write to the Super-  L,ive irber did  nofc
intendent of Parks at Ottawa urging think that ,t was ft eood p)an tQ
upon him the necessity of establish- hrin(_ one Qn at pref.-nt The Mayor
ing again this season an Alien In- asked the finance COII.mlttee ,vhere
ternment Camp within the boundaries the n atter wa8 going to gtop gtat.
of the Park and I would suggest that ing that some peop,e  wouW rm pay
»■ their taxes until forced to do bo, and
others should get consideration. The
finance committee was instructed to
bold a meeting and bring in a report
with reference to financing tbe city
for the balance of the year.
The public works committee brought
in their report     on    the matter of a
rebate of taxes asked for by the farmers institute at the last meeting of
the     council.     The promoters df the
farmers   market were given to understand last year     that     their     taxes
would     be   rebated.     The    aldermen
agreed unanimously    that the market
was a great benefit to the city     and
had     become a necessity but thought
tbat     the     owners     of the property
should     rot     insist     on such a high
11 rental as the taxes amount to, which
io $S6 per year. It was finally agreed
to rebate the   taxes for this year on
condition that the market looks after
itself in future.
A   request was received  from   J.  C.
municate directly with Mr. J. B.
Harkin, Superintendent Dominion
Parks, Interior Department, Ottawa.
I will be returning to Canada very
shortly and will stay a day ot two
at Ottawa, when I will discuss the
matter personally with tbe authorities there.
I remain, Yours faithfully,
Constitutional Club,    London,  W.C
7th June, 1916.
The petition of the local hotel-
keepers which was presented at the
last n.eeting w«s taken up and the
council found that under the circumstances it waa impossible to grant
the reduction in license fees asked
lor. The city clerk read
six different municipalities in B.C.
Fernie at the request of the hotel-
keepers reduced the license fee from
$400 per year to $300     year.     Grand
Forks    witb a license fee of $500 per
year had received   no application for Tappjnp asking for _    five    month-8
a   reduction.     North Vancouver with rebate     of     taxeg     on   hig property
a license fee of $200 per year received which waB burnt ln 1913   Tf ,ound tQ
no    application.     Kamloops,     whose ,,e ]egal the requegt win be prantcd.
license     fee    is $400 per year, has re- A letter wag _ead (rQm tfae KeloWna
ceived ro application.  South Vancou- Board of Trade wlth re(erence to tbe
ver refused to renew the only license advieabi!ity of holding tax sales;  the
in the city.  Kelowna has reduced ths matter will be brought up later,
license from $300 a year to $300.
Tunnel (tearing
Aid. S. Needham came out strongly against u reduction and moved
that the fee remain as it is at present.
Aid. Smythe thought that i. the
council could see its way clear to
grant the reduction that it should be
done, but could not see how tho
council could reduce the fee now that
the estimates had been passed and
the tax rate set. If the petition had
I been presented earlier something
I might have been done. He then stated thnt some of the hotels were not
living up to the law in respect
to thc hours they were supposed to
, be closed. The Mayor said that it
I was the first he had heard about it
but that he thought as Aid. Smythe
waa a Police Commissioner it waa
bis place to inform the other authorities.
Aid. Bourne felt that at present
the city could   not aflord to lose tho
The City Clerk was informed by the
Provincial Secretary that A. E. Kin-
raid had been appointed acting police magistrate, at a salary of $500
per year, in the absence ol Dr. J. H.
Hamilton. The letter was filed.
Stole From trainman       Will
Also  Face Charge, jn Golden
—Five Vagrants
Carlo Grass! appeared before R.
Gordon, J. IM, on Monday morning,
charged with the theft of personal
effects from a valiBe belonging to a
trainman runnirg on No. 13. The
theft     occurred     some place between
Fittante,     Rosie Fittante, Mary C.as-
anid also if they would have been able     Mrs, Houston    and    Miss     Mildred  taldinl, Willie   Hornsey, Frank Flscl-
to earn a bonus of $.550,000, which Mowat spent last week end in Revel- telle, Rosie Sirianni, David Tevini. i Much progress has been made to-'
was to havc been given as a condi- gtoke, the guest of Mrs. Geo. Simp- Div. V.—Passed: Senior II to Junl- ward the completion ot Rogers Pass
tion of the completion df     the     con- ron and other friends, or   *!*•     Rose Blantouche, Josephine tunnel in connection with the C.P.R.
tract within a given period. Defend- Farmer Bossley and family, ot Sol- Cancelliere, Clarenco Cashato, Albert line which is under construction. The
■fats contended at the previous trial dqua, will spend Sunday with Mr. and Defeo, Amanda DeBimone, Jean Ed- distance which was completed at the
that the plaintiffs   could not possibly Mrs. Haycock. wards, Margaret Ewing, Bruce Hunce,  west end of the tunnel up to May 13
have     made     any money if they had      Mrs. W. S. Stewart shopped ln Rev-   Annle     Jenkins,     Arthur    Klmberly, was 11,296 feet,    and at the east end revenue at the present time but that ...olden and Revelstoke.
gone on with the   contract,    because elstoke Saturday. Gertie Qarland,     Elspeth   Kilpatrick,  12,049 feet.     Making a total of 23,345' be   would     hardly like to second Mr.  Canadian     Pacific   Railway constable
they would have met     with a torma-   Boyd    Kincaid,     Robert     Laughton, feet     or over four and three-quarter Needham's motion. at  Revelstoke was  advised  and     ar-
tion which would have heen much Mayor Uphill of Fernie has bees Sarah Laughton, Frances Lawrence, miles. As the length of tho tunnel Aid. RobbitB thought that if at rested the accused as he was walking
harder than that ln which they had chosen Conservative candidate in Victor Lonzo, Aanie Michielli, Angel- will be 26,400 feet when completed, 6ny time the hotelkeepers needed a into town, he having jumped ofl the
heen working.     This     contention the that constituency. ine Plscltelll,    May Pugsley,     Teresa this leaves only 3,055 feet, or, between reduction of their license tees that lt train before it reached the city.     Ho
plaintiffs now say has been disproved Pugsley,  Josephine    Serianni,     Dolly two and     threo   months' work at the was at present, but that    since     the  was     found     guilty and sentenced to
by the completion of the work, which     For the first four months of     thin shepherd, David    Sturdy,     Margaret present rate of progress. J estimates had been already passed he one month'8 imprisonment in Golden,
bas     shown    that the formation was 7*ar *9 new telephones were Installed Van Home. |    The new line made by   thc    tunnel did not see whit the council could do where  at the expiration ol his     aen-
liot   found    any harder than the tor- ■*   ""-'l.     10 at Rossland and 4 at      Junior II    to    Senior II.     Carroll  will eliminate a large curvature   and'    Aid. Barber stated that   he     much  teflce he will face a charge of stealing
a" °' Armstrong,  Hilda Blower,     Silvester many    snoweheds   which are features' regretted     that the council could not clothir* in that city.
church Camozzi,    Eva     Carmichaei,     Frank of the road now ln use. j meet the views of the     hotel keepers     Five men   appeared     before    Police
Carrlchio,    Fred Carrlchlo, Jenny De   | a8 they had always     been good sup- Magistrate A. E. Kincaid on Monday
Bias, Delbert Hooley,   Jack Horrney,     At some places on  the    trail     be-1 porters of the city. The hotelkeepers, morning, charged with begging. John
Johnson, Rob-  tween   Rossland nnd Sheep Creek the be stated, had put In     many     years Elder pleaded not guilty but was in-
trying     to    make the business a sue- formed that one ot the     citizens    he
ces«     and     that    they had a certain had     approached     on MacKenzie Av-
matlon in which they hnd been working, nnd In which they had been mak- ParBon Bridge, the English
tfp money. rector at Cratlb'rook, Is   now    mlals-
The court room    is   crowded    with terin(f to the splrlt,la, n(jedg of nomtl
large diagrams showing the     geology all otb_r pInc(1(, M we„ M hl> home
Ol Mount Sir Donald, the Bectlon un- town.
Her dispute, and    some     hnndreds of	
Bamples    of the rock tnken from the
gtcnt hore under the mountain,     M- »ofk »t over .WOO.OOO.
Finer Hansen, Arnold Johnson, Rob-  tween
ert Johnson, Walter Johnson, Gordon  snow ia still six teat deepf
    Kenward,  Reginald    Manley,     Archie
McKinnon,    Qlna    Pradolini,     Bmlly „','"""'"""" ",""""""    r,""i._T,™w"   _ amount of consideration     coming   to enue was the Police Magistrate.     He
The hearing, Rowlett, Ruby Rutherford,     Natallns "e'fA!!/        ffl t "'".them.     He would have liked to have was given fifteen minutes to leave tbe
also other diagrams showing the pro- it is expected, will again claim     the Serianni, Oeorge Singer,    Annie Tev- "• cen,t8 P" Kbo,nT in "»*• | BWn the   nAtt.t R0M into anQ gee if city.     The otber four, Edward Drew,
grew of the work on the hores month  attention of the court for many days.  enl, Oerrit Veereteegh. |    Although     Rossland     has     |M,60« reduction of licenses could     not     be W. H. Jones. John
hy month, and the coat   and    profit* Mr. R. p.  Stockton   Is assisting Mr.     Dlv. VI.-Passed: Second Primer to available for a new school   it     finds made. McKay,  were given
made by the   two   flrme.     Mr. B. S.Tnylor     for   the plaintiffs, while the First    Reader.     Myrtle     Armstrong, this is not sufficient to erect a brtck'    Aid. Smythe   then     said    that he leave the town.
Taylor,     K.O.,   who Is appearing Wr, defendants are represented by Messrs.  Stella Rrldge,  Dorothy   Dewar,     Rul structure    of the size required, ao It' would second Aid. Needhamjs motion 	
the plaintiff*,  estimated    the   profit** E. P. Davis. K.O.,    and    Mr. E. V. De Blasl,    Rodgers    Foote,   Nuzlata ras been decided to proceed with the and wanted a clause added giving the     Kaslo hospital has raised its   rates
Ms   clients   would hnve made on the Dodwell, K.C. Oarafola,    Edith    Oastaldlnl,     Ehba building of • trams school. Iforegoing     opinions a* to the reaeon for treatment 25 per cent.
Richie and Alex
until     noon     to PACE TWO
SATURDAY,    JULY 1, 1918,
Ubc flDatUlbevalb
Published every Saturday at
REVELSTOKK,   li. ('
oMaii-Herald Publishing-
Company, Limited
F.   E.  GIGOT,   Manager and    Editor.
SATURDAY,    JDLY I, 1916-
bia into a chaos which would stay
the wheels of progress for an indefinite period, And while be is for over
impugning the actions and motives of
the Government, there is not a word
of c?nsure for tbe despicable methods
employed My his own party during
tbc Vancouver election campaign. In
truth, it seems as if Mr. Brewster
belongs to that band of politicians
who will strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.
When Mr. Bowser set out
THE POLITICS OF MR. BREWSTER  , ,     /" ""^"f"" 'ind im'"iry he
vl.vju.iv  ''"I  "ot propose to make a campaign
There Is sun no    retraction    from journey. But he has found the people
-^'!    "   ''   Brewster of   the.    slanders '■'.'  syery settlement     or     community
,!'    levelled    against the Government anxious to hear him, Therefore he bus
"nii   the Province;  no views expressed '"'''' meetings nearly every day,     nnd
dissociating hlmselt Irom   the     plug- Bomc days two or three,   lie and his
»''■ ••'     method!  employed to elect Mr. colleagues     have     no reason to com-'
"•       ^      Macdonald     at   Vanoouver ',lain  of their reception.     Tbey    have
*t       would       l.e       interesting        to Found the people interested in provin-
lf     the     Liberal   leader     in- '':,] questions,    appreciative of recent
tends to support    Mr.    Macdonald    if legislation,    and anxious to learn tha
the latter should  again run  for     the 'h'tni's     0.  the measures of last ses-
Provincial     Legislature.     There    are E,on'     The   col,aPse of the Brewster-
StilJ a lot of points to be cleared up
respecting the organization of the
Libera]     machine  and public guarani-
Macdonald scandal campaign, when
these two leaders got into a place
where     tbey had to make good tbeir
tees r.. be made that personation will charges, is a theme of interest at
not again be attempted. It jp the !'rince R"Pert nnd Fort George, as
plain duty of Mr. Brewster to define
his attitude towards Mr. Macdonald
an.l those who worked with the latter during tho by-election campaign.
The ex-member for Vancouver, if be
es tie.' path of again seeking
the suffrages of the people will do so
as in Vancouver and Victoria.
A silent tribute was paid to     Earl
Kitchener lust night by a large audi-
„„,,._     ,ii,, ence     at     the Lyceum theatre, where
1,1 V tbat  ,hC Llbera5 leader  the film,  'How  England     Prepared,"
a do well to dissipate before the is being exhibited.   When a large pic-
general election  is bold. ture of the Uritish military organizer
Mr.  Brewster his waxed very volu   wns thrown on the screen tbe orches
tra struck up "God Save the King"
and those in the theatre arose.—New
York Sun.
ble in explaining his action in    com-
mencing a suit to prove the constitu
tionality    of the acts of the Legisla- ^_          ^^^^^
ture after March  11,    Supposing they THE  SOBER BRITISH ARMY.
are found    to     be     unconstitutional, Jt is stated in the annual report of
then we n ust assume that the select the  Royal Army Temperance associa-
committee    which     inquired into the UOn that th*' "al° of he" ta th" ':""
Vanr,,,,,..-    „,,„.• ,      , teens     today is 50 per cent, less than
Woncr    electi0E(   frauda    had   no compared with 20 years ago. Nineteen
ticial status,  so that  another    com- detention barracks have been     closed
mittee will have to be appointed, and and     tho     inmates   of the remaining
the     work of enlightening the public ones "rp e*tremely  few,     being little
on tbe methohs of the   Liberal mach- mori   tban    '"'" per ' ' "f ""' ftver
age  strength    of     the     army.—Daily
ine commenced all   ivci again.     Then
Mail    London.
again,     if the committee had no otli-    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cial status, it    was     impossible     fur     The   Victoria  ' Week"     points     out
perjury to have been     committed bc- that     Mr. H. F. Gadsby s     brilliant
Ottawa     letters    t.
tne     Victoria
fore it.    so     that     Mr.  Macdonald's     	
"Times," the \ ancoui ■ r "Sun"     and
n eant nothing.     Those are nure side-    ..   _.     ,   .       ,
other     Liberal    t ai ers   are quit
on the possibilities that     may  fair ,,.,,,  hi(,nly ,„,.-,.,.,:.   Ttl>
Mr,  Brewster's     suit, enougl Week"     may     be
charge against Tho     witness    Gosden  wrong in atl
but thej are ludicrous   ones Inasmuch f' " '     "[l F';-'    'sal
.. v , "T'' '•'
as they     may be the means of resus- ,
. ■ •   .      •:   .
'        •'•     what     tlic     Liberal :efK -       H-
wishes buried for ever,   namely,     the erent.—Yai
political    depi avity     li      • I y
certa rters of Mr. M. A. Mac-        COMMUNICATIONS
I: i- • isy to mak terms
. .1 _•• -. ralitles        .  > hi:.    these     are To
dis] - ; :    eed    I     fresh  charges
:•   ■ ,.,-■  •
and the action of the (
dictati It th Sf
will :■'..   It to
lief    when    thi
the  peopb     r British Columbia.   I
I tl
eii  tions wen
1- leved that •     '     I i barges
levi ...-..-
trui Th- Inquiries .t thi ; ast session proved them all false, and yet
i ■     Mi   Brewstei   i
: ters havo bs I I
::.';.-     were    .'....-taken in the
■ thoy pursued.    A frank avowal
ly the Liberal leader   that he unwittingly    was tho bead and front    '   i
Igi   ol misrepresentation   would
isurably In the public
esteem.  Hie  political career could not
Buffer • •       ptlng a   manly    course.
Instead, we find him,   at the instigation ol Mr. M, A, Macdonald, taking
action     which nay not inconceivably
plunge the i.flairs of Uritish     Colum-
.   ■   •
cit •
H.  F   Mi -
in St.  Peter's enure fa, Hoi
ion at 9 a r».     Morning P
mon and Holy Communion at U
Sunday school at n,    Evening
Pray.-I and Sermon at 7.30 pen.
At tbe children's service Sunday
ni',una,' the .ii.lav School orchestra
will assist in the tr.USlc. A memorial
service for those on the honor roll
who    have fallen nt the front will be
held iii the evening. The special mil
sic will ho Stainir's anthem "What
ere Those," and a duet, by Mis. W.
Bows and Paul Sampson, Good music and ;i cordial welcome to strati'
geri «re special leuturea ol the church
\  Imperial Bank
\%        Pelcf Howland, Freiident. Bilabliibcd 1875. E. Hay. General Manaler.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $7,000,000 RESBRVB FUND, $7,000,000
Drafts, Money Orders and Letters of Credit issued
available throughout the world.
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Dealers in Government and Municipal Securities.
Savings Department at each Branch.
Interest credited half-yearly at current rates.
General Banking Business transacted. 20
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First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Friday   Jiiim UO
Social   Evening
Music  by  Amature
Musicians Orchestra
It'BKOOd policy to think of tin; future
li'sstill better policy to provide against
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Including Mining, Chemical, Civil. Mechanical and ivlectxical i^ngiueerrog.
During the War there will b» enntm— m
»r»»iom in Medicine.
The Arts Course m«y be taken by wrre-
e -,. .n.i- ii, , , but students deesiring to graduate must uttcud oue .session.
SUMMER SCHOOL    oco.y. chown
Meets  every    Wednesday  evsmlng
at    8  o'clock,    ln  Selkirk  HaU.
Visiting    brother!    cordially  lm-
rttei.    W. POTTRUPF, O. C.
R. GORDON, K of R. S.
A. 7. an* A. M.
Regular Meetings sire beld 1»
New Masonic Hall oa the Fourth
Monday ln each mouth at I p.m.
Visiting brethren ere cordially
C. R. SKENE, W. M.
ROBT.  GORDON,  gsarstary
i. o. o. r.
Meets every Thursday erenlng Ih
Selkirk Hnll at 8 o-clock. Visiting brethern cordially Invito.
JAMES MATHIE. Secretary.
Revelstoke Lodge
No. KIS6
Meets every second
and Fourth Tuesday
in   Smythe's    Hall.
Visiting Brethren are cordially invited.       ALLAN K. FYFE, Die.
H.L. "AUG, Sec.
E. G. Burridge & Son
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We specialize in
Mstalllo Ceilings, Corrugated Roofing, Furnace Work and up-
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REVELSTOKE      -      -    B.C.
W'i,  ■ v.,.,'.    BEVERAGES  .."■ manufacturad (rom nb
■o   tely pure syrups and   thrice flitted water, 'ii.oir use is ben
i    HEALTH tai a pwentatlw ol DISEASE.
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Direct Importers
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want it try Mail-Herald Want Ads
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The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co?
of Canada, Limited
Offices, Smelting .tnd Refining Department
Purchasers of Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead Ores
PAGB   T_iftE_r
Berry Pickers Are
Cause of Fires
Wanted   of  Sir
Claud James Kivett-Carnac—
ol the chief classes of persona responsible for fires are berry-pickers.
Smouldering camp fires, or sparks
caused by srr.okiag, fall Into dry
| grass or brush, starting small fires;
Many causes are responsible tor fanned by a high wind the fires rap-
Canada's heavy forest flre losses, idly become uncontrollable, spread- Information
Some of the erstwhile greatest often" ing from the berry patches to the
fiers have come to realize the desJ, larger timber,
truction which their negligence     waa     With tho berry     season at hand, it    HtfUSeU iO  lake Up HlS Hank
causing and have adopted systematic should surely be necessary   only     to 	
measures to overcome the loss. ! draw the attention    of    berry-pickers The Editor   Mail-Herald
Several causes of forest fires    hava to the destruction which their     care- Revelstoke   B C
not, however, received sufficient at- lessness or indifference is causing to sir; ^m you m^iy insert the attention. Dr. 0. D. Howe, In, "Forest secure an immediate reduction in the tacned iuCa{ uotiCe ia x.be column* ol
Protection in Canada, 1913-1914," number of forest fires for which they your paper. The nan I am trying to
states   that in the settled areas, one pre directly or indirectly responsible. iocate      Sir   Claud    James     Rivett-
- Camac, simply relmsed to    take
his rank and estate in the old country because there was not enough
money for him to maintain it with
the dignity necessary and therefore
chose to paddle his own canoe.
Now  1 am able to inform him tbat
No warping, bulging or breaking at the centre of heat—
the strain is taken up by the two-piece fire-pot which
permits no ashes to cling or clog.
Let me show you the special features of the Sunshine
that help to effect that economy in fuel for which it is noted.
plaintiff wished to discontinue
against the Adams River Lumber
Coir.pany in the British Columbia
courts owing to a discovery that the
Lumbermen's Indemnity Exchange
waB not licensed to carry on insurance business in this province and the
action here would be foredoomed to
Sold by E. G. Burridge & Son
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Open From
6.00 am. to 11.00 p.m.
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Within the next few days the dates
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Everyone is waiting for "Britain Prepared," which comes to Revelstoke
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X, The Eternal City, nnd the Paramount productions that are bem:;
shown twice each week, along with
the Hazards dl Helens, a fine and ex-
~s citing railroad story, and Graft—
fifty which    is   proving a bigger hit each
there is abundant money ou hand and
a large sum awaits him. I am rather  le or'2 °* about "• hundred and
afraid he might not own his identity "•'-''"ber's of    the     Lumberman's  ln- ***
demnity Exchange,  an insurance     organization     ot     Lumber   interests irs     Thp  Pennsylvania  Dul-h  have     the
this province and    acioss the line, in reputation    of    being very economical
which the Forest Mills     Limited car- and very careful    in  watching  the de
unless he was   fully aware there was
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shields anci ho w'.c. obtain them.
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in any of five mellow P.avois.
Winnipeg,  Man.,  June 23,  1916.
Children  undei   16 years  are  forbi*»
l.-n    attending     Sunday     school     at
u  ried  insurance.     A clause in the con- tails     of domestic affairs,  no matter (-Irani  Forks while the present  meas-
tracts of insurance states that in the how small. les outbreak is on.
"Helny,1   called the father. | — ~   - —
"Vat?" said the son.
''Run and   count them geese again,
whereabouts of Sir Claud James Riv- ;<nd the judgment will be held     good Heiny."
ett-Carnac, Bart.   He might be going against all.    For this reason, follow-     "All right."
under the name of Jack Rivett.    Was mg     refusal    to pay on the policies,       '
last heard of   from     Bassano, Alta.,  the Forest Mills sued the Adams Riv-
previous to which he er  Company as  a     British  Columbia
event   of legal proceedings being necessary a test case may   be     brought
ttje against    one member of the exchange
i     ...
News is urgently   desired     of
(Diversion and Use.)
TAKE     NOTICE     that    David   B.
Cook,   whose address  is     Revelstoke,
"Helny," said the father. B.C., will apply for a license u> tana
"Vat?" said thc son. ' and use 10 gallons per minute of wa-
wa8 member ot the organization but    for     "nid y°11 count them geeses again,  ter out of stream, also known as Bl-
In all probability he has enlisted in reasons which were thought sound it Heiny?" Eje creek,     which flows ont of moua-
a cavalry regiment, as he    served in  later began an action in the    Seattle       'Chess. {tain and drains into land at     foot ol
the South    African war as a galloper  courts     on the saff.e policies against     "How many vas dey, Heiny?" mountain. The water will  be diverted
to Colonel Lucan. another member, the St. Paul & Tac-        Vun. from the stream at a     point     about
His description Is as   follows:   Age oma Lumber Company. !    "Da*'8    right,     Heiny."   - Every- fifty     feet north of dividing line and
J8, height 5 feet 7 inches, brown hair,     After the fire   rumors of incendiar- body's Magazine
six years ago,
Family Shoo
blue eyes, very fair complexion, prom ism were heard and an investigation
inent Wellington nose. ' was lield hy c°l' B- F- Gunther, su-
Information of great interest and a Ierintendent of insurunce in the pro-
large sun of money await him. Will vlrclal department of finance. No evi-
nnvone knowing his present where- (lonce of incendiarism was found, hut
abouts notify Stafl-Cnptain Sims, 'his is one of the defences raised as
259 Fountain Street, Winnipeg, who gainst the Forest Mills suit. For the
will pass on the information. I respondents, it was stated by Mr.
  j Taylor, that this was the third Incendiary fire in the premises and
that the insurance companies bad
paid $200,000 in losses on them. He
argued that the case should be dealt
with in the Tanadian courts and that
the judge below had acted properly
i within his discretion.
ForeSl Mills Cf   British   Colum-'    It was alleged at   the     hearing be-'
bia and Canadian Bank of   fore Mr- Justice Macdonald that the
Commerce vs. Adams Riv     |
er Lumber Company
^ ictoria, June 14.—The Court ol
Appeal heurd arguments yesterday
afternoon and this forenoon in the
appeals of the Forest Mills Lumber
Company and Canadian Bant of
Commerce vs. Adams River Lumber
Company, and the Forest Mills Limited vs. same defendants, in which
the plaintiff companies are appellants
and the defendant company is res-,
pondent. Judgment was given allowing the appeal. The appeal was from
a judgment of Mr. Justice Macdonald, dismissing the plaintifl companies' motion for a discontinuance
of thc action begun by them to enforce a contract of insurance on pre-«
mises and lumber burned on April 24,
1315. The appeal was argued by B.
P. Davis, K.C., for thc appellants,
and by S. S. Taylor, K.C., and u.
B. Housser for the respondent company.
Chief Justice Macdonald, in announcing the decision of the court,
said the appeal should be allowed
and leave to discontinue be granted
unbuilt any terms. Tbis was not in
any sense a reversal of thc judge be-,
low on the question of discretion, but
it wns not in the interests of justice
I that tbe plaintifl companies should
be prevented from having a trial of
their action entered in tho State of
Wi Islington.
The Adams River Lumber Company
//    Packet of     \
Clean to handle. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and Generul Stores.
will  be used lor domestic and  irrigation purposes upon the land described
as L.S. 5.  Section 10.     Township 24.
West of Sixth M.     This     notice waa
posted on thc ground on the 19th day
of June, 1916.     A copy of this notica
snd an application pursuant     thereto
and     to the "Water Act,  V.-14,"  will
be filed in the otliee ol the Water Recorder at Revelstoke.    Objections   to
the application may be filed with tha
said  Water Recorder    or      with     the
. Comptroller of Water Bights.  Parliament Buildincs,  Victoria. B.C.,   with-
'. in thirty days after the    first  appear-
1 ance ,,f this notice in a local     newspaper. The date ol the first     publication  of this notice is  July  1,  19U.
DAVID F. COOK. Applicant.
C. B. HUME & CO., LTD.
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We 11m ta <ive tin  ■nim
wit' U ti vn 1 n pr w%
Parisian Dye Works
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In  the  very  height ofthe
Season'sr Fashions
The Sanitary Cleaning
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Premium Ham, Dominion Ham,
Premium Urenkfast Bacon. Don ition Breakfast linen. Pea Meal
Back Bacon, Back Bacon nrd
Cooked Ham. tan both
SATURDAY,    JULY 1, 19U.,
W. IM  Poole of Spokane spent Mon-     H. H. Reeves of Flat Creek
Bay  in  Revolstoke. j Wednesday in Revelstoke.
Mrs.  W. H. Horobin    has been seri-      J.  A. Thorne of Glacier was at the
ously  ill  for the. past week. King  Edward hotel  on Monday.
Pvte.  Ben  Dickey  and Tom     Lewis     J. Black of Edgewood registered at
■went  through  with  the  llth C.M.R.      the King Edward hotel on Sunday.      i
A.  Buisson of Ottawa  registered  at      Mrs.  A  J.  Waskett     of    Vancouver
the  King  Edward hotel  on  Sunday.      arrived  in Revelstoke  on Tuesday.
A.  S. Maglio  of Nelson     registered      Mrs. F. W. Lammers   of Chase was
at the King Edward hotel on Sunday  a visitor to Revelstoke on Monday,    j
J.   Evans of  Salmon Arm registered      E.  S. Glaspie of Eagle Bay     was a
at the King  Edward hotel on     Tues-  visitor  to  Revelstoke  on Wednesday.
F.   Kirk of  Arrowhead registered at
Major-General    Sir     Ram     Hughes the King Edward hotel on Wednesday
passed   through   Revelstoke.  ou      Wed
E. H. Crump left with the C.M.R.a
Jean Cashato returned on Monday
from college.
W. B. Farris returned from Vancou
ver on Tuesday.
G. LaForme had New potatoes for
sale at the market on Friday.
Mrs. B. A. Lawson will not receiva
on Thursday next, nor again this
Jack Patterson of the Revelstoke
Meat Market and Bert Neal of the1
Canadian Pacific Railway have en-J
listed with the 0«lst Highlanders.
Charles W. Stephens representing
the Emerson Drug Company of Tor-'
onto, spent several days in Revel- j
stoke this week in tha interest of his
B. R, Isley of Armstrong registered at the Kir.i; Edward hotel on
Lieut. Cruickshank of Revelstoke
received his certificate at Shornclifle
on Jurje 16.
Sir Roger Casement has been found
guilty of high treason and has been
■sentenced to death.
The LadieR Aid of the Methodist
church will not hold their annual
lawn social on Friday,  July 21.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Harris of Lethbridge were among the guests at the
Kin.-  Edward hotel on Tuesday.
Mrs. Robt. Howson aud family return from Trail today and will reoc-
cupy their residence an McKenzie
Miss Eaton left on Thursday on a
holiday to her home in Nova Scotia.
(!. A. Macdonald of Penticton registered at thc King Edward hotel on
Sunday. i
J. M. S. Richardson of Vernon registered at thc King Edward hotel on
Mr. and Mrs.     Morgan     of     Bear
Creek were at the King Edward hotel
on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kent of Winnipeg were guests at the King Edward
hotel on Sunday.
Mrs. N. B. Morris of Rogers Pass
was a guest at the King Edward ho
tei on Wednesday.
Mrs. and Miss Casey of Winnipeg
were an ong the guests at the King
Edward hotel on Wednesday.
Dr. E.    H.    S.
health     oflicer,
Canyon school
McLean     accompanied him, also Miss
(Mitherine Smythe.
McLean,     medical
inspected thc Albert
on     Thursday.      Mrs.
Prince Albert makes fine cigarettes!
Prince Albert tobacco is so cool and
fragrant you will like it better every
time you smoke it The patented
process removes bite and parch and
just leaves it free for you to enjoy.
Prince Albert has always been sold
without coupons or premiums. We
prefer to give quality! Ask your
dealer for some at once. If he cannot
supply you, ask him to secure it
through his wholesaler.
H. F. McKinnon received a telegram on Friday from the returned
soldiers commission at Quebec, stat-'
ing that Pvte. Jack Shaw left that
city for Revelstoke on June 38. Pvte.1
Shaw- left
Revelstoke with the 54th
Word  has  been  received  that B.  M.
West,  formerly  teller  in tho Molson's
Bank  in  Bevelstoke,  has been
in action.
The Ladies Aid of    the     Methodist
church     will     not hold their annual
killed 'awn 8ocial on Friday, July 21.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Hooley of Rov-
tlstoke left on Friday for Vancouver
to attend the wedding of Mr. Hool
ey's sister,
Mrs. Thompson. Fifth Street, accompanied by her tamily, went East
on Wednesday to visit her old home
in Ontario.
Mrs. J. W. Stevenson has been pre-
A telegram has been received   from BldinB examiner at    Arrowhead     this
Ottawa stating   that     Pvte.     James week- Rev- J- W' Stevenson    filled a
Davenport     of     Revelstoke   haa been similar Position at Golden.
killed in action. f    A letter from Hia   Worship    Mayor
H.  F.  McKinnon, with reference to a
Larry Early, a workman on tho
Rogers Pass Tunnel who was crippled
by the fall of a two-ton rock from thej
roof of the tunnel on February 4 of!
this year, and who has not yet recovered from his injuries, was yes-1
terday awarded $3000 damages hy a
special jury in the Supreme Court.'
The suit was against Messrs. Foley, j
Welch and Stewart. According to Ear-]
ley's evidence he wsb kneeling on a
heap of broken rock engaged in drill-1
ing into the roof of the tunnel when
the big rock fell without warning.!
The shock paralysed his senso of!
speech but he could hear his mates'
talking as they got bars and lifted1
the rock from his leg and chest. The
rock had fallen three feet in the nar-l
row tunnel. Messrs. J. A. Harvey, I
K.C., and Robt. Smith appeared on
behalf of thp plaintifl and Mr. W. B.
Farris of Bevelstoke for the defendant,'
company. The trial was presided overi
by Mr, Justice Morrison,
the international joy smoke
rolls up easily because
it is crimp cut! It does
not waste when you
roll 'em I
Try Prince Albert and
know for yourself how
good it is. You'll realize
then that you never
smoked tobacco with such
fine flavor. Prince Albert
is free from bite and parch.
And it's just as fine in a
pipe as in a cigarette 1
R. J. REYNOLDS  TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N.C., U. S. A.
Prince Albort i. told through'
nut Canada, generally, in thn
y,-lb. tidy re J tin, alio in pound
and half-pound humidor..
On the r.wtc .ide of this
lidy red tin you will . _i:
"Proce» Patented July
30th, 1907."
The regular monthly meeting ot the
W.C.T.U. will ne held next Friday,
July Tth, at the home ot Mrs. H. C.
Cameron, Fifth Street. Members kindly take notice.
Mr. and Mrs. p. Hooley, .uis Second Avenue West, Vancouver, announce tin- engagement of their only
daughter, Elsie, to Mr. A. Annan dl
Victoria. The wedding will take place
on July 6 at St. Mark's church, Van
Mis* Pearl Green, assistant principal of Selkirk school, has resigned
her position here and accepted a situation on the Grand Forks teaching
■taff. Miss Green leaves on N'o. 1 this
afternoon tn visit ber parents in Vancouver.
At a larue meeting    nt     the     merchants    held  last evening in  the Citj
Hall, over the half holiday     closing,
it was decided that for the balance of
tins     year Wednesday would inr..
Ire kept. At the   elections next January the people will     decide
whic'i  day  te.  keep.      This I i
on Wednesday, July 5.
Bert Davey was wounded in th"
Ypres battle June  ird.    He was shot  the I
.-..   • t tin ls reran - of  it        . r    tot
-. ■ - his    watet
tottl- was wrenched off his     kit     by
clean-up day     should bo read by all.
It appears on page 2 of this issue.
MiM Williams of t'eutral school
severs her connection with the Bevel-
Rtnke stall at the end of this term.
Her departure will bo universally regretted.
Mr. Bcngough, the clever cartoonist
aril entertainer, is expected in this
.'ity .rn Monday, July i.th, when he
will give one of his lively "''balk'
tallis" e.n topics ..( the day. inter-
spersed with his usual droll comments.
Among thi » 'Ted at
the King Edward hotel on Wednesday
were Mrs.  M.  Albright     and     son ol
Lake    toWa    Mr?    KUen   Booth"
by of Washr..:-.       f   ■ ,
mini;     an<l   \    '•
Wash.   Mrs   L.  W.    an 1
a of Sum
Mr. Martin, principal
-. •■  Wed
nesday night with the B.C. Unit
Corps. Although   • Idle of
•h,-    r.igh'.     a    iarge   numt>«r of Mr.
Both antiseptic   and cleansing, Rex
all "93" Shampoo Paste  leaves    the
hair smooth, the scalp clean.    25c at Another
Rexall Drug Stores only.
Shipment   Made  to
Headquarters— Old Magazines Wanted
So much rain is coming Rossland's
way that the city water cart has only been used once this yew.
THE COUNCIL refused to grant   the! 	
request of the hotel men to reduce The Red Cr°Ba Society held its
the half-yearly license, principally U8ual w.eekly meeting Wednesday last
on account dt the loss of revenue. in tho V.M.C.A. The President, Mrs.
WE WONDER how they will augment Kilpatrick, presided. Much business
the revenue should the Prohibition wa8 transacted and another splendid
Referendum come Into force' shipment     ol supplies made to head-
WHO will nay'' I quarters.     The following is a list ol
| work given in to date:
B. M. Bebrond. ladles tailor,     will     m^. j. l. smith, i pairs socks.
e absent     from    Revelstoke for two     Mrs. Copeland, 3 pairs socks.
nrhs from  July.  Mr.  Cressman de-     Mrs. Kincaid, Mrs. McEachern, Mrs.
hat all orders be left with him McAlpine,  Mrs. McGiven,     Miss Bur-
The Oflicer Commanding non-commissioned officers and men of tho Citizens Corps wish to thank all those
who contributed towards tho refreshments and those who helped In     any
way to make their
a success.
dance of June 21
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to 12 o'clock roon, July
S, for flooring four class rooms and
hall of the Central School.
Sec. Revelstoke School Board.
ehrapne]       Bei I      <      v tn a col
lesoent Cr .-r-       I  •
which    was  extract   |
d«     .   i    - ■ . | kept
«» a souvenir.
•   .."atly woun-
' i   oui  Ypree       o-  .*
'     shrapnel
,i, ..  B
[bt   arm       Harry
was lr. ■ r.,-h  km  Karl   Pet-
t.piece Hn'i »'h>»n     ethey
w»re     killed   instantly   by  a  «hrnpnel
,-hell ,.«,,      n\t),       7
Klemire  when ),<• r*ee\rtA hie   l
saying     th it  T 'nn.y. although badly
ID 'he »rm   and     hand      with
shrapnel,      went  ^,.it    ,f  the  tri-neh  to
the hospital  ramp imiling.
T    famieson    was a  visitor to Revelstoke ,,n   Wednesday.    Mr    .Intr/teeon'
TODAY—Thon.MLti.gham Mann
■f. 1 Trui Boardman in The Pitfall.
4 parts. Helens Holmee in a Perilous Chance (Hazards of Helens),
another gnod railroad story. The
Combination comedy. (
SATURDAY and Matinee, 2.?.0.-8pe- *M „ member of
clal holiday attraction. Matinee here tot a number of years and left
prices same as at evening, 10c and here seven years ago for the l:nre
16c. Lord John's Journal (A Bar- River district »nd has been looaUd
gain with Chaneej featuring WU- ,t Hudson's hop*. After leaving hers
Lam Garwood, taken from the story Mr Jamieson accepted a position
appearing In McCltne's Magszm*. wlth lh- provincial ,,„„„ tnd n,ir,B)C
Also two good comedies. t,ls service brought out 'he firs' prls-
MON'DA,Y - Constance Collier In the „„er from that district      He had no
Tonguee of Men,  by  Edward Chllde h-,p „„,, th, trip too|_     thnw _pflk_
Carpenter,   In 5 parts.      Paramount  jM„ he VttUi as gold    commissions
production, I nnn ,, ftt prl.„»nt in the rnnrhlnir hue-
HJBBDAY    JaW   Novak     in     Graft.   ine„.    Tin speaks  highly  of the   hen*.
This story runs    every Tuesday and ftts of   tbi    railway developments le
Is proclaimed  by all the     beet yrt/fhs North.
Also full   Universal  program.
imDNEHDAY -   The     Mystery     <*
Mary,  Vltagraph feature.
tffTTJRSDAY-The     Old     Homeetead
Pamoue Players, In 5 parts.
OOMINen—The first    Trlsagle prodn<* this     condition    and make you aa it
tion soon. Britain Pretpared. I as a fiddle.    lie and afic, at W. IVtwt
^H<KiMMmHHBBlMHaMMi   '■"''  *"  •l"*"'1  DrtiR  fl torsi
at oaee.
You can cet money for old rubbers
if     you    brine     them to tbe Recond
Hand Store next to the Union Cloth-
SI re
■  ' - - • -it. earden party to be
Indies  • ity, on
Francis church,
n   and »v-
H   '"       ■ tailor for Cress-
man  *   Do     has  ret irned     for     the
Ladies  have  your   S'l.'s
mute »arly
I •
GET THE  H\BIT     flace  r „,r  lire
nnd aceiden*  Insurance with '"bas   M
Yield,   who  represents  only   Ad      and
le eo-npenlea
There's   BOtnfor! w|t.h
•ler'e c,,si
WANTED    \t  rmre Mptble  Maid fo
reneral  honarwi r'. ,..   •,,,  s  |Oo
e n*       7>rl>. Mrs W    f    |,„
im   n r
"if you have „ muddy completion
and dull eyee, yon are ronetlpat.ed.
Hlx glnsiee r* watei dally, o1^ ctt
two Rexall rtrderll»e at night, correeet
Money   Orders
, m,,m
Dominion   Express  Money  <tt.leIN
NOTAltY Pi lll.li
Nkxt   to    Post    Orru e
pee, 2 pairs socks each.
Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Rahbasha, Mrs.
H. Cook, Mrs. Dent, Mrs. Sargeant,
Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. A. J. Jones, a
Friend, Mise Florenca Bourne, 1 pair
socks each.
Mrs. Tomlinson cut out 37 shirts.
Mrs Sargeant, 1 shirt (voluntary
A monthly donation ot %l was received from Mrs. J. L. Smith, also a
donation of tl each from Mrs. W.
Fleming and a Friend. TheBe wt-lcome
contributions nre much appreciated
by the local Red Cross.
The following shipment of    supplies
was   i i<sadquartera, Toronto,1
ts pyjamns,     Hi day
ehlrts  • surgical shirts,    an belplan
pairs   convalescent shoes,
\,ttt  nocks.
Fr'.'.,   Nakuap    Auxiliary    an"therj
splendid     -<hipiiicnl    was    received as
follows , ... Hocks,     1 suit py-1
Jan.**,      Itevelatoks     contribution;   6
•   helpless    shirts,   17'
n, Nakusp contribution.
ft   is  [.leasing  to note     thnt     tho
Nak'isp  Auxiliary is keeping     up    Its
!   reputation,     the    sblpmsnt
rationed   being    ,,    welcome
contribution   To all who participated1
in forwarding tbeee supplies  the i>eet'
thanks of the society nre tendered.
Th" miniatures of H K II I'rlnwee
Pa'rlcia ar» now on sale nt 0, R.I
Mnc.ionald's Drug Htors, the erjtlre
prr^-ee.ls of which ar* devoted to the'
funds of the locnl Bed Croes branch.
Word has been rTeivwl from headquarter*. Toronto, that In a few days
no further free copies are to be forwarded but nil Red Croes Bocl.stl.ee
will be rharrnd for same In order,
therefore, to help the Inent branch, In-
tendlnr t'.ivrs should make their purchases ns "nrly as possible
P.R —Anyone having Bid   irmgnrlnea
nr psrlodlesis et thsfr disposal   tmrm
will he thankfully reeelvM by the
enmmlttee of the local Red Croes* for
th* nee of the hoys now In training
at. Vesroon. H.B., Bee.
To allow all the Citizens of Revelstoke
to participate in the
I hereby Declare Wednesday.July I9th
1916, shall be observed by the public as a
HOLIDAY in the City of Revelstoke.
God Save The King
Factory Phonn 261
P.O.Box 134
Residence Phone 231
Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
O. W. Abrahemeon, Proprietor
Wu can fill any orders of windows or^doors or anything
in the factory line
We  also  carry   a  complete stack of building materals
Fire Insurance [RerBiePaannidee0,dJ
Accident Insurance
[Oldest   and strongest*!
in the world
Life Insurance [ttW"]
Notary PubUc
_ interest last year
Real Estate


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